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#851 - Shane Mauss

2016-09-26 | 🔗
Shane Mauss is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "Here We Are" available on iTunes. You can also check out his Netflix special called "Mating Season". http://herewearepodcast.com/
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the job experience my shame moss ladies and gentlemen from our studio in beautiful ate one eight thanks for her thanks for combating the same before the show you have the duncan
sl seal of approval thanks duncan just had my my second time on his show recently awesome did not he's he's one of the rare as people of every man i don't know anyone like now me that is a few guys i know like tat is just a stone cold originally jug it's one of those larry's awesome did eeg didn't give you the votes the full virtual reality experienced that sets a maze and i can't any he told me that the porn is really crazy in it too but he didn't show me and they got me close the porn he gave me the headset like doing get no now i got like right up to the wall i my time not going i'm not going into the matrix yeah i hit i hit like a wall in his room like shooting our dodging of thing or whatever it is it is exceptionally realistic has sinned credible did you do that
archer game where the large eyes there there's another arbitrary one that i played to those that awesome one that you had to an artery game where you had to dodge like moving like the matrix to dodge away from their asked of us like it was like a good work out and see the arrows yeah yeah no i would imagine it is a good work because i did his boxing one and that's a good work out you boxing against this guy is your guy and i showed it to some fighters and i was i really think that this could be an amazing training tool if they could figure out how to make their heads so that maybe for the cord was in the back if it didn't interferes you didn't do anything we have spin around it would probably be effective but it can they can map your body moving but they have that jimmy you notice that wasn't there an x
ox one word just sort of law takes a picture of your body is your stand and there the connect had this fixed before the show connect can that goes it can read your like he body heat it could pick up sort not like start reading a skeleton but i can pick love your limbs and stuff so picks up the length of your limbs swirling where they're moving like if you do the insanity or sunlight without work out it can tell how higher lifting your knees appetite for not bring them up to the right level it will tell you bring him a pile of two legs i why points based on higher do know what is it is rudimentary in comparison and what's gonna be in a few years and with police training and stuff like that especially once i don't know exactly how they do but once it's like kind of wireless so you don't have the cord attached to you and then maybe you could have like larger facility
it is then just a small room eventually in and i think i ran on doing that didn't you say they were to do another dune warehouses their setting up warehouses viviane are we are sets and they're gonna have feedback in the warehouses is like like fans the blue wind on you and it's gonna be like movement in some parts of the ground that let us make a shed yeah i've i played i played one about once was all one with other people that were online and i mean it i guess we ve had kind of people have been playing where people online but when you're doing in virtual reality it's just a totally different thing i can only imagine i saw there was one they had these people on an omelet directional treadmill have you seen those now you sit i yet idea you're in a circular containment and you have like a hot on your way so you don't ever walk ford and touch the bars right ass trapped in place and then your feet dictate which way
this surface that iran spends spins it's like if it's a treadmill but it's on treadmill like it's always going to have to keep up with its it's a treadmill that you propel which have seen before some people actually like those they promote like a serious incline and they do crazy sprints on these self propelling self moving treadmills so this guy i had this here is at it there it is there's the army rational treadmill so they can see how is hooked up this harness he's in the centre of it and it seems to spin on bearings or something so he's moving like literally moving through this this we know virtual world you can have good just enormous landscapes that play out that's amazing yeah landing the people gonna get lost in their jobs a really fucking tired because i tell you i like in that archer game my arms were so tired just from holding like it's like a static thing with your left arm and
particular you're holding your arm and one position and then right on that you drawing this bowstring back you're holding that in one position like constantly aim is like twenty minutes long did he do that the paintbrush stuff i did not only did two things the boxing one why did three added the boxing one i did the archery one than i did the one where you just stand there and the whale comes up to you ass insane well that's the paint stuff i think is going to be is i think that is one that kind of like all they are already as far as how good it is that the archery wanted psych these little like to demand no kind of things that are outside it's not like amazing gravity it i thought it was amazing now by but it will be a lot better in the future but the paint one as is just this virtual paint where you you paint like it spray can hear like you put sparks in this area and then you can like walk through it you can make a circle around yourself and then walked through it and trinket and enlarge it
you can see all these people that have like painted entire ships like spaceships that you can then go inside and they walk around and see all the different areas that they made in and you can add your own graffiti to it and stuff like that i think that's going to be like tat have someone like alex grey or something like that get in there you know yeah i saw i saw a demonstration or they are doing it in three dimensional dialogues gone this guy the some like you're describing for little different rooms that he has within the little the virtual world is our aid or big room you have you made for little ones and these are all little paint things that you can make use of the programme and what program is he on his is areas some virus called till brush the actual programme as you know the guy who invented oculists is only twenty four yeah did you hear about stuff when i was in
we can here is a trumps border in his girlfriends a gamer gator appeared like billion at our million dollars has gone for what is a paid for for a fund that funded those means state the trump means there's a meme fund forward that's a lie areas is a major challenge world that we're out here thinks is names like palmer lucky's ok how weird a meme fund that seems so counter like i mean it's more effective than the commercials they put on tv probably everyone on facebook and eventually cause facebooks kind of like lot of older people are on their now and there there are real suckers for those like i
america share this if your brave enough there is a lot of that go around this like those old letters that like when i was a kid the chain letters at common if you didn't send it to like seven people you'd have bad blocker you know whatever it is an end now people are falling for that with a trump me are you aware of shit posting now ok jane jamie alerted me to this new thank jamie's already enter our name i'm so i need jamie to keep in touch with the young folk but there's a thing called shit posting and which shit posting is correct me if i'm wrong but it's part of the all right correct is that i was not at all similarly not necessarily they do it but i'll take it has not done i'm an evaluation so deeply ideas you just posting bunch of ridiculous shit like us to do
and you may be your intelligence level may be several steps above the stuff your posting and your kind of half trolling and be shitty at the same time a form the idea to form a trolling positrons taken a new pattern though but by the same like by the same shit posting like you know it's shit is that the airlines to the value of what your posting is shit riley this description that you you're aware of it when you doing it right ok let's trolling and so the ideas just a real people up who like hilary supporters or somethin ha this is the most bizarre political event i can ever member in my life is too much i'll handle it well i tried to not watch the news and stuff and is still just so pervasive you have to watch it it's like a sports that you have to follow such a sporting event you have to follow there was a video that a bunch of celebrities put out that is so goddamn confusing because it some
celebrities telling you to go out and vote and their show and all this stuff that makes both of em look fuck and terror oh it's such a confusing video because all the stuff about benghazi all the stuff about a like ray clinton scandals the various scandals is playing on in the background while iron man robert any junior talks in a bunch of other celebrities talk and some of them really really ridiculous like some of them were starting to cry when you're talking this is so important to be part of that and i think it's not important i think you are not important but that's not true the only way there's another version of this that has ok maybe maybe this is different i think i've been hoodwinked i think this is probably the real one because it says so
the day in the channel save the day and the other one is someone someone made it and took their speeches with some of their imagery but then put a bunch of stuff in the background showing like how factor the benghazi situation is how fucked up donald trumps past is how many bore suing trump university like and then it like so it makes this thing about saving the day i guess most of what save the day is is like anti trump but when you see the video that whoever is created this put together online it shows a lot of fucked up hilary stuff too in mid meet really lets you now ok ain't saving shit stupid one way or the other its changing call this culture and that means and everything out it's it's completely changing what the the role of politicians is what d you know what the president actually does whereas it used to be like you'd need a representative to ride on horseback and effort and now it's
we don't really need any of that anymore and so now it's just these are just people that are you going around giving pep talks because by necessity they have to raise a certain amount of money so i have to go to each town and say i like the america the maoist the other guy doesn't like america the best and i support the troops the mouse the other person doesn't and they're just giving the same talk and emory they're not actually i dont know how how they could have any time to actually be doing the job you now they're just going around marketing and by necessity inhabit when they have when their marketing indeed have another job already like majorities at or something and they don't they don't give up the job they just start the payment of her height when the camp one the present was campaigning for reelection like a good per cent of him working i came doing his job was him campaigning to do it again that's what the fuck
that's an it's getting earlier and earlier to seville will be done what we ve been hearing about this for like two years now and then after the election will maybe get like maybe a year break before they'll start and on what the what the next election cycle is going to be in every thinking this is very important in varying sliding in time to change things very important i don't have a solution but i do have a question like wouldn't it be better for everybody if you can and advertise when yea adder for everybody if you also couldn't pay people to put promo zob or posters are available completely off the table like maybe could sailors ok here's the deal people can support your campaign you know they can they can get behind do they can endorse you but no ads yeah yeah like her we need a cultural spam filter here yeah because now even if these people genuinely say it's just as per
the new journey only wants to make a difference a super smart they they know just how to do the job they won't be able to rail the hunter they have to go out of arms very bright dude seems like a hard working guy but it still is just out there given have talks and having to raise funds in athens nicholas to try to pretend that one person is even capable of running the united states government something so much precisely huge encompassing the irish sea i the usa the fbi fuckin garage around a lie with every union and all that special interest groups that he has to leave you now but that they are contributing campaign is to help them out this december different people ask me from other countries is only differ for an inch she has to address its own different pitted ideals are on the table it have a faculty so having a hundred job and why not rather than going to each small town and giving the same speech i mean we have the internet we have tv why not just get to
other and have like a pod castors like once a week where you just talk about what you're doing and what your plans are in your shirt ear getting together with certain whenever an experts you're working with and and giving a summary on what is actually happening in how things work so people are involved and understand and can give feedback on it rather than one hundred percent i mean that's because right now there's like no substance anyway i used to think that the boat with the debates were like ok finally there gonna be saying something you know their of substance but it's just one person on one side one on the other end and they're just digging their trenches and they're not open to the other person's i bet they're not having a conversation like i i wish i wish someone to just make these two children just sit down and have a fucking conversation over over tee years seventy nine because other turned to his win yeah that's right
with the trend to try to make the best strategy for success to figure out a way to get now fuckin white house there is so strange rising it so strange and it goes along the same lines to me is there some certain things that have been around for a long time that i'm like how did they ever let this get in like if you are operating for the greater good of the people not for the most amount of money that you're going to receive for making these decisions but if you're operating for the greater good of the people why would you let pharmaceutical drug companies make advertisements why would you let politicians make advertisements why would you let all the while the cigarette industry how the fuck is that still around hi how are you still allowing that and then you saying that marijuana should be illegal how ministers someday these ancient things that are so ridiculous that have been around forever well and then things like the d a which just to watch
that three weeks ago and they decided what they weren't going to reschedule at deal now everything's going that direction clearly address everything this now thing pointing the other direction rise no there's not like while we have some conflicting studies and it looks like marijuana could possibly do some sort of memory damage no there's none of that it's just it it's kind of like i remember the gay marriage debates like ten years ago it was just like i don't care if you're the most homophobic you have your religious beliefs or whatever it is but but the inner ready to see that this is happening but this is where it's going anywhere just way sting a lot of time on a losing battle is kind troubling that people are able to good society and be able to make better predictions while they got caught up in a lot of it is religious ajar the percentage of it is the believes that people have about gay people that are based on whatever listen i grew up with its
the only reason why you would care never will agnostic i guarantee if you like did some sort of a survey and checked atheists verses pick whenever religious designation and saw which ones were against gay marriage only argument against in his look you fuckin people got light gave folk start don't get married pillar argument against it the only argument against in his look you fuckin people got light gave folk don't get married dont do it you can't get pregnant they can't rope and legally entangled some other do that you might get tired of blount just just just go by under it s kind of like i feel that way about some of the when it when they celebrate like just the jones or something like that were set finally there is like a strong female leader is likely
sk jones it's a tv show on on netflix like one of those comic book tv is just the idea of eu how dare you think we should know that feed at times they like some news story like a black power whenever one capital siri fucked up indian noted put the idea of of like a strong female led the ailing being a shitty like action moby like women can make sure mindless shooter movies to like oh why why is it why is that a positive rather rather than having like a female be president in a movie some some substantial will be running that angela bass it was president in one moving one down and but the big one was of course a corny weaver in fucking alien the best bad asked ever whose more banners she never any fuckin superpowers just a woman who survived on it spaceship with a fuckin creature that no
he had ever seen before movie was the shit and nobody knows he disliked that movie because a woman was the lead see that's where others go buster shit falls apart people crying sexism and all this is no it wasn't good we're just wasn't good you know there's a lot i deem it what was that movie that everyone loves the wedding movie the wedding planner now bridesmaids bridesmaids area loves african movie like universally i've never at anybody sought a movie didn't think it was funny i've only once an hour but i was laugh my ass off to fucking funny and it's just funny it's funny with it when sarah goes up she's not funny for a check is just can funny exile it's like that's when when it's just that its undeniable alien is an undeniable movie it doesn't matter if you leave a broader whose brute lavender it's it's perfect it's perfect as it is so like
the idea that we need a female leader so badly that were willing to take this one that's embroiled in controversy she's in faints she's fainting if we bring it up we're sexist the ball to fall asleep when he does walking around this is i know just don't like the idea of any time there's like another clear or another bush just be a house like someone else their father made at her husband or whatever else made it so now they also get to and people like oh i remember that name and was then change what we keep doing spiderman movies is another spiderman reboot the hawk i mean that's what we do we like to reboot things is coming in congo limit for concrete no limit a gang of the hawks three different guys been the hook in modern days eric banner i had not ignored
and then the last one does mike ruffle mark reveller who was also in this campaign he's very politically active that mark rough logo is our having a clinton reboot mean many many times can they do batman movie there many because been batman christian bail right benefits michael hidden george clooney more batman than anyone right that's the most reboots or has it been superman soup men of tv show possible why why bother after christopher nolan i mean he knocked at the park with which one was that that was the last three with batman begins and whip and dark night tat they could he's the guy who makes he made inception interstellar and yeah manto and whatever also christian bales just a motherfucker that guy's great in every there he's great and everything you know you watch you sure you ve seen numb serial killer but what is it miracle
i got a gun and i really that's a disturbing book man its somehow or another way more fucked up in book form because waymore graphic did read it now bright eastern i don't read fiction finally have a meaning to a really bad on a wire just doesn't attached to me that's really common there's a lot of people dont really yes natasha zero and motion by jacques karla like game thrones they call it make em ups tito like fiction things because it you just make up anything all allow a dragon comes at each year i love it on tv and i don't know i think that if i read more fiction i would have i think it would help my vocabulary in and i'd be a better communicate or possibly but i just don't attached to it yeah i like it i like
i like preposterous science fiction e type stuff i think that would be my way in like stuff that dealing with physics in future and technology stuff my car ones too i was always a huge stephen king fans to this is such an escape you know i to read about something that just fun but crazy you know he just get asked in someone else's ideas someone else's creativity and they'll away they really get to express it fully as it is make up an entire world you know whereas like if someone emmy you obviously your creative when you write a book about aiming to write a book about nature he could be a wildlife biologists rights an amazing book about nature to be creative in europe telling of these stories and make it so having put this is kind of a difference to me when i'm with turning to a song or watch a movie i'm reading a book i always try to think this is someone's creativity like this has come out of it
persons brain they i'm relented this whole idea that iran s fascinating to me i don't have a mind for that for well you like people or in a by creating movies especially i think that's a very specific mindset now of like looking at all these different thanks oh yeah pcs together and i have to have an ark and activists have hero and after this and after a who can weigh heavily mixes up how to make it i now that that's when i watch when i watch like christopher nolan or or quint tarantino or something like that like the story so good all alike at terry i'd just at the story structure you now and in the end be like that was perfect that's exactly how it needed to end and i'm blown away by that and jealous because i i can't imagine myself we're thinking of anything like that yet another some movies eads walk out there you like i'm gonna do better at whatever i do today i saw that movie
so tell me that all times paul mooney pomona used always say that when he want right he would go get entertained goes gosh you shall go see alive show go to the movies those go be entertained and then you write better yeah i mean i i thought that with when i when i kind of and to doing more science stuff with my work rather than just straight stand up i area i said you won't be interesting like red interesting things be interested in interesting things in a year just it just feels that well i want to talk but that before it online i don't want to forget about this you you were talk about what i think we say cradle think with uncle freedom and this is something it is in the news right now because its helped a lot of people overcome opiate addiction here and there about get schedule one meaning that it has no medical use what's up
no nor i write highly addictive medical use we're gonna take it right now like amazon how its legal get your record retry come help statue of stations on illegal drugs like an hour to kick in and so this is a very mild dose it is twelve twenty three one two three months are asking where questions on some very handsome he or she has taken it should all day long i take it why do park ass well i still have some pain management issues from an injury and sometimes when he was injured it's crazy it's crazy story so i was this is a couple years ago i was in the best shape of my life and i was climbing like three four times a week in and doing cross fed and all this and i was like i i've
always been lanky like this my whole life and i actually had muscles for the first time in my life life this it felt like superman and and i was supposed to be right climbing is on my birthday and and there are some fires in sedona where the climate is supposed to be and so so we went for a high cost dad just to see a little bit of sedona as my first time there and eyes out with my friend mikey and he so he he was like this he was like three four hundred pounds i think he's like four hundred pounds like his whole life has been accused shelby's and then he went on this diet that he just drank coffee with a butt and at four like four ebay that's it that's all you dear how she cracked himself out mammy emerson loosen forty days like a flower
goodbye like two hundred pound what i see like all of his way and then he was like a normal person that's craig ass two hundred pounds and forty gain i dont know if those that much it was significant areas like well over a hundred pounds day and he in many so then he started doing like to get some sort of like becoming active for like the first time in his life well and was like all excited about this in so he was like i have this there's this in short cut that i want to take my my wife will never let me so let's let's go and do that now and i like that i let me take a short cut because is too high a jump and then i and we got to this end and i looked and eyes the others too high and he was like so because he's been so huge his whole life he has no idea of how how you can jump from like how his
urban the hero put before and and i know because i'm an adrenaline junkie i love heights i've been climb and trees and dozens of ship my whole life and and i was like this is too high and he's like i think if we like climbed down a little of the ok i gotta know as wearing therefore running shoes at the time and then he was like determined he was gonna do it nice egg cell was jumping from a cliff onto another cliff and so if you couldn't role and if you landed at wrong and he rolled off it was like death death on hundreds of feet and la and so now i'm like i'm gonna watch this guy roll off this because he's moved like physical activity doesn't know what the fuck is doing and he's about it i'm off this thing that's die on the other side he's been carrying around extra hundred plus pounds on his legs his whole life is like to protest strongly imagine and
it was weird ziad like weird skin like hanging off everywhere from a whole likes church remarks and stuff but he so he was here tournament and i was like i was looking at it and i was like you know what i think that i could make it and then i can i can like at least be their side cherry doesn't roll off this fucking cliff autonomy and i mean you know us all those things you feel like a fool in hindsight and as i can jumped off stuff higher than this it's just that i'm wearing bad shoes and i can't role i'm gonna have to take with my feet and i and told them i was like i'm gonna be risking breaking a heel i broke a heel once before when i was a teenager i love jumping off shit and so but it was at the end of the world as i can see that if i break a heel it wound i'll still be well to get around its just like a couple months thing and i in my mind this is the worst of what's going to happen
and so i went for it and i did and i jumped and i landed and and then and i as soon as i landed i heard both of my heels break just the sound shot through my body and i heard it like it sounded like a branch like snapping underwater and i was guys in shock or something cause i just kind of turned and looked eyes like i just broke both my heels and i started just like and so you thought i'd like choking so he is just about to download no no no i really brought both my heels you're gonna have to go around and try to help me down and i started making my way down it took him like a half hour forty five minutes to get to me and i had to kind of our dear remember when you're in school and jim class to you have to do that crap on meng we're like your belly spacing there so i had my left foot just was was already like five times its size within like thirty seconds
sorry i can't use that at all and then my my right foot it's just i could even telephone totally broken of her if i just bruce a real bad buys able to use my toes thankfully and so had to kind of like one foot crab block down and then he got her to me and was an like a couple before trying help me for a little bit as too steep for anyone i may say just kind of had to make it down on my own once we're level ground which took like three hours of just like it was an exceptionally annoying i mean it was painful i i'd screwed down for a little bit none i'd have to take a break for a few minutes and just like and just like role around in the fetal position in pain and and then he was like he was like
so this is his dumb idea and on the way down he's just like standing there like next to me waiting for me like trying to in the mood by telling me chokes and stuff i'm like do this is not the time for jokes i'm fuckin pissed right now as i could cigarettes is fine it's coming fine i just fuckin need to focus and get through this got down went to the hospital i still i mean it hurt real bad we had they gotta second hospital cause the one was to fall and then i mean i thought it was bad but i thought i was like this is more than just a little break this is like this is a pretty big break there came enemies like this is this is really serious and you're here he also my twenty pieces oh jesus given extra so i could forget
yeah it's it's actually be the online i made an album about it called my barbara this chance and that his ball that's the cover art ray of of my heel but what is the x ray post surgery it's got all the screws and plates and yeah i don't i imagine i have their original surround somewhere and i am maybe some away back in my facebook you could see some less hours and stuff like that it's real girls i'm not sure if you be all find it or not but so they put these metal plates and in kind of screwed in the pieces of the bigger pieces the bonn that were still there like where they wanted them to be eventually cause it's you can't just put the bone is like a few issues nap like a candy bar and try to put it together there all these crumbs and stumbling about missing and so they just
how to put it in place where it was supposed to be at and and they're like well hopefully it just kind of grows back and comes together all right and arm and it did really the real issue was so they are the way they did the same three they told me ladies and gentlemen is a you see that when my ligament brought here what is at stake from where they went in with the surgery ok so that they may they don't want to do the surgery at first because they are like this is really complicated surgery but if we don't do it thank you ever going to cried again and well why didn't they not want to do there weren't qualified to do as i say i didn't know the sky was like this guy by i got referrals in this guy was like as good of theirs there's go further back the matter some real disgusting stuff so they just
the area that its in and and so there's this is it's like a indeed degree angle that they have to cut in in the corner but our very go that is a good that and that was like that was like months and months later to divers thus illnesses bill surgery is like four months after the fact that the soil what it looked like a tissue guard tissue and cells to see where it's open there in that that corner ripped open there are like i hope this corner doesn't rip open because as sometimes happens with the surgery and if it you're gonna be really susceptible to infection and so i had i couldn't when i at the am i lived in malibu and my place had like fifty steps in there's no way i could i get up with groceries and everything with two broken feet could get around on crutches a little bit i ended up having to spend like three months in my parents basement i couldn't care for myself or anything so like on top of having two
cancel three months of work and not have now we don't have a safety net and having no income and you know it's it was is actually like i'm very grateful for my parents and our it but it's just embarrassing behind me i like i have i had to move in that my parents basement i'm sure they understand known yet not like you just loser and could wake up at last year parliament this is just fuck me the worst part allow you to competition are walking at so after three months i got back on the road and and there are still this this little kind wound that it opened up wasn't here and then i started it was just taking that they told me what and i take like at least six months to start walking and ended up taking much longer map because so about four
five months and i got on the road and then and then a a doctor thought maybe i was getting like just a topical infection and gave me some stuff that wasn't good enough infection and then i started so about forests five months later i started having fevers and then i went into the hospital and then there like you have a bone infection and isaac i cause there like this is really serious because that that's when you can lose your foot and stuff if they can't stop the infection they just have to cut it off jesus cancelled every all my work again came back to allay they did us our dream and and i was really thank you but i happened to sign up for the health care services right when the universal health care just came out otherwise i'd be bankrupt from it but it was still certainly was not perfect
all they won't let me do stuff out of state i had to get myself back to california and and when we buy stuff out of state you mean surgical preserve jury in hospital check ups i had to pay they had a woman telephone you because you're insurance yeah and so nice in wisconsin i had to pay out of pocket for that and end it's a kind of not supposed to be that way either but there is the i mean i would i would call and try to in the insurance company reelect you need this one farm ok i called the company and they be like yeah only doctors can get that form and so tell my doctor and he be like to know you can get that you have to go here and then i was like around and around sometimes i'd have to like pretend i was a doctor when i was on the phone of people just to get this fucking form that i need and i paid out of pocket sized like getting medical bills were piling up and so the second surgery what they did was they just cut out they took the hardware that's what that's what got infected and then they kind of where where the holes
where from the screws they they'd candid drawled those out a little bit and then they this cut off they cut his big of a whole as they possibly could in my foot to suck out as the infection is possible and so i thought i was going to be in a hospital for and i still hadn't walked at this point and then i thought i was going to be there like you'll be in the hospital for like a week and a for so two weeks and i like fine i'm in finally someone's gonna be like taking care of me we're just gonna get this done right i have my computer i was in good spirits and and getting a lotta worked on and stuff and and then like two days later they are like you're insurances saying that they think you're better we need to go home and now we need to show you how to like care for yourself so how train me on how to i d give myself ivy antibiotics three times a day yeah they had they they put ivy they put lines in my arm and i had to
make sure that they are sanitary all the time and i we had a men and hold on a second it that's a complex medical procedure gun yourself an ivy dude i had to google it i like fuckin go to your assurance what's maybe insurance company i don't know how do i have the debts in same the fat and try so that's the the thing is i have like two different insurance companies so this is like health that and then there's like this lakeside and let no one will ever know which one is like that call one and maybe like no that's your other company i call the other one no that's this guy is just a year or of dealing with this so because of the fact that this was so expensive they just as i say fuck this guy let's make him do all the medical staff of himself yeah there alike i ever heard of that for there are like
but he's a young guy seems like he's in good spirits and healthy seems like a bright guy like you could take care of himself i think it it was the logic behind it and so let's let's get them here continue the guy could you find it i tried i was like what your eye can't do this on my own it when they show me what i had to do it was so once i the ivy is hooked up and i'd have to figure out how do i get bubbles out of a lines and stuff like that like eyes googling how do you get bubbles out of the lines that's really what eyes then i had to the first time they showed me what i had to do i i couldn't believe it they're like now this cause you're gonna have to do this yourself and then so that huge hole on my foot was packed full gauze and they started pulling the scars i dont know how big the hall was at first but then it was like one of those magic scarves lounge coming here and
and may i say again need to take this out and then looking here look in your whole you're going to need to clean it out like clean if you're bound and stuff carries could see your bound it scrub it off and then and then i had a packet full of yet again and all this would like wearing gloves in a fair and a mask and everything like that again and then i'd have to like put a rubber thing onto too take a shower i to do this three times a day and then i couldn't sleep be there because i needed the ivy antibiotics had to be every eight hours and it took two hours to do them and so could never get like a full eight hour rests i was it set it up took two hours would i be fluids to go jake and see if the greek side these bags and separate hook up the ivy is than i had spent twenty minutes with my foot
a man after after like a few weeks of that at sea they would always be like ok we can get you another home visit or something like that it would be like a week asked there i actually need at it because then i got i got this vacuum section thing that they put on my feet and and they are just kind of sucks all the action stuff out and anna gets gets rid of and closes up and creates like blood flow into that area so it generates the things actually work amazingly well but the but so then i had this device and like a vacuum sort of performing again i'd have to like take this vacuum off myself close up my fuckin foot and then go on stage and perform and then get off and put this back he'll be back and i remember that cause i had before i
before i i went through a big break up before rub my feet and when i and i had been unlike of years of relationships and size ike i'm not dating for a year i'm not i have sex i'm not gonna think about women for a year i'm just gonna get my head straight and i did that it was great got tons work done and then none when i start getting back in the patent diplomacy was no i had already i broke my feet during this time which which helped when like tunisia have sex tribe of your feet are broken and and then but when i started getting back into it and like i remember i brought a girl back back to my hotel why still had thus far in vacuum i but and i'm just like it was fucking awkward and i had
had sex him like a year to sound like trying to figure out how to have sex again i got a fuckin vacuum tat all lose your health like i mean what kind of like energy levels and you have it would seem like if you're going through your by trying to prepare itself for such a long period time it has to wear on your right i mean it was more just the depression of it on and the stress was was harder than i i was getting plenty asleep and stuff but it was is depressing time but ultimately it was kind of his kind of guy in a way tat building and some little i mean i mean i gotta go so i mean when i started and in boston my start doing comedy i was like fearless i would do like the balls you stuff always trying new material and i just did not give a shit and i got a lot of attention for and i caught some breaks early on and once i and making money and doing the road it was like
then you're worried about like getting negative comment cards and all this shit and that's like my livelihood and and it was it was watering down what i m doing and i wasn't fearless onstage anymore and and so you're breaking my feet and having three months of my parents house a kind of us just like i'll give a fuck anymore doing exactly what i want to do and it was it was it really created a change and in my career i thought that album and like the new act that i'm doing now are the best that i've ever been how long ago was the incident and the accident and how long did it take you to recover so is it was two years ago in may and then i about one year n i started using a cane and then
that's when i that was really hard my started using a cane because i guess the light at the end of the tunnel and then i realized o every other stuff that i take it for the rest of my life i think is going to hurt just every other step and so it's like always out that's why that's why take cradle before podcast because there's always like a part of my brain that can't stop talk that can't stop thinking about my stupid fucking for italy's it isn't hurting you right now now feels fine when you walk here while the condom helps if i if i'm not on that most days it's just like having a pretty sore foot and then some days like probably now it's it's cool along better than i thought it would actually about three days out of the month i have like this streak and i don't know what causes that i don't know if it's inactivity the weather whatever i have a streak of like three days where i can thus where i should be using
came again where if you saw me be like what's wrong with that guy years later yeah now about a year and a half after i started using the cane sober eyes of unaccounted for six months and then i said going without the cane and just using it sometimes and yes it's been quite an ordeal are you doing any exercising actually as crazy as this might sound as i got back into iraq climbing now i know how that sounds air me out i only do endorse up here but i can't do i can't run our job i cant do any quick activities and i couldn't i couldn't do like squats or anything not but what i can do is slow deliberate movement that will help with flexibility right now it's mostly flexibility and mobility issues and nerve
image issues like the bones totally fine can you stand on your tiptoes what can you stand the balls your feet i can a little bit my bad foot i cant do like i can't do a cow phrase like a one legged catchphrase on could you could you then down with your heels up could you look go all the way down i could you stay on the balls of your feet and then i'll position would you heels off the ground a little bit i was thinking there's a thing called the hindu squat and what a hint squatters it's a body weight squat and i'm a big proponent of love them i do more time do them and sets of law one hundred and fifty hundred sixty sometimes when i'm in really good shape i do two hundred at a time and then i do this is my main leg workouts i do those and then i do kettlebell squats afterwards but the thing about the hindu squats
body weight you dont use anyway sometimes i put a weight vest on but most of the time i don't do anyway but if you look at that diagram of there see when you go down you're here does come off the ground your hands behind your heels and then as you go your hand stay parallel to the floor in front of you so you go as you go up you push off with the basel iii feet not with you he'll so as well a regular here regular squat rather if you add weight behind your back with a bar that weight would on your he'll you would actually like constantly and keeping it on your he'll costume and keeping your when i do squats look with wait i look up i always look straight up so make sure that my spine and alignment but there's a lot of weight on your he'll there well that's now actually that doesn't the weight on the heel that like the heels totally fine it's more of a mobility issue and and like all the tenants and stuff like that that they went through during the surgery and other nerve damage from it so i asked
they going up on my tells us is one of the harder arts may not a good thing to break everything up in there the air when i do like a really intense hike my foot feels better man we should definitely do these then again they would help the i don't want to get out of work and joe rogan programme the ita tell me gimme a run down everything i need to do i want to say i was in the say for my life and in this whole thing may be found out of all of us and i would love to get back there i guarantee you if it's just a mobility issue if you don't have actual pain you here i bet you can get back to normal guise of plates all over their badia live all sorts of different things holding her bones and they get back into the air and i do i need the light break up the scar tissue in all our countries this is see this woman here ok he's doing wrong actually supposed to go and the balls your feet and you're supposed to la drop your
ass all the way down to the back of your calves people doing you two things do right is a guy named matt fury is come an odd duck father he's a big pipe all of them he's got a bunch of videos of him doing online hegel that's i don't see how this guy as he goes down his heels come off the ground and they touches throughout a circular motion then it brings his arms parallel in front of him these are great idea i could do that their super easy for like the first ten and twenty gets wholehearted and then thirty gets a lot and forty two and then he started getting like ninety indigo kay sixty more these motherfuckers to go in and you you know your legs get superfluity but that's like what are we to do four legs i start off with kettlebells swings does get everything loosened up i do it light for a couple sets than i do heavy ones and then from their over things warmed up and loosened up then i get into those hindu squanders do because i feel like that's some
that's always hard to do like i went hiking in nevada with them couple friends of mine that were very fit my friend dan dodi who is we're doing a tv show up there and he's that he was a camera man and he was much better than me doing these he'll things in those realizing while doing tat damage this specific thing i give you do it the time if you like a cameraman especially have with a vague in some really incredible shaven they do outdoor shows because their constant carrying this camera and walking around so if you are doing a show and hiking and you had a guy follow you this guy has to follow you also he's carrying a big ass fuckin can as these sitting there shooting what is supposed to be you doing some impressive thing one sixty four the real athlete but just building to pick your body up and down like for long periods of time just hiking you know you could lift weights
and you can do a lot of stuff that you feel like i'm pigott shape but it's the but not as grind of hours and hours of going up hills you oh wow this is some different well it also with hiking it you're your foot goes in these unpredictable angles and that that as was helping them out like i do stretch and stuff like that but i feel like the stretches i'm not mixing it up enough like i do yoke has been helping when i got back in iraq climbing my jim had a yoga class size able do that again balance on one for a little bit not very well does it get shakier like my my also unfortunately it was my dominant leg back out hurts i think it will keep on recovering well because there is a little more strength to start with but my cap is pretty atrophied and everything so it's at i just also have to have to get a lot of strength back but just i've also kind of been when i
well out of exercising i've been a little lazy about it too is an interesting how easy it is to do like even for me like i've been exercise my whole life but if i take a few days off i know i have to get back to it but part of me like come on i've never been an exercise guy but i was probably working out like doings something about three hours a day like rochlitz crazy swimming that's me gang cross or doing some boxing stuff was like i was just like on a kick cause i also had i quit drinking which i drink again now i put drinking and smoking cigarettes and so i was you smoke cigarettes now i'm raping now i started after i started drinking again cigarettes followed shortly after and then i'm as i've been smoking cigarettes for about a year which i fucking stand cigarettes and so i've been bathing and hoping in like three months will be able to go from beijing to
i know i know you like i want to do the dead i tried dip recently gives you a buzz yes interesting stuff actually accidentally swallowed it but here's what one of the most interesting things that i learned from the injury was was how how your physical health their well being alters you're pretty your perception of the word old like i have here heard of this study they that they do like the hot and cold cup study where they have someone come in to fill out a survey you know that's what they tell them and then a person gets an elevator and they and there's a there's someone in their like confederate an actor is in there that's like here i've my hands are full could you hold this cup for me and at sea there like a hot cup if your whenever a cold drink and persons like sure takes the drink goes up there elevator gets off gives it back to them you know says by
goes antics survey and then afterwards and this is what its act lay about afterwards did you meet anyone on the way i actually someone actually someone someone in the elevator and are now they'll be like so can you can describe that person and if they had if they had the hot drink though they were more there were more often cut disco them miss being like warm are friendly and if they had the cold drink they would they describe them as like coal these are just some and and the idea is that that damn that though the way are our brains evolves kind of these these higher ideas of of what like being distant as a person let me try means had has to be built over this pre existing kind of five this is kind of software and and so so there's always metaphors further so you call someone like bright or
say we're having a deep conversation or someone's shallow so alive of these ways in which we describe life is is kind of used through these physical metaphors and i remember when i when i broke my feet i remember thinking the hall fucking world is broken i remember thinking like eyes on i'm going down this mountain for like three three hours it and wasn't just worried about my feet i also like in the in political system is like everything just seemed broken like the whole world and then i also remember after i got the second surgery after the bone in action and stuff and having to change all this i remember feeling like like something like this nagging feeling that i couldn't get over as something like missing
from my life there's just deep like hall like somewhere in my soul in life and then one day i realize unlike others a fucking hall in my foot there's an actual whole life we put that's what's missing and and how much that that you're your fists our senses can alter what your pay adoption of the world is for sure how you feel physically now changes how you interact with other people it changes how people perceive you ted changes the kind of conversations you have because we will have more enthusiasm or energy or friendliness or whatever it is when you engage people you can have two broken feet and i can give you more feigning me like lifestyle gummy great more how do you go from morphine to this cradle stuff this crate himself i just discovered like three weeks ago i haven't even taken painkillers unlike in the end this isn't
i don't know i think the researchers out on it i'm not saying people should do cradle working for me you retry cannabis edible cannabis yeah edibles i don't i'm not a big we'd smoker they smoke like twice a week maybe at the mall that's where oil california to say the big we'd smoker i take days off i am like i probably probably once or twice a week i have like hit up we ok but edibles help a bit and the subsidies i don't know i can't tell the subsidies are helping or not it seems like they do a little bit but i'm still exists a meeting with some of that stuff the great am i for i was just in nam i was in wilmington north carolina do instead crow club and i had i was when i'm doing lots of stand up and on my feet in one place is when it seems to have a lot of trouble
and and i was just like bitching about it because i was just having is one of those three days where i just having a rough few days with it and they're like you should cradle bar like what's that a bar of these bars that they have a caravan cradle and stuff and i went pretty sceptic especially when something's legal i'm like a second doing things and i had some and right away it was it like within an hour as i out my foot feels perfect right now and i walked just like a normal person when i'm the step oils nikolai mention it i imagine there's some addictive i had assigned to send me a paper about and i guess there are some side effects i haven't read them all yet but it's just not near what like any other pain killer they making an essential one is a real issue that people die from matters is what the old de fifty with his witches if pivotal
lethal dose at fifty percent meaning that if you give a hundred rats a certain amount fifty percent die at a certain ere i have no idea i i haven't done enough research into it and and i am it's not that well studied which i understand why you know after or whatever contest have companies making you know who knows what they're putting in about all right i get that but but i mean if you look at what people are saying about cradle people that people who are trying to damage their pain and nothing else works are everything else is really addict over makes them uzi or whatever this stuff is ike i feel like very energetic energetic and enthusiastic and just sharper than normal when you are sir it help people get off of opiates big it's it's a partial opiate a marshall up here i don't know exists
what about you take this of time how come you know like reading things on it it always bark guy probably take about like fifteen times so that's it yes i like backer twice in front of me a while real i call that once that does wonder it's going to be a legal next month so i'm like i'm going to try this stuff and see how it feels what's the justification is there any jason for the schedule on classification is it something need to worry about i mean if look at how they d age just just didn't reschedule now which is think about it if you're them if you reach actual marijuana it's basically like you're saying hey should we just get rid of our own jobs enough should natural features
should we just make a law that gets rid of our jobs and essential way of looking at it that's a cynical will of the people who are aware of the reality of all the facts and statistics they would look at chernobyl that's ridiculous hippy bullshit but no no it's not know that that is what's going on and the eaves nowhere there's no other way around it yeah i mean then the maps organisation which has actually sponsoring my tour that i'm doing they but i've had at maps among most likely there in our association of psychedelic studies and they're they're the ones doing like the embryo may try and style for ptsd and what not and they say they actually like working with the fda like they have is not the problem that is the d a bunch cops buncher listen when the big issues with medical marijuana our legalizing marijuana is prison guards unions which is kind of hilarious
so there are literally trying to keep things illegal so that they keep their jobs more out exactly it's crazy it's again one of those things it shouldn't be legal just like advertising drugs as well as the one of us when next and schedule that in the first place he hired a team of like scientists in all of these different different petitions indifferent different experts in different fields to advise him and then they advised him to not schedule it haven't be legal and focus on treatment for things and he was like no poor do on we gotta get rid of these hippies you well that's what it did it really is something that came out over the last year was i don't know was a freedom of information act or whatever it was that they release some papers that showed that what the drug yours truly all about was the civil rights movement hippies anti war movement and the civil rights movement and they were trying to attack
the leaders of civil rights movement and the leaders of the anti war movement in one thing they all had in common was marijuana so that an lsd yells and mushrooms i'm sure so that's when the sweeping psychedelic exactly nineteen seventy was passed it was all passed under the guise of attacking the political forces that are trying to take nixon out of office nixon was such a piece of shit no such horrible horrible piece of shit when you early we go back in and see what that guy did and who he was and what he stood forts wow monsieur le in future have to resign wouldn't you like go back and look at the things that he did and we like you know maybe we do a redo on that hope hesitancy whatever he did we we re examine that yeah all the different things to do involved and yeah they should have gone over every one of us everything that he passed the fine too call your crooked office i'm not a user real cook we'll scary guy
i am i am i take on on why that happened was because of psychedelic second have this testable effect on on a person's openness so if nurses big five personality indicator that's it's not perfect by any means but meets its used quite a bit in psychology so you have country justness like i'm long conscientiousness i'm very disorganized person and and can a messy agreeableness i'm a little laundry ableness i got like to argue with people and stuff and then there is stability or sometimes called neuroticism i'm in the middle there and then there's extraversion also in the middle and then there's openness you're very high and openness that means are you not only are you not averse to novelty or you can't get enough of it you love new restaurant traveling meeting new people having having you know what's going on adventures and and
if you're an end the side effect is you're the kind of person that maybe ends up not having respect for authority and ends up like getting in trouble with the law or your little overly spontaneous hurdle to adventurous and you break your feet or whatever it might be a u eternal card reader yeah i know it sounds a lot like tear out a garrison in really some of these things should be taken much more seriously than terror cards but nice in dollars you a nice job of you so you alex you ask people questions like d consider yourself a clean person like strongly agree strongly disagree where wherever in between and so your filling out questions like that that's how it's kind of determining itself evaluation which there's problems there or theirs there's a website called apply applesauce you go to it in and plug it in and it goes through everything you ve liked on facebook and kind of determines your purse not traits based on that so if you're really low on openness you're like the kind of person that's always been in their home kind of
go anywhere else this is gray to traveling a scary to you your country's the best you haven't been to other countries that you know that your country is the best in your what churches are brought up in his absolutely right one other ones kind of sound ridiculous and and outsiders are very scary and thing that dumb that psychedelic have been pretty well said to do now is that a thing dose of psychic alex welfare good amount of time often a year sometimes for the rest of your life be more open you'll rate higher in openness for the rest of your life so people are doing more site alex at this time and they were so if your long country if your low and openness you're like you're often appeal the community because you love laws like lazo your favorite you have this nice little playbook that you can live life by and wish there are stricter so more people would follow them you're a law makers these are your favorite people and then if these people
you know young and in college and michael what the heck everyone else is doing that and then all of a sudden becoming more open and starting to question authority i think it did play a little a factor in in a little bit of the civil rights move so using this is a conscious decision by the powers that be to try to limit psychedelic because they were worried specifically about people becoming more open no i think i dont think that they understood that's what was happening up her i think that psychedelic had this effect i don't i don't think that government knows a lot in ireland i do i i did do those others quite a lot of tests that went on with especially lsd with them literary and then of course there was the harvard the very famous harvard lsd studies which there's a good he meant created ted gusinsky sure you whereat right you know the other was the german documentary i believe is called the net
highlighted how ted kosinski the unabomber was a part of these lsd studies at harvard they fuckin fry that dude brain he went to bed claims private crazier ready we went to berkeley became a professor hoarded off all his money just enough money to implement its plan and then butter cabin in the woods are killing people who are involved in technology he was convinced of his lsd traps that and really he's right long years is an exceptionally bright guy is that that that's that was what was kind of soulier and very scary about him like yours is a genius was that's how they found my brother recognized his creed rivalling scribe from the manifesto brother met as a manifesto and probably is thinking it it might be his brother anyway because when his brother came back from the de trips presently he was absolutely convinced that technology was going to be the end of mankind the way to stop it in its tracks there was a slight trojan horse and that people are creating
this technology but he was he was extrapolate who seeing the future and seeing everything he's right he's right i mean this is one of the things we're talking about today as a becomes more more of a reality elon musk that the famous speech we said that were summoning the demon this is essentially what ted kosinski saw he's just in his crazy fuckin head he said the widow excesses to killed right around jimmy's not ideal poor execution will not even a good idea just an odd reality the possibilities of the future while so to clarify just so just i'm not coming off like i think it's a conspiracy i dont think the government knew any of this stuff i don't think anyone know a lot of these effects i think i think like a lot of that cultural means or laws that happened has just kind of something something that just kind of happened an idea was stumbled upon that just kind of ended up working in
interest of the law makers here so so i think people happened to start taking more psychedelic smooth because you know they're there popularized for therapies and whatnot so so it just happened to be that people started second alex and it happened to be during the civil rights movement time in when people did take psychedelic they happen people to know this time happened to be opening themselves up in questioning authority more because that's what they happened to make you do and then all of a sudden there's a lot more troublemakers out there lay a government and in this way those two together the also that's one thing that i find interesting i think he was timothy leary said this but apparently turns mckenna asked timothy larry and he denied that he ever said it so no no who said it but was one of those guys during that time said that el de has been known to create took cause people to go oh lsd
has been known to cause people who don't take it to go crazy that's a fund what paragraph elegant than that but that was that's right the way it is like i know so many people don't smoke pot when they hear what part all the time though it why you smoke all the time i can't you get things done like pottage lazy and like you say that smoke potluck how can you say that i think it and it affects everyone differently i know people that function at very high levels and pretty much may do when they when on own wade like of if they'd if they stop taking part they become like they become like dumbed thou with helps them i dont know if its independence there were not bad but some people like motivates them and they can clean thous they can take care of shit and it doesn't have that affect them makes me a little paranoid makes me it tells me down a little bed i feel like but edibles i like i don't have that effect will do
different strains have an effect on different area tell i mean i feel like i've tried a bunch of different strains and i can't find anything that i like to at the end of the night have ahead a weed if i'm like by myself watch a movie or something like that are from just hanging out with a friend watching the movie in the social situation i wouldn't want to see why wouldn't want to smoke way that before doing this podcast is because i am i would worry that i would get my head to march a and b or analyzing things while also the year when you're doing some like this it's being broadcast like if you and i were just hanging out we had about a ridiculous shit reality not got things it we ve done on this by gas a million times is to distil it then you know people ye say ridiculous shit and say something and then people realize o everybody gets retorted when this one pot it's not like i enjoy it but it's not what i would smoke for would go on stage see when i
view that say that the different strains don't affect them anyway really and thereby i don't i just can't figure out what what is it for me there is a real big difference particularly with like the cushions like any any like serious indicators like thereof also in narcotic effect on me like i enjoy it i enjoy it but it's not what i would smoke for would go on stage see when i now i so here's the other problem i guess with my the way that i when i first started my first got my medical marijuana card when and this may is the first time you walk into dispensary and so like the future and i you know went crazy i spent like seven hundred but may i got money is no object me i want the finest of every kind of everything that you have and then i realized that one funds when you smoke the best of the best is yo
may i have one head and then i can't i can't i'm in a coma one a one head and i am out era like crazy paranoid or but so now i too as i just get used if i'm gonna get we'd rather than edibles i just get dumb i just get stuff out of a shake jar as like five bucks a grammar whenever the new shit son what is it breasts prey is is it like a shame in and then down now this will change your fuckin life this has a thousand milligrams a dough works but you're only supposed to take six pumps and you get a thousand programmes of the whole thing is a thing it's about that's not right exit milligrams per spray this one's one seventy five although this is the right one the others did at a smaller designers three seventy five milligram little bottle is that life but i think there's no grounds of spray yeah yeah cartwright pray they just sounded under my tongue again
there's some that are more potent this has the most potent anyway this one that's the most potent business thousand this like a thousand milligram browning you not supposed to the whole thing i one type of technical nibble when he makes a fifteen hundred to its really problematic what i like about edibles is is how it's meant and there seems to be like a little difference between brands and stuff but i know five malaga sam's nothing 10mg just kind of feel a little good 15mg i'm starting to get high twenty now i'm high twenty five now i'm really high and i don't do more than that i took ten sprays and then did a pod shit my pants agafea might and twelve about and twelve twelve sprays and i did i guess where the whole towels bonapartists low skiing downhill just hope i didn't have to change i got have to turn or avoid unnoticed gear as like oh jesus oh jesus stay up just stay up
yeah i i've been high on state probably twenty times in my benton comedy correct virus or something like that and i probably had ten those times where i felt like i was giggly and having fun and helped the show and then i had ten of those times where i was just like i could thanks trade i couldn't remember anything and it's just not worth the risk for me its total crapshoot i one time i i said these set up of one joke with upon a line of another joe and at that time like goes just a really hot audience and i was doing really well and at the time they laughed like i realize why isaac wait a second what are you guys laughing and then i went can i told both jokes and explain why scared up like sound or what the fuck you guys are laughing ass it had made no sense maybe it was just my influx
and was funding or something like that it's funny maybe they don't want to seem stupid like when those dennis miller thing laugh at referenced how yes you know is a heartbreaker finance we tell me doesn't really know what he's talking about that you just comes up would like these the obscure references can they work well in a joke form our ally mcdonald told me that as it does now know those things right come on whereas i just had a tide just talking with a guy like one of the reasons why we laugh at things is because is because you are you're conveying that you have that same knowledge you now that you get it that europe and the context for it or whatever it's like advertising that you also this what you want to be in with the cool crown crowd knows the joke that's hilarious eyes it hilarious shame because i want you to like me that's it where that a lot of some in an eye
plenty of movie references in soft cabotage it seems like a lot of the the current quite like smart comedy these days is just like movie references likewise that you watch a lotta tv like i don't get why that's smart that you know of this obscure show there like you didn't i tell you if you want to tell you what you gonna ought rooms or something so that as happens in all rooms that's kind of but i mean i like all rooms as well but dumb but i see that sometimes round like that's that's just a movie that no one knows about that you arched like i don't get why that smart the sun i felt like indicative dick intelligence is just like you people dont know about so it seems like it smart right you're clever because you remembered something right that's please that was a command waste of time so i went back to his cradle stuff it would you buy it meaning they had shopping online for about another weak ties
so crazy and so no one wants to become schedule one then it's like part our heroine like you get caught with it you're going to jail the ida i mean the schedules don't necessarily affect what the panel these are like you'll get more trouble for a schedule to cocaine than you would well scuttle one marijuana right but i dont know what the actual penalties or before bay i think it will be a schedule want so they have to establish penalties but to the established penalties based on science and me do they have any logic behind with their savage is now i mean i don't think they i dont think they say bush and on any penalty is based on science i dont think our prison system i think of us scientists were running the present system they would get scrap start are all over it be about reforming and rehabilitation which is what supposed to be about frank and i'd i dont think i dont think we're doing great science with our present present system in any way here the thing is this one
and telling another person what they can and cannot put in their body we can't demonstrate that is hurting anybody else but that person to me that's like ok that's the case why is it wise to iraq climb yes climbing is obviously dangerous wise it ok to bungee john why is it ok to jump out of airplanes stuffs all legal but you can't take this crate himself and you can i mean you can whereas at that aid that they use those bullet ants and like put em on their hands and like you can try doing that from the pay the pain so intense but they trip like they do thus during ceremonies can run a marathon and get into a transcendental state because your body is going through such torture that it goes into this different part of your brain that pushes you through it and i mean you can hallucinate from lack of sleep for fur
six months of my life is trying to do a thing where every two hours you sleep for like twenty minutes or whatever for how long it took six months yeah like trying i crazy we're different things and i go on all these weird different kicks it wasn't may i started hallucinating after a while so explain every two hours usually for twenty minutes about i would set the alarm for like twenty minutes and i have also read you know i so i was it was before as a comedian and it was i was trying to i was trying to work in third shift in a factory and then at the same time i was going to school like just tat school for like a backup plan i want to be a comedian but i also like very scared and didn't know how to start and and and so i was taking like sir sixteen or eighteen credits or something like that and now and then and i also had a social life so i was every two hours i just had a time i'd taken up and the crazy thing was
all ran together so if i if i was in there for lecture on monday and then on friday there was a test on it it was ass if i just heard it it was it was all one day as i can't we just talked about this was really weird and then i tried to like supplements and stuff like that too like do energy boosting thing and and then one day one day my eye i got an only catch frying lobbies supplements i staggered man i'd and kind and looking up doing that others just like i'd like like a tan later orally should focus typical and i was like you ought this isn't what and i and i dropped out of school jesus christ and started sleeping regularly and when our life save you went out like at nine o clock at night union friends went out with you
go somewhere eleven taken out there all that often but that is what the more most ridiculous things we trained take twenty minutes hours later hey guys when i got thinking i'll meet you guys there the thing was feeding like follow the schedule really strictly as one man you'd get fucked so if i did end up having some drinks or something like that and hanging out with friends and not doing that nap or if eyes at work in like i wouldn't get my break when i suppose to it would it would really fucked me up and i said loosened aiding when eyes driving i fell asleep behind the wheel wants and almost crashed my car went into a ditch and was able to drive out of it and so i i put an end to that experiment but alas it i can't believe i did a prison as i did looking back on and dislike it didn't seem that
crazy to me at the time i don't know what's so what is that what is twelve hours at twenty minutes causes half its double by every every two hours so twelve hours at twenty minutes see or hear since the sleeping in psychiatric hours a day i guess and but by doing in these long stretches were two hours than twenty minutes to ours and twenty minutes you never illegal did i carry rum sleeper now something so every hour i would start to i would like wake up in a little bit of a dream state and we're don't recommend for six months yeah that's amazing that kind of like stick to it if when i get august on something i can but yet i mean the point is is it there's a million ways to trip you can stop people from tripping have you done the hollow tropic breathing thing no but i just started hearing about this recently community planetary never done it i've had a friend my friend arbours done it several times
there's this people really know how to do it correctly this a couple of his day out wolfman irma that guy's name known a whim off half similar mean a whim office and pretty there's some psychedelic aspects to his breathing technique i think to a definite put you in a state of mind but the hollow tropic breathe thanks somehow or another it forces your body into a psychedelic state about actually couple people have done it it takes a while but through specific style a breathing tv defined jamie we wicked tell people what the fuck we're talking about i haven't done an obviously but i know of some ro people who do coon delaney yoga who have also don t empty they say that through coon doing you practice when you get deep into it on a regular basis and do a daily you can achieve dm t like state on the natural well i went since doing
empty now if i much mushrooms i can meditate myself into a dm two state for like five to ten minutes while you're on mushroom i did mushrooms and afloat tank recently hung around and that was off it's because of how much the empty i do or whatever but that was like at the empty trip to me yeah it was like but a little more control than i could pop out of at any time that i wanted to but that was like four for i mean take me like five minutes to get into it and then within five minutes i mean i had music playing inside of my head in like these crazy like the m stories happening in different worlds that seeing unlike palaces and and other areas with like scary weird clowns and stuff like that i was i mean us is the best europe my life and it was like
full on hallucinations cause i did flow tanks a couple times just sober neighbourly saw anything i didn't like loosened eight or anything as well like meditation on steroids if it is that a deafening like meditation stars but flow tanks or something were the more comfortable gay with marks the experience the easier you slip into it so the ie the quicker you slip into it intellect are going to have done so many times now cause it's in my house lay down in my body goes up here we go again could turn good times i've done it like it's not lagoon mcgoldrick bleeding floating like those stay to my mind that you get to when you're in that i can't leave on floating thing it takes you wild relax floating around you back against the wall you turn of sending yourself i think that state though combined with the mushrooms it's gotta be next aren't there how so you ve done that mushrooms and yang indebted bring on hallucinations for you is the strongest hallucinations honestly is from too much edibles i've had too much edible
so i went into the tag why just guideline we're gonna die and you get in there and i just have a full below i have this one insane intense experience where i felt like i was in a job go like i was in a jungle and i was walking to the jungle with these people and they were all speaking language and i understood the language and in my mind i was thinking in their language and then i realized it oh anne oh my kind of thinking and other leg unemployed amount of it went away but for the brief few mobile it's where it happened i mean i could remember feeling the the would do on the ground feeling the leaves under my fee and walking through the jungle with these people there's a lot of fun i believe that the reason why we have instincts
reason why you know like an animal comes out of its mother's brett body immediately goes to the breast in instinctively start sucking others certain data does just encoded in our body and would it comes from the experiences of all the different beings it existed before us the bread and eventually became us that this is this mass data base of experiences mall your ancestors neural sort of collected together so the idea that occasionally you can tap into some distant memory that's all locked him oh look what i found it's our highschool yearbook this is crazy and you open up what's essentially your dna is high school yearbook from some in our fuckin sub saharan experienced when you are half a monkey person layers memory stored in dna or something like that i so that's i mean my my scientific mind would just say that you know it genes that are set up to
this inclination to up on your mother's tits end up being passed on easier in and or not but i have i've had full on i i remember specifically i had a mushroom trip like ten years ago where i must have taken a ton what happened size blackout drunk i took mushrooms i don't remember any of it and then i must have passed out and i just woke up trip i didn't it took me like couple minutes to realize what is going on isaac and my dreaming did i go crazy what her eyes like mushrooms in the fridge i bet i gobbled those things and then i closed my eyes and i saw a solid inside my rain was kind of like the be opening seen a fighter but like electricity shooting around over neurons bala and then
zoomed in and then i saw like an individual and their on and then it's zoomed in and then i saw like a strip of dna and then it's zoomed in and then i saw like this little section of dna and then just exploded and i saw of life like going all the way back to so so i saw like all these different battles and stuff and and like my ancestors and then it went all the way back to like being my given all that and went back to like this first little plant see the light springing spring sprouting and then it was over and that's not i mean it wasn't it wasn't accurate representation of the history of evolution but it's still in saying that my brain was able to do that now darlin i creativity though in is not yet you bring on mushrooms absorbing information that you already know yeah sort of manipulating an i think so
i think it would be hard to have a mechanism where memories are stored in other cases the problem with that there's been studies done that show that they exist i hears what they did they took these rats or mice and put a citrus spray in the air and then they elect due to their feet so every time they pray the citrus smell they gave him a charge on their feet made their hurt them there children who never experienced any of this their dna from these mice rate of these children the children they would spread it's your spray in the air and they would automatically have this terror response they freak out they the accelerated panic level measurable who's they realised and they and they weren't pregnant when they did this or an opening ha though they may be significant amount time between the actual experiences and when their pregnant and you know rat in mice and shit there they're not brain of very long i think a rat is prey
like sixteen days or something like that and then they they give birth something crazy like that i think that's what i hamster maybe maybe i'm confusing hamster perhaps pregnant like sixteen days shoots out a letter and then sixteen days later get pregnant yet they could just so long twenty one days for rapid so so it's real quick so they did these studies they torture these little mrs zapper feet with that it's your spray in the air and then there is a clear indication that that memory of that smell being attached to danger was transmitted to their children who that's incredible the so this is why i think well it only makes sense i mean i don't know why these likely incredulous about it because how else do we get all these instincts me why would we assume that memories are not somehow another stored in the very genetic me
honourable members on my brain it's in my hard drive i take it out i moved around no your memory somehow or another is in your consciousness we know exactly know where we no when areas of the brain injured it affects memory window but that it could very well be that the areas of the brain are involved in processing memory not less storing memory we don't know really we realistically there's only one thing is certain things i deem tease produce not just in the brain but it's also produce in the liver and in the lungs they noticed for fact so it's one things where maybe other things are stored in other pie of the body we would just assume that the very body itself doesn't have some sort of memory but you know any pete talk to people limbs that have been removed their phantom itches and things on those lines now that's one explanation for that phenomenon is that you have a memory europe your actual tissue has a memory of that limb
well there's also a body map in in the brain and giving us the best good example but the mice examples pro the best one well it does make me think of her oh how information and from our environment can can effect fetal environment like females females lower income places are or in lower parts of the social and of hierarchy in human will tend to have and there's all these different species that have where the species can kind of pick pending on the environment whether it's going to be a male or female so long or status females tend to have a dog there's more morn unlike the kings that higher status tend to have more sons because sons sons of
are doing very well have the opportunity to make a bunch and spread their genes on quite a bit more but a female even if it's like lower status female or low income or whatever of female can always have like at least a couple children whereas a lot of men get kind of evolutionary dead ends you know if if a did brought up poor he's gonna have a hard time finding a mate basically so does seem like there's some environmental influence that is somehow recognised in the brain that is kind of selecting a little bit better than chance whether you're going to have like a male or female so there might be other mechanisms in their like that that can effect i just i can't conceptualize how how it would work but since i have brought their studies like that
don't know enough about them however and i well i can tell you conceptualize why of there'd be a strong connection between that smell which was always followed by an electrocution that somehow be stored in the dna of the animal which should be a smart thing to pass on to the children what baby i out rupert children quetta an example about this were he was talking about children inner cities there not afraid of or accidents or murder or bank robbers are real real threats that word about monsters even though don't ever see monsters there were two monsters in the closet and he coralie did it to an ancient fear of cats like jaguars birds and lines and things that kill people forever and that at night these things with big teeth and hide in the dark and wait to get you the monsters but you know there's a theirs
yo of this guy were a lion or a tiger rather charges on full clip charges them and it is as tariffs as any harm movie you ever seen you live to thing veers off like about thirty or so yards away from decided not to run at him but it's running at him full co with this insane speed that a kind of new the tigris could run but until you see it eager oh my god like you're so fast it's it's it's just this furious snarl and just unbelievable pace it moves towards them and its monster now and you saw that that killed when your friends and you have children that would be passed on to their kids like be scared of monster yeah i well sometimes and people's taken alaska they report seeing like ice snakes or worms as well jaguar
as to boredom but i think that there is a physiological reaction where your bodies being thinking that has been poisoned which a kind of has been in a little bit of away and i think maybe in the non conscious there's there's this projection of because in your ancestral past if your poisoned is probably because of a snake or some parasite or bacteria or something like that so maybe maybe that because that is he said may be stored in the dna or in the memory somehow even if you ve never ran into a stake perhaps you would hallucinate one of your body thanks that you're you ben poison being like what happened here and in kind of running through a simulation of what must have happened that's really could be possible means a lot of variables i think it's a does any one clear way at this time to figure out what what's going on or you know it people that interpret dreamed
all what that means is you don't know what the fuck that right i had a dream that i was running from godzilla skateboard with my cousin you haven't seen in twenty years you think that you can interpret that no that's all you're here try but by your past union cousin have this tension and the last time you saw them you are you saw lizard and maybe or maybe the human imagination is bizarre doubt sverige very very strange an incredibly powerful means the idea that we can dream and i can have a dream where where i m making up all of these people or people that i know in doing perfect impressions of em in maybe front languages that you don't normally know and you do all without even realizing you're doing it you think it's happening to you you don't even realize you're making up the story line in writing this script in putting together of actors and you're doing in your sleep but you wake up well rested if you sit unlike read a book
get tired out you'll get fatigued using your brain like that your brain can do all of that in your sleep and you wake up hello rested like it took it took no energy at all trying to do that it's gotta be drugs right i mean it i have something to do with the empty they don't know for sure but they do believe that one year and heavy rem sleep your brains producing all empty now they know now the cottonwood research foundation is done those studies on rats with a proven that live rats are producing dime ethel trip to mean pineal gland they know that this is actually the source of the right is the first time before resolves anecdotal evidence now they know that its total possible that once testing measures get better and they can figure out how to detect things at a more accurate rate there eventually do studies on people who are asleep they gonna be able to measure the empty levels where its common from unwanted spikes and can somehow another you know they're starting to be do things now or they can show
oh you images and you can receive those images in your visual cortex that i have to think that eventually they're going to be able to interpret whatever kind of dream data is going on your head at least in some sort of crude form dvr your dreams of area eventually get better and if we live a thousand years from now mean who knows what he showed me her jamie us look and something up that a member someone and came in here talking to us about this is called dreams fear it's an apt that people want to download and type in what data dreams they just had an app is getting what it's called like big data it's getting all the imf
nation on what metric people are dreaming about colors oh yeah they showed you the heathen around you were dreaming like you and this is less has two main people download this and you can find out what other people are dreaming about kind of like based on a map and i think the person that was in here those talking about so that their funding up you were dreaming about the same things at the same time all over the world or something like that who said that i dont remember cause he said it was an official data is eric dublin i don't care members a margin of its everybody dreaming about having sexual hilary aroused quote an epidemic we realized she put it out there from camp trails she sprang up in the sky i sent interesting that they have the people people at can't talk or whatever allow say like stephen hawking basically you can show you can now show them you can give them memorize show them pictures of of certain words
that are useful like bathroom or whatever it might be and then it can determine what part of the brain is lighting up when they are thinking of a bathroom in we are and then you can hook them up and they can just concentrate on the word bathroom and it will know that their sang bathroom and in so doing so this is stephen hawking just like hates using new technology and shed so i'm that's why they're alive a hates it haystack that's why his voice still like fuckin shit given my jp ceilings on old computers he just doesn't like learning new technologies tat every one of us like what amount and talks form and everything he's a guy who needs that new shit but there s a once we can the brain and figure out but that's the dream to dvr like dreams are deep m t trap or something like that and then slow it down
this is where the m teacher there's just billion things happening all at once and impossible to articulate i don't think you're everyone we also down because if we look at it in terms of what we see in normal reality like like if you had seen they good like say when you know why you were fifteen you hit a homerun in the little league game and you remember it's okay cuz you was it you were the hero you came back every week are you on your shoulders and you could go back in that over and over again if you had a recording of it in your mind and go back and see in real time and replace it would all makes sense e g the grass moving in the breeze he would see the clouds flow gently overhead you'd see the players in the field i see people talking laughing in the stands it would all makes sense because it's all references and and things that exists in this dimension is plain the problem with this empty as if you took even one one hundredth of the images that you're saying just a little corner of it and just looked at it and in time
i d examine what the fuck it is it's a constantly changing geometric pattern it somehow an analogous act like tat so does the man and it has some things have an effect on it like a view ever dundee empty too eager owes those south american songs that they can play no i do although i did can you use the shaman was doing them on my couple i alaska yeah come on an issue that i dare singing in but i ll ask interrelated for me it was a bit of a disappointment as good or a bad place now i just don't have enough was strong enough to my as i do so the empty already i just wanna like second get there go for it and then it wasn't enough it was it was like a good mushroom trip was good but it wasn't air was rooms of isn't joy of all other than like sitting in a room less another people throw up guy i just don't have the stomach for lap and it was also like
i was my bullshit detector was just kind of going off a lot there is just a lot of people dressed unlikely white move things just i gotta there's a girl had a magic wand and she was so hot two eyes like here it is so hot no one's ever called your bullshit now no of course not be banger anybody on its path to like a bearded never revealed a fucking carrier out a magic wand without some lady be like what's up with you could can you ask you to have a line of magic wand daisies easy and pull it off drake it was valve eyes too to be as open minded as possible but it was also like
of the salmon going around in my blowing smoke and the crown of my head was like a bit much farming as a guide this guy's gonna blow my hair now for you all of you are super i blew it connecting smoke i didn't like that you had better go unlike neil in front of us to do the thing i shall accept surety way way way neil in front of him i believe go unlike sit down and from our as i just hang kneel to where you stand on setting and he's sitting like pouring about is was actually come to make of it must remain but here i mean if i if i was doing i alaska irvine giving someone i alaska i would be bowing to them for being brave enough to try it we're that he made you knew and for me the wrong way it should say a further four but i have heard of ski easy
the guy's as guidelines gazing at all he was super cool and really bright and everything i just thought i thought some of those allow silly interrupted in our took her ignored its there's a lot of that to these things like it's what you expect thing is so beyond the reality that we all know that the other silly shit almost seems ok in our mother gaia we open ourselves to please take me down the path of wisdom enlightenment i opened myself to you come here with acknowledgement of my past troubles and and then you know this shit look man you no one hears i actually they say to certain intention and everything i certainly i'm sure like i want to understand why i have some so the same issues and why i don't have more confidence and and
i would like i'm not play along and can be as open minded as possible and i will say during that i'll ask a trip i was the most confident i've ever felt in my entire life liked as just a feeling like i could do anything on fortunately it was all geared towards like while visible tibet is pretty confident that it was as i can i just go outside of my trip by myself because i feel great i'm in a room of people like puking in fighting everywhere and like this it's not for me now addressing boeing magic wand and and i also i have i have a couple thing i think some people are miss representing what's happening i think that that when your ass as someone who's almost died like product many times in my life i've had like a near death experience and like breaking my feet kind of triggered the same sort of response and your life kind of flashes before your eyes and goes kind of back in time a little bit really that's
you're selling what the brain does because it also projects all these options going forward like can i right now i am i gonna be alone make it it was my life going to be like now and and then so i think that one when you're like flashes before your eyes it's not like some hey let's just have a quick fond nostalgic run through what our life was in visit some old memories this is your brain going like do we have any for this situation do we have have we seen a tv show that will get us out of this do we do we remember first aid class and it's going back and back and back and i'm wondering for going back far enough to what the fuck no environment was like i wonder if we you have memories somewhere stored in it and because the fetal invite but could have easily been all of these weird structures in cities fractal like they doesn't seem to me that that what the environment for he came out of the womb could look like and if its
can you buy out about what did you mean before him the one you mean like what you are experiencing while you are in your mother's womb yeah with your eyes a clause in the dark of answers little bits of consciousness sitting the first little bits of conscious might be tripping yeah like like these kind of fractal like structures i think fractals are i mean fractals you're able to put a finite at your age to fit infinity into a finite space somehow it's the weird counter intuitive thing about fractals but if you were if if you made packets of information that were fractal like that would be a great way to transport information like transport ideas i thank and so i think that could be very origins of conscious and then when we came out we are seeing this but it was all like a blob you didn't see like walls or pick sure like you'd in under and saw it was just a blob of information coming you that you later had to be taught
decipher in and but i think the origins that could have been like this of like i've seen like a lot a hollow traffic cities and that kind of look like computer chips a little bit that sort of thing and it wouldn't prize me if that's what the first little like say get this machine where you can record dreams if we can recall then what's happening when you are fetus surprise me if it was something like this and i think that i think that i oscar india m t have a way of triggering near death experience when your consciously aware a better now it's like what the fuck is happening right now just like when you why do you think it triggers near death experience like or it's your brain into thinking maybe you're dying really like i've never had that france on never had we have made me feel like maybe i was dying admit had made me feel like maybe i went somewhere where thousands must be
i got my god you fucked up now you went to a place where you nannies was to see this yet i haven't necessarily felt it that much myself of either of them i felt like i you know i've forgotten i'm a human that smoke the empty just like a different thing entirely too i packed this little bit though for people and elect these fuckin hippies what are they happen about their the brain does produce endogenous psychedelic chemicals it produces five methodically damn t produces an end dimensional tripped mean to super potent psychedelic drugs the brain produces and we don't understand why it's entirely possible that of the adult human brain produces it that a baby's brain produces while right so if it's in that womb state which is in a lot away sort of like a sensory deprivation tank but with of course the feeling in the corridors all effect of the mother and the oxytocin and all the while given hormones and the corresponding directly to the stress of the mother there's a lot going on with the body inside the body right
we should assume that those brains are experiencing what we know to be possible in the human mind which is psychedelic chemicals and i've seen i've seen actual dreams on don t trips like you geller dream like you're used to having which is unusual because that's nothing what the normal don t world jimmy whereby taken dear dear why you dream of a bad dreams were you going to the deity world i've i've experienced both but i've had a smoke the empty and then i'd see like a guy like walking down the hall holding a box and then i'd look at em and look at me and be like and then start like watching like like their cities like like making fun of me and then and then here reach back and grab the wall and pull it and it would be like this a veil
then it became the whole world and started let like the empty space though your more familiar review could sell that in a virtual reality environmentally i hears the game you wake up you're in a classroom you what you like you lift your head up like i must have fallen asleep in class nobody left me here right i got the hallway and is a guy walking down the hallway he's carrying a box of books in excuse me excuse me you go up to many grab shouldering turns into gaza cowardly that's inevitable though there going to be able to figure out a way to create a virtual it's one of the first things it actually mckenna believed that they were going to be will the figure out how to create a virtual dm t world which would give people the dm two experience without actually taking the empty brain with somehow another synchronize with this virtual world and you would have a full blown de empty trip with and this is he thought this up i'm sure he was driven but he thought this up in life i believe the nineties or maybe they might even
the eighties we were talking about this is when virtual reality was still like people had predicted its you know that virtual reality was gonna blow up and get a huge but it took a long time until recently were the technology caught up the concept now like they finally are starting to get that hover board more lax this one is the one you know the one with the air that the same guy that made the the pack that goes in water and then shoots the air he made he made a board that you stand on that uses fan and he hovers like thirty forty feet above the ground of scenario now about the laborious hover board which uses magnet somehow its like some super cool magnates with like liquid nitrogen or something like that i believe in excess ones really cool why is it sort of proof of concept and what they do
and right now is there using it and the guy stands on it like a skateboard any sort of slides around on things and it's only a couple inches off the ground but its clearly floating lego year here now this is an error one does the other one this is another one called they arca board also this one's our fans this is the one that i was there might not be realistic fuck this looks like a sitcom actor both are real so by fast now madam president finally so one well that is pre doped up to this real obligation a wild bunch fans i tell you if you just put fly board air test one try to go to the excess first i want a solution is lexus thanks and i emptiness this is our collective fund on magnets in and yeah its super cool magnets with some sort of liquid nitrogen
i cannot see how it so all that areas the bottom that's a liquid nitrogen so think lexus is assuming that this technology sword like back the futures shit that this time knowledge is eventually how we're gonna get around cars and one of the interesting things about that if they really do figure out how to do this if we you get around in cars that are not connected to the ground with wheels even though there will be momentum as we collide with each other if we fuck up it was have nearly going to impact you you won't have the friction of the role that the makes the vehicle observed the energy the other vehicle ryanair it'll absorb it a little bit about you back yeah not well worth having eventually our power lines will be superconductors too so it's either their cooled down enough so you're not losing all at you're losing something like a quarter of the energy has just lost in the way in transit route so
i had to define the fly born yeah ok lie board air test holy shit this guy's flyin ok this is way cordon another piece of shit there is a nice quit this is not how long this guy stay on this thing i like five or ten minutes or something like in what watch and stick this landing to it's incredible how much control has over this is amazing noses available for public consumption i think this is i think it will be a representative of this company has been i ploy i hope to be should look at the oil and happily represent the hover board company i want i want to be associated with them the crazy wind is coming from and that other frame he could see like when there's a dark background you could see the force of the air below a backup luba jamie she could see the force of the air below that thing cv
yeah you that siena force like backup of it so you could see it like look as is flying how much air that thing must be pumping money that that's crazy and it's fuckin up the water underneath it as he's swimming around was flying around that's incredible man they i watched the landing here look at our accurate this is why are you that that's like a five by five space that he just landed dead centre and he landed right next to two guys it were so confidently just stood there was flying around on what looks like it's like a like a box doesn't even livonia skateboard it looks like a circular like a small all trampoline itself small now fuck an amazing mission one coming soon fly board is the data this video jamie as like a year ago maybe april this year
this amount of time for someone has one of those in the flying right for any window jerking off on your house two hundred percent gonna happen someone's gonna be like their shooting down there on someone's gonna shoot a british spears house walk off on a roof and they're gonna get arrested and it'll be like the new thing like flanking was a thing for a while jerking hundred jerks famous people's houses be anything yeah we're gonna be able to control the skies sort of like the ocean i think the oceans fascinating for friends i have friends have boats guys like to go fishing and i've never had about but one of things i've always thought was incredible is like if you live like sea marine adele rare some like that and you have a boat and you hop out your boat
you just go out into another world europe your fuckin space traveller on a boat and you roaming around this enormous swathe of ocean and you're free to go left and right and up and down and there's no roads and is no restrictions you do whatever you want i can't believe like people are so i mean i think space travels exciting and everything but everyone psych what if we fight and aliens as theirs alien and there in the ocean men envy its cheap to get to them does go to every time we go down deeper we discover all these new worlds down than other constantly and crazy new life forms one of the public would but the number or the percentage of documented life forms in the ocean are they're always finding new freaky variations if she'd adam squid that they found that has crab legs crazy man is a giant squid they found in mexico and it was a camera that was attached to one of those oil rigs sir there were essentially just in check
the oil red and there is a single floating right next door which is really freaky looking alien squid that has like crab legs like really bizarre like obvious bends to the legs like check this out like this look at that fucking thing man look out on its tentacles are enormous this is two thousand seven was an aim this video jamie so people can alien like squid found an oil drilling site system that's exactly what i would call the video courtesy of the shell oil company shell doing a good job at finding aliens in the ocean there's like that planet or some about one of those bbc documentaries like planet earth but just ocean stuff and you watch it it's like you could show people in that and they
but think that you're watching like a sea gee i made up thing about aliens i give you ever seen anything like this before that back it up so you can see that that image again with the meticulous bent arms like what the fuck is that man just look at that a few if you saw that thing floating in space if they were all your wisdom and swam they are on their way to the moon and they saw their thing floating in space they would go home she exasperate there's an alien in space it's watching over the plan i found that the very intelligent they can solve puzzles we would we would think that the most incredible discovery ever but we see this thing in the ocean like out just hear depends on what you put things right i give you put anything is more interesting is put in space there was a orange we found an orange on the moon oh my god and there's like that let's talk about how your brain perceives things as metaphors everything that's like
getting high is good or your fifty feeling like upper rather than down as bad you know and under the if heavens up in the clouds and stuffs there's something i don't know if it's just this natural like our inherent for against gravity that that makes us think like that's what you want obtain to lift off to be up there where do you think how is definitely because a volcanoes billy makes sense well makes sense i mean have you ever been near volcano before now the bigger and has awesome tours inhabit a helicopter you fly over the banana of hawaii and you get act we watch the island grow design grows something like a full day now more than you can literally see the lava come out the out of the sheets and go into the ocean and create new land masses of fucking awesome
and your flying over this helicopter the helicopter rather you're flying over this volcano and you look down into lava you see that the very center of the earth oozing out of its opposite this weird surface which has created the entire hawaiian island chain by the way the entire hawaiian island chain is just volcanoes solid as vulcan those in the middle of the ocean that iraq did millions of years ago and poked their way through the top and theirs constantly growing in changing brill it is far more interesting than what humans were able to make up in their wildest fantasies of trying to explain what was happening what once we get a grip on reality or we get a good account of reality then you can get free created with your imagination but arrive at the abbe this the actual reality of space is insane the idea that there's hundreds of billions of galaxies out there and that each one of them has the infinite ability is about what kind of planets around there how far they are from their stars home
stars in the solar system what else is out there in terms of life what are the possibilities of things surviving out there they think it's possible that some living things can maybe even survive in space detached from planet right even the reality of evolution like right i mean when you when you get far enough in who had a new look at all these different examples it's the reality of evolution is actually craze hear them like there was a guy and he had a son named jesus is has also more accurate but i i remember i used to be like how could anyone believe i was very angry as raised strictly catholics i had some bitterness but all of them and but then once i started learning more about evolution and it's just like this is i didn't know how for this stuff now wonder these people to eighteen out now has been given the opportunity to learn it you know when you brought up in us
while town and that's just your upbringing right over yet i mean man just stop and think about the big bang you wanna mine fuck yourself think about the idea that these scientists are proposing the universe itself everything that you say it was smaller than that of a pen and then infinite mass and some are another exploded and create everything we see stars today that right you sure and there's that's under debate means other proposals there's other scientific ideas have been abandoned bout the parallel universes brains membranes colliding they know that different universes in dimensions are like just slightly separated from each other and they collide endless process of expansion and contraction and that that's what happens the entire universe expands infinitely and then pulls back into an infinitely small spot and then like out a billion years just repeats the cycle
yeah i mean i think that are i think that our brains are endlessly fascinating to do just that i mean humans like to give themselves a lot of credit but i think that we have like what kind of like the movie inside out i think we have vast universes inside of our had that seem all expansive and because i think that dreams and hallucinating are coming from within sight from it the mind i don't believe that you're connecting with different dimensions and stuff like that but it certainly looks like it which means you have if i'm right which who knows then it means that you have this whole like multiverse set up just for running all these different tasks just for like walking around and making decisions theirs entire universes inside of your hand which is totally possible but i don't have a position i don't have a no mother not to my mind or whether or not it's real and i think it's entirely possible the we need need to consider the possibility that every
saying this in your mind everything's imaginary is actually real meat that the imf education is responsible for every single thing any human has ever done every car that urban built every power casts everyone made every televisions have been designed all that has come out of the imagination nations is strange force inside of you many no court quote consciousness that living physical or not living but solid physical things come from like literally is the seed of these solid physical things so when we say that you know imagining or hallucinating that were experiencing some divine entity that comes to us from another dimension explains the universe nature reality is entirely possible that that is a hallucination meaning that physical thing you can't kidnap at you can't throw ned i and bring it back from the worm horn and plop it down from the police departments a look i found it
proof of another dimension i brought something back but if you went to visit with god save if if if someone proved there is a heaven and that god is real and you can have a brief visit with god and you go to god and you you talk to him and in fifteen minutes explains the nature of the universe and love and the concept of positive energy no is different things please take this back with you please take this back with you and do what you can to make the world a better place while if you have a trip or if you actually go to meet god an or if you have a trip were you imagine me god experience is exactly the same way i don't think we know what's real and what's not real i think we're super cocky and we're real nervous like my the reasons why we get paranoid when we spoke pot is we could we start becoming aware of variables that we might have suppressed or chosen to ignore and then were confronted with them and
over insecurities and like a cascade tidal wave sort of a situation we can handle all the data that even putting aside like all i snuck rate and i like all my fuckin to do list i think about bills at employment was a teenager i couldn't do ruminant you there's one your things that happened to the mind and i don't know how much of what we call the managing nation how we try to think of it as i go just imagining things man i don't know i don't i don't i think its entire early possible that we're we hung up on this word real like what's real and what's not real i think we're real hung up on that real really are
their lives is dependent on imagination we ve all imagined democracy or these laws kim were human invention that shame from imagination that we imagine israel even even every corporation isn't an actual thing it's an idea that we just imagine and we take it for granted you you don't have to go like you don't have to go do i believe and seven eleven like you take it for granted that seven eleven is just an idea rights sets its a judge could close down seven eleven with one of his ideas at any moment and then it would no longer exist but the buildings are still there but seven eleven not the building sought the employs it's it's just an idea idea implementing the physical form experience in go and touch it the work in the door smell it but dont don't know if that makes a real and then everything that happens to you in your dream is not real i dont know
i don't know what really what real is in terms of like what if you want to be successful in this world if you wanna be as well in this material world you have to consider the fact that laws are real can't you a thousand miles an hour twenty mile zone you can't punch babies has a lot of real consequences for real actions this world has rules right but it doesn't mean that the trips that you have these intense transcendent psychedelic experiences are hallucinations it doesn't they're not real it means we might be entirely hung up on containing our consciousness and our thinking and our awareness to what we can touch anne and bang on and pick up and measure and look i put on a scale i know it's real in these physical laws that we apply to like this reality what we call real turkey will necessarily know is that i think them it in its entirety possible to me that that might be a limiting factor on how we
perceived the universe around us and that is left over from having to worry about predators hunting and gathering and we're moving i believe slowly away from that now not even slowly and i think our ability to alter react through virtual reality and even through our under standing in application of psychedelic drugs there's like there's psychedelic attack knowledge ii as well as virtual technology in all of these things are giving us is this a bit we need to change the concept of real like the rest of possibility as we can imagine i am strong man who is even to say that punching babies is a bad thing i do who case you fuckin single and your baby bunch but here here's where am i try to be very very
skeptical of my trips because i i've like seen god endeavouring universes unlike the whole bed net seems like as real as anything i've ever experienced did my my prayers phone with my memory and perception of it is is that it's just like such a short amount of time and it's so different and so exciting that i think the brain i think that the brain just automatically i think that's very salient in the brain really attaches to this these new a novel new information that's very exciting and it's a little scary to your brain remembers scary things allow triggers a bit of a stress response and i think that i like to say that imagine instead there is someone who is who is born on a slight just have the brain chemistry like their brains on lsd all the time and then andy where things are rainbow colored whatever and that's fine and then one day when there they get around just fine and then one day when their thirty someone gives him a pill that brings them to our reality seem just
his mind blowing and just as true like i get it now there's like these things called jobs in these entry positions and like these hierarchies and you can if you show up on time each day you can assume was yourself in this hierarchy you know and then anyone if you went in on different days it would seem like a different world like i thought i had it all figured out but then that i was like this person that was in a cube being away and then you think you have that figure it out and then you head of cattle we'll friday and you're like it was weird i thought they all had uniforms and then they all looked different you know like this this is this to me this perception is just as much the trip as any psychedelic will will ever get yawn it's just that that sends a jar demonetized realities very disease anywhere custom to what does he also this it's entirely possible your reality is different than his reality
then my reality that another person's reality than what you are talking about before being how the way you view the world and how the world seems to you is more fucked up when you hurt when you were when you injured it might in early be possible that when you make good decisions when you decide to take care of your body when you eat healthy we decide to meditate or do yoga or practice mindfulness or intention or set out an intention for your day and say you know today i'm not gonna complain about anything time shop on time i'm not gonna compliant be nice person and i'm gonna try to and when i went to a negative outcomes in my main my brain is gonna be a mandate to do my best to push that out and replace it with a positive thought when someone chooses to exercise like that sort of a protocol to choose to go forth with like i'm like a list of things that they're gonna this at home a treat life zalm think about life and i want to be fluid warm doing it but i'm not gonna allow all these things that i know to be detrimental aspects of life
and not allow those in if i can help it just do that changes the world right in each litter we changes your world and i think it's it's highly possible that will you talking about we are saying that when enthusiastic in your embracing the psychedelic experience it's possible the your brain creek it's all this new staff but tat might be the point that might be the point of all of it when you have these psychedelic trips in your brain on these architecture interacts with those songs and the music the egos what i know you didn't have like the best experience of it because you're the dm two you wasn't headstrong and i was gone but i've had experiences with the songs were you see the x it's moving to the song love song can alter the way and i know there's something special about sounds in music there's some special connection between created and creative sounds that people put together and concocted and put together in some sort of a beautiful song theirs
there's a response at the body has to those who are really not sure on it bed mail in a great song comes i figured you run faster nea did the music contains some tears were in shares sir but there's a there's an effect right but that effect also in effect on the psychedelic world when you tripping those songs have an effect my thought is that your mind and your attitude might not just have an effect experiences when you're running into people it might have an effect on the psychedelic names may have an effect on your future and am i not just hippy bullshit the thinking positive and choosing to act in the end and go forth in a positive way is just a dislike good karma sort a hippie nonsensical way of trying to control uncontrollable which is this random world we live in may not be true we just might think that because its comforting might want to think that there's
less control than there actually is i think that all that so i want to show the way and the way in which so i sometimes at home i'll have i'll have animal planet like planets for whatever on on meal and then playing music and i'll have people over and people think that its cause i'm playing the music through the tv people think that they're like what is this programme must be like oh it's just that it's just on me music playing over it but if i dont tell people that they'll be watching it and if like a happy go lucky song they are like man these animals sure got a good don't they look at how
how relaxing that looks just laid out in the sun and then if it's like a real intense dark song there like oh my god are they ever gonna make it like it completely changes their perception of it this is why we have sound tracks and everything else and i actually i actually think that music altering the psychedelic state or world are perception or whatever you want to say is like i listen to this ban spot goal that makes music specifically forty empty then that is one of my rats really as spangles song has long rant where me in jim brewer where we so barbecued on pot lollipops and this is like that early two thousands some guy called in and he asked us a question about something about the empty and i want this crazy ran about the empty space and they put it in a song that sir
i wouldn't want to hear that while i'm chirping i dont like when there's words in their songs i try to only listen to music one's way to agro we're enthusiastic but i was just hanging my friend and we will do so high work with barely should be talking to people duffy not answering phone calls seems to me that the fact is that a different song and i'll see you like a different story and it's pretty predictable like i'll play the song again and i know i'm going to be like this purple woman dancing around or whatever and the fact that that influences that prick option that world that europe is more of an indicator to me that its coming from within your head and and not like transport new to a different dimension are making you perceive a different dimension because why why would a info sat dimension a better example i smoked dm two once and i had my my dog jumped on my lap well eyes
the empty trail and then it came into my medium term trip like all colorful and in codes and stuff and then i saw like like kind of a bit of a dream state of of where i would i saw myself setting my dog down but i was like sitting the different spot eyes at the kitchen table and its where my my dog molly jump on my lap and where i normally be like no and sit down and so it was like accessing that part of the brain has the memory like this is when we put the dog down and then i i lifted it for of me i think there's always i see lots of things like that like these like these samplers like these kind of prototype objects that your brain is using to retrieve like if you if you're gonna throw frisbie frisbee i think that your accessing like this this idea
oh frisbie throw in your mind expressly close your eyes and picture right now and and i think that that's in their like these prototypes that we'd that our brain draws off of cuba seeing that on a damn teach her like a silhouette of like a perfect frisbie throw and then the guys like a hundred times during like the same movement or whatever and just things like that make me think that it's just some neural process and how the brain how the brain interprets reality at different levels you might be right or they might not be met the exclusive they my intertwine its entire it is possible that everything is connected and that when you are imagining things in the empty room your imagining things in another dimension in their happening in that dimension because your imagination can create things in that bizarre detached from you
body world you experience under intense psychedelic states might not be mutually exclusive that might not be this is all my imagination that might be true you like you might be creating this but that also might be real in that dumb action in that state as far as real goes eldest fifteen minutes lifetime that's what you have you have a fifth in minute the empty lifetime you there for fifteen minutes in five minutes ass the time you go deeper sam hi i have a nice day usually use a a pan and rape yeah i ever why do you use when i because it's a lot smoother and and you can just drop bigger hits and it's it's fast do you use like a it's like a oil vaporizer has like a little cup in it and you put the dmt in this little cup ok see you not talking about like like a blue cigarette pan not automatic
fat one like what you would use for your raping your tia ok as our le pen right like a morbid the pipe yeah the fat thing it's it's pretty young put in putting cheaper a new doing my average cheaper and all of us as one of those who did it i've tried so many different methods of smoking and that's just i think the most about why and so i didn't hence one about a week or two ago and i had i had about six bigger ups but i was already in there and then i had two more big ones lawyer and now it was i was a bit much it's gonna be a little while before i can go back and mary and after process for a while i went for years after one why when i go about area on your own months recently it was so there and symmetrical
morality was i do i described as very slippery for two weeks now everything seemed fake every driving cars was concentrated our cars flying over from other lanes and smashing into my windshield all is weird paranoid thoughts whereas i when i logically and objectively feel feel like it's possible that it was the eu trying to regain control by like activating distress and the like of physical worry sort of intentions like worry stranger is worried about random crime or accidents are things along those lines in under those like me i was i the world too hard fuckin place you know it's like the conservative right wing asked of the mines for two kicks in tenfold yeah i have experienced that i've been i've i've experienced walking down the street and then act we might is israel or was that
real because it seemed really real but here's my might take on it is that dm ts is too perfect like things to perfect in there and symmetrical like a take it would take say this were this but we know is a simulation it would take far more computational power to put all these little flaws and to put like a spill the coffee table or whatever it is a billion years since the big bang and four billion years of evolution all to get this fuckin little spill on a coffee table whereas dm tee is like these you can you can make good the empty representations just using some fractal programmes and more knowledge gray pangs yeah and an that's with like we're doing this with computers that we build
we're monkeys right but again is it just what we used to wear eustace imperfect worlds we think the imperfect world as normal you know maybe this is the oddity maybe the oddity of the coffee spells is what's really strange and that what would the empty represents is the energy creates a world itself unharnessed sort of unborn i not unattached to culture language physical bodies anything anything that we come to accept as being a normal thing i think there's a perfect world some related within our mind that we're trying to act out on by the why make that distinction is of the question and not that is anything wrong with what you're doing verse when i'm doing but why make a choice that it's in your mind verses where a lot of but say who fuck knows now i say who the fuck knows as well i'm just trying to be objective scientific objective scientific skeptical of my own perceptions because when i'm in there are come i got no doubt about it do
feel like in this is one reason why i'm getting to this line of questioning is actually a point to it do you feel like cuz i know that you do a lot of stuff with science and you are a part of your presentation show involves science the scrutiny and this is a very good thing of of other scientists another people they're gonna jump what you're saying and making sure that you're you know your your correct about your facts do you find that you tend to be more sceptical or tend to lean towards outcomes razor more acceptable answers more typically plausible or at least more scientific the acceptable in like academic circles absolutely i think that one my brain just likes working that way anyway my was always like a big fan of math and very good at my kind of like numbers because makes sense of of the world and an arm and
i would say that i was actually scared do the psychedelic show that i do now i was planning on doing it like five years from now or so just i've been sitting on it for like a couple years really and i was like what once i'm like a bigger name or something then maybe i'll have the power to go out and do this because as i have my podcast say interviews scientists each we can i need to reach out to these people on like i don't want them thinking i'm like some burn out or some lunatic writing like that so absolute that absolutely factors in in my perception of things as does i mean also not i'm not my memories of any of this stuff her reliable you'll be interested with your wet with the idea you're talking about before if you scan someone's brain and then he saw you watched the report of them hitting a home run or something well memory wouldn't necessarily be accurate in fact there is a good chance that wouldn't be and so you could see different peoples how
false memory looks as opposed to it was actually have heard on cctv year whatever my in our role as a your example the han called thing went home all the different factors it sort of involved in how you feel about things now and and just everyone also were very ego driven we tend to think that we tend to think that were smarter more attractive and more scale driver whatever i have written to all the things you know that do you know the study where they took the faces and they mark to them like ten degrees five times and each way to make them more or less attractive so you take your face and then you make at ten percent more symmetrical twin percent more symmetrical so on like fifty percent and then you make it less symmetrical so you get up a real wonky faced by that and not an ugly one and then you mix up all of those faces and you have an end you flash all of
pictures are all mixed up to a person and give them like a second to picket or whatever and and people put people predictably we'll pick them and that's ten to twenty percent more attractive so it's you think of yourself as like ten to twenty percent like around fifty percent smarter more attract more skilled driving whatever it might be because that gives you the confidence which is often beneficial in life but it's not you're not thinking thirty percent more because now you're delusional rat if some people do the elles oh yeah there tipp that scale an end there's people's real self esteem that don't you know there's a lot of factors yeah there are and also one person's perception of you like objective perception i'd be very different like you and i may observe someone and you
come away with a take like all these guys this man i billig whom i thought it was this or that men and we discuss it and figure out while he reminded you of this ass i used to know and hear mounted made my best friend from high school and weird things again things we bring into how we approach anything you're your brain to say that i mean you can't you just can't it and analyze every little aspect every eye could sit table like really see every single little grain of it if i wanted to but at some point
the brain has to be a poor airs that's not able admire shall yet eat unless you're going to sleep is everywhere actual lotta conclusions stereo tie if we simply by overly vi everything and as one of the reasons why we chest ice people for racism because we know how easily the inclination to judge people specifically on what they look like and how unfair it is you know and how reminding ourselves over and over again that's cool it like gives the whole culture more relaxed feeling you know this humans are so strange man we're so it's so cool to be a person in also it so bizarre when you think about all the various and the possibilities of of human behaviour and how different cultures accept certain things and we looked different we live in different climates and with such an odd fuckin creature this list completely overwhelming this globe eggs
senses a bizarre thing that i distant i can't get my head around existence i always i never really liked it that much by existence he eyed afforded break your heels or after before when i was a kid when you were across fitted up you didn't like existent needed then i i desire than you are healthy and hybrid as energy i mean when i was always like a young thanks to you like young man vessels that are about our allotted that comes from very depressed i mean when i be what i said a comedy when i i i mean i used to drink like a lunatic now jack more like it normal person but i would win i was my most hung over which i don't get like four hang whereas a year but when i was as sick as our ban that's when i get my best writing done like some self defence mechanism or something like that
my brain doesn't operate like that anymore why think one year in periods of extreme emotion or energy or just a judge a transition airy mony alive whether it's a break up or the and of a job or moving to a new place sort of kicks in this this effect is the newness the novelty of that experience kicks in this effect where you you want express yourself you want a sort of reestablish in europe one of you on things your perspective on thanks a lot of great stuff comes from out of lot a great music especially right means with teen anchor than like where it where's the nirvana without axed re emily why the greatest bands of all time rape me my friend me that that is just pure response to justify the the frustrations of the world region at acquiring around on my first love dude i fit
this day remember buddy mind plain it for me and we was a kiss that tape and it was where a newt massachusetts it wasn't even my friends my front jimmy's friend growers houses like here this school nirvana and we're playing we're both like what the fuck this skies went leap smells like team spirit you know i hadn't really listen to any music at the time i discovered nirvana i discover nirvana through weird i'll didn smells like teen spirit that i liked and then i was like music sounds pretty cool and then i found the real version and that was like the first time i found it enjoyed music that wasn't a joke my friend eddie was in a band back in those days and he was like using a metal it was like a metal band and dumb he was like that song like that ban completely killed metal they complete killed hair bands like poison and those kind of bans stages die because they seemed so silly you know like why here
a rebuttal it just seemed you use its veto it's like yet water in your ear and you got the water i hear it here and hey man much stuff europa cotton now my nowhere make up and put not hairspray letizia my era this is something about or the real wrongness of that music chat guns and roses man more one so roses teases hair his hair spa sprayed up and fucked up like a like eighties girl from dallas no on a came along and hooliganism and then we're hairspray assistance not working vienna yes there's so much great comedy that came out of anger and gunnar while the other is areas is teased of hair if you go the welcome to the jungle welcomed
the jungle video is the best example of it it's crazy man that the two different shifts in culture and what's acceptable and his becomes completely ridiculous yet our air it's crazy but that was what people did back to those like a big a big look i'm harry had so many tattoos us calmly the guy's ruined his party with all her two's what i'm everything out ass a kid i still i still have a natural like middlewestern aversion to tattoos that like i think tat is like i'm starting to grow and appreciation for them but it's like taken me work to to get there and i don't have any myself it's an eye racing in the finite aspect of life this is not your last
like this idea that you're gonna ruin your body forever your buys not gonna be around forever what would you gonna look like when your eighty do you think anybody wants your back when you're eighty does matter accept shit old wrigley back and and then when that time comes you're just gonna be concentrating on staying alive i like idea of having like little snapshots from your life even have even if say or tat too has nothing to do with anything is cool design you'll still remember that period of your life a little bit more i think looking at that tat do you remember when you got it and where you were at that state s anthony boarding ass is a gang tattoos all from different trips now get some endeavour trips and so reminds him other gases in bali this is from hell i this is and how suddenly that you know it's like it's it's to him it's like these anchors these incredible experiences at his axiom the fox travelled more over the
world and that guy right i think you'd look in the bodies who did we think what's a japanese bad a sitting of crazy accuse us style they go from the neck down there everything all the way but although it on your feet matt picturing or is it i've never seen like a cruiser japanese tattoo bodies you never seen is going crazy do the whole that's hear me out and tell miss out here is your future how do i not cold in thirty six not too late start now start now david unintentionally go work on time it forty sexually where they stood who lung that scary to me i do i do really like those three d tattoos maybe that yeah really good ones yeah if you just like google three d tat two images with like the girls weird like be lag that lives in hollow that data leg there like i think that looks calls for oh yeah that's amazing that's one
voters name that's incredible really it's bizarre it's so bizarre a carving if you haven't seen it was like she's a thin piece of wood we ve carved out me asses thank vice gonna get something at either be something like that or i don't know that i'll ever have a memory that i'll get a tattoo of leader star jamie brick star in the middle atop woe holy shit that's incredible a lucrative is done like the outer skin where it looks like rip parchment so it is all of his his ideas while a great fuckin tat it had to add maybe now you gotta find a good artist to have some trust to draw on you well the s foot fuckin freak mere man maybe she'll get that shit as you have outlined at not around so much still lacking a strain of i still of heights to this day
really yeah i won't jump off shit anymore except feel silly if i hurt myself again but i can't get enough of them did you see that i put a video up on instagram a couple of days ago that someone sent me oh my god oh my god this figure is one that i put that is pretty freaky but this other one is freaky because it's like their most of it is looking down and jumping down like to their feet these little ledges like i'll get us watch us prepare to shit your pants watch this ashes guy drops tat a man whose hey i'm freaking out just watching to see africa stuff that i like i'm land to i i want to do outside did my hands sweat and right now am i do it's ok we did it it was cut out here climb back up i've done weird shit like that so even though you busted you fuck it look at us oh jesus
christ that's that's that's like something that hey myself doing god dammit son watches you can see of doing that really why are we not jumping i don't know i just have always had like i've always been bit of a gentleman junkie i just timber alike pushing a little too far i'm in trouble sometimes why guess it that want arm many times in my life more what other times abandoned they had been a jail and stuff like that jim for his fur might have had just drinking mostly like way way way back before as a comedian ernie thing a couple drunk driving tickets and ivory from like a hundred times in my life the koran they cannot hans like i've on a car twice actually twice
first time i've gotta wait a second time i didn't jesus christ dude criminal i just had this very sheltered wholesome upbringing that like fucked with my head because it just wasn't like no it wasn't reality and i like just try to do everything that i could dyke rebelled against i'll call drive when you run away from the cops i was driving a ninety five hundred civic stick shift all that happened was so we re the guy that i know that so so the cap was driving pass me and then he saw me and then he had to turn around and i think i speeding or something like that and then but he had to go past me in turn around and it was like in my neighborhood and i knew it i just took a couple turns quick and hid behind a building turn my lights off and i saw mike i saw
through these windows israel intense pull up the stop sign i sound like looking for me back and forth through this road and i saw him take off in the other direction and then i just fucking fucked around and i got the hell out of their what was i suppose you looking for you for i think i just speeding and robin banks i think i've met who knows i like swerving or whatever else or do you just saw kid that was your ex sixteen seventeen at the time saw kid that was out at like one in the morning or whenever and i d done something i don't know the sex in time when i got caught the self fucking stupid high driving and i was like flying i don't know what my reasoning was exactly like i said i was an internal injunctive isaac flying through stop signs and stuff i was going like seventy miles an hour in a twenty mile an hour zone at like three or four
in the morning i was trying to get back to my friends house before they went to bed side would have a place to crash that was like mice weird logic behind it and also fund for me to be a be true contriving this fast the blue through fuse signs and then i saw and then i this car with its lights on fuck that's a cap but i just kept driving anyway and that fast and i kept on like swerving run corners haze catch up to me pretty easily and and then when he put his lights i pulled over came up and like oh thank god i thought you are this person that was chasing may they had this this dodge neon those like similar kind of and made up like a headline that would be worried that story m m there's like a couple people a cup of coffee up and eyes because they call man when when they're like this is does the chase but as soon as they had put his lights on i pulled right over
and he is i don't know if i was fucking falling these two good deeds are what it s like i think there can let me go and then woman capture that new may cause i like eleven under she's like that say mass like he's up to something brothel eyes and she comes over and i wearing a winter coat and she's like what's your point gets it i've looked down and there is i had to beer cans like bad more obvious back and i took about my those my second dewey they never got another one good for you now that's a good time i was a rise in twenty years old and i was i had a bit of arrested development i was a bit by bit
a mature a bit i was extremely rebellious a bit of an adrenaline junkie where could bbc shocks we could erupt say i have a sixty five city tour with my show about second alex it's called a good trip self live in the united states i will be in your area i'm making i'm making a large loop around the u s and then a small loop as shane moss on us ass dot com and shame comedy on twitter comedy on twitter share with it was announced room don't have an instagram actually who my podcast is here we are so you gotta here we are podcast dot com i have a different scientists on each week talk about the research coup sanctions let us return to be back tomorrow with john anthony west of the famed magical egypt one in two dvd series of fuckin
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