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2016-08-29 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his podcast "Come To Papa" available to download on iTunes & Stitcher.
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hey you motherfuckers what's up has thereby doing i got some coffee dates coming up september knife in cleveland sold out i still have the ice house in pasadena this was a september twenty third and twenty four that is friday and saturday night who's going with me but and i'm do in the next week on october thirtieth or september thirtieth rather when the palace theater and columbus ohio some tickets are still left for that and then the next night i'm doing the tower theatre in philly these are the biggest places are taken i'm gonna go fast there almost this does a few hundred tickets laugh for each place but it'll be cool future soda who'd sleep netflix
national premiers october twenty first that's friday night october twenty first it's called triggered that makes me laugh and that is october twenty first the next data after that i'm doing a comedy worse in denver i'm doing god that's already sold out on november seventh which the friday night and the next week and i'm doing a comedy works and downward which is gonna be fuckin awesome and last time was in denver i did a five thousand five hundred seat place belcour theatre this huge theater but my routes i love my love the commonwealth man i gotta go back there i found the calmly special there in my last one calmly central swamp in two thousand fourteen it's just one of the best this is on the planet love denver and i love the comedy works so that's
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hilarious diana comedian oh wonderful human being a great guy i always love talkin tomb he's just a really warm friendly and very very smart and very funny guy please welcome tom papa the job will gain experience my top populated song of soured that's your nickname i love that i saw that this morning it's really bad ass your times they mentioned you in the new york times yes than the time i talk about the terms of acute mama clause arms i am now friends with the new york times because of your might cast what does he like resolution break re old lady gray lady so i when i was in the argument with my daughter
are they gave us a tour of the new york times he invited me tom you wanna come because of this our debt was the sour doubts incredible story and because of they saw it on the show that's incredible yeah while the show eggs me riches do this show wrote got an hour already in the new york times about sour dough bread and starters data that was absolutely fascinating and was i had no idea yeah that's the new well i read an article two and the new york times it was so disappointing now it was someone wrote an article blaming the patriarchy on women drinking too much ex ism women make is this the fact in the new york times like how spirito are they for ratings or for reading scientist rising per there it is the public the is a better picture than that though i what it was there it s time new tab my little stuff
they're sitting on my counter awesome staring up today does a fuckin roy disturbing article that i read in now the washed and post this morning to news is getting fuck super wacky glenn green wall tweeted it the washington post an article about this settlement in israel so that israel wants the knot of that someone israel that they want to bulldoze and they call it a miserable town a miserable town it but israel wants a bulldozer miserable town and they like whoa whoa whoa who fuckin wrote this article like how did you read how'd you like flaming those the language i wanna write miserable article you dealing with like dirt poor people that are living in these horrible conditions right and they just decided to go with that as their technically this title totally this is your wants to bull dog changed the ramshackle village
it's really fox a europe is providing life support while they call it was miserable village this morn ramshackle sounds kind acute ramshackle is still their trial yeah ramshackle is like okay if its white people if you're talking about why people that live in trailer park ramshackle trailer park corn cub any hangs out muttering some is jug might he's got a bunch of cars are blocked in the yard its oh it's not fancy what assurances ramshackle yeah that makes sense but they this morning it was the title was miserable don't you feel that writing all of journalism like it's all levelled out sometimes you read an article in the having imposed they suck you into like some article and it's written by like a high school high school journalism student it's just sensational it
just what i was like a good return wrapped in before it even comes out rather than the heading it sir i've been then you read sums veneering times are their places and some of it some it's definitely much smarter with some of it it is little opinionated hasn't little things in advance its lazy seems like is because their such a rush you can't spend as much time on stories people get lazy and airless why i also think that when p pour out their best they write about what they love i give you read a really lazy article from new york times writer about something maybe that guy would look right an amazing article about handmaid furniture europe's anchors may be thy greece italy into handmaid furniture but there's a lot articles two people writing the just fucking just trying to get em down here the problem is that a lot of that's in like news yeah it's not you know but don't you feel that way about the new sometimes like enough i just i can't do it anymore even to digest the nea forget
that's one of my crusades for real i have a day at the newspaper in the morning because i want to spend maybe twenty minutes maybe you have our look at some news stories and then that's it that's all tom papa needs to know about the world's events because i can't do anything about it yes and if i just check in another half hour chicken another have a twenty four hours of days gone i get em you feel sick you're paranoid you're sick you're upset i turned the news off it's a barrage and i need to talk to the fucking new york times about what constitutes breaking news less in new york times just cause anthony wiener got busted sexty again that's not fucking breaking news that's pretty great story it's a good story breakin here in time to save regret you knows this is war yeah wars breaking right earthquake breaking news save those are breaking news stories to other shit is just a story yeah raw breaking
super critical its but you know you have to keep feeding the beast twenty four hours a day and they gotta keep you will have to make an urgent they have reached me watch this video insatiable desire for content edmund saw the way i heard the earth is flat none more content and how they can make you attention and the content by scaring the shit out of scaring share you or maybe you angry writing something ridiculous like access is why women like to drink that is ridiculous are you sure that wasn't a hundred per cent on upset find it jamie chinese honour because i was at the new york times building of salvador and i saw no such thing it was pretty cool i mean it was cool they like beans the new york times with this is my point about half
post when you're saying then like it's written by a high school kid it could easily have been like there's a lot of contributors to the have imposed lot is a lotta contributed a lot of these on line new sources how industry brows talk talk women down us on it knows that it was out today yeah it's about the exorcism and drinking sexism and drinking that the patriarchy makes women drink it the pressure of dealing with sexism all day makes women drink that is so unbelievably ridiculous but for anybody who hates those arguments have uniform because it so stupid that it's like self pair it's so dumb are really that's what makes you drink because everyone who doesn't drink how common doesn't work on them it's almost like that that headline is to a level of this pick them up yes right exactly and here we are talking about it yeah so she might be right you know i mean yeah definitely women must face sexism
a lot of men are sexist for sure but men a pig's to work with a guy for eight hours a day for five years if he's not going to try to fuck you he's going to be thinking about fucking you all the time and he's definitely gonna play like little games yeah seo are can gonna say so what you say when he says this look we work with guys when they are completely free world the guy like when you're school or whatever and working with people in a good job these men you know ends when we're alone with them the ship ahead it is a sad but i mean right i really filtered brutal about everyone in the office about their wives they're pulling out their parts snuff in short this is the opposite of that says sexism isn't driving norman women to drink i thought i found some seed sometimes though ok i'll send you find it here but the
it doesn't matter a new look at it it just an art but you know to me manner such pigs airbags i mean when we're when euro you could be in an office with another guy you know the coast is clear the stuff we have for him to walk out who would be able to look at each other and go you know this never leave this room right it would be an i would do to her relations of walk out among older people and they that they can keep its together like knowing what we know that they can keep it together when they make with everybody else is kind of astounding i've i feel the more likely a man is to wear loafers with those tassels the more likely as they have these deep dark visions fantasies silently each do you get out of here just get a couple cocktails and yet cause he's probably pretty wealthy probably makes a good living
and probably is then married to the same woman for quite a long time has cha children probably has some sort of religious affiliation yeah mosslike panoply of a guy on your end and d desires at the beasts if you live are you workin love you working with our guides almost crazy never with them i think about it i give use if your wife works all the rest of you although you have works all that do not see needs there are four nine hours out of the day right right rail travel too if you're deserve your super lucky then you come home homey awake for the three hourly our hours at the most and five and angry hours how much is like really good time with each other
exactly how much time is like stop fighting don't do that that's not yours nano yours looks like that i believe is different this is being that's the reality as if your wife works with some fuckin creepy dude that creepy dude seize her more than you do yeah i think work environment are very range for human beings saying that we should engage in them but what i'm saying is that being in a traditional work environment we work in the way of the corporate ladder so everybody's full of shit everybody's like at sir point i'm saying the thing that's the right thing to say for the career versus what they really feel about they know yeah it's probably not a lot of room for opinion a lot of is about the company and how important the company is and then fucking if you're you're lucky you get to lake a job by the water until you little freedom of the day or maybe they let you dress you cubicle up you can have a little for
in star wars going acute jos awhile then show me your socks and death star my cubicle big star wars stan i can't wait for the next ease the guy when you who in people come up do you there's a guy as he is so funny our works at that the row quote most men live lives of silent desperation i'm sure of us women to make most humans slot lot of doing shit you know what to do you know what i find though people who are in those jobs you know em get pretty high up in the creative people wherever they don't dumb they don't question things as much as we do can't you re here but i think that's why they're able to get into it also and on one or two heads are i wonder if you know it that's what causes it or if there
like a mindset that one sort of like boxes themselves into at an early age it's probably a little of both were but i definitely have a couple friends who are just fun guys they work i ve been working corporations their whole careers and they just don't question it there's driver part of them that's like that's everything what am i doing just get us glance it let's go gonna do this media what's the rangers and only find in the end they dont think about and he was always that way like he just kind of slit in it's almost like ignorance is bliss in this so we should all those guys generally like to drink he hath that's a big one because the drinking is the way to say who gives a fuck yeah of a day the day when we're done with your work you have a couple pops the boys now suddenly a laugh and who gives a shit about the stock profile yeah who gives a shit about the lawn year gives a shit i would be in that environment like my god he's acting like a dick to me what is it do and why are they
hate me so much those guys it is screw hermes and ass i thought he'd go and they can go and get to work with a guy right mix at all you gotta do that's done that's one of the things that separates alcohol from marijuana like that's like the dividing line between how it makes you look at things in your life than our desirable change them like really radically because right i've always gives a fuck wreck but marijuana dude you gotta do something about this raises fucking with your head all the time you know it's back would you head it's in the back a crowd of everything you do it's consulate looming over shadowing you like backhand rage when it but about work that is why in a red velocity you just opening on opening up and there's no way to solve it is the pot in part that's why it's illegal it would it moved ruinous in society who would ruin the fibre of society it would stop all these jobs we need
hoping that part legalization coincides with excellent new robots taken do shitty jobs at all flows to gather the way do with all those people that are now running through the streets ogier let the robots can the robots will either have to use them as fuel did you see the matrix each robot that kills most people as its face ever taco bell fan club and whoever shows our does the first feeling at eton you know i think like that how things really obvious robot traps watermarks adolescent kids i'm talkin about full grown adults who gave you some real traps you gotta their whereabouts robots is a people to look at what we have is a few rogue robots like theirs viruses that computers catch a few rogue robots found out they can eat people need to go out and get people but they are very ethical about it they d the dumbest fuckin people they could find it's like a crocodile doesn't go after the fastest gazelle
by that wounded mother fucker that lives up to the water hole and just gets jacked wounded old one hear anything anymore it's got one gray eyes everybody rotten that's into the crocodile gets and so much like much like crocodile the robots that eat people will become like the now show predators the weders its grey of the week walking knew there no no no letter didn't issues gang up an attack a city because we just make it rain autumn or something rust right explode or something they have enabled shoot em we have we have done right we know their common we can keep an eye on them but if they can just talk really fuckin stupid people into traps and unjust edam do our bidding private talk ivorian club are you a fan of taco bell and we are to come celebrate taco bell fan go there come on down something free food must give way to talk about t shirt and hats and share people outcome for good psyched about talk about
three choices on my corner a burgeoning wendy's always go to talk about have bells my shit look this radiation through the best to the burst did the quality their ingredients is unprecedented fee that they get me man get fuckin seriously and like it would be ridiculous to get that way about taco about but it's not ridiculous to get their way over apple right do me put fuckin people when i was working news radio that was like during the days before o s acts so this was like the days of like windows ninety five and operating system for mac was i like it wasn't that good and the way i have seen it be described like the interfaces really cool like than the way you use it was very simple and easy to remember and a lot of creative side people like to use it for bunch differ reasons but there was no memory protection there was no pre emptive multitasking was like clunky operating system rang for like high end users like round it
code video games on loan people that they really needed m is obviously some reach regurgitating zono shit about computer you don't have a red i'm leavin these people that will was working with a news radio were fucking radical mac fanatics right there were radical and like the news came out where we're we're gonna get on with this new operating system new outbreaks systems less actual common hours we're gonna get him with our sex was actually pre wessex ugly honestly always ex came on the early two thousands yeah what was before that shit stare well yeah but i wish to use it to face the zoo wise these to his eyes at a remember there was no viruses for it like no one had figured out how to make a virus for four max you re there was a ton of em for pcs and i caught one wants
i caught one kind of clubs do like somebody sent me a microsoft word package of descriptor someplace and i read it had a virus and then a cent something to friend of mine and it had the virus in it it is connected to all my microsoft word documents and seldom but my friend was like super genius tat guy he's like a fuck face he sent me a virus is due to the kind of radio skins policy now he's like super paranoid scan to shit like yeah saying the same work and brown disseminating virus but by its bring my daughters and to apple because someone hacked all the brow users and just couldn't do anything and he went in those guide that someone has fact web browsers with it yeah they hack the browsers put a man aware of malware has either from porn sites i hope not
my daughter's commuter fourteen public points now that's probably is why we must reduce fuck in each other father or on what are you what are they doing over there and do i like it he you guys of guys stumbled across a video of two girls ferencz other while making out like real softly like will we give very excited about it i won't do this well like to failure stumble across something but he stumbled across to do by fuck you watching a crime and watch in a violent encounter even if they of each other levies he's probably say look i love you you may but when it is a dirty shit bags whatever minutes text it's gonna get ugly out this bed while the guy budget
sport is did not seem to think that's what my daughter was watching her probably spotify foggiest clodagh spotify in there a porn obsession but he just went in ripped it all out he was just like when in couple vial i got malware yet look look out altogether directing you look where they put the stuff in your extensions blah not at all out fuckin geniuses yeah a real genius of genius bar you i like lose out again because that's a pretentious title genius by order the genius for an apple trust i'm right virulence flat stop as there is no plan not anymore running itself out over the years scandal like all this war time were out so decide malware thing they do no where she got it from but they could just pull it out yet they just go and make him again i tore it all out
they don't have to re install the operating system or reform at the hard drive now now it's all good one of which they did if it shows up in like time machine i do a time machine backups amount of time she backups have malware in them and now i don't think so no no it's back or critical fuzzy yeah that's another backup but the files are infected meat is gonna be away how does windows do it do you know how windows does there the backups no idea is its these are the operating system every lives they imagined tuna do morse code signal now windows looks great to me i'm so confused and i know i'm an idiot don't get me wrong but i went no the store the day caused by a tv wanted to look the newest tvs which are fuckin sweet within it of the curve that's a gimmick please
go away trust me with the new ones the floor can t i know the fork area could law they look good do they're here will dig here at the store first of all because what does shown you is a loop and that loop is like sue gerhard destination stuff it's all leapt do you share my fucking a perfect snakes flowers waterfalls like fun amazing to use it as a director all day use well look at this all day but if you went home and wives like you no fucking game thrones psychedelic that good games rounds i filmed like that's how filled in that super fork here what is very few things network don't especial than adele they are my new netflix specials in four cakes yoshida look alive adds little to real have some real deep slow deterioration of the aging process it has a lot of the oars and of other foreigners getting skin and its face a sort of loose see how it's like its hair but it's like they not
not like this if you dont go leg from here to lay like ten candidates how can an employee done by having bassett hound go from this man manly chiseled face too that we do you go from this to wagon going on right now too much at last little loose little to not tight enough now also plasticity yeah because elastic he would allow snap via the level two little elasticity just came kind of late fluffy anymore college into my diet it's kind of modern off your face is no way to stop there is apparently now is not apparently the same doctor who invented rigidity which is a process that i used to do the bulging disk so they take your blood out and it's kind of like platelet bridge plasma away except the heated up and by heating up your blood your blood
produces a response to the heat netteke it creates is yellow serum and his yellow serum they spinning centrifuges extract that yells here and it's one of those an entire inflammatory medicines ever discovered discovered remove ie i discovered a lot of ever discussed in your body is rejected because it's your own blood and has a great effect on people with like inflammation injuries and helping healing ties would it do for you you had the by disregarding from my repeated use from jujitsu just to just too much sparring and not time often getting in not taking enough time off in between the injury and it right back into our lives you just is really fun really fun it's a video game like that kind of final or a guy like to play pool it's it's but it's way more exciting than that and the only way you do what you do with your body roadside this game peace that you're playing with his game peace banged up all times an old controller
and so i was developing some back issues from numb fingers and usually those indicate that your disk is pushing against two nerve they suddenly a disk bulging out so then i went through a bunch of things with spinal decompression and regenerating was a big part that so this guy who develop rejecting all these athletes peyton manning code brian they flew to germany to get this procedure and then slowly the broader up to the united states and now they do it in california and they do in santa monica where i had a dumb but i think they do it also in dallas and they do in a couple of places may be rash vegas the same doktor came of this procedure has some new procedure that their preparing to release which is going to kick start to production of tat of college in and people and that is the thing that makes your your skin look like shit that's the thing that makes your face in your wrinkles appear in your body just looks like an old bag or your
large and goes away exact now just like your beer stuffing in your face base but she stuffing college in is its responsible for a lot of the elastic city of your skin is responsible for a lot of other things as well last tuesday of your skin is apparently a lot of its based on your bodies healthy production knowledge and so we're losing it now and are our getting just little will suddenly settle your loose under this here right got through a tight what is this injectable what is us but at this time a college and injection looks like this little video this looks like their tightening you now that's a college right people your college just injected into the ecology and injected house that last i dont know zol new stuff that has been talked me by people who i've got over germany and talked this guy had procedures done by this guy and i did it help
your spine lawyer huge it a big difference real big big difference yeah yeah big difference in relief big difference in recovery time i did a bunch of different things as pretty proactive and how the spinal decompression i did a lot of raw thing which is a super painful tortuous method a massage rang with egg there manipulating your limbs and digging their elbows on your back in this fuckin the guys did it good was football player duty was huge rise big giant dude and just albania is is rough is worse when you get a massage insists like this little girl hands like i hate that yeah i'm used to the painful ones but those the ones the painful ones the ones that like break up the tissue and i allowed all to relax and heal better and that helped a lot the decompression helps a lot that was a big are you able to tell how much this process of oh yeah yeah i got him out of the area well i don't know how much that process helped overall because it did them all together right but every together worked awesome santa anna have
bulge along and more which is really important to talk about because there's a lot of people bulging discs and they immediately wanna go get surgery and in some cases that's the right move in some cases like any bravo my good friend of mine a disco placed on his back eddie is a long term jujitsu guidance disk it's been squashed and it here it is so much that was essentially like bone on borders or back constant state of information inflammation so in that case the doctors gee decided it was a very smart move to replace the desk with these new titanium des they have doesn't pretty my who artificial dis yet but there's other
his especially ass his was really bad for a long period type but there's other injuries where you could mitigate all the issues without surgery just gonna take a little time just like it took time to create the injury rare take time to hear right and spinal decompression big like even those things we hang by her ankles do not a little bit every day is like really good for pain really good for relief of your lower back there's so the other ones you can do your neck i have one that's like a harness straps to my neck and it it hangs from a door oh yeah yeah and you can actually pull it like stretches your neck out you feel a relaxing and neck its attached to that yeah it's time to thank me your head yeah it's like this metal bracket that clamp down on that but the door and then it has in his arm that comes off of it and then a rope comes down from the arm which is attached to this velcro like face
thing rang put her on you velcro to play so tight nepal on the strange that click click click click and six just pull on your neck views that right now it's great man i'm not etc there that's what it looks like al you look cool to end you expect has said and the deeper poor thing i didn't like feel the relaxation and if you do it on a regular basis it really does offer you some nice relief again no affiliation with any these companies using just some things i used instilled even put in the door german and not only on your head is your hanky i gotta be careful because one time india fuckin ding mean ahead it did the item as an asshole in tiny downright and that's what i thought you were when it came down it's fuckin purely in the four letters big cut and i was doing all this press for us spike
a vague as it was at the same time where i was doing or safe i rather it was the same time i was doing joe rogan questions everything we shall be at all the pressure they did with a did it in my head is both respect probably helps they will it was signed i i was helping cipher but anyway those things are all really good yeah i was just something happened just in the last two days sleeping in woke up it can happen yeah yoga i love you is the thing than hot yoga two fucking clears all strengthened rulers how do i like this regular yoga where i'm sweating like a pig over yoga just opens up baby extra little millimeter stretch you get out of it all now it's a to g habits also mental toughness gonna build mental top class and tough enough you aren't what do i need it for i don't talk to him
the baseline sir i just gotta pick my kids up and these are all rhetorical question i not to drink a second cause you drink i really mean to talk to you really i mean look we all know that men are often we attack into horrible things and we you ve all that is now and we're dealing with it now back off we know there is a problem we are working on it we that's right our other items is it ok is it ok two only want to work with men so save you started company at what size can accompany be before he's gotta start hiring women like right now generally expire its enterprises very small company zoe couple ploys they happen to be male now are hired what if we keep going well eventually i hire fifty people was anybody gonna say why do you have fifty do how come because your gear and you're not meaning the quota is that really the
or is it that these are the people that i want and i just than to find other ol man you half do at a certain at it now you have a higher and meet these numbers with a number that number is probably probably like forty percent of your staff not enough i mean what number does you bit like i can t get away with it with two people i thank you i think if you bring in one more person really it's gonna be a problem in one girl it's gonna be a problem here's some shit jamie mike's off she's gonna go what's up far she's just can be quietly building a k s christ do that does happen man you look it will get anthony wiener well that's different that's different yes but i know this girl who worked with this guy this is actually the sister of a good friend of mine mama giving all the details go no it as anyway she worked with us guy for years right down any time he said anything inappropriate and building a file
da dodo i mean all now clearly her heard word against his that he said all these things but she made this file of all the inappropriate things it he had said i had picnics included everywhere company picnics wrote a bunch of things down and she's thinking about two and a company they are going to bury you you are you fucking mind like like what what are you look where these things unless they will really fucked up but that the thing that you called about the corporate like why working corporation would be so bizarre here thinking that has a good relationship whether they're like and she's probably doesn't not dislike him like you you know what i mean like there's lay acting that they're doing all the time no one's really being honest ever does also the real possibility that you can make some money pursue them yeah like that big money weak kids grow up today knowing about like hears it here's a lawsuit example that's insane there was a woman
who was a single woman single mom and she had this kid and brought the king over my house and the kids miles for a long ass time like that she's post picked kid other food machine and to ape the boy was weird as we are among those weird once its and besought shoes i suggest slightly sketchy there's just some slight into things you deal with when you deal kids you gonna school yeah bunch of different people you run into and then the area to interact these people not exactly sure what to get out of it so she left her kid at this other ladys house and other lady had a little dog i mean a little fucking dog the dog jumped up and did the pine thing and left a visible scratch on the girls like she sued them for a hundred thousand dollars lights what her daughter and attacked or daughter might be fifty grand maybe she got fifty rose turn remember what the numbers were but it was like woe
i was carried this is this lady san wherein enow does it we got out what i've got a shot here gunshot here it's a money with people you go to school with and see all the time that's how awful you are it was just a dog didn't bite anybody edges jumped up because it got excited ass being like dogs do you know i could get if if i my dog a did zones door i be very upset i do whatever the fuck i could do to make it better right but it's not like the dog was up eider but like a mad dog yeah lee does she have a case going into a house usually does the issue is with a lot of lawsuits it will cost you more to fight it then it well for you to just settle rights we were just settle i said oh she ten thousand hours said albert costume fifty thousand not fight it like that's that's all real people have to consider other things you should fight it out just stick to what you have said he told us do not take photos choking people the people
ask your hey but metering a joke because two people get sued one of almost chuck adele and one was matt hughes the matthews once craze because this guy says smith used put a minute showgirl people do that should alter that obliges them then the guy uses the photo try too soon had you says matt hurt him and others the evidence the photo evidence it hurt him then he is working you crazy they do an investigation is gonna find out he's a cop then they go deeper finally dirty cop now gets arrested and kicked off the force now he's a scam arta it's a scammer i mean he's a scammer they just happened to figure out how to become a cop he hadn't fucked up enough by the time he was you know x amount of years old that he couldn't get disqualified from being a cop she's crazy as gross i now that is that's an awful that's another reason why you should let you kids play with other kids yoga
human homer don't ever let him out man just that talked everybody when their picking up the kids and you know it's great man i want to talk to you you don't talk to them in the kids won't put their shoes you stand there are you staring at each other trying to get through it the shoes on stay inside you know what i mean yes hard but dont you love it when you fine apparent that you actually like for sure that's oasis the it's an oasis in the fucking desert ha thank god there i think they're laughing her nor law it oh my god they can talk to me yeah i can drink with this guy i got onto them we're gonna be friends holy shit i can't believe we friends of a parent who i knew there out their bending makes me parents you know don't like you yeah yeah i just feel it was sure of it we have that man yeah there's gonna be parents who want to fuck your wife why
for sure now lay in a say they have tom dies a man i just know that your job is a sham bigamy doesn't understand she's she's complicated you know she's not difficult this requires more and gives more back that's but here i mean i'm not i'm not saying it's bad adjusted he goes on the road alot i'm saying i wouldn't do that i mean i wouldn't go forward be a stay at home down to just my income accordingly and because i just feel like with you would be more important than new kidding applause from stranger well first and foremost i'm a feminist and as a feminist i i always do what women want me to do he doesn't tell you for every day i mean judging i would do it that's a requirement that something you have to say it you some you want to say anyway and i
we want to say especially says it's true but it's true and you said okay you just do you not do better just do better period just to better well you know what i mean is the old you get the less you run into people cause once there in high school they start to do just that meanwhile the parents at all they know one parents around now you have to make an effort to be like i want to see some of these parents brow i let you go over there has now it's gettin skin reliant yeah because there it's when they live and where does when they live who they really have you there some weird stuff that goes on like people m parties like my daughter had she was twelve i think are thirteen and the party the kids party was held at the the stand not the stand as the strand in other fancy hotel on sunset
what's the stamp i think it's a stand standards after thanking a sound cool i am paul i've got their ways and there are hungry we work we work if we start cross the street the literary across if everyone there diner there through open really it might be twenty four hours area amazing to really good food but it's also place where when you knew to hollywood you have parties there is a lot of people coke and run around make dude i took a picture i was there once right page jackson came out the back with sunglasses on notion on annabelle fur coat and two a super hard chinese checks and i took a picture of it was back in the day before graham and twitter i put it up online somewheres polly i doubt i find it if you can find that you're a fucking wizard with dad is the standard is part of year two thousand for my it's still the same today and i am like you they're having a party the one room and the parents are having a party in the other room that's ridiculous it just
it is i want to get fucked up and then work but the kids my room we can all my so my daughter was going to go to a pie was i'm not dropping you off it like it is so stupid definitely fucked up things gonna have years parents are paying any attention now turn bone each other elegant now there is another there's there's an incidence of parents bone each other oh yeah not in my kids school but one of my kids friend school lie demands are all talking about it ass good stuff parents got gather day fraid guy i know it's beside you knows the sign were when they want to travel with you that's right down the swapping happens a lot on those vacation when someone comes used like hey you wanna go up to it grand canyon with me and carol we all camp capping
things up add one camping stuff you gotta do you like hotels were those like a gym that's twenty four hours and it's like the middle of the night fell again are lifted one of those massage rooms ivan cambric would be an easy one tunes scorn ask him in the woods the promise of with a quiet you gonna hear everything here at all can just at all it's not the best sleep either right releasing here are you kind of honour ever sleep on the ground animals fitly imams lay on the ground where animals live i die here i just got back from africa yeah you right yeah i slept in a way in a tent like that i'm going on it's not a lot of floppy temple like walton walton when where'd you
and listen to lions all night long literally sounded like it was literally in our bed just length safe for hours he was about about three hundred yards away our toes with a dead zebra and he was basically the night telling his family all you know four miles zebras hey that's the line i took my thing that's your is rampage fella tom papa literally like hearing it felt like they were literally and are an attempt at what part of africa did you go to the media tanzania see i was gonna go to tenzin but i was scared that i would have to give my kids shot ye i did how will do good eleven and fourteen and they have you get a typhoid shot they didn't have to malaria we took malaria medication once again
and how about as it gives you crazy vivid dreams people had said mike this nightmares we would just come they the morning like what did you dream last night i mean like so crystal clear for k vivid dreams really wild and the social goals susie went off the dreams went away in helping the uptake of war two days before you go the whole time you there and then a week after the whole time very take it yeah fuck you ll areas real it's around it makes us like a little didn't my wife's stomach the mass because of a gesture but that's it just stomach ache excuse me yeah which can definitely fuck up your enjoyment of this experience right yeah but you know what about them couple times to be six feet from lion is like yeah you just do it you know like that stuff i always feel like i'm gonna get like bit by a bug in
i feel i must devise too young for that how old they six and eight today i am wearing medication they are mine eleven and fourteen and this was the perfect time to take them the fourteen year old runway certainly in among the younger one at eleven is like she's good you can travel she can eat food swallow pills you like person any earlier than this it would have him it would have been hard yeah it some it's gotta be amazing though her it's amazing it's kind of its it's mine blowin you definitely you know that whether things that you go on vacation like us is gonna blow me away i like you know you can i voice into space within its was becomes a little more simple than that you just can hang in this place and by end of it you come back you like i'm still thinking about it
domain fixing a great moving you can't get it out of your head take these things are going to africa's this pretty it's pretty deep melick you really see just the beginning of of everything well it's kind of its kind of and it has just called is being by these animals i'm unilaterally organise animals about africa not just the beginning of everything but in a lot of ways is still like that yeah it's one of the few places where you can go and there's indigenous tribes essentially all the continent yet and are living in a really can primitive way com we took a balloon ride em lula guiding run this isn't dangerous enough railroad line right after the crash in any way we can the balloon it wasn't the safest and he got off course
so we really did out of the serengeti in the groom annie river and we're just gonna go in for a little bit and weak he brought it down in this clearing very seriously as an envelope and movie upside down a tribe lives there comes running out they cut sars coming down they start running they got sticks in robes and they come running and we land they ve never seen this for we ve never seen us before they ve never seen this before and there like vague my daughter held up cell phone and am boys who are older than her probably fifteen ram literally ran at the sight of a cell phone and it was like an there so primitive they're so basically living in these little places raising catalan stewing primitive things but i think i was more scared of them then the kids running from the cell phone i didn't know
i only heard like rwanda you know or the boat grim thing in the mike i know these people thinking he gathered up you ve got a robot i've got two daughters with me you know who's did your guides gets my face she went on a route gettin crazy like i'm taking that one you landed in my territory i'm taking that one do you know what i mean would you be uneasy i've up here i was uneasy will you don't know speak the language now give you wind and fuck him loon south central chicago or south south such cargo you're in trouble right right right in about neighbourhood anywhere in american a fuckin balloon gettin a heap load trouble but i felt bad about my of that i'm assuming then i'm landing in that these people must be trouble but instinct chemical then you know what i mean you did what landed in light the swamps of louisiana what a good whose graham you don't you wouldn't be weird
and in some fuckin strange little swamp town or but people just or hunting that what it is how skaters if that's what it is it's the unknown it's not knowing why me it was someone who say have the balloon gabby like these people are cool these are my friends hello yet right there there mellow there but no one was saying that that everyone was a little nervous to that cut hands and did a blood brother thing a gala josie wales he is my view rather my brother of the jungle they do the same thing with their mouths a fight in an era when movies like a crocodile dundee type movie but you know what the people like the guy is far guided came to pick us up in drivers back and he was he was cool with being there either real he can now he was nervous i'm gonna like chicken around like ok let's go in these like you don't know you're we dont you dont know
could ask for money because you landed on their bushes you know i mean right anything could go to i know a dude who went there and he went there for a hunting trip and while he was there he got sick and the nears hospital from where he was hunting was like six hours in a truck and so that's so sick he had to go to the hospital last so they put him in the back of his truck he's lying down like trying to like not throw up just try to relax over this yes our drive to the hospital and they stop it forget ass along the way then i'll gun fight breaks out in the truck easy and gets hit with gunfire where weapons fuck now some africa like place mysterious out their dirt roads six hours it gives it a fuckin gunfight at a gas station at a ghastly there was some rebels yeah disagree with something they shouted the guy was driving a car and its that's that its soap made of it so you don't we went to
little town and you come this town it's just like steel you know citing put up in dickens running around in there i mean it's it's not a town it's you know it use picture in your head of like a crazy african bizarre you know and those guys i'm motorcycles me come right you up and down the street and you don't know i don't know how this is gonna go this is yeah i mean this is most the time in those parts of the world everything goes fine and that's right but the high percentage of the time in those places as opposed to an america where things don't go out it's like when they don't go well they unravel really quickly anything just not combined gnp believe stuff happens here the cop show up and the little they'll get can they will get control by rings how did your shoe you right yet again getting control cops right now for you but you go into those towns i feel like you know i
be the photo journalists who like comes in and justice cool with people in presumes these people are kind and a lot of them are kind and gentle over scarf i can get and you need like some sort of a knit scar likeliest rely in like almost like transparent you know i really am willing alone scarfs enabling the mere sunglasses the wire mirrored sunrise fuckin that's kind of a douche move but his garden discards while a scarf makes you look worldly like we're talking before the pike s started about those leather bag that you put your pop your laptop anthea and a man like six saddle leathers develops a fine begin overtime meanwhile will any wanted fucking pounds rag mps shadowy twenty pounds he was the best thing for care you you're back for your laptop is a backpack everybody knows it snake
so called now it doesn't look like clint eastwood would have it you have you have a shoulder strap and its patino leather and yes we could smell the leather on yes sophisticated look at his shoes are swayed with a thin bottom as it has a heel but its very small he'll very thin nondescript swayed shoes were its grey of course betty roses on cigarette see dodger always on the cigarettes you're amazing and does it well a man who can rules on cigarettes quickly and very thorough look at the professional it looks like a machine did go back i saw em reciting poetry to that girl before i was in bed with a tribe of cannon was for a year and didn't even speak their language is amazing but i do feel that it's my american paranoia is part of it and then i wanna be a better person and and assume that these gentle people raising cattle are
hind or you should just assume that all that shit you read every twenty minutes when you get up in the morning and the new york times about people it can be both there is true jesus christ fuckin white liberals we just want to see the world is your diversities ass new looking i felt that i did have a conflict thing like then we're lucky and the authority to ride out i thought you would only people i was joking around focus but that is how i was actually i wanted to be like it's all cool but i was not i will keep my daughter's by me i was like let's go there's little girl came up will you give me some juice sorrow you levant off to you and you get out of here we got our we got our fabric that we wanted let's leave i really
i was that way i was like i'm not having it i'm not cool paranoid territorial and wait let's get back to the to the van i gotta buddy mine whose had malaria has three times three times and he goes the congo for months at a time and wells for the pig meat in the congo mike is this all the earth zooms mr rehn he actually menem when he was waiting for the eu of sea wow and he took it long time of fighting recently returned to bring awareness to the pygmies a real hand to speak to help money too to help gather money new building wells and they build like i think forty two well so far while some using workers of amazing worse with a company called water for any good donate is he's got a website called fight for the forgotten dotcom that's that's my friend but he
goes down there for months and months at a time and lives of these people in life when they looks happy he's a happy skier you look so happy he's so fuck and nice my would feel great two if i went to a land where of pygmies and there was just like i am your god i am big and i can dig you say guide or god god with their little right pygmies they just calm the big pygmy he has been no my my leg he's a big guy he's a u of sea heavyweight eyes his tuner fifty plus powwow big do big bolder of a man but looks like one of my tattoos he's really does he's oh i think you might be over there now my worry if he's not there now he's gone back soon he goes there all the time he's amazing yeah but that guy's and malaria three fuckin times and others telephone or area yeah bullies type similarity in get that can last year's what do you say so fucking years oh my god one of almost like five months one of em
ten years and as a type at last for thirty years if you still want take medication we did you didn't take medication for some of them he did for other ones this other people that he knows that took medications still got malaria right but he's enough fuckin head of it now that's he's in the congo the congo do you know that malaria is killed half the people that has ever died ever really near us all things have killed people in all these areas the biggest walls and fuck and earthquake dragons drowning malaria half of them half of them die because of malaria bets i can allow though they were able to go in and affect mosquitoes musquitoes anyhow and take all that i have seen the ethnically modified mosquito yeah
where were you now you gmo pussies the allegory scare gm out what we have is everything is non gm super important to me to be clean to eat clean writing smoke cigarettes taken on the side it already heavy mao's gmos have been with us forever in this it's not good idea for here's here's was not a good idea is not yet idea to put pesticides only food you know and i know it and the problem with his like gm all round up everybody knows that roundup was created so they get spray with evil chemicals cause makes it easier to grow plants but my ear it's not how it supposed to be done like he can't these short cuts that people could did for industrialized farming to kill off weeds and things like that pesticides that shit is fuckin terrible for you and it gets in the water stuff gets the water i know do does bone cancer me as bone
answer and a bunch of people in its neighbourhood have cancer and they all got here because they were near a fuckin golf course they had wells and so they we're down down water from the golf course in the golf course constantly sprayed pesticide all the grass who want to keep their graph clean re seeped into the ground water these people all drink groundwater and they get cancer fuck fuck low to people in this guy's nearer had got cancer he has a thigh is femur is our a rod like a metal rod and they ll agree build his leg had cut is femur i'll do that remove your let you try rod yachts go at the rod plays a fuckin rawdon his leg mike gmo mosquitoes we ass a thing that's terrible right but genetically modified foods the more i've looked into the more i understand it now first of all they ve been with us forever everything you fuck
neat from oranges to corn to tomatoes all those things been genetically modified most of those things have been genetically modified by traditional methods traditional agricultural methods that we dont think of as genetically modified we have this ignorant view of it like we think it's all being done with light where they're going into the dna and injecting dangerous chemicals and we don't know the consequences of living like splicing plants together forever they ve been doing certain aspects of natural of selection and selecting the type of traits in foods they want and taking seas and figuring out of that i think that i know most of foods you by the seeds aren't uneven work on them you buy like tomatoes and like those tomato like them than the promenade we gonna grow tomatoes run them from the seeds and those plants that's what's the thing that makes me you hear gmo and you just thing i think ok someone big is messing with our food and then there's
their smaller number of big people here in evaluating food supply they don't care about you you re nokia and nato or even allow those old ways modifying stuff is there something they taking seeds out away from regular farmers and i mean it's really that part it's like be the big brother part of the food industry really scary and when i hear gmo i just think ok whose doing what you know what level i think the same way we're talking about how many employees do you have to have before you have to hire check yeah you don't you're ok if you have to review what i think when you were a part of a big cooperation how many people you have to have where no one feels responsible for that consequences of the actions of the company like if you working for on santo re work for us king enormous monster a machine that needs to make more money every month in the previous month it's beginning to a lot of countries its
the nordic countries and it's it's the amount of money that it generates is substantial worldwide and then here's the thing with what where universe or infinite growth which is this thing that a lot of abrasions operate under they have stockholders right people want returns and their investments will you i make more money every quarter than you do the previous quarter that's crazy in saying this he can sustain the chief building i don't wanna go right and when you're a company like monsanto your i'm not making excuses or them under saying like these that the way giant corporations operate they are ceo has he has an obligation to stockholders to generate more income to important that he'd make there and if they don't they write him out there at a new guy in here i was gonna do the job you take on the job of a sea of a major corporation your job is to make more fucking money every time and it's a very high pressure job which is why its worth what money right like this
there are no use janet but now you get it but that's but that's why you need someone like the fda to keep an eye and keep them small break them up later not putting that stuff in the wells and doing all that that there are bought and paid you can't be habits you needed if if the corporations goal is to just a bigger and make more they're not gonna put the brake sign salem let's stop what does the bad we are in the well yes somebody has to do it some is right perfectly government is far from doing it right but the fda with food so much stuff slide so much stuff in our food it isn't allowed in europe what i'm saying like their bought and sold yegg if they were looking out first the first thing they would do is loading cigarettes there would be like major investigation as to why politicians evans but now again cigarettes while cigarettes killin five hundred and people known do anything to stop at that that would be one things erode because if you tried is allowed to exist at all have yoda a new product like cigarettes
those three and a half million people per year and it wasn't doing anything good how the fuck gonna stick around you make a bubble gum that killing half the people programme agro here's what it does do it makes you need that gum yeah and then you wanna get that gun back anybody who created a gun would be thought of as a monster of eurobonds but like you could be like what is you don't do oh he runs tobacco company o cool how cool so does the rest of his state yet everyone we no longer he employs a lot of people in the state or excellent where's your dad do he makes is addictive gum that kills you piece of shit it s piece of shit i ain't wears a cape any lives in a dark castle it's never sunny twittered just mysteriously goes around the basement killing people activities so happy with product you have maniac other money in the world he buys our politicians and with his even come money but this
those who are doing exactly exactly so much difference that's you know what i think i was trying to think of why like your buddy goes and helps the pygmies and all these people are like you gotta just go into these places and help these people and part of me was when i was there with thinking it's almost like the image liberal arrogant way offensive to be like i'm here now i can help you live like this let me make it better but i was thinking about it i don't i think the desire to go to work with the pygmies and go to help these people with their water and all its not that we think we're better you just see people it need help but unlike here in the car in this country you see people need help it's a mess to be able to help them you don't know if you're really there it's like i build a well and these people are happy right i say i give them education and it's a clear path there is no fda i know
going against what i've seen before but there is no government regulation there's no complex corporations if i want to help someone here it's like having to help people in that right where do you start how does make an impact there he goes and pygmies helps the pygmies and at the end of the day he's helped pygmies right you know i mean there's a direct way to help people there there is a thing though whenever you do something charitable appeal thank you you like p cocking your charitable ways either you're doing other yourself in your own ego yeah yeah but then there is the other side of looking out like who cares as long as the good work it's done even if you have a kind of kitty selfish right ambitious sort of yard intentions behind it yeah if i do something good for people i want people are now i did it all admit it i really like legates i know this shitty motivation but i did help somebody you know but they got something out of it for sure i got something out of it raise your own yeah praised
bobby i'm a pretty good guy look what i did i mean i really i'll admit it if i go back if i went back to africa and and help these people out there linking water as you might want to do a documentary on it makes cash out yeah do a special and kill him and jar on my way home and that when margaret what kind of comedy would you do until my job are these rebels folks whose dress adam now it safe in tanzania there's no conflict is no rebels saga it's nice and peaceful these people are kind bryce their good kilimanjaro like that what would you do we're coming jokes when you're until one job they don't understand english very well so you can i be gave gilolo physical out of the old grandpa grandpa run from the wire gag
boom jones that sounds good i saw a lion king not liking jungle book last night i sought on the plane spoiler all the animals can talk in the kid lives i wanted to like it it just took itself so soon is inherently amazed him in the beginning thing themselves to seriously i was out well also they had a gigantic pythagoras in it there which is felt was fast any but demanded rang a tan they decide that a gigantic this was an iranian tan this has been an enormous rang a term that knocked over building was a ten foot tall orangutan that can talk spoiler alert sorry is it bad but i still say ring a tankers its sounds from or yes he sang it wrong it's neanderthal also by its not fall neanderthal some of the oldest human remains
tanzania really which how i don't know well they think that's where people evolved if you believe all that evolution nonsense and not the bible i do do you believe it i pity i pay your soul is you're gonna burn and fiery pit lips i pity your twitter i guess i fucked up that's where people involved right or year one of the main places i think the original place for human beings ethiopia yeah i know i was so they branched out and different species of human different branches of human evolved the other hosting keep finding over the last few years a bunch a new one i know these new branches the following some teething a waterfall i think we got a new job on here guys were hates footmen they decent dna unlike holy fuck stir did humans have taos maybe all move i beg wars in tanzania site
in tanzania that holds the earliest evidence of the existence of human ancestors you gotta go joe you gotta go you would love it holy shit like that they found hundreds of fossilized bones and stone tools in the area dating back millions of years leading them to conclude that humans evolves in africa while millions of years millions they know they had stone tools millions of years ago million one of this fossilized bones and stone tools also millions like how old was the oldest of yeah guess right now without any looking how old you think the oldest stone tool ever found was the all stone tool was discovered by benjamin franklin in philadelphia retirement his wife it's his his beard old others say stone tool i'm very bad with talking about about numbers like back into the past and an things out into the eu
verse like these billions don't make any sense here but i guess i'm in my dumb way i would say a tool would be about two million years old de i will go with you to minors out i'm impressed but say two point eight well wow holy shit that's a long time so long the artifacts whereby far the oldest handmaid stone tools yet discovered the previous rigour holders known as the older one stone tools were about two point six million years old south i was hunting regional nevada you gotta go to africa you you bill for this i was in nevada though as in the mountains reign the high country the high country desert hunting meteor dunes archery hunt hiking backpacking camping out there i've found day i found a stone arrowhead you did yeah while hunting i found an ancient era
that's the cool is there was a cool should have as you know the old it was to keep it well yes still you air pressure the united to walk out with their the fuck off is how big was a tiny small but that today's i've always wanted to find them i left it there are buried it tom i buried it so you're someone else can find it you're a good man i am a good man i want to they know i buried today you it's not good for everyone now if i gotta dear their outcome take a photo of the new arrowhead next to the they had net took a photo but glue them on peace will follow the animals have framed thing it's a dope thing define why are there bow and arrow hunting you find an arrow heads from
we in the yom short native american sir indigenous people i mean neighbour i mean engines may read scans you know that can't bow eagles eagle feathers you know ma am those whenever i say indians my daughter always goes dad say again like out ok then was reading an article in the new york times about you know that china put the pipeline through north dakota and they call them the lakota indians they don't say the lakota native americans so i'm not being offence the local people are things what they're supposed to call themselves i think they call them indians in the article i do know that other indians called them the sioux oh yeah zoo means enemy who now the lakota people were a notorious warlike people right now tough dear here nez purse no big time cannibals
the great lakes area as it did a lot of killing and eaten white folks on that unlike the white invaders so they relate them to kill him and eat them and take their sole oh here's something i found out it's very important the remnants all based on bull shit now it's fuckin bullshit i just read the moors here's what actually happened and i no no no you around the oracle account of the actual event ok here's a bunch of shit and never happen that's first of all he never had a son now is are his murdered by the guy who s got a guy never that's not in the book by the way second of all they never left him they never try to bury him alive he was fucked up you got me by a bare and they left him to die they run who's gonna died in barium did in barium the guy crawled that sound in the buggy though he never killed anybody you didn't kill anyone that guy never didn't kill anybody made backed camp crawled back to camp got pissed nelega sorry
just ended yeah he never killed him i now that guy look either the guy who left him to die wonder die into the i'll die really young back then but he the one thing that was truces you arrived he found an animal i think was a moose or elk that and killed by wolves and ate some of them and he killed an eight a snake that's already his entire way back as bodies offer doubling did crawlers way back to where the fuck yeah and he actually yeah man he then they got a horse ago the horse indian india and wrote it to a four year and then you just can't ends and when i really wonder well off a cliff and landed in the tree bullshit never happened made up the book is pretty accurate the real account and my buddy told me to read it so
together well summer reading less than through that into the pile he i hate that's that phrase pretty accurate you'd talking to my like historical events you have an obligation to have zero bullshit you add in their long story better but i think the book is i couldn't tell you a hundred percent but all that stuff like as i was reading it it's really good book because it really gets into the smallness of what you have in your in your utility bag and like walking through and with this indian would do in this very little subtle data day stuff that makes the great but tat it just yet just kind of like drifted often an end there is no there's a lot less drama the book was pretty dry yet will that's the real life story right now so this sum the account of other stuff they carried with them mean like like flints to start fires and things almost exactly lindsey carry with them little rope a little laugh fat fat
fat yet little fat and another oil up their their tools to make sure that tools didn't get rusty problem a lot of stuff for their gun for their governance what they call it dick supplies bag poor name them out and so they had musket back then right so they would have like black powder and they would poured into the barrel than they would have to pack it down the outer primary and they had or piece of flint they would drop down on a hammer and spark from now it's good cause explosion the soft and proud of its mazes amazing amazing really is to me it's amazing how people just not just got by back then but actually got into the woods like barely yet it barely but supply none had almost nothing just against the whether they're not prepared you one pair clothes food they would bring and how much they were just rely upon the land
because i didn't really know what the hell was ahead of time they would salts anatomy right they would salted and jerkin harry that stuff but you know that was like that when you are in a fix you know you had no food for while here but they didn't they couldn't carry a lot of silicon refrigerate stuff you just living out there think about a scary would be dislikes sir leaping there and knowing that in a native amount in the coming through the woods why really don t you're on their land insane and you really are on their fuckin land like you really not specifically there really are appointed invading army yeah i've put this article yesterday that somebody tweeted that i i repeat it is just a shocking article has started reading it about all of the northern all the southern california murders that involved indians and incur
fourthly in general accompany native americans were murdered when establishing california no lady when they were pioneering let members come my god is this but these accounts were rhythmic like first hand accounts year of of thousands of seawater giving slaughtered including children babies women yes this all happen couple of years ago after reading the remnant i decided i was so excited reading about the west i wanted my gloomy learn about how the end it's actually live let me see there are small bags what did they carry out what was their day to day i really wanted to light coming get into that like an idiot i pick up bury me wounded knee which is the most horrific account of the slaughter of native americans it's just you know tribe after travel just takes you through our expand going into each state and lying and destroying killing
men women and children its unreadable you literally can't get through it so recent unlike our i want to read the nice indian story where they about white guy comes out and they know is cool and he gets a girlfriend and he's like the one call white guy exit the indian i love indians dancing with wall rescue my favorite movie when in a beautiful white man becomes the best indian i love it that was what i on behalf of our group who gets the hottest woman is a beautiful white man with a ponytail starts off slow and gets his ass kicked early someone some of the young guys don't trust of its there's a lot rivalries here's a story arc it's getting a long time we need three plus our three hours that's gonna fuckin movie is the only has to win the indians respect that's gonna take time it's an amazing movie and kevin castors onboard kevin
the reason this soul cabin and it is this first of all kevin has been researching this for a long time ok you would be within you s interest to make this film because of you someone will say that ok we're here out of respect because of our previous relationship that we have with universal this is getting it this getting maize is getting married this is an amazing fell kevin because the best indian vienna moving he kicks everyone's ass and fox everyone's pocahontas fucks their wives and think about all the indians you're going to employ in this movie you won't have to hire black people for the rest of the year hand there was a young man at one point time in the film who seemed like he and kevin would be rivals eventually he worships cabinet thanks kevin is amazed heaven begins to dress like them somehow another though him goes to a barber if it gets his hair cut perfectly around his ears weird like have you
again seen where he wasn't water world just that it's a sort of malady but whenever i go on the top is obviously got some product and that here right what's happening there big time he's like a piece of heroin then my favorite is wyatt earp did when he laid wyatt earp so he it wider and wider was young ladys put a wig on a forty year old kevin cause i guess furthermore engaging in february and socially g mister i don't know why you beat me up this guy beat him up and he's got this fuckin he's a forty year old girl at a wig and no one's no one's freaking out everyone's like all your you kids weird look at how they fucking twenty five years later looks exactly the same this is a strange going deeper
louis skin they go at on what he's gonna mop o hare crazy found nobody cared enough seizure i backed wreck you could make it look like an eighteen year old wasn't fork i know there's really look at very low so bad it looked like not even the healthiest forty year old guy like the forty i gotta probably does little culture we now those let's see that's m j mister all that trouble that's him and wider but does not him when he was the youngest that's him in the movie somewhere but he had also lazy bitch neither by lose in any way for that movie he greatly sierra lovin novel chin era these die
well here is like fuckin i'm direct day i'm acting i get tired i want a snack deal lot right by the way i love governed in advance with was the fuckin also move loved that up until you're going in thinking like you're at that level of indian fun and then we bury me and wounded me the first after alone is like a holocaust it's like it's really rough it is incredibly fucked up you stop and think about the time period of the eighteen hundreds and then previous to that but how how reason that was it sits incredibly fucked up it's incredible effective in its incredible how much is have as has happened i can in walking through this area in like in the dark with no lights and there was like being in africa riah and now they didn't have flash overnight camped at night flashlight nothing could even light a fire
because they thought it was my track the enemy crazy this is not long ago dude here not long ago at all what people do when they find new spots would have done throughout history the finer whose own in those parts which all the good stuff in those parts i'll get you people get good stuff there and just jack em i dont want stand why more parts of africa weren't exploited stuck out where to first of all its enormous think about the sheer size of africa and then there is also a lot of stuff they try to exploit its want a famous things about the congo's european settlers tried to they tried to the congo and they tried to colonise it tried to move in and they tried to interfere the congo they treat you like build houses and there still yet the remains of a lot of these incredible mansions it try to put like plantations up in the congo you go through all of it it was
that's when the germans were here that's when the french owned it then when the british owned it maybe that's the way why people just came from europe and took it over and owned it the differences they didn't come in in most cases and slaughter everybody and try and take it over for some reason they came in just try to adapt those people but before me moving down it's a hostile environment others do you know i mean there's diamonds and those that stuff in but i no there's no real like mine about saying that you could exploit bring to the rest of the world in those areas that idea there is in some areas knows areas have deep trouble here the cadillac that's where you get like conflict minerals a lot of that is their getting some of these minerals they need for cell phones and for some different thing i get a lot of us from africa you know is coming in big in africa is china yeah yeah ryan is going in and building stadiums building a football stadiums soccer stadiums really going in building them for free
so the game they may get in with the government they get all these contracts with their they see africa as the place that's going to be exploited in the future in china's growing big yeah i've heard that their buying up enormous swaths of land yeah yeah a weird banded though that the thing that china has gone on as at the kind of capitalist now yeah fiercely but there are also not in that they can completely to control their people reagan is shut down aspects of the internet like a friend who was an executive google and they were going over there and trying to talk with the chinese negotiate bring google but they had like some really bizarre our demands as far as their ability to enact censorship and then on top of that they have no laws when it comes to enforcing copyright protection and and and fraudulent items like rains have full apple stores in china that certain all fakes so whoever sent counterfeit now
what does a giant apple logo you go in there you by apple tops the of the right names the right specifications all its fake and application the thing about it can do a damn thing can do a damn thing there's nothing we'll do and the governments are gonna do shit either this is what they do this this is a fake apple store it's in china and it looks exactly like crazy it has the same images on the wall they copy the images is logo now you know it's a his off just a little bit and not really i wouldn't it so i wouldn't think so it all looked it has all the same ads they steal everything they steal all the ads they steal the far they steal the same sort of tables the thick earthy wooden tables that make a few
good money does our children and they spelled store wrong etc are as you are aware the one thing we do none on your apostolic apple store this can't be common now oh yes it is as common they they just do this constantly there a problem with this in the archery world there a company called rage may make are probably the most popular broad head right for hunting is collar rate hypodermic it's a very complicated design because it's what scholar mechanical broad has and what this means is with with tree a lot of the accuracy archery involves drag like how little drag you have meaning how much air impacts the arrow the winds things on those lines and when you have an arrow that's cutting through the air like it has to be like
aerodynamic and has to operate in a specific way so the most accurate ones are these these arrowheads recalled mechanical brought as the reform of these things is they they open up on impacts they had and then the open up and they create this huge wound channel well so it goes open like two inches but everything has to be like high quality steel razor sharp blades did has to fit perfectly that tolerances are incredibly small because everything has to be me you talkin about like a to b an ethical hunter you have to not be good at it if to make an accurate shot you have to practise any idea of the best equipment right so this is like one of the best piece of equipment you good bye if it's real but the problem is there making fake ones in china believes are doll in the middle cheap and they break off ebay selling i'm here there are no people no you don't even other violent mean you could buy em from a disreputable company this get them from china and they look exactly
says it has the same logan same fonts and when you buy these things you're you shooting about an animal like it's entirely likely years shootin achieve peace a steel against china and for this company that's put this money this company rage that's put incredible money resources is designing this incredible piece of archery oh yeah hunting equipment they're they're fucking pest roars of course china's ruthless i mean with us like that with the with all that stuff say you know that you know those guys she's dead right ressler dicey did not choose she was the poaching problem in africa china yeah yeah yeah they want they want rhino horn and they'll pay millions of dollars using what does your dick now don't doing check and civil protection
it's funny i really have you for saying because talk about how the work in this hall accepting getting area they have a place just for rhinos it's the only animal that they walled off because they were trying to protect it from these poachers credible end at the earliest what action is it would do something it what do you see that they three d printed fake rhino horns oh yes cellulose and all the different thank mrs silos right like what are they yet to make em but they are greedy printing fig rhino horn brilliant that literally they seem to be rhino horns due to collectors negative flood the market with them that's great is great but it's they should also put chip cinnamon bus the people buying it yeah like china one loves you don't give a fuck who cares the data kills rhinos gonna we saw was gonna tigers get entire tiger deck next i went by
in tanzania next of serengeti like the serengeti this huge national preserve and the place where i stay this guy paul tudor joe those who say isaac focusing as it gets emily's exempting is in new york hedge one guys philanthropy now and he bought all the land next to the serengeti where people were poaching and people destroyed the hope relation there like no animals and he went bought the land brought up all the hunting licences from tee from tanzania for ninety nine years and in ten years time it just exploded with animals the whole population is back poaching is major major major you know what here's a problem poaching the war third poaching you a lot of it is really fuckin poor people there are just trying to survive so like to say that like poaching as an issue in africa poverty is an issue in after right poaching
is a symptom of the poverty in africa getting one not even doc necessarily talking about like the big money stuff what yet ivory trade and the rhine a horn trade with that could be applied to that as well but a big part of poaching is just meet this budget is dealing me yeah they com poachers but what they really are that there hunters here aren't property owners radio and these guys they they run around they they do snares they catch these animals snares they they re of these really shitty almost like musket like guns that they have devised like really similar your rifle and they but it'll have bullets so they iraq is in it they put things in it and then they pack in gunpowder and they lighted and make a blow workers like a fuckin rifle she like a musket israel gather you some really shitting me some of them do yeah yeah i know you can't like your western you can make no there is a tendency to put everything through our western prism and be like you know this is just a horrible thing but when you go through these villages where they literally
walking a mile for water yeah and you get me that's a big thing hearing look these people whose my wife's birthday when we're there they don't have the phrase happy birthday they dont celebrate birthdays lake believe said its causes you'll have to have gifts we'll have to take time away from working to to do they just never came up with the concept happy birthday cuz their life is hard right they don't have a lot of olaf's they dont board for dessert they dont celebrate their hard working surviving people suggested ain't that you're right there are a lot of people are just need meat for their family and their then they're not thinking that tourist from allays coming hit him once take pictures of of the zebra i mean there's gotta be a way to parse it out because china still is a huge problem in their taking all these animals for endangered animals not for meat
i mean they're coming in taking rhinos either taking cheetahs where not many survive even just my nature taken cheetahs just further coats they liked make hats out of them really cheetahs probably jocks drops zol juncture i didn't i didn't you could check steps and say you don't know that we are using the jews cheetah jack jack chapter eight articles on finding on nepal the brain reinhard yet they have in their maker there is a couple companies about to start making them the but their people that are saying it's not a good idea to have them introduce because it's gonna cause more problems and already having with just a real ones real but the thing is is a real or those realer fake these the picture i'm showing real ones but the community the marrow traffic problems come it's so fucked up that was killing these crazy animals that we're gonna miss so much i know i mean if he's a dinosaur it's a dinosaur it's like a stag authoress or some you might as well be but what
killing them as is erroneous idea that the horns make your dick hard i mean if that's not symptomatic or symbolic how fuckin bizarre humans are and meanwhile at the same time there's plenty of fuckin pills that actually do the job it's not your asking rhino toys do something that no pill could do we ve solved this problem it's done to see and in a coal smith the perfect is never j howard marshall that old guy who married area we do these again is eighties any married that big tinted sloppy slut why do you do because they had viagra finally make it fucker its rate on a bed of money just fucking kept his cowboy boots iron gray point it's like why why the rhino thing exactly what its its end but it's not probably not just for their hard on its probably all
because they think they can cure cancer whether now now it's really more is j hard marshal and amicable it's really i think more of anything a status symbol kemal romance house you have some rhino t read both where you no expense cheated spencer jugs felipe watches right in you drive a ferrari he rolls royce you talk about real stay you're buying any do something you part of cubans who townward genetics obey say i got a buddy slits would sit out the back porch pretend were gentlemen mean they're so many people that never fuckin smoke cigars naked so pumped again a cube attitude and all you gonna human animal guy would go to oil the moray double corona good wants a fat when i like that after a stake it's just a fake with a label on it can do a lot of those are the i could tell the difference ice debar fit out by real ones but i by real ones that would pretender fake from london
all of them from london they would send them to be from a tobacco wist nice com london to end there send me the actual labels like weeks later right send these things to me in boxes and they will just be labelled dominican cigars and that i get brilliant but i i had spent civic cigars it out ass forces such as students sousa start smoking weed i don't i don't really like this nonsense you don't find an enjoyable i do i do i do but its is there's something about that's very fetish she there's something about this very affected it's like you you're putting on airs definitely air when i see a guy with a fat face needs good cigar mike his dipshit after yet everyone on the cover of cigar aficionado looks like an asshole i haven't you stand smiling yeah come on by when you're just be that asshole like what is allowing night ever make it under cover of cigar aficionado
find out that's a good question he always out a cigar he was a good spokesman for the brand that the net there that is the approach as part of the appeal you do sit back and to say in a what i'm all right you know what i mean they're back everything's good yeah i'm here in our i got us a guy when i got my family back from navigation and nobody had malaria or cuts or any emergencies and i got them all the way back from africa i sat out back with one idea a right i do american yeah back here ma am back here by my vote begin fuck i'm an ally and how are we give donald trump a chance to meet our great now you're gonna do far you take you observe sean coms look at a living like an asshole everyone looks like it ass a tiny here jack nicholson's the only one that does not going to answer jack's made for
but jack nicholson also lose eden pose is there something wrong with his hands or is it me is puffed his hands are very small there in front of him they look we i think it only right that line of him way out in front of him the perspective looks weird but their small so i give you put it up his chest a billion euro your little boy hands maybe he'll go look at usher play sugary leonard in their new road ran movie usher can box apparently no yeah yeah hands a star yea played played sugar ray yet everyone looks like an asshole pull up the most foolish covers of power dealers cigar a cigar aficionado jack nickels and looks great events farmers produce right there click that and all the fuck were you plot and things as broad i'm kind of this thing that we have together
you cannot look do you know you look like an eighty year old charley sheen has aids in his cigar smoking aids i don't give a fuck everybody was there until he got hiv they smell so bad you can have one without thinking what does screw everybody mean pollyanna smokers guy you're saying fuck you guys i'm smokers i know it's awful but i'm enjoying it so when you see a guy with if that's what you're saying agnor he looks pretty good you know he purposely bright adds weight he puts weight on keeps weight on because it feels is facing and it keeps him from a look in wrinkly that's our workers should take that cause while broke did the opposite merrily monseigneur no joke might you know that guy's a gun up is he he's a gun show of wash
his gun show he's got a gun shown us more channel does get as he does i watched it fiji as yeoman none of montana has a fuckin gun history show an issue guns constantly epithets correctly these a gun not like a full on second amendment now nine and also in a negative way elegant due to but is it later i got my heel eczema right i'm sure he's not going to be open to any idea sees it and maybe see gun stories as neighbours show bad grace of gun not gold pistol their bellies rock hard right now i've eddies like every wiener rock hard likes strap down the side of boxes shorts fuckin angry hog really that's guy it's a fucking show it's on the outdoor channel does it wants to show this make me less of a man that my passion is bread
now you're the sultan of sour dough it's not just the your passion his bread you take it to a whole new level thank you were feature than your time thank you joe this joe montagnier thing is interesting though because i haven't seen him in movies in a long time and he's a brilliant actor this guy's been in some fucking amazing movies well ass now what ass he took all that money just shoot shit he gobs alike no i think it's always again those golf toward me might be one i'm arizona dude in arizona brazil to this day is the goddamn wild west it's the florida of the south west stephen you know i mean a lot of people end up there with their own ideas they got their own ideas and that's where they had that share of the poor but in pink underwear may yet we still their level of our little power pie jor pio yeah he's got trouble is goodbyes stephen cigar he'll get him our travel stephen get him trouble was every a real seamen cigars like like brandon
size now he was doing los angeles there is enormous easing the really big raise enormous you have run it what do you a bunch times he has a skills just well what those skills are he's good at googled he he's good at those things that he is doing in those movies with those things actually work no they would not work right what you seeing in those things is awesome what you would call active compliance so voluntary compliance maybe we're sound couple years whereas it looks like around around he's running this puts people are going to discuss this enormous got his huge it keep making these movies and i'm sure they do i really well in foreign markets in oh yeah its prey whether things were a few in bulgaria like stephen seagal night every tuesday it almost looks he's kidding right away holds the gun and so big german
and by the way was in criminal mines sharp two hundred and five episodes and just stop this year who is this guy that is seen like this guy before who's the guy the white guy that's how i have seen him say that code of honour all two thousand sixteen come on i'm an hour now ago is about to go out with you walk away do the classic oh god i where is the walk away without looking back as the bomb goes off the air that is original an awesome who's the guy who's the other guy that than others auditing those movies say craig schaeffer oh you know that guy is that guy's in that movie a river ran through it you know there is at him he was brad pitt brother in the movie
hell that some actors voluntary yeah that's in hell at some actors fall into i think i do it's nutty though i think daggers very naughty think he is i was in a restaurant wants neck i was like talking to a couple is eating by himself for the bend on he talking to a couple but someone an old soul guides is one that is sent him wow you look so different ways go wigan as deadly not hair the abbot what's going on their backs berger jamie way you know we ve now wig what's happening there he's gone away gonna see crying mouse unless your cursor yeah doc i was in a lot of good shit though the now he's doing he's weird movies joe montagnier works after chris
our minds using a really big series oh yeah yeah well you see only agreed i ask just like that's right he was in that fuckin that horror movie too that craig schaeffer guy was in that harm movie where were we harm movie that was based on the foxes werewolf no no no no not that one what movie was that no new johnny scary face i forget the fuckin movie man but it was it was there was a guy who wrote my hails from the crap pleasant might read ascension night read his best known or offensive to starve by night breed might a sure that's that my reading i had moon that seems a good title we see a try night breed night breed air night yeah who made that movie man because it was look at that
who who is the director and writer that movie it looks like hollowing shows he was a famous sort of a clive bark right now i've barker yeah yeah kai barker made a bunch of like really freaky fuckin movies really interesting weird takes on her any apparently very good right right like his books my i'm not making them right right you don't think so i think you're making it ok yeah i'm that's where it all started out as from his writing the use of aims horror writer did a few of his movies back in the day but for whatever reason i didn't catch omanyte breed was a really interesting one that craig sheffer guy was in that he was we see around cigar aficionado now never made but brad probably dead deprived get man bought but the issue fuck it brown on this shit here this fact eyes thrown kicks out me
will you and those who work in hell man because you brian counts great gotta talk to the because brian cowen knows a lot of those actors she knows a lot of actors ray and these friends that will i didn't really famous actors at one point right now they have been forced to take these gigs whenever they get em right and in other away from their family for months at a time when they don't make much money and their hope is this does well and then eventually cycle you're holding pattern hoping that you catch fire with a good good film it gets you in another film then you're back but when you drop off and especially a transitional period between you being a thirty year old man you being a fifty year old man right those fifty year old guys are fucks bill for the far right now once you until you sixty and then you someone's dad ride is like this period time we are not quite old enough to be bad deftly not old enough to be the new not not young enough to be the hot guy
leave guy you can be really and ass kicker know is not believe like stephen cigars to do all kinds of crazy shit to be still maintain asking mr all dying his beard is beards died here's the hairs of masterpieces it's a lot going so maybe he's doing the shadow thing maybe it's like others put the weight on and be a bigger good move good move a prayer tractor says keep your faithful it's like the opposite it's his version college and just fill it up it's pretty smart sphere that he doesn't on purpose yeah again if he really allegedly he's right it might just be an excuse for why by staff just drinks every night eradicate step drinking yeah i but if you look pretty good on cigar fish out jack nicholson agreed is the best he lives they call you tomorrow would you do it yeah would you do that a good move
is there a way to do it and not be wacky or do she just you holding it is do you feel duty here how about you to stand there and it says trust me i smoke cigars and there's no cigar inside of you that methods and learn does not work i know how many takes that was if that was one picture if it was just there pulled up in his car hey i'll do it and they took a picture and he had a cigar bam cool at sea the problem with those photos is there not candid now if you're an intelligent person and understands that and you watching these fuckin magazine stands you know there are some do sherry and evolve in this cover one of brian andres lee they all are gonna white had on some of the guy you want we now you want me donnelly why tat sort of a guy according to my record label so gently driven down there oh deserve a glass in his hands noticing
you know they changed outfits there was a make up lady you know what i mean give her father went up so it s no cigar you yourself fuckin cigar deniro what the fuck is this keefer listen pussy you're scared pull it off will he kramer veterans bond no scar gonna work kramer's overnight way best james bond by far right daniel craig knows even close your eyes the coolest kramer kramer he's lovable always thinking ways hold nuts cigar i love black people we thinking saving that word rhymes with vigour de vigo i guess i'm gonna was when his lighting it sue adored annie twenty takes their millions and then only was more than one take can pollute thereof do dead on the inside i don't care
this is good for publicity this is good for my image i smoke as their god gives you the failure prosperity a mention in the palisades and i fuck my maid die dom inside i don't care leave your wound with me i come inside her as well that's why is cover works adrian brody just sitting here what happened array arnold is the perfect person cease to vessels to loan seems fairly candid now but a more there's two a takes i'm worried they took several takes there's a guy looks pretty fuckin jiffy forces seven years old even if you
still on and you let go you let them put stallone zone as you're having no no no no no no no not like those stones zones pretty guy like you don't buy where i met that guy fuck ensue for friendly nice normal self deprecating guy varying what might have been turned on the charm because i too have you for this thing for the u have see once buddy was fuckin i met that guy to lawrence fish burnt we nice is fuck super friendly robin roberts of cigar in his an hypo rough rob he's now fiducia them via quickened his jacket he's got that fuckin housing jacket on that country club jacket adjusted the rest the rabble others weaken rightly why you have so many layers i'm confused about his white teacher than polo sure than jacket can someone turn a fuckin head on one why does it robs inside wise what it s like he's layering for a fuckin backpacking trip in the andes
but you know you hidden something if you pull if you in raise your do sri yeah it works if years if you're trying to not be adduced with it in those where our cause blow go down area jesus look and he's got a glass of something in the spress that's what he jammed with right didn't jam up with like cappuccino it put it in rank he did his kapital tat can surely anyway you're kind of pretending it tastes good get ruffians cunt got there was one above the there was one above that jerry that i didn't economic gentlemen right to the upper left with the black blazer on upper left above that one right above our no no no no back we were right and go b and then go on to the left to the left that guy who's africa the bomber what the fuck is that its debts
fake it's a man look at his van magazine that the bow will that will that did it but that's doing is its mocking the rolling stone cover because rolling stock put him on the governing looks like a fuckin teen heart throughout that was do she was weird is really do she hears my question it's just a photo it is curious that he's they took a trip many minor criticism for this cover ok we'll i'm looking at this what is this is just what happened if you're looking at this this is just a young man but it may has i mean as a cover of a magazine it's your job to put things on rolling stone and you know how to look at things that make people feel a certain way so maybe we're trying to make them feel ok he's a monster can look like this recent listen to those with the heading howie pop their promising student was fuelled by his family of what was failed bows failed
was failed by his family fell into radical islam and became a monster you may in that sea now with the headline i dislike it even more because now making seem like he's just a vulnerable not it's not his fault your excusing him i think with that photo and that headline combined it feels to me like you're you're letting him off the hook while that is a weird question why is it that you do that when you read a couple letters of a word in your fill it in for yourself i do that all the time yeah why farmers of uniform we're in reading glasses i feel in a word oh it's that word land for whatever reason i don't world i saw fuelled the because i was i was thinkin ok they would say is fuelled by hate or fuel as radical religion i wouldn't been so do she incorrect did you but i did change the meaning of you have a how old is this kid at the time because i think
you look and ass i can eighteen year old kid that's relevant mean you have a fourteen year old imagine if your kid grew up in some fuckin radical crazy fuck had religion you could that's their dearest there's a good question alec how did this kid become this monster how did he become this monster with his brother right is brother was a big influence his brother deftly was right once but i mean he's he's in there right so he's in this magazine is on the cover and they have this pit four that makes you go wow yeah what what the fuck is wrong with that picture is the woods wrong with it is it he looks like a cute young guy that should now that problem you're not saying young heart throb reno contact him behind bars data showing actual picture of what he actually looked like how is at any time friend than the ted bundy photos because the ted bundy photos one other thing it was most striking about ted bundy was that he's a very handsome guy so it's kind of fuckin creepy man but you don't put him on
cover rolling stone which is a space for the people in our culture that you worship right then put ted bundy cover with the rolling stone logo around you that's it that's you know what i mean that's that's good point it's good point but do should they bear the burden that should they be able to be flexible enough with their covers their ideas to to do say what happened here we take this guy who could be on our cover because he's a pop star he could be on the because he's a star of some new sitcom it's hilarious re he looks like it right he looks like a star he looks like a star and that's what i'm saying these people know what they know what they're doing when they're putting that cover on its you are provoking hey this is a regular kid that going this way could have been an undercover rolling stone maybe you know it's there definitely creating it to be thought provoking will rise lads bangemann prison they put that picture on back
they ve got it myself i want to know i'm fuckin megan in here bang in this guy he's beautiful it is kind of fucked up but don't know like they're saying there's something wrong with that photograph particularly like that could have had a picture of him handcuffed in look with terrified look on his face shock covered with blood arranging along those lines and everybody would been ok with it yeah well maybe the again for sure it's because of it because it's sultry innocent here then is not a problem with static images the first place ecstatic images is its poor representations and what a person actually looks like an issue that person actually is that's why the weird things about photos and then you see like a bio below the photo you stand there tom pop has been doing stand loves and colleges other other countries what is this is a
a portrayal of two dimensional putsch portrayal of a person there is a picture of me out from when i hosted this game show on fox just for summer and there's this shot him in a suit i look so do she i'm yet the camera i look like a magician for some reason that picture is every any time to go to a city and you gotta go to perform any time soon puts an ad out for show that's it that's the picture i would not buy a ticket see that guy it's credit from the internet but would you buy
oh i wouldn't buy cigarettes see any comic ever based on any fucking i shot of ever seeing that good wine from every little ladder you haven't bill hicks ignorant bill hickses headshot was him lighting a cigarette with the american flag will oh god what are you a radical so fuckin clown who or do you you're on the edge it's no there's no way to look cool those those bills headshot but you know in his defence and nineteen eighty eight i was a radical thing to do there was and that was back when there is like big problem with people burning the flag yet during the bush yeah bush one bush one yeah i remember that there were like trying to take measures to stop people from burning the flag yeah we're the flag and bill hicks a bit about it no my daddy fought for this flag korea who you want acquaintance my five main korea rate joke about the controversy about the football player this weekend not wanting to stand
the national anthem yeah yeah what did he was protesting the country hidden the whole compromise the latter flatter that he does not stand for a country that allows violence against people of color zat what is so black airway good mostly his wife fuckin hate it pretty white to me you should work ok that's for no reason the first boy he's where he's a big what makes it an eye on the pyramids oh he what does he say and he won't stand there you have a statement always there was our statement you have some profound respect people serves specially people who says that as i am a boon summons upset sunrise monopoly my view is that the anthem is about honouring the people
serve as another person to find out what his actual cause what was his quote a mere play games adhere to salute symbols you fuck heads it's not a requirement by four nfl place to stay during the singing of the national anthem it suggested by showing that they did not requirement rats probably constitutional private constitutionally can require some re patriotic just kind of ironic isn't it the freedoms that you get but a company could probably in this country too they require that others of their employees you could put the american flag clothes made yeah maybe that's a big team on the uniform big team goes war we all get together people go state that for local nike highschool team versus highschool team bright then they go statewide words like state college
other college it then they go nfl and wants to go and i fell down it's like state franchises that's the big league but the real big league is an all team to get together and they go to armies right and armies the biggest big team and then we're gonna fuck up other team so it's very important that we keep an active organize sports programme so that we yes investing in this idea of teams so that we can feel the the big team yeah bra the other part of it is if you didn't have the nfl pittsburgh would be marching on cleveland right here let me problem they would be right you don't even have a simple were if you didn't have sports people would where they taken that aggression they would bid march across and go after cleveland what's well that's how we keep our cell from going to war inside the country ratified the boundaries read does keep us from doing it outside the boundaries now
there was a whole radio lab thing about the invention of football and at what it really was the date there much man came back from the war and they were looking for something to do to alleviate some of the re ass the creative football yeah and won the motivations for them creating football in the first place makes sense but it makes sense and you need it you need you need an outlet just run around like maniacs eighteen minutes long by hearsay ella yuri father instead of his feet menace eighteen minutes along its m talking in the locker room after it has all the reporters rascal questions i want to explain he says i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed capper nick it's his name has made us is something that has to change when their significant change and i feel like that fly represents what is supposed to represent this countries representing people the weights posed to i'll stand her
he said i don't know if i did was right said he hasn't her from the nfl anybody else about his actions and won't matter if he does not try to quiet mean to be honest is not something you're gonna be quite about he said i am going to speak the truth when i'm asked about it this isn't for the four look this isn't for publicity or anything like that is is for people don't the voice and this is where people are being a pressing need to have equal opportunities to be successful via the families and not live in poor circumstances ok that's a lot he said bunch shit there to hear you guys important you get your message out and just a phrase will also this is this is where gets people being oppressed don't have go opportunities to be successful to provide for families and not live in poor circumstances that's one sentence the word to provide for families and not live in poor circumstances is one sentence yeah that's idealistically that's interesting but america's supposed to represent like the entire group experiment eldest
spearmint self government still ongoing it's not it's not perfect is not done in his deftly gets dark aspects to it but if you don't think it's the best thing go and you should go look around this there's some dark parts of america there's some dark parts about how what we're talking about today in how we were founded this land was acquired in the first place is acquired by fuckin murder d ever think that at the beginning we have problems it maybe it's karma well no i think it's us it's not you are i read but there is something incredibly fucked up about a country that is so willing to look at some ass acts of our society there discriminating or discriminatory like the art i pointed out today's where this one was writing about how women are drinking beer the patriarchy because a sexism is forcing them to drink this oppression the our can indians were slaughtered the native
work is we're fuckin slaughtered and they never come up genocide it almost never comes up when you talk about equal opportunity in america it's very few conversations begin with we ve got to do something about the poverty extreme alcoholism on these native american reservations you know why doesn't come up cause we wiped out so many of them there's just not that many well there's enough after they have a voice and they talk but it's not something that people are concerned with a mean slavery absolutely is fucking awful and is something that we absolutely should pay attention to and we should absolutely look at the impact of late slavery over a long period like where these people lived ass slaves for hundreds of years and then they are finally reed into this area where there is massive amounts of racism now racism like like
oh i like to stick to my own car but racism like where people are denigrating are thought to be like a lesser humiliating systemic in a systemic in its deep and its and then it's gonna take hundreds of years many generations to get past that right and we still deftly having gone past then allow those places and we concentrate on that in a big part of our art national discussion cars cartesian india buried age shit compared to what the native americans went through slaughtered slaughtered and their land just taken just taken you know i mean it you read this article that i read today i'm sure first volley again is not take anything away from the people that suffered from slavery or the the jenny so that was committed on black people knowing i evaluate generosities of that we could have too that a lot of people in a lot but i feel like the it's not that i want ass attention being paid on what happened to african americans i think that it is not enough is enough but what we should have way more than we have
now on native americans its it we're it's it's you know real i'm crazy you know it's a real violation no felt really dirty when i saw it i was on my my motorcycle and went through the dakotas and saw the mount rushmore and when you're going when you're driving through these areas and stopping in reading about the native americans that were there and what they were doing and how many there were and then to know that that all that land was taken and all those that civilization was killed and then we carve in the side of the mountain these heads its really i mean we can fight single barker i am you now i am pretty patriotic to look too faults who like a naive level but seeing that mount rushworth just felt really bad my finger i like that patriotic far but seeing outright
where was just rock and then there's a guy there's a native american carving it carving crazy horse in the side of the mountain to counter it inside the eu just native american tribe in the u s work i see no profits pay one million dollars a year to every member while how many members since between them dick lake in the six casinos travel revenues are thought to be nearly one point four billion that would mean that is there is at least a thousand is four hundred and sixty people in the tribe they get about a thousand dollars a month each person so there only sixty of yad cells one and this particular when i signed a minute but that's the headless that's the reparations meanwhile the ghosts of their ancestors or in the woods every time i go outside it illegal night is here screams and see people whisper no heads enough it's crazy but you know its disproportionate for the people that live there for sure how did there has there been any culture in the world that didn't go
and at some level and wipe out the other people to take the land i don't think so i mean it's ready i mean our standard yeah but yeah spray standard about what people do and it's also super conveniently not know what the fuck their san you know one year ten they're not even one of us that this dynamic gobbledygook organ from killing british there sit on their house made a gold yes jam it happen everywhere it's is i think this is the first time over the last out several thirty years especially the last two hundred years since slavery has been abolished less than two years which is crazy right the sixty five the body that so recent insane but these last few hundred years of the printed word being dis tribute ed aroma reading becoming more and more common which is really a very important point up until a hundred or so years ago it was not common to be able to read
you know in a lot of parts of the world where there is a lot of people that are illiterate sonnino information two hundred years for that super common to be illiterate right mean member these are always have their nose cowboy movies we still have to write your your mark may i mark on this contract that's right maybe they couldn't write yellow not right no sir will make your mark martin my little acts nobody taught me how to run it did so what we have in comparison is now you have a phone in your pocket and you could talk to it no answer questions for you i mean i was in seattle is past weekend and i just the button on my phone and i said siri navigate to the sea is he tat airport break it goes here's the corrections to the sea tat airport and she starts going it's amazing within sack is now the amount of access to the formation that that you need to sort of form your view of the world accurately is so much different now that has ever been for so now i think
looking at like what happened to the native americans looking at what happened to the slaves are looking what happened like this kilometers day think they're just now start and decided i'm going to call columbus day anymore they call native american appreciation dares right yeah j g about time but i to say as an italian i grew up in new jersey i hate to see that one first of all in all the trouble is easier and not a real italian he's like me better than ever of ours alas napa wise it commits columbus with the s bitch the s ear you good point at brown university columbus days now indigenous peoples day it's right after white privilege day where they have white privilege day with easy what you yeah exceed six cargo university set foot
you yeah fuck you save spaces trigger rolling out fire you trigger warnings of fuckin babies you with the world both great they watch enough youtube videos they gathered the information like a good institute of learning right and they got the data is in and you guys a retarded yeah eyes arch club using down free thought and ask and in his eyes were supposed to foster yet you you're not just stopping racism which would be a wonderful thing to do with what you're doing is your controlling the way people address ideas the way they behave and think and you creating words that are dangerous like that word normal it used to use with no problems now demanding things like you know don't call someone a spokesman column spokeswoman there's no my fresh man is first year students i get home first of all that i forget what university put it out but dave reuben put it up the other day lit what some university that made this new list of all the
things that would not be tower it anymore in in the nomenclature rice ol man we're speak it's called more speak yeah they saw it coming mankind how come it's ok outcome can't be outcome a human could be a man or a woman but mankind we assume that means mail or it's a masculine relevant to illegally a man woman is in that two grand kind woman or a special kind of man good point that's like man that makes babies like it is man yet human part of these creatures that came out of tanzania why was so goddamn fuck insensitive and i wonder if i would think that we have i was woman foes woman i'm fuckin tired of being a freshman not a man peace shit i'm a girl who is a first year student you can't face lucky freshman what year urien sally freshmen like a man a stupid bridge
living where all women happens that items are living with our women as we do you at an idea around the house of like what's what's true like something that they would carry of an offence and less wouldn't worry us i'll give you a sense of how they feed off each other and convince each other what they're saying ecstatic that's the problem racket yeah i agree now pass we men to the next thing you know therefore can pass and laws yet this is clinton broad and office would i lay flocking wacky medication she's on and who knows if she's even see and straight bro we will work out perfectly the vps adieu here's a prayer for example people writing for like a lot of different people right for publications half posting heat they ban to of deep david seamen are bored david seamen they buy two of his articles and suspended as account why has he wrote articles questioning hillary clinton health
which is also this room yup which is also the same reason why doktor drew show got cancel that's what they sank ass doktor drew he was question hillary clinton health now what i've heard about doktor drew from actual doc turkey in regards to what he said i'd like they didn't agree with some of the things he said one of things they set about armor thyroid he said armor thyroid hasn't been prescribed and heard about it being prescribes nineteen seventies i'm on our thyroid and i've been on commerce thyroid for about ten years which deserve he's out his fucking mind something that it is for a high a thorough i have something called hush motives it's it's a fact noise disease knots it sounds like it it's a thyroid disease that is an auto immune disease that's hereditary my mom has it my sister has it and i have to
they just your thyroid works well and for me it manifests itself in like head aches and has taken us called sin droid and it didn't work as good it worked okay was deafening better than nothing but then when i got on his armor thyroid armor thyroid is thyroid medication that's been made from pigs glands and it's very bio similar are a bio identical to the actual hormone so it's very clean and easy my body a zero problems with it like a really is a phase of so i've been on this for ten years and my doctors one of the best hormone doctors in all of the country the issue to my wife he'll just shooter deficits one but it mean my point is this guy's a stately our doktor yeah and he in also i've told people bout that had a promising throwed and they got
and then thanked me so much because the armor thyroid works so much better for them so i don't know i d like to do so that said it hillary clinton asylum problem but he thought was weird they would prescribing armoured sorrow at its very calm and still make it an end you should know more than anyone being a fucking doktor is a real or not bio identical rare as you have one person learn to peanuts another person can be around cats one person responds very well to certain medication other people jamie jim you can eat pot nothing happens to him so we're fuckin weirdo but the point and if i ate with jamie aid be curled up in a fatal position a call girls i did in high school go i'm sorry i devote at seven so long when i still feel that you know yes it's we're all very why do you think he doesn't doesn't work on them you're gonna be there but my point is people though another doctors said the what he did was essentially malpractice you're not supposed to diagnose someone without any personal
understanding of their case you haven't talked to them you have studied there their blood work you not privy to their inside information rather have how they feel you taken this gas based on what's been what's released and on top of that you doing it kind of get publicity and attention you know kindness yeah it essentially what you do and if he did it in a respectful way where he was speculating where he said well i don't know about the specific mix of hill desired handle it may be a doctor i would say about the specific the specifics of hillary clinton case but i do know here's what can be problematic like about brain injuries similar to the one that she apparently suffered rare here could peer could be some issues and this is what some people parents from brain issues i give you say sensible idea a nation that is a doctor talking about a non specific pray do not talk about a specific person you're talking melick safe tom papa braces when inducted your reads about a tom papa was right and motorcycle enough go broke his leg well here's what
but when your leg breaks and when people break their legs around your body as to heal it and here's some of the complications come along with that now if he did that that would be doktor on television informing us about some real issues maybe he thought as a voter and as an american someone who's it genuinely concerned knowing what he does know maybe fat like he had to speak out about the danger if someone has had a traumatic brain injury having opposition being a president and what could be a problem and then he looked at her medication listened he disagree with it rest doctors will disagree with i've talked to some doctors say like we were talking about the bulging decease you talk to one doctored want me to get an operation are you'll have to get their cut out there's not going any better and convince clearly he was wrong rank as it got better but he didn't shit about rejected keen he had never heard of it you know what he's like why when put it anyway eggs now basket and insist that no there's no researchers rees wine has been approved by the fbi no no no not isn't you fucking dance
six people were wrong all the time a time so according to my friend has a doctor who he said you're never supposed to do that and there what he did by diagnosing her publicly like that you just don't do so if that's true then they're probably justified in tat is just canning area so that that would you say that they're kind of eliminates the idea it's a conspiracy like when i take lucky's alive cause she just kills bitch that's what i hear hilary is out there whacking fools he paid the same website i tell you about came trails and flatter earth which are the ones that are truth hashtag truth they'll tell you she's waxlike hundred people that allow she's like like cigar like a lighter cigar do not know that i do not know about this for you i really don't ok there is it like these forty eight or forty nine people that have had dealings with the clinton's have been mysteriously murdered
polluting the guy who released all those emails about the dnc favouring hilary over here into wikileaks hillyer over bernie member that yeah yeah zack i got shot at four o clock in the morning in front of his house in the back murdered when like this summary recently like really recently and his wife several people have been murdered that had ties to the cleanse clinton body count or left wing conspiracy three with ties the dnc mysteriously die yeah yeah do this is this is now die all the time they do dial a time and here's the thing you're not saying that she killed them either by here's what you do need to know this is like this is really important to consider you're talking about when you're talking about someone like the cleanse especially if you talk such that confusing shit if you talking about you just keep links as its starting point the only ones who is going on over here would have our click this when we talk
about someone like the clinton's who run the clinton foundation of none of you paid attention to click foundation here but i have been slowly but surely going down a rabbit hall with the clinton foundation over the last couple of months and it is raising what they got away with it's crazy and its pre direct evidence there's some people that were involved and they don't into the clinton foundation and they got arms deals now whether or not got arms deals because they donated or whether they did that as a threat thank you for the arms deal that they would have had anyway with a volcanoes but that's it one aspect of what's problematic about this now i know expert and i dont know what the fuck i'm talking about let me let me just state that for effect but what i've been reading about what people find problem problematic about the the about profit that's been made off of this threat and the amount of influence that is being sold with this and that hermes people that their involved with these dealings are doing
to their foundation and then in return there getting these deals past and like erase shady as fuck ok and the people that you're dead with in some instances you talk about weapons bad arms dealers you're talking about countries that kill people countries poor civil rights records like saudi arabia hear you talking about decisions that you make you fucking know for sure people going to die right and we know that about her that's just what look tat video of her laughing about the death more market daffy piracy that idea obviously we came we saw he die like in fact at the bar forbidden present is so low that you can have a video like that out there and it doesn't free people outright already back off when then that was all the evidence of all this weird shit
it is probably a standard operational procedure so here's my point you're involved with this this into connected web of death row of killers of war of tough questions that demand tough solutions and then you involved with all these people are used to kill people right now if something like this dnc lee comes out and its possible this could bring down a ship in the ship is huge and there's thousands of people involved in the ship and you might be one of those people in bomb the ship member like i think i know how to take years and years debian and tougher than and some dies and everybody else shut the fuck up and everybody panics and nobody gets caught and there's no ties to the hill we can help you didn't ask for it to be done right it's your she's a part of a fuckin giant machine right so it may not even be that she's out there doing it but it might be the fact that like you you're tired of her influence political power you talking about you talking about the play
nancy the united states of america is talking about a gigantic amount of the world than that controls ray and she's in their right hasn't every president most likely hasn't everybody pat leader of whatever ashore that's the job devise a job that's that's the thing that i keep what's us what he shown it is one of the three guys that their talk mother just recently died ok for president united nations general assembly john ash mysteriously passed away in june twenty second a few days before he scheduled to begin pretrial meetings involving she any financial dealings regarding a former clinton crony local police as you said he died from dropping a bar bill on his throat while working out a new and oddly first claim be died of a heart attack sixty one year old was supposed to testify against chinese real estate developer oh god he's dead as fuck neat saying who is implicated in the china gate scandal for following money
to the dnc for bill clinton through arkansas restaurant owners charlie try ashes said last year for allegedly taking over three million dollars in bribes from the chinese businessmen including over a half a metre from now on black sea in exchange for building united nations conference centre in macao london where any he was arrested or he was arrested forsaking three million bucks in bribes and then he was gonna testify he was gonna spilled the beans and they killed him like a fuckin like a movie what's that source websites town hall dot com what's town hall dotcom while the information i'm sure is not made up we should just go you just google his death and find out clinton blood body count or left wing conspiracy three with ties that's just one arm go on one website did the facts of these people
lying is undeniable they definitely died and whether or not they were murdered or whether aside some crazy coincidence that all these people were about to testify or secret information or leaked informational wikileaks and they were murdered right fuck it man was a woman to would it would achieve some woman involvement dnc was also murdered recently staffer who dropped off the law suit i believe is what was it like filed the lawsuit in august maybe in july he was dead and august was found dead in his bathroom step of what losses again for the dnc again for bernie sanders recent like that i believe so he was killed two along with the kid who released the documents it wasn't you whom he probably did it they don't love he first did it at the analysis had access to that they believe it was him and he was murdered their killing people everywhere killing people right i mean if you can't are we on well
the sultan now the sour dough occasionally estimate dirty moves think about what people do for just a small amount of money right the horrible things people due to other people for small amounts of money when you get up to that level of billions of government size money come on right you see all the accusations against the putin over the weekend help those people are dying till the reported yesterday yesterday i guess we're gonna get shot then goes critical putin suicide yeah it s the suicide of himself with the it's scary up there it's really scary up that video of that a guy took a surveillance cameras knowing air whose having some or billion arrogance is having some big deal who is girlfriend he broke up there and so she led she beat up she wants money
and he s surveillance video of her lying on the bed punching herself in the face of their debts may i tweeted today you dear it's wonderful wonderful it's listen folks it's not an answer them thing we have to stop this there's a thing the women do whenever a woman is involved in any sort of a domestic violence abuse rape type situation theirs thing that women automatically due for they think that woman is not guilty and that woman has been abused and that women is have we not lying and more the time you're right but there are a lot of fuckin liars out there and some of them have penises and so on vaginas and debt this something as human beings we have to stop being on these fuckin gender based teams yeah it's stupid because there are nerdy pitch is out there some of our men and some of whom are women and this woman is just sitting there is a video over whom i heard in the face hitting us in the face
screaming and yelling and wailing herself in the face with her she's in bananas man my so she gives herself marks oliver face and then she calls the cops and she's haven't attempt tantrum storming around and she doesn't realise that she's being filmed it's crazy but meanwhile i don't even know how much of this is admissible if she's fucking hitting herself in the face so hard i don't know much of this is admissible in court in divorce court now or in numb well well in iron divorce court but if he's being secure refer envisage era is his fiance in all this is what everybody said there's been a lot of these cases and this is the what johnny depp is claiming happened where his ex girlfriend was saying that he beat her up and he didn't do it and she was dead herself or fake debt or something other than others who knows there still do putting it she suing dagestan hope she is dug stand of delicacy with different
just ducks animal brought an article saying that he knows it she's a liar and that she was blackmailing him johnny depp told him about it or any this came out that she had some demands our nose on the truth out of doug really knows i don't know who the fuck knows i wasn't there but here's the thing man there are people like that nutty bitch that you just on their video hitler self in the face there's people like that their real people its crew they have the genus and some of them venus there is it's not me or women no one's infallible we gotta get off these teams is because the real problem this is very divisive that you really separates people this idea any time a woman accused the man of something it must be true that it's not true oh that's not right like we have to be sure we have it and i don't know how to do that but i don't think so to do that is to automatically assume that even like shady bitches are all too and the truth always and then every woman who is accusing a man of something without a doubt campi lie that's crazy it's case by case
this is like a really different and again you don't wanna you dont want to blame the victim of someone is a victim and you call em around and you know you see i don't believe a fuckin word you're saint meanwhile that actually did habit of them that's horrible brutal but we have to the figure out what is what yeah it's hard to cut it do not come up with a general are generally nation exact cases that's the pets if there's some way that you can get the people that are dealing with these situations to break through that barrier and look at everything as a case by case basis emma you do it we have enough knowledge of what whether or not a person being truthful and is also an issue where people in their own minds changed reality like you can have argument with someone and they can decide in their own mine over the course of whatever weeks have passed that that argument
completely different beast yet and what was happening while was going down your ego lies to start telling the story to other people with distortions those distortions become a part of the reality yeah it becomes the narrative you beauty we get it gets more more exaggerated every time we talk about it becomes real it becomes real yeah most people think it's really hard for them to accurately and objectively talk about like a very dramatic situation yeah like you did get in a fight with a guy ray you're a woman your engaged his gun you really did beat you out like fuck yeah tristram relay that accurately it's gotta be terrifying and bizarre fleetly air you're mine and then you ve got a parcel these tiny little details about it how much is this dude laughin the studio video right now when he saw raised when he knew he had is like ah fuck you and that's a big she'll come show realize that
but the show rationalize it should be like you you know i just never caught him in the act you know who knows what she'll do but she's crazy enough which we will have a working system her head of wider so can i well this is also what you yet when women forecasts for their money he bore mad like if you want fuckin a guy for his money savior unattractive woman like this girl isn't guys she could well you better she's beautiful that you're mad that right powerless never fucker we had it rest day within your means no i don't know what you're daily work as a people people now really attracted to man it gets you gets ugly it's ugly it's not good you know everybody has is ideally go get a supermodel it's the psalmist move onto don't you know you don't do it don't fuck over you because you have to pay their debts it's like by anna corvette when you college bigger the student spend it on a calm crazy barbaric
we get to bulgaria go outside and you guys like germany you know what i'm gonna start delivering it dominoes pay this car up brawler traveller cards that's what doing super hot wife visa fuck emphatically rich guy crazy you have to know that's what you're getting now you're competing with everyone who wants to sleep with that and that is a supermodel just genetically you ve now increase the number of other alpha males coming for this person plus i think a good move is always go foreign it's like that's how i feel about sports cars and so i feel about it we bribes vienna trophy brian cowen from some war torn region of the world she don't know that as he is happy she's got fuji genuinely loves you for taking care of her ass she s so site and if you move
family out of the ramshackle village the rapid a jew is you're about to plough japanese mover family out in your face you gotta have a wonderful relationship based on actual appreciation they just like running water and but if you dayton blonde in florida with big tits and she does coke whose come up through the miners chino she doesn't want fuck you you in your mediocre deck she not undo it she's with studying how to get this her whole life she's trying to think of how the fuck cheating closes deal make the big money and yeah right when she was at the fuck and finish line you caught it that's what happened he broke but the fiance adds the she's like there's gotta be a way to make money out of this deal bang bang she's just she's just goin she's working thrown a hail mary will they have health clinics like their food for young athletes rate of that there's it's a business for do they
yet a business for women to come after these young get pregnant and get pregnant new things they literally or counselled then this is one of the threats to your life yeah will definitely your livelihood yeah there well it's real and book it it's also it makes sense is its theirs imbalance right you're yeah you're like some bawler rich dude whose worth billions of dollars you get private jets youporn up everywhere and rolls royce people opened the door for you walk out with sunglasses walk straight to private yet all my god facilities like me this we get he's so unattainable and is the resources so ridiculous that people are in some way some strange way attracted to em right everyone around and like mr papas cummings to publicly house he missed providum make eye contact with mr papa he talks to you be polite and egregious but whatever you do don't ask mr proper for money payments to papa
democracy mr bobby's your high regarding how are you and you just get the best of the best out of these people and they think of you is like well thank you just get close it mr papa my whole world would change it makes sense because everybody trying to be nice to you which is like weird rain where is your some super billionaire richer branson type character everywhere you go everybody's kiss near aspirin trying to be nice to you you get is really distorted version of humans ia and women are attracted you that should be attracted to you that's right natural but you think they should be it on you she think they should and negative fuck you and they get a smell you realize what you what you really aren't who you really i like you i need to get this at eight o clock and pay me is tat get mad where's my ferrari stupid how can one i'm a villa and then next time you get this guy buying you share in another way you're coming after i'm so is probably when allowing their mad rush like that donald sterling girl the girl alright i ve only seen other races shit he bought or a badly
a ferrari a fat condo he potter again shit and shit and she was like three slacking disgusting bag of me you all leather saddle bad fill with rotten hamburger block you i can't believe i soccer dec hey me mother fucker pay made what do you think honey what do you think of black people i don't like it when they fuck you we hold out let me add impress record what do you think of it like much record what are you doing over there and at first i thought you awful could you imagine when you hear stories like that under aren't you just happy let's say you yeah but just like heaven elegant got married of some kind you're just like there's a lot of things that are sexy about you know all that stuff regis but beings simple unjust breaking down to just like i go to my school and i do my stuff like
having a smaller world is a relief it deaf he is me there's a certain level even get too big and then things become like a giant big fat crazy problem complex well if you're at that well if you're like a richer branson level hats it's gotta be a job or johnny depp level even bigger scale goddamn problem hetty oh you eddie lotta hetty yeah you gotta be real discipline personally come up with a structure for yourself of working and detain carriers without spinning eta controls while people lose it yeah i was too into this dude in seattle is past weekend who knew this guy who sued paul owen the microsoft gandia and one and now care to be in seattle no it's never goes shadowy more easily oh my current super paranoid everyone is yeah so like that's what i'm talking about
you got here for what you wish were gets too high a level the game son reality when i want and i want to look into it yeah doubts that are worth hundreds remained out well we will only islands yeah they're stupid money we were at the there's an area called the the locks where the salmon swim through these ladders it's really does cause you actually go underground and there's a wall glass wall was the fish swim literally the while fish swim up these locked it soon if i can call it makes you wanna go fishing zone right near zero yeah yeah it's bower the bower locks cool thou art is like a small area which is a really really fuckin cool area with a lie a great little restaurants and bars and great communion a friend my lives they're nice and him in his family tourist his place and so we went to this bower locks thing and we are checking around and we look at it and one of the guys it was there there that's it with their seats look at it through this wall and those salmon
swimming up up the soul better going home doorway they're gonna die but that's where they re more and ran up the women salmon the female salmon they pop out the eggs and do just and over him and whack off and then they die that's how they didn't even get the fuck right have you ever coefficients that has come in it now when i was a kid i used to attract question when i was a kid i used to go fishing all the time was being inefficient and odious a rainbow trout fishing and when it was really great fun to catch him is when there are spawning and you would throw your lower and they would just attack aiming for super aggressive grant but then when you pick them up they would be using pull them out of the water billig intelligence various engineering dickering it's over civilians like argues i don't tasty
an alert tasted argue that trick question yielding almost coming and mother fucker but they would you picked map and literally would be orgasm as your pull them out of the water the jews and all over the place yes parents pretty common but our member and a lot from when i was a kid i haven't had a habit of sense do remembered alot brain when i was a kid but i don't do nearly as much fishing so waits appalling in this case suits all island has this guy at the locks the circular sort of thank you the guy at the locks who i was talk due to ask them some questions about some the fish he was pointing out the bays and how they change this lake because there's a late there's a lake there and they i realise that when they cut this channel that alone the level the leg and then that made it so the fish couldn't get back to the lake and was a real issue there
they were stacks of dead salmon like twenty thirty feet high cheetah crazing where they would just will go to the area where they had always gone but now the river didn't go all the way to the end with a lake was they just want to die but you saying that paul alan and bill gates both have these insane hundred and fifty million dollar houses on this lake wow imagining what a hundred fifty million dollar house looks like i know what the fuck are we even talking about man it's great wifi i bet the wifi d various viruses are returning let a malware very kind of you a bit of room a new virus is everything's on computers you wear a tie clip is this the way used to work you would wear a pin and you put that pin on the pen and this is like many many years ago i'm sure the technologies far more advanced the anna but the way bill gates had it set up everytime you walk into a room the pen would recognise the user set the temperature to your preferences and play the kind
is it that you like importance and type alighting on my god it's gonna be amazing yeah but it's probably all outdated which is kind of funny and as is up coffee elevates it gets existing yeah bilbil case did ever do a tour bill gates house i that the hat that it was mostly because of the technology that it's not that massive really that's what i heard that private smart move not stand out too much i heard as like a summary and that it can escape and drop in a pod and dropped below in the basement because increasingly breaks in the house you to shoot out out of the tube and a submarine six thousand square feet that's kind of big sixty six that little beggar the normal sixty million a bill jesus christ it's worth at least a hundred twenty three million according to the king county public assessors office the property is worth a hundred and twenty three point five four million as of this year gates purchased a lot for two million in nineteen eighty eight before windows ninety five reportedly
it pays around a million dollars and promptly taxes each year oh my god half a million board fee of lumber was needed to complete the project while the house's bill scroll down little the houses built with five hundred year old douglas trees three hundred construction workers but on the home a hundred of whom were electricians fifty died missed curiously airport what does it look like the house it uses natural surroundings to reduce heat loss what's it looks like it's cool in words those asian like the size of the thing in those trees that at all around it what's above it to those that that wall above it is that is a law of china saint apartment building by other house back on the house can't be that close bill gates lives that close was fuckin neighbours on the lake maybe come that's weird that's a house red above him a priority to i would bet i would had he would own everyday anyone fill up with mercenaries he's worth too much money
so long underwear music system he did he did give a lot of money why does it employing room with twenty foot ceilings is a reception hall the great dark counted to honoured guests six kitchen jesus christ enormous library how's manuscripts gates paid more than thirty million dollars for what though manuscripts great gets wow no no that's not so you'll find a cloak for yeah i'm so what is the manuscripts codex life but what is that is what is that seen century its prevention man we pay thirty million bucks rowena provincial sketch let's go get that let's go let's find were apparently that is those talking is real estate agent who told me that that is a big issue with house
is that our their listed that are expensive houses ryanair framed meaning you know like inside you go in there everything's already like there's really nice sheets in our work on the walls and staged is the right word so that they have this artwork this allowed these houses like of his expensive house they expensive artwork and so people break into these houses while they know that their cell in the house and owns livin in it and take the step taken artwork do it dude do our work as it were a lot money order our official stream is stocked with fish one if he gets near foxholes fish his they retreated monitored electronically twenty four hours a day he boop reportedly became fond of forty year old maple tree the luke grew close to the homes driveway it's mine ended by computer if at any point it becomes to dry water is automatically pumped into it well he's in love with a tree he loves you tesselation over the pigeon that weird now nikola tesla found love a pigeon
oh i see and on beach is imported from the caribbean what account hoo hoo thirty five grand tour wow microsoft holds an auction each year employs donate products and services to bid on proceeds go to the companies charitable fine gates's donated private tours of zeal i do that recalls that zanna due to point out what if the world you have to wear leg warmer is when you go and fuzzy slippers according to the puget sound business journal a microsoft employ once one took on a bid thirty thousand out he's an employee haven't you give your fuckin employ a break you twice he wants to give what actually goes the chair that's nice he also as a tool on twenty eight a ranch complete with a horse racing track he's got a lot of cash we really have like that as is indeed a panic gonna become wearable bawler like everything's free now him and his wife say we're going to train tied down we're going to
i saw the world hunger and ass i can work but we're going to thy father efforts fixed malaria oh no the genetically modified mosquito yes it might or twin days later zombies could it might happen to could be yet another the mosquitoes because even fiercer is coming kill us all yours what mercy came from who mercer mri essay mercer education resistance staff all yet coca bottles
its essentially medication resistance staff infection yeah that our ruthless they tear through people and kill a ton of people not bring about a four pass campaign i wasn't i bring this up maritime matters mosquitoes earlier red china like the nineteen fifties there are having problems with a couple different pass muster sparrows it said in this case there are hundreds of millions of sparrows government mandate to try to get rid of him so people were literally going outside and banging on pans more hours at a time so that they couldn't land and they would die from exhaust exhaustion ten years later so there is a giant famine because these although pass or stopping eating the bug the bug sardine another bamboo and rice thirty million people died in china friend like nineteen sixty my guy on that they didn't the women of a butterfly can become the beginning of a
can truly what is here you can't mess with nature but on this mosquito thing this emergency there doing in florida they wanna officials are asking to skipper field trial and i wanted to go right into it and not not test these misuse whatsoever guys like be a bigger problem where if congress had funded had funded this a year ago they would have done all those tests will there's a lot of fun begin zeke a virus and on top of that the latest thing is that now they find out that men don't show any symptoms can dismiss it can transmit the zeke or virus sexually right so you could have no symptoms and he just drop alone i'm going to do some poor trout sleeker a trout know who we found he went out and will keep on with a girl not the outfit girls in florida and apparently there was nothing that one an unlikely ally was reading this unlikely ally of zeke of viruses highrise luxury condominiums
for some reason high rise load ray condominiums make excellent grounds for ziegler viruses to start breeding live in the events that are now launched and why but they there's areas was cdc is thinking about robbing him off and care got african proverb early what do they the repercussions are yet whenever the repercussions what's we want to see where reproductive for women when they have kids kids well this horrible disorder with their hair little headlong but when figures like get a balloon and put place zog is accidental ally miami luxury horizons low fly planes urban wind tunnels and imprecise applications raise the risk of mosquitos developing resistance to insecticides woe
an inch or so it doesn't kill you just gives your babies little heads who low flying planes so that's a wind issue aerial spraying with ultra low volume can only come down tat can only be done when there's not much wind so the wind and then them probably the high rises or in the way and saw around the high rises they can't spray and they can get low enough gotta get in there with like like a bubbles one wow scary shit though because this is just one and i am sure the only thing that's the thing we went to the city see duncan and i did for this episode of my life i shall we talked about weapon eyes diseases and they were pretty frank about this we are not worried about someone coming up with a disease we're we're
by nature re willing no one has ever been able to successfully come up with a disease and this is all this these fears and those conspiracy theories were you should really be terrified of is regular old nature taking a terrible disease and it becomes airborne mutates changes and they do it all the time they had ebola they had only crazy diseases locked up in this this lab where they had like this for foot dixon was and giant glass windows you look through and everyone they spacesuits on their attached oh these exhaust events locker own vacuum tubes hanging over me really creeping oh my god and inside anyone yet just one one little sample of anything and these are hurricane proof buildings or the dulness designed as is right in galveston it's near the colleague john so these these things are designed impact get impacted by gigantic hundred foot waves and shit survive and keep all the bacteria
why they save in the stuff we want to study the trigger figure out how to resolve it what you know they figure if they keep study and in my view to find different ways to but from killing all whose encroached on purpose this takes a malaria my dream is an arm awesome known so a clear and it's not just that malaria medical doesn't work against his eager they don't have the communication fuck although people bad advice what about ebola again malaria medication dream that you don't have already taken a dreams are so vivid you believe you actually don't have it and the possible effect when i was when i was in the act with my answer when i was in my privilege the africa africa in africa like i said the malaria medication gives you a little about labelling sometimes they show yourself when we're stopping through one of those little towns where i said i was all paranoia bright and i want to go
use a restroom whole around almost pretty much you kind of like a port about anything but as i go running in this a little boy this little boy rally round eight went look why d man let them help with my paranoia why demand should be to cover the title of a new special hey look why demand look weighty matter light it is pretty good light that's catchy me in a suit you would like colonel sanders type sudan lady ma am i to man see carefully offend people goodbye whitey though now though he doesn't bother me a cracker that does not that may not at all the calls out my whitenesses like
sorry amazon why you bernie i vantages why should one older kids it look at these mother fuck is well then on a way into town when we're in our little open safari we really he was saying that like a mad way or laughing like mad way like what what are you drive what are you looking at what are you looking at i didn't feel comfortable now just keep driving keep driving why people just keep driving through zero people only this mother fucker here with the name of the resort of the place you staying on the sky they know it in i got some money there fancy mary s money people come from another country fancy man mother fucker bul very yeah did you call you kids ears cover there i just went up that was nice that guy
like if i went to tanzania and and i would like to go would want one thing about how much time to spend their how much time do spend ten days that seems like a right number it was perfect because your it's a big it's the far twenty four hours of travel and witty would you fly into defined hollanders chagos amsterdam dubai is another one went to amsterdam and i left from new york from here it's like a lead our flight and their new switch and then it's another eight to nine hours the common jara then you ve gotta get a puddle jumper and get into the serengeti get into romani so did you did you stay in holland for now went while dive trips where you stop and think we'll just for a day just get it over with just go just push it and get there we did i did rome this weekend
this weekend to summer other ends the best we did rome first and then we went to them off the coast is it both of those have never been there in iran we were thing and much staying in one place ass fuckin mix it up it was the right move as a great great ball more awesome in different ways amalfi as is awesome the case believe it's real so yes so pretty and so nice doesn't seem real gorgeous and then rome is just the artwork and vatican alone where the trip amazing what i love about roma too is that it still of a vibrant city it's so old so my change in history but it's a young hip city we are working hard and doing stuff where they yoda florence in places like that it's like beauty bob it's kind of like a museum young people aren't going to make it right here yeah and room and another thing that i felt was crazy was that the vatican is its own country its own rules that's why the pope's i'll stay there you have to they leave because otherwise it can't pope benedict they wandered try
i am for crimes against humanity and he's been shielded by the can this company there's countries rather that are actively trying to extract him i've been trying with legal action to get him out of the vatican try him the last pope was a really bad guy i'm now you know those near him a shielding child molesters onto rape deaf kids you is a big part of all he was one allegedly not just allegedly the key guys when it came to our relocating trammel asters where they would we are less than getting a lot of people around right ever been an organization that's fucked as many kids is the catholic church didn't wasn't there pretty that kind of felt at the vatican like this is abstaining guess this while its human its human creativity and human ambition and human this this
overwhelming desire to create some one something magnificent some these massive fuckin temples the enormous cathedrals right like saint peters basilicon yeah you wander around they like this took how long hundreds of years to make hundreds it's amazing amazing but it's also that same psychotic behaviour that like make someone create something that is also responsible for all these did bizarre behaviour traits that suppress of people that are in those sort of situations yes people and that's it between april that creating the people that are paying for it is those bullet which is went in and took countries over slaughtered people it's very similar to what we talk about the native americans so where their time tat none even in the bible like that you have doubt pope right there they all that's a completely made up thing by human beings that's the hardest
when you go to rome a you start trade there is a place as great you forget the name of it but it has a church and active church and then you can sites even go below that is really old church that you just things you known rome things just sent only just build on top so as this act of church and and beneath a really old church and below that way in the way underground is this pagan temple and they weren't worshipping jesus they were worshipping these strange pagan gods you just see this is just a man interpreting this feeling and using it for their advantage whatever at a pagan level to this level to today it's the same and the thing of rome if you go in there wanting to hold on to you jim beliefs or any of that stuff you look at the history like literally right there in the landscape that this is just come from us trying to fit stuff at as there's no one truth it breaks all that day
i don't know how you can withstand it without just pure faith these but on yeah mean it's the enemy the faith is without a doubt the enemy of objective thinking it really have to have faith in order by into a lot of these stories and once you have faith it's like i'm on the team no matter what ok what hilary did i am on that is the same thing you being alone no democrat being a republican being a fuckin loyal mac user being released it's not it's a lot of it is the same thing it's like this legally desire to do i'm i'm settled this identify with this and locked in its comforting like you belong of this is the right way i don't have to think about this stuff they're going to do this that part of thinking formats water policy football player should just don't put your hand all your percy i want to hear all this black lives matter bullshit about equality put over your yahoo
whatever it is are you gonna be a quarterback you gotta go thomas listeners american you you you want to see you wanna play soccer we all knew your picture america how about you go play cricket you get yourself some freedom fries the hell were you in this work and thing really get out here tom papa i always enjoyed talking with you my friend i let her come by and then i have to say when i was out there and safari you know you cruising around all this time i thought about you off how's that he would love to see i mean just animals eating animals hiv dream it was like and its can old in your family would be safe i can't recommended another not you then to young right now give it a couple eradication but i think when they get older i think i'm gonna doubly do it if it is like it seems like some that should be done like
said of the vatican was something that after i did it it took a long time to get their knowledge ass because i am so glad i did it i need to see that when you get home to you bring your family here when you get home don't you feel like yeah i did that i got kids there that the same thing with africa is one of those as i felt like for their merit a lot of questions to so is really cool like looking at all as are and it means you're gone one same room filled with sculptures to another insane room filled with other things and not those who hallway its fill with incredible ancient maps is so much going on maison is really is amazing then you get home you light a big fat cigar that's right i did that's a pretender months carving out a man i pose so that when i am one day i'll get it right a billy nobody see tomorrow donal cowboys baronial beer tomorrow tom papa on twitter go watching me fuckin hilarious see assumed by you you motherfuckers say
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a good shit come on you're fox thank you everybody pritchett you view i hope your and join us sperience on this crazy spinning rock hurling through the universe and was issued yeah
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