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#795 - Ian Edwards

2016-05-06 | 🔗
Ian Edwards is a stand up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "Soccer Comic Rant" on iTunes/Stitcher.
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use a code word rogue at our rights ladies and gentlemen my guest today is what my favorite people in comedy a great guy we ve been friends furred we're trying to figure it out today things like twenty five years hilarious can and if there is any other somebody comedians i know that are doing really well but if there is one comedian that i had to point to where people dont know how good he is and he so much better than his level of fame it would be in edwards edwards is a fuckin brilliant comedian he's been brilliant and hilarious for a long time he's a real solid pro and i do my best to let people know about that and hopefully this year the year breaks out like you didn't do a special and people can get a chance to see but he
i was working for so long as a writer on sitcoms and other sir projects along those lines that i d really towards much but he's doing now he's got em awesome so give it up for even edwards will gain experience ass a man ass we sheriff about what size accoutrements cares round would you like a man bag categories are you pull that note tuesdays big ozone autonomous eons phone cover here it's it's very purse like it's like a change purse cause uncertainty that's so it is a poor well you can send away like a while it like a while it four year while it's a good enough money like those words your loud using google walk
all day with a backpack and no one says they might well let's just keep it to act but you're not no problem with that but if you have some sort of a satchel here various aspects very says but open yourself up for herman the tax havens and it's like this dial of satchels important too because if you got like a satchel that's like in any way stylish then you can just be wherein like converse all stars in a t shirt you have to wear like hipster close endemic rolled cuffs right and you have a nice tie up leather shoe you know if you have to go to heaven mcguinness cabin begins you know get it you gotta figure out what were you gonna wherewith it yeah yeah yeah looked upon yeah so that's why i still take a lot of heat for the fanny pack i think it's funny whether thing all the time but you i feel
uncomfortable when our words on time but quite honestly i wear it have realised people looking they notice it and then mockingly had the ball is aware plant protein right now i worked on state we wear don't stay i wore on stage a bunch why would he united poletti thing out of here because i don't want to be my while in the green room shady people working on the comedy robert and steal my way it s now that's our like much i'm into like looking like a man you know say like like can do it now you just call this a purse you may never see the cigar again as i call it my throat a phone away with it and get a new phone you have to have a cover i found that i try it natural with my my last man and man i dropped it a few times and it was toast shattered jamie your natural you drop out now pretty carefully by your drivers but you know that
i don't think i'll drop this one now that i have a case that's what's first around it and yet it happens you don't have occasion but an hour drive back it was you go i've been role you're not like no case to draw no condom on phone i can see exactly what this is so good that way i think i've been that way you have the natural phoning not none it we also feel secure risk takers fuck you ve got an accomplice mighty found your page right doesn't feel kindly dust in modern times there is a risk that the sixty it is a risk of a case on your fucking phone rebel well we're evaluate the address is the soft his time to be alive it's so easy to be alive you know what
not eradicate all the dangerous parts that are left i desire that the dangerous parts are left my particular they get america there so highlighted now it's one of the reasons why i think i'd chicago baltimore in detroit find out like the murders statistics rolling these cities want things at freaks this out is that for the most part moses country this is an easy gone and soft as its ever been ever so when you see some crazy violence again a youtube video or world star hypocrisy conflict that live leak hawaii lively shit the other day i stopped elinor style dramatizing and they ll get you but you realize that there are still spots words dangerous fought but for the most far its soft right now so soft right now we risk takers who have no five
it s the new tattoo yet i have no phone cover everybody's tattooed now tat s where the mink obviously i am but i just it's odd for me to see how many more people have to tuesday the hollowness a awhile why one of my shoulder forever i got one when i think i was like twenty three or four or something that was rebellious back then yeah i'm gone crazy southern i drew to and my friend tommy my friend tommy junior had gone to this guy already danny williams in connecticut he's really good artists men's guys are really good hours big by
girl could do but i trust that we detaching back their wicked artist you now he was like it site back them tattoos as an art form was way more obscure like now think people know a cat von de recognises like celebrity tat to artistic ed hardy came out with the line of clothing at heartiest world famous tattoo guy like way way back in the day i kiss like his own style of tattoos at people associate with ed hardy but it was only a few other ones and now it's like they always magazine and tv shows the gotta get me aaron della davos fuckin awesome down san diego it grew tattoo and is in our he's like my is a good friendlier really love us die when insight these are cool gotta talk to which is i think important if you want some undrawn you for the rest
i happen to have fun you know i mean they have the like the hair dresser barbershop style yak conversations when you're going to get the tat yeah you do you get to learn about a guy you get to have like these deep conversations like erin i we talk for like forty five hours on my right arm and like the second biggest asset ideology on my left arm so out of this talk sometimes you don't really talked could sometimes you he's is deep and doing just like watch you you'll go watch i was watching the tour watch like most of breaking bad risen once isn t this one get at it like the perfect show to watch you begin to tell us is tat s good mood music did i say combating the taboo it's almost like the pain of the tattoo essentially
to show their shows so chaotic and fucked up here it's almost like better while someone's drill among the tattoo needle there he said elbow and needle there i felt that you feel it that's it that's all spot the inside the elbow regret here that's really rough spot it what's interesting is that the closer gets to your chest it's a really rough spot like you like wool different spots of different level of pain these areas from its very strange like you older nothing they draw me all day on my shoulder i fall asleep like i'm not kidding weird like the shoulder just doesn't seem to hurt but you get down to like some air the the arm yeah take a different view and it is against the nerves are closer beginning with its got more
mean i is like protected more from the there s money though not as i do is i you find out shit about your body in a while you gettin tattooed as i stand i sometimes you having sex with a girl you in always like wasted i never felt that before liking and i didn't know but he's ever touch that potter explore their part is like you finally went why we dig in the end where does not take what am i not every lover changes you try to find out of court when a girl says like that of the good percentage meals yeah right she's not that every hour every day alive a girl said the delay that always will
because it sounds like something girls things guys want to hear a pot of vacant yeah what's a part again guided like you like getting a girl like you guys would do all kinds of ridiculous artificial shit prick and be a certain way behind pretend to behave a certain way but when it gets down to it you know big you get to know them but takes takes a long time to ship away from that stuff so when someone says something like cliche ridiculous her along those lines gotta think without this person just run in their game again run their fall in love with me their fall in love with you got it you have a challenge those women says to the soda day respecting you keep it on that level or dont date failures that's hard aside
what are you doing chicken tweets while the retreated thing but i'm not getting any reception reception is one disowning do they retreated but not per se and allow me to do yeah you're in your rebel because you have android phone to enable both gang other son farc is that the young the no way to drawn screen here does the shit love love it that's you now we had one they had one of those switch tobacco yeah now the galaxy i have an iphone have two different price goes about but to miss that note that i just think that the ability to draw on cells like tat is going to come into play someday i want to make some funny shit with this like you have your friends and but it seems like those a meme generators we just go and get like a little thing and put the text into it seems like that's easier is needed
sunday is of pain and ass sometimes to move it to where you want to move it right there is one of the reasons i like having this is like like those like last year i wasn't i didn't i was living in a friends are sold the placement of one last as living at a friends house i have no printer no complete no no no said we could like if you get a contract for ashore just were anything but so tat he could printed up itself with this you look at the thing on the phone you can sign it won't like red the contract and in sign it and is sending in the email back without britain anything out rainy days that's it that's a big things have you in that case but how we're does there were still signing things how much longer than i mean i think about it a unique move met with your hand really like we all know i used to replicate all the guys kiss signatures every
those who do that right asher michael jordan zadig off shore will probably a bunch people have member delia railway link with the guiding michael jordan like basketball signed by michael jordan is worth much more than a regular bass well in a fake basket go nuts i might is worth is still a lot of money well how about yeah it doesn't have to hear we'll basque about be a child's toy michael jordan signs it's worth a lot of money so it it only makes sense said a unique hand movement that could be easily replicated its i like what he could do in the bathroom court he could do it in writing hilarity can only be fought right can't nobody gets aware locks labs gone from centre core like we did you know you can't do it i can't do it for them over the rights just like has not exactly right it doesnt have
i'm crazy writing move that nobody can replicate it's just rights his name so i have to do is look at that thing and then recreate it i was watching this documentary on art forgery fascinating shores fascinating shared which one i could remember because i caught it on television and i caught it when it was already started you know just slip into the channels like what is this and i don't remember but what i do remember was that there was an article that i had read as well about this one guy who was a forgery guy but in a weird way what he would do as he would make a fake verge a new piece of art but from that artists style and this guy apparently was making fuckin millions of dollars in europe with this people go crazy
after the war during wars wish i remembered that do you know it is a pretty sure this is it it's on a pretty shirts on netflix there was just ass the girl trotzky the order forgeries what it yes ok there were greatly historic really cooperative you can price when yeah oh no it's incredible he would start de the art of each sky now or what whoever he was trying to replicate and then he would it creates a new fake peace that they did that was so good that experts couldn't understand it exports word they were like this isn't visit bokassa like i know because i seem bokassa study because of his picasso that's a good one and i think what fucked him was he got cocky any use used a color of paint that wasn't available back then
and it was almost like summit speculated that he did it like you want to see if he can get caught gets almost like he wanted to take credit for his work like any area killings yes exactly you know that was that there was how it happened right to get caught with i'm pretty sure acts that was really confused as i was watching it because he and his wife both got there were both arrested and both were serving prison sentences but they were allowed out there in the data go work to dream they had be separated for some and some part but yeah i think he was working now selling out of his own because it is so good people knew how good as forgeries were somewhere one of those forgeries because there are so good so now yet at amazon and became with somebody forges issued a mile he doesn't have a style he's like a hack quantity our committee has unanimously but obviously super tell did what a bitter sweet thing because you gotta think the guy that can be that talented that can replicate that that is are right right
he's doing new pieces new pieces in their style which in a way is kind of more honorable of form of forgery and if you gonna go down the fucker food chain like to recreate a piece of art is probably more honorable her over to create your own version of this person's arts parvum more honorable then like if you had a painting and i made an exact duplicate of wait when you first started a story i was like fuck rich people for being so much into they deserve to get screwed by this dude then when you said he's a hack than are related to it on a comedy level as a fuck this guy i feel the pain of following hacksaw ribbon the arrows ain't gettin accolades in only says don't know that their hats oh that's the story i can relate to iran on different levels is that
terrible feeling when you walk in a room and so was killing with some like really bull shit mattel like you know for sure this is just right chop chop material it makes me more angry at the audience damn the person glove already been angry as already seen him before northern before rightly as i i have to try to do my shit in front of this audience that doesn't know that this is fake this is a fake yeah yeah i want somebody steel on a friday so those bits and leave the room honest laugh and leave the room was a girl i can see this year you know specially garlic freddy dead who is awesome in one of the best guys ever to such a sweetie change on a girl like that of and not let it yeah you getting just get away from it you know we were talking
not that last night tony clifton i guess he was talking about people that get to a certain point in their career than they one fucking things up tony's like super ambition so tony's he's essentially making sure that now the stuff ever happens to him so is like seeing things that people fucked up and then you know dealing with people that hate honour because his ambitious because you know he's always get after it gives always riding always do a new stuff and some people they just get upset with them like they think they they feel they keep his ambition is threatening to their examination of secondly you know and this we were having a conversation about it last night knows i dont dwelling too you know it's easier said than done but you see i was people other fuck it up don't pay attention
does this plenty of people around my bird like you like joey like ari this is putting people that are out there that are just kill and potentially them this is the best time ever for the shit you know i my new thing is it not have done it in spirits like just focus on the ship but i want not the stuff that can stop me from gettin what i want is a fine i give you focus on the stuff that you want a way you want to get too and you have tunnel vision then you'll be fine and you'll get there like instead of creating all this wasting time taken a timely from creativity think about what people are thinking about you or less and just focus on i am anita make this joke work this joke workaday to do this we need to do that everything i guess you'd a step further with his passing is patterns of thought that are really easy to fall into air they just seem natural and one of them is one there is something that in your way in nature
to figure out why it's in your way you start concentrating on some of the aspects over that are out of control like you know how come they don't like what i do but they like which she d how come you know this has happened on how the fuck this guy get that instead of try to figure out how to get so tuned in you done then you dont concentrate on what they eat just concentrate guy come out items actually my foot i stopped drinking is butter coffee fox out pod guests does right i'm a little to em too much but it's hard to say i mean it's it's easy to say it's hard to do it's hard to actually get your mind into a place where you concentrating only what you trying to do pressure on them in the beginning of your career by trying to get out there and given booked nobody wants a book you some do is bitching about thou comest or the other night he was talking about
how are you know nobody's helping them out and all you know all these other people are doing well in but you know it's this seems like it's bullshit and system is like stacked against him like jesus christ youtube you dead but it's so foolish because nobody knows who you are very well known who you are does not is applauding against you don't know yet in this idea that this it some big grand conspiracy just because of fear and ego baldos geller but please patterns and these patterns of people go down to down through they're just they seem real normal it seems normal to concentrate on stupid shit it's almost like a distraction from concentrating on the really important shit that it's it's so comforting trained not clement throw them focus just do it but it's so comforting to go down those
but patterns right that's what happens to people s how people get obsessed about things they get obsessive they start freaking out it's like their patent reason your own distraction vandalism and nobody can work hard to stop you then you want to work hard enough to make it so just does work hard you but you good norway nobody's like taken that much time on a day life to stop you like that yeah mom most of it is in your head their noses and most of it especially comics get everybody but i have had a good has occurred i have been in my head we all have everybody has eaten you know frankest you and i were talking about this last night the chemist or bar we're talking about the difference between when you learning how do stand up and you kind of like wonder if this is gonna work gathers idea like god is this can work can get this to work how do i get this too work which is still gonna do as you like but a better
more experienced butner as you get older it's how do i convey why i think this is right now before headline no jokes yeah but now have like concepts on premises that that aunt funny as i heard i make this funny yeah what do i think it's funny about how do we just start on this we are taught to talk about something i was gonna diverge but i forgot what and where do we go from we went frown we're gonna show thomson earth anguish paradise that's why i'm so distract this comes logistics way those were you though you little tom signora our power is killing me he's been on the road sell out the ears is killing it all over the place and one anxiety ass do unfortunately his even sometimes yesterday morning shows so if he's trying to sell
tickets and let everybody knows he's in town he does more radio and he'll do these morning tv shows and we talk about like levels of lameness frolic entertainment morning shows are the most it's like it's like people who think milk is spicy it is like how can you drink a whole milk actual water my milk down imported sugar in it it's like the law ass remnants of grandma tv it is fair the weirdest shows did i didn't are any resemblance to anybody that i noted that age when i see them talk in these young people young handsome good looking p bull and you go how the fuck are they whose talks like the planet where it where is it taking place you guys are at a time capsule to nineteen fifties it never really existed it's its media depiction of the
norman rockwell days is a slight they colorized some old black and white news footage yeah their brutal the brutal do point being morning radio shows usually pretty fun most guys just try and have a good time so tom goes on these morning tv shows and now he s character and his characters are wrapper and he there's he's gotta chinchilla scar far jive fat gold rope where it is some glasses with cincinnati here on a place character now and he just says a bunch of crazy shit it's too so much more fun there
actually like trying to have a castle top we'll just start comedy and when did you know that you are gonna be a funny man instead of that he only does this rigour now through the big enough and want to make that last year you know i came out as polly and by and now i am proud to say that a binary why it is that there are more than good oh yeah like so most people fall within the male or female binary i'm not by their don't fall in either one you know so like a match we like fluid binary seeing that depending on the moment i cannot go between different gender interests like today astral gender right
this is my gender outer space has imposed after going through a totally loss listen we're waiting targeting giggle do eddie it's a pretty big data come out as now binary persuading cannot really i don't get big announcement it's a big nowadays we are that ownership happy to share with everybody she actually this is the way you refer areas are the real life be chick is at least trying to get to be a comedy then tonight so what can people expect joe you know we're going to do our thing it's it's a whole new our its is different and mostly stories or completely normal of the last two and a half weeks special so it's a whole new hour and then you know we go on from from the stage like i said to spend in records at a local place after an active show
doing some recruiting here in the area to right yeah i mean i might have time to swing by tallahassee maybe you frighten me some players how to find somebody else besides you are valued guy borg electrical rapid indifferent careers is come i again time onstage all weekend at the canneries shut up throat villa shoulda road silver shatters throve zella didn't throw dillinger terms a girl is obsessed with black twitter and so is jamie so jamie getting clear about the noble but throat zella is apparently a prostitute his fame for a moral skills national was in raw and some sort of a paid sexual experience with a football player who turned out to be
cheapskate do pay up so she blew him up and then everybody got to know who throw dealers so as a fuckin hilarious instagram page we don't need did she see what for papa is like let what people do leave the man alone i'd like to get in his ass eaten sandra cecil larry eschews led she's actually been a guest on your mom's eubulus new moms else i've been undervalued and realism
i will listen when you listen to the one you are on your in it you are involved heavy list by some one meter alice do a couple their clips though on line the fuckin shit it's hilarious there so funny to get even someone up there you tube channels they got other new podcast sacred been doing some clubs up there to the current thomas kalen along the road to his killing it it's so nice so nice to see you guys that talented just get recognized you now i don't know i'm happy for you because a funny fucking do man here wagging just watch a nice having fine like there you can make anything funny man you're gonna get up in the morning the judicial issues tyrant aegis i'm going to figure out a way to do this shit yeah their brutal those those the most brutal what's a broader because you know that you're gonna have to figure out a way to be awake right eight o clock for the show i can't be sleepy
oh you know your eye towards our sleep for europe for this thing most time most comics i'm gonna bet like one or to get up at six do this radio thing bleary eyed and most thomas sock and you got a kind of be forty two sometimes cause you you like with a bunch of forty people so as i this is a great way to not be phony and make fun of this phony situation yea but tom's ease figured i never just go and do them yes to are gonna blue shirt foolish it yeah they supposed elite the girl was like i don't get it issued nervously said it but she said it and ensure there is another thing she reacted to the correct way but still with a nice mornin tv personality person way but at least more honest to gaza
well that's good dunno rolling with the thing that he doesn't even understand what he's doing is what they do that way of talking that you know that does a bunch of different fake ways of talk in people's slide run into like strip club dj that's one right if tom forty dj that's ones are covered up all right you know there's a there's a way of talking then it is exactly the same and they are they all replicated those or to look real big ones newspaper voice lose my voice i knows tat it is a way of talking what makes people and there's like subtle variations that evenly today's prose use there is this style of communication that lets you know they mean business these areas here is very very very serious yet and so these morning guys they have like ryan sucrose posters up all over the house the god
the god of that style ryan secrets nailed it he nailed it life all he did what the name is talent and how he doesn't talk smooth look great keeps his hair quaffed leg literally guys made hundreds of millions of dollars by talk and smooth and look great debt just being that guy all right way to go janet mariah likes everything next year next who collars so you have to do some never get negative but our role you're back when you got me screaming and what is this who wants to dress like ryan see crest alot of people new york magazine would you show me your boys zero cloven popular clothing line of course it does quote did you hear about him with a genuine oxygenate oconnor no so
they told me away up i saw i like a photo of him like on a news feed but she's accusing him of giving prince perquisite why prince dying over overdose sinnate o connor is accusing arsenius hall of doing why would she do that is true wait a minute i first of all just because you gave someone a fuckin purkis italy a lot of people take purkis sets and there's nothing wrong with them third you're gonna be ok but she called the feds and said i called the feds and you better get your house in order because it coming for you my she's basically blame him for princes death that so crazy first of all he had an addiction to pain pills hall has denied the heinous accusations and lawsuit
despicable fabricated lies that's awful it's awful in a whole bunch of ways it's awful the prince was addicted to pails granting expect their i guess he was addicted to pills gives hips apparently hips just fucked up from all those years spent around thrown kicks in i do have through me now and who do though shows man he was super act is always just drop and down and let's like that's probably not the best way to treat your body like a lot of that stuff a super impressive kissable really milosevic now he had spent around with his guitar and dropped down do the splits side w w e moves in a country that i got in yes i those restless and say that your hook to when armed japan had that whole bit about prince being really good basketball player with charlie murphy it makes sense
of course he is fast he is like how like well he moves when he dances unstated i guess that shit just played wreak havoc on his legs emma was electric man like us like after he died as watch in some concept footage as ike if it makes you feel like you're there puts on his shoulder he was one of the great my all time great mean when it comes to the music i mean we're talking about this on a reason pike ass about i want to be your lover when that song came out i was like who is this guy adjust it just had this completely new sort of feel to where you were hope in i hope that this dispute like our member there's a bunch of artists that when they came alec turns trent darby was one alone he was one of the more he came out and his sons were so cool i was like i hope this guy figure this out i hope this guy keeps going because some of these guys del they'll come
with some really cool songs and a really cool thing and then it goes away which is crazy when we talk about guns and roses last night because they wanted to say this gonna be around for a long time for sure there the next new rolling stones or whatever illnesses they just now every day this what is more of a shock that they didn't last and that then if they did right yeah intention darby like that he was he's one of those shore things backdated like some people you heard you like there are one hit wonder and i know this person is gonna be tat it scenario car to she's one of that through so flock and in is so vulcan toned there you go out where's your body of work why isn't she have a hundred items on one of the seven million hits she's so when she on you know the early shit when she first came out you like what
oh she's she's a storm again electric storm jesus christ she was good maybe like sensitive or some happened to our problems you turn off from the business or some would you mind when she or of their picture the pope right that was a big problem i think she wasn't ready for that negativity they came with that that opinion that was twenty years ahead of time i know man she was right isn't that crazy she was ready she did that shit today people supporter and cheer for her she's a very brave person that regard did it really back she's a hack hoping we did you did too soon to original too soon there was this kid a long time ago that had an mtv music video and people are saying that this kid is the future of rock and roll is like nineteen years old when the
they had a sancho beat so lonely fine fine who fuckin things that but this dude buzz i cup ask guitarists news like nineteen years old and it was one of those things are there are hype and mafia charlie sexton so if we play this little progress kicked off you to write play for the audio for people who this anyway this guy was really young and it was a good looking johnny like us like a giant dapple does a lot of speed it was like this a good looking young talented guitarist and what is it what years it's a down there jeremy if you scroll down on two hundred and eighty five ok so this is my senior year in high school and this guy came out and there was crazy black and white music video this is the days of empty there you know so he's i condemn this black and white stream and in between him walk over this coup looking earrings and his fuckin fonzie leather jacket on you see the
producers sliding up the dialogue and the mixing board in all these neon signs and you know so dilation produced in so obviously contrived both as a fifth what are they seventeen i asked yes a seventeen year old kid watch now i'm ever think it was this guy is and a much older than me and he like smoking cigarettes hang out occurs with is not playing the song just that like his singing east china interesting to but it's so much effort into this that was one of the things it was like will therefore sure going to force feed as this guy like present rock stars make videos like this
yeah sure version that honest this is a pretty return we will get mad at me i know you i battalion i really like this especially when it came out when i was seventeen i thought this fucking i was gonna be giant he had all the right pieces he didn't have tattoos back things do didn't have tattoos but if it if it was today tattoos always hands and shit is shit on written on his neck he's got all the right bracelets his raspberries lists is their legs perfect others i want to listen to the show and call in some whereas in maybe i'm wrong maybe like a giant country start this country stars that you don't know about that fuckin hundreds of millions of sales for i just saw the when you show the image may arise i am slowly
that's it i'm getting married you get high this road we have box in saying that diversity we anybody tells you can get hot box is a fucking liar by the way i can tell you that right now somebody tell me they did it hard bugsy is it real like what are you talking about it's a hundred percent real your breathing in whereas we dislike smoking weed yeah i mean it's not as effective as has taken a hit but it's pretty close maybe stana long enough and is the room is like this is a lotta we going around in the room is small is intense and is in the air that's all you gonna breathing are you breathe and as it might be more and taken a few hits if we out in the street with some friends did i ever tell you about when i was a judge for the cannabis club canada's cup canvas cup yeah i judged cannabis cup one year and they would hand you you know like all people at all
kip injuries a caravan allowed pills they'll have liked monday tuesday wednesday there's if i had a little seven tray things this what they gave you and it was filled with weed and their hannah pipes and lighters and edibles and it was so ridiculous the idea that anybody judged was so ridiculous because it was me and a bunch of people were judges like people from the local cannabis community and i think there are some wrappers in there is welcome but by the time you're on part number two knows what's happening is actually who how do you know if three fact than ours affecting you oh five war and one it down oh you don't have any idea to do that each one from day one and you can the next day due to everyone and that still might not be enough time
things are a hundred percent right and they also have to deal with the fact that if you did it on monday tuesday what have you did it everyday like tat your body would get accustomed to getting high so probably get less high as only goes on for some people say that it did you get a custom different strengths jointly as though the ideas listen thought i smoke every day i dont want these motherfuckers getting used to meet it thanks you get used to certain kinds of we live on a fact that affect you anymore so our new shit it's mine
might be onto something is right then he's right here i think is right to in some sort of away for sure was like settees verses indicates is definitely a different feeling right so what with some strange here you can get a story just you can try it to smoke one for a week and then scare different one you like holy shit yeah we get cheaper weeds smoke another the top shelf stuff was what's fuck him now ass a tv or in the diversity of anti yeah this is what is called the label these are all from l a speed we'd allay speed leads the way to go a german fear in los angeles los angeles is the most ridiculous thing in the world is there trying to stop that and there they trying to stop it in some weird that some sort of a zoning way like one but there
say at cadiz delivering it where he selling it becomes a place of business so it has to be zoned in a certain way this is the argument which is ridiculous because how fast food restaurants deliver like how it down those deliver cause it down with these places are zone for being restaurants i have something to show that the eu has the pizza your house does not be zone for being a restaurant friend sharply house the pizza but if someone show be how selling we'd be in you live next to a school it becomes problematic it's interesting isn't it listing argument is going to go away because it's silly but it's gonna cost a lot of people some money and probably gino from our speed we're gonna customs is a citizen is accepting the city makes up to try to make some money yeah probably well might be someone who's anti we'd who is at the at the topic and i have some friends that are not possible pursued dont like pot don't believe in part and there you know older than me and
they del still hang on to some of these silly ideas about power they'll go you're different in others me i'm different from the goody talking about that and i'm like ninety percent potheads will agree like that's the one annoying section of that group yes that mention that want to belong to a group of course as with black people or gay people s and have a gaping like other gay people i can't stand yeah does it might give gay people that's funny i when you belong to a group there's always he's an annoying section of that group yes that makes you don't want to belong to a group of course as with black people or gay people s and have a gaping like other gay people i can't stand yeah does it might give gay people a bad looking at this same thing we'd yeah and in that somebody who's against that thing completely beat you like i've been i when i was a teenager why people that you you're different another black i wish
insult for sure that's like in the social justice warrior hand look let's talk tobacco exactly whose use is almost as bad as say nigger but you tell me i'd rather you commented at that point is now utility that black enough rose right and am furthermore you don't know any other black people working a burger king on the first when you met so yawning listen i don't even know about black people's what you see on a news so then you meet me and you don't feel threatened them i do not like other black eyes but only because you know you live in all like neighbor who are working to all white neighbourhood burger king that's hilarious true that's why one of the reasons why new york city such a good place to live because everybody integrates vi is new york city everybody's in the subway everybody's walk on a street in everybody's around everybody wanted a weird things about allay in general is that as a car culture
last year in your little isolated box and drive you little isolated community and then you go back and forth from work too ever you hang out and those your spots when you don't interact with other people like face to face person to person on a daily basis in this this thing about new york dear cosette train man everybody's on our travelers all kinds of people because even if your rich enough to take take taxi its traffic up there the train still the fastest placed fastest awaited i'm we solemnly i got as its makes me it's good mr its super important too because one of the things that i think everybody who i know who used to be poor will run right now we're talking about this again when when you have made it when you when you're broke always feel like it's never gonna happen he always it's completely out of touch on poor i'm always gonna be poor
this fuckin struggles never gonna go away but when you're around people who used to be poor too but they figured out how to do it they're just a fuckin person you know and when you see some dude nissan some corner office and some giant as building he's a c o the company you can't imagine that a one point that guy's life he was fucked up i got one point his life is depressed and lost in failing school and couldn't figure it out now and was wondering about his future but almost everybody has lows everybody has most every successful person i've ever met had some crazy advice city early on they figure their way through that and then they figured out how to become successful partially even because when you're on like a train and everybody's altogether that thing it's the one of the best sort of ways to
keep that separation that us and them separation would like the classes especially tis that's a real fuck mindset of rich people and a real mindset of poor people that their justice to different groups of us but it's so stupid it's not it's just a bunch of people and there on the same during the iran in a different direction just made me look it further down the road or maybe they didn't stop as many times as you did maybe they didn't get flatiron maybe they didn't you know have as many potter as in the road but they're all we're all just on this work and same thing we're all just people so when you look at some dude you don't you poor and yet holes near sneakers in some guys get a rolex on he's wearing this expensive sudanese get cuff links in his checking is newspaper ran the wall street journal and you look it is expensive shoes like this motherfuckers got some money man how the hell did he do that here a loser he's did it just
it's just a person just like you man i don't know look at his origin story yeah just like straight out batman dogs do any shit as accurately as you what he had to go to the no to get pointed learn on its way to put you wanna do you want to get there yeah you want to get there but it seemed like it's impossible speaking again there i try to watch soccer last night he's gonna bring that people tweeted me you're watching soccer i'm talking about to a game on sunday check out this is such a mother's mother they happen i can't do it what lap and why well it was the store and were hanging out in the secret comedians bar and soccer was on so we just our watch in it
and as the who had that are run why was watching it i was watching it some employees were watchmen horses in there with us tony was watching and one point but i sighed again upset at these do get slapped and going down there with a meteor i didn't like that i'm like i just can't support this kind of not designs here watching a really good game yeah you re watching a really good game yeah gazing skill why via munich in the red did a best german team and this is a champions league game so i don't know how to explain it champions league is where the four best teams in each league in each country like playing a tournament too to be the best club team in europe so by and is is like the number one team in germany athletic holiday like number two number three by not actually in number to spot right now but last year they finished may be second or third at the end there
they have less money but their coaches are ex argentina player and figure out a system where they just hustle pages out hustle you you get the ball and his three more focus on you and you're gonna coffee and they gonna get it and your school one or two goes a game and ass enough but buying is just so really skilled that they might be able to talk they beat most teams but athletic is just so discipline that in our aid they knocked him out in and there they go into the chair is the final verses real madrid so it is too small these teams in the champions league final and both of them same city so like the leg is most clippers for like the best the depth of the championship of work what what what are we in like the of north america
when we do it in north america we called the world championships we call it the what year did the nba the world champion young area here the lightest cause it's all the best in the world right now you know ocean but like when they do it in the world cup it actually is the world it is the world it is the world there is not really in competition coming from europe trying to play against the lakers so that really can happen then act they have a team that they develop overseas that compete with no i like basketball has a sting were i think they have like all the north american better we're all the brazil and unlike other than that we know from what aware is not made up of american teams are really ask that this man you know just been hot box i don't know what it is we worked so so you like that like all the countries play
around this area around this area rightly against each other i guess america normally wins but this is this is this is this is a big taught him a man this is the actual whole world and that's what i was thinking like other any sports with united states competes with the whole world and does well in soccer no one any other sport yet well said the difference in this too is where you think and i guess maybe world cup as team teams for countries brightest teams for professional clubs right aims around and that likes it these teams what necessarily play tonight states they would play like to columbus crew were that new and i like knowing about programme there not museum skill levels so it would be a really bad game ok when someone says like manchester united that's a club ethical it s like the yankees ok
yeah that's like the yankees in soccer in england but when you would think of so they would play gets a bunch of other eight different they also there's room three homage basketball team and they wouldn't want to plague and like any mba team because they would get destroyed the same way they would be our soccer team but you know dates play spain and like world cup type competition and we also have some like that or it's a conquered calf and it's like you states first mexico verse some of the smaller latin america what i was getting that was is there a sport where the united states is competitive in the world stage like a spy what we ask of bulgaria like bad ass all yea were usually but that yeah but we owe the world doesn't play basketball the problem with us being competitive a basketball it's like someone over you're being a cricket champion nobody gives a fuck i give you go to greece or turkey or spain they have they have their version of the nba there are big version at mba but did those teams
players are not as good as eyes and they come from all different countries and then when you when it's time for you to play for your country you still not as good as american in it and and thus when in the olympics they have a world champion four basketball for real i think and i have the olympics which is like the one that everybody pays attention to the moons that's where all the countries get together play basketball but isn't it fascinating that there is a clear winner as far as like who's the best still when what is basketball really it's moving your feet which everyone knows how do throwing a ball which most people not to do rippling and then learning how to get super awesome at all those skills right that doesn't seem right it's not like something where someone has to teach you some master strategists tools like the greatest neural ass a teacher i it's almost like a form of expression so why are americans so much better at it i think i knows
in soccer brazil i got in china must have but why brazil so good a soccer they love it you know they did but it's not allow countries around the world level but they have like five world cup championship well maybe six all remedies good to brazil has a great history of soccer look with pay lay of course but they also have a great history like nationalism and competitive athletics like you think about brazilian mme champions there i mean they're so many brazil were hydro gracie just one one f c last night so there's a new resilient champion they're so many brazilian champions he choked out some dude in one f c which is the asia version of the usa is getting bigger and bigger than this act a bunch of like really big organizations overseas now that are starting to build up momentum but he looked like martial arts chain
beans from brazil jesus christ there so many of them so many in the u s see so many former champion so many elite high level fighters there's a card next week in brazil and it's all the killers of the killer of like brazilian champions inv tore belford versus jock array anderson silva's new riah hall oh my god it's incredible so there's so much super high level talented the amount of brazil riah resume your i favour neurotic you re right hall you rivals black he's from jamaica believe that big monster doo doo
he's over dark is called fuckin lightning fast he's on my favorites that due to see such a nice kai too that's the thing about namely the key he made some like really heartfelt statement once after one of his fights you know about people getting along those lines the skies like legit like this is really heavy such a nice guy that's almost been one of the things that held them back like dana whited criticised the mother said these so talented buddies almost too nice fighting i don't think that i think he's just needs more fights and but he's got a big one with innocent sober so big like crossroads fight shows where anderson's that because of analysing can get pass your i was one of the best one hour and eighty five pounders alive right now you rise alive meaning fast strike a pitcher in your eye and used feels bigger than anderson
now he's more muscular for sure he bees built way better he's he's probably faster which crazy but in others we're talking about anderson sell that forty years old aims to solve it like thirty four but area is he's like traditional martial arts skills and a super super high level like he does a lot of stuff like spinning back cakes and we'll kicks and knocks guys out with a real high level guys like he hit gay garden saucy there's your eye it gig imo sassy with a spinning backing to the face and it was a fight that we are calling for fight companion and my thoughts on him ass like i'm telling you this guy can do things in these explosive movements and i'm unlike so used to seeing people move i'm sorry to see in the way people throw kicks the way people throw punches when someone's me but stand out what nauru jesus christ like they ve got it home down to a razors edge with just lightning precision is
really stands out that's your eye hall your eye hall has these movements occasionally we'll just drop right hand on someone's chanty just go well is like that guy not moving that by the time that punch got gently had no idea that punch was common amene his his ability to close the disks with a shot is all fuckin scary so it's an interesting fight in that regard and i don't think it has have the asia why are they hide age will they little girls can choose that show you forget let us put it how why would they have all these different things and i was looking for high to ok so this is one this is the staff they have the reach and they have the way and then they have the height always amazed how anderson silva's body does not match his record well engine silver when he was in his prime looked a little bit better than that he's his body is a really good body for fighting because in fighting like
a guy like you re hall might be able to punch ten or fifteen percent harder than anderson like who knows he has really fuckin heart let's say can but if anderson hits the ninety percent that anderson can come up with is just as good a guess they clean shots are the most important thing and it doesn't take a giant bomb to knock you out a giant bomb can knock you out but it doesn't take a giant bomb the knock you out what it takes shot you don't see common and perfectly plain shot and anderson is the master at perfectly place shots he's the master he's the ultimate sniper out of all the guys at ever fattening of sea he impresses me the most with his ability to land these highly real shots on people highlight real james urban he caught james urban kick interest cave his face with a hunch the guy through a kick antigen cod but he could see
did you had never been done before he goes down an innocent just on corks a couple more ottoman opens up when he fought veto he front kicked vetoing the face was an imperfect front kick knock out and it was the first ever front kick knock out in the in the history of the u s nobody'd ever done it for any did in a high level world championship fight against veto belmont it's crazy because it's it's the first kick you learn in martial arts took the first kick you learn i do one case and nobody ever use she doesn't work with brown has anderson lands it right on his face of free access to i guess you think is easy back he's forty so whatever back is not give me the same back but if you look a guy like bernard hopkins bernard opt into an incredibly skilful technical boxer is still at this
like this a video of him work and on the other days hidden met looks fuckin great he's fifty years old he looks like a great like burn hopkins right now at fifty years or could get in the ring in school solid fifty percent of the professional light heavyweights the world's school would look ugly but he's school you told them you hold the shit out of eu policy should i u job you're fucking face of you know a move and weird ways opera us step on your toes and upset your balance mug you in the corner you hate you would like shit short hard punches ways clinching you annoy you in your head try to gain for all right you or bomb you out like you did feel externally phyllis turned out fight he put us show with felix trinidad i was always a big bernard hopkins and so when he fought trinidad and fucked him up for me it was
i know i was surprised a few other felix was a true fino while he was was for a moment but i dont think he ruse lousy he respected bernard i dont think he knew how good not really was i think he was doing so well and trinidad with such a world leader in such a tough dude i just i think he thought he could get through anything i thank you know he was one of those guys it again i'm gonna get through everybody everybody's been war before has been tagged come about not guys out proper i was on another level that night i've never seen anybody like bernard is so is not traditional box in like somebody does that doesn't get us hours him right i gotta have seen so many and do it that much well he's a mast he's a real master you watch his foot work in the ring it's always measured it's always under control he always knows exam what is doing and what he doesn't know exactly what is doing he resets
he's not wing in asia is not taken you stupid chances we set the duty beat for that idle at forty nine years of age was his fuckin young stud cows like thirty two years old some russian dude bad motherfucker and he dropped m bernard optimum forty nine years of age and people like god and then he fought coverlet was a fight that showed there's a difference between the highest the high level right now and where bernard is right now with his life being forty nine years old because coverlet was just too much for him and bernard went to shell and is for real defensively and try to survive a coverlet was open up on a couple of his fuckin scary that guy's the real deal is not a bad ass fuckin russians these days now it must be tough in russia he's gotta hit they'll be tougher russia that they get another boxes i this is like the sport where a lot of sports a lot of people come out and they d get to the top of it you could tell
poor where the poorest people are based on whose did the best boxes in the world just right by russia must be rough right now that's a real good point you know that's how it always worked in america too is like that's why jews were allowed a boxer in the early days of the world are the twelfth century would jewish sloppy max rose in blue eye was due to fix this suppose you could not have been as a boxing day right now but you said you'd be silly but no one you take your sins while happy maxie one family weight in the usa andrea feely his knees nicknames andre touchy feely job is a fucking weird at noon eyes of fun do the funding because fund with a less aware yemen it's it's interesting how that works that way it's anonymously talons there's a lot of times like rocking marciano rocky graziano there's a lot of you know our irish yeah there
a lot of irish lot immigrants its immigrants are poor people that need to learn how to fight to survive literally yeah right is available it's one of the reasons why these russians are so fuckin tough man they're coming from a harder place it's a harder world and in all their just like coverlet is a straight up killer seed in his eyes when using the ranking shit he's gonna fuck you up you now and then the fanatical afghan he's another one everybody scared of that fact what that what we class i'm watch box in these one sixty i used to be my things the middle way chap he fucks everybody up this is a hundred percent undefeated and knocked everyone out me at one fight than when the distance or a couple maybe a couple fights with distance but he's on some ridiculous knock out streak in a row i should know that for short pulled up granada left in triple g just tripled
a record in this impress you can say his name so smoothly well he's got a second name that i can't says a triple j edgar naughty something something something gloved in the middle one try with that software but he's he's a fucking assassin man his name sounds like when you fall asleep on your keyboard in the wake of any visas i see a bunch of letters the other all cayos ok anatomist decision there we go that's way back in two thousand aid he had a unanimous decision when but his unease got a couple you met unanimous decisions three there that i say so he's on a streak of like holly how many calles and around one two three four five seven nine to unload too is lot twenty one cayos nos twenty about this chart like to see the flags on a different kind trees that people he knocked out there is a honey i shall you knocked out loud
people from a lot of places he so next level he he fought dominic wade in his last fight jesus christ man hey fuck i do that he's so next level so dangerous man at one point the fight he dropped his hands and he was wade punch him you just move in his head as wade was passionate and then he uncorked bombs on him he's a terrifying guy can he looks like a little cutie pie i give a shit what he looks like gonna get a picture of em look at him he's acuity ass a baby baby face assassin healing the real baby face assassin deck i'd looks like a straight up cutie you sound like a handsome young man innocent handsome young man with fine manners in here dresses rules will look just almost a mine just like a mine kind of french meanwhile dude is probably a direct descendants of the mongol as priority it is like no bullshit russians
russia was occupied by the mongols for two hundred years and a lot of these guys like rousillon provide knockoff who's gonna be on the pike ass soon with fingers on yet another commodity other does we find that fuckin dude grew up like siberia here eating raw moose he ate will wait until he was like twenty five years old he had never had cooked meat family raw moose is jesus christ provide nicaragua is a fucking and now he looks like he ate ramos yeah they did but i mean this is a guy who is another one probably a direct descendants of the mongols there were so many fuckin super warriors came out of that dna and you get a gala providing a coffer mean he just screams like ancient warrior d and having the look at him look it is
his face in the way fights you gotta hit that dude with a fucking crowbar to hurt him engages in wars with these people did back in the box that look as battista fight was insane provoke off him a t say just take off on each other and you just you and what you say is a brutal knockout puncher and when he was hidden provocative you will like ours absorbing the shots he's a bit absorption semitism was able to put everybody else away with like looking that shot boom rotc like it's a weird like look at the guy and you say ok we see looks like he's in shape hillocks athletic but he doesn't look like a big power puncher right leg look at him he's not like he's our billig marvin angler mike tyson or something like that he's a more smooth and it's it's just shows you that punch power is a really weird
and is now saying that multi says in any way unfit is very fit very strong very good athlete but his and she power is almost dislike skeletal it comes from his frame and some sort of a strange way and this there's a bunch of guys like that this is kidney you have season is might mcdonald and he's like that go to might mcdonald this kid is a murderous puncher but if you look at em you you look he looks like like a regular kid like a regular like athlete in some people you expect him when you looked in body is posing product can hit hard kit and they don't he's sweet face lucy face zero get a picture of his whole body to stand in there you get a sense of like means obviously get athlete but you are greatly rascal example is obviously get out but his punch powers disturbing is disturbing know i keep a fuckin crap
guys would shots and you see the look in their face and why in the fog come on i what the deuce hands he just hit so fucking hard and with so much precision he's nest on the ground to is a real threat this get any super young i think he's only twenty three uses i father the totally lost verona crazy fight but a fight were really got here really attested who showed was capable of the the butt howdy things very strange looking exertion you never know too it's weird like punching powers different almost any other kind of athletic power could you don't see common what you see someone was ass big ass a fuckin giant quads and their honesty in black like i bet i fucking do can right you know but you see a guy like mcdonald's in it you wouldn t necessarily go i've got your fuckin pot joy where's your right hall the both murderous punchers but
why how you see it you'll you're obviously vagabonds an item you be most browser we couldn't yeah and our guys like that today it is weird is way like this post your baby yeah i seen a seven foot centre right nobody debate these centres in the nba or his seven feet and they sucked from the data were drafted but every team year after year was still put them on a team pussy seven feet maybe this is the year twelve years in when he's gonna do the seven foot shit they never do but they make all this because if they built like this if they should give due seven fortune or people built like they supposed to be able to hit they just came so did they get a guy like that and they say what we're gonna we're gonna take him in and then we're gonna get our coaches on a moment to show this guy have reached for potato and then they just don't do that through the season is it oh i see what other tree teams dropped him we started on a bench stuck with him on a been bothering me
once in awhile with a guy that big as it is difficult to move their body right they say that but light shack did shaq was his movement was amazing like almost small forward like will somebody should that he soon came a large one moved were they robinson move well there's a lot of those listen listen summer seemed like in those days a letter sent as i can so when they say it's tough to move your body i don't get is it is it is rare like good centres are rare so i guess maybe it is but when you see the ones i do it you it makes you wonder is it makes you look down on the people i can't let you i'm seven feet i'm thinking i could do some stuff
i could be decent enough but there's some guys are seven feet and it really don't do anything except b seven feet her now is it about if it is having the big guy there because they can do things of black people and get in the way make it difficult for the other team to to use it offence is a mentalities i dare say you can't teach height and make sense and then it was like the eightys and ninetys was i descent again so everybody just more secure what a centre right so they plan this strategy around the talk the talk you because you can get the ball above people is more like especially the way that they throw the ball down at people instead of like up and down he could probably do some stuff is far as i get in the way get his physical body to block people annoying but sometimes it not even good enough to do that and then after get rid of a real live because you did the soviets let's get this guy he'll do the least and then they don't even do the least do you think that's me
because they're lazy as there was always easy for them to zero so big like has through their career they were over there was a giant hide advantage side being transgender like europe of five foot person born in a seven four persons body you're not supposed to be there is work to be done something else is got stuck with this basketball brain like somebody we're just can't do it so some people they got stuck with a basketball framed within vasco mind or heart your heart you have to like what to move your body very difficult way right because i would have liked one of the things you notice about fighters in particular like gum seen that guy chocolate tito fight self of little please flyaway what way to see champion a wash and fight the other day awesome boxer amazing counterfeit
but so light so small a mighty mouse neonazis better example because mighty mouse fights at two hundred twenty five pounds and he's the best the world like no one can fuck with did not just the best well that one twenty that he's the best in the world hands down no argument anymore andrews last finally destroyed henry pseudo everybody just lifts hands up and go he's the best about split keys were hunted twenty five pounds and waking moves always wonder my concluded to wondered pound guy move like that could to fifty five pound guy move like that is even possible like can we get like when you look at that the super athletes it around in the nfl and i think we can all agree the most close if best athletes are in the nfl right agreed pretty close i mean anything there's probably some really high level guys never made this point but i think that overall the most explosive high level athletes are in the u s and the nfl
if you can get one of those nfl top guys could you teach him to move like mighty rouse if you stop there with him at a young age or is it a gravity thing is it that the hundred twenty five pound guy he can just deuce with his joints in his movements that two hundred sixty pounds i just physically his body can keep up you know you know what the issue is is like if your little you know your little from your little from you from your young person so you you may leave little you move little right and you act little if your big then you know your big and as such things you just don't gravitate to doing wreckers it doesn't fit your size a big it is crazy almost have to convince hypnotize a big dude that your little and make them right right live little move like a person like a little person i can get used to it then becomes natural like madam
moves like i'm little if i ever he fights like if he's fighting a bully in high school like a canada guy grab me i gotta keep moving ryan like a big guys i look too small for the grand lucille i want you to gratify so they fight bigs like like us to some mentality that's an excellent way of putting it at an actual i think you'd totally right you totally right because we all like do things according to joseph physical make up ensure but i wonder if you could get a guy at a young age gino story of marbre and of its and todd marina which do not harbour any todd marina which was a famous football player and his dad marv was a famous strengthen conditioning coach and bus and coach football kosovars dad took todd from a ton was really little how to media only healthy food no sugar working out like crazy put em draws jewels
turned him into this like super athletes but he rebelled zeus's i too much pressure work in wanna do it he was doing it for his dad and about one quit anyone drugs on here yeah drones unhealthy became an artist maybe health now i think of it but it's interesting to its it in an interesting thing like this guy grabbed his young son from the time he was a baby and had him doing the strength drills and can coordination drills like raised him with the idea of turning them into this and there is were amazed see wonder like if someone could take a guy like herschel walker for herschel augurs well the perfect example the i wondered ass examples because its herschel actually thought him a may herschel but he followed a big man fuck do up to any aided
late fortys and he knew he was legitimately a threat or go on he was very good for the class that he was fighting in when he was fairly recent to emma may but along a lifelong marshall artist a crucial longer even back in the days when he was in the nfl had some sort of a black and something we should look at a man i think in that picture he was like forty seven to jesus christ he always looked young and guidance in shape i dont understand what's going on i mean that it doesn't make any sense because he looks like he's as big as he was when he was playing football to lies texans to bear heads i'll kill you of my bare hands it is on top of this dude ground and pounded on and on top of that here reigned at a world class jim he went to kay em
he trained at american kickboxing association which is where the tyrant woodley brow don't get in raising his army at area is mixing up black units in black people dare you google google search jamie's google search google answers but personal walker when he was zalm when it was training was brain with came velasquez when came was the champ or if it was the shabby was one of the best and world our appreciate was a champ though and he was train with daniel cornelia billy was there the time luke rock holes cow kings berry me he's training with like look john fitch was there he's train with like legit world class makes martial arts legit guys and he was just fuckin doing it like a real pro athlete would do it he wasn't doing like ham celebrity former football player i'm just going to china i'm gonna take a fight like a jose can seiko might do
did you ever see us all homesick say goes like celebrity box shit so come on i got it you can barely did not herschel herschel like went at it like a real professional marshall artist and strike force patent fighting a few times it did that the big bob said stuff for a while to after rightly stays here too but he's an unbelievable athlete my keys he's a rare bow jackson type astley outlier an outlier amongst professional outlier you so if you get it shall walker in train him like get him to a guy like colleague hume who train mighty most train him from the time he's a young man like fifteen fourteen years overdue fucker you could do it it's him back in the day handsome basta ryan strong stronghold chains gettin it is can betcha shown scars off it doesn't give a voodoo arid some like mike i forgot how much but how many pushups he does a day
but he also insane been saying still does it yeah well i guess if you just keep doing it yeah yeah you body stays like that just requires unbelievable discipline does skip days he's also real weird man he has some what's called trauma induced multiple personality disorder believe that's how he described but trauma i'm not sure they're mean they mean head trauma i think is more like childhood trauma but i'm sure had trouble doesn't help you but i can say for sure there and head drama was when the greatest football players of all time men think about any of you listen i'm not a football fan but if i know you and you never got arrested he never raped anybody must be pretty fuckin all remain i give it wasn't some guy controversy will you involved in like a re rice type situation a murderer someone that it wasn't that
here about you he was so good that the cowboys traded him for a completely new football team that one three superbowl anyway that's incredible girl that's incredible i use crazy winning their trade what's your walk at as a unitary a virtual walk but they got a brand new team and a set of young players i ended up being light but there they franchise but he that's how good he was i get all those players here yet it's always to me as someone analyzes athletics toys so confused being in an interesting when i see someone who just so much better than anybody else i caliph fuck as you so much what is it is this a soccer bingham amenities a happy so said you had the nba right and that's it that's the nba
is the basketball league of america in england the top league the soccer version of mba call the premiership right premiership premiership yoga so there's a team in leicester now the premiership works different an mba the nba all team stay the same every year in soccer the bottom three together meetings a league and at bottom three would go down if would down to the league below at the end of the year i talk about if you have the least amount of points that the tea threatens to listen go down and is a league below where the teams that first finished for first second and third come up so that's import because lester is a team last she had almost got relegated to the league below say almost got relegating like herbicides teams going down to the lower division so they they wanna maybe
five or six games on the road towards ended season and stayed up right but there is a low budget teen they keep the same players and they had to find a cold because his son did something and it got this other guy now cloudy rainier in old italian coach that used to coaches linwood one its top teens but he never won anything you and a king second said in all year he's coach in leicester and they win and you know they winning but had to begin every soccer season you always the lower tee always win a little and then is the championship dykes ages of the seas and later the second policies in a third and like the final forward t start slipping rather less that doesn't slip they start when all the players a place from like cast off teams in teams play is that no team ever wanted to buy and then
so then they get intellect alas seven eight games season thereby zeit day they gonna start losing an the team behind them spurs is gonna catch him but these motherfuckers like they d gel together in a style that i've never seen before like they're very defensive and but they'll del attack you really tat these two forwards i give you kicked the ball out on their fast and entails score and they now just shut the whole shit down by you ngo norway don't matter who the fuck you are you are not going aware and on thursday nor on monday this team five thousand to one one the premise well five thousand to one one fucking premise is fucking crazy all kinds people have little bats that they one like fifty thousand on ten boxer ten pounds a year whatever but it costs
bookmakers fifteen million dollars woe because ike its impact is like the most impossible sport story wow that's incredible i love you sure but you as you are talking to start again discouraged i got to know about the sakharov prize winner of the sakharov prize to acknowledge that he's gotta caused ideologically and attention at the top though you know i just pick a team vomiting you're good i want you to be my mentor that's it i have brought you and emma may create a bunch of fights away to be my mentor get me in a soccer consumes the government of files from shit involves some shit the whole world follows like what is everybody loves the inner fell in the united states from shirts awesome but i'm familiar false and try to fall soccer when you give a shot by now americans gone crazy what the fuck was joe revenue all this goddamn bull shit black lives matter also these clubs home soccer saucer nor those black eyes matter in socrates testimonies causes
racism they bade the monkey chance that a black players on two january based there's a fascist wouldn't do when they broadcast that shit they bring it up they're bringing up a narrow like the rifle stop the game was sometimes a play as stop the game they'll get those people out or they are banned at team and the next time at the play like a real gate like i joined the lakers play san antonio spurs in an empty stadium because there was racist it's the last time the game was waiting make us leaders say you have a black you have a black game where you money the fans can come ass they do shit like that who like dire unlike that idea blackmail gave new facts
then but then people are your modem blackout to gain a golden monkey should remind everybody does learn now there's a lot of people they just want to fuck a flip over the board they don't actually play the game go into flip over the board i'll get some type of attention from correlating what's like we're talking about before with p i don't feel like we're all the same i like those people over there play that game those just people man there there it's their dream to do this and they figured out how to do it you can't be angry at that we should be inspired it doesn't have anything to do with you in a leg just being d don't be a fuckin asshole but people also get so attached to one team versus the other that's another the edison other thing giant problem likes both because it brings people together but then at that point it also separates people too much our young people for theirs riots regularly at games right i mean if you looked at all the games that are
played between teams all over the world out they have respect not a fight in the town outside the study of the bottles and shipped from the bars and intellectual or the town found they fight over teams citizens so fuckin dams domes though it's it's hard to believe that's like a common occurrence with football with soccer with baseball there's always like fights in the parking lot with the lakers heard some terrible story about some guy was where the wrong it was ruined wrong basketball team shirt is with his son and these guys at the lakers games beat that fuck out of kyoto knocked him out its head bounced off the concrete was in a coma for weeks there with his kid hepatitis b the forgotten does either wrong should i have to do that dodges game like a while ago in them a clutches to own a team that it has won talking about zella dogma heavily where array distinctive raven raiders raiders waiter friends might knock you out to while redefines cunt like why
that thing because everybody was worried about the raiders came to los angeles that we'd have a launch a concept the game and this is a big issue since been their culture and everybody this identify with it an accepted instead this is who we are is it because wrappers are taken on greater hats and sir wherein raider hats the eighties i would lose out what brought it around now they were like that from autonoe like dislike they some teams in italy that the fans are just ass well fascists and they make that's nice summit of culture is it's hard to tell but the rate is seem like they ve been through they ve gone through all the out to have that type of fan base right you don't owe me from coming up in oakland streamlining would alien rapid started to join in and back in open it instead no this is just a had the right temperature for four ignorant
we're amongst there's somebody affair i think there's something go on i want people to where we want to be united by a common cause even if our colleague has is terrible area that's one of things is going on with trump what i see some of these people that are like trump supporters alike are you really are you just in a cot gang because it seems like a lot of amerika cunt gang like the wherein sunglasses are being dicks their walk or their very hungry at these people bernie sanders science revision is in what city was in where bernie sanders wound up winning and tromp was but was a big one one recently was indiana indiana so he's i've and by and these mexican americans are on one side of the road and their fuckin screaming at this guy's in it donald trump supporting truck in their screamin shit herland you know insults back and forth at each other and i'm watching isn't going what what are we seeing here like we cs gangs form because it seems like thereof
talking about trumps policy did not talk about its credentials are not talking about his his ability leading the way carries himself it's almost like he's there guy like you did side is my guy was changed her mind does the guy produce bags and then it owed its sir it's discerning to people in its concerning because it make you think like you're so many of us so many of us that when something can unite us even guinea rise in a bad way like the fuckin heavens gay call will they all cut their dicks often forgotten where scruples issues on a lot of them did he get big overruled castrated themselves yo see per year as part of what that guy wanted people to do and he had it when he was gay you didn't like being gay new trial frames from sexuality by at least one or two of his other like big people in that group also castro themselves the kindest do
some like the accuser does brazil is wrong with maintaining babies you think they do a joint in time whenever you fuck up it's a joiner chunk remember that trump painting i showed you a few weeks ago with that someone painted with a small deck the girls were painted it got attacked by some trump supporters and like a punch in the face and yelled trump twenty sixteen and repulsed her in the face to face claiming amid almah was on tape or anything but while you're my guy oh my god what happened here so shiners they found her where she lived based office and facebook information and founders came outside jesus god says he's claiming that german it could be might not be true but i would not want to say we will probably is but it's hard to tell at its unfortunately you even have to say that but she does have tattoos interface you know
and who knows i would like to believe of be more happy if she made it up but ultimately you gotta can have to believe someone like that at i was cool painting they should be so angry and why would they be so angry trump was coolly varnish yet you know like your mom and joke yeah yeah exactly did you see the recent thing that he has on his twitter i retreated it yesterday as his eaten taco boy saw tat i love mexicans and no hispanic spanish he's out of his fucking mind like this is mad he doesn't care he's flaunting it's almost i keys reaching out and tuna into the frequency of those those kind of guys these gettin in their out there the things i am not opposed to someone like him trying it out happy singled two mile best toggle balls are made in trump tower grill i love spanish city like what the fuck
love hispanics and you get that evil school the man look and someone pointed out if you click on though the picture itself that there's a photo of his ex wife marla maples in bikini in the lower corner of a magazine is fuckin lunch on i do wonder fridges eats like he has the noose clippings of his is the dumps miles at his desk and that's how he eats whilst eating top of a pile of papers those trophies but he's a trophy hunting instead of its probably people whose burned in business deals in fact omen and you know and we have managed to high of competition while it's like this read stories of people these crashes crush you enemies have them driven before you and the elimination of the women that's what he's doing easy he's either
dinner on a pile of skulls there is print what has been thumbs up with his fuckin american lapel pin american flag lapel ban is kind of hilarious torn because as a person who thinks that the system that we have is so fuckin absurd and it needs to change this is one of the best ways to get this is that this is proof that you're right about that here will it just shows you like you can't have a popularity contest to run the government it should be more than that it should be this easy and shouldn't be on electoral college and delegates shouldn't be able to decide who they're gonna vote formed of despite what the state votes for they shouldn't be super delegate's all this is craziness now we have an antiquated on sensible system that was developed back on people wrote with feathers and will you have the really fuck and think about that and from whatever done ass reason we continue to use the same thing and ate it everybody talks about reforming interchanging updating it are coming
new models everybody freaks a fuck like some sacred fuck and scroll jesus row we found a claim you hot aided everything we update this it's stupid is and the only reason why it's in place at all like this electoral college and representative government is because you couldn't talk directly to the leaders you couldn't talk directly to governments to hard but we have all these new tools in place and the idea that we're not using them we're not using the internet were not using social media we're not using our instantly his ability to communicate with each other to find out what we actually want as as a collective group beat the fact that's an also we should agree with this parameters where things can't get past there should be like parameters where we all agree ok we cannot set aside any rules read any laws that tastily victimize certain segments of the population and we all agree on yeah like would make a new constitution tone thing we all agree
that everyone agrees that right right so when anything comes up when i think comes up whether it about gay marriage or their it's about fuckin whatever it is you look at that ok is this a law that would victimize intentionally certain aspects of our population and if so we can't do it especially if they're not anything anybody else we should have liked rules like that like we could update make a real simple new constitution that would be way better and weak most this shit and original mostly ideas of freedom of speech but updated to to represent what we're dealing with today because what's free speeches today is very different standing on a box and yelling into a courtyard without a microphone that's what people are doing writing some down and not being worried about being killed for we all agree on that cast up but we should figure out like what are these how many these laws are good hurries laws make any fuckin sense how many those laws are just we just have because they better forever unknown examined them
i have some really smart people making some really bad laws on purpose like it when you set talked about laws that done an effect that certain segment not making laws that affect the sense of society are the ones that we have now that exist at do that does hurts agnes aside he would done on purpose but it is done so swiftly tat it is this it is just tough to get this is some bad people in the wrong place is right now yeah well there's just too much money involved in making decisions that's the big issue the big issue is theirs all these gigantic groups of people immense amounts of money and vague gain more money by influence people's decision making that are in judgment or that are in positions of power and that's our real problem a real problem mrs giant group to become what everyone com corporations column you know that whatever com
thanks guys whenever it is did they have the ability to influence the decision making of the people that are in power and whether its through fear intimidation manipulation or straight bribing there is a system that some place it's very difficult to buck that's why i find it intriguing if donald trump gets in adults finding intriguing because i likewise saying and i like us this crazy characters doing what i find intriguing is it doesn't seem to fuckin matter who the president is in any way other than socially like social it seems to matter like having one of the best things about haven't obama in office was that he was a guy who was pretty liberal on most things as opposed to like the eight years we had to deal with a scare conservative bush and donald rumsfeld and john ashcroft they were scary people a john ashcroft covered the breast of a statue was it in the wider
none of the white house was it the pentagon know what what what i forget what statute was but they put a drape over the breasts of a statue that had been exposed forever ashcroft was a guy went after tommy charm and because tommy tongues son was selling barnes and so he went after tommy charm saying that if you go to jail i'm gonna put your family and jails automaton had one of those our ashcroft daily operation nice dreams what they were doing was a sting operation justice department covers partially nude statues because of ashcroft he was a scary scary guy he's out of this is an example of the people wrong people in the places where they shouldn't because there the control who also heightened are suspicions of conspiracy theories and hysteria in this country because we saw like really dangerous people that were running the show i gotta came as fuckin dangerous or garlic rumsfeld pushed aspartame
that's our aspartame is legal argument rumsfeld chiesa he was one of those directly responsible for making aspartame illegal in avoiding all the information that point to the fact that probably like super fucking bad for you he's a speaker that we didn't do anything about it now we dislike road it out while we had meanwhile we didn't know what we even could do that it would be really interesting to see what would happen if the bush administration was in office today with the current ability to communicate about things because that's words really crazy from two thousand to two thousand sixteen is a different world different world and towards the end of the bush administration became more and more preposterous more people like what the fuck is going on to the point where they went out steel and money member when they went out and gas prices went up to like fuckin five bucks a gallant nobody's like what the going on i just felt like they went out steel and money they dislike look before obama comes in august he's gonna sockets much money out of this bitch is we can riches
hard you know just ridiculous my question is what is money what is money and then and then the money we lost during a recession it wasn't burnt in a fire was nice that money went somewhere so where the fuck is that money that they had to get more money to replace that money somebody has that money is spending that money so this is not like it went to a vacuum never come back say so is the sole they never did you in school so don't know you don't think about it but wait a fuck what's voodoo agreed food here it's agreed upon voodoo minutes really what it is we have all the same amount of stuff like we have assumed minerals we have sent out a raw materials are the same amount of people we have the same model land we have all the same stuff but somehow hours no money right whereas two months ago everybody's rolling dough right it's a sign of someone fucking
like manner what happened we lost all crazy why i'll take care and were real sorry it worked out this way we go in the research was whether the craziest things like theirs i became on issues that we're broke money has gone and everybody just started acting broke everybody was this light broken lay off people they able broke yo and is like and then they saw its things are getting better feel it getting everyone is getting better i saw something said that the hundred fifty thousand jobs were added to the economy but unemployment stayed the same the same rate but they added a hundred fifty thousand jobs like one is the rate big and then someone else tommy the rate is not based on people stop looking the rate is only based on people claim unemployment like there's way more unemployment and that is the largest meanwhile easiest time we live our never bitching about shit like this you can take some dude from the depression
put him in america today lit up you can play you know soup lines no one starving it like a big everybody they'll billy everybody in the depression days away like a hundred ten pounds so dues retiring they will exceed all these giant people the mcdonald's fuckin phone other pockets these fuck me lap or you got this week by garbage can poor people are fat today and all crazy they re coming back again you are starving you were terrified people people legitimately were worried about not having something to eat i read this book is about this guy named danny majority
danny mccurdy is like a famous depression era pool hustler would travel across the country during like the darkest days of depression and would hustle from town to town and gamble with guys and make money barely get by but was like alcoholic and wrote road a bunch a crazy stories about all his times but there was times series begging people for food was starving issues showed up at some one thousand begging him for food and guy comes out gives him a bowl sausages and shit unless you realize like there there are times in this country and by the way back then no
one was telling them everything's gonna be ok there's no oberon tv does no positive there in other was no mind coaches on late night infomercials i'm gonna give you the tools to achieve your great ass it is none of that they were just almost animal listing travelling around and box cars and this this book was really intense man because this guy was talking like kind of with shame about how he had broken down a couple times and was just asking people for food in others like yours i didn't have any other options i had a big people for food and he realized like dad that's that's a different i'm than today because people is out there doing it you know those after his way more charity today than ever before but i think all so we understand that a lot of the people that we're seeing that around on street corners and you know
a vague and they have many problems i mean i'm sure they did back then too but i think back then they were probably more people who were like legitimately yoke yeah and you didn't have the information dinner stand where all the jobs whereas got what's with the economy what is a u can google it so if you were a thirty five year old man was essentially illiterate and you were a labour your whole life and also the jobs dried up you know grasp of why or how to fix it or who was gonna change it so any politician who stood up and started yelling things about immigrants are about mean that's essentially happened hitler pillar rose to power because germany was bad economic noise and this guy came along and said these motherfuckers aroun and for us now barely see
explained here they deal just jumped on he was so charismatic too that's another scary thing about a guy that's really charismatic that can unite people for a cause even if it's a bad one it was crazy about i went to her or they call it like i offer was thing they have the conductor as opera as opera music symphony symphony and that only if it was ambrose when they say that answer yet i am i'm hop orchestra mot box i'm saying that right hot box and real box that israel has a lot of people i believe and i was watching the conductor and there is a lot of jewish people ere you know to conduct is to initiate and if you turn off the music is looks like you watch and hitler really here because the conductor has the same motions as hitler at an opera
ways directing the ban so much it make a split screen yeah hitler was real animated right yes will animated in moving this article is an interesting when you stop and think about that is if we don't like that from a president we don't like it and it's one of the things that same howard dean said howard dean got carl freeman member that gave us and it was over it was over the bad thing here we don't want anyone yelling we don't want any more god that's that's that's when you see learn those speeches that fuckin dynamic way of talking that scared the shit out everybody that was there was good for back then you can you can reach people by bankers people he's like express my anger that everybody was feeling y know hey that's where people have a legitimate beef without trump is behaving because although it might be effective and getting people to pay attention to its very
dangerous in the doors it opens up sforza getting people to unite like like the cities and i was on the phone with the president of mexico and he said who you think he's gonna pay for that wall and i said you're gonna pay for it we're not going to pay for oh yes you are and the fence just got ten feet taller and the whole audience cheers like that's like if i'm paraphrasing some fucking up his beach but derivative idea that he would you again that our defence just got taller so you're gonna make a fuss its taller than it needs to be so they u spite this person like this is this a normal behaviour patent for a leader of the greatest army the world as ever known and seems crazy plus in especially in a world where we are mexicans and smuggle stuff across the board a bill tunnels yeah including this no mug of smuggled people through tunnel so good luck building a wall yeah the war will never effect anything yeah what didn't go over they don't go over
they have all these secret tunnels like every every documentary or even sukarno in the book is this all tunnels their parents that's real too near your president is like talk about building a wall he is dummy shit you look you president to be how you gonna find all those tunnels dynamic square miles you're dealing with and how deep they go in especially when you look at like the guy's got out l chapel they want a mile in a mile out from everything is underground everything's underground like like while construction noise at job making to build a wall help symptom dig tunnels data this at the same time yes mother in the sense that you said that the best tar builders ever knew have you really think about his tunnel builders and again whose built more secret tunnels and mexican drug dealers fuckin nobody
is this l choppers tunnel i was looking endeavours type and just for generic tunnel for there's a lot of drug tunnels there's a ton of a man they just keep data but it's it's so fascinating that there's a border we have this line and if you get to dig a hole about on the other side l drugs pop out on it but it's so weird like what a weird fuckin thing that we ve done we ve made lines on the ground of the earlier case across it and there is no difference between the people on either side and the fact that they speak different languages but the just people and a lot of each people on the other side my fucking parents living ex go man though you dear oh yeah energy determining a lotta mexicans live in america you know a lot of my friends from like i know a lot of people from mexico a lot like i know i know twond our thirty people were born in mexico is over the we integrated right obviously there is no difference between us
and culture and language right but we still have this crazy line well you can't come over and you guys are fucked you listen listen listen listen you're born in system than us we can lay over here i know you wanting etc but fuck off work you did know if you'd better over on his side if you're born in phoenix ah you missed by a mile landed in phoenix amadeo most posing the phoenix your goal do didn't you get fucked medicare and i could show you in the obama care but you're born a mile the other way flexible why that's so crazy that doesn't make like lots equally i understand is women amount of resources understands gotta be put some pregnant decisions and very unfortunate but will really have to do is help max go get back on their visa up up up up our bottom up a member but really when it should be as it should be no mexico should be no united states there should be no canada dish me the planet earth that's really what it should be that these ideas are fucking
stupid they like soccer clubs i will i hope like little thought or those things makes it if they make a word about it but i don't know but i'm a thousand percent with issues like these resources in the world if everybody shares and wait right for everything to be found we're both you and i are a direct result of immigration right my parents were the first generation they came from or they were born in america but their parents my grand lance is ours was the first and third generation right because my parents were second generation because my grandparents were first nation americans when they move to america they were born america has at work love so my parents were sworn here is the first pressure so i'm second generation some second generation so just two generations ago you know all of my let me remind you that we in ireland all of them every one my grandfather on my father's side came from ireland my father or my grandmother my father's side came from italy
grandmother my grandfather motorcycle from italy and everybody came from another country all during the same time period they were all like immigrants they came over here and this is that this is why the united states is so interesting are so many different kinds of people here this is too many of us have to also does this experiment was too bad makes a goner went up in a most went wrong they got cut off is how it has people want to share many people just want mine now mine o mine i wonder how much of what mexico is right now is a direct result of the spanish invasions i wonder what something happens like during like to ask tat day is there some crazy take over and the spanish language gets introduced us to central america and even north america mean most of calf
for me what we call cow for needs to be mexico so i wonder like what impact that had because when you find out the atrocities that were committed with wood the the as tax and the the invaders and the introduction of horse backs i of people writing horseback that was all during cortez ray and the people before him was all europeans had brought over horses just think about all that counts all that happened that change the language of the country i mean do was ass big ass me jane merrick the girl was essentially native americans that's why like the mayans they really resemble like a lot of native americans oil what we think of his native americans will you look at there's like a bunch of different styles of mexican their parents guy you ve got your canelo alvarez you ve got light was real outlaw he's a rare one
you ve golly oscar dealer jolla demands that like handsome spaniard version in mexico right and then you got like real brown looking dude that look like native american that are also mexican that are like really dark and you go with looks like a mare american indian will we consider a native american because is like that what it is its they were introduced i did they sped language and all these different people from europe enter bread with all the people that are here and they created what is mexico s various pitcher causes like who drew debt i don't even look like i'd like those those hot instagram tricks chicks who do i think you know that don't suppose some of them are explicitly men other discovering their dicks some of us pussy men see that one's got his pillar has transgender is going on in this photo widening these people
like native americans used to keep the hare long minutes which do you know what you think of native americans and you think of live cattle forces indians live long hair railway will i think that that's what these people were encountering back then and i mean those a fuckin beside ban is essentially just a slaughter fast they killed somebody fuckin p bull they stole gold they came over on horseback they were considered god nobody knew what it was to write a horse never imagined a guy comes over for the first time they they land in a boat they get off the boat now horses and swords and start fuckin chop and everybody up do think though that i had horses right and had seen horses or maybe not oh no they didn't they didn't our north american horses were introduced horses are introduced north american by the european there what by the europeans there was horses
in north america millions of years ago but they went extinct pretty sure i'm almost positive at this there was a type of horse that lived like in the pleistocene or something like that and they went they went extinct but when you find out instead an interesting when is when we're horses first introduced north america but horses being wild like wild horses is a relatively recent phenomenon over the last few hundred years makin with columbus fourteen ninety three ago a second voices voyage to america spanish horses representing ii com a bow cabal us cabal us about were brought back to north america first in the virgin islands and in fifteen nineteen they were re introduced to the count on the continent
in modern day mexico from where they radiated through the american great plains s events i feel bad for the horses just being on a boat that long yeah no shit right when or how many have survived the us along a strip i wonder how they did that because that was months and months at sea you have the right amount of food people getting scurvy and share a benefit easier to bring hey than it has to bring anything only think about a pagan stack up nice and death yeah but horses eat allowed fuckin hay and i give to clean up after them in their own industry with lace makes the boat trip even worse and i imagine it in the first place the abbe his voice on boy they gonna get off the boat and they haven't run or walk and months the legs gonna be all fucked up here i just think a nice lookin for now i picture but at a representation of it because the in columbus rum from theirs they have a replica of santa maria which
for those boats it's not very big at all yet whom they have under the elderly people could live comfortably beyond it for a long period at times of round over the how you'd put animals too where is it sana river well i couldn't written downtown columbus how big is it like the other guests pretty big feet long six fifty sixty that's it i've tried to guess at my head twenty yards yes it's not that big tulip picture that's insane that's twenty yards that's crazy that's like what you shoot when you're practices what about a tune it in that's what you start back and those little change the world so much like this all of those things to how much they changed the world is fucking crazy that's nothing that's nothing i've made you think that that's nothing that small factor
that's so interesting even when you the way you just explain that that such that's a nuclear free those three euros fuck and amen boy you just nailed it uses nailed it those things changed the world three those women things change i mean changed everything those three were like the sea the planted north america they came over him explosion became the empire state building seattle tower was the tower evil space you yes base needle brought lots of murder diseases ardor lots of disease genocide leap all sorts of groovy shit crazy it's crazy when you and i phones and i eventually eventually terms i fear i wonder if i funds would have existed if we just stating europe probably not see that's what i think one of the things that i think is really important about like having an asshole
as a president for a brief briefer s area we have a chance to rethink this whole thing is i think i think we have to get outraged before things change and we have to realise that the system is it's fuckin retorted maybe he does to maybe look let's let's give him the benefit of the doubt right you talkin about it goes obviously incredibly wealthy and obviously incredibly successful maybe he is sick of it all himself maybe he is one of the guys is actually contributed may look he that fuckin guy paid hilary to come to his wedding ok hundreds thousands dollars at all it took and she showed up mean this is a guy that's been deep deep in the system handed on money these motherfuckers and then finally went fuck you you wouldn't fuck you i'm gonna run thank you and they like there's no way there's no way donald trump we ve looked at the numbers impossible everybody has dropped out they are given i mean bernie sanders and hillary clinton and neck and neck right except for indelicate where she is quite a bit above him but she's
still does not have enough to win i get close enough to its like it's weird it's like weirdly close where you have to look and people that bernie doesn't stand a chance mathematically he's already eliminated but people say what would have hilary gets indicted for one of the two criminal investigations shirk she's currently involved with the six around when it was full of people find out about this fuckin email thing that is even worse than we thought would have people find out this what if they find out that would ensure some dirt would evasiveness it's it's fuckin exhausting its exhausting but meanwhile this fuckin trump guy is sitting pretty just waiting for that whoever gets most beat up by this fuckin campaign on the deck chronic side beat the shit out of each other so they're gonna come through it whoever ever going to countries gonna be all fucked up scan avc haven't made tournament one guy ends by quick knock out the first round the other where it goes through three round war trumped just ran
through someone addison silva style is now so now like hilary and fuckin bernie sanders alike mickey war datura gaudy the shit out of each other and we have to aid to see who emerges what i've scraped strange strange time squeezing like like you said it i've been thinking it you said it last week thing what was that about your more afraid of crews and then scares me and i'm glad he's out young guy he would have been the worse choice and trump i'm feelin if he could fool people and do this just to win that he might actually just doing it just to win that come a different person does our hope and i brought me is this our hope but if he did become a different person i wouldn't be surprised because as this kind almost typical him right yeah i man i don't have any interaction with them but i do know the javert s work with them on the road and he said he was very nice and very reasonable and things
jeff raw said is hate when when the camera turns to and you're not laughing at kind of looks bad like you should just enjoy it i dont be upset these guys and make it funny adjust laugh along too grateful i and ii said trump thought about it does you know you're right you're right now he's not asshole all the time i get to care it is a step in their characters lavender wrestling character toby toby exactly it's a doubly double cared i just i don't know i'm you know by any of this i don't buy brian secrets no that guy i don't know donald trump i would like to get high with rights aggressive really going on in there i dont know just tell him come on what you see with which it has had a cell phone under our saviour is that what it is a shaver intensive managed in various if someone's gonna be like vincent man's head living there s face was more fearful than somebody about to get beheaded by ices eyes that bobby lashly that's bobby
ashley right bobby ashley is fighting emma may now he has to fight like these weird indian casinos they don't test him no sir varies so there's a rumour go around jail i saw something the other day that what may weathers team has been trade marking like floyd fifty or such like that saying that like he might be coming out of retirement right i heard about this rumour today that is potential opponent might be connemara gregor oh my god and a boxing match gmo boring and vegas though my gun i think conor macgregor is a very good mme fibre and others i think if caught him a great and floyd may mother fighting anime conor macgregor will fuck him up he will fuck him up floyd will get this shit kicked out of him he will kick his fuckin body senseless he will kick his legs
lloyd will be deep debilitated inside a one round a hundred percent and if conor decides to take him to the ground i guess aren t you floyd may weather can and connor's no world class rustlers no anti doubly champion is no olympic all medalist gary d you floyd may whether cannot stop him from taken up the ground if qana gets hit the ground is gonna modem and cave his fuckin face and in war choke i'm or break his arm or do whatever you want to do but in a sing match imagine highlight a world were floyd may whether doesn't fuck him up in a boxing match i think floyd may weather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time if you look at his watchments who he's been able to beat how he shuts everyone's often down he's a man or boring version of what a lot of bernard hopkins does and it does it anymore slick skilful way with rapid reflexes
relies on speed and movement and i just a deep deep deep understanding of boxing he's so much better and if people don't know if you thank you really good and then you get in there in your box a guy like that he will fucking expose the shit out of you he will expose the shit out of you it's just it's a diff animal man i mean who knows man look one thing we know about connor easy as ridiculous belief in himself and he has unbelievable power one of things we know about floyd is thirty nine i think said all day at us so when a guy turns thirty nine you never know ministers for every guy like bernard hopkins there's a you guys who the wheels just fall off and allison they can take a punch anymore and i can't find any more than a move that anymore but i can imagine a world where he's not light years pass connor with boxing skill is there nothing these guys think about money oh yeah more and more like a result
the money will be giants as an energy they probably and they probably forgot away we're both adam don't lose or something like that i don't think i'm gonna do that i think you're gonna really fight i can imagine that in either one of them would be willing to negotiate with the other one while thinking that they might get double crossed in alec now i don't buy that because remember what victoria tease in may whether victoria tease was doing some dirty shit to me whether an victories apologize and four may step two months soccer punched him the phase in kyoto and remember that watch this here pull that up because it's kind of hilarious because like there's no deals being made and not in this world this is a world of competitive automotive say because while i assume guy watches victor tease gets warned because he kept like head buddy in like getting really dirty and so he goes to touch hands lay this boom lang here
to touch hands i guess i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry being bang i mean it's hilarious too that's the real world of boxing may well just knocked him the fuck out he just he thought they were gonna like touch gloves and be bodies and then get back after and maybe there's like bitch pop the invalid they never saw common straight right hand that's arap and i just think that this skill level in straight boxing the flu it may whether has its very difficult to understand why you just looking at least touch him here earlier this being bitch even at a bitch local authorities is looking at the address fancies rich even is even said bitch yeah this bank chain hey what are you going boon that's rap and that was a rap for victorieuse his career really essentially there is there another fight to bring flow
out of retirement that inshore patio packages the big fight especially since patio just be timothy bradley if pack yo decided to you know wrap it up i think he still can get alot of people excited about you know he had a shoulder injury had a shoulder repaired but obviously was great in the bradley fighting looked awesome in a brownie inside he's a beast i think i could be a real fight but i also think that floyd the verses connor would generate insane amounts of money in saying i would just be funded watch the twenty four seven they had made great tv who knows man who fuckin knows i think so though i don't think he can i would imagine unless the you have sees involved at half the amount of contracts exile eighty get him out and i dont i can imagine that they would be willing to do that and i can imagine that they would lead him fight floyd may whether a dane in the renzo and frank are serious boxing fanatics they know a lot about boxing could there be across promotion measures
we're like have the fight on the youth everybody here get apiece thirteen could happen but i wouldn't throw a fighter two lions like that like i just i stone look i could be wrong i'm down no fuckin clear buoyant i don't really know what's gonna happen in a fine but i think may weather is a ghost you got a punch were may whether it s then lay whether there anymore annie's papa you a job and slowly getting frustrated set and traps and then still you know he's uncorking shots on you fuck knows but who knows me because macgregor if you went to straight boxing would be even more successful than he is as an eminent fighter because his best knockouts wherewith just mean his left hand is a fucking piston he has a nasty left hand he fucks a lotta guys up but is he fucking guys up that are just not at the level of boxing ass say a timothy blood bradley or maidan or you know one windmill marcus the guys who
israel and in the end they distracted by training for other types of the us right right by rapid for ground gay rights of movie tie yeah is like is is maybe it's just focus on hands yes and i asked her out here a straight up master i'm they find it wouldn't be close it would not make conor would kick his body apart before may with aiming at close to home but i think his understanding of the distance there's no way may may with would understand the distance conaway hidden what spinning packets the body may with a humble cottonwood name in the body and a clench it would be awful he would kill him he would kill him in amendment no five is much bigger two i caught a really struggles agenda one forty five he's a big fuck side s thinking mme fight it would be disastrous for me with it but it could be disasters and a boxing five commented away the only thing that makes me think that maybe conor could survive as he's a fucking super
dangerous puncture just like my donna was maidan is even though my down as a world class box maidan as a guy beat adrian browner madonna's a serious vicious power puncher and he's real aggressive and wild makes me think like may be like if but if he if conor went straight into boxing may be good in a world class boxer maybe could have been in some some real ricky hatton type challenger entirely possible but even ricky i get de i may whether man when ricky hand was ricky hatton when he was in his prime hunting rickety hadn't should acquit after that fight a man like you blow when we give fatter himself
parting gift threatened due blue while he did have one come back fight and didn't like ali performed i think actually one of winning but he decided that it was over the lost it i think i'm gonna beat out of them could be there but it also could be will patio really fucked him up angie i heard him bad were packing knocked the mountain you knocked him dead what may with a fucked him up but when pack our fucked him up it was like war when i was a bad knock out man he's got gigantic tree trunk legs the spring he's got a calf his cannonballs elect for by four springs jumps actually when uncorked left hands on your chin and when he did that ricky i need is went to sleep it is like the second by british like hope that they happen to like those cleaning up in urban and it came i hear a prince noisy mohammed humming
yeah yeah pretty not seen my comrade got exposed by focuses name guy who is in a series of war as with it wasn't purnell whittaker elinor was mexican gentlemen marcos prayer guerrero marcos antonio bearer yeah yeah that's it was and he exposed him he showed that fundamental boxing at the highest level is gonna beat that crazy jumping in wild shit like that while should in work on the top level guys and so he got caught exposed not fight but you know what boxing is so it's so special the guys a really good that the real
really good guys it's their underrated how good they are like as a person is watching it from the outside he donner stand how good a guy like me whether is i think unless you're there with him always doing stuff i got bed of a guy's boxing em i bet that when you get a real understanding of how good he is and he's discipline to ease more solid and any acts on the outside like like what i say i've never had a little bit he sang out may whether it may be party in a middle replies i gotta go as i threw them roadwork there and he just go run yeah bring the car on the right lines and genes here too says just follow me many goes runnin or he's and tremendous shape noise but apparently now he's he's a little heavy i'm who knows i mean if enough money gets thrown yossi direction you have see might look at it this way here's here pragmatic way look away we can still make a lot of what car macgregor bang so make a lot of money car gregor in emma maybe we can still make
a lot of money of conor re matches nay d is which i hear they're trying to make happen as well that's when the rumours been but is he gonna be the best guys in the world now after nate ds box them up and in choked him out like are is that going to happen again and that does happen again how much will that deflate his value on the open market if you're playing a game of chess now looking at in terms of a guy's careers in emma may fighter but looking at it is again financial chess how do you move your piece you might say look the amount of money that you can make the may whether fight is off the charts right off the charts so you talk in malaga three million paper view buyer something crazy so you do that you mean that up and you you take that chance and he gets boxed up by may weather and these arise vice and loses a fuckin decision and it goes back and he said
all respect to me whether you back to innovate picking out just i didn't understand his hands now it's it's a learning experience it only has this great press cumbersome think it survive he's not diminished too much and i e whether it's not like i'm murderous puncture years not layer canelo alvarez or economic lufkin the glove guineas is bad fight forum in someone like that's a bad fight form a murderous puncher because most likely they're gonna take him out the may whether its very possible he's gonna get to the decision of thirty nine is perfect age granger look if i was in his corner i would say this can be done is to be done and it feels like macgregor wants to get paid because he quit threatened to quit because he wanted to get paid more my no no no life he really didn't threaten equipped with didn't want to do as he did why during the press covetous so he made up he called the seas bluff he said do not remove me from the car and i'm fuckin car macgregor i call shots in the seas like okay well or get cancer you fight so take care and
they had like a long break where they weren't even talkin back and forth into their endangers like nope may have a doctor on ways not off eyes on defining more wasn't the press conference we can move on with you have see two hundred and you see two hundred is about the sport in iraq since all about the it's what's also it's an honor to be on that card is a historical car just like you see one hundred was a historic card yossi two hundred is an absolutely historical card and one i can hold it up a dozen if you can't macgregor or brought arouse ie or it doesn't matter what kind of superstar you are you can hold up the yossi to under car then you have to do the brass so that was their position they took a stand and so now he's in this position where he's gotta figure with fucks gonna do if i may weather if i don't we can i believe he would need the u s blessing i don't see another i don't see a world can imagine a world in which he doesn't need your fees blessing what's wrong
all these plan what she doin now you have talked to her and i believe i think that the type a champion that she was ass good ass she was as much as she dominated i can imagine she's gonna do it again i can imagine that one fight will set her back that much but she also has massive amounts of distractions she has huge career and movies she's you and giant movies she's wanted for commercials and this in that book of funds yeah she's superstar she's superstar but does it hot her that a girl that she beat twice me should take as well as the champion right now and was talking about yesterday right here i think i think rhonda obviously had a bad fight with holly home holly home obviously had a great fight with rhonda i think holly home has a great style for rhonda if rhonda fights that way but have run it doesn't fight that way
if she fights the way that measure fought she stays on the outside and to fight a little more strategic and she uses more movement and she'd incorporates a bunch of different types of take downs renders a champion she's an elite athlete and she's one of the best expressions of joy now we ve ever seen in all of them and made her judo spectacular if she focuses on that aspect on the grappling aspect the judo aspect take down more than trying to out stand up holly holm which i did look like she did in the first place but in her defense she said she got rocked by a big punch early in the first fight so it's very difficult to say how much that that had an effect on her she did get cracked by holly like early in a fight so she could have been out of it and not able to stick to our game plan whatever it might have been entirely pause
when you get cracked like that everything goes out the window you never know it's it's not only person knows is the person who got hit you know because we see it like aldo when although far macgregor he's got knocked out is obvious we saw in front of us his body stop working but one could get real close to that and we didn't even see it she could applying she dropped when in honor rhonda could have been just out of it a drunk not knowing what she's doing like literally looking at life through a hole and shoot eyes that is entirely totally logical so if they fight again and random managed to not get hit like that she vital to be more strategic i could see rhonda absolutely making a go at the title again absolutely absolute would be a champion again she's one of the best the world no doubt about it but it's a matter what does she want what does she want to do with her time what does she won dedicate herself the waste dedicate herself when she turned up division it's it's a very difficult thing
maintain an especially difficult when you have the massive amount of distractions that she has so much hollywood in her life so much hollywood money so much money so my lets you you know you wanna take care your life and you got that an anxious these sets a think too i also think she's taking care of man i mean rawness gabby worth millions of doubt mean if she just lives fairly frugally and she does she's good i mean she's not by gold underwear certain issues she's pretty set if she wants to just be set and be a normal person but i gotta i urge that fire probably still burns just i can't imagine it doesn't i would think that the intelligent way to do it though would be to have a warm up fight that's what i thank you know and people would say she's just go right into the title fight what if she loses boxing is a reason why boxing as warmer fights there's mart they ve lived there of the already figured it out we're up fight a good for two things first of all the name warm up really does warmed up
get you back to competition and we saw what john jones when john jones recently fought when he fought p we specify daniel core me he felt himself and he said it couldn't pull the trigger falconer rusty in their because he'd been out for a long time more than a year so with a guy that's trying to get back at it you know a thing was critical for him to have a tough fight against allowing opens through whose a world class number six ranked light if we get another belt as a warm up fight were then fight daniel call me and then we're gonna see what's up i think for bonnets probably a good idea for us to do that to fight like a top ten contender a tough girl like jessica ire someone like that new lives that girl chance give just call raquel pennington give her a chance give her a chance to prove she can do and maybe even upset rhonda give rhonda chance to get get back to dump his but not be fighting for the title so who knows who knows what she's going to decide to do but she's again
to set limits on what you want to do it's matter what you want to do their legs now sought a matter of like a financial decision i think at this point in canada like like like so i'm thinking i'm kind if i'm kind of like i gotta work on a ground game on upset is he doing it i'm sure yeah those pictures of him he has brown bout apparently downeys train then there are the real issue is it's a law long road to develop those kind of snails at high level you have to be in you might look good with a few moves like every bluebell like sent some bluebells have like one nasty arm bar i disliked is due to do like a certain technique and they'd they hold that shit down a razor sharp miss but if you can avoid that how much else does suits it's like having an argument with someone if someone doesn't have a good vocabulary and you have an argument with him they might say
once again will you fuckin stupid and my work on simpler but you'll i'm stupid what are you dummy and then they start talking that person you start talking with a lot of different words have been a lot of good points saying on things that you know that they can argue against and then he starts stunning them right that's what a good argument with two people well from emily fighter only as one or two moves feeling of a few things you're not gonna win an argument with a someone is virtually skilled jujitsu like that in a lot of ways like someone can have a fairly good vocabulary and unfair a good understanding of the world but if you are in some sort of a debate with richard dawkins about science but you're gonna get fucked up of you debate christopher higgins was alive or sam harris about religion you're gonna get fucked they have more too was more weapons more understanding that's the same why would you jitsu this formula
richard was his name richard low richard dawkins like like he's a debate team eternity about the fuck these other scientists they have no idea about the realm of carefully as about or rain on their motherfucker dog and it is part of our everyday wouldn't be sire villa clergy virgin media zero is debating clergymen rabbis he's crazy people of ancillary believe ancient listen man i forgot here in words so that works are willing to do some soccer games man oh you re the world a soccer oh you can introduce it let me know very site it's for its body do i know what you're gonna do what are they come in talks rascal ones are you why you people tell you right now you go stop fallen down people around you know nobody likes that
nobody likes they shouldn't do i didn't do it is now too is an aim billina onawandah here but don't do city like god i've never lighted but people do it to get the free cake or the penalty or two percent off he has become a power game is unfortunate so let's just get out the way before you come it's because ass you gonna see that but besides that it's it's it's a man's game you may get the fuck out when hell pennington choked down actually evan smithy blood was pouring down of aid if she strangler unconscious with one second ago with a bulldog choking the first around that's a girl a hundred thirty five pound girl and you get smacked down there oh boy fall they hold their mouth they roll around like a baby and women in when you watch women's social women don't do that remember do women do not take dies and smart someone needs to started campaign maybe we can help in maybe your podcast zero up us arab what does your bag
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