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#799 - Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen

2016-05-16 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Together they host "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast available on iTunes.
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you have seen and somewhere along the line it really wasn't that monica was that we talk about some fights but we talked a lot more about all kinds of shit like we always do just a couple of friends three friends since around suit the ship hope you enjoy it please welcome brennan job and brian cowen the job will gain my doctor we are law bitterly the blackmail with this just saying how annoying it is i listen to the podcast an episode that i did was whitney cummings i was listening to excited had a long drive back from irvine and i really annoying is i'm always clearing my throat was telling jamie who makes the best butt
coffee but it's a stout badge and it gives you gotta lotta butter some good though taste goddamn wire rise like a hug they thought tat says about coffee tape then came a war on coffee he says the single warm hug so what it is i was with keith gerardi in carentan on the airport and we work where we were somewhere cameramen he said you gotta follow me as a wedding just follow me there's a very special coffee place here and literally am i augur well i'm gone and we walked like a mile like lino one is what will airports brazenness places this is the one place they are very good coffee talks can like really car and they were closing and he said do you mind steam opened a little bit longer and the gaza looked his ears is i suppose it was thank you will have a couple of these coffees police guy poisons the copies then it was just so funny to watch this brute of a man sip the coffee with such
detail and and break down this taste is but a citrus in this sense eu rather get ripped out of the car will then i do not know but then i just because i may i don't really want to just come with me going about it can you stay open we don't really want to just stay or business reared why your gas on my knees a bully sit down i want to talk to you about something nobody gives a fuck about a flavour of combat now i want you to which it is not my my breath after i drank it and get a little closer to my hair and eyes now that's that's going to drink deeply of my love for a real doubt cute loves gaddafi he's a smart as you do very small any loves to go to coffee shops i railway train and gather we get done draining and he would take after bookstore coffee shop finance glasses raven sip coffee i love it rises marwood caprice and very misunderstood guy key georgie's nice guy of all tat you have your property charging you might be a piece of shit that's your problem all this year
how is it impossible exercise geiss near he just just very unusual interesting humble guy who fuckin loves coffee it has this tape paid loves the shit teachings tumor table sit here and help will do podcast gather motherfucker old down for nightrobe each nature is two hundred and seventy milligrams of caviar dude wheel we're we're in this class but when we are in texas in gas we are one of his clubs which we had our afterward a hug you dont place yeah sunlike there and it was brow i have four kegs as i can it's one in the more tell us what to do with it all night man can you understand he sober data
and you'll use a lot of butter in that beard haley's london butternut beard beards and he's not above grab me about the waste and pulling me right into his lap i'm sorry i'm sitting in your lap i not i'm afraid to move out of the way you should be a smells like a book store is lacking a unique smell like a hippie bookstore gal i like blacks and happy all we ve got to cover you caught the possibility he smells like would start but see a lot of those duties that are sober and you know i love keith nausea tasted of baltimore boil uptake devil take my brother i love that guy does rather the anonymous guys any any sobriety guys they drink a lot cross logic off that's like that's why they're getting there these can a little charge a manageable charge it doesn't fuck up your life but it gives you a little they like it some of em like cigarettes unfortunately yes coffee and cigarettes together rock
like like boys i don't know if you do i mean i guess you're not ruining your life in terms of decision making with the cigarettes like you would be with the booze monsieur body up the more rights dylan nicotine argued in more its replacing one addiction for another dependent on what your boozing though right i bet you can kill you where you could definitely yourself in one night with booze on rights and he can't do that with cigarettes now so i guess it's more toxic around a lot of those attics become like marathon runners because the enormously from running long it's the same thing so they can now is that i was with joe showing yesterday and his so called a watch that guides light up to be just a world champion kept box her and then just smoke a cigarette once more
just like i'm so fuckin tobacco doesn't work involved with may men on small concerning tax is his foe highwaymen smoking us since i was twelve its unfortunate because i think in its loathsome downloadable jos awesome even with it but i definitely think it's a performance detriment it just is ever sport relies on cardio as a huge factor why would you personally limit one of the biggest factors you can even you can mitigated somewhat with hard training and healthy lifestyle and do duration smoke a few days you can made mitigated but think about a sport where people tried so hard for little tiny fuckin bombs of improve at that level and about one brick world champ like it sometimes the problem is there a difference between amid the amount of decreasing performance you would get from smoking cigarettes versus the amount of increase in performance you can get from taking some things like what's this
should they keep getting popped with the russian boxer has got out and doubling maloney him yes what is it called j j receive you could find out please it some i think it's called melodious like a version of ie he'll give raises your resembles nevyedovsky explain it to me but a lot of russian guys are getting caught with all while this without violating but here's the thing is where what's important it was legal until december yeah but gone back to schilling this is my only and i don't advocate smoking ever write my family members died from it cancel all that stuff but with joe showing a guy like that if he smokes every now and then i will have to be smoked him if he's smoking cigarettes and it allows him to be more free and creative inside
ring it's a sum was helping to sell your john insurance rely to be more creative maybe coms ancient maybe coms as nerves you ve been doing it for so long in niger joint forum so it it's almost the same thing with john jones man can smoke a little we'll still be world champion the bathroom planet we will have to take all we're dockers and act like a child i've seen a lot of people who have to be very very specific incorrect and intense in something alot of ties the way they manage i stress the stress of competition the stress of living up to expectations as they have won vice they typically will give themselves a recess mostly on smoking girls whatever it might be human beings tend to do that more than they dont most athletes don't and i would say that was my biggest problem was i had everything had to go we have be mapped out be written out plant plan minute by minute and if anything went wrong i freaked out yet and always wish i was more of that maverick joe showing maybe have us
a great maybe go crash abandoned with hookers but don't you think that's maybe like the cigarettes necessary it's the attitude behind the choice to make cigarettes party alive correct that's what's necessary that was made though when he was much younger yeah but he doesn't have to continue that patterns heels asian markets a very stroke a lot like i know i know you know that we talked about it and i know is to try to stop these trudged up when it is my feeling if you try to stop something it means you want to stop something so if you try to stop and then you don't stop the means it beat your ass like that is an important part of your life or you can win you can what you're in a competition with yourself and you can win you don't this is my feeling about this and i'm not trying to be hard on people but i think this is an important distinction when you fail yourselves when you decide to yourself that you're going to take care of something and you going to kick an addiction to go to do something and you don't do it you don't like your
it's much again one of the most important things about accomplishments and about overcoming bad things new life if you have something you don't like smoking cigarettes and you don't kick it you you won't risk act yourself the sand the only thing going i would say though is that sometimes liking yourself isn't so important for accomplishing great things there a lot of you that what is for happiness well we'll be right yes but sometimes happiness can be the great stopper you know it's like harry door which won the book war they said will you happy being a housewife for thirty five years and she said why would anyone whose happy read a book they i'm not saying that you have to be suffering but a lot of times i dont know that being satisfied having peace of mind and an even being happy which of course we all are striving for sometimes that can be a hindrance to what got you where you are in the first place and i'm
speaking primarily loving developing great write books screenplays films made by smoke not yet you idiot and insults over areas and so it but but when it comes to addiction one of the things that they found that way easier to deal it's a lot of people say will you stop smoking because it will kill you or stop smoking because it makes no sense or stuff and i could you not discipline that tends to not that might work for a short period time of people is go back there that point and what does work better malta you say always a lot of people quit they do but what what what helps with quitting from what i have read and what i've talked to him and even my own experience is that you have to start associating the act of smoking or whatever your vice might be with something negative and associating and even feeling the difference is i always say about people who want to get in shape if you could feel if people are out of shape and eat a lot and eat your food as they can steal how much better they they feel i'm just talking about the pleasure principle
fingers feel what it's like to be in shape i think they have a heart easier time going over the railroad to get there they'll be like you won't realize how good you feel smoke until i mean the withdrawals and all it's going to take forever to get through that point so that's that's a hard point i don't mean ivory obsolete but some people who have smoke like already said that to this day he quit years ago still think what he said he still gets an edge you'll see people smoke inimical gotta looks good like it is ape how're full powerful draw garlic shilling can kick it i agree i don't think he wants do bad enough but also with with this kido diet i stopped all sugar i can walk by mrs fields dont worry me by mrs feel that will freak the locked out goods so it's back now because for a while you're saying you don't even you don't even creates only if i go by mrs feels like i'm all my brother and i was like son i think my well here is a mile will you know it causes morbidity mentality of scarcity so abused
thinking last cookie on the planet you're gonna go for it i was i was your metabolism down you know when you start the scarcity mode that's one of the things that they say about people that were incorrectly starving themselves like love like a little tiny portions of carbs and then you know and then your body's like what the fuck are you doing and your body slows down because it's worried about losing this is no food coming right can actually thou with the aim of metabolism slander that's it we don't hang onto this shit the only way like fastings good is when you're bodies inky toes yes because in your body starts burn in fact the fact that thing about addictions is that this evolutionary biologists net is named scares and was talking about how the fact that if like an addictive mindset people who are extreme who need food for example wherever that kind of mindset actually served our ancestors cave men the idea of fire
ending pinpointing what you want which is that dear and running after it for three days until it you know falls over and that that now need that will have to bring yes what's the problem is when that you take away the fact that have to of deer for three three days you that that we stop i have a lot of that reptilian sort of cave man mentality and the most successful people in those societies now will tend to be the same people that have the same insane drive to get you know do all the cocaine or eat all the food or drink all the alcohol or or or that the earlier addictive to working out or to their sport in the north this time those those too you know these people children and so do you those world those elite of the lead the one percent is there not the faster how some of them are not the kind of guy like michael jordan needs to say that michael jordan if you beat him play a ping pong he wouldn't talk to you for two we attract iq that's rifle can be angry use piss on yeah
it's what produces that intense level focus that creates a guy like michael jordan and i also don't like themselves is a little bit of that and there but the question becomes what do you want to be happy you wanna be healthy or do you just want to be successful want to be like some miserable person it's laden with addiction that you may or may not be managing but that is creating some success like in the form of art like maybe music or some like that fit a lot of music it is there's an argument for that verses like a bet nickel back eat a lot of eating food grandma i took that have been made to bring the latter i better get up early do yoga data so much shit they job some heads have some songs i enjoy they have that one like this one song that everybody has song we was it was an honour its the theme the rock star song like i'm a rock star like there's like the fuckin my favorite virgin cyprus hill version the eu must not be neglected
i simply reorder that's the shit right that's the best virgin back superstars nickel backs god they got their own version of it it's one of those who have a good song unfortunately other than ever a lot i would not we broke it on this latter go bags about here's dears but is something that i think we all recognise about what they did is that there is a side tat is something the sort of this ingenuous or something contrived or something but it still let me see why does ever initiatives are matters that i think is there's almost fake you know later yeah i kept
brazil is adding their fake it all you know what i think ban thing to hook there there are successful and i think a lot of dumb people like them it sounded there no good i think they are good i think that a lot of you get associated with some your fans there's that and someone started pick on them and use them the punchline and then it became that punch like is why catches there is like look at all the bad music oars did i say bad obviously tasted suggests subjective and i'm just talk about my opinion right miss my taste for me there's so much shit out there but people love it doesnt work more punchline like nickel back became a punch line or white do you like my own to michael if they had had fox lad action by michael almost dogma michael say i became a punchline michael buttons and i was just music and all of a sudden like the right people start to make fun of me
and the guy with the hair yes and they sell peters make fun of me and i am just caught fire and i would like it to literally became i was just write my because we have long here you're like a turtle not gonna get working at this boy's isn't bad voice there is there i couldn't michael you need a fuckin mere ask yourself what you given these people you little he's on the come up user is in those new commercial town and he was on the lonely island video he's bass is verities very town see buddies rock and normal here now upper left upper left gauge back handsome guy yet someone's dad that's perfect launch a little too much make up and gentle short here he's got teenage daughters you gotta go to this house and meet him we take is daughter the problem yeah i got my dear alike ass he was organized relegate does a fixed all the hare thing was out of control attract it's almost like the back in the bar adam to distract us from the top who well was i've had some weirdness going at the top was dislike weirdly cropped just a hot
trust me there's a guy's try to disguise baldness before that's executives doing but that's what guys ciba geigy there that's balloon guys with guys if a duty dec waiting himself a little too much worse if we all go hey man what's a guy because that bracelet why are you wearing bangles what's with the tiara i can't i don't know what the fuck is going on wine walk into this room is economic unity with so many girl native american deerskin outfits with the tassels and he's got there lay bare claude necklace dynamite of medicine bag you prefer to forget the heap beer charlotte carries out popery gave body that can better be suits and a good one how many bracelets can you before you and ass all cat that's a good question have like like a gang of those bracelets unless you're fucking chris angel causing us randy go to her cuisine angels the brandy baby a lovely relic no is as you are you weren't a scarf and attack top you gotta make it
my eyes what did you ran away what are you expecting sir i don't know them ready but you know what he gets away with you dial is rarely it's a fucking prepares for everything even where the bracelets you wear a scarf he can do no wrong re wired what what happened that made him say i need this scarf i was starting to mind look he's gonna scarf stop for a second this is randy fuck in kyoto in america work with a sigh i like multiple times world champion one of the toughest guys it's ever walked the face of the planet earth you don't was dialect well hollywood gotten when you know it make you a better scarf needs us can only if the only needs a more in depth scarf it doesn't need a scarf i'm gonna get i know you'd where a scarf son of a brandy whereas wants a why can only shit lies in so many scarfs you like scarfs the guy like scars he's he's not there maybe so if someone foxen we takes it off and kills them with it
may just ready for a ass i was i each oaks really i e chose me things we do she'd wear black belt around his neck of regos legit point point he came to tat planet image we in career like when he before he came back and fought tim sylvia he came to tenth planet a did a grappling match what jacques array remember that he had agreed imagine zachary rico temporarily who was a passing up one of the most important guys in the early days of emma may as far as incorporating wrestling and submissions rico's huge alike asset to a lot of guys that we're just starting out and and to this day as like as helped a lot violet mac danzig was work with rico before he retired and it was like his last few fights and was like rico is fuckin gene is man he know so much and he was like one of the early guys that was an arrest where there was tapping out black belt
i use he was like really really high level ressler in fact he's in the mark schulz documentary fox catcher marshals wrestled him i'm pretty sure yet he went well rico is absolutely chairman i believe he was an olympic alternate i'm not sure i know i know it's like super high level wrestler and then on top of that super knowledgeable about submissions grow created a professional submission thank you months and so randy far jacques rains professional submission thing he so strong shocker i tried a lot leg larcom he had his leg he couldn't fuckin straightened out rashes doing like lead curls would not straightened catalan
son got these like grappling string with a similar level not hundreds of years of gov squeezing things brought much more for the very thought the autumn a cheetah in toronto is the week of the file on their doing a panther yossi and i see reign in the hotel i may be met him once before hey man you're good striker i need you to help me tonight this is the night before the fight my car use i need your help me ok he had some jimbo extremely towards in toronto would jump into hummers where they got an idea drive to this location farce how we could the humming an undue and so the night for the fight he's doing round son you almost got just do like you're he's already made way in almost as just kind of prayer win and loosen up oh not not captain america are now he had all coaches there and his striking cut some couldn't get into that
country for whatever reason so they all big brown airhole mits form i don't hold me a hitman now if they know that don't fuckin hold met but like we need a sentence stands out ball and every minute anew guys can rotate in our andy for five rounds the night before the fight was ranked or make fuck em do one of this guy says so his coat you're gone different eyes gone be different situations and i'm trying hold mits mind you have never hold minutes i have to stand south pollack loaded with cheetah owen randy is it hidden them like just feel now this dude fucked me up i mean how hit me in the chin knows bloody knows pick me up slam me once was just let him do it every wants this dude fucked me
every round my dear so he wants you to hit paths and and shoot doubles an ear ease her shoe doubles onion take it down and hit you as well yeah use i doing this set up where he would is like a straight right left her can i get in on a single leg and outside god man you're you when you come in and strike and i feel like you're open for just that this set up again i don't know renamed i did trailing before that i don't feel like us in a position to say anything because a guy feel like european self outwardly aldermen he's not gonna be there like you're coming straight out of me i can be there i told coach them right now he got this unit has been there for a guy for short rennick tour pan watching the fight good to see you here think had not those who might like way to go shopping son of a bitch jumping jumping from cacus what i may yeah exactly was i wasn't random knows the biggest event ever have jacques right did to veto this weekend damn
he's a monster i think i was very surprising that a well it's this is the victoria look in that in our this veto that you're lookin out right now send vittorio with diminished none of us thirty nine after tonight is increasing the has legs out so skinny and his ass wasn't there you can't you can't dislike is only so much your body can do if you're not sub money your hormones after certain age and when you see guys that fucked with steroids most of their life and then try to operate offer them you have real problems just kick starting endocrine the current system set up way over him on thursday we saw the boy he's he's fig the way to get down to two hundred and forty five he's younger a little bit then vitor first ball but he's figured out a way to get done at two hundred and forty and maybe doesn't have as much power but i think what he's realizing now is technically like as a striker
at a fucking very high let more technical than anyone that the austrian is saying that mistakes is made mistakes in some of his fights and mistakes in his approaches mistakes in like how big tried to be or running out a gas like in the traps brown fight when travelling travis cod with a view to the face he would try to finish guys often didn't finish that guy's off economy fuck now because i don't skills as also with winkle john that that fuckin jackson team manders a lot a great people for whom the train with he's roylance deals are under say now that he's one of the guys where you see drug testing kick in and also he looks completely different reality now yes to adapt the way fights he has more skills and have you ever been in the new one else when come strike in nagoya my happiest i'm cloak ran pre he went to grant money refunding guys around his technique so fund a watch and he dongle spar with em and says he just learns watching the guy
this is why i am saying is he's a guy where the strict druggist testing cakes and can see a physical change and still doing well he's better he's better invite my car firstly does ass is fine really smart i'd say smarter not cautioning ratio is used coming like a meat had to get so much power yeah exactly and that allowed him to get clipped and i think that when you seen a fight now like especially perfect example june dos santos lycaena junior dos santos out a lot of people like maybe juniors maybe he's done now maybe does not say any more than junior comes back fights brow ben roswell looks better than he's ever look so junior it's fantastic and then you realize o o dreams good him he's going to explain to me why grand prix k one champion is just so much but is the biggest of the big of all especially at a time when he did it doesn't exist anymore but at the time when he wanted it was bought her heart we go gone saki the fuck extra as in a little best repeater words these these guys like that one
the growing hurry i mean he wanted a general ban ernesto whose too when you go back to like the history of k want goddamn andy hook what was the way the strikers of all time them most intertwined the exciting wild crazy fight between the heavy weight and they would knock each other out all that yeah i'm since she'll get some monster all my god semi show good luck on that guy says i'm feeling or could you a commission in which front kicked the shit out of you how to fuck did he not play professional mask but duty was such a good kick boxer wish i wish there was more money and kick box so she back then seven feet tall two member one character of took him down and mounted images punched him in his same eye over and over again use dreaming better sweet attitude i was one of the most disturbing likes finishes of a fight character
off took semi shut down or at the got on top uncharitable was all monster scared the shit out of he was very scary because some russian military dude and you he was beating semi shilling he was torture and a prisoner i'm not even kidding man he liked found like he isolated i'm gonna go on top of em pinned down and then kept hitting him in his cut i had was a lie that yeah the same i just hitting the same in semi shit was screaming at one prisoner of war stare gets a manful that fuckin example will need it wasn't said man it wasn't good it was something crazy about it i warn you might you money came in austria shortened did work to know that we thought our latchkey was done after you smashed our landscape member me
nor should not worry that marked all ask me he's a k one striker territorial beasts to hold different families not the best of k one you know he gets beat by the best guys and k one but he's at a super high level is striking is no fucking joke random it was really get to cause he did a lot a box and head did deef and get the fuck out of over him why the fuck out of honouring knocked a milestone psychoactive madame running away from him running away from him and then he folds against them and then when they bought strike worth they just never moved him over i guess not wonder what happened i think he had some injuries for a while to a bit eve i believe he had some you know some issues and gained a lot of weight because of a member gallic real having yeah because he lost in the heavyweight grand prix than dc want that it was our loss what do you think i'm gonna happen i will say barnett ha and barnett beetle my regular jimmy whom are going cradle remember that fight when what do you think would happen where
stay fights over that's next i will know one hundred percent i tell you if you look at others their scheduling to them what they both foreign same time offerings next he's one for a row he's the guide for the job that both there i think you have to wait until travis brown fight some came velasquez i think when in britain but this is my thought came velasquez if he beats travis brown and some spectacular way you're gonna be calling for him to fight for the tide ass the toughest via thing for me a message only because trap so be it grill if it for how are they trying to sort out our king if if if kane is in shape and that cardio thing and just would in his grill locks in getting close and rustling either better is probably at least as good or ressler or
better ressler then state that kane is overwhelming as it is now imperative lodged and writers nozzles as a rehearsal whose wash fighters my whole life like watching the you have see all the thousands of fights i'd never seen a heavy weight that can put the kind of pressure on some of the king and his is different his courtiers different it's crazy like he's get double lungs that's it i'm not even join maps of overwhelmed watching is finally to be arguing he's number one possibility walter i do argue that in order to meet people get mad at me they say fade was number one like maybe now i'll think so look i don't i don't really think that you have to be open minded about this number one debate and i think it is overdue and just got knocked out for dumas in the running for the debate on two percent many similar is a failure in his prime really summits monitor oh and i don't think fit or wasn't his prime know that's why i disagree
for our guiding argue as you first gotta do it when it was faye door and then after that girl i can cause i already but i think he was already on the slide here knows but they were still that kind of prestige fails like ass after he lost that nose like factor the whole issue has achieved but it can always horizontal is coaches were saying that his his own mme coach after he knocked out brett roger said that fade or one with his old tricks but he would have liked to have him from more time training and he thinks he's not is approaching it correctly any just one by being fatal but he also caught or for doing with that all trick he caught em knocked him down and then the mistake of federal mamsie jumped into his guard but member he jumped in power but he caught him really really well knocked him down with the exact same time you did too
everybody before that ok maybe maybe or may be ver doom goes down on purpose a moment a punch which them so he could drag you envisage orator which dies you he's smart guy verdure is a very smart fights marlon saturday deadly did not lie the work which we face first cause you got tagged if you watch the stoppage if you saving and find a highlight our showed to exist something that i wish somebody brought up during the actual commentary he got tagged right before you got knocked out they got tat doing the same thing the right hand he move forward he's making these advances he moved forty a tag with that right here and i think you are queer street and i thank you running add steep bay on queer street and got knocked the fuck out and the way steep i did it was fuckin work of
are the angle it was like anderson sylvan forest baby right in the middle east and better is even better better his angle was sick of his right hand was nasty it it's also ye ve dig it kid early and introduce training seen him train it there's this competition within it jim when you get here i gotta get back its hit and these i don't charging bombs i thought this man i think it's probably a little above i agree because i definitely take off he got crack and unlike well that is a big right handed he got hit with and it's in the same manner the same discharge and forty got hit that's how all the got knocked out against macgregor have you gotta be fuckin real careful charge and for those who are thinking hogs wave our targets and you know you can see bays not got some great guys but he's not a knockout artists perceive comparing like a market and who else and i'm not gonna arts
when a guy's charging in like that and then your counter with right and it makes it seem way work while his might take on sti bays power i think steep as big power but i think you fight economically intelligent when he's a smooth fighter good pox he's a very good boxer golden gloves boxer but he's like smooth and relaxed in the way he spars it's one of the things it makes him so dangerous as he does things very correctly you know and i think oh dc was on the commentary for you have seriously was talking about gettin the rub you know it was talking about that experience when you have a tough fight with someone you get the rub any funding dos santos they went warming robbed and this is what i mean what he was saying like daniel says we fight someone it's really good and their better than you even if you lose you it elevates you you get there rob leg just by share in the ring with them just by being in that re by competing with them you realize how good you are
you get when you actually get better and you realize how good that personally i think he got the rub when he fought junior doesnt us in a way because he went five rounds with a guy who is one of the toughest today tough guy was one you know a champion and knocked out came last gets one part anyone five rounds them and the decision but when you were an entered his best shot down and i also think that to go back to disease point your point with the rob i think of the usa level especially given that top echelon you know you're gonna be were telling you you're good but like when he beat or landscape you know starched em you dont learned much from that man when you go up to a decision with a world class guy then then you know when you do something right right your camp you're doing it right you're good gas you realize what works what does it say
so much more young and he's gonna like you said war with j d s and we seem getting better and better well what's really interesting now is the here's the dark horse and nobody talks about stephan struve only twenty eight years old that fuckin dude is gigantic he seven feet tall and if you can put it together we put together and bigfoot silver the other night knocked amount i love the guy has a bunch a knockout losses i know he does but he knocked out steeper strewed runs out steep a lot it as is only lie only of sea gaps looked doo doo struve do not count i out stupid inside like taken and he's got that heart issue and stuff well i don't what he's got going on physically but i'm saying that kid if he puts it altogether when you're seven feet tall how long does it take before you even get coercion needed right i mean it's like you're sending a message and its
to go so far before it gets your fuckin hand and then so mean have you thought you five guys are super tall i jack man those guys me what would you like the thing is steep aid would be are not stupid struve would be such a friggin handful of could learn to use it reach will you guys like roy nelson when you get these are upper echelons dies you know nothing as big foot but off to your tea or whatever the kazi asking me that offered its i think anyone the top twenty gonna fuck sum up but which drove in real time to me who they give him next ostrogoth fucked up i over him and over those are always super intelligent fight the way father took down beautiful take down got up and his ground upon the thing about struve got realise that kid as setting forty fight is assured
loaded mile how well this is our art and the mark bobo does now bits but our wise guy what is the medical condition i forget where the same managed to mark deals with malta that market knockout jesus christ market without leaking left her shattered his face or to mark on it so fucking you ve been cage sites in that task to associate hast rising steeper can get i am curious to see us debating get the wooden box and distance of ouster and take away any of those kicks and airy sets up i was getting them interesting ouster barks man he cambodia for sure for sure its light be i'm gonna tell you knocked out junior with one wants that he's the best striker in the usa billy division maybe of all tat so so so steep eight steeply then is going to have to close that distance and knock them
necessarily out steepy could crack and look ben raphael knocked about the first round city be has better food thing can happen and foot workin allister's been stopped lot those genes the question this is does think people forget with astor a fucking grapple oh yeah ruslan grapples ass ugly ass you wanna go to drown him your middle world will he won the abu dhabi european trials and impropriety submitted veto yeah he's got an he also submit a market has a nasty guillotine due to issues relating to see look always forget elaborate have just as a striker but you won't get around that i dont think steeper has a lot of submission work under so stupid i train for two years together that kid as submission defence clean out we're shouted
black belt if he s russia to show you like goma plotter real specific office of move its and think that black belt level but his defence and that's steep ace defence is nasa super nasty which is what it is really good at defence is a very smart athlete you know and very good and this when you have a guy who's who could probably be a professional ballplayer write you a city where he could probably be a professional body he didn't make it yet in making these at this level of of an athlete now what i'm saying is it's rare that you see a guy like that who comes over emma may and fight like soup were technical super smart whose also really really tough but he's not got over yeah fort professional behold tire fayza hannah his head is the biggest head of ever ever seen into large at nice animal time he's a great guy but he's he's gotta rare set of attributes mean that he's
pro sports athlete level like as far as like like his visibility is movement ends intelligence in his approach and training and then on top of that he's tough as fuck stuff as tough as fuck like in this fight let me tell you something did i wash his five very careful and one of the things that i was noticing was like how comte he was through everything through the walking dead watch understand each other down one of things you can really pay attention to is the shortness of the breathing if you watch people breathing during like nervous situations a lot of even if they look com you can sort of see this uneasiness in the waiter taking in oxygen you your sense of tension you don't sense any of that shit looking at its he doesn't come from like a mastermind camp now it's just his boys
leave with well he does might have a mastermind kept me there's a lot of masterminds out there the donor the right people i'm i'm saying he's not from like a jack and re the eighty he hath classes shit with in cleveland does work and then goes in these and then say people from burning building who else is in adam that camp it is the hardest island i may just so the isn't there is less smith from the no zurich helping and right now just guy knows just i just gotta so they have tough fighters just like it guys like a really skilful trainer and you know you ve been doing it for a few years you have to wait for the right sort of walk to your door i mean that new market through the door i know that you do not mind with eddie bravo with any bravo took forever for him to find someone who could do his style and improve in competition that its very effective not just with him unix does it s brother
or dad the guy with the moustache and earlier that guy with the most guys awesome you talk about steepy being com remember is finding right now does not that old brian white collar guys dad so you're serious older brothers values i rather doubt i guess it is not just some fuckin thick dude you know any bravo had a rugged point about this we're talking about on the phone whose like fabrizio look too relaxed elections coming up to to the ring was making that face that he knows i am now i'm so sorry that they always being funny spin silly i dont do does anything wrong with a fire try to stay loose at all and i think that's one of the things that for breach yo does to have a good time he likes to make that silly vessels in doing it for ever likes it the man he's boys for bridge over doom if you won the fight made their face no one say a fuckin word if you went out there and had kicked steep amy opec you know no more say a word but it didn't work out so when it doesn't work out that's where everybody comes shit
on the same associated with collar with economy gunners walk out you have aroused you now say with raw when rhonda lost everybody's mad at all this shit they loved her for they loved for don't be a do nothin bitch and fuck you it's a top kiss my ass they hated run down they they now think she's arrogance is the same with collar with shared ease in venice right now drive around a broiled roy while now look i just you know it's just what comes it's part of what people love about people braggin are they want to bring it down no man in america look i'll lose steeper looks because loose means fighting for the title nice and lose so that moves away gettin argued he surely a title earlier tube at stake here
such a nice guy and a lot of checking to lotta good checking of checks i kiss my ties very goods la very educated with his movements and look for breezy has got some fuckin nasty kicks man and it like right there is striking is much improved finally travis brown fight man over recent years may dangerous on the last guess fight dude is striking is fucking legit he's long a shit and he's got confidence in that nice which kick there was a beast i think in order be that dangerous of a fighter you're gonna have to open yourself up a little more than we fight a real strategic guy like steep agar and get a little bit of trouble why think what happened in this fight imp particular is that he forced it yes thank using in this gigantic soccer arena is the biggest crowd in here st mme in brazil look at that beautiful lake and also rise on them yeah the incident idea so after all nice the technique is real nice but
who i think for breaching just so wrapped up because there's all these people in brazil and i think he's a confident man i think he thinks he's the fuckin best in the world he just has to get a hold on do there's a right now great writer see so now we can take a shot at care but now that but now look is forcing it is unfortunate because he landed it yeah so watch way starts to force it he gets hit real hard and then he gets hit pardon knocked out he tried that knee tries ford and one sees you got here single attempt there there was like such a against beyond what was also does it mean he might just trying to make them work relentlessly maybe open up possibilities excitement you drop this single letting you just say to the line austere debate right and rain she was not afraid just be right in your gloves not dolby he's not ramage but he's relax like even the waste drawn that chapter uptown like he's economical and when you're echo we're going to five ratified suitable chat i was a very nice leg fabrizio each time in their job and great inside lurking in the jail
also is super light like you just floating out their path nice watch free that is my job to be stepped up to the side they like that that jacket i feel like that is too tat you know it's not no attention there in arms and i could sleep flowing a check that leg it again nice like by steeper now switch so right now formations realizing look ok this is an easy if i can't i can't say that's why you're a writer bang does the commissioner is now back it up again was just just back it up just a little bit too is worse chase it up so what his chair he rocky earlier players really ryanair crowd withheld probably right i sought direct ojo i see that until any man and he came ass yes tat he got tagged hard with the right hand right and then he kept charging and then he got faced planted with the second one death that first right hand had one question again to you because he's moved
ford and steep aid drops it in autumn and it's the same punching knocked mouth and its whence when steep based rose punch this is how you know he's good at revives leaves fuckin good but this is how are you you knows is techniques that are real high level his arm is like loose and and grows it and then as it gets to his facing titans it down and just this smack like rouses move in a way tat gives us a super efficient like really technical punch to do to throw that way moving back in that sense it very much like what anderson did forest gryffens also calculated to it twice and they both then and there but you can tell their working on it so he threw he threw that that the left hocker try to re write and right away deriving charity i'm moving back moving back and some he stepped into the sky when it does that it had to guess who took it doesn't even necessarily have to be that he planned it out and there was a part of game plan i fell asleep aid does that i think he's a really good striker if you look at it
maria and i think you lookin at a guy who's super fucking determined man steep a super turned and when you're a guy that's that focused you're gonna get fucking really good at everything so after he gets that fight jobs in a job flutes economic aid is to it so like thing he's doing so relaxed and efficient you don't see a lot of jobs for breach of cattle see a lot of jobs like my all time favour fighter probably if tell you who are most excited sea fight is private letter writing bohme see that radiantly stars russian is fuckin hurt here yeah man didn't just get mad his legs jolted he had let you could see legs if an up when you get hit by their first right hand he had heard and then the second one face plan some deep asia dangerous guiding and are going to your leg mistakes they cleveland let's get our boy goddamn pray
no one when shit no jail abroad you wanna jack every other year sea fight us how'd you tweet about steepy your boys from your fuckin hometown he jumped off the fancy goes the workshop world man whose what it was like like coming into his is is is mind like this information halo braun the duchess happen fucking game of fourteen year i love it i love that man i love him i love what he stands for i love watching them as a fighter i love that he could do that i love it i love that he did it in brazil legacy to watch this watch health still back see it's like tank yeah just dropped it in order to be able to time it that good to do this watch the timing thumbs potion iming pushes is handed do and put the same here did you see oh really let us overcomes tweet crack yeah yeah wants a final year said your next india blood sport meme see that that way showed but that
that would you that highlight right there is the perfect i left the right because it showed the first one of how much impact the first one had on the first punch was a big factor there man that first punch had him cold weird up humbly woman so cool letting it still sequestrate and you're not a homo mr it's fun restriction like we had away it's a strange why where am i the heavenly divisions fun right now because i don't think we'll see rain for a long time i want to make sure it says fight for questions about about queer street fight club i think that send out the wrong message maybe i'd like a bad signal for dinner what do you know what he's ever it only one question you learn through our right hand and fuck guy
bump bump capital com gap we'll take a sex break i put up a picture though the on twitter of the acreage boys somebody somewhere period of the organised that looks like us have one of only after like you really don't one of em looks like you and me had a baby but what things that i was shocked was like summits is this is it this looks like you and count but i go on my god how gay with the oak ridge boys kill me wait wait what do you see this picture you know what that's our real no that's real this is the act you'll album cover lass they took a full she flew slowly shit and then there is the larry you're allowed to feather hair back then when accession is checked that's orleans ok or early hours mercy or leans this is important because someone said to me after i opposed to the picture the ocean brokerage boys they said they have nothing on orleans
without up and i was very like i want one boy on the right and the beer cup on the far left waited and waited waken a dream and look at this guy looking down at the other guys dick literally do you actually looking down at those guys down arising as free orleans is doing a children's fucking each other just like each other during the show you don't know because they're so blind they wash hair thirdly this is on the phone far right it's callin me how to kid like just lay the guys working is he a pantyhose around his neck what kind of clothing is that around him louis strain tie that's a straight i don't think it's a tight look it's gonna tacitly thinking about and we were right sure you're right at sea
sleep n eat any court or things down he asked you to go to add of radical do you know why that little star and the right because they do that a bone and it's broken out o the top is genus some high turn but it is our high crotch gene is a little brooms there ok thousands because a guy that looks like me on the end here is really archings back any really are a good time for the good the two guys the middle one of them is a magician the other one is a nature guy don't look like a black jackie healer sexting left guy looks like a dog out dies and some sort of crazy orgy were thereby there's too much molly fund back then making music and second there weren't shrimp colored sure jack you're so tight these days
very funny mechanical leans at anymore imaginative of today in today's climate got but i always thought that like that climate back there was less tower is super towers it was back that is like a kid there's a national debate going on whether not women should have to go into the same restroom as transgender people that's a national debate the hood of everything that it would be this country be so concerned with her in people's feelings that that would be a bay par the national debate poor but if a ban went out and did that here we go again forgot it with our gaze shit it's true i would repose losing you got you got a problem at the federal government now asking public schools it get public funds to create a separate
why what's going on what's going on is this just the internet is the pressure of other groups on the internet like what is it now i think like getting us for the first time the transgender community has a voice for the first time writing time you have that bit did we you're gonna be doing to have people that get very very loud and there this is their chance this is their moment to say hey we're here we ve been in the closet forever and you're probably gonna have the louder voice is not community and even the ones that are more extreme drive the debate the problem is that you know there are concerned for all of us for example if you identify with a different sex if it's really the civil rights act was all about sex right but now you're talkin about now you're talking about discrimination based on how i perceive myself so i
be a man and if i put a wig on at but i say i'm a woman i am i dead a fine when that gender by federal law am i then allow to go into a woman's bathroom love that becomes difficult or roma have b is like i have to be cool with everything it might be a little weird to me if you know there's a dude in a dress i met you grow up and you're allowed order where with have taken on the front of vanity fair or or about we are now saying i might want to go back to bruce you hear that now yeah so too so i know you hate that shit eurobonds
to me the little weird that she's on the fraga report illustrates why do they must be fuckin brute and then i got all the homophobic sunlight occurs to me it's a little strange and i can't have quoted sums up i can't be kept force me to some you're right but just that if this is the way to look at it in my opinion you know we have a lot of different minorities let's just take transgender their sexual minority forever they have been relegated to the means the shadows you had to keep it a secret you felt different let's etc etc no stores what makes a country strong and great is the fact that in this country is great in the difference between this country and say russia is russia has one idea of what strength is and that is the biggest muscles and the biggest guns and the united states as that too but remember what makes this country's strong an interesting as a culture is the family
create a safe haven for people who think and act differently that's where you get but like marilyn manson and prince and great artists so the debate becomes how do you make those people feel safe without with out creating major inconvenience for you know that the vast majority of us who say we may not have the funds for a third bath you know it now you don't want all an entire different infrastructure so how do we were the first to set up a ledge senator teslas well fuck you i i i i too it's it's a good debate to have i dont know what the answer all i'm at the tokyo that show that this i found the mr hannes video well let's get back to this issue
done with this u s and yeah look i definitely think that there is a spectrum of transgender people and i think there's people that you wouldn't even notice and then there's people that look a lot like men and one identified with women and people are gonna be scared of them and there's gonna be weirdness involved that because not because the transgender people might be creepy but because we know that there are men that predators that are not transgender the amended
straight that ended i worry about and if you give them the opportunity to wear a dress and going to the women's room and you say they are done if i were being woman except one of that what they wanted on north carolina and this work it's interesting is you had to it does not that you had to be a transgender percinet please someone correct me if i'm wrong i don't think i am it's not that you couldn't go in the bathroom you're a transgender person it's you have to go into the bathroom that matches the gender on your birth certificate of camp is now if you're born a woman but you want to be a man you can get that change urged on your birth certificate another yet again apparently you can keep at it so if they do that if they get it changed and how they could change in your birth certificate sixty years late like they will do here's the problem were now we're in this weird semantics thing words we're not talking about like technical like what how how fluid is gender
we are indeed that we need to really define this before you just how someone to wear addressed and going well in your house they set out by identifying and very different it's a very different area than legislation that exists is cloudy because now you're talking about you're not talk my male female you're not saying hey if you you are in the pension pet plan in this company because women live say fifteen years law or whatever it might be you have to pay more into that pension plans as an example that was on constitutional because it was ex discrimination now these laws are concerned with how someone identifies rarely murky so you may have a penis but you identify a woman for undertaking hormones now we're in a very very well here's the thing dream and have to be taken hormones that's right you can't just identify with being a woman and not what to do anything different than what you are right now and then go into women's rooms like the guy's everyone though joe like yeah
how does it look as if you can say i will gazprom put on dress in just a delicate little girl some but when that be the corruption overall we perhaps yes what will you how many transgender people using bathrooms that's the exception that's it we would accept what is an exception to that is that they're gonna go in there just to look at little girls or molest little boy you're right but if it's one out of hundred is something we should talk about if it's one thing to talk about a week i think up a decision based on re accepts let you have to figure out what it is like a you in that where it gets almost impossible it's it's really hard to protect women and children from creepy dues like in this is not a slight unsure as generous at all this is there are not on the agenda which are men who is talking about who has managed to take advantage of a law that right this is nothing new transgendered giving any power simple loophole where a piece of shit creepy mail edit is allowed to use the bathroom with a ten year old
girl and under the sanction of the law yes unobjectionable are met i don't know about all that i'm cool with a deep sigh be honest even prouder but it's not what you make a law for the exception the first place to make a law that says a transgender people can use a woman's room is is an exception ok because you making a law about a very rare thing a rare thing that when you look at the higher internet and seven billion people see millions of examples of it so you go well transgender community strong wish to recognise their being discriminated against and that's all good and i think we all believe that right we are but that is a rare thing to me a law for when you're dealing with how many women have to use at rest her so do you think i'm second how many women have to use our restroom but what how many how many trends genders wanna use restaurant like what are the what is the actual numbers that we're lookin out before we start talking about this inhabitants the national debate creating new bathrooms great while that may might be the only way but what are the fucking numbers
just get some data will not zonia loosely must be so then how many men or sexual predators well that's where it gets really fuck uneasy all you have to do is go to those sexual predator apps and your iphone everywhere you fucking look through sexual predators now it could be a lot of different things i know a dude who be got label to sexual predator because he got caught taken a piss outside he went outside it supposes dick step outside of a bar and pest and because it is ridiculous but it's one of those backward country fuck state and it was like the nineteen eighties or something of that and this guy got arrested a piece of a porsche aren't you don't piss role to play it's it's not not just one guy that's just happened to this happened a bunch of us especially if you exposed self anywhere near a school or something why has run out or sexual violence sexual predator so there's a lot of shit man on what we mean by sexual predator the problem is how do you define how do you define what when a guys look there's there was a
an article that i read the other day about a guy with a beard he has a full beard but he identifies as a woman he wants people to use women's rooms then he doesn't he doesn't take hormones a woman he feels like anyone handle he doesn't want i've surgery but he identifies tail have so so so here's how i feel my daughter's ok what years back about that that i'll tell you so my daughter said the other day i had a centre and a public bathroom movie theater i assume when i send my you're old into into a woman's bathroom that she's gonna be safe because he's gonna be little girls and women i if i say if there's a dude in there with a beard says you're dead as a woman i'm not led my daughter go in that bathroom unviable that goes out of there and you know why i don't know who that dude is and he might say he's he identifies woman he might be fucking
raising two there's also that possibility but it's not get near my daughter my web browser than the idle for don't trust him because a bearded do not allow that man came out and you are right to say that your ego and some will say that's a woman and you should say she's a woman no i would that's ok so when we draw the line man when we draw the line when we draw the line like half he was this was a big party found fox debate found fox because it transgender and then fighting women say she's a woman but with with a man's frame and then becomes a sociological or a political issue more than a scientific and of a fight analysis issue which is stupid because physically she's built like demand fighting little girl is above what difference does what does show their reactions down once the arms in time that would go then then there's also hips the shape of the hips power
by tongue out of sight of land again with a thought you do about someone like abbe garcia whose clearly taking male hormones like where does that fit in because that look if you're fighting against women and if you're funny and women who are just making nothing but you're taking me hormones what where this line is it peers vagina is that the only line or is there a certain amount of hormones you take will you become a fuckin dude if you look at you if you do it like like chastity bono chaz bono here so it takes the hormonal she becomes he should becomes chaz that's mail ones turns into a dude right we all agree because she says it well is cabbie cars on more or less than her way innovative but more but i would suggest question becomes relevant only when come to it and begins to interfere with your every day routine rights when it when it starts getting into situations where you're going to have to share for example bam example public
space a bathroom some something intimate now and always now we were fighting spotify sport as a union we listening i led not even more inspired way more important because if gabby curses on some shit just fight some poor girl whose just on needle the regular protein that's why it's illegal physically get around excitedly it's not illegal silently on japan that's why look man right yet found thoughts when america get ahold of situations smaller silence when what parliament declining gender we defining it by your own personal choices decide i am this little girl be joanna man i'm going w b that i wanted to talk about this lemming if you looked at cyborg debt this weekend and she was fighting leslie yell assessment lesser her the you look at cyborg and she's a woman of course but there there's something about her physicality that clearly it did she just looks like she was built to
fuckin bang on thirty august unit wronged of yours first right now so locally that ok a lot of it is genetically modified there's a lot of speculation as to what she did too in order to look like that sorry but one thing here is one undeniable that woman works hard she runs six miles everyday trains like a fuckin beast s apparently according to trainers she has an unseen work rate right but she definite tested positive for some she's does possible and also now she is in the ufc and i don't know what we don't know i'm not saying she's taking shit we all wait till the drug results come back in brazil this past fight but at one hundred and forty and one hundred and thirty five she's by far the best female fighter in the ufc until you ain't shit do the way she ran thrones your leslie summit face car technique is flawless this is that but we
craig ass we go to jason pearl whose or boxing ocean because at her level she's been nor forever right to take a fighter that has that many fights and to give them this set of skills now because notice this is what was most impressed me in that fight sheeting get hit ratchet had movement footwork angles she didn't get hit cyborg gets hit when she fight your trade sit bang my thyssen style she had footwork lazy psmith outlined a single punch i see thou it oh shit perillo should begin all the credit and also put forward and i have no work of pearl nothing i'm just analyzes fighters with business to business box ayrton syllables face off a boxing clinic if you could shake hands save face a really is rob us trying to exaggerate appointing europe he dropped and lydia so the most shots ever nations over again a veteran fighter in business has been fight forever what's the one common denominator before i forget coach duty
you think it was dirty when anderson jumping need him in the face or do you think that michael bisbee not supposed com four resets out of his mouth that's on businesses both for every fight her billina who mc lean jack don't go lissom amp takes up at all times be added stop unless i come in then stop rile that where he's trying to say my mouthpieces talking to the raft and there were in he wouldn't you think would you would you agree with when is there a break in the action technically if a guy's talk to the referee and he's moving away and he's not initiate so i can drop them off please my mouthpiece is that a break in the action or is he calling for a break in the action and it could be perceived as calling for bring the action cuz aunt em is not shifting his way incorrect look at how can i stop until i like dude i'm i'm frightened to the death into that's a bad turn their but in till a rough tells me not right on man right when i hit croak up that's on her beam
step two forty time ups on ok but should he be allowed to stop the sea the break in the action things ambiguous here's my thought if you move back move back he put your hands up and go my mouthpiece you put your hands up your calling for breaking the action and the references are sought your place your places to compete with just grant or do they have to wait to an actual break in the action i think they have to wait to actual break but why is that because you should be is not be able to fight but you should be penalized like you see when simon markets for joe showing tipp spitting out map is so then appoint away from other because they bade thought big because he kept spit it out that he was tired and trying to take a break which is what he was doing this guys do do that you're so that it too in order to stop that from happening they penalized veterans but a rough three if he knows that your mouth pieces out he should stop the fight so it's really do drill tricky like just if we have to what is really going on inside announced i'll write you really should be able to see the promise like lips gums with teeth with rotting your face kitten
october as being in the u s and were kind of in coming the mountains acknowledged starts yet it was like why yes pointed at his mouth and low marilyn powers with nate mark or turned the reference said hey he's got stick these gets presuppose angolan natures dauviller went about about that that's gotta beyond the fighter who voluntarily udall utterly takes us also not i'm not a dirty it's not dirty does as a fighter dude it's a very dear sport i see amy glimpse where i can get advantage i'm fucking float may whether victorious ease have no problem with that was that to me with it's no oh no it's like he came up i came home said hey amounts are no minority said sorry twice in the mama that's bullshit bullshit it's not a little shit look no no i'll tell you what it was victorious he's at a mental breakdown he was used succumbing to the pressure he was fouling floyd headmost head budding i'm and he got penalized for women
penalized for he wanted to make friends with floyd and in making friends partly i'm sorry bro look at a lot of times you can't have that in a fight you can't have that inside because of disruption your focus its adding in this emotional connection with this person as persons your buddy i k we're brows were brows right let's go back to fight it happened before they fuck you laptop right hand go to sleep energies is known for their well nigh by berta cold blooded yeah man i think is downright it seems be a thing like it seems like when he got really famous and things are taken offline didn't you do it's scary movies at the expense of unusual well on against berta the first five rounds like shit harry is cause you remember they built him up as a next oscar della boy he was like the golan just never to fight i want to see his glove kin canelo and i want to see a coverlet andrea
called eleven andrew words can be crazy for sure the that's happening conway jerry ward is so smart you says to fight more he so smart but could a minor piedmont enough may not be enough against another matter so hard please i'm just so high skilful flocked kill a guy killed him and he doesn't matter at all you know don't give a fuck about in it's gonna stupid talk now but it has legs floyd may whether car macgregor you don't we know we know cause in avonlea legs it candidates it does it it does you know why because for once it does now i just knew years he's not gonna happen well but see i don't recall i disagree with you there's because data goes if we want to make that fight happen commie dana's a business man they care about money not big fight would be how much money do you think they can make if lloyd may whether fights car macgregor
biggest biggest papery of all time now a great things up now what's carter you might be toddlers you know like zebra boxing do you know how to make the biggest draw already knew of sea made may well there's the biggest preview drawbacks and ball time you mixed the war everyone would tools including your dad i will join you internet now because i would you find yourself it's not fight you can vary interest should like into its steadily hurry be very eyes only invite knowledge its fastened by archangel so so what would happen is flawed may whether would box car macgregor him basically move around and me like aren't here goes into this spectacle it's just not a fight wouldn't be a fight will you a fucking party pooper yes i visited algeria is this is the thing i remember one thing that dana and floyd may whether who would be responsible in this fight together in calling for the right of all they care about is
annie and numbers that fight would be money and fucking numbers it right back in may with again cannot look at how would how would they how of that fight come what did they do in that fight so floyd braggin knock em out any time you want to write no no conor as a very good chance i'm gonna got knocked out by nato is we got knocked down hurt walden wobbled by nigeria little gloves first fall nature really good puncher nato bigeye innate needs fought at one seventy he's a lot bigger than floyd like physically a wider yeah but floyd is a guy who's broken his hands many many times and he's not known for like really uncorking all of his my internet knock i cannot get artists in the least but he could certainly could you know it's not the floor doesn't hit real hard but when you box real smart knockouts come the opportune
comes like the ricky hadn't fight that's a perfect example right at knock out came besides you went looking for the victor tease five victor just fucked up and he just left or right hand em and it was it was a total soccer punch again no idea will look when we were there has issues are getting like medaba i mean it are you suggesting first interest but you're certainly fighting box this shit out he did but if if made dollar like if if if i was kind of coach in that fight were to happen hey man don't be pretty soon the outside the hit the sky we make this a d but you're the bigger guy you think carter what actually give floyd may whether a boxing that is what i'm here and know that by saying no to say two things are saying that he's a big strong saying that i'll think flow we just go on try knock amount the programme goes ahead box i think you can all over us and put the keys in obviously canals way more skilful and box i mean canelo is a world champion one paunch knockout artists boxer manette fucking
a mere kanaka hey jesus louise you know as a super fucking home run on the ended floyd got hit he said after he got when he fought canelo he got punched in the thigh by canelo had trouble walkin for two days he lives because that is he didn't show it asked the vine it was like did my sigh he punch me i thought i saw her i am having trouble walked till i enjoy it never unified emma makers of conor would fuckin will break his legs like literally them it may be that you ve been more embarrassing then tottered doing just bogs we more and he would get way more embarrassing because com is a big guy implored would after like box mar out and caught her eyes in kind of would have unbelievably difficult time even close to heading up man he's gonna stay box and with my greatest stuff he's writing you time out if not the gray box all time and his defence is good it would be a great show a good business best events ever
for sure whose anti better defence employed and now you taken a guy who is an elite strike in the sea but box in the different gay man you know love to seeing canelo fight floyd like in a couple of years when canelo's like two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight you know when he has the experience because i think like if you look at like sugar ray leonard vs roberto duran like both eyes were like really in their prosperity it's i'm wheelchair washington's egg and so on in a mean sometimes like your prime comes early like thyssen yeah and sometimes you prime comes later you know like renard hopkins but when a guys in his prime you know is in his prioritizing canelo wasn't in his primary fought flow i think i still i think he's getting there and if i'm canals management and as a finn i will seek an eligible g in great measure canals by have the big in his belt if he doesn't fight triple g d i'm but that way why does he want one fifty five that's not middleweight like
are these young it is making all these fights at one fifty five and their call a middle way because it's over one fifty four year never weird england that's what's wrong with boxing but if i'm canelo camp i'm not send that fine up yet man as a phantom dear god make that fight happened he has a businessman imagine like canal you ain't find triple jeering won't do a couple more big pay days and it has also remember trilogies not draw we normally the fighting peace not withdraw it all right is paper you did i think hundred twenty five thousand hosting five while brandon listen big my show big dramas i give you drama show serious business what about serious business here and let it go he saw some of the best but that is just not like as far as being a paper you drawing power is not the area so you can't you no longer have any authority and knock em the fuck out you won't do it do you talk
canelo like lemieux or someone else so you can just work and keep building his name well he wants to go he wanted to be one hundred and sixty and canal wants to be one hundred and fifty five apparently that's not that's a hold up and you know he trouble he's a bigger guy i have trouble g has to drop down five pounds you think will be enough to weaken omen you know maybe canal can have a chance in the can slogan out the trenches why do you look like if you look at the fight the actual fight itself when american just fought canelo he did expose that speed and movement are still problem yes edges he doesn't same speed or the same movement is void but his speed and movement were a bit of a pie i believe some really arms games militia began to land all night yes especially in the first round the first round he led him up its straight right hands and eyes like oh ok houses can play out but i think that there is no one else in that the vision that can do that note i couldn't do it to em can allow box coda mean and then floor
it was really the only guide exposure before its floyd is no other floyd's certain difficulties in the divisions i think triple gi canal right now that it would be a bad decision for what terence crawford's one forty seven sought out that one forty seven and one fifty four next neighbours my creed i dont weird is light over like two and three pounds craze fuckin make the way both your mental different than emma may and that was so where am i may use anyone with a uniform middleweight light heavyweight which guys jumped back and forth you deal with twenty fucking pounds i mean man you didn't really more what away class like here i've been saying this from the job there should be a weight class every ten pounds and they like well the tuna champions and waters down i completely disagree you tell me some of these amazing fighters that you have that are superstars like a donald ceremony like diego sanchez like all these different guy so this is guys never won a title that are huge fan favorites right look at all these different guys you're right favours another what you tell me those guys could
been champions and you you wouldn't have had even more aeroplanes and even crazier thing if they were if there is a way class every ten pound and a better product benatar you're getting better performance is from now because donalds not destroying his body make fifty five you'll have these monsters make these way classes and their actual world champions there's not allowances ships of way class i do not deny the way to six are due five how dear that's crazy it's crazy i've script the ice to him too what is interesting is a basic eyes seemed to like flat not around to forty two so my thought is let's make a two forty let's make that heavy way and then to instil in every way to get two to forty to sixty five or i'll check is the better for all the way up don't let the only time he can't is like a little bit of progress programme promise with cyborg right cause she's like she goes off i anyone at one forty but at one forties a b i heard from my source is a beast for to get too i think she's though
one forty five pound invictus champion they have a one thirty five new fc one make one forty five and i urge you to do one forty five forty washing but why do it why maker make it she's the one forty five pound champ i know but there's no let all the supervisor one thirty five can make one forty to make him put on ten pounds ever bill did they will come have if i would only right now mr roche but but boy cows right now you're centuries the invictus chap and so she's fighting be blunt and victor hey look it's too was in fact this is better than all of em anyway because a measure but you shouldn't be force in her to kill herself when one forty five established we gladly me should take was the one forty five pound champ and strike force schiphol and establish why you said you'd find or to its in a stable wake i think out one forty them well listen holly homes for people in box and his eyes one fifty two is but one forty five and establish way clouds are far sign out the houses i how does hurry home during our that
hollywood has been ass his she's the best chance because cyborg is a ruthless marauder she's got berserker a tower shoot a box style not as la light now shows it is ass i might actually yahoo and those hits public oh shit that cholera account arenas leslie jean links below its guard at the nuns these are cautious madasimas she's a beast she should be too should be the only thing that she should she should definitely be thanked reverie reverie saved from south yes but she just so terrified she so tartuffe let you wanna she wanted to go our shields she was already gone prisoners that ground and power that shit all fade or days now choose passionately says she so much more advanced than anybody else
so much more and more and more than dollar galloped perillus well she's different than how crazy holly is a counter striker and holly also had a really brutal knock out in boxing against a larger woman and of watched and also woe is a kind of knock out that you never really fight that way again because you realize the cost what's his name like someone gets brutally brutally knocked out there are aware of that as a consequence and i think she's become much more of a defensive minded counterstrike or which are super effective against rhonda better i think for her right but it didn't look so good against meta measure was fighting super smarten but molly was at hand down whilst also because me she didn't brush after i just hiring rise i agree standing defied amazing glass or thought for whatever reason holly fight like herself she certainly was upon the trigger just lead yeah like
lean she's worried about being taken now when she got taken down by me sure we realized why shouldn't i delete currently she took it down beat the shit out of the ground like destroyed or in that second round was on oliver most of the round is beaten or ass and so we knew look at me she gets her down she's fucked so then she fights like a like a craftsman the third and fourth round she just fights real smart there's me outside edges those rounds and then me she's forced to go for broken v and meet you want to take her out and choking around store them in so but here's the thing cyborgs a better on the ground i mean way better on the ground and strong way may well better holly way way better way better cyborg wind street jujitsu competitions she is fucking straw where's your fuckin she's so plexus bet he's just a major rampage rag doll invitation was sent up eu oh my god her grounded pound fashionably so she looks like a panther like she looks like it's almost like she was put on the earth for one thing like well
when using their rank decades you're just like me those do shit to beat her yeah she's she's built herself into that it has taken so long fur to finally get her now she's here and everyone's like tat it even when she's your mandate they did in brazil they did it at one for the remainder suffer i would have it might and my personal choice i would have had the first ever wanted to forty five pound fight and you see let a bunch of people signed to be the who wants to want to get in there and you don't ally of order my man but the price but i think you got in victor girls at our green a fighter so you gonna victor girls a reunified you tell me those girls wouldn't take a finely fc apply until we know what care frank it doesn't matter its cyborg shall do it it's cyborg shout right now does mike tyson verses people that you dont know and you know is turning tubs mike tyson justice only time easy she has a ways to go forth my thyssen she just
do but when you went to see mike tyson versus tony tubs didn't think tony tubs gonna win montoni dogs you went to see the mike tyson shot know i was there see tony tat i will if if your measures mandarin like hey we need you find one forty five sigh blogger take me show me i think monsieur take national target but there were no slight delay in a good move that either we know and listen you know cyborg like go back the genetic ratified cyborg problems in that fight so people our stand gina chronometer mounted g2 krona was a tough and girl hottest gave all they do it out gina literally was on tat we had our mounted cyborg wasn't the same cyborg back then but sideboard was way more shredded back then she was what she was like a bodybuilder managers terrify like this the physical muscular the muscular ready and the power that she had there's a picture that i'll never forget man is one of if i have a list of all my eye conic memories of photographs and mme
is one where cyborg is grabbing the head of gene corona she's got her feet figures out gotta emma may glove on with nail polish on and she's about a punch in the face and genus faces already fucked up in cyborgs holding our head much and she's about so there it is right there look at that now look at that come on son that is an iconic photo look at the eyes the key the baggage shows up she should go to sleep is robbing a right hand honour fuck you get it i'm writing a crushing her feel that now and this is by the way cyborg these large and bolivia the muscles on her fucking shoulder and cyborg you looking david pitch the cyborg you're gonna say we fuck this cyborg up for sure better now she's always like and dedicated man just do the damn thing
he's from the videos or retraining at paquette top team no taking good lord to spend our time in thailand running hills and training with men for dude i solve i saw the the hermit and the old man and what the cyborg santos fight belcour this pass well yeah yeah yeah i thought while he is our committee bars where i had one unnatural because he won in the first fight with any barked the out so this time he committed to ask him like for surely go then he bore for surely will enable its too late there's a picture of her and him her husband and her their interest on their backs their backs and her back is every bit as i haven't i have one whereas it is just ass is both of them yes like that's unfortunate
a picture where you see i know its awesome friends talked about others have just signed a brazil in cologne cologne i saw you lagarde arch dubai but its borne by well going bomb dia know about brown could i do not see any worse i didn't see it my fuckin goddamn dvr fucked up somehow my kids put like max and ruby sometimes we hassles can only like like sometimes we will try to have two things yeah being tear gas stops here my wife will move up the kid shows to the top of the order sided nodded even watch the soviets fucked up by vans then they kick this fan out the way the financing in the face because you slip and everyone off at wines and then his old coat after the fight not does not matter in their head man legal mattie couple guy smack too in the head date they took they took that due to the arena the about a couple guy
smacked him in the head as he's end before they before they got don't i'm saying they took when the guys out this smacked right out will they should have taken all i agree this is our pay security step you fucking game but it just it's embarrassing but oh she like someone now oh yeah dude he uncorked a bomb on someone spheres daimio my eyes i got my brown in the face i did david mice and welcome to my country air but the children a light and see the fight man can you can we find the fight jamie saving a final vote so i will do it but how about out to cover up he's in the hotel and his old coach sucker punts in back of the head that's why her and then got his call his old glad brown backgrounds old grappling co hang punch sucker buncher back the head and then he runs off now you are running because met rounds coaches around mr bonde has other jitsu coach they catch stewed beat the breaks off is our only got arrested red harris was just
i just went all agro causes hunters and why they put him in the back of the head because they have a history what an asshole you can you european i beg you to take up your god let us know but i think my story i see these are followed up how much is lost i swear to god he's gotta be use they walked around to fifty five and every bet he's probably two forty has it then you think about changing your die now you lucky yeah i do well with carbs like rice and a pretty clean rest potatoes on minded i i dont think on the body type i think i'd get even skinnier do you now for me i need all the cards i can get i sleep well on garbs have you ever tried not having em
now so how do you know now i mean i have actually that's not true i don't i stay very far away from sugar but that i think the most important thing i don't asher that's what i was telling people when i moved the first attempt to doing something i won't try gluten no group but i think the real issue is i wasn't in bread so for my aim i'm not getting sugar exactly exactly and when i and i don't need a lot of bread because i'm aware of that monitor my body like so if i too ices even have really good bread i notice that my energy kind of it's not the same as if by slow cooked oatmeal i feel really good right in the others deftly some spy
school an ounce of insolence bikes ghana when you add sugar and wheat bread and which is used to run i don't eat a lot either that's the thing like i know i'm not a bill we try and where it is damien mine my brown does round three ok we don't know what was going on before that but we assume it was good they don't look to always sprawling he's china is trying to keep a stand up day my has done a good job stand on the outside of bodies is make it a real obvious that you want to take him down shoots in its move away from the kick he so big one seventy miles past one seventy and our cinnamon person fava the title at one eighty five big guy who good job thereby mayan atrocities down again my brown punches in many a map rockets on taught this way fucked up man and to that do cats ashraf keller team have you should be happy we saudi her
you know you didn't really heard em damien my did exactly brennan shop just returned he did exactly we're saying about four brief overdone with fate or he pretends he gets her in that brown moved into try to finish them and then maya got all of em honey dick in my a drag him to the ground as is our companies and is digital he lets a mountain mean dries into the ground just to do this just sweep up and now my brown five angle that that sequence that holds secrets so advanced what he just did there he let matt brown drag him down a mad brown his instincts is a destroyer were to immediately get on top of them cuz not seen and dry nosedive train gonna firstly not allowing him to potentially knock em out what some ground and pound but myanmar's jujitsu so solid so slick that whatever attempts to gets off mostly deflected and then he eventually sweep them and now is mounting up against the cage and map out right now is in quicksand when you
demian maia on top of you in your legs are pinned together like that that's an era fine because what he's done here is he's isolated his legs with a triangle so by having those legs extended like that he has no power from his hips he can't throw any punches he can't get his feedback on durham and can't get those leg back so he's got to commit with his hands so he's got to push down with his hand and wash his hands my can punch him in the face and so finally he gets like to tap card backup whatever good luck with that liable he'll get these butterflies a mile just sit on your legs wear them out put pressure on you and then we stand up educated member visitors is for all three rounds bella was this morning as many did its rick story rick stories of gore real law he's a gorilla right slur walks around two hundred down the one seventy and damien my around
dog i wasn't that browser you did it gunnar nelson and then neo man years ago you gonna win streak that's cool check this out yeah now memorandum in chechnya around jake shields beat damien meyer grappling content were crazy shields is legit one of the best in the world as a grab were one of the best in the world be too many of the year i mean but that's how i grappling because if they were grappling jake would give help fuckin yon jake is a p stewed his grappling is absolutely world class his problem in the eu sees always been a speed and a striking this is not a day striker in the way a lot of guys simon that he's a born fighter well took up not to me to the brass so do you again you'll get who ease beat us he's beat the very best he's beat i think i'll pop five guys you'd be robbie lollo disease meet all these gas damien maya would hate you try at least try to protect himself but it just futile is when my against body triangle round on you he's
constantly manipulating you doesn't try in one direction only like he is setting up escaped doors so you try to move through others escape doors a new trap is waiting for you and that those traps you're not going to seek their years and years and years budgets are your basic movements that you should get you out ouch right in the face over and over sales what a living as you know this why when they showed the top containers in a hundred eighty five pound way class was your american not their cause you just clear procedures got while he didn't get clear defied again he they cleared the possibility that my girl lesser sentence because they found the shuffle meant that he took but you're not supposed to take supplements when you just by some should a dnc he just be myers is beat nano and manure violating and with that body triangle man crazy any always there is not clear that clear to fight now no while think they made it clear decision yet but they ve opened the door for hitler
my guy try to punch back behind them that's the i'm so glad you did that while he's the exact once it's under the knack others on this one though is not much asses matt brownlow my god he's mean he's bad asked but i'm just so impressive damien maya made how do you not be impressive damien my final shot nice for my fuck yeah has to be right fuck yeah are the wearing through all these you'll feel gets those guys down there all fact there are fucked dave if you don't knock him out and it one hundred and seventy nine ain't no picnic cuz he can strike you can hit hard man well if you decide strike with robbie lawler's kidding i don't think you will i mean i don't will he gonna is going to try to turn them into one of these of these he's the master when it comes to comes to jiu jitsu he is the ufc master because he is at all the guy eyes he's the one god it's fought the most intelligently with jujitsu because looking for brisco history i can get better he got better was striking but striking ultimately costume yes whereas maya
is just never gone off track he has put this is new though this new winning shook his remit before its functionality yeah yeah i've done it once i gotta get one eighty five years trying to strike windows into strange how much is too small he wasn't strong enough to overwhelm them at once germany but or i wanted i bet it one seventy years media things be tough to beat me ok is i want to see action the seizure clarified look yeah speaking of jujitsu well looks gotta get past whiteman you know though the rematch with whiteman is gonna be crazy instinct worldwide men made a big mistake fight before that big mistake which was ok in yes it was a very close fight it was like who knows what was going on and a white man says yet a broken further luke said he had a bad staff infection you no more than anybody when you go into fights most time you're not a hundred percent do not harbour sent with what with wide men from what i hear from his campaign from him is it was the worst camp of his life like he knew he needs to change things but he thought he saw counties world champion find me do anything
why was it the worst camp i guess yet injuries and in certain things i key should have been fine people any just did it and he should have been going somewhere else i could work with more can re more do another staff and you just gotta go now chant a kind of got comfortable in it it costs them is no is no gimme fight for the car either guys grant fight it is a war a war you know me record thinks you're gonna run through this time because he thinks it has now staff infection and you know that staff affection was physically like really bad he thinks he also was riding on the confidence of having beaten him having beaten the living fuck out of autumn a cheetah his top game some of the nastiest shit i've ever seen in my life raw so good i do what happens is a big dude these also really talented really smart works hard and he trains with two from really behind velasquez aunt janet california so he's going to war with girls
less and then i'm habibi haivy i think you know training with a guy that's as high level as hubs you mere some of his movements you understand he's doing and then habib dad down their help and guys out there with a static coach or use dad coach habib you norman his dad's always around a deep and his dad coached a few other guys find me if she is well budget but also getting from habib in in o d c in case you also pick up their training tendencies blueprint of these let us leave three of them in the form of em are coming together and alarm cook to man bob cooks a wizard heavier meant as a wizard me got you got great town as far as co chairmen and they're all our fight come not thrown out he's also is about as big as you can get for an eighty five or that he walked around mushrooms to sixteen you know like that's a big guy not a lot of weight he's just learn right now he's in shaping an ice on this week any slim while he's fighting a couple weeks he was fighting as you know forth to
before a shame to honour that sitting out here it's out here no lank june fourth trite issued forthright june thirtieth third and fourth yeah right that we can hear that's that's a big big fight them annoyed divisions not getting enough attention man it's interesting who becomes huge in favour and who does not become huge families are really but i don't see i would see much publicity on this fight either i have zero know what i mean i'm sure that our rapid up when it comes close to a paper view time but as far as like the history them annoyed in the mean anderson was the goat ryan is a grace of all time anderson loses two this kid named whiteman by not got whiteman should become stars and work like that i mean in my eyes he's a star i died honesty that that's ok in my eyes is money wisely i mean i don't know stand as a fan of emma may i immediately became a gigantic chris wildman fan our authority chris wadman fair here's here's the scary shit on that fuckin card hector lombard verses
dan henderson jesus christ do not blank dont blank and count that old man out you can never cared henderson count them if he comes out with a scarf on him tell him i'll see ya plague waiting time again captain miller fightin be japan woe there's one someone's everyone sleeping on max holloway get on dallas hiding ricardo lamas click on that everybody sleep on that actually buy brow that's where you take of rightly agreed as well to greet us gain tried take him down in that's good luck or other takers transition is his guard is i think the best in the division of at least five i think it's the best in the sea
nobody fuckin throws up triangles away brain or take it does that guy is so scary off his bag train when they die joe it's i'm sure it's like what doctors coo ee oh and all he does is let people the best in the world stone is good you just trains from there all the time i asked if he s a fast and explosive is aft letting a completely believe it he got popped right the part for something up almost language areas boys do for a while there are proper somebody out now back but a mutation his last performance click on him real quick monsieur de last fight was forget what is huge he'll city yeah that's his tc is is there any one by train was less via he did that's nicknamed trionel city diego brando miranda yeah guess yeah re about using either i bet you think of the diverse fight whereas back enforcement of that doesn't play odom third round via them
and then it was tat it was the diego branda fight that's and ran down said you know what man only austria play with a gun see how this works out then you see said hey man you're not john jobs we have let us go to a club with a gun this idea it s a bad idea the impulse control now i'm remembering the fight with super super impressive jijiu there play weta ortega one that's fun when they told me that that match of my surface the perfect fight for you cuz the big name it's a great style matchup for everyone that's playing at put you more in the map what's he wears yet now if you still transactions or jackson muzzle farmers licking his army rv and should drive around non it's been a while since set a goodwin i agree i wonder how much longer he's going to be doing this i agreements this could be a make or break fight for him but if he wins who knows a good eye surgeon two point two cruise favor but three
i'm just not excite for why it's i don't know why are you are you might know that weird oh my talk to your query side for maybe i'd love this right luvis fibrous first of all i think you re favour is as close as you can get to being a world champion god damn it don't he's on the edge like everybody fights like if he loses two like a world champion it's like a whisper thin decisions cloud war or the one fight that he had with hannah brower got cracked and that was a weird stoppage man as i can definitely are cracked and offend bureaucrats you you got fuckin problems but i thought the stop which is a little weird but anybody can get cracked like that anybody lose like that this is part of the game but i think like if you look at tat level skill levels i go back to the michael mcdonald fight when you fuckin just blitzkrieg dumb and measurement of oak doing donaldsons came back recently came back recently in one look fantastic look good but that fight was clicking on monday
it will break but when you re a bead em it really meant in my hanno cyclic you gotta know sleep on this kid he's ever that you can't man is one of the biggest draws to his super compared to know now i think he's better i think he keeps getting better i don't think he's a guy it's in a static state now i don't think he's like a veterans kind of like you know just put in work in phone and in an i dont think just gets in shape brings is no normal i don't think so i think you must always changing oil gas i think you just keeps getting better this fight gunnbiorn guns blazon you know what i want i want the fuckin winner of this lights mighty mouse mighty mouse beg for man beg for i do however yon can you imagine if you re a favor beats crews and that's a big enough and then fights my mouse good law ninety mouse you hate money and fame let's do it on and your i favour would for the first time in his career just do
if somebody a bigger guy he'd like cyborg on how much shorter is mighty mouth and quite a bit it is a small guy but he's asylum why's he makes up for tremendous he's impossible here well that's obvious dynamics and minor us a far before i was at one thirty fire and dynamic wanted decision but dominic is like got his own style if you look at his movement in his patterns good luck finding anybody to replicate that his foot work and his movement and his patterns are all designed to constantly keep you guessing your constantly like being overrun with information of a guy stands in front of you the less it has come in your way the more than you have to u can concentrate on what's at hand and focus on what you're trying to do smaller scale sport and dominic nevertheless you that he doesn't give you that there's never a time or standing in front of you just molly tying you
you went to jail where talk norman you it is blown away or training with them and use training me in jail like we're too wide pelts disguise is a wise man is a wizard dude sleep poirier poor you know a lot but i'm not sleep on last year's bobby green i've been in a big fight a while to i'm sight to see him back bobby greens while shit talking disallow should talk in bogota be green when he's out his best is one of the best one for beside the diamond to man it felt like i have now they might like to develop a tab and then he's at fifty five oconnor knocked him out he's got knocked out there run by connor any just easter trees he struggled to are to make that fuckin way yeah and big do those who do not ivy days too by the way that's right it's really interesting to see the difference allow these guys bodies now that there's so much testing it really is its
some home some over for sure is that like willemite when i when i would always thinking of you wrestle than you did you get to a new box than you kick you you'd come out looking very very muscular when you look at guys back you know five years ago and you look guys now there is a difference like like if anything they look they get kind of skinny early but yeah it only realise there is no can't here's a big one appeal if you can't you sepia you got to lose body mass you just has ever as yeah for sure it's a big part of
insurance oxygen that's what that both melodious look muddle whatever that stuff without a boxer gorkum rumsey mirrors that affairs russians are balls deepen again have a well ojo too that's what the guy who fought tina yeah but you know he's a hundred you re whenever you read about sochi olympics what and how they ve uncovered that there is they don't know how they got into those bottles that they make in switzerland there like tamper proof but however they did it they're drawing this whole thing where every like waiting a hundred athletes in the olympics were cheating on the russian on the russian side and the information came from the russian guy who ran the lab and the other two guys that he work with mysteriously died so this guy exiled himself to los angeles he ran the entire lab and now he's coming clean and well just now intelligence operatives were were basically involved in getting clean samples to wada
cetera wisely snitch and its basically out of us as i do and because these two colleagues kill him up those workshop because they had they knew things so he went so mad alliance shut your mouth but he did not mention i git you can show you mouth he gave you every shrove emails are still get em yeah and he had approved that he was he was his life isn't data yeah you don't think they get you if you shut your mouth you moved ella you made it at your at home base you touch band the killing ryan visiting the movies like the other russian intelligence can find you who they kill in dc guy i've found he was red who have blunt forced drama the head i wonder if that happens yeah but here's the thing the autopsy like they didn't do an autopsy for a long time initially they'd the cause of death was ruled as like a heart attack and then they found blunt force trauma his head fine linen ass its spooky story accede to putin died a blunt forced trauma
d c hotel medical examiner says but like look when they found him and look won the day actually made the autopsy claim i think it was like quite a bit of time we actually get em in dies from blunt force trauma kettlebells no fuckin ahead as they did so then rushing in cattle were tied up they tied him up these did fuckin swings right it is has you can you imagine some killed you with accountable be tied up by some russian thugs the influx of immigrants and other look at that it said family members told russian news media in november that they thought leslie had suffered a heart attack that's when they were they put them down in november so when was this article where they decided that this is really recently as march yes there's all those months that went by before it was announced that he was killed now guy just both blatantly cheating on in the olympics
yeah but this is a says this i dont know that there's been read the article i don't know there's been definitive prove that everything he saying is true that he has an exaggerated wasn't your times hat ran to articles on the front page right in your tabs you do that they ve checked source of here but it's not a matter of checking sources like what is done with israel with the physical evidence that you have the floor amazon via their their very well could be a story there the new york times must run and i am sure that they check their sources but is there anything that they can hold up and say this needs to be examined because this is proof positive though it be here if they did this yet on and only on cnn yes i don't think it's there yet but look it's a hundred percent going on behind a blue idle is anyone surprise now of nurse now one of its key told straight up that their figured out a way to move around these things shown that while he's doing this he's like i always know
no whiskey is jeff to rescue the guy who caught lance armstrong was guy works for the sea now is for people as an annex to the goal yeah he's he's a guy that catches guys doing everything and you know they're on top the ladys are in the dream in dollars and its governments money in the later i know he does want i meant that our money he wants more transparent we once we're done it was way less than that you give me like a figure on the show that's why lance armstrong came on a shelf because what he's not counting is like salaries and flights and out of step with the accounting is likely amount of money they actually had a span like on voucher so that no that's the government so that's the federal government with unlimited resources spending thirty two million dollars on a cyclist is there anyone who by the way still gone after undergoing after him now four hundred million dollars still because insides defrauded the governments of how much they pay them because you were ready the post office and receives raise your tax dollars but here is a thing of europe
for the post office the post offices the government so they charge you for three times what you took so if you took thirty three the charging for william hostile causes tyranny riding a by thirty three they they go after him for a hundred write a letter to write a letter to the gum see what happens is mobility the ultimate golden snitch wiser golden snitch was an old and because he's at another level just but he's not a snitch is an investigator he's not god you have a snitch would be victor contact victor contains a sneer we are counting but he didn't even rat on people when you got caught you can com snitch you calm post operative casino they use until you rats where from but he's an see here's the thing he used to be involved in it he's not involved in a more now is going after people are involved so what is that that's like an informed
yeah but can i did they ever actually that's not then it jimmy those yes joe did a kind of a snitch does israel rattling all this back store i liked but he could be reformed and since he proprietor early concentrates on combat sports athlete you could see him and he's helping people i guess keeping people from cheating contrary whereby content you see it that way sure but he benefits the reason why as a name very soon yet so biggest cause use help in so many big name athlete right in the now is against it but should that can be averted whose helping all those big name athletes could should that disclose him from in being able to real as the air of his ways and make an attempt to try to clean up the sport is a possible that's possible it's possible right possible that's hope to look today find physical evidence of physical evidence a task that that showed that lance armstrong actually cheated no it has never to harmonise so five hundred tests or whatever it was
whatever what however he passed all of em thirty two million dollars later but finally he admits that he used performance enhancing drugs toper yeah but it's very interesting to me what do you think the benefit of that was and i do think that there is a benefit going after me those were cheating who are trying to change the plainfield i know everybody died in your body i know everybody does but it's an it's a it's a difficult thing because first of all it's not an american game you're in enough country so you're you're giving someone some sort of your investigating them being involved in something inside it will take place on american soil so that's the dubious right they are right i of all you are saying as the post office your suing the sky for all the money that he made while he was cheating and using drugs if you don't that cyclists are cheating what the fuck are you doing in the cyclist business because and i now based on a comedian live on an ally and i know there are cheating so though i know how much did he do for the u s postal office
also a lot and we will fight about cycle into lance answers are taken ass correct and i was money did he raised for all this cancer win a lot how many people in those yellow risk but i have been there but that doesn't disk then here's the issue this is where you fucked up he sued a bunch of people there were telling the truth and he uses money that that's where fucked that's bad that's what he's a bad guy not fire but also in his speech you have to go down the fifteenth place they were all doing it's a level playing field right so it was about everybody was riding on everybody there were they got caught they were even people up there was a lot of that no one on and lance armstrong start soon people when they are given up him dad is where people have an issue of major and when his mother measles textual himself riah example arm in arm i can see both sides woodlands outside dude you're snitch army eiger protect myself too exactly i guess i got out at first niche and i'm right and establishing if if were boys the snitching is worse than a lawsuit
followed by progressively esteem yes rip than america but some of those guys warrant his boys anymore that unlike him anymore so why snitch very few people i'm where you get anything out of time within the word that's a lot of people didn't like lancer on sunday notion is like the same reason why they don't like fuckin michael jordan limitation armstrong was on the pod cast he wanted to know what number the podcast gotten up to what's it up in september one yet goes was like number two in a country tolerates number one we're on the contrary i let him now how many hours waiting watson wants to know how you get more than the people's downloads like he's because i'm really crazy open by laughs about he's like a fuckin competitive like you know me i'm combative like he's compare what's that you wanted to halve the number one podcasting all time think that way are you not lance armstrong bids so ages resin ice cool i did jesse with answer grace i got my pale what my who by thirty eight per well now i never said that women ever want lightly
i think we go back to the gods are you want to touch i never said that never in my life did he say as verbal no i've never said i'm so confused i don't know you mean you don't know i don't lie wait a minute let their lives and their allies anyone who is there a purple bell is outlier bomb a liar but about the liar you know you deftly didn't say probably now there's a purple accidentally little bit drawn i've ever had a tap the purple throat i did once saying be is the reason why he's lay its i'm sunk disease go competitive it
thing anyone is altered winter you just said i wish i was like that i'm not i have i would you wish you like that you are going to be a cyclist now do what you want to do is what you are is a guy who always wants to be something other than you off actually that's part of the fun round brian cowen and shows that guy and then you go to those romanticize version with that guy it has me what i was living in austin people thrown eggs at his house man is also media hate it sort of relaxing a bit now but i mean look good dude when when the storm comes your way like when you get in trouble something along those lines the storm of being a national disgrace you know and someone who everyone's angrier and there's so much going on with the law suits and still involved in lhasa with opposed i was like the storm of pressure and stress is probably over well me and never that also gives everyone now of voice on socially who's never dungeon
yet in their lives to fucking contribute and train shit on land software where the greatest athletes of all time i'll fuck down on our luck with this guy i oppose this a pitcher kid that christmas all fucked these kids where's this theory that the eye men feel better about yourselves he still killing it he still living in a mansion me out in its is part of the programme so comes at the programme and i think he's a bad guy i know it was amazing talkin to on the great podcast i listen to my buddy now we text each other's bazaars file i get attacks ever known have lance armstrong like we do indeed bulgarian when dan bills was doing that bet you know is doing a bat worry wrote a bite to las vegas i do see while he obviously what character talked about a publicly almost we talked about the fact that he did it anyway lance are texted me please i you know and bulgarian hook us up i want to help them
fucking lands armstrong helped dan bulgarian train for this thing we'll get a ride to vegas in thirty hours is lucky can totally do it totally handled hails erin make his money that's a good question i don't know i think it s parents money or a bank is he in this has gone what i know from the internet is there saying a love i do with equal internet like energy underwear he was playing that he has all this might also from being when these top poker players in the world but it came out that he comes a lot of money croatia was on their lifestyle like shooting these are all learn diploma was drowned guess rules who was a lot of drought as did most of the trip i think is behind a van like that oh or someone drove the van his beard as a major air drag well that's a big deal if it wasn't within the rules maybe you should set the rules for them
especially if the wind is headed his face if the wind that hustle if the is headed towards israel but you know what if they didn't put down in the rules they fucked up because bills areas smart bitch and look what he's got to the vans back doors are open so could have a fan blowing automatic misters and shit he's a pimp how do you not love that guy every picture takes got a hundred horse with them it does that i say oars i say that with all of our law there are special sharon's machine create humans private chat i should say he has you're beautiful women with accepts does that's gonna miss image you know it's like percent charlie's angels work i see it is worth kind of like dilating a little bit like i don't know it's
not that inspiring to me and i said i let's get you do i'm getting what s going on and getting let me show you right now and i can tell you right now what brand shrine who say that he's not a fan of this guy is because the very peace nevers fucked and draw the line with any i just don't i just don't like this culture that is essentially celebrating itself i just dump that's all hang out with when you're that happy with yourself and you david you know to spend madam's nice guy business manager say is running out of twenty five k on a private jet was a bad idea i disagree with this naked girl i'm sure i'd love hang out with them but it's just not that inspiring to me ok but you have to realise that people doing this are akin and a lot of ways to gangster wrappers like what they're doing is poor out an image that image becomes popular that popular image equates to milk
in millions of followers on instagram because he's manipulated the media to all in an uneasy but he can use that to promote himself and all sorts of different ways and then he becomes a business about himself exactly ass when you do when you promoting shows what i'm saying is like a person promotes himself uninspiring what's a girl's got yoga pants a nice big but she money all sudden doing squatty anna maria mean there's a lot of those people but there's a different strategy that was evidently miller for i am whaley difference tuna girl stickler but out or him he's got seven nothing millionaires note there you just say it's not right byron yeah i'm saying that at least like don't you think it's a little bit maybe like the difference between you see a body that's built for something like if you look at joe showings body it's been for a purpose and then you see somebody who's a bodybuilder all due respect but it was a hard thing to do and i d rather less that call design three and forty three thousand you have of he doesn't have skills you say nita possesses
their skill a self promotion by ends there through the result obtained them but you say there but how do you know cause he's also professional poker player and makes millions our gamble are they say slim able is debatable yes well didn't when it is broken debate this one this million dollar better go to vegas we did it i mean he worked hard he worked hard for five weeks to do that is not an empty guy with no character and might be just ahead i i don't know what i'm saying is he might see a wild funds seeking mother fucker that's actually poland and also marketing gmos if you were a guy i didn't have any ceta skills and all sudden by hook or by crook or by luck or by fuck you find yourself with a hundred million dollars on random wouldn't you wanna live like this do not have any cause you got imaginary up the hill now now i wouldn't want to make a different brian hang out with people that are way more shall i just shut out no i don't i do not sir you're doing all don't stop for a second and just consider this i want attack you did we not talk
about someone before this show that you to hang out with all the time that is equally as fucked up as that guy i'm driving who whatever deeming read before the sharia too complicated this is not the answer i don't i don't know the guy the air i live madame seems nice i know i don't understand brian like psychotic don't you think me a hazard to be if you can you undermine dollars listen you can honour millionaires what do the responsibility also matters angle operator to try to make a difference in a neutron did i know i am at least at least that is what would you do i'm trying to be as a regional as i can be united brian right you doing that because you enjoy because you're in attaining people ok you're not you going out seeking to make a difference in the world you're going out having a good time girding making a good move doing good i act that's exactly right but i also do try to make a difference in the world in my own way charity wise and things like that i do i spend money on charity
spend money to animate world that you don't get me a hundred million not a guy but let's be honest united guys like really promoting charities law and talking about it alone giving money to nose at least i'm trying to do is what i'm trying to do is go state legislatures dancing friends who have just taken as i think stand up sister russia and china for preventing withstand of at least what i'm trying to do in my own mind is surprised myself and come up with you now see what i mean many people doing your thing get right there's your way of this is that this is not a criticism of your stand up i think your hilarity nor love ear rings it what i'm saying is that i think there's a difference between the skill of stand up for example and come up with a body of work and taken all that money and shooting guns and being on a private jet and haven't chicks arose a product we know is not given to learn that listen man you don't know that and here's your money might be i don't know you might not be who knows but what i'm saying is a show it's a very short snippet show what are you just saw their when he's walkin by their girls
and he's got a machine those look not only you got any here's the thing obviously this staged it's a fucking there is a chemist weighing was shot there's a camera behind him he's moving in slow mo he's got a band lear on dude do not see how ridiculous essens i do stand brian listen listen open minded you watching the video he's in a doomed buggy with all these hot czechs do this is really happening that they just get candice clan to stein you know what john and noticed video i am driving around his doom bugged with all his heart you do he hired someone rise to illegally is walking in slow motion was banned delete the girls or laugh with holes are all rent is a goddamn or show with you all i'm saying is even if you had a hundred million dodge you not become mother teresa known here it no one now but i'm just saying don't pretend that science you i'm not i'm just not all i said was that don't find that inspire in no way says it is we're not inspired we're not sayin you
this cries dan bulgarian makes me want to go give money to charity no i'm just saying why why even be upset me i'm saying that what it will mean that sucking your teeth in crossing the internal i've been dramatic but because i see higher by him i was being theatrical i know that's what we're gets through calling you out on but hold on hold on you have this there is criteria for how to live your life there's two criteria have live your life and i think if you spend a hundred and twenty five no thousand dollars on whatever on looking right and celebrating yourself i just think it kind of it's just not right we go home i entered in the minutes of brilliant marketing plan i can get that it might be your thing unless it is it doesn't have to be your thing exactly why do with mine my point is like to me it's not offensive at all
no more than seven carnations accommodations don't offend me i mean i can make fun of it all day long but are not offended by what they're doing anything get things wrong with it i do itself celebration and i find that very does all it's not my favorite thing but it's about eyes i think this guy is funny i think this this insight ram the what i'm taken out of this to me is amusement and humor this is what i am as i see it as a persona it'll get impatiently i make a picture on the couch look to me this is exaggeration of all the stereotypes of some super rich guy that doesn't this time he got the early hanging around in their underwear they're all larger out if this is his lifetime i would be listen it is i mean just think about it it is his life praying old afterwards taking these photos with his girls these girls and i'm sure some of them have sex with them
yeah one hundred percent always gotta do he's got real we link legitimately has believable amounts of money gotta how issues that in hollywood eels how weird is these girls around out we're does that is it weird i believe is where these girls around just because you have money by you know it who cares i wonder if i was highly the thing i got look who's gonna badly applicant manly dude i'm from energy do not i mean here's a thing like member we were talking about the sultana brunei yeah who hires these girls any pays them like a thief thousands of dollars a day to hang out this house and he fucks them occasionally decides who we want to fuck he has like a whole disco built into one of his palace is a prince and he comes and you know sachets through the fuckin room naked does whatever the fuck i also yeah lad and picks the girls who months abandoned and brings up to his room but all of them are getting ungodly amounts money jewel richer diamonds and ownership so we look at that guy we have a problem with it
why don't i never said i have a problem with the roma as other proud that roy beaches and gold rolls royce has like a hundred ferraris look at em back compared to the game you haven't come camera i came expression killing the golden germany game alive gatt leading given the real allowed hold want now fill me in excess of ten fanning o brien but yeah of course but that's the point you are you're like you're doing die like dad's gluttony but it's a larry s come at me don't some shit for his people though to blow you about not you met my hey hey hey might be made only though take it easy we don't know that's the thing that's his fleet of cars as one of em its value system it's ok albert ryan right a man of icy my problem with you and your mother teresa i'm doing all this i do not know you gotta words coming down to the fact is that in will we do live in a cold
that somehow celebrates that and i just find it kind of boring bit is it but firstly to lord ashdown will examine you don't have to but you don't have to celebrate it to enjoy it might look it is what it is it's part of the folly of mandatory s desire yankees amusing you're taking a sense of humour and do you should be you should take a humorous approach what am i bet goddamn those areas probably actually funny guy and a silly goose i would imagine when i met who is right i don't know and i well yes was ass i don't give a shit what about law is using to him as an expression smee well this can t lots man who were here is an expression of kind of what this culture has to offer you don't have to make a thriving and i see it you wing boots and these it is indeed this letter zip upwards dear and i see that any cross your legs and that's really elegant way that i can't even do you can do that i know you can't criterion i gotta flexible that fat dickie but also
let it happen i say leg my gingerly genes on it and i take my genitals down and i must have either way you were in the fuckin structure genes you're wearing and when you are doing that where an iron the kid taller where are you wearing them now these are my five forging farmers out of where i learnt that environmental genes are my my five forty five for these are the strategies that when i will stretch to yes are already goes new strategy do so because i cannot use legs and if you're fucking john i'm telling you teach jellies june thirtieth these genes are like wind swept had sprung we both have low out we're blow at asses anybody like this some people now that sell they call they call them like that the brand of stretching they're calling them like rogan genes and not others already a company called rogan genes ache right this area company called rogan genes somebody made but this is like a type like some
people are selling stretching one beings god she's those i talk about us i love those years a strategy do i signing already talkative all i wear now have you so what're you talkin about every company has on this tragic genes if you go the story these scotch strategy and oil they ve got spanish sentiment it all i were now that's already lost our genes are awesome dude regular canvas genes eyed wonder where i had sado sakharov dick once grated onion it's like i want something that's gonna hug my fuckin legs lie you off that room i used to have to wear lucky brand genes of certain because lucky brand jesus thicker cut is a few different like companies will make our guy thicker com there are fit my troll like let these are small ways but big size yeah and my upper thighs at the highest dislike words way thicker from its all kicking stuff when you do it like i was a child i get developed in that way one of the highlights of my life and i'm askin guy the highlight of my life was when i was at john barbadoes try on
impossibly expensive genes and and couldn't fit my calves roma up a thighs there are just two you're a little have i look to the guy and homes but you're get huge gaps i gotta have i got the big scale there big for your rest your body set up but if you are a lot he built there i'd be will wield animals angle to dial did i got a little hassles calves are dig asked italy look boy marks bull hearts he's got bored this morgan mozart would be if i get the most out of my fridge straight up and it looks just like his car yeah that he's gonna couple moose hearts stuffed into his legs but he's a gorilla do when he's one of those guys area like boy i'm glad he's like jolly all because a fee to start running through people offer including me dear to pull me over i pushed him with a bunch people who recognise them and i pushed him into debt room and i were i'm real sorry i and everybody looked at
what year did turn i try to hold the door he pushed the door and sent me into the street he's a five three thirty money engine love boggy somebody's guy we'll south asia modest progress he's too me humans are often exploit these people in the world didn't you do your part guess recently in bomb you out does wasn't like no he was bombed because he was involved in a well sick but he broke the first thing he said ass he goes if you're almost where's nominal why these guys zone grab siegel kick it into the ocean break its wing and fuck anita right there like we love he's funny he came up you just sit cases like gonna budget about will be as fucking hilarious willows jawdropping what did we hang out with him last was it in vancouver do after you have seen canadian by filling a visit the comedy store was met or
now though we went to dinner with him at a restaurant yes and in canada somewhere yes was the toronto maybe what are we doing they could go there was a bank figures like tom no jaunt cannot was it run of so much fun women steve over this not another little bonneville did i still am thinking about the show i i did you tell them into fifteen minutes at the chicago theatre of thirty five hundred people fifty as critical as critical pretty oz james leer good time it's funny how a giant crowd like that though in some ways is so different than like an intimate crowd networks like tat waste if rail yeah yeah i d love to car roles and you gotta wait whereas you not aware of your effect with huge crowd like that in the same way as you are aware
perfect with two hundred people have you ever sat do you know it's a really good thing to do is sit in the audience when someone's on stage like that if you ever get a chance like if you want to see lewis black i was working the night after he was at a theater in new jersey and me and diaz went across the street to the theater and out we sat down in the audience we actually got like seats in a nice spot but it was a nice public in the middle towards the back and i was amazed at how difficult it is to understand all really what he sang once the laughter roles because when you're on stage when you're on stage you you hear your mikey monitors that are projecting towards you and your saying things and the punchline heads the people lamb usually real careful what you're saying while people are laughing miss because its different and a comedy club and a comic clubbing just hammer over in the these two hundred people in there you say something it's funny they're laughing you get here
tat in the middle of it into makes even funny or areas joe ideas is the master that you just like the middle people laugh and ill slamming with something else that slamming but something else but in a theater that's like three thousand plus people you have to wait because i was sitting in the audience it occurred to me like oh when people are laughing obviously people yelling at you you can't right what's there many speakers way the fuck over there really have sung aware like you years later i guess he's doing guess he's doing really well with his ten minutes we do our i show i make em get up there and like you're going to stand up to nine hundred people chicago had i'm dying for ten minutes i looked i welcome your brother's doing stand up he's done this maybe ten times any fucking kill in it and adding shit in the middle of the act like adding should i hadn't seen lucky's play with the crowd acting in an adding something else i was like this is fucking beautiful what's told you my friend i am doing this like this without a crack and please or we completely
but you're always funny doing this just remember what you said and repeated then i do i tell a story like after my stories and stone stories and add stuff too but go back to your point about the the theatre the brand new at this i thought everything was this same and bright i want to do the shows like seven our people sought it was a giant ballroom and brian don't get discouraged cuz you're not going to hear it as well so i'd like you know do some i bet that i could kind of hear my phone but it's kind of and i get that at night with the fuck is wrong with these be high sent back like fact them by like now may i told you so i guess i go based off the crowds reaction would you not stage like dude there was a sick joke or do that site and these are not tell you like me i gave you to have this drew been in small commonplace only wholly john like luck and joe robes about the guys i cargo amazing and then there's other ones are only what the fuck is going on in these fields like it's it's the venue
even cobb's can it interesting cobb's is like four hundred something and the ceilings rather high as it has a balcony so like the old the old cobb's was crazy fund the old cobb's like i want to say like a hundred fifty people max it was probably less than that was really small and it was tight and i used to do it a lot of pee like dom irrera you do it and take a loss he could get more money other places but he would do cobb's just because it was so enjoy well that's cool may have everywhere we go there you don't have all the fence beyond the laws as take pitcher show you page alex it's like look who's here which betancur made out like jack would send me pay just like you my boy like your new and that you like to sell bees with you like you don't you you throw nels embody me i think its body does not amalgam yeah i know we in that and then and then we had a magical you know you have to oberman this this multi going as you know just let you know
is that so rogan sold out four times why the fuck yeah ok cool increase raw thought now square garden point trying to whom i feel safe and over this guy you deals with it will you do with the wilbur like the fuckin what it's a giant theatre man i'm very aware what broken me why even bringing up my in lebron james dunks a basque mother we should tell everyone wants a bitter dunstan of thirty four times a year i wish thirty five november we re done it now only live showed how many lives shows you go the holly ten ten fifteen cases guy gets don't be doing stand up at the wilbur this friday in boston that guy right there go on up it's gonna be selling a lot of tickets the wilbur is one of the best theatres to do stand up and because it's a three tier and there really is shallow meaning the people right on top you so even though there is more than a thousand people in the room it feels way more intimate it seems like a bunch of three huh
red cedar stacked on top of each other it seems like the same but i didn't you get tickets available to effect yeah you get a feeling like like a three hundred see theatre but a roar of a thousand peep i can't wade's you don't know where in new york to undue and you know our bitten new york me crazy my took tony and scope with me to word to boston and now he's gonna go back in and headline that place he's gonna do that one night the wilbur in october there it is worth there see outside their places sick it's beautiful and it's been around that's over right then set do but desert bird's eye view notes a distorted view other levels of violence that army that my they were so tired has been the vic in chicago the thick theatre that's what's call right the vehicle i love the vague and will i think right now then civic casual was neither can older theatre when some big ass poison chicago
sure i'll do it lightly with where's the chicago bulls play so let us join civic eyebrows don't ruin i'm saying you started maybe i have someone by hire someone to sing opera is you once you name one opposite he's the blind eye but jelly blood jim jeffreys does opera he used to be an opera slat now yes the last i thought i'd photo up that's a really good photo tenaya that sick which women this is the civic opera house do you're doing that you're gonna fill it up to arms buzz old coal look at that perhaps races room that should be awesome dope disappearance of benign yelena bonner rooms horse that's exactly little that's the same design on his underwear on his me andy's come on you know their duties gold underwear arena research why wouldn't you i would
rattles ideas i am saying i want some anyone has twenty four key gold underwear cinema i've cowan come on don't be island wheels aerial meter usually hide them states either i got me anymore i'm lucky sweden has a little bit as anywhere in the world even if these fuckin drop me as a sponsor i'll tell where those goddamn underwear they're fucking shit i can't handle him on the outside of white nay inside the logos camel now you have i wear manly assent and eyewear shit i'm that where the twenty five for it wanted to see me off image doing your underwear hearts time ass a man let's go emma camel make a jungle camera that sam we do reads for me uneasiness i mean he's no more light by the workplace dead zero livestock on the workplace will these feminism cool light ones too though with some interesting goals prints on arts into the dope model what i love about that company and all these companies that are emerging in the internet dont have like an actual store
there's just selling things online do figured need a place which wants to go somewhere how easy is it just order something have sent to you and how much of a difference is like getting things in the mail these days as opposed to go and a story how much of an impact has had had an actual retire soil is anything you just keep her like we're like this five four clodagh common everything we literally six sixty box for like jake knowing everything and worrying is that i don't have you done club douglas alarming late wine way cheaper thirteen bucks zena fur for really good wine so you're right man they cut of what they cut out the how did the everything we do ever they have one of our sponsors i actually use them yeah they're going to and we do i'd i love that you haven't made of website yet what square space but i want to end but the other things like dollar shave covered by razors anymore the diva you said that that butter shit that carvers butter oh my god it's so nice
we're gonna have we're trying to get the guy who started company on these really funny who does all the commercials yeah that's him the guy you start ocean was an improv guy started without some company there are only a yeah we're going not lack of funding while i just love this time because it's really the same thing that's what's going on with podcast you guys don't need at any sort of a copy just gonna have a company now you can have well i'm not really we haven't thought because again and i'll tell you what do they can't ride not what they drive women even without delay to actually been so good that's what this whole without chosen out of our way actors they had to know if they're like cake don't do like y see eye to eye thing is like you guys have an advantageous position in the relationship it's not like a regular show where they get far you from of their fire you we will have zero impact
darling around it actually help us do i have to tell everyone what went down and i will tell all the fox and i will blast picture now let us stay a few fuckin he's been on that golden sneered issue truth comes out of troops all its own before some fuckin mixer photoshop of you in the southern relies outfit just golden snatch old its new that follows an unseen guy is gonna be as happens we're doin that guy's sweat right now in fucking put it all together mortal geared sledge fuck insoluble i picture was a perfect picture you just put your head on his body look like he is a little snap and then do it it's like the same picture that they use for the golden child
i used to cover the same fought everything gold the eddie murphy movie so funny man returned mammy to our senor back in the day senor those good movie back into did i was when anymore in its heyday attitude i bring us any hall back his same showing us who who threw down in sixteen bitch get the fuck out in that our about it it was also the real problem with that not working there was a bunch of different they tried to the same shy exact same use even dress the same doing the same bethany lose the same language while same haircut glass doors from stand up he's a real nice guy i can say about whereby error rca also real nice guy why wasn't eddie murphy disdain martha these start trying to you no one man eddie murphy has that training stuff that transgender prostitute stuff hanging over his head i am sure is always a very marginal costs funny do when i was with charlie people called charlie out on their yellin out to charlie
facilities girl i'm sure look look talk about them oh he's got him any movie but here's the thing he didn't award show recently and he like went up and talked about cosby and did material about cosby and it was fucking great i wasn't just great is his timing was grey amazing is tat every was greatly sea it is it online said jane jim ultra fine i guess it's it's so good that it makes you go well this guy was do stand up he would be fun phenomenon radiant we're just doesn't care anymore randy's absolutely so rich and absolutely so busy any likes do in movies and where does movies he's in a lot of ways like sheltered from all these people that would fuck with his gun move in a while thou for sure nutty professor for i dont know what is done in awhile relevant penitentially but mean the mountain he's at eddie murphy's made from all those from chirac as the donkey
treacherous likely made them a billion dollars as i can he also mean there's animators is allowed eyes story like any other other people could have done that too that's it's not like it was impossible to do without eddie murphy wrote it but what he has accomplished mean financially is probably see taxation so every hills com i could see him not wanting to grow and now i d go out when you live like the sultan of brunei to bring it back full circle one infidels more like damsels area but tell what do i met him in a why he was nice fuck eddie really cool real friendly nice there it is alas i gotta go from the beginning him he's aged great somalia has by people and eight really well he's in the fifties what happened would you do what's up
bill has we still feel has always is that there was a big outcry from people who was trying to get billy give its trophies no you wouldn't want you didn't trophies back to please you do one show we just come out and just talk crazy now i would like to sum up the boy who give back is he so good he did more than edited uncensored all the obviously hand like at all
if this is just a story peace murphy makes cosby jokes it awards her minded and want to do the whole thing anyway you guys i am sure was the name of the award from the mark twain a word from earlier i'm telling you man i just looking at that thing right there you talkin the guy hasn't done stand i've been forever you just go up there and murders advise that and is imperfect form is timings perfect is a fuckin fantastic stand us tell a may unbelievable teacher accuracy run to again now i see now the policy on euro sooner hangout dot com store all the times your boys always at uot took me some eyes wide shut party in the middle of hollywood hills we hadn't had to get an a later and go to the top of the hill was a nail me campbell have his birthday party and so days like hey joe you wanna go with me to this party and am i do doug i don't i don't like gunners parties i liked avoiding celebrity things like i'll come on man i gotta be back here by midnight anyway i got aright source
the amounts we fuck we we get my portion got to the top of the cell get even more baked get getting a shuttle they takes up this dude house in some dude who has the sickest house at the top of the hollywood hell it's just some raising billionaire care too has a sick house and then above his sick house he has a sick party house type he has just a party house he go to the top of his house and he has this fucking insane view of the city where it looks like blade runner and he's got so just one eighty degrees of windows his party house is like i got flying saucer just got stuck in the side of a building but the the whole outside edge the flying saucer is all windows so you're saying it all seats around the windows and he has his big bar and is sending the gadget
loaded with them and we have to take an elevator like before person elevator open air elevator that goes up decide the hill and as we're going up the side of the hill naomi campbells naked photo is forty fifty feet tall and i'm not kidding i'm not exact its enormous naked photo of naomi campbell and then we get up the tab and select demean moors there and say hi to lenny cravats make this is so straight so high plus barbecue bob barbecued so so i shouldn't be on public and up there with all these fuckin a rich people in like what's up lenny hey what's a man i don't care to talk lenny cravats account bazaars this year this leans yeah she's written ideas here but it was all these was talking on these musician dudes about mme was like i got cornered wireless musician do start throwing fighting it how my god
do people get so excited they get so exciting one start talking emily diagnosed me out meanwhile unlike anything to relax my anxiety right now all this shit i don't want haven't you will you do you wanna who's gonna will make much you down in seventeen schedule he was what it with the weirdest part about it like there was one the night no emmy campbells for a book that she asked the book commoner and for what she's very nice too by the way superman and beautiful and time on upset a howl judges she's gotta before right i would imagine a sales now only closer to fifty i really here because it has acted on the backs of any crawford is fifty now things this morning i think a little older than cynical ivan she's suv she's the only kind of forty five hours in the she's probably this just turn fifty waiting endlessly luck
where that is like and what she does it know i'm a camel forty five still fuckin swam and hot rights when she stopped in the middle of this thing at this they have these photos over her book is out needs is exclusive book the cosmic fifteen hundred box or something that it is all about them really big high glossy shall deal and she just stops and they start taking photos of orange distorts posing so no one talks no one's title of everyone to just logic as it does now me campbell party so it's almost like michael bolton gets out of his party and starts where i've loved you know what it's like we're doing her thin pose the graph that's how s your arm why does it ago and as this is a kind of a fastening little part it was a good thing to do my toe in fuck out of theirs quickly realized why you don't go to the watches its dirty famous there too famous and it is what it is to me it's like who don't get that famous
for sure back off using it we will everybody gets weird you it's wheat their weird people when they have to hang out with each other because nobody else can understand you know how to do but that i go to like hanging out celebrities because they are the only people that understand what you're loves you that our man but i'm not its famous damagon hit the brakes dat's party problem yet you don't understand fuckin famous you are you and was famous comedians its ever lived and one of the most famous celebrities in america egotism one hundred list of the most famous people unmarried oh yeah chapels on last week's amount lest i am i like to stay on the outskirts that list be in the suburbs that i don't know joe i don't like i don't know what i think you're in that is not happening right you're down right now to your closing in our view including slowed down about moving like yosemite would you do that both our voice clergymen holding out a valet oh yeah
i would absolutely live right now if i give you one other alternative there's a few different possibilities i really like colorado of always like colorado cholera i was always give me one of my best choice it's been there though i like the people i like the environment i like the vibe i like stand up community i like the comedy works i love wendy the owner to come to work that's but that's spot where i live i could live in seattle i couldn't do with winter i just think it stupid regional wage verse folks rains too much
your summers are of the guys and i get i get it that you have to like it makes you appreciate one when you don't have the other but it's hard to know that all i do is get on a jet and i could be in la and it's perfect in la right now is that it's really good like comedy wanted it's never been better like this more clubs there's more comics is more inspiration is more fun meaning me and stanhope and ron white we're hanging out too sort of the night drinking and laughing and having fun and i'm like where else can take place his leg is so rare that you go there and like a gallagher on white drops into fifteen minutes you know i mean that's that's really what it is and we need it and on the list to fifty minutes burgos bile is worthwhile hanging out you think if you moved a demo your pockets would suffer can i can have as many biggest maybe go find out of eu law is flying in like once a week
now don't get tired primary like influence on it well known like definite fly someone there if they will be willing to go i could look for like local people but that would run dry varied around them yeah loot approach is no better spot they relate to do podcast and stand up instead they can't find better but there is also the vast numbers of human beings live in this place shit look at the numbers were damper it's not the same sir but i may people
moving there i will live on saying oh you live badly and like every eyes alec evergreen alight bruno it's nice yeah brookfield nice but evergreens the mountain yeah that's what i like to some views and evergreen or bolder i like bolder alot this supported things is the one note thing everybody so brawl there so leftwing unlike a little mixture like some to soften border from sovereign why just bitch just eyebrows they're just bitch hussar the debate is just a there's no diversities just all wipe out its white people just everyone's rich or liberal written ip if you see a black eye play football their lives they live miss pleasantville this weird mobile communed weird bubble with but super nice people kate and it's easy benighted where'd you go play of food in europe
this has already made it already is jamie mated immediate while working on this issue is incredible the goals niche i young jamie please tell me that immediately go on the internet and agents the motor sharp face that's perfect no man there's that those two spots are big candidate leaves those whose eyes while i'm thinkin about like spent time in more than one place right now are the only then that holding back really is really hold me back but having a family like you have to take them into consideration when kids now on them around his only thus stability sire desire up them i do me now but but i'll tell you one thing when they turn eighteen they decide to go to college somewhere and moves somewhere else ghost theirs
there's no way i'm gonna be doing this in ten years there's no amateur because i don't think this city sustainable i think the city is like a game of musical chairs and i think after awhile you look it's gonna be mexico city ebene mexico city i know what it's like its overwhelming the amount of people like that the traffic jams are insane like you go through them and you like how is this real nobody gives a fuck about a red light or green light and then when they want to merge they just have to shut themselves out into traffic nobody lets you in and i remember sitting there thinking there watching us go and hears is beautiful city this crazy ancient city in the mountains and mexico x seven thousand feet above sea level he notes with twenty plus million people s crew stuffed in it and like it is not that far off and always growth from the time i moved here in ninety ninety four to today in two thousand sixteen is unbelievable twice united labour operating values are socks i know but but that's gonna happen here
these things are going on keep going what can happen people gonna wise up and become awesome no they got here you gotta keep moving here comes were show business see help him by the untried comments my dead move here which grants answer so he doesn't seem like tat move man what that's different though i mean that makes sense in to live here with you know you're here here you business assyria families year some exciting people a move that the thing is it so expensive live here talkers either like anything else what happens is people go you know what else is great but you know this place rollin north carolina there really do the billion the structure people move to those places nashville rally look what happened of portland that secret got out people move there so here but to see it's out the winter socks prevents but as you get like one things i notice is like i'll be in places like that place we were in oklahoma slash arkansas male nor the tiny little beautiful town we found the best coffee shop with the best single source single origin shade grown coffee you designer fuckin coffee worthy of kids
this is the kind of shit that he gets excited about just fucked i will marry a great food we had great we carry was probably discourse on love did it not even of france i know from i now oakwell designed obeyed but here's your does good places to live in a small town are not small towns for twenty years the internet is here and people are evolved challenging everywhere it's a different world you can find a lot of what you life from big cities in small towns now more and more more and more and i think it is important to note that the book the only reason the and allay it's kind of retro time now these people jammed indigo the ideas i like this where the coolby borders where we have to let this we shall businesses located so busy you really involved anymore other than the gold works exact like
ass for nothing you're right about that too and not accept doesn't shootin l a plan but also you dont issued anyway rare stuff you're doing most of it is you don't stand upon the road are you doing your pod cast on the road or you doing your progress in town not distance i told you the story about me in that thing down before the show i'm not doing it escapes i'm not interested it's not fund is also much time poland my own food in the mountain i don't wanna do any other shoot help what are your alcove waiting behind a tree he wasn't forgot you say don t do it under the right now yeah yeah i take you boner hunting son you get you get addicted archery i'll take you aren't you realize the rush of taken out an elk and then eating it and then realizing like who all the guilt and weird shit you have above food about buying from a grocery store you cut out like most of that area several restaurants are handed out raw meat and meat its hollis its speed so it's it's
citing will you tell me well and now you are men with our shows that david locomotion leading man when i get you yeah you wish it at first of all i want a beer elk will fuck you up now go out i got you out of your mind you go outside and look at a forest horse that i've got enough there they would run for wisdom they might really sweet me with an arrow he's not like whereas in reality only has to know that its narrow and elk might run a moose might run at you mother fucker at one end of the robber moves so that the arms of a moose precaution size mousses fuck people up elk fuck people up to amount to watch him better before i go any more still i need some help most likely they won't moves are more aggressive because moose have it moves are traditionally in climate so do a lot more grizzly bear to invested their he now
if you're talking about on and wolves the one animal it scares the shit as alcohol my god as elk fuck it up some snowman don't you want fact like to look at the size of that thing thing obviously that is big that's a thousand pound animal i'm a journey towards grown out of its high needed fishing here's what terrifies me i didn't realize a grizzly bear start eating you before you die ass they start younger ass more they don't kill you to speak eventually justice was going to say please show is i'm for i've always been scared horses even more now as issue show like mr hands i look this up i want to that dark web found that mr hands video him we're about mr hands gaelic to have sex with horses well on this worse with just a little too little to balls deepened i saw a little you don't know you talk about onstage too great pet
stop doing no no no no no i mean you have misunderstood listener hands is a guy you doin this place i did all regional chum fuckin win but there's also it's off the three main mission does cameramen yet control no bigger dick meaner legal horse winner mr hands is like this and so the latest line that horse up he's puts you know it's hooves on the line that dick into the asshole will this horses i bow some have set up with a guy who failing rover it looks like we're bales of hair seemed like that or some sort of a platform that they ve designed for the guy can bend over and in the guy puts his ass allow and the horse they lift the horses legs up so as feed or on the platform of the hague is hard on they probably jerk worse off first he came in about two seconds the thai do like almost don't like fuck like lexington steel gennaro
guy nobody's billions like put to you know images we played the noises we played in the josh zepps parterres we play noise is there is but he's like like music they died there lies he died at the house at the hospital friends like you gotta go to the hospital ignore fine i guess he works for boeing he's like i'm not gonna here's leading to the hours they don't know if that video is of the time that killed them because apparently there's hundreds of hours of videos of those guys giving fuck my horses hundreds of hours now my thing it what the government should do is does know holding onto their not making a profit out of those hundreds of hours they should take that make it every day how did sail and you know what money back into the coffers of the city angry claw makes money i can t with aids its interest in the sea because this horses dig it looks like this mike
like our arm and i'm not getting any goes he goes use baldy this horses bought it goes through his flock and yet it is ripped apart torres call on what would you think was gonna happen while apparently die a bunch of times and survived i don't know man or done it with other animals and maybe the horses were broken maybe try to put a safety risk that bad boy put a safety risk while the guy tries to hold on to it for a second whose i try like you know like a high school girl when most ordinary ages they they hold onto that they avoid all stop area that the horses not by an that horse it just the tipp no are you gonna put an inflatable safety ring on about whatever you can start that fuckin maidens it's weird it's weird because it's it's weird because they ve met online in a forum where people were turned on by animals yeah and then reality they met in this forum and then decided to meet in this place that was legal wash and state it was legal until real
as long as the animals penetrating you if you're better in the animal dash it's illegal sites like you can't fucking horse but it's you can't let alone almost we are doing is that change is mr hand i guess that makes sense as like that that guy so balls diva but since i was thousand pages researching the ship but there's this guy jarvan hate whose social sized talk about that like certain things are legal but they they illicit and open scots response they don't hurt anybody so that he does this example of two things where he goes if brother and sister are in the woods having sex with a condom on there's nothing inherently harmful to both of them but all of us go or if the guy jerks glosses over guide fox a chicken you said we all go god damned but is now really the chickens already dead is eliciting gus reaction even though it technically you can't really defend
why it's were hung wayside tibet that bit about it but why is it ok to kill somebody can fuck it after you kill that's right like you can't do that but if you jerk off chicken cutlet about you and go to jail re some call you caught you fucking a chicken people be really mad believes and took the brass the chicken brass reverend dick and drift off right now it's a shit right but if we do we still have this dramatic disguised as is weird is going i ground beef if you take ground beef and needs you just take a look raw rise eve congo be warm it upside body temperature and like a plastic zip log back rapid around your dick and you start jerking yourself with this one based on a terrible and you knew that so you i guess you can count on popular echo in the form of people might not invited to their cocktail party maybe he caught up in a pig even of the pigs having a great old time i'll give you ve gotta paid and the pigs
love love is then is that you're pagan persian goes ahead it is really hit the right spot piglike all wriggle your held is just say that's a lie that's illegal like even if a pig like finds you insert back up towards you since you out but if you bend in that pigs i yield let me get there at that asshole its legal made let's go the devil now i know its not necessarily legal and i don't think it's legal in washington state anymore not anymore you're innocent millions die but it's not like a proactive active it's like it's i think it's illegal to just be engaging in sex in a weird who gives us questions like can you do body parts you know what about the guy who pay the guy to kill him and edam and they ate per it is generally to gather do is they d take together like
frankly there was a legal quagmire there where there are like the guy did put an ad out any did one craigslist and weed and you cannibalized him together here is did the guy windup dying oh yes you won't be slaughtered put an add on craigslist unlike where would that be slaughtered and someone and some do does icu i'll do it i'll do it any like listened with a deal is getting my dick first surely that big like toby arsenal barbecue that trains japanese man twenty two cooks his own genitals and serve them and others a different one that is given to iraq and this is a guy who didn't like is gender he was a sexual so he decided to cut his dick and balls off and then serve them today the the party no origin like hannibal style knowing they knew their garnish with mushrooms and parsley it paid a hundred and sixty one is that pounds per
secondly to launch way too much in this forum is way too much to eat his severed genitalia mushrooms and parsley i like my with lemon daily papers you get everything the youth of the shaft detestation scrotum does he look the genitalia himself as he was supervised by a chef woe in a tweedy offered to cook his penis for a guest for whatever good i'm all right my mail generals for peanuts testes grow them as a meal for one hundred thousand the end that eight hundred pounds so that's roughly what thousand dollars twelve little aging guy letter is a palace more than our lesson dollar now varies more now it's worth more so eight hundred pounds a thousand he decides to split them
between six guess saying i dunno on decree money the organs were surgically or move that age twenty two i was tests to be free of venereal disease is the organs were of normal function i was not receiving female hormone treatment so he took to the deck and balls away a year ago a year before that she'll on ice oh my god well that's really gonna tender eyes it it will be no worse with help me yet depends i let it simmer depends i mean it's freezing freeze every year is actually breakdowns over the tissue swissair scroll them a lot of guys you hot moves they don't you for six months or a better grenelle is brother filling the dick would be pretty soft like a filet also that i myself so i feel really sir i note with some so we can only about the six people in this tiny dick like like callin mari good the other guy's a different story find a month ago hired someone that kill him and eat em you haven't to everyone but there's a lot of weird dickie and people
the fuck simon agricola dinner named maybe you guys were changing at any column crazy what do you know all about the japanese guy there's a japanese guy killed woman in aid her and did a little bit of time in jail and somehow another got off or got out and now is a celebrity any jokes around about eating people he murmured some girl an acre and now he does like pictures like the japanese culture is very different in hours they disease like pictures we pretend
do you like biting peace was like a scary strange celebrity turnover hammer the deuce name o thou art like that you find him looking for that but you started almost say i've furnaces even weirder what does this article it damn things in the way man slices are one goes down at the bottom of it you can get rid of it no see the red below that audible hopping am i gather all pumping up this gross oh my god really see papa i feel sick feel fiddle sickening these dick ill we can't get rid of that add oh my god audible other girls ok osaka coding issue i say interest no it's going to things that you ve researched like richard dawkins the god illusion mediator saharan woman slices of rabies genitalia forces him to eat it don t that's type move not on cougar this guy a moratorium he raped her he's gonna kill you i guess and then she
did child williams tied him up and bid average grab knife and castrated m while the plot of where they live to drinking mazur mathematical and what was able to untie herself and then she basically i'm with dad that's cool off i should like to in the microwave grabbed the plate fork and stake knife and cover up like hot dogs what force rattling gone that he had left on occasion can i want everyone force in the eu i have no remorse and i'm not sorry that bastard deserve it and he's going to get in although i agree with our ears i see now that's a case where i think that girl she get a metal mathilda why are we are celebrating her why should i have your blog trouble finance he's in trouble hope not behold she didn't kill a major vernon there did that's allowed that should be cut his dick off amen tapestries it will and can see self defence well she was tied up got out cut their dick forty indeed it is dire course will now is why
most berries alive now now because it is still her people good luck in jail a lot of those guys what they're doing lance psychological you know what it's fake damn damn or that the picture of the grail the picture jimmy snobs it fake the site posing as los angeles area outlet tt lay spread a fabricated but juicy tale a shovel women's revenge apart from the girl tat to whatever the fuck it was girl the dragons lousy calmly seen though that rape is de facto john freedom is dick was she fucked the mob and write like horror what iran is back and then do good move man s see we're on broad agreement at some point the finger at the possibility of someone actually doing that and how you support it i'm a honeymoon
an agreement to bringing checking tweets you people are now i'm not i'm seeing unseen when we have to be its z ay because of a meeting with times your meaning i don't know it's gonna call my agent i may have to listen to a real quick and what are you doing hey man she had business we're going over big harley street right now victim cannibal agreed to be eating even to the family next door others is a guy seasick perfect neighbour he motor lawn repair their car even invited them around for dinner other residents the small german town of rotten berg also believe there was nothing out about the forty two year old computer experts whose life burned late into the night inside his creaking mansion yesterday however use appeared in court charge with kids king and then frying and eating another man while he met the forty three old berlin engineer burn brow
and this after advertising on the internet and had chopped him up and eaten him it was he said something he had wanted to do for a long time came in i always wide i always had the fantasy and in the end i fulfilled it muse said to the court on the first day was trial for murder and the near by city of castle yesterday german prosecutors described how muse had fantasized killing and devouring someone including his classmates from the age of eight sire grew stronger after the death of his mother and ninety ninety nine prosecutor marcus koehler said in march of two thousand one muse advertise on the internet for a young well built man who wanted to be eaten oh he advertised so he ass if anybody wants be eaten on the skills they hung down yeah so was the opposite evening of march nine two men went to the bedroom
in muse rambling timbered farmhouse mr brandon swallowed twenty sleeping tablets in half a bottle of snobs before muse cut off brennus penis with his agreement and fried it for both of them to eat for a day well friend dick brennus by this age bleeding heavily then took a bath while muse read a star trek novel gangster the guy cut his dick off and he he went and read a book while the guy blot out in a tub star trek baffling needs a start how much of a blood is coming out of this gallagher how even see ok early hours of the morning he finished off his victim by stabbing him in the neck with a large kiss kiss it kitchen knife kissing him first was weird shit cannibal then
chop mr brandishes into pieces and put several bits of him and his freezer next to a take away pizza and buried the skull and his garden over the next few weeks he d frosted and cooked parts of miss two branches in olive oil and garlic eventually consuming twenty kilograms of human flesh before police finally turned up at his door with my every bite my memory of him grew stronger screen behind bars muse told text is that he first consumed his victim with a bottle of south african red wine had got out his best com hurry and decorated his dinner table with candles he toasts he tasted of pork he said the added woe jesus christ it's not illegal now the unprecedented case had proved problematic for german lawyers who discovered that cannibalism is not illegal in germany but its murder ok so instead they choose
muse with murder for the purposes of sexual pleasure and with disturbing the peace of the dead shit there's video this white crucial to the cases a gruesome videotape made of the entire evening during which brennus apparently makes clear his consent woe internally that deeper dick i am i also it s like oh my god before setting out what is one we journey to rotten bird brandish was our lee at least a successful financially secure professional with a living girlfriend jesus christ girlfriend data traffic going after killing brain is the german a cannibal met five other men who responded to his internet advert including one from london the best more did not however kill them to grow from broke up with him was revealed that he liked man jesus while he likes to eat them eight dicks girl
for you listen to this in july two thousand one student stumbled over mused chatroom and learn the german authorities who arrested him last december so he was like our runnin around for a while one was a time between december and when you killed the dude another alot of people they fight other guys messed up to twenty kilograms of the guys body twenty kilograms forty four pounds that's forty four meals a lot of it went to waste i don't altered to brown men wait wait needed all he still had some of it they caught him for he had finished as you say the true pretrial interview the cannibal said that after eating brand as he felt much better and more stable this bitch said he fantasize about having a blot blonde young brother we could keep forever by consuming hey man you banshee crazy although these
that's an serial killers like they get the final step is when they start eating and drinking the blood of the victims cause it's their way of consuming and having complete and total power over the helios five years in jail though lads how that fucks back on the streets and find what he's already back in the street then because i feel it the store was five years ago skirl scroll of german longer than five which might again i made a movie about this two thousand thirteen so's three three too three areas out he's out aid yad google this mother arm in google that guy and put the word released get em that looks like a guy you dig oh my god he's a terrifying dude you didn't when the lady came and looked ass we look at his fucking face into view the cap is an interview with a set of charm present doo doo did they make a movie about this this they did i gotta see it video original no way what is ass a movie i think
that's a movie grim allow ready further regional oh my god mine is there a real video are that those are clay puppets that shit like real diversion in my they should i gave this data with one not ass a shoulder saw that's the real one man that's him splitting the guy down the mental well with that yet show people but that's him that's him splitting the guide on youtube ok that that was the real pictures that guy hang hung them by his angles split m downloaded alike like and bled amount the buckets and shit boy they said
the woozy guy you probably got em up its tabby city stabbed him the knack it's probably killed him probably hung up side down and killed god easily how to man got him and richard ted ted what was a guy's name who with the ice medical and ski yet he said that what they would do as they would hang a body bleed it and in sharp it up taken out to a boat and just either drop it off the boat or they would bring it to one those car matching places and put the body under a car fifteen other cars you just be you know read this book called murder machine joey diaz gave it to me back in the day was all about this guy who is a mob of roy demeo i think his name was who's the mob assassin who just became a fucking
plead on full on psychopath serial killer who killed god knows how many people just kill people left and right for whatever fucking reason they wanted to end this this place that they lived is bar area where they had like an apartment upstairs these to kill people in this apartment these fucking killed like a hundred people there there's a just got addicted and this is a book about he it is the out his words while its hissed it's the story the investigators that caught him how they caught him but it's a disturbing book man it's one those books we go well you have to realise those people out there are out there they're out there stuff makes us that's it should swarming tim kennedy exactly yeah here is an interview with a cannibal documented sheds new life i want to germany's wealth infamous murders and this is from two thousand and sixteen we share its on youtube i look out so he's free it's the documentary jailer eight years it's what i found i said became a vegetarian and jails beach fluoride jenny takes until just he's going
now a eaten people again you forty pounds a man than by now i'm not into meat anymore how does she think they'd the footage of the act itself which was shown in a closed rooms and trials described in the document as to disturbing to show and so shocking that only nineteen minutes of the four our video was shown his behaviour as a child was described as like most other children his age he loved animals and found country life idyllic well somebody asked craig is other guy ape yeah that's the guy he looks stable that i wanted to be butchered because is because his girlfriend caught him with men so it was a taste the flesh tastes like pork but stronger jesus christ i just amazing that he's free now
i almost wish i could speak german so i can understand what he san bring is dumb ass in here with a translator here why don't ya man i'm gonna kill you guys it's almost like now bring em in now that's ever you know the translator see interview in germany that guy knowing where i am we just those who studios after maybe we bring here or kill him honest archaic two guns years because i agree with the gun he's not kill european heritage is you let you have you let him kill you he'll eat you if you give him any sort of light my god i'm coming depresses cylinder of their pledge is better with while there are people in vans right now drawn around looking for someone to eat i don't think so there are definitely boys value it goes back to we're talking about what we're talking about bathrooms and transgender people and though the amount of creeps are actually not transgender just perceptual predators
those are my mouth to come up with a way to get two so in a vain right now there's a small amount of people right now in this country justice country that are fighting off the urge to commit rape and murder of monster romeo white van group do the german electronic item it'll probably not but is the plaza likely somewhat look all you have to choose one crime or someone drink someone's blood kill someone by binding when the neck and it becomes a copycat poor weird i met a girl who she was she was we're talkin said well i've i've had trouble getting on my to market ruining brenner i met well he said i knew she couldn't get she said she had a tough time less two years now turn asker fi said well my my cousin was goma first cousin was killed i set out at the sky was killing men he was spike in their drinks he would take them outside have sex with him
kill him and that is just right there people are just do where should the dead just kind of predators they set their whole life up our waiters yeah yeah elderly people and dancing around dp this people that are there are well powers as as long as cadbury eggs and twister's that's how you get him in a fuckin van specimens just put them what are you doin what happened i am but if you put in my face like you so you ran the cabrioily yoda ugly this was osha what's this courage when do a goddamn thing to me listen if you really week this a mom chile man various now that cheated yeah crimes something else that if i wash in any fresh cabaret eggs peel from the wrapper with other children ngos with open and those guys like you smell you adapt alien now get excited well if you eddie five or you can only five foods what were they cabaret eggs and my five foods you ever gap by what if i if i was restricted to that i would do it only based on nutrition so elk help me yeah would eat some
like that like got i'll gamey meat avocados healthy vegetables kale a boring shit will help me up we have finally peggy as you know that i would have to leave it at that but i the only you only eight five things probably to get sick unless you supplementing yourself you gotta make sure you're getting a proper amount of vitamin c and d flogging yams i'd imagine yams hail cargo elk you have a lot of stuff their rank i think people benefit more than other animals do on a variety of different vs varying your diet animals have a problem with that like dogs like you can't switch up dog food if you give a dog one kind of food then you give him something else for its part cannot or maybe too much they weigh them leave you chains of formerly baby you know why you should everyone can you get too much iron from eating mean every day you chose much area that's interesting i've net
for her guy had high iron a higher and count one time when i wouldn't go my blood on how much media letting but he said he said to nonaligned but he said you know it's fuckin crazy i was cooking from cast iron yeah and asked iron what gives you air ironing you fool yet trace i think that is a lot of high ferris level yeah i cook alone iron pounds labelling for your way to get iron yeah probably good way for purely at iron too that are vegetarians like if you ve like that's exactly what they tell those turns cannot cast iron schelling reality goodwill do you get low iron appear vegetarian ones you asked a lot of eighteen if in a lot of red meat but you don't need a dose of ice did take so much created but because this day little blood red meat stuff like that don't take any so you're doing your kitteridge yeah i think creating
like a legit supplement it's one of the few legit substances that actually does really increasing strengthen ivan tack and recovery does its wits legit you know a lot of these things i'd like to talk goes back to the old your romero thing and even adjust jaffna risky thing a lot of stuff that we see in these stores like jean season stores that have these muscle building things a lot of those things are really steroids really knew why different form yeah like laugh that's why it of guys key personnel from the usanga has a website that we when we know that he was hurried sentence to the website and you go like aithra z you find whatever the supplement is a new list was to see of what not people than pop for right they testing and they pull these things off the market and it has come back with some new name they like you have certainly men remember martlet liar the stuff he was usually good bye
dial time i took that shit that you could buy also check that will allow a sort of his story precursor hormone precursor but here's the deal he wasn't it while he was taken you securing ass diversion whatever you think he was taken up by the hop them for the flock of it just as the alley family but he was inject illustrate just like this he of yeah yeah that's interesting die on work that way but the strategy will be was on sammy sell us you see how big like i it's been a it's been less than we were i look back and i realise when you play sports and wait nobody's too forty pounds and just that jack to mean seldom zalm some people have a lot of professor you you're old do you go from being debts should
but you don't love me one eighty five when you're done five you say a big dramatic differently thrush if they're like a veteran yes sums there's a lot of free she leave some incredible results with discipline and the right protocol with hypertrophy you could be a lot of food all day long you're crazy weights and when you're young if your body holds up to the workload you can put on some massive wait when you're young when you hormones are strong if you do it the right way to save you have like a strength lifting coach and you said hey i want to gain twenty pounds and most of you have to do a right now that we're gonna fuck with hormones right a gear to old yes at this point i beheld but if you were to have but if you were twenty and you did the same thing to political year its possibility that a lot of time on all night the i could do we not start from problem any muscle maybe but you're not i was ever tried you don't realize now fear united like rachel program you not frail
you know i mean i you louis gennaro your weightlifting guy that right you not left i do left but not like that how often you left probably twice a week and at last yes and twice a week is fine when you left you live heavyweights weights i try to like a failure at six a petition guys doing more of a cardio like circuit right if you're going to live out squads well well i'll do like lately like i'll go from dead lift to polyps you know where it and the dead left is what by the eighth one i'm hurting you know but again i'll do at once a week you know and then i'll do maybe some bench with like sixty bounden bells and now you're so frozen wine year forty well you know one of things pavel tat celine his interview with a tim ferris was talking about his dad getting involved in power lifting when he was in his sixties his eighty taught us dad power lifting was down in the sixties and like six seven years
henry put on in our x amount pounds of muscle and he said he looks like a forty year old man now from like receives back a deal it is any settlement i think you did power my sceptical had forgotten i forgive you have on and no buttercup owners and scare people who do we bring that bring that are now yes really monitoring by the way when you parroting is good part if you do it right i think his pride good for your home on your body like and i feel good when i left heavy like i have more energy that really daily sister stand and exit refugee skilfully well would paddle cs adele who told me that a six year old put yes that's my very through that mary larry they receive from the more sceptical that when talking about with ferris is talking about pavel was talking about rather was his protocol which is that never more than five repetitions and
we're gonna failure i really eyes ideas that if you say if you live something and like the most wraps you can do is like seven cut it off at five and and put it down and that strength as a skill i know you want what he calls is greasing the groove like doing something over and over again giving yourself plenty of time in between it so that you're strong fully recovered and you'll get stronger and you'll get stronger fast was this guy powell tattoo and he's the godfather kettlebells a guy came to america and started care about programmes like all kettlebells instruction pretty much came out of that guy's about like i've just got really guy does livin sentiment early on your hand out the back of seventy five year old dead lifter hundred assent drug free that's death well i mean who knows maybe his dad some fuckin savage and freak for sugar in a piss in this area
golden snitch marietta pay again get on it now i dont get i'd let pass tat tat would have met with a guy like that guy what like how long is that work our question what are you doing all that rest well what i do is what i've been one of the last few weeks and sell us in this part gas is here because i've stuff at home i have a little gem in my house so what i'll do it i'd to start working out without leaving the garage inside the house i've waited jim so i'll go and i'll just live waits during the day and then i'll do it later at night like a leaf weights our goal now and i'll do a few sets of chin jobs in some kettlebells swings in girls into or an cleans stuff like that then later that night i'll do like clean squat press or do some some different shit and i'll do my sets throughout the day like this
in answer to smashing it in but my cardio i still do in one big set so what i d like to do for cardio is alike to live weight first and get really fuck entire then once i'm really tired i do like balls out cardio for half hour that consumers are already exhausted for it's more of a mental thing this year i can i didn't mean for me as my cardio address great great card i've been doing get my cardio in with my lifting saudi like heavy daedalus in the set is whatever set of ten of heavy daedalus straight from there to the treadmill sprints fast again for men unlike level ten eleven twelve louis has again i gotta pull ups we do that for five what's heavy doubt is for our some three fifteen funding of ten july does that unites you do five rounds the shit you know asked the little mice deadly heavy dellis remit cardio eyes whose me the fund
things are better for me i do the crossbar where i stand in the middle of a new deadline that that that means that what i that's my always my go to this is specifically that bar like using a trap bar for daedalus is one of the best ways two like excite your entire system safest to save as but it's also like your gripping it the way you gripping it like there's something weird about that over under grip that you do with a standard dumbbell and then you bang it off your shins and straight your back up here but this motherfucker is like right in the groove so you can have really excellent jesus it's less of a lower and lower back and you could really fuckin stack up but some heavy weight interests of cool stuff with too few farmers work oh yeah i was i was i was coming through a book called the supper leopard had only ass an early start yeah did you see that looks really cool we see with deleted billy i didn't know you tell a star as you know kelly start with is a famous strengthen addition guy to solve ridiculous photo of how you don't look so he bid is long
delete has a wholly i silent i seen as longs like huge run on sentences are how fucked up these guys are yes and he did it with kelly start is one the funniest exert photo you said i mean this dude i can stop lavish does he know the can zoom out and he can put his head regular he's trying to pig into land say you guys pocket can i come in please keep to go it alone and this is the most peeking s mother fucker ever even tom is lay ye peaks more than me pacifism dian kai looks like he hurried neck five it's a girl it's really long eagerly i keeps going to go out and when i read it all but it's so this is the look that you give a guy when you're fucking his wife after you for your work
is so high and i read tweeted it but please go to chris his account workers and cited in the other funding mother fucker easily racist crimes and other good due to man is it's nice habit him run store correspond he's the best favorite people s store in the store is on you you know it out some fire fighter kid this weekend alive and boston ladies and gentlemen wilbur theatre that's right that's the truck lira in valea saturday as well and don't forget saying ease in ireland but we might be sold out or almost ass throughout the long so that a new europe but not low level and we are your user national tomorrow insolent company total amount friday how long you has therefore you and we got a new york then we got a boss and then we're going to the target are unfairly and i'm sure that we show their which gives me too conversely we should organise some gigs like at least in the same town together have you have you done the helium in saint louis origin
only done helium in portland which is fuckin outstanding being a zillion jellies which is climb doing unbeknown i'm doing their club in saint louis joe ninth tenth an eleventh so get you tickets macbeth earlier i that website who do thou website brother your browser so did i there was probably from machine is cbc does all hell are all my online dear brother makes websites really does for professional use now do it for years i wanted to use square space to allow this square space dude pillars a beast this is really good ass if he did a great job the photographs the background are also ehler merging hat i did us from a photoshop neighbour lincoln corrado mama right around like a vampire slayer so are just would cover the you if i knew this was a supermarket we will find it covered someone wants some kind of finally talk about it i still don't want
i want to know the latest delete sent me a text totally but unrelated i didn't know that we're doing a podcast promoted nowhere even talking about him and he sent me a text about kelly star retweeting that thing thinking it's hilarious he said guy seems cool i love that shit when people get jokes so delay adjust sent me this like glass i could connection mare but that's what's crazies like that picture that i put up was days ago and the fact that he said it literally texted me while we were talking about aware that is where it spooky and i can try as third that's why he got owned get owned by crystal earth is flat but each kelly's goodbye is whereas yet on tv shows a shit
well i don't think he's probably in the middle of a video and someone took a still of news is a false or he is like measures yet this angle doing wake mobility stand noses shit how a fuckin he's gotta came up with the idea of using those hard balls like lacrosse mouths to so my muscles the best have good information out there i gather is more than ever before i'm gonna get huge with that russian guy amateur workers activists i'm gonna be a buck and dig leopard a big supple lapierre while he's all about mobility he's a big mobility blaylock it's all about having arrange motion flexibility and full range of of motion with all your tissues nothing being tightened wound up and so is all about like breaking up scar tissue stretching yours of our making sure that you're here strong and all these different areas don't create these vulnerable ryan should hit em up and sinhala time within what might i fuck endanger the same muslim my neck man everyone's every three months start jurgen guys i've stopped suddenly my power i too
had we will have a guy like you had just terms skirts are you i've been abbe i have an employee all these years and argue that fortunately immediately afterwards we have a guy i get guy go fuck you kissed a guy in a phase right before he neck the gentleman person wandering around germany sweetie these addressed him up like just die we're all gonna die we i get him on the shell dress nobody an infidel centimeter muslim neighbour there's fog in la la teeth aunt our com brendan job on twitter brian cowen with a why twitter and see fucker soon thanks our by i'll be back tonight package at nine p m but bobcat go wait i'll just back from a big foot convention thank you everybody for tuned into the park and thank you to my brother's brian cowen brendan show
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