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#847 - Dan Carlin

2016-09-15 | 🔗
Dan Carlin is an amateur historian and former radio talk show host. He now hosts two popular podcasts available on iTunes, or through his website, to download: Common Sense and Hardcore History.
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and is an awesome guy. He is the host of the hard core history podcast witches. Is to awesome to really just call upon gas is just one of the greatest pieces of audio entertainment, that's ever been made. Not saying that I am not exaggerating. It is an amazing especially the wrath of the cons is found out today that the rather the council no longer available for free on Itunes, because he does his pipe cast so infrequently, does it so long to do this. Much research involved and there really long like the wrath of the council's five pieces. There were over an hour each. So I think they were least as long as time point being like too, create that into make it seem and edit it and all the stuff that he does. It really requires a tremendous. The time and effort, as opposed to this podcast, were I fuckin You know I just half ass it come in here and talk it's fun
the Deuce fund? For me, I hope it's fun for you to listen to, but it's what he's doing is a kind of audio art and he's just awesome, I'm just a huge fan of his. He has a podcast to irregular, regular podcast called DC. Common sense, noonday, Carl and common sense, or is it just commonsense commented, maybe Deasey Coward Censuses other twitter handle? Why am I still talking? Dan colleagues. The will gain experience Carlin World. Would somebody could you here? It is a pleasure to Asia Vous. All the time you to me, like this guy, that's working on this, never ending project that occasionally you release these chunks of these never ending projects. But I look at your podcast as like this great work. This law now ending like you,
dramatic interpretation of history that so exciting and interesting, but when you you like we're talking for the pike asked about podcasting, but I don't think of you do as anything remotely like what I do like yours. Like you do something Progress, Mckibben, there's nothin to you started, you start talking and that's it you have like operation in research and in and when you do and hard core history, that's like a great work like you're doing like this thing. That's ever rain, that's going to be passed down forever and bit torrent. Did the fuck out of Daniela Lily had a great line to make it. You know he does a history podcast now too, and he started off by doing just talk, one like my common sense countries, Asia, the difference for the history one is you have after it had made. It has to make sense when you're done, I mean the rags, so that's it huge. I mean I sit there like forever it I end up in my wife, never heard it by the way. My kids don't understand why anybody would want to hear me talk
from right- and you know so so. But when I come out of the the studio- and you know like sweat, poor, not being tried it and then will look, and it doesn't your listen and you may hear mistaken, you have to repair the mistaken. You know when you just doing when I'm talking on the political podcasting, we make a mistake, I'll say afterwards on twitter. I got that wrong on the history one like you said it's forever, and so you really have to dodge awry and cross your teeth and stuff if it makes it on order here when you do and common sense, your essentially just sort of ranting about your thoughts on what's goin on and that's a pretty good yeah yeah you do those and you really so when you finally made an error that has a fuckin pain, ass right, I Britain, I recently blamed one on
cushions or brain damage, or something like that soya. In reference to Hillary Clinton. No, no, I said I was talking about that stuff. They throw at a airplanes to GM radars and I called it Flash and, of course, its chaff at all costs. Ten thousand military people go. You know it's chaff, let go. Of course I knowed Chaffer when you brought it up its brain damage, don't make fun of people were injured. But on the history show you have to go out, can't gonna go. We cut that reflex it. I do a lot more editing than I used to yeah that some the AIDS you're you're, like I said, like you, have a podcast, but then you also have this thing. Hard, but he was already ass, a killing me by the way I'm gonna at some point. I'm gonna have to just do like one podcast a year. I just I am the slowest castor in the world, I have one claimed if a number one in time it takes to get a new show out. It's not the same, see that's the problem with calling your thing a pod cast its an audio show. It is at this point. Dinner that intentionally we have a broadcast
I do so that longer longer between shows what's gonna be like when I listen to some your podcast like the one on Martin Luther and whose, namely, that won the prophets of doom yeah that one I learned about Luther ISM from you. I didn't. I didn't write journalists, but I think that's happening with a lot of people. They like learning about certain aspects of of history for from you and from from your stuff. So a lot of responsibility is long. I asked Billy, so it makes sense that you're spending as much time on them is what either what happens, as I think you know originally, if you called the shows. If you go, listen to the old shows they don't sound like the. Nor was it because I thought I was just gonna talk about fund stop in history, Ryan and people wrote and go I don't really know the story. Can you tell me the story, and so you inadvertently start telling the story, and you go way round that qualify. To tell the story, and so it just got its gets its an interesting on its an interesting the weights of
all that is also interesting. I was. I warn people when, gone by the old shows- I say the old shows- are gonna sound quite the same because they were good, bye thousand and seven podcasting standards. But you know the standards what we all do are so much higher than when we started doing them. You know if you great this on a curve what am I to and look at the stuff? That's up there with you and compare it to the stuff there was up there. Ten years ago I was competing with kids in dorm room. Ten years ago, Now we're competing with M p r and made all the pro outfits yeah. It is it the sound called for sure, but also like Parker. You get better doing it. You know had better at the floor the conversation to get better at like being in tune with the person that you're talkin to, or at least attempting to. I got that something for people that it listening when you try to consider like how a pot gases made one or two things were doing, is we're trying to express ourselves, but we are also trying to monitor our cells. At the same time, sure you're not too,
forbearing? Are you not talking too much, or sometimes you have a point, and you just gotta go make this point, but the other person talking you don't know what to do. Ben, but you also have to listen to the person is talking so then you forget your point and you like fuck it's it's a weird juggling act as we're both doing it. Sort of free bawling were both add living doing it You know, what's happening to me now and ashamed to say it, but I was starting to get that that thing I'm fifty turns turned to and I'm starting to get that you forget the name you forget compared to a computer. I have more stuff in my computer, but the Peter slower than it used to be, and so I have this point we talking and everything will be going good. Then, all of a sudden, a b, this really long pause, where I can't take what that's when we have to just you know. If there is a ban, he asked cut out just a sandwich. Pieces together, while I've really try to remember the name of the person I wanted to say, or so I'm getting to the point now. I'm not sure I could go live anymore without these really long. Pauses, where I forget
I was going to say. I forget the point I was making or the tangent. I was on so ten years from now, there's going to be very interesting, Pollack, ass. Well, it's also deals with the amount of hard drive space. You have, I think, if you totally ambering things things that I used to know so well, just ten fifth in years ago that I just have pushed aside, because I haven't brought it up in a long time. I haven't gone into that folder. In my mind, lamps now yeah. If I wanted Try to pull it out now. It's like known our full we're on. Based on the wearer The floor is fill borough, there's no room for that Bush aid is in what are used in the past, but it is not what it used to be, but I try to cranked up with this stuff and dried rub it in your. So I can tell you that I am sure this is me. This is not how I mean it's kind of healthy, but it's really just speak. Where I come from. Coffee is health. Why Oregon yeah authorities, held these five may well. There's a couple people that art so healthy in Oregon. Didn't you know you're in there I I'm leading the charge. Do you like liven up
and Pacific northwest from here at an income and back home is weird because I told my my wife recently as my kids or a, and I haven't gotten used to that fact, and just seems weird to me- and I told her I still feel like this Angelina up in Oregon, but I've been there twenty years. I don't know when you start feeling I mean you're from the east coast. Maria, do you feel like you're an Angelina, or do you still think of yourself as a transplant? I've been here for twenty two years as long as I'm an arrogant, sob and here forever feeling has high on I've lived here more than ever live anywhere my life. When you go home, we hope when you go back to where you were from, does, feel like common home or does it feel form it feels weird. Used to make me and secure. Like I used to go leg were my high school was, and I would it would bring back the feelings of being an school down like when I was when I graduated from high school. I would have nightmares, didn't graduate
and I have to go badly, gets pretty classic the algebra Clara got that you didn't drop or whatever the Annie I felt I had to go battered. Oh, no, I'm gonna, I'm gonna fuckin have the drop out or I'm gonna have to go back to school. The dread. The end it wasn't like the school was so horrible. It was really like uncertain d of the future and life in the insecurity and just up the anchor that teen anxious of Vinos slowly realising that we're not even slowly realizing but becoming an adult, and knowing that, just a few years away that I'm gonna be completely responsible for myself, but I'm completely lost in us. It is unbelievable pressure. That comes with going from being a teenager to a dime. It's really means unbelievable pressures, nothing to compare to be like growing up a kitten louse in our Europe living in Fuckin, Somalia. In the middle of you know, all sorts of different Christ. Says that are going on. So it's really like the most privilege
possible his home reasonably the same when you go back to their so sick. As I come back here, I told my mama's reading this sum. Sweden, this book written by if you remember, William, F Buckley in a famous in I'll talk to his son, wrote a book about his dad, getting old and and and getting ready to pass away in whatever and at one point his dad was in Florida said he wanted to go home to die, which I guess was Connecticut and he said dying in Florida by contrary to nature, so I wanted to go where everything was the same, and I thought to myself if I went home, you know to die home is in anything like home. Was I drive you raise? Is I'm from it? It doesn't even doesn't ring a bell anymore, the place it if I were to go home to diet had to have a time machine. You noticed Nothing is so different to have everything for those who don't know. Los Angeles, like every fifteen years, bulldoze itself and rebuild itself, and so am I three generations of allay bulldozing from where my time was so I go up and down the streets. It looks like a foreign,
let me now also the mass exodus of people's never subside a lot of Amr in Oregon. Now, just seen amended, we got better restroom and better theatre in everything because of all the California, the guerrillas yeah, but when I first moved up there, if you had a California license plate, that was like an invitation to have your car get keyed really at all. The California were not popular in Colorado either. When I went to school there, Californians we're not popular. Now, I think probably ex Californians are like the majorities. Yeah. That's a case, a bolder remember. When I was living in boulder. They said that a lot of people moved up right after the earthquake lived in boulder to four years. I went to school there. People are check, please there's a ground. So why are you in older a seven years go seven years ago ladder before the podcast for the broadcasters? Did you like? It was a joint effort?
months of zeal for four months. We planned on living there for a year that may be permanently, but along the way my wife got pregnant and we were at eighty five hundred feet above sea level. That's right and it was just its brutal. They say that a cholera in general I ground. The Denver area has a very high rate of premature birth and low birth weight. Because of the lack of oxygen I would never have. I would thank you, Your kid born would, like superhuman longs, be like one of those sherpas. You know in Tibet, while I think of you, live there and you grow up they're. Probably I give you of their job. There, like I, was talking insurance runner that lives Ernie's. Had it takes three years of your body to completely acclimate, where you get all the benefits of training up there but I have all the olympic guys. You do the bicycling in everything up there to just the altitude, while the that's a big thing, with any sort of athletic competition. Training that involves endurance is turning out to two makes a big difference, but leave you live there
your whole life, your bodies accustomed to it, your adapted to it is fairly fine. You kids castle? Obviously, lot of people have kids in Colorado, but I think that if you are from sea of all like here, and then you go there. It's quite shocked your system, a guitar, to go up the flight of stairs in my woe, what does relied assure you were at eighty. Something must be done than and bolder. You must have been out in the mouth. Yeah we're in the mountains the eighty five eighty five hundred feet above sea level its. But when you out there, man, it's it's, it's crazy! The the the impact If you just stand around talking, seems normal at community or how This conversation up there wouldn't be an indifferent, but if you had to walk up first there's a climb, a ladder, some slight and also you Jesus cruelly each thirty fucking years in ten minutes, but anyway back to my high school. When I go to my neighborhood, where I grew up in it looks pretty much the same. Oh it's, it hasn't, really blown up
a grub Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts reaches a small like suburb of Boston. So it's it's a small, place, it's always been small. It's you go back there. It's kind of similar. I went back to the house, where I grew up like bout, your half go, it's pretty much the same while I'm jealous, because I go to these websites. It say the same for me, no valley in the nineteen seventies and looking pictures- and it's it's nothing like it looks now. Go to Jerry Delhi and look at those old pictures of I knew I have books actually had emphasis buddy, as I get old. I'd ever cared about Ella history. What I lived here, but now that I'm getting the stall, Jake and stuff I by all these old books with pictures of magic mountain when I was a kid in Disneyland? When I was a kid novels kind of things? What's fastenings this area to be ranches, oh yeah, oh and hope, country in her absence. While I get my wife back to my high school recently near my high school turned into like you know that Beverly Hills, high schools when it's like, and so she could look some issues I see how you were raised. Honey
No, it's not like manure. It was all done. Roads is really wasn't like that for me, so she hasn't blaming yeah the picture the Jerry's Delhi on Inter appear? They have these pick, from like the early nineteen hundred is big giant high resolution photos. It's like why Well, I've and start rolling hills could look at another time lapse, just watch it all watch while building delight war. Oh, my mom got his view, the entire valley and you look at it in its full, and you see this picture Jerry's Daily and it's empty at sickly, whatever it is, seventy years or something it's full yeah above the whole country. If you really stop think about I've been talking people about a lot lately, because we ve been sorted discussing how bizarre this election is Ben and how recent this country has existed. Reasonest recently this country was established, mean when you think about, seventeen seventy six and you think about the so the world This is an insanely new country or in the west,
My wife's grandfather died. Recently. Ninety four- and I said you realize the two of you grandfathers lifespans and there there's no non natives here on the West Coast. That's too long lifetime! It's bizarre! It's it's! It's real! really interesting when you think about it. That way, how quick this gigantic thing! and took over the world centrally. I should correct the Sierras heard a hard core history air. In that comment, I should say in the Pacific Northwest as they say: oh no data, responding missions and see that's how you get in trouble, yeah. Ok, we go three generations, three now. The Spanish are here a long time ago, but rode up in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn't like that. Their work, because it's funny you can tell where The tide of of spanish conquest sort of broke, because you you you stop getting those hispanic names for all the communities and all of a sudden you like what happened to La
what happened to all those wonderful, spanish, knaves and you're no longer in that now, you're in Russia actually owned a little bit of that territory once upon a time. But now you everything, said of American, nay, more or some from some really early settler of pioneer. Something like that we would talking about how recently slavery exist in this country, all my god. Yes, one thousand eight hundred and sixty five, and you think about one thousand, eight hundred and sixty five to twenty. Sixteen is well and then, let's remembered that dinner, you still had the Jim Crow laws and the segregation up until you- and I were kids yeah. My mom did a film in Florida in nineteen. Seventy two and I'm not talking about the apologies to Floridians out there, but the civilised part of Florida, we were in the swamp, it was place called weak e watch. If you ve ever been there, the big draw is they have allowed I've mermaid show that they tried. Get you to slow down for enough to eat at the local cafe or whenever, and so we're
We can watch you Florida. We took a picture when we left and the whole hotel staff was out there and it looks like something out of a time more because you re. As you like, three or five years of its segregate she's been gone, that long and that's how recent this is. Although I realise the more I talk to young people even being fifty sounds like along time ago, but when you and I were kids, that was the tail and the time when, if you are black person and certain states in this country, you couldn't stand in a bunch, hotels near me. That's that's! That's really! Recent yards really recent. I had this carbon might from Baltimore MIKE would- and he was telling me about the laws they had in baltimore- that they had a systematic. They really had. Racism. Was so a part of the city that you couldn't houses in certain areas to back people, Frank Robins, until
a story about being with the Baltimore Orioles and he says you get traded from the Cincinnati. Read the Baltimore oriels. His wife was able to find a house really quickly until they realized it wasn't Brooks Robinsons wife, whose a white guy it was free, Robinson's wife and that all of a sudden, the house disappeared right off the two seconds later. So, but that's almost you, don't you don't know what to say about that. Two kinds of racism is the kind where the government is involved in the states of all. Like you, said, system institutionalized and then there's I'm a white homebuyers whose neighbors you know I remember there was an all in the family. Episode were Archie Bunker or one of the neighbours was going to sell to a black family and all the other white neighbours freaked out. So me, that's not really like government racism, that's like good old fashioned. Wonder one racism with Asia. Is this thing called block? Busting happened when I grandfather migrants father lived in New York, New Jersey, these are real terms, would go door to door and literally tell the homeowners black people are moving into the neighborhood. You have to say your home, the property values, gonna crash whole villages.
Start sound like crazy. My grandfather stayed. My grandfather, like I like black people, fuck while on whose, while those guys so they they left in the neighborhood changed first became black, then it became porter again and then before grandfather die it has been like a weird mixture of ethnicities, domestic ends and different people from different environments, but it was a really fast in place to live, because there is stream. There is poverty and then there was a lot of crime and stuff like that next door, neighbor, when my grandfather lived, there is a kid who is sound crack and they battering ram, does front door. He had all reinforced everything had an audi in the driveway like the whole dealers to sell and drugs, and they broke down his doorway and arrest. Living there was pretty dramatic moment, but the rest of it was like when you you're like a bad neighborhood. It's not like you go down the street and it's like a war zone guns are goin off and people again step for the most part is
pretty friendly and lively is just when you're dealing with poor people crime ridden neighborhood in out its and it happened more often and it's going to happen in a place. It's really nice, but most time and you go outside, it would be p, playing music and there kids playing in the street knows people hanging out in their steps. It was real interesting like to watch like his you know from the time I was a little kid. Numbering his name. You know his neighborhood to what it was before he died and it had kid just kept. Shifting over and over again, where new, new sort of lower income disenfranchise groups would move into. The air and you know this I'm sure already, but for the listeners take there's a whole theory on how, if you look at me, sing. You can see you know who the wave of immigrants. Most recent was because boxing became away for people to get out of the ghetto, and so, if you look at say early, nineteen hundreds up into them, nineteen twenty and thirty there were a lot of jewish boxers because their parents had come over on
boat and they were first generation italian by since during the same period irish boxers and then you move to areas where, when poor african Americans have always been in boxing, because for the same reason hispanic boxes had been. I saw a whole article once on America's immigration story as told through boxing, and they would suggest at the time. The new generation came along most of the time the parents had done well enough, so that none of the kids don't have to go into boxing. But but it wasn't it lasting story that I too think it was. I think the article was entitled something that why don't you see any great jewish boxers, any and it went down the whole. Listen I another word. You wish boxers war without Benny lender their lotta jewish Maxie rose and boom lot of there was. There was a ton of em the early days, but it's always that it's always the immigrants. Gatt first generation theme, Riah Allworthy, seen a lot now's. Russians, saints a system of rape, you have you have new comers who are trying to make their way into the system and boxing's the best thing they bring to the table
It's also that you growing up in these Reich really hard environments where fish was are much more common and people seek to brain themselves to learn how to fight because their dealing with conflict or tie absolutely right, whereas a lot of kids and class. You see, you know, America, no bullying, you know hey diversity and these kids grow up and that they now there is no desire for the average middle class white kid to go into boxing assistance, no desire, those of us who ve tried it. I right at once, just for the fun of it, and that was enough to kick me out of it. I didn t look so fuck anymore. After I came home with a black eyed. I thought that's just one day a practice of these people who do for a living. That's everyday of prevailing trot! You you try to for one day a while you know I was on this is crazy to say now. I've always been We found a boxing cause. I grew up in an era where it was one of the great areas and boxing history, and so you know you, think long enough that you wanna you wanna see what it's like and write a body that I worked with the one always showed up at the black eye after the weekend was over it and I'll. Take you.
The fool around the world? thing I learned that I didn't knows how much some of these guys just love it, because you think who would like getting hit, and I met one of these guys. Like you, don't understand the sport, you just don't understand, but sees. It presupposes gloves on we'll go in there. That's when you learn no, I don't have a soft face. That package That's all that's not eyes was to teach solely about boxing united to boast even think about sparring for a long time. Paul. I think he was gonna. Show me a lesson. I mean what you doin. That's right, buddy might do the same thing: assholes not applied are ready and I put gloves on. You beat the shit out of you. It wasn't one What's your, let's not make it more women want yacht, though I learn my lesson pretty fast, I'm a smart guy, Joe took one punch. Ok got through my defence with the first one. In that way, well, you need to learn stuff. This is like boxing the way it really should be taught to someone. If you really want to learn, you should teach in that proper funding
those on how to move their body, and then you slowly teach them how to slowly hit things happen, protective headgear for the new guy. What about that protective headgear does less than guided. I know I've read that actually thereof there, also removing it from a whimper competition. Now you see that you know I mentioned in my wife: did they used to have boxing and the impact of the even to show it anymore? Yeah did show it cause I'd it yeah. They don't see it as much big. When I was a kid, I wonder what they decide to put on how they do so. It's gotta, be based on ratings. Right archery, you see argue for. Like thirty seconds look the arrow flew through the air. Next gymnastics, is always a big one. People have watched people flip, I told my If there was this competition called a biassed long, were you ski and shoot she said you're, making that up as it not which really ITALY, Big sport, it has a weird all right. What a strange combination ass, where that those Scandinavians just kick everybody's rear, end yeah draw their skin and shoe national exactly right route. So lot emotion, moose in that area, that's it
strange that the Olympics strange in what is a metal and what is blame like please dancing. Is What about synchronize swimming here? That's an Olympics! I'm not denigrating anybody! If your professional synchronize lying around- and I am I'll- take the blame that please do alike. Curling ever seen that one yeah I thought that was what they did on like a cruises for old people, but apparently the little that's shuffle board and it's very close. Various no brooms involved and shuffled is no brooms and what's curling your? U turn I think, the other guy or the way right turn a knock. Your it's very complicated. I never quite mastered. I was Newfoundland, and now I say it now, because people get mad at me. I said overcome new found? One gets its Newfoundland, their private, correct, correct me again: approach fucked it up again, I'm leaving I try, but I was megaphone curling. And they went crazy there so upset. It may also come on folks. Those are not people to get get mad at you. Either there huh
Eddie. Would they are very cold tat different cannot give during our life. But what I dont know what what do they do to decide like what goes on the air might must just be based on popularity right, the Olympics I gotta if I'm the, if on the network executive deciding what goes on the air, that's what I'm gonna base it on. Did you see videos of people getting rob there were walking down the street and recent Rio. No, but I go to a website, sometimes when I'm bored and have nothing better to do than is gesture that stuff that people upload just to blow your mind or say wilder and half of whom are from Brazil for some reason. Found they're always terribly just go. I know it's giving me. An unusually wrong version of what Brazil is like it when they said the Olympics, we're gonna, be there. I said you know half the videos on this site or from Rio so well, it's I have a history of violence. That's for sure. It's a strange place in that's kind of the reverse of delay. In there allay you. You essentially have the expensive homes in the hills and then
people that have the less expensive homes or on the bottom, but in Rio, the opposite: the people on the bottom near the ocean is the really expensive horse and up in the hills, with this amazing views or all the favelas. So it's all these houses that Danone Windows, some of whom have dirt floors and there's like extreme extreme poverty. I know some of those communities link any the police can't even go into right summit really hard core, very degeneracy city of God. The movie no, but I saw the previous account- does not count but it's it makes boys in the herd, Ludwig Mary Ponds and its based on law, in the five hours like, but really really based on it, like these kind of actual scenarios actually do take place where young heads with guns, form gangs, and you know you you're, looking at like ten year old kids, doesn't it almost seemed to be like a law of nature, though? Can you do see it everywhere in these? When you go to the poor countries or poor parts of the? U S, like you said you were talking about how the poor communities are, are
much like the nicer communities. In some ways I used to have to go down the Compton all the time when I worked news down here and counted in the daytime looks just five. People are trying to keep them ons mode they're out there workin on their homes me Eddie. It's when darkness falls that things can get a little weird on certain street corners and and what not, but you know I remember going down that just think it boy everybody here is really trying mean they're, really keeping up their homes and try to make everything with nice and and at night time, they're just victims a lot of the time you know they should their doors and close their windows and try to stay out of what's going on outside his where there it's night, my there's something happens two people, one does not, as my sheep on sleep all day, come out and say that I used to be one of those people once upon a time but Compton like if you looked at a good neighbourhood, like how many people again by and how many people fuck it up. You know
rate neighbourhood? Maybe it's like a hundred people again by one guys, fuck it up. You like one issue out of a hundred, but in Compton might be three and that's enough that's enough to give the whole neighborhood of black does you're right. It doesn't take very many. That's right in front of us Jimmy Content tell him we're we're headed there and now I gather in Compton, my from the guy, was going with like cheese, we're gonna content like it's a fuckin decide, error, Leathern wrong. Just a city was right to go there. What is this didn't cowboys as Google. Confident stories came up from my yesterday. What the fuck is this guys I write cow horses through Compton, I guess There are even legal- and I know you could do that and there lay cause like in New York. There to have a device that hooks up to the horse, so it doesn't maneuver on the streets? How did they get around that their wares how boys groping in writing right in the heart of Compton found their hobby contains some of the most dangerous neighborhoods
I have regular ninety five job, but I'm a cowboy, hardly said good for him: favorite how you ve, not a cowboy Lloyd Sheep, the horrors of others. No cows will your horse boy. What are you gonna horses? Is that a back yard horse? I mean we must treat that it must be well, some, I mean I know they're like I've, seen them in Burbank like Burbank Deception, of what is not worth and b c is at a window. He stooped and I chose the sections of that that are equestrian. So your lot to have a say, people in your yard and people just ride horses down the street you see all these are political, Pickwick, stables right outside of Burbank. That was like that yeah these David Equestrian, centred on there. When I was a kid fifty years ago, when I was young, horse riding makes you a cowboy you a cow. Windless cows are involved as it is at that Organ standard on. I don't think, that's a fact. I just think that's a fact. We want more sport, we com cowboys because they would
cow. They had heard them. You know, ok, I'll, go with you. You don't have the expertise to complete their competence. Posse. What is it they ever actual radish call ritual and farms, those looking up terrifying like more pictures or what really looks like tat are not. I was I did know they had enough open property out there to look at that wow. So they have chickens and shit I'm impressed and these guys doing little things with their horses with their running on through routine for them. Interesting, very interesting. So you know what man, when people spaces open space isn't spaces that are vacant and they start reclaiming em and occasionally good things come out of that, and you know what I've been eaten. There's a lot of cities in the United States and in Europe and stuff that that have built giant open, spaces? You know whether its central park in New York or anything like it changes the whole field of these are
in centres to hold you to have tat big open pieces of territory. In the midst of the urban sprawl, I mean, if that's what they done. Good more power to the melee needs more than I think you're right and keeps it from Greece like one of those really smart things at boulders done, if they buy up all the open space, when lots are available all around boulder, they just buy it up. The city buys it up and they just prevent people from building on it like cost like nine thousand dollars a month to have an apartment in boulder. Its super expensive. But you know I mean ultimately is probably a good idea area will from if it from your own living purposes. Absolutely I mean that's what I want. I look in Oregon. I can park anywhere. I tell Angela knows that never really the only people, new, Yorkers and Angelina understand when you say I can park anywhere, do they just go really. You are my body Steve move from New York. He was living in Brooklyn anymore, to Seattle and useless, I should have been here a long time ago, totally orderly he's like fuckin traffic's. Nothing he's like P
are they going to add, or there are no like it takes ten minutes more to get where you go, and that's it a needle nowadays, in the old days, if you and I wanted to work, he had to live where the work. Why now mean even the actors don't live here much anymore? You know now well open space. I think really smart thing, because people left their own devices will really fuck up anything that is built on top issue. Stack things up and stuff people and their next thing. You know the view God, everything's gonna chicken ranch next to your house. It's what other this wonderful this country has its really interesting is public land. These gigantic national parks, like Yellowstone all, is different places even go there, mostly in the west, and that was a when that sagebrush rebellion type thing happened up in Oregon. You know that one area where there still having trials about everything that the sea
twenty years ago, would remember the names right off the bat, but there's a wilderness thing up in Oregon. We had the whole thing while men, their complaint was that the federal government doesn't have big tracts of land in the eastern part of the country where things started, they reverted that land back to the public, but they had the huge swaths of land in the west because it was kind of a different government by the time they were out here in the west. Here I truthfully and kind of thankful they ducas if they didn't it, wouldn't be here. Any more The way I look at it just be gone most likely that that whole land thing was really confusing for people. There were turnover what the hell's going on, because if you, unless you really dive, into the story and try to find out what who's angry? Who and wise a government moving in on these people and what's what's happening as it was a few? these sort of rancher type disputes with the government, but there was one in Nevada as well. I actually can speak to this a little bit, because when I was a talk, radio host up there, those people were actually large part of any talk.
Radio show audience and- and they were a little different back in the day of, say the Clinton administration in the MID ninety nineties, but it but the modern movement kind of grew out of that. And if you understand position those people, no small towns, those people essentially made a living in resource extraction, so they didn't have the big factories that they had back EAST Detroit nibbling they longed or they mind, or they did those kind of thing and so when the government will decide. For example, we have a problem with this. Bought it owl, so we're gonna cut back on the logging. The people in places like Portland everybody's software job or something like absolutely that's a wonderful thing, but those devastated some of those communities- and you know it everything from the schools in those areas, not getting a lot of time, dollars anymore or the probably have an organ is lot of a small communities. All the young people are gone, cause, there's no jobs for the old. People have homes stay, there's no jobs, because everybody was in logging and they get very
central so when they wanted, the public land turned over to private people because they were hope The private people start up the mills again, people could work so in that Hence I felt, like the the media, really didn't, really look at that side of the story, which is I'm not These people are right or wrong, but understand that this wasn't a question of how the government gotta get off of honour. It was jobs and I think we can all understand jobs what what What's going on in Oregon was cattle ranchers and public land and they degrees hey. Today's yeah, I didn't want to pay for public land. Now for I had ever like ventured into public land. I didn't understand the whole cattle grazing thing, but when I was the first time I was in Montana. We when we took a float the Missouri River we went down. De I, where the Missouri Breaks, attentive, beautiful mass amazing, but where things I was like disease cows everywhere like is it. This is public land right,
and my friend Steve had a sort of explain to me how they kind of lease the land they let cows grew is this land and they do it at this like because because I have an idea, they made a lot of these laws in the late agent hundreds, namely with the mining ones, and the claims to that. So they have an updated lot of those things, but the Nevada guys or excuse me, the organ guys, they didn't want to pay. That was part of what was when are they didn't want to pay their bill to leases first spin explain what no ended and there's different parties involved. You had these ranchers. He didn't want to do that, and then you have a bunch of people in the community who were sympathetic not so much to that part, but the fact that the right George were mad at the same people that they were mad arrived. So so, so that's why you with your alot of people, speak in these things, saying I'm not really. You know their side. But we all generally have sympathy to the idea that we would like the federal government.
Telling us how many logs we can cotter those kind of thing right and then the traditional american thing get the government off. My back whatever raised it is in theirs, points on both sides, though, unfortunately, absolutely because when you look at like when you look at some places, and clear cut and you see like how much is devastating have a state when you see a giant swathe of land these to be filled with old growth trees and they re planet with a single mano crop instead and use you know they always call it likely. They want you to think it's like. Growing tomatoes- you we say this is a renewable crop. It yes, and no and like you said, the clear cuts are awful because you need you think yourself. Couldn't you take like every fifteen or a lot of times, private landowners, Do a better job of it, not always sometimes they'll. Just think my kid needs to go to college it's time to just level everything on this hill, sometimes was though their attitude is okay. This is my view,
I mean I look out, I don't want to see a clear cut. It all take every third or fourth tree in and it becomes like an extra bank account for some of em. So, while its if you have your whole businesses, the logging business- I can imagine like we up in the redwood forest recently, and we as we are driving up there. You you pass these lumber you Sars is one lumberyard we're just massive logs and massive amounts nurtures stacked up, and you look and I like in terms the number of years of growth you're. Looking out when you look at this huge lumberyard fill with trees like how many years of growth is, how do you sustain it right, even if this is how much you need today? How do you make sure you have that much fifteen twenty you, you know what they're doing right now is, is the Canadians are logging a lot and in Russia in the places like below the the the day before
where's line in Siberia and their logging alot there to me, it's kind of like gold that grows for young people, and so in one sense you find it hard to tell them not to because I'm doing fine, but you can't log and make money. On the other hand, we all do kind of share this, and so it's hard to figure out how to manage thing should idle for the greater good. As they say. That's a good point. Is it's really really it's now, once you get caught property, but what it is like we're all sharing the resources of the earth and what's going on? the Amazon right now and what happens when people move in and farm for cattle is the one of the best arguments against factory farming and against supporting the meat industry, polluted rivers and all that and devastating deforestation to a ridiculously high rate as a big part of what's gauntlets fuelling the deforestation. Is they chop down? all these trees or that they can make gland for these cattle to graze on, and you can see, by the way, how much money is involved. The summit in some of those countries, the people the campaign allotted,
arms are indigenous people, it gets violent. And people die, and you know that's how much money we're talking about yeah they killed. They were the killed, some none that was protesting against a longing. She murdered recently it's not that uncommon and an end. You know everybody kind. A knows this. Is he now you're taking me? It's pretty brave when you think about what those people do cause they get the threatening letters long before anything happens to them and then to keep doing it. Yeah I admire people like and whether or not I agree with the specific cause you I mean. Who knows? Are there even getting letters in wages might get bullets? He now mean if you start, making a mass and making a lot of noise and making it problematic for the people who earn a shitload of money choppin those trees down? Thanks real ugly. They get real nasty I was in my mouth Rainier and those of first him ever solid, real, clear cut areas and that's an interesting place because it rain so much. You would think like it's. A real fur environment, like whatever trees that they do have, but one hour
How can one of the guys was up there when the cops that was you know, is a forest ranger type character? He was saying that they do it, but it takes like twenty years, for these things become trees again when they use different growth trees for different think so you can grow the quick- and I was here from the guys who want to grow hemp and say well, if I would just grow happy with makeup, but it would make up for some uses the old growth trees, like if you go into some of these are some Oregon hotels, for example, there all bill with old growth, you go in there and you see what all growth can do and say. Ok, there are no other logs that you can do this with right. You know it's just a it's you see the ban saws that they used to cut that stuff. It's it's a whole different level of tree, but the replacement time periods like a hundred and fifty years or something for those kind of things, tat kind of fuckin, crazy. We're really think about its totally unsustainable, but you're right. Looks amazed, nothing like it. There's a company called
urban hardwoods and there in Seattle have heard him and they make like tables and desks and stuff out of the most incredible looking would they take like real, would like a real giant tree and I'll turn that giant treadle cut chunks out of it in turn into a table, but its quality side edge is like the natural edge of the tree. I used to know a guy who was a big investor, he's dead now, but he would find investments to go to go by and he went and somehow he was so proud of this. He got himself a piece of work hola would forest in Hawaii, and he showed me the deed and the deed from the guy. He bought from had been signed by like King Committee, a mayor or something so he was bragging me for years about this and then found later, Hawaii wouldn't let him cut any of it. So he bought at all on the premise that I had this valuable wood and but for environmental and heritage reasons. Why wouldn't let him cutting is totally skirt and why,
well at least get a cool forest. Echo call would gorge at heart and valuable and rare yeah Dante, mainly guitars out of them, and only make poor using used to make ships out of inner lay work. Those wooden ships, beautiful the other different dense. It is of trees and indifferent grains and patterns, and when you look at actual like hardwood it such a fascinating in, but may not invention. But creation of nature like these did that variety of the grain and the way they look. It's really like work of art and its strange how it affects us visually like if you look at a piece of redwood, that's been polished and sanded and caught it's like you see- grain in this. So pretty you know it's interesting. How that affects us. I'm wondering whose winning the pool for what they thought. We would talk about today, How many people had hard work? Nobody there right about hemp, those Forza construction material. They make that stuff called him
Crete, embarrassing that signal product they make with with hemp. It's in credit as incredible insulation values is really difficult. The light on fire. It's like areas used on line up until about the thirties and Fortys. It was a pretty big crop for a lot of industrial uses. Everybody everybody who look to do for five minutes knows yeah. Well, that's one of those things were stones, love to sit down. Talk to you about Human Henry Ford made the first car George Washington Dude, George Washington grew Politburo Ben Franklin Smoke, PA yeah, yeah they're, probably did skid stuff hard proof. Well, they definitely like camp. They definitely were into hemp and there are definitely to using it as a commodity and textile it on. You can go back and forth about valid yeah pointed to like that first declaration, whether first drafts of the declaration of independence written on hemp, and parachutes sales sales with a lot of stuff we and both were a wars for equipment was, was an in fabrics. Lots of stuff, like even the term, can
comes Nord Cannabis, cadets there was a narrow, might well yeah. It's interesting outs become illegal, but that's another it's really fascinating about this time. Psych, slowly in your state washed, instead Colorado you're stunning to see so much more coming in from being legal, that it's gonna trickled down and others some kind of a great experiment? Isn't it I've? I've said Before- and I am I if even set on this show the very first time we got together. I think we may have talked about you know. What's gonna happen, woot because we have this divergence between the states and the federal government and, as you probably know only a couple of weeks ago, the federal government decided leave marijuana classified as a schedule, one drug for the same reason they always did, which is they say that the research doesn't show anything when you find out within not really permitted, do the research so just catch twenty two right, so at some point either the feds are going to have to move towards the states. Or somebody's gonna get into power. That says enough of this dichotomy, we're gonna crack down. I have no idea what that would look like
we look ugly. You can't crackdown now that the amount of money that Colorado's making is changed that the quality of life, many people. There they're real estate vies have gone up the drunk driving accidents have gone way down, drunk driving, arrest, way down violent crime way down made its really fast. Ass, what's happened, cholera look at what the feds have already done in in in round about ways: for example, one of the things but they ve said in some of these places, as if you have a medical marijuana card, you can't get pain, medication, proscribed. You if you have a medical marijuana card, a judge just upheld, held in that you can be denied a gun? Now they don't deny people guns for drink the only one hill. Yes, so the only reason that that works is because you have a disagreement between state and federal law and their siding with the higher law, which is the way supposed to work. But it was at what point at what point do we have such a vision between the reality on the ground in these states. And what, Federal law says that the rubber going to meet the road
somewhere, I don't know who wins. But there's gonna be a moment where it. You have a never reach the road moment. It's an interesting case with the then National Rifle Association to because he and our aid, which is always, of course, pro gone and really trying to Any laws that infringe upon the rights of people to uphold second amendment, but when you get to this part thing than one fuck with the pot, I think they did yup quit. I may be wrong, but I do believe that they did come out and fit and say that you shouldn't be denying people's rights the better I think that well, there's a lot of their yeah. It's in there interested there's a lot of closet pots motors out there, because it's obviously the stereotypes always been, that it makes you lazy and makes you dumb and sir gives your brain damage and forget things. That's been shown time and time again true mean when you are high as fuck? You do forget things like when you're in the thing, a lot of elation, like that, I remember, reading a study ones where they were studying population in Jamaica, where a lot of these people
where seventy five years old had been doing their whole lives and they didn't. She any anything that would make you hear me your eyes, bulge out your hair stand up and say nothing seemed that out of the ordinary, in terms of whether you're talking about cancer rates or any these other. If there were something like that, God, it would be beaten in your head right, not solve that opponents of pharmaceutical drugs and all the people that are making money off of marijuana. Remaining in the schedule, one category which appraising Afghans lotta people that make my off that cigarette. Because you ridiculous. I mean that's just crazy this. What's going on in Arizona I tweeted about it. I think yesterday, these the people who were protesting again marijuana being legalised in Arizona the people, Spain, the most money, we're talking, hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona are directly tied. The pharmaceutical drugs directly tied to pain, pills, specifically the stuff that killed prince, was
Stuff called ventilating vent to know what a result as a weird stay. That is, they have some very conservative here. This is the on industry before that there was one, so that's the alcohol industry and then there is also the young, the phenomenal industry might be a little bit earlier to see if you scroll down a little bit further see if you find it, but it's Bizarre that we allow that stuff and it's so transparent today, as opposed to this stuff all went on behind the scenes. Good ears ago, which of course, is why marijuana got made illegal area. Fented I'll make her donates big to campaign opposing pot legalization that's fast. Yet there are five hundred thousand dollars towards defeating about initiative that would make recreational use of marijuana legal under aerosol law. You just criminals here bunch of crooks that the fact that you guys woods spend that much money to stop a drug. That has nothing to do with what you do, but I would make the case an end. This is pretty much what my political shows bear around about since the very beginning that that's a fact a factor of the corruption.
Yeah in our system when, when it's a paid a play system I mean then that's how this happens. If you're going to impact somebody else's business by legalizing something else than the way you fight, that is you go out there and you donated to the cause. I mean, in other words, instead of the people getting what they want. It's it's! It's whomever donates the moss, and I remember justice as before he died. Part of a ruling where he basically said: that's not a bug. It's a feature. This is the way the system is supposed to work. You know money is, is supposed to represent the views of people and, if its poor people, they can bundle it altogether and then, if it there's no money, obviously there's not a lot of people who care, and that was the theory, but what it's really done is is mean. If you dont have money flowing into Washington, you don't count on at the table rights of theirs hole. Sectors of the american society that are as and unrepresented, because there's no money coming from them. That's that
no problem and wasn't a sort of structure. This truck the government structure that sort of enforcing that our or relies on that it was kind of established before corporations were in and death. It establishes for corporations were allowed to act as an individual and donate insane amounts of money to campaigns the problem and you look at it. You you can see how it happened: could see that that the people there gave a little money back in the days when you can only give this much money had a little influence. So what do you want to? Do? You want to influence them to? Let you give a little bit more and and slow But surely you evolve into a system that was talking to my wife about this, the other day where we were talking about how it was never a good system, but he was, fairer system back when I was a kid in the night and Seventys, because some of the money came from entities that represented people who were blue collar. People. So, for example, when unions were big private employ unions, not the public, employ unions, there's a pocket now. So if you were a pipe fitter or a plumber or those people that had been electricians had pretty
powerful unions. Those people would bundle money in those unions would give money to candidates that sort of compensated for the fact that you had come for money or whatever in other directions in the nineteen eighties when the Democrats started getting waxed regularly and where you know, Dude Reagan, change tax policies and whatever else we started to get some really wealthy people and the union started getting less powerful. All of US you know, there's the Willy Sutton, the bank robber was famously asking. Why do you rob banks, insists that where the money is well in the eighties after eighty four, especially after Mondeo, got waxed by Reagan. They that's when super delegate started to. They went looking. They said. Ok, what do we need to compete? Because if you look at the long term trends the people that Republicans tend to get money from their just get more money, the people that we tend to get money from getting weaker? And that's when that's the role Bill Clinton played in the Democratic Leadership Council, where they basically said, We can go and get money from those same sources, so they did ok so fast forward. Now, everybody's taken money from those same so
wishes and the people that are lower and middle class have no way to break into that game right. So if, in a Lord stressing the Harvard law, professor did a great book called Republic lost where he pointed out how he went and unity you'd politicians who didn't even realise there was another side sometimes to the issue they were voting on because they hadn't from any money right. So you almost, you almost felt like a lot of People were almost blameless because in their minds will nobody cares about this, or I would have had some money coming in for that. It's strange how this, sums of all, but the one thing you can say for sure is you're not getting money from people who don't have money, and so eventually we to this dichotomy, where a lot of people in this country now? What's that line about about taxation without representation, lotta people, this country, not represented a hundred percent, and and also you have to think about how many people feel disenfranchised by the system and it and seem like it's gonna be fixed anytime soon, because the amount of people
that are contributing to these campaigns. When you look at the percentage of human beings on this land mass is very small, misleading people that have influence it's a very small amount of people that are affecting the lives of a vast majority of people, and it becomes very Weird sort of a scenario when we continue with the same represent If governments structure that we had back when it was impossible to communicate with people on the other side, a country I get us and you now Morse Code- Ghana horse with a letter it was hard so that this why they decided a representative government the first place you couldn't communicate with people. Now that you can it's like we, we were really ultimately have to decide. I think one day it is one person one vote, do we all as a mass has three hundred million people get to decide like if a hundred ninety million people think one thing in the rest think another thing: how does this work like how do how do we decide is right. Now we have delegates, we have representatives, we have
senator as we have all these different people that sort of a buffer us from the actual decision. That are being made, and I think, as we it becomes easier and easier to communicate, express your opinions and and give your thoughts on things. The she's a voting on line and the option of voting directly for issues without representation seems more more enticing. Two people have it: you'd have to change. The constitution can and will be a good idea, the oldest fuck. It depends. I am reading a book right now that talks about our government actually operating sort of between the lines of the cause of the constitution is room to manoeuvre and over time for understandable, reasons like security and other things in the fact that nuclear bombs were invented changed everything that, within the was lines, there's room to sort of expand what you can do, but you do that, duration, after generation than you look around and how did we get? You know from
We worried one thousand nine hundred and forty two, where we are now it's almost inexplicable and and sometimes when I talk about reform, you trying to figure out how you can dial things back, but we come So far beyond any point, you could dial it back to run, becomes really hard to. Imagine, like you have an old, mainframe computer that you packed and patched and patched, and the only way now to make any real reform is to throw the computer out and buy a new MAC and start from scratch, and nobody can do that. You can figure out how to get that done. Yeah, it's almost like. We need an asteroid to take out the grid. Calm down boom when wrecked a whole just having agar earthquake, tidal wave after the fact that a big big thing that on Fourchan the kills a lot apply. Now, then, the governmental step in say will be that we have to take care of all you down and security, martial law, people on the street or the governments dead or the hit them I've magic. How will symbol like symbol, America would be symbolic, It would be rather simple, Madison in order that matter
well how amazing it would be like if that's the only place where an asteroid hit, if it hit the panic and the White House of Lords to broken up chunks of space rock. One slams in the Pentagon, kills everyone. They blame on terrorism, yet at a god of terror, the God of Tear mean that is, that's real almost the only way that something has to be catastrophic. In order for them to try to reset and rebuild a completely new system, an MP, would have to agree that have to get it together. How are we going to go back to that thing? That was written on hemp by people that road with others? Are we gonna like redo this figure this out from a modern perspective, knowing what we know now about our ability to communicate and knowing what we know now about all the things that are fought: the founding his country did an amazing job of trying to protect from corruption. You know, try to make sure that their their vision, of what America could be that this expire
men and self government put only safeguards and play, but there's no way they could have ever predicted how far technology would have taken us in the two hundred plus years, since they did that this is no way they did. They did they You have any idea so now that we know where we are now and we can sort of kind of extra extrapolate where it's gonna be in the next fifty a hundred years and maybe plan for the future, the digital, should that we're dealing with now and then we enough that it? was the case. We would put in some some things up, but would agree with in regards to like what the USA got caught with. You know what that is surveillance of Puglia, talk about that, for example, just gonna go there. You know, I was thinking not that long ago. If you could, if they force- as we all understand that that history is an evolution. So so all of this is the result of of decades decades, generations of generations of building stuff on top of other things. But if you had to pick the time
that was most transformative for all those things you were talking about. You have to go back to the United States between one thousand nine hundred and forty seven and one thousand nine hundred and forty eight that's when Harry Truman and the government pasties that made everything we talk about today, the inner the CIA. All those things are developments from like NASH. Security and Vienna. See sixty eight is one of those big ones. A bunch of these rules that created the modern, United States will call it the secret government that we know about today, and if you go back in time, you can certainly understand- what they were thinking and we have to remember how crazy was, after the Second World WAR and this feeling that the Soviet Union was this threat to the whole world. And now you have nuclear weapons, can you We declare war if there's nuclear weapons that could be. You know there's a whole bunch of things. We go here kind of get what was going on, but it didn't take Harry Truman long You know after he left office to say I made a few mistakes, including things
like the CIA and what not, but once you start those programmes, there's an auto pilot that that happens in and they they develop they M mental of their own. So if you said today, because I would make this case- if you wanted to look at this, the way my stepfather, what he was a total profit lost, and you would look at something like the CIA, you would say the CIA is a terrible failure. They miss all the big things whether it's the fall of the Soviet Union. You name right. The CIA has got major failings and then you said in all the things that they ve done. They were nefarious that they should have. So if this were a private business, you turn run ago, illicit, that's a lost thing right there. You know: let's take that division, scrap it startled. You can't do that in a government. For some reason, it's almost impossible to decide. This whole area has been a failure, so let's start over and that's the problem, because I'm not sure you in reform, things that are, there are flawed at the sea. You know what I mean an end. The CIA is a perfect example, but even the USA I mean. Did you see that this week there once again trying to
flip a bill in that would allow the government without a warrant to track. You know every website you go to an all these things. How does this stuff get that far? attached to a totally unrelated bill, so that you don't know about it again. How did they get away with this? Most likely is just justifying something there already doing what are their legitimately afraid, there's no there's stuff to be fraid? So I dont always you know yet to cut them a little slack but there's no weighing at all about the downside of it's almost like the only thing we pay attention to is the terror side of the ledger, not the fact that do you John Mccain or Lindsey Grams. You really want the government knowing every webs specially Linsey gram. There's gotta be some website they are that he really would not like the government to know about come on at least think about yourself. You know so I don't know how you stop this dynamic, where such a fearful people that that's what's gonna, kill Well, we know what we ve done. Other people we know payback is probably likely that
and you know what's happening that wasn't. What's really sad is I've always had this rose colored view of us and I acknowledge that it's a myth, but I always look at myth of America's. I called the nineteen fifties high school textbooks of America, that to me, I want to move towards so when they talk about crime eating a more perfect union that to me, is the goal and anything that conflicts with that self image to is the problem, so when you see sometimes how we really operate anything Dick Cheney does on it. I dont use the word evil, so I use the word nefarious Dick Cheney is to me when you say what do you want to avoid this country? One of wood were Dick Cheney wants us to go because nothing conflicts with my nineteen fifties. Me the logical american textbook idea than what changed. Wants to be and when you look at some of the things we done so but the things based on that nineteen, forty, seven, nineteen, forty, eight America, which we thought America, which we have to do everything to stop global means under gonna take over the country. Once you look at some of the
we did, and you realize some of what we're dealing with today is blow back. You dont know how to undo that. I mean you must think like permanent. Damn look at the way. Some in the Middle EAST see us men out I'll talk to people. Like me, talking to SAM Harris about this, and he was talking about. Will you to see things in a certain way, and I suggest, but that's not gonna help you solve the problem. How do you solve the problem? If we ve already if we ve already soiled our bed so much that you don't know how to fix that, you don't have to go into this. We're sorry about this. Can we start from scratch? You can't do that in foreign affairs. Just like you can't do it with them in frame computer. That is the government in Hell. I can't figure out how to reverse course to a point where once again, fixed stuff right. It's it's too damaged just a dry out slowly but surely, like all the wounds of the past, have to heal up and dry out, and it just takes time. But how do you love me right? We ve already made enough people mad at us of that thereafter us well now we have to go protect our by going and getting them. So we perpetuate the cycle, like I can't figure out how to jump off the merry go round. You know what I mean
I dont think it moves that way. I think we're trying to make a battleship move like a race car. I just think it takes a law time to shift coarse and when we're looking at these people dead in the Middle EAST that are opposing the: U S right now and angry and want to attack the? U S right now, you're, most likely never gonna get to them, you might get to their grandchildren and I think that might be the only way things slowly but surely settled down and that's the arguing for the USA and the CIA to continue to monitor things at a really kind of ridiculous invasive level, because there's How many people out there that aid us or hate the government hate the military hate? What's happened to them? Somebody orders are created every time, Actually I was gonna go. How do you? How do you? How do you get that next generation did not hate us we're busy killer?
their parents because their parents want to kill us. I mean that's the cycle and I can't figure out how to break the cycle right. Nobody can you protect ourselves from their anti american parents in a way that doesn't turn them against us too. Does that make sense? It's a rude deftly makes sense in the it's hard. No one has a real logical answer to that: mean he talked to the wrong Paul supporters and they think we should just separate and dont police. The world and take care of our own and stay there are still people who want to kill yeah, yeah yeah, and then you talk to the people that are on the Dick Cheney camp that Ella you're out of your mind, your living in a dream movie world in the real world is dirty and nasty we need all these people? We need always operatives. We need people constantly monitoring these hot spots all around the world, because, like look what's goin on a North Korea, they're fucking testing nuclear bombs. Now and you know what
are we doing we're flying by were were making these threatening gestures were flying fighter jets around North Korea. It's it's really spooky it spooky, because something can happen. And we don't have any body over there, you know I wish for I know I mean I don't know. Maybe we have some deep, deep, deep, undercover CIA people work and as North Koreans It was but a t. What have sent me, though, because what we were just talking about getting off the merry go round. It means kind of not perpetuating the same mistakes we made before. But what drives me crazy about our system is that the people who make mistakes have always set. You don't you forgiven people make mistakes. You gonna make a mistake. You shouldn't be allowed to make another one. The right we at the highest level The governor, when you send people the war, and we should gone to war, I'll catch, you some slack, but I dont worry-
she then going on CNN and being the expert who tells us how to handle the next crisis right as your track record sucks detainees that terrible track record, we still listen to me- still gets to be of a person who who moves the public debate and there's a lot of people like that. You look at the John Bolton's, there's a heck of a these guys who are consistently and regularly wrong, but we put him out, there is, though this is somebody you should listen to now in the sure he's gonna analyze. How we should handle North Korea cabinet was wrong. This heck about Iraq and all these other things. So we're going to listen to him on that. Next Sunday, we don't make people you were wrong in this country pay the price, which means you know if your in a private, if your doctor and you screw up a few surgeries in people who should not die, die, you're done you'll be out of business, they will take your license. You won't get the kill anymore. In government. You can continue to make these errors and you will be promoted we are in a position to make more yeah They'll kill you over the long haul. Do wonder what what what motivation is? Dick Cheney,
have mean he doesn't even have a heart? his heart out at they stuck some cadaver, harnessing it's a world view, but it's not a nineteen. Fifty is U S. High school textbook worldview right, but Why is he doing like what is his motivation for continuing to keep an eye on? You ask sometimes its money, sometimes its powerful friend, I've talked to these people and they give you the oh, you don't know how the world works speech right, and at that point you have to say to yourself: ok, listen, I know constitutions just a piece of paper, but but at some point this rubber meets the road. That's gonna, be my word for today's european shall be my fly in the ointment. For today's Joe Rogan show. But there's gotta be a point where somebody has to sit down and say: look: we have a constitution that those This here's the way the world really works now either we're gonna go back to one or going to discard, wanted completely embraced the other. At this point, we embrace the hypocrisy that we still live like this, but world are difficult up. Play were acting like that.
Since you know no, it does deathly makes and that dichotomy is what makes so many Americans angry yeah yeah wealth, It's amazing that we ve limit. The amount of attacks on american soil to nine eleven and Pearl Harbor LAW would only had the Orlando tat depends on what you classified and what our Lando Attack was a crazy fuck that lived in America. I mean the Wolf Study, which was actually proven to be gay or Zoellick. What that is, I'm sure you have other but but but but that's a perfect example, though, of of why this is so tough to defend yourself a yes because- and this is the same thing by the way that the country has been worried about american radicals for decades. And you can look at how we treated the nineteen sixty leftist radicals that were put in bombs and the Pentagon and stuff like that. I mean it. Always blows my mind to realise that, if those guys we're doing that today, we might water board them at Guantanamo. You know, so I think the domestic radical
idea has been something the government's been worried about since the the first read scare, the nineteen nineteen era, the anarchists in that whole era yeah. I think when we have a government whenever you have people who are in charge is going to be people oppose those people and they're going to try to go suits. He bore posing on we're, gonna go through legal channels and they're gonna protest legally and they gonna organize in Reno gives speeches and other people are Gudge, say: look that doesn't work. We're gonna do the girl s style, we're gonna do this. So now we come to the hacks right. That's where we're see. I argued in the last common sense programme that the hacks are kind of chickens coming home to roost thing that winning a weed, deputize our representatives to keep some secrets from us, because we all understand that there's going to be some of those, but if you did that in a private business you if you work for boss, you with your delivering pizzas at the pizza
Company and the boss says you listen. Sometimes I have to have a little plausible deniability. So if you have to stamp something topsecret on your on your order form, I won't look at it will all be cool hey so one day, you're out with prostitutes and drinking beer, and you dont deliver your peaches and you think, if I put Topsecret on he said about ten percent as it what's the rush its human nature, that, after a while you're gonna, start to classify stuff that really shouldn't be secret right here I would I too and I said this in lusher- I talk to an intelligence operative once wouldn't tell me anything except. I ask him a question once about. If you had to guess what percentage of stuff is this up. The Americans would agree should be kept secret. He said about ten percent as it. What's the rest, he said everything you can think of. He said cover your own rend corporate deal that a senator doesn't want? Is constituents to know about for forty years? Has he'll get vote in all the end its. It becomes a point where, when you're keep that much stuff from the american people that they have a right to know it
was to be inevitable that there will be literally leaks like you're, trying to cover too much damn with with too little concrete its NASH Well, I think in some of these guys, like William, been He's the one that everybody knows He said I went through every channel, I was supposed to go to and I ended up with officers pointing federal agents, pointing machine guns at me as I came out of the shower so when, when the system breaks down at the point where the whistle where's go through the proper channels and they become the ones you get into trouble. Then you're asking for leaks and it's hard to say I feel sorry for you that they leaked that vital information. But if you haven't been keeping non vital information from us for so long, that might not happen, and then you do get really stuff that none of these things should be released. That's too terrible problem. It doesn't seem like leaks, are not just in habitable now but its pages, the pie based into it. It seems like theirs,
there is almost no way to keep stuff secret now, even exemplary, operative at the Democratic, a republican parties. How much would you want to make it into the cake that you try to see that they'll be leak against your opponents before the next elect? How much is that now become a party, your strategies, for sure I'll put out a little stuff that I hacked on the Dnc kind of attitude. You know, or whatever mean listen, and if any of the rest since are Vladimir Putin said that what's the problem, should we just like your merit? people, should know the stuff, so we released this information or somebody releases this information, but they only release information on one side. Have they influence the election months? You have to be careful how that work, do they have the ability to sort of set the tone of the discussion yeah. I wonder what the check the Republicans of they checked,
like what kind of crazy shit was said when they realise that Donald Trump was running away, my heard something that there had been a hack- and I was like new so another two speed, but that there had been the hour and see two did you see everybody's freaking out now over the fact? And again we have to make the disclaimer that that the russian hackers or whoever does russian hacker to get mad at me when I say that whoever it was the did this that they ve been known to alter stuff do you have to take it around the green assault, but but what came out, I guess, was a list and, as this is from the demo, parties main list of donors right their internal documents, which shows the top donors how much they gave and then what was given in return, ambassador ships, director of homeland Security, all that kind of stuff. Now, here's the funky part, that's his old, almost as the rope
public. It was called the spoil system in the early eighteen hundred right. I win elections. So all my buddies get jobs right, everybody supported so there ve been acts, though. Ever since then the Hatch ACT was one where they try to limit that and both parties act like they dont. Do it any more. So when it comes out that they still do people freak out, but here's the truth, the Democrats. Do it I'm sure the Republicans. Do it too I'd love to see list from the last republican administration who thereto Donors were- and all you have to do- is look at the ambassadors weren't, especially the ambassadors, to good places right who's, the ambassador, to Bermuda, ass it or to London, and that both the UK one is always coveted position? How much did that guy give and be, cuz. It's always been the way it is there's a part of me that goes, and what are you going to do with the other part of me goes back to the corruption you wish more. Dickens knew was built into the system right. If you found out the guy who's in charge of of making sure the countryside
if in the Homeland Security Department, got the job because he gave money to get the job, how much less for, we, then, if you gave it to the most cos If I candidate is a very important point and how many people are doing it for vanity positions just so they can say they are that ambassador to London. I just saw waiter Reform Jos. All we have to do is get some really rich. Barrow wanna grower him enough money so that he becomes the Department of Homeland Security Director and you could get that corruption thing work in your favour. That's actually possible, with the amount of money that making Colorado you never know. You have read your homeland security made all of his money, grown weed, comes full circle. How much have you paid attention to all the controversy about the Clinton foundation? I have a special relationship with the clinic you know? I was in talk radio during that whole administration and their there right. The totally unique people as a couple and their very hard to describe- and I always try to be fair-
and I'm on affair and fair contact seen, but, let's be honest, these are two people that didn't here's the way I look at it if you're Hillary Clinton and they have been after you since, before your husband was president in Arkansas. They were, after them, it's a. You know how on you they're going to be, wouldn't stay so far away from any lines that nobody could ever come close to saying you were, but they don't they both walk and strategy, and that, if you talk to people in Arkansas, just wait. That's the Clinton's they. They walk the straddle the line and a lot of times they go. You know in two of wondering. Why would you do that? We talked about with Anthony Wiener unit a long time ago give you know that stuff out there. Why would you go and run for office again? It's the same thing with and if you know, you're the most watched man in the world? Why on earth would you
an affair with a teenage in turn. Who you know will not stay quiet about it. It. It boggles the miser if you're Hillary Clinton- and you got every one trying to come up with dirt on you. Why would you do anything that was even suspicious? And yet they still walk that line? I dont what do you think that first of all, their patterns in their behaviour, in their attitudes towards things, were established? The nineteen eighties, when the world was a much simpler place and you can get away with what happened in Mina Arkansas with all Craziness with. You know the drill, being drugs out of it planes and when, when you know, which is all part of that narco series it's in the narcos years, somebody was in I mean that the guy who got shot and killed, who was about to testify for George Bush, what the fuck was his name you think it Vince boss. Now they know none! Other than the pilot- That was the drug pilot. I remember strong dammit, I remember the story. The yacht soap,
lie in a city. I am back we this. Obviously some people knew about this. Obviously the CIA was involved. This guy was involved with some cowboys and the CIA, there are bringing drugs in front of them was real and that during the Iraq Contra thinking the eighty, so not old news, no, it's is so. Somehow or another. That was standard operational procedure, at least at some level, whether its rogue Roy, rogue agents in the CIA or Rogue people in the government or whoever was profiting on it, and that was also or what was what was going on on in South Central LOS Angeles during the hunters in assent versus the sandinistas, there was a relationship, they were making money by selling drugs in the ghetto and they were taking that money was directly affecting global politics, see in a country they cared about reform. How many of those things have to happen before somebody would turn round say: okay, we have a big problem and we have to we
that problem so that out of the CIA or whichever agency you wanted to to name so that it doesn't happen again when that doesn't happen. I remember I'm looking into he's departments that had problems in an l when I was growing up, you knew, which ones to avoid, for example, was one in Signal Hill. We all knew you dont, you don't wanna get pulled over there, so eventually they had to disband the whole police department start from scratch, because every time they tried to reform it, there was a culture in that little police department that absorbed new members and the people that wouldn't become part of the culture editor transferring out over and the people that worked with the culture state. That's a microchip of how all these giant agencies work. Where how do you change the culture of something when you would have to get rid of the people? Who are there now who all body in or they wouldn't still be there when everything about the mainframe computer fuel start the CIA over today. Would you use any The people that are in it now were hard to know, because I think, if you didn't you didn't,
with an agency that thought: listen, we're keep in America safe and if we have to those people with LSD, as happened in in a late fifties, early nineteen sixties, is a way to make sure that our people are dealt with. Less de we're gonna, do it in all the pillows. Mary Seals, astronomer royal, I'd, say you're having a sober. I am simply got em people ass, well, ass, you much stuff in our brain too much data, but the so the Clinton's in the nineteen eighty they pretty much were able to get away with pretty much whatever they wanted me. They had such some Immense power right now that he's Arkansas governor of Arkansas yeah, but he was a freak freaks right losers. Evidence Dick out all over the place. What's colonies, Ironside argues that was not exactly a pipeline to the White House either that since it it was a little like gettin. Somebody from you now Mississippi as your president. It's just a little different while yet yeah no no doubt no doubt whatsoever, but this time like when,
this stuff was going on. The established there. Pete behaviour patterns, maybe an end Well I mean Arkansas, of course, is where the CIA was drought or whose someone in the sea ice from rogue agent- I don't think, was like us systemic thing. Inside this year, with a top of the sea, I was aware of it and condoned in sanctioned in, but someone was bringing in drugs they brain and drugs to organs. Are I don't think it's a coincidence that the fuckin governor of Arkansas gets faster, to becoming the president's. Probably in some way related in some, some fibre. What it's nothing. It's the most important aspect of his governorship, but this sum connection there. It has to be I'll. Tell you what, though, if you go look at at Bill Clinton in the primaries when he was basically chosen to be the democratic candidate to run against the elder George Bush, and you look at those still he was up again it's how it always is moving you looking you go. Ok, there's a bunch of people who I couldn't.
Vote for many years in there's, one person has got some charisma right, or how it happens that way. I mean if somebody wanted to say: well, that's the part: that's rigged! Listen. The two parties private entities that can do whatever they want. Someone said to me the other day: what happens if Hillary Clinton drops off for health reasons? You know who naturally does the job devolved to when I said who effort A national committee wants it to, which is really. Faggot area. No, there's a magistrate em. They make themselves out to be like a constitutional pillar of art there, not their private entity You can do what they want and they will do. Whatever they want, if they have to have that comes down to it. So all the people who voted in the primary for Hilary Right, Bernie or family right it doesn't mean anything any more. So now who will you be represented by the king, to someone I mean this is what you're down? Do you down like a monarchy? but everyone. You said the funding. You talked about the founding fathers earlier and I'm always blown away that Madison who's. The guy is most responsible for running the constitution was like twenty three I was most irresponsible? You know Guph,
off in the world? I think at twenty three, so you look at Those guys and you realize how much they had a problem with what they called factions. Their version of factions is what we would call parties today and they thought it was poisoned and yet it was like a generation later and what are they have cropping up factions, so it's it would be a really differ cool thing. It must be an evolutionary natural thing to normally developed in a society like ours, but if you decided that that was the poison pill, what could right into the founding documents that prevented that. I don't know but but to me the root of so much of our evil in this country is we have two parties, the control, a corrupt system and in order to fix the corrupt system, the two parties would have to be on board to do it now. Welcome that's acts asking what are we said: the Fox to redesign the chicken coop, it's not in the foxes interest. What's also ward
about whether its essay, the USA, if, if you're, asking them to redesign this thing, you're asking relinquish some pats right enter redesigning away where they can't get back into it, even if they had to do it to save us right I mean that's when it gets really wiki. If you say I don't want you spying on us any more and the next nine eleven attack. We have happened because they couldn't spying on us. You better believe, they'll point that out and also if you had a redesign it you would have to eliminate some jobs is no way. This thing is operating a hundred percent efficiency. Also, society really audited. You know whether association the FBI than essay mean do dub, honour percent sure they're doing their best, but there's no way it's done really. Well, since the government, the government Fox up almost everything because most people don't want to work for the government. So Hooty again you gotta, to people that, while ok I'll do that job, so is anybody
clamouring to be the guy Vienna say they gets to read Dan Garlands email. I think I think what it is, I'm in a better way to put it into the system's decline amid deteriorates over time and it's it's. Every system is remarkably hard to go back and fix, and the government especially you know. We got two hundred and forty years of of dead wood and you dont off and go in there and have a spring cleaning session. You know where I saw it. I think it's now. I think the founding fathers were people who were where they used to talk about lifespans of countries, and so are you killed computer analogy we use is a pretty good one. This is an old computer that we patched. Many many times and also tasked do many many more things in the constitution ever envisioned, because you have a great depression, you have a second world war or you have nuclear weapons appear on the scene. So all sudden we have a flexible, constitute to deal with unforeseeable, as you pointed out, ok, but how flexible is at what point of view stretched so far that it's become a fig leaf I try to remind people. We did a whole series on the decline of follow the Roman Republic and what a lot of you
Don't know is that when the roman empire first appear- and for a long time afterwards they kept all the forms. Senators, we're still elected me: you have it an all powerful emperor, but they still went through the process of elect senators as though nothing had changed, they still held elections. They still had people giving money to senators to give them favours, but we had a sin. In Rome as if I was there. But at that point it was a total dictatorship but we elected senators anyway, because the forms had a long and noble tradition that was tied, the way Roman saw themselves. The same way we're tied to nineteen fifties, highschool textbook of who we are, if we had a dictator Sunday, they would never be able to get rid of senators and because the forms are very important. Well, that's one of the biggest fears The Patriot act right, the Patriot ACT too, as well as that. If some
did happen and martial law was declared. Would we really have the same system that we think we have when we have that nineteen fifties textbook version of or would we really have a military dictatorship debts disguised can I just read a book I think was called american Coup back twenty years ago. Who wrote those books were conspiracy, people who had no room now the people ready, those books are all insiders and they have generals writing blurbs on the back and this guy, it's a boring book as he talk so much about FEMA Katrina and all these things, but sometimes your diagram and how these things happened, it's not spy thriller type stuff. Really sometimes run of the mill we had this problem we had his point is that we, been living in a society that operating tween the lines in the constitution for fifty years now, and that the government is absolutely petrified about all the threats out there to us and in order
to protect us things like little writings on hemp paper from two hundred and forty years ago, are not going to stand in the way of us protecting us from another nine, eleven or nuclear bomb going off in a harbor or something like that. But of course the army that is like, of course, you're going to say, you're. Protecting us, of course, that sometimes we are sometimes you're not, but how convenient is that you are also controlling vast amounts of wealth control thanks. So much of the ability of the United States citizens to to do their jobs to get through life too. To do anything they want to do without being. Infringed on by this group of people that sort of got elected, you know, got Elect didn't some sort of a weird strange way in an antiquated system that doesn't really make any sense anymore and is We really held accountable up to a certain extent. That's one of the worst aspects of bout: real government, Calot corruption the real corruption as the legal shit. I grew talking about
the ledger, showing what people did what, and what they received for those donations and how much they gave and how much they got out of it and how they became That is how we that legal, An insider trading is illegal. How is that legal and Martha Quinn goes too jail? Now Martha question was that Galicia, yet empties user agent from February Martha Stewart rather go to jail, for? stock trade, where she was not honest about the information that she knew about profiting office doctorate. It's insane like the disparity it's insane how much, how much weird! corruption is just entangled into the system that only way to get rid of was with to be. You would have to stop all those jobs better evolve around all that money coming in your deal with until old millions of dollars and that being siphoned
When the system, by all these people, the lobbyists and other special interest groups that constantly work in the Washington hive to extract those people at this point is it's all impossible without a total reset. The system. When I look at how look at how things changed, for example, when the founding fathers set up war powers, which they understood to be the most important thing they separated the part where we decided. Go to war from the power of fighting the war and they gave the power to fight the war, to the present tease the commander in chief, but they did not give him the power to decide to go to war right. That's too much power for one guy. They gave that to Congress of Congress has the power to declare war once they do. The president has really extreme emergency authority to fight the war when Harry Truman took us into Korea in nineteen fifty. He called it a police action and he called the police action because you don't need to declare war to have a police action, but he sent
you need to be. We lost fifty thousand guys or something and Korea, and in a lot more Koreans, once you do that. We'd never declared war again. As a matter of fact, no president even throws that out there that they would love to have US port a declaration of support by Congress, but once you do that you, you break unimportant wall, the wall that says that the president has base Equally unlimited powers in wartime, and now he is there I could decide when war time is kid? That's a fire wall that had been built into the system that once it's broken, you can never repair you can never go back. Congress has no way to repair the firewall so now somebody said to me: if Donald Trump selected President can hear use a nuclear bomb against a country, or can he decide I'm going to scare the heck out of North Korea and I'm going to you know, drop a bomb off their coast, yes, and he can do it without asking anybody the only people that might tell him no or the military?
the military start telling the president. No that's almost scary, is the presidency can drop a nuclear bomb when every wants to so that in the end in the founders, construction of the country in their mind, you would have had to have gone to Congress and say: can we drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea and the Congress would have, it decided and then the president would have been empowered to take whatever measures are necessary. We ve that firewalls gone. The president has extreme emergency authority in foreign policy. Now he didn't have to ask Congo for anything, there's only one thing Congress can do. They have the power of the purse, so they can cut off the funds. But can you imagine our troops say in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the Congress does want them. Many more said. The choice they have is to stop sending a meals and replacement bullets, and it's not gonna happen so those are the ways that the constitution gets destroyed and Truman. I mean you look at what we Surely the CIA, the USA, that power Truman?
more damage to this country and in in one presidency than any one I can think of an end and yet How did some slack, because he did the work Had never existed like it existed in his arrived, yet all new challenges to deal with its like one Obama, came into office and promised to undo the the extremes of the pre, administration? Had he done that we could who said: okay, nine slash, eleven happened, we freaked out, and then we fixed it right. We we we got our balance back by not doing that. He caught a fight it now. That's the rule right when both parties agree on something it becomes the way we do things so a Truman had left office and Eisenhower come in as a member of the other party and said. Well The CIA thing is more like an american gestapo we're going to get rid of it. Boot Truman is a blip, but when he decides, to embrace the CIA. Now that's the way we do business. So if the two parties- don't sort of look out for each other and say: listen! Nine! Eleven is a one off strange experience. Okay, we understand how
but he could overreacted freak out, will fix it and instead say no we'll keep things. The way they are then you take another step down, another firewalls broken in the constitution, been stretched again to the point with your big holes in it they're a fourth amendment anymore really mean amendments to the constitution and but will say to me all the time. Did you say freedoms going away. Tell me when we repealed in amendment then work that way. Rome didn't do that right. They kept the senators the forms stay, but the reality can be changed. Mightily. Yeah and it seems like once its changed in it. What is it old, saying about power, loss, never recovered its exact there Let's understand something: what let's not take the american people off the blameless.
If another, nine eleven happens, they're gonna go and call for the heads of the people that voted against spying on I mean that's how we are where such a panicky people that we're not willing to suck up a lot of casualties. If, if that's, what requires a defensive and stuff, if you can say you can by an Americans just understand. Some nasty Americans are going to get further eyes bombs and blow up stuff. Sometimes because they slipped through that protection. For you and me and everyone else you, I wonder if overtime would go back to that battleship analogy like that's going to be the only thing that clears this opposite. The people that start getting elected into office deal with a new level of concerns, transparency and the people that a groan up now who eventually become politicians, they grow up in a different world and so their view of what is possible and not possible. Is very different, then, like we're talking about the Clinton soup just kind of had an on open pass to kind of do lot of shit that they wanted to do back in Dean Eightys and in the and there still kind of operating like when you talk about him,
Clinton and the Clinton's just kind of doing their thing and is like if you look at the difference, train his it like isn't that conspiracy theory. If you look at the difference between what Hillary Clinton says: the F b I found out about hurry, I e mails verses. What the F b I says about what they found out about Hillary Clinton, females someone's lying, and I don't think it's the FBI someone's lying like her version of it is a lie: it's not real What she saying is not What they're saying watch the assumption built into that, though? The assumption is that I know that that's not the real spin that the FBI director put on it and the five percent of Americans who read newspapers, know that that's not the spin, but the majority of people but I'm trying to reach will simply here what I say here
if they want in here's the thing I mean this is like a bias we all have. If you want to support that candidate anyway, you're inclined to believe what they say and disinclined to believe what the other guy says. This is part of the problem. The binary lesser of two evils thing we get into, because Hillary Clinton is one of the most unpopular candidates. When I will tell you I've two daughters and they constantly asked me these really uncomfortable questions about. Why do we have women President's and all this kind of stuff? So I am all in favour, of that. I have a lot of women say Hillary Clinton, the most qualified candidates we ve ever for high offices is all just sexism and when I try to tell them is, is this really the person you want to be the poster child, though, as the first woman president, has I'll. Tell you what? If current trends continue, I dont imagine Republicans are gonna, lay up on her at all right to hold the entire Clinton. The was Republicans trying to get them for something so imagine, gets elected. Imagine that they contain need a hound her the way they do remembering that they tend to walk that line right being the Clinton's there's gonna be
Eighty percent of nothing in their travel, Gateshead rose Hill law firms, but there's gonna be some did they find eventually they will impeach her for that and, if she's, the first woman president to be impeached How does that help? You is the fruit of the put it. The first african american President been impeach. That window look very good right and I gotta say press Obama. Here I don't like a lot of stuff he's done. From a scandal. Standpoint he'd been pretty good. You know by if you gray these people on a curve, his scandal, Rep records been put If you don't count accidental destined drones, that's not a scandal. That's a they ended up ready procedure. That is that's how we do that foreign policy baby. That's that's not a bug, that's a feature, but it's. The shoes seems like a scandal in people find out the numbers of innocent people killed by drones and how many of, and also the the real issues with him saying that he was no support: whistleblowers, oh yeah, and what they actually done well, yeah blowers and how hard they ve been on the freedom of the press has been a very, very confused,
in time for a lot of people that were Obama's supporters eight years ago and thought like I did that was the answer like. Finally, we have the super articulate young guy who has a view of the world that similar to us now. He said all the right things when you re right have said Adam well any but again what he had said was we're going to go and overturn the mistakes of the previous administration. Had he done that he would have reestablished. A few firewalls that we ripped apart. It's all, ways interesting, detritus, theorize. Why that didn't happen? People loved tell you, though, stories they took him in the back room and they showed him. The Kennedy assassination said any questions that little bill hooks I don't know, I don't know a party, you can say: listen, they took him in the back room and secure the threats we stop last month. I really want to do what you say you dont, but you would love the president to at least say: ok, I'm gonna hold televised press conference and I'm gonna say here what I said when I ran for president here is why I can't do it right
when the job here, but what was it when they don't do that you open up the door too, what the hell's going on. He gave you this small promise and that small promise and maybe healthcare reform, but he said he was going to say Chile repair the constitution? And you didn't so. What's the story Y yeah, it's It is so hard to guess and he's not gonna tell you so One of those things are words can all have to debate about the end of time and and go home angry as everyone says that what happens when you get the truly truly without limits candidate in the office. Without those firewalls yeah you don't, we will begin its work thing to say: listen the President drop nuclear bomb on anybody wants to legally it's another thing to have. It as it is. As you know, I can drop a nuclear bomb I'll just eat. It will do that It's also hard to understand, like when you seen a guy like Trump, and I want to get back to the Clinton Foundation before forget. While it seen a guy like Trump, and you listen,
to the people that have actually interviewed him or talked him and conversations with him like why? of them. Was I forget, what head of military the deuce discussing this with what he was talking about the nuclear option Why can't we just use nuclear weapons tat line yeah yeah. Do you d heard about there? I never really out of regos about three wonder like what was the tone of that discussion in like like we just being curious, verses, yeah well, or was he being silly in army? maybe look he's. Donald Trump right is a charmer, so he's is public figure. He meets PETE they talk to them. He puts on his persona, obviously a lot of stuff. He says in a lot of ways he's like a comedian, because he sing set many things for effect and weather Believe it or not, is not the point. The point is you gonna get a big impact, he's gonna kill, you know like I told the President of Mexico, the while just got ten foot higher ran like when I do and stuff like that he's doing lines was, are punchline right. It might not be the funny, but it's got its.
Punch and he's saying those in weird places like he sang like it's. It's part of what may him interesting is that he's like is weird entertainers, its hijacked, the system- and I say interesting as a very generous use of the word. It's scary level, what interests me that we should get these it's funny because on Twitter, some the trumps supporters and I don't ever want to broad brush, as I know, a lot of people that are going to vote for trumpeter old people that are fine people that are here, but there is certainly a the edge on some of those people that support him in that has racism, all kinds of things. We see them on twitter, and so you know when, when one of, was talking about your. How Donald Trump is this you did they cut servitude? one of the words they liked him now you almost got so distant, but but to me, No American who understands the United States well, would want to vote for some strong man that whole attitude,
Wanting some strong man figure is unamerican, as I could think of, and if you go study, you're you're, Roman Republic history, it was strong men riding in the white horse that really signalled the beginning of the end. You know: don't don't anyone who wants too much power and promises to use it to that somebody to be afraid of the in my book. Anyone knows: Have we not a measured person? I do not want some strong man with his things that he says that you know that he's just trying to get a reaction like what what did he say about Mccain as he he likes. People that didn't get a car. I now like was fucker you say, and women are basically a guy who five deferments or whatever that's a you, know, special Emily. But what else is that, but allow its also what he does. He says, those outrageous things he hits those punishable someone's raping em. You know he's got like
he's punchline look at who he was up against on the primary stage, with a bunch of stiff, robotic people repeating talking points. It was a little like Clinton was in his primaries and in in in the early nineties when, when it's a bunch of dead, beat stiff, cardboard, cut out, pretend fig yours and one person that you dont know what they're going to say next in that becomes interesting, What interesting is the charismatic type people that we are so attractive to really are now what you want as a leader, you dont want that purse. Need so much attention at they polish their persona to appoint whether incredibly influential, because a lot of that person A lot of that when you seeing is it's like their entertainers mean that's what it is when you're, really charismatic person, you figured out a way to speak in a way that People gee more and then you ve Eve, exercise that the port workers I'll home muscle with incredible endurance, and you have a great sensitivity to how people are perceiving. So you know how to come across as noble and patriotic.
Can brilliant mean it? We all know that some of the things that people say like standard Some people say that some of them that you really should then be able to say any more because it, doesn't mean anything and should be allowed to just hijack those words and just use it to gain merit, like God, bless our troops. What the fuck do you mean what you mean by the national anthem when people free now that, I would say, listen I'd, be nice if we freaked out a little bit about what these songs and flags and symbols represent. Instead, a freak out over simple and ignoring the stuff, exactly what I mean we're talking about a person whose an incredible position of influence in their saying these things are kind of not like a rat sentence, now really what you thought you just now. That other people have said. That is something you say so you say in it, but you're saying about a very important thing. You say about a year people are children of all the people that are here, they are eighteen year, old, kids that are sent over that a shoot people they ve, never met. You're saying God bless those people whose what is good
are you saying the invisible man, the sky with the harp? Is that what you're? So you saying, God bless our kids to go, kill other people's kids. Are you sure that that's how you want to say that I just wanted to have this? when statement God bless our troops? Do I want troops to be safe. Of course, do I do I wish that we didn't have to use them. We didn't have to come. Absolutely not a negative in any way shape or form towards the military. But it's these suppressions that leaders are just the their freely allowed a plug into its like a happy, but data. You are like a weird like you: do you do with massive issues that are super like not just charged, but the cons quinces are being wrong or writer. Being unsuccessful are massive, the just gigantic mentioned something I've. I've always found very interesting, which is which is the charisma of the Indian. I had up a policy professor back in college, who happened to be a german guy, so he was sort of viewing our system for
outside our system- and he said United Disease of Asia problem with you, Americans is you have a president that combines two jobs. If you were a european country, that would be too jobs? One is the being counter guy the one you were much the car you want to be president, the one that's he's, maybe not so great at the big speeches, and you don't want that guy goin to the funerals and representing America, and he goes, and then we have in Europe chancellors or President's that these people physically represent the sole they go to funerals treated. You want John Wayne to be that guy. Then you want some being counter to be the other guy, but in your country you require both of those things in the same person. He says you, however, can you get John Wayne whose also being counter he goes? That's your problem because you and up usually electing the John Wayne and wishing you'd have to being counter so mean in Europe. The he said. Those are two separate jobs. It's a good point, that's a good point! What I was get now by the expressions is like saying things: like God bless, the troops. Are God bless? America? Is that just the whole
way of talking as a politician is so it's so false and so accepted that way, no, that they're gonna stand in front of all these people. With this pre planned out speech that is like weird rally, this weird artificial Strip club Dj Voice, they put on unanimity and the like, but this is why Trump was so even to me ass, attractive early on because he expose what what happened to Rubio was a perfect example. If you remember the primary debates with trumpet Rubio Rubio kept repeating the talk points. So then Christie among other people, said that's a talking point. You keep saying it and then he said it again to more times almost proving that this is all scripted: the fun parted I'll trump earlier on was exposed all that, sometimes the feeling, the hidden prep it all right? And we never hear you didn't, what you were going to say I loved trying to age in the dilemma. You know before these debates, always have someone stand in for the other candidate. Who do you get to stand
in four trump. If you like, with Hillary Clinton, practicing her debates who sits there, because you don't you don't believe in yourself then, but the point is that is that that was the fund will be exposed, Canada, the the artificial, could okey Theatre, sort of way. This is developed, and I liked that cause. I think it's good when more american see what it really is right, in other words, most of the time you're right that either fooled by that. Are they ve hurt it so many times over in pay attention Trump helped exposed that. So in that sense, that was good for the system. Of course, now we ve gone pointed farther down that road and and an idle the gives so good for the system anymore. I do think anybody would beat Hillary Clinton almost I mean I think, Democrats keep saying to me. If you don't, oh for Hillary Clinton, you're going to have to put trumpet office and be your fault, and I keep saying it's not my fault. You put Hillary Clinton up your candidate media, two thousand and eight we saw how unpopular she was. She shouldn't have lost a Barrack Obama. She was gonna, be coordinated, then you realize it hadn't had a son
Wendy, something you're old, democratic socialist, who, let's be honest, does not have a ton of charisma and I know, but he's ever heard from her only two primary challengers up on that stage. She wouldn't be here if Joe Biden and it's the first time I can think of a vice president- hasn't tried to run and if Joe Biden had run, he would be up against Trump now, and I only trumpet stand a chance. To be honest about like Joe Biden, but I just think he's a zero and right now trumpet negative running against Hilary, whose negative a zero kicks both IRAN's yeah he's also zeros had no negative com. Sequences of eight years in office. Really it is amazing, as he's known for gaffes, hazy, goofy dude. Oh, we used to have this in Boston, stitches, comical, we'd called Joe Biden night, nineteen, eighty eight malarkey he's an irish guy- would steal other people's material. That's what you do like I view because people are now but Biden Player
Kennedy. Speeches when he's running for president mediate has a great deal. I recall everybody's kind of forgot about every leg, literally just stole giant passages, that of island that something we look back on now and allow the good old days when that was the only thing we could slams a body for whether still do in L, a didn't millennia, how you say she stole up. She claims she didn't, but it's a remarkable coincidence. Well, its mission, Obama's exact words. So what are the odds with it? She didn't write that shit anyway, somewhere, I wouldn't be surprised- and someone brought this up and it wasn't me, but someone suggested it and I think they're, probably right that Trump did it on purpose. And plagiarize Michelle Obama speech. So the people would talk about it, so it give even more attention to his campaign. I love the trump questions. Like me, Michael, more of all people came out with a piece about three weeks ago and he started the peace off by saying something to the effective? You dont have to believe what I'm about to tell you, but I will
Oh you that I have spoken to people who are in the know who tell me that trumped uneven want this cake, that this is something that has gotten out of control. Role that this was more of a I get a tv series afterwards and that eighty they expect you do this good and I thought to myself. Ok, I don't know that. I believe that. But if that's true, this is the most unusual funky, weird american political history story. I've ever heard. I think it's the last gasp of a dying empire. I just don't think you can continue the way they ve been doing it. I think this is showing us that there are no good representatives. There's there's no good candidates, there's no way we didn't know about them. If they were there, they we would know about them maybe there's some young centres that are coming up and some me a young congress, people that are coming up. Maybe what this was in Lawrence, less eggs, Book Republic loss which, by the way, if anyone wants to go check out, he put it on the internet for free now. Are you really and one of the laws me Harvard, maybe so
So, but one of the things he said that it was so interesting as he showed how people who are getting started mean a run. Four may are either the low level things how the parties begin the weeding out process. First thing that they want to know is how good are you raising money, and this too, means whether or not the party let this may oral candidate put the r d after their name or that, may you ok, so in other words, from the very beginning, one of the main qualifications is how good you are raising money. Ok, so fast forward to win Guy or woman is up on the stage running for president that you have for other elected positions, leading up to that, all of which require you to be a better fundraiser When that's one of the number one qualifications required for the parties to let you progress, then what are you end up with At the end of the line? You wanted the carrots and sticks that they're looking for little bit different maybe what you and I, as voters are looking for. That's why trumpet such a weird one right, because
He's a guy has so much money he funded may the ship. I am some allegedly allegedly here people liked it. He obviously as money credit, he got resented trade, mean get sell some of his shit new to have money on some of that stuff, but seems like, I have a lot of stuff and maybe, as monies wrapped up in allow at stuff. I guess I don't know I'd like to stop voting for seventy zero people and it's not an age is causing, but as a person who, just mentioned to you that a fifty I'm starting to forget things. I can only imagine what I'll be like in twenty years, while I said that about Hillary Clinton and people, commerce, sexes, sexist work that Saxon, like she's, an old lady. Why am I know, I'm chop is all he's an old man. That's right, as he was by you. Gonna, like those tv shows from like the ninety fifties, and you see their portrayal of a seventy year old sittin on the porch falling asleep in whittling. You know I mean that's what this is. Seventy may be the new sixty, but sixty a great either. Well, it's definitely not the prime of your cognitive, a bit
please, it's not the primary accelerate allow May. But your bus speed is terrible. They go accountable I move that prompt trump mean doesn't even have experience has even more bizarre. So it's not like you're dealing with this elderly statesmen that has so much knowledge and so much so much and sit in. Our system of government really believes in it so much tat. He wants to leave this country and make Amerika great again. Now you get a super rich guy who's, famous foregoing, you're fired and when trumps supporters say will pick the best people. I always wanted not. You know, he's already shown some of the people that he likes and there is the same old group of people you you ve had before me he's not go in and pickin other business people no egos and finds is forbidden. You're going. Ok, it's the same group I mean. So I get Donald presiding over the same old group of people who have been wrong about everything so far me that's! The problem is that how do you away from the people who are consistently wrong in America
based system, the people that should be promoted are the ones who are right. More often, we don't get that we had the same faces ever for ever mean the same guys who are who are I highway, say I'm sixteen and is going to put to just name one these experts to tell us what this line. This north korean nuclear missile things. Would you please put up their track record the way you would put up the winds and loss record of a manager in baseball? Do you but that manager whose whose four and seventy two explaining to you, the World series strategy. Are you gonna say this guy doesn't know Jack, because if they put the records of these people they have on the programme, should look at it and go. I'm not listen to this guy he's consistently wrong yeah, but someone become someone the people recognise like we're. I lurid expert yeah you're in the rolodex I'll call you when I need a bail out, that's rare it's! This is so weird Tommy.
Think it is the weirdest time ever in politics. I think there's never been anything weirder than ass. Well, let me show you what bothers an independent like yours. Truly, if you look at the demographics of the United States, the independence are actually the last pole. I saw worse slight majority now so divide the pie into three Democrats, Republicans and everybody else, which is what the independence are. When we're not a part, he wouldn't have a candidate. Agree upon, but we're every one else where the king makers in this election right, then you watch tv you watch CNN or Fox, and they have ten thousand analyse talking about politics on their on election night and everything else and half of the more democratic operatives, operative and half a republican operatives where the heck is anybody who could speak for the giant slice of the pot, and you would think that that common sense would, tat. You would grab some people write what our independence thinking. Instead, they asked Democrats and Republicans what independence are thinking I dont and in another saying that cause? I have a point, I'm saying that, because it confounds me boy It seems pretty straightforward, it seems
give CNN or any these news networks decided to help support this independent idea and bring and independence and to ensure that that independent? the vast majority, the voters are, or the majority rather like MID July, a majority of, in America, if they showed that and promoted that idea and people a people go wow? I didn't know that that that kind of reporting in order to share a sea like that, all I think they're complicit, because they have relationships with the people than other reactors. Joint cardigans ain't, no work, where's the money the monies interviewing and getting on camera the people that are the most popular right now and most likely to win. That's why one? most amazing things at trumpeted was all that shit doc. Any did talk about Mexicans been rapists, and all this not so the wall and all the all the different, crazy things that he said when he did that the news was forced to cover him. There were four. I think they liked it. As long as more still in the primary stage, we are, they thought, there's no way. This guy's went by everybody said that there's no way girls. You know why I said that I want to be,
oh he's now neck and neck with Hilary in the National poles. I will say this and an end, and, Didn't I just say you should listen to people who have a bad track records are so I was wrong about. That's the bear that my Oh and one on my trump analysis on how far he'll go so just be fair, but you when you that the american electoral system, like a and analyse, does they notice important stage. You have to win right. This state has to get as a higher goes or as Lord there certain places, and then there are other places that are guineas. This state will always go blue. This state will always go read, so the battleground are the guard, the states that are the top ups in a bunch of those states. Hillary Clinton is leading, and so the attitude that the sharp he's at least have is that it doesn't matter what the Poles look like. It matters how Ohio goes and matters. How flaw
ready in a so. In other words, those that shows points that the real sharp he's work from for everyone. Hillary Clinton decides for years ago, I'm gonna run for President ok get into a higher now start work in those places now, and so when people talk about Trump, not having a robust stabbed? Fishermen are organisation on the ground. This is where he's gonna get they'll, kill him in those states, and he may win or you could conceivably come up with an election were trumped, gets more actual votes, but Clinton wins the Electoral college and wins the key states, and that's how the sharpest who do this for living as as consultants and his campaign strategist, that's how they win, they find those places I think when you see her fainting at that nine eleven thing when they're trying to walk or to the car- and she starts Valentine on that- hardly just terrorism. Drug looks like a noster damas in that doesn't mean yeah. Well, it's it's terror, well to say it's terrible to see that she's inside, poor held that she starts just fall,
in doubt. I gotta tell you, but you don't you, you could do it cause you're in good shape. If I had tried to do what either one of those two people had done in terms of what their schedule has been like, I would die on every side and major drinking problem. Be drinking too much feed it? Be drinking too much alcohol I'd, be I'd, take up smoking, I don't know what I'd do, but I mean what we require. Those people to do with this permanent campaign that goes on forever and these are seventy zero people. As we said, I'm amazed they both have broken down, and if I'm trump I would look at isn't good, Why really want is if this is how hard the job will be, I could be in Hawaii, I could beat you I could make. It would do everything I'll, go gray. What's gonna happen Trump, his grey, let's be all right, but how much is a seventy role? Guy going to age, when you looked at how old the president's gettin those jobs, I think the trumps can sleep in going to hire. People do all the dirty work. Just gonna just is guaranteed and go you're fired the likely to have a Youtube channel,
As you know, there is really part of you that would love to just have a view of what is like a Gillikins island episode where you have a dream sequence. The cocoanut hit you on the head and you imagine would I would if I don't want to live through it, but I'd, love to see it for a minute to see what it would look at Hillary Clinton will just be more of the same. That's the we're heading towards an iceberg here and she's one of the people that set the course that's my problem with her she's she's, doubling down a what we ve always had, whereas Trump is, is the wild card. I mean you just don't know, Well, like you, so there's a lot of intelligent people that sport trumpet man is a lot of assholes its portraying you say, cycling, either you're old lady. They got punch in the face at a Trump rally. Can you explain to me an ice? I've talked about this monopoly shows another thing that got a bad track record myself. Maybe she listened to me at all, but but on the racism thing, which I don't I don't ever want to pull. Number on? What percentage of the trumps supporters fall into that category? That we see twitter people in a trolling us on, but but I thought
That was going the way, the Dodo, my more surprised by that than anything else to the rise in overt and in our own one say racism, but just people who look at the world with that that viewpoint that lends I thought we were if it'll not evolving but but like I thought of people dying out, I thought they were like Lord. She bunkers and they were just going to big and to see that recur is the biggest prize? I've had my dont lifetime. It think when analyzing power, while they absolutely still exist. The question is: have they diminished in numbers? I think they have, but if you're just dealing with social media there so devices, so many people have a voice if you're dealing- it is one of the ways we have always tried to describe. How may retarded people there, this country many people at the centre, I'm not I'm not gonna. Stop using. That word is not a medical term, it doesn't mean people. The disease was socking moron. Ok, if there's three hundred million people in this country, one out of a hundred, is gonna, be a fucking. It
at least one hundred really that energy in only my ok, really really nice. Really nice, that's three million fucking idiots just in this country that is up fuckin guy, Anti Minneapolis size city than all joint and morals and sweet alive, and they could just be racist and sexes. Thorgest training it arise out of US athlete Oral will have only thirteen year old kids, I mean that's. The other facilities are kids, who think? Ok, that most shocking thing I can say as some racist term, I'm not supposed to say of course right as all the above less young kids like I would have done when I was seventeen. If you give me a computer when I was seventeen new echoed tweet to Al Gore, I'd probably made that make them Meanest, fuckin, tweet out trying try to be funny. You know, I just think, there's there's so many voices out there that when you see racism, attach the Donald Trump Campaign- and you know you like it- yet really say what percentage of Donald Trump Soup
or is it more of a problem, the Trump campaign in the Hilary campaign? Yes, does the facts mainly those does the fact that he will take it. Had all you know when they are yeah, I was, as you can see, the reporters try to sort of frame the question so that he has to either go to go right on this. Would you would you doubts the k, K, K and David Duke support? What did you say? I don't know what the KKK is or something like that we came up with some some industry. That can you look at because I don't know I don't want to. I don't worry. I've gotta get ten thousand anguish, going really easy stuff, like slavery, good or bad Donald that is really the stuff just gimme your position on the ok, let's work from their civil war, good idea, a bad idea. You know what what God don't you I just have this moment outside my body, where I thought were really talking about this stuff and know that there is any you brought this up early when I wanted to point out. We talk about people growing young people today and whether or not they are going to go by
in other words, say all this is also far we'll be all. Where did we should go or if they go going, since the new normal to them. Yeah. You know that to them, they don't even remember when Dan Carlin talked about the loss of the fourth amendment they're gone. What I remember, you gotta, be crazy to let people do that or whatever I mean you wonder if, if once you haven't had a freedom for a while, does it seem radical to go back to their great coat. I use it all the time by historian along time it ghonim Charles Austin Beard and he said to be considered a dangerous radical today. All you have to do is go around spouting the phrases of the founding fathers. That'll get you into a watch list today: what does it mean if you, if you, if you, if you don't take out some smack into might, but if you take that out, you try to analyze that what does that say about how far we come in revolutionaries create your country, and then we very quickly loose that revolutionary ardor and we become much more conservative, which is natural. I think. But we know we talk,
life cycles of countries. Are we over the hill a me? Could you make a case that the United States concept, which is really a utopian one? we can all be free, we can all run the cat. Is that something that is passed? Its prime. It sell by date. Well, I think the the corrupt amongst us have tried to whittle away at it. Like you're talking about the fourth amendment or second amendment or even the first amendment. Any amendments where you you look at the Freedom that people really worried about losing and when someone the Patriot ACT, the Patriot ACT to its past and You realize that they can just sort of detain you and they live charge you with anything and they can detain you indefinitely if they just to see I'd. Love to present you with any evidence enough to give you a trial enough to give you a court date like well. Ok But what are we operating under then, if you haven't em, if you can make an act like that and that dissolves, the cost
detention in the bill of rights for people who you decide are the bad guys. Have you to do that, then we don't really have the the protection the constitution and the bill of Rights in Egypt. I only what we were talking about earlier. The corruption where you'd mentioned the second amendment, why isn't? Second, amendment is in as much trouble as the fourth, for example, an array of money right S, money on what there's not a lot of modern industry, etc, etc, and so listen, I'm ok with as many of you can it. If you are going to two two created group and get a lot of money to defend an amendment to the constitution. Even if you Americans can argue with the second amendment means, but I love the idea of money, being two legislators, because that's what they pay attention due to protect those rights might problem is that the amendments that are getting so shafted are the ones that I don't have a lot of money and often have a lot of money. On the other side. Watson bizarre that you could get so
much done with money and that this is our system of government and slowly but surely crept its way into the root system of it and just entangled in choked down? And now sure, though I mean, I think I think that that basically, this is the way it always is, and we would have had to have held it back with all of our forced to keep it from doing, because money has a way does narrowing. We all we all are vulnerable once you have enough money so that you don't have to be vulnerable, it's different, but I mean, if you are just a person struggling to get by and somebody who offer as somebody offers you a lot of money to do something. It is a heck of age. I wish to have ok here, my Phyllis Flickr Beliefs, here's food from children or whatever- that becomes very difficult and with these legislators the pity is that they all want to be re elected so much that they can let the money swayed amount it if they didn't care that much about the jobs. The money might not mean that much Once you get elected, if you said this is all I want, then you don't care with the money says really care with the money says if you want to get reelected, which argues, return limits and all that stuff. Maybe
no you're right, you're right, it's this boy daunting. When you sit down and talk about it like I know I always come in here, bring you down of sorry and you would have to have a guest after me declared your holidays. What he said about David do. What is David Duke is about the person who had disavowed numerous occasions over the years trumps anonymous now this is not the first time this is after he got slammed for not doing enough to disavow. So in other words, this is like this that the follow up question the thought so the first time he said something like I don't want to miss corny, but I recall him safe. Like I don't know anything about the k, K, K or such like that everybody lost their minds. But if you, if you said yourself, ok, five percent of my support is people who would like a guy like David, Duke I'm not gonna, cut out five per SE am I suppose I don't know it. The whole thing is surreal Hilda me a little bit once again. You know I've been caught off guard by anything. I've been caught off guard by this and I can't process it yet. I dont know how to I dont know how to
Donald Trump and and that one segment of his supporters into my Well, you I thought they were dying breed. I didn't think that could be resurrected. I talked to a guy when I was a rapporteur during the bosnian war and he was a Croat and he tried to make the case community very well might have been right that a lot of people in that area where they have historic problems with each other and always have we get along just fine, won't economic things were ok what are your inner cohesion? We were, intermarrying Serbs could fall in love with Croatia. Must it was going ok, but he goes well. Everything hit the fan and times became tough and the economics came into play. All those old feelings came back and I thought to myself is that something that is applicable on this racism thing? I don't I don't no, but one could make a case that we haven't been this unsettled in a very time in this country. Are we seeing it? I don't know it's hard to factored, how much that plays a role versus how much
internet and the ability for these people to speak out when before they would have had to be zero things and leaving among your car. You know when you come out of the grocery store. Javert get one of those things are the worst extremist racist track on your car windows, and I never got it raises a number of guidelines for car washes or about the Tony allow the ever get the one. The Tonia Lama, once he was famous Etonian Lamas Lanka, he ran his own religious thing. Here is tat people that is twice a week at have that on my car, but in the old days that's how somebody had to do it now they are have abroad. Clasped for we just hearing from these people work as they can speak to more people while they also fine, like minded grew. That's true. I mean you couldn't find that many, like minded groups, if you lived in a neighborhood for progressive people- and you were like a really conservative person to be really kind of difficult. Viewed through you'd, have to seek these people out and now it's with a couple clicks. The mouse and all of a sudden boom you're on some website or bunch people agree with you and wine, each other up, everybody wines, equal and enacted by the way, let's not picking up, excited
happens on all sides, grow sugar, the daily coasts and places like what they wind people ass. They also their apologists and they're, not write about the thoughts of their dad advanced like there's. This is about Hilary about, like I said it was, as people are talking about how its sexist that people commenting on her health If it was a man that was running for president who got we, during nine eleven, during and after some sort of a service for the the fallen troops that that would be totally acceptable? I guess not through knowing history shows it, because people forget that they George Mcgovern, had to drop his eyes presidential candidate, because the guy it had been really. That he had visited a psychiatrist forcibly doing rather fair shock therapy. That's right! Yeah yeah on more than one occasion had electroshock there. Right as he was a fuckin Louis needs not
in Romania, the last Friday Rogan. Maybe you just playing into the private again Gach shock to fix your brain and then a couple years rate later run. There's only one way to find out whether drew maybe getting shocked is asking why we did our collar was in the in the hands of voters. We need some none in this country. One more time the president makes a wrong move. Dick Cheney, I'd love to have a shot button. Just does a coupled with John Bold love a shock, but think a lot of the people that are really excited about Hilary becoming pray, are excited because it would be a first first time, a woman. I would like it s made of it myself and it would make, is make us feel it were progressing that we can find the best candidate and that that, regardless of sex, the real question isn't that the real question is that the best we can do, because, if that's the best woman, we ve got that. Crazy. It doesn't make any sense, though she's the most qualified and she's. Also
under to criminal investigation, simultaneously she's also really I'm not a conspiracy. There is for the most part, but how many people have died, that of cross? I don't go there, Hata European, it was the number I don't know. I don't know I tell you this. Here's, where I gotta go to a much more concrete place, will just look at who she speaking too but who she's raising money from and look at what they release it transcripts in those bank sea and to me that she shouldn't haven't. You shouldn't, have a choice in right. How is apposite will she does, but because she keeps it a secret. What does that encourage your Rogan leaks? right had hangings, and so, if you didn't keep that a secret, you grow more legitimately, say listen. There are certain things that the public should know when you keep things from the public that they should know. A lot of the public knows what the heck with that that oughta be late. It's almost like the trying to hold back as many leagues as possible before November to see idyllic sea related exactly he's gotta. They hold it back and they sang once she's in she's an but there's
for many weeks now? That's it just get it's getting so strange. When I arrived I quoted in the last programme, I didn't think it was a Dana Millbank column arm. He had talked about one of the recent links to that so I don't have it. I get hassle by russian packers all the time or people that are mad, that talk about russian actors are. What is our attitudes? I know so so, but but but Millbank had said that these people had head hacked the records and then release them, but they also had altered something and then released that version too, and so they trip themselves up so that you can compare. These are the documents they hack, These are the ones they pay released to the public and they had altered something said everyone when they found that story I breathe a sigh of relief has now you have an out and you see it already, the DMZ going. Well, listen. Russian cars are known to alter this stuff. So the minute that came out it was the greatest boomed the policy should in the work as they can say, whatever
It says, is probably altered in how so it's it's the wonderful get out of jail free card on the higher. While that It's true but its legitimate too, because if they were did that will benefit get out of jail free carts. Another hacking is just muddy: the waters even more. It's has it mean I would actually probably support a hack if I was running for president that in that sense, because you could say, look you're, not gonna trust evidenced came someone who got it through illegal murder me that they are doing it just. Why would we trust that the hackers, would be the only ones who wouldn t or the emails when he got here Column Party you confirmed, leaked emails are at issue as you would he sent his nails to guess, o myself wins. Dicking girls also talked about Hillary Clinton and hubris, and all those kind of things which you know I mean I think I think that's the impression she gives so its interest to hear the people who know, unlike her feel a little of that too, was also very suspicious. But you look is what he said ass. We this phrase I would write,
they're not have to vote for her, although she is a friend, I respect a seventy a person with a long track record unbridled ambition, greedy non, not transformational, with a husband still digging bimbos at home holy shit I wish, first of all, how dare he's a term bimbos I am triggered. Nuts will see the term. That's a derogatory outwards, never come out. Those who see come for guys had retired forty minutes ago boy, but that's what I'm saying. I'm gonna get some blow back from this European Union. Pearl yesterday out, I know programme for I now it is banned from how can a guy column power. Even Hillary Clinton have all this stuff written and emails like. Are they that out of touch that this stuff is being tracked or like, they should know that? It's being tracked,
I think that if you like, they can get away with a lot more than they can get away with, and I think again we're talking about people who grew up and started behaving a certain way way. For those this level, transparency, you're thinking they should behave differently. That's not how these people they think are now going to. How can I not use that mail problem again their fate you, but it's not on the cheek. The behaviour they want to change is using e mail. That's the behaviour that I'm just thinking they sort of adapted to the times that was the political landscape back then. I think the political landscape. Today's just way different. You have too little literally everybody is watching everything a case in point. We talked about Clinton and and and and Women Kennedy, the press knew the Kennedy was due: All that's done when there was an unwritten gentleman's agreement that you didn't talk about, that kind of stuff never meet. That he might have been having sex with with SAM Gnp his girlfriend Judith Action or at the same time, and that there might be some problems with that. Now days, I mean that's. Why to me, no people say Bill Clinton was just impeached over sex in my,
mind anybody whose either dumb enough or whatever you Navy wanna put in their that he thinks he can get away with. That is somebody I don't want with a head on the nuclear button. I mean. Come on anybody with, The brain knows me Joe. You wanted to get away with something which a pull that one, I'm my there's no way he was one hundred percent going to get caught and did it anyway. That's not good judgment. Well that kind of, guy, who becomes president, is usually addicts Langer. That is a joy kind of the elder George Bush falls into this category. Maybe he not prove, maybe you, and maybe you didn't excellent, but maybe did maybe that by explained his wife, she's, just hang around you will again, I'm gonna go Dixon was a fighter highlight I never knew of minor pilot who wasn't a little bit. You know get around the other savages savage. You want him that way, but living on the edge. Those men getting out invited her eyelids right and we see it. This is the general shoulder good men, those fighting for their great men. Those high incidence of Swinger behaviour was that was that the fifties and Sixtys was that the fight
pilot. His tie will say there was a study done now, conversation between this guy and fighter, pilots about the high incidences of swears and one of the things I think they were saying. I forget where, rather but there were saying that what what's going on, was that these guys were in such an intense job, where there's a high likelihood of them dying. And one of the ways to ensure that their loved one would be looked after if someone loved them as much as they loved them, so they would like really be in these fighter runs with these planes flying into hostile territory getting shot at thinking any day, could be. My last days is desperation of like ear leaving behind a wife and family, and they one way- alleviated, that this was the the idea was that they would wife swap and let it happen? Naturally, we Know- was a thing- was Chris Ryan: they was Chris Ryan. Explaining like Chris Ryan AIR, about pretty sure it was him, I'm now now like real
nobly shore, but that of makes sense, because either when someone whose every day world is life and death, on a level that fighter pilot is mean. That is that lies there. Isn't a risk. Take her thing. We, as these are people who live on the edge cause. That's there when you, you fly those plans, your risk takers, everyone say: ok, a person say: okay, willing, do risky behaviour here, I'm not thinking the wife floppy, as much as as having a lot of girls and that the wife, but but at the same time listen the like. You said some of them personality traits are probably what you want in those guys yeah will. I think the way Chris was explaining to was that their bond and their comrade area between each other was powerful sort of a sort of eclipse jealousy in a way. Because they counted on each other so months, and they were brothers in war and literally life or death struggle, so there's bond in a calm robbery that sort of
proceeded everything and that the idea of like that they could swab. Why and they just love each other, more scanner grazing go the outcomes rather that the more like pro athlete they're, just there just dykes, what or or just there there's this way you'd mentioned swagger right. It's all part of the of what kind of keeps them the kind of guys that can be fighter pilots. You know yeah, maybe I'll come with the territory. Maybe it's a bunch of those things to dance and I then, let's be honest, Eurofighter pilot. You never did anything like absolutely given the get out of jail fray back. That's my dad Carling get outta here I was just the carelessness podcast. These guys are ass holes asshole. Why do you listen fighter? Pilots, swingers you piece of shit, you know what has happened: a bunch of wives, turn of their expiry or pilot husbands and says honey that involve you. Did it wife, swappin that's a new rail show why swiping five? Why swap and fighter pilots you know if it weren't for them
We have not seen all the appearances have had on this Joe started off. You don't breaking me into being on the Joe Rogan podcast with some. Some are some comments. Initiatives and now I just flow with it and it's gonna get me killed eventually, but it's not gonna happen merits a conversation with this conversation is just like if you- and I went out to dinner in between bites of food- would have probably the same conversations basta funny. What what? What are you like when you see what the reports are about Clinton Foundation. I dont totally understand, what's legal what's not legal, but at all I've seen anyone said that everything they ve done is illegal right. It skirts yeah,
It falls into that category, the same category that maybe the giving of ambassador ships to people who give money fallen to the four, for example, the clear there is no question that the Clinton Foundation goes in does good work is no question, but how much does the fact that they do good work and that your name is attached to it end up being something that helps you for less charitable reasons right? In other words, it makes you look good as a candidate to be somebody that you know helps vaccine people- yes, Polio right, so all that right there has a subsidiary effect. You could? If you wanted to say? Oh your benefiting from this will now add the fact that you know people can give money to the foundation than the foundation can pay Bill Clinton to run the me it becomes an if you get money to the foundation. Does that mean you get special treatment? I can hear the Hillary Clinton supporters say. Well, I didn't happen buddy. It's the reason that people put stuff in a blind trust when they become press
it so that you don't even know what your monies doing so that you can possibly be favouritism toward what an end the Clinton's basically made it sound like they're, not gonna, do that once again As I said, you were earlier, if you know they're after you like they're after the Clintons, wouldn't you just leave as much room between you and any potential whiff of scandal as you could, but they don't I dont know why they don't buy ten that maybe they can at this point, you know how they they probably or so, and indeed oh yeah, those people that have been a part of all stuff for so long. What are you oh, you ve done this, and I've done that. We both been around some of these high rollers before we realise how much they pick up the phone and talk to other high rollers and how interconnecting a network is and there's nothing wrong. With that intrinsically, but you can easily see that that networking can be used for nefarious purposes. Good people
Is there no purposes, but they all have each other on speed, dial right that he not you it does seem natural, I mean podcast, or can we do not have that had happened you again with a little? In fact, as you know, and I find castor issue learned, you know about each other during the only by moonlight on you some time. Yes, I'd moonlight unused, Walser yeah, I mean people in the same business talked Wikipedia and become tight and, in fact, like you know it affects it affects the way what college pal and everybody watching what's unfolding right now are determining that there are going to be new ways. We communicate- and it's not going to be like that agreement, as it were almost like a known thing exactly right. I think- and you know what an end in the in the air of hacks and all that- isn't that the smarter way to compute yourself right Nixon because he was a taper knew when he had to have, important discussion with somebody he wanted to make sure it was safe. They went for a walk right and they went for a walk. Past
ass, the White House rose, they got, will in the weeds out there, and then they had the discussion and then they used and work. That's right, whatever. Whatever it may be, but the only clear evidence- that's right side won't well, but think about this in ten years in ten years. How Is this email hack scandal have going to changed protocol on how all these people do things? Because there is go? You watch Colin Powell and everybody watching what's unfolding right now are determining that there are going to be new ways. We communicate, and it's not going to be like that with his two different hacks right, there's the DMZ hack and then there's the Hilary server hack right they different hat because the DMZ hour and then they'll be, and from what I heard, I told you I heard there was a republican National Committee had to. I love the fact that the a fire that woman go. Did you found something further, not sure, I'm the guy that set at city misspoke all at that they are harmless, makes me more obvious than anything. That's goddamn, Miss brokers, I just think it's hilarious, that
A woman who got out did in De I see hacks as being a woman who is conspiring to like put down Bernie and help Hilary like that, one she had to step down. It was immediately hired by the Clinton campaign I mean. Does euro transparency, amidst the so obvious corruption look out at one and the corruption is both parties and we have no options besides, the Bulgaria are so this is where, in a like, we set up a common social for eleven years. Now. This is your focal point of the problem. We have a corruption problem, both parties Bennett from it. They have no real interest in addressing the only time they're interested in fighting corruption, they can manage to fight the kind of corruption that helps the other side without impacting the ones that help them So the Republicans always say that about democratic campaign, finance reform that it goes after republican funders, but not democratic ones. In other words, they are not there.
Holier than thou. There just try to figure out another way to game the system, utilizing reform as the tool you have to do in some way, there are complicit in similar sort of situations, but that the thing that was so we're at a thing I said, not transparent, I'm at completely transparent that It was weird about how transparent was is that it wasn't even a gap in time of this women getting fired, and then getting her appearance purposes right now? Obviously, instantaneous is like we don't care what you gonna do it. I guess she helped me out. She woke me up she's, my girl, that rigour just like what you said about Hillary Clinton and and the fact that she had said The FBI director said this about what he just said, something cunningly, but she knew right the five percent of people that would realise that didn't count same thing. The five percent, a p who realise wait a minute you just higher than their?
after those paean there's another day and more news stories and applying goes down Singapore or something and there's another new story, and some fuckin nuclear tests in North Korea in it and everybody's got it's gone. Three weeks later It's gone does just so much going on that you can really maintain any story like that of the news. That's why the Glen Green Walled, Edward Snowden, the way that they approach that was structured. The way was to come out in chunks because they had said if you release at all I want to be the huge story, but when done if you, if you wonder and how the new cycle works. The way you just mentioned you want to release the nice chunk and then wait up headlines died down again. We start move and then release another child, and that's the way these. The Wikileaks is doing that right now, with these hacks they have their releasing it in shocks because as soon as the new cycle dies down, they want to take advantage of the next one. The Wikileaks thing is one of the. Most bizarre scenarios, or you have this guy
if you ask the United States, are just United States. What percentage of people support Would Julian Assange dead? What's apparent? What percentage of people support letting people understand what is really going on behind the scenes, every like pretty overwhelming our guaranteed in the high seventies. Some people are blindly patriotic and they just want their governmental. Just have Carte Blanche, there's a few of those, but I think most people would support the yeah. I want to know what the fuck is going on now, this guy's trout in an embassy in London. I go anywhere Ecuadorean Embassy air Somethin like that right, Ecuador, he's trapped in this embassy. Leave been in this house for YE potential rape charge. Even a rape, charge. Surprise sex, it's hanging over head. I know at an end he can't leave to go answered. The charges, because the grab him, although
rob him on a completely unrelated purposes or unrelated at charges. It has nothing to do with that. They just want to hold him there. That means you really think that they'd be chasing him this long because he had sex without a condom, all we or spooning. Now we all know that it was a swedish court to rule on Julian Assange facing extradition in Sweden or sexual salt charges. The Wikileaks Foundation has been confirmed to confined to the Ecuador or an embassy in London for more than four years. When I hear the NGO Dorians too, to hold onto that also raises his house for four years, but here's what they have to do if they want to keep playing the straight and narrow they have to get a hold of some some leaked documents from the other side, because otherwise it's like it's like. If you only get the leaked documents from one side, that does impact the election and that calls into question the motives of the liquor, right. If you're saying I release information right and then you can be above the fray, if you say like
What a journalist understand how to do what you omit and dont release has as much value is what you do right. So if the only leaks you're getting or from the Democrats and Republicans art being leaked, then that's influencing the election, because you no as well as I do. The other side has crap that that is just a shocking and upsetting a corrupt as the Democrats. So let's see that to you, Let let's see there too and Lucy would trumped does when he finds out there, but I'll talk and shit about em. You know I am ashamed to say that there is a part of me, the decision Let's see that I dont want. I don't want it that way, but I read somebody online said the other day that there's people work in a vote for him just for the entertainment value, because they don't wanna be board for the next four years. I thought to myself: that's when the countries really John, the shark, when were voting for candidates Bay, I don't care what they'll do they're both bad. I just want the most entertaining you lot. But feel that it doesn't matter there also thinking that, but
you looked at, as president is really just a figurehead and military industrial jobs have another right now, american coup, some mate looked if you'll do it? while a promise, ailing woody actually did the very different things why people forget that George, W Bush actually ran on a more humble foreign policy. Do you remember that he was going to have people here, people? Americans want a more humble foreign policy? Could there be any dichotomy. Worse than a more humble for abolish and people's able nine eleven happened. Yes, so we attack Iraq make any sense and everybody was like look we're fucking. Can someone's ass right enough to shut up and wave that fly? I will tell you this. Anybody tells me that they support the troops again, but are willing to send them willy nilly anywhere at any time. I could eyes to me supporting the troops me
and you value their lives and their families, and the fact that many of these guys and women have had to go back and back and back in your lives have been on hold and all, and they suffer mean how many stories. If we read about what these people do with every day, go to the v ay and let's say you want to support the troops fixed, a visa do the things that matter to the troops and then dont send them into harm's way. Unless it really really matters that supporting the troops to me, you have a problem, As we don't know, what is going on when we hear that the troops need to invade some certain area. We don't know if it's legit their knowledge, it we don't know who the people that are making the decisions ultimately end. They classify it in the classroom. And we also dont doing this is there's gotta be so entail the not sharing that might swear our opinion, while they think that sea, like I, we were talking about the the Gulf, a Tonkin resolution, lifeguard censure. Would you, though, the gulf
Tonkin resolution that there were parts of a very important part of it. They were not released until two thousand five. Two thousand five: if it, if you found out within a month that the Gulf a Tonkin, that with which, for those who don't know, this is sort of the the excuse for why we re able to ramp up the Vietnam WAR, which killed a top people right. If you would known within a month in real time, basically that that didn't happen, the way that they set, it happened, that's time enough to impact the decision making they climb. To fight it so that by the time it comes out everyone's dead and it's in a history book you have no ability to impact the decisionmaking. That's where classification kills us, because if you, the electorate, say to hack with Israel they go out in the streets where we have to have a protest on line. You can't do that, if you no what's going on, and that was one of the more ironic things about Kennedys assassination was that they locked the files up for like one wonder the full files on the Kennedy assassination or allowed we released, but this
actually made it so that no one could investigated for far longer than anyone can be alive. I think it was like to thousand and then prior suspicion right there, whether or not I didn't. I would have no idea. Why did come up with reasons, because I felt the same with you and I had to figure out a cause right. What would explain it that was rational and we here's what I came up with it. Hardly the only person who realize this. You remember, Oswald, had ties to Cuba and he defected to the Soviet Union and then come home. Ok, your average Joe or jane- and you don't know much about what's going on, but you find out a cuban defector acumen supporting Soviet Union defect or killed the president and that may that might mean? Do you see how that if you were reading the guns of August on how WAR war one started- and you thought it wouldn't have take?
You know that that was an assassination to write in an open top vehicle by somebody here and Serbians were behind that in the way that the people whose Archduke was killed so so mean if Americans thought that the Soviet Union killed you're young president, that they all loved with his wife right there in the two little children. What would the and you know this is even a year after the cuban missile crisis. How much might that has impacted the president's ability to keep us out of a war or not, I mean I can see if somebody said that you might have a very good reason for hiding the fact that Oswald have really close ties. I trying to find out a rationale, made sense to me, and that would be. I should now that made sense to me. I don't get to classify it for a lifetime which they basically did, whereas here next year were twelve. Sixteen seventeen. We watch when it comes to reductions will be all over the place Oh yeah, I'm sure you'll have if fan but or yeah, I'm sure.
I mean they have leaked some stuff or released some stuff to the Freedom of Information ACT. The people would consider incredibly offensive and they found out about it like night sixty two northwards operation northwards where they deserve and attacks on quantity obey they're gonna arm Cuban Friendly's and attack Guantanamo Bay, potentially killing. Who knows how many soldiers, they're gonna blow up age own jet liner, blaming the Cubans. All you look at the staff that the CIA was doing and I think it's stupid to think that they don't do the similar things. Now, it's it's crazy stuff. Durham erosion hills merit stuff that is so, and here's the thing stuff that is so opposed to the nineteen fifty high school mythology. If America, that it's hard to reconcile the two, those people will say: listen, it's the real world. Come to. You know we were trying to survive with hydrogen bombs aimed at us. I mean all that stuff is true, but but how do you reconcile yeah. That was those it
a giant issue with Kennedy you now an answer Creasy itself was a giant issue with Kennedy which saw arrived. They sealed his death for twenty five years. Remember that re famous speech that he had or about secrecy in government, oh yeah about transparency being important or my favorite life. Can it was always the war he's as those who make peaceful change impasse. We'll make violent change inevitable and you don't have the kind of things. Were you wonder about us now? Will you say: listen the abyss, You have our system of in ways that make it better are going to prevent really bad things. Happening in the future? If you kid, if we can't get it together now, just although the current trends outward, if nothing changes, what is the twenty twenty election Are you a Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone type, a guy? I am now changed my mind on that? Are you still got you ha who got no built around here's the thing- and this is what
These upsets me about the conspiracy theorist. I love them, but I wish they wouldn't leave stuff out of their out of their stories. That did proof of the debt of bad another will not everybody. Does that I don't blame them. Everybody likes to say: ok, I'll, show you the things that didn't back up. My theory with Oswald there were a couple of books. The came out my friend Vince Polio. She had one general posed or had another where they included stuff. That was not in all the conspiracy books that I read. I've read a lot and you say: ok, one the hell. Did you put that in there now, I'm mad at you, and I trust you watch stuff to me, as well as the fact that Oswald took a shot at the? U S general before he took a shot at Kennedy right. If you think without the. Why did he do that? God, I want to say who is the gent two of ten years ago would have remembered his name go it. We have to look up Lee Harvey Oswald. He took a shot of the general and and missed and with the same rifle I believe, an end.
Was Posner, employ Yossi that both pointed that out and when you turn around a go Mackay if the guy was really taken a shot of the? U S general. Now that changes my overall view of the guy Oswald earlier attempt to assassinate General Walker. Interest so when you hear that an end again now, that might not be anything, but why did you leave some of that? Out of my conspiracy, books important you know is another thing about the Oswald thing. That always bug me was that they said that The scope wasn't cited in properly the manly your colleague Hano Riah anyhow, he how could he get off that shot when the sky? wasn't even cited improperly, like how do you know not cited improperly in that you know it's not side and improperly, because right after they found it they shot within. How long did it? for they shot with it. Do you know anything about scopes? Let me too, some about scopes you fuckin drop. You right, on the ground, and it has stated its eyes to calibrate on calibre and it happens, easy you good. Bang, you
rifle against as a law or rock, or something like that. I don't doubt he was rolling down carefully, have two shooting the president, not only down with a focus handling it there's so much shenanigans involved in handling the rightly so that argument I reject, because when they said that the sky? This, gun was incited improperly. Might that does that does making. Since you have no idea what how is cited in when he pulled the trigger, don't know as though we also Kennedy had pissed off a lotta pay a lot of people and so mean that when you talk about a conspiracy and having motive, there are a lot of people that had motive. I always hated when they entered the Oliver Stone Movie drove me crazy because, in my opinion, the movie he did on J F K. He took every conspiracy theory out there and through Malden, which discredited olive unto me also want to add a fake general. Didn't really exists. I now I'm all the evening when she does not do that and we started. I am no I'll get. You start John F Kennedy did they they do that in,
these movies that are supposed to be about real Hester. Oh, he did it with the doors and then when he was he was already was called on. His answer was this: wasn't a movie about the doors in reality was a movie about what I thought about the doors when I was fighting in Vietnam. Listening to their dude say that at the beginning of the film put this, this is a fiction lies version of what I thought when I was necessary, I would like say it is a great two year- did what they Alex the great to you just what Alexander the great sadness move it snowed movies are coming out this week, Oliver Stone I didn't get funding for stolen in the? U S. In Germany, he found both financial support and filming locations. First, political thriller. But it's really. Is Loki, is U S trying to keep it under wraps? Is the? U S visit the? U S operates, is one giant that than the shiny right to put the press is keeping it down because they don't want to have, but if talk about two Snowden visit, if if they thought it would make a hundred and fifty million dollars the studios, we be pushing it left right and centre right now they love ahead of any kind, what it said, what will we just
talking about before you brought that J F K, Oliver Stone held up into those movies, ok, so now the those I wanted to know what other things led me to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Well, I mean originally you know when you follow the stories easy. It's not just the fact that that it probably happened a certain way. It's when you follow the consumer, she talking, you realize you know what they're bringing the equation much. Do I believe the David for you, when idea how much too heavily and an after going through it. If you a red light, Beaulieu she's bookkeepers, the guy who wrote helter, skelter, prosecuted Manson, even a guy like lot and an he. He wrote a book where he did it like a process. So. Here's how I would have prosecuted Oswald and when he lines it up the way he does you sit there and go okay. This is not. Noble yours you he was, he was a guide. It would have loved to have written that it wasn't. He would have loved to have did, he was assassinated by a conspiracy, but he did dinner
ran down the list in southern go cave, I was at the trial and I was the jury, and they said what was the preponderance of evidence and did the prosecutor prove his case, we have had. You said after reading will use his book that, unless I really had a vested interest in believing the conspiracy theory that he had done a damn good job of making his case? Here's my problem with it, and this is what one that, for whatever reason I dont see brought up very often they dont think, they have to be mutually exclusive. I dont think Oswald was innocent. I think while very well as they might have shot attic that the present, but its highly likely they set up more than one shooter. I think there is a possibility gunfire, echoing from that building, could make people think that it was coming from the grassy nor but they're? So many p, well? That said, that gunfire was coming from the grassy? No, do you have to wonder and you Could the shots that hit Kennedy like
the one in his neck. That's one thing that one of the more interesting books that I read about it was case not not case closed best evidence by David Lift yeah lifted the one that any say that they put something in the autopsy Kennedys head like that that to me by the way it or something that was the part the blue be awake is when we were kids, they didn't have the Kennedy, autopsy fear and then to eventually release those that was shocking and put it in the book yeah. What did they also changed the between Bethesda Marilyn and doubtless in that flight, from down to Bethesda? They changed the reserve like what the impact was They were calling it a bullet hole in his neck in Dallas and then, when it got to Bethesda They refer to it as a tracheotomy hall. Here is my private, was hit from the front end from the back. Look it's entirely possible that Oswald also was involved and that there was a bunch of people involved
it's entirely possible that if you get a assassinate, the president, if you're gonna like have a conspiracy, disseminate the present you gonna usable people? Why wouldn t you someone like Oswald? Why wouldn't leave some crazy fuck who emigrate to Russia and comes back with a russian wife and is involved in communist propaganda. And all sorts of other crazy, unsavory shitty shoots, generals yeah, that's got exactly are, you would use and he might have been involved to. It might have been an idle. It somehow another it always did debate is always a mutual exclusive thing: either Oswald acted alone or the CIA killed Kennedy or the USA without via the Cubans. The mob blamed it on Oswald, why it's they could totally be. He was part of it all There was more than one shooter. That seems to me to be the most likely thing. It certainly possum when Jack Ruby runs up damage, shoots him in front all those cops, those cultural fuck em out they'll do is assassination they're holding onto his arm. We ve got em, we ve got the guy.
The President out in the open in front of everybody was at a guy with a gun. Oh no mine, the guy who who was my and tore when I first started in news was a local guy here that everybody news New guide him John Babcock and Babcock was a Texas guy regionally and he was in the motorcade in the very last cark as they had press riding in the. He's forward, but he was in the motorcade, so they went. He was at parkland when, when it was announced at Kennedy was dead and then he was. He told me the story, he a good story, a good man stories to he was in the room with Ruby, but where they brought Oswald out before Ruby killed him, and he said What are you doing here today, Jack and Jack, and he had a conversation beforehand? I don't recall what John thought in terms of conspiracy or not tens
you, but I remember that that was like a seminal moment his career, but he was broadcasting, lie views on the radio while it was all going on and he was there at the scene, he also had the most awesome, a man some stuff, because the station I work Kay BC was big in the Manson investigation, other ones that actually found the bloody clothes a year later on the hillside, whether were filming. Recreation and that's how the bloody closed out found and he would go and speak demands and all the time I'm through the when answer was not convicted yet so is on trial in awaiting trial, and he didn't became friends and upon his wall. He had a photo of Charles Manson within cancel a note. I sort of what it said said to the trial. Come early, stay late, it'll be quite a show and he said look at that. Writing that Manson didn't I looked at it and it was weird you could see that the pencil was broken like he would snap
point off the pencil every couple of words he said. You know why the point on the pencil snapped. I go no egos cuz, the guy had no education, but he was pretty smart and used to get so frustrated at his inability to express himself that break the pencil. So then, once he convicted and remember he was sent to death row. John said: I stopped paying attention to him because you know he's on death row. I moving on so Manson start sending him messages saying want you come and visit meaningful and so finally John went and he said, Manson sets a one inch convince me many more and Johnson. Well, you know, Charlie, you know you're going to the and man says, so you don't think I can. You know you don't think I'm just not so he's come back in a week and so Johnson, so I come back in a week, all Manson did was slide under the table like a cocktail, napkin type thing and on it drawn the lay out of Johns House Eddie Sid I went home and I bought three shot guns and I put them in loaded Various parts of my house, you sit there still there to this day, but basis
good! That's where the hell are you that have somebody draw, in other words heat since but it is Johns House to go. Look around and then tell him what it looked like. And is it in setting the cocktail the afghan? He had so many good stories that the good old fashioned news guy, but he was in the Kennedy thing and we however, that all the time and now I wish I could remember fifty Euro Brain bus speed with John told about his thinking on it. I guess Yes, my attitude is, I'm always disinclined to believe conspiracy theories unless the preponderance of evidence convinced me. Otherwise we talked about one already. We talked about the Gulf Taunton, that's an absolute false flag. That area Seattle was perpetrated on the american public research. I think it s going to war ramping up the war killing. Who knows how many people, but every that the people in government has that the kit, all the people around Kennedy were Kennedys people
and so whether you're talking about the defence secretary or a lot of the with kids, they were called when Kennedy brought in these new people from private industry. They were his people right and they stayed in the Johnson administration. Those people would have had to have it if they had thought that their boss, who brought them into government, had been kid old by Johnson or by the governor I mean I just it's hard to enter How? What how rotted know, how would you know, cave you're all in an office in your work with rise and resident get shot. You think you're gonna get more information than the average person. The street, you probably not here probably gonna, have to read them. These reports is like everybody else, you gonna see Oswald paraded out there, you gonna see Jack, Ruby, shoot em, you gonna, have people in your organization tell you that they shot the guy who shout the president and you're gonna believe it until you see the Zapruder film until you in that territory, de Rivera show and Dick Gregory brings on the Zapruder film. What was Ten years later? I remember that. Wasn't ten years later, What do you want here that it was a leg
assassinated him and sixty three and idle think he made on the deck Gregory Show until I d nineteen seventies. Now I was late. Seventy two, I think but her other Rivero show. Wasn't then here's the question either? If it wasn't the government, so look at all the different people that Oliver Stone could throw into a film right, whereas the mafia, aware if it's not the government and the government has no reason at all to cover it up when you get the mafia, does it Robert he's going after them off you all. The time anyway, just gives him one more reason to go. So the only way this becomes a conspiracy that stay secret and any advice the government not investigating it as if the government is in on it. So that's the only ones Here is the theory that makes sense on why the gun it didn't, pursue the conspiracy theory, okay, so The government is in on it or how many people have to be in on it. So here's the thing is if the narrative article relating employment compartmentalize that was standard? Do everything everything is compartmentalize knew there is a need to know basis
You know unless you're some dude in a movie who wants to get to the bottom of it unless anyway Eliza you need to report and the magic bullet. All that stuff is is part of the cover up. If you buy that theory, while the Womb Morn Commission report in and of itself is what lifting uses a reason to go in and start investigating. The Kennedy assassination was, I saw it was an important reason to have covered it up. If you believe that the american people would draw a natural conclusion that a soviet agent killed our president, member, you know, Kennedy had been trying to assassinate Castro too, so there were the essence for a cuban group all the time I mean there's ashore there. He had a lot of enemies, there's aliens alot enemies, also in government. He was trying to get rid of CIA. He was true I do a lot of stuff that people didn't like the speech that he gave about transparency, about secret secrets in secret societies being damaging part of our culture, that means. That was all that's all.
A good if you stay alive wine- and I want to make it clear when it comes to these kind of theories. I try to have an open mind and an end up. You not try to look at every angle on I'm not saying that these things are not possible. You would ask me if I had a view and I used to have in view and now I have another view if evidence nah tomorrow. That said, that made it look like it was Conspiracy here and I would be perfectly happy to switch again. I mean I tried. I tried to too to be flexible on these things, that I have a vested interest, so You say those things are: gonna go, ok, yeah! I can see that what I believe lightly, but I can see that we are we believe anything when it comes to that it becomes a Kennedy assassination. Other then some fucker was afoot. What language, I didn't story with a conspiracy theories who write these books and it's an industry as you well know, I get angry when they don't include things that might disprove what they say. Want me to believe you I want. I want you to lay at Rio, and so I became suspicious one those books started coming forward. Sang will look what they left out here. Look what they left.
Here you go okay. Well now you never told me that mothers some tightly grooves power when it comes to their asking that their ears, that's why I've always found it so weird, then no one mentions, or very rarely mentioned, that Oswald might have been a part of it. The idea that he got off three shots, because they determine that it was three shots based on people's reporting, and you know, if you'd, if you believe he got off those three shots in a short amount of time and energy Jes, even her a trying to recreate and say it's possible. No one can doubt thought all while someone can do that That's untrue like there. It is people that are capable of getting off three shots and six seconds or whatever was at an end, and if I recall Oswald was a marksman, well when I mean with work its way, probably was ok with a rifle, but if you're, leaning here's a reality? You leaning on a window sill and you ve got a scope, whereas above in ancient rifleman, I mean, if you really wanted to kill the president.
A mail order, Mannlicher Carcano Rifle is not what you would trees now that shooting that farmers shot. No, I mean what how many yards was plus after the first one. You just spray kind of you just pull the trigger a couple times that if someone else was involved, that's where it gets even weirder, like he shooting Some are shooting from the front that seems like what they would do. There are trying to kill someone if it's a conspiracy triangulation, although Let's be honest, that becomes a lot harder to hide later right. So if your worried about exposure because exposure wood, which show the tentative rules and well, then you want to make it as cut and dried and simple as you can't, you start triangulated on president them Don't know, as you well know what those bullets are going to do right. I think you open yourself up to massive problems. If those bullets go, I mean ears if, in other words, if some had gone another way and it would have been impossible to deny that there was another shooter. How does that change the whole investigation waiting?
I actually did happen that was part of the investigation and self leading to the magic bullet theory. The magic both areas- It was founded on the stretcher on now is created because a guy was walking under the underpass and the curbstone got hit by a bullet he he was hidden ahead with a ricochet. Because he was hit with a ricochet. They found spot with, a bullet had hit and they add accounted for one bullet. So there They had the headshot that killed Kennedy, and then they have this next thing and then they have other bullet and they started like to try to figure out how many bullets are involved here and how does colony Connally rather have a bullet lodged in is in his leg like how does it avatar, how did he get shot a bull that shattered his bow and went through his leg, also through Kennedy is at war saying like what are we saying so they had to come up with that one, but doing all that damage specifically because somebody got hit with some spray. That's mean that dead did happen,
was a part of our spanish and there's a part of sea and and and this is the part where it's kind of hard- if, if, if you want there to be anything, cut and dried, if you're the Warren Commission report in you're doing this, not that long after Kennedys assassination think you have to allow for the idea that there are going to be unknowable right and an especially ballistic I mean ballistics are crazy, right bullets, tumble bolts- and you know you ve fire, nine hundred bullets at something Most of them are going to be before it, but some of us might not be the end of their never gonna. Look like that regime. That bullet is bullshit, that's the most bullshit aspect, of the entire investigations that silly bullet was at a teacher ten, the assassination for out what I've had to travel through his to ride. Not all I can do that. Bones and yeah Shea and you tumble and as it is not totally accurate to this gets exaggerated, like the the entry point, the exit point, but the point is: when bullets hit bone, they they fuckin
and when they do, they change shape. When boards don't hit bone when you shoot bullets into both the jail or when you shoot em into water, especially they dont to form that bullet look like a boy, there was shot through something soft look at it there It doesn't look like what a bullet looks like when it hits bone and that that hit bone, shattered apparently just found on his gurney in the hospital and we're supposed to think that that's a bullet that went through in the end? Connally and its I've? Never talk to a single, actual, ballistics, expert or fire arms enthusiasm that believes that Now this is where it should have known. I was coming here. I would have brought both those books. We could have looked up how little Yossi and Posner explained the magic bullet, because they then a path can be explained. I think bullets hit things did people,
had bullets ricochet around inside someone skull and come out there. I, when you shoot em in the face area we things happen with bullets when they hit bones and they ricocheting they move around. So that's the path the bullet seems crazy, but possible. What's weird is if they think that is the bullet that doesn't make any sense at all. If they just say that's a big that we found, maybe it out. He had another one I mean maybe something hit something else. Maybe but his anger now generally points to the conspiracy ass. It does to me. Ok, but equipment points to people being full shit. The fact they convey It is founded on the girl anyway. Ok, so the government, you say: ok, I guess, I'm saying is not unreservedly, you're not going to have to convince me that I also that
Warren Commission Report might have had all sorts of domestic and foreign policy reasons for doing what it did and just imagine if you're, the CIA in nineteen, sixty two an? U why you're getting together with all your cronies, and you been responsible for Jack and people all over the world needs this guy he's gonna dishpan your entire organization when you talk to some other people that are upset it on, because the bay of pigs talking about some other people, upset about him because of this and of than all the other things it is trying to do that people agree with and they go left as a simple solutions. Can you that Lee Harvey Oswald Character and yet a ball rolling. You set up a bunch of different people at a really good at rifles. It's too, I think What possible it's one of them all away. They went in two years. He had ever. It's totally possibly lack a ranch bank on it I mean it's also possible. Is one thing that always bug me about this uprooted film when you watch his head, his head does go back into the left, but
spray from the bullet in my eyes seems like it's going forward like he was hit from behind an exit. It was, it seems like a little bit of it, but then sometimes when you hit someone, you can hit things and just as the impact the bullet causes a revitalization is an hour. If you watch there's a lot of executions online and am ashamed to say, I've seen some all of em all have the same as it is a new one tomorrow. No, but but the one thing you notice is that there are probably Ladys, but remember mean the reason. Kennedys arms went up like this when he was shot was because it hit a kind of a nerve. So in other words things happen when you, start striking, nerves of or or could have hidden in the neck? What do you need it Obama shoulder, but but that caused the arms to gas and watch this rockwork, here's a sea when you see it it see it looks like it it won't me cause sprays forward, heat his bowed, his head go nowhere laughed, but that could
easily have been because of the in our adjusted nerve reaction. Like that's that's what I'm saying is that it does go back into left. Like it but that's not it, but there are some there's executions of China, he's nationalists killing chinese communist and you watch them in do it over and over and over again and most of the time things go the way you think they soon and sometimes they don't. You these are where there a delay when it goes back into the laughed does delay. That almost seems to indicate that may be a was by a nerve reaction. We see that it is going up because the bullet goes but watched a bullet heads, template, watches over and over again the bullet heads and then there's this back until after that could be from the impact the gun do you remember? The car is also moving yet his, which is
Can you give us its? Is it's hard to tell an inheres other? Take things taken consideration it's entirely possible that he was hit with two bullets in the head of the same time. That is apposite. Bill, I'm not gonna denied and am also than to say that the reason that it would be interesting to know the answer me if somebody could come down from the extraterrestrials tell you know this is what really is that it would tell you a lot about subsequent history, yeah right in that sense, the problem with it, though, is, if you buy into the conspiracy theory, as its normally told them. That basically takes you down this road, That's ok, there was a coup. The president was killed by the government and then that all subsequent history, That point on then take say you know, like you don't say, with time, travel you something and you go off on a totally different course. All his three goes on a totally different course. If that's, what really happened? In other words, Everything must be look through a different lens. If I was I believe, as I use do, that that was done by the government that my whole common censure would be totally but doesn't
mean don't you have to look at everything from a different lens when you find something like operation north once when you find the northwards documents, you see this sign, but a joint chiefs of staff that this was a real. When they were thinking about implementing and Kennedy put the boycott on it. Well, what will they did? Some of this summit operation northwards is not that far from things they. I it in other places you know I mustn't Cheney, I'm sorry interrupted, but doesn't Janey trying to do something about the with I ran was there are similar thing that was on the table for false flag try to get us into. I ran before the end of the Bush. Administration was there's something else they are afforded, maybe, as on Infoworld dot com? the percentage of violent cv, given that the above false flag, I ran Rumsfeld or changed a member or the problem that all those people have as if they think I was trying to get people to benefit the doubt and say if you came to me with secret information and says blah blah blah. The country needs to do this now and you say to yourself, but I could never get the American P
but to go along with that, so if they knew what I knew they would, but they won't so because of that, I'm gonna start to try to figure out instead of just automatically going to conspiracy right, you go ok. Could there be a logical reason that I would accept and understand. That would. Explained the same sequence of events, but I always try to do that now. I say that as somebody who clearly I was the CIA is record. I mean that's been one of my interests forever, the stuff tat they do. I can't think of any natural limitations. I can't think of anything with the CIA would have said. No. I wouldn't do that if the president wanted us to I don't think many people know this, but you know nix administration. There was talk about killing Jack Anderson, the investigative reporter and ass. It was Gordon Liddy who had offered Europe on him down with a car, so when you talk about that it and there are people around the president who are willing to consider the option. Will then I
I have to say in you have to open up your mind the possibility that these things can happen and, as I said, my appeal in four years was that it did so. So I'm not not open to the idea to propose. Will you to prove? WAR Cheney, consider proposing to dress up Navy seals as Iranians and shoot them. It's a real well put its most historicity of seamen, gotta be careful. What does it do? You know this? more harsher. Easy, don't seem Seymour's, given the pods reply, As winning journalist for the near the Ark Seymour Seymour Hirsch's, the one who broke things like I did you broke meal the meal I massacre and things like now. As I said earlier, the Cheney is really a ferris character in terms of you know, if he way him next to the nineteen fiftys, the idea fair play at the american way, he didn't believe any of that stuff. It's a dog dog world and whatever you and I consider to be american values- is marketing, as you react
It's all about. You know it's it's real politics as they now It is such a weird character because characterises almost biblical like when he had that heart implant, his body wasn't giving off a pulse any more, and the heart was just this artificial heart was circling. The blood like you literally, was a lie without appall. How do you less anymore? The who listens to I mean how to live up to its people, but it's weird why, while he wants to do like why wouldn't want to fade back. He still wants to influence the process. You talk about it and I was rolodex where he must clearly enjoy shots. People in his rolodex. I bet see while accidently shudder, joy face, I studio joke about. That's how you know you're a gangster, you shoot your friend the phase in friend apologize. That's right As I live like a bird rival, sorry I was drunk, he was totally silver. That's right! Dan? We just did three fuckin hours. We did. I thought we just get started now.
We just a desire was every time we now do what you're gonna hear afterwards. We can talk about any history unless the J F Kennedy fascination since it s history, but certainly help tree. We talked about long on a good another three hours at the answer, we want to do it again. Man would do another three. Thank you, buddy you're, always so good appreciation. Rather your view podcast. As one of my favorite things in all of audio recorded history want to thank you for it. Thank you for introducing me too, the cons, because it wasn't for that. I would never have been among go obsessed and thanks you for being automatically take forever them thanks are, but Will I see you Saturday, fight companion who see them thanks everybody opportunity to the podcast thanks to our sponsors thanks to legal zoom, go to legal zoom, dot com and don't forget to enter the code. Word code word Rogan at check out for a discount, Thank you also to drag gangs that drive
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so I can tell them my friends much love by.
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