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#836 - Hannibal Buress

2016-08-23 | 🔗
Hannibal Buress is a stand-up comedian, actor, television writer and host. Look for his Hannibal Montanabal Tour all over the country this fall. http://hannibalburess.com/
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experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day got it out time hannibal montanas edit hannibal mont anabel experience the hannibal montano experience can you get sued for that exact parity right hannibal montanabal at the end what is a montanabal is browser hannibal what hannah montana see that's the show with cute cyrus girl right i hope they sumida took a use of bob yeah they can't win i can't win right it's parity came to sin that is yeah it is not a market is just because i think it is a groovy thing is now mike anything is not i'm not using any injury i just think they'll is this funny words to me even if you were you know i think you're okay whatever happened that check
who's going crazy for awhile she number she was grinding on people on tv voice right now that's just started she is she one of the judges or something only girl you ever heard a single talent she say sing song jolene like that dolly parton song yeah i was like wow if she thanks shit like this should be god damned pantic if she just changes too which i say really yeah this is all the taxes have you seen her in her stuff and well she's been on saturday night live oh ok i thought you actually like that hannah montana i actually did watching little hannah montana back in eight 'cause i remember watching a couple episodes like this is all right also my i used to be hit that fan fans who so there is a lot used to be a dad fan fan van took too much heat mandy did todd man i
i remember when dad fan was on last comic standing because it was season one and i was one of the judges yeah in the killed right it did it seem like there's anything wrong what he was doing to me yeah a lot of people get mad at them for being no it was like study was to too too much of a big show you it's too loud in i don't know what it was they got upset with him like what they like people get angry people get angry at weird stuff i know people just get specifically angry myself included but i don't share that for the internet this angry amongst my friends and we talk shit but i don't i don't like to show that right like you get mad if your friend likes a movie that sucked yeah we'll well just yeah sometime after it won't my friend do what was the movie with the with the move
it was the prin zach galifianakis isn't it the playford man bird this was in berlin oh that's right of course minute my friend tony we would in denver tell the dj he has one of him we patches we would them like four days he had a patch that you could put on god dispensary then he got high to we started talking robert met in again i kinda like bird man and he would on a timid heiress burke manta movies pretentious and he's like you do like i like very ma'am but i don't know if i like it as much as you hate it went on forever i can believe it he's kind of got a point is it's kind of pretentious but mean don't you want that sometimes like someone to take a chance to make something that bizarre there a bizarre ass movie like that was a chance taken movie they enjoyed it never seen somebody be so passionate about their religion be around
i know you are capable of such hey batman did you like that with music yeah you know you could talk to some people about certain bands but just not supposed to like like when i was a kid i used to have to hide the fact that i loved kiss because like when i was in like seventh grade kiss was not cool like it was not a cool thing like the young kids they won't they'll want to know about like ac and led zeppelin so where when you in seventh grade where was kiss in their trajectory here's what happened kiss kiss had this gigantic loyal following came to all all the concerts they sold out gigantic arenas all over the world but they couldn't any radio play who yeah we're the only have a couple of big hits they have like bath bath was a big hit detroit rock city rock and roll all night those were big in power you have every day that's still a big one but
there wasn't a lot of radio play it was hot like there's a lot of bands and we more radio play but for whatever reason they never lost the popularity amongst their hardcore fans they put on a great show i went to see them twice when they made their comeback tour with kevin james kevin angel is no no no no we're friends we went to watch it are you with combination doing some stand up instead of it from a band lots of times it do you really do you like it sometimes you can go well you have to be set up correctly and i've learned how to what's ask for to make a joe though right what's with the ads for use as for somebody from the band to introduce you either all stays off mike and and so you established in front of a crowd as a friend and a
is not just some asshole that the right way to band says we book this guy this is our guy please welcome hannibal burris i learned that when i open it is bad is called super nice guys they saw me as a as a cargo to chicago band jam band on free mcgee hughes fan base they tore out of time and they asked me to do is get him to cash out outside of chicago excited to do it it's couple on a box of some different gate open for a band it's cool and this theater steerer packed and then they tell me the year was getting ready to go out and the lights drop and route goes crazy that is not for me at all and so did not just walk out cold in like hello and start trying to do comedy and people just like where is awful the monkees where's humphries and they just did not we we did notes you
every crowd is ready for comedy you have to settle people have to be expected it'll be settled yeah or it's a fight and i wasn't prepped to fight at that moment just if i am now i did alright but that's it some i mean i do cells why have rappers are bands open for me also and sometimes the crowd that some people in the crowd into it some people aren't but this music that i enjoy so i try to just mix it up sometimes and have a bit of a rashel versus a stray stand up why not that's what you want to do yeah definitely just do it i've i've open for a few band back in the day but i'll never do it again some of the experiences were just horrific yeah i open for bon jovi in a theater in the round is this thing for vh and it in the round and i was on stage with a bunch of like musical instruments like like it's like there's a draw get there how to move around i couldn't do anything physical it was like a a microphone setup and then after i did my set i was supposed to bring girls towards the front
days they wanted to pick out a tract of girls in the audience of exams of no no around the stage okay so the when they're filming in all the other ones are really close to the camera screamin yeah bon jovi and then i will back away from backstage right that they turn into incidents rangel let me into the room but you got also grab some girl here's a deal bro road dogs not the they wanted a bunch of cuz they were filming it for like vh1 i think it was the time but i was like i can't keep doing these they don't go well fifty percent of time time it i mean i've does you know chance the rapper is rap razakar i've done some stuff him and sometimes will go well and it was one in chicago and i'm from sick i also i'm going to be great is my city two dude it was this it was 'cause i'm eight foot of chicago
because they live in the city will sometimes you'll you'll meet somebody that where you from is is a cargo will produce a collie like schomburg like that's an s cut right like this is so very vain that's so that improv is yeah it's a forty minutes outside of chicago is a suburban kansas city sort of like thousand oaks yeah that type of thing is so i talk about that i did that on stage it with this it was the the venue was in the city and then i talked about that on stage but most of that crowd with a white kids from the suburbs in and it's just heard from there and it was a start it just got to get restless some dude just yelled out for no reason like kevin hart what does that mean hilarious but some psychology shit right he's going to point to the more successful comic ever and compare you kevin hart is if he's not the most yes he's like top two right mean who are the arguments this three arguments writes like dice clay dane cook and kevin hart
as far as sustaining it yeah he his run has been pretty crazy and he has long shoe so i think it's him it's kind of motivational shoe shoe is like motivational quotes all over it suit actually art show looks better than a lot of athletes shoes definitely smart dude is martin savage work hard i can't but that's funny that he things that like yelling that out it's going to hurt your feelings it was just more week it is weird it is weird but that's a that's a that's a jab you know it's interesting to people do that like you point to like ella's almost as if someone success even though it's like astronomical a crazy success even to uh really successful guy like you will fuck with you another mean i mean you do really well i know you're not walking around going bad i wish my life was fucking
right now no you're great everything is awesome in your world everything smooth as fuck but someone kevin hart this is a weird space to be in custom night now you have that word too that is a different way match of fans in the also have people did know who you are and might now what you it out is right and the only light on as it is so out is how we did today mexican restaurant in chicago last week and i i go straight to the bathroom in the back is a spice a great spot chicago by the way check out run dale lincoln and full of it and got it back and i'll come back out as he's tall too tall black women and one of them i'm right next door she gestures towards me like yeah he's famous or something like dismissal adding say anything tour i was just being yeas
woman she says to me yeah my friends tried to get me to come hang out with you have mad river so bar in chicago that try to just get you to come hang out there but we don't want tonight alright why but we you want to yeah some like that like why do you what's happening right now what are you and so i look at her body she's in great shape at six too short shorts onyx you had a volleyball by so i say you play volleyball she say yeah we play at depaul so they ordered food sit down order my food sit out and then i go on my phone and google depaul women's volleyball and look at last year and look at the roster and look over there as a
hey ashley what the fuck happened last season they had a bad season let's see oh that's hilarious and her friend pipes up hey we had a lot of good individual competence sesame individual records last year is it so you guys have bad team chemistry but yeah it was just i felt the need to dig back 'cause i will just grab some tacos we feel weird just by being there and she felt like she could get a free shot at you 'cause your family or or she just does that to people all the time maybe she does maybe she just had i don't maybe i was intimidated she was talking so it's very beautiful girl big beautiful girls but we would like a voice maybe a town take mine maybe i couldn't handle my own tone is she sounds like you not like me but she had kind of not death but just
suck it yeah all tone that way yeah yeah maybe nothing's being roots maybe just a big rude giant bitch at once a dude to take that challenge you know i mean like if you're a girl that's that big and athletic you could probably fuck up a lot of dudes you know that's a big girl which probably has to probably the test dudes at the time that was her way of his mommy maybe she was nagging me and i cook it the wrong way yeah maybe if you just took it like an ace you just rolled with it like a xiaolin monk maybe you did neck back but they did but that's actually pretty fun wait did i think everything worked out great underwear to find if i want to find it i don't know why i was want to wonder what someone's motivation is but i always do i do too you never know it's almost like why bother why can i just get the fuck away from this why do i have to find out which ones motivation is yeah people
yeah i end up in conversations where i should just probably leave but i'm just that curious about what's going on who the fuck are you why what is your what is what's up with you why did you do that yeah and also i have to win i have to wait well the game that you're really good at this shit talking game if you get upset someone starts shit talking with you like quit your god dammit you're here you should talk about the professional in how often have you done this you know how good are you at this for real is fine now it is fun it's all fun and games till someone's soul get crushed you don't happen in vegas this girl no not really known that well but she's beautiful and she hit me up out of nowhere hey i'm issue we never messed around anything in is you
miss you so i i was in boston at the moment i think i'll just send us sort if not a bad mood but a weird mood impulsive and she just me up out of nowhere that let's go vegas for the ufc face oh shit flyer out we get to the airport around the same time go out go to calvin harris' plan cold air and we get back to the room and she's kind of like cold toy let me like almost buddy but lately i mean we never really hung out but is still flowing to vegas it's surviving it's a little bit of a subtext today is vegas also disable associated can i just go to sleep only we're fucking vegas visas but the fuck is going on what was happening you thought you miss
is so end up in the mornin go for it again i think she's kind of role is i think this is jake even like me at all this site i go down and she's completely quiet but it's moving her body positively but not saying a word but not saying a word set appointment check and see if this is ok i put my head up my hey we good just go check i had to do it to do a consent check various that's a good move though yeah it does change and i had to check when we got you good good back at it but she didn't make a noise you know how weird pussy sounds with no moaning or yeps yes yeah nothing no no it was it was weird
details are missing about nothing else for days since my whole no motive aka peliculas seed it but i can feel a body like she moving a body around positive i can tell she came a couple times 'cause like air came out well i don't think that's how it works i think it is 'cause they have one point yeah like i feel some air come out it wasn't it didn't make a noise i don't think we are ever going to really know if there coming or not i think you could be a lot fuckery going on yeah lot of fake orgasm's we don't know a lot of times girls just fake come so that you could stop i'm guessing must must have happened but i'm just saying i think there are coming out constitutes orgasm seems like it should there should be like a little turkey tester that maybe she'll ask me whatever
end up looking up and go out to lunch and then i realized we are is no no computer get out no compatibility out this chicken doesn't even tell mom when you eat her pussy so i need now i need it now it's just lays there doesn't like me at all or is just bad at showing it doesn't can't even fake just wants to be at the fights are ships ok we get back to the room getting ready is like three so getting ready i'm see the whole thing whole see the prelims and so but trying to get it in again is fucking hook up again i understand you have to tell maine and then she says i don't hook up on the first night like we already did it already what are you talking about she's like yeah that's a rule i don't do it on like what are you talking about
just make me and my roommate stats are house rule it or how do you look at how much a cockblocking bitch is like getting together you fucking a fly out on the first day what are you talking about you we already did it and it's not your houses ansonia what is i does that is weird and so i kind of step out of room make a phone call it also my friends to consult me what the fuck do do with this shouldn't sleeve all your shit in the room and buy new shit that's what you do you just know you have your phone in your hand you have a computer back in the room i do so you go back and you don't want to leave the computer you grab your computer you know i'll be right back and then you never come back that's what i came back in i came out in around am i going to essay buy new clothes i'm gonna take somebody on close fight with the computer that been great i said i would do it i say take somebody else to fight
new shitt i have my assistant get you a separate hotel room and i'll buy you a single ticket to the fight if you want but you know 'cause i don't feel like you feel their main and it'll be a disservice to both of us in wasting each others time but you have another hotel room i'll get you a ticket to the that's a gentlemans both i like that's better than what i was going to do i was gonna run out the door with the computer but it felt weird to do it and it felt weird to build up to doing it but i had a great night man i would another friend vegas and she's much better person beautiful is weird well that's what i that it had a real conversation with enough fluid is women out that's how beautiful she was why you took a chance and lands on various news you could meet someone like that on the first nine they could be the best person i ever met your life he fall in love forever by jamie destroy i mean definitely can't i've i would support you on both the
asians yeah i support you on your impulsiveness and just flying out a beautiful woman i support you in continuing in your and asking for consent in the middle of it what you want and i definitely support you get another room and doing it classy get a ticket to the one i usually get but that's a good idea even better i saw port hundred percent that's a fuck you got an a plus sir if i was your teacher how's your professor in how to be a man i give a plus thanks let's is what you that i'm grown up success comedian with resources fly that young lady outlets she might be the girl you dreams may be able to settle down next time verse settle down little axe transilvan it's hard trying to crawl up tired building a boston real estate had some meals day bought the where art minton building in chicago oh shit a whole building uh oh building three unit apartment building do you live in it
just bought it only i don't live in his tenants now but i want to airbnb it wow that's interesting man what if you start a fucking hannibal burris hotel i would think that what does the like a five hundred ten year but maybe ten years down i would have to either get other people in was with and stuff that i looked at this one place is one building in chicago but it's a business a lot of money and it would have to be all okay as bad and i can't do it so trying to get other people to partner and the hotel business sounds interesting like if you look up you developed a cool because kind of entertaining in a way i those people is not off traveling out of time i'm in sales so i kind of know what i like in a in a yeah but you know what i mean like experience of going to a hotel is in a lot of ways we can entertain an experimentalist allows a call on the what you have in a lot now yeah the stuff in the rooms you know in a lot of ways like even the other way like there's a
tel six and ketchikan alaska that i stayed at and it's fucking great or hotel six like it's hotel six but because it's so ridiculous 'cause it's in this like really remote place it's this something cool about that you know something cool about just standardness of it all the wood panels on the door you like that kind of shit let me know if they have wood panels but you know what i mean like that entered motel six type look when you in a place like that that like if you went to a place like catch can get in there was a four seasons right now with like some sort of a fireplaces broken glass in it like one of those one of those weird ones you feel like what the it is this would make any sense but the hannibal buress hotel i see a lot of the lower i see like his room i see red velour blacks to go old lace i see like a full designed to the place i heard good music good news sounds good food is good
this morning for food twenty four hour food reasonable many prices soon i like it i need to make a profit but i'm that'll you over how many people who is steve about in this hotel how big little right like a boat little one for the first one something like twenty to thirty room something like that that's beautiful that's like a fucking party twenty rooms is like a party like if you had like we all have we all gathered up all of our friends we knew we all brought girlfriends or wives and is twenty of us we could we could fill a god damn twenty room hotel easy natalie man that's ago china i want to do for fun like seven years from now yeah you know i mean where's nat within that necessary to go on the road or do a tv show do a movie with i would really love to do that well then i'm to it is a i want your hotel to be successful but i want you to keep
comedy i don't want it to turn into a lazy bitch not a lazy bitch well we doing stuff with my real estate i want to get adult i want to get another building this year at him you're a magnet and do two get two multifamily properties a year for the next five years and then run for president and then no not go does that only pays four hundred thousand a year but it's the speaking fees man we can feed it who is we make all your money do do your eight years then when you get out you make a billion dollars how much did obama is going to make couple millions you know you know who should be rooting and cross these fingers that trump wins is obama because if if trump when's obama makes so much fucking money talking about you know democracy and giving speeches about what it's like to be a president and what it's like to run the greatest nation in the roof either way trump
i was going to be fine either way but he can make literally double his money if trump wins deep a lot of people said not i don't think he wants to win do you think he wants to win with the moves he's been pulling i don't know man he said has one office one campaign office in florida that has four employees dude perfect tiger he's not i mean beyond idiotic city said he's not really running an efficient campaign it's entirely possible that he doesn't really want to win if you think about it it's entirely possible that he thought there would be like remember when howard stern ran for governor of new york posat 90s yeah something like that wasn't it jamie i think it was somewhere in there but i don't think it's turned really wanted to be the government governor governor i just think he wanted to have some fun
right and that might have been what happened with donald trump like he might have been just thinking he was going to make a splash have some fun and now he's in too deep yeah he was will do in his tv show back then remember like he was still the same to print this guy or whatever it is not a celebrity apprentice is that the name of the show why is it sounds so stupid just the apprentice then it was the apprentice so nbc fired him from that show saying a bunch of shit about mexicans and when they fired him from the show that's when he wrapped it up and when he wrapped it yep that's when we got more and more popular and that's really won the republican nomination like it's all part of it is because nbc can't this fucking show that's what open nbc imatra blame this we got to blame we got nbc and we got caitlin jenner there's a part of america that way
caitlyn jenner won the woman of the year after being a woman for six months and when espn did that giant piece on her and you know their fucking flying over house of the helicopter and drapes or blowing in the breeze reason she's hide in the shadows and like what the fuck there's a part of america that was like fuck this enough you gotta put our foot down we gotta put our fuck in foot down now and then trump came along this whole and they were like him an asshole two stand up stand proud people got upset i think there's a like a ebb and flow to shit i think when things go to left wing to progressive two transgenders in the bathroom all that crazy when that goes down there's a part of track is not ready yet and they go full and that's where you get trump has a solid terry solid right is i'm more fascinated when i watch the people in the crowd just really agreeing
with the bullshit he said like when he said stuff black people what do you got to lose you at no jobs everybody's in poverty and his people in the bag yeah that yeah he said the speech speak to please a drill into this piece of bill in the black voters by just said you well there's no jobs you living apart discover the bat it's fifty eight percent unemployment with youth i mean what do you got to lose is pretty good impression so bad i know exactly who you're doing while we were watching earlier when you said that obama founded isis watching that earlier it was like this is like a pro wrestling show like he's saying some crazy shit those fluid but he say
and some would hear what place we could hear jamie trump asking for the vote of every single african americans suffered under democratic control to those are you saying the following only gonna what do you have to lose by trying something new live from what do you have to live i hope he's high as fuck right now and he's making a documentary shout from the hat covering his demise chris bells film and all this serious secretly look at him there cream cheering this ism black woman backed it again what it does look why do you have to lose your living in poverty your schools are no good you have no jobs fifty eight percent of your youth is unemployed watt the
hell do you have to lose it was amazing watching a movie is a coen brothers movie and at the end of four years i guarantee you that i will get over ninety five percent of the african american vote i promise you i it a promise you why but even just saying that gives a shit if you what what percentage how do you know that he doesn't have a plan he just talk it is is is fat but the crowd is wet he was doing that for thirty people ok i get it but i have some pretty significant theories i think that people are we two softap i think it's way too easy to stay alive and i think we've never ever had that in human history and i think that we over breeding because of it at a ridiculous rate and i think there's a bunch of people out there that have no business fucking and
or having kids well you just turn very serious i'm fucking serious i think it's not their fault it's no one's fault it's no ones fault it's just the cycle that we're in we're going to a cycle of safety we're in a cycle of safety that's we're in a cycle of recreational outrage people getting outrageous things that don't make any sense the reason why there's no life threatening fucking situations that are constantly at your door there's no wolves there's no fucking nothing is going wrong so we're going after words you can't say retard anymore you know done say tranny we're getting out rage about shit that doesn't make any sense so that's more of a product of the internet that survival bad example having wolves come at your door i think that this is a product of the internet people being able to react to something and being able to gather together on something and start a petition yeah those are bad examples i should re ta
it is not a bad example because it's like it doesn't doesn't mean a disease it just means someone who slow to get things we shouldn't automatically imply that you're picking on someone with a mental illness and in fact when people initial had down syndrome when the birth certificates would come it would call them a mongoloid idiot that would be like what it would be listed on the actual birth yeah mongoloid mongoloid it very yeah it's very straightforward very bizarre as hard times these are hard times we're talking about is it's good it's look everything is good it's better to be alive right now yes as good as it is a beautiful time but we're gonna get things like that we're going to do things like that trump thing because it's so fucking easy to stay alive easy to be alive easiest fun is fun for it to be easy to be alive exactly
get my friends out just gotta balance back he is playing ps4 and he was playing baseball on ps4 which i think is horrible is also why is it horrible baseball video games on that in so is it give me football and basketball we fight and give me the fighting game give me some some shooting but baseball is not good on a video game after me obviously everybody like with the but i'm over there as a guest he doesn't even have a second controller ann i so i went on a phone when a post mates target ps4 controller the ufc two game they brought it there in twenty minutes twenty of my friends house that's how he will appear as just wanted to play some different they can do that they came through with with the ufc be able control that we hook that shit up and twenty minutes and we will play ufc
how they only do that is because they is just basically a delivery you you just you the post is not target is post mates wears a per sin and they're driving around in a waiting for orders yeah so i'll take that over where wolves fuck yeah no i'm not saying that i know i know i know and i think this is the best time to be alive ever for sure but there's guys like you and these guys like a lot of my other friends and that i'm just happy to know and happy to be around and then there's a bunch of people out there unfortunately and for them they've been exposed to some ideas yeah and they don't have the best genetics and then live somewhere that sucks and they get to vote to right i do see when i do i'll see i'm i love reading comments on articles just to just to see is that real right is that a real human being that thanks that's the date in come fast
made it all the time where it it hurts me and it makes me happy at the same time i can't believe that i live on the same earth is that type of person that that thinks that for real up person a really thinks that trump will be a person that has the but trump could use route right i mean it's halfway there he's a public nominee he is he's got in the super far i don't think at that i don't think is going to happen from here i think though that he's got his clothes is crazy it's crazy but i think those people that you're talking about the you you can't believe they think that way their product whatever the fuck happened to them in their world like there's pockets of the world they're all a mess right now and if you were born in the pocket or i was born that pocket in the same sort of circumstances yeah that's one of the things that it's hard to recognize a poo person you see someone's an asshole he just goes fucking asshole fuck them but in a way we kind of kind of look at those people go tim they just got fucked they got born into a group of dummies with a bunch of violent tendencies and cry
i'm in bullshit nonsense in this is all they've ever known and they just try to get by and you know a guy like trump comes hello you as for and it wasn't trump could be at the number of motivational speakers all throughout the country that might have nefarious intentions anybody who's really like super charismatic now it's kind of open game like when a guy like trump can come along and talk much crazy shit is he has and in in some ways i'm not opposed to him woman because in some ways i'm like look he is the best guy to fuck system in the asked and we know this system sucks it's almost like this guys a suicide bomber i trump's like this wild dude with a vest pretty face and you just run into action cafe a two party system is flawed anyways
i'm going to put that on a meme yeah it should be more than two people were able to run like sure should be should be a lot do you know tom rhodes yeah he was on duncan trussell's podcast the other day and he was talk about the way it's set up in holland said yeah something new find out how many candidates they have how many parties rather they have in holland but it's many many and they're all like there it's it's real reasonable like how they placed and this i'm sure there's like a lot of us me included that we were because there's some there's some things on one side that i agree with some things on another side i agree with you and something aren't being represented at all like the idea that these two people whatever opinions they discussed the only opinions that we should all be talking about that's crazy is crazy should be more why can't they collab great hope that trump look at how many they have in holland this is crazy how many
yeah jamie eleven but there's seventeen those six hundred am didn't vote in the twenty twelve election so that might be brand new i'm not sure but they have eleven different parties voted in the last two yeah they all had candidates wow see that's right that's how it should be done we're getting hoodwinked by a group of people that are just trolling this ancient system and it's not a good system and they know it's not a good system but the only way you could ever stop this system is you have to have people with our hearts and minds that are willing to admit the system sucks so the lose whatever position of influence they have and step back and be judged by the merit of their own ideas again instead of yeah senator or congressman or a president they just say look this system sucks you think it sucks i think it sucks let's get to the best legal scholars and and people that understand human nature and can conduct and compose a system that works
it's really run the government like it's one of us and that we're all in this together this old walks don't realize that they just did just cling to power to there in the grave they just hang and do it like it's a rope hanging over the abyss they know they're gonna drop into if they don't want life goal full full full need to control these independence reduce the number of percentages we they have to is but it's going to be man in fact you made by just level of obviously we have he goes to want to do what we do but one of run in a country just a level do if you can't take jokes you can't play basketball and you're not really good at fighting you find a way to be special parts are one of run it this a different so weird simples different type of prey sure his the weirdest thing about that impulse when you see someone out there in the world
when you see someone that you admire whether it's an athlete or a scholar or whoever the it is the c somewhere musician you see some you really admire that person is accomplished something amazing right all the president has to do is get people like i'm fat that set like obama really didn't have a whole lot of it experience in the world like creating things or making things it went from being a a lawyer to a right lloyd yet and community activists yeah in state senator in the center i mean any get it i think only the stacy innocent but he got it because uh he moved up because it dude had a sex scandal in illinois that's right did i do that your state i forget forget who it was
it's not like like like pick a person like you know i'm some great person in history that's done something amazing and you look at any like wow i would love it if that great person of of i'm an accomplishment if that person was step up and be president yes we did doesn't necessarily have to be the case in in america all you do is just be liked right that's kind of crazy it is it is it is i don't even know i mean both the hillary and trump seventy or sixty nine the two what why you doing that right doing it you people can dream but don't dream so big dude you thirty and you're thinking about retiring thirty three i'm like i already find hotels and thinking about an exit strategy something about one hundred percent 'cause i like this i like i enjoy this but i mean i see i see how i could go i just see how
look at how other people have handled their moment and now the people ahead of their finances and i don't want any part of that so i'm i'm makin every step every thing i do every day is about been super stable seven years from now and comfortable and to have enough passive income where i don't have to worry about that that's very smart man is very smart and you're doing it like in a real proactive way not a whole lot of people look at it though hi everybody else is sort of like rides it out you know or not so it's a weird mind set rates like the investment mindset is so different in the creative mind set yeah it's just just look i mean it's just you know not to spend smart and just restarts a lot you know shift my internet time from the bush it's looking at properties in just petsmart do some else man and just i just i don't want to end up on our special he spent all
in two thousand and four it saying that he did that now is the other that on a real hollywood story honorable burris i don't want to be on it some goofy as show that i don't want to be doing and eight years from now we he definitely needed the money i want to do anything it's not funny don't wanna station man that's a funny conversation because we all know what it's like have you ever been in a bad show on a bad just like the bat even that on no not really i haven't done that much that many from just a bunch of dudes out there right now working in lumber yards driving trucks taking meth stay awake listening to us right now going you fucking bitches or compl lying about being a shitty tv show where do i sign up bro where the fuck do i sign up get on this job and you're right folks you're right humerus yeah you got a humorous 'cause i've been on a bad show and uh i was gonna show that was even worse than a bad show good show it turned into a bad show i was on the show called
hardball and started out these guys who wrote it they wrote for the simpsons they roll for married with children jeff martin kevin kern really smart guys and they they wrote this hilarious pilot we did a gym brews in the pilot and i was in the pilot and a bunch of other people that wind up doing a bunch of different movies and shit and it was only pilot and then the network got ahold of it and they just fuck the shit out of it and they threw in some really hacky producer who wound up get and you want to getting fired like halfway through the six episodes that we did and it was allegedly there was a bunch of shit going on in the writing was off the charts bad it was a b so i got to be like on a bad show it's a terrible feeling first season known at six up so six i was also the first the first one was a pilot which is really funny and then it just like all the sudden i was over here doing something that was terrible and you're better off doing nothing and doing something you hate that
don't make any sense because you make money and ultimately it's worth doing and ultimately for me it was definitely worth something because i learned from the experience you can't just do tv show you gotta be sure and even if you're sure like the pilot was really funny i was pretty sure that that would be ok it doesn't because a bunch of other factors can fall into place i just remembered did do a bad shot was my tv show last year what happened with that it a i think i mean we had our moments but it just it needs more booze get the truth out here jamie get here with some ice but i think it's just it had his most but we didn't we they can with the idea that came to me and the
said the income is educated basically this is the show his idea hannibal does get his ministry stuff just just figured out the quest as the city's questions it is yes i guess we didn't really focus it in focus the the point of view and it was kind of all over the place and we had a funny moments and did some couple good sketches but it says by the end so it didn't feel i was excited anymore last two episodes were this you know do it in front of a live audience it really was just about finishing that shit the english singer that man it but i'm i'm happy i did it and i had that moment you know for what was that two months last year am on tv show not a lot of people get to say that but yeah it's just you know you learned a lot and learned that it was fun got to work with some cool
people but yeah just wasn't as far as what i wanted my first you know kind of headline and project to be it wasn't that beautiful james and and whiskey and ice just brought up now what were you trying to do and what went wrong you know now what my interviewer now listen like matt lauer i was like i do i just went into interview mode as i got some ice you know i think i kind of went into it and that you know not really knowing i mean i learned later on how to run things better and how to give people direct so on what i needed a little bit but i don't think we came in with a focus 'cause i was thinking with the tv show now now that would completely wing it but that
that we would be able to kind of find it as we so we never did a true pilot episode choose chit never i a true pilot episode pilot episode pilot episode was our premiere episode and i look at some of my choices i i chose this weird ass closing bit on yeah well why did i pick that as a bit i didn't write it but i liked it is sometimes you'd like stuff in the writers room and that is hilarious and then you execute that shit in it what would we do it can i ask you a question sure outside of the television show yeah if you just sit around and someone said hannibal i want you to just be your creative self would you ever gravitate towards writing sketches what i gravitates was right in yeah just on your own on my own no but sometimes when i come up with something that definitely works better visually then
then stand this stand up you know i try to tell a stand up but it will work better visually animated oil as a sketch it yeah definitely i agree there's some subjects that i've had abandoned because they really did i thought they were hilarious but i couldn't they just didn't they were better idea for like a play then they would be for stand up comedy yeah but when we were coming up everybody to be on saturday night live 'cause eddie murphy was on there everybody wanted to be on sketch comedy shows because that would lead to these big careers like you know adam sandler and rob schneider and all these people that became like these huge movie stars right so we all like gravitate towards acting and then there was sitcoms where roseanne made all this money and then seinfeld made all this money is like oh shit i gotta get a sitcom but but when i was uh
not bad sitcom halfway and i was like this is not what i wanted to do i fucked up i listen to i wanted to stand up it doesn't want to do now you guy like you what i want to hear is you talk about everything i don't want to i mean i want to hear you doing prepared shit if that's what you want to do like i would want to hear from you if i was a producer and i was a network and i was comedy central i would say hannibal listen fuck all these executives fuck all these producers what do you think is what do you want to do i want to know i don't want a bunch of people filtering the hannibal vision both like when doug stanhope and i did the man show which is a giant mistake one of the big problems with was with that show was like with doug and i had a fucked up the idea by the time it would get it would be all watered down by ten would ever get to the television there's no way you could just the only way to do that is like the internet the there is the only way where you could
so if someone was smart they would come along and they would say listen if i was comedy central outside animals just like a which is going to give you a bunch of money and we're just going to give you a production team and just come up with whatever the fuck you want to come up with i want you to take sick months just think about what you want to do is i know it's going to be funny i think you're hilarious i'll take six months come up with whatever the fuck you want to do now let's put this shit online let's do this come on hannibal and then if they wanted to make a television show out of that mean that's what happened with arisha fear show yeah they were doing it as the online thing in the armor honestly the online is better it's bad get on the online you go online it's it's there always it's there any minute of any day if it's just the tv version of it i mean once it goes online then it becomes equals of the online version but there's no like los and not having the tv version because
like if someone watch is comedy central during a show when are izon like what is aris ratings what did you like one million dollars an episode are million people in episode one million dollars an hour so deep very happy being crazy but he got a million people in episode like you could easily if you had a crazy viral video like some of joey diaz videos they probably have close to one million right how many joeys things on uh this is not happening have more than a million find out with joey diaz is stories on this is not happening have i guarantee they have a million yeah those people i mean it's just people who watch it on your phone only watch whatever they can hear it and they tell your friends yeah yeah if you did that and you had a show like that there was just you if you if you really want to do a show it's you doing whatever the fuck you think is funny she would be giant i'd watch him we had azura dvr that shit out that show i'm afraid
yeah i've been kinda what do we got here it's us what is it this is not happening joey diaz one million one hundred twenty nine thousand four hundred and eighty seven views that's what i'm talking about yeah i mean that's that's real numbers man i mean that's the same kind of numbers you get if you have a tv show the same shit right definitely it's real close man or like maybe a year or two away from the idea of being on a television show being no different from the idea of being on a youtube show or even i mean a lot of these i'm doing some so celebrities react shell on thursday where they like art viewership is four times the average tv show like that's the indiana email they talk about their numbers like that
is two times the normal this four times that is isn't and they have a crazy subscriber list in on youtube millions of subscribers on youtube where is that well i think this is a matter we just i mean that's how comedy central now judges the the success of his shows not just on the the on on air the initial area a judge a based on facebook shares the you too stuff the the snapchat the and and all that that's that's the compys a combined formulate they used to judge the success of the show it's my aren't i mean that's really the way to think about it because they have to be honest this is a giant percentage of the people there going to watch their show on youtube or any other i mean i don't know how many people watch comedy central dot com do you know i would imagine it's not nearly as much as youtube what's amazing about youtube is there only one youtube
how is there not a million youtube's how is it not a million of these weird websites where you can just upload video anytime you want and watch the crazy shit all day long i mean there's liveleak right there's one of the the other ones a lot of weird ones that are baseballs are not popular not well yeah well 'cause one popular one if you say it's about google buy youtube skynet hum one hundred and thirty five million bucks is all they paid too for you too it's good win today by two thousand four five how much is kanye's entire sneaker line worth if you sold every sneaker is that how you william to stand on its worth it pretty close that problem that's probably pretty close that's amazing that's how much they paid for that for you to you to visit my monster yeah it's it's somehow or another in
this world of the internet where there's probably like what how many hundreds of millions of websites i take that back i had reconnected one point sixty five billion in stock now you sonofabitch soundjam inside of uncommon jesus jamie meanwhile here's some perspective the ufc sold for four billion it's more valuable to kick people in the dick and the head and elbow in the face then it is to create youtube yeah i look some up on it the other day i think that's why there's numbers were stuck in my head it's at least from what i read it cost something like six point seven billion dollars to run you two bright now every year year and like the revenue they're getting my baby just from add this like less than five billion so they're taking a loss on it but wanted it's just for their do in the future but kind of like it won't be that for for for
more years it's just how it has oh so that's why there's only one youtube it's fucking tough to be used as if that makes sense it's amazing though i mean that's if you want to talk about an incredible example of success like youtube is the only video upstream place that everybody or upload place that everybody recognizes instantly yeah in the sea of the internet yes sir that's incredible this top management if they do you do you do adds with them no no i mean they put up but i don't have anything to do with it yeah we do just ads on the show and then we upload the difference between the youtube version of the show and the podcast version the podcast version has the as our ads that we read you know like
up promo email thing and then the youtube one has no ads it just goes up and then whatever ads youtube ads bad as for on it i took someone on it hi val and i think i'm feeling don't know i'm to the whiskey is cancer that maybe i'm just normal now i'm feeling a little drunk good yeah i just not going to help the drunk too much maybe it'll help you formulate senses meanwhile the word formulate came very clumsily formulate you have the israel now have you know i all for the gig in israel don't go in june one more reactionary i don't know you should go so sure you took it i took the gig um when is it for it was supposed to be in june supposed to be spoiler
on but still into the store so it does get in israel in tel only because my ex girlfriend is israeli israeli oh something as her you machine gun in your mouth no she's not real is she is really nothing in aid maybe she won come on trip with me right on me i'll take this i'll take it's going a mile away and and then i took the gig turns out she was mad because you like you can go to tel aviv with me when we were together could i get is getting into the leave does not even routed with anything else and then i asked
i getting these tweets when people forget why you gonna telavi do you know what they're doing to the palestinian people do less supporting genocide i was just trying to get back on my ex girlfriend if you like you are supporting hate z but zionist this scientist i didn't know i just heard he was beaches is the house get in a way why would you do this join these other art that bob boyd israel is a common is what i think is like todd live at the is is a bunch of other people that won't tour now i as the velvet now lies craig's apple mac craig mack yeah is g depth low lying a lot of people midler won't go over there oh my god
but yes it was just funny getting all of these angry political okay that is up was going on over there but that's in that cannot be sympathetic and also maybe do is get any of up canceling gig but now because of those tweets said the anger is because i i the movie that comes the movie is more important in the motherland but let me ask you this honestly if the girl is go with you you know you're going get your freak on would you have to in the over the movie of you were you have broken her heart and not taking her back to the motherland how does go back another time another time it move a gentleman see not it's over bitch sorry you missed come on fast the furious fifty six thousand will be so pissed for do broke my crazy trip to israel for fast
furious fifty six what do the rock you three lives in it you and vin diesel four q you get run over by a car charger in that's a good move though take her another time i mean but did you guys communicate afterwards did you say down to the issue that you never took her to go to it why you got were there yet i don't that is some issues we can't settle down and you just work on what you can work on again let me bring this up recreational outrage an let me pose a scenario okay his scenario you two are living in a cave and bear to say her sister and he you guys saw any and you escaped and you fought off the bears friends with a spear and you the best friends live in five years hundred thousand years ago hannibal
five hundred bears players other bears other bears just saying other bears instead of the best friends are making it up as they go on was it made it sound like when you said the bears friends it made it sound like it could be like a giraffe or like some other animals that's good this other big don't think bears a friend was anything they can eat i just assumed transfer answers on the bears i'm so sorry you made a really good point so managing to save this girl from being it predicated upon right by these monsters giant monsters to fight them off can you get up to a top cage carrier over your shoulder did you layer down on the list all stand on skates yes on skates but her sister debt yeah and you you be you lay her down on the scans of a bear that you've also killed yourself with walken's beer at a separate situated separate situation this is all clean yeah yeah yeah yeah song a plane about you not take care to the motherland to israel when you guys were dating site yet give a
right because the stakes are much higher yes is the you you your your hero if they're able to her physical entity you've seen her soul from passing on to the next generation of doubt this be fun land where no one knows what the fuck is really going on you get glimpses if you take mushrooms you stick your head and you pop it back and you never really quite sure whether or not what you saw whatever you saw was real then you would fuck her on that fucking rug but meanwhile i don't think i have fucked 'cause she's my sister just died yeah you would you fuck are you be happy she be happy for saving her life and maybe not her sister how about it 'cause and how better cousin was kind of county yeah 'cause it was fat big and she had giant ankles and she hated her whole life she had shitty genetics scott pancar size to bully small boys how about that girl
maybe i mean you know you got to ask her can match if that was the case in the in the cave people community there was this one girls like cock blocker she had rules she i can't fuck you because my friends we all have a role when we go back to a room with this we just can't do i can't guy on that first day and i don't know first date only after he's build at least seven fighters for you yeah so sad to sad people not being able to be themselves they met so many people along the way that weren't themselves and they're like god damn it i can't show you yet i can't take off my kabo key mask and show you the soul of the eternal self yeah yeah how how do sometimes i i this is it was his wages at the house dan at the vet dari smoke a joint this restaurant is a good store until
n and she was she was when i was hanging out with my when are vegas that she's cool wet you know i can open we talk about other women with her we'll yes he's beautiful yes he's in his waitress she was so aka lesbian i don't know if that's the word but it is was so beauty give me wages way like a should be playing like the super flies andre well you want me to wait as well you shouldn't be a waitress was she it wasn't about her looks she just had a sort of composure so so just kind of restrain she was beautiful but still she doesn't know yet that people will look at you weird if your waitress that's what it is she's a young person doesn't understand and
if she's lucky she meets a guy like hannibal burgess who doesn't judge her for the fact features i when when she probably the bill i wanted to say i want say what are your dreams and how can i help with them did you say it no i didn't say no why didn't say it now is we don't hang out enough but if i was right next to be like dude it was the same time let this shit go fuck fuck do you miss her uh i don't miss i know uh but i know where she is i know she's in she's in vegas how long ago was this this is this yesterday go back here is done but you know why i did didn't she she knew i was an that's i was at say i don't want her having to sit with my weird did you for it she had to work her shift after my weird intense energies on its own
i want to leave us think on it for the rest of the day also that might be me overestimating my effect on people but you know i mean that's very honest of you yeah yeah she'll need that right that's really honest again kudos a eight plus for handling that weirdness yeah what do you do maybe she was in in you at all really funny yeah most of the time a lot of the time allotted time we was at his fans they own does that and that's a fine too right i get i get to sometimes girls happen to dm on instagram say you wanna meet up have a drink and i'll just sometimes depending on my mood i said you trying to get the pipe ha ha ha just to see what the tone is you know because that's what i that's a that's a reference to jay r smith for bass
like some girl posted up is that what he said yeah some girl set up his deals so i'll say that sometimes he's a man amongst men him president run sir run but i'll just say that sometimes cause also i don't want funny i think that's also i think it's wack for a girl he's coming my dear dear that's uh oh my god that's brilliant so i stole that from me really really what you trying to get the pipe holy shit and that girl blew him up yes blame game tonight dope i'm a hoe look how weird is it you can see him but her face is blurred and we should all be able to see both parties if you want to put this up you can't hide the darkness we should be able to know who you are too that's uh weird thing to do but yes
so i'd like to set the tone sometimes just to see 'cause i like that word too 'cause 'cause girls hit me regular style just say hey you wanna grab drinks what you do hit me up the same way you talk to your friend hey you wanna grab drinks there's say something matter to me it was comedian say something clever do some sent a pickle you oppose the us of eighties a son jesus told us that you want to grab drinks like this is a this is not a this is not a normal situation if it was normal you would be hit me like this so say some better i see your point but they don't wanna let's think about their point looks like their point i know at that point is they want to play casual they want to play cool they want to keep some innuendo and keep a subtle and i get that in some as i play along with that shit so i say sure let's grab a drink there's a grab a drink and i go through with it and then with everything goes down how would it go down with sometimes right i just but here you say it i wanna see you say it right i i know what you saying you saying that
you have sexual attraction to them and you want to be sure if this shit goes any further this isn't just some weird celebrity thing what's it ends up because sometimes they were like no i don't want to fuck i just want to hang out we wanted the funniest guys around well you know but i'm only in this town for a night i don't want to have drinks with a fan then just casual platonic as drinks and i think you should value my time waternet or here's the other part the other possible point of view they don't understand why they're even attracted to you just know they are they know so they can funny going on they know that you're hello aereas they know that you're smart as fuck their drawn to you there confused they can't believe there in contact with when they're not necessary i have to accept it to him i know but there in contact with you in concert but we will see a lot of time
and that is something i would accept it is sometimes they just want to they want to hang out for the fucking brag this one chick think yeah in athens at i used i used a nap sometimes and i use bumble but what is your profile so we can get you laid is just i deleted it actually reasonable girls 'cause i was a little down grow i deleted it 'cause i would this is too much is too much going on so just check in athens athens ga this georges come through the room i think that's where forrest griffin's from she come to the roundabout i never met her she come through hotel like four we go over to the hotel bar grab a beer come right to the room is kind of stiffen ocho but she's kennedy airport and end up having and we had sex ann
it's pretty quick she's about to leave the room only i see you later at like tile around my voice she's like can we take a twitter real quick like no wow negative fucking post sex selfie post groupie sex selfie what do you what world do you live in you fucking take this story with you and get out of here now in a selfie but i make bad decisions all the time i feel like we should have a commercial break i don't know how to do one yet we can't splicing commercial you know i think it's hard being a groupie just like it's hard being hannibal virus it's hard it's hard being a person
ibm person navigating these water is is is is we're waters for for everybody in again i get the energy is bad something that bad but just as a you know it's weird thing here's what's weird people don't even know why they're attracted to certain people don't understand it you know when they try to quantify it i think you know there's some people that are attracted to people in weird ways and they almost want to test the waters i want to meet you hannibal i don't think is even i don't think is attractive i think is i think is a straight up sometimes attractive and then sometimes it's just straight up your personal television your presidents day it could be
that give me the but there a lot of them are like really young you know if a person is twenty four years old how much do they really understand completely about their motivations or someone's twenty two we doing a lot of time does almost like an instinct and then you sort of self correcting as you go along you know yeah does that make any sense you just do i mean made still occasionally make decisions with what the yeah of course you're hearing that why did i let that person it was an apartment you drink should have gotten a hotel is to drink it drank and god damn it were drunk right now how to say i'm drunk yet what we're buzz buzz these are big ass drinks i poured her this is really not smart put this
on the internet yeah we've got to move out to give meme duffman rings up and clipped up clip it up we can handle this together they're going to they're going to be pilot and copilot massage in this comedian hannibal burgers now what you are dude your unfiltered and everybody wants to be unfiltered but nobody wants unfiltered it's not nobody wants unfiltered but there's a lot of people don't want unfiltered and they want you to think that nobody wants an filter yeah like you're not saying anything that i wouldn't expect you to say if we were alone and the mike control off right view and i were hanging out the comedy store we have the same conversation i would be laughing the exact same way actually
because if you but other comedias air house and i want to just have a real talent on loan what it is is not is not i'm more like this as it does the same even though i was is way more people listen and watch and but is more about the visual of other people like you know you have a conversation with somebody and then but you feel other people is not part of i was a yeah would that feels more unnatural to me then doing this you know what i'm saying i agree one thousand percent yeah and it probably doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense outside doesn't make any sense at all that's why it's like i think like it's not there fault if someone's hanging around us there's been situations like that before where someone is like weasel the conversation between me or you or me it was me and d's and some other dude the other night and this guy came up to us and just sam
how much is way into a conversation in the kitchen yeah like how do you get back here like why it will come on man like but part of me part of me thinks like if i was that guy how would i do it right what do you do if you walk up you know you're at the comedy store you're supposed to go left to take a leak and you go right and you're into the kitchen and joey diaz is talking to arisha fear and hannibal you guys are all hanging out and hilarious fucking stories being told right and you just want to stand there and stare hey you want to i mean you would do it do it right now i would do it right now those guys hated maine have for some reason those guys wouldn't be my friends anymore i'm like i don't know what the fuck i did but damn
how to find a hole in this vent so i could listen in on the talk to in one of these interactions at little fan which i have alot 'cause i go out a lot and go drinking and so super exposed all the time but i was in chattanooga last year we played this was venue and we go out afterwards main al jackson a boy marcus a couple girls we met and got his bar nice bar not that many people that maybe one thousand two hundred and fifteen people in the whole barn as big as pool tables over on this side
bars here they had these wings at the smoked wings that was even maybe the best way that i had ever top five russian and it was a spiritual experience what's so good about him they just would well may they will grilled they will cook well i was i remember the names but it was the wings were so good i'm just killing these wing marinated in his own maybe marinated had good sauce hot you like spicy i do like spicy on him with the but i'm destroying these wings i'm in the zone is is i build nba jam i was on fire and in
do it comes up man hey i was at the show take place which upset yeah man just eating wings right i'm eating right now let's give me a few minutes i'm happy to take a picture 'cause i come home and let me take a picture man i'm eating right now let me let me just finish and he said we should rather me take a link will take a picture and i said i rather you get the fuck out of my face right now that's big because he was still there right it was a crowded bar it was like a meet and greet right i told him i was happy to take a page with them out to just let me finish my hat sauce all over my hands and give it a very reasonable give me a few minutes yeah that's cool yeah it's cool and and reasonable about it in a but you know who loaded i know he's still in a bunch about itself on the other side of the bar is another big respect with that where the bathroom is so i go to the bathroom and i step out
president lee who's at the battle is known well he'll say nah walk past him and then it's a long space before you get to the interest to the bar again and i get there he stand about a bad to he yells thought do a cold hannibal thought you were cool act like a asshole i paid twenty five dollars for you so you know like you dave chappelle the some and the palin kevin hart and how many days we end to his stories of his from each other but it's a go to when people wanted to produce you yeah it's out of legal advice babe i'd be pissed right now you think you're dave hang up the whole stories me mother fucker right right basically he said dave chappelle was mean to me yeah it were not bother why was eating i'd get it but you you give me a sense of larry did days rather like you you pay people show you didn't pay for fucking
meet and greet i told you i take the picture with you after i was done either you kept pressing me and so he was he best about the twenty five dollars whatever now i'm really accident stuerman about i'm at the bike this mother fucker how told him i take a picture with this bar and even crowded it would've been easy to take a picture with her if you just fucking relax and then i'm again take twenty five dollars out of my pocket i bought it up he's over at the pool save i woke up not throw it out like take your money back if that's what you want and then he picked close by giving the ball that hit him in the face with it my kid and then they were ready to fight and i was ready to fight to do with that is fine i was there while this was all going on i'd be like wheres exit and who's wearing clothes where i can
and tell him to have a gun and in his friends going on that his friend i was ready to punch two decks and in his friend pulled out a camera phone like oh you publish is gonna love this and i think i guess we're not fighting it while you're ready to fight box it wasn't about the twenty five is about about the words about the just talking and shit and just acting like i wasn't i was being totally chill and in a i will let me finish me finish eaten for the my hands i'm happy to take a page with you and he kept pressing me any deep popped off afterwards after i thought we settled it yeah i know what you mean man from someone who's been interrupted by eating it is annoying but i've always tried to try to figure out like whoa ok it is what's the difference between how weird it is for me to put needing further but i love to me that that so yeah over time well i i put myself it's weird in the spot in uh in a nice and i remember and i
what it is to them for them to to ask for that yeah listen man i got a man crush on anthony bourdain and every time i hang around with them i feel goofy this is just a fact i just like i iraq i think i like the way thanks unlike his balls guy takes up to when he's fifty eight years old you know when like i think in certain situations you have to understand like the way you feel around someone is affected by your respect for them and sometimes it gets weird right dude comes up to is like hey hannibal family got a picture and you lie a meeting right now man relax and that i don't even know what the they're saying you know like if if i'm a hannibal fan and i walk up you got a full wings was this real quick cause take his picture i get the out here it is i can't believe it took this chance but i was not i told him but i i get that side of it and that's why i wish i didn't react like
and i wish i i i kept the children would i do more often now but just i don't know that's good what you just said is beautiful i do more often now so you're thinking about it think about i'm aware of it will be me come up to me and says and i i just remember what it is that that in that it is a a privileged that they you know support my work and and try to just give in that moment for this is but is liz still some sometime of others i genuinely route yep as people could be entitled and sometimes people don't care if you talkin to three women they will they will but i sure up you right
i mean it's one of the things about life you never know who you're going to run into run into someone that's as goofy yeah but is this is interested is this a justice lens man it's so it's an interesting lands not just for you but also for for me to look through what you're talking about but for other people to as well you know i think were we're doing this weird thing man were hauled surviving in this strange life that's temporary if we're lucky we get a hundred years if you're lucky but the last four letter that's stupid super lucky for the last few years you just hang yeah is hanging on just waiting to get weary enough so you let go and slip into the abyss yeah i try to keep the perspective especially in this business willing this is
as of may this is a limited mom this is a limited time but it's not it's it's not i hate when people like you say that i think i will talk about this last a funny as fuck dude you're not going anywhere i hate when someone who's fucking pisses me off jim norton if you listen to me you cunt of stop stop me you worried about the few it stop it you're awesome i hate when awesome people don't know they're awesome you know relax but even jim norton you're fucking amazing yeah you have you have a god damned nothing to worry about it is going to be people going to see jim norton for the end of time and i'm one of 'em i feel the same way about you i mean i just i think i seven years seven more hotels skye hotels on the beretta molla is stocks you know you do stacks up a little bit i do
really intelligent jewish gentleman who hands with your money so 'cause you fucking stupid do it that's what i do i i have a big fan of the junior had they had put some of those people the money people they have put a lot of money in mutual funds the look the what a mutual fund is with other people buy a stock for anna i don't like that in in a cast album mutual funds and i want well if you're really into own hotels and picking stocks i understand me i'm not into the you know a company i like is this company called catapult sports they do they do wearable gps technology
golden state warriors usm some other proteins user like what are you wearing like investors estate for practice it in different train and they they track athletes performance wow oh this is tracked how crazy is that the tracking people from a satellite how fast are moving just different i mean i can't get into super specifics of it uh mark cuban invested in them twenty four it fourteen i i found a more accident when i was looking up i was looking up some pharmaceutical public called catalyst not for some reason my brain put catapult then i found this company started you found them by accident i found them on accident started looking it up and uh i invested in i'm kinda heavily that sounds very good move to do you want to be my manager
sl that is a really you you you got super real super fortunate it's like a a crazy man when i go but you yeah it it it it was recent is about two months ago and then time i call my stock got i keep up with my position in it not call it was a put up give me twenty five thousand more on catapult and then he like her melissa give me a call real quick can't just text him yeah he just like wants to talk me through it like yeah you sure you got a lot and you gotta lot in catapult already you sure you want to do a capital one individual type what about that other stock i told you about you show you that stock is doing way better now let's just do i like cat appointment do you just blew catapult the fuck up i like we just did thing is a solid i mean but i i wouldn't have told friends but they like it so this is still early in the company and a date
they got offices in the state student based in australia and i think if i don't know what the fuck it is explain it to me what does it mean wearable gps technology now if i'm an idiot and i'm hearing that i'm going okay so you using a satellite to track the movement of people check in the performance like heart rate work oh yeah speed it's all done through like what an ankle bracelet like what do you put on them take the chest how do you how do you know what the exertion is is it a vest out of vest is it ok little picture that may also this guy oh oh that's what you're showing me earlier oh that's different that makes sense this dude just got like a chest harness which i'm sure could measure i don't like energi what would i
measure how to set my knee to chest measure what you're doing with your legs like out of those iphone apps measure your strides and how many steps you take in my can do it off of like it's not easy math but they can tell how far if like if you're six foot i know how long like the oh you enter your height and whatever it's called a little interesting cyclometer think of the right words not necessarily tracking you through the gps this one might be out on this one yes right isn't that the premise of x on this one i mean how do now they do it in the u s c whether track and how much how many feet the run around the oct two that's a good question they don't have a gps on they've they're probably follow him with like a tracer maybe a dude is
his job to follow each person with i mean i would do that but you know what man that that statistic is interesting and i support the chasing of the day to try to figure out how much someone who moves but it's not that i'm more it's not that important it's weird is getting super specific 'cause it doesn't necessarily it's a statistic it's interesting shouldn't dwell on it so these dudes are planned soccer they match the they might the monitor all that too how much each team runs at all actually i like they just in football they just like recently last couple your stop hitting in practice not much to more because i found out about concussions whatnot but it's also added technology and like when i was at cowboys training camp last week as a guy tell me they brought an eight k cameras for when tony romo is hurt so we could set a truck in the back practice and watch real time
football practice for the head set on a v r stuff won't sit in is so you can see the real the one on yeah that's in those seven vice of what was going on he was heard for last eight weeks or whatever the year and that they don't have it all the time because it's really expensive to run right now still but they still had three three sixty camera run around fallen the the player yeah it just it just shot out to the dude from the dallas cowboys it was it was his name charles that drives the whole charles he hooked it up and you give me a card to give jaime soriano james a football fan make it happen gridiron well on they're doing that for the ufc to this trying different things out three six video this new technology will be too there's going to be virtual reality or your going to be able to like be nick diaz as he fights against conor mcgregor going to be able to look through each fighters i guys they're going to figure out a way to do it imagine just a little chip
what shape you got jamie are the s eighteen man you should've waited for the nineteen i know i know but i'm pretty happy with the eighteen i mean it's doesn't take as much battery life i got three hundred and sixty g capability it's just low resolution it's good we're good at video game was pretty intense the new ufc yeah it won't be at know it sounds like i'm plugging but it no it was cool we would yelling me and my me and my oh my god like it was that intense because it was you know it's parts where you almost by and like the guy out and if it's a good this is a very good game i had i have fun so i i i can attest to it because i had to do the commentary for the game like the when you hear that ea sports game that's not commentary from actual fights fights's commentary he doing pretend and goldberg doing pretend and do we did a fuck load of hours yeah i mean it was hours and hours and hours and hours and it was uh
i'm not complaining i'm just saying you have to be after i have to say so much stuff and there's main man let's can mean all wrong on the game yeah i'm in the game you have to have secret i code i did this unlockables get out of doing more commentary because there was so much to do tamil wish i looked that good there was so much to do as though it was it was a constant grind but i but i put my aunt my full effort into it like i i really wanted to be good so i was thinking to see if i was kid and i was playing this game i would want it to sound like like a guy really got head so it's isn't it man we here it is but it was like i can't seem to get beat the up just jamie jamie shown a video of me about to get my ass kicked by nick diaz you get this too
really bad i would imagine if the games realistic pull it up comrades and i get fucked to people who want to see it but they might have used is your secret character they might have you uh i got some bullshit skills might have you juiced up i got it doesn't matter i got some with that let me let's hear my 'cause you know i'm super casual fans so my commentary no burger with a leg kick i've never heard this before oh burger with that kicks rogan get kicked in the face oh with kicks dear this is back it up brogan missed oh really kicked in the chest tattoos accurate look at that holy shit no zero work is not care about the height disadvantage oh oh oh brothers in danger let's see what rogue is ground game is like not good
are dears about the power of interface oh dog shit off my back will rogue and be able to pull off a submission from his position uh oh bro 'cause it all brother with them turn around it's called sweet little man let him up wow rogue is back up oh only this should be illegal oh death row should be illegal in back in two people fake fight when you know one dude would beat the fuck out of maine no i said may so this is now leave any any confusion oh this is so stupid i will take time oh shit stop it he's out oh shit oh wait why they let me punch him in the head when he was unconscious why don't they stop the fight quicken the fake may rather than the fake him at that feels weird
how weird is that you know what bothers me the most the last two punches 'cause it wasn't it was already unconscious the fake him obviously oh do you know how hard nick diaz would fuck me up like this is an embarrassment to humanity is allowed to be a visual image of me beat nick diaz ass i've dunked on lebron james enjoy that shit man that's that's what that's so is it escape this is what i want to i want to see nick diaz versus conor mcgregor that's why i want to say i want to see that more than i want to see anything in life i was yes i want to see more than i want to see the aurora borealis more than i want to go to the cabs pretorian hawaii and revisit the milky way more than i want to see any of those things i want to see nick diaz versus conor mcgregor yeah
neck t s conor mcgregor had a clue his little walk around the ring as he got in it was awesome and he was all he was around that bob dole would away walked around it we got the ring i don't think he's going to get punched in the face as much as he did we still want but that was a cocky into something so he bought the first round knockout this one the fuck out the way he just came in here well trying to do is just like shake it off put an air out there but the other day he's fighting ats is no ones getting no first round knockout there's going to be crazy war he knew it and then he had to beacon privative in that fight enerji energy was so crazy it was so it was i was so nothing ever right it was so i'm so glad i want to see a live oh man so he need to well i'm a as as as i said i'm a casual fan so is a couple times where khana knocked him to the ground kinda doesn't wanna do ground game with him
with the ground right he was a he was he was telling the come up well i would think not only for my lack that that much you know you may now it's i would think would you not somebody to the ground you try to go in with those hammerfists you could you do it however if you do that with a guy like me ideas you might not be her all right especially when you consider the fact that he conor through a bunch of like really powerful left leg kicks and it up needs right leg it is because the fact they're both southpaw what what happens is like got back leg becomes the front legs to the right legs in front right he just getting chewed up this left power like kicked it right from the beginning like over and over and over and over again when you when you get hit with a bunch of like really powerful leg kicks like that it makes it super difficult for you to move right you know and then connor just fought a smooth
who's smart game plan you know he he engaged from the outside where his speed was an advantage and did some damage but didn't unload himself like he did in the first fight in the first fight he did that too they have any unloaded himself and eight survived and when he survived cars gas tank was empty so this time connor was way more conservatively else would run away a little no no but he ran away don't you could you could say and he was away he ran away but when he was on the case okay i get close to the cats you run it and may make it more into the senses a man it's okay you know people are matty ran away hooking to win when you move away because sometimes you take a break sometimes you take a break he knows it remember it's in the round he's he knows there's i mean no when it was there was a couple moments in time where he totally turned away from him but then he engage
yeah he did it wasn't like he was running a hold he would just when he found himself in a compromising position he would get out of it it's interesting it's an interesting thing to do oh you guys trying to kick your ass like i'm going to go over here for minute i'm funny about it you know it seems like a good move it's the right move when you don't feel like you can fight right now what do you want to do standing there like a man and take it on the gent person come on getting there if you don't feel like you can breathe maybe you should move away in breathe otherwise some dude could punch you in the body and you can go down it's like it's not a smart move to stand in there if you feel tired how many files do you think happened amongst the
its members 'cause i'm way less than you would think i saw this girl she's fighting her boyfriend a something i don't even know if it's a boyfriend she was choking him and she was going crazy and she'll walk away is he came back to him and then she was blonde and sort of look lightly like ronda rousey i posted on snapchat ronnie rowsey out here tripping and then in the in this a roommates would oppose apparently run around these and then like you know those it is that right run rather would be running crazy in the because of video of you don't really see the phase would you see security chases some blonde woman that is so stupid hannibal spot it rhonda apparently he's the only one that spot and nobody else that's hilarious that is so stupid
good time while she's like one of the the last women that you would ever want to fight like at a gas station you know i could get round a rousing shoe throwing any head on the concrete it's terrifying have women like that out there to just be here hannibal it's terrifying like it will one of them at the ufc in somebody gets kicked in the face well i just always i just think about how disappointed i be if i got kicked in the face what do i do with my life was somebody kicking me in the face you especially i mean you never been kicked in the face which has been kicked in the face specially flat i'm glad i didn't fight that guy and i'm glad i don't i don't you know put myself in situations where i had a fight a strange because you never know where i'm just if if i was to be fighting i'm trying to throw hands poorly but if somebody just kick me in the face and all i do
i know you gotta do that this donald cerrone combination god damn that's beautiful no that's right left high kick boom yeah just turned his back that is matrix shit donald cerrone lives in the fucking matrix do right now at one hundred and seventy he's coming on the podcast next week jamie here on next tuesday i'm going to fucking convince him live on the internet don't drop down from one hundred and seventy and 170's a fucking wizard who the hell stop rick story like this donald cerrone's a fucking wizard he's a wizard at one hundred and seventy if i felt i felt kind of barbaric arcade but when you have money on some my annette beating the shit out of somebody else and you're winning it's a different type of emotion when he went cerrone started fucking that dude up
weather like you were in there with them i was in a wedding in their widow for fucking a couple one thousand dollars hell yeah i was with him i was in a room from fucking i appreciate your loyalty first of all both on it donald cerrone dope and then john is it uh i bet on johnson right before the fight started unlike now what are the odds use minus two hundred so that's reasonable yes how hard hit in the one is so vast on my god i don't want it we think it's someone told me i have to research it please do was that the fastest knockout in the history of the light heavyweight division was thirteen seconds or should be longer to play some update
it's so hard that happened so fast he hit so hard it happened so quick when glow over started pressuring him like what when i score a fight or a rather comedy to fight when i want someone down i like okay what can glow over do and what can rumble too we know rumble has awesome stand up skills we know we had a college wrestling background we know he's a really powerful he's probably the hardest hitter ever so what can go over do he's really technical he can survive a storm maybe he could take him down maybe you get a minute deep water so we start town supergrass of bob and we even tyson style and then one haymaker one haymaker uppercut so ryan jimo thirties wow seven seconds god damn brian channel rest in peace range emma he just died recently run over by a car in canada should
james irvin the sandman eight seconds hoodie fight and then johns rumble johnson that gamble gamble on that and have it happen that fast that's like fucking craps of he should put it like a thirty second over under on summer rumbles fights this is literally a thirty second because he's sold scary right now he's so scary hits guys in a totally different way it's like he knows something that nobody knows about they had people because this still what was that guy's record thirty four twenty four alexander eight seconds well right look at johnson falls for it was a twenty five of like he's a a lead clover is beyond has fought for the title fight with jon jones went to the distance so best yet
clovers excellent that's good raising the gag got thirteen seconds you know what it is man there's the human frame you know how a leg the brain neck can only take so much it just can only he takes so much and most people can't hit that bell you know that bell when go to the carnival and you slam down on that bell the little thing goes up and dang yeah most people can't make that thing ding in this world for rumble johnson he can make that thing ding every time with his opening borough
yeah with his first you know name the number two hundred punches and kicks whatever it is that he can knock you the out the question with a guy like that is if he gets past that two hundred number in the opponent is still there can you make it through and that's what happened the cormier fight it's like rumble hit cormier with everything but the kitchen sink but cormier is so tough he's so tough from being in a world class olympic wrestler from a guy who competed all over the world he just got this this will do
like a level of toughness the you can't recreate and he takes a big bomb but figures out how to scramble and survive yeah and so he makes it into what what would rounded core may submit rumble see the thing about a guy like rumble though as you could submit him once but once he figures out what you did and he remembers how much it sucked when you did that to him can you do it again and if you can't do it again if he can figure out how to keep it standing yeah what if you could figure out how to keep hitting you with those barrages of heavy bones come flying at you with perfect technique he is so hard man what third round
well call me took a deep water man what is call me such a bad mother where is that come from you know doesn't he was is naturally fast is then is it just a uses naturally able to hit hard as do punch walls sometimes sun are you using heather you better but yeah is also a natural sort of this is this is the reality of it totally objectively everybody has a ceiling new as that ceiling you see certain people that have certain frames like maybe they really narrow shoulders and really small hands and a really small waist right they can't generate the same kind of power the guy like rumble johnson can or there's a lot of other guys like guy like rampage jackson can or
george st pierre pierre there's there's certain like physiques ilir liteon you ever see that kind fight no pull this mother up i think he's fighting ryan bader i see mother fucker with all due respect sir he's just tank of a wrestler you look at that guys frame and he just bombs on dudes knock some unconscious but you look at his frame when he's throwing punches and just go ok that's like this there's levels of athletes right is levels of wrestlers route levels of strikers and we see certain dudes the way they can move their body on a given what cirque de soleil yeah he was here alive seated loud sounds different so yeah it's a craziest is amazing you feel like how the fuck did they do that with their body right you immediately start feeling inadequate with your body i kinda want that that's why i feel i just i feel like every chance i just get inspired by the choreography and i say i need to step my show up oh that's beautiful
see any i'm retarded i think i want to figure out how to do a hand stand with one hand model of of being with one hand so this is okay still zero hank yeah sees a light heavyweight to heavyweight light heavyweight two hundred and five so the being that a gentleman like only thirteen less than me he's hello heavyweight mail made him one he weighs two hundred and five for about thirteen minutes probably goes back up to whatever it is before he starts his cut but my point being like this like look at this is that mother fucker only jesus tries to get that do he's a tank there's limitations of the human frame and that guy has a different bone structure then do the yeah
you know there's just no denying it is or you know that's a bad example but you know there's a lot of guys that are his size they just don't have the kind of advantages that he has bone structure wise yeah physically like what he can do is like a certain amount of horsepower at certain guys have you watched the fight you look to that guy because it's a ten think of a minute brock lesnar perfect example guys takes off how many years it take off like five years at least six years at least he fights mark hunt roids are no roids whatever the he tested positive four or aunt high estrogen blockers or whatever it is forget about all that the fact that this guy was able to fight mark fucking hunt after five or six years of no fighting just doing pro wrestling and then win that's it you know i had a had bed in on mark hunt and you tell told me the end you know that old job casual casual fan i took mark hunt
but i didn't know anything about it and then he walks out it is is he's built like me so i added cash bed is so i did not go on in my book of my online book this is before the fight start i'm trying to bet on a brock lesnar real quick oh that's a little bit already taken to bed down and i was like oh man i did bet on this god is built like me brock lesnar about the workers see here's the thing no this is not necessarily true god knows that necessarily true but that was my instinct at that i'm like oh no what brock lesnar did in taking that amount of time often in beating a guy like mark hunt that's so extraordinary probably never going to get the credit that he deserves because the fact that one he was pro wrestler and then too he tested positive for this anti estrogen blocker or whatever the fuck he took i don't know what happened who knows it could have been it could have been easily been some perform
it's enhancing formula that he bought from gnc or it could have been something more insidious whatever the fuck it was the fact that this guy was able to beat mark hunt after all those that time off just shows you what an amazing athlete he really is there's no way in hell that certain guys are going to catch up to that guy if that guy just keeps working out like there's guys that like if they just keep working out and they stay healthy and they stay fit and they get into the cage healthy and fit with no injuries which is like the primary this like yeah just like you there's certain guys you like you're in you're in a world shit if you get a guy like brock lesnar into the ring with you and he's not hurt and he's in great shape shape and has no injuries you're in a world of shit you're standing in front of a goliath of a man it was a struggle to diet down two hundred and sixty five pounds yeah that's not fair did
what about cm punk is he good is he making his debut he's making his ufc debut but i have to respect that he did a lot of things the right way he went to duke roufus his camp and minnie yeah milwaukee rather excuse me do you go to how i met right now does a lot of stuff in albuquerque yeah there's a lot no no he went to milwaukee because this reduces and it what we did was we went to one of the best gems in the world rufus sport he rick dick his brother is recruit this is like a world champion kickboxer these beyond pk karate and then there's do group is to group is a world champ and more tie fighter and he's pretty just like a ton of world class fighters like anthony pettis sergio perez tyrone woodley does a striking down there is a new ufc welterweight champion so do groups this is just like a really high level camp and that's where cm punk chose to move his camp and he he lived there for two years they always been doing his training be signed with
ufc and he just said i'm going to do this the right way and he went through a full like like along period of training learning skills and working under the two deleage of like one of the best guys in the world so who the fuck knows what's going to happen we really don't know i mean i have no idea what this guy can do i've seen him hit some pads i've seen some slow motion weird blurry videos of him sparring i don't know i mean they might be trying to shield it for promotional purposes i mean he might have gotten really good he might be like i mean if the guys willing to do that that's an extraordinary amount of discipline that it takes to move to a place change your life lived there for two years just nothing but rain and who the fuck knows but that's the big big statement is who the fuck knows if you go to watch him fight it's like your tunein for
essentially like a spectacle right it might be great and we have to see he doesn't even know we don't know he's never thought we don't know no one knows and when the fuck is going to happen with with a p today either that's a different thing to do this a big difference there's a big difference between training in reality you know and maybe he excels there's people who excel at reality with the the look lackluster in training and then they rise to the occasion of the event and then there's other people that are exact opposites what a practice well in in you have the anxiety of performances real right yeah every is just house would win a it was a point during the the d as meg magnify where crowd started chanting like they were in the clinch or some in the crowd that ds ds
she is and i was like what is he thinking right now like what is that feel like this do is in the client is a huge fight headliners blood even down his face what is his him a pass off what does he feel like you know with the crowd chanted in a what is that that gladiators should like like what does it help does is distracted the the hype you up will possess the chan is is this the real good question something i'll never i never know it was some hopefully and you will find out on my podcast next week that i'm started i'll be interviewing and ideas an man it's a good question
he's the only one that can answer for him or anyone else has experienced all right because you're talking about you know at this new t mobile what is how how many peoples and see i think the t mobile is like twenty two thousand at all really yeah i mean it's a big gas place it's way bigger than the mgm i don't know about how much these a few thousand because it is it jamie design yeah people are checking your name oh my god but it's not like basketball 'cause you just got then put in the face allies are you in a little bit of pain you have you heard of that kind of tired you know is not just you you you know this drive to three is then you just jog and yeah you in the clip so is gonna is cool but i'm still kind of uncomfortable i may be as far as how many twenty thousand and four boxing mma that's a lot of people
only five thousand more than the mgm is the mgm about fifteen thousand somewhere around there i think that way they moved in there 'cause there's more people's it's a different deal i don't know you know i just think they could sell this out to sixteen eight oh jesus the mgm is that big wow so is it mandalay bay that's fifteen is that what it is or is that fourteen what am i asking would've fucking census taker stop answering my questions booking agent what is it hold well one thousand oh shit manly but he's only twelve thousand interesting so i guess the reason why they moved it is just the ufc could sell out those places now especially for this fight this fight was god damn button an hour was amazing you could you could have
talk a libel in your mouth they would have started glowing right it was electricity in the air i was going through our finger tips it was it was crazy man is a good sign that's why i decided to keep working for the u f c's moments like that the neat ideas conor mcgregor fight the first one is one of the in the mission tate holly home fight yeah me should choked holly home on conscious in the fifth round st's chaos i remember thinking how can i stop doing this how can i i can't believe i even got the job in the first place that i get i get to watch this crazy and talk about it from the so you right when they when they bought it wasn't sure i just was thinking i was doing too many things yeah and i decided moms to use instead of just being crazy launch do less this could do less yeah and in doing less it's made a big difference they
pen use after you have man he just he just got punched in the face a bunch that don't fucking use of a folks relax that i'm using shady you should let him use it immediately after just let's be scientific about this we all want everybody to be on the same page we know a lot of people cheating you know if this guy you watched him fight five fucking rounds there's no more contest coming up let him do something that's medically proven to reduce inflammation it's not even marijuana at cbd oil also those punches i'm probably way worse for him than cv deal oil on my god it's c beating long road for you yeah exactly especially when those have mostly nation yeah exactly should be they do is get post in the fe before he use cb do it that's a really good point man that is a really good point because for someone to be that hypocritical the let a guy get punched in the head for twenty five minutes but you won't let us smoke vape pen because what you think is cheating yeah this is cheating death
as we doing anything with full stay alive stay little football he was smoking marijuana football football is way a worse for you then we'd is worse for you anne probably football is worse for you who did cocaine high impact football football is probably worse for you than most uh drinking out of ponds footballs can dangerous yeah it's super dangerous man but they just don't let it try to maintain a good image about it but it don't smoke weed don't smoke weed but you might get hello concussions but don't smoke weed 'cause that don't look good for 'cause we gotta sell this bud light and shit i love the work hello but i'm too old to use it i just turned forty nine but the cut off just do it man say hello say hello you can say hello users encourage in maine to say to tell that girl that i had to ask her what her dreams were cannibals good friend you pump him up he pumps you up
here you tell me ask the girl when i drink i really wanted to ask her so bad she had that vibe and i see a lot of bad ones her vibe was crazy and it might not you know i was i took the shot yeah i would help there with whatever whatever if if i had if i could what do you want to do you want to know somebody like that and you could find but if you don't know somebody has in mind you find some i wanted to know because she will be hard to find somebody i'm ago a you know what i did i did think about i'm good i like sort her name was on the receipt on google her name and uh the restaurant name and see if she got a linkedin page cheap how many jews does have a linkedin page seems like super rare but see seems like awaits is way bigger ambitions
this should be in la or new york actually more than vegas yeah it's going to be hard because you're going to have to take a gamble at whether or not she still working there whether not you know what day her shifts are on saturday sunday ok i won't i was at two that i was approved who afternoon really stalkerish but we didn't say no place we would say no that's tacos but i do i did enjoy her enerji and i was so i would help her i say go back i would we're in a full time to go back in as an way in is in a way yeah you like completely empty the in back an experience like sitting in her section and is saying hi yeah see what's up but don't don't be like crazy about it i won't be crazy about it just say is to say hey i need this we have a bit of a there's a bunch of recently with no cells in vegas that you been just the advent of the past two you have
see things and then sometimes it just another trip just to kick it it's a fun place it's a strange i was just in this area outside of reno it's we were about five hour outside of reno were camping and doing this hunting show and it's all in like the mountains in the desert above nevada like it's somewhere in the area of where they do that whole burning man thing dude it was amazing who i was it is me and much of this camera people and the
i stephen loc show the media we struck out but we were out there in the these mountains above nevada to there's a whole other world out there it doesn't even look real yeah which is this it doesn't look real you go to this place there's no people resist giant mountains they go up to like a loop we were at nine thousand feet there's other ones go up to eleven thousand feet and you look at these things like what the this is nevada this is the father he's that's a picture from my instagram that's right that's not gonna dude send a vita desert does the hot what's called a hot the high desert like i said about five hours outside of reno is amazing this is this way you is the hunter no yeah yeah yeah yeah i was there for i was there for a week s a little crazy actor
we could feel free shade how that looks in appreciate how to fill but i think i'm such a city do when i get to that this is beautiful is co is have a couple drinks and check this out all right five hours we good let's go back the lights i understand i understand your position you say that beauty i like the views however i get antsy but use in out this movie i could get ansi too i think what i'm trying to do one of the things i'm trying to do by going to these places and disconnecting for a few days is find out what i
really think about things yeah it was just me and my thoughts and interacting with my friends yeah is one of the good things about doing that show it's called me you're this guy stever nella who's the host of it is like a really smart really nice guy really interesting guy and you know i like hanging out with him and all his crew in his friends for like all these days is really fun so in doing that and haven't been really fun to get to relax yeah need to just like sit back and hang out with these like fun cool guys and just relax and this is your world now this your tribe right you know and he'd write me that before the hertz that's sort of how he views it but that's it that it's his tribe and of the cool group of friends yeah and that now i understand it now it's like it's a i think that disconnecting for awhile it every now and then just take take a few days off his hearing
have to go anywhere but it's it's probably a good idea to to like on purpose take a few days off of anything coming in it just let's see how you feel about things even if i'm on about add bar the song in my phone dies and and and is i'm not charging it find myself having of i realize a really strange person when i talk to people when you give it to me you have to really talk to people for a while it is not because now pretty much a lot of time of you talking to somebody is but a lot of value to allah and then is that yeah check my phone is a break to break from the connection a user and everybody but if you really i mean some i mean on a date or something i don't go into my shit really important point but yeah well if mass is dead and i'm just out two hours i found was if i'm having a long conversation in a
start realize oh with it getting kind of weird and incense with his presidency i started asking 'cause you know normally i will if i'm talking to somebody like one out due to bull regular quest is that we do where you go because you live a where did you move from little bit but how long you been doing that and then it out and then and then you i mean at some point if you want to you gotta go beyond that is actually hopefully we were talking roofies right the same page the for your girl tonight not what are your face will be with imagination what are you fears ever been hypnotized no can be done yeah yeah i believe it i believe i believe it in respect to all the hipness is
out there on the road killing it having people on stage doing goofy have you ever seen a comedy hypnotist if it live it's crazy right like you don't believe it's rude to come to my college yeah yeah you don't believe it's real and then you realize oh it is real it really does work it works nobody will just do that goofy as shit now it works just to do it it works in some weird way i don't understand it but i got hypnotized escape vinny schworm and he's like a mental coach hypnotize me to do a you go just wanted see if there was anything that was holding back the way i was thinking my thinking in the most efficient and logical way am i doing the most with my time it my not like do i have any so i'm not paying attention to in the way i'm approaching life so i wanted to talk to him about that so i wanted to see what hypnotism really is 'cause i've been talking about something that i essentially we don't have any really unreal understanding right i just say i saw people get hypnotized at you know frank santos comedy show
and i i saw that you had on a bit me you know i i feel this he does hypnotism and mental coaching for mma fighters so was interesting man was weird is like when you get hit in guys how long was assesses art is about an hour and a half okay about an hour and a half when when you get hit with as you are aware that this person is talking to you it's not like you're in some space world right but the world you're living in with your eyes closed in this state is a very dear and world it's like if this person can command your attention your focus for a certain amount of time hey let's all this other stuff sort of pass by and when the person does it with no judgment just trying to understand the way you're feeling and thinking you allow yourself to slip in to this strange state of mind yeah that's what it is it's really weird like you to wake up immediately
i give you heard like an alarm going off i pray you have checked out it yeah it's not like you're drugged but i think there's a bunch of different states of justice leading from the dream world which we all voluntarily go into every night we go to sleep we go go to sleep with out have dreams we remember them remember them remember all the time we you know you have some wacky fucking idea that came into your head it didn't make any sense and i think there's states of consciousness from being totally wake fear for your life 'cause you're in the middle of an earthquake to being like drifting in and out of dreams yeah you know well you sure you there or you're not there you wait well it was her real without you sitting here car maybe at a road stop you get a six hour drive let me just pull over for an hour and you drifting in not sure if you're asleep
give it just somehow close close my eyes and just start seeing weird as colors and shapes not even high yeah but as i close my eyes and then like now is nothing but certain times it was his weird shapes and just different this looks pretty cool will you bring can make all kinds of funky goals man and they don't necessarily exactly know why it's not like there's a bunch of different things that you can do to make your brain produce certain chemicals like in a row like as far as like you you can like skip rope for twenty minutes and do fifty deep breathing x
as in you'll get into get those like a psychedelic state no one's exactly sure like what what the it is that allows people to get to certain states and whether or not like the way your brain works the same as my brain death you know it doesn't make any sense why would it be yeah we all know what i hear people saying i can't sing at all i hear people saying it and i hear like a beautiful voice like we we're walking by some people the other night in vegas we're on our way to go eat after the fights and then there was the this guy and this girl they were saying and they must be a part of some team or something the money must been some entertainers to their way to good and they were saying and they were singing with each other and they were singing with each other in harmony in this hallway and everybody was like holy shit
'cause they just had a sound that sounds like pew maters to exact that appeal to everybody the side right side my wheelhouse here but my my brain or is super sensitive to when sounds are off and sometimes it you go to if you go to karaoke spot somebody doing karaoke and if they pick the rock songs in a pop songs will sort of be the exact beats the hip hop songs the beats will have this is a different version of it or it is just and it drives me crazy is certain things with music like little shifts a music that drive me crazy i i hate with
saws are i don't like when there's acoustic versions of gangsta rap songs food that makes that drives me crazy sonically is certain just musical things that just piss me it just and that in a man is is i i'm the logical it is a that type of thing well i have to rely leave it yesterday my driver from the airport this is uh he was playing his own mix tape he didn't say he was playing his own mix tape but i could feel that he's planning on mix tape could you play the same music for forty minutes oh my god the rapper name begin with k his name began with kate on the uber an it was bad it was really bad the beach was alright but he's is bad he had no charisma on my and it was just and so now i'm sitting here
yeah alright i just decided i'm gonna take this i'm just take it just take how angry this is making me but i don't want to give him the conversation 'cause he wants me to be a me to say who is who's this anyway me man you really talented how long have you been rapping with our tents pretend i made me and him how long you been rapping man i just been doing it you know just few years match trying get it going so you do play this in the car all the time just listen to yourself all the time what time and just you know especially like my favorite is when is forty minute rides with somebody that just got through traveling for awhile yeah do how loud you playing this shit play a man of lies foggy loud lying and you know what the loud as it is now zero armando been this loud and that that's how i play it i feel you do this your car yeah man is far as them right you know who
he was one song the hook was a don't do it about him what is it black bmw all black bmw is the hook some that was the word in the hook is not the melody necessary 'cause i've been using magic but we would all black bmw oh interesting no uber bars maybe if he changes cars know lyrics suggest know lyrics about but i was just i was just sitting liwat also i get that is la and i get that people are looking for opportunities in trying to make it how about you play maine what do you think you are best one or two songs is oh wait a minute you can say one or two one or two are going to be involved in a serious convo station but this is the song that i made right out from my grandmoms die no
you know i was hanging out and i was like fuck this life so go to saw not me ask it i don't want to bag stuff but i feel like that should be if that's but if that's you songs if that was me that will be my perspective the only forty minute ride hey ask you this what if a guy plays you these two songs and they are awesome and you like holy shit is really good yeah then we do what do i do yeah i mean we say in the car and it won't my tweet it out like this lose my fucking uber driver ethiopian music plus again then try to push that if is amazing and i am and i genuinely fill it and if it's something i want to hear get right because that's the the hallmark of a great song for me of that i gotta keep listens is over right frankel's is dropped new he's
rap is new album finally this song solo on there anne is this simple morgan plan he's just he's saying it's sort of saying wrapping ann it's about good song and i haven't but i believe that i'll listen to a song fifteen times in a row is that interesting yeah is not a lot of things like that like movies definitely aren't like that comedy definitely isn't like that but there's something songs with some stuff with comedy though some stuff for comedy would mean certain timing moves that people do certain bits i will rewind a moment people my ex girlfriends imagine she tolerated but she probably hated it it'll be certain things like a quick a weird thing in a show and i will just bring that shit back bring now run as shit yeah ten times well that's what dice clay's career was kind of built on that
wanted to hear the same things over and over again watts in the bowl bitch oh the whole audience would be screaming it was like one of the first times where was affirmed right but this type of shit our want is not our wine i wouldn't wanna facial expression like a cut two and somebody make a weird and if his right well directed and with our and that type of shit so weird line it was stuff off of a maria bamford show lady dynamite moments of that it was just moment where they broke the fourth wall with patton oswalt talking to her about doing they end up on his cell he was playing a character then he broke and then at that moment was so crazy shit like that without exist is certain lies bojack horseman has a bunch of shit with ologist i would watch the same moment one thousand five hundred and twenty times just 'cause i just think
that little part is funding the same with rap song that certain rap songs where they'll be just twenty second thirty second piece but it dude is just wrapping his ass off an i'll just i'll listen to that for five hundred and ten min straight just like that part i still i still like the whole song but it's a part of it the drop the drop on father stretch my hands by kanye west the the build up to that is that is this you know he sample to the gospel song with the same title father stretch my hands and then is the sample by a few to a like with if ya matsuda just you and it drops it that's what i walk in and like it's crazy and i'll just listen to that if i'm driving around i just listen to that first part like five times and is a certain i just like i don't know i don't know
is that like a small normal thing one hundred thompson used to do that we need to write he's a list in the same song like candle in the wind you still like elton john candle in the wind there's a video of him doing that is sitting in front of the typewriter and he's is writing in the same songs playing over and over again on a loop i tried it before too i flew from new york to la writing the entire way listening to crazy train by ozzy osbourne came with that it was just i went on i was like in a groove i don't remember what i came up with but i remember feeling like because this song i knew with the lyrics were at almost became like a sort of hypnosis yeah see where it has on yeah five hours of the same lyrics over and over and over to our house right a whole five hours i just listen to the train and i typed had some coffee took a leak which i going to do right now bad my second podcast in a row i want to keep going with you but i couldn't piss so bad same server asking questions to him i'll be right back i'm just going to freestyle
rap hey you know what it is now this kid nobody wants that in my head live now by myself i can do anything i want holy shit you see i'm uh voice change when is when he leave when he leave it becomes the real me with her live on the job the experience you know it is we got a bottle what we had today was that we got a god damn clock we got a two pot figuring out of biggie figurine and that lady and free yeah i'm going on to everybody on the hannibal mont anabel experience i'm coming towards your city and less your city is oklahoma city is that on there but i'll come there how is there i've been there before is been good how long have we been taught can you talk in a long ass time two hours deep two hours deep so check me out on tour
cancel mont anabel experience come through 'cause if you don't come to it's going to be embarrassing for me and my family also i bought a building in the mortgage is is crazy i'm kidding a body cast don't worry about me so yeah check me out on tour i hope you having a good time this is men this is it feels like i feel so connected with disconnected right now because he's kerr alive cells back i think it got weird man i gets he didn't get weird jamie was very did you get weird i got weird two voice change so bad to podcasts just no bueno my voice changed not
i was gonna live and he was you know it's good sounds top forty dj no that's i was like well some of ya'll as hannibal do you know what it is it was just it was weird man my whole personality changes because you left sit part it takes that as a compliment that you're so comfortable you to be yourself when you hear yes who this it was more i just i don't even know i don't know it is i just got hyped up i didn't say anything of substance either i could have given three hundred of my eight hundred podcasts i could have eight hundreds of light as a more than i think it's like what is this one is eight thirty six could have given some good advice i could have just you know talked about my mistakes instead i just plug tour dates too that's a good move that's the right move
plug today tiffany to see you anyway and his hand the bull montana bull the hannibal one terrible experience initially just google hannibal montana hannibal it's going my well my twitter going face book and his new instagram thing we could take a video of your day you do a lot of stories i'm not i gotta get a young person around me all the time i can do it but i don't want to i don't want to do that i get the value of doing that i understand but i don't want to it's the same for the same reason different different different thing that i didn't get pokmon go yeah because it sounded it sounds fun and i want to a friend of mine she had on the phone and i messed up this is fun but i don't want to be on my phone that much so i just got to have some internet savvy twenty five have you rode around me all the time mr burn how big churches be
oh i just said it is seven twenty five year old i would make it a push you so high and you like we can work this out no so hot no little ridiculous cartoon tiny waist in in the in the like a box chocolate heart shaped valentine's day box what kind of that jesus does not fair descr ave describing someone unfair hunches could recently and she's cool she likes animal she's like hannibal i don't give a fuck baby i don't give a fuck i'm not for a long time i'm here for a good time and know like let's tell us summer this summer my employee long time good sir you gotta keep it air who tonic pluto you got to keep it all work oriented somewhere work oriented is ten sessional times professional yeah well it's weird see
the idea of people working alongside each other day in day out men and women all group together in these boxes is entirely unnatural when peep would be around each other in the wild they would do it 'cause they like each other you obsessed with the why i am completely back in this day that i never lived in my obsession is in the genetic the density that we have inherited from these people and i think that in the wild men and women never like grouped up together they didn't like each other right but in work they do and it be cray this weird tension were manage themselves and women and trying to them there was no groupon back exactly it's all about group fine now met you you didn't get lucky back then back then you just decided you going to hang out with certain people and the other ones who killed yeah right yeah in fact it was no waiting it out now there's no way to know that just waited it out late night and just hung out of the barn in some got poppin
none of that it either she life because you were just strong and then you brought food and kills it or you do she didn't like you at all you developed the first category figure out how to launch a fucking rock tours the enemy or you small do they see the bad sentences and then out of nowhere how an act jealousy and stepping up you killed the big dude and is used he is small but i guess he's the alpha now climbed on top of his neck and took out a conch shell z i just fans there you go over the cliffs that people in the fucking boats they lit their torches up you find some you good at work hard and you get one from that this trick shot pool players that get hella pussy that should be another meme this trick shot pool players that pussy the world for everybody mel there is for sure well there was
always like pool player groupies that would girls we're really good at pool that would date dudes that were really good at pool yeah yeah hook up with dudes get good at pool anything else they think it will translate no it's not even that makes you put the ball in that hole that he could put his balls and wait what is balls in his shit ball talk by hand i think i can has talk by had ball i like it i'm sorry if i are you for real yeah when i be on it of course is not a road podcast and we'll see if it continues let's do a gig together let's do get together i don't need anything help honest let's do a gig to get to tell me when man let's let's find that will hop in this start with kalamazoo mi holy shit this amount i would be very happy to do a gig with you a we have a lot of time lot of good times you know
and it's one of the crazy thing is about the comedy store is that we all get to hang out together where we never would really work together that much in real life like if you go on the road you take a dude with you to open you everywhere we go we take people with just to open or we have a local guy that we know we have come on we never get to be altogether the comedy store any night a bill like you and d as an error in our yes isn't that there's nothing no place like that it's fun i love watson rose battle a comedy stores to grace amber i love is just if energy in that room little ass belly rome harness on people is packed in there they gotta keep it in that fucking room too yeah fight it off just fight it off no matter what they say about that may room togo in there that's is not the plague how to place for i mean i went to the tv tape indiana montreal oh you got some feelings about it how do you feel about it how did you feel
but i felt good about i enjoyed it i mean i'm also biased because i've seen it i think my first time there but maybe two years ago right close to that in the belly room so so an and i've seen even within a belly room different things they done to the show and that is different things with the dj the the with the wave with the with with the rate this is over there and tweaks that they've made in there to make the show were and so to see something that you've been to a bunch of times in this small space and see it you know be in be in the same spot watching it live is it's cool to see something like that to see that type of aggression it felt you felt amazing man changed my mind i like it better now i think this to madison square fucking garden but yet despite
always has to be to be right in this is uh is different that was like motivational speech for expanding your theater side yeah there's really strong it will is so it was just it was cool to see and it was yeah i i don't think i've had i've seen that the comedians uh a friend of mine that type of progression from you know open michael to to middle active feature access on my do you know cells in being famous but i never saw that with i can't think of us thought it would show because maybe have but just something i attended regularly to see it go from a live show and go there but and enjoyed's alive and then you know have it be live on comedy central hours something cool i enjoy watching that now i was really happy for them
yeah no i i completely agree all jokes aside i mean i think what they managed to do by get now show on the air is pretty monumental 'cause there's a god damn brutal show right yeah what's that they have a web page pull up the comedy central website they have a web page for that show are they going to do a bunch of am i think they gonna do it again cc dot com slash rose back we see it can i see what the page looks like who is the champion my gloria mark lawrence you know my yeah i know him from the store i've seen him around great he's super funny suit great writer think they have all four episodes up for free you don't have to have scroll down a little bit go in and have the bracket now how many different hosts are they going to have what are they going to do for the host is always is jeff ross it and yeah
who is awesome by the way proposes i'm so happy for that dude he's such a good dude so they're not going to fuck with it so it's going to basically be in the same state that it's always been in some other races they can have the first race see here's my only feeling this my only feeling i don't have a problem of them do i don't have a probably but i wouldn't suggest them filming those shows i would suggest them doing those shows filming the fuck rally room shows there is a there's a world in that room when someone's killing like when earl schedule came out for that rose battle thing and just destroyed remember that night he came out with a fur coat do you see that on comedy central do they filmed it and it was it was magic there's ninety people in there and it is much like scar sardines this act is survive in the u you everything he has to be in line when you're killing you know there's like there's a frequency you have to hit and earl was just on that
frequency and when you see someone do something like that in a small room you realize that's the value of the small room yeah when a small room is is that yeah yes this is a video of those guys but when when you're in a small there's earl when you're a small room like that and you just let it all hang out there's a weird fucking enerji to that there's a weird connection to that it's different than anything else it's way different than a big place like a big place is nice it's beautiful to be there it's to be a part of like ten thousand people came to see rose battle yay but the best show is that ninety seat belly room or eighty seat whatever the fuck it is fire codes one of the best jokes i've heard there i wish i could remember this comedians name but is set out you know you have a job does new
ooh this sounds like it's from the 50s or 60s just in structure and brevity right this this guy he says it is girl he says she's in an on and off relationship with her boyfriend is on when he sees her body off when he sees her face oh oh shit i did you could only that sound like the way it sounds like you heard it before but i haven't heard it before now i never heard before right sure i sound like but it is something some old city google would say which we never that a fucking we have hurt many great jokes that but that was just stuck in my they just found the eighth never time ran a saurus rex skull in montana that's right up there with that people find shit sometimes like why is no one found this call they just didn't
now we saw that combination of words it's perfect meanwhile some dude right now in the midwest screaming that's my big big does my best my fuck i bet crazy somebody might have come up with that and we don't even know we just never heard it it might be an open mic are they might come up with it three solid weeks ago might have put it on youtube we might be fucked these days man i saw a bunch of ryan lochte jokes yes i do name joke over and over and over again is robbed about interim line yeah like now would be a good time to robam like i saw that like like everybody everybody would think that anybody do jokes about getting his sponsorships endorsement deals that seem like he's just dropped the hunger dropped they draw a bunch of him today and so part of me that he won for body hair removal one wait a minute ok so they
so speedo speedo speedo hey everybody they want to wear your shit isn't in great shape so how about you look at main animal birds that's good point successful samsung representative also while the stuff coming up that's where a lot of things that are more pitchman irons in the fire i have a horrible lifestyle horrible health black isn't great skin i look great on camera good smile speedo people like me i look people in the eyes when i talked about shake their hands and i always look in the eyes when i do shots too there's neon orange speed of beetles who else did ryan lochte lose just are unlikely also first of all i've been to brazil never had a problem first of all he shouldn't lied about that it would seem like something he did need to lie about da also fuck swimmers being celebrated like that i like it that this cell
great it i wish like walkers we celebrated i wish we could what is walking who can walk the fastest yes walker who gets celebrate it all stay alive who's women we could have a holder breath are olympics where people hold their breath the longest let's do that too i like swimming too many stroke just throw rocks stewie strokes the fur this rocks strokes i respect i respect this whatever this is the regular hours this what is the regular i don't even know what is wrong with it but you know when you get into this the freestyle when you get into this i can't fuck with for the people that are just listening regular you throwing your are you over the head like you see in the but when you're doing your shoulders with the goofy sit and was one of like that the breath the flash struck the ground okay get out he would just breaststroke nobody cares that is it michael phelps gets twenty two gold medals yeah but a buzzard
love was swimming like a goofy ass hole that nobody swims like get outta here he's not the greatest olympian he swims in water damn that's a good point here like that it was a good place so much of them so how many times you got away from danger when the water should i'm so how often do you have to swim away from danger you might save a couple that use a he will save some lives he can run fast however internet i got i got out or somebody's attacking him i'm out of him you saying but did you usually not around water like that to get away from danger search point like watch many strokes why limit the way you move like if you're going to well like why you have to swim a very specific way if this breaststroke thing was so good would it be the fastest way to do this well yeah let's let's pretend and let's pretend this the only shitty way we know how to swim which is fun throw our arms in of ourselves like we're parting the curtains like those beads at the poor
section of the video store before they were dvrs and u n and you'll pardon close days of they don't have the fucking breaststroke they don't have this stroke if they don't have this then why not just have a fucking confidence competition where you just run but you hide me in the whole time very good hi let's have backwards running if you got the backstroke was there's no back was running in the olympics from now on you call that that move the porn section that is you parting the beads are hanging i bet when they when video games went under or excuse me videos video rentals went under i bet the bead industry drop substantially i've been a big part of their profits was beating off the porn sections i'm dating myself here you you guys don't even understand yes about the onions when i was a boy but i was well i your credit is you could rent videos and you rent
porn videos ever go to bat can yell drunkenly for me for one minute drunkenly when i was kid hannibal reburrus can't handle his bladder i guess i hung in there folks i did my best but louis theroux doing that podcast with him for three hours and then i had some water like an asshole in between could hang in there folks i'm so sorry what we just talking about jamie are you paying attention what but lost it god dammit janet ex olympic slip the swimming swimming while limiting your movements is it ridiculous like that the idea that some of to say okay you can swim
can't swim at your best swimming some goofy way it's not efficient go ahead try that is if somebody could just do breaststroke only versus a freestyle swimmer they would never went right no way right there's a mutt why most olympic events are events that we're looking at anyway i'm confused that well i'm a super big fan of curling so i'm going to tell you to fuck off right now you ever watch that animal you ever see curling and years ago and everyone else got excited about it with the winter olympics i was in i think it was newfoundland newfoundland newfoundland forget it yeah yeah great time nice people
when long time ago yeah i know yeah you imply novel and i go back i would you knew from the way to do it totally do it why haven't you done i do we're chess is this is business only a certain amount you have to ask your agent learners are filled up very quickly with metropolis areas will have you been an ambassador but you have seen from point being i tried a roni asleep to make fun of curling while i was in newfoundland the hallway state always the place we were at how these photos of people curling so to do with the broom and the dude with the fucking hockey the giant roided out hockey puck their slide across the ground it's so good feet try to ronas meaning that tried joking around about it and they would not win it oh come on they loved it they love their curling sorry yeah i don't understand it but i guess i don't have to you don't have to they like it they like you
wolf and then and we should go to new for a while you watch it for like an hour so you kind of get compelled like who the fuck is going to win this thing yeah stupid this book gives baseball let's do it let's do newfoundland ok i'm in but you know you're black right visit man just kidding it's canada are the nicest people on the earth or is it like swedish people over in sweden they not the nicest people on earth i think is the same way sometimes sometimes is southern hospitality and is sometimes a southern passive aggressiveness and eight is talk horribly behind your back right and that's like well i was talking about this to somebody recently that like try to imagine the fact that one thousand eight hundred and sixty five when slavery was abolished was less than two hundred years ago trying to imagine what two hundred years is 'cause it's only two lifetimes two people being
live from birth to death as two hundred years so these people who very help the people very healthy very lucky people so stock in this probably net slaves right exactly this slaves i live in the beach conditions are dead exactly you don't have access to the to anything said on of the the yeah the glue you're free to you know have the this gm well the slaves slaves are getting a fresh pressed juice soda you know this this cut it's a three sixty seventy is says yeah if you're super lucky and that is only a short amount of time ago in no one understands that today is we we an intellectual eyes it we can think about it we can put into our heads and try to figure it out no one could figure that out today in those a lot of those areas of the country that are just poisoned by those old stupid ideas there's just stuck in there man
in areas of the world there's a lot of weird areas of the world is poisoned by old stupid ideas i am i think we should do no filler for yes i think we just say look danita joe rogan new from lou filling to get it let's do another one somewhere else like saskatchewan this gas so what what one uses schedule on january when he get crazy i met some connect i was in when i was in minneapolis in there that you need i think they might have been from his gatson widening like you need to cut they work but it was some tourism invention or something you need to come look saskatchewan juju edmonton i've done i think that i'm do you to do in edmonton and calgary on this tour to the river cree in edmonton the casino that is fantastic that is fun man that's not fun fucking place i like edmonton man they're good fucking people there just stuck
some weird spot that's like really cold for like four months of the year what is what is our oil money right is that a money so is you got these these people would know some sometimes no they just come the high school and make six figures yeah well the canadian too there's something about canadians like their culture does not support this like the world domination idea that united states sort of has ingrained in us where the police of the world for good or for bad writes a lot of but mostly bad yeah right the canadians don't have this they're not exist can i just create a good life and yeah they're just people and
there's a real value in that but there's also like this idea that the only way canada would exist is if the united states is below it for protecting it because we're such a fucking gangster country so that's the idea that i think makes total sense if you're looking at it objectively but god damn it makes for some nice folks 'cause i think maybe my all time favorite people anywhere i think the nicest people that do it shows that i was drawing numbers in canada at good spots at in three hundred four hundred seat spots easily before i was doing it over that make sense i remember doing shows in vancouver over two thousand and eleven and ran so played the horseshoe do in twenty eleven and then coming through first time that's what light credits and then getting it holy shit that yeah
they come in the fuck with me i couldn't you know used first start doing are you start hidden some splashing what the fuck i got people here yeah ask what canada was when i started getting office i was thinking what is it wasn't big money but it was just to have that it was vancouver i forget the promoters name but i played maybe the rick shaw or some and horseshoe tavern in toron toe at five years ago and just being shocked that it was that many people that it was site it was it was it was just happened earlier over them and you know what you gotta do in toronto next time you there you gotta do the weed shop was that we chat over the amish show ever showed it right they have a front room where they sell bongs and like rolling papers and shit and then you go in the backroom
backroom doesn't have any air it's all just pot smoke you breathe in and pot smoke does know where there's nowhere left the the the the candles candles on the table there are running on pot smoke and promises there's no fucking error that room and it's all just pot smoke and get high before you go on stage and then you go on stage and then it's preposterous everybody is in a god damn coma it is ranges comedy show you've ever done it nobody wants that for me this is what you need do your regular show first and then head over to that place around one thousand two hundred and thirty am you know what i mean too 'cause i do i thc capsules me too and if is it 'cause they mellem 'cause i get i guess so weird and in my head sometimes where i can't so that's a more and less i'm a little drunk a little or something else i'm not able to enjoy
myself hi alot especially if i'm in a situation where a recognizable well people regular if i'm high on we and people recognize me your word out i give weird it the fuck out it's understandable blows my i will like what am i doing what is life would i choose when it was going on what do these people what are you talking to me why do this what do i do this i just get if i'm high i have is just can't handle it we need to hang out more sure definitely but these capsules hold your hand figuratively cc capsules i took it is dispensary shouted native roots in denver and i'm smooth on also that yeah i think i i think maybe the way i smoke i shouldn't be out and about so
spoken is it should be just chilling watching some shit play some video games but my weed smoking never i just never for if i can't create a cig ways with nobody can talk to me and that's how i need to be at or the capsule the capsules i can talk to caps move me out and i alright take a note i'll this shit is it is great and i feel good and i feel i can do stand up on him i can't smoke weed and do stand up but i can take a capsule and be i understand hum do you know the difference between eating and smoking it slightly but i'm ready for this exquisite chemical
difference like girl you smoke it's t h c he eat it that with the compound of the marijuana is process by your liver produces something called eleven hydroxy metabolite okay it's way more psychoactive it's like four to five times more psychoactive thc so you don't want the capsules no talking about anytime you eat eat it i don't like edibles if you're taking a cap so you're eating it but it does it doesn't matter it's like if it's if it goes through digested tracked and it's processed by your liver it takes a little bit about in an hour or so depending upon the dosage and how strong it is yeah and you know what the a full stomach i guess probably probably has some to do with it but when this process by your liver it produces this weird cycled psychedelic drugs it's very very different than just regular pie i don't know for some reason the capsules i feel way smoothed on and then just smoking somebodies joint do you know how many milligrams are in those capsules i think is ten
that's good that's a really reasonable dose and that's the good news about marijuana like medical marijuana going nationwide as you can take a reasonable dose like ten milligrams and it's therapeutic for your body feels good you relax nobody gets hurt also you have somebody explained until you what would it that's what i i mean i wish i bought way more in denver and also if you can just mail me i'll send you money you hook you up relax don't say anymore yeah you're gonna get catfished by a cop graph is back up who do bro there's one button is going to be fake copy of your problems like this dudes fucking weirdo girl a girl later i'll go for this tiny waste waste like my wrist and they don't like to do stuff fast like an explosion giving people in that awful this is one of then at some dot hard
i have a few usually thoughtful women aren't classic lee beautiful wow what arnold that really hurts a one online thinking about my mom right now online's carson is going to reach out to you then like the model is not going to reach out to you hey what do you need that shit do you need something the model chick reach how to say hey you wanna hang out but now i'm going to reach out like a model chick is not recently i got this for you asshole two fingers in the pussy gripping like a fucking bowling ball now but it did not go say hey you need this you want to hang out they never say you need rest of our recommendations it's good point you know they used to all the attention anyway so they just said yeah it's good point
yeah they just they want to test the waters in hannibal burris ain't playing games ladies ok unless you're ready to go to defcon four you ready oh i got high standards me too what i think i want kids right do you know what age when you have your third or fourth hotel are there more kids in three years three hundred and twenty three years that's a good move i saw this pregnant woman on the l train in new york and but she was one she's one of those was she didn't she just looked like her stomach was bigger it nothing else affect like perfect makeup just dressed now is in a nice dress she have a wedding ring on i wanted to i just wanted to ask her if everything was ok if she was with the dude
like she was so beautiful at kept looking at i know she felt me looking at our probably weirded out she was so beautiful i started picturing myself arguing with the real father five years from now i started picture myself on the train holding hands are there i started pitching myself five years from now at the ellen this dude outside the house in jersey hey do you better chance yeah you like your calculus you just a sperm down are you looking at her beautiful kind of real dot i'm the real dead you calculating the potential for future joy being with that person with perfect bone structure you willing to take a chance put your whole life how is this darren just like oh my god look get it was you ok hey baby you ok that's what i was saying are you ok would say i'm her here go ahead i'm looking down
just shake my head i'm just like i every now and then i was going to swat hands she's only here on a train come on the train hey good though do i know i look good see this is the thing i would guess i would not even if you turn on it's raining on a train on the train if i don't have anything organic like i was something crazy happened how did i'm not asking for real life this isn't law and order i know this is like well ok i'm the girl ready to grow sorry i just accidentally put my face in your pussy
who's baby is that in there is he in the babies life do you put a long life with him hi i'm financially stable not quite a mostly but i'm getting there and on that note ladies and gentlemen this podcast is a rap hannibal mont anabel torah go to hannibal burris on twitterorhannibalburst dot com animal birds that tom yeah take me out on tour hannibal tennis ball experience come throat segment i'll be on a roll and we're gonna do yeah there's a new film and we remain on it we make this should happen thank you so much thank you so much a lot of fun thank you so much for tuna noon into the park thanks a caveman coughing caveman coffee c dot com go there get yourself some caveman nitro two hundred and seventy fucking milligrams of caffeine
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