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#828 - Duncan Trussell

2016-08-01 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.
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website oh and i t use a code word rogan save ten percent off any and all saw bloom means my guest those were my favorite human beings on the planet he's one of my best friends is ben my good friend since he was he used to be the guy who answered the phone at the comedy store that's how we became buddies i would call the comedy store and leave my availabilities no talk to this cool guy whose answer the phone we have these fucking awesome conversations and that guy is now the great duncan trussell give it up my friend duncan the job will gain experience how do you know why i trust this guy he just since it would simply tells me
it gives me counter carries he gives me countdown and then it does this ethical i'm trying to bring them back when you see see people you like on the double the hard sell these days why every scared guns oh you're saying rabbit i think it's funny you know i give the odds of you doing you have to do it with a certain amount of time from a mass shooting you couldn't do the day of thirty million columbine like duncan he's so morose fucked up since a human guys so making fun day could you what's funny to him that is not why i can't believe fuckin do in those sites do can i sit down and talk to you for a second brother in its time it's time to really talk about using these gun gestures because honestly i know it's not really her
any body but we have to pay respect to the people have lost their lives in these terrible weapons and i just think we should remove it for four rails you just show me the replacement of mogi apple has new emerging then got rather pistol and they put they turn into a water gun i'll tell you man every time look at that has emerging and there's no so i used to look at it it is filled me the desire to go shoot up a fucking shopping mall that emoji so i'm glad they got rid of it me it made me want to go back to the old west i want to be like a cowboy we then shall we way way way way way way way way way way way way way apple adds more gender diverse emerges in iowa ten please explain just google new emerging find water and this is what came up first how dare you how dare bring this up one one hundred new and redesign
emerging characters including no more guns theme of female athletes ok that's cortical also ok gender diverse array of items you have for the show hosting engendered neutral daring i like it is viewed as a swede new emerges that's actually call another moment that emerges a weird it's weird like friends start send you emerges because like that long time guys never sent emerging delay and now it's happening i love a man what a useful fuckin thing that animated gives in that emerges praise god and heaven it so great save so much time it gets across so much more languages so limited man we have it really is i was i think we're gonna hieroglyphs what are you of eventually i think that's what these images are ya i think there are a modern version of higher that's right yeah they are too
he laid so much you know that's like very efficient form of language it just needs to get a little paper so that the emojis are and did a little bed they couldn't you can sort of two then the emerging to this specific thing you're trying to convey to somebody instead of just a smiley face which they have an apple watch again like kind of like you can control but a little bit like a smiley face emerge you need to build a dialogue and a little bit more deeply by limiting like keeping a more open ended right i guess so having a bunch of like descriptive nouns and verbs and things that instead of that have more of an open ended idea like a smiley face yeah like smiley face and then knuckles would like yo use knuckles a yeah you don't mean like you kind of like keep it in this way non defined stay like we both know what it is but it's not
it's our written anywhere yak in it leaves you of having to like compose some since they are using exclamation mark here where should i use a comma what to say i just want to go i'm going to see him and like twenty minutes it's way easier do i can an alien had a thumbs up and a smile face as every its volunteer its violent someone sends you again alien head and then a pile of shit with me hell's you decide but yeah and it's such a it's such a wonder for emerging language it just needs a animated and you know the animated give sir amazing fur really going deep and how you're feeling some of them are awesome yeah their fantastic fantastic it's so fun to send those thing yeah or means main like internet means really funny one
are really like a new kind of comedy like a short it's like these are jokes he's like punch lines but sometimes better and someone saying anything because you see in it right like god a girl had one page today with his face and its this of popular want to keep going around when you not but she keeps suckin should look at times a i mean this is in no way saying that he invented this is this is i think he'd be the first had met he's he's back in a mean that we all know right who wrote that first mean when you know and she keeps them aids deaths from aids oh my god it's hilarious but this some this mean when you not and she keeps second there's like fuckin hundreds of them have you seen them
just google when you not and she keep second and then go to images and you have a like oh my god there's so many wow let do there's hundreds of these why i would like to know the percentage i'd like to know the pursuit who have created these that have never gotten a blow job i wonder what it is like fifteen twenty that's a good one or two was a good one it's only because you get put that on phases all throughout history you know my view and this also versions of it how you be when you bust but she keeps second or she still second those guys paint it when you finish but she keeps asking
it is so many of them that might be like one of the most system jokes currently on the internet on my gaza bill cause we won they ve got the one and that led the indian guy die during a speech had a stroke words is dying oh i saw them in the euro zone happened yeah he had us here stroke as he was speaking ass well see work you look right before in that and the related images while season koranic right before in the universe out of a universe in out they died right there yeah i think well i mean depends on eight and nine death by
at the best that raise a vast death that's one of the best debts your witnessing like he sent it just made a great point that he thinks he's kind of funny maybe dies god bless it exit from this incarnation that is a crazy image tat woman who's that god you know is nope how'd you find him just from the stack that's crazy store who think it so funny when he died he guarantee he did not think you land in it when you not in sheikh it keeps mean that our debts that he would shatter into a million things in one of them is a meme were here's the thing about these means guys who are like meme artists and really really funny and then there's also people that
the car like carlos men see means no approach to stop using the guy's name like that through but really sad as everyone knows that means yeah wind you were there is just someone just tweeted that there's a there's a product in the uk hey that's stole mitch hedberg joke it's a rise product they have just written in the back his joke like when you want to eat rice when you want a two thousand and the same things or whatever they like just pop that right in the back but they didn't credit him they credited the name of their mascots for the company will this it's a problem means because people do it all the time i just people have pages whether all their means or someone else's that they don't give credit for right they get caught and then they have to start read in a retweeting stuff but sometimes you re retreat the wrong person yeah you u retreat
someone who just copied from somebody else about that happen more than once you dont know but their funny so it's like what do you do do just retreat because you think it's funny laugh or should you hold onto it until you can find ownership of the meme yeah i mean i've got a good question raised i think if you can give credit give credit but what we spend too much time getting caught up in meme distribution then work lose weight is so beautiful about the thing which is that i create some meme uploaded to the internet and it they're like just molders on injure whatever or it just scatters in a trillion pieces everywhere is something really cool and beautiful in that anything mean transmitters are arthur
thieves mostly there's too few scumbags to take people shit and dont credit them and then they get punished usually they get punished by the internet and well severely eaten absolutely but there has been a much people have done it in there now make money off of it he had got aren't you tired because as a bunch people that it is really funny and maybe it introvert and they ever will really good at cracking jokes socially exert their nervous they are funny they have a funny mine gas and so this is a form of joke writing and yoke telling yet a really good one too so somebody had to be the first person to come up with one she you know when you get home but she keeps asking someone so this is like this massive plagiarism there were all laughing at yeah but you know what it is i don't think i mean how do you like that guy deserves credit because he is funny
the guy event and maria that's funny guy like that was a good idea it's funny he knows devlin deserves credit for so i know you're saying but then eventually you're gonna like i guess you can watermark your me right eager watermark did you see that sometimes but events we the watermark is gonna get taken off cause you you know your people are putting a new picks will yards meanwhile the second one is theirs hundreds of different images like he can never watermark and was very funny about it is the take the word come for example there was a fur human who for whatever reason decided to call his jaculation come need just decided on how the fuck was that guy there is first that's a huge point such universal its universal yeah how do you trace it back i mean every single word that a human being uses theoretically you could follow it backwards through time in the same way you follow any organ
life form you can it's called etymology you can look at the weird way that language mutates over time and you know that somewhere way way back in the back of the line to be somebody use like we'll call it a mountain or whatever the priest sir term for mountain was somebody as i get the feeling that some died right has to rio has to someone so is not the idea that one point time we all had a universal language but it became a giant issue because people we're sorry conspiring an area they were talking too much so one of the ways that got separated us i might be butcher and stare target the tower of babel yeah yeah they wanted to construct a coward or each heaven and god was i guess like fuck that is like asking your house have whatever their getting to advance do you think that
so reverse engineer idea like to think that someone who may be has experience like brief moments of human potential and realized like do we're missing out of what people are capable of there's gotta be a way we could all come to gather teens israel but when there's people from country like japan in their argument someone from germany and how much of what the fuck each per and is saying is even getting through you know i mean you're having translators you're supposed to go to war with people you'll never understand what you're saying right i imagine that the air with we get all speak to each other we all speak one language what would happen what i mean is not like maybe what that tower of babel about sort of like a reverse engineered he will exploit the elect almost say like the imagine the power the god like power people could have if they get all openly and honestly communicate with each other freely and x i experienced this idea that we're not we're not you not my aunt
because you're born over there i think this is nonsense this is some crazy old shit that we should have a band in a long time ago you are looking in the bible those stories one thing that i just did i'm so glad you brought this up just for fun one of my favorite i am in the new testament my favorite gospels the book of john in the very beginning of the book of john is some of the trippiest shit you'll ever read but i went back to that and so i did a find and replace anyone can do this it's so cool find and replace the word god with a programmer and then you can start replacing words with mud day simulation theory ideas so you know when it talks about jesus it's like he was sent into these simulation to bring an upgrade
those that accepted the upgrade would be children of the programmer you start doing that and suddenly you look at this like a maze it gets really be right so when you talk about the tower of babel and you look at it perspective this is a simulation being run by some intelligent creator force right right so you he again and again will not again and again but is right now giving of two times where the programmer looks the same wages like oh shit thereabout wake up like this way the eu on mosque is worried about a i become two powerful though in the bible the programmer gets really fuckin on when the simulation appears to be gaining too much power and has to like shit the programming a little bit because there appears to be some kind of in the mythology of the bible there seems to be a recurring nervousness that the symptom
programmer gets when it seems like the simulations about to reach some certain left of power awareness this is in the book of genesis they say the aid of the tree of knowledge of good and evil gain self awareness and there was a their tree they weren't supposed to eat from the tree of life the god says it's weird is in the koran and in the bible got its referred to as the plural rather than singular so god doesn't though the verses something like you know if they eat from the tree of life they will become like us not like yeah like us so there's like we can't keep these we have to keep these be things somewhat curtailed because we don't know what gonna do if they gain too much power that's in the mythology of the thing and it kind of works the simulation theory perspective if a simulation that's on the precipice of a kind singularity which would be the simulator
can somehow becoming self aware then whatever reason whoever's running the show doesn't want that to happen or hasn't wanted it to happen throughout time you know it's also if everytime i like eating from the tree of life and becoming like them moving it is about a psychedelic as you can get your literally talked about eating something and becoming a god yet you're talking my eating from really what is the tree of life but as i go whatever yeah whatever it is three it see no what god there was trees back then share doesn't it if europe a literal believer the bible you have to think that there is not just an x parents were god showed up right not just this this this thing that happened where god came down he spoke to elevate you're not you're saying people shouldn't eat from a tree oh yeah because they could become
god yeah i mean that's kind of weird if you're translating stuff from ancient hebrew two greek to latin america to all these differently just to english you you know that their some weird shit being lost along the way and there was probably call it a tree right because what we don't even know there's a fucking amazing radio lab out that's about right now it's about about trees and the the intelligence of trees and the trees communicate and that they share resources allocate resources towards resources toward the needier one that they have this our action with fungus this simple symbiotic relationship with funding it is functioning credible manner with the fungus are eating these microscopic bugs and getting there nutrients from these microscopic bugs and that's where the trees are getting their nutrients firm and some of them get him from from salmon
those trees were like they get seventy percent of their nitrogen from salmon because bears would eat under these trees there would eat and they would leave like fish heads under the trees and like the bears would continue to return these same trees and these trees would eat the fucking fish that though the fungus inside their soil them go rise or relationship that they have it's amazing it's amazing do therefore thither old life form that we are sleeping on yeah this plants like in this is not a day against anybody whose vegetarian or anyone on the other end of the spectrum leads me for put take the idea allergies out like the cause every knows that i meet wherever that list this part gas and i dubbed had issues of people for that are proselytizing visions yeah i understand you're doing it for good reason than the idea you doing for though the right path
this isn't i'm i'm happy for everybody that that is living their life that way if you enjoying it and you're helping that's all just let that go just look at this for a second forget about what you're reading what plants are is some strange intel it network of organisms and when i say intelligent i don't say can fuckin do math i'm not saying they can send emails in and create fuckin moon rockets but they communicate with each other there's something going on they don't need to do other things we defined intelligence far too frequently by what we have created and what what weak do with our fingers and when our mounds and with our ability communicate with each other audibly in no matter where i'm too looking in your hearing and we don't respect other form communication because this were so tat to our idea of communicating is work some really basic shit with how these plants
in these fungi communicate with each other through their fuck do not just indicating with each other sending signals if one of them is guinea eaten they're sending signals through the air and its forcing the other plans to change the way they taste to discourage predation communicating when their hurt to the allocate reach sources to more needy plants they find out who network is needy and the allocate resources this this of rio having said that call man they share resources with these microbes or without with these fungus you'd you in and also cause you're saying while they kids in emil's but if you look at their meaning in you separated human biome somehow from the plant kingdom would you can't do were completely connected to the plant kingdom because we need oxygen to live
so we are deeply deeply woven into that fabric of intelligence that you're talking about to the point that we actually kind of grow out of that fabric and of intent it's because we have a symbiotic relationship with plants logistic its existence on planet earth so you're talking about the what is called have you heard of the web of indra no web avenge it's also called the net of indra or the web of indra what is his from this into ism so the idea is that a way to explain the sort of interconnecting net connected as of all things is this like imagine like a web or a net were at every single nexus point air is a jewel the jeweled net avenger that's what it's called so then now imagine that every creature on earth are in this universe that has any kind
sentence at all composes a tiny little jewel on this net and so this net is every juul is connected via like whatever connects us two plants everything is connected that's alive it which means that any slight movement in any of these jewels creates a vibrant should that rules through infinity through the entire narrative indra affecting oh oh other sentient beings in some small way space a good ideas any there it is the jewel net avenger out so anything you do it gets sort of vibrated through the rest of the thing anything happens in my girl happens in macro mackerel happens in the micro beautiful idea man in and it seems like this new discovery that come out about plants has
in some way really shined shine a light on the complexity of that incredible net you know cause it's so complex isn't it gets down to probably the quantum level too i mean if you think of the quantum reactions happening inside the plants to create these biochemical shifts its startling when you imagine all the weird chemical and atomic movement that's happening inside of the thing itself its overwhelmingly beautiful and hard to imagine that we get to be a piece which is pretty cool but the plants are sending email you know because we are the plants the plants are ass the planter affecting irma can always talked about exo pheromones remember that accept pheromones he'd say that marrow that plants have pheromones that they put out to like what you're saying to discourage predation bring him bees i like it i said predation like
smarter evades great word but the m so he would say that good alex marijuana dm t these are acts so pheromones from their vegetable world again do em again impatiently but these are acts so firm it's coming into our biome in shifting our consciousness in a way to try to manipulate our behaviour a little bit and in also in all the stuff coming out of a gap biome too like not only is there this flu
rushing vegetable kingdom that is like clearly alive and has its own alien intelligence but we ve got a fucking got biomes filled with these bacteria they could theoretically be controlling hours cravings right so we're being manipulated by these colonies of alien beings living in our guts telling us get another fuckin candy part man would be good if threat go so true yeah yeah oh there's darkness inside you want that sugar he ass little demon old demon that feeds off sugar wage a modern it's a modern it's a modern way of saying demonic possession in the old days you really like you got a demon mother fucker now it's like while you're got biome is craving carbohydrate needs to survive look if you ve got the plague hauser indifferent the nubian attack by vampires right so sudden trying to kill you would we take comfort in the idea that some
microscopic thing that we can see the as it makes you feel better that's looks a lot weirder than a fuckin vampire by the way a la weirder it's not it's not an well ass a man with a cape and fangs you're looking at some kind of strange globular transforming bit of plasma that's swimming around inside of each actively trying to destroy you can sell it he can we really will find them to like what one when the invent microscopes of yellow guess eighteen hundred i couldn't gas that met the sad thing man i can guess that let me i'm gonna gas i think brian cowen was talking about this in really ship them discovering bacteria with surgery oh no chris i think was chris ryan think chris rhine might have in the first one member from them giving people credit mature but the idea was that they didn't know what would back terry was for like a long time they didn't wash their hands
and people arrive horrible infections when and were able to do surgery on people like the gap guy so this is a camera the guy's name you may we could find a jamie it's the guy he was he realized so doctors would apparently they would like do autopsies on corpses to try to understand how the human body worked isa be leaders leo's like a big deal that cut open a corpse says doc you studying corpses and apparently they didn't know you should wash your hands after you handle a corpse so you would like fuck around with a corpse and then go deliver a baby right in the babies there is a very high infant mortality rates i cameras name but doktor discovered oh wow mine going idea you should work sure hands before you deliver baby and there it is yeah he ended up in a fucking mental asylum because they were listening to him and apparently
at my doctor said gentlemen do not need to wash their hanging a german italy is not wash his hands because their decision innately clean so yeah man people i'd nor do they thought that your car was filled with tiny little men you know like little means wherein there like tralee little yeah yeah when they think then too until the microscope i imagined i finally someone fucking came on a microscope and how long after the invention of microscope did someone shoot a load on one zactly everyone gets a ranch orgasm after building it what's a grew talking of virtual reality whirling how long before they made a porn within that when the moment they came up with oculist we knew yet matter of time yet matter time and they did it and they did it uh huh
it is going to create some fucking hull larry is earthquakes and a lot of different relationships and marriages because people are going to have to define whether or not fucking a hologram is a form of infidelity like you're gonna have to make the rule for that in your relationship is it ok to fuck a hologram not alive not a person but looks like it's fucking you can you right in the eyes right in the fucking eyes oh my god do yeah pretty weird because your brain when a hologram is looking at you in the eyes and loving way your brain
in doesn't reject it it's like oh wow i think this girl really likes away it's a hologram but in one millisecond you get this feeling of like strange connection which is again we're in the most rudimentary parts of europe only apparently only i just read this it might have been a dated article but only a hundred thousand people are so in hd survive if that's drastically off you guys i'm sorry but not a lot of people have the argo goes right now so not a lot of people and there's a lot of ice who are fucking ear beating people at parties who clearly just don't want to hear about any more than you want to hear about some talking about a dream but there is a huge the people right now there are having some of the most psychedelic mine bending experiences through technology and they can't even talk about air describe it to people because when you describe it's like you're talking about a dream feeling this is happening to a lot of us right
we're going into alternate dimensions the technology and hanging out their enjoying it experiencing the freedom from the confines of being constantly in it infinitely located in whatever physical space your body happens to be inhabiting to suddenly remove that weights in agony pop these things on and instantly tree and locate to some our universe that some genius is created fuck around shoot arrows wander through minecraft have sex with two girls who i was apparently gonna throw out of my house if they didn't fuck me that's what the port which by the way to do that but in this universe i guess that's what i now so the kind of raby were ray beaches like please i'm money for their rank and secular dec
you know it's her idea oh yeah yeah type you not rabies and it's not like look you got you gotta give up some pussy other otherwise i'm taking you the story you could say it if you weren't into the poor and i mean you could say whatever you want wait a minute you till you have a michael yeah a microphone but you can talk to it if you want to be a weird ok how long before you can talk to it alone for talks back to well that's you're gonna look looking at white guy so we gotta figure out a way to either i mean i imagine that probably exists in some rudimentary way for some kind of see gee i style porn but to be able to like instantaneously communicate with live video porn you're gonna need some kind of a i i don't think we probably have just yet or we are probably the print but yes that will i think oh that's devilish happen i watch ex machina again plenty o day watching for the second time that's cause just as good the second time that movie freaks me out man why because the girls
beautiful and she so she so attractive like you that guy you could see it does he knew that she was a robot as much as he knew that he was a robot is as much as he knew that she was artificial he was in love with her and she was amazing and it's like she cared about him and when she was talking to him for real the lights went out in the camera was down spoiler and she was i don't trust him yeah like this is a real percy s real person she's thinking like a person it's a person and he's a completely locked into this idea that it's a person he's hypnotized person i mean that on this whole distinction between artificial intelligence and intelligence is the same as the distinction between virtual reality in reality it's just like another human attempt to be incomes all of something you want you want to say i'll tell you this is fucking reality or not this is
virtual reality this isn't reality reality but it's like oh really realities compartmentalized into places where there's if something is key aided by a human out no that's real reality even though humans are reality reality reality intelligence is intelligence because the intelligences inhabiting something that isn't the human vessel it goes back to what we are talking about earlier why it's not a fucking meet body now it's artificial intelligence how it why intelligence is intelligence yeah again i think goes back to hell we're talking about earlier that we try to define intelligence by our own measures like the ability to write something down tat the ability to move about that we have that inexorably connected to intelligence you have to be able to move to show me your
thinking and communicating right like despite what this woman was saying scientist on this radiolab podcast is that she was i don't want to say that there she's like it's hard to say that if they're intelligent it's hard to it but what's going on in their network closely resembles a brain the way it looks and also the way it's it's opera getting there it's as neuron like response yeah there's there's data being passed back and forth right there were just not we not you not me for sure we'd we're not doing research but these people are someone i'm saying we as in humans rights there just figure in this house really recently yeah i think everything has a conscience our consciousness yes i think every everything that you eat and i think that will obviously plants for the most part are like way less vial went than animals you know like when you are taking in plants yet
just sent it it seems to make sense that it would be like a more peaceful existence like the way you think about it you can just to consuming plants lula the animals that only consume plants right there are like really peaceful yes but then the animals that consume animals and plants they gotta get dirty yes those animals and the ones that can only meet those are the scared ones yeah you're right yeah they know what kind of make sense i mean when i you need different tools her taking dear than you do for eating a piece of broccoli while it is i think people are trying to like move away from the system that requires the violence and the like a part that the idea is to eat plants and is like even if you re a life
you are you or you less involved in violent activity like if you were eating meat you're involved and violent activity right somewhere even fish you involve and some sort of violent activity those fish have to be they don't just instantaneously die they gotta be yankton to another dimension beat over the head with wooden clubs thrown in the ice chexx chatsworth el flop and gasp for air until they finally go still i mean that's what happened to me fish man you know it is one thing that's very that they're all this indicates is how there's so much compassion inside of human beings is whether you eat meat or whether you eat vegetarian diet if you're thinking about this it's really cool that's one of the cool things about us is that we have this sense man this does seem to be a violent thing that i'm doing here i know this thing i'm eating has suffered to some
agree that i would never want anyone i know to suffer or myself as united that so with theirs compassion there man and when we want to live in a world where we don't hurt things and if you do want to live in a world where you hurt things well then you're probably in a lot of pain yourself writer sport so then but you get this is man this is the fucking dog of eid gaeta because the bag of eid gaeta starts with a war here our june looking out on this this fucking massive army in saying that god charioteer i see my friends here i see fathers and teachers and men that i respect by killing them don't i destroy my own soul wouldn't it be better to go off into the forest and live as are enunciate than to tat gay
all the wealth in the world but to have the blood of my teeth there is on my hands and this is the beginning of august i get any would think because it's one of chinese favorite books that the response would be your right let's not kill let's not fight we're gonna go in the woods but their response god sir as you speak words of wisdom but you do not understand that's the beginning of the bag of that's where it starts as here's why you fight hears why you have to kill sometimes here's why there is action in the universe that will result in pain and suffering and this is to me the best like answer to all of this is when krishna reveals his universal forms is cause called he's comes this monstrous thing in an origin is describing what he seeing in this is the oppenheimer quote i am become
destroyer worlds and virgin is saying i see in your teeth the limbs of all humans being chewed and eaten york sue everything you're eating everything is basically what he say and then he says can you please turn back into my friends gives i intend to see that in so that response is ok let's stop killing everything but look you're getting eaten by the universe no matter what you do you're being grounded just by the force of time there is no escape from this you are in the digestive tract of being that is gradually transforming you into nothingness depending what you gonna believe unless you think there's some eternal perpetual saw in which case the digestive system is freeing you from the
at the terrible and limited enclosure of the human body either way man we are being shifted in it for me and beautiful way and as that's happening to think that you can somehow realize what you are which you are one of the digestive organs in the universe you are no matter what you do man you're completely wiping beings out of the universe it every single fucking second if your immune systems working swedish burrowed into your fucking scanning gotten into your mucous membrane your wiping them out your blood cells or heartlessly fucking killing them and then maybe you had an ant on your counter when you drove your car i'd say there's a sixty percent to ninety percent chance you probably ran over some tiny little fuckin bug that was walking across the street you can't live in this universe
without killing things and an you two are being killed so you're like a in that i doubt you're like a little bit of stomach ass at helping to dissolve a stake you're a little bit of the digestive process of the universe killing and out putting energy from that destruction that's just what everything is really not like john defy meet diet if you could become a vegetarian to be of education if it dr your drawn to it it is more peaceful thing will for sure factory farming is a giant issue anybody with a conscience then when you get into other forms of acquiring meet then things get more complicated because if you're talking about hunting in particular that's not easy for everybody do and so it's almost impossible for everybody to do so then you would have to have ethical farming and then you'd have to decide what is a
how do you know what is ethical mean rearrange chicken free range cows free range chickens i don't need it off to decide that there's certain cycle of life involved here and then you will not take part in it for your own health you're going to decide i'd like like this my body fund it's better on this going to i'm going to allow this to happen or or help it parties participate in it but i think when you see a bare ediths salmon that bear is not thinking for a fuckin second about the feelings of that salmon is holding it down and tearing it apart with no hesitation whatsoever when we reap let us from the ground are we doing a more complicated version of that are we pretending that this thing is non feeling non thinking thing because it doesn't move in a can't send emails but is it not above all these things we call life all these things consciousness everything tasks
because people martens fuckin alfalfa oh yeah all that shit it's yet its eight is what i'm thinking as i've been doing we are having so many philosophical thoughts based on this incredible technology so this so i started thinking is the human all living things are alike organic virtual reality goggles right so like a squirrel is is like a kind of virtual reality goggle that the universe is gazing through in the form of squirrels reality right so this consciousness this intelligence it's like an omni present force and every living thing is like a false it that its life is this intelligence coming through and it's pressing itself based on the energetic system of the particular conduit that it's coming
so a living squirrel is a portal that has opened up to the intelligence of the universe temporarily and when that intelligence flows do the squirrel the way electricity runs through a bother board then it's odd it's it's animated right and so when the squirrel dies that it's not as though the intelligence is gone it's just that particular conduit shots while there's a billion other conduits in any biome filled with intelligence pouring through it in behaving according to the way whatever the thing is that it's coming through in the same way that if you ever if you have a different ay programmes with different codes it still processing the same energy it's just the energy is being transformed based on whenever the specific system is you know so
when we meet were in a weird way eating the virtual reality cargoes that some thing was that infinity was using to experience reality and that reality that infinity was experiencing through the vr goggles that you're eating inside your bun was not a crate fucking experience so composed in those in that goggle in that life form that you're eating is what our christian say is all the fear all the terror all that the momentum of that beings life somehow gets encoded into the atomic structure of the meat that your consuming and see you take a little bit of that suffering in the eu and that degrades your life in some slight way but totally make sense to make sense
that there's something that gets through me why would we assume that your diet is an aim if you're eating biological particles wild we assume they have no influence on us like we would think that did which now it's a broke down a protein yeah water and that's it there's no no chicken suffering in there at all ensure can suffer no way not have not a trace of it the y know a dome this just a dull chicken suffering that you get in your mouth yet just as i would ask is delicious chicken but there's an undertone of access tension horror and my check and waxy felony inside your mouth yeah just chicken sadness yeah four men i can remember like one when i was a kid we didn't fucking you know he kind and knew the animals were like that people just worldwide it like i'm reading fuck and was an audio but rather of moby dick
the frank mueller narration ever read our whose frank mueller frank mueller is the guy is the veto actor who narrated the dark towers theories by and he is the best in so i get there why i'm reading moby dick but listen to someone who understands what is reading helps you understand it and cuz he it puts inflection yeah inflections are in the right place and he's clearly some kind of super genius who just gets moby dick and he understands every single fucking passes that melville endlessly writes about the varied the deep as details of wales man melville fuckin love wales and the book it is i got a sort of portal india before they knew that wales or mammals right so you know i thought they were fucking fish leviathan right sniff find that we make that distinction let's talk about their legs at your fish
come while their mammals their ass right right we can't do that who got without weird teams teams were ok i'll answer to that if to you the virtual reality goggle example let's imagined there's like fifteen different virtual reality goggles on the table they represent a kind of spectrum of illogical advancement so here we ve got a remember the old days used have those like those stupid view finders you can flip through in libya so on once we have a viewfinder finder in on the side we ve got some shit that doesn't even exist yet some neural interface you put it on a harmonic magnetic field interacts with your brain and you ve not only go into a location but you expect it's the memories emotions thoughts in dreams of the avatar within the game you literally become the figure that's on the other side of the spectrum
right so here we have this sort of like spectrum of potential experience i think it would be safe to say that the experience of a broccoli right just base donna tack in their verses the experience of like her i don't know a fucking mit student genius whose like come the althea i'd say that you could say that there's a varying levels of experience as to what is being experienced who's to say now that i say it i think i'm totally wrong i'm sorry for the rant i guess at the very end of the zone please just shut up man that's wrong that's not so forgive me you guys i try without laughed in my own brain data on all land there are and they did it wouldn't be fair it will be fine
but i will admit when they dont land and therefore i think you're right man why do we make the distinctions like goddamn we're distinction that means and intelligence distinction we just inside the fisher stupid his flock but no they're not here's what we're here's where they're not here is one thing we all the time that is probably mars monkey that's an octopus i now yet we'd act was all the time they are crazy smart have you ever seen the new video that they put out of an octopus going through a key or a whole rather that's a size of a quarter yeah man yeah i did see that it's crazy what they can do to their bodies is insane yeah mckenna love them right away he was in love with octopi is that a thorough octopi that's a good question he was in love we're getting it ass he thought that they were like that
ability to have multiple appendages the un and the crazy camouflage abilities they have with combined to really open up new levels of reunification that humans don't have because it seems like he was he was frustrated by the limitation of the human vocabulary and are the way we a moat things to article eight the universe so be nice to have a bunch of different limbs that had no bones that you can turn any which way while shifting colors apizza fucking emoticons by a long shot man i mean they can change colors they shoot ink into the air and he he was one that i first heard speculate that the ink when they shoot ink into the air that it might be like eraser fluid like look house that holders and look at this big ass octopus get through this tiny all you would look at that whole and you will like there's no way but these things not only
can they get out of a whole like that but they can walk on land for long periods of time climb back up into their fish tanks lift the lid get inside mean they're aliens that's a mean that might as well be on another planet or does used to it because it's on earth a thing is a giant bob head long movable arms it knows how to unscrew jars and he's got like a kind of cool relax look on his face he says i keys ease definitely relaxed their emotionless the very strange to very strange being its very different than a fish and but it lives of fish so fuck it i mean they're probably as whales everything is alive dad's the ultimate that's it final place you gotta get to is you are a part of a for organism that is strong
king through time in the form of every generation of thing that ever lived in its currently like out it's like this being that has an infinite number of appendages that represent all living forms of life on earth and just like the same way that like you investigated thing all these and pinned appendages have wrapped around the planet in their probing probing having probing probing the planets like every living thing is the very end of an inner dimensional super intelligent appendage you know this kind of like thea hitchhikers guided the galaxy where he said that mice urges the ends of the two the goals of his inner dimensional creature studying scientists that laboratory mice he was a fog ingenious but in the same way when you look at like
every single living being on earth is actually protruding from the younger generation after generation of being that stretches back to the beginning of organic life on planet earth so it's like earth suddenly gets life how who the fuck knows my theory aliens who knows maybe it just randomly happen who knows but so suddenly springing from the earth are these very rudimentary organisms that over the course millennia grass julie stretched out and changed to become various types of devices to study the crevices crannies and an air of this planet until eventually it became monkeys and the monkeys became people and now we're like a very advanced scope is peering into the atomic and subatomic level of the fucking thing but when you look at a squirrels life of eagles life
fucking salmon being eaten by a bears life it's inch i still consider that what you're saying is and in in a number of scopes through which something that appears to be either investigating this dimension orgies enjoying being in it is coming through you know that seems to be what's happening that is an idea that gets echoed in since unlike some eastern philosophy he's in summer its age an interesting take out for sure wooded woods deftly happening is there some consumption going on can see everything's consuming something with this one of the things about this radio lab potash so fascinating worth talking about these fungi devouring microscopic insects and the also with delight early tapping into rocks for minerals is really really intense stuff and having this intense relationship with these plants where their feeding off the roof
system yet and the root systems are feeding them in their feeding the root systems their exchange and sugar and and minerals yeah that's really crazy to its being really really are they were talking about miles and miles of these microscopic fung fungi here in the soil in the tiny piece of soil brian miles and miles of my creator the mai silly i'm right yeah so like it so when you ok so data everything's eating itself but if you imagine that what you're looking at is actually only one half of the thing because we can't see into the nothingness that happens after death then it could be that your actually looking at one just one part of it process right you're seeing just what you ve seen a limited part of an infinite process that's happening where death is just one piece of it but the thing that dies doesn't
is annihilated it now it's not it doesn't get so days it's like ok what you are is a thing growing out of time right your growing from that which is not into that which it so that which is not known to that which is is wrong because where you where were you before you died unknown know your before you were born outright same thing accordingly some religions but soon look at that as part of a continuum right instead of just like you are born and then you die and then nothing as if you look at it as part of an energetic continuum of which we can only witness this particular part of a continuum we don't have the technology to appear in the other part of the continuum so if you look at it as an actual cycle then the brutality of the universe becomes
little less significant because you realize like oh no it's just like things diving out of the nothingness into the something is returning to the nothingness than the same way it dolphin jumped up and go back down into the sea that's all doing only when we dive into time we take on a form when we die out of time we become the formulas and then we come back out of time again reincarnation its reincarnation its reincarnation is service set on his part as a former reincarnation is like a fucking dolphins rick only in this case the trick that you're doing his car during carnation and the particular that you live whether its as is for most people a kind of failure could how the fucking to figure out what to do when you dive into time for such a temporary weeding lifetime like you suddenly to be did you back flips and shit it's maybe you're not going to do that right away but you dive out of time around
nothingness come into something is incarnates incarnate incarnate here we are as a being have alive and then you go back into the nothingness again and so the people that we are most amazed by in story or just people who did really awesome tricks where their temporary human cart in carnation is they came jumping out of the nothingness that's what we're in right now man just a temporary transitory state harmonised adams that have become aware of themselves that are about to go through of incredible energetic shift where you become nothing and then maybe become something again
foreign vanity we have a real hard time having the perspective of your body turning into bacteria can back to your consuming body when die that not being a bad thing that it's a part of life and that you will be conscious inside that bacteria that maybe your consciousness leaves this and travels with you with yourselves and your dna as you're being consumed yet and it becomes a part of some gigantic matrix nets we maybe that's what you're tampon into an you doing things like anti yet when you hit that well of consciousness whatever the fuck that is that you hit when you run into that sea of reality when i say reality like this which is intense god like no bull shit like this it knows everything there's no bullshit it's like you and you you have to abandon
all your worldly thought tat abandoned all your ideas of life and death and ego and just give in and be one with the whole thing and maybe that's what we do all the time or sleep and man i mean it's entirely possible that what we do remember is existing in that realm and that that rail something that we're just shut off from because for us to get done what we have to get done with this monkey body can't be fucking contemplating that all the time cuz you're not going to get shit done you get your get your going to be you going to be too philosophical going to be two fused he's gonna be is so blown away by the images of that other world you can handle so you just the reality of life just completely takes over dude you didn't i mean i don't think you meant to do it but you are taking awaited when you said that
the essence of so many different religious systems which is that here is this omnipresent infinite ever replenishing creative matrix of intelligence that is so much bigger than i am the its incomprehensible wit the end in an like you said you have to let go of all your worldly ideas your thoughts your ego you have to let your ego die because what the fuck are you gonna do in the face of that thing are you gonna hold onto the stuff you're proud are you gonna hold onto the the victories that you have achieved you and your minute flickering you incarnation when you're in the present of the source of victory in the eu reverse what are you gonna do there what's the correct reaction to have if a thing like that were real and so depending on what religious system you subscribe to those all of those
answers to that question you know and you hear the answer coming up in a similar way usually which is you serve it try to become a servant to it because because what else you gonna fucking do are you gonna u can it are you gonna teach it are you going to show you how to do something are you what are you gonna showed dealing hey guys relax i'm here i know you been waiting for a long time infinity finally i'm amongst you with my though i forty seven years on planet earth as tire salesman who finally does the empty for the first time are wasted you come back here let's start with roses i like the color of them but maybe we make it a brighter ray what do you think about make it oh dear don't want edam she has a fuckin garden she's
was mad dear was eaten roses yeah this is this is the m is the r that is why i really love this box yoga which is a cause it like takes had i d there is a super intelligent creative force in the universe and that word for it is bag of on and it basically means maximum everything so ultimate beauty ultimate intelligence ultimate attractiveness ultimate ultimate love it's the ultimate of ultimate rights this thing has inadvertently depends on what version of it probably not inadvertently but this thing has occurred this it's so potent than the way it's interacting with tat i'm is there it's breaking into an infinite number of pieces that of all
become a semi or super aware so it's consciousness is dispersed itself through its crew nation and every single minute element like some fractal every single little piece of it is possessor of this infinite consciousness and so that infinite consciousness is the source of love and its bay sickly lets you fall in love with it if you want to end it gives you too which is the what's really tribute to imagine just as i thought experiment man imagine that thing you just described that infinite fucking thing the no bullshit thing that demands that you drop your history like a fuckin old nasty baggage shit imagine it that thing also was aware of you completely and also loved you
imagine that shit man that's the craziest idea ever that's a crazy fucking idea that's better than you know like when you i kind of like a girl and you start thinking like maybe you know do this is your fuckin muscular super billion aired suppose the you have see somebody like me when i ever girls darts liking you you start thinking like holy shit does this girl i think this girl likes me i think this beautiful incredibly beautiful girl makes me could this be that's the beginning of all love songs right that's the beginning of of like all human happiness is holy shit the girl i like likes me back and she likes me we shall think she's falling in love with me this incredibly beautiful girl so back to yoga is that exact concept transferred to the universe so now you're like wait a minute this entire the source of all
things in the universe has a personality and it seems to love me now fucking tame way not unlike the way that you might hear like jesus loves you and then you imagine it being like that means to over to house and sit down now like a boring betty and leave you know like that that kind of love no this is a fucking wild savage unpredictable love the way best friend loves you or the way that like a committee and loves you which is like you don't know what the fuck's gonna happen it's not the way a comedian loves you you know i comedians are going to do weird shit if your friends comedians gonna get a lotta like weird fuckin pictures to you on a regular basis you're gonna get people calling you playing tricks on you from time to time for no other reason then just to do it right but they love you they fuckin love you that's what's behind
so in the same way this is the concept it's not a team kind of love it'll kill you like it'll ii but it still loves you and it'll eat you because it knows that you're just a fuckin pair of virtual reality goggles you're just a temporary flickering thing it's gonna keep going on wherever this ego and survival mechanism is what makes us think that its more important to root for our team like we have teams right so yet first fourteen primate donate new primates yap once you get past team primate routine so i should of a choice between killing a gigantic fish or killer gigantic mammal that you thought the first yeah i'm going to kill the fish tank kill fucking blue marlins all day long bring those bitches in chop up into steaks but don't make oil for lamps out of mobile that made again oil out of those sweden i hear the bad guy and i agree with you know for whatever reason
especially with with whales i've ever thing for wales everything for wales and orchids and dolphins unfair ass an aid to buy them like legitimately perplexed i think that its entirely possible both by both with both dolphins and work as did there just as smart as us they just don't express it the same way they were they were different kind of existence they don't need they don't want to dominate other then controlling food this one have food and once they are food i i don't i just think when you when you listen to scientist talk mother dialects and dump the fact of the past since you get it for life and that they may form these type barnes and the reality over great distances with sound frequencies and in these complex languages that they recognise are different in different areas so they recognized similar sounds but there's a dialect to it they still don't know what the fuck there so yeah
pour the reason why we don't want no what they're saying is just like how we're talking about a mole jeez being like a form of hieroglyphs i don't think we can understand the context of communication when you live in the fucking ocean in you kill fish with your face all i think what we would think of is where is your house you guys have cable how do you guys find out about when the movies or play in that this idea of communication to us like what what they're trying to do is located each other let each other know their moods let each other another who right let each other now but we think that doubt that's rudimentary into harrison to our complex system of sounds and very rich eatable sounds that we gaol express back and forth to each other but what just like emergencies like what they're doing there dear expressing themselves in a way they all understand yeah yeah man and don't forget that
have an awareness of part of the larger part of the earth we don't know what the fuck is down there that's one of the that's one of the mobile dick right after the spoiler they they kill fuckin way oh moby dick ban right after the description the description away they kill this fuckin thing why they did it back then which as you know in a ship you rode up to the thing there's a harpoon ear he's gonna fuckin harpoon oh my god he's got sing it at the thing and then you ve got a tyrant real it and this is a fuckin whale right this is i leviathan right you're just a little fuck inhuman and a fuckin boat and like nailing this thing with a harpoon finally when it gets tired enough you have to find its heart oh my dream a the harpoon into its heart and then basically like fuck the whole with a harpoon just jack but an out back in whole until finally this description makes you wanna cried so awful finally like the whale
out of its blowhole at like shrieks like a car breaks or something i could screaming and pay images blows chunks of guts and long and hard out of its own dwell and then it fuckin dies then you gotta get it back to the ship you tie to the side of the ship sharks start feasting the fucking things like sharks chew in your goddamn whale its somebody's job to get lower down with a harpoon and kill the fuckin sharks melville describes melville describe killing sharks he's like you will stop you the harper near stab the shark the shark will start eating it ensure ales gives it a little you start eating itself and then just like tying it self up into a not as the eads itself in a frenzy that's our melvin describes those poor fuck in wales man but after the area they kill whale arab captain airport sad captain ahab he comes out any like does
funeral for the whales head anymore it says like what have you seen down there what have you seen the graves millions of sailors the wreck ships that no one will ever know or there what a whale see so they just arrived awareness that we don't like we'll never know what the fuck's down there we hardly can yeah we don't know it like that mean the earth is three quarters water right yeah so the body is the low yeah what's below the water is a two thirds of three i dont know if required a measure lately whatever it is it's right it's a giant chunk of the yes all war toy at loo the the underneath duff we so rarely see mean do we see it as we do we see one percent of what we see above ground the am oh god i hate always talking but a brief history nearly everything he describes it is like
could be wrong on another what we know about the ocean imagine someone took like six tractors and dropped them in the middle of like middle america drove around for a few nights with their lights on it some some description my guy i remember but it's like its words that limited is getting evaluating underneath all that pressure that's not gonna break down getting out there in the first place you know to get the thing again survive that pressure forget it pasta takes a special kind of crazy person that's will get in a submarine oh jesus christ right i think i'd rather go to space i think it right a ghost and be stuck at the bottom of the fucking osha and then see a drop of water in the side of the wall go and what is that what is that what's going on shit man but is that noise you hear that nausea clinic
and you know it's just like a fucking beer can i one of those piercy a stripper crush a beer can with her tit they hold a beer can and they have won a whopper ted site does double f jammies and they hold it by the base those states are always like the sure like like a ball and the end of an old rope crying because you have the big round ridiculous sized implants and they hold the fear tat they just bali what that beer can crush it cats would feel if i heard a click click link that new that eventually the thousands of pages of pressure we just gotta smashed that that tank i just fucked up waited diamond here they look look look behind you boom wow i didn't know this issue the spoon both which russian them with her tits thanks to her seat harvey boy am diego wow
now you know to think now i know so that's all i think of when i think about submarines you when she did it man eating she did at the first time she did that she was angry now she was on math the first time is that what she said not it's what i would guess i think a lot of girls have done there that's a trick that's like the one you not but she keep second that's that makes boom crushing beard so you think when first girl to crush beer can whether booth was on mass now she's probably a real girl first of all a shed real boobs yet not to rule girl yeah you're all real girls by the way and everybody is real yeah you want to be a real girl you're real girl right right but like how many guys have broken beer cans with their dick how about zero tits are way more power in that regard what with eyes ever like held a beer
and down and smashed it with his hog occurs greater man than anybody in this room plus so if you does it right side up and he gets the lip of the the beer can thin part slams against his dick the kind of force its required to ben a beer can you gotta crush you didn't you to hurt you i gotta disagreement think keeper comes i think he becomes the hero maybe he's like if he's tied up and he's gotta uses dig in the beer can as a form of escape device like it down boy it becomes more her ro i then just but you're i m you no matter what if you smash of beer can with your cock than you join start any visible it morally than the illuminati i bet it smaller than the seven families that control everything do design fourteen inch club was all dude fourteen hedgehogs just hang you have this guy
be more than one dude on the planet that has more than a foot long deck right if these girls just like that and obviously those affair but people are weird right people build strange those guys are seven feet tall young people at a five foot one yes there's a whole bunch people in between and someone out out there the fourteen and dick yeah for sure i come any of em well i mean based on my own experience three and they're all i ask those but will there was not one guy who kept getting caught at the tea essay because he has is is hogs gigantic right so he keeps saying hog cause it's fun was you call woody twelve yes he's got a like a fuckin sock like our rolled up sock yeah that's what is is hard as we know the story went out protectorate you know the story john malkovich right being john malkovich john malkovich the actor right right so that
supposedly they had eta a body double in a nude seen in a movie because his carcasses gigantic that they thought nobody would believe that was a humans dick so they had to get body devil with a smaller cock too have him stand in because penis is so large that it would disrupt the flow of the narrative guy who's tone you this sucker deck here while it was suddenly there in the third year i believe that it is his dagger serbia to hook it out loud i take it you look you up what he's they look up as if that's confer somewhere i think it's confirmed i have a feeling that it's called rumour i have a feeling john malkovich has a great publicist yeah he's like lamar week this story that's a good move but if i could imagine you would have a giant hog james woods possibly has dialogue does the word he rallied about it talk about pre
open the tramp tramp as giant dimly say that's fine says it's fine interpersonal hands but its effect the guy's running for president news joking around buzz dick not being tiny tat is hilarious i don't you know i don't know if he's gonna make the best leader of the free world but i welcome someone who's willing to make a dick joke while they're running for president welcome that well it skin it's like it's gonna be a scam maybe i gonna be really on interesting you know as thing when you talk about the fuck elections anyway man and you know it as in all the trouble arena what its disrupt it's too this is all technological disruption like we're looking
yet this is all a result of technology as thinking like what's the what's this look at if you can like locate the problem right it's the army to jump from a goddamn fantastic conversation about warmest cox to some kind of political shit don't ever worry about our conversation hello lover so thank you so so are the eu that the what you're looking at here man is what raker if this equipment recurs well his things aren't getting worse are informations getting better in so with hillary clinton who is a career politician i and we all know since we were young most people i think when they think about politicians they dont think those are some honest people those politician
they usually are telling the truth i think most of his think politicians they lie they warp things they fabricate things they use a form of deception to gain control of various power structures that's what the animal does so that's not new and nation when you find out that hillary clinton and the deep sea are not enough they completely connected those do but when you find out that they say they were not they didn't do with their souci do they helped hillary clinton become democratic nominee and they actively tried to forget bernie sanders right that's creepy but it's not a new thing i know but it is creates creepy and it's even more creepy that the woman who was in charge resigns and then immediately gets higher lately i've got a greater hilly glens like fuck it when a higher you and it won't do anything she hires or she so fucking unafraid of what can happen
did she hires the woman who did such shitty thing she had to resign booed off stage hires her endure fucking party cookies ike fuck you i'm getting elected you are not stopping it right but this is again tat its gangster too its case it's also a move in on her part where i mean she's looking like what trumpets colony crooked hilary like it's a gangster move www to hire a woman like that like right in front of you yeah waterman schulte tat pursed measured accomplished a deal say but this is not a new this is not a new thing man this isn't what exactly will go over this is what exactly did they do that so awful about bernie sanders what did they do so they apparently came up with a way to disseminate information to the press highlight certain aspects of bernie sanders that would be unappealing to the vote her and they did this and this is all been confirmed can you q
google that find out what they actually said let's find the actually summarize the wait and see if we think there being a bunch wine bitches but for sure they want and hit look she's got way deeper arms in politics she's way more connected than he is for sure there's this is what we're seeing to tools like a big part of being a political candidate is how many favours you have how many people you are you connected to what how deep does your influence go right and obviously her influence just sit within her or her own little group of people that were working for it had got into the dnc itself so she's she's deeply embedded in this whole system whereas because a friendships or ideologies but just wanted her she's the chosen one whatever reason whatever deals were made however who knows who knows what it is but when you find out that an organisation that supposed to be the head it's supposed to be if we if everything was on the up and up which was to be objective and looking for what the people why prize the best party when other actually actively steering which is massively corrupt and kind of scary as these pete
or deciding to steer and entire party yet which is fifty percent of a political process because there's no look you ve got libertarian party for the first time people taken gary johnson seriously i do that town hall debate on one zero town hall when those town hall things on wednesday on cnn but for the most part its democrats republicans in most people's eyes their centrally doings rigging half of that process yet that's carrie wages we dont think anything wrong with that we put martha stewart in jail for telling exactly the truth about where snow no way out and sold stocks or whatever the function we lied about we do think something's wrong about it but we can't do anything about it we do think something's wrong but right now look ok so if thy that institution is corrupt and if the republican institution is in some ways corrupt i think it might be safe to say and i don't think too many people would be outraged at the idea that there
institutionalized corruption in the entire american political system and its very similar to the problem that happens in by gracing if one mother fucker rigs their bike or gets on fucking doping staff can't be detected if you want to have a fair advantage you gotta rig your bike and start doping to the person you rigs their bike will always when so if politics is a competition which it clearly is and if a member of the competition are using the fair various means to achieve their goal which they clearly are which they clearly are they now would imply that if you wanted survive in that system you would also have to use various means this is not new this is old old shit what's new is technology what's new is now
people like julian assange her shining a light on the corruption it is all ideas if i reveal this information it will force reform via the outrage of the people we're supposed to be represented by a person his brow give the law that's his idea we need reform and right now were the poor where it's very similar to when you're in a family this is one of the worst things can fuckin happened man in a family if there's somebody who's molesting somebody all the time whereas a fire they're a brother will start fucking molesting somebody right but in people the family know it but they don't do anything about it because to talk about what grandpa does every couple of years means the complete disintegration of the fucking family and apocalypse further family in the same way is more of these
revelations become clear which we always knew but you can always float into a happy place and now i'm just being a conspiracy dude i'm sure the stuff there doing up on capital ill is all fair and square you know you can kind of incentive leaving now it's like well now you're wrong look hey here's the fucking and here's going to be more proof and it's going to be more proof and it's going to be more proof until finally the american people are going to have to either just be like i'm just gonna believe that forest three and three is for because i have a nice comfortable and i don't wanna fuck and deal with this shit man i'm just gonna trust the banks has the banks will i they like and my job and as long as i keep my job i keep my benefits yeah and in by the weight p s man when you can see that it's like there's something pragmatic
that is sad as it is theirs as is is depressing it is is it is but there was a real awful problem is that this country i think is a good metaphysical machine there was built by some very intelligent people who understood the energy flow that comes through a society and the actions were supposed to be an outlet vouch for the pressure that builds up when people feel that they are being repressed right and if you start fucking with that output valve by putting up fate politicians they dont truly represent the people and hope that the people will believe that they have elected these people if you put too kitty choices in front of us and we're supposed to look at that i got my legs fine then you're you're missing the point which is that there is an energetic system that needs to be released at you know at some point the energies gotta go out if it doesn't go
you get revolution that's the way the energy goes out the wrong way the ideas let's fuck me american revolution brutal bloody awful fact these geniuses many of them freemasons got together and there were like you know what is there a way that we can program history so that is society doesn't destroy itself intermittently with a fuckin revolution because if we could do that will build one of the most powerful never ending societies on earth because we figured out a way to outflow the pressure that builds up so when you start fuck with a goddamn political system and pretend that everything gonna be ok you missing i think the the point which is that peat you're are very smart maybe a lot smarter than than the policy
since we have today recognise something built a thing and said let us trust the fucking people let's trust the people released the steam and while i everything runs according to plan now than the gears or a little fucking gummed out man alive yeah a little how gummed up how ganda allowed the gears a really crazy come up i think as the first time we're realizing how much money people make by running for president how much money cost to run iranian president but how much money top political figures make in nations and speeches yam of you if you paid attention how much they make speeches about giuliani and hillary clinton and bill clinton you may make bribes but this is what it is these corporations can and various universities they cannot
we need money to all sorts of different programmes where they would have someone speak and they can decide who gets a speaking who doesn't it to speak and they also have liked the clinton foundation people donate money into that they dont donate fuck loads of white it now it's all these things but all these things are all these things were would they are essentially or you're you paying someone to speak for an hour and you gonna give him seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and you want me to pretend that's normal that's crazy and what is this person do their public servant ok is there a public servant and while their publicly serving their also making seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars to talk that seems a little crazy doesn't it why do they make so much money to do that and who is paying them and what what what do you have to benefit by having them common rules some nonsense bull shit boring speech a friend my would see
rudy giuliani outposts post nine one one when he was on his victory tour he was unlike all the lap of the country doing these these speeches because everybody loved him save the world during you know right september eleven he was the girl stood strong anybody while remaining isaac admits we wrote that in so doing these speeches and come to colleges and fundamentally sound said it was dog shit that he just it was a boring ass like reading with no passion it was a chechen and say some nonsense about freedom and the american way and terrorism or whatever the fuck and first response anderson just date there wasn't anything real it was just it was a performance it was like use at doing a one man show all across the country for example sums of money cod that be fucking great if he was actually doing a one mantua hundred fifty three million dollars and bill and hillary clinton speaking fees documented this is just jamie just pulled this up that does dunning that's us
dawning amount of money and what were fifteen years from two thousand one too about now said still it's more than that men was perfect than exists ten million dollars a year is morrison what she gets two two hundred and twenty five thousands or our standards oh my god i nevertheless she prefers a private jet and prefers a gulf stream for fifty or larger the memo outlines clinton requires travel by private jet you don't be fucking is this like for you if you are like a mad billion air could you just get hillary clinton to come to your house and like just big to you for an hour in your living room lights sis is fascinating hold up scroll down there should be twenty one million dollars to what she made twenty one six million dollars in speeches in just under two years nice guy that's incorrect well that so much money she's like a cat
your act mansion crazy animal that you can like it with money like you can have you ever you can and laura gallery clinton in your house like you just have to lay it out she'll show up like if i put carrots my backyard private a rabbit or do you have enough money you can get politicians to come start our feet yet europe mansion where she windows become winners have become bribe okay so should she like say will you can never be it's weird right couldn't be someone who is in public office and go and also have like a book reading tour we read from your novel about crime are something that you'd have to be like i know fiction person whose wave when you're talking you're talking about what you do for work yes part of what you're talking about like nobody's gonna recruiting ask hillary clinton to come and speak about the history of jazz united states i she's not gonna give speeches on that scale speeches and politics
right right right so gay so wise and ok why can you like have two jobs that means you're having a second job like you're doing your job but you're you're saying that you say during your job but somebody else's paying you to why is it ok their wise it ok to do the like that seems like that's like that seems very problematic right why is it ok fear husband to go talk lucy talk to the head of their whoever the prosecutor was a dingy here bill clinton went mad this secret meeting with what was it about what right is thorough awry right lindsey what their username dammit the point is like you just are alarmingly like enough like hiring hiring the that with a woman who somehow warped the process of getting a democratic nominee their yeah which remain
loretta loretta land share doesn't inside of country singer so readily embers loretta land right that's what sounds like loretta lynch yeah now she mal bill clinton meets with the attorney general in arizona tarmac outweighed by the way flew in on his private plain and said that he was impromptu hurrah for i am proud to on a private gatt yeah hey you know i hate who are we fly in over right now he's going on about waiter we flying over loretta land oh come on we'll get a piece apple pie she's a good while more than all sit on the porch and drink lemonade god but our grandchildren on the porch on the tarmac nothin i love more than a nice a nice picnic on the top mac of an airport will this is the other thing that she lied about being dead broke after leaving the white house not only dead broke but in debt she said that but apparently this is so not
oh yeah and now it's like tat to make matters worse it's like you have to theirs is weird idea that like listen you might not like hilary fucking clinton can go back then but they're like you better shut the fuck up about her because do you want trump be president those what's going on right yeah circulates outta says here this is what this is words confusing says when heavily fined the financial disclosure document after entering the senate he doesn't want she reported assets of less than one point eight million and liabilities of more than two million well where are they do what they do with all the money we spend money on theirs which like who the fuck ok who has two million dollars in assets and in two million dollars in debt do you have to understand that now most people of two million dollars and debt that's that's a query amount of money we did you guys of a budget year dedbroke do you guys you're crazy
would he party and you guys do have blown by ferraris just stay on amazon lady who the fuck gets two million dollars in the whole like that doubt is like if you wanted to have someone we wanted a balanced budget wouldn't you pick the personal does and get two million in the hall i mean man it try jobs been banker the gang at times to write as they didn't bankrupt shooting out that's it they say he says he likes going bankrupt somehow part of some plan but deep now and what about the shit about saudi arabia what is this your member this i remember one in exile i was making jokes about them steel unlike frank silverware and fine china and stuff from that when they really looming link on their last a glow that's what year was this is like to and from two thousand like one are literally live in the bushes were coming in burma guiding all sorts of lecture artwork and oxides kinds of things and i know it's true but it's it's out thank them
it has gone away i don't know man ha that's how lair she saw gangster part of me look i can appreciate it in a way she's like our putin yeah really great just what we need are reportedly appreciates how gangster she is use a video going around her talking from two thousand about not having email imagine if she had emails like what the investigators would find sure of course is vital on my pencil twitter page didn't she take money from sight your rapiers that bullshit allegedly i'm not really her account and so i can't i don't know i just did you know man i think it's it's like a cat easy time right now because we are actually getting to witness that that the cool thing another issue is is nefarious these assholes gonna be there are theirs they can't keep up with technology there being exposed technologically and that's going to continue to happen
and that's pretty fucking bad ass man they get no matter how powerful a gangster heller glenn as she has apparently zero security on our computers is the very little security and maybe if she had great security she still couldn't stop the infiltration of hackers and this is gonna keep happening in happening inhabiting until either we just accept that our politicians are innately corrupt or we come up with some fucking way to starve them out to make it so that they are you but how i mean what do you think burnoose like the first step in that burn is no perfect person right i'm not the most gigantic bernie sanders supported because of talk to economists that tell me that what he was proposing is not physically possible sir i don't know they're right or he's right and it's all real tricky to me the idea of democrats socialism my boy it sounds good it sounds good of people got more i'm a warming up
the idea of universal basic income i kind of like that idea it s i think of you think about how much resources we spend on things like hops and firemen and damage done in police and for whether prisons and how much time maybe we could have some of that would be a big chunk of it i think universal bay the income has like some real he's got some it's something we should explore as a culture but we i think also requiring people to do certain things in the community requiring some sort of community service like how nice would it be if i mean it's nice to build a pay someone to take out the garbage but maybe we'd appreciate each other more if we all took out the garbage deadlines amount no way man i disagree with that that's what they're doing in venezuela by the way they are doing their forcing p for to be symbols are to be farmers fur likes sixty days out of the years something like that but i make
feel good about farmers now because i venture sway was fucking imploding and they need like them but but i'll tell you meant any time the government federal workers get more power in whatever way it may be that's a bad thing for all of right and i think that the than the the more weaken push their fuck tendrils out of our consciousness the batter ends any time anyone is suggesting i knew i don't care how fuckin utopian it sounds any time anyone here's the thing do you think the government is corrupt if the answer is yes why would you want to give more power for which one of you the more tax by yeah yes why there's no now when you talking about taxing people you not talking about giving them money directly to the poor people right in yeah man talking about to go to the government and the government distributes it with no receipt right man
so did you right now we don't want that that's fucked up if these people out there if they were alike somehow we actually just imagine here's a crazy fantasy how it implemented but let's imagine we had a system where every four years some of the coolest smartest people in the country but came our leaders that would be fucking in saying who was smart people don't want their job just by nature so it's ain't job the idea of wanting to be the person is in control of everything and i think in till it goes horribly wrong with we're going to stay on the outside and we're going to go somebody come on somebody come on somebody i'll tell you man i think some of the coolest people because there so cool if i'm just saying this is a mystery how to get to them but which you say you could that's a mystery how you get to them what say and let's imagine there what are they
who are they a renewed reminiscent of new person gimme the attributes you'd why let's too i would take somebody like elon musk i would take some like you i would take some why not i would take somebody like arms i want a job well done you and us neither are fine but we all sit together in a room like hey man who outlets imagine like five more bad ass is right we all sit together in a room and we say listen i know none you guys want his fucking job you're successful but cause you're super smart and your super cool and you're having great lives but would you consider for a couple years helping us work this shit out so the planet gets a little better and i guarantee now again this is a fantasy but i guarantee that there will be very few people that room like now
live my life you be like yeah i'll do it for two years no problem out over four years sure i would love to help and still for four years you go into this job truly thinking man i'm going to see if i can reduce the number of people who are fucking uneducated and hunger and the bombs going off and i'm gonna try to do it by using all of my smartest friends and i'm not doing it because i'm gonna money from this group or that group i'm doing it cuz it feels like the right thing to do do you know what that's called man that's called
american fuckin stream did the founding fathers came up with that was the idea we're gonna have a group of brilliant wonderful people who want this particular swaths of human beings to be peaceful what is it a peaceful place where you can experience life liberty and the pursuit of happiness right freedom autonomy community all these beautiful things that was the idea beautiful idea it was wake you cry when you think about how beautiful a fucking idea that is and then to imagine that that idea over the course of time was gradually deteriorated gradually infiltrate gradually broken down and of course it was because there is a powerful empire the empire is inevitably attacked by entities that won't take it over of course it's the nature of
something powerful some asshole wants that power and so an analogy this is the system over the course of time an intentional infiltration by people who have all the money or just some cysts system degradation slow sort of collapse seven million different systems inside the thing has happened that has happened and yet concept remains one of those beautiful ideas when it was incredible fucking ideas they cannot erode the concept when maybe be can still be saved with technology maybe the transparency has been afforded by technical g is gonna somehow or another step in and put a halt to what we see just a standard operational behaviour of crime option and influence corruption and info just so standard that it's right in front of us when cnn is printing hillary clinton annual
for the past two years is twenty one million dollars and no one's baton and i she's sitting there with her bite suit so that bite suit on looks like a fucking german shepherds going to jump out of the bushes and grabbed her suit see what you watch on these boxy bite suits and she's she's making ungodly sums of money from just talking and she's doing it doing it doing it right in front of my face it's me that's one of the beautiful things about bernie sanders one of the most beautiful things he says i didn't take a dime from those people i don't speak to the banks yeah that's what did you what did you say when you got paid half a million plus or whatever she got paid to speak she had paid to speak to the bank's there's something fucking bananas about that one there is one of the ones that you get paid i made it might have been the tuna visitation release dallas bunch you want release so really the ones which adopts the bank's they'll get release they speak in latin they get together they fuckin burn baby snakes molly weeks violet equipment you start talking and tongs and show some look lovely element malloch their old eyes why shut it out yeah
it's odd and fucking candlelight centigrams everywhere yeah man they pray i wouldn't be fuck it up if there's a few things they do that we might consider to be a little abnormal when they get together bohemian grove look bohemian grove whatever the fuck they're doing their whatever they they do it for for whatever reason they really do or at least used to dress up in robes and burn and effigy in front of a fuckin our statue ok there's video of it it's real for them they say it's fun and this like one of those frat pranks or traditions that people do although dress up and weird costumes they go through some weird skull and bone ceremony that their grand pappy did and everybody does cause you wanna be what is there was a call play you wanna be pledged initiate initiated mean come on man this is
a real video of these fuckin multi millionaire guys meeting in bohemian grove and burning these fitly that hitler clint was paid to earn twenty five thousand hours speaketh goldman sachs builders and innovative conference builders and innovation at the ritz carlton dove mountain resort and miranda arizona that is a gull paradise those rich due to their often drive and convertible mercedes with the whores paralyzing open unlike like thirteen seconds yeah these these keyser looked or i'll asters no man did i tell you this is thinking and by the way i'm sorry did a fuckin see really patriotic spiel i didn't know that i do not look it's while it is preacher but it's it's you you're right these people were massively repressed by europe they took this incredible chance of getting in boats in coming across it
ocean and time we're we're navigating things with something that looks like a protracted yeah i mean that the lead sextants in other staring at the fucking constellations turn a figure which way to go there manipulating the air get there it's fucking amazed and a lot of them are doing because they want to worship god and a certain that is not able to show you where they're but even even whatever even their rationale for rationale for leave and they still the balls to get a fuckin boat and make cross osiers that puts them in a better place in my eyes than those pussies estate bag and believed in logic but lived under the rule of the queen yeah does dummies or the king was it came back then probably i hang about kings but my point is around the point but if i had a point it would be that's the reason why america's so fucking bad ass that at least at least the river aberrations of the initial instincts started still exist yet the
you can't go away it's it's like a geometric form but here's the problem man ok this wise think it up let's imagine that you you and i are somehow i don't know why we end up on a cruise ship filled with idiots like litter oh fuck in eighty eight sergeant happen somehow they just like they went through like we like some it's like the opposite of a reality show where you find a great person like over the course of like months they find like the world's worst people right and so are the world's like maybe like the world's most unwise people are the world's damage people she went up and would like a population of like sixty idiot sound and i'm not saying we're not idiot i certainly don't consider myself to be a man in some member but but let's imagine were a little light and more on the bottom these guys are right the boat fucking racks we're on an island now we have to build a civilization how
does democracy become a good thing if the majority of people are kind of not that fucking onpoint right what happens if i'm it what if it's let's imagine it's a boat filled with psychotics let's imagine it's a boat filled with people who are its gets a fresh eggs for example how do you have a democracy of paranoid schizophrenia running things and so when you have the news sprang up a paradigm that is also why thirdly corrupt emissions of the news is being run by groups of people who want to sell average hiding it need to be entertaining and you know they have at least present this information and a kind of entertaining possibly warped way there are cases including in the recent wiki weeks dump that where the where they were in what took up indeed independent non disclosure you know the national democratic group the andean
de in dnc was telling giving like talking points to the press right right so if then media is painting a picture of the universe that is not accurate or as warp too little bit based on consumerism or the corporations that are running things then the people who have turned into that reality and believe it to be true you could safely say they are mildly site cosmic because they have bought into a reality tunnel that might not actually exist in which case is democracy at that point a good thing if the people living in democracy have for a lifetime been getting bad information shot into their fucking brains marijuana gave you brain damage wars sometimes you just need a fuckin kill people we have got to get into fuckin ironic because a dom hussein has weapons of mass destruction that he is going to on leashes fucking last
wrong information but if you believe it you believe wrong information and if you believe wrong information then that means that you are no longer walking along the path that is there but a path created by other people right so that's when democracy gets really interesting because now what we have is very powerful hypnotic cobbles of can of a billion airs sending back information to the population and attempt to shift their perceptual mechanisms in such a way that they will elect leaders that don't represent them but that it and created by these machines to take over the the world and in that case the democracy becomes a little bit more problematic so that's another promise like ok great now let's image we suddenly have a functioning democracy what if a lot of people in that function functioning democracy have subscribed ideas that don't
there are real and they're not really willing to let go of are you turn down never put tongue can i know not how to remember something i keep forgetting after remember you just animal siberia cooler just you know when your highs fuck like we are right now celebrate its talk talk talk about stuff when you're talking i have idea but a jet i have to follow your idea my dear slips away at around town rockwork itches died idea what if they're what it would have made many of us like the shit we believe ain't rail and what if that shit that we think is real has been in essentially placed in your heads by corporations with the intention of making is bathed in a certain way at that point a democracy becomes a automatic like what are you gonna do if you were there how many people are now believe the like tat this putting on a reality tunnel hilary clay is putting out a reality tunnel these are two different rates quality tunnels where many of the pieces of it might not actually reflect what is happening in the world
so it's like which of these made up stories are you gonna tune into or you going to reject both of them and go wandering off into the woods alone and try to in own way understand what's happening minus the influence of the corporate media i was thinking when we're talking about people coming over and boats that we were talking earlier about the the human biome and that you're you're got biome in particular affection mood you intel since level you personality it affects our immune system and that is that's one thing i've been really get into over the last four years is really concentrating on probiotics yet first computer that was the big one like that a g tease computer like that original flavour its ago it's ugh almost like physics some a blue their nose in it of slimy those those computers bugsy going to throw down but it's really good for your immune system and it made a big difference with all my travel on the road then i started really getting into keefer so really get
into why i drink goat's milk keefer several times a week and a drink or the whole glass of it a man at it the more i have been countries that kim chee that's another one that really into lately fermented cabbage it's it's really good for your very profile as well the more i'm doing this like i feel happier if that makes any sense it actually makes me feel better left i don't just feel like healthier in terms of my immune systems really good but i feel better so what i was thinking is these poor flocks again on that boat and came across the seas we think about the horrible atrocities committed by the pilgrims or those the columbus's soldier he s when they came over here mean date the by one account of a missionary they were dashing babies heads on raw cutting people's arms off they didn't bring back their weight in gold right there is some really dark dark dark shit go on
i wonder if it was a combination of obviously barbaric human beings and barbaric times when things were just way fuck endeavour and there was very little accountability psychopathic pavia and in fact you hire these fuckin psychopath these abused people murderers those does your soldier strategy be hiring and others the people that you put on that fuckin both those who are able and willing so they get across his ocean it takes months right how undertake get across the fund i wanna say three wants giving it took three months i don't know i want to say took lignite ellie think longer run in prague right maybe four months within four months i don't know like filling three months to do it you know what you're doing you gotta get the right wins i mean it's like you devlin might not make it it says approximately two month to month quick started and early august and got their october two while gathered so
all took approximately two months christopher columbus started his voyage in palos spain in early it's a fourteen hundred and ninety two with three ships the nina the pinta santa maria will not stop wow amazing command just being on that boat a fuckin fly on the wall on that boat watching those murderers sail across ocean and knowing one day you gonna get our day off school for those countries in think of that who showed openly just reaped and murdered everybody tat we get a day off school forum pray ray rang along the way long began we're going to have to come in to get there you go there king information that we have does not accurately reflect reality we have been conditioned intentionally buy up our structure to believe in a reality tunnel that if you don't or even our reality tunnel your consider
to be somebody who's a little crazy your fucking mind you i don't you know columbus was a good man when he fucking tallest rat remember that commercial with the guys eating salad and his friends going what you mean if i buy drugs in sports terrorism fact right that regime salaries and no nonsense guy to stake bar member that act as its effect i say that the fact that guy's extending its relationship that we all know that one fuckin super good arguing right wing guy that's a little bit older he and the other guy any kind of clowns them when they have lunch together come on get your shit together mike ok we're gonna make the loan go through but straight out your credit as the same guy because you're supporting terrorism its fact is eaten salad a shake up front yeah there's something cycle lot does i got mine fuck going and guess we know that relationship we know that paradigm between the really fuckin straight up publication no nonsense gotta shit together has god and a single malt scotch and that's about it
and we are and that other guy who's like air i heard the tower seven is an inside job what yeah don't say that eaten is let us don't fuck it's not true it's not true cause it's a fact i know it's our sounds about example but that thing the people like to do good too fat fuck man i mean yeah that it's a fact fucking guy is our version of a person who has been it happens in north korea there's that like i love you saw the like in one of these documents that north korea which i loved the watch as is the ultimate example of a hypnotize culture when used ultimate ultimate and right now right now with us in saying we consider what the past could have been like we never we knew it i haven't window we now have a window into what gang is comes empire was we now have a window miles china we have window that we have a window right now a fuckin physical window of real video this is it this is the guy doesn't
nonsense guy play the commercial atlantis have gotten beginning to have a new getting shiva evasive these bells it this drug money funds terror its report a manipulation in return and you get jamie my family new the internet you get several times at the same time someone like you gonna hear owning soon scares porn and supply this drug money funds terror it's a ploy manipulation click is eating shrug ninety closed terror i mean why should i believe that is a fact that officially chief so you're saying that i should believe it because it's true that's not you argue it is true that this is the dumbest working conversations i want to jump in there and i say ok we'll tell me how that's true meet me some specific i want you out of money funds turkey can i ask you if you
the guy on the other guy here's how its chair of so many of the people who are currently in the u s government have taken lots of money from the pharmaceutical companies that supply some of the most dangerous drugs on earth to people all over the planet and in those people in the government are also in charge of dropping bombs on people in other parts of the world we stop right there they also made by agora and the pill that's great ok great don't use vanguard else like the parallel drugs in conflict shoot loads new girl without any consequences yes i know we all do habitats funding there and every time you shoot a load and dear girl that's are you sure you she's the fact is in every city that baby do tat but i'll tell you fuckin terrorism terrorism is every time
when used our hearing the civilian casualties and syria and all over the funding for the choice of tourism go back a few rare and apparently she's reciting some prayer of safety this syrian girl who is praying i saw her saved you seen it it again if you wanna horrify the fucking noughties bad rather not logically ok let's just described what it is you could go watch associated jim he's gonna frida redeker imo decry it's horrible there's a guy he's talking to his daughter and she's reciting a prayer and apparently she's reciting some prayer of safety and while they're doing it you here and they both get shot like we're rocketed back and forth like something hit neither building you see like the reverberations the impact move them they d just out of framing stops is terrifying mean look it may not even be real i'm assuming its real honest
me real yap it might not even be real but because i don't know i can't verify but that happen exactly the way you look at whether or not that is an actual representation or whether or not somebody wants you to imagine what it would be like i don't know i don't know the brass i have studied the video i don't know have you no other neighbours convulsion on video look i'm not even an audio do bomb exactly but i'm not no short you're seeing that or if it's one of the universe the company that was figure in australia that they create faked viral videos to get hits and their special effects company and they ve their response smells like a gang of amazing videos that have been online one of them was this cup that shot a lion and then you see the lion another line can there there's overlying taking pictures yeah this one special effects group made that in a bunch of other fake ones too that a lot of people sent me and they
there are real and i retweeted homework or wireless grooves moon but me why these people just special effects artists color the lion one didn't get me as this is too perfectly framed it's too good got me didn't men are plus i didn't like the way the boy and the way it was working for a sitting there on the ground it look fake the whole thing look the other way affect lie then there's one that came out today that i'm a reasonably sure is real and it's one of tony above before the show with is a barren skies house and looks downstairs in my friend chain corwin actually tweeted a picture i gotta retweeted i find it he retreated me a picture today of a fuckin bear that broke into his friends cabin and tore it up toward the the fridge waiter open ripped out everything on the floor ripped out abbott inches tore his fuckin place bar and apparently is free called chain is like he do did you use my cab ours is giant heavyweight you have seen fighter
former you interim heavyweight jappy a gorilla its own friend like this first perversity called imagine if some tear through your house wretched fucker refrigerated door off the wall fits plates waste like they eat someone just fuckin helped out your kitchen so called chain first hey dude arms like i'm and rip my refrigerator door off and then there was another one that's true as well it's real where a bare got try in someone's car some hundreds of the bear in the car door which they ve been known do you leave it open look at that that's a bare too in the back and have happened subaru poor guy when our armies and therefore that this good question i think their walk in binding found them so would bear as is they know they figured out over time that they can open car doors if they open up a car who they watch some and open up a cardboard another bare and then this food in there that's it from then on opening car do right
so while when i was in boulder one of the people that lived in the town over from where i lived got their car broken into the bare eight the inside of there car the bare mean literally ate their seats ate their dash our day didn't look to graze sacks of his bare is trapped in this guy's car as his honor percentage it so he opens up the car door with his paws climbs inside any knowledge of cars like a kind of an angle the door closed cellar door close its of his eye two stuck in this are just mangled immediately the chair torn apart
i was shitting all over the dashboard look at him one of their insurance cover and one avenue has got a bow and arrow tumblr makes buyer sausage son i gotta let him out means that's fucked up shoot an animal inside a car that's not fair chase around those gentlemen devlin amount but i'd be fuckin past because his cars just shot it's mangled you can open up your truck with a keen with some people deserve they did they open up the back and let him out what's happening here how can the hatches open areas is ran days running off doesn't pretty decent size bear what kind of damage to they seem pretty peaceful man there's always seen what they run their tender run for sure where until the kill you he had you cells peaceful most peaceful do no more people get killed by blackberries than by grizzlies no i did not
weird weird grizzlies lot of sums are key by accident like you stumble upon them on the contrary blackberries apparently actively seek people sometimes when the really desperate oh my god man as fact there's a bear my neighborhood suppose pasadena barely garbage and stuff around a good old time and swimming pools and show you have to worry about you got to worry about predatory bears like there's a guy that i know steve rinella hosts the show meat eater one of his friends took a guy out hunting for his very first time there camping in a five hundred pound predatory i bear climb the ten attacked him in the middle of the night and his friends shot the bear the bullet went through the bear and shot his friend the wrist so got shot a bit i a bear in its first funny trends is rogue has rest bullet shattered his wrist where through the and shatters wrist that's terrible whenever you have those kinds of bad lux land on top of each other like the balloon accident
where like not only do you faulty or death for your also on fire why near death seventeen people terrible fuck hirelings dude fuck fight being the sky with fire and clung never what about a hard breeze what happens if this bitch gets hit by lightning you ever fuck and monkeys i wouldn't video a guy jumping on the plane yes i did i was insane insane tenth insane hints and by the way you didn't even hidden in the middle he had the edge i mean it sure it's a huge fuckin net but not huge enough i call you judge net correctly when you're coming down it who knows how fast is coming down it seems likely ways there for a second judges stunned flip over before impact is practising flitting oh he had a otherwise his face can get shredded right he's got a land on his back so those guys going down and then right before he hits the bottom he flips sees gotta like guy
himself with his own fucking arms in a whole city doesn't splatter that's is go pro man how is he possibly going to judge this i mean he has some sort of a like aren't we spam thing going on workers legs are spread now watch ass she also arise he turns over right before the end and and lands in the net what in the actual far and everybody's applauding bobby columns and weeping over there they're both above by israel is is crying mom this gross big tits queer tingling these tests before hey this guy why are these people we do this we here live on the scene he didn't die it's amazing this is the first
time ever a person did this and lived were so happy we're so happy we could broadcast this on television it so important look at this yes we do dude we did it you crazy fuckers all of you oh my god cuz you know if that should didn't work out the net broken or the rest of your life you have to remember the the what that looks like a explosion of gods in does that sound that's gonna make when that thing heads the fuckin time mac his wife's dykes screaming the or just a silent scream just everyone just ptsd you're gonna have to a therapist to together have your had you're gonna wake up with the memory of that guy's body just exploding fucking watermelon in front of you what if the pressure of the situation the gravity the situations that the agenda when rush and the g force all combined made him
broke out like that indian dude and is never even bothered steering and went right into the crowd may like our human missile just took out kids and fucking grandma crushed a subaru scraps of bloody gatorade colored jumpsuit landing on your kid imagine you died because this guy hit the ground in his skull went flying through the air and hit you in the face crushed your head you got your head crush from his forehead marry them whereas you don't die oji aegis get lake amputated now you gambling neurological problems for the rest of your life like you like you know like somebody a car accident go into a temporary calm come out you you yourself for the rest of your life in people s lives like sky divers skull smashed enemy terrible man fuck dude high impact avoid that
what high impact ass high impact avoid that don't jump out of those in internet stop are they gonna get fuckin cd from net following imagines that becomes a new thing what is what c d tron a dramatic chronic traumatic and cephalopods he and some sad brain damage the football players get i would imagine that jolt of going from space into a fuckin net is considerable yeah sure imagine that that has an impact on you frightened that don't on easy on your fuckin body to fall out of a plane in anything it's definitely not what you by the way man speaking of like flunked out blatant sports accidents i know you get sick at our mother you see but do that fuckin whip of what's his name cyborg what's the guy's name the guy got it right that when i santos example cyborgs does
two male cyborg and females makes sense to cool word but that i was thinking man that thinking the new kick lying me smashed the guy's handled everything make dorms what do say it's me fly you don't see any care guys listen my voice do i sound like i know a lot about the usa the little more time back in the day while my train or taught me somebody led anyway of it the point is is it possible you know get basketball people getting better pask about nine skateboarding bewildering at her escape or right is it possible that in the eu have see people are gonna become so proficient at beating each other up that there will be a more of this type of awful accident happening where people just learn how to be powerful enough to crush a purse
skull where you just get better at man like if you look at like and it's not a fair comparison is a spit skateboard you eu requires a tool but if you look at like early skateboarding videos to now and see how much it's evolved and you know that you have sea has the market pressure for these fighters to be the best ever because they become like world renowned fighters they make a lot of money so the pressure is there to evolve if you look at you have see a hundred years from now isn't it possible the fighters are going it's so good that it is no longer safe to do that you have sea because they're just going to be strong enough to break someone's skull open with their fucking fists or with their knees will let me answer that first of all it was a very unusual scenario where a guy was diving ford and the other guy was joe
bring forward within the right and they combine in a perfect collision rats very unusual to happen that way it's happened before though it does happen it can happen but that was the moon most extreme version of ever seen in my life in all my years a watch martial arts watching martial arts martial arts seeing fights fights of scene live but it's got to be more than a thousand probably sure like fifteen or some like that live i've never seen it once i only watch it once on tv so guys have definitely got their nose broken though and it definitely gotten their orb broken the orbit broken orbital handle a bone is super common that's real common that happens all time that happens like once a year i mean in the autumn back on more maybe even more than that we don't hear about it maybe they're small fractures but may should take the former women's which had been she got orbital bomb broken in a fight bob sets out here
sap had his orbital bone broken by croak cop i can name a bunch of em we're guys have gone there orbital broken through our so that's your face you can you face broke this is just a different version of it and it was such an extreme impact michael venom pay the guy who did it is a sport karate champion and run really dynamic guy he's so fucking fast and his technique is so good his timing is so good he's a lifelong marshall artist who was competing as appoint karate guy and then he went from being a point karate guy to fighting unemployment and he can hit guys
in this crazy way dives in and hit something they can hit him back and when their running at him it counters them brilliantly and that's what he did in this fight cyborg whose talented guys been around a long time is real experience is fought in strike force he fought in the eu have see newsy affiliated amongst positive he did go without though please annoy fought strike force he had an epic fight with nick ds strike force and jordan me in and strike force epic epic fights so he's a real veteran and to have as happened to him is even more pressing shows you how good this page kid is but it's so unusual to wade happened i've never seen it like that before we're guy just charged in and the other guy didn't he just hidden him with a knee put at him so he would have to have michael venom pages athleticism technique experience lifelong marshall artist perfect timing and then also fight intelligence like he had the intention
to choose that weapon he has a full arsenal techniques he knew that that would be the most effective blow to land in a moment yes all his life long experience of competing as marshall artist led to that moment so as a perfect storm for cyborgs head there were the wrong the rising the wrong time and it can only happened just like deal earnhardt junior urged senior died in a correct azure it can happen like the easy even the great ones can get really badly hurt but but you could see like i'm sure you ve seen it over those fifteen hundred finds you ve seen haven't you ve seen it evolution in the fighting style yes but on both sides the other thing i've seen an evolution people's defence to disguise like mighty mouse who like barely get hit right now knees beating guys up but occasionally you'll get a guy who is like
the guy and another guys italy guy else cancel each other out people get mad right if you would get magazine of action because they're both to smart in the kind of like cancel each other that does happen that happens and fight so i just think that everybody daphne getting better but their defence is getting better as well and it just it's a sport where it so chaos and anyone can win by knock out of the connect and everywhere is so fast and everyone has so much technique that the best guys can knock the best guys we saw this weekend map brown who is like one of the two you have seawater weight in the world he's a fucking animal savage when my favorite fighters ever fought this kid named jake eleanor jake ellen berger is a very talented guys had ups and downs but he's lost a bunch of fights recently to top level guys and this is the last chance in the eu have see they gave him a last chance they said they were not only such a scheme or more fine they said ok we're gonna give you matt brown whose a demon is that ok
he went in and knocked out matt brown first round anybody was could raise was a crate easy chaos filled fight he blew asked and whether right hand and kicked him the body with a liver kickin put him away i was was in a madness fight and even my eyebrows even come back after getting hit with the first big punch but my point is on any given night one of these guys connects and they can knock out the other guy they can both do it not brown easily knocked out ellen burger easily could it connected sills it's it's possible for all these guys to knock each other out so it's unnoticed or man now i get how's your deafening getting better at it but there are getting better so hard hit i'm clean and their better at delivering shots what if one person it's better than everyone's gonna adapt to come up with some defence for what the thing is nan versions gotten better out i guess but he d learn the techniques lunatic
and they understand one them when their common but if you did predict like a summons i if you had to predict five years from now what kind of if it you ve seen a kind of evolution in the fighting styles and even the you ve seen and something that maybe you can prognosticate five years what do what do you think it's gonna look like how will it be different how old are you a sea change over time if mix martial arts is in involving sport while we already know pretty much say there is always room for new stuff it's always possible that new stuff comes out but i would actually say we know at least ninety five percent of all the striking options were pretty pretty well versed in what a person can do with their bones and i'm being real conservative i esa ninety five percent product closer ninety nine percent but every now and then some it'll do something do you like this guy i don't know the name of the organization but just knock some guy with an axe kick the other day and that's only send it to me and i was like
acts kid kayo emanates real recent first time i've seen that in televised emma about but i sought a gang at times and type window tournaments i i witnessed at first hand with a very good friend of mine who got knocked out horribly by an ax kick so i know that acts are real dangerous because good atom but you have to have elite flexible the speed and you have to know how to land and us a thousand new one that up until this year i dont think anybody knocked anybody out with one before there was a guy named adeline algarve who is fighting in strike for
any fought yossi for little bit but he got real religious and he decided to quit fighting but i think he might have fuck somebody up with an ax kick once he had had nasty nasty checks but the point is that might have been the last of the mohicans as far as like new techniques that you you're gonna see people do pretty much everything round kick sidekicks front takes we we already seen all those we already know they exist so that's pretty much covered but it's really getting bit what people are getting better at is their ability to deliver those techniques in a fluid form that's imperceptible for the person is trying to anticipate the move right so like when someone is attacking you what it's like is save you a really dumb guy and you are in a debate about christmas with christopher hitches about something that you really shouldn't have been debating right now you're really dont know the subject very well for your talking shit and he just starts what is he's clinking is wizardry glass around and touching was fingers are just demand did you learn on real time
would they mark you don't mean desert christopher tensions could do to any of us if we sell fund a watch him do you terrifying as you think well because me what if i got there is talk about the iraq war and what the fuck is buried me jurists equally buried most death no hurry them mos def was asking questions about al qaeda and the taliban i didn't know they were chained outside in the taliban and mos def was talking about it and christopher hitchens to society was annoying and just distress them just asylum applicants addressed him down at the word has expression i would almost rather get dragged off by a tiger then have agencies drawing me i can tell you is a ruthless away i would become a monk happened at a glance i'm just going away i'm gonna find a little monastery just show my head and say goodbye to the universe just some guy they can destroy you but
you almost feel like there let me off the hook like sam ass soon ass destroys people in a very calm way does insult them right but he does it very large you'll be let you know that he thinks you're retarded he when uses words but i do but but kitchens shows utter disdain for you while he's scoring on you harry seems like there's that hope when yet when higgins is pissed harris it feels more like at least there is the hope that he is going to bring you to his side there's something compassion in it but yeah hitchin is like yeah agencies like wild you just you i might as well you can be part of the genocide that i want to have happened idiots of the world and its array a really intense thing to watch man he must he must have just constantly red like that guy must have just woken up in the mall
and just started reading for hours and was deadly definitely not just smart but also well read a yet we all know people at a very smart but they don't read them on trial was all the above smart well read and did a lot of debating and had a lot of conversations with really smart people which is a big part of his well and you know and we are very lucky that we get to listen to those because kind of like having those conversations not so you're saying the word but being privy to a conversation with a gala kitchens like he's sitting there talking with sam harris or some religious leader or something like that and though the logical pointedly makes its there there very in reaching in a way that a lot of times like school isn't even a lot of times you professor is a fuckin incompetent ton they got that job because he sucker dixon those get tenure there's a lot of those shitty repress where's ma
do you lot of those there's a hedge funds video did you see the worry talks about what a monsters it army sane wise i see now and whose genius yeah and he's right me his armor our monster the sudanese india is our monster sure yeah we hope that guy but his sons riven scarier ever read some of things at his sons did i care amber his sons were like ramsay bolton from the game a throne for real they fed women two dogs they would take a woman they would take her from her bridle party raper kill her husband or throw her husband jail rape her and then feed her to their dogs and they did this more than once god damn man yeah well this is what we're talking about we talking about like north korea by the way i don't know this happened i wasn't there this is what i heard
this is what you read read it online that's what everybody says it's pretty much agreed that he did it but they again like i was criticised you earlier totally could be completely wrong but this guy if they did do it i'm pretty sure they did or something like they didn't do awesome stuff that was not that long ago man and avian influenza moslem staff ineffectual i bet it wasn't all feedin girls it about the word complete total sociopath and psychopaths from the womb their dad was a murderous dictator he raise them i bet he raise him to be fuckin monster you know you're a romance but who did saddam hussein's or geographical i've already added i think they're releasing it soon look it up just like their euro like our real romantic piece of fiction i mean by though i am not saying that ooh saying or bolter whatever the fuck is we're day inclusive today includes a word but i think it is self fuckin terrible when you
realise that even the worst people still have something good about them they there isn't a complete monster out there for those devlin complete monsters who have been for sure i think that inside you'll think i'd gain they are used to make lampshades out of human skin serial killer i think the monster is part of being human being is it no matter how fucking awful you are and no matter how terrible now this could be complete naive and i'm sure there's exceptions but mostly no matter how fuckin awfully you are some little piece of you inside of you glimmering way down their underneath all the fuckin violence and murder knows that you have the potential to be kind tortures you and i think that's inside every single person you can feel it and you all the time no matter good or a bad you are there's always that like
you want to help there's always something in there even fucking dog even the worst of the worst man somewhere in their there it's in its in every single person it's well i think it's what we are and the more separate you get from it the more you start doing you know ye begin it starts with like you fuckin shopping cart away the girl she still are the problem was we're talking about people that aren't broken their there there's people that through whatever reason through nature or nurture there's people that have fuses broken just like this p reform of leukemia just like some people have cancer just like some people have epilepsy just like some people are born with disfigured arms some people's brains are fuckin wired wrong from the jump there's something wrong biologically with them ok sure i mean don't wouldn't we assume yes i would i totally agree that their people he's fucking brains aren't working but i dont think origin our brains no i mean nothing so either but what some sand like it's not an either or sun
age or nurture it's probably all kinds of stuff goin on you know i mean i think somebody bore most likely born with defective mines right we all agree with that there is definitely people challenged learning disabilities all sorts of issues and not let's hear it also things where absolutely wherever there's gotta be for sure some shit that would lead to a person to not understand went across the people harm right we're not care or or like it right this is what it is a sociopath ran at sea i like to believe the cause ok and this as you know an infinite never ending argument right some people believe humans or meat robots oak self awareness comes from the sum total of all these different processes running at once and now we have this awareness of the self whatever that may be some people think that there is an infinite never ending undying pixel that
is there a human is grown around and i think goes on forever in that thing is made of love or for lack of a better word it is right right so the ideas and i like to believe this idea as crazy as it may sound anyone can be redeemed redeemed it is possible for all humans living today there is a way to stop your ford momentum in the direction of selfishness and start moving in the direction of being a little bit less of a fucking prick eyelid be people that have the inclination or they have the potential to be a psychopath if there arrays by kind and loving people would develop patterns of behaviour that are consistent with civilization with higher community like maybe what you get when you get a psychopath is the combination of really shitty upbringing
child abuse all sorts of awful honourable in a more emotional shit that happens we went physical shit happens be when the young and these traits yet and also maybe maybe some of those traits are triggered by genes expressing themselves in a time of great duress yet which is one thing that was talking mother forgot earlier i start on it but i never finished it was talking about the people that came over on these boats their gut biome if we're talking about someone who is on a boat for sixty days eating fuckin beef jerky and they come over here what scurvy their desperate their fuckin bodies eating itself mean literally their bodies eating its yet skirt year each year your bones and weak your lack of vitamin c is causing you to get ill and then you land on this beach and you're in an insane desperation mode and you already a piece of shit
you're already a monster he already some monster from europe and you come over here with a fucking a free passed to wreak havoc these anything people looked abroad no look anything like her i did get gold hey get our gold what you really want to get it in a way i can get it oh camped cut their deeds arm off till he gives me gold right i mean why this is all what we know happened right yet when you're starving i wonder if you really are a different person like when you hear about people like the the people came over and that pass in colorado the donner party at one a beaten each other because they fuckin froze to death are there any did they didn't know what to do in those no foods and start eating each other like what what is this which they goes off like what who are you when that happens or even the same person i have you really
of your personality consists of this ecosystem that we call your body which we know for a fact has all sorts of different stuff that's going on the others different stuff on your skin different stuff in your body there's all sorts of different bacteria it coexists with you and even exists in a symbiotic way right like you need all these things inside your body to consume the food gets part of your digestive system right eco lie is a natural part of the human digestive tract by installing there yes what what what are you in your starving are you are you like some crazy wolf person i'd what is a person like me what are they like how how scary is someone when they're a day from starving to death and they have a knife will matt i mean this is the question of free will vs no free while you're saying if you get in a stressful situation
there's some kind of mechanism of the swarms of organisms that make up yourself kick in where you no longer capable of making decisions and we do not even you he absolutely i did it i dont think it ever goes away and i think that you always have this weird autonomy that the universal try to trick you and thinking is in there and then suddenly you become a m now of course though think if you look at the judicial system there is a form of murder where you don't temporary insanities at the collar i am so you know there's like people who temporarily last lost their fucking mind stab someone to death they prove that in court in then in that case you don't even go to jail you ve killed someone gives you a temporarily fucking insane but i don't know man i think that that mostly
mostly if you really watch yourself you realize that year you're pretty much in control man my gear when i watch myself when i'm about to be an asshole i guess i'm about to do something as i'm angry as they call it you're talking about the ultimate version of hungary which is where you result capitalism hungry entire the angry angry angry angry hungry and angry so like your tired we're getting angry that's hired but that's hired a shitty job but zone but if you will you yourself even in that we are being led by a chemical shit going down and you're about to say something nasty to somebody usual urdu sunday nasty usually euro you're like somebody like do i give in this horrible employee ass digest shit all actors my asshole up and spray yeah yeah do i do
and then you do they do you say you know arable run gonna fuckin spray and it's it's just coming to us just like coming it's like when you're about to if you want this thing when you watch yourself about avenue orgasm right and you watch it build and build and build and build and eventually gets to a point where you're gonna decide to come or you can control it maybe and you're gonna fucking come but you can watch it build and build and build with only come the orgasms like em mild seizure of joy your body goes through these like you there's a coal by your entire body as reaction so the same way when you start getting angry it's just like when you're fucking about the comments building in building building and they like you know what i'm fuckin tell his purse now i really thought can feel that day we are angry and then wolf i this weird seizure shit happens so
comes out of your mouth you don't even mean it's like half real not real so but you decide you the side window squeeze the trigger it's not something that you don't have control of at least mostly raw and people have full themselves into thinking that they don't have control those are the ones who i think relegate themselves into the world of being some kind of machine some kind of like victim e machine i right but you know that it's not really the free will argument right you know the full free free will argument right i know some free will argument and most compelling one to determinism one what was compelling about it is that it doesn't exonerate you from your decisions but what it does is essentially to think that you are somehow or separate from the influence of your life and that the influence of life has in some way influence
the way you decide to act and behave and that a lot of those factors that led you influencing the way you act in behavior led you changing the way you act behave are completely out of control and all most unavoidable in their impact and that these things shape you in sight immeasurable way that you'll never be completely autonomous from i would able to completely separate yourself from the influence of your genetics of your life experiences of your knee neighbourhood of your armoury dahlia bring the developmental we may or may not have been ignored or abused or all those factors play a part in how you decide to behave and even how you decide to deal with how you decide to behave hungarian worth your own therapy i give you decide hey man i'm tired of giving all over people with my asshole every time i buy temperature
builds up at the end of the day i'm going to figure out how to not come home from a hard day's work at the factory and beat my wife like even that is potentially determined by your pass and not really you having free will decide now be happy shouldn't ok right so the that's ok sown by the way is not my theory is is this is more of a shitty explanation of what some people have argued in paris argued it on the back ass or does i wouldn't say argued it he i would say that he explained it in a very interesting way with compelling and you have to think about it and taken into consideration when you use terms like free well well i would do i mean so it's down to this point of decision right so when i look at like a lot of the decisions that i make there
spontaneous and they're not i'm not sitting around thinking like how am i gonna turn my steering wheel at this moment as i'm on the interstate what mild adjustments am i going to make this is all just a kind of spontaneous thing that seems to be part of auto pilot i know a lot of people are running on autopilot in most of what they do but i still think that it is in negates free will it's like a you could think of your wife as a boat and everyone's in a different shape boat in the boats been shaped by experience genetics gender about well what is for my vision will come about what kind of item i am yet will come about my boat as tough as a second group hang beard and one ball brother he's got a picture a fishing boat
are we in the liner like let's say it's a fucking for a lot of people it ain't cruise liners draft for a lot of people it's a raft did built of different things they decided to grab out of the infinite world of finance china and hammer together to create some kind of vessel which is their reality tunnel that their living and in their navigating this fucking raft in so sure i can boats you know people are doing that right now i think is technology continues to advance we're gonna find that were more like crisper i think we're and if i were more more able to like actually change the structure of our boats according to our and there's parts that boat i guarantee it man there's parts of your boat that you can revive as you might not be able to change at all your priorities to change your skin color you're not gonna be able to change your yet people are certainly changing the gender of their fuckin boats you people are doing that right now and i think is technology continues to advance
and i find that were more like crisper i think we're in a fine we're more more able to like actually change the structure of our boats according to our desire but if you really analyze what's going on in your life you will see that you are actively me making decisions for mom two moment that art and in whose making the decision will i dont know what that's where gets weird right if you want to nature got biome if you want to say it's the end de the never ending series of decisions made by never ending stream of women it was have to be there or isn't it all these things that i think that where the argument gets really weird because i think it's all these things here it's life expire it is in its genetics and its choices and its consciousness and it's the wilful expression of positive idea enforcing them on your life and what is the motivation behind that is it your past is it what you ve learned and is it a fucking inspirational youtube video you watch this afternoon yeah who cares whatever it is
it's a bunch of shit it's a bunch should go on all over place and i think the idea of separate reading that is akin to the eye of separating us from all of the life the tonnes planet i think we ve done a weird thing with houses and clothes and cars within a weird thing we're we're not touching the world anymore not touching it with our feet not touching with our skin were allergic to a bunch of share we can't get anything on us we can't go anywhere near certain animals if they touch your skin you get hives there there's a bunch of stuff tat we ve done in separating ourselves from the natural world has left us really fuckin confused and i think one of those confusions lies in when we ve created civilizations and cities we ve lost our contact are physical contact we don't have a physical contact you contact nature is all playing through the bottom of your boots your breathing it in still do you occasionally touch it yeah
paisley brush up against a tree but whatever influence these things have through each other nice insane network interwoven root systems my celia and fungus and rotting leaves and animals around you and all that stuff you you get through a filter now all that stuff you get through car window all that stuff you get through close asher you dont you not contact with that stuff anymore and by not being in contact with it you forget that has a message like when you when you lay in the grass just lay in the garage just go somewhere and lay in the grass it feels good it actually feels like the planet is like like hug but you hugging someone when you hugs it feels good sure it feels good away in a nice was no bugs country falkiner wraye crawled up your ass feels good to temporary
i love your ass you don't lay down a fire it i've fucked up i watch bees or bees by a bunch of bugs but i think that it you go in and nature on a daily basis like there was something that i read the other day that i tweeted them them forget who they were where was literally saying that there is an argument that a certain amount of nature is like a leg of vitamin antidepressants will like get vitamin deepens on is a certain amount of vitality a certain amount of positive like life force that you get from being nature makes sense man i mean i know only makes whenever i go out i mean just like anything just like have i got plants now that i have to water so nothing was going to talk to you ask you do you think if these if these scientists are correct obviously they are about this interconnection between
plants and about how they they communicate with each other and about how they even allocate resources to those that are in need is it fucked up to keep plants is it fucked up to keep some thing you decide now you're gotta leave this box man live in this box right ear what's round just keep looking rio inside cuba spinning around look in you're not going to communicate with anybody else has there anybody else it's just you you lonely and fucked up sitting in this pot or can they communicate through the air they communicated to the earth does get through your windows i got seven thousand things i don't feel bad about our house clients went in there but should you have plants in your house in a pot ok should they all be outside their outside with their friends no problem may if their outside you gotta yard dig a hole and you put your plant in there and you water it and it grows and it's part of the whole system that's like a dog with a yard otherwise your
a german sharper nicky movement of fuckin little tiny kitchen dear pending their you ever do this thing or you start thinking about how funny the concept of inside and outside is you ever do that layer it so funny business like ok in my house i am now inside even others like a layer of wood around me i'm in some other place it's different than the outside you know you now you're really there is no such things look inside or do you want better how about how this how about the phrase the great outdoors right what you mean reality in the earth itself like it is odd to be an enthusiast of the world itself yeah we spend so much time in these artificially created environment with air conditioning and me on light neon depends
elsie the oecd now dashes does i think this is not elsie do though for us and right that's what i'm looking for me on the un's like cigars but these artificial environments that we create we're in them way more than we are the outside so well are actually in the outdoors we car i'm salesman outdoorsman what do you like to do our duty the great outdoor yeah that's it i like brochure alike to being a great outdoors yet rate outdoors instead of saying with the world nature of a nature enthusiasts i love nature in all its forms man including houses virtual reality not not just being in a fuckin house joe but being inside another universe inside the house that is what i like it and also guess what because a lot of aunt ivy our people they're like when i ever get half you'll forget about outside no i go outside enjoy the sun enjoy my
shitty little garden with unspeaking a fucking cruelty to plants god forbid you become one of my play god forbid may you never be one of my plans but i still go out there and i try to keep them alive but man ye are is such a beautiful thing because it creates does seem almost the same sense of like you know like when you go in a big space and it feels good why were you aware to be a shitty warehouse but if it's big if you go into like an expansive playing yeah that's why like good i put a pictures up from the vatican those in the vatican last week or two weeks
when i went to st peter's basilica i put a bunch of photos of it on my instagram feed if you ever been to the vatican not yet you got to go first of all it is trippy psychedelic there's a giant pinecone okay they have this huge courtyard with a huge pine cone which represents the pineal gland and these two peacocks that represent eternal life detox apparently that's i took that photo the the guide was super psyched when i knew with a pinecone met his eyes lit up say represents the pineal gland right he's like how do you know that and that we start talking about christianity and its potential routes in psychedelic drugs and ancient roman culture and how you know like the john margo i grow book the sacred mushroom and scroll where he thought that what christianity was initially was a bunch of stories were they hid the psychedelic ritual india horrible's and stories share to hit it from the romans because when they are being caught good by the romans they didn't want
to know how magical the mushrooms were either a connection to god and that the pineal gland i forget actual chemical composition of de empty but or not the not de empty rather but mushrooms but would be empty is diamond a trip to mean is in some form that's what happens to psychedelic mushrooms when you taken suicide and i think it's i think it's like four fox forelock sea and in a non butternut an end i met the trip to me but it's in credit version of die methyl trip demean is produced when you consume suicide and mushrooms so these guys knew that they knew that and then it was a part of their art and it represented that pineal gland is giant fuckin fifteen foot tall pine cones represented what they thought was the seat of the soul that's why sitting there in his fuckin this gigantic trade being held up by angels shit and whether these saw a man seated also see god
luck envy our goggles for the sole that's what that is that the way we peer into this dimension look the same peters basilica these photos does this is from something that they built in the sixteen hundreds with no they had no computers they had no power to rules they had no this photos on photos on my instagram is so called dude de yours mean it right now in a picture and i'm telling you it doesn't do justice this thing's insane it took hundreds of years to fully complete and size of it in the scale of it it's mine button one further point we can see the actual people in the background look at the size of that fucking and that is a small sliver of how big the places i'm telling you it's not doing it any justice it's perfect the artwork is staggering i mean staff everybody talks about the sistine chapel the sistine chapel per
fuck and beautiful i mean without a doubt it's it's a modern i mean not a modern an amazing work of art but it ain't shit compared to saint peter basilica get out it's the all seeing eye dude this is that's the sun roof that's it that's an eyeball whatever it is down now look at adds devlin ivan imagine people in the eyeball neander angels there's angels got stuck in gaza bar connected the is impossible to alight joe look right underneath that i see that a pyramid right into the i do to help a fact today even climb up there that that's of a photo of hercules that last one that's a gigantic bronze hercules that they buried in the second century they build in the second century a d but it got hit by lightning twice and they want these days back in our dead they buried they buried it underground it didn't find till eighteen sixty four amazing do that the vatican is a mine fuck
what floor is one thousand seven hundred years old and you walk on it everybody walks on a thousand people a day walk on a one thousand seven hundred year old mosaic floor poor man that's where they say they ve got all these like hidden manuscripts and shit that no one's ever gonna see that's what you would initially granted to with core secrets the secrets are you kidding the vatican's filled with secrets oh secrets david notches that lots of other shit to man they ve been gathering information let me think about it it's like they they can rolled so many world leaders who have done confessions anything that the vatican doesn't like when a world leader gives a confession doesn't right that shit down put it in the fucking my they probably have confessions of some of the greatest kings they ve they knew everything man's the priest class freaking me out that's true we forgive me i want i hope i am
that's a fuckin vatican think about what that is either a country yeah it's a country it is a small country two hundred acre country every time a catholic puts money in a bowl it a little bit of that he makes it to that fuckin place that's the nexus point of dough for one of the world's one one branch of the war main religions now that's a fucking that's just all the money people who are like just at the end of their fucking rope people who have like three thousand dollars left in their bank account but now i can't what i'm going to give this to the church because god will bless me they give that money to the church and that money goes straight to building a fucking shitty lightning catching statue that's what all the money of people desperately needed it for actual things has gotten sucked to the vatican where it's used to be
gold thrones that the pope said sign in talks about the importance of charity itself areas or you know the new guy doesn't do it any more than you gotta do get on the throne nice real chair devalued and does he could archives six the most intriguing documents and church history runtown oh my god documents from the galileo heresy trial after that one out if i was a catholic church let's forget about that but forget about that she told me you wouldn't want to read that when they were telling him hey dude you're wrong the earth is the center of the fucking universe now either you want to stay in that attic your life like that a serial killer lady that lady cyril lady what's your name killed all the young women henry the seventh asking for a divorce and the nome king has ask your permission you become so powerful kings are like can i please break up with my girlfriend its henry the eighth he was wont to chop
heads off right yeah that's the ultimate annulment that's got sick of sending how stupid as they still use v i we had a guess you know you said the seventh and i said the eighth i had account low lines of thought that reminds me i'm sure you ve already talked about this in the past and it's stupid so go ahead and call me stupid if sorry sorry don't proclaim thing you know about the baron you know the baron steam bears yes yes yeah fuck with employers wearily i'm failure glades device had a whole article about it i didn't i didn't really remember it so it wasn't that much of a revelation to me i don't think i read that when i was a kid i was more of a doctor seuss kid i didn't know and that it was everybody thought it was steen but it s not in the i definitely thought that the idea that some people remember that nelson mandela died in prison in some people think he got out ass the tribune i love you ever either that queen song we are the champion get everybody think it ends with us
but it doesn't it just ends and buddy tries to sing of the world but it doesn't work that way like theirs funny thing that this guy does on you where he gets a car they drive people around they lip sank they sing along a karaoke rather they sing along too songs they sing and along the queen song we are the champions and it's the end and its george but the foxes named actor george clooney julia roberts and someone else i forget it with the other person and their singin along and it gets too and they all want to say of the world it doesn't say knowing what the fuck and there are confused and i thought it did to everybody does it seems like there's a a line that we are collectively decided was missing from that's on yeah it's a collective fuck up of memory time traveller prove i wish we could play it we can't play it they'll yank isaf youtube but
find the video see just see if you can find the video so we could tell people what video to watch cause it's hilarious watching george clooney get to the end i want to say of the world we have other my friend what a bad mother fucker freddy mercury was it isn't a queen every now and again i throw in some queen insane jesus he was good yeah he was so so get bohemian actually you play that you like why like what what an amazing piece of expression seems like he was one of the most disciplined people when it came to his work like its he seems like somebody who is constantly working on his voice disk of work a harlot maybe maybe for short unbelievably town didn't it in and had an incredible knack for expressing himself how are you listening to some empty our interview with her i can reach the famous broadway synergies talking about
what she does every day and it's crazy sing on broadway god she's like it's like three hours of physical access eyes a day mixed in with an hour of meditation makes them with vocal exercises so it's like every site good day she's doing like i will our prep for this shit that she's doing it's amazing when you hear about people are that discipline yeah that's not good for us we can't do that you do what is this is there to get to the end outgoing to fanny was the other one we're the chair and ok we can play for this is not the music it's just them saying in but we can't do because of their video yet we met its orton show whose change court in the late late show you took over for craig ferguson pass here i think his ago i must get to the part of the end now enough
i'm scared yanked off you two are there was a big thing that i tweeted today where some guy was talking about his audio books being on youtube i said yeah and people are this guy said that he sold fifty thousand audio books but there was like nineteen thousand views are simply down on you too being like what the fuck like that's a giant chunk of the people that have listened in my book pirated right you know and he's ok i get desire may living like a pay from the stuff it's interesting because you know obviously youtube has them up and they you know somehow another someone puts it up there and they didn't get it down without a request i kept it is on our algorithm that finds that you have outlined it so it's totally boss mom sure lotta your bitter up there somewhere or zones put him up and put him up on a channel it is you don't know me from the podcast from podcast from still others from but imagine if you had a book
and you made all your money if you're an author make all your money off the audio book or big a percentage at least can't ages claim to want right claim wonders get it off but those nineteen thousand views he doesn't get those iran you know like like how many does a ninety thousand fuse would have translated into him selling an audiobook is there real quiet that is real question is any and here's the real question for stand ups right deal with the question is when you are bits make it on youtube i say if you do comedy central special particular right and then you better make it tube the more people pirate your stuff i don't you caught pirating but more they taken they put it on youtube more people than us you the mortal gonna come to see you the more it's gonna be worth it to you to do another calmly central right so becomes different for us because we we kind of exists for the live shows like the live shows the big big part yet we do right yet and anything there
more people to go to the live shows is like a better thing right yeah air i would think so now for an author i mean for that guy he's he feels he fucked you know what it wasn't you saying that like youtube like culpable yearly gives making money offer the thing in some indirect way that in acting like they're not like it it is like who's the person who is is a person who uploaded it are they generating money from the thing are they did they just upload it cause i love it that's a good question i don't know the that that that's where gets weird is it in the working in the article you were saying how you know what a lot of music now thank god when you upload it on your youtube stream they just get a they just get the profits from whatever you're advertising it was in that's way better then what it used to be that you need if they need to upgrade the systems of this guy get the same dealey as with audible anytime
somebody listens today buggy i may i definitely think that he deserves out for sure but here's my weirdness about all that you know we were talking about language and the limitations of language and the ensure quality of a virtual reality and i won how were going to digest data and information in a virtual world like if people decide like what if you decide that you want to read books in a virtual world yeah this how you want to read books the way you want to read books is what your feet up on the couch in your mouth jane eyre virtual world all these girls around your finger bang themselves with high deals on and queens fat bottom girls you maybe iraq and world go round plays in the background share and you get to sit down and read books in a virtual world yet what happens then like what what happens when you're watching movies in a virtual world will that despite mr same is we may think the movies would be they would exist nothing
movies in a virtual worlds there definite coming right and they're gonna u can exist in the world like the universe sit down a watch him with us now as advocate great theory theatres envy are now you can sit down put on a movie and watch it on unlike a massive screen and we are there i would you don't think why do they do that their limitations in the medium or they can't have it the movie play out in front of you i give you wanna see jaws right now i don't know it's kind of nice to watch a movie floating in space i dont mind that virtual there's an app called virtual desktop where you like you put on your vcr goggles in suddenly your desktop is wrapped around you the giant screen giant screen wrapped around you that you then can like pull up anyway
the movie you might want to watch and so you just like can sit in their way and if you look down you see space yeah that's it virtual does that now the problem with the are when you look at that the problem we are on like people looking at it on the internet is it you can not convey how fucking it looks right from looking at it that way right like it is suddenly there's this massive in front of you the space a real where the space grew it it looks real enough pray i wouldn't say that i mean i realized i think they're probably some there's gotta be by now some three sixty videos that are actually from that from hubble but it looks good enough for your like this is fucking incredible so benefit of like they're just watching you play a video game was the benefit and playing a video game on a screen in the virtual world instead of playing the video game the virtual world well i think
honestly in that case i don't know i guess i started a game up in there is like fuck this what you see what i'm saying here because i keep clicking menus and stuff he's using it like computer yeah i think it's i don't know if the benefit is the right thing to look for their it's just it's just bad ass two suddenly be completely immersed in a new environment doing like whatever the work is that you want to do that with virtual desktop i just use it to watch documentary about breeding what i'm thinking is like would you rather like a like their provides ample you looking at a screen rise a floating screen if you watch jaws and floating screen that would not be as good if you are sitting in your living you looking down your on the boat with roy schreider whose like we're gonna need big above oh you mean like if there was like a vcr jaw yeah oh yeah i'd be fucking cool doesn't exist yet right but that's what i'm saying like that's gonna happen reign of course yeah that'll definitely happened for sure no
washed and when they do things like that like you will you be able to enjoy other things in that world like will you be able to go into that world like you were in the swiss alps world in a fake world would you be able to go to this place and put on a podcast cast could you be able to like looked down at your phone fund duncan trestle family our and start streaming live on your phone while you're skiing down the side of a virtual ill would you really didn't you can already there's you can already dd could already do that yeah look i mean look man this is like reckon more these videogame is envy is is accepting that you're envy are in their their yeah there's like there's a there's all kinds of shit you could doing there like for example man there's a m in one of these games called fantastic contraption which is one of the most site do show split reality fantastic contraption he looked at
is where people have managed to put up a green screen so they in interpolating to video looks like you're actually in the game and the clause show that fantastic contraption is this everything in theirs fuckin psychedelic but check this out when you see people in there in the reality itself yet area bo watch what he does this guy's walking around what he said so what we're looking at where we he ve seen this is gonna we're gonna kicked off use youtube for this you don't hear daddy i dont know audio please i'm worried but i'm so undisguised moving around and while his moving around he's doing a bunch of stuff there's patterns in front of us one that's for sure there's like what six explain the people are listening what we're saying oh yeah yeah you're just seeing like in fantastic contraption what is that was fantastic contraption here in this like weird putty
green and you have to build these amazing devices to arm the white unfortunately these videos you're not seeing the guy actually form the shit like watch this what are my watch and duncan while you start by listening watch their sorry you're seeing look at this again is you have to stretch out these like tubes to build this weird device that you like that automates itself to try to i'm honest to god talking about it you feel like a fucking you're listening to an eight year old talk about a draw that they may like arguing about it's impossible to convey its game and it's a game where this guy's moving he's got devices in his hand and ended as is move things in the virtual world is holding on these two like controllers but this is not a get it if you look up doesn't matter today pretty too often call yeah you'll see
on friday i'll show you got us and what we need to talk about porn what's out like duncan what's a likeness world what's it like so i mean it's like i'll tell you something even better than poor man oh here's a truly call that the are the attic alot of people have caught anti maybe a few of them have because the porn of course is amazing it is on it is if anything is going to drive we are and i hope everything drives we are it's gonna be the fuck important because
witnessing who that that i'm tellin you man that is that those girls asses insane and so she's right in front of you with this is that are doing a good job with this has got to eyeball you that's just how it the yeah you you you have to use virtual desktop to bring those two things together like the porn they u download is broken up and stereoscopic so they ve our goggles bring it together to carry you have to that every single person on earth now as access not just to avoid touristic way witnessing who that that i'm tellin you man that is that's those girls
this is insane and so she's right in front of you with this is that i'm doing a good job with this causes got to eyeball you that's just how it the yet you you you have to use virtual desktop to bring those two things together like the porn they u download is broken up and stereoscopic so they ve our goggles bring it together to carry you half do get specific programmes are designed for this right yeah like yeah just google search read it how not to watch we are poor and so these guys are watching alike were watching this guy who sit on his bed and like he's looks like he's doing everything to keep from common in his pants he's lastly i don't ever watch porn like that there's like shit joy in him watching porn we talkin you it about a southern different very different and watch two dimensional screen it's it's different is saxon watching a two dimensional screen except there's no body there i mean you are in you look you can look up
around you can like you know like for example let's say there was and by the way i'm not doing this shit a friend of mine watches the legacy let's say that there was a on let's that there was a fire in inner in a vcr porn experience there a girl is giving you a blow job while the girl is shoving pussy in your face you can actually look up and see her pussy not her pussy you can look around or pussy and see the see her face looking down at you just like it was really happening so that we are poor that's what it's a moment you can look at her pussy and then go back to share the other girl secular deck he give yet give you move anywhere you stare defeat your weirdo or not fan either way either way either way it's it's in its time changer it's a game changer man it's a game changer and it's one of the many freedoms the virtually
these offering people it's like you are saying who wants to in like just watching a movie in two d in your virtual reality room is pretty awesome maybe you don't have the greatest apartment right but you put on visa goggles inside suddenly your apartment is transformed into a into a massive beautiful space in the h dc it comes with like v are home there's two different versions but when you go into the space you feel that same sense of expansiveness that you get from being in a big space right your body still like feels like it's you know you're in a he still feel that weird sense of freedom they you feel when you in a big space and you're not there it's beautiful man it's like one of the most liberating incredible tat knowledge i think that a lot people giving a little bit of a hard time right now because they
the game from youtube and i think those graphics look like shit but let me tell you man do minecraft inv are like i just there i did minecraft envy are i play my grafted we are regularly now but you do mine dvr and when suddenly your perched on the edge of a cliff looking down on some hyper colored underground river your body initially reacts in the same way reacts to being at the edge of a real cliff your balance gets weird you like fuck fuck fuck it's that real that's the via the aged easy i've is in fucking same jesus i can't wait to show you man it's like it just works it doesn't it doesn't mess up like any time i once you now i can go i got i've made a room in my house or now i can just put on these goggles instantly in fucking there's a game called hovered yunkers which is
so fine words so you um you you could add your pride what are you ride around like it knows how the spaces the what's called your play space they know how big it is so you're writing in a craft in this place space shooting weapons at people flying around in these other things yeah it's so you can like you get all go in your garage and you could the garage would become the environment where you're playing your game yeah man you're not into seraphim your flying around and that fuckin thing shooting people which means you actually ought to be good at shooting like you have to build a aim this isn't like pressing buttons like you need to know how to fire at least as some sort of what are you holding you holding a faint gun now you're holding these controllers that feel exactly like a fucking they feel very close to a guy and it's got half the technology
so when you're shooting its vibrating lying under this would actually teach you how to shoot but they have to have a great archery programme is making your artery better it's making me not do archery because its way easier for you good at it are you good at this archery yet meet at doing real archery jet definitely translated into me playing look up the i'm sorry to keep asking the gaps that jamie look up archery the lab we are this is one of my favorite artery programmes they also a vcr boxing which i haven't tried yet but which i'm excited about is that that seems like you get really train people there were not a box let's see if this is that
that's a different archery programme than the one that look up the lab fuck it's it's valve look up valve archery v are rather as this one's really fuckin fine man here this is fucking cool you just shoot at these little guys are trying to infiltrate you're so your shooting at thing yet and it so it's a game yeah my god are you are you pulling a beau banquet what are you doing in here so you have to controllers your pulling them back there's happy so it vibrates according to this the attention of both during and then when you won an arrow your reaching behind your back and pulling it from behind your back that is not may add so fine wonderful actually could help your archery skill for sure though we promise it's really work as you get used to like it's different as you use a compound bobby you know you know it's this kind of thing you get used to like i have a place on my cheek where i put my boy the ink
point changes because the goggles for up your asiatic anchor point but it still pretty fucking funny i mean how did you get to shoot at things and in like an arch rearrange like this yeah this is wild and i wonder if the means it should definitely be able to do something like this for like compound bows oh yeah desert good deer hunting with it there's another archery program that you can get on steam that looks pretty cool i can remember the name of it though but it looks a little bit more i guess realistic will they archery programmes if eu funds archer programme will you shoot ass a virtual screen you actually shoot a real bow at these images on screen and this like you you gotta like in front like a giant movie theater type thing and you stand for this thing these animals walk by that's cool and they run from you and they hide and you get us look up on him and shoot arrows at them i mean i'm sure this will be translated into vr and i'll tell you joe if i was if i were you man i would be developing
for we are re developing yak dammit its developer i would there are so many ideas that you will have when you try these goggles on where you're gonna be like this needs do exist in the world get this shit developed man because it's gonna like yours so many things that once you experience it we're like all someone needs to build this someone like for example a thought in box in jamie's nodding in the end the one hour i think i got a demonstration of it i was just sit and ask me i so what about when we're someone gets hold of this and is start thinking about doing this thing what about when rockstar gets it and then they stay on making grant of doubt as wasted yes here with your brains snake world fall out is coming for the five which is going to be pretty cool but dude from that they have flickr boxing program that looks like it still
development a fucking get along a real boxing programme because it tracks the controllers perfectly in real time sees it actually learn how to baulk yes someone needs to build a real thought now we're not a box but you could train with the great boxers baby you throw kicks two or you would have to have something on for europe to have another additional aid could be done boutros easily man easily kind of sneakers great fucking work out ted i'm sure member when people are doing danced and revolution they lost tonnes away yeah those huge thing tat a lot of guys lost and gauss lost a ton of weight off that danced answer yeah because it was so fond do well that's what's funny but we are is the right now and people think of a video gamer they dont you knock years and when they are their lean and tan and they like her decks they have such dexterity but now when you think of a view someone is great at v are
they're going to u gotta be in infected with a virus program i'm gonna downloaded the creators of this minors seawater our son i think i could get a good work out the staff the hour pool tat good onawandah pulse real but see the thing about this this is something that you could do on your own and going to workout and what i find interesting about this to his you could tune a dude up and you don't feel bad about it right now what you need to do is a going to have something that looks like this but it's a robot like both things like you have an a thing they can actually hit now you could just you could already unsure there is a way that you could hang a bag and because they are so when i am what i'm talking about southern hits back oh yeah that's that's gonna be something to raise it doesn't have to have a lot of power it can have like a really mushy arm and
it it knows how to move the way the way you moved like is that guy punches out you so if it hits you it's not hurting you you know what that could be man it could be like a haptic face mask that registers the punch invite it's so that you could feel it now and wherever heads you it could be but it also could be like sort of a robot that has inflatable arms and the imf play arms moved with the programme so as you're looking at apollo creed in front of you when he snapped his job out you pop his he's throwing this like spongy almost like inflatable raft balloon arm in know like it little kids inflatable balloon toys yet and i like that exact hurt you at all it's gonna touch your fate it'll be fuckin incredible and then what what you're gonna see man is people are gonna get really good at this shit if you're good at shooting envy are minus like the have to
john and the real cake of whatever gun in the real world you using yours it's it's gonna translate weird tomorrow at just floating pasadena zack weary and i are testing out i think for the first time we are and a floating in a clearer timidly resign timothy what are you up to duncan trestle how you drop in tune in to induce the observer effect we ve got this some guy destined whose i helped as some help at el dispel the floating in space program so thy d is can you like induce the effect astronauts report when their floating in space looking down on earth can if you if you put someone in the zero g are the semi zero g of afloat tank and give them the impression that there staring down on planet earth and we got this genius design
injuries i've looked at it yet to you are from week in me the fuck now i know well let's hope it works man and this is something that makes sense to me my world the world of the floor yeah man was or something like that like adding floating to you know crash he's trying to do something similar a long time ago he's developing programmes he developed a screen crash from the float lavished say he's the one of the big innovators of floating tax in his country developed a screen that had one of the lowest emissions of light possible so that when you be lying down in this tank complete darkness you'd look up at the screen the amount of light came out it was so minuscule that allow you to see clearly the images but didn't show a defined the line of a screen
you were never a move from this idea that you're floating through the universe but in front of you all these things are playing out and he had this idea that you would learn things easier that way like you could watch like a golf documentary or a golfer instructional rather and you could learn like how to swing golf club properly because you would be seeing it through a first person perspective well thanks dad had this idea i think it's called the timothy leering ten weary what we say who's dad was tim tim timothy area this the other eight circuits of colonialism is exactly that yeah sweetie all i mean anyone and he was a fuckin sweeten leary was like tat timothy weary was when he was i put him on the same level was galileo you is an incredibly brilliant human being in a lot of his ideas got lost in his like e he gets cotton lsd propagandist but there's a lot of other shit you he was coming up with
and i am one of those was this model i think it's the eight circuits of consciousness of ideas that humans are meant to migrate into space and that in the same way different creatures when they enter into new habitats they actually change a little bit there's or in other words like you take a sea turtle he's late eggs in the sand and the first time a little baby sea turtle climbs out of the egg and and and burn out of the sand its land creature until it hits water and then of a sudden all this other instinctively shit cakes in and learn how to be a sea turtle more than likely get eaten not allowed and make it but the ones it survive become sea turtles right so and so they d is that humans are meant for interstellar for four trip for travel in space in it if we go and his ear oh gee then over what could
potentially happen are changes in in our psyche and maybe even in our genetic make up like maybe if we go into space long enough we'll start transforming into some new creature we were meant to be so is it had mitchell there was talking about the experience of being in space that he would like to take everybody up there and that you would realise how ridiculous boundaries are and how ridiculous wars are if you could see the earth as a whole the way he saw at mitchell is he still alive i believe you had mitchell were trying to do it for your brother and metals now i've done well where everyone will later he was an interesting he was an interesting one because he was really into ufos socially freedom he was one of the more compelling cases of someone who went into space and came back with a profound belief in ufos right but you know that
so is hard you don't know the guy i don't know the guy i dont know what is motivation was i hope he was being honest but there's a lot of money and you are those of your fuckin ass trot you want to cash in has the best way of not saying that he would do it i'm not saying it but the cynic in me has to we go on how well do they take here they're astronauts i mean how well they give tee what man you can tap into some of that sweet sweet ufo money i vow so a lot of my enemy of a vast little green man i want little green bits of paper mother fucker i mean it's not like hillary clinton speaking fees but if you can get a former u s astronaut who went to the moon to sit down and talk to you about the little green men that he might have seen or the idea that they might exist will you know what men you you know that there are in a fairy as people in this world and i dont know if fuckin had mitchell i saw you of us when i wouldn't surprise me that there are other
features that you run into up there that for whatever reason you're not supposed to and now i don't know man bad solely boss but look if we could send a robot mars is totally possible sums up there it's totally possible that something is around the earth all the time we just don't get a chance to see it i mean this is what ms mckenna always dog devise like we spend all this money on these telescopes when fur however viewing them most people want even sell you dm t right they give it to you know like when you know just like however much it cause for whatever the device you used inhale the deal or are however much the it cost you to get down to wherever the ayahuasca shaman was or whatever it is you're gonna encounter things that seem to have a personality that is not your personality and if they dont have a normal human body and you not just reading just reading crawley last night and he's talking about
we used the term angel not because we're saying there's some angel out air but it's more convenient than saying here is a representation of the higher form of human intelligence that is come and in the form of an hour the type that our brains translate is an angel is easier to call it an angel here for the sake of just pragmatism because you want to chief some goal just call it a fuck angel we used to call aliens angel that's what we used to call me i wasn't my idea of a person with no possible way of measuring what something is even of weather how many spirits are not have to take your word for it i'm assuming you and experience you say was an angel the eye you have put in a label on a definitive label like oh i definitely met an angel right how the fuck do you know what it means how do you know the malian it was if we alien you sure wasn't an angel how do you know you don't know your guy
and i dont know what an angel is or an alien isn't as a matter of fact can be able to say those words cuz you don't even know what the fuck they mean either those words you to say nonsense and for you to be like super definitive about it like youtube you you definitely sure that it was an angel definitely sure there was an alien crazy you don't even know what you saw well you don't have anything you can bring back there's no physical matter where you brought to a scientist and a bunch of peer reviewed i just from around the world studied it and determine this is actually alien tissue now as none of that so no matter what it is the labels ridiculous right and to get caught up in the label this is kind of the waste your time unless you're using the label is it is something to expedite your ability to recontact that thing in which case those are fantastic but if you're using the label to say oh yes definitely an angel and then you
getting in the most insanely stupid arguments over that then it's a bit of a waste of time but if you have an experience for example i don't know you smoke the empty and you come into contact with self transforming a machine elves that as terence mckinnon hyperspace in hyperspace right so is that really but those things call themselves if they could no of course not but is it fool or a means of trying to ensue way bring the transcendent into this dimension then language is it is a necessity you have no choice will not just now mckenna case it was part of the grand theatre of being someone who is a d empty evangelist right i mean it part of his his art of what he is a performer like i'm a big fan of his lectures i enjoyed watching him talk i enjoyed listening to talk for part of what
he's doing is very entertaining here this oddly striding voice this brilliant vocabulary and why the things you didn't want these interviews that he did he was daenerys rather i used to q and a's the audience it asking questions about psychedelic drugs and things along those lines if someone was asking him something and he said you know they're like what what can you do and how do you differentiate and how do you keep from being arrested eagles well known i use big words you know any legitimate scholar and he's like if you come up with slogans like dropout tune in like those humanitarian drop i guess that's when they come here goes i keep it loki i have these small meetings a rarely get over a thousand people and
i use a lot of really big words and i use them the richest vocabulary for description that i can muster right in his interesting because like you listen tony's obviously like incredibly well educated right an incredibly knowledgeable about the actual physical compounds volleys different psychedelic and their mechanisms for interaction and the motto aiming oxidation inhibitors and always die things salmon are like it causes like people were not that smart we let him go won't talk and yeah we're do her i hope to god they don't care that much about people talking about that staff manner and i am not day an anomaly there's a day i really don't did a few people that are they but those few people that are they the their bankers and their industrialists and there the military industrial complex the people who are earning money off of wars and controlling resources if you really
they are somehow or another actively trying to in capture or capture people that are talking openly about psychedelic didn't have time for that should neither wave i really don't think they do have you seen the video tim leering in front of the senate and a hearing those like nineteen sixty what was it one sales i don't got a year when the funniest fucking things ever this are guess he's a man man and he's in front of these like just hard core politicians talking about the lsd experience i do we'll get hold of you if we play that i think that public fucking don't we own mac as it is it should it should be the beer historical thing stabilizer there's a huge amount of time after right i don't have a domain if if it's like video i guess it depends on your phone that like if it as a tv station found it it's theirs but if it's like the government funding
yet i mean i don't know for sure like i don't know you seen video of it yeah there's definitely video footage it's on it there's a documentary right now called die and now which is in maisie movie about armed ass intimidate timothy friendship and sort of follows the scope of their lives together maize is functioning well well shot but it's really but it's it's on their i'm surprised not anyway it is not a question before forget this again is nothing the wanna talk about earlier when you know the fermi paradox you know the ass what we're all the aliens if civilization so likely yes do you think looking at all this virtual reality this is something i am bored i did a single podcast damages me answering questions and somebody asked about the very paradox in really made me think about
even more and i been thinkin about since then do you think it's possible that civilizations never get to travel through space because they get to this thing they realise that real juices in virtual like why do you have odylic physically travel traverse between one galaxy to another when you figure out a way through technology and ultimately through artificial intelligence creating infinitely more complex official reality yeah that we're going to never tried though all of our travel is going to be done internally we i i do i think that that is a great response to the fermi paradox and i think that our addiction to the idea that we are body is going to be something that fades away over time and that we stop having this concept that i'm localised in my that my visit
you know we live in a world where people believe that all they are their body they think i am my physical body that's it that's what i am that the sum total of me inside outside inside body outside every hangout even though what we were talking about earlier we know that we were inextricably woven in to the fabric of every single thing so really your body is one part of the infinite universe and right now you have become completely fixated on it you think it's you so vr you put vr on first thing that happens which is one of my favorite things is you'll hold your you hold your hand up in front of your face right and if you have the htc vive you'll see they're amazing controllers is floating in the air but then you'll look down there's no fucking body there man you're looking down and it's just a blank space you don't have a body anymore now when someone touches you and vr it's really
cool because you don't see him it's like a ghost is touching you and i'm not saying i have done this but if you are to have sex envy you ve done it never joe haven't i will never have sex out of wedlock but if you were to have sex inv are then suddenly you don't have a body anymore okay but you're having sex in vr with another person is with another person is you have physical sex with someone and what do you see on the other side it depends on what you decide to be having sex in so you could you get up sex with your girlfriend and pretend it's like the cookie monster you can have sex with your girlfriend and just be laying on in feel looking up at the stars you know the cookie monster feet up in the air like bugs buddy in your bag in the ass yours what's weird man this is what really weird and no one understands it but with ve are apparently people tried it for some reason they can't do
that is no way to bring the cookie monster yet to fuck the cookie monster put a man on the moon fuck the cookie monster absolutely man you could you could do that if you can you could definitely do that but but it's it's kind of like something about the philosophical implication of not having a body even if its being induced by technology i'm sure you ve taken a high enough dose of something where you merge into the universe and you feel like you don't have a self anymore you sure become so to imagine being able to induced that with we are so that now you ve moved the thing that you ve been identifying with your entire life your body is yourself and there's just a blank space yet consciousness remains even though you know you have a body and we take the gobbles off you know it's there as time passes when you're wearing the shit you begin to forget about their he began to forget about the external world and in when you finally do take the guy
kazakhstan ah fuck right this my office is why has the same thing that happens in some ways when you get in the tank when you're in the tank no we are technology you sometimes have experience is where are you going to like a dream state you think things are happening that aren't really happening and then you wake up out of them and you're in the tank right and they happen no crazy vivid way because you don't have any sensory input you're not you not feeling the like if you have a dream you're still feeling bed most time like you're out at that stage in your in this this dream dimension but it for some reason you moved a little bit you hit your pillow or you your foot touch the night standish employing you gonna snap out of it we i goddamn tank you don't feel anything yeah you flying through space already that's it so you can almost like use that as a whole made virtual reality thing that slowly but the ability to program is
things get squirrel yeah the ability to create any sort of scenario you would like care the best it can have so many therapeutic use is why have to feed back yeah man it's it's like happy so like a one in possible end result could be full bodied happed exudes in floating in the floating on mozilla is too well yeah it's it's one it's one of the potential uses of the thing i mean talk here they're just so much like just there is so much it's gonna be able to that's gonna have i one thing i really oh people do is and i was thinking about doing this man but like always think about doing things like this i never do it to me when are you guys out there i'll do it is like bringing this shit up old senior citizens homes in latin people who have an experience day or maybe like not gonna be in this dimension much longer
have a chance to like so that you see what's going on because i think i'd be a great service for people people who are alike paraplegia eggs in hospitals to bring this technology to them and to let them experience you know that freedom for a little while and i can find their hospital rooms when you there's so many weirdly aunt ivy our people man young people are in them anyway i did i was it of you know people like us we are i have already heard that like you know it's gonna it's gonna sites like god and it's like three tv that kind of should people one we say no to this is some dick at a party is no point that goes for an impressive girl there is no girl or maybe i'll fuck you i fucked him
did you tell me where to realities really big you nagging me then who's trying to light years probably trying to well proud you sure you didn't like the fact you're smarter than em it's i don't know if i was but i tell you it's going to be it's going to be one of the most powerful therapeutic tools that's ever existed just what it is going to be able to do just like you know you hear about there is a great i think a vice article a camera which article about a guy who has to programme the music the people listen to during the mushroom studies that they're doing like what playlists do you play for someone who is undergoing psychedelic therapy right but for this tool for psychedelic therapy like the ability to there's a programme oh my god when you come over i can't to show you this is called sound cell
sound self and what it is is you put these goggles on an headphones that have a microphone on an u chant into the thing i see you're like oh enigmas rate it takes the that's it again this damage it takes that response here's then sounds are making and an plays it back to your headphones so you hear your voice being transformed in replaced is like deeper lower is very psychedelic and you watching the images while you hearing your voice that's being altered its like you're doing rounds how many people get to be saying that what's his guys videos where you get him some views what does it say oculist rift game sound self worth
rule reality guinea pig review its so called down there in that something if if you if you guys out there of homer god look but what will it was explained we're watching we're watching as these crazy three dimensional computer animations that look like they look like psychedelic trip so looks like almost like a gate what not deity itself but like a gateway to the like right before you blew through like is a moment where are you see like where think what they describes the flower of life before blast through the other side now for those you have any deceive i've if you want to use this game you can eat you can pay for the alpha its thirty bucks scarce goggles eyeballs and then you ve gotta use something called the real via injector to get it to run anyone who has if i've out there i know what i'm talking about kids like what
the difference between us and in view of what is different argues rift in revive so unfortunately oculists his created is made a bunch of deals with the developers to make exclusive content for the iqs right in it was a great it's really cool but i was oculist now as arduous but it's not as good divide for a few different reasons one of the reasons is the virus is designed for being able to walk around the five comes with ease and maybe the rift you can do it but it seems like it's more localised but the mutton and i said for good by the way argues roof people i love you harmonics coming onto the decay one eye the decay too you know tarmac from yeah software he had he's an arms iqs oculists is great and in god bless you guys for making the are possible because they are the ones of palmer lucky ran with his fucking torch he like made this fucking happen only problem is that argues released without controllers like five has right
and that was a big mistake boxing thing that we saw that was via nowadays via but accurate is releasing controllers now and honestly now i'm getting so sucked into viii are i've actually gets here paying an oculist rift so i have both but do you know christ you your deep you don't really need it because you can use a is something revive which allows you to play occupied games on the hd survive you're so deep in this man it's weird you see it's the who is fuckin thing just as this is the same doc and that was terrified of everquest in world of warcraft although the shit you get sucked into unit terrified of this year you just hog diving right in here feels right love that expression it feels like the right thing it feel like in its core i'll tell you man by the way there's not a lot
people are now you have the arden gear and there's some kind of like exciting thing about sloan floor graph learned being like oh my god this is going to change the world let's do podcast from your place let's do your podcast this friday daddy i or doing the ice thousand pasadena on friday night would do and eight o clock show sold out sorry but we're gonna do we'll do apart gas from your house and will do it with me experiencing your visa for the first time low and woke barbecued i will try to things we were so high before the show i was worried if there's gonna be a pulitzer man that breast spray playing around i was worried i was worried i was like oh no i went unto guy i can handle this one dude i did a bargain same here as i took twelve shots the breast break for the package jesus i wanted to see what would happen and i kept going
halfway the podcast i was like oh my god it was like i was skiing down a hill i got nose on a black diamond ski course i was i was up and i was moving and i was conscious and i knew just keep just keep essentially the road was left and right i left and right you got it you gotta make you gonna make it you may get where do you jumbo fresh air the girl has no name growth has no name she doesn't say it three times like any manner for the mere ride you mother is so well what be doing an episode the duck trestle family our shared with the ice how supplant pleasure my brother always love doing these we need to do these more often you know we're really is but we see each other in getting it get deeper with each other during these hard cas than we ever do
in real life now because if we're in real life will be talking to other people look at our phone would be doing some other share known and we eating i love these moments joe there's some of my happiest moments my wife so grateful you beyond the sheriff i'm grateful that you're on a man but what i wanted to say was it's it's it's a fascinating thing because i never would have imagined that we would get to know each other better and deeper and more intensely by doing podcasting the whole the whole world can hear you and i've that's crazy fuckin conversations alone in private just you and i just talking about stuff for hours and hours but do so think crazy about doing these like this we're doing alive and then we put him out there there for their fascinating ma am we all do more often how declaration i will be back tomorrow with wayne federman my friend wayne federman very funny stanhope up neil brennan's come in its it looked like
it's gonna be gary johnson and stand hope on thursday but gary johnson might have to pull out he get a fly into wednesday he's doing a town hall meeting on cnn which is big news because the third party candidate that's what happens maybe get sick the two parties will be there soon see about by you you mother motherfukers thanks buddy thanks for tunisia parkhurst thanks to movement watches gotta em the m t watches dotcom ford slash rogan to get fifteen percent ah you are ready low purchase price has em the empty watches dotcom ford slash rogan for fifteen percent off some dope watches that are very reasonably priced to my coffee gotta caveman coffee seo dot com get yourself what we were drinking in the show single source single family single farm single origin deliciousness
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i'm going to probably deuce more those because i enjoyed and so because i that think i'm not good at it and immediate better
i think it is odd thing to just be talking by yourself alone in a room and i think i answered like maybe three questions in the entire our and forty minutes and also one of the guys from the message board a guy named steve a turn me onto a microphone that you plug into the bottom of your iphone that seems better apple g mike ninety six kate professional quality microphone for the ipad the iphone and the mac somebody try that next saw bring on british unrolling seems pretty easy to do and a good solution to just talking into the iphone which is ok mean wasn't horrible but its we're talking yourself like down a billboard does it constantly he's crazy i did a few times
back in the day like when we first hour doing part ass i think i did it like two thousand nine a few times forty thousand tents like tat so do more those that's it i'm done tomorrow wayne ferryman he's awesome known forever hilarious do very smart guy and we should have able asked the gary johns things up in the air it looks like gary johnson has to get out of dodge it might happen but might not but it'll happen soon enough so until that conflict i love you
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