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2016-08-24 | 🔗
Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of "The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption" and "The Consuming Instinct"
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oh there try that used to cut where'd rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements my friends my guest today is a wonderful and brilliant gentleman named gad sad he has a sad truth on youtube as a d he is a professor in montreal quebec canada just a vulcan awesome guy i really love him he's always fond to talk to his brilliant in an incredibly well read and informed and we had a great time and i hope you enjoy our talk so give it up folks for god side the job will gain experience and we're back it's our tat we ve been
join us southern california whether sir my my biggest problem every day is to decide which beach between ellie and san diego to hit one brandon bragging about you lacks problems my privilege life your brown privilege my brown let's like of bronze it's a very bronze i know a guy in a few days it'll settle in and that's when the true glory of gatt comes a billiard vitamin d levels of all time high minded to the man for the montreal winters do supplement when you're in the winter in montreal i dont you die hunter percent vitamin data to critical factor or i just come back to the issue when winter them that's how i got myself that's enough you dare vitamin d that's a big thing with the apparently with people who live in seattle in the winter is taking vitamin d and even son tanning beds you know really son sun tanning beds although it's counter to it if you think they're really bad for you to actually not that bad for you
burn yourself to good at this study if while a paper i wrote it it was a theoretical paper with a dermatologist a few years ago when we looked at some evolutionary explanations for the capital biology of some tanning so if i were to ask me now without you knowing anything about it or not much what i wish everyone who do you what's the typical demographic of the sort of obsessive santana merrill's but there were women burn single and they usually tend to discount the future consequences for the immediate benefits right right and cigarettes surprised smoke is obvious as a matter whether i'll get melanoma when i'm seventy three i'm going tonight to the party in power we might be there another and so we sell so with this this there phenomena had written to me was doings fellowship and said look i've got a spot on my research requirements that have to write a paper tonight you know you're the big researcher can i do a paper with you i said but you're dermatologist what can we talk
and then i thought well let's do the evolutionary routes have some there and that's how that paper came to me is how an evolutionary there what's evolutionary about girls i dont think about the future while no it's it's are their particular ways that we can predict the demographics of people who do certain behaviour so for example pathological gambling who do you think is likely to succumb to that affliction pathological gambling i would say manner with all that man all men in their thirties low status lost out on average i'll go and the reason is because it it's one of a multitude of strategies to acquire resource
right and it's the same reason that men rob banks not women and so you could look at us another one eating disorders who do you think succumbs to eating disorders more an erection revolts and particular ok women women now typically the social sites explanation has always due to exposure to media images brought about turns out to be a laughably false premise lies at laughable so he was ever share angle ogre hypocrisy is founder of modern medicine two thousand plus years ago had documented the exact same ip demi ology of eating the sore disorders and women so it certainly cannot be because of media right so that there must be something biological that explains the sex specificity of these different
dark side could some folks and so the evolutionary perspective is too then look at to the extent that these human universals manifest themselves in exactly the same way across time and place what might be some of these biological drivers compulsive buying almost exclusively women ninety percent women pornographic since almost exclusively mail and web of assisting with this one was just about this one the but the interaction of rosa you first when you turn him on hypocrisy is you're talking to one loan individual so completely anecdotal piece of evidence and he said that women were throwing up the status symbol back then for women to be overweight so they actually it's it's a good question eating disorders are much more likely to occur and cultures of plenty brain precisely
because the argument is that you can shut off your reproductive window today because what happens when you so here's the evolution angle when you when you suffer from eating disorder the first thing that happens physiology you get was called i'm an area the primary eminem area is where you haven't had your menzies yet and now they don't come on there's no offense those arguments recycled use it you say menzies dementia zella the technical term for the fancy to africa hence it sounds like some little kid cod mamma and get my menzies now secondary malaria is where you already had your menstrual cycle and that's shut off once you become once you have an erection ok what happens when you have an arrest when you have an area is at you you're you're a productive potential shut and so what evolutionary scientists have found is that it turns out that when women suffer from entering rosa there is some environmental trigger that their being exposed to
rightly so or wrongly so that they think they should shut if their men cease their reproductive potential for a better future gents out i'm saying woe so when it never give you the background to this there is a model called the reproductive suppression model found in other mammalian species that's a cow so if you take a cow what would be the biggest environmental threat that it faces other than predators what would you think tainted water food or just how much food she can how right brandish access to enough calories to sustain gestation right right well it turns out that in and mammalian species a wide range of emily species so how there was a mechanism and evolutionary mechanism that either causes the females of the species to either shot off their reproductive window or if their already pregnant and there's an environmental input that says hey this is not look good what do you think happens to their body where they do the delay aboard the field they aboard the fetus raw and now posed neatly you have infanticide
so in this case you have the child but realize for whatever environmental reason that it's not going to be fruitful to raise that child and you buy if you see it than human cultures when typically the one who was killed as the last born as you would expect because the other chill but now you ve invested quite a bit in them and so if you're going to get rid of some of your genetic package you go into the one that you ve invested listen so all of these mechanisms that are part of something called the reproductive suppression model the idea is that eating disorders is a special and sensation of that because what the eating this where is doing its shutting off your reproductive potential because you're getting a malaria right but is that absolutely connected to why women get anorexic because it could easily be just a side effect of them wanting to be ridiculously skinny i get that like would understand with a cow with something that's living in a very wild life a wild world
this animal welfare is eating grass and when resources are depleted like nature kicks in but there but there's no conscious decision making process when a woman is deciding to be anorexic at least theirs form of decision making process that wants her to lean towards a slimmer physique so that speaks to a very interesting distinction and so bear with me as i said ok there's something in evolutionary theory known as proximate versus ultimate explanations wrongs with an actually that speaks to the article that i had sent you as one of the points i discuss an article proximate explanations in science explained the how and the work of something much of science operated the proximate level if you want to explain what diabetes is exactly physiologically speaking you explain it at the proximate level ultimate explanation is the darwinian why why would something have evolved to be of that form or less
discuss it in relation to something related to eating disorders pregnancy seconds so pregnant he sickness is a phenomenon that women experience around the world this universal phenomenon found in all cultures approximate explanation might be or approximate exposure might be how do shifts in a woman's estrogen levels the severity of her symptoms that's a question the ultimate question is why have women devolved that physiological response before i give the answer guess what that might be why do they developed as the ultimate response so why is it that women experience prejudice by like call it pregnancy things but i mean that the typical colloquial terms morning second
but some women don't experience it in the morning i have no idea why someone you eddie there so pregnancy sickness happens during the first trimester of gestation during a period called organ or genesis this is when the fetus is developing its main organs during that particular period is particularly important that the and not be exposed to food pathogens territorial men than that might harm the developmental pathway of the fetuses organs there for all of the mechanisms that she experiences attraction to certain foods pickles of repulsion from other foods the the feeling of feeling you'll be nauseous the throwing up all of those built in mechanisms are evolved mecca it seems that are meant to protect possibly the fetus from being exposed to territorial and it's perfectly times
that whence organ of genesis ends that's when the pregnancy sip symptoms and so the difference between proximate an ultimately not that one is a better explanation and the other is that you need both levels of explanations to perfectly understand something that makes total sense but what it doesn't necessarily apply to why women become anorexic because the the desire to be slim to look very thin and public is very strong because of social media or media rather i mean depictions of women there always almost impossibly slim and then on top of that they also had photoshop to it so in the end there lose their explanation to the eating disorders story as there is something the environment that the woman in question is thinking is a threat to her could you think the same thing as the cow felt for the lack of calories can you think in the human context what my
be such a threat does europe thing so well and not enough what would be such as for example if you feel rightly or wrongly right doesn't doesn't matter women whom jack the leech true or not whatever she feels is what reality is right if she feels that there isn't going to be sufficient either can support extended can support when she raises a chop or the most likely thing is partner support if she feels that there is likely to be a good partner who is going to support her since whereby parental species then she engage and shutting down her reproductive window hence what you said is true at the proximate level reagan her thinking can become this this ordered so that she actually looks at herself in the mirror even though she's only seventy pounds and she still thinks that she's fat but that's approximate explanation but the explanation that i've given you is the ultimate darwinian white together they make a full complete explanation of the phenomena so
it doesn't occur in people that have very healthy relationships with a spouse or at risk is much more rarely much more rare exactly so the research shows the evolutionary shows that the environmental threats equivalent to lacking of grazing area for the cow is lack of extended can support or made support to the woman that makes sense that makes sense because it is primarily single women right does that they have anorexia and that's why by the way you see it and cultures of plenty rather than in ethiopia because you would expect that the woman who shuts off her reproductive potential today hey it's because she's hoping that in some future state things will be better for her to get back on the report of train when you're in ethiopia i dont have a chance to shut off my reflected presidential i need to get the food tomorrow i'm going to die while interesting
but what that still doesn't cover is hypocrisy is so he pocket is just one guy right who had sufficient data base at the time to describe the findings in very similar form the current ones what i'm saying basically is that if it were that its due to media images then well either have media images in that time right i mean so how would it be that an ancient greece it is also the case that it is only women who experienced an erection votes or what did he describe what was he talking about the specifics i don't know i haven't read the the original it's kind of a horse ya know i call you just did that aren't like depictions of women like its desirable for them to be overweight depends on i'll try me that i used the usual universal that we typically talk of in terms of body types is that it be an hour glass figure which actually is going to speak the second point that of a paper
send you so an evolutionary theory what we do typically as we build what are called normal logical networks of chemotherapy in other words when you're trying to make an evolutionary argument if you don't just come up with a post hawk story a sum people who the understand evolutionary theory like to say that all we just concoct these post hawk speculative evolutionary stories as a matter of fact the eventually threshold that evolution is typically seek to achieve it we very high so let's take the hourglass figure for example so what is some data that would convince people that men have evolved the penchant for the hour glass figure so let's go through somebody's you ready ok what is some data yet so in other words voice if i wanted to convince you unequivocally of the adaptive argument the evolution argument as to why men might prefer the hourglass furthermore be besides they should have bigger hips would make it easier for her to breed ll
our job fat deposits in the breasts in the ass it makes it healthier she is fat storing for she's we shall have healthy offspring sodomy jump in sulaco so if you had medical and reproductive data that shows that women who have that particular body type are more likely to conceive then that would be one check short and we have it then we might look for human universals of that preference in other words we want some use data from you see ellie undergrad to tell us what types of body types would prefer we go to the a more tribe in the amazon and ask them what type of body types they prefer and so on so if you then a straight the universality of that preference that's another check now we could look at art data you you pointed to some of the depictions through the mask reuben it we could look at them from ancient greece from ancient egypt the faroes and so on from africa from india and we could take the statues from those cultures spanning several thousand years and do occur
an analysis of the statues and show that they they come very close to that hourglass figure we could take if that's not enough data this one's gonna clinch it for you but theres many others that i could give you you could take congenitally lined men these are men who have never had the gift of sight and you could show have thickly through touch that they prefer women that have the hourglass figure which which immediately negates the possibility that is due to the fact that they were taught those preferences through the media right so you systematically collect data from multiple converging lines of evidence where that that data becomes overwhelming it becomes unassailable and that's how you built in adaptive argument so kind hurry to all the guys who say oh evolution has just come up with these cute post hawk stories were actually proof finally more meticulous and assiduous in the data that we collect well is
really been established that so many men prefer soft mushy hourglass type figures is supposed to hard body the women how many women are you let these blind guys grope i got they getting a relay study sample use rome or dislike because i like it good we got it well that the particular date where the concern of the blind man i think the only had maybe two or three man against a wait a minute i guess you let them up mannequin so all the day that i gave you is not enough now you're gonna tat magic of the gutter have i bring up strippers mean to hurry what is our man again well because probably might be difficult to have the ethics approval board of universities have young young blind
or maybe they're not young feel off a bunch of women while i guess the ethics bore doesn't like science because he catches judge what a guy likes and women by eleven am touch a doll that's ridiculous but let's shit science ok well isn't that out look every every study has some methodological constraints right not thou ones easy to fix by real women be nice i'm sure a lot of women would sign up for that it well maybe why are we rely didn't they try that seems so that you can i hope by the way that i must speak i hope that the news mannequin so let's find out what's the name to study jimmy two thousand ten he just do condemn so blind man and waste embrace shows and they'll come up i don't come up on the jamie board of truth the jamie truth occur the internet by the way you could you could take a samurai right brain imaging stuff of men that are exposed to women of different ways to help ratios
and their pleasure centres in their brain light up more when exposed to women that have that our vast figure so again the data is unassailable because it comes from a multitude of countries multitude of time periods using different methods not denying that men and gave way that what i'm saying is that that satellite study by using our glass figures on a mannequin set our desolated limit bill on that i i in one of my papers i looked at sex dolls right sex kyle convenient money to look at six dollars for a paper right so i was in that paper i just went to i cannot predict that the companies name it's a real doll probably one of those was it out like a realistic one i'm having get them at home measured them it's the iranian woman that looks like a perfect it looks like a person and they advertise their measurements and as you would expect the average waste
happily their hair color changes in their skin color changes but the average ways to help ratio was close to that point seven and so here what you're demonstrating that marketers right these guys that our producing these products are producing products that are in line with our evolve preferences if they didn't do that if they produced sex dolls that look like east german fee male slash male swimmers it's not going to work well cyclist how dare you those are women i think yet after the intersection away from the amendments that would do well the olympic is a fascinating place to jump off at that but now that so i think ok the enemy anatomy of desire the two africans to side by side blah blah blah car van mobile vans mannequin yes just americans the shit study they of easily gotten strippers published in one of the top size yours but still the publisher all day some fuckin manikin why wouldn't you
get real women right speak to them the way that would be route while even the woman who is like not chosen you don't know mean some some guys my bill i kinda petite slim under model type works what is it going to me is that men are really attracted to that model shape now it's weird because women oftentimes think that men are because they see these models in these magazines and i think that does lean towards a desire for some women to get into that anorexic state because he sort of get this body this morphia thing going on by looking at the is almost completely unrealistic depictions i mean i know people were actually bill i thought but there strictly rare right it's like knowing someone who's billig professional basketball player they absolutely exist but boy good luck finding one in a random day refining some seven foot tall super awfully right yeah lightly
as all sorts of differences between what images that you see sometimes and like people truly prefer i think it's really strange how women always want to paint it as women being victimized by these unrealistic body images but you never hear the same from men when it comes to body builders when men see a guy who's just giant muscles that bees big six packing looks like a stud men never saw feel like there being victimized by these unrealistic body to promote high right i mean most of the guys that you see as leading men on average tend to be taller than the nor right so on being victimize cause i'm a shorter guy as if you don't if you forgive me for saying as you're right so how can we don't complain about you know short guys need love as well about social status right typically you see the sixth the depiction say in romance novels i've given this example on previous occasions i am not sure if i did on your show but if you if you study the archetype of masculinity in the romance novel
they're fabio its landing or his exact same guy right he's all his account and he's neurosurgeon he's he's reckless in terms of his risk taking he can only be taken by the of this one woman he wrestles alligators on his chest six back his usually not a pear shaped how many these books and reading man reading them every single day i just recommended for sunday but but the reality is that that the product works because there is a commonality what women fantasize about brand whether she's romanian or nigeria no japanese she likely prefers a high status tall offer mail to a nasal pear shaped wimp anne and incidentally describing a rude i am i am though
walking off a male side i could call you some cause your bid younger than me slightly but i've got grey hairs so maybe i can get away with that appellation but no look up products at work well are typically those that can growth with our human nature and those that not will typically fail i just a voice wondered why women claimed victim status when they're there being compared to unrealistic body images but men don't because i think and that's that scanner relates to social justice orders i have proposed the theory of one thousand syndrome we are you hurt me not what it is so much as a symbol for those for the viewer so dont know is this are you get sympathy and attention by being victim and saw you fain an illness to get attend one thousand syndrome by proxy is when you heard some one else was in your care typically an elderly person or a pet or typically your biological child because that will govern you garner you
empathy points at well so than to answer your question why women do that because someone and ultimately i trapped in a sort of big bunch housing love fast where i need to constantly get reaffirmation empathy by being the vigour to the extent that western women have been liberated from all of the typical problems that we see in other parts of the world have got to look for new victim narrative and wounded well isn't it also though that it is an unrealistic body shape and that they do feel completely completely impossible task for a lot of women were built like normal people have you seen the body shapes of males superheroes in toys yet living mason shit that's right they look at yourself what about the rest of us that without locally feel how can we not the fiddler that's what i'm asking why did wise munch thousand syndrome more apparent in women than it isn't meant incidentally it in the true form of which housing in terms of harming child it's usually always
biological mother exactly right so it's just a matter cessation of that phenomenon in a new context exactly right that's enough why wouldn't ifs phrase it that way out phrase it in a more of a term of frustration and some sort of a psychological disorder i would think that women are just frustrated with this sea one a difference is being that if woman is large bound or low he or she has a wide waste or something that is very little she can do to try to achieve that model shape whereas if a man is slight he can lift weights and you know a lot of food and go to get a personal tran do us squads dead lives and build his body up like a man can make his body look more masculine it's very difficult outside of sir ready for a woman to change the shape of her body she can get in shape and if she's overweight chicken diminished thatch lose some fat sugar you now put some meat our butner legs and but she can't like grow breasts you now she
can't she can't do anything that would make her appear more outwardly feminine say i'm saying by that exactly speaks to some of the of that people feel towards evolutionary psychology em you hit the nail the nail on the head because there is wrongly so there's this idea that evolutionary theories sort of biological determinism right if people prefer faced they symmetric faces and if my feet he's not patiently symmetric then i'm doomed to tune in to a life of totally my thumbs and life of celibacy right and that's why there's this narrative that became famous would naomi wolf or not you know that as he she wrote a book that salt i don't know how many millions copies called the beauty myth which i actually critique and my first book i talked about the myth about the beauty myth in the beauty myth basically she she provided this liberal tory argue
against these beauty standards and his her argument which i will summarize very quickly she basically says look women are now winning in every facet of life and the only place that men can still cause harm to women that they could still dominate women and this can speak to one of the points that you re is by creating this false narrative about the types of women than men prefer and by pushing this narrative it makes women feel insecure about themselves whoa hold on so her proposal is that the only reason that this exists it men are trying to harm women's conspiratorial theory larry she be a lot of fun out was she's she's life she's a again she's and issues raised the iron stove still very productive but you know again it's it's it's a message that sells because if i am a unattractive if genetically speaking i
dont score well on some of these universal metrics of beauty i would much rather here story that basically says oh it's all due to arbitrary construction of beauty standards is not there's nothing in about these right i think there's a lot of women that are very intelligent the run into asshole men so many times that they develop this distorted perception of what a man is and so they could formulate this theory and feel justified in rio and so is it just run into so many weak bitches out there and they start that all men are trying to harm them all men are trying to hurt her feelings bright and that this this theory is valid in her eyes because its base on the anecdotal evidence it she's acquired through her whole life of running it i mean obviously she's very intelligent shredding books you probably far more intense the most dementias come in contact with in social formulated this theory based on her own personal have to protect our own ego samia but there's directs there's a direct nationally as a man there is a huge difference
how you you react how your body feels when you're around a classically attractive woman i got let's classic attractive like i feel a ran in her prime when you around a you'd be just go jesus like your hands would get sweaty your heart would start beating it start freaking out it is a hundred percent natural and there's there's no like oh i want to enforce this because it will make other women feel like shit like that that has not yet there is a real genetic propensity and doesn't it as though that should be so trip billy by now to accept it not for someone who's empowered woman who doesn't see any way of achieving right so if you don't it's like a man could do steroids and live wade's become a giant bodybuilder type dude if that's what he was really into and you could achieve that through time and effort could be done but fro
woman to look like one of those women it's impossible if you are not built like that are not built like that and that's how i go such are you a quick story that i discussed in one of my other books it was a documentary that i had watched on speed dating i think it was where there was a profoundly overweight woman at five hundred pounds who is basically arguing that you know it's unfair that all these men at the speed dating event are not paying closer attention to her under their its unfairly they ve been taught to internalize all these arbitrary sexist standards of beauty let us such eads was really sir yeah long now but so this so on the one hand if you're unattractive to an overly overtly overweight woman than you are a fattest but on the other hand doesn't that isn't the other side of the coin if you prefer very overweight
women then there's the narrative that you are fetish sizing our you know excess meat so if you prefer an overweight woman you're a bad guy and if you dislike overweight women your father's is no state of the world where someone was accused of being an asshole the world we live in well not just a world of just so many different people with varied opinions that are trying to justify their own physical condition chair really what humans have fragile egos there's a new study that they put out recently about the the myth of healthy obesity because i've seen that read many times over a red that rather many times were bore trying to justify their own obesity by saying that theirs is distorted perception whether or not people are healthy because they are thin and then in fact there are some diseases and this is kind of true sums what sort of weird contradiction there's sums
disease where people actually do better than recover because are overweight but the reason for this is not because being overweight is healthy the reason for that is there's a lot of diseases where you don't taken any new trance why you're sick and so your boss he goes into a state of ketosis where starts burning fat and you're better off using that fat for fuel if you are over wait than if you are very lean person was no fat burn then your bodies it's burning off tissue muscle tissue she's much less healthy for much more danger incidentally what you said that there is i think now a movement to start fattest studies you know how you have women studies and peace study so fast these than heart it was exactly what you let off with which is the idea that there is this kind of medical conspiracy that's pushing a false narrative the basically says being overweight is a bad thing when it there is no such evidence now there is evidence of gain all sorry folks input
that study it's it's it's really can interesting because it so black and white as tourists really know arguing about it for it is not two ovary she's not that's not good to tax your body you know having a little bit of fat is not that bad study suggest healthy obesity might just be a myth suggested vigorous health interventions may be necessary for all obese individuals now that's a fact but everyone knows that you know that that's why you see that fat woman and people get repulsed it's not because they're mean its he goes because they're taught to think that that's not an objective standard or beauty it's just you see someone fat negro all this is a mess is someone who's must be emotionally fragile because their birth there throwing food on their faces clearly have an addiction to sugar or two simple carbs mean they're they're there definitely trying to make up for something in others this this idea that people are just naturally more fat well that's not true
because if you look at their diet it's almost oh is in support of maintaining a giant body minutes this idea that some people can while there are people that have humming bird type metabolisms and they can ding dong ordains doorway ninety pounds yeah that's a freak that is a rare you know my sister was like that message his tiny her more nicknames peewee this week or but when we were kids she was always show is way like a hundred pounds chicken fuck you eat anything she could try she could have a stake she could eat ice cream ninety pounds i mean this just what she waiter maybe an exaggeration by one hundred five items and i guess she just had that crazy metabolism is just the way it is but that's super unusual right from us finally ovary i've positive shoe photos answer from you of yourselves myself nineteen eighty five i see that was the first time that i have come to call for visit my when you're soccer play your decidedly for five percent body fat
and of course i said you really checked i did get a check the other carriers right private calipers and the electric conductivity test the electric thing sucks i've done that electric think network is one thousand railways submerging submerging right but i swear to you i wouldn't electric thing apparently your dehydrated they can be off there's a lot like very fact as its it a lot of it is by my big using a bad one but i've been using was one of in a doctor's office but he was even explained to me that it can easily be off if you have a few dehydrated and there's various various factors over the number was it was very low this was eighty five minutes is almost thirty one more than thirty years ago and till up to about my early twenty twenty two twenty three twenty four i was always grossly underweight the day that i stopped being a series
athlete adjust stuck up on me everything as a coincidence that's all that is how things are now of course now you're gonna pick up on the sarcasm you know it's very sincerely as an urgency this is society standards at their ease enforcing i thank god exactly vector of rich there these assholes what it is is a bunch of men who want you to feel bad right right now so that the let you there you go yeah man just fuckin run every day you lose a ton weight at well not sounded another because i actually believe it or not i train a lot the only way i lose weight as if i'm very very careful about what i eat while even now that i never lose what right but smart guy why do you like us to get overweight a boy would this now when this is a subject i mean our figures relate your intelligence because aspect roma let me give you an issue no no will you
quick inasmuch as it is an issue i walked into the physicians office when i had severe bronchitis he's it he was i think apologists he was changed smoking in his office now is that because he was an idiot within understand gazing idea if he's too in talking but nobody is correlated to his iq right assaults correlated to his objective assessment of what is intelligent to do with your meat vehicle guys stupid if he smoking cigarettes at is a stupid thing to do it doesn't mean that again be intelligent other areas of his life but he is most certainly shutting down or ignoring grab some really clear information that we have been given share the past now fifty plus years
i think it actually what you swore you talk about speaks to a point that i reason saw my writings the idea of whether we make choices simply because we don't have the right information to make better choices that's usually the typical argument that public policy makers use so they basically say oh if you're if you're engaging in on you know risky sexual behaviour or if your engaging in a secondary lifestyle it's because you don't know any better so let's set up public service announcements that teach you better and then hopefully people will act better and that
doesnt actually work in some so the issue is not so much that people it's not as though i dont know that being overweight is a bad thing and now that you ve taught me better i will now change my behaviour the problem stems from the fact that there are these darwinian pulls that make it difficult for us to extricate ourselves from quite whether it be whether you addicted to drugs because tickles your pleasure centre in your brain or whether it be because you addicted to sex or whether your dick the two a bit more food then you should be eating those are the darwinian pools
a pulls that make it difficult for us to do the optimal decision is not because we too dumb to no better or we don't have the right of romania but you wouldn't hear you talking about food now not the cigarettes that this doctor or smoking that you are using as an example that's not the best one is no darwinian pool towards all smoking gun at all right so free forget together the nicotine example of what i just said in general when we make poor decisions that lead to deleterious health outcomes it's not because we don't know any better so let's go back to this subject example women know more about the deleterious effect of sun exposure than men do yet they do with more if it were only a question of you know it's because i don't so any better than wouldn't expect women to be doing it more so it's not a question of not having the right information it's whether ultimately you have the control to not succumb to these poles we ve got the seven deadly sins since sent for thousands of years precisely because very smart people understood that these are some traps that we also
i'm too whether by greed or less or gluttony and my case i've never smoked i've never at wife but very minimally my problem is i guess your gluttonous right when you say have the control like what but what's have you ever taken to acquire the controlling do practice mindfulness do you meditate do you write down your goals d write down like what you eat and what your count you have you ever gone to a doctor and found it was a coward consumption should be if you ever tried to alter diet and may be going too fat burning died instead of on a carbohydrate burning down yes to all not the mind from this but all the other stuff that you're gonna fat burning divested of carbohydrates absolutely so so what have you done for that one eye and when i do it you'll see me in three months i'll be thirty five pounds later
you won't believe in what are they done like what would you say i die prophesied just do a heavy protein dive minimal carbs with a lot of vegetables song six out stake where in a wood broccoli in whatever suddenly luck with the tomato juice and that out i'll lose kind of like the one at the atkins in the seven you need much fat as you want but it's really a lot of protein a lot of actual honestly the atkins is when you say edith much fat as you want that that is actually the trend that trend towards a kid agenda die when you talkin about getting your body to burn fat a lotta athletes are getting involved in getting on fat burning diet and i actually switch my own die to that where i'm a mundane really have a problem being overweight but i was deaf heavier and i had more body found that i have now and then what it was i switched over to this is again a marxist and who is on my part cast before any wrote this book called the primal blueprint
it's the idea behind it is that you're when you re eating lot of simple car herbs in a lot of pastors and breads you getting insolent spikes bodies processing all that sugar and nearby stores in nearby sorts burning sugar whereas if you can get you body to acute agenda state meaning your body burns fats and uses that for fuel rather than carbohydrates you don't really want high protein you want a minimal protein you want what you're supposed to have which is like six stake is fine but what you really want is a bunch healthy fats cocoanut coconut oil avocado aid a lot of a kind of sediment salmon is extra excellent but also because excellent because it its applause you with omega mega sixes and threes essential fatty acids which are really important for brain function but people this idea this is also a big fuckin problem that people have we been lied to about fats about the danes of saturated fats in the danger of cholesterol dietary
lest her barely moves the needle on blood lipids it's not dietary cholesterol surprise sedentary lifestyles overeating its consent of excess carbs is a bunch of factors that cause people to be fat and it's not necessarily saturated fats or or or cholesterol in fact saturated fats in cholesterol that's the substrate for building testosterone like when when i went on this diet of have my body burn fat and not just me but a ton of my friends my friend danny who's nellie an elite athlete is presenting jujitsu world champion of my friend john rollo whose mme fighter brazilian jiu jitsu black belt guys of all reported giant me included gigantic spikes in their testosterone production and its because that is the building blocks for testosterone so when you reading these low fat diets and these these like minimalistic diet try to get your body to be more healthy you dropping
your body sex hormone production while will have ass my wife if she hasn't complaints in that department butter folk but it but i honestly the only problem i have is when i walk when i walk away from those types of eyes that is where the problem arises of course here but i bet that if you walked away from what it whenever you're on that day when you get off at the things disintegrate very quickly this is why i'm because for me they do i mean i could i could parents seven pounds in two weeks by some eating normally once i'm away from that wine is normal then if you keep putting much weight seven parliamentary makes his forty pounds in a month i mean that means twenty eight pounds and three minded some liberal that's not normal that crazy amount away put on if i saw you two months later you put on twenty pounds like what
longer you do it now i'd have to grab me by the hand sit down with you and go come on now when you die i'm already thinking about all the comments that are going to be at the bright year old boy what am i mean i'm just saying this kid i'm your friend i won't get you a copy this book and i would love you to try to do it but it's not hard to judge each till you're satisfied and not to your full that's a big fact that alone is probably twenty percent of everyone's meal a lot of people eat and then they keep going i loved you fuck awesome i loved eat a giant bowler pasta and eat a big state but i also work out a terrorist i do work on almost every day i kind of work are hard so i keep my body fat and because of that even of my diet is shit i still keep my body fat down because of tremendous working out but then when i just might it is well i saw a big difference in my energy levels in my cognitive functions in a big difference in just overall wellness i just dump i mean
i'm extremist when it comes to physical performance because i obviously have been around my whole life and i'm in the martial arts world and i'm trying to get my body to do certain things that are very unusual but i just think that people are not designed to eat big plates of pasta or bread or all these sugars that everybody downs in the form of currency it's drinks is just not good for raising the documentary there's some cambodia was sugar that sugar movie crazed credible is awash with my kids and then we will to the supermarket was hilarious is there there grab and things go and look at all that shout the sugar and as they were the grabbing things off the shelf finding how many grams of sugar preserving on everything so let us maybe i'd say this if you say something publicly than you have to kind of say it so let here's here's which i look at the camera next time among your show i should hopefully be visibly thinner
what you're gonna do as you gonna wait till two weeks for the show and then you gonna stop your period and you're gonna do i'm gonna go get it go anorexia and stop your reproductive system by which i mean is that people should be much more healthy and in the body is designed munitions whole trend verloc paleo dialect pipe paleo it's an paleo ethic dies that's not an accurate term it's it's it's an a good way to eat but it's not an accurate evolutionary term because an apparent prolific era people eight allowing rains they whatever the fuck they could they bugs they were hungry and you know i did whatever the good and they worked hard to acquire yes exactly the big point like they were there when they needed those calories ingrained like look if you're out hiking every day you talk to people like mountain climbers and hikers i very mathematical calories i have friends they go on these giant take a mountain trips and they literally cannot consume enough because they pack all their food my friends
in just got back from this big trip that he was taking to the yukon and he's going been doing all this mountain climbing they climbed they went a hundred miles in eight days up in the mountains like at ten thousand feet altitudes oats this is incredibly gruelling experience because his very little air and europe constantly doing squats because you're constantly lifting your body up he going up hill and they were eating two pounds of food a day that's all you could take so you have to eat the most calorie dance two pounds of food that you can carry because for this trip you know you're only carrying a certain amount of food you have to have used sleeping bag on your back your tent allow jasmine become out there you fifteen pounds lighter any you know you just had this incredibly insight it's it's like running a marathon everyday almost are you familiar with the feel of evolutionary medicine that regular were so evolution medicine is basically i had one of the pioneers the field on my show his aims rendita say he's a physician by train
several medicines basically trying to infuse within medicine evolutionary ideas typically more physicians i train and the proximate world right we'll talk about proxy on alternate about how to deal with the who when what other disease without ever asking the ultimate why darwinian why so as releases up it we're talking about now if you look at the top killers around the world colon cancer diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure there all related as evolution medicine folks are you too that what's call the mismatch hypothesis the idea being that those things that were adapted to us in an environment of sky
city become grossly maladaptive in an environment of plenty like we have today right sons and insult basing what you're having a me my gus authority preferences don't change so my desire to eat the fatty food remains but what has changed is the fact that i used i had to do twenty thousand calories of expenditure took two punted down then and i could go to the grocery store and get it there is no caloric uncertain local scarcity and so if you look at hunter guy their societies that most closely mimic our evolutionary passed they dont have almost disease once they clear the early childhood mortality threats than they actually live quite long lifespans precisely because they don't suffer from i think they're denying pop killers oh that's a way of taking some of this stuff that you're very interested in and infusing it with a bit more of an evolutionary twists that totally makes sense that people would have to expand massive amount towers tracked down food because that was at one point time what we did all day
with our day whether its hunting or gathering or or farming we were constant we are working to try to acquire food that was at now that food is so easy we still have the same genes right yeah so look natural selection right that the mechanism of how species evolve traits they have it out when i teaching my students i start off by colloquially saying look most animals including human straw their history have faced in either you dont want to become somebody else's and you want to get enough for dinner for yourselves those are the sort of that too big it that the problems and then you just add to that sexual selection which is not enough to simply survive than you have to mate and so then you want to get the right mannequin territory so that that's basically match on sexual selection in in one sentence right don't becomes but he's dinner get enough dinner and then get a mate than there is your of lucia how much if at all do you pay attention to your got health to do
i probably audit lucy that's crazy is eric oh my god probiotics are one of the most important aspects of healthy bodies like your gut health can in fact or can affect rather your mood it can affect cognitive function can effect your personality is all these studies being done now on probiotics and of good health and bacteria content and got candida a high level of candy to which a lot of people do eat a lot of sugar and simple carbs it be be developed develop this intense craving and hunger for sugar and simple carbs when you add just your gut pact here when you start taking in healthy probiotics in the form of kefir i like computer i like him she liked fermented cabotage and sauerkraut natural sauerkraut and things along those lines drink a bunch of different kinds of them and take bunch different kind
every day along with this thing called on total got health which is a package that i take with every meal it's a massive factor because what's in your got like your gut laura is incredibly important for your overall health and or supporting your immune system size that become a sort of part of the daily not daily the yearly health check up that people do depends on what doktor you talking to a sea because most doctors spent very little time studying nutrition when you go to medical school and you get a degree you mean the amount of ours that you spend studying nutrition are so small and by the time you are out there practicing this is a field its sky show evolving and changing and growing and this this ten or this leaning towards probiotics as health supplement is fair we recent in terms of like mainstream exposure but increased the important it makes a big fat first of all i hardly ever get sick and it's it's a big fact because i travel costs
currently is shaking hand consciously shaking hands i can't i'm costly flying on plans and i are hardly ever get second if i do i can point to some pretty obvious factors in guinea sleep my kids are going to school again around other people that are set their cinema laugh carpet in my face its is normal duff and even then i bounced back very quickly and i tribute that to provide these real imported taken healthy cultures have you are you from is another example from evolution medicine that relates to children since you mentioned children you probably heard of the studies that show that if you grew up in an environment that doesn't have any natural allergens you at an increased risk of the vote being respiratory illnesses like asthma coming summer cisely because it doesn't trigger your immune system to have the types of responses that you'd typically would have encountered so if you have em a mother or father both parents who are incredibly oecd about having a perfectly sterile
and spotless home prepare for the onset of asthma rats example of that's asthma but not necessarily allergies might might one of my daughter's is allergic cats and we ve had cats her whole life we ve also dogs her whole life around these animals her whole life but she's largest what what what are the manifestations she starts knees in her eyes get puffy the cat can't sleep in the bed with earth tat does show issue you start sneezing inch cannot but it soon is because my wife's allergic that's just genetic and she's also so allergic to horses we were in italy and we are writing i want those horse carriages and she wasn't even on the horse or touching the horses but being behind the horse on a horse carriage she starts sneezing coughing and we have to get off the top of the carriage you know if it's the saliva the horse or does the hand of the damned dandy i'm sure she's lurched saliva tube not swap and spit with horse agro settle down that's it let what's next
the bucket now that you have convinced me lose weight as if i am not saying that you need to lose weight but i'm saying you're a healthy guy you're smart guy you you think about a very good your life you very handsome bronze shiny you thinking in these terms of like looking at the big picture but yet there you ve got his blind spot and spot is because you have this indulgence for food and you look forward to it it becomes you reward at the end the day and you sit down to you indulging in you you say worked hard for this and i can enjoy it and married i've got kids i don't need look beautiful and you wanna hear something says we're getting personal in california when we lived in california i actually naturally lost a lot of weight without having to worry about anything i was a lot more active i eat less and what you talked about a reward when you're in the dark called winters of montreal and the only reward
delivery system is for us to be foods and that's the problem i ride we often talk about my wife and i be deleted joe beef in montreal easier and right now we ve now we have not good lord you are in the same town as the greatest restaurant on a planet or who are supposed to collecting together i think what embryos and go back something happened wool next i couldn't go on there i'll take well hopefully i'll be in california yeah hopefully but if you are there we're gonna have to indulge that's why place we gotta get out of diet is it's ok to have achieved a europe but you know i think a lot of people have those blind spots and even intelligent what's yours booze that yesterday we get fucked up mean hannibal burst upon gas we got a little too hammered that's what things were i enjoy it what's happening but like are worked out today my my head was caught throbbing like this is so stupid and then i'll do it every day but i do it
we want a week or once every two weeks or something like that it's just i know objectively that it's not healthy as though that you enjoy the taste or you know the effects after you drifts enjoy haven't drinks with friends again stupid laughing you know that i just know not healthy it just doesn't thing healthy about booze others wrong and actually there is some some studies suggest that it's actually healthy to have a glass of wine or two with a meal and you know you're getting resveratrol and also tourism studies or some mob some indication point two people developed for long time drinking wine because they couldn't drink still water because it would get travellers disease they found water would have pathogens in it and they would want to being sexually drink wine for that purpose because he can
around with you and it's not gonna go bad but but getting trunk like we're drinking whisky laundry jamieson or something like that iraq's felt great were howard laughin but god damn it so bad for you bodies others if there's an indulgence that i take part in that's not good it's the occasional get fucked up gotcha now it's not good but i don't have a lot of those pretty good at not having a lot of those those things in my life but it's easy to do it's easy to trip yourself up because a natural tendency towards distraction the pressure of attempting to be successful at something the pressure of whether its petition or whether it's just this made the yearning for achievement we look for release you know from that pressure and that's what a lot of people do they go to cigarettes they go to boost the good of food or whatever it is you never smoke the single cigarette in my entire life did not want enough
when i was like fifteen and smoke a cigarette with my with my sister she kept going i quit i was like fuck this so stupid is it okay i think that if you hit nineteen and you haven't started you almost zero chance of start i know people started in the third messiah due to study was fucking forty years i start smoking cigarettes what are you doing so weird but i i think it's a sabotage there were people just go for could occur nuclear and by doing it's almost like vacant by saint fuck it i don't care about my health they did say fuck it i don't care but my student loans fuck it i don't care about my wife leaving me fuck it i don't care about my mortgage forget i care about losing my job it's like this this sort of like over a denial of reality by indulging in something that's not healthy reminded
we await a rational position that one of my former students took to justify him smoking and so if you are i don't want you do this in the united states but in canada health canada has this program or they put very vivid images on singing at each other something here are you still while not bid then i'll have images but they have the sayings ok but these images i should so used to they still do so you know what he would do want to show you how irrational human beings are so he would that's it asked for whatever the brand was more marlborough now he would receive when i look at it if the warning message was one that would be relevant to him he asked another one recently got low birth wait until he got low or you don't don't drink wild pregnant robotic doesn't apply to me
there s a few serious but you obviously that's a bill hicks bit by the way what is up bill hex yet while greatest colleagues our there was a bit that he had on it i said just just pick one that doesn't apply low birth weight good out there you got some like maybe you gotta but it shows you how even though we often have are fully cognisant object the about some truth our ability to engage in self deception is while it is for some folks and i think again that goes back to mindfulness it goes back to meditation it goes back to reflection most people live their lives in a constant state of momentum the momentum the past constantly propelling themselves forward in their always adjusting and trying to make up for all the mistakes that their passes made they don't live there life in a state of in the now they live their life in a state of fog what'd i do that now i gotta do this you don't
you know what i succumb to and i think limit let me know if you feel too because you have young children are obsessed about first for that but this is the first time that my thought it did this and they ll never be another first i'm always pay making about them growing up really yeah i sort of weird adjust it there's a purity in luck we we live in a world where were exposed because we're whom in the public eye were exposed to a lot of negativity even the were exposed to a hundredfold more positivity you know it's a rough ride out there and then mice all this is coming home to the purity and innocence of much children right and then the reality is that you can't bottle up that innocence and that purity forever and so i saw speaking of the here and now rather than oftentimes just enjoying the moment i'm always worried that in five years sheep she's going to be a premium s and then there's gonna be a bunch of big issue
boys that's something that usually bothers me doesn't that doesn't affected parliament now i mean i don't dwell on it honestly i mean i just try to enjoy every moment i carry with them i tried enjoy all the different stage there live right but you know i i remember what they were like when they were babies when they could barely talk and it was i was thinking i could never love something is what much loved them but now think when i talk to them i love them even more because now did they have little conversations with our european area when you have a deep conversation with an eight year old is pretty intense and it's one of your child your daughter is pretty intense isn't it humbling when they ask you things that clearly demonstrates how you
know little about so many things because they often will ask you questions that are profound and deep were wise lightning in that particular formula and we try to concoct some story while being truthful and then oftentimes they stump you're right i just go to we're gonna have to go to your driving and having conversation about some some observations just made but it just shows you again the that the purity of the church sort of looking at the world here and and hitting you with questions that you frankly can't answer why we like to say that i can answer i think this is important to lead kids know that you dont know everything right in august i think automatically look towards adults as being some sort of perrier form of a child you know the well i don't know anything but i'm a little kid but my dad i'll know and then you know let them know like hey there's just way too much information for everyone to know but what's important as your honest about what you do now yes and were very fortunate that we have this thing called the internet so
can find out what it is that we're trying to get the answer for and incidentally i do that my students when they ask a question hey i don't know the answer i'm very openly say you know what you think you can do this good for you wanted to send me an email remain idle into it and and i do it just now surely but oftentimes deal right back to mean say you know why thou so refreshing yeah you know you're humble enough to not pretend that you know everything about every single thing now yeah i love that and it's so frustrating we talking to some of those really smart who don't doesn't want to admit right that they don't know something or wants to deny something is true when they haven't researched it it's very frustrating i have a friend is a brilliant guy what does that he just bring something obviously that's not true not oh jesus fucking christ we use google it and i've done it with him over and over and over again i have a conversation with my said listen if i tell you some it is true it's i'm not making it up and if i'm wrong it's it it's an this mistake but if you just google it daniel
but your tour saying it's not true and you ve never even looked at it but here we are in two thousand sixteen give a fuck and you a device in your pocket we can get the it is virtually anything at any time what do you think you'll shutting out the window so what's the psychological great eagle eager was a very smart guy and he wants to be the smartest guy in the room all the time and so just gets really frustrating especially if we're somewhere with his no internet service like we're gonna get to internet service motherfucker you gonna apologize it seats is the people do where they when you're here a conversation with someone there not just talking you there are engaged in a contest guess men do that all have several those in my own and not nuclear how about my family appropriation herself might i would also hope that route around and and here's another thing that you never admit that you're wrong yeah right because admitting that you wrong makes you lose face
and that such a detrimental dynamic to have right i mean it i am i come home at night and i've had a tough day and i might respond partly to my dog i actually will go by and then hug my dog because i have enough self awareness to realise that i didn't give her enough attend in writing i have enough humility to never mind other human my dog is just as important mind if i responded curtly i will sort of apologize her yet i've got family members may again this is not my family of my wife for kids but the family there was born into that have never apologized about anything because they come from a cultural landscape where to apologize your child to somebody younger is too loose face a parent is always right and i mean that might work when you're too but when you're both now adults i think you could have to get out of that are realised that we all make mistakes and we all have to own up to them we all have to apologize honesty or we make a mistake and yet some people
a super unhealthy and it's unhealthy for the person who doesn't admit they make the mistake too because then it put you in his position of being in denial of what i know to be the truth you gonna run around pretending that you are right all along when you know in your head that you were wrong so it diminishes your own personal opinions about yourself right i mean you're not very very on this exactly ok so i'm having a chat with a family member an older family member of my for my family as the problem person this is this is one of the key problem for people with my family and wait he said something to me first of all you know those ancient greeks those christians were really anti semitic where i come over these ethical i said oh well you know i'm upset i don't mean to correct you but to those ancient greeks were not christian as a matter of fact the way we mark that ear as we say bce before common era bc before christ so by definition those
were marked as not being christian so when he's now faced with sort of historical evidence that suggest that he was wrong what do you think he does is it so grotesque that i'm not even sure you can guess what he did i don't wanna to guess so he bade his has no that's right that's what i said i said that they weren't christian you said that they were christian so he looks at you in the face that's that's called if you know i was saying on air that's mine fucking right here he looks at you in the face he knows that you know but he has enough in arabic you say what it's that it's this kind of path a logical pride right you re i'm gonna look at you re so rather than saying oh gee i didn't know that thanks for correcting me his lips what our original point this agreement and the ladys tartar do cut back i was well maybe i have maybe have location yeah it's that's an unfortunate characteristic in men
i guess it probably exist and women too but i see it more in man that they will the always want to be right right you know but it does make you better to have information that someone doesn't have like i like when someone can tell me something i now it's interesting but that's how i suspect that one of the reasons why you're pot is so successful is because you exhibit that generosity if you came to the two every discussion thinking that there is nothing that the other person could bring to the table you're not going to have a shell that's gonna last long now what's up it's impossible rights were not talking about things nineteen fifty seven people this narrow view of the world that was defined by their own environment we're talking about broad place now or you can just access all sorts of data and all the beautiful things about the pod gases by sitting down people like you or all the other awesome guess i get to sit down with i get to experience the wisdom and the information of someone who lived a completely different life than me and
just find that really fascinating and i just think that that era hence it somewhat display by doing what that guy did you and switching around your your points interest that's just the child that's like a develop developmental dead end this person went down social so on healthy hurry but so common right so common now what's next what you are talking about we talk about your paper that you brought up oh yes sir so this is a paper
that i was invited to right and one of the leading journals and feel journal marking research where i was asked to talk about the methods of evolution psychology how the evolution of colleges conduct research and it was specifically to address some of the common cannot that we hear from the tractors of evolution psychology oh it's all a bunch of post hawk storytelling and so on and so the paper basically looks at three point two of which we ve already sort of covered one is a distinction between proximate an ultimate explanations and again that's a very important point to make because it basically argues that you'll never have a full explanation of any phenomenon involving biological agents if you dont studied phenomenon at both the proximate an ultimate level proximate how what ultimate as the darwin you'd wise that's why we ve already covered the second method of evolution psychology is the building of these networks of cumulative evidence like the one i gave you with the ways to help ratio maybe i'll give you
another one as an example of this mechanism to for example if i want to argue that toy preferences have sex specificity that is innate right so it's not that has to be clean this offer science as we we hear that what makes little boys little boys and little girls little boys little girls is that boys are taught to play rough with the judge all girls are taught to play gentle with the pink but that's dismissed i mean you hear there but it's very fringe encephalitis listen it's it's still at the mall it's only because of liberal colleges it's not because of its not people that are objectively intelligent that are recognising us but certainly into the university landscape that is the dominant what are they used as evidence to point that men are taught to that because they have proven children absolutely gravitate but does based gender gravitate towards certain types of tat
weston and toys so that's what i'm gonna do next someone who can demonstrate how evolutionary psychologist of these normal logical networks of came out of evidence so if i wanted to prove that that premise that you argued is dismissed is truly laughable how would i go about and so that's one of the things i did in the paper so we could look at children who are in the pre socialization stage of their cognitive development meaning that by commission there too young to have been socialized and we could do studies on them to see what is it that the debt that d you know approach first or what is it a day gaze at longer and we see that there is a sex specificity and such young children's already demonstrates that it's probably not due to civilisation so that's evidence line number one we could take other species verve monkeys and racist monkeys another some research would chimps showing that they exhibit the same sex specificity with these types of toys as human infants do run they dunham or two
depictions on funeral monuments in these big muslims of young people from ancient greece and you look at depictions of little boys and little girls and you see that the little boys are depicted with the typical toys in over the ball with something with a wheel thing liberals are depicted with dolls you could do the studies across a wide range of culture that are very different from western cultures boys we could take depictions on funeral monuments in these big muslims of that people from ancient greece and you look at depictions of little boys and little girls and you see that the little boys are depicted with the typical toys in over the ball with something with a wheel thing little girls are depicted with dolls you could do the studies across a wide range of cultures that are very different from western cultures the phenomenon if as itself again and so what you do again an evolutionary theory is you build this normal normal logical network
similarly evidence coming from completely different data sets that then makes it on saleable to argue against it so that's the second method of evolution de the third one i argue is just psychology operates our what are called conciliates trees of consilient conciliates is a term that had sort of lost its way it basically refers to unity of knowledge so few safer physics is more conciliates than sociology is because physics as these organise knowledge trees that sociology doesn't so what is a typical tree of now virgin evolutionary theory so you could start with something like sexual selection sexual selection basically the idea that how do how does a peacock evolve it's big tail so so how do animals evolve their traits to give them reproductive advantage that's been established from the time of darwin through a million different species so now that
leads to down the tree to another theory it's called the mid level theory called parental investment theory parental investment theory basically says that if you want to know about sex differences within a species look at the minimal obligatory parental investment that each sex has to happen that issues so more species that's the female that has more painful investment so thickly their smaller it's the males who fight for access to female females are more careful the mane choice is they make but you also have sex role reversal species where it says the males who have greater parental investment what do you think happened to the sex differences there exactly reversed right that has been also established and i we go down parental investment theory leads to another theory that basically says that human context females will make more judicious
made choices than men and otherwise women are more careful in the types of may choices that they must make precisely because they have greater costs if they make a wrong mating choice which leads to a study that i did looking at home information the men and women look up before the either reject mate or choose mates and what do you think the result shows when it comes to rejecting mates women need convincing in other words the they acquire less information before they decide all the mates are losers on the other hand when it to choosing a mate women look at more information prior to choose so what i ve shown you here is how you start with a general principle and work down a tree to a specific hypothesis that's called the tree of knowledge of evolutionary theory that's what the method of evolution sucks psychology is so contrary to what typical detractors they'll be some buffoons castrato on your at the bottom of your comments section
but evolutionary sizes that's not only do we seldom stronger so that's where you like better that's a turn on and that is good singers and balls chapter i asia on the castrati brigade in the singular formats castrato right so it's a guy who walks round without testes by the very inflated eagle who then tells you in despite the fact that you spend twenty plus years studies he knows more than you all of you evolution scientists are for our what's this interesting to me that there would be people that would be involved in universities that would debate this sort of very objective research right right me especially when it comes to gender and and obviously there's variables but when it to the gravitating towards certain types of toys and tat and then it also pertains to career choices as well there's a big push to
women involved in stem and women involved in technology and others in this discrimination women intact we note with women don't gravitate towards those particular job do not want to do them some do and the ones that do they cry sexism because there so few of them there's just no it's just not something that they naturally gravitate towards overwhelmingly that's what better off your member the whole debacle with larry summers who was the president of harvard university who then became an off he wasn't the obama administration he is this guy who was president of harvard university was giving a speech polly jamie can pull it up if he has time and he was basically giving talk where he hinted to exactly what you said he said that he didn't say or you know women don't have the capacity
go into these fields where i think he hinted to exactly what a sensitive prevent your clearly they may not like it as much despite these very aggressive programmes that we ve been instituted to try to attract women maybe they're not drunk just hinting at that led him to eventually stepping down as present harvard what is a real problem in colleges and universities today with that with this denial of reality to her to help other people's feelings or to make other placate other people's feelings and is also this repeat in that even obama's been involved in repeating this myth that women working the same job make seventy seven cents for every dollar man makes that's not true i know they have ever research that are gone and yet ass well i know i know from two sources only two sources of four of paid attention to that of addressed us i think as milo monopolies whose sort of being one of the big champion to try to dismantle that narrative it's just it's been dismantled by so sociology ass has been renowned argentina half somewhere that it so so yeah yeah figures copyright whether the data
wrong rights to its coat totally misinterpreted the real data is when you look at the overall wealth like what men me verses what women make men make more money but they also work more hours they also choose different jobs they also at a higher risk to die on the job as all these different factors the miss inception is that a man and a woman working side by side doing the same job at the woman is making seventy seven cents to the man's dollar that is not true soccer and that's the problem with this thing and even obama obama heap pirated than sarah silver and did it recently when it was hillary clinton speeches talked about a women make less than men it's not true dragged but it's one of those things that if you tell people they don't believe you have to do you have to send them studies and then they read it you like we have this myth is perpetrated so prevail italy is so calm and that people parity and no one questions at the fucking prayers it in parrots it on television the lake in
electrically that is so incredibly dishonest for him to do that if he aware of the actual stats and he says that because he knows that's what people want to hear like go about does care he is is caring ants in sympathetic and he's not a pig and similar narrative has been proposed and you probably fulfilling the details regarding the honour what the number one in five women on university campuses will experience a sexual assault that is a ridiculous that is why it is that i don't know that's not swell book did define sexual assault if it's a guy making it on and right unwanted grope you know that guy moves in for a kiss when he doesn't it means i think you're dealing with a lot of awkward kids their drunk and they do so shit and some of it easily could be sexual assault or sexual you know propriety i don't i don't necessarily think that numbers off so that i think rape is much
more much more complicated that then i think you're talking something way way more lightweight ass common but way more disturbing and i that is the real read the real statistic about how many women get raped or wait different than what is being proposed a promise you start talking about like an unwanted grope or someone slapping someone in the ass back that august factored in then they start factoring in things like having sex while intoxicating not become sexual assault but conveniently only for the man to be the one who's the sexual assault are if a woman is sober and the man is drunk no one has ever accusing the woman of being a rapist by having sex with drunk man right have we talked a speaking of rape i am not sure if we discuss on the show that we discuss the rape by france
the shop yes we have well there is also the new laws that are being passed rate by fraud which is a fascinating guy says is a prince and to take you to my castle you will live luxury forever but he's really not appearance that guy can you get charged with rape what are your thoughts while the guys shit so more but he surely arrested rapist well now but he is devil a liar it's it's it's really tricky it's like what is he doing exactly he's being a liar he's telling a story that's not true and because that a girl's having sexual them he's a moral is unethical yes it's reprehensible behaviour and he's not criminal where criminal because if that war crimes as i think i'm gonna machine you shall before ninety five percent of people who are engaged in online dating are rapists wove yeah that's that's true and also a lot of guys lotta themselves the ribbon
cells pretending they really lies i wonder what alan now masturbation raving you don't even mean masturbation i mean having sexual can we really not really tracked you just horny is far can you convince yourself does the right girl ensues orgasm you like i gotta get the fuck out of here i just rate myself i think gum there's something more about it there's something unethical about it but it it becomes very tricky when you try to decide whether or not that crime or you want to prosecute someone for rape for doing something that also it's weird because will presumably the woman had sex with that man voluntarily and enjoyed it and then decided she didn't enjoy when you realise that guy was crazy or allow is not just like a lesson
i just a life lesson and now you're gonna go and be way more picky with we decide to have sex would have what i mean i think of it this way i mean again let let's link about the evolution of theory not just in the human contacts but across the animal kingdom there's endless manifestations of the set of signalling short animals including us engage in deceptive signalling here is an example that doesn't relate to making apple samantha colouring which is basically warning colors do you have a species of say amazonian fraud that has very vivid colors why why would it be vivid while because it is advertising everybody hate dont approach me i'm very animates rang while then they'll be another species of fraud that piggy back some bath colouring that actually itself is not at all venomous but yet because it is served this signal now nobody will attack it right burn up boy what
fraud what it so so the idea and again i don't want to receive comments now that i support lying and so it is reprehensible way it is unethical it is immoral do the behaviour of course but it's part of life people lie to one another a lighter themselves i think i might mention on the shore before and even if i have a it's worth repeating there's a gentleman a very famous biologist by name of robert rivers we talked about the evolutionary routes of self deception right why is it that way the save ourselves and then the argument there is that the reason why i have to first believe in a lie before owing to its because when i lie i actually have these micro expressions that service telltale signs of my line if i it suppressed these so that when you trying to look at my face to see if there are any signatures of deception on my face you won't read them because already light to myself and so they are even clear evolution
adaptive reasons for why we lie to ourselves never mind lying to others so lying and deception is part of the large repertoire of behaviors at the call somebody a rapist for engaging in that reprehensible behaviour does nobody any good that's interesting now deception also has to be defined like law lying and rate by deception like at what level still calling rate by deception like a a guy's a fake rolex on right like in his advertising that is wealthy when in fact he's not yeah i mean when a guy pretends he's making a hundred thousand dollars a year but a really makes forty five let's make it less fuzz let's make a more fuzzy how about if i am actually very apathetic guy who can't get out of bed till eleven o clock in the morning but yet convince whomever i'm going out with that i have this infinite bottled up and
listen i'm not even faking the rolex watch this is not a tangible think i'm just sending her cues that i'm going places not all great ideas i've got a lot of entrepreneurial spunk in work on every day i want a drink we crash some super healthy meditated azora my rapist yeah that's a good question like you who are you i will tell guys issue aspire to be the man you pretend to be when you try to get laid like if you just do they speak our guy all the time like you know really it's the best way to go right but yeah that's interesting like that is deceptive rain if he's pretending to have all this really admirable behavior what when a fakes orgasm and makes you think that europe great lover and you have sex with her geier she's alive she rape me so the next time i had sex with her it was under the muskets option that i was a great lover the first time when she faked the orgasm so she's raping me that second time now
when you were talking about evolutionary psychology receiving a lot of criticism is what what is it what is it you and you will you sort of glossed over real quickly to make your point where's the where's the vast majority this coming from you had asked a question so it comes from different camps for different reasons rights or so let's stop that's kind of break them ok so we can go to the religious folks right i mean that's obvious though isn't it obvious that they would be the drain but there will obviously the deeds and not to look at things realistically because they have this that blind spot for let's talk about that like professors right so then the professors typically will be one of again several types they'll be the social constructivist those at the guys who believe that everything is due to social construction that what makes us human is that we transcend our by all
in writing an argument for that those now what we don't transcend our about which we not strictly biological animals will biological and cultural but certainly can't negate are by all arrive what their basically arguing is that what the french hates us from all other lifeforms as that we transcend our biology some so there perfectly fine if you use an evolutionary explanation to explain the behaviour of the mating behaviour of the sailorman their rights but don't apply that exact same phenomenon one of the place to humans because somehow we have consciousness and we have high order thinking and will cause what your vessel culture and that's what makes us human rights they are guys who for example professors who believe that evolution stops at the neck so so there perfectly happy with you offer
evolution explanation for why willing avails where we evolve a possible thumbs and that's fine why we ve evolved the particular pancreas that we have but don't apply it to anything the next to no not done behind a behaviour patterns or culture listen hood who are as human beings they are some guys you don't have ideological reasons for heating ilusha psychology but because they don't know much about i wish psychology they typical will argue or evolutions come up with all these fanciful post hawk stories and in a the article that i wrote that i discussed on your show today seeks to address that contrary to what people think the these stand of evidence that evolutionary scientists typically seek to meet prior to accepting an explanation is actually much much higher than other sciences by the very nature of the epistemological the field the very nature of how knowledge is created and generate i wish i think so for all sorts
of real reasons none of which is valid there's a long queue of frankly buffoons who despise ever mercury not the reality is that they are going to lose this bottle right there will be a day will become but now to argue that humans are driven by evolutionary imperatives and i already see it from my own scientific career if i look at the antipathy that i felt that i faced fifteen years ago versus today is very very different tribes the antipathy that i felt from sometimes the same person i could still have emails from somebody who wrote me ten years ago thinking that my work was full of shit whose now inviting me to his university with all sorts of deference and so that's nature of science right it's auto corrective and the reality is the cats out of the bag we everything's evolutionary right i'm weak by what we could talk about the range of fields where evolution has made its way in fields where you wouldn't typically thinks all is that something interesting
i will now but i want to keep going down with it without further gesture i just that i find it very fascinating when people oppose things seem pretty obvious and only that are unwilling to take into account that it might not be a case of either or but am i the case of a bunch of combining factors and evolution must certainly continue to play its the idea that we ve come italy transcended evolution with culture and thinking and logic and language insane it doesn't make any sense i dont know forgive me if i mentioned this the show before but again it's if i have it's worth repeating i always talk about the interaction hist framework interaction basically means everything's interaction most things our interaction between our genes and our environment programme as my fight genes get turned on or off as a function of environmental input which is fascinating socket evolution happens with an environment so by its very nature evolution in itself recognises the import
so the environment so any any anybody who is exhibits hatred or rejection of biology using those types of arguments is simply advertising they not very little about biology the reality is it's an interaction and that the example like to give the metaphor i give is the cake metaphor if you take the separate ingredients of a k here's the sugar here's the edges the baking sort i wouldn't whatever that puts our butter their separate at first now you big the cake if i can ask you when you have the final kick a five you point to the sugar or point to the edge you can't it's an inextricable mixing among that's very good point that's what we are we are in an inextricable mix of our genes and our unique environments and our unique talents and our unique person hoods the problem with much of the social sciences has been an and they're losing now by the day has been that they ve completely rejected by all
as in any way relevant and explaining anything mating criminality political choice for supper there's a field called evolutionary politics or by or politics which tries to infuse evolutionary theory within political science while no kidding i mean what what well we're making political choices suddenly our biology she says the matter so evelyn mary theory is relevant anywhere that you're studying biological agents so what is the argument against this and what then why how has someone got into a university level teaching this bullshit what right so comes from several sources so maybe we can sort of point of view never debated anyone about this i mean i have in various forums not necessarily in a public one on one like this but i would like to see the hook up make it happen
to find somebody opposes you have read their stuff online undress infuriating at its unopposed like someone who writes a ridiculous blog and you know you you know right away what the motivation is someone who's distorting reality lafitte their own ridiculous view of the world yes i've the i'm u have debated them in typically one of two ways either through the review process usually there anonymous and oftentimes i'm anonymous so what in a double review process i don't know who they i didn't don't know who i am and then we're engaging in debate debate and oftentimes a paper gets rejected because they are the review are there the editor and then they have the final say so in that context of the baited or i've debated look at the bigger when i go after somebody on twitter whose espousing these causes stupidities but i've never done it publicly in this way have you had a paper rejected that was logical and objective and made a lot of sense tons of times reeling and what would give me an example one so the paper when i was talking to you about the the
of knowledge going down the tree sexual selection so that i had a paper where i had looked at how much for me the men and women look out before the either reject a mate or choose limit which i mentioned earlier that paper originally had sent her to a top journal and consumer psychology and to kind of just summarised the fact that the position it was what this is all biology what does this have to do with psychology so these very esteemed psychologists somehow fought that biology existed in a separate round to cycle in a vacuum in a vacuum your brain exists in this other parallel mrs moreau influenced the body is no influence in the brain rocks at the other thing that they were upset about as they were talking about or wise this person whose and otherwise it will very patronising was an otherwise clearly a bright behavioral scientists talking about sex differences when we should be looking at things that make us similar to one another
well when you're talking about sex differences in making behavior you study sex differences right i mean it's a fundamental defining quality of humans that they are sexually thy morphing they are innate differences between men and women so here are people who did want to accept that there were sex differences between men and women and they didn't want to accept that biology has something important to say about psychology now if i speak to neuro scientists if i speak to buy or psychologists they would listen to my stuff and say oh yeah no kidding were sought so in a sense of existed in a fractured life in my academic life if i am navigating amongst my natural science colleagues then there are like oh yeah i love your stuff you i love you if i
have a gate amongst my social science friends while their less loving and less receptive but they're coming around so i think the problem stems from the empty slate premise the idea that we are born with empty minds that are only subsequently filled by a wide range by cascading number of new that's a nonsensical isn't it but i also have a problem with someone saying why are you looking at this instead of looking at that we're looking at this just because you're looking at something it doesn't make it so that you can't undressed and why we are all similar in many ways but the denial of these preferences of these genetic references of these evolutionary tendencies that's scientific at all like that at that that's really preposterous and of the fact that that's being taught to kids and that they go eve these institutions with these thoughts in their head that are based on a bunch of people that have never even existed in the outside world that's what's fucked up
schools in a lot of ways chance is there going from learning by these people to becoming one of these people teaching in schools and net existing a gigantic percentage never this thing out side of their academic absent this so to speak to your point about if i ever faced this type of activity and so on i gave it to talks when my first book came out at a university in psychology department and in the business school they were back to back to intercept days so this was a talk on my book how do you darwin eyes the field of consumer behaviour i gave it in psychology department first which is made up of a lot of people who have background in neurosciences in biology and they all listen said young beautiful no kidding i mean of course to study are consumer tory nature we have understandably illogical and pulses the drivers great exact same talk the next day in the business school this is one of the top universities in the world
i couldn't get through a single sentence why because of the about of hostility that i face in the business to business why business so i think so this advantage to questions i think business practitioners and otherwise business people not business academics actually love my work or historically love my word because they are not vessels in particular paradigm only i d i'll jack they care about results what what works right has what or on the money exactly you're going to tell me what are the evolutionary triggers for me to develop a more effective advertising campaign i mean i'm in thought professor i don't give a shit about your parents dogmatic fights and academia but yes but the act but the academics who ve been arrested and social constructive ism or in cultural relativism every culture as relative there are no human universals there is no aired human nature there is no shared biological here that then i come in on my by
ology train and i'm dangerous we gotta shut this guy down the reality is if you're sufficiently confident about what you're doing ride out that storm and luckily for me enough now twenty years into the game more people are coming to seeing things in the way that saying but it's taken a lot of dog is fighting to convince people of of the veracity of what i'm saying so when you were given these speeches in your ring interrupted what are they sang example ok i'll get first one explain homosexuality right because their first instinct no pun intended instances an illusion term they they want to show that if the thing is evolutionary if everything is adaptive than how could you explain something like homosexuality which by definition is darwinian could the socket that andrei well then i say well there are some evolutionary theories of try to expand
was shortly but that's not really the focus of my talk and i had just gone i'll explain suicide here's the other now if we are these adaptive creatures that they have this survival instinct how do you spain the fact that there is an epidemiology of suicide why would somebody threw the life so if i start its produce describe as i don't think i have a problem with no by then imagine if this goes on for every syllable than other right so you though these students that are in european monies up visa professor as a matter of fact that's so rude so two points i'll make the the more senior the purse and in the room the more hostile they were really they so that doctoral students who took me out to lunch after we're all like i love you stop professor now why again anecdotally we can understand why because
the more senior professors are vested in their paradigms therefore their brains are closed to any ideas that my challenge the status while the doctoral student who still surfing whose surfing at the buffet of ideas open to the idea of biology seems to make sense the second thing that our point when you said it's very rude i actually got upset about try to stay put the quorum and politeness but as we were leaving i took a couple will senior folks i said you know what is the point of inviting me here and wasting your money and i respect of time by not giving me a ass to get through my thought would that make more sense to give me the forum and then at the end of the day if you decide that is not worthwhile you throw it in the garbage but at least you give you ve given me the opportunity to share my ideas with you or not profess argue mistook are interruptions is because we were so engaged as about can't be really in
age when you're not allow me to finish a syllable will not always out it's really simple to take notes and then at the end of it ass few questions i want a mean why did they feel like they have the right to interrupt your speech that's a good question i usually ask people to hold off their questions till the q and a period but i don't know why but especially in business schools and certainly in some of the top business schools there is this culture of very sort of alpha milaness where you hammer at the person you because you try to one of them up very there is a great story on richard general richard feynman is yes the great nobel prize winning physicist i think i read it in his book surely you must be joking mr firemen so i hope i don't watch the story about the story goes something like this he's giving his sort of pre final dissertation talk assorted the fundamental talk he still doctoral student at princeton in front of the who's
of leading physicists throughout hit immediately einstein is there in everybody's there and as he's giving his talk as a young doctors student there is this one professor whose interrupting him in the way that those folks were interrupted me about school and from the coroner somewhere early albert einstein says don't you think we owe the young man the respect to let him finish speaking and then i'm sure at the end of his talk you'll have plenty of opportunities to answer us after that nobody said anything so i think it's part of that bob what sort of guerrilla thing i'm going to show you that on the smallest guy in the room so you too we see from not the truly elite the truly elite don't have to do this but the guys just below want to show that it the toughest guys in the prison yard and therefore they interrupt you they harass you they haeckel you it's all the same people that would go after you with i hate blog exactly professors just fringe intellectuals at shrilly out that really that smart but they have achieved
this notoriety in status because of the factor teaching at some school can i mention one such gosh or a grand buffoon peace ed myers you know that is yet another guy is one of the most execrable creatures that has ever walked academia i'd nor i am personally well but he's the exact type or guy who exhibits those types of behaviors he has a incredibly successful science blog hat off packed up to him for having that forum but all he does all day is attack fellow scientists in extra ordinarily do you know poisonous manners that's never respectful certainly evolution psychologist we're all lobata miser idiots who are king sides he's the real scientists all of us are just idiots who could our borderline illiterate and the region
poverty is the last time that he ever published something was probably around the period of the renaissance and yet he feels perfectly comfortable criticising folks who are infinitely more productive than him and i only call about now i dont know him but i just despise this type of bully this kind of arrogance when they are incredibly honest hard working scientists that in their best way are trying on the around the world but here's the sky was got a huge soap box i mean i think over a hundred million use and visitors on sites or he's got a big platform he just denigrating everybody there's a lot of theirs this line of action in that like theirs it's a little eyes if you if you are one of those people are right to hate bog you can get along of attention doing that and some people become very addicted to attention and if you notice they start repeating those patterns and blogging constantly over and over again and then also when he
so does is anybody who opposes him he deletes them from the comments even if they're even if their respectful if you're an idiot you don't know what you're talking about gets any i became we are here because that homemakers shermer debacle he asked that the rape thing right now we use michael shermer of rate because he had sex with a woman consensually while they were both intoxicated at a conference i think it s all that how you got an well that's all i heard of em right you know unjust and it was though the way it was done was so reckless and so on informed like you no what happened unless you were there and also photos of michael shermer and the girl smiling weeks after this incident is all a very sorted out its ugliness right it is difficult to understand what he gets out of this sort of frivolous diabolical ugly since attention
its attention maybe i get attention and you know he is the grand poobah the retards she'll justice warriors furniture that's that there's a lot of people like that out there there's again there's a lot of attention in doing something like that you know and if fortunately it negate some really good points they my cat might have about a bunch of different issues because you have to look and it through the lens of this really poisonous person exactly right it i the first i had heard of him was there was an incident that happened on psychology today with a gentleman by name of subtle she comes are you familiar with them nasa so subtle shipowners our as a professor at evolution cycle just at the london school of economics so very very procedure school in london england who was a very popular blogger at cycle at psychology today
but he had a very sort of bombastic style of writing that sort of drew a lot of attention because of the way he phrase things and but but i guess he thought that he was popular that he was sort of untouchable and at one point he wore a blog article sir arising somebody else's work looking at racial differences in attractiveness so for example whose most attractive white women are black women white men or black men and one of the results from that data set this wasn't his own study was summarizing somebody else's work was that black women had been raided as less attractive than white women and he gave some i guess speculative reasons as to why there might be so i've caused a huge in a furor he's a racist but japanese by the way he's array says he hates blockades this he was they tried to get him out of psychologists today they eventually come out they tried to revoke which started a petition to try to revoke his tenure at london
school of economics but i mention two boys number one piece admires takes this example and says look here's what evolution apology is here is this racist who happens to be an evolution psychologist all evolution psychologists erases bombing that what racism usually is right gimme generals right i know a friend who is jewish and who was caught cheating on this taxes that that shows you jews cheat wanted comes to money because they're always looking to make the most money that's what happens with the rules so he doesn't see the irony of that so then i wrote an article which i frankly if you know any sank took a lot of courage where i am you could probably pull it up while you could pull it up if you wanted where i basically argue that to purge a blogger would set a very dangerous precedent if you disagree with whatever south africa's our saying let his words come back to haunt him right words will be there if they are
truly racist if he is espousing racial theories that are pure quackery that will be the biggest punishment he could suffer but to remove him from the discourse the public arena of ideas sets a very dangerous precedent precedent now guess what happened a lot of my academic colleagues wrote to me privately said my god thank you for having the courage to write that article that's exactly what i thought but i didn't want to run the article because people might think that i'm supporting sacho she suddenly shows you the cowardice of peace to me seem very natural to write that article i don't give a shit i'm here i know what's right and i'm going to support that principle which is you dont ban people based on ideas they right let their ideas come back to haunt us if they are bad ideas not only that why is it ok to say that it there sir there
an evolutionary desire for women to breed with an alpha mailed like one of these romance novel guys why is it ok to say that women are more inclined to favour taller men with broader shoulders and longer or whatever the fuck it is or why is it ok to say that women are less attractive to obese short man a wise it ok to say that women or that men would be like so attractive to obese women which is a fact but a solution of race that's it then you're not allowed to look at the actual statistics you not allowed to look at the real numbers have you know is by the way that the hundred meters was very racist this year was racist how so black one they would do the lebanese jews were overweight that were enough and the final there was no proper representation of the rich tapestry of humanity why were they all black that was still clearly races of us we're talking about an athletic event we're not talking about sex right
this is its all sorted because in many ways you could make the argument that there are women that are far more beautiful than any of that are black that are far more beautiful than any white woman they encounter in there's a broad range of attractiveness and all sorts of different differently susan creeds in different parts of the world and is also be different people have different things of their attracted some people are attracted to short asian women some people attracted a tall women from norway in omits there's a lot a variety and what people personal preference church when you're just looking at sheer numbers and which i'm sure it wasn't saying black women are completely unattractive absolutely in fact i think in the same study if i'm not mistaken he pointed to the fact that black men had been had scored as more attractive so the result
that demonstrates a finding that is racially acceptable is gleaned over the one that is unacceptable that makes i take a king not supposed it is ignore the statistics exotic incidentally that that that the king
this issue is a gentleman by name of philip rushed and who is now passed away a few years ago who was a canadian psychologist who spent his career studying racial differences specifically he studied differences in i q and i actually had a personal anecdote with him because early on in my career i think two years into why original professorship nothing was ninety six i was giving a talk eddie conference and this hall had maybe fifteen hundred people and i haven't looked at who were the other speakers in my session but i know is that people were very seemed there's a lot of poison in the air and it turned out i should i may be checked before going into the hall but the gentlemen who are speaking immediately before me was the jump phil oppression and is going to talk about
a cranial capacity post mortem care in capacity of black men black women white men white women and then he would show some racial differences we forget everybody riled up and this was probably the only time ever where i was about to give a talk when i was genuinely terrified because i thought that i would just get lynched by proxy and the next guy in line and ditches gonna kill me just because i was next on the same stages him the good as for me is that after he finished the stocks of the room ass they had fifty zero people he finishes astok i'm getting ready to go up about four hundred and twenty five out of the fifteen hundred leave to follow him and the item to yell at him to kill her and and this maybe like seventy five p in a room of and i was action a very happy that took so few people so few people ass they them i thought the denial bull physical differences in human beings to
to somehow or another say that bring nose up as racist is really strange like theirs to some undeniable physical differences in bone structure bone density there's just something like for instance african american women tend to have higher bone density and similar bone density to caucasian men which is very rare i can women it's not the same like african american women have denser bones but only in a normal way rather than ever actually is only just in just under general you know and who knows what the origin of that it's when you could go into that from an evolutionary standpoint and try to figure out what part of the world they come from what what their ancestors did what what in the selection pressures that would result in this area as well
their fascinating conversation one that's exactly what philip russian used you he used to argue look i'm not a races and will have an agenda i follow an interesting line of questions yes and here is the data now i've asked people who were friends with him privately so so what is the deal on the german as he raises is he not and i've never been told by anybody that he was a racist but here's where i'm confused if your showing actual skulls in your actually measuring cranial capacity are you not i to do there are you not allowed to look at the differences between asian bull and norwegian people or our people from my and article versus view are you not allowed to do that i let us it seems kind of crazy for not allowed to so that's part visit the great paper elsewhere i think two thousand five or two thousand six either in size or nature of the title the paper i think it's for
in the knowledge that it specifically sort of breaks down the types of research questions that if you want to have a viable career as a scientist you should stay away from and i think pretty much on top of that list is studying racial them says especially racial differences that might eventually point to a finding that legally incorrect bryce that's an excellent way for you to become the pariah of academia if not the more more generally the public and so yards grow too i should that a sad truth weapon on youtube channel where i talked about facts are not racist or in
bullion logic and mathematical logic you take a statement and it's either true or false binary value one or zero right that's how we create circuitry architectural circuitry of a computer right it has a truth value yes no right so the idea that a statement is racist scientifically now it's either false or that false or provisionally true but apparently the argument from the other camp is the mere fact that you ask these questions suggest that there must be a reason that is in the fairest for you to ask the question what is the value and asking that question so a sort of infer a nefarious motive do you going down that alley yeah but you can't do that and causes an appeal to ignorance earlier you're saying that let's all it would solve fain ignorance and not look at the actual facts of just the physical by
bodies of human beings and they very based on climate based on you know what area of the world what what the people were up to that were living there for generation after generation that led to the genetics expressing themselves and the way they do two thousand and sixteen it's crazy but it's weird it's weird and it's it's almost like in response to what they believe to be illogical criticism that's inevitable like this hypocriticism is inevitable so hedge your bets early and say there's no difference between the sexes is no difference between the races i don't want to get any argument i want ten year i want to see want to keep promoting ignorant at an institute of learning supper which is bananas as a deadly that's how you have heard asking me so who are
but these detractors of evolution psychology to what you just mentioned kind of can bring us back to that point some of the early proponents of sort of this anti evolutionary position came from anthropologists who saw the potential for biology being misused or darwinian theory to be misused rights or the nazis can i can refer to your darwinian theory this there's a struggle between the races and we are the areas jews lost so what's wrong with getting weaker than that's darwinian of course i've got to do with our way in theory but i served a theory for my nefarious pursuit british class let said hey there's a struggle between the classes we are the upper class who cares if the lower class are eliminated if we don't funding if we don't give them health care if we don't educate them that's natural selection you genesis said the same thing you know
what's wrong if we stir eyes people who are dull mentally deficient people who are maybe that too dark people who are homosexual hey that's cleaning out the gene pool hey that's darwinian right so some anthropologists thought well you know there is going to be misuse of biology so let's now creates a new world view built on bullshit so the edifice is built on bullshit after bullshit but at least they won't be an opportunity for people to otherwise misuse biology and so how did they express their they created a narrative tat basically says that cultural relativism is what the fines humanity every culture is unique every culture is different there is no such thing human universals because that would necessitate biological
monopolies which we don't accept and so therefore for a hundred years anthropology departments have been built on an edifice of pure bullshit i please the cultural and the bio policies wreck nice biology but the cultural anthropologists are driven by a premise of cultural relativism which incidentally are common france on harris tells a great story about moral relative and i hope i don't watch the story but apparently was at a conference somewhere where not a chance to speak to the bio ethicist who is sitting on the president's commission on bioethics and she apparently is a sore a moral relativism type and he asked her email you show that there are no use versus moral truce i mean are you not able to pronounce position on whether if they were culture where people were told that every fourth child has to have his eyes gouged so that he can walk towards the light without eyes would you support who might judge so this biomedicine was unable to pay
a moral judgment to whether if you had a just narrative that says that every fourth child should have his eyes gouged out she could approach position the reason why she couldn't because she is shackled she's intellectually shackled by the narrative of your relativism who are we to judge other called hence the lack of criticism for things like female genital mutilation and a samurai entities and that's why the castrato and chief just and true though that's why it when he was not before he was prime minister when he was a minister and parliament he got very upset when somebody referred to child bride honour killing genital mutilation throwing acid in their faces when they refuse marriage whatever somebody referred to these practices as barbaric and there is no place for the mccain society he didn't get upset by those practices he got upset by the other politician referring to them as by
there is a true that is true look at him then he later came out and you know hedged and so on course after criticism of course but he's responding to that standard social justice warrior sort of creed here is the king and we ve talked about this thing last some on the show briefly he is the king of the social justice warriors he is taking down canada to meet where sweden and the rest of the european helmholz are now becoming as fast as you can well what is his motivation i think he's i don't i don't think it's because he's an evil guy who
you know has nefarious ulterior motives i think he is simply profoundly misguided because of all the bullshit that you and i have talked about through the years he comes from a environment of social justice warriors his dad was the architect pierre true though was the architect of multiculturalism and canada now multiculturalism as we may or may not discussing the show before has two different meanings we could talk about multiculturalism as there are many cultures in orange county that's multicultural but multiculturalism
the political philosophy as the idea that when people come to your land you dont ask them to assimilate you rejoice in the fact that everybody has their unique distinct cultures where they can express themselves in any way they can while of course in some cases that's fine when it comes to cuisine right it's not fine when it comes to let's cut off some clearances right doc where it's not fine when it comes to genocidal hatred of the jews honour killing and on it but it from his perspective he is simply shackled by his inability to have a clear moral compass that says this is right is wrong because all he sees as the parasites and his brain that says who am i to judge will judge asshole they are from some things that are right and some things that are wrong and when we were taught about things like people objecting to the analysis of cranial capacity of different people i could see
why some people be uncomfortable because i could see how some people would perceive that as being some sort of a justification for racism and so they will stand as a person is not racist i'm not racist and i think you are either we when we're discussing this it becomes a matter of just being a very curious biological trade and a dozen make someone superior or inferior make someone different and its fascinating to me because i'm looking at the human evolution the species as being this massive complex algorithm that's going on since the beginning of single celled organisms branching off in a multi celled organisms so there's has been this process of change what has made this process so that people that in iceland or so big you know you look those men that window those strong men competitions how many of more from fucking icelandic it's crazy like what is that what it was
i can join attics ok well what you tell me what happened why their bones so big why are you so tall what is it what is it about certain people in africa marathon run this are always from east africa was a west africa now east twenty is west africa this price africa as the sprinters has fun there there their muscles structures are very different right twitch versus the long i saw the east african so if europeans and eritrean in solid kenyans have these elevated bodies that are just built for long distance the other guys this pact muscles right that's why you get those differences here about that is not viewed as racists because ultimately you're talking about success success rights on the other hand if you talk about race a is somehow less good at something than race b and where race a scores high on the victim ology olympics forgive the pun menu scrooge that
there was a fantastic radio lab podcast that dealt with people from one particular part of the world that were amazing it running and they were taught about their ability to endure pain because of the rituals if they were they had to endure the rights of passages man there there sir concision done with like sharp sticks and having to crawl naked through thorn bushes and and really dark dark shit that they had to do and it was interesting because one guy who had gone through that became this unbelievably successful runner and just add this unbelievable ability to shut off the pain signal to ignore it but he was also talking about he wouldn't want his son to go through that same process and that he believes that the benefits are not worth it in what culture that was i do not generally comprise pulled up these programmes up right now but it was unfortunately not a listener like five podcast days ago your fuckin million park ass ago what are you gonna kenyan runners whose opinion but as a particular part of kenya
is very small population of people by the way that engage in this like really brutal ritual of of manhood right of passage it's really it's it's it's it is fascinating how the this right here ok helen yes yes college in college arranged collagen will produce priests produce an astonishing number of great long distances out our sub population of kenyans yeah only those that prominent those rights a passage yeah sure that so it's not just biology with them but it's also is unbelievable ability to do to dine it's called the the actual episodes called caught and run because it's about sir decision about what they forced to do while they must stick poking through their debt it's really hard core and that this ready to shut off pain and ability to endure is a key factor in their ability to succeed in running that it's a mental toughness thing is while active may be perhaps
turned on this aspect of their brain areas and have you of of this other right of passage i thought about this one my books would the bull ants yes isn't real guy has been been by one my friend steve my steve was in bolivia he was their filming his show called mediator anyway down there and he got a bullet aunt by in his foot and he said it was so unbelievably annually scores the high so there's a pain quotient would have exact metric but apparently the bullet and scores the highest on that and so this particular peoples in their right of passage you could probably police take a glove they take gloves they they sedate the the ants when the ants wake up they start singing
the has that are in those glove so there are multiple of these bites dozens of the glass all over the glove and they have to do that ritual i think if i'm not mistaken twenty times before they are accepted as man that's so we could take a fuckin paid area the parisian cries the amount of pain that you would endure by doing that is just the there was a guy from australia that did it for or some sort of a television special want to go into the hospital but you see the pain in his face while he's doing it credit they say it's like in your hand slammed in a car door twenty four hours a day and credit and then at last a long time at last for hours was interesting my friend steve he got stung by this bullet and he says unbelievably painful for about an hour or two hours like where you just like you can't believe how much pain you're a drink and then he said after that remember which ankle got stung nook it is just as it goes away
goes away and unease is walking to the woods with these people do turn number the name of the people there is only a year ago there were turner remember the name of these people that he was i dont remember i was speaking of bullets i tell you another charge on this fiction cyber fbi special agent friend here and get some california and so i think no fred for at all you ve met him that's really i am here so soldiers last night i was actually we met fred and i met another gentlemen was a cia operative and we went out that conversation should boy maybe i'll give a little few hence later but always he took me out to a because with our bullets i asked him if we could go to a shooting range
sure i do it so he brought his whole arsenal of fbi stuff and he had another friend with him was a security type guy and so i went shooting for the first time ever even though you will never shut again for now even though i have grown up in the lebanese civil war and had held the ethical is a cushion kalashnikov i'd never fired a gun while it was something that's interesting they have i guess you shoot you hunt correct yet but you hunt with a bow and arrow craft with a rifle you don't look at all these animals this year on year show the rifle rival now that wrongly right is one outside with each other out a rifle to side of shot things with both boner on rifle so one was the first time ever shot four years ago no i'm not just got geology i'm a girl here it was unbelievable i was really i mean it's a lie more he told me how she said look out a book the range for two hours and either you'll be the type a guy who go there
and will use the two hours or you'll shoot once and you say this is not for me i don't like it i will leave and then i was asking one should my wife and kids come back to pick me up while it turned out that i stay for the full two hours but i can understand sort of the the response that people might have where because the it's a lot more powerful than you think what a to this parliament that i can i shot also the the submission gandhi the eyes of my mind that a lot easier because it's kind of rye recoil the recall that but the guns and i think that we have different covers twenty to forty five at the exact numbers there is a lot to have some really powerful rifles there were even different i'm sure than anything you shall have some hunting rifles in a three hundred when mag that is lacking hunton shoulder every time you if you shoot it because it's designed to shoot moose and elk and big giant animals which are heavy fit really strong powerful round
and yet the vulnerability that you feel when that trigger goes often hear that boom and a palm tree wearing had gas oil here guards which really have to it so important that so many of you are there that hunt and shoot without you production and they wonder having tennis or tonight us and really yea all sorts of issues with a hearing it so bad for you or what he what was interesting is went before we went and he gave me maybe ten fifteen minute safety many like and the main one that he gave me this is of course life is not he's alive bullet something lethal and he said that the number one thing you do is when you the gun the gun barrel always points who is it happens is that young people pick it up and start do yeah yeah i gesture with and so on so too to sort of make sure that i wouldn't commit such an error as it here's what we're going to institute as i do every action i am verbally going to describe
smart and that really sort of soften us why should the fear because then he's listing ok i'm not good for somebody told me after you shoot take your finger out of the trigger so rigour discipline exactly so then i would speak it and by speaking it it sort of gave me the discipline to never meet can urban areas as a very smart they should actually teach people eating so yea i think that your method is probably something that people should adopt as very intelligent where it comes from actually comes from some my research there there's a there's a methodology called verbal protocols so white when you're doing research you could either ask people to flee something so that's where you are only interested in the output please what
the stimulus and tell me on a scale what you think or sometimes i'm interested in the process that you're going through as you're doing something so in that case i will have a recorder and i will ask for your verbal protocols verbal eyes what you're doing as you're doing it what that does it is basically yields very rich there but that that is a real bitch to analyze because you're not analyzing numbers on the scale of one to seven you not allies in spite of the stars shone you actually have to go through these huge transcripts of revelations you know it it also does it forces you to exist in the conscious mind versus the reactive mine you work consciously engaging in a process so like there's a there's a thing called tat get panic that many archers face and it's a huge issue because of nerves actually people that aren't use to performing under nerves they go into
is really almost like the tunnel vision sort of state and they re start panicking ended want to shoot the shot as quick as possible and so they make a errors that make a lot because there's a lot of things involved in shooting a bow and arrow correctly bow and arrow it's so it takes so much more discipline than it does to shoot a rifle because of the rifle essentially what you have to do is have your face in the proper position put your finger on the trigger and squeeze so that the shot goes off almost as a surprise and if you long as you're through the scope correctly you have your your rifle centered in or you have your rifle long sighted incorrectly it should hit where you want to aim at if the rifles accurate with bow and arrow there are so many different anchor points that you have to have the string touching the tipp your nose you have to have your hand exact same place every time you have to have practised countless times you have to make
that you're holding your shoulder your front shoulder and opposition your hand has to be holding the bone of very specific position we are not talking about left and right and so when you go through your shot process you go through these this check point in your mind very i too when i do it by myself i say it i say okay him the right position front shoulder position you say it in your mind said out loud i say it out loud and then when i go through it in a hunting scenario we obviously have to keep your mouth shut i go through that same checklist in my mind and that sort of in many ways prevents alot of the panic because that sort of panic exist in the conscious mind you start thank you oh my god would go go i gotta keep lose having don't fuck this up don't fuck this up by you fuck it up and it's because of this react
and to the overwhelming unusual stimulation of the events of the panic sets in and i use up succumb to that unusual pressure so the parliament talking about the outcome of two varieties is was called concurrent protocols or retrospectively protocols concurrent protocols is where you verbal eyes as you're doing the task that the benefit of that is that its that's life it's its top of mind right your drive the downside is that sometimes by asking a participant to verbal eyes it actually changes there cognitive process shore so then you might go to retrospective protocol which is now tell me in details how
you did the thing men now the benefit there is that you don't have that that interference but the downside of course is that you have memory loss he remembered a specific or you also have people who fill in stuff that's bullshit right more now the guy wants me to justify how i went and did it now let me just filling stuff but that's not really what i did as its true in most of these methodological choices when you're making these scientific decisions there is no absolute optimal strategy is always pros and cons to any definite jeez yeah i think there is also something that happens to people when they do something so many times or becomes a subconscious action and then when you ask him to verbal eyes what steps are often comes dont know because if programmes into their mindless domesticity if i asked you to describe inexact detail what is the process that you tie your shoes with ike which hand
goes first which finger goes underwear you'd be like how do i do it ok i take the when you tie your shoes you just go what's got it right you know you just go through this start standard process that habits of martial artist lot there's a lot of marshall orders that have certain techniques they ve got down to a science but then when you ask them to teach it say ok are you doing firstly doing this russia and they go ha i'm sure they literally dont know i've i've talked at that with certain archers to certain archers of asked them are you looking at the sight first or you looking at the target first we know when you release the arrow are you looking to target of the site they don't know i don't know where it falls into this sort of subconscious state where they made ready petition so they view the bridge the process so many times they ve made this repetition cement did in their subconscious where they could just just sort of go
into this zombie state you know it's funny i i felt that recently trying to play poker soccer use and it's gonna speak too that automatic city and exactly how you saying so when i was a young guy young player who can accelerate past players as if it's nothing it's a natural thing i don't think about it my body react and if you asked me to tell you how i shifted left i couldn't tell you now is a much older and much heavier those moves that i tried to do i no longer have the automatic ability so actually my brain was trying to think or i better turn right but be careful because my knees a bit weak and so i actually felt the difference in the automatic city response if only by virtue of being much older and much heavier right so
you got twenty years ago i could probably not been able to tell you how i did this today i could tell you how i did it because it was i saw a turtle that's funny but that existed in fighting for sure you drill these moments over and over into your mind so that when you're fighting me actually just come out subconsciously or they come out without conscious thought because you really have the time to say ok i'm going to slip this right hand and throw the left of the body than that the heart of the right high kick it has to sort of be an automatic response so that you have to be able to go into business and state which is fun and in these big movement he's explosive movements like a martial arts thing but in terms of like an arch thank you dont want fast big twitching explosive movements to come out automatically what you want a very controlled process will you maintain very strict form a stay calm and so in that report
as going over this conscious shot making process is probably better for you i still fighting no no us really not good for you nobody even as a supporter of jujitsu only and i haven't done that over a year but it is because of a back injury that i've been dealing with but it's pretty much gone now but sparring as far as i kick boxing sparring i gave that up many many years ago is just even sparring fun even just even you have to really be sure of the person you're doing with because every single time yet tagged if you looked at your body your brain rather as a punch card i say of holes to punch and once you punch those hundred horse you're fucked and you might get away with a couple of holes you might get away with three or four or five or ten or twenty does it all fell yeah had bought a percent but
pertains to a lot of things and even soccer player here with the head with a heading the which is insane it would never me imagine like four years for decades rather we had no idea that heading a ball could have detrimental effects but now we're finding that certain soccer players who consistently head of the ball over a long career develop all sorts of key cognitive issues with memory impulse of all the same sort of symptoms and i find from fighters incredible to me because it's not a concussion thing it's a sub concussive trauma thing we are constantly engaging that connected tissue inside your brain to try to stabilize the brain is it washes around inside your skull and starts failing and then the damage brain moving around side of their starts accumulating speaking of soccer and your eminence stuff i'm triggered by and you're gonna be addressed conan conan
regular connor connor conduct or not but i got a thousand hours driving impress it wait for the millions of their coming out on their own and regret your he'd be nice to meet you now get to be made a goods gotta be whatever conan collar connor honour macgregor connemara bigger i'm triggered by him triggered because he's a friend of the nemesis my top man he's a friend of ronaldo soccer pakistan or another previous buddy buddy falcandus cristiano ronaldo and lino messy had been now i trust that you now know who they yahoo messy as i also know that these attacks cheat motherfuckers on a jails and now he's not you know i think parameters gunnar poky says gonna get bank so due to go back there the same way as you would have been twenty years ago are not heavier but more muscle club and lift and waits for the last one i got into jujitsu like really heavily which was about two thousand right around here
pictures of me with more defined elements i will show you photos you go so showcase how dare you godfather the matter by the way you live in the present right now i don't want you gloria yet a barrel a girl six pack has gone even when we get back there as we do there sad six pack project and you sort of film me as i go through the transformation i'm gonna do it you're doing your i'm busy brow how dare you on reaching out and fresh appear this is how you treat right i'm gonna get you a copy of the book gonna get you that's a primal off after that you can hold your hand man ok you're grown man you're the me call me son member you're you're not fifty area now forty nine just turned this right now i have the slightest
real i'm fifty one so am i e amended bounce i'm so when it makes it even more difficult to lose weight more sat in your ways you're hormone systems which following does your metabolism slew wrap it up buddy i do start off your day with exercise is are you are you at currently at the same weight as you would have been twenty years ago our nom heavier but more muscle club and lived and waits for the last one i got into jujitsu like really heavily it was about two thousand right around the year two thousand i washed start training and ninety six i got really into it around two thousand so the last sixteen plus years i've been lift way more waits like are really getting the lifting ways as i realise how significant it is a factor i can also to protect your joints it's a big fat or two
the ability to defend yourself better it i've i do a lot of lung endurance an hour cardio but i've always been terrible do latona how i do at least say i've been here for a month and california for thirty days with twenty four days while here that's amazing how do you do have to i just saw we do an hour either treadmill or bike or combination sometimes elliptical so these three are you what time do you do in the morning let us go and the more it but not very early maybe say do an hour i do now that's a lot of really good because i was coming on issue but they do want an hour and now here in california i've tried to incorporate wait training usually back home i dont and as i understand it i need to
more so well i would say that way training definitely makes your body burn more cowardice that's for sure and two for two reasons one because when you put on more muscle your body has your requirements for four galleries so it's easier for you how did you burn more fuel if you have more muscle the act of lifting weights very strenuous db burns lotta calories and it also suggests it's really good for your endocrine system when you start lifting waits especially if you do things like dead lives are squats identify any that stuff goes out three her needed this on my back you dear that's out so what's wrong with you it's gone was i say about two thousand five we're moving from one house or another i've got a huge library of books and the resemblance to say this will become evident in second as you know book
boxes are deceptive and that they look round their small volume but their extremely heavy i went to pick one up and i did the wrong motion i felt my back and then after that it would just flare up maybe once a year and about four years ago i went down bent down and then i was basically immobilized what part of your back it's the left side through your love about reasons three hundred this i went to see if as i trust and here's his advice neverbend again what those people dipshit decide doctors it will tell you don't do this and don't do that i went to a doctor in two thousand and two because i torn monastic is just a has really simple injury for someone is marshall artists and data allow me to stop doing martial arts they literally hold me you're gonna be a credible vista you don't stop doing martial arts i might yeah ok what the fuck
stupid advises that unlike just scope this goddamn thing let me get out of here i got back on control and glucose i mean a lot of fish oil and i've ad problem with that need since then like they scope down a chunk of miniscule which is really common with people that have extreme athlete pursuits whether its soccer soccer allow geyser charity you now with martial arts it's a big it's it's normal thing they do but to have this asshole tell me to stop doing martial arts only be cripple i've just outside just say look you're fuckin ass all like you really have now no qualifications to be saying that if this is foolish you fix injury you can't tell me that if i don't listen to your stupid lazy advice is just such a damn thing to say to people we especially when you talking about a monistic is injury you not about a severe spinal injury or someone could become pair lies of the continued the same things there doing
about a minuscule tear rights really simple namely that they have artificial miniscule now now they do stem cells that actually generate miniscule by lay stems cell research is another one of those forbidden knowledge topics because well was was slightly more now because they found so many different methods of acquiring stem cells are yeah but doing the bush administration was usually problematic and its one the reasons why europe got so far ahead of america and this a lot of people that go to get certain treatment say get did they lay had to go to other countries fortunately now there's a lot of stem cell doctors and specialists that are in united states that are having incredible success with injury in a lot of mixed martial artist do it dmitri the mouse johnson is the best pound for fire in the world just had some stem cell shot into his knee it's this is a really common thing that year you deal with some doctors you aren't athletes don't work with athletes and then they tell you things i don't ever live something again that's crazy
it is a crazy using it conceivable a hundred precisely i guess i'll show you machine we get off today will show you a couple minutes when end soon there's a machine that i haven't the back all the reverse hyper and his created this guy of type of so many you will acknowledge is created by this guy named louis summons and louis yemen's is this guy who runs this of very famous power lifting gm called west side barbell and he had a bulging disk himself and his doctors at all they don't have to future deerskin you know you have to have an operation was like white and he couldn't as a person who is an expert and physiology and a person is an expert in an exercise in and teaching people how to get strong he could understand why if in an inch a compression of the desk causes this to her neate why couldn't a deep impression of the disk cause it to reset or to heal so he developed this machine does exactly that
called the reverse hyper and i have one of these in the back so you see when he's lifting the wait up its strengthening the back when the weights go down it's actually pulling the back up word it slowly de compressing the back in an active form but as events of the day is that show that if you use this your hair needed disk that fact guys easily he himself has done me no peer review studies but athletes have used this time and time again along with decompression spa decompression is also really important spinal decompress and meaning like hanging from your ankles hanging from your waste i've a couple different devices and back that i can show you that allow you to relax your back and you oh is also critical yoke is huge because it bunch of positions in yoga where you are actively de compressing your back is one where you reach back you grab yourself behind the heels he stood
in your legs out and you literally are pulling with your arms and you feel your back all pop pop your releasing tension and pressure in your actively stretching your back some walk in order here invigorated by our chat and filled with hope and optimize about diet early eyes you know me nothing my friend but i it's it's really important for people to work on their core and their spine and if so many people it don't i have a friend of mine is big strong powerful guy and you know he played football in these done a bunch different things but he's never done any like real significant core work and i start showing them some different exercises like windmills and things along those lines and he was stunned at how weak lower back is that so many people don't work those muscles knows muscles are critical for athletic performance for you ability to move and to protect your spine from injury there's a lot of injuries are you can avoid by just being strong in your core in your column your spinal column and did developing still
thanks around the lino that whole ray he supersensitive indelicate area of your back but decompression is real theirs bunch of machines that doctors have and when i hurt my neck i wanted things i did as went to the doctor that would do have this machine at kind of straps you images gives you the gentle poles and what about the upside down would have those to look at those good out does get those are good but you have to learn how to really relax you're back a lot of people in the hang by their ankles a tense themselves up sword defeats the purpose you have to learn how to you have to learn and its feels weird i could feel yourself pulling apart right but you have to relax you have to allow that to happen and you have to do it really consistently and has to be something you do all the time it can't be sent me do once every now and again like oem stretching back out because it's gonna go right back and also posture as significant as really import
part of tariff barriers sitting right now i've got it means that's why these chairs it we're sitting at we're sitting in his ergo depot chairs and the chairs are designed to make you sit at a good postures so this will sit we your spine in a good position nor well chairs la times you back gets around and you sit into them and its agony developed this pain right around your mid back or maybe perhaps your lore backed penny on whatever ailments you ve got as chair us in these complaints were hours i've any problem and i think there actually in some way beneficial because they force posture that acts it's actually a static exercise leaving let the standing working desk better than sitting sometimes you know but i think gum these things are great like because the six slash four your spinal column to be in this correct position but i think the standing was a lot of people a lot of success with that they also a lot of people have success with those exercise balls those are the rules in force you to kind of exercise
you're sitting there you you have to make a gesture out in a posture is also a lot of those standing desks they develop these standing surfaces that are their own surface that's very varied so instead standing on his absolute flat static sort of a floor you're in the same position all the time instead is this dynamic ec surface where there has always humps do it and you move around on it so you'll you like lean on the left leg lean on the right leg of reaching those things seem to find those those surface is standing surfaces for us ending chairs israeli internet complete rupture michael extending whereas a soccer player and one of the things that i had to do in fourteen months of rehab is to stand on one of those boards with a ball yeah you had to because just to re learn how to more video to adjust side you have ever repaired surgically earlier massive that's a big one or two thousand was finished
i have one of those in my knee i have an account these ten and from a cadaver in my knee when are you when you get acl surgery instead of replacing eurasia with cadaver acl which is significantly weaker they take this the acl tendon and replace it with a kelly's which is way bigger away stronger and makes you're achilles tendon cacl rather rather hundred fifty percent stronger love then a regular one sees what and a aware of how it works with cadavers but place a ligament what it does is essentially access scaffolding in your body re proliferates this cadets let em around your own cells so instead of it being a normal size becomes a fat cord that really keep sure olympics have at both my knees blow out of it to asia reconstructions one in each need not
on it there's other one that's just a chair this guy's on its standing desk the surface of booze standing surface pull up standing surface for for standing down sk or surface for standing desk standing desk surface for standing on a bet ergo deep has it but what there's a bunch of those different kinds of standing desks but moving surface for standing desk and i just dont show me that's why i'm gonna go up great
but i don't even know it's good i just saw that someone developed well when i was so when i had my rupture italy sending the trip you ever heard somebody describe what happens you actually feel as if somebody hit you with a sledge hammer on your achilles tendoned when it pops fears that you were hit and you i mean you drop like somebody shot you look after the fact so i had the surgery this is i was a student registered at the time of colonel i went back to montreal to have the surgery well when i went back to court now i ask my fellow soccer players what happened who was the guy who tackled me that had hit me and then somebody's nobody hit you just drop by yourself and then that happens i found out that that's what everybody feels like an explosion at an explosion but the way your body feels it it's as if there was an impact some clobbered the back of my leg nobody was around i just dropped that totally makes
it's amazing how fragile we are people are so is the human body that similar that's one of em that's standing board this one is a surface is a surface you stand on an assistant even surface that has many different layers to it may referendum now ascended either wherever there's a bunch of hampshire but you know all these different solutions that people try to come up with for the real problem which is now sitting in the proper posture at a chair and i sit in his desk doing these podcast for our steady nine hours and when i'm when i m sure said and like this my black doesn't hurt you feel that your mental acuity is as strong going into podcast number three as it was in fact but one oh yeah yeah it's only nine hours that's not that big deal as long as you're eating food and one that visa assets because earlier in my teaching career i could do back to back lectures each one being three hours
and it was no problem now i can't do it not because a mental acuity problems but because what does airbag back starts hernia by about our for i can do this wrap this up and when i want to show you the silk whip and began surely invest in this stuff says is it'll make a big difference in your europe the health of your back because it's one thing people really didn't they just don't they dont look into enough and the only time they look into it is when they're already injured and i really wish people would pay way more attention and i wish i had no ness before i got injured i got from martial arts because just a nature of jujitsu and wrestling there's a lot of people that i get in i know a lot of guys at about description science and all sorts of fusion's and stuff and it just the brutal nature of of the sport but the i think some of that at least can be prevented with proper maintenance and proper spine health decompression star
i look forward to you do you get off that i dont you should do it in i do stretching but i do in exactly the way that you said i shouldn't witches very sporadic and don't do you guys copy a daily thing and it's gotta be one of those things like brushing your teeth he write down you do it you get it out of the way just force you sell it to me neither certain things that i just can't go through a week without doing you in i don't allow myself because i know that this is just it's easy just fuck off do it ceases to be lazy but when you do that you you do your body a disservice quick final before we and unaware and just to point to your incredible reach some unrecognized on the street
recently off regions because of visual beautiful arena for this is what happened about two weeks ago i think i might even tat john twitter about it let you probably than a reader i'm being served by a waiter slash busboy place and then a speech and the gentleman comes up to me and says excuse me are you jim guide for a young i said yes because i recognized you by your voice because i listened to your rodents pop cas that's how so this is the first time that i was recognized auditory early now visually that's a pretty astute listener that's a guy who really listen to your rugged but i mean i'm i say that story simply two point two apparently how infinite your reaches thus pretty crazy or i haven't very unique unique very sexy we ask that you deaf when thou but i also think that guy's propria exceptional his to pick our voice has amazing because your voices its its distinctive but not
you're gonna break so much rags idea well listen it's always a pleasure have you answer me have an open invitation of course a time here in town and i really do hope you want at moving here thank your buddy fuck those winners of their body lovey amount i love you too brother thank you our folks we'll be back at five o clock a forty minutes with josh zepps seer that gad father ladies and gentlemen thank you very opportunity to the pod cas and thank you too are sponsors thank you to zip barrette crude zip crude with one click use sons of bitches and daughters of pitches as well earlier says your daughter of a pitch nowhere sexism aspect zeb recruiter dot com go there and with one click you can post your job to over a hundred job sites including social media networks like facebook
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