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#807 - Gino & AJ, from Speedweed

2016-06-07 | 🔗
Gino & AJ are the owners of Speedweed - "California’s best, most highly rated medical marijuana delivery service"
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upon gas opportunity to talk about marijuana itself and the benefits of it and how ridiculous it is that we're still debating that in two thousand. Sixteen sunbathing. I look back at this. Recording a wow tat was two thousand sixteen. Two thousand for the aliens landed no shit without any further ado, I set it right. And read bans here as well, and a J and GINO from L a speed weed. The job will gain experience, GINO enjoy from speed. We tweeting deleting judges recorded before us. Eugene has pulled out in it, too has to be a new ringtone, for
while Juno's been my friend for a long time and is basically he's the guy that turn me onto this. Pull allay marijuana delivery scene that is going on and allay, which was amazing fur. Comedians for anybody who has a medical card where you could just it's cool dude and he would tell you what the great stuff is in you, hang out with them and talk with them and get Biden has all totally legal and above board was all good. But somewhere along the line is some fuckers. Ran afoot day. They came up with some new political rules that keep marijuana delivery services from opera. Having been explained because you that essentially the way they have set it up is like you would have to have had a life? to operate in each one of the houses that you're delivering to that works. Well, it used to be called the wild west.
Out here in California for medical marijuana and it is very much was until they wanted to regulate it and most of the people wanted. It regulates because they wanted marijuana. So, yes, Let's take. Let's have marijuana. Yes, let's regulated, however, hold on people think that marijuana is legal in California, but it is. It is not absolutely not. What we have is protection from prosecution, that's where we have, which means that law enforcement can knock your door down. Take your stuff, take your we take your cash take. What have you got there and you can show them all the papers in the world and the like? That's great, that's cool were glad your legal, bring it to the judge and you ll be good to go and get your stuff back in here and you gotta be fine. That's happened to us. So what do you get your stuff back because of who has a lot of people to live now forgotten, there's not, but we always have we so how long they kept your stuff, for over a year here felling
If you have, you have we'd over here, they're, not they're, not taken care of it. It's done said I weeds useless, it's useless! Oh, you lose how much money and it was like that, will you not? It is a substantial change, a substantial amount of money, of course, and so they give you that ash back! They'll! Give it. And actually cut you a check the check for the cash from the district attorney's office. I have one hang early ages. Warm his office calls them returning thousand a few thousand dollars to us which, because again and there was any sort of trouble. It was all right. You have to go, see, judge you go see. The judge and judged looks at the paperwork and in an hour our first case, the judge, that said, we ve never seen a more complying company in California and dismissed without prejudice.
And our lawyer asked instead of dismissing without prejudice. We actually would like that entered in to the record that your calling Ellie speedily the most compliant marijuana do you ever ever doubt what so we had entered into the and into into record didn't translate the danger. I have a law suit on my desk that is holding my hands eighteen inches apart by the way that is that high this lawsuit from the city is just superman fortunate because, obviously not the will of the people. You know whenever something's, not the will of the people like it's it's clear by all the gentleman in his room, we're all gone on adults we all enjoy marijuana. We all have possible lives. We all do stuff. We all get things done we all enjoy it and we're taxpayers who are nor people were not freaks were not like. Near Duval Zirk, someone is clinging off the system and an fucking up out of social systems that we ve set up for people that are trying to get
in this world, now radius? Folks, we just guys and lead. Let's talk about what you said just before the will of the people when they voted on this. This brought proposition de Witt voting load a whole. I had the honour of you guys you ve ever heard of his owning ordinance. Measure D has any heard of that. Then, of course, Of course not has anyone heard women hold on. We haven't heard of any zoning plan for nobody, diver, that's the thing. Is nobody pays attention to zoning laws so now speed he'd and services like ours that are doing things? The right way are closed and in the city because of a zoning ordinance, that's was passed because all these potshots role adding up so they said there opening near schools and charges gotta protected, during the ongoing lerius that opening them near churches is an issue Sheila its proliferation church. Hezbollah, twelve days
They say that during the old days of the catholic Church, when they would walk down the aisle with that incense than they would be burning marijuana, that's what they would be burning and they'll be. Why often it through the room. Was they walk by, among others, in the area around? They are those things had we did. This happen online about come on in that may not be true values like it's, not a religious genesis, one forty seven it was, I haven't, that's probably wanted untied Mccormick. That's probably told me that, unlike all that's a fact for sure my father look out, why is sound so good, but certainly cannabis is been part of the four Suleiman record since the beginning it's a bizarre time. We live in and it's it's. A long, complicated expo, asian if someone who's never heard it before like well, how did it get illegal most? if it got illegal because of William Randolph, her yes and witches bananas that here
are in two thousand. Sixteen in this and crazy. Man from the nineteen thirties, who's running all these newspapers running everything in the matter that Citizen Keynes based on the oil wells movie. He was the maniac, He decided to get marijuana it to make it illegal so that hemp would be illegal, correct way yeah that housing pay parity on timber industry and you did in saying that the propaganda sky created in the nineteen thirty, even though we recognise it one knows it, it's a fact. You can watch it up. You can watch refer ban, as you can see which written down what they will do it with your attempting to do to make an illegal the fact that still stick in two thousand and sixteen and you couldn't smoke that stuff that they that then now known Amphilochia. Emily is not sidewalk. Now, without the craziest part, what we on it we sell him. We have to buy it from Canada. Yes,
by from Canada and bring it down to the United States, because, even though its legal and it's not psychoactive, these farmers, they can grow it. Their story and try to change those laws, but Far. As I know I mean I don't know of any large scale have growing operate, since here in the United States, not yet not yet dangerously. China's just is dedicated. Millions of acres has you're on your own. You will have to worry about your own government when you grow a plant they may close out of re make paper? That's all there do with it to be really clear and that that the hamptons or growing he can get high off of it. Rest totally non psycho argued ever yet it's federal Eu Illegal, there's a fuckin player that makes the best clothes it makes way stronger fabric. We stronger paper, you can eat it. It has all the essential amino acids. Sick of full complain, amino acid proof one of the very few plans, that's like that, you can make biofuels that you can make. Lies that could you
The old Ironsides, USS Constitution, the flag and the anthem and sales are made of hemp, and there are those of the original things for one hundred years ago, one of the best things that natures ever created this fuckin fibre. It has this incredibly powerful fibre like gum who fuck wasn't one, friends has an actual hemp stock and- I was over his house, I picked it up and outside wow. This is like a fuckin, in plant rankles. It's hard is like a hard, would tell us outright the stronger than steel when its wound, so it feel hard, like oak, but its white like also worthy of its really weird. You can make spaceships out of the shit. It feels like its life strong and not using it, because it's illegal, it's fuckin, crazy parachutes, use be made of it. I know George Bush Senior, jumped out of a plain enough with the hemp parachute you know so so all canvasses
all canvasses. The Mona LISA was bounded on cannabis. Correspondent unhampered founding fathers had him fields in their farms, because the head cleans the fellow fields after we fucked up your fields and corn flexibly fields have goes in there means it all out it. So it's at such an identifier of how goofy people are here in two thousand. Sixteen that that's an issue yet that there were dealing with this weird hemp thing because its related the marijuana, is anyone who is. Does anyone here this, though I ain't a temple really with with tramp and Hilary and burning to people really care that they want to know. When I heard no, most people have no idea, mostly I think this some health risk aided risks and that's reason why it was made illegal. That's why we're it's so fraught such a frustrating type or ask, as we start talking about zoning, ordinance d and people like so bored can't we just get baked. What do you mean you're out of business? Well, don't you feel our come on you guys in the business about six years? Six
years you how much has changed in six years, so much sense I've had a card, I got my car in blue. It was ninety in the nineties. So there is one subject, one state here: where are we on the business was about five states that were illegal. Now, there's twenty four: when floored is gonna, go, let's can be twenty five plus DC its half the country, that's crazy and cds. If you conclude CD, there's only like seven or eight states that are not participating like snapped separate states. I just know anything about. This was more two thousand one, It's still way early, but my point was gonna, be the its way more relax. Now it's way more prevalent I served glow Inglewood, a girl in the Wood wellness centre in his hand, yeah yeah and one of the gentlemen at work there got shot. That's why stop going
that's how it as I was when we started right when we started H able wasn't much of a smoker. When I moved out here to California, and you know he condescending now, even cancer, you guys with a jail. So so you know we will working in technology for the government before we started speed, we together, who will you guys, are CIA? I know and painful truth. You know, don't put me in sturgeon. Simpsons, when we tell the story Rocard Sturgeon Susan was onstage and some videos on the audience sturgeon. Please, Tell me now really a CIA assess any just shrugged and what are the next Monday and Wheeler Walker Junior? How funny that dude
my god he's hilarious, so so age. I was what we working in a stressful environment working for Congress at the time and he was actually drinking to medical, it himself as we will get a working do in technology coding and and things like that, and he said It plain with thy Neuro Tropics to say you know what I'm mckendrick anymore, and I said instead, it Neuro Tropics. Why don't you try cat I'll see you in all these different, crazy things that you can get on or off the market and Gmos like just smoke. This just put all that shit away goes away into smoke this, unlike now, it's gonna make me freak out. Well, one thing that neutral pics do help. It helps me shit away. Four propose away just smoke this. Unlike now, it's gonna make me freak out. Well, one thing that neutral pigs do help. It helps me maintain memory. While under the influence this is one of the most slippery fangs wellbeing under the influence upon the memory is like it demand.
His real slippery cheer. You up. I think I gave mouth a brain or also when we first first sorry, yeah that'll help. Some people say that nicotine actually helps in some strange way. I use nicotine everyday lives. Nicaragua, never smoked He started he certain chewing the naked gum. You know four years ago when you're on the ball. I let it be. I will let you this is what it is like. Nicotine itself apparently has similar effects to a lot in the tropics and does something to stimulate your brain function, but smoking is fucking horrible, wise. So the delay its now really the getting of the nicotine, which is so confusing because the autumn ugly assume nicotine equals lung cancer. Everybody dies that so sad. Why do they do it and then why you do and nicotine and smoking of these chemicals it's fuckin up your lungs and given a cancer, I irritating your lungs you, but you know what people call its harsh fucks Yolanda Beauty,
You die, that's what's goin on something: Nicotine's fall. No, it's not. The nicotine itself, as some sort of a very strange compound that sort stimulates your mind will be? I think it's the drug voyages nose like if your wired relaxes you if you're a little bit cloudy headed it, gives a boost energy through that someone? It's in your veins! That's your frowned! Drugs no means man mirrors. The Drakos boy has known the gum, so gros a head start. Nobody been man, look at you, the drug that knows that's Larry before milligram coated from flavour from target Honourable Sylvie, as rather I was, I won, I wonder, do what I could to trying to help help this situation. Wasn't didn't really need to be that much, but I said: look you should just dry, try marijuana, it's it's! What regulate my move,
and has, since I was with I've, been smoking almost daily since fifteen years old and so I'd. So I said let that the tone of the dock and the and he don't wanna go to the doktor with may know he's no, because this is back in the early days when everything was sketchy. So we go to this office building that is up and San Fernando and there's black barbed wire around the building. We going sketchy office building and I'm on freeing up a whole time in our dad's a cop. You know we ve got caught friends from the government. I would indeed this is crazy in China's just like chill. That's it we're fine you to your nicotine, let's go and we go into this office. This doctors office clearly not a doctor's office and they say You know the doktor will see you both now and now, freaking out. Thinking like what I am getting like, get undressed in front of my brother and sit on the paper With this doctor. I don't know what I'm doing and we go into a room and is a table and he sits across from us. Any asked me first, unfortunately, why'd you need me,
and I say in item staring out of my brothers look at me and I can feel and going don't fuck this up, like this but so is like all your stress, I said yes, yes, you have terrible sleep. I said yes, it's ok we'd any called it. We he called it we and then he goes to my brother. Why do you need we to my brother? Goes? I have stressed in trouble. Sleep is ok you have with and we have got these papers and debt felt so sketchy, but we went to a dispensary that afternoon in sight. And they are those early people that started up open dispensaries like the Inglewood Wellness Centre. Those people like that pioneers in the wild West that as a gangster, moved well, it took all the criminal element to be in business. At that point, and that's why we're going back to these laws? That say you had to be in business before two thousand and seven in order to even be considered in these, you that are allowed will explain its explained. The whole zoning thinks so that the issue is delivery right, that's right issues, so property is what governs
all of allays? Marijuana laws? That's zoning law. So there's a hundred and thirty five shops that are allowed. Those are the ones that have been operating since two thousand seven. There called pre icy owes any Other shop you go too is illegal. Any delivery service you use in the city of delay is illegal according to Proposition day which we are fighting in court. By the way we are fighting that and that law just came out and in two thousand twelve dugout afforded Twentyth thirteen twenty fourteen, so we do need we emit a business. For years we had already been working with the state government for years on, process of legalization. We advise the state sadly were the only retail company on on the globalization stakeholder panel I'd. I know what I'm in the weeds right now but like we are the company that instead of chewing us, you should have said hey guys, what's a good way to do this, you know that's important to talk about that. You know the board of equal
This is kind of like the IRS for the state. If you're a commercial business, you pay your taxes to the board of equal evasion. Well, the board of equals Asian chose arc. Company as the one retail company that they wanted to present it to the legislature to to the people with with we presented with the New York state- I mean the California say, troopers anyway patrol the Teamsters Assurance Company and an app company at US time to sit on the board of Equalization that that name, it sounds like some. Sort of overseer in a Woody Allen movie, but the future they kind of negative equalization. It like that, like TAT, some like fuckin utopia nightmare mere they write theory If this is how well you know the story of a good neighbour, not good enough white man see
business owner hears, boarded equalization and their freaking out lying. There carry their land me they're laughing, but there also afraid good is equalization, mean it. We oil word that seems like they made the word up now. Then I think of it. That's kind of fucked up that it's called polarization like we're gonna, take the business, is money and gave it to you all here, so we can all get equalized yeah, that's isn't that doesn't work. Doesn't it. Some people are lazy, tat, it doesn't work, there's gotta be away, though they think it a universal sick income, giving people thirty. Thousand hours, though I giving everybody should like some Michael Shermer, actually just tweeted, this who's, that really intelligent sceptic guy and they think giving Both thirteen thousand dollars a year that given into everybody would read whose crime would reduce poverty, it would give people chances to pursue other things if they had the universal basic income. So really strange concept because it's one
things that everybody has a knee jerk reaction to a deadly. Did I heard in those like bought get out of here. You can give people money, people too lazy, but the man or I read about it in the more I see people who are quite a bit more, educated than me on the subject. They they think that it's possible that doing something that would actually cost less money in the long run, because it would start a cascade of positive events that giving people enough money to get by on right that that would start like a series of events in a lot of these people's lives were issues would be taken care of insurmountable otherwise a little. Dart, some momentum in a positive way and that you're gonna do with less crime and you're gonna deal with less violence is going to deal with less need to deal with the problem. In the financial repercussions of crime and violence, it'll overall cost less money to the community
get to go? Thou minded my knee jerk when they arise. I did minded to and was first talk about it with my friend Eddie long from my advice from advice shown gap which has for controls going ones were over some points or own voters, but he brought it up and also why get the fuck out of here and there When I realized There are a lot of people, bring this up as a notable limiting gloomy. Put me down they. Generally sport limited open, mindedly, look at this and I'm like. Ok, I'm not getting the Portland like. If you give people money they're just going to be lazy and then everything gonna get anything done going to deal with a bunch of lazy people, lotto effect by the like the worst fears that people have when they were about welfare. The Ukraine, welfare environment, where people get accustomed to that, they need have no ambition and nothing ever gets done. It's almost way to poison People's ambition is to give the money. Was Switzerland just path
This thing, where they're gonna give everybody Ivan, was like twenty five hundred dollars a month, just like free income and then to hope that that would pay for everyone to be like just a little bump, so they would keep their jobs jobs and stuff like that. Nor do it like their shitty jobs would feel a little bit better, but then that they they denying it ass yet impasse, but that would be interesting. Everybody getting free income. Oh yeah! That's the idea behind this. Switzerland is like a very inclusive country where everyone serves in the military and has to participate. Now would be a good place to try something like this cause, America's obviously a little bit more Lucy Goosey with that kind of we we do. Is we read that we are able to dollar bills, Ya'Ll Ryan's, how much, how biggest Switzerland like how many people live there are mean. That's, though it below given universal basic income, to allay right. You know really I mean those are the arguments for like universal health care and all that
well it works in Finland will mainland is like this. It s a long island in Westchester, comrades, it yeah, you know the timing, I mean just think about with the stuff the flies in Canada. Right, you know Kim, is a totally different country. The connected to us, but they're fucking, completely different. They're right. There are seven based as it works for Catholic, theirs thirty million of that, your I give a huge fuckin country, Amazon, thirty million people and their just nicer- they are you he's nice. If there's a Canadian, the room, you told you know it and yet they're nice, like some of the nicest fuckin human beings on the planet is of one country that I wouldn't think twice think twice about moving Canada, while their ahead of the curve on cannabis for sure oh yeah, yeah yeah. Delivery is the only option in Canada and its government sanctioned The government is essentially this new guy that has gotten in what's the new gas name, the younger, yeah a handsome fellow true Derrida thing I gotta think of the guy from dunes.
That's your tat governments also behind their alcohol sales. Also in Canada, like you, can't buy liquor unless it's through the government, gambling and arose out of the drug deal in Canada, China I am very, very libertarian, so I dont, like the government, evolved wherever possible that's some interesting rulings about comedy of their two others, there is one guy that debt heckled by some women in a night club in Vancouver and I lay there really drug and you know things happen- a comic clubs, people you're crazy Yelled things serving people drinks are going crazy eliza. So he was things at them and he said a bunch, a rude stuff about them, being lesbians, Butscha, homophobic stuff and they suit him and they want Fifty thousand dollars, fifteen thousand dollars snowing, Now that we are only on his men would at once people
start hurling insults at each other likes the women hurled insults at the comedian comedian hurled insults at the woman. I don't know who started it off. I think that would be imperative to find out who started it off, but that's the guy, was on stage doing stand up so they're they're not supposed to be yelling. This isn't a conversation right there talking to him, I guarantee you unless he's a crowd worker. I don't know if he does he's a guy that works crowd. But I guarantee you most likely. You are getting interrupted so here I do is act for all the people, their own he's getting interrupted, and then it got ugly and what's the answer to have people signed waivers before they walk in the common, plugged itself, which she can't you can't you There's that unsustainable money, a mild harry reward,
for some one that heckled, you shouldn't be able to extract and monetarist comedy club. Like could you logo in trying to make it happen? Will look you go to a baseball game? You get hit with a foul ball. You die. You can't see anybody cause it's kind of a given the dangerous ships flying around balls, are fast and hard, no fuck baseball and go to accommodate all my colleagues. First, rule is you're in the audience shut. The fuck up sexual is the can let the comic say what he wants. A saying you might get offended, that's a chance you take going in there. I mean I don't want to stand up for the hecklers in any way, but the only way that it could be different if, like Rick Ingram works, a crowd constantly. You know talks to be blunt. If you have you insult back and Rick knows how to handle stuff like that. But I am saying, if he's one of those kind of comedians, that right, you know and like maybe they want, then. So. Maybe you insult back and Rick knows how to handle stuff like that, but I'm saint, if he's one of those kind of comedians, that the debt works, a crowd
cool. Nobody could have been that he insulted them first, that I only time that I could see where they get pissed off. From what I understand. They had been heckling all night. That was, according to his version, the story which, sadly, people wait, you know someone is a heckler. If this for comedians nine, the fourth guy goes up, that versus private hack little night right is going to do now. They just drunk or doesn't scare. You know like like doing material in Canada in the future. If it gets heated with like you and heckler, you can get shit. This is Canada, better stepped back a little before. I call heard this and that were him this, and that does not mean that kind of that kind of opens the door for this to be a body like, oh now, were allowed to sewage expert. If the comedian isn't mean to me, It's it's a dangerous precedent set. An does, does not make me comfortable, and hopefully I never have to deal that when I'm up there. But what about me? Three, although I mean I'm a night, there is like makes New Orleans look like lame like Provo why not arouse a beautiful town,
two I love perform in there. I find crowds and Canada to be really polemic. I've had some hecklers in Canada, but you can have hecklers when you get people drunk gonna, fuck it up the only thing you could do is probably like they're doing in South Carolina AEGIS, yeah the boycott it to make some kind of change. You know the boycott cod. South Carolina ones, general boycott DAWN of Vancouver, because one now that you know the loopholes at the end of haggling, you could just say just kidding you like an admitted. It thinks I know what I'll do, what a plane crashes jump out at the last second afford around at the angle, allegedly, either most physics, not that I do
I'm no man, it's it's not good thing, stuffily, not a good rule. The fact that that he lost is very dangerous for what there's another one going on right now, we're in yet another guy gotten trouble. What is name Chris. Something earlier is comic from Montreal. I think he speaks both languages. I think he's weeks french and English Chris Wade is that his name is either they don't have the pesky first and then it will deal with now yet. So this is what happened with his Joe find out. This dude name is due to whose get ensued, because there is a sick kid and he made a joke about it right here. The joke was, it was something I'm gonna paraphrase intimate, do a shitty job, but that a lot of people donated money, because this kid was dying. But then he lived. For several years and then the job was hey. You know he's
I'm sick or something like that. Like MIKE War, that's it would it. What is the joke, but bullet pull up the jokes wicked analyze it? What did he say now fray? What was this say with a jerk, the jokers kids get a serious illness. That's nice Jack filter, we're looking for whatever the joke was dozens. Does it show the actual joke or no no, maybe might have been too offensive lots of things in this room words like no rules, I'm afraid, even make a comment on that. That's joke! You could play the Joe come knocking alive gotta smirk, this bunch comedians. You know that really enjoy saying ridiculous shit that they dont really mean because its
He could so shocking ridiculous if it's funny there's a real danger and pretending that those guys are just speaking their absolute mine and like giving affidavit court ruling incidents with cold hard disengagement from the facts now these comedians trying to save fucked up shared that they don't really mean and one reasons why it's funny you cause you know they don't really mean it and they're, saying it and it's ridiculous, like Brian Holtzman, he's alright example. My perfect example he's one my favorite comedians ever any so ridiculous. He said: things that I don't I give away any of this material, but he says things. The absolutely does not mean right and he says it in this character in a fucking whole Larry us, but it's a land mine for anybody looking to point to a guy's per,
performance on stage and try to pretend that somehow or another, what he's doing is what he really means right and you, if you dizzy audience members getting angry at aduro or something to eat. It's it's hard imagine how they can't see that it's a character. Yes, you know. That's not hate speech It's just a set, and why do material We think that we're too close to it honestly, because I think if someone didn't know it might take them a few minutes like save you, not a savvy comedy store, regular type person or some of them, common and regular basis. You can go watch Holtzman and go what the fuck is going on here and that might that what the fuck is going on here might last ten minutes before you catch on, like that. This get caught let you in on, and hills smarten and joke in between in either his his ramblings, but I could see people not getting it well that that's the thing here,
he'll Jerkin, you know I'll make the summer can be in between things, what people already mad they skinny over that part. Yes, these think he's crazy per day. We're justifies. Ok, I mean, I, I think, I've seen in your special. You say a lot of this is just comedy Peter, but does he ever say he didn't say you did a fifteen minute and of his case on the other. There are ongoing for fifteen minute version back a comedy special just that that is the best example of his bed. As far as like the most fucked up then you could imagine like in and jokes warm, but it's obviously not true itself preposterous to it, my god it's funny and it would offend people. And if it does living a punitive society that that he can't perform be an artist and perform his arm was yes
helping Soulier Majority not making enough money to be sued, for example, will use the thing you have the right to be offended, but it people die have to agree with you. Opinions on things, so, if you're gonna see, are ripe and would rather not think Steno Commies art you creating Ukraine that this guy is performing arts either I get it, you don't like it, and if you don't like it you the right to interrupt. It is supposed to leave just leave that sort of light person does have seen some stuff that I didn't like it. I left I've got to see a movie, and I didn't like him. I left it s, nothing wrong with that, but to interrupted for everybody else. It's watch the movie. That's it that's a piece of shit move, so This thirty rewarding someone who did a piece of shit move. So it's not a good person. You know a good person isn't Haeckel in itself that people who are hecklers or bad people, but their drunken fucked up, and that makes them a pain in the ass. You know, but a lot of drunk fucked up
but actually good people ready. But when you reward that kind of behavior like this, like you could say that you Thanks to the commission's, not funny you could say, don't ever go, see em, you could cast judgment, you do whatever the fuck you want, but to say he was her fifteen. Thousand dollars. Then it's like, whose a retard in charge. Right hood of the Fox said yesterday. Now, what are you judge? This is a group of people I sit down. He fucks aiming to talk to you and try to figure out what the fuck is going on. In your mind, right, you couldn't charge him if you what's the punitive rules for the labeling that you know they have to put the cancer proposition. Sixty five, you have to label all marijuana products with this little warning: labels,
says this product is known to contain chemicals that may cause cancer, so every even o cannabis is known to treat cancer is known to not proven to but known to what we can do. The right research, research Every piece cannabis has to have this this label on it, or else you can be fined for not having the this label again. Punic suicide and we get sued. We get sued for not having the labeling on packaging, even though we did so so they decide to put a lawsuit against four hundred eight hundred Eight hundred eight hundred, I just went through we'd maps and just sooner everybody, everybody so we're so they just did it just to try to scrap some money out of yet they said will make this go away pace a settlement will make it go away, and this is what this person has done to hundreds and hundreds of businesses, that's where they make their lives. Is she suit us into twenty fourteen control right that's crazy
coming as I do not have it on it. So we we were sued without even one burden prove because when we gotta, we like look, are everything? Has it so did they just say the lawsuits and valid or no love to go through that. Now we still gotta go through that cause. You did you go through the where we were filing right now, after its filed, then I've got a file, a complaint with the bar and do all this bullshit, because any but he can see anybody now and it's really it hurts businesses, herds, good people, so how much they want to settle about twenty thousand dollars. All my so fucking stealing money from dispensaries because they think they have it but wonder where they made their money is on. I mean every police had as to have it. If you walk into target you walk in the warm are they all have to have have this thing has anything that has plastic senator or anything. I see that sign everywhere now, once you get sued everywhere, it used at an that? That's the law you gotta have posted.
Those I can never hear the word lesbian in Vancouver again, that's that's those the glory days. You're done nothing. Is that what he yelled lesbian, I don't know what he said, not a member he said, but ever worse. So so the tedious of our society. I want you kill on our side, is theirs by big companies or just settle, because it's easier to just settle. But you know smaller companies, I guess Thinkers marijuana you just have so much money. However, our tax burden is almost. Seventy percent, is theirs real money? And when you do doing things by the book in ages past another fifteen percent sales tax on tap marijuana Yawl in California just got past sweet through the Senate and the assembly. The governor signs that another fifty percent taxes common our way that pass through the consumer. I hope of sales tax on top of city tax, on top of excise tax, and some of the citizens and counties in California haven't
there's another ten or fifteen percent on top of their also taxing the growers. Now audio yard said their taxing anything that that has anything to do with what you get as a final product role. If that's the case, why would they be trying to stifle business? Wouldn't they want to promote business whose business gonna give them more? Tax revenue is, as is, dissolved, how a paradox it is because in a lot of it is because of law enforcement unions and- and not just but prison guards, unions and all these there's a lot of union said, put pressure on different politician to try to keep the laws in place, error to make them even stricter, because they want more people to get arrested privatized prisons subsidizes, so that is such a dark concept that this is something that will really dealing with it. We really are, and the problem is the penalties for the users like having a joint, is so very small, but the penalties for the business for do it the wrong way are huge. Like our businesses being crushed right now, Overstreet
zoning suit, so there's this big gap between the business penalty and consumer penalty. So that the business has no incentive really to do it the right way, because the consumer, gonna go into a shop and ask him hey: do pay your people on the books? You can. I see your complaints, he pack, it now go forty dollar eight. I love that OJ, I'm buying it. You know so with all these tax is that forty dollar aids gotta go two hundred dollars a week in a pay that or we just gonna Go and call are our dealer who where did we ve, been using for twenty years? So it's gonna? It's just going to make the black market even broader, more that's an issue that they ve had in Colorado for sure, but people are happy to pay the taxes because they like the fact that its free, like the thing, is free there You can go and you can buy part you don't have to any kind of the licence, you have any and you just go- do and its working, some thirty nine percent, what they have to pay a recreational. Medical is much less, but people just pay it. You know what
happy about it, but regulation is what we want. We just want a file. We just want the path to the way to do right, a correct way just make a few. Air, but see what's going on in Denver, should be the shining light for the rest of the states, because what they ve done is they ve lived. They lived made money they have so much fucking money from tax revenue. They made more money from tax revenue than they did from alcohol taxes rights. Last year, Colorado takes in forty million dollars in tax revenue for cannabis. California takes in forty million dollars in tax revenue from cannabis. We have, thirty million people in this state compared to Colorado's got what five six million we're not collecting the taxes here? So if the key, But these are not following the rules as they stand why we thrown off. These new rules at them and setting up these monopolies like here in allay with a monopoly stifling good businesses. This is doesn't help us and it doesn't help The consumer either doesn't make any sense it doesnt its value The dangerous sol I give you get more potter,
there it's gonna flood, the streets and people are going. Jump from the building which actually less Jean dangerous, we we ve proven that and again that's why we're invited over and over to places like the borders. Coordination and to all other places like open the city Vulcan once the fire. Our delivery model its because the way we do things actually create less less crime. You know less opportunity for crime because it's just wearing your in your living room. You don't we know who you are you you sent in your documents. We know you live at that address. We know you went to a doctor. We know everything matches so No one scene, you walk in or out of the place with, a commodity that that's more expensive than diamonds. You know right when, when you're looking added dispensary, if, if people working in and out of their duffel bag. What he thinks in those duffel bag,
very easy to two to four for crime happen because its visible, we ve done over two hundred thousand deliveries. Zero assaults, your robberies, zero complaints, knock on board benefits girl. I want just let them in a lot a rate that that's an important dad, but it is because we are very thoughtful about how how we go about we treat it like a best media you're. The person is who they are. We knew a google search on every single patient. We turned down as many patients, We would take maybe even more more just make sure they are who they say and and that a background of easy background check doesn't pull up anything that says that we should work with with someone like that. Pedophiles apparently love we too, but we don't love had a I'll, see you don't let them nor clarifies like milk looking. How could we doing so so
connecting marijuana with crime, so stupid There's no facts to back it up and it will make any sense to workers just because some people who use it or criminals, but that's it doesn't its causing anything so there's no way now for any this and you're fighting against the idea of tax revenue, like you you're holding back revenue, because there is a lot of people would if it was a lot of people that are clear on the fence, like mad think about storm fuck, you know, would have a job Bush wins. You know, there's a lot of people think like that. Yet will that those people are not going to go in, but if it becomes comply ITALY, free and legal. The way up, a blue Jeanne store, would be blue jeans. One amendment that trying for something which is that if the Abbe inhabits stores can open up everywhere and the money gonna be crazy, it's gonna be a new economy. Well, it will be possible without people. He area, though, still have to follow regulations.
It's already billions on the books, will they should fall regulation sound think this should be a veiled everybody. I think you, when you're young, especially like this kind of fucking part they have here in a way you in of your a six year old kid in Detroit, you gotta hold a shit now now it's not a six year old and already there now you should definitely deftly come of age. Yet what that age is are they would have to decide as a society how old someone should be before they start drinking? How There's a lot of countries that let kids drink like responsibly with their pets. Since, when they're much younger than twenty one and they have less incidents prick but of alcoholism than some of the countries that are more restrictive about it. So I don't know whose writer was wrong: I know, Americans, will you know it's things that that work other places like Russia before don't work here, with our member going to ITALY as a sixteen year old with school, and the first thing we did was run like a bodega by beer, because you could, because we are american kids and dicks annual
have beer, so we didn't grow up responsibly, so we weren't acting responsibly we'd, have to like shift the whole way. Our culture is to make those things work right, and I dont know how to do that. But I know that we'd is the easy problem solved, alcoholism. And that needs to be rooted out of our society. See you. I disagree with United idly joy of ninety two, but I mean like the work. Then I mean to say when we start having the conversation when people say, let's compare, we do alcohol. I start link in my chops because when you compare it to our cause, alcohol is poisonous. I dig drinking I during a lot of that. So, in that same day, where would you would you did so that you just misspoke earnest, but with dynamite of anatomy? Pull it away? No, no. I mean, let's not demonize marijuana compared to outcry, noble alcohol deftly ruins more people
every way worse. For your body, it's definitely much more dangerous. As far as I am breeding cars and and behaviour the weight, the foolish things people doing everything that stuff is the last of this directly attributable to alcohol, but word, so what you know look we leave survive for so long without the whole it it's. The regulations have worked to at least two manageable, a fact that here's what you can't do you can't stop people from doing what they want to do and why should you not exactly, and why is it that you can stop someone from doing that? We can stop him from practising doing flips and be an Xbox right what he would each year. We right, you know! Is it because there are there their driving in and injuring other people, will then take away their rights drive like that's. How you have it set up, though their injuring people, the guinean fight, will you lock him in jail yet, but the rest. The people leave us alone.
Yeah. We should have the right to twenty fuck em right. We can control own consciousness, control we put nor bodies and here's most important concept, we're all just people they're all just people too what you call the government in calm, the policing comedy ear there, a bunch of fucking people, that's all they are when you go behind some big crazy what did say, FBI open up people got shit the FBI, if you MIKE and Steve and Bob, and we want to see what kind of plants growing right open up like you Fucker, you guys you're just for some fucking people. So when you write something down on paper. This is how archaic or our world is you. Something down on paper. The decrees power to these regular people. So these, Regular people, the sudden, have the right to fuckin storm your house kick open door shoot your dog cause a bag, a pot hidden in your Fuckin bureau, drawer This is the world we would create. Is this
What is the real world and more people get killed during those raids and Pat whatever that's for sure. Hot doesn't give anybody that the most ridiculous thing I think an outer still zero right, zero. Ever man there would be pretty in front of us every now and then the mere in the UK or one of US vagueness favours, will put her. Young man dies on marijuana first known case, but it's not it's natural. He can't doesn't jellia jamb toxic, the attic it might fuck you up, but you should be allowed to make that choice. I'm gonna fuck my head up, yeah and, if you're abusing it than the people around. You will help you whatever you. No one would ever needs to be do just like monster energy drinks. I know people who drink those things all day long and look I love the way, those fucking things tastes and if you want to stay, waking like fuck it will go in, and that is that
ago, but you're not supposed to drink like ten of them in a day. I knew that do needs an intervention which is sometimes more feel drink. Tea those giant red balls, the big red ball. You know when they started making Red bowling a beer can now will above tall boy people drink those all day, mostly people that have outcome problems they, when voting age, they could switch to caffeine, silent, like twenty coffees Davis, Some of these guys, I went to the hospital because it those energy drinks from Harper Palpitations, and stifling Yemen. Won't. You know their great if you want one you know and monsters, probably actually less caffeine, Sullivan bad Monument This is one of the better ones at the bare tasting once the worst one that I have tried is forest, like the jobs that it gives. You was at Redline shit, remember, is it when I went to the hospital, was the mountain do make that right became illegal? I began red lines. What's right,
Ere, it was scary, was ledges can in their Kim's, like fifty toasters that you download thing, but it was receiving. You find how safer Those five. Our energy during cycle has already say, says: there's priests, those are mostly vitamin between right. They only have almost like seventy milligrams, caffeine in a cup of Coffee CUP of coffee. I owe their lives there safe. I don't feel the same drinkin that, as I do, a red book now. I like it things better. I, like those be twelve drinks, I think be twelve drinks- are way better. Caffeine tuna, fifty milligrams caffeine. That doesn't seem like that much at does it, but that's not an eight hour bottle there. That is it is it as per a flu announced bottle. Was this man like hot coffee like in if copies DE milligram Indians on and I am thinking of the wrong shit. I swear. I thought it was red line maybe I'm just wrong about the the sheer volume of caffeine. In that thing I thought it was just like ridiculous, but anyway I
Frank it whatever it was, it was this one or the other one. It's like it that I mistake. The name for a preacher says Starbucks and I remember thinking dude. I am just way to jacked up right now: Starbucks Hetty Caffeine, yeah I specially there grew. I get that. Sometimes I get the trend to hold of her fuck up. Money out? That's agenda, not at seventy. I get the one above that they really have been Mr Santer, twenty or twenty out has four hundred fifteen milligrams of co financing our tacky car holy shit, as I realise coffees more. I believe, you'll look at this decaf has thirty milligrams yeah
The fact is that decamped always has no, but thirty milligram thought was like five or something that those like trace amounts to see what the ice coffees. I believe it's a lot. More really dear, I get the trenches are used as a possible Colebrook, three Colbert, three thirty August, not more, but I get the churn diversions. That's fine work yeah. They can't keep servant Like tat thing, I have to pull back, see that's the thing is I agree within my libertarian side doesn't agree, I didn't think you drink that should all day. If you want, of course, my friend day fully to drink pots of coffee, Pat, like all day you drink pots of coffee. Here, stop putting cream and realize it was drinking a quart of cream a day. I think that every time I poor cream in my coffee, I think of your stories telling me about the court of cream how much just from coffee ya, like that fresh heavy cream like Archie, did talk the end
yeah! I got dartin rose to wine coffee with heavy created How is your mother fucker? You gonna, make me feel good as corporate that stuff This is now doing that they're doing with a cold recovery, have like a heavy cream nets car, more something they mix through ice eyes guides the cigarettes and coffee thing or the staples of the alcoholics out of a you'll enjoy those photographs and they enjoy those those coffees but you know and your eyes evident, but in their eyes they feel like they ve got the alcohol part under wraps now, because this stuff, just gonna, keep some go in and this does not run in their life. Write a letter of course used cannabis the same way and that's not really accepted by a so I know a lot of people would kick their alcoholism by moving more towards cannabis
again within the eight community that they don't like that that so you know still consider drug so that you can get addicted to anything. You know whether its set porn or big macs or where we can get it psychologically addicted to anything. Me. Didn't the guy who created our clocks and almost any of positive experiences with LSD, have, if I feel like a filthy, did ass is the only thing left to take, so I feel like I feel I got. That was something that happened like maybe even after I want. Spiegel School yeah. My right? Yes! So what the fuck? Well, that's why the government left tattling eye out on a lot of things that we know scrolling please, anonymous far founder believed LSD could cure alcoholism
You seen so much research now in psychedelic that clinics are opening up, there's a clinic and in a way forward for cattle, You know I'm using end dna clinics opening over this, what most of them not realised that the programmes cofounder Bill Wilson, credited this psychedelic drug lsd for alleviating his alcoholism and believed the drug could be used to treat others as well holy shit. So those friends of bill. They didn't all the information. It has got it many of my friends of bill if you're in our clocks, anonymous right, that's what they call themselves against bill. It's like the coil w they didn't get experience like the mushroom side. Quitting cigarettes d, but do you think they? tell them. I never heard this before today, not only people Wilson, first week, big began experimenting with LSD in LOS Angeles interventions. Administration back in nineteen, fifty six but after taking is
is hit of acid. He realised that it was not the aspect of terror that could help remedy alcoholism, but rather the insight one could attain from stepping into a world, of simulated insanity. Wilson Leave that using the LSD could help the alcohol discover a power. Greater than ourselves that in turn could restore rest sanity. However, he was adamant that using acid to combat the demons of alcoholism was not something that he could, that one can expect from a single those because, like more researchers require snacks, wow, that's interesting man! That's interesting! Yes, academics. I think, as we experiment with then like many golly. I gonna reveal some secrets or disguised disguise a heavy duty. Troopers gone further down. He was tripping with Aldous Huxley I just got it. This isn't like one experience he had interesting does
augmentation indicates. Wilson was involved with many supervise lsd trials, including some was psychology psychologist Betty Eisner and brave new world author Aldous Huxley which led him to believe that the visions and insides given by else LSD could create a large incentive, at least in a considerable number of people, and as this was was like a leader. In fact, they live left us out of the a pamphlet housing. How could then leave this outlets? Crazy exist seems like this had a a major part in this guy's ability to kick alcohol. Well things like it. Every major religion also left out the psychedelic set, probably created amid as well. So I think you know you have, I think, a lot of times you gotta about the stuff that you think people are gonna value for women. You seen our box announces a religion. What you just said call you son of a bitch. I can't believe you Jane
I thought we were friends that is those really wild man. That's really interesting stuff, but it totally. It only makes sense that it could help you kickin addiction. That totally makes sense, because this stark contrast between being intoxicated on it and what it feels like to be normal, and this rethinking a reset button. That's what all the psychic dogs provide. That's like really beneficial. Besides being and they all provide that reset- that did did takes you so far out of who you are right now that when you come back to your ma, am I doing this railway radio another them back to sober reality? I need to refocus the disconnection from yours. Like own ego pagoda. Do you know?
Yeah, you have the organization maps, but you had the the guy from maps on the pod cast who's that does the psychedelic research. I've got what we're Dublin yes, so so, just recently, he that they got authorized from the federal gum, meant to start doing research on cannabis for the first time that federal federal law ban was lifted, and it was because, because a maps that they they were able to get that they were the first ones granted that that federal research on cannabis, so warm. So it's in very similar ways. We need to do research on LSD. We need to do research and suicide and because there could be medical effects that just like the best we're just denying cause of years of you know this is the way was their bad, their bad jerry. Put it back up that that court about bill. This is crazy.
Look at this, it says, unfortunately, LSD made its way into the rooms of alcoholics. Anonymous. Simply because others in a higher Corey Hierarchy Hierarchy did not support it as a viable treatment. In fact, a document One thousand nine hundred and eighty four by alcoholics, anonymous world services in New York explain the reason the program does not endorse the use of LSD as word of hills activities zone, quotes as word of bills, activities reached the fellowship. There were inevitable repercussions. Most Ays were violently opposed to his experimenting with a mind. Altering substance. Lsd was, and totally unfamiliar poorly researched and entirely. Experimental dot, dot, dot and bill was taking it end quote owner pills, There is a scared. They were all. In the day I was tripping that's a lie area, so they didn't want included, even though the founder of the programme found it.
Actively beneficial, and it's almost ironic that that is a good and there they kicked amount, basically rearing where's. This There are a lot of resistance to step down his chest. Wow. That's hilarious. Isn't that crazy, because Timothy Low Turn Mckenna tribute this quota, Timothy Larry, but timidly or setting ever said it. So nobody knows exactly said it, but that LSD causes violent reactions to people have never tried it. What's the thing yeah very interesting, The people than haven't tried. It are the ones I yet another again who were on river. Do you think our state of for real can solve anything I've done it. Maybe over two hundred times you might not be the best example when you are taking a two hundred times. A lot of that was right, creational not, but I'm sure they're a small little things. I was probably going through that I could have used,
lsd. Their help me like I like as an example I took was do once after a big break up. Did it help me get through that break up now? It did nothing for my break up. You know her. Concentrating on it to try to you in that way or that that's the thing It also gonna go with your own intention, probably minutes now it doesn't work for you. So I, like her gay clean up. My life takes them ass. It is right now you're gonna. Do that where. If you sell rights is don't idea represents what it will. All these psychedelic select. The good experiences about experiences represent. What's the state of mind when you go into one, that's why the people to take a look really seriously, and they go through this all meditated ritual do yoga. Do breeding exercises and they'll sat like a tone to whatever they would like to go into this experience with and say say that there are going to experience, open and humble and Sally things out loud, and then they enter into the psychedelic trip like they did. Do it that way because
they they want to set like an intention. If you just broke up with a girl, gas deliveries and gas is gonna ethics, AIDS. I didn't hear me when I broke up my girl, like that's, really what you could also be like here when it quit smoking, take ass being like what happened. You quit smoking and I can. I have no life focus on cigarettes and then the whole place. Melted in my hand, turn into a bunch of snakes. Are now I stolen cigarettes again: it's not you you! You don't really want to quit. If you want to quit, you just quit right, but I think they ass. It has anything to do with doesn't help you it's targeted, just decide for you like it depends on what the intention that you go into taking any psychic dog its mushrooms or whatever. What's the intention that you you go into this. This trip with. You can't think like ass. It doesn't work. Visit, didn't help me quit smoking, but you didn't know few quit smoking like these decisions that you make you, I just don't,
how acid it, unless it's really bad acid, that will you'll remember anything except multi stuff in and in light of laws. Melting in over lizards, I just know in a kind of help, honour littler, lesser level. Do you feel like cannabis has changed your personality because you know that is something you might not going to sustain. Aren't I broke up with another under smoke. We'd for but throughout your lifetime. Has cannabis had an effect on you that you feel like its changed, your person, reality. I've been. So I guess it's like fourteen fifteen. So I don't even know what my personality was before. If anything having marijuana made me more paranoid and scared, you now It was more like freaked out and stuff, but as a medicine for like headaches in, I don't take almost any pills now and I'll have time on my house anymore. If I, if I have a headache I use we saw for that, it is help me tremendously, but personnel you eyes. Probably not. It probably made me more paranoid, an awful as a person when smoking it because I'm you know I gave a panicky
If I find super stone in a room of people, is not helpful Ah, it's making it worse if anything where their utility started later later, that that you know you don't start as a teenager, so you feel like to make a difference on who you are an absolute changes. Your perspective it, It offers use a different frequency of insight. I would say I think that one of the things it's done- that's good is it. It makes me consider things that I might not be thinking about and it gives you almost illuminates areas of your consciousness- that maybe you weren't paying attention to it made me a nicer I know I got kind of a type, a high strung guy and like, if there's an employee that I just want to strangle. I can take a hit of of energy and suddenly be like no one who sees
Sorry, I had a hard day exactly. Instead of accelerating the kind of behaviour I should he behaviour, it definitely makes you more more inclined towards fellowship and kindness assistant. It's really good chemical. You know it's a really good reaction that your mind ass to this natural plan for creative reasons, hundred percent, I hope, definitely opens up a different pathway in your head. I like it for everything. I love you for a lot of different things like that, but but for creative reasons, it's one of the best things sure you know a lot of our celebrity patient said. Are you know workin in comedy or music or television or or or the movies they they once a tv is specifically so
they are not down at all costs university research, more known for their creativity and- and things like that. So so we find people who are working in the creative field. They want to smoke city. This you know, which is an important distinction between indicates sensitive as pizza lotta people. Don't know that different parts, different types of marijuana can affect you differently. You know, and there are some people who are medicating for certain elements. While they shouldn't smoke, something that specifically worked for those ailments. If If your smoking, because you're looking for creativity because you're looking for that, you know you don't want to lay on the couch and go to sleep. Then you should smoke. Smokes Atinas. If you are,
and for that its night time. I want to relax you no time to go to bed. You should smoking because cause that's gonna, bring it down, give you that body high with with the c b d chemical. Let that's inside get that's when I want unlike Brian, I know I guess I get jumpy with Steve. I get a little bit. Freaked out little power No, I want you pussies moving together. I think we're neighbors act. We are, I know, look we ve all been too high, been too. I you know one of the few scientists. Wasn't Carl Sagan. It was some other faint scientist was a theoretical mathematician, guys rights, other crazy, scribble shit. He would just you just talk about a relaxed one hit. That's what I like to take just one just go for a walk. I was I d as we come to him I have to get fuckin plastered each one hit. That's why I was so against it at first, because I thought one hit made. You really fucked up cassettes I saw GINO, but it turned out
no I'd say you were such a dick to me when I smoked we'd, your house that I have to go outside smoke a whole joint in two minutes and come and be a mess. So that was what I was exposed to it. I don't want any of that, and you realize you could just take one hit and just chill out men, still work and function. Nobody knows that it may be the miser deftly. Does it did have me? You know, I think, gum you now to say that What are the medical facts? What what? What are you treating yourself for its almost silly to say? Because everyone else who who's not really reading themselves for a cancer or something like that they are getting regulation out of it. So even if you want to call it recreational smoking, you're still getting mood regulation out of it and those people who smoke it almost daily or whatever
reschedule they smoke it on. They might if they didn't, they might be on perquisite, they might be on. You know, well beauty and they might be on a million other other drugs. So to say that Recreational youth is people just getting high. That's off also not accepting that people looking for mood regulation as a meadow will affect yeah. They already have that if we are to have with coffee yet caught me, the nicotine, That's all Zoellick business. There are so many different things. Already except shudder? Well sure it scares one Dutch, it's everywhere unjust or pay attention to it, but The ideas that you should they will do it. We want Jani Candy bars all day, but should be completely up to you
and that's not where we are, you know and though the fact that's not where we were where we are with one most beneficial plants, the world's ever known cassettes, really what it is, especially since its connection to hemp, it's the most beneficial plant world ever known and its illegal, that's and show you how stupid people are, and we were so damn goofy we are, and it's gonna, it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately, you think because that the laws are such a mess right now. Listen Hilary cleanse can fix everything she gets she's gonna, be great she's, always been top shelf who Donald Trump is he gonna fix it is he? I don't think I hear he's right here. I don't know doesn't care rhino. Therefore, thank you with a legal as marijuana nationwide get allows dollars swift years now. What scares me is what if he makes crew, Christy, the attorney general. Now indeed, it would be hilarious, I'll, be so bad for my business dude
baby hilarious, that guy's not gonna change it if he he's, not the attorney general take anybody. Will you got so foolish. He so foolish is his opinions on marijuana, wild consuming copious amounts of sugar and public their sober don't be ridiculous. He put a bag Eminem inside his eminence after we had stomach surgery, music, crazy person, so that this guy's addicted to sugar, a hundred percent less clear, so no way stay that big unless you're eating terrible, that's just it, but he ll go with you. Thing is legal. One thing is not to say end of story whose an insane person, but that's That'S- what we're fighting with the city is this? Is the law end of story here. It is burning. Resurgence need genuine wind and the democratic saw anymore.
Don't forget me Gary Johnson, Yogurt Johnson is a better it's almost of well, it's a more likely vote than Bernie. At this point, I just don't think like physically he can win what could happen now as he and Hilary team up and they ll be a form to some sudden rate. If it could be here three and then he would be the vice president's crazy, so left. They certainly now to show to each other stuff. That's what Don't you get it your words when you're running re gonna make sure you don't get too negative so that you can join forces with put a socialist on the ticket in the United States of America, was democratic, socialist entirely like a socialist well to be trumpeting. They might discouraging stretches Ricky, but he does have the support of the youth in all his he's. Got people fired up socially, sits down with you. Wait till her. My views, you know he's interesting. Is they asked he's different? It doesnt accept money from. I look like a lot of ways.
As for me, with half of it, though I like him, we went on I like her, I'm not a big fan of the whole. Like long term politicians, I M not a big fan of those kind of evil seems like use, have too many compromises along the way is too much. Like weaving in and out of the system. In the more time than the system more suspicious, we should all be she's, Waymore intertwined the system, of course, but here's an example: speed shut down by Prs. Position d, which was written by a lawyer, represents a bunch of dispensaries that are protected by proposition day. Those are some dots. You can connect them, so an attorney rights law, the predicts his clients and it gets past. How does it happen? I don't know, but I know the career. Politicians don't make things better. You know for us. They only do it's. The will of the people in the film where they can stay in office, but
use it's not really just the will of the people. The people are really paying attention visible. These corporations they get involved. There donate money in the people, don't even know what the fuck is happening. While it's happening that right well, that's where we have exact actually going on, you know as a lot of those laws- rent yeah. Well, we we're dealing with a lot of them young again to say that you know a business had they been operation before two thousand and seven in order to be considered now you are now to be a viable business. Well, if you are in operation in two thousand seven you weren't in that Wild West category, so so you were already skating. That line. Do you want the players at it were bad players involved, or do you want good companies that want to put in a standing out this standard operating proceed There's that that are looking for best practice is why, when you want companies like that, you know in their wages laid off forty people that are now in unemployment. Forty good people that really can't you
decent jobs anywhere that were paid? Well, a minimum wage are now just laid off and going on the government dollar because a sarcasm because of this law that nobody knows about- and nobody read you know and for us it came at a time where we we were so excited about the future, working with the board of equalization? We were in our largest expansion at the time we were going from the largest market, which was allay to expanding throughout full of California, which were still doing that, but we just now have do not include allay, which was our mean he's so and the law, what the law pertains to as you delivering things to people live in homes because that home has not been cleared. It has a place to do business. Because because the zoning law, only these one hundred and thirty five precise yo r, allowed to operate at all within the city. Nobody else can join the club. It's only that one thirty five,
and any marijuana Wanna vehicle is an extension of the marijuana business. So every car is zoned like a building so essentially limited the number of stores that can operate. The amber dispensaries and you guys- got pushed out because you didn't have a few words. Grandfather down below that. That's that's number one, but number two is arm base where our business is is not in the city limits of delay, so normal law for any other business. You follow the laws of the municipality, wherein we just convey through the streets of outlay and There is a law on the California Box. That says you can't stop someone if your business is not in one municipality and you drive to another municipality, deliver something you can't stop that. So we not even in a delay, and we have to have to deal with this. We're outside the city of Ella cause a city. A villa encompasses Holly
would an analog lotta valet, but their places that people think relay like Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. Those are now lay far lawsuit, says we're operating a sophisticated delivery company running seven about seven Hobbs out the Ellis out of the Ellie area, so more worthy addresses on the lawsuit. There are none, don't have any locations inside the city. We all roll orders out of there, it's not in the the paperwork just slow. Goofy, though this is what The problem is the scary problem with big government. This is a problem with government that just too many regulations too much red tape and too much bullshit stuff like this, and there should be a balance of harm to our company that that is trying to work with in every regulation of California, working with the state to create them. You know Eleni ass hers when is it going to be weak, was an anomaly
still to be in overriding November November. Yes, we have to organise. This is an important thing for the future of mankind, after it is must be there and unfortunately, there is even in fighting within cannabis demanded angry. Will you know what the problem that I ran into when we were talking about the first legalization vote? The growers didn't want it to be legal because they would make less money of course, geyser growing illegally and outside wow, and these I came manages to tell you the truth. But where we're at a point, now that if we don't do that, they're going to get pushed out anyway by bigger corporations that will come in and be able to pay millions of dollars for licensing and buildings, and things like that are greedy and they're short sighted, you can't be greeting, can be short sighted. This is it. This is a global issue and in the end environments, where these people are saying we're gonna we're gonna, make less money, bullshit expand gonna be legal. Now I like you, gonna have competitions.
Fucking, so they were making money. What do you care for? The people are making money where you can, trading on that just enjoy life? You have watched, potted millionaires, iranian right and you know it Those lines as we welcome were cultivating for our own patient base. We were followed. We follow the California, the laws for California, the cultivate once local licensing started becoming possible for cultivation. It wasn't before governor sign this bill. Last year. Now it's become impossible. We went and were now participating with desert hot hot springs food. Or a legal cultivation. So it's going to be a place where the police could come in. The government could come and inspect it so so we're moving forward with full legalization.
Cultivation is as well paying pain everything you got to pay for, making sure that you, when you build your building, it's built to the right specs again the governments involved in every part of it so again we're moving forward with the regulation. Do you know it's going to cost us a lot of that money? Aren't you know the investment team? That's behind! It has already put a two million dollar in just to buy the property. You know so it's going to cost a lot of money and we're not you're not gonna, make the money. You know millions of dollars that you're hoping for, but at least you're doing it in a way that can be regular. Aided and you can open up your doors and not hide. Could we dont want to hide everything we ve ever done? We haven't hidden, we ve said everything in the media Heyward following regulations where we are trying to do everything the right way we're paying and paint pan the taxes we have to pay we're we're working. Well, that's
Why we got sued is because, if you sue speed, we that get your name in the paper. You see that this, but you know the delivery that one of the other four hundred delivery services that you can find operating right now today, their illegal, that's, not gonna, get your name in the paper in an election year. Maybe as a conspiracy theory, but all the facts in our case or dated twenty fourteen. We get serve in twenty. Sixteen I do know is this a special year to politicians? Maybe a special year, Denzil hold on four seconds. So there are certain delivery company. Is that are allowed to operate inside out. Now nobody allowed no one, but they are all there that they do anger. Four hundred to do for him illegal ones, they're all CAS Golden Synergetic, so organist doing overnight delivery with medical carriers to the entire state. So speed we'd will deliver to anywhere in California. That's allowed not inside The city limits a valet but outside the city limits urine
now, you're in Sacramento. Where were you a quota of patient meet you at the border, if Pakistan at the border and you make a hand off as certain patients Av Burbank an ally- for a regular hang not allow us. I can still get to every you good until they until they tell the delivery services to stop. Burbank does not lie the industry, just like Gwendolen Pasadena, do do not like the industry was theirs, it's it's the propaganda machine and it's it's A law enforcement shows up it's the city, hall and stuff screaming about? If you have dispensaries going to have crime deliveries, going to be a lot of cash and product in the cars you're, bringing crime, and it's right in the city, council and the people that vote- in saying right. So we don't want to hear so let let it happen and echo Park where the hippies live. We're here in Burbank with you know, with this studios, we don't want it in studios- would want, because so many of the actors are predicated weed. I needed to Liberty, you they do. They deliver
I like on movie sets, did of course they every site, animals roles. The people play probably have to be asked about it. Do it one of Daniel Day Louis most we forget it. We can talk about privacy of certain patient wage rises, about trying to say anything. I'm saying a lot of the actors, you, you would think that smoking weed while they are acting, they are interesting. Worse, they are, I know several would have to name names, but I know a lot of people get supervise Farquhar before the door seen sure come accent You know I mean you introduce me to some. So certainly certainly you know and that their just as many that you would never suspect that that guy's every day mobile and they are and an that's, because you know they're still stigma.
And when you live in a public life, you need privacy and that's one of the reasons you need delivery, because some might my patient basis if they walked into a dispensary, they're gonna lose endorsements, and so answer. Money from Caserne on family shows things like that. Well, how is that fair to them? The their medication. They need safe access to their medication. They can't you say grand due to try your heart, so we need the eradication their dying We as its anti venom. We have two presented to him quietly by Disney kids toys of society's seep deep into his bones. Jive, you been to Denver yet since it since the doubts, ITALY, I'll just area four months ago, family or some other since is walking down the street. Just anything's populaces everywhere there all over the place, debts it's like Amsterdam. It's like some weird new American Amsterdam and there's so much more realistic,
Prices are skyrocket era rehabilitate preserved, like nineteen percent. Has the prices like legacy say like a joint in in Denver? Do you have any idea, Indians, it's more expensive than it is here, and they do have different pricing from medical as they do? We recreational we went over that taxes are not said. Taxes, versa, think or nine. However, you know I've been there aplenty times and and the weed here in southern California still still had asked that I've seen our now. Is that a possible since I don't really have the best climate it eighty leads to fuckin, relax and dick measuring caught it s from translates, and I will well, we were in a passport nowhere in fairly and we got high with, as does due to the radio station, gave us a joint. We were like some silly we'd smoke. The fuckers it isn't. Gonna do shit and, like twenty minutes, later. We were like do we made a mess
I really wheat is legit. I think there is an answer to that, though, is that the best we'd in Colorado is still black market, so Otto maybe come on recently how you guys we're off you solve fuck and strong. You guys you're, crazy talk. This is your talking for the deepest of the deep in the deep into the pool. That's we're talkin! Malta part. Whether its Colorado, California, will put you on. Can PLUTO all of it. Don't no doubt in the different to drink to its Colorado pond to its California. Part is if you can measure that write a book and it's the right. You had like what, if you had three joins those we're just the three shittiest joints in collar, I don't buy it cholera I was in Colorado. Had some other we'd happiness bears it's fucking ridiculous, it's like its super we'd. It's all the same shit, this early strains of gone everywhere in other
for the country to have it shouldn't New York. Now does the we do get higher because of the elevation our we'd know you have. No air sets pride to city. We now know that I'll call you too drunk or to that's a big one, but its assist. It's just good weeds great everywhere. It its causes social media, its becoming to point where you just can't deny it. I thought we were already. There were very close to it and, as politicians get older and pushed out and younger politicians get in the two faces out the tube: it's not going backwards, so you know four allay to be behind the times of the rest of the state and for California, the most progressive statement, country Debbie behind the times of states like
Colorado at Alaska who making making tax money money. The money in the politics is to its two intertwined to do its part of the fabric of our society and spoken. Yet it is a knob. Hopefully it's gonna be eventually pushed out but right you know, you have to deal with one of the most ridiculous examples of which marijuana it's one of the most ridiculous examples of all sorts of problems that I'm sure I'll sorts of businesses run into all across the country that we don't consider because it doesn't play part our lives, but this one guy and this one is really a nation wide freedom issue mean: that's, that's really what a lot of his bow it's a freedom of consciousness issue and people. Look at me like that they will get a leg, its law enforcement and it says its crime. It's this its children. It's this! No, it's not what it is. It's a freedom of social consciousness. It's a free of being able to express yourself and of freedom.
Of being able to intoxicate yourself with a natural plant and then what comes out of that and that's what everybody was worried about more than anything like the nineteen, seventy what they are worried about in the Sixtys and Seventys is what was coming out of this? They were worried about. The consequences have taken is drunk. There are worried about it's coming out of this you're getting all these people. They just want tolerate all the usual standard shit because their constantly resetting themselves and then reconsidering their environment and they're. Coming out with this, whole new movement of people, like all the hate hash, bury shit in the sixties, and you know all the music of the time so much that has to do with pot and so much of that how do with lsd- and they will tell Finally, that shit they were when we talk about the war on drugs and people blame Nancy Reagan that started with Nixon yeah. You know in the late sixties, early seventies How the new stuff has come out. I'm sure you seen it where they're saying the Knicks administration purposely targeted
wanna, because they were really going after the civil rights leaders and the people that we're Anti war movement. Yes, so they would arrest them through pot, and that would be the get the back door to just break up these organization and this was a strategy there to the point that they asked universities to pull cannabis information. That was positive. I mean that yeah they may stay funded studies trying to find things wrong upon. All they found was good shit brain they Donald Tashkent That is one that I love where he was. That study was defined a connection between lung cancer and smoking cannabis, and it turned out he could find no connection and actually show that there could be a protective effect of cannabis. I'm still alive, like you smoke cigarettes and smoke. Pod actually lead to even started this day. I have a patient with double lung transplant fibre, my how'd you manage, has doubled. A transplant
you're doing an interview with with with magazine and I had him there and he showed I take these forty five pills a day for, for you know what I have or I can eat these three edibles and he's like forty. Five pills updates crazy, just trying to swallow them, and but he said these cost me thousands of dollars. However, out pay for close its pay by insurance. These, I pay almost forty five fifty dollars a day. In edibles and and I could just eat those instead. However, none of this is paid for, and I don't have the money to pay fifty dollars a day for my medication, so he's one of the patients, though, that we help out with with free product and ye shall be because he can't afford to lose pharmaceutical side of this conversation is just as a whole. Another side of it is very nice of you to give it to him by the way, but hearing that
in forty five dollars or the edibles day may want ship, my pants Garrick, what kind of a tornado of consciousness lying around in all day, how many milligrams we talking for forty five bucks worth of we'd? How many men, granted this motherfucker taken. It says you have to see, have no longer you take whatever you need to do to get through a day. You know for sure, but I'm thinking forty five dollars were the Chiba choose, would put you in another dimension for a long time. Is a shit happy sack. You know we're we're talking some somewhere around five hundred milligrams day, so it's so it's not tremendous. I mean I've seen Joey he s a thousand right, I'm nebula saying, but if he's Gettin Chiba choose what Cuba choose, which are like a really potent an easy way to get them. Forty five bucks is not
five hundred milligrams. Even you know one Scheiler milligram one for a lot less than that arrive. It damages I've seen but yeah yeah. Sorry, I spent forty. Five boxes bind the good Shit Jesus Louise's. He might be out of five five hundred milligrams chee, but you a day diet metres to shake his head, as a pioneer disguising lives in our world. That's a good man I remain at enabling us, whatever pussy, almost you're, worried about sugar as fucking, guys livin in an alternate dimension. These looking at us through a fuckin aquarium window, Oh yes, he's been here. Those eating that much part you're talking about that might damage milligrams and then its Process, so it's you to think about it way stronger than just smoking it right. It I mean I went, I had a bad edible strip and I would fight years without even touching it, even though we had him on the menu as a dude. I will. I won't even smell one of those Tutsi roles, whatever the hell it is about, nothing is always in another place
like today's high just going. When is it going to end? I mean we started as inedibles company before before we were speed. We too, and we were one of the first we worldly first companies do gummy bears and when we were making their mom it's yet my brother, my partner with with his wife, Jan also age, they figured out a way to extract extract each see from from we. This is six years ago before anyone would was was doing it because we had a failed crap because when I moved to California, we got our cards, I said: I'm just gonna throw up grow, and now I am allowed to grow here will make fewer I'm gonna, throw up a growing ever heard that aid to start Sanch just go my friend wake, so so rob eighty, that's great where we can do it. I said I'm doing you're living room, so I took over is living room with tense and I put up grown
anything. And since I was going back and forth to New York Zone, my house every two weeks, he was watching it. Why was gone? Well, is a disaster. It was the worst experience were growing pot. All of our money and among the public, gone. The leaves are yellow is a guide. It are the veins random what're you. I don't know what we're talking about they, neither more nor responsible, Moraine Creek interests. Either. Do you plan he's like go, get it get more nitrogen and why they now for me, take my baby, just feed it when it cries, so I gotta go. I got back from from the Tripoli leading into my my grow cycle and I opened it up and you see webs well, those aren't spiders, those spider might and that's the worst thing I could.
Ever aggregate. I grew in Ohio lost. My whole entire crop spit, like me months, do growing, there's scared of helicopters with the heat seeking thing and you might start all our money. What was sunk into this you know all of four months time to make it happen, and I was just a few days. I can't believe that where we can do, and so we had to fight it to fight those spider, might we did everything we could, including buying ten thousand ladybugs which you eat these things and releasing them in this tent? A foot from where I'm sleeping on his? ouch bottom on Amazon Garden like a zillion, ladybugs and Amazon, and we just released them into my living room here. We by Malta they seriously I do have a bunch of different plants, are grossly by ladybugs and they work, but they didn't exactly work fast and often they were dying with YO too, and so we had to get predator might, which were other little creepy Crawley things that we have least right. Where I was sleeping so you're really serve ass if a lark at once it its exact
but it was. It was like a good look at it under a microscope. It would be like some sort of a fuckin storm soup. Troopers starship Cerberus arise out of the Lord of the rings, things lying down, each other things with crime and up and and they were like, and so what happened was the long story. So so so we got rid of them and had had bed we'd, we extracted it. Hiv re read some papers, online weeks, vagueness and what we can do this and we set our let's make some edibles, so his wife, someone, that's bad, we bed we'd concern irony results because you can smoke it yet. The alternative edibles. It look like it out of out of a little box who is always garbage been Gmos. I fuck it on smoking. Madame confused, explain like why did it look bad because the mighty chewed up like what yeah be bug way in a lady bug wing views here? How things really felt so did also thing called name oil, which is a natural pesticide that that also helped in killing killing me things, however, in a gross absolution,
Is it near the end, because then it's gonna be on the flowers that you have to smoke were, however, a few extract, the TAC out of it it's no longer on that plant material, you're, getting rid of the plan material? Did the meme oil, that's on it won't translate. To an extra ok. So you use the pesticide, unfortunately lateness cycle and upgrade the pot bad small girl. You could still extract the tac from right. It's a natural oil. I worked as a pet out so baffled outsmart, how's it bad weed, and then it's good. We feel so bad we'd good gummy. There till I started going. What is the process of extracting th see from the flowers like breaking bad? they began. My kitchen look like an that lad for, like three months, is crazy, red Sox. Let it have you done this before we were experimenting. Did you watch Youtube video? I had no idea even existed. I founded a paper from like nineteen. Seventy six, you see lay scientists that multi solvent extraction account
well, if you can find it online now always like this is to manual and had do extraction of your hold out. Neither one you guys of scientists. We were technology guys. I gotta scientists right Again, there is let us right now under dumb techie homework. Could you ever do any chemical work like that, using solvents and extracting Ellen It's from plants on professionally he ages, While he is a member Mensa. I got very blue to have a brother whose so very intelligent. You know. So I was just defeated. You know I got bad crap, I wasted or money. I wasted time. He turned the lemons into lemonade because, Luckily he's smart enough to say what else can we do with this and he ran on a way for us to
you d, so did you practice or ditches dive right now to do this? I had it was like a six week, Aren T process, so we did the extraction through with all kinds of different chemicals. Ultimately, ethanol worked really and in every night at eleven I would give GINO a dose like on a cookie or something and eleven, and then I would wait. Forty five doesn't locked up your basement to render is in my party might give em. I d give get eleven adoption of a resolution on skid every night and then Finally, one day I can Geno the Dose one thousand one hundred and forty five. Is that how you feel any? But I don't think it's working I was like boom. It that's the recipe, and it's in my journal that was kind of how we got into the industry was with that extraction process that recipe that day now I always wondered like this. When you use all those chemicals in the abstract something from plant, are those care
The goals in any way is a residue on the extraction depends we re using ethanol, which is alcohol, but I'm we were making candy, which burns off the alcohol so any, but now you hesitate. Sea which is in sighed, the candy, and now you can then now we would. We were doing Carboxylic The flower for anybody was doing that. What that means is you activate the flower like you, can't just take bud and eat it and get stone alone work robot. Why is that? Because you need to something fat soluble, yes, Unita! Converted to teach the acid see do that with heat, so you smoke it or you do that with fat like lipids you boiling butter make brownies so little fuck did people figure that at its it's, brilliant genius or you could do with alcohol and that's who ultimately, what we use call extract? Butane works as well. What I mean is how the fuck did people figure out that you had to burn it in order to use it because they're, probably the long before they knew you get your high. Well, I mean it Brian,
If civilizations, amazingly, how did they figure out? If we eat this route, I Alaska works, but otherwise or not, trees does it. You know told us about ensuring they use tobacco and those. I was too rituals, apparently right we're right before you go under they blow tobacco smoke on your face and I just to get you read it. Why don't you know that, I think, is the stimulating effect of the nicotine. Has some sort of a kick start like tyrants, Can I wanted to take mushrooms what he would do as he would take them and they would wait. They kick in like an hour so so while there wave is coming and there's nothing. You can do to stop it and that's how you do it so he would use marrow. Pelican island and start going and when the really kick Dan like when he would get really really high. That would be right when the mushrooms had come in, like a giant, tidal wave, and he said he could see it coming, he could see coming. You could feel it in the ground
around and it seemed why there's no way? No one else is experiencing this. It's just like this. Gigantic wave is coming and there's nothing. You do to stop it and that's how you do it would use marijuana spoke disorder, instigate the the mushroom experience which told him exactly does that's a warrior that it will do that kind of experimentation, dad dude when day payment date. He went deep, maybe too much. She died of a brain counter, brain tumor men who knows if that was hereditary. Who knows that? Was you know it related in any way to expanding consciousness worked attempted to expand unconscious through drugs. Most likely, not especially, but he was really critical of the idea that marijuana was cure, a cure for cancer because he was like look I'm telling you. I have cancer. I smoke pot all day, constant, he's like. I am your poster boy, because if it was something the cure cancer. I wouldn't have cancer because you cannot smoke more, patently Mckenna was just high.
Day right, but there's so many different cancers in so many different types of we'd. Who knows what's what we gotta research? Why think? What's really supposed to be the most effective and Chino, you help my friend when he his mom had an issue with this, and this is something about You know that you'd never advertise bizarre, but he heard my friend up with a lot of this cannabis oil. What's really expensive stuff and you did it just to help is mom, but just now by his dad. Rather it is a good did, and you know we were talking about stage for cancer at that that point so It wasn't much ever hope that would come to turn around and cure it. However, to ease the last few months of life was, was working and happening.
Then there was a lot more quality of life which, for the patient, that that was great number one, the absolute utmost importance, but also for art, our friend that we're talking about it was great for him because he got the last few. Months of life together with his love one in a better way, not in a setting which he was dealing with for a while before we got that you know on the retention. Oil regiment would definitely needs to be investigated. Is there so many people that have had beneficial effects from it? It just seems insane tonight some large scale, scientific research being done right now, like just humanity. A whole Mckenna owe it to each other. I give you easy. Do you not think it about a right now, because your loved ones? Don't have cancer, but if this turns out to be really legit, this could be Another reason why we need to reconsider this whole ban,
on the legal sale federally of marijuana, it's ridiculous. If it can do this, if you really do can this oil and you reduce reducing tumors, which has been reported in a shitload of people, including friends of mine. I know people that have had cancer and heads cancer reduced by taking count soil, no peoples whose parents had it and get their their tumors reduce because of it. And artistic kids like the and stuff like that are our friends. Kid was gone from in his own seizures all day takes us obviousness seizure in six months jirga, you look at you and and Charlotte knowledge these kids. How can you? How can you tell the parents know no matter what state your and how can you tell apparent know- and that's I think, that's when your politics changed when ineffectually? Personally, it definitely happens. Deftly happened. Some have seen quite a few stories of the people of children in a serious seizure issues. Since I got a Mamma medical marijuana just stopped and we have a lot of regularly bad prejudices about marijuana. You know and we need to expose them
like as a society is their whole in a lot of people back. I know they help me back. They made me until I was thirty years old? I thought TAT was for any it, so I did a lot of people do at its it's important to let them know. Nor is it not for eighty, it's it's it's it's a tool that you can use it. You can it can benefit. You like this is not a benign substance. It slippery you'll, like all other psychoactive substances, if you are on the wrong path mentally, like you to go off the deep and with it like everything else like alcohol or anything else. But you see someone like respect a lot like Graham Hancock. Oviedo show a lot he was a high heavy user and he got to the point where he said you know what my relationship is not good. With marijuana anymore, then he took a long break I'd think two to three years and he took a long break and then said you know what things
changed my life now I think I can go back and have that relationship start again and from what would I understand mostly from the podcast from from and being on the pot guess last night he is now in a better relationship with you wanna that he was an abuse, a relationship with himself. And marijuana was his plan factor in that sure I'm the one who got him high. I gotta show when those who is it, who are three years over my to your father and come on. I need you this morning noon ever he loved it any, and he up when I, when I gave it to him. Oh my god, he opened up like a flower. He took one here. Many relax new, smiling and laughing we're having a good time, and he went on these rant. Oh, my God is epic rant epic rent and I remember thinking like while that had to be cannabis inspired. It was so like emotionally connected to him
This is essentially like sort of valid. In his life work because he's really heavily criticised many many times or people just completely ignored any of the potentially positive aspects of what are you saying and just was trying to shit on all they're trying to shit on always theories, but ass. Time has gone on. Been more and more apparent than he was right. The whole time all different things that yes daddy's. There was a big one being that allegations have experienced many different areas and that we're looking at when we're looked back. Thousands and thousands of years is the most latest of areas, but there was a potentially very advanced civilization said. Had a different kind of advancement, ten thousand fifteen thousand years may be of as many as thirty thousand years ago, and that there is evidence of this stuff is evidence in the construction of the old kingdom in
gyp, there's evidence when they start looking at certain erosion patterns on the sphinx you're. The sphinx compound, like you're talking about something that was built. Fourteen, thousand years ago plot settled all these different new discoveries of their having when there having these new there find these new things wrote Fort. They found evidence of North Americans in the native Americans in North America fourteen thousand years ago, which pushes it way back before they thought it was found that really matter bonds with cuts on the major super recently. So this stuff keeps happening over and over again, and they keep discovering this lectures and only find things underwater. They find it sunk in cities and shed Beckley tat in their exactly can't carbon date stone. So no that's why go Beckley Tapie so unique, because they know that it was covered up somewhere around twelve thousand years ago. Purposely yeah there that someone constructed this thing some time before that there you know they d get
vague idea within a thousand years of when this thing was building this built when they thought people Hunter gatherers. So there's all stuff that Hancock already been saying so to see him get high and just spanned upon that the this is a guy that, like he's been ridiculed, he's been done, act through the mud. People have taken. What he's out of context and tried to use it against him, they ve had these we biased opinions about his work and they ve made little specials about it too shitting on him, and it turns out he was right about a lot of things here, and it is just answering evidence and then making making his his thoughts so the eyes on on evident and he's a really good guy, like you, doesn't deserve any of that he's not he's not a bad guy. I guess a really good guy. That's taken a chance. That's exploring this really important subject. This idea that we ve been here many times. I remember reading magicians and I would make two admissions of the guards or fingerprints of his first nurse. One thinking things: ain't prince of the gods right was made in your Prince Pheromones, paying or experiment thinking
thank God! There's a dude out there. I didn't know who he was at the time. Thank God. There's someone doing this work inside ahead of any of this. Before I read that look well, there's been a bunch of similar like theorists in the passport. Was connected like aliens like specific Agraea, Hitchin suggest doing stuff here. Will he here it was? It was gonna, bring up their car from the chair to the gods. What the fuck is that guy's name there was Dude VON Danica, yet vandam again, who wrote chair to the gods and church? God's is like a movie. They made a documentary movie about the plate and, like the movie theater remember when I was a kid, it was plain to the mover. Theirs and I was freaking like and people would leave it oh, my God, there's aliens they visited us that movie. If you want, removing any small part in your young. It will have Fatima can then you'll be fucking, convinced one but I feel like I was convinced, and it's a lot of Graham Hancock who unconvinced me by.
Put a lot of people think he is part of the ancient aliens theorists, but he's not really. He just feels that that we have lost technology, for he leaves the door open. We ve had conversations about it. He leaves the door open for visitation. He leaves the door open for that being a possibility. As do I, as I think everybody should a unique moment, an alien spacecraft came down and ran into fourteenth century Europeans and fucked with them. Men in our kidnapped a few and did some sites terrific experience on salmon erased their memories. You to that. Of course I could happen. If we can go to Mars, we could send a robot zoom around on Mars and we watch it on your Iphone. We I do that right now. We're lariats we're anyway make pot legal. You got a robot move around and arson. The idea that there's something there. That's there's! No way, no one smarter than us due to can happen. Like, of course, the risk, it could be if we stay alive for a thousand years, our technology,
It is going to be unrecognizable, it's gonna, be so beyond anything we could possibly imagine today, just lookin out for its persons like we were kids grown up and eightys these things that we see these. These things at everybody seizes iconic, gray creatures with the big black eyes. Those could be drones. Percent. I mean those could be artificially intelligent creatures had some super civilization, has created to gather up information on people, that's totally possible, and that would that would make it so much easier for them to defy the laws of physics, defied laws, none other than others, physics. The laws of space travel like with human rights, things being unable to withstand the kind of pressure would require to go light, speed and shit like that right. These things are some fucking, weird robot creation that doesn't even eggs in lives off of lithium eye. On battery it's got its dick. You know that that that thing might be able to go forever
radiation might not bother, it might give the shoot into like a black hole and comes out the other side, and who knows what the fuck taken do a million years from now right, because an avatar is just a robot Yannick We all know robots at this point can be controlled from a remote control. Yeah. We, it just depends how far ways that remote control you now, where is that reaction, so the chairs of the gods guy and even the people that the ancient aliens guys that we who the fuck knows them there might have been a bunch of visitors, it's very possible its super possible. If we can do it, course something out there that smaller than us can do it better than we could procure, of course, but would grant Hank it is proposing, is much more likely because its back by actual science, and now that he's here wind efforts without Randal Karlsson, Guy Randal, Carson, whose an expert asteroids impacts. Yet it's the history of em in North America,
in the world. I mean he's a wizard when it comes to that stuff and he could just quoted off the top of his head. All these different impacts sites they found, and you realize out, she's we get hit all that and not only do we get hit. All time is evidence of a massive meteor shower impacting Asia and Europe somewhere around ten thousand plus years ago, which coincide with their civilization that they exactly you're talkin about so somewhere around that era, the human race got fuckin, basically half wiped out. Yeah, we had to rebuild and we don't remember, we didn't have There's no electronics back then. So, there's no like computers that we could look at. There's no photos it enough. Photographs say we're just basing on people's memories and things driving as far as we know, they didn't have any cameras me who knows when all that stuff, if you, if you had a camera you left it on the ground for a thousand years did be nothing laughing a hunter right right or where they had batteries back then they had something like a bad idea. Indeed, from
one of the Egyptian to uncertainty following Iraq to yet the little copper in the clay. The early had some kind of computer electronics that just as existing role, not only that the people who made that battery they're pretty sure that was two thousand five hundred BC, so that his way later than this impact there talking about this alive thousand whatever it was year impact they think that been a series of these all throughout history, and this is something that ported by even mainstream science when their talk about super volcanoes. This is one super volcano. We ve looked this up three fucking. I can remember the goddamned GINO Ella speed we bullshit, but there's a super volcano that erupted seventy thousand years ago and killed almost everyone on the planet, except for a couple thousand people, and we- descend from those few thousand people that survived I have some massive super volcano impact. This is of a really openly accept.
In theory and mainstream archaeology and anthropology. They really believe that this is one of the possibly one of the big disaster extinction. Events that happened to human beings and there's been several of them I know you're talking about something that cause like three or four years of unequivocal about nuclear winter. When here look at it, this way you member mounting hellenes when we were kids number that nobody talks about, don't even think about that anymore When we were kids, a fucking volcano in washing state erupted in people died, they got, love would die. They got smoked by a volcano, an ash from months and mash for any just conveniently goes where a little baby volcano mean obviously no disrespect. Anybody who died right in comparison to what Yellowstone has yet stone as a super volcano. That's six Freddie miles wide. Something for crazy like that. That still you know they don't call. It act
that volcano, but it's still bubbling while they have thousands of earthquakes rather year, thousands So you know she's going on down there at geysers or shoot not boiling water in the sulphur content in the otters, crazier. Maybe six kilometers sarcoma such regional miles. Ever it is it's so big that it's a continent killer right the lagoon that blows. Everything near it is dead, is fuck it. It is what it is. Caldeira, which means that its volcano that was so big, the top blew off of it, and then you left with his big crate. And they didn't realize that until the start doing Sazen satellite images once they start using we ve known about old, fateful. You know that it's a cool place to visit re check out the geysers and stuff, that's the ground is boiling like a hundred feet, pulled out of you lava and we six eight hundred thousand years that shit below sky high and went to bed
sky high everyone's dead, we're all dead, we're all dead and California dead Montana is dead, is Falk everything it is dead. Pressing, as it really is a matter of time before there's some. Some impact to urban wing or volcano is just a matter of time in which what what's it can debate where one gram Hancock is exposing. Is that when you talking about enormous periods of time like ten thousand, here's twelve thousand years. Thirty thousand years. People cannot recall those natural disasters. Lose the ability to communicate, sometimes not even using the same language is anymore. You're dealing with thousands thousands and thousands of years. I mean just think about the future. Thousand years ago, Latin was like a real language, should go I find so. I was gonna talk latin to you that shit doesn't eggs is a dead language. It's the universally couple thousand years when you're talking about thirty thousand years and the possible We have all these different impacts, indifferent things happening within those thirty thousand years,
so what he showing is or what he was showing back then was it. This alternative theory is not preposterous at all There's no real good evidence that this not gonna stay like this right like it. It's not just not preposterous. Its probable unlikely that which is what's next will old, faithful, was called old, faithful, cause it used to be faithful and blow at the or time. It doesn't do that anymore. It's no longer on the old, faithful type of schedule that it that it used to be so they add our changing. I don't like that another I don't let it makes me nervous. I don't like that. You know that's just in our light. When that stop. I We recently heard heard that you know that that's new story, that old faithful is not as faithful as as pledge, yeah it's weird dicers hot water waters boiling shoots up into the sky
like hell, let's get out of here before giant. Very much needs us it's crazy! That's crazy! Goddamn! Closing those weave of Grizzly bears Leslie Bears. Are there all the time? There's a police ups in, I believe. Oh hi, California, where they have these big mug pits that people get I'll go in. Better than real hot in here. But what would he thinks? Heating On the other. There I mean that could also just quickly exploded I know me know those does. Hot pits are totally natural and oh here, is that what it is there? or, as I know, they are I haven't been. Am I I have a healthy fear of him. I guess For that reason, I of just just you know, think things like that in nature that could mother nature. He just wants to kill us in so many ways, but any sort of right now we're fine with no
to totally freak out about it, but just at the awareness that this whole thing spry, pretty fuckin temporary yeah and we're in the worst state to live in that crazy to say in a way that the earthquake volcano were definitely better off we're in like Toronto or some probably, he freeze to death in winter began at MIT his black eyes It is a really good state, both modernize people, more people, Dinah Weather and natural things in every other Besides California, I mean, if there's an earthquake, there's gonna be a few issues for shore, earthquakes, fuck, a lot of things but overall man, like you deal with an earthquake once every couple of decades you deal with winter. Every fuckin year. If you go back to Ohio, trying to keep me the biggest going back? No, I think I may, as well as in the biggest fault line like Missouri here. Has worked out. That's broke into old train station that that is broken.
I don't know man, I mean look what they were worried about, stuff that we know about like these these spots, where the door earth could explode, but without theirs, fuckin rocks in the sky, the cajole everybody they did. They hit all the time at every few thousand years. So these paste spaces of civilization live ten thousand twelve thousand years, and when these were they find These structures like got Beckley Tapie and they like who the fuck. Where did this where's, this color its soul Equally there that's just a series of events. So people build up there, society, get things going really well to start improving upon things are, everybody's dead rotting bodies in the street disease is warms. Flee head to the mountains, rebuild civilization, first fuckin tribes, don't
make it down to a few people they slowly bond together. They rebuilt by that shit happens every twenty thousand years, or so one of the theories I heard on the Beckley Tapie is that, since that's what happened, that there was some devastation at that point, that a theory is that they blame it on whatever gods and that's Waigel Buckley Tempi was just covered at that point. Ha big beside his high debt way yeah well. That makes sense if you like, a politician neutron take over after the disaster like these motherfucker hers in their statues, ruined everything affiliated with dirt yeah now symbolic because you can't run Adobe city with some statues of the do before you made? No, no, not those bits we still do the same thing today. What I see is doing right now, all throughout Asia that keep alone shit up. You know we ain't dance, Adam, didn't, wear and tear the Sheraton. Had fellow yeah, those that's right that staff
You forgot about, but we all do it. We all wanted like hide. What was before us, has what's what We are as good. What we do is right right, especially comes us. Some like Saddam Hussein die you we we like celebrated it. When that statue went down years, use dad you go down for the work we did statues kind of history. We really should have been fuckin with it because, like if you could see What Julius Caesar did I give you go back Who at Nero did like all the atrocities that he did. You wouldn't want to see a statue of him but a magic, I came on and smashed a statue of him. You wouldn't be able to look at it today. I do something about when you go to a museum and you look at something from ancient Rome and they go while that crazy fucker. What was collegial lifelike yeah? Who was this guy's lifelike? These people were not They were rather fuckin minds. They were living at a crazy, crazy time of tat he over the world with swords and bows and arrows and shit, but is
Saddam Hussein worse in them. No, no, not really. Vision and taken that shit and poorer museum somewhere College had Christopher Columbus, pointing at the cafeteria right. He was cool. Guy just became something over the last decade or so rightly Christopher Lump Crook Columbus's a piece of shit right. You know another thing I believe it from Graham Hancock, but the Iraqi Museum, had a lot of material that just got wiped out during these wars. That will never be. It will get back that had to do with ancient our ancient societies in Egypt and things like that. So so, during these words, you know the whole place will just alluded. You know that the museum was looted, so they lost all those. You know that in any tragedy, that's like on the birth of modern civilization is like the Tigris Euphrates, that little valley there
you gotta keep that you know. I understand the politics, but you gotta keep the history, leave it alone that there's room of war that says you can bomb anything you want, but the Colosseum in Rome, that's not cool. You do that. You are going to talk to you in the haglund few years. You know it the great wall of China. You guys really that alone bomb each other, but there are protected sites in the world that need to stay protected, isn't a weird like we'd, we decide microcredit. Look. We don't like you put this buildings pre dope, that we're not gonna fuck up their bill and then I guy you got like, I know no punching in the face. Ok cool because if ever bomb Paris to like the Eiffel Tower get bomb during anywhere around periscope bombed, dire narrative it. Yet he's kind of storm through there, because they did that there is like they're still like a lot of ammunition. There's like this area outside of Paris in France, it's like the size of Paris. They can't even go into today.
How could it still like ordinance yeah around the gratitude, fine stuff there? They they stack up in these warehouses and shit. It's just like a depositary for bomb and bomb chemicals, they all fuckin, either. Launched a matter there. They landed there. It didn't go off or they left mines and bombs delicious his huge area that you you can't even go in its all toxic as the size of Paris apparently laugh there. I was wondering like one of them: was there a conscious decision to not bomb, but maybe maybe they did, and I don't I don't know, I don't think they did think they just kind of rule through there, because I mean to London get the shit kicked out of it. So if you find that picture Jesus photos of munitions stack like crazy picture of Paris from where they go, the daily, the Eiffel look at that pooling holy shit. While there goes our historic, the library of Alexandria got destroyed,
that was in Egypt, I know about it. I was there in the Muslim. I know the different time period because I was gonna ask like that is there's something today that contains a bunch of history that could be destroyed and ruin it sitting entail. Computers, Brown, the problem would be the power went out for more than a couple of years. This never coming back if the grid got destroy. Lloyd. If something happened, it was so big that destroyed the power grid and we needed to reestablish grid. Good luck. As well as with as fifty percent population in the impact, and then you know what we were left with care ass and lawlessness and fuckin people starving to death, and no one knows what to do. Yeah, good luck in the power vacuum than all the time, It is one of those things in my took a hundred years from the power to come back on and that may not even be negative intent of humans. Economic inches from the sun shone any MP. We don't know right. We we haven't had electric long enough. We might have any MP, you know What an MP electro magnetic pulse, which would take out all the
I should like to say a appealing were again campaign. We sit around talk about those all TAT S. Dog Magri, throttle grass mother. First about the day you know, there's they ve tried to making empty weapons that that'll take it take out a full grid, but if it, but the sun could produce that self, the son did that it could have been done in history, Well, he just didn't have electric there is evidence of an oven, gnp or solar flare that hits timely in the nineteenth century. We only know about it as a telegraph like went down all telling Perhaps in America went down for like two days and where was I haven't and then a couple days later everything worked again an end Scientists think that it was a solar flair and ejection that cause an MP and just shut down all the power for a few days. Here it would be a be walking dead if it had who so crazy the we rely on that thing this day, stable does giant ball of new,
clear power floating in the skies a million times bigger than the earth, and we we count on it to stay stable. We do what a solar flares still happen a lot, though the idea of recently there was something I knock something out from a solar flair. But the zone is be weird. Lately, it's been really really dark and strange, not a lot of activity. Almost motionless pour the sunshine dark strange. I've got a lot of our time. I'm an I'm talking about I'm like eyes, yeah beads, yours, what's going to sound like the sun, normally has a lot of solar activity. Storms rejections all that kind of stuff. The last twelve fifteen years has been really quiet. She is dying now goods is a cycle, but you know every freaks out. Its is global. Warming is global cooling, its climate. This is it just a solar cycle and adjust the sun is. Killed right now and taken a breather in ten years, in which case they say Sawr cycle their measuring what they ve been measuring over a period of
when at whatever amount of decades, they ve been able to measure solar cycles. But just think how you forget, turns been aroused unless it that measurement the sun's like. Oh, you expect me to behave like I've been behaving for the last fifty years. Yeah! Good luck with that dude! I got a fuckin temper right. Arms elect a blow up. A whole solar system turned to a crisp. I was just crazy documentary, hyper nobles and that day initially thought that they were. They were witnessing when their salaries gamma burst in the sky. They thought they were witnessing. War between alien races That was the initial reaction to measuring these gamma burst in the sky. Then they realize somewhere along the line that you looking it like a hyper like an enormous burst and closure, that's so great! If it wasn't a near by cluster, it would kill us yeah yeah.
That gamma radiation, I think just behind lulls weakened and that we can even measure yeah enabled the thing was that it was happening all day alter the sky like they would be like measuring this for the first time in this house. Like all these different spots in the universe were experiencing, is gamma burst? How would you not think it star wars? I went totally think that's exactly they thought like, oh, my god, what if they come, what may come and they have this kind of power. They galloped our right. So we have to ban weed we have, to you know, get society on the right track and seemed like at least we gotta give them more. Gold are women and they make might leave us. Be it might be possible to negotiate. Will you can't negotiable telling about democracy but you can't negotiate with a supernova. You know what a sun explodes and takes out the entire surrounding area. Four billion
in billions of miles. That's it it's like it's less, it's less feared but way scarier right. You can't build an arc risk, No the pay. Now like it is, it is a little water is visits. Apparently it happens all the time You know it by one happening right now somewhere and you ve never convinced society of it that hey we got bigger problems are wary. Nothin between me and you hear the pot delivery services, FUCK Beams Avery Dhaka species com delivers Lhasa, so you'll get a little package like this. Just like Amazon, Prime, although it'll be a box at you, don't you now looks like just a regular deliver it's your curiously you're, getting in the way you sending them through the male. It's not through the mail it through threat of people through medical courier occur. Medical courier, that how high is your medical courier well began.
Driving going. What am I doing with my feet? They ash We don't know what medicine they have. Could they do all sorts of medication and they re not just to part. Nope meanwhile, but there still highs FUCK so on you know there are- regulations that are coming down for four transported as well. The teamsters wanna get their their hands and transport which They are one of the people who were rallying against legalization of of marijuana there with the the union's for prisons, so they're kind of fighting on board sides that they want to be involved in transportation of marijuana. However, their lobbying for to keep it illegal
Teamsters they're gonna be on whatever side wins? A warrior were over here now: ok, you're, ok, you're, not here! So so again, you know what we were considered was similar to the dominoes of marijuana here and allay we. We are evolving, that's what we were doing before this lawsuit happened. We really want to be considered more like Amazon prime! So, where you're going do they make a lot of money and working we're done well now that would be like circuit city. Well
there are no grounds new laws or have changed so that marijuana companies can be for profit. Now they don't have to be not for profit, which is how it's been for the last twenty years here so and so that has to go into effect by twenty eighteen. So so that that's something I consider also it once that happens, that changes things for a lot of cannabis businesses, but that all said every cannabis business sets in and allay that's, not a dispensary in that whether they're making edibles or they making vapor rises or or anything, and it's a thriving industry there all illegal every bit of it so regulation,
Need that that that happen, you don't hear and obey, and what we are asking for is an ages to overturn. This were not saying that we're we're saying we know the city attorney doesn't believe that safe access is important, but he feels he asked to uphold this law that that was put into effect before he was the city attorney. So since he knows this is a bad law that he has to enforce. He could also affect change by helping go down the path of legalization for good businesses he's in his I'm an idiot. He realizes what a bad laws he just knows. His job is to enforce it. So, hopefully, he'll join the fight to find a path towards legal working. People. Do the people their Listenin to wrap this up work, the people there to listen. What's a good way to follow. This are good. Will help give way to help if you're in California give it a help, is to join our collective either geo by anything and will keep you in touch with the politicians and will put pressure on them
if you're outside of California. What does that mean? You be politicians to put pressure on them joining what would entail joining our collect, like your medical marijuana, patient joints, Bb Doc home, and we are working actively with the city to try to solve this. It's not mine. So we're fighting in court. Yes on one hand, but on the other hand we are conversing with the city. Like the city noses broken became one of what you mean by joining your collective, like what it. What does that until go to go to speed the calm? Click join and you put your name in L, a dress, that's all they have to do it's pretty much yet do they have to show you proof of medical marijuana licence they do what they want order prescription but I've, but they could join you collective without doing that, they need to show proof that their patient to join a collective. Ok, that's where I was asked but we also have other so lackadaisical waters, so normal psychologist, Jonah collectively. What is it You know it's hard to be about islands, where
illegal, don't know what, if we ve been talking to you, don't try matter why these troubles you can. If you don't have your card, your doktor recommendation, you can get it right on our website by human escaped session. We would you doctor- and you know we told the story about about how how we got our cards in ITALY and in its changed so much regiment, doctor or you have to go. A doctor to do a scale session- ain't, your own doktor right, yes or no. Your doctor, you're, saying your doctor you're, don't we have a group of doktor right, that's what I'm saying that are professional doctors, that you'll do of real Skype session and they'll, and they I'll talk to you about what Europe is and- and you can get your card instead of going some there? You can just do it right in your living? That's an important point. Getty we you're making it seem like the guy had a get like Margo get my Doktor Scott. Now now and minimize it at one o clock Jesus Christ. How many tokens take TAT Timmins
right on our website. We have got to amaze interactive people waiting that it will. Thus selling point will take you right through the whole process, where we need to do. We need to buy a warehouse in California in a bunch. We will use it as their mailing address. They give you from other states to become a party or collective and they have a fake mailing addressed, namely hook are we gonna talk more about? I add idea, man cellulose because they turn his watch and I know you did so. We had to do it that way, but I think this is funny. That means you have to be in this patch of dirt in order to follow those rules, right and join the collective, we couldn't be they from Wisconsin and decide. I want to join with those California pot, collectives Skype with a doctor and now have to actually like, like your mail, delivered here, Those two it's weird like an arbitrary put line in the sand politically across this line, go to jail, come back here, get baked and have a good time. Well, that's what happens when people are going to Texas FUCK up in your tour boss, you we there's ways the bad news,
No that's another Bali's pulled over like. Oh no, you pulled over four we'd in tax, as this is not like getting pull over Weedin. California, and next thing you know really Nelson's in jail. It's really nosing around its hilarious someone such a piece of shit. They arrested willing Nelson. I quit my job, so my kids going hungry fuck. This is real. It's actually pretty scary, getting hold over with we'd in California. Nowadays, because do you I re as gone crazy friends a lawyer. Do I lawyer and half of his cases now emerges from marijuana, now have a new test where they do the same kind. Thing, with your I buy it like goes left and right real fast. If your high or something like that, and if they feel like they, they can smell weed and if the, if you this test you're, getting a do you I just like an animal saying, you're left or right, we'll closer. So you know when, when, when you get poured over, they do the test with your eye like for my hand, now think with alcohol. I think it shoots over like your ice sheets over to the left. They're right, really fast, stored Jerky when Europe,
when you're high, your eye reacts different every it's kind of like a jubilee left and right effect when campaigns, That's that's it right now and then out right now and court. They are fighting just that and if its, if it's likely jet task and they don't have a like a point awake for wheat to date, we normally have any law of years. The main problem, I think, you'll grooves me there's never The study shows that loss of motor skills knelt none there was one study about driving. Ah well, looking weed and that they found that people actually perform better you're out of it. The problem is not a motor skill thing. It's not like alcohol. Everybody knows that if you drink too much, you don't drive good. Everybody knows that it's bad for your more skills pots, not it's simple! So What are they porn? You o four exactly state of mind so because it doesn't affected Motor skills like is it affecting your judgment? Can you prove that poor intoxicated on marijuana perform less
intelligently than people that are intoxicated Gavin or cigarettes cause. You know they're doing a cop could pull a guy or we could have a cigarette in a corner of his mouth drinking. A cup of coffee and no one The word is a two drugs interact with each other known as such state of mind issue, so He could have those drugs and still have a couple of pops at the bar, really amp up all that aggression and still legally dry buying. What is some, what is intoxication, maenas intoxication spokespeople loss of motor skills will write, but it's one of our budgetary, because what what is in talks and that the swamp task just did not pass in California, where there are trying to to swap fourteen seed molecule and it's like now that Turkey, I can't do that you just somebody to walk through a party and then they get swathed and there in trouble. In the meantime, we have any of it in their system. We can't be. Can care like GINO with what
he smokes. I don't know, I don't even know what he's high. I don't know any staunch recipes high right now. I know you. I know you arrest me, you wouldn't know like you, so many people are higher. I known you wouldn't know right course. So how can you test for whether the real problem is? was. What can you show is bad about being high. I need to see something on your tests. Will you show me why you should be able to poor people over with why you're wearing a gun and shine a light in their face and get them out of their vehicle. Make them do things like what is the worst case, you're looking for marijuana. Ok, what's the word worst case scenario, is going on with his person. That's on the marijuana. Are they performing in any way shape or form where there are dangers. The people around them so of If that is true, I think you have to prove that before we put people on a fucking cage, yet it also varies from prison.
A person. I believe I know a girl that smokes a joint she can't drive. She could barely function as a human, but you know like Jane. I could do a whole ounce and you'll be fine drive, as exact same driver has before, if not better but this girl no way I would even letter in the car. She smoked a job that she probably should meet. Dr anyone about that. You should get in their right mind by then. It should be like a test. We talk about this before it like a marijuana tests that you are a ten meaning. You could do marijuana in anything in your fine, but this person's x rated a six. This is but it's a mind issue. It is not. It's not a motor skill issue. This is where the problem lies, so gagging be bored freak out there on PA and they do loser mine, and maybe they should be intoxicated, but those people we lose their minds. Someone yelled them right now, some people just weak, they just whatever the glue that keeps their reality together, as is really, fragile and then throw some part. Air or a drink mean how many people do. We know that have one can I make you fucking grace?
that's a person is realities, really shaky right, but doesn't have anything to do with me. The idea that cops look towards that. Being the standard is ridiculous right says like if I was gonna, say if you have like a festival gay cops test, potheads festival? We would do it, Do it look for sure you have go carts, set it out? What you want. Do you wanna, have fuckin mothers, mud, bugger, races, yeah, do this? Let us my part will do all that it will have to do to tournaments where people smoke pop, for they did you do it aren't coins and clipboard some weight and people of joint. Fuck you I will learn, will know what needs to show some sort of significant issue, because this is significant issue with some people, but you're, not events helping those people from taking who knows what the fuck they're taking as far as anti depressed sensors psychoactive substances prescribed by their doctors and how many people are on fire,
Can I add a raw man, that's meth or taken met their driving around you know, no a bunch of adults that take that shit on a daily basis. So what you're doing with is a lot of different chemicals. Take it potentially fuck with mine like why you concentrate on The given shown any reason, the constitutional part- you know, the chief of police in New York City recently said that every crime could be tied back tomorrow on its clothing him you know, which is criminal outrages, because that it's just trying to give more reach for office. It police officers, the polio that is such a virtue, easy irresponsible thing to say. That's like saying: every crime to retire back to water parents. We all have knighted surface water problem, yet it's all stupid man really is its is something that should be a joke that we look back
gone from the nineteen thirty's, we look back on a noble look at the craziness that these people are to deal with back then, but instead we have to deal with it today and the age of Google and information scientific studies, ad nauseam that all show the same thing and none of them show any negative effects. None of them does like some question. About memory, that's it, but it seems only actually while you're on it when right off of it doesn't seem to have any effectually memory. At all I mean the head of the d, a currently said: medical marijuana. That's just a joke! Let let's, let's get past that and the head of the day before that, when asked by Congress is marijuana more detrimental, then met. She said she can't. We played that many times on the sharks at so ridiculous. When I was Lionheart right, yeah is, and this was a centre or some kept grill inner VM unseen, it's fucking infuriating it is.
So what's your infuriating also, is that we all know so or how come these people who are in power aren't in the know. Why cause via the uniting in then not to know that they are the official response right. So they look out. He's doing her job. She couldn t speak out of turn. She couldn't you get fired she couldn't. You say what she wants, even if she doesn't, even if she does I believe that it should be illegal she's, like I say that is not our job, her
job, is to do whatever the fucker superiors total due to stay, employed and nature. Her budget doesn't get caught ugly, exactly that's her job, so it's even her fall. That's, though, the fault of the system that they accept that the whole thing's preposterous doesn't doesn't hold up anymore well. This is why we have to play this game. The politics. You know we just one or one. I run a business and a good business, but we have to play this game relatives, because if we don't from the bottom effect change those people were at the top, then we then- and let them continue to create these laws. We could just go another twenty years with these bad laws. There's no reason for now. I think you're right, I'm just hoping that what's gonna go on. Is that, as you know, from the time that first got my lesson took today how much more open spend much more relaxed. People are much more accepting p bore of it and much more accepting amongst groaned Don't you see the attitudes of people, their changing people understanding
how beneficial how beneficial is especially for people who need it magically cancer patients things things almost those lines. Kids with Epilepsy Abd things on those lines is associated with a benefit from its. Hopefully it's on its way out although the laws are on their way out at any changes to disregard the experience of of the massive yeah, you don't exactly so unfair, and we're we're lucky to be an sorted, this social media age which can be annoyed. At times, but it also allows information. It move very quickly. So it's so if your kid is helped by having fewer seizures everybody's. You know about that twenty four hours, so Z, can't really suppress. Truth any longer and even text his polling positively florid is gonna pass it. You know, Pennsylvania, just passed it. It's the dominoes are falling. The dominoes are
calling a people at Chris Christie are going to be, as Amberline likes, to say on the wrong side of history, and that's just as no other way around it. It's just this guy's a fool he's a when, in his draft a shudder, contact marks. Listen vetch, frustrate, you're, primal blueprint darkened all right, that's it! denied everybody thank Aegina. Thank you. A J thanks, you read Van Rabbani, go show us Thursday, Denver Comedy works, and then we went there with George Parades and Ryan doing the following week. We're in New York with Legion escapes people understand fast, half was going fast, so Denver calmly works Thursday awesome spot tomorrow I'm at the ice house with Ian Edwards. Instead,
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