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#832 - Vinny Shoreman

2016-08-10 | 🔗
Vinny Shoreman is a mind coach and kickboxing & muay thai commentator and coach.
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rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast my name all day and we live then we sound so fake it's always hard to get these things started it's always hard to just just start talking not hard but i'm learning from you that the way you define things in your own mind all about the language language you use yeah where you define things can oftentimes shape exactly how those things manifest themselves in real life right yeah you say more about yourself than what you actually know that's why my coaching comes in you say more about yourself yeah well
we give away a lot he was sometimes it doesn't make sense to talk about something and the saying that the really positive about something and then you think that doesn't match up so it's a bit like a barking peg pixton bark so just doesn't make sense that's how i define anyway but i think of mine are barking pair one i had to throw in the filter mark fuck is you talking about like mushroom days i'm afraid yeah it's a is a very interesting thing we just did we just did some called timeline therapy that you were telling me about that joe schilling told me about ian mccall got interested in it what you what you what if for folks have never heard of any before then he's been on the podcast before even is a mental coach in a hypnotist and before
our first session the last time you came on the podcast i was like i don't know about all this hipness his stuff maybe just a bunch of fucking crazy people and people talk to them and i mean you for sure i've seen those televangelists that put their hands on people on the go into spasms may fall down on the floor and they claim to be cured of illnesses yeah that's the spam hysteria isn't what is that thanks bollocks is publix full shannon what's is it really is something going on with some of those people is i think it is it not excite does within that it's it's a positive one but is a hypnotic site they get the so anyone that does that i've been on a couple of podcast now went on to with a michael dash radio no one is stories on the local creepy in the first thing out of the interview is set up as he did hypnosis so we're gonna and i come aside from fine stout sora in anime people love to say that though the the i don't i can't be hypnotized bro can't get me bro well i don't care find i mean i think
we may have discussed us the last time we may not have i think stand up comedy is hypnosis let's say there so you know what everything is do you know argentina hypnotic state listening to you how do you hypnotic state not listen to music tv having a bass sa rituals whatever so do you think that the term hypnotic is problematic because people think that it takes away control from you and it puts you into this another world or something like that get counted l o hypnosis yourself enough you see do you self guided only a portion of information as my first teachers that keith my what's liverpool football club great guy hi he said that would only pose an information so we just got it the way it showed that the pace and which way to go oh you know yeah doing for that i said last time i don't do for all look at me in a non you know like that i mean it's fine
if you want to go out with show and you want to get involved in that and way great you have sex of the chair or whatever that's ok for me i do i don't do it for that what do you do it for i do it because i like people succeed and i know it sounds cliche and very hippie bye love it i like people doing well i like and like his section as some sort of weird noble side of me really i think when people conquer fear when people conquer something nothing there's nothing bad in there well i think one of the things that we talked well we were doing a timeline i was talked about some of my experiences when i was younger that kind of like clung to me unfortunately or fortunately and you know you were talking about your own and i think that when you had some bad experiences in your life and when you add some things in your mind that stand out as very men verbal moments in points in your life those things can kind of they don't just define
but it also can set you up for the future like how you think about other people or how you think about other things shape your life yeah and having these bad moments and realizing what they were and how they defined you now gives you motivation to help other people get over their bad moments yeah it's just we tyerman therapy which is devised by todd james and a very very successful guy outside james company my teacher work for them directly kolyma guy so i'm a direct descendant really of that the technique is amazing i mean i love it and i said to you earlier i believe everyone in the world should do it that's not sales pitch by the way that's just my opinion you know i just think it's fabulous you know people have things going on like let's saved on iphone six or an iphone or whatever if you don't you know the apps keep playing over and over again if there still going on and they're going to take some sort of toll on you when you shut them down and think much lee
she'll sit down you save your battery in memory and it shapes your life you know why i've been saying that for awhile it turns out it doesn't suddenly just some you just been fluted main yeah it's not like a computer where computer is constantly has these things running in the background and it's using up resources and battery power apparently with phones it does not do that malacca defragmentation you're going to be confusing you defrag it that then instead so that's my app thing on i want it right right right i did too i used to use that as an example but some dude who actually knows what he's talking about corrected me it just technology don't we have we cannot we must plow for it except our defeat it now yeah and yeah but i think that you you know your your own personal experiences is one of the reasons why you become a coach not just a mind coach but a martial arts coach and that these it appearances of net
have moments in your life where you've overcome them and you realize i can help someone else who is in that store same situation yeah course is you know he's just looking like she's just it's nice to just say it's a small boat and pull and you know if people believe that the sometimes i mean got there is problems safe you know not gonna lie in somethings account solve number moses right there is there is things that you know if you can help somebody out and it can get rid of it or change the way they think ie joe schilling when he did time i throw his relationship with his dad was miles better before he passed away isn't that pretty powerful yeah joe talked about it on the podcast you talked about it just it's completely changed his whole perception of his relationship with his dad who is dad was in his life and just he let it all go and just helped him tremendously more can you say then that really is
ouch meaning mccall is sent in no they didn't get a fight with justin scoggins and not because of the way whatever i name was saying that his life was changed since the one time line therapy in doing that you know what with me not just thoman terrapin not just it now she's with my coach and general cause is multi faceted ray and he said he's lives changed he's a different person people have noticed you know so that's for me it's great news i think sometimes it just takes the realization of what's been fucking with you that to realize what it is then you have it in your mind and then you can kind of look at it for what it really is instead of this like thing that's playing in background that you can't quite identify or you know it exists but you ignore it and you just you don't you don't ever get over it yeah he says he's in
denied a client near the week called joy she's eighty years of age and she was going to a wedding in spain for a grandson and she was beside herself she was terrified you know we did it just a few things you know a little things to make you consider different ways of looking at the anxiety she was getting his hands i is basically a message for the unconscious mind is to focus on what you want because if you're in an anxious state you focus on what you don't want right yes if levels of it of course we she was focusing on what may go wrong sentence analysts will going to weddings or celebrations to people's matrimony whatever i read it's gonna be nice in there that it as she was a folk so much we focus pronounce a change dot and like she was happy and she went to the wedding and it said and i was going to me she's eighty years of age in man going to lowes a wet and let's be honest right but it for me the job itself a
what he said about my ex transforms people you know when i adore it no i know you do i really do you really it for it comes out of you when you do you really do love it it seems to me that human things don't really live long enough to figure out what this is you know i think that is one of the major problems that a lot of us have we have a certain amount of momentum that comes from our childhood whether it's good or bad an we file that momentum into our adulthood sometimes trying to hit the break sometimes trying to correct the course and oftentimes using things like alcohol or drugs or gambling or anything to distract us from the pain of whatever the instability whatever whatever it is it's fucking with us and then
to be a certain age you realize like i'm barely figuring this thing out and i'm almost dead yeah well you know it's the last thing he's not let you know sign another paper your own pace no no we should donna yeah you know you definitely don't want that but you also you do you will i think well this is this big thing that people will talk about like living in the moment it is a very it's a very difficult thing to do for some strange reason yeah cool says yeah because he you worried about tomorrow right yeah i went about later on worried about yesterday you what about yes are you worried about last year date and i'm not stops what and he said amendment groups tend to walk in a cloud you trying coming with all these long doug statements and write these things you know right because i think now one does with under the dalai lama doesn't but that's a problem with religion
religion with religion that one of the bigger issues is that the people that are sort of proselytizing or the people that are promoting it though there in some ways many of them especially priests and things along those lines which is why it's so disappointing when you hear about child sex abuse once priest there pretending to be something wholly in special and above you which is why they can bestow this knowledge point you why they can they're talking directly from god world peasants in this weird exchange mia not conduits are they right or not you know when think of thing get get delusions of grandeur i think you are right people do you know and i've met you know i've met you and then i'm a fan of yours and i really enjoyed that i think i like i said before no but when hough do i love you know russell brand brilliant you know and talk to run the country can joe when a and then you know that that you know the the companion and all the fights twenty and i love the tell me what i like it the way the normal i don't think he i don't think
it gives the right to try and walk on water yeah i'm well known i've got i've been spotted a few times because of your show even in thailand and that but i still wouldn't be any different right well you you especially 'cause you're so aware of these traps them find sat yeah it is a weird dan is that we do in this life we're trying to sort of manage the mind figure out what it is that's holding you back or helping you or you know just sort of guide yourself through this existence nine time turning your unconscious mind trying to help you decipher it wrongly i think it's the east at the language that you mind speaks all get into on the stand they to move away from chaos like i said we're going to do a technique many thought so right just one everybody not to be driving when doing this all operate any machinery we're going detecting folks bank so you see an ex you know when i want to share the because you know okay all
it's not easy life in easy not in life isn't easy you get also it's easy in bursts exactly you can give me going along uh so neat site sideswiped by something you know i mean and and can you know not you for sex but you know it saves us about trying to calm the chaos down and then you know just get you mind settle and give yourself even a few moments of peace even a few moments of peace in the day would be you know it would be beneficial to everybody i think you know that's why i think anyway you know my opinion now i agree what it's worth i agree i think we could all use some peace and reflection so that's a big thing and i think like me many of us are in in a lot of ways are a prisoner of doubt and fear those are those are two big factors in the but people's lives and a lot
people's response to doubt and fear is to not do anything to not to any chances to try to live safe to try to live like very very controlled and simple existence but then you miss out on miss out on the like just living life without fear doesn't mean there's not going to be moments where you're scared and taking chan this is because those moments when you do take chan so you do something new and it could be as simple as like being uh fifty year old man starting ju jitsu or fifty year old woman you know starting a martial arts class or something some like i can't believe i'm doing this but those moments where you put yourself into vulnerable hold positions can be very beneficial for you so it's not a matter of avoiding every and that causes you fear it's a matter of embracing the uncertainty of life and try
going to experience it with as much positive iti and is much open yes and as much with with his least resistance as possible everything was new ones yeah so every you know you do you everyone's done something let something the first time the first time if that makes sense yeah you know and and me so people don't understand is there a massive massive amounts successes you've had in your life that you thought was impossible tying ulice riding a bike for me driving i was awful driving wash i don't know i was just one of those things that got into me had that i was really shot me down com unlimited of a car i love rubbish along expression the i was rubbish at an unknown so they have to basically do it because i i live far away from the kids and now i can try even an eight it was something else a chance to read
push myself to do what i think we're we're all a collection of successes trying to find your life writing the date right you know wall what reeking of telling the time you know these loans are things we were too busy kicking the shit out of ourselves about what we've done wrong you know for me when i watched huh be home fight last time when she thought she look shell shocked and that's my opinion she looked shell shocked do you think she was perhaps shell shocked by the los to miesha tate and then jumping right back into the octagon or do you think that was she was fighting a very very difficult opponent both 'cause valentina is a valenty szewczenko the woman who she fought is one of the most experienced strikers in all of mma period all the sister was on a infusion season six with us in thailand so she is from peru ethics lives in peru but now she sees russian i understand that but she still look shell shot you know i mean and i think that
is part of the process i mean i think in a lot of gyms 'cause it's macho because it's fighting and yeah you'll be alright put on the baby are you did great today if you have that deem it like this is like you do in a white wash and you pull your whites in and then you put your white served almost under condition of i've got my diet right i'm on point from away blah blah blah more coats at bj's great or whatever or boxing or whatever the sport maybe or even it is not support you know your boss or whatever and then all of a sudden you put one red sock in your wash everything goes pink so the in little thought that can in fact you so you say ideas you might sit there and the loneliest places i think fights and won and lost in the changing rooms i think that's my opinion of fires did lose in the changing rooms you have one song like a thought the mime whispers something it becomes a shower and also a new drug it with the mod fighters fights can be lost yet but no matter how positive you thinking is now fighting anderson silva in europe in his prime yeah your
probably find it yeah there is that that's why i said he's not a guarantee using the mind cloud isn't a guarantee you're going to win for me a small help a stomach issues not gonna make you wait but it's a massive hill yeah of course it is i mean i i mean i know the benefits of it you know the benefits of it because it's a little bit of late notice joe's in the benefit of it in his life as well as any fun in you know liam harrison is a good friend of mine told him motioning over people of what with all the people work in the future it does give you a bunch of nerds and self doubt is a massive hole in your boat if you're going to do something where you have to have confidence for everything in life yes indeed that's one of the things that i like about fighting is that it's so condensed it's it's a very extreme situation it's it's sort of problem solving condensed to one of the most intense versions of it that we possibly can experience other than war
yeah war probably being the most intense version of problem solving but your prison thing with all these incredibly diff gold challenges and you have to figure your way through it an and with a poor mine said or a a faulty mind the your your your it's like having a flat tire or having bad breaks it's a key you're traveling in a very poor various way you have a lot of holes in whatever method of a distribution that your thoughts and their actions are or passing through you know your system your cyst of life like who you are the way think about things when you think about yourself where you would think about other people like that shapes all the results all the interactions that you have with people are shaped the things that i've always said about like a lot of these interactions that police officers have with people like how many of these interactions would be completely different with a more
calm police officer a better person who's better at handling people and how many of 'em are shaped by someone who's just not that smart or authoritarian or doesn't know how to read people well it does not it did broach a conversation while already any sos battling with something in their own mind yes so that was a dating something the narrow mind what we talked about limit listed with the movie i probably people first takes the pale we sell to the chinese light on the top of the status of it she's islam lady she is he's gone but not as radical empanadas on and you know what talking rubbish and he's he's he's given in lots of grief and blah blah blah but it went beyond all is something which was upsetting her right now the box box what you come across a law in time line already in anything raley's there are actually told the not really tell people not let behave businesses and klay shed and i'll pay tell an lp chat but if people are not in lp neurolinguistic programming programming what is that about
anthony robbins right yeah i don't see robbins and john grinder and richard bandler were the first people to do it they modeled a hypnotherapist cold milton erickson on these milton erickson language elements maxim is very very cold therapist in the a very clever mining days so yeah and then in the is some of the i you some of the you know what i'm you get yeah as you get anything you understand this you know you do you podcast synergy as you get more and more into it you get a feel of for it and that's what you do with my job with the mind cultures they gotta figure i don't always use hypnosis i do use it now it's been always 'cause it's not always necessary getting people thinking reframe in something and so we thought of it like that and move that out the way and that's changes people's opinions and and can have massive a fax on them so the more people you inner interact with the more people you apply these techniques to the better your understanding of how these techniques work yeah although
our understanding of people yeah i think you've got be at sort of people as well doing this job i think you've got to be i'm not saying a massively know loads of stuff i don't know orbitz about things you know and i don't pretend to know about a lot of things he's just about just beat out to communicate with people in and actually get the you know actually gotten paid people pretty much want the same things you know what i mean everyone wants to live life is is does excite and all about as easy as possible you know and i used it and it's like it's like i said before he's just about language i just about deciphering the language what they're actually talk and not even really as easy as possible cuz there's a lot of people want a life full of sure but what they don't want to do is trip over themselves like if you have a difficulty in say you're going to climb a mountain i would think the climbing a mountain is difficult enough it's hard you have to figure out what way to grip you have to
strong hands and strong feet you have to have an overall awareness of your body and balance and you have to be physically fit enough to build a pull yourself and climb up this mountain if you're paralyzed with fear if you are consumed with self doubt if you were overrun with guilt if you body is just dealing with the mines look at all the hearts of your past that's that that's just didn't become power owns whatever difficulty in a makes it way worse now will tell us what that stuff's what you know people come to me well off the fights in the you know the the talk about the last fight is still involved in it yes you know they don't sit positives from an outside take the positives and you blah blah blah artist you know but it's hard to say it's hard to do rather say see all things reason sign out of today yeah i mean let's go with the moon right basically you know the man is it and so you just for me he's like just just
the passengers to sometimes forget something you know i mean and just move on right okay dot somewhat you learn all in the system this will not the point not slow it in you know when we was doing time line therapy you know there was things you learn from the situation there is room don't you not you the ufc comments a full stomach on a lot he's got you well you've got all because of the things at the moment you know some people do get consumed by faith which is why i that's what i like to change you know i want to change the yeah there's the with this big problem that a lot of people have where they define themselves by their past they look at their past they don't think they could ever grow from that they think that is who yeah i'm that loser on the guy who crashed his car on that guy that you know what where was that yeah my mom and dad never did it so that phone yeah i would like to much money is
of all evil only if you have money and they saw you know you can you know you have to tread on people to be a success asus cliche to say it just pop bought from nowhere yeah that's a real weird one that comes up a lot but almost like it's impossible to be successful and altruistic that you that money is acquired only by stepping on other people and fucking over people in anybody that's really big in business that once from someone who's actually it's very smart person it said show me someone who's really good in business and i guarantee they fuck someone over and i'm like that as every day that's that's a scapegoat that's a scapegoat for your own financial failure in the moment you get the more money you have the more people you can help is that for sure there's more opportunity for yeah you might yeah and i just thought so i believe i don't believe in hello thank is klay shade the other thing about money is to just to keep people down i think not the existed you know the man is a long ways to keep people down to keep people just that
brian keep them in the place while it's also self above like self prescribed to a lot of people do it to them self assuming no one's doing it to you just want to want to give yourself will excuse for not going after whatever your goals are or not pursuing whatever interests you actually have an just playing it safe that playing it safe i think a big part of that is what we were talking about earlier is this this need to avoid any further pain yeah you know one thing one thing that's what japan is like you're not allowed to like yourself i mean you know you're not allowed to be not a fan of yourself it's alright do you have fun and laugh at yourself and not take yourself massively tissues but other things that you want to be serious you should be supporting yourself less than one hundred percent supported sabotage which is a saying which i believe it's true you know we're not supporting yourself you sabotage your not only you but you sabotaging everybody else around you know i think people struggle with that
be in all right to the cells in of the league so easy to you know i'm and stupid among our top there's yeah there's only so easily swallow but you you know people beat become used to it right nothing and then they want to be a success it is makes sense not i recently that you know these the you know people that want to to fight on the nickel las refi and blah blah blah and then you find out what they did on to the run up on what you do on drunk but two weeks old hello well yeah rice now if you don't live and it and if you're not you know you know you know really immersing yourself and in every way in the language that you speak to yourself and in the way that you do everything else once you expect your mind is not going to support you if you don't support it yeah that was one of the things that i i felt when john jones tested positive for cocaine three weeks out of his fight with daniel cormier was like like he's not even as i looked only thing wrong with doing i don't know if it's
thing wrong with doing cocaine i just i don't think it's a positive drug but some people enjoy it some you enjoy drinking i enjoy drinking i don't think that's positive drug necessarily either so i don't know because i don't have experience with cocaine but that's not something you're suppose doing three weeks outside of a world title fight with one of the best wrestlers in the sport one of the it's difficult challenges you've ever faced your professional career and you're out doing blow just twenty one days before that's crazy yeah so sometimes the most talented take the gifts that they've been given and just abused in a way i'm i'm at shawn jones ease is different to say least come away early each age just it was a dot in the army was good was kind of only in briefly uh where was it i'm in russia at the legend there to show their yeah it was just it was very sort of it was all over the place bouncing around and i just just don't expect
seems to be like that explain what do you mean by all over the place bouncer just really just said to me hi blue eyes i was like hello i marcel from dangerous and i'm not i was like hi i just found it a bit strange maybe i think it's around with you i just found him different let's just say that i just found him different and i'm trying to read into this and i'm trying to avoid it badly i don't know him but him i'm at it was it was different let's put it that way you know but if i don't know you never know what's going on in his life you don't know what's going on his life and you could say that about everyone i could say that about a serial killer can you were doing was going to need life is not this fall you know really i mean there is some things that you shouldn't do you know he shouldn't be doing it but this reason if you listen to john's coaches they will tell you that run surrounds himself with the wrong people and john
one is in extreme greenlee talented guy how amazing it's only you may be one of the most talented guys to ever compete in the sport an in to be strong mentally too because despite all of his issues with maybe not preparing as well as you could when the chips are down that guy gets through things he overcomes adversity is not a front row at least the one broke his toe is in a that was horrific he's gonna end it he didn't even realize that was happening that that happened actually in the fine fleury we stop son in a more impressive performances when he fought vitor belford veto arkham completely hyper extended his arm and he would not tap you know was where is title victor came that close was it for the title i believe it was mined in non title fight but victor came find out there was a title fight or non title fight either way victor came that close to legitimately beating jon jones that close got law
really locked in arm bar that would've made ninety percent of the professional fighters in the world tap will not stop makes him who he is but he but then it but he couldn't say notice it is a title phone jamie just looks really couldn't say notice awesome blow well we could say no you didn't want to get in on exactly how you want to say in the service of this some sort of i don't know if it's weakness i don't know there's some sort of weakness but isn't weakness order that's why i said i don't know if it is eleven is normal you should be something you should be doing but it's also indulgence it's like he likes to party you know but then this isn't there also the issue that fighters in particular especially god it is a lot of hard gym sessions and a lot of hard fights they have impulse control problems and those in control problems i'm obviously not a scientist or a doctor but when you talk to neurologists in neuroscientist i will tell you that there are direct correlations between head impacts and poor impulse control
it is absolutely a direct impact and i you know not looking for a scapegoat in my own life but i've looked back at some of the poor decision making that i've done in my life is particularly in my fighting times like that back then i was like a wonderful lot of that was getting hit in the head a lot i like it can't be good yeah to get kicked in the head it's never good not the bad it's just not good and so if you've been kicked in the head or punched in the face or whatever you know any kind of impact that's the thing about football player they're saying now is it even a shot to the chest even getting tackled like someone ram is that you in slams their shoulders into your chest the brain gets g rassled around you might not have a bruise on your face but your brain and is receiving essentially the same impact as a punch yeah especially the my safe yeah you know it's a shame you know block people not like
yes but it is a shame that jon jones is gone like that you know i mean 'cause he's got a lot back on him he's gotta look back on him and big buck you know he's also got to figure out what it is that he took now but they don't even exactly they have an isolated what he took but the whole lifestyle it certain most certainly an issue an it's almost like one of those things where you say you don't know what you've got until it's gone well it was kind of for a little while but not really he was always still in the mix and it was always multi million dollar fights are waiting and then he fought over then prove so he's back in the mix and everything is looking good he's slated to fight at ufc two hundred against daniel cormier is going to make like ten million bucks it's going to be giant and then whoosh it's gone for something if you talk to people that are experts in performance enhancing drugs they will tell you this
clomiphene is what he got popped for which is an anti estrogen supplement that's not even beneficial the only time this stuff is beneficial as a set of essentially when you coming off of steroids but yeah he didn't test positive for steroids before or after so it could have been a tainted supplement it could have been a mistake it could have been who knows what wacky he was taken i mean i don't know i just think that you know people forget that a lot sometimes you still go of guidance you know you still go of a dying to you know to just say look is not the best thing you should be doing also want to talk to you know the main it's that that's not going to be hi five and you could going to you know stick a lot of bugle up your nose isn't it harder though i think for champions because once they like dominates i want to kick someones ass like say if you fight the most difficult fight of your career you fight you know but where is daniel cormier whoever it is you dominate him you win and beautiful fashion and then
you know you like a god damn it i am the man and then you just want to do whatever you want to do after that and its indulgence and yeah hey asan yeah you did is bull the it comes about you in the office yeah all the time it does but god damn it is a fucking story that plays itself out over and over and over and over and over and there's a bunch of these distraction stories like the rhonda rowsey story is ultimately a story of distraction i mean here's this woman who is just a freak write a completely dominant female ass kicker something we've never had before mean you know that we had like female fighters before like remember christy martin was sort of a yeah like there was like a little bit of it with laila ali people were kind of paying attention to her but no one was paying attention to anyone even remotely on the scale of rhonda rowsey but what happens then well all the sudden
hollywood opens up the doors he start doing movies you get all these offers you the darling of talk shows you're in fucking commercials all the time everybody one to kiss your ass and there's people that are coming up all around you that are assassins and they're not getting all this attention they're just hung agree there not like holly home when she fought rhonda was a massive underdog meantime meanwhile she was an eighteen time world boxing champion shoes are far more complex striker then wanda and rhonda fought the exact wrong fight when you're fighting in nineteen time world boxing champion whereas miesha tate fought the exact right right yeah standing outside barely barely engage her with strikes just pusher pusher but back up pusher and back up pusher constantly move definitely very your approach and then you get ahold of her make account and she did that in a second round and ultimately did in the fifth round and scimitar and that's one of the fight
difference between someone who has everything to gain like that someone who is hungry and then the fucking mindset of someone who becomes super successful like a mike tyson in his prime yeah like just started fucking off you start believing that no one's going to beat your ass and then you fight buster douglas with very little training any fucking put that letter to your face and reality hits you when that referee stand over you counting you realize oh this is happening to me now yeah it must be difficult it mustn't be easy will fight is not he said no it's definitely i mean i was talking to somebody yesterday we went out to salute thai restaurant with some friends from bought brando was to management bail my may have come to see over a and we're just talking and we talked about fighting fighting so hard not only you nervous scared or whatever the corner screaming out you you have their corner screaming shirt you thinking wow hey telling him you're in the crowd if you not
have you not zoned improperly and it's not easy and it you know in five as you know all of a sudden the defined i'm saying the might of been the hottest kid at school the might of been you know the most popular all of a sudden you know after a few fights and to see what what keeps like jon jones old all rounder and all of a sudden bring this loads of money and people are paying you attention you know wouldn't have thought to you at school and stuff like that it's it must be easy yeah there's nevertheless she still got some you've still got i think that you know you've got our maintain the rules you've got a little bite you have to have someone who helps you at every fighter i mean i don't know i shouldn't say every fighter because some kind of figured out on their own there's some guys don't seem to fall into those traps but most fighters can use some sort of guidelines and there's also these facilitators that manifest themselves in your life these people that wanna make you life easier so they could be a part of your life so they want to bring
for girls they want to bring over booze or they want to get you in the club they want to they want like hey this is the guy that he's going to set everything up for you i'll take care of it and when they're doing is these guys are they gay into your life and the way do they get into your life's by making things easier for you so they could be a part of the you know mike tyson camp or whatever it is and then next thing you know you've got this entourage of twenty people hanging around you and most of them were fucking idiots don't know there and you're paying for their existence your funding their existence and what they do is they hold doors open for you and they check you in hotel rooms they do all these things that you could do on your own and they sort of make it easier and in making it easier they the sort of define and what is okay yeah and then you know no big deal just going to go party going to fuck this guy up anyway man let's go hit the club and then next thing you know you're out late at night not getting rest your coaches texting you are you in bed you know and
not 'cause you're hanging around with these fucking klingons when you've lost they vanish vanish then vanish and then you've got to pick up the pieces and the us also interesting mall i'd like to do is i'd like to people for me to be able to hi i am a obviously to be able to talk soon you know not just she's at now she was a full plate this is on my mind will this this and this not a trip to paula a block come before the due soon the next fucking stupid do you know what i mean i'd like to do that and i think it do that anyway do you know what i mean but i just it's difficult it's difficult to make it stick if you have a good idea in your head about like you know what i need to do with my life i need to eat healthy i need to exercise and need to file my dreams ok good right now that that's a good thought right now but how do you keep that how do you make it stick and that's a big issue with people that go up and they go down
i mean how ridiculous our new year's resolutions how many people have come to you after new years in there they are going to lose fifty pounds i'm going to stop smoking and i'm not going to eat any unhealthy and then you see them like uh weeks later they look great well you're sticking to it that's awesome man congratulations make the money isn't it and the health five months later they're fat again and look and stupid and and that's its soul normal somehow so that money isn't it you have to go run you join in january you get free january and then you blah blah blah after rejoining faye and then the john knox st new yet knew me yeah john you what is this the the yeah it is a new yeah yeah and then they just like january the third blah blah blah can't be asked or i was listening to this ted leash assistance i was listening is ted talk is a ted podcast in this uh it was also a ted talk where they're talking about time and the way people perceive time an the way people
perceived time they always perceive that they are now a finished product this is like a big thing that people like do they they look at themselves like well you know when i was twenty i didn't know shit but now that i'm thirty i got it together and therefore they go well when i was thirty i thought i knew something but now i know things and they always want to think that they are done growing but what this podcast was sort of emphasizing is that people are in a constant state of change and evolution if you're thinking about things you know the expression no ones perfect it was true no one is perfect so if in fact you're not perfect that means your can littering whatever you've done that maybe you could have done better or maybe you could have handled better or maybe could have what about in a better way or more beneficial way and then
grow and learn from that experience yeah in a constant state of flux you know i'm i'm a different person that was always a nearly spawn a yet unknown muslim mall and changed and not different opinions nothing if you read anything all you know goes with all you too alexi gave you know we run the patrick and about to merrick and the island from from listening to you and listening to what people in our facebook chi merrick you degree because it kind of off writes in a full went to the doctors can't do anything just on the page take partially what a nice urethritis from kick boxing yes in a letter here ballet dancer knowledge line don't be sad about dancing some whatever anyway that's a real common one right with the ankles and stuff you know and i'm i just the doctor said you know you know you've got sick basically you take parsley so google tamales painkiller
so just for you know what i mean you know you can't keep taking ibuprofen remember you saying to joe about ibuprofen and it causes inflammation anyway so i put it on books i anyone got experience arthritis one of my friends lee fraser cooperation ought to be always thankfully he said he takes tumeric started researching it you'd mentioned it to joe where cumin the yeah so some too many user group and then they said they sing about golden paste which is cheaper at black pepper and coconut oil you cook it for seven minutes for the wall to make a paste of it on me look of facebook to make use a grave on the eve it basically site box breaks i've i've been taking it regularly on these noble no payments weather you're making it in the in a supplement form are you getting it from a route that is self you get to work the rich get treatment not yet the powder okay so
you could buy the route the route is real common now it's really interesting to pull little known i don't know not really well shitty supermarkets over there right well i'm not going to slag all day off or anything like that you know where is aldie supermarket bag is another one like it off talking rubbish so but it's no the power leads and you know you just but i'm not don't know the actual you know measurements of it was like a cup of water a half a cup of tea marek you cook it for seven minutes on a low heat to look up stocks gains will paste you out block pop on like maybe two teaspoons white upper because an active ingredient that makes you think it might four hundred times more absorbency body really yeah why now black pepper yeah this could think all packed rain huh yeah and what does it have to be cooked i don't know i'm not good with them today okay hi how because that is a taste when you need it not the best bull
well let the thing is like what would you rather have pain or llamas yeah and all this and i'm the king of drinking disgusting things i drink a lot of shitty things it does work of tried my kale shake recipe and almost vomited i have a friend you have a friend called nathan right and his hands he said he couldn't he comes without bond with with arthritis that you couldn't you know spray deodorant said he still cannot sees words not mine and then he started taking this tumor it paste in these fine he sees please come like eight ninety percent but i mean come on do you use fish oil and if you alter your diet may yes yes i do take a lot of fish how much do you take i take two massive tablespoons of it on a map that's great because i've been the states taking five capsules with warren and taking ubiquinol what's ubiquinol coenzyme q ten but it is a little bit of higher level one and yeah and make
my friend now are in has just got this a tumor ik and arnica tile oil type stuff com free leopards lemon and liniments live you know see you that you're going to trial and that i had a massage of yesterday let's clear up your words there thai liniment is what you're saying yes it smells the same as tier listen listen to explain to people with that is so that's not that's liniment that tie fighters would use to her sore muscles and things along these smells like wintergreen menthol and and stuff like that i don't know we'll see tiger balm was a big one a bit like that but what is that stuff do it we could make you get sort of bruises i want to showing you how to get through bruises and how does it really work well i've only just started using it as far as i'm concerned i like
to look i have a friend who's a doctor and he told me that all that stuff like ben gay and i go all this stuff makes you feel that he is he was it's a topical anil dick i got was that mean is it makes your skin red is it makes you feel like lots happening like you had heat there it feels good but in order for that stuff to absorb deeply into your system into your get into your tissue he's like we would have to get into your bloodstream and then it would be toxic yeah so yeah but it feels good when you take like one of those some tiger balm i have these patches that i'll put on like if i have muscle pull or something like that i'll put a tiger balm patch on it and somehow another relaxes it in some sort of way but not psychologues that's what they oil does psychological analysis i like smells nice unless my normal smell so there's arnica tile
the mint stuff yeah your friend uses this to merrick as well to mark as well yeah so yeah in the fleet the lotus spiel on it you know when on the bottle but i'm just one of these people may or draw it you know and i had a massage of it yesterday and i feel really well they say that most of the issues that people have weather even like a lot of diseases they stem from inflammation and alot information is caused by diet caused by you know just eating bad food and not being healthy is your body has this reaction to this food it's inflammatory reaction yeah he said i am certainly not easy won't for you find out what give you information and what doesn't i'm in i don't i don't know i think it must vary from person to person yes insensitive to certain know and
thank you for the the golden pasty gets you might think is what brilliant for me yeah i can't praise and all that's interesting and so how quickly did it take it like what what how long would it take for it was like like you're really rocks out with it we realized that this is really beneficial honestly about two days two day honestly and i was i was really working for that american district am i was yeah and you can buy this now so i was really pissed off because adoxa one boy is nothing you can do and some do you take to the doctor i think i've got they stop on the other end because they think that you'll self diagnose anything now you know right in the soul of like that will be you know and just so i'm not i just said look you know she said well as you face authorizes you know you just paracetamol another one you know getting one on them in a poll on unfaithful usable truthful sometimes forget and information like in the internet is money
what a treat and then go on to this group in the i was brilliant on these what for me fantastically well yeah you have to sort of separate the bull from the reality but if you can do that you can definitely find a lot of stuff online and this it's it's confusing to me when doctors dismiss dietary solutions yeah you know because very few docked ears a really well educated in nutrition and especially specially educated in the understanding of the mac mechanisms involved in absorbing nutrients yeah and what compounds or accentuates nutrition absorption yeah and what's beneficial this so for so many doctors just they they they poo poo it because don't understand that they have no knowledge of it well my friend
maybe talk to merick it went to the doctors and the doctor was saying you know you take these whatever alley pre now i think it is and these are to my to take this and anyone oh it's stopped loving because you had a regular regular check up we had a really badly and he went in and the doctor said he said i've been taking two merrick and he said he said there's not the doctors as well out of that of that but it's not been tested to max number said they said well i have that it works but it's not been testing some other way i think i think the real what i want to piss on doctor with sort of interested or their double blind placebo controlled studies from any major university that shows the beneficial effects of tomaric or is it just probably make any money does it uhm rick what should i mean it seems like it should right i mean isn't there a massive industry in helping people within flame inflamed tendons the problem with those things as you can control like if you do a study on you know what ever filling the blank just tylenol something like that when created tylenol right so if you do a stud
downtown on you so it shows its efficacy then you could sell more of it but if you do it young tim rick i'm like great glad thanks for funding the study i'm going to sell it now and i'm going to point to your study and i'm going to make a ton of money off of your study and i can just grow it backyard and that's the problem with marijuana and it's the plan these are problem with any sort of it's been it's a survey 'cause it's like huh the people surveyed am never been asked about was not we're not talking about surveys were talking about double blind will keep placebo controlled studies on information if they did something along those lines like of the big issues that's going on with medical marijuana is the pushback from pharmaceutical companies that are trying to stop medical marijuana from becoming legal nationwide and they've halted at delay the supreme court's changing of the designation from a sketch
will want to a schedule two in this country schedule one shows no medicinal value whatsoever that's where marijuana is meanwhile marijuana is passed as a medical supplement in i don't know how many states now i think it's like twenty and it's legal in four five states announced legal in washington dc it's legal in colorado it's legal in washington state it's league and oregon just recreationally so it's obviously there's some benefit of it medically if all these doctors are prescribing and it shows massive reduction in tumors with the use of c b d it can help control simpson on yeah yes yeah i mean it's incredible how much benefit there is in this one plant but yet the pushback from the pharmaceutical industry it's still incredibly strong because they don't posted something really recently how much only the pharmaceutical there was a chart that showed how much money the pharmacy
will industry stands to lose if medical cannabis is made legal nationwide and readily available it's billions of dollars every year they're going to lose because all these solutions that they offer there better simpler simpler and far cheaper solutions with cannabis specially because it's of the easiest things to grow i mean a lot people grow their own tomatoes in their backyard and things like that like pot all you do is plant it throw some water on its done in england not english we won't grow unless you got well i don't know why it's rains there all the time is not we're not the best weather of way in automated guarantee we'd will grow in england but if you want to try it he added sad and some lights and let's try and film it live and let everybody know where in arrested live how how it legal how illegal is pot in england and i think you can get you can get arrested can i don't know so i'm not very good with being dangerous new uh
nobody's drunk never seen more drunk people yeah well let's say so it is god damn you people have to track terrorists what you're good at that's one other thing i'm not i'm not people are way better being drunk i think i'm rubbish at drinking god yeah yeah when i was crying her eyes saying the downs how the least when he knows who long and just really memory loss you know well may you know the the usual stuff but you know i i don't know with with gets on a base in the autumn take ok but i mean to see what's going on i think believe i believe it is a cure for every get on the planet i think we we with the slow to stuff that we haven't explore hold the mind as well i think is these losses daughter explore yet the minors
fascinating solution to a lot of issues that people have and thinking positive or thinking negative a worry in the stress and we were talking earlier about quarters all yeah and the stress response to literally thinking about something affects your physical health and thinking about things in the wrong way affect affects your physical health and when we got we got i think we got more things to worry about a thing we got more things only about now but they're actually not anything to worry about doesn't make sense you know you look at facebook and you get mad over someone's fucking in india and some trump supporter how dare you anything about that and you start typing while we're doing that when you get involved in something or you get angry about something i do it i'm not going to lie in the distinct yourself fucking why do in an hour years ago when you in that the the cave i was only worried about if that gonna get something's gonna wait them all they call a week something i think not might've been easy off because he died of disease and he died may have died younger
whatever but i mean but they live them all and peaceful life they didn't have facebook though as part of the problems i didn't even didn't have anything to look at and they didn't have comments on youtube like john wayne parr was saying he was gay gets mad yeah but i mean i just i i got the same i got also i was called varis offer gay of thrones which i was quite pleased about i was like i'll take lord varys at till little penis nothing wrong with that no i know but i just think you know i don't get it at some things i don't get i don't get haters some of them but don't you though because when we're talking about all these different things that happen in life that sort of set you up for in the next stages of life and define you and and sort of alter and affect your decision making process and your behavior process don't you think that a lot of these people just live very unfortunate existences and whether it's by
the chance or whether it's by bad decision making that has just compounded itself over the years when you see some of the hateful things that people posted about let's say john wayne it was the nicest guy yeah hey it's brilliant guy and multiple time world more tie champ incredibly complex night she's kids with great fantastic is kids so cool by the way there's a video of his kid hit the pads once he saw impressive his kid is fight ng i think she's fighting on the twentieth l twenty if john yeah jazzy and he sent me this video of her hitting the pads in like a whole she can get everything you know some can do for so yeah i can injure family yeah they're not wanting credit hey i was wife is a fighter's well not going over that and stay with them you know so that that went to the show not listen nothing but respect for joe my pies a lovely yeah he's got a great sense of humor as well you know
don't take himself too seriously he's very self deprecating he's very aware of how good he is but he's also very self deprecating like watch this he let's watch this video this is her hello what happened would you do you change the screens do computer fail she's in thailand and this girl is like what is she ten yes of the an australian boom to such an there's another one there's one that i looked at that was different was on youtube she's thirteen years old ok ok but the point is this people that hate on this guy and they they're not well no like there now
i'm happy they're not looking at him and going you fucking loser they don't like finding a reason why they're just trying to find a reason i got it i got one about hypnotherapist saying already knows all things left right when when did you get this so just one of the comments you know and i was just like and he was like yeah you know nothing about hypnosis and white right well i'm here and you're not sorry you know i mean you know nothing no nothing you know nothing about darren brown or that i've only been to see him three times at all these books and he's amazing amazing guy and i know that you know to mean but just think you'll get whatever you get is whatever you do i would i deem this like i think joe joe schilling said jesus was great it invite him to uh now you could turn this water into wine it could hear you grab that dad don't worry bing will bring your butts alive you brought your leg there you go you know we'll go fishing catch all the fish it was a great guy they still killed him you know you're going to get people are going to hate you just be cause
it's more about them than it is about you it is more about them than it is about you that is a big factor with online interactions people what you're what you're doing is you're interacting with their own pasts and their own failures yeah and the good of the vast majority of people in this life are not living fulfilled and happy existence is faceless assassins huntley the faceless assassins really likes now papers of nothingness oh you mean commenters yeah but they're not really faceless right like at the end of the day if you get to who they really are and what's really bothering them there no dick continue or i they just they got a fucked up start in this life and they never recovered that's what most of it this will turn into me now i've always been like this there's a whole video i did on youtube be the hero of your own movie apps is very good if you were in a movie and the movie
right now you're failure to stink about what your lives at what would the hero do would you do do i need to sell the one now my friend morgan brown works with his results on the tv show cast see the new double seven did they make him double seven a lot of white people are freaking out i don't i don't care he has not come martini shaken not stirred don't care what color he is what did you he was yeah didn't you warranty work for them and he's doing a show now for discovery and he's trying to be a kick boxer of a fight it uses yes he's gonna fight yeah who fighting i don't know how old is he he's i think he's forty two and he's going to the first ever kick my friend karen he's kickboxing a training and they've been all over it's a show discovery i was to be on it i'll be the mind look for the show well i don't know why place there any video of him training not yet no not yet
warren new was on the show with his video he found it already alright becoming area not yet mean i'm sorry here you see oh geez is daniel sam as well from england not bad a little stiff it's hard to tell that keeps fucking hands up what is key so not too bad not too bad if you stand right in front of them will fuck you up no he's gay and he's gotta be if he's actually going to have a fight god go off balance though right when i say that he falls it's like you're watching is fundamentals it's almost like he really shouldn't be hitting pads here if i was
watching the guy like that i would tell him all i want you to do is touch these things it is over five years old five years old wow so he's gotten better yeah ok well hey man that's really good then if that's five years ago and he's been steady at it since then that's really good because he's a guy like some bay basic movements down the ways throwing his weight into things he just you know i try to hit things hard before they learn to have things right yeah correct now yeah because his friend it was in it lupin in lieu thought that the but the detective was warm brown one night my friend he won two world titles in thai boxing so i think we've been talking about in warren's been helping him and karen's been helping him but it should be a good show can you see all of them see training and between movies like his made when we spielberg is the dark tower or something with where is he gonna fight i don't know where i think maybe in tyler i actually in thailand i think she's only going deep i know
so the story is going to give you want i rules the whole now i think he's fighting k1 rules dumpsite easier right listen don't get out on the ice and you cannot lane tional business but you gotta give it give him respect a lot i don't like the way he's tested himself is sort of a video on you she about life and not now we envision himself doing this sorta knew i really like that i was gutted when they weren't part of the show i really want it so we've got it what did you say ghosted you were upset 'cause 'cause i when what was going to be part of the show oh you are going to use me as a mind coach you know 'cause fights is up brian coaches now but anyway logistically didn't work and stuff like that but i mean i wish you all the best and karen and everyone on the show will be brilliant so who's coaching him here in cattle
from csa no care and not scary and okay camera caring cattle is from england yeah get queue and for csa is a irish gentleman right what is larry and i don't wanna carry carry an adult now second forget his last name yeah he's a good coach he coaches and kevin ross who is kevin's right yeah very good have you seen the fight between mohammed shahriar and nordin ben moe no can you flush all right now if we can spell it out aya no j s a r a y i the band mel b a and m o h he's only just what's the third don't forget his face he didn't get a word of that i could tell
out slow jack j a r a y la this is ben moby e m m o hate magnifying moh is that what you said the moroccan did you say age why do you say hate hate so you go see each yeah hh you guys do that too with z says ed yeah we do what the fuck is that we do i don't know why we're funded but that's where i stand how did it get abandoned sydney sydney caesar keep up like this seems to be like some disconnect between some of the words like tires you guys use a y in tires and color with no of you in it we have are you in color what the fuck is that about do you have around fro to use is tire tyrei haven't golf august who invented tires i think we did so you might want to fuck off right i will go now
so well what do you want me to see about this right this is one of the best kick boxing fights i've ever seen in my life really eight one was a salute to be to kill us it was a law shia none infusion much i'm not 'cause i common set on a work for these but these two knock the proverbial holes of each may twenty seven is it march march twenty seven thousand three hundred and twenty seven ok what is mch would that send i see what you're saying so in round just put round three on and end with a fusion is within the folksy an s u s i o n is a multi organization in in europe yeah in holland yeah and then they do in a two hundred thousand your of on a mint in september seventy but this kid to rise in nineteen honda is absolutely ridiculous fight
yeah do so i'll check it out i'm uh obviously big fan of kickboxing and i'm uh i'm super psyched that glory is going to put on they are hiring versus rico verhoeven if butter hargitt at a jail he's not in jail if i angeli's all right now right now there's a long time between now and december well we'll see who's i he makes he makes jon jones were fucking choir truth doesn't he who would you say it's an interesting fight and as for sure barter can win for sure rico can when we because been much more active reached regal has incredible cardio if you go to the bar bajari that beat mister overeem in the rematch you know you go to that bother you know the botter who was in his peak me but it was a monster yeah but it's been a long time and he's not been very active over the last few years a slip a lot of it says the president puts out a switch by that sends out its which by turns out but it's also like all of
the legal issues that he's gone through all the the bee behavioral issues i mean he's had a lot of problems allegedly broke some guys leg in a nightclub they say held the guy down stomp his shin and smashed his leg that's cray see shit man and who knows who knows who knows what the fuck is going on with that dude yeah to ricos it now is rico and his mom and dad and that real nice people is a nice guy in stuffle butters that's the most exciting have you ever he's a wild man he's a fucking wildman and he's legit digit knockout power and the other thing is heathrow caution literally to the wind i mean he he unloads with full power shots wades forward throws bombs like heath closeout all ideas of like being technical and being being
cautious and and and mail like setting traps and he's not setting traps now he's dropping missiles on you yes to a missing off of it the if he fails all i think you get a get some nervous that he throws throws it up for the fight really solve anything she this makes sense if you see the way fights fights like it's chaos someone's neck something often doesn't even know the name of some killed somebody loves that's like it's like he fights like a wild man but it's so so exciting but rico is a different kind of fighter rico is a very athletic big heavyweight who is amazing cardio outstanding technique his boxing's uh standing is kickboxing exactly the same huge huge huge guy he's a natural to third two hundred and fifty plus and he's in incredible shape yeah there's botter that thing about this is the glory preview video they're putting on pretty the thing about rico is that rico's been super active while botters been dealing with all these problems an
it has been getting better and re goes i'm beating guys that you know he had some problems with some guys in the past and but you see him now and he's just a much better fighter in every shape way shape or form yeah when he benjamin tyson fury wasn't yeah all text daniel g defy it's a good example because they had fought before and it was a very close fight but in the rematch it was not close at all rico kind of ran away with it rico's on another level right now but the thing bator is like when he was at his best and you kind of got have assumed that it's possible that he could go back to how he was when he was at his best when he went daughter was at his best he was a fucking hurricane in there it was i remember that scene i've seen him 'cause he thought a lot on it's showtime and the moroccans absolutely love him but a bit is coming they love them who was the
downton ahead remove on josh the to get a case yeah when he was on the floor yeah you got disqualified for that one right yeah i got disqualified for both both of them bones ask you to punch ask you a little bit like he's kind of like acting up a little bit i'm saying nothing not come to home you saying nothing listen what martin is part like bliss in the fights over if i just lay hands for them only yeah you know just seemed a little like this guy who's been beaten up his entire career and you know take an amazing shots all the sudden one kick when he's down and he just a site like here it is right here yeah that one check that was it i can't go on no way right i mean it wasn't a nice thing that he did it sir is grounds for disqualification but to see him rolling around the ground like you can't you can't
function anymore oh my god ok i have to go get one was he did dolly and anyone who was on the floor while he's fucking crazy why why you like does anybody know i don't know i just think he's great he said nice of maine like is really really nice with me and i'm like well he's alright we make it just the wrong out across yeah indeed the wrong guy across you don't want to fuck with butter hari is a dangerous thing so what you want to do this technique so what is it you want so basically they say it's it's a calming certainly okay yeah we were not to do this really so distracted to carry on i'm gonna tell people in their cars to be careful yes don't please don't do this while you're driving what are we doing here on to the land tri i'm using money machine or anything dangerous is that which is on
show me a a basic technique is a so mentality move so you some of the lessons of what you know sub modality yeah what's going like something that's going on in the background okay and he just he just calm you down so you can use it for i don't know before training stressful day or whatever they want to do one after a stressful day at lunch you know get some bad time to sleep or whatever so that no she's taught me greatly the only shot okay right with yeah please ok so i'm going to step back a bit so back yes sit back ok what do we need to do is find a comfortable chair or you can earn you better whatever anyway you listen to this and we just just just close your eyes a moment i'm not too much in not you'll in a room this room could be any color you wish and in front of you does a window the window was slightly open i want you to move toward stop
wind up unless you go to walls that window we too much an outside that is traffic bumper to bumper because the traffic we know what traffic coles is when you're in a traffic jam you know them situation
i also want to imagine that there's a dog running around and barking a really big dog and making lots of noise there's also a man and woman arguing in the street a blazing row the window next door of the house they eleven there blaring out really loud music there's also a group of school children coming from back from school i'm making noise and what you notice what you notice hear what you hear and feel what you feel about this situation with the window open now i want to start moving backwards further and further away from the window so the window gets smaller and smaller and as you move really really back from the window white allow that windows is smaller and smaller and as you go really worry away from the window so windows really really small i want to go out of that room
close the door and just be and that's it does it yes scared away from the window get away from that window so that should make a bumper sticker get away from the window here he just tell you just so you just withdraw it away from the window we draw the way from chaos and just quite yourself down so now using that as a tool like how would one implement that their life like that sort of should they take these these low to different ways of of induction into hypnosis is loaded to inductions love to different way he's with i just i just like it personally lynn of a lady called the lores just cough know we ski on the
so just move away from things that are going on and just give yourself just even a few minutes using quiet when you when you shut down shut the door and you just be you can just imagine yourself sitting and then you can start using your breathing techniques or just allowing yourself to just sit just for a few minutes and see what comes for sale we were talking about something before the podcast that i wanted to talk to you about in turn in relationship to archery that there's a thing that has pins in archery called target panic and what target panic is is people that in the moment they start freaking out and they can't stay calm and they can't they what they do is they they they try to get the pin like when you're shooting a bow you have a site in on that site has a pin and the pin is it's it's
set up to whatever yardage you're trying to shoot at and your bow get cited in and once boa cited in you can kind of dial your scope to or your right to like twenty yards thirty yards for yards and what happens is people put that pin on that are it whether it's at a competition or whether it's bow hunting whatever it is you put that pin on that target in the moment on the target you start freaking out 'cause the moment that this all is going down is happening soon and people hammer that trigger hammer that trigger the jerk the pin offline they don't stay still they panic and this targ panic causes bad shots and you reduce me to this idea called hakalau hakalau explained to me ha
hello how can always learn from a belief system from hawaii called him they say it's a hypnotic state you have no soul sign in try even watching to v as we said earlier but when you're driving you don't realize how you got hold on just on auto pilot that's okay he just kept you know god gave us the word yes i know i'm driving it now she's by so khh is mother fuckers in their brutalization of our god given language of our presidents language is hakal oh wait it you've got me yet put on the hacker lock allow al abri k a l l a u l a u l a u yeah so he's a he's a hypnotic state and the it's quite easy today i'm we'd i've done it with a lot of people and it works very very well just to calm yourself
down a little bit so as i said before what you do is i'll just sit down and do it so you basically lots of different ways of doing you can find a spot on the wall that's higher though i line see kind of looking up on a diagonal i think he's a much in the can you're looking for your third i am looking for the middle of your yearly our eyebrows how much do you focus on a spot on the wall i want you focus in all your energy mocks ball you remind chin but you can see all the way to the left and all the way to the right
imagine if you can see rated high above the cell from below yourself and then you might you might be looking out you can imagine you can use your wants to touch everything in the room she can see behind itself free rarely above yourself and allow yourself around yourself and what not does he just it calms you down and gives you a bigger periphery peripheral vision is increasing your peripheral vision which is extremely good full combat combat lasix surgery and you know just being common just put yourself in a common situation let me talk about one bus coelomic genco didn't like earlier easing hakala all the time is amazing him yeah he's pretty badass it's amazing the i'm so explain to me why increasing your peripheral benefits you like what does it do more because if you when people say a tunnel vision and you'll see that way don't you write on visions you don't see anything else do you see that in street fights you see that i've talked about this one street fight where i watched in front of the comedy store these two guys were
arguing and this one guy i had zero idea how to fight i mean like literally zero and he standing this other guy and they start throwing blows and sky literally he's wincing his eyes are almost closed and he's doing this hey is standing square and father's gayan guy and is literally throwing his hands a bus moves in front of us i can let's see what happens the bus pulls fourth and the guys flat and to his leg flat out and the other guys running away so this guy cracked him the other guy didn't know what the fuck you doing either he was lucky that the first i thought i'd gotten over by the boston know know know no no no no no he just got knocked out on the street they were in the street when this happened now but my point is that you could tell that this guy was frozen and in this moment he wasn't like a where this guy's thrown hands adam and moving his head out of the way and being complete where most
the time in in really incredibly stressful situations your your point of vision closes and you tense up so by expanding your peripheral vision you think you can relax yeah you can and you could be come over you come extra wire what is going on when you're expanding your peripheral vision opening your own conscious so so you're opening your own conscious biologists by just seeing more then you can actually say so say if you were in a an archery competition you're shooting at this target that's like seventy meters away and you really have to trading you're looking at that spot you like when is all these nerves everything that you're drawing your blow back in your contract but how would one implement that then you get your g to do hello you do that for you do that first explain that so you you find a spot on that you find a spot this haydn target for instance okay say the saudis okay you'd find its target is just above sale this is hope that
okay sir you look i need a few feet above the target out just thought yeah find a spot concentrate on just allow yourself to spread your oneness there's also there's another way of doing it why you can have your palms out like this right and then when you you bring your palms and when you can see aus sea can say that you can see your own palm you drop your hands mmhm so need also put your hand over your hat and then when you when you can see your fingers over had you drop not safe okay also so extra credit you spread your arms out you can't see your arm yeah you can't and then you start bringing young men in the moment you see your hand drop your hands you keep your eyes forwards leave so you keep your eyes focused on whenever that spot is over your head in the moment you drive it forward then you let your hands down why is it is good i am when i'm doing this to a base no the focus point it just brings your wellness because just make sure you cite bigger so in your opinion the periphery you have a calmness about you and what is the philosophy when they talk about hawk allow in would you say the name of the luna huna yeah what is the what is the thought process
about how close that is that a sort of their practice yes part of that practice you do this thing with their arms yes in there i will know the distance low to different ways of doing i'm alive to do it with the hands i know i just know techniques been toll or whatever but i know you know it the staring at the spot on the wall allowing you periphery just to spread he ate it works and what is what how and why is it work like what's going on down he comes your mind and if you're focusing on something so if you're focusing on i don't know every issue right if you're looking at law and you got this background shit going on blah blah blah more than likely that's give you focus it's not that's not the focus that is the
you're you're pointing your had the littlest thing same blah blah blah you can like the internal dow in a dialogue to chuck don't this up don't miss is gonna she's gonna miss pres properly and then when you when you when you get control of yourself by just focus in your lan us which is the year of it we all deal the area said relax then you start then you just get yourself into a composition so save someone was in a hunting situation there is a dear my dear's moving to three yards away and it's moving right into what you would call like a shooting lane in between two trees how would you try to initiate hakalau there because you do hakalau before you start are you practice it all the time when she published yes when you place it all the time it becomes a part of you it's like anything my collection are being being used in the techniques i teach people as you got practicing everything you can't just help just call hakalau and that's it and you have to practice
in practice it in practice it and it becomes it becomes more and more easier this seems like such a simple solution to a very complex issue a lot of what is going on with archery is what's called a lot of different here's one of the theories is recoil bracing like you know that something is going to happen so you're preparing for this thing to happen and then in preparing for that thing to happen that is becoming more of your focus then actually making it work correctly but they eat but it just calm you down so even in the aspects of shooting i'm surely that i don't know i don't there but i mean surely it's calming down that you're aiming for for aiming at something right so but it's also sing focus completely focus on the result in malcolm negative actually focus your awareness yeah yeah the more you do it the more people doing inspiring as well to get less hit they get to get less it in spa i know where there's a weight lifted
glamour james that's in things like a twenty year old time world heavy lifting lady i know she uses it works she basically the same thing there are other methods other than those straight straight in your arms out and look for the best one my personal opinion you know people out you know my personal opinion is it is a folks find a spot on the wall and allow your one is just a sprite see much in you can see all the way to the left and all the way to the right so you're out in the woods you pick a spot on the tree yeah are you on you keep practicing keep doing it and you will it will eventually bill in that it so why is expanding your peripheral vision calming i don't know it just take
seems to calm the whole body down a space again you're not for you focus in on spreading awareness you not focusing on public well you folks and anything else all right sure surely if you just focus in on seeing them just moving out and so and allowing yourself just to spread doing it now right you know you can just you can just feel it when i do seminars else i do a lot of be doing something are you talking to people and this this and then you can spot people that are wondering mentally you can see them then you just certain say you understand and then just go yet 'cause you have to you have to guide the audience you know it's only when you're doing comedy i think you do it anyway i think if you do it you'll do it in comedy when you're on the stage will do it in comedy anyway because you become aware everybody sort of you definitely go into a state exactly and that's not cool always induces a states when you're doing com you're in the moment but you're also a passenger
so did you do comedy you almost have get out of your own way but you also have to have prepared the material enough to where you know where you're going with it so you can relax will think about thinking about archery then you know you have to get out your own way because the only person can you get yeah the animal all that well have you shoot it isn't even know you're there right size exactly the same you moving yourself all the way to get yourself into the zone white you can and trust me just just try any fuel if you want i definitely well there's will listing solution to a really common issue with archers like tournament archers they panic so much that they've come up with a method of allowing this bow to go off without them doing it on purpose it's a surprise release that's it now she has a hypnotic state yeah they have this thing called the hinge release and would hand release as you clip it on to your bio and as you pull it back instead of hitting a tree
here you're slowly moving your hand and you never know when it's going to go off you just slow curling your finger and there's a little hinge inside of it and once it gets past a certain point it just goes off so sort of like hammering the trigger it goes off completely by surprise so they figured out a solution to whatever you know this thing is that fucks with peoples heads yeah but what you think is that if you can do it in practice yeah you can do it in a real life situation if you expand your provision feeling isn't it you know it ace is looking a lot we talk with someone last time was on and we talk about the love can talks about feelings so how he says about about punches this sucks but i feel this i feel that it says feel all the time yeah feels it feels i feel this i know him i feel he's is no awareness expansion of alanis you know in english you know that when you flip the bird in english is that it's two fingers mortgage from no it's from
we add walls with the french what the french you know the capture the arch the that the fingers off alright so that's a has talked about this before yeah yeah but that's to do with to say fuck off i've got my two favorites your fingers in that from archery yeah that makes sense but it's at state do you know the mongols didn't do is it that way they use their thumb right they hook it with their thumb and then they grab their feeling like this and they pull it back that way they have their own you have you have one could you ever release in your hand right you do it this way because you can get a consistent anchor right so it's running your chin is it true also if you drop the bow if you drop the boat the arrow drops
yes it's almost certainly of it that when you do you have to stay completely still is that our releases with mail coming from robin hood country as a natural things will yeah it's just it's but but there's a bunch of different kinds of bose's a bunch of different ways of shooting like when you're shooting with a recurve bow or a traditional bow you're pulling it back it just letting it go quickly bang with with a compound bow you're settling in and relaxing and trying to stay calm and keep the pin relatively close to the area but concentrating on the spot and then you release and as you release it's gotta be in one smooth motion where your hand pulls back as you do it so there's no yanking this way or pull in that way it is nothing that's going to affect the travel of the arrow so let but there's a lot of mind shit going on there's a level of self trust isn't there with it there's a big level of self trust and that's it
getting small or anything else it's a learning to trust yourself interesting you'll trusting your mind you know and i just think that with with mine coaching staff with techniques that you let you know that you get to learn and get to having your locker i think she's a massively beneficial if you know what yeah i'm not evil dead i mean if you you know i can always recall you something and send you it you know before you go to the spring the eleven and a lot less see what happens to be interesting for me to see what happens have never worked with any word is on archery you know it is it is a lot of preparation for one moment that might happen once a year and that's one of the big things about it is like when someone prepares for like a bow hunt in particular the lease a tournament you have multiple shots you can shoot many many times you get more relaxed but when someone prepares for a hunt you are preparing year round you're shooting arrows consulates it's an icon i believe how hard it is yeah i mean it when i first
started doing i was like what's the big deal you stand there you keep your arm straight you pulled boback no there's a lot going on and there's so much to consider the position the placement of your feet the position of your front folder how you're gripping the bow pulling back to the same consistent anchor point looking through the peep sight correctly make sure you send the peep sight with the site housing in the bow release with no movement whatsoever making sure that everything is done perfectly keeping the mind concentrating specifically on a spot you have to look where you want to hit you can't look the vague area and you can't hope you're going to hit something yeah you have to be absolutely invents you're going to hit something yeah and you will when you will positive well you you will 'cause that's the intention so if your intent out set your intention satya site which is exactly the same is it not set your site on right and this is what i'm going to do set you my on your intention where you go inside this is what i'm going to do set your intention yeah and that is a big part of why people fuck up there
i hope this works there are all this works yeah the older even said that in my size but they will do not there is no try you know you you set your intention was klay shot no we second well a lot of times cliches are there for a reason that they are real they they represent reality yeah i think this one it does it's some just extreme thing and it's also a thing of this archery thing and bow hunting in particular where a lot people who are engaging in it they might we have a lot of experience in performing under extreme pressure yeah so you don't have a a lot of opportunities were performing under extreme extreme pressure and then you have an incredibly intense moment where it's literally life or death to this animal yeah yeah yeah by least one we'll talk i'm not that will tell because they let you change your language around it to give you more of you know 'cause it is complicated i get that but we've got to make it as less complicated as we can
so it's so it's business move out thing well it's complicated but it's not complicated like the english language you know the english language is unbelievable yeah thousands of letters and i mean thousands of words and you're you're using them all in different ways and inflection and we all do that effort yeah son and nothing hi to you can you know with doing the techniques and helping you out most certainly will cause you're very nice month june well do not let it for sure well i i when you see how i want it i really want to talk to about this because i've seen all these different methods that people use to aj try to overcome target panic and one of 'em is this positive affirmation or positive way of looking at it like my friend dorian was here and uh he was talking about his friend and that his friend right before he goes to shoot the arrow and he said his friends are really nice guy his friends 'cause i'm going to fucking kill you that's what he says in his hand i'm going to fucking
kill you like he says that in his head so he's absolutely convinced this is what is going to do it's not i hope this arrow lands perfectly i hope i make a great shot he affirms in in his well there's no wishy washing us about it less than intention certain intention i'm is since you mentally healthy before when you said you you you said when you change the language around when i change along with john anything it becomes it becomes more useful syria you know please again these dice it is a yes an affirmation bushels of such your intention i mean every wave you think about it she in not bo is certain your intention in every single way isn't it because your intention is the the the beast if you will a yes yes and your intention so you've got a calm nice yeah he doubles will yeah we'll we'll get it will get it i got it well i would really like to see if this is effective or if it helps other archers because that's one of the things
be getting involved in bow hunting i've been exposed to this common problem that people talk about it i'm absolutely fascinated by common problems that prob that seemed to represent a pattern of thinking that's really almost natural but obviously should be avoided yeah yeah exactly and it's and it's just about you focusing your attention on what you want that's out that's how you get things in life you focus on what you want not what you don't want you focus and totally under and you will get things that will trip here we don't live on a cloud and i would never never say that what you do is you focus on what you want and you keep focusing on what you want and deal with things
okay anyway but keep focusing on what you want thus the i don't see i don't focus on the problem so focus on what you want focus on our difficult isn't price problem and how difficult this is and how hard this is because all you telling you you're you're all you doing your unconscious done the only for making you give an example brian so then it what is it become it becomes something that come something huge this comes back to our top talking about the very beginning of this podcast the language that you use in your own mind can be very self defining and can sort of really not just define you but define your teacher and how you how you interact with life yet annise into eight people i needs around are you gotta you come across a now you you perceive yourself my projects everything and say and so what happens you know yeah and and i think that's the idea we've aids is this is just changing along with the way he speaks is all if you can change language ways you he speaks of your life will change exponentially that's my change the language folks change the language
and obviously this is also it's not an instantaneous process right is practice the first time you did spending bucket you didn't land on the target and was brilliant like us will see you early in now but well e ends another british wealthy and well being what is that welly welly ing welly is wellington i don't know he this little slang term for kicking very older welly when you well a something to kick in it because you know wellington boot some of the cast so yeah but when i see you know the fate you know seen spinning back kick it out usually showing john st the judge sent to us you know the first time you did not you didn't do it correctly right you know what this is all about prints the money because it isn't an instantaneous thing for phobias yes it and you know we will let phobias but i mean for for certain things in life you've got a you've got to keep their initial lice things practice yeah
yeah and that's the case with everything including thinking thinking is a skill and thinking is something that you have to develop an develop proper technique and it here to these proper techniques always that's why don't do one offs i used to what do you mean by one out do one hour sessions with people like want to ones and do a session one session i don't do want anymore i do more do thing called for weeks to freedom on our people that sign free year with me as well because it ongoing process i still love it mike my teacher callimachi i still i still pull up you know ruminate things and he puts my thinking on the right path a one of a small ones of finished products up certain often these products you know but it's just about practice that's really what's important like people would try to point out inconsistencies in someone's behavior as a
it may be that person shouldn't be the one that's being a mental coach like yourself or someone who is maybe not succeeded everything they've ever tried how can this person possibly be a mental coach when they're in there and not even capable of running their own life but not to every human and being is essentially the same in that regard is that no matter where you are you can probably do better and no matter who you are you i have learned along the way a lot of it by failure yeah look at going back to lomachenko's welcome you're a big muscle fanboy because things that i think you'll change the face of boxing a really does why do you think that we seem idols it is like the short tracks to be seen not when he tells the different numbers what he's like is a short test way of one to twenty five in the role in diff a squad and then these days all the
mother in squares as well and he asked to touch them and oh i see pictures and it just loads a different mind stuffy is a reaction drill yeah but he's building his awareness is building his intelligence that's why it's called himself high tech he's building his intelligence is building his awareness he said that these next fight is not going to get it is a not to get hit or what happens when he gets hit give up guys going out liquid parkway this thing he's got he's got mine coach he's gotten and culture when he lost the salido when he got the weight was wrong and he got punched in the balls and all that sort of stuff in salida just out out protein really i guess yeah he's too heavy this this and this but it didn't dwell on that he went back straightaway beat gary so these are great fight too and it because he didn't dwell on it and because he had a mind quotes saying look control your emotions mean brian dobrev comes here we're talking about i read about it that you were saying that his mind coach got him to not focused control is emotion
and that's what it's about controlling your emotions controlling your controlling you 'cause you are your emotions after all and just getting through what other people wouldn't and he is in the fighting selina honoree match is not i am i think of these new to it one of the i've heard also that is going to move up to lightweight and fight monsters that sonny terry flanagan for the w b l title not sure interesting what is amazing yeah i've never seen anyone do what he does but i was it was very cold roy jones is very good but he just seems to this clyde round people and just he just seems to know what you're going to do before you do it is exceptional what's special about him is that he's not outside he's inside and he's not getting hit the one of the most impressive things about him is that he stays in the pocket in any somehow is so slick and so so well school it was by his father as well yeah yeah lot of you
disappointing entree awards performance on saturday night i i think that the opponent had a lot to do with it no i think against i think against kovalev it'll be very very interesting yeah well what's lomachenko standing right in front of this dude just beautiful counters man this is so crazy like like he's not there when the guy goes to hit him he's insane how good he is so a while though a is awareness is awareness is so perfect is distance in his time in and what to fight for a world title fight in a second profile yes yeah say and he's twelve worlds out the different weights in seven fights easier so good is his movement is so incredible you know you a guy like loman chanco and you see goodnight tag lufkin and kovalev and you go god damn these russians are bad mother fucker my coaches all of them in all of that yeah even the russians used the first pay people to start using them you know mental coaches and stuff this is
footwork is insane and that again what's insane about it is he's right in front of the guy and yet he's so elusive with his footwork really that step to the right and uppercut step to the left uppercut just got damn he's good and he pulls the hands as well cause the hands down and froze a hawk yeah yeah yeah he's really good at that he he's a freak he's a real freak so these russians they that's the way they school they're amateurs the they give them a lot of my coaching yeah they do and lomachenko also was doing gymnastics and ballet ballet ballet coming up again isn't it feels to merrick alcohol humor and so well i would think that that would help because this the ability to control your body gymnastics in particular is fantastic for that the ability like hickson gracie famously was into yoga and
he was into this very specific type of yoga that's very gymnastics oriented gymnastic unnatural i'll and there's a lot of like flexibility and movement it's more of like a flowing type of yoga thing but in the us as the cold on the the movement yes and was flowing type movements are one of the reasons why he was so good i ju jitsu is because his ability to control his body was like truly exceptional yet and very unusual ability controls body again it's a oneness in a seattle's but so one missiles and it's also strength in weird motions yoga is a big part of that too he was also a yogi and not just gymnastica natural but like regular yoga he could do just ahead incredible flexibility standing on a balance beam standing in a full split holding his foot above it had you know when he's two hundred pounds and he's fighting professionally in the valley to do events
you say it is all it's all mind body connection makes eight he's getting you in conjunction with on standard conditions a great as well as the slow to stuff now this make it can make out the lease like incredibly incredibly successful nine love love much i'm lamitan caumont love can mount he's fine kell brook soon in england's up some of the times yeah in london partly they they don't love thirty day lion thing and kyle brooks heavier then you're right now good luck with all that gives a heavier lit up so i know but i want a really well 'cause he's english ship now he seeks to my n as well yeah i like him boveri beverly windsor knot well he's got a chance he's a professional boxer in his excellent gennady glove can something special
the the somethin and his body attack is ruthless to amend that left took delivery throws yeah good lord and the way he calls the ring down and i this is like him as a person he's not the most sparkling personality ever but i mean i just like him the way he says i respect his old school or respect him and blah blah blah and that's interesting about him to me is that he's so boyish and cute looking but he's a fucking killer i mean you look guy and he's like say needs like i bring big drama fight him being the only show here big drama show yeah yeah yeah strange he's and he's a very very special yeah he is he as well so is call the love that's or the andre ward fight becomes so so intriguing 'cause if he fights the save on your ward fights we fought on saturday night is kind of a real hard time with global only see colors last five games to lumber you know it didn't look call up a chill number again see to
he was fighting in russia other water pressure on him as well yeah you know let me tulumba certify it means only value for in twice from england another wbc cruiserweight champion from liver but remember was the only guy to go the distance accept hopkins right in recent fights in recent fights yeah yeah i mean it's only drops him around seven hundred i think what will fight on the inside i don't think you get on the outside i think you'll find similar to the way for froch nothing that's that would be the plum book gray fight among very in right side very very interesting fight well look award is intelligence he's so smart and you hear it when he does commentary he's so where any fight so smart yeah he does is he just a very clever everything he does he makes it awkward he fights different almost every fight sometimes you fight in the outside sometimes it sticks to you like glue it's
a very interesting fighter seen jim lampley asking questions and use it i think is the stock was an addict solve some soul died really leaving town of forty six and his mom was a former drug addicts and jim lampley esteban could seem light well open you know we start you know you come down this stop crying and stuff amazing and he seems i have not met in would like to a very very nice one the senior defense is decent human being twenty four barrera the last time when he fought on second i'm not first name is brett second was brera he one point where he caught the e caught the job you through it you have caught the job for a right and left talk slips i mean it's just like he like dancing is lacking hester is fabulous hello kalau indeed hello are there any other methods of trying to expand your peripheral
uh it's basically practice just practice so it's just something that you have to be aware of the closing of the peripheral is also a tightening view and not good i would say so but you can still focus even with expanded peripheral you can still focus on the task at hand yes that's that you do focus on the task in hand he still is still focusing on the task in hand try driving i am isn't it i mean he was just driving just look for what you know you wouldn't see anything coming from a attention all you know you still look in the red review merit don't you even even though you're not really going to get you're not gonna get me is more often than not enough behind the she stopped you know yeah that's the the stereo type about asians being bad drivers a friend of mine is asian try to tell me that the reason for that is their culture when they're in asia especially in in in in china
nobody looks to the left and looks to the right it's like traditional to look straight ahead and you know in your own business don't be staring don't look off the left and so also they run into each other like have you ever been on the streets china apparently according to ari they just people just bump into everybody they just be open to each other they're just so used to it it's not a rudeness thing it's just that's normal to them so when they get in their cars they trying to do the same thing it looks right had they don't look to the left over to the right and just plow ahead was not good for driving i was in uh i was in hong kong gurnos trying to get a flight service with k1 is a disaster but i was trying to get to flight from hong kong to gun child this place and they almost took the desk explaining the ants get this flight quick was running through felt like it was in taken was running about that much and the journey is just people just barging in front got you know just was like i don't know it and then jeremy lin is kiddo i know from that lives in hong kong we saying that
did the mainland chinese are miles different than the people from hong kong you have a different sort of values and culture yeah itself while hong kong was a british empire right while still one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine that's ridiculous why they give it back and all toys made in i'm coming down like i don't know why they're great yeah well it used to be another funny thing that english people do they'll say something then you ask a question he's doing great isn't a the welsh do it so she has it allows thing yeah the well students i notice you used to that a lot will you still do in commentary say something very complementary and then you say isn't it yeah i see isn't a nice let's just get an agreement yeah unless he's with julie kit you know come on site with a law all got a star it would take common site with all your cow and the you know i am asking the photo need reassurance kuzmin secure and insecure thing is a blanket that i need that
and going back to we're talking about like language defining things like you're defining the fact that even though you are observing things you are you're you're being conversational about it in your not being you know you're not like the authoritarian you're not like the the authority of all information is being passed hear you saying you were looking for a consensus yeah of course so when you you come inside i i know in the in the new now come to a country is he going to be colorful with the language you've got a you've got to engage the engaged the audience to try them into something just in the fight right you know you've got a you've got to get out while i'm thankful secular anyway some bit hyper online basil no but squeaky but i'm baker off of only because of the market but he's like you know when you have to drive the the audience and
right and i think it's nice chevelle is great that she follows gray yeah he's got a fantastic like a whole lot any of phrases that he loves you and he makes you jump so it makes it makes you jump as well so i mean you'll say stuff that i smell like clarendon yeah people talking we talking about my friend michael chevelle who does commentary for access tv he does lion fight which is the premier organization in the united states at least are more time than in the rest of the world it's your call yeah yeah so the x october the sixth liam harsin fight from be open to soda is the common record the dlc for us yeah that's it's to me stunning that moitie isn't more popular worldwide but boxing is moitie is so much more exciting than boxing there's some more variables it's so many more ways to win and so much more effective and it's just
really in to watch we watch a guy like sand shy or yachts and clyde or some of the greats blue cow you watch these guys fight in the easy the are artistry and the beautiful techniques and me moves an also the excel treatment this excitement of moitie it's just so spectacular yeah i mean some sunshine cancel all over please let you know with liam who i'm with my sister you know he brings a storm will never leave anything behind it brings a storm and not solve six going to be wicked account yeah i'm sweating the hands start sweating and all sorts himself childish i really do need to grow up and get a proper job no you don't sanchiz interesting too because he's he's really light on his feet he fights different than most ties in key fights on the ball
the feed almost exclusively utilize a lot of front leg side kicks a group sort of a hat is like half deep kick have front leg side kick keeps you off balance a lot my someway poron isn't it i mean sunshine i think was trying to originally by a guy it called some rock come sing who won an olympic gold medal as well and he's got a very flamboyant technique amazing skill is that the guy was supposed to fight jean claude van yeah that's the one in las vegas that was on that was never going to happen right now he was so again he's aware but his rock hard as well i mean you which is always just messing about where he's right i mean uh i'm watching again watching him liam leaned smashed his front legs are base and he just said account as well it kicking him as hard as a court and he still he's a he's a very special he's three thousand five hundred and thirty six now yeah he's not he's not getting any younger he just
involved in a mma he's been training there's some videos of him like doing arm bars and stuff yeah it's interesting because you gotta wonder like if that's what he's decided to and he fights all the time that's the other thing like you so i follow him on instagram and is sanchez i will have this thing like about to fight the smile smile all fist your goal of of of bicep is funny in a limo jeez some of the eleventh in england is it going again cattle charlie charlie he fights you know at least six times a year not easy easy easy he's fine didn't in and one is kickboxing rules without the clinch without elbows which is
it's interesting that they chose those uh i'm not a big fan of that a big fan of the organization but i like elbows i think elbows are i mean look if you can kick some in the head why can you album it's very effective were talking about multi why limit you know why allow like leg kicks is the head head kicks but don't allow elbow that seems to me to be a little weird nothing that one thing that keeps keeps moitie back black is the traditional side of it which i love idol love not a wide crew to why crazy d come on come on the hat you know and if i was on hold it back well because people are i this is my opinion i might be wrong please like you you know people say that they get the bear whatever and they come in and they will suffice and then they just say well sonny's at we have found a martial arts so you're not going to really see what they see but i can see it from
he said for some music why the done saying blond hair loss is odd and also the music while they're actually fighting is a little odd to you if you watch that you would have it i don't have it yeah i don't listening on if you listen for you obviously have x right okay yeah but i i love it great fight is coming for you and in england and everywhere else and great things happen in the world hi boxing council a rough time boxes location it brundle was involved in low stuff coming for she's got your cow and you know like headline fight iman barlow is one of my friends she's fighting align fact she's amazing she's fighting so chavala love her yeah i'm i'm just happy that lion fight exists 'cause it seems like there's so few organizations that are showing high level moitie in united states i mean it wasn't for mark cuban's axe stevie it's like there's not any other options me some gaston bolanos he's great he's only at a few factories rock hard and you think is six
six in one he won lost one fight in those very highly disputed decision long i'll gains that cycle yeah yeah yeah but i i when he won the fight it's difficult i watched it once it's close to what you and again to to really solve analyze it by like his style a lot yeah he comes for this fight is only on a few fight yeah i think flee before you'll find in england soon and yeah and of course kevin ross who said before very fun gotta watch too he's e highly skilled zoila frausto's fighting and glory and he's kevin ross is also fighting in bellator kickboxing too right but just seen these signals last one
it's still a little bit more insight very difficult to fight dot style but i will of the seas with a good gym so little transitional transitional isn't it funny that that to most people that looks like the same thing the looking at it like what's the difference and you know the code but the clinch yeah big factor in the elbows are big yeah the stance as well that the past the stones you know jo jo petrossian use you know fights my tie style but he says he can he adopted the rules very well because of his boxing skill how what is your job to now he's fighting soon in ballot so i don't know why because the other one devastating loss to activist interesting yeah amazing personal see an up close i've never seen anybody like clock just flip shots and just lands and when he hits when he lands with these counters are not they're not softap the light whack your in a position where you can't hear me can hit you he's just poetry emotion is absolutely super he's interesting too because his not like some physical
best memories like that just an average guy which is a very intelligent approach to finding how color is that his eyesight in the circular nobody's eyesight is because he's so focused on what you do and even if you want to train in everything is specific is a softball as well which each limit the shot so what can a softball with you know our sample connect you with an ease to stop down to finance those for sale he's just the pop up to find out that the count was that you opened for all the old the the scene looks a lot of times what is if you often spotted also samples and spent time with him denise is difficult for you to adjust to you know my cubans have so many softballs because of the the the styles difficult to contend with sometimes yeah it is funny that more people don't do it they don't compete as a south paw in it there's a lot of teachers that are starting to teach like a manual steward was doing that towards the end days was our teaching guides to five
their strong hand forward so he's taking right handers and having to fight southpaw yeah yeah well that was a left handed off a ducks della hires left handed off yeah della who is left handed but he would fight in orthodox dance so we'd have his left arm which is his dominant hand forward andre ward yes left handed yeah yeah but i don't know whether busey lomachenko's right and it or not it's interesting though isn't it to make that decision to use your dominant hand is your front hand when everybody else uses it as the power hand the backhand yeah i mean other than i always feels a bit but then again it would feel weird if you don't do it this is like any everything feels weird member the first time you try to throw a left hook you like what some are already have some left on that anyway so are you yeah so he's he's always been so it's been a a rifle first tonight yeah but i member first time throw mc hook thinking like one of bizarre way to generate power
and now it's a second nature now it just feels like you just you know just does it your body's moves that way yeah just like i think joe my pas left on it is a huge one every does he's like he's he's left kick by trying with sun can only for money is on some channel is a left kick some channels of south john when possible a great laugh cake yeah we're slowly starting to see real high level more tie fighters competing mma and really more so in women's may yeah in i we have a lot of high level people in them men's of course but in women's mma you wanna and jacob yeah you want to one when i say her name right you wanna young yongjae check why am i saying it wrong though young yongjae check is it a young jet but why saying it wrong is one of those were if you don't you don't say it for a couple days you go
talk to you want everybody says johanne too it's actually you want to young jay check thing i'm saying it right phil off it's so different between the way she says it she says it like i don't even know if i'm gonna make that noise in my face i see why questions things see here's the thing you look at it right there first of all what the fuck is going on with that e why is that you have a goatee like that is not help me at all like have you pull up her name and you make me re say her name it doesn't help me at all but whatever she it's fucking awesome which she is she's really incredible like her her technique her jab is just vicious she step forward and blast that stiff jab on girls hair front cakes or round kicks her her elbows when she's defending takedowns her clinch work may god she's good she's so good she's one of the most technical strikers in any division and
she's in women's mma of course valentina shevchenko of course very very accomplished moy tie fighter who is now fighting in women's mma and some good coaches coming from brian popejoy as well from boxing works he's really good and watch them on passover day he d knows what he's doing he's a he's a good coach could be available so good with time in and all that sort of business what do you think that moitie needs in order to become as popular in the united states as it is in other parts of the world experience a chance right and it's not just not fun i know it's not and it's not as if the got not guilty some people with it i'm here because well it's a joke chillin in a mccall officially coming here with you which is brilliant thanks very much welcome to see brian doba from double does my tie an east east
full of these like one million miles an hour everything was that uh in fontana indiana california and it you know the i've got the talent is just the chance i actually don't know i think there's a lot of maybe politics involved or not getting the snow could have been banned you know the like yeah we column into clips there bear everywhere the bonding california which is unfortunately unfortunate because our going to experience did not but also not going to die enough people worried about was soda not some people were being unethical and so smokers though they didn't have the proper medical staff on i think someone got hurt in an mma smoker and i think that kind of polluted air in a bit let people get hurt in the gym but it hurt them all right but i'd love it to other chance i think it should be bigger in the united states i need a common sight from england by the way yeah i agree i really do
that it should be bigger the united states and i do think that it is it's not like something is to it's not like cricket like good looks on that yeah but it's something that's universally exciting i know you guys will enjoy correct i don't even allow many of you know what it means good i don't even know anything about it congratulations and may not this for or football or american football or baseball leave but point i is universally exciting if you watch it it's universally exciting in it my opinion it's one of the most effective combat sports like as itself as an individual unit y'all can i work for amazing infusion that i was very privileged to work for them too yeah some of high level stuff i love it i mean a fusion of the best new commas the you know the new kids on the block coming for their amazing niece moroccans a rock out and england you know with with the all caught when these children watson liam and and the costs and all of killed guys
coming for a sweet kid i love it listen i hate to cut this off by i get the out of here but i really appreciate you coming down here stand either i i will learn a lot every time i talk to you and i think the the people do as well and i appreciate the time line therapy and if people want want to get ahold of you how do they do that you have any showman dot com and get me on facebook or you can get me at vinny shell time sixty nine on twitter all right ladies and gentlemen thank you very much finish ormond thanks help thanks brother thanks nobody for tuning into the podcast thanks to caveman coffee caveman coffee co dot com go there and buy some of that that's what's fueled through this experience thanks also to legalzoom go to legalzoom dot com use the code word rogan at check out for a nice fat discount you fucks thanks to zip brooke cruder go to ziprecruiter dot com use
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