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#817 - Jason Hairston & Brendan Burns

2016-06-30 | 🔗
Jason Hairston is a former NFL player and founder of KUIU, an "Ultralight Mountain Hunting Gear" company. Brendan Burns is an accomplished mountain hunter and manages KUIU Professional Services.
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and that is what i'm m excited about when it comes to this company that's what i'm excited about with with a lot of different things i love the pursuit of excellence and that's what i wanted to talk to these guys about what when i think they're doing very unusual and very intelligent intense interesting guys so please welcome jason herriston and brennan burns the job will gain experience we got a gun which gentlemen how are you good people tunantins pike ass i got brendan burns and jason harrison who run a company called coup you which is the premier if if if you could look at your company leg in comparison to a lot of other like sporting good companies and like a few people think about like a hunting company you think about owls like some dough dynasty type shit you guys
what i like about you company is theirs a lot of people that take what you guys do like egg clothing and gear in make it to the most technical and most intelligent like what is the best shit you can possibly make set and go do that but because of that these companies become this gigantic company i found out about you guys by from my friend martine which patel us who are worst mediator here's what is causing omits we're gonna die when you got there is like this is cool you this is a new company it's out in this field is filled it fill this is our ultra light is the best kind of fabric so he start telling me about your company and i just love when people go for it i love when people like people wouldn't think that there's like this big market to create the most technical oh most ridiculously engineered hunting clothes you would say what the fuck who is doing that like
when who cares yeah exactly who needs it listening to you guys on a cobbler podcast might these guys are fuckin sharp dues super sharp intelligent people who just happened to be in love with hunting and so have taken this mindset this is achieved men oriented mindset and put it towards this company is fascinating to it yet got into a cause i want to make stuff i couldn't find i want a better performing products it's what a week we created the category the sick back in the days back in two thousand for because i was wearing a mountain younger and wondered why i was the only person that wanted that style that type farmers love of hunting i didn't believe that i was alone and came to the concept of it is didn o six to the hunting martin exploded credit entire technical per category and it's just this now whatever makes a significant difference for customers in the mountains while he's a bit of this a lot of
bit of this lot of hunting people acquire fashioned east as in a totally like what he got those in under whose first light like they they they start like looking at your stuff almost like girls look at shoes and purses and shit it's really caught interesting that way well known isogai two hundred can't be algeria has got to call as latest that's what well what is that one the reasons why have you guys on is cause i've done the best job i can of trial to educate people as to what i see when i talk to people a really intelligent really ethical very very involved people that are fanatics about hunting because i think there people have of distorted perception what hunting really is totally do a guy who's beer drinkers mean baba both examiners bother reddened extravagant rigoberta shouldn't stuff out of the truck and its not that i'm just are
were based on what we do i mean it's a true lifestyles a heritage has been passed down in my family it's where we live and breathe it's why am i train everyday its what my focuses on my life in and what i've done for a career in a business and its there's a lot to it in the places we go require that or you can pay huge huge price and so it's a way for me to test myself as a as a human being as a man as a hunter and a life and it's something that you know is a big big part of me has been passed my father and pass and down to my kids and i ve been hunters for two more years and for him proud of it a lot of people shy away from it and it's something that is really really obviously very important part of my life and it will then there's not a lot a high performance you don't super skilled things were you also have a lowest common denominator kind of guy that that you're associate with them enough if mountaineers you know
had a guy that was wearing a white tank top and was done at the climbing jem fallen outbreak in his head every week people perceive him slightly different grassy runs in all the guys that are doing the most extreme stuff in the world and the perception that perceive person that's down here so you know what people you get lumped in with the lowest common denominator guy which has not not the case yeah for those road is point and minutes it's it's certainly what we're doing war tests and our products and we you then it's it's different formats if an outdoor gear we were we weathers bad and you're on a climb you stay in your tent when the weather's babylon hunt what do we do yeah especially if you're in bring much food you telling on killing something and eating it up their total it's it's an endeavour that's a very very difficult and misunderstood endeavour really an i think companies like yours
and what you guys are doing in the wood the videos release on youtube especially when you're not going over the extreme engineering involved in your packs and your gear and all the difference to me that stuffs fascinating it is i love people that are just go in for it that are just engineering the shit out of things to you guys are chopping down toothbrushes too come lighter and all the stuff you do i got was listen they wanted the pike ass we talk about your excel sheet that you make spreadsheet mangoes over every every haunt you u way everything out so you know exactly what everything ways before you're going on to a mountain you have to fool we're doing when we look at any endured sports you like cycling is a great example mean ounces they per proven are huge if we i'm on a bike the bike and the body weight on all that leads to better performance and why found the same to be with with what we're doing on back backards meet every ounce over a tender
really adds up in calorie vernon colored deficit which then turns out to be performance amino well from training it's also you guys have engineered these clothing that the clothing line is incredibly quiet which is also really important thing and there's there so many different levels to getting it right when it to hunting gear getting it right when it comes to you know i mean it could be the difference success and failure and this is things i wanted a kind of highlight about this pursuit i would call hunting sport or a discipline mean com whatever you want but it's not a danger that it's it's it's what it is it is worthy of lump it into this other thing but i think that people have started perception of a because of what you said because of this lowest denominator guy that the bubba thing but the more i into it the more i've met people like you guys or people campaigns stephen our remy warren and you get deep any realise that this is a
really difficult discipline very very difficult that has many many many layers to it really does i mean look at the some explanations are done up north you know we got to the economy lascaux northwest territories and we're gone from point a to point b like it normal expedition but there were hutton yeah but that exact and you're going to manage the game that we take out on top of that the weight and extremes in the conditions in the weather mean it adds to me you have to be really well prepared really physically mentally and also with the right equipment gear the army had in the mountains on some stuff for don't i mean it's not like it's comparable with mountaineering but maybe you don't have to you know it's not aid to be you just gotta survived eight b i mean you have to thrive in the mountains you have to understand what's going on with the animals europe earlier are played here i mean it's it's from point a to point b and allow these places were going there is no reason to ever go there unless you were hunting mean some random mountain in the middle of
hunting mean some random mountain in the middle of ice glacier that not particularly tall not protected by law there's no reason to go there unless you had something to go there look for and that's the cool thing we were seeing stuff it nobody would ever go see yeah it's like a b with a very complex biological puzzle total it so it's so different than like us had a lot of people think of it in one of the things i like about your companies you guys are represented by this bighorn cheap mean that is like a part of your logo which is one of the most difficult animals to pursue she pennies a pinnacle man it defines for brennan i infer people in the company and people associate the brand mean is the ultimate dream so we all dreamt about up as some day i would be a shipowner i'll earned the right to go she punting because is it so difficult it is the opera
who is our limited the and in its enamel that lives in places that we do not we can visit but we can live there minute they live in places that you just the normal we only get it like a snippet into their into their life has its place it you can't you just you just can't live me you can't go there and you can die annually and absolutely the only non campaigns good body roy roth died this is passees aided fell seven hundred feet to his death while she putting i was sonny i had a tag in alaskan that you catch a little ways over from there we want third seven miles in upper up to two two forks of a glacier and i mean we got to where you could physically
a human being with our climbing here could not go any further i killed my sheep as fall if fifteen year old ram liven up in the rocks at mean it like that that as some other than that some of the most that some of the toughest country in the world amused brushy and ice and nasty and your guess not it's up pleasurable to go in there like you have to do to to really go into some like that you d have to have a goal or reason to be in there it's not like i'm gonna go grab and out this miserable brush and poor young shitty rainy weather only yeah why would you be there hasn't cause you got their cause you want to see me now is this you gonna tell me and you and see if you can match which with this animal and you know you you won't go see the europe for the challenge i mean that's what we can do in fact is the world's oldest and greatest support me not you know you re there hunter are very picker envy the level of intensity that's involved in that moment when you actually try to take that animal after that incredible hike in after thirty
seven miles risking your life to get to that point and then that moments they're just the stream amount of pressure and intensity involved in that moment that to me is what defines the real challenge the ultimate challenge of hunting this idea that it's a bunch of people like killing animals are a bunch of fat yahoo sit around drinking beer now there wait there's way more to this thing this insane like really proud i'm or pursue it is where is you're either hunter like brendan mentioned the berry picker it's in our dna if your hunter and develop test that against the toughest conditions against the hardest animals to haunt the most remote places to me the ultimate test to be a human being and ultimate tested being hunter once that's what drives me in what we do in wide train you around why moist thinking my gear about food about wade about
what at what how i could improve when i learned your son to this coming seasons and preparation of it is it's fun yet love it live and breathe it and it's it's really challenge while unfolded for me it continues to do so because i've only been doing it for four years mean renault i got involved in it took me out to montana in two thousand twelve and you know i was like this kind of interesting let's see what this is all about because i had watched shows and read some stuff about it but one things that he said he's like manners a steep learning curve to this there's a steep largely girls long and i was a girl you fucking financially shooting and killing at west heart but then as you get into it you realize and then of course bow hunting which is the most difficult of the most difficult pursue this and as you get do you realize like oh this is like some crazy puzzle it's like some crazy challenge that you have to figure
that also involves away to procure your food it does and it said skill set you never went learning on every time you got i learn something new either said there's a natural progression you got your eminence like you just excited to be their right and then you're in it in you see it with people you take off your first and there's like kind what's what's goin on here and young men of sun they get a little click and it's like i want to get one and then you know that's easy couple years and then and then want to get it
measure on the one i got last time and i want you want to do something a little more challenging and it just keeps progressing until like you know till you get wherever it ends in its it's your ear hunting that the toughest animals the biggest animals the oldest animals in the toughest conditions and being successful and a lot of people won't get there but it's it's it's always a challenge is certainly never gets old minutes it was comparable danny's athletic event only you can do it for your whole life you know i mean there's lots of stuff you do athletic and then
in grown up or whatever site but it is really translating the college ressler that doesn't translate that wealth through the rest of your life like we're here that do down there at the inner mural wrestling like you you ve masking also hunting is one thing that is just throw your entire life depending on where you can you can always continue to learn and pursue it some time you don't have a ton of time you knew a short on sometimes things are going well you can do something that's on epic adventure but it's always a challenge never guess easy that mean the animal you killed last time does not care that the new animal your hunting does not care what you got last time you have to go out you gotta be sharp every single time yeah in everything has to be done right every single time what i like about guys like you too is you take to dude like yourselves were both like real goal oriented savages and you put together a company like
that pursues that one ultimate experience and says what is the best that we can make what is the best way we can pursue this we do and that's why built clear the way dead having learned from such a the retailers the limits of what we could produce and i was super frustrated the fact that as walking away from the best materials and walk away from the best innovations and we saw that come community gore tax had the freedom to go start something new and to limit the retailers i could go build a business platform spaces the police i could go out and take these amazing materials mazes designs to mark that i couldn't do before and get him the market through this brand clia is made all the difference who is an interesting that this is our happened at the same time where the internet is kind of exploded in this way the poor doing pervert massive amount of shopping online i mean i have one of those mailboxes with a they get your packages for the company and
when i use them ten years ago i get like a package couple days are sunlight that now returning others stacks and boxes shit i do it all my shopping online everyone does that's it it's a crazy thing how that's happened for you guys like as your company started was arrived at the same time like you caught that wave right at the crest when i look back it's like we orchestrated it and timed perfect we could see the future i could see the down call it you call that a member and i talked about am i i can see there is a problem with retail when you can produce the best products possible through customers cause i can't sell they cannot devalue any longer because all zero is price and selection of price winds in a sea of selection with no one there to explain why a new product so much better than the old product there's a problem and it has not come and now you see it getting exacerbated every day with new report
what retailers failing malls going out of business retail isn't big big trouble the amazons made that happen faster the internet's made it happen and it's all looking back with kuiu timing was is everything i mean that you know with business and a lot of it is timing lock him in the right place at the right time with the right concepts and ideas and when we totally nailed it and we we kind of came into the exact same time with on it that you guys did with coup you and with the same our model of selling directly to people getting the we best shit you can possibly get what is the elect forget it cause what is the best most in most nutrient dense foods most nutrient debt as opponents let's figure out a way to get the best stuff fine who's got the best protein power who's got the best wilds cause prohibitive because it is in retail gets mark does actually does that the issue raised like when you sell something to a retail like a kabila's or something like that they tack on a bunch of money on time a ton right
they make a lot more money with a hundred percent so we money than you guys know no armenia attack on a hundred percent so a jacket i'd produce four hundred i'd celtic bells for two hundred they sell tee for four hundred bucks while for putting on a hanger thrown on iraq makes it convenient you know if you're like in placing you need a jacket you left your jacket at home but it's it's a faulty model doesn't make sense your guy like you that does research and knows exactly what it wants and you can put a tape measure on yourself and know how big your army i'm roughly unacceptable and you could save yourself money and get a better product no brain will also the amount of research that you can do i gotta go store and you talk to the guidance behind the counter would you know it turns out tat people like do you go to a place that sells car parts or something like that i ask a question and he says it's totally wrong i know that's not right if you don't know that other fuck do you know where this goes early yet mean you have to be
someone who's like deeply deeply involved in the product to be able to explain it to someone who becomes obsessed exactly like if someone is i like your pack the way you guys engineer the carbon frame your pact like i've spelling fuck an hour and a half the night watching videos of how you guys make packs cynical the first thing he said right off the bat like we're gonna pull the curtain back i'm gonna tell everybody what everybody has been afraid to tell everybody on if you if if you educate the person to know what they're looking at and your build the best stuff though in a back here and so like no one had ever said here's what fabrics reuse and here's where we get it here's where a factory here's what we're doing mina competitors like or people going to seal at anchor you build a best off and he seldom get value for what you have to and meant a whole transparency things been incredible to watch and be indirect we can communicate track with your customers as you know it so rich and powerful and they loved and were able to build
so much trust mean with start i started blogging about coup eighteen months before ever launched i talked about the fabulous materials factories the process of building a company and i really did it just to keep my name associated with the next brand as i left in transition of the sitka i had no idea what it would create in a crate of mass following people start engage you with me and ask me questions neighbours listen to their suggestions on products and educating them on what great fabrics look great design was and they just ate it up and the consumer loves it the retailer wasn't given it to him any longer you know what back in the day i used to that grew up working archery shop in orange california from bob fromm
really really amazing archbishop owner and he was a guy right i mean you walked in zimbabwe the latest great stuff and you tell me all about it you gotta kabila's now like yours and the guy on the floor as no clue customer knows more than the retailer now and you buy in taking with coup you wouldn't go indirectly that customer giving them all that information giving them the power to make the decision they ate it up and then fail to involve them through this process you know they they just build a tiny trusted you like they understood they understand the brand their send you the interest in how you think and why you make those decisions and then they trust you and once you have the consumers trust break it can really build a brand off now while a guy like me who loves a geek out on shit to total obsessed with things that's what i love that i can go and why tal these videos and read all this stuff about all the different engineering its involved creating a products and
i do that it gets people more excited that's one thing is a brilliant move to blog about it in between the time of building the company it was a mere looked back now it's like i had a blueprint on how to build a company today we did that i look back over the blog posts in ireland and i said well it can we ve actually did that without really no one is doing as it seemed like executed so perfectly just fine my god and interact with it with the customers and it was so so powerful such a big thing because as i built this business model which is the first of its kind in this industry and even the outdoor market people told me cool idea but how are they gonna find you how are the right trust you to buy your product begin with how are you getting customers we soon enough before it see you don't got a business around money has so many companies or go create a website launch and no knows about right how do you how do you create that interest in advance and create the demand we can spend time money you look like a war be parker or a
harry shaver dollar shave club will they spend more money than the bring an end and the burning cash like it's gonna style to create demand through high levels marketing is very very expensive or you do like we did and educate the customer and be transparent build trust in advance and then launch and then you ve got your best sales force in the world which is your customer base lost everything by around you guys have this advantage in that hunting what because it such a difficult pursuit because it's sort of getting your dna you become obsessed with it when you become obsessed with it and you find a company that's also obsessed with making the very best possible and then you guys geek out such a high level and the videos and on these days options and what you're making them then is obsessed people become obsessed with what you're doing well i'm gonna do this right i gotta do this this what they do and it in his cramming people we meet and hunters
an hour or a hunting camp for traveling i mean it's amazing to me how much to know about a product and how much to know about the brand i mean they like you said they geek out on it and eat all the little details up and which i love because that's what i geek out on when i'm searching for these amazing fabrics to learn about new technology they share these people up they love it what's really of a sort of a master class in how to do things the right way to file passion and being obsessed with something but doing it to the utmost because if you do that or gets out the word gets out people talk about it and like i said i found out about you got your word of mouth complete well if you actually you mean like the out with the customer is really see that like no one else that's running accompanying this coming young multiple hans every year big say like believes in what he what or building and takes it to the places that the worst place our customers could ever go and use it and people respect that they love me like that
not only that that's what i want to do but i know that you don't he's our ease donna too we only we use that stuff in those places where was it europe that i read which which blog is it where you guys we're stuck in water out of the top of a rock it was one of those the blogs for your company when an early on blogs he doesn't it went on a hunt and you you were just talking in depth about all the different who was wrote it but it was all clear stuff we're talkin in depth about testing out the product on these like really remote back country hunt them how we figure out the shortcomings of our product recall look at all the laboratory data you can look at all the test results of of what that's combated but you really don't know until you put it in the conditions that we put it in weave ituri who is my main fabric supplier is most innovative jap i mean they're the the bomb as far as technical fabric scope and its japanese behind the japanese by culture build the best fabrics in the world what are they bore
putnam because like you guys use a lot of synthetics right they do their so their quality stand in japan are much higher than anywhere else in the world and they they have a really high quality standard of the raw material than they have a really high quality standard of actual yarn and then they ve figured out how to make their yarn stretch recover with no elastic its wire stuff so light but because of that process and because their high quality since incredibly expensive but the japanese just by their there their nature and their culture they dont do things that cut corners you look at the building of a samurai sword is a great example there's a lot easier ways to build a sword of the samurai does the samurai sword is built and then takes a lot of time a lot of patience and it's perfect i got one over there from one thousand five hundred and eleven
so you know right now that once it now the jam real one is way japanese do things in the same way of why they produce such amazing fabrics materials and their continuously pushing the bars farce innovation reducing weight and it's a partner for us that's just amazing i found tory well before i started crew you i could i tried to build a tory product lined with sitka and it was just price prohibitive i took a couple buyers kabila's when it she'll sports they said beautiful way too expensive so what are they doing to make this stuff so light and like it it's true she's a little bit in it and it snaps back but its very light so they have a patent on how to make the yard is called pamphlets yarn and if you look at her so the looks like a spring right and so can stretch out and then recover without any elastic everybody else has to put spandex or elastic or lycra in their fabrics and last six super heavy it holds moist
sure it's also you stretches and doesn't really recover until you wash it again if you whereupon a stretch parapets a lot of lasted a kind of sad you after paradigm you those others felt that the exact same landy ten as they did on day one because of their fabric because i have make the urine stretches recover that last so why are they making his father to those like who are these crazy people tat are out there like with super engineering fabric so japanese and they'll sell it into the japanese market low pay for performance their pricing on their performance perils much higher in japan the year in market as well for their climbing industry in some this gee brands run there's their fabrics as well but its nobody's really introduce their product like we have the united states has been cost prohibitive up until a few dozen swallowing up so they just decided did essentially the same thing that you guys are doing just figure
what is the best way to do this is how they do it down there i am tourism ended as a company is a lot japanese conglomerates which is pretty typical of japanese companies in there their base does the start of their company was chemistry so their chemistry base company the mix chemicals in may carbon fiber but its chemistry that starts with everything they do and understanding how everything is produced and made and is that foundation allows them to put out these amazing innovations to figure out nanotechnology how to waterproof down further how to make membranes that breathe two and a half times out of gore text still stretch and recover in a more durable is that foundation of who tory as is a chemistry company that allows them to push these innovations out and then you had in the japanese culture of perfection and making things correct and having processes that continue to produce high quality products and materials overtime and that's why tory is so fricking amazing
talk out over shortly so cool i just love when someone's trying to figure out a way to engineer something to the very finest edge they do and then which great about them is always pushing and so there come in us with new fabric innovations new technologies and innovation and were able to find their limits because of our customers what they use it for i'm email to go back to their engineers now does have developed a really big relationship with them with another largest customer in the world and work directly with her team and say hey guys your membrane works great except for these certain situations and so they go when they try to figure out how to her and they will not commit themselves to fixing issues that will find
the laboratory tests say they should never fail will find the limits of it i mean not necessarily burned my but our guides their spend two hundred tunafish days the of their life every year in the mountains though come back and say hey guess what this happen in this situation as rare but let us go back to the there their development teams a we found limits on the cylinder they listen and they go back and trade of reengineer to figure out how to push the bar furthers those that those values dont have i was listening to and podcast recently we were talking about this new who engineering that you're doing on your packs now you're testing them so when you when you have a new product will save you create a new pact or such like that and you before you bring it to market do you get it two guys do of them tested do you test yourself exclusively yes starts a process in house and will put it through certain tests depending on the product like the pack new packaging disinterred is today earlier could you live and refuse happened since my life presentation here now by donor
three days you do do alive presentation like a product launch and that today you can like a keynote thing like jobs thats delirious monologue do in that with hunting nobody because a savage it not doing i'm excited about data not doing well so you you you you have this product launch and what so what'd you what did you want what is it well we introduced a new carbon fiber technology they just came out on the market a couple years ago introduced as far as abilities start developing product with a new fibre technological spread to carbon fiber you'll love desgas yuki chan stuff like this so carbon fiber traditionally the fibers are put the young rather take each individual carbon fiber griffin together major yarn those ya then woven into fabric it's what you see of typical carbon fiber look right the woven the wealth unlucky soon carbon fiber what spread who is still of round fibres they figured out that if you flattened the fibers out some said to be round their flat and then
a weaving em they lay him next to each other and then so they run so lines across it which you can see in our new frame and by doing so will you moulded into a product because that fibre is not completely flat and it's running the length of the of the product its much stiffer and stronger than if you with it and it has the five rascal and over other fibres is not a step not a strong the performance level you give up quite a bit compared to spread to spread all directional fibres and then what we ve done frame we now can determine exactly how many fibres run from the top of the frame the bottom of the frame and then we can the fibres of course and then lay on a forty five how much stiffness we want in flux we want on the horizontal access so view one hour acts eels you'll notice that it carries
really well because the vertical stiffness but is also comfortable like an internal back because of how much fibre we have running on the horizontal access controls that lex do you want to have a certain amount of flax yes have to but you ve got to figure out what that amount is and the way to figure that out as by testing we went through eighteen versions of our framed to get to where the formulas that we now and reproduce today that's fucking hilarious who does that i do if i were engineers and with our development is shown in iraq so it is is there any other companies is going through a teen different versions of carbon fiber frame a figure of only one in the world that produces one says prices does adam had not her frame design tat i know of carbon fiber is but i dont know what carbon fiber is in arms like i said i got my car has over this chamber on the ball killing jamie's always on the ball so it's a cloth it's soft its pliable
how does it because i have of a porsche nine eleven gigi three are ass it has a carbon fiber rear wing animals like looks bad ass boot fuck is laid down as a fiber in the new but it's quiet here that's what connects it so the apart so it starts out as a carbon cloth it is spear cloth field flexes move just like an ok here it is this is what it looks as if fabric so that spread till there in a by directional format then from there you turn that somehow another into this really hard stuff with heat activated resin so you saw if if you go back to the mould with a framework in their right there so we're lay in that into a into moulds we the bottom aluminum cut and a top mould we lay that fiber in and the way he's too applying the reason and they will put the top more on top and then we had a ton of pressure for how many thousands of pounds a pressure gets put on tablets and add heat in time
and over i think it takes a little over an hour we will sure that mould or that that resin into actual part not becomes are and what does the avenger that overlooks say any other very stiff or durable material half the wit of lonesome twice a strong steel and and by twice as strong deal it is amazing to major material and want and then also how we engineer them all and a big part of the engineering process of this is understanding how far apart you separate the fibers create stiffness we have thumb in between the carbon fibres them centre portion the frame that that for that phone creates
what the cub modules which is the separation of the fibres and that modular creates the overall stiffness within the centre portion of our frame and then how much of that we have within the frame determines how much flex stiffness and then also were put new fibres and how many so that a lot to it through the weak point of carbon is the epoxy the carbons the strongest power and so that the new spread toe what it does is it it makes it tighter smaller yeah less less epoxy yet and so we'll get out spread to which does introduced for no wait penalty we now have a friend that's five times different stronger than we had previous which is still a really good performing product and we just got five times better that's insane isn't in so when you say five times different stronger how do you know who is there a to stiff or is it not a stiff this issue of flax issue is that there is a difference or yeah me too there is and its dr find that perfect balance and you can do that with carbon you can't do that
with steel or aluminum frame back and you re you can't do that with any other pack frame design which is usually some sort of succeeding with aluminum stays put in the flax kind of there you can stays but then so is an aluminum stay its enable you to learn and i'm standards aluminum bar essentially that you can come old enough in a curve or whatever it sounded the plastic shut down the back part of like an internal frame backpack has in its tail add some sort of support stimulus steady rigidity its white will pull the weight off but his shoulders that will help carry that load for suggested duffel bag strapped your back which is uncomfortable you know that's where they do the interesting aspect the engineering comes in when it comes to packs because the same weight with a different pack feels different totally different and that something i think a lot of people are not aware of like you think we ll all she carried a hundred pounds you back your carrying two hundred pounds you back now now it's it's
pendant entirely upon the economics how it sets on your body a dozen geometry of how that loads transfer on your back in the frame and and and balancing it there's a lot to it and in the past or our frame came to market you there had really stiff frames with external frame acts of metal aluminum and then you have this internal frame which was really comfortable until you had to put weight on it then would wouldn't be stiff neck and it would end up putting a lot of pressure and weight on your shoulders and your hips so how'd how do you engineer that do you have to try it out you have to take one of these packs and where it on a long back country hunton is ok here's some i got a little bit which weight on my shoulder a little bit too much weight on my help or how do you do you discern that's centrally that i do a lot of work out with weight on my back in a pack on a treadmill so i'm able i'd spend time on our backs with various weights and we do that
log as our office do as well as as well as my my pack developer sean brandon was once we feel like we're really close we then shipments to britain's guys bunch of guides and say tested force but through your world which for me one of the challenges we have with our with are in dream back taxes this huge as you know the shoes swing of weight yeah cuz once we get some down we got to get all that out so we go from maybe packing in with fifty or sixty compact also now you got a hundred plus download i need to manage that so how do you get a pack that can do both become fertile with lighter weights and still have the ability to carry heavyweights is an engineering problem and it's also an engineering problem is handled a bunch of different ways i got up some people packet inside the bag some people that the pack separates from the frame you pack the meat to your body and then put the pack the rest of the pack strap that down on top of the
how do you decide how to handle that just trial and error as well are you want the way closest your back and closing it the better it is and it is it doesn t you can get it like flatter to your back as well like you don't know you don't want it like bulging out right like if you have large if you have a hundred pounds in its sitting in a two foot square the the lower party or back that's not nearly as good as like flattened the six inches and going over the years actually u yours for thou up and down the frame as close to the frame your back as possible in how we you where do you make it sit on your shoulders how you strap and an end to make sure it's in the right place or you want to hear majority there it with your hips self mainly due to start at the waist put it all in in children traps all our can stuff and stand up and then you're you're load left her and all the way up at me you wanted in its its individual thing out how fast but you want to start with men your hips her you're strong as your sarah grab it
that's that's where you want the majority the way to be carried as close as you can in the cell trial and error stuff that's been done through mountaineering throw these different gaza are going on these long backpack hikes it is then is its fit and also mean its critical the other pack the fits greatly most people have a pact that isn't set up correct and we found when with our packs a really easy logistical shops we get a perfect fit for each customer and we put instructional video there of making sure the geometry from low drifters which allow all straps come off the top the pact on your shoulder straps that geometry s is critical that it's perfect and asked me to forty five degree angle that will help take out load off your shoulders and transfer to your hips and help me man that way comfortably over a long period of time to need like geometry you need later in the triangle get set up to make this is where this is where the whole but the thing doesn't come and real right or sport psychically that's why there is a lot to me it starts at mathematics with the frame and designs and captain
cnc and all machines at all that the math and all through it and then it goes a way through and velvet none on sunday in answer than a requires testing and and and taken it in real life settings and and and people very on what they like i mean there's some guys like to carry seat things a certain way some people like fit of some guys like their pack we apply have fitted guys like me i mean you can only no bye bye bye testament by doing it by in some way and how many different products or you individually overseeing see tat is that's the most daunting aspect of it because you ve got all different shit got out at the same time and on top of that you doing does once a year plus year in year out there in the field like how the fuck do you find the time to do all this
essentially we need when you do sent me love and you have a huge passion for it and never stop working at me i work second i grew up in the morning till the time to go to bed if i'm not sit in front of a computer workin on stuff specifically you i'm thinking about it and that's it doesn't feel like a lot of work although i look back now go fuck as wide a work out some amazing products and you know it's just that office and its solving problems through finding materials and technologies and designs solve those problems is a lot to be solved in hunting fortunately is is a big gap before brennan pull that sucker ever closer they get from you know from the other industries are out there before set concrete km long so there's a lot of work to do and we ve done lot to take from we're hunting apparel and gear was back in two thousand and four the word is today in two thousand succeeds in masses change and not everything's as in depth as the pack all away from start to finish mean something of great fit on something you have a new fabric well you know i mean how
it's got to get tested you got to see how you like it but it's not like eighteen models of you know when you get a superior breeding no numbering number is somebody on the it's not all is in depth as additives in a lot of its plugin in the right product to the right fit and then you have you have a winner right off the bat well i think what you were saying about the amount of work this is also like we're saying that hunting isn't really sport like gets call the sport it's sort of its own thing it wouldn't work is sought its own thing too because you can now in call at work but if you love something it's not really work like showing up at the garbage depot and or the garbage dump and picking up cans garbage against you of course there are some highly love be arbitrary there's somebody out there scream and i'll fucking kill garbage yeah when you find something that you become obsessed with that becomes a passion that site it's a puzzle
it's like you're doing it again all day almost older and its also in a lot of ways and art form i tell you what building to be as fascinating and it is an art form there's no science has no blueprint this is how you build this brand and i think it's most fascinating work of ever done its truly figure out a craft branding as a craft will never sobs you never stop learning from an everyday mean you live and breathe that everyday reflects you guys it means that's one of things and i found interesting about this you can kind of sea when there's someone like you that at the head of something like this and here it is driven focused guy you kind of that when you when you see the actual brand itself if it be give reflects you so this idea of like it being work it's real like a passion project it is it truly is everything from the product to the boy
i'm building to the videos the imagery and i've got my hands and everything and i'm super particular about the way our image is presented to the marketplace has got up i can feel i'd still be like an i can feel it i can tasted smell it everything was to you well that's a one of the beautiful things about having a very small center of operation like you this you guys deciding how this goes down you don't have to meet with a giant board of in a bunch of different people you're not a will accompany you don't you don't have to this nobody there to water down the cheerios doesn't it's not a democracy or down materials no we weren't real i always everyday it's a dictatorship you you know what kind of is and it works while that way and you know it interesting as we get with because of our growth and because of our business model we have where puts all the time by private equity investment groups throwing huge vote waiting some money at mean and i'm just when i look the opportunity adds a lot of money but i dont want to change what we ve got
right you know as soon as i bring an outside kabul preferred professionals and look in the business or like we need professionalized might for who right was a nice place professionalized mighty rack why you need the cfo you need a cmu new ceo my four for what so we can slow down our process so we can change the culture that build a really spent oh you know companies and by some other people give pieces of the pie away writer is just such a broken traditional model as far as growing in this you're doing it just the opposite the same thing with podcasting a broken model debts there's a lot of podcast today that are joining in with these gigantic networks and they think that being a part of a net because like being on nbc or being on cbs which used to be a big deal back in the day i give you were right dude a play and envy he came along and say we want to turn that play into a sid tommy like we ve made it whereas but now
if you have a successful pod gas and someone comes along and says hey we would love you to be a part of our gigantic corporation and get the fuck out of here we gotta run we gonna wanna where these guys gonna ruin everything then they will they well done i will tell you what to do i tell you what you can't do no more cussing no more causing for short yeah you care about around you gotta figure you gotta pick your topics in every way to spaced out you know what does was watered down the cheerios clean you certainly can cover hunting exactness way to central twice a week of media campaigns on a monday and you guys on this with its i just don't i dont think you do anything other than what you want to do i think if you could live the best life so what actually interests you wouldn't actually enjoy doing will do that is it possible all the time no you're going to some obligations you're gonna have to have theirs such family stuff works of business tat substance you have to deal with but do what you wanna do the most that you can do it absolutely always if you can be an expert in something you love
you can find a way to make a living and i mean brennan's a perfect example he frickin loves hunting and he lives recent studies it look whereas now while when i met brendan i met him this past weekend in bozeman and want things it struck me and went unit you know we're talking this fuckin crazy fire in your eyes you like i wanted to be the guy that kills the biggest both heavier and when it killed one big book i didn't want to just be like ours fluke when are you gonna be system and i was like are there crazy mother fogarty eyes out and then he told me that he had this gigantic bull down chinese which is a store on main street and bozeman i went to storage is to see that both i was like we got us i'm gonna go take a look at this thing and this is elk that looks something now the lord of the rings lonely doesn't even though they are real animal its breathtaking it's fuckin mad isn't it i mean you walk up to that they and you look at it and used literally stop shoe tracks explain the weight of the antlers on so i mean it's obviously unusually big and more stock given their home
lifespan we'll never see that it's a truly special alec unlike in people like it is not just a number but i mean it is a shaquille o neill about recorded as its that rare and yet worn away one when the sky played sawed off at fifty four pounds she's a summit which is to end its it's heavy and just like an unusually big just mass was the biggest l killed in thirty years instead of montana so it was look like when is alive re sad away on a hefty thank you know a big buller could be six to seven hundred pounds mean to get thrown a thousand pounds lab at a veto two way of like there are a few great big bulls at away a thousand it was a thousand boundaries twelve years old you know he was sir you're just a monster so do the roosevelt alex are the ones that have the biggest bodies right though the rosebud i'll have the by far the biggest bodies bananas not the biggest out
not right is not the biggest spoke how big their bodies get twelve hundred it's really balls i mean you can see and photos of marriages enormous them in their unusually giant and especially that really big boy in a company like not every elk is huge and me like an old bull whose had good feed and lived a long time and was genetically big to begin with will be really big mean they're not they don't all end up huge there are just just once he hunts what's a fascinating pursued in pursuing the apex of the genetics in a fight during the animal and its also the things it's important about this like the pursuit of is this animal that you shot was probably like me how old you think he was he was twelve years old it is an old old out that is that's old age in a world of wild beasts it's the ultimate
like when you get to the level where you're consistently counts dolphin and in your you know you ve got the point that the ultimate level is to kill the biggest oldest most mature you know historically significant went on it on a chain of hence in history of like all the guys have ever killed alcmene not oil card does are gonna be huge but with any animals like when you kill somebody is super old super big super smart that is the pinnacle of where your skills of ghana and a lot of people never get there you know based on uniting i'm timing the biggest the biggest factoring in doing that and getting to that point as having the time just have enough time to you know i spent decade of my wife put abou track everywhere you could but one fine and wherever yoke wasn't in my state and looking for the biggest one it is like like the work it's consuming you you have to love to know you it's not fun you just have to be driven to do it to want to be able to do it
the result is fun i mean the photo these anti semitism text messages photos of that thing on the ground you see the size of the antlers now that's another that's another that's a pretty want to but that's not nearly as big as the one you want me not anti jamming authority j j e mail to the and that was at that point in time actually you when i killed them i wasn't at the skill set i am now i mean i got pretty lucky i was a third elk ever killed right place the right time to the right thing and you know just lit a fire in me like i want to do that more that's ridiculous that that was the thrice lies the worst first i started talking to print about honey i'll keyword hunt elk and that was so different from me i mean i was just trying to find a bolder enable i would try to get a good one but brentwood hunt
find an ally and spent the entire susan trying to kill that single up which i thought they were my experience how can it was fine hard to find that same up twice it i'd may be seen in the morning and i would never see it again for another a hunted down and kill it what's also the best thing from a conservation standpoint you're talking about an animal that has spread its genes for at least ten years right for ten years that thing has been spent no superior genetics and is private force and a lot of other males who get the fuck off the mountain mean when would mean yeah now i never saw i watched him for three days morning a night before a kill them and in another bull never came near that as they try to be just like brok listener value or ouster overcame me exactly when you bone eight older like oberon or austria aroused relies on the mexican supplements the new house there might be a better photo interesting
when you see an animal like that and you you you realise how difficult it is to reach twelve years of age in the wild which outlines wolves montana it's like he's just got everything after i'm grizzlies everything's after and to be able to to be that smart get to this position in life and for you to solve that puzzle and to get in and shoot that elk that's that's one of the things that sort of embodies the did the the really intense difficulty in hunting its it's one of those things where i mean it it's the ultimate challenge and he wants you to know killed a bunch of alcan you know i mean it's where it is the ultimate shall not always gonna win and not always get em i mean that's that's the beauty of it and we like you never get to the point were you are so good and why haven't got the money where i'm so good where every great big one again i mean i it's getting their gum get closer but they do not you learn instead
all the time and it's almost nobody can tell you about you you can't i'm basically self taught my dad top tommy i read maps and until you figure out why is an oak here what what's he doing do not just wander around like others some elk over there like why is he here why would he be here this time here what is he doing where where'd he go one what's his next move like i mean i've had bulls where i've hunted where i know what they're going to do before they do the literary i know what the double was down here he was doing this and i would like i think i know what he's going to do and i go the other direction come around the other way that's what he did i knew before he was gonna do it just did just from watching spin and thousands of ours and does data chunky yeah i mean you eat you and you see the picture that great big bulls and its that's
that's great but there is or that at the time that goes into that like nobody ever sees and they'll see hundreds and hundreds of days in between young guy there man twenty twenty two years old there so mason yeah it is it is amazing and when you eat that animal i mean the amount of satisfaction that comes from sitting down to a meal that you procured in the most difficult way humanly possible means shadows with a bow and arrow in the mountains and now you you're eating it twelve yards snug yeah it's cool mean the thing about trophy hunting that's not understood as like it's the ultimate it's the pinnacle of combined being in what you love to do and then this incredible skill set that your developing to be better than in on us in better than anybody else but it
it's a lot of work better than you used to be better than continuing to get better and better and in the funny thing to me as always like tat the thing trophy hunting has got his weird stigma with it or whatever is like and i mean i eat the whole elk i loved you and i love the challenge of it i don't want to shy away from saint i loved it took to kill animals and liked i loved the hum of the challenge of you know take of getting the biggest one i find it the most challenging thing i've ever done but you don't i would eat it aid everything and you know and i take the hide in the head on the amusing more than most people are young people like i'd as trophy hunting aware we like its it it's it's the challenges of the term needs to be changed that is the challenge of it while the term risk is kind of screwed up because it supplied to things that people should they don't eat it and which seems to be like a cruelty like pursuit of government
in pursuit of gone out shooting lions and shooting things in agony that with the weird thing about that as i was i was talking about a garrison article four the new york times and his he said i don't have a problem with people with hunting in oslo indeed and i just said you don't have a brother without it i mean it's it's u legally have to take the meat i mean that the amount of people that would shoot something and not take the meat is is not the same as p let our thieves out on the street a minutes were so on comments like the perception of you know guises shootin it because ten years down the road i have in my garage is the head doesn't mean i didn't use it and so that the perception and young and slow common denominator guy about one whore thing going on or somebody that doesn't take the maiden and almost in its every lumped into it i mean i grew up in rome on tat i never had a beef steak at a restaurant until i was on a recording trip in college i mean our group eating wild game my entire life and never at my parents
never bought meet ever spy why such a good ressler guess where i get that fuckin till late in the wild dna in your system free range organic there now that's that's the real food but peopled it's like a disconnected dinners and like all man they eat like you don't need you that's like i am nothing we didn't mean to do it we that is what we did andrew open an area where that's that's what we that's what i said i never met my present me neither now such a highly so screwed up it is but it's also because cities i mean you're gonna things it's made us be able to be so comfortable and have air conditioning is technology in advance manner it's also allowed us to be completely disconnected from more where food comes from and that's what allows p stand up on these pedestals and point down at people that they think are doing something wrong when their responsible for just as much death the responsible for it
more suffering more suffer yet actually more suffering and hunters for sure absolute but just as much deaf to analyse and even people that are vegetarians even people that are they think that by eating vegetables and plants that they're doing no harm the amount of wildlife habitat displacement place in just growing kale is ridiculous now the pesticides and everything else it doesnt as it's my knees in the fuckin rodents and all the different death is associated with calm binding and in a wide scale green when when you robbed growing at harvard in grain edith so much death and virus and this getting around that mean that we are consumers in some sort of a weird way but to me the purest pursuit of it is what you're talking about archery hunting in the back it's in the most difficult environments i mean it is unbelievably difficult pursuit that somehow
another gets lumped into this idea that it's a bunch of dumb people in their cruel if you're dead you're not going to be successful doing that and if you're lazy you're not going to be successful you just are not the other way i mean i've been because a coup you in new york too much media tours of last year and did be interviewed by it people that live in a big city that have no idea what hunting is like or what it's about is really mind going to make us has been such a big part of my life and everyone associated with friends with typically hans or understands hunting their perception so amazing to me that we would just kill an animal cut its head off and leave everything i don't know that's ever done it is completely illegal and but thats what mainstream media mete out hunting
to be in its like a mission of mine now to change that perception and might as well it's it's a lazy it's a lazy perception of it that way it's not real it doesn't happen now you're not for real hunting no actually does never happens in this new york times here i was just like ads you know i took him through like the one waste laws and in all that any who just like he's like wow that i mean have to take it yes not insult something that's new you don't like it it's always been that way and that there is a call me movement has been going on but one thing is i don't get it lost that you don't guys in the sixty seven these all economies since meal outside from market hunting back in the day which isn't real hunting it will just external action for but i mean it's
people hunt and they consume what they like anything else just like eaten bread or anything else many have site you don't you get studs in your house they came from tree swear they came from exactly i say if you want to fix it health problems united states make everybody hot to promise none of animals and this too many people and i know i know but it's like obesity overweight poor diet right make em all hunters at all has away it does i'll go where they have to live a lifestyle to actually harvested animal yeah to change anything in hunting you know i'm in god's bernardini for two million years since last hundreds of people have an issue with it not actually less fifty yeah it's it votes when you see things like the cecil the lion thing than everybody gets up in arms about hunting in just becomes is this really distorted version of what
actually is never the stuff with ceaseless may even true i mean it wasn't no he wasn't living full time in the park is new things came on the hunt report about all i mean the whole background of it i mean it's there's a lot more to it than that and in its all how you how it said to its like all the guy killed cecil liners as super old male who had been kicked out the pride apparently often in his speech on the whole thing with his brothers in the family and larry us in at the end of the day if i got you a shotgun be headed up it's like all here that the berger you gotta mcdonald's guess what it died and got beheaded it's all her youth worded you can also yes processed mean like register be headed this is horrible things like yeah everything that gets killed and process gets beheaded but don't you the part of the reason why people get upset about lines because people generally don't eat lines so when someone says that someone goes and shoots align like why would you shoot this view full rare majestic animal jesse could stick it on your wall and dentists think you're of bad ask as you ve got this
thing that could kill you if you didn't have a weapon get it on your wall now wealth it comes down to like predators need to be controlled minutes it's not one of those things that's pretty and people really love to hear that but at the end of the day it is true roaming like you were just down where i grew up i grew up in just north of the great yellowstone occurred between gardner levies that's where i grew up when i was in high schoolers nineteen thousand al cannot hurt you go down their winter time as he fifteen honour bulls minos it was amazing and their down to two to three thousand now because of reintroduction the wolf like you have to control predators anywhere wherever there at a minutes it's it's insane to think that we don't exist and these houses and fences highways and suffer not there and that you can just turn somethin loosen just let it run its course and in giving people are even appalled by the natural carbon when you see a young lion take over the pride and cecil gets charmed and destroyed by
two other younger lions are came in and get people going like seeing that rises justice out have existed i meant just a detachment from the actual cycle of life this year and the other thing that scorn on is the people love to the big they love to broadcast how horrible the people are that hunt these thing and how these lions are neither need to be preserved and so important leonarda caprio had something on his instagram page other day where it is like an anniversary of the death of cecil and it was talking about how you know a few of these animals there laugh they have to be protected what he conveniently ignores the fact that zimbabwe is going to kill to hunt lions now because no one's going over there to hunt those lines just kinshasa there's more of them so their decimating the undulate populations and now they're gonna kill them and make no money so they're gonna lose out on millions of dollars in revenue what would you expect from a guy that got attack bass e g i bear
he doesn't live in reality anyone s e g we didn't varieties but i do know her companion hooker they just causes assisted hey man put something eco on my pay the ass see that over three another now they can't now that's a ton of money they could generate she does and i know a guy i mean i know booking talked him all the time there's get that nobody will touch that with a ten foot poor too great hunt it's a cool go see the do need to be managed i mean and like a lot of things like it just is that is what harry is very inconvenient when you look at the actual facts of of hunting over there even hunting in open court import for trophies that is are they get a massive mountaineer revenue it needs a lot of the people that are over there and makes a huge impact on their economy and a lot of people dont like that but i urge people to watch the lui through documentary about his trip to africa we spent spent several weeks in his african hunting camp and
no it's the same thing was it was like a high fence operation where they had lions and they were throwing like calves over the fence feed these lions is like to fence a separating him from the lions and he got see like in depth what's going on is essentially saying that these animals the only reason why they're here at all massive amounts of them is because their worth something because i to come over and if it wasn't like that this place is so poor and so crazy that these anti would have been wiped out there and they were on the verge just a couple of decades ago before the introduce honey so to catch twenty two because they have more animals than they have ever had before but the reason for that they're worth something to hunt is act their economic resource and because of that they have value so the protected money to protect people get put off by the fact that people enjoy the pursuit yeah you know and its accounts on those things like i have a hard time explained
and the people that you know i mean what makes a little kid who when you're in the yard there's a bird right there like some kids you know just look at it and some kids wanna chase that thing down it's like ten thousand years where the genetics it say two million actual yeah yeah yeah you wanna do like it this is something that is built and you want to do you didn't drop hunting ran all of a sudden now you you you can't you think about it every day at all i do i'm sure yeah and so to explain that the summit it doesn't have that it's really hard i mean you know especially well arena hamburger from the pedestal tonia how you shouldn't you don't kill anything yeah why almost think i mean i don't think anybody be forced do anything but i almost think that it would be good for everybody to have to kill something needed if you shall eat meat just experience and i mean that's just killing something but actually go out and something down and kill it and eat it i think would open up a lot of of doors inside you
you're out of your mind open up a lot of areas of perception and give you this understanding of what it means to consume life it's it's it's there's a there's a lot to it very complex thing that's going on when you're eating an animal lot to it's like you talk about a disconnected mean there is a massive disconnect yet weird it's people think discuss in a package of grass or the cellophane with us styrofoam thing that is not and come from now more something yeah that almost half the watch even if you're not you should always have to be there where they kill the cow stirring up and included on people how many people become vegetarians member that hope wild thing that went on a couple years ago i think was in a slaughterhouse down in southern california and those cows are sick and they're falling over and they got video of it and it got out there about the processing of meat and all these people up in arms about it and that's always been that way and just got public people were appalled by it but that's the reality of beef
and industrial food complex versus the animals we had great lighter most of them like the one brenda britain animals britain that hunt which the older ones they ve had a full life and they ve had the opportunity experience things in nature and producing and have you know what was life should be like we were a cattle or any type of industrial type of food animal like chickens are or cow sir or pay them in that's that i mean i live in a concentration camp depends on the situation to me like my my wife my my wife other as a big ranch in eastern montana maybe you don't raise and pray says all their own stuff and people talk about economic all the beef and meets horrible and stuff now we're not where i come from mean they take really good care of those animals and that's very important they don't go to that of the giant stockyards just it just depends
relative gonna look at everything as it is growing in a word that come from at least you know words more connected young people here vile grass fed beef is one of the big complaints ago caught it so expensive but yeah that's it's possible that cheap deed life hatless you know i mean i mean a state can be so cheap it's ridiculous you think about the amount of effort that has to go for you to get this five dollar stake the amount of effort that is the animal has to grow it has to be fair that should be taken care of the nets we slot cut up package process sent store is put on the shelves and then you go by going to the prices god no shit of yours act what could try to any yourself and you would value it now he would realise like while this is actually a pretty good deal and all in all the all the process for it's not all the same either like sediment where's lotta great ranchers that that about what you're doing and and and do it right on seven january a common and armor yet you know a place it's got seventy cows back in the one shoot and peace
my god my god we're up in arms about cyprus does not that's not the norm rarely thing either i think good though the people being aware of this and i think it's good the people are up in arms because i think that there is something billy disgusting about factory farming undeniably disgusting and i think the education of people and be getting understanding yeah this is awesome that the european part of even like to really hard core radical animal activists that you know risk there that their lives and make these crazy fired videos and get inside slaughterhouses and you know violate those a gag laws i saw damn i saw you getting around out there are due to the minutes on the other side of the idea that the bad side of it cannot get to see view we shouldn't be shielded from the truth in any way shape or form and that's one of the things that allowed this factory pharmacist to get so disgusting is the fact that people haven't been able to have their input they haven't we we see it in protest against and say like you you shouldn't be treating living things like this to liberate units that story doesn't get told enough and i think
reasonable people who love animals and maybe they don't have any desire whatsoever to eat them that those are the people that i think respect the pursuit of hunting and respect the eye the idea that you look a person it's not something for everybody but neither is marathon running neither is weightlifting neither is soldier football jitsu anything difficult wrestling this is not for everybody everybody is not going to do a lot of things that are hard to do but if you want to procure meet that's the best way to do it couldn't more than ever the goes into it at what i love about it i think it's important speech that i think gum that sort of getting out there as well as the there's this anti meat move men and anti animal cruelty movement and i respect that i understand whether come in from our little unless you're driving the lexus with the leather seat
honestly i get in here you see all time guy we're in leather shoes and leather belt you know talking about you know his impact and how little it'll be in vague inner whatever's that's just the hypocrisy is insane of people like living in how like how much is animal by products from from everything you use and incite while yeah but i just had a salad dazzling that's i mean it was males fifty rabbits when they harvested it makes you feel good but in reality this bullshit yourself but they don't even know their bullshit themselves if they if their per se action of what they're doing was accurate then they would have a good point but it is an ignorance what is actually involved really i don't care i'm leaving kill anything it's like every time you your car mammy the most animal in the most life i've ever taken of the retirement age five hundred mile road trip a white blessing and offer my window i mean people like all you can kill the shit out of bugs brown
sure cool or whatever its i won't get eyelids involved now it's gettin weird sank wow where does it we're here is eggs isolating bolder and live next to an ashram and the late that ran the ashram is a buddhist ashram she's to poison the ants so do i owe you doing i go you poison the ashes like well it's inconvenient we really don't like to do it but to get in our kitchen like oh shit here that we draw the line you yes this is of some we're grey area you you're a murderer later mass where you ve killed fuckin thousands of being just today adds a weird one cause i've seen people like builded see an ant on them they'll squish it and then they flick it on the ground in your house totally a little they don't care that it hits your kitchen floor the exactly but if it was a mouse of like somebody you how stop the mouse and the middle your kitchen blake what the food
jeanne right this is because it makes more of a mess and now you have to consider what actually gone on totally people fucking weird there where it's weird i mean but does not really what i wanted to bring gazing on that's like up a beaten to death subject on this even want to talk about ants now i love ants dearie began their coal we wouldn't be isabella pictured up that was that much bigger noon walk around with your mouth yeah oh yeah impressive when turns out when you start talking about what their capable of yeah and we also like an aunt the size of a cat could be able to pick up a house where there is no free whatsoever it has noted just do as we have seen those aunt death spirals now executive put pulsar modelled on the ants follow the fur moans of the queen whence it when something goes wrong i get it if when something goes wrong when something goes wrong like their sent
it screwed up or the queen dies the queen gets remember the scent still there the end small circle there sir kill each other and spiral yeah like a hurricane until they all die and you talkin about thousands i'm really and they'll keep circling no one knows what the fuck is going on ass the true power of p right there may look at this amazing and a few of them are going in the wrong way there's a few rebels that looks like the freeways in southern california it looks like a hurricane does and we really do does the eye of the storm in the centre there and then their circling around and they don't know what the fuck that's dead queen well it's either a dead queen i'm not exert jane she did you find out the actual exec i can't really our now they don't know that their following developments in some sort of away but when you're doing this i mean since this is just shows that this is being ants have no data just find an actual explanation for it now
many but when these are these animals are doing this like they don t have any free well they have this does this this sort of directive does what they do now that they make the nest they build a beehive they do nature i got a friend of my was bent o brien he has now been around from used the word for peterson's imagine you must tell me about one of his friends had a queen bee somehow they get stuck in their car and this hive of bees followed them for twenty miles they followed the car for twenty miles because the b was in a car like there they dont have many mike man she's gone we were gonna let her go we we push the isley none of that there is no free will is just what they do yeah there's no decision making is just what they do the queen and every hour they never give up knots somewhat bizarre form of life and they had to have these really weird things that they do if you ve seen like
videos on different aunt species where the females will chop the males legs off i think we ve got around to do that i forget which one but the chop they take the mayor we're gonna breed with them they essentially caught his eggs off so that he can't move and then carry to wherever they want they want to fuck him and then they got him i'm in red with them a medical i bet about way to go about their legs off lie in their stub or the wiggly wiggling will come out of it but then again no thought process there's no meeting did on board they sit down decide how to do this with the though the male they just go about the way they ve always done when the trevor they're here you had a make ants commit suicide bombings happen you can make up and force them into a potted plant another start following each other in next thing
so we should bring on the show we can no longer be rude people be angry did protest right that's cool but that's it like a certain amount of death is ok i mean every time you wash your body you're killing flora killing living living organisms that are on the surface of your scanners no getting around it there's no way to live a life where you're not killing other life it's disease constant cycle that's going on in some sort of a weird way that most of us detached from way it's always been gas bizarre not to be in touch with at an r d to deny it lets me like i'm not doing that man made and there are like there are few people that try as hard as they can most people like they don't give up the they love the idea here but implementation
where it gets complicated but it is also a problem with entertainment like the anthropomorphized of animals and disney movies and things on those lines so like when when you think of an animal you think this big fairy lovable thing you don't think of this you know like but now is essentially a warrior it says living warrior that has a weapon grown out of its head and they run away the kill each other when i was a tall ranch you you ve been in place they found is huge like three ninety class bull dead that had been stab by another bow it is the random through there was a lie in their dead and asylum out with holes in his body from from the other bulges fuckin head but at him to death you're right i got a four year old son and he watches it'll show called the lion guard which is like in all these animals get together and they're all friends and we started watching even ask questions dolphin and now like
we watch you know if you want to watch the lion guard that's fine and it but i've explained to him like the cheetah in the lion and the hippo they don't get along they're not buddies discovery genuine he watches like the day we just watch the wildebeest couple days ago which though the getting by the by the crocodile and he was like won't you know it's like a now like when it comes up is like well that's just pretend wanna watch that like that's fine as long we know you know that's not really how it goes and we'll go to discovery channel watch new no killers on the savannah and you was like wow that neil's landon get along with anybody needs everybody and you know i don't want my kid to think that you know peaceful thing and they're all big symbiotic relationship and they all love each other now man that he wants yeah it's weird the way we've chosen to distort these animals in like polar bears like there was a picture that was going on instagram a lot of people are posting up of this norm polar bear walkin around with the cubs head in its mouth everyday occurrence zurich
cannibals a hundred percent of the males are cannibals and most will have no idea there so they think of a polar bear klondike bar coca cola salesperson yeah there's the photo that's been going on and this is just food for them this i mean in the he's not an omnibus no hundreds its people he's whatever he can get hold of yet mean that's all they eat meat there not legal black bear or any other bear the can eat anything all the is flesh that's that's bear at the zoo is eating meat now then what you see it but the polar bear the zoo just hand and away at all that's why the darker things about the zoo two's we take them away from their actual purpose i think if you gonna have a zoo which would be like you should have animals that if you ve seen a zoo in iraq that they had before we invaded iraq day they had zoos where these two just let like a goat loose and then they would open the gate and let the lions come out and jack the goat
and the israeli soldiers took videos these things and he bore like aghast like i don't understand why you think should be able to keep a lion but dont let a lie and be a lion you're going to do all that killing for has giving him some fake meat now me i'm real me ok so something how to die in order but you don't want him to do it why don't you want him to do it like what the fuck you do it exactly what is a zoo trust me the line wants to her that's what they want for the hearing here's the video so they have these goats and these go to his wandering around they have no idea they let them loose and then they open up the gate and when they open up the guy the lions apparently they do this all the time so their hip to what their stretched out ready to go out there weren't sprites hammy when they get the go so they open up the gay and as soon as they open up the gate is on like donkey gong about they got walk music and everything there just ready
there is a proper involvement is key his plan we rock you go they opened the gate i like that and that is that we are to be fascinated by that and for those guys to look at them go while its that's that's lions being lions like that's pretty what mean they're going to eat today one where the other in here's another interesting thing it's interesting for us to watch if we're watching and we're gonna walk or laugh and all my god but if we there were laugh and then people get upset doesn't instinct to like listen to those guys laughing what's happening there filming it right you the fence and go while a bunch assholes laughing at but meanwhile it's ok to laugh out of its own a youtube video totally located throw a bug in in a tank in and watch officiated like cool ran but it's like a golden alliance i go that's all it's like watching a fight
we want to see the guy get knocked out run next step is death right take it ass close ass possible i mean we find thrilling that will guide chokes a guy on several off of women is totally unconscious dealing definition than death is time the amount to really has a truck that's it saying keep that look out for another minute that guy's dead you know we're not even a minute and we get millions of people want to watch watch yeah but at least that's they make a decision they both made a decision to both can enter into this and its in extreme form of a competition with dire physical consequences and that's why so exciting the watch mean i think that the parallels when you watching something like that will definitely a little different but still said it's a detachment than it is now volume watch a movie you can watch a movie where ten people get shot and they get punished biogas or aspect but if they fuck if their naked what are you shall make is this like people are weird
real we're like to draw the line on certain things for whatever reasons now it doesn't make any sense whatsoever doesn't doesn't that's all behind the you can't when it all now minute you do good it is good jobs cannon putting forward an educated apace why what we do and and and at the same time being you know where i'm unapologetic about it to us some recent there's not a conversation i could convince me that what i'm doing isn't what i was meant to do now comes the high we need you don't you put forward that we try and tell people about it and educate people as what it is and people are gonna feel out we're gonna feel but at the end of the day
mean nothing can change with us either how did you go from being a guy who's obsessed with being the best hunter you could possibly be in wanting to be the best hunger in the world had you go from there to working for a sick apparel company a hunting company and and and going to kill you well i saw it after i kill that big al i was in the past are right some stories and unlike us thirty told you i mean i'm i really you know there's loggers it get something a great stroke of luck in life and all almost and they killed one big thing they win one small lottery or whatever and and and they never hear from again and that was like that you're home grown up in a hundred like to kill this huge elk was the as is the right place at the right time amazing thing for me when i was at the time super conscious that i won't be one hit wonder let me now i want to do it more i want to be really good at what i'm doing me like i grew up reading hunting books and like that the best hunters in the world
all i want to leave out his title exaggerated our keep the strap after every year i answer my just put the work in and i do have some writing or that a trade show when i met him and i didn't work at sick i was the first they had an athlete team and one for trust us for you're not relent athlete in whatever way called wherever prototype we're talkin within the followed its it's weird term today became by a hat says they prostate franchises completely dad i mean less every approach staff with everything like when you can buy had that says that it it's it's dead earnest it means nothing it's it's been but back in the day was aren't when print media in like at the un one point in time it meant you were voting for our product because used it the right to vouch for yeah you had the photos you had the accomplishments you learn the right now so much today you have you have
credibility to say this is this is good stuff or not and not because you did social media wraps but because you actually had been anther using x it off and had had the track record so i'm an amateur radio and you don't like it said every again in life you have some letters right place at the right time and i'd kill that big alcan kind was gettin known and and met him in the booth these idea that cuba killer big elk and looked exactly say is still there yeah so we heard often i started helping them testing gear in china commercial formed on stuff we just became really good friends and then when the whole deal went down and sitka me like when you when you're guy your guy is young therein and in his leaving me you have a choice you can either go with your geier you can stay with you know what's wherever that the best thing you think is to do in and i like men what are we going on actually now i'm down what did you think this pursue
that he's on to create them finally engineered like to the extreme products like what he's doing it's it's why i mean he's these had everything on the head that he told me i mean we flew down we went to her i flew down like it was like a no member or something a year before you start a key was already started but beforehand hee hee basic is like nostradamus in hindsight it means like listen breaks out this he ever on their forget this brief casing pulled this thing out of the carbon fiber families like this is this is a backpack were coming out with and the whole business model that is like i'm not the smartest ghana world but when i meet a really smart do this got a really good idea i'm not that dumb smart enough to recognise might be a year s like us aground yeah i mean
when you see something evil to don't wanna know more about that and that seems like it's gonna fix a problem and industry on the knowledge of what he would he knew about everything and we're we're buddies incited why wouldn t want to go work at a company where you gonna be held a hunt as much as you want your testing gear and and i mean truly live in the dream and not just say it like live in the dream like you don't eat wake up every day and you like what you do on and you know that's all one that's insult eyes at ease the basically i'm looking for someone to run this part of that and inside you thought you'd be perfect time like perfect i think people like you are attracted to the pursuit of excellence and waste the pursuit of excellence in another form you go well there it is likely that still how it is with me when i say it seeing your company and i see accompany this tried like deeply and seriously engineer something i got on shit that i'm not even interested in buying i give some
making the craziest grandfather clock in the world and i see this guy its engineering these things so it's accurate like one eighteen one second over twenty years my eye i wanted to do was always going on these dudes brain that makes them want to make this unbelievable grandfather clock i'm fastened aided by pursuit in someone's trying to do something better than the people have done before it i'm fastened by that so you i have seen that now forever a guy like you and i know what i know what i like and i know what when i see a good idea the one thing is like there i'm not when some necessary the bastard doing like super intricate things or know exactly how to get there but when you see some of that knows how to get there and like it be a good combination and to assist in that in some way that when their headed honour on on the right direction is like a dumb and
and then my input on what we do but in the end it it's a lot of it is and how it goes about stuff it's called a watch me that's like it it's i was tell people like that what we do is it is it's exactly what you think it is like there's not like you step in the room and it's like i address some other guys knock this that's not going on and with as has happened some companies knew you oppose it up the stairs disturbing to me you know it's when when you look at the nature of this wouldn't how far can you keep pushing i mean this is of a fairly new thing let people been like ridiculously engineering hunting and outdoors quit men and obviously exists in like mountaineering world and the eyes in the only they try every year to try to come up with better and better stop at how how far can that go like is there a point where you going to have it done like this is the best backpack anybody could ever possibly make these are the best clothes mean
desire is a point where that ends you know today innovations have no faster than ever has in with this business model we can implement those innovations quickly and were always looking for the next great hissing i always am i searched the globe on a continuous basis for what's new what's next align myself with the innovation leaders for every sue category weathers marina wall wool whether its leathers or whether its far gloves or whether its carbon fiber for a bat tax we had our designer down at stanford meet with carbon fiber scientists dumber than working on some leading edge technologies are on carbon fiber that won't even get to mark of her fears were that interested in seeing what's next because we can implement it because we have no price restrictions we take to markets for us it's it's a never ending pursuit and there's always new way
used to make things in this way tag tagline for the business of ultralight because if i can find a way to shave an ounce or gram there's a reason to redo that product is reason to reinvent that product because that makes a difference and that was my focus with this is that the tories technology in how to make the yarn carbon fiber at all lead ultra light and ultra light means performance in the mountains and so my goal is to get our waits continuously to come down as far as our problem without giving up performance nuts through using really an enemy of technologies and designs that are focused on that and means from we started to where we are now move taken pounds in pounds wait out of people's kits and pacts and seen the results and has been amazing the watch people that normally would lock in an ounce of the seven of them back now leaving with a forty lb pack and comebacks in made all the difference in the world i can hunt now and i thought i was done because the pack weigh
now if you guys thought about implementing any sort of work out routines or our diet routines are things like that on your website and shaping people's ideas about getting your boss they prepared like to do more that i really would we started developing our mountain fit line little cannot next year's using all of our fabric innovations into a performance fitness line for customers are all train for hunts and i have wanted to step in and help people get nutritional supplements and bring that to our customers as well we haven't gotten there yet but i think its absolute some i know i want to do as i live and breathe it ever i haven't done it you don't think that's also another aspect of people don't realize how much physical requirement is necessary in order to hunt like especially mountain hunting l cunning you go on in the mountains of montana you're fuckin nine thousand was elevation its unbelievably differ well done the body and i think most people don't realize how much physical preparation is involved
socially you two guys you of the wrestler you're for football player you guys have asked letting backgrounds you know how physically demanding this is the hardest things i've ever done had been hunting without a doubt and i mean it like it's hard to say their stuff that's the stuff it's tougher than college wrestling practices are definitely you don't mean you you got you push to women especially in these long expedition hans and i've spent twenty four days backpacking in the bar marshall asked you to fund a sheep to find one round and it's like until you she done that i'm talkin like it's not just you know how far how long but a sustained it's at us the high level of focus also which like you can you can drain away at stuff and you can just go and go and go but i mean again when we know we don't just go from a to b we had to be you don't you have to be on point in the mountains to you have to be sharp you'll be ready ex galiano montcalm there can't be to sort of trotting along like a zombie me will you
get up early in the morning if you're not glass and everything no time with with the same enthusiasm and the same or that your grid system or whatever you have to be as intense they wanted you do on the last day because you can miss what you're looking for you can't you can't let up that's the beauty of it and mean you'd i mean physically fit i mean there's lots of different staffing he's got his whole training regiment and already different but the liquidity ogre cardio and you know how much you're eating minutes it's it's it never is there is no magic bullet that the puzzle you're always putting it in your eyes breaking it down and doing a new puzzle i do every year nea and everyone has different physical requirements as some people are older and you just trying to kind of maintain the best possible shape their in there's some guys at a younger we try to get them and the ultimate fitness when your training and you're doing all these back back things would you
carrying way using wait plates like what you would you carrying around in a bag backside use we have these san bags that are set up for putting overnight the booms and our video now what are you you can buy em and twenty pounds twenty five thirty pounds a comment and that's what i put my pack train with and so i right now we're rowan and were about forty five days away from her ass she put the yukon i'm really stepped up my weight some training with a ninety pound pack now and i'll do two or three our high fifteen hundred did two thousand vertical fee and now i'm doing in the middle of the day with the heat or haven't because it adds another mental toughness factor to plus as you know it adds a whole another level of fitness to a u turn in the heat so my goal is to try to train situations with weight in conditions that are harder than little experience in the hunt just for the mental strength as much as is the physical part of it because you can be downloaded three thirty four and you just see a lotta guises fold in the towns
i've had it near home right does physically the doha meeting left nothing left right so it there's a mental side of it too that's a big part of it that gives me confidence when a long trip does it's their fricking grinders and where we walk for three freaking straight days with seventy pounds back before even start hunting not just to get into the area from the time you wake up until the time go to bed and that can now most people can make the folks at phone call get picked up and taken out and we hear about all the time from from clancy customers we try to help them get prepared lower that way so that doesn't happen to him when you're doing something like that and you're preparing for something do you start off like twenty lb and just like how do you how do you do that how would you advise someone like see if there someone listening now it says hey you know i'm going to go on a hunt this this winter or this is fall rather and i need to really get physically but i want to blow it all out in one shot yet you deftly on a build up to it and because i don't stop
can i come out of him go right back in my training but for lahti desert just getting to ease and do it right i mean you want it's like you said start with twenty pounds and build yourself up over time as last we want to do is going to hunt heard right on that before have over trained or done too much gonna die and you have to be careful special you age i get her sent tend to get ten unnoticed in joint paying more than i ever have and so it's it's managing your body through that process in and having something left when you leave and but being fit enough and having your feet and in goodness shaping boots broken and there's a lot to it the scientists the cardio part of it that goes into ya think people would benefit from seeing what like if you could make like a blog on how you do it or our line totally outline how you start off and how someone would build into it and maybe concern with someone who is an expert trainer and figure out what the best way to get people prepared linked to development it will work out for like four pack hunting
even hiking any any any sort of thing where you walking appeal in the mountains with weight on your back slightly boy that is unbelievably difficult thing to do all day every day there are several days at a time as just a different biomechanical movement i use a trial run a time beforehand now is i've got an older i realise that i need to train more specifically for hunts and that's karen a pact with weight and its different muscle groups as you ve felt gets more than your hips more new galoots and hits a whole different also group than trail running does or that weight training does or training on elliptical stairmaster or whatever that is there is no substitute for some time the pact with waited is now there's no such is so different than anything else it's so exhausting it is it's a whole different muscle group and your your heart and lungs maybe in shape but those muscles aren't and attaches you yeah is watches i live with its work out and kettlebells and almost of him i packed hundred pounds for
three quarters of a mile foreigners in dead when it was over like all my god i can imagine seventy pounds on my back for three days at a time walking all day just a start has not done for that so it would serve someone listening to this is there a resource is there any like sort of a website they can go to that give them some good workouts for for something to get prepared for something there isn't one specific to what we're doing and i think it's great idea the others is really lay in that out and we too and we talk about and we take all this for fruit and grant yeah we ve grown up doing spreadsheets people like oh my god so maisie do that mike i ve always done ran out no major paxman away where are you not over packing and that you have exactly which need and how much you need of it we break it down delay colors pronounce announces per day
as far as our food we bring me i gotta sheep and early outfits platform every all my food and it's all wait out it's all it's all calculate out to the exact colored predominantly eat what kind of food even a lot of hope it's now i used to bring you lots of bars and cliff bars and power but now it's real food and ben i both gotten that now knots grains and getting away from the educated meal so much to have high sodium knowledge of nutritional value and really try to focus on you know bringin bread peanut butter season and cheeses and things that will stick with you high sugars and real quick burns right when you have dehydrated food how nutritious possessed of despite our industries that i think is calories now if you really look at their colours are not that many calories browns their light in whom have higher colors france's than others but bread has come of the really good recipe with here
peanut butter and noodles and like that i'm doing it really creative with it are of any kind of build my own like might like stuff wasn't my idea executive modified it couple things rahman and peanut butter and fats and jerky inside all as to how it weighs about the salmon has double the calories and in the one thing that is why i do a lot is advising people that are goin big lions like start today don't put it off don't get a plan like get a pack on go for a hike start work out right now get in and get all your gear in order and at the end of the day it's gonna be a grind you're you're not gonna the unesco me full the whole time you're not going to have all the energy and the like that's the beauty of it is like you can train all you want to do a deal gotta be working on the deficit you need to be sharp and he's gonna be growing through you have to be tough you know that we haven't you can't be a wimp and do so
you figure out how much peanut butter to bring that is why you can't really not rights burn worry me a thousand two thousand calories an hour when you can't heavyweight out is it really damage two thousand calories our you'll do a thousand dollars entrepreneur that is not even possible two thousand cowards an hour if your hiking for twelve hours without suit with weight is possible without it why you lose a pound a day two pounds a day on these haunts of you if you're not in total ship gone it was your bodies running off one more new taking it yet you're gonna be a collar deficit no matter one that also puts you at a mental deficit leaders makes you mentally exhausted when your body so using all its resources take part of it s the same feeling you get cuttin wait you get on a huge when you run out of food your way back in earns just like you just gotta dig the like how do you show for practice when you're cutaway he just gotta do it and yet the is gonna dig deep in your
audio your body response mean the courting is your body responsible eat what it needs to eat and you just keep going minutes it's gonna be to admit that the the beauty of it it's it's never easy i'm gonna be that's gonna be tough will that's one so exciting about the right as it is is unbelievably difficult produce tat man now if you go on like explain to me a hunt like say if you're going to go on a mountain goat honneur a sheep on will you know you're gonna go into very difficult terrain and you have x amount of days how do you pack for that like as far as food yeah too today two per day yet and then you wanna be ranged from two hundred two hundred twenty kellers grounds on food choices so i break it down you concentrate on vitamins do you think about like a daily i'll bring aubrey supplements aubrey you know whether it's your election
replacement terrorize or vitamins that type of stuff and then the other part of this whole foods make sure max out that college rounds high fat content and then the other thing i tell people is try it when you're not hunting totally you have if you don't like it you're gonna hate it on the mountain like when you put these new pro bars you try to provide yeah i got those and ass the after while i mean there's a lot to others not too grand yet unmarried filling in the very big and dance but try one for ten days or three of a day for ten days at the end of it you don't want to eat it in so i've i believe now for me less than what i recommend our customers is bring food you like now that you love and focus on that stuff first trying to get crazy on something new you haven't try and thinking ok i'll get our own by all these different type of exotic barton that'll be my food source do too for i was on a key to jack diet housing like tunnels provides days only talking about while
peanut butter jock ones fuck a mother i do i know you all time i didn't i donno fourteen days the mounds i couldn't i find it another one and throw you know that that expression find me the best looking woman someone who's the guy is tired of public media exactly you have you got a lot of it with the food is at a try it out early yet you try it before i may tell you like if you if you ve never eaten mountain house minutes it it it's like second nature ass we need all much of that shit that it's like i got i mean i got tell the mountain houses dehydrated isn't a freeze dried or to freeze dried whether its round hauser i mean there's a million kinds of it but i've gotten away like i can only eat a certain sum on function better for me like i'm like any red sauce don't every chile mac by the way why just
that goes right rear your buddy everyone you hunt was can be bombed you ate a critical if we get somebody you hunt with like freedom chile mac but if you know how to hang time if you ve ever done it before in the office and you go on this great big trap near your stress during your travelling analysed up and also you know it's like thrown diesel into an unleaded car i mean if you've never ran on that before you don't really know how you're going to ghana is what i got to do a do a lot of people if you don't freak him out thing leaving outfitters because you wanna she puddle provide the food right but should you don't whether we give you that they don't know what you're like the always over pack you mean the food bags or hand you'll be forty pounds for ten days when you really need twenty pounds because they don't know leslie wants a client doesn't like what they have to eat or runs out of food and so this is all part of and then part of it you may not like what they provide you if he generally is super interesting and i'm a mess around with that actually is as we speak because the thought of being able to go for ten days
sustained energy while you're burning your own fat loses i mean that as that is like why i would say that's cutting at a mess around our right now it's y gotta m c p oil or supplement try that this fall the sea because i've been in places it is kind of funny like i've had times where you run a food or you have so little food that i think your body is switched over to where it is most certainly and then you feel fine like it's just goes away so well there goes away in some sort of weird way and there there is also a bunch of different people that are involved in this now they're coming up with snacks indifferent foods that you could take with you when you are that's one that is why i want to ask you guys what you're carrying around but one your bodies indicates kosis you know then this need high fat high fat content foods and you gotta figure out how to keep them ok kid them from gum bad while you're out there in the mountain but i'm in butter things on those elements a lot more than powers yet and peanut butter
probably neighbours must be nobody can guess can be loaded up a shudder and is it even if the insolence bikes you gonna get the crashes when when you're talkin about twenty pounds of food that doesn't it like alive you tell me twenty pounds food for how many days for attended two pounds of food the market is our panicking already on pay mom i'm starving amateur starve you gotta rationality match you to get a rational it out and i mean it's not like you sitting around like ready to get some need i mean you're right you're doing stuff your glasses are i mean it's just like yours it's it's alive is your hungry to go it's going on a diet it's it's it's it's basically you're in the mountain but your meal prepped like there's your little meal you don't like it gazed at her slimming down a beyond these competent yours like that's all you get now you have them broken down the packets weatherbury have broken down per day so i've zip blog bag with my day how big is it was look like that's about this but we must not very big that's crazy
every day is broken down exactly that way so what's nice about as you get back to your exhausted to take your empty bag the eight hour day that goes in the garbage and then oh you know and outer food bag and dumping your pack so there's no guesswork none it can't be any you eating the stuff like restarted my before you go out there are you trying to live off after a few days i try everything around so the news something new comes out and we learn about something new i'm trying to turn my training and train trying to nazi make sure like it have you ever deserve a new product it's out of such a friend of mine as put out it's called fat fudge of europe this note its pace even pull up settings p h eighteen fudge dot com i think is her the website which he sells it but she's or might be paleo shaft outcome but cheese created this it's like snack it's very nutrient date dance its of knowledge that as empty t oil and at very low sugar or things got lay a little bit of honey and aunt but there
they come in these small individual packets dude i'm fuckin live i ezra that it's fantastic but that's a type of stuff it yes so powerful them yeah because its small packet images rip the top off it shovin in your mouth and nuts you it down and see you see all the ingredients yards key to gigantic and it's called out you know cow it's got to merrick cinnamon see salt mock honey grass fed butter it's all like suit our deserve a good start but it's you know two hours for like a little tiny thing but very nutrient dense and for someone who's trying to burn off nothing but fats is a good way to go as yet the concept of burning fat verses using sugars
is to be reduced view to max testing and weight with our pacts on at a use it if farmers lab and that guide trained work with u s cycling team and they were talking about this movement ended burning fat verses using gel shots and sugars yeah and i've started to and in our diet what we bring that's been our focus in this really big difference to make big differences may it's been a big difference allotted you have see fighters me should take which over there he shouldn t jag died out where you want the title brine caraway boyfriend he's i too he said we cutting his way easier as performance levels are higher and one things and i'm fine with myself and with a lot of my friends have gone on is your testosterone goes up noticeably in some guys it's going up by double really speak as the precursors for testosterone it's all about its all about fats it's all about your body turns fats saturated fats and cholesterol all that stuff you're eating from healthy fats turns out
to hormones that's like what it needs and it's one of the big problems with going on high carb low fat diet is that you body as a difficult time creating hormones through the i didn't really interesting and new stuff that's coming out of these guys are taking it they're finding that when they're doing their blood tests that their testosterone levels are higher than growth hormone levels are higher really interesting stuff like i think your body is designed to eat that natural food like plant in and vegetables and meets that as you watch a bare what he's first all the fat yeah fish nor even to meet certain number one adds food source of energy sources fat first i mean it's a wonderful
since four for whatever reason our societies decided that's what makes people thats really the shutters yeah it's the sugars its items and the shutters but it's this stuff changes alla time and if you go back five years ago and you read some of the studies that are done and what what people recommend like for as far as diet now today it's totally contrary to that it it's interesting how does that the edge is always moving at the cutting edge of this stuff is always it's always changing and people are always coming up with new studies that show better ways to eat funding our doings yes we're in a were always then there is no magic bullet i get guys call all the time like he would what jacket do i need to do it as who're you like came to my mind because we are in the midst of building set cut that i've just like the name for whatever reason just might get told me that was it go at the gut totally always every time every time i just like the way the name lays out the way the balanced look in one s hunting it and this is what
had sitka hunting therewith my ex business partner actually gore text before they at last says invested in us and woke up one morning for everybody else's and on the back button is like thinking about coup the name as like that's from naming next company and i dont know why that even came to my mind because we are in the midst of building said cut but i've i just like the name for whatever reason just by got tillman that was it go at the gut totally ways every time every time is amazing when you follow it how powerful at us my whole life right those gown my gut totally yards no there's no other way and was only people are dead driven or or their entire life is about fear and is a dictates everything they do versus follow your gut and putting the fear aside and once you do it makes all the difference life your fears good it is motivating factor yeah it's also with the lack of fear the very dangerous
one of the things that i would say like people around scared when their fighting to be we're in trouble you're in trouble managed before it nobody likes to be scared but when i was impeding the worst tournaments had ever thought and i was not nervous rose too confident i just perform poorly but when i was fuckin tariff i'd like completely on edge then your bodies just it's just primal you get down to that that the bare minimum amount of understanding of what would you have to do of the thinking neither the rest the world fades away all yours how about that task you cutting out everything else there's no thought about pills there's no thought about the future there's just what's going on front of you right now and was so you can get down to that that's when you performing your best but fuckin terrifies another likes it nobody likes to be like you see guys that are in like that you have seen that are like like his
good example i am a big fan of the rock all that and also realized argument on the way he was way to relax laid out he was gonna kill michael best being and michael bis being fought that fight like is here we go in the guest a fuckin silver back a real only he was terrified or not terrify but gino jacked up with nerves and like you always animal one for you and that's how you walk knocked him out such its work that is ours knock out too in the sea this first caille like that that is out of solomon ways jorge there are in manchester long time ago beat down mayhem miller's atee kayo but they did t cayos yeah i mean he's also sitting downers ponchas better jason pillows box and coach has really been working with them in and d done a fantastic job with him and with chris cyborg in a bunch of other people that their bills to that reminded me of key charity in talking about houston alexander it was like i kept thinking like an israeli dismissive like
not even in my leg and all that stuff and all of a sudden you dear dear you calf when a guy's a professional if you just stood there and lenin punch you in the face would it not be yes ok so that it can fuckin happen and the last thing you want to be the guises guy can't beat me i'm gonna go near fuck em up and then you wake up with a flashlight your eyes what what's goin on to senator we don't move gosh yet what happened mother fucker in one of the deal that that ego that allow the eagle tells you that is going to protect you from all this you know do the bad as mother fucker you know if need were about shit who after worrying that boy am goddammit ego the exactly you eager leave you alone like where you now bench eagles it's ok to say it does dumbly that yeah
and even if you say it gave you a fire carefully here yet will look for yourself to these guys are killer yeah i mean i just meant that sports autism is a crazy boy s friend has got me into it and i professor fight now have you come live yet i have where have you been to live and sit on the thomson hendricks i've been like twenty five years that we want on energy mix now lorenzo fajitas nephew owns go hot yeah yeah s friends in our body so he took me we have full access about i was gonna tell him you're the big ones coming up we can totally different has various alive oh yeah on tv behaves like weight dull heroic and i know it's corn on what they have these little things is all radios in get at the with a concession stand k right yeah nonetheless at most arenas have now and you it isn't radios and you u turn them on and it actually has a frequency that picks up the commentary really gets excellent it's really cool i miss that part
while the sometimes something's going on you don't know what happened yet like like they stop the firelight worthy stop the fighting realise those fuckin legs broken yeah exactly he takes a while yeah yeah commentary and it also i believe you can get i'm not sure but that it might just be fight pass one of the cool things about you you find passes union listen into the corners oh you can guess the core geyser might ups couldn't you can hear like someone saying oh you know his hands broker oh you know what this would you get into the wooden yeah we get you get you get inside you also get a sense of building up anticipation like you know that a guy's got an injury and then he's trying to cut it out makes even more exciting and watch its essence work we gave a couple hobbes and washing emanate hunting that's it and then there are the very it's very there very comparable like young from going from being arrests army the ministers to excite it's slow portions of nothing in this training and grinding and all of a sudden and then every
again you get to step in and in and see where you're out i'm yes it's it's you don't like you say like two guys i mean that's that's stripped down to get you to win or lose fifty have the army to gonna win or i'm not saying with hot numbing it certain point diamond that hunt you either get him are you don't like that percentages work alec them minutes that's that's the cool thing about we think also like honey it's very it's not perceived correctly by a lot of people are very misunderstood and a lot of people think of is barbaric awful thing involving bullies and assholes when really incredibly intelligent difficulty bore pursuing one of the most one of the most difficult things to do with dire physical concept does if you fail those bullies and assholes didn't have the dedication in those aren't the real guys while they do of the understanding of who they actually are needed in order to face your own fears like a lot of the bullies and the assholes like you can get us and distance with that with physical pain
our and genetic attributes me some guys is hit fuckin hard and they're just good it taking a shot and in and if you stand in front of a whale with them they might catch you are you out and beat your ass and use got gabby by a bully but the reality is when those guys get too deep amy or check or kane velasquez or you know the best of the best they're gonna get fucked up because those guys are just as just as physically strong just escaped but also have their mental shit in order of their ego and order they have their understanding and order and those guys are some of the nicest most down people you ever gonna meet because they get their ego checked on a daily basis every one of my men we have some guys that our customers us t j and mendez and i mean they're really sharp guys very sharp and very nice very polite not assholes very thoughtful mean just great people to be around and they also recognised that same thing in hunting they do now e g in chad gigantic
to count on my chat not lives for it that means as he wants to do that move on most really good athletes at you come across that are harmonised that's that's like their second passion in love doing what's on the baseball players in football players in many schools then what do you turn city why this aim you get the same drug out of a gas is dna right and mean those get sympathise with the hunters of the tribe right are the athletes giant adjust its natural natural deal we had a carson palmer's across rivers and he had never is like you never been hunting the pharmacy carson palmer's a quarter for the cards and literally follow any other sports i can tell you everything you want to know about mme kickboxing that's a love a narrow focus now i'm about narrow focus apparently had so carson one thing called the husband trophy that amy told me about that its metal trafficking we get for claims upon college and then he's the quarterback for the now the cardinals but
and he was cincinnati and he had a guy on the team took a hunting during her off during one thereby weeks but other than tristan eleven hundred our group an orange kindly guided and said the first time it dear walked under a stand back he the adrenaline and the dna of that process took over and he is just a die art hundred now it's all he wants to do when he reached when he's dumpling football he only wants and he wasn't thus increase so can we evolve it is just that happen formica happen for you yeah see it happens so much with athletes we have brent burns placed its game call hockey gee that's eyes wandered so ice yes case actually villages water they freeze real water yan and he's same way you just got into hunting and he is just like this is the most amazing thing just dna its intense it's it's it's on lively intense and again increase
we reward angling like when i go to storm by a stake there's no rewards i got is delicious i can't wait to eat it it's not like you know cooking up a deer backdrop that you know you have to get out of the mountains the elevator grandpa cereal stakes with a hollow p s see you next year the next day when cooked it up just like it it just swelling i got sweat porn out my hand our boys laugh about me i don't like it isn't amazing man without lapenotiere man if you try to that way every way possible of headed ratibor anything you put on love at all yeah yeah it's the best meet you can agree that in my kids of any never for years now i have a six year old it's been eaten bear since she was three sauce and cats it's the healthiest food into its edge feel better it feels better when you had it really does one is far better for it
yeah and i'm really into pursuing the art of cooking it in a bunch of different ways to and that's nothing that i learned from manila my getting hank shaw who i think lives up your way too wild game cook of famous chef whose turn to coming to hunter because it was in instead in trying to prepare this food and be more connected with food sinister hunting then using isn't use a lot of local ingredients to a lot of like in greece means from the area where the animal actually lives really interesting to others do cook i barbie does it make dialing fire and mia that's all idea i can't buy regrettable cook it well that's the best way anyway now especially now really is but yeah much ass a guy furies atlanta
yeah sure yeah and so he's he's actually become bodies with with bread and because he likes to smoke meet cut me like you and i we shape is it re stuck because it's not the eighties buddy you love s pride tabs gotta go now hold down a hacker stuff off we got a three week after three haircuts from why have you ever noticed goddamn your hair cutler skill think verma locks love no hope here yeah i have to say that do exactly like ships like anthony bourdain he took me hunting in montana recently when sazen hunt and you know he is he's a big and of doing that as well as cooking the animals you know that the he he hunts himself and in showing you how to prepare properly is on that point times on a show and resolve yeah yeah for is actually fund put differ marinate put differ recipes together my throne barbecue but there's a lot the goes into it and then
so you know some of the people don't do i think enough of the fog and they wonder why doesn't a price proper aging your meat and if you do that with yours i do sometimes but most time i just cook it yeah it's better if you agent you can do a quick aging fridge we put up like a rack like like a pan or plate with echo by iraq the get stuff though the bottom of it and then put fell over the top blood during out and how long do you age for i'll age bagshot for today's my fridge ray and it is so much better what is it smell like does not agree that really nothing come it doesn't stink after ten days and has not erotic it's just aging they do that with beef right but then outside of it is our black sea unjustly but that's what you should do you you cut off the outside edges and it's only little backdrop as well what you do with anyone but that outside doesn't think it just gets done and actually knows a crust each from off the cross to cook the middle million times better what is temperature that it has to be on your doing that you could it mean
because your meeting an army now when you're the guy judge if you're gonna quick age does your friends just normal fridge mediterranean which is what our no thirty six thirty eight greece right but when they like dry age me when you go to a like one of those sitting in words that the temperature is my brother went to corners coherent taught me that real i get it to age me can you get all the blood out of the blood is what causes a game ear flavour and also it also tender as your meat when aid try right bulgaria rooting out he's around strap put it in the fridge with little bit of soy sauce and some brown sugar or something on and i mean you're not eating sugar anymore but if you do that it'll i mean it's phenomenal i don't know if it would go bad never lived long enough where he could eat it but i mean i'm not you i've left a back up for weeks we six weeks why doesn't run that's interesting it doesn't more sustained because it does not have all that fat on it like a beefsteak they'd beef right but
how do you do that in addressing these where it is people don't do it but rather like like guy known it big african ph he'll take a whole hindquarters together steve covering tolmaeus he'll take a whole hindquarters but his frigid in a frigidis house for thirty days in its the best it is a ph for people on those professional hunter which in africa is like a guide it s tito steve covering no for he saw the bow hunter really cool guy big guy he's basic killed everything in africa with a bow i don't know anybody else's ever done like disguise the real deal goes at an enormous places but he takes take people hunting or their stuff it almost almost entirely bo himself like stud in
all our energies to cool like everything and no one's got more able than african and everything he's been everywhere it everything which is thinketh sink thinking of his meat sitting frederick for thirty days does it go about trust grazing jamming covered and filed but iraq so the blood contain out and it can sit there for it'll be you'll be amazed at how long you can change it and how good it is what you do is that the key because every minute let's sit in like like a bought a stake in a store i let simmer for direct for too long the open up the meet its most terrible that sort of an age to and sit in itself for area in that is advocating that it has to drain getting out of its blood's dont rapid out don't put it don't don't contain it right yet we know that without her knees but then you can the other way feed on iraqi can take i do as a bull red or a panel but fall over it and punch holes in it ah so suspends in that blood go through this holes in the flow of the portfolios
top sliding average do they sell like a rack for aging in your refrigerated bilingual they make little cooking racks that are just like screens with that are designed to gonna pan and get stuff offer appear less anxious and let alone i tried i gotta try it i haven't been doing all make a huge difference i marinate sometimes you know what i like to do is to take newman's own balsamic zagreb put it in that for you no five or six our high addresses a great man yeah yeah it's excellent and then put out some unknown served she i was at a camp was actually at home we were i wasn't hunting and someone brought by some she backdrops they they had a marinated in telling address gods is nothing better doll sheep or stone she backdrops it's amazing how good they taser soviet gb this is the best means of all the means
if they are not the same as that of the big ones not near its good and the hearty you work for the better it is like a sheep tender line pulled ride out one man each side as hard as you can get it i mean it's just that's it right you just want to see it and no one will ever know how good it is because they never make it out no critical ever get a bite of that right if we get it out of the mouth ever comes out most time you cook it why you're up there i yell out of times i do we have a thing called man kebabs which is you got to hunt down the animal you got to kill it you got to bring it you got to pack it back to camp you got to a fire that you create the eta harvest the willow stick they're gonna put the meat on the chop it up you slight on them in the time where we had top rahman seasoning speculative profits rameses not pull over the fire that's amanda bob tom vegetables it's kind of a kind of final the top romania's the seas baton promises you fuckin good could i see that stuff
some of them are just a little bit on the table are put on my finger delicious too good season goods easy you get we created we don't have much it's probably could i dear to like to bring like in camp it's a small packet to its already sealed up like a good sized all its graze in and you don't like a red and the bombs on that thing grant you're starving to death threat and we kill this animal tat other five is off the hook well when we when i hunted with her now the very first time shot a mule dear and then we ate the liver that night we hung up most of the meat intrigues it was like prickles dark and went back the next day pack it out but when we went back camp and eight liver and onions from an animal than two hours ago is like the most insanely delicious food i've ever had in my life you couldn't i couldn't leave how good a t steal your husband did you guess you guess hunted down from the fairy upon the missouri yeah on achieving their bunch we saw a lot of sheep up there is pro pretty hard to get
alright artist place in the world is that the brakes hearts based or get a tag you stand there is doing a good job of making sure the populations go up biggest sheep in the world and they had a giant balls we spend a hare segmented others show concentrating on the balls the sheep like renault romania video put susie finest pretty funny we were there and were never like is obsessed with these bighorn she in their balls and he's like the moment these things i'm going to i'm going to kill it and i'm going to take one of those balls and i'm just going to eat it eat it like an apple polina earlier there there that the biggest of anything that will let you didn t balls you killed what she bought i'm not easy but you're not gonna you are not doing this off eva receive just make good like everything else you like cameron hands carronades only heart you only liver you and what you're crazy we shot an alcoholic
cut nord eyes like you gonna eat them like fuck you may eat this around the house i put in it earlier you gonna cut around the whole depend that's a bow and arrow you don't have to do that now yet that weird funky lead in your mouth exactly so this is a human eye up and he started obsessing about the balls i know exactly where you guys are examining exactly where you go home and tell people wanna dance by turkey and you say pointed to a lot of being on so what they're gonna say some look don't hurt me all the way home you ve never seen a scroll i'd love to short territory your house on dockers now
it's like a church bell church bell hey now into his life our giant are they also mean crazy animal that is one of the most impressive is excellent success during your pondering here goes the first thing i'm going to do i'm going to eat when i kill one and punch my tag and i'm going to eat i intend to that same straight out just raw why why is it that man failing calling to do it well use another really important factor in educating people on a disease of very well read very intelligent guy reorient educated and a really very very ethical
yeah i mean is ethical and as driven as you can be sure it is book america muffler yeah why didn't redoubt when i read the other when the media or one region the american buffalo it's a fascinating yeah he's very high demands of those tragic yet as we speak is it out so well well he had this guy is podcast dan flores who is a wildlife biologist who while the historian i should say it's an amazing podcast where he details that history of animals and european set coming over here and wiping out the various animals and what's being and try to restore that their products are trying to do some called the american serengeti with trying to put together like an area like a protected area like is big yellowstone we but does actually get involve hunting really here i am property right now in montana yeah it's gonna let you get away
i don't know that much about only just bought a property that's not very far from where you guys were there than that that there is in block management you're allowed to hunt it but it's in other poems i think upon the cattle often but you'll that's that's a huge success story right derriman though still sheep replanted back in their nineteen seventies its prey the biggest heard and in montana certainly the best sheep hunting in the world they are planted in there in the seventies and started hunting in the boat nineteen ninety days restarted hunting again and when they were totally brought back from money from an auction tag but a transplant in there and they have exploded onto the landscape they were shot out by mark hunting and in domestic cheap interaction years ago and then brought back now what's the best place in the world now wouldn't happen on honours yet is an amazing success story and debts
that's an also an interesting thing these auction tags which is really weird where you let someone you give them this opportunity to hunt and a lot of times these guys are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars i gather that the most expensive tag and history forerunner in eighty five thousand dollars right there missouri breaks yeah why at twenty thirty one are you one of those balls guy paid so i mean there is a huge ram not a couple hours three of us that that guided and there's a guy paid forty five dollars it in that the money thing about that really we it's perception of some rich dude by it like you pay for an opportunity to bypass the system to do something that you would normally to draw that it's as simple as that it's not like i'm the spin this huge amount of money and you notice huge head antinous eagle fainted got guy over time you like they're so many misconceptions about what goes on with that type of thing that same via its attacks right off
it's a donation wildlife if you really care about wildlife and it gives the guy and opportunity to take and again if you're a billionaire view made a ton of money and you care about while asking you loved hunt why would you not do that its none that weird is all relative let's all relative its money and so donation and yes we have with this big sheep we spent eighteen days continents the biggest one ever been killed with a auction tagging united states and was a phenomenal hunt a guy in almost glad to dominate the money's in on it provided new sheep transplants money for wildlife that no would not exist if they didn't do it it's one tag unresolved million dollars with the big contradiction when people talk about hunting and hunting being for conservation how it helps conservation that that is what is one of the biggest examples of it is how much money goes into helping these animals and habitat preservation and reintroducing em to areas like what the rocky mountain out found
she has done with reintroducing elk to wash away from sheep is the biggest success in north america when they were shot basically into a few places in and they ve they brought him back through its strongly been through money by guys that are fortunate enough to be able to do it and it is it's a total misconception i mean you are paying the guy is paying money as attacks donation and he's giving money to some did he truly cares about that he loves and pray grown up doing is this guy was self made started peyton boards and west virginia started bank and made a billion dollars like he loves hunting that's what he loves it is not as some rich guy panda you don't but a head on his own in and use glad to do it and pain for the opportunity of anything at all is lost in it is is the dead animal or whatever the guy's paying for the arctic we had no advantage over anybody else does the same seas and everybody else did and the guy we end up killing a great big round which was obviously the goal but maybe one she raised a half a million dollars and doesn't credible and guy it was easy
and for the opportunity is not pan for you not the it beheld bodies are to buy a great big head to put on your wall than it would be like just to see how much money and then go out there maybe not get that but that the pursuit is is what drives and how does it work like this three guides so do did you guys scout in advance and fine those are using those unique situation we had a son and in its basic a three year story a following one ram ramshackle be fifty two and in twenty ten a friend of ours was with a guy who killed a ram up in the brakes seem d up exactly mary ran and there was a big i'm standing with it there was to be a grams together killed one of em and and the next year when we're out there scouting we came across this round like that's the same ram in the photo you took a photo right before they killed it and then we tried to hahnemann two thousand and twelve didn't get him and two thousand and thirteen
like this this ram he was really beggin than he slipped through two years nobody got smart old smart old she i mean really smart and all of a sudden we let a few guys know hey there's no an unusually big round up here and if if you want a chance to hunt it is unique in the time frame and the fact that there is not always big cheap around in this as does one year this round is alive right now and we told a few eyes and in five guys went in there was five guys are willing to pay half million other went to i mean there's five guys bit in over four hundred sixty thousand dollars for the opportunity to hunt this area look at the size of that thing oh my god are you go warns that thing or insane yeah really having earn our mckinney and myself and i mean we spent eighteen days like rattlesnakes out there and it was it was awesome honnami is it is it was a smart all round it was it was just that
really call the only guy we forget how far you take it from he almost killed it with a bow we snuck amended twelve yards aim over the top on it and a arrest in honour of being a dick came down the ridge and spoke to sheep this bought it ass knew we were hunting a sheep and came down and and spooked around here you should a killer with about we mean original hunter with a sheep town with a sheep tat they do it on purpose yeah i think so i mean if you saw three guy and you knew that they had a guy with them that had paid forty five thousand dollars to notice you pray think i'm probably in the rain how are these guys know shot but that's where we're with public land right and as the ram bugged out we killed ten days later nine miles from where there far was the the shot when he kill them each element for sixty that's a different awhile that's another as a different ramp goddamn that massing tracing that's that's so i was for
to be on both those hats to the top five sheep ever go montana ten days they are just majestic beasts when you look at the what nature has given them in their head i gotta crazy animal to develop these jag anti battering rams out at the top of their skull and the photos really don't do those things just now you put your hands on those horns militants impressive eleven and a half years old i mean that's that's the end of his life and his young run its full course that rama she did not write at all that room had broken shoulder and we have seen for a couple years he had really small body news actually non dominant sheep and it was just kind of floating around other he wasn't right he was whose is physically this right so do fall or somethin hunting is a target yeah i mean day of our time flies the other for an animal like that to live that long snakes so incredible its diversity that this is something that we have here in north america this incredible animals strange looking mean almost set
so used to them we know they exist so i think we kind of appreciate them as much as if it were just produce to them as an adult have you never heard of her seen it before by blow you away totally sick but crazy getting a battering ram on its head does always say like what as a cheap as your they had a tiny little neck and is like when you see one on the desert desert sheep a big ram it's like they wouldn't look any stranger if they were green like if they landed on mars if they landed on mars and all of a sudden there is at present she popped set up you be like it's about what i thought rocky and dry and his next this big and he's got a fifty pound headlines about have you ever seen a video with a ram and the cow but heads haven't you desire video crazy video with this ram starts moving towards this cow and the cows calf and the cow decides going ahead but this ram watched us go full screen check this out watch the ram comes up into vision in the council
fuck this so it sees it was this africa k oda and he gets up i can't tell if that's a bull is it a bore a cow i can't heads or tails blurry ass picture blurry audio but just this tiny little thing that weighs about a hundred fifty pounds of cows not much more than a thousand cayos it i said but i've seen i mean i've seen rams at other skulls broken entire horn torn off like that that the amount of power we need they get up and when they hit and it and then just like the state of right after a guy get you nowhere after you take a huge uppercut and they just stand there until and then they can come back and i will do that again how do you get enough of that view they ve got city for sure you don't do a football study on the likely economic would what were crazy design that nature figured out a way to have all these various different and they just
stand there look at this coalition that's gonna make your stock right then while one of these dummies needs to figure how to dive under and get an upper cut go and get some leverage yeah dislike dont head bottom visual gum you come and then slide under attack about you talkin about the balls bighorn sheep have to moves so it's this right here and then when their posturing kick kicking each other round their other moves they get behind each other and smash each other in the balls we the front kicked the nazis bighorn she look at the balls look at the bosnian plus both look at these nuts but it is not just another five knots like that i'd never wear pants billions deal with what i've got here when we do not know whether it be in the pole on business and that echo is for like that the sheep i handed last fall that i found them all used earlier in middle the night but like gunshots going off real need
i got up and yes but to me for hours it figured out where they work as it echoes all over me about every twenty five minutes each year when'd you sound just like a gunshot insight ok they're there you start hundred in there they were why rams nearer button heads freak pretty cool like little things like that it's like you just so cool well being out there in the wild to get it to experienced first hand diversity of all these while they like mule dear with incredible rags or alcor or bighorn cheap and is so many bizarre creations much diverse hinterland balls how rude look at it this is why i say fuck you wanna get behind you and kick universe ignore you know that move just happen every time he's kicking the other sheep in the bar scanner get five minutes let you do yes if you're taking the boss i think that no time no tyres but it's hilarious they know that they are balls so they go to attack them
no other funds they figured out how do they know the basel i guess they know that they are ass dear balls i beg you gonna figure that the sums gonna hit those things budapest dickhead sir massive fascinating to their like i mean when they are in the right there there are totally different annul than when their when early you no one there when they when they get late in the year and start jason like there's nothing they just go insane also bizarre that they have a season where they have to have sex or lose your mind yeah one we got that now let's see you have give us he would have gone college and we can jerk off yeah you do get alleviated yourselves he could think clearly these poor bastards all the way all your yeah all year knowing they go nuts to get ready no wonder the balls are so big and born with weapons and as they get older the more dominant ones of the bigger weapons jesus is what a strange system that natures figured out it is
it is also strange to me like you see when it's all over the bachelor up like when the right silver like we were loose hunting and busy last year and when the was over we found these like bachelor groups have moved their private kill each other to cover weasel you know it is a bit of somebody your best friends after gets it bans girlfriend either let anybody has a claim on any of em they're just run around and transfer but i think when it's all over there they probably like what the fuck was what we do and to couple weeks ago the exile in what would quickly looking over us i think they know i know it is strange that it comes over them so under here and it's so strong and the rest the time like a big ram wants nothing if you're if your sheep on the rest of the year and you see in use in the rocks behind they want nothing to do with you gonna blame on a similar agreement wriggle out of their purpose simply seem with bull i'll get no yeah aside from the right and a few times are they interact the rest time
i give you see in terms of cows you in the wrong body well that's what i told you about when i was in montana we saw a hundred elk together all cat is timely as not all cows little spikes or some yet exactly a solid one spike its just so fascinating the diversity that natures created so many different animals like that one hunting gives us the opportunity to truly see it as it is yours like a national park or yellowstone yeah see it as it is up close in its natural habitat when it's quiet neither the slayer thing awaits ban for so long does it do you feel like when when you sneak up on animal to and youtube you lock eyes with that thing you don't belong you almost feel like you're in it almost feel like a different dimension or sold like he's your you're in this world they exist in and there's there's no
cell phone service is not people anywhere near you it's a very strange environment it is it is it's like everything else gets turned out to cite this laser focus of of what's happening then all your senses go way up released for me smell and like you can feel the slightest breeze in your face and you know you can see that animal moved really really close like you'd never would notice before because that laser focused intensely just tete a several system and if somebody got off on somebody chicken and an animal that whole focus in life is to not get caught that is a great sense of you like you you do everything right in the right place and this thing walks buying like and arrows already on the way it's done deal like you did it you you you outsmarted something ten million years where the genetics in you you got a few nights especially with both hunting like you got in that closing and got him only that were clumsy our noses sock we can't see very good colourings dog shit they have
like satellite dishes around left and right looking all over the place trying to find you will there in particular has giant ears wonder knows yeah oh yeah power sent this crazy gas in the craziest stuff for free farthest distances high under its deny active yards fuck this guy what yeah either way at your back around your face is actually going around the mountain and ends up right back out just amazing about people like out their hunt jason import offences ham hitting defenceless those are defenceless i have a way more big ones right i'd always get em if they were defenceless i mean they're there there is smart i mean the mandate of i've seen him five hundred animals where they got one with your gone yeah well then end like gone four days now gone never saw him again gone he d out got their round wolves totally now bears mount lie see i've seen dear do some crazy things i lay down
the ground and like hide from hunters and let hundreds walk right by unlike within yards just use a really cool stuff sneak away from people in europe has never knew their five yards away from a giant back in that they just totally outsmart items the coolest thing heather tuned in madame humans walkin buys like no problem must lay down don't ever see me just imagine if you were a three hundred pounds animal that had escaped summum killing you all the time every day is try to get some grass new system and get the fuck away everything that we all know what's yours trying to lead once a year polygamous have we not sleep and outside in montana in the winter yet it would i think it's amazing and we're so lucky in this country that the people like teddy roosevelt people at founded these these areas for public land they they adam aside and allowed these places too to be established with his aunt i can live and we never have to worry about them being
can over and they build malls there i mean it's a really beautiful part of america even if you don't have a desire whatsoever to hunt the fact even go up there and backpack and can and ass we in that natural environments really beautiful thing about america totally in the perception of hunters reaches out there to kill someone for me it's a small part of the whole thing you're too good part though it is but it's being here too it is never drive their desire to get experience although obviously would be there without a tag by legal hiking ghetto park all the time your national time i'm not interested that i mean it's a mean vienna the mountains the wilderness the soonest others just ass yet like if you go hunting in its unsuccessful its zero lives like a sin us the august six at all one you if you a big elk it's a ten if you give up god they're nothing happens i hated hiking up for yo it's two points above a hike here aren't hiking we call it especially if you actually see the animals
see the end like a five you don't see anything you like what the fuck we're doing this bad if you don't see that any new friends ass has been linear or you do something happened you know you never know now these become cheap there very difficult to get a tag for right and in montana like there's so many of another yet i mean it is still not enough to go around its it's the most it's the most exclusive tag in the world how many do they give out in montana you ve got a hundred and fifty a year i drew one last year that mean the dogs in the best places like one in five hundred it's a lottery system and then lodge like in the roughest areas that have better i'd like one in a hundred one in five hundred thousand credible brennan drew a sheep tag montana to hunt one sheep he had found in it he showed me the picture of it when he drew the tag yosemite killed a sheet no the bank s let you tell that the ships that year savage early
life i'm so glad another ship right now we have when you do that day when they when they lose their mine once a year they come out to the winner age and buddy mine robbie doktor had found this ram on winner age and semi a picture of it said this is a huge ram in an unusual area and replied for it i mean it's it's out before like all there's a big sheep nobody knows we didn't tell anybody and he should have begun the next year din draw the tag and then last year i drew it was like i drew the tag it was like he's on the outer edge of the life expectancy of sheep you know it's a five hundred square mile area i'm going in there as long as it takes several miles one sheep my work has progressed think about that but that is the ultimate pursuit right now talking about the most difficult challenge of hunting with about how we always get it from just outside my effective range longshot like women
my snarking i snuck into fifteen yards for twenty minutes it took me twenty four days to find him i passed up thirty three your other bet around how many days you spend scouting two of armenia lost track of time for i put on i mean crazy what job you have we only one of those working for greece is andy's ice is when when i was like do you like i drew the tag and like i was emotional i'd like your meaning people are sound like all you gotta tagged hunters things like twenty five years in a row of nose right but how many people put in for the tag and is a higher fifty tags available so it's hundred fifty tags in the whole state the whole state and how do you get in this area too tattoo tat she got one of who tattoo tax two hundred and twenty people applied for two days and i drew one was like amazing and on i had a picture this ram and like you had shone upon the winter asian and disappeared in this abyss called the bob marshall wilderness and it's like i'm gonna go in there and fine
and how many a total days we hunting i mean twenty four days on item twenty forty scouting asia was ridiculous but are you going back and getting food and going back soon for five days at a time and like all good things you know like the most amazing things you know timings kind of a baby do why would you kill ray jason one of did you see and hear the rams yeah but it wasn't quite big in ethiopia is a further thirty thirty three i pass up thirty ran for us so a i mean i was after this one cheap and i thought in you know like when you talk really getting to know animals he had shone upon the winter range and twice we had pictures of him two years around the winter age and suchlike ok we got pictures big round well what i start looking at the pictures
and compare them in our son i notice that in in one picture from twenty two thirteen or from twenty twelve and one in twenty thirty get the same two young ramzan a year apart ten miles apart in distance any of the same toshiba solve son of mike you know most people be like it's cheap and then it was a little half girl and then there's that young kind of unique looking women and look like it's the same round so all of a sudden i got around ban that i'm looking for their it's kind of a symbiotic relationship young round allow old rooms are old allow young rams to follow them around they showroom canada hills and age they cannot tolerate em it's not like hey are you a body or anything they just like one when the senses start to slip you'll see old rounds with young rooms and they're keeping an eye on back form and i say so as i and i figured out this ram who was thirteen years old
which is the oldest so i'll kill him i would say and he was thirteen years over to the oldest ram filled the whole state of a hundred fifty by two years so he's beyond ease off the charcoal another key to the puzzle often there's a little young round that was with him stand on the timber oh my god i'm i'm looking for this old ram this massive area but i'm actually looking for three she because as i see it those two young rooms without him i'll know he's dead and makes a big difference in five and square miles look for three she verses apparently i guess so i still think ass i went in there is like i'm gonna go find every sheep in the entire union i went in there and i found i thoroughly believe that i found everything we'll sheep in there i counted almost fifty more shaped in a biologist thought was alive and an increase of do take photos of these
the bottom are getting biologists yeah he's kind of jesus management plan in the area a little bit like he knows more about i mean the dimly there is it like i went in there because offered since i was a little kid is like man at some i always wanted to do it and you can get this opportunity like i'm not gonna go to the easiest diamond i passed big rams big grams of my ball but i wanted this room i wanted to have like an epic on and just to see if i could do it see if i can find it and and if i hadn't found those young rams not 23rd day i said heard a pop in head start a glass and cutting the timber apart and all of a sudden you know another chief of the puzzle alison there's that little young round that was with him stand in the timber boom i gotta go down there ten rounds and error my remarks item you took me two days to kill him but i found it do you know this by yourself i had i had my body that i found the sheep when
found the rams i call them he's had a regular job and it was about a ten mile is about a ten our high again he heighten did help me hand signal kill it that's a good friend right who hike in ten fuckin hours for you my friends billy my wife i just told me i gotta go or as a lock and heightened this is a pack of impact outweigh its friend he found her amorously and then like i call them and he he disappeared you know he jumped off a work like like his wife was in labour jesus rolled out like i gotta go you guys only the same breeding cycle a grander nor his wife with like he left like that like us like human body found there i gotta go in any way you know it's a montana things like the guys that he worked with what gagged omen value your wife is re to pop and though she had we had had the baby already high lefty i left we had a baby september eleven side left like seven days a week i went out
we had a baby everything was great and then you left after the baby what is even worse i stayed sleep at all and i see a you're my way from inch uselessly couple days like you would get everything settle backing and choose she was basically like get that gotta here while his wife's amazing that's amazing she gets it that's a good story to end this with because that sort of embodies what i appreciate about what you guys do that you guys are really like the one tenth of the one percent of the outliers of the crazy people that are pursuing this as a just an incredibly difficult biologic puzzle it is awesome appreciate we do every two we are each she's gonna come dear camilla but wondered how they get out but stifling figured out its next level but listen thank you guys which is being you intend to do in which everyone around i like i said i love and people just fuckin go in for it so this
a cool thought gas remain life man it's cool to watch it goes geek out and see all your ear innovation and a much appreciated residential love the covers love what you do as far as exposing the world's hunting its awesome my play so people i get hold you tat you are you on twitter right we need the twitter handle i believe so ya don't say on instagram and that our website creta come around replacing loading get it there is folks can i thank you lays german turning to the park gas and thank you thank you too are sponsors thanks to legal zoom go to legal zoom dot com use the code word rogan at check out get yourself a nice discount thanks also to zip recruiter you can try zip recruiter dot com for free and post jobs to over a hundred plus jobs
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like brazil thankful everybody forty four be here thanks for coming four listenin poppy enjoyed it appreciate the fact all people much like
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