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#818 - Mike Schmidt

2016-07-04 | 🔗
Before becoming a door guy at The Comedy Store, Mike Schmidt worked for over 10 years as a criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin.
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and just of a very nice gotta talk to as well. So please welcome MIKE judgment. The job will gain experience that is over, ten thousand Viking fans with the Viking clap their icelandic fans.
And that is a coordinated clap that could not be done. The United States, America's gentlemen. We all too much independence. Thinking oh going on over here, gimmicks If we get it, we have that kind of organization. Will you do a clap? America clamp us reporter, but can we do that? How can we watch the hocker? We were it's like those awesome Samoan. Do they samoan that are doing that. That is New Zealand Right Museum. That is one of the doping in war dances, the world's ever known- and it's going on right now that some Viking shit they forgot about They probably used to do but everybody who did it got slaughtered or died, offer they didn't. Grandchildren visited one I'm carrying on the way Some real share their doing right now, a soccer game. Sagas replacing more right, yeah, that's gonna! It's a good chance for your country to go fuck up another country
yeah and you were, nobody has to die. You still get to do war cry MIKE's, Manta Rays and jump pull the syrup Let me tell everybody: how does podcast got started in Y Y wanted to talk to you because MIKE works? The comic store seem very cool guy and one day were hanging on the bag. Patio did you know like all the employees of the coming towards a kind of a hang. You know it's an interesting place to work right, yeah, just hang, and during the course of This hang. You start Tell me about your past before you work how many store and you start tell me some really disturbing shit that you saw in the criminal justice system wall while you were working. There goes like this. A fascinating subject and let's talk about another part ass, so here we are yet, but I figured why not it's fucked up, so I may as well
help people yeah. Well, you tomes. So much did for ten years. So I was a criminal defence attorney for about ten years. I was for the first year two in central Wisconsin and then I move down to deign County Wisconsin, which is where Madison, as you know, university riots and all that fun stuff. It's the capital estate shot out to my friend, Doug, Durham, powerful, dove Dern, afterwards. There it's got a great comedy club. Yes does it really does? Is an awesome town, very little town, very liberal town, and you would think that, because it's very liberal that black people are treated well there and it is absolutely not the case. It is the like. If your black in Amerika, I mean you ve, seen the studies you ve seen the statistics you ve seen. Riots, like things are not good you're not being treated well, and you would think that the worse place to be
He would be where you see riots happening like Ferguson, but actually it's Madison. Wisconsin no place are black People- were poor in relation to the white people around them than Madison Wisconsin. Nowhere else do black children get arrested more often in comparison. We why children, then Madison Wisconsin you would think it Birmingham album. You would think where those pictures that I saw people get in houses turned on him or dogs on. I bet that's where they treat black folks like shit. No, it's Madison Wisconsin, would you you think is causing that me wisest one area in your assessment from, organ there for ten years wise it like that, there's will that I mean there's a ton of different factors and all the factors boiled down to racism
I know it's kind of condescending for me to be a white guy from the MID West Collen racism on everybody, but I'm just tell you what I've observed, and you know what the number shall, because the thing is it, you can argue with the statistics If this ever came down to an argument about whether or not these numbers are fair, these people are being treated fairly. We know where they are. You know they're there in prison. We can point to the actual people. They could raise their hands if they wanted to, but I'm sorry, I think, really what's important. One of the things he pointed out was in specific crimes, shareware white guy in a black eye. With no record did the exact same thing: the difference of punishment between the White Car, the black guy cuz. This is, if you want to count numbers of people that have been arrested. I think there is a possibility that runs into that quagmire. Well, you know how many black people are there, how many white people or their where's that are they in bad name?
with these things are taken place for your time. About. Is the exact same cry? So you can really? Did you really see the obvious contrast there, the example is burglary, so burglary. Is a crime that there's multiple stage two burglary. There's people were very good at birth Laurie who will knock on a house and announced themselves, say a Cathy just to try and avoid being charged with burglary the statute just the way its word it, but teenagers do burglary, differ. Why they wait till somebody's out of town that they know and they robbed their parents, house and they'll, take their place Asians and take their liquor and everything and they get caught. They'll usually do a couple of home and they'll get caught in a group and if that's your first trip in the justice system
You are probably India encounter. You're, probably gonna get a deferred prosecution agreement and if you keep your nose, clean you'll get an expansion which is where the judge says I don't think the community would be harmed and I think you would be helped by making it like this never happened. So the police can keep her report of it, but nobody will ever know so. The black kids don't get the offer of expulsion, I gotta gates the the white kids do and then when they fuck up, and they do because they Nineteen and a lot of the white kids are doing our ceiling for heroin alike. I don't wanna sensationalize and that's what you do so they'll steel. For that they'll get popped again or they'll. Get pop for curfew and now the deferred prosecution agreement is pulled, and so there technically convicted of a felony at that point
the white kids will still have options of saying like let gives another shot out. Please two more offences up. We do more the bail jumping, let's haggle, let's haggling, what we're gonna do because they ve already entered a conviction. I entered a plea on the record to the felony for burglary, so they still have options and at the end of it, they're gonna get probation. They might get six months conditional time in jail, but they're gonna get probation and the black kids you fuck up the same way who were charged with the same offence. In my experience and what I mean, what everybody else notices they go to prison they just off the present, so white or glass in their early in a late, teens early twenties conviction, deferred prosecution, possibility of expansion then still fuck up, and then they get probation placards one chance present and once they go to
reason you don't really get out of that system very long, because they just keep catching you up on probation, your parole violations, and so that she is one example where same number convictions. You know whether it's a kid with no convictions or a bunch of convictions. The determining factor was the race, the kid because they're both poor, you know the White burglar defendants and the black burglar defendants are generally both poor, because if your parents have money, you just pay the restitution and you kind of walk. Well, not in every case, but when there's money over the barrel, when you can pay the restitution in a criminal case, it's such a rare thing that the prosecution will bend over backwards to help. You get that money to the people that you October and that's all they would have to do- is pay the equal amount and they could skate. No, no, they don't skate completely
right, but in so few people ever get their money back from the prosecuting, you know from the prosecution and a crime anytime, can put the money up. They will bend over backwards for so for theft case in, like that you could conceivably not be punished for breaking the summons house and stealing something if you pay them for it back yard. To breaking in you won't be penalized, for that seems crazy. While I mean, if you can pay for like thing right, put yourself in issues of a prosecutor were day in day out, you convict people crimes and you give him time, but then there's these victims and they ever get to dues reader report all ever get to do it in a chair and say you really screwed me on this one day and then, at times of defending does in fact look at em ran, so they now get to come with a win for their victims and paying restitution is a win for the victims learnt. So you can't nor that now I mean they tie totally get it from a rational sense. But it still seems fucked me now
literally is buying your way out of jail, absolutely Have you look at the difference between summits? figure out a way to come up with the money to pay for it or they have the money to pay, for they were just stealing for kick or just be a piece of shit. Versus someone who has no money, the only difference being that the one person's able to come up with some cash. That's that's crazy, but of course, if you're I mean the thing is: if the charges are, filed even at the Palais DE are you gonna have to do a deferred prosecution agreement, but don't make it is as easy as possible. So when you were working there and you observe doesn't mean you were there for ten year shadow in this way Did it really start to sink in this sort of an impossible system need and want to be a part of it there? So, in order to combat, I guess that view that people were becoming increasingly more violent day in county. Did this thing called the special investigations unit,
and the special investigations unit was supposedly erased. Blind selection of the ten most dangerous individuals, Indian County, most likely to reaffirm and hurt somebody else and they staffed it with the Department of Justice and private in parole and some other people, that we didn't know that they staff did about it, so they just discuss these issues and the sheriffs Department and the U S attorney's office, and that- and they made the list that these people that they thought with them, most dangerous indian county and then they summoned him all do a meeting where they threatened him and they said, hey if you, if use about a line working fuckin max you out on everything. So if you, who spit on the sidewalk ticket. If you do so really conduct we're gonna hit you disorderly conduct as a repeater and try to throw you in prison for it. So you cock off even a little bit. You taken a ride.
And also by the way we have some services. So here's a place where you can apply for a job and they are all black that was when I knew there was no fuckin point to this because, indeed county there like four point six percent of the population or something is black, they can't all like the top ten most dangerous people, Indian County are not all black. I know this because sir, of the most dangerous people. Indian county were my other clients and their white, and I was like I looked at the least. Unlike I got other guys that belong on this list. I have a number of people on the list when it first came out and then when they read the list, I had a couple more and when they read the list with the new ten all black. So I know black people are not Oh, I know their normal. I know they're just like,
everybody else. How are they? You know it, because its white or black, the coin flip white or black, there tell me it came up twenty two. Times in a row on heads like right, of chance doesn't even account for this. There's no race blind way to day, They told me afterwards. I know we did in a race blind way. There's no way, Did you might have thought you did so this system doesn't even understand how racist it is during a race blind way. I mean if legitimately think two or more dangerous people that will work into you or that were being represented by you. Rather, why I mean, but was their criteria? What were they? Judging dosage? Judging on how many creek convictions of the violence of the They won't what were the criteria? Well, it was just a number actions and a friend severity. Its they'd they trial ought to figure
a good metric to predict. You know new criminality and it never really works. It was patterned after a program that they did in the South Sea. It's kind of like they The names and birth dates off a bunch of files and they passed them around and miraculously every single one of them was black. Now numbers watch is that possible, like as possible, all the people that, with the top twenty had the most amount of violent convictions, must manifest most by that, and that which is They just happen to be black as possible. It is not possible because I had other clients who beat them. Right here right now. Two criteria: I've workpeople everybody in that court House had somebody that was worse than anybody on that fuckin last. That's insane, Sammy you're, saying, like literally the you could replace the list with white people that were violent, dangerous criminals, and it would be a better choice.
What interests me is so dangerous. He were not even in the top ten yeah yeah if they wanted Ike. If they wanted to know who the biggest fuckin maniacs in the Indian County, where they could just ass a defence attorneys, we would told em right variety, surging answers. That is emerging. The situation to be in imagine that its incredibly stressful being some others representing someone who you think is like a real criminal, a bad person, and you have to try to get them off the that it's it's weird, but thing: is this system only works? If you just come at the other side and the other side just comes out you because you ve got, you know they ve. The police behind them. They ve got the fact that they ve got a badge. That impresses me: no civilians during the jury trial, they ve got prosecutors who have access to state crime, labs, they're, gonna, come at you and if they lose its their fault, so they have to win these one cell and
guilty guys. Give you an opportunity to practice because you, if you only took the cases of people who you thought were innocent, you would suck when it came time to do their trial. Like you got a practice, you gotta sharpen your clause and the best way to do it is you know when, with some one where you know that they fuckin dead it and when it clean on technical points, because those technical points like you know not getting evidence in or When a prosecutors asking questions during what dear they shouldn't be that type a little those little back, flips and shit, those will pay off when you actually have a client, the dont think did it. So I who I understand I understand what you say and it sort of your obligation, and so in that so you must treat it like a game that you're playing some sort of a technical game. You have to treat it as a technical game or you will lose because it is,
it's something may I'd, know very, very little about law in terms of defending people, but is it something that you think is like almost like sort of a chess game like have a bunch of peace? You have to manipulate them correctly, and you have to be aware of the massive massive amounts of things that have been written on each individual subject weather. Individual crime, what presidents have been set Establish whether or not there you can't climb treat fairly, and that is that, based on precedence to yeah yeah, there's precedent for everything you know three and forty six million people in a country like they ve had some court cases, so yeah. There's you have to know the general progress of how a trial goes. You have to know when someone can invoke right and when they can invoke right time. Limits are kind of important timeline. The time on its Iago insight have like what steps
limitations limitation time limits is that statute of limitations to even if you're in court- and you don't object on time, yours group- then they have to argue in a different way to try and get it foot over, but there's always arguing but yeah. It is game and it is kind of mental, oh here's, ample. I did this to a guy he's now he's not a prosecutor there anymore, but when you go into courtrooms in large areas, they take their inmates from the incapacity section. Sometimes will be in a jail next door and I'll bring him from a tunnel or little holding cells in the courthouse. So they bring em in one side of the courtroom and then they'll put the jury box on the opposite side of the court room so that the Incas seed send It- doesn't walk pass them on the way in and out, because if they were, get sentenced and the jury.
We're sitting there on their way out. There may be some choice words, so they separate the two of them. So because you know their worried about them fleeing or whatever, but then net the actual effective. That is, the prosecutor, sits closer to the jury box and they always have a case officer who sits next. The prosecutor in their dress, uniform or the. You know they're working a form and they look at the jury and they monitor the jury and they keep their notes and they help him and they must and they listen to the entire trial. So they know what's going on so it's a great asset Tom, but a substantial part of the advantage that they get from have in that chair, I have an officer being able to look at the jury, because I think You sit in a room and you're trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. Maybe it's a nice fight, maybe somebody supposedly shot at somebody and a jury the witness means for
wooden, says something new or no. If you should believe him. So you look to the judge: judges, blank And then you look to the core porter and the clerk courts. Blank black because they don't want you to be able to read them or their work and on other shit or their concentrating on writing what everybody saint, then you get to the new. Now you get to the defence table and there's the defeat. And looking guilty shit as they always do not really but an. You get to the prosecutor in the top and there the cops looking at you and ages gives young and there you go You got some validation four year, suspicion that the person was not telling the truth just a little bit and that rule forward from time to time like when you tell jokes on stage Sometimes you hold for a second and we can look at people and then they art to laugh. It's the same shit, it's just their work in the crowd and they don't even know that their doing it, but when
leaned forward to answer a question that the prosecutor ass, if they want to answer or when they lean back, because you asked him a question and thereby to burn you their work in the fuckin crowd. There is work in the crowd, so what I would do is, I would shop We as shit, and I would take their table I'll. Just put my shit. It there table because their names not on the table, most juvenile bullshit ever I would take the table and put almost stuff there, and I would make them asked a judge to move me. Because that was not an argument that someone who went to Harvard came to the courthouse prepared to make caused my opponent that they did go to Harvard and FUCK Harvard respect me. You know, like this. Is the streets like this is fuck around time, so I did that just on horse him mentally. So When the trial did start, he was uncomfortable in care. If I won or lost that argument, I want
that chair. I wanted that your cause. I knew what we could do looking back at Fort, that those people and just taken them that much further from the physical proximity, the jury. Putting us close. I wanted it for that reason, but more So then, that I just wanted to make him be fuckin six year old to the judge That's beautiful move man, that's an excellent move, and so it's you know like its playing around to any suffering, but it's also the whole systems can duped anywhere. I mean I knew well, if you besta, I mean the thing is I if I can play for that advantage and it's not ethical or illegal, because I can explain why that chairs better and why I wanted, then I'm I kind of have to play that angle, I would hate for my client that data be like while so you
a chance to really mind fuck em before you started, and you didn't, and now I'm convicted right. Well, thanks, knocking at you, but how many guys who are working in your position have such a clear? mindset, though, how many people have sort of punched out after while cuz they've been doing it a long time or is that a public misconception that you see in like movies, where the you know the the that criminal defended against signed by the state doesn't really give a fuck. Does half ass job and the guy get sent up rivers that commoners bullshit? It's bullshit, it's bullshit as we all do. Care were competitive. Even if we hate you were going to try to win bashfully if we hate you like. I've puts like some of my best moves all time for people that I loathed, because it was the hardest, moved Nepal and it would be the biggest win and you know
doesn't matter how you feel about the person. Do you like winning keep winning like when you see somebody and they want seven years and you go fuck, you three, you dont say fuck you, but you did Thank you want seven years for this shit. Seven years of someone's life you maniac care. I don't even want to sky out, but seven. No, so then you work on an argument so that after work, you can tell everybody that the prosecution ass for seven in you got him to why, because yet winning is its own reward. I've never heard a lawyer put it quite light, died TAT honestly in it. We ve talked about it before on the podcast, where I think that there is a real problem with cops, arresting criminals and not today, shouldn't, but is a real problem and that it becomes a game like you're trying to win you trying to catch people for doing things. A China lock them up and when you trying to win, because it is a win, you know. If you get someone you lock
you arrest em you catch em, they get convicted, they go up river. I sent him up river I win and that is an absolute it's there there is a certain amount of, but what we have sorted developed author out go years and junior high school in whatever kids play, sports and weak, develop this winning mentality. The game is to be one in a whether it's a game of poor will lawn darts or fuckin basketball. People are always trying to win and when you have people that are raised in some of the most intense moments are alive, especially if you ve been involved in competitive sports. I'll, give you button on up championship. Baseball team are supplied people from that and you or you next experiences in life are being a police officer. You gonna definitely take that sports mindset and apply it to chastened down criminals, and it could be good in it, be bad, but the problem is: when people start defining certain things like planting evidence and doing things along those lines in order to get a conviction, because
They want to win. That's when she gets. Release really scary. If someone has incredible amount of power and the summer is doing something to make you look more guilty just so that they can win at scared. When people were upset about this New England, patriots being accused of cheating, A dove late gave. The order was Jamie, can explain now, because I dont know sir. We understand that they just a dream and a fellow I think, as the championship game a couple years ago this during the before the game trainer supposedly had let some air out of the ball, which would make it easier rip and throw and catch now that's what I'd dollars down does have been proven that it happened that its easier to catch. Abolish defray other nfl. Quarterbacks have heard recently that admit to over inflating offered similar reasons. It it just preference on how to cripple bossy. My baseball players right do stuff to baseball, but its pictures are a lot of stuff it, but they they beat up a ball
so that its not brand new and slippery, as this is why you are confusing, but hasn't been proven. Or am I wrong that it's that there's known like measurable differently was echoed the amount that it actually was for there was a point: zero, zero one, a amount of air select, that's an immeasurable amount of death. I really don't think it was it was so was bullshit bullshit, Charlotte Diana still is in itself that they want to win their rights to win. In this yes, that's what it smell like and then cause they couldn't get him very much on when they were listening everybody's place because they were, they were viewing everyone else's plays and intercepting their communications, how they duenna radios and that's illegal, it's not your legal depending on the state that urine, but its frowned upon, frown its that's unethical them teams are not supposed to be eavesdropping on the play, calls right, so they were taken to the videotaping practices
catching hand, signals the real and deciphering hand signals like fuckin enemies, while it's like some world war to japanese leg code types, yet ripe, and I thought I heard the biggest signs now. It's like five different pictures, decoy guys given facon signals as all kinds of things, the scent of subterfuge the danger yeah, that's crazy. So it's like the cops account like the New England, patriots like they're gonna win anyway. Why do you cheat? you gonna win because the page we're, gonna win on almost all those games anyway, but they don't. The planning of evidence and stuff like that, it's we're sensational, it's more rare than you would think, and the cops trying to get a particular purse. Is more rare than you think, like most cops, are pretty good and don't hold grudges like that. And when you see a cop whose arrested somebody like four times before they get along
There's there's a little bit of trash talk in a little bit like hey how's it going like they relationships with people They have to arrest a life that are not always negative legates fuckin hilarious. It's like this. She dogging Coyote yeah those cartoons born in Siam, modern Ralph, morale just like that and so yeah it's just there not as bad as people make them out to be in that angle like there have been some terrible scandals like rampart, but most almost you know, that's not that's the shit. It's Not really happened, like that's a tv shit. What really happens is there is not allowed to lose any interaction like they can't like when they finally decided that they don't have to chase people in California. If they're gone like one, twenty less people started diet, because the cops actually had the discretion to go we don't need to win all the time you know, but.
All these other things like domestic violence arrest. Or shoplifting or taser like they can't leave, they can never like you can't back off You can't be like no man, I'm not going because they have to get more cops and they have to keep getting more cops with bigger guns until they get you neurotic out to walk away and that like in there are allowed to walk away from my personal interaction that that's the problem is that we don't let them be themselves. We make them be kind of these. You know like just always challenging people. Don't want to do that, but that's There are taught that they have to kind of act around people and they d. It whenever they can learn a lot from the some guys, never dropped because they really get off on that shit sore, put your hands would the car sir, the sir, but
Lot of em would not like to talk to people that why, right they that there are taught they have to do, that is killer in a terrible, terrifying Danes the situation a lot of times where they, they literally have to have complete total control of that person. Compliance if they dont have compliance. It leaves open the door to too weird the guy's not assuming the position they could become more threatening. I can't get it in an inn in vain. Crime situations, but it's just gotta be insanely difficult. To figure out when to turn that onawandah turn off down there. I think there are. Some people obviously have problems with that two fucking, difficult job emotionally to manage and psychologically to manage your indisposition. We ever gone all the time and the good percentages, people talk to all day or full of shit, the line you get. There are bound to commit a crime Imagine running into people almost everyone you see is in
All of a sudden you shouldn't be involved in an you, took the job because you like people, you know I did the job because you wanted to protect people and have people respect you in oh, you get, is fuckin disrespect, air, picking up, shoplifters and haven't turd thrown at you. By some and then teenagers make fun of you didn't remember what it was like after nine eleven that big shift came about, and people like really appreciative of Our economy first responders like the first time they call them first responders. It was your comment the Russian the news because it use to be. You know, emergency people. Nine eleven would be cops firemen, but when they are caught him first responders and people super happy to see cops and super happy to see firefighters, especially for like quite a while to get a lot of respect, yeah yeah there, but tat more off, I mean firefighters.
Still get there as they get most of what they used to get didn't, get the full blast these to get here, but now cops every I'm one of em fuck up yes showing up on video and its reflecting poorly and everybody, but we really do you have to take into consideration to two factors when you looking at these videos. One is the sheer amount of crime you're talking about that takes place on a daily basis, So what you are saying is: if you have Mean think of the many many many many citizens country in the many many many many many cops having interactions with the many many many people who have committed crimes. It's pretty rare. You see a video of a cop. Do something really fucked up. In consideration to that when you're talking about these millions of interactions and to have one every couple months: people, like God, dammit what when they
How can people can stop doing that? Well, it was a. It is very good that we have a method now to catch those people. We those people out. They don't exist anymore, that's a beautiful thing, but be We certainly like had an impact knowing that they're going to be found, knowing that it's likely to be felt, it's gonna eliminate some of the sum of the car. She, some of the evil shit that we car Cobb's doing was deafening pressure on them and social pressure is going to cause people to change their opinions and change the way they they conduct business. Are they conductor the business of law enforcement, by the end of the day, the numbers of shockingly small. If you really stop and think about how much I mean I'm not trying to be like a cop pall just, but I'm saying we really should take into consideration when we do any these conversations about it.
How many fuckin cops are how many crimes their handling on a daily basis and how insanely brutal. That must be on your psychological system, your emotional system of of maintain a few times, and I don't think the job that I think its job very few people qualified for having given you have to have a very strong mine to be able to handle that in a very fair way, yeah yeah, it's gotta, be intensely deaf to imagine and shot you what fucking highspeed chases catch people in the middle of crimes, domestic violence, yeah, that's I mean It's now excitement a lot of it is a lot of it is set, is sad from because they'll shop for five times in the same house- oh yeah, you know that's and NATO. They don't like that.
The times. They'll get all the case, though, get a case nice and ready, and then the lady doesn't show up the cases dismissed and then, four months later, there's another call on she's back house dad shit great on them, I'm sure, but Like the I mean the police brutality, videos, but to light kind of a way that Some officers have been getting They were treating people like Rodney King was was one of the first prime examples of like cops. Get away with. Willingness to peep right and, and they don't you think in the run king situation, those pretty extreme, because you doing with a pc peed up, do that when on a high speed chase- and there was a lot more- that video them what we saw on television- I M not excusing ever Beatenest shed at him like that, may they should have deftly Hancock
TIM, and they should have figured out a way with all those guys to restrain him. They should have the physical manpower to restrain that guy without beat on my down. I, my personal belief is if you led the, police on a high speed chase. They should be true ass when you get out a car. That's what I mean that's what they generally do, because more are jacked up from having to drive at that speed, and I really say. I'm not saying like get morally right, I'm saying like it. Your currently in a high speed chase, with the police pull over slowly and expect you know a few cases on the lips. This is my problem with them. I don't have a problem with it in terms of additional justice, but that's. First a kind of smacks of vigilantes, I'm right and said, and of all because it really supposed to that and other non positive. But it's that I don't think they can canoes
not a points, not vigilantes amid the cop. What would you call just just inappropriate violence? Well, it's I mean there. I undertake physical control immediately. If somebody who, just like threatened alone, the plague fertilizing fifty or sixty people like they're gonna. Do it fast, but here's. My my concern is that it would encourage people to get away with more. More on the line because enough to get pulled over, they can get the fuck out of here and it could cause the loss of other people's lives without they were involved in a complex and by some was frantic. Do not get the shit beat the cops. I just don't think he was to green light when someone can be the fuck now now shooting and killing them decide. So hypocritical and stupid, but that almost makes more sense. I'm night, I'm not saying like a green light, I'm saying like we are dealing
people, its profits, can probably gonna happen. So I don't have we. We need to figure out how to handle that yeah. We don't want it to happen, but its that's I mean we're not using robots, were using Paypal exactly, and I think that's, what's it most important that we were talking about here and dumb when, when we can take people an categorize them and say well. This guy has x amount of melanin in his skin and his families from this part of the world so will apply rule their verses. This guy's norwegian white look the fuck like yourself. He applied rule, be emulated. Some Sweden, India, when you got the Norwegian by noon, look about them not now money, even good at that. You really get arises good like that, while ok, if you do it with white people, racism to is at risk, now. That's out racism who that be it used to be racism, it's only if its black person, I can call it
I call you if I say that you look norwegian and that know it that definite racism, but if I see a black person for Haiti and, unlike the Congo, what I would right as a Czech became get away with that special It's a really bad place, like lighting. Also that you sounded really excited when you do like of Congo yeah. That was for the punchline. Ok, now time to try to make jokes. Yeah man. I think it's it's just devilled disturbed, It was very disturbing when you would tell me this, because it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense that some place that people would think of as such liberal, open minded place like Madison Wisconsin would be soap so fuckin awkward slot yet and that no one's bringing us up people have to. I d bring it up. They first started bringing it up in two thousand twelve since then it's gotten worse,
couple of places have come out with studies on it basis in Wisconsin, adult black men are twelve times more likely to be sent to prison than white guys, black kids, or so ten times more likely to be put into foster care than white kids. And, of course, if your and foster care, then you're more likely to be prescribed. You know pills and all that fun stuff, and even for that, like in L, a county black foster, kids are eight times more likely to be put on behaviour altered Medication than white kids also foster care. So it's they noticed that the numbers were really getting bad then, and then they I'd some shit to fix it and it just gotten worse. I guess. The funniest one was, I think it was in two thousand fourteen. Then
there was another study that says own still getting worse. They proposed aid, too Odin fifty thousand dollar gardening initiative, where they would teach children the garden. Your locking up fifty per cent of all african american men from eighteen to try five there in jail or on probation. And your idea is to spend a quarter of a million dollars on guard and no fuckin wonder shits fucked up. So what was the argument about the gardening that it was going to give them a sense of purpose because they would see these flowers and fuck? If I know but That's your like it. It's one of those like it's it's hippy, dippy bullshit, is what it is slowly and like. I dont like
like wholly fucking, yellow brick road. What the fuck are you talking about like? Are we all grown ups in his room now? Are we really we ve noticed some studies that came out of doorway where they took prisoners and they show them how to make tomato sandwiches and they could grow there and tomatoes the out so much more comfortable, but being a purse like, let's, let's keep feeling fathers from their children And then also, but you know how we took your dad. This is the magic up. Gown, yes, you know, like you, don't still we fucking shattered your family, but aren't lilacs beautiful. And you have to ride the bus to come, see your lilacs. It just worship, it's just. If that's what they think will make a difference then were found.
Yeah I mean that's, probably a good idea for, like maybe a community centre that once a help kids out and give him some sense of purpose. But the sort of subscribe that to criminals are the people that you convicted of crimes or people who put jail like or just any body, and you can't make people garden like we actually had a war about that there was a war about a hundred and fifty years ago about making people pardon based on the color of their skin, was the civil war. I found an article about what I'm saying: yeah anecdotes from this kind of read it, I've been locked up my whole life, so doing programmes like this, like planning a sea. He said you have to nurture almost like a kid, it's kind of weird, to think about that way, but I thought It's gonna show me how to become an adult while, and he said that after you
brain the social workers and there's a dead body. Can I can I do it and pr style? Yes and after every one had a chance to talk, it was time for some hands on gardening. One table was covered with dried Lupin, unlocks per plans that the inmates stripped of seeds after the gardening work was done. The inmates gathered again in a circle to talk about how to connect with they ve learned from life after they were least John, is currently serving time for his six drunk driving convict little to sexy. It's pretty good, but your little to sultry. You burn her son, you burn it allows. I bet you do burn it. Have you more dry. Truly, it's the self satisfaction now I got there's like almost like hipster equality that you have to acquire of yours. You sound as well. Ok I'll work on it is pretty good, though what is going on with that vote That they do that one thing were men, let that here's prove example that dude who was in Canada, who get in trouble
the Ladys because they show that he liked to throttle on they did John Gomes. She didn't, we is ok, There is on trial in Canada, because a bunch girls that hooked up with beat the shit out of their fuckin like canadian law, whose male music guy, who is always that he was a male feminist to talks like this and has a very, very subdued wave speaking so tell us about your band and where. Where did you guys start out? I can that weird not a real person. Swaying going on here is a king of that shit, but that what is that? What would but is that gender neutral sort, a strange when you talk like this. What is it Why are they doing that? It is trying to relax. You almost like hypnotize you into were not here.
Just going is no motion to it. It's like I saw frock dj, but but yeah little creeper, it's like it. You know what, though, honestly. I have to say I prefer it when I'm listening two like very intelligent things here, from listening to like the cause. You don't wanna, hear somebody we like it. A fuckin tap a Porsche oblation is how the modern nuclear weapon operates. Exactly or even when someone's discussing like we are talking about a very intense subjects. That's hardly any debate. I almost prefer it. This non judge mental, weird sort of not really person way of communicating the pan determined within a classical music voice almost like daddy to classical music. You can retain the knowledge betters yeah
Well, I'm fascinating, as as a comic gum fascinated by all those different dislike, pre determined patterns that people can plug into like you can become. Top forty dj and everybody knows how to do it. Tat forty dj style, alright, there's this away talking where it just say with this guy. Gonna play me. Some top forty songs and I know, is voices audible, he's doing a perfect strip up dj is another ones like a similar one politician voice, MRS a bunch of different voices that people are allowed to plug into their eyes cop voice to eat at cop voiced. Here to cap voice, yeah eloquent, so bad at I'm, not she's terrible at right, like how do you do it that and software bad well you know what man I think, she's tired for one year. If you call her when she was forty, should play a firecracker,
you know she's a lady. This dealing with a failing, older body, a real problem for people because They know really get wise enough for us to consider them running the nation until their older. You know like it Eighty perry want to be present tomorrow, billet pitching all enough she's, not she's, not thirty, five, but I would above her when she said: ok, Jennifer, Aston, she's, she's, thirty, five. She like forty, two or such like that she's, not a good judge character, should how's fuck, she's, really hot, but she's had now donating their so strong chance to work. The abstraction ask I say self short, but like if we want to become president would do I get the fuck out of here, you're too, vibrant two young, you didn't what's going on, it's a real catch. Twenty two for a woman like the only way, except a woman in office, is a woman like an old withered politician, like Hilary who's been in their tranches, our area,
thank you kind of have to be a little close to death for people to vote for you for president gotta. Look a little bit like shit. While we try to the bomb with they are really vibrant. Guy came out. Lookin like death. The chaos look in twenty years old we war bastard, We bothered him way more than he thought we would bought all one hundred percent at Mean DIS, the job itself and of think it's the same thing they were talking about like it's really difficult to be a cop Maggie time that time, but a million men the five that probably more than a million and a half hour with the President mean the sheer volume of information that that guy must have to process on daily basis about International affairs. She put in Syria, Saudi Arabia's down what and what's Goin on Turkey in the Fuckin terror attack in France and oh yeah, Jesus Christ, disaster, decide bullshit
over and over and over again government body keeps fuckin shit up for him and now he's got a deal she a peace settlement and an even send some of your thugs to watch over certain areas. A hundred really fucking strong opinionated neighbours who like to fight with each other. You got a somehow another: negotiate peace settlements and and even send some of your thugs to watch over certain areas to protect them from ships. Getting crazy any council it's supposed to be communicating with all these generals and processing all that stuff up and then on top of the list will be fixed in the economy. Then atop really supposed to be straightening out the problem with people having stood loans that are vastly more their actual education fact that job job they I hear he's a dumb ass for trying that job. That's too much work for too little money, please lawyer yeah and he wanted to win compared.
It's probably that right you get on that track. You know. Maybe he was I thought on the senator from Illinois Why? So? I guess my choices are get the fuck out of here. Go to prison like every other elected officials. Yeah well, That was it Detroit, which would city was it. Where was like the big arrest recently oh yeah! Somebody in Detroit did was mayor of Detroit. I believe it was a mayor was like. I want to say that I should be real clear. I dont know if it was really the mare, so don't tell me but someone got somewhere for something Almost hilarious, yeah yeah Yeah like whenever Odin Mayor gets pop for somethin sexual. It's fuckin riot pollute the my favorite mayor. Stuff of all time was Marian bearing when you're hot smoking crack went to jail, got out of jail.
And one again here that was beauty and one again former mayor of Detroit couple years ago, got sentenced to prison. What was for prison corruption? The outer yeah that's That's it yeah. He was the former mayor. When you get arrested yet ass, they did Ex Detroit may sentenced to twenty eight years in prison for corruption wooes. Name is- is that Kwame Koane quantity quality, twenty eight years for corruption, falling series of scandals. It showed that he had unchecked power while in office bam. Unchecked, mother fucker, like Empire, haven't seen empire, but this looks like unchecked power. We have you damn. Whilst would it be mare, gets forgotten mayor. This thing is you imagine if you went on a path to being president twenty years, which Obama most likely dead Riah so think about it.
What is he now is like fifty some backed any was thirteen. If this year, you think about when he was thirty. Second himself, you know I'm gonna, be the President nights dates on this path, and I am saying all the policy that John F Kennedy got himself power that all these other press, and had an obscene empty and seen other respect they got when he got out of office and then, as obviously definitely didn't, think that he would get all the pussy. That J F case should ratify Justin, in the vein of humor, but it was nice to be offered yeah. It's nice to know that you gonna, be, could possibly have the kind of power shuttle. I tell people disappear, so he does. He does because right and then in that those twenty years you see the world change so drastically or you can t see, Clinton get popped with mock alone, they are now step one like now Shelly. I do I do this. I do this then, but Bush manages to go through and then social media comes around in them.
It's the social media world. That's when Obama Steps- and so Milo Scrutiny and insults, and the amount of data has directed his way as opposed to every other president before him like unpressed and there's never a guy that's been subject to so many different signals of negativity. Coming is why, before that people are sort of voiceless, they could really do anything But in Obama's time blogs became, a more prominent online new sources and many people's world replaced the the regular newsprint yeah. So it's not just what are they saw? What are they sent me about me in the New York Times did thousands of different blogs and amazing amazing change of events that, rendered the position incredibly unattractive then
eight years later. This is what you get you get crazy old Bernie Sanders was fuckin wacky hairdo, who hates money you get crazy old Hillary Clinton, whose rigging and she's billygoat fuckin converse all star box. The whole thing is the you mean to she looks like a bodies failing, but you make some coffee when I see her either. I think she's probably find I think, she's prying good health cannot know me I just think she's not. I know how Had she wants it, but she doesn't have charisma and Billina. She God look look at the mouth of fuckin stress that are involved in that job. How cannot possibly be healthy for someone who's GEO, older she'll, handle it thinks I'm yet if she were to get the job she would handle that better than Obama problem
because she's been in the trenches, her whole life right yet was cheese. Fuckin, like you got no question. Did she knows how to play the game? Birds did it's a game and she's, trying to win she's trying to do some nice shit for people. You know she's trying to help people out but completely. Cynical. You know one hundred percent, I mean she the Secretary of State she's had people killed. You know, she's ordered drawn strikes percent so would you shine? You saw her reaction to Gaddafi is other that news peace lightly. When you were talking to her and she sits down to us, we came, we saw, he died, huh yeah yeah that right now Now you never seen it now but eyes. You must watch it causes a thug life version of it too. That's the one to put up port the fog life version of it, but it just shows you the again. What was she? She was. A lawyer YAP Cheers oil.
And these lawyers who eventually become politicians they like to win. I just that, but my physical without What what? What are you worry bout? Physically? Maybe I didn't explain- or maybe you haven't heard It is alleged- and I think it's it's sort of been reported on that she had blacked out and fallen, and Hitler had recently got in the last few years. She, seventy happen, but on that she had had a fairly traumatic brain injury from that there was some. Is pull out of Jamie see. You can find that story because that might be Republic Bullshit, I might be like our lives relating republican party. And also Ronald Reagan, had some brain damage and he was amazing. You don't like maybe Maybe we don't get a president with a hundred percent thinker, but doesn't matter I mean deftly matters, but at this point. In time, I wonder what the Ronald Reagan
thing was interesting, has deteriorated as he was in office here he started off very fresh if you can t go back. Endlessness, Missouri speeches grown Reagan. Lawyer of speech like tear down that wall. He had that super bizarre speech to remember this one where He was standing in front of the United Nations. I believe, and he gave a speech about how quickly would all put our differences aside if were attacked by aliens from another planet. One hundred percent right, one hundred, he is a hundred percent right, but I mean it was. One of these strange is yet again species ever and the like. It is one that the euro foe lovers have clung to like a life raft. He knew he knew I was gonna. Tell us. He knew may is like yeah. Remember that cold war that wages all of a sudden stopped in nineteen, eighty, nine yeah, yeah, workin lasers.
Have you ever seen that one that speech it's really like that? Did you find the hell? We won the thug life why I found a thug life form, but I am not sure that it's about Gaddafi, ok about, we came, we saw he died. If that's the speeches like sitting getting interview, a thing I find about brain cancer is like national: no, not brain cancer. No known She found him as I found anything about that concussion. She had, she might be suffering from post concussion syndrome. This is from the Enquirer. This is not from that from bright Bart, ok, might as well be earlier this year. I find thing for much other in regarding so there's so that I did repeat republican propaganda. Ladies gentlemen, LISA call out as how to get your final that it is in any way substantiated. She did have a concussion, but I don't know like ok, better, she suffering from it,
ok, we're alone. That's when you're that old and you had a concussion you you're gonna, have some fuckin issues. I want those issues are whether another treatable? That's that's something. She would know one George Bush fuckin pupils guts out all over the Prime Minister, Japan. We also found black down his head choked on a pretzel. No earlier George Bush, three old school, her walker, yet Member when there was like that was the big conspiracy cause Bush had like bruises, Like I shit and summit, somebody beat beat the fucker, the president that he said he choked with with a pretzel his mouth and fell in his face. I guess I was the Illuminati and I was going to beat up the president. I just want to make him say I want you to tell them I choked on a pretzel, No doubt all roads without press on what happened would help you blacked out stupid. You fuckin head and then you got this black eye. What black eyes oh,
the new thinking not a beat up. George Bush tell me now, I think, probably Dick Cheney adamant faced each and beat the fog earlier. He fought them too. I mean, but doubtless pride tender like they got a history together. I serve a bit about the to change shot his friend face, and he made his friend apologize, no shit that Jays art fucking the court. I mean come on man, this deck. I was on tv apologizing for Dick Cheney after Dick shot him in the face, and it was like seventy young shadow in the face it? Seventy were shot got ya. I put, I put Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney kind of in the same boat as Then you know like the Henry Kissinger like. I am just now. Just do whatever like, if they decide, someone needs to go they'll just yet assist that dictators whose scary guy,
in his he's also still involved, like he still he d The believes in voicing his opinion and what shouldn't shouldn't be done internationally, like even now today in his he scares me yeah, where he has to be he has to stay kind of involved because you although that he committed war crimes. Everybody knows that you know, I mean shit. He fuckin engineered war. Profiteering and star own. You know like so you think they'll theories, Heath stays active so that we avoid prosecution by constantly staying in the mix and George Bush did the opposite, so they both ran in separate directions. Dick Cheney shows up says, while we had to torture or because we needed intelligence, Persian and then George Bush stays the fuck out of it. Because, if you notice those guys don't travel internationally, so much of it play bad move. They dont travel.
Internationally, because the jurisdiction for human rights violations is worldwide, it makes them technically hosty humanity, generis, meaning enemies of mankind at large. So just expanded with Pinochet. Any court can try them they just to be able to say that the courts in their home jurists action or where it happened, are not able to do it, and then they can do it. So they stay here, or to so did they have treaties of any countries like? Is there any country that they know for sure won't prosecute them if they travel international, it yeah, there's com, free, there's jurisdictions where they know won't. Prosecutor like I'd, go to the UK. Well, but the thing is the ability to prosecute someone for war crimes under the Hague, and you know because
train these human rights violation, rules trump, all the treaties. They trump fuckin everything except for a couple small technical points. So a county prosecutor in Nebraska could filed charges against picture and although that might violate United States Law- and they might say you have to do it here here here, no technic I mean basically like any enterprising prosecutor in Spain. If they could lay their hands on him, they can do anyway. Any price you so depending on the way that the country organizes its prosecution system, the lowest level person competent to make the decision could potentially try to jack? I'm up, you know so I am say like his level of travel has to be so well coordinated because Fuckin County sheriff could take him in for this shit
Wrong. County sheriff could pick him up on this. Has anybody ever I'll. Do that? No? No and that's why they don't travel because they fact that nobody's ever even tried to do that and the evidence is overwhelming and clear that Dick Cheney, you know, for instance, remember the guy who authored the report saying that torture was okay. Now that itself there's a violation of international law for which you can be prosecuted so and that just that's the tip of the iceberg, so that guy can't, because when, if you by mean they can travel a little bit, but there's countries they can't go to because Del snap em up and prosecute him, because we had just. I forget exactly what I'm talkin like it's hard to explain. Anyone can prosecute him for any of this.
Everybody, has the proof and when he goes to other countries they will use the fact that we have not prosecuted him here as proof that we're not going to which will allow them to go forward so all it would take would be like say if he decides to make a trip to whatever some european countries I would take us one ambitious person. Yet that's what happened to Pinochet, and that was, I think, a long fight. That's why so fascinating? That's why pol pot? Nevertheless, Cambodia, it's it's so also for so fascinating that we have these weird rules that the president's have like were present can get away with certain things like taken admonish people, or they could rather released people from jail where they can. They spend their senses for federal offences voters can do it for state offences. It's just one of those
You gotta have a release valve on shit and they use it like buckling. Did it for our political family, pardons they get as many. You, want, what's here as many as you want beneath You get someone out like over for violent crime. There is, depending on jurisdiction. For instance, in Wisconsin there is no functional on the power of the governor to let you out what's yeah or power there is no limit, he's the that governor. And other governors before them, if instituted a sort of Peru boards that will review, requests for clemency seas and pardons and shit like that They have ad hoc rules where they're like well, it's gotta be at least five years ago. You gotta shows this business. But in reality he could do whatever the fuck. He wants that same because he's the executive County sheriff also have the ability to release people from jail because they run the jail.
A sentence only says that you should be confined for four x amount of time. Governors in charge of the department corrections, so he much out early. If he feels like it and county sheriff is in charge of the jail and if county sheriff needs room, he could get that's what he did with Paris Hilton. He said I need the bed for somebody else get up and they can do that. There are some minor checks on it and prosecutors get really mad, but now they they have almost on almost free rein in the area of pardons. That's, like I'm kingship, it is king shit. It is that is what kings can do. It is the power of life. Death. But that's a strange thing to give someone. That's it it's it's so weird that still exists. It has to exist, because you cannot trust the courts to do fairness really yet, but you can trust the governor courts are good for
technical points, but every now and again there's a guy and he's in and the courts won't listen. So governors gotta be able what amount like ban daisies and opens the door for a lot of factory it now because everybody's looking you, can't pardon someone without anybody without everybody no bright, but on a offence case. You know we sit on the fence on whether you they're not gonna, influence someone one where another. No, I mean Nixon got apart Teddy, really, who pardon Nixon? the Clinton partners on brother, pretty you can do that here as drug offending bro in its final executive and Susan Macdougall, his white water business partners, an eighth
oh. We be Amber, Simba unease, Liberation Army Jesus Christ also does look up that George Bush Cheney thing, suppose it's false that they don't actually have out ending warrants right now know they dont have warts or any there now oneness No they're not wanted. Anyone can file the charges. So there's no larger seven gathers Zelda. Now. No one has to file charges at, but basically tens of thousands of different prosecutors across the globe. Could they can do it, but we're not gonna. Do it lest they can get their hands on this look at all the other, the other list, rather the other people on the list. The Clinton pardoned heap that Michael Milkin junk bond king of milk he's got an office in Santa Monica. Now Deco was does Turkey person he fucked people over ban? Right, I mean, did a lot of we'll get fucked over by their guy tons of
we'll get fucked over by that guy, the White Water business plan. Or to that's it. That's crazy! The now MIKE Milkin has a nice little foundation. Worry kit teaches kids music. This. She, a Clinton friend from Arkansas spent eighteen months in prison after refusing to give evidence that might implicate the president and first lady in a bank fraud. While he was states governor, that's how you think she he she got paid three after pardoned, are how much she paid. Just a year. I mean they or deep I'm sure, she's doing fine. How does worked out how you, how do you pay someone off like that foundation yeah you give him a job and what a great idea clean Of course, the clan foundational iguanas charities are, like you
go and look at exactly how much goes to the actual actual cause is one other thing s, dismay that pays themselves and take trips and one does not bottle adorable. She got her. Fbi a meeting this weekend. Who did it at the F b? I worry did see in some other reports that Bill Clinton had like a special in air meeting with the one of the people that we're gonna, to her before it yeah. He like last year, someone from Arizona, sometimes our when he said he made a impromptu tripped visitor, flew in I'm jet anybody out there. Anybody impromptu and worse, I mean like how Bowers he there, in the air. I decided balance a loan of world peace, PA he's coming over to be neighbourly. My fuckin private jet, his super concerned the environment, but yet flying around here. No, that was his little brother. Al Gore.
This whole thing is so rag to ban its strange strange world where Lebanon, where women have what is twenty years of supposedly, democracy and there's only two different last names. Three different last night, language Obama, Obama snuck in there. They are turn it around again with this bay. They wanted to be Bush cling, but bushes, not very good. At it. Now jab guys network, I throw in the towel like he gave, lay I've loggers like fuck, you guys want is job and you like the ambled his way through some shit yeah. Why? I bet you, it was a budget. He was a little hurt. That he didn't get picked for two thousand and men. There was a day where he was like who Thank God. I'm not that guy, you know I'm waiting for when you get up there and just go this job can't be done. Don't like me,
his job can't be dont know how to do this job. I'm voting for you because of you both or I'm asking you to vote for me now. You are for me, I'm going here are the job. Firstly, what was present as care where the president, the way, maybe we may need to President says a lot about a hundred. You need a council. Out of elders. I can't preside over this when the shit and Pardon Jimmy Hoffa, but he was dead and then Jimmy earn Nixon was pardon by forward. Not that lead to him not getting reelect. That's hilarious So you see the one. That's what led to afford not being reelected to think the guy have contributed to the Vienna summit. Also? I am not a crook also, I think Ford's obsession with combating inflation, dynamic Did you ever see the thing that Hunter S Thompson did with Bill Murray? and it was they were mock. Trying to bring dick back
and see how many people would go for it. It was a strange show how easy it is to manipulate people and how dumb they are. Politically. There is trying to bring back see if you can find that man it was like bring Nixon back in our brain Nixon back like Nixon masks and stuff, and they were trying to get a bad deal. We got a bum deal and they were talking to people on the street and trying to convince them bill, Murray and Hunters Thompson. It was from. Something gonzo in Hollywood or something like that was like a document that they did, she probably a clip of it somewhere. My family hated Richard Nixon grown up because when Richard Nixon came to Wisconsin, rapids my grandfather arranged for Cadillac for him as he got off the plane and to address the people he stood on the Cadillac scratched the hood with his shoes and refuse to pay for it
Well, that was so not anything about the spying. That was not my family's problem with Richard Nixon. It was that he scratched the hood of cattle. Well, that was, peace should move in. That shows man's character like yours, here is an example of my friend Brian Cowen, dinner, Bronco, Madame Clarissa comedian, awesome, human being he his mom. Old him once that she caught a guy cheating at Gulf and she told her huh. Then don't ever trust. I don't do business with them because he chitakov hell cheated everything I'll. Do that? casual gaming, golf amongst friends, she can't cheat and like many on when that bad yeah, that in the gulf that transfers over yeah really does so in that sense, would you look up again storm found? It got a picture of Bill Murray with,
next thing, but I wish I could remember the M the actual, namely the dock, entry by was a BBC documentary. They did. They did autumn the really interesting stuff and part of any talk to one of the guys who testified against Nixon, and this guy was like in deep deep trouble. But for the tapes came out and then the tapes came out and exonerated has proved that what he was saying was was true, but Hunter was talking to him an interview in the sky, Just shows you the times then like we're so much more sinister and what the government was capable of doing. Like in many ways, been sort of de fanged, I mean yeah, they they can't break there. Get away with as much easy shit right like. Maybe they don't have fangs, but now they have tentacles right. So it's like a jack, these monstrous situation, like drones, things on
they have drones, and I mean you know they have Facebook, so they can create eleven thousand fake profiles on Facebook and said friend requests and now they know where everybody is who's got their ship marked public. They know when you're in the valley. They know when you're burger king of the really looking out Fredo duly follow. You know now I mean most of his dad is bullshit that there are never use, but but their accumulating it cause there. I mean they're like Mama sets. They give you ever see. Marmee sets a zoo, put something colorful up against the glass and you got their attention and our personal details, although completely fuckin, worthless and useless and boring, is interesting to somebody, and so they want that shit. They want to know who are calling their obsessed with that stuff because their curious, because their people, and so they collect it, thinking we might get it
As for that, sir, we might figure out that somebody's terrorist and we'll get everybody today call and then they hang on all this other subjects that might be useful to their just hoarders, like their creepy hoarders right. In its under the eyes that one day you might commit a crime. One day. We might need this, so we're gonna keep this that's what a quarter thinks. Well, it's not really just hoarding, because it's you eat your horny other people stuff right I mean really as other people's personal data we haven't really. We have really made the concession and that if I use email or if I make phone calls or if I send text the government has all this- we have a minute session you right now, but I think they d reality. It is reality them, but that but One is agreed today: there's freedom for freedom them at. Will every time something like that goes to court in an actual court as opposed to their physical That's where we're not even allowed to know what they are asking for when they go and regular court. They lose, but then they just
I'll. Do it in the secret court to let them do whatever the fuck? They want, we'll all do you know how many times terse taxable stopped by tapping into people's phones and reviewing emails guess is zero out Caesar undergo zero. I mean maybe one or two, But you know what they like to do that durable. They like to create terror scenarios. We pay attention to those when they talk again a blonde something give him a bomb. The rest of my try to detonate the bomb to the bomb was a real. The first place I used to do that to black panthers and everybody in the sixties and seventies. And that was another thing that we learned about the Nixon administration. With terms some rights movement and in terms of the Anti WAR movement. Yet this is it. This is the this is the actual video itself. He calls into friends to help stage the inaugurate
the raw deal, so it's Bill Marian his brother, whose also act I feel it is banned. Try and blind Doyle. Motorcycle noise, Ass Nixon, a pardon us now more than ever, the meeting in Beverly Hills isn't a runaway thus of three: that's the voice. You don't forget your damned when I gained is the honest. I didn't forgive him, Why did you change your mind, your speech, the excitement like wearing that sure everything surrounding my mind being changed. Daddy serious, that do serious the site. Tal. Just there was nothing on fuck, we're gonna, get that guy we gotta go,
A guy now Nixon's got em shit, so that was what nineteen seventy eight Larry sets many years after Watergate Hole. Areas yeah, they can't do that anymore, but this whole email thing, the Clinton email thing. That's that's! That's bizarre! That's a bizarre one! Do you know what the problem is, what they did white water and, like the clings, beat him. I white water rather know he fucking pardoned people that work, for him who did time where they beat white water, a bland splain will white water was a lot of people. Think it's Watergate! Ok, when you're, oh, when you're in government, your privy to some things about where roads go or where electricity. Might be rooted. You just get information,
If you do that stuff, you could make real estate investments. You can't profit from stuff like that. That would be wrong, But what? If your wife was a consultant, that's not exactly how white water went down, but that is how most of the corrupt politicians that you see operate. Their wives have bullshit jobs and the bribes or funneled in through that inside your part. And so it could be green lighting, something or could be, but yeah it's just. It was just a real estate scandal and it was pride, is real estate, investments that went bad and their books problem. We were not in order, so then they had to keep their mouths shut. They pry warrant really fuckin around that much. What what's wrong fast now, there's one that's more obvious and more blatant that no one Batson Ion and ass the Dick Cheney, Halliburton connection. What you mean you, it's not fair!
and we in its, not marriage, but when you look at the fact that this goes to see you how Burton and how Britain get these no bid contracts for the aliens of Dolly s officials are supposed to sick kind of sequester their assets. Entrust blind trust. So that they don't really know of her benefiting their ownership interest in Halliburton or calibre yeah. I know it's bullshit yeah bullshit you're supposed to just pretend like you don't owning and and if you put it on paper in a blind trust, meant to benefit you in your assigns, you technically no longer own it bullets. This would just be like the most optimistic possible. What say Dick Cheney didn't profit from how Burton having all these noble contracts annually still, but he still hooked up a body. Yeah yeah, either way it's these used to work there, man to be there and then he and he looked him up with Sellen forty
dollar cases soda forty eight box. Well, it would you a lot of money and to to Iraq in his defence yeah it doesn't, it does not get a get on a plane, hire. Someone carry I know, and for that they could have built a Fuckin Coca COLA plant yeah, You know what culture appropriation draw their ultra appropriation super bad! Now, that's over there now color! That's colonialism is technically it's just it's amazing that they pulled that off in there not under investigation, but white water, which is in a fucked up real the adventure like four million box with a real estate verses- oh no, a trillion dollars now that my be incentive to go to war, maybe incentive! Oh yeah, do certain actions it caused massive loss of life will aid. I mean they thought they were going to win and make a nice chunk of change. Shit spun attic
troll and they ended up making a lot of money and that's real like what is the movie gonna, be like that. We're gonna have better, evidently, evidently eventually watch There's gonna be a movie in maybe ten or fifteen years. Where chose the the madness that was the original Iraq war and the the call to. These people, that there was weapons of mass destruction and people a test fine tune and realising it was bullshit, are all the chaos involved in the other, highly seen, shit like someone's gonna, do appear. Ass, move your gratitude, Oliver Stone! install movie about that war common right. Now, probably I mean they ve done the hurt, locker and zero dark dirty. They did the Tina Faye one in Afghanistan, the Tina Faye yeah. They comedy yeah.
So the comedy and Afghanistan called devotee of yet this real whisky tangle foxtrot. Is it been out? Yes came out couple months this to me We promise there there. There are literally too many movies to watch because they don't stop. Making movies? You never watch all the moves it or even made, so it's like being in debt, but still I am sure there is no way gonna catch up and great movie. I can't watch all the superhero movies it come out as too many I'm done. I think I'm done they just to the two, obvious. I want more watchmen, That was a real fuckin superhero movie, like thousand great movie, that I want for those come on people there. You know here I haven't that's like the last time I saw a superhero movie that felt like it grew up with me. Denounce, and did you read it before? Did you know a thing about? Nothing only knew nothing at my hopes that
yeah, because maybe I'll be disappointed. If I read the stab anything they fuck it up here, That is a problem, but I mean that's. The problem of you hard core fan, I'm ever squat looks interesting. I've never seen. I didn't read that ship, but its quota c, a bunch of violence get together and I've never seen him do you know because it looks at it looks really fascinating. Looks like it's gonna be really darkened creepy shit. Maybe we found its waste Toby possible. That could be something to watch me ass. I D link watchman's my favorite superior movie. I think, what's yours out China, member Liketh, I remember when I saw the avenger is the first one couple years when I first came out, they fucked up New York and everyone lot like that was awesome, but also could have been.
First time we saw the conglomeration of all the superheroes together. Academic much on prior differ thoughts on right, because, even if you do another one will we already know they get together like this. The whole charm of them getting together for the first time, has been worn off and I'm gonna get the hope to listen to you get the fuck out of your badge in by any of that. Like he's not going to listen. I gotta find em now that he was the best hawk, though that dude. What's a lamp around Volovya here is the best talk movie, yeah yeah, that's for sure yeah. He was full on bill. Bixby, earmarked revellers a bad as acting like he. I believe that he was smart enough to create the kind of conditions that would write to him being the hawk and is any place it like so like, like a guy like when air Bonnet and Norton did it. They kind of Mr Point of like now you're
no you're, a guy who turns hawklike alive, you're fuckin sick of it it's not cool anymore you're. Just like got fuckin dammit on the fuckin hulking like it's no as being an alcoholic like black and out and waken up in Tijuana, that's the hulks life and then asked a move on like its frustrating and, like you play that frustration really well. You know the number one problem with all the Hulk movies and all the whole comic books are number one problem, his pants and what the fuck is going on. Those This would not survive he's so much bigger than Mark Buffalo pants stretch to fill his jag Dick ass size yet, but the shirts off related stored data typed in the hawk on Google there's a guy he's gonna fight ISIS
He looks like a hawk is going to fight ISIS. He looks a gorilla is just a Harriet guy. Always here yeah how's knock Marrakech huge. He wants a fight, ISIS does you know they have guns giant twenty four stone bodybuilder I think a stone is thirteen pounds that right, Google, twenty four other fatigue that big at twenty four hung homes are going to do. Towards a giant man with a fierce expression. Following on Instagram, where posts what he does best Weightlifting this is just a guy that wants attention now, given attention, this is so silly he's. Gonna stick is his head back and flexes traps and that's those unified ISIS, that's gonna. I mean he good or tenants balls harmony, Kill someone primarily five on weight, didn't kill. Anybody would taskbar me maybe like what to choke em,
but somehow I mean it, you get it right in their mouth. If we get it right near Mount, you'd, have to hold it in there. You're right taken prisoners, yeah and then you have to like cover their nose now, would be what tells them I've I've to rework my plan to kill a bunch of people has evolved. Tenants has his design a work trying to work you get fucked up by turns. Projects- and I see tee from my head- shatter the Temple but when those tennis machines serves American glad he s lap like if you see how fast one of those like whose like the best mail Federer said the guy said the guy's name. I think they're gone hundred eight hundred eight eighty they're getting hundred eighty miles an hour with tears Baltic and catch dominoes. You're gonna get some c d subs sparks fly, memories aiming at a black eye like George Bush hundred sixty three is too fast
Oh that's fast, God, damn! That's fast! Tennis ball hitting the temple at two hundred sixty three miles now and what is a golf ball, then compost probably and fast right. They make sense. For could, as its cuts the air better to head it off of a solid piece of metal instead of string right right right and it's also get in here. Today, with the these crazy flexi poles at her now living they have said amount of carbon fiber in autumn, and they know exactly how to two hundred and eleven tat. Well, oh h, even yak is an arm. His love like my friend Ryan got hit, NED Ryan Parsons shut out the rainforests. He hit in the head with a golf ball aligned, Dr Fuck. Tell him in the head and he said he was whose fucked up like six months on official to thirty seven is right what's his name Ryan Winter Jesus Christ, the guy had some ass in that China
to show that a year ago the asset guy got maybe that's his secret, like everybody else work out the shoulders- and he says I now man, it's all in or he's a big due to a good. Size knowledge. It was. This washes way put that ass. In their said, spin tigers back as all fucked up you can play now. Torque is put on his back over the years. Really Elaine's rose hours come from. They said that his dance and his stroke were unconventional sown in the unconventional stance and stroke Antonov. This is true or not, but did that put any power your whatsoever on his spine, some weird waiters, yet the amount of twist he was killing the ball. I mean he also may have may or may not have been dancing anything. What are you saying? I don't know I don't know, doctors, but back on the shit they testing and I would have to have to be now really the townspeople for golfer golf, there's so much money and when we put up those the top ten earners the other day, variety we're done
My companion I'd switch the amount of money they make from their support to the motto might make from endorsements that, through the tough for our they make algorithmic over fifty million dollars a year and endorsement yeah knows as expensive. Products are endorse, yeah! Well, it's not just that it's the people that are endorsing them, usually a run by golfers like like big time, business investor. They fucking love, making meetings on golf courses. Yet it's it's a point of focus and also point of recreation. They gamble and no make deals with each other. On golf courses, so they have like Tiger Woods, representing them more Roger Federer, dirt order. Whatever his name is one of those dude when those bad ass golfers do it, they you know they they they feel their cool. It makes a company cooler
I'll get for business, still do a couple ads and then no don't make me come out a couple times like offer to friends. What's up, two of em are not threats but Roger fetters, making sixties a tennis player good Lord and then Lebaron is fifty four tiger still up their loan. He is barely played in the last couple years you made forty five million and endorsements. That's incredible know: what's really incredible about a two's that, like he went, rushing to the ground and then still by the weight of his name. Now, then, is a cop bushmen posts. Scandal he's bounced back up to forty five million a year and legal body made from from actual playing it made less like three hundred thousand. It says yeah! That's incredible! Look at Nicholson, that's incredible! That mean that there really is incredible. That is made that much money. While what that is raising how much money the fuck make their me I mean he yeah
even though he made almost nothing. He still made three hundred thousand dollars playing golf last year and then forty five million filled Mickelson. Looking back, I number theory with fifty two point: nine million dollars and fifty million of it in endorsements dies in Saint, so he's of super successful golfer two million two point: nine million in winning such winning tournaments either a really might have won a couple if at all last year. Second, third with this place so as he just a super famous guy, yet we are showing up to be a he's been good. There has been a great golfer for a long time. And here I would this Northern Ireland guy roaring Mc Gilroy Macarius Mcelroy younger Mcelroy, Homeboy nobody. I mean I've never heard of him of uranium accurate. Now, I'm ok Homeboy made thirty five million dollars so an endorsement I was not what a new game isn't
think how many rich people have attached himself. So what's the dumbest sport that somebody made a lot of money, curling oarsmen? How much think they make curling look for the top curlers crows get mad. When you brings By the way, there's much aren't going carrying out really pissed me for talk it shit about curling. They actually a pest, not ironically racing reference pretty out ass, though he were Earnhardt, you'd, think Earnhardt would be cleaning up way more then everybody else formula, one auto racing is amazing: I mean that may as one of the craziest things to dedicate your life to those we'll one guys, my god, interesting, how that doesn't really fly over here, but but yet we do like fast cars Why are we like NASCAR, but we don't like formula one. I think NASCAR work. Didn't NASCAR start from my bootlegging
ices yeah. So that's pretty fuckin real, pretty dope. Actually, yeah So it's like a formula. One doesn't have that kind of Huckaback story. It's like these to have to have a trunk, whereas formula, one is to say, look really race, car yeah, yeah, NASCAR vehicles. They had to be able to store whiskey and, while the F word in the firs yeah yeah like that, I think the beauty of that is kindly for NASCAR. It's what I has to be a car that you could get. You know like it's gotta, be based on a car that the rest of us could get yeah. You know, like me: when somebody's just fucking, crushing witness Chevy yeah where's oppose one somebody's wegg, it's a goddamn fourteen foot, needle rashly. Through the air and then there's the guy sitting in the cockpit which is in the centre and yes posed in those certain Siena videos of him when he was at the top of the heap in
in racing and watching near his perspective. I give you in some of those videos. Now I do see the video from a perspective of a person actually driving a car, it's phenomenal admits is amazing what us a fast insane experience. It is to be in a formula one call and make those turns like that to me is of law. The most exciting things to watch and of sports cause they're, just especially, if you look at it, their point of view. I mean you, your grand the cushions the couch gonna, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck yeah, because they're making these split second decisions. They have to take these tighter avoiding people around them trying to cut corners likely this guy look at this fucking car. Listen to this. Now we're watching this video Jim Was-
This video. It says first time ever I level camera formula one. This is probably what I've seen online like. This looks are so much goddamn fun disguise fuck lying in this thing and he doesn't have a windshield his ears. Tyrant, windshield it's about six inches long oars. Since his high rather and he's got just goggles on and a face masking the whole deal and a helmet these essentially exposed in this. Super rocket ship, that's gotta control the explosion go and on flying around this track with amazing sounds so they took the five Jeez NASCAR gets up, trying to Imagine you five Jesus insane you prior to have it insanely strong neck yeah,
I think your heads stuck in place by some gadget now may definitely is in non. Ask arcs alot of people got really fucked up really little correction. Actually, that quick movement, and we're who ass antics a little bit on them. Then can knobs on that car insane July known it with those buttons, yeah, what no added at a green number to not do while those what those all those lights they go across. Those are indicating the Europeans because they have those in some cars. So when you see is light go and it goes from green, like you see them better images, but he as like see their rights. That's like to let him know most likely is our pm's around when it's one is in danger of Blowings engine of these guys of regulators and their engine like gay disposed to be questioned. Car people going crazy, like if you buy and new car today they have rather limited. So you get to certain
Europeans, where you could fuck and torture Jane and it'll get IQ off. Ok, Cadena saw now get excited, just watch adrenaline near throw the chase and what else? What else? Marksman victory victory so you do this for ten years. Man and then deciding factors some of your comment- Why was doing that on the side? But at one point I was like it. Is there never gonna? Listen to this, so I guess who's gonna go tell jokes while So you tried to enact some sort of reform or try to at least say and what the fuck is going on here, but they don't listen, so bringing this up in your act now now because it's really depressing yeah yeah yeah, I like it's, You know to figure out a way to make that funny. Yeah yeah does like its is happening right now
like right now. Somebody since we started talking is getting something onto knew a computer record, because we use not. Computer records, and so somebody's, getting a computer record that they shoplifted. So there goes on all their entry level, employment, fuckin fur on all three four years. Good luck with that have fun filing for disability. That damages happened to somebody else, and it's gonna happen again in a couple more minutes, like it just it's: it's not the sensational cases, the get you it's the grinding, it's that every single guy gets a little more than some. It's just a gradual creep like mothers against drunk driving, keeps bringing the law like the legal limit for alcohol down and down and down but they don't change this study that they have the cops point two to say why the field sobriety tests work so like, in the seventies, this horizontal gazing a stagnant,
ass would say that horizontal gazing, a stag, sets in prior to forty five degrees, only fear above appoint two or but then they You did this study and now his point five, and then they really is explained what that means. So if, if you were seen somebody forget pulled over by an officer and then the officer has a bright light and there on the side of the road as a bunch of cars, goat passed like fuckin straw, bites right so they'll. Have you look at a pen right and then they'll trace it like this and so prior to forty five degrees, your I should track, very smoothly. If I move quickly, if I move slowly, there might be a little bit his daughter, but I'm supposed to do the test quickly and then, if I put it there and hold I look for a little bit of aggravating this Agnes and so the national Highway Traffic Safety Authority or national retract traffic safety poured put together is this one and then the one leg stand and the walk and turn test, and they say that
you can tell somebody's drunk if they fail these tests, the tests are accurate. All when they were originally picked in the seventies, when the limit was higher and they would these tests will only detect somebody about point two up then they when they changed the legal limit, they didn't change the test. So remember in the seventies your eyes work than a quiver overhear unless you're above point, two but now in the eighties they're telling cops that the eyes were quiver above point one and now here in the two thousands their tone cops did the eyes were quiver at that point above point, oh eight so they're change the data to correspond with the new laws. They didn't change the data, even they just said, did it still works even now? The point of that test was to pick people up above who put you know above a much higher limit above they're looking for people at point, one five, so not not the data, but the
the number that the use of determine whether or not you are you're, you're, drunk or silver. How did they not mad at right now? It's what I'm saying is not a real test, whether they live the limit right like when it used to be two point out yet now. What is it now? One points out point o eight point away targets, but the used to determine mean if, if, if that was it was originally established that you had to do this. The field sobriety test would indicate did some was about how one to limit our Lord. How do they? How do they keep that's in tests like what are they used to name just didn't care But what are they say that the booklet like ages booklet, so they just saved change the number yard seed appoint away without data Jack it up in a light, my dad's got the fuckin manual from the seventies. He's got the manual from the eighties get the manual from the nineties cut the mainly from today Yeah seems scenario they don't care, but would you assume now right? Wouldn't you that if someone fails that test that tests would indicate
to point out what they'll deathly zero point. Eight then? Yes, I really don't have to change it well, but scientists they they probably should while they establish like when but they're using it for If that somebody is appoint o eight right, when it's only effective to prove that their point, one five or above fried ample yeah so that this test is designed for people at point, one five to fail and they're saying p: What point I wait or failing the thing is, the they just await. I mean when one then test them with a breath eliza, so they just barely make it illegal. They still fail. This field sobriety tests that we say yeah yeah, so its subject, the yard, the tests are subjective and we pretend that! What you know like one leg, stand: seven Potential cues is somehow and effective way of Looking at somebody in town, if their drunk fuckin eyeball. Nobody, look at him would have somebody to houses a test like what have you pull them over? They pass the test than they don't want to take any further tests like luggage pasture
ass- to deny your shot, I want to take any breathless in most of the states, the union. You are required to give a sample your blood breath or urine, and if you don't then they'll charge you with refusal. That's a fourth amendment fifth amendment, violation. If ever there was one, but because the police, when most of their arguments, it's mostly the eyes of well, because you can't be forced to give evidence against self and they want you to give evidence. From? You did, though, used to convict you and they want to do that at the scene of the crime, with no legal representation and I'll give you a lawyer there, you say: hey, MR their failure. Yeah they're saying we could only prove that you drove drunk if you give us your fuckin blood, so now give us your blood. So they used to be duped, force in blood draws in doing that stuff without warrants a couple years ago, the Supreme Court was like you guys need to get a warrant for this stuff, and but the thing is now to get one
but isn't it problematic that it takes a long time to get a warrant mean? How long does it take to get a warrant like save a guy gets pulled up where he say honesty, drunk, hey man, gimme some now, and I don't even know what are we call the cops ten minutes tenant, so, they can be faster, really yeah telephones. Those now telephoning warrant surf private files. You know like some The restrictions warrants do take time, but other places you can be issued a warrant over the telephone. But what of it? He has to make a phone call and calls Governor Clinton and Governor Clinton says: yeah, you don't listen. You down, I know a guy knows won't ledges, drought. Is that if we could take it s a little while is now preparing. We need Goethe's paperwork for arrest by up so those Sesar bullshit
They use them because really it's just the officer needs to be able to sit up there and say that you did some shit wrong. Okay, so let me say this: so if you are, you are a criminal defence. Turning you get a guy on a drunk driving case, the cops boss Adam, but they Amsterdam by forcing him to give blood. How do you defend that? First, you look at the start. So you find out how long they were following him, Nan if how much sharper good driving and humming, bad driving. They viewed. So, for that you would I mean if you wanted, Do a good job. Let's say your defending a very, very rich person who has the money to pay for the right, a bill gates your beer, defending bill gates so you're going to order the squad, video and then you're, going to open records, request the radio communications and the teletyped from the squad carts every one else, because they might be saying something racist or they might do something. So you pull the teletyped
and then you gonna want the conduct records of all the officers and then You're gonna want to find out if you can pursue any administrative appeals of a temporary suspension of the licence, so you to do that because two reasons, one you don't want your clients licence suspended and to you might also find something. Because you might be able to get a couple records and forced the cops to show up and drops and paperwork off for you that you have an advance, then you're gonna look The stop and you're gonna file, emotion, saying that the stock was illegal because of ex wine. See then you'll argue about the bail conditions, then you'll order, you we're way about six to eight weeks for the results for the blood test results to come back soon. They come back or even before you ve Our motion that you ve been working on saying that the blood test results are problematic because they were legally drawn or the facility is not accredited or the person who administer the test is not accredited or the machine has not been maintained properly at the
in time. You order the reports for the machine maintenance, because you'll find that when they do the blanks, sometimes there not when they run it through a gas chromatic Rob Mass spectrometer, whatever system they're gonna use when I do the samples I mean these are guys with Technical college to grace or bachelor's degrees that have taken a six to eight week course, and they might be pretty good at it. We're still fuck ups, and so sometimes things come in there not sealed. Sometimes there is a problem with the vacuum tainer that they use for the blood draw, and sometimes the sometimes this stuff that they put in a vacuum cleaner in advance to keep the blood from coagulated is expired or has brought with it. And you have to check that out. So if you have an extremely rich defend it, everything from your fuckin eye color is in question. Basically that.
Every step of the way. Where anything happens, you have a question about itself. Was the machine probably and who programme these fucking. Can I see the code because if I can't see the code to the machine, we can't save at all. If this, She works if we don't know the code, for a lot of these devices, the code is propriety and they won't give you the cold so They won't allow you to know how some of the machines they used to watch. He worked. So you can't. As turning and worries defendant, you can't actually point to a problem and say see you didn't, carry the one and you doubled my fuckin result or you know like This shows that it was I'm patient for eight six. Three This is for this. They do. Times: they won't give you those records or, and so then you have a problem. You hope actually that they don't give you shit
because when they do give you shit, it's proof that its generally in working order, but when she comes late means there's a fuckin problem and that's when you know you smell blood and you start to Chase sat down yeah, so and then and then the next point you do. Is you go and you try and settle the case and you think here the guidelines, because most guideline fences most places, his people get a first one, and then they get a second third or fourth or fifth, even though the panel he's go up. It's crazy is the more out of you. Wise people have the less dangerous. They tend to be during those otherwise like seven's or hit parked cars all fuckin day, could they don't kill people two's, kill people first offence drunk drivers, they fuckin kill people. So some people get better at drunk driving is absolutely they do it's horrifying, but yeah Make sense. Practices must yet now, with everything and land they take certain roads and they drive slower than compensate for it. There not I mean
used to being drunk Darrell alcoholics. You don't do that was terrifying the others the surgical. Precisely to the way you broke down bout, the process of and know what is the difference between a rich. Person and someone who gets an attorney assigned to them by the state. Ok, you wanna! I mean you wanna, get like pick a crime books, Let's use the same crime. Ok, a zone is drunk driving as poor guy S pull over your handling. Ok, what do those things you No, you can't do those things so what you have to do? Is you ve got to do everything that you can do on that list, because in ninety percent of those Kate of those times or maybe even ninety, nine percent of the time, those avenues will be completely fruitless. Those won't get you shit because route, you know stops are routinely
Rubber stamp warrants rubber stamp and the machines are generally of agreed to be in working order and a lot of places. Their statutes meant to protect the you some even being able to get this information so but things that really do work are like bring their family sensing, because most people who were convicted of crimes have been committed. Give a compliment, crimes and nobody shows up for them anymore, and nobody gives a shit about them and, what's going to happen, is they're going to go in there going to do their time they're going to get out and nobody's going to give a shit about him, then they're going to do something else and then go back in. But if you got family there, the judge cancer Will somebody still cares about this asshole somebody still thinks there, good enough. I bet there's some good news and I got a call for people who are willing to show up and watch him take his medicine watch him see that watch him admit he fucked up and promised to try to be brief. So these guys are caught on our side. These guys are going to try to
this guy not come back here, and that will shorten your sentence. If you have support of people in your side of the room that will shorten your set yeah things that are opened a rich people like you wanted, I mean all almost all expert witnesses are horse like people. People would ask me like well. How do you like warehouse choose an expert and I'll be like I just I just ask everybody else were kind expertise and the like what the expert says something you don't want them to say. I'm like that does not happen and the like. Do you tell the expert, what to say no, the expert knows if a prosecution or defence or plaintive or defending calls them They know which side you're on and miraculously every fuckin expert. I've ever offered money too. To give me there honest and completely unbiased opinion has said. I was right.
What are the odds every single fuckin want? You must really know how to pick quality attorneys live gas quality, bologna experts, quality expert. But you know what I'm saying is like they're just the horse. There whores. And they will say anything and there's a business in leading horses like if you're looking for a guy who's dna experts are you looking for a guy? Was a chemical expert like you, gotta call, because other friends have used them on similar cases. Yet an and there are guys there I mean they're all horse there are some eyes were solid because whores do tell the truth, and I like horse, do important work, but they are horse and We should never forget that. That's something I think Republicans get when they argue about climate change. That's why they don't listen to the fucking. Billion scientists on one side, because they know like all you can just by a study, they don't realize these are the studies that warrant bought, then that you actually believe these, but they just they know how it is
because they have seen that happen over and over and over again, but I like Monsanto by studies and they marry studies, and please do the same thing they get. They hire an expert and miraculously the expert just agrees with them, everything time. I don't know how it works like. I would expect that I would hire experts on time and they would say you know shit you're wrong. These fingerprints are a match, but never now now d, You think that this is because I mean: are you communicating with these guys beforehand like when you, when you hire and export give any I'd, never ever said anything any of em about how I wanted them to nay anything and how much you pay me guys like say if you bring geyser fingerprints guy, if you ok, if you're public defenders office, you can pay no more than a grand or fifteen hundred. I think it is, and you have to pay
our your phone pocket and then, though, reimburse you in like six months after the trials done. So you don't have experts functionally. If you got money, an expert can run yet fifteen grand and it. But it depends on the type of case if its medical or fits and state the state will fly like this is a beautiful thing. If you throw piss on a guard, do you know it's hard for them to tell that its piss, but it's a felony in most jurisdictions to throw urine honoured on security personnel and a prison. It's called gassing, but it costs extra money because the there are actually very few experts who can say that this is urine, That this person, through on em, like the test for urine versus it's just it costs money to fly, someone to say that this guy did throw piss on this guard.
Here's a scientist who can say- beyond reasonable doubt that was piss. They really have to fly someone from Philadelphia, sometimes to Wisconsin, to say that was piss. That's how fucked up our system is. That to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was piss in a EL any trial. We need a scientist. So no wonder their fuckin horse cause. That's the shit we put it like. We make them. Privy or part of our little stupid disputes like that continuously and it warps them just the same way. Warps everyone else, God what a bleak picture well, but The important thing to remember is most people are outside and having fun, mostly right, most like, but not enough because what, if something happens- and you have it- we driving while black sudden year in the same situation described right?
where you wind up getting extracted from this beautiful outside world yeah? Well stuck in it. That's something that we all have to do something about, and if anybody got ideas. Why think talk about this huge. I was unaware of it to the extent we obviously have zero knowledge What it's like en masse and was continent than the few times have visited So here you describe and especially, zero knowledge. What it's like inside the criminal justice system, but hearing you describe it. It's up. It's it's pretty desire. It's it's! It's atrocious! Damn it's scary and it seems like an excusable seems like if you're looking at the raw data as far as like what happens to people to black what happens down their wife first offenders, it's garbage scary and our best idea- was teaching some children to garden Oh, I mean you know I was in Yellowstone recently and it was really beautiful, but one of things was freaking me out.
Was that it was created by an act of Congress in eighteen. Seventy two. And I good Lord, like eighty semi too, I was alive knighted. So do that's not that long ago, that's like fairly recently and then was thinking. That's me, seven years have to slavery, was abolished and that I looked it up its fourteen years before the creation of the gasoline power automobile and my dad this is amazing, like the domain, how recent all this is an dumb. I was Talkin with some one, o Byron Bowers do. You know Byron Deal area, standard, medium and buyers was talking about violence black and whose talk about his grand their remembering his great grew mother, telling her about the invention of the cotton gin with ease,
Whitney yeah like Jerry, was around for that that's fucked up and he was talking about different relatives than he had in a great grandmothers and what have you that were slaves, and in our really hits home? We have go that is so like for us. We grow up a moment when your little kid in the year, Eighteen, sixty five YO outspoken forever go, but life goes on the perspective sort of comes clear and clear in a focused. We realise- oh my god like there was a blank ago. Yet sixty. Five was essentially a cultural blink ago, and then you, when you look like the history of China or the history of ink, Indeed, the meanest massive long history and then the United States we now eighteen, sixty five fucking know young there were, I mean yeah were really young country.
Those countries that are seven times as old as we are, and I mean from all I guess I want to say one more thing about that: criminal justice system, weird, because yeah gas powered automobile electricity, telecommunications, space travel and slavery, and we still have fundamentally the same criminal justice system. Why we didn't improve on it. One bit we added some. We added a couple things, but it's not fundamentally differ. When it was design. It's the Dana law, it's fuckin vikings, used to use. It and then it became the english common law like what should it be Well, what do you think, like zero ideal system that someone has proposed now now? I don't think, there's ideal system, but I do think that right now, a country three and forty six million people is that many gathers more than three million counting mascot their people. Three forty six men, I think so-
What is that, like that? The officials? A shell god damn it, but illegal aliens spoke beer none are supposed to be. Here I mean but look at how many are allegedly here, how many have been counted account of company must to be here. God's law that go where they want like in. I think they, I don't have a problem with immigration sounds like you do know, pinion back heels. I mean, I think we should let everybody in wants. Come it's kind of the idea that country not one. Although on an Orange county, GM one fucking dive, morbid move there. Oh yeah warming, the Nebraska got room it does. If you fly over, the country realises allow spots, yeah, there's a lot of spots and we're gonna be index like there's some.
But who, like I don't want to live in Libya on Fuckin, come over here. Well present trumps, gonna, pull a nice wall and stop stop everything see. What I think we should do is. I think we should function, put the feelers output, the vibes out, and then, if we see like a population that gets too like shit to steal. Just like you know those countries words illegal to be homosexual, but you know we got room We should just be ok, I got your things, will take all every single want. Usually they make a lot of money. The Earl of discretionary income can also time and have kids go for the commonwealth. Fuck not no come on over. What do you think is going to happen if Trump become president- and we have the social justice warrior, president of Canada, their prime ministers like he's there digging to explore the idea of gender neutral identity cards. I gotta hugs yeah can just like what would he telecoms, MR or MRS I'm see the eighty year. What do a jail we put in where we put you in the chair,
the neutral jail or do not want a man's David directive. Classier, ok, yoga, and they need isn't it a juvenile, their wiess, like, oh you mean somebody, but you have a painless. You murdered somebody, but you have a vagina. You have to go to separate facilities, murders, violation, because otherwise I'll fuck in the great murderer baby. What I mean not all gonna fuck and someone it's kind of like. Why are you? Why are we even care cause they're gonna fuck, each other yeah, but do you gonna fuck dues and ass? The punishment been in jail people up with hot criminal girls and you get a porno movies. I mean yeah that iron cage t. You can t you can address age, five yeah! That's it that's what it is: ok, your bank each other. I agree with the policy that if it results in women in prison films. That say that it's always the guard, so is the female garlic seduced like that to box on yeah number, when I get free? here the the guard. I mean
You know there was a guard. It was like some movie about a guard that had a relationship at some guy who's a prisoner. This dude patently lie on his back without touching his penis. He can make his dick erect and he could ejaculate, but he had time to practice. Yeah, but I mean that israeli press amazing what it is guy, but see these urban myths. Man tell there's no cameras did dick bright no I mean yes, if he could really do it, did he die and present. No, it's good question as if you could do that and you didn't die in prison. Somebody pry paid you money to film Let me ask you this: what is the subject? Restitution do think gosh guy get off with time served plus restitution if you can make Dick porn in jail. I save that guy didn't do anything like two terrible, maybe has robbed bunch liquor store something of that and also In jail- and he realizes at a he's is practised by himself
of an ASEAN room so long that he could get his dick hard and come all over himself pay money, see that yeah Sophie STAR like his own ideas on myself website from jail. Yet webcams This makes our money yet leaves it to the victim's yeah. No, I mean, I think, its constructive I think, is helpful. I think you should start by adding anyone who's interested in doing that. Whatever correctional facility there in perhaps write to the judge that sentenced you and request that you do the same or just an opportunity, No doubt the people can do that, because if someone can have a wet dream, the means fantasies allowing into ejaculate there. So I think there's some. People that have done some really amazing things at their mind, right, like the people in Power this kind of any yoga again some place where they can have some trance and they have psychedelic states. Then I'm not. I believe it, I'm not scandal I mean I bet you could do it
bet. That sounds like something where, if you practice, if you just waited Khazars dosages in their pants when one and walk up to him this is just like bright, a little bit more removed bright. The fact that do did it for the guard No. What's up yeah, there's a kind of power I'm dealing with their like on Command SAM. But it must happen because that's what up also happened: I've been upstate New York when those guys get free and they those martyrs. They tracked him to Canada, the one most was to let them out what they escaped and one was supposed to meet them outside member that yet there was same situation. Homely lady, oh yeah, yeah, really handsome do other gonna relationship. I, when I first started visiting prisons for clients, this guy, who was a former I think it was former secretary of the department occur. Since he was our criminal law. Professor ran ass through a whole bunch of shit. We have to watch out for when we go into prison and why
never was a major trying to seduce you? Oh shit, endued yeah, what they got, nothing going on right, try it. We know, judge no, and I mean. The way he ran it through us like to us was like a little crazy like yet they're gonna try to. Are they going to try to sexually importuni they're gonna try to watch on zip their flies. Essentially, importuning? Who never that were better anybody use that yeah because he was saying that they would unzip their flies potentially and then take advantage of the fact that we didn't say anything about it, the next time to call basic. Way to get us to commit a minor offence so that we break a little rule or lead us a little. Down the path and the next time they would try to take their dicks out? Ok, so if you do
call him out on having is fly down it's an offence. No, no! But it's it's not like a crime. It's not like a rule violation of light. If he's gonna show your social benefits and no they'll sit differently like like if someone sits there with their fly open. You know it's like this and their crutches on display their learning They got some deck for Seattle, but yet there like, by the way, some dick in here again and then next time, they'll be more cause. There's a lot of sociopaths in prison lot because allow for a lot of people. What it comes down to is the sentencing cause they're guilty as shit there's a lot of witnesses Vienna and they don't have their not made a money. So they can't pay some expert to write a report saying that jail would hurt their feelings which they fuckin do. If you have money,
it comes down to a lot of being able to take ownership of what happened and what you did lotta sociopaths are in prison, cause they're too stupid to listen to how everybody else apologizes so so show pass will say something like you know, I'm sorry that I played a part in All of this- or you know, knock it off. I'm not gonna put myself in situations like this any more your honour when their being convicted of beating shit out of somebody they'll say: I'm not gonna put myself in situations like this sounds like taken ownership, but put in a situation. Just means your one small part of this package shit brides. What are your law, multiple, aggressors, right, loud noises in rank, and so it and to some body that is making the apology. It sounds like your works, but to a room full of people that here nothing but apologies all day we up I'll he's going
back and that sound and the judges? Listen for that shit, very intently, there's ways or to fuck up an apology and the only people who fuck up the apologies in that specific way are almost complete Wheatley incapable putting themselves in anybody else, issues and those types of people. I not tend to do certain types of things. It's there always out for themselves. Me me me: why does he get to do that? Why can't I do that, like that shit like that I'll dish, bullshit self, centered selfish run all, but there an adult. That's just what a sociopath is. It's not that impressive. It's not like. You know, fuckin site. The lambs or some shit it adjusts? Super selfish, hamper inconsiderate, rub ramifications interactions and they are just and they.
They don't even know how to relate to the rest of us, because they don't care round care to like we're just robots to you now in Europe experience in dealing with so many these different people in so many different criminal. Did it? think it's a nature thing or nurture time. Nurture nets nurture Jaime's there are some. I mean some broken folks. There's some some people are born evil. Just like surrounding or worn winning sad kidneys right. You know some people are born. I didn't say that free Dahmer was NEA good example, or of a guy allegedly had a pretty stable childhood. With loving parents became a serial killer yeah, but but you don't know right. Yeah like there They say they obliged for item like they're gonna be like now now we did in the same way Charles Manson and TED bodies. Moms did them no you're, not say that, but yeah I mean people who do that generally have kind of similar histories.
Well, if you think about the way of a human being, can vary the way we behave, you could be like the most beautiful. Generous kind, caring person or you could be a brutal tater in the Congo and chop and people's armed elephant uv me? could be there, one of those still be a human being. So if you, if you think about that and you think, about the conditions that you have to sort of adapting and if you're growing up in some, Malaysia condition you adapted to that relations condition, and it is you Literally a product is your site. Now, when you come across people like that, because you're in the criminal defence attorney world- and you have to represent these people, do you Do you try to think like? Is there a way to fix this guy, I mean: do you put that in your head, or do you just go and try to win I'd? Try well when I get when I would get them to do the apologies cause one, and I mean the thing is I for alive these guys too many?
witnesses to much of record its common down at his fuckin apology. When its common down. There are plans for what we're gonna do next and talking with in coming up with a reasonable plan about what they're going to do after jail or what they could do, instead a jail and addressing like why? What did they did? Something wrong Ok, why was it wrong like I would go through with my clients a lot of times, if I wasn't sure that they were getting it and I would be like okay, so you can have to give an apology is adjudged. You can have to tell him that what you did is wrong even have to tell him that you know that it was wrong and you have to tell No white was wrong. So why is it wrong to hit your girlfriend he doesn't want me to ok all right. There is one, When you hit your girlfriend, what are the police? After do? They have to show up in there? to arrest me? Will you nice to them? No, do you think they like that? No
you think now would be the time to apologise for being a dick to them when they were just doing their jobs yeah but now say it in a different way said in a nice, won't Jews, and then I made them say it in a nice like then, you have to really coach them through this. And you do let him know like listen. Your freedom may ride young we're, not your believable, yet and I will simply performance. I would tell em like you're, not gonna lie of their everything. You say is going to be true. We need to make you fuckin recognise just a couple minutes. You got a recognised this situation. You can't lie out there. They hear too many lives, then we're like lies just it's like George, Michael and Freedom like take a lie and make it true. Allow at times I would quote George Michael, guided that's on freedom itself. It. Isn't it's all right good on you for admitting a lot of people to shy away from giving towards Michael probably deserves
I would use like take these lies and make them true. I would use it on my clients in saying that now so you could see it now these laws and may we have to do. Does a great God. Damn song, you know, is the best. He can't hear you too bright. Where will you pull right? There only we can hear people well, listen, If you see the video is the best part about that song. That was one of the signs that was made by the video yeah. They like the song is naive, but God damn these girls are much heartless Naomi Campbell eternally turn some of those, still hang in there without naked, when this came out by my world. Yeah. This is a tremendous video amazing.
What cemetery and bone structure does for the emotions, tat, beautiful, full lips and look in a pretty people is fucking great. It is making. But what I do is I would be like self they're, not gonna. Let you out cause you, don't have a job and you ve never been in the community with more than is for more than this linked to town. Without doing this now be like. We can't lie down and Tom like we, I would make a list of shit that I wish was true and I believe one of these things can I fuckin just make true. Like. Can I get this far? Cindy to do these job applications. Yeah yeah. I could totally do that like. If I could bail for it like. If I can get him to make his bail, I can get his bell low enough and then I can get him to submit job applications every single week. It was a lie when I came up with it a couple minutes ago, but in six months,
This case finally goes in front of the judge. He'll probably have a job and they would like Just think about some shit. You want to be true. Figure out how to make it true- and you know like Maybe he's got to have his kids back or maybe he's how to have a better relationship with his kids, which means you start writing the fucking letters now cuz in six months. Have them show up like just to the thing is like it's a lie. If you have no intention of making it true and we wouldn't say in advance. I would just be like well, you know, so, do you feel like you're coach in these guys, not just through their trial, but maybe through there, and standing over the implications of their crimes. Well, like are you in some way, sort of educating them into cause? If they have to be asked about it, they have the kind of be maybe edge candid about the impact of their choices, yeah yeah, I would I mean extent that I thought it was appropriate like because I mean it additional power. You know the most,
No abuse is not proper. You know like like abusing them like insulting numbers, yeah yeah, I guess halting em and there's people where you would completely one went salt and where it is not appropriate because their such terrible monster. But What do you do it's here and one of those situations I've had theirs. I've had some guys it make my skin crawl. Unlike I've sat next to people, you know done horrible things to people word. They don't make my skin crawl, and yet these other people are just so far beyond them in terms of like we don't like, we should we like you up for two like, and you can't do anything because you you, you sort of have a mandate right after when I have to make them beat me why do you do drink after work? Would you like now now, you didn't know,
If you do, then you don't stop their work. There's a bunch of bars right by that courthouse but imagine yes, one escape yeah bonkers a boot up work as things as a defensive journey. You gave me has handed to so many fuckin times date. If I drank one time for every time, I did like what a judge decided? I would have been dead seven years ago. Did you get high now? Isn't enough and not just went home Popeye's and dealt with it fuck man. I went out on a weakens and did stand up and he started. Stand up while you're an attorney yeah yeah, I've never seen you stand up, do but you're smart guys. I can't imagine you would terrible. I know that you would and talking to the Conniston was very fond. Some guy we did this man. Do you just did the two and a half hours of a breakdown of the criminal justice system here
Fun and especially the criminal justice system there and outside of mass and was continent so why am I doing stand up now, Seven years I think enjoin, oh yeah, yeah Superfund were brought into the store, well I was in Wisconsin, but I moved here in January of last year and honestly, I really like polish shore the fact that no egg, I was a kid in the eighties so when I would see SAM Kennison on tv and polish or on tv when everybody on tv, like it out, it always wound its way back to the store like polishers. First album is, I think, recorded at comedy sore, and you can hear RON, Jeremy and Gary Common. In the background like it's not unlike laugh factory doesn't higher comics, you know an improv. Is it like the stories kind of an icon, and I worked in comical
before size, Kate. Also, the reality of it is like the potluck is hard to get on that Monday night potluck and I signed up every single Monday for six months and I hadn't gotten on once and then they they put out a list saying they're gonna, do auditions for the new door, guys so I signed up for it. So there I could get on the potluck, but then it is what really well while. Because I just six miles crazier I just wanted to get up on the Pollack and signing up for the audition, for the job was the only way to do it. Yet. Jeffrey seem overqualified to be a door guy. I, like the Dorcas, it's great gig now, but I'm saying you hold you, Thirty? Six? Yes, emails door, guys! Look! Twenty one point two they're getting older now YAP Guam is in
forties hormones is fifty six by the look of on Falcon abstractly sex It is a special place, those in it I mean, and you are you ve been and employ their during the golden age, I think, is the golden age of the other night. Was Joey D as Bill bird. Damn our era crystal Leah me in, what else on the show someone else out the only one She was another one. It was a different show, but it was just it was insanity yeah like sitting back watching all these people like this is the crazy I've, never seen a line of broad white with whom I have never seen a lineup. Let us this isn't this This is insane yeah, just murderers row or more. Show me the Ottawa say what it with the bidders Bobby's gets knew better to allow this. Is it it's just. Like all the years I haven't seen, stand accommodating doing it. I just never have seen a club like this or its on fire.
Right now, every night is sold out. There Answer insane, there is real beware, ban, it's really weird and has another one does is from Thursday. Acca Billy, Tampa Bobby Lily, Eliza Crystal Clear me: jazz neck RON. Why Andrew Santino Joe Ideas, Donnell, Rollings, Jesus eyes than on Fatherland Jimmy Sugar. Tell your parents were me If you have is going towards every Dave Taylor. I know We will see me I can relieve, read the whole less, but is an amazing line of known and unknown. In other I mean the guy in the second to last spot created one of the shows on NBC. That's gonna, know Sir Season and a guy who's going dead. Last tat, a movie on comedy central like yeah. That's not embarrass, though, is an icons. I dont situation like he belongs Natalie, late Spot or what I'm saying is like that's how fuckin pack the line of insane, but its ought not just that,
it's also the vibe because of the fact that the store hires all comedians, like and, like all these other ones that work there? It's like everybody is one of us and many guys have gone from being in mission of bees doorman or working to cover booth or what have you to being like irish affair, pregnancies ample Duncan trestle, perfect example. Here have gone on during the time that I've known him went from start now to being like super headliners in their own Leah, its fascinating. Since no clubs like that, where The employees become the the star attraction yeah yeah, yeah, it's the only one. It's only club has like a true farm system right yeah, especially in the fact that their farms, exists in Hollywood and granted? It's not that easy to get into as you can attest the ethics six months of NOS two fuckin, the lineup of business, there's just too many people that one.
Become comics now isn't. It was not like that before by the way now I know you won't get up every week before their eyes to it when I started in Madison in two thousand, whenever there was like eight people, eight comics and then when I left, Sixty then ran that would sign up for the funniest comedian in masse in every single year. Wow. So yeah, it's booming, and I mean but under knowing its booming qualities were because there's an aspect of storm drawn, like there's only so many spots. So these we will have to be better like these. Sixty, like you start now, grass you are the best and why not try to be the best one? I try to fuckin smoke that shit like crush it, for three minutes have like why half ass it lay on you
to be able to well, even if they didn't want a half ass it it's like it's not that they are half asking and it's like their standards got raised here. You see like rose battles perfect there, that there are so many people, turn at rose bow yeah that you ve never before and in their writing ridiculously funny, jokes and crushing each other and that went up in their hungry. There's a lot of competition to find time to really fun time. So listen man thanks for doing us appreciate you coming on beautiful fourth of July, happy Independence Day, fucks and you can catch MIKE Smet on Twitter, your twitter handle is the shine. I love the Shinola its linked on my my twitter page as well with my name, and if you see my could become restore combine, say I'm all the foregoing thanks, thereby back tomorrow, Brennan Shop,
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and the wild all the time and I am always surprised: does this whole things? It's been. Very surprising that that has been so successful, but very rewarding, and I just want to let you guys know. I appreciate it very very much. I appreciate you guys very deeply. And I say it all the time, but I mean an old time. Someone keep saying it thanks, thanks for everything, We back tomorrow, we're gonna, have a UFC two hundred two hundred breakdowns, my friend when job, but you know those go sharks. Alright so see soon. Thank you for everything and appreciate the fucking.
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