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#813 - Shane Dorian

2016-06-22 | 🔗
Shane Dorian is a big wave surfer and bowhunter.
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interesting guy i really enjoyed talkin to so please give it for shame during it don't you have to give it up after shit just listen angie i hope you enjoy it enjoy enjoy chained orient the job will gain experience real that's really large chain during however great thanks thanks to doing this man i really appreciate it down a problem have a beer links are avonlea my pleasure you know you come highly recommended by my friend ben o brien whose an awesome dude apparently you guys had a great time and new zealand bow hunting yeah he's very very texas we had a really good old time down there i've never been to i know when the new zealand for hunting before i'd been ever serving so is really cold to go and see different parts of the country and do some hot now they're disembark countries
certain there is it is dangerous surfing in australia as far as like sharks no not as dangerous i'd say you know there are there are sharks are pretty close austria's one hour flight vienna throws think sailor sharks her are over but i do not really think of sharks as as much there's no give us the rhetorical rat for fear of sharks are hockey all their scary scary creatures none umpire horrified powerhouse of equilibrium you should be very close i got burned my board of another kid oh no survey to place you know in your my house but the water was that the sound was black sea like really can the waters actually clear but the sound was black said bump me and i never really got to see what it was on pressure with was shark anna there's a lot of art in hawaii alot of sharks wherever the waves are good as seems likely lotta charge them with debts not a coincidence is
i don't know amount it is everywhere a crazy as you know it's funny about charges i was i was theirs denial i was growing up i always thought you know the only real sharks i had to worry about or you know great whites and you know i was born and raised in hawaii that's that's where i grew up surfing it always thought like great white sharks are always in like really cool places on our way have to worry around home and they've been finding a ton of great white sharks around you know where i live now there are there all over hawaii now and great white sharks are actually warm blooded so they can actually taken totally adjust their dara i guess i guess there body temperature to be able to totally survive and thrive in warm water as well as cold so they just go urban how they want proof every time i go to hawaii whenever i turn on the news the local news some do their bit i am however it happened they're pretty off
there's a lot of sharks and you know it's funny as it never used to happen when i was a kid it wasn't even really a thought for me i'll scared sharks and all that stuff but people didn't really gets darkening chopped until i was told that older in alas in last ten years has been tons and tons of shark dax and why a friend a friendly bethany hamilton she's a really really talented server she got bit she had armed jump right off body that girl report really young girl and clients imperfect waves out with a friend and shark him up ripped off our armor and everybody body so she did she just gets right back on the board and she survived she's not ass he is super ass yet she actually serve some of the biggest waves all year last yah towed a place called jaws on medallion servant fifty four waves of one arm in arguing pounded by giant waves and she she paddles into some huge ways with one arm wow and gets held under water with one arm imagine any held under from a giant wave underwater by trying get just
no people were terrified of serving they ways with two arms in other underwater wanting a breath and she's there with one arm imagine having like your arm tied to your side and having tried swim surface big waves pretty scary now when you get hit by big wave like that and you get sucked under how long are you under normally for usually pretty pretty short amount of time but it really varies in other though the word things are serving really big waves and though do without a lot of people died indy waves and it is super danger the thing that kills people is getting held under four to waves so if you all i know is i give you take off on a wave and you fall and your underwater a super long time and this is happening a couple different times your underwater really far and then start you know the wave hold you under and is rolling you along the reef towards ashore and your underwater near the bottom or at the bottom and the waves just arts dissipate and lose a little bit of power she can finally starts women up
and then the next wave is meanwhile is on its way and your swimming knots up in the waves coming out you and you don't get a breath and the taxi straight back down and that's how people die but scary shit so how long you been held under for about a minute in ten seconds it's a long time the only reason i know that is cuz i had a terrible wipeout at a at a big wave place in northern california called mavericks is my first referred however there are no heavens awesome trip is like you know is one of the ass they ways in the world i always wanted to go there but i pre scared of it and i ended up going there in having the first is there was super good i have a blast i didn't fall once i had to decide if i can dream session carly's big waves thought i was killing it next day just out of school mash me i did often a wave aid shit down a fake get sucked over the falls held on forever on the reef swimming towards was swimming
and the next wave of fifty foot face broke right on top of me showed me straight back down the reef and what i as i was swimming ought to try and get a breath i was doing those involuntary you know when you grant my not man i was like shit i gotta get a breath now and then all of a sudden also at the bottom yeah i was really scary but serious scariest how life and and and milder meanwhile there is a woman i abolishes filming the whole ordeal my borders like they call it tomb stoning can only see half your bored and then you're there's a leash right in your connected to the bottom and a borders i could ask when you can only see half dog half the board for like i know next wave passed me by and i boarded still like that for over a minute ago minute ten seconds at wait wait too long wow that's it it's hard to hold your breath for a minute just doing nothing is
the rest for a minute while you're struggling and also your adrenaline kick in you're freaking out and you realizing that you you gotta get mare soon yeah that's when you know that's the whole thing is is in a learning about breath hold the whole thing speeds up beer year your your breath old is is or i am should say shorting your breath holders panicking now you know once you see if we able to stakes stay calm and know they're going to be okay you know you don't use up your breath for a very fast but if you start to panic like it's like flooring the gas to speed up the whole thing and so panicking is lasting it that you want to do but when you're really terrified that's it happens to everybody does big connection between jujitsu jitsu and surfing alot people that i know that love jujitsu also love surfing and they do it all the time
and dumb that pressing is something that comes into play in both situations because if you're in a bad position like some choking your son might like that you can relax and stay calm and kind of barely get out of things whereas if you freak out start will you start hyper ventilating or panicking ediths gate use have to tap you run out of gas you wanna air and then the choke sinks in deeper in some p which is a really good at surfing for some reason that i kicks and graces of famous example he's really good at yoga which is also really big for controlling you brad stay calm and regular eating your heart rate and then is also obviously a master to use but he loves surfing and i think in some way those things are kind of connected that you have to search maintain some sort of control over your physical body yeah for sure and i think i am
knowing knowing how long you can hold your breath especially under pressure especially the high heart rate is the key i did a breath holding course is like us there's actually a specifically tailored to surviving big waves this course i did was four days long and the first couple days they just they just kind of taught us the science behind breath hold you know how to get your breath hold up and then they basically worked our our way up to our highest static hold and then from there we had to hold our breath for quarter of that time under stress so when you take a breath hold course like what are they teaching just a science
behind the how how some people can hold their breath for a long time as some people can and you know the difference between the two speed space greece psychological it's all in your mind oh yeah indefinitely as i mean if you think you can hold your breath for like right now you try to hold your breath for and you can only make it a minute for sure you can hold it three hundred percent it's all in your mind like if you believe that you're gonna be fine i just know your body you that you need to breathe i guy for that course i think the first day i try to hold my breath and i'm in relatively good shape and i never ever practice holding my breath at all but in a pretty good lung capacity eagerly i was training all the time especially at that time the longest i get home i read the first it was like two minutes and fifteen second recently and then by days to end a day three i was holding it for five minutes and thirty we're seconds low crazy searches techniques and understanding ottigny what does like the world record wasn't it was
fuckin magician guy didn't he break the world record like seventeen minutes some like that apply didn't you do some weird worries sucked in pure oxygen or cheating bullshit is nine day i see i think it gives you like from from what i i think that's about twice as long as as like world record holbrooke actually older but i think it was packing oxygen is totally different his brow link up with pure oxygen for a long time and it totally spacey like a like w ruffled the other girls seventeen minutes and four point four seconds got ass pretty incredible even with the arctic region i am in i'm in no matter house how high slice it that's a long ass time to not breeze so held the record for oxygen assisted static albania we leave holding your breath while breathing after breathing pure oxygen that would be super handy for my job pure oxygen
but the livelihood of two hundred and six minutes fuck yeah man you billig for these waves is raising that shit just i'm scarce wonder the bottom and kick it i haven't seen that product they came up with it's bullshit fake products but apparently people have spent like a million dollars on this thing trying to buy it it's a fake like a gill machine they came up with this saying that allows you to bring its total bullshit fake but there is like he's adds saying that allows you to breathe underwater and it looks like i guess scuba mouthpiece but it's just got like it looks like two tampons any charge and this stew but the thing doesn't get all doesn't do anything but families is giant scam and theirs as article have people have spent like all the money on this fake thing that does not even exist areas you actually require is actually not what people actually by this oxygen masks allows underwater breathing without oxygen tanks but its total bullshit so i dont understand why
the money when or how it sees find an article of like what the fuck went wrong but the bundle you be like sucking oxygen the ocean kaliko how ridiculous is that like people thought that they were fish are you that's all you need is this thing you breathing through those in new pull out do that but it's a total scam it's like the order in the next fifty nine seconds would have for a second one in four half the price you examine it would be cool someone could come up with something like that but that is not how it works is bizarre though that there are things that breeze air out of the water they can find a way to suck air out of the water of life is very bizarre look at it that way are very then you pull them onto the deck of the boat now and then you can underwater the opposite we start panicking immediately so the shark thing what today tribute it to anything the reason why there and biting more people only the ads
we're debatable though not like a global warming type thing yeah there's all types stuff like that there's you know there's alice fish than it used to be and whirling has seen other thing i think it is a huge component is is sixties if someone got bit they would do a shark call i gave like people you know some little girl get bit and then all the fishing boat to go out and kill a ton of sharks and that's what happened in hawaii you know there was i think in the sixties there was there was some shark attacks and there was a huge shark call like people just go out and kill as many sharks that good and so decimated the shark nations in hawaii and then and then they were and then there are protected in like this seventies and eighties so now there is mega shark shark population does their protected release bicycle shark so there's an over abundance of big sharks only people would be the same with those dragons when we protect dragons we're we're reality we are really are retired surely one hundred percent
you're not going to wipe out the fuckin sharks folks just relax skill em all round where people are the as its is crazy they figured out like on technology for every single thing but they don't have some sort of uniting i was i was there it would be so you know what like with in this day and age like we can do the crazy shit with technology you like why can they put buoys around a serve break with like some weird magnetic thing shoots down to the bottom of the ocean at that enough but it's like thirty feet deep in a half mile out from the break and then everyone can swim there can serve their whatever the hell it is and how can they don't have that right so basic it does seem blogs and they can figure out how to do at some sort of an electronic fence keeping an eye we like to have that your dog yeah but that a new yard and the dog can go past it probably give you dick cancer in other
if i now shark dick all these services targeting dick cancer nobody will with the fence offence again yes can't put up the magnetic ventricles all short on the sharks against cancer and then give sharks get dickens pete it will get upset came over become a huge issue fan sharks i dont like em they scare the fuck out of me and that's what's keep me from surfing conserving looks like it's falcon awesome i say guys like you and those big waves found out about the big ways that that's beyond me i believe even when i was young i tat hour ever like this discussion does not not designed for that as that fund looking nope that's not me we're lookin out of four people were listening will
an image is that you who's who is at me more jesus do tell me about this i don't think i'm not gonna building toxic falling off several building stock on top of each other tell you that that that actual number eight there actually felt like i was flying off the building i was absolutely euros eaten sharing there are so many didn't i didn't yeah a miracle i actually fell from the top and landed on my board and made the wave and tidal wave after wave of the north corrosive maui called jaws now how eyes at wave play fifty four in the face maybe maybe more maybe sixty so you're falling off the top of the way like it breaks and you're coming over the lip what would you call what he called at the edge of the way the other line up beyond fine from the lab but holding as you do with your hands and i let you doing it with their bare hands like this
if comes in and you have to read the way we have the time it after position yourselves you see if the catch it and steepest part right before it throws or like that because if it throws over you ain't you shit so you know you got it is just it's so precise you not to be able to time it giant we ever got especially like the bigger the wave is the faster it moves so it gets really really technical so you know a few successfully ride one of those waves it's a lot of fun i would imagine it gets super addictive when you're in that tube in your slicing through it and you see the water i am going over the top of you yet it as it is so much vaunted saigon it is is such a blasted some its super addicting i i've been serving since i was up in serbia on a surfboard standing up since i was five workers has therefore from my dad and i'm still we obsessed with it's weird there's nothing else am i it's like that were an obsolete sites like the wage a good i'm i'm like a little kids do what is it about it do does
is like hunting it really is it's like i'm out nature no one's bothering me i don't need to talk to anybody i can do my own thing i can go down the beach no matter how is she today i had no matter how much stress whatever my kids getting about her poor card or how to pay my taxes whenever it how was i put on my trunks drive down the beach grandma board and i'm good soon as i hit the water i'm fine and it and that's how i am a bow hunting people who don't bow hunt they don't understand that they're like why the hell you do that like what do you what do you find you know like what you find good about that like being out in the forest for days at a time so same well i'd obviously never served but the bow hunting thing is it so difficult and so primal and i think it hit some weird ancient switches inside your dna from back when people needed a bow and arrow to survive and when you were hunting and animal let me it's it's also it's so primitive like there's something about rifle hunting this not nearly satisfying rifle hunting is
exciting in its its way more effective certainly have you have more success in is more range to another but it's not nearly the same feeling there's a switch there goes off that i think is like a part of being a and being from the thousands of years of us shooting bows and arrows at things to stay alive that debt that reward is triggered somehow another deep inside whatever it is that makes you a person yet it is it's a l down at the moment of truth you work so hard for that opportunities it whatever it is an ally dear whatever the hell it isn't and you bust your ass and on your hands and knees and hot zeiner or you know you're over there for your ass off in the dark waiting further get laid in a package you shit from the trail head for miles and this hard work and all the thousands of euros your target now the sums comes down to this this million
second where the elk stops in front of you and you sit there full drawn and it's like the moment of truth in islands super technical and really difficult and a lot of people suck at an that's why it's very technical and that is something that i just never took into account i saw people shooting bows and arrows like he left arms you're right i'm pulls back you make sure you aim you let it go and seen i kind of like a rival you know with a right or what he d centre the radical you now you squeeze it trigger make sure you don't jerk it new good yeah there's so much more involved in love the anchoring of where the string hits the corner of your mouth where your hand rests below your jaw making sure the year elbows not to love not too high back muscles are pulling and remembering all that stuff in a moment and getting to full draw now that is the hard part does the big difference in i'm it s tat asked the main difference is like once that animals in range you still have to get to full draw
yeah and you don't have to tell me you're not sitting there like this wording without can any motion you actually have to go full draw and somehow do that undetected without the animal getting alert or freaked out are running away yeah it's a crazy you little addiction isn't it is very very crazy and it's also i was my wife would agree with your mind with two i was one video of you you were a grilling some stakes some my thing was access dear at your house and you thought you were talking about it like this like the connection that you have to your food you went and you found that animal you know that is a wild animals and animals just living like they ve been living for hundreds of thousands of years is either grasses and staying away from predators no snuck up on and you place in our right needs vitals perfectly and cut it up brought it home in and now you're eating it and this is insane connection to your food when you do something like that
especially when you look around your family's eating it like you i have little kids and are sitting therewith dear on their fork you're eating it like dad brought this home is awesome i think it's cool you know i i don't know there's something so much more so fine by eating food at you grew or killed or whatever was seen i mean i it's it's it's ok when someone has an awesome garden at their house wonder ass and they know exactly where that food came from it only touch their hands on the same thing and it's even is even more so when here when you spend all that time the mountains and and you know you bring it home in you care for that meet make sure it's not dirty mixtures not spoil measures taken care of perfectly let you go in my in my freezer and i'm like a total i'm i should go to us in a lot of like different areas my life like unto roaming my bet a lot of times or whatever it is but now and it comes from the meat it's perfect total needler a year ago in its like everything's package perfectly everything's a perk size everything's everything's like
demise like cut date animal species units what is a deep respect for that animals that are known tat people who just by their me did a grocery store it i'm thinking you never understand it i think you're gonna kind intellectualize it and you can get him to imagine what it's like to give you never really understand it well and relate to that cuz i wasn't always a hunter and i wasn't i wasn't i wasn't brought up a hunch i didn't i didn't come from a hunting family nobody in my not in my family hunton when on new to me i started when i was thirty and forty three so what was it the guy you gone move from from the beach where i live my life up to the mountains and i bought a piece of property and everything i planted god dug up by wild pig there's wild boars all over the property him my wife start getting past and and and i dont know what to deal on a plant fruit trees and all the staff and other things get knocked over and smash while the pigs and so my buddy was like shooting with a gun and do you know she took up on me now though beat it answer
me this shock would i shall with a shotgun it immediately gave it back to him as i'm not a gun guy i just i'm not into the flat the loud noises and i just was over it so i gave it back and i know what to do i don't know if i should fence my property i don't want to do that you know cuz i don't want to like mess up there like natural pattern either in there their they're there long before i was and and my next door neighbor with a bow hunter had an extra bow so i could go over to his house and have a couple beers and shoot arrows once a get group some arrows he said i was radio hunting and he took me bore hunting and the first night always pays where they earn and i bet i totally blew it i've got a full drawn my my arrow off the resin thing ring and they all the all round i made a bunch of noise but that was it the next day i went and bought it used matthews bow down the button you know like down the beauchamp and i started building trees down on my house in china like throw bait down for the pigs
i didn't i was doing i didn't know about hunters and so a school it's all itself talk it was here and i started with a good for the minor home at the same time i don't really have any super close friends we're both and but it's because soon after i started bonding then i realized i did know a bunch of owners and like immediately had a really cool circle of friends or we're all experience banners and and they caught it took me in and taught me you know what to do with equipment to use in and how to hunt and then and then i had like men tourism in hunting not like really taught me how to i gotta kill animals both wise and amazing place for both hunting and a lot of people never imagined is it was amazing between access dear and mountain goats and in all kinds of other crazy shit you guys in the pig popular pigs were brought over there like hundred in hundreds of years ago right now is a captain cook thing wasn't yeah why there
there is really no animals in life every single thing there is introduced except for like bugs and some birds and also the deer the pigs the goats the sheep area was all introduced so you go out in the mountains and there's lots and lots of different you know a lot of different animals out there and they're all introducing all consider costs while so it's a lot like new zealand and that sort of await as new new zealand has an incredible out of wild game but it's all introduced me they did it back hundreds of years ago again when europe's and wanted it as a hunting destinations brought over stags and european animals and access dear and all these things and just let him loose with no predators that's right so their populations just exploded mean using why what is it what is it like over new zealand because when you look at the lord of the rings that's all i know about new zealand i know kinda com lives there in the lord of the rings and people over there to hunt it's very much like that
i have to go to this year and we hunted in some places that i hadn't even done all i do is take pictures and stare at the mountains it was it was mind boggling how incredibly beautiful it was we were hunting these these these mountain goats called tar is there these harry goats and this big giant sable fur thing really small horns and eleven like these glaciers and he's like vertical cliffs maybe like a thousand foot cliff at the top of like a five thousand foot mountain of like a granite cliff like a little step lodge in it that's six inches wide and that's where the tar would be standing one tar we stand in a delicate badass creatures there really are look real trying kill one of those things are the ball on public lamb and semi picture and hell you forever they they are hard to kill with a bow i tell you that much did you get one i didn't i saw moussa remedies of any errors riah were the house's renoir in and we spotted one and it's not like you know where i come from
like you go on access dear you could see a thousand dear why in a morning yes where mark my their wares billions in online i wholly when i was a thousand year in a day that's insane so i'm used to go out and see him like tons of pigs and goes and dear i like that i went to i went to new zealand hunt this tar and standing there with remy the bottom of this valley and were pontio were campaign the backcountry country and were been our glassy who knows anything so we drive like half mile classroom were in totally in the back and you are driving shade of a river make deep in a river we got like a like up when i was land cruisers snark all written sonic these animals are under radical pressure and in all of a sudden we see one there's a tar and is its top this mountain five thousand vertical feet five miles street
hill or one mile rent well i do know whatever the hell was is burglars needs vertical right i mean it's five thousand vertical feet you're looking at it and it looks like it's right there about its work it takes you four hours to walk there because vertical and we saw it probably we saw tat light on all three in the afternoon and dark it like six so he's i do have three hours mean to close the gap when you to kill that tar today for dark so we're literally like quoting quote running up the mountain almost glasses you possibly could and he's in pretty good shape rennie as he's a beast guys a beast he's i mean that's what he does you live in the mountains all time so you that is the one was veto to max us on him and he's got like elite triathlon endurance he's like half human half tar and so we close the gap to about moral nine hundred yards in the dark time and walked back down five hours in the dark woods
can exhausting as i propose you don't realize like how hard it is to get up one of those mountains until you try and you go are like you think i'm in good shape gotta go tonight i'm among the elliptical machine this is gonna be a no problem and not one of these fat guys no fuckin hardens really hard like any it'll help like being light helps to light and thin weed i carry around a lot of weight but guy like remy and nasty vanilla did the guy's a do that all the time they were embarrass you yeah how well out of shape you are just walking pills year this year to students keeping them in your rate year psych is your slowing them down all the time so renominated it does pay too train especially like in the mountains like dialogue if you're gonna go on big hunt it really helps to train lot now these animals how the fuck like i've seen goats like on the side of cliffs weather
walking like along a vertical face net their standing on the lunatic these little two inch outcroppings and walking along on this the fuck do that like how are they designed like what what of evolutionary advantage to like walking along the side of a cliff face like that has led them to be this bizarre beast like most people think about them like what capabilities are they can do like really strange shit like as far as their balance and how they can make it up the side of a clinical guineas fuckers look look at that as exam the avatar word in we're looking at something that does doesn't even look real we're looking at these goats that are walking along the face of this cliff and the cliff is almost ninety degrees it's almost up and down in the things are somehow or another finding footholds whether their whole body like side of their bodies slammed up against the side of the mountain and they're making it up this cliff and are not forced
to be on the cliff doesn't craziest thing like we're not when i was hunting those those those those go to new zealand star just below where they were there is like rolling hills really steep still but it was a rolling hills of grass they choose to be on the rocks because they actually eat some weird stuff that grows on those vertical cliffs so wild y know you reckon balls sidonia the animals not force be there he's is choosing to be on that like six inch wide ledge a thousand feet on a vertical cliff it's a fucking but we're looking at this picture fortune what would it was a google search if someone's was climbing this is this picture that we're looking at now this parallel in aid of em and there on the side of the mountain and it just doesn't even look real and tar don't they don't look real as it is they look like some sort of a mythical creature from some ancient greek novel mania
as far as hard to it's really hard to appreciate how hard core that kind of hunting is unless you do it you know i think i like ninety eight people off when i say this but like ninety eight percent the hunting it happens in america is like park a truck walked your tree stan get in the trees dan played play words with friends until the dear comes in greece a third of all draw and and you know you got your tag filled and which is great i'm sure it's a blast and like trees downs and all that stuff but that kind of hunting is this it's weird how hunting is that clumped an too like oh you're hunter and as all people certainly royal in order like so many different kinds of hunting in so many different ways to do a different weapons different approaches different you know it's crazy like some people are shooting animals it at gino hundred fifteen hundred yards hyper rifle year they want to be as far as possible that's the
goal and for us as i want to be as close as possible that the long range stuff is very strange because this there's a lotta ethical questions had come up with that because it any more movement whatsoever at fifteen hundred yards i mean you have to be like a real fuckin expert marksmen pull some light that off so this is a lot of dick why and going on when you kill something like seven hundred eight hundred thousand yards is it's weird it's like you don't really have to do that again get closer to the animal i think although the goal is to have any we can get to two hundred yards from any animal younger what animal it is you can get if you can get twenty yards major problems being at a hundred yards i mean even from like antelope yeah no you can barely call your way and in the mill of nowhere hundred yards from analogue yes
if you have one as guilty suits in a remy has a show of super slow have you seen remy show its call apex predator haven't you now i'm really good show and it's really interesting because remy rabies really get athlete in these also it's really smart guy and he does is he tries to mimic of the behaviour of predatory animals live balls and he'll do like him in a bunch of his friends were doing some sort of like a chase the same way that a wolf would chase down and elk and one thinks it he did was he put on a guilty suit and crawled to these antelope and just slowly creeped his way up to these antelope and as long as your patient and you move slowly he got within like seven feet a fire an analog as i slow enough yeah yeah that's that's a mistake i make all the time you know i blow stock it's almost always going too fast yeah no matter how slow you go you should almost
go slower well one of things and i found out recently you know randy amr is famous bow hunter subprime one the most successful bow hunters ever he shoot most of his animals with no shoes on heating his boots off and he's got just thick walls socks and aegis walks it is i am we apes nice and slow and it's one of the reasons why so successfully realise like ok you can t walk around these fuckin clunky boots and snap and twigs and shit like that and so he feels everything underneath him and is site of you ever around bear like when a bears walk into the wood no they don't make any noise it's kind of creepy like this is big ass fuckin through hundred pound bare and it's not making a single sound as its walkin because they have soft pads and predators solution spoken burn in hell that's kind of like the idea of the approach is creed
in georgia bears blow my mind to august deal i am from wise know anything i knew nothing about bears so i think they're all like yogi there you know but don't come in a case like here your jan and hang out and camp with you tell us how they want to hug or something like that and now man i went hunting i didn't do it yourself over the counter tag elk hunt with my body from why we're in colorado and we and we do this area and we're all excited and we don't we didn't know shit about elk hunting but you know how did not call him i don't know what they did i don't know how they worked i read some articles i know the hell is going on so and so we drop off our stuff we got about an hour to hunt and i'm going to come back and set up our little camp there like a creek so i do they glue by come back a little bit early i'm not going to sit on my ten stuff and i get to one side of the creek in my friend across the creek setting up his tent and getting like
our food alex salami and whatever else have caught food we had and i look and i was just about like yellow till i get it you see anything i was like maybe sixty yards away from home i looked my lesson there's a bear a big bear big black bear standing on his hind legs but like one of those targeting those big old target issue one of those things anymore staring at my friend had no idea i was there the bear didn't know i was there and that my friend had no idea there was there he's sitting there like crack hanging out like getting all the food out in this bears just staring out of norcross the creek is radical and i just immediately knocked in arrow like sat there and then the bear saw me and then look at my friend look at me look at my friend and then there was this vertical mountain right behind him we're at the bottom the street and the bear thought about it and then just turn around and just hightailed it straight up this like he was on flat ground lower raising my friend airing song
that store that you tell him before the podcast started tell that fuckin story yeah that's not may miss relieving more scared bears yeah tell although story as it is a few years ago i read this i read the story on a bow hunting magazine and it was a story about this this guy and his son and there are hunting elk not sure which state but on the sun was the front and he was set up and the dad was in the back by sixty yards back in and the dad was cow calling and there is a bowl there and he was starting to have even started to come into the call i thought the kid was standing there waiting for his shot and the dad was sitting there cow calling behind them and all of a sudden the elk runs off and they thought the wind had waffles on him or something and right behind the elk like fifty yard passes out with a giant grizzly bear standing straight up staring at him and the kids are getting nervous the bare started hightail straight at the kid and the kid
earn started running at the dad and as the kid and and the dad went to full draw yet a bow it was it was it was our treaties and he had no gun so the dad grabbed his bow got an airline has somehow had the clarity to get to full draw as the kid passed his dad the dad made a perfect shot on the bare the bare right then catches under the kid dives on the kid and mallingham an end of dying on the kid and there's a picture in the article is incredible that there's a picture in a picture of the kid of covered covered headed home blood the bare died on him like a heart shot blood all over him kate had bear blood voting on my god still not really oh my god is the lamps what is how do you find this chamber if so you want to call dad dad zero save son from grisly attack to outdoor
far is a hairy article man is no joke and the and the the perspective from the dad and now it's like you imagine i mean i've i've i've kids and imagine like you know what kind of mental stay you'd be an if you saw a giant bear chasing after your kid a does about mother fucker galleys it together who gives me the nerves the jellies of whatever the fuck it as my mother goose bumps popping up saw a grisly when i was now berta black their hunting cup weeks ago now there they look at you so deaf blackberries creepy enough you know and reality tell me a story about this guy who first trip ever hunting gets attacked in his tent by five hundred pound predatory blackberry his friend shoots the bare screw that bullet goes through the baron hits his friend and arrest so this kid first first black bear hunt ever first camping trip out is goin words like this regret williamson nature a bear
try to eat him and his friend shoots em they killed the bear it an appeal on the bare but blackberries you scared but they're not unlike grizzlies this grizzy looked at us and they look at you like demons there there they have a totally different look in there i like there's nothing on back there s just dead kill machine where i feel that on eight may you from your guts there sometimes the super delicious right now to be scream and great weight its we is whoop people are so strange there are detachment from wildlife the when you're actually around them even surrounding elk like when you're running elk and elk or call and making those crazy sounds like what the fuck is this real disaze you in there fighting the area over the girls yeah that was my mind like hunting dear or elkanah run and seeing them fight over the girls is
the best is our best and seem like the one that loses gets his ass kicked and he kind of like just walks off like our guys come ass kicked and ball or the big dog hoo hoo and he's on the whole harem harem full girls in his dislike i'm on the bad ass it's as far gone now i remind you know i was in california to hone ranch last year and these two huge alcor smash and horns there weren't both like three sixty class elk which is like a fool but listen in this enormous antlers six wade's on each side thousand pound animals just running at each other head budding each other in stab at each other and lauer there they found one enormous bull that had been killed by another bull been stabbed him in the side and punctures lungs and who lay in their jacked normous bull as co
there was another seat cnn like act like how they're supposed to be and how they ve been doing it for hundreds of thousands millions years is not too it is justified part of that and see the artisan it's almost like when we were talking about the goats being able to walk up the side of these cliffs like these animals they dave evolved develop horns that our swords there like spears other fuckin head and i know it they are well aware of that and they try to kill the other one cause it's there there so hopped up and there it is hanging that guy few weeks ago the air hanging out feeding out enough in in the grass and they ll hang i was no gaddafi's er i will hang out raises doubts or groups they get pissed
she'd have video of the lady and yellowstone those like low elk now now allow my friend i'm your buddy and this out just fuckin head but this bitch lying eyes you and lying how's that grisly man movie you see that end its also as i see it about ten times he answered i reckon so i'm trying to get werner hers i too he eat his people come contacted me the director of it to be on the pod cast on which i is she's the coup almost like a comedy economy like when i watch closely man movie i felt like gives a comedy because warner o o oh yes he calls it you get that albania that's gonna go by forty five yards
a third time user of these the dsl i'm out here every year its twenty five yards it's funny you get like a number it is here that you have to be twenty five yards from them and then you're totally safe no problem super safe pleased that they decide fifty yards to make a mad dash you get a boner and checks got scared off decide it's you to scare off is go spear you have no problem you see the one where there's a guy who sit on the side of the road is a photographer is a real recent one and they actually one of euthanize the elk because this elk fucked with his dude for like the video like ten minutes long they also just like head this guy and a guy sitting there trying to cover his head is a spike young bull and this this photographers hang in there and this bolster its head button and the guys is decided to display passive this is a year in this budget
goes on forever man and this bulges kind it's not sure what to do now is a really young bull euro given that bore a spike is what a year all it's funny how they get so smart so quick you know it's like it's like at that age when it went nowhere like a yearly bull like a little like they're pretty stupid you never come to any call spaced out they don't really know what a human looks like but man once they turn into like six by six there's there now down there they get turned on by this elk i think i could kill that outcome hands yeah i'm pretty sure i guess you try and get a hollows antlers spin around take his back we're naked shout that's what i'm thinking i'm thing and i get is backing
fuckin done every fund drivers you're meanwhile he would make it eyes draftsman i will ride off with me here but you hear load up the barbecue here if we gave freezer oh yeah well those of the most delicious ones if you actually can can kill one that's really young like that there really tender the same with dear you know everybody wants to shoot but that's the thing about elk there so delicious that even the old ones the old tough boy they taste amazing so i've asked me you know it's funny guy i feel like shit remorseful when i get an animal on the ground the matter what it is a matter of seconds of an al gore dear a pig or whatever it is weird feeling when i walk up ok i don't i don't feel bad i just feel like just like heavy connection with that animal you know like i took his life i was that was my choice could it let it walk but at the same time like if it's like a younger dear all smoke it in africa's those are
the good eating no that's what i'm trying to do a mother china it's funny i i don't i don't have a list of animals in my head that i need to get are you are you one of those guys reeling hanging them i need it the mountain going to get a stone sheep i need to get a zebra filer weird man there's her there's a show that i watch you ve seen never tom miranda's adventure bow hunter shell television data like a wookiee an amount you don't have a tv tv while like netflix on my computer there's a lot of these guys that are there into the super slams you know which means they and all the north american game animals and that is seems like a fetish to make its real bizarre i think you're losing sight of what this thing is supposed to be all about yeah i'm hopefully fine with however anyone you know if someone's going getting lions or whatever that that's that's their trip mean i'm not to judge them but i'm that's not me you don't have a list of animals at all if i just hunted meal dear and elk for the rest of my life and access dear
yeah i get on all your long and never get bored with those three animals i feel weird about bears there's the ones that word me out the most telling a bare and eating it just first well it's really like the best animals like from our conservation standpoint so the best animals to kill because they dont have any predators and so if you don't kill them they bought the thing that kills bears as other bears so they like where are we hunt in alberta theirs giant population i mean it's not uncommon as he twenty thirty bears in a day is really the overflowing with bears and public service again yeah they could take a few bear odessa mates not just the moose population the dear population but the crazy thing is it's bad for the bare population for there to be this many bears cause the boers comes a girl weird animal like elk don't eat elk bears like their predator
remain rediscovered easy meal there was an article recently that i posted today on twitter that their finding they grizzlies are going towards people when they have cubs super fuckin dangerous but the mom bears a realizing that when around people that the big bores won't kill their bet they're cubs asthma they heard as brown bears raising human shields to protect their cubs but it's credibly dangerous for people because when you're around a mama bear and she's got cubs she'll fox you don't want to go neurons does another one and i retreating yesterday some woman who was in a marathon she was running a marathon in new mexico and she ran past mama bear with her cubs mama bear decide a flock are up beat the shit out of our car rob ripped apart and she displayed dead and you know really jackson's picture for all scarred up in the bed
left her alone than some other marathon runners came over its are huddled up in the fetal position of fuckin cover aloud as i have changed their yeah they also meet bear media good is a really good now yeah there's a lot of misconceptions about bear me why apparently grizzlies or nasty especially if you get a coastal see that's even fall bears in spring bears right like a tasted em i heard the i forget which one but i heard one as will the better the false post be the best because the food bears are eaten berries i've only killed swearing bears spring bears tastes really good now i'll say unlike from an ecological standpoint from a conservation standpoint is probably one of the most important animals to kill other than say white tailed dear because they're so two million or so was where was the number like one point five million car accidents in the united states alone two hundred people die in the it states every year from hitting dear with their cars as long as people are so so quick to point the finger like i can't believe you kill him
area can believe it but they just can't rather head around the fact that they need to be those numbers gets so out of control and the world's never baghdad as before we lived where the bears live you know that arguments weird on renewing their land yeah yeah like i get it that's fine but it doesn't matter that points invalid because all people live there and when there's the bears runnin around it's just it's not good for them either but even knowing that i still feel weird when i kill a bear the just there there's so much like a dog almost an enormous big dog this is i think cool another coup animals i like looking at them i want to stolen huggin may still wanna those who show when we were kids grisly items griesly add ons and he had that's like thousands as for i want to be grossly i'm so bad at it wasn't a beard the hat or anything i want to hang out and spoon i bear awesome
its area an area gives the guy had the original hipster beard i used to have that we get some each x ray now in venice now right you fuckin own williams little ways i didn't know it was yoke grisly baroness just as i did still alive man really atoms it says the death so i would say no hacker easy he was so cool it's funny i hadda just died my my wife and i doubt hagerty my my way can i got a my wife and i got a bird his mountain dog years ago had ever seen us said a big swiss dog no awesome aside related to saint bernard since very similar to for now but they dare not like us slobbering breed they dont have slobber there really awesome never really cool markings but mine was like a hundred and thirty pounds so is like a grizzly bear i swear i was like living like me
childhood dream of being out i've come home and roll around with my big bear he knows like he was like a big grizzy berries awesome i wonder if that's what did the grizzly man in like maybe saw grisly grisly atoms and he's dead and needed add or he had a bad bad or some ripping i laughed at home movies are yet let me end at the end when it gets wasted by the bear i thought it was comical what are those of sheriff if anybody had ever been asking for is that did not upset yeah i think of suicide by bear a really do here because he went back into the area where when you're not supposed to be when the air the animals are in hibernation except for the really desperate one and he knew they were killing cubs like there was like paul of these the video you eat with stumbled upon these clubs that this bared killed their starving to death the river
had no salmon there at all dried up now there's no salmon around there was getting real sketchy he stuck around they ve excepted me is one of them there are still die lot meda mr mann what about our way to go when the sheriff talked about i thought he was retarded i kissed you nobody it is i think it's a comedy and i want to talk to warner herzog because he supposed where we are but we are in contact with people who are trying to work something out because it gets up melodies promoting but do you know documentaries it does it funny like that down one is fuckin funny i not show is meant to be funny but it is as a human being have to just like looking be like you gotta be kidding me this did there's some wild people out there that's for sure gimme the thread well desperately wanted to be one with the barriers good i'm protecting these bears no one's protecting these birds when it goes in those rance because you would
but he was film himself going on like three or different rancey would only use like one of them but some of us would just start swear them fuck you park department and where's the case i wanna get laid the lost tapes for they had a whole series of they really took his they took his tapes and they may a whole series about it and it was fuckin mean he had like hundreds of hours of food and he got amazing amazing president close up footage of bears because no one's that finance snow that crazy gonna be knots and those things were not like close to a town and used to humans as i was like an it'll of nowhere middle and errors were straight up like wild grizzly bears doing while grizzly bear shit yeah and he was watching go to war with each other he got footage from like twenty thirty yards away of two enormous grizzly bear you tell him to stop it stop fighting guy was one hundred percent fighting the gay like the gay
was disturbing him so much he decided go camping with monsters he's like i decided tat accept the fact that on gay and so he would like fix that and anyway i did we had girl with a time too apparently yum apparent audio and destroyed it without was part of the documentary theirs it lasted seven minutes his fares don't and steadily is did you start eating you hold it down or not trying to kill you it is one of imperialist eu that's a weird thing about omnivores as opposed to predators like predators just gonna kill you but omnibus as for the most part they eat his hold you down the champs chimps this whole thing down edam the whole like this we're like where we want to link dispatch and animals quickest possible to start as offering they don't have that partner in them there's like you scream go ahead you have you gonna get somethin a cat is the way to get jack his cats not to kill there
we get at it now mines scary man quick though scary but once they get your neck you test its pretty much but guys fight them off people far off mount lines because i think animals they have this this like tipping point where they go okay can i get fucking injured here if i can get in here i'm going to back off and go kill something stupid i'm going to go fuc someone's dog up or something you know because there's there's tipping point where the animal realise like this guy's fight for his life fuck this is too much work a matter here yeah you know and that brings me back to the shark thing like that that that would be like just a horrific rate ago content is does things are enormous and it when i want to kill you that kill you in this is kyrie three with this is a strange animal it's like nature's clean up crew nature just decided like this just too much shit in this ocean and so we're going to develop this insane the thing that doesn't even it doesn't get to sleep yes but it did you see the footage of the contest that happened last year in africa
whether guys get stacked whether the shark as a good buddy of mine and anna date i mean that was a good eighteen if a long great white shark pull out up during hand when i signed a plain that happen and i was landing in honolulu and i turned my phone on and like all these crazy messages from all my friends in august this is you know it's there really small round the surf world and that was like there was no accident that the that is giant great white shark was within a couple of things of him like that like the ruins like i wasn't trying to attack him it wasn't try it wasn't you didn't mean anything that's great shark is that close to a human being it was having a real good luck in a failure it may not have been wanting to attack him or whatever but it didn't hit accidently stuck in his leash economy when you do right there is a scarce a human being a possibly be without getting killed her he's looking at it with behind him and he's swimming that's it right there right
that's it in one of them that is all body is right there in my god he's hard as nails and and the other guy julian wilson who knows expanding in the blue and look at him he just that's all you got up on that raft and when i was going down it was it was a foreign ordeal of like you know it didn't happen like real quick and easy jumped eyes that was a law alot of secondary their happening his board got taken away from him and he had to swim and splashing splashing watering digging and then the other guy julian wilson in his he was two hundred feet away and was paddling full speed towards him to try and help instead of like that's like as like when you show true colours and that's when you know that shit's going down as when you see a friend of yours getting what he thought was attacked by a great way you probably it's probably just a switch that goes off in your head you probably don't even it's probably just pure lizard thinking you know it's like
the survival of feeling like when that thing hit is board an ear full on panic mode you realize like you have got to get the fuck away from this has no other options live an used you see him read it he doesn't like go i was that he reacts spyware he's right like fight if nothing was there an hundred per century was swinging right right away if it was right there you know i'm a friend actually ever friend what where i live he's actually he lives in the same islanders means from from where i live in a tiger shark came up grabs him takes him underwater by the side grabs him with a full mouth bite his ribs in his heart and takes him underwater like six feet underwater and he has straight up punch up with the thing underwater he's beaten shit out the shark is a big due to get what he was at the time he was sixteen years old deems lou and he's a local wine kid from where i live and it took him underwater he straight up fought the shark while ended up
i am very i think you're like two hundred stitches are three hundred stages something i'm his whole side was just cut open to amazing that amazing he's ok i can imagine that little what'll you notice looking nothing like looking at the eyeball would have been right there like staring at me now and he just told me he said he was just hitting anything as hard as possibly could likely he's a big dude that their attributing it makes sense though to overfishing that they just don't have enough to eat anymore and make sense totally makes sense and the thing is no matter how many attacks are like there's been a shitload of attacks in australia a lot in certain pockets like certain areas and there is one area in australia like on like unease kostas has a ton of attacks last five years in another place on the west coast and there's all these groups that are dislike nope you can't do anything to this you cannot do anything the sharks you know who are these groups and one that will zurich environmentalist groups that just like no matter what you can't you can't hurt nature type a thing you know
is there a shortage of sharks well i've ned's it's it's hard but bottom line as if there were less sharks to be less attacks right yeah sir difficult there's not a real there's not a real solution were where you can do for you to make your way happy well you never gonna make everybody happy when you have virus sore animal rights at advocates and there's a lot of like really i can crazy an environmental and energy anti hunting animal rights activists that do not using large girl conservation they just love animals and want them protected at all costs which interesting is they don't have any problem with animals fucking of animals like they don't like people eating animals but do not have any problem with animal shes ripping animals part weird weird it's weird because like except nature they love nature but they dont like nature of a human being a predator like they want
move away from that people are are a trip these days i it's funny gaza the whole social media thing for me is is is relatively new it's in odyssey we grow up without it it baffles me because i can i can spare a fish and if i posted at a photo of me nobody have liked my spear my fears of a black like a bloody fish in my hand good job a guy and assam great fish no one's as a word about anything that i killed a fish you kill a deer hull man peoples freak out sudan's monsieur le bear i can only the more people who hated me for that anything i've done besides fear fact besides back there it's so madam like i'm eating it this is what i eat i don't i don't buy me people have such a problem with that i get this done is done his comments like literally like there's plenty of meat in the store why would you have to do that you're terrible person like i'm not here
person because i gotta storing eat it you're a terrible person because you go and get your food yourself and he and killing i'd because do the killing with your own hands you're bad yeah i go by it with no money i'm good or you don't have to be pretty wild that whole as those my mind because you know i didn't grow up in a city i get all these people from like we or sell paolo or someplace in like south america or a gig cities and i had to point i am not point the finger at south american there ain't like that but i always it's always people who are in cities because they have a major disconnection from their food rain where i live i am and i live i live in hawaii everybody knows of fishermen or hunter annie beyond people have gardens it's like this a way of life where they where we live there's tonnes of fish everywhere if you throw your net you're gonna get dinner that's what people do yeah we know the
the food that they get around them and not always but it's just that very very typical to have to be a hunter or a fisherman and you know like where i live view to the same exact thing i fisherman and hunter the same i don't see the difference and so that's why it's shocking to me with the whole help people that are totally fine you clubbing a bunch of fish but the second you kill a deer yeah what what it's what exactly you sentences to disconnect of not now really understanding where their food comes from not being in any way can acted to the idea of the natural cycle of life and then also a hierarchy of animals that you're allowed to kill and not allow to kill a killer turkey's nobody gives a fuck when you hold a been dead turkey now don't give a shit now but if you hold it dead bare and and and a dead bore i think you know things pigs the problem again gives a shit about pigs is weird get of them
there are already takes too like most have we bacon everyday i idiotic yup get her those borders as that's disgusting filthy animal kill it thereby bacon to yeah why does she d dear though you have to do that but the bare there's the big ones because i think in a lot of ways people associate bears a trophy hunting and trophy hunting is something that i mean i get it understand that there is a lot of money involved in it for the communities where they shoot these animals and then that it benefits them in and also they have population issues with a lot of these animals like we were talking about yesterday the thing that happens boy would cease align now how they have to shoot two hundred lions now they have to kill them because their justice decimating the underwood population nobody knows about that all those people that were pissed about cecil have no idea they gotta kill the lions yeah idea how how works over the only reason lands are alive because hunters and they're losing a million dollars in revenue because the casa
fifty thousand dollars to shoot alliance so all that money would go to conservation hiring all the conservation agents and scientific i'm really behind its eye is assured system is because their dangerous they can't do it like in amerika great site you know when i bought my tag for colorado i buy it for six hundred bucks five fifty goes straight to conservation ia and that's awesome and that's why they're so many animals on that's it that's a really healthy system of how to how to leg increase populations how how to take care of habitat higher park rangers had an alibi more land and an economic bigger reservations and bigger conservation areas and i don't think people know that they don't most people have no idea that most of the money that goes towards wildlife habitat like maintaining habitat all comes from honours ninety percent and then on top of that others attacks on sporting goods that goes to that and you know people we say well hunting is in conservation but she'll want here's the thing hunter
in hunting products whether its bo hunting stuff a rifle stuff they they did not fight that tax but you knew did fight that tax all those other companies that make hiking stuff and are in those companies didn't want attack so they ve tried impose another tax in these people fought off in the region if our office because they don't have to pay it they don't have to pay it's gonna fuck with their overheads gonna fuck with the amount of money that they have to charge for things and so this this idea that these hunters are real conservationists they're using it as an excuse the bottom line is that's where all the money is coming from all of it for habitat protection where land habitat protection all that comes from hunters and it's all a lot of money it's like a face stopped hunting if they made hunting illegal and they cut off that supply revenue there's a lot of animals that would be thought there would be people because it's one of those really weird can agree a area things or just doesn't make you feel comfortable thinking that the money that has come first of all
the only reason why does elk and only habitats that they're out right now because hunters introduced him to those areas they were decimated by the turn of the nineteenth century of the twentieth century so in the early nineteen hundred years very few elk left in this country so the rocky knelt federation spent considerable amounts of money resource man hours move animals into these areas like kentucky i can turkey has a huge elk population algorithm there was nothing there just thirty forty years ago nothing zero so they ve they ve figured out a way to not just maintain in population so hunters can kill them but they ve also introduced him to areas where they didn't exist before increase populations by a hundred times in the loudest yes yes and it i'm an old numbers have never been as high as they have been unless twenty yeah now that's amazing what they ve done and it's all because of hunters and that's that
i understand of four people better animal rights lovers but i just we wish they had a more balanced perspective and they understood now what all the pieces that are in place are it's it's an uncomfortable thing for a lot of people to think that the people who want hunt and kill and eat these animals are the ones that love than the most now this crazy thinking right all the people are super but heard about the hunting thing are doing anything about it yeah we'll talk about it yet it is being angry and lashing out you know with their phone but they're not doing having to say the animals was those those people are on the front lines in africa trying to save the lions or the elephants or tribe trying to go against poachers and and do something about it all those people are just are just chatting you know well there's not enough money mean if they really want do the kind of work that the hunters are doing they have to have some stream revenue and the stream of rare new that is coming from hunting is all coming from tags soccer
from the sale of hunting gear and products there's just no way they can match that there's no way there's millions of hunters millions of hunters that are contributing literally a billion dollars my pay more than a billion dollars a year that goes to conservation specially so in its it's weird it's those weird things just doesn't it seems that you should be cut dry one i think people have like a misconception of about hunting in general like in in most states like like say colorado that the areas that have hunted there like gonna do it yourself over the counter tag cost me like five fifty bucks six on our box and i go there my buddy it's an area that has
seven percent success rate for archery or maybe less sixty seven percent so i don't hundred hunters maybe six or seven people get an elk so all these people are really just paying for the experience of elk hunting they're not even smart they're going in there buying an animal or nothing like that it's like i'm going to i'm going to colorado this is my trip for the year i choose to go out and just hunt elk for two weeks or three weeks or one her our you have time and out what the hunting experience l about for me i mean i i love them the meat at awesome i love the successful hunt that's great for sure love eating it but the but the bottom line is vital go i'll cunning and dont get an elk it's not an unsuccessful hunt i'm so stoked zog the best experience ever yeah it's over enjoyable deeply rewarding experiences to be out there trying in attempting it and when you are successful it makes it that much more rewarding because you know how difficult it is now especially we you're doing it with a bow and arrow mean it is you have to get within me if you're really fuckin good you
shoot something within ninety yards but for the most part you trying to get somewhere within thirty forty aren't yet much rain imagine what does us all i got sportsmen contribute nearly eight million dollars every day it's crazy two more than two point nine billion dollars every year for conservation hunters and target shooters have paid seven point one billion dollars and excise taxes sincere in section of the pitman robertson act in nineteen thirty seven cents incredible everybody in america knows cecil while lion everybody knows about so nobody knows that nobody only hunters nada yeah i'm confused here has at work it says i get the eight million dollars every day contributing more than two point nine billion dollars every year for conservation but this what i don't understand since hunter and targeted have paid six seven point one billion in excise taxes specifically that just passive the ecb has taxes meta fischler money yeah so it's tags
and then equipment in taxes so i guess the taxes is worse this is the billion the seven point one billion the rest of it his tags which is two point nine billion dollars a year it's amazing but it's amazing but again it's the people that live in the cities that are different i did and i was one of them i mean if you talk to me he's got a hold of me in a twenty years ago when i never even considered hunting and you asked me about accountability assholes shoot and animal animals are awesome when you possess big guns you i'll go by dog food and cat food love animals in buying ground up fuck chickens and window that's the funniest ones like begins with cat want more than point four two billion dollars through state hunting and fishing licence wow that's incredible one point four billion dollars in conservation comes from hunting and fishing licence sales six many million from other revenue seventeen or for nine million through excise taxes paid solely by sportsmen that's amazing
that's where the money comes and if there's no that's some lemon he's not gonna be replaced by people who love animals and that's also it is a lot of people that think of hunters like the characters in a movie like unarmored some asshole who hates animals but when you listen to like really good hunting pod cats like this is guided scott he's got a really good hunting podcast in cody rich as rich outdoors and deeper now as a mediator pod gas which is like my favorite you're listening to really intelligent really smart well educated people that understand a lot about conservation the environment the animals are pursuing and when they're talking about tactics the strategies and details and all the different different areas a your hunting all the different places where you in four tags and realise that this is a complex system that they're trying to navigate in order to be successful it's fuckin very very difficult in its primal as fuck the whole thing
is like it's a wild experience and very like literally while in many different levels and just a year i just can't get enough of it i swear i i i i feel like i i i measure my success not so much now because my kids are dying i found the guy and bans that space i care about my kids these days but i swear like i'd measure my success by how many days a year i spent camouflage that's how i know i had a super good year is if i went hunting a lot i swear it's like and like if i if i'm i don't want for a while like my wife will call my friend and be like dude you got to take shane hunting dick you did your total asshole and you need to take him sounds like you need to get your fix i know i just get and grumpy and i don't even really he'll come in autumn eliza you need to go hunting but what is it you
that's cause and that its like the hell is it something's causing it has hunting not hunt yeah so a hunting is alleviating that and say yes therefore i do not have i need to serve a lot i need to underline is who i am now as this like i'm i'm a hunters like i'm a server it's it's like is not what i do at that i feel it gets who i am so just being a part of the natural world like the surface things you even though your honor bored that's made out a composite materials and got wax on an almost jazz it's all created by a factor area but there sir thing about your your introducing your life or you're you're being into the natural world of the ocean feel something like they say the ocean has some sort of an electro magnetic like feel to it like something about the oceans is essentially alive you know it has living things in it but there's
to join the water and that's that that's how these plants grow and when there's dead spots it's why these fish die like this it's almost like and it's not just like an ecosystem it's almost like a giant living thing here swimming around in that thing sort of absorbing its life force and i feel it is key to young ang its legs i swear alex surfing a lot being in the sun being in the ocean a lot and not like sitting there frying yourself for him like that but just like spending life in the ocean and in the sun is good for you and i know people earner fifties and sixtys nurses healthy they look young they aren't they don't have like tons of physical problems in our knowledge is i think it's good for you i think so in time and outdoors whether in the mountains with your bow or whether in the ocean doing do whatever you're done is good certainly good to be active
also absorbing vitamin d three or creating vitamin eighty three through the sun us that's a rare thing and then coming home with organic grass fed wild meat is even better not all those things are i mean you you're living a very natural life in a lot of ways and that what you know and again this also the satisfaction element just like the people grow guy in conclusion and i have a garden i get it is theirs there's a connection like if i grow some tomatoes in some kale and i put together a salad meaning that sounded like i know not none i know where this came from i was there i put the seeds in water data fertilized it some there's something deeply satisfying about making your own food you grow or that you go and get as opposed to going to assume it only takes a lot more effort to get you just have like you know like that that elk stake that you eat like if he if you if you do the site
side by side comparison with someone who didn't hunt you know they may not feel the same way but because you packed it out you put all the time and on a target you did all the hunting you you you like look forward to it for six months that hunt it just that's a best tasting stake you ever gonna have because you have the pride of now in that you didn't kill yourself yes certainly very very different feeling living in hawaii being a white guy what is the alike because people say weird things about i've never found hawaiians to be racist or rude or weird but of her crazy shit and i've always wondered like if that crazy it is from like rude americans come over there and like our disrespect for act like they own the place her all this little bit of both there's a little bit about there's theirs in ireland i grew up i was born and raised in hawaii sir i saw a lot of this you know like in high school and united elementary school if you're a white like everybody
to be a hawaiian when our young right like everybody in my school like it if your way you kind of wish you weren't real that's kind of deal ya when you're really young especially back in the day i was lying seventies and eighties right so i got when i was a kid i think i'll kill holiday money canada say nor how he idea why did you go i did so there is a thing it was called kill holiday and it was always the end of the year and it was like i don't even know if they actually practiced it when i was a kid but it was still it was a thing and it was a thing where alike be like you know what this is it like we're on this school it's beat up some holly's or whatever dealers and that's emily didn't really happened when i was when i was a kid but there was a thing called your holiday and people talk about it but times have definitely change an end
and the other thing is like there's a huge difference between a white dude who was born in hawaii and a white guy who moved to hawaii so if you're from hawaii like born and raised in hawaii is totally different than if you're a dude from punch only that move the caliph move to hawaii when you're eighteen and and neglect next to you trying to talk like the hawaiians stuff that's that's when people for that that lose yet when i wanna do rose up and like with the hawaiian sticker on their tracking jumps out and is trying to act like a local dude that's when i get angry that's not so are you cultural probation thing yeah they just they just like pattern a hot explain it but it's it gets a little complicated but if you shall be worse back you know it if if you're chill if you paddle out in the water at a localized break in your mellow you don't have a bunch of ding dongs with you if you paddle out by yourself and you show respect in your mouth than everyone give you yours back
but i ve always found so the issue is disrespectful people on away yeah it's just it's just different it's like its own country it's like i never been to texas but i hear it's like it's on its own play soundtrack on leg is definitely a phone contact you if you get off the plane in my house and you get like a convertible mustang rent a car and someone's going forty five in a fifty five in a lifted truck if you don't pass them if you pass on they'll chase you down and will really oh yes that's just disrespectful like you're goin out slow down you know that don't don't don't go sixty five and fifty five and verbal bond mustang it's like they're just not just a strange place it's like it's our knowledge is its height who's gonna play is man well it's it's occupied i mean it's sort of an occupied country completely second laid on their part of the nine states you know in quotes and air quotes but not really that's a country
when people sailed there on sailing canoes from french polynesia with stars for navigation he got there on their own fires anything with them it's a be three thousand miles or some like that one fuck it did in the canoe yes i don't even like vegas am i care guys like we're out here were actually move we're not good just gone on a cruise were moving we're gonna become i intend to bring our babies and you have kids magic ring your back on a functional is now move to hawaii they live there they had their awesome system of the people in the mountains they trade with the people at the beach for food food and sustenance and not till they live yeah there's a mountain people there's ocean people and nobody owned any land there is no concept of owning land which is shared and got along in and they had their system that word you know
gnarly time too there is there is a lot of knowledge of what was going on it was very radical tend to live fear we did some bad year you're executed and all kinds of crazy shit like back in the day but you know when the white did showed up when captain cook showed up in them canary showed up in their boats and they were trading a musket for like a hundred thousand acre ranch in our lives like she got gradient a new and you can feel that nowadays i mean there's a lot of coins are getting pushed out in all these people live in different based on the mainland and make a bunch of money and they retired because who wouldn't right i really want to live in hawaii but they bring norman to lie it drives a value up in an wines countless their anymore they get pushed out to these areas that are less desirable that her you know and they can make money why so there's a lotta resentment in others there is there's a lot there's a lot of there's a crazy dynamic and wine and you feel that internal do you know that on them
take your how does it work because last time i was there i was looking at these properties or on the beaches like look at the size of this fucking place is enormous house that someone built on his beach and so was tell me out at some see owes jemmy his house he's gonna fuckin helicopter pad and channels like ok how's our work since guy like flies in stays there some time to how the people around feel about another area where we could hear and he spent five years building a house it like a tellin granite that's flown in from italy and and you know and ends and as a guess who swinging the hammer shrank hawaiians yeah yeah and they have to drive there unlike their little zone aware in our wherever it wherever they are living in a definite living like a private about a beach the golf course well and so how it up people feel about those people to do that they debate
get upset at em i really think they understand i just think that there is just a difficult situation in all its like it's like it it's like a lot of places in america really think about it it's not it's it's not that usual the situation and why just seems odd because it's there so many these like malta a million dollar vacation states that are bound by the beach new like that's like some crazy fuck you ceo type money that you have to have to have one of these things i how weird as if these people they come to this point they occupy the spot but there's a bunch of you well that have been here in their ancestors has been here for thousand plus years and this is of their area but you by a spot then work five days a week their whole life in a cab by house in a bright and then the whole you know the whole the whole runway where i live is filled with private jets just sitting there waitin reeling oh yeah people spent fifty million on our house
there's a there's every single one of those guys in the fortune five hundred policy shows all the guys from every big giant tech company the alive houses where i live one week a year in their jet that's so strange yards illegally i'll break in and out there now and again touch security security they wouldn't do tat guys roseanne bars a friend of mine she lives there who plays a live i mean it's it's peep understand why those people want to live there the where's grades beautiful place no one's no one's blaming on for living there that's not the problem but to promise them being disrespectful to the people the do live there and if you're gonna be there relax we asshole i wrapped up in a big rush over me don't drive you live don't rather an asshole this is not delay its not in also just when you get to hawaii just will actually like other town here this morning the text you sent me forget travelling at it's all set it's easy realise like this place is the exact opposite of the big island
i mean displaces some strange sort of magnet fur weirdos and everybody skin sucked into this but joy population centre and you try to get anywhere in the middle of the day mean you are here you were here at noon so you're driving around at eleven a m you'd eleven a m airbus it work no big deal jammed bompard a bumper you should go go out at four just so you want to kill yourself just go get on the four hundred and five at four in the afternoon you like what the fuck is this what is this if you get on the four hundred and five between like eleven at night and four in the morning you beat rush hour traffic yeah if you don't maybe if you if you're if you if its light outside is rush hour yeah straight up cuz i'd i drove just now from san diego to allay i started up counting get mri but i it was rush hour traffic the hawaiian there's a stop ngo and it was like there was there was no accident there was no road construction there's no
and it's crazy while sometimes you're being a bumper bumpers stop that's a mile long at two in the morning worrying for what the fuck is this you as i don't know that's gesture try create a part in the streets weeping and they have these like like that like the technology like in places like manhattan beach in her most happy to have like these like the though the park meter did they have a thing now where if the parking meter if your money runs out they get like a thing i know where you are and that your party meter ran out and they can drive over there and so they just go right to hyper efficient technology to give you tickets imagine like the revenue rise like sir but that's what i was guys me nuts that's gonna get now when i was asking about hawaii is like there's two different kinds of weirdness is a different kind of weird is to live in their endeavour weirdness to living here which is the over
population weirdness in the showbiz weirdness i what do you prefer ah man you know osborne reason why is like the pace i like the i like that no one gives a shit which school my kids go to or what i drive knowing judges me if i drive shitty car they write like you better jobs and anna i just got an i dig that its its people people people judge me on who i am as a person and what i do and horrid hours i got an idea i feel just like it little bit more it's a little bit more real i guess it's just you know more down to earth where i live but i also don't live in like the you know i live in kind of a small town so it's like coffee arms and ranches and it's pretty chill where i live yet so where does thing about the big island i'm a big fan of the big island i love visiting their but why the crazy
things about it is there so many different ecosystems in one island a draft is one area i completely dry looks like a desert go to another area is constantly rising it's like a tropical rain like hilo i got in that area yes wild your honor i should look it up but i hope that the big enough why there's a ghali's climate zones and they always say that i forgot the exact numbers but it's like out other like these certain sort of climate zones around the world but like the begone has eleven of the thirteen or some like that while so like if you get your car and drive for like two hours you'll go through like like a few dislike happened like go to sleep and wake up like fifteen minutes later everything looks different go to sleep wake up fifty as they deal with unless there is like it changes so much it while the lot of you yet as and like i can draw on forest and nurse i got rain forests and jungle and just bizarre will thus eels
about the big island is that their sometimes snow there area because nobody sometimes what the fuck what happened like dollar kicker unlike launch often do we do when the snow and i was in high school we drive up there i go every year to on the observatory's keck observatory on when it's when there's no moon say could see the stars just a freak myself out i went once many years and just change my world and i am the one experience chain the way was like literally being on a spaceship and change aware looked at the world because some four people don't no there's all these light diffuser stays diffused light lamps all around big island so that it does give any light pollution to the keck observatories one the biggest telescopes yet in the content of the united states or in which signed the compromise is not technically in the u s in the world i think even
the razor clarity and yeah and no light pollution their spewed before you go out there and see every star just seems it is seems like you're on a spaceship like your space shipping you're looking through a portal yeah that's what exciting that's literally what it looks like an it it it all hurt your brain like his is up there all the time open a can of worms but did you follow that whole telescope thing last year on the big hours at the instruction thirty meter telescope tat they were true i do ass i was sacred lands couldn't builder yeah we'll explain that europe on it that's it i'm gonna go the land the land where those telescopes or build on what unites it's considered sacred land by a lot of i mean basic every single hawaiian group that there is but
designated at there's a designated area within that sacred land that is designated for like astronomy and you know all that stuff so but they have like all these giant giant telescope their own by different countries like china there is in the u s ass theirs and soviet union whatever and whatever they like all these big countries span of these buildings dollars to make their telescopes in their some of them that are completely obsolete and are not even being used anymore some set a taking notes four or five down that they're not having using any more in building a new big one they just want to build a whole other big on her so there is a lot of people were up in arms and it was gonna be the largest building on the big island as well so people or just up in arms about her in and there is all kinds of people got super activated and really started protests in all things block in road and people are getting arrested and all my friends were involved and everybody was was against dead and protesting is pretty wild cause they just didn't want the construction that continue and make bigger things so they felt seems inefficient right scene
if they should be able to take down the old ones are put at a more modern one there is there is not really anyone groups that were against the technology and against the space exploration it wasn't anything about that it was the fact that it was a fellow there being disrespect because it was sacred lan there was no end to build giant observatories there and and the fact that there was all these ones that warrant being used terms on the front door the sanctions on the back happens a model that is a wild time and i was a weird because the in other than the construction company those building it they had the permanent already had a financing already and they had a high and government backing backing them i thought it was over i thought for there is no way to the thing and it was amazing like people really got activated like through through social media everybody just got up in
arms battered everyone around the world knew about it in and they end up stopping it that's incredible is incredible wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing because i am a big fan of space exploration am a big fan of what they find out these telescopes but it seems like if they have telescopes do not using anymore maybe just a financial issue word cost a lot of money to break them down and put a new one in the place and decide as it is financially as starting a new one one it's always one of those things where it's like it's me now in in hawaii everything sacred unless you have enough money it's like american outweighs like if you if you want that be trot house not be can't have it oh yeah enough money noise enough you're willing to pay like crazy for it yeah so if you want to build a observatory on the big island you can't do it
unless you have enough money to put a hundred million into the into the education system and why in greece are the right politicians and get it all through and now a lot has happened for one of those things to be built in the contracts are ones fighting over like the building contracts because it's gonna cost two point eight billion to build a thing so that a lot going on a lot of fun alot crazy politics happening behind the scenes to get that these exploration happening so that's unfortunate yeah and euro down think there's more than a hundred thousand people in the whole island right there's debtors borne out how many i have even live alone i think it's roughly between one hundred and fifty in two thousand now and how much when that change just slowly goin up a lot of people are moving their especially to the countryside where i live our people moving there i permanently man it looked everywhere on the dole place to live it's it's a good place eleven it's it's don't move
their felicity had got enough uptown holly's aren't you one of those are you don't count as a whole we now are you kidding are you one of those if we can call on those earlier but i am a volume of white skin but as my eyes i don't know i mean i i feel like that's i'm not from anywhere else right not from but from new york city or from afghanistan but do you know to talk pigeon i know how to dock virginia like if you're going to say i got anywhere you're doing oregon shown wander stands is as dangerous as making a box when i when i i dont speak vision but when i'm having hears it with the wood with a week i went home and i'm a couple of beers deep and united starts like slipping out every now and then but also something that you did when you are young a little bit here just to get along and right is just hours just that's very typical term when people say most local people's what speed
the abbe japan was explained to me once and he was like sand like how you would say things like some able turn it on and off here but i just speak normal english words a cool sound it sounds cool it's interesting it's very friendly sort of a fun it is waiter overly axed way mozilla legal my parents were were would kill me if i spoke but realistic in the house is not cool plus it's like the otter no i am like ice is not i am not like her and grow up in a whole family where ruins provisions did you proud move there yet my daughter from l my ring out of him i this town human to hollywood high school surf malibu and he he raised cars and he was a stunt man he was he was not meant for this goes elvis can swim white somewhere else couldn't swam always can swim honey name when we're pills may think that focus
blow that no kidding i thought that was fat ass he was he was in his prime back then my dad did a bunch of movies with him like blue i finally he uttered a series of movies are all film in hawaii and elvis can swim so my dad was there was a standard for all movies and its society to stay and he is i'm sick of outlay why he hated the parking guys now i think he just went to hawaii and fell in love with here he and i like moving movie to wahoo and served and hung out in like a bunch of like local people that he liked in you like a lifestyle and how people were there and ended up moving the my my mom went to college and and she was from ohio and brings you cry high school she moved to hawaiian when you age i know a guy doesn't woody harrelson live in hawaii tat while the best we is real best we'd this innovation
we then when i have the fuck away from me i've got the better we stay away the king any better every one of you may say is in our hands around people always want to say that like someone said uninjured in their entirety the bali hollering otto we'd is basically legal basically illegal it's pretty it's pretty casual where i live i'm sure but it's not like somebody wanted to fuck with you they could technically oh yeah yeah yeah see that's the thing colorado colorado's colorado colorado's wide open its is there's nothing you just can't system is legal you know we can go to jail unless the feds come in and then you got like something you don't want to fuck with collar people there's a lot of guns in colorado there be a weird place for the feds conveyed that yeah there's a lot of people liked alec woody harrelson i mean i mean our nobody but i've i've friends no i'm on mountain they say the chill just he dislikes to hawaii lifestyle yeah relax i was a very nice guy by all accounts a relative couple the other day common store and they move
moved from allay to why they live in my we now and the girl hates it the dude loves it it was interesting talking to them as the dude works at a resort there is like is the fuckin best placed the world live arise relax super cool and the weather's amazing it's beautiful girls like really get the fuck out of here so my wife is moved from l a the corona she went to use yellow and ensured for warner brothers television woe ass she was on the ground is that what you met her manner our i met her in san diego years ago before like right when she graduated high school and started to look a little college there now you come with me woman we're going to wrongly emilio should basically moving into a volcano ass though she looks like a lion she says she sees have japanese that's a very beautiful so she looks like a local so everyone thinks i am the holly and she's a local girl so they think you u snagged up a good one i did but they fled
let us take one of their local girls so anyway and but his funny because when ashram marry me and moved to hawaii with me it was like look like this is where i live like you're not from i cannot really should not really from anywhere she's like born in these coasts like live all over the mid west she moved a million different times in our dad had four for his work was moon all over the place and i went to high school in college and foreigners who was she moved to hawaii she moved allay and shoes and entertainment business so she was she went from my tenth geared first gear was i'm crazy downshift so she's like how to be fine or be it'll be awesome all somewhere like how i'll do whatever it takes you're the right one you gotta move why or did us did just hold dear family life holding onto white but she move there and melted down big time yeah oh yeah i have these terrifying moments where i thought i was about to move to la
and i would have i would have done anything for her and and i told her imma kaiser the whole thing doesn't work out with him you know i'll try to move to california what was the meltdown over just like her friends her job her life was all in l a shilling schlecht everything behind sacrificed everything and move to where i live where my family as my friends have any of that so and as you know she had a hard time for a while but a synergy medical friends then no is all good analogy can prior away from the place now she's loves it where i live so she's a local now while that's interesting but it took a wild and two until she got friends there she was like the whole hawaii thing was on thin ice that's how it always is though with people you know when you move to a new place it's fuckin hard to be allowed to be low is only trying to meet people who actually like to oh yeah specially for from ally of the way it take you know she's she's not like a whole he's not like a local alike
the girl was like a typical logo girl get myself in hot water she wasn't one of those she was you know she does heart had our time finding that first good friend she was californian ized yes why we think that like activities like for you surfing obviously you and meet other surfers ball hunting you'd meet other bow hunters you find common ground it makes some friends if you had a move to a place like that but if you have like a real obvious thing that you like to do that other people do as well i would say that become real issue it would a word because you idiot i think you feel like you lose your identity and that's where i live you don't wanna like move somewhere or lived some life where you don't really know what's going dont know why you're doing what you're doing for me ok super hard and not be around comedians i got so used to being around fucked up people that make jokes about everything and anything in committee
just so unusual and like the way they behave and you get used to it becomes normal in our music or on the comedy store in places like that and just ass sharp ass an quickness and that is that the people's brains work and then comedy or even just even is it in all ages the pace of how quick people are thinking and talking and acting in being living then you you go to place a hawaii takes most people like three or four or five days a week just chill the hell out relax a little bit just unwind maybe just on your occasion and that's why the whole like bow hunting thing how good is it filters on plug your phone it feels good good turn my phone off and leave behind awesome doesn't also feel weird when your place it has no signals like theirs
nothing going there's no phone signal does wi fi it almost filling the air feels different the ultimate seldom excuse stowed away you can get back to people cause i'm terrible heat the phone hate it with a passion text message fine email ok phone no don't call me bulk actual phone calls yeah some languages are way too into constantly interacting with the apple had in all the time kate when i want to communicate that's why text messages so good it's like intact someone they feel like it they answer again tax must is really good network that's ice think taskmasters were stupid and now i think like phone calls or student aspartame you know it's also when you don't have enough time with people constantly being on the phone and council like being connected things you almost time were this reflection alone time relaxing time just thinking about shed man you know and that's i think for me at least
that's when i make a lot of my life decisions like where i want to go or what direction i want to go on it when i'm alone and i can just think about what's going on what's with me about my life like us is too busy this is too much bullshit that's too much hassle i need to get the fuck away from that and when constantly on the grind i don't think like that much also on the ground are migrating to juggle this than this is coming on that's going up next and that's what's appealing to me about place like a why is like there's no jungle and man's now that's great it's a lot for most people though it's it's it's definitely different definitely different yeah have you ever done that country's solo bow hunting trip not solo no you have to now you have to worry about fuck em break my leg out in the middle of forest have to do it i have to break my leg no no bringest that phone ogre rent
i found a cell phone ran on bomb you're on your cell phone you can call you can bring iep her bring whatever safety if stuff you want but right do five day that country by yourself yeah if what do you know when you do those i do at home i didn't tell me why no or i'll do online i or do you go now i do around my house where there's vast open spaces riley second do it you bring a term in a lot other places you kind of sort i can't do it to their illegal or or ryan starts the areas aren't large enough to light just really get out but ya do that handed a super ultralight thing every mile water are all being if there's water an aerial bring upon hold your ultra light bag ultralight ten ultralight but the whole like only seeping gear lots of times i'll do the baby thing where you hunt all day and sleep where we get star
ass the best but just then you know what you were saying about like the old being alone to think finally it's like i don't know like even it's like we're so you sitting entertain overtime yeah and not something that like people are a dick two like whether it's your phone or even like me and hunting a lot of time i'd be your entertainment or you'd be my entertainment but when no one's entertain you and your by yourself and your just out there and you're making your own fires and your waking up and and you're doing your own hunt and you're not relying on a guide or a friend or a kangaroo hung over there you hunt overhear years do your own thing and even if you not even hunting just being silent you're not talking yourselves you're not talk to anybody
talking to your phone and i communicated with anyone and after four or five days i did this at home i did a hunt right left my house have my wife drop me off and then this long walk over this giant mountain bad idea but it was awesome be fun and i counted out like four days and ended up hurting my leg really bad i'd like pulled a muscle behind my knee and i was planning on going back how to my life pick me up again and halfway there an normally have no services area six black zone and so i height to an area where i just i found service i couldn't walk back i was i was too screwed up my money used to speed up anyway i call my friend who had access to an rat too to a ranch at the very top of the
ranch i could walk to it so i can other days walk and a whole day walkin yeah with a fucked up like yeah slowly walking ass i call them and i said hey you know can you picking up on tuesday at the rotten he's going to be up there anyway i can pick you up at the top and so pick me up and after five days he got out of the art of the car and he was too you like i'm talking to you as sannella his yelling at me oh yeah is so weird as so use like this silence that sound and i use yelling at me and i was like staring out of my mouth have been looking out i'm really we're like but gotta do you gotta be by yourself totally alone with no like no communication for like at least today's do no wrong just virtuously experience you know green trees mongolia idea tat was hunting with i'm just so maybe a month ago ok
he is a good buddy mine we ve been behind beforehand hung out with them and cap and great rigour hung over the maastricht leo announced there for the usa to is a killer the added badass hunter is about us we just about ass do it he was telling me that when he goes off to these trips he does most of his aunt sola and that's like real he really we he detaches and you like centres himself but he as it comes back after being out there for eight or nine days and he hasn't a word eight or nine nations has just feels weird to talk to people carry out his fills weird to say words it does and it's it's cool nana puts a lot of shit perspective about what you planning on deal and you know the next ten years or what's happening your life or whatever it is you know get deepen here but it's it's a trick there really is a good idea i come i did nine days by myself in colorado back country do yourself well in a tent and snow for five days
you go one time i went and cut in the mountains near breckinridge and another time i went in mountain range called assented sanctity cristo mountains in the southern part of the state in some steep shit some early narrowly stuff and height like eight miles back with mileage late stuff woe betide hunted an area with a buddy of mine from home the year before and we planning on going again and then he kicked out last second guess you can make it sounds like skirt i gotta ticket got tag galling by myself so i rented a cell phone just in case i went there and i m on the second day i walked like eight miles back like a bird lies right says really long walk anna but that's where the elk were meaning you long walk for people with what was as a bird flaws if you wanna great line its eight miles but you're going up and down up and down to its way more than so part it like eighty five hundred feet encamped at ten thousand five hundred feet which are the highest water i could combat and the elk we're like eleven thousand five hundred
so as a lotta hiking lot of walking and this being by self in and and and the snow component for some from hawaii nanoseconds snowing every day and i was cooking to my ten and eating and snowing elk were coming in at night and screaming guts out than there is like a crazy like lightning storm and windstorm at it at a pack of my tent vanilla night a thousand of flora thought treatment hit me i'm going to like a dense pine forest and reset my ten million adrian lightning storm call my wife and a new middle and i like you know let her know exactly where i was just in case she hit the fan but that type of stuff is we know a lot of bears not area lions launch it so that those type of experience frankfurt i didn't never had those kind of experiences before i start hunting ever
never tell us that that kind of country i never ever put myself in those kind of situations and an until i found both running as does the reason has never like when you go hiking not a hiker and he'd have a purpose when i'm hiking right so i'm basically like a hiker with both these days and and that's what gets me out these commonplaces and had some of the best experiences my life just because i found bonding well those wooden those woods and like where you're going these places where you're not gonna run and any other people does there's a feeling that you get from those those environment it's almost like a loneliness and away like or whilst i got its there's ah right because its so beautiful and so incredible but it's also its humbling a bunch of different ways one of the ways its humbling ask is this woods doesn't give a fuck about you have you die it's like so what i am grizzlies keep fuck and eating l keep the having saxon scream heads off their birth
he flying and ass to say we ve always done a dude sorry did make it does accurate doesn't care and you're alone like alone then took the lead in the dark night seems darker yeah in other the silent seems more silent oh yeah waymore you about your ten in its dark waters big perspective an answer now it is i went to prince of wales last year we hunted on prince of wales ion outside of alas gets fuckin brained everyday just miserable everyday and airs loose we were dear we're running sick blackmail vehicle but unsuccessful we didn't we struck out but when we came back heard it's hard real hard does not a lot of them we were wee wee wee fucked up we got to a place where they had already moved down towards the water and we were up high priest no that was with renewed those for the mediator show but one of things about it was tat feeling of like
but almost like a sadness so beautiful and gorgeous like it would rain every day but ever known in the sun would come up and when the sun had come up the sun would hit this incredible green it would just let it go luman like like it was lit up and we get we got back after seven days of this or what our may days were six days and everything no way seems so nice was so warm and beautiful and i just loved it i was so happy and renault up and also do now they have ever been happier my life i am so happy and it's because i was so miserable for those days and that that's another perspective answer to realise like you're so damn lucky ever roof overhead and that yeah you can listen to the radio in your car and that he did you know get around its easy and you could talk to people in your phone when you're out
and just the woods woods no cell phone service no nothing is not there we amazon packages come into your house and my food delivery and not the no pizza in our pizza fuckin nothing man we brought some food with us and that is what we ate struck out and a cold nam yeah and the wet the lad in until you ve been the head to toe soaking wet and your boots and your socks and your pants and arranging your gear everything is everything to keep you armand safe from the elements is soaked to the bone and it's getting cold that's well that's also we appreciate really good gear to moreno wall right now whoa is a weird cloth in that light if you have caught non and you get wet you're fucked if you have wool on and you get wet the war actually retains the heat so you get wet and still warm
which is really unusual and hard for people to understand if you ve never worn war well that's when i m in the though the right gear you know as a lotta hunts that really you don't really neither a gear for submitting but in that back entry stuff and real estate mountains are stuff we have to work far if your shoes or when your socks or when you hear anomalies blisters and you will be able to walk anywhere that's why i'm really fascinated by companies like coup you that spend all this time developing the most technical gear like the light this way the bastard absorbing win for their tents and and you know they go through great length to engineer their products to make sure that it just means a giant companies too just makes ultra light gear for hunting it kind of crazy there's a company like that yeah bay you can see why when you go on the back of your honey i don't have the right gear you ye that's the last kind of hunting like that and how does the survival thing how do you figure out what
after brain what's have not the brain did you read out pedagogy trial or air juno i when i got in a bow hunting i got i got bored of feeding pigs and have not come to my house and have him come to my treestand i got bored of that pretty quick it was super fun at first and i loved it and it was really good learning and it was is a blast you know it's building treestands by myself but i but i super quickly got bored and want to do something else i wanted to go walk in the mountains all day long
i ordered cameron haines is back country bo hunting book as is right when i started punch i had no idea who carolinians wasn't i i just was geeky out and everything hunting and i i did research found that book ordered it changed my life a godlike and is funny i told a camera that i thought i told him that i got his book in it like fully inspired me i i ordered like the ultra light tat the right wanted to all this research on which one gatt which when the slightest which was the driest which one is the best cook in which are the biggest vestibule i ordered the right in all the right stove and all the right we know all your late plates and and forks and camps camp cups and sleeping bags and tat the little tell it packs obtaining a pillow the pact's obtaining the right backpacking alleged stuff so it's fun
because that that you know when you're shading artisan it really adds up in know it's like a difference between eighty pound packet of forty lb pack when you get if you get the right gear jason herriston owner of clue you he may say spreadsheet where he ways every single failures he's bringing any packs it up in a heap ways like what's in each pack and what he needs reach and he has a psych loose excel spread she of all the different stubborn and that's how seriously people taken speculation hunting and things animals lines i got so deep down in the ultra light thing i started like looking at all of light thy gun like ultra light ultra light hiking websites and my getting on it it's like like instead it just bringing like a little spark you know one of us like little smarting ultralight sparks you cut your fork in half or even like in just one thirty just had the fork just the fourth part so
like you you'd you'd shave off those ounces of the rest of the fork you just be the part reaches a i understand your toes and your toothbrush he cut it so was just apart the governor teeth yeah that's what adam does tell me does the pretty funny but s identity i'm a manly man i can carry fuckin toothbrush it's funny though because it all adds up when you were you know you don't think you need that much start going to that country hunt but a lot of times you put every single thing you gonna put not package is a lot of stuff right and to share those out is down means then you can bring a better ten better sleeping bag add up some more answers on the other side i buy i'm a big eater sobering alot of food and water and you know now do you way out your food you make sure that you have like intense like calorie dance food yeah we'll just have to bring with
when you go on back country hunt man study a board of quick like i bring like not like macadamia knights and almonds and pe cons and cheese and jerky and stuff like that and if their especially those water as a game changer if there water where you gonna be or even anywhere near we're going to be there stove every time with oatmeal and freeze dried meals like mountain house meals house meals now do try dehydrated those guys are the same ones yeah but as the nitrogen and freeze dried dehydrated pale yet lighter that's what people are gravitating towards dehydrated now gotcha does known how they're so light on how anyone they can be delighted now you shaven they handle every toothbrush right even to look up and thus pay ya think that
what they're saying tat it takes up less base and that their certain certain things that i can't skimp on like food right but you know it's really get is when you before i do not like that or make like two panels of bacon and i'll make it all up and then i ll bring matt and incite that's my treat at lunch i have a couple pieces of bacon doesn't go back no it doesn't it doesn't when how long waiting lists but you cook it depends where you hunt us of your honeymoon moist numb arizona summer than media or somewhere but a beach in hawaii prego bad but if your if your stuff doesn't get super hot and i was fine how long is cooked bacon last you know i got that idea i think from counties book make peanut butter jelly challenges with bacon in it and and so i would do that i know how long it lasts but dont tell me if it's but i would bribery and like a five day huh
the worries and lake at least the first raised once targeting diarrhoea than you cut back zachary but but what they say oh because i know you crave the fats yes i'm eating i'm eating on these nuts mars knots in bars nuts embarrassment in bars and all i want to fat like greece but when you do in heavy duty climbing things on those lines are going up and down mountains that is what you crave i do not know carbohydrates or in your bodies like we need something coward dance leah and then when i i leave hunting widely give the mountains like say i go to colorado and on for a week and i'm like if i lose ten lbs and get on super skinny on my mountain man style i get out of there and i just want like a bacon double cheeseburger like a big giant the kind of the fast food pasteboard big like pound burger with a ton of bacon on it with a blue cheese and all the congo's on it
and massive go giant and is below my blow my self sky high with giant thing a fries and hats it's always would agree for the amount of power is that your burning when you're climbing up and down mountains time it's insane and thousands of calories a day literally have to keep stuffing your face just to maintain your body ass now idiot while if you're a person who is doing this regular basis i mean you would really good at preparing for these things so you must have like undergone like a transformation we started off sort of conflict a figure it out and then as you got better and better and better you more and more streamlined in you in your approach might do you feel it have a downward science now if you want to do something like that with what the actual back country hunt or hunting it all the other stuff you're packing land d of use google maps oh yeah that's for call the into that laugh these days there
tomato amazing but what people do if you dont know dig they will find an area like save you draw tag for an area he get out this is for not for you for people lesson and obviously but getting overhead google earth will give you it'll show you where the peaks and valleys are and it's amazing it shows you the canyons chose you water sources and you see from a satellite image seeking literally see elk sometimes on google earth it is incredible man and you can really like you know you can get back to your camp much more much wicker shea time you know don't get lost in a darn gets your water source way we're quicker and really efficient but then you need to bring batteries too for your foreigner yeah you know some solar panel but i haven't really found a super efficient solar panels charge up your phone in your stuff that yeah especially when you're in the woods you're not getting a lot of sunlight there and always seems like it doesn't work as if it is your job they're getting
better at those things there they're getting i mean if you're in arizona know when you're in there of course mule take your eminence desert yeah you got a great shout at charging a pensioner leader in one place for a few hours sinner and sonya sure yeah but it's the hunting goes like i've gotten better like the planning in them and the basque country gear but that's all i get the feeling you learn that pretty quick but you found out you like you find out of your she d honneur right away you come home with no meet all time right yeah it's like it's very easy it's like it's like finding out of you the stock market you know right away that feedback he lose bunch my whole time the same thing with ball hunting i love going hunting because i didn't grow up hunting found they have no background in it when i was young so dont have like those like the instincts like that someone would have liked a really good friends a girl with a bow in their hand and their dad did in their grandpa it in their great grandpa did actually one family in particular but tat are so good at boning i love bo hunting with those guys like isaac adam green tree
because my my buddy justin at home my friend jason online i who wants access dear there like half year half human they know how to hunt how to kill when they move how fast you can move how slow when the slowdown window run it's just i love it i am actually obsessed with thy trying to learn to get better at it now have you taken into the archery lessons of you ever like gone like how did you learn how to shoot correctly i didn't i a shoe terribly and then a real ever since i've been trying to correct it so still now now she was guys were really good archers and now they'll help me so i've done a lot of work with that but i still like my effective range is still fifty yards i've tried for a long time for thirteen years
yeah let's try really hard nobody practice how nobody fill a targeted kill a targeted seventy right no worries but it's so different in right like guys i can say that they have to shoot sixty should be shooting hundred twenty are right to be able to be effect that sixties be shooting aren't twenty because the pressure of the nerves yeah there's a difference to target and an animal so totally differ there is also the way you shoot to right do you use a trigger or using elisa families so usually airline contention right and what could release you use and i got target panic that shore yes why ass your socks
i do not want to get that but i wanted for years and then recently my friend is filming and as i would shoot i would punch a trigger like crazy i didn't realize i was doing it i got worse and worse to the point where i end up giving my releases away and stop hunting for about four months and all i did was go and shoot i put the target right outside my front door i like a hanging bag target and i would walk up to it like one foot away i just practice releasing over and over and over with your eyes closed my eyes closed so i can focus on any training or anything it was like a psychology thing where you have to break down your break mckenna down into like the perfect release yeah that's called blind bail shooting for people who are now under that what it is impact bracing you're you're mine gets used to the feeling going off and so you brace for it and when you do that you start to develop these sort of patterns we are anticipating the shots crazy you're really fuck your had agreed
can and i couldn't i got so bad were i couldn't put my pin on amending or on the trigger without punching it i couldn't you both had to beat put my finger my my my pen off the animal and then my foot if you got the trigger and ran and got extreme and then the trigger or wants the pen is near the annual then yes i had only nervous has really bizarre and this is where because you're such a i mean you're a bad mother hocker you're deals and giant waves in here you're you're fuckin surfing fifty foot high waves if someone told me that i was gonna happen to me i would suggest i would bet my life's savings against it totally not that guy like freaks out unlike its panicked out like stuff like that especially like a piano bow eric why me a break amanda to work through it for a little while if there's people who like give up artery altogether goya super common there
i know a lot about it terrified of it yeah don't worry about it just just dear thing keep hunting away you're doing but well i've learned how to shoot with back tension and so i get a surprise shot it's all the time i don't want you to trigger a cam disease is triggers but he he worked through it to every works through when you were when you learn how to use a thumb trigger and use back tension is some you got from like youtube videos or did you have some and show you how to do it yeah show me how to do it i really a friend from spain whose names pedro enough you know him is first of all pedro from spain penthouse man against there's theirs you haven't been that's a virus if you pedro down their jose to a bad ass bo hunter that us and really good archer so he so he he suggested look about tenderly lemmings wearing white worse for people who have no idea what you're talking about when you're there's a
type of release that has when you you you sort of set your thumb on but you don't squeeze it wait you're thumb we do as you are willing to know what are really sit right it's something that connects to the string on your bow with actually connects to its color de loop which connects to the string egg others a bunch of will those are back tension releases with those like real back tents release were very few people ever will use those for hunting but i like what kind of release you were brown is i think it's a carter yeah lease to use a quarter but its mainly back tension like old like all now exactly like that like up on my thumb around the generous and then i'll just keep pulling until goes all right it goes off when you however no one is going off so because that you're not anticipating but in a net in it but it keeps coming back like an internet in a situation where i'm hunting when i'm twenty five yards and i'm get full drawn dear and it's perfectly broadside has overwhelming feeling like it wants to move at all then
now i have like certainly train myself to like slowly squeeze squeeze an poor so that makes it go quick they say should have like a mantra is in your head that's where they you should have a bunch things you say like line it up and release the air like they have to have some sort of thing that you put in your hair out by wouldn't shouldn't say release the arrow what's yours execute the shot one yet it up and execute the shot that's what i say lined up execute the shot an idea they come to that's how they want to stay as rees yeah breathe idea thing where aye aye spell lock so those who as i'm settling in i get a full get my anger i i've ice settling the pen and i look at my my bubble level and at once my little chuckled his online on animal as soon as i finish my my pen starts to relax and and steady
i spell the word lock and squeezing same time who are like tat i might still up you know what else you gonna like this by my friend jeff who basically taught me how to bowl hunt jeff guys leginn he's awesome he told me that when he's a full draw right before he pulled the trigger he says you're gonna die motherfucker woe deep over like that when he told me but you know that you're not like that like you would never think that he's not like up he's is totally not bloodthirsty he's a super ethical hunter goes man it's us it's a psychological thing he does if you are hoping you gonna hit that run out released when not arrow goes off if you're hoping you're not gonna hit me i can kill you knocked him inefficient ethical ethical shot because if you truly believe that you are there to kill that animal and that anna gonna die right then that's that's a huge piece of the puzzle
yeah there's a website called iron mine hunting of you ever heard those sky think i forget his name jaw something or another but he he suffered through target panic himself and he's a swat guy and police officer and develop like a whole system understanding the impact bracing and a wholesome stem dive and have a red and he's got a book on it and he's got areas and he's got joel turner and he's got a whole website dedicated to control target panic and develop a legal system you have to check it out to and its one as things where you know no matter how long you been doing it it's possible the dish it could creep into your brain which is weird like people have been six as for hunting for years and years and then all suddenly get target panic and their fact almost everybody you you you meet whose bonnet for a couple decades has now almost everybody everyone
from randy amr to whom to everybody the irony alma has a couple a good videos on how to handle it too and he were he says you should use back tension release to get used to it and why hinge release and what that is for the people don't understand we're talking about there's another have a release it doesn't have a trigger at all and what you do is you draw back in just by moving your hand your shirt of curling your pinky down and making a fist it goes but you never know when it's going on it goes off completely unanticipated in that helps you deal with this this tension issue this this fuckin mindful but i got over the hunt and i'm back you had a good two dozen sixteen so far yes feels good i urge as i was panicking lothar for a while and this year start i've down i've done quite a bit a hunting i went i went hunting for fallow dear with
with the iranian new zealand and had it just to absolute ball kill a great great bach i saw some pigs really cool terrain you use that crazy quiver lies or thing to right where it's a steady eyes or nicaragua them for a while but i kept in loose on me already yo wiggling around too much i didn't have a lightning down too much and it works really good for that hunt that specific comment but you hunted in his awesome terrain with this crazy rocks and cliffs there was not one bush there is no bushes there there's no trees area was just i get to use the yet he used in other rocky the rocky outcroppings and just sickly terrain features to get close and we ended up of sneaking down on this better group dear that was the basis cliff gonna and again i gotta bento brian's instagram it was this is very much a steep it was such a steep who shot that i had to like you know when you shooting down hell you gotta get a bend in the waste just aim down right miss and
try to remember all that stuff in the moment is just a really technical shot and a technical stock is really a lot of fun will ben took a photo of the reason why i said go to ben's instagram cuz he took a yo bree or something like that he he has photo of you doing it where it looks like your shooting from the top a building down to the first floor yeah that's crazy picture as the current that's the kind of em practice it you never do right a lot of people don't like set their target the bottom cliff instead of the top lily different or shooting up either the up either one super different type of shot so but that was a lot of fun i've done some really good hans i did want to remain in new zealand i did one with adam green tree in eastern australia would you in austria we hunted an area that has followed year mainly there's a couple red stags around too but that was a ball
at a lot a lot of fun who's trying to get me to go hot water buffaloes with him like five he's trying to get me to do that here these things are charged giant fuckin murderous beasts that's not the to me this is the year i love hunting like a mountains words coal and i'm looking at a big valley or over the oath in hawaii regan sea like the ocean away caps and boats on violet just beautiful right beautiful willed wilderness and where those balls live it's like fifty million flies on you and mosquitos and a swamp and like their snake and snakes slugs and how by hours one hundred degrees is there an crocs and its true man it's like i turn hello persona comes lucy i commented i turned a little pussy welded pictures of it
he's a ya to come to the busting my you gotta come here i am sure i will reassure good luck we're all now him germany is when they brought no food and they brought no water they said might we're gonna do it the right way so they go out there and they were bathing in this fuckin lie that they didn't realize had crocodile so therein up to their neck cooling themselves off and then later on found out the crocodiles had slipped into this lake sudan easily could again neat yeah i mean this is some of the biggest fuckin crocodiles in the world that live right there fuck that i was hunting with another body in austria we are hunting in an area that crocodiles every day we had a weird across a couple little areas add water and i just service don't even think about it i'm not like i'm not around crocodiles right and he just after the the first aid and really worry about a too much bigger he had after we cross egos half i'm not with you to morrow and you cross here i assure you throw
your rocks in the water right there to make sure they don't crocodiles because if they if if a human passes by an area with his crocodiles over and over and over a pattern them and they will sit there and wait for that human cross again and gotcha oh father super intelligent hunters for the present i do like they actually wait for life there's a rabbit home by every day or human or whatever it is a dog cat and they will sit there wait just underwater and when you go by that's when they strike so such an efficient animal to that they just stay underwater four hours without breathing they slow their heart rate down like a beat a minute or something stupid there's a there's a place in north in austria with a wage a really good and in that area there's a time a ton of great white tiger sharks an ocean crops so what're crocodiles swim in the ocean for miles nigeria from i'm gonna fight the sharks fuck them up everything factor
the whole party guy that's so crazy they swim imagine being in the water in a canoe and you look over there something bigger than you canoe and it's a dinosaur swimming in the way i want to kill you hungry crazier you're is a wild ass placement areas really is beautiful and crazy and wild seas i knew siemens burst bother his doesn't having that stuff like talking and i'm from a place like new zealand rhino from why there's no snakes their return of deadly spy peters arrangement on when i go to australia i get so free doubt about the snakes so free doubt on those brown snakes achillea instantly almost up that one of those ah fuck i literally fuck you i green tree my trying to get me to come to your whole life horrors my foot was up my
what was i remember i was walking like this this grass called tussock and it was in an know adam was i can never gonna see of a snake at this time of year like wintertime right so they're all they're all down whatever their due their hibernate humane and some walk about myself course and i almost what my foot down i looked down the coils brown snake just any of us he was out like sunning himself in almost ep right i am one of those red belly black snakes nothing what that thing crawled right past me one day ass his mother but he knows you're you're never see snakes i never seen its nature on her first afternoon i swear to god first afternoon ever hunted austria this guy just tell me never see a snake like an hour our hunt maybe less hears don't move is a dear dear might suggest stop grocery uneasy at world look here for the dear sighed side eyeing italy not trying
to say we're trying to be completely still and he has a cane alec down i looked down at the giant snake had just passed me hurt the deadly so he said don't move just cause he didn't want you freaking out i act was there it is at a snake out a flat tire yeah but he does it here he knew i dies it ghana thread bellied blackstone nothing looks awesome i like doing a belt out of those funds a strong involvement can you make a belt oh yeah i made a pair of boots to go with it other than by now but you should have a few of on next he should all you want a please i promise you that strange shoot em all well that's the thing about australia's like you can kind of to shoot animals constantly there have certainly been eggs now no one and be bombed issues snake god damn what a beautiful can create are incredibly beautiful creatures there so shiny i saw like a ten foot python to hunt earliest there
i am so freak out about snakes they have giant python giant giant python sounds like ten feet long and my body armor that's right on him do what is thy restocking dear restocking right next these giant box and there's giant ten foot snake ratings hau fat was it ass fat ass my forearm jesus christ vague i was running with my dogs ones in the hills and we ran over what i thought was a log and with just ran right over i ran over and then as my foot is passing over my i go oh fuck it's a giant rattlesnake who is a huge rattlesnake like literally i mean not quite as big as my upper forearm but definitely as big as my wrist and and that was easily seven because i hereby hauser right over here now there falcon a few of them up here that our biggest shit who is here which big ass diamond head no big
as triangle handles the size of this funding and i'm like defenceless like like meant we defenceless does i'm i dont even know i don't hurry active snakes i know what to do i know where they live on an old but they hide under usually re our having snake background so right i'm not like look thank giant rattlesnake kilt look at the size of this one this one's like fuckin twelve feet long this guy killed us thing mexico oh my god the gulf out it is thirty odd shot guaranteed i would definitely taken all day long suddenly hardly lad smoke it with expandable rest millions liquor rage rais d is a fixed head brought headed expandable synthesizer that one jesus christ that's in the one i over least semi that's big ass snake but you know thanks i use fix heads mainly i like these little little heads of vantage point archery macy's like little two belated seamen
our amuses yeah but they're all you know machine out of one piece of steals there are very strong they're very like there's a super reliable heads and fly well yeah there's a big debate in the archery world expandable broad heads verses fixed head what we talking about folks like expandable as they go in these blades up on the side delicate mechanical blade but sometimes they fail and they break off when they had ribs and stuff like that and are there there's some animals that are better on i think but i've used rages away and about really good luck with them actually i've had friends were like home and i i can do the right thing anymore but i've had super like with them when they make a hybrids now to housing makes a high britain and then do so so grave diggers where its effect ted blade and then to other blades open up behind which has actually probably even better than just a regular fixed played it totally different hunting do because like where i live
had access dear access deer were brought from sri lanka there there reeling from relaunch yonder me yeah drawn and india so they're like an asian dear and main predator it isn't like like borneo and where were there from and in all those countries there was a bengal tiger so if you look at the history of access dear it's mean predator fur thousands of years of bengal tiger why so they have they havoc on vertical leap like a crazy vertical leap and iran like super fast and they always jump you are all right they always d always just so when the jump a string do aim low so they dont down you catch on what is happening now super low and if their alert most of the tiny aim off their body so oh if they don't see you and they don't see release your arrow distilling low i m not a sound sound makes they react down they react like sir super hyper fast so what what i don't
there is i brought it up is because those mechanical are really good especially on access dear because even if you make a perfect shot a furious thing credible archer like someone like our hands you're forty yards you're just rocks all it not nervous you make the perfect shot that animal could be complete billy spin around into one eighty and you hit him in others he hit him and you know you can make got shot evenly amid a perfect shot does today move so in those gonna situations i think i'll be expandable is is really good i'll give you hit him badly does postings cut try holding yeah they cut giant holes tat shot a bear with as grave diggers its hallows hybrid blades what has a large fix blade but then is to really big expandable to go to a an ancient three quarters and its own a shot like a three hundred win max the huge hole i'm in the bare other anti study the crazy penetration yeah
he's shootin eighty pounds to count with those really thin fm j deep six injection arrows what on a board issued with i should matthews halon six others a grey pose this would ban asks a very quiet silent six is the one with the six and spray site which is its little jumpy rights like the turbo camp here they have a five six and seven i believe so that here i've is like the jump the fastest one road is probably not easy to shoot yeah like with all speed both aiming to see the shorter the brace height the faster than go but there are understanding as on i'm not like the super archer geier but my understanding is that though the longer the brace height in general that the more for giving the boughs shoe
we just kind of technical geek talk people on this earth right now go no one's fellow or are they talking about on to the next subject yeah we argue gout on both man i kick out on all sorts of gear just i'm a fan of all the like the little tiny things that make a difference and you should hold up the ash and naked both yeah they should also again defiant carbon defiant eighty pounds so fuckin flame through our man no getting a lover slings and arrows out fast yeah i'm too so obsessed with it i practice almost too much a really ever relations we were talking about the new studio that were set not more it has fifty art indoor range these are the reasons why i gotta coming back over next summer i may do so do you anything planned that you look look really looking forward to any big hunt your plan
i have nothing to promote on the show that he has no no no no no i don't i'm like a book coming out of a movie if they do that's cool they don't that's better is a bad one way or another the thing tonight find too but i to talk to you yeah noting i do i do have a lot of coming up i have read serve trips i surfer company called bill along this my made major sponsor they may close and collation unwritten yeah so am i right of written for them forever in their automate they have the good amateur team like there in other their best youngest amorous wrought round the world right for building they activate them and take them on a couple trips years there beginning to bali and so i'm going to bali to go in and help like meant or them serve them help train them and help get him ready for that
text that writes i'm bringing my son my son is nine he likes to surf so i'm actually going to go to bali for the first time it's ever happened i'm going to go to bali for like a work trip but i do that pretty often and go only store trip literally at work trip but now you to be my son she likes a surf which is really really cool why that's bad ass ass though he my my son now that he likes to skateboard he's a little skater rock rat and i tried i was i hope that he'd be in the surfing and i'll cuz that's what i love to do and now he likes to surf i'm just so stoked take him to bali so do things you're in trouble honey he already but really has nine neo hans as you can see us all yes well was shot bores lillian manual kidney kill a wild bear the i'll tell you something you unique savagely looks here i really long hair and is in the photo of the boys always faced paint on his son but he's got his look bad ass both their his arrows ball passed through one
three now and attacks rattleborough out is would weaken oppose issue he shoots you thirty pounds right now because these tiny yeah he's nine nine buddies small he's a small nine that small it's pretty fuckin drawn visitor thirty pounds superstratum you haven't lived and waits his ripped really he's dead services were six back he's never sought he's got a lotta energies on those kids right he's he on his escape camp right now a bit worried west what i've got an off it would arrest and i got some work to do in southern california here stay out how i hang it up i am saying this not marwood you're back yeah we're gone now that's what i'm doing here i'm disarming at that to get an mri this morning i kind of just treat my back like about nine months ago really bad i do is doing to work out a hurt it were party back my lower back now
i gotta machine in the back on show you what's wrong we're done here the reverse hyper yeah yeah i know yeah you heard of him before yeah and he has a model that really though the shit there really good if you can if you have a place for them you should get out it's a fucking phenomenon has machinery seconds really and across it systems in europe as using a reverse hyper la good so before after the injury but before and after there does their help belarus hyper helps solve stretch me out and loose this also some more we have some decompression stuff in the back some errands spinal decompression headings that i could show you a little help can kind of an expert now in healing up i can't really are at a priest veer bulging disk issue vast jitsu that my hands now allow but now it's gone completely crazy i don't have any bolted all had an mri clean i never have
back issues em like nine months ago i was trained the thing half have i think the thing that happened i was training like really pretty seriously for like i really into it got really excited about it and just love training is like one of those things i just love to do so i trained like five days a week really like muscular throughout my life my my hips and my quads and mike or just got super super developed you know i like cable and and then i just i have like a five month period of time where i was just traveling like out of the country for like five months and i just couldn't do the same kind of workouts husband he's really mellow workouts and kind of not working out too much and i got home and had like a month to get ready for winter and so as i can ease back into the work out thing in the first work out i did my bodies pissed gentle locked up ah see to go would you hard law work i was trying to go really mellow but i was going really
tivoli mellow compared to what i was doing it before but my body just was like i don't know it's just was just pissed you ever fuck with yoga i love yoga i do i really like it i just think yoga classes around my house or never the right i don't know about myself just gonna dvd or youtube manage water areas on nato media that's man that's been saving grace for me it's been a big help and lick in and also there's a lot of you'll get exercises are even realize they think you before i did they they act as a spinal decompression stretching out you feel your back pop pop azure you're doing some stretches actually really of yoga that's fucking a man i gotta classes my wife supernova toils earns though like for a dude specially unmanly surfer bow hunton type dude tell me began million yoga our second dicks over their young classed as certain it's one of those its seems like a phenomenon joe dang while europe bone
any servant every foot waves yeah on paper europe a pretty fuckin macho dude fella now but if you its eyes anybody who knew me while they wouldn't they would never describing as much a lot o me macho legged in a dumb y know not a walking in a yo yo glasses worms off course but saying it like saying yoga people i'm tat same obviously i don't have a problem with it i do it all the time but i'm saying there's a sort of a preconceived notions about yoga that it's like it's not hard thing do it's not like a man but it's one of the most difficult things to do than i have ever done a kick your ass far kid firstly high yield knows it's unbelievable how difficult it is my wife doesn't stuff called booty yoga error that booty yoga i lay in a rather yoga like yoga she's gonna kill me yet slash kind of like stimulate working but it's like a dog ass yoga attack high energy like crazy yoga opposes but it's like gnarly cardio too the girl january teaches classes bad ass anything gnarly as work out i've never done it
down that's i'm too macho for that for booty oh yes yes see i knew it i knew it i can what is this this is booty over jamie founded already so throw unlike a back kick that's not what i'm talking about a dozen out and talking about living area i dont think booty yoga has an official designation so i think a lot of people collar stuff booty yoga but though the class now it does it will kick ass it's like really high energy is really crazy cardio anna to sew and there's two working as yellow than they do now only like wayne and like the gangster wrap in this they just go off in early did they get another rats pray more anxious crowed ass my wife much harder than her booty go with working plus little when using animals anything that keeps keeps the the missis
turn shape in shape and nice and i am a giant found for them you are all about it you have girls will do all day absolute lee all about it i'm a big fan what she's doing here and i want you to go out and see any downside i was only thing even with your highness said elizabeth thank you very much for coming i really appreciate it and now gotta twitter bay doesn't use it so if you see him say i i gotta instagram but i use ok i think does and what is nearly logarithm instagram ashamed orient s age any d o r i am thanks coming to man appreciated your talking to us for our folks will rebound a little bit with irish fear by thank you very fraternity podcast thank you to our sponsors thank you too on it go to an end i t use the code word rogan and say ten percent of any and all supplements thank you to ring dot com go to ring dot com ford slash rogan to get fifty dollars off the ring of security kit so low
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i'm doubling up today and we're waiting for the arrival of young are you sure fear he should be here literally epic podcast file albion join fucker
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