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#793 - Whitney Cummings

2016-05-04 | 🔗
Whitney Cummings is a stand up comedian and actress. She is best known as the creator and star of the NBC sitcom Whitney, as well as the co-creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.
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i mean that doesn't want to rest and i mean it's probably her curves in some ways but it also makes her absolutely fascinating and just a cool person just really enjoy your company so give it up for whitney cummings the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day so how you gonna be comedy we are alive real answer bad childhood next question anyway if you didn't get into that for that reason you we have a shady act yeah that is so true because it let's you it less you weren't seen as a child or heard as a child and insatiable need to be seen and heard and understood it's definitely a deficit you can't be funny dude the folk we do in vietnam because one of the reasons i i do want to talk to you about this before that i do want to see you before this i want to get you in and i'm i'm glad we didn't talk about it before but i love the i went
your instagram page and i saw these pictures of you working with these children that have cleft palate and i saw all these photos you in vietnam yeah tell me what you do yeah so there's this charity called operation smile and i usually work in animal charities 'cause people i think are usually the problem and i've been helping people just seems to make more proliferate and in terms of charity stuff like i think that just why i started wanted get more involved it's like i'm going to be perfectly honest i started not liking the person that i was i started realizing i was the person who was like traffic is like crazy today like oh my god starbucks is out of soy milk with the puck like i was just like wow did you what is what what made you feel like you were going to a place that you didn't like or becoming a person in line i think it's like you know doing like working with animals and like you know going to sort of parts of town that i wouldn't
only go to to rescue animals and dogs you start going like oh there's a real world outside this truman show that we live in of the fake sets in the fake this in the fake people in the fake you know make up in the fake clothes every and i was just like oh like that i live in a fun house you know sometimes when you're in this business i mean stand up keeps me the real person is tv shows that get you i think it's tv shows i think it's writing fake script about fake people and fake lots and fake houses and you know they got a basin i i just was like really i'm concerned about you know and knowing you know way more than i do but what i do about neurology is that our brains acclimate to whatever environment we're in and i was like i'm in this in measurement all the time my brain is just going to start acclimating accordingly right so it's like you know in little ways like you know
if i if i have a small purse i only need a small purse if i wear a big purse all of a sudden i filled it up with shit you know it's like kind of acclimate to what you have and so i was like yeah i don't i don't like the things that come out of my mouth i don't like my inner monologue i don't like the fact that i get annoyed when my uber's you know not on fucking time like i just i was like so i kind of wanted to get some perspective and like really get out there and not just like have money for my own selfish like guilt shit like i'm just going to give money and so i went to vietnam for two weeks and did this went to tokyo for a couple days before then which was actually really interesting and when i got to watch the sir trades and it was also cool because i don't know if you are at this never went through this but i'm i think i got sick of myself
like i just kind of like i'm sick of my voice i'm sick of my making jokes i'm sick of being funny i'm sick of like there's something about being around people that don't speak english that kind of strips you of your like persona you now if your all the things that you just because some i mean i i just i don't want to go through life like is sleep walking zombie who's just like doing a bad impression of myself every day because it's so easy to do and i find i felt like life is little bit groundhog day but get out of work out jokes jokes jokes jokes bets bets bets you know and scare and scare you know and i got a little bit sick of that random house like there's got to be something more deeper and you know we're of seekers and i was like thinking about my next special next thing i'm gonna write i don't want to just and i felt like my brain was it had this there was like patterns and rhythms that i was like i keep going
same place for you creatively and i was like i want to go to a different place entirely so i got like challenge my brain and throw some new shit at it around people that don't speak english is really for impersonal i have no idea who you are which is another experience when you're used to people knowing who you are and having expectations of you and thinking you to be funny or you know when you're known all the sudden you have the power whether you want it or not in a room you walk into a room when you have the power whether you're interested in having it or not you just do right joe rogan walks in everyone's approach are broken so everyone would be cool and different trying to press you everybody changes right so you never get to see people's authentic self because you inherently affect them with your presents you know there's some i can't remember the turman science where it's impossible to measure the thing be is the measuring tool effects the amount server is that yeah exactly so you never know how people really are 'cause your presents actually effects them but if they have
heard of you in vietnam no one ever heard of maine not a lot of fans over there and so you're just like you know you can't rely on any of that shit that we've become used to relying on and talking to people that don't speak english all of a sudden you're like oh i can't use all my go to strategies charm manipulation jokes like no one cares and so it was really pretty cool vietnam in general will talk about i'm sure you have your thoughts on asia mine i think are kind of probably to be polarizing and getting into trouble i think it's a fucking mess over there but there's also i think that when i mean you have kids you have more of a insight into what's real and what's not like i also notice that when both my parents had strokes which was awful obviously but i liked the person i became
name after it happened like i was like all of a sudden when something tragic happens you things become clear your priorities become clear if someone asks you to go to logic i don't want to hang out with you say no not like sure i guess all sweet like you just everything becomes very black and white do i want to do this do i not is this effective use of my time it's just not so i was like oh if i just expose myself to a little bit more not tragic b but maybe you know and stop hanging out with a bunch of people with problems and hang out and surround myself with real problems then maybe i'll stop thinking i have a bunch problems i don't really have i always love talking you because you're probably one of the most ruthlessly introspective people i know really yeah yeah you don't you don't think you are you don't that you're pretty brutally introspective i just i thank you i just am i don't wanna be izombie i don't most people are just
sleepwalking through life and saw that does not interest me do you have you had very many so you don't experiences you know what i have it and i was going to do ayawaska last year but i had been on anti depressants and yeah and i only went on them it's such a bummer ann i'm actually want to talk about this in my next special because they were they were given to me because i was having trouble sleeping i had insomnia which i recently learned about how insomnia is sort of came about and it's actually really important and i wish that there were doctors out there who studied shit like that like insomnia usually people are insomniacs document thousands of years ago people in the tribes my tribal life will before street lights in alarm systems there are people who was responsible for staying up all everybody else left they were like them to call the night watchers basically and night watchers would breed with my
wait watchers and essentially it so you're a night watcher i could be that could be my kids you know there's some people who are like i just can't fall asleep till three hundred in the morning you know who never says that farmers is never say that actually fucking work due to dig holes all day sleep like babies so the most unemployed people there like i cannot sleep again 'cause you haven't done shit fucking things will workout you have three kids i feel like my insomnia is going to go or something i feel like as soon as i have kids or something my insomnia i believe is still stay there really yeah i guess i'll be a mother son never sleep it's a movie that that's an issue but it's also it's a mental loop thing if you go to bed and you have mental loop like i gotta get this i gotta fucking get my shit today there i really have to do this i really gotta start this diet or we gotta start journal there's a book that i need to write i know i need to write it i need a fucken starch i get outta bed right now and start writing it and then that loop will fuck with you and keep you up especially someone like you who so hyper ambitious you always have like fifteen
different irons in the fire and you've got a fucking fireplace bellows stuck in that and you're on the phone yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah will do that will definitely do that we've almost got like too many points of focus where imagine that your brain getting down to a neutral point it probably is a very difficult time yeah i've also done a couple things but also our brains are not designed to see the amount of light that we see like like this screens in our phone our brains produces cortisol when they see it it's like wake up our brain like thinks our phone is the sun basically yeah wake up have you seen the new feature on iphones where it turns it down at one thousand pm you could set it no but mine is now in black and white oh shit i bitches
back to just go back to the page i'm seven times during your phone black and white fucking typewriter if someone sends you a picture then it's going to be very artsy how did you give your heart for your phone turned black and white because you do that even know that was a center yeah to settings yeah it's so because the colors in your phone trigger of chemicals to be released in your brain that actually activate united energy this is also ironic you will flower as you backdrop flower black and white you can't see what the basically a georgia o'keefe i mean are who i am is that the viewing million big yeah yeah that's a really that's an octopus actually that flower but yeah i'm super into like you know just if you are understand how the brain works you can usually hack it a little bit so it's like when you look at your phone so my phone i actually i used to be so addicted to it now i just have no interest in it because it's black and white yeah it's just like it's not giving me the dopamine in the chemicals that you know really
yeah colours do watt yeah turning your phone black and white makes it less attractive too yes let's addictive yes because i'm like phone phone in a lot of it is just the color so it's just like oh cortisol adrenaline red produces adrenaline cortisol dopamine and then i'm just like now i'm just like so what is this setting how do you change ok you go to i'll tell you hold on i'll never do it by the yeah why not try it try it for a day 'cause i have a little thing called discipline did well i do see that down just what i do that now i can't do it i walk away from that can't do it listen it's not easy and i know how to do it i've learned how to do it so but i've rule that might not be your what gives you dopamine oh no it is no look like
sit down there i get up in the morning take a shit and i'll look at that thing for fucking three hours what are you looking at your going numb reading art my legs are not i'm reading articles that i don't need to read fucking comes it sounds like a yeah but i do now is if i do it i look at the important stuff go over do i have any work emails that are pertinent yeah check my work email yeah this i get are you that nothing to deal with do i have any text messages that are i need to deal with that nothing to deal with shut it off put it away you and i might have a different idea of what i need the other thing that i don't i sometimes you know get sucked into stuff that's completely unnecessary and frivolous so that's also an addiction i'm texting about a fucking baby shower that i'm not even going to and i'm just like what am i doing i'm difficult to get yeah you're but you're very self contained i'm a little more and i'm in recovery we talked about it for codependence so by sometime
struggle with the discomfort are perceived as comfort of others i feel like i need to take care of people's feelings sometimes so it's learner care taker in a lot of ways that's why you love dogs and hands fairies dogs in time only the voiceless only people only like all that arafat can't help themselves find sent you can help yourself and you didn't that's not my problem i've learn over the years that i only have a certain amount of not just time at a certain amount of focus and that the less focus i give two things that i'm not really interested in the more focused i'll have for things that i am interested in yeah it's like a real issue with my manager 'cause i just fucking vanished days don't answer phone calls you have to i don't know i just got the same thing i had the same thing just happened with the manager who hadn't heard from me 'cause i went to vietnam and i got back and i was just like i re recently learned that when someone calls or text you don't have to respond like i you know i think we get in blake a tory right sort of thing we have to respond
and everything and it was actually interesting going to japan because that culture is so i'm using this word probably inappropriately but for lack of a better word codependent it's so like having to take care of everybody's feelings like i was talking this guy on a plane there so much respect for other people's feelings and status i went on the plane on the way over i sat next to super interesting guy who creates tools for animators like i know like the stuff that makes cartoons like i can't even don't even have binocular to explain it but he said it's really hard to do focus groups in japan you know focus groups is when you go around and say is this working is not this not working because no one will respond until an elder response and everyone just agrees with the elder you're not allowed to disagree with someone older than you which was there was an article about a lot of i think it was a couple of malaysian airline flights
went down they say it was pilot error because the co pilot was afraid to disagree with the pilot the pilot was wrong but because of the inherent risk check for your elders thing he couldn't say like dude in crash if you fucking do that in the plane went down so it's so into sting and i came back and i was like oh god at least i'm not and i mean i mean i think i was a little bit horrified horrified not the good word the right word saddened by this culture of like shame over there we have it in different ways but it's like if you disgrace your family you just jump off a building i mean it's just and there's a sapu coo so many people were jumping in front of trains that the only way they could get them to stop jumping in front of trains when they shave their family was saying if people jump front of trains were going to build your family for the cleanup so that got them to stay
up 'cause they were like oh why don't my family have to get this bill because that will disgrace them even more so had to use their shame against them as a way to get them to stop committing suicide i mean apple in pineapple had to put nets around the building yeah so many people jumping that well the real issue in and onto itself because apple's paying these people and they're living in this building yeah paying of dog i mean they're not they don't have these factories over in china because it's an awesome place to build phones they have these factors over there because they could pay people virtually nothing and have him work all day china i i've been to china before just in general like and i don't want to come from a judgy place because we obviously have our problems in the states but it was just a really i feel like when went over their rooms that cash is going to love it like how everyone's like india is amazing it's like it's really poor and
people die of dysentery and yeah and there is you know maybe girls are have there and smashed on rocks because of the dour system i mean it's like there's you know i feel like there's this yeah there's documentary on i guess itunes it's about infanticide in china and india because the dowry system so basically to have a child is a fortune of head i'm sorry to have a female because you have to pay someone to marry her she can't work at your dad's family and she's basically just a financial drain which is just terrifying so that goes on in china still prize me is that that's probably an ancient way of thinking and behaving so like we look at today and we look
this world that we live in today and obviously we have a lot of issues with equality and we have a lot of issues with races and we have a lot of issues with homophobia but whatever issues we have are nothing compared to the echoes of our path and when you look at something like that and when you know there are hate crimes that's an individual person against an individual person that's not like and socially accepted thing hang it's not like they're not so i'm not endorsing hate crimes but if you know someone beats up a gay guy most people think it was bad but he did that and they go to jail but it's one person who's fucked up not an entire country that's like yeah that's a good idea yeah it's like the last echoes like the last reverber and not that our way is better i'm not saying you guys have to become america but it was just a little bit like this is like i'd like the fact that they're not
in america i like there's all these different cultures 'cause i think it's fascinating that there's different parts of the world where people have figured out a different way to behave and they follow this different pattern they've carved this guy moved in all the young people follow into this groove give are take you know and i think that's amazing i mean when you look at different parts of the world and you experience their culture or you look at how they're behaving and how they dress and how they speak we can how they live their lives and their traditions it is absolutely fascinating these patterns of repeatable behavior repeated repeating patterns that exists all over the world and that there is so different there different in thailand and the there are in germany totally different parts of the world are associated with like having me more humor or less euro more more discipline or more artistic freedom
it's it's zero and it's an and then you know i mean i was forget how young of the country we are i mean we are a minute old pair to a lot of these countries you now so this is they have thousands of years of history that we don't have and but it's like how can you hold on to the really cool traditions and patterns and then release the more backwards ones involved route you know it's like you know it's just wild i mean in vietnamese had not is so beautiful you're going to love it and i was like yeah it's def beautiful but i see poverty an error that no one can be we need everyone's wearing masks 'cause they can't inhale there's no emissions regulations everyone's on like i was like all right a white trust fund kids are like vietnam so beautiful and they said because they can come back right t to read now i am super
brooklyn or whatever that's the thing that white people love talking about brown people being amazing it's like you're not a better person because you think vietnam's amazing me like just admit that it's it's didn't we need to do i mean i know we we up a lot of it's our fault of what we do in the seventies but it was like it was gave me a lot of anxiety you know because i was like i mean it's just like the hospitals and we were in a hospital and you know we need it for of this machine that puts babies to sleep pediatric anesthesia is very different than regular anastasia and it's essentially bringing people to the brink of death and then bringing them back it's like credibly fascinating job and they had one of the machines that they need the p yeah it's easy ologist like we need for and they're like we don't have we just don't have them in this country we just can't do surgery on babies it's just not in our per view it's not
you know so so back to the to the you know the kids come in with cut ballots and cleft lips which the baby is essentially they have trouble breast feeding at some club pallets just you know just kind of this opening here in a separate causes malnutrition in the womb yep exposure to genetics exposure to pollution i'm sure all that napalm we dropped in 70s didn't really help but yeah in america it still happens but it's handled right away it's handled comes out three months later it's fixed no big deal over there sometimes it's never fixed i mean you see adults you see men that are fifty come in with giant giant cleft lips and palates and they've and it's even worse in third world countries especially african countries because there's such a stigma attached to it now only is it you know in our brains to go like he's different than me and ostracize or stigmatized someone but a lot of more religious countries
i think you're the devil or your you know you can't get a job of your you know completely sequest you're thrown out of your family and you know and i think in this is gonna sound super corny but i guess for me i broke right connected so much too maybe it's because you know we're comedians i was like law life's life if it's one thing to grow up and overthrow country it's another thing to deal with poverty but if you smile like the basic the only real medison we have you know everybody has some universal madison of like laughing and smiling it's how we connect to people i mean that's fucked like that was frustrating and it's so easy to fix that's the other thing that's like frustrating is it takes like thirty minutes look at joaquin phoenix look at joaquin phoenix that's isn't it yeah he is a cleft lip i think he stacy keach isn't it weird that joachim phoenix got it mean he's like
yeah it can be genetic i mean yeah but also america has its its history with fucked up shit you know you know we're by no means squeaky clean i mean were exposed to a lot of but we are strong we are check that yeah yeah mirka mark you'll like this well we talked to you we talked about this last time just sort of like how we send she always had to drink alcohol and before we had possible water yeah people are just you know that's why people drink wine out of those flash they carried around us i get to keep from getting travelers disease from water that they would call it yeah so it's complete so yeah people are such assholes that were just hand everyone i mean actually when you think about it it's a mere circle that someone i mean the ford built a car like it's like if you were sober you got to be like rockefeller like i feel like the couple people who were sober just basically became like the biggest sober peep
i drank coffee took over the words it literally took over the world because i mean everybody was shitfaced but yes it's crazy i mean have you ever seen a surgery on love it i've never been in in the room i've had a bunch of surgeries but i've never been in the room i've had one thousand two hundred and thirty two three what are they joints yeah i'm also sing for your mostly joints my nose reconstructed i have add my knees done thank you what was not in it was internal more okay like i would never know externals so up it's all broken up in here is like this all the sharp edges underneath the skin hello break open pretty easy because it's cartledge just on the end and then bone up here yeah that's all cartledge this stuff is all pretty much intact as the inside of my nose that was all smashed and so it was all closed off i did have any any breathing out of no till it was like thirty nine and you're like
this is how people lived my whole life i couldn't breathe out of my nose no bullshit i fell down a flight of stairs when i was five and i broke my nose pretty bad fiber cement stairs i smash my nose you get your new version smile well it wasn't you know just my that's just like he's alive yeah malone new doctor trips i broke my arm my mother didn't believe me how to lift it up and it was like up and down it was so broken and there's like let's not break dancing yeah it's just you know back then this is a different world like people were basically like monkeys you know my parents are like monkeys they're like monthly now they didn't have the internet don't touch that don't touch that they understand things now yeah but i i think there's a little bit of a pendulum swing to the other way yeah did you there was i was reading this thing about how this designer who's making more dangerous jungle gyms for kids because they've gotten two safe so daughter broke her arm jungle gym
yeah you should call this person that this did not they're not safe yeah like jungle ms are just or something more challenging or something like i don't i don't remember like it was something about real problem with jungle jim's is you need to understand what your your cape abilities are and the only way to find that out is to fall yeah you're falling on these metal bars you could fuck and i like kids that break their arm easily could believe kids don't die all the time we do know they do kids die all the time when you have kids you sort of pay attention to that kind of shit and you realize like oh kids fall in there head and i like it happens all the time if you're not paying attention and kids get they don't understand about trees limitations so as a parent or a check because i'm obsessed with this because i'm already like i'm not it's close to having a a child's eye pros mags us of any wants to send some
firm jamie now that you're getting now that i'm not i'm learning about your job that's why i'm asking where you from okay where you from slovenia in general come in a cup for i'm really just like trying to ascertain everyone's like dna and how strong it is but is that i just read a book called the continuum concept which is like a parenting saying about like babies if they can be held by anyone it doesn't have to be their mom necessarily but baby should always just being held in like sort of were designed to women kind of run supposed to live together like we're supposed to have talking then you go off and then all the women live together and help raise all the kids so so there was something interesting in that because in the first three years a childhoods i'm sorry a child's ability to believe in their own faculties essentially to trust other people and to feel like there are heard and seen depends on how much i contact in physical touch they get yeah 'cause it basically
touching is going like you i see you're here you know in the last touch it i contact they get the more invisible they feel and the more dangerous they feel the world is for them yeah and there's this great you'll love this john bowlby's theory of attack i meant like when babies crawl it's the same as noble apes still crawl of foots and then the look back and see if dad still looking at me he is going to call another foot he still there right baby turn around and check in and then if on the fourth foot i turn around in dad is looking at his phone i go that says far as i can go and then it's dangerous after four feet that's as far as i'll go where he'll still be there for me so then we also are sort of world and comfort zone is designed based on when your child loses your eye contact so i'm just been sort of learning about that especially in lieu of like cell phones being new alcoholism for kids i feel like parents just on their phone while
kids are i see it on the playground yeah it's it's crazy it's it's amazing how many people just don't pay touched anything but their phone i mean as i see it come instantly and i see it when people are by themselves i see it when people with their families i see when people their friends how many times have you gone the restaurant you see a table full of people and everyone's on their phone and no ones talking to people right in front of them did have you done like colleges recently i stopped stock market i stopped more than a decade ago well i stopped i see i did the university of miami was the last one i did i did with joey diaz that's chaos that is the case number that my the coconut grove improv yes yeah thank god they close because there's so many fights it was so bad that we told them that i would never work again i go you people are so dominant working again and they were laughing i get it laugh and
i'm serious this is the dumbest fucking audience in the country i watched a guy do cocaine i was opening for like steve byrne or some like craig shoemaker like someone what someone was opening for like ten years ago and some was doing cocaine on the table while i was on i believe it well they would have what happen with that places they started giving away free tickets when you give interests and fuck yourself always always those are bad but paper the room you get terrible audiences so for a while i was trying to give free tickets to people who couldn't afford them how do we set my comps like i have ten comps in like the middle of nowhere this actually happen loya and i would tweet okay so if you can't afford to come the shows i mean email tell me why and i'll get you tickets and i would check it myself you know with the with me and when he come and some email one time this guy emails me just a testament to exactly you know give an inch take a mile and emails me and gives me this long story he's a you know that you know he's
wheelchair he can't drive down he's going to get a cab and he can't afford to come and the health insurance vet health insurance is a joke and all this whole thing and i was like such an opening i was like yep you got it two tickets can't wait and literally started the email with like this problem doesn't even use so whitney's assistant like you know no problem and i'm such a big fan and editor alright back to tickets all set i don't hear back from him at all checking again right for the show looking through my emails it's seven hundred and forty five this shows at eight i can email back from him hey babe hey babe i'm running a little late i'm running a little late and where do i park oh my god it went from like ajit make a total like all in like respect and adulation you're probably not going to check this and like i'm sure this will never have to like i became his assistant it's am i
cosmo of relationship he was courting you and then he got you and your function after twenty from calling you literally and then i was like oh ok you know do you need me to come out and meet you and the dynamic totaly switched it's like as soon as you give someone something for free they stop respecting it well you have it hard when you're communicating with someone just through email because you have to sort of ascertain is this person crazy is this purse super nice is person completely yeah is this email going to be received as a friend in the way that i intended it just going to be like hey nice talk you glad you like the show appreciate it no so what do you know that's cool yeah that that's interesting well hey nice talking to you is it going to be just like all i had a cool conversation with the guy yeah or is it going to be open up the door to a wacky person now the wacky person
has whitney cummings was oh he still emails all the time hey let me know next time you're in town i mean it's like and he behaves as if i'm doing him a favor i also had a great heckler a guy that i got like front row seats and like paid for everything started telling me it's always the people you comp tickets for this was at loya loya is always you know it's very sketch bill it's such schedule there's no fucking all the scrap yards are open micro were like twenty one bless their hearts are stone out of their fucking minds like i mean it's just it's so one save it's a lot of tension down there i don't know if it's because there's the navy's down there or there is a lot of military that it there's a lot of money there's one title men yeah beautiful area but for some reason the whole idea is like always i don't know well there's always a fight there's always a fucking girl who's like fuck you like a couple breaks up i'm like what the fuck is happening i always have to kick people
out of there and so this guys in the front row and kevin christy is opening for maine and kevin's very incisive like he's very he's kind of use this comic you know he's like kind of quiet and it doesn't speak a lot but when he does it's just exactly it's just the truth like he's just so real like that and he said something once 'cause he was on the road with me for awhile and like three thousand five hundred and forty minutes into all my sets at the time a guy would just snap and start yelling at me and he's like i think what happens is like there like loving it funny funny female comedian funny it's funny but like forty minutes and you just become their wife or the girl that fuck them or their mother or something and they just see you it's like all of a sudden you just become a woman who's yelling at them and they're not allowed to talk back one guy just will snap it always happens and i had one like storm the stage in me wants and be like what the fuck do you think you are like i was like and it didn't feel like it was about me at all it felt
a very old wounds i would like doing this soul dark sad 'cause i could tell right away this has nothing to do with me what you're talking about well i'll tell you i can i do remember what the this one guy in the front row that i com twice he's sitting in the front and i was like doing i did this job this is like my first she's getting my first did this joke about how every guy somewhere in his house or apartment or whatever is like a jar of coins or like a boy all of coins you know where you guys put your change like a change jar bowl right you're rich you probably just have a you know if i can i throw joint change away on the i think it's trash just put my kids right in the trash throw it away over one dollar bill
that's amazing so do you remember i mean there was a point in your life i'm sure you had one so yeah i'll i'll yeah rolled pennies up to make dinner yeah guys like you know their change and so i said it and it was like whatever and then the guy went from laughing laughing and then as soon as i said that joke he just looked at me and he went that so we you can pay for your shit well i was like oh and from then on out it was just like everything i said he built well that's because you did on that because if you know if i can spend so much money heckling he's little he's in the front row all alone and you know the alone by himself all by himself that's not good and you know that moment where someone tackling and you're like if only i can hear them i'll keep going but if the audience can hear them student so i finally had to had to go but at the loya comedy sure there's like a window into the street so he went outside and just stood in the window and stare at him for the rest of the party source across
and i just remember he was just standing there and it was like you know so i think i think comedy can really trigger trigger people sometimes it's your thinking you're out you have someone talking about a guy that's willing to go to a comedy show by himself their sensitive front row party of red flag and you should just kick that person out right away this is a guy that emailed you so you can set different guy yes yes yes he emailed and yeah so you have a connection with he's probably thinking he's going to be in love with you i mean he's going to straighten you out so you little mouthy you little too talkative you have too many opinions and he's like yeah i'll fucking i know why i'll i just go back out girls love that well you know there are people that think that people need to be put in check in that people like it there's a comedian i'll tell you i'll tell you the story now but i'm not going to tell you it is can i guess yes but if you get
right and it until after if i get it right disco don't because now i'm probably going to do that anyway there is this thing i think that exactly what you're talking i do think there is the staying the same we women sometimes meet a man and the like i can fix him when he's probably not broken and is happy and fine are like now with him in it i hear my friends say it all the time and i'm like no no he's fine he's happy need to fix him he doesn't think he's broken and i think sometimes guys with me or like i'll tame her like i'll break you know like i'll and there was this comedian who sent me a message on i guess it was on facebook or myspace it was those who i would always see around and i'm pretty elusive like you and i didn't get we haven't got to hang the comedy store that much but like
come in an amount less less so now like i would hang now 'cause like cool people are there now but when you were gone it was kind of toxic in their intents and not like fun now more fun and so i would just get in do my set and leave 'cause i was trying to do a couple sets a night and uh i would like hey what's up and we wouldn't flirt but it was just like hey and you know the kind of person who wants to give you like tags there always bad they're like you know you should say there and laying and i get this message that was like rage like a rage eh gmail that was like you know you don't know what you're like you know the base just of it i don't remember how it started but it but in like you don't know what makes you come i can show you what yeah like it was like i was like i
obviously accidentally actually say that in there i'm sure i still have the screen grab of it 'cause i said you know i said to tell you much how do you know what makes me yeah i don't like it was just put it was like this alpha thing like it was like a alpha reaction i think or something like i just need to make you shame you or something i don't know what it was yeah that's not like what is that what would it take for you to say that took her home that's a crazy person okay usually it's self obsessed like to lose when all the listing on our system or something that sharon are sophistic to do yeah just to reach out like that yeah that's the you know what that is you aren't accoutrement or you are like a piece of like wardrobe in his life interesting you don't want him to try you on
you know the interesting like you like he's upset like you were in my life and it's not why are you doing what i want you to stand in my life that's my life that's clinical narcissism is that everyone is an extension of you and if you're not doing what i wrote you're acting out yeah that's interesting well there's a lot of people that feel like that i mean that's the classic example of why comedians don't like to work with other good comedians because they don't anybody else doing well yeah now they don't want anybody it's gotta be all about them like how many bad comedians do we know that take the fucking worst people on the road with them the worst worse the word worse it's like so bad you go ok do you hate your audience like what the fuck are you doing the people i think of the funniest 'cause my audience is paying money
and so and you want to laugh too yes whatever i have to watch them to exact it doesn't benefit me to have less talented people around me i actually do the opposite to a fault i feel like i try to hire people who are more towns to mean everywhere my life so that it makes me look better well that's again you're weirdly introspective in that way but there's a lot people that get into comedy because of all the scars in their childhood like we were talking about and they don't they don't heal those things instead they just find work around they find a way where they can sort of express themselves and and so it's almost like see i told you i showed the world like they never come to a neutral point and never get over the child when they go ok well what am i doing is there a benefit to what i'm doing here try to stop if i'm healthy now try to stop what i'm doing or yeah should i use when i'm doing and just enjoy it and have a good time and then you realize that i probably got here because of an unhealthy obsession
or because of a bad childhood about but now that i'm kind of moving past that maybe i could use who's this position to just have some fun yeah exactly what you're saying like you just it is so clear to me what i was not being clear about in the beginning of like the you know if you bring unfunny people on the road years really funny comparatively and solve a send you created this little world for yourself where you become this king of the idiots but it you are to step outside that world you're all the sun at the bottom of the food chain like you create a world where at the top of the food chain which is like why important to me to go to other countries be around people have no idea who i am that i don't pay that don't think i'm funny can you understand i'm saying it is very humbling and then you're like oh who am i without all this stuff you know without it
movements and money and car or whatever it is you know 'cause like i'm afraid that i might do that by accident yeah you know 'cause if you have people around you who are paid who are to say no to you that's how you stop getting funny run around like like i so chris rock at the store once i'm sure you have this where he was working on i don't know like not the oscars or something and he not on state and he said something that was just like hey i'm sorry i'm late i you know my car was you know i couldn't find a spot part number was and he was like that wasn't funny pleased laugh and less i say something funny please that is true be like i'm not yeah he was like that comics is stopping funny yeah it's because people enabled and so you know the use it when you get so big like you it's like that you know people stop i mean your audience i'm sure is really you know but we can all be guilty of it you i think
what you're talking about it's like navigating all these and land mines now that success can set up for you you know which are better land mines that failure but still land mines and the land mines of fame or particularly intoxicating because when someone you know has a bun the fans would say oh my god you know mike fuck faces here yeah my god it's mike and they go run up to i can't but you're so amazing thank you thank you very much take picture with me i'm cool guy it becomes this thing where you get accustomed to that it's so myopic and you forget that there is six billion people that don't have any fucking idea who you are an iff mike fuck face is around tonemic dick face and tony dick face is more famous like twenty mick dick faces a movie out now then mike fuck face gets really mad like tony yeah it's your exactly right you ever seen those but guys before both represented by very cats i think bear
yeah yeah yeah but they're doing his podcast just wanted three hours yeah but it's but it is that sort of no no i literally found myself 'cause it's also if you do achieve anything there it doesn't matter you're just comparing yourself some with more achievements so i'm recreating this feeling failure at every level of success and recreating this unhappiness at every level where i have no real problems you know it's like yeah i have my bullshit problem yeah there fake it's like you know it's a cat my parents are sick yeah right yeah i have a lot of you know real things but it's also it's like you know i can pay the bill to get them cat like i literally i'm going to this thing where it's like nursing homes and care for for older people on like talk to people pay for that i have to go on tour
pay for it i mean i have to you know thank god i get to do that for a living and it is very expensive is seen as a check but it's a fortune yeah and i'm like oh my dad as you know is is a vet and i looked at the vet facilities and i was just like are you finally someone this is where let's go the guys that fuck lost their limbs for our country like this is where you're putting them i mean that's are dying do you need a facilities we have to do these we did these benefits these of events called fight for the troops and we did this for the and try to and intrepid center for excellence huh which is sent an establishment that they they've the these facilities they're they're creating the state of the art for
so it is to deal with people with traumatic brain injuries and so they showed us all these guys and it's unbelievably heartbreaking see these people like with their wives and their children and their families and they're trying to rehabilitate them and then going through all these steps but what was more disheartening than anything was to realize that all this stuff is privately funded 'cause the united states government just they don't allocate enough money to treatment of these troops when they get home they just don't so we have to raise all this money for these people so how we're doing this like they wanted us to talk about it at the beginning of it and i have to measure myself because it's on tell vision and it's what i want to say is this is fucking crazy that we have to do a fight to raise people brain damage so that we can raise the money for money for brain damage will raise the money for all the weapons that they really seem to find money for but not for the humans that use the weapons but these guys
it's so ironic in a lot of ways because these people are fighting okay and if they're fighting sub electric bunch people got knocked out initial so they got some brain damage and so the and i mean obviously they're competing it's their decision and is there did going for glory the trying to make it as a fighter but we're the end result is that this they're getting pounded on so that we can make money it's crazy so they could help people crazy left brain damage it's that's a must that is the most chinese finger trap oh my god you know it's like the amount of brain damage you get from mma is so miniscule and compared to an id but it's also why the fuck we not set money aside for this this how could there be what a find out free congressman gets find out what everybody any every senator gets chapa chung yeah that shit out and send it to the intrepid center i mean there's got to be a way there's gotta be some fucking red tape and bureaucracy that you can cut and you
could send some of that money to help take care of these people that you are forcing go overseas and fight these battles of friend am i who is in the army he told me that the statistic on vets can the suit saying now it's insane i want to say it was night i want to see which one of you like seven minutes yeah it is it something like that yeah jim jimmy can look it up yeah but it's it's insane it's more people out front of twenty two a day twenty two a day i in two thousand and twelve more us soldiers committed suicide than were killed in combat yeah yeah i mean it's like what do you i mean it's just it's it's too crazy and yeah and then like oh god where is my soy milk come amazes only twenty two a day i thought it yeah i know i thought it was one every like seven minutes or something but that's an average maybe it has something i don't know i don't like that
statistics are analysts and i'm not talking about people who have served i just know too many i i know too much of it i have talked to too many guys and i i've done i've talked to too many people that you know the reality of it is so bleak and also from the all i know about it is that and then the drone guys or is a real nightmare because there's all this you know normally when you are in combat and you come back you do a physical neutralization period like you go to germany or some for like five days and like they chill you out before you go back to your family and kids after you've just been combat but these drone guy not only is a technology so advanced that they're seeing all these women and children they're not in the fog of war right they don't just see like brett brent bread because when you are getting shot at a kid is might as well be a you know a guy with a gun so with that so these guys are seeing these people getting shot super close up they're not able to they're seeing their own guys get shot like they're seeing it and then they go upstairs to the wife and kids
and there's just no for their brains to acclimate to it and it's there's a serious atrophy of fog drone pilots and they're just raise the wages of it so that it will attract more because so few people want to do it really yeah to doing in your basement like a video game just is actually even more dramatic oddly but also suicide rate apparently it's even worse among the so orders that didn't kill anyone 'cause they have guilt and shame about it yeah from what i've talk two with guys that were in the seals are rangers special operatives guys is that those guys have way less issues seals and rangers okay because first of all to lee they're going to be the most durable yeah yeah yeah there is never the strongest guys it's always the most yeah yeah well those got into a terrible there mentally more durable they have a better understanding their way deeper and more intense calmer
battery than the average person does and then on top of that there there proactive they're the ones who hunting down bad guys yeah they're not waiting for people to attack them yet going after them it's a totally different kind of thing like if they plot a mission and they're going to go fuck somebody up like they're hunting you're not being wanted to yeah the anxiety that's where the distress come dude i wanted to send you this you probably already read it it's called sapiens i think and it's essentially it's about anxiety and the book now that was a different one i realized i've been texting you too many books and that's what church you go mic yeah it's like philly as he saved most girls said you know naked photos new tags i said science books signal wonder i'm fucking alone and it's about anxiety and everyone said
society of anxiety and it's like anxiety is actually it talks about sort of the origin of it and there's it's two pronged one is i had a lot of shame about anxiety too and exact same about shame about it like i mean why my anxious it's like we're actually supposed to be anxious you know just by the laws of survival of the fittest the fittest were the ones that were anxious thousands of years ago the anxious hypervigilant people were the ones that were like there's fucking tiger we should move and the ones that didn't have anxiety just got eaten alive and you're definitely one of the watchers yeah i think i definitely i do get anxiety none the wiser i know you're up at night is why we've got wait a year or a year yeah you're also seeing them comedian so you live a night life yeah i have a journal and people who grew up in hectic homes who produced adrenaline young usually have an adrenaline addiction i definitely have that yeah because your body's producing as such i don't have a date
a huge problem huge also to your point just now is is there's just i never thought of course had thought about it i'm not smart enough to but i have never known that humans are not designed to be at the top of the food chain were only the top of the food chain because we have weapons and the reason we have weapons is because it really large brains which was actually not helpful at all it's really inefficient and uneconomical for energy because i guess our brains bird like twenty five or thirty percent of our calories or something so chimpanzees and apes had smaller brains they were able to climb trees and avoid threats like a big brain is like a disaster except that we invented tool so we sort of not based on merit we superficially once we invented tools jump to the top of the food chain but we don't deserve to be there 'cause without weapons a lot of these would kill us yeah but we can figure out weapons so of course we deserve to be there totally but as soon as the weapons are gone or vulnerable so if we are vulnerable to animals yes to allow
because we're not truly at the top of the food chain we only are at the top of the food chain if we have a weapon yeah we are setting so we're at the top of the flight looks like a turtle without a shell but this second you drop your weapon you're in the middle of the food she don't drop it bitch that's the whole thing angelus you keep fucking weapon but i stay alive that's like one hundred and one anxiety right hold the fucking weapon yes don't drop it and be an keep your shit together and keep on fucking high alert 'cause the second if your back is to a lion and the weapons pointing this way you're still don't die yes ryan into lines are problematic even if you have a weapon it like yeah they eat bullets for fucking practice there's a balance of the second you run out of bullets over well you know when when you think about what may a human a human it's it's really fascinating because it becomes like what came first the chicken or the egg yeah like what were we like when we were australia pacificus you know they have these
depictions of us in what we looked like all hairy and with fucking sloped foreheads and shit we were pretty close to people but not really people and when you really look at the fossil record what they understand at least we're only talking about this kind of person like you and i for a couple three thousand years yeah that's so reasons so recent it's so nice i have an extra bone in my foot yeah i have what's your foot i had my feet are webbed is that a turn off of all those foot fetishes i stocks on you know it's so funny that i'm wearing gloves and it's real power moves you know there's that you you really have webbed feet no i don't i'm joe see right in there are these foot fetishes hi every hi hi guys and there's foot fetishists out there and like if you google may i think would become his feet is like the second or third one which i you
so i mean that's for most people in the public eye like feet is always like to like google charly saran don't do it and just see what the see what they come up so i'm really afraid that if i admit this although i'm going to lose my foot fetish demo but i had this pain in my phone and i think we're probably a little bit similar you much more so but i have a pretty high tolerance for pain you just learned guide and go to doctors growing up it's just like suck it up that's what i caught on fire i went to school that's basically like how my family as you just suck it up and you lmao and so i had this pain in my foot or like the like my big toe and then my like third toe like once every two weeks like real bad it would be like it's just a stabbing awful pain but i just was like oh that's my foot like once every two weeks my foot has like a spasm and last for like i don't know two minutes and then i get through it and i was in a row
through monday and my feet were up on the table and then i was like had the pain came in screaming and two minutes later i'm like anyway so act three what should we never was like what the fuck was that does it go i have this thing i have this foot spasm that happens once every two weeks it's just like my foot norman was like no that's not a thing that's not you have to get go to podiatrist first i've ever went to a podiatrist and he gave me an extra musical you have an extra foot i'm sorry your foot you have bone in your foot between your second and third toe and he's like it's basic just remnants of did it's not bone spurs like a bruno foot for it really just like i'm extra you can't really see it it's just like an extra bone like right here whoa look one think you know because we used to have more bones in our feet and you're like that
it's fucking real like it was not that long ago why would we have extra bones though it's something about the i'll find out for you it's something about the webbing or something my friend steve rinella went to bolivia and he stayed with schumanni the tribe tribe in bolivia and they don't wear shoes and they live in the rainforest and their feet their feet are splayed out it's interesting like our feet are like this and is that connecticut is it warned from running warren warren from running all the time so well it's just walking constantly barefoot but like our feet are like this where their feet are spread like there to those are spread in women's in america are like all most reckon all seeing their feet their toes are taken left and yeah yeah they're just trying to run away from each other yeah fucking shoes that don't cocktail shrimp
feeder fish shaped like that asian bound geisha that's like they have to do it right it's like these too many people was there and he was walking through the woods with these people and he was like this is incredible because they've never had shoes they don't have any shoes and if you give them shoes they try them on there like what this is crazy and they throw it aside and they have these thick thick soles of their feet sure come from just constant again that's my that's exactly like you keep saying my goal like you make it to where we are so i want to have the thick thick sole in my personality you know to mean i want to be that person is the i don't want to be the one who has the is like email part yes i don't yes i don't want to be this like my god you have like steve yeah like i don't i i started realizing i had all these fucking needs don't you think those are means that we see around us constantly yeah because it's so
socially force right so like coconut milk soy milk and did a six dollar latte image it becomes normal after well i don't think this is not talking normal also comforting to like behave in these patterns that we've already seen before does make you feel like you're a normal person and it makes us feel like because were designed to be part of a tribe and it it and in standing out it's like produces you know yeah stress because it means we're less safe and i was like i do not want to like 'cause you drive around and you're like god this fucking asshole this whole asshole and you're like i'm one of those assholes right i've gotta remove myself from the situation and go watch it's have surgery for you know a lot of that you these things like the bro rage and all that jazz yeah a lot of it goes away when you're in a small town tell me now that's interesting in boulder one of the things that i found and i was only in boulder for a few months but one of the things that i've now when i was there is like people drive way more polite their way
be nicer like they let people in and they don't cut people off as much to no no just let that to everyone for sure that too but there's less of them there's only two thousand people in town so when you have a small community first of all there's less diffusion of responsibility because you and that person i'm probably going to see each other again so if i in some of the finger on the highway in the four hundred and five what are the odds going to meet that do it again zero these interesting there's less like a kind of it was like we can be more anonymous yeah and more the e u you have more sponse ability as a community like if you see someone pulled over the side of the road you have more desire to pull over and help them it's like tribal i mean that's really like a tribe mentality like there was these people that were in the car the other day and they were on the side of the road and i was thinkin fox or get out the car and help them push the car and i think i watch them doing my gather okay they got it it's up on the hill there there it's up on the the current that they're gonna be okay
but i was thinking like if this was a small town for sure i pull over and i was thinking that at that moment because the time that i spent living in boulder i was i was amazed at how polite people were and also the less people like in the town like when i was in this town in the mountains they would wave when you would go by people lift end up when you drive by are like you pass each other and everybody and i got used to doing it and we all did it you know as you were driving this way that person with that way you lift your hand up and you wave because there's not that many of you see in la i think there's so fucking many people that we lose the idea of value of our fellow humans our fellow humans become a bird fight yeah become a br there's too many of us and so there's a lot
the other thing that like for guys like or for people like you and i it's great because there's so many clubs we can work at you know there's so much variety as far as like restaurants we could eat at or places we can go and so much culture to see but also you're dealing with this massive volume of people and it's hard to keep your perspective it's hard to keep your perspective just with this your numbers and i think in a lot of ways it mirrors what we're talking about with with celebrity or with fame or with wealth that it's hard to keep perspective like for people people need adversity difficult situations we need things in order to keep our perspective you know it's interesting have you been to tokyo yes so tokyo is like hectic
i mean there's not as many it's not as much of a car culture but there's a weird i wonder what part of its cultural weather cars play it because it's really everything is time square to there's like a big time square but there's like this concept of space and it's not like when i go to new york it's like fuck you fuck you excuse you know it's like you're just like in a rat race whereas in tokyo there was this weird harmonic sort of it's almost like choreographed less of a like yeah i know that less aggression more respect yeah maybe maybe it is a cultural thing we're talking earlier but it's less like i get it maybe it's fact maybe it's because we live in you know capital society where it's all like we're competing with everybody in the county to but they compete in a very different way than we do yeah you know they compete with with all the i have a lot of honor and behavior patterns of this expected to follow it's a very different world but
i was amazed how polite people were in tokyo i was just there i got i mean i accidentally was rude so many because when a cab picks you up you're not allowed to open the door the door opens and it's considered rude if you open the door yourself are close at but i am driver gets up and opens and closes it for real yeah like its route to do something for yourself huh and did some it's weird because i just i it makes you feel like you're gonna be broberg severance of how are you can i help it's services like you know as you said it's all about honor and dignity and taking pride in your work which were i'm all about fucking shortcuts like how do i will there all about doing something the most difficult way like or the most painstaking painstaking like samurai swords be there was never seen an actual samurai sword now of course joe's got one in his pocket guys cheat this is from the 1500s ok
real samurai sword from the 1500s like legitimately and if you look at that blade that it was made by some guys who turned on right now steel pounded it folded it uh over pounded it again folded it over pound it again it takes for and you can see if you look at the actual sembly line know well that's so much more humanizing so there is just an assembly line that's making these you know as a human you just feel like a robot you feel like you are robbed of your individuality you know this is like you can take pride in your work but they did a different than anybody they did it different than anybody who's making swords i mean they had soared making and sort heidi get your core real on point that's the real deal and is this to actually kill people or just a samurai fight probably killed people what do you think it feels like to stab someone i bet it's not easy easy what what like i mean you're sway stronger but
the meeting with pens on where you stab give me a text so if your stomach is probably pretty you need to create a replica of what it would be like to stab someone would be like a watermelon no you get like a deer oh yeah gay an animal that's not obvious but like ribs no stop it ribs can if you're weak you know but it depends on how how heavy the blade is like does anyone ever tried to stab someone it's like the i will show the whole thing for sure i guess that's what ribs are for to protect your i mean a week per who stabs you in the wrong spot with small knife is probably not going to get it but somebody who stabs you at that fucking thing the odds of that now going through your ribs pretty small if you're a wrong person most likely you're going to penetrate their entire body but it's also mirrored in archery like in the hunting that's like one of the most important aspects of bow hunting is to have a heavy error
now that has a sharp blade with a powerful bow so it goes through bone so it goes through ribs doesn't go through the rows of it stops at the ribs then just wounded animal bone marrow april retail of it many thanks gets my nails my hair good group it's like that and in that same book talks to help baldomero human brain growth exponentially went up when human started eating the bone marrow avantel 'cause they couldn't their own animals they had to eat the leftover bone trash right but that's actually all the vitamins and good shit with so many questions in so many theories about what caused the doubling of the human brain size over a period of two million years is really a fascinating subject because they just don't know though all this speculation there's something that was the ability to
throw the throwing arm so yeah it's one of the most unique aspects of a person there's no other animal that can take a rock and throw it with accuracy like a person can so like ground nesting birds things along those lines that a hand eye coordination it should be and you can throw something but right i mean it's going to hit that exactly interest doesn't have the synapses it doesn't have the connections and it's mine that allow it to be like really accurate distance right like a personally think about like a pitcher who can throw a fastball how many feet is it to the plate sixty two sixty two feet i think also we were of all to see under water right like fish for started so we're actually our vision as i wonder well if you have you ever read you know nothing about that theory so please if you're really aquatic ape theory the aquatic ape theory is bizarre and it's it's very controversial but the
years that human beings come out of the womb with so much body fat and we're so different than chimpanzees in that regard like a chimpanzee baby is like a chimpanzee adults just little well most yes yeah but human babies fill with fat we're we're super fast most species are born ready to go right ours are born completely helpless such as helpless but fast yeah like covered in fact yeah and the idea is that we were in water and that we developed and we possibly evolved around water to the point where babies like if you throw a chimpanzee see baby in the water they fucking drown they just the debris the water they drown you throw a human baby in the water they instinctively hold their breath yeah 'cause they're basically fish until they're born like than evonik with the baby in the water dollar bill yeah like one my kids learn how to swim in their babies it's awesome we taught him when they were really little we got him instruction but things you realize like people it's it's a very natural thing to hold your breath and go underwater yeah
instinct it yeah it's totally instinctive and so the aquatic ape theory theorizes at one point in our evolution we were primarily water bound and that may we we went into the water to get away from predators or that maybe we figured out a way to do well up in the water as low hominids do so no other animal holds their breath either about no other animal but i know that other primates don't yeah other primates is fucking drama and if we were webbed at some point is that for swimming can we have webbed i don't know if it's true that chimps don't i don't know if that's true we might have i mean we certainly don't some go way people every now and then have webbed feet but that could be just an aberration like cleft palate yeah that's true you know i mean i don't know why you would have a web i mean maybe it maybe we done some point here's a controversial there we kind of help you swim right but then it would get in the way if you wanted to like do shit it would
it would be well yeah but i mean they weren't texting we getting away from your instagram yoing lot of things in the selfies but same trees yeah yeah later that stooping yeah making tools i think it may be would get in the way makes your fingers satchel well that's the thing about not wide hands would be helpful yeah well if he would help yeah because our toes can do anything photos are you would be great for swimming yeah like a flipper yeah but there's something about our fingers too if you think about like the dexterity and the control that we have over our hands it's so and usual in comparison at any other animal and our fingers when our fingers get all wet and what is that wrinkly there was this uh interesting study about how fingers after being in water for two hours could pick up more marbles then dry hands which kind of means that we must have needed to be
the water a lot does that what it means or is it just a side effect of just your fingers getting wrinkly yeah but why would they get wrinkly if it wasn't useful for something or is that just a i don't know why do people get cancer don't get me started out of it and i mean i mean is that is that there are benefits to them well how many things are a benefit how well kind of not designed to live past like thirty right well we definitely didn't live past thirty along time ago very often but ocean less now i like it i just i am such a klutz seat like i'm afraid i'm just like you can just like slash still hates his bike and had just a nap signed is the say the answer with the skin on human fingers and toes shrivels up like an old prune we soak in the bath laboratory test confirmed the theory that wrinkly fingers improve our grip on wet or submerged objects working to channel away if the water like a rain treads in car tires
but that you know why it makes sense because the rest of your skin doesn't do that like if your elbow that's your forearm got all wrinkly trousseau evolutionary neurobiologists and his colleagues just wrinkling being an active says must have an evolutionary function the team also showed the pattern wrinkling appear to be optimized for that providing a drainage network that improved grip makes sense to maybe were twenty of fish or some yeah rocks well it you know it totally makes sense does it that that doesn't happen when you sweat does it now must you i don't really trust is what you think ten hours and you've talked about a lot i think the activity is good yeah i think exercise is good and i think you know those people a lot of them are very fit and but i think that like a lot of things when you take certain aspects of physical activity like steve
maxwell who is a good friend of mine is a strength and conditioning coach he said it best that physical fitness like lift weights and engaging in exercise activities he doesn't believe is a sport in unto itself thanks it's good at getting you strong for other sports now when you turn do a sport like who can do the most clean and presses who do the most you know whatever deadlifts in an hour he doesn't think that that's because this is he's far more qualified than i am to answer this so i'm using his rationale he thinks that powerlifting and body building movement or power lifting and a weight lifting movements like deadlifts or like cleans and presses you should and do them for like sets of thirty and forty and fifty and having these competition to see who can do the most he's like it's just not beneficial it's not he
he's of the school of thought that you should like strength lifting exercises or strength producing exercises be done with low repetitions and you know you should take breaks in between them and it's about building the physical strength of your body it's not about performing them in a contest yeah now the the cross with people i think if i could speak for them i think they think of it as a healthy lifestyle and that this competition it makes them work harder and they all work together and i definitely see their point and if you follow crossfit people and this one of the things about cross with people that they say like if someone to crossfit and there are vegan what do they about first because have you ever seen that because it's like a meme i think it was on like a that is it was a strong board there was a front of the car shop yeah well
it's one of those things we get excited about it like vegans the most proselytizing vegans when you talk to them like one of the things i've found because a lot of vegans get really upset with me because i eat meat but one of the things that have and with a lot of them is that i'll go to their instagram page after they shit on me and i say i just found a bacon fuckin sandwich that's form sold so i mean how long you been a vegan i've been living in for three months or three months it's open my eyes up i found my favorite person online the other day he's a vegan who believe the earth is flat is a flat rate yeah the flat earth people there is a lot of people out there that believe the fucking earth is flat they believe but it's all hoax and then nasa hoax and satellites aren't real and that there's airplanes that are flying high and that's where we're getting like directv from and then it's all a giant vast conspiracy and here's my favorite part gravity is not real and that the earth exist the reason why we're staying put is 'cause electromagnetism i mean
but i don't i'm not even going to i don't even know how to respond to think about this is for just just beheadings think of how many astronomers and knees are the people having kids these people are just procreating all day with other people they think all these people were in on it and they think that if you look at the horizon like there's videos there's like a video that shows like the two hundred reasons why they can prove that the earth is flat and it's how far can i don't think my file it really it it it makes me so maybe it's my my night watcher fight or flight thing but like when i hear that i just feel like i'm in danger well you are look like it's just like stupid people make me feel unsafe well what it is is there's a lot of religions out there true religion actually serves understand the neurological purpose it serves but you know
don't be ignorant what else to say is there's religions i mean with the word religion let's do let's ditch it okay let's just what is the what's the mental pathway that one's one follows they adhere to an ideology and i think we're all guilty of it to a certain extent we all can we need i mean and i think there needs to be something in place it's like don't kill people like guilt and shame used to keep societies controlled and have a sense of order right sure that sort of guns and before prisons and before she was organized it was like god's going to get you had to come up with something to keep people from raping each other and murdering everyone right and at least stopping it in they don't do it again yeah like you know yes let's let's nip the bug and then someone some business opportunity and so i can charge for this yeah i mean look there's
this countless examples of people creating these behavior patterns that other folks are forced to follow and these ideologies they you see the way people think and i think to a certain extent there's a lot of like really well what people call the regressive left like people get mad at a white guy for wearing dreadlocks and they say this is culture appropriation you taking black people's culture like that sort of thing is akin to religious people that want to force women to dress a certain way or want to force gay people that act certain way there's parts of certain ideologies that literally just because someone is trying to exert control of the over other people and they think they can because it's a rule right right right like the like the the other with it's a bad example to use about the dreadlocks because it's so stupid because no vikings wore dreadlocks the greeks had dreadlocks it's a white
two yeah yeah yeah thirty here thing yet yeah you know it's just it's it's we only had dreadlocks into like a sixteen concert it's so it's so stupid but it's it's a new way that people can get upset at certain groups and the left like especially like what people a lot of people get said that turn the regressive left but it's a good term and the reason why good terms 'cause there first of all there are packing straight there will there attacking why white gay men now for having privileges which i've read this whole article about white gay privilege as opposed to black men and people of color who are gay who don't get to experience the same freedom that white gay people do that live in white brooke didn't have you know a doctor white babies easier for them i mean yeah it's not it's it's attacking it is constant but we love i think it was you we were texting about the sick people love being out rate yes and i don't creation of our love it they love complain i think it is a form of bonding i think it is how people connect to each other and like you know organize and stuff people love be
being offended they love being insult did they love they love racism yeah because then i get to complain about it and begin to take the moral high you think it'd be sanctimonious and they get to be you know right and it's just like i think that for the sort of thinking i don't wanna call religion because i think it's a pass turn and patterns in these ideologies i think it's problematic when you label it like this is because of this is but it's these patterns of people forced their mind into will so people force themselves into these patterns where everything is a fucking conspiracy yeah and this is how you get to this like delusional state of mind that would allow you to think that the earth is flat or that governments run by reptilians but to me intelligence is kind of someone being although i think this is how it is or not yeah or not you're not being married to you right just like i could totally be fucking wrong like you know i think it's just like like what is this like all my all my
self esteem and identity is linked to this why it's like how sad and lonely is that person that they need to attach to some idea that it's just so odd to me i mean i think comedians our brains are little we like we can go through an hour set and say argue a point are you against our own point go back on and then someone heckled since like well that's a good point like i mean i feel very lucky that we have brains that are able to see everybody's side and that's kind of what we do for a living but it's very shocking to it seems so suffocating an isolating and weird to just be stuck on one sing show
but it's easy to be yeah it's so common it's obviously easy to be because it's so common is their home if you think something and someone proves you wrong you will be angry and you will defend that original idea is if it's a part of its own trying to steal like yes why are you insulting me try take from me yes it does people react to it like stealing that's so interesting in this one you can see right away that there's an issue because people take it very personally if you don't share i believe we have a different are the ones that attach from their belief systems the fastest like doctors and scientists like mirror neurons is all about mirror neurons like a couple years ago right and then they recently just debunk that theory and scientist to be like whoops we were wrong you know well that's what science is all friend of mine who's a doctor i was like 'cause he's always like oh and then i'm at my practice and i was like do you guys feel like it's weird that you call it crack
this you know do you wanna call it you be good or a nail did or the game time i'm at my game time championship game and he's like no it's called practice 'cause medison is doing the best we can with what we know there's lots we don't know and in ten years we're going to be doing looking back and they were like the second and the other was dangerous on you know that's like with medicine and science says like you're wrong every five years there's a new and piece of information did you see the latest that uh this thing that we did yesterday that they've given approval to people to use stem cells to try to regenerate dead peoples brains love it what thank you miss me just so fucking hard moving i mean that's what everybody was like tweeting just zombies with this is how we make zombies is it to bring people back to life or put their old brain into a new person's body i think so i think well there's that too but if you want to find out here it is biotech company granted ethical permission to
attempt to use stem cells to reactivate the brains of the devil like catch their killer or like no i don't think so not be crazy like hey who killed you will go back to i want to see what i want to know what the conversation was because they've been granted ethical mission by an institutional review board i didn't know there was an institutional review board that's not a real company yeah in the us and in india do you want me yeah and you india they gonna take the brains of baby cells into a lot of a lot of people in america yeah it's just it's a lot of people it rose them down people yeah exactly yeah use twenty brain dead patients for what is sure to be okay so they're not there i need there i like tacomas or comatose or something to look at their call yeah the rihanna ma project oh fucking christ sounds like anima what are you doing jim is
is it oh god a second chance in life oh my gosh magnolia movie it's also by the way the worst thing about this is it's a shitty website i'm not going i know if my trying to do this on like a family member i need to get on square space totally hey guys you got like this is like comedy central's proven scientific concept this is insane exploring the potential of cutting edge biomedical technology for human neural regeneration and how neural mexicana may shun neural reanimation is so when you see reanimator i think of that fucking movie yeah reanimator movie where they brought the monsters the brought people back to life and their monitor reddit movies re animator like some mad scientist movie from the 80s holden is it is it a private sing like if i'm like i want to reanimate yeah
no that's all you're doing right now i feel like you probably some fighter friends who could use though i know something we both have a couple in my phone fucking inject some shit in there frank allen will be brian is never have been hit he doesn't even have any real excuses i'm sure his wife set up a couple times but he likes the box lately brians into boxing and i think he dancing his way worse for you isn't it well it's all bad for you and fucking soccer gives you brain damage your heads not to get it posted jostle right yeah yeah yeah it goes every direction except it goes yeah right except i have a buddy of mine who is a professor who is forty nine or fifty and he kicked boxes he sparrs and i'm like you but you know you understand that yeah like you're into this you know he's a history professor like you understand that this is dangerous for brain but you get so much enjoyment out of the thrill
of being primal yeah we been in there sparring and let me ask you a question did we didn't talk about this last time that calcio storico thing in italy once yes play bare knuckle football with bare knuckle boxing insane insane yeah so i was going to know about that until you send make sense documentary yes and pete berg i think ended up making it anyway but we were like just broken up and i'm like why am i making a documentary of my ex boyfriends this is really self abusive but it's apparently the month that it happens via once in the area goes down course yeah so there's some interesting about these guys who want to go spar like maybe they're sexually harassing less women at work maybe there are you know putting less bar fights as calcio storico so it was invented in the sixteen hundreds to entertain kings it was stopped because so many people were dying and then and i once in nineteen sixteen they brought it back they keep a low profile because so many people get concussions and sick just a group kickboxing
like i think twenty on twenty the only rule is no two on one these are grown men these are not young like athletes are not professional athletes butchers their lawyers or whatever just exchange partners like guys just moved in a new guy moved in they just touched hands like one guy is duking it out with a guy and if for some reason they changed bare knuckle it's also by region so it's like neighborhoods against neighborhood so a lot of it's like father's against sons brothers against brothers they changed teammates like two guys were fighting and then another guy steps in and takes the place press while these guys have dog shit skills but it's no these are nag i just stepped in these are professional athletes these are literally guys that have other jobs once a year they just agree to fucking just fight gets pretty which one is this number minute are you in first
first of all here's what you should see the ball it actually the goal is to get the ball into the other side but when you dogs skills is so bad i have to laughing at that when the person scores they get so hit so hard that no one wants high school lyrics such like everything you do it you do it as soon as you score people just pummel you and then see these guys in the corners with stretchers they just carry people off the field the entire time so this guys holding this guy down so you could grapple two yes the only rule you can bite you can kick in the bites you can do anything by the only thing you can't do is two on one that's the only rule you can bite the only rule is no two on one you can kick in the balls i'm sure i mean maybe that's a gentleman she like these two guys are the only two guys that are helping with these two guys this guys got this guys back and there's a lot of people fuck
lolli gagging on a chair figures again like you fucking pussies get maybe make it out there in there like what the fuck am i doing have a family english you must not these guys out one at a time with the fuck are we doing here oh someone got smacked so he goes down he's got the ball it went down then another guy took his place in this guy is just sort of avoiding the whole thing yeah this ball guy looks gay as fuck no let's see there's a god down to look soon as he gets knocked down another guy steps in and take all rights the guy that he was fighting before you got knocked down what a bizarre stew so that it turns into just like a melee yeah of madness and it's just it's actually interesting to watch the clusters happen like the energycap going into one place only one black on yeah i know
that's why it sounds nobody much in this are regular guys these are official athletes like the train for it like it's it's almost like what's that thing that iron man it's like a voluntary thing that they do it's tradition if you do if your dad did it oh god yeah so stupid and so ridiculous but there's a lot of tradition and and see everyone wears like joker reforms or what is two guys that are humping is still is bother just like his you can disguise got this guys back but he's not doing anything by the way you should go out there one here and do the commentary where all the black people this guys fucking gay two more blockers getting happy now they just another like this
these are sicilian this guys annoying you got dog shit skills well it just seems like you mean if you put a little bit going on see the yellow guys in yellow that's when people get fucked up to see how they just get taken off the field and then they have to play i think it's two hundred and twenty minute quarters and then the winner the winners have to play again next day again that three days in a row the championship is four days later and the winning team their prizes a cow they get a cow get a cow account you don't get money you know indoor the thing i like about it that attracted me to it you know endorsement deals there's no nothing's being promoted it's just people that want to fucking fight each uh but i understand is where's the leg kicks do you guys not understand about leg kicks their italian yeah but they're not there's a few kicks being grown but no astronomy leg kicks their standing right in front of you but there's no takedowns does no takedown taxes
shitty boxing with the occasional kick it's this is it's basically just like a giant street right right but these guys have a little bit of skill like i'm looking at there is a lot of the other see here is it take down like this but nothing happens so you can take a guy down but look at the way these guys are like standing in front of each other like juke and i think they probably get out there and like are like what am i doing let's just like pacing down and see if we can just get through this forty minutes without it so weird because they just exchange partners they move back and forth like they square off and then they decide i don't want to fight you i'm gonna fight your friends well it's so interesting is think about it it's like these are not trained guys but it's like if you put twenty people fighting there's no press to do it right away you know it's like when do you decide it's time to take you know oh jesus this is really well why is this guy must agree with the ball is going to go he's gotta get through yeah and then they just talking shit like that
i like that like you looking to kick how do you get just no one know how to kick no i think most people unless they're in thailand probably don't i went and saw those fights in doesn't want this up this is i had to watch those point is purists there's less violence sold maybe your friend who is getting brain damage it is jim who is no business brown will let brian's ryan if brian didn't get box i would be to fight at the things he was doing this at a i think he needs to be in a jam getting punched in the face a couple hours a day good for so i think that people across i know i'm i mean i'm not i'm not negative across sort of the kind of people who have to get that energy out i worry where that energy would go if they weren't getting it out in competing or fighting or boxing or whatever that's valid i think people feel better for sure when they have that sort of release and i think there's a cathartic release he's in any sort of like severe exertion but i think you can get the same cathartic release from yoga i real
yeah i really do i mean it's not as this really exciting yeah from manas on a satisfying it does not adrenaline does give you the confidence like did ju jitsu is my fave but because you did so you can go full blast and you get any for sure but it's not the same kind of injuries that you get usually from like it boxing and stuff like kickboxing sparring to me is the most problematic because i've seen how hard some people can kick and i just know that if using when he should have zagged and someone decides to kick you whore and that fucking shane bounce off your head no i just know what can be done i've seen too much so like when i see that like urbms bmx jumping with no helmet okay hopefully you're going into the jungle job it's just it's not about if it's about what yeah well specially kick boxing kickboxing to me is like i feel like even boxing is more it is long as you're sparring with people who you know we're not going to hit you hard at least you
a little bit more control of the situation i mean i don't know it really resident like was profound to me when you said that you know you have to fall to know you're not your limits sense but you know don't know how fine ramifications you have to understand that when i broke my shoulder it changed my life like it was actually something that needed to happen because i pushed myself way too hard no respect for my body like i just routinely abused it with everything so many ways the people i surround myself with the things i ate the way that i lived i didn't sleep and it was like i needed to be proved in the fridge city of my body vulnerability yeah totally be able to go you know what no i don't think so i think i'm going to like try to think like more than two hours ahead right now and not do that dangerous thing well think about your body as if this is long term thing and people have given me a hard time about that too like like especially like lifting weights i'm going to wonder
everybody so fucked up like 'cause i'll put like a video on instagram of me working out my trainer but that the uh the way you can keep your body from getting in his sounds so counter intuitive the only way that you can prevent certain injuries by making your body strong of course the only way to make your body strong as get a lift heavy things i'm also do you have any interest or of than the hypermobility yes hi for so i was hyper mobile which i didn't know which means i lift things everything from a weight to a coffee cup with my joints not my muscle i was not it's so easy to turn around so i know maybe i am too but it's so western european trash which is i am basically just like alcoholics with joint problems like a lot of western european genetics means you're hyper mobile which is so your picking things up put in a lot of strain on your joints instead of using your whole body you know pick something up it's my knees and my
tips in my lower back instead of my thigh muscles in my glues well that's one of the best things about mobile training in my opinion is that they're so awkward but it forces you to understand we use your body as a unit yeah there's a lot of people that do bodybuilding type workouts and the isolation exercises although they make your muscles bigger they don't allow your body to synchronize an use itself as one individual you interesting and that's how you get non collision injuries like when you hear about people who are fifty and they're like i sneezed my back out that's what they've been putting like you know pressure on their joints instead of their muscles for a long time and i didn't have an like i never use my glue it's just walking around and walking up stairs and picking things up and whatever and and then i had to like re learn how to like walking shadow
i had to go to this like fucking pallotti's thing and like it was whole so fucking boring this was like three years ago we learn data was a fucking nightmare like he's talking to you like me you don't know how to walk you need to re learn how to walk and you like sitting but you can sleep fuck i need to learn how to walk how to do with documentary on how to walk i'm going to write a book on how to walk i'm going to learn how to walk i'm going to get going to get fucking awesome it learning how to walk i'm going to teach people how to walk that somebody going to china and i'm teach kids how to walk by the way that's my schedule for tomorrow thank you thanks for providing maine i mean you're one of those people like when you call me i would say i'm doing a documentary on the bottom lock is very alarming this fucking horseshit you walked over to them and they lied to you i know you don't like to be a woman we believe lies is gradually wise too so it's uh
bravo shit yeah the world is flat your dick is huge there's a lot of lies going around someone telling you don't know how to walk favorite i was in a writers room once and i was like thinking of this like story where the characters were gonna have sex but then didn't i was like oh i have an idea what if the guy is allergic to spermicide i was like i was like you know like some guys are allergic to spermicide so they can't use condom everybody looked at you like it doesn't get like half of the guys i've dated guys i think they can't use condoms wizard so allergic to thomas i was literally like as as i was saying and i was like oh well i believe it's some women are allergic to spermicide not only that but i've heard that some women are actually allergic to different partner sperm interest today yeah i think that's true
please google other sperm fertilizing my eggs were the frozen next you feel like its relation to them reaction thread cooler somewhere frozen eggs are fucking living in amazing life in hermosa beach have a great deal innovolt yeah like they keep them cold i guess it's cryofreeze i should probably people done what is the power goes out i think about that all the time it goes down is that one of the things in the middle the night that no they explain to me the generators and all this stuff all i ever think about is when i'm going to hospital is what if the fucking power goes out how old do you know thirty three and how many eggs did you store away eighteen your eggs are still good yeah they're really good for like another six year i am so stupid i just seem analogy ruin my marriage holy shit fourteen months after we were married i was diagnosed with humans seminole plasma hypersensitivity and al does semen oh my god i met simon had a girlfriend's wedding name change to predict identity the faith
all day changed my life in more ways than i could have ever imagined so i wonder if she's like allergic to some dudes loads and not everyone will is it where is it land in her is the allergy happening in her question or in her face hi gross i her just the fact i was wondering what yeah but i just am curious where like it's a throw get itchy i wonder what what allergies guys however some guys allergic eating okay sperm allergy sometimes seem analogy seminole seminal plasma hypersensitivity zerar allergic reaction proteins found a man semen mostly affects women bing sensation in the vaginal area oh that's not good like pain it in a burning sensation of vaginal area oh that's awful yeah it sounds not good that's uh mostly effects women why 'cause mostly women catch loads i wonder you am i right let me ask you something well i'm always like what's the evolutionary purpose is something i mean there's gotta be an evolutionary purpose to every allergy is it is just eliminate people well that's why i'm saying maybe evolution doesn't want this woman
procreate which should work that way it's random mutations and adaptations to environmental changes yeah but what if this if the yeah they don't prove but like so for example right so pheromones if you're a pheromone smell good that means we should procreate right if they smell bad it means we're probably related somehow not swim so to have a vagina flare up when sperm goes in at is that nature's way of being like this woman has garbage genetics maybe that dude has weekly maybe if a man has some like fucking stout loads you get in there and your vagina blood i'll take this is good this is good hey girl yeah maybe it's just bad loads but
and let's your area i don't know i'm it and i wasn't there was rain man cast was it chris ryan there was explains right about called out loads stout load it's going to be my new pocket forward by bryan callen which is going to talk about loads not three hours twice a week yeah i'm really interested in loads we should have to do my first sex scene that actual sexy sex scene next week yeah more and literally there's so much time and energy has gone into word as his dick go where it is yeah it is everything go and is it for a short t shirt yeah that's for sure okay so it's gonna be a lot of people on the set yeah i mean i'll probably we minimize unnecessary people that day like gotta dude who is friends with who did a sexy with a girl and they're making out and she goes if you want you could go ahead and fuck me and he was like nope it was like
the moment you said that the type of girl that says you can fuck me in a bee movie it wasn't even a bee movie you know it's like some no name nonsense production and they were making out and she just said you can go ahead and fuck he's he likes him to say now more turn on dan he's you can fuck me please let me in there well i bet he's probably terrified of not being able to get it up in front of all those people as well well yeah that's i mean we were kind of trying to figure it out 'cause we're like ok there's gonna be an erection do we just got you not be you say there's going to be but there might not be interaction if there's not one i will be crying so is sterically that he will get one because guys are into that they're in the crying yeah yeah i did a stroke sapa's sewed with chris about this one time really is crying and
and the guy was crying too bad direction like red flag you like week web sound women there are some people that have a hard time with someone who is not insecure fair and secure so there in securing the woman is confident they panic and then they could get interesting they could have a problem getting interaction bye but if the woman like all the sudden needs comforting and she's insecure then they assume you get this should be alpha yeah interesting so i should be freely and secure i will be anyway well the the i don't know like what is but i was thinking about this the other day this two voices that are just absolute bullshit that just don't work but we we know them as archetype and one of them is like one of 'em is like the spooky boy it's like no one scared of the spooky and no one and then the sexy girl call the one eight hundred suck my pussy you know what i mean like
but fuck these guys don't ever suck on anyone's pussy sucking like everyone's different but you know what i'm saying it's like you know hey boys are you doing alone right yeah that doesn't work on anybody i think that so many can do it so so that men can pretend to be what i mean like i don't know any women who like you know what i mean if you just get those commercials that night you know like i think it phone call commercials who call late night commercials at two hundred am or not guys like you there are guys who probably more susceptible beta males who needs someone even more beta than them so maybe that's why they have to be like hey by but it's the naughty girl voice do you want call ashley madison come home yeah it's like why are you whispering she wanna be naughty maybe it's 'cause they know that the wife's in the next room that like your back whispering creepy you
yeah it's so scared i know why sound like friend drescher at my pages call fucking nine hundred and ninety nine suck my pussy already guys that's not sexy suck my pussy what the fuck is wrong with you why do you call me it's an arkansas like other archetypes right like the strip club dj voice the top forty dj voice those are cases the politician voice that's an architect annoying wife yes voice sure i find myself and i stop doing this 'cause i realize i'm exacerbating the problem i get very triggered annoyed by stereotypes like the stereotype that guys are dumb really annoys me ask guys are dumb though i don't think i should dump kaiser most people are done they're designed to only most people are not i just mean like in terms of why don't you remember my and audrey's name you under three times it's like guys are only remembered designed to remember things if there's like some kind of threat attached to it and it's just your brains are 'cause like we're assigned to sort of in a team way for me to be hypervigilant and be like there's a fucking lion and you go
there's the break down everything to like some primitive tribe that is always an invasion always said to me don't you think that people can find things ever bowl because they're interesting and fascinating yes things that are told the threat but it's audrey interesting are fascinating to you i don't know allergies so maybe we should schools well yeah maybe doctor audrey paige day but i just mean like some benign friend of writer for girl flow whatever yeah and got i mean and then because it's also that's something that i love about my a man like if you're fixing something i want you to only be focusing on that guys don't multi task in the same way you now i just think that calling guys dumb it just is glorifying like a neurotic multi tasking overworked or glorification of busy type that's the new thing guys are just like simple at a you know i just people are so very though i yeah i'm i'm really more hesitant to generalize the old yeah yeah i just eat the manner
women are crazy man are stupid that thing is just to me so general it's just it's generalization that i think is really not helpful yeah at all and annoying it makes people comfort it gives them comfort and makes you feel sassa fire people yeah like you don't have to like uh what happened with debbie gs a crazy bitch yeah you know it's like it's easy to say she's a crazy bitch instead of say well i was raised kind of fucked up but i really don't have intimacy and like her because she and she wasn't heard and plus i'm insecure and she's a little stronger than i liked it and it's just it's got yeah the dominant one she's smarter than me and it doesn't work now yeah this is too much wait why did we get on that topic there was something about the beta males loads were talking download some in an upload style knows something about the beta males inept archetypes yeah yeah the dike don't cut out with this is that i found in my stand up and billing my boy from the group would you do it you know like right now
like that right what am doing you know but it's funny we take it never mind yeah like sometimes like sometimes i'll put a girl in my accent be like oh my god is how are you but oh my god i'm here for so that girl exist somewhere i don't know anybody like that yeah it's whitney i don't know i just feel like a word primal species under attack i don't know how to walk i tell
i'm wondering why you pick things up with my giants needs of my backs just gonna like break in high on extra bone in my for my god i'm allergic to that semen getting away from maine disgusting gateway for my frozen eggs freeze them with my exam freezing outside just in case you can combine in some sort is that all you need is come and eggs only to be warmly you want to freeze an embryo which means the sperm fertilize hajoca nysm your sperm fertilize my eggs and put in the freezer and then put it back in my bio it seems so creepy zombie to minutes to decide an embryo get frozen and then you he thought it was but it only the healthy choice dinner yeah yeah but it only works like it's okay so an embryo will eventually become a human being so that little
embryo is already fertilizes the egg is fertilized and you can freeze that but you can freeze of thirteen year old nope i'm saying now like there's a cut off period i'm sure we could at some point just not yet i think we could yeah i think it's going to happen i think these fucking re anime guys these assholes that are shooting stem cells in the dumb people's heads like i know a lot of a lot of people who do that but i'm yeah that is a i mean i think i had i mean i imagine because of a brain and a blood it does have to be warm like amber is not warm humans i guess have to certain body temperature i mean i mean that's like some awesome power shit but even a cell to me i mean it was an individual cell like if the egg of infertile rise and it created one sell the idea that you could freeze
dad fucking cell before it divides and becomes a full on human being the idea that you could freeze at one cell and then regenerate it that's crazy i honestly i don't know how people do like it's so i guess that's why i tried to read so much it 'cause i'm like i don't understand how i can't even uh damn these people are doing and i'm not even doing it well it's so standard today too i mean which is so really fascinating because if you brought this concept one two hundred years ago or even one hundred years ago they think you're out of your fucking mind but it's it's comma sounds fucking crazy i mean it does i just had it done and he's like i'm sucking him out of your fucking over him like ok you remember john and kate plus eight of course remember that that crazy lady they shot the fucking those chemicals in everybody to make her more fertile and she gave birth to six kids yes optimum yeah fuck this is my talked about it you have to have a lot of money i think the only reason i remember this guy people on twitter say i look like
when they're just being mean but i yeah it's i mean war it's a it i've never felt like more of a science project you know it's like the human body is kind of a miracle but when he's this sort of intersection between technology and life for like mother nature's so weird it's like he's in there and he's like with the wanted like him doing that yeah it's it's like you went this with the soul and now you're going to hear what the yeah it was it's not a very sexy or romantic process is very clinical and rob and send in your mind over his are on it hi def television it's just like that for those two things to be in the state like intersect it's just so weird and you're just looking at all your follicles and i was convince for the first like couple sessions it was just like a feed like everyone saw the same feed so like there's just no way you can see inside my body like
i just like it like this is just a videotape you put in everybody comes in it's the same thing right there's just no way you can see inside i mean my body is dark on the inside obvious i am no actually i can't fathom it yeah it like it's it's just too i'm too old to obviously and then everybody is i think it seems like now my follicles he's like this one is a different size system like how the fuck do you know that it looks like a haunted house to me i can't understand anything it looks like paranormal activity i mean it looks like a fucking nightmare and then i go and then i'm sure enough you get like i looked like i was like four or five months pregnant you know and i'm doing these shots every day and i'm like why it was like this is so fucking crazy so it makes your stomach stick out more 'cause i had eighteen big swollen eggs huge yeah have no i'll send it too and i look like five months pregnant and it's just like whoa that's usually cause for alarm so to spend money to like that and then yeah and then you go and they suck 'em all out now what made you decide to do that
versus like one day have a kid i am going to one day have a kid what he said to me was this he was like look work 'cause i was like i know my next year and a half two years is going to be a bit hectic and i'm probably not going to get it was like this might not be for your first or second kid it could be for fourth like when you're forty four and you're like you don't have one more or like i'm going to target you know jesus yeah it was it's literally just like an internal just stopped adopting it depends so adopting isn't kind of a nightmare a lot of my friends were going through it you sign up for it and your weight for the baby to be born and the mother might change their mind so the mother has i think two days to decide whether she wants to keep the baby are not after she gives birth and that's of course when her brain is phased in oxytocin after having it in a lot of couples go down a nine month journey and don't get a cat i am able to do it from a different country it's a little bit of the couple gay friends that hired a surrogate what is it a circuit is circuit even for gay people yeah
to use their own com and i think the cooler sir the bulls shot into turkey bacon and makes it had been one of the other i don't think they should get out of the year yeah i don't know i'm guessing yeah but anyway they pay this woman for like a year a hundred fifty grand they pay for you yeah and then when the baby was born she decide to keep it no that's that's their lawyers fault there must have been something she said to keep it i don't think you could first woman to you might be able to force her to give the money back or some of the money back or you could sue for the money back but i don't saying now that you could take the baby away that thing in california the mother has i think all the writes yeah i think once the baby comes out of her body she's probably like listen that's my fucking baby how do you want to make this work yeah i mean it's really a toe call chemical bonding thing well also the i have been like some severe desperation in her life that made her take this position as being a surrogate mother in the first place in the mall
before they gave her might have alleviated a lot of the problems that were causing her to be so desperate that she wanted to have a surrogate baby that's very interesting problems dark then it was like really heartbreaking it was heartbreaking but it was also like wow what's all this baby i mean she grew in our body like biological so have you know friends of circuits and and you it's very stressful because you want to micromanage what thirty meeting if they're sleeping but something that was helpful that i learned was that if a baby is not getting the nutrients it needs it will take it from its mother's bones so if your surrogate is eating mcdonald's your kid can we find your movement does the carrier is the one that's going to suffer little paris yeah just so it's just going to suck calcium out of your bones babies totally they suck brain cells from the mother too i mean they were fucking vampires get so dumb on the price i think they lose like ten percent of their
no they just tired all the time i think is what it is i didn't exonerate boulders caidic i mean it's like it's a metamorphosis if i can it's a lot of work what a nightmare yeah i was just crazy that they're taking all their energy more it's the ultimate biological the thing that we look for to the malls the thing that sells cars and look and tv shows long legs and saxon he body what is it really it's about coming and someone in making a person in their body i mean it's really like this ultimate biological trick of replicate do you have you ever heard of this book called it's a stupid name but cupid's poisoned arrow it's about what orgasm's do to your brain and the whole sort of theory is to not have an orgasm in less you're going to actually procreate because of the chemicals release to it i don't know i don't who wrote that book what kind of monster wrote that book and yeah sex at baseball but no that's the best way to clear your mind is to shoot a load i know but it's something about jerk off and
thought processes so much clear like there's so many times that i've told my friends like you know i don't know what to do man she pressure me jerk off first then think about it just go take off yeah yeah and then tell me after jerked off but they want to deal with all this emotional bullshit it's being thrown at you the hold on will you i'll send this to you i remember reading it and while i was reading this again this makes a lot of sense i mean i don't want to live like that but it makes a lot of sense well it's something about how if you want to stay in love with someone long term because if too many orgasms at your you produce dopamine and then after because essentially we're design appropriate like you said yeah and then the female starts producing oxytocin but the mails starts being less interested in the brain is like okay now have to go pro okay with someone else because our brain but yet doesn't know that their six billion people on the planet and we don't need to broke great with a lot of different moms so something about if you want to be in a relationship for a long time so it's like a tantric type thing it kind
you know it i'll send it to you it's like it's basically about i stopped reading after like four pages sales like i'm never going to fucking is it's about keeping ox to send the bonding chemical alive with couples that's crazy they trying to hack couple yes they are that's ridiculous that you actually like that's too but it's kinda in la is up on the walk of course you'd be done everywhere who do we think actually it who do i think you should i don't know will find somebody need to find you somebody i'm dating somebody but it's not working out of this curious students at holy shit who do you think i should date so we're dating now i'm curious like i'm cure i'm just curious i'm curious you're always have interesting i think the person it is a good idea but i'm sure a lot member so i think and i mean that made triggering but you're very
smart and you're very ambitious and you're interested in a lot of different things and you have to have someone who is similar in so way is or is that every night mare you know that no so it is that i thought i honestly believe that in order for for someone like you 'cause i think you're an outlier in a lot of ways in that you're a liar that's for sure fire that outlying aspect of your personality because you're i think you someone has to be an outlier in some way over their own in order for them to appreciate you otherwise they're just going to think like i can't keep up with this crazy bitch this is too much doesn't sleep she gets up in the middle night starts writing books and learn how to walk again you know to mean i'm like the god the grandpa from charlie and the chocolate factory any kind of bad well there's a lot of benefits to your type of behavior obviously that's why you're so successful is a lot of benefits to what you think but the negative the side aspect of it
the where i would say it's going to be problematic is someone has to for companionship someone has to be able to keep up with you or understand you or accept you and the way you think and way you approach life is it extremely different it's it's not the way most people do it and not the way most women do it for sure and if men are used to this certain type of patterns that some women follow and then you have this pattern you know they're going to be like oh it's just i don't i want i just want to grow complains about starbucks
you know there's a lot of writers and i'm sorry almond milk or coconut milk camel milk what do we do in goats milk i think you know that guy hates saying stupid shit that people repeat but i think this repeated thing is when you're ready you'll find some yeah that's al you're right because i think there's like i think a relationship really doesn't work in less you yourself are ready for a relationship too that's a really good and you have to be someone that someone would want to be in a relationship said that all the time i'm like how did stuff folks in the other person and i want to date me right once i get the point a place where i want to date me or marry maine and people think they're going to find someone purse is going to calm them down and then they're going to be someone that's worth dating yeah that's often calm yourself down solve your own problems and then
yeah so they put on i've been the fucking song and dance for the first couple weeks of the relationship until like a bunny mine had this girl that he was dating for awhile and then his car broke down and he needed her to help him like his tire blew out and i forgot the whole story but she helped him in some sort of away like she came and got him or something like that and then she stayed over the house and then the next day she text him like five fucking times in a row and he didn't text her back and then she left this crazy message about now she's going to need therapy and she has trust issues seems like public what the fuck he was working all day he's like i was working all day i had one day where i try to put my phone side and concentrate on my work and you just blowing up my fucking phone and i didn't text you back and now you need therapy like there's certain people
cool that you enter into any sort of an intimate relationship and you're taking on the burden of all the psych which is i think exactly why all this self aware shit maybe it comes up super masturbatory and narcissistic but i was like i'm done being crazy like it's it's not did you still crazy by saying i'm done being crazy well i'm sort of being crazy but here's the thing i don't it's cute in your 20s it's not cute in your 30s today
so that's like i don't want linkable word i do not exactly so i want to be able to go this is my shit this has nothing to do with him like i have abandonment terror into an likes all my little bit error it's kinda bad over that expression before it infant maternal disruption so i have abandonment error which means i didn't hit the brakes were always in your init as soon as we start winding down i would throw out some shit like that sperm allergy and material disruption what's going on with your foot nice talking i can't crawl out and get my fucking let's look at it myself no when you didn't get enough eye contact as a kid basically you have infant maternal disruption like you weren't able to get the connection so when you don't get a text back or
whatever it starts triggering really old abandonment error so that kind of integral is broken like something happened from the ages of one to three that now is manifesting in five text messages you know but you have to get control your own shit you gotta clean up your own yard you got fix it that's why i'm in twelve step programs i'm in i do mdr i'm in a fuck i'm on all sorts of shit 'cause i'm just like i'm not going to just be a puppet of this what happened to me when i was three for the rest of my life and i'm not going to punish the guys i date for not your fault but even talking about as punishment why so in pro and i know that we're not even dating in me talking about it but she management to maine so in program we don't go to the problem for the solution so it's like the problem is you're not texting me back i'm not going to go to you and say hey text me back to go figure out the solution and then take the solution to the to the relation yeah yeah well i'm a big believer in the path of least resistance becomes relationships with someone doesn't want to
text you back you probably shouldn't be hanging out with them it's pretty simple so like to chase after people hey i'm not yeah it's an instinct people have a like what in the call me back but a lot of us i mean it takes me back you a lot of us i guess what i texted back now yeah a lot of the sea can visit seek people whose approval we don't have her whose attention we don't have because we didn't get it or well i think text messages and even a real voice messages in a way are weird in that like you send somebody something and then you wait for them to respond and you hold and you like alright come on yeah what do we got here yes send a raven and you know you gotta scroll attack
it also works now because i think if i text you know text me back and then i see that you post an instagram there's this whole new fucking thing which did happen the other day joe no joke it definitely but i mean there's this new thing of how i can see all the other things you're doing on your phone instantly so i'm now all of a sudden like well you fucking responded to these tweets you know stock from fucking rhonda but you didn't text me back it turns into that chicken rhonda yeah so i'm not going to start feet with rg store love her very much which one do you talking beau oh you have the doctor rhonda and then over on the rowsey doing much rather see i thought you were just making peoples names no now i just was trying to think of someone who you might tweet with i get it aren't read about or something but but yeah so now i think with all of these other things it makes things it makes it hard
to just sort solely focus on the purity of did he text me back or not so he didn't text me back but he did all these other things on his phone this is human beings enter into relationships even friendships like when i say relationship i don't mean sexual just like any time with your relating to other people it's person that you're hanging around with a change how you are like you you are who you are you have let his base and then you might be lighter around certain people our friend totally there's like a chemical send that you have to people's personality i instantly when i see a comic i stop trying to be funny it's the best saying like well i i'm not like don't ever make jokes but as soon as i'm on a common like ha ha have to try to make you laugh okay so you feel like when you're around people that are comics like you almost obligated yeah i know you're funny yeah it's like your thing of i it's just different reaction certain people trigger different things and it flies that
maybe your own expectations of what you think people want could be could be or it's like the performance or the show or the costume i put on to avoid intimacy or to having to really connect to somebody do you think get like with every day and every hour and every time you obsess and all these things and all these different paths that you go down like every day gets a little better every day in a better at it yeah a little better at life yes yes and if i haven't i'm like you know but and it's all it depends also what comes out because it's like you know sometimes i park parking nailing it and then a trigger comes along i didn't even know that was a trigger that oh you know or like a totally new stimulus dynamic comes along the instagram is invented like i'm nailing it with guys they can text me back i feel great and then they put in my god shit now instagram was fucking invented and now i have to see what they're doing and that i have to compare you know so it's like it invite
permits are changing so fast it's hard for our sort of emotional and mental progress to keep up with all these new sort of curve balls unless you turn your phone black and why should i piss off how you like me now oh yeah i have to put so like a chastity belt on my phone i like i have to protect when i drive to put in the back seat 'cause i will text and drive in the back seat and put it in the back seat because i don't trust myself 'cause i literally will just look i'll just be driving and i'll look down all of a sudden i'm on my phone i'm like what the fuck this is so dangerous so did you go unconscious yeah yeah and i rear ended somebody like and it wasn't like email i'd literally just look down at my phone i was like pulling up to a stop sign and i thought i was stopped and you know they say that texting is now worse than drunk driving more people die from texting and drive another drunk driving and i don't even think it's a real yeah i just think it's not going to happen to me i don't know what magical fucking
correct thinking i'm doing but i literally will just like look down at my phone and i rounded this guy and i was like i'm so sorry to really my fault and i was like that's going to my rock bottom it wasn't bad at all it was like a little ding and also create that needed to happen i need do you think that your ideas of what is going to happen are based on what's already happened and nothing's happened yet so you assume well i'm in the car i'm driving nothing happens when i'm driving i'm far valley what's the weather what am i going to die in a car accident i mean it's like that's not the story i wrote for myself but no we could talk about that no one has that script right everyone everyone isn't running around trying to make where i stay alive and that brings it all back to like you going to vietnam and you experiencing of another pos billy that like you or i we're both really lucky they were born in america yeah we're born a lucky white wealthy people in america to me not born it but i don't know yet and i was near but yet we're lucky
we're lucky as fuck like this situated this situation wasn't possible literally live in vietnam i feel like what i realized it's like you know because when everyone's like i'm some tired like everyone's like this just like people love being sick to love it they fucking love it i don't feel good i have a headache i have thyroid thing when you think they brag about having sickness is to just distractions that lands lyme disease or whatever the fight if you really have lyme disease i'm so sorry that impairs so sorry but any first has lyme disease he had it yeah it was like i think really bad but like i mean everyone said i'm tired think i have lyme disease and like no people really have lyme disease or people like i'm allergic to gluten i'm like do you have celiac disease or you do you just need to be sick 'cause it gets you attention like you know and then you go to a place where people are actually sick and actually have problems and it just it just really changes your
effective do you ever see it louis c k bit about being white probably but it makes me think of the one because i because i was thinking he this isn't a bad idea obviously but i just remember after being in vietnam is like we should just walk around all the time and be like that's awesome this is so cool yeah this is all oh yeah like we should it should just constantly be like oh my god the water in this bottle lily has this amazing bit where he's like you could go back to any i'm in history and it would be amazing like that i think about being white i like being white is great he goes you will go back to and years ago you don't talk about being a slave yeah is like white people i would people were didn't get up it's so good for awhile well there's definitely right it's a joke yeah i know i don't know but take that low what about the irish people found little debugging your bit but he also had that thing about everything is amazing and all we do is complain about that about the flying and people like my flight with support
five minutes late i went on this a hunting trip in prince of wales island which is in alaska and it's unbelievably rainy i mean we were just drenched for six days and i just thought my head for some reason that you be dry when you get in a tent i'd be like once you get that could be dry but you never really get dry because the tears wet and there's missed everywhere so everything is wet your sleeping bag soaking wet the only thing that saves you and keep you warm is affected you wearing wool wool retains body heat even when it's wet cotton in a lot of synthetic fabrics oh interesting but wolf is amazing it's an animal an animal exactly so like when you have wool socks on even if your feet or what you're still warm yeah well is this shit tweet so important for like people that are in the outdoors like wool undergarments said probably i think wolves get him more than the cold
but i mean oh good point ok got it sorry i was like i thought you meant wolf her i was like wolves have wool wool that's their their hair is wool sorry my point was that so six days in this soaked environment just everyday just being completely wet everything is wet everything you do is what your face is wet like a sheen good on you it's like you're just wet and cold yeah and i came back and it was sunny and it was eighty and i was like this is a man he's and i was driving around in la and i'm like i love it here so and i called my friend steve same guy stephen ellen i called them up and i go dude i am so fucking happy i've never been this happy it's because i was miserable for those yeah it's it's so important i have been appreciated yes it's so i was in in vietnam like i said they wear masks i went for a run with his mother who back to your point about flat feet he's like the sound guy was like you're supposed to run barefoot in right so he's barefoot run guy and this is the first non bear for
run he's done 'cause it was in vietnam and there's just like you shouldn't lasso yeah he is a nightmare images and just dead animals dysentery just babies by the way also just kids everywhere unlike dealer parent like i mean there's just like three year old toddlers just running businesses i mean literally like excuse me like do you work here like you literally will just i'll send you some of the photos you'll see a kid just at his store alone and you're like what is happening so fucking dangerous and every once in masks they can't breathe the oxygen there and we went for a run and i came back and i felt like i had smoked four packs of cigarettes and i came back to la and even just doing that was like a little many miracle did you ever see that there's a story that was written about mark zuckerberg who is in china and he went for a run during like one of the worst days one of the worst pollution days and he's out there jogging around and you look at the air behind him it's like you
jougen into like an exhaust pipe could he did he just doesn't see i mean it's do you want to experience it because you know just no i mean he's an interesting guy he's obviously very thoughtful guy and i think that maybe he wanted to experience it just 'cause you know with those people deal with never happens to me i mean so we can forget new lungs just get some fucking shit so shop around generate cable reanimate but i but yeah i mean and that's if they i think and i also like once you see that kind of pollution it's like you know because there's so many charities in there so many problems you can't try to solve all of them or be a you know such a small but like but i was like oh this the first time that i was like and i needed like only to bite you know there's like carbon neutral company is income beyond that you know put less emissions out and stuff and you're like yeah i should start voting with things i buy and you know
the first time i got this app that tells you what companies don't emit is much pollution you know stuff like that and i'm like i never really thought about that before until i was breathing in like viscous toxic air well it's interesting because just being a human being just by nature the nature of our distance we consume constantly and we're constantly using things that are detrimental to the environment and people will history on certain things like hey i ride my bike everywhere so my carbon footprint is less yeah but you're still using plastic motherfucker like that goes into garbage total like total waste refilling windows what called the landfills yeah landfills they wind up get into the ocean like all the stuff that we do has an effect all of it one hundred percent like this idea that you're immune because you ride your bike everywhere or because you have an electric car that one drives me fucking cry now 'cause by the way those electric cars those fucking minner
during those cars yes apparently cause they're not recyclable right now not only that their conflict minerals a lot of the battery they're getting the minerals from places that are like like that there is a real issue with where they're getting this these minerals to make these batteries like that's one of the big he's about afghanistan like one of the big things about canada found trillions of dollars worth of lithium in the in the mountains and they believe it's one of the reasons why were there in the first place there's also really there's all sorts of natural resources that the soap it's wanted out of afghanistan the natural gas pipeline it's one of the main reasons why they believe that some of the neo cons we're very interested in protecting an invading afghanistan is not just the poppy business which is huge right the look it's a giant fucking business and the idea that well we wouldn't have anything to do with that because it's not illegal or because it's illegal that's not true because if you look at what happened in vietnam vietnam a big pot
so the reason why people were in vietnam while some people supported being in vietnam is 'cause they were profiting off controlling the heroin trade that's a fact there was a fucking trillion dollars made during the vietnam war from heroin sales and where it was made and why and who got the money and where the corruption took place and where the money was being handed out that's all open to speculation and research and maybe someone will eventually have it all figured out one day but the reality is there was a massive amount of fucking heroin that was being moved quo jesus croaking crazy i know it's really into this heroin that nothing happened i got lucky dude i also like the your coffee is so made of like coconut oil and butter that it's like white ereli move your cost is like it's like it's like lava his dick but it like my stout loads my my point being
that these batteries that they're making these fucking car batteries out of there after i sense it's on one trillion dollars in minerals you're telling if they're not there partially for that or that someone is not looking at that is saying like hey maybe we figure out how to suck those minerals out of the ground and make a trillion dollars like the i do the word not it's quite easy yeah i do that that's not a party equation is utter complete nonsense crazy an icy think that the amount of minerals that are in these fucking car batteries something we really need to look at because i was reading this full piece about conflict minerals and how non green electric cars actually are have you stop and look at it like yeah as far as like our environment yes for sure they definitely pollute our environment less but if we look at the actual repercussions of creating these things like
how are these minerals being sourced how are they making these batteries what the adverse effects of creating these batteries it's not clean and free so people run around saying i drive my uh at your car and you know and i i only eat organic and so i'm free of any of your free of bullshit you're free of your own your own bullshit kill 'cause but this is being a fucking human being a human you're using things were consumed yeah we should all consume less most certainly but like eve people will only eat vegetables and grains goddamned large scale grain operations destroy massive amounts of wildlife habitat displaced animals killed those grain combines a completely indiscriminate they chew up rodents and deer fawns and ground nesting birds and forget about insects we just started on the bees blogs just bugs alone i mean what do we
have a hierarchy of what we will and won't allow being killed we have these ideas well well like animals exist but fear an emotions and react to our environment so we shouldn't kill them but bees or well i got in sakazaki dole that's a different thing because that's life but there's no our he is like bees are really source of everything yeah but like a ski does yeah oh yeah of mosquitoes just carry diseases and then they check the mosquitoes make sure the population stays level arguably like insects are probably one of the best sources of protein we could ever get yeah why is that doubled i felt like there was an insect protein movement happening and it just sort of went away i think it's a perception issue because i think a lot of people have the idea that we can grass out when i was in mexico recently they serve crickets like the hotel we at they would they have these like they look like they're stir fried crickets
and they left him in our hotel room was like a snack was covered with saran wrap nobody ate it but main course it was it was a prank clearly yeah you've seen all that they all at eight hundred am like regular there they were eating these like because it's like well eat snails sleep frog legs i think there is a very weird line in our line is different than like the yulin dog festival line don't we can yeah i can't clear about that fascinating but yeah but when i was in yeah in vietnam the stuff that they was like john nash and square and it was a lot of i guess what's available and run it region is probably a hundred percent but yeah there was so much more we fit like a dvd and jelly fish like her to them there sucking jellyfish i know small bugs to me are really a fascinating thing because one of the things that we found out we're doing fear factor is that allergies like if you have an allergy to certain shellfish also have analogy to roaches huh yeah
so we found out the hardware labs lawsuit but bugs are an excellent source of protein and people do don't have the same emotional attachment to a bug but we have a visceral negative it like propulsion to them but they only doing something but it's ground up in some sort of a protein powder like cricket protein is really over cricket bar now protein bars good i'm here we go with this exo crickets the future of protein soy dairy dairy grain gluten free paleo and environmentally friendly yeah you even is all eat the shit out of some crickets do they taste anything or just taste like it just taste like soy protein or something it's not like you're eating lobster but it's not like you're eating shit
how to do that cricket bars i mean it's not like you're eating lobster but i wonder if it's not like you're eating shit because this ultimate debate there's a lot of people that are like really strict vegetarians and their nt eating vegan because they want to with the least amount of footprint possible i totally understand all those but i wonder how they would feel about crickets i wonder how they feel i think it's just like a perception issue yes you know well isn't it isn't you know i mean we perceive dogs to be cute and cuddly receipt so we don't you know we perceive crickets to be like gross and dirty yes but like cows are gross and dirty their inch there still alive when he would you be willing to eat a bug like if you willing to eat like a deer would you be willing to eat a bug you know it's alive bug no dead bug dad back like someone like maybe someone who's vegetarian and
they do it for ethical reasons or they have a concern here's the thing about bugs they don't have a lot of meat so i feel like i'm eating just little skeleton i feel like it's eating the skills i feel like i'm eating a skeleton and not like a meat that i can sort of disassociate from their head that's far away from their head when you grind that shit up it's actually pretty high in protein yeah no it's both i mean yeah but there's something kind of only about it but i also think that were sorry to bring this back to the way we design i think that were designed to squirm and bugs because everyone squirms a bug because i think they carry diseases i think they poison and more than diseases so we have evolved to go bugs which is probably saved a lot of our lives you know that we're not running around eating them since there are other than lyme disease and malaria malaria is a giant one of course what else do so the desk area rugs one other disease did a lot of people are allergic to bees wasps sure stuff like that there spiders
widow spiders or those are poisons yes or i diseases lyme disease a big one malarious is the biggest malarious killed a load of people i have a buddy's got malaria right now for this like that like zeke and should not seek out one before that how you say it do you say zeker is that correct whatever it is i saw it on fox so i am well wouldn't go to mexico because of it but then scared there is a what's the other one it was for that not anthrax that was just tap and bola that was that that's respect hasn't i from monkeys so many a monkey somewhere out there that's right so these monkeys here's the diseases that come from bugs oh boy there's a lot yeah it's not of course like foot mouth or what this one chagas disease and look at the vector various assassin bugs fever long heart or mucous membrane symptoms the fox an assassin bug
have you ever heard of a sad can i eat one but will look at this mild symptoms then chronic heart or brain inflammation fuck step son mild relative of the ninja bug wo play basically is so family of try to mix antics right fucking assholes text asshole ticks do not give a shit well there are the biggest biggest argument for decreasing dear popul yeah 'cause they can also enter re introduction of predators in the summer areas like some people talking about like bringing in coyotes and wolves in a certain area there was it like saved yellowstone the reintroduction of wolves didn't really that's a very can't herschel change the shape of the river that guy that said that yeah the guy made those amazing videos the wolves chain yeah yeah yeah yeah that guy george mom to be type thing his name is i forgot how to say his last name he's fucking crazy
really yeah well in a good way but this is like when i found out with the coney the coney guy was like a pedophile in two thousand and twelve is your breaking my whole hard here that guy he was super depressed and like suicide i guess and was was in his mid life and was like wondering what's the poor purpose of life and got fascinated by the the concept of re wilding yeah he got fascinated by this reintroduction of predators keystone predators and areas like yellowstone which they definitely have the per this and that definitely important to the the health of the environment of where the hill the the weaker of the the thing the problem with things like wolves is they can get over populated as well and someone needs to manage them and that's where things get weird so wildlife biologists have established these guidelines when who manage it and just kinda like biologist before humans though who nobody killed wolves chaos chaos
is baby ok first of all there was a lot of different animals here we're talking about like ten thousand years prior there was all these different kinds of animals like the short faced bear short nose or short faced bear there's an enormous bear there was a step lion that exists in america like a long time ago that was way bigger than the african lion there was all these birds and fucking crazy predators terror birds so when you go back thousands and thousands of years or even like millions like when the wolves first in this bunch of different kinds of wolves and some wolves like the grey wolves they left and left north america and migrated across the bering strait and then the red wolves and some of the other wolf stayed that's why those wolves those are the ones that interbreed with coyotes but coyote is actually a wolf a coyote's kind of war for coyote is what's called these to call them prairie wolves ok it's uh there's a guy name dan flores
who has this amazing paper that he wrote called bison ecology and bison diplomacy and really groundbreaking paper on bisons a live stock and a lot of wild animals rather that live in north america and lived in north america but he wrote this new book on coyotes cody's and just what the planes used to be like this why does george god is to on diversey his name the wolves change river guys he wants to reintroduce megafauna to europe like lions 'cause he's saying that at one point time lions and hyenas used to live in europe and that we could use these large segments of unused land and let these animals loose anri introduced them to this area he's out of his fucking mind sounds like a horrible idea well it's engineering so he doesn't i just take an animal that was extirpated because of human and
write wolves are taken out of the wolves were poisoned with used to do things take carcass they would shoot above low and while the animal still like barely alive they would in jack's strychnine into its it's it's arteries and that way it would the boys and we get through all the meat then they would take a wall did they shot and they would rub it sent all over this carcass so that the wolves new that other wolves had been the so it was safe so yeah it was dead it was a dead carcass so they would eat it and they would kill them and they almost extinguished wolves almost like came really close to extinguishing wolves in north america they couldn't do that with a coyote though coyotes are too fucking smart two clever an because sucking clever well it's because of wolves it's because the gray wolves when they returned to north america they were killing bilitis so the red wolves were interbreeding with coyotes with the gray wolves were killing them so they coyotes learn to adapt to the grey wolves so they
want to move to the furthest areas they also want you hear coyotes yeah they're doing a roll call the charger percent yes yeah and when they find out that someone is missing it triggers the females to have larger litters watt so so i had kinda i want to send you this podcast fascinated this podcast with dan flores is going to blow your fucking my head coyotes burrowing in my yard and i have yes i had i i mean i will rowing get burned they had dense they made dens and in the back my archive like land and then i have this part up top don't really go up that much and my dog used to just come back with like half played i was like what is going on on the attack by kyle i think what she did i think that she's a wife to now ones even bigger ones a pit bull i think what she did was she would chase one and it will go under that because you realize the vampire they can fly i mean they can they can clear just to get a coyote funds in your garden has
to go three feet into the ground in seven feet tall they can they can jump six feet i've seen it i only stole my chick in and i want to jump over the fence with a chicken chaser coyote still a baby and i think arizona off of the porch i mean their fucking barbarians and the by two encounters one time they were drinking out of my pool and i came outside and i literally open the door and they just looked at me like i had to chase them and i saw one jump over my fence it's like i mean it's gotta be five and six feet tall i just got boring and i literally said courage it's fuckin wiley coyote and then also going to call animal control of this fucking dead broken coyote on the other side on the other side just gone flew off and so they were explaining to me i was like well look if there's a coyote going to hear them killing my dog i'll be able to hear it i'll just leave the door when he goes oh no
work countries are so cunning the way that they kill a larger animal as they befriended first so it will play with your dog for forty five minutes and then the other five will descend around it so it pre she ate it knows i need to ingratiate myself with you first and then kill you and they tired them out so this happens a lot in running canyon peoples dogs just seemed chasing coyote and then the coyotes will just run and run and run until the dog is tired and then everyone will to send there they're hungry and they're desperate and there do not give a yeah a friend of mine upto heaney was walking his dog like a small dog and job sakay od face to face and picked up his dog in the and like had to like flex on it to get it to run away and started walking again back to his house he's like twenty feet from his house he turned around the i only had come back with four other coyotes she's like today are just fearless and they live amongst us that is creepy little monsters delivery i mean i have like compassion for them
it's between my dog in a coyote l you know kill of chi only with my like hands but it's it's real the sad when you're like yeah dude i'm so sorry this is your fucking house but it's not it's never been really no one owns it it's just can't send domination the rats did known that they were killing rats the rats house the kind is killing the rats are stealing their outside trying to convince me that rats are really smart rats are pretty smart with coyotes eat if we didn't have coyotes we would have way more rats we have a huge rodent problem all throughout my day i have rats in my pool all the time by two thirds of those balances are balance that has to be achieved and that's why walls are really important like the people that think that we should re x trip eight wolves and wipe them out definitely not but look at some of the things that wolves killed coyotes yes gray wolves do great wolf gray wolves don't interbreed with coyotes but red wolves do so gray wolves okay a so yeah where they've reintroduced walls that's another interesting thing about yellowstone the re entry
the wolves to yellowstone they drop the coyote population down fifty percent because the gray wolves were killing the coyotes but because when you kill coyotes and do the roll call thing the females are large letters they rebounded and now are more coyotes in yellowstone then were before they re introduced the wolves there so fucking adapt well i mean i also just love that dogs were wolves wants and just they just i only survive yes sir i always can still breed with dogs just like walls can yeah it's just survival apparently as they realize like and then so wolves of all to be dogs and then route to realize to protect us they could survive and now they protect us against walls how the did that ever happened to like neil degrasse tyson did his cosmos he did that thing about it was kind of short but right but i mean you still like god damn it i wanted to become a poodle yeah
the what what the afro like how was it was like a genetic mutation that we really latched onto well i think it's also the cutest ones are the ones that survive of course right the one yeah cute sweet and the ugly ones the ones that got you know weeded out yeah but the balance that this george mom to be ought i think that's how is his name you like his his take on wolves turning like the people love that v well because he's english and he's got a beautiful voice and it's like dating story and speeds it up and put it but there's a lot of truth to what he saying like it's important have keystone predators because they keep the populations of these the game animals like wild undulates they keep them healthy because they control them but when wolves get two populated they get crazy and they do what they call sir plus killing like they killed nineteen elk recently in wyoming and they didn't eat any of 'em they just went on his butchering run it just kill
because they were if they come over the top of the hill and they see a herd of elk have you ever seen or heard of elk there may using sometimes are huge sometimes a herd of elk would be one hundred two hundred strong and it's a maze why the hell i've only seen maybe thirty of them together but it's quite a sight thank you michael just talking me not all right i saw thirty of them together and we were we we came over the top of this hill will hold and as his of my old you know five hundred to a thousand pound forest cows that are wondering it look there's uh oh good i saw a moose in jackson hole and i was like that's rare because those are all
kohl's yes to say this feed there's females around wolves i saw moose moose and the guy the guy that was we were doing a little thing on this called the snake river i don't know jackson hole was explaining how most kill bears will kick him it's so fucked up yeah i think he said there was a video somewhere of it i'm too terrified to look at it that they wait 'cause they obviously can't fight the thing they wait till the bears yeah run upon them and they just wait wait wait don't get the last minute just basically knock their head off their bodies fifteen percent of all wolves that dyke get killed by moose that's amazing fifteen percent the mortality rate of wolves that's fucking crazy yeah most don't give a fuck i also didn't realize how big i mean they're just like tanks yeah oh my god another fast other huge
you're just like what is that the first time i saw one we were hunting them in pc and we saw this female and it was like that seemed jurassic park when jeff goldbloom he's the dinosaur for the first time we were like maybe like five or six hundred yards away from them we opened up the window looked outside love fuck yeah there were huge which wander through this field and you know we're living in a dark dark place where we found one that had been killed a calf that have been killed by wolves and it would have been had been killed hours earlier it was fairly fresh it was a crew easy seen i put it up on instagram and it's such a strange scene because there's this carcass but there's hair the way yeah like everywhere they did just in moving part thing our show the hair if you find a gym is like the a year old it's old instagram picture but the the picture it was when we got there because saw these these crows circling was all crows and there were
walk it and we walked up on it and we found this thing just devastated but it's so eerie to think that there's these wild roaming patented canadian wolves just wilds fuck they've never been extricated they've all these are the same wolves that they brought into yellowstone we're actually canadian wolves there gray north american united states gray wolves were actually smaller than the ones they brought from canada because mammals when mammals come from colder climates they have larger body that's why i moved from our fat air yeah exactly they have to keep their bodies warm like even deer are much larger in canada yeah i can says catch one like on use them like a white tail deer in saskatchewan might be as big as three hundred pounds but in mexico it's like a hundred pound yeah yeah so it's just like the warmer it gets smaller their bodies so they brought these bigger bodied animals from canada and reintroduce those into north america to a bunch animals that had no idea that wolves were even a thing yeah because
and they brought their fucking steroid motherfucker wolves yet the viking wolf jesus seventy years there was no wolves and then all sudden these big ass fucking canadian wolves and they just ran through the elk ran through 'em that killed half of am to kill half the el tor that we just just just and some people say that's a good thing because the elk hunters obviously want to have more elk there so they can hunt them and they want to eat them but some people say is a good thing because you know there's too many of 'em they were devastating the foliage they weren't allowing the trees to grow because they were medium that's where the wolves change rivers got well yeah because the right yeah because when they pound on stuff it can't grow and then bug skin it's also the only thing that they eat all the way around yeah look at that that was fast well they just ripped it apart and by the way again this is this was
like the flesh was still plying why does an animal like member when there was a mountain lion i want to say this fearless there was a man i was like obsessed with like tracking it and eventually got poison by someone had poison in their really yeah to kill like i think i owe i thought that mountain lion oh do we not talk about the griffith park one that one that one kill the koala bear recently don't still alive yes i thought eight point then it got in the zoo and killed a fucking koala bear climbed a twelve foot high fence and killed a koala bear that's gangs okay sir as barb wire on the fence is think climbed it twice have they don't know how i did it climbed a twelve foot high fence god made you being that fucking koala bear oh god just we're seeing that thing like huh i thought in the zoo i thought i was fucking save that things should be in the fucking zoo like why is that so it got out no fuck i got in
if it lives its la celebrity even before when was this second koala killing someone just a month if someone told me it got poisons no it's pretty recently just does it have a collar on because they're charging it right yeah yeah it's got a collar yeah yeah they are tracking it his name is p22 maybe this is a different name like he's a fucking prisoner how 'bout you name come from fred before i got why don't they discovered one of their oldest koalas was missing a stop you're sad that the mountain line tour while appears they're not even from the same fucking continent yeah but what is fuckin what can you imagine he's this qual is never seen a fucking mountain lion and its life probably oh no definitely not and it's like what the fuck boy probably saw that one if you come game of thrones yeah exactly that's true but before the poisoning of it may be conflating it with
i also have probably other ones of i have been well even poison or something is a lot because they were saying stop putting poison out on your lawn because and you know monster yeah you're going to get here to kill these awesome murderers is that okay so a friend of mine was hiking with park and her dog came back like covered in like innards of it like deer in like like i mean like literally had like like entrails i could up all like wrapped around it the nose and the mountain lion had killed deer and the dog rolled around in it ok why does a dog roll around in a dead animal they always do that they find a dead squ on their romantic get the scent on it is not really sure 'cause it actually makes me think it would make another animal want to attack you if you smell like blood and deer innards i think they know you not dead but i do not my dog another look put in space dead body is awesome same outline i got poison but didn't die
oh ok so i'm not a total poster cat for california's rat poison problem well you know there's two options you pull in the rats or you invite more coyotes to live near your house you know they say when they eat dog catch twenty two it's also in the damn floor is podcast he talks about how when they eat dogs they're not really eating dogs because they want to eat them for like a meal as much as they want to eliminate predators like competing predators especially at cats because most of what they eat like coyotes eat like a lot of bugs that allowed grasshoppers need a lot of rats need a lot of rodent cat rabbits but the cats compete with them 'cause katsura fuck king murderers and now but they this shit about how many cats do you see that off my in rampage this article that i posted but how many fucking
birds and mammals cats kill in the us alone every town like just house casts house cats ma'am bill there there's us billions in the b look at this responsible for the deaths of one point for the three dot seven billion birds and six dot nine to twenty dot seven billion mammals every year in the united mammal squirrels squirrels whatever when i was a kid i had this cat and he he killed a squirrel and he was walking we lived across the street from this park and this cat kill this squirrel and had it in between his had a bit he bit a snack and had its body underneath his body so he's walking with this weekend at bernie's dragging you holding on to it and like having to walk around the yeah we called as kitty like you my cows name kitty like that was his name like we i had a name for my name to mike conan the
in the comic books had like a lion that he is or they had a jaguar as a pet i forgot what its name was i named it that my parents like shut the fuck up so they katie the barbarians or became his name is kitty kitty was like this i had a big black cat star says it is a murder did you ever see when when to be had during came out because member should like raise my hands and melanie griffin grew up with lions and shit in the house google tippi hedren lions what the fuck and she recently came out and was like that was a horrible idea that was a mistake that was super dangerous like one of them i think cut melanie griffin had to have surgery on it 'cause one of 'em potter yes or she grew up with these things in her hats melanie griffith nope tippi hedren her mom so just go crazy which has a fucking pet lion know she had to keep going keep going
you'll see that more and more so how do they do that and not get killed these mother well you have to raise them from infancy look at their i mean they have been a tiger because they're part of the packer like a pride i guess it would be but what if they just decide to play with it you can do matter you had anyone to you at any moment look pauline the kids they could and they did so they try to make a movie out of it and the cameramen got his face like ripped off and they were like never mind anxiety look at this i know 'cause you know that their socio pathic i think if you not sociopathic they just natural that's look they have all of these reward mechanisms that are built into their dna they've feel good when they chase after yes yes yes yes yes they need to hunt that's part of the problem with zoos is that these things it's like it's like extr acting a guys come you know through a straw yeah yeah like oh i know you need to get radio comes we do stuff like you're still horny it's part
but yeah that's part of the like hunting and well you gotta i'm with you i'm actually with you on that this is crazy it's crazy it's fucking crazy and she came out recently and was like no never mind i'm really don't endorse doing that how did she get rid of the lions when i don't know where it also has some you know what i was trying to organize going to her 'cause she's like a sanctuary now and she tries to raise money to save lions i mean 'cause you don't like in africa there's more animals in captivity than there are in the wild like it's such a problem well yes but but that captain we were talking about high fence operations that sometimes one hundred thousand plus acres many many many square miles so you look at the actual range that allion would inhabit an often i'm so it's much smaller than what we're growing sap can get so i don't sound like a pejorative way it's like there are not safe well they're fenced in see ya one of the crazy catch twenty twos about africa is that do you know louis theroux listen to on your show
watch his documentary on african hunting it's fucking crazy i many of the animal writings that people hunt in africa where it very close to extinction just a few decades ago when they put a value on them and they set up these hunting camps now there in abundance there in higher population than ever before but there in high populations 'cause people go over there to hunt them so they have these places where you go and it's kind of fucked up like there's a water hole you sit in front of a water have a blah mind you hide the blind animal comes down you shoot it hunting trapped in effect well i mean it isn't it is it is it i mean it isn't it isn't it's certainly not like that's argue practice it's more that than anything else so it's is it is it better to go and get a steak from an animal that lived in captivity or is it better to shoot an animal as it goes to get water
not as good as going in the woods like you go into the woods you go shoot a wild elk that outdoes might not even know what a fucking person is hopeful he doesn't even see you come and you shoot and kill it that's like the ultimate goal is to instantaneously and this wild existence that if you didn't kill it it would be killed by bears someone would wolves or something else that's the idea but or they freeze to death or they kill each other there's a lot of killing each other these fucking antlers you're not like for digging for fruit no not established rather not contacts weather album handing each other great i mean that's why they have them you see this dear that's why has it to kill other dear so you can get all the pussy it's literally what is therefore it's a knife that grows out of your head yeah so it's not but what's crazy is those were worth nothing and they were being slaughtered by poachers and then you go well these poachers man that's fucked up yes but there really fucking poor there's really poor
so what do you do about that you because you have these people that are living over there that there have to risk their lives and try to poach these animals for meat for food and then there's the fucking the horrible great right now but it's also it's like you can't just say stuff i mean it's like it's like you know saying to a drug attic stop doing heroin it's like we have to replace it with something in the narcotics anonymous or another drug or something so you can see stop poaching without like there's no other way to fucking make money exactly poverty is insane i have friends that have gone over to africa and one of the things that they say is you just like my friend justin wren who he goes to the congo stays there for months at a time and he's building wells over there is amazing he's a guy who just got malaria for the second time it's like you don't even understand what poverty is now you see how these people live these poor people so i don't blame them for poaching i mean if it becomes if it goes if it's between
selling a rhino horn and feeding your child yeah yeah yeah it's like and they're not online like looking at the statistics about animal welfare literally it's just get stale or be killed it's but they're barely making it they're barely making it i mean and i am one hundred percent against killing rhinos for their horns make no mistake about it i think it's horrible and disgusting but these people that were calling poachers you know you had that pejorative you give them that label and you take the way it is don't really know that if they could do like a poor people are desperate poor people yeah and they're not making that much money the people actually kill rhino they're not making much money there make being a few one hundred dollars or whatever the fuck they can get their selling it to someone else and that other person is making a fuck load of money and it's all gross it's all gross and it's all scary but the louis theroux documentary
does the best job i gotta highlighting how it is over there it's one of things that the guy who runs the had the camp says to him because louise i concert pastoring a badgering him is what is what why is why did you do he's like giving him all these questions i'm finally got snaps and he's like africa is fucked you don't understand africa is fucked he goes these fucking animals are not worth something they'd be gone do you understand this wow really crazy moment when you realize the pro problem is not a simple is why do people want to go over there and hunt the problem is this breakdown of what we call civilization in this area where you have people that are in possibly poor and they are surrounded by animals and the only value around them is adamant it's so crazy it's so crazy so fucking crazy so it's either
it's if you're involved in the tourism business that has people coming to look at these animals or you just have to kill right and right away the tourism industry is not as profitable as a whole no no no no it's just not because if you want to go then kill a lion it cost you fifty thousand dollars and what's really fucked up is these lions now in zimbabwe where that cecil the lion was killed their king two thousand two hundred of them they're just going to poach there not poach them just going to assassinate them because they have too many and now the lion destroying all the population they had a balance that they had created through hunting sewer line things down there like coyotes or like here the fucking lion yeah i mean look there amazing lions are incredible yeah look i saw that thing you posted of the lion my fucking phone was fuckin jumping off that thing but look at this this is my phone yeah they're in line on my phone that i mean we you have to go to to be had here and some family and they go yeah them i don't think anybody should
shoot lines i don't want to shoot a lion i don't think i don't think it's cool but but there are car with teeth they're terrifying yeah beautiful article that was written by this woman who lived in zimbabwe right after the cease alliance thing and it said in zimbabwe we don't cry for lions and it was explaining how they terrorized her village he killed her lovely and how people when they would go go out into the bush it would be a very real concern that they would be killed by a line and it's not that the law and it's bad it's just that the would lions alliance that they fucking do and that's their only have too many of them you can't you can't have many of them and the only way to control their population is human beings and so when it's also yes in that thing back to like we are not the top of the food chain we're just not we're not very simple but we are but we are with a with a weapon we are the caveat yeah with huge caveat with it you have to be able to first of all know how to shoot a fight like me in that
machete or fucking samurai sword i'm not the top of the food i don't know how to fucking use most of the weapons out there if you had a drunk person who wasn't couldn't walk that good you fuck him up with you know i mean that it's all depending on what's the level of the lion since i have no ability to even understand how anxious it would make me to be in a room with a lion a lion is probably faster than me picking up a gun and shooting it oh yeah i'm dead by the time i pick it up would you would have to first of all not just know how to shoot a gun you would have to have it appearance shooting a gun under pressure to manage your anxiety and to shoot it i went to a shooting range and i was like junk like i could not even though i would like it was ridiculous that sound effect start the guy i was so bad i was like shooting guns is really hard you have to be strong and you have to focus i call you it's a skill you have to learn how to do it hopefully so it's like most
just don't have that skype in a lot of ways even that skill you're shooting at a piece of paper that's not going to move it's not going to attack you this is a thing that wants to kill me exactly and that knows how to get around my gun but i'm going to go to an intermediate place go from the piece of paper that is not going to attack and try to shoot a wild pig that you just you gonna eat like if it's nerve wracking it's like there's the what they call trigger panic where people get on the pay or target panic with they're they're about to shoot they can't keep their gun steady they can't keep their even more difficult with bow and arrow you cannot it steady it's like saying you don't know you like what you just want to get it over with you just want to shoot for that are thank you the deal was together started to the alliance is this this panic where
we just want to get it over with your so overwhelmed you can't breathe and you just want to pull the trigger in most people miss like the vast majority of people don't share bohunt miss or rifle it's a matter of controlling anxiety and i'm sure that exists in its way in the navy seals one of their training is you know they put a bag over their head and take it offen disorient them so that they can quickly focus their eyes 'cause when something is moving around it's just like it's a muscle to be able to you know well just dealing with uh city dealing with anxiety dealing with the moment is here now have you been training you been preparing ready cry because on you see that with fighting all the time this guy's a look amazing in the gym and they get to a fight and they can't before you can't really simulate that experience right there's no way in practice to simulate even in practice when you have like you alive i have simulated fights because that way mayweather would have like an audience and shoot his heart his practices and talk a lot
shit yeah talking shit puts a lot of pressure on you too that's a big thing wow like god do that bow hunters do that they talk shit to each other while they practice it's a big i think they have competitions and during the competition there talking shit to each other and the idea of it is you're just trying to disorient and it helps them like guys welcome it because it actually helps them const turn on blocking everything out because the moment when you're actually having to shoot an animal so yeah hardest fucking yeah take it in the air and you freak out so it's nothing like that for someone to talk to but at least it's better than giving you a society and and some players do that do that yeah they get like with each other and you know try through each other off i guess is probably not the same thing but it's more like you know distract players getting their heads who plays they called sharking that's what a real shark is not like people think always a poo
so yeah it's not what it means in the world of pool players uh someone is really good at pool you would say someone who hides it there a hustler someone who doesn't hide it there a player but with a shark is is actually a dishonorable thing a shark is someone who with you how you get your head tries to get you to mess like they might do things on purpose like drop their queue as you're shooting yeah or they might they might you are distract you that's what's called sharking like just to try to sign is that legal i don't even know i mean you can't control someone vibes where you agree or not agree but some people just do it but conference sometimes i feel like the leg right before you go on there like weird crowd when you're talking about david off mark bramble yeah i mean jesus christ or that or the worst is when they're like great crowd so you go on and do well it's not because you were good it's just crowd was good well sometimes it's a good warning though like delete it came off stage at the improv the other night and he was getting upstaged
walking in the room he came up and gave me a hug and he goes dude worst fucking crowd ever i'm like really and i was like maybe for you yeah and i went up there and they were stocking terrible that's solely to wear when crowds are weird it's such a testament to our group think yeah for a whole crowd to unify as shitty as well as really warm in the room first of all which though is bad never good something about hot that makes me like what kind of the week was wednesday night wednesday nights we two you've got to go to work as you've been there for its light comedy show it's always it's fucking at midnight no no i don't know i won't go up after i will not go on past one thousand o'clock before i can't come on i cannot do it now i know it's just i know what this is everyone's tired they wanna go home they're looking at their check i'm saying i think those experiences are good in the beginning i already did that for eight years yeah i agree with you or shows yeah i paid
i mean i used to do stand up at lucky strike on highland and i'd have to time my jokes following a bowling ball was about to hit some pins i'd be like anyway so then he called me pnuma an then i never called him back like you had to time your jokes i did a road gig once at a restaurant in massachusetts where the intercom that the restaurant used to call peoples tables was the same system as the no no so i'd be in the middle of talking about something john st party of two tables ready fucking great was the only time they ever did comedy there it was i was the only one was like a one person show too i just went up there was like this is there used to be did you ever do you remember me agiz on sensitive you literally do it's a sushi restaurant it's not there anymore you would do there was like a state pink taco now there was exactly and there was a stage and then there was a bridge with like
creek yes there is the only audio fucking fountain between you and the end of bridge an like a koi garden like a little chinese garden and then a bunch of people and then they always had mtv jams on television there were televisions on every wall and people are just watching mtv gems and then you're just yelling member one time duncan trussell got on there and we could even we didn't even know people could hear us and i was like i don't think anyone can like i did with are we bombing or can they just hear us and then dunk also got on stage and started basically yelling the most offensive things a magical and nobody responded and we realize that all they just can't hear us like he was just like yelling he was like just like yelling the good in everyone just kept in what's crazy is beyond is across the street from what used to be dublin yeah zahn i wasn't i didn't ever i wasn't around that i remember that was like the when i sag stand because
three thousand four hundred and thirty yeah i got i miss my thing already but the other thing i have to get my hair back to brown why because it's for your sexy and so really exactly is that what they want to distract anyone i don't want to become a sex symbol i don't need that stress that pressure now i have to go back to burn at this was sort of because i'm working on something and they just don't want it to look blonde i guess so yeah i know welcome since i'm born i'm not a blonde that's not my brain in the first boyfriend i did it this is going to sound weird narcissistic for some reason when they were little spurt why is getting recognized a lot and i was touring and i was appointed dye my hair and see what happens and nobody had any idea who i was soon as you want blonde you soon as i'm implant i was just completely invisible so you have a love hate relationship with being recognized i don't not like it it was literally more like let's see watt like a lit
yeah it was like it was like this it does it doesn't annoy me does it bother me i'm super grateful i see people that come up to maine airports as like my boss like their the ones that don't say that the fucking guy i sent you the email right now fox that's right that's idea we put it outside the window probably he's going to hear about those people who i'm sure now i think he should remembers my he's an amy schumer van for sure he's done he he thinks i sold out years ago when i did a sick you did so i just i was like i was just i sing out it was causing side because i never feel like i'm able to give people what they need and i just you know and i was like i'm not going to airports much like and i stayed somebody and i'm just getting recognized when we run dates and it was just like make things weird and also i just try this like and i'm not working on it let me just change it up now that's it and nobody fucking recognizes me and then i'm like hey he sees me
if you know me like that's totally having this special like hi guys i don't know if you do have hbo go i just so that it was interesting what happened when nobody recognized me and then i felt invisible and it was like this doesn't feel good either makes you realize when you get accustomed to stuff and so i got how much attention do i fucking need its own bear sing and on that note on that note i always annoyed three hours flattered when you want me to have them around your friend is always a good time alright fucker so we'll be back tomorrow with ufc bantamweight champion miesha tate gui cala see you that's my new shit folks i tell people to give it up before i do the intro say give it up for him like like him at a comedy club i need a good comedy club
weird one thanks everybody thanks tuna to the podcast appreciate the fuck out of you i say it so much that doesn't sound like i mean it but i really do i appreciate the fuck out of all you people listening this is a huge privilege and a huge honor to have something like this sort of manifest itself in your life i kind of i know that i've been there every step of the way and i've been looking all the gas and doing was talking and getting everything but i swear to god this fucking thing made itself and you guys are big part of it so i appreciate the fuck out of you thank you i'll say it too much i know but i mean it every time i say
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set much love thank you guys for everything appreciate the fuck out by the big kids
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