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#794 - Miesha Tate

2016-05-05 | 🔗
Miesha Tate is a mixed martial artist and is the current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.
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hey everybody what's up may 20th i'm at the ryman auditorium in nashville tn then the fillmore in san francisco but it's sold out on june tenth and 11th the tune temple yeah yeah hollywood the improv june third friday night the night before the ufc in los angle and then the next one is next scheduled one is july eighth that's at the cobb theater at the mgm with the great joey motherfuckin diaz this episode the podcast is sponsored by blue bryn and blue apron is a service that sends you in like a little styrofoam cooler all of the
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kind of embodies what what we're trying to do trying to give you information and give you the tools to optimize your life go to on it dot com o n and i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any in all supplements alright my guest today is the women's back some weight champion of the world the great miesha tate miesha who is very interesting person to talk too she's very intelligent very cool who very laid back especially when you consider the fact that she's a professional cage fighter you would never know by looking at her and i really enjoy talking to her so give it up for miesha tate go logan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day right now if i run the air
if you're on the air i said let me state know the world was flat she didn't know that the man has been holding us down and fucking with us and giving us bad information that satellites are bullshit and that the earth doesn't rely on gravity but it uses electromagnetism to make sure things get stuck where is this coming from the world the world does a lot of people out there in the world that are waking up do know what being woke is are you aware of the world you not you don't know about being woke jamies woke stay woke stay woke so people think that the earth is flat you can i use also use wokeness as you could use it as like you could say like i have wokeness you know i'm saying like you just because you're just because of the ufc bantamweight champion does not equal your wokeness so what is broken is your broke been like the earth being round
being around or it's flat as fuck though what is flat and kim trails are the government's brain this guys and there's no gravity here square and stationary earth was a new one one of the parts of the theory you think about you think chem trails are real is that what you're saying i don't know i kind of wonder what they are like what are they that's good question that's a good question i wonder when people take that and then they go right to kids question yeah right i'm not a conspiracy there is but i have questions like i want to know what they are when i get engine flies to this guy in the jet engine encounters con sensation in the atmosphere it creates an artificial cloud is not an artificial cloud it's an actual cloud in the cloud is a direct reaction to the jet engine changing the temperature of the air in the atmosphere it is signed typically proven it's repeatable they could do it over and over again that's why when you see them things in the sky those things exist when the jet engines
pass through the condensation and change the temperature and then they slowly fade away or not depending upon how much moisture is in the atmosphere right is someplace do it another ones don't well because some planes are at different altitudes in some point you know how cloud exist in some places but they don't exist in other places there's peep well maybe connotation vegas was like there's flights coming in all the time and you watch a steady stream coming in and none of them have it but then like the little like i don't know there like small i don't know if there are small planes are not commercial planes the little ones those are the ones that make all the chem trails so i'm like does that well the column came true i don't even know if i'm technically saying it right now i don't know what they are what they call them they call them contrails that's the real the real if you ask a scientist that com contrails if you ask conspiracy people that called chem trails as they think they're spraying chemical and there this is something that i had to like deeply study for this show that did call in your questions and i wondered about this for a long time i've heard so many prince of obviously most in the conspiracy part of it
everybody hears about it everybody here about like i've heard that they're trying to like control the weather with it somehow that's part of the problem is that they are trying to control the weather in different parts of the world they sp pray they do what's called cloud seeding but cloud seeding is very diff then what you're seeing when you see these artificial clouds with cloud seeding is they'll spray a certain type of chemical into into the atmosphere that will create rain and they do it in abu dhabi in abu dhabi they actually do it every week they do it once so they've done it like fifty two times a year and it makes rain yeah that's been going on for a long time but that's very different than these artificial clouds that are being created by jets that's just a side effect of air jet for you though like the artificial travel artificial yes of the rain rain the rally chemist rehm well it's silver i'd done i think in some other stuff the city finally find a pre then and stuff yeah i'm sure it's not any better than
jet fuel it's burning your sky above you too that's the real problem yeah the gas driving here and all that people that live near airplane airports rather they have a significantly higher rate of lung infections and lung diseases and lung disorders like like how far now i'm thinking about how far i live from the vegas airport now it takes me like twenty minutes to get there fifteen minutes okay well i think we're all yeah we're all world bring all living under the same flat exactly of the flat earth that's one of the problems with the whole chemtrail theory like don't they lived here to their spring this guy's like what are they trying to do and the easy either the idea is it easy it's either weather modification or that they're trying to change our behavior that some people think it's thirteen i've heard of like it's it's something to do with crops to or something they're trying to mom i don't know crops in vegas in vegas in vegas probably about it grown in vegas probably is used to be so illegal
like if you went to vegas yet to be like really careful about having weed but now when you drive around they have these giant we'd doctor billboards and show it's really weird it's like the call one eight hundred babe on one side and then doctor weed on the other side that's weird place to live isn't it is but i feel like vegas is kind of what you make it
is whatever you make it like if you want to go down to the strip and be crazy and be wild and hang out with all the hooligans that are there for the weekend you can but if not like just living your full house and go hike the red rocks and go down to the lake it's pretty barren pretty ugly like an essay came from washington state so i'm used to a lot of greenery yeah it's beautiful there and we got the san juan islands and you can go whale watching and she's gorgeous but it rains we too much we have a national rainforest up there too it's beautiful yeah i'm a big fan of washington state but rain can fuck with your head right yeah i couldn't i lived there for i mean those eighteen before i moved to the eastern
which is very different actually a lot of people don't know this so the mountain range divides the stay in half and on the east side eastern side of washington it's super dry it's like deserti like there's actually tumbleweeds and sand dunes and all that it's completely different on the other side of washington and moisture comes in from the ocean hits the mountains rolls back over rains like double duty on the west side and then the east side of washington is really dry and here from spokane right going from tacoma tacoma opted to competent that when people call it that's hilarious yeah is a ghetto yeah it is is it again but i lived in that so it's really big actually it's some i think if i'm not mistaken i should probably notice things but i i don't pay attention a lot of things your probably find out in a lot lot of statistics and seven kind of like well as fly by the seat of my pants like whatever going on school but i think it's it's one of the biggest lake circumference like the whitest cities like not most populated but like most area
in washington anyway so i live on the very outskirts like near puyallup so i grew up on like five acres and like i had some land it wasn't like in the heart of it but it's pretty cool place so going from there to live in vegas but i guess like is you're a professional fighter your days are probably so filled with training and recovery been eating like how much time do you have to actually have to eva be in the city that you're ran like none when i'm in camp really not much on the weekend sometimes that's what's nice about it too is you can go down there and just enjoy it a comedy show i mean you come through often like a lot of acts come through heart comes through a lot of music means a lot of concert so it's nice because everyone comes to you essentially you don't see anyone so if you want to just set the cup down for a minute and like take a break finishing over to go ride the the you know the big ferris wheel of the of their the form would down yeah that link right yeah they want
oh right that or do whatever you know it's nice 'cause there's always so much going on as long as you stay outside of it right do you like it in like henderson or something like that i live in mountains edge so yeah for most part i don't ever even see this trip unless i'm driving by it like to go visit the uc office or something like that it's a good place to live as a professional fighter right because there's a lot of gyms there there's a lot of great training there this across the board strength and conditioning more thai boxing one is the home of the year you see so it's nice there too because there's a lot of extra curricular things that i get to take part of because i'm i'm local right into a lot more charity things and with the boys and girls club and you know just going in you know it being a part of the year see i guess i get it i get to do more things that
yeah now your life is very different right now than it was a year ago it is how crazy is that yeah year ago you were talking about like not doing this anymore you like i gotta figure out what i'm doing and now i did you the fucking world champ that's where i am talk about a frickin one hundred and eighty yeah my a career in life would have been different a year ago than it is now you know strange is that how that can just in an instant you just never know what does feel like is like when you wake up in the morning do you have to go ok here's the belts mind yes that's real p diddy now have really i'm happy it's it's in lightning it's fine it's it's great to be the champ i love it honestly it's a completely revealing it yeah you know year ago is so frustrated because you know when i lost year the last time i knew i had a lot a road long rd to work my way back up i thought i had done that and when i beat jessica
it was announced like you know this is going to be the number one contender eliminator fight and then afterwards are like yes it is you're going to fight rhonda then i felt like the carpet was kind of just pulled out from under my feet because they were like just kid sing hollies hollies fighting and they announced it without telling me so that's why i was so upset it's like i don't take this shit lightly like i was training my of re i'd already reached out to a girl in france like i can't see her name right things like to read i don't some french name but she beat rhonda and you know so i had already like been making plans with her to train with her and fire over here and she was changing things that i was like alexa ask like i feel like an idiot like look like an idiot 'cause here the announcement was made and i didn't even know so i was kind of upset about that but you know we talked about and we smooth things over and i took it personally at the time but i don't think it was meant personally it was a business decision and i understand that at the end of the day that's what it was
and it all worked out so the ufc's in a weird position because they're both the promoter and sort of a sanction bonnie yeah and that's really rare the matter of fact i can't think of any other sport where that exists yeah you know they have just this ability to decide like they'll they'll just decide like this person gets a show like the whole conor mcgregor situations a perfect example of that yeah like all the sudden if he had beaten eight d as or if he had beaten to san jose overdose on just didn't get injured and he beat dosan joes you fucking know for sure they were going to have him fight robbie lawler like for sure and they were just going to figure out a way to do something with a hundred forty five pounds how to and why wouldn't they do it if there are business people because that's where the money is i mean if you didn't if you beat those on joe's and there and went on and fought robbie lawer jesus christ when you talk like a five million paper view by event they would have to do it it would be insane if that was like a sanctioning body like you've seen it before in like boxing like someone won't
think of mandatory challenger and they get stripped even when they just in the title it happens all the time like where a fight would just win the title and then they have this mandatory challenger who nobody knows and they'll go fuck that fight i'm going to fight canelo alvarez i'm going to fight this guy or that guy and then they get stripped because there's like five different sanctioning bodies like boxing is way more of a mess so there's like pros and cons to doing it the way the ufc does it but point of use someone like you it's probably much more frustrating well you just never know what to expect thank you get curveballs all the time in the us you don't know what to expect you know like a lot of people were so pissed off at me for for the holly home not having the rematch right away but it's like it's not it's not my choice you know yeah wiley piss over you i don't know because they think that i turned it down i should've went in there like guns a blazing for holly and like put myself out of my shield like no we have to have the holly rematch you guys you don't understand but you know they call me up in like amanda july
ninth i'm like ok yeah how do you say no to ufc two hundred how to fuck do you say no now you don't you can't say no that's they come up with you like i'm in yeah and you know it's like do you relax most people don't get immediate rematches in a career like unless our conor mcgregor rounder you know someone that's really got a presence you don't get an immediate rematch i didn't when i went back and strike force when when i lost around i didn't get a meter and never got to meet a rematch my career i would love to immediately rematch cat when i lost her but you don't get it sometimes you gotta work your way back up and you know hope for the best but we will i'm sure this will face each other again she's fighting i found mission shango now you're yeah that's gonna be in chicago right yeah it's going to be on the rumble johnson clover to share card which will yeah well that's going to be crazy it is an apple south pleasant street is gonna be interesting yes of tangles tough she sits right on to old dog yeah interesting she's very like physically strong she's moving like the way she fights you very physical i
i feel like they're kind of both i was just watching her fight with amanda again i would i think i only got through like the round and a half before i had to go because i was doing the fox fox show the other day we were and we announce the fight with holly that's why i was watching ships xinxing and uhm she seems like a counter striker too though i was wonder when you get two people who are counter strikers but elite strikers what happ well holly is much more of a kicker and holly also is like much more fleet of foot was going to be interesting but how is not weak either she's very physically strong server john it's gonna be an interesting fight that's a really good fight and for ship janko it's super important you know she's had a couple pretty good fights in the ufc yeah but like this is the big one iran this is like the headline on the map is a headlining yeah yeah so it is on is that the main event of that car
i think that's the same card is rumble johnson and glover at a can't imagine that that fight wouldn't be the main event but i don't know it might be on is it on fox is the fox one that's going to be a big fight it's an awesome card period that chicago cubs chicago is awesome i love chicago my god so my favorite cities in the world never had molly's cupcakes now you're going to say molly are you really in the cupcakes like you have this nickname cupcake is that real are you a cupcake fan what's weird so recently probably the last month i've been working with the new sports doctor doctor edwards and he's changing my diet which is traits of any more of a high fat diet by keeping jenner yeah ketogenic diet and staying away from a lot of sugars and stuff and i feel really good so i haven't been mounting down the cupcakes recently but in the past i've been known to put down a couple the moment you said kita genic there's thousands of people listening to this pod
that's like no not again because it comes up so often because i've been doing that for five months i've been eating nothing but that's how i eat and i've lost like ten pounds brians lost so much weight on this diet like his camp before that was a struggle to get the weight down 'cause he's really big for one hundred and thirty five it's up to like one hundred and sixty five he can get up to one hundred and seventy ish yeah no money was making the cut the first time he's like yeah it was hard but this one you switch to that you know with a little bit of carbs obviously if you're an athlete you have to have some carbs sure do strictly fats and whatnot but it was weight has flown off he's way ahead of schedule he's doing really good so we're pumped that and i mean loads of fats to and stand lean and healthy i feel good so like what do you do what what protocol you following like is it's like sixty percent fats thirty percent protein ten percent carbs like do you know now i'm not the
that scientific about it kind of just listen to my body and i just eat what i feel i've been doing it so long that i just kind of have a natural sense like if i'm hungry then i just choose to eat something that's more fat based than something that's sugar ear or car be like kind of foods are you gravitated towards so recently i've been so stoked about liver mousse liver moose let it's what moves hey yeah yeah they're delicious leave you go to whole foods you are the chief section have these little packages of muste liver and they have different flavors and i got like a troubled one i think i i ate almost the whole thing in one sitting there not that big i mean they're like you know but i mean it's kind of a lot of fat in the liver is really really good for you it's got like vitamin d insurance of vitamin c because more than care it's a clever has crazy amounts of mc's like a super food my doctor told m like only whatever i tend to like foods more when i know
good for me to something like mentally in my brain just tells me this is good for you you like it really well i guess if you train as much as you do that does totally makes sense yeah and beats beats beats are great for beet juice oh yeah that's a phantom for a beach is also it mimics things like the interns properties of things like certain mushrooms like yeah if you take beats like richter rich role who is a endurance athlete was saying that he found like significant advantages in taking beet juice and that like blending beats and like a kale shake or something along those lines really gave him like an extra boost in training yeah this is a little company called love bees i don't know if a little they could be big the beats you see a lot of a lot of them at that whole foods to have like the kennedys and i was
thing you see embedded and i had beats on my salad and then they reached out to me like oh we saw she had beats on her cell if we want to send her out some beet juice like maybe it was maybe it was maybe she was having love beats actually was love beads and they sent me out this man this shits delicious so good and there's one that's beats in ginger they wanted my god it's to die for yeah all that stuff like any any time you can get like powerful natural nutrients like being an incoming class to kind of like i kind of got on that glass drinking out of glass instead of plastic i kind of got on that train little bit i don't know if you are on that yet well it's definitely smart i mean plastic for sure can leach some chemicals that sometimes in the water and i'm like fifty like i can taste it and our bodies made up so much of
water anyways so think of the better water you put in your body makes more sense right for sure well the real issue i think is when people live bottles of water plastic bottles in your car and make it up well think about how they get transported it's not like there in a cooler very good point you know i mean you drink i'm cold if it's cold you don't taste the plastic as much so they sell it too cold and you put in the fridge and you drink your water bottle and you don't really taste it as much but if you let it get you temperature just buying it from a story probably you'll taste the plastic i wonder if anybody's ever done these studies where they're taken just arrowhead water and fiji water from a shelf and just tested it and see how much shit is in the actual water itself yeah i wonder too but it's just the fact that i can taste it sometimes like i think i'll go with glass like more natural is better for you
yeah for sure so do you eat eat a lot avocados and yeah oil co owner sense yeah m c t oil that but i've been digging this are yet to merrick yeah your human human yeah this of the doctor on the patrick shown guys she blew my mind i've listened episode like five times i mean i'm like four times and i still have to go back over them with a fine tooth comb and write notes i just down the of the second was i've i've listened the first like five times so figured like think i got enough of the information finally she so for its mark and then now i don't know that that that the one before the last ones about to listen that one problem the flight home yeah she's key smart yeah so she was talking about all that in my sports doctors is in complete agreement so anyway i don't know where i was going with that what did you ask about eating coconut oil kirk human or two merrick and ginger i make like a tea in the morning an eye that i like blended
so it's frothy and which is speaking of not eating a lot of sugar though we did i did you have cnn you see tonight last night and then we did tough talks and the khalil we had a cupcake eating contest oh my god i was wrecked for the rest last night i because i haven't been eating sugar in the right i was mad i you know competitive so i'm just going down these kind of case so they they they gave me like smaller ones for the weight class discrepancy cl ads i know there but you know it actually was kind of disadvantage that appeal more of them spent time trying to peel them out so i i i i think eight eight four and then my asafa guess just shut and it was like like no you're not swallowing another by bite so i shoved three more in my mouth and just like
tell them in there like the last sentence i was like showing them in my mouth so i think it was seven but i spit three of 'em out know when you see yourself in his shot was it like you couldn't do you have milk i did have milk but there was just too much there wasn't room for milk in my mouth anymore which is all cupcake it was like i couldn't like it was hilarious the videos on my facebook page you for your interest in watching it is pretty disgusting actually what did you feel like after it was over i felt terrible honestly like i was like shaking his leg i was like yeah hi phil and i kind of got a because it is a really bad idea it's not weird that you could have eaten those things like a year ago no problem and then i just mow four mini cupcakes and i'm feeling like garbage i i was on the diet for a long time and then i had a cheeseburger anna malt like a big ass chocolate malt and i was it was a huge it was like that big is all sure that gets you i was red lay down the couch lee it is what you just get used to it
it's a problem and when you're used to it your body seems like this is nothing so when people here you are here you are eating a cup see i try to look at how far my mouth is watch and throwing their counting down i'm like so ridiculous it's so gross discussed disgusting it's terrible ok with the referee outfit on i couldn't have three cupcakes in my mouth right now my lips are literally bursting like see if this is fear factor we would've made you swallow it and open your mouth that's the only way account i would have speaking of fear factor i always wanted to do that show i used to watch it all the time i want to talk to you out of it i could eat that disgusting stuff you think you could i think i could well you probably eat some of it i eat some of it really i was gonna ask you what was the most disgusting thing that they made some money think blended stuff is the worst like blended bugs blended pancreas and different disgusting like blended
spleens and there was some you know what's really interesting is one of the ways we made things more disgusting was expensive cheese like if you go to was a caller from rj from ign on i have an htc story do you have go ahead tell me what they would go to this beverly hills store that sells like super expensive like primo french cheese and it smells like donkey dick it's so bad you open up the tub of it and you go what in the fuck is wrong with french people how eating this is mine is it that's my that's my disgusting stinky cheese story was in france something went to paris it was over dan brown and i were on this really beautiful dinner bowl thing and you know they bring all this food in reading for ground like whatever and they bring out cheese i'm a cheese lover i love cheese i could never
of cheese it's one eight i would i would you say you know especially now for sure i picked she's over cupcakes about how to cut something out of my diet by michael cakes like i mean i'm sick of the cheese and they bring this cheese on there's three of am one is fine the other ones like it's a little stinky but i think i'll try the other one smelled like a rotting carcass i kid you not i believe you it smelt like someone ran over road kill and then they like then they served it up like two weeks later after it had been like in an extremely sorry i was like people eat this and like what's wrong with i was like giving away i wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole in beverly hills we used to send the people that work for fear factor to buy it and you walk by this place and just stay open the door and you'd be like what in the fuck is in there well people are paying a lot of money for this statement if it smelled anything like what that smell like i might have struggled eat it i bet it was the same stuff
i mean i don't know what it was called i would have to call my phone i want to just plug my nose i like to think i'd be able to eat anything i don't know what you pretty mental that's the feature you could get through it and that show is over you probably thank out yeah sex never mind that deals with that and just go into the zone throw it and then you like my good yeah and then he'd run over there garbage pail and that's what happened i saw more people throw up and probably i would say like if you like look at my like me and like maybe catch cafeteria lunch ladies would probably seen the most people throw up in the world ipad i can't see i saw her fucking people throw up every week i saw people throw up it came completely immune to throw up you i think would be more gross than the blue good stuff i think as long as there was enough liquid to be able to just swallow it i think i get through it but i think it would be hard for me is the crunchy bugs are easy
really well for me to the skinny moon yeah but it's not the taste texture not the texture at the sound the sound of it like the shell crunching and then like the guts i don't know we were just talking with this disgusting topping up know that's like my like that or the big caterpillars like where they pop oh yeah hearing something like that i think is what would get me i ate it need a horn worm that wasn't the best tasting thing in the world that weren't popped in my mind yeah see that's those things i think that would be a little hard for me but it's nothing it's like that gum some of the comments they have they have the squirts enter it's good for your breath over that stuff so they still have that stuff i'm sure they do that gum is like like a tomato horn worm you pop it except doesn't taste good when squirts just because it's like neutral that would be a struggle for me that's just my that's my thing is anticipating the pop and or the crunch of telling you you would just do it i'm telling you that it's nothing the bugs are nothing i was in mexico recently and
they would serve crickets they have cricket select like it was a snack that they left in a hotel like fried crickets i don't know i guess i could do my own pace and i like they were cooked crickets i probably try one yeah woods not if your marriage is not the own ps exact half of things that would be the thing that you have a certain number one where they stuck like it what this was about spiders with x super long long legs and it was like trying to crawl out of the person's mouth while they were eating it that was just like oh my god that would be african cave dwelling spider i hate one of those two really yeah i eat a lot of shit i either live through it in there can i bite you they tried really yeah i felt a little my but a serious but i'm def you just mounted yeah we got down i'm like i got those cupcakes imagine being a porsche spyder just some fucking gag for a tv show and something to eat you but the most bugs don't
like anything i bet the ones that are really bad or poisonous they probably would fuck with you like if you had a black widow probably taste like shit nobody ever had to be like a live snake or anything like that no no well we can't give anything we had we will dead we did do some stuff with snakes it was really interesting what people would get upset about it and what people wouldn't get upset about like pita pita would they would get really upset if we did things with rats or think things are the rodents are particularly problematic but people didn't get upset about things with bugs like these are really clear hierarchy that people have with life and people just don't seem to get that upset about bugs but like certain animals taken i still must feel bad if i was to eat alive bug part of me would feel bad yeah i don't know what about like lobster and throw lobster in a pot i feel bad about that to do oh yeah i prefer to just kill
real quick first and then i'm fine with it i think they are meant to be eaten i'm fine like with hunting it doesn't bother me like but the idea of them may be experiencing excruciating amount of pain before like just like have it in the head quick and then it's dead you killed humanely and then eat it no problem we don't care about that but they say lobsters can't feel pain but i say bullshit i say bullshit to how do you know you're not a lobster have you ever been a lot no a past life yes part today side to say error on the side of caution just kill it first we used to go crabbing up in the san juan islands would catch fresh dungeness crab cook it within like an hour but they taste so much better that way it's incredible isn't brain can't eat seafood to save his life at all like he can't cannot stomach it fish like you can like it's kind of money thing out of the water anything even like seaweed anything that comes clear i think part of it
i got it isn't like it at all he thinks it taste disgusting like the taste of the ocean like get a lot in fish skin or like seaweed anything that tastes resembles the flavor of of the ocean something wow siri hates it is he from washington state to so is it like overdose of fish because everybody is up there eating fish all the time now 'cause he lived on the he lived in like the central washington area right on the other side of the mountains so it's a little more like green and ryan a little bit farther away from the water but he ate dungeness crab this is going to get back to you is that without crab that we caught that day and kill bold and we had this sweet butter to dip it well i actually like you ate it was a guy was pretty good the only seafood thing he's ever eaten in his life that what is this gym with his video shaman swarming crabs on the sea floor wide sheena
oh my god is a real allison's and thousands of traps what is the floors off the coast of panama says holy what kind of crowds of these does it say red red craps against the fence but and they just covering the floor like sand that's insane they didn't when i think of when i read this they said they didn't know what it was that thought it was just the moving sand on the ground they got to put light on it and then i saw that it was craps wow are these little tiny crabs is that what it is thanks so actually i think you should be pretty big crab the clean up crew crabs and lobster it's interesting how good they taste when you consider what they do they just basically eat rotten things that like sharks leave behind other fish leave behind and mean they're just the clean up crew yeah we're gonna be grass fed beef but we can we can eat
eating yeah now like that's so crazy that brian does need any seafood because i would imagine that likes especially considering that he cuts off so much weight like that would be like a a good source of lean protein not us fish tickets friends like wanted to mess them one time and he had like he's at a restaurant one of them had had salmon brands like well as guys think does anyone look like if you're eating seaweed isn't it he doesn't want to look yeah he does he just so like so grossed out about it and so we got to go to the bathroom and i guess i was there wasn't dating this is a long time ago i guess they picked up a piece of the salmon and like rubbed it all over the rim of his cup of milk and he smelled it and then through it like he went to take a sip he almost you see just like last week's yeah you smell that and i don't know did someone like force feed him a fish when he was a little kid or something i kind of wonder something dramatic had to have happened
bravo's got a weird thing like that really yeah onions i give him onion still fuckin freak out but if they're cooked i don't think he could even eat home cooked really yeah apparently had a douche bag for step dad and step dad used to make him eat sevi che and the unzen seviche to this day like just freaking the fuck out a can of onions like everything on with that with chocolate favorite things what what about cupcakes no chocolate cupcakes really now i don't like him it has like do not like chocolate i don't like chocolate ice cream i don't like but i like like milk chocolate dark chocolate no no i'm okay with this as long it's not anything chocolate flavor be real chocolate it can't be anything it's such a weird thing but the thing is i was really sick when i was a little girls like five or six years old like
you must die it's a hospital had to get a spinal tap 'cause all my veins had collapsed i was so yeah i got really really sick what was it i had rye rye syndrome i don't know what it is i don't remember exactly the details about rye like the bread i don't know we have really quick it's almost killed you have chicken pox and then i had a form of hepatitis b that's what i had all three at the same time is my immune system was down from the chickenpox and then i caught that i kind of dizzy and dumb yeah so so my parents took me obviously the haas little an they couldn't they know how to phobia of needles for awhile too they got an ivy and me barely and you know how they're supposed to leave the ivy in you and then like they change the tubing with a stupid there is pulled it out and all my veins were so collapse they couldn't get a needle in anymore so they would i was just passed out they would come in any hour almost every
on the hour and i would wake up to like ten or fifteen people holding me down felt like ten or fifteen s five was probably like three people but i just see light when i see people holding me down and they'd be trying to stick needles in the top of my hand and in my ankles in the tops of my feet behind my knees like the image hold me down trying to get fluids in me 'cause i couldn't keep anything down so finally it was so bad that they told my mom that i call that you know if she's religious to call like her pastor and like have in common like they're like yeah i like she you know so they brought me a spinal tap my god is the most full thing i've ever experienced in my life does it take fluid out and up the details like a here really painful to but it's an injection as opposed to like removing the fluid which is more painful i don't know i remember feeling the most excruciating pain in my life and then passing out what i was so weak anyway this is pretty terrible it was back to the chocolate part of it before i went to the hospital i was running such a bad fever and i was throwing up and my mom thought you know
let's give her ice cream and she had like some neapolitan ice cream downstairs and she had it was like the really cheap that we didn't i didn't grow up with a lot of money or anything like that we struggled so it was like the cheap fake strawberry the cheap vanilla in the really shitty cheap chocolate an i i had tried to eat some of the strawberry and vanilla and i fell asleep and i woke up and i was really hungry and really thirsty and i went in the all the chocolate had melted so it was like a super bowl of warm ice cream and i took try to take a bite of it this is a little kid i lost my shit i puked everywhere and to this day it's ruined it for me like ruin anything chocolate flavored but i can do like dark calculator eel trap busby quality so if somebody brings you like a super bowl of neapolitan ice cream right now you just yeah yeah
mentale fuck me forever look at the definition jamie pull it back up again please look at the definition of rise to season it's look at this rare but serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and the brain yeah i had liver damage apparently they said it was permanent wo most often effects children and teenagers recovering from a viral infection most commonly the flu or chicken cox that's amazing i don't even know that i overlooked it but i knew that i had some liver damage she told me to prince been linked to this like this use caution when giving aspirin to children and teenagers and exactly when that's why yeah that's why that happened is my mom told me she called she called the hospital and ask them like my daughter has chickenpox what should i you know what should i give them give her whatever they like just give her aspirin you know give her some aspirin to help her with that and that's what caused that and then it was just bad it was really really bad so weird it's connected to aspirin i wonder what the fuck the fact i didn't even know that actually but i just know
that like that i had that in and i had liver damage they actually told me that i would probably never be able to excel as an athlete because of that because we delivered right because the liver and like i don't know if maybe that's why i'm like so maybe just show up in the brain blame my like my my lack of paying attention situations and knowledge of things like he never remember peoples names maybe i would say i get punched in the head for living maybe it was that like brain damage and liver damage all those things can't be great but if anybody said that you would never make it as an athlete yeah they told me like yeah yeah exactly right the doctors were like yeah she's probably going to always have you know an issue as an athlete like to excel now have you ever got like a liver talks all toxicology examination or something like that so i never had it seems like it would be a good idea to do you know my mom always told me she's like you should do visualization of your liver healing itself so used to chat it
invision my liver like growing are you had one of those moms yeah it was the ashes she never totally really anything else but i remember that now this is bringing back memories thank you should try to you know think about your liver being healthy and if it helps i use visualization now alot visualization absolutely is beneficial yeah mean the mind has all sorts of weird properties that we don't totally understand that's why we both x work we don't know why they work but it does work is statistically proven that if you have a positive attitude and you believe something can help you it can help you but the problem with that is people use that as like an excuse for charlatans like psychics and palm readers and tarot card readers and healers like healers are a big one there was a guy that is working with a bunch of ufc fighters back in the day that people would call like the witch doctor and this guy was like doing all these like these things remembered george saint pierre not not doing
oh yeah i'm like obviously but remember george saint pierre they had this thing that they used to do with him when they would like rub is back and rub is sternum they haven't i never understood it was like it is you who do this guy had talked these people into doing like a bunch of fighters i give a randy couture was going to this guy yeah and the guy turned out to be a total how i met him and i so like right away because i'm so used to hoaxers i'm so used to being around bullshit artists and examining them as soon as you started talking about meridians of the body and this and that i was like oh you're full of shit you're full of shit and you got deep into these people rubbing on them and you're opening up their chakras oh fuck and for sure you are i think those people that do the funny like chi videos i feel like i said it's like a cold almost sometime these people are like you know i can make someone flip over by just doing this so yeah i think whatever they do the weirdest things in the people that that convinced to like it takes two
to do that obviously because not real wrestle the person doing it and the person getting them we were whatever done to have to block you know that person has to agree to do it yeah and then it is always so funny to me when you see them get approached by someone who doesn't believe in that that at all and they're like ok do like to me ok and they really they really like think that it's going to work and the person is just standing there and like now it's not working there like not working you know i think it's going to work they think it is going to work like even the bullshit artist thinks it's going to work the guy that was like trying to chop shop the was it does look not up kind of always dependable but a a cook at trying to cop shop but they could handle trying to set like a war record you could pull that video with lyrics with his hand with his bare hands like a karate guy handle words i think it might have yeah i did you do like break a coconut with your hands we know it was funny 'cause i like
news crew there and he had like twenty coconuts that out on like this this bar and and he starts his hacking at one hacking it one heck anyone yes will you watch the video it's hilarious i mean i'm like god thing did this would work he's one of these he's got a karate outfit and look at is a metal bar underneath that so watch when he misses oh no no no he misses but yeah oh fail he does this oh my god it's fucking oh fail oh my god oh yeah for sure he doesn't want to do it again he doesn't want to but he's like i got ok no she stepped in thank god why was he thinking that that would work wouldn't practice that before you get aunt ella vision but imagine thing even karate chop a fucking coconut open how much is hit the earth and wake up
in china the fuck is wrong with you that's what i'm saying now yes the mind is a very powerful thing where there's a gang of videos of these guys are doing those chi things on people and then their students follow the ground and start twitching and there's a great one with this guy in harlem had this like kung fu school and he had all these students and he's like doing all this like literally like dragon ball z type shit on the my cat would follow the ground start twitching it's bad and it's like really shitty acting but they there are into it i think when you're in a car out like that and that's what a lot of those martial arts are there are a cult i think almost all traditional martial arts have like attributes which can be beneficial like the discipline and desire to please your sensei or your eminem or whatever you want to call him is intense and
yeah yes sir and they bow and all this stuff and they really believe that their instructor cannot do any harm there's like a lot of good in that because it makes you have this really intense desire to succeed and intense belief in yourself but it's not realistic obviously a lot of traditional martial arts in until the ufc came around we didn't really know how unrealistic it was yeah if you member like pat smith in the five that ninja guy and like ufc one or two things you see to remember which one was the pot fought some guy in this guy was doing these like in the email these to have that the video of the guy training before the fight uhhuh and the guy was like throwing all the techniques around i'm flipping people the grounding grabbing their neck and fucking karate chop at the top of their head and they follow the ground other you have seeds come along way harm way in a short amount of time right i mean think about like football from ninety three and then football in twenty sixteen it kind of looks like football right still the same
but the ufc in ninety three like look at it it's like it's chaos but pat smith was like a real fighter this is the guy look at it i just came charging at pat smith and tried to i don't know why i clean stuff about remember his name and pass mid got on top of him and he just dropped elbows on him and smash this poor dude's head open it was awful though that's twelve to six is were still allowed then twelve to six is that dumbass fucking rule don't get me poor guy look at this and this is the best about a past smith walks off in the fights not done because he he's a what kind of man for walking off because the referee saying the fight still going on could you see here yeah because office park yeah the guy got smashed but what is causing ono but that we don't even need to bring up this poor guy's name but he probably thought was big john mccarthy lean in hello he probably thought that it was real
he probably thought that was what he was doing was real and he didn't know until he got in there with a guy like pat smith that what he was doing was just some malarkey some mall strip mall malarkey there's a lot of that but there still to this day it's amazing yeah it is kind of makes you wonder sometimes the world that we live in it's like well it's that same it's the mind like the belief in what you can do when you can't do like it can benefit you but it can also fuck you up like it could benefit you if you're talking about your own health i give you really believe that something's healing you it can heal but there's like physical limitations you know like if you believe that melvin manhoef can kick you in the liver and nothing's going to happen guess watt chop shopko oh that guy now many of those people though something that's weird the first podcasts ever listened to of yours was guy talking about a cult that he had been involved in i can't remember his name either but it was like it was really fascinating you talk about a story and how they based
they took him in and you were talking about yeah steve hassan yeah he's actually a cult that i say his last name shassn fascinating yeah he's actually really warped his mind like that he really got into believing that his family was against him and like now they have removed from and he's like i was totale find manipulated yeah he's in the moon he was in the moonies that's where that's what he joined up with yeah yeah that's it's a weird story because that guy now works to help people get out of cults well he should go help some of these sees high cheap people i know i'm sure you seen the one with the old asian man who fights the young karate guy have you ever seen that one this guy they show him with his students and he's doing all haha yeah flying across the room and their body twitches and he decides to have an actual no rules fight with his young kilkishen guy and this kilkishen guide you
is fox him up grabs ahold of his shirt and beats his face in high kick some and it's so brutal 'cause the man looks like he's like in his late 60s he looks pretty old and not stout and it's not like a healthy old sixty either you looks like he's got a little pot belly let's do just beats the piss out of him and got like a beating like that from a young strong guy who is much bigger than him to the guy looked like much stronger than him like that's not something that old guy is going to recover from like he might be fucked forever from this that's terrible but in his mind he believed thought that he was going to fucking kung fu this dude do you believe it like have you ever ever research much about hypnosis and how i've been hypnotized yeah yeah yeah vinny schmidt have any shorman i don't know if you know who he is he works with
a lot of fighters he worked with joe schilling he's worked with a lot of mma fighters and he does what he calls himself a mind trainer and what he does is he can talk to you and put you in a state of mind it's a very weird thing like it's not people think it is it's not like take off your pants and suck my dick it's not like that like you're aware kind of but it's like an altered state of consciousness it's almost like he puts you in like it's like you're under a drug
so so i i just recorded a podcast it just started my own podcast and i was it how do people find it miesha tate and miesha tate show get the fuck outta here would you come up with that name or no time to think about that one a lot about the cupcake hour right there coming over yeah so i sat down with marks of our who does a comedy hypnosis show like ten years on the strip and absolutely fascinating you think about the conscious mind in the subconscious mind and how the conscious mind really is kind of the tip just the tip of the iceberg but there's so much more beneath it in your subconscious mind is today about how the power of mine and he says you kind of go in and out of hypnosis states although
time like when you're driving and you start daydreaming or your you know your cities because space out you're not really looking at whatever you're looking at anymore you're in you're in a daydream now or not you know if that's kind of a state of in a week hypnosis and that you can kind of go in and out of those yourself you do all the time today but the hypnotist can kind of guide you into that and the plant certain good seeds our guests are bad seeds if they wanted to you know but i always thought about to like a kooky guy was going to like make you do stem ship wired yeah you're doing but that was fascinating to me because he talks about how he helps people who
have like phobias frentzen someone has a phobia of a dog is like so fear is sake one dog who is this dog but you and your child you're scared of that dog phobia is this dog bit you and you're scared of all dogs now some people are so terrified they get these phobias a can you leave the house they're so scared of their their neighbor's dog walking by this going to jump out of anyone bite them so they're crippled by these fears and he could with them and hope to have and have not expand kind of go back in and remove that fear sensually that makes sense i mean i think that there's about that as he said there's a bunch of layers to the mind yeah i think that one of the most fasting ask six of it is when they do those calm hypnotism shows those comedy hypnotism shows are a hundred percent real yeah like i've seen them live like there was a guy named frank santos was a big comedy hypnotist guy in boston and the sun still does it frank santos junior but frank santo
would do this show weekly show it stitches and all these comedians we would come from like all over the town to watch this because we couldn't believe it we like how the fuck is he doing this he would get people and he would know when they were under and when they were in under like you would know when people are get when they weren't you would get them off the stage and they're faking it but the people that we are really under you could see they just were baffled and and could explain why it would work on some people why wouldn't work on others who don't really know yeah i i asked mark the same question because he he he'll invite as many people that want to volunteer to the audience as you want so he'll get thirty plus people up there and and he'll just pick people off as they are are into it but he has people doing the craziest funny things out you know yeah and it's is so funny it's bizarre because you like how all these people in on this but they're not they really do like this that frank sandals used to have this person this is like in the eighties
madonna was hot like if you said you're going to have sex with madonna now guys would go ahead with the fuck but back in the easy looks good for her age for her age that's a big part though for her age she still looks great but everyone knows she was great everyone knows the pictures like sixty thank you goodnight yeah i see bits with all due respect yeah like a bad yeah about as bad but but you would watch him like that he would talk someone into believing that they were having sex a madonna and these guys orgasm in their pants so like you would see them like he would tell them and you know now you're going to come in your pants and you see the guy go when you watch it you watch tv like what in the fuck is this real you almost want to go dude i want to see inside your underwear let's see it yet let me really work want to see if it worked it was just see the proof in the pudding but frank try to explain it to us he had worked with people where it would help people quit smoking and things
i was once but until then sharman did it to me i really do i had no idea i was so i sort of been him it has i think much right well it's going to be in the united states i'll connect you guys together you would like it because he's used to working with fighters and he's he's great about setting a mindset i think ian mccall were to them too but he's great about put in una in a certain state of mind and working on various aspects of like maybe a performance or or your attitude it's interesting that's all about staying woke miesha tate one stay woke woke and try to work you i want smoke near the chief wilderness super super important she woke this yeah i mean i'm the mind is a really fascinating thing and i think that especially for fighters i would have to say that it's just one of the most important aspects of your ability to perform like physically is one thing but the ability to like you're inside the cage is the pain goes into the gate are you ready are you ready let's get it on i mean that is the
craziest moment in all sports there's no moment like that where you think about like a basketball player basketball players even if there's a lot of pressure for a three point shot if you miss that three point shot you're going to get another somewhere in the game someone's going to hang the ball luckily or if not someone going we all tomorrow or some little hanging ball next week but if you say if you fight you know i see huge difference between team sports individual sports too for sure i mean it's like when you lose sometimes it's not much of a kick on a football team and like you literally cost of it but it's still like a it you know it's still a a team sport you teach your team obviously didn't get you far enough to where you had to rely on that kick but you go inside the cages is just you it's not just you it's just
you involved in the most humbling dangerous extreme version of a contest between two human beings you can get outside a sword fighting yep you know outside of fighting to the death there's nothing is extreme as a cage fight now when you guys have to laugh when people say like that were scared to fight someone you know like people like all your scared to fight wholly again like you can't listen those people scared is not a relative like it's not a term that i feel like fighters really we don't we don't have scared the way normal people have scared you know yeah like a normal person would be scared to to to get off the couch and go to the gym you know what's it to spark something like that's what we do like we live like what most people would you know shit their pants to do on it then you would have to be a fool to not know that it's a dangerous fight
so it's not a matter of not being aware of the danger yeah but it's a matter of managing the consequences or mentally i think you did a fantastic job of the holly fight like literally you did in that fight other than the fifth round which is the most amazing part of it but you did everything like we were talking about like what you have to do to be there i'm like she's going to stay on the outside going to vary her rhythm and she's gotta let really come to her like she she can't rush end 'cause if you rush into holly it's like russia in the machida or rushing anybody is a great counter strike are you saw the ronda fight rhonda just came bulldog in outer and tried to out bulldogger and you can't do that with holly and she's to feel good footwork to her striking is so precise her her counters are so cleaner movements very hard to read like it's very unpredictable i remember what couple times i tried to maybe come forward and get her to get to the fence and i couldn't tell whether she was going to get out to the right to the left
like two steps back left and yeah you know that i you know like i couldn't even tell if she gave no indication of which way she was going to go now we deserve a fantastic job of varying your approach to your speed was different like you you you did a lot of fainting you very things up a lot and you tell like she was like almost like waiting for these moments to happen when you going to come forward and then you wouldn't come for it and then it becomes like a test of patience like who's going to get outside of their comfort zone who's going to take chances who's going to who's going to engage and she also has that weird stance too well she kind of halfway stands like a boxer and free sounds like a karate person yeah she throws like a lot of sidekicks on a front leg techniques yeah she's she's she's a tricky one but we put together a really good game plan i was happy with that but yeah you did was happy but it was a fifth round fifth round was crew
crazy god when you grabbed a hold of her and then eventually got her back and got it to the ground it was so crazy because every aspect of from your initial entrance to the takedown to getting her back there was nothing one hundred percent about it it was all touch and go it was all scramble it wasn't like you had complete total can over like maybe like damian maia versus rick story like he'd aiming my gets rich stories back he's got locked up in the anacondas am and squeeze someone and get some it wasn't like that it was like you were fighting for your fucking life and you knew there was no time there was no time you were likely down by like at least one round and we're headed into the fifth and final round and maybe if you won that round you could've got the decision but fuck your fighting the champ who knows who knows what's going to happen you take her back and then when she tries to shake you off
the top and you hang in there and you hang in there and you see if you like and i watch it like oh my god she's going to go out and once you went out and you climbed offer and she was unconscious like holy shit holy shit what a moment i was try the readable it was incredible it was one of the best moments in all of women's championship fighting as far as like like extreme extreme only dramatic moment where your find accomplish something she's fighting tooth and claw neither one of you are exhausted so it's not like ones like physically compromised it's just a fucking mad scramble between two killers and you get there and you got her back and then you get it back you think the choke and she's trying to fucking shake you off and you hung in there and when she rolled and you're on top of her you hung on to it and you realize like oh my god she's going out and she is she didn't even tap she was throwing punches in the air while you were choking our unconscious i kept
sing to myself and like when is she going to type it didn't in my in that instinctual moment i'm so used to i'm training to get people wanna choke you know they tap so i'm waiting for that to happen i'm like good god like what is this we're going to tap like i know i've got her when she you know tab and then i felt i saw her you know for my personal kind of do do something i was quite sure she was tapping or what she was doing until i watch the video later thankful to pull me often like that it's the feeling that we fight for is that feeling that that feeling like i did it i stabbed my dominance you it it's a it's a here's a prideful in some ways you know hand to hand combat with someone else it's like you know i did it tonight i was better it has to be prideful because otherwise you're just some certain sacrifices into certain fires that you're not going to walk through like you to have every fucking motivation you have to be zen but you also have to have an ego that should be so many things going on for you to achieve that high
level of greatness is like walking on a tightrope yeah only people that are just like that perfect balance you know walking between buildings that are you know hundreds of stories higher you know and then it's like it's good it's kind of like that i mean you have to have the perfect balance and everything has to meet perfectly in that moment including the training camp not overtraining did you hear that video that video is not that good but the audio is awesome it's between the fourth and fifth round and it's my corners what they're telling me between the fourth and fifth row it's such an emotional video for me when i watched it it makes me relive that moment and bright he came in there and essentially he was like me sure you've got get after you gotta you have got to put your chin down and mike tyson this chicken that basically means just get after her get get in there get after it take the risk risk getting knocked out go for broke and it goes you know plays into the and basically just tell me a fucking mike tyson are like get after her or do whatever you've got to do is because you're running out of time
and i remember in that fifth round still trying to get out of that that mindset of like had to find the perfect opportunity have to be patient because the whole training camp was you know patient but distant you know patient persistent don't write anything 'cause you know you get caught you get knocked out you'll get need you'll get kicked you'll get punched so don't do that but you gotta look for the opening when it's the right timing it's all about timing and after i took her down in that second round and i just beat her up that round she was so who cautious in the third and fourth and so perfect you know her game plan was perfect two to beat me to stage far enough out of the range and keep me from not wanting to come in i couldn't find in a perfect opening couldn't like get in on anything that wasn't mistakes issues making and then in the fifth round i just decided you know you're going to have to have to take the chance of getting knocked out this is this is what it's boy been down to know you've got like three minutes left on the clock an now it's do or die it's either you go
there you go for it you do russian she catches you you get knocked out you know you gave it everything you got or you can make something good finish the fight the question was really like whether the second round was at ten eight round uh on all three judges scorecards it was yeah was watching it that's what the judges said yeah well it should have been but but what i meant was the question watching it was like i want like when you are headed into the fifth round with my question was was i wonder if she got a ten eight round for that second round 'cause if she did then this is like this is an even fight so what's happening right now like how the judges looking at it technically going into the fifth round it was even yeah i was tide that's crazy that was such a crazy moment done another the time during the post fight interview where almost cried like a bitch and it's so emotional yeah it was incredible
but so am are hard to explain to someone when you're there and you you you get to see someone like you whose work so hard for something for so long you know so when i said to you like how does that sound like what does it sound like you're the new women's bantamweight champ king of the world like presents out and you are just so overwhelmed it was so crazy like just to be right next to you while you were saying that you said when you said i'm waiting for you to say that for so long this is create this crazy moment crazy yeah you know what's crazy talk about the mind in the power of it i had visualize that moment so many times that i feel like i was confused in that it was hard for me to distinguish that that was the real moment how i got i would imagine it was so important so so surreal i would imagine to this day it probably seems fake it's really weird yeah sometimes i have to go back
you like man that really did it really happened it really happened right there it was pumped jay thank yeah i guess so excited if you had like if auras were real you know like fucking if you had she was coming off your body for sure we take a photo with that on the whole whole state yeah we wanted a fallen over him and shaking papers flying cups flying through the air and carpet would rip gracious yeah that was that was the best best moments in my life for sure it only imagine could only mean anyone that watch is that sport that moment when you choked her out in the whole exchange of the film i even like that really the whole fight because a fight is like i mean in a weird way i mean we call this martial arts and there a lot of people have a problem with that but in my mind that there is an art to what you guys did in that fight
even what holly did because up until that fifth round mean like you said especially the third and fourth she was doing what she wanted to do she was display going on there was like there was a performance going on on top of this being a competition to watch i is someone sitting there watching a and calling i mean this is a work of art and to have it in that way is such a masterful performance with such a masterpiece moment that to me is like one of the best moments in mma because it's such a fucking hard thing to achieve to become a champion and for someone like you had tried and tried again he won the title in strikeforce you trying and trying again you're trying to make this happen and you know you think you're getting
box out and then the rhonda fight didn't happen after you be jessica ira and then all the sudden you have this opportunity and it comes to a together in one of the most powerful ways we've ever seen inside the octagon was amazing well thank you that was a that was quite a great narration of of everything that's had to happen to to make this country you know and it it's a it's crazy because i'm it was ten you the same month ten years the like the month that i had had my first fight wow it's been ten years yeah so it's crazy because you think ten years ago there wasn't even women's enemy was a joke like it was i mean nothing to me it wasn't obviously but to most people it was a spectacle best is something they kind of threw on the card is kind of like ha ha ha you know watch the chicks fight you know
hello i had a lot about you they didn't respect as athletes you know that's that's what we that's that's the that's the honest truth that vehicle battle it was like nobody took it seriously we didn't make any money we were fighting for bread crumbs at best and after you going during those times passion is cliche as it sounds just the desire to want to be fulfilled and i felt like that was the most fulfilling thing in my life it wasn't college it wasn't it wasn't there is nothing else that was as fulfilling as that but what is it about fighting that attracted you to it when there was an any clear future
because you you were in it time think about the future too much early on no i didn't think about it as something that was this needs to be lucrative for me this needs to be you know come in some of the it was probably three years into my career before i even thought that i could maybe like actually possibly make a living at this so it was just something that i was doing to feel alive wow yeah it was just something that i was doing to make me feel accomplished a you can't put a price on how something if you feel you know a memory an experience happy miss you know those emotions you have people say on it like the day that they got married the day that they had their kid the day you know those are like mile markers in people's lives like i guess if you ask someone on the deathbed what were the moments that made you feel live like what did your life amount to what it was that much though those key markers in your life and all of my fight
i've been markers in my life that's more than most people can say you know i guess it was such a sense of of fulfillment and now the fact that it was so hard this it was so hard and so many people are so against me i think that made me really determined to there's a lot of people my gram call my dad my grandpa was really he was really chauvinistic to be quite honest he was not he was embarrassed that his granddaughter was a fighter and he would give my dad a hard time all the time like why you let your daughter do that he's like don't let her anything she's she's her own person i'm not proud of it but is he still around my grandpa he's not but he had a big change of heart when i when i actually lost my title to when i won my my title against milo scone and you know he really became obviously
big fan you know he's like i'm very proud of you i'm talking to my neighbors about you he's like i was wrong and i lost my fight to rhonda right be right when he got diagnosed with cancer and this eventually passed away so i went straight from that fight down to see him to see how he was doing and my dad was down there visiting who lives in florida so very very far away an i told him as a grandpa is like i'm really sorry that i didn't win this you know what makes me emotional like i'm sorry i didn't want this fight for you and he's like it's a matter you know and i think that's the last fight that he ever saw unfortunately but you know he's like hey you had a lot of heart and so proud of you some no would you attracted to other extreme sports when you were younger no because i wasn't raised that way i was erase with like extreme sports like yeah my dad still sami is like saying ok i wouldn't say what he saw
he is a is a little girl like he didn't take me four wheeling or you know riding dirt bikes everything he took me downhill not downhill mountain biking but it kind of turned into that we like road for miles out to a lake with my little brother and a friend of his and then i remember i was like riding back and there was like big rocks and boulders and my dad and his buddy have had downhill mountain bikes made for i'm writing like a little street bikes but they're expecting that i'm just going to be able to like i'll just carry down the hill or whatever i try to bomb down the same rock hill's them i eat shit like bad each i still scars on my elbow actually hear from from when i fell and i just got up and my dad says this is like one of the moments i realize you were different like you just popped up and you're like brush trail bersoff you've got back on your back bomb down the rest of the hill and beat all of us home so you're just crazy i never say anything i thought you were i thought we were going to like you know call
call medical help and i thought 'cause he's like you ate it hard and it was like it was just something that was just in you i guess just deal i don't know my mom always told me this something i realize when i was talking to mark hypnosis he's telling me about how much children can be affected by people who are negative in their life with people who can you know you're going to we're going to anything and how that can affect the subconscious mind you know having a dad who's like you suck you're terribly never going to be you know you're never gonna be anything how that can create crippling ripple fax that that translate on all the way through the rest that person's life is that well what if it's the opposite like what if you're a parent that was telling you that you're amazing all the time and you can do whatever you want and they really bill true hardly believing you like yeah that can that can be amazing you know amazing too and it made me start thinking because my mom and i we've had a really rough relationship the past the four years or so maybe move maybe longer it's been a struggle we're
it's getting better but i will give her a ton of credit that as as a single mom for part of my life growing up and even won't not in a six she she never made me feel like i wasn't capable of doing anything if i if if anything she always made me feel like i could be and do whatever i want and i could be the past that it like most people and i would does five six seven eight years old now i want to be an astronaut like every little kid the like yeah yeah you know on the skin are my grandpa was the first one to be like that not realistic you're not going to be not going to my my mom was like no you will you well like if that's what you want to do that you will like she's like me she whatever you want to do you will be the best at it it's probably good to have both it's probably good to have someone who wholeheartedly believes in you and someone else is like doubting you yeah we get is sort lego little motivation to prove them wrong the person right as i i feed off of that i love proving people wrong love it you're a very easy
even tempered person which is unusual for a fighter you're very feminine but you're also very flat a very like is this is moesha this is how you are going to sue it was read on that when you were on the ultimate fighter with rhonda it was when it was highlighted the most yeah because she's so manic she you get so hot and one of the reasons why people love or so much as she gets so fucking crazy and she's so competitive and angry that like when you guys did that wall climbing saying that she's like five give just give me a finger thank you just like you just your level the election off but how is that when it when did wood was that your whole life you like that or is that something you learned how to do pretty easy going my whole life the thing is i don't like to be stressed out and i don't like to be pissed off and i don't like to not be happy so could do everything within my power to not be stressed out like i could be about to miss a flight or has something and i'm like well
what can i do now you know i'm just like it sometimes it's a bad thing because they don't plan ahead in for i'm not really good with time management because i don't want to be i don't ever want to rush so even if i'm late to something i don't like to rush and it just sometimes that's a bad thing about the most organized person 'cause i'm so relaxed about everything that i'm like now my taxes i'll do those later that kind of thing that's the sounds are great recipe for life though well it's not his nails and on both ends no one oh it was this way seems good yeah yeah i i've i save save our on my tension stuff i guess for when i get inside the cage but i like to be relaxed i just like to be sure i don't like to be pissed off i don't like to be stressed out like what a miserable life yeah i feel like you know some people are just angry all the time like like they're like perma scrooge you know that's just all that i'm angry i'm like do not even realize how bad your life must suck like what if you just like looked at things differently you have
a better life and like i never want to be that person i remember mike tyson when he was in his prime and they asked him about something and he was talking about being angry he's like i'm angry all the time i'm angry at my dog i'm angry everybody i'm angry the mailman just get the fuck out of my way like when he was in his prime he was just a ball of fury yeah you know who is just this wrecking machine which is like a lot of people associate that with being a championship level fighter like almost that you have to have a certain level of discontent you have to have a certain level of anger to motivate you but with you i think if you and look at like a persons graph like a sound graph of how they speak like their whole life mine would be all over the fucking place building up down and be all crazy and a years i feel like a building this like flat little tiny upson downs like very minor ripples like you know like a little bit of a flat lake where
but the water comes in a little bit shit but it's nothing fucking crazy it is no tidal waves not know chaos no tsunami's but you're just flat and steady i try to be anyways i'm still a woman but that might all unusual for a fighter thanks this flat level sort of way almost sounds like a pejorative i don't mean it that way i mean like's thank you like you have a is anything going on yeah that's yeah i used to have issues with anxiety a little bit when i was in high school and i would like have my track meets in something and i would have anxiety attacks actually have a problem with it and
i guess i've always been a very open minded person and i always ask myself questions whenever there's something wrong with myself or you know an issue that i'm having i ask myself why am i having that you know and then it comes full circle and i was able to answer those questions and then i've never suffered from anxiety since so i kind of put myself in a zen state of mind early on in my career because i hated it so much so i want to live having anxiety issues like why do i have that way why what am i afraid it's like well i'm not i'm not afraid enough to where i'm not going to do it so let's just not make it big not make it something i don't like obviously you like it that's why i'm doing track obviously i like him and made out of doing it i don't want to make it something i hate i don't want to make it something i don't enjoy it so rational that's not why i do this i do this because i love it so let's not make it something i hate ever i try not to that's a very rational approach though it's very unusual for people
there's nothing in this life like if i want to do it that fears going to stop me fears a realistic thing happens yeah it's scary to get in the cage in scary to think about losing you know losing i have tasted the most bitter losses you could ever dream it's devastating it's crushing that's the most scary thing it's not getting beat up it's not breaking your nose
rick my or with a let my arm gets snapped in half that's not the scary part about fighting in what i do the scary part is not being adequate enough not being good enough that your hundred percent wasn't good enough that scary that's really scary and i've had that i've had to face that point blank right in the face many times before and it's the hardest thing to do bar none it's the hardest thing to look yourself and like i didn't i wasn't enough i wasn't enough no one else could be response for that i up i did do it i have to on this and to come back from something like that and think that you can still you can still get it back you can still do it again because so get better you can learn from that that's that's also the challenging part of it you know
and that's something that i've i've had to to get to this point i've had to get over those situations where i thought that my world had ended you know my second loss to rhonda was the most devastating the first loss was devastating the second losses yeah like it was horrible i thought my world was was coming to an end and you know nobody cared about my family and friends but the rest world they don't care english they don't care about second place they don't care you know an there mean people are harsh there mean on social you have to get thick skin quick nobody teaches you how to deal with that either there's no mma social yeah one hundred and one or you or swim you figure it out or you don't either bothers you it doesn't you know either you well back everyone or you don't you know well you're in the first generation's ever had to deal with yeah so there's never been anybody in the last ten years is a new occurrence yeah they don't teach you how to how to deal with it or how to not let
affect you emotionally but no one knows no one knows i mean this is a total newfield learning experience especially for someone who does what you do which is the most exposed an athlete ever gets ever like if you lose a tennis match in the world says hey you fucking suck at ten i see like whatever yeah move on with your life but if you like you know rhonda teach you again you fucking dumb ho oh my god i can't believe this why are people so god damn mean yeah and it's fighting it's like the most primal thing so everyone what other sports sports always buyout boil down to when they don't like another person is fighting that's like the most primal way to deal with something so once your sport is fighting then people like flick that more justification to talk shit even though they're just i have to laugh because jon jones and daniel cormier when we were in new york they opened up the questions to the audience i big mistake because he's little pipsqueaks they got on the microphone like so
daniel cormier i just want to say i have a really important quest sing for you how's it going to so in john jones kicks your ass again you know looks like you idiot like if you were you wouldn't have the balls to say that if it was due so you and daniel in this room and no one was going to know the outcome of what happened after you said that with the fact that people feel so safe that they can they can do that to a killer like daniel cormier right and then they did the same thing to john jones did you ever see did the rashad evans rashad evans was at a photo signing and this guy comes up to him with a picture of with an iconic photo of when lyoto knocked him out or he's like kind of crumpled up against the cage and this kid this little skinny fucking kid with a smile on his face wanted rashad to sign that and we shot it crumple it up and threw it out i'm gonna look down i'm like are you out of your fucking mind i do you know what i could do to you right now i can you try to
my feelings try to make me feel bad to try to pop me in front of the tv while you have a camera on me cuz you're filming it at your friends are feeling this reaction do you stick in it is callousness and also just being oblivious like oblivious like why would you want to do yeah why would you want to say that to johnny i don't get it why is this one and dummies grow up watching pro wrestling and they don't understand and that this is real like like you saying how's it going to feel your ass kicked again what who said that like they were expecting like some fucking face thing right it's like you just get oblivious to the idea that you're hurting someone's feelings for no reason and you can also get caught up in it emotionally like you know people get caught up like i watched conor mcgregor's social media after nate diaz beat him and hope holy shit i was i was saying to my friends of mine i hope he stays offline for a few days
don't go anywhere near a computer for like a solid week oh yeah 'cause it's just the can't the council of the world just the deli and they wait for it oh they love it people hate their own lives is the thing is that nobody wins in our sport forever like so you're always going to have to face that at some point it's one of most exciting things about it is that it's so volatile like the chris weidman luke rockhold fight to me is like a perfect example that i often see chris weidman training a watch videos of him training i'm like what is going on in his mind right now because weidman was so dominant and even in that fight incredibly competitive and he throws one kick one crazy we'll kick one ill advised we'll kick rockhold takes him down and smashes him and i just wonder like how much does i kick haunt him how much that fight haunt him like how much what is going on in his mind or here's a guy who
destroys anderson silva beats the fuck out of lyoto machida vitor belford smashes him in the first round you know you watch his fights and you just go ok like what is this rockhold fight going to playoff like and then when rockhold beats and beats him down the way he did and destroys him oh we are changing of the guard here like these moments these pivotal moments of like your whole life changes you go from being crew weidman ufc middle weight champion in the world when the best fighters in the planet to chris weidman former ufc middle weight champ of the world now hoping he gets a shot at his title in a rematch and now that he's got it and it's going to happen soon it's like whoa that the drama in the build up like i can't imagine being him right now like the tension that he's under right now and the pressure
and what how much emotional connection he has towards this attempt to win his title back and how intense is going to be once they get in there yeah and they're really starting to not like each other the last time i was here for fox i think is about a month or so ago they were they were there there was some tension of course they were in studio and you could tell chris was just he was he was you know he's pissed he's not happy with the situation and luke rockhold's kind of like you know he's happy he's got the belt was kind of boasting it around a little bit and he's kind of ribbing chris you could tell no like trying to get under skin a little bit and chris is like you could just tell him like upset well they were kind of friendly before that which is weird yeah you know they were friendly before that like for a long time like there's photos
the two of them together smiling and not anymore yeah well when a guy beats you down like that like and you lose your title the way weidman did yeah but rockholds fucking good he's fucking good i saw hawley once since densify and i was really actually kind of nervous about it because i was like she was at the jones sp hi those happen and we were both of the v i p party my friend heather clark used to train headed your clock checked fighting this weekend in a rotterdam anyways she was like you should go talk it was like i want do i just i don't want to come like what do i say it's a bitch do you say to someone that you just you know you took their time bug say hi i know that's what i did i just went up and was like how are you and she like if you give me your like
really bummed i didn't get that re imagine like i know i was like don't worry i was like well we'll see each other in futures like yeah she's like i hope so it's like i hope you still have it just like you know i want to i want to see you again in future i'm like yeah i totally get it i've been in her shoes before i know how bad that sucks and she wants back but you know we were friendly but it's amazing how both of you are so nice like holly is one of the nicest people nice she's such a sweetheart ridiculously now if you didn't know she was a fighter and the finest the nineteen time world boxing champion book with the are you talking about i know has a possible has that nice lady killer yeah some tomfoolery yes it doesn't make any sense i could she doesn't fit the mold either like both of you guys are really interesting representatives of mma and great representatives because you break that mold fan of her manager though oh yeah i don't know i don't even know if i've ever met him in person i probably haven't maybe i have if i did it wasn't memorable anyways i guess he went
dana went down so tainted dana told me to steiner went down to albuquerque before this fight ever came together of her i right and he said look you guys need to wait for rhonda trust me that's the big money fight that's a fight you wanna wait for down there he told me is my face he went down there to tell them don't fight me should take they didn't want to give me the you see did not want that fight to happen right they wanted the you know that should be first and holly's manager told him we want me to take an he threw his hands was like getting he's like she's been you know other than rondo for years now and you want to take her lightly you think you're just going to walk there he's like yeah we got this like she's going to tune up fight who's your manager i don't even know his name okay i don't know these are the three he told they have a that they said that they thought that i was gonna be a tune up fight well the people get crazy you know people get crazy look look wrong as people go crazy to everybody gets crazy people get crazy
like why did run the charge after the case what you be why did she try to stand with with holly like that can charge after but that's not the right time right but you know what she did a page what so page was also at the vip party and page and i have spoke were friendly don't know where that but anyway she thought they need she came out to check near me she said i have to tell you this experience i had with rhonda and i'm like oh watt and she's like well we're out of got deal just recently and she she's we're gonna shoot and showed i was trying to find her so we could get picture in the reebok people were like don't ask rhonda for a picture and she's like why they like just don't do just stay away from rhonda don't ask her for a picture just like ok i guess rhonda came later that day like seek her out ann
like custer out like they've never really had a conversation either she said i don't know rhonda like other than high by that's it like i guess she came up product was like fuck you you fairweather bitch how dare you cross me by wash the cross you what are you talking about and she's like you congratulated holly home for beating me so fuck you you fucking fairweather one hundred and fifteen pounds like it was just like went off on pg and pg game told me and i was like honey welcome to my world she like oh my gosh i'm glad that i saw this side of her so i know you know i'm like well and she's like you know 'cause i didn't understand she's like i told around like i'm sorry if that offended you but you're not allowed to congratulate whoever i want and she's like because you know i congratulated rose namah eunice when she beat me i was like you know congratulations you want my ass that was a badass performance and she's like you know i just simply told hall
congratulations once like wasn't anything you know anti rhonda but round i guess just ripped or new one wow like you have to be on team rhonda for life yeah i guess i've never been on team around i'm good all or none well crazy people love both ways it's interesting like people love your way but people also love like shit talking you know people love nate diaz for that people love of the drama but they also love someone like you who can walk up to holly and hunger yeah yeah i'm somewhere in the mid although because they get a lot of flak for you know my mouth like so you just language i say what i'm thinking and i'm i'm pretty transparent and sometimes people think that you know i get a lot of flack
vegas and i'm like not really like just because you know i'm like i'll say this like i'm a fan of connor i am i like his fighting style and i thought you know his antics a first for kinda like me who is this guy was you know and then i'm like man props to him he's done amazing things like good for him and he's done really good things for our sport but when you didn't show up to film commercial like i'm not getting be honest like yeah kind of rub me the wrong way because people like he so much more media than you guys do i probably does you know right as i do a lot of does more i agree but i don't have a private jet flying out to pick me up and bring me back and fly twenty people of my crew with me too he does more so he gets more when they bring him to vegas they put him up in a penthouse you know they make sure he has everything that he needs i don't get that you know what i'm that's fine you know he's earned that he's in that spot no problem with that but i think three months out from fight camp you know you have a private jet coming to pick you up with you can bring twenty of your teammates you probably work out on the jet if you want to on the way there because it's yours
it's private do whatever you want you can probably hit minijet yeah you could totally you know i mean you're three months out and you don't want to show for your media obligations like i don't really i understand that i don't like it i don't know i guess i'm trying to figure it out but the only issue that i had and it it does don't bother me like if he didn't want to do it that's his own thing the thing is is that i showed up the day to film the commercial and i had two segments supposed to film and that's all that was on my schedule and then they asked me like they're like can you please help us out because connor's not here and we don't know what we're doing for this third segment of the commercial that was supposed to be conor and nate so can you please come back later that day and film that segment and most of that was during my practice time so i had to come back and you know i did it there was a company woman but like it was just frustrating because like damn you know if i'd known about this i could have planned training otherwise but now i can of like scramble to get my second workout in and it affected me so yeah he
decision did and it probably is actually you know i haven't made any more money in this poor yet because of conor allow people like to call you must've got a bigger payday 'cause i last like no that wasn't was the champion so i didn't get any more of like and get any paper views didn't get anymore money and now he's like not on this fight card so i'm like you know but it's whatever you know it's this deal in i don't hate connor but i'm going to say how i feel you know and i would say it if he was sitting here to be like dude why did you do that you probably well i feel like there's a bunch issues here and we we know in the only way to really get a a firm under standing of it is to sit down with everyone involved and say what was communicated your manager did he know what the appearance it was going to be like did you guys agree to this did you stand what you're getting into in that maybe it's a misunderstanding you know who knows it's hard to say but it's the way he went about it was ridiculous like saying i'm retire thanks for the cheese and then saying i'm not retired and then saying
i'm glad the ufc decided to give the fans what they want and be i'm going to be on ufc two hundred numbers like what and so like what he's doing is he's kind of like using the media to try to get this thing to pass through but doesn't understand dana and lorenzo and frank like that's never going to work like you're either in or we are not in like in there like real clear about that they have to set a precedent so like if you say fuck you i'm not doing media they're going to go ok fuck you're not fighting yeah but hold on i'm conor mcgregor where the ufc yeah this is what it is and made my star
don't make many more than we might lose millions of dollars because you're not on ufc two hundred yeah we'll see what he he he put they put ten million into promoting this acting talent music or wherever beijing also that's why i was like you've got a show up and do it that's how connor was made yes just through that stuff so now like why what point do you get to decide that you don't have to do that anymore like if that's what made you who you more like i mean don't you kind of have to like does that make sense what i'm saying makes sense do you get to decide like when you don't have to do you like i use the machine and now like i don't i just want to hop off now that i'm here you know like i don't know do you kind of have to keep it the same i think so but there there is also a fine line right like you can do too much like when i was watching the jose although mediatore when they were going all around the world i'm like ok i i understand that you want to promote this phone yeah but how
so this is helping the actual fight itself and how much of it is just conor mcgregor constantly talking shit at press conferences and grabbing the belt and all the good that mean that's really kind of far out only the fight was that i don't know i did a lot of it but apparently connor was sick like he was like i'm too is kansi fighting off colds really hard to get in shape really hard train yeah every week you know you're trapped in here to there and they're here insist you're constantly getting beaten down and you know what it's like if i give you have have you ever flown to brazil and fought now i phone the four fight cards though what is the the for this you've ever had a flight of fight japan japan's that's an interesting one that's a long flights like sixteen hours right yeah what is a likely to look like adjusting and competing i tried this started just in my schedule at home like black and my windows a little better you know like to to make the time frame but you never get fully adjusted but that the my mind frame is like one
when push comes to shove when fight time comes whether it's two in the morning my time or not like i'm going to be game so i just look at it that way but it's not fun like i remember three weeks out from my fight with nick i wish i didn't even want it i didn't want to do that fight because she was so unknown undefeated i'm going over there to like fight on a new league blooming fight pass those like this is like feels like it does nothing for me and like and if she wins it springboards her you know then should be seventeen a no show would you know background they're going to want to make that fight for for her and rhonda i know that's what they're trying to do is to try to use you know business use me as that spring when it's like i don't really want is but i did it but three weeks before the fight they had me fly to japan to do some promotional stuff and i was flying longer than i was even on the ground and they said like ticket sales went up and everything was really good but yeah that way exhausting so i do understand that before yeah that's hard right really high ramping it up three weeks in super hard and out after my fight with the holy like i got to
a little time in australia and then i went straight from australia to new york's penn today there did uh full day of media went to connecticut to espn did a full day of media want to on a did a full the median it's just like it's non stop from like you start your first interview eight the mornings or pick up at like seven and you go until seven at night and even when you're driving to the next place they'll have you on the phone was with the with the with the you know with that radio interview you know i mean there's no break it's it's pretty intense it's pretty crazy it's been exhausting site and get it i have been in those issues before but uhm you know it's i don't know maybe there's more extending maybe he was hurt or something maybe you don't want people to see like maybe i don't know like what if there's even something like that like what if he had like hurt himself or something and he didn't want like nate to know we
who knows i don't know who knows and it's also he also had to realize there was a lot of work that needs to be done to beat me yeah i keys on the hit nate was so as bad shots and nate was fine with it and it was a real problem i think that's more what it was is that he was just obsessed with beating nate and i i get that too we'll take away from him for a minute that you want to stay home and he was in iceland i guess training and he wants to train to be nate i get it totally get it yeah i get it too seems like the only way also i felt like but then again he could have brought his whole gym with him you know sure well you could've tried i mean it was going to be a difficult time just trying to find the moments to train and to stay in shape and then obviously being exhausted from flying and all that jazz quick turn around two hundred you know like's far is like you but i don't think it was supposed to be there more than like two days i honestly think he's better off not doing it i honestly think he's better off like sequestered himself for a few months like relief
okay sing on what went wrong yeah how to correct it i agree and can you correct it yeah i mean do you like when it comes to the ground what i saw on the ground i was like boy this is a long rd like you've got a long rd to beat a guy like nate yeah he's so much further along in crowded pound jujitsu positioning everything when i was watching nate beat him up on the ground and choke him i was like that have been quick yeah this is not like like weidman rockhold was a prolonged beating before rock called eventually stopped them the next round yeah but with white with nate and connor wasn't that prolonged it how i've been pretty quickly and when you see that you go like this is going to be there's a lot to overcome it's not it takes a lot of time yeah bill that the skill sets they don't just they don't come overnight you don't know you can pick up your cardio pretty quick you can do a lot of things you can't you can't build the skills any faster than it's gonna go where's your muscle memory and and being a rapper you've got
put thousands of reps in and there's no way around it yeah there's no way there's no way to fast forward through that there's no way to cut the corner there's no nothing you can't just repetition repetition rapper shin what also it highlights all the various eccentric aspects of your training the people are going home is this what makes connor great and you know in then you know nate calling it touch button the park like they do it these cartwheels and stuff and then video is so funny oh my god i was done hilarious so when this uh well you know he's doing all these this work with this movement guy then you see what happens when it actually comes to fighting skills and you go oh maybe this is not the way to do it because like i've talked to a lot of people that were like this stuff that he's doing is utter
horse like this doing cartwheels and being obsessed with movement here's the movements you need to be worried about okay moving your feet throwing kicks and punches takedown defense and jujitsu jitsu on the ground that's it yeah you know understanding takedowns yourself taking people down if you must trip sweeps all that stuff but all cartwheels what in was sky sing to me and i want any names of prominent guy he was like you i understand that there's a limited amount of energy you have in your time training an you are not perfect and all these other aspects of mma so if you are not per and all these other aspects of may you have to say yeah how much of this stuff is going to help me well agalloch george saint pierre he looked at gymnastics and he's like you know what's going to hell me if i could be stronger physically and there's no better way i think as far as like manipulating your body then gymnastics like doing the rings and developing embryo ception you're learning how to manipulate your body and all kinds of
contorted positions being upside down and understanding where you are when you're upside down where you're going to be with the momentum you have to calculate that your mouth is doing constant algorithms and math equations essentially when you're fighting to wait distribution where we out especially when you tie up with someone else and you have to feel their way in you have to manipulate it in a way to get where you want with us against the cage or whether it's on the ground your body is using a equation yeah you know your mind is equating how much force do i need to make this happen how little forced like what if i go the opposite direction because they're pushing into me there's all these different things that you have to over there's no other way to do it then then a trial and error process and over and over and over and over can you look at someone is like a really good at one aspect of anime like you're well romero who's just a ridiculous wrestler and you go okay like how much touch but the park is that guy doing you know how many how many
cartwheels is he doing is he tumbling is he rolling down the ground one hundred double eggs a day yeah at least you know used yeah well he's and then one hundred single legs and then one hundred body locks then you know anybody bill connor lossed everybody's like this is what we need we need a movement coach i need a movement coach you know and it still might i mean as we said with george saint pierre and it has massive benefits to get that kind of coordination physical store do you like about conor though is like his balance is impeccable and that could be part of that like he's never over himself and at least with the striking part of it and the ground is a completely different thing but when he's in striking range and it's just his body his eye hand coordination is incredible and his balance like he's never too far over a pun she's never too far back he's always centered is always centered you throws a kick
he never gets you know you see people kicking the missing the kind of like stumble like their weights off balance or or they can even land and even when they put their foot down it's kind of like it's not a good landing you know when i i'm not like the world's best kicker but when i watch conor do it it's like he kicks or push kicks and sticks he is like a like a a genesis in the sense that you know they can do to slip in and they want to just stick it we can he's really really good at that when that sense maybe that's where the movement does benefit i think so that you never is over himself and his weight distribution in the case that whenever someone loses though everyone always a second guesses what they were doing even if they were doing was getting them to be like sixteen oh totally undefeated world champion when you'd make no mistake or something goes wrong or something goes right for your opponent we should probably say immediately people start questioning everything you did yeah there only on all the time it happened with me
you know when i lost it surrounded that guy you gotta change it she could change everything but as long as you're winning people like yeah keep doing what you're doing it's working then you lose like change everything it's like jeez that was quick well that's uh so the rhonda criticism in the holly holm fight everybody was like looking at her like a dominate patrick o'hare would stand up you know beta jeremic man the way she did alexis davis beating her down the way she did and it will look rhonda obviously is getting so good at striking just such an elite athlete that she can do what she's doing to anybody and then her trainer saying that she could go box women professionals and knock them out and so you get this thing in your head that you can do what you have been doing you find someone like holly and you go oh well ok yeah this weather so there's so many levels it's one of the more fascinating
about martial arts is that there are so many levels yeah there's never it's never ending the never ending story really is right yeah this this song that never just goes on nah nah nah yeah no it's it's literally it's you never and just when you think you have it all figured out boom there goes the curveball i do know that's what's addicting about this sport though like i'm it's safe to say it's like a drug it's it's addicting i think in versity in some weird way i'm definitely addicted to that i like it when things seem insurmountable or their look too hard or other people don't believe that i can do it that's such a weird quality because my people of the opposite most people like i like it when i know i can take a nap i like
i like it when that couch looks often want to walk over there and plopped myself down i'll let you know and you like i'm going to run up that fucking mountain with no air see how i fair see how long i could go before i pass out weird quality yeah i don't know is weird but i like it i don't know like that about myself 'cause i know anytime i ever get into a hard situation about but anything it's like i can get through it i've seen worse well you definitely improving that there's no doubt about it you know and you've proven it inside the octagon just leading up to this fight obviously proved it in this fight but you proved it leading up this fight like the sara mcmann fight i think that's one of the most impressive fights because you got her death on and you were mean she's a fucking silver medalist in the olympics and you were dominating the top position you scramble there you stayed on top of varying beater down and i was like that as it does a big victory yeah heavy top game they do we should grab will sometime
ok well here now girls say we should gravel sometimes yeah that always gets odd it's like that got weird quick i'm sure you do i'm sure you do but it comes from wrestling and i think just experience knowing wrestling can translate a lot of sports can translate well into mixed martial i happen to think wrestling is one of the best translations you know there's supposed like someone typically boxers coming into the sport don't typically transition as well kickboxing because they have so much more to learn i feel like the fundamentals of wrestling kind of they compass a lot of what you need and if you are the better rest so you can decide do i want to stay in the future i want to the ground it dictates right it dictates so
with that being said i think i learned how to use the pieces that work for wrestling and mma and take out the ones that don't 'cause there's a lot of stuff in wrestling or any other sport you're going to bring over that doesn't work for me ma is a sport of its own and i think maybe like mick man like she's such an elite level wrestler that she so ingrained with just wrestle wrestle wrestle wrestle that it's hard sometimes with the more elite you are at something to like water it down again essentially that's kind of what you have to do is you have to take pieces out for mixed martial arts there's some things that you don't do because you the choked if you do that right you know like a when you're addressing the last thing you want to do is be on your max you turn over you and you march out you lift your next like all men if you try to do that you try to stand up the way that you wouldn't a wrestling match you're to choked can't do that you gotta to keep it intact and then you got hands so there's things that you you have to re learn and i think when you're such an elite elitist that something sometimes it's hard to re learn about it's a very good point and i see
you could also use that same point when you're talking about strikers learning takedown defense and that like a lot of strikers like to stand up really strange and you know as soon as they get involved in exchanges with people they fall into their old striking ways and that's when i got like george saint pierre who was so good at being unpredictable like you never who is going to take it down if he's going to stand with you must flawless fighters when you say as far as like a game but sticking to a game plan being disciplined never getting emotional never getting away from the game well in his prime and when you look at that during his run and no one keeps a run up forever but during his run i mean he beat everybody they put in front of them and he fought in some incredible fights where he fought some really really dangerous difficult guys and manage his way through the water to victory and that's all you could ever expect from a champion yeah and people with i like oh well his some of the sites were boring or he played safety first like jesus christ he fought the killers of the killers
he had five rounds and in during those five rounds you know carlos condit kicks him and drops them in a matt serra knocked him out won the title he's had the adversity yeah i like it but he beat everybody yeah i do you can ask for more yeah like what do you think would hurt me if he just there's this mentality that some fans want where they want a guy who wants to bite down his mouthpiece the swing away and like come on seven and hope for the best but that's so retarded like that's not what martial arts are about not one represent people people i think sometimes tend to enjoy the excitement of amateur fight it's more because there more chaotic lee because i don't know what they're doing so it's just like stick to people in there that kind of know how to throw punches and maybe kind of know how to wrestle and they just go balls the wall 'cause it's like that's all that they know that they're confident in it was hard as you can what's also like a really good debate between two very are
articulate and very intelligent people no one is going to get the real upper hand real quick there's going to be points and counterpoints is going to go back and forth both going to very well prepared both women are going to be very well prepared you're not going to get like a very clear winner right away and less something crazy it happens like aldo in mcgregor although just so mad at mcgregor from all this fucking shit talking he's been doing for months and months and months that he just runs out and gets clipped that crazy for a guy like although that's got the maddening oh you hold the title for nine fucking years or however long held it i think it was in second my god i mean i've never seen although do that he was so emotionally charged yeah it was very upset and that just go to show you know that how much the mind is a powerful thing is like if you if you if you think you can or think you can't you're right either way it's it's really jeriv from your mouth
you know you could have all the skills in the world if you don't believe you can do it or whatever you don't have the confidence in your mind you won't just interesting or if someone puts a seed in there and like like like connor i just think that he was so good at the mental warfare and you know joe i never had to deal with that network that was the thing it was like he was all respect everyone that he fought shook his hand respected him realize he's this killer i mean and he was the reigning featherweight champion for as long as there was a featherweight champion he was the first the original he held that title for longer than anybody and was flawless we had some amazing fights but he started his show like some chinks in his armour towards the end like the second fight that he had with chad mendes
good like that was a real war in real grueling fight where as here the first fight with men as he just looks insane he looked tremendous job mendez quick so i think nobody rides for free they train so hard in brazil to home there and sane no doubt yeah had no will yell in particular yeah they go to war there's a good saying about training smarter not harder sometimes are working you know usually is working but same thing goes for training over training is a big thing in the sport yeah i'm glad you brought that up because i want to talk to you about that because you you did mention that in the holly fight the had made sure or you know we training for a five round fight in particular how do you make sure that you are in peak performance level but you're not overtraining like who who designed your program well you know i think a lot of it depends on athlete input does someone could design a program but if you
one day and you're supposed to be pushing sleds you know or do something heavy and hard and you're like i'm exhausted then there like ok we need dial it back you monitor your heart rate yeah we're in polar heart rate monitor i take in the morning when you wake up in the h r v and see where i'm at and that's really it that was on the edge of the heart rate variable okay so basic it tells you how how your heart is recovering so when you first wake up in the morning from my understanding the more like the more that your heart is kind of like your regular maybe for a better sense of yours means that it's responding to things quickly if it's kind of sluggish and it's kind of like not really not really reading that kind of quick action then it's not then you're tired but your body still broken down it's not recovered not recovered that you're kind of looking for that a regular kind of bouncy you know the rhythm but there's something that the hrv reads not just the heart rate but something about the heart in it and it reads it the hard way variable ann and
tells you whether you're actually recovered or not and who who goes over this stuff with you do you have um no not really my sports doctor i'll go over with him you know would be you're basically yeah and it's really easy to read it's either green orange or red like you're in the red don't kill yourself that day like it tells you it's you know it's very simple like anyone can do it wake up in the more and if your heart rate variables in the red that means like this should be a relatively easy day either a rest day or relatively easy maybe should go for a nice run like just let your body recover because don't realize you don't get stronger while you're training you don't get straw
or while you're lifting weights you're actually damaging your body you're actually going backwards you get stronger when you're resting yeah you recovering from the work and that's what makes you strong that's literally what it is is when you're resting after you've worked out hard now after you tore everything apart i mean if you workout twenty four slash seven there's no chance to repair and heal and grow and get stronger so you know it just goes back to that that science in that lots of like when to push hard and went to when did not push hard and i think that our sport typically has a lot of really tough people who don't like to ever think you know they're just in that work hard mentality 'cause we're fighters were like the toughest people but a lot of times they don't stop and think like it doesn't matter how tough you are like science is science buddy it doesn't matter like going i'm just going to work hard i'm going to push through it i'm gonna spar hard today even though i feel like crap i mean there's something we
maybe from mental toughness i guess you know you're going to go in there and you got to push through it there just times for that but i don't question my mental toughness so i just listened my body you know i don't i'm not at a point in my career where i have anything to prove far as like how tough i am skins and moesha my coaches always tell me like we're not we don't need to prove how tough you are me should we already know that so let's just if you don't feel like sparring today was barbara well that's one of the things that i think it really does trip up a lot of fighters is that they're so tough in the figure out how to push through injuries to figure out how to force themselves through situations but then they get these these the damage their joints or damage their backer and it is a lot of it comes from not recognize the difference you know an actual injury yeah and pain is a little bit of discomfort and pain is normal it's it's constant it's never gonna go away yeah everybody who does martial arts experiences that
but for someone like a cain valasquez it almost becomes like a detriment 'cause he's such a fucking gorilla and he just knows how to push through everything that he blows everything out he blows his shoulder out and then he blows the other shoulder rounding closes knees out it blows back out i mean he's mia minion when he was at his best he's the greatest of all time is between him and fade or those are the two possible heavyweights and the fade or one always has to have an asterix because he was fighting in pride and it was you know the steroid era you could do whatever the fuck you want saying even that he was on it but who the fuck knows but that i don't think the guys that he thought eve no he looked amazing against them i don't think hong man choi is at the same level as like junior dos santos general santos was at his best when when kane fotom it's so hard and i think even
needle santos was over trained for one of their fights yeah and you know they talked about it like they had measured his his creatine levels in his blood he was he was he just had recovered correctly yeah that that said so many to pick part of it's very talk being so tough did you see people go into you know whether it's a three round fighter a five round fight sometimes you see for gas out like a brown and a half yeah you know around in your like all the most that a train hard now is probably the train to art yeah that's probably what is they're probably still beat up sometimes like i will goal like fight we can all be in the work out near the mat room that they have in the hotel and sometimes i'll see these guys in their in their urges golan i mean they are going they're hidden minute surges you know the rip in the big takedowns and they're just blown it all the time thinking dude it's the fight week calm down
on the hard work should have already all been done like this three week is about recovery and usually it's like people not like foreigners that are still in that mindset of like there a little bit more old school mentality i feel like some of those gyms still haven't caught up to the idea that it's not always about how hard you go will matthews told me that he used to train hard up until the day of the fight they just trained hard he's like i always trained and you know that's what i did was wrestling fucking work though work for him well you know but he was you know he was a high level athlete for a long time and he knew how to how to harness watt and you know it's not saying that it can't that it can't work but i still think that there's something to be said about preserving the longevity of your career you might not be able to do that as long you know well with a guy like matt hughes it's so hard to say
do that now because he was such a pioneer i mean he was at the early early days of the ufc and was one of the great champions and one of the greatest games ever and when you look at his title run in his reign of one hundred and seventy pound division like during his heyday you gotta say like this guy like sort of paved away in a lot of ways especially for a wrestler that develop some really good submission skills i mean he's got some excellent mission victories including that armbar that he submitted george saint pierre with me he had some real good submission skills for a wrestler yeah i say is incredible is ahead of his time little bit you know yeah better definitely ahead of his time and you know an important pioneer if you look at the overall game like these these moments were a person emerges and they go ok we haven't seen one of these guys before like yeah would regus is a perfect example like this fucking guy i watch that guy fight and i go jesus christ like here's a new
thing here's a guy who's like this elite thai taekwondo guy who knows how do everything else too but he throws his taekwondo kicks like a normal person throws a jab he there a part of his arsenal he's throwing jumping roundhouse kicks and wheel kicks and he's he's doing shit there like you got it you got to get ready for this cuz this guy's going to do this every round and this is a totally different type of engaging i you've got to be aware of is coming from all these crazy angles and they are coming fast these wheel kicks the jumping roundhouse kick tv hit feely with idaho holy shit that was crazy fuck i'm crazy and he's he's one of these new guys it's like he's got so much skill we used to train with feeling did you yeah in sacramento where a part of the team alpha male and it was funny like he he's come such a long way like he he used to have for some reason he had like
house arrest thing on his ankle like is that the band things you know train with it on he had a true nobody did not want to train so i guess he got permission like or the german i don't know what it was you know what it was for but it's a funny story x it's like i just remember him back then and he was just a like you know it's still relatively new to the game and now you know he's doing while other obviously his last last well he's agnes orsag and that's just what happens in the game yeah he got caught and he also fought a guy who is one of the elite of the elite right now one hundred and forty five and unpredictable so wild and his phone ground games is really good too hear can do everything yeah there is something and his son and i knew he was something but feeling something no he's not a fucking kid and i thought that was going to be a great fight this i'm really interested to see how feeling navigates the kicks 'cause that's the big thing is he going to try to kick with this guy is going to try to like maybe just like bear down like did you watch glory at all little
did you see raymond daniels and joseph valtellini is a traditional moy thai style fighter and he just just kept his hands up high and just chop the legs and chop them down and eventually knocked him out with a head kick butt raymond daniels is this wild motherfucker throws jumping spinning three hundred and sixty turning psychics to your face and all this wild shit and he was a point karate champion who eventually got into kicked and he's so wild with his kicks just he he this guy with a touch front leg sidekick and spun in the air and and hit him with the us as a spinning back like that like how who can recreate that style you have to get someone like him you have to get a karate or talk yeah same with like it's all you can get you know well it's people that don't understand that there's some skills that these traditional martial artists have like a traditional like a lot of karate guys and a lot of time window guys in particular there's some things that
you can do with their legs that the average person just can't do and if that karate where are the thai kwando guy like a yo yo rodriguez learns wrestling learns jujitsu and learns kicked boxing end has all that shit at it really elite black belt level like you're fucked someone good friend of yours it can do weird things with his legs eddie bravo lord guys like he's like gumby well he's been stretching his legs like that like like religiously do not that flexible like growing up now so he just keeps doing it to eddie when you watch tv with adding eddie will never wear shoes he doesn't wear shoes put his fucking feet everywhere and it kind of freaks people out but eddie will sit there and he'll just like be like scratching himself out so he be sitting watching tv pretty good and he'll be i'm pretty flexible too but he'll be sitting there and hold it and he can do the that without like pulling on it like he doesn't have to have arms that
all his legs in these positions so he could just like tuck his legs into places and all the sudden you're like locked up in a google plot and you don't even know how to fuck you got his leg there i know i grappled with him once like years ago he was like scrubs retard really tricky but he's like do you're like grappling with the dude is that feel good or is that yeah that's always a compliment as long as you don't say i look like a dude grappling to do it all day long that's that's never you know every issue i dread the day when i think i love it when people are like you know look like if i don't like it that's good looks like you really dread the day we like man you look like a fighter like so whoops yeah went too far i push the envelope and i didn't come out on the winning and yet they grapple like a dude is is it okay like yeah you make out like a do yeah that's right yeah how do you know this conversation going yeah well i it's
there is a definite difference between watching some women grapple an what some women can do and there's got to be some benefits to lie being a woman when it comes to grab link there is sometimes i got all wrapped with some guys and i don't realize it's much even the man you are sofa flexible or like you got you know your ankles yeah triangle agnos like most guys would attack but he's like you were fine i was like you know no have you ever seen this thing that ballerinas used and this is uh i think it's a new device but it's like you slide your foot into like this it seems like a rubber sheath is like there's a flat board and they just like this the rubber sheet and use aside your foot into and that you do these exercises with your foot and somebody put it up on one of the jujitsu pages that i follow on instagram and they will this is like the best way to prevent foot locks like literally just strengthens instructions it and stretches it to the point where you know like if someone gets you know like a a foot lock and it's
i found out like a told as they're pushing down on your foot it's the hybrid ending of the ankle that gets you to tap can you like i think something tehran then people tap and this gets your foot into this flexible position where you kind of strength and and make it so flexible that you can't taped in certain ways you never tried you haven't jamies odors huh that looks similar that's similar is pro arch is that scroll that looks like it's making it like where your feet are like yeah like the arch of the ballerina foot that's probably like strengthening to be able to stand on the what is it that you were in bergen county is brutal the feet feet or so there were also rack so now fast is bad like i thought my fever bad chinese girl who's a ballerina and she had to have her feet fixed because her toes she had smashed her toes for so long like doing like point
trying to stand undertows that she had to get like shed these scars over the top of our feet where she had to get her toes like realigned and ligaments repaired ballets a hard hard support from my understanding like i don't think they get it credit there they also have to starve themselves you have to be tiny see that swan movie was it black swan was insane lot of women's empowering sort of earth yeah i posted it a picture me with a scaled everyday like weighing myself people like one hundred and forty seven they're like freaking out about it or whatever i'm like yeah wait you know almost one hundred and fifty but there like like that's good that not you know it goes to so you don't have to be one hundred pounds or one hundred and ten pounds to like look at beautiful or whatever and i'm like i don't i'm not ashamed of what i weigh at all like at all at all i don't care i could weigh one hundred and as long as i look good and feel good like you know people were just kind of surprised
a lot of women have like numbers in their head that you don't want to go over one hundred and thirty five is like the peak don't get bigger than this bitch yeah i think it used to be like one hundred and ten my mom's best friend growing up she was she was vietnamese and they had they had a rule which is half vietnamese so the vietnamese side of her family so she was a little bit bigger bone gorgeous beautiful like exotic green eyes dark black hair like half enemies really really pretty and her fam he was so hard on her because she weighed over one hundred pounds like you were supposed to be under your it's been ninety nine or less 'cause they're all super tiny but she was half so hurt she got her half of her white dad side and she was like one hundred and nine or something i like you you lose weight lin lin you lose weight you too heavy hearts too heavy really yeah yeah oh yeah and she had just she not eating disorders and somebody learn like later because she was so just more
five a she weighed more you know they don't want her to way over a hundred that's so crazy that number okay the number on things numbers on yeah it doesn't matter to me how do you look if you look good what does what difference does it make i obviously being a fighter you can be denser mean how anybody wouldn't understand that a woman like you would you like five hundred and seventy five million six hundred and fifty six thousand eight hundred and fifty six one hundred and forty five pounds you can have a ton of muscle i mean you have to if you're doing all the grappling you're doing what strength and conditioning program you are i don't usually like two three days a week and i go to this place called phase one sports and i work with a lot of athletes that were the boxers in football players and things like that so i do like the most that i really do for like actual lifting weights is probably power cleans or like hang cleans like well you know flip a bar that's i think really good explosive movement for like for wrestling and things like that how do you slide pushing and do a lot of body weight stuff a lot of footwork and you know we kind of mix
cardio and weight so would you like to like to one set of the workout that's strength based so it's like an aerobic and there were like run sprints so kind of like to simulate a fight like you're going through a combination and it's an aerobic you throwing fifty six punches and you're doing that with out oxygen anaerobic and then you do something you know you circle when you move or something that's aerobic are you coming for the take that's kind of an anaerobic movement and then so it simulates the fight so we do a lot of i don't know it's not really anything super rocket science i think but i like it it works you always done strength and conditioning program i love strength and conditioning in in high school stuff i lifted a lot of weights i get criticized a lot actually in high school 'cause i was pretty buff in high school and i yes you're criticizing i criticize are criticized girls or boys actually big guys mostly i think the girls were
i'm scared of me even though i was like never confrontational i never really thought people i was like pretty nice everyone but like i don't know the girls were probably like if they knew if they would've mess with me i probably would have rectum you know when i was kind of like massive other people watcher and yeah like the guys like mansab lifting me she getting to buff like maybe you know well if more well you wrestling in high school yeah i wrestle in high school what was that like that was hard man it was actually my first half of my season was terrible the wrestling dude sorry wrestling girls primarily guys that's ridiculous i was the only consistent female on my team proper years what the fuck motivated you to go do that just like wrestling do yeah no actually that was that like i said it was tearable like my first day my gosh well also get to
why i did it i did it because i can't play basketball that was really the reason why didn't do it did you wanna play basketball no i hate basketball that's probably why we can't play basketball because i bet if he wanted to play basketball you figure out how to get really good at basketball ugly so don't don't say you can't basketball well it would've been a long road i could i would i would say to get a long time yeah but as of mma is a long road yeah i was way more fun but isn't it because crazy though that the odds you getting famous as a female basketball are player are nonexistent yeah there was like the wnba still exists right name one famous wnba player name one ready go you can't do it but female fight at the time was ridiculous if you're in high school and said one i'm going to be a female cage fighter people like this is crazy bitch came from her she have her fucking mind yeah meanwhile you're famous yeah the ufc was just barely coming out i think i nina was like so i don't know it's crazy
so i just we need to do it out of default because i wanted to do a sport but i was really reluctant to play basketball or even try didn't like it just didn't appeal to me then click can't dribble the ball i don't shoot well like i didn't pee a couple times like this is not a sport for me i can't jump very high like everything is just like not made to play basketball and so i went up wrestling and i was like yeah i guess we'll try this and we didn't tell my dad at first either 'cause he would probably like been mortified was mortified when we told him but it was too late by then i was already like i was already in it i was i think my mom thought i was going to quit so she liked to hide it from him for like two three weeks or so like thinking she's not probably like this but i love the girls were on the team with you one other guy all those my best friend share and it was actually her idea i never probably would have thought of it we were in honors english class will smarty pants
and she would like to magicians like you know i really want to do a sport but i don't know basketball either you want to go out for wrestling like wrestling and i not wrestling was so weird like in middle school as a kid i'm like one of the doing like there are these boys in these tight suits like rolling around this is weird so i have this like distaste for wrestling but it's kind of like well it's better than basketball probably yeah sure let's try it wow yeah that's how i mean it's nothing against basketball but i just i just can't i don't know how did you know that you liked it wrestling well the first day i got my ass kicked bad like i'll ever like matt burns all over my body and my face are going to know what it was doing they tried to get me to quit they didn't want the girl they did not want us there they meaning the teammates or females and the coaches really yeah the coach yeah the coach was kind of an ass like he was only there for one year he actually ended up getting handed being fired but anyways
yeah they did not want us there so i think they thought like if we make this is hard on them as possible they'll just quit 'cause that's like you know i think they had like a couple years before like a girl come out and like they don't they never last like they never made it past the two weeks so i think i kind of felt that i was like you just wait my for that was going to prove you wrong i'm going to stick around and i'm going to do this and i was like and as where is hell no i can't get any worse i was like so the law of diminishing returns says i'm bound to get better and uh yeah i kept coming back every day and it was the hardest thing that i've ever done i think that's why i liked it so much it was fucking hard really really hard and they did a lot of conditioning a lot of you know but i loved i didn't mind that at all like i love that stuff i love working out of love conditioning i love pushing myself the par that was the most challenging was the actual wrestling 'cause they didn't want to teach us anything they want teach me anything i remember they put me in there with the guy who placed like third and state and he just wrecked me
i was a can you at least show me a double act like i don't know anything i don't have to do any of this stuff like can you show me that you're just a body yeah they're like now just go wrestle and you just embarrassed me what a shitty fucking wrestling coach yeah well i don't know they want us there was not the first time that you knew about yourself though that you like to overcome adversity like that you could do liked difficult challenges looking back on it i think so 'cause i didn't realize how tough i was until i got through like a wrestling season holy crap like that was really hard high school wrestling is brutal for people have never done anything difficult to is probably the first there most people don't transaction you start out with the big team and half the people drop like flies yeah really quickly you know yeah a couple kinda dwindle out your left with like a few that are you know really there to do it an especially with me being so terrible like i lost uhm i mean i probably josh is about every match that you've never wrestled before you know it was competing against guys it can't remember
klay i think i'd be a girl like later in the season my first year and i lost my very first wrestling match was actually gets another female which was rare and a lost by points but she's like a senior soul you know was it was whatever i just tried to no i got and that's a lie i remember i got pin she was a senior it was like second round and i didn't i just didn't know very much and then i went on it actually my senior year i ended up wrestling varsity whoa yeah that's crazy so you went through freshman sophomore junior and senior yeah all for you all four years you wrestled yeah that's amazing i loved it wo for it that's crazy and the senior year you were a varsity wrestler right what in the fuck and what wait this is the hilarious part ok so so i was good but i wasn't mail var city good you know i love wrestling i worked hard i came early i stayed late i did all but i wasn't that level right but the
when was that we didn't have one hundred and fifty two pounder we had two one hundred and forty five or so i wrestle at one hundred and forty five i don't know how to cut weight so that's just what i was walking at at the time i was heavier almost heavier in high school and i am now and i don't know anything about diet i don't know anything about anything i thought when i joe this is how stupid i was i thought that when i had to make weight the next day that i needed to eat the most low calorie foods so i we go like get the jar of salsa which has like how do i don't know how many thousands of milligrams of sodium which is going to help you hold water i didn't know it's like oh it's calories per serving let me eat this whole thing and then like i'm sure the balloon the next day like no wonder like i couldn't cut anyway like there's no science they didn't teach you shit fucking wait nobody nobody taught me anything about conway except you throw garbage bag on and run around
so anyways there were two one hundred and forty by banners no one hundred and fifty two pound or so what they would do is basically i was a sacrificial lamb we would both weigh in at one hundred and forty five for varsity and they would decide which apollo was more likely for the guy are guy teammate to beat an they match him up so that we could get a win and they would put me with the tougher opponent so that our guy that had a chance at winning could win because they like the new either way i probably wasn't able to win again i mean these are these are tough guys like interesting for years they've been resting their whole life and they're cutting weight so half the time i'm wrestling one hundred and fifty two pound men thank and weighing in at one forty five on bar on the varsity team and just getting you know all my gosh you beat any dudes
i did but not in var city i need a varsity guys but i beat some other guys i made him cry made a few guys quit it would always get back to our school today it would always get back to our school too like oh yeah that guy you beat last week he quit the team yeah i would come back to our school 'cause obviously there was a you know a rival school or whatever but somehow it would get back to school yet like i guess he quit the team i wonder how much that fox with their head i don't know bye i didn't care care in high school i didn't care of course you can't some people are not going to make it yeah you gotta keep going one time you know it's saturday night right is sure yeah i was explaining to people it's the most bruising so it's basically i'll tell you a story i got by like one hundred and fifty two pound state placer i waited forty five i remember he wrestled for white river ann he went out and just
those me right over and saturday night ride pin me in like eighteen seconds i mean he crushed me but it's the most embarrassing and like it's a lot like if you're a girl in high school that's a last way that you want them to be so basically they they lay like straight on top of you and then like a star position and they wrap your are both of your arms with their arms and rap their legs with your legs so that you can't just star fished out on your back and like i was like what an asshole like you know he did it on purpose well why does that but if it was affective wise got more embarrassing just 'cause your legs are spread apart and it looks like a sexual position if you know 'cause they're like right on top of you stomach to stomach chest to chest his groin yeah here it is yeah that's yeah that's close that's amount that someone lmao finding someone well it's not really pulling up
one go down again the black and white one right yeah yeah that's kind of like it oakley sort of it he's kind of doing more of an arm bar so just imagine something amount with double great yeah so it's just kind of you know what i mean it was just like demoralizing yeah i know i get it damn it and it was so fast but usually actually didn't get pinned on varsity so flexible goes back to that like people couldn't turn me over even the varsity guys like i would that was my survival technique was like my shoulders are so flexible that if like in high cool wrestling you can't go pass was potentially dangerous you're not allowed to like dislocate someone shoulders so it's like they were trying to turn me on my show my arms be going going going going going and they would like you can't go past that are going to dislocate her arm you know so it's like that was my my hail mary it was like i'm really flexible and i'm so but i would just would not let i would let my arm dislocate for sure i was not going to let him turn me that's why
the interesting things about wrestling isn't it this is like there's some things that you would do in a fight that you're not allowed to do well collegiate wrestling so it's there's different styles of collegiate which is like more safe for schools because their kids and then you get into freestyle wrestling which you can throw p don't slam and collegiate you have to kind of set them down you're not allowed to just like pick someone in the arnold poop thrown have put him down but even if the style like remember when mark schultz fought in the olympics and rip that guys arm apart and got him to camorra and sort of tossed him not to come oranges yanked his arm backwards mean that you got disqualified for that which were in the ufc would be an amazing move yeah well i guess it's the center for mind set i guess they think a wrestling is wrestling and fighting is fighting it's different it is but it's like it's effective grappling lead the use of your body against the
your body yeah it's interesting in that way but i think for wrestling i don't know if you're supposed to use like joint manipulation i think maybe that's the difference supposed to be like that you can control their body with your weight on top of them not necessarily like contort there point in the wrong direction so that you know that's jujitsu that's rich do you remember when matt hughes fought ricardo almeida and choked him out with like a front headlock yeah which is a move that is actually used in wrestling all the time that was a fascinating some wrestlers have adapted more of that stuff too they put that in there more than six or put some pressure on the throw and folding people over it and which kind of thinking out there a little bit who's so fucking strong when he gets ahold of you in that position is pushing people yeah is pushing against your arm and it spinning against your neck they squeezing your neck on the other side is choking you out let's just look ahead and arm choke but in a reverse position yeah it's pretty good
i was amazed when i saw that fight that he did that he was able to choke out ricardo almeida whose jujitsu black belt but for may since then that no one else has been able to do it yeah i think happy wrestle did you ever wrestled in high school wrestling high school one year yeah it's hard why did you do the other one time window so i just decided at thai kwando was easier i like that and i like kicking people is like i wasn't zombies things is well is also that i had to do it at school so it's like i had to stay at school which i fucking hated and i was just a zombie yeah like after us so sore remember like we used to do sprints upstairs and shit and carry each other across the football bill and i was so fucking sore yeah i just remember thinking like fuck this and we used to like what they called the gut busters i think 'cause it literally makes you want to vomit doing both at the same time to us doing taekwondo an wrestling at the same time i just had to
term and i wish i could have done more extracurricular like school activities besides just what was offered by the school one thing is like we were so we struggled a lot financially growing up didn't grow up in a privileged house told by any means and they can my parents couldn't afford to put me into gymnastics at the time you know but i'm glad because i think that for that's what i wanted to do i actually wanted to do gymnastics instead of wrestling they're like you know we just it's too too much and but i'm glad that i didn't come from super privilege 'cause it just gives me a whole different perspective sure you appreciate what you've earned i'm sure when did you start striking when did you do any sort of striking martial arts night nose nineteen what did you start out with i think it was just kickboxing yeah just normal like learning to throw kicks and normal you know it was kickboxing for me
ok i never did any like just straight anything it was always about it was always about mma and obviously i had wrestled so the goal was always to grab people and get him to the greek right so yeah i started with kickboxing learning how to throw basic cakes learning how to throw basic punches but like before my first fight i think i had like maybe four weeks of striking which is like nothing nothing that's crazy is crazy well in those situations where i had a buddy of mine who is jujitsu black belt really high level jiu jitsu guy and he's taking an mma fight and we had a conversation about it before and i was going how much striking are you doing and he's like once a week i get together and do this and mike holy shit mike listen do you know what you can do to guys in the ground will some we can do that to you standing up yeah and if all that guy has to do is keep you from getting a hold of him and your foxville like you
yeah you have to be understanding that like there's a difference in the consequences as well because the consequences of being in there with like a dangerous striker are one wrong move and you get clipped with something and you wake up yeah it's just it's such a different thing but so many people that are really good at one thing they think all i have to do is do my one thing and they won't be able to right ray i went into my first fight kind of ignorance is bliss to not not thinking like you know if i i didn't know how devastating it could be to get need in the face now open washington state they don't allow amateurs like to throw a full on knees to the face if you don't know don't allow it like an amateur fighting i think in california and stuff like that too like now there's more regulations and they don't allow it just because a lot of times amateurs are still learning and just such a brutal blow they needed a face like we were i mean that's a hard there's no protection at straight like knee bone
and it's pretty brutal my first fight oh my gosh you know i went out there i wrestled her i pretty much just all that's all that i know i don't even think i threw a punch on the ground like i took her down like the easiest i've ever done and i think i forgot that i could punch 'cause i was just that's all i knew was wrestling so just like wrestled or the whole time then the second round i came went through once you want too and i try to grab ahold of and she put me in a thai clinch so her has been on the i like at owned a high school up in canada so she was a really good striker no wrestling or really much grappling look i didn't know what it was i didn't even know what then why is much less how to defend it so she just disney in my face off and the only thing i can things to do is shoot so i'm just shooting in tinys knees is bam bam bam and they're like one of them caught my nose is clean on busted it flatten my nose and that was like in such
mark and you know this is the first time i've been hit really like you know you don't take blows the face in wrestling so i'm just like whoa what is going on here what do i doing is you like pushes me down like 'cause i'm still shooting but i kind of like slump out of the uh off of the legs a little bit a little bit stunned obviously and she spins around takes my back she's trying to choke me and i just i remember or like i had this epiphany moment it was like the world stopped you know and she still trying to like fight me and beat me up and i remember she's trying to choke me and i had my hands like this and it's such a vivid moments is i got this this is how i started my career my first fight ever and i i'm watching this pool of blood and there's a steady stream like not even dripping like it is pouring out of my nose and there's a pool of blood is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and she still trying to choke me and punch me in
thinking like this bitch that's exactly what they're saying hell no and i got pissed i got pissed i lost my temper on the fight i started blocking her off and that's when the fight are really came out of me 'cause before that i was just still wrestling i was like competing that's when the fighter came out i got fucking pissed and i was pissed not only that i my nose is broken not only that i got hit but that she he had my back that was like that was what pissed me off like the red it was kind of like now you know but i was the wrestler fuck you like it off my back like your this you're not allowed to be there so i like started bugging her and she fell down into the guard position an eye
i stood up above her an i reached to the ceiling as high as i could and i just started raining down punches from the standing position and that is going everywhere like she soaked in it i've got it all over me i'm just bleeding like a stuck pig everywhere and i remember her face kind of like wincing like trying to weather the storm and that's how this second round ended and then i went back my corner and like they had the head coaches like we can't let you go back out for the third round 'cause your nose is just so like we don't know how bad it is and i was super bummed because that was the turning point in the fight for me that's when it actually became a fight and i was like i really wanted to go back out in the third round and just whoop this girls ass i got so pissed so you lost the fight but you learned a lot about yourself yeah the ton and i had go home that's bringing this back full circle this is where my very chauvinistic grandpa at the time but you know these kind of sexy so for old school
it seems like you know women do this and men do that women don't do this so you're not allowed to do that and what are you doing how to come home oh my god that was the most dreadful drive i ever had because my nose was literally like three times the size i had no definition between my bridge of my nose and my cheekbones like it just went straight out it was flat like a lion and then it just went straight out to my cheekbones that's how bad it was i mean it got broken bad and then over like the next right like i could barely even open my eyes and i had two giant black raccoon eyes so it was like there's no hiding it like and you gotta look your grampa straight in the face and he's like just disk i told you you you know just like said you oh yeah oh man he was just like you know he just wouldn't like would not lay off of it this is why you shouldn't be doing this this is absurd this is ridiculous this is embarrassing and my dad just you know he's so embarrassed like he was
yeah he was embarrassed and i'm in the back of my mind i know that i can't say anything at the moment but in the back of my my fine i was thinking i'm not done i've gotta do this again like the back my mind i was thinking 'cause everyone was like well good she the good thing she got that out of her system shall shall surely never do that again thank god she got this you know she learned her lesson early and i was thinking uh i was like i can't i've gotta get back and i gotta prove that i can do better than that as it goes too embarrassing you know to have to face every and that was telling me like i shouldn't be doing that and you know what everyone says to you like before you like oldies back then everyone would say to me don't break your nose i was like my pre like good luck you know like people say like i would go kill not meaning break a leg you know like the other way like well you know good luck in your face don't break a nose fuck
no you know is so embarrassing i think i missed like a week of call a week of classes too 'cause i had done it over like a break so i had like i don't know i don't know winter cake or something and then i missed like a week because it was still so bad did you have to get it fixed no i probably should have it still not fixed but you can feel it it's like you can fill the like disassociated time is like it's do you agree that you know it all not very well now to be honest about the right side like i can barely and this is a good day have you ever had a thought about having it fixed yeah yeah i have but yeah hopefully one of these changes santos just did it recently and it helped him alot yeah yeah i did it i didn't do it tell us like thirty nine my whole life i have fucked knows it's amazing if you always sound really amazingly now to like listen to myself like i'll probably go back and listen to podcasts but god i sound nasally i used to be just like you i'll be like
one side was like three slash four close the other side was totally useless i had no breathing out of my nose it was just all fucked up in there but now it's like yeah and then but yeah that's nice i'm jealous way to rub it in yeah you could get it fixed yeah but then i wonder like don't have to like shave it down no like no you side street in it yeah those are like open up the like they open it up but then it makes a little bit weaker something to get broken again no i don't think so you know i think it will the date shaved down the turbine it's the inside like there's these bumps inside your nose then the hinders the opening or it makes the opening smaller shave that down they cut out the inside that's all calcified to for me which is like a flower you know just like how far are you get that in your nose as well i feel like i'm asking for it to get broken again though as soon as i fix it like this is like we have broken again probably anyway right if you keep fighting but i think
that like at least you have more of an opportunity to breathe in your cardio will definitely improve true that's one thing i thought about cardio already thanks but if you read out of your nose i'm sure it would help you in a lot of ways yeah i have to look into yeah i mean so like when i was a kid i went to a doctor like when i was like nineteen or twenty and i had a real problem with it in the doctor said look unless you stop fighting you need to just deal with this and then once you're done competing then yeah and i nest left it alone but then i'd snore really bad and i when i take yoga class i couldn't breathe out of my nose and finally i just bit the bullet but after i did it i made a youtube video about it because i'm like oh my god all these people saying that it was like really bad like fuck it's nothing it's nothing the operation was nothing like to do put you under yeah but i mean when it's over like everybody's like oh my god it's so awful you miserable did they re break your nose they definitely get in
and if they didn't like break it reset at the thing knows that if it's broken up here like i keep you could feel like it's all where i was i broke it when i was five was the first time a broken yeah and then i broke it who knows how many times after that but the inside was where it was all fucked up it was just he said it was when the words could ever seen he's like boy this thing has been broken a lot said i don't know how many times you broken like i don't know either but mean compare my nose though to like vanderlei remember when vandelay vandal vandal is one of those guys with you lick advantages like first down like is everything bonds and stuff too so he had to get it cut he doesn't idea nick diaz bone shaped down and had scar tissue removed but vandalay he probably had that done too but he had a bunch of our tissue mood 'cause he had so much scar tissue that his eyes were drew being like severely and his nose was flat i mean just flat and there was nothing left so we had a piece of cartilage removed from his rib
and then they redid his nose and he had his nose made big so he could breathe out of it better thank you like had the misses while he was still oh yeah do you just remember when he fought in the ufc heal one way looking fought chuck he looked like please leave a person yeah i guess i don't even notice the notes because i was so focused on like the bone structure like i feel like to maybe get a lot done yeah he's crazy turek when i've i've traded as jim before mad men cpars like all all alec through to kill people yeah no he finds man there's no sparring with van delayed fighting yeah yeah i've talked to people this bar with them and they were like what in the fuck i just kills people well it's like no mercy like give me more bing partners i break more sounds like more of russian accent that's nobody sounds like it on it but it was like mean like that i'm here by the local file to fight with brazilian erica me to fight is important
just make him really mean until like like he's chewing through his training partners that's that's what it was like that got fucked over here he did i was so upset when they tried to give him a lifetime ban and you know what they did was really wrong and sent him on his tail spin then he said a bunch of crazy shit about the ufc and site that the whole thing made me really sad because they were trying to make an example out of him but look that guy never failed a drug test i don't know who fuck knows what he's doing it definitely did some shit especially in pride for one hundred percent mean when he fought cro cop he was two hundred and eighteen you know that's not from creatine right he did some shit one hundred percent right but back then we are allowed to do whatever you want in the ufc he never pissed hot he never got caught so you have this one time where he ran away from a drug test and to say he's banned for life it's ridiculous it's just a total abuse of power and uh really callous abuse by these people that are but part of the commission because they
we are responsible for this guys livelihood and they just decided to treat him as an example an not respect him as a pioneer of the sport with my thought is you should treat him as if he pissed hot it look you ran randomly from a task guess what you're automatically pissing hot so it would be like nine months right and instead they said life and i'm like that is crazy you can't take away a man's livelihood know he would even better if he yeah like if you would've pissed hot technically much better yeah much better i've been back fighting already he be already schedule right now in the usc probably be still in the ufc and still fighting and now i guess he's going to fight for bellator and he's gotta fight overseas they reduced his suspension to like i think they gave him a couple years or something like that or maybe even less but the how long time in a fight career though i think socially short enough as it is we will see thirty eight
he's going to be running three thousand seven hundred and thirty eight it's so weird too because the t party thing which was around for quite a few years and you saw the rejuvenation of victor and dan henderson these guys are on tr see that all the sudden serve doing really well again yeah and you just such a gray area like then that gets from moved and then like everybody's get gotta go back to like your normal hormone secretion yeah what do you how do you feel about the ivy ban i don't like it i don't i don't well i don't like weigh inns this is what i feel like i feel like we have to move away from this weight cutting thing 'cause there's a difference between this for it in any of this port other than boxing and i think that the head trauma ask fact of it makes wayans twenty four hours a day extremely problematic when we understand the science of re the brain could take as much as seventy plus hours so that to me says that we're doing a bad thing we're doing
a silly thing and we're letting fighters compete compromised i think someone like you and something like holy you're is similar size i think you guys should make an agreement and the ufc should say ok look michelle what do you weigh right now you would like one hundred and forty six when you're in peak condition what do you weigh one hundred and forty three holly you cool with one forty three yeah ok well let's just way you guys during camp will weigh you sporadically and we'll give you a couple plant pounds to play with because realistically the difference in one hundred and forty three pound person one or forty five pound person is nothing it's not it's it's not it's not enough and as long as no one's dehydrated let's take hydration levels interesting concept though but think about this for minute wrestling weight classes typically or to be about five pounds apart so you get into the bigger ones so in theory five pounds makes a big difference if when you're talking about manipulating someone elses wait 'cause you're five pounds less but there five pounds more so it's almost like if you think about it
we'll take in my mind it seems like a double right five pounds can be a lot if there's a lot of wrestling striking i don't think it's doesn't mean anything to so maybe not as much but maybe getting someone to ground or being able to sweep someone i mean big command sound like a lot depends how yet depends how big you are five pounds to three hundred pound person isn't that much five pounds one hundred and fifteen pound version is a lot it's a bigger percentage there valuate that's a big point like when you're talking about like a strawweight or something like that that's a good point and i think actually i think walks around like some one hundred and sixty something she's pretty big girl well i just feel like she is yeah you could tell she i really feel like there's gotta be a better way to organize weight classes and i just don't know if forcing someone like holy to compromise your body to get down to one hundred and thirty five and then then then rehydrate up to like one hundred and fifty or whatever she does wayans came into to the whole play because of like betting right like back in the day
that's what they would like want to show off the fighters and get people to bet on him like who do you think is going to win is kind of like more of a showing then really away in like look how big this guy easy ways this much and look how big this one which one you think is going to win and they would get people to bet and that's kind of how juanes came about the day before it right how to get people interested in the fights that want to boast the fighters yeah well it's getting his shirt off and get him on a scale and show how well you know the difference or whatever you know and they used to do the day of the fight i don't know maybe believe i'm not sure about boxing it was the day of the fight yeah i'm pretty sure though that that's like where that kind of came in and then i think they started making more weight classes and that's how it got go like more specific like you have to be a certain way and i understand that you want to wait you want people to be within a certain weight of each other but then the problem is like can't there's no way to really monitor that right you know
like some people blow up between their camps and other people don't you know and how do you yeah like you said how do you really regulate like what if what if i said you know i walk around at one hundred and forty seven and hollys like won't you know i walk around at one hundred and sixty two then you're like well then you can't fight each other but it's like she's like well when i die and i do this and i come down i can make the same weight as as misha how much does she cut though that she cut way more than you or does she lower her body was sure she lowers the body way i'm going to guess and say she probably cuts from about one hundred and fifty what i could be wrong see then you're only dealing with a few different pounds right like we a year like one hundred and forty six so yeah you're dealing with three dot zero so that's not bad but it's not cutting weight it's not dehydrating i think we need to measure the amount of hydration that's in the body then what you do is
they instilled in the wrestling programs in high schools essentially they wake you but you also have to pee into a cup and you have to be a certain amount hydrated mmhm and then they tell you you can't build go below a certain weight because that would mean you the hydrating yourself that's the that's w like moran on a scale and then like also you have to test the hydration of your your urine mmhm the so you be able i mean that would be really the only way to ensure people are not dehydrating themselves to make a weight otherwise you do have to be the same way that i mean to to ferry to one hundred and thirty five pound title maybe one hundred and thirty five pounds like you know can be roughly it should probably be a diet thing more than a dehydration thing right i just think that also it's just it's such a dangerous sport already and to uh add this extremely dangerous weight cutting aspect to it like the guy in brazil died last year from weight cutting that can happen it's happened in high school wrestling this happen in college wrestling and
rapid in mma a few times now it's not a good thing now it's not the ivy ban from my understanding kind of silly because they say like well you know because it can mask like was a epo or something to mask certain type you have talked in of its key but it can mask certain types of performance enhancing so so for my understanding what i understand is that cyclists used to use it like right before they knew that the person was going to come and test them they would hyper hydrate their blood so that it would look like it was in normal like a normal consistency or whatever it level yeah yeah he was at levels that they would be the height you know high hyper hydrated so there wouldn't be as much when they would draw it but the thing is is in our sport were first of all were monitored for at least probably three hours before a fight were taken a venue in it in it missioner does not leave our side at all there's no way to like cheat there's no you're not going to ivy up for real quick ten minute and like no like there in the bathroom with you you're completely monitored ann
and i feel like maybe if they were going to ban it maybe they could do under like a medical like if you need an ivy afterwards and like you have to go to the hospital and get one administered or something like there could be a way around it because the thing about so listen other sports that they banned it and then they just transferred it over to me it doesn't add up because we do cut weight that that makes sense they will not take that into account the only thing that i would say is that what they're doing by the i v band is keeping their their with their checking plastics the plastic residue that comes from the tubes in your body and that could be from blood doping so blood doping could be one way that you could have an advantage and illegal manage over your opponent and they could eliminate blood doping by eliminating ivs because this the small trace amount of plastics that show up in your blood from use of an iv in the bag in the the the two but all that stuff you can actually use that with blood and gain an endurance advantage of your opponent way i'm i'm
we are saying by by using the ivy and pudding like like injecting like an ep oh is it think through or do you know by blood by putting blood like blood doping you know blood doping you blood out of your body you weigh in and then once you weigh in man they re introduce that blood back in your body of much more blood because your body's replenish the blood that was missing now you all the sudden have a massive in durrance advantage that's what he po rep rep right but epo replicates is what they were getting by just blood doping right that's with blood doping as just pull in blood out of your body storing it in and then you put your own blood back is you never heard of this well i've heard it yeah but i thought it was like that's what he p o is he po is a drug right so that simulates it later your body ticket like you're at a high altar knew about that but i didn't think about like taking your own blood out and putting it back in so can you just have to much blood yes you would have to much blood but
temporarily it gives you a big endurance advantage eventually your body brings your blood back to baseline but that's what epo is doing well is doing is accelerating the amount of red blood cells your body produces what blood doping is doing is reintroducing blood that you pulled out once your body replenish that missing blood now you're throwing even more blood in there it's probably actually safer than epl is he po can cause strokes and ito's is tricky stuff but yeah it's it's also a drug that you know a lot of fighters of got gotten caught for anna well i thought because i did the guy that i thought you po is it's like you can tell when it's like i it's like the color of the blood or something there is a little bit different when it's or when you have epo and your system like they can tell if it's fake well they didn't used to be able to test for it right now they can now they can but i think the these two issues with the ivy the main one is the masking of other performance enhance
drugs but another one is the possibility of using these bags in these tubes to add additional blood your body yeah so but i've also been told that that can be worked around with a glass syringe and with glass container for the the blood or or iv fluid so i don't know if that's true either so weird well this is going to be a lot of moves and countermoves like navid he was saying that they figured out a way to make testosterone out of animals they're taking testosterone from animals it's indistinguishable from the bio testosterone that your actual body produces versus like the stuff they make now which they make in some sort of a laboratory environment with wild yams that's how they that's how they make testosterone with the terms that's one of the reasons why a carbon isotope test can differentiate between exogenous testosterone and testosterone this naturally produced by the body that's crazy is fucking nuts
we went insane i mean you're dealing with this massive massive sport that's just so crazy that and you know i mean i have to tell you it's the edges that you gain i mean the edge that you got think about all the strength and conditioning that you did all the z drills you did it all came down to that moment in the fifth round when you knew you had to take holly down and in that at all which was so touching go like it was like a is countering you were dragging her down it was his struggle any little edge any little edge there is the difference between you walking away the new champ and you losing a decision yeah i mean any little edge there and that's where it comes down to people and that's where people get fucking shady as fuck
exactly right shady as fuck that's gotta be the hardest feeling in the world though to know that the reason why you did win wouldn't that be i really wouldn't be satisfying camp you can or if it is then it's just like why why would you do why would you do a sport like that like i don't know i think sometimes people do it because they think other people are doing it too like i remember fitch i had a conversation with fish once and he was like i would never do anything this is a back when testosterone was legal and he was like i wouldn't do anything until i'm done it goes once i'm done fighting is yeah i would definitely take hormone replacement therapy be when i'm older and all this chance but right now he's out we want to know that i did everything i did by myself but then fetch pissed hot no then he got caught you know but he was fighting paul harris and everybody knows paras might be doing a little something something you know and so i think maybe it was one of those
these results look this is not a level playing field i'm not going out i'm not going to cheat myself well this guy's doing something yeah well that's the problem is like you know i wrestlers cheating then you're either have to or there's gotta be a way to combat it and that's the asterix on the pride days you know when that's the one thing we have to look at you gotta go man amazing times but who knows what the everybody was doing yeah who knows everybody was on one hundred percent yeah it's scary it's is really interesting and it's really interesting that this for it is sold it's so it's so popular now in there so much riding on it that it really sort of highlights all of this these moving and pushing of the boundaries and try to achieve an edge you know how much can you achieve through supplement tatian like natural things quarter steps mushrooms and b12 and natural supplements and how much can you achieve through that and how close does it get to elite
means yeah i don't know and i think when money gets involved it always changes things to politics changelog ok it changes a lot so people are willing to do whatever they can to get that win and get that paycheck i guess some people and every how do you have a plan for how long you want to do this you know i used to i used to think i had a plan that plan went out the window i i turned twenty nine i just turned twenty nine last august and i i still feel pretty damn good like you know it's weird that i feel about you know technically have been doing this for ten years i still feel like i have so much to learn and so much to offer and i feel like i'm learning so quickly manage you know i talk about the law of diminishing returns all that i don't feel like that applies to me for some reason like i still feel like i'm just evolving so quickly and so rapidly especially with my striking because it wasn't something i never focused on before as that sounds
it's weird like i didn't focus on just our folks i started focusing on it more right before i fought rhonda focusing on it but i am i move my camp to las vegas like halfway through that training camp which was it needed to happen but it was bad timing in that i'm just i'm getting like couple new coaches and we don't have the lingo down yet and it's it's like a language you learn between your co
ages and we didn't have that so there's definitely some hick ups but after that you know i won five fights and wanted title you know so i think i definitely made the right move just maybe the timing was bad but i started focusing on it you know six weeks before that camp and then since then i've been working with my coach jimmy gifford you know and he's helped me tremendously and focused more on my strength and conditioning actually making a regiment and doing doing all the things that i guess you're supposed to do as a professional athlete because for for what i was doing just was kind of was a little bit ignorant and you know i work hard but and work harder not smarter kind of a thing now i have people back we have a you know a nutritionist i was for doctor have a strength coach i have a striking coach have a two mma coaches and wrestling coach and lookout at all like and i feel like i finally figured it out finally have a good gym where i'm at and everything too so that's where all comes together right is when your dedication matches your talent matches your focus and your desire and it all comes together and now as
champion do you feel like you have more com and is now being a champion do you feel different like do you feel like fucking did it have along here it's one thing to believe you can and it's another to know you can you know believe thing you can i mean that's important that's crucial you have to believe but it's uh entirely different once you know like now i know not not only do i know but everyone else knows too you know it's a different feeling the whole different animal is a whole different ball game like something's changed inside me that i can explain some things just different an feel like i had a new level you feel very satisfied i am saying this i can tell super confident super satisfied super confident but still hungry i still feel like i have a lot to accomplish you know i have i think i have a really tough match and amanda action
definitely do site manta nunez is no joke now she's internal joke i remember did you watch her fight with julia buttons track from machine doctor out with that yeah one punch and generally but was a bigger stronger girl and a striker shinnok drumming she's got one punch knockout power she showed up against a man you know she she should be she be down ceramic man she meet her down she hit her so hard that just made her wanna quit and then she climbed on her back and choked her out like man she's good she's well well rounded which is very dangerous you know i think that she might have an issue with cardio if i was going to pick out pick it something that might be something you maybe not as efficient in the cage but she's been working to change that no she knows this is a five round fight i can't i can't rely on someone getting tired that's never god came planned like ok i'm just going to try to stay at home wait till she gets tired like when she seems to explode in fights and then drain the gas which is very close to stop people and if it doesn't workout that way she was a little bit of an issue
i think like nine of our wins or something or first round finishes which is a monster yeah very very strong striker did very physically strong plan she's kinda like a brown or black belt in jiu jitsu in a brown or black belt in judo very well rounded there's not that many girls in our division that are that well rounded uh so she doesn't have a lot of holding game besides besides a seeming to hit a wall sometimes and if i and i think with her is one of the things that i said about holly in the ronda fight is like you look at how accomplished holly is outside of the ufc and you wait until the moment which you could put it all together inside the octagon and she might put it all together inside the octagon when the moment is the biggest when she has to rise to the occasion that might when you push her back against wall it might be when you see her at her best and it turned out to be exactly that and someone like amanda she's going to realize like this is the time this is the uh opportunity to put it all together can't half ass a thing in training thing with new
asian thing with your mind she has to show up a hundred percent focus and so for someone like you you have to look at her like her potential and yes all of all the best of her mmhm the girl it beats eric van that's the one that i'm training you know and even better than that grow because it to seem she's involved right that's the best i think i've seen her look so have to sue mike is going to be better than that even do you have goals as far as like what you want to do with the title how long do i want to hold it do you have any thoughts in mind of like must be opponents like is getting rhonda back in the octagon yeah that's important i need that like that has to happen that's very important to me
and i have am and ahead of me i do not want to look past year because i think that would be a huge mistake it's not one that i want to make is a veteran in my career that would be a rookie move but you know in the back of my mind of course like the fight with rhonda something i want to happen and you don't know when it will happen it could be anticipated for november i've heard that be tossed around in the oc that she's planning on coming back and maybe it might be madison square garden that would be great the focus on that want to focus on amanda put in the back of my mind and i want i want that fight like i want that to happen i think it's so important and to me in my career to go and beat rhonda and prove everyone else like i've been an underdog and most of my fights i've been the person that people have always counted out in my entire career my entire life most people are telling me you can't you couldn't you shouldn't you wouldn't and i'm you know i'm fine with that i'm perfectly fine with that i am at the best
in my career and round is at the worst you know she's going through what i've already been through you know time and time again and i have built myself back up from that point time and time again i know that i can do that i'm confident in that here i am standing the strongest that i've ever stood and i've already been through that i've already been had kicked in knocked out that happen to me before like i pick myself up but pull myself up on my boot straps but one foot back in front of the other an worked got my strikeforce world title such rhonda pick myself back up but one one over the other got back on the horse fought fought fought fought rod again see was devastated crush that my world was just falling down around me coming to an end come pick up put one foot in front of other get back on the horse and now here i am the world champion you know i know that i'm tough i know oh that i have what it takes to beat ronda many people don't believe that that's ok i've been in this position before most people don't think i was going to be holy you must be
be rhonda doesn't to me what other people think it matters what i believe and what i know and the question mark is how is rhonda going to come back from this i know what i've been hearing from rhonda in the media and the press i'm sheila quite lately but before that it wasn't what i would have expected hear from someone who really wants to come back and who's really really a fighter at the core she's a great athlete she's a great fighter she's accomplished a lot of things credit were credits you you know i give her a round of applause for everything she's been able to accomplish i'll tell you what every time i've ever lost in my career i went bananas to get back in there ballistic i was like i have to like right now just like holy like they're like when do you want to fight again just like tomorrow i can't see mischa now that's what you want to hear when someone has a devastating loss they want to get back in there right now and face person right now or or someone else just get that loss of the record erase it when i lost
cat zingano i freaked out i freaked out call sean shelby knows like get me another fight right now your nose is even hill i don't give a fuck i want to i want to wait i want it now i want to know when it's coming up like right now or i'm going to freak out i don't know what to tell you i'm going to lose my shit if i don't have like a fight on the horizon lose it and then i hear rhonda like i'm going to make a year offen i'm going to you know i'm gonna do this i'm like that just doesn't sound like someone who really wants this anymore and i think that fight might have broker there could be wrong but i think something inside of her is different than it was before maybe she's not broken but it's different 'cause how much do you think a fact or is how much of a factor do you think successes and the in terms of doing movies she's shoes the darling of all these late night television shows and everybody wanted to hang out where there's doing these commercials with seth
logan on television like how much of a factor is that well she asked security now she is job security outside the oc sushi doesn't really need that anymore and i think maybe that's also something on her mind is like does she really want this because winning is awesome it's great it's easy it's like when you win everybody loves you every he supports you everybody is there everybody's on your train when you lose fucking sucks it sucks and only the people that really love you are still really really there for you everyone else is just like now whatever lose and then you have the social media you know white nights that come out and want to tell you what a piece of shit you are and how never going to accomplish anything and you'll never want another fight you might as well just quit and retire blah blah so those people and you have to make a choice you know and in my choice is always been to do to keep fighting i just don't i don't recognize there's a lot of things
recognize in rhonda that i can i can recognize her greatness i can recognize you know her championship i can recognize things i don't identify with that i don't identify with sitting on that loss for a year i cannot understand it if it was me it eating me alive in inside and out i couldn't have done it i couldn't be making a movie i couldn't be doing that it would it would just but then she alt which is a choice i think if you have movie contracts i think you have to fulfill them do you i don't know does connor have to show up for different but showing up a press conference is one thing yeah but i don't think i think she could she could have fought because they said they had anticipated for her to come back at ufc two hundred they wanted that and dana said she could of but should she she could have but should she i think that could've and should she was because she had to do a movie for three months so like doing the movie for three months would have taken three months outside of our camp and you've done a movie before
you know what it's like you're on the set all day at sixteen hour days it's long grilling you have time to train yeah but after a loss like that i think you really have to have enough time to actually folk and then on top of that to getting getting flatlined like that like you have to have some time to recover recover your head absolutely i just don't know if a year that would i'm i'm just saying it would crush me i wouldn't be able to do what she's doing right now right i wouldn't physically be able to like to deal with that for your and if i had to think it would eat me alive like i think i'd be so depressed and so i'm pretty sure it's eating her alive too yeah but how do you sit on it for a year then how do you do that do what you gotta do can't i could well you know it's all speculation we only we don't know until she comes back and then but the other thing too is like you know she's like you know she had her you know her downs or her really really low which i empathize with i've been there uh you know but then she said you know
i was thinking about you know is all these negative thoughts in and then i looked up on l she said his own show i looked up and i saw travis brown and i realize you know i've got to stick around to have his babies i thought like what what if went through my mind is like i gotta get back and get my title back i gotta get back in like when fight like it it just seemed like her mindset was different than what i would expect a fighters mindset to be does that make sense at all like but i'm what i'm saying is like didn't seem like her motivation was to to fight and win again it was there was other thing now i'm not saying she's not going to come back and be great or come back and fight not quest and then i'm questioning where her true motivation is coming from because i think while she who is winning it was so awesome like she's like well yeah i want to keep doing this course i want to keep it keep crushing girls and imagining him i'm the star all these great things are coming now she already has that she's already making movie she already has millions of millions of dollars is her true
motivation was it just you know keeping that undefeated streak because she talked about that so much you know i will retire undefeated she even said like i don't questioning what am i doing now like you know now i not going to ever retire undefeated so what is my you know maybe i meant this may be a she doesn't really know that was her identity was like to be undefeated in this sport so if that's not the goal anymore i just don't know like i feel like i sent something off i sent something is not right in her mind set and i think she's going to come back and i think she's going to fight and things will fight hard but i just don't know if she still has it after a brutal loss like that you know is she still hungry enough those are fighting yeah is she hungry not listening question what you're doing right now is you're throwing up the bat signal right yeah well
that's how i feel i am gonna down may i get a lot of because people like all you know you this note i don't i don't apologize for anything that i say unless they really said something that was that i didn't to say that was hurtful to someone i'm like i fucked up but honestly if it my opinion is my opinion if you don't like it i'm not apologize for my opinion not apologize for the thing that i you know they had to say about the way i feel i ran to the way i feel belt any any of these situations you know so i'm just going to be as transparent well i don't think you say anything disrespectful either i don't think anything you should i think as a champ and that's what you are you you're analyzing someone's mind set in you're totally entitled to that yeah and i have a lot of respect for rhonda he's an athlete you know a lot guys thing you every friends after all said and done never i don't think so now i i think she thinks that i've done so many things and like she i don't think she would ever i think she blames me things that i didn't even do so then
how do you even get around that you know like i heard when you guys did your interview she said something like that i call called a promotion and like try to get crispy oh like mess with him before like his fight or something that that i guess he i guess he contract it to another promotion and he wasn't supposed to be while he was on the ultimate fighter and i guess the dana received a call and then they thought that why she thought that i like did that i'm like first of first of all like i didn't even know he signed to another organization at all and if you look if you it didn't even wouldn't even cross my mind like i'm too like i said i'm too easy going to even think of something like that and i'm not malicious by any me i have nothing against chris beal but i think she thought that i tried to like mess with him like i called the promoter of whatever organization little small contract even know how i would have known that how would you even know that how do you know but this
the same girl that ripped page for for congratulating hollywood she has her way of thinking and she's going to hate until the day she dies and i'm okay with that that's fine we don't need my friends that's ok you know i'm perfectly fine with that all right yeah well liz and congratulations and everything what you do not holly holm fight was fucking amazing it's awesome thank you and i think you're a great representative women's martial arts for martial arts period but as a champion i think you are a great representative to your personality the way you carry yourself is very admirable and i think you're a great role model for people that are coming up and looking at what a champion behaves like
i appreciate it joe very kind words thanks for being on the podcast too thanks for hanging out thanks for finally having an anytime but my fans finally bother you enough to get me on here people bother me costs nothing to do i only have so much time thank you very much michelle for sure alright folks will be back friday with ian edwards see you then i went with give it up again notice that lazy element that's my new shit give it up i'll probably get bored with that and i'll go back to without further ado uh thank you dora sponsors thanks to blue apron healthy meals easy to cook do it yourself they send you the stuff less than ten alexa meal and they can be prepared in forty minutes or less go to blueapron dot com slash rogan and you could try your first two meals for free that's blueapron dot com forward slash can yummy delicious locally sourced can't recommend them enough i really enjoyed the service thank you also to stamps dot com go to stamps
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overwhelmingly my interactions with people online because this podcast have been positive i appreciate that very very much thank you so much thanks for sport thanks for enjoying it and we're not going anywhere and keep entertainer hopefully alright you fox see you soon much love by by big kiss
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