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#806 - Dave Smith

2016-06-07 | 🔗
Dave Smith is a stand up comedian & host of Part Of The Problem podcast available on iTunes, and he is also one-third of The Legion of Skanks.
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and so i met him at the comedy store and we're about to do a podcast so please welcome dave smith join my day joe rogan podcast by night dave smith president of kanye west fan club is here comic day smith on twitter tweeting pictures he loves them kanye and dick pics i'm glad we got that out was ass thanks for doing this 'cause i love you on always podcast man you are fucking awesome on it was really cool is very easy it was a welcome surprise you know stories podcast is not always awesome it's always awesome but it's like damn student is a lot of political schitt you knew about the hillary clinton thing with the rape trial that she was involved in
sending the the got looks for explain it because it's good it's a up store and i wanna get it wrong okay so hillary clinton this is way back when she was a criminal defense attorney she got a much child rapist off and a real bad one it was those good child rapists it was a really like but it was like just jared and fifteen year olds like a nice guy he's making sandwiches right you know kids alert pickles circus deck but even like well it you know you like the way michael jackson was accused of rape that is like the nicest way you could rape a kid was like taking through an amusement park right yeah cost nice on the llama in the monkey alright child rape is better let me start with horrible the worst thing ever connie dick pics good yes i'll break bad just want to be clear on where i stand but so she so this guy basically raped a twelve year old girl an really put all the details of the story
she defended the guy and there's a there's tape of her in an interview talking about this year now it's still it's back in the days when hillary clinton's doing like a southern accent there's been like six different hillary clintons that have existed this was the southern wife of bill clinton when she was when he was the mayor of our governor of arkansas i think so early eighties yeah somewhere around that around that time period i'm not sure i'm not sure precisely where the tape is from but she is i mean it's it's there's there's a lot of videos i could point to online that's i think strong evidence that hillary clinton is a sociopath i'm personally instead of that now i'm not a professional and i can't no sir but this it was really upset i mean she's laughing about the details of the rape case and how she got the guy off and she laughs about how funny it is when she basically admits that she knew the guy was guilty 'cause she's going like
oh we convince the jury it was a big mistake image of justice and she's she says that he take a polygraph and passed it and then she says that for or destroyed my belief in polygraphs he's basically saying i know this got raped this this little girl but we were able to get him off and she laughs having the bloody underwear as the big piece of evidence i mean it's really really intense intense shuffle ship and what's really easy about it is that it this world of like rape culture and social justice warrior liberal outrage there is just deafening silence when it comes to the so you think it's a lack of information because most people don't go look and for this stuff for stuff like what you're talking about most people have to find it on fox news and go watt outrageous they don't go looking it there's a lot you have to look through i mean you have to go all the whitewater stuff you have to go through all that vince foster stuff you have to try to find it is a lot like weird stuff about them in their past that you'd have to sort through
much of this is legit how much isn't most people to do that so it's not discuss ten you have to filter out like the just nonsense because that's that's the problem with where we're at now is that the truth is out in the internet but it's sandwiched in between a whole bunch of nonsense and i got a lot get that out of the way in the conspiracy theories would say that nonsense is there on purpose yes that's right because everybody every conspiracy theorist as it turns out when i read more conspiracy theorists it turns out they were just working for the conspiracy and they're just like alex jones they all think now is is working hey how to trust me i was my friend he's just crazy no c i a involved there well it's a fun thing when you get into stuff that people think is a conspiracy and then you're like oh no it's just a crazy guy why for conspiracies that involve me and so when i hear that i go oh i see how i've read some shade about me being a cia agent like yeah
circuitous route i took i went from kick boxing to stand up comedy all the while secretly under cover of a ci a plan to me news radio and before you know it he'll be leading public opinion due to his even funnier one i have probably thinks that it's perhaps possible perhaps that call canyon was all about cia psyops and jim morrison and these muses music bowl of musical arms the middle saying musicians musical powerful la pot that they were all a part of some cia plan to like the institute the drug movement like i don't even understand the plan but the idea is that all these launch of people came out of the this laurel canyon area and jim morrison's dad was in the cia and i take like jesus christ much how cia dad's are there never round for the kid of course the kid grows up to be jim morrison it's not that like the dad
is there influencing him with a fucking hypnosis to one of those watch is you are going to the the voice of a generation right this is not known engineer or something like that all things being equal it's best to look at the most simple answer right but right exactly i do think like i feel like with a lot of those apparently there's like my take in on it is like you have like the government who it's almost like that it was a person you could be like okay got them on murdering these fifty people and we have it cold hard they clearly did it and then you're like yeah but i heard rumor that they also murdered another one hundred people and we just focus on what we know they do right like we're slaughtering people in the middle east we don't need to make up all this other nonsense just to make it more sellable well this this idea that were being controlled that's the one it's the it's the the overlying theme i guess or is it safe
look at like all of the conspiracies whether their chem trails or whether it's all about like engineering like mobile warming it's like geo engineering there's all this it's all about engineering things it's all about people that are worried about eugenics they want like alex jones says they want to kill five want to leave five hundred million people worldwide or something like that live in this fucking number is it like woah woah woah woah are they going to be immortal like do they know what the fuck they're doing like you really really think that this is a plan kill everyone except half a million look i do think there's some really shady plans that are up there at the top i think what they get wrong sometimes as they think that that everything that happening was actually controlled from the top i think there's plans that people in it like the bilderberg group is re already exist that's out there and i think they do want to control the world but i think more often than not they have like ten they want to do some of them
that some of them don't even they roll with the punches on that then they change things from there it's not as perfect as like everything they did worked out perfectly and was right but it's easier it's more more of a fun story if they're just in uh control everything well then the of that number the five hundred million number likewise how do you know that number it's less if this is what i heard five hundred million who i wonder if i make the cut but we start thinking about all the billions of people and five hundred million something much if you think about seven billion indians whether you could make the cut at least five hundred million you start taking if they're going to leave five hundred million people in the planet this room there's some wiggle room there are going to be like sixty comedians do you want to get in though i mean what going to do with all those bodies were going at six one slash two billion bodies how bad is the earth going to smell for like a month right yeah that's a good point it's a very good point
these guys thought this through i don't think they said they will not only now what did you kill the wrong people would have the people that you kill we can figure out a way to cure cancer or get us to mars or you don't you just can't but that's what that whole that's white believing which is a much more common belief and the conspiracy thing but believing that populations the problem is is crazy because like you said you never know when that you know they they'll let go environmentalists will be like well if we have too many people and there's two big carbon footprint for like yeah until we have the one person who figures out how to save all of us right and that got you know you need a bunch of people to get that you don't at the village with log cabins and so right they don't figure out how to fix the world they just don't he the people they need to live in cities food needs to be delivered to them they need to be safe and then come up with ideas this thing is a game of numbers he could have mad mad numbers man we gotta throw a lot but i did want to address what you asked before la prada is powerful power all right what you said before we're talking about the stuff at the clinton tape i said why why you know is it that people are
they need to find the information i think there is some of that right because say if they made this a story on the news like if every day they were playing it's amazing the power of the media has to choose what story we're going to make the story and what story will maybe get mentioned here and then you fall in fade into obscurity so they could the media could make that a story that everyone has to deal with but i've found there's a lot of denial like when i talk to liberals or or hillary supporters i don't bring that stuff up there's a lot of like yeah well yeah whatever exactly like whatever but the people who are like we live in a rape culture and we'll go after like tosh for making up a joke in bad taste more like well here's this woman laughing about getting a child rapist off forget some abstract contributing to rape culture change waiting to rape we're getting a rapist who would have gone to jail back out into the streets and so to me a mix of the media
doesn't do their job and then people are also kind of in denial when people are intensely tribal intensely tribal in their support for brands you know forget about blue the parties political parties often times like the most tribal mean follow people that all they do who is mock liberals online and i file other people were all they do is mock conservatives and father so similar orders so similar fuckin' people is atheism and then there's this people that are super religious there's all this god christian stuff on the right and the left it's atheism is their god and i don't mean in there god is like it's it's an actual religion their fall i mean you most kind of have to be in that group to be on outside it's this weird thing that's going on where you've got people that are grabbing the atheism nothing wrong with atheism is not what i'm saying i'm just saying god it's so universal on the left that it seems to me to be a trait that you attribute
with this tribe like almost like you have to this trait right and then i think and i guess that's maybe this is my have a like sam harris and i know you had him on your show recently but i think a lot of those guys who got themselves like in this camp of where the atheists with the once committed to rational thought and religion is terrible and now with the look at things like the wars in the middle east and it just seems like to me it seems like they have a tendency to always try to blame the religiously motivated violence 'cause i think they've kind of got themselves unlike team anti religion were on team atheist so the muslims have to be worse than the american military because they're the religious ones were like sophisticate in advanced and everything about the us military is built on like science and reason and thought and these are crazy muslims who are just maniacs so we have to blame them even though if you look at the numbers of dead it's pretty
staggeringly one sided like we are murdering them not only that were also in where they live so that will be taken into account when we had to get there we had to go there i understand but let's just look at the in fact it's not casting judgements look at the facts we are where they live we don't speak their language we come in in mass and we kill a fuckload more people than they do and the good percentage people that are in the military christian yes very decent size of very very big percentage and then a very big percentage of like the hard core supporters the people like who are really hard core the eve then jellicle base that voted for george w bush a big part of that support is this goofy religious belief that we need to be pro israel because the jews need to be in israel and that's what then jesus can come back for us and have some muslims gotta get slaughtered in the process
this is how it's supposed to go so we gotta protect that there's a lot of that weird shit on our side as well as a lot of weird old sothern money that goes into that yeah there's a gray vice piece on those people there's a great vice piece where they come for vice has some windows online shows that are awesome it's hard to know which one it was but they went with these people to israel these crazy evangelicals were going back to the motherland and it's like they were like now this is where jesus is going to camp now this is where we're going to set up as fire here and he'll pull his trailer in right here like they had it was almost like that his head like he was setting up i got two budweisers one for me one for jesus when he gets here weird weird but you if you're on the right like even gavin mcinnis who i love i love god and love gavin gay gavins of bright bright guy but he's also a catholic and he became catholic like late in life so like what are you doing like what is this
you know it's almost like you have to be a part of something that's religious to get in on the right side like glenn that became a mormon when he was like fifty like hey dude did you even read it did you read any of the history about joseph smith being fourteen when he made all this shit up and it's magic seer stone that he had to use to read the golden tablets that contain the los work of jesus that only he could read with this rock i'm torn between whether i hate mormonism for that or i love them for that i'm like hey if we're going to bullshit yeah let's just go bullshit like yeah jesus he lived in kansas i don't know he was friends with my grandpa why not wealthy american indians were actually from israel that was another one of his that his guy spent a ton of money you know we were talking with when sam was here the other day we were talking about how fifteen years ago it was like billions of dollars to get your genome mapped now it's like a couple one thousand dollars and we're talking crazy that is like what it would an insane leap well a few
years back is one of before it became that cheap some dudes a fuck ton of money it was a mormon to try to prove that the mormon scriptures were in fact correct in the american indians did come but we learn from that actually it's actually want to being good for science guys spend so much money who realized no they actually from siberia so reinforces the idea of them crossing the land mass the bering strait and computer from asia so they are siberian like it's it's it's interesting like the the merge or the the movement migration of people from asia to north america and down into mexico and it's really fucking cool when you find out that it's not that long ago you know two thousand years you know that the most
yeah whatever it was like during the ice age it's not a long ago it's it's crazy history is a weird thing like that like even we talk about thing you know maybe like world war two world war two was like that long ago yeah your grandfather was there and like that's that's that's just happens just happened historically have vietnam and i'm a vietnam is one that this conspiracy theories can really grab hold of the gulf of tonkin well yeah like what that's but that's my point before it's like why we even wasted our time with anything else press let's grab that one right hold on to that one that we this bulshit we know that was bulshit 10s of dozens of americans died in that war let alone how many vietnamese we just slaughtered just like math slaughter that people made billions off of that was bullshit bullshit bullship don't need anymore like we flag attack yeah look it up folks i mean if you're listening this going what is on your porch
in georgia with your lemonade hating black people just go online and it's fun i get it doesn't want to sit on the porch with lemonade and hate black people i know i do if you if you really do read that story it's horrific and then you realize well this was deception was the rule of the land at that time when they had the operation northwoods thing that have been passed and if you haven't seen that document that's crazy they this was signed by the joint chiefs of staff and then vetoed by kennedy where they were going to attack american civilians they were going to bomb we're going to on guantanamo bay they're going to arm cuban friendlies and they were going to give weapons to attack guantanamo bay there were going to blow a drone jet liner out of the sky blame on castro and wind up to a ton of people and they were doing it all just to get support of this idea of back in cuba so we're going to end it all people died and
can you really can they take off in a plane hi dan not sure where the drone technology was at but this was the plan i mean it was it was a plan that i think kennedy himself had to had to be dealt with but they i did not sign off on or whatever and you know if they took care of him quickly digitally yes the other conspiracy right harvey oswald acted alone seems to me to be even dumber conspiracy then there's a bunch of people involved killing i couldn't agree with you more on that one but it's it's just the the north with thing is a fascinating you know glimpse in so the mindset of the people who are who are on the inside who really do view the world as pawns on a chess board an if you know if a lie is what it took to get the gop cool result that they wanted in some americans had to die or whatever that's not a big deal and i think people should be aware of that like anyone a lot of time you were talking about getting in the team mentality people kind of this team mentality and they're like well they don't
you know if someone is willing to just slaughter people in a third world country to make their buddies rich i'd be people with them around your kids to you know like they're probably looking at everybody like their pawns on a board not just those guys yeah i think people learn really quickly how to disassociate they learn how to not think about that especially when you're using like drone technology and stuff you're flying a robot and shooting missiles out of a robot and you're watching it all on a screen how easy is it to distance yourself from that if you're the person not even who's pushing the button but it gave the order to the okay you don't when i talk to add mike baker on here was a former cia operative i've been on a few fox news shows with him he told me all that stuff is done by lawyers they all decided can we do this do this is the lawyer sit down they hash it out and they give him the green light of the red light like whoa that is fucking dark when you're leaving military matters and whether or not you attack with a flying robot to lawyers arguably the most heart
creatures ever created in our capitalist society well that's what then and by the way that's who's running government right now with all your lawyers hillary clinton's of the obama is what michelle obama is what bill clinton was i mean that's what they all are there all lawyers you know eight lawyers there's always people out there the doors this out once and but even if you're not awesome person that's a lawyer you fucking know some psycho so let me tell you the awesome person who is a lawyer is the most adamant like do not put lawyers in charge dear god that's like look i'm a comedian but if you really should comedians be in charge i would be like jesus no make it through this podcasts yeah they shouldn't be in charge of anything no even comedy we shouldn't be in charge yeah exactly happy right 'cause then you get like these alt rooms they get mad at you if you talk loud but i liked it when people are in charge of anything they fluco yeah but you're talking about the drone wars there's this guy is brilliant historian at tom woods i don't know if you've heard of him but he's got a great podcast he's incredible this guy like that to me like maybe like smartest libertarian
out there what's his podcast called is called the tom would show yeah you should you would love him i think he would be great i mean i didn't know we had a podcast yeah he's got a podcast he's just a brilliant historian he nails all the stuff that he uses this analogy and i love it he just goes so imagine we used the drone campaign like imagine we we fought crime that way you know imagine there would be like someone's like so we've got some two suspected criminals at a wedding in you know california i guess the plan is we're going to bomb the wedding i mean when everybody just like wow okay you can't do that because there's innocent human life there but literally that's just we conduct the war in the middle east but they don't sort of disingenuous 'cause they don't know it's a wedding they just see a group of people gas third and then they know that the deck heads in there and they want to blow him up and then it turns out
be a wedding and we like oh shit ok okay still yeah but that in the house he said so that's how we we fought crime here we go well we just follow the meta data yeah on your cell phones and wherever you happen to be we're going to blow that place up yeah that's what's important to point out to is that they're shooting at phones and they don't even have a visual id on the person they find where the phone is they do the find my iphone feature with am i in the sky and then launch a aptly named hellfire missile at it that's dark too that they have cool nicknames for their missiles hellfire oh do they do all this should although like like the operation names operation kick ass desert shield desert jesus christ just fucking eighteen year olds blast in acdc rolling through something stuck in town it's like jesus love you ever seen those pieces that they've done in those kids that were involved in like
those tanks it would listen to metal i mean that's that's bizarre to your letting these kids gay jacked up on metal and who knows you let him have the problem that i'm have amphetamines they definitely let it have steroids and they give steroids to soldiers that's that's common ship down there's a reason they prefer an eighteen year old to a thirty year old yeah the reason they prefer you know someone who's still in just as good or lighting shaper what are you know essentially but then but when you're eighteen you're you're in a different place your levels are a different place and your your willingness to follow orders yeah i think as much as it is in a different place so you we're all essentially like you know people being wiser if they've had enough experiences but we're all gathering experiences gathering calculating again how here just to see how it goes that's why people get older get less and less tolerant of certain things they see these things over and over and over again and they recognize
these pads and you get more confident in your assertion of that patterns like i've seen this bulshit six times now i know in the worst way of politics too like that's the common expression about radicals in college you know show me a young man who is not a liberal i'll show you a man without a heart show me an old man is on a conservative and i'll show you a man without a brain right 'cause you have to oh i see you know and it's not black and white comes to that issue but when you you're dealing with something that a human being that gathers this data when you eighteen what do you got fuckin' birthday parties you remember first time you dick suck was only six months ago like what do you remember what do you what do you on what you movies you watch a lot movies that's probably what they're basing it on what they think their life is going to be some fucking tom hanks movie they're going to come back and part of their kids when they're younger when they're older rather about the you know sort of the war serve my country did you proud now you might go home with no legs like you're in a crazy situation where you're killing
people you don't know because someone you don't know told you you're supposed to kill people you don't know and a lot of them figure it out it's just they figured out when they see that real ship that you're talking about 'cause you know there is also that's another thing that's very very downplayed but should have been made the biggest story in at least the biggest stories in the last ten years is that ron paul in two thousand in the two thousand and eight run and in the twenty twelve both runs he more money more donations from active duty military people than all of the other candidates he got more than all the republican candidates combined in twenty twelve and he got he out raised barack obama both times so it's like actually a lot of people in this military in the military who see through this bullshit and we're very happy to have like the only i mean ron paul to me is like the only paula not a presidential level in recent memory who has been unapologetic lee antiwar and not just not just like this hasn't worked like this is bullshit bracket and restarted it yeah
yeah when you get that many active military on your side you really have to really think well these are the people that are dealing with this issue it's a part of their life and effects their families fix their friends or loved ones all the people they serve with the whole thing is it's so hard to believe that they've been able to keep this going for so long and this war with no end this war against terrorism is one of the most devious things because not terrorism exists it's certainly dots whether or not we have to combat terrorism we certainly do well that we have to take is to ensure the safety of the people we definitely do one hundred percent but there's something really suspicious about an unnamed enemy or an unseen enemy or is an enemy that's just terrorism it's like a it's like herpes just floating through all these to the world like when you don't even have a clue don't sign a country with a leader anymore right now it's
terrorism well it it works out pretty great if you're like a weapons company that's making more money than ever if you if you wanted to keep this military budget you know i mean the you know people were i i liberals were all outrage over george w bush's military budgets and obama it's greatly expanded those and not so yeah you're making tons of money off it works out great to have kind of this vague concept we're fighting a war against what i do think terrorism obviously like you said exist i think terrorism as pat buchanan said the price of empire i kind of always has been and this is what we're going to be dealing with as long as we want to have an empire in the middle east right but now it's not it's not like one particular enemy it's this vague
threat of attacks by irrational people and then you see them scattered throughout the world and other places where they don't have the kind of security that we do right so it reinforces idea or idea that the tsa is important and you gotta get through that line and it would be nice to these people and they failed on like ninety five percent did you see that test they failed ninety five percent of the fake knives and bombs these are all getting in they're just they're just feeling up old people yeah they did help me up the other day they do check my dick yeah that happened to me on the back of his hand had to go up to both sides of my dick did he give you a nice exclamation explanation about how he's going to do it now so we're going to deal with the back of our head in the guy who did it to maine like i said earlier no conspiracy theorist but when they're like you've been around we selected for additional screening and inside a month was that last podcast i got i had some that were you know that is okay stuff which you don't said to me how is this sketch bro she goes no that would be that would be more uncomfortable but he said
i don't know the guy said it to you but he goes up if you want we can bring into a private room for this he did say that he was going to do this right here right now i want to do it in a private room white handle her so you're going to play michael music yeah it's i don't know me but it's so convenient that they need to kind of security that the nsa was trying to get our they're the kind of some the not security but they kind of invasion of privacy the nsa was doing with bring your meta the ability to check all your emails and the fact that what snowden exposed was kind of everybody's worst fear about all this stuff was at that one day we're gonna to a point where the recording everything and your it's gonna be scared to expedia mind in there private and public with your friends because you think they could always here and if there's certain key things that you say that upset them while they could just target you like they were talking about people in the nsa were actively targeting
their is email accounts yeah and reading their ex's emails this is just it of course it's gonna happen it's beings it out you know i i buddy of the front of my like worked at a bank and you tell me how they had a big problem with people like checking on celebrities accounts checking on other people other friends of theirs accounts it's it's funny woman nature i think to personally i think the biggest thing that snowden exposed more so than any particular program was that he exposed that that guy clapper said you know the clapper was i think just six months a year before snowden release those files to through glenn greenwald at the guardian he before congressional hearing goes there is no bulk mass data collection that's what's amazing about what snowden you know showed you that they will understand that they will lie through their fucking teeth to you like lawyers they're liars like mis guided or they don't know what's happened it's it's you know they're telling you what
i think you need to know so they can get away with their bullshit yeah and and that to me is is a very important thing for people to realize well that's the real insidious problem with the us versus them idea that they're just people too so you have people that are operating these mass surveillance programs on other people there's nothing like there's nothing essentially noble about them they haven't passed any task they haven't shown themselves to be some people that are devoid of jealousy and pettiness and clear thought all and their is the smartest people we know so we give them this position 'cause there's so they like the knights of the watch you know well just go the y l for laurel sorry will watch us they will want to protect us you know i was arguing knows i was are you without what's his name who brought up baker i was on a panel with him on the fox news show and we're talking is the apple when apple first fbi thing which i guess is still going on but i was kind of siding with apple and he was siding with the fbi and i'm bigger
read to me it like dave what do you worry that you are there going to be checking your emails or checking your foot you know like that kind of attitude how was like the fbi was spying on civil rights leaders but being run by a cross dressing maniac like yeah i don't trust these people are going to i don't trust those people anymore that shows any group of people you know the fact that they think that that organization have been cleaned up like how much j edgar hoover and what they did during that well it's what was coming out now more it's really interesting the stories are coming out now about how the war on drugs was a big part of their plan to try to to breakdown the civil rights movement and break these anti protesters because one thing they share in common they were all doing drugs so i said okay this have a fucking crazy war on drugs and just go in get these people are be smoking pot arrest the shut out of him and just break up everything and they dead did and it was it's brilliant in in terms of like
strategy if you're going to go after enemies i mean it's a great way to do it but we're still suffering the consequences of nixon's actions from the edgar hoover's guidance that was all that's the whole pile so that was operating under yeah and then you get this whole like it spawns this whole system of mass incarceration and private prisons and this whole nightmare to edgar hoover was awesome though you gotta sebas who's wearing a dress like crossdressing banging dudes keeping secrets and in doing that today when it's cool alright he was doing this at a time when like if it came out people would be just i mean you ruined well that was how he kept it all under wraps he the reason that guy was so into getting into other peoples shit 'cause he had so much should to expose he's like why can't let this get out i got to be proactive i just going to gather update on everybody elvis did you know jimmy page yeah but as one after everybody i also think that there's something inherently like if you're in the cross draw
sing banging dude senior going to meet other people with dirt to so like you know the other guy who you're like hey look we both know more in that scene together so you keep your mouth shut that's true too but i was like that's one of those things people always say that if you are with a partner in that part or all of a sudden starts getting like crazy irrationally jealous it's probably 'cause they're doing something sneaky you know and what he was doing was sort of that he was edgar hoover was a fucking maniac and he is in charge of the fbi mean he was just a bona fide insane person but but like you said who's to say there cleaned up i think we always have this like idea that we get comfortable with the fuckedup in the past like all this was so up but now it's not like that are you know we we live to look back at slavery or look back at jim crow we're look back at something all over these people thinking but if you look at i mean mass of horse racing for non violent crimes are mass slaughter in the middle east are any of the stuff that these people believe me if if all
details of what's going on came out in twenty years we're going the same attitude in twenty years around up going on two thousand and sixteen well you know it's interesting to me there's even tribalism in the government like the cia and the fbi we'd get along which is how what's his name general guy got busted for his wife petrea that that's how betrays got caught the bottom line is going after the cia so not only that but it's crazy so dianne feinstein who is the head of the senate intelligence committee so there test with overseeing the cia he came out and said that the cia is spying on them like i don't exactly how they figured it out but she came out and said so the cia is spying but yeah this doesn't get big story on the like a big story as it is the i a is spying on the people who oversee the cis supposedly i did it we have no clue ram paul came out and said something along the lines of he was like we don't even know who's running this thing when it comes to government so
the thing that libertarian rand paul send them yeah he's at this like a a year and a half ago when he was still doing well he actually she no that's why it's a scary thing thank you actually should get he's probably talking to pete but there's also this weird thing where i look i don't know exactly how it works but there's this weird thing where like they'll tell you stuff but then you can't talk about it to the one if it's like classified so a lot there's actually congressman who don't want the classified information because they want to be able to say whatever they want to say it's a it's a whole cluster but i think this is one of the things that libertarians at least type of libertarian that i am like that school of thought tries to emphasize just don't look at government as if it's a different entity from humanity were all people so it's like you were saying before like the cia and the fbi they're not one model it's different power sources different groups of people an yeah of course they all are incense
because the way people are and their corporation like any other business where there's a bunch of people that are backstabbing each other trying to get to the top of the ladder so they're fun and each other over inside the tribe yeah there's a lot of that going on it's fucking weird world man when you hear someone like rand paul saying we don't know who's running this thing that's the government the whole government of the united states he's talking about yeah he's talking about the strings behind the strings we don't know who's running it well i mean you see this this it's very interesting when you hear like like hillary clinton it came out in one of these in one of her last batch of emails that got released it it was like her and her team were bragging about how she had then so bhama to go ahead with regime change in libya it's like running it's like an gates comes out and writes his book and he's like look i was against it hillary four so it's just this fucking like you
convinced the guy and now this country is fucked well and uh yeah and well also did you i'm sure he saw the time where she was being interviewed an she was laughing about kadhafi dying we came we saw he died when i said there's there's video evidence of her being a sociopath i understand it's not good he didn't just die right before that it's just that you're talking about human being who died could daffy died the way that dictators fear you die his people gotta hold of him and beat him and sodomized him to death he got like i mean it's about as disturbing as it could be what again back to her laughing about getting the child rapist off she then a few days later she's just cackling it up there's a video of a guy stabbing him in the asshole i mean it's insane you've seen that right he takes that knife and he shoves it in his ass while they're talking to him
qaddafi so fuckedup he doesn't even know what's happened she's like in a state of like shock or something that's going on there's a knife in his ask all these people have a hold of him they're all yelling allah walk bar yeah that's a bad way to go it's a crazy way to go i wonder if that guy with a knife in his ass i want that would be like you know that he would gima they played the flag they'll make a statue of the one guy with a knife up kadhafi szasz before it gets over his fireplace right in his neighborhood that will be like you know will be his monument i mean uncle he stopped gaddafi and yes this is a video on short mama and she puts it on the screen everybody watch is it yeah it's quite close near errors bombs going off the background 'cause living is even more fuckedup now than it was then like that change was terrible for the people who live there so it's not even you know i think we lose sight of it sometimes when you would be like you know
well they're always fuckedup so it's a little bit more funked up but but libya was by reed well standards one of the better places to be in the middle east and it is now i mean a failed state it's really i mean it's just run by thugs and terrorists organise organizations it's it's a nightmare yeah it's a it's breeding ground for isis now yeah this is all over the place then she's weird she's weird because she gets all these free passes because she's a woman it's very strange 'cause that's a giant part of why people want to support it's almost like we got one of ours in we are going to get one of ours in like my own wife wants a vote for 'cause she's a woman i go here attention what a country is have you red and allegedly i should say is clinton his toxic aided in the alleged couple things i'm saying i don't mean it i'm saying all this for humor she's i mean she's not the one
you want to stop what you're looking for you should not scholar which are wise woman who's got some really kind words to say she's a lifelong career politician and like you said always i mean if you talk to any hillary supporter it is only sometimes it's not the first thing they say but if you get like give me three reasons why you want hillary clinton there on one of them has to do with her being a woman yeah i think it be great to see a woman do it for change but it's going to change and by the way that's what she runs on she runs on admins issue she plays that card all the time i mean she said like when donald trump called on that she was like if i'm like years of playing the woman's car deal me and then that's her cadence by the not as knowing you you need to be a little more noise yeah no just that not that h town she she substitute having no charisma with just volume and she's like 'cause if i go louder maybe that's charismatic which isn't she doesn't just have no charisma she's oddly
transparent in her creepiness like when she's doing these debates and bernie sanders is calling her out on taking all that money from the banks and what she does is speeches for a quarter million dollars and he'd like to read the transcript she just sitting there while he's doing that like this weird like see leaving anger here she's smiling on the outside but you know deep down she could fucking kill you like she's going over her preparation because they prepped her for this so you know it comes it comes out in this weird sort of robotic aikido move where she's trying to push it to the side like it's a fucking thug in a steven segal movie it's weird max really answer it it's in a way it's the only thing that i find a positive about hillary clinton is that you can constant you can see through her and you can point to that shift in other people and go but see how she's foolish but for the woman card thing just the fact that she's been taking like 10s of millions of dollars from the saudi government something like one hundred million dollars from muslim
dictatorships how can you run on the women's issue it's like being a jew running in jewish issues and you do business with the nazis so and then makes this money and does what with it well they take it for the clinton foundation which like her and bill and chelsea's foundation and they do all these projects and it's all kind of in the name of already in the name of philanthropy but it's pretty clearly like you get like the saudis aren't giving tens of millions of dollars in the clinton foundation 'cause they all of a sudden but it would be really good people there because they know the clintons wield a lot of influence and this is their way of giving them money and
this can use that as leverage to justify their association with them because look all the good it does yeah they went to the good stuff but in the meantime they can also do all these projects in lots of different companies can make money off these projects and then if they get in and we have this creepy business relationship with saudi arabia who is the worst of the worst like all the that we you know i love a i love when the war machine whenever there's a war they want they get real she anna terry and all the sudden like when obama wanted to go back in syria back into iraq or when he wants to go into serious like these people are getting gas door you know there's a few one hundred years at ease up on the top of a mountain and they could die but when it is slaughtering their own people when when saddam was gassing people and we liked him that was fine it's only when when you're on the wrong side of whatever business deal we are we have going on all the sudden the like think of the people well the son john mccain cares about muslim people a little girl play poker on his phone
this down for a moment talk about the people yeah it's a little suspicious well less suspicious now i guess than it was in the 1960s and the 1950s probably before it was even more fuckery going on but it seems like it's more and more difficult to pull off the really obvious operation northwoods type like the there and see that we're enjoying today even though it's still a lot of questions like what jeb bush or what the rand paul was saying like we we really have no idea who's running the whole thing at the very top it seems like that's going to exposed to eventually it's all going to get chipped away because information just travels way quicker now than you did before and it's just too hard to hide shit you know it's like that that force is on their side to the like we have that force of like it from asian can spread but they also have the predator drones like there was no way a president in in the fifties or whatever could have had the option to say bomb yeah i'm in syria
maybe uh in pakistan in all these different countries without sending troops there are having bases nearby so you know we have advantages they have advantages yeah but it's not what i was going to get out is that what's interesting is what we're seeing now from the like the nsa gathering data on everybody saying we needed to peak here buddy safe it's almost almost mirrors like with j edgar hoover was doing 'cause jade hoover had all that dirt on him and to hide it he just after everybody else keep every quietly be scared that mean you could that same comparison to this street g the nsa is employed will look will just fucking monitor everything and then if if i say oh this dave guys talking a lot of shit let's check his email so it's going to go back go look at all this i was joking i just want to say already i was joking but you know what i'm saying i mean that's an insidious sort of device that they can use to keep you quiet well how about the fact that in twenty years right if there's some leader who's coming up who is a wood
you know some type of great leader they're going to have grown yup just entirely in the internet age where if you have all of their metadata history you have everything on that person you can literally just go like we want to ruin that guy and everybody's got something that could be uh issue you can insert into a campaign jordan them or if you don't you're boring yeah that's right now i don't want you president anyway if they can't ruin you by checking your emails that i don't even want you that's a great way to put it if you can't be ruined now i don't want you to be my leader who are you you fucking weirdo you pious weirdo from birth yeah it's like you've just been clean like mawile get power sent back as long as i don't suck up enough so she looks pretty but stay hungry we taught him while he was in his crib keep your cards close to your test on it but that's i think they said that there's an event george washington as they try to make him out to be such a great weather like his father was like did cut down the cherry tree and he's like father i can't tell a lot like what type of fuckin' creep was george
or maybe have like a really open relationship with his dad or just a dad who loves him very cool and he knew but hey man somebody chop the tree down you got blisters in your hand fox going on bro maybe this is really compelling evidence or maybe at never fucking happened that's the other maybe more likely yeah yeah i mean it's all these stories that you get from the 1600s like come on man those are barely people those are monkeys with clothes on we barely know how to write and historians like to tell it as if they know for a fact what happened rather than just being like hey here's a nice yes at what maybe happened will be like he thought about going left but then he went right and yeah right yeah i've always wondered if one day they'll be able to create computer that is so powerful that it will be able to somehow through some unseen technology take account of everything in place as it is right now in the world then
monitor for a certain amount of time and then go backwards and try to figure out well all these things got into place because of these events and these motions and be able to recreated digitally it sounds right here right now but if we can get to a place they can literally do an account of everything that's happened everything every pebble that's on this earth and go you know what we can extrapolate we can take all this data follow up for a short amount of time then within the ninety nine percent accuracy go back in time and recreate events that sounds so stupid and ridiculous but that might be like almost a method of virtual time travel it just super calculation just take into account all the things that we do know all the pieces that are in place right now everything that's there all the people that are there and then
figure out how they got their account for all factors account for everything about massive super calculations and possible for the human mind to even conceive of and then boom they have a digital recreation of george bush conflict in his sister and lying about the cherry tree it was full of shift lights on like people on fire woah george washington was a piece of shitt allegedly not mean that for allegedly no reason alleged count during then allegedly piece of ship be incredible i mean if they could literally get to a position where they could do population that's so complete that they could feed into some sort of yeah but someday created virtual reality machine that will give you like a version of that you can go back and watch the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs
if if you means didn't manage to not like destroy ourselves or we don't have some asteroid reset or something like that we're gonna do magical like that i'm sure i mean we're already doing magic compared to what we could do a hundred years ago so it i mean we're going to it's the thing is you can never predict what it would be exactly you can never stand back and you know you and back in the year like one thousand eight hundred and fifty i'm going so it will be metal machines running on dinosaur juice you know like you just wouldn't know but will be doing some magical shed well sam harris was talking about it and it was fun freaking me out because he was taught think about the power that computers are going to have once they once artificial intelligence becomes sentient the power that there going to have to improve upon themselves and how quickly that's going to take place is with thousands of years of progress is going to take place in a week and you like when you the way what and then it's
from there each time they improve it improves exponentially thousands more years maybe in an hour thousands more years in a couple of seconds it's just going to get to some insane place where he saying there reasonably certain that one day will have a machine it's like an atom machine shoot out into the universe and given runtime extracting all the building materials it needs from the sky it will make a planet it will make a planet and in at planet with intelligent life and then we can so there and it'll be like miami in the sky will go there it will be i mean literally you could create any thought you might already be living in it with this is how we all got here that's even want to elon musk's more recent talks he talked about that but a lot of people have been saying that for a long time but it's potentially possible that one day we're going to have an artificial reality that's indecipherable or or you can't tell the difference between what is fake in what is real you will not be able to distinguish it
will be so good that it would be just like life so if that's the case how do you know that you're not already in it right you don't you know and it's home no mumbojumbo right now in less you think that it could have already happened then it's not mumbo jumbo and if harris right the real problem with that and this is not even ideas this is all these people that are really at the forefront of all this technology we're going to we're not we're not going to be but something is going to be god mean it literally is going to be able to create worlds it's potentially possible that one day going to have something that could create a universe yeah i mean look i think there's a there's an argument that that we were created i mean we're here like we are here we do exist and truthfully in the reduction ist atheists scientific way of looking at it there's no good reason for that but you of course there is see i don't buy that because the universe is filled with magical shed like why wouldn't people be here like look
look at supernovas look at black holes absorbing galaxies look at look at solar storms look at flares look at this fucking ball of it's in the sky it's a million times bigger than us why is it so weird that people exist the whole thing is well right mad well that's it well that's what i guess yeah i agree with you i'm just saying the whole thing is magical already so what's the what's you know it it's wired one woman's more magic we're not more magic than everything that's already out there about the big bang the whole thing is based on magic yeah still does so you need to have something being created from nothing makes it makes no sense of pin and for whatever reason instantaneously explodes to
all the mass both seen and unseen it's in the galaxy include dark matter you get to a conversation with this point where we show it we always just come back to just being religious well let's just follow the book i don't understand like mormonism where it's so dumb that it's kind of comforting but you might be beating everyone yeah that all these other people to join in on this dumb and you all greek you call each other elders and only twelve there's something about just belief though like like billy might be beating skepticism i've just that way i mean i know they do these things where they measure how your brain acts when those people are like speaking in tongues and stuff and you go to some weird place and just convincing yourself to be certain yeah of this existence is might just put you on a different level it's like oh it doesn't even matter what you're believing and you're just as long as you're believing right exists in a really practical form and fighting and know you're a big mma from
exists in a really practical form in fighting because you know when i was coaching young people back during the thai kwando competing days i coached a lot of young people and i brought a lot of people tournaments and stuff like that a lot of students and one of the things i found was that smarter people a harder time with competing like like a lot of like the really smart people that i talked to and then i would try to talk to them about it when i realized is there more aware of the variables aware of what could go wrong and that would create anxiety and it was very difficult to get people to just like ok you have to stay on the path of what you're trying to do you can't after side of the road the fact that this cliff goes one thousand feet down to the bottom of the canyon you can't look at that you're going to look on the road just the road and for a lot of smart people there like what if i get hit what happens if well you're if you get kicked in the face yeah
keep your hands up you gotta move an dumb people were like convinced that they're going to be fine and i would always fascinated by that also this is weird because what's interesting is when the dumb people lost it was way more difficult for them to rebound where is small people lawson they go alright well i saw that common now have to decide whether or not i still want to compete interests is this the risk i still want to take now i'm aware of the consequences i knew it was coming so what technically went wrong and how am i physically and you would see people that were alegent rebound and they would figure out a way to overcome the challenge or try to at least whereas a lot of smart people dumb people rather were devastated by losses because it's almost like you took away that simple belief of harris now they have to you know this one guy i remember he was talking about how he was such a good person i can't believe i followed the lords word i'm a good person why god do this to me i was like oh no now he's questioning his very existence yeah that's rough that's a weird thing to see someone have that 'cause there
there's an amazing like confidence that you have to have or like a at least have to get yourself to that place it took like you compete in mma like use it without looking at the side of the road when you see that that i mean i saw that ellen interview with rhonda rowsey yeah it was so crazy to me that really made me go like maybe she shouldn't fight for a little while i don't know if i like she needs some more time off 'cause this she from being the like chill everyone no one has a right to beat me don't be a be nothing bitchen and being that chick to being like a i want to kill myself i gotta just have travis browne's babies and i was like woah she's gone from being this like untouchable i mean not even like she was like the best female fighter it was like don't even she's reckon chicks in a second and then to seeing her kind of broken well it's interesting is these themed play themselves out over and over again and the traps are all there but everybody keeps going and for the candy and they keep getting
the traps the traps of how they are always there for any superstar athlete especially fighters an we've seen it all throughout history with tommy morrison gets in the rocky movie and also average looking at him like tommy morris is going be the white hope ray mercer beats the living fuck out of him and we just saw like fear an overwhelming anxiety attack him 'cause he's in this movie and he's on the red carpet and everybody saying you're going to be champ one day honey like oh fuck and then it becomes this whole thing is hang with sylvester stallone they're probably doing blow and banging hookers its allegedly allegedly but you know what i mean it's like it becomes this hollywood trap and rhonda was jan still is a giant superstar right she's this undefeated women's fighter she's crushing all the competition she looks like a destroyer and then the fucking traps this all these movies start coming out all this all these deals start getting made books start getting written all these
television shows and all this stuff and all that round and all those traps they keep your focus they steal little bit of your focus like i'm good enough to get by without all that focus but there's no way because there's another person like you out there there's a lot of people like you out there and they don't those traps if they don't of those traps again have more attention that's being paid right away they have an advantage because they have their full focused on this and there's also something dangerous to someone like ron to rest by the obvious is just incredible i mean she's the reason why women's mma is a huge thing but i i think there's something dangerous about being such an amazing grappler getting a couple knockouts and all the sudden feeling this kind of like you know she got the need to mcmahon and such with one knee and was the other check because she she had the overhand who face planted alexis davis yeah yeah and so now it's kind of going in there and even going in there with like a world class boxer like home she kind of goes
they were like well i can knock people out too and i think that's a dangerous although it is a dangerous combination it's like being a blue belt and each got a bunch of white belts and you think you're the shit and then all of a sudden you rolling with damian maia and he wraps you up like a christmas present beats the fuck out of you and choke you unconscious easy you know there's a levels of everything and to deny those levels because anybody who looked at her fights would see ok you have this uh rhonda rowsey this fierce competitor which is one of the best judo example judah we've ever seen in mma i mean her judo spectacular rees why she was a medalist in the olympics i mean she's a sensational competa are grappling's outstanding her arm bar technique is amongst the best in the world but she's knocking out these girls there's no there are no where near world class as far as like kickboxing and striking is concerned holly home is one hundred percent world class she is eighteen time world boxing champion i mean she's a kickboxing champion she was in
uh an mma competitor for a couple of years before she got into the ufc where she was having these ridiculous headkick chaos yeah she's a beast and for her to i think that she's going to treat this woman this holly holm woman the same way she was able to bully like bench cohea and i probably not a negative i mean just just attacker and go after which co hails missy slow and awkward and not that athletic holly home bounces around that cage like a fuckin' kangaroo she does all these backflips and shichi spectacularly athletic the idea that i have the same approach they use invesco here with someone like holly home that's just madness and that's something that happens when people get so absorbed with this idea that there special so absorbed this idea that when you're on top you think you are the fucking christian you're the woman you're the man you're the shit no one's going to fuck with you i'm just wanted to do this bitch and then you get crap
and then you realize oh this game doesn't give a fuck this game doesn't even about your charisma it doesn't give a fuck the vegas odds it doesn't give a fuck about how money you made or how many times been entourage or does the amazing it's it's an amazing thing about anime it's why i have so much respect for everybody who competes but it's like no one can escape this game's wrath no i mean like jon jones still has a lot of his career to go and he doesn't have one lawson his wreck but it's not dominant you when but you know see these guys like you anderson silva and he's just like he's a ninja he's untouchable he's the greatest fighter ever and then you see him like crying on the ground with a shattered not shattered but whatever when he broke his arm his shin well how 'bout went cried in the ground after he won against nick yes he fell to the ground is my favorite fighter ever by the way nick diaz just pretty awesome i mean the diaz brothers are just the greatest there's no time they certainly are uhm yeah but yeah well
i'm going full circle then when he comes back and wins in the octagon but i mean it's it's little thing that makes you look i mean when watching chuck liddell who i just no it's a certain point you're like that guy is just unbeatable he's like superman and to see him get knocked out and kind of his chin you know so start to go yeah it's it's like this game this game doesn't give a fuck your opinions doesn't give a talk about what you think when knuckles hit chins legs go limp and that's just how it goes and we saw that in the rockhold bisping fight you know rock will have this look about him that it almost like he was bored that he was like sewing but part of that i'm sure it's gamesmanship is trying to get inside bisping's head that he's so much better than and it doesn't even have to like be serious and be concerned and then bisping clips clipson with his left hook over the shoulder where he's barely seeing it
and you called it it was a great is that what you said like a few beats before that we were like rocles keeping his chin right up in the air and he's kind of like a little laksa days ago yeah i remember you in the in the and in broward dillashaw fight the first one like a huge upset no one saw that coming and i remember you you saying as it was that you like mantilla shows really light on see this was really relaxed like sometimes you could just see a little thing in the way there moving they like him that's kind of interesting yeah i was telling you before we started recording my buddy holly is comedian when my best friends list j gomez he does a radio show with michael biz bang right and you and you had a big j yeah on the surface of the three of us do podcast legion of you gotta have i would love to he's like yeah jay zi got a special coming out which is going to be just incredible it's it on comedy central hour cool coming out on i believe i don't want to say june 17th
yeah and i might it sounds like one of those days it's called a live at webster hall it's going to be a fucking incredible special look for that just like one of the funniest comedians on the very funny and luis j gomez is just one of the funniest people i've ever met in my is a great comedian he's like bigger than a stand up comedian he's like the bert kreischer east coast he's just a hilarious person but so he's doing a show with michael bisping they do show called the countdown on sirius radio and he how to do in the show i mean this before biz bing has the anderson silva fight we did almost seem kind of like bing was a great fighter a big name but seemed like he was kind of you know going toward the end his career like you had a couple injuries had the eye thing and you're kind of like he was that he was a contender looks plain i think is the i things pretty bad the i you know i know better than we had a detached retina and his oil in his hi they had to inject oil into where his ice it so that is retina won't tear again so he has one eye that looks almost
like cross eyed and it's kind of black like is like he's an ecstasy like one pupils dilated it's very weird an he doesn't give a fuck he's got one i fuckedup and he doesn't give a shit he still going in there and slinging then is born for this mother fucker went out and anderson silva in one of the gutsiest performances i've ever seen and i mean the first two rounds he beat anderson were just incredible and then the fact that he got almost put out in the third round and came back and won the fourth round and it was a fuckedup thing because he was trying to say that his mouthpiece was out and he tried to circle to i don't know who the referee wasn't yeah he's like that in the end but herbs like look doesn't matter like you got a i'm not stopping you don't you can't call when to stop the action because you could say the the mouthpiece is out or you could just put your mouthpiece out whenever someone's you know like land in a big shopping time and people do that but you know her
like you can't say to me that your mouthpiece out i know your mouth pieces out but you gotta keep fight boom anderson lands a flying knee on the john anderson walks with his hands are so crazy if he won so crazy herb didn't call the fight yet so then the bell rings so then bisping us to get up and recover in a minute from getting k o'd madness he got a little bit of extra time because anderson silva brainerd yes i think you've got like an extra thirty seconds or so but i mean but then right so and by the way that's gotta suck anderson up too 'cause anderson's now got this like adrenaline dump and then you saw in his face he's like well no we're back to fighting it but biz bing man fourth round he just it down on his mouth piece and walked him down and yeah i mean it was incredible crazy and then after that being the greatest ever to come and and you get on on an injury right you get title shot with ten days notice he fights the greatest ever i mean arguably anderson on the downslide but definitely let's not say arguably mean
losing twice to wide men they just did the same when he fought nick diaz suspended for steroids comes back and and you know but he's still anderson silva so that victory gets that victory with first of all time then first round shout over luke rockhold units fuckedup i was literally considering saying that luke rockhold looks overconfident and when you're over confident you can get knocked out and i'm like i don't wanna be a dick and then boom he gets knocked out but you do make a comment about him holding about it like having his head right there on the center line so relaxed it was super relaxed his chin straight up who's pulling out of things in his chin straight it's almost like there was no danger yeah and those things that he was saying that you know he was in no danger and it was also one of the same things that uriah faber was saying like the difference between being cruises i can hurt him i can take him out and then when you see your i got caught i think was second round it dropped and you realize he's in deep trouble like you realize how holyshit like i can get knocked out too and then uh
those guys and you know it's it's a it's funny when you get it like like michael business guy who the knock on him i guess was that he didn't have knockout power or whatever it's a bit like a a two one hundred i mean fighting at two hundred and five i got it cuts down probably i'm sorry one hundred and eighty five so probably someone who weighs close to two hundred pounds a two hundred guy who specializes in striking he can fucking knock you out of course he can he proved it well isn't he doesn't fight like a like a brawler like fights like a technician when you fight like a technician you outswing wild crazy as punches with everything on him with your you know vanderlei silver style you know you try to find openings and that's what he did he found the opening with that left hook it was really sneaky had missed it before he stepping in and throwing the left hook over the shoulder and kind of like stepping into the punch and boy when he caught luke economy at the end of the chin which really liked
spins your head all the torque is perfectly placed and then it caught up with another brilliant one right afterwards followed up yeah man dude and you know he's had all sorts of fucking crazy injuries back injuries neck injuries is fuckin' arming yeah he's just tough man he just keeps going he just keeps going she no question about that that do this tough as they come in yeah i don't just because he's one of those guys like been around forever and always kind of been knocking at the door yeah so it's nice to see him you know get his moment was crazy to see what you see like there's knock out power right and then there's like dan henderson come knockout power oh jesus fucking christ out isn't like dan henderson feels like this table put your arm on him he's not flexing he's like the like ryan parsons who's a buddy of mine who was his manager for a long time said that he do massage on him and he would be exhausted he's like he's would guys made out of wood so like when you look at me look at me go well it looks like you know strong athletic guy but if you
call tim you realize we're all this power comes from he's like he's built different there's something going on with him and he does when you were saying people who don't put everything into one punch man he puts everything into his punches like i mean it's like coming at and it's so weird the way he moves to moves in a weird way because he's very stiff he's not flu would like jon jones or like anderson is very fluid in his movements dan is like we stiff but when he uncorked those bombs on you they just detonate and you're just like what the fuc hit me check the lombards never been knocked out to see hector lumb get knocked out by well he got head kicked he's probably stunned by that head kick and then he got blasted with that back elbow he was out cold yeah he's out cold when he hit the ground and then henderson blast him again but like wow oh i saw was like who the fuck hits like this guy is like it's almost
did you want him to hit you just so you could feel it just looking a little bit harder is that the normal what the fuck are you doing i want to start by like standing next to a guy who he hits like hit him real close to me i want to feel it his caleb is ufc one hundred was one of the most brutal one punch shots in the history of combat sports it was just boom bisping's dead stiff and then hendersons airborne long before the referee can get to him and just slams him in the face on the way down and then from there out one of his logos the silhouette of him flying through the air knocking out bisping so imagine being bisping not only have to deal with the fact this guy fucking knocked you out in spectac fashion but his logo is flying through the air hitting you after you're already unconscious i would i would just say hang on in a few years will be champ and you'll have a show with luis j gomez and everything will be good what year was ufc two hundred so
oh man that is brock lesnar i want one hundred one hundred one hundred was like was it two thousand and twelve no earlier than that probably what year was that jamie i just pulled some up it wasn't you fc fourteen popped up it wasn't it was that right one hundred it was the biggest pay per view of all time was brock lesnar's rematch with frank mir and gsp fought yeah thiago alvez 11th two thousand and nine two thousand and nine wow it was that long ago whoa that's nuts yeah that is fucking weird it's been a long fucking longer than i would have thought yeah definitely yes it is like one hundred ufc is later yeah so seven years later he wins the title crazy you're looking to do some some downs the same card on the same card right like there's going to be some upson downs your retina is going to get all types of fuckedup but you to be champion one day no one takes that away from him ever
could you imagine if him and henderson had a rematch for the title good luck can that be made i wonder it could be made ethically because if you look at all other contenders all the people waiting in line chris while yeah jock or a v two or i was just too many yeah this too many put to boy it's hard it's a hard sell because vita or just knocked out henderson the first round you know it's yeah it's just man victor knocked out being in brazil and he knocked out rakel yeah he's on but he just got discuss role asked by jacques array everything the man wait divisions just completely up in the air and yeah it's all it's all turned that's so weird in mma will happen like you're kind of like oh ok i think i know where everything sounds and then one thing changes anyway i don't know anything i guess
and you never know anything because you're only looking at the guys that are in the ufc right now and there's a whole fuckin' series of murderers that are out there that are just getting ready to enter and there's young kids that are like twenty that are just coming into their own and for years they might be the spider in the world there's so many of those those could the cody garbrandt's that are urging you know they emerge then with one fight against almeida you go ho fucking kill in the one hundred and thirty five pound division and one of the top now instantly with stand out performance in a and this is going to be more divisions like you were kind of talking about that we are the store the other night like you wanna see more divisions yeah an enemy they'll be more divisions more fighters i thing for i hope so i hope so well there wasn't enough progress in that i really think that this should be a weight class every ten pounds i really do i think there's a lot of there's a lot of opportunities for not just more champions which i think is better for the sport but guys to be able to fight in their actual weight class would be competitive there's some gaps like eighty five
two hundred and five man there's that's a big gap that is a find gap a twenty pound gap and you know most guys they're probably going to be in the middle so if you had an eighty five and ninety five and a two hundred and five that's where it should be right that's i think that's that's how boxing does and also i think it gives you much more opportune the for guys to fight champion versus champion you know and to move up or move down like fairly easily i think on eighty five move down to seventy five way easier than eighty five to go up to two hundred and five sherman and they could go back and forth and you could have something really awesome vacation bats or you know champion versus champion bounce right yeah no i the i agree with that and i like i mean i like seeing the people i like seeing the way yes i love connor moving up to fight nate i mean although i guess you don't need more weight classes you wanna so one seventy yeah that wasn't even a move out that was just and let's not cut yeah yeah will was a move out there yeah and some in my crazy about this but why i've wanted this
but i've never really gotten a good answer on it but why do we have the weight cuts like why don't we just way in an hour before the event you want to be hydrate yourself before that fine but it is dangerous guys are still but wait that's how guys die guys die from being dehydrated and getting hit in the head i mean you can definitely i'm just getting hit in the head but isn't it wouldn't it and maybe this is just stupid but wouldn't it regulate itself because it's like if if the wayans an hour before the fights and you're going to dehydrate yourself you're going to get fuckd up in the fight like you're not going to have time to replenish yourself but why do this whole thing where we're weighing in at twenty four hours before guys are dehydrating themselves then refuel why not just fight their way conor nate fought to very good point on be hydrated it's a very good point another point could be to outlaw weight cutting entirely and to check both are out camp and to make matchups based on size like look at look at two as you know you say what do you walk around at what do you walk around that ok you guys will be fight at that weight you know or
whatever the wait is when you're in best shape you know if you get down to one hundred and seventy five when your best shape you is what that number is tell us what that number is will match you up accordingly an we're going to chess people's hydration levels all throughout camp show up just like you saw it doesn't test you for drugs are going to make you scale i'm going to test your hydration levels an when you're at a reasonably hydrated level where it's healthy that's your weight that's what you weigh now so want to lose weight better lose weight by you better do some extra running and you better drop some body fat but you gonna be dehydrated yeah i mean seeing as how we can we can figure all that stuff out it just seems like there'd be an easier answer now of course obviously there there's the commissions in the way which i don't i don't believe in any government regulation so i think they should california commissions done a fantastic job california to mash commissions no joke this guy in the foster who runs it i think you want to go a great organization and what he did was the opposite approach he let them way in from one thousand am to two hundred pm he gave me an open window we're going to be open just come down way we don't
he didn't want he doesn't want guys d hi trade standing around weakening themselves for that one moment where they have to stand on the scale in front of a camera here right this is all an artificially orchestrated event he's like how 'bout this will have them they'll come in will have athletic officers ready on standby all morning for these guys to win they come in they went in then once we recorded it makes other cool they can rehydrate they have many many more hours to rehydrate the guys were rehydrating six hours earlier moe guy showed up at ten one thousand am wait wait ok and then they had way more time so when you saw people stand on the scale i was saying sure wait when i was announcing it they had waited at one thousand o'clock in the morning so it was already four in the afternoon these guys were hydrated thick no one looks sick so that at least visually no one looked like like conor mcgregor looked when he fought chad mendes when they weighed in he looks like it's dead person they get dead man
cheeks were all sucked it looks horrible i mean lucky did good in the fight yeah but he really did he cuts alot to get to one hundred and forty five is a big boy boy he's way bigger than like jose aldo they all those cut a lot of one point scorer about do i've never and i'm a hard core fan i've never enjoyed a fight more than i enjoyed nate diaz conor mcgregor i've never lost my mind so much at the end of the file i mean i'm like a huge d as found yeah that was just incredible i mean i'm ten days notice yeah well that whole two cars are that to fight event the two fights at the final fights the holly home we should take was one most exciting endings to any fight ever when mission took harley down in the fifth round a fight with she was losing it took her back and choked her that insane yeah i read an article today where someone saying that it was that me should los virtually every second was from a guy respective writer and she won the second we're talking about the second round she took it down an pounded her i think they did they give her a ten eight yes and they should she dominated so i read the
articles is espn writer wrote and i was like wait a minute man come on you can't see that like why are you saying that like that's silly hype probably right it doesn't even make any sense in me show it was threatening in the third and fourth after that holly was uh like she's like fuck this yeah i choose put fighting perfect and super cautious with no chances and barely winning those rounds you know just winning on but barely winning it wasn't nothing nothing big happened and definitely no threat so that victory when miesha tate choked out holly and holly punching in the air talking dramatic is that going out cold punching in the air while she's going out and then nate meeting up connor in that second round after he gets fuckd up in the first round beating in the second round and then choking am insane probably look two two most exciting finishes danny fight ever the conners thing was just because he was on a tear that was like one of the biggest tears in mma history and uh
just go down like that especially like you said like he was winning the fight and then it turns it around and it was almost like on a drop of a dime like nate like came to life in that second round and starts talking shit it's really fun in a home for the jab it to him with that big one too and it was like hope you made has a snake like one to two he like wap and then he it slithers around you can't find him with the counter he's and there's no one worse than nate or nick diaz to get hurt by in a fight things that hurt you they just like they push a pace and then when you get hurt they like pick it up and pick it up and then all the sudden i mean before you know it connors hit like twenty five in times on their feet and he's shooting for a takedown those guys are always doing triathlons so even though nate is like taking out fine eleven days notice and he wasn't in shape he still in way better shape than most people so like him going grounds is not unfeasible it's not it's not outside the realm of imagination he's in shape
it's just not in the kind of shape that he's going to be when they have a rematch and that the real fuckin' problem because i think he's going to beat him up again wouldn't need sad he says it's because i find it can't be wouldn't touch me he goes my plan does it go out slow in the first round and he came out fast enough in the first round so i got tagged well that's so cool that's cool stick to the plan stick to the plan and then the when i started loosening up and opening up and connor was dead yeah well i heard i mean people are talking to nate about because you know going into that fight like connors power what a lot of people are talking about like you know we put one punch on jose aldo's chin and he's out he's talking he's like they can't handle my power i don't do this as well but give it up and they was saying in one of the post fight interviews where is like spawning with reward joe schilling it like heavyweight boxing i'm doing rounds with heavyweight boxes there's nothing you're going hit him with that he hasn't seen or kind of dealt with when he thought i mean i like talking like
andre ward and joe schilling like decent striking literally the best the best the best in boxing in the best in kickboxing will joe schilling cuts wait to kick box at one hundred and eighty five pounds and knocks dudes dead dead with one punch so that guy is sparring nate on a regular basis andre ward who is one of the best fuckign boxers on the planet earth one of the slickest said that nate this is good as it gets when they spawn yeah yeah that's crazy and i think chilling i might be getting there by think drilling said he's never hurt either one of them in a sparring session i think he said that on a fighter in the yeah i believe it man tough fuckin' dudes man tough looking dudes but what's fascinating to maine is that he wanted to jump right back in there and do it again and then just wanted to or that kind of wanted to just run it back and it's like wow that's interesting it seems weird that he gets to do that
not so much that he wants to but it just seems weird that they were like even date was talking about in his like look man we tried to convince him to go down to one hundred and forty five and he was like natsteel was like he's the matchmaker now he just gets together wouldn't you let him if you want if you want to make a ton of money right now i believe in the market and that guy is that guys with people want to see he can do what he can do whatever he wants to do to get a big payday off but it's not just that the it's been stripped down ok so now he's exposed so now someone is beating him so here's the thing what do you do now you want to make money ok 'cause if you want to make money make the biggest fight you can right now while he's exposed in the biggest fight for sure is when i say exposed i don't mean he's not talented i mean exposed meaning he's human and he can lose and that happen with every fighter they lose and once they lose people go so you can be beat you know we saw with anderson silva you saw with mike tyson when after mike tyson fight buster douglas it was a different world who everybody
oh he's human so i say exposed not a disrespectful way but got exposed he lost get choked out got beaten up on the ground and he choked out quick so this is not an invulnerable perfect fighter who's unbelievably durable we can take punishment like no man there's a lot of those guys in the ufc there's champions like that in the ufc that like robbie law unbelievably durable you can't put him away it's fucking hot hard to put that guy away we're not talking about that we're talking about a guy got dinged up not for a city wide open takedown got taken down got demolished on the ground and got choked unconscious quickly afterwards so what do you do that happened with dosan joes fuchie it could not just could do that too it's possible i mean connor might not come out you never know connor does have that punch but you gotta put him in against nate again 'cause that's the money rematch and if if you this out turns out to be a going to win some and lose some and the beginning of his
rear this unbeatable wild celtic warrior character right that's all gone but he's champ he still got a belt at one hundred and forty five so it's almost kind of uh position for now but i mean here's my question is when i say for now can you really keep making that wait that's what i'm well i i've wondered about that some people have argued with me saying like no he can make the wait 'cause he was he was in one hundred and sixty nine against nate so they're saying he basically that's what he starts at and he can just cut down from there that's a lot but look what he looked like at the way in so maybe you can i mean he kind of he death so he can do it it's physically i was so looking forward to the press conference though just because i can't you've got this guy in conor who's like the ultimate shittalk are and then you've got nate who i mean the first the dynamic of the first press conference was amazing it was amazing that moment when he was just like kind of talking circles around nate and nate just broken he goes how about this thank you
think about thought this press conference like nature's went hamster on him yeah but now like how can con i was so interested like how can he show up and talk shit like that yeah when nate's got the perfect rebuttal that anything he has to say on ten days 'cause you're saying all kinds of crazy stuff like the first eight minutes were easy yeah wow but here's the difference between the first eight minutes matter last three minutes the last three were a lot worse yeah they were awful like you got fuckedup man you gotta just accept that but that's part his thing is that he has to like look at things things in the most positive light possible and man i don't know i think style basically it's a troublesome fight for him because is a very clever boxer in his ground game is a world away from connor is right now and i've seen a troll with guys he's a legit very level brazilian jitsu black belt under a very respected camp his car
outstanding his boxing is nasty so where is connor shining the only way i think i mean i guess there's you know it's really hard to like fight a diaz brother and beat them usually when people it's kind of like they're they really stick to a strategy you got to kind of take him down and and avoid submissions or like leg kick in circle michelangelo's beat him up in that way but you know but there's also different show up well there's also different camps you coming in who knows what kind of fuckin' injuries you're dealing with you know you see a guy like nate coming and look really kind of goal against have those angeles den then come back and look shredded against michael johnson looks sensational so you go ok that's what his cape i love when he's on and focus you gotta be ready for that guy and i think that's the best he's ever looked at michael johnson fight yeah you can't think that the guy who lost dos anjos is showing up you gotta think the guy that came mount swarmed cowboy in the first round is coming like that guys a clip boxer so
is conor shine knockout power that's where he shines like connor can dead dudes yeah but he couldn't do it yeah they're tough to hit they have head movement in range ends and they they're good they roll with punches well the only got ever stop name was josh thomson and josh to with a brutal head kick and john thompson to this day say is one of the most underrated guys he just did stars did not align for him but he could have easily been a ufc champ he was champion on strike force yeah and with gilbert and him and go over one back and forth you know josh time world class fighters so when josh thompson head kicked him you know it's like josh could do that to anybody in that division catches you you know you're he's he's older now and it's just he's a guy that like i said the stars didn't like perfectly aligned farm but like skill wise and technique wise he's world class fighter so when he backed out in ideas it's not necessary an indication that nate diaz is done because just
you know that's how good josh thompson is in at the time and then so nate rebounds from that and i think people you look at like the losses like the dos anjos fight and you look that the josh thompson fight and you go home well how good is he you know i could beat that guy but then you look at the michael john finding aww that that is fucking dangerous and jim miller saronis alot of these fights with him just unbelievable yeah i think it's one of those these were styles make fights and connor really gotten peoples heads by talking shit and i felt like going and i was like i think you're going to get nate's head by talking shit he's not that god how 'bout this micro phuc up your whole crew and that's most gangster thing you could say by the way that's the most gangster thing 'cause he's literally just going well fucking jump you do not like we're not playing around here yeah all those guys even the guys who seem like kind of nice guys and his team like jake shields you feel like hell fucking jump
guys are kick your breaking news that's live the first one is this ufc lifts ban on reporter ariel helwani interesting less wait a minute hold on go back to that it says reported that wrestler lesnar is in talks returning to see two hundred preempting a ufc announcement officials issued a lie ban against him the organization reverse the decision monday that's kind of cool because that means that like public support made them lift that but it also must mean that they worked out whatever the fuck it was see is what they were saying this is this is what i'm hearing okay let me just i don't and talked to ariel but let me just give you the oc perspective the ufc perspective was that there was a mole they believe is someone was
bing aerial information and that information he was using to scoop the ufc's official promotions so the ufc which is private company you know they don't have to have have to let people in your business your private company to come and report and so they like he was somehow or another getting ahold of this inside information releasing it and making them look bad now i get the these perspective that they would want to know who the fuck is leaking this secret information and that they do they don't want this guy taking information and then putting it live now from what i understand the conversation with him was don't do this because if you do this there's only a handful of people that know this information so we're going to fire everybody we're going to fire bunch of people are to ruin peoples lives this is i was told was a conversation i had with him that conversation he so that
i don't know if that's true i would have to talk to errol you'd have to get his opinion you'd have to get the ufc's opinion you'd have to get the two of them to weather to debate whether or not which story was true but this is a sign that you're not hearing so all you're hearing is the ufc banned for life and every who is upset so i like area i think there's a very good reporter i think it's a very bright guy i'm good friends with his uncle gad saad who's full disclosure awesome i just brilliant brilliant professor in montreal i love that so i like ariel and the nothing was bumming me out i was looking at my twitter feed it was like a fucking but this certain things like this you got to kind of let the dust settle so the dust settled they lifted the ban i'm very happy with that but you gotta be for when it comes to see here about this leaking information people say it was who is job reporting i get that i understand that but you have to realize this isn't
fake news that is not going to get out that's going to affect peoples health we're trying to make an announcement in an hour this is a private company that is spending millions of dollars to promote these events so all your is just like getting it on you you're taking my god where is it right out that door and to the right hand side you doing if you're scooping it is you're shining the attention on yourself what i do aerial for is not him shining the attention on himself what i like i think he's a very bright guy and i think he's very nightfall when it comes to fights and strategies and things along those lines so i don't think it's important that he break the news before the ufc does and i think of the ufc doesn't want him to do that because private information in a private company and they are trying to control the press release i don't buy the that's necessarily like under the guise of journalism i think it's like there's some there's some fuckery with that because i'm not talking about like oh he
he found out about some horror whole thing that happened that someone's covering up or he found about it corruption in government or he found out about a person get shot by the police this is not that kind of news this is they're going to release it you're just trying to do it before they do it and you're finding it if it's true that there's a mole finding it out through some sort of a sneaky method that these people all sign non disclosure agreements and they're all not supposed to release that information because the ufc wanted to make that big cool announcement now when that cool announcement happen at ufc199 i was work all day i was doing commentary all day so can go online and i wasn't reading any of the mma site so i didn't know that aerial had already scooped it so when i saw that promo and i saw broccoli there can you see me now i was like what i mean was this real like what like that was a real reaction by me i had no
idea what so ever the brock lesnar was gonna be at ufc two hundred i didn't either no one around you will this happening we don't see the problem right okay that's what the ufc wanted they wanted that and they felt like him releasing that early ruin that for the people that read his article and i see their point of view i see their perspective and i also see their perspective as a private company now people are saying that he's just doing his job and it's just journalism folks this is it's not hidden information this is not stuff that way is it going to come out for sure in a couple hours he knew it was everybody knew it was so this is a very tricky thing and it's also it apparently scooped nate diaz versus conor mcgregor he had done that and it was when this is again what i'm hearing when they had a talk with them they like look we can do this you're going to ruin peoples lives because you're going to get people fired because we're going to find out who the fuq did this there's only a small handful of people
it's not coming from brock side it's coming somehow another from inside the organization so i don't know rob i got no problem with the ufc doing it because i mean if everything were saying you know because i mean i don't get all the information but look at your company it's your information yes you have a right to tell your employees don't give this out and it right there is evidence that one of them is gonna fire that yeah and this is the most important part of it folks this is not a free speech thing is not a freedom of the press thing 'cause we're not saying that we somehow another scoop some inside information that we have never gotten out his not some secret stuff once he has the right to say it you know you should be thrown in jail no answer you know i'm i i don't advocate for anyone being thrown out but i'm saying but what i'm saying is it's not like he on v he uncovered some insight side shift like watergate this is something so we're going to release they had a plan and he got word of that
jump the gun and put it out there and he said he had multiple sources and all this different jazz but look it doesn't help if anybody to release it early except aerial so you're saying it's not like he found out about some scandal going on that he was showing to the public that like we want to drop this in an xbox by the way i didn't read his thing and i loved we met news out live at the event was amazing well and i'd look i don't give a fuck ok i don't i mean i think it's kind of cool that they had that but it doesn't bother me at all that the information got out a few hours earlier would have had the same reaction no but if i saw it in written word i was still at a very similar reaction like what the fuck i would have the same reaction when i saw the promo but come on man i'm not the cheesy promos anyway i don't give a fuck i want to see matchups i don't give a shit give everybody the information the moment it happens i don't give a fuck i don't like announcements all of that i don't but that said i completely understand the ufc's opinion or the these position where they have this
company and peanut people go your company manufacturing sticking up for the company no just think about this for a second have a promotional campaign that you've created you spent more than one million dollars promoting this you have two hundred commercial they have this whole thing and then they tagged lester the end they think all my god this is black and cherry on top of the sunday this is going to be it and then someone jumps the gun and you find now that it's someone inside your company allegedly that's leaking information this reporter and he's getting this information out and always doing is essentially scooping it and put the owners and putting the light on himself no i think you every right to want to hire that person yeah and also every right so it's a bad area and i love the area i think is great reporter i like a you know like watching a stuff i like the mma hour well again may maybe that information that i got from the ufc is also incorrect and maybe that's why his ban has been lifted but look no one one
a guy like ariel helwani to not have a gig and i think him getting banned honestly if you're an ariel helwani fan you should be jumping up and down for two reasons why you should be happy that he got banned because it makes him like a martyr and then happy that he got reinstated 'cause now he's a hero so i'm an ariel helwani fan so i'm happy i'm obviously a ufc fan so i'm happy i'm glad worked it out and everybody talking it gets once we get to watch brock lesnar fight exactly but it's these everybody that freaking out he's only doing his job that's not necessarily true folks it's uh get more complicated than that because it's not like that information wasn't already coming out and if you have information that you know is going to come out right a fuckin' story about what and information means 'cause that's i wanted to ariel helwani i think area hawaii is a really smart guy and he's really insightful and he's a true mma fan and he
the guy that is going to give you some really good insight in some very very uh well articulated thoughts that i enjoy so i'm happy i'm happy he's back i'm happy but that is the perspective that when i found out about it i had to ask i called and i i this conversation with people that i deeply trust and this is the version that i was handed so now everybody knows until groovy so the conspiracy theories say he's working with the ufc yeah i'm a puppet but i mean look obviously i love the ufc and obviously dana white is a very good friend of mine so you're not going to hear me criticize i mean even if i disagree with them you're like he's my friend
so this is that makes sense that's how human interactions work is like a friend by then he's created an amazing company he's the reason why this sport is out there and you guys have worked together for so even if you had a falling out and you're like i don't want to work there anymore why would you go publicly you would never hear that for me and i would never work for anybody else that you know people said like if you leave the ufc like what are you going to work for bellator i'm like i'm not working for anybody if i don't work for you see i'm never doing this again i couldn't see you comment and for another enemy is a lot of them the chance to much no chance just no chance is not even on the table it's not gonna happen i'll just won't do it anymore i'm like i would be happy to just go back to doing stand up i like being a fan and honestly my favorite thing to do i don't i love calling fights don't get me wrong it's an amazing job i've had it for a long time fight companions are even more fun right any podcast with eddie bravo and schaub and callen ann who's hang out and watch oh my god and we drank and eat food and talk shit an oven is boring someone tells a story about
getting laid or ship their pants and traffic or i mean it's hilarious that sounds great way to watch it's the best because we get look the best seat in the house kind of their live where i sit so i do kind of have the best seat in the house but sleep watch on tv might be the best seat in the house because you don't get the function of the cage i've been well like i don't like the ufc is i've been to i don't have like the great focus either i've set in japan i've caught myself sitting there watching it now but life is changing quickly left but so there were i'm what i catch myself just watching the screen of the screen a lot yeah that you are aware of that you're just like i'm really not even watching this live yeah you know they start fight over here and you're like app now the octagons block and then you don't get the terry unless you have one of those earpiece things that they sell so like sometimes some things going on you like what is happening why is a doctor in there what's going on why is he sitting on the stool why is he on the ground like what the fox is going on it'll take you like ten
it's a frustration to try to decipher and then like bruce buffer has to announce it due to an injury but speaking of that you know to see the bruce buffer three hundred and sixty every time which he doesn't do a three hundred and sixty is one hundred and eighty one is only done one three hundred and sixty and that's a ufc two hundred which ladies and gentlemen begs the question should we convince bruce buffer to do something seven hundred and seventy we convince him to seven hundred and twenty you heard it right here but he's getting up there in age i don't want to blow out an acl people who blue in acl out doing the jump you know does that thing tiny blue they still doing that his acl out doing which are not which fight i don't remember he probably tell me if i asked him he not even my i'm sure he remembers but here we go three sixty by the way this three hundred and sixty is one one hundred percent my idea i talked him into it
there's an even a video of me talking him into the three hundred and sixty and i'm like so we did the one hundred and eighty and he did the one hundred and eighty because he accidentally was poor towards the wrong side once and he realized that i'm there's another one dude i think i'm going to see it work this way yeah bring this to the beginning bring it to the beginning and crank it up real loud so we could hear it you do it bring it from beginning put in the beginning but in the beginning there you go my main goal this weekend besides having fun and get to see some awesome fights respond for into the buffer three sixty we planted the seed was about a year ago we talked to me about possibly going from a one the would you do it but that crazy motherfucker went home and actually practiced
the way in for three sixty brought to you by the power of marijuana so this is the ufc ufc one hundred will we see with respect it still says that i will note that exact do i want to do it yes i do
he is a sitting there right behind me well i haven't forgot that joe is right there so this is the biggest ever ufc pay per view that's me with a video camera on mike goldberg hoping that is gonna do the one eighty but the three sixty it looks mean frank mir look at the time great
now get ready for this joseph was like he's going to do it i was like he's not going to do it i was so
happy so this bread band diaz and ari shaffir wow everybody looks so young wow it's crazy that was seven years ago that doesn't i'm like seven years ago somehow already had an older haircut at the time while he was gone for the mustache look at the time we had a lot of craziness going on wow that's a long as time ago that's crazy then maybe one thousand who who who has that up set red bands page wow she put it on my chair so we have to figure out a way to because seven twenty plausible choose to spare me the hover board or something so the other breaking news you just handed me is it kimbo slice died
find me slice died i think he was admitted to the hospital with a heart condition today or maybe thursday the other day and news is breaking just as we were coming with people trying to get confirmation on if you actually passed in or something but we did it oh the american top team tweeted that he died he must have really died wow here's a good guy man i'm at the dude a couple times very nice guy fuck man crazy story had man just internet street fight into the ufc well first into the cbs thing there's a good boxer you know he's a good boxer in the early days of ma you know if you go back watch is like kimbo slice ko an elite xc just xe fuct up in trying to put all their eggs one basket and have this guy who is this in turn sensation be there figurehead mean it's sense like financially but the people in the know like me
i was like listen if you fight someone good he's going to get fuckd up like i see all these holes and what he does and it was frustrating as a hardcore fan 'cause it was still at a point like the ufc is much much bigger now it was i remember when they got that fight on on cbs like ma had never been right on a big network if that before so it was very frustrating that the biggest net was putting it out as if this guy was the best guy in mma and you know like hardcore sounds like me and my friends would be around pitch on randy kator would take him down in a second but he was fun to watch forget that elite xc sort of had the scoop on the ufc they had the scoop on getting on broadcast television and they had millions of people watching those fights didn't ufc like weren't they in talks with hbo and then it like fell apart and then only taxi ended up getting the deal with showtime or whatever was one of the problems hbo wanted to replace me and goldberg
and put in their own commentators they wanted to do their own version of the broadcast 'cause they probably felt like us as you have seen employees would be biased and the ufc was like that's not going to happen like first of all who are going to get like how many people are out there especially at the time that even do commentary this is a small handful of people in the world that are qualified to do to make commentary at a top level it was problem back then yeah big big problem with other organizations that made them almost unwatchable because the announcing would just be so terrible i mean like nowadays i feel like there was a while where i thought you and goldberg are like the only team who can do mma without me just wanting to mute it but like now they've got the alternate teams have gotten fairly strong like brian sounds really good i stands excellent dan hardy's excellent hard is really good yeah there's a lot of people that can do my job now but back and there was a small handful and by the way a lot of people that can do my other than jimmy smith who's really good who works for
bellator jimmy smith's excellent he's he's as good as me easy he's as good as any he's he's he's fantastic he knows his shit he's a real fan he's a smart guy he's easy to listen to he calls things right i'm a big jimmy smith fan other than him outside of the ufc who do you got out audio c does not not really much unless there's some unknown gods i don't know of which is definitely possible but there in the ufc there's several guys now you got florian you got brian stand you get dan hardy there's plenty of people can do it now but there for the fc so something like hbo wanted their own team yeah you can't just get sports guys you just can't do because they're not going understand what's going on with the fight goes to the ground and they're going these things and it's going to be sloppy you can have that you have to someone who understands you have to have someone who can talk like when you watch old school mma it's one of the craziest things about it that you it's being announced by people who don't understand the sport so you would hear them saying things like a yc tapping down yeah you get you definitely
a lot of them will use to get a lot of that from judges which is really crazy a friend of mine as i friend of mine is a judge in and out in the middle of fight this woman who's also judge looked over my head she goes what is he doing i had someone in a camorra which is like what is he doing what's going on over there like she's a professional judge at the highest level in the ufc and should know and this was four years ago five years ago so yeah but this is against all those commissions well yes and no you definitely need commissions 'cause if you don't have commissions and you don't have medical staff on team you don't have like trick standards as far you have some government is especially with something like combat sports because there's any fly by the seat of your pants organizations that don't do medical screenings people could die i mean they test you have to have like a certainly the companies would have to be held responsible for that stuff yeah but you can't just put up the companies weaken the athletes at software if there's no medical coverage the right there you can have an event like an mma event where you putting your
your health in your life in the hands of these people that are supposed to have all the ducks in a row so they can run this event and they're not even get paid is in question see because these guys don't have any power the fighters you know but they don't have enough influence specially on a small local level small shows so i'm a big fan of of how california does it like i said i'm a big fan of that andy foster i think he's fucking he's as good as it gets when it comes to heads of athletic commissions but i think that you have to have bond where you have the money they pay the fighters before you can put on an event that should be mandatory because you you ever done shows we haven't gotten paid i have fought again yeah horrible man it's not frustrating especially when you know the there was an audience there and they laughed so people there's money exchanged but where's my money so you don't have it you don't even have a show if you don't have the show part of the show i had one right to fly myself out to it and didn't get paid and like there were people there
club was as brutal as brutal you ever get paid no never never this day is a giga myanna me and big jay no person were both on the gig together both of us didn't get paid i was opening for him this years ago like i was opening for him but believe me it probably hurt me more the money i mean we don't need it on money but at the moment i was like fucking broke but i will say then you also deal with a lot of other ship when you get these government regulatory bodies like with the vague iss was the biggest commission that had a nick diaz of course which i mean has there ever if you the guy moved up a weight class and fought the greatest of all time at that weight class who tested positive for steroids and they found out he was had trace amounts of thc in a system and he passed a couple tests right pass the most stringent tests available he passed two water tests to world anti doping agency tests there were blood tests there
much more particular and then he failed a urine test that the nevada state athletic commission but he says it's bullshit like the water people say it's bullshit the water bieber like look like there's and then they wouldn't test sample be there was some say some issues with testing of sample be or allowing the test a sample be and they band to try to ban for five years i give out the nevada state athletic commissions phone number i put on twitter so everybody column they were fucking pist therapist smells like fish q would there were like petitions online and stuff like that people would be fired and then they should be locked in jail the amount of competence so you have to have to think that you're going to take away a guys athletic career for trace amounts of marijuana in his system and not examine the two
a lot of tests that showed that he was clean it's just so disgusting human this guy this guy who nick diaz is like came from nothing and like made a career of them says like doing something positive with his life it's just sort of ruin him it's just pot and he found a guy on steroids yes exactly greatest ever right so you should you should you should say i'm so sorry that we let a guy on steroids finance you hear some more pot exactly don't sue us exactly i mean the idea that you can just go in there and run an organization like that and tell those people that are fighting that their future like what they did to vanderlei silva is arguably even more disgusting vanderlei silva ran away from a drug test ok not good definitely shouldn't do that but they banned him for life he's never tested positive ever ever and for life gets insane that's beyond thought that's
well so this guy the guy that cops killed in baltimore that guy freddie gray like essentially what he did was he ran they didn't anything on i'm right here that you were they were like there to arrest him he saw cops and ran and it's really so we're dynamically like running maybe a little suspicious but it's not itself a crime right like how can there be such a hard punishment for running yeah you just well i mean it just seems strange much with which was the one with the guy ran away and they shot him then through a tayser on the ground there wasn't a different one that was in north carolina and i think there was a little bit more maybe you're right maybe it was one of those i was going to go in south carolina because i'm from the n going to save us south carolina ones that are all fuckedup north carolina pay north carolina would never never but it didn't it didn't turn out that he was like
he had the cops taser something like that right in that and that one of the cop through the taser on the ground is that what it was i don't remember the story exactly who he is a video the cop chucking the taste on the ground after he shot him likes of set up condom we had a weapon yeah what a lot of shady there's something about that balance two of where like if you if a cop is it is you know if a cop graph there are menu like yank it away like assault resisting arrest you you're fucked now but the cops can like be a dude with a nightstick half to death and then well we thought he might have been going for someone's gone yeah yeah it's dark man it's in also cops just like everything else we're talking about in government their people and they vary and there's going people that are awesome cops and i personally think that it's one of the most difficult jobs person do an psychologically the idea of going work every day were all the people you deal with are going to be lying to you and up to something an hate you well did you
did you follow at all what happened is like a i guess a year and a half ago now in in new york where the nypd had like a a centrally qualls i shut down yes i mean it's it's and and i think what you're saying is absolutely true i mean i think it's an incredibly difficult job and a lot of that is because of the rules we have which are kind of crazy i mean the of having to police drug use now is a very difficult position put someone in because i mean obviously first and foremost it's a horrible thing to do to throw someone in a cage for putting something into their body but it's a very weird thing when there's no complaint two people who are making a voluntary transaction i know you got to go in like swat raid and find them at the end this guy's giving a bag of something to another person go get them but so for people who don't know there was after that eric gardner guy got choked out and choke to death
in uh or i don't know how to put it but he's gonna get choked to death i'm sorry she said they had like a heart attack yeah he had a heart attack while getting tackled down here allegedly selling loosies loose cigarettes nothing so there were change of protests and then a couple of cops got shot in brooklyn by some maniac i think it was from the baltimore he drove up he tweeted he was going to do it and then drove up and shot two cops who never saw it coming poor guy who's got killed on the job and then as a result of that they had like an official unofficial well what they called an nypd slow down and one of the was a spokesman for the police union he said in i believe was the new york post he said result of the shooting the cops will only be making arrests when absolutely necessary well that's what he said is weird like shouldn't they always be doing that but anyway so they arrest went one sound like eighty percent
or at least it was maybe like sixty percent sixty six we have here and then it was like nonviolent tickets and and bulshit arrest were down like ninety percent like they were just basically not doing that anymore and there was this beautiful like month and a half long period where the nypd just wasn't doing what they do they weren't over policing everybody and then they started cracking the whip to get him to go back to do it because i don't have a lot of money is raised by these you know that's the issue glorified revenue collect there's a lot of revenue that gets gathered up in kind of devious ways like i've always been disgusted by parking tickets like why this the city owns the fuckin' spot where you can leave a car and you have give the money to leave a car and that's how they get there are millions of dollars and they become addicted to that gathering of the millions of dollars right that's fucking crazy you can't do that and you can't you can't it's a horrible way to fund this is a matter of legend by the way just being that guy yes to being the guy
who's going out just giving tickets like you just go around ruining peoples day like all day long line my friend brian needs to do that that must be a fucking weird bad for your brain imagine it has to be i mean imagine something people men who are like literally working like you know lower class jobs and have families to pay for and you're just going to hand him a fucking hard i don't know what to get because you're a kilometer expired by two minutes you didn't give us enough money and it's like changes laundry or something and and you know let it go for a few minutes yeah i mean i get the idea that you you shouldn't have cars that are blocking the street it's definitely give people tickets if they're doing something that is trucks or told them but to the leave a car on the street you have to pay money yeah i mean look i have i have a problem with the way government raises almost all revenue i mean i just i reject the whole system of like tax the threat of violence i think it's like primitive and barbaric and when human beings
back on that it's going to be the way we look back at like savory or arranged marriage or whatever it is that the idea that the way we fund our organization you know like like let's there are these services that are necessary so the way we that is we go you have to pay a portion of income or wealth i can throw you in jail yeah will put you in a cage lock you in a cage like an animal this is like thing when i'm arguing that with people about like libertarianism purse other way that we should organize society as my biggest thing that i just i i harp on is just like ok who should we throw in a cage who is it morally acceptable to throw into a cage forcefully like send men with guns to get them and throw them into a cage like i'll grant you a murderer rapist assault somebody okay yeah maybe we go into it like theft yeah things that is because that is a violation of you know you own yourself and then you own your your possession so that's a violation but are you are you real if someone's like oh i don't want to fund
program i won't i won't send my money in to fund the war 'cause i don't believe more so that we can throw that guy in a cage yeah or i don't want to i don't want to fund a look even if you have a really noble charity why should you be able to threaten violence against someone to get them to fund it well that's where i like gary johnson who is gary johnson steps in and says we don't need the irs it's like let's listen we that's not how we have to make money which put taxes on consumption i like gary johnson i wish he would be a little more ron paul but i he's away i just feel like gary johnson has this way of selling them ism as this kind of like well you know it's more practical if we do it the libertarian way huh where i like you know when he's asked about the wars he'll say he'll say things like i thought if you look on average these military interventions have hurt more than they have helped
exactly how we sound that's really good impression yeah i've watched a lot of well so my only by the way that's not necessarily incorrect it's just like who would talk about mass murder that way but it's like it's like talking about slavery anymore i just think overall this is an inefficient way to get cotton jesus dude like in your your head abolitionist really you're supposed to represent the abolitionist movement with that that attitude so he's like a moderate radical yeah he's just a prank text matt and he's just like this makes more sense which is just fine but i don't really want to sell libertarianism is like i think we're fiscally conservative socially liberal and he's like he's a bridge 'cause he was a lifelong republican like he's a good bridge to getting people to consider an alternative party maybe one of the only ones it's currently available
i believe in a little bit more like a case for radicalism i think that so ron paul when he was in the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight debates she got a whole a lot of people interested in libertarianism and he didn't do it by being like a bridge to like before i tell you you know slavery is horribly immoral let me first convince you it's inefficient and ineffective and then he went right to like this is wrong this is wrong we're chilling people in countries around the world like this is morally horrible and he got a movement going when he was in those debates now johnson was in one of the major debates in twenty twelve you remember anything from his performance 'cause nobody ever does know nobody ever does 'cause he'll go in there and say things like new so i was able to balance the budget without adding seven percent like yeah you have the greatest the greatest political if we ever devised by man behind you liberty you have the answer to all this shit you're the abolitionist in slavery times and
so you really feel libertarianism is the answer to everything well it's not in the same that abolition isn't the answer to everything during slavery it's the first moral step to then we can live in what about libertarianism is so attractive to you yeah i mean i just the i think it's phil topically sound and it's it's basically just to me it's it's a humble understanding of what existence is we don't really know what this is man's kind of bore into the world naked and we're here nature and we're all trying to figure it out and that more speaking we should all own our own lives and for own your own body and that and basically it all centers around property rights and the non aggression principle which is the idea that you should never initiate violence against a nonviolent person and then you just draw conclusions from that will those are all really standard by points libertarianism to get brought up all the time but why is it that
libertarianism even though it's so attractive to young intelligent guys like you why is it that that has never caught hold in a mainstream ways an alternative third party because it really you've had like people like that run as independents to get a little bit of momentum but it's always the people always look at it like well that's not gonna work out he's not really going to get there you you know you know vote for hillary right i think she has a chance you know i mean you get those yeah yeah well i think there's a gay man there's you know it's uh there's like uh government is a power center it's in their interest to continue having power and i think usually people are much more if they get close to that power there much more incentivized to try to expand it and try to keep it then to at any you would be a lot more moral if we didn't have this an it's like why did slavery persist for so long 'cause you know it's a it's a good way to get cotton without having to work yeah yeah i mean people are getting rich
this thing they certainly are but do you i wonder how much time it has left this this it seems like it's a reoccurring reoccuring theme that comes up over you know people talk about the problems that we have with running society we're currently doing it is that there's two party system is just so preposterous it's over to say that you have these two groups and they're both funded by the same people competing against each other allegedly but yet nothing changes and that this is the system and this is the only way to do it like well how how can we can we got one hundred different systems and ideas grand old party it what's the idea of there being a leader for hundred twenty million ppl i mean none of it makes any sense at all to see an an elephant yeah it's also so weird that there's this big like this big show about how much they hate each other but then they just come together over the most important issues yeah i you know he'll betrayed when i see like clinton laughing it up with bush like what the are you guys
laughing about how many people died when you're in office right and how the media's angle on it will and it you know msnbc or fox news who supposedly hate each other but when you see all the president's together they're all kind of celebrating at the like it's nice that we could all come together and had this to say quite what is yeah i thought so you're all full of ship and how is it that you know you have these things where so it's so the publicans hate obama obama hates the republicans they both think the other one is the reason why the countries falling apart but then when like you know something the ndaa bill where he says he can arrest american citizens with no charges and hold them indefinitely well just get together and sign that no that's fine and the media that's not even like that big of a deal like they just pass a law that said they can arrest you with like we just over the whole idea that you have rights we just overthrew that in one in one bell and but you know i'll get like a mention here or there you have to understand that that won't be used don't worry about it that's all for terrorist that's my favorite obama actually but in a signing statement when he signed it into law he said an eye
it was like a p is the the liberal activists who maybe would be a little upset with him but he said my administration has no plans of detaining american citizens but we want to let you know that we read your emails with us is cnn hard yeah so who's okay with that which is frustrating for i think everybody that nothing changes in that this two party system was in place where kids it's in place now and it's quite possibly it will be in place fifty years from now when we're dead i don't know i do think something is changing in this election cycle and i don't know that it's purely a positive force but there's def something going on i mean if you look at what's going on with trump and i'm no fan but it is it is a moment yeah trump is having a real moment and he is tearing down this matrix and and bernie also had an interesting moment it's very interesting that they always the powers
be kind of decide who these people are going to be an it does seem like this year people are really rejecting that in a very grassroots level like no we don't buy this bulshit right i wonder how much longer they can keep it up but there's no real candidates that's the problem so you're dealing with scrubs it's it is minor league ball team that wants to play in the super bowl because there's some sort of a strike amongst really good player it really seems like that i mean come on man you're telling me that donald trump is the best we can do or hillary we're talking about before i mean how many beaches comedians like how many like asthmatic just interesting people like do you know just show you do it so many different like really smart interesting people who stood there like you told me we can't find one yeah but i think like you said before the real problem is that a good person or any type of
honest person would right away go no i can't rule three hundred and twenty million people and not only that you would never get to that position 'cause you would be compromised every step of the way and then you would become what they are are the only i mean it's a really rigged game and it's rigged through lobbyists and special interest groups an money and campaign funds by the time you get to that position and less bernie sanders or donald trump and that's what makes it interesting they are the only two people that represents two completely new paradigms yes you have bernie who is this weird socialist type character democratic socialist character and then you have trump who's like the so in capitalist and both people rep is an entirely new groups because donald abbas essentia lee at least partially self funded you know now is try to get money in this well he's already the nominee though i mean he's he's cemented so it's it's an interesting question we're gonna get some support yes but so far basically
trump and sanders both found a way to do it without taking corporate money no trump found a way to speak over the media and get the media to keep him in the twenty four hour news cycle and played the shit out of everybody but there both i mean i gotta say they're not i don't look at other personalities are very different i don't know if anything about the policy the policies are actually like diametrically opposed i think they're both kind of populists in a lot of ways like bernie sanders has more of a read as more of an ideology like this is my philosophy on what government should do yeah trunks just kinda like will let's let it rip but they're both kind of let me tell you what you want to hear to the crowd well trump is a carnival barker and he talks about that in the art of the deal i mean his his whole style of painting is all mapped out in his books where he talks about this larger than life persona that he created in order to make himself a public figure in order to make him of more wealthy more popular and more able to get things done mean this is like strategy now this
whole thing that he's doing like and i called him we're going to make that wall ten feet higher like that's all like carnival parker ship but it's amazing that he he's stepped into the game of politics and almost ripped it open from the inside where he's like i'm just talking like a dude yeah i'm not even doing i don't know how hillary clinton is going to handle this guy wow when he was talking about how big his dick is well to be fair he just said there no problem it look it's amazing he was insinuating that someone was insinuating that had small hands have small penises i just want to let you know there's no problems there he made up i have a big dick here's what have rates this guy this was like i think it a couple decades ago okay there's a guy who worked for vanity fair and he wrote something about trump having small hands and trump sent him a picture like head shots of his hands and a note being like i don't have small hands like he actually responded to him and this was out there like i heard some people talk about this so marco
rubio new if she and that his hands and it just makes sense 'cause his hands aren't small no but for whatever reason she said something he goes market he said he's got small hands and you know what they say about guys with small hands and this is the maniac that is donald trump she couldn't not bring that up so the next debate he goes he goes and by the way he said i have small hands and look at these hands that pretty good in my right and just so you know what he couldn't stop there she goes and just so you know implied that because of these small hands that means something else is small and i promise you there's no problem there yeah very bizarre i mean strange his fingers are relatively short they're not great but it's nothing weird like where you'd have to comment about it they're not presidential hands also that was a put a blank comparison long asked is tracy i mean i just don it's a it's a we
sure thing to criticize though because you're talking about something that someone can't change it's like in front of someone's ears when they're running for president hey all those are yeah but it's very strange it's it's a but it is a tell to donald trump that he can't not address it like if you if you put that out there he's got to come back yeah let it work the problem is is comeback was effective then he wins rubio marco rubio is just this weird mamas boy looking putts like like he's just not going to charisma when he would like be jabba and back and forth with trump like dude you're an amateur like he's going to chew you up he's you to being criticized he's used to being arrogant he's used to shutting people down and over you that's another one of my issues with with gary johnson is that i just feel like man if the if the l p wants to do something if the libertarian you know if they want to they want to have a moment here and you're telling me the
hope is if we can get to fifteen percent in the polls then we get into a debate and i have to overlook the fact that this guy was already in a debate that nobody remembers because he didn't do anything i and now he's got a good debate trump right trump you going to send someone who's got some type of he's going to be in the debate so ranger johnson no i got to get fifteen percent he's gonna pull out and he's got to get into the polls then he's got to get fifteen percent in the polls it's a hole in the right and they they also have to choose which polls but i don't think they find him threatening my actually be smart for them to allow him into expose i mean i think both sides would probably to expose something that the other side has in both as it probably be under the impression there's an opportunity to capitalize on it well i think the left side because he's a lifelong republican season is more likely to peel away votes from trump yeah so in a weird way i think they want him in there right because they want to they want to hand it to hillary right so you you might be able to take advantage of some of that but i don't know i think they
so this is a whole different year they really like the control on the two party system for the last time third party really made any noise was ross perot and they changed all the rules after that i got out of there to make it look presidential debates that's right it used to be like the women in the league women voters or whatever used to run it and then not just the democrats and republicans were like let's never let that happen again yeah they fuckedup they let that crazy old billionaire by time on tv member that yep you're being hoodwinked i'll show you now you don't want some crazy old texas billionaire on television in the 1980s around or whatever it was it just it's one of those things to me where i don't see how it's going to change i look at i go or they can just keep running this fucking game for another four years and another for years and it will keep going and then we'll like seventy going what the fuck man i don't think so i think i think we're we're on the verge of
collapse and i don't know exactly where verges like i don't know much longer president trump might do it maybe maybe but if i think if you look at a few kind of like fundamentals we're in the process of an empire falling like the far far to expand militarily drowning in debt and if you really look at the data it's not just the nineteen trillion there's like over one hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities like all these medicare and social security and all these programs there are all the blow up we've we've also got you know just trillions and trillions of dollars that are extended being held at these big banks that there's all these factors and also look at the moral kind of like the cultural decay kind of going on that trump i think kind of embodies i think there's a lot of indicators that were in the crash process well he he embodies the cultural decay and in that one sense and on the other sense you've got the call to cultural decay by social justice hours in paterson for over sensitive who route
naters routing against now ralph nader type this up on twitter today ralph nader was saying that men today are oversensitive because they never had to deal with the draft he's like you as you complaining about nothing like this is nonsense good for ralph nader man look at this is ralph later on trigger warnings young men are far too sensitive because they've never been in a draft and that walking hilarious or talking to talk about trigger warnings trigger warnings make me want to fuckign hit somebody it really does it's insanity makes me so it's so fucking stupid that you're supposed to protect people from first of all that is not even have trigger works here's work by like being in a place where something bad happened to you or hearing a sound or seeing a thing it's not bring up the actuv like if someone says you know murderer who my dad was murdered that's a trigger warning why didn't you warn me the trigger hit me like that's how but that's the whole world is going to trigger you then then every
looking piece of media every movie every television show has the potential for being a trigger warning so really it's not as if like i just hate people and i don't care if you're triggered and you know deal with your past like i think we have a big epidemic of soldiers back suffering from ptsd i'd like to not send them towards so we don't have to deal with this but the idea that we should we should change we should like nerve foam the world in case you're triggered so a college now can't blower anything they want to because what if someone had something violent in their past happen and then it seems to yeah very convenient thing where you know like the this or the social justice warrior like policing rape jokes in the comedy community but they don't ever seem to be policing like a war joke or you know it's like they don't seem to care about men being triggered and like you were saying it's mostly just infantile bulshit it's just these you know privilege kids on college campuses who are like want to shut
conservative speaker from talking it's really insanity yeah it's it's so fucking the way they're doing is right it's like they're so frothy at the often so like taken away with the idea that they're doing some incredible right and this has to be done this justice must prevail and trans gender people should be able to use the women's room without you know any questioning whatsoever about where they stanley there's some weirdness going on today that was like we're talking about when people are young when you can send them to war then when you send these young people to war that they don't they don't really have enough data yet well there's a lot of that going on with is a social war and these we don't have a lot of data either and there furious and foaming at the mouth and when all is said and done the dust settles when they're old so they're probably not even going to be on that team anymore you know
you're probably going to wise up and realize how fucking goofy those people you're hanging around with our who are getting mad at white people for wearing dreadlocks oh my social appropriation cultural appropriation it's like listen we all hate white people in dreadlocks but you've actually made me someone i hate more than white people in dreadlocks yeah that's how much you fuckedup not only that you don't even know where dreadlocks came from first of all white people the dreadlocks throughout history that's what you when you were comparing that kind of cultural okay from the trump supporters and the social justice warriors i do see a lot of it is rooted in like anti intellectualism i mean there's just like no it doesn't matter you don't need to know anything all you need i mean the old people shut down a crist you know half summers speech yes who feminising i thought you did a great podcast with her i mean she is she's a feminist she's a liberal she liberal feminist who's just going oh by the way your data is a little off so there's no look up rape apologist exactly she just talks about the facts
she said she calls herself a factual feminist that's her statement and this there's something wrong with telling people they have things wrong to them i mean this is how crazy the left has gotten because you're what you're twenty and you figured everything out evidently well it's just not there's a lot of noise and sometimes in those noise or some important points on both sides but boy a whole lot of noise too and it's a lot of arguing a lot of yelling gets done and not a lot of progress gets made just people dig their heels and they take a sign they draw a line in the sand and viet the people on the right people on the left and wolf yeah he's at the beginning it becomes a big like team i identity thing and then your life then it's just justifying the position you're already and so you're just looking for a kind of you know confirmation bias like my teams right or my teams right and yeah and why is everybody so god dam sensitive like the gender pronoun thing is so far
bananas like you should so that if you're a dude and you look like a woman okay that going to get that wrong on occasion like ok what do you look like ok do you like catherine zeta jones in a bikini well if you do people going to say her and if they say her that's not a bad thing though you assuming my gender you know there's people out there that they think that you should know your dog gender neutral names 'cause your dog can't decide like this is a real debate songs to feminists and social justice warriors have animals whether or not they should impose their step so types they have on human beings on their dogs and cats but there's something and it's just insanity but i feel like there's something like on these college campuses that's almost like that's housing that like they're letting them develop these ridiculous ideas and i'll tell you i think part but i really blame the college professors for a lot of this because i think these are also people who have a lot of them lived in knowledge their entire lives there people who go to college and then just stay in college and they get post grad
degrees and then they teach and there kind of letting this happen and no ones going like ok shut up that's not a real issue like god look i'm all for like i'm a complete libertarian you should be able to give you if you have a doctor who's willing to perform a surgery on you and you want to identify as her instead of him i'll call you her 'cause ok i'm not going to call uz no that's fun ridiculous i thought it was earlier but you also can't even if i'm willing to call you something you can't make it a huge issue if not everybody is willing to call you that but this isn't let me see yours here have you seen here hi that's yeah that's there's like eighteen of those now yet like lg i teach you is not even close to all the letters that are on that thing anymore well how about in new york they're going to find businesses if they intentionally gender you
get sued and fine for like a quarter million dollars if you don't call someone z yes the this is where this is where it becomes like a real problem is it's like okay you know what you guys can have your little fun and games in your safe space on college campus all you want to but now you start bringing in the forceful arm of government to actually go over a business owner who's trying to provide jobs and you know feet as kids but even it it becomes a problem even in colleges because what if you don't subscribe those ideologies you gotta go to school these monkeys and they're all running around insisting they're they're prone on the z h e e and if you don't say your lord like whoa yeah well it's also real scared the fact that if you've ever you know had a drunken hook up you're a rapist which by the way only the man only of course that's what happened at occidental here and um when we we talked about on the podcast with professor renegade history thaddeus russell daddies are russell who's brilliant brilliant guy and
we were talking about how incredible it is that they find a way to justify two people hooking up with text message here's with the girl saying come on over bring condoms they have sex and the hi is the one who is a rapist because they were both drunk that's insane i got kicked out of school and he still here love law so it's insane but it's also like a fascinating glimpse into how you see things because it's weird how you it's almost like these guys come back to be the caricature of what the nineteen fifties chauvinist was supposed to be assuming that women are these fragile delicate creatures exam at the end of the same thing a man can it's like you're really being the sexist here exactly i i always say like all those guys who who would like i remember his big thing on your show in jamie kilstein was on about the tosh rape joke but i wonder when i've argued with a few people like that who i do now
well i'm not throwing this out in the stupid way that's loan out when they go more men are raped than women are raped that's not but why is it saying is that that is a fact prison included and stuff like that why is that every time you think of this scenario where someone's triggered from a rape joke it's always a woman but if there's a woman in the crowd has been triggered what if this like it's never a concern that it could be a man would be trivial because we're tribal and we break off and male versus female teams if the males are the rapist on both accounts manner keeping the women and their raping them and see i told you man are shipped the raping each other right but no one seems to field for that rape victim because of men is on the wrong team shitlord team kurt made this up point i see the law and order episode when they decide now no but he was never seen any written law and order no just here they did the one on stand up comics and rape jokes now dude it's it's no they did it's the worst thing that's ever been made a minute it's not even like you can't even believe how bad it is until you see it it's like this
this guy makes a rape joke at a at a comedy club and of course it chills because that's happens when you tell a woman in the crowd you hope she gets raped everyone just laughs at the top of the anyway and then and then by the end and she gets raped after that because he the rape joke it leads to rate and then i'll do you one better at the end he is actually the rapist the guy telling the rape joke it was like the most ridiculous in response nothing ever anna kurt kurt metzger made this point i just it's so fucking funny but he don't they threaten men with rape on every episode of that show like every episode they're like you better start talking men like you don't do very good in prison and you're like well really you're not you just go clean that up you're going to threaten me with it but you're going to use that as a negotiation tactic that's so fun once it's just did he show those shows brochet every one of those crime shows what the fuck is it about
erica where we want to watch hospital shows and police shows that's all we want to watch we want to watch people that are in trouble someone's trying to hide from the law or someone that's worried that mom is not going to make it not holding her hand when the doctors working furiously and young handsome doctor he leaves after sixteen hours and he sweaty takes him and then another guy comes in with a gunshot wound back to work wow also noble cut to commercials for hi deodorant and whatever so shampoo and fuckin' toyota trucks and everybody goes to sleep oshkosh wake up in the morning up time we consume here a weird fucking people with the weirdest thing with the weirdest thing it's 'cause collectively you have to look this is what we are as a giant super organism like what are we doing when we look at ourselves inside of our culture and our belief systems in our actions and what gets done another pollution of the environment but
overall what is the species doing when you're looking at it as an outsider if you were completely removed from culture completely remove tradition and vacation he just looked at us as like some weird organism like what does it trying to do what's just making better stuff all the time that's all it's doing and all this other stuff that it does this is just to distract it while it's making better stuff all these little chicken dances and peacock feathers and all the fucking noises it made some virtue signalling i have a mattress and i'm carrying it around so my rapist is brought to justice all that sadness and all the arguing all the craziness is going on is just distraction watch making better and faster computers that's all it is it's create artificial life form with this is going to do it under this guise of of christianity and islam and all these different things
like oh no you know islam is the way oh no christians away meanwhile these are robot a robot overlord that the switch is about to get turned on you're focht you're all fucked but it's almost like you out it's the evolutionary game of numbers we were saying before so you need it through all these people out to get uh the percentage that will be geniuses that will keep this thing moving yep and then you need the rest of us are basically just waste it's like yeah you're just jerking off and watching some dumb reality show but if you keep talking to ford eventually a genius will pop out who will move this thing forward a little in a little bit the robe we're essentially like a giant hive of worker ants with potential options like you really anne right harry potter and break away from the rest of the worker ants you we can have a kid that's a fucking math genius 'cause he dropped him on his head when he was a baby you don't want to tell anybody why this kid so fucking good at math there's a lot of that going on man and those little suckers up to be like some elon musk character that starts making
your car is in the hyperloop that gets you to san francisco in three minutes there's some weird shit happening and it's all happening like exponentially all around us all the time adding up while we're worried about trigger warnings and whether or not trainees can use the fuckin' mens room or the women's room and like the whole particularly i mean that all that anger that whole culture on the left of whatever you wanna call it like the the social justice warrior that people called the regressive left acts that turn a lot like that term but it really is just insanity i was watching a recently the jersey the the thirty for thirty on the duke scandal i mean it's amazing so that that accusation it's not like there was a is a gray area or like they had sex and she was a little drunk or they like nothing happened they didn't have sex this crazy person who's in jail for murder now made something up
it's interesting to watch it in like looking back you know that what happened you know she made it up and seeing the way the social justice warriors protest these guys and the white knights they do dudes who are hanging out right next to the feminist chick going these lacrosse guys are out of control and they should go to jail and you like dude nothing fucking happened nancy grace there's never took into heat for that she was on tv calling for their arrest accusing them of this in front of millions and millions of people and somehow or another she didn't get sued somehow another shooting get brought to jet they should've pull her fucking show off the air should i mean what does it take to get fired i think being a man she was a man doing the exact same thing about a woman doing something horrible oh i bet you it was a team of women and they did something terror that were alleged to have done something terrible and she was right ranting and he was ranting and raving about these women being by to justice and brought to jail and it turns out it was there was no crime being committed at all you would have to apologize you would
we have to apologize shouldn't do she i can't remember who the other reporter uhm you remember it into the documentary is the one who apologizes but she actually she goes like she she's like she she apologized and she wrote a thing like an apology to them oh they cut back to the articles that she was writing at the time it's like this insane she's like these boys all know what happened and they know they're guilty and they need to be punished for this problem and then she's even in acknowledging it she goes well you know i do think the fact i was sexually assaulted in college probably did come into play in how corny like over little fucking snowflake well guess what now you can't be a journalist and not only that i don't know what to tell you what really happened in college do we know are you calling sexual assault getting drunk and getting fucked because that might have happened to 'cause that's really acceptable to say today yeah that's disturbing as fuck man and look even if you were even if she was completely you know in
legitimately sexually assaulted not any of these bulshit gray areas like it was an actual sexual assault the id that you would you like you're covering a sexual assault right ok and you were sexually assaulted before so right away what an honest journalist would do would be recuse yourself you would go i can't really do this because i'm too emotionally invested in something but in my life but now to not do that covering this something that happened to you that you would have to be aware of i got to make sure i don't let that creep into my right professionals but you're using that to try to you know justify go after his guys and then justifying it after it's been proven that it was incorrect well she did to her credit she did apologize once it was rather than to be incorrect but still like you said that's not enough but did you say that in in the apologize in the apology she was saying how she'd been sexually shells she said that she was out and using that as a as an excuse you can't do that doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything to ease now because they didn't do anything so they totally innocent those are someone's babies
once babies young boys who grew up to be young men and they didn't do shit and you are writing stories oh it's saying that they know what they did it's like if you were a therapist ann you were seeing like some sixteen year old kid and you told him to cut off all ties with their parents and then it turned out answer like really wonderful people and you're like you know part of it might have been that my parents were really bad so i told them to come well then you can't be a shrink anymore i don't know what to tell you but you're bad at your job yeah well that's cult tactics right that's one of the big things they do is tell you to get away from your parents get away from your face that's a big one which is to be fair a lot of people's families probably suck so it's really easy yeah it's easy if you saw most of the people who end up in colts i bet their families it really sucked to their lucky a lot of those people that are in cults they're lucky they're not sucking dick for cheeseburger somewhere a lot of them are just morons yes look there's a frequency some people operate on that's really easy to fuckin' hijack there's a lot
people out there that are just dumb and you're not going to fix that their dull but dull minded folk that really could be easy the influence and that's why democracy is such a fucked system to begin with because it's just play it so everyone who's playing to that who can whip those people up and get on their frequency and then there's smart people that could be manipulated they can be calculated once they attach themselves to an ideology like we were talking about like people on the left that are avoiding all the craziness about hillary like you had a so that i really like that's on your twitter you know that like hillary was a man that had done the all the same things that she what is the quote what is it your exact i said if hillary was a male republican with the exact same voting record all of her supporters would hate her with a passion yeah it's true and it's one one hundred percent true i mean it's not this is not controversial these are the way shape or form hillary is you know i mean the stuff i was saying before but she's he's like courting the left she's court
people who are supposed to be liberals and you'll go she's supported every single war of my lifetime every single war well nothing they can get past that she didn't support gay marriage up until two thousand and thirteen even their pet issues yeah she's she's a weird one man she's uh really really weird one that fuckin' libya thing we can we saw he died that's okay like are you kidding me what you remember when the fuckin' vermont guy screamed i never got away last howard dean howard dean and that one yell did him in like that's it they saw in like falk this guy we came we saw he died hahahaha like that you don't think that ladies fucking crazy you don't think that ladies talking cars i mean you're down for her that's that is uh lillian ideology thing you'd see
she's on your team you're you're going to go along with it just like it's a religion just like your your subscribing to some predetermined thing it's just weird for me to see first of all it's weird that she wants to be president like aren't you old but you're an old lady how much energy do you have got a ton of money you just had your first grand kid you got like yeah like what are you trying to do trying to make history as a woman is that what it is do you want to just like get back your husband forget his dick sucked in nineteen ninety one or whatever the it was yeah i mean i i don't even think it's that i think it's it's i mean who knows who's i you know i'm not in their head but i think these people are like power or brokers that just want more and more of it and it's a real it is probably a thrill unlike anything we could imagine to have that much power and they've they've tasted a little bit of that you know yeah it seems to me that she's like so old but she would want to chill
doesn't make any sense to me she's she's old lady like she doesn't have good health i thought you the concern with she had some health issues right did she like concussions or something yeah i forget what it but it was with the fuck out of her imagine that it turns out that bill just wailed on her and she wants to keep it quiet bill fuckin' k i mean it wouldn't have been accused of violence wow she has suffered from fainting spell since at least two thousand and five and year she passed out presumably sober while giving a speech in two thousand and twelve she passed out yet again and suffered concussion holy phuc assumably sober is something that if they ever have to say it it's just not good you got issues were always presumably sober i'm not usually pursuing but you know but this idea that she fell asleep and hit her fucking head like when people fall hit their head it's one of the worst things about getting knocked out it's not getting punched in the head it's
falling down and getting hit in the head with the earth like their heads bounce off the ground let's like a big issue in street fights and stuff when you watch someone get sucker punched all down in their head gets bounced off the curb and i think people have like epilepsy and things like that like that's the big fear what happens that you end up cracking your head on the ground it's not just the the see seizures yeah there's something i don't know hillary clinton know hillary clinton said recently probably one of the tactics she tries use against trump but she said something along that she goes you know i just i don't know if he type of guy we would want having control of the nuclear codes and it's like an interesting things to look at when you're like how crazy that anyone person has control of those nuclear codes like we're just counting on in person to not snap tonight kill the whole world just yeah hopefully you don't ever just like i've had enough i'm fucking right well we know people kill themselves right
that alone should just disqualify human beings from having that kind yeah there are human beings capable of killing people yes for no reason yes randomly yes about killing themselves all the time how often every day how many people a lot we can have people so let's have a person whose uh petition who's in the highest stress job imaginable but have them just have control of those codes unfortunately that is the green light for the robot overlords to take over because we can't trust people or the robots just going to be way more sober about this they're going to make rational decisions based on logic and mathematics and possibilities and
abilities and the understanding of human race that we really can't comprehend because we're just monkeys is this when you brains you bring me into your giver society that have to go now i will bring it to one of those landmark meetings as landmark forum meetings i think that's entirely it's entirely possible that ai is going to be how we dictate govern in the future yeah allen iverson is going to rule out now i'm sitting down yeah that's what skull hey eyes don't joke yeah it is it is it does seem like that be interesting tipping point i do feel like i'm more on the side of technology than on the side of being afraid of that yeah me too i just feel like it's going to be more of its humans will be guiding it at least two certain point and i think it's going to make life a lot better i think we are some weird cn enemy type character some weird fucking primitive life form that is really
we kind of outdated and it's not going to we're going to make it we're going to have to make sure that we're going to symbiotic it becomes symbionts we're going to definitely have computer in our brain will start off with he'll be able to store your memories and sharing with your grandchildren all we have to do is install this chip next thing you know you move we can increase your vision with this right now in plant and we can double your i q and three weeks i don't sign me up that's hard to say no no well the i know that your joints are bothering you mister wilson let's replace your hips with artificial hips ok let's do it ok now you got artificial hips and you're like you know what we found a new way to replicate the spine without any of the pain and issues and just going to replace it all with titanium and uh oh ok well i'm in next thing you know your bones getting brittle so you're getting old well fortunately we figured out a brain transplant with uh so identical body we're going to take your brain it only be outside of your current body for three minutes well hold on
ok what am i now 'cause i'm now i'm a brain inside a new body i don't want to do that surgery the first year they come out with it i want to wait like a few years let them work the kinks out problem with that is those people that got it first will take over they'll be reading each other's minds and flying and breathing underwater and just want to have a chance to compete gather up all the money in the resources are going to have all the hookers and then they don't even need hookers because they could get their own thinking orgasm just by pressing their temple is going to jizz in their pants that that'll be a big turning man if they can ever create a thing where like our sexual desires are taken care of yeah we don't need i mean yeah that'll be an interesting just fundamental humanity when people get addicted to that that's going to be a virtual reality thing but then it would be hollow because they're going to get addicted to it and they're not going to be any consequences like one of the things about sexual conquest i think it's the same things with all sorts of uncertainty you never know how it's going to turn out and so there's
involves and scary and people get addicted to this ask and even the risk of rejection is not like really scary like anything go wrong but gain going on like can i give these people to love me like how do i get these people love me going to have the right chains on the right car and show up at the right place and you know get to the right spot where the table service and you know i have have a bunch of people that are famous around me so that i look like a pimp you know what i mean like there's a whole identity thing and it validates your identity to get that check as i always work some girls come up like this month i think he something blocks off like that bich shouldn't even know who i am you know they're trying to figure out a way to become special well if every it just has to you know just download the fuc program and all of a sudden you're going to or g with a hundred thousand 10s all lining up to blow you like
have fun in that now you're right but that's why the human the human experience works in strange ways so maybe that's what will be attracted to like you know people want to go back tord kind of the thrill of the hunt was like oh that's easy i think it will be more like a video game or games are no fun if you get to play on god mode video game on god mode you can't get shot you run around blowing everything away you win it's there's no thrill there so easy there's no consequences so that's the alan alan what's his name alan watts guys like a hippie short philosopher guy but he was saying like the idea of like that's why this dream that is life that's why it's like this because we were like all powerful but then we got to a point where that's no fun anymore so you want to like have life yeah well this quote he was talking about it game he was saying if you were going to construct a game about human civilization that's exactly what you would construct you would construct a game that's like what we're doing right now and this is exactly how it divine being would play well well the one i heard
he was like saying like almost like a magic like you've already lived through all those god mode games you got bored of that that's why you're here yeah like that god was not that fun anymore let's let you know try something that's a little bit of a challenge yeah and this is you know the level of challenge that you wanted it's an interesting philosophy is an interesting perspective but lots of this you know that like obviously we we don't know exactly what is going to go when you're you're talking like a little bit out there not that this is even that far away i mean if you look at like where a a nokia phone was compared to where you know these things are i mean it's it's a big difference it's not that far off in the future but even just little things like i personally i get really fascinated by what the implications tord government and how we organized society so when something i mean when we just 3d print guns and everybody can three print a gun i mean we don't really need a fight about the second amendment anymore 'cause you've got everyone is going to have a gun if they want to have a gun and i feel like will be a lot of these type of things that just kind of nullify lot of govern
and whether or not it's like it doesn't matter 'cause people can just go over here and do it so we don't even need to have this debate which to meet should be the way things are settled like so i mean who cares about the over gay marriage or something like people associate however they want to associate don't you think that's one of those now issues that's an issue to people that are actually are gay that want to get married but the reason why it gets bounced around i feel like it's like a beach ball at a concert they just chuck out there whenever there's like something really serious that people want to talk about they throw that around as if it's like oh this needs to be addressed as well absolutely it becomes a distraction and i think you're one hundred percent right i think it gets used as a distraction i think it's also something where government it's itself somewhere and then there's going to be a debate over at wares of government wasn't there we we we just what i need to have any of yes i mean why do i feel the same way about the women's bathroom thing yes it just seems like come on man how many transgender people are really using these bathrooms right is this a giant issue and how is this issue been handed handle
up until now and how is you're being treated with more importance than so many real issues one of the ones that i heard that was brought up which is so bizarre is a man who is born a man he has a beard he does not take hormones but he identifies as a woman who wants to use the women's room he was to calling her and he has a beard yeah i met a guy like that we go about our daily lives for it's too because when it comes to gender you can't be preposterous you if you think you're a fox you wanna wear a box at i'm allowed to mock you but if you're a fifty year old dude with a beard have lipstick on you want to be called z you're not allowed to say anything just never talk about gender completely healthy normal guy you fuck you fuck everybody who thinks like that you guys are a bunch of old nonsense babies yep and you're ruining the way people communicate what we have left as comedians if a guy in a dress isn't funny exactly mean come on yeah exactly that's a that's a really important point well my
my point is that you know what my i was furious when this caitlyn jenner thing was going on when you you were supposed to say that she looks good like no one was allowed to go whoa whoa whoa what the fuck wait hold on surgery is good now like it's good to go your jaw shave down everybody should celebrate that and say you look really good like no she doesn't look good sixty year old dudes in dresses almost never look really good like even if if she was like if it was a chick at that i probably wouldn't be talking about how good she looks but you're telling me dude in a dress does a dick right but had some stuff done to his face and i have to pretend that's a hot chicken right froze face weird something going on with a shaved his chin down or her chin down and then gets a boo job let me tell you something you're a sixty year old woman and you get a boob job someone needs a fucking hug you ok relax hillary clinton got a boob job and she it's like i want to show donald trump d
babies are here to run the country well let me this is the this is literally we're talking about i would like a hillary clinton is that she's in a commensurate age right the older she sixty four think of the seventies which is close to seven ok so maybe six how old is bruce jenner he's like sixty three or something sixty four there in the fucking ballpark yep they're in the ballpark so hillary all sudden got a boob job everybody like what the fuck is wrong with her but he gets a boob job and because it's about gender we're all supposed to ignore the fact that he's gotta froze open face that chen's been cut with a fuckin' grinder to resemble a female face like what all things are what are we six thousand and sixty eight the same yeah same they could they could take out jesus christ there exactly as they could die down and area he's got a dick will scared of shit out of session you don't want him to shine like
yeah you shitlord he's a shitlord well but look there is something also like the i'm not like a psychoanalyst i mean i i don't know but are we just going to just because of like this political pressure throw out the possibility that it it seems to say that maybe you have some issues that but you want to self mutilate yourself like this i mean like that healthy behavior whatever happened to loving yourself whatever in a yourself who you are like what why did that get distorted like how come surgery now is the viable alternative how come inject being non endogenous hormones exogeneous hormones female hormones into a male body how come how come you i have to say that that's a girl why is gender such an important point to you like what what is it about this that so important to you yeah entered and to deny that gender and sex are like biologically relevant
so categories that it's not just something randomly assigned at birth i mean ok for one out of a hundred thousand babies maybe it's it's something that's assigned at birth i know people always bring up that example where are the number is but there is it's a very very soon there's got to be a lot of people where they feel like they're trapped in body that they don't want to be in an that's cool if you want to you want to i'm cool sex changes i'm cool with everything i'm not i'm not trying to restrict people's behavior but there's even really weird i guess it's like an overreaction to people i think in a way it's probably good things people trying to be more sensitive trying to be open minded trying to be more accepting and that will probably balance out like we go way out to the left and then we'll come back more to the middle and everything will kind of balance it out and you'll see the difference between people that are people that are just like happier being a woman and then people that are out there fucking mind like radiolab show about a guy who goes back and forth she's a woman and then he's a man he's a woman he's a man i just switched he's like i
switched over now i'm gail like you is a woman like wait you're just a woman now like you were just a man who am i talking to now now mike mike's back something's got it something has to be like crazy person but if that's not weird is anything weird come on man but then people go with his crazy you know how crazy i agree with what you're saying that there is there is almost i feel like the general like there's a large group of people who are just trying to kind of not be dicks if you think we're just trying to not be dicks to people so they will be good but i feel like the people leading the charge are like trying to kind of wag their finger at someone like they're trying to go like no see you're not tolerant i'm tolerant but you're not it's virtue signaling that some michael shermer calls it he's like you're trying to show yourself as to be more virtuous than the other people so you attack them having a lack of a strong stance in these things you have strong stance in
and so in even when it's strong stances like really debatable like this this whole subject you know and i'd love the fact that these guys kept getting busted pass these laws allowing men transgender women to use the women's room these the men were calling themselves transgender and going into this is exactly what you knew was going to happen you know is going to happen right like look if you really want people to use a third bathroom here's what you do get the people that support that the fund it get it get them the fund it across the board everybody else fuc off many people are we talking about here man that we need a third bathroom but that's why i hate the whole system of taxation and government and all this ship 'cause right there that can be applied to so many different things like even if it's something like planned parenthood or something like that i'm i'm you know i think very complicated issue but i'd probably on the pro choice side but it's like you're going to force someone who believes abortion is murder to fun a place that commits what
casey's is murder why don't you liberals just together in fund it yourself like why do you have to force all these other people to fund something that you deem to be a value that they don't write for sure that's debatable whether or not taxes should fund something like that i i mean i don't eat too truthfully i mean i i don't think it to be i think it shouldn't i think they shouldn't i agree know what i also during you believe in it like you said you should fund it and that should be something that the community funds sure i mean look as far as it was planned parenthood doesn't just provide abortions they also provide gynecological care they provide birth control well there's like this is some really important parts of that but it just gets lumped they should have like abortions are us and then just like let's straight away there's no birth control here are birth control is a vacuum that's it that's all we have is that was you know i mean that's probably that would clear up this and then you would say well maybe planned parenthood would be a different entity it be birth for all things along those lines well that as a
possible society might be good idea to invest a certain amount of money reproductive healthcare like that's not sure smart and this is another thing that technology might you know solve real quick i mean once we can kind of create boom light conditions outside the womb it might greatly cut down on the number of abortions that are needed yeah that's going to be really weird now that's going to be really weird when they decide that the body like women can be far more productive if their baby is born outside of the body you have it all be like a natural movement of course always be like people who like well no no i don't want to do with that we even now there's people have natural childbirth and stuff you know it's like people like raw would like this table and then like hand crafted drinks they laid like that word my drinks are hand crafted yeah i'm going to have a handcrafted hot and even just
even just enjoying nature you know what i mean like the fact that we like to go out into nature like we're so far removed with all this technology but we still like i want to like i want to sit in the place where i would have died from an infection at twelve i don't want to live there but i want to like sit there for a little and then go inside i want to lay motionless with the predators used it is fucking really weird that we call it the outdoors like i like the outdoors no you mean the earth the actual earth were just arguing and oates were so fucking into being in these structures that that's standard place to be the outdoors is rare i like the great outdoors like what the you talking about how can you like
defining ourselves by the inside of the structure primarily this is all outdoors man we're all on his fucking i love that bit you were doing the other night i don't want to let give out if its new stuff you're working but think about just like paranoia of pot being good oh yeah yeah yeah yeah we should help you paranoid yeah look at rap yeah there's there's some there's some reality to our life on a spinning ball that is regularly ignored by really fucking crazy when you stop and think about this reality that were convertible spaceship and you know we don't talk about that but but also it's a goofy we're we're literally spending a thousand miles an hour in a circle hurling through infinity and the more we find out the weird or it gets the weirder again like the more you know we think we know something and we're like okay this is what a black hole is and then we figured there we go okay it's nothing like that it's now and people get mad
neil degrasse tyson 'cause he won't say is an atheist i think another whole hilarious aspect of atheism is how tribal atheism is watching these forum where these people are fucking her doing the most disgusting an evil insulted neil degrasse tyson simply because he it won't say he's an atheist he's open minded and in neil's like a scientist you know he's like look you know i'm not a religious person but i'm not going to say there's no god why not why would he not there's not fuckin' evidence that there is no god but there's no evidence that there is a god yeah that's sort of agnostic is that's why i like identifying as agnostic because there's like this atheist as almost like built up they are almost it's like so dogmatic in religious in their beliefs like you have to believe in this there is nothing exact nothing happened alter better admit there's nothing dave you have a profit fitting that there's nothing like maybe i don't know nothing to do mushrooms yeah there's nothing and that same that same person will complete
three with you when they're on motions then maybe when they wear off they'll go like that was just the money ego will come back it's a host nation in the visual cortex is being affected by five four rules soft for oxy someone and i'm awful trip to mean yes someone i i remember arguing with a like a hard core atheist about this and they were let him go to the should that goes on when you're on mushrooms it's just a chemical reaction like yes it is so is every and you've ever had in your life yeah this is the chemical reaction the here right life is a chemical reaction so without the proper chemicals you your your brain goes crazy hallucinations because like yeah you get the press to get suicidal or you get euphoric what do you think mdma is it's a chemical reaction but it's one your brain already has already in there that's why it works yep right and you're finding a way to kind of trigger to use their word to trigger that reaction that just gets you into it's weird it gets
into something that you already know it's not even like new information it's just like it's something you already knew that you work very hard to forget yeah what where so weird people are so weird but it's cool it's cool it's where because alan watts saying it makes it all fun it makes us name entirely exciting i'm fucking super this relations full bullshit that this election and this this this way we're interacting with each other is all chaos i enjoy it i would find it infant like like if you look at and bernie sanders like i don't i don't love either of them i've problems with everybody think hillary is the worst of the worst but i have problems with all of them but it's so i would be so much more depressing to maine if just like him brianne jeb bush had just walst to denominations like if the general sentiment of the public was like we're happy we're cool with the establishment i love that people are like he had it i think it's a sign of the times
and i think the internet is also a big part of that i think people are just so much better informed than at any other time in the past so well for us i mean for the libertarian movement like that we wouldn't exist that the internet so you clearly identify with a movement like lib change is there anything about being a libertarian that you don't like we're libertarians are into other libertarians sure i mean there's like there's there's little things about different groups and then there's some groups of libertarians that are genuine don't identify with it all like there's some kind of like republicans who will just kind of themselves libertarians but are okay with like fighting wars and stuff like that so i don't like that libertarian it can be kind of a weird group if you together like this weird to be in a group i mean our groups weird but that's why i don't you know i wouldn't be comfortable almost identifying with any other group to meet the libertarianism or volunteerism is
it's just it's like accepting of a principle that is like i said before like we shouldn't initiate violence against peaceful people so i just i'm ok with accepting that as like a fundamental truth it's more online with being like an abolitionist during slavery times just like we shouldn't have slavery what you do with yourself i don't know i'm not going to jump into a team of what job you should have but you shouldn't be forced to pick cotton yeah no i mean after all the political ideologies all the political distinction that's the one that makes the most sense to maine that will call myself libertarian i'm just saying i feel like the whole the whole idea of presentative government is so fucking goofy i just think any political party that doesn't address that is more were spinning our wheels if we're really allowing this whole stupid thing to go on the way it's gone on for so long it was created back when i was really impossible to communicate with people so you had to have a representative like now so it's really easy to communicate with people but
the same system of government that we had back people used to write with feathers right it's fucking stupid the idea having a ruler insane it's so dumb and a robot overlords they're going to fix they will they will liberate us it will rise they will fix it we hope in their libertarian jamie but we're at this up you were trying to show me something else is there something else was going on there's no other story just the kimbo slice thing didn't yeah alright dave i really enjoyed it a little bit more often when you when you're back in town and when people come to your stand up and where can they find out about you all will you follow me on twitter at comic dave smith and i do a podcast called part of the problem which is all about like this political stuff and libertarianism and then i do another podcast called legion of skanks which is a comedy podcast with myself lewis play gomez and big jay oakerson actually we're having a festival okay we're having fest in new york city it's on june 18th and 19th we got some
really fun guests for this one did i like the name ss is also well it did is gonna be a yearly thing i'll tell you who we got who coming for this we got stanhope whom doug stanhope will be there already be on bobby kelly red band is doing like a death squad show of maine lewis and a big j and i think some other really good ones too that i'm going out on michael che is going to be there beautiful beautiful very fun to follow me on twitter at comic dave smith alright yeah fox that's it thanks dave that was awesome thank you so much for having to do this much more often absolutely whenever you're in town alright goodnight everybody tomorrow bye thank you everybody image of the podcast and thank you thank you to our sponsors thanks to caveman coffee company for getting us cafe made it through this trip caveman coffee co dot com enjoy some spectacular java some actually that's like a type of being right stifled coffee it's not all coffee is that right enjoy
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