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#811 - Jim Breuer

2016-06-21 | 🔗
Jim Breuer is a stand up comedian, actor, author,  singer and host. Check out his podcast The Metal In Me and his new rock album "Songs From the Garage" available on iTunes now.
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advanced so, and you have good on here. This is ridiculous timing. Everything dazzling, monseigneur super busy and you too it's really a senior fuckin, awesome, Z, anyways, really awesome, see, there's a weird them because we're having this conversation and people listening to a but at the same time you're one of my favorite people and I'm fuckin when you forever. We were friends when we're both hungry scrappy young comedians with no idea what the fuck was gonna happen right now, we're both like wildfire. This can happen in the future. You know what it's like, there's a bond that you have with people like you and I were essentially in the same place and are in our lives, the same place, our carmakers at the same time, aid tell everyone I repeat what I said: what I What about you How real and honesty were you and you are also like? All you want to do is play pool, which I know shit about pool again:
are, we gonna play pool and I would suck a negative get bored real, quick, you eat, have you got poor halls and you'd fuck it work out. Do you want to. The gym. We're, gonna chamber, you beat him like an hour and a half and I gotta says I watched your whole career grown, grow and grow. I can tell when fighting came along the. You have see my wrong. To say you proud hopefully were the happiest, those not the greatest job. You ever was because you never changed you all. I knew you as a tough guy on a sky play. Billiards working I've heard you say: do a fucking joke you out right now disguise we had a cramp table for Disney Show was What shows us? What was the base wash?
oh Hardball, that's right! Dude! You were the Fuckin pioneer Harvey. Do I have a photo of us a monkey? I have a photo of us that I have to bring in. I have. To bring an end because a fuck I gotta find no exact output and I have to find a no exact, it's you and me for my Eighteen, ninety three, we look like pay We are gravy. Foolishly, babies and withdrew fan. Remember the ages. Yes, dude Two there was a funny raw does it That was one of my favorite examples of a show that been a really funny shall written by really funny guys and the net What years did you stuck their own thumb up there now and they ruined we will in the dead, but You were there to put the pilot about six years more on the euro and the craft line crasser.
Which to me that was the great party filming anything I was still a still. This is free, that's all I got so there was a guy fuckin little guy, just he proved to be an actor buddy, servan rice to us city as assurances Isle of Karate, you are here. Just forgiveness, here, come you you're, fuckin you're, all Hardub did you take karate a king, gos you're you get off. I await own of sick box or whatever so I'd fuckin. Craddy sucks the fuckin worst, No, what is no way! You know miss characterizing, this conversation. Now it there's no way to happen like that, like I just Took ideal and rice is like dude career socks, none. I know he had a shirt right, Craddy shared right, and that was in our view, is that I am not in a you started poking questions phone you were like asking is televisions is I came
what you do catching karate, and then he would go Sutton like the martial arts and then who would say duty should take this like night. I think cried aloud when it, and then I saw you just like dirt on time- you're right now, fuckin crusher, point that conversation toys. I couldn't I just never saw anyone like you are life. I you're like a fucking that moment oh, the sky is so he's here. Don't you? U fearless I've never seen it was a fearless. My life I've always looked up, for that you like about it. You re actually never been fearless feel sorry just took that. No, no! No! No! I'm fucked around But I've never been feel sums here to everything This is how you how you respond to it. So we respond.
Interfere with an eye you're scared of some of the unknown right. Now most people shy away from the unknown. That is true, but it's hard to get honest, because sometimes the disallowed a deeper factors in his letter eyes on you figure kid Her eyes were on you, you supposing the stuff. So it's a little like I'm I'm a feared to be, I fear, being allude to honest, times rhinoceros and burned off. That's right and wrong. Right, no work, you can protecting yourself or you, your kids, in a lot of ways from how you are because you don't item the kind of b as wild and crazy as you were when you were young, like with the pot thing stuff like that. Well, like here Let me ask you this okra. If Europe. How old you you have held three dollars. Ok, I three doors If one daughter goes and you can tell her start Mokanna get into part right. Did they want to grow?
faster. Why do you want to live? don't you think you're doing only really forgetting yeah fourteen no say. Seventeen is, I was late bloomer, Check out into a little bit with some friends when I was like twelve and thirteen, we Some part, twelve, I didn't Dan, that's my middle daughter, happens due to leave him alone with those fuckers alone. They get a hold of music That's what it is man you know with us. We would go over this Fuckin dues house would listen. A bad company and we thought we'd get some pot see the ice. Don't to sports at that time, but so when, I discovered it. I was into the metal Russell We go in the basement and we turn on. A born I own, I heard when I had an otter enough. That's another weird pardon me wires,
Attracted to that I heard I heard that fast furious. And they made me a push in it. It's it's great for a young guy for a young guy. That's the music that sort of represents your hormones. You know, tat dad? You know you placards seventeen July, you know and and also you suppressed Alla time like everyone, calm down settle down. Not so loud right, stop fucking each! hold on and some music comes up and it is in our own. The releases madness comes out. If you feel it, you feel the music who understands you. I know, but I fear here's my biggest fears it dad getting addicted to shit yeah and get pregnant. Yeah. Well, those things are both. The reality is that everybody faces. When you are young, you know
and also biologically everybody faces. It seems a good pills. I know so many people that have gone addicted pills. I mean it's an epidemic I'm done not unknown. If I had to sit down at all people that I've been close enough to call on a regular basis, say I don't go on. You have conversation with em. Maybe a dozen have been hooked on Girls- and I know three people have died from it. Well do honor, remember pills and we were kids. Did they didn't happen there existed all there was a crime you'd here like some people get in night vitamins and shit like that, because we always like crazy people, don't you kind of, though it's more thorough, prescription pills, rational, yeah, yeah yeah no absolutely definite right devil, I saw their prescribed. Dont does it seem as like us. They figured out how to legalise really bad drugs dazzled
They definitely did. They fear. No trust us more because, well aware these white lab coped. We had we write out a little garden Take three of these away could never be able to stab that's another soup. Guy of attack I listened system death metal from Finland is fucking. Car have to sell and heroin all day with a lab code on that's a dirty wagon wheels and better. There was an article, Does anyone it's insane? There was an article this one family that has a has like giants. In that market and they ve made billions and billions of dollars, and it was you can download how much money they may and how many people are hooked on and how many prescriptions there aren't like. There are drug dealers,
like the legalised will. If you look at this in the future like when they looked back- and they say- oh, maybe those opium dens. The cowboys had from Wyatt Earp was a wider while bill had car I'm fuckin movies. I went to the dammit. Chinese people got him all fucked up on opium and we will were those are dark times. This is this is a way oars than that. I agree and it happened underneath our noses. But don't you say how do you stop that question, Could you we'll talk about it forever, and I think I think you ve talked enough I've and brought up to people and its its sort of the old again you face What do you do now? We talk forever, but we actually don T just talk about it. Let people let seep into people and he thinks he's down further Dignan older sir,
did it. Why did I for themselves any anything? You gonna? Let your kid figure out for themselves: you're like depriving them of information right. So I think what you got do is be a really honest about it. And with my the daughter, the young girls, don't know that I smoked away, but we just conversations about it, I said: listen, there are some things that are dangerous there I think that it is not dangerous at all partisan. One is not dangerous at all, like my my wife and I had it overseas, whether about it- and you know it's weird- sort- conversation cleared you talking to someone is on the verge of being a dull right, so you
oh bullshit, and I'm still, but not really course, whereas if they were in a dull, even like look pots not hurt anybody. I smoke I forgot about. I do too and then everybody would laugh, ha ha ha ha ha. You know of man. I lied about before an answer, and then you know you have you little conversations enable with it with adults, but when the caterer Covenant tokamak come, don't out downtown right, you want keep somehow another. This innocuous ring from the cap but meanwhile you'll sip a glass of wine in front of them I'll drink a glass of wine from my kids all time, Try one of women's rights civil wanna, try disgusting and then it becomes anything they talk about. Member that time I tried the why? Oh I guides grounds, It socially accepted here, Glenarm, tasted, gusting adults two beverages are but smokin pot front of them or around them would be horrific itself fool shit. You know,
Did you know anyone? I remember I knew a kid and he was up the street any smoke pot when his parents, this will go near smoke. Part. Would parents. My initial aeronaut. My end, my instinct was like. Oh that's, weird. Yes, she swept. I can't have that's weird. I guess it is, but I don't know It's not really. If you have a drink with your dad's now where and how can we can have a beer with your dad is not weird, I may, for instance, ok, sorry, my dead heat, He never drink with me. He never said, but he was everyone else would say: skies. Fuckin bruise, you dead is gas nuts. Like my father's, I didn't see that side of him at all, so not until my twenty first birth They ve got just numerous this fuckin dad, where I work or to vat shit like that serious guy,
very serious. Never laughed is, I think he left twice the filthy. The fund and his laugh was yes. I had that was that was killing them. Thank you, fucking term I swear to God, so was twenty one. He said it's got a beer, your man. Now so we went to place. While Porter Owls in Florida and when I have a couple of beers. He saying simply is that he doesn't talk. Say stupid, jokes, I don't really understand some bore. Go outside catch buzz. You guys this will help the fucking neck back in touch a buzz mean smuggler we'd. Yes, I come back in and he there's a crowd around them and I where to guide as he was older? I thought he'd, I thought
down, arose looking at the matter for go there, his king wholly court with the whole bar. It is a Kellan is destroying and so then I they turn relic. Who is fungi or want to hire me fucking allows for an I just can understand. I never saw this man, so I had a beer, he had appear. We caught buzzes. If we had done for I never. So my father is funny so where widen Why don't you show me the side earlier would hear this from all my friends use you weren't fuckin ready Larry is what kind of feel that way with certain Kids. You know me right. Rhino scene is fucker like, for instance, I can say. I think I think this kid why, if they, if they go in that direction,
I think I'll, be ok. This one, it's not so much doin it it's this one against stop there. They do have different personalities yeah, you see like it's, it's almost like Galicia, the fence. Don't listen! Don't go pass. A fucking treat Hocker went nowhere. Did I not say it? I'm gonna pocket he's in the woods Come back? I'm sorry! It's yeah! I fear this one's going some kids freedom is super intoxicating gotta, wonder what it is. Is it anything that we set up in this kids when they were young. Did we suppress him too much, and so they just had isn't it hence desire to be free, because I There are some of the two that this desire to protect someone a kind of back. Fires when your raising kids in some ways, because if you try to put
act him too much in the day. Resent you and then they they pay Back the other way, that's why I like, who have like really strict parents when it comes to sex were always like the biggest freaks like we all knew that right, catholic school. Girls worth our biggest freaks of all time. It was close. Yet it was what was that when a broken home now no one's around tat. It was his. Only negative pressure right, any negative. Comes out and one where no, my coming out like you in humor or my come anger, my command addiction, but any negative pressure they experience as a child. Others, bullying, you know owing to a new neighbour, her parents, break up no attention and alcoholism and the family, whatever the fuck it as it is. Finds its way to the son, you know,
right. That's where all our music comes from That's where the best stuff comes from its comes from some kind of pain, some some kind of like need to never feel that pain again need to celebrate the happiness of life, because he felt their pain, and you understand it ray is now know how my butt None at all, but you tried it and when To start with, you against first time will you saw Samuel economic woe in ITALY with kids then the young man from the jump dude just from the jump just from The time they little tiny babies? look at me. Go these this a little calculating beings. This is simply a baby. I we these narrow classifications for human beings. Like oh he's, an old man, he wouldn't try to fuckers are he's a you know, he's a young kid. He doesn't understand. Now they fuck and understand they understand. Just: don't have all the words, yet they understand a lot more than you think they do and there
just constantly calculating the constantly take in data there let and worse still doing it. Man I mean and I are better at talking now Fortys and we were in our twenties. You just You just brought back a second just sort of therapy, I just found where my anger, Kate, what you can get invasion flashbacks of where really started mice. Mr Ira, my sister got horrible divorce parts or I stood. She was getting hit. Right. So I just remember my my mom get knows full Harrison Barber and did itself, though it's funny, but So I remember going there. Go on the milliner get there and you should be bruised it tell she was hit, which is already you fuck traumatized you're seven, eight years old- and you just you
This the violence and then numb I remember the fucker came at the house did know we were there and my dad was ok man. To be a man, but you be a man and he said: if you are oh man, I fuck him make you eat them. Words I read my Father guy your dad he's trying to get out my mind's eye guy. Alpha please place brow or that gear and then I'd. That's high, discovered fuckin metallic From that that exchange that aggression, I needed something, I would go my basement, hair shit and so How will the time Tom off I've tenos? Fourteen, like Europe, dig folklore, In order to have a lot of in turn,
arguments like I should have said. Have you haven't? I should have said that they would go on for hours. I'd be my fuckin car traffic gale you if you fuckin thought about it. This would you know it. You don't come to come up with some better thing you could have said or some sums liquor thing you could do said I still do that. Turkey still do. I gave up on it or is it out weeded legged to weaken the garden I'll? Do it for good half out on the road. A kid amazed try not to man. I try not to travel as much as I can focus my thoughts. Things that are actually beneficial to me. So I would sunlight. Thou know it. I know what it is to some fuckin idiot? I know what it is and I can dwell on it right in amazement and moved by rights instead of like making now a part of my life, and I wanna anybody's Guph Behaviour to be a part of my life, so exhausting is exhausting.
And it's not necessary, you can. You can figure out a way. It's an exercise is not easy to do, but when get frustrated by someone you gotta learn how to just constant things. You want to concentrate on just don't let the other things in and then, after a while, you get stronger at its like a weight. Like a muscle. Rather you live weight with it. They get stronger so like putting, your intention on things you actually enjoy, instead of festering on some fuckin stupid argument you might have with your girlfriend two months ago or with your boss last weaker boilers. I guess we're short and twitter, or someone on Twitter, yeah or someone you ran to the gas station said some fuckin stupid you for no reason, and you said I should a fuckin smack that guy. You just take your hand you down in a judge you as you are She can't let the coward those things grow. That's what it is when you feed him, they grow, they do grow,
and then it is easier for them to grow at some selective set. The fuckin seeds are made. Tricks of seas in your head or any retorted thought we just fuckin sprout wings. Flyaway real quick Allenham happens the most to when you when you're growing, I guess a person every time. Every time I think, I'm drawing on expanding in life to bring him down show him his weakness. Yeah he can handle twitter. That's what happens with me. I'll get a fuckin tweed from. I won't know Buddhist personal care, this person is. I can hear it. It took me the wily get over that. You know why man, I don't blame them a base to blame them stomach phenomenon, but I think the answer to it: tool. Twitter, is that is too weird and tiered. Who on it's never been. It's never existed before there's never been. This ability
with an anonymous name, just be shitty to someone or just communicate with someone or even have any kind of contact with some positive or negative, because I think there's a lot of people out there that addicted to the positive too I mean girls, girls on Instagram that had shaken you'd, yoga, booty pictures and by the way, don't stop. I'm not saying stop. I'm not thanked up this balance it out. Those pictures are wonderful, keep em coming girls, I'm not saying don't! Don't pictures of your well sculpted, but you should enjoy the praise you get from your labour in a jam, knots Anna, but each ya think definite people they get that becomes addictive to them. They saw gravitating towards it. Of course they do. In second war of though it's it's, a war of the mines keep their minds occupied twenty fourth surface transparency. Contraction is that Conspiracy to mention. If they created twitter because they knew they were like look, we have to figure out what
Probably when the age of information will here's the thing, I'm just communicate with each other freely. They'll start so much conflict I'll, never be. It will deal with us taking over the world more every time they get along with tear the part. Just a little did send Monday. Let's keep keep race relations and check every those guilty. Chaos show them someone get and beaten by an officer immediately, and you have that tape from nineteen eighty s, personal Michelob like today send a thunder time gang tank. I thank and introduce some new phrases to get them upset that mean nothing I think I'd like to see a debate will. Surely my crowd is angry than yours. Really, let's have a battle of licks limit the words they are allowed to say freely. We need more restricted words: how about retard? That's an easy one: to stop. Let's get rid of retard.
This was repulsed by re taught. You know what I have always found training to be quite offensive. Let's be left as well, then I'm gonna go for what pushing you hardly going to push back. Oh they'll forget meetly, oh really, quick race war. Pass feline drain candles and put it in the limelight, because we all know everybody talks about that every day. You know what we can never resolve gay marriage, we need, it must have it don't lose the queen. You lose the queen euros again. That's our marriages. Are clean chest table of social contract. Forgive me when I was a little kid who argued about gay marriage where move from savages go to Florida. I was probably like. I think I was eleven years old. I remember that was a big thing that people have said they were trying to make gay marriage, and so that was like Eighteen, seventy somethin there's still
Arguing about its the same cycles ever and nobody, nobody. Nobody's see said it's weird I got very. Don't you get em, for years. The same thing here is: here's the debates, gay yeah, gay marriage, abortion, gay abortions, everyone portion: how do you feel an abortion gassed trump? How do you feel about current babies? Are we call with it as with it? I don't get to see it Elsie Shit within a vacuum cleaner up there there's no in between you and the tissue at all? You don't say anything I'll get you some don't say it. How did they get? What how big do they get for this saga? About other then get pretty bad. Don't you want to have this conversation? Nobody would join coming inside people feel so good nobody wants to have this conversation everyone's,
the disease is keeping around distributor, stop describing in of uncomfortable way. That's like I'm, just grab in it. It is like Can mellow and Blair and and factual away as possible and its uncomfortable fuck. Like what, worse and actually is its aim is to be able to do it. I'm a hundred per cent. No choice of Mohammed were sent. A woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body and a deadly, don't think a man to be able to tell you what to do your body hundred percent, but the other day that the little baby and you using a vacuum. The second out your body, I gets odd, but it But it's not our designing a judgment because I agree with it. I think we will do it, but up isn't there and up to a point, because of like it's like three cells leg is enough cells to fit on the very tip. Of a pen and I just get sucked out a vacuum. Ok, I really see the issue. You know if you If you're like a tribal guy in the woods there
guys get the girl pregnant. They realise, when it Gambia, were fighting for this one and your Charlie's wife or booze wife, we gotta get with UK tell me they are denied berries or fuckin run in hard into a tree to have an abortion stopped. They saw and heard a mere angle, and this is where you may call me in your body don't sweat. It baby you ran towards the aforesaid stuff work and take one right in the gut. It's like a perfectly a tree cod for sure somebody must have figured out somewhere online. It's gotta be way to stop this fuckin kid, but the point is to hate it your sex edge that that, if thy hand
that as sex education in fifth grade, I thought everything a lot differently. My head, you come describe it out? Listen, I know you guys get into it and these are the rest, a you said. Everything just said like. While I would change my perspective on moving forward. Well, you know the egg, the egg shoots into the thick so they teach you haven't each nonsense coming in people feels awesome. And there is a reason for that nature to get you to make more people because nature still seem set up that was around when we died real young. When there was no many of us, we can do you wipe out some. You know we were sitting in the street people getting plague. Another have rats. It would carry these diseases and fleas and Therefore, I get Gina from toss in Rome, feces a gene off and so what have we have to come? A lot don't make
our peoples to keep this working party rolling, and I think that's gonna things it's going on today when you seeing people become more like a lot of men are gravitating towards being more of feminine. And then you hear the phrases like toxic masculinity, like phrases that we never heard were young, that almost like denigrate the concept ask your enemy in some sort of weird abstract way, but I think it because we realise hey, we don't need a fuck as much anymore. We don't! to go to war as much anymore like like, were progressing into some sort of a digital universe that we're moving into and is not a car, so much chip me in so much chaos in blood, so I think that as a culture people sort of moving way. That's why? When something like the? U s c comes around or or heavy metal, or something like something just openly aggressive like guy
like you or I will go lead. We then, maybe me oh, my god, how China dragged to the future. That should be politics that should be. I would see that politics Wendy somebody who was in the room. You ought to be the governor gettin a ring summit. There was a fact and photo that I took off of twitter today. I think somebody put it up, who put it up but it was just a little sign that was outside someplace in Texas. That's! instead of having a president, why don't we just at all agree really hard to be cool and now and I saw that I like, what's so, that so fuckin simple, but isn't it to be what it is. One day, because any kind of moving into that
the direction that was certainly one day. So does everybody be cool, just relax? I think that's. What's we're moving away from of the fuckin did weird pay Physical needs that we constantly have to feed re moving away from those, but don't you think. Whoever is aware of that anticipates that, in their early counter act. Ring you mean, though, if the powers that be the powers that the evil combined in an old room me books, leather, bound books in the Wall about book you're, an asshole about that when those guys with a bunch of books behind you with tradition in leather gold, plot fleeting pleading
I don't think they can manipulate it nearly as much as we think they can. I think they defiling manipulate the things they can and I think this world is God so out of hand that its on its own to its work and on some quite crazy in jewel momentum towards progress. I think those old dude, for sure, killed Kennedy for sure seeing the arguments for I've seen the arguments against somebody killed Kennedy and it wasn't just Lee Harvey Oswald to everybody this either or thing you know look are we Oswald acted alone? I don't think so. I think he's deftly was in on it, though I think there's a gang. People- and I think he was one of the people that was in on it- is highly likely that Lee Harvey Oswald was out of his mind. Crazy, asshole, workin for the government doing some weird shit and Russia comes back over your marriage or russian lady there's all Auto whacking is to it, but we can observe
rambling. But what is all that that that was? back in the sixties. That's what about! What is all that manipulation? manipulation they were trying to figure out how to retain Control Kennedy Bring me a reserve or bunch of but first of all he wanted to get rid of the CIA. Here to get rid of the USA? He wanted to get rid of a bunch agencies, the CIA or the USA. One of those who wanted to dissolve you want They get rid the Internal Revenue service. You want to get rid of the federal bank. Kennedy, had some radical ideas here. To change a lot of things about the way the world was, and you also want to put it in and mass? Did? You? a red, no one ever did you hear the whole speech was ended? the famous one. He did. It's always the end. Ass, not thou, think, but did you here the whole speech now, I'm sure I did but everything. What are you saying? He was a bad motherfucker dude Have you no sale again? Oh, hey, listen, there's enough mean
We can all get along. Oh Jesus. We have a fucking happier Did you ever hear the Stuffily said about secret societies? Dude pop, clay. This is getting lasted from that stuff, a magazine. I you can't know, look I've leave or don't my friend. Eighty bravo love to death. He loves every single one of every conspiracy becomes long, dives, Intuit Fuckin hook line. Sangree love them. I brought it to fund the fight of fund because it adds get my little house and my little lawn and too thin. Faster. Look it up. Did you ever hear that guy who is right, and drugs through Mina Arkansas was and move yea here it would drop in court. Placing was Perry, seals his work the CIA Dropping Coke aeroplanes may cause. Kids founded they killed. The kids was, at the game, show guy nobody There's a girl, oh yeah,
the gun to embarrass yes, no Don Berossus, our friend, What is his name endemic, a movie about their yeah Chuck? stood out about since I was kind of like a leg of fake movie report, tending than he was a hitman or something I fell asleep watch at once. So on those movies, so. You know I would get exhausted with this talk to be really really, colonel listless inherent? I just do you go
you do battle than when it takes a shorter duration. Ok, good longer speech, good perfect, the short version one here. I know it's exhausting dude this'll glass. It should already. Ladies and gentlemen, the very worried secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are, as a people inherently an historically opposed to secret societies, the secret oath and a secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent Ex far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today,
There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation. If our traditions do not survive with it, and there is very grave danger that in announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very little superficial, official censorship and concealment that I do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control, no official of my administration, whether his rank is high or low civilian Military should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news to stifle descend to cover up our mistakes or withhold from the press and the public. The facts they deserve No, but we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy,
that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly near highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence, economic, scientific and whose Burma Foger we just listen that whole speech and display on this podcast. But what does everyone give the trophy to what does it say on every point? Stir was most famous for not that's all was that last and the speeches it
not roads which are country who we met. Who that all should have been on, so that is also a part of the same speech that they spectrum policy fainthearted, I know and act like I'm a historian here. It is the same guy who said that and you never hear that spend sunshine. The other part. Can we never heard that's dead? That's it sick, his speech I have ever heard by any president. Never again. I listened animal two minutes aunt em out loud hard to listen to them, because you know it's horseshit oh shit and they all talk like President's I am like didn't just talk to you. They I'll talk to you in this light, Is there a pattern there there locked into that? You can't read when someone talks to you if you were a person in the audience
You know. I mean like there's a pattern in the ways talking. They don't reveal much about their actual motions. They put on a mask you put on, You do a speech like a pop politician. You're. Putting out of herbal mask and you're, not allowing people to see. Much of you, that's why we see a little bit like when Hilary Shit, Clinton's, shrieks and p likewise, every concentrating on it, because you getting to see a little bit of her, we see a little bit overthrew the mask. She's got this two inch thick. Political mask a cheese, put its coats of paint that have now hit two inches thick from all the years of so many here. A shriek is no different than if you watch a third greater in a play. When those kids come out. It's the same monotone they don't know their lives. I don't care about their lines when I, when I
the politicians. Talk is no different or pay. It's more fuckin painful to watch tat. Then my third graders huh fine play every single year. They do well. That's one, though things about me out the most about Obama. When I first saw him when he was first in office when he's further for prisoners like this guy's gonna, be like a new Kennedy like this guy gonna, be like this guy who changes everything with the way talks in the policies it creates. He's a young articulate These essentially close to our age is three years older than us. He's grew up in our age group in our era, but don't you think he's put in that situation. Somewhere along the line like listen. He had a nice. You gotta have a nice little run here, but, as some other rose, you need to buy and stand out as her with sudden
access to align pitch so just sounded. Scarier bent meaner layers anymore. If north It gives me a threat for some reason, southerner scares Mark is, I M really swarms. As you know, was the perils movie with what the fuck moving and then when the swamp is first movie, deliverance, deliverance, Every a pig, scary fuck it the ties that was our one people grew up in the east coast in the northeast when you're in new heard those movies sellers always rather that was our introduction to scary southern people. Oh, so what You think Obama. Would you want Obama commander? I thought I was, I tell you I was looking at the future daughter looking at someone who is going to change everything, well here's this guy. Whose, like everything we wanted, a Bush was like this guy was almost anti intellectual and away seem like you
take. These are real short cuts. The way, thought and away expressed himself real obvious or cuts would wasn't he didn't spress himself, in a way. Where he was trying to get really tell some people to say: ok, this guy's well thought out what he was doing us his expressing himself in a way where he He's trying to get like really dumb people too, he's one of them in this different kinds of people in others. This someone, like bomb on when he was run and for office for whose That is a good example run Paul's great example. Right right, Paul is obviously very intelligent and he's. Eggs, to boldly intelligent people and to put to the people that might not understand all the concepts discussing when it comes to big government or intervention in foreign policy, in a very intervening in foreign countries when he does it. It's like very clear, here and concise and particularly well chosen words so about
It was a guy. I to me is Obama was like the opposite of the guy. Who was appealing Damn people bomb in all his appealing towards Obama's appeal towards youth and hope, hope and change was like the big part of the all these years later. What's It's really change that much Joe Joe think about this that you get to that. But I get I'm with you a thousand percent, but but the realistic, like a realistic view, What you think, where you look, every great hero and there's that fear of death like oh like so many concepts you talk about kitty, kids, a nice kids. Real nice over there. So I won't change its awesome. Michel video of Mr Kennedys last guy had a big, dumb fuck in speech. However, John Lennon wasn't a cute ha.
Do you think they kill magazine? I send dad tat, go back in Wackos son of a bitch, but is more likely that people are with John Lennon. These are making artist in could be like that little girl I got shot in Florida last week, horrified horrifying, but deeply did she was partly Illuminati was it like some sort of a plan to stop her and her message of freedom or was it there is no longer there was another. Just a young girls are saying I went for the what I'm saying: oh yeah, most likely would be crazy, fuck. I know that water Christopher I'm just saying I I think everyone, one of that from any politician right, but the mid that politician, you can't you, you can't deny that the first guide She has free Rein Eddie. Faked everyone out and you get to that point. It's gotta be nearly impossible to go? Listen if they shut off the phone if they shut all community
Patient downright now, it's good data, good, I'm said boom until you have them, brutal honesty. Could you imagine ever gonna? Have the Euro May I have your office whirlwind its office. Would we get started, office and tells everybody exact with fuck up when you say that when you press it because it would kill us, kids. Oh, no one's very sick, terrible the governor they're watching those in everything we say the USA. There, hoarded isn't really further. Blower watching me, for you, knew really deplored. Might assume area goes again. Other Fergie species, Seventeenyearold is another thing. People think that this is like gigantic spirit. You watch over buddy, I'm gonna bring up the the guy who broke into the White House. You know you're lucky icebreakers lighthouse and got broken away. I'll get arrested couple months before it all on. Only two people have ever broken into wine. I do remember that one was of like nineteen twelve a guy broke in they tackle them, quick, this one was from a year and a half ago and the Guy
broken. He got arrested I think it was in in September, but he got yet pulled over in July, with four rifles to hand, guns and a fucking machete in his car plus map of Washington within acts were the fucking White House says so he gets pulled over with that two months before he wines are breaking into the White House like this. Is poorly they're watching us like this idea that there's a bunch of Evil genius is that are watching three hundred million people's every moves. It's ridiculous! They can't watch anything, there's not enough people, and the people that are watching. They don't give a fuck. Do you want to go home right now? I broke into the White House, one of things that he was doing. It ran across the lawn we're supposed to be watching. The dogs took his earpiece out because used and was girlfriend and cell phone. Second radio, they give it back up radio, he forgot Dennis locker. This is the
I know people that are guarding the world, so this idea The disagrees, super geniuses that are in control of every move and they tired of man and hypnotized manchurian candidate style. No you hours talking, I go first to hard. It would be to talk someone in a killing, someone for you and then getting shot and killed themselves are getting locked up in jail for us alive. Just fucking Harlow be really hard. You will be almost impossible to count on that kind of pulling off to the computer. To get someone is probably never killed. Somebody before that's gonna, be there first killing you can go, kill John Lennon and then get locked up and g of the rescue. I've? U convinces guys, don't do this occasion, It has got to do is most of em we're going to fuck it up like we're all the Forbes, once we will have in fact have a mist and not pulled it off now. It's there always successful, because they're just fuckin crazy people, there are always people agree for all those
once a week. We think that some grand conspiracy, it's much more likely to people retarded way more could be better a few fuckin real ones like that county speech weren't. He must have known he within deep. He must known. He knew about Scotland Bones and all those crazy little fraternity. Those guys belong to with it fuck each other take polaroids and blackmail each other for the rest of their lives, if we don't go to war with Libya, certain cache of photos will be released and oppressed. It has really that simple, probably were probably compromise among the young in some sort of a worldwide give due gay stuff. Probably right I mean I have no clue in her. If you run like one of those Yale clubs, ass. We shut him all up, but woody well, of course, legacy
porn on right of course, and insert your religion. Sixteen millimeter and some day dungeon in Connecticut This year I Charlie fraternity logo on. What's the scorn bones logo, look like some fuckin cool. Some death metal maybe even all the skull alone, she came out the same pressure it included in all rich, rich guys, the rich fuckin dad's warrant paying attention to them in their own reporting. Schools will look at it, who you chat. Whatever you do don't make a t shirt with that on it with your name on people be so upset What is only been no, this is what is: is selling owns a butcher. But here too our ear. I butchered too it's it's a fraternity, a group that a lot of former presidents belong to a John Kerry belong to it and
but what our resolution sister Yale Fraternity, liquor club, a secret club of, many many people who wind up being leaders in the free world what you have put up so I stopped but you're in it. But it's one of those things that people point to when they will get evidence Fifteen was essay. The fifty most powerful were members, Skull and bones. Most famous secret society in America, skull imbalances, cofounded Yale in eighteen, thirty, two by the father of a future president and has come to say If I everything that attracts repulses the public about in quotes the elite rumour. Has it that Yale, junior class members or tat for membership each fall by some measure of leadership influence in breeding among the business. Titans poets politicians. In three: U S presence at a rumour to be members. We picked out our oral poets. What fucking poets in They talk another ass, that's while things it sounds good. While
We have all the members, William Howard Taft Clay Class, of eighteen. Seventy eight, our former president AMOS Alonzo, Stag class of eighteen, eighty, eight years greatest football player. What did he do bunch of sport, stuff? Ok, sport stopped by four by people carried out ports I'll count. Those I really am way we you playing when the Brown James alive. Now that would you barely play basketball, ok, William Average Harriman, this guy future governor New York, a presidential candidate of sale, bunch b, but we ve never fucking, heard about, but people that governors and will you that present Prescott Bush they also that pull that up, but that will leave it is if you thought Toby was a wild. Men is called years. You should have met his Grandaddy Prescott. The future centre, from Connecticut, was apparently a real cut up, who allow with some Other bones, men is believed to have dug up and abscond
with the skull of the legendary native american Warrior Geronimo during World WAR, one below stole Geronimo Skull, that's pretty gang, two legend has other girandoles had still inside scorn bones headquarters known as the tomb at sixty four high street in New Haven by the way New Haven as a shit. All offensive in new, even the better now now is about back to the judge, failure This comical member place jokers wild. I don't remember Was it enough on hotel, nanos, you so comical up there. I'll do daunted crazy guy some big, viable issue, his yeah, some guys dog shit, Africa. What would happen what Africa would cause the fight is? I was on stage and pull the shoe often hit the fuck. Nine ahead with the wooden part of issue is he'll of shoe. Yes, I to the damn. Guy must ahead or something, but he was a wild man
Then who area was like super sketchy driving around in the dark and creevy as lit it was. It was borderline like sketchy weird it's gone bones is there we scared known that scared scared, me man, what desktop but actor scares you scared starts? Vader done done, Deadened Dan. You know it's interesting day. Talked us into believing that George Bush was from Texas, whereas he from Canada, about main in Connecticut his dad. From that four main right in the grub main pressure right: on this last chance. If it's here now, there's a gang of people on that list at one being present just stop and think about how crazy matters What should be the wound? Up being president
this vote will devote. What do you think that maybe they hired Donald Trump just act like a toll? will complete shithead because they knew there were so many Republicans it. Oh shit heads they could just get him to the to the podium and then he will crumble under the weight of Hillary Clinton? Is the greatest professional Wrestling ACT ever ever really is I'm gonna, kill nah, how many shades of resources for the input of the period of the extra extracts too large a flying off the shelves, the wall, a ten foot, dragging that's what I said. That's what I told them. He's deliveries very pro wrestling his delivery, Super Presley he's. Freshness, fuck it it's it's brilliant, when he was not really a speech which was the part. Where says the wards got ten feet bigger because it is a.
I in a movie do we want to make a miracle great, do not under any circumstances his war over time. The new your comment, I said the wall just got ten. Look at that guy behind and paused for a second possible second, that guy behind him, silly man, what right do whistling what cities to look more like an item on the left that guy the guy right over his right shoulder guy, see that guy that guy's a problem because guys like that not supposed to make it this far. This was the right and by wolves a long time ago they supposed to be like that guy Keep surviving game thrones its with the whiling lady with the, but by that guy's more bad asked did you should get out a way to survive, but this guy, this Duessa Duncan Trot,
pod gas. He did recent recently with TIM, high Decker and TIM High Decker, whose from timid Eric hilarious, amazing guy he nailed it. One of the things that he said that just really resonated in my head, Easy said: there's always this desire that people have to identify with the strong man and too To give in to submit to a strong man and that that's what he yes he's this strong super, confident man. And that guy over his shoulder, is the key the guy that looks like probably post nice guy price sweetheart, maybe two or more than shared and doesn't the german issue, and now Lompoc goes up it's hard for him to get motivated so easily nice does. I will I get up and go and it hidden this fuckin trump guy with his aren't skin. Crazy hair make it here like like Kennedy? Could you imagine, given that, due to pot cookie and a mere go hebrew?
What's going on up here. What is this what's goin on? What are you doing this? This is madness. Like you're, better off involved spots than that here You know you just go like short, trimmed hair. What's bald spot, that's way more answer than what you're doing what you're doing crazy like no one That's no and save here does not look like that. It just doesn't look like that. However, in the wild, it's what you ve done is you ve used some sort of chemicals to concoct something's. I give concocted this This resemblance of what your hair used to look like faces it really. That is that the lighting urge those orange really that red and orange they do him up. The ease got some people to do him up and the kind of people to do him up or probably like the kind of people really like him and a kind of like some orange skin. They want to fight, but the difference warping
by its why people war pay make me. Rather, why doesn't do the under eyes were given Do you have your face like that? You think he wears a giant goggles when he gets in attaining booth outgrown likewise why wasn't lies just rise eyes. Just white. Surely he knows what he looks like right, but their master. But then you look at his hair and you go will wise you do that. Then you know and adjust Jason stay them it. He just tat and he just watched Fox news sway. Ok, these guys does need a hero. I think he's got an extraordinary sense of confidence. In some weird way. People are attracted to confidence, yellow that's what high deco San I therefore say that this desire to us submit to the strong man is like what's going on here and I'm like. I bet that's right. I bet that's a lot of it because we,
in talking about these guys campaign form a galaxy Did they are I don't know if it was annulled file politics. So I apologise papers is turned off a while ago, but just sit back and watch you see only guy- and I don't know if it was planned that way or like a sense. Professional wrestler cares. If good and now you're gonna go here than you're gonna bow, why do I prefer printer just fuckin? Twenty pairs bow a pause level, stopping approach Fuck off, as we decided these pace, I've been in government fifteen fucking years because he would go upon this podium and the only thing what people respond to he would call people out in. People loved that they already give them you twenty four seven, shows a card dashings. You know it's a twitter Eric in old insult. That's the new fuckin little guys power.
He gets up their insults. People go you out CBS. He does whenever you jerk, and you know it, but I've never seen aways he's not. Ok here and how is it working talking, brilliant, compare, more yellow, wrestling show that's the manager that's like if he was like representing Bruno it's funny lives goats, going on there Jamie outside and go too far out now you perfect, now. You ve got a nailed. I mean I did that is a guy who's. A manager in a pro wrestling show. That's the manager, that's like if he was like representing Bruno Sammartino and he's leaning towards us. The squared circle you'd be like yes, yes, over the manager, Donald Trump. This one is do if he loses and Hilary wins he's gone. To manage HAWK Hogan hydrocarbons. Gonna have to go back to Debbie. Debbie is gonna, make a comeback
because he is Gawker is not gonna pay him, and so he spent all the Gawker Money and that's gonna, be the that's. Gonna be the plot. He spent all that Gawker money because he thought I thought we lived in a country replied apply the rolls God, when you go to court, you lose your job so I bought a thousand florid. I really like two thousand and want to lose it. So rigid. I can't join arrangement, I can't I care and kick your as president was one of the disease. The present doubly levies, s yeah, yeah, mundane make man hall Gorgon, they have a match, convince always wanted to have a match with homophobia and they go out it. He makes fit de trillion dollar that Donald Trump and Vincent grants already happened is on a couple years ago. They shape. I think, talented no saved his head shaved. Vinci's head. Law. It was funny, though, look at this
this laborious. What future Vince is a smart man. I'll tell you that brilliant guys make a lot of money. Why doesn't run for president? He when he would win he fucked when Husky resent. If down is he might? When did. It doesn't scare you that that many people, this people still believe in big foot waiting it back. Those- and I had Bobcat gold weight in your couple weeks ago, arguing that Bigfoot footage was real. No, you Bob! a big foot. Believer first boys always now does he has none are all the more necessary now. No real he's got a movie. This moving a willow creek, it's really good. It's not! it's not a comedy. It's a horror movie about bigfoot or which scientists believe. It's really believes Israel who went to the big foot conference hassle, sell that no, no, no, no bobcat. He really believe thrill
in Ireland is to Billy. He believes that that video that Patterson footage the fucking deal no eyes you get that one takes that's three hundred renewing. Yet how does is he does? I know he's crazy reign of use plain. You know How do people do? Every time we talk about this? I get fucking hate tweets from bigfoot lovers This big for lovers became law, allows for love, refused this fans on tv, dispel of big for now the ghosts they don't always find. The all transporters too weird but not for real bob. Bob tat really is a big foot believer while its to me I don't see him is really thinking. Now I dwell on orders. Most of my mom that's a real, as my mom was a little dopey cause as a kid being separated their voices big foot show, and I'm thing is a little kid. I believed it. They would any view lily people on a rock going back. Hippy
is a game. Just hang in use. Can his head and my mom legalise believe at my father's gotcha Jesus Christ, They probably was somethin I won in total there was mother. Deafening animal called gigantic. Pemphigus know about that. Now. What is it emperor. What is up the photo of gigantic pithiest? Next to a human being, it was a huge by penal hominid that they found bones of in Asia. In the nineteen twenty, there was an apothecary shop in China and an anthropologist was in their news studying so the teeth they they had. Any recognise this enormous teeth to to be a primate tooth of unknown origin is a visible too large to be a gorilla like what is this where'd you get it so the both brought him to this apothecary there's a photo of a recreation of a gigantic Pythagoras. Next to a guy. They rang it no! No, no, now there's a just go back to the images? Please go like images.
Scroll down you'll, never find it it's gigantic! Pemphigus! Next to a person. Can I just showed you scale, but it was so they found bones they found lower jaw bones. That would indicate was a by people ape okay. So I guess it's the position. The jaw is different if you're on all fours than if you stand up so that visit that that's right there. So this thing lived as recently as a hundred thousand years ago and be more soon, but this is like they didn't even know about it until nineteen twenty when they got these bones so in eighteen twenty they had those bones and they Adam went once carbon dating was invented. The data those two hundred thousand years ago, so there was a real animal. Can I just say if you you need to change, or, as I would go to school every day, if this school,
Now ass, a kid you learn about big foot. In many areas we weren't manipulates knowingly everywhere we went to that, would set they'll. Do Logan gonna come back school tomorrow, cool shit to learn man. This is cool. Shit like this is cool anthropology. I'm not sure I denied, though, because I have to ever did listen then you well that's a hundred per cent firmed, animal, they confirmed they just found it who founded archaeologists. They dug up an anthropologist. They studied these bonuses, we're getting four hundred thousand dollars. Shears funds, we don't find a goddamn tooth- are something we got a file ally gag every second place. We can't Charlie and there's a place. I know it's not it's peers interest as just another way to get money, but they have the bone. She can go, see the bones and other anthropology. We studied the bones kitticut to white coat with only approximately say that
I would say estimated thirteen made thirteen thousand pounds. Billy, and apply this a hundred and thirty thousand years ago. This thing roam the earth now eyes. I can't have to pay no real specialised time magazine and what's it called, was fucking. He called gigantic pathetic, show to pick taken, place, discovered, read all about it and take ten dollars, you motherfuckers, but why is it anywhere other than a gorilla? I can see, and we physically can see that our almost not you know that he knew no mountain girls existed until the twentieth century, because what people never want that way exactly when they first got photos of mountain guerrillas. They were like what the fuck these are real nineteen twenty and find out when they found when they first discovered. The mound girl, I want to say was that early nineteen hundreds. And you know,
that's an animal that we just take for granted is deftly being real. There's a lot of those Jim. I nodded those know. There's a guy's been dedicated. His entire life trying to a giant slots in the Amazon. This guy is convinced that the giants ass in the Amazon, still live longer. Was first discovered by german officer in nineteen o to NATO to care. Did Robert VON Bearings. I do this time. Only lowland guerrillas were known to exist. The mountain girl sub species is derived from the captain. Robert VON Bearings, last name guerrilla, gee Baron de what is that guerrilla perennibranch it s his name, Robert Van Buren GI. What we're going to have it twice guerrilla Burundi, where energy its around in nineteen o two would learn a lot photos forty years old thinking that before that drawing shit, that's that's always those like sticks and drawing
Well I mean painting I mean you know, Michelangelo and all that all tat was before that. But that was how you got images back. Then you had to paint them when we aren't. We don't really we take. Photographs for granted. So much we realise that the photographs invented in the eighteen hundreds, we will not stop logo. Why was this guy even think about this? Eighteen, hundreds in really have great you Y y. You just go up in an area. Why there's cause is nowhere near from Africa. Where was the guy from where there was a lot of explores back there in Africa because they had found it and they started to colonise certain aspects of of of Africa. Colonise South Africa, which is why they always a nice word for enslaving Dutch. Dutch came to Africa and they enslaved people and they made these settlements and they try to ex elements in the Congo itself, but the jungle swallowed ever always, they would mean they would spend all this money and have boats go down. Then they build these beautiful mentions in the Congo.
The Congo always ended up two, while they couldn't, they couldn't tame the Congo? They thought they were going to go there and in figure a team that thing teach them all about Noah's Ark and he's like that and Raby season. Contract law. Six months, you can survive in the jungle itself, but the job. Will itself was just so fuckin wild, there's no taming the Congo, like you, would have to have like a full scale, western, invasion detained the Congo. We would have to clear, cut and start chopping down giant swaths of the forest and put not malls and below coal into the air and lighting everything I've firing we still win win is too much of it is too big. Through dialogue and shows the candidates, now also shows which they throw you out? There trends are getting afraid they don't go. The Congo place I've been here. Gonna make it beds. We we don't have enough insurance cover. You, Congo, naked
afraid means eaten you get eaten. But can you imagine, is nineteen o to think of everything you ve seen your life at that moment is not allowed to see right. And you go in the mountains and surely there is a true I'd guy or certain knows well. In a blue that low termite don't got there. He didn't know what you say forgot there magic first time encountering a go. Ella Jesus, you ve, never seen anything like that. You life so fuck you What the fuck is that yeah I've seen maybe a paper, that hippo acumen. Square and off, and if that that you ever see like going to guerrilla charges, cheese that guy that guy I would have flipped out he imagined being in a time when there was no photographs and visiting the jungle in Africa and seeing all the wildlife seeing a lion
line. Would you win disco to protect you from it? A lot of guys had been eaten. Who assist positive picture? I just read the story about when I found it Is it and counter the first when they shot yeah this one up, a volcano or something it said while in that they were track of a minute took em hours through even find it not hiding a half the body with a time they got some Edison wow. This is a pick, a hurry, only Karla body. By time they got to yeah. They said that they shot two. They killed too the shot to a measure of how they killed. It didn't say, they were achieved by road and they found it is about two hundred pounds when they found dude after There is still crazy. Have you ve been there no. I was gonna go to Tanzania this summer, but I heard that you have to take all kinds of crazy shot down on you. Take malaria shot, yet he could take two shots tickets, air to guess at Africa yeah did you yeah?
we're just go Tanzania. Did you yeah sick? Wasn't? Did you lose its there? you can follow you. Follow. There's a tribe there that you can follow like too three days they take your huntin. Yes, its crimes there is a part of it. I got really spooked out because the guy we wear who, just as a spear You just sit there, what a spear! You stay here stay here and he was going after some little animal and just me MIKE or like a white guy. We yeah use Viana do with an African. Yes, general would think about like here and I'm from Florida now spear hunting with some african outta my kid it was weird, but it was awesome It was really awesome. You should go on it. I judge you mind now I should I have referred went there and he was on a hunting trip and poachers were in the area and when I see poachers they just start shooting at them shoe net.
Cultures to shooting at them and he's like you have to shoot them when you see them because they will shoot you and they will kill you and they were, they were getting shot at by poachers and my so you were in a gunfight yet poachers EC as they want that tusk net income honey, but Simon Task, a lot of his is meet its like these people. The starving to death. It's crazy come and get all this ball all sorts of different various variables they get. People that are watching filling rhino, worn reared ivory, tusks and stuff like that. So you really here with India, people that it poaching just for meat. They go on summons I've land and they killed the animals and they call them a poacher. What they really are just fuck and poor people. That's it so anyway, while for these people, Sometimes the poachers were shooting domination of the poachers insulin they're asking. Unlike what do you do if you shoot one of these and Ngos that time we lead dying is sorted out, wow Let the hyena sorted out iq! Imagine your shooting,
people in just leaving them for hyenas d you ve got, human eating hyenas in your backyard. Essentially you watch it. In your custom. Do it now it must have seen least, once re ass. They might have come upon a guy that they just shot checked on the body and seen the hyaenas tearing apart with that noise there, the creeps. Clearly not yes, dear creepy, used there so weird so weird looking at their big back, eggs or the big front legs and shorter backlog, sale of dough mysteriously dark there. Lopsided did not like flat in like a dog Flat pain is like like a ramp there, yet they go They sloped down slope downward, really big job Look at that fuckin thing. Look at it all sizes
in industry and some interesting fact, history. What it's like to go back to their picture again. Please look at fucking mouth on that, and they don't fear LE they'll go after lions to look at the teeth. On that thing, that's insane it doesn't even look real That was in a movie public fuck, I'm glad that's, not real, for us is so gangster, that's asked running Hyena a type of Where does like that? That is where life started and world started its words. The most ferocious think about all the different animals. So did you know that there was a lot of animals like this that live in North America. And there was a hyena. Those like a fast running, Hyena, a type of hyena here in North America, this guy Dan Flores, he's got this
book on the American Serengeti NEWS on my buddy Stephen Alice, Podcast Talkin about a he's, a wild life historian, yet nature restoring, and he was talking about how crazy the animals were in North America just snow hundred thousand years ago. They don't even know what what cause the mass extinction, but there's a bunch of data lion. Here there was bigger than the african Lion scholar step line so is this from the divide causality realise attuned to the company on highlighting the bearing straight yeah, but there was also just mass extinctions here, for some strange reason, delivery. I don't know that. I now know your horses, like native, Americans didn't have horses, the Europeans bra the horses to the native Americans. But here's where gets really crazy, horses involved in North America.
Horses evolves in North America and went extinct. The only horses it survive with horses had been captured or gone across the bearing straight and made it into Asia those the horse it survive. So then, when, like a rabies stallions and she came back from their into North America again. They had literally originally evolved in North America. All the canines evolved in North America, like wolves, hyenas dingoes. Although things originally came from North America, coyotes, maybe not dingoes, then Austin it's a strain, but you think they brought Joanna Artisan, the broad allow should or Australia Austria is filled with animals, don't belong there, yet an oblong anywhere else now draw up both as a lot of what mullahs kangaroos, which are only their pleasure. There had been a pen what we need to bear the Free Koala Bulk wilder, cooperate that's some weird shit man, but They also have like to pass on their work
ridiculous amount of animals live in there, and then they brought in cats to kill someone the animals than the cats got out control not ever Pharaoh cat problem there. So have you know it scares me. Oh, never good. They have tuna physically kill you, I think more in Africa. You can't swim in the ocean it at the salt. Water crux of the worst saltwater crocs end the worst shark attacks south South Africa in Australia have like the worst shock attacks: snake at the worst snakes bug, spiders auctions It is in fact China Ouse them, but the people are cause fuck, australian people are some the coolest fuckin people you ever me, I'm a big fan, Big fan of australian people. There is If you had a move that where you'd go wild, that's it spot move because it shows how the world so we blow this thing up
we need somebody with a greenhouse and city. That's the move, because, if, if, if we don't make it if I could make it like Savior stone blows don't blows up till they were in a continent. You gonna have to go somewhere where a transition would not be that that difficult and Australia, I think, is the furthest away with a transition, would be easy. What effect too crazy knows way too many people in Austria. I really would like you can't which were Cutler borders. They do that. You know in Australia. That's one the recent last year I saw awesome when a bunch of immigrant sharp and about them like ass, not so fast fuck phase. They turn around the Seneca Machete Island Legato arose here and make a meat bugs not good gulags. I'm not kidding man. The brutal day there like there Anti immigration policy is like widely criticised, but it's one of the reasons why apparent it's it's so who is it that told us about their jobs? apps was he the one, the first, when I talk about that certain some,
one of the gas who is from Australia. Experts believe with Josh was explaining. How crazy they are about stopping immigration. They just illegal immigration like a no no of their that's. What happened that would doubt would that's a scene of a movie. Some goes down here with me: the people going down there and then not. Let you in now dishonor any argument if somebody by world, but there's only twenty million people in awe of Australia or something like that, I think to Australia itself. The whole continent of Australia has the same amount of people California really: Hence as big as the Unagitating lit you can't live analyzer Le Desert there we can, if you're a pussy willows fuck managed move out, no twenty three million, so how lasting California yeah? California is probably, like. Thirty million fight against how people in California no official population is prohibited under,
easily that money, the other, not cotton, Mexicans either nor France, my mexican friends, but listen, I will I wouldn't have my fuckin paperwork either Fuckin Thirty million Jesus Christ just Calvin that's not even including illegal aliens right. Another fuckin crazy thing, while some somebody brought this up somewhere recently. I forget it was maybe, summer. They were talking about What percentage of native Americans like in in Mexico, like Mexico has a lot of people that a good percentage of their genes are native American. The same as the people came from Siberia, but let s go now that I believe that generic differences between Mexicans and native Americans is, like very small weathers lot at times and anyone it's be an honest where I I can see that a lot, and I can tell that person Mexican, where's that medicine
a native American. I swear to God. I just did the other. Dead for considering walk. Trying to be racist and show which way to go away. Culture reappropriate sombrero, feather and I just in Nigeria makes sense there. They all came down from Asia. Along with all these fuckin crazy animals. This goddamn Florence, is talking about. They had a singular short face bear so what is called Jim short this bears. Fuckin enormous terrifying, bear think was one of the reasons why people didn't come to North America sooner because they were so dangerous. There are huge bathing grizzlies and super predatory, and so I went bore come across the bank's tray, their trousers get picked off, but you that thing leads giant in its Jason on a buffalo in this photo. You want some youtube. Videos follow the procedures. Chasing the moose down a snare, adjusted
it's him down and EAST is, he knows, he's gonna get him a rooster. Mousses half eaten still running, slipping back, he sick, I'm gonna catch up to is friggin its horrifying scary, but it's us a real god. These things still exist, it can eat you at any moment we still par the wild or we are. We just made cities, here's one! That's What I'm talkin about Jason is Buffalo giant ass, grisly laziness. Buffalo he's have torn up already so designated tab. Follow, got burned in some sort of a volcanic fire, or something like that that was that was an already injured, Buffalo look at him he's already high enough air, so tariff he's he's led his mouth he's. Foaming is foamy, but he's got an air. He's in the air dude and he paused ways? Five hundred pounds at least eddies? Can it demonstrate she,
I was more than five hundred pounds, it that's a buffalo he's! Probably six or seven hundred pounds, lemme, guess and went away when I fetch shaming a bear I'm gonna, throw yours thus, with a number did you see a few answers? I just watch it on a plane. What's the Leonardo, feeling we gets yeah yeah seen the did. You see the scene yeah the Bare seen yeah That's the first time. I actually were what you think of it, but that's the first time where I saw how quick deck in Heaven I thought the mid real, how a bare can just yeah, within a second design use over there. So big move? So much faster than a person can we will judge everything based on what we can do, we see an animal. Well, I will go via run towards you might know how long would it take, but time line that an animal conclusion on. U verse is what you can do to them is so goddamn different ages,
understand how fast there. Spat on my rage still just a rare cage. If a new Jersey, New Jersey, gotta crazy, bear problem. Their overrun with bears in some areas. Days bears, but their black bears and no one, not a scary. Did they get spooked out release this Avengers. They just lookin for garbage and care about you. They are for the most part they deaf do term, predatory though, when they get really hungry, some of them were product, or I know a guy who was camping was do. It was his first hunting trip and got attacked in his tent by a five hundred pound, predatory blackberry. Huge hungry, older blackbird, took a chance, went in there, TAT just try. Jack, I'm in his tent. His friend shot. The bare shot through the baron hit him in the rest, so he won by getting a broken risk from this from the rifle and they
chase the bear out of the tent and shot it in the woods wire? How about that for your first fucking camping trip now toady? No, you did you not gonna, see animal knows that. I'm bears to hear these fine Mozart, another nap most on the run away, but they killed. I kinda Rutgers was like a year and a half ago get eaten at Rutgers, bra girls. He was outside Iraq, kid from Rutgers outside in the woods and now took a photo. Of the bear and before it ate him to their photo of the very bear that one of killing him. Apparently they ran, and they said The bear and ably freak down ran when they ran the bare chased them and one of them or cannot bear was it back there. A black bear. No, they ate mariners, Hiker snap photo of bare before fatal attack and was Milford Ass, the buried there yet mean. If you
if they have an opportunity to eat you that each day each other I mean, if you kill black bare and leave it there, the other ones laid it. Why that scare and their gangster. That's near my house. Theirs that's a real animal. Did mind. You got a lot of New Jersey, every song. Four times less to three years. They would come up on my back DEC and tear down the bird feeder. Oh just right outside the it's in there, big creatures, yeah? How big was only saw, maybe like big dog now is low, bigger, It is bigger than adopt a couple hundred pounds poet. Three hundred I too in big animal man who did that thing here? holy shit bear takes a dip in New Jersey, family, poor! Dear that's, a big on two man: God Damn That's a very aghast bear to spit find swimming. Your fuckin pool my neck,
holy shit size of them. It's a mature old bear that doesn't give a far right, This is so weird. They live with people in New Jersey of all places. There's want this this two wacky blacklist there's some does good video in mind nephews neighborhood, where the two black bears a go and added a far Rockaway yet want yes, Vienna. We play there before and then there's one in Jersey that walks on its hind legs to see thou. I spoke for brow, so big for that large gap, I've found a new Bigfoot video warrior. I think that's exactly those were sad bears, can do. Apparently all the time they walk on their hind legs. They just don't but very often that thing, that's weird, everybody was through the neighbourhood like that. If you were like at dusk right,
and it was really dark out. You saw the thing walk into buck. Glint of moonlight, you would swear, was a giant guerrilla I'd yeah as big foot. I listen. I know. And before I joked at big foot, but I saw him last night like a dead thing before real, like a black. Where can easily get to be seven feet so Have you got a seven foot black baron? You see a walk through the woods or even a fuckin six and a half a blackberry she'll get hands. You gonna where its way billion washes walking on his hind legs. Nobody ever underestimated giant to foot too on two legs guerrilla. You don't underestimate the size. I think you overestimated, you know of it, experts, toys. I was fortunate veto right again teachers is pretty rural. People are realised. They think of New Jersey is being like, like work we soprano loved it or they think it's Newark Airport eyes she Hoboken Hoboken. There is
the woods in Jersey and yourself, the shore and the Jersey, Demo, Jersey, devil of which I might have heard, might hurt him. What does it sound like it's a little like a screech out there it really? Does you Rachel Could be proud of there? It is this a drowned devil. It looks like a camel factor a dragon. I will say that says I will say this one night, my wife and I were sleeping and on the roof. Us really do have It sounded like some land and on that roof twas member. Now, let's get it to go with me, things that the Jersey Devil COD is that resembles photo. Look at this. So here's the thing Josie Devil, doesn't scare me much. The fuck unallocated alligator pulls babies out of Disneyland,
rags him into the lagoon? That's a real thing: that's kinda Dark. Can you imagine ages I've been in that with my kids? I've been in that They need to have signs. I think they do. It don't go in the water. You didn't say this fill with dinosaurs, didn't say: this man eating dinosaurs in air. That's where I think too, problems your life for them? Where few from Florida still live there with you. You heard about all time, small dog to Europe. Hardly I live there to living angel, between ages or what what year was it like? early seventys. We lived there for three years. I, U Yahooville, yeah and roundly Dallas leader thing all day, I'm fences now machine this. This is so scared, but I what about this in the park has recently when I was a kid and we live there, they were endangered, and so you couldn't
but nobody hunted them, and now they have so many of them that they give out hunting tags like for that swamp. People show you right are showing to kill alligator Harvey TAT. I had five glared tax. He could kill five hundred dollars can alligators they. How will you give someone five The tags, it's a very real problem. Then I would say so that we get this guy he's climate offence. Jesus Christ. Look at that! and then I mean that is straight out of such a hundred million years ago. Yeah, that's a dinosaur, I don't think they ve changed in a hundred million years. Something crazy like that The sum nutty number, like fifty million somewhat, that Helen dinosaurs are alligators, have been exactly the same you're just food, just food, Why? Why get away with a stick? Why like two thousand
to see food solid, you will get the baby dear, with Mama daring guy can't shoot her she's got the baby you're about the splash mountain alligator that someone posted this video of what why this alligator was like right next to a splash monopolise the way does a worker in Disney watch I'll catch up close the people get to it all by wiping away with a stick. Why, like two thousand and nine, I think. How do you not just kill that thing? You gotta kill it. Look it's a little enough right now you can kill it, that's a little baby I'll get to it. Well, that's a small alligator right Oh, no allow rain extra is right. Next to it. Look at our oh, my god. They just tolerate that kind of shit, for that seems like a really little alligator by the way he's little bud do a little damage shocked at alligator up a tyrant now fuck that Algeria grabbed by its tail.
Bowed his head right over and over again now that turning into a dick holster I'll, make em cradle my balls The time leaders That's gonna, get a net trust scoop it up. What is this? Although the net you need a gun, son scale The end of the pool, skimmer cook itself across bow shoot that fuckin thing right. Caveman, brain cave membrane, wiles wronged me, that's that's a lizard mean that's a heartless thoughtless creature. That exists to eat thanks to death. Tat does the coming to more now than they have been before, and this trend continues. You got a real, can problem because when I was eleven there, I'm trying to figure out what year born is sixty seven. We lived in full order. Until I was a let no. We lived in San Francisco from made seven to eleven. So. I was eleven years old, some around then. What year is that when I hear seventy three
But if it was, seventy three pray about five years or six seven years Three o six yeah souls, so some around some work Somewhere around nineteen, seventy seven, a girl, kiss you ten to twelve, these kind of prime radio decision about this year. Nineteen. Seventy seven now think about two thousand. Sixteen, seventy seven their protected. Two thousand. Sixteen! You can kill five hundred of them. What the fuck is gonna be like fifty years now. What is it going to be like in two thousand sixty six, you and we will go anywhere near there or is it just can it be some crazy Congo type situation? Every time you get out your car suttons funny, you kill you. I think they're gonna, the America under the guise of President Trump President Trump will guide us. He lives in Florida. I live in Florida, We will kill them, we will have Gulf
legs off right, he's a golf guy, these guys. Golf courses in Chile, designs, golf courses, say in a tower p begin, eaten by what it's like Jack, Nicholas older deeds was at an event and something just debt big. Fifteen folded. They gonna video day to says enough. Is enough jobs? grabs and right by his polyester pants realpolitik just right over back front. With the eyes into the dick side, and then bottom is on the asshole side and just clamp some right up. The middle paperclip drags with rags water flipped some a couple times as it doesn't give a fuck about CBS filming some I'll show doesn't give a fuck. Not kill you, because this is our CBS Golf day right why the women are doing wonderful. Today, Leeuwen offers of really come a long way. Jesus data comes It's a lesbian,
Flags just tries already: the war doesn't give a fuck about your shirt fifty million your old brain since three brain cells near to try and find gazed things that can eat eighteen fuck eat Take me up in water. They found Crocodiles in Florida delay now withdrawn court. You have to have issued shoot on site thing for NEO crocodiles. Now, see me have to kill him because there are already the already found, I believe they found for and its There definitely Lang eggs their deftly breeding and if they found for there could be hundreds like they literally dont, know how many neo crocodiles there aren't Florida and you can eradicate them, so you just have to do your best to curb the population is second modern day Tarzan Shit, oh yeah, I tried to civilised US tribal, be bold!
bigger diet. Now we put the junk to them, sand and create by shops and a man gave as giving its opponents and hence all happening Florida and then to ten tone- mountain cook. Then cowboys all the coke all pills. Ok, all the axis four gave out more oxy prescriptions there s a country combined, really oh yeah, all that it's gone on their with alligators and NEO crocodiles and fuckin vipers in people's yards crazy snakes and python people just air wanted, they gave it anymore, I throw it out, they're fucking, back door. Right after they didn't Florida right, the Python ten fifteen. Twenty we get huge and they eat people forget it. We people believe everything. Your sleep, that's nothing just lives Eat sizes you up makes its way through your air ventilation system is fat as the pipe that your The commission comes out like this now crocodile identifying South Florida
crisis just last month is another one. Fuck me those who, twenty first God, damned dangerous there was anything said here, though the will to be exact. Lay there really scary, because their way bigger, way more aggressive. Like you, be anywhere near them, the very different like temperament, wise and alligators, sent and peace. Slip away, don't have weapons, are we all we have been allowed them to buy their own priests mill, leash them upon themselves. I love that death among leash their own punishment through their stupidity. There we MRS Greed. They will continue They killed themselves. What about the ones who are strong, get them pills, make them weak, oxy content oxytocin selling said Clia, check that we know plays in a ban: hey where's, oxy, oxen went
that are failing in Sweden. Are that's cool. She said it. I asked: lacks, see, architecture, beautiful, hair, pave smile, Villa girl, Scooby, do band ox you'd, be like their friend. That comes from plays long. We, like you, know she just really does not even a hint of any sexual attraction with anybody in the sun. Nazi does in fact known fox. Now. She just makes the situation better. Yeah, she's cool, come back over the ban, preschool song and credits raw programming, programmed America familiars barely argues he's really good. Now they don't know now Mozilla, Vietnam in for at least so they said they were Olga. You bad, like those alligator oil and fried gator. This ain't got a fresh and say: gotta eat a fresh, but apparently has more protein per pound of meat than any other wild game really adds is, is up there as high as anything else like higher than even like Elk
and a buffalo and bison, and things like that. I hated Sinn Fein five. That's true on our allowed people. Is it is added to IE. I thought of his own share she, but I think that's because its prepared bad you're, getting it from some sort of like a Fuckin Fridays or something like that kind of a chain. They save you get it The right way fresh, and cook it like the correct way is apparently very delicious or probably just year. You pray right I might get a cassette in I remember the rest was a special says. Ferndean trial run in some guys cause trust me. You cut these up. The fry em they're amazing forty six grams of protein per serving holy shit. That's insane start eaten Incredible, I think that's way more than anything else gets funds into new meet the other meat. That's incredible.
All this issue- this is only three point: two ounces for three. Point. Two ounces, its forty six grams of protein that's insane. That is what it says. Right has three point. Two ounces. Do that's incredible! That's This will then we might mean, makes sense, Irina God, I'm dinosaur, he now dinosaur in its tail that's what I saw myself to muzzle the cut it up in a like stakes, better, be prepared good yeah, but I would like to try it on the unjust talking item. I ask: what's amateurs domestic beef and for this? Oh twice, as much as domestic beef Why don't we feed people fucking I'll years when we give it a run, because all these people are worried about? You know I go large scale consuming of beef in the harm on the environment. We gotta kill these goddamn algiers. So where do we start fuck and eat them grow alligator farms?
kill these fuckin annual lose weight you're eating pure protein right, so you re an unknown. Does it matter way? You probably get off wrapped up a better view that stuff It's probably soup primal greeting. I'll give you dig Prague. Its heart is wrong. Have you ever thought of that now it only makes sense like wild with deeds like mountain lines, Dino people outlines the importantly, languishing the loin the muscles and backs traps the muscles that work on the outside of the spine. That's where, like the tenderloin, is on a beef cow. Inside enacted the spine. That's the same that the same meat they like to get off of Mount minds, Meanwhile it anyway that unless you
a really hungry or be it makes for too long queue. Magic was off out, there's like type of food. It just makes rocker they're. Trying to give you pills were actually here's the answers. You need mount minds in the study, crocodiles and shit. I think I just think words so disconnected from these animals that we like some sort of weird fairytale idea, what these things are just wandering around Disneyland Edition guys that they hired go kill these fuckin things. While any sings live. Because you're out of your mind. Too many of them. They're gonna keep breeding, they eat everything there. Each dogs and cats and children of the gate. He got we're gonna, fucking key beating things like you guys in this idea that all life is sacred. You, your life is fuckin sacred, stupid, they're, gonna you going to eat you Do you have any their mother you
doubling any you need you don't eat em, they're gonna, be so many of them that their deafening any you we're going to keep some for wildlife biologist strategy. Do I have is Jill. Everything may stand there, they helped the environment. They do that. That's one thing, a child's nobody. Here the coyotes out here, you know me rats. We would have it wasn't for these fuckin Keyser. Would you what would you rather have you Having coyotes are cool. Herself when I lost a chicken and one recently did you really Africans, Henry James? You get five new ones of God, disorderly for now, four eggs their pets. So do you? Let him walk round offended and eat fleas need everything all that they eat. Everything they all kinds of bugs their brutal dinosaurs man. There really cool, but you pick. In writing. It, the new and their little chicks. There actually got pretty big really quickly. It's crazy how quickly they turn and from a chick until a little chicken would have
If you start, would you do the other checks like? When they re introduce, there's much ex there's, these are the new ones. These are farm. I a large henhouse, it's really big, so it can wander around in there and there are protected from the coyoats is an enormous thing, but then I'll let them out in the yard pogo keep away. My dog he's decide that he can kill them. The Cairo talked him. Ok, honey dictum kind he became friends with them than talked him into go in and breaking into are one of the side coops until one of chickens, hearsay, yeah, yet to take chickens. They brood sometimes which, as they get this thought, if there's no rooster than again fact all time there the land, these eggs for no reason no chickens ever gonna come out of the sexes and not fertilized. So these Eggs are just it's just free food, especially the product of you giving them food, they lay in agony, read that egg rice, it's really interesting right, but the hands
sometimes they get crazy because these eggs. Now we come chicks, so they think this both like sit on the egg and it becomes a chair. And so they start Poland or Feathers Avonlea, do it's called brooding Go along cycle takes like twenty eight days for them to get over it. Unless you catch them early. The brood any separate them from ass, the chickens and you put them in a stand. Where they you put in a smaller cage. What we have to stand on a bar and ones they do. That is not an astronaut sitting in a nesting box. It goes through cycle in their brain bill, simple little reptile brains, and then he Brute Brigham back into the in Cuban. They act like a regular chicken, but otherwise they think it's a health problem. They don't. He is our Poland. There are other their feathers offer their body. It's like its cat gets really weird, so I am separated and the dog. I have huge dog, the Kyoto the dog and knocking over the the chicken coop to get at the chicken like the Cairo probable Annabel, do not on does not big enough
My dog is a massive, and so this I already clean decked my fuckin dumb ass, dark, that's sick him. Gluesome were bodies which your door, your ear, Coyote, technically jested house, fire to they can fuck dogs and entirely fuck all the time. Why do they mean babies. Man, we ran a two hour when I was filled with fear factor want we're films on this real rural area and are these people had a bunch of poppies that were half coyote and have Labrador Ha Coyote came on Doktor dog man that was out here the aggregate dirty criminal, Can anyone fucking your daughter to escape convict kick you hang our damn coyotes cold out too and is poppies raw huddled up together, Marilla, Woe now what happens?
we now have is now what he does do. They're trying to give away in areas like I'm gonna have for every exactly what the hell's that can eat my new born bottle. It's weird things as they really are all bulls: everybody everything's, a wolf! That's why they? breed with each other. So strange, like I can't breathe with an elephant, but a wolf can flock Chihuahua may get pregnant Cyril Dogs, yeah. We're all dogs come from wolves. That's so, strangely, give a vote of a wolf, can figure out how to fit his dick in a chihuahua and shoot a load and naturally that Chihuahua could conceivably have wolf. Chihuahua puppies here flock. What would it look like like an alien like a crazy, illegal, Bigfoot, Dude she knows werewolf cats, yet his skin army and is also some weird? Is that a conspiracy? You see that the weird blue dog thing, while what is
Jamie types and Chauvelin Wolf, British call a wolf sable. What's is that result is a hybrid or the efficacy registered breed. Oh wow, a little time, The Wolf Chihuahua, I'm sorry you, ask him, divide, seen something with some weird blue, like blue eyed dog. Looking Do you know I'm talkin about hasn't tat. They were just looks weird and creepy in a video running along a fence or some If a copper yea, I do not think that what is I think, it's a coyote with Mange. They think tat, coyotes get mange. There is real com with animals, they get it's my it's in the mites did stake there. They did, they developed is horrible. Skin disease may lose all their hair for and their skin becomes black and fucked up and gets burnt by this. On which awful it just looks awful and yeah. They look like that. You know
That's it you macabre it. What it is. It's a coyote. Their nets has never no hair yeah. And I think there is quite a few animals like if you go down that follow their value. That thing there and is quite of em. It's probably inconstant pain. You now skin is this all fucked up allow towns like open source or their body. It has arrived are a wolf. A pair of bare, rather, that has mainly to chimps, get sometimes to right. I've ever seen those hairless chimps yeah La Times, what's going on with them to the mange at a dog and management rescued her. She had mange and on the game. It is like meant to give, but a month s are feeding our good food at her hair. All came back with real quick adjust washed her with some certain type, a sham, Pooh and them within like couple months. Like all the major gone her hair was ordained fluffy unhealthy. I'm ages, but that's what the chip carpets skydrive Mange
Looks I soiling a year a guy in a word, it was gone. Furthermore, if you saw that might die on Saint person, but if I saw some freak out, you think these amongst investors aliens, that's why skins, believing that cheap macabre sort, it is that's there, but they can see that were attic foot, the biggest thing coyote so fucking till you chickens and shit. Now not a dying, airy kill a kid. Oh yeah absolutely right. Definitely they they killed his girl. In Toronto a few years back those nineteen year old singer focused on what she should a country, music Sayer, whose A promising young artist in Toronto She go for a walk in the killer in the forest. Now, during the day, bad way to die to man because a you asshole first, that's right, that's what they do they tearing apart at TED part and, for some reason, Coyoats the when they kill it dear and I'm Assuming they do the same thing, the kill human being, they start with your asshole, I'm sure
the choice. Do I don't know man what they think you start tyranny and managed to start ribbon. Your part, especially if they felt they can hold you down, because wolves do that animals all the time that is tewett their legs bring. Down and then start poem apart while still alive buddy found a moose. There was getting it. By wolves and they found it looked like the had been getting chewed on for over a day and it still alive is moose was all fucked up in here. Of its hind quarters were chewed off and these walls, which is pulling it apart slowly they had been eaten it for a day, still alive what'll it be again like a settlers scorn around. Goes your brother. Just get to you. Was your browser get torn up. Introducing those its achievements.
Interesting to bring in a backed all these different parts of the west, and if you can get those people, the poison them back an aching hundreds Jean get them bring to the future. That's it we're bubble. You brought them here in a week to kill, spoken things. You guys brought them here. This way they have. Stay in the areas outside of all tat passes. They can't go hiking, sir. You understand the snow Excuse me: if they go swimming, we have the rock tiles two mile, that's genius and away. They must find other means of entertainment. That's where we comments of ash lying issue. I want to steal. I king is too dangerous. You caught pass best now, which waste trust, ambitious ideas, big up and how they eat. People sat natures, the
educator you got their nature balances, you out, put things back in the respective and we simply cannot have that need them. Stupid chronically connected with me to Crap Office Tommy's to listen. Start new societies, whipped him. I won't they learnt time by Poland. Why won't they sit down in distant when I look upon steely owned it, my dad's Jack, to dodge the guy. You know, Do you always kills me like straight edge, guys like guys who don't small they don't drink, but their end? like super hard core music, where they are, extra around and they throw them up in the air like the fuckin wreck, it Ralph Wreck your Ralph deaths. I just went to a show and
since Jersey and I fascinated how I'm not really fastness interest is tribal. Watching grown men still go around slam as hard as they can into each other. Just just venture shirts coming off when they should come off somewhere, goes again, their forties They don't care at with this first and drank in three months, and there and smashing into each hurt me Joe. It's not yeah alighting. All they need to do that today. I think so we set of assuring movies when I wish that sorcerer, how much is the area where they really? They really did. I don't know. Steve, ran around our question? I was not there and who, was really there. If you had the opportunity to go and view any culture from the past like if you could be completely invisible and walk around him,
the Romans or cave people or native Americans. Before, though Europeans camp or would you choose it's really hard question, I think. I dont know when the time would be, but the first time everything was trying to be colonized changed from what your regular like the first target- Boat showed up and polynesia sunlight, that's white people got out right were used to being in the fields every day and in you know this guy HANS and this guy watches after the boys in tee She's them in one's own, we're all yo.
And then all of a sudden it came out in a bill like you guys, native those days were live eating allows for gathered clocks. Are the women are stare at their fucking balls two feet from the ground where our Eastern Europe, my what the fuck is going on here and for these guys go look at his ears. Channel love is fuckin. Tita he's got bulging buccaneer rice. Can I get a bible less? there is little gold Noah's. Ark said these cultures obeyed. Turgid. Did you forget round about calls, are being obliged need about forty, these fucking things climb trees? Would you care to name? I love you come back more often, the Kaiser e G, o they collide trees. What do you mean?
they fuckin dead already. Would I don't even want our hands and nerve agent? Finally, caught up every twenty minutes, each family farming is gonna, get eaten by ants, he's laughin yeah. Sorry! Now, that's that's! A good thought like the that might be like one of the most important times ever right when the people came, From Spain and landed in the West Indies one Columbus Pinta, Thus we landed right, the West Indies and they, counter the people that we live near the native people that a decade. I think that I would choose that achieves that. So the first thing they could see tonight. Oh, this is this experience rain. I was gonna fucking change the future of the world and I want to know the Y Y wanted spices and shit hell. No, I wanna. They want a golden salt.
So again? Why, like what was so wise guy loosen? We need to train them to be like us, Sir, like we did, that support go. Why? How did we it from its. It does happen overnight, where you were running after somewhat sticky, Jesse and farming them all somewhere in a classroom. We have to work to make way. Give this guy for consumption is again like that, fittest, one tribe is now starving and now I don't know while the other one day, I wanted to expand their territories. It means a game of thrones type shit. The king wants that bring back more gold, and so he commissions a fleet and hard in the promises? The captain riches beyond is wildest imagination. If you go to these foreign lands bring back salt, and so these, people get these wooden crafts that barely had enough food for them survive and make it across that guy Ps Ocean, where they who knows there is no weather, report, there is no
Iphone app, no idea what the fuck was common and they were in a book, in the ocean, and a lot of them did make it like public, a good percentage like a healthy ten to fifteen percent, never fuck and made it a better more. I wonder does a lot of shipwrecks, though people find him all the time and they find in full with gold. That's it's crazy man. They found it of a more people have guns super fuckin rich where they found like roman coins or Minetta gold worth a billion dollars, or something like tat off the coast of this place that place the power, creed abroad. Too much goals in their fuckin rafts, but think it. How desperately you to go. Ok, running out places, Feingold assist the fuckin, but I've heard p of diet who gives a fuck. What are we going to do is be added fucking people regard gold like how desperate like when how desperate let it be to go we're gonna go greenest, are hidden other countries.
Fight in whatever we gotta, do think about a terrifying. It must be to have a boat filled with Are you trying to bring it back to Spain and you realize you brought too much gold and the boat starts going under a minute over the ocean, but you can't, through the gold overboard, is discussions sire we ve got to get rid of some of them go. Looking It's dark out right just to blackmail of sea in the water slowly leaking into the panels in the fuckin. In the galley, the bottom of the boat, we can't cape I think this war on we ve gotta, get rid of this fucking gold and they have a sword fight in there and they took it out. They all wonder dead chopped up, and bleeding in the fuckin Boccia sinks to the bottom, because they had it could make a decision whether or not they should throw the gold overboard I must comment all portage today you could drop a gps pin, but were one of the guarantees you go back to that location and and retrieve it. What have you dropped
the bottom of the Mariana trench. It's a mile and a half down. We is gone. Good luck, good luck fishing it out, you gotta call do get a troubled look. My dad's got the deep sea salt water set up could fix my guys, got the ultimate set of tools or to its fishing power. That I do not hold my breath like a champ, I'm just gonna get under that water and bring up one go. The time they died because they were greedy. They died because their boat sank with too much gold, fuck man, that's crazy, or maybe the boat just sank. It just so happens that allow gold on board and large sums it made it without much go on board right here, but they were knee. Fuckin engineers headed down stream, tests on the right exactly how much wider negotiate
under pressure. We we live in such easy times, scary credit card, that's right! Well, that whole concept that the animals are coming back. There come back dude I mean it is what it is. If you look at Florida you would we Again I was talking about living. There are nineteen. Seventy seven we're talking to a very short period time between now and then, that long. This is now it is not Forty years is not long at all. When you talk about biology too short time for a radical change like that for an animal go from endangered to ultra prevalent in eating people on a regular basis. Think think, if even this the girl that was a yes she's, african, all that who bone of that just kept quiet or seek or whatever. Maybe it's happened many times in the past, but this one partake. The time the chickens in front seat is taken pit? here's, your windows down. I am the lion. Just
just Lily would o clock grafter and polar out. Kill them forever done those again. Thrones editor for real really yeah. She was an editor the gas thrones yeah. The power they told her, not to rule the window down to I guess it's just so tempting you feel safer in that car but the lion saw that opening and is a female lion to. Please think it that those lie that they tell you and you go over there. They tell you Listen, I think it's just a bit Animals are not really gonna, you just gotta stay still and don't move to make any jerky might and he'll think that it sir I began So that's your sales pitch you're sitting there in the open. And the lines looking at you gone, he just thing he's not gonna jump heat, they told me they don't tell me will be needed before right. I would want to be
back that helicopter like that sea, a predator with Jesse of Inter got the gun lowered his corner, but a bunch of slack jawed faggots. How does tat feel who the hell do? I think I'm gonna get me the crunch. It due to the fuckin bandoliers filled with bullets, locked and load of a giant steroids filled muscles. Just read it out and never runs out of ammunition. Either I don't need a camera, but oh go pro. My head will capture the whole thing sort out the pictures later physicists get through this. Let's get outta this, I'm not opening up the fucking window, no, not opening up the fucking. We know to take a picture of a giant cat. It kills every day, with its face? No keep a fucking with Dolores keep them and don't rolled up crazy pitch and see that Paul looks like catchers, met with fangs clamp gets hold it.
It just Yanks, you dig into a rib cage. I can imagine this horrifying. You sit there. Would you fuckin met shirt on listen to some good music on your ipod and it just pop? through that window and dig those clause deep into the fuckin bones in your ribs. Carries you off like like when you pick up a little pieces? She me with a chopsticks stat simple. Now does even you come right out the window and a second would take you ten minutes to climb out of it. Twenty on the guns, don't want! You got me don't lie there done that. Do you think. That, after shootings happen. Sales in guns go up. Oh yeah for sure hundred percent Kyra people get scared to when all the rhetoric starts going around about ending the second amendment, taking my girls rights, two guns, Sammy its best in the world for ammunition companies and rifle companies Jimmy this video
The people are thrown around on Instagram, I don't know I wanted to ask. What is true is a peep. Some people from another country to speak in a foreign language there talking in front of a lion carcass. They ve got like that. Taken a photo and then another line, gums and Jackson off camera wow, but it looks so fake yeah. Look so convenient like the fact the framing of it were. The lion gets into frame and then jumps over the camera to get the persons a scream and here the noises in the background I was so like man is a way to theatrical swayed to well framed. This is gonna, be bullshit That was my initial instinct. Was interesting kings. Emma may put it on their instagram page, my friend halfway Cordelia, whose one of the best more time, structures in the world, trains bunch world champions, Fabrizio, reduce Huh, Felderson, Jos Lotta people is a great guy too. He put it on his page and he was a is
because he put a caption in now bring the brazilian version of English in your in his house. Now, like second shit, I care it is this line. Whoops go back is that the his his words are interesting. Women's mentality, their thing It's a sport to keel lie Well, I guess the Lions brother wasn't go and for that Bonaparte tee Mr lie. We feel European Sea legs Vegas, far cry. Yellow me here. Let me see her again bill it'll replay itself. He ran straight to the person who had the gun. This is their house and nobody can cross that line that sell hilarious, see it lying comes back into focus, by that at all. I think that fake- and I say it again- I thinking it exists
hurry. I gotta watch her reaction. Technically it's what kind of stuff now. I did. She would never Lying comes back to see all those things there's so much off their first for wider line, just abandon these people that are shooting it did it killed and walk off real quick that doesn't make sense, because here too, them. If it can two of them. I think it would have killed one and rag doll that around a little bit and then God, the second one it has taken longer than ten or fifteen seconds. I can add that side effect
here in the rifle went off, and this is nothing happened. They miss totally Teghmus twice. All that stuff seems fig, decides framing, is the big one in their acting seems like shit. Do I thought they were speaking the language permanent speak English, but that goes back to ignore it. Think about things like that. You're, a lily sit there and go. Humans will believe anything when I even thought process the world just believe it yeah. You know it's the video sites, I saw it, but don't you is he saw it? That's all you're smart video to make sense what people want to see. People hate trophy hunting, the hate, this idea, people go over there and she, these lines and then prop them up and look at the big smile on their face next to some weird animal that they just shot. Some adjusting beast right is weird man. It's all weird do that people are celebrating. This is look in Lyon, came by Jack them. Well,
after the lady with the gun, like everyone, is like all happy. Communist comments are all happy. They got money, the killer, lions, but Definitely the lions killing people think that its its revenge thing deadline, I killed them, no matter what they do, they kill their lions, that's what they do. Yeah I get it. I guess I'll sit down ago, like hunting Timothy I'd like hunting. Finally, the hut liked he's gonna reserve if our little lie in hunting. Whatever is someone owns the land? Not only that the most these things are a high fence operations, were they of these lines are fenced in right, I'm gonna take a cheap shot to me, I just hanging out because a line doesn't have any word ago doesn't belong there. It's not as territory does exactly know to do so. You just find a place to live out so go under a tree to sleep.
But are they a lot of them are not for it now that some sand in every dipping caught. They tell you if we really breeding in the wild in these these enclosures the wild in captivity they breed and then they release. Sometimes they release and These lions have a very specific area that they travel in and they release him the lines on the word girls. They just hang out and wait, so when they release him, then the morning the hunter and quotes comes, and ceases lines is hanging out because Align doesn't have any were to go, doesn't belong there. It's not as territory does exactly know to do so. You just find a place to live out. So I go. You're a train is lay there and they walk we're in shoot these lions. That's fucking, weird man like what is that doesn't that has barely hunting under those Lucy's possible definition of the term bear its barely hunting
lion, lions, videos figure. I knew it so you can get me bitch. That's a real person only allow shopping, That's why it looked odd, see, thought it was almost like a fake lion deadline might benefit heart and they might have actually moving. One might have been realised it's so weird, but you know it's weird about this whole thing you know. After Cecil aligned are killed in Zimbabwe. Now they have to kill. Two hundred lions, because they have an excess of lions because nobody wants to go there and dumb. Nobody wants to hunt lions anymore, because the blow back They experience from the Cecil thing so now. There's their asylum seesaw thing. You know: they're gonna, dentists, that killed that famous lion gaseous evidence that Cecil I'm ok, maybe that whole outrage was really crazy. What everybody got knots about that and
because of that nobody wants to go there to hunt so that they have the lines that are decimating the undulate population so that they had to kill two hundred lion two underlines that would have brought them. I think they get. Fifty thousand dollars a lion when, when Hunter and pays to hunt the lion so think about that shit. They'll. Losing weight are fucked up. Placement is a crazy place. Louis through, as a beautiful document have never heard me up about it before. But it's Mary about him, one. It's it's on Youtube him going on this african hunting Expedition will always Americans to really strange, really strange, jungle, street wars, but the saints out not. Some sentence would sound psychotic in Jungle Street wars with Vienna's, but if you really think about it in a people get mad external live like that. They haven't seen warrant like a Lando, you haven't seen a wild animal snatch?
a family member, a friend a child, so their accustomed to whatever that day That thing tears me to pieces. I still, I remember my mom get eaten by that thing, so yeah! No. I have no problem sullen him off taken that thing out. Yet there was a recent there's, this guy named Jim Shockey and get this great show called uncharted he's a sort of adventurer travels all over the world and they hired him to go to Mozambique, because all these people have been killed by crocodiles, she's got it goes to Mozambique to hunt crocodiles and while they were there, someone in the camp got killed and eaten by a crocodile. Some woman was washing closing dragged into the water. You know you talk to them and like those dead, people, don't didn't, have any problem with someone coming over to Nicaragua. Now you say, sir, they may see they'll be no protests right. We don't make movies about this
There was an article in the New York Times after the Cecil thing by someone from Zimbabwe. That said in Zimbabwe we do not cry for lions and it talked about her. The family members that have been terrorize or the people they knew that had been actually killed by lions like this is not a joke click you guys have this fuckin lions King version of what's going on over here, but still I don't want. Anybody should align to see just like anything. Ten or so I won't weren't. They move. Will you don't know the conditions? They are? You don't know how far they have to go if they re across the desert. Aware what you can't anything to live in it too in that way, a life that tries me not just You know it's gone on over there. No really don't send far away so different in anything we can ever even possibly imagine happening, North America cannot just worried about my teenagers I'm pregnant.
My mom's Kennedy and I D hear- saw the trying to kid you're out of of four assistant living, one could she's run out of money and her mouth a care kicked in and also again now able to Medicare so foul play for spinnerets. It's too! That's why Sometimes, when I go in this direction, I love go in there, but at the end, My stance is always. What am I. So now I just but I love the fascination of thinking of it all. Crazy. It always but the Saint Togo, I got to go out the garbage. Now I have to talk to this kid about. Listen signifies sunlight from my mother for another month. You're, just like that. You know enemy can be word. What Cecil somewhere I can see so new and our debate. I feel
horrible and bad events, but the other day I can't can Wallace! It's it's right here or maybe Can I don't know about by like thinking about all the while, the actual variables. We stop think about the future. They get real grim and weird, they have to get better. No Wilson, thou at your body, but guess I'm getting older. One thing that I'm realizing as I get up in the morning, specially Vi work out hard. It's and harder and harder to do that like slow. But surely my body is not going to be able to do all the stuff that I want to do anymore, there's just not going to work anymore, How much discipline I have how well I eat just do a counterpoint time. What things just don't work anymore, That's the reality of life. You wake up stiffly and every day you gonna wait a little more stiff, remorse Dave, but most of them most a little more
and it doesn't go away in a day or how many times so the chiropractor or not gonna take gunning Chung pow. You say you come out for me in the morning to nine thirty. Is that that back fat area me is gonna, hurt three four or five months now know why and I'll have. Fourteen different people tell me different things. None of those who feel just take. This may kill you. We have been alleviating suffering and Americans from more than thirty years now thirty no here like hers. How look at my lab coat? Do not trust me Why must you hide her sets protector. Note my pen protector, I'm a cautious person. You must really smart guy, the clipboard yes, you can have the charts and the results and then a hand. Writing is complete. Lee Trustworthy. You can understand a word. I wrote now. I see a lot of axes and wise enough bursts into known people. Get they get there.
Overdose and die because of poor handmill handwriting, but they used to How did you ever think electronic my wife when she was going to chemo she would she would take something that would bounce around? and she went there and He gave her the wrong thing and the wrong dose and she came home ass. She look like Sure, like the creature from the black lagoon study, lumps all over her body Oliver hands Again, now, that's the yeah. It's normal that, sir. Usually it's one side effects like nigh die haven't had this side effect. Yet this is freaking me out smoothly. We're gonna with her and charity to shed no fuckin hair ready and no it's awful and people go through like airlines, people, stereo, dad
stick their skin Jesus Christ. I support her because she wears the antenna to you yet that go on and I think the and the weaker with sue sorry realize you got there dosage was wrong in that's why the Good NEWS is the Good NEWS. Is yours, next? I guess you already met your dear needs for that type of safer, it's good because it's it's what you got was really good. So when they try to do is to avoid any sort of malpractice lawsuit will problem, really. Yes, I don't know, look here's what I gave you see the ex wise clips and all that store stand, what a hindrance to be so shitty like unless you don't give a fuck. I give you writing a prescription Someone if I was gonna, write a prescription for Xanax bizarre.
It was like a lot like Zan alarm, a thin which fuckin kills you dick like a fuckin sniper and this is and you just serve ex social renewal some of the writing? So you re doctors written down proscription rise? They like no one can read that no one can understand there's a website. The charts them like bad prescriptions, land, bad, in writing, prescription tat class years. The most important, clad question other day. Why Can someone tell me why When we sign these prescriptions, forget your. There. Now you very busy. Call it twenty four seven year you're I got the hospital Why do we make this type? signature were not really sure yes chow, back to maturity. Never really be sued. Excellent choice Charlie. So they make a signature that anyone can forge for
yeah I'd I'd say that my buddy Guido Landy, his policymaker, his Gregor Guido, Had a signature, I'm not bullshitting. We're blob spot. I wanted to show it to you and to show their body also. You are, I believe, the shadows empire. Bs show this was his signature, I'm not kidding the air was he made an o me away. Oh said his wife, forge that shit clean them out when the worst she you fuckin hated life after that man. Why? Whose so angry so so bitter so crushed, and also how the fuck do you think just get by without crazy signature, but he but why would you don't you to us. It is a guy like Twitter simplifies life, the very smart guy a decided, simplifies life. That's We did a psycho anyone's crazy synergy. Made me sign things. Having signed these stupid soldiers. Do that, as my signature,
run everything they tell you slick. Would you this darkness prescription, while launches Gimme a bullet shoot me, The fuckin head just this crazy. This reading, that is insane like no one can read that I said he can agree that to me, seven thousand people annually die from bad Henry they used to be way. Worst, though this is thousand six? Ok, that's progress. They figured out how much is costing us in lawsuits and publicity for temporary How much have we made in the last two years? We fifty trillion are then this is not a battle, then it's worth it the doses please. I took it out of Haiti's think. Doctors work maximum four hours a day and thus their producers They should be well rested and taken care of, and it should be more of them. And let me it is Jamie. Having people die from malpractice. Guess this: let's get this, I say,
a day a year a year, how many malpractice just fuck ups just mistakes, accidents I say to me why? that's the way to grant us can seek. Oh my disease, laying a mindset complete manslaughter running across the land like fuckin fields of Buffalo, shot chopped. Ninety eight thousand- woe- off by a year I was allocated fifteen years ago. This is just as its two thousand and nine they did. This you'd think he'd be ten times better today that our fuckin aim, as some should be twenty, etc. Could raise teen, that's nothing! Nutty number man, ninety eight thousand people die. Is it just America due to errors yeah
His name was made on prescription. Can you guess that says methadone, Dounia, notices, method date, which is this is for a child. Who is the tea yanza possibility? Oh my god as a child got Macedonia and died, must embrace you wanna, hear it and think that you're, the one ADHD Oh my god. I think it s. Well, you know. That's fucking, crazy! Anyway, you and share to a kid. You gave that to your kid entrusted kids like? Why trust me honey? You need it you know the man with the cope the man with the lab. Tells you that you need. This is gonna, make you popular in school and you idea within it was the right advice or not, but how about even trust innocent? trustworthy. You interrupting class because you ve got something wrong with your brain. The doctors can fix it
This test shows that and proves that this test shows right here, there's something wrong. Your little second grade brain sweetie, it's in a clipboard! It's right! It's believe mobile and shares the best part, where for it for its work for this ensuring honey we covered. For, though kid the kid gets, everything covered their cause. For everything beautiful. Thank you for having this job and support as Carvalho, don't watch my good guess: gonna help him methodology I'm looking I'm researching this bob and it says this is discussed kill you in this should never be given to children. What about the data for Google when you Your doktor could give you some advice and you have no idea whether or not it was the right advice or not, but how not even trust. In this scenario, when you look it up, miss fiercely says: don't give a sneak a while it was attacked her red.
Now. I should dude crazy that crazy. And in the idea that you can even make a t. You cause you write a prescription for fuckin kid Virginia across a tea for child. Let's say I was her one soon, wash chicken or phone usually rethink about some new Jaguar he's gonna buy right whereby irritation this summer. After all my surgery money, I can hear the noise coming out of my muffler Merlin I'll get a new gal, I'm six and dipped your helps. I should smoke a pipeline drive around my Gary whether his first created english hats to head like beaks on both sides front and back try to bring it down. You can. Up in the Bronx, stop put not airs shot at present. Elevated, my satis extra for starters, elevated private smoking, my pipe
That's just classy bits to travel around the pipe s. Would you come on Man Miss contemplates things. Would you like to come in my art and see the new? see ya and giraffe? I just purchased Vegas I'm just figured this. My neighbour ability fuck. I should probably just human. This guy go see. Zebra decided to hate me live next. This crazy fuckin, zoo owner he's gonna make some poisonous snake. You mocked me from a zebra, giraffe and now the poisonous stake. Is he your ring strange? Could have been friends this damned giraffe just stayed all your Bush Clare. I've had, it would forget. Joking per keeper, Apache and
next door, neighbours, it costs them zoo keeper. What's a fuck man does right here at night you to noise, two fuckin, the beast: the b Well, what's the worst, My dear in your land Rover defender, trying to get it from the encampment you're dead. Having away and you get a flat like what should we do, but we should definitely into the morning. We can't see. I dont have a lot. We can't see, I can't change it and then as you sleeping in that Fuckin Land Rover here what happened?
What are you a cab? Thirty of them with their paws on the Fuckin hood here way way way in the distance way in the distance. Sir. Oh they're all running is gas, splendid to me elephants why they kill elephants, he's like it's, not yes, it's not just that people want to overrun trophy on these things, sometimes elephants or move into a village in these farmers. They have these plots of food for them. Knowledge and that's all they have myself and moving just eat everything. Now I got him, They can do nothing. You can do and they can do diners. A dinosaur just came in as ways been live in forever and value so spear and leave is three of them were four of them right. There, from every angle now with
you gonna do until you have others these vegetables, you growing for your family, you're, fucked, hello, to take it Will this fuckin hurt gone? They just Jenkins is Jack if they think you're a threat in any way it is eliminated, threat skull, pick you up and throw you know, dude I get you spare. You see real friend just landed here, because I was Argos like what what why would they ever need to kill an elephant like you? Don't ever knew he'd kill an elephant in Gaza. Actually, here's what goes on as I owe so they do they. Our people to go and kill the elephant or they'll, give someone a permit to kill the elephant and that person pays like fifty thousand bucks. You shall No come and kill the elephant, so some guy, like that those hunters to fail. Hunters from that thing oppose with it and you know, show the Irene every light than than they give them to the village and then the village get fifty grand we get charged
When you were miles on Africa, as I listen it, or did they never they'll charge, but so is the spook you am. I Nine year old. A cheap in front of us. With another kid. Whenever an we came, we we are by heard an They turned around and then the one we thought was going to charge a different one charge. They called it a teenager. It ran away I for my kids- cheap, hit the and pushed it about ten feet. And I went through everything work. It's gonna knock over the vehicle and then just start smashing this guy, got out of the van aged. He starts clapping, his clapping though the thing carnage
captain shook his head and then went back off. It was Those things like I can imagine living there and just what you said, just a flash or the key was just in a cheap that there was no stop and assisting once started moving. There was no we're! Ok, you have. I got two seconds to react. There is now it's coming is coming coming. He was far away and within seconds was on. It knew just used I watched in shock, so they just don't want people drive and throws out what it is that the animals Turkey, and they also they ve, seen deprived seen hunter, so they associate now keepsake wars is thinking to shoot us more care very lost. My brother of taking it out creating memories. Apparently this is
that the vehicle they came and we were the watering hole sliced. My getting Garrick gathered yeah I'll, see myself going over there now. Did you it feels there you're fuckin, severe hot air, but whose awesome stay back its. I think I was crazy here behind you. On your right to say, I even think about stuff picked out the hackers, ethnic cobra funding moons ass or can really told it is mentioned? How fucked up you have to be to be a cobra module? You eat your growing poison in your head, and you shoot hear your teeth. You bite people in your literally a walking needle you're, a needle. Yes, your wife
fucking overdose, needle a poisoned needle poison. You and some of them use you just a hundred percent death. Some of my two hundred percent. Like the our people get bitten to make enough anti venom. You're, never gonna get it the area and on whose carry that your carried with everywhere ass, a little while whose carrying keep making it the major with horses to Genoa. What a rattlesnake venom, anti venom. They should horses up with it, they they take rattlesnake inject rattlesnake, venom in the horse this this the horse, correct the antibodies produces antibodies. Nature Does anybody and that's the servant is really families they used to do it that way, pretty sure they still do, I know it's it's an issue for vagrants, because a visa and I dont want to use any animal products and they get bitten by a snake like they have to compromise this has to be some.
This is a compromise here now I dont get out get out. Yet it, but I don't get it I get it. They won't be nice, the one we righteous good person. Is it nice? Is it the fight for matters cruelty in general? I think ultimately cruelties terrible without a real problem is factory farming The problem is the cruelty to animals is not eating animals Your problem is you're gonna die, they gonna live they're gonna die and I think I know you'd say that argument about people too well juicy be blue. Khazar people are people, we're different than cows, You don't see that I'll! Listen! We all know this deserves We all know all of this. You can go to factory and see it? got any fact. Ailing chickens aim everything. You love me down. The plants They think it's all been manufactured
we'll malady under what he's just gonna bar you down, the street were loose sign, least pike check, injure grasp at work. Same time, you're buying the tea shared towards the bread. No shall at high about shares everybody down and make America. There are building walls and ways can send their building walls, North Dakota, their bout. I was half a bank, and and and and that's the only way to keep the Mexicans out of each individual state is while the ball, for we welcome all off, wouldn't give them Gideon. Once we find them, we have more often the error. Then we get them, we turned and Mexico. The only way is not one ball, we'd, fifty walls,
law over each individual state. That way, we can contain anyone who, because of the problem, the furthest Mexicans and will work way up to. Really a rude white people you wear any type of cloth round your head, you shall be transactions, but what about do wags would have those come back and perhaps also become huge. Fourteen miss happy headings today. Ok, but with those can be a racial problem could do rags. They might have to push back on that, but what about the best? data that Brett Michael's from poison. Worse, that's a tough, that's a grey zone right, that's great privilege whose again he's again he sent a case of rocker yeah. That's again, so any tattoos and you need to sing. You need at least one song yeah
scam, more than we rose has its thorn is wearing the forbidden garb he's beautiful her, not real, beautiful, interesting work. Acts arose to banks, stir, acts arose. Concur pull it off better for whenever or that strange strained look yeah, this thing that man, you know, maybe that's maybe it's a good move. He dressed like that. All the time that way we can take that shit. I've. Nobody recognize you anyway, you go. Maybe that's the move right that could be. That could be the move where the bandanna beautiful eyes, beautiful man several feet, but that through them, Instagram filters well Why you put your pants down brow, but Can shirt on can be expected to know so built? Tell me I'm getting hard. Let's move on
Jim brew. Would you do in town see now but Helen? I guess I get as much that drives me nuts, and I I can. I can t my head to him just got amid the system I gotta go. I gotta create my wrestling character. Is my care? de right. I live in this system where our slaves are, we not all slaves to something you think he's thing alive now I don't know if I'm not as good business export boat, new place of my Amis she's the worry about nothing. What is that picture? What's going on? There was ever lipstick on. Why not worked well for while member they did our gleamed up member there. Guns and roses, even whose glam day well there very glamorous messed up hair number and forget that they were hair band. Member welcomes the jungle member, the video full grown hair. I had that strict almost like Africa when he, when he landed
when we landed and allay member right no one's ever go to make up this island. Is that Islanders it now? That's a share their beautiful. This is natural natural beauty. They were the ballast motherfuckers at the time. Crazy, how hard that was for them handle does a wild, quick. That's right. It's interesting to see them touring again now you know they did coach Ella. I saw some videos of it. Look wild sitting out there at a broken footstoves. It was do not dancer from a chair. You sit here. You're Fuckin rock stars are getting old dancin from a chair. Unlike the chair wiggle I felt like I went to. Professional wrestling when I was ten Andrea, the giant was the rough air. Bought my shirts as Bob battling against Hosty rose the american dream, and I know steward, hitting each other and an eye-
they were stump, inner footsore tummy elbow S. On trade giant the chair not really hit lives, shattered. You son, oh no. This is just to show. How does it happen with his foot, brace Keith Richards! That is what a shot himself up with heroin and dance like a fuckin man that case riches and never done a potential ridiculous is don't you think I take my that, but is frequent Brian. Brain he heard his leg. I think that's not to know it's just the whole thing there. I could talk
like you want. This is they're gonna make fifty billion dollars or whatever they get over fifty billion dollars was the top robust thing ever historic. You'll never beat it like. I will capable While you are definitely they brought him a fuckin money, that's how they got actual to lay off the boat oxen get the chair, dude get a cheerful. You fuckin gonna, cast away did care has been hurt, your foot. Of course he can't das point blank injury to actual just borrowed his left leg, injury, chair got now thereby broke his leg if it came out with a baseball bat. The promoters like Fuckin plan Jesus. Fuckin fat, junkie, do this from a chair? Put a cast on em
put him in the fuckin chair. Imagine broke his leg ass. He was so fat. He shut up shut up, so fat they are global value is only one way. You gonna hurt him. What we're gonna hurt him Because we can have a fucking dancing with his gun hanging out. Just sit down the fuckin chair, but cast on didn't they girl break his leg, while, while you ve performing thinking and that's his throne He was right. I was thrown radio because ITALY, a left leg, injury to act which is borrowed is left leg, injury, air or is rightly reversed in bolt images oh Dave had rightly injury, actual left, that's pretty gangster, get your fuckin foot taped up while they fall off the stage or somethin to Christ. I like his batman. Through fighters are also man. You know like. I went through Nevada
I'd like to see him down, see what he thinks about that court. You have documentary. What's up talks, somebody! We can maybe they'll be cool. What The currently love thing, I'm crazy documentary, that's thinks it. Corti love killed her Cobain you seen what's com that one is soaked in Valea there it's. It's got reenactments to slaughter, serene eyes went It would sooner super sketchy wary of reenactments. He like what Guy was a reactor is like the actor from I think centre for them. We thinner what Stephen King me like a semi famous actor. If, as I know, it is the same guy, on the documentary yeah he's he plays, the cop in the reenactments like ok, you that's the place. Kurt but there's a guy plays the detective.
We're documentaries, it's like men. You could say anything you want in a documentary use a bunch of reenactments in your pretending that you were there while this happened, but people. We see my white coat, to talk mentoring, it's true. If I say documentary and have a script, we have a story board its reality, which means it is free were shooting in for K path. You get where the gargoyles and everything you been part of the system. That would come out very soon. She don't kill him ass. I So we gonna end this and then when to come back and Jim Brewer is stay with me as we we talk to the great Russell brand Thou. Be next we're gonna. Do the german Joe show it's about time. We had done this years ago, joke so cool
thank you. Weren't keep down, it was cool, I'm fuckin so IBM an amount of great goddamn to we'll be back with Russell Brand and little bit Sunni, a fox, thank you, my friends for tuning and I appreciate as my anything anything. No that's enough. We tried Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to the sponsors. Thank you too. Caveman coffee for powering us through this. Go to Caveman coffee C, o dot com, you motherfuckers and enjoy we some single origin, single family. Goodness, thanks to me, undies, my our time, favorite underwear go to me on these Dotcom Ford, Slash Rogan for twenty percent of your first order. That's me these dot com, Ford, Slash Rogan from my all time, favorite underwear. Thank you. Two squares base go square space, dot, com thoughts.
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