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#825 - Jeremy Stephens

2016-07-26 | 🔗
Jeremy Stephens is an MMA fighter currently fighting in the UFC's featherweight division.
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conditioning equipment, like little bells and battle ropes and SAM, in bags and steel, maces and shit like that things that that help you with functional movement with. What's the word, I'm looking for functional, move, that doesn't make any sense. You know what I'm thinking about like what I learned in the podcast. What would want about, is full body movements movements that translate directly to athletic? Why can I not come up with the word? What is the what is the word I'm looking for here I was in ITALY for a week. Folks and ten days, I guess eight days and then I flew directly from it Chicago. I have like thirty percent of my brain. I haven't, had a good night sleep I woke up at. Four hundred and thirty. In the morning, I've been waking up, one slash four
in the morning. Every day I got, but today I got some work done actually edited my comedy special. I actually watched it. I put it off watching it filmed in San Francisco put off watching it. And I watched it this morning and I enjoyed it. I'm happy. I was worried I fucking hate everything I do man, I'm I'm too hard on myself, functional strength. Folks, that's the word, I'm looking for strength. It uh full body movements where you using your entire body as one unit That's what I really love about kettle bells, I, they're, not like the glamour exercises like bicep curls, which way to the beach but they do do. Is they enhance the your physical performance in athletic endeavors, whether it's Marsha arts, whether it's any kind of sport that you're competing in you want to use your whole body as one giant unit is critical. It's really important and I think of no better piece of equipment for that then
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doctors, awesome, workout coach is an tenth planet, Jiu Jitsu, if you're in Austin, TX you're. In luck Go to Onn, it click on the audit Academy, link to check out all that shed and, if you're in, if you're in Austin Texas, go visit, check it out and guarantee you'll be impressed. As for on its website. Use the code word Rogan an you, will save ten percent off any end. All supplements done! That's it no more ads so what that was along right. I hope it was entertaining at least this episode is my guest. Is the great Jeremy Stevens Jeremy Stevens is one of the top featherweight contenders in the world started his career as a lightweight was top fighter there as well? and he's now one of the top ten featherweights and just a really cool guy, very smart. Very
child in very focused. I really enjoy talking to him. I really enjoy watching fight as well. I'm a big fan, big fan of him as a fighter. As a human being, he just a great fucking guy. So please folks give it up for Jeremy Stevens the Joe Rogan experience. Well, the falcons somebody could see them. You too man thank family that my pleasure brother was cracking the skulls skulls, Can in Haiti coming off of a gigantic victory man all over Hannah Brow, who was just a little while ago, consensus top three pound for pound fighter in the world. Man has a big victory: yeah yeah! I think- there's a before Usada you know yeah. I feel like it's on level playing fields and you kind of wonder who would be champions
don't know. What we're talking about you side of the Us Anti Doping agency was hired by the: U of C to clean up the sport and God Damn bodies a drop in the massive body drop, and I watched a documentary on the cyclist. Lance Armstrong is watch how that guy just lied and anime his way, and you know people were just calling the smoke and long time for that, and then you know here comes under Vicky. He liked scary do if you ever met him night night. Nice is a very nice guy, awesome dude, but you know he means business man. He doesn't try to get cheaters Indiana. I'm I'm actually happy 'cause. I've always taken pride in being a natural man and if I feel like you need, pumping steroids. Maybe it's time for you to get out. You know, but I I love it. Well, Lance Armstrong's defense that entire sport was dirty. That's a different sport because, if you like, when the it's really crazy, 'cause, all the years he won they like took his.
Titles away right in while he still has all he's been on the podcast. I talked him he's a good dude man he's in a bad. He was in a bad spot if they took, his title away and they gay give it to the next person that didn't test positive would be 18th place. That's how That's important, yeah, that's crazy, dirty dirty, dirty sport and I was asking him I was like well, you know he's he doesn't know they're doing today, but I'm like well how they do it today, if there's still breaking records like to find out one day. Eventually, you know one day, they're going to figure out what the fuck these people are doing, but Novitsky was explaining all the way weird little loopholes that people are finding like test. Oster own supplement, Tatian that comes from animals instead of from wild yams did you know that? how they catch him, yeah yeah, no, I've
people doing stuff like that, but I mean that that just seems insane. I mean last summer, show you're talking about how someone was pulling out their blood and refrigerate it. Now it was at doping. Basically a po, that's well, that's kind of that is still going on. That's definitely still going on in apparently the way they're supposed to be able to test that like you're, not supposed to use an iv right, yep. The reason why you're not supposed to use an iv is that somehow another through intravenous fluids, you can mask the effects of doping, so they We also have been able to detect. Miniscule plastic particles from the two apps that they use to put ivy who is back in your body they've, been able to detect those apparently, but no ones ever been caught for that. So that's what they would do they would would either use blood, that's your own blood or in Lance Armstrong's case. A lot of the people were taking EPO, which makes your body produce more blood, but I think guys to this day, probably still putting blood back into their body
gives you advantage, you know, and it's kind of scary in this case drastic weight, then you're pulling blood, and then you know with everything going on. Well, I know dude that walked into a fighters dressing room, not dressing room, hotel room and they had bags of blood in the hotel room. They hold his blood out. So he could make wait. You're telling me that last time, what do I suck yeah? That's freaky, that's freaky yeah that's not sanitary you're, not in the hospital you're in some hotel room where people have been farting and shooting loads all over the place and knows it's like shit. All over the walls, when you're just going to flatten, take your blood out in that environment like that's creepy man that was like you said that was like a long time ago too, yeah those along time ago, but people been they've been definitely cheating forever. Now we're seeing the effects of it like peoples, physiques are changing the way they Why is changing the way they look their jaw yeah everything about them. Their attitude like their confidence,
some of these guys like they have become different human beings, yeah yeah I mean, the playing field people get knocked out. You know their their bodies are changing in there in the scene that their fight styles guys are going undefeated this all these rampages, like man, how he must be in great shape, is killed in the fifth round, and now I can't get from one to know on your wow yeah and the the end technique is king right technique and training and heart and courage and cardio and cardio yeah like mighty mouse or he thought up, routine off. Seventeen off heat out car the other guy be disaster specially going into the stretch was just completely out working him and at the end, the fight back routine pops hot for EPO yep, so even though this guy was on drugs, mighty mouse, is technique and cardio and justice is to understand how to pace himself through five round fight yeah. Now it
So he's he's interesting. I know you've been a big fan of him and I've always enjoyed watching that guy I mean I can't fight like that guy, but to watch some of his techniques in the way, use angles and footwork and how we lose you in in his clinch game is is nasty Did you just nasty? You know, I wonder, and maybe you could give? insight on this, like you used to fight at one hundred and fifty five and now you got cut to get down to one hundred and forty five you're, pretty big guy but mighty now this is not a big guy and I always wonder: like could uh I like good, heavyweight or middleweight. Even could they possibly even fight like him or is that a gravity thing like is part of what's going on with him? The fact that he's so light like he can move faster he's, got like more options as far as like what he can do. Some people are blessed with better integrated in their body, such as like a neutral spine. A lot of people have lumbar problems in neutral spine ever Mayweather. He don't I could see him lean and he's just always and constantly good posture and good position and
like in wrestling if you're in good position, more likely, you're going to win the fight, my team she just has that type of movement and integrate his whole body, where his body moves as one it doesn't work again. There's not a like a lot of rattle in his body. Safety throws a kick he doesn't land awkwardly. Doesn't it goes. He goes right back to a neutral base and he's able to laterally move and constantly have his body work informed. So I think him. Actually just has that type of gifts and benefits of his body is able to integrate his body to work as one there for you, You don't waste. A lot of energy has really fluid movement. Look at a guy Anderson Silva he's able to be people just by keeping his range and his movement of his body. He doesn't, he doesn't swing like a mark on or or me where you know like all through a lot of. Hours, and normally I miss you, I'm just trying to trying to reach, Let them guys they just use fluid movement and that's, I think, Some people are just blessed to have that integrated in their body in a good neutral spine in a good, solid base, and that's why they were able to
connect on their shots, a lot more as competing disconnected like a like a short circuit. If there's like a small like little detail like this. Right here say it's like it's like broken and you're, not getting the full amount energy as where, if you have a solid base and a good why not integrate your body to use as one there's going to be a lot more of a sturdier connection and more flow in fluid movement? I'm glad you Are there not because I've always I've always thought that about like efficiency? Efficiency is very important and they are fighters that you see like a wasted movement or a lot of slop into the way they take x, two techniques and even if they have power like sometimes like they're, they're, so awkward with the way they do it that you got to think. There's is a lot of waste as far as like the energy expenditure, but like so I think that, as you said, bless, so you think that that's a natural ability. I think natural. Some of it occurs that some people were able to integrate their body. If you ever just look up peoples postures some people, just kind of
those slots will kind of bend over and his posture, and it's this thing is kind of actually is it popping out. It always does that we gotta take that down jamming and also so that, like it's a lot of a lot of wasted movement, as some people are just more integrated with their more so they are a lot more efficient. You know granted, then you do you got to have does the card. You entered right thing else, but I feel like if you have a good basin in plus for the the fi skills, I I feel like we're going to be a lot more efficient private. Have longevity in your career as well with injuries and stuff. Do you think that that's from childhood, like I've, always wondered like there's some children that start off doing like gymnastics or like there's been a lot of guys in Jujitsu that have got into it that come from break dancing, which is kind of interesting, is a real recent we've seen hey guys, but that a bill wait, a minute to move your body like a young age, you develop like a real sense of
coordination. You know the just dexterity, so many different attributes that you develop when you're young and then your body grows into it intuition. You know once you feel it like. I work with like a movement guy functional patterns. For for the long time. I learn how to integrate my body and Not waste movement in you know to activate my core my glue to my growing all the way to like my feet. Being on my two toes. If you ever knows people walk like ducks, did and stuff like that. It's like all problems in their hips. That's why you see like a lot of so foam, rollers and stuff people roll out, but once you release my fashion, there's corrective exercises you can do to kind of reproach I'm your mind that you've been working on such a dysfunction. You may not even know it, and there's ways to that. You can integrate your body and neurologically reprogram. Your mind is like you know. This is how I should be walking this this, how it should be integrated, my body, It helps out with posture and breathing. You know the Iceman half like says law stuff about this, and
It's really interesting facts to facts to know, because this is for everybody. People worked on a desk slouch. Overtime all time got type hip, flexor lean in poor diet. It like this I go goes to anybody. You know to learn how to integrate your body power of posture and this guy. Ninety I got from functional patterns really he taught me a lot about this and in movement and integrate your body in it. It goes real, deep. Well, there's a controversial subject: right movement coaches, like there's uh the people that get involved with movement, coaches and some people market and some people say well. You should just be spending that time working on your fight, training in your abilities, you know you're your skill set, and then do cardio and explosive exercises and then some people say no. You know that's good too, but the ability to move efficiently in odd ways and carrier balance. Now
guy e set itself functional patterns, that's what they call it yet that you know I, you know Mocama Gregor's been been doing a lot of stuff with movement, and you know it's pretty good. That's great! You know it'll pour tile yeah, but as a freak you're seeing a movie yes, but here's what he lacks. He he lacks Intergrade and your body. He doesn't understand the the inter in part, as were naughty Aguilar with functional patterns, he teaches you how to kind of just sit still integrate your body This whole these positions, where I'm just standing still or on my toes without lumb. Extension or or if I'm slouching, he he keeps in neutral. Throughout his whole movement. So he's using his body as one and he has a a bit more of an integrated system as compared to no one who knows even have to have a base and just going to this movement you're doing it all wrong. While you haven't like Lombard or you're slouching, he believes in integrate
that that technique. So your body works, like you, said more efficiently and said a working against you. Why do you think the Connors doing it wrong? What what lead lead you to think that just just by its posture. You can watch posture or watch his knee if his knee goes over his toe in like a certain movement or he has like a lumbard and a spine, compared if you watch like a naughty Aguilar, he'll teach you how to do that same type of movement, but you'll see the little minor details in in in little millimeters of a difference that that makes you integrate your body so that your glue we're working with your with your core as you walk and we walk in and everybody just does these, like you know listen. It's not like a good rotate we rotate, we walk, you know inviting we move and he entered everything as far as your core to your your growing to your
in on your power to toes, so that your your you keep saying that power to to look to Toews what you mean by that you know, like you, see how you punch on, like your main two fingers for the two knuckles of her index finger, get in the ring finger right yeah, I mean how you have like arches on your feet: you're kind of walking like look at my hands, you're walking like that on the outside uhhuh. So then, if I'm walking on the outside my knees This say this is good. So now I'm integrating everything my growing my glued to activated, but if I'm walking on the outside your knees, gonna your knees going to your outer part of your knees, gonna be taking more of the the the low and the damage you know then you're not integrating are growing and that's how people end up. Actually is this the guy? This is SAM, functional patterns, functional patterns. What is his background? Uh? You know the guys just a freak dude he knows a little bit about everything and and right here you know it's like he doesn't really have any Lombard Extension, which is like a lower back thing. Everything is really integrating details in in the core and he's not rubbing his shoulders he's and fluid movement and everything
he does is rotational. And what is his name again. I'm sorry naughty Aguilar Naughty Aguilar. And where is he out of his out of Seattle? I met him in San Diego some years back we used to. We worked a lot and just on first, we had to fix my body a lot. I have to have an elbow problems. I was having all types of problems about mile Fasho release, and then I got into correctional exercises and once he was able to my base. I was able to start moving and getting into movements like this. So what we're looking at folks folks are just listening. Is this guy doing all this crazy movements with Kettle Bell dumb dumbbells and jump around back and forth and didn't see one of these flip through the air right now. Really interesting stuff, though 'cause you see, I see my hand in it yeah they don't they don't bow wow they don't they don't do this and I've watched idol with his name and there's. There's these details that he doesn't have that he has that he integrates where his knees, don't
his knees, don't sway out, like everything, is seriously in a functional pattern like everything he does He doesn't muscle anything to wear like you're lifting everything is a fluid movement he's allowing the swing almost like a cheat. Tomorrow. Allow your body to rotate and it's it's It's really. It's really changed. My life work working with this guy in in the things that I, that I've learned and in and out the since he's in my body that that I really wasn't aware of back then that I'm working with Now- and you know- I've been fine for a long time I mean I've been able to keep healthy and injury free By doing a lot of these movements, myofascial release and working on my posture. Breathing. You know people who are sprints at night, you know you're nervous system still in like a flight or flight mode. You can't fall asleep under this such things breathing. To help that out too, I mean you been here, viessmann often hear his stuff so mean breathing is huge, so I've learned a lot through the sky
so what you're saying is that doing so of Sprint's at night is not a good idea. No, it is, but I'm talking about you know if you figure out a way to calm yourself down yeah, and that's why I was reading. You know some people like me, and I can't sleep at night, but I, but I ran in Ok, we can do that by breathing and just the common in nervous system down, so that you can get that that recovery, because if not, you fall asleep. Your body still thinks it's in fight or flight mode, that there still sprinting right as where you're able, if you were able to breathe, calm yourself down, you get better sleep, better rest recovery in the hormones are going to take over your body and repair it. What I think about These things is obviously this guys very impressive. I like the ways moving, is obviously very athletic and very coordinated an you see when you, those punches and kicks, is obviously as a martial arts background as well dear some of these guys, though I equate it to yoga, there's a lot of real yoga people out there that are really good at yoga and they are dedicated to it and it's super important to them and then there's the fockers that are fuckery
There's just there's a lot of those fake spiritual people and they talk a lot of the Logan nonsense, but they're, really just fucking weirdos, I see that a lot of these movement coaches to like I've, talked to a few of night and Kay I it's a small factory yeah, some some going on, like you, there's an it's a weird gig like to do that for a living. What do you you are teach functional movement. What does that mean? Uh, just uh, I show people out. I know how to move we talking about yeah yeah, he doesn't. He was never like. Consider like I'm a movement coach, all right. You know he was a really consider like a string conditioning coach. I went with him with the pain, your pain management, and then I got into a crush of sizes. This guy, he's actually had Iceman Huff com hang out with him. He's went and seen the guy with the Venus project. I mean this guy he's smart over. I mean he kind of. Does it all he's really self sufficient. He has a really good brain in in in knowledge. G e is not one of them like for you guys. I mean me and him had a head or issues and stuff before, but we're we're we're cool by
he's not one of them guys. But I know exactly we're talking about there's a lot of people in this business. A business, I'm sure you've dealt with a lot of they're moving in now the the lot of them? They see the Edo portals and the move not guys. They see these guys that are successful work with guys like Carles Conder to you, and then I see A few of these guys we're trying to be one of these guys, and this guy looks fucking legit as hell like you could tell whether he's moving it down is a really athletic guy. Yeah. I don't I don't go around doing touch push it. You know in fights you know I mean I stick to stick to what I know, but it is good to learn how to use pain, management, to stay healthy, mile, Fasho Release and your body, so that you are working efficiently, you're, not working against yourself? I mean it's awesome to go through these workouts that I do now. I mean I have train conditioning coach and we stick to a lot of these functional movements, athletic movements, explosive movements and we do it with the good integrated system to where you know. If I, if I
wanna, bang, on this tired, I'm just recklessly, and then I wake up in the morning like fog man, I gotta spar, I'm feeling like crap. I mean it's good to have your body working efficiently using the things that need to be used instead of having all the muscles. You know, small muscle groups, working yeah, that's how you get injured these days yeah. I was reading this post once on a form to my think. It might have been the underground or some was talking about lifting weights and, however, all the bad sparring sessions come after lifting weights like yeah duh, you shouldn't be sparring after you lift that, like its dues are talking, about doing like squats and deadlifts and power benching, and then trying to stay loose and fluid. It's not going to happen. Your tissues are broken down. You're exhausted, and it's really a bad idea to spar when you're. Like that, because, then you know well what about mental toughness? Well here you know going to learn. Your bodies are fuckedup you're supposed to be resting or, if you're doing anything, He should be doing like light drilling, but something where you
forced to react quickly and move. That's a good way to get injured right. Yeah exactly you know, people people do that. All the time you you hear about these guys get into, all the time and just being selfish patient learn about little stuff like this could help you out. You know such things is just a little bit. Perform rolling out and then a little bit of correctional exercises that that could just help you out a lot more efficiently. There's no. I mean I've gotten in arguments where I went out to Arizona to see some of my friends that, well leave an alliance and I you know I got into an argument a little bit like a battle. This guy's, like trying tell me to I need a wide might be to do this, and I'm like were no fight that I'm going to be. You know ten feet, my Peter this far apart, I'm like no bro like I got to be within you know I can be able to rotate move. You know if I'm spreading my legs out. You know that ain't doing nothing for me and I've Yes, I see a lot of people doing a lot of meathead stuff, yeah. Well just it interesting because you're kind of it's a kind of an open ended thing when you're a fighter
I see these guys trying all these different stuff and there's no right or wrong way. Like here's a perfect example, there's Robbie Lawler. Who is a world champion? Bad motherfuck and then there's Stephen Wonderboy Thompson to Toledo Stance, totally different way of moving both guys super successful and Unfucking knows what would happen if they thought we really don't know until they fight right yeah, but if Wonderboy met he's like all many doing it all wrong. Yeah yeah, you know just trying to coach a because he sees not doing it all wrong. Yeah he's a world champion he's not doing it all wrong. Now he's doing it perfect, but is it the best way. Ultimately, you don't know no and you won't ever know until then two guys go out and here's what's even crazier, she might beat Wonderboy but wonder boy might be able to beat a guy that can beat him yeah it's weird, but I'm I live that life,
we write, it isn't saying the home we just watching Holly yeah, like she beat by me, and then she Ronda Rousey. So well. Rhonda Rowsey fought the perfect fight for Holly, like urgent matter and Holly's a great counter striker. Where shift so. If you watch that fight she. Did not lead at all. She just hung back and waited enforced Holly into her game and You know it's just a bad night for Holly, I'm sure she'll be back, but it's interesting, tactically an if you look at it from a igic standpoint like utilizing your skills to the best of your ability. You know, when you're inside the octagon figuring out what about what you do match is really good against what she does an Szewczenko just nailed it. She figured it out crazy man, let's fight game hi game. It's a crazy game, man and it It's interesting to see people jumping from
one trainer to the other, and just looking for that and it's almost like you got a certain amount of time. It's like you're playing Google chairs. So how much do you in your career. You got maybe like a good solid. If you will, you take care of yourself. You got like fifteen years unless you're Dan Henderson, and then the man do too he's fighting for the fucking title he's going to fight Bisping for the title in London. That's it'll, be madness yeah, he says if he wins going to retire Don, he should drop, walk away. Carry out The one thing that he hasn't been able to do is win the UFC Gold, but look man, as good a shot as anybody wants that Lombard fight yeah. I did I was there lying couldn't believe it dude. I was going nuts I've been a fan of his for so long. He said you know guy, yep, real quiet, chill and just amazing guy who just hard worker I mean It's awesome to see that. Did you see his instagram post after he won he added and can flag on. Does it said smoke that Cuban do that was crazy,
I can't I mean Lombards, is scary. Do much right! It's not my fault. You know, I'm like dude he's getting dropped on, like no Henderson heard him first Henderson confirm they moved in for the kill, but Lombard wasn't done in Lombard. Backed him and Lambert HAM on the ground had been side control. It look bad and then get the way he knocked him out to is so crazy. With that back elbow yeah instinct, yeah. No one's ever done that before no one ever knocked anybody. He was dead before I hit the ground, no ones ever, it was in. You know in Daniel Elbow easy. He you know, he's gonna fall over the couple blows. How yeah you know for sure yeah you got a poem off lumber, just Kerry. Due to you know, I was done a t t one time helping out for him as it all in there like a whatever you do, still for lumbar, I might need a bigger me, like you spot, if you'd like yeah, you may try to ask you this farm. Don't spa
You know it just comes in he's just a tank. You know and I'm like fuckit much trying to Sparta that guy in Uc Hell, no he's a freak athlete man him and Yoel Romero. Like I don't know what kind of rice and beans they were feeding him down in Cuba, I'm good rice and beans is that some guys are very soon have you seen the new photos, the most recent photos of who said Marple High RES no yeah yeah. She grappling do just looking blocking Christ. He looks like he's two hundred and fifty pounds. If they got tripped and fell, I would seriously just run out the room like thought that dude there's, no, hey man, I mean these guys are tapping. Before doing this. It doesn't matter he just tears were shed apart. That's insane man he's so fucking thick right now, he's only like five, seven, an he's, probably really no bulshit, two hundred and thirty pounds these enormous right now, yeah gob! a guy scary. Well now that he's not testing. Look at him right there. Jesus Christ
It's a legitimate two hundred and twenty five pounds at five thousand seven hundred and fifty seven yeah bigger and it man, that's great, that's crazy. We do not short, I'm fifty eight and I stand I'm taller than that dude, but he's like uh, wider than me an you get after. I see you on the on it and always always getting after it. You know, maybe after I retire from fighting, I'm seeing it on the juice. Just like that. I was getting at each class is still fucking. Strongman competitions locks all day, carry cars and shit you ever get caught in her car. Paul Harris might be the guy that you want right. There he's ridiculously big right now. Yeah, that's definitely steroids, one hundred percent for sure one hundred percent, you don't paying that much weight. I mean the last time he fought was like a year ago fighting one hundred and seventy. Now Now I mean obviously a lot of guys at one hundred and seventy degree leeway the one 90s somewhere around there, and they can't wait to get down to one hundred and seventy, but that is just gigantic yeah dude! That's that's too much man he's a fucking awesome,
jujitsu player too. It's not just strong. Some serious legit technique? My my guy he's been going yeah- I know he just lost everything, but This is outstanding. Deans needs very good he's a big dude, but he rolls like a little guy and he's freakishly, strong man, yeah he's a very smart. He knows a lot about you and he's one of the reasons why you know the whole I'm Donna her hands. Gracie team got so good at like locks. A lot of that was the influence of dean. Lister dean Lister went down there and did some training with them and Dean is been a leglock master from the old days. Like like, he was one of those guys was leg and people in the early days of Abu Dhabi, back in the two thousand. You know when people like the leg, lock game, is shifted over the last few years and it's become incredibly dominant there's, so many guys that are winning like Jujitsu has
come a largely like a game like sixty, maybe even more percent leglocks, specially no game. With Eddie Commons Garry Tonon. All these guys from John Donners Camp there's so many guys down there that are just really talented attacking legs and not a lot of people like that. It's a sophisticated yeah when you start playing the legs. You know scary, yes, yeah. Nobody likes getting crippled but no like Eddie. Bravo had a really good point he's like well. Is it ok? If someone yanks on your neck? Is it ok? If someone It's your arm like it's. What is the difference like just just got a tap before you get Fuckd up yeah which is easier said than done Paul Harris is on there. He cap all day, but I guess ripping it do yeah. He is tearing people's knees, are part of this kind of bullsh yeah. It is well, it's definitely bullshit. When people tap right, it is definitely bullshit when people tap. Do you think there's any? thing that should be changed about the current rules like if you look at MMA rules like the way they stand right now, like there's some people that think
that the knees on the ground issue. If If you don't know the story, Mma has a rule where you can need someone to the head if they're standing, but if they put one hand on the ground, you can't even head so a lot of guys put a hand on the ground just to stop the knee and then lift the up and put it down. They play like a little like almost like a game. Of like now now I'm safe, like I'm, holding a number like old school wrestling, you could hold onto the rope and they would let let go of a whole yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, ten count stuff, like all that, didn't have that in like Pancrase two, where increase. If someone was holding onto a sub mission, you could grab the rope and they would let go of a sub mission. I don't know I've never really watched much pay increase I feel like that was a rule group home, safe yeah, I think it was something about that where, if you, the whole the ropes they had to. Let go. I think that's uh, I think it's
The rule I mean I do actually just saw watch the fights over the weekend. Darren Elkins he just got need hard in the Temple is a deal not only billing yeah and then the guy punches him after he like falls down. I'm like no way that was illegal knee and then you know shake it off comes back end up beating the guy but there's an animal yeah yeah Buckingham and thought that guy for Taft he's took takes his shot. Tough as nails in German yeah. It's like him he's like Chris Lee, but he just gets more fired up and keeps coming at. You know, but you know as far as those rules. I think this kind of fair, I mean less, you know I don't think you have C fox one to see people getting head stomped and in their prime rose. You know, and you know, damn well them guys reducing over there, so they're just taking, people down. If that was the case, I just go juice up, take people down and start soccer kicking people all day. You know that's scary, is imagine somebody standing over you and then you're just like walk this guy is trying to stop me out. I mean that's a scary thought to be thinking. I don't know if I don't even want to be fighting, but do you
think that if it was legal that you would I think that way I mean think all the stuff that you can do inside the octagon. You know think of all the technique, Is that you do land like you know, like that neither you landed on Dennis Bermudez does about as powerful. In the as you get hit a dude with on the ground standing up, no matter where you I mean, that's a God, Damn perfect NY! You if you land on it. That was pretty fucking spectacular, thank you. But if that wasn't legal, you know, You did that everybody be like oh shit, that shouldn't be legal like yeah yeah, perfect example is a cyborg Santos, Michael Page Fight, Michael page, hit Santos with a nice so hard that he fractured his skull. His skull caved in and the open mris are insane I've never seen that in all my years of watching fights- and being involved in martial arts, I've never seen anybody's head caved in like that. That's unfortunate. You know imagine some trauma and some injuries and urine
I'll, be fine I'll, be fine in three months, in Libra no. What no dude like looking skull- that's indeed, this means that is nuts. That's like reminds me of that movie concussion, with Will Smith he's talking about the the football players that are taking these type of injuries? You know that that's Batman is whole fuckin' skull was crushed. It's crazy! I've never seen that I've never seen that happen. I didn't. I thought that that area was so hard because that's the area where I guess, like a lot of people, break their their hand right here. They don't really break it on that area. Yeah, but I mean any yeah and you're kind of coming into it. That's what it is right. He was moving into it and it was really just a perfect storm like hell Moving into the takedown Michael Page Leap up at him. He's a bony dude, you know he's a tall, bony dude. So there's really not like a lot of quad or muscle. That's going to hide that need it's all bone on that dead. Yeah! That's a nasty knee,
congrats to that guy. That's pretty sick, guys, a bad mother fucker! I wanna see that guy in the UFC yeah break dancing shoes yeah. Well, he just he was a point karate guy for a long time, and I've always said that there's something about that ability just jump in real, quick and get the out there. That is point karate guys have their range is way different than like a gift from a boxing. That's its condition that you sit mentioned, rob because if you ever watch probably doesn't play the kick game. He gets in that boxing range. That way, if you throw a kick he's, throwing hands right- and you know wonder boy he's tall rangy do, but he keeps they they keep. That distance. I mean your crowd a guy, so that in that range, is a lot different than a more tie or a boxing yeah, and in that they're able to move really skillfully. Well, the point karate guys in particular. I think that's the next stage of like the elite fighters are the like the background. They come from. We've seen guys that are successful that come from what I've seen guys that are successful to come from wrestling. But I think that point karate is maybe in the next stage, because
these guys, like page and uh Raymond Daniels, who fights out of glory yeah you're Rodriguez in my buddy, my buddy Justin Lawrence is like that comes from karate background and he's just fast and nasty, and he keeps that weird, weird little Joe Rogan side Kicks and yeah we're Scoggins who's. Fighting this weekend is fine, and you know call this weekend always find him. Okay, now yeah, I'm interested yes, Scoggins is something to man. He's got that crazy style too, but he's got wrestling as well yeah. No, I I first seen a guy for he. He is good good. Cardio good wrestling and I gotta shows up with the right mindset, he's going to be one of the top guys young kid to write young kid. I think he's only twenty five or twenty six and super technical like is karate, especially like he's got that wide stance moves in and out real quick, that's what's real hard to deal with men, because these the karate style like where they jump in and they're used to like leaping in an then they tag each other and get the fuck out of there quick and then they score
point, and then everything stops, and so they don't have to have like in their sport. They didn't have. They have like the kind of endurance that you would need like try doing. And it I fight that I'm going to kick your legs are going to, but the thing about it is that these guys have developed This incredible ability to close distance really quickly. Then they pick up although skills as well, but everybody well. It has to play catch up on that one thing that they can do the leaping in and close the distance yeah and you get a guy like age is obviously a gifted athlete has been doing it. His whole life mean he started. Martial arts, I think something before his five years old, so he's got years and years of experience, plus his body kind of developed, like we were talking about people that started early gymnastics or with break dancing. His body developed leaping in throwing cake, sleeping in throwing punches. He's got some sick dance move yeah, so he's always on rhythm, so he can't he's always on rhythm yeah. That's interesting! That yeah he's interesting to see. I'm excited to see that guy
future. Well, I'm excited to see a lot of those guys like, like I said, Raymond Daniels as well, who is there's a great karate match where the two of them fought in point karate match. But let's take a look at him here. You watch what page can, to look at look at that look at it but he's a larious to just stands. There looks off in the distance as the referee stubs to fight he's off. Sleep until he fought Cyborg he's fighting people that have really business being in there with it. Yeah he's a cyborg took him down, though, in that first round an presented some real problems, but look at his dick since man yeah they're living that we're just talking about that? Look, it's it's like his ability to leap in, but is also his ability to get the out of the way look at that it tax off of his back to even one by foot, locker rooms the got on Mars. I see that style of Roy Jones. Is you just do that? Weird yeah we just exactly Jones was one of the greatest Bach
as of all time and didn't really use a jab study used a leaping left hook straight rider him leaping left hook. Well, he used the left in place of the jab, but you look like We just got crazy shit like that right there, his ability to close the distance and look how quickly gets out of Dodge he's just so used to that style of people sleeping at him and getting out of the way. I like that, one too nasty yeah, I mean a part of me: likes the fact that he's in Bell Tower, because I I I think Bella tore need stars because I think you have seen needs competition, an like Scott Coker. I like Bellator I like Jimmy Smith, I like the fact they are doing well and I would like to see like real, legitimate I'd like to see a real huge it legitimate unification fight. You know yeah start competing,
teams that would be sick. What are you are you? Are you thinking about getting out of UFC anytime, soon or well? I was not going to announce this until a sign, but I signed for at least one more year, so what I did to do was. I was on the fence man. So I just do too much. Do I'm too yeah after awhile MIKE. I don't know if I'm doing myself or anything on all the different things I do a disservice, I was real close. I was like either I'm just going to completely bail off of this or I'm going to try to figure it out. So I had conversation with Dana. We had a bunch of conversations in what I decided to do was uh no more international travel, no more flying across the planet. Let Brian Stann take care of that. For Brians Fuqing, Austria, I'm a big families are good and as his Dan hardy he's fucking, awesome and Kenny, I think those guys do a great job but for me personally, it's just there's too much like. If I go to Brazil, that's five days out of my life that I can
do this and I can't do all the other stuff that I do and then on top of that, there's the recovery time like when I come back, I'm fucking toast. Now I get it that flying just fox so I decided to only do paper view no more fox so I'm cutting down a lot of the but I'm I'm doing at least a year. So it's like year by year thing, but at least one more year. You got a lot of fans what you do, but you know you probably start enjoying life a little bit and cutting cutting down. Eventually, you know, and just relaxing and enjoying life a little bit. I bet. Well, you know what made me tip the other way I was like. I was like will convince that it was over, like I just I'm just going to be a fan I'll just do fight companions Nate, Diaz, Conor, Mcgregor Fight, and Holly Holm Miesha, Tate fight. That night was so crazy and so chaotic. I walked out of there. How could I not do this? How could I not be like I'm sitting right there cageside for the craziest shit in the sporting world ever so I decide
the route was real reason: man, it was touch and go home, and I I just didn't know what was going to do. Those one dad like I'm done. The and like I don't know so I think the compromises do less events figured out, but I don't I don't want anybody that I don't appreciate it. I don't know how lucky I am or I don't think it's an amazing job. I definitely do, but I'm just I'm almost to lucky. I have too many amazing jobs. You know down the road for you, that's a lot of travel and do a lot of travel out of driving a lot of events, and it should be done seen it all, but one year was like twenty three events like that's crazy? That's like every other week or the week, I'm for more and more and more. You have Caesars getting freaking insane and then the big business deal and and a lot of large ships going down even with the stair it's more cons going crazy. You know someone to talk to mark men and give us a call right now. Yeah, I feel like someone should talk to mark immediately and and sue that out with him, but but here's what
I can tell mark. If Mark is listening, they to the shit out of Brock Lesnar and they didn't know they didn't know the only way they would have known, is, if you Sada told him so you saw detested him, be tested clean for a bunch of 'em, and then he tested positive for the one that was like, I think three weeks out of the fight and then there was the other one that he tested for post fight. So I don't know what was going on. I don't I mean it's just speculation, but it could have been that he just really struggling in camp, his slick, here's what he took allegedly right. He took estrogen blockers and the only reason that anybody takes estrogen blocker on purpose is to restart their. Doster own after they do a steroid cycle. That's that's! Why you take it when you take it on purpose or
Unless you have some sort of a biological disorder. I would imagine where you have some sort of an excess of estrogen in your body, which I don't know why you would have that. I don't I'm not a doctor, but I know if I need to tell you but I'm not know know a know know allegedly, I'm not a doctor, so I don't know what the flock was going on man with Brock who know, Maybe Brock was like look, I'm one and done in this pitch is going to just Take this shell out how much how many, how many weeks do they need to test me? Ok, so inside the window fuckit. If we test positive after the fight we test positive like who knows, you knows you know, but it's the third time. That's happened to mark on dude and he's talking about this fighters union, which makes things very interesting bro Well, the problem with a fighters union is fighters have been notoriously single minded and they think about themselves. Going to be really hard. It's not like baseball players, you know it's not like you could get, let's also with like baseball players, union or football. It's like you have a team. You know
and then the UFC is the team you know does not like you know it's not like they are the elite. It's it's weird, It's a different thing like boxing is not going to have a boxers union 'cause, then you're going to have ten contender doctors make a shit ton of money. Do they do make a shit ton of money, but the make a of money or the champions yeah. You know the champions so people in the high level. People in MMA make the same amount of money. The real argument is how how much money should the people that are putting on the big shows like you, the guys who are you know, put on fucking incredible, exciting fights. How much did you make to headline a card? I know for me personally from my money. If I'm watch Jeremy, Stephens Fight, Conor Mcgregor, I'm getting out my fucking pop, for now, I'm excited I'm paying. My paper view money for that. Let's make that happen to make that one hundred and forty five but yeah, I think he's going to get walked by ideas. You think so I think so did well got it. The first time but he was
is doing really well in that first round I mean that first round was a big round for Connor and then tired DS had what ten days he was drinking tequila Lexico land eleven days any changes until a drink. It's cooler at respect that, but I I think it's in the same situation. I do well there's a good argument. There is a good for sure Connors you got the one shot. Maze is just like me he's like a rough, because I mean he's: got that one shot and put your lights out. You know, but he's like you at one. Forty five whereas Nate, who has been fighting at one hundred and fifty five n one hundred and seventy is whole career- is a bigger guy like Nate when I stand next time needs a big guy he's a big. Fifty five is huge take a shot. It takes sucking the only got to put him out with Josh Thompson and I've said time and again Josh Thomson, one most underrated, guys yep in this poor Josh Thompson, the the timing just wasn't right for him. You like school, yeah, he's old school, but if he's good man- and he was good,
and when he fought Nate, he was just on his game and he had kicked him yeah. Josh Thompson head kicks anybody he's finishing up noise and athletic dude man that guy's been around, then before the UFC cut out the fifty five division? And that's when I was kind of coming up? seventy yeah. My I want to be in UFC. I guess I to one the five books plain people know me and we're saying is that the US, he didn't have a one, fifty five division for a while yeah they could they got rid of it. Well, this is you know, was a lot of people don't realize when they see the sport now is gigantic grease huge When you were first fighting in competing man, it was We had to really love what you're doing it wasn't like. There was some Rhonda Rowsey Conor Mcgregor pay days that people were getting. You know when you hear about the pay days. These people are getting now like John J, his manager was saying that John missed out on at least ten million dollars for his fight with Daniel Cormier, and then John Annick was saying that over
two years it's probably going to cost him as much as thirty to forty million. When you factor in all the fights you could have had in two years, which is just fucking crazy. Yeah he's one of the pound for pound best managed services or send me. I guess you with him is another weird one, so that was an estrogen blocker but the doctor, I'm outside cycling off those people, cycling. But how far to you, knowing that this kind of crazy he got, he got real big and he was again the lift in a line and then lifters man, those guys love, Well, the lifters two. Problem. Is you get some broscience? You know you get some in the Jim Crow. I'm telling you brought. You cannot test positive. So what you gonna, do you gonna drink three gallons of cat piss and had to go in there a three gallons yeah yeah do. Do it to be chat, works to to be a champion like they'll tell you some wacky! This guy was tell me that if he is, he was Tell me on that. All these you have see guys men there tested positive. I know how to get him off that man. I got a no you, don't yeah you don't
Did you say to your finance Armstrong, one of the one of the richest guys. You know he's given speeches and high fiving the president that guy can't beat Jeff Novick Ski. I don't think anybody. You know I mean well here's the thing about Lance Armstrong, never tested positive. You have to realize that Lance Armstrong, never tested positive to say, never caught him. He admitted he had admitted yeah. He had admitted, but you know the walls are closing in all these people are suing him. He was suing people there's a lot of chaos going on just wanted to let there's no, there's no drug. So that show that Lance Armstrong was doing anything yeah. He was definitely doing some shit, though which is really kind. I don't get why people want to go ride, a bike for that long, and I mean, if you want to see it. You know, since you saw this guy came in I've, I've done a lot of cardio and stuff, but I'm like you know I I've up to like little bit over two hours or around two hours and You know I don't want to write a bike for fucking. Seven. Eight hours then get up there again. I might
uh that I'm going to do some EPO just so I can just go out and just get it for seventy dollars. It's a child's fuckin' method of translation do some porn, but just go kill it for seven. Eight hours like. Why are you going to? I mean that's just nuts I don't but teach look. What it is is a mental toughness things like their ideals like they're gonna, keep grinding it out, one of the people going to slowly back off and say they can keep going. No, like that's a true break this to break that's what I find in running and in long runs, runs and stuff camp. That's a that's a different pace that is right, the mental edge that you have from running in your psych. It's insane You almost got be a madman, but you only know that when you actually complete that type of a long run in you endure that type of thing everybody else can look back mean you're crazy, like they do that, but you are kind of crazy in your head and you're like yeah fuck, yeah
crazy. I did do that. We know we put another love. Isn't it one of those things where you just constantly try to find your limit? Like you, I'm going to hold my breath for a minute. I did it. Let me see if I can do two minutes. I did ok. What's the world record, yeah yeah. Then you start trying for whatever the the world record is and like. I have body cam. He does ultra marathons. He's done. Miles and now he's doing two hundred miles in August. He did one hundred miles last month to get ready two hundred miles next month, damned yeah like what that's intense days, two days of running: that's crazy, retarded right, yeah! but I bet that guys, probably coulda hang out with these about it he's just a wild mad. The only go, hang out with them and and probably hear some of his ideas and his beliefs well you just mentally as tough as it gets, and he trying to find his limits. You know he's always trying to find his limits and can't find his limits at one hundred miles, which is fucking bad. Let's try and how do? How does he four thousand eight hundred and forty eight forty eight? You know what they say
they say that those marathon or ultramarathon, guys, like a lot of them, are older, because It's not it's not something that young guys excel at like you're, not going to find like a twenty year old athlete good at running one hundred miles. It's dudes that have been divorced and had we're heartbroken went bankrupt and home and girlfriend was fuckking. Best friend like that kind of ship, those guns, I've been there in high school band. Things have that extra gear, those guys that are three thousand and thirty years old there crying inside Bro, get over it dude. It's alright man. If she, if she wants to go she's, going to go and bang thirty black guys or she wants to so black guys. Always whenever I was worried it did. You see him cry I mean I went to that high school man. Alright, that's enough that you know yeah young! but I did because I'm so good some people mentally they just don't get it and then, when they get a little bit older and they go through it just like whoa whole life has changed. Yeah, you gotta learn how to get your heart broken recover like if
don't get your heart broke, you'll, never understand what it's like get your heart broken like it's really important thing. When it's happening you feel like the world is over, then you did love with gold. Looking back, it's hilarious, like I look back on heart breaks that I had when I was like nineteen, I'm like yeah? I think it's. I think it's funny now that I was being such a bich. You know that I was crying. I would write her like a lottery ticket back note. She would do I remember that, of course every guys every girl to a money, look back at it, but do when you're going through it man your life, lock. I need to shoot myself in this dude, like speaking, shoot myself. Did you see that video that fucking rapper that shot himself in the mouth or have video that stupid asshole? This guy,
made a video of him? He put like a gun like next cheek and shot a hole through his face on camera? I think he's gonna get more hits now, yeah he's got shot, we don't want was saying he doesn't give a. I don't give a thank you for that. I don't see it watch this guy yeah. Can I put this out a starter pistol. Was that a bullet because here's the thing he's his car? This is one thing that leads me to think that this is a starter, pistol, 'cause he's this car right. So where is that it going man straight through his mouth yeah, but it doesn't hold it at the end of the video yeah. Did you go to go through the other cheek? Did he, though, let's watch
what's his name, Caspar night there is night name is coming up. Were you did yes, how the about nothing ganks? I swallowed the Holy yeah yeah. Ok, that guy didn't swallow anything, though He didn't swallow. We need to go whatever whatever hard. I you're not going to die from that pussy people. Do this stuff nowadays and it's just really kind of discussing say: where is this guy's parents
their home doing math seriously. Oh man bullet he see it's possible that there was a twenty two. It was a very small gun, obviously 'cause the sound like clap. Very low, volume sound. So I think there's probably like, if anything was a twenty two and if he did swallow the bullet I mean, maybe I guess maybe it doesn't make sense that look like it came out the other side, man not disturbing to watch his attitude. What is wrong with you? Man not not good not good. That's not a goal in individual die. Well, the crazy thing that guy might get like success for that, like he made some post about it.
He was like. Y'all got played or something like that, like what ok you see, the post that he wrote he's got a whole. This is post after it a doctor, stitched him up a doctors like uhm, ok yeah. Well, you could take a starter pistol by the way and it will blow a hole through your mouth. There's a Who is the actor when I was on this tv show his friend was on the tv show with me, and the guy had died. He was playing around with a blank and he had like for a movie and you put the thing up to his head and didn't realize that the amount of force that, comes out the air fractured skull and killed them from a blank. Brandon Lee die like that right Brandon Lee died because it wasn't a blank. There was some sort of a particle that was inside the blank and it shot him in the chest. An the conspiracy
buckle up black helicopters. The conspiracy theory. Is the same people that killed Bruce Lee wanted will Brandon Lee because Brute like this with Joey Diaz, believe, listen dog, I'm telling you they get away with those fucking chinese triads. You can't you can't dodge that bullet. He was like exactly his voice. This mother fucker Are you saying that um that Bruce Lee had some sort of a deal, to do movies for the chinese Triad and he was doing all these movies for them and then left to come to America to be a big time, star and when he came over America to be a big time movie star, he fucked those people that he had this deal with normal, like oh really, and then they came and got him, but man, I've honestly, due to growing up. You know not being racist name, but I've had a lot of asian friends and stuff man and they do they get violent and they get into like Wolf packs, quick
yeah. I did security one time in an icy in like two dudes. Fighting and then it turned into the whole asian community. Just throw bottle shooting out in the parking lot quote. You know throwing cue balls chairs by more bottles and this guy, just laying down like if you just position, I've seen him do a lot. I mean they stick together. I seen a guy actually stab some dude and then get this ' yeah it comes out and he's like he's like I just got, stabbed his come up. This police officer police officer pulls This gun is like get on the ground. He's like brah, just got stabbed said, get on the ground and the guys like squirting, but his back and then like like fifty Honda, civics and Acura are all taken off and they got playing on the ground pop telling him to get on the ground the Moines Iowa. I saw a video yesterday of a cop. They just gave this I'd like one hundred and eighty thousand dollars a cop hit him
he's on his motorcycle, the kids stopped at a light. The cop hits him from behind. Ok that he falls over get the cop gets out of the car, with his fucking gun, drawn the kids like what the fuck the cop him in the chest and break his collarbone and then tell and to get on his knees and the kid gets on his knees all captured on video. What was what was the cause of him getting pulled over? There was no cost. Your ended him. He was on a motorcycle watch this now the Senate is it. It goes way ahead. Oh That's what was it you sure this is the same one 'cause. The other one was that it was at an intersection Jamie. All this guy seems like he's flying. Are you sure it's the same video? Well, that's the case. This kid is a speeding thing there. Oh ok! Well! That changes every I think yeah yeah, so they bumped him on purpose
Ok, let's see how this goes down. Well, I'm changing my falcon tuned right here said this was a speeding motorcyclist but she's, not stopping. Oh, they fuckin' him on purpose. So, oh ok, so this is different. This is different off your little bike. Yeah, it's a bump so what's cut. Is that what we're gonna do over the front? Kick low three hundred fat so moved: okay, karate kid: how we can it was a terrible, the he's like holding the gun gangster to like right here, he's like well, it's not too many fucking boys in the hood movies, and that changed my tune. People need to shut their mouth when it comes to the authority. You know, I think like these other countries on my other countries. Don't do that because they will sever your head off if for filming them they're going to cut your head. You know people come here and there like again this makes. I'll show you trying like hey, you know like you're coming with us and then like people recording they don't listen and the cop has to use force they're, just people just
don't, really respect to grab. There is other sides I mean I don't get it, but did you see the guy in Florida that got shot when he's lying down with his hands up talking to a therapist he's totally unarmed lying on his back in the cop shot him and he's like? Why did you shoot me like? I don't know, and then the change the story. The cop completely change the story after it was over. You know, look there's good and bad, but I didn't see the full video of this. I only saw the end, which really makes you think like when You see a lot of these interactions that people have with cops like what led the cop to be so fuckin' ramped up well here now you understand that God was risking, all sorts of people's lives lives by riding, that motorcycle fuckin' maniac and then the cop got ahold of him. He bumped him to knock him off the bike, but that kid was fine, but I got one hundred thousand dollars for that breaking the law gets one hundred and eighty grand for a week as Bich front kick terrible front, kick
yeah yeah. We had that Glock though the gangster block you know You know some people, you know the cops it you know, not all of them 'cause. I vocals at our Koster they're great people, but they're. Just like us, you know, and it makes no difference and some people I feel like they get low power power trips a hundred times. You know on a template to cops, and you know I I've been treated very rudely. You know I love, then there's ties are then played them implied or the yeah. Let me off from like a speeding ticket. I was bi, you know, but there there's times resting just like look like? Maybe they got bored in high school and they they take advantage. But I mean this is human nature. When young, who was on a on marked, come the look this and he didn't have a siren that it only has lights on. He didn't even know he was being chased now. Well, that's a that's what motorcyclists at well that makes sense, sort of sense more than the video of him in and out how you got. One hundred and eighty grain he's lucky yeah
still driving a Duche bag. I mean, if you want to drive like that. Go a man. You can take that by you're not supposed to cut in and out of traffic. The way he was doing going ridiculously excessive speeds. That like when he's cutting off cars and stuff. Like that, that's that's how people die and not necessarily you come here and lay all the time I was driving down here from San Diego, and I mean I do that all the time, but those bikers man they zone in and out- and I don't hear him come behind because they're flying and I'm in between traffic and they come by and almost scrape your mirrors and then like they're, getting mad at you and you're like Bro. I don't see you yeah. I got a little bit of music playing, it's not like real loud, but it's like. I can't hear you into like you're right there. That's why just released those Harley Davidsons are so loud yeah. Like there's of I saw a bumper stickers that loud pipes save lives. Do they really do yeah yeah? It's a big difference makes sense that they have those those loud pipes like that, but you know I think that
cops are just like you and me, and one of the things that I think we should all take into consideration as the amount of people that they deal with on a daily basis that are criminals that are very that are dangerous. That is just so much shyt. They have to deal with. I just don't think most people are qualified for that job. I think that job should be for people that are like ex military that are solid as a fucking rock. I think it should be super high, paying and should be a really well respected job, and I think those people should be like degraded in whatever community they are enforcing yeah. You know I was actually telling this. I don't know if I told my coach yet, but I was thinking I was like man. I want to go and help out the cops in a little bit of like hand like combat going and help him out, because I mean people don't know. I mean if you come up to me and I'm not thinking, but I can just quickly pull out a gun and shoot you and sometimes those cops, don't know and they're trying to be nice and then they get killed on the spot or they may
known they kill them, and maybe it wasn't a gun, but I mean that's a quick little within you have to make a huge decision in just such a matter of seconds yeah, it's gonna be me going home and you know not just like a four. You know so yeah it's going to be going home. The winner feed my family as compared to you know that's life or death situation, so is definitely scary. I feel like they definitely need a little bit better education on the training and you know if anybody in San Diego is listen to this or any police. You know I'd love to come help. You know, I'm sure, like Dominic Cruz in the guys would love to come help and you know, and have you guys come into the gym and just keep the mini flashlight should be, it should be mandatory. The cops have at least some sort of martial arts training. Because you know I was talking to Big John Mccarthy about this, where he was telling me how few police officers can even physically defend them. He's like. There's a lot of guys that just don't they don't know anything and they don't work out at all overweight, yeah and if, if goes down like there helpless- and these are the supposed to be the people that are so to serve and protect yep you,
John obviously is a giant dude and plus a black belt in brazilian Jiu Jitsu been around Marshall arts alive. But you know when you're dealing with, someone who is explosive, dangerous person that might be a felon, their whole life and you're someone who has no, install all in any kind of to hand combat situation you're in a bad spot yeah. A lot of them, don't know, and I've even been in like it was like the army and military and wound worries, programming. I've trained a lot of people in a lot of I don't even know the basis of just hand fighting and how I am fighting is very important, especially if someone is holding a gun We know that you know jokes and it's like wow, that's crazy. They don't know basic stuff. You know yeah ' or if they ran into a guy like me out there like one of those villains like the guy from Morocco who robbed a bank Just like a legit criminal. I mean which some are holy: Mary yeah Lee Murray. You know that you're running that guy and he's like he's like being all cool now whom all sudden he's like trying to snap your neck. That guy was crazy
'cause. He was super skilled, but a fucking legit Gangster criminal criminal pulled off the biggest eighty million armed heist in european history right never found a single dollar. Is that true, yeah We never found the money, never found the money. Oh my god, who's got the money. Lee Lee he's in jail now right in the long ago, yeah Pat Miller, T shirt and all the training coach in mind he keeps in touch with him was like a pen pal. I don't know if he still does or not, but dearly yeah dearly. I was watching not today. I was watching him. He was watched, lion fighting a big fan of lion fight. He was doing commentary for lion Fight, that was saying that he was about to do a hundred mile run I was going to mention that yeah I seen him on our Facebook. I follow him and I guess he put like this like little lists like he's going to like do four mile ten mile, and then it is based like building up like one thousand five hundred and twenty miles that he's gay.
Two hundred mile run, but, like you just do that swell leads by building like a little base and get himself ready for that. But that's. Why is he doing that? I don't know he in order to see. If I get a divorce- or I don't know me- and you know you never know- maybe uses looking for a new challenge. Yeah tired from fighting. You know I mean, I seen Don Frye recently just get knocked out recently, but you know I mean I feel like yeah. Knocked out by one of was the dog, the bounty hunters security oh, that was really old. Donuts in Arkansas CAT videos from along time ago, DOM was really drunk. Oh yeah yeah. He got in some sort of a fight in a hotel with some dude. I think is really old. There's always that dog in you. You know, I mean you probably away from, It is for a while, but I mean you still like to grapple and just get after it like in your gym, always see him? But I mean just as a man or a competitor, you always have that type of
I mean eventually you gotta, let it go and eventually your time is going to pass, but I mean you're always going to have that drive and running or doing something, like that or swimming is always going to probably keep that passion that drive It's still in use. So it's probably good to kind of release that and go out there. So definitely thing is definitely good to push yourself in some sort of away way. I think we're a lot of guys were it's really a classic story with boxers, especially they stop compete and they get in hard drugs and it Joe Louis. It happened with a white guy irish dude, which one Floyd knocked him out, he's doing cocaine with some hookers. They got him on video with his name oh Ricky, Hatton Ricky, Hatton yeah, I was thinking of god- but the dude who cashes clay beat for the Sonny Liston Sonny Liston uh, He died of a drug overdose too, but yeah a lot of those guys. They stop fighting and there's also the thought of,
You know you have a long career of getting hit in the head, and then you do. You want to self medicate after it's over like a lot of these guys, the of issues with their or their their systems like. The endocrine systems have issues with their patua. Terry gland lot of depression comes in and they start they start trying to fix that with alcohol or fix, that feeling with cocaine or prescription so prescription drugs, yeah, yeah, the worst prescription drug. It's a real problem, because a lot of guys get injured. And then you know they go to a doctor or they got to you, no problem there lumbar or something like that or Imagine, disc, yeah, as dangerous man. I watch that episode ballers and the rock he's always smashing them vicodins, and you know those nfl guys talks about that you've seen that show it's pretty sure, the right man in a you can see that you like me, that kind of makes sense that you know most likely that they are shooting a mop and get back on the field you got a win
the game and you know when you're in that moment, thinking about it, but then in the long jevity you know like that concussion. You know that one guy from the search is going down the opposite way and smashed into a car was wanting to kill his family. The snapshot- you know- that's just that's just crazy man, you know head injuries, are no joke man that was The things that um Brock was talking about with WWE that early in his career. He had issues where he was. You know those guys are fucking. Flip in each other and landing people could say that big wrestling, these a term fake wrestling yeah those flips, a real man. The impact is real, those guys getting body slam, that's all that all counts cut themselves, and then you don't tax, like Conan kind used to do and falling off the cages in the tables and then those those metal chairs and they would just bash move around my face. Real man that that's a real, interesting yeah yeah that might do that's crazy. It is
crazy, and you see that a lot of those guys are suing the WWE. Now like Jimmy Superfly, Snuka was wearing a suit and going to court, and there, The W W e for CNN are still around Superfly still around. I guess I got some head injuries in usage all of the rope and got the head, but yeah there was this thing on the most dangerous moves to would get the super. You would get stand on the top of ring and fly to the air Jungle Cho days. Yeah boom button brain Jocelyn around inside his coconut. They had that gene Simmons hair dude. He was my favorite man. My manager was just telling me about Jake the snake, there's a documentary on Netflix and it's just add that guy he went to alcoholism to depression was in a trailer just having everything to those those injuries and self vacation in the drug and alcohol addiction and stuff. It's a hard world hard road. That's that life of being a pro wrestler is so fucking difficult,
Don't get nearly enough credit for what they do. Those as we're on the road, sometimes two hundred and sixty plus days a year and they throwing each other through fucking doors and smash. Change over in the head and fucking all the stunts that they have to do all the flips and all the crazy, as well this time like meat heads to juice it up to sign up lifting like crazy, that's crazy man. Yeah. It is crazy, but it's a lifestyle. I mean they journals and I guess you got to love it yeah. You do you know when you got, you got to love and that's that's really, the US or somebody there to see it is, I guess, but I think Superfly was saying that I don't see don't know crazy. This is really recent, but you know what
as a kid I was in high school in the eighties and Superfly was the man you know he's like a big deal in the early eighties when I was in high school, so no one knew about concussions back then, no, no, no anything about c t E. We never heard of that term. Yeah we heard a brain damage, looks guys get punch drunk, that's what we heard yet not, but we always thought so you could kind of tell see a guy like starting to slur his words. This time. Stop and you'll get better. You know, but that's We didn't know that you get from playing football. Never heard of that right. No, nobody even talked about NFL covers. Well! That was, I didn't see that movie concussion, but that's what it's based on right, yeah and you know, but the same time. You know the guys they want to go out there. They want to play they want to. They want to compete, natural drive, but I mean you are put yourself at risk, but at the same time we could all just go out
in a car accident died. This of course, you know, there's a lot of things that people do that they really really enjoy that a risk. You should always supposed to tell people they can't surf anymore, because they're sharks out there yeah yeah, I mean what are we supposed to do to the top They can't race cars anymore. You can't it's! I mean! No one could talk about it better than you. I mean your profession, cage fight. It's one of the most dangerous jobs in all sports. I started fighting for just kind of defend myself, going through different schools and get bullied and I started fight. Fighting, but then I kind of got into the sport and my uncle, who kind of led me to this. My grandpa and then I sort of find at sixteen years old and I was fighting like grown men and adults. And MMA fights MMA holds bars like we should go to a bar and there would be like pool tables people be drinking back again. You have to be like eighteen to get in our six my grandpa, you super cool nice guy. La me to come in and
these grown men and I was like Grandpa brought you to fight in a cage when you're sixty news, always legit man, grandpa, let's be gangster, he was he's passed away, but yeah he he was getting his great grandpa he Box and Russell throughout his life and was a competitor and wow. He seen me getting a couple of street fights like in new eyes, wrestling always kind of get scrapping rest 'cause. I should just crossface people real hard and I always kind of get into a little scrap in match or whatever, and he invited me there in Josh Near was demand out there at the time when I was sixteen years old and I go out I start I start fighting and then like once I once I did that and then, like my first fight, my older sister. She was there and she was like these strippers that were there I mean had huge movie. I never seen anything like that. She's like oh, this is my brother. He just one they're like oh hey, like what's up you know, and I'm like man like this is the life knock. Somebody out not now. Girls are hit me up, you know and and not like the man in school and I did it and I did it because I loved it.
Not now. I look back today and I'm like man here, I am making thousands of dollars traveling the world meeting people sit down, The podcast Joe Rogan on my dad. Just fighting really took me very far. I feel like I found my passion, but you kinda way: you caught it like right when it was taken off and like we were talking about you were in the UFC before there was even a one hundred and fifty five pound division. You were thinking about fighting one hundred and seventy, you know Instagram Old School Josh Near is old school fuc That's a tough dude as another dude doesn't get enough credit John he's a talented mother man and tough as nails. My best man, that's my guy. Do my hey man, it's good, dude yeah, could fight around see the video I'm sure you've seen hell of a father to duty disease, good duties, actually purse. My was my love. People thought you stupid just because he's quieter. What's up with them, my I just don't want to talk to people thanks a lot of people are bullshit which mainly mother fockers, are yeah, yeah, sure just real conservative and then, but once you get to know him duties, the funniest dude he's always pranking people really he's a jokester and it was really good with his money and he he
pave the way for a lot of Iowa guys coming out of DES Moines. He went up to Milit hi, followed him, and I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for him, that's a good story. Name yeah, I'm! I was a big fan of the way he fights to fought it for very, very smart and very tough yeah. Relentless to do. You see that I'm sure you've seen it. I was going to say at the video some dude came in the gym, challenged him some big gas dude and he beat the fuck out of the guy. Had a story about the guy was kind of bowling him. He said that the guy was huge cool. You met him out at the bar and he's like hey. Let me buy you Let me buy you a drink and he's being cool at the bar and he's just like this guys, kinda weird, so he kind of separated it didn't have any Asian guy was being all cool, he says, usually even he's like man. I want to go, get some girls in always like this got it there's a lot of dudes Bari. Like I left he's like I'll. I look on my phone is on Facebook discuss like if you dude I'll beat your ask. Bobo, like you don't know me and Josh is like ok. I don't even know you, but I thought it was supposed to know where he The guy
says alright man I'm going to get out of here and then the guy just starts talking crazy shot after he left, and then he keeps keeps crashing Josh and Josh is like ok bro, like I don't get. Why you're coming at me, but you want to come to the gym, sign the waiver. We can go at it and so Josh by the way way, bigger than way. Bigger way back, I think he's got some issues in the Josh fought like fifty five d, five hundred and seventy two seven thousand five hundred and seventy towards the end. This guys, like two hundred and twenty at least right, big enormous, do and he comes in. I guess Josh likes part a little bit, but he's kind of like conserving and he's like 'cause I figured this guy is going to come in here. He came in and then he's like: let's go and then they laced up and they fought and Josh is kind you just walk for just kept his head let the guy kind of bomb and get tired and eventually took him down and started putting it on him they, the shit out of him but didn't have boxing gloves on when there's something weird like he's an amazing, smaller botany, the guy chose the boxing, so he chose what he wanted to do like an old school UFC events
going down, and then the guy was like when someone wasn't someone trying to press charges on Josh, no, no charge There are some weirdness going on because it was all over the. The internet and everybody was talking about what near did was kind of and I'm well, I don't know man when a guy comes your gym and wants to fight like that. That's a weird predicament for professional fighter to be in, but it's real common, like dojo wars, have always been comma Diaz was in. Am I mean that's how they say the Gracies back in the day they would these boxers and weight lifters, little school. Videos of guys would just come in, like you think, you're the man with this Ju Jitsu stuff like let's see it, then they would get beat up and tapped. All in on definitely had a respect for that. That happens in all sorts of martial art schools that happened in my Thai Kwando school. All the time at once or twice like a year, some I would come in. I don't know where that wanted to fight yeah, and then they would put him in there with a black belt in you get kicked in the head. Was it was common? It was super car. It's like I, I think. That's all
who is going to be the case if you have a place that teaches people how to he's always game, be some whack and do yeah who thinks he knows how to fight one to go in there and the street guys in it out. I don't get it and I seen Dominick Cruz on a video, not that long ago, as the old school video be beat, I saw that ugh yeah comes in and then he's like. I'm sick, no to stand with me, yeah, and then did you ever see the video there's a video of a dojo war. With this. These karate guys beat this homeless guy like almost to death, and the word was that they beat him to death, and but they drag the guy out through minute, dumpster, but this is a see. I don't know if anybody ever like definitively 'cause. This is something that took place in like the 1980s an and I don't know they ever it's a very just- serving video to watch because the guide like he was gay. Is asked in the guy kept beating him up this. Is it yeah? So I think the guy there's a homeless guy who's uh. You ring the bell,
yeah that dude that do see. It says right there mentally challenged man beaten to death by MMA fighter, It wasn't me because there wasn't even mma back then so the the guy behind him, the black guy with a black belt in the White guy is the guy beat, beat the fuck out of him and this guy I guess you just a crazy person and these guys exist that protect Did he knew martial arts and I think he He was just going to go in there and work out or something and so he's like throwing these little he's got, like a little something throwing some kicks. Butt look he's! Not it's not! Even like he's really trying to hit him. It seems it's weird but he's kind of crazy. But the other guy is like taking his time and he winds up beating the fuck out of Olin inside inside like cake. So I don't know what style of karate. It is, but there is a super old school. I mean
The video is Shitij as fuck, see but yeah, but he's throwing, the other guys struggle, but he's like two unlike karate like oh, they to wheel, kick to the leg, so we plugged yeah, it's weird man it weird because disconnected the guy just I don't really know how to fight, but he sort of knows how to local he's fighting. He just crushed him. He's done so I didn't keep pounding. He beats the fuck this guy. It's way worse than this, oh yeah kick someones round yeah they needed down opponents that black dynamite and he's like said nope. So then it comes back. It's almost see now he's almost kind of like fighting for his life, but he's fighting a guy. That's a trained, martial artist. That's probably been doing this forever. 'cause he's a black belt. He should've just kinda knocked him and let it let it be to yeah. Oh, they got sound effects. Oh see, that's unnecessary! There he's out he's out
do in the done out that Oh see it stomps his head star, do dragon yeah! Damn that's crazy. Look at the blood the blood come out of his head, that guy ever get in trouble. For that I don't know, I don't know what the story is behind. That is the trail of the This is. This is snapchat today, where you're snitching on yourself right here, basically evidence. This is the blood departing, my dojo, while man yeah it's kind of messed up taking on thirteen December, no.
Teen. Eighty four there goes told the date seven hundred pm, which is kind of trying to get a jazz, is it I mean Snapchat, but I guess you could kind of make the argument that it was a fight, so it happened. This show where they put the guy this outside one of the is blood on the ground. I gotta die or not. No, I don't know because I don't I don't know if anybody's ever will seat saving in vinyl, whatever data is on it. That's about it. My point is like those kind of things they've they've happened throughout the history of martial arts. Schools saw a bunch of dojo wars back in my taekwondo days, but never saw anybody, get beaten to death like that. The guy was be it you could easily dot. You get stomped on the head twice while he's unconscious, and that was a big guy that stopped him and he stopped him on the temple. He you could. I was knocked out with the knees on on the ground say just like trying to get over clear as day the guys at
is with his name in the back of the head into the couples on the this guy was a star Two words in his head was flat completely on the ground. Like I just stomped his head, weird yeah and it's obviously a karate guy. Who knows how to kick any stomping? You that's not like a regular person. Stomping you guys going to get some force behind those stomps yeah. I don't know what happened. She would find out. Sorry to be a good mood. Breaker what's next for you, brother, what is what's going on when I went on to big fights man I was just they have anything off around though you know, but I mean you know. I know I max always in front of me and the guys who are for me right now, you're in the mix come in on the Osseo WI. What's with the I don't like the rankings man, I don't I what I I just want to fight man. I've been I've been dude, I'm the type of guy that I just go up. Sean Shelby sees me and he looks at me and then he just like the other way? What are the? What are the rankings? I think a number like seven
like Dennis Bermudez six, I think he's in front of me see how's that work so here's a perfect example. However, attention to that man. Honestly, I've been fighting everybody in the fifty five and forty five division, it's like well. The rankings are based on. People employed, but it's not it's the input of writers. You know it is a perfect example when Conor Mcgregor knocked out Jose Aldo, Brazilian writer put him lower on the list than he was before. He's just jealous well there's on another other. Ninety, like here's, a perfect example when Uriah Hall knocked out Gegard Mousasi. Who is ranked below him after the fight below him on the rankings rankings, what what is the point. The rankings, if you the guy you know I came out, you stop it. He jumps spinning back kicked him in the head: put him away what the fuck what more does a guy have to do to get ranked ahead of a guy? You know, I guess their ideas that most saucy,
has more experience and if you watch Uriah Hall fight. You can't tell he's a mother, Fucker yeah he's a beast: Stop stop watching fight! Stop commenting! Stop! Stop! Writing! Yeah! That's crazy! he won, he moves ahead. That's it yep. Believe that two minutes out of his Dennis Bermudez ahead of you- I don't know, I think, because maybe he beat me the max and then I lost MAX is the one to beat MAX Holloway. Yeah. He be Holloway, but it all away now couple years ago before Conor did yeah. Bermudez is a beast. But he is very good at this very good. No doubt about it. I'm not saying when the best craps is anything wrong with Bermudez he's an awesome fighter, but I did not know that he beat Holloway. I thought always only LOS was to Connor Carter and Dennis you are so poor here well also, Holloway is really young. You know, I mean you think when he fought Dennis I mean I don't even know he fought down. Some remember that your life, twenty five honor
he was really young to me. He's a one kid yeah, very high strain with that, guy back and forth. So it's kind of weird fighting. That's why maybe the fight with distant play. He knew I had the power and then he just kind of played the it's moving around game and it was. It's man, I really couldn't get into a mindset, the fight him. My rhythm is, is kind of like he's clever, yeah yeah. He moves yeah he's going clever in not being there for the big shot he rarely gets hit with big shot mixes good with switch stance and everything, but just overall, we never really got into a fight. I feel like we just really didn't get get in that type of an engagement was just because I I train with this guy before I like, I knew who he was and like I'm in there and they're going so slow that I know exactly everything's going on. I really just kind of be in the moment. I'm kind of like man like I know everything like I'm seeing people in the front row. I just really weird: oh wow, so like you weren't zoned in yet just didn't. Have the
the focus on, or maybe it just hasn't, Channel yeah raises little little tattoos had me in the zone or something I don't know what that was just so smart for him and he's a very clever guy. I like the way he fights. I like the way he fought CUP once and I was super impressed with that, cut- is dangerous as far that's another. You The way we fought Ricardo Lamas he's like well yeah that was crazy or down in the fight on my brother when we we all like come on man, yeah well, it is certain levels of knockout power, yeah, your your last name in Iraq, outdated. I used to I used to throw around a lot, so he I think he just knew that he just wasn't gonna try to engage me and he just just a way, hours of weird thing is it's like some guys, like you, just have certain yeah. There's there's no getting around that this, like
there's certain guys that, no matter what they do, they have great technique to win. Fights will even not guys out, but they'll, never just be able to just step in rumble Johnson somebody. Yes, average yeah. This is what makes rumble Johnson him and that's what makes him me and Robbie Lawler Press three in the same yep, and I don't try, be a movement guy, don't try to do do this and that I I like to be in the fight getting after it, because I feel like I can bring people in that room and knock you out. If not I'm gonna be in shape to go all the rounds. Do you ever think that may be a if you could be a movement guy, could do all those other things. You would have that as well, because it's not like your power is ever going to go away. You're always going to have that like when you act out dose San Jose with that uppercut? Like that's, that's classic germs, Steve you know when you knocked out Bermuda's with flying knee you've got that power like if you incorporate all those other techniques you see other guys doing as well, like you know ever thought of that, like maybe just expanding okay, what
and and also I work in people out to because people expect a certain kind of the kind of fight from you because you're so aggressively, so you know moving fall. All the time that if you fought in a different way, it would probably fuck people up yeah. I mean I'm always trying to work on everything because I feel, like you have to be a dad and using the Charles Darwin Theory sought the strongest of the smartest. This person is willing to adapt to change is can be around the longest in you got so many young, talented, kids coming up. You know like just young the little MAX Holloway Jair Rodrigues like these little Pedis Lopez, Bro, and I mean you this talent. You have to constantly be evolving getting you're working your game and all angles jujitsu wrestling who is the IMF? he's fighting someone good because Serwis that's interesting rules. Will I like his hair these are funny. Do that fight going like that Tony
Jason and that other guy see. If that might funky fight, is action going on craziness. Yet like real legit fight, yeah yeah, Rodriguez is no fucking joke yeah dude! Well, that's saying you gotta be Hicks yeah beyond your toes ma'am throw some while his and Dandruff Andrew Food fight feeling fine karma flying roundhouse kick to cast. Am he's good yeah he's also, like he's practice, is that shit so often like you're are seeing hit pads karate Well, no yeah, just throw like all that spinning in in practice all the time yeah. I think it's a part of his normal common interests. First nature, you know not just trying to do that should try to try not to be try to be exciting or something right right right, it's hard yeah, his own! Would you think of Aldo, although EDGAR This, the second fight is, was boring to June was boring in boring, I think, as as a as a fight there's a lot of stuff going on is at a high level,
good stuff, but I just thought boring, I just feel like Aldo just fought to get by and when and then what I'll Frankie didn't look like himself man. I think you are What a bunch of times! I think! Although look look masterful, I thought it was a brilliant fight. Yeah me if you're gonna fight Frankie, that's the way to fight him yeah I mean he through very little kicks countered with punches and movement. I thought he looked great yeah as far as like. I mean that's what that's what I'm saying is. As I look at that Like I see, I see the type of level that that is that, but is it just like is a boring fight, but also felt like it was. It was kind of weird and see Frankie moving like he did. They made me kind of think. Maybe he was injured. I think you just got caught I think guy he has tried to in in in a lot bigger enemies had is Bernie. Although looked big in that fight to like he smaller for the Mcgregor Fight and, I think, concentrated a lot more on strength, conditioning for this fight and he looked like, although of old people like the,
like all that knocked out Mendes and Brasil. He looked sick, so I think yeah, I think maybe You know he's had issues back and forth with making one forty five, so I mean he's, got it dialed in better. I don't know a bit, but he did because he did look great the fight he did. He did fight a US more fight and I just I just feel like he could have finished finished Frankie so like you could to a bit more. But then I also heard that he didn't want to throw ok only uses left hand 'cause. He had like some snitches telling him like that. Frankie was going to take him down. Of kicks. You know, which that's obvious, isn't it I mean obviously he's going to try to take him down off 'cause all those got that nasty left right leg kick yeah he's always throwing kicks yeah. I don't think he's ever really took him down. I mean right back up yeah. Well, I mean he he just fought a great fight for. If you want to be smart, Frankie, yeah yeah, I mean I liked it. I enjoyed it. I thought was a really good fight, but I see your point
it wasn't. My couch chat chat was yeah yeah. It was I just stylistically that that that doesn't really play play out with with with Frankie and in him I Can you put me in, although in their me like, like Mcgregor, going to see a lot of high level action. We're be kicking and punching each other in each other in the face, and it's going to be exciting. You know at the same time still very skilled in a method of madness type way. Yeah how old you know meant thirty, discerning thirty. So when you think about your career. Do you have it mapped out like what you're trying to accomplish and when you, when you have an exit strategy, do you know when you're, when you're going to be done? Yeah yeah, Prime right now I get a little lines like thirty to thirty four right yeah exactly I mean look at Robbie Lawler. I look up that a lot in the way way he's going to handled this career. Who's to say within you know what, if I go in there in the next, like three four fights, I'm getting Kayode and then it's like okay, said SAM sauce, I man, maybe it's time for me to hang up you know, then then I would definitely from if I'm getting real in like that and and hurt myself, I don't wanna, be brain dead or
talking about killing my family because I have drama in he's like that. So definitely not, but I definitely want to I have an extra strategy and things that I want to do. But as of right now, I feel healthy. I want I want to keep fighting this. I said I tell Sean Shelby on my keep me active dude. I don't want to fight twice a year. You know that's that's rough, to live off of and was want to keep fighting 'cause. I want to be right back in the mix, even if I had to go out of top ten right now, because everybody else is kind of Lawson. I've already fought people where they already got fights you know somebody else from MIKE the the eleven twelve 13th guy. The rankings he's coming off a win. Let's me and him fly it and we can right back in the mix so that we can get those Jose they all. Does I wanna keep the further away exciting the featherweight division. That's why I moved down here and I feel like a lot more athletic explosive. And I want those exciting fight. I haven't fought them guys. I feel like those are great fights for me to go out there and really excel make some big money in in win and really just the world or even killing it further away, and what do you walk around at moody way right now? Probably
one hundred and seventy five one. Seventy seven yeah. I know I just ran an hour yesterday. Yeah, there's thirty give holy ship, Did you know what's funny, man is I I I I do all this work. I I get down and then, like you know, I they get. They give this time off, I get I off. I go home, I eat a little bit of food and when I'm at home, like training, that's the worst like traveling like I'm actually alright, because I'm not eating everything, but when I get home, text. Mama sitas right there just took me all the good food's brother rubbing down and then I'm like alright cool. You know no ones, I'm just training, doing my thing and then you know what kind of diet do you You have a nutritionist or anything yeah. George Lockhart finale of yours yeah, a phrase purses throwing up north with he's a guy doesn't get enough credit. You know he's he's. Were with a lot of athletes in a lot a lot of fighters and done a fantastic job, he's really good in military too, and he knows what he's doing and he doesn't charge me ten thousand dollars a camp, so I think, he's great other ordinances, beginning I've preaches guy and he he's in a
the man he's he's really actually had him a lot. My corner in in him come in the last I seen me work out he's like man, dude he's like you're on your stuff did and everything that he gives me the diet- and I just I feel good, not so good at for the way. So when you work with a guy like George Lockhart, what is it like? What's the protocol? Has he set up your camp like? What do you call it? computerized? I can basically just go in the computer type in my weight that I that I'm training the hours that I'm training to the intensity and then I type in my way I wake up in the morning weigh myself and then I type that the computer and the computer just goes off of day to day basics like say, if I don't have Keffer, I could substitute for. Why it's and it's all computerized? If I need any helper on my k, I'm not doing this he'll just a little bit of things. For me, it's basically right there on the computer. Do you get blood work? and where you find your nutrient levels or find what you need or what you need to sign? I have I have a long time ago and I have I haven't done that recently, but you know it's nutrition.
Like George Lockhart, I I feel great. I honestly, I feel amazing when I good I'm in the right mindset and train hard. I I feel good, but no, I haven't gotten the the blood work done a while, but I I did do that. So it's all it's all computerized, so that you write your weight. You type your weight in and you type like what you say if you got a strength and conditioning day and he adjust your caloric intake accordingly, yep calorie intake, you know depend on on some program. Does all this yeah? He is at all program wow, I'm not for sure the exact details. How we does that you know that that's his thing and and why he makes his money, but so does it show you immediately or do you send him the information and he sent it back to you medially, I just click it in. And then it shows you yep shows me right there and then then, like I like Saturday or Sunday, it adjusts for like the work week, so they can see how much how much I'm losing. If I need to lower, the calorie intake or, if, like maybe like, I'm feeling kind of lethargic in my weights, Good hill up a little bit of carbs. For me, you know I call like hey man. You know I've been
I'm good, I'm in killing this week. But you know I'm just my wage down he's like. Oh, it's good! Ok, let's little bit more half of a sweet potato or a little bit more oatmeal before practice, or something like that so he's very smart man he's very real calculated in his approach and it's change to learn from in the nutrition and everything that I get all natural? On its Georges background, he military guy he actually used to be. He told me that he was actually a chunkier kid growing up and then he just got into diet, nutrition and losing weight, and then he got into the military and helping out the military. With the nutrition! That's interesting! These devised a computer program I haven't heard of anybody else, does that where you can enter in all the the data and it gives you instant results, yeah check that out. That is a that's very interesting, I'm I'm! I want to check out of stuff, I'm gonna go on go look at this as a fitness v t dot com in it, I've been trying to get people on this long time ago. Segment is,
sample. Please sign up stand for, I'm not for sure Fitness VT, I'm not sure what Okay, I'm so you when you work with him, so I can save you start now and you're, one hundred and seventy seven pounds. How much time do you need to get down to one hundred and forty five. And what do you way before? You start the big cut before you dehydrate yourself. Uh. I would only need nine weeks, nine hundred and ten weeks and I'll be ready to go, and then you know the the same with now dot. The I v's is I've been put in a lot of road work. You know on top of things and you can put in extra credit the role work, the the the runs, the the swims, the this, cycling. I'm into all that now, as far as pushing cardio face pace, but a lot of people, do they workout, they workout with a workout, and they just do these drastic weight cuts, and I used to do these and I still feel fine, but I was cutting so much weight man. It really starts to hurt, I mean I'm laying in my death bed and it was like a nasty baptism and
and it now now. You know with these runs and burning fats. I've learned how to MAR in in learn like okay? Now you need three weeks hard and then, like a week, a recovery like on runs in in running like after say we do like seventy five minutes of Distrait wrestling and then uh, I'll go run another forty five to an hour, just at a real low pace that I'm just burning fat, burning, calories and like throughout the become burning like a like a pound and a half to two per week, just depending on my body fat Slowly I get down. I just keep ditching itching itching and then come time to the oh wait cut, I'm only I'm only cutting you know twelve pounds, you know Granted I've cut a lot over the time, but I burn a lot of body fat and then, at that point your body starts to rejuvenate your recover. You're burning more than you're eating and then I'm dropping dropping weight and makes the weight cut a lot easier. Then, once I do the water loads and more towards the weight cut, it's just much easier and it's a lot easier going in. We know not like man, I mean I got another fifteen already well,
in a guy like you, you know if I, if I didn't know any better like if I wasn't involved in the sport, and I saw guy like you, that's one hundred and seventy seven cents, a one hundred and seventy five. Whatever you want and someone said, you're going to fight at one hundred and forty five would be like what like you He doesn't have any fat to lose like I'm. Looking at you like, you, don't have you're, not fat at all add one hundred and seventy five I've always been solid, never been like a real fluffed up or anything. You know I Now it's just been like one of those solid guys. I've never been. You never seem to get tossed around or anything like that. I just always been solid, It's crazy to think that you could even get down to one hundred and forty five, like I don't know list, a lot of ways. I do. I do a lot of more foot work, explosions with medicine, balls and kettlebells and and a lot of sprints. You know what I did for cardio cardio is King man. It really is right and it helps your mental out a lot and helps weight cuts lot easier lot of people, don't do that. They just train, train, train, kill themselves, excuse me and then they go to cut all that way
and they understand how does cardio help your mental state the runs in the way cuts yeah. Just like I don't know man you just go through. Breakthroughs like when you don't want to run and just like you're tired after seventy five minutes. You're, like man fault, I gotta do this run, but then, when you do it and then you're like man, I wanna do it like you got twenty more minutes and just like twenty more minutes- and I ok I'm going to pick up a little bit, I'm going to keep going through. Sometimes it just kind of get ran down and ran down and then all the sudden, like you'll hit that final run or or next run and then boom. You have a breakthrough next thing. You know next week you're recovering a little bit faster. You notice that the fresh guys that are coming in there getting more tired and you in just one round, and you start these little mental breakthroughs in these little psychological steps, you ever read the art of war. It's just like little little moves like that that you can kind of see that are that are that are approaching your game and and his sister, the psychological effect that like came and I've I've done this car you and then I ran for this Mount I mean the last the last camp. I ran to Brazil and back basically tell me
and so I was like dude there's no way that this guy is going to push a pace that I can't handle right. You know, and it's just these mental breakthroughs, that the runs help that's interesting, so what kind of strength and conditioning like what kind of cardio do you do outside of running sprints sprints this is running too right. You heard like Dominic Cruz. I mean that guidance. Moves, moves, moves, moves, yes princess. This is part of running and then you know, strength, strength, conditioning mixing and sprints with a lot of it a lot of footwork ladder. Yet not yeah! You are. Does this yep? I mean I work with George kind so now at alliance MMA, he's he's been with me for a while and he's a guy It really is like my big brother, when I don't want to do shit and he's like no we're going to get this done he's, little voice as like yeah, you can. But it's real voice he's at Duke, and like turn it all the way up, somebody that we can really push me. You know some guy, just like this guy was over.
No offense! we see George faster, looked right. The yeah, yeah yeah, he's offended and George carries that guys. Like my big brother he's like he's like hey look, you know I'm really well, you want to win he's like you want to win like yeah, and he just he just he I can with him mentally is like a I I can I can. I can fill Boise's. I got he's got a big hearty cares. You generally is really pushing to the top in man. With that we've been dominant so when you're doing you doing sprints and what are the kind of things you're doing like conditioning wise, we hit the track with the the usually about every Saturday. You know we're doing a lot of lateral drill, One hundred yard sprints were running around full track sprint. So a lot of his legs until eight legs cardio man, cardio, is king. A lot
water running. Do you? Do there sign he's doing anything else, your arms, your doing to the airlines we do in a lateral, drills, explosive medicine. Balls throws kettlebells. What is an odd that we deal with your hands that you do that's a bike with your hands on a guys. Do do Do that thing! I'm talking about! I don't know you know the thing. I'm talking about yeah Brock Lesnar had that thing, yeah yeah yeah, never done that. You just use the old school speed bag that we did yeah that or just get my Miguel Reyes, my boxing coach should have you thrown like five thousand punches in around there goes. The man he's mexican style from Tijuana usual Thai boxer yeah. What seemed funny, how fucking badass fighters came out of Mexico. Crazy when you really stop and think about it like they live in a different world. Man you're talking about drug lords of you. There is in their their Jim. Is the price you yeah? Okay, I want to challenge you Paul see you later we're gonna care or mention a damn thing or put on camera yeah. You know so I mean that's a different world. We live in another,
Do you monitor your heart rate? Yep yep, I sure do yep. I do the go to MAX in in all that I know what zones to kind of stay in when I'm like just kind of slowly doing my runs, but then at the same time you can be a manager hurry, you got a get after it. You know you got it. You got a break yourself. Did I mean there's so many times that I wanted to quit and that I just felt like crying names is done. I I push myself but then boom. I had those mental breakthroughs like you know what I finish you did. I did it most. People went home after after wrestling, I there's times where I find myself in the gym, still running like on the treadmill or running at the beach and no one's around no one pick up some of my friends with oh no. I have like guy come in like run with me a few times, but sometimes I find my Buffalo nor my shrink conditioning coach will put us through a workout and then I'll go like another four thousand five hundred and seventy five or an hour and a half and I'll look to my
let's look to my right and no ones there, just like my coach now black, where they had George, where they act like the D. As you know, his name is George on my birthday at George he's like that's. Why you're falling? Sadly that's where you're going to win and that's what it comes down to. But as far as the heart rate, I get it. I do it. I follow that program, but then there's so time to kill yourself on Sprint's. You know not not. Explorance bar all the time I barely call ice bar, probably once a week right now I haven't sparred. Since my fight, I've done tie drills and drilling in wrestling and strength, conditioning we've been doing sprints and running. I just ran an hour easily yesterday and I just don't sparse. Are sparse bar, that's Marsa, preserve I mean you don't get hit so many times already yeah. I heard a noise. I fight right, but you know when it comes time to in camp. You know I I I I do my sparring or you know a rod pride by Friday. All
I'll spar, two rounds take around off bar around be done. You know, alliance is one of the best gyms in the world, and Eric Del Fierro doesn't get enough credit he's one doesn't he's a quiet. Guy doesn't need a lot of attention. I always put him in the category like can read another one of those guys doesn't get enough credit. Just sort of like lays back is not like one of those guys that puts a lot of the spotlight on himself, but he's done a phenomena. Job that Jim is amazing, yeah, so many great I just came out of there as well. We actually got dorms now, so these young mexican fighters and people from all over are starting to come in to come into the gym. We have these little dorms right next to the gym that are open. Now that are available got Dominick Cruz just won the title you got me when you got Phil Davis, win and he's about to fight for a title. Justin Lawrence is back, I mean Ross Pearson. Is there he's fine for Jorge all coming up so All these guys were putting on Goodwin. St experience fight is fighting one hundred seventy yeah, I think so
Ross is moving to one hundred, and seventy now because Masvidal is one hundred and seventy in this process would always go down to fifty five again no that one. Seventy, oh yeah 'cause! You just had close file with word. I think it maybe lost the one two and at the end you know Ross is put it on him. I guess he just hit up Joe's like hey, I heard oh boy, backed out I'm ready to go weights good, enjoying yeah 'cause Ross, is fighting at forty five for a little bit tried. Forty five goddamnit was skinny. He liked it yeah. He didn't like that at all he's getting a lot of weight, and I don't know if he was doing properly or but he just like he, Ross likes a lift and he's a big dude. You got some big legs on him, he's a power guy and you know forty five stars, dude yeah, I would imagine it takes over. I got, but I got but like kind it to that point where it's it's it's breaking the edge. You know 'cause there's a point where, like I'm nice, I I'm fine. You know, like you fight the whole way and things will get in that little bit later about how you can
way in early and then you eat I kind of that edge. You know we're on. I feel like I'm dying and then like a look that guy in the eye who's. You know, I think about who he could beat me or this and that training from the whole camp, and I got kind of like that, the edge that that switch that mean this. You know like it's on the Fokker like I've been training long time. No, I've put everything into this it really takes all. I got to make forty five, so I kind of like this, which for me and some people may be different. You would like the fact that you know that he's got to go through that as well. So uh in fact, that I have to it takes everything I have in all the discipline in all hard training to make one hundred and forty five pounds and once I'm there I feel mean I feel ferocious. I feel mentally trunk and it takes everything I got and I like doing that because I'm going to be at my best, I'm going to perform at my best when it when it's like that, it's a good mental switch for me to have I like that. That's my style! That's interesting! You know Conor Mcgregor's coach was talking about that. He thinks that Connor
cutting weight was probably a bad thing for him and that you know fighting Diaz and just being able to eat whatever he wanted it not going through the grueling pattern that he gone through. All this other fights look at his demeanor. But the winds where at forty five he looks like a savage, I mean he looks like death like like. We all do, but he looks like he's like you know what I'm ready, I'm ready to get after he looks mean we came in and fought Diaz he's like smiling and he's all happy. Just like, oh body fat, you see his demeanor he's like. Oh, you know nothing's going on it's like Ok now these guys that are weighing in does that. Does that take away a little bit of the intensity? You know it's kind of asking Dominic that a little bit and he's like no still going to get after it. You know 'cause. I was like man. If I go back and already to stay, can I come in like I'm going to be that intense at the oh you mean what you're saying is because there's new way in rules where you can weigh in way earlier so when they announced the Wayans now, like save the fighters, weigh in at four hundred o'clock
already weighed in your weight in one thousand o'clock in the morning, so you've already had a chance to rehydrate get some food, and then you get back on the good thing is everybody looks way healthier when they weigh in because man is some like Connors, perfect example. Some guys would James Irvine was probably the worst ever James Irvin when you would fight at one hundred and eighty five like Jesus Christ and see him he was so drained. Oh my god, man. He was so drained. You look. You look crazy, like yeah, it looks like like he was about to die yeah. The first time I made for I remember seeing you and Dana and you like Daniels Europe and I'll just come right, and that was I ve day. Right yeah how much of a difference is it using an ivy and not using an ivy? I don't really feel different. To be honest, really, yeah, I mean George Lockhart. You may be changing that for Maine, because of nutrition, that he, he's. There is whole teams just feed you coming in knocking on my my
hotel room and like eat this. Do this at this times, and it just makes it easier and then you know they re hydrate me properly and I and I believe in and in those guys in my team in the rehydration, I feel the same it's not. I feel better. So that's interesting, you feel better yeah. Some guys have said that, like Joseph was actually telling me that it's actually more effective to do it orally orally. You know that it was a doctor said that one of my doctors, Brad archers back home, said that he gave me a lot of tips. You know 'cause, I'm just came in I'm like I'm freaking out on my fog user. Taking these ivs, I might go back fifty five no freaking out in on the they're, sending me all this other stuff in on I, I read a lot about it because all the alright we'll do this, and then I met Durrell Christian one of my wrestling coaches, who the who the FINA Olympian and he's just like we got put in this for over to his. I we us our build. Your cardio base, he's like you've always is kill yourself, kill yourself and then had a curse of making weight. Is that you never build a cardio base? You never had a solid foundation. So then we started these. How
rate monitors vo twos and put in these run programs put in these different sprints, but you are always in good shape, like what do you mean by you didn't have a cardio base. I was more or less just sprint. That was just top heavy. I never really had a low intensity and uh. What is it like? The v two max the reason why people do. That is because a lot of people wanted to know how they would build endurance and people think that you just need to Sprint Sprint, Sprint, Sprint, Sprint and you're going to be in good shape. Granted. You might be in good, but none of them had a low base cardio, where they would just run at like say, like a four point, eight or five on a treadmill for a long period of time, and that's actually how you build the anaerobic system. A lot letters through lobes cardio, it's done hello based system or is it aerobic aerobic yeah aerobics, is like exploding, yes that you, you can expand, Brianne and work harder in a lactic threshold. By doing the low cardio like Diaz, does
yeah. You know it is just constant pressure. 'cause you got that guy who's going to spray he's going to head out and then like he's going to drop down in that round in the guy, might be here, but then he's going to sprint. But then he just he just I'm just going to slowly start to pull that Saudi as he slowly just kind of this passage you the guy, may spread punch and a bunch of these sticks pop yeah. Well, Diaz is hitting you with fifty percent punches, but he's hitting you with thirty times more than just throwing his comedies and then in the round she's able to recover even better. Why you already out lactic threshold, then you try to try to fire up the heart rate. Again, it's like dude, your body is like managed to and they found out through those vo twos in those runs that the aerobic base is Biltmore through lobes cardio and that's what he's talking about the base because can look, no house slope, low, low bass, low low pace and it you can just build a house without a base right that base and that's what I really start learning and honestly, I feel a lot more efficient. I feel a lot more healthier in my cardio, even a lot better in the fights I believe,
that's interesting, so the long runs and the long cardio it is a sort of like a solid foundation and then sprints on top of that explosion. On top of that, do you follow like a taboo, auto protocol, or anything like that. Do you know what that is, but no it's the bottom to bodies and endurance protocol that I don't know why why it's called tabata, but I believe it like twenty seconds. Prince, followed by seconds or Aston 22Nd Sprint. Yet there's some My friend John Rollo told me about it and in a lot of athletes, apparently follow it here. It is what is tabata, Tabata training is the most popular one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval. Training consists of eight. Ultra high intensity exercises in a specific twenty seconds on ten seconds off interval what is eight rounds. So I guess eight hundred and twenty second sprints, an eight hundred and ten second rests,
so I do a little bit of tabata training. For sure I mean we even go even doing thirty seconds forty five seconds and then eventually it peaks off. In itself, but yeah for sure one hundred percent be doing as well and then low based training. That's interesting that you're a big proponent of that long, slow style, because that was one of the things that some people that weren't fighters but strength and conditioning people would say that that's not going to benefit. You say: that's not what you need to do in a fight 'cause a fight. Is you know, explosion it's fast, you don't have that slow running thing, but old school like old School box, there's they all ran like that. They all ran long miles, yeah and they ran solo giver, see MIKE Tyson in his early days just slowly running four hundred. Am he wasn't running five miles so that I mean five miles? You could probably get done within low low pace. You know three thousand five hundred and forty five minutes.
You know it's kind of interesting is my strength, conditioning coach now Jorge Castro. He used to work out with Don Frye and he just like he black man. One day I was stretching and on like what the fuck you doing, so I get the ring any. I like take off your shirt. Let's do this, you know and then they just go, but there was no. There was no structure to it, but now you know we're meeting these coaches and the scientists behind it. You know- and you know my olympian coach, Darryl Christian he's just like dude he's like you, cannot build I car you by Sprint Sprint Sprint killing yourself he's like we gotta build this low, He'S- also a spinal surgeon. You know he's also been in the game for a long time and he's like that's how they all these fighters and top notch guys wood stain. All year round. It was drilling drilling, drilling, drilling and he's like. We would. Long runs anytime. We get a break. We had to be doing long runs like every other day. I think that's where we were able to make weight, stay on task and be in shape all the time.
And it totally makes sense man. It really makes sense. When you talk about the Diaz brothers. You know, as I was saying, Diaz, but really both Diaz Brothers Nate is a little different than Ecas It will explode more. The nickname is like blue, more firepower when he goes after dudes, but both those guys are no for doing triathlons and Nick, even more so than what they milkweed too yeah, and then they go out. Then they'll just run forever. Yeah, that's okay build that base building that cardio and they just they had those mental breakthroughs like dude I ran. Three hours after practice like what the fuck are you going to do to me want to keep pacing on, and you'll see. I can break people in the gym by constant pressure pace and then like I can recover within two thousand and thirty seconds weather like right, you know and their bodies is breaking down and it truly does work and it's a it's just a simple science isn't
funny, because the glamour stuff is explosions right. The glamour stuff is cleans and snatches. Hardly ever thrown fuqing tires around parking lot and sledgehammer in a tire on it kettle bells that look like there ten pounds that way like one hundred well, if you ever done, the Keith Webber Kettle Bell Extreme Kettlebell, cardio workout, the dude, this mother fucker yeah what's crazy about it, is it's forty hill? You do it with a thirty five pound, Kettlebell Bitchass, thirty five pound kettlebell with the box going to do It seems like nothing. It's not like glamorous, because its light, man. It breaks you, it's Mark, Webber breaks, you yeah yeah. We we have that I'll have I'll have on its anyone, and our hill is edging there's one two when I think he has a three out now Dan he's a stud. I've had that guy in here too he's a fucking mass So when it comes to these these workouts and it's the same thing, it's forty five man yeah and it's just
two down. I do it in when I start out like for the first twenty seconds and like how am I ever going to get tired doing this yeah two minutes later, I'm like. Oh, my god, I got your age. Thirty, eight more minutes of this yeah, the fun I'm going to do this yeah the glamorous schitt is like explosions. Right, glamorous. Schitt is ridiculous but happy in the back yeah yeah yeah, but that's more, fun to do anyway? How well is this? It yeah. This is Aubrey doing it. So video see it seems like it seems like not that big a deal right like what are you doing you get this little Bitchass wait. You only do thirty five pounds, but my long periods of time doing just difficult shit like this is constantly moving in squad
yeah. I think there's some real to running man. I think running is somethin. There's something about long, slow, runnings, the mental mmhm. I think it is that challenge anybody go out on a run and and don't take your phone just go out on a run we have to run like say you run two two one slash two miles and you don't listen to music and you have to go back. I do but a lot of people. They just don't run like fifteen minutes and like they're done when you say, don't take your phone well Julie. John yourself. Like one time just you know, because it's sometimes a list music, and sometimes I just like to listen to my thoughts like what my thinking right now, one of my thoughts well, my thought to bring in me and it's hard and it's meant it's mentally you'll find out it's more mentally than anything than the physical. Do you get addicted to that runner's, high yeah? I do what sex is better? Do you know sexy sex is better sleep, yeah dude, specially going incline sprints. I just feel like your testosterone's little
Definitely anything high in good springs. Ala, any time, you're doing like real, intense stuff like high intensity. Things like sprinting, they say, is really good: free, testosterone, yeah and not kill sprints in particular, right yep, Il Spencer inclines treadmills. You know we were working with kettlebells like good kettlebell session. Just like man, I feel good yeah testosterone's move and you just you know a lot more BC. It's interesting how high intensity stuff does that is like spikes, your endocrine system, yeah hello. I love that. I would like to feel minutes. It's a natural good feeling that I have I'm thirty years old, never injected anything in my life- and I like I like that, high the the mental aspect of it. I that in the US condition too, because people
do take steroids, like man now that that little that little edge that they got a little higher than they were getting in there just like yeah, I'm killing it, but then, when they stop doing that mentally they get FACH duden like dude, like man, must still the same guy. My body looks different. I never really in the work with Dan Mental's got to be broken. You know like what the hell? Did you ever see Dan Gable or hear him talk about that when he was competing against the Russians back during the doping days, where the Russians he knew they were on steroids, but his phone? he was banned from the Olympics. They didn't actually they changed it. They were about to get banned, Lee, but they pulled back- and this is A real problem with Brazil: do you hear those those Austria I mean people were staying in the olympic village like this fucking place, the toilets are all backed up, is electrical wires hanging out of the fucking walls is not safe and it was over the damn game
then the could you guys in Sarnia, Dang Game was a animal right. One of the best wrestlers ever Dan said that when he was competing that he felt like it did matter of those guys did steroids because they didn't do the work, so they knew that they didn't do the work so in their head. If one thing went wrong. They would unfold and fall apart and will break them. He fell like he had a mental advantage over guys that did steroids the guys that cheated that they were I'm not going to be able to beat him it didn't matter, and he was right. I mean he beat everybody. I believe that the men I mean, like I said when you're doing these runs in these mental breakthroughs and you're really putting in the work it's all said and done, and then you're peeking and everything kind of wears off and everything is just flowing right. It's like they just look in the mirror, like look at that guy and just like dude there's nothing that you can do this going to break me. I'm broken down many of times just same thing: the army. Does they break you down to build you up and then, when you're in that complete, when you
you push yourself. Passionate limits and you've had those mental breakthroughs of where you thought about quitting, but then you kept going and then you did it again and again and again and you keep pushing like your boy. Did the hunter miles now he's going to two hundred. You know just mentally: he has an advantage over a lot of people. Do you comfortable in that horrible state, yeah, Blaine Comfortable, uncomfortable yeah Dan Gable there's a cautionary tale in that as well, because Dan Gables had like two hip replacements knee replacements like his body, Bro he's so tough. He broke his body and that's that is You know I've always wondered about guys, like maybe Cain Valasquez or these guys that are constantly getting injured like there. Almost two tough yep, maybe they're, not raining right. You gotta, stay on. Rehab is much easier. Training man, I'm at home. You know everybody's talking about Netflix and chill out when I go home, I'm on a I'm gonna look crossed ball, I'm on a foam roller. I got a a bo staff state that I I had to you know get into my neck, getting what like a bo staff
yeah and I had my own- you mean like a like what but like guys like hit each other with yeah yeah, and I had it like tipped out so that I can like dig into my neck. My back out and put it in the wall. So has like a point at the top. Glad shave down like a pencil yeah, pretty much you having yourself with a fucking vampire stake, yep right into all my muscles that are sore and you do it yourself. Yeah mall fashion release, oh wow, Stick it in your neck, yep neck packs, Subscap. You know I get again in my meal break. Breaking domino's get into my calves when I'm at home. You know 'cause, I get like rehab from from my therapist, like once a week when I'm in camp, but on the outside, like I'm constantly maintenance in my body, the injuries you know when I'm throwing those bombs of right, hands and stuff on my man, freaking sore my next jack, my backs Jack, have you ever used one of these things?
oh yeah, I got I got. I got one supernovas, that's I like that one, but I like the big one, even better yep, the WAD supernova from Rogue fitness. They have those and I live by the big one. I like the little one, but these are more pinpoint. The the ones will break up like the the bigger areas is good, but then, when she once you break that down, you want to get even more ten point yeah in the cross, Ladies, you loser across balls just as good yeah and a lot of ways that one's got a little bit more texture to it. So some people like that but yeah this is this- is the generator rogue yeah. So when you broke fitness, they got a lot of great man, one of those river, tire machines from them too, in the back. You ever use that reverse hyper hyper ice It's sort of a no, no reverse hyper. Is it's a it's a decompression machine all you it's you lift with it. It's Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell invented it
what it is. Is you show it right here? It's like you, you go, it pulls. You down show him in a video. If you can you in your body over this platform, and then uhm you let the weight down it? Actually, it's like a uh, an active decompression for your back. That's Louie, Simmons he's uh Really pretty much a legendary powerlifter guy, but also super smart dude, so like when she's lifting it up there when it's going down, it's decompressing her spine, so it's strengthening it on the uh but on the down it's pulling it apart. It's because the the distance the weight travels underneath you it at for an active decompression of the back. It's phenomenal man. I was having some back issues. Nothing helped me a lot
Do you do any yoga or anything like that? I do hot yoga when I'm in camp uh every Friday I like at four hundred and thirty, I go and do a hot yoga and I do an hour and a half, and that in itself is a mental thing you gotta get through 'cause. I look over on. My exam is going to be like an hour ago. We'll have a look over. To bring their ten minutes and I'm like you know, then I look over on MIKE man, this old guys doing it. I could do it right. You know my girls in there not going to be the man song I gotta step up and to get through them. Damn things it's in ten. I do that twice a week, and I don't I mean I I'm nominally on the back and is like focus on brief. Because I'm on my already cutting weight get a full week of training in your pride dehydrated to in the air. I I always try to drink a lot of water. I mean I'm I'm drinking water concert. I I try to get over a gallon a day. I gotta alkaline machine, okay, my machine, we're not yeah. What is that you keep your body in higher alkaline, which your body
naturally like a like a five or whatever. They say to be over five or better, because your cancer cannot survive in a higher alkaline like home, most ACS type stuff like if your body is like broken down. That's how you're able to get sick as your immune system is broken down. Well, this actually helps with faster rehydration recovery and keep your body in a higher alkali state. So it's hard to get it. I've yeah. I don't know Jamie. Look that up ' 'cause. I've heard that you really can't change the alkaline state of your body or blood. I don't know that you can do it. I mean we alkaline. I mean but is it in your blood? That's more alkaline like what it is getting more alkaline, your blood yeah. I don't know if that's true, but what about the supplements that say that you know higher higher altitude and that they're getting it from these
That's quarter! Subs mushrooms, this difference score! Subs mushroom is a mushroom that aids in oxygen utilization that doesn't have anything to do with see what will? Do? There's like a lot of talk about alkaline like making your blood alkaline and how it changes, but I remember reading something that that's horseshit, but first of all, what you're doing is all healthy like if you telling me you're taking wheat grass juice. You getting phyto nutrients, you're getting you know all sorts of minerals and you're getting healthy vitamins are sure. It's definitely really good. For you so mean we, grass juice is normally I mean I try to keep my body in that state and I'm always drinking now. Do you test your blood? I mean. How do you know that you're in an alkaline state? Are you testing yourself? Oh, I have a test? The water like chicken strips and and tested out, but no I'm not. I haven't, tested my blood to see if I am the only time I've done that was with when I took like the piss test is a test. My rear,
hydration stuff, the guy who even let you like, looking in the scope that Usada guy he comes in he's like her pull your pants down, start peeing and I'll put it in there and the guy he was like the last time. I did it he's like look at the light, see that and like I was pretty high and he's like this is good he's like that means you're really hydrated That's really good was definitely good to be hydrated drinking a lot of water, especially when you're training as much as you are yeah. It's it's very, very, very important. They say that just a small percentage of dehydration has a big impact on athletic performance. Yes, thirty percent really a little bit to hydrate and what would Chris by thirty percent, one is a little odd faxed to that I've learned in the the fitness V, T Walker. You know the The the sumo wrestlers only twice a day, but they're eating only twice today, their body conserves a lot more because they're like all this is the only food ever gonna get and they hold on to as compared. If like what we eat. Forty five, as we
like five six times a day, so our bodies constantly pushing it out like we're going to get more. We get more right in with just like water. Water is like Gaston, where you put in the more you're going to burn off right, that's uh more intuitive thing that you hear about cutting weight to drink, ton of water before they have to dehydrate themselves. So your body is used to expanding that water. It doesn't try to hold into it. Is that the idea behind it yeah yeah excuses like we're going to get more more so it'll it keep expanding out, pushing push it out. Do you fuck around with some distilled water? Now I haven't in a long time, I heard that's kind of dangerous. It's not good for your body right, because your body can actually strips you of minerals. 'cause, you water supposed to be attached. To all these minerals and when you just drinking only distilled water, your body kind of freaks out that could be dangerous too much of that I've heard of people kind of like.
Convulsing. I think I send somebody from the ultimate fighter show one time like water load and then fell asleep and he was like. I thought you know that probably freak me out a little bit, but up is if you drink too much water. You can die yeah, yeah, our remember I was in Sacramento. I think and there was a maybe a San Jose. I don't remember but was uh local radio show had a contest to drink the most water to win a playstation and this lady thanks. So much water should died. Yeah! It's like, I didn't know you could fucka die from water yeah. Apparently like frats, like people like pledging for France, people have died from it too. Yeah raising types, yeah yeah, exactly that's crazy! Funny thing about alkaline. I found a website talking about it. I don't know if this is how legit so precise nutrition dot com. It's just talks about the claims of alkaline water and it really says: there's no legit studies that even say that it'll do anything to you,
or that you can even make it change to an alkaline state. Yeah see that's what I've seen the variables. The variation is so small that that it's like you're not going to get that from like what I tested the water before I've never tested my own blood and I've only seen the that I was rehydrated at a at a high alcohol I mean there might be some sort of benefits to it anyway. Even if you can't like change the actual state of your blood, I mean there's some sort of benefit for it biologically, maybe ask George, maybe he would know he probably know more than we would split something it does say that might be why it's his kidney patients should avoid alkaline water, which is why athletes and exercises are one subgroup who might benefit from drinking it. I don't know why it put that statement really means, but it doesn't make sense to me.
Hum. That's the only thing really adds in there. You have a flock around with cryotherapy I've done it yeah. I really find it find the difference. I find more or less mall fashion. Having somebody digging with like an elbow or something is a lot more beneficial. I've done crowd with therapy. What about both. I mean I don't think they're mutually anything that you could do for rehab. I mean I've done the float, tanks and stuff like that. Just time to where I get mind at ease and it's pitch black, I don't have my kids running around and you ask him for juice and take, take me there. You know any of that. So it's it's good. I mean any type of recovery that you can do it with your high level. I thing you're out there just banging on your body. I mean any mile fash release cryotherapy flow. You know you have a meditation flows phenomenal for magnesium too, because that at like Epsom Salts bath young out, the floating is great because your body absorbs magnesium but float tanks filled with Epsom salts. You get auto magnesium. From that way, you're able to
max too yeah, oh yeah, I'm just kind of calm down it crazy way, because it's like zero gravity, like you, feel everything sort of stretching out and unwinding yeah. You got one of those in your house right yeah, my basement dude, that's awesome right Overall, there were animals, and just and then Zona people come over, like with the kids that it looks like I got a big meat locker down. I will you doing. Man come on in man. Show you some shit. We've got hookers in there when he got dead people but it's there's, there's a bunch of different things that people have shown that have some sort of benefit and it's finding, like, I guess, which really jives with you right yeah for sure I mean look at a guy like Dana White Travel on time you you know, I mean how do you say healthy all the time you know like traveling? You know you gotta do vitamins with you for sure I take probiotics as well. You know I do that's a big thing on it. Has this thing total got health, that's huge yeah, the Clore, chlorella or whatever. Well Total got. How
is a combination of probiotics and a bunch of other stuff. That's in there that will pull it up. Papa on it total got health, so he could see what all the different ingredients are, but I'm a big believer in probiotics I eat a lot of kimchi am I e dumb different, sorts of sauerkraut organic sauerkraut, natural sauerkraut. I think a fermented foods and and key for you were about about earlier earlier. I drink that stuff to so the different stuff. That's in there it's hard for me to read that Probiotics, Kombucha yeah. I love that she had a drink that every day dude. I need a sponsorship the combo to do. I now write a lot of money and g T.
Kombucha Holla at Jeremy, Stevens Asadha Felice is in there. It's also the good thing about these as they are in little packets. So you could take him with you and the actual live culture, TIM lives off the substrate, that's in the packets, so it's actually a little ecosystem. Where does a low volume and I live by it? I just gave my buddy some in mine and we're doing these runs the other day and he just like man, I've been getting these dreams. Now I can remember my dreams, he's like I'm sleeping, better music feel so good. You know he's always cold it's choline, and it's also, I think that is also tryptophan. Tryptophan reduces on a it's, the the building blocks of serotonin tryptophan, which your body converts to five htp and five htp, your body converts to serotonin. That's, that's! That's big for dreams! Yeah in the wake of
well. I happier yeah motivated a lot of people that are into lucid dreaming. They take that shit, they'll, take like tryptophan or five htp or alpha brain, which contains choline, will take these different Nutro pics for they go to sleep and purpose so that they could have trippy dreams, but the other day dude and here's a weird thing: I'm actually a big dreamer and I get into these dreams and I kind of figure out like what they're about and I had two fallout and one of a mirror. You know the thing that they say is: money is coming in death, I just had my bonus bank to my bank account and then my grandma right now is at the Awesome, as I just found out today, actually going to fly out tonight to get there early in the morning to see here and I'm like dude the two teeth money and then now my grandma sick so
dreams. Do that that's crazy? Ever you ever done James. I I think last time. Let's talk about the show where I knew I was flying. I could just that's a common one: yeah in its real calm, like you're in you're, in control of your life. There's there's good power, good energy, that you're in good, like you're, in a good energy and rely man, it's pretty sweet. Well, you can definitely adjust the way. You approach certain situations right. You could look at things in a positive way or we all know, people that look at things like all the world's fuckin' closing it on me and you're like well. Oh you live in America, you're not in Ethiopia. You have both your feet: you're, not paralyzed! You don't have malaria what the fuck you can getting about exactly like it's it's it's a perspective issue with a lot of people, but the the way you approach. Different scenarios in your life has a huge impact. On how you feel and as an athlete, especially I would imagine as a fighter it's very important to maintain a healthy mindset and to keep your straw
levels at a very low level, while you're training and while you're going through camp and like the like we've all seen, fighters that go through champs and they have fucking crazy relationship problems. At the same time it flux them up. Man, right, yeah yeah, not 'cause, I mean do my. I get hungry angry. You know my girl just saying I gotta stay away from getting some food, but that's reasonable right and that's just crankiness from wait, but like crazy people in your life like if you date, some crazy girl, if you're growing your dating a crazy guy and they like a lot of people, if they're not getting enough attention from you, they start drama that cause issues like if you're, focusing too much on other things they get upset at you, ok cut those people along off long time ago, Joe yeah, important, right, yeah, yeah ask him, what do you think about? We think about God? What is your theory on that? You believe in God. Do you know him
No, I don't, I don't know nearly omnipresent everything I am I definitely am open to all sorts of possibilities post life. I don't think that have any sort of back on what happens that I haven't experienced, so for me to say that there is no God or there isn't some omnipresent entity or or energy or something that is the guiding force of the universe. That would be ridiculous. What do I know? I mean I think, and beings. We are in some sort of strange state of development. Where were we have. Our own existence were aware of life were aware of certain rules of the universe, seems to follow, or the universe seems to be. Everything seems to be constantly in motion and changing. You know whether it is the the the orbit of planets
whether it is the biological life on planets, whether it's the life of stars, things have a life and they they come and they go and then even you galaxies themselves the galaxy in the center of every galaxy? Is a supermassive black hole? That's one slash two of one percent of the entire mass of Galaxy and that Superman the black hole is sucking that galaxy into it's fuckin' center to the event horizon. When you see these spiral galaxies at the center, spiral. Galaxies is a black hole. That's absorbing all the matter. Slow but surely of that Galaxy and no one knows what is going on in that black hole. They don't they don't understand what it is. They have theories, but one of the series of black holes is that inside every black hole is potential yeah hold another universe. So there's hundreds of billions of galaxies each Galaxy is a supermassive black hole in the center of it and inside
each one of those galaxies, maybe hundreds of millions of other galaxies hundreds of millions of other universes. So the idea that anybody could sit here and tell you there's, no God man, I know there's no God, is incredibly arrogant when people say there is no God. What I think is that religion, clearly shows the hand of man clearly shows the manipulation of other human beings where they have taken. Some universal rules like there's some some universal golden rules treat others. The way you would like to be treated understanding that loving each other, brothers and sisters and friends and community has massive benefits and you feel to to each other- and it is the right way to be it's- you there's there's a benefit to that. We all feel it. We know it the love that you have for your children like. I know the love that I have for my children on the love that I have for my wife or my friends or you know, people that are close to me. When I see there's, there's there's
Beauty in that that is it's magical and I don't know, beauty in that magic, is too in in its two and four. Community, so that we can continue to breed so that the were rewarded these natural reward systems so that we can continue to foster life and that we can continue to evolve Oh I don't know, I don't know what it is, but I know that best things in life. Are they are connected to love, and I would think that if there's any guiding force any beautiful force of the universe. It is that and even the love of the beauty of the universe itself, there's a love that I get when I last night I went out. Porch and I smoked a little dope and I looked up the stars and uh I fell in love with the stars, man, I feel love when I lookout into the universe I mean, I think, is one of my favorite
things to do is look at stars. Just look up and go fuck. Do that on big same way, dude! My that's funny, I'm always looking at the moon like Man's full moon. And the stars are going to float in the sky, one slash four, the size of the earth and it's just floating up there. Junior out in the middle of nowhere like I did something. Would you look up? This is pure Oh man, look at that man, that's sick! When I was a kid I when I was in, and once a boy scout camp and New Hampshire, those little boys awesome yeah for little. While to these fucking kids, I went to boy scout. Yeah with criminals maps these fucking kids. I was, I lived in Jamaica Plain, which is kind of a sketchy it's gentrified now, but in a in the nineteen late 1970s it was kind of sketchy. Where is it at Jamaica Plains a suburb of Boston, oh boss, and it was just not a good neighborhood. We didn't have any money, but the kids. I want to boy scout camp with. They would like
other kids and fuckin', tie him up and leave him the woods and Sheriff's like it was yeah. You had like it was so sketchy, but they gave us rifles too man we have twenty twos and bows and arrows so we're out there and it was not that organized it was weird. I remember I was out there um we're doing something on her playing What is that and the guy? a ricochet. I go ricochet in a bullet. I guess someone hit a rock and my I'm out. I'm like ricochet yeah. I just from the rest of the time I was there for two weeks. I just went fishing. I just abandoned. Everybody went fishing, he didn't even know I was gone like I could have drawn not there? No one cared I remember going outside and for the first time in my life being in a place where there was no lights, there was no city. There was nothing were just in the woods and you look up and just be like fuck yeah,
take a look at all those stars like those are out there all the time, yeah comma. Don't see them all the time yeah! No, I mean these days. I don't even see him at all. Ipads are in the going. I've been to. I know they don't even bother you been to the big island, nope dude. There's some observatory at the top of model is a man LOA, the the Keck observatory in the big island and the the big island is set up. They have special diffused lighting so that the street lights, provide a light pollution, so you could see everything and you go through the clouds and do it looks like that when you right there. I think it's like. I want to say. Like thirteen thousand feet, above sea level, but when you look up at the sky do do you see the milky way like the full milky way? It's incredible like see if you can find it just go Google images of from the Keck observatory 'cause it. Maybe that's a good one. Yeah that's
exactly what it looks like dude use it can you look up and you like, like. If you're going go there, you got to go when it's no moon 'cause. I went there last time I went, we talked up and it was a full moon. It was still beautiful, there was a full moon and you just don't see as many stars yeah yeah. If you can get up, air, and you don't have to go to the very top you go to is like a visitor center. That's all I need to do. They have some telescopes, but you don't even want to look at the telescope. Just look up man yeah. It does look up and enjoy it's amazing. It's a it's a I really feel like there's something going on with people today and one of the things with the Arab. It's a human beings and the ridiculous well, we behave. I think part of it is connected to the fact that we don't see space anymore, I think space is so humbling and it I think it's psychedelic when I I don't even have to do. I don't have to smoke pot off to do anything. When I go go to Hawaii and I look up I get high. I feel I just like. I do puts me in perspective. It lets me know you're in a magical place you on this
strange circular spaceship, that's hurling through infinity in above you is an infinite number of giant explosions, huge fireballs in the sky. We have that is floating there. No one knows why, so that's what I think about it, odd that that is. You know I just a lot of people, they use religion, and God as a scaffolding, to try to be a good person and try to have rules and to try to have structure in their life and to try to give themselves something to look forward to which I think is a good thing. I think, there's a lot a lot of good things that religion provides people, but I also I think it provides people with a lot of excuses to be shitty to people a lot of hate. You know a lot of I mean especially ancient religions that suppress women or suppress gay people or suppress those rights in any way, shape or form based on this idea that it's ancient scripts
It tells them they're not supposed to do certain things. I think that's all ridiculous, but I think that's it's, not really God that's the hand of man. So it's if it's the problem with the even the term, God is it it's kind of been co, opted by pigeon, which is definitely been co opted by man, you you can learn a lot from ancient religious texts and ancient knowledge that people knew they figured things now along time ago, and they were trying to figure out a way to pass that down on to other people. But the problem is in the translation like none the ancient religions were ever written in English. None of them know they were written all sorts of different, like the Bible. For here's a perfect example, the original Bible was written in ancient Hebrew. Well, actually Aramaic, if you go to the dead sea, scrolls were in Aramaic and the dead sea
rolls contain a lot of the stories that are in the ancient bibles and it's like it's really convoluted that translation between Aramaic to Latin, to Greek, to back to me It's like you, lose a lot and then ancient Hebrew and in ancient Hebrew also words: double is numbers letters. Double is numbers like there's no numbers in ancient Hebrew like the letter. A is also the number one yeah so words also have numerical value, like the word God and the word they have. The same numerical value as the numbers in the the letters like what, though either it means something yeah. It's not like you can say. I go yourself like it's. It's not it's not like, just a phonetic language, it's a language that also has mathematics incorporated to it, and that meant something it was a part of. So when you take these ancient hebrew sentences and you translate them
English and you don't just translate into English, translate into Latin. He translated to Greek and then you translate into English allots lost in the process, but I think these people were trying to figure some things out about life and I think we could probably learn something from them, but for sure a lot of it was people manipulating the other people around them and saying God said is this: you have to do that or or you will die in a fiery fuckin' pit in the middle of the earth and ordered a cab teacher at dad. So there was a lot of Horsh. It involved in religion. So it's not not all bad. It's not all good, but it's interesting, yeah, yen Yang does a lot. James. There is do that was so much fun, yeah right so back to you and your karere because we're going to wrap this up soon. Alright, four hundred and twenty hollow four hundred and twenty for all you people out there if you're looking your career right now and look at your future, you you trying to get a big fight right now, so you're calling
as if they said anything out of the no man I and like I say I mean I, I have social on show. We do not like Yo Dude, he just like what is he says he's you know, he's kinda looks like man, this guys crazy he's he's always he's like I'll get you something I'll get you something, but the which is kind of a funk right now, either everybody's got fights or I've already fought people or or you know they are coming off losses normally like they try to prepare you with the wind. So I told Sean, I go hey man if I'm going to get like a frank, or an Aldo fight. Give me somebody outside real quick. Let me let me just go: get it women, like you, said, I'm still right there in the mix. So then, when it all pans out, I'm right there now. Why you being so big, though here's my question like if say, there's a big title fight, open up say if uh, although who just won the interim title, is going to defend his can someone else in the top ten, and you know you see that coming up to you and you don't have a fight schedule. Do you start training thinking? Maybe someone get injured and you might get that call because MA particularly the UFC, is notorious for
last minute fallout four guys get injured right, my flight was right before UFC. Two hundred, so I write as got done. You know I was a hundred percent healthy, had no injuries. I was like hey, you know. I was like you know you know. I know. Maybe some people were ahead of me, but I go let you know I'm going to be ready in one hundred percent focus in you know I didn't do anything. I went out and joined myself one time and then I was I was training. I was back to doing sprints like right away and then about two weeks, but or that fighter. So I end up going to Mexico on vacation. My cousin got married and then I just went out and enjoyed myself, but for like two: straight always was continuing stays on. I stayed on just in case things happen and I don't be that guy to step up and let them know- and I let it let everybody else know that hey I'm ready, I'm ready to take that next step and you can rely on me it's tricky though, because you're so big, you know like if something was scheduled for two weeks from now, and then also you got this call. You really can't make waiting two weeks. No, not now
you so, like I said I was, I was preparing for two hundred. It didn't happen so now I've I've taken my time, I've enjoyed myself, I've, traveled and CBS Back joy yourself, but you're, not fat. This is where it's so confusing like Looking at you right now, you're fucking in shape your fit s ran the other day. I I am in shape is just I I my coach, you just we just I stay on my diet. I've been enjoying myself like on the weekends. I love lava, cakes and ice cream hand out who doesn't it yeah? You know- and I and I I had that you don't have to drive myself yeah little bit because there gonna be in yeah and it's got to be on our side and then there's going to be the good side Brian. As of right now, I've been back on the diet and everything's going good. I've been I've been doing my runs. I just really haven't been that dialed in yeah. I have a set date, I'm doing things in particular as I was, right. After my fight, I was ready and set and still striving toward that goal. It didn't happen that way. That's fine, but give me by any chance, Shelby get me a fight night. I want those exciting fights. I think a lot of people want to see me and
Jose Aldo get after they want to see me and Conor Mcgregor he's a heavy handed guy he's an exciting guy he's an interesting. If people want to see the pastor they want to see the live fights. I don't want to see the the and printer and there's nothing wrong with that. You got a win. I understand people got to provide for the family, but I like to personally get into legit fist fights to where you know. I love I like to scrap it, no matter where the fight goes for. Taking me to I'm trying to elbow you in the head. I'm trying to get back up, I'm trying to put you to sleep, so I uh I feel like I'm exciting fighter. I've been in the game along time, I'm ready for that next level of competition and just staying focused and dialed in well. You definitely offend they're in your favorite of mine man, I'm a big fan. I love watching my shorts for you by the way. I want to see him in that new building man. I hope you get that. Well, we fuckd up man. We were in the process of buying a building and it looks like it fell through somehow or another. It's kind of that owns a building such a twatt burger. I don't know
What but will figure it out, but it get something better face when we do get it. We're going to do. Is we're going to set up a gallery and I'll? Definitely I got Jeremy Stevens shorts in hand wraps from his last fight, will put those in a frame, and now to sign out, put that up there hell yeah. I appreciate a man of it. You have always been a fan. Do and- and I know you always represent- represent me very what I watch that podcast- that you're doing it. I thought that was awesome in online, but people really manage or rolling gives you a lot of love and all I kept my shorts alright man? I get back on the podcast, and I was like you know what this guy actually offer me some money and I was going to sell him and I was like no. I mean I gotta give him. Oh man, Joe. Thank you brother. I appreciate that very much appreciate me on here. All right, you could find Jeremy on Twitter, lil heathen mma Instagram yeah. Well, he then anime and and in all right look forward to seeing you soon brother, a thank you guys. Artichokes will be back tomorrow with Justin ran fight for the forgotten building well in the Congo. Thank you. Everybody thanks.
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ask. I got no material left Unfucking dry folks. I got nothing new 'cause. I just put out the special while not put it out but wrote it performed it did it done pretty much officially it's over this podcast is over. Why you still here. Thank you appreciate the fact people and I'll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow will be back with the great Justin Wren who is one of the most inspirational and beautiful human beings. I've ever met in my life, and I don't say that lightly. He is awesome and he is dedicated to helping he's in the Congo by building wells is also an mma fighter. That's where I knew him from originally and found new focus in life A new goal anew anew direction in life he's also. Competing competing for Bellator and doing very well but more
important. Why had something more important is like his whole life journey is just amazing and going to be here tomorrow. He's got a lot of great news to share with us in a lot of stuff to talk about, and some Instead, I'm a part of that. I'm going to be helping him with, and I'm very excited about as well. Just did. Dude is awesome, so tomorrow, Justin Wren so thank you. Everybody for tuning the podcast appreciate the fact that people uhm can't can't say it enough I say it so much, and I almost it almost sounds like a like when I'm talking on these commercials. Like does it mean anything anymore? It does. It means a lot because I think I think this whole thinking of doing this podcast is been a massive. I want to surprise, but it's not something that I never planned out and the impact that it's had not just
on the lives of the people that enjoy listening to it, but on me has been huge, unbelief full substantial. The love that I get from people on a daily basis is its mass, and it's usually important to me. So, just wanted to. Let you know again that I appreciate the fact that if people thanks so much and take care bye, bye, much love, big kids.
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