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#809 - Aubrey Marcus

2016-06-14 | 🔗
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.
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again experience you block hello world what's gonna umbrella man back from fuckin canada back from the last words that experience over you that experience who decides doing mushroom and running around the world by yourself hyades glue that exclude that for me like taken away of fires ability talk about fighting we're up canada bear hunting and already says do mushrooms run off into the worst i arrived i can understand that we are on the right path the outhouse fuckin most powerful man superpower focus bears as
telling you bears have come to me and my visions doing i'll ask on everything since the drop like from the very first time i was doing i lhasa bears were coming to me and teach me lessons and i was talking to him say okay lessons man the first it came was the first time it did i was gonna sought his bare and who is wrapped up in all these chains and was struggling against he's a gold chains like a mister t bear had like fuckin crown and these like heavy gold chains and use like stock and could move and the bear like stops use a kind of frantic trying to get out of this change stops and looks at me and he goes i remember when i was just a bare and i didn't have to worry about all this shit and as a lesson about the wealth that we have can become like a prison that holds us back and prevents us from being our true nature with the barrister natures it being a bare jason
after she had eaten shit climate trees but the wealth that had accumulated prevented it from doing what a bizarre where diet is that without whose teaching you acquitted what is that you're my information that what's going on with that i have no idea and an that's it just appear to me that's the funny thing like it so strange it feels real this is a spirit guide teaching about it very well could be imagination but man i'm not that create have to think about air and gold chains tell me a lesson about wealth i have thought on that we look at imagination and we say oh he's just imagining things but if thing in the world is from the machination every building every airplane every car every piece of clothing every computer everything came out of the imagination everything i think the imagination is something really fucking weird i think we're we have somehow or another we ve almost like
now i want to underestimate ably underrated we put it into this weird little category like it's silly thing oh you just imagining and that allows it to operate and i buy under rating it or by undervaluing it allows disorder rome free and do all of its work but its responsible for creating everything that we see the humans have ever done in the world it gets interesting for me too and you think about these mythical creatures like big foots and dragons and things like that when we create them we actually create the the light the neurons in our brain that form around that memory in that concept even if we draw monster we ve actually created that monster on unlike micro scale inside our brain and it's just we value this macro scale of the world where it actually breezes
but were actually assembling light in our brains to create that thing we're imagining you know it's just a very very small level and it doesn't have the freedom inflexibility but we are really truly creating entities all the time brain yeah really worn did about that with some aliens would that archetypal alien the iconic grow with the large black eyes in them like that brings real now it's a real thing i mean and whether or not you ever meet one of whether or not one exists in a physical state where you could drag on for the national choir photographers and get some good shots of it it's the real thing and what i mean by it's a real thing is if you do mushrooms you're fuckin see them you will see them and due to our you seeing them because who did mushrooms in your hallucinating or are you seeing them because we have created this archetype that plugs into the imagination easily and connects you to this thing
this is the imaginary world or this world that she added like the word imaginary because like every i've done a psychedelic i don't i don't like word imaginary because too it seems like it's some sort of a frequency that your tuning into where a real world exists that you can bring back anything physical from you now demand and i feel like it is entirely possible that what we think of as these these light gray aliens there like it almost like frequency of the universe that you can tune into whether on site alex or with your dreaming which is of course your brain producing its own psychedelic you brain for uses dime ethel trip to me my sleeping so these these things that we we think of ass being like all these imaginary things like aliens or bears talk to you or hagen's i wonder what the
fuck that really is all about it i think you're really onto something there it seems like theirs is archetypal frequency like a dragon is being of unlimited power and we ve met imagine what that would look like visually if that were an animal what does it look like and a dragon just fits that so fuckin perfect with the wings in the scales and stink smog from you no talk yeah you're looking at them like oh yeah that fits that thing you know when you think about a cold dispassionate calculating machine that is dissecting you like him then oh yeah alien with big eyes and the no not that its active so that no vagina either well then only that judges dispatched of it so they just like we ve we create this visual representation of this of this archetype even zeus like zeus should like like look like zeus looks like we're good at matching like the physical look of something to them
concept that is kind of very real yet we wouldn't trust zeus if he had like a dark goatee he's gotta have a fuckin white beard and white hair it was as why here right of everything zeus without wait here but mainly turning our kind said he turning the like a swan in if somebody in the golden messed and rape somebody who's mass rape is spurs constantly re but everybody is the bill caused real agent gotta go in as a goal is golden rain he raped somebody's gonna present as golden rain while that's rude certainly was a range of areas ranging at least given my heads who expects to go outside and by the rain god knows us convenient excuse of you got pregnant there is sprinkle with gold and i picketed zeus he's rayburn adieu there
what's he doing early years learning off his dad's there are good loners was the was the titan they were always cut nerve each others and then they would throw one i think he threw one in the ocean agreed at some other time is cut zone dad's dick life was hard back then man there was a hard world those people lydia fisher punted dick cuttin assholes no doubt i really do wonder like what i mean business so is it is an end in empty wonder there's no end to it there's no way you ever going to solve no one's gonna say oh we figured out exactly what's happening when you tripping on mushrooms and here what it is and this is why you know you see these things and this is what those things actually are and this is the party or brain creates them there absolutely not real how our there's the materialists reduction
point of view and something that sam ask explained very well when you takes of asylum and the default mode network your brain get starves of blood which starts at of oxygen which down regulates it allowing the other parts your brain to come forward like god it but then takes a sea like how that feels what that what comes through yet will visit a chemical process right but dinners the experience and the experiencing itself this is i mean if you heard me say this before but this is kind of important the experience is exactly the same whether or not it's enough legal form or whether or not it something that happens to you why you tripping the experiences of saint like if you have a trip and doing a trip you meet a golden serpent that explains the universe to you and it explains that ray single person is in fact a rubber temptation of what we think as love love or a god or creativity are some divine force that is pushing forward improvement
innovation and that it is the reason why life today is somewhat different than it was thirty years ago or thirty years before that a three hundred before that it will constantly keep improving and it is the way of the universe and that if you if you have it in a psychedelic trip it's exactly the same as if it happens to you i give you go to a field dragon rises out of a marsh and can once you with all the problems of your personality and all the mysteries of the past and gives you an understanding and a blueprint for how to move forward with your life and then goes back in a swamp success the sands of your tripling like the experience is the same like whether like while we found the dragon we ve located among gps look on google you can see the dragon moving through the mars is a real drag it doesnt matter like physically if it's a real drag it the expiring
it is the same and the impact that it has doubts and that's the thing that we are seeing now in these scientific inquiries is that it's not just you have this experience i go into moving you come back your relatively the same afterwards these are having the lasting impact in the significant changes throughout a lifetime that you would expect from a huge event like you just ascribe happening in the real world because it does feel real to you in and that the information you getting in the experiences you have it changes you it's not like you put it in this dream world like all that was weird i saw this person naked in my dream is different feels i kind of like random like you just shaken up some dice and thrown it this stuff comes to you in a way that just leave the significant impact yeah and the scientific reductionist point of view is really important because we really do need to understand what's the chemical process that's going on the brain when you consume we know whatever pay only whatever it is we need
understand meets its fascinating and hence its important for research and important that science keeps moving forward radio greater understanding of the mind but it can't disk what is happening as a human as a person as a as an entity with consciousness what's happening during experience i do you really are you can really talk to god we can meet him brochure mean you and i have met him together or met whatever the fuck we whatever that is when you're in the door empty room i don't know that is but it if there's a guy that's cooler than that holy shit and that's the thing it like the stories are not and could not inconsistent why don't you go to these i was greatly to have twenty people and seven have ample time to god that's the same do their describing it doesn't matter what religion background they come from yeah like pre discussed what this notion is it's like the wisdom that through from that element source
whatever you want to call it god or if you talk to mother that the wisdom is a consistent and it's weird that way you know it's like you never hear some like man that's strange it's really contradictory to what i what he told me i'd like to see some people given dm t like prove preferably the waste draftsman does it could strasbourg it is the anal plug that made him think that they aliens were sodomizing doesn't anal an plug there's like an author mohammed check your core temperature yes not good at had everybody thing in the aliens were raping the zoo stuff not the best idea yeah well i see well there you go like why wise that's why we think that aliens are raping us because of something in your brother's obviously thermometer like you you are you given knowledge of this phenomenon and you're but before you go in there you are right that they whisper in your i mean i just take its at the world itself is so fuckin slippery
adjust the world it's out the idea that i'm looking at you through my eyes were making noises with our faces and somehow or another were translating his back and forth to each other through this thing which is a microphone it works in a way that neither you nor i can describe to anybody jimmy prob again it goes through these wires ends its wirelessly people's phones mean these people the restraining right now live with their phone in their car driving around forty elsie the fuck world slippery shit that is now it's amazing how fast we adapt though early humans are really good at adapting to this new shit that comes it we almost adapt so fast we take it for granted way earlier than we shouldn't oh yeah that thank you got it you have won an article about that recently about how primate brains are sort of predisposed to being able to adapt incredibly quickly and that sort of make hence if you look at the wheel
variety of cultures throughout the world and what they think is normal what they accept like like those women in africa that those giant plates in their lips like how was like how did that get goin oil the next that they will stretch their necks out so far and then have those things it ex couldn't support themselves and there it is the primary brain is pre adapted to face potentially any situation really interesting article and i'm not gonna do a good job of it without someone reading it but that's that's title of its unfit dot org ph why ass dot org and it's the price that the title is the primate brains pre adapted to face potentially any situation just talks about how your brain serve calculates potential out
comes and all these different variables that could possibly take place so when it moves in that direction sorts set the landscape will you look at how we developed a new look at something like that genetic bottleneck theory where these big cataclysms would happen dramatically reduce the human pop nation you doing these macro changes on a global level while the most flexible and adaptive or going to survive the stubborn asses nope i'm not leaving my force for he is my home missus modeling motherland like fuck that forces bergmann guy got an ocean you gotta forget how to fish quick food in the water right about how to get that food online in your belly or you're not gonna make it not gonna make it as in those of the humans are to survive so that trade will continue to be one of the most important traits and obviously it comes to the surface in these large gale events yeah that's why i've always laughed like i told you and i know you you did you rented a place there recently too i rented a place and malibu for while on the beach and unlike what the fuck up
places this like you just banking that something that's constantly changing and moving and growing is gonna stick around long enough for your investment to pan out nervous he made an investment like these houses are worth fucking millions of dollars and there's no yard in the back causes the ocean and without a doubt that ocean is gonna keep moving forward is without a doubt it's like how much time do you have a long real estate game of musical chairs in i was at the house in the waves would hit underneath the house are the house would shake him those like like up i am for high tide earthquake waves like you'd counting on the there isn't that rogue fifteen footer that comes in and just wipes out your whole window i fucked up because the first day literally the first day we stay there i icon barbecued barbecued annetta
rules and we were downstairs there's three floors this house or renting in the first floor was literally the water you would you you open the window and jump in the water and it's a for foot drop and i am not exaggerating it's fuckin ridiculous and in the daytime it looks so amazing so beautiful and blue and lovely and they see the birds and ways so gentle and inviting but at night time in the dark it becomes a monster a giant doc the black uncaring beast there will swallow you hold and not give a fuck its absorbed a billion people before you absorb you just as easy and you realize the true nature of it when it's dark when it's dark you go oh this is like another world like you're it's like as if i've u can get ahead i rise and that high rise could like hit the edge of an alternative galaxy
it's like if you if you like climb onto your roof and throw rocks into the event horizon of a black hole and they would do appear into another galaxy that's almost what it's like it's another world ia and farther you get out into the deep raise gets rikers there's no limit on the depth yeah you're you're going over one of those chasms that are miles deepen fucking idea what animals are in there and that's where these ideas these crackings these beast the deep would come because allies with our subconscious its outer space but in our planet and underneath in the water you know so you're just looking at this like men something could definitely come up there any especially you know you don't have enough vitamin c or getting my son your little delirium then all of a sudden you fuck unseen mermaids and sea monster yeah they deem were found crack in suction cups what do they call those things where they call the the suction cups hungers at arrogant tentacled exists second
they found them in fossilized form but that would indicate some in its well over a hundred foot octopus so that was a real animal one point in time so this idea of the crowded some of those things is when they die just die like they're a soft tissue animal or they have as a beak in that gets absorbed by the ocean it is virtually no evidence other than these fossilized suction cups they found but when they found a new at home leave shit because you talking about you know like fuckin garbage can lids that are suction cups think like how big the fucking technical man jesus ice is like an aggressive garbage disposal was that has all the tentacles grab everything that is soft enough to get chopped by that be grab it push it in and smile as for africa and fast while there was another article recently the where these scientists were saying that essentially octopus is our aliens
there's nothing like them they have more chromosomes in any other observed animal their different than in the observed animal be besides cuttlefish their ability to rapidly adapt and camouflage themselves to their environment is unprecedented they change their texture they changed what they look like had remy warren on whose great guy he has a television show called apex predator and one of is one of his apex predator episodes an initial he's a hunter and he to be on the show called solo hunter where he would go by himself with i go a bunch of cameras and and just go deep deep into the woods and hunt and sort of x and a capture this experience in the sub really remote forests is a really cool way because it was literally just him like survivor man style with a few camera set up in hunting and then cooking the food needing it back in running into some like we're difficulties and dangers and strange animals wise out there too but he didn't happen
so on octopus and came in and was talk knows about it fuck in bloom i had no idea we now forty seven forty eight years although no idea that a fuckin octopus could do that they can change like that instantaneous i gotta think i've told the story on your before but i got to see one in fiji and watches fujian man hunt it and it was that one of the craziest experiences ever they were he was flowing over the coral and just act like you said half of his body would be one color half the other color was nervous it wasn't like it waited because we have always camelias in texas right you know these they plant somewhere in their some weird color that they're not supposed to be and then eventually they turn in the brown for tree barker green for the leaves or what there are but not locked postmen that shit is instant instantaneous and i was and when he was fighting it so he eventually like goes down their jams his hand in there and octopus bites him there's blood in the waters is crazy
but eventually jams his hand back in their pulls the octopus out and when he was fighting with the octopus on the surface the octopus new to go for his airway like it was wrapping kept wrapping its tentacles around his mouth and his nose is here trying to get this thing off his head like a knew exactly what it is doing those porn off so eventually wrestles is snorkel free and started beating yet at the calm down and he brought it to this i'm barbecued it now everybody else is just fuckin horrified at this shows is completely savage i mean who is the octopus trying to choke the airway of this primate and his primate being stronger and more determined in using snorkel is a bludgeon too to kill take it easy i think i'm gonna like activists is delicious by on my back off they're my below to fuck it smart for me to be eaten them but as you know that's again that biased it of of all of us
like if people say on others animals to intelligent to eat but their pask attain the probable eaten the fuck out of some octopus right which are way smarter than dear that's good point you know like so it's assist a weird it's a whole weird dynamic that we have what we decide we showed her couldn't do he's a good point four people that are higgins if you're a vague in and you think i need you need some form of protein other than like this think killing a shark if you need some sort of protein other than ethically raised chickens eggs which as you know harmless and doesn't hurt but but molluscs apparently there's a ring he'll good argument that they are incapable of feeling any pain at all then we'll have any fear they have zero emotions as your reaction to have one's active reaction to close their share and thence it like that barely an animal get you some cash you miss
ciao outta here will claim china skimmed milk in it was a casino oh that's right ok caching ok if you have now i just made it up for somebody do some in austin right now someone's opening up cash terrestrial i'm chowder fuckin food truck but like gum like a scarlet scallops are probably the most delicious around the planet power for pound the right up there and if their if they know they just like on meat thing it's like essentially what i'm saying is there is there like the of these scientists that developing meat in laboratory dishes there that with a hard shell with them and we need to go packaging i know a lot of regions that are absolutely nutritionally deficient they're not a vitamin d they not getting enough de three he did not get enough be twelve that deftly not getting enough essential fatty acids unless they're scooping coconut
an almond butter into their mouth every cia differently and you know they just their communities cause and so they're just physically not doing the best because of it i mean these start certain as you ve done you talked about the intelligence and plants you start looking at that and then verses mollusk their way smarter than a maoist yeah our molluscs and plants there now possibly fairly equivalent yeah so like that your whole cost as of of why you're not eating it gets a little blurry when you start during or plants a smarter shit and molluscs are wallace than they ve probably equivalent just one has the ability to move slightly more than the other one yeah the movement thing is something that we cling to we will we essentially cling to is things that are closest to us like we realise don't give a fuck about fish like were worried about people killing all the fish in the ocean were worried about the police in the ocean but well little kid catch the fish you go
go and look at the lower the interim page there's no hate you now a little kid shoe to bear backed a fuck up you dont want to read those comments you know if something is someone eats a bare like well that's too to a dog dogs my friend dogs you dislike he bore sallies my baby she's a dog and bears just like sally and i cannot bear the axis anthropomorphic nation like just putting human traits on different animals which i can totally see another some animals seem more human like we recognise more attributes than charles why a thing with wolves i am absolutely have some sort of a weird anthropomorphic nation thing with wolves where you know i think their only crime my favorite animals over the fuckin cools things of all time them they they have these packs they meet for life they d get together fuckin they have like this social group they have this really complex method of hunting where they communicate
with each other they will out to each other and they have a roll call i mean there are complex really intensest eighty i won't hold it again that they make for life excuse in the very evasive answer because their life is hardest fuck and it doesn't lastline can't be a pimp but apparently theirs documentary about a wolf and ironically enough called the black wolf and there was a black wolf there apparently wasn't fallen any the rules and this wolf would go a cry the highway away from the rest back in law the women or to him and he was back these women and female wolves obviously not women human the answer poor housing now in and then is actually gap technic actual bitches and the right way of saying it and wooden mate in wooden like fire a mate for life until he was old and their ways
they come back and start run and shit when he's old he came back gotta make started running things in just sort of settled down but it was things like this wolf had chosen a different way of life and the documentary on that's interesting because you know in in all of these i was good trips and all of these things i've talked to animals of all kinds of right and again this could be just pure imagination but in that they always have lessons are things that we discuss and one of the common themes is the
amount of free will that the animal has so when i talked to the insects and you really talk you don't talk to one in set you talked of insect over mine again good i'll just be my magic rang but helps me understand things a bit you talk to the insect over mine in the insects they basically we're like the trash keepers of the of the world like we have no flexibility for free will we all decided to go on strike the world's fucked you know nothing gets decompose there's no spare parts we run out of spare parts for the world everything nothing else gets built the whole thing goes a shit the food source of the very bottom so we have no freewill were perfect perfect creatures acting imperfect accordance with the laws of nature to allow it to happen where you get these things like the atop atomic towns like that
bigger wasp it no matter how much you fuck with thing they try to do the same thing over and over again or really that's that's perfect because it's doing absolutely what it must and then you go on up the up the chain towards the mammals and there's got to be greater and greater access to free well so you talk to like i've talked to dolphins and dolphins spirit was like super happy playful and they said no dolphins one of the best existences of all because we have greater access to free well we can choose to play we can choose to fuck we can choose these different elements getting food easy and saucer how easy it is to get through that getting food is easy for us and it is not a lot of natural predators so we have kind of the ultimate existence and we don't have the human brain which is the ultimate so tour now that's our own minds that lock us in these depressions and anxieties and housing dolphins don't have that level of self awareness that have created all the problem so it's almost like there in this perfect sweet spot and which is one
things that you feel when you encounter in both in real life and invasion is that they're just happy as far as their they have the most flexibility with the least amount of troubles that come from it and we were talking about this on though on the ride when we in edmonton nor in bird or rather and it was really interesting because we are talking about was it ben aubrey and that was telling us about a queen they got stuck in ones car queen bee that yeah car a queen garee got stuck in someone's car in the colony followed them for like twenty miles some insane amount of distance and in others guy was just getting fuckin followed by bees and figure out what the hell is going on there had a mandate there was was no free well there was no discussion whether not my mom i'm tired fine like they were just gonna fly to the end and they flew and found the skies car with the fucking
we need to know how i got resolved but our how they knew exactly but yeah that's it follows that that would be the that would be the behaviour because these they don't have the flexibility to do that because everything would fall apart in other like the perfect robots of of life and i think you know you start talking about these distinctions between life and in an artificial intelligence life i think really consciousness and free will are inextricably linked like that is kind of the key component guess these insects are alive but are they fully conscious you know i think it really depends on their access to free while their ability to make a choice i think that is the defining characteristic of consciousness is choice will that's another weird thing about people that are real in animals like won't will make a decision action between animals and insects like i have friends just fucking love animals they adopt dogs and cats and but the fuckin kill any bug
on a counter he held its currency does the above their counter that is are you bet you dead of his hand and harmless beetle overt legacy scale lands i'm slap you know there's no negotiating with with insects we find an insect they'd mean but they won't eat them which is weird it's one of those weird thing as cricket protein bar yeah but you know that just regan's don't eat eggs they don't need animal protein their responsible for the death listen i'm trying to put fine you guys if your video you regos again if you buy grain from store you are directly responsible for the death of countless bugs countless rodents who knows how many rabbits who knows how many dear funds if you buy anything that is in screw eminently collected with a combine and that's how they get grain they have huge machines we ve never seen it before jimmy poor by greece combine inaction because its
wow that is some alien machine sent down to shear the earth it's kind of fuckin it's a weird way we do and we used to do it with like the grim reaper sickle now that's all is to do it that cool thing with the delay and those on so it is safe and what's the diversion of civil society the russian thing right here i think it is our smaller one it's a handheld jamming method but when they use those things it's really it's that that's only one aspect of one of the things it's problematic about large scale collecting of food but look at this fuckin thing this enormous machine and this is not even a big one that's a fair early small one day the ones that are like a football field why the mega farm here this is like something like if you had a small fee you would do but anything it's in there is getting chewed up and one of things about fawns it's really unfortunate but fawns when there
young they will lie down in these fields and they don't move because they can't run they cannot run any predators so their strategies just not move and hope something doesn't find them and that's all so why those coloration on their bodies very differently the white spots which is kind of natures version of some sort of form of camouflaged blend in the but those poor fawns get chewed up and those things all the time i have a friend who is he is a large scale corn farm in illinois and they may not eight they make corn firm mostly for livestock they grow corn for livestock and they have those giant huge once they just chew fawns up all the time i think that the problem that a lot of people make as they a tribute morality to the actions you're taking rather than the intention behind it you know what i mean it and i like people make that mistake alot really so
hunting good or bad well that's it that's ridiculous question to ask it depends on the intention of the hunter while he's doing it you know and i think that's why a lot of people reserve this kind of native american idea as we feel and we understand that the intentions of that person that hunter was in a way that was different than the guy just look into the trophy on his right re monitors automatic guns that are on a camera that you know shootin animals that way it's not the act that either good nor bad nor is it vague in good norman it's about the intentions behind it and i think people tend to lose that perspective you know so that's when when i was in bear camp that's what i needed to get straight is what my intentions were if i was going after the hunter bear so i would be cool in cameroon i was cool and everybody in the hunting party be idea but that was the wrong intention for me so that's what a lot of the work was that's what the part about the taken the measures is forced to make
that my intention in doing it was the right intention and that and what was that intention while it to me with some part meet acquisition i wanted to you know have that experience of taking my own meat from the field which was incredibly powerful for me the first time i wanted and that i wanted to have three of the use the the and use the clause for jewelry and really connect with that but you know so that if that the intention was leading than it was a correct action for me if that intention was leading and i was doing it because doing so nervous or any other way than wasn't immoral act for me and that's to me how i just kind of sorted it out so i was able to get to that comfortable place where i knew that i if the bare came the right the right bore came i was gonna do it for the ride intention cause i'd work through all of the other forces and pressures that
desire to be cool or the desire for this are all these other reasons that would have made that act not cool i worked through those that is best i could and so i knew of the bear came i was comfortable killing and i had no idea in my head that this was the wrong thing because my intentions were right will also your intentions me you had many opportunities to kill a bear as an eye but what we go for is very big mature bears for a couple reasons one because very big mature bears kill cubs it's one of their favorite things to eat when they come out a hibernation which is really fucked up they actively hunt cubs they go form they even go into dance and pull them out a dance and kill them there's a lot of this debate as to why they do that the initial thought was that it brings the female back an asterisk and that the bare can breed with the female and that that way that bears passing on his genetics but there's some
scientists some biologists and wildlife biologist i believe that a student from meat there's a lot of competition out there and its hard to get me in this is meat and they ve got accustomed to it and whether their doing it because they're hungry or whether they're doing it because they what they want to see me to survive and come back and heat and breed again either way there they're killing cup and their limiting the dna their limiting the genetics and it's not good for the overall population of the bears so the ideas when you kill the large male bores what you doing as your actually enhancing the genetics of the area and your saving the cubs so you know it seems counter intuitive when you kill bores you're actually incurred seeing the population bears to really weird when you when you you know when you look at it outside of the world of hunting we don't have all the information at your fingerprints
you have this idea that like hunters alike does guys in that wolverine movie that were poisoning the bare gypsy then there that's always in the movies are always assholes kill embarrassed in the meanwhile but real sit down these mistakes as if a guy ferry we're we're so fuckin torture didn't and twisted when it comes to our morality but the yard also the big one is the population of the traditional game animals like the moose and the dear and the elk they get decimated by bears and it's the fonts so all the funds and all the calves and that's a huge problem those are those regions like alberta where we were witches overrun with bears i mean did you ever a man january i see that many barriers in the first night we're out there there is eight nine different bears just cruising around crazy all within five to fifteen twenty hardier crazy it was insane in one of the stories i can't hold i think gave me one of the biggest lessons and take away
of of the trip for me was many you told about there is a mother with her cubs and the calves are kind of cruising around and then a boar big male bear came in and then killed one of the cubs and i think the mother like scared or off a scared off the boar and so those just a dead cub that she had there and so for a moment the mother kind of like wanders around and look like she was like morning the death of this got but just for a moment and then within minutes seconds it was eating the cub the other was eating around and that was like a really we humans have idea of this trauma that we carry like a far far kid got got killed you know we would carry that trauma for the rest of her life for the bare yet there was a moment of recognition but bears are constantly living in the present moment they're like the embodiment of the present moment and in the present moment that death happened in the past that death was over what's there now is there's meat on the ground that will feed her and provide you know an opportunity for her to live long
provide for the rest of her cup so it's a simple decision at that point if we don't carry the traumas of our past with us there's meat on the ground you eat meat that simple that simple thing in that way it's why like nature is really perfect because nature is always in the present moment like i was blast on the mushrooms and went to that bear carcass near where cam and killed his bare they had this just decomposing barracks which you have taken mushrooms and seeing decomposing
air carcass with my home i wasn't really that decomposing like was at one for no night but i will run from a week before goes like there is another one that they already taken all the skin and all the media of suggest the bones in the organs that were there in camp had his his barriers still nice wasn't even smelling earning elect a great fresh but this other bear which is right in the same area is really interesting because those are very aware of the forest around didn't i just looked at the forest around it and the forest was not morning the death of the bear the full she's in the present moment it was just going about the business of returning that bear to spare parts it had no traumatic memory of that incident
and it's really how how nature acts perfectly because it's always in the present moment like this the body doesn't weep for the death of a cell in ourselves die all the time but the bodies in the present so it just carries on it doesn't carry that trauma with it you know and ultimately the forest doesn't we for the death of the bear and ultimately the cosmos won't weep for the death of the earth when the sun explodes no you know like everything will just be in the present and that's that's where you have this the ease of all the suffering is so much of our own suffering is were carrying all these dead bodies of the past with us all the time in these expectations of the future and that's where we get so fucked up but we really look to nature nature has this allure in this beauty because it's just constant presence and body it's just looking at the bleeding edge of now and making decisions based upon that rather than these mental constructs yes is beautifully intense system that is constantly moving is
constantly moving forward is one of the things that i find so attractive wolves and i think many people they're so romantic in that their there distance is so vibrant and powerful and so brief enough if as super lucky they get to ten now they getting married imagine you know me my my middle daughters eight years old like wrap your head around that a wolf like almost dead like dogs it's ten he's almost done you know he's got a grey oliver his face and limps when he walks now and he likes to lay down mostly now that's that's wolf man ten years it's all there yet but during this ten year flock they live they're just run and howling together and grab and back that's one the crazy things about wolves to that i admire in some sort of real fucked up way that they kill for fun like they sport kill out
in its people that love animals when you bring that up they defended the death oh my god they go off about it and no other animals you're probably second or technical nope but they're having a fuckin blast their running around and tearing these elk apart we were talking about a couple weeks ago they found nineteen dead elk that these wolves didn't even eat they come surplus kills they just go and rampages now i have a friend of mine who lives up and b c and he said well and d like sheep like they'll find like pan of sheep and killed nineteen twenty of amnesia ripple apart don't give a fuck they don't fuck they're just haven't fun it's part of they are that like we have this like it tents romantic connection two wars is likely to have a little bit of us arsenal the little bit a party in them now there the linen shit and having a good old time and they have bad
those with each other to see who becomes the king now it's so did you see a video recently avowed these folks were in canada and they were driving down the highway and as they were driving they saw these mountain goats running or sheep running away from a wolf and the wolf chasing them and the wolf tackles the foe in sheep and kills it instantly right in front of its always fuckin canada like that more they killed the bare see if you can find it evokes it's pretty cool and it's pretty cool see wolf takes out sheep mountain yeah rocky mountain cheap but that when the wolf took out the sheep he carries thing up the side of the hill like you we carry like a five year old and it's like things like his eyes and he just grabs it with us ace here it is see these see he breaks away will back up a little bits he could see and give us
some volume like this it breaks off was this big that's a rap where our group's it apart instantly look at tat instant death i mean there's no quicker kill in a wolf and a sheep i mean it's it's it's it's still breathing but its neck snapped and it's done for computer animal that warfare is now watch any grabs it i'd get over your bitch you this don't open window to idea he might come and its way pry wouldn't knows that that sheep right there people protests like shit parties like she knows and cigarettes the fucking animals is it such a fuckin majestic animal i think that's why we we have such a of of were to people among animals so much is because
not carrying around all the bullshit that we are just living full and presently and they're not straddled with these concepts of morality in these different they there just living to the most of their directive in the present you have the the idea of eternity with you it's like there's you not worried about this other stuff so they do not do you just go and you just marking live to the very fullest and we can count those meant that we have is our best moments in life you know and we can recall maybe dozens of times if we're lucky they'll be hundreds of times and those in a normal person's life where they're just totally president embodied free doing exactly what fuck and want to do yet and in a lot of ways the world we have constructed the modern world with social media and with cod currently being inundated with new new stories that have almost nothing to do with you there on the other side of the world you know someone got shot on the other side of the planet someone fell off of a mountain of this guy who died in a fiery car accident
thousand miles from you mean all this stuff is like constantly going on conflict and agile you and is it makes it really difficult focus on the actual life that you're living mean who we are you're getting too much data i think that's that's one element but i think the more toxic element is the look at me element which is here's what i'm doing this i hear me snapped shabbiness because it puts us about ticket should the emperor ramstein foot i really puts the awareness of other people watching you into this in front of her mind you know like right now thousands fucked up smile i just gave up because i think you are taking a picture of me so changed my baby was handed it wasn't normal then that's what we're doing constantly we we have this idea that everybody's looking at us onward it's up we're like we're really are the stage actors that was that famous line from you know what shakespeare and we all but actors in the world is a stage while with
social media becomes that always is acting and playing this role that's not are authentic self bear down ass on the grass like what the fuck is this thing let me get back in touch with the monkey and figure out what feels good for him when i want to do and it becomes your world a guy your world but it becomes your world when when you're one of those yoga booty girls just sticks are ass up in the air for all or instagram pictures now god bless and god bless them think i think other out there but when there's a guy like that that has five million instagram followers in her notifications are constantly coming and she's checking your likes and damn girl you hot damn girl you five oh shit can i get which you and they looking at all their comments and they get all that love and all that attention then that becomes them and then mean i would hope that their well rounded they also read books and they also do a lot of other things in the mediterranean gallagher and really getting but its highly like they they dont its highly like
lee that they just stare the pictures of their own ass and go back to the gym reunification in time in a day and do dead lives and just a proud that ass up and thinking about getting fat injected into it like a rise to what people fail the realises that that in itself is pressure and that pressure needs a response of equal magnitude and ordered bouncy it's like all these people with it with fame in especially aim that you really didn't work that hard for instance i think where we're athletes and cannot just celebrities pop culture celebrities rinsed scams celebrities have a little bit of a different feel because that athlete knows all the fuckin quiet moments like staff curry knows all of those hundreds of thousands of shots he took when nobody was watching dribbling around and practising practising so when he gets out there his what he's doing in what is known for it makes sense in the south
it's a grounded in something but all of a sudden you have a great ass and the ability to take a decent photo and you're you ve got the reach of five million people i think that amount of pressure they fucks with you and you have to take extreme measures to counteract that and get yourself background it again more time in nature meditation float tank eating we whatever you want to do you know find that other thing to counteract that recognize it for what it is and don't just look at the positive aspect of it look at the negative that its having because i think if you don't we see the effects of that all the time we see the robin williams we see in other people who are dying of these overdoses it ostensibly should be happy as fuck but they're not they haven't dealt with the pressure of fame way that's as aggressive as the pressure that its caused yeah robin winged might not be the best example because we had a bobcat in the other day and bobcat was really good friend robins and robin was diagnosed with several illnesses one of whom was parkinson's but there was another one there was a brain
an illness that he was i note with do remember the name of jamie louie body disease yeah but it direct the effects the way he perceived the world like he had a real issue hello gleamer area ladders bacchanalian dinah batman nor without the joker wasn't for heat led richer yeah you know he's a pilgrim the focus of the pressure but their responding to the pressure in a way that yeah dilatory is for their life rather than responding the pressure being like man this is fucked up all of these people looking at me i gotta do some other work yes site is not pushing them in that way either there to say more and more and more get another rule more followers rag you know it's like the demon voice you have from your act like they have that fuckin vague ahead and the other guy like hey man fuck and on a vision like minds mountains by yourself where nobody is watching and you don't have to act at all you can just be you
was i wrote a no earlier because we're talking about depression and i've always wondered if the depression the people see in mass today so much depression that people minors it's a common trade like it's it's a common condition oh he suffers from depression she suffers from depression like always get got herpes you know you don't mean it's like it's it's a common thing i've ways wondered i've been wondering more and more recently it really hit me when i have ever seen hindmost arctic adventure was on the first of vice pieces that ever so i think the first vice peace ever saw in fact now the first one was david show lookin for dinosaur in the amazon or was he in the congo at using a condom david joseph fuckin crazy i love the car but my dad
guys whereas i got hundred million dollars would to africa look for a fuckin dies or the deftly doesn't exist but a vice is done some awesome stuff but one of the things they did that was really interesting was as is guide seems hindmost i think that's you say eighty i m here it is hi mose high mo i had an end in there i think high most artic refuge and sky lives in this incredibly remote area of the arctic national wildlife refuge and now the alaskan interior and he he lives in this really small log cabin and he and gathers that's all he does and he's very smart he's not a dummy at all and he's been up there he lives with his wife and his raise children up there and so really really there's some dark moments in them because they live
like this from the time like when they had children up there and they lost their two year old baby in a fuckin canoe like they tipped over in a canoe and lost their kid and it's like it's really intense when they re visit the site and leave flowers and it was like thirty years ago and they had several children since then but this moment is still active intense motor of loss for them when they lost their baby but it's fuckin guy is very happy and very very smart and very connected and very articulate and heave firmly believes that human beings when we evolved and developed and were hunter gatherers that there's a say of rewards is reward systems that are set up inside the human body inside that deal with the very being that we embody that don't get mad in today's society and it's one of the things to causing depression why things is causing this
the people were m is that were living our lives many of us at least in these very unfulfilling ways you're going to this office with artificial light you doing something you don't want to do all day long and they get home you're tired and on top of that you're eating shit you're eating potato chips in you drink and soda have to go hunting you don't have to go fishing just cause fuckin hike man just go hike up to the top of the mountain and look out you know there's a to be looking for animals are gathering vegetables we're supposed to be doing all these things that our bodies designed to do which was to be in nature and nature is like a medicine i get literally is a medicine to you i'd people people to go you don't have go hunting you don't have to go fishing just gonna fuckin hike man just go hike up to top of the mountain and look out you know there's a reward that you get from that that is intensely like soul feeling does like some thing about like when i was in colorado
and there was this this area of bolder we drive up one of these roads in this area we could park and it was this incredible view man these people just park and just go out there and just look but you get there hark eu gulf coast he would see you literally seeing the continental divide the snow have mountains in july in july is covered with snow because mounds and give a flawed active does this no new perspective on it and i think nature i think of it the isa suffering is always in present this you know when you're in present this truly locked in and present there is no suffering there can be pain but no suffering suffering is an is something created by our own minds link nature is one of the great ways to do this because means we we learn we take cues from our environment and nature i was saying earlier is always in the present you know there's a natural presently of all the animals everything around you where did you get around a bunch of people watching housewives and stressed about this topic
you're going to take on that energy too and you're gonna lose your present as because of your surrounding so it's like this ultimate re grounding tool will we get back to ah present home again and that such a fucking key element to human happiness and i think the other key element is having something were were fighting for we know how a mission i think we're all forces and that force needs to have an effect needs to have a reason that it's moving in a certain direction and i think with all our needs and all of our needs matt you know where we don't have to hunt for food we don't have to acquire everything everything's relatively easy and it's all about investment in all this we ve lost a lot of the basic mission which was the mission to survive and procreate you now so and we haven't replaced it with any other universes mission should i think one of the the big allures of these things like
wars and these things are creating an enemy will at least then you have a mission and when you have a mission human beings are happy you know like bertrand russell talked about he did but conquest to happiness nazism fucked up attributes everytime i bring em up people talk about his fucked up an as yet i was in for knowledge any might have been a racist what everybody has a philosopher smoke constantly but anyway he talked about the happiest person he knew the happiest person he could find was grounds keeper on a manner who every day woke up and was at war with the rabbits of you just declared that the rabbit's with a fucking enemy and he would go out with his gun and he would hunt as many as possible and you'd go more to tat night and you'd hills many rabbits is good because it was it the rabbits were the ones eating the hedges and the flowers and whatever so he basically made the rabbits his enemy and struck out every single data shows many rabbits as possible and that dude according to bertrand russell was happy as fuck he had a task he had a task
he had a purpose you know he had a mission my mission is to destroy the rabbits i saw the dog like that either the happiest dog over his name's frank sinatra and he was a pitiful that all lived for was killing lizards and my my old house not the houses with now but my old house this one is on a hill this is one wall where these lists would run up the wall and so frank i would literally let him out in the morning any fuckin bolt out their doors i time going to war like anyone rime and go look for these lizards and he would stand any bravo would just watch it and marvel he black fuck man is dog does is every gave his dog does this every day but this is what he loves you do and he would go there and you would have his paws on the wall you're crazy would jump up and try to grab a lizard occasionally he would get one indeed black falcon and he would get one they would go looking for another one he would cover only is pre big yard so he would
wandering around the yard look for anything else if fucked up anything else that it was slipping those countries unfortunately twice so how to take him to the hospital because you get bit by rattlesnakes because rattlesnakes or slip into apparently he killed the rattlesnakes but the rules makes blocked him up like a water balloons go outside of his head bolton my dogs is by the way that's a real problem if you don't have the money to pay for the serum super expensive it was several thousand dollars to treat them for this rattlesnake venom anti venom shit it's like i was like man what if those poor would have that's a whole fucked up system like they're u they inject horses with the van and they ll get the antibodies from the ashes excitedly archaic system i think my friend donald schulz is working and if he's a big snake handler guy he's working on ways to innovate around that because it's kind of like a real backwards system that day of how you get anti venom well a horse survive so let's just fuckin sword
the venom in there and what the antibodies from the horse and then it's a weird weird thing they do it yeah well that's a real problem with people that are visions of your vision you don't use any animal products he a bit by rattlesnake yet two choices promise you morals or that's arap you know but this was so goddamn happy he had missions now he would go out the yard and he wasn't board he was legally used only for a war come on man used like see a dude i don't wanna till he was caught by the heads of mission and i think you can see that in the people who are the most unhappy they seem aimless yeah like what am i here for why am i doing this nothing makes sense in our own i've even felt that in my own life and you know i know what my mission hears first my mission is to expand human consciousness to help people be happy like that
really what i find my greatest purpose in but every once in awhile i'll get this kind of like fuck people attitude maybe someone said some fucked up shit and i can't people fucking suck but people and then at that point that's when i'm actually as you know cause i've lost my mission instead of having a mission i guess my mission is human consciousness all the sudden psych fuck people fuck that mission though figure it out and then i'm depressed as i've lost my purse this is very hard to rise above like literally when something that happens realize like oh you ve just your ears countering one diseased individual you gotta look at the mass of humanity like it when you who encounter one diseased individual its itself this guy who shot up that night club in orlando you you you're looking at one diseased individual and if you say man people fuckin cyclical what they did what how many people that are responding with rainbows on their twitter pages in love and and and all the best wishes to those folks they got killed and other minos looking at this guy
page is an animal lover who was organizing people to go to the homes of the victims and see if they have pets are trapped in others this beautiful people out there there's more beautiful pete this this is i doubt not just the safest the easiest is the happiest time in terms of like bees nimble tell a reach out and and and send love to people and have people send love to you but just occasionally you run in accounts in the constant self but the beauty is out there too it is not as dramatic and it doesn't impose upon us as forcefully but we if we just look it's around all the time we run in the good people all the time but you just make eye contact with that good person that kid is just look inaction is creating that little smiling i oh yeah the good of you man the fact that we really are love being expressed in a outwardly all the time these other delusions they get in the way of what we're oddly attracted to negative
two it's almost like we look at activity online or that you run into his like a possibility of war i guess you'll again fuckin drums beating cod there's an army on the background to coming they're coming but you know it's like this this real impulse to sort of bat down the hatches on really to some fuckin thirty six year old loser sitten his parents basement in a farming and smelling zone forts and angry online mean that really what a lot of your doing what you really you're dealing with like really sick people like people that have for whatever reason they have not found their path not found any happiness in our founding fulfilment didn't did they haven't found any growth there just stifled or raw and some sort of a weird wages hasn't really worked for them and so there there lashing out the lashing the world and you run into one of those people suck yeah that's the initial response and then the more conscious responses to look at him be and have compassion
yeah you know that's not a right that is hard to do and in our system is based upon that even if you look at the u s penal system it's very much about punishment was we watch that that a document that michael morbid who to invade ness where they go to norway they have a whole different idea of what the penal system is for its about restoring human dignity in cultivating a change really making change in the person not about punishment it's about its about actually changing that individual so it doesn't do it again and then you look at the recidivism rates between our prisons and norway's prisons and they're just dramatically different that impulse to punish immediately you know is not the healthiest impulse
rice going to create more issues down the road you're not rehabilitating anybody here just taking even more broken people and putting around the world and hoping that can and do the broken think what's not gonna fuck and work in other the right impulse is always that compassion and looking to see as if that was you how all these fucked up elements of the world and choices are not overriding the fact that they had choices and all this are not free of guilt but look look at that like this is the person that just made some bad choice mrs and had some tough shit to deal with and couldn't overcome it the resistance in the video game was higher than his skill said and he was unable to to choose to work and choose to that the positive elements seven alarmed overcome it yeah it's it's also norway's dealing with far fewer people true that's that's a good thing for them it's also they don't have that call girls mentality that we have set when we were so wrapped up in success
also in punishment mean that that is a big aspect of our culture like punishment and i mean like anyway and does anything wrong online the amount of people that feel like it's their job to shame that person and embarrassed that person and insult that person it's crazy to watch thing goes down it's also it's all so counterproductive and i see that in the people shaming people for appropriation right so let's say for example someone wears a head dress at a fuckin festival right there probably mildly they're not doing it to mock the native americans most likely probably like a mild creation and interest i think this cool i'm in a place and you know and then all of a sudden they get all this intense hate in shame and putting all this stuff all of these intentions on them that weren't true again going back to him point about morality son about the act it's about the intentions of the act but right now we make it all about the act oh you are this headdress that means are insulting thousands of you
of native americans your pressing your appropriating i know i fuckin wasn't gonna fuckin head address but then all of a sudden that imprint will create trauma and that trauma we'll have a poisonous impact there or make them feel weird and make them want to do that other people s thoughts like your in injecting someone with the like a hate virus they're gonna then pass on to other people rather than doing the opposite spreading the love herpes where the ads is contagious positive that goes the other way and we have those choices with how to deal with people but more often than not we come with this thing punish and create more trauma which triggers their own self judge in their own self hate lowers their own self love and then they're going to pass that off to kids family members people around them and there's just two sets of dominoes that we can choose to take to take either path and the concept of coped culture appropriation is so stupid because culture itself is bullshit culture itself is
a bunch of shit the people have done over and over again as a habit so yeah idea that no one should appropriate someone's other bullshit habits is so fuckin ridiculous like you should wear your hair like tat because other dummies wherein they her like that for a hundred years knavery they ve decide that this is a very they own the dread lock you now are they own the braids they it's fuckin nonsense its nonsense and it's just one of those things it michael shermer likes to call virtue signalling where are you you see someone who is doing something and in chastity now you're not just trying to stop them from doing it you're also letting the world know how ethical and how much while you are so you get a lot of like really goofy fuckin white people mad at other white people for doing things they deem to be cultural procreation and it's one thing if your d billy embedded in rooted in that culture like what is that thing that hindu people put there therefore head when they're in love i want to know and love
but the third i am symbol on that i think it something to do with love is it a bit these are what it is andy while i've seen people get upset at people you know appropriating mad and like what is that you can you give a stick or in your head man for real but how about us we're we're in tat use clearly yet someone's culture i mean the car the we have is fairly american i guess but meyer legged arundel of dover did mine and sort of a japanese guile happenings that's my ribs gets this is sort of culture appropriate anytime where we need all the best ideas ever you know what i mean like we need to bring everything that's good and everything that made sense and everything that can tat people back into something positive we need all of that stuff we have a winning so we need to gather all the best practices of the culture that's the fuckin beautiful part at a time when we can go eat moroccan food or chinese food or japanese
we can go enjoy all of these things and we need all of this enjoyment because there's all other fucked up stuff going on as well that we have to deal with so i mean i just have such the opposite idea that you know like teslas doing with his patent this idea of protecting hold this is our own shit nobody else get it that's to the detriment of the world but he everybody should want to share all the ideas and best practices that they have been like me seek lay doing psychedelic happy you're not my fuckers that doesn't make any sense you gonna talk about and say that this is what work for me this is hey how can you i know how can you improve yourself to my ironically that's what people believe pay the biblical scholars who have studied the connect between psychedelic some ancient religions that they believe where it all went wrong as they try to hold back these academic rituals and hide them from com
bring armies and that's what john marco allegro believed that christianity was really initially all about it was about writing down these things in the bible in peril in hiding them in these stories and that the stories were to mascot from the conquerors from being conquered by the roman army now and then really the opposite is what they need the aim is to share this open source it as widely as possible so you look at that period its riddled with war and atrocities and all this fucked up stuff that's happened in the human rights record and in the archaeological record now cities built destroy bill destroyed barbarian balboa then you go take the counterpoint to that to a culture ancient even in peru which archaeological ii has been shown that four seven hundred years there was no records of war in this region around shoving and the curators of watch humour the plant medicine which enhances ceretani very hard opening medicine talked about on spyker but they would give it to every
body you just showed up may be brought a sea shells give maybe did didn't matter they would hold these open ceremonies for everybody you came kings peasants doesn't they didn't differ differentiate they were offering this to everybody and everybody was just more open and the records of war and the destruction and that is just not there in the archaeological record and it has a lot to do i'll see you can't prove causation but the correlation between them open sourcing these psychedelic rituals to everybody and their not being warfare hundreds and hundreds of years is absolutely there and that's should it is where people went wrong cuz they tried to hoard information for power because that knowledge of course you lose power if you have the knowledge and only you have it you'll have power over people who don't where is real you no heart base power leading with your heart ford just open source all that all sort itself out yea it only makes sense that if you want the world that you
live in to be a better place you ve gotta tell the things have may tell people the things you have made your life better eggs and major i fucked up don't hide that city they don't pretend like you're perfect and things don't fuck you often everything is good that people need to hear all hell yeah tried this thing is fuckin terrible wouldn't want to do that and i haven't they possibly have known that thousands of years ago you know i mean it's i would love to have gone back in time i would love to go back in time like several thousand years just be invisible being some sort of invisible cohen protection and just sit down in a village an ancient days and somewhere in a really populated area of the world with its greece or rome or wherever and just try to try to take in what these fuckin p or do on how they were living and look at what they when their essentially like they're not just our ancestors there
think we can look at ancient cultures and anxious societies and see if we look back see all their weird crazy stories and traditions in the way they sort of established their government and would look at what we're doing now and if you sort of rabelais deep into the future like where we're like these are is it just it's not that long ago to small little blip in time and his we see some sort of a process going on some sort of a process improvement and of innovation in some sort of a weird way innovation of culture and society in communication and i think that's one thing and we're dealing with now at this age of information and all the the data that we have to sift through and all the communication we have to sift through what becoming some new thing and it happening in our lifetime and it's happening in a really fuckin confusing way and it's one of the thing that makes people yearn for the past it makes
people yearn for the good old days in now eggs a slogan like donald trump keep america or make amerika great again but the fact is that means it's never been better has never been better than right now would make amerika great again like how could it be greater like one is inevitable better than right now for any but it is a safe is time there's most communication is the most information available does the most medicine available medical science can save people you can live healthier laws we know more about nutrition we understand more about the body like one was a better and and still wherein this weird transitional period that i think we all can and can notice because truth hasn't percolated down to the rest of the rest of society its and it's it's a frustrating point like we know that people should not be getting thrown in jail for marijuana like that's not a debatable fact like the act throwing him in jail is bad for the person they act of taking the marijuana is not bad for society there's the truth is there
but still were in this lag and the lag is really frustrating annabelle because in it but that's just the dutch the nature of it it's like when you go from switching from mcdonald's to starting eat healthy and drinking caille shakes the body doesn't respond instantly you know you have to be she with a body like it's not just cause you change your mind the mine is instant you can change your mind and instantly its changed but the body is different and so a society like it's gonna take a while for truth the percolate all the way through and in the process like if you switch from mcdonald's to going on a juice fat i feel like shit you know all the toxins are going to come up everything is gonna bubble up through the body and you can have this massive detoxification period where you actually feel worse than if you just continue to eat mcdonald's all the time because of bodies gonna go through the process of a re acclimated to a new way i think we're in
little bit at that stage now where truth is come out in a lot of different aspects of things but it hasn't percolated all the way through so we're going through this kind of societal detox where we have applied the knowledge that is that is there readily available i have feelings on a tour i think that a lot of resistance to new knowledge new information and even their resistance to freedom like there the marijuana laws and a lot of things that we deeply deeply disagree with that decision all in some sort of a way fuelling change that the risk distance actually fires people up and makes them more motivated to move forward and actually it it strengthens the resolve of the resistance to know that their show much ignorance out there in the world like once slob like chris christie starts going on about nonsense saying how d jurists marijuana is meanwhile he's coal literally abusing the fuck out of his meat vehicle i mean that
if anybody should not talk about health and conflict winces of negative actions it's someone who's morbidly obese whose already gone through fuckin stomach surgery and still morbidly obese but that guy whether he knows it or not through his ignorant statements has fuelled massive amount of resistance is people that have like fuckin dub down on their resolve because of the stupid shit that he said and actually fuels things in in a positive way and in a horrible way even a mass killing of gay people like what happen door lando horrible terrible tragedy but old mentally that's not going to stop people from being gay what it's gonna do is gonna fuel people like you and me who have nothing but love and acceptance for everybody regardless of your sexual persuasion to double down on that to get that out more and that's where other people and
twitter and instagram and facebook and all the social media posts about love and respect acting and not giving a fuck i've seen our know how a fucking means from that bit that i did others two reasons to hate gay marriage you know you you're either dammit secretly worthy dexter delicious that is fuckin all we place after one of these things happen and and then a million other ones like it and a million other rainbows and hearts in the shape of a rainbow its people double down on their backs captains double down the resolve in there might be some people that were on the fence they might had some negative ideas about gay people and see all this single man you can't fucking kill people in a night club just because their data crazy and then they might open their mind a little bit more and then they might read a little bit more then they might see an interview with some gay people that are holding hands and go well why do i give a fuck like what is this what is it legion what some ancient stew
tradition is it cultural procreation like what is it what it wanted about this idea that people should or shouldn't love people of one sex or another section and if they do love em they definition fuck em of you like we're we're really good friends we ve never factor hope we never did you not say unlike what it would it why would anybody care of you love somebody and then you wind up touching your body with and pleasure in each other like to some people that becomes is taboo worthy of violence inevitable game you need resistance in order to test your skills and improve in in a weight room and these horrific acts is horrible breakable as they are in fact fuel people to be we have all been in more understanding it's like the more you push back the more the resistance grows and that's the point that you always fall back on its absolutely honour percent right i mean the obstacle is the way these things
that in any video game you need resistance in order to test your skills and improve in oh and await room you need gravity and the additional weight to stress your body so that you respond and that's the same case with with all of these elements we underestimate the value of resistance and the great constant reminder like yeah there's a lot of fucked up things that happen but that resistance will allow us to cultivate our own consciousness and our own love in a much greater way then than if it wasn't there you know and so in a lot of ways to really grow you have to seek out you have to seek out research since in your own life in society in order come naturally in society but put yourself up against your own fears to grow and put yourself against it and when these things do happen they are great natural things that you can rally behind and then bring forth your best asked attributes and best aspects because that's what that's what allows us to
its resistance absolutely i mean that's what working out is that mean it's pretty obvious like if you don't train hard your body does not grow if you don't put forth effort your body does not get stronger or you don't get more endurance unless you push yourself there's only one way and it's you got to go see who something hard in order to get some good out of it there's no other way and that's one of those weirder things about being a person and really it comes down to the people also one of the things that have been ranting about a lot lately is choice i'm people this we live in a society that loves to take choice from us and say i everything is a disease everything is privilege everything is this thing you know you really didn't have a choice because there were these pre conceive conditions and a really is robbing us of choice because with if we accept our inherent superpower which is choice than we have responsibility for who we are and if we have responsibility for whom we are all of us have such a
our self judge that every failing we have if we say well it was up to us the judge just beats us to death about its we'd rather shrug our responsibility in and go with our hands up to the judge judge it was my fault was my fault because we have such a harsh self judge in our own head that that we intend to do that so we we give up our inherent superpower which is twice because we don't want to take the responsibility but at any point we can take that back and you have to deal with the judge and you deal with the judge by making a pact to always forgive you sell forgive yourself for any of the fucked things that have happened and just accept that we're all imperfect this idea of perfection is nonsense we're all going to fuck up we're all going to make mistakes and so the judge is this is nonsense you know it's like we're all going to have come to the place we are you not through any variety of channels and wait that's gonna be an imperfect path no matter what so continue to pound that own in a message of self love and forgiveness and then
we harness that element of choice so that we and then decide what we want to be who we want to be what we want to go and put our entire fourth and yeah maybe not everything is possible but what better things to do than tended fail the cause of your greatest wish in your greatest intention your greatest desire i mean that's the ultimate warriors death that's what they would talk about with allah to find an enemy worthy enough to kill me in battle that was the the autumn idea and we can all choose those battles and choose that thing that we are fighting for it fuck if we fail so what but lisa we're going out on that way you know we'll go out with a smile a hundred percent of the time but it starts with ray harnessing that choice the worse people that you know are the people i don't have a good self judge that everything they do is awesome those motherfucker never grow anyway that's a huge issue with common when you run into people that have a terrible comedy sets but think they did great like we would always
greg fitzsimons and i will do is talk about that with like open makers like there's people that here phantom labs like they think they're doing great and they have this delusional self opinion where everything they he was awesome they don't know why they're not successful ready then known a why they're not famous and those people i believe mean some sort of a weird narcissistic way you could look at it this way that those people there to teach you this is the case quences of not feeling that awful feeling when you fail while that comes from ego being so fragile the there you go is so fragile that they can't accept the fact that they may have not done a good job so they will manufacture ideas in their heads so that they did it job no matter what because their ego can't take the truth of the blow like man you fuckin bombed out there right it's so so it comes from insecurity and fragility in and they create this ridiculous in us
worry in their head about what it is because they can withstand that truth because ultimately it i think it all comes from the same thing this lack of self love that lack of ability to be like man i fucking yet the bed and i'm ok everything's ok i'll be all right with you know but the goodwill can you know i was talking to bur couple weeks ago he did so the comic store and i saw a part of it it was whose killing and then i ran into him in the hallway i got a man may room shows great right and he goes fucked up the end though i try to hang in there too long the last bit bomb accuses where it was a rotten add on that the last bit like yours i fuckin hung in there too long i should have got offered a bit before that back but when i was in there he was fucking killing but wasn't in his mind the six this was not in his mind is that what was like ok
whatever that happened at the end don't fuckin do that again rail but that's why he's bill bur that's always really good and that as he says is able to take that feeling but at a certain point he'll be able to have a beer drink or whatever you re not dinner unjust laugh about it you're not gonna carry that trauma exert wherever just like feel it i could almost had it and that's healthy but then it ultimately you have to have that moment of forgiveness re like africa of course well that's the beauty of being a comic as opposed to being fighter because a car we can have that moment and just the next i go on stage and i'm sure he killed where use killing his of super self credit guys or whatever the bad moment very anne was privileges fair lee you know like less money than normal you know i mean i'm sure it was funny but like for a fighter like a kid example someone like luke rock old who got knocked out one round by michael bisbee he's gotta
fuckin wrought with that that's a chew away in him that mistake that he made for me and months and months until he gets back in there again and even if he wins is next fine he didn't we that fight that fight is still there fight still gonna be tune away and if he's smart he'll keep that that's it little engine that when he's thinking about like when he's at the time but the hill and is like it's gotta be the last brenda engine like wrong bitch michael history knock you already marked you get right back to the bottom of the hill and hopefully won't blows points out and break his body with that kind of motivation because that also can happen to people where they their motives some sort of it out pushes the physical capacity of their meat vehicle that's a possibility to yet to be real careful with that but but that even though it seems like a terrible thing that happened to him is not just a good thing for him it's thing for all marshall artists it's a good thing to another
and you are a human being your jaws made out of bone your skin is made a flash the nerves are just like anybody else's nerves have you get cracked by eleven took the we michael bisbee cracked loop rocco you're going night everybody goes knighton unless you market and its anti israel fuckin tremendous shots adjust it goes back to the idea that the act is neither good or bad it's higher respond to it in outlining another coop carlos gas nanda he had a great quote that for the ordinary person everything is blessing our curse but for them are you there only challenges and that's really applies the fighting at this point that neither a blessing nor curse that he got knocked out by michael bisbee rise response is he going to respond like g s p did when he got knocked out by matt sarah ring revolutionise is fighting style and become the legend that we know today
yeah maybe the argius tea was more exciting but carried way more risk so he nap did any became better and we became this indomitable force see i don't even think the regular gnp was more exciting i no exciting to me as a weird term when i the gnp the destroyed by japan or john fitch that mother fucker was pretty goddamn exciting and at his post matt fair matera i think but matt sarah analogy is a perfect one because of the same sort of thing who is fighting a dangerous gotta be underestimated and by the way both of whom one the ultimate fighter so it's perfect preference analogy and both of us or of huge underdogs and both of them one to win with spectacular first round knock out you gotta respect everybody human beings that are professional fighters even if you thank you better than them they they have weapons man they take people out they all have and you're a person but you think that because you beat chris
i'd been destroyed leona cheetah you beat the fuck out of all these people and strangled bisbee the first time you madam you like there's no way is going to beat me no way it's impossible in their super relaxed now i remember when i was competing in the type window data files relaxed and i didn't feel nerves folic shit it was terrible doing like i only fought well when i was scared and i think that's that's really important point for almost anybody in the eu we really have to have some element of danger involved in in the contest that's there if you decide you can do shit to me you can't do shit made outside of bone that left her glance and your legs go report are well that's the that's a key characteristic of being in flow state that the stakes them behind everybody uses surfing is analogy well you can serve some baby ass waves from too waves in the sand bottom and united again thursday micaiah path
an increase in around here but you surf that gnarly fuckin double overhead on a reef on a coral reef bottom fucker and core inflow state let alone what like laird hamilton is doing serving those monsters and when the stakes are high and you're really feeling that that's what drives you dear highest performance level i got chain dorian coming next week oh yeah i can't wait tire that guy about sharks and shit the failure you guys a madman and he's a bow hunter to bail out fund oh yeah these people that are better doing really exciting really dangerous things they they carry with them the consequences of those really exciting really dangerous things like occasionally gonna and when you fail it is important to know that you can fail and simple to know that no matter how much you have mastered whatever you're trying to do there are consequences to every
in zag there that's just really about mastering the ego go is that the main thing that thwarts you on either side it gives you this false sense of com finance and important remember us as recently reading ryan holidays new book egos the enemy and he has story of the persian kings xerxes you know who is immortalized in in three hundred and one and this guy was such an ego maniac it makes sense that the yacht has asked in a repeatedly like so they were building bridges over this canals as the story the historians wrote and the the water came up their storm came in store surge and it wiped out the bridges will then he ordered his men to take his chains and lash the water thirty times as punishment for for knocking down the brits annie cut off the people's heads who made the bridge so this lack any romania and then another story where he he's trying to
build this tunnel under a mountain and he sends a letter to the mountain has emissaries got to announce this letter to the mountain bait saying to the mountain mountain if you give us an trouble i will move you piece by piece into the sea kings taxis fuck you talkin about us a notice no acknowledgement he's been fed his own bullshit so much these just he thinks he's at a god and navy ways that role and then he runs into three hunt bad motherfuckers at the hot gates at their monopoly and they just wipe out half of his forces because he's just he can fuckin see beyond it and there are so many ways that ego does that are either in what's your it makes you too fragile or that's really gonna be good at anything you gonna have to come and confront that confront that bees was not the problem with raw elsie tools at its to sort of bestowed upon you earned and so you this distorted perception of your own greatness right that sort of you could say that a lot of hot checks yeah royalty were like real
already tvs known as the same thing you have all of this bestowed upon you fur but some mysterious combination of luck and timing and look in whatever but royalties the weirdest example of it in our disneyland few weeks back with my family and i was talking to the sky that works there and he was talking about this five year old boy who is prince from some middle eastern country and he came here with this huge group of already ends and watchers or whatever was but they were all at his beck and call and so this five year old was telling all these adults what he wanted when he wanted it what he wanted done and they all just scrambled and ran up and he would say like it was so bizarre watching all these people terrified at the wrath tariff of the rapporteur of a five year old boy and that this five year old boy wielded justice dissatisfaction like supernatural power and housing
never earned any of these like whose is born of five year old boy you know is born this little child and now he's lived for five years he's just a boy that's all didn't that never none shit but they're all like you know i actually have a really unique perspective on that because my pants split when i was too and in very quickly two worlds develop my dad was of wealthy commodities trader and i was his only child on that side my mom remarried to swat team squad leader who had three older boys you know it so there's my older step brother so at my dad's house i was the little prince my dad was busied trading in doing this thing and i had either bodyguards or other people around and i could feel i could would develop these like punk tendencies that come from that from having like basically servants taken care of me at the time and then
go back to my mother's house and i split time half the week i go back to my mother's house and my three other step brothers would just beat the punk out of me i think what the fuck are you doing you're like you're being ridiculous here and so you know you're allowed me this perspective where i didn't get to go and followed down that path too long it's it's so alluring you know if you have power you're gonna take it especially if you're young i got all this power off i'm not going to take it i'm a five year old but i know what's right and i know you know if you can do that you can push those buttons you're for sure going to push those buttons as a kid so it's important to have that balance the other side to keep me keep me in check as i sir i surely would have been a menace if i had just gone down that's a perfect older step brothers to have not for another step brother archer so they have no problem beaten shit i'm done
they bought us our paintball guns and i remember my one a milder step the late and weight behind a wall like this we're on the property and just could hear me coming and just shot me point blank in this king face cargo just let me know and that's the thing obviously the time i was not happy about it but this you know you learn things about the world and you get like a different toughness that comes from that form of resistance that if i didn't that wouldn't be nearly the balance person i was i know i am not fuck i'm not perfect are balanced or anything but that certainly fuckin help yeah i think competition is is good for that to failure losing you know especially individual one on one type competition we realise the consequences of not working hard and you run into someone who has worked hard i remember my competing days i had a chance to see some but when i was nineteen i went to the olympic training centre and
there was the world cup in colorado springs and i got to see like the best of the world compete and i remember seeing like this insanely high level and it was one of the most important things as far as like my development is a competitor like seeing the top food chain seeing the basque eyes and realize like fog hard they work like jesus christ was watching them training those watching guys compete and i was right like i'm not i'm not nearly as dedicated these people are not nearly i have to wrap it up again a big big big fuckin way and seeing that in real and comparing yourself against other people's efforts and realising it you fall short so critical for people it so critical two to realise like oh that i would fuck me up like look cause if you that five year old prince there i have your prince but we have no idea that someone could beat his ass you know he probably just he just gets to yell at you and you have to get on your knees and and
bowing and lowering your head and if you if you don't experience other people's efforts if you don't experience like a real competition where you see people pushing themselves as far they can to try to win like a race or you see that the last few meares of the race were guys you could see it in their face the kids go if you never do that if you never do that if you never push to that view hurry edge of physical capacity then you dont you don't really understand what's out there it's like one of the reasons why people who have never had any martial arts experience at all don't know how to fight at all get so weird around confrontation with men times have you been around man who don't know how to fight but also we get a few drinks in them they start yelling be able and talking crazy shit it's like they don't know what to do its homework there like confused and so there
there are almost inviting their own doom there almost like like setting out a bats over someone a punched him in the face it's almost like a subconscious thing where they were someone to kick their ass because can i know they're so unbalanced in their approach like that the fight club moment like they were in a light their own place fire and beat themselves up just to get that attribute out but you see that and the other thing is where people just don't take the idea that there may be consequences of their action the heart like a perfect example ass i was after parting with an ex gamer i won't mentioning far than that but an ex game guy super successful like twenty twenty year old kid and and he has been so successful for so long one of those like child prodigies right and we go and he's he's out at my apartment downtown and austin we i'm fine any continue
you see he goes and immediately puts on music many cranks it all the way up full volume am i go man we're neighbors can do that shit you know you can't craig it up he's like ok and then you go does it again and he goes any does it again and i keep warm like men so finally like time number five i go up to a mega he you turn the fucking volume of shits gonna get real and i looked at him with a toll different tone and then he looked at me like oh my god i didn't think that that consequences my actions was even a fuckin feasible possibility like that moment of like oh shit this other dude may punch me if i can do this again and b that disrespectful it was like for him he'd had surrounded himself with other people in this environment where just having respect for somebody in the consequences for repeated disrespect might actually be there was like a world changing moment for him or he looked up like oh shit this is weird yeah i'm royalty yeah exactly huntsmen exactly and then after that he was like shook by me
kept saying that man you know noticed backed by law but he needed moment of like look brow fuckin shit we'll get real there are consequences you know this is not some fuckin fancy land here and then that moment totally changed totally changed things but people don't get those when they don't have that resist they don't have the older step brother than i have that person they can step in and be like yeah fuck innocuous knock that sensitive the other people to do what you want exactly you know there's a thing about like not now villages ex gamers but people to do these extreme sports there's a lie out of these guys rely on one say like frank stirs but they were they revel in annoying people and pissing people off and the attention that they get from israel strange like visit there's a strange sort of a vibe that comes with it be a mixed jumpers and all these crazy fuck that do a lot of risky shit they have that a personality tree with it
absolutely pushing the envelope and some sort of a strange way in all day the big alike it appears that a man you mad may come from the fact that like particularly skateboards are constantly getting persecuted by lame ass authority figures tone not escape unspoken handrails yeah some banker comes it don't scare my handrails kid you fuckin punk he knows that counts being chased around by people her dummies in some way it develops this kind of like counter in this reaction so that reaction of being persecuted for doing what their enjoined to do creates like hell yeah fuck the man you have maybe maybe they should yell at microphones walking down then hear some dude came flying down the rate of growth my leg up like you piece of shit like a lot of those gather fuckin man and they put people in danger i've seen some crazy stance on you too where these dude jump on
top of these railings and slide him to the bottom and fuck up and plough and a people that there the war old is not an ex game you can't just you can't just do that with a bunch of other people around but some of those folks dunker certainly not and i think you we appreciate that giving a following our giant on mill and yeah and those steve out yet stephen yeah that's right i still do entities he's like d as thirty's you still climbing up on top of gigantic towers and cranes and shit and risk in his life me fell off of a billboard he was climbing up of don t of a billboard to shit on sea world change a street sign what's age before two is jesus christ a unit make a lot of shit fallen from that high and he fell these are so ridiculous is a key area stuff he also did something then
can't car china does not do he had tim kennedy joke about honest in his showdown special tim carried choked devaluing completely unconscious in balanced his head off the ground called blank mean you mean to asked him carry joke you you're going to sleep sleep sleep sleep deeper than area zero video that jesus criteria was play it man so you this oh my god is no sound okay so he's not just choking i'm he's choking on for quite a few seconds he's already out locally that that is not cool like tension and done that great there the drop that is a fucking huge head wound two to drop and bounds your head off the ground like that that is real bad
potentially lead that do down lighter road i probably steve as agreements they were wanted it to be fuckin savage maybe maybe yes didn't know then due attention in our present doesn't you fuck he's been knocked out using your focus a thousand do yeah he's gonna do not a lot of that wharfinger o thing low one seventy percent like the joke you out and drop you she was sure he is hashtag hard to kill unlike half of his fuckin post he he put a fuckin post out with isis giving his dress like come get me bitch is i've got the normal work as trains at the awning academies i see him come in through there all the time and just the sweetest dude degree and any shows up like no chip on it so there are no like you comes in
silly little shorts and a fanny pack and just big old smile on his face and a silly fucking mustache and and just he's got nothing to prove but then he has that switch you know obviously where you can do whatever access or that places that fuckin wolf heart is this a new post of is jamie that you put up says my friends and i just kicking back waiting for the call when we can fight these back so is the way we need to and not go to jail hasta still serving hashtag hard to kill let us know it's time is get ashore over the acts with one of those ridiculous whether one of those things called guy fox beard and must address like musketeers musketeer stalinism he's an animal but we need people like that
there's the allow this that's the extreme on the down the warrior end of the spectrum that's extreme around the the flamboyant warrior and it and that the thing that you can really appreciate is the truth of it like it cuts all the way through to the moon you know the people that are that you shake him a little bit and some other person emerge prison schekem again like a fuckin magic eight ball out like those that feel worse its damn him it's time you shake a little slightly angrier to have the same can guy and that's that's always a beautiful thing when you see people have dealt with those deeper thing they ve reconciled all these forces that you know that you're not gonna put him in a situation where this other person emerges and what the fuck is this selfish piece of shit guy in the end this is also something that we were talking about earlier when you were talking about people like the the comrade or in their craziness of going to war that they actually
enjoy it and become happy there in some sort of a weird way because life becomes a real because it becomes a real and this chaotic moment there is tat i think it the ted radio our may have been a radio lab podcast thing was a ted radio our but they were talking to someone who were they were talking of soldiers and they were talking to people about happiness like what makes a was tat show was a ted talk it was never talk about happiness and i i'm one of things they got into was these people that went over to iraq and afghanistan served and they would come back and talk about and he said it was horrific it was chaotic it was scary but it was the happiest day of my life and one of the reasons why was the happiest days of their life was this intense bar and tom rotary that they had developed with these other people they were serving with that there is nothing like it no sort of closeness bond of brotherhood that even comes close to them fond of brotherhood when you need to rely on these people
and they rely on you for the your very life and you're taking other people's lives yeah i think that's a huge missing piece in our society and and i think a few people get to access it on sports teams and and on different you know and obviously in sure but i think you know that tribal element of going through these shared rights of passages in going through these things that bonded grouped together so that you really had true altruistic love more and more people around you and i think that's a deep calling that we ve kind of ignored you know like those soldiers would truly fight and die for each other you know which is the the epitome of altruism its wanting the other person's good even at the cost of your own you know and that's that's a feeling that i think feels inherently the best answer
natural state to be this like the son of love you know like a like just pouring it out and not deciding who gets a truly feeling that way about a group of people and i think there's you know as we develop i think that's one of the concepts that i'm always talking about his recreating some kind of tribal element where you do go through these rights a passage and doesn't have to involve war which is inherently an unsustainable and unnecessary practice but how do you create that same closeness but do it through ritual do it will you know going and climbing this mountain and taken this academic however you want to do it you know in a way that can you together with the group so you have those feelings where there's no there's nothing you're holding back your truth is completely exposed your naked with all your intentions and thoughts and ideas and you just truly want the best for another individual in and that try that feeling of tribe that's what time is and i think we're missing that we ourselves in the small nuclear unit and then we have this whole
wide world which is too big to really care it did that degree about and employment in the intermediary which is this this ban is group this family were willing to do anything for you and obviously expanding man even further from your media group to the rest of the human race yeah so difficult even conceptualize when tim kennedy fought there's a fight for the troops and i believe it was in texas without where was he thought how fail natasha and he knocked him out and this was like i don't think they even captured this on film tim hopped on top of the fence and was just calling out to all the troops of me i really don't think i don't know the the cameras caught this or not but he was pointing to everybody was just telling them he loved them he's alive you guys i love all you guys are london's pointing at people i love you got us and then what
he was doing i mean he served his fought you mean he's is served in combat many many times he still serving now that the reality of like his expression and his love for those people very very intensely moving one the most intensely moving post fight speeches or post fight celebrations i've ever expect not not one of the most that i've ever experienced and make they for pushing so much energy back them check seeing and jeff it was the tents really amazing momentum in you imagine us you read about those moments in history where the great leaders in our common and have that moment with their with their troops you know and you don't see that now in today's warfare you know there's no that that independence day moment where they give that rousing speech in everybody's just pounding their chest and you know that was that something that's really deeply deeply moving and powerful and to have that you need
have that force of resistance that you're all allied against your all banded together against that that other thing and it's just choosing a thing that is truly worthy of of your fight so choosing to fight against something that's not just another people are another racer all the stupid things that we choose to fight against but choosing to fight against something truly worthy of that fight yeah and this this thing to them to this the soldiers was the concept of the enemy being a truly evil force they you know whether its isis or whether its anything outside these guys role united against it and to have kennedy as this person is like figure had representing them and win by knock out in a military base in such a spectacular fashion on television and understanding the weight behind all this because there are cameras it has been televised it is being broadcast all throughout the world will be available for ever
on the internet and you know through the you have sea fight pass archives you'll always be washed and when he when it connect with that left took in the crowd fuckin raw ford and natasha went out was not man was not you know you let you like history especially history of rome which are most familiar with there was always these moments in time you know where a leader would naturally urge like that for whatever reason and then it would always made the emperor's really squarely because at any point in time that person could all the sudden be like yet my army now bitch i think that in all honesty that can happen in that time but if tim said enough tim after that jumped off the cage said will you follow me like this can all be deaf pocket tim kennedy and brian stand run for president man is totally man i'll campaign a fuckin alpha on the country we you that's what
need we need someone who understands the realities in the consequences of what these people in this house load halls of justice are trying to pull off all throughout the world instead of having these old chicken hawks or sidney's as it was it was from the will or the best quotes from the document are and hunters thompson he was talking to wasn't at muskie was mcgovern and mcgovern was saying i'm sick of old man in air condition buildings sending young man to go off and die in war and that's that's really one of the most despicable aspects of the decision making process by quarter unquote leaders as their cards once these are so minimal i mean if it
every single politician and leader had to be at the head of the army had to go to the fray had to be on the front lines how many actual wars will we get into or serve let's say they weren't capable of fighting but at least they have to serve at the front line hoss it'll so that every person with a right for a week in a year in the front lines you're distant a nurse assistant in us everybody come back blown up shrapnel in old sent can you pass this message to my son are you tell this to my mother like their receiving india so that at least they have to get in touch with it in and understand the consequences
what they're doing but ends you to get this sociopath a kind of mindset like oh these are just pieces of those you know is like those that will conquest boards it looked like big chessboards you see our game thrones or whatever i move my troops here i move this becomes all strategy but you lose the humanity of air in a loose that connection with really who you're dealing with than those moments are incredibly important to really keep the thing going keep keep you keep you in line young people say more if you they did do that war would be impossible the way we need it and where we do it now yeah exactly dont do it that way you so much i'd say it's one of them in problems with with war and with leadership is that the people that are in charge at the very top in a lot of ways are behaving like that five year old boy disneyland is a prince they have too much power with no consequences they have too much power that essentially they haven't really earned you know when
got a guy like jacko willing who was a real military hero who is over there commanding the knacker talks about the military or talks about war are talks about actions there respect you don't need to respect him you're going to respect them and understand that this is a guy who's been there and you gonna listen because its real when a guy like dick cheney start talking about military actions dealing with some fuckin weird detached from the reality and consequences of war from a guy who the iraqi invasion a lot times was in a bunker member that members we talk about him being in some underground bunker and i was always wise dick cheney in them and george w bush is activity will fuck is right in this country for real but these guys
got multiple deferments like dick cheney dead to avoid actually serving in the war mean nothing he got several deferments to avoid we are having to actual seat actually see real combat those are not the people that should ever be able to make those kind of decisions to put people on in harm's way they just shouldn't be able to you need a guy jacko unita gallic tim candidate you need someone who's actually been there are no doubt it interesting time and in the nature of war is i dont think were obviously with in a post traumatic stress being such an epidemic that it is now we're not adequately dealing with that with that element of things i mean it's an incredibly traumatic asked active we're not prepared for death can come at any moment unseen you know like our bodies yeah expense i there's the barbarian hoard they're gonna run with their pointy thing
going to have time to run at them with my pointy thing and that's when death might come you know but that's not going to come from this random explosion that happens if you know every car could be a bomb all of this it's this crazy time that we're in and we have to really pay attention to what that's doing to the humans and use the best technology available to to fix that and i think obviously rick doblin has been on here a few times is on the forefront of that yeah we're just looking at the whole thing completely wrong you know we have old ideas bad ideas non leaders and its again that thing where truth is there we understand that there is this epidemic we understand here's some possible ways to fix it but it hasn't percolate all the way through sore in this transition period that unites it's ugly right now and a lot of ways but you can see the you can see the horizon you see that son poking through the clouds and you know that truth just has a different residents as a different frequency and its adopted eventually you know it's only they'll be people
who still think there's flatter earthen whenever they'll be some letty ran off to the visa resisted the true for most of us it has that frequency in their residence where it's gonna eventually when and that's that's what gives me a lot of confidence on the scale any say does blue he does posed allowed pictures of the fund now why as real stay home video the other day about some dude was arguing against the flatter earthen or for the flattereth unawares where possible but it's what what i was talking about before their love articulated it so well that when you look at our culture and look at society and then you think back to the time of xerxes and other the crazy shit was going on thanks years ago or two thousand years ago as southern long oh man it seems like it is it seems like it in spelling when i was listening to dance parlance hardcore history and he was talking about war war world war one and he does is amazing things a five parts here
world war one it sinks like jesus christ was a hundred years ago that's nothing that is fucking nothing like that is so recent and world is so different now than a hundred years ago in a hundred years before that different and then you know he dug the he had this piece on the mongols a thousand years ago while now much different in old site i mean not much different in terms of the relationship between and then and now it's it's so so recent so recent a thousand years is nothing in the scope of the world right you know and then you take it back it out to you know some of graham hancock theories he puts out in magicians which seemed like a lot of sense that we reach heightened states before and then gotten kind of white out and restart and how many times did that happen gamble how many times do we restart hit the reset button hundred percent with randall thousands evidence with the two of them together they really sort of both provided the missing pieces at each other need and die
you've never heard those podcast there's some of my all time favorite podcast the randall crossing ones and a graham hancock ones and the one time that had the two of them on together which is just a fucking epic meat out of mines the world is most likely experience some cataclysmic disasters most likely due to asked royally impacts and it is most likely the cause of the and of the ice age and also the collapse of whatever civilization was available then and the rebirth of what we are seeing now is ancient history so when we look back at things six seven thousand years ago we think wow this is the dawn of civilization not so fast right this is the dawn of this current era of civilization before we get hit again and that is entirely possible and that's the crest this way maybe they got maybe they got hit in the nineteenth
when he's level of technology or something like that nobody but and they didn't reach two thousand sixteen level which is probably most likely i think we ve probably advanced the far this that we ve gone and wave but who knows how far they got maybe it was eighteen fifty whether shootin fuckin revolvers and in whores and saloons and whatever more maybe it was some amalgamation shirley was different you're gonna be they had some things that may be better and other things that were still kind of silly and yeah but it's really interesting to explore then give yourself some per directive on yeah we'll have a sort of a parallel development in terms of their achievement but in a different way like egypt thursday week we can't pillows fucking buildings the way they did it people could say we certainly could
two million five hundred thousand stones away between two and eighty tonnes if you put ten of those a day in place would take you six hundred plus years to make the great pyramid of giza that's how fuckin crazy a building as some of you say we could build out today good luck three more faith in the union's air but if you're get it done you're off by literally like a core a centimeter with each block your fuck by time you get to the top think of that like you're lopsided one way or the other by timing is it up you fuckin doomed this interest theories about how they did it but none of them really sank again all we definitely no is it took an incredible level of sophistication and it was done the most recent it could have happened was two thousand five hundred bc which is just not nuts
i'm smart and it's not just egypt to you to go to peru i think i've shared that photo of me and oil and tie combo the same one that crazy us now as well you go there and you look at the way the stones fit together and look at how the things are carved out and it just doesn't make any sense the size of the stones like let us finally to do how did you do this i would give so much to see the construction of the pyramids if there is like one in time in history if you could take that sort of a time capsule and go back and watch for me it would be ancient egypt for me for sure i would want to see how those crazy fuckers walking around with their wacky guy make up on and weird golden robes and in those hieroglyphs and cod what a fascinating weird blip or weird era in the development of the human mind and of culture if you think of what they were capable of doing what they did accomplish over who knows how many in our work sort of
going back turn a piece it altogether but one of things at graham hand and even more importantly john anthony west job anthony west has a new series apparently man magical egypt too i haven't seen it yeah but egypt want is fuckin mine blowing when he goes into great detail about the different construction methods from the old king them to the new kingdom and that he points out that this is most likely evidence of a different era of construction not not now not just a different era but different by thousand years maybe and that the hieroglyphs inside of some of the pyramids which dictate or rather which um go over and depict the various food arrows throughout the different stages of egypt think back thirty thousand years but what modern egyptologist choose to do is to say will all those guys those affection backward anything more than
six thousand years ago disaffection like ok says who bitch zoo you know how do you know like this is crazy enough that they did this for them in five hundred years ago that's just crazy enough ok but it's no more crazy think tat they were doing at thirty thousand years before that like this whole thing is this majestic sort of monument to human innovation and weird way that's not what we do now with cement and steel and glass and asphalt roadways and fibre optic cables no they have some other thing going on there and at the grand makes a kind of a cool point like they were building something specifically for permanence yeah like why why did they wanted to extend through time because all of our shit you know another ice age hits and you know that the ice moves
and starts crying and everything basic grind most of what we have to dust anyways you know but they were creating the big stone blocks these things that were harder you know that would withstand the test of time and why and that's that's kind of an interesting speculative part of grams theory but what seems concrete is that there was these cultures advance and decided to do it now why gets into the speculation but go back lee tappy and go numb pain and indonesia and then egypt and all of these places really really super interesting interesting to imagine you know if if the flood did kill off most of that's ever jason and a kind of just settled in different places in the accounts just one of the best books i think ever written was that magicians and just going into the mindset of any talks about they call these people watchers and then some of the watchers when i would get a bad reputation cuz they like sleeping with local girls in so they would be like the bad watchers then we could watch as well maybe they're just the pin
their time you know that there are eight more proteins their little beggar there their loss martyrs of course girls like them you know like y got eight on the watchers well when they burn the library of alexandria man they do the human race a massive disservice we could have and so much could learn so much about why the ancient greeks would go to egypt to learn shit and to engage in psychedelic rituals it's funny that greatest minds of their time would go specifically to egypt engage in these psychedelic rituals and to learn from the egyptians greatest minds of our time today will mark psychedelic it's kind of fascinating so few in terms of like mainstream stream recognise scholars will even entertain the possibility that there could be some beneficial aspects
engaging in ritual is stick elusive genetics while all of academic is about so defending to the death your own structure of information and ran psychedelic sir inherently disruptive and i think people have that knowledge they know like shit i make totally rethink all my whole theories and you have to confront those demons that you're hiding that that which is hidden will come to the surface and that's generally the beauty of this process but if you're defending something you know in your attached to it in its part of your identity and because it's part of your identity it feels real like that's the trick that the ego plays ego says my identity is me and i will defend it as if it was my flesh and blood you know like all of these things my theories my position in macadamia it becomes real to the ego and so it fights as if it's defending your own you know blood and bone body but it's not
just it's bullshit it's your identity does a man s shift its fluid it's it's a manufacturing of that of of that ego that attachment and so psychedelic acts are threat that if you ve been defending something that you don't want to get challenge it could threaten your position of a third guardian power and people are afraid to do it there's no real other reason to to have that fear widespread yeah there's a time and a place and it's not for everybody etcetera but you know really it's such a powerful tool to access truth and you be afraid truth it sincerely position to be yeah there's a really interesting documentary that's funny enough narrated by charlton heston but the mischievous six figures on nbc at the time but one of them weirder moments in it where was when robert shock the geologist from boston university and john if anyone has presented this evidence that the sphinx most like
we was far older than twenty five hundred bc because of the erosion in the sphinx compound that could only be attributed to water i've heard arguments against it against it being water and being wind and sand but they just they don't fly it seems like they're they're working to try to make that a wind and sand erosion whereas it pretty obvious the fissures the weights cut into the woman makes total sense it was water but the only thing that could make it water would be that it had to before nine thousand bc because now thousand b or seven thousand bc nine thousand years ago one of those some we're all law longer than twenty five hundred bc and the argument when it was presented to this archaeologists he was laughing magua what culture was around ten thousand years ago the could have done that's what culture meanwhile now we have those cultures now we have real evidence of go beckley tabby which is twelve thousand years old we have real evidence
of all sorts of weird shit that they didn't know mean that now there finding evidence of in beings in america fourteen thousand years ago to finding bubble mammoth bones with clear indications that there were slaughtered by human beings like cuts on the bones and till i go jesus like people we don't know we just don't know we don't know what the fuck happen between ten thousand years ago when the ice age ended and today there's so much weirdness and we definitely don't know what the fuck happened before that before that there is a lot of unfilled pieces and that puzzle yachts it's like it's really is the greatest mystery of all like the great mystery novel that i've ever read was grandma adcox book again uncovering something that was real and trying to piece together the puzzling in twenty years from fingerprints to magicians all the new evidence that have come yet really support
his initial evidence which was pretty good and fingerprints but then by magicians psych fuck yeah welcoming in other users so openly marked by a lot of people who didn't want him to be right or didn't want anyone to it if any sort of notoriety by having sums of an innovative idea mean they just like that back on him so hard but the stuff and or cross and presents like gum these various cradle craters that they ve uncovered all three the world that indicate asked royal impacts as recently as five thousand years ago and deep into twelve thousand ten thousand d the new we're glass they found all throughout asia and europe that indicates ass a meteor impacts somewhere in the neighbourhood of eleven twelve thousand years ago made its all i'll make sense at all far files are fills in like what what could have oh that called an all africa shut up for sure maybe you look at it nuclear glass
it's the same kind of shit that they find when they do nuclear tests and they find it all throughout europe all throughout asia which indicated the literally god bombed on by the universe the circumstantial evidence is mounting and now and it's interesting you know we hear about these things that are like myths and one of the ones that i saw that i'm not sure if it's true or not but is an interesting take on what actually happened to the cities of saddam in denmark as in the bible you know god reigned fire upon and learned all these homosexuals and saddam s and people it sounded like we're having a great party and you know what they were suggesting is it it was a meteor that burned up in the in the atmosphere and raised created this flashpoint effect which they know can happen created this flashpoint effect were instantly the ground temperature reached several hundred thousand degrees
whatever so is like this instant everybody's just fuckin krispies in and how do you explain that other than an angry god has no idea so the story he's and myths get passed down there were why did this happen well i don't man i went to saddam and there are some crazy shit above falcon thirteen and by that i don't have to the fact you make these stories a man of a core that's why up and those just an unlucky party town frozen anko it was hard to do a mean that was there was hard to explain back then so people went to that but today i mean this guy in an in orlando obviously fucking crazy right but he's killing gay people because you think the gay people are doing something against god's will there doing something bad and evil so like in his mind like his wrath is like the wrath of god on these people with will in two thousand and sixteen with you
information that we have with all the evidence we have there are still people that are inclined to go towards some sort of a biblical or even in his case the koran version of of the reality in which we live in like this this is today when you rocky about seven thousand eight thousand years ago god only knows what it would have enlightened was polish trade on a game of thrones the reaction of people how to any sort of a natural disaster it had to be the will the gods it had to definitely be something that our actions had caused and so when someone would stand up i got the old dirty would ungainly thrones is what once everybody to repent sigh senator i sparrow yeah that when dad a person would stand up and tell the people of this because you ve anger god and it will come again if you keep doing that and god forbid god forbid strange use worse
another meteor shamming meteor showers oftentimes come like one after another after another and he says this it happens again he's right i told you god is angry and then that chick is passed on projections and it is as it is really strange time and what i found interesting is i think that christianity will never go away and are cut catholicism in these major religions but they will evolve like if you look at the trend in a back in the middle ages they were doing crazy thing torturing people i went to a dungeon on the increase in all of this crime was that as in italy who aware or guy i'm gonna italy's our where's it was fuckin horrifying is in one of the mountain towns i don't know exactly when but there are several of them there and all the different torture devices that they have so many of which by the way involve the generals like i would say at least forty percent involve different things different ways towards halls and dick and pussy in
debts in all this i mean it's just these ways that they could channel their own perversions into this on arguable point about me no this is god this is what god once but no religious pure satis accessing that sadistic demonic energy and of doing an under god's name in an that's what happens when you create these systems that only a select few can access the knowledge and nobody else can talk to god these few people it did it and we're talking unworthy descends those people we regard the knowledge you can't reach it so it creates instead of decentralizing in opening up truth to everybody it's a select few that have only a few people know god's will not everybody can find it and that's creates is massive power imbalances whereas any good religion is gonna completely decentralized and say you know not listen to me i'll tell you a god says is here's how you go talk to god yourself here's how you reliably go find your own deepest truth you don't need me
the same with any good teacher any good healer you know like the very base level is as a teacher healer who it fixes you you know you come to him germany ecstasy and then the next level as someone who teaches you how to fix yourself like that's the that's a master would give a man a fish you exact again and then the other final level is just to really the great mystics and even if you go back to jesus and you go back to the really great mystics their message truly is that you know you don't need us to fix your already hole like just recognise that you're already hole you're already perfect you know you are you are the son a man you are god and in that was really the core message that scott twisted in a million different ways and manipulated for this is one of the other more interesting podcast from dan carlin was on martin luther and luther ism lutheran lutheran to lutheran does discipline and that he
was the first one to translate the bible from latin into ermine and translated in a fanatic way that the people could actually understand what the word of god was and not have to be a priest who they were relying upon these priests and not only that he was also the first one to say that your interpretation of what god man is essentially up to you which was just blast for me to these people that had massive amounts of control i think if you're looking for that one i think it's called the prophets of doom with a prophet of doom i think that's the name of the the part asked from carlin on that that is in time but it's amazing amazing to think that in that sense you're talking about ngos at the fourteen hundred you someplace them it's not that long ago it all that's nothing and people couldn't read the bible meat
about that they were relying upon these mean they weren't even pitiful back then they're allowed fuck which is really interesting i got that pedophile thing they that only happened once they wouldn't let the priest fuck and they wouldn't let the priest far because pressure fuck into an epa a priest with the rock stars the priest with celebrities you know that ultimate power their power were always craig yet you pussy there again pussy so some came lies at our you fuckers no sex they just made that up along the way i mean it wasn't even like it came from god became a lot of the already established one way of behaving like even the pope pope's you of wives their armies like pope's weren't like this weird feeble guy i who sits on a golden throne has little gay people do circus lady
this is in front of him like that last asshole but not the route the most recent pope humble pope is humble home has the corporal yeah but it's it's it's evolved in it and change throughout the year but just now six hundred years ago whatever it was you or five hundred years ago you couldn't even fuckin read that shit again it is the control of power and control of information rather than the the dramatic way which is always show you not tell you yeah you go to a true that's another great way if you're trying to find out who you should go with like if someone's busy blabbin their mouth and trying to tell you do all of the things that you'll see from an ayahuasca journey or something like that tell you all the lessons and give them to that way if i can go the other way you know like the true the true path is you know here you go i'm going to create the environment and you're going to go find truth for yourself you going to find whatever the truth that is they have faith that you'll arrive
but the truth that's gonna be most beneficial for you and most often than not it comes back congruity with those ideas and that's that's the trooper that's a path that any religion should take and i think one of the reasons why buddhism is so popular because it's similar in that way it teaches a practice roseanne radio teaches a practice that allows every single person to access that higher state of consciousness everybody can reach nirvana it's not just the chosen pre selected this thing here is how you do it and go for it and i think any good any good spirituality system is going to have a common is an interesting though that sort of the exception to the rule to find a system or find an individual like a martin luther like someone who steps up until now the whole world should benefit all the people should learn this everyone should get it shouldn't be about centralized power should be about controlling the people like that's a rare thing and that's fought against like it vehement lee like it's it where people are trying to find our own truth this an understanding that
and in many ways is like what we're talking about before like a car takes almost negativity an evil to bring out the best in people and a response and an almost it sort of takes this huh horrible control this dictatorship of religion and ideology to resist in such a are aware that you change everything around because of these people are just like sort of well you know the word of god go with it don't go with it and go fuck everything's cool you know of the remaining your money i m not trying to forget anybody i'm hanging out over here deprived no resistance that religion and there would be no sort of rebound effect where people are true to find their own truth this an understanding that the negative attachments that they have to all these religious called sore sex or whatever you want to call them the negative attaches that we have
are completely unnecessary i didn't have to be there that through whenever ones trying to find through and you're trying to find the word of god trying to find ultimate love and wisdom in power and this one individually whose created literally the entire universe or this force has created literally so why is it this guy's trend fuck my wife and wise and i have to give her body my gold and how can i can't read the bible myself how do i have to trust guys trying to fuck my wife and steal my goats avatar that asshole fuck that man and then as martin luther guy comes long who actually can read it and understand it translates it and there is massive blow back and of its opposite just base in thailand dan crowns pa gas but apparently he's influential position in the community was the only thing they kept him alive like anybody else doing the exact same thing he was doing would have been killed by the church the church would have killed people
for distributing the word of god in a way that other people could understand and it had been done before that people had question the church before they fuckin strong them up and dick off and shove it in their mouth and let him on fire and watch him in a catapult they didn't give a fuck back then barbaric in its in how does so how does that how does how does this some like that you know take hold and take a fact and you know why you ve talked about the kind of the toxic plasma alters behaviour this disease that will alter human behaviour or alter mice behaviour in and we have that disease to and it's called fear and its it is the primary disease that once fear takes a hold of us ones we fear that if if we do something wrong will be punished in the most i've seen ways you know look like a bush painting from from italy during the time of all of these inventions of how you are going to be tortured if you went against the will of god
and you will be punished not only for a little while but eternally eternal torture and suffering like that's some kind of just punishment for you know having lustful thoughts or whatever but that's what they believe so they inject people with this fear of ice and then the fear virus robs them of their own free will robs them of their ability to think so it's like this form a virus that ex hold somebody and then you allow these atrocities to take hold because fears within eu and in other cases maybe it's the greed virus or some other thing that takes hold but it's it's really this thing that really limits your ability to use rational thought into you know too high is your own power of choice but fear is that regional original virus that the religions played so so well fearing gill nets
we're because it such a distortion of a really important aspect of being alive you have to fear of consequences you have to fear of animals if the fear of the ocean and you have to have you you have to have a healthy respect for the consequences of step enough of uclaf or the consequences of walking into a bear down with a moment her cubs all those things are real you know and so you have to have fear but there's i fear that people have that exists for no reason why that the idea that is a good god hearing man god god fearing got his fucking love it's like the most perfect the form of love in truth when this guy's on fire is people about fuckin you see where this other perspective comes from but you know to fear of its is trans it totally fucked the mind
it sets the mind upside down and once the minds upside down and looks at everything all funny nothing makes sense you removed a cornerstone of logic now you need to fear god oh fuck fear god well then everything else is just twisted up and fucked up and you you can't even use your rational mine you can't find the way out because your whole the whole paradigm has been turned on its head and twisted was an interesting in that respect and that it seems that the more knowledge we gather more information we acquire the less we have to be fearful of more we can say oh that's not an angry god that's a meteor and then one day will figure out how to deflect those meteors we'd have to worry about the ice age ending or or rather a dinosaur killing chunk of iron and stone from the sky slamming into the ocean and killing all of us because we see those fuckers coming now just shoot a net added and push it often to jupiter or some shit mean
this is all information that will slowly but surely eliminate the need for fear and i guess it's probably going to extend to the consequences of injury and death as well i mean a one point time they're gonna things keep goin the weather going a guarantee of the get to within a certain amount of time to propagate people are reanimate you yeah i mean it will certainly remove consequences eventually but there's some we can do right now we surrender our power to uses fears all the time you how many times have you seen somebody shriek because a fuckin cockroach was around the room a cockroach there could dirt cleaning up the garbage that's the floor they ve never harmed anyone ever that little things is cause you to scream in your heart to race and that you can act they choose actively choose through in a exposure to that and working through that to get over that
here we have these choices and i think you have to collapse your fear into actual danger so that fear endanger on the same level and you know too far weaken remove too much fear so you're not actually afraid of danger yeah i know people do like grisly man clearly that you know how many years hang in camp and with the grizzly should add more fear for those fuckers but he didn't by the way get werner herzog ice ass a really come on european excited you fuck what he wants talk now we're talking about resolute forgotten dreams what that is our talk about that as world i was amazing while i wanna talk to about tom cruise movie they play the bad guys well i'm jack richer but grizzy man i also think we were dealing with if you ve never seen that document is one of my favorite unintentional comedies have to see it it's about a guy who decided he was going to save the bears the bears did not need vulcan saving
want saving they didn't need saving they weren't interested in his saving eventually the eightam eventually they determine he was near the prodigal director assessment carriers bart bear or so amazing man ran back to our our camp as we bring this bitch home well now what when we were up there it was like i felt like sincere since you ve been practice sing archery fur couple years now aimed a really good into a doubt been the perfect first archery hunt cause control environment it some a really high likelihood of success even though we both struck out it's a high likely of success and there's this desert crazy intimate connection that you have with an animal when you're up close with them within twenty plus yards in issued with a bow and arrow that is like some really old dna that you tap into that some like there's a bull there's like
a switch that goes off where your tea she was like oh we ve seen this before this this we did this five hundred years ago like there's there's genetics i think that are attached to archer we in some sort of strange way apparently i am not of trade snow archer i haven't done that but they say it's even stronger and that that shoot and even just shooting regular bows like a recurring bow has an even more sort of a visit or connection to the human body and the human mind then they know what ted new vehicles a spiritual out of the hour the mystical flight of the era there is some sort of a weird ancient calling when you when you do that when you you and one for catapulted do that logic report her mother fucker damage i think people progress that all the way to the year but i think the cannibal wasn't used for hunting
these were war the eyes and i see the reactor unaccountable jesus christ they got out yeah oh i didn't go for scraps take further yoshida rigour of alzheimer's eureka about them i really enjoyed it super way less accurate so i wouldn't go hunting with it but people really accurate with them no effort yeah i guess i guess for me it's way less accurate absorb some people are really practice and they get really good at it but there are so many weird things like judging distance
or weird little know says no sight while they say attitude instinctive so there's no sight so yeah veal in it but you read a book like then in the art of our treaty narrows book great book and it it applies to the regular mean compound bo but if you really feel it when you have the recovery and just a piece of wood and insinuated near twinning and you're not in the air and you just go and off instinct as are so much more variability its lesson lest you known mechanic it feels like you do it's more like a flow type of thing in its funds funded fun to do that while was imagine that it is like a lot like playing pool in that you develop a feel your words gonna go and you have to do it so what they say that was one of the most important things about tradition archery instinctive shooting as you have to shoot hours area to be really really accurate
but like if you watch like olympic recur shooters they have a lot of weird shit gone man they have like a clicker so they'll pulled the the arrow back a certain distance and click will go off because you could have the bow all the way to he i'm making a motion i could get pull it back to your chin we could pull it passed your chin gets knowledge compound bower hits a wall compound both extremely accurate and guys like john dudley owes a guy who was set up my bow and he he wrote the curriculum for though world archery federation wouldn't fuck it isn't i was all over the world to teach people proper technique and teach people and coach international teams and archery he was saying that you got like our a rifle shooter and nation
cute like free hand not resting in something at two hundred yards at archers are actually regularly more accurate at a hundred yards with a bow and arrow than someone holding a rifle is well yeah that through the wild crazy mina with the with the traditional shooting oh you know compound both shooting here if you had a seventy pounds oh it's gonna shoot seventy always yes so that sets a variable you don't have to factor any kind of recur bouck and shoot twenty pounds of even more back a little better fuckin sixty five whatever running on how much you can actually been the limbs of that year and gozo up and down very ability and inside decide you should get pretty accurate you know just by anchoring and kind underlining that up but up and down really depends on how far you pull in your breath and you release is not ass is the release its super squarely took his fingers inevitable release thing so you hold on a little
hide or you don't let the string flow through your fingers the right way yeah it's awful squarely yeah so that's why the olympic recur of people they have like clicker so they pull there euro back and once again to a certain length it sets off a little click smells like quick and they did their release the arrow so they know when to release it they know when they ve pulled back far enough it's that collect yeah does make sense but in out sir i did i hear i gotta think you'll lose a little some of that yeah magic you're starting to move at all all the way towards a compound certain point michael just shoot the compound in if you take all of the the feel of that thing out if you look at a compound both of you look at our someone of shooting a compound bala people i put a picture of me apart from our camp that ban took more we're there and
things are people of comedy unlike we're gonna fucking weird thing like always pleasance cables and all things hanging off of it in a site and stabilizer this like so much going on in your case it through the max as a kind of any bow as has been the i tried everything i tried everything i may i will down of added things and taken things down but others there's a photo yet is going on african that thing but all those the cables and the police in you know the stabilizer and the adjustable sight that goes up and down depending on distance but it's so fucking accurate but so fun to man it's like there's very few things i enjoy as far as clearing my mind as much as is shooting at a target demands present
demands that you're in the moment you thinkin about other shit you ass you know because everything is so finite same with pool i think gravitated naturally to these activities to be good demands full attention the end and attention is is bliss venus and attention is that suppress mom you will definitely removes all of the outside distractions that really aren't there not important right now like right now you're breathing you have food in your belly you're alive you healthy what is important well you have a bone you have as important as you make that arrow hit that acts so shoot it stupid stop thinking about some girl you fuck when you're eighteen forty eight why you think about it are the is sold when you return to match that car today i can fix it
what are these in extraneous silly thought these traumas that these animals don't carry lighting ever heard of a bear with reptiles dysfunction maybe like never maybe maybe gave heirs male the banana can still get an art than viagra i don't know all these things that we have in our that our money these are just broken because we ve ceased to recognise the monkey and all of us here in also getting back to that and looking in nature is just a great way to do it whether your hunting or camping or whatever it is can soaked at lunch it does also feeling yet when you're in the woods were those his nose farmers option there's no people you hear anything you're just surrounded by trees and wildlife in some weird way it's for some people they find it lonely they find it like just this place doesn't give talk about me because it doesn't because you realize you really are a part of this enormous almost infinite system infinite
terms if you go down to the macro level or them micro level your ear your down to atoms and you're down to subatomic particles and then use spanned from there to cells and sell walls and the structure of tissue in the body and then the instincts that come with keeping the body alive and then with a human being language and then the culture and media that you have absorbed that has given you this distorted idea of what life is were being a human as being a man is that music could play when you see your girlfriend you know even undermine like this like they there should be a score to your life and that you are to ignore so important because your ego wants you to survive long enough to your loans in the summit to make little baby arby's can this these things they don't they don't matter when you're in those words although things it's like the woods confront you with this
ultimate reality that you are a part of this infinite system and this infinite system when you really expand upon it the very plants itself the very planet this planet and all planets themselves become tiny little subatomic particles in the nature of the universe yeah that's it the perspective is so key and can be qaeda mind boggling to think about it i'd like to you know it's almost like we're we're law
of our own universe in our universe is our body our thoughts can manifest different things are choices create the environment that we live in so you know it's like we have our own universe and then were plugged into this you know greater universe that is that we know all around us the planet and everything else and that's plugged into the larger and you start just expanding near perspective in a just kind of really goes on infinitely you know like the cell is as part of an organ is put in their that's its universal liver sell the universe of the liver cells the liver and their one cell in that thing it goes up and down infinitely and you just gotta get a perspective that you know everything's gonna be ok no matter what like everybody just fuckin relax enjoy yourself get back in touch with the monkey get back in touch with love and whatever happens it's gonna be all right i'll be another earth will be another will be another opera
tunity for this thing to go we get so caught up in the minutiae of the details of this thing of that thing it'll be okay if the earth blinks out you know some other point in some other time in the vastness of eternity another fuckingawesome earth will come with new awesome animals and it'll be okay everything will be okay you heard from gentleman everything is gonna be ok and with that good night ladies and gentlemen my body are remark is on social media if you want to follow me love yes our converges go there my dear holler thank you ladies and gentlemen for turning into the show thank you to legal zoom going get your legal shit taken care of at legal zoom dot com use the code word rogan at check out for a discount and thank you to books flowers from the side of a volcano folks come on go be oh yeah
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so why will see guy soon we thank you for all the love tat care by i
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