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#792 - Lewis, from Unbox Therapy

2016-04-30 | 🔗
Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel "where products get naked." Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market. http://www.youtube.com/unboxtherapy
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in battle ropes and all the various. Modalities of strengthened conditioning and also, I said, tenth at Jujitsu to use the code word Rogan at on it calm, and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements you motherfuckers aright my guest today is an awesome. Guy is its Louis from Unbox therapy. If you ve never been to unbox therapies, you two page as an amazing you, two page where he essentially takes electronics and different products and various things and opens them up and described to you what he likes and doesn't like about them quality, what are their excellent features and is very knowledgeable very well read about these things, just an intelligent, interesting, introspective, gonna love talking to him, not just about technology.
But about this or social issues, life everything he just fuckin cool guy. So please welcome Louis from Unbox Therapy about they will? Experience should be smoked reason why, when Jimmy Jimmy the power, though the guns on what's up rather good Man, Pierre you to me, it's good, it's good to be back, good to have you back yeah. This is like warm time no Toronto. It. If you don't really want to leave that, but you know but I kind of like today out here was almost perfect, whether anyways magnitude, like not I laughed and times come out here like I'm, not again, who needs to be in the heat you know, I am not one of these people. Its nose or whatever, like I'm complaining, I can handle it. I feel like genetically I'm built for that environment. We are canadian, that's right and eighty in Scotland and bread they can deal with it. So
so I'm not I'm not. You know, I don't mind, I don't mind a little bit of the little bit of the cold, but today here and allay this is this: is God, Whether this is like a thing: if everyday could be exactly like this out here, there'd be piling argument, but it still hot days gaining the Cotonou and burning my my fire Today I am. I fired up this. Why? Mrs coffee number three I blame blamed. The caffeine did the arguments as to arguments right there's. The argument is: if it's really cold out, you grows dress for the cold. We can't really dress for the warm yeah right undress year, yet you could freeze to death super hard she'd heat up to death really fuck up to heat up? the desert, the desert, I'll kill you pretty. Gotta go to death. Yeah actually know due to die like that. Really yeah one, I'm like a sort of a spiritual, walk about kind of a thing is Guy Evan Tanner. Who was a? U s fighter for ITALY champion. In me, I've heard that yeah
into these. You know these laws periods, solitude and spiritual quests, and he decided to go out into the desert and you now just to try to find himself or what I know exactly what its purpose was, but when you get out there and it gets to like a hundred, one hundred thirty agrees and you you get disoriented and he could figure out where he put his water while yeah I couldn't find where his stuff, what What's funny about that stuff in movies and were not cartoons where every time somebody's in the desert there see in a mirage. What is it about what you can definitely hallucinate before you die, and you think that that's what that predicated on is an actual history of people. Having seen these oasis situations where you know what it is? You know how, when you're driving on the road and the road is really hot, it looks like it's wet the sectors water on the road right from the heatwave, exactly
that illusion on the road can recreate itself, I'm sure in desert situations and only makes sense right and it's what you want to see. Yes, sir, your your liking know you're in rough shape. You create what you need to see gradually did many like almost dying fond ass, soon ass. We do, I guess I mean I think, that's those are the kind of moment to make. People really truly appreciate life, and I think that one of the reasons why people in our way or so fuckin, spoiled and ridiculous, is because they don't experience real weather did you get a little warm and then the worst thing they have to do is turned AC on, but they don't have to shovel their way out of snow. They dont have to draw I've on slippery roads. They don't have to, and they a certain amount of community that comes with everybody sort of bonding together, because it's a blizzard right, remember those oh yeah, sure times now, I'm yeah yeah, This kind of work is the kind situation, I think where any time as a human being, you kind of you-
You lose a little bit of control over a situation, whether it's the weather or something else. You kind of take yourself outside of that realm? Of of how we? two compartmentalize things we like to like the epitome self. Centered news is being in control of absolutely every experience you have in rather letting go and the rest the world around you as well. Yes, your experience know exactly tat. Is it is a control kind of situation in choosing to live? in a place where, where Oh shit can go wrong or, or you can have, storm or whatever it is kind of, kind of an element in Asia is an aspect of losing control over the space and so it is apparently that people slit sliding around you got essentially people coming to realisation that the planet can can kick the shit out of you. If it wants to. I guess earthquake would work that way, earthquakes to work that way, even a horrible.
Thing, like nine eleven works out what I did when I was in New York, we filmed fear factor in New York like less than a year. I think after nine eleven it was pretty close to what happen in man. It was just such a different five. Everybody was so friendly, everybody was friendly and so nice and I had a friend who blacked out we were all alarm hanging out in front of this bar we stepped outside and add. A couple of smoke, cigarettes- and I pulled out of joint- I go- who wants, could doubt this I got to do is go there. She's producers, like ably regime, is the right one of em. I guess she just doesn't small part or cheese for whatever reason she took ahead, and then you see like her eyes, roll behind your head and your legs go down and she almost fell like we had a catcher passed out, yeah, it's blacked out from weed. I mean like it all just What do you think it was the weed or wishes in conjunction with kind of the drama?
of the whole event having now now do deafening the weed, because she's from allay and we flew into film fear, factor there and she just ass. It had a weird reaction to pot loud every this fuckin space we do anyway, so we called the first responders rightly called of whatever they call on an over the compare Maddox firemen showed up, and I swear to God. These guys were treated like Fuckin, superheroes, firemen and cops came behind him and everybody was so nice and so friendly to because it was at that sort of honey. Moon period after eleven. We realized hey when when shake it's awful, we need these be weak. We have to combine these people yeah, so people worldwide. Friendly in the city in general and then like really thankful, when the fireman showed up gathered certainly is a kind of reset button effect. When some kind of disaster happens, where we were, people feel they ve lost control. In here a moment it is, it is due
I'm out here on the highway in a way or anywhere for that matter, and you can kind of you of those moments where you're sitting around looking at all these vehicles and wondering how the hell this shit is staying together like what is like how is everybody on this path, because it only takes one asshole one. What Wordpress an age of individuals. Is that too? Like screw it up for everyone else, whether you fly in a guy damn plain into a building, or so in the wrong way or looking at your text messages or whatever it is. I think you off. Then we can if we take these disasters- and we kind of hold them up. You know CNN style like Bree play it. Over and over again when in reality there is an argument May the amazing part is that is held together as well as it yes, time. That's the argument. There's a lot arguments will come to that, but one of all about gun violence. You know. There's somebody showed me a chart. The other day of how much how many people have guns, how many p? actually get shot by guns and who
The people are getting shot by guns, and how many people are getting shot by guns are involved in gang violence or criminal activity, and then it boils down to how many p m in port that chances of getting shot. Your actual chance, getting shot like do we really have a gun problem, Do we have a numbers problem and it really. If you look at the hard raw facts, its way more of a numbers problem, it's a three hundred million people problem, that's what it is and if you look at the actual number of guns versus the number of gun incidents, its shockingly but it just we're dealing with so many human beings and Those numbers just seem when we adopt, I just don't think human being you're supposed to have access to seven bill, in human beings on earth worth of drama and stories. You know tat, you know it went is eight. When comes back to the to the gun situation, I think
there is the issue there. The way I see it is like is a communication issue in that I think you ve got. These did groups picking a sign on it. It is sort of relative to their personal, their personal experience and how they ve been affected by shore, as opposed to big picture like what actually happening. And inevitably what'll happen, as you have some kind of some kind of oh I'm buying situation and all of a sudden, everybody cares because of the type of people affected by it, of course, but then half the year, when is a different, did a different group of people shooting each other than its not making headline news in the same fashion. So I think it's a lot more segmented. I think that those the issues of affecting certain communities are more, community issues, then they are national issues from saying other, deafening our yell, a Google cargo right and scandalous close to gas yeah very marshal and anything the weird thing about Chicago's. It's really nice, like beautiful view nor heights by
yeah. It's like it's one, one set of circumstances and then on the other, of some imaginary line, is a different set of circumstances. Murder rate is up more than seventy percent this year from last year and last year, was insane. He was ass. Well, read In its answer, I keep hearing about it. It's terrible. There was some kind of a blog I was reading, which was like based on simple graphics and all this guy does. The entire blog is just following Chicago violence as the whole thing, and he would ve had all mapped out, he had every single shooting fatal shooting where the person was hit. It's like em an amazing amount of detail that day went into this particular blog, so and you were sent a sword. Seventy two percent down the sixteen shootings up more than eighty percent. Eighty eight percent now
That is the same for murder up. Seventy two percent shootings up eighty eight percent, the first three months to govern sixteen compared to the same period. Last year, fuck man, there is a video that this guy did was live streaming, his neighbor. Let me get shot on video. You see that its wound up. He just hanging out there and around- and I know what you're saying but whose filming something else I'm Bob you seemed drop and then see the shooter standing over him shooting at somebody else, just fuckin crazy. You know. We look like war as MAX go here. It is since guys hang out here so that we at least, and let it does at least talk for, covers only say, listen, leisurely pops fell back on
she's wandering around some of the shot up how many sound loaded, the whole click crazy, and I guess you're right number goes down its fuck all right. That's weird, watching somebody die not really up. Man assume is dead. They are kept shootin my dad's praise his work was done. That's what it's your seem like, but the weird thing is it looked like he was shooting over top of him. Did he die said his in critical condition by now you might be, but in my view that places a war zone yeah, it's it's weird and I think I think that at this point we ve got enough evidence to realise delay at some root level.
We are still animals and when it comes to vengeance, revenge, everybody susceptible If you brother, your neighbor gets killed there you're somebody you about you just wanted do the same thing. You know whether its in Chicago words in the Middle EAST, to be people been doing you will. I was I was. I remember who I was talking to about this, but it was. It was Harding, whether not more humans were responsible for killing other humans in modern history or disease, like which one was the bigger figure right, and I have seen that thinking about it like I couldn't I didn't know, but when I looked it up, it was like shocking figures in the direction of humans killing humans a year on year, including all the wars that have ever happened. Millions of people have died. But this is modern. Modern history over time, who knows, but I don't wanna, Wikipedia pager son,
craze, crazy statistics. I've heard about humans dying was that half of all the people that has ever died ever were killed by malaria mosquitos and was dangerous, animal and planet Fatima, Larry Man. I know a duties at a more than twice Justin's got it again just ran. Again government where he lives in the Congo will spend time the Congo he's got this foundation called fight for the forgotten and they, oh when they build where our wells in the Congo for people and his. In over. There are many many times, and this is a second time he got. Malaria- and one thing to do is saying- is theirs different for malaria and some malaria will last six months- some malaria last five years and some malaria last thirty years through the year Malaria has kindly gum highlight that line disease
things around while lung diseases devastating that some really bad stuff, Russia, we don't catch it quick others of a gigantic amount of people on the east coast of line disabuse stating uses what it's from dear ticks have to figure out what to do about that, because there's a lot of place in these coasts outages overwhelmed with dear because they don't have predators. So have all his dear and the only predators at their having now only the coyotes have kind of expand. Their range and there used to be on animal that was more in the in the west in the prairies right. This is amazing, podcast right now, if anyone is interested in this, Wednesday Renault has. This show called mediator and its, the Sportsmen Channel and there's a new podcast are not new, but he's been doing it for a while. It's called the mediator. Podcast he's got this guy on named Dan Flores and dance floor, as is a historian, and he was right cities are former professors and he
has this book coming out about coyotes and it is fucking fascinating the knowledge His guide drops about. Coyotes will blow you away. First of all, these are wolves to kind of Wulf the canaries, to call prairie wolves, that's what they used to call them, but it's like a type of wolf, and they breed with wolves, most wolves except grey wolves, because grey wolves have a different. Genetic line. They had left North America millions of years ago and then came back like within you know, eczema, thousands of years so they kill coyotes when they find them red wolves and some other north american walls that still survived those wolves, bread with I always in their creating this thing called Coy Wolf, which is like a hybrid of coyotes end and wolves. Me ass. You something is this where geographically, that, how all over the world, all the country, rather all this country, this country like said that used to be a small range of coyotes, but due to poor
seclusion: they have expanded the range and part of it. The prestige is not humans, but by the Grey Wolf because a grey walls are killing them. So what good Kyle do so fascinating, Kyle he's when they call out when you you're Cayos than other ones, call up what they're doing they're doing a roll call, they're, making sure that everybody's there and when coyotes, get killed when quotas are under pressure and codes get killed. There is a reaction in the mother where the fee Ok, Yoda have larger litters, so the normal litter, if nothing's disturbed, is between three and four pops, but if they get old, if they noticed that their numbers are dwindling, their numbers jack up to as many as thirteen or fourteen puppies per litter bitter doing that as a result of being persecute real time upgrade real time upgrades. So one of the things they ve been studying. This is in Yellowstone Park because Yellowstone part more than seventy years had no wolves because they had eradicated wolves.
An extra paid them from Helstone Park. Then they re entered, use them in the ninety nine these, so they the popular of Kyoto. During that time was exactly the same. It was please steady until they brought in wars and when wolf, started killing the coyotes, their grey wolves that they brought in from Canada. The gray will reaching the coyotes coyotes expanded like crazy and multiplied like nuts, and now the initial thing happened when they brought in wolves, was at the wolves, killed a giant percentage of the coyotes inequality. Population dropped by fifty percent, but then, once the car we, he started having much larger litters, because they wouldn't being killed off by walls. Their numbers went as high as they were, but war and now even higher, and now they have expanded their range. So, thanks to the reintroduction of wolves and Yellowstone Park we ve got code is all were the Continental North American, allow Falcon courageous, interesting that you brought this up.
A very weird experience recently I was on I live. I live just north of the city in Toronto, like still completely urbanized area. It would be like here to downtown allay, let's say and I was going to visit my parents house. He live roughly the same area and I went past place where I went to elementary school in a neighborhood houses everywhere. A Wolf king straight in front of my vehicle. Limping looked right at me and continued on into the back of that elementary school were a legit wolf. Is this a coyote sizing it up as I'm staring at it. So sure enough. I'm like this could This can't be true. I never seen a wolf my whole life in this area. So, what I end up doing is. I went online and I take to town along with Wolf and sure enough people had been spotting?
wolves coming internet area, though do this. My friend live outside Edmonton Alberta. Big was a day. Wolfe was in front of my friends truck to ashes walkin around my fuckin he just sent me this morning- walk around and streets staring at em fuck, that a different kind of man and woman. The way they look at you lose their their fastened but a coyotes are almost more fascinating because their ability to adapt you know they try to wipe out the coyote during teen Thirty's onawandah like did give too much of this sure is dance floor as is, information. It's all really better distributed by him off with his media. Part ass. You really should it's not them, recent mediator, PA gas, but the one before that in today's date is the twenty one with a twenty thirtieth thirtieth of of April, so find it find it listen to it It's amazing EU. You might not be into hunting
get that if you're not a hunter, if it's not a hunting podcast that one is not about hunting, it's all about the wild West and about the animals used exist on the plains and died there. Really trying to set aside a gigantic chunk. I think it's in Montana, or something like that where the trying to establish a New Yellowstone type, situation where they buy in a lot of these animals and allow them to live in a natural way in some large, You know, like us, Havana type area like like that, like recreating sort of the african Savannas. While now why now that sounds dangerous to me,
Well they're just talked about animals that are exist. Animals like wolves and bison, annihilate leg. Loaf, local with a China have ever would attempt to area linear large, wild protected area where they can develop, and no one can fraction of that kind is a video I put up the other day from Think was in Sweden, Africa, what town it was in, but there were lighting lighting a lake on fire. The lake is got so fucked up from fracturing that you can light the lake on fire, so they go up. This lake will blow torch and they below it. The lake in the whole lake lights, on fire? That's like addressing a bigger version of what the people are doing the taps right? Yes, I I don't know much about racking. I know the tap thing is controversial. Oh,
because some people say that some of that natural gas that got into that water had already gotten into that water, and this is a common phenomenon that he could be, could actually document back. You know decades before franking Evans's did so it could be the natural gas which is already in the water right. There are trying to get us with trying to get out when the tracking- There was already leaking into some water in some places, but that doesn't remove the possibility. Anti fracturing day, they want to point out the dangers of fracturing and the people that appropriate yeah. They want to pretend that there's no danger and as I did day. They want to point out the dangers of racking and the people that are proof radio. Want to pretend that there's no danger and it's like- does no middle ground yeah. It's like the documentary on Netflix merchants of doubt using the amazing. It say it's all about the agenda any amount of money you have to
are there that agenda and how much you can extract if you can push your agenda huge, drearily money, and then you put it back in and continue the lobby or whatever might be to continue. Our conversation is when they talk specifically about how individuals, they only need a fragment of informing in order to to confirm their pre existing bias, yes You don't need a whole story just like just to present the alternative argument make people think it's an argument in the first place here and then they'll pick this side, that's more convenient to them like climate change that perfect quantum theirs is young republican kid from my Jujitsu class whose, like somebody brought up, climate changes, wasn't becomes even those involved in, and he goes its Michael, so it has always been a cycle of chain. Are you of a fucking earth scientists do. What do you do? You know you just get out of the Marines, and you know I appreciate you. Weren't studying our science and Afghanistan come on man. Letters like a super complicated issue that a lot of people that are they have decades of.
Science behind them and their root researching the numbers and trying to figure this out. They got a consensus. Yeah how come you're not with them. You know, I think, a pot. I think part of it is fact that the way we sort of being conditioned VM India is to feel empowered. You know it's like you watch this. You watch this clip and you think you're getting information but in reality you're getting a headline I mean because that's the flow that'll keep you engage, were you feel like you're, getting smarter, but there's no way in Hell, you're putting in time to be educated on certain subject matter. He getting just enough to, as I say, four confirm kind of what you thought already and then go out in and pretend that, as you mentioned, you're some kind of authority, on a situation when there's other people out there that have invested so much more. In their perspective, but instead of admitting like hey, you dont know too much about it or it is a complicated issue or
there's more to the conversation, this sum empowering about picking aside. Even if you don't sincerity, know why think there's something. Very problematic about headlines too, like these gotcha click bade headlines like was a headline recently about bill nigh the science guy bill not only about. I grew up on edge well bill. The signs guy has done a fantastic ruin, my child, and it's not a bad thing about him, he's fine. It wasn't him but bill, neither nice. Guy has done untasted job of trying to make science interesting to cooperate and trying to educate them. Bon trying to make science, something is compelling and make young people drawn to it so bill, not science guy was. When a conversation with this guy and the article that the article the headline said bill nigh favours prison terms for climate deniers say like what the fuck
So I guess it's bill. Nigh losses, fuck and mine is gone crazy. So I read this he's in then I watched the actual interview with bill night. He ever said such a thing ever Someone suggested that clear. Deniers- should go to jail because these energy see egos and these people that are spreading misinformation or directly harming the people that are they're gonna be affected by them. They know that they're saying something incorrect. They do it too, to distribute again and there's other people are gonna be affected by so bill Nigh says: that's interesting! When you talk but these energy see egos and these people are making choices that are gonna directly affect our quality of life. What do we do about it? That's all I mean, that's literally, all he said the headline says Bill now favours climate deniers, going to jail mean right. Is click bathed bullshit, so you read that you like he's a fucking fascist, you're, not you're, negroes
scientists are not GINO, worried, gutters degree and lose in whose the type of personality whose most inclined to pick that is an individual who, Someone invest in disguise. And even the article vegetate cause it's easier. It's easier to take the headline, inform your perspective, It is to invest into also because think the people that are putting that headline out all they want to do is make people read it watch it read it get the clearly at the money, that's where they get the ad clicks impressions. I mean that The only thing they're trying to do and are trying to make it a salacious and his environment is possible in and the thing is, the only way to we combat that is to balance, is to get out of there as quickly as possible, because because the way I understand it not necessarily an expert in the field kind of done. A few things Youtube but like as far as Google paid rank is concerned. If you, if a site, is getting a quick,
straight like. If people are landing on it and leaving really quickly, then it would it we could potentially be ranked lower in the future because Ok see you have to have a certain my time that you hover on a site before you, so the law money yet so, no not for them to unlock money, but for them to surface in the future, like Google will penalized sites that have low retention. Oh just like videos that have low retention, that's for intelligent yeah, but the problem is that you, but we had to read the whole damn thing to get together. He dare I say it why Bligh watch the interview itself or video air was was video and there was a there's, a good text along with the video. Let us let slip can we we should name the site piece of shit site that ruined your day work. I wouldn't ruin my day. The map of you find it on on jigs. I defended bill nigh on Twitter, and I say this not his words. If not, we will you sang, but let's watch them Theo itself everywhere,
yo itself you could see how deceptive it is to say that he favours people. Who deny climate change right to go to jail because what he sang at all Essentially he saying that we should look people that are ruining the earth. Like these energy ceo, that wantonly pollute these areas in order to gain profit. Here we go
this is the place. We could hear the environmentalist here at the people's climate March and two thousand fourteenth and Heaven. He said that the climate deniers, his word and energy see us belong at the Hague with three square males and caught with all the other war criminals. What did it thought on that? You think some of the rhetoric on your side, as I'm sure both from the Vatican decide, gets too carried away, and you know it which I thought I'd. Jailing sceptics as war criminals will see what happens. Was it appropriate to jail the guys from Enron? Interesting, ok, right, so we will see what happens. If was it appropriate to jail people from cigarette industry? You insisted insisted that this addictive product was not addictive and so on, and you think about in these cases, for me, is a taxpayer and voter
The doubting the introduction of this extreme doubt. Will you go with extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen, so I can see where people are very concerned about this on pursuing criminal investigations as well as as well as engaging discussions like this see that is very measured? Response is essentially talking about people like the BP people that fuckin polluted the gulf That's what he's talking? You know he's not saying that someone who like to give my jujitsu class. It thinks it's a cycle of life. You should go to jail, Even even, if you look at the very end there, he made sure to say, I can see why people might think something like. Instead of necessarily confirming that that's the outcome, he wants to see Yeah, I mean he's made good points in you. If you do like that merchants,
Damn movie, which is amazing movie. If you watch that movie, you realise that these same people that will work for that. Bacco industry there were denied. The addictive effects of tobacco are the same people that are denying climate change is saying human beings, like not the same kind of people, but the exact people yeah that's a little bit much. That's what they do in the end, they get checks. There's direct checks from these debates, go. Companies is direct checks from these energy companies they're getting paid for this yeah. You know coming back to the click bait subject. I think they click babies always bad. Now, it's not always bat, like, I think, there's a difference between click bait and lying right, like I think, sometimes click bait gets too much of a bad rap like in the sense of a thing. A headline should be intriguing. It should pick your interests should compel you to click, yes, which you could say as bait.
I feel like navigating the real world is full of click, be optional, coffees click bait happier and when you see, if you're on a tight skirt that, sadly Toyota click bayonets click but yeah. So so, in that sense, I feel, like you know, there's a place for, but I think people use the technique to to essentially lie, and it gives the whole kind of them a bad rather well in their bill. Nigh situation is not always click Bay. I think it's like he should fuckin sue me not really, but. But he could not explain whether it's not what I get the now direction. But so many people on my time line were calling him a fascist, and these fuckin left wingers are so far left now they're right, let nobody had watched the video. Nobody had read it: nobody it in It was just immediate reaction with his little information as possible for you to be upset yeah again, I just the knee jerk. They knee jerk, responsive web? You know there's like a lot of stuff going on Youtube.
I'm kind of immersed in the Youtube World Social, you were whenever it is like a lot of drama. That's getting getting rewarded recently, like will contract man like without going to do detailed is like this a lotta. Lotta channels that popped up kind of a kind of hating on people yeah, that's all they do yeah and It's like. The entire agenda is to use other people's content as the vehicle for you to have a channel so like I'm tired ammunition on this video into Marianna shit on that video and so there's kind of conversation about about whether or not that you like. Is that still fair use in that environment because The understand aiming in its does is not definitive, but understanding I have a fair use. Is that like, if your compelling people to go? Look at the original, like you just did with the Mason about coyotes. If you took a moment, is okay. This is this guy's, a researcher whatever like so go check him
yeah she didn't service there. Instead of the alternative of you could just talked about it so on, while in the case of these types of videos, people are using actual clips from these channels that their shitting on that's making up their channel, but generally and more, maybe more importantly, this they don't they did they dont compel you to go. Look at the original, because essentially there hating, why would you Oh as a viewer ngos source out this thing that this person that you like is telling a piece of shit anyway, you're not gonna, go watch the original right, you're happier than to listen to this guy shit on stuff, and so anyway. The problem is that Algorithmic Lee, if it feels like drama cells right dislike and just like in the regular world and to some of these channels, are rapidly growing rapidly growing. On the backs of essentially making fun of people so there's some some sort of feeling in the community that Youtube his chin
angel. You get a lot of these people that are like make you too great again stuff like that, but I'm not necessarily agree with that, but I think that there is maybe a Congress to be had about about how much freedom were willing to give individuals to essentially build their product. On the back of other peoples, with that is an important issue when it comes to free to fair use like if someone just decided to make unbox non boxing, Unbox Therapy Channel and out Shit is shitting on what you do. Look they fuckin dummy yarn about watches that yet really fair use can mean they're kind of stealing your content and becoming something with your content only exclusively or other people's content like they don't really have content. Their content is other people's content, and yet you get like a few layers deep on that and you realize, is kind of like we're. Fucked up scenario it and We wonder about what it breeds like there was this
issue with the Fine brothers Dino. They are the fine brothers of her than he had so they have on this really popular channel. Maybe ten, eleven twelve million subscribers on Jesus Yeah- and they do react? Videos, sir? also, they want something and then the reactor men and they don't personally, they have people on it would be like kids react, then we'll be like grandparents react and then a Blake Famous Youtube is reacting Athletes react somebody's reacting right, but essentially that the core of their best even doing a long time. The core aspect of the model is it is this thing you react into whether it's a virus? video a trend, whatever it might be while right recently they tried to trade mark the term react so that anybody who uploaded a video with the term react in it that they could claim it and earn the ad revenue. My browser must be stopped
did you know about it. I mean, I think I told you about this at one point when it first maybe like started, mine is what kind of fuckin can't thinks that they can on the words, so they launch this video, so they launch this video where we're, essentially their explaining how this process will work for people there like they're telling you like you, can sign up with us today and will licence will licence it back to use tax. So there are these guys. So there are. Fuck in mind. They are out of fucking mind like area gets better yet, but here the single real quick there the only ones so there's other companies out there that have already been doing this in quiet, theirs. Company called jukes media and there was a story this guy. What was his name Devon, Super tram. He makes like action action videos and I know what you would sit call them actually videos sure he used it. He used a title. Called people are
some not was the title of his video for his demo, real for it, but I've seen the YAP and and what he and didn't know that Can media had already trademarked that title people are awesome they own and how own people are awesome exactly exactly because it a dip whoever's enough money to pay the right lawyer. God knows how it has been seen by the idea that you trademark those three words that is so saying, so they were able to issue a copyright pull down on his video my an end, so that was acting as he's demo real to get jobs and stuff like that, and so did a follow up kind of explaining what had happened, but so anyway, In fact, a kind of the drama component is like people are kind of looking at Youtube now little different like, while maybe here's this completely open.
Space, where people were allowed to do whatever they wanted, but like what are the consequences of that, whilst you're putting out a certain type of frequency right, I mean that's what you're putting out a few. Putting out a frequency vote. What you're saying is you want to on all the react. Videos, that's the greedy cunt frequency throughout the greedy. Bad signal and you're, letting everybody? Now your piece of shit, new earpieces shit and you want to steal money while you're the best part. That stealing money right. I mean it stealing money. If you make a reaction, video, you wanna watch two girls, one cup guy get run over by a buffalo. What money from you watching their video that stealing I've done if used, lawyers to circumvent the system, they ve jack this system and they go, steel have they actually copyrighted? The word react souls, this valid, so they need they retracted what happened Was the internet lost its shit as you would expect? And these guys there were videos on Youtube which were life streams,
What's so funny when this was going on essential What they were is the subscriber count of their channel shortly after that, controversy here and it would just like metal off a cliff like go to zero. It never wages, zero percent quota zero. It should go to zero. Never one zero don't deserve anything, that's what they want to do. You really want reach out to everyone using the word react in a video. You want money from them. Fuck you fuck, you, you everything that's wrong with distributing content over the internet. Something is wrong with you. Ve taken when the snake is most did diabolical, can tricks and all the legal system and even applied it to this open. Free world of the internet and your piece of shit. That's a parasitic behaviour. Let me ask you something: that's cancer. I agree. They came back retracted.
Apologize their fuck fuck them for even think it'll be ok, you're, going to give him a second general slacken chances can't think, like you can't do that. You can't you can't do that. You can't go after people first, it's not like it has any can you do anything you create you just stealing their wares, though there were some doors going around that they had effectively shut down like these small time. My job lately lead people who had become once again the fine brought HANS Hans. You can't do that, new, is price lawyer talked him and in doing that, our own is gonna, be amazing. It we gotta. Do we ask you fucker sit a weird, that's so grows the idea behind going after people with its allies,
This is something that you created, and you know they came along something like two completely unique. While they want you wanted a copyright. You know what happened was that they were. They went so far as trying to go after Ellen, because she did. She did Ray actions on tv, The issue has Candia skids reacting, but you know the crayfish jail. You should go to jail for the craziest. Far up the whole legal. Sustaining tat format exist before that any bill cause me. Do that dude. I did a reactor two girls, one cup video like, Twenty thousand three or lay Baghdad, brian- and I did it should a copyright rose- is so grows man, but any anyway. I don't know I think, come on. It's scary both ways because he had to say- time? You like? What do you really want Youtube to come in as this massive governing body to stop stuff like this from happening. That yeah. Now that I know yeah yeah. I grant there's some clear
shit like the word react, can't use react or people are awesome, Fuck you people are awesome, is still there and if a lively title, this video at your people are awesome working on get down there ripping us down in Sis II. That doesn't seem right to me. That's just today. Like saying love? random rain. Like you dig the copyright in the word, love or you know, or action, while or ass. Wasn't it didn't day how many people have said that any Disney copyright happy birthday, well happy burnt lie to you. The saw yeah was copy written for a long time, but it since been dissolved now because he used to go to like to a restaurant and these death sing their own like happy happy, but they couldn't saying happy birds to you that song that we all know the icrc EC song. Was somebody owned it? So if you want to sing that song, the restaurant, when some came in there, were celebrating a bird that you would actually get find. You would actually have to pay
money them ass. It is, I mean just because we're on the topic, you feel in general about like digital rights, and what not like are you? Are you really fancy about like let's say you had some content, and sometimes you have like musicians on here right. Any kind of seem to me to be like a little bit out of touch with the internet space, and I'm just wondering like if a person is is, is, is purchasing or streaming or buying something somebody's trying to sell digitally. Do you like? How do you feel about that? What is that? How do you think that should work, selling things digitally warlike, let's say, for example, You had a record and you found out that a bunch of people were pirating. It would you What how hard would you be willing to go after them? Well, see it completely. Hands upon whether or not it what what what your businesses? So I My feeling is that one of the things
bout music and you can use the same argument for stand of comedy. Is pirating in a lot of ways, empowers people like like when someone put my stand up on their you to channel. I'm not indeed taken that down, because I think that, even when I was seven it I'm not into taking them down, and there he's in being is because I think the more people see it the mob will come to see your live shows the more people come to support you. And whether its on Netflix or comedy central or whatever they'll pay more attention to its. In a way, it's kind of free advertising in that way, music companies don't tent about it. That way, and we had a recent problem that was pretty fuckin disgusting, where we are and act on and musical act played played a small section of one of their songs and then the music company that oh that section. The song wanted all The ad rights for our show for that episode ends
we know we contacted the artist and the artist said while I'll get that taking care of the music. Companies decision was now just tell I do not dispute the claim and will take the ad revenue and then I'll be fine. We won't take down the video I got. You won't take down the Ets fucking three, our video, we paid fifteen seconds of a song and you want all the ad revenue fuck you and I told them and my group: do you get to say government to delete the episode. Go fuck yourself, like this ridiculous that some greedy Nicky bullshit than Reykir companies are still trying to do his worker companies have to justify the fact they ve got x, amount of employees and a giant building on sunset. You don't need that anymore. Ok, you build your business is dead. Ok, it's sorry, but you see, is what you get Itunes music, Google play, and that's it that's it. That's! Your business now The real business is artists, getting a shit out on Youtube yet on on social media and then doing concerts, and that's where they make the bulk of their money.
They used to be the opposite, used to be artist me the bulk of their money from the record sales, and then they some of the money from concerts, so what happened was the record companies rip them off for record sales and they would come up with all these laboured accounting methods to think too, to fix the profit, so they made it look like all there, Spencer had to be paid first before they counted the profit that the data take into consideration the artist learning play going on the road doing all, the gigs, creating this song all the time, spent writing. They don't take that into consideration, but they do calculate their employees, all their expense is all their advertising revenue. How much it costs to rent their building, how much it costs for insurance, how much it costs errors and omissions, insurance, all those different things they do taken account before you get paid. So the artists were like there's a lot of artists had got unbelievably bad record deals like the reason why print
had changed his name to assemble because they king owned his name, so that crafty bastard decided to make his name some sort of a weird symbol and become the artist formerly known as prince in they couldn't do shit about it. It was a really clever work around four Princeton, but it was essentially in response to these devious practices by these fuckin record company right. So in that sense, I think, like. If someone, if you have an album and everybody loves it and thence pirating it, and then it gets all over the place like some musician. They had Paul Stanley. On from kiss. I heard that one that's kind of what I'm renouncing super adamant about, but he so old school man. He sold glue super adamant about that, its steel L. I get this vibe from those conversations that lake is. It's almost like picnic. These people are kind of. Don't go there wishing that an ecosystem existed still that doesn't of court. We,
made fucking hundreds of millions of dollars who they re system, but I think the truth is the hard truth. Is that, at least on the economic side, music isn't worth what it used to be worth Absolutely and I and I don't like saying that, because to meet matters and leg, I engage with it and it hasn't. Like not in a non economic way might mean more than ever now that more people have access to it and you can be exposed to so much more of it. But a purse song bases its. Supply and demand situation now of we have an abundance of, but the potential music to interact with so there's no way that each song can possibly be worth what it used to be worth. Well there's no way because it so easy to access. Now, that's one thing and the other thing is the sheer numbers of songs they did put out every day. They all. Exist now you can go back
and listen to some Roy Orison from the nineteen fifties, or you can listen to some shit that some new ban you haven't heard of just put out last week they haven't stopped. Making demands, haven't, start making music, it's all just adding up. So I say: collective pyre, music is mass. It, I would say, is accelerating, because the barrier to entry in actually creating continues to be lowered. Yes, like actually the equipment, you need a laptop, yeah laptop microphone me you can create music on. You know garage ban, twenty percent he's really can create a good ever heard Tunisia, internet, as now tonight, an interesting cat man he's. A guy who lives in Toronto. Dial, Messiah China he's like this. One weird androgynous guy in its fifty, he's got a kid who makes his own music and he got faint. As for these songs on Youtube, this is him.
Makes these videos we're just puts up like up a curtain behind him and he makes his Youtube videos and he sings the songs and some of them are fuckin good, like pull up a really big cock. That's that's just like what am I going in the right place to start, but here's the thing it sounds like ridiculous right, but it's actually a cool song like listen to the list was plate Gimme, some vine, Jamie, look at those guys There's no money in this forum is just some weirdo hang out it's where These are good songs. To make
let us base line, but look at this video I mean it is- could not be any more GEO cities, dotcom, so low Rana. He does it in his apartment in Toronto. He does a camera pointed at him Greeley. Primitive he's, got a bunch of different, weird dresses and puts out and outfits and its is really strange, but this guy does it all himself and he's this massive court following doing this arms have I bought his vinyl I only stuff I bought it I tunes and about the vinyl over the years. I want to support here, and you know what that's great point you make their. I remember, reading someday recently, don't call me that on all the figures, but that artists alot of artists, actually making more off the vinyl than they are of the digital, even the volume is so much lowered because the actual per unit costs is so high. So like big. Bans are doing special edition releases on vinyl in such to kind of get back. Some of that
revenue that less existed because of digital such an interesting. Angle to take, but I think people are like you wear your ear, your your kind of doing it, not because you really need to have a non vinyl, but because you want to support something that you lie unfortunate, having as a small percentage people to do the most people they get it for free, they get a free, because majority Bore constantly worried about their bills journal in the end. If you can get something for free and download it no one's watching it mean that totally makes sense. Artists, making more vinyl sales is very meagre resources. The article streaming services are the worst, but are they they are and here's why their own by the wreck accompanies named circumvented, though the whole selling album sister right, but is in Asia it isn't it the demand from the customer that is always going to drive the marketplace if people want streaming services. Sorry to break it, that's the reality, we have quoted one, but they want free money to feed his hand. None at all. It is at all, but I mean in this particular case with music right. Doesn't music work better? When you can
launch any sort of progress on the blessed streaming services are profitable and they're making, lot of money right out the streaming services are making a lot of money that the artists aren't making artists and artists doesn't need to be on Spotify plaintive. Plenty of examples of people put their stuff spot tailors. We owe my park ass. Well, don't put my pay. Her. That's easy move its because the amount of money that they pay, you a fucking, ridiculously low right. It's insane Taylor, Swift pulled, it should have Spotify. When you get a big architect, Taylor, swift partners should specify not much. She made off Spotify. The figures me we could discover. Four million nationally, but now she did make complimentary, maybe finite, or maybe five thousand, no, no, no so low. It was insane. I don't guess I'm wherein there I don't want us waiting. There is a big step for like the biggest artist that exists on the platform. While there was like we went over this before, where we put we looked at the one song that God played the most on Spotify, how much that artists got four and it was like to them
and by its a fraction of a penny per play, but see my I feeling, though, is is the Spotify audience? Are they across over of the Itunes audience? Are they across over of the past? reading audience. I think they're radio audience cause it's like Turning into a lonely riyos when I just what I'm saying is in the absence of Spotify, did those millions and millions of users do they turn to Itunes and give you the ninety nine cents or do they give you nothing, if they're giving you nothing and stealing it right than isn't modified better than that alternative. Because a leech AIDS, the pirating audience Finally- and this is the fear that this is the thing that the music business doesn't seem to want to address- is that when Napster hit, everybody was a pirate I don't care what you are right, but we're gonna talk to me. I was on fire. It was so superior to any other method for discovering music you either. If you want it, you didn't want to steal things, as I thought this is too good right, but the problem This is not pirating his power, adding nobody benefited from everybody got free
but no one profited This is why I might say, supporting these trying. Minors agree with that big. While again, this is not a direct, but all then let me finish with Angola. Record companies created a platform of financially profit, platform to stream from that's a big difference between that and pirating cause, pirating doesn't have any central location is just there's float around the central location was Napster rights. Unnapped Napster got taken down because of that. But Napster was really profitable, these Spotify? They figured out a way to serve. Welcome that this whole downloading situation makes streaming base year. Everything there are alternatives to Spotify Like Jaycees Service, title yen and neither are equally criticized yeah, except that one is owned, Artists were not record labels and they have. They have
Miller issues in trying to pay actual artists, because at the end of the day, if they raise the price of their service, if Spotify goes from, ten bucks to twenty people aren't gonna. Have it well, percentage of people that you Spotify that actually pay bet, it's way less. I bet most people get the free Spotify, quite ass majority list, but I am sure that the data is out. There is a question, but I don't think they Pieper pain, for I guess what I'm trying to get back to adjust this idea that music just simply isn't as valuable as it was, and I think that it's tough as an artist again like, and that can sense since I feel the pressure of artists, rights away, you're saying you. I know it's like that without delay knows problematic in the way I can honestly economically, I'm not saying the value of the inherent value in expression. Like me, better way to say it is the market is completely changed and dissolve nay, and it's not that the work is as a valuable, its arguably more valuable troubling times. These are certainly troubling times, and music is a massive source of income.
Inspiration and, yes, I'm an mood and enhancement uneven. That's why I also a curved it by saying, like it's more poor, it is argued, more important right. Finally and all the rest of it, but I'm just specifically talking about that. I think in too I think artist, He D, recognize that and then they can, it would at whatever system comes forth, for how to deliver the future of how we listen to music. At least they are involved in that process. Instead of just being like participating, current one like it's like you need to be on Spotify for Amber differ reasons as it as an emerging artists, because that's the way people are discovering music. So there's a lot of pressure there to participate even any even you're not getting rewarded for it as an emerging artist, but as an miss that already is denied well and establish making money, and you realize it. Spotify needs people like you in order to legitimize its company, then it becomes an issue right
our subscriber growth in the last six months or two fellows. What does it mean? Ok, just ten million paid. Drivers, apple, music, ten million, stats. Now Spotify just cross one hundred million total users. Paying number could be more than thirty million. Why don't they tell, that boys I mean. That's, that's not a real number there. Could be more whenever such as could be more, could be three people more than thirty million, but it could be like five deeds. Doesnt Spotify announces twenty millions paying subscriber ok back in June, two thousand fifty Spotify now twenty million, paying subscribe with an ad based fee free user base of fifty five million. Ok, that's a pretty be. Seventy five million total and twenty million paying subscribers ha to the problem
was too, they can think ill. Give you of a pod guest on and they can get really. Your ads that could put their own should honour the earlier as an I'm nice key camera, making an argument for Spotify, I'm just like I just a piqued. My interests in a number of number of times it is being discussed, is like I think, a big artists. They can take a stand. Taylor Swift can take a stance using need the five one. Thousand bucks? But if you look at those numbers, like those numbers, that's a lot of money yet you talk about seventy five million people, so fifty whatever they are, fifty million, then using add revenue and then the other when you five million there actually paying for the service inbox, that's insane amount of money, yet so five million people paying ten dollars a month, but you can slow twenty five million people paint now a month and thence the other. Fifty two, now add revenue from that's a lot of working people yet, but you can see that you can see the break down. It's not like satellite hand over. Right or making money they write, but still the record companies like the record. But the ones that are in charge of this like
their massive contributors to these companies yeah, of course, so they figured out a new way to not pay artist and design minorities out yet artists appear to be people that get take advantage of have been for the last five years. This evening's a great thing like to have artists doing but see he see he was TAT more than ever in that's why they're user base there and there in trouble ahead the apparently there in trouble, because they couldn't build the substantial user base at the costs they wanted to go my city charging. What what is it? It was like twenty bucks, abbot, higher quality or getting to Yasser your car quality. Audio yeah lost this audio higher quality Audio twenty. But I don't care about that, though it is the issue, it is only during the right for free or get they just get. The three twenty kilobytes can't hear the difference the hard to.
Well, I haven't amp once that I attach to my ipod, an ipod. An ipod amp syrup wants never use it again: ATLAS Bullshit, legal, barely, better convenient stats tested their convenience in many ways. Trumps quality did yeah. Well, that's the beauty of our yeah and then apples, music, streaming service was he, but in any case of Itunes you can make the argument like apples than involved in the promotion of your business right is they're getting at huge China that the biggest distribution of obvious it right now, if you, if you want to break it down, I went out. No cities are being sought out like best buy, unless you can really search really hard and find the one best who the fuck us cds anymore? I threw a saint. I had a white stripes CD in my office. There was clean now my office, sit on my desk. My also throw this out I haven't,
phone. What would I do? What I want is stupid copy of it and I'm not gonna plugin. Here's the thought on that diamond haven't allow recently, because I've seen some things happen. If all of the music, you like that states, faker ten favorite albums of all time, you dont have them fit of physical copy of, but you have liked you have saved on your apple, your eye, music, whatever it is whatever service you pick. If it's all in the cloud, they can technically go change that music. Whenever they choose to change it yeah can you S has been doing some really recently right now, where he put out now my title last month and for about a month there are kind of tweaking there are changing the mastering on it. There are changing the featured artists on and even on, one song. Also, while I was up, he was tweaking he's gone back on another album. That's already been out for a long time now and changed from the master unto those songs and some people think he might be doing more knows, but it's a thought that I've been having that
one of my favorite albums. I went to go back and find the trackless orders out of its out of order. Now some of the songs are missing: it's because that artists, as decided not to have to point out that our money on I'd IRAN, Spotify the waiter regionally, was so if you wanted to have that Armenia down at the way, the way put it out in two thousand and lessening or you never have that actual album. You have what whatever, they have existing in the cloud, and that is why some shit you're that's for us now, some deep shit. So, I support someone being able to do that. That's kind of interesting, like what he's doing by changing the mastering adding new tracks and fucking around what things it actually is. Compelling legumes you want to current tune into this very intelligent on his part. I think he does load is dominant, dude is yeah is egocentric. Is that duties he so ridiculous? he makes some really good moves like when he goes on his massive
about bill. Cause you been innocent right before releases is shit. I mean it's, it's a climate, a little too little too much for me most of the time, but he's so entwined in the world of hate, though, has so much hate come in at him. It almost makes sense to cultivate that hate and use it like Judo waited in the right direction. He knows what he's doing or shore a hundred percent happened when you tweet some, I mean look. Do you really think he thinks Bill Cosby Innocent get the fuck out of here. Nobody thinks Bill Cosmos, innocent, even cause. We sit around with his one fuckin good I go, and maybe I did rape those girls even he is like coming to terms the fact that we might be a piece of share his wife. After my meaning that crazy, why, for his smile to all those interviews, she's like I'm ghost Keyser Dark, that's done you look at those interviews in you watch her lashes She knows summary. She knows sums up well, she's been protected by royalty for so long because he existed.
As a celebrity in a strange time when on artists can get away with almost anything mean you're in a bubble. You are different and I think that being in a bubble in also Think for a guy like you, were I to trot even understand what it's like to be famous bill. Cosby, it's impossible. I think it's probably an manageable level of fame at a certain point, his life, you know, especially when he had been caused me himself, in the cause we show and NBC? He was fucking royalty man and during that time he was invited these girls come over red scripts and suck his dick and fuckin too Nominate wake up at their pants down by their ankles and common their hair, I didn't know what the fuck is going on and he just got away with it over and over and over again, cause you got away with it, because the way people treated him, it's sort of fostered this rear really crazy. Sociopath behaviour that he had to he, where does that stand he's going to jail. He is oh yeah, they're gonna! There can dare try in him, and it sees
the criminal cases gonna go go forward, the majority, ruled that dog she had signed some shit saying that she couldn't testify, against him, but she wouldn't bring charges and then she wouldn't The other details the case, but then she did reveal the details, the case, so you know what he did. He sued her so he suing her for going back on her deal because he paid her off any patriotic, like several million dollars, one to keep your mouth shut and because she is now talking about it now he suing her for that money back and argument was that because there made this deal, he shouldn't be able to be prosecuted, but unfortunately for him deal that he had made was a verbal deal. Only there was nothing written down, says one thing to dot. The judge said: like you, gotta get this shit written down, dude we're going to trial. So He's he's going to be charged, and it was. There recently announced that, over the last couple of days that their charging him and there's a criminal case and then
he's an old old Yan with half an eyeball. Would that be a jury? In that case too good question or a judge, I don't know that's very quickly, as you gonna wonder, being adjure up against Bill Cosby. I don't think anybody would think that his innocent at this point in time. I don't think anybody thinks is innocent, right. I think it's the waters completely tainted in a way. I can? U S: are there any other? I think in a way what they're doing World Chuck D that was one of the fuckin sad shit, Chuck DE was condom. Doktor Cosby was because of the show. Was he a doctor on the show that he's a doctor like an odd very degree traffic, so he was from public enemy. What is with those titles in all like yours, you're, so everywhere you go. Everyone has to call you Don T actually wanted people to conduct caused me. There was one of his things he's a fucking, weird guy man. I've told a story before, but I say it again:
as for you, there was a show that I did in Seattle, the Seattle area, this casino and minimise the people. There was workin. There said that Cosby used to have these people sit down before the show he had there. All the employees, at the usher as the door people, they sit down. A watch him eat dinner, who sit there in each country and they had a watch. Him stand there or watch him eat like before the show watch him watch me at once. Thanks one people, watch him eat his current. Oh, so you sit down there and eaten. They would understand their saying nothing. There were a lot of talk. They sit down there watching me and he also had security guards took him in bed at night. I gotta go lay down his bed, and we want them to talk him, and let me leave me, ask you this: is this the case of justice severely fucked up individual or, as is the case of of a relatively normal individual, getting fucked up by circumstances like being this soup
were famous nearest irresponsible for getting fucked up of you're a normal person, and you get super famous and you become fucked up. You are responsible, it's like a high percentage. Do though you have, but not in that way. That's that's it. String version is a different kind of way. Eagle ego might get in the way and trip of a lot of people. My trip over the Dick Vigo, its debts, those utilise harm I saw when when Prince, died. Recently I sign infographic. Aren't you know? Maybe you tweeted about the average age of male pops, ass when they die. I don't know where no one is treated it. It was what he was the exact age, fifty five whatever age he was fifty four somewhere in there that that's the average age. Male posture female wasn't too different either? Well, his situation was, he was addicted to painkillers, painkiller pain, pill pot. I just really really came out there. Yet we overdosed by he had we been refusing treatment for aids as well. Is it true,
Mr President, the outlets, let's look got up, but I know for sure he had a hip issue like a severe hip problem that he probably need hip surgery. And he was taken pay medication and here at overdosed, unpaid medication. I know he was definitely addicted to pay medication. I just really- I just remember story coming out shortly after about hiv- that he would have believed that he he wasn't gonna take treatment prince suffered from AIDS, but refers treatment at all would believe. Goblet cure him. U S. Tabloid claims see yet see that U S tablet claims, but he was christian scientist was nearer Jehovah's witnesses. Yeah. We hope, as was Jehovah's witnesses, don't use data. Medicine that ASEAN right is not what's goin on cause. He, You gotta, wait a minute than foxy taken pain pills, then suppose he was on opiates. Do something, but that's painful that doesn't make that logic doesn't make sense. While people are just fucking being in with their larger grunting yeah he's weird guy man, first of all, Prince was like androgynous is all about free love and more high heels, but he didn't like
People do no one things: a prince princess like a known homophobe in one of the things that he said in a recent interview, and I hate the disparage him in his death. Cuz used brilliant artists and all that good stuff, but was talking about how one of the problems with the world today? Is that guy said all these rules, and then you know people just decide. They want to stick their dick in this whole that whole and do anything they want to do, and you can't do that and they were asking about gay marriage, and you know he was saying that this is not what God wanted, is not what God ass for acceding and find the exact quote, because it was pretty disturbing coming from a guy that you expect because of this sort of androgynous nature and how weird yeah lay, I think he's like going further in that direction because is getting old no. No, no, I meant just maybe because of his actual personal experience like like in a way You know some people they overcompensate. On one side, honestly, I think with Prince
that, based on what I have seen of his interviews, I think he was insanely sheltered because he was so famous and that he could basis say anything and nobody would disagree with them and he d cultivate its really fuckin wacky opinions first. Well, he neither the government with sprang, things and sky that may be, but fight in the ghetto. I remember that I heard the interview yeah. It's insane it was like everybody would be fine and then there would be spread this kind and build wiser, but by and by we all fight and because your poor you're living in the ghetto and this crime and it s just what happens- crime riddled areas, there is violence, it's not the gun. Sprang the sky legal. What a random things the government side to spray the entire city and then hope that everybody beat the shit out of each other for what purpose very convene their money in glances like what it where's that it was a profit margins
billions of dollars, spraying the sky with anger, chemicals and what fucking chemicals have been proven to make people angry when he sprang from the sky, whisky vapor. Problem nor fucking and hugging. What percentage of people actually get angry when they get drunk there's another one because think about all the people who go to bars right, you get a fuckin bar filled. It We get a thousand people in their how many of them become angry when their drunk it's not even one. It's a small it's a very rare thing. The people get super angry and violent because their drunk most like I get happy same. I'm drunk I'm huggin and laughing. I might get a little obnoxious, but I'm not mean deadly, not looking to start fights so yeah, it's a weird one, I think come some people will say hey. That's that guy's an angry drunk like you heard a bar. You heard that before, but is that just me be who they are all the time. I think that is there deep seated here and then, while the alcohol, so of course, is it out of
maybe the alcohol releases, you're inhibitions and your anger. What is this? A prince denies anti gay rights remarks. New Yorker stands by store it. This is from two thousand a year but see the problem as they quoted em. It was like their direct quote say: he kicked off pause. This story came out, so I'm assuming when he died. A lot of coats came out of stuff. You said in this this story, which I traced back just when you still alive. Obviously he came out after the story came out in your car said he was grossly misquoted and it took everything. Is it out of context by their story, however, will its red the context I mean. Even when you read the actual quote itself, here's the quote its. Little bit higher there does. He goes. You got the republic and basically they want to live according to the Bible. But there's a problem of interpretation and you ve got churches. Some people basically doing things and saying comes from here, but it doesn't. Then you got the opposite: the spectrum he got blue. Yet the Democrats near like you, Do it have you want gay marriage whatever, but neither them is right.
Asked about his perspective on social issues, gay marriage, abortion prince tapped, his bible and said God came to earth, and so people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out, he was like enough. Ok, hilarious, because lotta people fact each other in the ass listenin to let's go crazy. How many people on how many people circular card, because it was leg or get a party like it's? Ninety? Ninety nine, you said fuck it up. Stew, ecstasy! In my asshole right, you know, I mean, I think, he sheltered. Our was sheltered and I think he's up a brilliant like like as the outline of outliers when it comes to brilliant artists, and I think that it is you bite, self. To learn much you don't you, get to mingle. You dont get the hang of it. That's why I don't have real conversations, but that's why say like we're? Even in the case of Bill Cosby are we look
a condition of the circumstance, because if we have this data, it says Hey pop stars are dying thirty years before any of the regular public and on average like these. These people obviously have an unusual enough circumstance that is affecting all in the same unless the taboo people drawn to that career in the first place are already substantially different than the rest. Public, while the devil is substantially different, the rest, the public, in that they have developed as in entertainer from their formative years and the prince, was an artist in a musician when it was very young and then, when he came out with, I want to be your lover. I think he was only like twenty years old or something like that, how old When I want to be your lover came out. There are definitely that was of fuckin. Jam to God, damn that was a good song, because I remember I was living in Boston, I'm forty eight! He was fifty fives he's not a much older than me when he died, and I was living in Boston when that song came out. It was a job drop rose like who is this guy
with no shirt on the cover turn each one of us, what the hell is, twenty, twenty one twenty or twenty one, and that is a fact beautiful song this day, I'll play that song out of nowhere and assist It's who is an amazing artist. So if he was that good at twenty twenty one I mean He was involved in music from the time he was a small boy, so he developed in a very bizarre and strange way and was under the microphone at an incredibly young age, went to be that huge at twenty years. And also to be such a revolutionary guy when it came to style and fashion. Did I have an overcoat when I was like twenty one, a long overcoat, because I saw prince at one This was a prince music loved prince. When I was a kid he was so so different, an interesting with so many good songs controversy, You know he had some and then also like guys sort of like came along with them like more stay in the time because they were in
purple rain they sort of came along with them and they got famous for a brief period. Time too, he was amazing was amazing, but I think I have always said this. I think you can't there's this bow in this world that you can achieve when you achieve greatness when you achieve that kind of greatness. I think it's at this at that is at the sacrifice of bow whether its bouncing your social life or balance. In your your ability to have a healthy and objective perspective? I think in order to guarantee this won't what were seen with Congo West to an orderly grew. We'd go after something and just be obsessed with it to the point of just carving out. Magnificent diamond of art- you gotta, be a fuckin nut man, you gotta be Richard prior you know you gotta be nuts, you gotta be out of your fucking mind to make something perfect. And what he made was perfect mean purple rain. Is God damn perfect? He was perfect. This shit, that he did
that you just to this day, Disco god damn? It was so good that all other stuff is probably symptom of a lack of balance in development and is over all life that led to this incredible brilliance and his art form bright. So there has to be, there has to be had to sacrifice you have to take from somewhere. Will they say James Cameron's, I was fucking mind right. They say James Cameras out of his vocabulary, if you set with James Salmon like if someone's painting a wall, he'll fuckin, take the paintbrush wave needs, do it, but does not start, when it right can be. Like death, because he's a madman and that's why me Jane Cameron made a fuckin submarine and went to the bottom of the ocean with it. You know about all that I heard about that. Do is researching record for no for his new movie. Alright, ok, gonna do avatar to underwater this crazy fuck his filming should underwater mean he's not just like a ground Guy he's like the ground
making geyser call him up for advice, because he's way ahead of everybody's, a maniac he's making a fucking submarine to film removing these breaking world records in a single man submarine. Look at this. This is him I mean this. Is he fucking went the bottom of the ocean by himself in this fucking thing that created and he's revolutionizing. The science behind filming underwater thinks so that he can make movies eating. Anybody tells him what to do with a flock. Could tell him what to do Nobody like none, nobody, his wife, but a shut up to everybody, but are shut. The fuck up vaguely aims Cameron talks like when they are about to make a move egos narratives it's like they just right to check and get the fuck out of here. Don't write checks now about property rights, a chest and- and I wrote to him what out it's all over. You mean he's insane Welty, insanely, brilliant and some of his movies are some of the greatest movies of all time we he's is here He knows how to do it: big bag. In other some people
not like avatar was owed Pocahontas in space. Stop look! Yes, there's iconic themes that just a bunch of ever mediums, but that movie is fucking amazing and of you, if you're over, think it and he's Zob forget why you mean you could say the same for a lot and allow the class ass story, but he just he nailed. This insane verse. Of that John, it's like Santa Rock and roll song, the GSM, Classic Rock and roll themes that you would you see. Even if you heard where I saw now at this discourse, is like themes in songs that you get kind of accept because it's cool hear them in songs and that's essentially, what he's done on a grand scale avatar death? No doubt notice. Gabriela Cameron's about ass, a mother fucker? Nobody be that bad of a mother fucker you gotta, be crazy, is making for avatars. He pleases, you gonna, be
motherfucker, you know, but imagine this dress. The stress of having that project Oh moving people around Ptarmigan, gettin location one of the bottom of the ocean and that's the only way to make a movie. You can make a movie by yourself no you don't have actors yeah. I read the script. I have a guy appoints the camera. I hate the whole all that all the baggage, all the people a nightmare its way. That's why I'm a chameleon do briskly simple: that's. Why I'm on you, too, simple, Do I know something big nightmare situation out here: you're we're out here! That's why I'm out here? Why out here be here on this show right now, but yet today, as he knows, on sunset, headed shoot. This day I get a mention any brands or names, but it's like fuckin a hundred people. Once course I mean we don't need them.
And then they wanna try judges in the soup that sets the mass, whereupon it- and it's just happen. Few, where a different suit for every different segment too. It's like ive made over eight hundred and fifty fucking product videos. That millions of people choose to watch shoes chose this is not These situations where you got a stick it in front of their face. And the way to where they're going. This is something people like like. Let me look at the goddamn, get excited about it would guess what news flash we don't have to fake it. They want a fake shit that doesn't need to be faked because it the fits the protocol of the machine. I mean it just sucks the life out of all of it, like, I think, there's this saying that that happens meeting in granted, whatever James Cook, it's brilliant what this shit they do in Hollywood is fuckin, amazing and all the rest of it, but
his wares situation, where, like I'm, the guy yeah, I'm not acting right: guy sure. If I go on this thing and I don't look like the guy Wall Desk why am I like what they trying to change? What are they specifically fuckin? What now all of it you? May really that's. Ok. So here is an example. When I do my videos. I want everything to be life, everything we shoot. We concur angles. If we catch it, we catch it. If we don't so be it that's what it was right. So it's authentic because I want to capture like you know, I feel, like you relationship with a product is a lot like a relationship with another person gazing on perverted? At this point, I dont mean in that way. Joe, ok out and say: do you ve, just as Ali Internal, just away you're, looking locally, that reality
what I'm saying it's like it's like this process of like getting to know the thing and well isn't. As personal watches, you start interrupt. You get that authenticity comes through in its one. The reasons why you're videos are so compelling because, like when you open up a video and checking out a new phone, going over the edges and leave your experiencing it for the first time with the personal watching the video yes, I want to be. In our view, the proxy version of you like how would you engage with this thing and in many cases either de facto standard for these types of videos was like a person who had was was was more sort of journalistic like they had their there d are expected to make a report on the thing it was like that. That's cool respect, that that's part of it to, but at the same time it doesn't that part of it doesn't necessarily captured the excitement associated with the thing that lose in OZ and an all that kind of natural reaction which is impossible to fake right all the rest of it. You can
all the rest of it when it comes to like this do that line again, because I know it and said you didn't see the speck right or whatever like that would be the equivalent of the city when I was in yesterday, but it's like I'm willing to sacrifice some of that to get the intangible stuff, which is the oozing out. That will never happen again, not in the same way, yeah yeah? I agree with you and I think that you understand what you're doing and you understand the appeal of what you're doing and to sacrifice that two points. I wish to make it more professional or to make me that's all began to lessen the appeal of an accident. Stand is a fine line. It's like those fuckin videos. Where people have these edits every five seconds. They say something, there's a cotton. They say something is a cut, your that style of Youtube, Video Umpqua. That shit is Grossman and there's a guy who did that recently it was a video about bow hunting and is trying to do style and both
which is like one on most organic visceral primal things you could ever engage in as a human being. You gonna go out and collect your food without a fuckin shit. Cops didn't blow. You know, and so this guy's using this like this common, thing these you, like these girls, do and then I was like there's gotta, be a better way But what about pronouncing around army in this corner than I wasn't doing now, aiming right in front of the fast cuts there was no pauses and enable its dis disconcerting. It's like throws you off. That is the opposite of what then take the as you know, there's all these edits in those edits. Take you out also those edit treat you like, you're a on yourself, fuckin stew, But you can't even listen to a guy talk. Here's your tensions ban is so short listen to Louis open this view,
our box in gold, this thing in real time and inspect the the overall boiled backwater to be quite honest with you, I'm kind of in oh, you mean you have this platform here, where people sit down four hours, no debt that that's becoming, not you and that's not the status quo and internet in internet keeps chop and in the other direction, gettin shorter and shorter stage as move fast. They get a jump. The bull hunting, guys gonna jump around a screen. I want, and I mean it get obsessed with analytics. Instead, you can see like how often in an average person, watches Bore and so on no, there is no denying that They people's attention span are shrinking, but it's like do you want to contribute to that? Or do you think that there's enough people that are willing to accept the alternative b, As you know, you ve got. You ve got an example here, which is unusual. Why do you think? What do you think happens here that people stick around for three hours
I never thought about. That's what happens I never thought about. I just said I like talking to people. So let's record it right now I mean, but man a lot of heat in the beginning for you. That would tell me how to edit it oh April, coming out of some of the earlier comments were likewise showed three hours long. This book, No one's gonna, listen a three hour. I give my friends or talent, What do you got added it make it an hour ago? Why we're here after an hour, people to shut off if they don't want- much more than an hour listeners. Listen back then, you'd want to listen more than our to shut it off at an hour who gets interesting yeah, but it was a who gives a fuck thing like I'm gonna, do what I wanna do not try to make money off this and are trying to do anything unusual. I swear having conversations people so, let's bring in someone interesting and let's talk because the ART of commerce nation, like just having a conversation for the purpose of having? Conversely, is lost in a lot of end use because what you're getting instead is interviews. You know, like you and our friend,
we ve been friends or couple years now we sit down. I'm super confident that we're just gonna have fun, ran away to talk and we're gonna have a conversation. That's why this podcast, I left my house today and I was like I'm going to go, have fun with Lewis we're going to have a good conversation. Could it be cool because that's what wanna hear. I want to hear people conversation and so for me, it was just a matter of woman. I have this comes and it gives me an opportunity to sit down with someone for three hours, which is super rare in this world. Pleasure when do you ever get a chance to put your phone aside and you sit down while just get a friend in the eyes and just talk about them. I've before let me when I was in I've, been here for a couple days: Tom people? Ok, now you know Saturday carrying out wherever men beyond the podcasting they like. What are you guys do to prepare for that, and near podcast some way, I knew nothing that you actually do sit down, and you just start talking and the like in fervour along for three hours no come on. How do you do it? You, like this
and a magic tat when it's when, as you said, it is the simplest thing it's like it's like, or maybe it's a forgotten thing of just being able to do this Well, if you actually you're interested in life- and you find another person is actually interested in lighting greatly- that I think the hard part is ending in three hours three hours would we we have. You ve talked about a million different things. I've been watching your videos. I had a lot of fuckin questions. You know, there's a lot going around the world so much to talk about. I just I dont understand people. Don't have anything to say that that to me is perplexing. When someone says How can you find things to talk about three hours like? How do you not talk? Well? In that sense, I think that this kind of, like a certain service, being like it surprising, me how many like what I'm saying- oh cadmium beyond here, and I put it on my twitter. What are they doing? People like pumped about it pumped like? Oh? Thank God, word amazing right, like they d love the idea of it and for me
It's a departure from the way I normally communicate with them right right for you, it's that this new standards, I think you'd like really aware of it, gets it gets personal in a different way. When you're, using this medium, where there aren't these dipped a definitive parameters that exist in your your typical Youtube, video, your typical sweet, divine or where it is like. Those ones are also. It's almost every social media has it's kind of structure that it like landed on for the standard rate is quo, but you you ve been doing this for a while. Now and you been on many different platforms, and you just kept in here the same essentially like. As far as the format is concerned, I think there is something to be said for I think what ends up here. We in giving people that access is that emu. More to them like they did? Did you say we can't get to know. Somebody in three minutes segment that you can in three hours is impossible. So what
they actually end up getting here is something that matters substantially more to them. Will they can't get like? Oh friendships, that's what I'm saying yeah! I think that's exactly. I think how its looked at and I think in world where what we realise that there is this. Increasingly short attention span you one or how much of this kind of stuff here actually replaces the real world version of it. If, if people can't be in a movie theater without being on their phones, if they can't drive without being on there, Only if this thing, if we are literally building new pathways in our heads for how we look, how we look at spare time, then is this thing in alternative to that exists. Is this where people get that won't? You know anything A lot of people do with podcast is one thing that I do with podcast replace Radio in my car for me, too
sent when I drive around, I don't listen. Radio anymore. I listened to different pot innovation, mediator, radio, LAB Ted radio. Our all my friends like Joey ideas, part As in all areas and Duncans, I listen all my friends, podcast and different peoples bought TAT. I just, it's an amazing thing. I love the fact that at a red light you can just go to your thing. Ass play, find it offers a new episode of this out boom press play, and it goes so it it stimulate you when you're in your car. It gives you interesting conversations when you are on a plane or when you're at the jam, and it replaced is a lot of traditional standard media in that way? Also because there's no ads there's ads getting it. If you want you fast for through those fuckers, but three hours of the pod gas is totally uninterrupted. That's unusual dough, while it's my choice, I was unwilling to do it any other way, because I don't want it to be interrupted. They try to get you to talk here. They still do real,
what you do not available and is not doing it, the woman interrupt the middle. The conversation go. You know, You know about this Louis Squares Basis, a platform on long, nothing against squares Bazin and I'm eating ass well, ass, their assets that wasn't square space, it was asked and needs. Did the agency rights held, of course, the biggest zero fox about the content itself about the actual important part was there was another thing that I had to fight with. There were like there's no way you gonna get adds unless they do it in the middle of. Shall I go within a magna have adds that this is not like my primary source of income. For me, this is a labour of love. If you will I mean I want to do it correctly. I made me feel special here. It is Have anybody on that? I don't want to have on there's no one. That tells me what to do is no producer. So if I someone like you or anybody. It's because I think it can be an interesting conversation, I'm looking forward to having it. That's it. That's the agenda that a thing, so many interrupting
I don't have any. I think it's a great message. I gotta be honest with you. I don't think, there's a lot of people out there pushing that particular message into space. I mean I think, especially since is a particularly on the video sign of the Youtube side is emerging as this like real business, real enterprise. What's because her so much money in their so much money in it tries in us yeah, it's bond. But at the same time no Rubicon it there's no per annum, There's nobody out there saying hey, do like taking a risk that one hears what can happen and because I seen it cause I've been there barely come. I think, to hear somebody like you whose had success in this space to say: hey fuck, it compromise. I'm to do it this way, even when a million people tell me to do it. Otherwise, I think, for a lot of people starting out that may have a Youtube channels might whatever too, two to be empowered by knowing Billy some. You can do it. Why? God Steve reality, do the mediator, you're right, I interrupted podcast anymore. I used to
used interrupted. I give you listened to the dance floor as episode, there's no interruptions and that that's what makes it good here's this is my ethic number one. Don't do anything or do your best obviously do your best to make an entertaining dont do, anything that would compromise the quality of it just for profit and his soldiers do at their best. Don't I'm an amazing quaintly honest here, like I've fucked up on a number of occasions, like n n n N, completing what you just said. I there are times where I get too deep, too deep and then I'm in it, and, unlike only fuck, this is a nightmare. Because, while I mean would like with a brand or sponsorship or something like that, where, where ITALY like Oh? No, it's a nightmare once I mean it, but even though I ve been sold a bill of goods that isn't the thing that I actually signed up for it happens. Frequently with I mean I'm dealing with the biggest brands on a planet and they're like yeah, it's going to be completely conversational, you just going to discover the goddamn thing or whatever, and then you
they're inside here's your script and what also you like for a certain product. They ve actually do. If you never arrive every therefore launch or something they give you scripts, no, reduced grip and never read of ragged danced for it tried to exactly woe and what is our conversation like when you tell them know it's like a bunch of producers, pretending that their that it's impossible for me to say, oh, how about this habit them trying to change your wardrobe trudging, What am I doing? I've been in his haughty forever. I got the head on people know how I look. It's is we situation of like the advertisers in the business side of the thing not being used to the idea of people of of basically disrespecting the audience is. It is because you're going to come at it for from from a respectable point of view, I would come out from a respect. Point of you, but there used to like inserting things that nobody wants. So they item, equally assume if they're working with you that they got that
Nobody wants what you're talking about in reference to that project or whatever. So come out from a negative from a guilty point of view, as opposed to like hey people like this guy. The way he is now leave him alone right, you know, that's what they signed up for. Why we, China, rewrite it Costaguana, isn't so that's what it is like if you're gonna have that environment. If you're gonna have to sit, waging war there's like fifty or hundred people to get this piece of content, everybody in their needs to carve out that that grew for themselves. Place to fit won't and they look. They look for some way that they can tell everybody like Louis is gonna. Where that happy eyes- and I told them look yes see this- I feel it. You must have encountered oh yeah for sugar, and how do you deal with while a luckily in the pot gas are really didn't encountered them right, accounted it outside of the pot engines and its one. The reasons like doing fear fact was a big one like sometimes sharp stubble, nobility gotta shave. I go why wide enough to show
is someone wash show NGO? This motherfucker didn't today, I'm changing the channel MIKE stop stop that we would have it arguments were have some stubble on my face. No tell me it's you ve really got to share my youth tell me how to look what I don't look ridiculous, I don't have a fucking big were dildo, can out of my forehead decent there's nothing unusual about how I look you, don't you don't get that right, really fucked up when you think about it? Imagine right now, if you and I were wearing makeup looking at each rightly powder and shit Lord, like regulars castaway me we're like regular guys home conversation in make up like that, so fucked up to link allow umegae something there are podcast were they put make about? That's a fact of Senegalese, elevating Danny there and she'll powder. Your forehead known chilled, should just gonna put some anti shine on your knows how how pissed off muslin and make people in them in the makeup Hollywood make business bs
Youtube and online media ever numbers when they get the numbers and realize it's not. You don't really have to make some of the crowd to wrap it. Yet, in fact, you could make the argument that, if our goal is connect with people on the other end form these relationships better. To look too just in every way to be. As close as you can a real you rise, that's how you form relationships in real life unless you're, never gonna see people in real life. Unless you like one of those in terms which is where it puts filters on takes powers, I I know I do too does not comedian dude. Who does that even filters on his fucking pictures and you look at him and he got worse hope. What's gonna leave face you're a cartoon. You know what I see as the beauty mode beauty it's on is on a lot of korean devices threatened devices specifically really I, like Samson type things Samsung, take things. Algae type things they have beauty mode
You know you know the situation now moment there like origin it. While I mean regard, I do have a situation when it comes to plastic surgery, that's dream gaps, so that's why I'm going with it very bizarre its it makes so this beauty mode it makes her eyes bigger, smooth and your skin. It changes the color the complexion can lighted up it's very bizarre. Is it only work on algae and some wild animals where ships, for I am sure you can get an app on any phone? But if you like, korean model, a korean version of pretty much any flagship is again it that's the default. Camera app is gonna. It she's gonna have beauty mode on by by default. What yet can be like default yea, whom we like at like level, five out of ten potential beauty, You know you see these selfies or whatever it looks like the person is painted it seen. I'm sure there was one famous situation. Where that chef who's, the chef Yo battalion now the ones always yelling.
Emerald none and I am not a ones yelling at people I get out of my kilograms garden, rams, see end and mom the car dashings Jesus, what a combo so she took the photo you're still there out for each take their own from there's. Somebody did legged, compare in its rights issue, of course, had a filter on oh being made her look like an angel big time so yea each. It is a good point, though, it's like what as we can, continue to progress hinted is Digital Rome, which one is the real. You were hiding we were, hiding that reality with these filters amending. That's! Ok! ok, there's stuff, but look at it like it is again as UK theirs so bizarre, there's the reality. Jesus Christ wow what a difference while she, like in a fog there
hurry up and that mode of photographing people is so creepy like, but I no male comedian use now, while I don't know it's it's all of it is weird like I. You need kind of in your head? He need to set up. Some rules is what I wanted to. We need the rule book. We need the social media rule book. Europe, therefore, do you know where we're going to have it we cannot have it in a way where personal you or I there's a clear rule book. Look at that link back to get out of here, but its unwritten. It is unknown. Need to write it down. Why? You know- and I know everybody no less true, it is kind of it is kind of fun that way, but I feel like we could. Maybe we can maybe so the situation, we could see me you want to save it. You want to leave them to be able to do that. I asked her if you want people to live like a fuckin cartoon. Ok, ok, Joe, how many? How many times can you? How many times do you take a selfie before you posted
What's your maximum? Not that many the logical given through tears and forty eight old guys, not that good work does not a whole lot. I'm doing to make it look any better. I mean I might look for the best like. A smile or alleged s, one there's one likes best taken a few sites. Every one of us has really there's no weird filter like we are. We can anyone having it at some point. They are we going like fuck? What depends on when you trying to do like maybe try to get everything in the background is really depended upon what you're trying to do, but it's never more than a couple. The ever gone over ten believe so, yes, I was trying to achieve something very strange. I love how everybody's like a fine art photographer now that we have funds, I mean what else would I ever get to ten nine nine women yeah. I've never had a joking around to be quite honest, but like I've catch myself, sometimes like what the fuck am. I
yeah, I'm a grown ass men in this place. Here, like my taken angle, surely you know I can of worms. Do Douglas ass out. The arch I might bring the internet pussy out arch its, but then, and then I think about it. I think Ok, if I catch myself fairly, offering guy. You know one happy what myself to a certain degree. If I catch mice, for ten or whatever. The number is how many goddamn photos are these professional instagram girls taking before they pick one deposed the very good point: could it be a hundred some of em probably shocking numbers and in some of them, which really weird concern there taking these really like supposedly planned Stein photos but like who's, taking the photo
Why do you why you like looking off in the distance whimsically like no one's round, is a fucking guy right there with a camera? You lie in bed. What are we doing here where I selling Y know in the early days of Instagram, one of the UN rules was only phone photos like you did everything come off your phone. You just broke the rules of Instagram. Oh I didn't know there was a rule which again I had joke. I had the book, you would know gonna be on Amazon COM and they'll be kick starting. It act that's crazy, because it is that guy that sent me these wolf put pictures yadda shit pull up his his instagram. We could give us gossip, not I'll, see see in this particular case does obviously aren't phone photos right heat and he has broken the rules, but that rule went away a long time ago. Everybody was like fire did we go because photos from real cameras? Look amazing, yeah, but this ok, that's! Ok! I soon point yeah, but why? Why would there be
the only photos from because I guess I was at a rule that, because this kind of like cheating late instead instagram could be like and what you just described, this model overlooking Cabo or whatever, and using that's not instagram I mean it is. It is now, but in early days it sure, as hell wasn't so that people get up that when they saw your professional photography in yeah. That's for sure. They they would amongst, like some of the tight knit groups on their some of the bigger photo pages that emerged, it was kind of like it's kind of hey. I had I built this business, on the back of a stupid, cellphone, Cameroon and then some person comes in with all this heavy duty equipment and kind of interrupts it and how much of it was just them being competitive and how much of it was there think bit believing in the ethic of of it being instant, my friend MEG has Instagram page where it's all just polaroids.
So a photo of poor photo of APOLLO Technical answer. She does, or maybe she scanned them. I know she scanned them for the record. I'm not like I'm not of the individual, J M Underscore photographer. His name is Chris Montana, and he he sent us these photos these wolves to that Wolf down there. That's one of the ones who sent us mean. That is a fucking amazing, for it rough. Looking right out of a wolf yeah yeah, he outs as it did please you gotta do is get a promo code right now I'll promo code Rogan. So if you go to Chris Montana, M, O n T, a n o j R, Dotcom Chris Montana, junior dot com and use a promo code. Rogan you get twenty percent of your entire purchase. I guess he has used the prince for sale, but when we put up sick people could sailor. That's amazing, stuff
I think, anytime, you look at a photograph photograph and you go. How did he get that shot? That's a good science! We're gonna put these on the war, I'm getting tired of looking Elvis louder decorate the back. And the thing is its made out of metal yeah metal. That's that's! Wild still! If I had one thing that I could look at four ever like, if I had only one kind of aren't you would absolutely wildlife art like wildlife. Art to me, is the most compelling something about especially predators like eagles and war, Did you see that eighty video was making a rounds of? Yes? the eagle the data can only find improbably treated it, and it is also right. It's funny, Come on come on here, maybe every time an referencing something I did. It was a joke posted tattered with somebody else, but yeah. That's that sir. It's weird how people have that kind of
have that perception of like nature only applies to stuff that I don't reckon eyes exactly. I mean like you're, not a part of it bizarrely salmon is fine, but an eagle how, during a cat and feeding into his chicks, not good, and then they had it. I guess I was reading through the article there and they had to say like oh, the cat was probably already dead. It's bullshit Shit, they fuckin scoop up cats Alla time, that's a lie. Why not we're we're? We have a hierarchy of animals and things like cats and dogs. Are they favourable! That's why they're? U Lynn Dog Festival in China so problematic dog eating, my brother, a dog now China here and there and he he said that there was one one point where there at a restaurant at all, he had was dog, so he was all they had. It was a dog's using Dogrose, Kentucky, Fried chicken bone darling
taking all right dogs, Asia, but anyway, I don't know I just as problematic. I think it comes back, maybe full circle to the whole way that we started conversations about people wherever convenient. You wanna compartmentalize certain things like that's the way. That's gonna be and it's not yet ITALY will any its assimilating toward the coyotes in me. Seeing a warfare- and it's like woe right, you get his reset of Lake Holy shit Let's will naturally have your small and you probably you even more so because you, while you actually go out in a wilderness in one, go hunting and what I mean. Can you it's a humbling experience I soon is very humbling. Is very psychedelic. People think that that sounds crazy. We're gonna kill an animal psychedelic lowood cycle about is its boundary dissolving in that you enter into a truly wild world, and there is these large animals that live in this wild world, and you feel their world. There is no I'll phone service out there you you're,
the woods with the trees and the animals and you're a part of this natural environment. For a very brief time, and now people are equal You want to go there and kill those animals, and this is all weird arguments he could have back and forth about this he's conversations have about whether or not it's ok to kill these animals. What I I've made. These conversations with myself believe me like before I started hunting for the first time my thought was, I am either, go to go hunting and I'm going to never eat meat, I would have come vague in order to be a hunter and I decided by a hunter and one of the reasons why I decided to be a hunter is I realize I dont like factory farming. I think it's fucked up. I think the way we get our food. I think we ve, we ve, made a huge mistake, its great decision, but a huge mistake. At the same time, in that we ve all
We ve decided to live in these gigantic urban areas and these urban areas that becomes our natural world and in that natural world we don't see tigers, we don't see walls, we don't see, bears we don't see these animal, so our association with these animals is very unnatural, are: World consists of streets and cars, and buildings and elevators it's our natural world is a natural world. We live in one you go out into the woods and you see the actual natural world, the tooth fang and claw natural world, and you find outline shit that has hair in it and you look around you. You know ye see an elk at the top of a ridge unease in O trying to fuck these other cow Elk and trying to fight all these bulls at or common Annan mean we last summer's l cunning. They had found a dead elk that had been killed by another thousand pound animal that died, because this other animal with fuckin a tree grown out of its head
spirited in aside and killed it. I mean it wild to see like these nets kill each other, so they can fuck and you you're out in that world and when when you do, it makes everything seem it is that the whole predator pray experience seems very intensified, like your. Your connection to your food is very intense. It's the whole thing is like and also from a wildlife management standpoint, you you either China, mumbled lung disease. The reason why have line disease because they have too many dear. They have too many dear. They have these tick he's takes get on these dear. They develop this disease and as these texts on the people and its because, when or abundance of deer, overpopulation, take admit that shit and but they can figure out how to dwindle down the population of deer. When you have too many animals too many game animals to me to anyone. Wild animals and though the balance gets overrun, whether it's too
wolves or to any bear to many dear, like wild life, by colleges understand what the correct numbers are added to keep that harmony and they have two options. One option number one hunters they pay money, they go out there, and the money from those tags is responsible for the protection of these wildlife areas. Protection of habitat or option number two. They hire snipers. They hire people to go out there and killed, animals and that's what they're doing in Zimbabwe with lions, they their killing a hunter killing two hundred lions rather this year. Because they have so many lions now because of the the what happened, the dentist the dentist went over and shot. Cecil lie is big thing. While they had it control of their population. They had this sort of eager, system balanced out and the hunters got scared. Hunters got scared. They moved off, leaving go there anymore, and so now they have always lines that are destroying his undulate population, so they made while
live biologists decision to go in there and killed hundred lions to lessen the impact. Than the undulates it's all in a north america- they do that with bears. They do that with Mount minds in most states. Figure out one, is the healthy number or all these animals can coexist yeah. Well, that's what I mean is one thing to have an opinion on that matter and is a different thing to actually have exposure and then maintain that opinion. I mean LEO it's one thing to be on on twitter: sittin on year, couch watching tv say couple words about how you think about the planet, the wilderness and so on, say, but to maintain that perspective when you're actually yeah. I would. I would have to believe and speculate that that's a difficult thing to do. What is a deep respect that comes in a deep love for an animal that is going to sustain you and feed you and the thing about it? Is these animals do not gonna live forever? If you don't do that, their life is
credibly, brutal incredibly short and what you're doing as a hunter as you go into that world, you dipping your toes into it for a brief maritime a week or whatever it takes to find an animal and then that animal feed you for months and me it's so much more it so much more ethical than buying from a store mean that none of us can even be argued yeah, but from a vision backed if, like they don't want anything to die, they want everything to live forever, but it doesn't work that way because, first of all, If you don't shoot animals, if you don't like, if, if you dont control bear populations, the bare gonna decimate the moose population in a decimate the dear population, they eat all the calves, they eat all the funds that what they do, so they ve always done not only that they go into each other bears. Are all cannibals. Mean there's a massive amount of cannibalism in in the bare world, the Cubs, it's one, the first things males do when they come into hibernation. And if you dont control their populations, they will do that. Every fucking thing that's out in the woods and the
we think that can control their population is another predator and the own predator forebears is people set, and that, and the people will go a word about people, Peter Overpopulated man? Why are you fucking? She people? to kill yourself. I want to start with. You sounds all right. You non human, loving fuck! I mean like life, its life, that is a weird reallocating, there's a there's, a part of it, though the complicated part of it is that, obviously everybody can Do that exact aiming for that is true, but that doesn't mean that it everybody can't soup survive on. You know on the amount of money that you make every year. It doesn't mean You give up that money because everybody can't make them out of mind that you make slicing Linnea evolved to some extent. For anybody I mean look. If you make more than thirty. Five thousand year, yet hob, one percent of the world. We live in a very strange tat. I just mean, like. I think I think some people in people's perspectives are formed by is in some ways their capability rife. Their diversity of a new was going to Mcdonald's or whatever it is.
Hard thing to break. It is our thing to break in its a hard thing to recognise that it can't you know, what people say: it's not sustainable for the entire population. Will I'm not the entire population and annoyed that what we are doing is not sustainable for the entire population of the worsening. I don't know I'm kind of optimistic about. I don't know if it's sustainable and not sustain huntings, not there's. None of animals is not young farmer, Yemen D. If you wanted to eat the way, people either that there has to be some sort of farming going on. If you want to eat the amount of meat and people find that Prob Madigan. That's for good reason. The right way to do that farming part better. Maybe they certainly as but this also problems with just eating vegetables, gesture, first of all to put these places massive amounts of wildlife. Second of all, when you buy grain your You are responsible indirectly for the death of thousands of animals. There is no way around it, though combine their indiscriminate needs this. They grind up dear fonts
rabbits and rats and mice and ground, hogs sure and everything else, then, on top of that pesticides, you know, I mean If you less you're buying absolute organic was no pesticides used. Your for sure gonna be responsible for the deaths of millions of bugs. If you live in a house you displayed, you know, I mean like everybody's fuckin, with and on top of that there is some very real and compelling evidence that plants have a level of intelligence. We don't want to think of them sentient because they can communicate with ass. They don't say anything to us like our don't shot me down, it hurts, but they come in with each other than theirs thing that plants do. This is the crazy thing they found with giraffes that the plants at giraffes eat if they're down wind. So the giraffes, are eating this plant and the wind from the plant there eating. Goes down win and catches. These other trick these other plants. The plants will change the cat. Go composition of their leaves and become more bitter, making them less
attractive to predation their communicating with each other like telepath ingratiating right there, and I remember what planet was- does that, but they they have proven that plan its due calculations plants. Are doing some sort of some kind in mathematics that their community with each other. They know when other plants have been chop down. There's some shit Going on with life He don't we don't have the the ability to understand dolphins, okay, we dont know what they're saying when dolphins communicate with each other. They have a complex language, they have dialects, they sound differently in different parts of the world. They recognise each other. They have a very bizarre way of communicating that we have not been able to decipher, but we recognise that is going on, because its close enough to our own kind of indication that we say. Oh these, things are smart and talking to each other, whether some thing going on with plants do, and this is a recent thing with science.
I find it is starting to catch up, whether its emerging, where there are there during these tests in their running these numbers, they go look they're, not dare not wooden in the sense that it's not like, I'm not talking about a rock like a plant. A living plan has some sort of awareness and there's something going on in different one have more awareness, but in there's some sort of communication through the actual that actually, ecology of the ground. I mean that the ground found itself is a living thing. Dirt itself, is some sort of an organism right, and it is a bit like like a person is like a person, is an ecosystem. We are responsible for the lives of Untold trillions of bacteria that live inside of us right, what does the same thing can be said of the dirt itself, the dirt itself? sort of a strange, balanced ecosystem. We're worms and bacteria, and all of these different fungus is in all these different life forms all exist
together and then the plant feeds off for those life forms in the plan in some respects. Relies on the death of biological things like mammals and rats and bugs it will lies them for the very nutrients that it needs to make a plant in the first place, it's all very, very complex, all connected it's all connected and to deny that you're eating life, some strange life form when you're having a salad is the height of convenience. There's nothing wrong with eating a salad, but think does anything wrong with eating and Elk stake. Either there is life, is consuming life and is more obvious when you shoot an animal and you're there when it dies. What about what about when humans find a way to grow meat in a lab scam. You weren't in a kind of their right there. Yet I remember reading something about they had they had me ready
girl were taken nationally, consume it because the governing body or whatever fur for food in beverage or whatever the hell. It is said that it would be illegal to consumers, some reason against, probably some food lobby or something, but when, like theoretically right We could find a way to manufacture all this shit here, so that we can work it's gonna be away and they wouldn't dare. We do wildlife then, to question why years Isabel question What do we do? We have robot fuck dolls was no need to date. Do what It happened. I don't know, I don't think we'll have. I don't. I think we're already there we're pretty close, because I mean it. A robot fuck doll, but you have you have porn ready when many people, many people consider to be one of the sort of one stone building blocks as well. For building blocks of the web, like the reason that the web was adopted or shore vs or dvds or whatever.
Five and law goes the way a porn. You wanna Dobbs that everything everything a lot or losing them. The sort of fundamental needs that people have in and so on, and so you have to wonder how disconnected from other people we can. We can get as stuff continues to improve. We were looking earlier at this. This hollow lens development. Kid I was recently playing with the aged, easy via, which is progress. Probably Dvr had set to get right now and it's like man. These experiences are getting the getting closer and you look at the the camera at Facebook. Just came out with animals ex sixty thousand bucks facebook buying Oculists has to be one of the creepy as things on the planet like to know that the sea were that's going and then they were interested in that and what their sort of agenda and objectives are currently more virtual communities- that's what's gonna happen. We're gonna, build a sink up together and some virtual place right and we'll all be like low calorie takers at TAT. Point we're on
look like asian supermodel text they're, gonna, go them, we're all gonna like sink up with each other and will probably be able to fuck each other in some sort of virtual yeah yeah, total recall man, but the thing is it actually. Internet is gonna, be plan, a really nice cup. The thing is: like the physiology part of it is only part part of the kind provision is also the psychological part in that way. For the most part, I feel like there's a trade off a few women in my life, make me different, then I would say worn in my life on a person and in many ways I think they make me more and more a more ma. A person like about the way, I think about a lot of things, because you want to fuck and you want what I like you. I hate that, whatever whatever the reasoning is the biological part poles you win, but then this is a psychological aftermath of you. Now, being a different person because of the move, because the moves you made in the first place?
there's a compromise. We have to figure out. How much do you compromise? I do you become some sort of henpecked bitch? Yes, because we know a lot of guys are unimportant bitches because they have given in to the aggression of their mate. There may the dominant one, the relationship. You know. I have a relative like that. I have an uncle. Yes go, wife just runs the ship and everybody gets a fuck out of the way so pot. Part. Pardon me worries, though, that, like in absence of those interactions, what happens to the psyche males and females now just kind of aloud. Bathing their own perspective over and over and over again, and never have to make those adjustments and never have to make those compromises, because historically That hasn't really been a good sign. You send a bunch of guys into into jail without any females. Are you send them off to war without any female they become fucking? Savage is pretty goddamn quickly, so is that what's going to happen is if this is the digital onslaught going to create some kind of pipe
aggressive mail it may do, the opposite, oh They do the opposite, because all your sexual needs would be satisfied so that usually so easily. That you'll be satiated, so you or your need for sex is not going to be there anymore. So maybe your need for posturing and aggression won't been there anymore, because the need for like for you to be preferable to the other man. You don't have to posture, you don't have to a peacock and if you could just put on your facebook virtual reality had said and go fuck the asian supermodel in another dimension like. Why would you be it with you on that. But what about? Never? Having a compromise, its problem sea, because we talk before but all these people that suck because they want to come everything about their lives right he's in a wandering around. If you please, I gotta be their way. What the fuck is this line up? What the fuck is this car in front of me? What the fuck is inadequate complain about everyday. I want to show this person over here and do this over there and in an invite
where we take that a step further and now we never compromise for other people when we doing Marie emerge from our headset world? What? What is our personality? Good question because, like what? What is our personality based on most of us Now he is based on the long running equation of your life, all the interactions you ve ever had with other people and how they ve reacted to you and how you ve adjusted your personality accordingly, yes, there's a cool distances remind me of something
the cool channel on Youtube called smarter every day. If you ever known I've heard of ok, it's a guy he's a scientist and he does deserve because these videos, that sort of I don't know, chat, attack, sort of everyday things. That might seem obvious, but then break them down a little bit and what he did a video about a bicycle. And what happened was this was a bicycle that was had it had a gear in in the steering, so that left was now right and right was now left. I remember the may be seen as before and what he did was. He took this bicycle amount of various talks. It was getting at different universities, and start and stuff Anna, and he made a bet, two people in the audience, but your hundred dollars it. Nobody in your can ride this bike and, of course, every time you get somebody coming up going, I can do it easily. Whatever they get on the bite they couldn't pedal at once.
Even even though they there completely aware of what change has been made to it, and so he spent six months before he could actually get down the street on this bike. That was reversed. What he talks about in the video is about how he has the pathways that he, created in his mind, for how to write a bike. Rightward were very difficult to rewrite that once during their therein there, and so he did an experiment where he took his eight year. Old, unwanted who had just recently learned how to write about the right way gave him the same bike, and in a couple of weeks he headed down the kid. The kid could write either bike arrived the perverse bike or the regular bike, and so he was building this kind of perspective that but a potentially when it comes to language when comes to learning, when, because everything that did that the absence of those pathways for young
who actually makes them more flexible, yeah, a greater ability to change their way of thinking, rather more frequent basis has. He was looking big picture at it and the funny thing is when he went back to go back to the regular bike. He couldn't write the regular by whom Does it until you maybe he's retorted either as possible? I doubt if there really are smart guy down there. You tat somebody might just be a gourd mood minutes late like to sound a warning when you buy we're getting you the bike did you see the same thing with an athlete that they could figure well, they might have a better understanding of how their body works. It's true. I don't think that I don't know how critical the test, what I think He had a number of tests subjects it, because I too feel like it's like a boat. You like, when you see, about. If you wanna go right, you turn the rudder left, I'm sorry!
I can now board motor behind you and you want to go to the right. You have to go like this. Actually, it makes complete sense, its track. That is actually there that here it is It's actually not the fact that you don't know how its working its effect that you keep triggering back into that sir, of mine of writing a bike and when you're writing a bike. You're, not thinking about writing a bike near just riding it yeah it makes you go on- deletes a bunch of people fail if in the actual video, but what makes complete sense because pathways that you ve developed are incredibly difficult to break and one of the things that, when I was teaching martial arts are found, was it's way easier to teach a person who has no martial arts experience whatsoever, that a person who studied a different style where they might be using bad mechanics solve they develop bad Mackay, annex and then they came to a really good school. It was incredibly difficult to break them of their bad habits, whereas, like Vike yet to people
one person was, they elect, save one per and maybe even had a black belt in one style, and person was white. Bout I feel like is the black belt had bad technique in bad form and bad bad mechanics. If I could work, I urge the two of em progress over a few years, eventually the White Bout, would surpass the black belt and move forward and be able to reach their full potential where the black, by with bad mechanics, even though they might not a fight, good because they might know what they can do and even though what they're doing is not optimize with the most effective technique, they know what how it works and how it fits in the language of the community are getting fighting is like a language and even Like your shitty words in your bad grammar, you could still form a sentence and still talking he came with people that similar to the articulation of a real polished, technical mars. Largest verses, a person with a very limited vocabulary with street knowledge. You know you can the person with the power
vocabulary bill express themselves more clearly expressed yourself is what you're actually doing when you're fighting illegal way to look at some of the person, who starts out with nothing is better off. The person who starts out with shit technique a lesson. The person who start I would shit technique is super open. I ended, and as no ego and is willing or is a very good control Vigo and is willing to try to completely learn everything from scratch and not window, it say: hey, I'm already black, but already know my shit right yeah. I most people do it isn't dressing topic. I think it applies across the board. To be quite honest now that you know I am, I started work with a couple people and in Maya on from a channel. I have an editor now he's a guy
HU. I mean I've known for a long time, but he has have a background in editing at all. He didn't have any kind of late preconceived notions of what these video should look like, but I, but I liked that when, when he came in because, like you know, I can kind of finesse this idea of how I want things to look and how I want them to be, and he can kind of learn, starting with this. These parameters, the ones that you know as opposed to somebody coming in who would have been like a professional in the space were- and I think that particular perspective is something that a lot of start up, sir, are doing as well. When it comes to hiring new people is at stake. Are you hiring a person? and their skill set, are you hiring a personality or you hiring potential, and what is the difference in each of those decisions? Sheriff you hire a professional? Probably you can view snap your fingers and be an end in be achieving things immediately, but in the end is that person is capable of flexing and floating along with them?
AIDS that business overtime, that's good point, and also do they come into that business with a preconceived notions and what their futures gonna be. Based on, like I'm, going to move from here, There, then I'll get a corner office and then number- and they have this idea, down in front of a million things. Aren't that way, the baby, this point it. I dont know how to react. Yet this is the equivalent of the bicycle pathway, but mapped out in like a different scenario, and but it gets me thinking about myself too in the inn in in what are my pathways that I can't break in when in thinking about subject matter in looking at the way I behave because I feel it I feel not being able to read the bike. The other way is the perfect example of how we can how we treat a lot of things they are. I think our perspective should always be flow. We should always be able to tell you know in politics and stuff there always on what that guy flip flop
used to say that now he says it wasn't at normal is not new life were flip, loving and politics is virus, because that's the one part of life, where you're supposed to have a pre form decision by the time you enter into public office and they never China that you can evolve. It's weird as a society. It seems that we we value for some reason, a person who doesn't change your opinion when in reality it should be the other thing walls some of these opinions, it's not like murders, bad enemy, mean right like their complex issues that require a lot of consideration. Yes, especially when it comes to things about maybe the economy or things about what what shouldn't shouldn't be a crime- and you know what you know is actually a crime to make people the prisoners. That. Moreover, crime than than selling drugs like what is the crime here, it should be dynamic and it always has been dynamic. That's the thing
I don't know what it is exactly that holding back. I also, I think, it's a fine line because, on the other side of it, for persons bouncing around from day to day on how they feel about something unthinkable. Fuckin nightmares well. Well, then, they shouldn't be a leader, yes or no me, even in your life in a relationship court yeah! It's like you say you there's! This really does this prove somewhere in the middle of like committing to certain things were being open, minded about others like a kind of a balance to it was not the case with pretty much everything in life that life really doesn't have a whole lot of real, solid black and white that there's a lot of room for consideration as a lot of blood of variables that year men, drawing on a daily basis, definite comes made things in life. Definitely that's why a lot of things. Are you you'd, look at them to go? Well, ok, with a lot of ways to look at this, and we want to come at it like from a real hard black or white perspective,
That usually is either someone with a like a deep agenda or someone who doesn't have a considered nuance perspective. The subjective has one of the most is what most frustrating things about like leaving us. Stan, shall part of my life on the internet is that I don't know if we talked about this previously or not, but it's like this is his idea of everybody having kind of it a microphone everybody you being able to blast out there. They're kind of prospectively, I don't like the comments section Youtube, and my comments are not that bad. Ok, but I don't like the way it works. The idea that you couldn't you could create this video, but always effort into it. Formerly a perspective and in everybody's can a scroll to the top comment in this dude pudding, what ten seconds a knee jerk reaction and he just occupied at real estate. I don't like it
I think this is a better way to do that. What is a better, where the person who published the thing has to have a little bit more control over kind of, like in a forum traditionally how you could have moderators, who had certain abilities that others didn't? You should be to promote people in your community to be kind of the authority figures. Just like everything else. We have to manage in life when it comes to people, but there's no sense and allow always mean no, Anything you have the option to how not have comments. Ok, but that's not that's! Not a good look! Sluggard low now you have com is turned off IRAN, feminist. Yeah it. If I come to your video and you have common third off, only I get it now get it you're, probably talkin bullshit, because you're not even willing to have the two. Have anybody say anything here Well, they can say it don't say right. Underneath your work- yes, II, wish I were included. If it was that we would be cool and trust me whenever
gauging anything slightly more artistic or subjective online. Unlike I'm thinking man, he be cool to turn off. The commons lead, as highlighted a breeze a little bit, but at the same time I'm like this is the format there has been, what everyone's accepted and and and and expects now, and so I feel, like probably the healthier approaches, is this idea of tweaking it and one of the numbers? like what percentage of people actually comes. Fucking tat self fracturing dominate the goddamn perspective that's the problem and the ones with the shittiest points of view are the ones that are the loud loudest, but most black and white. Just like the headline science. We were talking about before as a reaction that you have to really negative aggressively. Shitty com, yes or it's like I'm going to reply to that is now now there's a whole thread underneath that guy single comment, which then pushers it to the top because its creating conversation- and this is stuff
like on the highest level, the two biggest businesses in the space of your Google. If your facebook, Therefore, having boardroom meetings about this stuff, Jeroboam Clinton's don't know Hillary Clinton. Is one million dollars to combat fraud. Trawls, trolls and people on red. And do it air and social media. Yes, what with her own mercenaries who's gonna drastically. They have a hundred people that are working for her that actively go out and correct. People that are saying negative things about this fucking career criminal might be depressing Night Stadium day. I don't like dad either your laptop, about maybe tweaking the comments hell no to that. But look at this legacy d have Ado. It is bizarre. Creepy men is the first time anyone's ever done this before I done it opens the way that politicians have been able to you. Social media paying on
controls to attack anyone disparages her pay who's. The guy who wrote that isn't that the guy Twitter guy Who are you didn't archival we're complaint, easy guys, the White guided Videt, we black, it's not easy. Definitely is, I don't know Father I viewed forward is no evidence whatsoever. There's any african American them at all. You'll get his brothers and sisters. They all looked like him. His dad's white, the whole things in masses, moms, white yeah. Don't ever pull up this, as article says, a lot other articles on that guy's, a fuckin fraud. It we're that guy's employed to is employed by the Daily NEWS or something like that. She's Christ, like do you guys, have Google like what are you doing daily news provocation,
promote the article on tweeted out. I assume you are following a yes and a lot of that girl who has now what's that that is a lotta, what's happening with, with these newspapers to dive sort of fallen and dying. Clearly, realm too, they have to survive on that when they used to try to make it pay to subscribe, they some do near times is still pay. While he lay still do that hand articles and then you have to pay continue beyond new resuming the those institutions in a most entitled group of people that that still exists there may be radio. I can't wait to be honest for every car and the planet to ship with Android, Otto or or The car play because in its Arap enjoyed, are fitted with a problem is, like I've, seen a lot of cars that have Google car play. I haven't in one of my car, ok cool, but I don't I don't work ever seen a car with Android Otto, but Android at least fifty percent of the smartphone market. Oh yeah, probably
more, maybe not in the? U S globally, it's more than fifty more than fifty yeah, but in emerging markets? Nobody can afford Iphone right. You known where you you could tell me this like The latest like SAM, sounds like the Galaxy S. Seven yards, basically a rap right mean there there are wash you ve got pro cons Bugger, both pretty goddamned. Oh yeah, percent? I wouldn't have a problem recommending yeah Seven anything. This device is what our let me know the one I didn't really like that much island the video about it. Sometimes the prom with me. Sometimes it from that into something you don't make it you about it and so people wiseguy. We shall fuckin excited about areas like walk shit. I won't make video, but that stuff, I'm excited about trying to be passed. Yeah like a- and I understand that can look like you know, you just always take you not taking a strong position, but if I put my sim card into a phone and I'm not feeling it
last very long. You know so anyway. Some issues with allergies latest phone, even though I like some stuff about it, did you five? It's a modular phone, so it's like a few member. There is this thing called project Arria, project our project. I remember there was a modular ground you could like obviously never happened, but algae kind of took took the approach of like trying to make The consumer version of that would look like so there's modules, so the battery compartment, you can pull out the battery and then ran sir, like a camera module which is gonna, give you a better grip, different attributes to the camera, enable pull this fuckin thing you can employ, that out and you could put put in on it put in another module, which is a better headphone amplifier, so you can run better headphones. All of you for real- yes, oh- and I like, like that, can you shit turns me on
I like that that when I see it and fuck I want to support that unit. Is not a hundred percent polished yeah. So here we go. If you scroll down you, you see, you see how the battery pulled out on the bottom and that picture that they call them friends bit of an issue with trends asian there who, but the different modules are called friends and you'll see here he can slighted out. Hopefully he does this clip here there. So I was out- and you could you just carry around another battery which that's becoming a tougher thing to do with phones, oh you're, gettin killed here Falcon hit I look at the options I dont want to save be a loser, click automobile so so, way. I hope I don't have to showing you the other modules yearbook, their opening it up to third parties as a port, so essential if you're in audio maker and you want to have your own amp error. If your God knows what accessory you might want to have utilised, maybe a bigger battery
right, you know maybe who knows what every whatever is that you might want to improve the you. Could access that and do so what an uphill battle it is, though, for these cell phone companies to come up with something that you get other. But a jump in on and make accessories for, because people look at and go man of this gonna catch on demand, do we use our resources and our engineers to develop something? This is algae platform we can just some shit for the Iphone and it's gonna sell for shoring up, and this is a problem. This is why there are such a huge abundance of accessories for that platform in it something to consider for a person theirs. It there's somebody I urge all loud module on the bottom brown ones of the camera, one that what the fuck would read. So you get it real shudder like a regular camera, was at upper left one last speaker that I she elegies camera one so that it is that's a camera so basely. What it does is it gives you a bigger battery. First of all, and then
you some control over the shudder, as well as a wheel now in a professional camera that we'll normally would be map till it. Shudder, speed or something more professional style of interaction, say, wouldn't be clicking? Go you could get more control over the manual functions of And that when, in the middle I think, is a digital analogue converter soya, headphone amp from I think it's bang in Oleson some high and audio company, so you can drive bigger headphones but anyway, I really like the approach. Another thing they did That phone is. They put two lenses on the back and a lot of people think on the next Iphone. We might see two lenses as well. Among now, ask I'll ask you this beforehand his nose part. As you know, I'm gettin Anna second legal adieu. Dual ends:
but the dual ends on on the algae. One of them is supervised angle screen capture really wide frame business. That's what am I Pepys about phone cameras agency, both of whom there are not very wide so like you, wanna capture like a group or architecture or age or something it's like this really narrow field of view? So in this particular case, one of them is super wide, and one of amazing. Or standard field of view, and so it's like having an interchangeable lend system, but it's always in your phone, so right from within the applicants which, between lenses, that's interesting yet like that, so the Iphone might do something similar. What do not like about this? Ok, so the one and is an animal? How fair it is, but really the way I value to phone is how a kind of interacts with all the other devices that I expected to interact with. So, for example, if I give you my truck, I wanted, I want to shit like seamlessly connect to be a blue tooth star, put play my podcast and so on
phone for whatever reason had no problem linking up the multi media portion to play down the music, their pockets, but the headset portion, for whatever reason it wouldn't connect for answering phone calls view my bluetooth again. This is anecdotal. This is my personal experience. You shouldn't it's tough to even put that out because who knows it just away? That's talking to my my truck, but that is, she doesn't exist with any of the other flagship so that something them you to consider. Another thing is build, so a lot of people were upset because of the that that modular portion fits in its not completely flush. It's a little bit rough around the edges and so indeed so competitive in the marketplace. Any little inch you're gonna give up is going to have drastic impact. And, lastly, I dont like their software, their skin, that they put an android. But we talked about this before him like a purist when it comes to that, and I usually mom by that any ways, but there was some weirdness from the gecko about not just
skin they have on their book, but how hard it is to really switch it around too much. The Samsung theme store is a little bit more elaborate. If you want to change the appearance of the way your tongue with tat. We ve got a lot better, but I still have an excess in my pocket right now. So now the net cell phones. What is what's the servers ex illuminate this there's something where with Google, you can pay Google and that become. Your provider You're, your phone will work on everything. T mobile, not Is it not everything? No or is it? I don't think so. Now? No, I think it's a silk select carriers, because I think the Verizon bans are different. There see dna, right. I think I thought that Syria may Angie assembled. Most phoned. Will work on Syria may Andrea, sound like the iphones will give you travel overseas and you're in a GM environment only yet I have arrived only is actually one of the few, I'm not sure if nexus does or not, but that seems crazy that they wouldn't
boundaries around. I think it may be t mobile and combats to spread in eighteen, twelve, that Syria may and then DSM as well them. So they go back and forth began differently. They are, I'm not a hundred percent sure these. That service is not available where I am gave some Canada yeah, we'll know so I'm not gonna for percent sure on that, but with Nexus devices in general you do whatever you want with them, their completely unlocked. So even if you just went to the Google Google, store and rendered annexes six p. Five acts. Any sim card you put in there's been a work and next Did does it that way, so they give you the pure Google experience you're buying it directly from Google. Would YA skins no apps, no touch with no bullshit and tough part about that? Is there so few people would ever even experienced it because you can't pick it up in a rise in store and eighteen teasing. That's how we frustrating for the vote. Yes, I think so, but at the same time I feel They could do more from a marketing perspective to build awareness around the brand. I definitely
I mean I'm barely aware of it. I know most people are, I think part of it has to do with this kind of like the oil business in the highway business, and it's like you, don't want to piss off carriers rather carrier still put so much, we swear that the key. These would want to give all over the soup we got me we're back their yeah yeah why the carriers given on the go you mean there's tons of evidence of the rise in harm cast in fucking. You name it like they're all trying to protect this. Really this really strange business. I mean they started out as what cable companies in and give doing home phones, and then it was like all of a sudden is holding, was mobile and waiting to weaken and weak bounce around, and we had- and it's like really the businesses change. What Dave continued to try to lock you into this bundle the by? bill things that you can have the tv packaged its two hundred dollars knew what for stations and like I mean they're banking,
so hard there. I can understand why that what they're, trying to protect an eternal lock you in and thing you buy that they get a lock you into a contract and is a few hundred dollars. It means pretty obvious, is a bit of a play, their yeah, but people are rising up the lot of people a lot more people are buying their own devices. So do Jamie receiving and figure out what exactly that next, this service is. Things got out work yet well. Google fly rat project, five yeah. It does not saying anything on here, specifically about which networks click on the network button. It just says it uses the best network and it goes from Elsie to wifi back and forth. It doesn't say which carrier there actually in this and Elsie to Wifi, about sit back and Bell Tee Elsie aims are to wifi, so above warehouses, Usin WI, FI knowledge guises two to forty LP networks,
networks. I don't remember the five access the best of two forty lp networks can connect more towers and get fast speed more place on nearly positive that one of them is mobile doesn't say on her. No, I will not say that seems crazy. They might have a white paper somewhere on internet thing, get your hands on, but This is connected better wifi. There are lots of wifi wifi hotspots out there, but not all of them are high quality projects. Fi automatically connects you to me. In a million free, open, Wi Fi spots, we verified for faster, but it has its effective. While you walking around as a really gonna go from. Why spied a wife that sounds ridiculous had a little graphic on a kind of show that by ministers graphics around its not yeah real life application Roma right? It's not given you actual data experience yeah calls in text over wifi for more covered
see the sense of good in paper, like ten years calls transition seamlessly from wifi. Cellphone hours tell the people there found dropped off left right. There Yelena yeah, switching outward you're going back to any more but a moment of a nightmare about allow me again. Kind of to me. This is kind of along the lines of that modular phone is like I like it. It speaks to me in some way at least had this idea of of innovating in the space but that does not necessarily mean it's all the way there. What you're, what Jamie Civilian Fine, instead of this commercial cartoon, their share actual data of what networks are using it. Outworks, probably Kenya, because Chris Ryan docked Chris Rhine, the railroad sex at dawn. He was one first told me about it and that's why he bought the fallen these like. I love it, because everywhere I go it just finds. The best service now like that. That sounds like a great idea if it's in paper who heart, rending T mobile Coca leaves
as in the? U S, to launch our service. Will you know a man? That's that's exactly what? But that's what team does yeah like ten uses, Brenti mobiles. Well, they use t Mobile fur Jia Salmon, Sprint Presidium aid, and so you would get the same coverage that you get with T Mobile or with with Tang, but with Tang you'll pay for what you. Like citing, has a great deal where you know of, view? Barely usually other values. My former foreign I've got a ten dollar bill yeah. You know the one thing that They have theirs that that WI fi transition thing yeah Iberian less data where we? U have to log into wifi network. That's what I don't understand. How could that be verify known there like reliable? I don't know about me, but that this idea of free, why spot wifi hotspot you gotta like Starbucks and use their hotspot towards coffee being, if the log in so you gonna have to pre log and all these places and unless they ve seen as some kind of clearance, maybe where those like Amy, I numbers, could somehow have access. I'm not out of prison without sounds fishing.
An arc onrush hundred censure how that works, but but Wi Fi, calling in one night is cool because, generally speaking, even in your own places places you frequently your office in your house and such wifi calling on yeah exactly lays high quality. You have a great connection, so it does make sense. In theory, They were showing it on a graphic is probably overstating it right now but anyway, so so so in an android space I think is pretty easy. Think right now for me would be probably an seven or the next six peas in my pocket, which I like to see that pull aperture. Yet this sum this again watch what you seen a lot of now. You seeing the fingerprint scanner being moved to the back of the device say it does do it, Azure hold them so yeah, exactly in those it sort of fits in there, the other nice alike. That's actually! really clean, have actually got a skin on it. It's others, the scant yeah it would look like There is a little more gripping like that, like it yeah
really thin and nice yeah it some then PS six pizza, bigger brothers, so the five acts is pretty much identical. The screens little lower resolution unethical buttons now time just over here NASA yeah, but I'm ok. I know they're all digital, while if you look like an Iphone that giant that giant home button increases the size of the Basle substantially another thing that that film makers, I think remember if I talk to others before, is like forward facing speakers It is such a huge thing that we don't have then on a lotta devices. Yet you have the fossils dinky speaker in the barn, a bottom, it's kind of its it's like from a design perspective. You can imagine ever doing a drawing where, for any reason you do that unless is an absolute necessity. But the thing is, a lot of makers keeps a slimmed down the device. It has to be thinner single generation into that. Usually means are subtracting things rather than adding them, which is a problem for people were like super in detecting. Are you complain?
but the thickness of how that could be a little bit thicker? If you got better battery life, say a better camera right, yeah you needed to beat, I think not due to the way it is like it better lives. Han, though, that the six, Last year I had a huge battery is pretty pretty forget as a huge barrier I was actually ok with the six six was ok matter levers another just. I picked up one of these again in areas like the screen better toward screen Your screen, especially for like going on a website or someplace than reading emails, you are the only you mean, the real argument against the big screen one handed use right. So you, if you're a person who takes public transit on the subway and they got a coffee in one hand, and then you can make the argument that, like any of these giant phones its differ. Ought to interact with them one handed well, then the argument is the new Iphone, the one that they ve come out with it, the old foreign assay yeah that sucker fits right in your hoods tying it so easy to text. One handed with oh yeah: definitely I kind of her out
lukewarm about it just because it's like going backwards. It's like what are we, you know the stuff I get excited about is this is the IMF, in innovation, in the sort of the people behind it, research, development and such an is like any time you see a company kind of going back. But then again I thought about it when I made that when I meet a video about AIDS Lake Wool, if you drive a porch and they don't look on it, different: they will not without a Porsche smaller nasty way give you where did ass? You ve and you're gonna drive and ass. You re a little Carl rapes around here you can with that phone. It's like a little sports cars. Are you yeah? You can meet yak as its fast it found there. Did the camera I just yet. I feel it. I feel it. We could see
a new design. That's all it would have been interesting. They ve had a lot of time to figure out what they wanted to do with a smaller phone, but the edgy newness of that old fall. Super grid grips like let's get us a hard angular sort of edged here that I was right in your hand on the slippery ass phones. There is exactly well that's why I like this. Can I get the skin? It's got text. On the outside and yeah yeah you're your grip and there so the issue with the next Iphone is what I'm and ask you Joe theirs rumours their proper we beyond rumours that they're gonna give up the headphone jack yeah. That's grows. You're unhappy, I think, that's grows, cut the shit What if you're gonna, get improved audio, how much improved? What are you doing making things proprietor like they're, trying to sell a fuck ton of beats phone joining NATO and then also the problem. That is, you can build charge it at the same time is listening to music is getting, was willing, so here's the thing I had an
idea. I can put it out, they cause, I'm gonna. Do him two fuckin busy, but like four up for a set of headphones, that use that port, that I shall have a battery that charge your phone. While your list As you know, a lot of people carry around back a batteries anywhere about it. I'm not gonna make it legacy baseline totally about idea, but anyway, the point being. Is it's not universal? So you can just be over friends. Rob any Para headphone all the stuff you may be already invested in a lot of you have invested a lot into audio everything fits with this, point five Millimeter universal jack, and it's been that way for God. Fifty years more more than fifty years, it used to be a quarter. Inch jack like this stuff here, which could be adapted but assent, she's been that analogue connection for as long as there's been audio equipment. So this is a big move. If the leader in the marketplace gives up on that and goes with the strictly digital connection, you can expect all the other people to follow suit,
because apple juice has that kind of coal will. They were the first ones to abandon the flabby desk over there and they were so surprised that they abandon everything, you mean the new ones, those new laptops they don't even have a usb. They just have the sea usb see. Yeah yeah like why one poured to provide power to interface with it did she really should have to mostly to pc manufacturers with competitive products to Dat Macbook have two usb seaports. Yeah. Do you think, they're trying to establish the cloud is it is it to try to encourage people to upload dated the clowns part of it. That's part of it, but honestly not to be too pessimistic about it. But apple does have a history of this sort of planned obsolescence in full
we believe that at least with the next generation alot of people were hoping it would be this generation, you Jesse that second port another now with two boards and when he runs the line up for but anyway the two did the most controversial. Thing on. The next version is certainly going to be. This idea of giving up the headphone jack Zat confirmed, is pretty fuckin closer question about that. Wouldn't they still be able to use the let that little port to have had funds are plug into the charge, our energy in adapter emails or new headphones around US by, but that doesn't completely kill headphones. Oh yeah, they could totally sticking to doubt within you'd have to have some new thing in your pocket that you'd hold onto it. Anyone does annoying and have to be an adapted, but they could put out to site they put on your buds with every Iphone. They could just give you new ones, Oh yeah. I know you are no doubt of the new york- oh yeah, no doubt right, but the problems you wouldn't be able to charge. At the same time, you have to have one of the other yonder, I'm saying that wouldn't be wireless, the new ones they give you would we want those plug into the port we charge into now
right, that's what I'm saying is exactly hard. I let you couldn't charge eyes, I get ya ya know there Can it be some drawback and people going to lose their share in everybody's gonna, buy the fuckin Eiffel well this is so convenient that it works so seamlessly, with your laptop and max, do make the best operating system for home computers opinion on what will you try? Some window shit out because razor is gonna, send us. I heard laptop Lee am I invited to this party or why am I doing party can have a doomed where'd? You know what you're getting into here and what Why dont know I mean? How elaborate will this thing be? What kind of systems are you getting what's happening will probably in the use, razors laptops systems, they gaming laptops at a pretty fashioner, the angel, definitely, and so the razor blade? I actually was one of the razor developers like early back the day in the nineties. Excuse me yeah. I was the wild, while the guys help them with their mice.
Get out. It's how you know how much Craig you're gettin right now original Razor guy Robert crack off was a friend of mine and he was trying to figure. I met him. I think it e3 them. Him they're everywhere, madam, but was friends with its offer, guys like way back in and damage on car MAC way back during quick to when they were developing quake. Three, I got the play quick. Three, like the early developer model. Deep mandate was deep, They had their original. The razor mom bother original sensitivity house and economically people didn't like it. They loved the fact that it was like a really supersensitive module inside of it. There would the sensor that would pick up. The movement is supersensitive in and high dp, I
but you didn't like the ergonomics. The shape didn't seem right. What was wrong with the shape to flat? It was a really weird shaped, like a hop in the back than if it leaned forward to a flat front like a ducks foot. It was what real weird remember the early on trying to remember it rain. I don't. I don't think I can pinpointed in my head will obviously people of different shaped inside, because some in and also some people employ the claw. Yes, they have a different grip. Pierre and I saw you would I guess you want a different shape, depending on the gripping, but there's a lot of there's a lot of variables right. One of the variables is, do you rest? Your arm d your arm or you are hover and you guys go with high sensitivity or you do low sensitive in quick movement, and do you? whose deduce mouse sampling like in others, there's like where a mouse acceleration, do know that, of course, I like, if you move quicker, the mouse actually moves quicker than that it. Yet it works on sort of like a gyroscope or that supply of the right word but like dollar amateur, be accelerometer, whereas if you move quick
it actually covers distance quicker than your movement. Is it it helps? You move quicker and then we can define slower movements. It slows down some people like that. Some people dont like sitting on a game playing our homeland for me was variable first person shooter, so me and my friend Lou Orton NEWS, a hard core gamers, whether writers heard news, radio and bunch of friends that we're in my quake clan. At the time we got together with the razor guy, and we had land party we all discussed, we brought in a bunch of different shaped mouse mice, and We all showed which mouse we used and why we used it, and I believe, at the time I was using a Microsoft Mouth and I really liked laser mice because they were they were back. Then they were. They were not quite good enough for pre games there a little awkward we're in a sensitive. They would do miss thanks, but they wouldn't required cleaning and the ball
mice were quietly, I yeah right, and so we all these different ones that we would reduce, and so they compiled all of our suggestions and increase their next generation mice, so the nineties. So I was like one of the early guys that help them with shape of So imagine all the kids out there right now with a razor mouse, I was just one of a lot of people would like to get carried away with that. Wouldn't do that because it was a gaming mouse that one of the big logic, tech logic tat had the best shape. I love logic My ass, I use one right now I use the what's. It called the performance Amex love, it will use anything else, but they had one that was specifically designed for gaming in only have three buttons, but the shape of it. The lodged gaining mouser Fit regular minus five eighteen, I thought that was a super popular gaming miles back in the day,
I mean I just called it the lodge to gaming male gay day. I was of the grey mouse at any buttons on his. My three button is made earlier than on thinking. It was kind of crude and primitive people really loved it, because you, like you, would it was set these buttons for different thing, Some of them would set one of the buttons for a job some of them would set wanted. I like the way I would have it I would have the index finger, would be my trigger. That's ouch the middle button would be a real gun and the far left, but would be a rocket launchers. For a rocket launchers hit that far button, it would come to me instantly and I could shoot it and then the Again, would be the one that I would account on for, like a long range sniper shot, and so you have all your keys keys, in front of you double Essen D from move measure and various weapon keys, were you really close like lightning gone was appear? Sea would hit that for this? Not for that- and you would convey based on what you would like and so there's yet I was one, but that was not the one this is. This is
probably ever you want honouring those fine one from ninety but yeah we don't know need, but pretty that's pretty dope that one right there there's theirs, they have tons of buttons. Now the performance mice now they could have never mind the ones for those massive multiplayer games, those categories those mice can have like thirty forty buttons on trigger certain behaviors. I don't know I'm not an expert in that spaces. Game scared. The shit out of me really is massive multiplayer games, the ones it just suck your life and oh yeah, those those who just vanished from the world. What is going to happen with those people when they get? Oh, yes, something this is box that we have in front of us, Louis and our plane with this before them show, and we had the gentleman in that that help work with, Yeah lemme give them a shout out this master of shame, on Twitter, these these guys they create most
v, our experiences, but this headset here is actually in a our headset in you may have heard of it is called the Microsoft hollow lens, so you ve got a lens in front of you in a fairly narrow field of view, but what s happening? Is you have this digital, Presentation that's over. Aid on your own physical space. That's how I would describe it You tried it out Joanne, she were give us some feedback won't right. Now, it's kind of crude there's some holes in it, and this is just developer kit. So it's not meant to be a polished consumer product, but it's pretty it's pretty revealing. As far as what the Angela's and worrying for a wild ride in the next twenty years. Yassin. What we're seeing with this is a kind of a crude version of, virtual reality in a video game where things are common action, but you know their bullshit
did not look real. You know your press and click area shoot them out of the air, it's kind of fun water. From a gaming perspective. I still think that we are experiencing there are a lot more immersive end in something like this. Where you can still see your surroundings, when you put their heads and on an everything has gone in a new doing like some zombie game or some shit I was, I was playing with age. She see five recently, that's mostly were seen as the one to get for visa headsets. Really over arduous roof yeah just the way the tracking is done. Its is very smooth experience. They ve got controllers that come with it. That map against the had set itself there. What, wireless you're, still wired into huge gaming pcb your head, but it's kind of cool, with a demos I did have they have these lake digital walls bump into so you know that sort of limits of wearing no buts,
people have done some really interesting things. If you can bring up Jamie into the void, have you seen his head Ok shy, say anything or should we play the cliff pillar of they play the clip into the void? I am curious as to who, if someone's gonna, develop something like those laser tag. Warehouse and oh, my god, you how the fuck did you just nail it? How did you use nail it? Let us awhile somebody in SALT Lake City built this experience where you have this pack on which, if you get shot, it's like it's like of an actual physical. I think we have talked about this before Did he come up. I feel like this came up. I want to read Ban parttime like we did Lookin for right now. Or just void? Yes, you some called the voice. Yea That may be it because if you can establish, if you can get a place, where are you have this enormous warehouse, yes and then in that warehouse base, you said I gave you a rum play paintball a fourth I play paintball wants an boss,
this pleasant land that have these black lights and it was a warehouse you would run around Us Box, galleys barriers and shit. So here it is right here. Ok, here we go we're dream can we become reality, this girl's walking around and there's actual walls and she turned a corner and she's in some fuckin magical land. So the computer, in these cases, in the back path, so you're completely on tethered Omar and so David constructed all this stuff. Unparalleled visuals and body tracking, and so you wearing a suit like an x men type uniform and its. Got sensors on it virtual worlds built over physical environment. I do believe we ve talked about this photo arrogant to this part of the vehicle like now, I feel I desired or not what dated version of what I think I think they d actually launch now. I think you can Do it it's not just a concept for
environmental effects, so you get air the blows on Yo Yo to go along with what's happening while honour rain, explore with and play against others. Woe summarily would have to be met in our physical space, is well release. You gonna move around a little extra, a kind of like that. I like the idea actually holding a physical gun and being have have having to physical gun gimme. Some here I coordination and by the way of courses, have guns train. So Yours now, Goya daytime they're gonna get people at all get it doing it this way and to train them for the battlefield, while oh Jesus Christ, doom, You can imagine if, when that thing grabbed hold of you and your is gripping you tighter and you're feeling the physical surroundings, that's going to hijack are sensory systems, big, especially when it gets better and better, whereas, like you,
more and more reactive like you, you could feel it and very specific areas of your body of some grab your shoulder designed from behind. Turn. It actually hand on your shoulder a hopeful closely and the thing is after people. Grub with those kinds of experience is how the fuck do. You know the movie theater in just sit there. That's not what I'm going to have to wrap it up. That will be yeah, that'll, be the equivalent of what it is. I maybe Disney. Maybe then, maybe some star wars down the road you'll be in it was something Now you just want to go to the movies. You know you got a date eats and pop carving out a relapse right, although I think that mean those variances. Who knows who knows if the next generation will give a fuck about any of that they want, they don't need a date. They only the pub core area. They don't even needed day now saying they got it all figured out man, you don't need to leave the house. What is our personality, the collective personnel human beings? How much is it going to be affected by robot sex slaves on a per cent hunter per cent
No one will compromise for anything. We we wouldn't listen. Other factors dude or be like completely unneeded. No, not at all, I do not think so, but where, U S name on one away in their we're getting real close demolition man, I feel like yeah the things that are happening, that that talk about and become everyone's favorite meal. We're gonna have to tolerate wise, recycle bones and learn it wasn't them through shells to wipe our asses. No one knows what that means. Still in bed. Or the matrix or whatever sigh film you choose, but under ultimately, I think we're just becoming. We continue You have a smaller slice of the pizza and the digital realm. The internet. The data realm continues to have a bigger slices pizza. So as long as it continues in that kind of direction, organic we're going to become more
more passengers and less and less drivers? No, not in of course, that that's happening too but I am sure you are not a model. Three, I D day moved so many in unit site unseen. Like can you buying a car without seeing it, though, People tussles, are so proven, though, and its Elon Musk his leg, literally tony stark exactly, but all that stuff all that hype around it right. He doesn't come easy. It's all part of kind of a perspective. They represent something bigger like in so many ways. Techies like our God, like we worship, but like this, is evidence of that. In my opinion, if you're gonna buy something without seeing that's the ultimate fuckin called the item and coercion, but you're only buying from an a massively proven brain one hundred percent one hundred percent. But it's like Jimmy people did output as well. I listened at with iphones within it. Wouldn't work as a model are that's coming, yes, actually very retro, the Porsche
are, is so spoken for its nine eleven with a gdp. Three engine, but a sick, speed manual, transmission No none of the year external ground, when we look at four aerodynamic, like the spoilers and shit like that looks like a regular, nine eleven and all the dynamics a sort of built into the undercarriage of the car in order to keep it down a weight and what they ve done is made a very retro type experience. What about our high products like we could shut all that stuff about his car. There sit there so few of them that their cell in this corner now for a million dollar sure this is a regular fucking, nine eleven that just has like retro capabilities and
it's going for people selling them site unseen for a million dollars. I understand it at the high end because at the high- and this is not car number one for most people right- this is like IE on a whim whatever I have some fuckin money burning a hole in my pocket in the case of the model. Three, this a thirty five thousand dollar car right and he was now more understandable than what how so is less of a risk. No, no! I'm talking about volume right, so I looked at their numbers and in winning reference did against like what about Honda Civic? What about? How significant is this number, like, I'm sure portions, only gonna make when fifty of them I don't have that many not even though many for north Mark yeah, so in cases you understand it like it's, its super exclusive rather make like nine hundred eleven. That's. Why would they do exactly and in number one and nine on one will be worth the most and whatever In this case it was like. There's not much as much it can be learned from a sort of small experiment like that.
But there's a lot more that can be learned from when you, when you're moving half a million cars, because then it's a holy fuck. This is now in industry trend. This is not like some outline and so when I saw the numbers and I'm like holy shit, like Honda only sold this number of whatever. Last with now, we have this significant. We kind of have proof of concept in a different way. Now yeah. I definitely agree with you there and I think that the proven brand of Tesla is gotten so excited about what this guy's capable of with a smaller, less expensive car that, like the price of entry for early that model ass or whatever it is yes answered, want. Eighty thousand little to my. I am certainly come around thirty five thousand, our version of it and it looks pretty dope and it has a big laptop screen. Just like the other ones. Daylight people just jumped in yeah, oh yeah, a hundred percent, but the part that brought me to tests on the first. We was just the autonomy of them. There completely capable right now,
driving themselves. They do I get body, you does it yes, on the highway text, so young hunter percentage drives, but apparently the Bmw, seventh areas doesn't answer is varieties banned, but they might. Then I want you to have your hand on the wheel. It actually asks you to have your hand the which to me still me, I don't see that's the thing is obviously there's gonna be some friction between where we're going and where we're at much control were willing to give to these two these systems, but you're getting back to the pizza thing. It's like that's a huge one year were willing up together. If we are willing to give up control of our vehicles, I think were also probably www up control of a lot of other things, and you know I'm not sure if we talked about this before- but there was a really interesting was where do they identify? editor foes on a he was relating to Facebook in the early days and how one of the biggest issues they had was people getting tagged and photographs that didn't wanna be tagged, and so they had up. They did this.
Kind of test where they were like? Well, how the hell do we get allow people to get taken off the photograph without having to go over their friend and saying? I don't want to be tagged in that photograph, because that was an embarrassing thing to do, and so what they did is they put in the stock answers like that. You can send off to your friend like select a The sea like I don't want to be in a photo or I look stupid or whatever and the second. That they made it a multiple choice way more people begin began to use it because he didn't have to come up with their own reason. They felt like it was more accessible. Humans are low. Friction like we're laziest, fuck and many times we get overwhelmed at the prospect of having to come up with our own I don't our own method for dealing with the awkwardness of life. So if you can imagine in future. If these things our phones and the systems we interact with really smart at figuring out the correct responses for certain inquiries. Let's say a girl tax, you
she's, a hey man meet me at eight p m or call me later what, if your fee knows better than you are, then you do at what the correct response is. If you when a sleep with her later, like here's, the fifty percent likelihood. If you say this, this might be the outcome, but if you say that You'd, be honest. Now, I'm going with this most sore, but that doesn't taken no account personality and though it can lay full nature, the people engage aches it. Now. That's a track. It takes into account nothing of that ok, but you and I We are fully aware of that. Facebook has this exorbitant amount of data to say people aren't doing that right. People prefer to have the fuckin stock response. Look at Mogi, where the FUCK data Mogi come from, and now everybody's like it's like, there's a face for everything right used to make your own fake ones on your faults, right character, and before that you didn't do it I'll do that alone use as well a way they blew up everybody's using him now, as this alternative form to expressing yourself
with our tools, you have available because their de facto rather there's something except being about seeing eye answering a multiple choice? Question verses, that requires more input from you. The same reason people jump to conclusions when their building a response or perspective on any of those issues, and I I envy in future me if you ve ever use any the wearable devices- are not wearing one right now. They fuckin bother me we, too much what you gotta. Let me just a g shock is plain watching her because these things, I don't understand how that's helpful to be quite honest eight interrupts more than anything else is doing. The objective was what to get me to look on my phone less, but now and flashing you in the face. Every five seconds is like they'd really to solve. The problem may be people. We have to figure out how to use them better. But one thing I noticed immediately on the apple watch when I was experimenting with it was the auto responses for questions vertex for anything
yeah. You would have five or six options for how to get back to that person, and maybe none of them are perfect, but just the easiness of it is why You want to interact with a? U like fuck, maybe I'm not leak cause, I'm at the grocery store but it's easier than pulling out my phone and telling the person were actually how far away do you think we are from in time Conversations tat place of pre, determined questions and answers is what I'm talking about. I'm saying that peace is shrinking and are involved in any of this? The meaning of any of this is becoming less evident. Eventual it'll, be computers, talking to computers through us and then we'll just be the vehicle for the delivery of what will be the thing that helps it. Get to that point Another thing that people are worried about more than anything anyway is artificial intelligence, and what better way for artificial intelligence to emerge than to convince, stop using our own. Yes, yes, it's
trusting it's an amazing hack, please on our own inability to put in work, but also it reduced is variables and it cuts down the unlikelihood of success. It cut, down on all the possible pitfalls in mistakes. And chooses a much more potentially successful scenario. Gaza- and this is what's going on the web on a daily basis when you're in Youtube and that next recommended video up and it catches your attention that this fucking thing inaction and it works, and there the smartest people in the world engineers sitting around day and night, a be testing what works on Joe Rogan. What works on this other person and then hyper focusing in on success stories and finding the thing they are universal and ultimately will and applying out is that we all think we're so fuckin unique. Yet our behaviour sake the can the opposite. We all do. The shit were expected to do Why so fastened in that? No one saw any of this coming year,
ten years ago. No one thought that was going to be a real issue, that you can have much predetermine answers to a phone call: and yet you respond with a text. Yes gives you bunch options, yet nobody, nobody thought that was like us library slow about this. How about? How do you trust it anything if you're gonna be like fuck the robot talking to me again, or is it actually you this time? You know what I mean imagine having conversations your loved ones. You turn your fuckin turner, robotic responses off, because what about getting back to people right, I suck it it. What about robot, robotic responses that mimic the way the you talk, yes, because their allies in your key morning, real time and making suggestions already you're already pulling the data. But the thing is we know where lazy, to begin with. Now, if we can get this system in place to auto response, I can't even get all the emails. I have right now right. So if I can
turn this guy on. When I'm not available. This responder answer emails for you bingo. If you could download your consciousness into a robot assistant, that knows exactly what you had a robot version of me. Is it me saying it, though No. I don't know what you're getting insulate the whole. What is consciousness thing is, I don't even know if it's transferable, if it is true, verbal than it would be. You raise it essential, yeah necessary or these emotions, and all these things that were clinging to we hold onto so dearly? Are they just artifacts of our ancient primate ancestry, a hundred percent? Definitely, I think the cool part of this, like that. The weird thing identifies how our physiology has been kind of this system.
For the distribution like our own. We talked. We started off the podcast talking about entitled people talking about that, so self centric, emerging kind of way of living, and you look at these things- that's what they needed. They need us to develop into those people. We to become dependent on them. We have to have everything we wanted to see you level on a whim for us to become the Is it necessary to continue this distribution process We have to rely on it. We had us relying on ourselves in order to able the reliance on something else we shut down. On our own sort of our own sort of response making for a lot of tat. I wake up in the morning and this fucking thing. I pick it up. I think,
up. I know, look at it in my pocket may make is cranked up and I'm in pain, and why have I not how to coffee at? Why am I not on my way to work? Why am I not making something that I get incredible amount of fulfilment out of there are and again I think a lot of people are willing to admit this. Nobody ever wants to limit and something has control over them, but in this particular case their plenty Israel. Why am I looking at this right now and I'm still? Ok, you know your checks on financing the arc of the eighties barked. The rise in love, ways will that's why lotta people flippant footfall great transition? I have a phone in my office right now. It's called punked ray of a picture. This thing punk made a company in Denmark. It is the intention the modern nice to look at dumb phone for people trying to get off the system, bring it up, whatever happened, a discipline see. Is that fair
is it fair shore with you leave heroin out, you gonna shoot Heroin, I don't shoot heroin. Here's a unit, shoot heroine of discipline. Yeah it's wonderful the heroin attics this right there, you can have a right. There, we'll happens what happened when they play. What was that studied cocaine in the mouse here, that's it. No good. Now now here's. Why? Because this in an artificial environmental yeah, they they were pissed depressed to begin with, while there in a key and therein there being stereo by people. If you like those monarchical silly mice, I believe in the woods there wouldn't be actually happening woods, mice, but here's the thing you have data and you have opinion rain. Anything in big, big fuckin did you companies they value one way more than the other right data true to the matter is that people can't can't keep away whether wet we want to argue it to the veto, it's like it. We are the proof of it.
She's out their words, hijacked or Korea with every click something fascinating may come, even if it doesn't there you go even if it doesn't then go. So it's like discipline over what discipline over the way Think about everything I mean it's like weeds recognised when it becomes a problem stopped using that word yet, but it again, I think that's like that. It's island, slow it down any so down for everybody. That's for sure. Yeah, though we're lost people, the sort of mass the mass movement continues on and finest punk thing a week, but it began beyond all its p. U N, Katy, sorry they're getting fancy. Would what can I say they're from Denmark. Maybe that's how they spend their yet it has. It has flattery life for like two weeks. My doesn't make phone calls. You know, anyway, yeah that little guy right, thereupon, phone launched at the London Design Festival lets you call and text it also nice buttons.
Caesar the hold and that's about it. Ok, but the text and even is that old school method of yes, you're, not gonna, want to oppress four times to get a z, yeah but see the weird thing, was for somebody who wanted to make this statement you had to go by like literally some old Vice one hears a new one. It's it's! It's me design, but its intentionally dumb You know what this you know, what the designer is saying about. It is like they're not trying to convince people to quit what their smartphone they're, just saying, hey, put assume carding. It set up, call forwarding when you go on vacation and don't and just don't take this. If somebody really needs you in touch with, you were ill, but otherwise you're not going to have that Paul, and so I have increased, It open. Yet I'm gonna do a challenge. Why, unlike a flip foam better than that honestly, justice, flip phones and shut it to hang up which is like,
is your uncle and hang up it's pretty cool now was I miss that click yeah Kirk out Foot phones are cool. Doing me right. Had I had a flip VON too. I don't know why they took their particular approach. I just think their interesting, because there, though there making that statement as opposed to like the flip phone marketplaces just like old, left over philosophies of discipline. Maybe I'm old school Jill Evans such thing I like it, I use discipline. Listen, I think discipline is fuckin incredible, it's one of the, but one of the greatest characteristics a human being can have but I didn't say, but you're ready to use it, but I mean when it comes to phones. I think we have the evidence. I think we have the evidence. We learn you even you. I believe you have that moment that I spoke of out on a percent. You actually do so where's that is observed that when I realized tat, I put it down right, but it's too late Naturally it already clicked baby John than I realize an extended on dirt. I check my text messages. Wake up. I looked people. I care about
Actually, I'm a number. I look at the check, my emails or any super important have to get to, and then I put that fucker down and then I go about my dad. You know what I think, I'm coming off kind o harsher, I'm a guy who, like talks about technology Dimas, hounds income shading on technical. Now you just recognising a real issue. That's all, and not so I'm gonna do an experiment. I have the punk phone. I want to do I'm announcing it here of the first time in anybody's heard come on? You live on the platform this. What asked ominous. Send you text might hear nothing, but you two glass, neither would feel links to other areas. I this Joe, not oh boy very late on a Rick, really is sabotage, but it is a real question for you. Coming from your perspective, how long do I need to do it for to really gathered the insight necessary to say hey. This is how this thing is changing me, other you should
somebody's diet like what you should do, as you should have a conversation with irish affairs, a he's had a text phone or a flip foreign, rather for over a year now, still oh yeah, yeah, he decided he was inadequate and he said look. Gonna change it any other way. I tried to say which certain disciplined nope not gonna. Do it yeah, I'm an act, and so he just got a flip. And that's all he is. He has a flip founding flips two ways sake flip sideways and actually a full keyboard again say reasonable tax meciar, that's what he does yeah to him, and he and some people have told me that in order to do some study like in order to build a habit, it has to be thirty days. It's ninety shit, adding an urban if you get there for ninety days to women into a much, and would you do it for thirty, though thirty to thirty
the high end of consideration housing two weeks, yeah, give it a shot yeah, I don't know, but for me it hard because like it the kind of my business to rise. It's a different, what's mine as well with care but he is. I rely heavily on information. I rely and in part casting as well. I rely really heavily on like finding out what's going on the world. What's new latest shit, that's going down right now I mean so many times during gas, Jamie all pull something up as the pod gases going on, like breaking news check, this out, heiress parishes got attacked or this disciplinary Conor, Macgregor retired. We're in this picture. Well time. Ok, really, are we always flew by through three plus hours? Why we're with three hours we win dude seed so easily. Wagon with what we are saying before, like it's real harder to end it then it is to just I mean it's easy to keep going,
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