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#821 & Fight Companion - Joey Diaz

2016-07-08 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Joey Diaz to watch the fights on July 7, 2016.
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my companions it's usually brian cowen and brenda shot from the fighter and the kid in the great eddie bravo and we break down fights and have a good time and talk allow shit those guys raw town and joey's in town and so were mixing it up and it was awesome so please welcome the great joy ideas the job will gain experience so puffed up for these five companion if you'd never these before ladies and gentlemen our approach explained is an introduction for the people who have to listen to the audio version of it only we just watch vital we talk shit we may or may not discuss the actual fight itself as the time we don't but today it's with the great joy
we must therefore guarantee that give a heavenly thanks albania brother of exciting i'm excited about our show at the cop theatre tomorrow night yes out of all the fights on the cod the signals avarice was the fight really i was my friend the holy then the whole week if i didn't know what it was i thought it was not on the card i know what it was yeah there's one tonight i've been waiting for this to me is a fuckin born burn i'm lookin forward to it for sure cuz our is very tough and he makes every fight tough he's a tough too and i think he's going to have a real good game plan coming in i think it's going to be as you ve ever gonna see him because you ve seen him off some hard fight and you have see you now he had that war with cowboys rony got got lit up especially leg got his leg you just got introduced to the next level of emma may but coming off victory like doubt over pettus any be gilbert two and now he if i had a fight
diversity in the government as fighting to seriously fucked up by members eyes yes yes it tough job dude you know you gotta put him away man and that's tough to fuckin do he's a game they get but this too special this dose on just especial he's he's had a very high level over the last for years and it is skill level is higher than its ever been like a bunch of different things coming together one it's half cordero core cordero such a good coach the coach of kings emma maybe one the original guys from shoot a box in couldn t by brazil guys we're so bad ass i mean he's from such a bad ass lineage he's early days of ninja in anderson silver and he's the guy who took a brief over doom from a guy really wasn't a strike or at all just a you artisans and he brought to the heavyweight title and now you look for striking he made a big mistake obvious
it is deeply music fight but i think you stay with me i'm just a bad mother fucker for catches you catches you try to go to war with steve and steep ages was better moving away encountering and he's got careless and left some openings and it could have been because it was in brazil israel emotional who knows he fucked up and steep is about motherfucker so those two or bad combination together but that said you look like we're doing striking against travis browns excellent his strike against kane velasquez excellence excellent long snaps that job out keep should distance throws hard kicks because he wants you to take of doubt about that he wants you put it one is back good luck with that good luck with that nasty is guarded heavyweight division has ever seen arguably he's a mother me frank near snapped arms mean you gotta go with you want to look like effective submissions and the heavily division anime it's tough tonight give the nod to frank mere tapped less
with a knee bar snap minnetaki was armed snapped him sylvia s arm just maybe not furs overall career disease deftly ups and downs but been in amazing fight but his submission victories are fuckin horrendous he breaks bones man who guilt breaks bone fragments breakin with armed bars breakin bow with camorra prompt fuckin minute was arm snapped it in half it was looking over at it like holy shit so it's hard to give the nod to to frank mere when it like overall anime guard skill but that said man that technical ability there for doing has is off the charts the way he wraps you up is so neat he just toxic the tight like that aid or arm bar oh my god me is of slap that on him or fatal was duck in that guard and not in you could see in his eyes usually oh shit this is like the water
is heavier i can't drink it again get up to get where the air is holy shit just get crushed into those legs fuckin huge too is a giant guy got legit two forty doesn't have to leave much to be like to forty easy a huge guy for dooms no joke man so for steeper object to take him out like that farc i was a victory and to do it in brazil and must have been nuts man does forty thousand people something crazy round was a soccer stadium he went he didn't give a fuck there was zero fucks give maybe i was given melchior while the residual fox he had no idea he was in brazil while he's that dude as long as they get his mindset is so strong he's so calm he's more right before ever because down man
and you know i'm more now than ever because he's been there and done that that war that how would junior dos santos and that was a fuckin war experiences a motherfucker wisdom in this you have lemme experiences it yet is it but he's also got a lot skill and he's getting better than the other thing about sti based ebay is getting better means always been a mother fucker but better now than he's ever been better mentally stronger more steady everything about is better he has what's his name in cleveland when ouster all reign in october all september september sunlight september i think sometimes in cleveland oh you want go bonbon come at an over the data is still did suchet namely have jack does it jack it's you god damn popular known other week
the nose the special everything is just following it you know it's just a october fifteenth i shoot so everything is wrapped around that pretty much beautiful but clearance that's gonna be fun and then people that are gonna be the eta supports deeper because right now i mean they ve got basketball and now i ve got the u fc heavyweight i've put the show together i'm open europe i'm open i think i'm hoping saturday september tenth i think i'm home so the friday the night would be where we do share beautiful words do i think fines on their that's a crazy fight to that's an interesting fight is out there has been fighting very smart lately man he's just put it together and really nicely in these last few fight as is still a jackson's yes yes jackson's i think i'm pretty sure oppression still a jackson's the thing about him
and he was known pride now that stand it was the heavyweights cow the champion and take boxing there comes a time in your life when you put the pieces together will start to see europe from alister too de as all these fighters that years ago they lost one you know we lose too he lost a clay guido those who have spoken jaw yeah you know and look what he's got onto do crazy so it stay put it all together this it's like when a comedian gets a shell is recommending together show all the stars have to be aligned right you know everything has to be an order everything just to get it right that's a complete everybody gets pilot area but just really add to that high level that you're talking about this you know maybe you maybe there are when he went to court devils could there put it all together did you gentlemen the boxing or the kick back for example is a big part of its big parliament you know what else
big part of it has strengthened listening programme he's one of those guys who trains and nick curse on you do nicky nicky personism he's one of the students of marble renovate you noticed mob renovation timer renovation like you and me wherein of it was a world famous strength and conditioning coach would like some seriously unconventional wild ideas that were very very effective and numb between be japan for couples apps and knit curses won his disciples and nick curse on handle still sancho said quite a few other guys rousillon pa provident cough honeys hastening rousillon provender cough provided frank deficient be doing this fog catherine provide a cough the right siberian rocky you know that guy i'm talking trains that guy too and joe shilling he's done some work would joe he's really good strengthen conditioning guy and guys metric oh and the combination of like
high level emma may high level jujitsu and this radical strengthen conditioning programme these guys all these ply metrics dollars box jumps area i exploding resting everything's very carefully monitored thrilling think stuff man do last up with your feet one thing that he said the kind of blue my mind i will yeah do you think that he is i got what's the most important thing like what he work on a guy the most when you first our training is like their feet his foot strength is like one of the biggest like weaknesses that a lot of fighters have their feet get tired and so you don't push off you can't push off as hard he can't move as well you your footwork starts to suck you can't slowed inner out please a guy who's got real good footwork and like this the dive in and out and move very well and fast you realize what it giant advantage that is by konrad it so well leo
it so well wonder boy does it so well oh shit joe duffy joe duffy bang in our midst card joe w very upset covenants fight after losing a dust employees renege choke on plaque taps while beautiful joe duffy's bad mother fucker he was about mother fucker but you know he ran into poor yea when poor yea had finally figured out that one hundred and fifty five is the healthy weight class for him there was just killing himself making that one hundred and forty five lendup boy you're saying exodus employees a brig is a big deal is a big due to get down a hundred forty five pounds these guys as i do that man there what did he say last you look really can go far bobby he knocked him i really am i should say and i stand up with actual excellent factual he's so sharp
and real fluid was come actions and all the guys that that macgregor beat up those first to agree guys really how aware max ilo is a killer max always fire raise the aegean sea with somewhere bang on a cage right now then the sea was the only one who showed what happened after macgregor but he out there cute took a bad beating their fight i remember watching that fight on all this as it was a dinner sivir i think that first volcanologists better than them kind faster is bigger peter as far as thirty years younger here and it is this the miles savers handsome wars inside the cage and they go back watch some receivers fight then think about the camps that he had and preparing for those fides then think about the fuckin wars that he must have had camps and you look at all the miles so it's like you see it
i like connor beat a guy like seaver it just sort of confirms what you already know his economies the truth in a key is that goddamn good because it was a beating you know it was just he and savers got an interesting style it's hard it's hard to beat him up standing receive throws hard shots and that entered corrado style one kick is like but it was not when i first met jana getting have gray hair look at the mill swim goddamn you do this live shows freaked out listen i'm gone he had no fucking great was the young kid two years ago what happened problem the john annick furred two oh nine tattoo that's it areas you know it he made a fuckin said something like something silly bowed nick d as that our be as if need be as one the fight
with connor who get too oh nine tattooed eyes arm like first of all like you probably not supposed to say that i think like aspires about a guy that you have to commented on secondly why didn't agree with it at all like i do not agree with it at all like statistically i thought when when they announced that match i woe like nature mare the peace don't know he's a nightmare they'd veto that guy's a nightmare will go watch that fight with my johnson we beat up michael johnson standing go what he did a cowboy ceremony sprite particularly in the first round now de as is a mother fucker pollution brow attach too was none could in tripoli at the drink upon a bucket of pessimism mark a bug in capacity yet about a couple weeks remember that active rust bucket epistle linger over my head all week but the annex
a really good guy is he's a real nice guy i really like that guy i think he's a really good commentator to his excellent like that that he has an goldberg has that job is hard man that's its seems easy because their good at it but if you had a daughter via do it i would fail miserably i did it once a long time ago failed miserably mean phil baronial an absurd i'll just terrible at that my job is so much easier all i have to do is the fights are happening i have to say what i think is happening in the fight that's it the job of the the gaubert guire the attic guy michael shovel or any those guys more were now that's a very difficult job we all share dotted with right in measures in trouble when i try keep it together briefly i was like we may hear tat
that's a beautiful lower that's that's a quick beat down georgia you working with corazza hobbes a big move to man that's a big move and now he had done its work with him before there's the desert like a couple of those guys like a duke rufus you know for us had you there's no sooner was aroused his residence i wasn't gonna vibrate down its impressive is out there i was kicked so very good take boxer and numb nasty jujitsu man really good jujitsu i've seen him demonstrates and techniques and of talk to some people their role with them legit world class like very very good on the ground like surprisingly good and uh just very smart very smart very good at breaking down fights very analytical mind but very objective not ego base in his ear he strong and every thing for us is as a marshall artist i think like things you could say the same thing about mad whom both those guys sir elite in everything
like mad humours an elite mme fighter mulatto people are he plot pat military back in the day this before pat had been the u of champion but pat was like a really well respected emma may find it he was a real pioneer pat mellitus was and matthew took him apart he be blasted em he blasted em with leg kicks and i believe he caught up with a knee and broke his nose and was real weird stoppage cause it was real quick fight and pat would have fought through it but they stop the fight because of a broken knows so like honest mean although map was haven't his way with them it was just a series of exchanges we ve all seen fights turn around where one guys winning and he's dominating than the other guy turns around and beat samba but madam my point is like did he be even though there was a kind of its wondered put it you'll like it was kind of funky stoppage his patent a definite thought through it you have to kill panama just to quit he's not acquitting in hours for broke knows that didn't mean shit down but the doktor just decide for whatever it is what god knows go home does it was
economic civil war or something i know that you can you believe like that gushing ivy and i'd be fainting these guys have broken noses all it now if i threw it out fuck him when alvarez had the ita i'm going to listen to me i'm gonna come back mixed we spoke about the broken knows i'm listed them fight to the death of broken knows we'll roaringly tiles haven't a problem of his nose apparently broke it twice in training there were two can about it are not what is that dan shows are the fox ports one josie you have see tonight that we see tonight you're talking about you see tonight that he had gone through how the fuck do i not know that name throwing that he had to go through to broken noses and his camp he broke his nose twice in camp prepare for their fine because i think it was really fucked up
by robbie lawlor their robbie lower fight was insane fixed my nose the two strong message but thirty years i was looking for a straw another put into my nose what an invention forever for a week to nineteenth show you the surgery monday in the four weeks to strong and then they pull the strings in april the stores i had us splits in my nose it's interesting man because it lit a kind of change the shape of my nose a little bit like it made my inside do so much they cut out enlighten the they everything cod in eighteen oh those things ass they get in the way to they cut those out so they just pulled out just giant chunks scar tissue cow provide there was this oh breathing that stupid knows you're gonna love lovejoy once you get it oh my god you're gonna feel so good
reason you know what can be done the right side is done i must die of that side would blow but when they choose i can see is that like it sees that doctor on monday like a dentist when cleaning a cavity she's got the goggles allowing coke rocks are hidden face fuckin aluminum foiled cuba cares and god knows what else i snorted cheek rob whatever the fuck comes off that ceiling and carpets and can sometimes rather got ran on the four listened for i wanna go what's going down i don't give a fuck what's on the fourth day old dog tags lent it all goes again those you deal with the more he'll come on some will be there that is unfair kimberly is have you spilled a little bit on a hard would flow would you get down on that florence never right i've or fuckin put my finger and whatever have stuck to i think we might say was little calcraft had lived around and sheet sheetrock whatever
groceries on their finger one in my fucking water and i just held it up data melted whatever happened to happen i gotta get crazy that's just great the erika and the doctors name is doctor line ally and he now yeah yeah i know it's a joke the doctors fixy noses doktor lie locked the wine that the black sea swallows things were just makes you feel like we're not living in this is it that the line where no one is able to reference i fucking died my family doctor i got you seriously that can't be real joy moving it's a buccaneer we're living in a movie this john joan shed joy ideas how disappointed read this boy i'm like a ten
was a ten anabolic fight cancellation disappointment that was harbour nine o clock a fuckin night nine o clock at night i found it i found by jamie jimmy so to me and i was a heart broken settle knows i couldn't believe it knows i found now i couldn't believe it's not drugs i don't know what it is it's not cause he's been tested by the probation upon well how often they test them every two weeks maybe once a month or what was doing something that will who the fuck now there's just speculation by from what i understand i don't think they pull you off if you are doing pot in san like he tested positive four marijuana this far out it was in june i do not think they were poor master card he tested positive once before before for white ok yes
just call me away before but what i'm saying is i don't think it's that no i think it's a p d that's what i think it is and what should be the exact performance enhancing drugs which mainly could be out but it could be an accident its end its had been an accent may derive two means was most recent example i mean he told them straight up this is i took they went to the fuckin store bought off the shelf open it up task today how that shit so this these people set at time and time again folks people that are selling these things in vitamin stores in these muscle building things and there's some people that i might say that it has the ingredients on the list which are all things that have been shown to help build your body up but they through other stuff in there too they just do they they want their stuff to work so sometimes they make these things and they just for steroids in and you can go to a fucking jean sea or a virus miss sharp and you can go and buy
steroids like legit steroids like they will make you fuckin big like steroids we assume they keep catching them not good is the best of the best steroids but times they were i've talked did you just reject jacked there's so much of that stuff there so many of them crazy how strong it was you just jack there's so much of that stuff there so many of those things out there and they just keep making them and then they catch them and then they have to change the name and they come back that's how they do with those boner bills to those born appeals are filled with light steroids in flux viagra like we need to do an audit test of bone we need this leipzig go by one a red bans taken and take it to a lab his fight out exactly you by those political hip not even over the counter it's like you buy i guess stations only it's like regular stores are going to sell those rhino pills you
to buy malaysia would easily dick apparently according to read ban i haven't taken them day destroy they turned to a fucking clark eating zombie your ear you dixon becomes a monster you dick just some app and do it it just gets so hard that you can't believe did you use your filled with lost and passion people talk about it like their crazed i met you math the chicken that's mix my virus like someone's listen to mop with some ridiculously high levels of speed and probably some steroids and some math and survive just
how will it out of it they don't have to tell you it's in there why was out of out of that have droplet have another chance to send the kidney man get so i just want to restore i asked to give just one problem i want to spend the night before ours for the way does anyone know how i all that protein pilot i went through one unlike issue and it will do you take any pre work that should now take my take the fucking quadriceps had in town that but i take the attic like half of the shooting right falada target take half of those vocational tax sometimes your middle class and get gasping for you're so much air is coming in today at my body can't take it's too much fucking ass sometime like you'd like this is too much so i just went there when they're to go take this it's like a drink before the fucking before you workout again i had it in the bag and i drove when i get to let me just try i tried half of it i did the class
but on the way home i had the wildest welcome hata jerk off in the fucking shouts because the hard on it with real mama was an old nobody was around i mean it was fuckin even and even after i jerked off its state shall jesus fucking christ i gotta say this shit drink it would mama's around that's these things by and they ve got scared because after i jerk topic and i will end my art said a puppet then put that shit enough with this i don't do anything listen i've never been proponent is at the word yes to fuck it red book because now issued in a movie once i was up all night not blob falcon drank trailers bosom i fell asleep decisive fuck that's not then that shit shit don't work i drink three those rebels and was not so please don't fuckin work so i've never been really been any energy drink i grew up on energy drinks you'd expects me
like energy drinks i hate all that shit i don't believe it when i was a beginning cometh i used to take no doubt as to drive all night that's nasty just what i would drink it with mountain do legally the right of smoke a joint you dr weir that'll give you pull over you ve taken out and i was taken up with the car because it was the winter i can days i had a drive i would have to do that late show has a feature and then drive back the boulder overnight from boise idaho or wherever i was billings montana would drive all night to pick to pick up the baby in those days do whatever the fuck i had to my james had pulled the car old and it was freeze now that the car i fell asleep and when i woke up
control to call you have no idea what happens to your heart when you fall asleep and wake up and i have to have lights on and i saw the snow and i was like can you grab the steering when you put the break of me like i'm not even fucking moving oh my god no doses with mountain do it all my boy agar your band just about to step into the right now great dude great dude every sweet love our wishes allow he's the one as long as students of known i could trevor his awesome it's always been awesome great guy train with super cool he's is when doing really well you see he sat by the einstein fight in about that guy tomb and offers a beast man opportune office just so technical his strike so good and who do the raft yoko thereof
this has always fucked up doesn't much of a fighter he got a poke last time twice in ages knocked the mother fuck out barouche out hush hush didn't know how to highlight graphic open area this a really good jittery player to man sees jujitsu now his kickbacks has come a long way with cordero his escape this is really good now its excellent but his judge design keeps his guard down like low which always sometimes cordero is called thereof i trust their up to something so it's none of my business alone or the fact that you know is dashes of very smart guy varies guy and is hard worker and he'll get better you know i meteorite noise he's crack and into that top ten realm he now he's is a very very good fighter this umbrella tennessee
back in that she has a fight piazza mike gather choked him but he also i'm telling you michael kazaa has asked he back control i watch i kids the way takes backs the weak clamp down he's got a super like very tight game some guys is how a technique grammar code mackenzie had that fucking guillotine of death i give mackenzie caught you in that guilty men whose point due to sleep and you look at not a physical specimen you know just looks like a regular dude he's not athletic they give tat he just had this one technique razor sharp razor sharp and for ok it's four minutes and fifty seconds right now in round number one so that the time stamp forty six forty five forty four forty three you got but he s got that with his back mount man he gets that back do melanthus ronicky choke as a strong position for him
our and your band looking very light as feed here was a man once you get firstly whether you have to be very intelligent as a fine there's no other way to improve this now high level down on you not to barbara no more goes anywhere with i'm an appointment amalgam entirely yeah you figure out how to win the war you train accordingly guys and attitudes to my left hand your ban that jujitsu she saw analytical when you're a high level black bout it makes you think so much differently than just grown dixon punches yeah you have to think so much quickly when you roll with those high level black boat game over i mean it's just that you had your band here and fold guard i'd like to see him pass on like this see swept nice stuck in a standing gear team but only one arm in i don't ever
like you induce lay in the guard i just think if you're on and you're the garden you should at least attempt pass because if you can pay and get to a dominant position you you establish that you have the better ground game right and then you also have the opportunity to set some stuff up for real and you for someone to be completely defensive someone in the guard is still partially offensive they can still catch you when you get a guy inside control your arm caused a hundred percent offensive and he's almost a hundred percent defensive islamic couple things you do from the bottom like with elbows and maybe you can catch camorra the guy's not paying attention but for the most part when you're the guard that got like we're talking about with four doom this still guys gonna fuck you up from their brian ortega people fuck you up from inside its guard lane dude guard good luck that global falk people up in that regard
i think sometimes do try to play it safe in other words god down there inside of guard and the say i let me just sell some punches here and see what's happened they just connect cancel each other out for what a sales you of in the god get the fuck out of him didn't you don't get it well don't like fall into it and i was the easier said than done right but dont choose to fall into treated like it's a dangerous place get out of there forever on everybody even on guys be the guards are there good pretended is treated in the same way the four jake i was wrong all this does done this guy survives as he is a fuckin monster oh elbows oh wow this dude it's gotten it out he has gotten it out man
go on arrive among us do this shit out of his little ivan mohammed as tough as we thought he is tough its fuck he is not given up at all man given up his back don't give up your back o neither the body does needs against france are brutality lisa body against the their rough like when anderson got your son and that one nice slice slice pass keep goin smarmy guys motherfucker due to survive that is back back of this feeling in his shirt and he rose
joe ban on top all the way to raise with the flying punch japan's wrestling looks pretty good too man good defence here but small harm a guy looks very strong i think job than those guys work out barton somewhere not hollywood really saxons guess ass up there is north i would you think those invent eyes venom whereas all the was used to be a yeah that's cool there i think all the kids that goes to dig it changes is it always tells you that text jim jim is one the bastions around in this in this city fora for kickboxing lotta guys
their fight in local competitions he's got guys and glory and he's got alan bunch other guys but very high risk highly respected jim demo home it's bad mother fucker adieus tough because he got clanged left handed on appointed chan i mean us a nice sort of hooking left hand and then call anger he got double clanged and with the shin and then climbed the punch after it dank it's a boom boom a guy as tough as fuck so here is something that happens in exchanges like that sometimes dude hurt togae and then unloads autumn trying to finish em but can't finish him
not a guy like our sounds pretty experience i don't think he entities gas tank but guys have emptied they're fucking gas tank trying to take a guy out and then had to coast for the meaning second and third round like some guys they live are notorious for that like they open up on you and if it i'm looking down right now it's really tired and some guys do that though open up but that first round and they say the guiding i heard but if the guy can survive they ve blown a lot of gas and a lot of adrenalin too because they got emotional they just went crazy after a year and then when it's what doesn't happen and the guy survives and still there this is like a mind fuck go and i go now dyin to my gas tat was the big guy against a bright adam was or chain more affordable thou into yeah
that was your to their cup the five is not understand what you are saying that first the gas in the first round europe get tied stand that concept that i saw a couple times we'll shame was a monster dude i mean he had just ridiculous punching our and he was just far more skilful at the time at least than brok was standing when chain a really good striker standing up his his punches were short and he had mad confidence i q he would slug it out with anybody in one of the best examples that when he fought gabriel on zaga gonzalvo ok snows like guns i've had a heart hebrew his nose and staggered em and they won't guns aga moody and for the kill shane hit him with six inches of death just this that giant cinder block and the end of his impossibly thick arms ages punch
rule gonzalez head is ridiculous he has this this these like short punches that hit frank mere with he tied up frank mir gatomon leather collar tie or something like that if we get with you or maybe over hook them i forget what he did to control his body but then you just uppercutted the fuck out of them and it was just rode all the power in this speed in the fuckin leverage really shots i'd like to see think i was one of the scariest guys have punch you maybe ever shame carmen on corks on you i got one that guy not got a lotta dude and there's something him in particular like to his physical size and you know until this body started haven't like serious problems because of olives football career and years of combat words training the visionaries bogs give them real real big so what you feel in the afternoon when your arms we just get heavy ass it fills your arms what have to talk to them obviously examiner fought in the octagon
i would like to have your boxes the assurance type retraining happening boxes where they get all adrenaline dumps of adrenalin dumps are so real but disaster thing about emma may versus boxing five men it is all law fucking time it's a long time and you can't sprint for fun minutes no one can answer with a guy like joe ban like did he sprint there that's the question they spread did he go all out and then couldn't go any further and i had a minute forty left in the round and mohammed survives mohammed feels that he feels it joe bam i fucked up and emptied his gas tat now here's go joe banner against a cage job moving around it looks a little slower you know it gets it's interesting because that's that's a famous quote i think someone else said but shells sonnen want wanna told me he said if you try to
guy out in the first round but don't you most certainly lose a decision or your more likely to lose a decision like you try to win the fight by knock out or don't you the fight at all because you're not gonna have the gas to go three rounds now is there anything you can do in your strengthen conditioning programme to avoid that this up you can recover faster with the most efficient training and getting yourself in the very best peak shape you can recover faster the question is ok is a guy like alan or is this gentleman mohammed are these guys in their optimum physical shape well you don't really know they there obviously fantastic shapes there obviously italy athletes but it are they at their best i mean if they would if he was with marbre individual or some along those lines mean who knows what a guy like that could do on strengthening level and so then it becomes a matter of how important is to strengthen conditioning see that's what
like marina which unlike even a curse on one of these guys they differ from a lot of the pack they think it's the most important thing i think he is right i think once you already learn how to fight it's almost less important to do spend all the time i'm boxing inspiring and all is more important to do drills and do mad strengthen conditioning work i think you take ass off your body you already know how to fight me on japan knows how to fuck and fight in there's not going to be a surprise for how much fight training does he need to do versus conditioning training because if he's in the same position here in this fight but had less time and campaigning no is hitting sparring partners but more time to imply a metrics and was much fresher and fell better in this round to the argument is you're better off having the most fit vehicle to to do so that worth like your mind or he knows how to get to combat right you're not
it carried out a punch you know how to choke do you not getting it much better than six weeks but here's he can get better at six weeks you could read your cardio up to some fuckin ungodly levels so the question becomes should you in asked all your time doing that or shoot you invest your time fight training in the great debate now we have the discussion of a robbie lower that robbie law this training camps consist wrestling and hitting the pats used to use them now is bars it's out of it a coincidence that the time that he's back sparring is all the time when you went on his unbelievably successful run you have seen is now the well to a chap i don't think you can get away with not sparring idle but some people do and some people think that you you don't need a spark off a spar very little and most of what you do is i mean that works for them some people think
at sparring is the most important thing eddie alvarez when a hundred and fifty rounds to prepare for los angelos i'm sure eighty hours does everything else i'm sure it is writing conditioning i know it is a lot of patchwork and though he does everything is now while he leave no stone unturned right but that's a lot of sparring right some guys like spar much at all some guys very little maybe spy real light spiralling wants a weakness save themselves mean its everybody's got their own method to prepare but as i curse on and i guess it's miranda which this there there a school of thought forgot b b japan in the renovation of fiji penrose highs heights when when they were training together beach the training but god damn was unstoppable inside the octagon that was the fiend armand beanie be japan was the real prodigy when be j p and was light we champion like what destroyed sean shirk when he destroyed diego sanchez god damn dj was good for this brief time
the scene of a few fires is cardio was suspect that all at all with them at all with them but the training is just unbearable to beat bj did an interview about it we're talking about it we could even hold is based be in his arms man he would get home at night and he couldn't hold baby his arms were too tired they break you they're all about physical condition mean marina which is a fuckin mad scientist man giggling because monday was fourteen july and maybe asshole decides to college mr crane goes fuck it there's no teaching directly the seven minute round i didn't notice i can't hear i'm death i can't hear i hear him put the clock and you have to pick your sparring partner girl picks me up she fucks me up right cuz she's about a buck time this girl with a tattoo over eyebrow so i know i'm in for a fucking dog fight with this girl she can't pull me down she can't move me around but she's taken my bag jerome die and i'm happy
in particular looked up industry fifty left on the clock i minutes and thirty minutes i thought i was fuckin die he made us do that seven times the end i just looked at him joan i was like jesus christ i don't know how you i like others do this hell yeah could i could even walked at night my legs would kill him but tell you what i've been doing over their job they taught me a lot like it's right when you say that technical fitness yeah thirty minute class after the digital class and it's just little exercise that you don't think much but next see those its poor and are you are you doing cattle jitsu guy the gun is to ram no no no he's my body joy over rattled good guy he's gotta get instagram page is he really lot of our road videos of really does good kettlebells exercise year he really does exist at the moment a dog and he's a yeah she's a digital clare to relax about he ass he got machado black path vega that makes sense because
had been good exercises grappling for grappling for jujitsu that she's got five very them all that's an animal man five thirty kettlebells six thirty jujitsu than a closer downtown nine then they start that tat fit them i do know gay than they do drills than they do the regular jujitsu and those people stay there from nine to one general jesus christ this is due to friends with jacko willing he's a forum maybe seal now it does i come does like seminars for businesses and stuff like that teaches them how to motivate and bleed groups this mother hundred such a savage that every morning he takes a photo of his watch when he gets up to work out he works out every morning at four thirty so take hates but but his insight graham is filled with these pictures of his watch at four thirty and you
you want to see some shit that makes you feel lazy far guys instagram every fuckin day fault for thirty all caps get after it please do good lives and squads and fuck drawn kettlebells around doing deals early morning guy not at all what we use you grow waits around sometimes i loved well i do weird she there's jocose looted spoken is rampages are for thirteen i know that guy is trains dean lister ye i know that shit luxuriate top level black belt too i mean i know for a fact that he goes to war with lister in there is one of the best in the fuckin world mean and he's gotta cast to jack o clock has convinced him to do it after doing the pod cast with him here jones in trouble he's in trouble he's taken some hard shots here he's got a raft up that uppercut there i think what we're talking about might have happened and that i am
jobs to see him on the ground we decide here i saw him after the first all round to get spinning backface it he's all right then they went to cissian i wonder who won all he wants this round i think i can the first two so that guy's a tough prayers atop mother fucker you got to him we went on where lose thinking well go on until recently was twelve and i'll go into this i think they really know i don't get this is first ufc fight about i don't think so i said i feel like he's had one but god damn i'm impressed with him man this is the first one the academic picture you have become picture he's really good there he's really good he's tough shit too i mean he he got all that right hand ass nice and clean he got clangor than that first round many can never forget that he got clangor twice he was a real trouble guy got it through that whether storm and started
what knit autumn beginning in some time the second round which is nice combinations well sometimes i'm a powerful tool for drinking water will isolate together everything gone i make coffee i make an almond slowly like five forty five my babblers stage you took place well fuck you saw the tax amateurs examines webpage do they have to do a job enjoy till twelve you understand nothing now the same view of yielding fifty they happen between midnight either between minutely they ways a baby aspirin a glass of water personal and night i don't i go on a fuckin drought after six so i could sleep fuckin nine hours straight without person now they want you to
the big glass of water at midnight before you fuckin go to bed yet ass i could for you sleep pattern now but that's what they said you need to do why do you need to do that on his nature or must we are at a level the journal of this year that might have one of those things yes another sailor debate he asked the gloomy a guess gimme guess who alan joe bad but twenty twenty seven twenty nine twenty twenty nine to his own joe back but you better get on his knees and thank the lord you better his knees and thank the lord and satan and wherever else well because he knows he was getting ahead of the enemy no yeah he's or go jesus i was running yeah he's in trouble
our japan's gonna do prob sets with a nice guy on japan is i need a year by year should be used better wording the main issue is trying to you since i took him out cuz take that do that many heard him in the first round numbingly romania and in the second round about the low level of writing and against the majority and we really got to let me go
i got to thinking about it many people needed to set up a case that of everything else so on japan broke his hand that cigarette people to listen to this pilot what happened to them they go away sigh we're listen that's a problem with actually know dude and being friends were dude and then doing commentary on fights and watch them fight like i just norm such a nice do so what's cuz you can work out my brother i'll get up sometimes before the dawn more doubt was as alex zone out sometimes i get up to pee right my beard five cock morning just as like little mental exercise sums can go work out then forced myself to go work out no reefer no food don't know nothin straight i guess water bad breath go in there and how will the full or is it just to get the blog depends you now but it's always gonna be some hard to do powerful robbie lawlor
usually it's in our decent jobs or do some i care about work does do it for minutes me more maybe now you go back to bed sleep maybe now now sometimes i stay up no man sometimes i'd like to go up get up early rather because god side whenever things come on there's something weird about like seeing seeing people wake up sorted waste in people leave houses and seeing seeing the hustle and bustle as the start to get ready to go to work in know can can actually kind of see it in the distance all spread out when you get up in the more gus outside eu ports or sunlight that look around something about it just makes it really rare denies strange strange strange cycle that we do every night sleep in her eyes and sleep and rising get caught up in the momentum
and keep doing the same thing over and over against trifling are what the fuck you're doing sometimes when you watch other people do in it you kind realise psychology is like a weird we're like pattern things where will we follow follow patterns like humans on a whole we love to follow patterns we followed the same patterns over and over and over and over again seen routes to work same bullshit you deal with the office you know day in day out day in day out when you watch people do it like when you get up early if you don't have to go somewhere and you watch the city come alive it's like so you get to see the fucking work behind the curtain for the play plays out for you to see like ours is this is weird when was the last time you got up from work
the general like fairfax yeah those last john john was job i hate those mom i came from a home where the mornings were there was much action i got up and made my fuckin cereal we shall address myself on the web my see later that's it but then you want to people's homes who it was heavy duty i dont want to work and i would sit ngo flout this shit i ain't that action in the morning that where's my tooth brush where's my fuckin showed for people in ireland and everybody writing we're gonna fuck em back we got a bad smells like ten shits yo yo like this so i swore a goddess i've had a family want an early morning fucker riffraff yeah i like she's got riffraff and the more this drama with her in the morning but not really she stream have she wakes up she puts a t real she gets home
chocolate milk get up and i don't give a y gotta make a foreigner shaken what a good thing but this is actually leads me to fuck alone there's no drama out i don't like that early morning drama right once i hit life ok that's drowned i know you're saying that has run out the door you wanna fuck it yet relax i walker i like that slow yeah i go to it's really weird i appreciate the five in the mornings i appreciate the six in the mornings i love going outside smoking and watching it but i also appreciate you in the morning sometimes i get back to the valley and look out like jesus christ it's nothing that's it will be spaced yeah
i'm a space it's me in that fuck him more than those three star around it i think you need a little place we can go occasionally we don't hear anybody nobody's talkin please look up just look up by yourself i think we all need that we missed that's a really interesting aspect of civilization as we become more and more dependent upon technology more and more into lights we less and less aware of the fact that were in space that's all all happening together it's like that technology that's gonna take people past where we are now to some strange new world in the next decade
hundred years or whenever the next fuckin crazy invention comes out you know i like getting up and five turn the tv on checked whether that's good that's good look i charge my phone in the living room and i look at if the sea of somebody called emergency unless i see miss com is going to find out for two hours and dick notebook phoned me i drink coffee after by thirty minutes ago smoke some pot and really pick it up and maybe the nicotine them and get the party really start was i just drive what's new cocoanut maybe the i think about the night before tape that set last night
one second stage that i liked and i'll write that down and i have a page two should i said i would stay the night before then it's got to going anywhere and you like the nicotine gum gives a little stimulant is that the jazz in the morning with coffee one forty four he's fighting on saturday so he's in weight culling already she's dehydrated there you can find i mean that's why we already five i think he's fighting forty five women whose fighting this weekend jim miller now i think he's found fifty five dollars just love zimbabwe violence an army are that's right miller's fighting go me that's the best best under under on the card of orphan time i think tangles fine fifty five or think forty five was too much for your looks forty five right now we're one fifty five
but he's the kind of guy that even at fifty fives gonna cut way is gonna get a little bigger and dropped who is he funny and joe those on that's right ass can be wild us fight although there has been some goddamn wars of the last few years look at that early premium tremendous did you give sell this incredible that's incredible disease does plus the fight someone you up in here there could be doing and i tell you now you have had your a borderless do us there i don't know where you do you know you can buy your fuckin fights issue something he can't fight thyssen i know a few things i know a few things but i can't talk about them i know you things about other things i know some things i can say nothing you don't know that i don't see now then i tell you what this john john thing like literally broke my heart me when you say we said to me
it was like a decent relative died not like a close one like i have so far i remember her ago like a relative they haven't seen since else have trading answers choose different substances wherein there not just one substance too oh yeah that's it you're reading whose which which website i lost my dear car them out i would have left up as what he said about it and was like substance you couldn't pronounce ok i haven't well dance not entirely what i hear i can pronounced both of the substances that i heard how many you want what are you doing now these stars death number two hundred
christ showing how many children as you said two hundred years through two of your mouth three or four employees my god how are you doing that how can you do that what has your body hold up a savage this c b the oil i gather that load it keeps abolish together must you inflammation level must be zero if pot is anti of flowers
well it's apparently it is your estimation let all let me thank the oil this fifty one percent this money off why invitation three four drops in the morning i do it after the arm and shake i let the amish shake leave my mouth and i put that thing i hold it for sixty seconds this times i got a little fat fuck man i go home i spot two times on done i got home i could feel my legs deadlock if they feel like this poland i do a town on the sort of thing and i do three or four those drugs baby in cambodia rocking well you know i don't know exactly what the seaweed or every time i look up benefits they tell you one more you read now that prevents dementia did you read all these fuckin things they be the hide this shit they be the hide shift from america man well it's be because pots been illegal they have been able to give people c b d all the media has low levels a tac you'll test positivity at sea with a lot of it now
with legal fifty states and you can smell it so it's got naughty the only reason yes go on as they take you don't test pause as well it must be way better at it and he had no now they're really getting it but he was it's an element of marijuana mean absolutely is gonna be iranian was yeah they can make strains that are higher see beady oil may maybe they figured out a way to extract cd oil a hundred percent pure where there's no residue of two subjects when they add will create see to it because counter balance with the tac that's what gets everything that's what on those tools that yet that c b the oil was we amazing for inflammation here that some so real unfortunate thing they did that and they kept us here
go for so long it's this is it helped a few people profit and it fucked a lot of people over a fact alot of people over not just not just because people got locked up in jail but because people that the wrong impression of an awesome plant will really crazy thing was tat i was never familiar with a list of medicine tool moved a bolder that's what these people are fucking quacks like they talk to me like rice but then you step paid attention to whom they do a touchy retouch there they take need some toy weight is therefore completely normal would you do you know what the fuck did you do know bolder was is the home of that stuff right it's the home of that stuff it's where breeds and arrested do you believe in that stuff you believe you bloodletting voodoo touch and again the rubber back and also feels better i'm not sure when he got the indian india will touch a couple ways right this is other guy says your frame is
but in all that's yeah i'm not sure but you know what man a year ago when i would see movement train i thought it was crazy now i think makes a lot of sense and now i see i wonder i allowed you to schools and cooperate in that as a class in their work out so it's gotta be doin somethin freely stuff that guy did the beginning hickson of his documentary all that stop people and let it looks very simple very is very similar to a very similar that's what i was well we ve evolved we ve evolved in every fuckin level from technology remains raining you know ten years ago check on the floor and you chased it for speed you know whatever the to fuck you did those days i don't know now completely different but that was also interesting about hickson hickson figure this out and nineteen ninety four that guy was a yogi do with legitimate yogi mean hickson does some spectacular shit he does he stand on a balanced bar and do a full split standing up grab
his foot and puts it over his head like a fuckin ballerina plus he'll choke you out i mean is his ability to control his body is really freaky like he was an incredible body weight athlete stuffy could do with it body just in terms of like gymnastic movements stuff like that yoga movements and stretching movements like very very unusually dexterous dexterous that good dexterity amazing dexterity but just as jujitsu was so high level on top of that so he added this deep now jujitsu of all the past she kissed his basics were so fucking good everything they do this day him and his son crone vague they use who's the same standard jujitsu that everyone is always used there there's not like a lot of fancy crazy weird shave never seen before
triangles iron bars chokes in there just razor sharp adam and that's like a gracie family thing you think about like harder same shit like doors choke a guess like the most unconventional thing that he does a lot of time he does i got standard gracie attack on bars triangles key attains chokes it's like this have that style of attack and especially hickson and his son chrome just at this need level this monk level where it's just they do the same energy jitsu there's no crazy you weird trick coming away nor burn ball of north by the guy i mean they know it i'm sure i assure you could do it i mean i'm sure every high level guys aware of pretty much every technique at this point i give their competitive or for training competitive jammer the curiouser they work with athletes with very groves and he's fighting out of use to the tax as you know these things by right now is like i'm not in this motherfucker ass i go back and get myself some barbecue
this mother fucking shit maybe thinking about roy now says if whose was a white cop it's a fucking nightmare was going jamie he put the card up alone the tv so we can see what's coming up next nice antibiotic after this that's all willing to its distant those values it does on his way to five round a rat roy nelson i knew him back in the day when he was just a jujitsu guy before you ever did any emma really yeah i'm pretty sure he was in brazil with us when eddie i had that match with toiler i flew down with them there was two thousand three renault was a real hartman still is like a real high level grabber he beat frank mere and grappling competition
great grappling competition like some ridiculous amount i got just out point that shit out of em but those like the frank mere lazy days frank mirrors through in a daze where is less dedicated days where is more dedicated boys ask them to be released while i get something happened to go there's some drug test issues what was a frank mere drug test issue the destroyed they a kangaroo me that's right railway so that they tested that they put the steroids the kangaroo me the some shit so when are you serious oh yeah that's what he said he kangaroo oh when he went to australia tested positive ass australia come on he really blame that i can read demi roy nelson needs the fire impressive alike donna he really did say that oh my god for the eight why it may be they glad i swear to me
question in april is positive tests could be the result of tainted kangaroo beady consumed in australia i'd how i feel and he did it with a half a smile on his face oh shit it very bright i told you directly ways i gotta get this i was vegas oh shit stared louis like long dark parents are about see now this is a bad spot for him cuz roy has a fucking nasty ground game everybody thinks of roy's being this dude just beat you up if you stand and trade with them but i can control motherfukers on the ground man you know he lost two andrea latchkey elite elite sea but that's what i did detail or what i talk when i called one of the most crooked organizations that ever showed emily crooked in not maybe that they cheated but crooked
like the way they interpreted the rules of play they would stand people of their doubts like fifteen seconds like if you went to the ground yet to submit somebody quick they were just stand people up our dams crying oh jesus i just got blasted got another one to the got into the face oh shit oh really in trouble oh neither the body oh yeah the gable grip though can get him down at the s grandfather dam is a fight for his life here to punch man that's his experience comes and he got a mournful give little chance to breathe and fuckin thing clear is air his head he still troubled did louis can crack man he really it's hard those
excellent exchange to who crazy sport where we're talking to my room for this we're talking about southern super important the sea bc to bring up that what's goin on america oh this the shields things active situation on anti right now dallas what's going on supposedly shooter shooting cops right now in their approach no shit no shirk this is what's gonna happen notion i can't take till they call me goes isn t i go missing since black guys yet again the start ambush motherfuckers and that's it this is gonna go because you can't do this oh yeah this is this is wrong he's taken some bombs were arose in trouble jesus derricks in excellent shape to man because he said when some hard fuckin shots keeps colored ford roy can take a punch like
other and gets to take down goddamned full mount not good no bueno for derek this could be a rat man i'm telling you the end of the round dude roy nelson mounted on use one a worse situations ever that got and all that bad wait is all centred like heaven like a giant for on her proud kettlebells sit on your dick the way amounts to you're not a really say control people i feel bad sweden's shit they smell my stomach juice pizzas pretzels judges for you stomach i get my work i try to get my ribs it's too by now look at these fuckin shots derricks landon jesus is tough derek beating the shit out of him this gives derricks overlooked combinations he looks more more settled he's fucking
look i'm tom we get the fuck out of here massive grabs the mike and says forget it goddamn it little desire breathe you know a derek's also had quite a few fight in the have see now he's gotten in a more more at home there more more comfortable the experience that night right away that right hand this is good as he's ever look math and think it great doesn't mean that he can still get caught his roy heads falcon hard and ruin us out a win oh shit yes really rosebud linger in four years rosa you don't go away
roy tank he really is a tank and he's a guy approach should at one hundred one eighty five about that you know i mean if he had the kind of discipline that some of these duties have like those san jose that cut way down but who knows man may be part of why he so good because he's a small man fighting as a heavyweight in take unbelievable punches and kicks it's really are based not like physically big guy i guess he is in his weight cause he's about to sixty five but if you can rid of all the body fat on him how much do you think he'd way to thirty two twenty quite honestly if you put him in the same kind of condition that sales robbie lollards in get him down to his opt fighting wait what is your way to ten look he's got lots
how is it tat he's got lads he's got traps so just a stomach all that stuff under their let us leave us alone you should look at the leg there now beverly loses does that weight those legs be fuckin savages because they ve been holding up the answer the last flock of ten years so yeah he's got he's halfway there when i die would i do that though that's part of his part of a flare assists who he is i mean it's amazing he's a world class fighter and he's built like a guy worse at a gas station no do not disrespect rhinos i'm a big fan he's a great guy tough as fuck to just
tough as far as warm orban brothers motherfuckers he's gonna mormon brother fighters fucking come all night no bullshit but a biological you bust there lived they just but jagged wanna keep right in fact ledges he's as some spectacular knock out in the sea to rethink the guys who cared material check congo uk check hungary dairy say did anne frank mere caught congo then put him away would choke my confusing the two psych our shared sigh control not good for derek emma he's only harlem certain those bees he did beat him not enough is the terrible because this is two minutes ago and around and derek is now move and that much which means derek's postern fade he blew is gas tank china
roy aware think we're seeing the same strategy play out there we saw with japan and would dare louis went for sprinted empty that tank and worse situation for sure though for louis man beyond the bottom roy gets a fuckin that arm now crucifix all the time that's what he's looking for he's gonna punch derek in the face dare given that right arms you take that right arm chauvelin between his two legs and once you get that arm in between two eyes once he feels like you can open it is like trying to bait derek organised goes back there there fuck fuck around back up to his feet that strong does a strong move that's impressive because roy bam takes my back down rose ground games type upright doesn't like to take the back that's weird but was taken
back when you a chubby do yes what it israel there yes and take people's struggle he's got a lot of maternal works you lana menu pulling back button i guess it sort of a fulcrum point right oh she took a hard elbow to the head by dirk in attempting to take down now is back i just stay out here back to cyclical that's his shit that's it for emma may he likes this this is stop camboss ice on the ultimate fighters can a pin that fuckin right arm in between two eggs i just want to lose a position again casinos he much time here so it's probably just control beat him out from here is other nobody's got that pizza fuckin head and garlic we heard em laughter woe jesus crises tied after me
god damn that why do sticks dead well for this topic on monday god damn phase that's when he forced him to move he forced him to move when it was guts mother unam roy nelson with powerful a kick i'm just a big fan of roy nelson way stands for you know that's his americans gets i love my love the razor wired is five minutes they look like my activities like that all fucked up to decide this what yet that teddy's went on it with that pretzel stumbling sweat deadly prattle tom you gotta smell my rash guys deftly darth vader stifle bought a grand what's gonna have here happened here gimme a joey karate prediction third round joy reilly predictions roy nelson's get a little bit confidence he might take em down do exactly what you said the falcon tomahawk with legs
the amount increasing vic's get him down derek's taking some big brass and you know this is a high pace fight real high pace fight and when to guy start and tired the guy with the greater wrestling is but usually imposes wrestling game better than the guy with the pretty decent take down defence which is where i put dare clause so i just start making mistakes they get really tired and a guy with a lot of expense is grappling like roy does agree job of forcing guys in a bad positions when it takes them down so if he can if they get paid the pace now he's got too much no chance of getting louis down than it did in the first or second round because louis has to bargain like how much energy you know i used to fight off this take down he's punched him in the knee and dare complainants interesting this is punch the inside of leg
you know sometimes i guy will like let the fight go to the ground because like you just can't defended anymore and then you take little break and then try to scramble but you can afford to do that third round especially if it gets any deeper here you re like four minutes in now or four minutes ago she had their external under fallen going to right just writer says no fear was getting and boom is down there it is and rising to step over the case and i get three minutes and thirty seconds to work and if one firstly roy is going to rise and fuck around roy can establish a position and then he's gonna move to halfgar or move to us i control he's gonna established like some way to control body had norm control and then he does like yours standard shipping
insteps slice pins down he's a gracie backbone is in new york that yet yamini train with a lot of different people but i'm pretty sure you got it blocked out from henzo roy super legit on the ground while she's going to slice down are you just just posturing up on him here he doesn't feel like derek is moving his hips at all derek explode or wait for his moment and explodes heard of a guy but he's eating some shots here with roy on top of on the floor i can just can't keep him pinned down here like this was headed that awkward angle that's an awkward place to be he doesn't want him i said he's going to see it's like the derek like by this time waitress energy level through a store and then just hulk sizwe standing
for sure he's got technique the way he got up that was all smooth and everything like that but i'm saying is like he's trying to fuck but this fucking guy wrestling on youtube no it does not end roy believe me making that guy carry off his weight like how much is driving into him but his shoulders pinned against them makes her heart affirmed breathe is got real good had control royce always gotta be careful those yet he ike sacrifices a couple those elbows to get him down there's not good for derek is definitely in this round back up to his feet again man so impressive its impressive roy is good and hold induce down now shows you how tough louis isn't how strong is but he
doesn't have it doesn't seem like he has the horse power or the gas tank to sustain get away from managed to get back up his feet but then you can get away from here we go there we big john mccartin stoves injured affair as we see many leather won't get let's do this shit road tax payers deep breath while these put he's gonna kick on his pet telegraph and left derek was given that went away the best guys want let's go co shit oh shit get other hard jesus fucking christ to organise neither body who clinch again eric just with our main partners nor tidied use this technology
it is to reduce off my come on man as i have work and how does this one little thing it out twenty seconds to go twenty seconds to go does he get free yes he does yes he does all the shit left hand oh shit god damn eric louis but you don't give a fuck this working jesus christ to just one how he's hurt he's hurt oh my goodness my goodness that white brilliance when lose a tooth he lost something mouthpiece something to eat you don't give a fuck jack he got her racked you got a crack watch here it is his right in both other slobber that's a slobber knocker
officially slobber knocker she damn roy nelson has a of the gods look at it chin denizens is chin is insane billy to absorb punishment is just superhuman he's just page is given the fight just to taking that bunch instead that just goes to show you a market heads market knocked him out here he killed him and in africa walked away that just shows you with a bad motherfucker the market is roy nelson man takes a shot is good as any human being its ever lived and as long as he's been doing it may has it can shots for a long fuckin time and still has an ice john reed tat was a perfect punch
from a knockout artists that landed right on the tipp of his chin snapped his head back and the dude survived to tank whoever roy take downright there but if you look at it like who is closer to finishing a fight it was the one round with derek and then the third round derek those changes were way more dangerous for roy than anything roy did to him on the ground is roy never really established any good position for longer get the mouth but at the end of the round he got so control and he like was trying to get them out a crucifix and dare kept getting up there wasn't a whole
i've done on the ground are then some you know decent ground and power who spoke decision is german first judge scores of louis second for nelson derek louis see judges are starting to look at take downs as b being less important and damage done and if you want to by damage done you got the first round lotta damage done lot of damage done by louis yet this around loud take downright hamid ten times a broad take em down tree third round take downs but derek haiti what some hard shots and had him in trouble either way man what a fight so this is one of the reasons why hate
those that the wind and lost money only this here comes crank who takes that shot hoover search i wasn't one human being takes that shot those insane y know his joys fucking insane you you'd have to fly specialists if he pushed me like that roof for god dance tonight by pick up and turned back on the way home unbelievable but anyway what i was say is sometimes they get bomb doubt that that like someone makes less money than that and us that decision especially i feel like split decision that so many times i don't agree so many times in the difference between like three people three people's opinions so only to people's opinions against it
and that's gonna cost you half of your money that seems oh crazy that seems like that item that shouldn't i feel like maybe they should be elected kinds of women bonuses or at the very least they should share something if it's like us that decision and i know that you have see privately bonuses alot of people but doesn't it natasha months talkin about like this the idea of a whip and the but he's trying to win you know but when they go sharp another getting a certain amount right like private company first volley obviously our work for them and i can't divulge right things that i know that but i'm not supposed to talk about but it's a private company and they prefer to pay people non publicly with a lot of stuff they do i can't much more than that because as now i place you know
obviously not a money person pay attention to how the business side of shit this is especially works there's lots of different sports other players will get fucked out of a contract like of i've known baseball players have namibia their team wasn't gonna make the playoffs but that players really good he has a performance bonus built into this contract and at the end of the year that maybe one he needs a pitch one we're or even one more out and i'll take him out the games to the him like a million dollars some shit like that when i also feel that guy deserves it because he worked all your for it in everything we supposed to do ryan so the owner justice not paid out money today sorry yeah that's funny but i guess that's like we're talking about performance this money where baseball teams jamie sand will take guy out if he needs to pitch like one more any any gets but like a million dollar bananas they just belgium is won't let him play so that they now have to pay that bonus which totally makes sense and the aspect of their winning there
they don't need em we're all depends on out and losing situations to this planet thing out for fans to watch a game and others and people sometimes even though the situation like disguising to make five hundred jeez if he hits today and the like i got two areas that could play for next for an emotive crazy jamie than this one i was i was at the fucking calmly store and poor molly was on stage talking about very bonds he was talking about by revising the word i let thy white boy break directed behave was gonna because the stairway guy never forget he kept saying that shit on stage that we have that poor little black boy break that record those of the next day i woke up to the plains hetty never forget save myself jesus christ he was right dead navigable at that very bonds what the fuck a bad guy that's how much they want i'll fuckin wave that the
jamie cranked is absorbed in here with hear what about market i'm so happy that market is the guy fine brok listener heavyweight a guy with a desperate one she just fuckin smokes people man market smokes people fighting the city and build this holy shit i'm excited about this who is more excited about daniel commune john jones i was very excited about this
this fight margaret and brought in ireland who i can hold workload pick them up and closes hell i'll fuckin rank marketers pissed off two issues but i'm pissed off he's pissed off right now so yea where the fuck this ghost there's gonna be a good fight yeah man i'm interested they got me i'm interested in it the very few guys could be coming from pro wrestling you know and having used to afforded anime and come back and get excited like this guy i mean easily yet freak of the freaks and we look at the size of that mother fucker dude that boone i was a fine shankar went looking illegality weep i beat the fuck out of frank near here i mean just smashed him he's a big boy
that is the biggest you're ever going to see as far as like legit brass leads in emma may that fight tuner sixty five pounds does it see no they have to maybe some people i know that for the heavyweight division you it's not unlimited weight we division as a weight limit that list two hundred sixty five pounds everything above two hundred sixty five pounds super heavyweight and we don't have a super heavyweight division in the eu have say so of you like a super giant guy like the mountain that game thrones demon dude that i cannot find the us can make the weight that guy's way over three hundred pounds right is enormous so if they ever wanted to do that super freak division they would have to open up they would have to start haven't fights thereby i dont know if there's enough to sixty five pound plus elite emma may athletes they would all be a bunch of fuckin ex lyman man had to be a bunch ex lyman
walk around to get off the re five let me ask you this the ex line men who are you know a lot about football sofa guys like a fuckin world class i meant some beast of a man what would that be i have do how much would yet to lose to compete as an enemy fighter twenty pounds maybe that's it alignment has woken up to ninety five he's got a tremendous footwork if he's landmines and while a defensive one right at my work is done he's got strong fuckin free gonna work on a striking is take down i want you break to take out to them to football jail son in a beautiful day beautiful football star take you
four feet motel son was led out of jail sentence very very high level wrestler with you could teach somebody you six would six to eighty five the tick a mother forget that way trail don't die don't let's go here the eighth starve death it stuck whose us beyond this the mountain guy beyond seven brought the or how do you say that drugs and tourism be or be j o r and as as oh your ensign six foot nine ways four hundred and three pounds g o rice after entering his knee in basketball started competing in strongman competition in one iceland strongest man competition came out six in the toothache
eleven world's strongest man competent contest holy shit did while as a giant giant dude fuckin amen hee he bench presses five hundred pounds any ways for enterprise somehow i think he's a pussy so you do which i want you both broke sign of alignment i make bent six hundred pounds shit the guys in the room with them like this bigger me marked bell dude has been our podcast for his brother chris from biggest far faster he does had some shit on his instagram the other day worries bench in way over five hundred pounds she's fuck grow really strong that guy's huge fucking huge as i was do just left heavy shit scorn
some jim created this product verify that is as what is left and watch this shit we're gonna product legally he's got this thing called slingshot indeed it supports elbows on your shoulders when europe when you're venturing it's actually pretty interesting invention the size of this mother fucker how much way he's pushing that is insanity that's a quarter of a ton what in the past his friend tat what was once all that's big steve sorry fucking believe me i should it's on him i can't tell you elsie actually see his face until he gets up and then also marks a ginger but there's videos at him i know one is instagram of him lifting ungodly wait still all those big muzzle you'd disgusted before you don't would you get your stuff the end
this fact is go up you have ashore that super heavyweight division they're gonna be half an improper the third fuck around especially if they come in a yoke to the gills yeah i wonder you know i mean there's very few heavyweights other then came the last guest i can fight like a lighter way fighter you don't came in his prime in particular i'd just this unbelievable endurance threshold he just what places on guys just could not tolerate and you would watch it i'd watch it like ringside and i will try to think have i ever seeing the head of a heavy weight that active that can keep it for five rounds is no no answers now i've never seen anybody is fit is kane was in his prime like now one has the the kind of endorse that you'll be there again this week it he'll be that same conditional on a personality i hope so had back surgery man you never know what what the fuck's gonna happen to an athlete after back surgery back surgery is very tricky opponent pieces of it
discs out you know cuz discos impeding on his nerves impinging areas and then he's also shoulder surgeries and need surgery is logical and no one's bigger came last is found me i i personally think there's only two guys ever that you could put in contention for being the greatest of all time and that's cane in fate or does the only two as far as heavyweights those are the two the only i guess you got argue doom sword but alister certainly a combat sports athlete means one was decorated ever you when the k one grand prix anyone strike force and dream so was a champion of three different organizations wicked win nor ever has one or even have shot until this next upcoming fight anderson silver to fight and you come you see two hundred that you're a team
these ports has confirmed bullshit and this afternoon i had this sober april acquire out will you see two hundred dad is crazy if he does because i'm a little somethin you call me a is a a strong man and he's up powerful wrestler and daniel chromium was throwing dudes around at heavyweight and sometimes people forget what he did a rubber johnson rumble jason jobs rumbled johnson hits hard as any fuckin light heavyweight is ever work the face of the planet he crack com on the button chromium goes down gets back up weathers the storm and saw dragged on starts breakin em it takes them strangle some broken and strangle them and in rumbles way bigger than anderson you now and this is forty year old anderson this is a very interesting very interesting did that anderson would want that gives you
like the andersson that you had just knocked out forced griffin idyllic oh shit yeah let's see that how goes anderson's to fight it light heavyweight are three stephan bottles relied light to right wasn't it ass it is don't say that was a non title affair i think it was there was a headliner in brazil find out what weight anderson was fought stephan bonner two o five was it to her i think so veronica john rebound has always been to a final thought john jones to a five fought force it to a five it had to be too to a bomb under this time it s not withdrawn and has never made one any facts what am i saying what's the other but i'm interests is not just a new product now this is just a lotta we'd ok do not want a panorama not preclude planning i feel after three things you know me this is this i got up and eyes of uncle joe is gonna fuck it
i don't know how you do it i built i work and i've been training i've been taking this breath spray recently how good is how many more gets me so paranoid does at the summit but the rest braided just hit you with this burst of paranoia and dumb beside the bread spray its animals it's just it enables really poky edibles start feelin disappoint on get real but there's a point in the play lace canst that move yeah and that's the flock and worse that happens over a certain altitude edible my legs canst thou that crazy like syndrome so it without a bullshit can fuckin judge nothing the at least i know i take for five years i see the devil i fall asleep that's it i fall asleep i get up and for foot and mouth disease don't you feel like those feel the doubt meet the devil moments are actually a good for you
because you know you you ve got all fuckin crazy paranoid and we're down you feel vulnerable and strange when it over you use depreciate life more it's almost like camp in the forest for a few days and not have an air conditioning and coming home just have a nice cool glass iced tea i prefer a chauffeur dove sizzled as i was getting stays the attaboy me on to the stomach i thought i had to say and i walked out those days it was real and kicked into the next level when i walk what's the adrenaline met the tac damages and a walk that ended up her breath but jesus christ you never know what you put in a body with those fucking things who never fucking well especially from new sources brought eugene how those who genuinely sets out my role when he got
georgia is wanting to commit to a fanny back this is it is it at that this is a rather sarah my men chris semi nice i got every day you have got this reflex joe ideas has a fanny reopen when a young demagogic vein we got a thing i got the fuck it lighter during the fuck you look at you lose a guy one coyly level of cosby quaint little guerrilla biscuit shit that is a big fanny back yet as the real deal that's a big one he said he he's had more than one size right this is it i think it's just a money cells as the joe rogan utility packer sunlight that causes l and this has had made to right yeah happen every thing it makes his happy makes geese makes really good geese man this is the shit to fly with oh yeah this is how i fly this yeah it's easier love you put it you talk to you know whom you while you from packages yeah those fuckin with little those people for people those people but that this instrument
you keep their own personal good due to man's got a real they got another week is coming next week but we're gonna be an always yeah he's friday night at the ice house ok common amphibia ok ok you at the ice aspects right now i'm not there for that now so here goes dose on about get on stage step into the octagon look at shredded whatever mothers fight ideas i know even want to fight for a long time i think you're in whereas fan i did not allow i think this is a real one brunner fight i think so too i think this is hard against fuckin tremendous skill i mean this guy he's a great decorated jujitsu guys got like nineteen strikes so this black boat this is the real deal is fuckin guy you're dos santos has very good yet again by his also has striking is i mean what he did a cowboy serafine showed that his striking his fuckin spooky shit to and what he did to paris is evil
scarier what he is more than anything man is she for serious and super focused has that is focused man and sold them wanted this division hand honeybees are not at all easy champion of economic amount off his deftly the number one content and the biggest threat to him because nobody went off beat him and he beat him pretty handily just a couple years ago and then no argument off had series of injuries heads adrian his knee heard again had a lie should happen was years yet still i care he economic men off is a fuckin nightmare nightmare inside the octagon his ground play me so high level man you see any so ferocious in his approaches it's not it says it's us saul too fast in art and when he gets a hold you in a clench man he's doing a lot of crazy shit he's trip in you is he's eel
ro guys he takes guys do with doubles his his grip is insane i could clamps a whole the guys you see when he's clamp and hold on by what woe like you just got level of squeeze and this level of like physical strength and the understanding of how to manipulate bodies that says that a super high level when he wrote doll los angeles that's when it really opened my eyes or side wow i did not expect that a guy expected a good fight expected a struggle but he did the same thing to my dear he beat the fuck out of ideas man and when you watch the way he did it you like wow this guy's a tank you know again nick curse on trained athlete and a curse on as of the belief that strengthen conditioning everything man you're no longer which is the old member should do not know
i i mean the last i heard of him working with fighters is bj he might have worked with other fighters and i don't know about but he's a guy that i would love to sit down and talk to see was a genius man so virginia jimmy was tied vertebrates now what about an artist now stop playing football aren't thirty four thirty on and i think that the amount of data they talk about how the guy from the raiders got him arrested my middle thing and put the cocoanut sacks or he will get lower drastically could steal amidships really yeah davis is the real fucking deal i'm surprised i'll davis ain't right trumps run a mate as if the fuckin wig too that a few years ago he did die what the fuck am i think failure don't fuck and ran engi shit so here's the question should bruce buffer break out the buffer
three sixty four you see two hundred when it introduces brok less energy especially now that brok listeners in the main event he's doors uncompleted once again you want to know something this you don't mean nothin please do what you do i mean it's a surprise any shares i like that he's doing like a pink type will you come out of the flag up we like that like that he's on the part of the top dressed up like an angel swing down silks look at eighty hours get two black eyes that's all he's been training seminars this fight beat up ours is to organise i mean he wasn't lying about sparring two hundred fifty rounds very interesting bankers alvarez's ever do to rise to the occasion he's got greatness in a man i mean he's had some wins was a nice inside like it but at the other day is due to savage and the most
exciting biggest challenge is where he's gonna fight his best that's what we're looking at already in the most days your situation he's been in years and the most important that's where gallic eddie alvarez will fuckin come to life and that's what makes this exciting it doesn't just has to be aware in alvarez's no fucking joke he's got a mine is peace cues as he makes his when the devil this doesn t just throws a lotta kicks man and ours through a couple nice inside like expert has generally not what he does once once he starts brawling once you start browser whiteness stance and throw bombs whereas dos santos will stick with the boxing game he'll stick kicking those legs and mixing things up it's just matter who strategy works best but
i'd like that already came out with those texts but he hasn't thrown very many cents you know joe rogan what a weird gift to have to be a professional fighter one hundred and twenty fucking five what a wig gifted what word choice you know dangerous choice in life man crazy just unbelievably difficult journey are on special at this level at me look how good these guys are dosanjh of jeff caught him at the end with that left hand and fatigue may very well play a factor in this fight cuz one things again about dos anjos not the harp on this but his conditioning is exceptional what he did with with pettus in particular all guillotine guillotine
it is in trouble is motherfuckers gotta squeeze asia fight those hands ask our fight those hands off oh nice knee and the break you feel that clamp those guys are really good guillotine like you could see it when they clamp onto do join my gun honey i see that guy fight honey as is tiny gentlemen you mean i think he used to fight at one thirty five now is one twenty five right isn't honey at one thirty he's one thirty five or one twenty five not not the biggest donor in the world fund our weight is these fly wait now i might be wrong but anyway it doesn't look like bodybuilder eighteen o dos santos convert that left hygienic and that's what i'm talking about like he can he can add
those fears about oh jesus christ jesus jesus fucking christ jesus oh jesus he's gonna win can christ oh my god oh my god jesus this is locked in tremendously reject them again this is hard against for rognes going down like saw g control but he don't know where he is he doesn't know where he is he doesn't know he is he doesn't know he is this is hard w rockets white put his book the fight for three months that's it doktor about this is what the fuck rob vocational roddy every once in a while you run into a brick wall this guy de as the fact that they did people's mobility should you
till this mother fucker desert no fifty by way of a greater now where's com now there's kids philadelphia you dont bother practice eddie average this is crazy i tied to pilot potidaea you for get mobile wholly sharp with your budget black laughed at marked pluck and art their competitors eddie alvarez tat eddie hours do i when you saw me this is the fact and finally got something holy shit eddie alvarez mass idea tat he looks and tat s what i'm fucking about that was spectacular fifty while joe fuckin spectacularly this that right hand landed there the gulags go oh shit
boom boom boom slow lamb snuck in right over the guard all we did the chicken dance tat what does andrews he would there is a fucking snow storm no no not for those signed user savage to condemn a did you put a pack a logic of if you want to work with these mother puppies these mother fathers this choice tell you is that that five got any avarice look at these common lonely you ve given me america fuck you don't fight smart candidates have bought up by this was it joe roses boy mark henry that guy's one of the best coaches in male candidates it built from new jersey by tat your work will you forgive me shave and your bullshit operates a blackened dude suck my dick and it's not a client was right yeah but are they show up with but and i am a big fan henry's
big fan fuckin tremendous winner by by tee gay a new one fifty are you fucking kidding me area just throws a tremendous ranch into everything now well you know what else does it lets but you know how fuckin goddamn good michael chandler i told you on the phone job only came every look too but suppose fight by word the other guy the first my eyes are slow flock and start it's over now it's all what now what is the first fight lot of pressure first of all first find new have sees careers online you know least ballot or as a champion but it shows you how good do you see how good michael chandler lurked in his last fight they you had wars over ballot or wars dawson just took some now saying yes oh my god it will only be of levelling down by now twenty guy
tim anyhow resolute looked fucking tremendous i got anxiety its actual road what's what war say like the eddie offers the kind of guy says horizon occasion this is this is the shingle forgotten does not even using dilution emerald goatee outlet is not as easy as mother fucker well off animal man it's hard do without boeing oh shit oh shit dose andrews took some nod or sign years oh my god i will enable everyone down by now you guys what i went down by now fuckin any over as is a good dude it's a stake in other people train look at this great guy man good for him good for him and grave the sport too great great guy grace for the sport really likeable guy really mark terrible guy good for him good for him
you know why does on josiah he'll be back now let's go up some interesting although i thought it being on and are you gonna get a ride this does this throws up monkey wage into everything but you i've been his kid you are beaten give her an extraordinary fights our as yet you are beaten up this kid's a fuckin philadelphia he's green piece of a twenty is you ve done you gonna give him lapse failure done my lights out bridge i wonder he gets a normal democratic gets a shot at him next when events were they set up you know it's hard to deny norma his shot he's undefeated and he's number one contender artificial releases bureau what beautiful right hand snuck in their man and he saw him do that chicken dance that's crazy that heating go down and you can't upon you ve got it would also citizens fuckin collars conduct julia had it with bombs hazel tee and offer her being best no business right there
just look size oh yeah i soon enough i've seen enough and i totally agree perfect time to stop it obtains the best he really is a breed and heavy cheesy ok i'm was having signed for real is your worship i love this shit this is my life but i love my business i satellite this is that was hot that's right that's not what you think i d you hang out with you boys and drink man gloomy and was four hundred this tomorrow manly the president just a pre cats in ghana julianne apamia johnny hand jason kelvin gas long pointed delos sends out an sage northcote enrique there ain't a dime on their courage and you look at the footman johnny hundreds guest on it what does that is even money but it all pretty much even frankie egg is even now while bearing a dime on this car did you know that make a dime you'd better for them but baseball is weak
this is i look at the friday early cod louis look at them mean oh my god i can't make it thou this look at our gonna bet i believe me should take is now the main fight lets them fight now does the headlines fight measure taken amanda nunez very interesting very interesting joe core fin dealership delicious minus four ten i can't make a dime but look at the card that's that seems like they decided to have me sure verses and nunez over brok less their verses is that true yeah yeah so they switched set up because just before that year we were just looking at our own is a graph asset somebody made an executive decision while they look at him better they saw how to begin here does this shit is by what it has she ship might be she might be the best want to sell this card year but but also like from our hard core
an standpoint you gotta go how the fuck is although and edgar for the title not even talk to that's mean it's an interim title it is an interim bout right mean that's what's goin on here interim featherweight title but it is for the belt yeah i mean obviously kind macgregor is gonna have a hard fuckin time making one fifty five when one forty five again when i guess he could do it but how much more as you gonna do that these always tonight yeah one fifty five the house kitchen don't you think he's gonna want to fight these guys would you yeah conor ones those guys that's all their money and its regional too that kid now only carry throw punches pathetic a rational to them tat our israeli address only be persistent it's all over down then among us he's gonna come home mountain killed the is because what is turning its back is the flock in the house did it
it's the original room on a tuesday you can the six people there there's six people that you those two savages at one forty five and then you got now you got this fuckin philadelphia kid yet the brazilian you got the fuckin russian who else is that one fifty five lingering now max holloway clone right the noise forty five what those kids alive that you totally man that state at one fitted does in forty eight hours outlining you gotta howls kitchen down at now yes although the euro see just got it's a tremendous way class damn avarice withdrawn look at the northern although it could have been used for you wait till you can't these he got it fuck modular boom mean full wind significant strikes fifty seven fifty fuckin seven he learned fifty look i owe you gotta kokushi
that total strikes and strike look all a visitor accuracy gravity michael she has its number ten murderers row where's engine that might not be perfectly updated but no other now strikes because there about the same what that means you just hit em every time hard work significant strikes and strike secular gotta be the same thing the fibre forthright nelson it louis and disease so you are different from the stats on here ok that's interesting offset ok who is geronimo so minor be updated who does show the right there really was set in this certain number of men a beast man while i mean
he's been the number one contended for a long time and is very skilful man very skilful very strong thing get through camp and be healthy but that's a significant if because he's pulled out a couple times now with and had some spring significant injuries no one's a bigger fan of that do than may i think he's he's one of the biggest puzzles than one of the most difficult puzzles solvent division amy supposed to fight tony but they had a were they postpone that fight so would be best by television tony how to pull out due to an injury right tony uninjured long infection or something when that young man who was his name but just fought number comment off the young guy took the fight real short notice and
this mother fucker had just gone like surgery on his elbow like six weeks ago or some crazy shit might have been less than that he's nuts airports yeah dare orchard that guy's a stud took that fight against nurmagomedov nobody wanted that fight took that fight on short notice and fought well for real well especially for a guy who just really didn't have any time to prepare for it but i think that norma gomorrah needed that fight too he needed a fight against a guy that may not in our first find the you have see might not have been restored he's gone you'll soon might not have been as well prepared you know i think that no agreement off promenade and not the dust off a little but he's out for two years two years of injuries man at very low prices now lie shit wrong that we got hurt again the same need at her twice the i think
might russia's comeback sometimes guys do that got has done that they are they hurt their knee and then in the process a re having a short fuse herman did that heard it was re having at start train again blew it out again copper gaza that aben belgium still overwhelmed by the site i'm still overwhelm credible with my head kenny rent my i can't believe crowded out a funny fucking feeling too i was gonna want man this is the battle radio there's gonna be a great fuckin fight yeah but we were in fact the vaguest a bet it's a who gives a fuck jamie and if we were i would have you bet i ever yeah yeah just a yardstick just to watch the falcon fight you gotta give the kid the benefits that the greatest lines and any movie when the launcher gives five hundred and he goes you don't to pay me back they lady luck is in your corner i can't them
fuckin we lady kids back on a man i love all that shit that's that's how much of an underdog was he not i shouldn't have torn that's it it was now go that's a made no double authority i'd stick just to watch and have a sordid that's italy's right there's no doubt if we vegas such a bad on nate as that nodded their lines on fuckin vegas when they d did that they pay that hundreds of thousands and they said fuck it that's it no more mistakes with this they got area ahwahnee they got nobody in the alpine out with their lives now there's no more mistakes a long time you see weak lines you know you wanna bet football make money some of you lose the september you're a fucking lose you bet basketball stream lisa november you gonna win the lines a week the home the next home on a tuesday night they given three come up they're gonna run away you know shit like that that's common sense shit but then they tied nation
come december yeah same thing happened in a life where she should go to you a few years ago just in my thought you will say to me i would win money than the first five a bet was shot insured against frankie i was just sick and tired of going i could have made money this weekend cuz the blinds with dogshit you would talk to me on the plane about generalities and i'd watch generalities and i was a fucking dummy and i together can you imagine someone you know hoovering game like somebody was a fighter you could kill vegas early now i think de as would have because i always look i always gets in my blood i gotta look but after you there's no more mistakes and then they used to have a lot of mistakes in the under cards because this you gonna gamble to make money if you wanna be houdini you measure go get your comrade that's not gambling gave rise to make money and to put european bee percentages i wanna make a fucking living so it doesn't matter what i bet while i had run does
fuck man of yet how we home because take some idiot in tennessee bet two thousand on the opening fight their noble of that because you know that the fucking when it has been sometimes where we brought in guys we're out could the line and i know who they were and i know how good they were these lines criteria they don't know there's been a million times nobody really knows but you so have one thing in the u s equalled first in general the crowd grow so you don't really know how to judge there's some guys you no one could first round jitters theirs there's a certain level of guy that operates at such a professional level that they pretty much always operate that level is weird like canada you can guess on guys won't get you have see jitters it's real weird man i can guess you're good i can't
i don't know where they come from one of them is only a few guys laughing i followed him so ouster didn't get you have seen jitters at all at all and when he came to the sea it was when you know drug testing was all but he was that brok fight i wonder just kick them why the fuck inside now that those his first fighting yossi so everybody's wait to see him in i've been waiting to see him forever so you know they kickboxing fan and he was the k one grand prix champion as watches kickboxing magical bought or hurry and cocaine saki and means of world class cake boxer so like discarding key people often does a lot of people that are fucked possess a year see some stupid high level striking him in his striking is very clean man rail dangerous especially women act we was super overrun sobering is one of those guys man so like his
when i saw him fighting you seem like this guy is not going to have first round jitters it's not going to first fight cheddar's he just fought too many times is fun prides for dreams fighting ky was a strike force heavyweight champion whose dreamer which as i believe it is not gonna get rattled might i was the first typewriter many my luigi came and went for coming play that night and pulled out later suddenly find him yeah fine the brok less narrow our star overinflated because that if i want to look at every party real quick figures when that guy is it not its own fibres right you find on five pass from shore stream has ended thank you for watching adam eddie avez congratulations you fuckin savage is there a young you know we gotta get did we how to get the new apple tv exists old apple tv is dog shit compared to the new one
the new ones but all that anyone who like the hawk earlier they were redman prevents i wouldn't buy it but bread ban as it has done so much is i don't know apple watch know it you boy is after one hundred brok first is over i wouldn't say is more than one in one forty one there it is six foot five to fifty six versus six foot three to sixty five they only tat something they both wait to sixty five because i will i remember them way and in i don't think ouster wade i hair under like two sixty they're both in the same way i think can assign remember yeah see this this thing is wacko dishes the new one you can kind of ok the new one you swipe your finger across you could pick appoint its legacy
white pat on it like you're keypad on your laptop that kind of thing the new ones dope and you can talk into a ideas you talking talk into your your eye apple tv remain at what time what you want to watch what's she was a movie or ended with a what the save christmas euro series implements the dogs imprisoned by the way i told your forward again my kids leather fuckin must still they love it they still wanted above it especially this you're all this thing i little they love you like eight those fuckin move they loved that you dad joey joey's been over here like leaving love and he loves emu on tv they laugh they think it so funny doesnt fund movies man armor what my pointless was a little up with your voice on so i could say the dog to save christmas i'd say into the remote and it would find it finds it
de shows up on the screen and then i guess that's it we talk to the thing i do you talk to it it does search within the goddamn future joint is so strange it is time to be alive so we're fast foreign this thing until we get to the brok listener out are overcome flog oh my god that's a guy that i didn't think was gonna one have a hard time competing you have say tim kennedy that's another one when he came over the sea might prevent shoot him in afghanistan for years he's not gonna get rattled community of sea he was fine luke rock old same thing there's like a bunch of
guys were you just knew they're going to find lorenz larkin he's another one robbie lawler when he came back to the ufc he's on your rattled that all you know robbie lawler is as savage as they come that dude there's like no pure expression of like primal combat his fights with johnny hendricks the second fight in particular and his fight with roy mcdonald jes blood in the annex carlos conduct fight who both those guys just blood and guts air sea were around here to thirty one in twenty seven seconds in here tat at at at at at at at is our internet still dog shit aim jamie began neighbour fighters
long ass time ago it doesn't seem like it has one forty one but this sixty you have sees ago almost many hungarian move this up a little bit so i join ideas were you doing especial chicago oh shit rosemont zany so she blue collar like a mother fuck like a mother fucker after my surgery stuffed full time training only our sets in our legal fuckin commando ideas i gotta gorgias beer the rooting out a coach and everything school year comic ouch who'd you comical fox has helping you from the grave the grave likely talk there
given the bathroom anticommunist some of them to my fuckin house with something do you remember that come on i'll never forget that horrible fuckin seen evil the movie was the moon was ridiculous it was hilarious i love movies like that foolish way my that's my personal roadhouse brother members names foolish is wayne the green light the red light was different however some with the land areas you don't i forgot shit larry us there was a masterpiece production elegant they d as we say a young boy here may be as when it by now miss decision he looks young so now over him standing in the in the cage does is weird the show nate diaz backstage
while over aim is fighting about the fight brok lesser urged and was going on here the blacklist of fire pat fast forward through it whoop seas so why are you self produce seeing this thing no special wave whose which is what's new with special much especially to disarm who's this doesn't make any sense i feel like the man again we fight they might have showed it afterwards does
mix all maybe is maybe that's what was there must be the many and varied fight must have an fight they showed after the main event as a main event happened equipment slept with as we always do that which is actually can i call you get to see some of the problems from the excellent freeland fights i too want to take this back to two hours in this problem when the fight took place so they did tom cigarettes to his eye which ended in a bunch of people they did alley one i heard only one at the chemistry of the night was fuckin larry's she's always allow cecil areas and when she was pregnant up there was she their special when she's pregnant or she would kill anyone sunday night island diana ass she went up by two before me how in the back stone to begin
as she said some shit that my fuckin jawdropping cycles that lab delivery her voice here she's got that shit down to a site that is very good though the size of that motherfucker back then god damn oberon it was ridiculously big back then we go so you fuck and eaten you shoot at about what he did to get that big dog him yeah you don't cheese is his genes a big part of his genes you don t ball you don't fuckin genuine you doing viking that's what you're doing fucking hanover you read the fucking sixteen eggs for breakfast but all that stuff is not going to give you that bone structure that bone structure is insane me he's built like a can shaved down guerrilla there's no one built like that i mean that is one of
the biggest who natalie too arrogant seeing a heavyweight division both of these guys you're both he's going to these ass now this is pre all this is over oberon this is when you look at the size of him he's fucking check my fine here you're watching me and when they he's got we must do sixty three there goes ouster way to sixty three broccoli to sixty six crates that though every he's got cut weight to make to sixty six to like four brok falcon mood his way bigger than to sixty six he's huge ways to eighty two eighty five i bet he cuts i wouldn't be surprised if it some point time cut as much as twenty five yet there may play football alive they just develop this wild quickness don't play baseball they throw that
thing had track and will do everything is combine numbers now the ridiculous come on craig lessons i hear he's an elite athlete i guess vertical leap long jump mount up time to get bench press twenty twenty five pounds is all is like fifty or something ridiculous he's one of those guys he's a freak minute let's see what is combine numbers are lay this he did a forty in seven come on man she had a ten foot standing broad jump thirty five and vertical leap and is better since quite numbers are ridiculous everyone can take us fourteen to twenty five israel was said again thirty times he bends to twenty five jesus christ thirty times if he did a four seven when it can seiko do yet can seiko was like fuckin for four really
let's see that's fucking dog that forty bases that's somethin that size you can't do that shit you're right forty jamie spin the ford can you ran yeah yeah yeah i had a day has ass he climbed the killing of one alot of any she will listen ways of serious ass bright look for four look at the forty forty club ok just hit that that's what as you know how many people in the forty forty clad in a dozen a lot of people in their job that we lack jose can sector this is what i'm telling you that to get that you have to be fast and three other three of those people were accused of certain things yeah all of them black how we did it i don't know i've found sorcery anna but how many are in order
a baseball has only been for forty four forties here we go like this size of their mother and again this is like aren't they a year after brok laws they had some serious surgery and stomach they remove like well breaches of his colon well it's just the size of alistair but master is highly skilful as striker and just as big as brok so lucky together power to keep more of them and his striking is just fuck in italy and so all you do is take time stanley i like he's doing right now way for those openings and then when you fines and make the most out of size slips away from their job leg and hidden that easy he's gonna hang on downsize i gotta charge at you nice counter right hand season
when counters soon for dangerous strike with this guy's so clever tis he's out somewhat knock out losses he's a human being and if a guy like ben roswell catches and he's gonna go out everybody goes out but when you watch him knock out junior dos santos initially set that up caught him with that left but cut you realize how goddamn good he is he snaky i would also just be was santos his last fight a failure wasn't meaning was but new deciding in the euro there's a lopsided thank you the power to the body he stopped or loves you right
seeing the onlooker bowman motherfuckers going right but a breadbasket also these you find your mom shots are yes all powerful his his technique like with his my ties needs the body in particular so devastating is one of the best ever in a heavyweight division for the throne needs to the body with our kicks my back the lot of w e bristol left kick watching slips this landscape walkin he said you can see out his face as he was going down fuck this shit wait till back to rehearsal he sets up the switch kick to the bottom right here is a moment were brok is thrown the right hand and slips the left kick underneath it boldly that nay oh shit now than anyone it though they were now he was here comes a kick bow merit is that's it right there was in boom was that kick that left power kick
backup then left power kick is a thing of beauty man but you know what joe year way before he would see that blocks facebook certainly did he was get at home there it is he was doing nothing her life ouster baluster that version ouster was scariest guys ever still browsers like for this shit what do you think about here wednesday bay what's your thoughts on that fight because you're gonna be there it's gonna be a green fuckin fight this guy kickboxing is so advanced morland steel steeper ebay you think so this guy spirit back in thailand embankment off and the jungles of dead winkle john it's a different two different type of fire
i mean i'm not saying i m not take anything away from rideau moving fast i hadda feel he was not fuck em redo map will i have feel i just had a feeling he wanted it he wanted a job he wanted he won't and those type a guy's a fuck you know so now you ve got this this guy in it don't include but this guy experienced you know if he's out winkle one thing about winkle johns those guys know how to put together a game plan man and if you stick to it again the percentages i they put together gave a great game plan i'm not taken away from the open coach in that i'm just saying that winkle that's what they specializing joe plan and then they practice it may fuckin and sometime it works against them with palms amicia tape but it worked holmes iran awoke with carlos the ds guy it works day if you stick to a game plan
your succeed john jones in i'll show who knows what they got in store for this kid yeah well the way i look at his asters always a threat he says so skilful as striker but when i words deep a did fabio maldonado who obviously is a smaller guy but had a war with fate or to see that fight yak of nice is not fade or down got fucked lhasa decision should have a dry think but either the end of the day debate looked like a murder against or latchkey crushed our latchkey knox redo mount the first round man it's hard to hard look past that won the vital is has respected that fuckin mere his confidence is out thought you know he said he was a knockout bridle he said it in right now it s confidence is i it's in his back yard with poor no
all i know is right now i feel this is a fucking war this is gonna be a really good fucker fight that neither body good lord yet steep basic tank man he's a legit tank and is a serious fuckin athlete two men works hard real counted days cool pressure so murder when he gets in their man so com i think i can fight at its very asked now especially now with all of his experience inside the octagon he get he's like is like seasoned and i learned about winkle john when i watched she s peace coach to the breakdown of the happy home run that was possibly one of the best break as i saw more ways than one i learned so much from their bright that from what i he doesn't have a clue what the fuck you dont the people at home don't have a clue what the fact that they are watching you mean like want the way he was
you know why she was keeping a hypnotize little things i didn't know i never even heard of this shit she's all things and for them for holly homes to be the good at it that meant that winkle john and the other guy gregg jackson gregg jackson professor gregg jackson put this thing together and they drill that thousands and thousands and thousands of them thousands and thousands of time so i tell you joe rogan every time you feel his hand on your hip you put your ass out we're gonna do that a thousand times county out and every time i touching it i want you to drop your knees and she can throw you just simple shit i like preparation the preparation that howie home had four run that was fuckin money was money iran was consumed with other things but i was there the impression that the preparation
carlos had against against the as you know why nobody thought carlos stand against the robot i knew i fuck and even came close to that and i'm learning something i was why i fucking learned a lot that night about preparation how they prepared for this so i like that camp for that you know it would every camp has a different than aka hookah that uses i'm a being like these fucking they go to bross you know they have chicken broth and shit you know i grew up in the seventies jerome i thought that was what was acceptable yeah we're lookin for a lot of people say it now yet still do mean still could still it's an argument you know the problem with this whole conversation is you know what's wrong you know like the rose was right he did honor fifty rounds and a prepared and perfectly and he went in and took this on just a anyone so he walked into a fight with two black eyes joey may god guide
sports of fuckin hard rounds probably you haven't some jim more so in it in his case it worked out and when i say a hundred and fifty round do i get joe rogan duplicate ralphie elbows on you'll stop you get a bunch of different guys usually i prepare for those on your style pair for guys mimicking three with joke with him red madame there so brian and low in the air so it's three guys at all mimicking dos santos while facing different guys most likely in a good camp they would want you to try to mimic some of the movements of eyes asked so you get us end up i'm gettin set up for this i know exactly how to react to it that will mark henry who is a striking coach is a very skilful guy we're gonna go pizza they are the research area that was dirt alike alas by his pizzas fantastic shoe it is it's gotta be in an area where you can fuck em candlelight around you can have your shoot you so he's gotta be the box i had some conversations about food with them he seems legitimate fuck whenever something is a great guy you'd love em
but his his strategy in his his understand his technical understanding of like striking movements in and combinations of almost very impressed very impressed are the training and very impressed by what branded shop term told me because britain shop did work with them for like one camp and he said the doodad like fuckin notebooks fill with all this different notes about different movements in recruiting stuff in drills and all the stuff they're going to work on and what to do in this may have different codes for staff for they change malo time like five six seven hidden with a true three five like it's all like these codes that they create apparently like it is only buddy pattering pattering it so they change it up swell shabazz tell me was super impressed with them and chavez like locally you didn't live on the other side the country i would definitely want you looking to you i share with this guy is made of the skill up he had frankie egg reflex about those i had him for a moment i was was a guy i wish she knows what the fuck is doing yeah and
his his striking work with his students is very very high level barboza is obviously barboza fuckin freak his striking so goddamn good especially kicks or god damn he's good now i was on fire right now is another hundred fifty five pound iran murder is ro one fifty five could about those issues be we're gonna hit me with that really is an entire merriwig indissolubly just stunning beautiful he was beautiful i fight yeah who the fuck did he beat anthony penance that's right there that was a fight were pettus finally got a guy who want to strike with them you know it s pettus been getting these guys like dos anjos and eddy alvarez we grab all of em squish them pushing against the fence user will strengthen the wrestling and now is
like a guy that those of exactly the kind of fight that he wanted and still work out cause that's how good barboza is he's fast as carers and the sport perfect technique too but that that's you that's him he's very good he was good going there but a lot of it you gotta go to mark henry what is done with frankie to one of those impressive like beaten with sand was one that i was within a child i saw how do i do about not w e nothin them easily get the fuck outta you see him as a pocket league nigh on a watch this shit but i saw him that the reason why that was i just saw his legs and the next day we are applying you and i don't know what to say like i was fuckin those like cakes with some i had never seen before your eyes pretty pretty goddamned sporty
was bombs man he one point tom august when i was young he was a really high level soccer player and dollar maybe even had aspirations are gone pro could have possibly bennett at level if he decided to go that path instead went to judge it too and emma may obviously but are here because of it i think those years running it sprinting and throwing kicking soccer he just he wept those kicks man the devastating o his right with frankie and his fight with europe s pretty arrived last allied oh my god he was this really weird and opposed to shake up always nobody in china tearing out the saddle the seminar which is the exact softly fool you just this legacy again about the levels a big sounder now fluids i didn't know i don't even fuck it now
i was gonna be the savagery the pittsburgh steelers you like the shit you play to have such an one day some due to my mother's bosley you wanna play football only eight was gonna hudson county park tomorrow at night i got there my forebore these guys planes that he was like fuckin a different language yeah like we just didn't grow up in that it didn't become popular this country too like eighty five eighty four they started to do so in schools and that my eyes we ass a day my about mine dale pele i know payment that's it that's all i know about bucket zaka that all everybody knew that are popular pay they was you know like the tony hawk of soccer nobody knows able to untie hawk whose approach keyboard tonia hawk jets i have really those who pollute who rides professionally lands armstrong fiery did steroids elected this
a few guys that though the only guy than anybody has ever heard of in that genera right who dives greg gayness that's it nobody else dives the divers shut up who swims fast they're fucking potheads goggle folks tat guy he's about to ask em up again everybody else can swim fancies of years we have been talking about the fatima began yeah like he's about to fuck em up again how is he doing as he has done the other races as you just preparing for the olympics thank you just preparing for a boy i think he's been winning he's been ways than a couple race i think he's been like actually actively compared bathing four times here merwin again trouble for part car there was stupid had apologize that is so fuckin stupid they eat could have been echoed it had a drink in both hands and a cigar and his mouth no one said a word and everyone i the kids blown off steam amazing olympic career think about look at
gold medals ladies and gentlemen think about the pressure and relax let him have his margarita and is tobacco but if you catch him doing heads it someone's party like holy shit and whoever that was knocked on should be shot fuck it our minds what shit how dare what is happening even though there are dangers for the fucking ragged i'll let you know that fuckin reef and only with her you cardio microphones this fucking kicking up my thats women it doesn't hurt you cardio and extreme insurance athletes love it has been a bunch articles writ lately them taken edibles take animals and sometimes even stop at tents and rape of a bright zero job volcano set up half way along the way from the took a little children with them on a marathon startled poor john took cupboards good for him yeah i mean i bet it makes the whole thing a much better experience fuckin way better for yoga material i do yoga sober all the time now
i do yoga guys all the time but occasionally i'd like to go deep go to the heart younger glass and get my stretch on holy shit man special with edibles edibles relating to reopen feel everything you can walk thirty minutes before yogi papa light annabelle i wouldn't do eight hundred moving you gotta yoga i'd take two hundred milligrams stretch and by the very many market yelled all that stretching and all that released two hundred goes to work on you and gives you a light buzz and you don't know it too you stuck in a position and your breathing that's when you looked like oh shit oh shit you're right here right now i've all shit now feel it towards the like its eyes deep and add a bright and got a yoke what my wife i knocked the rabbit flock dopamine deal it only probably yogi as you can
a notebook and open right you know that's flogged and uk or you know you can bring your phone cause you're an asshole yoga when you in a downward dog stone do shit that comes out of your spine into your mind is creep you start looking at girls ass is the teacher get about shit like this of the asian and class you gonna get you get off the top of the class and that is that they get about guarantees in you know about setting up and i might actually have to do this a voice activated tape recorder for so my tank cuz i don't want to leave the tangled it's sometimes it's too like those much those exercise is when you do that type of stuff yoga stoned when you're in there kills you because you thank as shit when you the joe you ve never floated before harry nonstop good swarm of bio but
it's about gonna worry becky's will it take me to pass that's the biggest place in the world now is it yeah that guy that open of their float centre in capacity is the biggest fold centre in the world its name what's it called give the homeless props i'm not sure now flow labs in venice and in now westwood and that's the best this guy's got us how we want to it just flow just just world has holly with a dozen different outlook is becky works at all so inspired by talking about it he's good dude i met that guy at the ice house and pass the it's me that will take you know man sometimes i go deeper reflection me for four or five days i'd like the other remember i drop that i school who remember shit you know i would remember that a case i do not want the community our idea is export but without highschool diploma
yeah we could gonna community college of the g20 not i'd have he may have a g g it is when i just one i just started signing up they asked me told them he added no then when i got the letter that had too many credits that frankly a bolder baldos like we ve been looking for your paypal work we can find you g d i kept elements in a while i am not getting a process until we have the paperwork and so it was like a tuesday adding i'll take the g the other sadly i pass on my brother and i got the college that's all did you just bringing that may me remember that i went to a junior college the bloody wars have completely forgot about it i forgot i fuckin dropout that'll shot that makes your point a week i got for a week we had a copy to drop out of school like i was there like i was single for awhile yea with single you're fuckin drop out but ones that i want to drop out you have no future
thinking this when your high recently is three we shall unbridled amount lighting and i'm trying to figure out a hunk for the special right i'm thinkin about what traumatized right outcome we go in the shit they ve heard it's bullshit what really got to me i was a member of my holy shit i dropped gonna high school junior year august going to see you drop out and i went in in january and i got my credit but i was three credit should to graduate and they want to go to on the school and i was lying in alone some of you so i didn't get to get my diploma stand and get it shouted didn't really care about because i had nobody showing for the fucking thing anyway so my mind that really if i were you i'd go to embarrass myself and i should now i would have done it but then i just want to smoke button i just wanted to get out of there i didn't go to my graduation i want to get out i find the whole experience was just
it like a frustrated i don't like problems i think what am i hey graduation how at the five star basketball can instead it will it's no use he had a stain school to june twenty nine i bought the bass walk out the twentieth since then they went the great events you know what i went to a good school to wasn't about school but the experience one of that experience was the overwhelming pressure of becoming an adult that was like the big experience the scariest part of it more than anything so four welling pressure of one day having to take care of myself and trying to figure out what the fuck i wanted to do with my time high school is good for me i'm an online nobody had a great time an ice wasn't that have had a great time taken classes i tell you what till now i think i live couple blossom valley college and i always taken my while i go there might take a history class on an asshole
i just really wanted a history class that i forgotten right this shit just went out of my mind one day and i want it's embarrassing when people have conversation and i can't join in i mean people don't talk about history around me blunders it's hard to get excited about a class unless really thrilled with the subject but i'll tell you one way to learn history pocket yes i know you ve been tommy somebody else major too hard core history adrienne carlin fuckin phenomenal fuckin phenomenal just turn into the one i listened to allow world war one oh have you know to where will you got a whole series on world war one or blow your fuckin my eye like one listen i didn't like reading a bad at a friend i was brewing arrest the so this mother fucker was a genuine brown the whole day and one that we would get high at nice to preclude any questions about the horse and he would break it down how judea break it down usually
i would say it was this fuckin by these people and i understood i finally when i was growing up i don't give a fuck about history man i don't really get some of the same will maybe you quit high school because you didn't believe in standard eyes education i quit eyes google i was welcome broke jack i quit high school because our produce up i'll do sauntered warehouse job a union where job in mass backs andrey hardware why it was a fuckin nightmare but i did it carrying chains cottage put him in boxes six in the morning of the fuckin six at night i loved the job damn it at the time was nine thousand
begets why after sixty days are fucking job opened up loaded trucks and seventy four and i pay it like a teen an hour plus i would get into the union i get my benefits and you worked really monday through thursday because friday went home and colleagues like a still see my friends yeah so i took the floor job tremendous seven nobody else there three other guys nobly thought i put walkman on what a cassette i would just work everything was going greatest slight mid december i fuckin aid something and i went down every sam i just got sick one night and i walked off the promptly and i can call him back and then i repeated the false and next day i'll call you have five because you have the proper even i put on the problem was sick i explained them
really got sick i went home to get a different shirt that i would like to just going to get back in and they will like i will fly and then like a month later it's like mid january to go back to highschool i'm kind of broke i go down there to get my last check bump into the shops to it and i was always smile when i went to launch i bring the shops tool a bottle he like like j m be the pines and i even booze fuck yeah that's what does that tell you but when he first put me internet you in high school i was in high school you are given booze factor was drinking age back that a tenth eighteen but we would only with a course in those days how we did it was we give booze delivered i think when i turned eighteen was when the drinking age became twinning want right so just one was it was find out what age was the scam in those days jerome was you weren't gonna go get boozer liquor store you had a stand out there like a hooker gonna get some yeah backers cigarettes is what you do you find the liquor store delivered
and then when they brought him who's the asked the guy was sick fuck you much indebted what's the tab twice had a twenty on top of it you gonna turn now say my grandfather sleep is enough my grandfather that says fuck and the boozes for him and then we got this guy on the tab we were just call we'd be on arriving at a park and we'd make up address any norway's us human activity on the tab and i don't have a boost in those days that's a scam that went away since nobody delivers booze cigarettes no more and if you knew the guy the guy would stop engages a shrimp palm sounds listen you might stop over primo and get me it's already called then they know come on i'll give me an extra five on tablet one guys you get this guy by a sandwich as for you with the people i remember him became friends we became friends with a look of delivery guy that's awareness the likud delivery guy quit that and opened up a bar really is
lay the tremendous fuckin by like for six months have failed he says on cocoa and that what the fuck was so they they turn did the legal age is twenty one jamie pulled up at nineteen eighty four i like right when i was turned seventeen they turned its twenty one was good you got any immediate regular sixteen when you re paying you look eighteen sixteen when i was growing up not dimensions the jury drinking at sixteen anyway how much everybody's drink at sixteen ever anyway they get parliament can only great there when i was growing we started dragon in a great some guy smoke nobody was door hard drugs now what's that freshness some came on people start a falling off the front always land but this was a scandal relegates the skin was this no man away you live in the tri state area new jersey if you check all the references in the jersey tons of people had new jersey license you know y y know picture
check and see what he had new jersey put pictures our that was the scare you fucking getting major rogan joe robins got another rubbing measure on your lies oh my god jar organs got nick rogan and mike rogan ok in the family you ready for this one joe rowan's a hustler joe rogan steals mick and makes licences thousand joey and fuckin the genie asia they get duplicate whatever you irish affair story what irish affairs brother fuckin used his idea to work the forges idea to get like insurance or something like that and our aid find out until someone called them he had told the story about it on the sceptic tank on his part his brother fake does i didn't get his own fucking idea cars brothers degenerate annoying you have no idea these savages good no idea yeah why didn't i tell you there was a i forgot that there is a time where ideas didn't have photos item that's crazy it's hard to believe
do you know the days we have to bring an idea airplane more those days of my life i made up names please get on a plane you had to take it and show them that you haven't nothing ticket in evian name on it nothing now nothing gets on john smith and you can fly as johnson and you can give somebody a ticket you good bye take it out give it to them they can go on and on beheading coca lockers and lock is important the ones you gotta put corridors to get the shit out of those have those number that's how long do i travel joe and i would call a bar and drank and go back and potential was in court is taken out due to more bumps automaton i was it costs two fuckin drink and do a couple lines in those airports i forgot about those hocker thank those fuckin lack is at airports european assent just go and see the yoga room sir fiscal airport has a yoga wrong not ok i d no fire yoga rooms in actual fact and then we need to go to do yoga next time work san francisco in there
it will be a long time from now since i just did the i was in san francisco and eighty five stuck at the airport one time and every time i went to the bathroom i saw the same guy after six hours eight hours the guy you gotta pests and also he pop stand next here look at you dick you ve gotta next got so what who do is he look at your dick going to bathroom whack off and then he was staying in the bathroom until you took your dick out went up to the second he was lightning quick at the foot speed of a fucking for three say go he would run next year with a stick in his hand and smile
how many times you interact with his i didn't interact with him i was wanting to let me know me though that i don't have a per year in the baby you're saying you get an eye for poverty was you're in the bathroom about i'm stuck out of time i am sitting there the bathrooms right there ok battles right there there's like sea and that its nineteen eighty why wasn't i get is there not a black summer my flights six a m when i get it i got the battle and these guys next to me as i take dick and wash my hands you just see what the guy looks like ok you sit down and two hours later you soothing onto the bathroom again three i was there you go soon to the bathroom and get you see i'm workin on an active suspicious i'm this is fucking crazy i go to the bathroom again i'm delayed again i go in the bathroom again guess who's next to me that same got you figure it out he's a fucking per figure it out
repeat it this because it didn't make any sense of it was eighty five there's no there was like a buzzer there was no people there and it was like a buzzer you know that's what you were allowed to walk through the gate do you remember maybe by this guy would just called the ep when the daytime just go jerk arango jerk off there was something about men's restrooms that have always been like places were gay deeds hooked up more that senator gotta showed up in san francisco area up what was minneapolis or something like that wasn't dead is to have some weird thing they would do the cap there for three times on the ground we want to succeed dec climb under the stars costa you know you some footsie room rarely climb under starve your small guy right what's that as minnesota pianos minnesota minneapolis airport larry yeah
he was apprehended by planes close police officer investigating complaints of examining their yea with tap on the sum but that's just amazing that guys a republican senator and he's engage it or how about this maybe he wasn't really doing gay shit and had some fuckin enemy and so um enemy has him arrested for do engaged in the bathroom by a corrupt cop this conspiracy is it the way if someone says you resulting dig in the bathroom man they can crush your reputation listen to me if somebody should boot over here and they come an arrest me and i don't have a fucking gun right they let me go look at this the report allegedly currency the rest reports it by roll call craig tapped his right foot the officer said he a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct how do you know maybe he's got a sign of his head he is
an allegedly craig then touched the officers foot with his foot senator proceeded swipe his hand under stalled diviner several times may be that a toilet but i didn't want to talk about it figured you'd be a gentleman hand of some fuckin turbine at that point the said he put his police identification down on the floor so craig had ceased inform the senator he was under arrest wait a minute wait a minute you can't arrest someone for tap in their foot and put their hand out yes you can how can you arrest someone for that yes uganda it would be wise to take action at the airport i would ever be are you saw my guerrilla foot with the fungi now comes i can't do that big adaptive foot then my ankles out goes like this look look job i'm squeezing in that unite alex down my one one i mean that's a pervert that's definitely pervert not support this behavior but eyes
you need a little bit more than some sign language get arrested that weird it mean come on man she's a thousand emails class i'd information in m shias and get arrested this do just taps as foot he is arrested and ten days in jail ten days nigerians who stayed well i was like a time there was a movie five bucks swore that there were thrill the movie than that no work enough there was like a regular supper we went one night and we thought it was like a rocky horror what it was like fucking straight up boy it was like straight up queen liberty one of those places it was straight up porn and we went their way on offer maybe twenty may somewhere young screaming the bathroom dug out jim we get the fuck out shit you can find a like no other days i can't do it then the old days able times square you don't want to
you mean you are you involved in madness what times square in the old days were people remember is that you have broadway let's go map showing them that way you had a family which is probably the same fatima member in those days but a movie star like here nor will i e g g g and then as you have the black they got that across the street what's the point a middle way the devil and missus john does that could beat fast on those days you couldn't have like a fucked up name that name comedic name you had teatrical release released name in poland in the several linda lovely linda lovelace you couldn't have like a spin off of something right leg rising like there they probably had twelve thirteen movie theatre on both sides they probably have more for movies that would dedicated straight up up and born right and they had one that was split that was a movie on the way down
two movies that one away down the aims and the poseidon adventure the chinese elections are all the way down yet another movie theater actually play three movies on sunday but then had the good ones i play the james bonds and you know the really good ones but it was always scary the goddamn it i used always go down joe i bought ideas down there i played three cod monti down there i wanted to what i say the greatest or paris busy owner he called his neck fuckin thing with deeper causes and people are you telling me he has made his head in their others had an egg is in those days had three that you know i grabbed you i'm over my friend by we and it was that sex we in fact we in the eighties view what penthouse playboy gotta be penalised because they were a little bit more if you bought penthouse unease the last two pages was dedicated to think we'd fake wheat
it was that that you just fuck that was one of the grossest things about those pop magazines please to sell fake weed ads and they would just on suspecting unsuspecting stoner stupid people were and then they tell you don't open to you walk three blocks down really are you i just gave you twenty to fifty how many eighth grade i'm open motherfucker radio my buddy boy acid they gave him paper with coffee stance little coffee but blood ass well you gonna be an ass all the world out i was like amateur street of you went down at a by but there was the last fifty yards sex side like i said so on this
i was just regular movies the mechanic love bug you know an array of that style a movie then across the street it will get a bit more risque with sex whirl and towards the animal that black there was where job fifty yards broad daylight cops down a corner you can he as you walked with your family you to be my dad kids and that's all you idiot marijuana acid brother i got cocaine in essence be mother fucker got tens i got fake idea sellen right i'll ride out right out on that fuckin forty second street daylight pact honest sadly was suckers paradise suckers paradise and you would walk fifty yards marijuana money want of money one oh yeah thing open eagle eye money one i have speed i got out and then it was all because i want them it would even got a job because it was vague everything
fake why and then you hit the clause gals tourists yet it would get in tourist then you at the corner and they would do to sit down they would disappear little bit and then once you hit that street it would turn three card muntingville i know a lot of guys did there and then that were monti would get the tourists and you see people crying and then after that if slowed up skews the streets met but that was a two whole and now it's a big tv i fridays big teacher for nothing goes it's weird nothing i've been there came like the place where like top forty tv shows film became dislike like mall in the middle of new york city is the worst roughest p of new york city times square i mean those forty second treat those thousand you know though those there's like these iconic blocks it'll help hell's kitchen like right in their times square was
the place where all the lewd movies were times square was all the sec shops time square was all the chaos now i'm square is a good guy fury restaurant sixty years ago you took me in new york city knew from here so we go back to new york but i got a better three now we'll start thinking about battle three o clock in the rack is its midnight air midnight there you know or midnight here not been ideas so i would fuckin louis forgery the morning i couldn t go outside and role of joy pictures jamie's porn either i wouldn't go full screen i kick tat thing i walked around for maybe twenty five minutes job i didn't see us all over video poker dead video poker pinball you play poker marty grass does it is it's hilarious little girls but you get we tolerated a tiny little but back then you know she's like look at all this today that their begbie dont squats they they change
ass game somewhere around two thousand right to ask pre two thousand opposed two thousand haven't you wanna talk about like errors of greatness like that the ass age is here you wanna like the asses of today are so superior to the assets of our parents generation i mean it's not even a fuckin contest because our generation it wasn't even a subject of debate it wasn't like that the best ass it took them years to figure that out it was tits sitting i didn't do it those like magazines like maximum stuff that like they couldn't show nudity that it has had to show some sexy asses with a low farm it's very good point in their all sports her oriented right nazarite around the two thousands and late ninety isn't it you know aben chicks are lifted so chicks i lived in new and well i get made a big goddamn different means with there's always like standard method measurements beauty relic small ways big hips you know who
two ways ratio facial features breast size in something them women extraordinarily attractive to man right but we are building we knew how much a big juicy ass really got people until like the two thousands in the same way the late ninety the sixtys and seventys over breast people their country and it was a different breast it was a real breast the fuckin pink was lot bigger the aerial whatever was huge and you know i was now it's become that that the breast the skin all the facts been cut off the brass that's what you look for now the womb body if she has over these if you look at a playboy from nineteen seventy multi you guys you'll call me back what the fuck were people thank you and they still beautiful but it's a different type of bullet is worn athletic if you look at the women and men reason the sixties they would drop diverting right here you had a fuckin bo how derek
use one of the first to have a tremendous ass but her body was just betty page produce an ass hearted tell that girl he's gonna jump whose retail out her ass better now at ninety whose as that will quite fun i wonder what was that our what was achieved a fox innoxious hannah were hard to hamburg known no knowledge we have proved that went to fuck him i was up behind them who are residing looking bitch i wonder we add value and became you stunning has afraid what the fuck my tina i gotta get out of your man i gotta to go to the store with its ten o clock judea let's do it tomorrow night nine a cloudy take k o t there was never the car i ate them gm you'd dirty freaks words here she is who is it not sought her
that's her that's another one non on others i think that's his daughter you dirty son he's got it was a dress that he was in love with denmark whatever what you gonna do tomorrow caught theatre in edwards joe ideas and moi we're fucked site autonomy tickets are left it was almost all out as of today but an joey without you got coming up i know you are the ice how soon i saw your name up on the board their necks we again where s house pasadena though that a careful next week because of the surgery just one isolated dates got your name still up with eyes house tom had taken like a name down they were supposed to have taken it there's a poster outside that's advertising you being their portion i mean it is a different date given to date in the future there yeah i got a date maybe it's the august day they are going up there maybe that's me that's it
maybe i knew you were going to be there i knew you switch maybe i fucked it up i had our i didn't know for sure much thanks our bilateral contacts to an end and we will be back on monday with the great jail sun and and we fund i'm talking to him especially because it's right after you see two hundred and i think shale has a new submission organization he's gonna do a professional submission organization with api rules which is the bravo invitation rules the best rules and olive grappling so exciting stuff so we'll talk jail on monday and that's it thanks body for tuna into the pot and thank you to our sponsors thanks to dry kings go to draft kings dot com use the code word rogan and you can play for free with your first deposit in the two hundred thousand dollar fantasy emma may event series this saturday so that draft kings dot com
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