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#797 - Alex & Allyson Grey

2016-05-10 | 🔗
Alex Grey is a visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner. Alex and Allyson are co-founders of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and are currently working to build Entheon. http://buildentheon.com
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my guest today to the to the great alex gray and his wife out and gray the alex gray if you don't know who he is amazing artist a visionary artist who does a lot of vast psychedelic our work and they have also founded something called the chapel of sacred meares and there in the process of building up like a real sort of a cathedral what how would you describe eddie it's it's kind of a church ella them grab it's called anthea their building it right now it's one of the reasons why the came on the podcast promoted and just to talk about some cool shit they're beautiful people they what i would call super hippies so please welcome alex and alice in greater detail
logan experience and we love you too have headphones thousand thousand gray hello higher yes great joe thinking turn that sucker around so that one day ago now oh my goodness is joe ideas part two and when joe india's configure the hazards welcome folks what's going on we are in the middle of bill and see on i've heard yeah that's her over the thing you got us kicked off really the last time that we spoke to you we were doing a kickstarter campaign to build anthea like three years ago we're in the middle of another one because we started building
and we need a little more money to finish the interior now we ve got a three story twelve thousand square foot building with a new roof and incredible spaces to exhibit visionary aren't so it's it's there and i guess it's just a matter of time about finishing it more money we get the quicker will be able to finish it other images of it right now currently in construction that people can view all look at that jammies wow s amazing where'd you get that looks like really old brick school looking brick eighteen eighty two was built unease at which we were saving the carriage house from eighteen eighty two so explain the process so it started out as a carriage house yet a new deal save part of it yes they surrounded it why oh susie rounded it with our inside the building
james grow back up a whole on the morning or get back up to the top one the reality is that while there s just one room on the third floor that's for the sacred we're gonna be re floors yeah we're gonna put criss cross kind of scarf lattice across the angels nancy on my diagram i suppose there is a more recent feed of the interior now we ve got a couple of the actual angel there were ten angels in the previous term installation therein in new york city and i always he went to the wrong alex groundwater some where or tie a yeah that's relevant listeners it is ass
well let's see so there's a space there is one of the angels over there that's a why mrs the planned corner one of the angels are the four corners that the direction of the building then were kind of recycling the carriage house has the corners of the buildings pointing in the cardinal directions so i thought that a feature of them there will be angels of north south east west and part of the whole thing is getting for quadrants together on top of the building there's a steeple head that is basically a four faced being that the sector is the people the four
directions coming together and visionary oneness so it as a building it a big basically godhead and that a real image of the actual outside the building with angela no that's bad lock up yeah that's the computer model that was made by one of the disney animators ryan toddle he's the kind that is responsible for running the one of the digital animation teams that did does utopia and frozen amazing model or about future but this outside of this building that might be the clues look and building on the planet earth go up a little bit and you'll see
of course things about the video that is an area that it shows that kind of spin around the building itself now is done by these amazing nurse that that's from that fraud so you ve got a kind of ev lucian every thing going on on the side of a year and then it gets to the ear the front door which is adam and eve creating a better world so it kind of brings together those mythologies of those near this development guinea we can you zoom in on the avenue jamie is this assumes it is gas is eta kudu season in the middle of them patsy actually down below wade below their say it with their varying to say
while so you really did the producers and then a sort of replicated the dna which a lot of people believe was what the producers was based on the first he's right it's all growing out of some marsh rooms there at the base alex did the drawing why and then it was sculpted in teak woe full size for by eight foot doors there's two of them and then we had it scanned without a grant to have its scanned and then it'll be on door in metal so it'll be cast in metal the originals well beyond view inside because they're made of teak observing wretched so it's working terminals economy caston francais why that is so cool and so what is going on with the evolution thanks as the evolution of the lower hominids they become homo erectus and then what is
child like thing with arms a air well i wanted to thanks for noticing that on the end of this paintbrush watches kind of flying up and indicating a kind of upward trajectory there's a drip coming off of it the drip also act i can eyeball the centre the i've always the earth and there's a skeleton a child and the person whose voice grown woman and man on either side and they each year reaching for the planet now the question is who is going to get the ball basically the scale to another human yeah well that will we be handing this to the next generation or are we just gonna blow it so this tell them for two represents death
yeah represents the end of the line for the human species framework is a genuine introduce your page the incident ages what is it does the house gray chasm seo s m this is build anthea dot com this the young kickstarter then how long's it been going on for now and see about twenty two were halfway there were forty day campaign we're about three times where we were less we did this campaign the same length the same days three years ago two thousand thirteen and where three times ahead of where we were i wait we we actually yum well we did a hundred and six sixty percent our goal the last time so where were you know we're challenging ourselves to even higher what i meant was how long's it been under construction along its ban since september twenty fifteen ok so
beer yourself you're a bit so that is the ultimate end date we believe this all be constructed well it really depends on the money that we raise to do the exterior the interior want to have done by two thousand and seventeen and i'm and we're aiming at the winter of seventeen it should be doable you know everybody is telling us is the ulterior will open the intuition and then we'll see
now who knows ministers indications that like you don't know how money when he's gonna come in this campaign is only to finish the exhibition interior early and then if we still which i think we will need to raise another one point five million dollars to do the sculpture all exterior which is done by three printout it's three printout twenty feet high by eight by h and what is the substance it's meant well it'll be finished in glass reinforce cas concrete but you print out the foam then you make them all you mecca fiberglass mauled news bout couple dozen moulds that will be needed to do the sculptures and there's a place right across the river from us thirty minutes away that does this sound argument i am we're
thinking coming to california there are places it do it out here but we found a place so close and they're doing the brooklyn academy of music and some of the big buildings in the city has anybody done anything even remotely like this will you'll see theme parks when things are but they glass reinforce cast concrete we'll make it enduring like it it'll be if they don't knock down with the wrecking ball it'll be there in a thousand years that's the split the building itself is a two minutes it's it's made to be enduring that's our mission suddenly the mission is to have this thing survive you d listen to build an enduring sanctuary visionary art to uplift a global community that's our actual mission do you guys have a caretaker when
you pass of unity thought of like when you move on to the next dimension who's gonna take over this thing it's a church is ever came a church and teeth an aid and so the church churches generally run by that its board and staff that works there but in the board of directors are the people that own the church we actually live there but our house that we built dinner will be belong to the church everything were doing there will belong to the two forty acres compound basically valley sooner that's that's where tapping there's twenty one people work in there now while i trust you guys were the church that cannot trust the whole idea than regular then i'm gonna go crazy but what i would worry about avows establishing in church is not me i would work about what people are going to distort the message afterwards that's always the real issue the real issue is whenever
have something you're gonna call church or religion or have sacred area will you take it very very seriously you gonna have at least one person has an elevated profile you know there's gonna be one person or people who run this thing that we were going to look at their different than us they are elevated they are the people that are in charge of this and when people that feeling that they feel that their the elevated one car that gets tricky that so slippery it's so hard will you go to manage here's one of the ways that we try to avoid it because we never claimed to be enlightened ourselves you know we're aren't as i trust yeah well word where creative artists and like a lot of artists we feel like windward really doing our thing that there's a spiritual element of that that your create poverty and spirituality some house seem like they're very strong connected
there isn't any mythology about it well if we're basically emanations of a cosmos that's creative then were little embodiments of creative energy and that creative energy can be used for the positive or negative in how you and it comes from the way that you view the world how you and i take that and so as an emanation of creative energy an artist who has just said like an obvious symbol of that and so we see that throughout history that
all the religions whether they agreed or disagreed all used creative expression to get their message out and so it's one of the things that unite all the different wisdom traditions and unites a lot of other stuff the tap that would consider itself outside of religionist while i feel that creativity itself is the original kind of religious impulse it's the way of knowing oneself the way of knowing god it so it's a means of worship i mean we look at the the cave art and you say you know they weren't talking about sick or something or disagreeing necessarily is like religious kind of ideas and things like that
were making a mark of meaning and left behind something that was meaningful to their tribe and i think that that's still what were trying to do and you know i think religion because scares the shit out of really intelligent people for good reason because it's such a mess in the world and created such mass and so much divisiveness something that's supposed to be about love that's you know so much heart ache and damage and so what i think is that when i told my friend robert jesse from the it's on spiritual practices i'm spiritual but i'm not religious you know you sing you know alex
we can't let the fundamentalists on the word religion regions too important a word and what we need are courageous experiments in religion let could help us to get to the other side of the bell curve the evolutionary edge is there an evolving edge for religion could we get post secular in the world can we imagine a world where people of most of the people of the world have taken a sacrament of one kind or another and have realised that there's an infinite intelligence at the basis of the cosmos that there is an expression of an end that life is a divine display spectacle you know that the gods gone to a lot of trouble
to create and so you know from the perspective of today why'd you know because toynbee when he was writing about civilizations talked about every civilization needs spiritual core and as a planetary civilization you can't have one religion dominate it's impossible it's just not it's not possible and so how do you need united world spiritually well my candidate is create the creative arts in other all the world cultures have some means of creative expression we get to know that culture through their music through their in painting sculpture various kinds of things and
that's how we get to know each other and see our connections you know and so as a potential you have something that's been used by all world religions something that as a de facto for the people who don't believe in god anymore many of them still believe that artists are trying to do something authentic untruthful truthful to their to their inner isn't the word religion fairly loaded though and isn't what's important the idea behind what you're trying to do right the ideas you're trying to make this sacred place i make this amazing place or travel can go and see expression and see you know that the purity of your create a vision what why why connect that to a loaded word as because
it's as jesse said in my book i think it is too easy to run away from that its it you know how bad neighborhood gets you know and it's just like oh my god only criminals live here and then some ardor show up you know an ape having their studios various things like that sooner or later a really beat up neighbourhood will start halves vitality could have emerson create an air or a creative energy starts to infiltrate into destructive energy
what i'm saying is if the artists would move back into the world of religion we might clean up the neighbourhood a little you know and make it more habitable for people to want to look at their relationship with spirit through even the land religion whereby why religion because religion is associated most people's minds of deities relief religion associated most people's minds with ancient traditions ancient traditions that oftentimes stifle your behavior tell you what to do ro you an offer horrendous consequences for not complying that's what a lot of people think of when they think of the word religion saying what our hairs like here out of this thing by hope but let me get this rocard ok you have this thing this beautiful thing why even name to it why why label it and when your labeling you you're connecting it with all these other religions that are so problem
can you gonna have to explain your way around that why do that sort of just have this raising centre because i feel that were animate nellie connected with whatever that religious impulse and if you look at the what is the primary religious experience that is a mystical experience were usually go to reconnect to connect up link back is overwhelming yes to real link to reconnect to what the self to god the self and god does the actual origin of the wooden vision religio he knows a lot more and french
it is to reconnect so the idea being that there the religion or these churches were set up so that people could reconnect with god so they go about their day they they are filled with troubles and strife and all sorts of stress and they can go back to the church and they can reconnect with god through religion if you go to egypt are you gonna do you just back from them yes and you go to some of these are just cathedrals that are a thousand years old you go to these pilgrimage places and there is tremendous power because a lot of people invested a lot of love energy into a centre and they built a shrine do whatever they believed that spirit to me and that is part of a long tradition of a connected ness with it you know their lands into the infinite in whatever religion yoke and
i comic an iconic yes there a hell of a lot of trouble when you get to the secondary ah religious you know they expire aids which is everything else that you think about religion the primary role just experience every religion started with a mystical experience and people are having those on acid every day now you know and so what are you disconnect from that whole tradition where people were connecting to the infinite before you this has nothing to do with that you know or do you say hey religions fucked up by what if we re imagining what if we re imagined god you know and can't cash
we do it and say this has a lot of a lot going for this quest for the infinite absolute mystery that's at the core of our being and look or of the cosmos this quest to know that it leads to science at least art it's that it's the quest to know the truth about the nature of reality and so that quest is another reason why i think that if you harness that to creativity just artists artist hate dogma you can't have a dogmatic i mean our artists always disagree and you're always going
new vantage point you're always going to have one involving point of view that's part of the trouble of religion us that they get you know this is the right way and it's only like this we're not going to look beyond the boundaries of what you know people made up long ago as the way it supposed to be in another century when you know we did any other stuff that we now so that doesn't make sense so any good religion ought to their view of reality at least science ought to be incorporated into it so you can have a truthful religion without sides sorry are you planning on writing something out like the tenants of this religion the ethics of this religion we share we actually have liturgy in order to become a church you have to submit literature the irs only on state attorney general
and we had to am familiar their town which our word liturgy liturgy like like a document like you know like stuff use on a regular basis in in your ceremonies so however in order to be recognised and you will arise for you don't have to you didn't but it's kind of the iris requirement question do you have a liturgy ok see you say no i guess you're probably you could probably apply and may be joining europe eli it sets like a guy ass to look over what you're doing and really question it and see if you thought it out and stuff like that alex publish arts arms which was a poetry book and if seen artisans so that was really have accommodated now good that was as far as causing liturgy perfect what that's that's work is really fascinate is the tax exempt status of religion
religion is so odd in that way that worshipping and being in a is where you worship even if it's very clear that a lot of profit being made you don't have to pay taxes yeah i just one tell you this little just a touch of the history of why we became a church because it wasn't really ever our intention to become a church all the way the beginning when we nineteen eighty five revision the temple simon hastily alex and on our first india may a journey lying on the bed we both came out of it having vision the circular building what damsels nineteen five we had recently moved to new york together doing m dna back and nineteen eighty five recently re is jesus about we both saw this temple and we knew that this was sort of like a joint mission this was the thing we were going to do together you alex
was we men and art school so alex always had his art and i had my art with shared studio but this was something we were going to do together so we never thought we would become a church but here we were building the sacred site and then all through our life together you know we started visiting sacred sites like we just came from saint marks in venice and we see shark cathedral and here we go there with groups of people and you know like go on pilgrimage to these sacred beautiful beautiful art places but anyway the way we became a church was some friend of ours who started serious satellite network actually she's martine roth black but she she loves the work that actual is alex work is a collector she loves the work were doing chasm with the community in all this and she said you know you're doing everything
churches do you're doing weddings baby blessings and morals you have let you have a prayer book in a basically arson you're doing everything churches do and you're not getting any the benefits of what churches get business no she's a smart really and she paid a lawyer she is the one that funded granted us you know getting too other with our with our guy who who when we went through the process with us it took a good long time you after basically right a lot of essays and then they give you more essays which may be three times through essays right a you submit the liturgy and eventually just moment we were moving to the country was like the same minute church savages magically came and after four years it was a call like coming together you know so as it is though we have forty acres and then we had to fight with our town over every church
our town there's averages mosques and buddhists you knows stupors and you know lots of catholic and african pro and they were not paying real estate tax and we have this forty acres in they were raising our taxes fifteen percent every year we're not make any money alex and i are volunteers are caused by the way and so we can make nothing we give it away and the whole place where you going away it belongs to the community and the community is everybody his spiritual and creative but attends they have a lot of psychedelic files people who feel dave they have experienced the divine and they want a place to go ahead and talk about it they wanted us to the city when we were in manhattan for five years it was just a place where you could go and talk about this because it's legal to talk about it
we would always have security and make sure that wasn't anything being passed around cause we can't get into trouble cuss world like really legitimate would do this in legitimate way we have two took us for years to get our permits to do spilled philosophy you you had security to make sure that people didn't pass drugs around where we can't have you anything visible what you do that is private is your own business if you can behave yourself we don't we watch out for you may i understand i understand that but you had yet bunch we will actually watching people to make sure we always have security there gentle giants we call them gentle giants you have to have security when you're having we have hundreds we have thousands well like some of our former answer from hundreds two thousand people we have large no equivalent people wouldn't perform well that's what happened was a shock and told us that we would be had this whole idea of this temple we wanted to build but where's your community
building a temple is the work of a community he said so we're gonna start forman ceremonies in your home in brooklyn so we did we started in january two thousand three hundred and sixty four consecutive format ago we started them in our laughed in brooklyn and then we went in got a place in manhattan twelve thousand square feet we did it for five years then we found this permanent location in the journey york it's in the hudson valued like sixty five miles from the city you can get there on the train but we found this lovely old retreat centre all kind of imploding and you know and we working on one building at the time the carriage house which is turning into empty on the first
temple a visionary are that we really came there to build is building for actually we have ten bedroom victorian guess house andy office in our studio so we have it we have six buildings to work on building for butter and he waved as this is like a little retreat centre that we're leaving to our community air spiritual creative cosmonaut as fastening that martine was involved in it because she's also involved in artificial intelligence i interviewed her further cipher show that i did you yeah and she has this robot version of her wife bina yeah and being forty eight forty eight or where was she started a church in vienna started a church was called terrorism movement drown you destroy church you
then you're very thorough knowledge is already has a church joint josie is as the church of what's happening now there's some great churches out there really just why should catholics get at all you know i really shouldn't get until now i think after you involved in like one hundredth child molestation he's how much i think you're so i take it and ass that's why you're super conservative number that's hard micromanaging religion religion doesn't uphold that that's just awful people yes but awful people all throughout that one religion mean there's has got to be some sort of a connection with suppression suppression of sexuality suppression of ideology forcing people to behave in a certain way and these blow backs and also the fee i mean i was raised catholic and i want catholic school when i was a young and i remember i didn't go to kindergarten
it's warm running the first great i remembered the fear the constant fear that they injected in you is this idea of what religion as it was great for me because it it just queered me off religion so young so early off i was like ok well this is all nonsense was before that when i was young my parents were getting divorced and mama pair splitting up i was really scared i was really nervous and i was young and there was a lot of violence going around there was a lot of yelling and screaming and i needed something so i remember when i was little i was always talking about god and it was just like there's gotta be if all these people around me out of your mind and everyone's there's gotta be god so i was actually excited to go to catholic school as excited to go to church i thought of it as well
me maybe these people that these relatives in these family members that i live with her all crazy but there's going to be a place that i can go where i'm going to be able to be loved and it's gonna be calm and god has rules enabling you to father i was like oh good lord nope intended this working places words these people out of their minds and my my parents are gonna put me in every second grade and i literally told him i'd run away from home i'm gonna find my way out of this on my go about doing this and seven this is not happening or you and already become rational at seven you know what will you i know it was now nearly always balls you had a bullshit detector that was always acutely attend with it one good thing about growing up in a really fucked up household is i like you you here you have a constant sense of danger
because you're around danger all the time so you don't get to sleep cuddly you don't get to like s calm and you you you have cute awareness of all the possibilities are so mean ultimately that was a great thing for me i can i can really see how that it high your ability to also to always maintain mindfulness near that's that's over everything at once probably allows you to do so many things it's also in others always a balance between mindfulness and paranoia you dont want to be that guy the carries a gun to the bathroom in others i know a lot of people that have surpassed sir awareness and gone into this like acute paranoia i have this statement of saying a lot lately birthing it's important to bring up i dont think when beings are designed to take in the bad news of seven billion people i just don't think i think that
numbers that we deal with on a daily basis with all the indifference of the world they are too much for us to handle its not how you supposed to deal with what's going on you in your community with july and the rest the world you shouldn't be deeply engrossed in all the most this lasting aspects of the rest of the world twenty four hours a day and i think that's one of them problematic issues of our time with social media and with the news that people have this distorted sense of what the world is they think this world just fill with violence and horror no the world is fine it just occasionally has violence and heart there just so many people in the world is so big that if you look at all those people in this giant globe that were on then you kind of get a sense of sky its falling but outside right now would win hills
the bad is nice the worst thing happening in every area sometimes it's not but if so rare would like occasion they give you some good food with their feet in your poison you're about to die they slip you as a piece of fruit i just i just don't think it's good for us i know i don't think it is and i think that's the same thing with someone who grows up in a bad environment you could you could get a distorted perception of what the world isn't think that the bad advice they are currently and is the entire world and it can shape your perceptions and your interactions and therefore shape you react to other people and shit if your actual reality you know it's one of the things that have really tried to impart upon people that i've learned so i believe is that how you treat people in your interactions of people litter really change your reality and this is from mr
they have made in this is from positive distort the decisions that have made as i think that when you look at life in a positive way try to treat people kind he try to be nice to people try to move forward with that the people that you interact with they will get that they will most likely respond were kindly to you in the world changes literally changes in front of you it's billiard balls gagging out of of kind you know that could be sending waves smile could actually prevent somebody from committing suicide that's all those memories guy then why is heard in there and i heard from some from some kids who are you like really desperate am i gonna jump or am i not right and some stranger looked at me and smiled that's
that stop me from doing it less stopped you alex what stop me acid stop me from from killing me in a desert because for me i wondered whether god exists just like your question when you were seven you are hoping that there was something that was not in that there was a centre of peace somewhere again now i don't know that i would ever call god at centre of peace you know i would say that that's one aspect of the entire reno meet storm of being alive
i've i love that were expressed storm and should make a t shirt meets door a great banned a ban on valley meet store that's why we had a grinder attached to industrial fan folks i wouldn't they give us that much table just jump around get crazy dairy ago what great word why i thought of that when i saw the last judgment by michelangelo xvi catholics see again i look at the good things reich like even though probably some really terrible stuff happened in those how'd
ass the vatican but again really awesome art raising have you ever see the sistine chapel no wonder the summer we spent at higher day from nine until five got there the front line and got in the rain see me by the way has holloway there you gotta run all the way through the attic and why in their attitude now you dont want again to their assisting yeah you do what you want to run what we want to see what has happened in the sistine chapel gonna take it and then get there in time where kicks in then you're than we were there all day from ninety five drawing we just sat we gotta seed and we were just drawing all day and our focus it was just unbelievable and the drawings came out really using two and i've been to vatican before after say so when you go the vatican for the first time you have to walk through can see all the amazing this way there because this
strange apple is at the end of the tour you will you go out there and then afterwards comebacks so you on the way you want to take a look but we had already done that so we were like made the decision this our data michelangelo's might man you know so i got it you know that i just that response what do you see any my certain everything else is just a blur and then you get the sistine chapel and it is quite fascinating that you're looking at the work of someone who lived hundreds of years five hundred years maisie like everything that castle catholics did by the way not entities well you didn't but he did like catholic ok he really did he wrote about it and was very eloquent and he loved being have it but he didn't like pop telling him to pay the sistine chapel for its look how long did it take for him to do new the day last judgment is the one that was i guess i've
is called my favorite training of all time that's the meat storm it's like you know and there were no clothed figures on that day michelangelo always still alive when they got a what they called the he was he was a good fresco painter but he became basically michelangelo's breaches painter he was always thought of as the one who added you know close in drapery over the genitalia then that may plantoid painted he loved the body and he made one
i would call an answer pokazem out of it a kind of a temple of humanity and it was very much about the nobility and connected with the greek ideal is tradition the greek ideal is tradition is a psychedelic tradition from the neoplatonic are in the platonic you know socrates and all the rest so that wave was just getting heat he was there when they dug up the laocoon greek sculpture with snakes and the crazy stuff that it really deeply influenced and i just want to say that the purity of the religion place where it it's really true you know like that beautiful you know what would it actually means of the at the core of the hard core of any religion is exe
crestor the art of that religion so you know the other stuff is crap you know what i'm going to do white people have towards each other and stuff that's own deficits and their own obstacles coming out in all over the place even the pope's that have been heard mobile and allowed you know that child molestation to perpetrate most people are sick people and has not they don't represent the purity of the religion is they read your art but what is this what is the purity of the religion and very dependent upon the individual and why does it why is this i dont think larry's religion that we are seeing is the purity of one man's expression his view is beautiful view of the world that we're so fortune to be able to see a look at two five hundred years later what does that have to do with the catholicism i think so
because he was part of that tradition and he was marrying the ideas of the greek ideal and the undead neoplatonic which was all about universality was really more about this judges were saying you know all religions are connected and are basically talking about the the one spirit that moves through all of us you called creative spirit i'd prefer to call it something like that rather than some of the names it get so heavily weighted but i'm comfortable with the word gone god means just ultimate mystery you're we discussed as the couple times on previous podcast how waited that word is it is one of the things that i think is amazing about the sistine chapel when you looking at the two fingers touched
when you look at all these beautiful images is those images they become what people think of when they think of and they think of religion those images they it almost like it takes a form on and in taking on that form it gives you a structure to how's the ideas and the ideals of these religion like seeing something a visual representation in it it becomes a real thing i have is an idea that has an idea that big embodied by about art i grew up in the jewish tradition which is a non iconic tradition and you know this is the christian tradition really is it is a story of a person they were born they taught them they healed they died they rose and in the jewish tradition there's it's an non embodied so i you know
i read the needed with that when i first saw god analysis d and it was really not a person's face at all but i recognise that this is what people are talking about when they're talking about god witches this energy that's easy to interconnect everything you know said the force more than a face zone but that was my ex periods of god now and then and in that experience when i was twenty i recognize this is what people are talking about when they say god it's not physical yeah energetic what i'm saying is that in this guy creating these iconic works yes he gives it a structure gives it like a scaffolding and in that scaffolding of these beautiful paintings you can kind of like form your own categories and have your own like chapters in your mind that exist that come on it's almost like makes those things real whether or not they ever where real weather
ever where angels uncloud it's almost inconsequential because the the reserve all of it is kind of the same if you believe that israel if you believe this is where religion gets so fuckin squirrels because are you saying that adam and eve were the only to people in the world and everybody came from them no absolutely not are you saying that there is a snake and he told eve no no no no no no no but if you operate your life as if those things were reality and if you operate your life the ideals that are transcribed and described in these beautiful paintings it will become a real passed in the sense that it will have a real meaning to you it gets real weird that's where i really weird art in general and your art is particularly important because the things that you pay you can actually see i've seen a lot of things that you paint maybe not
specifically but one thing that i remember was first introduced to some of your art i i saw i forget which one it was i forget what we have seen so many of your pieces i remember gone this guy scene it like a hundred percent you ve been there like when i thought of trip to munich spirit and i saw your articles like that idea he nailed it i mean some people become conic close they ve caught up even though what you showing it doesn't exist attic form in the trip demean dimension like there's no way you can take up you know ye take your phone you take a screen shot don't you want to when you're in there don't you want to press that button and say i gotta say that now tax issue now can i just press the movie how can i capture this will the problem also is it changes every fraction of a second against the beautiful thing about the trip to mean experiences
whatever visual your experiencing right now wool morph into something else and it was one of the most important lessons that i ever learned while trip was in a dm t experience i had parts of negative thoughts i don't remember what they were about but our member the visions that i was having turn dark and like delegate green and black and twisted like there were contorted and compressed like a visual presentation of negative thinking and then i realise that these whatever these things are with entities thoughts whatever they were trying to express to me the actual negative consequences of thinking like that that showed me in a visual form and then i real lax and thought positive any literally bloomed in front of me like a flower and then
change into his wildly beautiful geometric pattern that was like dancing in front of me and i realize like at that moment i got i realized suffers if i have to remember this i have to remember this and i have to figure out how to express this because an incredible realisation that it's not that this like you strapped idea that you think negative negative things happen think positive you're literally manifesting energy your manner testing a certain kind of energy with negative thinking between them that's why we like getting away from negative people when someone like really negative complaining and why need just like oh jesus i gotta get out of here you like you really feel it their garments struck me another vortex i've gotta i've got escape yeah there is there is see
you could think of it like an amoeba around your physical body loud of pulsating fought forms and as you're imagining you know a the beautiful elements of life and things it's it seems to be in a kind of order and awe and may be kind of wafting upward it these are like the spiritual pause i'll kind of frameworks sometimes that you're seeing life through when you're tripping you know i'm seeing the connections between things lines forming and things like that but the more kind of organic geometries that that show up you see this intelligence of life and the the the light of divine intelligence that came through for us
unlike in this language it it's seems to be weaving things together and when you are in touch with that infinite light that seems to be the source then that is you can keep it upwardly moving and very evolutionary really caught cosmical consciously moving forward and when then you're thinking rigour four thoughts are thinking negative thoughts and anger and things like that there's a constriction that goes on in your heart and kind shut things down in that kind of like you were saying wasting in curling in an darkening and things are are all things that when your journey
you see they manifest literally a near the flow of europe the theatre of your imagination and so i think you really beautifully describe that just in i was told there i think it's a disease of consciousness i think it's very similar to catching a cold that you know you don't see the cold you don't see a disease you don't see it but it affects you and i think that an analogy to be made about diseases of consciousness that you can get locked into these terrible ways of looking at the world and i think that's one of the most things where we are trying to do in terms of building a community that we can build a community and build like a conscious ideology that that is sort of prescribed to people and their staff
abolish of a very positive and loving environment you can spread that like he can spread of disease you know or having for no better word love love the seeds of or whatever it whatever what you would call me you could do it the wrong way you know you could do it well nazis didn't do a gang is car didn't do it some horrible people throughout we have done what their similar things and waterways because they're diseases of ideas there diseases of consciousness or you can do it the right way or a good way or a beneficial way are positive way and it seems like throughout his we almost have to see those negative ones to learn the consequences of of letting these things happen i mean it's one of the reasons why germany won't let in the scientologists they hey
we ve seen what happens when cults take over okay we ve got a deep history with fucked up group thinking so let's just not let you guys in and what we're talking about before the podcast were my trump and what's going on this country right now and i was saying that i think it's probably a good idea to to have this moment where we realise like we really have to pay attention like we were we can't you see back and not participate anymore is look what happened when it's a mockery the whole system is like been exposed by this on guy as being a joke and it's always been a joke it's just been a joke that we accept it you know we were talking about hilary and all the criminal investigation that she's under that somehow or another this one and who we know is insincere is a better option than this other person who we know is a jerk off like
wit where's the right and where's the wrong we don't rarely been an election where that isn't true i thought oh bomb was a pretty clear choice and there was a lot of celebrating afterwards but of course then he disappointed people like he's predicted he would it is now gracious and i'm i'm not gonna make everybody happy in europe and i can always be able with me he he predicted that any came through with that but i remain all the elections of my life it was like you know i mean i always voted for the least worse person you and i mean i mean i think al gore was was was up there he was really good and i in our night and he actually won when we actually want to know is what actually that's where the the coup took place right there were corporate amerika took over there really does mean that whilst also work the system that were voting under is exposed there's two using
the paper and then also the gypsy hacking democracy the israel hbo documentary diebold systems oh my god tv answers for there was a vote is their work their money beyond level there but lower they before they were making voting machines woe they are actually change the name after a documentary is every year while they dig establish a voting machine were you can't i recommend everybody watch hacking democracy i think as from one may two thousand seven or something like that but it was a documentary where they expose that these voting machines not only can they being manipulated they were designed to be manipulated they were designed to have a third party entrance like a third party could enter and data and it says madness that those machines are how our election got decided and you know that since then cleaned up and in some way but still too
any system and doesn't it seem like we could actually have some encryption that each vote could vote on line exert and do it in a minute shore and and we'd know here is a perfect example banking everyone banks online who who doesn't bank on mine who doesn't by things online trick credit card transactions people won't get hacked how often go off and how many people how ok what percentage it isn't enough to shift in election i would say it's probably not i would say it's not i would say it if you could make banking sector or you can make voting secure right and left when they couldn't get into that guy's phone or that you can do this and so they should work representative govern there's none ass her anymore wooden communicate instantaneously with people all throughout the world we're not talking about sending a raven this isn't the thirteen hundred
this is this is an interesting time and were not taking advantage of the resources that are available to us as far as representing the actual people but i think this no problem with that users there's a lot of people that it is completely uneducated uninterested sore avonlea lazy people we have to energizes people we have to reinvigorate their ideas of participation and immunity and you have to say like look can't just sit on your couch and eat twinkies and watch beverly hills housewives you can't do that anymore because if you do you know now to complain about the world being fucked up because you're part of the world being fucked up and i think in to weaken energize people until we can give people the sense that they actually can participate in and is just a bunch of human beings that are trying to figure out right in the wrong way to do things i think there's a lot of that going on right now i think there's a ebb and flow of social media positive aspects of the negative aspects of it but
maybe i think a lot of that as is us learning to navigate the landscape this new landscape is digital interconnected landscape the unprecedented in human history person we don't i don't think we can understand it because we're a part of it i think we can sort of we're talking about it right but i dont think if we look back in history and they a thousand you're from now look at this day the way we're looking at michelangelo or leonardo da vinci or gang current or anyone you look back wow what a crazy time that's nothing compared to today today's craziest time ever the imf agents of artificial intelligence them agents of a very bizarre method of communication where you can instantaneously reach people on the entire planet where data is shared like that will amongst hundreds of millions of people instantly its anew it's a fucking crazy new world it's a birth
it is literally like a birth it's like an organism coming out of an egg and poking its head and right now the shells being shipped in their heads popping up this fuckin thing can emerge and it's gonna fly will turn you're damn talked about the newest fear you know about the thinking layer of the earth you know and that's really what enabled i mean you talked about it in the mid mid twentieth century and so this thinking layer thinking atmosphere let's around the earth now through satellites through all the interactive technology that where currently speaking on you know is a new body for the soul of humanity in this is now
what will what we're working on now is the fierce fear he can you know it that's what we ve got to tap and access now we have connected in us with each other now as a symbol that should really clue us into something important if we look at other nature systems like my serio intelligence weaves the woods together in that weaves our entire soil and makes it alive really these are spores connected by fibres and that's what we are well you can explain what what's going on the pacific northwest regards like how enormous the actual individual organism of my seal connection is in the pacific northwest its essentially like someone described it might have in macao
as like a thousand gray whales like that's how big this organism is in its essentially one interconnected mushroom like well yeah like the biogas here on earth is being on earth is a mushroom exactly what's the oldest being as well you know we're more like mushrooms than any other plant yes yes they they actually breathing oxygen and breed out carbon dioxide like people you know i've been incredibly fascinated over the last few months with plant intelligence and with plant communication and calculations and this idea that plants have some sort of a consciousness and one of the things that have been driven out about is acacia trees where if an animal eat them and the wind carries the scent of the occasion tree being consumed the bush
in trees down wind smell it and become bitter so that it discourages predation in animals were starving down wind animals were starving because they wouldn't eat the bushes from the tree he's that had taken the scent of the trees that were up north mean its madness they ve been literally sending out a signal to the other plants hey hit the alarm we're getting eaten communicating with each absolutely it's the underground and over ground network of plan intelligence house i think of basically the festival culture as being mushrooms that are growing out of the underground intelligence graves
survivor exactly those her that little fruit and bought a logical cello now i don't know what kind of a mighty southwest did already burning in writing that we're gonna be averting man sir i just wanna tell everybody out there come and be part of the doktor broader foam dome can get yourself sprayed foam and see us did painter mural said doktor brahma that teheran hope we're gonna be in broader camp the map maps of the multi disciplinary association for psychedelic studies many of us now and they have the zenda where people go when they need some help and there is also a minimum with me the sender that's where you know the rangers when they go around they find people who are trapped a bad time how they go to the zen donate they take care of them they're they're they're hoped they got all the
then dough earlier we we have his endo cause it's well it's it's for its appraisal fur meditating and i tell she allowed to get away from the frenetic energy ended face of peace is this a citizen from earning are you know that smells like feet it's really beautiful and ate it sounded strange minutes made out of wood and bamboo and card word so construct that out in the middle of the burning in pieces and ended up put it like that do everything else there while how does it take to put that together color like a week or two ahead of time depending on how complex your put together is but we did a dome in two thousand and six with maps and don't matter would who did the infrastructure and it was called the pantheon on village it was empty and village for years alex named it so now we have any
on growing in in causing but it used to be at burning man but anyway it's did do go now congo is i can't be run that many hippies it's all kinds of people but it is the freest place on earth plead certainly infested with happy so let's be honest with ourselves well now ok people using sack i'm tired i wanna take objection for a moment and speak further herpes because because i think that this is like one of the last places where it's ok you know gets no longer ok to say nigger a queer ok got or vienna i realise that of that right
so if you're a happy maybe you could call another happy a dirty happy dear but i dont have a hippie ok i'm out hug essentially version of a hippie but i don't fit into the mall justice and also a cage fighting consider like the diverse and you know the burning man used to have the genital portrait still studio and the portress studio we plunder down founded or you would love like i should know fire burning man range derived by limiting arrange your guns you should go around used to be open bars there and giving it all away the thing about bernie man is it's a gift economy says it's an experiment in gift economy you not once you get in and it cost something get in of course but once you get his link you don't take your wallet out you can't pay for anything in there's no bartering it's only gifting and people give it away
fighting we attics yeah there's the thunder bashing each other there like nerve sticks it orally heard on them and they but they ve not them get either knock them off of their perch there although this swinging on robots dome it's a dome frame anyway it there's all kinds theirs thousand people their best biggest amazing environment it's like being on the moon it's like not like being nowhere else on earth you have to offer we carry your met your does mask and your goggles and your hair covering and your camel back it's so drawing that you have to be drinking like a cat campbell gallons day you know just there's no insects there there is a blade of any kind of life there it's like walking on the moon seriously except you can breathe but you have to have a face met her the dust storms just come up
the moment has anyone donna documentary on many years so when you're there this dude sticking cameras in your face is that sort of thing you have to have permission everything is fair regulated now and i understand their buying some hope they'll have some because they ve been he loves me everything you said that like somebody offered you're a beautiful cake implying land will drag community should own our own places of of attraction because that is the way you gain her transformational power power to transform you basically have online it pays out how you may restructure this culture where others wait structure is not beautiful cool now we really do not know the centre part is called the plaza and it's about nine feet occur
us from from end to end like big circle the big miles nine miles feet nine feet nine miles across you can walk the whole way a lot of people have car nine miles wealth edge to edge that's incredible outer edge it's me there too the my sixty thousand people good runs in sixteen eighty and its everybody takes care of each other you have to have your own food you can't you got a commissioner with water food in everything and you're not allowed to poor or drop anything on the ground if you if you have and they have full showers deprived camp is near you get foamed you know they have a big foam dome so but you can collect all that water and they collect them in these great big gray water tank hers and take them away and bring in fresh water it's like their product sing setting up a village in in in light of the apocalypse i'm telling you this is the prior you'd be ready yet
these people they were in a week or two from the government and the army went in there to study this because they can do this in a couple of weeks they put it all together long so it's very much apocalyptic preparation you you would i think you would get a great benefit from seeing an end material out of your own i can be with their camp was it like that would done recently it is the weak that leads to labour day weekend so let's go first again of the first arrived amber first monday lay a temporary labour so it's the weekend before the monday of labour day and they have the temple burn is on saturday and sunday i mean it's sunday night and the man is burned on saturday night so when the man is burned you know a hundred eight hundred thousand eighty thousand people come together to see it it's like everybody comes in a big circle around the man
where is the main areas i think i'm going to show you the fog and you know what they have a thousand fires spinners around the man you have to u have to audition to be a fine spin around the man but they have about a thousand of them and their spinning whips my friend joe there's winning swords and poor boy and and all kinds of hullo hoops hours are on fire it's the amazing thing and you go there on your art car you're not allowed to go in the past at all unless your car is approved as an art corps that means it has to be sure some art cars are barking cars are incredible and they ve got big ships like rolling along apply a you know them gigantic three stories structures that move so they have to kind of bee enhancing the environment they do and they have to argue that thing they have to be art and the reason why they do them at all in one big way is so that you can get on the top of them so they
you can see over everybody else when you go to see the man and you can see all these fires spinners they're all around this you wanna be a pie show me how about a dinosaur your party you're parties up there it's all you get your own dj seriously this this car journals aren't the mayan larder my were alex painted it beyond the mayan warrior this year so you tell it showing you how does that word yes sick people pay year went off to these things will incur latch outside of your life is the non town it's like this town that grew up around bernie man they have big ones store you know it's like you drive to this moon like planet this this place is were wall board is made okay so if you people of duration that's what with apply is like in its like a skin you're not allowed to drop peanuts
else or anything on the ground and you have to collect everything so it's extremely eco and you you learn about saving water you can't believe how much you try to save i love the mayan that's beauty there you are mine isn't it would have you what did you use to illuminate it worth their while the painting which is clear cause i'm just gonna stop looking around just gonna want that would show the mask paining air area that i would and when we re on all over yeah yeah how'd you power that they do it changed all do they all have to highlight on you can't even have a bicycle on apply without ellie diesel but what is what is aluminum yes i mean this is for these hours for people listening alone this thing is old with beautiful lights and this the flower of life is in
one of them and what are the other one state though the blue ones above the flower of life is more flower or like there's a second story and if you scroll down a little you'll see there's a third storey see those people of their leisure loyalty e jays in the royalty of royalty i'm just joking but really it's like you know the people who own the mine warrior up there s friends i felt friends no new painted it it was the commission has also taken on board any doesnt they brought from mexico city on its own trailer they drove it mexico city to cause them i would have thought
several hundred thousand border the border patrol of everybody up his trail i was enclosed baffling don't worry we look there's no mexicans and hear sneakily warrior drawers alex's collectors zone probably the most of them as well
they have the most means of all mexicans i would say what are those stacks the stack things is to stacks looks like civil wars and other speakers disco your eyes you and i have read your own dj baby what if the misery of the musics annoying we're gonna musical plan only call shit i fresh air we see these are people that produced are events in mexico city and they sponsor us going down there doing like for events for a visit and we ve done it a few times so do a workshop they'll do a day sir your they'll do and then they'll do any the event the evening event as electronic dance music party at a big big place you know stage painting so these
producers that they produce for bigger names and semi way bigger but we do our are thing down there and so you ve got a bunch of bikes behind it as well as that with others that people are thereby except where people are arguing that they come up late hey can we come up and have a right and you need to look at what some people have millions well if ever you will find you around don't they give ear beatings don't they find you and ngo outskirts snow you mask you're here cover you hiding you completely trailers she wanted to go it's a fiery open why do you want to how well we go in and when we we paint our mural that's when we see we'll be fine verification you can always come and fine as at the foam dome at our thirty two foot mural that
we painting wandering around with the gas mask on and goggles and head dress in the middle of a gypsy forest in some ways they found so ridiculous i'm ok i guess they they gesture i was rent for sure some of these people are always very wealthy likud brought her a few these people turn this very isn't though i would say the highest possible i've ever been to adjust definite broke down you're kidding exactly we saved up all year now is leaving it looks like the alien that they felt when movie alien the guy that in the chair i from google comes to this guy from google basis that it is you sound like a spokesperson for it now
everywhere either we ve only been this will be our fifth time jimmy go back that when the girl has got that blue one above their the blue light one that seems like some industrial strength gas mask type showdown have to have again senorita particle mask but dust you have you have to do now goggles you have to have goggles get any kind of spanner assyria others i sent your enthusiasm i appreciated the fact that we share we always fourteen that was the first time we when we were invited every time we ve gone somebody's broadest zena daughters asean as our daughter she oil gas will spend years she was fourteen and we were there we'll psmith goes to a
a lot of a lot of freaks said using mecca you go once it's a highs fear freak home late under the hodge every year five seems like this is a great idea in a shitty spot and this could be recreated somewhere habitable about that is a lot of perfectly alyosha here's the reason its visa it's an art faster this will end so they make a sculpture and they put it on a bare ground it's like going into a white gallery you know it's like going into it like a white and then you put an object there and frankly you ve got not a space around it though yellow even really look already made using argyleshire you sheets are now and sculpture it's about seeing the art so you know it's not for everybody did not at all but i think that its annexed ordinary outgrowth of psychedelic vision
culture i'm totally joking around obviously mocking it but that's my lady i look at this safari sky now seen far before a you know we were dick we have out sculpture at cause and that was on the plight of two story sculptured at common we're we're getting another one peopled with them afterwards they want some place to put them will cause them has forty acres so we're gonna end up with probably so the ownership churning man sculptured i will do that oh yes you have just read we pay for that that's amaze now lives in that we use that and it fell let's not arise that's incredible and you go out you just visit all these sculptures its nine miles of sculpture you just go you'd ride your bike from school sure discovered many of the most of them are interactive you can go inside of the u can climb up in them they sometimes saves wings and a lot of fire coming that's great don't you get it if you can like things on fire there that's what makes it so saying too
i realise that this is the boiled belgian the belgian law horse kate rise k large we have a key role which sculpture what came was she does laser cut cold steel sculptures that are that our interact like their pods you sit in them they're they're ok furthermore this is amazing we're looking out for people listening will have on mars one look at a modest one sculptures for people that are listening we're looking at this this geometric object that's circular but it's got squared edge is what we call it was wicks wouldn't want that what is that equally sacred geometric form and these guys are maremma there there from san francisco we know these guys and that this whatever geometric signs making my she and alas yes they're making my chevaliers for fur and
i'm gonna have chandelier that that will light with a turn and the like shit falls on people its environs what is it it's called jamie faster hundred a sneak peek at the cause art coming to burning then allow seek what's so could see this online if you go google it it's really stunning this image ok so there's a magazine and has a bunch of these images guy that's amazing that's cool almost work on marriage britain bring a big all of us here will not bring in our v you weren't you don't wanna come joe without an army you wanna go furthermore we have only ass right now i don't care in other words it tens of thousands people do nine hours from here from whereas it it's a black rocks out in about an hour from reno is in nevada
probably a lot of nuclear energy out there for deals tests here we see that the animated give a little movie of all the nuclear tests they ve done in nevada my spine alot yeah lambert's going on out there are hundreds of just two digitally did this thing from nineteen forty whatever it was the time of the debt nay the first atomic bomb present stuff the bottom of the sea that once was made of crush shell and you know it feels like sand but if you walk on it you won't be able to use your feet in the middle of the winter what i'm saying was why you're out of your feet you won't be able to use it feed them have racking the cracking even in the middle of winter i did it once i'm just telling you it it it it i had to walk back from the man
to our camp without any shoes i lost my shoes and i walked back through and it feels like sand at first but then it's like knives little tiny lunar cyrillic shells is a crush crush shells and it must be free and all winter i was dealing with crime movie happy ply of feet see you have two websites and really cover up and it gets to be like a hundred degrees in the day and forty degrees at night someday gonna keep me off gas supplies whom allowing we are building a place a chasm that is going to have some of the sculptures and have little sculptural areas so it and we these small athelings by comparison to the end they ll never be huge like that though but hundreds of people gather slogans i feel kind of tribal and community oriented but in a
the same music has enjoyed we always have fire circle and we always have fire spinning we actually teach fire spinning and we have already if i didn't young like fire all that fire spinning room there those people are the most cautious and we also have a relationship with fire department there in our town we have a sheriff on property at the at each event where there are large numbers of people and so we'd be no safety first but there's ways so when do you anticipate this entire thing the entire chasm we should set teller by that means chapel of sacred meares that's cosmic stands for and wendy anticipate that being fully operational and inaction well right now it is open were open like four days weeks so that people we have an ongoing stream of peace
who just our visitors and there are small art exhibits letter on display now we're working anthea and that's where the grand exhibit will be housed and they exhibit that we had on display for five years in a city that is not currently on display the sacred marriage or not there but they will be in the new space and so the new space as we said we're thinking will open sometime in twenty seventeen probably towards the end of the year and then that as as we can we will build the outside of it in other the sculpture it's just a matter of how many years it's gonna be it's probably take a few years ago in the powerful lotto yeah and then you will be able to do a mass of donations can come in all these must not let the donation think all these things can happen i mean the kick starting look joe you really helpful to us when the last time we did the podcast there was definitely
a rogan bump that happened to the kickstarter that took us to a new level so it lose is there's probably like how many more million people listening but how many years ago that the ghost came on my three hasn't thirteen so i was we're again pilot four million downloads mantra with triple that nice really wanted was for years at least both him and then with a youtube so it's probably like set where the nearer thirty million dollars for failure for joining us in being a temple builder joined her somewhere you guys velvet means i think that there's gonna be people are excited about it i think that the idea behind it is beautiful the idea you guys are leaving it for the community and building for the community's beautiful and
that's one of the best arguments for religion that i've ever heard and best arguments for having a religion be tax exempt but i've ever heard mean you guys you literally doing it further people doing it for everybody its awesome and you know you're our work is some just a huge fan of what you do and i just think that design itself is literally like i said probably cause building on the planet and its real i mean what you're doing is essentially an extension of the great works of all these you know when you talk about the sistine chapel or if you're talking about the egyptian peer man's or any these sacred sites that exist throughout the world doing a modern version of that and it's it's amazing it's really who alex's fifty greatest works i think will be on view there in their original form not she clays but the actual paint things that alex stroked with his own hand and some of them have become really iconic two people there a lot of people out there and have alex's posters and t shirts
i have a burning energy clays and everything but to see the regional that's a study for other artists with decision clay that's like the prince that a lot of people have the limited edition prince that they have of of paintings that wonderful labour intensive our this is made an error that were in other words its approach president i've read it i suppose it click well you nowadays the other thing about anti on is that it's going to display the work of the international visionary ard movement nand deserve i mean if you liked my stuff could see some of the young people that are making art out of their journeys now there you know thereof moving beyond in my work grand also at i think there building and encyclopedia of these demands i'm altered states that people can say it was something
that was very specific in that if you go back before the nineteen sixties and you look art really didn't represent the trips it did ditches didn't look at it now there's a giant body of art that represent these psychedelic trips that really didn't exist before so in a lot of ways it is a key a new chapter in the world of art that one day i think people gonna look back on and once you realize the ridiculous ness of the prohibition on dry especially on psychedelic drugs nontoxic non problematic as far as like health repercussions in wonder like what what was about our restrictive society that put this sweeping preventive ban on psychedelic substances and nineteen seventy in what were the ramifications what was what will the consequences of society is so it was no organic there was no eco
no equal careers and there was there was no you know save the planet talk club the change we never heard about that growing there was there was people they were talking about their circles certainly people that were recycling and composting and doing things on those lines and trying to leave a smaller footprint back then aware of it but as far as a gigantic global conscious movement and also the urgency that's that's attached to it today people are stepping back and are looking at islands disappearing and in others the rising sea levels the global bobo this is real this is actually happening inside of our lifetime theirs lot going on that i think we're we're we're in the middle of and i think this visionary art that that is going on right now we were sort of in the middle that i think as we look back on it areas people passed us look back on they're gonna say this is a very specific era this was an error like if you
go back and look at religious history and you look at the list of the enlightenment you look at the in various styles of art that's connected to religion or cultural change in seed is big shifts i think the visionary art of psychedelic is a big shift its huge i i think that it's the it showing that the big news today is the sacramento ah assertive reformation you know that there is a return of the sacrament to the west it's been demonized and hidden for thousands of years now it's back and you're not going to get rid of it now it's here because we needed there's nothing that's going to turn consciousness around toward a sacred planet that wants to save itself from self destruction like cycle
there is no greater prescription for sole medicine then this is the stuff that is curing all traumatic stress of of that that's you know and marijuana is part is leading the way and the maiden s nose and opening the door literally for the sacred drugs the return of the sacred drugs no we don't even have a context established in america but it's beginning you know do you dv church one their right to use the sacrament the native american church as pay eighty there is legal precedent for let us use all randy you handle as as there has been throughout history except for the last couple thousand years while in this country as you were talking about them they may mean just really the last three decades and five beth oxy dime ethel trip to mean them about that stuff on mine
again the two thousand and one or something like that you could just order it from some chemical company they sent you a bottle of a yet the whole world high i remembered ass great times it yes it wise and as somehow we ve got to find a way to incorporate these sacraments i think they're being globally i think one of the things you said that you just sort of gloss over but it incredibly important is that marijuana is the door opener marijuana is the guy that you let into the party that has the magic does anyone and he blew it on everybody because once that gets in and especially edible marijuana is edible marijuana is psychedelic drug and many people dont and that's one of the reasons why people eat brownies or something they'll say oh my god someone laced the brownie now that's what it is that that is the most form of marijuana the edible form of marijuana and it is very visionary especially
high doses its incredibly introspective acid like in a lot of ways you know you you get a perspective that is life changing and shifting and it's one of those days national ships were even if it's a small degree of change over the course of the rest of your life that small degree of chain it could equal or very large shift in the direction that you're going as you can you down your path that slight turned to the right will make a huge difference five years now ten years from now marijuana becoming legal in colorado and we are seeing not just the positive benefits in turn of the community you're looking at people that are making way more money than they ve ever made before you're looking at housing prices real estate prices going people are having a new sense of community where they like oh there's others like us like a magnet for freaks and they evolve flown in colorado and
shut up shop there it's fascinating i did it no they're a couple months ago at the bellicose theater and it was amazing it was like this place has changed in a year i recorded my last calmly special about two years ago two years in august in colorado and then i did the most recent one about six months ago in colorado the most recent spout show that i did there and i could feel heal the shift when you driving down the street you see the difference there's pot everywhere people are smiling the lowest incidence of drunk driving they ve ever recorded lois incidence of violent crime everything is dropping suicide rate as a half yes and money money that the state is making business saying they literally a surplus of taxes is an attractive made more money from taxes from marijuana than they did from our call for the first time ever no one's ever done that and you ve got this happy commute
and now seattle was entered into the mix now wash indices enter into the mix in november california's going to vote on and i guarantee it's gonna go think oh yes of course it is well let us try to send a little blessing new york way ok because new york has so far behind i'm so ashamed of us come on we gotta move action and our people will happen just love it so much i think that just them the ideologies that are were in place that stopped it they're they're eroding the people too there are two out of touch they understand the the mindset of the young people and they ve really underestimated the power of this movement they do this a wave and you can't suppress it anymore movement of people that are upwardly spiralling the people that are healthy bureau all posit ecological save the planet educated more thinking p it's such a tractor yes and so everybody wants to be part they wonder what's
is that it can have a power but we were talking about earlier we're talking about plant intelligence there is an intelligence and marijuana and absolute undoubted intelligence when it exists i think it all lancet existing jobs and our youngest not not all plants mirroring systems inside of the human body like can since it was the probably the original where one of the original cultural cultivated plants i think that humanity over them millennia worked out a symbiotic relationship with its plant and so we have the endo kanab annoyed system yeah and indeed and i would say that probably many of our health deficiencies are because we're not getting our cannabis fulla th seattle agencies and no one day the air may in the thirties went to
congress and said please don't make cannabis illegal it's in half of our man listen you know four eighty seven years it's been part of the american pharmacopoeia plea allow us to continue to use it no it was struck down and so it's been repressed since then and a lot of it is just been pure racism actually that's the cause of it without what those recent papers were released about the nixon investigation that's one the rate the ways they demonize the black rights movement civil rights move and also the anti war movement is they attack marijuana they attacked psychedelic drugs and that was the reason why they pass that sweeping legislation in the first place was just to be they have a reason to arrest those people they knew they could attack the community's attacking this community's the best way to do it was
after the drugs next and hated them and nixon was a traitor to america nixon was probably with bush one of the worst we ve ever experienced and through his hatred and venom we have the drug war that now for over forty years we ve just been labouring under the boot a fascist trader that wants resigned from office he was he was he was enow impeached really than that it is they go back to what you were saying about fungus because people sometimes ask what does what is l s de what is it what's it look like what is it and i wanted to mention that recently there's micro
traffic in images of well let it is its fungus growing on right so there's these microscopic images that you can call up and look at that and see the lsd it looks like a field of little tiny mushrooms just microscopic well remember the the revelation that they have the few few years back when there are trying figure out what caused the sale which trials and one the leading theories was that they had had a late frost and the late frost had caused these fungus historic red herbal ergo to grow on bread and that when that happened these people are experiencing very acid like effects from eating bread they sort of freedom blaming people for thinking that they are being possessed and was a whole way of paranoia that came from that unbelievably fascinating when you think about that
where it really is it's actually thea to be cured from ergot tourism this side bishop of there i guess he was responsible for shire cathedral like a thousand years ago basically prayed marion said if you'll cure of this arrogant tourism which is very dangerous in out but it leaves so many i will build you the most beautiful tempo ever built you know and so he was cured and he did found shark cathedral as a result so that's why the cool things about ergot ism and ergot but the coolest thing is definitely honesty and hoffman ability to stabilize that now and then
so basically the course thing about the psychedelic to me is that day in and the science that has been done as the good friday experiment and wrong gryphus work and that has basically given us the best evidence for the existence of god because sixty five percent of people who take suicide and in a safe set and setting in their spiritual inclined will have full blown mystical experience that's now sides its proven so a majority of people who take a psychedelic basically in a positive setting and they don't be another not priests get so themselves you know not a borderline personality of here stable priests get sonya that's important put out is i think a lot of people think that psychedelic or for everybody but unfortunately there's some folks amongst us and have a very difficult time with just regular stable sobriety and mental issues
in the end they're going to with science and medicine and science i think we're going to be found out is that these psychedelic sir going to cure schizophrenia i really think that when they when they use it properly cassettes what science is doing now their exports hunting with all kinds of which gives a fredericks what what scientists but i'm not sure if there's any studies with schizophrenia ex but i i because it mirrors schizophrenia it may be i don't know i think that research will be done related to all kinds of psychological ill us and dumb but anyway it's cool so many things that can cure cluster headaches and studies are your harvard yale johns hopkins on their being all the big universities that king that maps can get funding for rider fund for that reason romances really fast amazing what they ve done is just add a
an actual intellectual perspective on psychedelic drugs undeniably researched really well documented perspective that so important about midnight when i had my first experiences with some with maps i remember thinking like thank god that someone like this out there some similar dublin out their rick dublin who has taken the super intelligent approach to recognising what these substances are one of the positive benefits are and how can you get these things slowly but surely through the legal system in that's what they're doing now them dna that's what they're doing what's the studies that are doing on soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder and all sorts of other people to police officers anybody great event be made victims have violence victims i think that's it it's important itches its they deserve really beneficial things that were being denied denied by people have an experience them which is the most
chronic aspect of it it's like something in penicillin but they won't let you try it is you know that use it themselves now and we know that such things as i began exist there is a way to interrupt opium lloyd addiction and the addiction process this is a potential cure for the many millions of people who are currently opiate addicted i will gain therapy has been working out miraculous results for people it help some turn round their lives and to stop needing the junk due to three days at every turn treatment its literally miraculous we know it exists is you know the department of defense oughta be using it for our poor fats that have returned from an unrighteous battle the whole cause
their suicidal behavior i believe is because they were told to go by into an unrighteous battle it was a war waged on lies and only to create basically to kika kick a hornets nest in out to keep endless war ago it's working pretty pretty post traumatic stress disorder stress really fast really fast it is that there's this reaction to stress to intense ass dramatic situations and that your body has this is almost this intense anticipation of a constant battle of constant stress and the can be interrupted and that this is really no other method we can go to therapy all your life and slowly perhaps slowly the memories of this and give yourself some psychological tools to manage these experiences but as far as
something that can sort of stop it in its tracks was never been anything stemmons true that has the power of psychic dogs post traumatic stress disorder studies are showing that eighty five percent of that's that have it and are otherwise untreatable are are having a success if drew one treatment and perhaps god grant to do a second and third trial that means the people the fifteen percent who didn't you know really feel a relief from post furnished us or get a second term and the third so it's it's amazing it's not me it's not just the substance but it's the psychological therapy relationship was also the reset the he said the control or delete for the mind the resetting the consciousness that i think so many operator momentum we operate on the momentum of our past that's all we know and that sort of the the but we were
connected to that momentum like a safety blanket like we believe that this momentum equals the future and entered its very difficult to get out of those groups that are so deeply carved in our consciousness trying and almost nothing but empty i may will allow you to get that distance and for you in in order for you to transform out of a phase now the psychologist basically say that you have to be able to look at your subjective state from an up now another objective observation on that subject of state and so that's literally what's happening with sea empty i may your distance
from it you can look at europe behaviour or you're what happened to you and with more dispassionate you can have compassion on yourself enough and start to forgive everyone involved and it's it's a miraculous and life changing which then leads to new neural growth up in both simon an empty i may they ve been charting that others new neural pathways not only does it just feel it that way literally is that while it is changing your mom it's changing your brain while and your mind our folks the kickstarter tell people jamie put that stuff up on the screen show people how to get to it and if you can give out the url billy land beyond tat calm build envy
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