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#831 - Byron Bowers

2016-08-09 | 🔗
Byron Bowers is a stand up comedian, who can be seen performing all over the country including The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA.
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my guess today is a young man named byron powers of very funny dude he's an up and coming stand up comedian in the los angeles area is originally from the si think it's from georgia cool mother fucker i really love this dude love hanging out with them love hanging out with him at the store and you know we talked about a few times like a mass to a podcast and we did it enjoy it here it is byron bowers ladies and gentlemen logan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day byron powers ladies and gentlemen hey what's going on what's up brother man thank you for having me my pleasure what's the latest in the greatest with byron you been traveling all over the place man check your instagram out ah man i just got back from the dominican republic what few days ago an very interesting experience yeah yeah
like anytime you go somewhere tropical you like man this place is beautiful then by the third day even like man this is this is horrible polity the way they treat people so you see the balance of you know everything especially as you know being from where i'm from and being black and was going on i'm always in exotic places when cops are killing black people so you out of the situation and let you see how you know fucked up things are for like haitian people well yeah i mean pretty much every third world country deals with all kinds of fucked up shit like way worse than we have it here it puts things into perspective like i often think like if united states wasn't established just a few one hundred years ago if that didn't happen like what would the world be like like what would most of the world be like a lot of these countries that you visit where you deal
insane police corruption like i've had friends that have been pulled over in mexico and you know the the cops basically just straight up tell you like do you want to get out of this give me some fucking funny yeah i think had a situation like that coming through tsa but didn't realize until they let me go but tell me for a long time where uh in dominican republic 'cause i had on a button up shirt's den like the one i'm wearing now and they was like take your jacket off and i'll pre checked so when you become preach it is like a white privilege and well not taken off much this is not a jack this is a shirt so in the dominican republic doing this i don't flag round glasses and stuff and there was like oh ok this is certainly come through and then soon as i came through there is your back and start trying to take my cologne like yeah that's flammable you can't take that on the plane
or my umbrella you can't take umbrellas on the plane as a weapon sorry and he just held me there and we just made not take with each other like show me on the chart i saw like you're saying and then at the that is like you know what you could take it you know so after a while they just gave up they gave up 'cause i was like ok if i check the bag can i take everything and he was like yeah so what i did not unloaded all my bags and start rearranging things so i could put it so i can check it when you can make it back to amare but once they saw me doing that and they saw her need i was like every and they took some i had to put it back a certain way they light is just going to be a waste of time but even earth yeah but did they don't they have rules like we have rules as far as like how many ounces of liquid and stuff like that you could take on a plane they do but i made it over there so that's why i was trying to get them to icsp bring to be like why exactly
but it probably made it over there because the people that work at tsa over here fucking barely paying attention well you not take everywhere i take it everywhere but how big is your cologne first of all clones stinky man we were in the shallow i love you i know you disagree with cologne disc very yeah you disagree political point i disagree with cologne you more alpha delta you could choke him out with your muscles are not going to come with this mail and ok not exactly sure where to go with that but so how big is the cologne three zero nine three point someone else's okay see i think you can bring on like four ounces of liquor yeah it's not how it works yep you need toiletry bag yeah i was in total trip now i just i want from montreal to someone from one from you worked in montreal here the medical republic so this same logan has been like everywhere
so what we doing down dominican republic i met up with some friends of mine from college some african homeboys and really happy in on their trip 'cause they dra visit the dr lot and i wanted to see what it was like and i smoke alot like i came back sore but yeah i did a lot of time in the water morning evening in like late afternoon was beautiful for that yeah that's one of the cool things about this tropical climate the oceans down there amazing the ocean amazing some of the reefs wasn't as you know not when i was in jamaica or when i like in hawaii where everything just comes alive in the city but it definitely you do feel like you're landed on another planet to me and you and i'm flying like i'm cruising over you know the terrain you mean when you swimming when i swear yeah anytime i smoke like is that other world experience to me yeah
i'm a big fan of the water but the sharks fuck it up for maine yeah i'm just not into getting eaten well yeah that's the thing but sometimes i keep looking around like specially not a lot of things in the water but i saw squid that was the most beautiful thing i saw from this trip was just like forty baby squid all lined up in a row oh that look like they just been born you know popo and they were just there and i didn't even know that was squid i thought it was like fish what interesting fans 'cause it looked like you know like a lady just doing her dress like that when i got close i didn't realize that i was at a tentacle part anile is locked eyes with them and i was like oh this is the most beautiful thing you know duncan trussell yeah duncan has this new virtual reality thing it's a virtual it's called the htv vive and uh you put it on and you actually feel
like you're underwater they have this program 'cause i think it's called deep blue or something like that something blue uh but you put it on and one of the reality programs that you put on is an ocean one and you're standing at the bottom of this like ocean area and these fish swim by an it's it it's not one hundred percent realistic because the graphics aren't totally there yet but it's like eighty five percent realistic and doesn't is a whale pulls up to you and you get to look at the whale like you look in his eyes but like i do have you ever used any kind of virtual real pretty new to it too but you get a full three hundred sixty degrees like you can look down you can look up you can look everywhere so this whale's it's in front of you you could choose different spots on the way that you look at you can look at it size you could look at its tail it's fucking fascinating it let's you know that you know one hundred years from now probably not even probably like twenty
in the twenty years from now this is it is this the program so this is it right here so you you stand there and you're looking around like that do just looking around with these goggles on yeah and this is what you're seeing in i mean you're seeing in it for feels like the actual ocean yeah that's that's basically what it that's basically what it looks and feels like you know uh that's beautiful right there it's crazy that that's what it is like seventy nine percent of the earth or something like that is yeah we looked it up the other day it was over seventy percent of the earth is water at ninety five percent of that is ocean water this amazing is almost like how they say our bodies are made up of the same not quite i think a body is like sixty percent they used to say it was like ninety percent water find out what that is i think the human body is actually like sixty percent water something like that
maybe but i've i've experienced virtual reality the one you just travel everywhere around the world sixty five average human bodies between fifty and sixty five percent water averaging around fifty seven to sixty percent average percentage of water and inference is much higher typically around seventy five to seventy eight percent water yeah that makes sense dropping a sixty five by one year of age a little water balloons it's probably not a scanning it's crazy like the older we get the water is dropping in it the waters dropping it like i say the percentage goes down the older you get uh then you probably just drinking too much okay wrinkles and stuff yeah that's actually collagen that's some that's of the recording is the last to city of your skin gives out your body stops producing collagen because
correctly but you can mitigate some of that with like moisture and you know like some people use creams and shit like that but at the end of the day time time when some ways i definitely use karens they use cream do you agree lotion cologne i used italian roast it all things at stake out there well can use i can use dyes and perfumes and lotions how come it it makes mask it dries my skin that make you breakout perfumes and lotions but you can work alone yeah work along can last a certain amount of hours and it lands on your skin so you know look at you you should be in cologne commercial land is scarce authentically have you always work alone now once i got into it my
well i was raised by my mom like our sense of smell is just so strong you know so it was always fergus around and to me that's the alter your mind set on your mode like when you smell something yeah yeah it's an anchor italy can cause look at like a mental trigger brings you back to that place like certain smells like the smell of apple pie if your mom cooked apple pie or something like that you could smell it immediately transport you back to that good place yeah or bad place or bad please like like i don't like like sexy smells so i like the be reminded of something that's pleasant white woman with smells yeah you know so i don't wear like hardcore baskets but i like the smell like a rose you like i like to smell like something fresh like that you know i'm learning a lot about you byron like it took me two hours to pick out my pregnancy now what
it takes you two hours to pick out your fragrance is this in a day or like when you go to a fragrance store when i when i went to the fragrance store so here that you just wandering around there touching this once yeah smelling it and if i don't get it small like erection like a lower the little erection like it don't turn me on in the sense that i just is not the one but you know it just you know like when you feel the energy of a lady or you know whatever you when it goes by well i'm with you on that yeah yeah they said with engines that actually like when you hear an engine revving it actually raises mens testosterone but why i wonder why is is like i don't know
play anybody ever driven a car with pipes which is rare in california to have custom pipes but everything is rare yeah it'll be like for it as far as loud and fucking things are everywhere really yeah they crack down on here is not like in george like i'm from georgia where you can get a honda and put an open exhaust i have a quota and take the stuff off yeah see that's stupid if you get a honda they shouldn't do that if you have a four cylinder that's awful i did that before but my friend had a cobra mustang sixty eight and you could hear that car coming down the street but when you hear inori a car with a real motor is almost like a like a tiger growling the song the oil just like energy you want to release when you press the gas yeah so that it makes you just does something to you what's little explosions i mean it's controlled explosions essentially that's what engine is right it's just the steel
blow container and all these pistons are in there and they're all firing i don't know much as i know about cars are really should know more about like how engines work i really don't know that much i kinda know there's some i gotta have cam shafts and you gotta have some cylinders and there's a spark plug bugs in like night some shit and some fire explosions going off i don't we know now you know more about me when it comes to cars i'd never this simple like fuere spark gets it going that's it yeah let's simply love it but cars to you know i like already card conversations i def like him but i can't get into a wheel displacement and unlike all sets and the correct suspension in this bring you don't know about all that stuff no no i just know what i like like body shapes and what it feels like but don't
you enjoy like what it feels like when you drive him like you have a nice car when you drive that thing like you know like it has like a certain feel to the way like when you turn corners and stuff like that yeah responsiveness to it and it is true i definitely know that what is not i can dial in i can't put that in the computer and be like you know like on the suspension adjusted chicago this call of a sale of this close well that's a beautiful thing about the internet you know yeah you you have a b m w you can go to a bmw forum and then you can say you know what is the deal with this year three series like what's the best suspension setup for handling and some people like comfort some people like handling that's the trade off is as if you we want the car to sit flat around corners it has to have a little more stiffness device that you feel everything a little bit more and i feel that i liked
like i have a knife or four by eighty three which to me at the best but it was the best car on those portions are sweet man yeah those are underrated cars to be able to fill a car the field of role do this like you want a boat is amazing a lot of cars and give you that feeling the boat feeling yeah like you know the street is not even when you drive it now instead of just not met the flat is most page street you know you could feel the wave in it because you must have pretty stiff suspension yeah that it came like that though yeah well those are all the cars were way more responsive they were way lighter too like if you go to like the really older porsches like the old nine hundred and eleven is like the long hood models i think it was like sixty five or sixty four think it was to seven sorry those models they're really light like that's a two thousand car a lot of times so you feel everything when you bumping around those things feels more like a go kart
how's ignorant mind like i had to buy tires for it and it was like it's eighty three and i'm like one hundred and fifty horses i'll take it to the tire place that is like yeah you need these one hundred and fifty dollars tires so unlike now fuck that this car is only got one hundred and fifty horses let's put some van tires on it you know and i bought two four brand new van tires let's of anti like my tires that would go on a van why would you do that 'cause it to me is the tire oh that's ridiculous slots lid on a freeway or bunch of times just stopping and wasn't used not have abs automatic brakes and every time will it stop the the the brakes you know the car with slide on the freeway but i will stop in and uh business to slide in hit the car so you had analog brakes and i didn't i didn't know what kind of car was not full four those didn't have any like brakes not eighty three that income
by eighty six wow and you put van tires on jesus christ dude that's a sacrilege that's terrible it was it was learn lessons you learn lessons anytime you work on your car is cool but you learn the lessons you learned about tort torque applying torque to old cars and plastic pieces breaking down and all types of that you know it and a freeze taste like well do you know when i first yeah what do you drinking antifreeze for you don't drink it but you haven't we working on a leak or changing like something and it drips and it gets in your mouth and now i get it it is sweet it's like kuwait almost doesn't really does a good here i would have no idea it looks disgusting and if any freeze looks nasty looks like like like nuclear or something yeah yeah you learn your lesson with cars you know why you still ok
those old ones yeah they're different you know you can actually work on them you can open up the hood there's stuff you can change and you swap out you can go to pep boys reverend buy apart new cars can you open up the hood it's just like a computer it's like opening up the back of a imac or so that's true he have no idea what the fucks going on there and everything acted to some sort of you know computer management system so yeah three three in the beamer is three through what three computers really the ignition switch when you put the key in talks to this module record the key code in that talks back and allow the car to crank but i also have to go through the main compute also stay is near to my seeing you
i had to i had to a remote start system faulty remote start system out of the band when i got it so i had to go under the dash and require everything you did all the yeah wow why do that the take out but do you do you do you know what you're doing or what what made you decide to in the embark on that that seems like some i would want to take to a deal well i learn how to do install car stereos ah my friend when i was younger he's the steel car radio he taught me three bases brings the starter radio is like the cars you know power uh ground you could turn the radio on and the remote bar it was make it switch on and off but you really need a remote wire the test a radio just like you jump started but you know you know you start to learn a pattern of things just like the
first patterns when you learn a combustion and stuff like that you just the pattern is was important to me that makes sense now the universe has a pattern and it's like the universe 'cause now i'm long bigger pattern scale but to me yeah the universe has a pattern away it runs to you know i mean when it comes to seasons and things like that the revolution of earth around the sun you know but stereos also had that pattern that's an interest comparison well no they definitely have like whenever you deal with electronics you have to have the power on the ground and then there's a bunch of stuff that goes on i i installed some stairs when i was younger you know back but they were easy back then wasn't that hard you know there wasn't that it was in that complicated you get to everything pretty easily get the dash pretty easily pull out the existing stereo and you just to figure out where the power is and where the wires connect tiring up it wasn't that hard but
would never fuck with a new car like you like a new lexus or so like that right take stereo out of one of those things is more tough but if i break it down till you like this cold stuff is all if and st right if and if any chance so if this go there if that goes here right one zeros right if there's one poem here to zero boom here and it's just a bunch of that going on right computing at one time that's the pattern right you know is it a simple yeah well it's more complicating them right well you got going on what is a bunch of those all in one well it's amazing how well these cars work when you really think about it because like like i have a lexus and i have a key that is actually in my wallet it's a credit card and that's my key so i don't ever take key i just go
in my car and it always knows it's me i come near at the light goes on near the side mirrors like the side mirrors have and under side light the light goes on in the handle illuminates let you know you there it opens for you get in you just start and go it's quite easy how often it works we could never fucks up and that's cool it is cool but it it's just when you think about how many different things fail in terms of like electronics you know like how many different people's iphone start fucking up most cars especially when seems to like your car germ engineering or japanese engineering something like that there's so fucking reliable i mean but the amount of time that they actually do fuck up is people complain about it but it's pretty small and extra sitting well i was in school and i learned and study in ninety five when it came to the lexus in honda the car were pretty much perfect so they had to add
features so now you notice where everything is about the features and less about you know and this is michael kors having more power and cost saving gas cars having more power that's just the pattern is just going to happen right but yeah it's all about the features now even with phones is all about the features yeah well for sure mean with new cars too but this is like you have to have apps and all sorts of different things that your car can do but who's older cars one it would be interesting thing is how long some of 'em last like i have a friend who is alexis was a million miles on it it's a million miles is the gs300 toyota for member what model it is yes is one of the older bigger ones yeah the big one yeah yeah that's that's the one that was supposed to be a asset car asset car yet like a prison on appreciate really
because yeah you know the foreign cars it does not like star depreciate versus the old american cars well you mean for like japanese because like german cars always kind appreciated right like porsches but you know portions and stuff like that but as far as like the little light yet so but these cars and like the lexus well you know what's really appreciating now it's kind of interesting is those old nissan skylines yeah the ones that became the gt rs you look at a gtr now it it's very different looking is very spaceship looking but the older ones are kind of like more retro and kind of cool looking but the oldest ones now it become like really valuable yeah like the early 90s in in late 80s yeah it's just hard find one that's not molested because a lot of people
to come and they did shit to the fenders and they fucked with this and fucked with that yeah i just totally took about that the other day we tell my cars and i was like yeah it's hard to find something you could find one is not been molested she's like what the heck this plane tour what molested was and what retard was and what tranny what's a yeah for car yeah don't turn over is like when they don't move forward something is holding it back yeah you call that a retard yes retard have you tried to turn the call and it won't turn over looks like retarded like it slow yeah it won't turn oh ok is it mostly use it like the euro europeans used most of the time do they really use it like it is a standard term yeah like we do read some of the blogs and stuff is like you know was amazing do you read blocks on cars
yeah like when out 'cause i work on my call myself so yeah anytime you trying to diagnose the problem is more reading then going actually going out to figure out what it is that's interesting so you read all that kind of stuff but you don't read up about like suspensions or different tire offsets or anything like that are how come i don't know i think i don't really know really i would have called soup the car or modified it too much you know so everything i get i used to just ride by not going to have fun with that because i'm not a higher horsepower guy i just needed to be quick and like turn the handle well and i just live dangerously within that you know you live dangerously within those letters yeah well those cars
like you know you have a bmw three series like those cars there handle they handle grade anyway like my friend eddie bought one of those a few years back and he had before that like an old shitty bronco an when he got that bmw three series he was like oh my god man he goes i like driving now because i never knew that driving was actually fun yeah like i would go he would so he was i would take mulholland just for fun like just decided i'm a take this way even though it's law angus grab more you know i was in topanga like last month with the car will roll this role does award now i would pure warped your rotors are warped my rotors warp from one from just breaking in like is driving into pangle on topanga how many times did you do it that day just i was filled with something like documentary and i went hard that day but it was already warped before i went that day you were filming a documentary in your car yeah what
doing somebody was doing documentary on creating how comedians create content ann and i'll show him like how i get inspired and what gets me in the mood and the car is one of those things you know 'cause when you talk about like a sit you talking about engineer so kind of you know pulling things comedy set yeah and i'll just a balance between the left and right brain the logic side in the creative side and the balance between the two 'cause my style is basically that balance you know oh you don't know well i'm i'm trying to get so get this bye drive in is that we sense yeah i mean driving is something that is this beautiful item to a junk yard also caused the death of a car in the rebirth of when you need it you know the life and death of the ying yang of that and the bottom to the paying i can because i did a lot of the acid into paying
and it's a good place to acid yeah so at one part kind of unoriginal though lot of acid going on topanga yeah so when you out there you got nature right and then when you turned to the street you have all these sports cars in which is beautiful you gotta man made creation that also has a life to it see how you looking at jobs trying to follow you i get it i get we saying so we found and i took traction control off and it was four isn't that little car and we just slid around the corner an those guys were scared you know yeah you slide it on a residential street they should be kinda nervous a little nervous and i was a little nervous but that were made it fun you know we did it together yes tricky though because this kind of a lot of people drive into paying yeah and that's what as to the the edginess of like my set in a deadline
you could call that edginess or irresponsible on public roads you call that yeah but i don't you know once you get into that that's like trying to figure out the offset of a tire mean what do you mean those little details little d tales of what's fucking dangerous and yeah there that's not a little detail when you slow right and sideways on a residential road that's a little detail that could be the difference between man that was close in like somebody call nine one one you know uh yeah that's a responsible right isn't it no no it's fine no worries just edgy just little sliding around losing control your car in public rose no big deal is like when we would be at high school at parties in like a a gun will come out but the party was fine but when that pistol came out that's why
excitement in high school dudes are pulling guns on your parties yeah right or a party wasn't good and let the cops showed up jesus christ so if the cops and show it was alright and so when guns were getting pulled out where they getting pulled out for people probably was arguing about something how many times you see this not a lot of so i just would happen it just what happen regularly like you know at the night clothes and you started on the night clubs yeah these things will happen you know yeah what do you think about this shit lately that it seems like every couple of days or some sort of a mass shooting the problem being a black guy from the those areas in your 30s that's just what happens you know i mean so but in your twenties at any man really to me in the twenties is more fight is like that military like we're not gonna take this yadda yadda yadda but you know and
suck it imagine like i'd be imagining sometime or look at the funny way like to my grandmother this is nothing in the mean could they were like hanging people in in thumb over the bridge in the county where she's from and shooting shotguns for for fun so this is like you know to me how much you know they they need an excuse now woo hoo who's doing this what do you mean like they were throwing people hanging people who bridget shoot him for fun yeah come from the s so things are a little you know low old school sometimes it's not that long ago when certain things happen you know like jim crow and like these things aren't that old buy used get the stories you you you brought up i don't know i wanna say races which you brought up to like these people are the enemy you know be careful when you only side of town or like i say you might not come back
home when you leave the house so what you're talking about is white people doing fucked up shit to black people like this something that was so common that it was just talked about all the time yeah yeah yeah and you still have a nice people you know is honesty in it but i don't see anywhere else 'cause when i got here people at light racism didn't exist and it affected comedy like three years ago you know who the fuck was act like racism doesn't exist it's not come on was not that it will who was saying that people it is not that bad yeah i like it all those like people love to say there's no racism 'cause obama black yeah larious that's one of my favorite ones yeah people and i was like well i'm still shellshocked but my situation is different 'cause i was treat it unfair within my own community they're not left my community you know like i had to hold light skin dark my sister lights
fair skin on dark skin you know so you were treated poorly within you ok because your skins too dark because of that one thing you know single mother then looked upon differently and we in the bible belt so there's a lot of like not having nice clothes and bullying bryant and then i got it sent to a white school was spat at my first year you know i mean something meals like this whole this whole world is crazy you know yeah that's weird thing isn't it the but the racism inside the black community between light skin and dark skinned people well it until you go to like brazil and you see uh but they all brazilian and see the racism was brazilians or you know you or hanging out with other cultures and start seeing the separation within other cultures in the same what i called a pattern with just a human behave
well there's definitely a pattern in human behavior trying to find groups that they belong to and then alienating isolating themselves from the other groups yeah that's a that's an unfortunate thing that people do we do it his name is suffering man from woman aw and then you got the you know the the gays and then you got was going on in the between the black people in the cops in the main which is to groups that oppose each other more so now than ever feminism is separating men from women that's what they're doing i think is a slight shifting of especially with the guys and i mean oh male feminists male feminists and male feminists are barely real is weird is weird situation you know you just park this joint keep up with you male male feminists seriously barely real they're barely real there's uh
tiny percentage of men that are actually male feminists the smallest percentage are actually like adhere to those ideologies the vast majority are doing what's called virtue signalling michael shermer's got the best expression i wonder if that's his expression i see it everywhere i see it more often now than ever before i think since he's been on this podcast but what they're doing is just trying to make everybody think that they are amazing they're so very jewess there so ethical and so moral and so open minded and fair and they're thinking that they've there they you know they identify as a feminist the most of it is guys just can't get any well i thought i was the truth about through seven is but i was talking to the young lady about how beautiful women are and i was like they like i'd like to be in place with beautiful women they like cars monsters good sure here and she was like you objectify women and i was like
i guess i take the phone with me you know you see that thing jamie see a thing i'd go to the other day home from cosmo cosmopolitan magazine side by side governor it was a retweet the amazing atheist weed by side cover one of them was like men who objectify women are the effing worst and then and the very next cover it should code see if it's identifying men's bulges during the olympics is hilarious hypocrites yeah but i always confirmed confirmed men who objectify women are effing horrible thirty six summer olympic bulges that deserve gold and it's just are abs with their you know vito's looking at their cocks solarius people are fucking hilarious
angry and i feel like you know when i talk i try to be a truthful as possible but i only learned to my ignorance you know i mean you only learned what i learned when i say only learned through my nose but you learn a lot from the ship the did not a mess yeah or yeah not knowing yeah i mean i think there's a i think feminism in all these things is like a giant scale right and then there's just feminism that totally makes sense to me hum i think there's a lot of women that they did get treated unfairly they work with assholes who just fuck them or want to treat him like shit because there a woman or they power over them they know they can pull some stuff on them that they can't pull on men i think that's uh that's one hundred percent real and i there's a lot of women that are awesome awesome there they're coulda creative they're funny they're powerful and you know to call it feminism or whatever it is they're just off
some humans it happened to be women you know so i think like the in some ways the idea of feminism is to recognize those women for what they are just awesome human beings and two to sort of shield them and protect them against a lot of sexism a lot of misogyny a lot of shit that gets directed in their direction and i know it's real i've seen it it's one hundred percent real yes there is a lot of sexism just like nobody would say to you there's no racism that is fucking preposterous of course his racism is racism amongst black people against other black people yeah experience that this i think there's just ignorance just foolish people an i think in a lot of ways it's not even the people default a lot of what we are is a measurement of who are parents were who their pay parents were the neighborhoods that we lived in the people that were exposed to and the think process the thought process that surrounds these areas is super difficult to escape
you know it's just really hard for people to think outside of the box it's easier now because you live in a bad neighborhood with a bunch of really people that don't think very well but you have access to the internet now so now you could start to take you know their ideas and consider those ideas and say well maybe these fucking people around me are assholes well the problem the internet is and i've got friends and family that don't have the thought of going to the internet you know that's the problem the internet or not the internet with you know that situation you know yeah so if i have a conversation with somebody and i was like why don't you just google it and they like what i'm asking you yeah you're you're hanging around silly people what is it fixed this is just people unrelated to you know i mean there's nothing you can do about that not that kind of like leave them behind is tough though
love is tough man i mean i have left but i realized once i left home the smart the only person's educate or the person who thought outside the box is gone you were the person that was thinking outside the box for the most part in family yeah what do they about you being like this sort of subversive comedian you know this open minded free speaking dude it says wild shit on stage you know they don't get it they think you funny nah no i'm here to tell him the wrong now they do very sorry you that a lot of look in their face when they see it is not what they is not worldstarhiphop yeah is that we're expecting yeah that's what they found if i look at this dude gets slapped in oh ok yeah so it's just a different size actually economically mentale crossed oh over right but it
happened so long ago there so but you can't relate sometimes we talked to them well in a sense but this thing you know there's things you find interesting they might not fly under yeah it is always a thing in the black community when i was like how desegregation ruling the black community 'cause it took the doctors and lawyers out of the community but i don't think i don't wanna hang around the niggas they trying to sit around mother fucker that drink alcohol all day you know i mean and they tried to talk about how to invest in what percentage the bank returns versus you know or you know ira or something like that it like so out i understand why these things happen now why people move out yeah yeah you know but that's the journey that i'm on and then i'll try to go back and explain those things you know
this amazing aspects to all sorts of different ethnicities different parts of the world different groups of humans there's like amazing aspects of their culture that the they have that it's going to be weird if all that stuff gets lost but i think ultimately what human beings eventually you're going to have to figure out is the only things that matter or like i mean it's really like basically straight martin luther king junior yeah judge a man by the content of his character or a woman who are you but we can identify each other so easily by what we look like or where we're from it's so easy so so many people are like so proud of being from a certain part of the world and its own place i think in some ways i think it's kind of cool like armenians talk some shit about armenian foot armenians they'll smack the fuck out of
play man there fucking loyal to that and they don't even live there anymore mail that's like being someone who's really into being american and living in south america you know if you talk if you talk to shit to an x pad like that lives in south america if you like man america is shit america is fucked up it's ruin the world is like yeah that's why i'm here so i'm here bitch yeah i got the fuck out i got the fuck out we want to do that anymore you can't like there's something cool about that these people that come over here and they their uh apologetically like one of the things i like about armenians i don't mean i'm not picking on him complementing him there on a pole majestically masculine yeah those dudes wear fucking wife beaters and tank tops with gold chains hanging down it's hilarious there like they rocket so old school i like it in a lot of ways to test out of yeah yeah they look like they look through you sometimes but
yeah i don't want to lose that 'cause i think there's something cool about what that that community represents i don't want to lose the i don't think you lose it i not well uh i mean i'm from a situation like i got african friends and when we met they had a snow in their home because on that african really because you're from america what part of africa they from nigeria is funny like saying saying some of the african it's like do you know fuck being africa in so many different countries in it i was think it was a maybe i was watching some documentary about zambia last night i think it's a maybe a new maybe maybe namibia namibia extremely underpopulated its enormous it's like bigger than texas by like one slash four which is texas is fucking huge
so this country is bigger than texas by more than one slash four and i think it only has two million people in it and uh they were showing the little this one village they visited a little father was they had one one inch of rain in three years thanks crazy man when you look at how these people live like i like watching documentaries that highlight human beings that just easily could be you or me usually it's just this happened and that happened in our mother gave birth in this weird part of the world and they just people man wave in these kids are real playful door waving everybody they waving to the camera there so excited the camera people are there to film this and they're out there cooking and it's so dry it's oh dry you know you look at the milk where they getting their water where is the fucking water no water is crazy they had on this
documentary they had a problems at a show it's actually called uncharted this guy named jim shockey and heat rash all over the world and he's a professional hunter and he visits these communities a lot of times he's helping people like he had to they had to take out some crocodiles and it become addicted to eating people or custom accustomed to eating people in this one they had to stop hyena was killing all their livestock is high we come in and just mangle their livestock and they had to get up in the mid overnight and then drive there super early in the morning before the sun came up to observe this hyena 'cause he would only be there for like a few more it's in the early early morning then we'd bolt but it looks like a werewolf like this werewolf it stay tearing apart this cow and i'm watching this and i'm like you know these people living in these little houses near this this fucking thing is out there just mangling their cows they have no water it's dry as fuck is so
fascinating man anyway that is a country in africa yeah of course is other countries that are tropical there's other countries means africa's it is insane how big that places i haven't even been is going to go this summer but i found out that you have to take malaria shots in a malcolm not give a malaria medication to my kids fuck that just fucking things shots or not and the the malaria ones are supposed to be particularly abrasive on your body and i don't want to see my kids walking around poison just 'cause i thought it would be cool to go see an elephant in its natural environment yeah i can't live my arm i mean i think it would be fucking cool to say for sure yeah africa the africans are met with so real but they broke down the the white man wolf theory to me the white man wolf yet what's that like you not full blooded in that african no more you white
wolf you like their page that you yeah you would be the white man's war that's why our low with unity to black people saying that we that african americans they can sit in sales yeah i had a buddy of mine would have to go to another black i was told the same thing he's like dude he goes don't don't ever call yourself an african american because you go over there he goes they don't like you like you know they don't want to see you and they're jealous and they get angry at you and they want to fuck you up i go really yeah eagles don't ever think you're going back to africa why where do you see people holding up the fears and all this other stuff but we're so far removed i consider some a group of people that you things have happened in our pass so we afraid of that but we don't know how future looks either well it seems cool to have this idea that there's africa and it's like like fucking narnia or like it's like it's like the
blue people that lived in the fuck amazon avatar what was that planet the planet they lived on just not the name of it little trees with beautiful yeah it's like i reminded me of unobtainium from pandora pandora yeah pandora aurum pandora pandora yeah hilarious but i remember like the way people would think of native american life like is really similar yeah i think they'd had this idyllic existence it was beautiful they lived in harmony with nature they only killed what they they needed and there's no war like i've had weight bizarre conversation with hippies about north america but native america not that i'm anti native american by far the opposite i think
it is insanely cool that this place was populated just a few two hundred years ago by p people that were essentially living the way people live tens of thousands of years condition they were successful at it there they even horses man they didn't have horses until european settlers this put a lot of people don't realize and what's even more fucking weird about that is that horses is actually evolved in north america horses started in north america and made their way to africa on land masses and became zebras well of millions of years this is one of the weirdest things about plains indians and horses is that they didn't really have them but they there's some belief this is all from this guy dan floor these who's a guess you would call it environmental historian think that's what is called but
i'm reading one of his books on coyotes but when he was talking about north america that they almost they had almost like a myth about about horses like it's possible that at one point in time they had domesticated this is somewhere in north america like you know 10s of thousands of years ago but this is all like pre ice age ice age hits sage thaws out like a lot a lot of shit is gone down here but those people they did not live in avatar existence is my point like native americans would go to war each other they fucking kill each other they do horrible things the ones in the lakes area they did a lot of cannibalism the nez perce i think say the name of the indian they were talking about they were like it their enemies and shit they would find trappers and kill them and eat them you know like it was not this beautiful world but age do the same thing but i think it's just a matter of resources right i look at a light or yeah that's all
for the same reason more racism exists is like people getting this us verses them saying we want these people who are these people are they want you know what the what everybody has to be on this team and everybody else this feeling weak if they feel like they can survive yeah that's the old way you know but what's interesting to me i think is that in this day and age that old way is just melting in front of our eyes because people understand each other how many white people have black lives movement hashtag on their fucking twitter page a fuckload man how people today are racist in compared to one hundred years ago it's probably radically is lower is amazing like the white women wanna fuck black dudes because of this thing so in a way is not offer nothing you know it's like to it's like you first liner are your first responder like the nine
even fireman they got mad pussy after nine hundred and eleven yeah those guys are superstars girls would just fuck fireman for real silly girl worked in a building that was close to where the towers went down like those guys were god damn heroes their all their hero jeans fired up i wonder if that's what makes men want to do it in the first place they know that women are going to think their heroes welcome i think so i think guys like we want to be the alpha in a certain place to be alpha in a minute so if i was a black guy i would probably play up racism big time just for white pussy or however you can play it up girl it checks that they told me and that you just want to make out with black they feel is nothing they could do so they just wanna make out with black does nothing they could do they feel like it feels so whatever about was happening oh they want to just make out just to make make it you know continue somehow and i was like you know
well there's a few videos of come out this year to just everywhere everybody's got to go okay will now give me an excuse now explain it now there's a few things like the one that the guy got shot in his car reaching for his wallet with his wife and kid in the car tell me these things don't exist 'cause everybody was like uh that's how they said it went down but you know the guy probably said something or he went and reached for something or maybe he had a record maybe they knew this guy was a dangerous no no don't know nope dude complying reaching for his wallet and gets unloaded on by some fuckin psycho some stressed out gts deed who knows what the fuck is going on that guys head who know you know one of the things i thought was interesting they had this video online recently that i it was they took this guy
who was an active he was a big time detractor of the police who's talking about how horrible the police and they invited him to go through like one of their police training safety courses and what they do is they you're supposed to determine when to shoot or when you when and get shot when someone could be a threat when you have to shoot them it was fucking amaze it's amazing to watch because this guy in just a few move these scenarios started freaking out like he got shot in it love and when they shoot you they shoot at the ground in front of you with a blank like like so he had to realize that this is how quick cop can get shot by a psycho so there's different times where he got po dover we pulled someone over or where he was handling this one guy in a parking lot and the guy went behind the car real quick and then came out and shot him like within a second you know is like sir
can i see some identification sir yeah man hey mom just work and do them skip my stuff here and he goes in the back and pulls out a gun and shoot some things like this happened this is an actual scenario this has happened it's probably happened one hundred times a bunch of times so they have to their always fucking like this man there always are you and you know how people are some people oh my god we're almost out of gas oh my god we're almost done guys were almost what we're going to do what is good and you like will you shut the fuck up if we get out of gas will walk to a god damn gas station it'll take us twenty minutes will get some gas will come back don't cry jesus christ yeah i know somebody talk to a cop and they said that one how they started working and then eleven years later oh yeah going until the those areas where these things all happen after years and year it just it just wears on you for sure and i know from the edges meet drawn up in situation
yeah i wouldn't want to go back i barely go back there you know so do give you nerves your nerves heightened it naturally kicks in one hundred percent you know like yeah and some people can't handle those nerves you how to breed quietly you don't know like somebody you could walk down the street and somebody could pull it puts a lot on those things though i've been driving on the street well my ex lady and she was talking and i was like get down because i saw god draw on a corner and shoot across the street another guy owns and is this gun went up we trolled under the the the the fire right those loans long oh my god and as he went up we went under oh no we got the second shot off and i draw and i was like man it was crazy like i'm that guy like shrimp like you know we made it was crazy and see like you how to police in our life would is he like the tail traffic that was like no i don't want to be
that's how crazy is the way you only want to be involved 'cause you got to go to the cops and i know the police like the police try to victimize like white t shirt blue jeans that's all i see it in there was like was he black and there was just a long pause well there's a long pause they lie sir is he black and i like you know that black man it felt weird but yeah 'cause i realize yeah like yeah it's just weird things that happen but is interesting what goes on 'cause lammack as we shot at people before and shot people so if you hear anything about myself you know i know both sides right do not mean so it's just interesting attitude you know that shop people how many of them got caught one
oh my god one because he end up shooting my best friend sister in a baby in a passion crime oh jesus in his last words to me was he was weird i was leaving the house one night was in a project you know play you know play cars and shit like i don't really want in that like that i remember leaving and he uses on the steps and he looked he looked up at me and he's not a man he's like you smart you things to get out of here it was one of those weird moments you know he's like man keep doing you no matter how weird or whatever people say you are just keep doing you type so i love you and i'll you love i guess i'll just lie yeah and then i left and then that was my last time seeing you know how long after that did he do the crime probably a week or two that was out of town and i got back and it was just yeah
there's war zones that's amore zone i mean when you're in an area that has a lot of shootings so much so that you drive under car you only want to call the cops you know if you saw something that beverly hills if you were an average person who's like a successful accountant who has a nice home in beverly hills and you're driving to your house and someone shoots over your car fucking for sure you're calling the police right 'cause it's rare doesn't happen there very often that is if you think how many people die during more time every year how many find this out jamie how he uh i wonder if this is possible to know i was going to say how many shootings occur in iraq and afghanistan how many military involved exchanges of firearm and then compare it to how many people get killed in america every day from gunfire
and you know i was like well this is this a gun gun right tissue no just now just looking at what's happening like looking at where they're like super dangerous spots and in the market and the lack of the so called lack of resources people that they have uh yeah i see it all when you say lack of resources mean no hope for the future or just base i got to eat you know like the power companies don't care that you know you all love each other and you trying to get better your life exactly and sometimes your lady your girl only one here that either i think that is a big part of what keeps these communities exactly the same way you know there's a dude named eddie wong he's a chef in an author and he's done a bunch of cool shit and funny dude he's gotta show on vice brought up this idea of universal basis basic income and he's like you know
giving people enough money every year so they live you know you don't have to worry about your bills you know everything is paid for everything after that you have to work for and i remember thinking that is fucking ridiculous you can't give people think people are get fucking lazy is not that's not going to work but now now the more i think about it the more i think of that might be like the best way to curb crime to curb need to curb people doing things at a total desperation to curb a certain amount of despair that some people feel and then there might be like a jump start for people pursuing other ideas that might successfully contribute to the i don't know enough about the economy to really comment yes i'm just reading a bunch of different things a bunch of people have said about it and i'm like well so it might actually make sense in terms of law enforcement
yeah terms of unemployment like all sorts of different things will rule you would have to factor in like where the money would come from and i was like wow heats it's kind of counter into but once you look into a like look how many these people that are super desperate and don't have money for bills there's no jobs how many those people would relax a lot if they got x amount of dollars a year like whatever it is they would survive i know like when my cell i'm like i'm around people that make money now and they like money is not important but i'm like you may due to the mountain top already you know i mean you made a certain income when you surviving you don't have time to field thing do you have time to be philosophical to failure or the feel like i'm saying like all these things like look at my mom definitely now 'cause she had one point loss to children you know she had to get them back and she raise
listen survival mode so she never thought arena self book a learn how the money man yeah all those things you know me ma'am assist at a place now we could do those things you know we get them to talk about you know how we feel even look back and see where we went wrong and that's that's a luxury that you know i see what you say mother who was a father a mother a woman who becomes a guy and take their roles on it does something to her emotionally you know i mean you know so um when a cheese is gone now she might have a chance to grow and see what things went wrong if she doesn't feel it's too late
yeah when a survival mode i try to tell people that who try to talk about these issues but never been in this situation before i feel the need to go out and see what people get out and don't look back or they try to help people and people concentrate on other things what is the reason why yeah all that yeah this is i have a mole is very primal you know the law the law don't matter in survival mode or yeah you can take things a grown up in the store type thing could you just at home you know me yeah so
yeah as seen and been apart all these things you like close you want luxury stuff to the point that you would take it in the bottom all take a polo shirt yeah interning you know so yeah yes survival mode isn't there a place that most people have no idea right most people are just gas and me included just gas and most people have is a situation even worse than mine and all yeah you see what is it it does the people and after awhile they kind of like it they might make six figures but at least equal to the projects 'cause this is exciting is exciting one and two they can't communicate with people who been making one hundred thousand a whole life or group in a situation where you know that's a big thing with people that go to war people that have been to war they for some reason even though it was awful and they saw friends die who is the best
i'm alive yeah it's like there's something about living knowing that any moment you could be dead the makes the live moments the moments we not dead more special and then you come back here and everything sort of muted yeah it's toned down you know i think that's why a lot of rich people they start if they don't have any meaning in their life they don't have a thing that they're really into they just start buying shit they just start collecting houses and boats and they just trying to figure there's gotta be something exciting to do here there's got to be something you know well once i start making like thirty one thousand dollars a year doing standup it changed me 'cause i kind i wasn't invited la i slept on the floor for a year and i mean i did the whole car thing built everything off in their living out the car you were doing that you have a like a couple weeks you know but everybody's got a cool story that makes it
then i make it that and a lot of people like ronda rousey a cool live at a call ma'am it was a very interesting to see a lot of a lot of people that the living out of your car we have lots of meetings that's kind of normal for la but i figured i think i've made it copy anything i made on our graduate college without the first graduating college and i like i gotta unlearn everything i was taught now how so close this institution last night to me is no different between the university yeah not difference between college in prison sometimes to me way different you can quit college well yeah you can you can that's true but you know will get money for how many occupants they have right i look at those stats and they teach so as a society within both you know then in the military 'cause i want to afghanistan for thirteen days i think colleges are incredibly important but i think that like all things
when the world around them involves quicker than they do yeah it creates issues and i i think a lot of what you're seeing like i've talked to some kids to go to school that are taking these classes from ridiculous left wing professors basically communists you know there's a lot of 'em is not just a few this left wing thinking is like super uber prevalent on campus to the point where it's like this stored in kids versions in views of the world and it's trickled down it's the students is the fact lt is you have a lot going on it's ultimately a lot of it is like the people at the very top of it all it's really kind of fascinating because those people are shaping people's minds they're involved in a lot of ways from what what comes out of that in a cultural sense but there's a lot of backlash because that too is a lot of people that are going to the schools and now we're reading online accounts of what these professors do and how these models ru
answers have zero experience in the world itself they it's live in academia they get the degree yeah go from getting a degree to teaching and they teach and they don't enter the world so they live in this world of these sort of esoteric ideas these philosophes that they would like to be real but might not necessarily be real they teach kids that was kind of fortunate in that because i got test i took some weird testing elementary school that sent me to these schools upper middle class high school they just figured out you're smart yeah but it alienated me from my community my class like we got bussed to a school so everybody my apartment complex got on the bus and with the school and then we got separated to where it was like five black people in this class and we would go to lunch we have to walk on different sides of the hall and everybody in my neighborhood
listen to come into the house those things started to happen then but how could they not see that coming that almost seems like one of those government experiments like a psychological teske the experiment you know domain and a sense but what happened what happened was time like my professors would like rich millionaires 'cause they taught the that they did willie right you know may i would say like a comedy comedian i mean uh the class except that that teacher made right in our main arm so they write books and should they write their own books they got millions you know they do on this 'cause they want to you know they retired already know what they must stat teacher retired at thirty you know i mean thirty yeah he wrote his own book and i don't like that god damn because i can still this book you couldn't steal it why not 'cause he wrote his own book so he gave we had the
from an inmate download the dallas somehow things were sold you his on he had to sell his books every time a class he taught move that's tricky so i want to call it must first year and then have books cousin high school they provided books and i know you needed books so i made it i made money to buy a book and i got book buyback programs but i give you twenty five percent with the books worth right and i just couldn't get into that so i had to steal books and i would say the books at fifty percent you would steal and sell 'em yeah would you steal a physical copy of the book where would you get him from the bookstore just snagging for bookstore yeah 'cause the the thing that the long they have were they alone and it's funny 'cause the engineering book google it never was hooked up properly uh so and i was still enough just to put it in my waistband and walk out this is all very alleged never really
happened was never really happen you know this is just fixed if i was the right cast file the writer book though that i will be done right but i didn't do a lightly on massive i don't do massive because i know a grand theft is right in a meeting so it's only a few people to us supplied in is it easy by you get a fifty percent and then you can have that money back at the end of the semester yeah a good deal yeah that's pretty good deal win win except steel and stainless steel in part but i allegedly might have gotten college books that way too we a lot of super common well today kids can just download most things right that is true it must be really hard for them to sell their books now 'cause kids could just go to like a bit torrent 'cause especially if there's like a college worse it's in a major university in most likely some is going on upload it to a torrent rent we assume but wasn't torrents we i went to school when asked to drop so we the group oh shit that's pushed all that for i remember now yeah i remember the
crazy argument about nafta remember i to sit back and and go i remember very clearly when that metallica got involved lars ulrich and he was saying that this is stealing and it was going crazy and freaking out i remember literally sitting back 'cause i was listening to on sirius satellite radio i think it wasn't something i was list into something on my car what year was that like what year was napster two was there even sirius satellite radio in my imagine this might have been the radio actual radio xm was right around that same time it might have been whoever is out here it might have been howard stern was listening to something and they were talking got it and i remember thinking just stepping back and going well this is a new thing like people have figured out how to get for free online that normally would be like twenty dollars or ten dollars where the fuck it is and i remember thinking well this is uh
nude or they just opened up a room remember like sitting back in my chair was in my car i remember the fucking parking lot was going to buy dog food and i was to this and i remember i said packing where oh man this is a moment there is a real moment our culture well before they had looked odd there wasn't even had the internet right you didn't have a static over computer lab so check this out check this out this was the host we met two white guys one guy broke his foot when he was young and his dad gave my old computer and he started working a little car game and from that he learned over him right he said we can give him access to a computer lab he can supply our rooms with internet 'cause they was wire but it wasn't hooked up so he get the numbers in a statement that thing communicate with one another so a few of us in the dorms here internet
whoa and this have to do is like an episode of mash and this the problem it learn is how to learn how to hustle as a viable you learn how to get stuff for free but you don't learn how to monetize it all the time but what we did was we start selling like cds and stuff like that you know i mean to download stuff and then the lcd sales because nobody had laptops and nothing like that oh wow yeah a friend of mine called crazy store series we're going to look back on this this is like those people were in the camera first got invented yeah yeah we stuck around for four hours and he painted us into like watt i mean this is literally what that's like this one and thank you to are you to earlier i was in the crack game i'm a little bit you were in the crack game a little bit be a meme i was in the crack game picture of iron bowers this thing was newt this thing was a new house cosmo
people love music yeah when did the crack game open that was eight thousand and eighty something that was when everything became they blamed everything on crack literally blamed everything on crack the epidemic like all white people are terrified to crack they thought that for sure for sure you want some this wasn't brain yeah i know you're looking at it oh wow so by the top of that poor you drink you get smarter it alone it affected me in the nineties mid nineties how so well my father my the c c it deteriorates deterioration of people family's life full all somebody look up to this you know it was a
it was a way for people to get coke way easier right yeah that's basically what it is get the same high for what amount of the cheaper you know me how far to north but it has a different effect it must have some sort of a different effect because people say that the crack thing again after you do it it's like really good in the beginning and then it's not so good after awhile but at the same with coke i think you still chasing that i haven't code yeah every now so yeah leaving the possibility open you know in bowers ready to party you know everything i've done i do it for experiment with it and i'll understand addition and learn like comedy makes me so happy that i don't have to leno anything for any emotional thing so when i do it is just to see what it's like right so like when i did shrooms you know that was i was there documenting the experience and then i will go back into it and i can go out being self
where am italy almost like from an engineering perspective we trying to like back engineer what's going on doing these drugs try to figure it out write this stuff down then i'll go back and look at it and try to figure out how i got there well even when i got in the business it was like let's see what makes you so powerful i remember having in my hand like this see what makes you so powerful you were saying that to the crack itself what did it say i'll show you are perfectly 'cause when i when it ended liselot for me when i stop selling the loaf of wasel call for me because i didn't know that the person who sailed is addicted just as much as the user 'cause you're addicted selling it the power the money when you walk into building people know who you are people that you could go to control you have over people i'm like this with white power feels like
that it was a guy who ran into a store got some clothes and brought it back 'cause he didn't have any money that's a powerful thing you know right yeah people sucking your dick you know and stuff like wait a minute how does it equate to go getting some clothes and bring them back how power yeah 'cause they don't there's nothing i would normally do you could make somebody do that in a mean so i look at it like files and i could think so one percent i got a business education and business so they give you a republican mindset so if i was in control little society right and i had a group of poor people and i control the resources and this happened on the street with drugs to this wide rather than raw if i control the resources i can allow it to go out or can not allowed to go out i could control the price point
and if you can afford it you know i mean then it's like ok let's see what else you could do to to get this thing so you were getting addicted to the power of like controlling these people of having these people dependent upon you you would show up you would be in court and you'd be making money doing something that's kind of dangerous is like a bunch of different things going on i think i did it enough to see it but i don't do along that they give how you doing i think probably see them like so like a semester two how do you get out of it i have it i was the one point i had i got propositioned to take control over this town and it was at a point consciously like i was at a private college i leave the trip the life i had basketball scholarship at classes that was filling it was a religious college had white friends and then i will go to the black community and hustle at night there's a lot of stuff to do you not me
and uh like at one point i was shot at all hang on my white friends and they know what the fuck was going on you got shot at with your white friends because they want to buy weed this way they had to go to get weed in this other place in i mean yeah so that person allegedly his uncle work for me is the first allegedly yeah all this is so i remember it was a pharmaceutical company in that town that made a lot of money and i remember standing outside face to face with it and i was like is a setup will never win this is all the money is right here in a pharmaceutical company is legal no and i met a guy who was addicted to crack he owns a pharmaceutical company and cvs bought out for like one dot five eight million dollars and you know all that money went you know ann
and these in these things make me be like and then a fouls getting angry 'cause i'm feeling realized how unfair life is 'cause now mean black people who grandparents with the college you know i mean and doing that time they would do like brown paper bag test to see if he was allowed to go to school within the black community that would put a brown paper bag up to your nephews lighter than that you know you could go to school and study what yeah who did this this was like certain hbs use you know black universities and stuff like that i know they would do that just to get in a fraternity really yeah you can research this stuff a brown paper bag is so white you telling me you look at me wow so anger started the common then you industries hustling and i don't think i have mentality it got to one point i knew that if i crossed the line like i would hurt
home somebody in a very bad way is no coming back from that and all that i was ready to make that decision but i do know the guy when i left he went on to build that part of town and finish it was just two of us at the time but it became a crew of six each made thirteen five a week take home wow by the time we hit five six or seven years but by the time i link back up with him he was the only one left alive alive or not in jail and you know religion save them really so i pulled out 'cause religion the rest were gone yeah but i just saw the way my mind where i just saw stuff early you know you put the pieces together early right well that's that's a skill i just killed a lot of people have
learn and you learn about watching either you do your own fuckups or you watch a lot of people fuck up around you like if you talk to the children of alcoholics they rarely drink not run shouldn't say rarely when i should say is i run into a lot people who were the children of alcoholics who realize like fuck that noise and they i realize growing up with unreliable parents fucked up and and those people you know there's like proof positive you don't have to actually go through them day to earn yourself was a lot i don't hate draw it was no more but until then a d it because one not there i out an early clown look climbed the flagpole for find casino had no money but before then this was a guy that raised me who who managed to
we live in a small bedroom apartment two bedroom apartment to him amassing of five bedroom house and cars and boats 'cause he was just that smart and good and i seen it all disappeared you know i mean what i call like cal king falling or something like that so i just want to see like the other part of it and i will be in the lighthouse peoples parents about the key out of a kia feel about this and they you know no no no no i want to talk about their right now like i'm like so even during that time still i gathering information it is you know well this most insidious about crack is that effects poor neighborhoods in general and black neighborhoods in particular like that's one of the weirder drugs because there was crack in paw the white neighborhoods like there was an area called lowell in massachusetts that had a big problem i think was cracker was it heroin
but there's a lot of crack neighborhood for sure i know i know poor white people that smoke crack but seems way more prevalent in black communities and it i always wonder what is what's the needs being met when when when a drug provides a certain type of sensation like what is the needs being met that is uniquely tracked it to search neighborhoods i don't know that i really don't know i know it was cheap for certain it wasn't cheap where we was doing that that's what made it so profitable but do you think that it's because of all these pressures that you were talking about like you're talking about this despair you talking about how it just feels like you can't get out you're stuck in this bad place well this danger and violence and just a constant fucking pressure of that i think so i think i look at what my dad the type of people they are personality was very friendly and then banning them
you you behave a certain way but they're real like horny people and they like the fuck is truly not mean they do you know i mean so just being can find you know growing up with two parents i hear my friend you like they have versus i didn't have like i don't have a curfew and nothing you know but i was just the key i'll still they call me a square when i was younger i didn't partake anything but i will be out i'll be like it'll be like right there and i see it but just thank you leon knew better but i see people who came up a certain way with certain values even mar france they have to live with that for awhile right well i have the freedom to be like nah we do this so you had four thought over four sight to see where this could all be a problem and then you got proven correct so you go
but you got to see all these other people fuck up doing all these things yeah well i notice like oh my my grandmother and grandaddy snuff cigarette people snuff that's stuff so we're you know my grandmother they selena chip for people to you know is like that is snuff is like a powerful tobacco on almost like chewing tobacco was with the dues the we don't it's snuff is what the women is a powder form they still put in my life and they got a spit cup and they've always like you know as a key go grab my spit cup watch a lady just spitting out this beautiful ass pick up they get a paper towel the bottom so don't make a noise remember that was like a big deal in the wild west they'd have splatoons yeah remember that i saw one of the movies at the capital the capital in sacramento and they got those spit things i used to work with this dude was a stuntman unfair factor his name is perry
he's crazy he swallows tobacco juice 'cause you said he said he was working on movie sets so often that he couldn't spit couldn't carry around his cop and spit so he started to swallow in his lab juice and they got used to it also i've drank most of drink start drinking beer tobacco idea to back over fourth you drank tobacco alcohol and tobacco 'cause i should do focus groups model algerian friends they put me on so let me five thousand and seventy five hundred two hundred dollars to drink and test taste it and give you a pain right right but if you could my name is byron bowels which can be byron powers which can be brian bowles brian powers i could do full focus focus group and one day siege change name a little bit change name put on a different shirt this is in conflict like this is uh huh this that we had
be in college to me colleges with four people learn white collar crimes and stuff right so but i had to do to back and they never would do it some people and i would do it and then they will be at the back of the light to a p be like me in the brain that white guys they all live yeah man this one takes a little more like stuck at the citrus flavor it's more in this you know and i mean there just late i have read like open there's the children my hanging out my mouth i can't even spit right what is the feeling of even chewing tobacco when you don't do it oh was duty in that group i think is like um equivalent to like you just get like a weird bulls feeling like you just i like your eyes already they say it's really good to write on this like the team has won the best things to write on is like is like more is like alertness alert like if i eat chocolate drink coffee let my heart explode i just started doing this in a
a friend is like on alert version of that but you still like happy and stuff at the same time like is if you want alcohol is like you burst in a way so it's better better than than car it's more of a drunk feeling coffee to me yeah this is what kind of this is like the loose leaf stuff or is it this cold so that you have all you do it like doing this and they don't even know how to speak later like pulling you like some nasty yeah and i saw this one fucking dude who was doing public service announcements who's going to colleges and high schools rather and grammar schools and he was missing most of his lower jaw he got jaw cancer from doing chilling tobacco yeah i think it was a baseball player
you see this is like strapping handsome gentleman and then as time went on the cancer eight his jaw way it stings to maine it stings to me is like uh stronger's pyramid meant stealing and if you don't know how to do it right it gets all that well how many people actually get cancer from that stuff i don't know man it seems like there's a lot of people that do that stuff i don't got no electronic version now no no no no no well i mean apparently according people that smoke cigarettes e cigarettes just don't give you the same rush they don't really believe that they don't give you that kick like at the end of the day to me but it still smoking inside the loans yes it still smoke on inside your lungs but it's not those e cigarettes or vapor it's actually a lick
tobacco okay emergency vaporizes the liquor tobacco and some sort of particles have to be in the air but it's it's attached to vapor it's a different experience than the coal i'm in the hot you know what is smoke from fire is like those cars that burn wood high do you know something that evaporates in the air hydrogen turns in air yeah we burn it you know ok where is the turn to what are some water oxygen or water some hydrogen burn burning hydrogen to oxygen or is it turn into water one of water comes out of james google five things at the time we need a god damn assistant but yeah yeah but cigarettes man they do give you a weird rush i don't smoke cigarettes but i've had hits of people cigarettes before just to see what it feels like like tony hinchcliffe gave me a pull off a cigarette the other night right before i went onstage gives you like uh wish give you like your your mind
fires up and he's like dude be careful you can get addicted these things i'm like i am not getting addicted to your fucking cigarette it's relax i'm just going to take one puff of a cigarette that's how i feel about stuff like certain things that when i told my mod the acid and i told with the stuff i do answer i think you know what happen your father why would you go down the same path and they think it's the same trying to live trying to see things different i understand what he went through but and also i came back as moses also so that didn't help i came back like we mean it came back and let god oh after you do these are the instructions everything everything's gonna be ok i saying life i've seen death i time traveled yeah that sounds pretty trippy did like goddamnit byron you went nutty
all those white people what is that as one to the fact they already think i when the the for the for the graduate in st i'm a do stand up so they were right then it's like it's confirming but there affirming that they were right oh well yeah in a sense they already think he went nuts this guys already he's out there i don't know what he's doing to an acid getting crazy these these ten gop's heating jokes i got introduced like yeah this my nephew who grabbed from college that one say he gonna go tell your jobs like it's a joke yeah i got introduced is dead and tell him how much kevin hart makes tell tell those people how much capital this yeah this before it was before can tell him how much jamie foxx made tell him how much i mean fill in the blank go to martin lawrence working way up the million different fucking comedians like jet generated from college is all less likely scenario then if you're actually funny make a lot of money doing stand yeah you know like
is now you have the poor people like this is all you do and i'm like yeah they like oh snap they realize now that you're awesome dominican republic what you do i'll talk to people for a living and things like that so although you well sorry gotta write some shit down you gotta figure what's funny about what you're about to say it's a little more com kidding that but yeah at the end of the day yeah it's all it is i call it communication that's all you know at this level well the level of that is interesting because i'm in a weird space with far's stand up weird space to main house not far that's show business said i say show business
how so this is a place in show been as well art meets the the business part you know me and that's one to get instant does when the fight began of like you know do what what platforms can i can this be allowed all okay you can put me on the show with five people i wanted to show it to this myself you know in those things or you got agents now you asked in the book you and then you'll hear from for five i know so that was that weird part of his learning that part of the show business navigating the waters of sharks daniel tosh and i were at the improv name drop watch me but then probably the night and there was this one dude was a manager is kind of shifty character and daniel came over and he was like that guy gives me the creeps and i tell i go you know that guy said to me once he
said to me you're the one that got away and he said dude he said the same fucking thing to maine and then tosh even tweeted it to me with a bunch of asses at the end of it yeah it's there's a going to be those guys but if you find someone that's good you know you develop a good relationship a good agent a good manager it's like everything else man you can come to hollywood to meet a bunch crazy actors or you can meet a bunch artists you know you can eat a bunch of people that are completely out of their fucking mind full of shit doing math do an adderall day promising you the world never delivering shit or you can meet some of them well you and i know from the comedy store like you're in a family like you're part of the comedy store family true you go down there and there's so many of us i mean i hate to keep bringing it up that's god damn love fest at that place you know it's a very interesting it's beautiful right people like all that sounds weird the energi is bad
not anymore i don't like this so it's a friend anyway you know and this is a is a thing a different place for sure than it's ever been before but there's there's no bad enerji at the comedy store so that's a god damn hug fest i felt the lucent doing that first went there that's probably in glow department of the store honestly uh uh 'cause i start in urban rules and they don't want to book because it was too far it was too experimental my style so uh yeah i'm trying to get into comic store and as i've broken the clothes before i know how tough fifty years or whatever and there's like that you can't go there they don't they don't let black comics and they racist sounds like they races i like maben dylan races in my whole life that's easy that's a mental thing and that's what i did what do you think the comedy store was racist that's what i heard who said that like a lot of black commas was saying that when i got you i bet they weren't that funny well it's a different you know it's a different style
stop racism is mental to me hollywood is races you go in a room like light to light to dark too tall too short too fat but then sexist then it's ageist then it's it's sizeist like if they don't fat people there's a lot of things that hollywood is but because they're trying to fill a part yeah i have an idea in their head of what it's going to be a non live you let that get to you i have one so much mentally dells out that i'll stop does nothing but yeah but so there were racist they would still wouldn't hire you like it's not but comic store is is they get a lot of pressure be more you know this more diverse more i know i've seen it i've talked about it what they try to do is just book the funniest people this is they always try to do just before the guy was book and it was fucking crazy but in his idea is probably thought he was doing the right thing i did well
i made it through that everything yeah yeah you know everything else was easy i sat there and listened to the talk you let it you could let it affect you or you can or you could be like fuck it well people don't know that stopped like well like two years ago that guy stopped working there yeah and from then on it's become a completely different environment is insane now it's so much better than i will battle part of like as far as making the cut because the talent as far what people got going i still feel like a regular comic compared to what the people at most days with now and that's saying something about me of my heart feel confident wise but also let me know like you know i gotta get you know whatever else i need to get done done you know i mean like i should be like a monster big boy i feel like i should
you must have a monster big boy months the monster bigfoot i get it like because after a while you do rooms and you're the funniest person in the room and that can make you cocky but then one night somebody don't show up or somebody don't want to follow joe rogan and you have follow joe rogan and then you learn what season is on a different level and you can't cheat your way of being season in anything you know that's one of the things that comic store is always been very good at giving guys opportunities because of the fact that also there's a bunch people on a night there might be the only people on average lineup is like thirteen or fourteen twelve one thousand two hundred and twelve so twelve people do in fifteen minutes sets and the show goes on all night so going to get some opportunities
if you're a young guy or a young girl to go on like right after a crystallia right after you know joey diaz or ron right you get a chance to see these people take these tough spots after they just watched you go i have to run white you're going on after someone these people love you love that guy come to see him there excited when he's there there at all googly eye they using that was their time there's a bunch if ron white at the comedy store is a good show instead of a bunch of people in the audience came there specifically to see him so if you go on right after him you have to introduce them to the world of byron bowers you know it takes a little time you gotta ease them in you got a real ask them that now you know ron's gone i know he's only here for fifteen minutes but he's gone and now i'm going to come up and it's it's a very very unique environment that it's 'cause it gives us a chance to also see how other people do that and also see you
the chance to see twelve different people styles you sit there the whole night yeah that's true so much diff prince in their there soul funny so much i mean big difference for you really funny and a guy like michael costa was already really funny are as well really funny but you look at the two of you guys together what you both have in common is that you both have like all this really cool potential and you might see that ten times tonight night so you know as we look as tommy told me this is like look we started you in the belly we gonna put you in a later he broke the whole thing down for me he's like your stuff is regional right he's likely won't put you up in front of these international people at two hundred o'clock in the morning and i was like what and what happened was i start learn how to communicate what i thought was funny must tell jokes and then he said by the time we put you in the main room with these guys to do theaters you will learn how to perform in front of a group of people between two hundred and twenty
one thousand lot of time you master these rooms so he then to main like gaza i listen to what people say he told them but he now had conversations with me he just made it it just prolongs what i thought i was ready for well by the time i got to the main room and i'm used to doing these into all tea rooms in apple falling behind but you a lewis ann i'm so all this is a broader audience and i got to perform at a walk the stays about it i can't do it like i've been doing in are right i got a i got to up the ante in it made me grow as a comic and i tell people now like yell you perform in the men midnight you gonna be just as strong as somebody who does it at eight by the time it's all over and when you go to another club you get at eight hundred o'clock spot boom you gonna kill it yeah it's like running with weights on yeah
for sure i just take for this hbo i was i did show have there and how to do a warm up show what was so strong i had to close the typing you know i had a close the typing clean 'cause are they had me like at a time you had to close the shit they haven't yet had to close the typing and i didn't want to close the tape it but in their mind they look like now you strong enough to do this do not mean my first time with the montreal i want to first montreal comedy festival yeah the first on the dog my the call back that got me to montreal i will first and i don't want to go first but this set was so strong it affected the next three comedians after me because people just stare and when you do content my guess is what did it affect
or did they just not be that good well there's a lot that's a lot of what is right is like can someone sees you kill what the one of the big things that happens one of the beautiful things about the commissar about you were talking about going on after all the people that are killing is you learn how to relax there's a lot what happens is when a guy has to go on after someone that's really strong is that they panic and when they panic they can't even be themselves which is not as funny as that guy yeah that's true i used to but that was a big thing that happened to me i would always go on after there's a ton of guys that are going after one of the ones who had always bomb after was martin lawrence he just too good back then it was too good and two famous into popular and you know he would do like forty five minutes and then i would do whatever like fifteen minutes after him and i always bought but i always that was the spot that i got and i realized like a bunch of things i would see here my own jokes come out and knew they were not good like i didn't think they were good so
i realize like ok i've got like change pretty much everything about my approach because what i'm doing you got comfortable i found like a little area that i could sort of write and perform in these are these are the jokes that i've sort of gotten try to work with and i didn't try to expand enough and when you get stuck into a situation where you have to kind of duke it out for survival makes you reassess like through why is all this bad luck with what's going wrong like when many people don't like doing that because if you do everyone to think their finished product right that's a that's the come words right everybody wants to stay inside their comfort zone this is it i'm good i'm pretty happy with the way things are okay but if you do that like it's going to take too long like if you really want to yet you want to be like a martin lawrence like you're not going to do it by being comfortable it's not going to happen is true that's why i came out the other night i had the following was like yo those
heavy weights right there you know me off alone just content like yeah just the content and life experiences sandstone learning like okay but till these these stories about my dad schizophrenia stuff down you have to be the funniest if you're so interested a whole weight yeah that is a funny guy come up and talk about relationships people still on the line hey alas it was crazy when i start doing it one does come with me saying funny no more they were just like man s that i know what that's like because my panelists case for and to me that's the universe saying haha now you only something but that only comes through failed to me like you put improve through failure like the light bulb was invented through failure you know may not through getting it right the first time to ten thousand times but that thing to get perfect you know so yeah i think also think of up
part of what you just said that's important as you were talking about the way it feels when you're listening to it it's not like your stay under relationship stuff that it's something that's in in some ways more more enticing right it's interesting subject to schizophrenia like there's something there's weight to it right yeah is honest is honest my my black lives matter stuff is honest and is not going give me light by people without fail in on a in this in is is is to even to me is a little messed up how i feel about the situation what is honest at the moment how i feel about this well how you feel about it well talk about it well i can with the to me not this is the worst part of me about the video is that he got shot in front of a toyota camry and i like that how shall i am if it was me i would have found a bears or something to crawl
yeah just 'cause i know what it's going to look good 'cause i'm about to go viral right and i want to look good before i get turned into a hashtag 'cause that's what the police are doing is turning niggas in the hashtags and i returned somebody look quite unlike you know the average lifespan for a young black man twenty five the hashtags live forever so the thing about fill dirt and shallowness and like that's the complexity of like my bit but i have to admit and that's a true how i really felt you know my name when he hit the car and i was like that the car was balanced and i look at the suspension on it but that's what makes it funny the people you know i mean that's what makes it fun to people but i have to leave want to you know as art as we learn and do this you learn to let go of those things but the more work i don't get the more honest i become 'cause you don't you start really trying to fit in you don't care they trying to book a nice black guy don't more
you get paid you take another jacket i'll be take another shirt i'll tell you just like that with no shirt on like look i'm in my 30s i have wrinkles right here now but i never got laid more in my life you know it's just honestly and is something relieving is something whatever from here who was quiet growing up and he not everything in such a release into being i would put this stuff out yeah that's probably something a lot of people don't understand right do you have a lot of people on earth not like that where you're coming from he's not just where you are now but it's where you started out yeah the you you you're taking particular joy in your freedom it's it's particularly unusual the way you're expressing yourself yeah and as as being violent that vulnerability that people talk about but
as you grow as i grow as a person my comedy has grown yeah it's gotta happen it doesn't it does am i read something in the day on jen kirkman and there was talking about she was talking about that he's one of those things that you actually do get better at when you get older and it's one of those things a rare thing for women to that they're still act like a forty year old woman doesn't have a lot of opportunities in actress you know i mean find a place in mom rolls and stuff like that as far as like to lead something but a forty year old comic like a lot of it just kind of getting started yeah it really does look like it's here so much better now than ever and she's like what is she like forty six or something like that since launching like everything tractors in section is with a woman like is is is is is grows on is not not the way you look with the way you carry yourself in the way you move when you talk so you trying to say your fan is saying about the bats
no not that before but i look at it like i'm from i like all women now you know you told her that before yeah it does the trick a little warm in on me right i've been in greenwood are respected boundaries in the main not stared at it actually looked down and working help bits but this is very nice in two yes very nicely she nice outside it don't get all like yeah i know sure but for sure she's real friendly to she's a and by the way until my all women with that ladies like if you have self esteem problems like we all do and don't think oh cut your hair doesn't look a certain way is all there but it it kind of comes when you can stop giving a fuck you know you mean sexiness yeah in some ways yeah 'cause people that are really super nervous about everything every aspect about them they get other draining their exhausting 'cause you know that there's a lot going on there this is too much chaos doesn't allow you to become
but someone is comfortable in their own skin and they don't give a fuck like it's like a kind of like being around you you relax main you let me know that it's ok to not give a fuck that's what that's like the benefit of the true not give a fuck people through not go fuck people make you she ate things better women say i look sexy now and it's like what who are they why they learn i don't know what a line is something some enerji they feel and i don't believe him 'cause it mean thank you you know the look you tell the guy that's what it is what it amounts to a key with the scar on his face yeah the cricket tv you know well you're you're hanson but on a month and you're funny it's but so i mean talent is a big thing to write and you see a lot of talented people and all all sorts of different businesses even even like businessmen like a businessman is a well that she just after for his money maybe
you know maybe that guy has that really beautiful wife because there just after him for his money or maybe they're attracted to his talent for being successful like there's a little bit of that too it's not just the money like i don't think women would be as attracted to a guy who just won the lottery and got five one hundred million dollars as they would to some guy who some media mogul who started his own business built it up into an empire and now has five hundred million dollars that's true those guys are different like they have that wizard air about them like this guy don't like a certain type of eel on must him how much pussy ilan musk it must have to beat away from how many girls are just bombing on him just constantly 'cause he's a super genius multibillionaire was seven
successful businesses he invented fucking paypal he's been built his own cars that run on electricity he's making a fucking rock ship to go to the moon is making a hyperloop that's going to go to san francisco thirty seconds or whatever the fuck i don't steal question that i looked at his stock today i still question should not get a little part of me like this is gonna be like the next general electric that's what i'm telling people in my mind that thing good thing he's gonna do energii you know he's doing that with everything he's a super winner there's certain guys that are just super winners and he seems to come without any of the baggage the most super winners come with you know there's a lot of baggage most most of these like crazy entrepreneur type characters there also geniuses come with he doesn't seem to he's like remarkably stable for someone who's that fucking smart
successfully so god damn alien that guy is weird 'cause i have to talk about this silicone valley guys who made money now and is like the met is like i said yeah they nerves when they got money and power so they act like that you see about ten women you not mean kissing all only acting like dazzle used to beat them up the job i mean they get bullied but if you look at the warren buffets and the bill gates and the guys that was just like yeah this my lady right here spend a lot of time working on al gore rhythms but it's a new day now you know warren buffett still lives in the same fucking house in omaha yeah me a hannibal was in that neighborhood did you see his house no we not be in beta property and stared at us you are being via property in that community and we need to have a cookout at five hundred o'clock in the morning you going some stairs and next day you gotta cook out of
five hundred o'clock in the morning show after party and then was it like we making a lot of noise or something i don't think so just the average knows that people may after they leave the club that's pretty loud you know stumbling around five hundred o'clock in the morning it would be annoying as fuck you live next door to that house and you know try to get some sleep i think so probably the house across we had three volvos in the driveway out like oh that's a lot safety yeah it's a lot of white people there's too much there must be furious at you for
i think there was a little so i don't know we woke him up but the grill was outside and so they could smell it they had chilean bass and we came order appetite but don't you think that that was probably pretty loud like how were you guys i don't think it's that lab i fell asleep but it was we did turn people away though you know how many people are there i don't think it probably be like five or seven but more came that's chaos five or seven seven people that are uh awake at five hundred o'clock in the morning those people were probably lit up loud as fuck barbecue and doesn't bother you absolutely i don't bother me but at the same time i don't if i look at it from my neighborhood in my neighborhood i live there and they bring that bouncy castle over
they played a merry as a file clerk in the morning which happens does he live okay i get it i get it i don't hate on right but that's there that's the neighborhood that you chose to live in right that's what they do are you saying you live in a mexican neighborhood i see people on some parties i got roosters on this kind of deal they get at five hundred am three am in the morning dude my gardner had the son of one of my dogs my garners friend of mine and he's cool as fuck doesn't speak very much english but he's cool as fuck he's got like one hundred fucking roosters one hundred of am in his yard his yard is like like a chicken fighting ring it's chicken fighting is different it's funny like you tell people that you know somebody that fights dogs and they look at you like what a monster is horrible person because dogs are really complex
and they love you they have give you unconditional love and for you to violate that and making them fight each other is fucked up i get it i agree with it one hundred percent not saying that but you tell people that you know somebody fights chickens and they go really they didn't even i mean some super v we need to probably get really pissed off for animal rights activists but the average person doesn't give a fuck about a chicken and if those chickens are fucking each other up with spurs on they put like razor blades on their back feet and then cut each other up i notice that i saw a tape before we went down a recruitment training tape and that was my first time seeing
the animals electrocuted and how do you breed them and stuff like that this is a real tight that was going around the hood 'cause people was fighting these animals i know people that executed dog that i'm closely friends with you not mean in this very you know interesting situation but once again you talking about people who was like oh he was treated worse than that you know is still that innately this and you what is shocking when people come out against dogs like that and that's why you have certain communities like what we get shot but accounts or you know and all this other stuff with a certain communities were dog fighting is super normal two dozen i'm saying like this is normal wasn't but i don't mean normal in that it's like less offensive than how the adult human beings are treated in that neighborhood i mean it's a part of the culture yeah that's what i mean yeah yeah
s right yeah i know dude who had like thirty dogs used to keep thirty dogs in his yard is a professional pool player he had a big yard down in uh i think using kentucky and he there was part of what he gambled on you dogs that they would train and they would fight him you know and the person that i am right now looks at that and goes well that that's a fucking terrible thing to do like why would you do that like that should be absolutely illegal but him whatever his life was like him growing up in wherever he grew up yeah that was a normal thing so i i absolutely judge him absolutely judge any
to the does that but it is what i understand yeah there is we're like and to me i think understanding comes from me personal life if we could really assess all sales and look at our team is an ex up on things right photo i'll bet like that we could possibly do some real up things right then it will make those judges of the less and then the conversation could be trying to understand but yeah it's certain things that you see that you accept the panel where you you are he's coming yeah i'm more than a lot of ways than what you're saying is like those those principles of life and those things you talk about like these two different patterns that you see in a lot tronics or the universe you kind of see that in life you see
in comedy to write like exactly what you were talking about in comedy like having go through things making mistakes making things like really obvious and then realizing whoa i gotta look at this for what it really is versus people who look at things through a distorted perception like most of the people that you know that have distorted perceptions of their own abilities or distorted perceptions of their own life or where they fit in the world those are the people that don't progress because they're not looking at themselves they're not they're not taking these assessments of themselves accurately so they're not moving forward they stay where they are at 'cause they think that where they're at with whatever they're trying to do is good enough or is perfect is better than it really is that's true but yeah and what i learned from my last my acid trip that the one you saw me the day after that yeah the in in art and rg
because i saw idea or a some conception when i told you yeah it moves everything for my art moves everything for in the j like you have a child or you have an idea that moves the cultural or the human species and everything continues to evolve and move for yeah out those things we would we continue to make the same mistakes over stock with certain things you know yeah were fueled by these things that we create whether their innovation or whether they're piece of art movie you know we were fueled by the things and sometimes in a negative way i mean how many people have you met that act like a movie if they think they they say things like they're in a moving a bunch of people i know do got in a fight with the dude and as they were scrap and like i was about to fight he goes to night we dined in hell
he yelled that out of them and that dude told me i'm like are you fucking serious is like yeah it really really said that to me as the layers and the guy was like why did you say tonight we dine in hell and so they get in a fight in the big blue the guy who didn't say that turned out to be a really good wrestler so the whole thing was at the there for the other guy well that guided dining hill the guy who said that dined inhaled at night well naughty i mean it's just he thought he was in fucking movie or something i mean he was drunk too there's a lot going on right but it's just that movies create these scenarios in peoples minds that they almost want to reinvent in the real world a similar situation presents itself you know you really think you'd say something that stupid i mean i would have said something before that sound poetic you know and you know there special throw the passion you know the throes of passion
byron know that even sounds poet it you know i mean i should be that should be the tile of your first netflix special the throes of those passion by byron bowers and you just sitting there with your legs crossed with like some nice slippers on in front of a fire that's what i call it now reading a book although i don't even say fucking no more perfect i do something a little more creative little more different alcoholic it is a lot more involved it's a little more there's a little more passion involved you trying to separate yourself like your branding your style fucking well i wanna do that that'll be interesting that's a lot of fucking right there well you think about how many different kinds of music there is there's only one kind of uh can you know like music is a style of expressing what's going inside your mind your imagination solar cells fucking them a lot of ways we should have like different classifications for fucking what kind of deal we have basic bitch fucking
which is like missionary little kisses look like a gorilla fucking yeah it's very important couch you have stuff in the corner of the couch that's what gorilla fucking is about you gotta grab a hold of things you know some traction might wanna keep shoes on yet you need some traction i got this like you wrote this letter well the defense not weird and that i put it out on the young lady and i put it around her neck like a likely would a puppy like a leash what are you doing and i was like great thing to ask and i was like a normal i was like i was like i'll show you get up and try to move in with you gotta try to move anything like that but yeah i liked it and it turned and then to the fact where she wanted around neck and i put around her neck in the more you know pull white girl right i want to say but you gotta be odd
do is probably you know i mean so super liberal now so component is she got more turning on well then she died because he start licking my thing and i got to 'cause i'm gonna see the arm start looking you're almost gonna do some rich shake it like this and in my mind i was like this amy you know and i just i just letter rose go follow your instincts instincts would have not killer that's good or something and i don't think i'm stashed on i think you could definitely kill some of the how to run their neck that was a leather rope well it's kind of like the same thing isn't it leather rope belt what kind of leather very good very good let you know very good letter but it seems like he definitely kill somebody with a rope with her it will hurt if you hit him with the letter but then you can kill him if you could like pull hard enough you could kill somebody with any kind
blake thin wire i think i could probably kill someone with a boot lace that's probably true i'm not sure about it as probably is true be careful out there people if i got a good grip on it yeah it's a some hard the the the human think is real vulnerable not a weird part about that is having a condom oh you know and then that is a whole area what is a safe place that's a layer she's got ligature marks are inaccurate but it's s t d unseating ets which he says is not very strong yeah rough sex is falcons strange you got to be real careful with that because if you do weird other than the girl goes to the cops you're fucked especially not designed race
yes when black people be like i told you i told you i was reading about this thing in toronto there is this this judge in toron toe that sentence this man who's convict of rape and he had consensual sex in his opinion with this woman and this woman had sent him these text messages saying you know come on over let's have some savage sex and this and that and then afterwards he broke up with her she decided or after they had a bunch of these experiences i forget it work yeah either way she lied to the judge and to the court about sending those texts and then they could you deleted them but then they somehow another recovered them and they found that she lied about that and slide about a few other things too but the judge started quoting all this feminist theory and quoting different feminist writers and wound up
getting this guy convicted which is beyond a reasonable doubt like as soon i want someone says i didn't not send him a text asking him for sex and then you find out they did in fact sad text asking them for sex and it deleted well then you've got build out like in saint einius lee you have doubt 'cause you have to go ok what about the rest of this stuff you're telling me is it true now i'm not saying that he didn't fall sure you mobile a blow job or that he did i don't know i wasn't there he doesn't that the judges know either yeah but in my opinion you instantaneously have to have read number doubt when you find out that someone's willing to lie about certain aspects of what happened so i was watching this and it was lit into this this woman from what is that was that conservative website the blaze or something like that is that what is that glenn beck things in it is at the blaze she did this breakdown of it and i was like god it's so so dangerous when you get involved
crazy people you're sticking your dick in crazy people like you don't you don't really know what's going to happen like you there choking that girl with a rope and she's licking your own i'm like where is this going to escalate two you know you can things only easy of volvo's house in the kids only place to go or she doesn't but you've been snapped and you don't tell her that you can't get pregnant so you the pump and lowe's indoor and you gotta keep ramping up the sex and so now she's and a helmet you're fucking driving through a wall oh that'll be interesting right there but are you doing that to make her happy with you really don't like it at all yeah both of you are confused he thinks it makes you happy but you think it makes her happy and you're just giving her see te head through wall board
and someone has for sure put in a helmet on and someone fuck them from behind and slammed her head through a wall that's one hundred percent right that's definitely happened i think so what are you looking up jamie i was looking up this case but i stumbled across something i haven't seen before canadian lawyers have to wear an outfit like this thank god so you know ridiculous i looked up canadian lawyers in there good lord all the lawyers have to dress like that that's hilarious oh my goodness look at this fucking outfit they have an they might as well be work sing it like one of those reenactment restaurants in evil times various that's why nothing was smart they got we've to they'll there our barrister wow mail barristers make more than double their female what does it say there it's dot dot dot what do the female after weeks too
not that's just wrong questions very good question that would be bullshit oh their female colleagues male barristers with their ridiculous wigs that is god damn hilarious wow that's that's in australia though that you just pulled up still these parts of the world makes one yeah like what would happen if the united states had been formed these parts of the world that are still wearing wigs whoa they're doing their law stuff she's hot as fuck the outfit portrait of a woman in canadian law dude she got to where we without feeling better on her you wanted to visit you in jail she tells you i'm sorry i didn't mean to convict you and i'm going to work today she don't have no oatmeal so you better not you gotta come in a different outfit in jail you have to bring in old me yes i mean she look like she cares on quaker state was it called
wait quaker state is also quicker oh yeah there's like some that's a funny one right like what the fuck does pilgrims have to do with oats did they grow the oats is that what the deal is is he's a quaker it's not a pilgrim right probably quaker oats that's like that's like saying i'm going to buy more granola right imagine how many people would buy scientology flakes well that'll be dope right and this is exactly what it is they are clear how 'bout catholic crisp that's my morning cereal i enjoy catholic chris everybody got the same bowl what is quaker oats it's religious cereal what what is it with the fuck does a quaker have to do anything they didn't give a fuck quakers quakers were so innocuous that they were willing to use them as props is like the way they sell klondike bars or polar bears
to use a quaker it just says that was the first part right as the layers don't think that's what they did that don't make sense totally i bet quakers have fucking zero interest in quaker oats i bet they don't get paid i bet they get fuck over on the commissions i bet the quaker oats company keeps all the money pepsi owns it now there you go wow quakers are out there going what the fuck this is ours bizar shits are outfit but you look at that outfit you go that some wholesome oats i bet that oates doesn't even swear though that doesn't drink that it's makes its own what are the notes lives in a nice nostalgic way in a field and they a plow with the in a row like a regular mechanical plowing they do everything old school while right my grandmother was telling about the cottons in class thomas with the c c light ninety she on the way out you
tell me about this we were in the back of the comedy store it was interesting and so she wasn't alive when the cotton gin was creepy mother her mother these are the stories she heard my grandmother was alive i was like what drugs did y'all do when you were young and she said aspirin just came out jesus so that's what that was the that was the thing you know you mean people took aspirin for recreational see this like that was just that was just the thing outside of like you know homegrown 'cause they was formers my grandmother was like that yeah they help the movie to help you know hills to help to help i don't know that movie is like is about the black lady who raised the white family type thing like the help that a recent movie yeah really oh who's in it who's in it
we'll be goldberg my family raise will be goldberg celerity ensues emma stone was in a here's a picture what movie is this hello i have no idea what this was all my grandmother so those two black women raise those two white women well in a sense and like the relationship to happen i went to one of my grandmother's birthday party things you like eighty no the white family there know who these people and i hope i'm out family slash as the families grandmother hill is the nanny for and they remain close because
of you know she raise these young ladies you know me and then they fly my mom grandmother out to philly to spend time with them and stuff like that is interesting you know situation so just to hear these stories and you know my grandmother tell me about when the cotton gin and she broke it down like it with tape the cotton and will take the seeds out and let it go and people were amazed by this they just waiting right wall like that was the thing that people looked at like how people look at computers like oh man what we gonna do now looks like the knappster revelation yeah like what are we gonna do for work this thing is going to put us out of work and how people your day is working at it like she said once slavery in it and people had to get paid
how somebody all of it was a father somebody deal a job and they gave more die wow so now you not get enlarging or food or nothing like that you gotta earn a wage and you get like a dime like doing like some heavy you know things in this is blowing my mind everything else that's going on you know in the you know it's crazy that person living that life and making a dime and living in a modern a semi modern to us you know mired in its context society is doing so much better than someone who was born two hundred years before that and so much bad and then someone you know any any prior to that so check this out my grandmother is ninety so the women are hosts out of family a longer my
but my grandmother's mother died at one hundred and seven so between 'em too you got over you know you got like over two hundred years that's incredible so it's just a interesting time for you know when you when we look back at people that lived like a couple hundred years ago we think to ourselves like fuck that you know especially you were a slave or if you if you even if you were a free person living in america in one thousand eight hundred and ten let's just go to one thousand eight hundred and ten which is a regular person like you and i don't want to do that you don't want to go back to that fucking life like good lord good luck getting fresh milk good luck finding vegetables at in most cities like it good luck getting everything done over to you didn't have cars yes ma'am well the this a bit this is a good thing i since i live i was born in athens my first six years in athens is a small town where you g a is even happened before so everything eight
this allows was grown you know in in that area in the yard in the backyard that's amazing the the the grapes on the vine the tomatoes came on the ground the chickens you know my grandfather hall chicken so the ticket h k market back your hunting dolls he shot dear we will fish on saturdays cut the fish heads off get the skating off and their farm in the yard he took the gray it's one of the virus and maybe why and if he called abundance of fish he will keep in a full family and all the neighbors traded food so much six years is like when you know when you eight or ten they put a pellet gun in your hand you work your way up to the hunting rifles so the
that's what i left when i moved to the city so out of the country so vegetables and everything tasted good you know you get the corn off the stock and grandma lute and corn was the elo is like a lighter color like a white is called see make creamed corn from scratch all the preserves it was a jelly was my
the the rabbits the squirrel the p cancel out of a tree you can start you home to you just go outside in the time i grab food rap to put squeezing with your hand you got a snack you know and that's that was the first light six years like food was there while things you put on you get a bucket you open and use it to run your throne dump room was out in like none of it but that's what that's what it was what is something beautiful about that right at issue are here at this point because they over charged for this stuff now but former is not easy but it looks they made it look easy well it's large scale everybody could do it like that you'd have to have small populations of people with good pieces
land like you know i'm sure you gran father had to have some my grand father had a similar situation in new jersey he had a pretty good size backyard it was all garden he had his area where he would drive to his driveway and then everything to the right of the driveway was all sticks in the yeah tomato plants and my grand father grew everything and they turned their tomatoes into tomato sauce my grandmother made homemade tomato sauce and all of his vegetable she would grow everything that he would eat all year would be like in that garden that's a that was a normal thing for the ms you know for people who grew who came here from other parts of the world where you know you had to have this a supply of food where is true mean it only makes sense we figured out a way to truck things in people have you know once we start truck and things in nobody grows anything anymore i heard a story about people like not pull his friend i have a money and they put three hundred dollars together and bought a goat and eight off that goat you know
smart yeah they a little bit and they ate off of it for like a month yeah if you if you kill a goat in your yard though and people find out about it is my friend let me to say his name but my gardener guy that i was talking about earlier he his name is jose it's not like you don't know what you don't know which has a it is i'm like i don't want to give away his identity and his father holding the cycle no no but this he he got to go in and him and his his friends kill but in the yard and butchered it and then they had a cookout and and the neighbor complained apparently and he didn't understand like he was like what do you look like what's bothering you about this like what is he did not like he literally did and he's like it's safe it's healthy this is an animal i know i know where that the meat coming from you know he's try to explain this to me is broken english i know where there's animals meat comes from like why
anybody have a problem with that if you buy meat yourself i don't know like he didn't understand you know he came from so did did not understand or someone have a problem with him killing in a yard what do you want me to kill yeah i did make sense to him though you can't kill a goat in the yard is like where the fuck do you kill your goat and that you don't kill your career strange light where do you get your meat you go to the store but you don't know where fucking meat even came from and his idea that was alien mister
as a matter of how things happen loan to weird and you you are you have you talked to all the people you you won a stanley struggle you know on what people you know actually went through on a good part late in my grandma told me about the first dryers yet well in my brain is like you know don't use it once a month once a month yeah don't date you know this bit better the drought of women in the sun it's still better to dry your clothes in the sun 'cause i'm kills bacteria really that's why you if you look at how to tie it when i say how do you take care of dinner and keep it from fading i waited and hanging in the sun 'cause the sun killed the bacteria and get rid of the smell women jeans
a because the back the back because of the now you want to clean using is because my guess mail and let me break it and change you really don't watch like that you know you where i'm just like every day type stuff and did the die in a down phase and it is a cotton shrinks and all that right watch soul hey i'm in the sun you know to keep it from shrinking the keep it from shrinking and yeah it was heat though that was doing that just the water and then the evaporation from the extreme heat the extreme dryer that's what makes them shrink right yeah but if you hang it in the sun you steal the sign still kills some of the bacteria stuff and makes sense but if you ever drive do you have a like we don't do it here but there's something we had to stay in the country home and you wash like a sheet on shirt hanging in the sun and let the air hit it and just the freshness of the smell you know
smart about this place they put the lemon trees near the the the hang in place so now you're close kind of the city limits mail to bryant because the with the wind that comes through to make sense yeah that actually makes sense but if you're in a city and its polluted as different it's different yeah you close my small funky that's the weird thing to me is when people around people who smoke cigarettes how strong the smell is in there closed like never realized it until i would come home from back when you could smoke in clubs it was a big thing in comedy clubs men i mean everybody smoked it constantly would go to a bar everybody smoked you would go to comedy clubs everybody smoked and
i remember not realizing when i smelled like and then taking a shower and then picking up my clothes into like what the fuck like they stunk is smelled bad that is a weird thing man that people have something that gives him cancer it makes everyone around them stink like not even me i was even smoking but being around those people made me stink and people are who cares i need my smokes i used to smell like gasoline when i had the nine hundred and forty four they had a hairline crack in the gas tank so if you feel it all the way up the fumes are to get in the car my barracuda i used to drive with the window open fucking terrible smoke and fumes and shit we're getting car was the worst smell i remember gasoline smell
when i call and i mentioned in that ask about their car and you really broke it down kanawat and there's always a real old school car like the problems that people i know how old schools that car was built to look great that was the problem the suspension setup and everything was very low it was very low to the ground because it was so low to the ground bottom out on things it wasn't didn't handle very well because it wasn't designed for that it was just design be like a really low car like it was tubbed so the back the back area where the back seat is all cut out and then the frame was welded and bent up so at the wheel tuck deep yeah back wheel well looks great i seen what i do but as far i want to be in may and known you know alarm with my friends got old school cars once you start you just can't modify one thing with certain cars you know especially when it comes in like suspension and wheels and not doing
breaks well you know they do now that's really interesting they do these different companies have suspensions an frames that they build for these old cars that's one of the problems of those old car as you like the suspension in the frames is it's so wack which don't have fully independent suspension there with the the way it's all set up is so old school so they have some upgrades and i can definitely enhance the way these cars before form here but now they do is a certain companies like art morrison they take a suspension and they build a frame and it like save you going to build like a nineteen sixty nine mustang they would build a frame and suspension for the sixty nine mustang and then you take the old body and you bolted down to this modern frame and suspension you have a car that performs infant in grades in the original car it's going to be way stiffer it's way better
designed and then they have all these suspension improvements now they've figured out a way to make suspensions that adjust the way on modern car does so it it just constantly like thousands of times a second so if you're driving a car like if you say like you get a brand new bmw seven series those things are smooth as a babies ass just woo you have them is so comfortable man and one of the reasons why they're so comfortable is there the suspension is constantly adjusting it's constant adjusting to whether it's bumpy outside or smooth and every bump that it hits it calibrates what it needs to do to adjust for this impact and you get this incredible we stabilize dry while i'm doing a shitty job of explains a lot of people right now the car exports you don't know reasonable cars that make sense i know enough to kind of butchered that but this
they know now they know how to do that with old school cars so they can take that one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine mustang and put a similar type of of computerized suspension arrangement in it where it's constantly adjusting to the the the the they're also figured out how to do in a lock brakes on old cars and figured out the total yet mr that's a little bit of a struggle a friend of mine he he deals and sale cars we know exactly which ones you like like a seventy one seville he had a sixty eight colbert which i drove and that was 'cause the scary i drove the sixty eight cobra mustang which he put ten thousand to the molding of life over five hundred horses and if it if it rained a little bit yeah for me bikini bro blower on it oh god and that was my first experience with a supercharger and
height they are it's like you could lose control of the car easy anna a viper jesus yeah a total of five or before judge of one of those once in a rented one call valley i got lucky and just in idle that goes goals goes oh yeah well you see the new ones yeah so they have pulled this up they have this new viper viper a or something i think it's called i think that's what it's called attack they really got attack mode this thing is fucking insane it's but it's basically a race car that you could buy but what they're doing these vipers is there bring up to these race cars race tracks and it just breaks every record every every race track they take it on this thing break breaks records and it looks ridiculous even curves or just straight away fuck yet curves it's got giant tires on it the tires are
super wide and it's got more than six hundred horsepower what is it called jim acr acr that says here you've got to look at this thing deep bevels in the hood look at this please get the fuck outta here are you kidding me it's supposed to be just a fucking pie posterus automobile and you could buy that at a store i mean it has ground effects that come right out of a race car but this thing is insane when people review it when the review and that's like you want to paint canyon going sideways wonderful it was just a little bit you know if you go a little bit it's this is just long enough test in a second is long enough for fun yeah two you know it's a great rd keep placing more that shit don't shut up you know it's a grey road to to go to there's a road off of the two but chris yeah yeah the
so we talk about i don't know the name of it it's the road off the two hundred but it's like if you take the two hundred and ten and you head towards like pasadena and you go up into the mountains you know there's this crazy abandoned roads well you might not have anybody out there except maybe like a dude on a motorcycle and everything is like turn in twisty they do a lot of testing out there if you go out there you'll see like mules like a car that they cover like they would take this car they would cover it over with like graphics yeah even some plastic or something so you couldn't tell what it looked like i was saying that will for this kind of dope look at that thing jesus christ it i tried get me to go up to somebody trying to get me to go to the crest highway up there off the two in one you should go up there the card because you don't even have to drive fast of a good time up there but i don't know if i were in the oven if it was a car only on my slower with four to go back but i'm doing like forty forty which is a lot that's down that's down a double photo with the positive yeah now will with a car like
this you wouldn't be doing that you'd be going a lot faster that's the problem with these cars as opposed like an old car say if you got like an old bmw you know what i really like those yeah of those there cool cool man yeah there and there there are little and their boxian but when you drive those things apparently you feel everything there so small i'll see this see if you could pull up the smoking tire two hundred and two here is some dude had a souped up one and not even souped up like you put a giant engine was just like uh really well done version love that engin but he's driving around in it i met met but so we could not fair yeah he kind of comically notorious big comedy yeah he's a good dude he's he's a real good dude and he fucking loves cars so this is give me some volume on this this is a please open e
what i really like about him to is he's like a regular dude like he's not trying to pretend to be some super profession for center he's sick a guy who knows a load about cars and really loves them look at this thing man what years at jamie they build them properly from what i can see so this two thousand to two thousand no no no that's the name of the car jamie if you take cars were due thousand do mazing doesn't say what year was running to swap the interior for this walks package which is only available in europe let let's let's ahead so you can hear what it feels like when he's driving this thing yeah there we go because on the one hand it was sort of bmw's corporate engine at the time but it actually too much geek way up
used seasoned m ten blocks to build their crazy turbo formula one engines and there isn't really neat documentary about the history of the end tengen pedals see he's so i'm saying this is a serious geek when it comes to cars or really knows it's shit though you know what i like when he's in the car with the person who built the car how much time and money you put in it but not put all this time and his mining is enerji in it and he's like does it pretty pretty you're not going to find another car like this anywhere we want to drive it that he'll take off people like the bracelet squishy units spends a little off a little it's got a nice little pool to it like he just starting with the dislike just this is often he just is honest honest i'm jamie sixty six to seventy seven dope little carmen well little fucking beer can though you know how i had a chance to pleasure to meet and i still try to actually drive around downtown and by nine four four and see if i can find them in night mag
so yeah magnus yeah i had a pleasure meeting somebody was trying to get rid of a nine hundred and twenty eight and we went over there showed us around oh yeah now he's a real friendly guy his place is amazing too that's all he's so many old porsches i think he's got like one hundred and twenty three thousand four hundred and fifty six is probably at least ten of 'em now is more counted like one thousand seven hundred and seventeen main room while an he got some more like the night before and now nine nine 14th of bunch of turbos too a few turbos now he really got into a turbo phase where he's buying like those nine hundred and thirty turbos yeah he's an interesting character man because his love of policy that is crash you fucked up
oh go ahead yeah that was really dumb yellow silly he plowed into the back or the side of his car into the back of a giant it looks like a car carrier yeah just that's why you not supposed to drive like that byron it's not supposed to say i was on public roads i wasn't that so i just i just my ass with a little bit i called it his car those are all pretty reasonably horse powered up to magnus is cars like he doesn't have anything like really crazy but a shark worth gave him one of their cars to drive around for a little and shark works made an eight hundred horsepower gt two and magnus painted it like a different paint scheme you know he's like severity paint schemes i got a picture with with that one that jet to
yes that was sitting outside yeah that card scared the fuck outta me i drove that car overo scared the fuck out so one of the few cars when i drove it once i was like i'm good like this is too much oh i see i see yours and i'm like i'm good on that just want to start you know i like for this particular wave pools in the same time just like taking like a nice little breathing here there it is right there yes i'm in the car that car is so fast it just doesn't you make any sense i think the right see he's getting around some corners here but actually this is exact same road where i took it so i was there at this time i was there
and then when they were doing there but this car is too fast it's too fast not maybe too fast for race car driver but too fast for a guy like me 'cause it just you don't like one of the cool things about like that two thousand two is you get to ring the engine out there's a lot of range where you can drive you know you rev it up and that's where you get your power and you can go plenty fast in it the handling of those cars a lot of times is connected to the lightning listen the whole all the feel of the car is coming from the fact that it's not there's not a lot there this car is a totally different experience this car like all about managing the pedal because if you stop on the pedal that fucking thing is going spinning its way too powerful but you know it's one of those things where they keep coming up with new and improved cars every year every year cars get faster and faster and faster especially performance cars they've broken the three second barrier a lot of
or you could buy today goes zero to sixty in less than three industry there's a gang of am i want to drive a bugatti fuck before sit in one not drive it would just sit in one demise will be a spaceship the those veyrons yeah those are ridiculous the yeah my home where he built he built this sixty nine shelby the sixty eight got damaged so the insurance at the customer check and he spent that money and built sixty nine i see now that i haven't drove he don't drive it as much 'cause it's worth a lot of money for that one thousand two hundred horsepower that's a lot that's ridiculous ridiculous car i saw one of those the other day in beverly hills something's ball and that was the the yellow the yellow and black know no what color was it i don't remember what color i want to say it was white but it had arab license plates on it
is really interesting they're getting these cars and these super rich dudes from saudi arabia they bring him for saudi summer see are the that's what's going on right now where we are is hot as fuck where they live it creates way or were they if it's like one hundred and fifty fucking degrees or something nutty and so they come over here when they've got crazy oil money they come over here and they bring that they bring these car cars with their plates that are registered to those other places and they do drive him around and they get away with it because they're super rich is nothing do did you see that what happened where these guys were racing in beverly hills they were racing with a ferrari and a gt3 a porsche gt3 and they were fucking racing on a residential street in beverly hills is bob about at flying through fucking red lights and
the neighbors saw them do it so the neighbors all were fucking furious they're all standing outside on their st holding up their cameras and filming these guys right here it is right here this got ferrari it looks like i don't know which version but in the the i mean geyser fall eyeing down residential roads you got two things run at the same time buddy you got to windows running but so these guys are doing this the neighbors are aware of it so they start filming cousin probably do it see look at it see everybody and then so this car fuck and started smoking you guys engine started smoking and he pulled into his driveway but look at everybody standing out here with their fucking cameras there are real world cup not one cop insight that's crazy to me but
so funny everybody is like world store a car is going to blow up everybody is assuming that car is going to explode so they're filming it shit god so this guy was driving his car so fast and so hard that it caught on fire so on never buy by a fucking ferrari by the way ir people should not be designing things i saw a a a some like nine hundred and eighteen that dubai place on it than they had the nerve to put the silver metallic paint on it so not only bought expensive car they put the real
make the car look chrome obscene that justin bieber had one of those had a chrome fisker how do i know that why 'cause i'm friends with jamie jamie tells me these things the cops in set out to the cops in the beverly hills 'cause they nice you know i was coming through their apart fell off my my pores that holds the alternator in the libertine built together so the car will just lose power right so i'm running to beverly hills i was going through the summit supply
from holland dr i was staying there an i'm going to be hit with no lights owns driving up the street in a cost plus over and turn off the car can't turn off the car while not 'cause it's not gonna come back on turn it off this is like what let me explain to you what's going on there's a piece of mail try to explain to him the mechanics there's like no i was like i get out the car and you could do whatever you need this car because of the year is going to be here and i have my my ever know what what is with the it with me right and he's like hey officer was gone all he's often showed how powerful this thing is that i do he's like look our for our is of or for the government business washing dc over nasa government are is yeah yeah it's like i got the irs is ellison though is the sure shot on site so err by the for from the irs that terrified he pulled
there's out yadda yadda yadda in the news locate you free to go and analysis and somebody shrubs in a you know right right there he left so you don't have to be so close in like in the bush is and i remember looking at a light but sometimes it's fun having your face in the bush and i smiled then you just like he likes to step away just go they never get my jokes you know well this tense and uh so important people over no lights and say they can't shut the car off they don't know what kind of crazy shit you're doing yeah that's true i mean you pull up to a dude two dudes one of them's from the from africa who works for the irs the other one's a comedian with some weird jokes their cars running they can't they can't shut the car off just want to talk about in office right but a lot of shit could be going on here like when we deal with someone who won't they don't have lights on that's weird like ok why is this guy not have in mind and then you deal with another thing you won't show his car off what
what's going on like there's a bunch of shit that supposed to happen one supposed to have lights you get pulled over show car off you show your id everything is supposed to go according to plan so you one of these new loopholes the improv game we don't know lights ok why don't you have lights i can't doesn't work alternator got an issue checker off stays here is it true stuff i moved it i had a honda preludes i put a time ability in it fourth generation drover here i get pulled over all the time black on black i lived in englewood and i realize like all the time i get my car serviced put it back in for couple these cars and i talked to a cop and he told me about proximity and how criminals operate and when they wake up they get descriptions in the morning and if you fit that description they going profile you and that's when i realized i oh i'm living in the wrong neighborhood driving the wrong vehicle so i got the nine hundred and forty four i get what i called corporate old white man colors that champagne or that boy
wearing gray and i just drive and i have really no problems you know i mean that's that's the things like how my mind works sometimes it figure that pattern and be like ok if this is what is getting pulled over and stuff then i need to i don't know if it's the survival in you what was it like i have to shift and some people really be like i don't feel like i said she'll like that but i'm like you know the cost of the costs will be like slow down i've missed of in the house doing sixty on franklin want i'm just enjoying my life
women's jargon and everything industry only the same bed you know life is great i tunes oaks and cautiously sir can you slow down i'm and put my hand out the window no problem office then that was it and i was like this is amazing but also experienced another white privilege thing when i had i had a accident and then in the novel for and i was letting so people in the guy got out the car the cops showed up and i was sitting on the car with all white service your car and say yes sir he was like ok everything is gonna be ok and he went he lit until the mexican people the way i got uncomfortable almost say something is young and american people assuming they want to write this ain't regulation where is the paperwork for this and actually multi let me see your id when did you get this and and he coming from georgia not using only the same black people treat it with the other culture
uh almost stepped into something was like how long don't's a nice member sitting on the car light down feeling guilty like this was white white guilt feels like but i'm still on the other side right right so i'm just letting it right like you know that's funny but like i said before it's like when you in that place where you see different stuff is shapes you somehow it gets that understanding like i think we have a lot of something can happen to where they pull over so many people that are illegal immigrants they start getting upset and start getting saturday and they treated like disproportionately you know i've seen a lot of fucking people that are driving illegally in los angeles true i got rear ended by a dude that's right i remember that no drivers license not do a lot of white people who were driving illegally and they don't worry about it sure yeah not that happens all you do if you pulled over though if they find out if
cop finds out you're driving illegally you're in trouble for sure everybody no matter who you are true they'll tell your car but the odds are you getting pulled over is kind of slim yes the odds are greater if you are black or if you're mexican of getting pulled over i would say that's probably definitely true cut them again not to call like yes and i'm like no not too and you like oh i was just just writing you know yeah but you know this this is what it is to me you know i mean i wouldn't want to be a fucking cop oh no no i think me honest i think that their job is to too nerve wracking for the regular person yeah i think so too and they don't make enough money to go through the mental part of exact effect their relationships and their family life suicide yeah the cops commit suicide lana cops feel despair it's a crazy job this is crazy job you know yeah like
yeah they gotta go like i said i gotta go they got a reputation cops have almost of reputation now of a black man to wait like they like people look at them like we were prejudice against yeah yeah and it's like so to me is like oh shit truth ironic and they have to go in those situations they have the goal to the hood with that reputation and that outfit on and that's the scary thing yeah i mean if your outfit is being presented by people to doing fucked up things like those videos that we were talking about earlier that's your outfit that's the team you're on so you have to go and you know that this people are going to see you look at you and know that you represent the team that they've been watching these videos and awful well the cops look like you some constant treated you don't look like you not even though they were dirty so it's a different ball game you know i mean yeah
but that's what it is is so much that isn't understood outside of the videos that are do you think there's a way on stage that you could play a lot of this stuff that you're talking about so i feel like if you figure out a way to make humor out of the difference between your background growing up and what you're experiencing now and you just your own your own unique perspective yeah i'm talking i'm slowly talking about it yeah like you guys talk when i worked with toss my opening july walk onstage and be like not all black lives matter some niggers should die and that's why shot just thirty seconds i will get applause break in thirty seconds at the tenth time or that and by i'm telling him i explain the story of the protest when traffic is being held up and i'm travel my gas light on yeah i don't like this at this car does omaha steaks hostage
in the situation i don't want to be in and then film sorry for that black guy who in traffic and don't know why every white person looking at him he this i gotta do with me i'm just on my way to almost counties i could fuck this white girl that was a bit but all of his based on a true right you know in all truth i felt like when those black lives matter protesters were shutting down highways i might fucking white people it was why people that are trying too hard to be done with black lives matter so they took it to the highway and shut down the highway so i knew that one dude is like a super super lefty guy and he uh he was a part of the black lives matter shutting down highways and i was like what are you doing man out in berkeley super super liberal crazy people it is a hierarchy of black people to like uh huh rack of white people and me and
our neighbors we say some shit like you know real niggas don't give a fuck about like issues it is true for their survival mode me not maine you know so things like you know education is it like they don't really matter who leave it on me like i didn't talk about politics but also i really don't care about politics as i feel about it like i still gotta grind either way do you care at all like when you looking at hillary clinton and donald trump like what's your you just don't think about it i think and i say this before before everything a crazy tribe that crazy i understand sometimes we come from two educational purposes arms now republican last you know me right although i was told the export businesses and stuff like that you know all that makes sense to me but i don't think i think this part is is for ratings i see it as a show nothing i think trump is characters are out there with anyone
very valuable for hillary i think they going to lead people that way like you leave water to go down a certain ravine and then hillary is gonna make 'cause our personality the best they don't like a barack obama people like this lady but i think once you get in she being too kind her personnel is terrible well i think she's going to make some adjustments on a low doesn't really fuck up she does things that make me super nervous too there's a have you ever see the video of her when she was talking about gaddafi she's she's she was laughing about how should i think she says we came we saw he died for her yeah it was like off camera like she i don't think she realizes she's being filmed or this is just not her behaving like i'm a plate for you this this we saw died yes we came we saw he died
what is by six when she's also looking off it's someone else like for their approved and looking at the woman she's talking to necessarily it's just that so weird thing to joke about the enormity the magnitude of assassinating a foreign leader whether he's a dictator dictator or not like there's a lot going on there you are overthrowing the ruler of a government even though is it yeah and you are now opening up that government in those people that were being suppressed by the cover you are opening them up to the turmoil of a stab lish a new leader that's true and that's where it is right now so when you see someone who is running for president and they're joking around about a scenario that is taken place that they were part of she was a part of that scenario is now directly connected to horrific tragedy is and this chaos
step that is an isis stronghold now well libby's nicest roiled well i that's it living situation is not not um yeah ok discuss there on libya yeah yeah well it's none of those things are good you know whenever you have a brutal dictator like back saddam hussein is not good when the world is entertaining brutal dictator this is a brutal dictator that's in in charge of these people they're they're you know it's not it's not fair is dangerous yeah and we have to interact with this person someone tell of a country where this is curfew and i think that's going to happen here but i just love the country wales american public has a curfew for women at a certain time and they will if a chick was out by itself they just put a straight in the van yeah and implementing public assets and if we do without and his lights wasn't right and he's on the
by the cup down the back room and rolling with a jail you have to take to compensate whoa soul yes certain things like you know and that is five wow that i that i see like could happen here and as far as like that big deal to me that's how people power when i say like real life re to successful i hope people like then and poor people always tell people they don't go fuck the people in the middle are the ones that emit in like we should do this for animals in that but those people and poor people like you listen to their jokes they don't go fuck just like guys i talked about man i shot three times now shopping first time then go through and he still hobbling i was like oh shit and the gun jammed i got nervous but you do these are the stories so i have a bill do this it will boven zero the the and it ain't it ain't you know mark comes based on this too so i got to be
i want these people to you know i'm talking to some is murdered some of the gun is laughter and joking around about is gonna be up but it's like it did this got in down we did get hit you know right but here is like somebody telling the story and they tell how bad it was because you know they live they live in it was all some sample like i told you next time i see you this was all go down you know i mean right and it is is it went down you know all the some simple but always say like the people right there at the top of the bottle full and dance and if you look at the policies now you got trump you got to support read the egg and see the people said like those like top and bottom people that yeah in pattern was oh but i think you have hillary getting i think they're trying to lower by the whole way and then she's going on the low sign some document is really gonna fuck people up down the line why do you think she's going to do that you know you find outfit
you know you found out that all like oh man that document that president signed three years ago fuck people up right you know i mean there's a lot of those yeah so i think is only something like that well she's gonna wear was so much already i'm saying she's gotten away with so much already the idea she's going to stop once he gets in office is ridiculous 'cause she bro so many fucking laws with our email server all the lies that she told about benghazi all throughout her career this is like there's many websites to document all the times they they've caught her lying about like pretty important issues the idea that she's going to stop doing that once she becomes president is crazy she's gotten away with it she lies when she talks about getting caught in lies like when she talked about the fbi having this long interview with her about her email server there's a direct video that shows like the direct comparison between what she said and what he said what she said and what he said is horrible it's horrible to
much like how is this person even qualified to run for office forget about the fact that everybody wants a woman to be the the new president i get it yeah i'll be fun for everybody yeah let's let's do this is not the one form for six months that new car smell gone but this is she the one this is not the one you don't want this i mean the only thing food is that she's a long term politician so she understands the business the only thing bad is that she's a long term politician she knows the business so the both things are bats you know the business he says this sucks and people understand it is a business you know i business they're mostly get caught up in it exactly but i definitely think i think people like we all we could find a better way to do things better i'm hoping and not put power and light church government in these things it's just hard it's got such a stranglehold the idea that you have to register as either a democrat or republican to vote in the primaries that prime
where is decide which candidate is going to represent these parties it a show rainy here it's never been more obvious it's a charade and i fully never learn learn because i look look at the bigger picture in a pattern so in the arm byron we're gonna come back in four years and we'll see if you're right about hell free clinton if she fucked up 'cause you know member just a little while ago everybody was saying that that hillary clinton that the fbi was going to drop some bombshell and that more information is going to come out about the horrible things that she's involved with and she's done and then she's going to probably indicted and then she's going wind up pulling out she's not going to be running for president that was like the bing rumors just a few months ago now trump has gotten so fucked up he's done so much stupid shit and said so much stupid shit then now like the harvard republican club for the fur time in over a hundred years is coming out against the nominee the there's like a bunch of different prominent
politicians that have come out against him like you don't remember that usually the time someone gets to a point where they're running for president of the republican nominee whether it's rip mitt romney or anyone else like they're kind of embraced you know like ok we've got the nominee everything's in order let's move for yeah that's not happening now even even with the elec in just a couple of months away people freaking out and they gotta go we can't have this guy this guy can't be our guy well what wendy are they they got a leg out of lady in charge and it was some sneaky stuff like that but when she got here she started doing the curfews and she took the haitians and kicked him out you know she gave him to be fair she love you got this amount of but you can stay ahead yeah so we got guys will show me scars that allowed them to stay into the dr
so you've got real for me over there because i finally talk to these dues that used to be cute ass for money and now they're adults asking for money which was going on and they start breaking it down like yeah let's see a group of people just like kicked out of the country like that and there's like man maybe we maybe we should be glad the lost tribe but they could easily be you know it could always be worse for sure yeah yeah and they look up to us and he was like you know things like browser was happening i know just got no black people can kill by the cops but you still got a chance to be something and i can't even say that like me while n korea looks up to them n korea you know they don't have to deal with dear leader they don't have to
cry for hours and hours when his dad died if they don't cry correctly they get put in jail for six months and forced to work in labor camps they have labor camps in north korea where people are literally starving to death and they sick dogs on him and the dogs eat him i mean this is game of thrones type get and it's going on right now this guy who grew up in a slave camp he was a child of someone who was convicted of some sort of a crime and forced to work in the slave camps grew up in did not know the most of the world did not know there was a whole world out there and somehow another escaped but he talked about turn zone family in like they had a they have but in our k'naan everybody turned his whole family in it in his description of the different levels of torture and treatment like different levels of slavery yeah like what you're capable of doing when you're almost dead what you're capable of doing like they have it like classified like what jobs you get dependent upon how how close you are to death fucking terrible man
it's crazy like yeah you hear these stories you make people there's like one six degrees away from that yeah that's what's crazy is that it's two thousand and sixteen and where we're living here in los angeles is super progressive at the front line of culture we feel like why everything is looking up everything's getting great not if you're in north korea do you be fucked the world fucked you and you got you got this is where you you came out into the world that's your spot or namibia were talking about before an inch of rainfall in three years like fuck thirsty fuck fuck you all the kool aid and only the answer water coming if they even get kool aid no they're far is that my mile frontier starving that's there's not a lot of food there although peanut butter they eating in a public so his shoot animals and shit we can do byron bowers ladies and gentlemen hey man that was fun now it was cool and this
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