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2016-09-28 | 🔗
Adam Greentree is a bowhunter and photographer from Australia.
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cool do that i met last year my friend campaigns he is a professional bow hunter and he is also a photographer and a very interesting guy and just a love talking to him is a fascinating podcast we talked about all kinds cool shit strain wild life what it's like living there and how we got into this this discipline of bow hunting in the first place if you are not a big fan of dead animals that might not be the podcast for you but fuck it give it a shot of onions interesting period so in joy you fuckers arrive here goes for you because her come logan sperience my body now most people in america consider cow basis to be one of the safest places as where the car dashing chosen
live not adam greenery adam green three lives in australia surrounded by brown snakes which kill you like instantly right instantly reelect near pretty quick budget summits there's a little till he instantly turned a hundred right here crocodiles eve bay work i've saw though the video of you and campaigns in a fuckin puddle that crocodile swim around in a lot of an idea but yet one day he's in cow basis was like the safest is in america untrue but yet what someone aben well so hot della hotel first thing this morning began trying for a decent coffee here in amerika and this place ran in the hall the whole area whether the coffee shop was and dumb they had guns draw in everything and then i heard light that someone actually had a gun and they might have remained shot fired yeah crazy staff in an online
a coffee being yeah watts had a car having jamie see it is a story but we can i say it was probably like some wife matter husband seamlessly police he's got a gun like that that's happened before that happened with ron white i think his girlfriend pact a gun in his luggage and then that have only sam kennison to grow from pact a loaded gun in his luggage and then call the police on the crazy but i straddle out like it's safer in the mountains with the grizzly as crap where and now he is actually not safer if you actually run too aggressive for the most part pre peace for most people are worried about grizzly bears to be around him for days and days and most likely nothing's going to happen most likely most likely but when you when you were up there you would
you run into small yeah we say nor will i say wolves and then the grizzly bears one that sort of really scared me add a handgun out and actually had the drill that handgun a few times while i was up in the mountains are there was one real big grizzly what size eleven boot's that i'm coming around and was hunt nor the trials or size you haven't boots i got twelve foot pad yeah oh my god how do you think it was did you see the actual bear itself yeah so once actually killed the ball which was about day ten or eleven he was sleeping on the carcass abyss sixty meters from it he was sleeping the air cargo yet and then he slept on the end some of it he didn't touch it what's it like the first i said so i killed that both in the afternoon pack added days enlighten me that not went back in the first morning the next morning to pack at the rested a mate was gown in their lookin thinking they could be a bear on the carcass and sure enough i seen a beer brown hair in the craig bottom
he's a sleeping all your sleep in there and so i yelled at him a prick disease up how to look around i yelled at him the second time he jumped up and he disappeared like that like scary that's how quickly this is sick timber lot of dead full and everything and he just disappeared and actually got me thinking that if you didn't say a bare coming from a distance hang on base bright whatever you ve got you'd be in serious trouble because he just left that same dead quite and in a flash they can move so fast and those pants that they have on the bottoms their feet and makes him so silent quiet and you would think that an in a thousand pound animal wouldn't be able to move that the excellent strap and made to my pack obviously there's always a blind spot when you hunched over in it are gonna took me three times longer to get the made on the packet of this continent look and i were white and bear to come back with ivan actually buy
to the carcass again yet seem to bear on the way back in pretty scary how big was a giant big eleven futile lower phaeton gary you're alone that deep deep deep detonator i was talking to the fish and game warden in the area and a big grisly had gone to another hunters camp on the mountain and just absolutely destroyed each camp now but alive was the same bear a different bare by on three occasions big brown bear o grisly come back into my camp and h not that he come they need get a little bit closer so the first naughty circled camp where fifty sixty made his way the next nautique circle k in about thirty meters away and one slash three tommy k mini come right into the back of camp like fifteen meters away let out there's nolly growl and at this point my body grant hughes is coming to help me pack out some meat he's a nice tan time in my tent when it is bad walking in
the snow and let's had a growl wanna go like grant did you hear that or grant those bearing camp odd anyone lytton the bay and by that i mean the tent man i dislike the dead claude i had to hang on seat mommy chest loaded ready to go and dumb got out i like a white for like three eyes like you heard they walk off and our light awake for three hours and i get up in the morning on do unlike do did you hear that bear and he's like did i hear the bare holy shit did i didn't want to move or make a sandy at the same odd years made and want to give away his location and unlike ears like took me three hours to get the slave in he's like sleep you got fuckin slowly what the fuck is like hell paste i've made a light alike old not learning mega tent burrito yeah line by romania even stand warming sleeping bag you know like he's gotta be a smell you till they must know you're in your what wonder with if they were being about if they smell you and then they smell the meat what they would be more attractive to them
i recognise no real goods a heifer i bet they lighted they don't smell good i barely day mate was hanging out probably a good more from camp at like because we had a few different drop point concerns such as those for days hawk out of me so had had different drop points along the way and i never wanted to take any maiden campus at for what i'd be aiding h not which could make more no pretty good or bad but i was more concerned about the sent that that we would be carried on at boots from mate sought to mate sought an unwelcome back in the camp but that bayard already beynon the canopy he knew where we were and he was doing the rounds obviously every not have you done and eventually just this before this epoch adventure cause you went to montana you you know you part and how many miles and you go deepened the woods i was fully about twelve miles in the end that's no trials or anything like that twelve miles twelve miles into montagnier them in that is montana is if you folks have never visited montana is one
the most unspoiled parts of america like or below alaska but not are below yeah you're so you already super remarried like we're already a long way from anywhere and pocket a trial head and then sell oversight i'd eleven die sallow bomber self in them a body grant coming to help me pact that bulgaria and i've been fourteen days in the envelope tom we got the media it's cool i've done done similar adventures because a lot of hot back home in austria is all super remain so ninety percent of its back country really back home but is it every how about countrymen a different sort of banging answering bears yet definitely is this was sallow minimal a gay because everything in your backpack that you ve got for the hun sen super light and cutting down on a lot of essential that you need you know just just to get back in their heart when you do this i've been obsessed with lightweight backpacking lately
i've been around attention to these guys they do the appellation trail yet did they pike from georgia all the way up to mean it takes five months that's enough you're insane but it's one of those things that we this a real problem with the human brain is like words but our pal campaigns in this two hundred mile ronnie just did anne then there is a challenge in front of you and you find out that someone is done it before you start gone maybe i could do to honour miles he's like there's something forget about people's brains where we live and someone doing something i have zero desire to take five months out of my life and walk from georgia two main yet but i bet you once you gotta done that's the differ what part of my brain was like i die started thinking about the much shut up stupid united fuckin hiding in two main stop it but part of me like listening to this guy it was on the rich outdoors you ve done vs by it as far as a pot cast one of his buddies
is a a trail guy and they were talking about like lightweight gear and how they can't they packed the difference she what a guy uses for hunting what someone uses for like just these long long long hikes where they essentially wear the same clothes for five months at hygiene yeah doesn't some about i mean i guess maybe get a chance occasionally to wash em somewhere but did everything is like the lightest possible stuff that you can have an when you do this i say if you're gonna go out there and you you know your plan and on how many days fifteen i wanted to do lays half the month in montana and are one of the other half the month in order her so fifteen dies and a little bit of the trips gotta be prepared in a sense when you do and fifteen days it that sort of hunt because is that the countries like straight up and down does does now the way to do it is now going to drive through
red line or i'm gonna walk a decent trial that average law nor taken i tv in its just all on foot straight up and down country so in and to have a little bit of roughness too trip like that you know where you are roughing it that's that's a bit of the appeal as well you know and the experience in doing it so i was just talkin with with the guys at hoyt and they'll ask him what's the essentials that you had pack that you wouldn't go we found unlike will have to tell you about the stuff that i wish i had my pack and that i didn't go affair like what stuff do you wish idea i didn't take any rang gear in what has been taken rang gear in and i didn't check the way before i went in deliberately cuz i didn't want any deterrent on the trip like it's going to snow or it's going to hire a list going to be gout
wins i shouldn't go in today or should pact this extra i just i wanna take normal that just go in just leaving the wilderness basically with the minimal and dumb i got all that whether heil three times i got guile force wins i've got rhine followed by snipers soaking wet then phrasing called and he has had to stay active the whole time like i've literally get to a mountain and sit down for two minutes and you get from two sweating to freezing cold because your wit and they hawk the mountain just to get warm will you and will not whole synthetics sultans synthetics in some in some cases its harder maintain your body temperature yeah when this where their prize and perks to both in sight at like i'm gonna synthetic sleeping bag as well a wise a little bit more about our good jumping that slave him back
where at night and wake up in the morning dry that's that's a little bit of the difference and will draw out the next dying and adapt get never carries anyway you synthetic so i had like a mola hoodie a little hoodie and i had some on the garments and that was about it the whole tree but as far as like sweating in your clothes and getting your stuff wet wool maintains body temperature better a does yeah does next the skin is really so like under item has got some really good next diskin clothing and it waiting that next diskin clothing and stay warm because it is its but similar to a website you know whence it designed to have some liquid in it and the liquid gets warm in case your body warm that next to skin clothings the sign where it's sitting right on your skin and it's going to stay warm like so as a lighter spandex also share it is in some it pains
when you look in her hand a souvenir girlhood and thoughts so so that was a fuck up right should provide brought ranger well i want to call it a fuck up because i delivered but deliberately done prior to kate why the answer is that how much weight is like a lightweight rain poncho i don't want to hurt you announced as if i was really heavy malaria gave a way to stop weighty right up to browse was and is the big question as its way to starve and authority hawk and in gone this is killer like this is hurting however it was your pack i'm getting the right sort of stuff you know where no i don't wyatt adele yet this girl science i referred just now there's a dinner this there's some lunchtime snacks now said humanity in that it if you go in for fifteen day how many days where the food deter i only took in ten does
muslim killable roused yeah exactly and i didn't run out shot a grass cooked grass then i killed my ball and satan mate and i'll saving cook mate and then package at the next day to eight called which obviously helped and it sir he heard the story of em i came down on the animals trip in the normal and any people have in a company will you this is ridiculous thing ever cause you guys had to filter buffalo piss water has buffaloes still time like peace that followed on the other hand it had decided ties that decides smell and my question is if the war is filtered shouldn't smell lavore yes assured shouldna purse during a pig's passes there suddenly for sure you drank perpetuates got hell awesome energy another cause of buffalo yes
not just got out my first deputy s energy i have this is amazing i don't know why you get paid job clergy the door first that lays down drink the water tat higgins test the lady fawn will they have those crazy filtration system we gravity filters out you used yes i took one of those in the mountains on this trip is well known not ever pull it out never used it wants to those always drinking water from the highest source like directly were coming out of the mountain do that you're ok you don't worry about now i don't say yes because they were going doing get sick and get but i've never i've always an on stomach and i think it's from just doin or less or of stuff as a kid disorder grow you sort of grow with that an hunky bodies your body creates its own defence against against things like them massey believer
actually simon bain dirty and i like my personal hygiene is obviously a big thing but yeah alida i'll lay the chocolate i was with ill blood alive my hands off the skin and or body binding and elk and i think that's perfectly natural and normal in that sense i've never been sick of drunken some silly look on water like that but i just think if you're at the top of the mountain where the waters first coming out of the hill and the rocks then you safe because there's nothin along the line they like an old animal carcass friggin wolf shit sitting in the water or something like that to make you sick it's coming right off the ground coming right around literally catch it as the streams yet make sense s like a well and that handy as well because on canada talk so and find the hot water source around to drop down so far aged i ran collect water death always a good feeling actually when you come across europe
water like that so how many leaders as your pack how heavy sure it's a twenty two hundred small packet while not a vague that's very small yet as the badlands that's crazy twenty two hundred leader of pack for fifteen day hunt yet hell autumn gown going what i have a couple of things at a strap too that pack which would make a bigger than that but generally everything fits inside that power to what's in the back did he get jet boil yeah that's yet of of got similar to amazon reactor they really good you can actually are used in the corals at free than in my tent like the whole ten froze over that actually turned on in the tent warm the tent when i was gettin changed your unchanged not living nancy but i gotta done put small me face boils war to serve a quick and i say that as miserable you just want to get it done a boy's water subic quick for you run a tank appropriating small yeah just a real little backpack one and then
because i went in there were no stinkin hot like those those cookin like it was the hardest do you have you wouldn't even imagine having a fire in that weather from risk of a wildfire you know starting a bushfire to you know i owed it rained and it snowed everything got wet those sites at that point that have a fire and then a lot of the cook in that i end up doing was just over the fire outside my gas age not cuz i would have ran out of gas before those fifteen days rocky falls using just that one canister the whole time in that you didn't up having the pack out going to town by the gas and then pakkala about uniden up losing two days cuz it was
it was a full day walking out with no white at all like just spade walking down the man trying to get out of it was a full day sir you have got my reactor i thought my ward of field of luck has had on never used it i've got a small one person ten a mattress have really good sleeping bag is actually i write it for the conditions but i always think you'd better off gown i write you get some bad weather like i had and you got an underwrite sleeping bag in european slate begun amiss hunt nails visual then up just got a couple and knives i've got a full safety kit bandages have actually been carrying but in use em on this trip a little like war
he'll try some pill which is always handy so you didn't have to carry you feel to kid every day if you come across some day some water that was down like just put appealing bottom where a lot of people go wrong with these filtrate the water filtration and the pills is you still require both if you come across dirty water because the pills i'm gonna kill bacteria within reasonably clear water is not gonna kill us solids so if you're stupid up duty water put an appealing and then drinkin anything with that's within the solid so that water you still gonna get sick from saying in innocent just still you still need the two of them if you want to hunt like that but that the water filtrations awesome cuz it's ninety nine point nine hundred and ninety nine percent of all bacteria it's going to feel very out of your water and the pills are well or in or somewhere they like chlorine pill hit the future from one's yet on the market so you take
those essentials you essentially were in the same close everyday enclaves everyday i take few change the socks and underwear and dumb yes i include the close every day and then if i did get a hot hot die this is the planet never ever happen but if i did get a hot die and i came pass a stream of actually gonna watch some clothes in like a dry bag just a bit of water and the clothes and then i'm up and i never got that break in the weather and are one of the han every day and every minute of law so i just get up in the morning put what clothes only fighting draw on the fly that not so sounds like most of the way in your pack is food generally yet to ten days food and how many pounds of food you taken in a day from to ya maybe bit less water in a bit less ice mass the chocolate bar when i'm out there they do it why talk about how smash chocolate line but when i'm in a man's i really special chocolate i just like that bit of a fix and a bit of its a bit
pick up you know indicate the and its now different enough i ll give you get a fly down at night said like bit of a boost lung whom the spirit spirit boast and it's a sign of the chocolate bar just sit down and in how away on a chocolate bar just yet lives good kate gown but like but as far as like energy don't you cry ash when you have other things to go up i get a sugar crash i really crash funny i hear it with a lot of people but yeah i never brennan burns are saying the same thing heed it brings like snickers bars yet snake is but a really good milky wise they like ozma back in his dry moonlight milky wise hear anything sugary hard while also imagined amount of calories you burn and when you're walking up mountains like that with a pack on heavy pack its huge i had but i had
as i had actually going do this trip and do it a white loss at the same time i think if i wasn't gonna do white at the same time there are probably packs a more food oh goodies but he did on purpose may i say that i know is why does it have any data lost why i lost little white doing it but yet if deadly down on purpose they'd be some some dies where i just have a snack in the morning for breath slugs at an energy bar and actual energy bar in the moon all the way through and i wouldn't i wouldn't like back in the camp to one thousand one hundred and thirty at night because i was trying to stay at where i thought the bulls were and i'd have a quick dinner in can not that was it not wouldn't feel hungry throughout the day i think she's from being so active and obviously good watering tight whenever you can i just never
point on like half fire adam starve and the day you now knock out any further until eight or anything like that it was just those old gaga gowan now when you did it take a plan like this when you decide to go in a deep deep mountain on like that what are you why how do you pick where you're going are you you'd studying google earth are you getting tips from people studying google earth the big one now and i m not suggest there anyone that wants to do a backpack aren't you know like a do yourself hunt is daddy google earth and our dual radius i'd look for a radius with the least a man of roads any sort of infrastructure around like the most wilderness looking area even a wife and trial heads a height being your trial head away there's a trial that people are gonna be walkin in honour or anything that like i mean real back country you got a bush batshit to get in there just fine you gonna do
research fund the area with with the least amount of activity and then put it on the middle or roughly in the middle and in that way set up camp and like getting they leave the bulls or whatever animals your hunting getting their labour from and dumb i think not being afraid the file on a hans the big one because you know love him not name any bulls air but who cares it's gonna be nor some experience anyway and it's a place that you can take off the list on knock on back there there's nothing there and then next year trodden export now the next week try another spot i had haunted around the area previously and outside those elk in the area i just had never been that far back in before and tell you the truth it and completely filed on me because i went dies and dies of out here and will say no and elk but that the sun was eight aside our in in there just at the green leaves in the wolves were hunt in that area so hard that had shot they and puts and lot a lot of the area
yeah and then all of a million new food source so loud when you get in there and you don't see anything from a couple of days like what would it what does the mindset liquidity less hates adele and there's always that psyche second guess yourself this is astute move you shouldn't came any united change spots but then this like this i turn your experience in this for a reason this is how hunting should be hunting should be hot shit hunting she never bay unless you ve done your research gone into a place in a just like game walkin paused error that should always be possessed a hundred grand in it or gone for the hardship to find it tracking fond and finding ways the better spot within that area so at the same time that wise like you know you ve made a bad decision is the crap spot the bay
there is the whole experience of life not this is her hunt should bank should be difficulties should have to work your ass off to try and financial and when you actually do fauna animal how much better is it because you know it's just like if if you hunted furs lever months and you didn't say a ball you found a boy had a shot you missed but in the next one you get how good sat next one
you get you know if that was the case and it was very similar on this trip where i put in all that effort didn't say an animal one opportunity a bull comes in i call that bull from like a mile away egregious hearing commonalities canyon and i did that shot and did i take up i was crying because i knew how much had gone into it you know it s not just the effort but you know like obviously m m away from my wife came in the kids are on the way from the kids for a month now there's all that sacrifices all the hardship there's all effort this walkin in this put not with that absolutely atrocious whether an finally one opportunity comes up and you kill that animal as well as kill an animal that's a hard thing to do man bulldog i was crying i think i cried a thousand times every time i thought about it when i was staying the night of the bull i was crying and i'm like that's why it's got to be that hard so you can appreciate the animal so you realize what has to go into the haunt actually get something killed
i think everyone should be like that i do not believe there is a lot of elk in montana but montana so huge yeah a massive massive place in the amount of will is that your encountering if you have you not heard well all over the place its super likely that you could like wind then a spy with nothing around you from miles and miles down so that that that i think the heartbeat with that country the job that i've been going into is the wolf populations getting so big denial of wolves is peaches a friggin wolves in this joint area however i do of em all his shoe issued a dog other scary destinies gets what's weird as well talking about before the podcast started you were combat australia and what you call the greens which are the green people that want to worm they don't want to was to die and they want to population to explode but there's not a balance and that was the
idea behind reintroducing wolves was too create a balance because there is a lot of animal if that were living in the yellowstone greater yelled area and so they introduce these wolves the problem was they had an agreement when they introduce these walls that when they reached a sustainable population they reached a certain numbers of several thousand wolves than they would open up ahead season on them to try to control the population but as soon as they reach that number the people that work involved in the relocation of walls in the wildlife protection people and all the people that are like really rights advocates they they backed out of it and they said no you don't want any hunting on any of these world ever and so this is big battle in the lot of states have opened up hunting season on walls maintain included but is well there's a battle battle to try to control the wolf populations it's funny
like i went so i away in the yellowstone last year after my hand just now i saw i say look at me photography and down i didn't system well we gotta go near where the people are i saw a ton of them isn't cries mouser my kids we got my got selfies with what with elk saying over those i'll known as the holocaust like fuckin woolly they destroy insanely walk they well the l decided that people are super safe because no one is hunted in yellowstone for you know hundred whatever the hell years so when you go the visitor area when you first poland yellowstone the yellowstone has like this and this is on them ten assad yellowstone has this area where there's like a gas station and is like a store and it's fuckin elk everywhere i show you my friends and i got selfies i got elk self is but air then there now
even remotely nervous about people that i came the yard and today's access data having texas the chill d yours cheap it here that's all i saying granted there just living in thy tells by looks very little aerial they just children back there and there was a gang of a man or so they're all over the place they were is really weird because it's like right when you went to the area now all you see is like this law a very high on our so that that the channel that we have now gone live near the station south a station in austria obviously stock just like a ranch and i like a big farm because of the dingoes just smashed to smash the population so that those tabled it
i come back on leave neither homesteads because the dingoes are less likely to come here and i'm really crazy and then you move if your hunting you belong to screw these i'm gone back into the basque country and others can be haseman idea back their compared around here and that we not be right there at all but they'll be very limited debbie debbie the stags on a moving through the area that's about it the nucleus of the cheeto did leave around the homestead where it's safe they're not dumb that's interesting that the same thing with dear in around here if you find them in suburban areas yet but i also find coyoats superman area is actually less mouth mines mount mines try to avoid human populations morn that's what usually gets the dear oh yeah all the news back eyes they men lines in behind you have probably this quite a few there though they take pictures on this bob tat awesome bobcat sound near me but there's there's a mountain lions in california for sure is california interesting place because you know the cow for
they don't want to control the predators they want the predators to control the gay population and because that is not their many dear here i understand that it's not and i can say the method beyond it you know what my issue is that humans in a sense the ultimate predator on and that everything should be not controlled but you know what's a good why assign this is that that bay nigh picks predator that way are we are you know we obviously got a part in that the whole food chain as well when it comes to things like that some people don't agree with that their understand that and and i can say you know i will talk him before about the wolves being introduced to control the relation in the numbers but this obviously gotta be a point where the wolves controlled as well wrought so who does well that was all done early early on in north america because of cattle ranchers so what they do is they would
shoot wild horses their huge wild horse problem and the while whores problem is actually it's re emerging this quite a few wild horses in north america and they're trying to figure out what to do with them and it's really controversial to her it's a kind of interesting but what do back then was they would shoot these wild horses and then they would shoot a wolf that would shoot like one of the office and they would take the wolf rub it and take it sank glands and rob it all over the dead horse and then fill the horse up but strychnine so the other walls who come around they would smiled their missing out a friend and they would eat the eat this horse carcass and we get strict down and die so doing that they extirpated walls from the majority of the american west kill them it's really but then they realised that they did a terrible thing by doing so they started reintroducing there's a bow somewhere obviously i love wolves adding their cattle but there's it there's that there is a ban
but the bounds israel trickier cause like theirs very small number of them and washed and state but the word the small number of them the small number of wolf packs have started attacking cattle ranches and they're killing these cattle and sold he's ranchers want these wolves killed and so they decided kill some of the wolves and it's a huge controversy martians take as they like look there's not that many elves and you guys kill these walls could kill in the cattle but you're going to kill the cattle too if you want to have cattle this is what this is the price we pay but i'm sure you ve seen how they run cattle yea around on pasture land you know when we were in nevada we were you're hunting o renault yet yet and we saw loud dear their dear everywhere but we saw way more cows walking cows were everywhere and adjust the rome all throughout this public land and the ranchers pay some sort of a fee and they
this was that was what the whole having legal i anthea whatever happens back home and destroyers well yeah so they rome all over the place these fucking cow she had ever we were essentially were camping out so we're sleeping on cash it there oh shit everywhere you other comfortable was not like spreading out of it for i actually want to sleep in the back of the suburban we had a suburban and i was like why did you sleep on the ground that you just folder seats by sleep on its flat area so camped out the back or suburban what these dummies are sitting on a grand scale paddies local a hundred i really want to be at home was laid your man down with cap who if you wanna be down nature take off to sleep you wanna really get exactly but it some you know these animals have you gonna let em wrought wander around like that rome free which is nice because they are essentially almost wild their free range cattle there eating grass so healthy cattle you can eat but wolves idea outside its real tricky slick where
you draw the line there is not that many wolves in these rules are eating these cows and but to the ranchers each cow is worth you know several thou dollars every time a wolf kills a cow that's a big loss of income spies its working it there's gotta be some sort of law near where we work in conjunction with wildlife we're ranch or are not worthy of losing income or not you know that's that's gonna be part of the system may be sure subsidized by the taxpayers instead of killing the wolves maybe they should subsidy as some of these ranchers me if these wolves and killing its own in a certain amount of islamization in some measure of protection try to keep the wolves away but to ensure
a healthy wolf population would ensure a balanced ecosystem gets you they can't bring it back to where they used to be because where they used to be there was no war yes actually there's a there's a funny thing at home they hey sign it should be subsidized themselves my my businesses in north western austria for the mines and that they ve got their own private trying line they run their own trains with idle and the train lines on fence at a catalan cross a trying on any time a try it's one of those cows road you gotta pay the farmer you know why i've heard stories about the farmer just gone out and shoot knees cattle along the train line so that the mines prime time for that the council and i would like the vain here pretty funny that's a larry i set my we could do something like that with the way the wolves just pay out every time they kill a guy i thought they would believe that shit or someone would probably do that this problem i'm son scrupulous people but that didn't get caught in and they get prosecuted it would balanced itself out but there's
certain amount numbers where they the wolves reach a high population number were all the other animals targeting threatened like there was in a recent situation and wyoming where or these wolves killed nineteen elk and didn't even eat them they just killed them just fill killing fucking around time you know so i will do that that's the point we are obviously we ve gotta stand in my good decision whether its attacks east timor's or some sort of calling you know i think before the programme will talk about where kangaroos need to be called because it's it's a little bit like so the the grains diana ironies the greens united i don't wanna kill the kangaroos but for the benefit for the bed benefit of kangaroos there has to come a point where the numbers need to be controlled of weis i ate their cell fare of land and home
they get diseases night antiques wakes to die like a suffering death like now ones that so you have they just for one and not the other my buddy my cockroach she lives up in bc in northern beaten in british columbia and he he was attacked by wolf like had shot a wolf in mid air as it was jumping item they have so many wolves up there that day literally had open season like there's no tag limits you can chew was settled i allowing other yeah it's we then up there and this is where moose hunting that's where i got this one and we found a calf that had been torn up by wars and really fast ain't but he put this up on it instagram his his instagram is b c outfit or busy i feel that this is him last night i was assured that it was on this is just last night
i'd be helen back academy in baby that they were having started he actually started it he started the howl will give here he called them that's up to you when you can't buy yourself and he's a liar andrea wanna fuck and also in the area of science cools animal ever because their smart operate in packs they have a really cool plex social system i'll tell you this cool little story when i was in northwest territory like just above the arctic circle the first i've been into that country like the mccain demands and i was actually hunt moves but i had a wolf tag as well and the very first more than likely get up out of the tent we walk up the river with a god byron and i say it like a pack of wolves coming down the river
so they had been hot in that area i think will end up being dietary thy digestion caribou up and down the river like just to a labyrinth sweat then i sit in the river and thy surrounded in the with the river and that caribou inaudible as well got to the point tat body was quivering cause has been really hot and then has been chased him that his phrase and call river at that point the wolves just left it and i all went out and sat in the sun cuz they're all wet as well i went and sat in the sun and go to draw and then i was like mom and i should just took over from that point they like they got the but to the point where i know it's gonna die and left it enough for a couldn't hold its hind legs up and not lying down and the river and random in the river how calls that that i knew that saw the the wolves get
the point where they like i go that against the sun now on dry out this thing's dead anyway i would just gonna come back to it in an hour once its trend in the river what fuck how do they know that that crazy and then by the afternoon that caribou was just a ribcage like they did they absolutely plucked reboot a mate and open data that carbon a cool is that as other factors of actually do you really working dear online newer they probably only instagram early dies instagram is adding entry bounding i thank tag them on my instagram so see if we could find those chairman but you say this courageous stand in the water and dumb like it was just quivering those it was done down and i knew that it was done in there just like i will come back in marinate how fuckin smarter than a fuckin smarter there they know that girl have yalta the internet's poor there's something that like elk if thy sniffer stating that the dirt forever so they basically she did their stays in the dirt
however an ill cool go along rising and ate the grass and this bore tax their lungs and its strength the lung capacity so that its vice equally makes the elk tied when they're running for the wolf to grab a medal did i wait a minute so then we look they thought i e the other day shit out what what they ate yeah and spores spots are released neither the when the alps aiding eight in the grass like they take it into their system and any reduces their lung capacity reduces their long put capacity so it's like their points the elbow vienna jack i'm yet why not the ultimate predator yeah i was nature so complex it's at cool isn't so may well the thing about wolves now to that's really kind of course eat i'm so torn i'm so too because on one hand i love l cunning i love elk i love the idea that they're out there in their wild but i'm fan of wolves and love the fact that these rules are so far
and bad ass any aranjuez wrought now go fuck you joe what my friend mike where he lives in pc his neighbors ranch or what a gang of em jumped a cow like they got they got hunger in the winter and setting out just fuckin do this how much easier of fate is a pretty l that runs flat out that's got legs at stand it off the grandeur of fat careless and here the runaway united and tat its penned in to the elk was penned in or the cow there were and they did they jumped jumped the fancy this is this is one of the things that so appealing maybe by wanting if not actually just bow hunting is the hall at those sol pitcher in war life when you get into it like this and you start looking at it and thinking about it's crazy hey doesn't want to be a part of that we're we're self filtered from it for the most part most people's interaction with wild animals is the zoo or a squirrel
who look i see a skunk you know there's an eagle oh my god oh my gosh sign eagle gets a big day but to actually go to a place like where you went and here you know a lot of people like i am crazy that's it's actually know that crazy when you go out and experience that sort of things happen all the time it's just that people are so disconnected cause in order that their experiences telling a story that we're gonna wedged high legal at home and i can hear these pig squealing lagree read like lock my ease just can't pick up where these pigs gloomed coming from an afghan strode up my head there's a which tat illegal with this pig and flaws i ever knew exactly what i was doing and flies it gets about real high drops it perfectly over these rocky yeah on the mountain to open it up like that's like mania gone i need a steak knife to cut into dismayed that vague
just gonna need a rocky outcrop to cut into this may help they knows the pig pretty decent was like this like forty pounds there are forty pounds maybe thirty i've seen them drop goats of cliffs yeah i'd go to climb in class go swooped down grabs solvents like you here have that video with that the eagle tries to pick out the baby out of them i am or whatever i don't think that's real i think that you have an internet sierra i'm sure that's probably happened with love definite and of you when you look in the eye of an eagle realise our other thing we need a baby yet the idea that it would need a baby's joe they built for it is just another animal yeah i'm gonna fuck it not now offence anyone's babies of our local areas reality is theirs video of this guy in alaska we play the pike ass for the guy without the eagles in his yard eagles in alaska are so prevalent i've affronted goes up there
she was telling me the delicate pigeons she's exotic fucking pigeons are everywhere are going to carry even these fuckin things out here with this guy's got this backyard and in his back yard he's got fucking hundreds and hundreds of eagles i mean maybe not hundreds a hundred fifty fifty you ten authority with them but the fuckin everywhere is this the video is the same one so what it is is he's got what we're not come up with hundreds of them so he's got a bunch of fish that he's got laid out and they ve got it might look at this can eagle workarounds girls backyard this ain't chicken what we're gonna show you in a minute folks but these eagles are wander around this guy's yard and he has his kid take a bucket of fish and dump it out for these eagles and i just would not be that confident have in these fuckin monitors company like schools now that be me
raptors man listen nice little ellwood via their video arrive each one of them god look at this thing they're so weird sacho nyjord animal that's it living dinosaur really is weird animal to its so strangely chose that heartless monsters the american bird we couldn't couldn't american animal be like a puppy or some we ve got like on coins or go like platypus and one that nothing will take none claw that's a good move this things is a living dinosaur like clearly our rapporteur of flying raptor we'll get a creep out once wants that fish but doesn't want take a chance again she won't won an eagle it yet i got that weight upon my property up in the mountains are my farm
a cobbler wedge tiles at the hang around them whenever we kill a day we leave the cocktail i'll put a scout in cameroon and stuff like that and just to say these things come down and ate and what they do so who now wait till egos of the size of a golden eagle or a bald eagle airbags they get a couple amazing wingspan anyhow so this barbaric while have you ever seen the harpy eagle does the biggest one yeah lives in venezuela and they eat monkeys and it's it's fucked to watch my it's a monkey hasn't wrestle with the last day i take a sheet of bullets pilot i just be straight out stress another just lamby largesse get it over and done with theirs they loves loss slots which is designed to get fucked up by angles loves laws to this this eagle is god damn huge illegal the monkeys like fact is
the monkeys i get out of here man but the slot cant do anything they just so slow they can't do shit shit that full stare at it and go you just walks up to an grabs it is like that we just fucking claw the shit out of you here dude bloody gave me account does not me this poor line not a goddamn thing you can do programme this a weird one on haven't seen this video watch out of touch tidies gaddafi don't worry i've seen before as one swooped down and grabs one this slough fights back barely really fight millionaire aid supplied that's gonna be you and you know any sort of about getting a deadlock carrier just as we are that nature gave his animal no defence system we need she fuck the slav hair cooler sloppy say that one walkin i always looks like it's got body
how he grown on that grain one yeah that's the road how we'd other with a lot of em do have yet they do have green grown on look like they wanted a zoo here that has all this mould grow all over its back and you can the elegant right there that's the one because they move so slow that literally moss and shit can grow on them what a fucking goofy as airum adoptive jamie i energy size i bet he's the best jammies arrest arrive man pekinese another one another s another is retained look at his fork in the air z i mean that doesn't even look real if if you too that was a creature in a movie i block that's gonna come and get you that's the buggy monster months devil comes in the middle of the night slowly up to your bed gilead babies does what it looks like there's like some friends crazy that technologies broadest far where we can
the video right now that's love but to tell you the truth if you hadn't travel the world you wouldn't even neither animal really existed well that's why they used to have to have that's one of the main reasons why i am opposed to made i'm i'm i'm presumed as far as like they raise a lot of money for conservation there's some animals that actually through i've in zoos we're joking around about it the other day about giraffes i stopped his joke my act about giraffes don't give a fuck about veins the little feel bad at all they love it it is one around one another day yet no lie is slowly water around it has drafted the only animal we isla babies freedom but what if that i realize they got life that good like ass tat i like it takes a back country hunt for you to go home and get shit i just flickr which in a light comes i have a hot water comes on those jobs are probably just ignorant and i really don't know you did i have we not an early phase i've got a good there's not launch thyssen him every day well it's fucked up about santa barbara zoo scent of ours is great but the fuckin the
giraffe cage is right next the lion cage like literally is that harry mind amoy what are you gonna could be like what i should do it cuz i should let him ask for a way they should let him out for a week with lawns and sheet ties marand let them asean guy sake that's what it could be like what do you want to stop me that's all you let us look but look at those people can feed i'm a little kid like that little girl no one's even remotely worried about the behaviour of giraffes i've never exhibited any aggressive behaviour little haiti with two bits dressed i just didn't know is maybe a little pussy about that kid can agree but learned injured your ass i don't think he's got more than jujitsu for giraffe you have that naughty uvira unita hoyt
so these giraffes are right next to this fucking cage worth i mean they're only separated by a couple of fences or two fences and right over there as he's lying asses that's all and you can get that fix glass you can get right like where you are to me get right up the lion rail and when you get right up to him you feel so vulnerable like you know his glass bat cats looking at you and you let your whole body that's going to get defining fuck out of i can do it what are you doing yeah there's something about that's my all you ve seen this one where this baby is stand in their turns its back on the liable the land can even help it yet not just the instinct here but as soon as a kid turned its back it's like now did you see any mobilizing you're out there on come into the kill saw it he's prince role for the snow there well yeah that country's pretty nine for mountain lines as well
two or three years ago when i was in there and we got fresh now and i went through a lot of hawaii now i'm freaked me out in fourtrax like a notch closeouts fresh now i'm sure there was fresh mountain tracks everywhere i walked everyday but it's just that they was fresh not on that list the tracks perfectly in the snow like how many times do you walk ass the mountain london starin at your how many times has obtained lawn off in the distance look in asia and europe do they not only there and then every now and then you'll get a weed feeling like i'm being too funny sends you not a height sign where there was a bullshit but i'll get a funny feeling that sons lookin at me and if i stop at that point never look around chances are afforded the fox or sun staring at me from in upon the rage or in the timber on my back haven't wish i door and yeah shine on the shine yoga shine with they hunt with me just before he come on your show and i stopped do not just goes wheat field being washed and we looked around and yet as a box like looking beyond trade staring straight out ass you know it's like
tickles ascends that's for sure do you think this is gonna get into the wu wu wu do you think that when you're out in the woods for days on end a week on end with knows i'll phone servers know nothin just why it woods animals and you're alone it's just you do you think that active certain senses or reignite certain is that an indoor maria not really waken of gone for such a long period where you had to hunt you that shit people were you know like the natural world is people out in the woods just luck with the animals that all that ignites and fight when we look at friggin technology like we do or you so busy in you lost all in white in what you do like obviously
parts of the bodies gotta yang pagoda shot this down we're doing this now you know in moving forward in the world move forward in oil bullshit let's move that that deaf having acknowledged as what i just said you know where i am elections watchin watching us all the way you react or you listening or what you hear and just all your senses become so fine tune to the wilderness man it's a beautiful thing the move forward as an interesting way of looking at it because i dont think technology necessarily having us move forward board it's definitely when as do is move different world were we're interacting with each other less in the physical sense and more in the digital sense and were way leslie equally the interact with the rest of the wild world went may mean the world the wild that's a weird term too like i always felt the word outdoors like i love the outdoors like how fuckin weirder people that we called
whole world outdoors but i don't like we're so used to being in these shelters that they shouted life is normal but the outdoor out of the shelter well that's the actual work as actual again i feel you what do you do you don't want to go at their camping you gonna be out too well the outdoors like what a weird description outdoor as you know it's a strange way of looking at the wilderness its of the wilderness and much better term but out yours is like oh i love the great outdoors what the fuck are you how can i love that out here tonight i think he said it on the show no longer like we ve never had it added than we have now the hundred percent if you don't think we ve got a better now because you not looking at not appreciate and everything that that there is some locked technology in the sense that i can connect with paypal you came high encina stuff like that i would have friendships with you guys if it wasn't for had taken
you said i you live on the other side of that actually have rises that and the world becomes really small so i love all that but at the same time just height the disconnect that people have i hate that everyone so busy trying to work for live and have a nice car a big house or something like that and in the end that shit's not even important it doesn't even matter it's not it's not the memory that you're gonna get from down at the wilderness will the connection although appreciation i appreciate mate because i've had to kill myself right i appreciate power because of going about power for weeks appreciate hot water you appreciate all those things like a car repay road rubbish service someone comes to housing
collection friggin rubbish serious fires europe day about it there was a point where we couldn't get done what we would to die because you had so much else to write your own rubbish probably growing vegetables or drive or walk or horse roared the dye into the town to get vegetables who or whatever it was and washing your clothes we didn't sitting there for scrubbing brush and washing your clothes overboard with tyga i was in the house now you just throw it in the machine i'll come back and get it when it's convenient for me and pull it out to do a lot more in today's world but it also there's so much to do that its laws play when i get to do what we do and go outdoors and experience at or appreciate those things cuz i haven't had that hardship you know the mountains is a hot can be a hot and miserable experience but it makes you appreciate the things in modern life that i more it's a perspective an answer because it's a reality check as you realize while what a string
world we live in that we need shelter and we'd fire and we need all this stuff in order to survive without that stuff when you're out there like as minimalistic as you ve done it like doing it with a small pack which few days the food and sleeping under a cloth house little tent you know i mean that's a perspective enhance it as it gives you this real appreciation what people have actually accomplished but most folks are not doing that two were all accustomed to supermarkets in restaurants and be able to do is get a bottle of water in all i'm thirsty let me as pop the top on it it's just the environment that your accustomed to were all accustomed to supermarkets in restaurants and be able to get up full of water in all i'm thirsty let me as pop the top on the table is still complain about that shit that's crazy thing people still
find about that and i'm like dude but you need to check yourself yeah i went to africa a couple years ago and it's like a real pull village inn in mozambique and everyone still small but it was a on seasonal year was really called so when we go for this village and allow these village never seen what person before we go for these villages three o clock in the morning and they're all standing around the fire and as i said to the guy beside me the local guy my god they will start work early and he's like knives they can't sleep and unlike what you mean i can't sleep in he's like well that's really called that i had blankets or anything like that so they get up in the morning i start far now huddle around the fight to get warm but it's freezing and it's not that that i have the money to buy blankets there's no blankets there's no friggin blankets for sale it's as simple as that is not like that i have the twenty dollars to buy blanket
there is not even the resource for there to be a blanket available for the by those babies crawling around in dos s like six seven nine eight inches thick dust around the village cause you know that they are working in the village and cradle of that no one's compliant and they that's what they used to in a happy five one of set for someone from our society in that man i'd be miserable the protocol there i've rigorous and and and all i i come home from their thinking those people about it that hard that's what they used to but they ve got that hard and they still small and you know it was a bit of a check for me about power of running water and avoid being appreciative these things anyway but we ve got pow got water we ve got industry here we ve got medicare you know like real good health services we ve got everything like that and pay was still funds on the complaint about an end is just because i haven't been through a real
are in their life though that i realize it could be a hell of a lot harder than this this isn't even hard it's easy is just what we used to and we used to complain about what's also one of the strange things we created by creating houses that have electricity inside them and easy access to food and shelter withered see sleep at a nice comfortable mattress what by doing that by detaching ourselves from the natural world i think we remove just a little bit of the mystery of being live how bizarre it really is to be a living creature how nice it is amazing yes mean when you when you're walking through the woods and you're seeing that grizzly bear whose sleeping on the carcass it out elk that bear has been live in light that probably for if you ve ran into an eleven foot bare and how many years is here fifteen years old they blowing it ass a giant fuckin yahoo monster bear that she's out their survival
hard way for a long time in montana going through he's winters doesn't give a shit if it rains and if it sunny phenomenon doesn't give a shit doesn't give a shit about pack of wolves black doll eyes yonder eyes when you look what that's what i ran into one grizzly bear in my life where it was in the wild only once and it was last year with cam and albert i was asked so with jack diane an odd jane said turnaround grisly we turned around as is grisly look house and this mother fucker was looketh room yet this such a difference in the look at your age not looking at and gone off his jargon how they look through but they threw you in the strangest apex predator where were have liked is dead look there are very with a very strange oil as it is it's like since i saw was fully
hush hush wipeout unaided over souls real but thou exactly died i give a shit compassion less yet died i give it that's what they can ask unless it is just the pod alive if blocking a yemen friggin oh yeah i remember the first vote you ever saw a bare killing a moose the bare chased most knocked down and started eating it guts first while was alive just hope bring it down eating it thus niger order does this this is it this is the funny bit you know where these days extreme greening think these animals got around like you know cargan each other here like that's my cousin you now have a cut catch up another be lighter and shit like that you fuck i don't care if you screamin and helen it's gonna use like that a lot of the quiet dingoes back home you think i could a cough back home and i'll call i'm going to be human with this cough i bought its frightfur sottero it's friday make sure it's dark and it's peaceful and stuff like that
thou just start eight not right there and there would die in its own time you know that that does not even for a process for these animals now they just concerned with consumption when you when you do see them do it too when you do see them eat something it's just like oh yeah of course that's how they do that well you know you don't think of it that way smooth movies of confuse the shit out of people and then being away from them for long periods of time yet but we combine the movies because it's on that individual i'm smart enough you're smart enough common sense toga that's a movie may not really like that you know how can people be that disconnected the think that's actually how animals lived a life it's just afraid movie you have been able to just i don't think they really think that but they're not exposed to the harsh reality of it like that i don't think they really think that the bears talk to other unknowingly asian and they hug each other and they help people but but
the reality of seeing bears in klondike bar commercials and coca cola adds that does fuck with your head as you know a way plants seeds of word renate calls what do you call it a charismatic megaphone these these things become they become your friends your your long lost wilderness friends that man i got a cat and dog at home oliver like coal but then the dire now it's an animal and it's not a census senseless why assign because i believe hunters or hunters it i've met the most compassionate people that you'll ever made because it is a hard thing to take an animal life but now it's part of the process you know it's not like i'm just not let you go kill him ok we got nell killed on curly not that hunter at all life nothin turns me off more on not that sort of person alive a quiet tom with that you know what the animal i'll put my hand on it and everything and i'm just thankful i know it's an animal on night of the mates going to be you
no i know i'm doing the right thing but it's still best human emotion part of it you know unless we're in a sentence why i got upset when i killed that that bull elk in us like it is a beautiful creature i understand that's definitely a beautiful creature and it's a hard thing to do that's the food chain what's also very sustainable and what's interesting is what you're doing is your dipping your your body your mind feet into the wild world that elk is going to get eaten by cynthia if it's not you it's gonna get eaten by their bare they're asleep on the carcass nothing goes the wife of a completely understand a hunting after getting so far in the hunting i completely understand nothing goes the why nothing ever if an animal breaks its leg something's gonna take care that exactly yeah yeah it's just all part of the cycle it's all part of the big picture the world the biggest the biggest creature on the world is the world itself if he's off everything ass where impart part of the world's pry
yeah and what in a way tat devil becomes this is a super complex system that has everything in place it's got a system to dissolve bodies and the bacteria does what the animals don't eat and there's just this really complex pattern that's in place that's been in place for ever and what you're doing a hunter as is going into it and becoming for a brief week or so you're becoming a part of that system or it out require you or a month for you and your acquiring your food that way which i obviously in you obviously think is way better than going at a second time our data and hiring some supermarket hit man to do the work for you and feeling that you're guilt free i worked at abattoirs for some time that abattoirs like a slaughterhouse does albert whereas it or industry is nearer the industry is a very young secluded here in amerika how it just now we have had
we would note we all know too much about you a crocodile dirty crazy land down under sometimes i'll use sighing or sites on unlucky understand that word or not abbott or other saunter house normal does i spanish central spanish potential destroy a bitch spanish speakers is spanish word must bring her interesting word i'll just stockholm the slaughterhouse and so seven thousand shape would guy pass on china had the one job to do it then and ended by seven hundred pay you make an a slash that's runs out what you do is cut their throats there would be seven hundred other workers just on the slaughter floor part so that mate was passing seven hundred people's hands mouse the whole lot through i almost nine is not the role of this because the pop
lies in the world demands that not everyone can hunt now sought i have an issue of slaughterhouses raining like that but i'm sign that make guys shrewd why different process i would have to say for a better word brutal process where those animals get hurt it on two i like a truck like a semi trial driven to the slaughterhouse putting small yards push through a guide to guy pass all our peoples hands that that a cotton the mate that's before it even get to the point where it's gonna get cut off a packaging and then obviously get sent out to different grudge restores an insult from their my mate passes these hands he that's it that's the only made that passes i get to inspect every single animal in in its natural form because on the one that kills it isn't
strange that's the norm that the norm as a slaughterhouse and that's only been around for a couple hundred years yet for that everybody did it the hardware as actually here yet but yet we seem to be they outside is for doing it like that in a like this is so much more natural this is its friggin beautiful that the process is actually beautiful once you get the now and you look at it that everyone thinks he had got an animal tat playin it he's got an animal like it's clean it's not a messy job at all and there's no luck i'm gonna blocked my nose around one million living there was no smell this nothing this is clean maintenance one signed a blot on my hands at that point is clean wooden bob made eight a chocolate bar like my fingers off now do you can maybe you need to meet completely was actually read it might sound predator mean the only thing you have to worry about as if you eat a pig or if you eat a mount minor some plankton yet aware but trick analysis weight on air had that i'm in african out no and so
you're gonna now i can eat your pink pretty rare you could you definite could that's so come here and i quote vagueness like crossly bid a cardboard i'm sure you do the same well i didn't know that saw a cook some some bacon for our friends that we stay referred and k westbrook thereon i pay out with his men and high and amused judges have my bike unlike slightly cooks i just slightly cooked it and put it on the plight idle my bike and they didn't either by an onlooker they mustn't be big balconies and then after the fact that over my bacon thanks k c five year we really like the career bacon well because a chicken and num lock what the fuck like you live a minor much less of a concern with domestic pig they actually lower the temperature that you're supposed to kill or cook rather domestic pork yeah i used to be like a hundred sixty five degrees which is what they recommend you could combat now that a hundred forty hundred you're ok
should we couldn't get out less something gets to download the way you get trick analysis by eating something which risk analysis but the horrific nature of pig farming of domestic the way they raise it these factory farms it's it's horrible really makes you never won a pork again it s in a really disgusting yeah i could just happy fill my fraser with with naturally harvest night a hundred percent came aids the kids ada i love that is an interesting and what you said earlier that everybody can do that and i do not know project was are at it it is bizarre is because what we're talking about iran's you're not you gotta have these job you ve gotta my good money and i you need to be successful in that top alive you know that that's the big wash but by all noise like now you really need to be successful in this type of life which is their doors experience you know look but whatever bain a good father like that
sort of the work shit or whatever who gives a shit leave each of them or if you have to tie down do suddenly enjoying life right that's the story because you're not gonna get to death ben may locker really wish i pushed and got that better position at work winona you're never gonna do that you'll be you'll always be like a wish i did more for my kids or i wish i went and climb friggin everest or whatever it is that's what it's gonna bay but we all get caught up in this trap is now gonna have the newest cause the the the noises house when they live in this sub i made the bay the sea our work on aid to do that sort of thing why think were set up this desire and our heads to attain things that we think are difficult to attain that we see like we see a shiny car we see a beautiful house we see all the other different trappings modern society we see those things in their their very appealing to us nay they seem to be
like goal posts of success and then if we can reach those things maybe will reach more happiness i will feel better about ourselves will have some staff less than their weaken brag about and each case that stuff into your hearts out to do bear under the same thing don't don't get me wrong i ll say advertising for a car or such like that to be revoked that car but then it's not a party minute clicks and you don't need that friggin car why do you want that car that come and you go to work longer work more gradual sought knows to maintain or something like that but you wanna gonna wanna get that cost crashed in the bush there a thing in our unlike not afforded gotta just be happy with what you ve got your you're an idiot if you're gone chase out your immediate just be happy with what you got lost good more at times more outdoor experience more time you kids more time for your wife whatever in that sense you know it's it's that set that that's a whole modern society thing so indigenous
i am not all of indigenous describe it most of indigenous to strive because so young to our culture and i could destroy was only discovered in maybe jamie can look it up collateral no exact i probably should they they indigenous astride don't seem to have that desire they just happy with what they ve got and certain to be it suddenly envious of that that that they just have you of that that they're not gonna why said life gown and chastened silly things and i bought into the day those things that you chasing you can't take them with you trot and even if you leave them behind for your family you mean they're in narrowing and enjoy them until they stop letting but will the bull it's like masterpieces enjoying your life to the utmost and having the most the mole six ass with your family with your friends and most relief kinship success the most harmony with the people to come in contact with but dad
and seem to be rewarded the same way in our world as like someone who's got some bar how's that for now helicopter pixel mom please get golden underwear and that that fight draw it does but they can have that they can have the helicopter no guarantee that it fight and they want something new none that certain new that you'd desiring pasta what i've tried to try and myself to these i am what i do is i now is experiences like worldly experience has come to come to america for the month may not so much if it meant to have to sell the house and i mean the king would kill me so wouldn't i thought if i sell my car to come to me come on old america for a month i do it why drop a hundred percent because the its end is not over
the stories that i'll tell you or camel or antonio one of my friends back home is not even though stories as the stories within myself and the experience within myself that's where the real value is that's the real currency world is what's inside me right now i feel i have to do on this trip now this trip was miserable o my lady of but it's an enjoyable miserable howdy work that work that how could baby in the snow been wet flogging myself out enough for sixteen seventeen every day in the dock of noise and get back in the camp bain miserable how could that be enjoyable cause a second to get back to camp you lock ah a fire that also second you lie down yet under saga so good the lighthouse like you ve gotta go for hardship to find a good shit and law i went through this five days on prince
whales island with rinaldo and my friend brian cowen and it was reign in every day spots porn rain every day that the hut was unsafe unsuccessful too we didn't get a dear but we came back and i was so happy like the sun is so poor and how it's so nice there's no rain and i've i've this same as it is today which is a beautiful amuse beautiful today but i didn't really appreciated the where appreciated it when i came back from prince of wales definitely do i really do believe that you have to go through some difficulty to appreciate and good stuff like yeah born into like so some super wealthy multibillion our family and you ve got a ferrari when you're sixteen and you know you turn around and fly around everywhere in private jets you live in a giant mansion i just don't think the you can ever appreciate definite the difficulty i live i work for what i've got to die you now and then like i had a hard upbringing and stuff like that what my father was abusive alcoholic lived on the streets for some time and
i really believe that put me where i am with my family i absolutely a door a famous do anything my wife and kids and cut my arms often seldom if i had to that's because a hardship that i had when i was growing up and and let my business is very successful try and i believe that because i didn't have anything grown up as a kid luck we were poor we will very paul you know we had nothing we didn't we didn't do christmases because there was no money to decrease smith and and come from a broken family like that to me i have mine family that i could die now how to treat them rot because of how we will trade the site romans kids and how my mother was traded and i had a trade kim or as hell i'm proven that that's not that she time flowing my house this is how it actually is you know you love your family to death you do absolutely anything for him
but the biggest things i'm proud of in law is having the family that i've got to die and i look by hunting aside man i'll drop bow honey you know how much a lotta honey i'll drop bologna for my family well i'm not i gonna do it least likely after but that is an interesting thing how people come from a lot of folks had come from abusive alcoholic families they they wind up being like really consider it really compassionate and really dedicated to people on the straight and narrow it alive from morrissey grew up with an alcoholic grandmother who raised him and they saying my mama was drinking i believe i wouldn't bay like that drink and because of just like i care about the person the straight on uneven now that's it that's the sort of person ryan said i believe it would be and it's just because of the house i must have seen my mama was drinking i believe
wouldn't be like that drink and because of just like i care about the person the straight on uneven now that's it that's the sort of person there i am said i believe would be the violent drunk the my father was but it certainly dont want even promote to my kids on any unwanted promoted to me friend so are around drink and i need a drink some silly enough you can tell yeah i've seen that many times man people who grew up in that sort of abusive substance abusing family they grow up and there's clean as a whistle and have nothing to do with it makes total sense get tangier off it yeah it's interesting how that works man how sometimes you have to see someone just fuckin completely ruining their lying in order for you to get it in your handle that is not me i just i say in all the negative in it and in oslo out i want to end negative in my life at all look i'll do anything to avoid him you know that's why i came on the straight and narrow and try and be of real positive person is on i just i just don't want any anything negative like that in my life
i say alcohol as being a negative pereda because people do stuffily they they usually wouldn't hundred russia but at the same time i can be at work or sutton in the guise of drinking and having a good time there's no issue at all she had all stable not with him and a good laugh i just i need it to have fun anymore because i've never had it and and and obviously you know i've been turned offers as a yeah that mean it's not necessary mean it's a social lubricant at the end i i enjoy it but i didn't grow up in an alcoholic environment i grew up in a violent environment do you know master violence to make a very scary thing and i couldn't imagine ever hitting my wife my kids are him just like and you know it was like stressful grown up as a kid that don't think that's why i've tried live model
for that any stress now have an eye business my business can be stressful but of i've tried the grow up without having any stress and just to have a figure like that in your life grown up as keys about two ceases as well that we obviously affected boy boy it as well it's a little bit like faded me kids the wrong vegetables are not fade but for mental health you know domestic violence is so ruining in that sense that that it just destroys mental health i've had i've used it as fuel myself but i know a lot of people dying and it actually affects them as i get to fix them more more it doesn't it also affects if you see violence too often the and by the way i should really ex expand on this like the violence that i saw was nothing amy's you know my dad hit my mom a few times zena smacked around some hit some other people do his is of that
railway that doesn't that it enough at its is bad but it's not violence in japan send say never hit me night i've seen many people who lived way more violent upbringing way way worse than what i've seen but one of things it happens to young people when they see violence on a regular basis is your brain gets programmed to accept not just accept that but too to be wary of that and to be ready to respond to that and so you develop a much quicker ten sir and your that the consequences of being in a dangerous situation become much more real and your much more likely to act in a violent way when children see violence busy people getting hit they see them and showing a regular base it is like the norm it made on ignore normally becomes an option you know and its access
programming up i mean you know you have you have children like when you raise a care like they're so fast it so fascinated to watch kids learn and grow and see what they respond to any sea like when you eat when you can talk to them and get them alone and have fun with them and respond and rations eyes with em i try to talk to my kids like their adults a toxin like their little kids like a game a lotta love in a lot of but i try to explain things like they're really smart yet and probably i really smart they couldn't you like that my kids like the people they d get a kind of him but they keep asking questions and we work it out in all what does that mean well why you know like we ve had conversations about what to do if someone's been mean to you like my daughter was like someone be mean to me it's cool i go how they being mean to select while they said something mean about my hair me i gotta do you like your hair and she's like
our haggle do you think they really think there's something wrong with your hair trot or they try to make you feel bad she was analysed inter mean gobbled probably trying to make you feel bad right it's one thing to try to make to make you feel bad while lot of it is because when kids a little they re lies that they can affect someone in they dont maybe they don't even understand that can have a really bad finally on you but they it's like a toy did they can play with like they can say something mean you react they realize it and this is something that people have to get through i got what you should do is realise the how that makes you feel and decide you're never gonna do somebody out especially without someone who's your friend we are like long conversations about feeling about communication and then i explained or always that whenever i tell my keys about something i always say whatever you ve done i've done it worse and i'm dumber than you efficient when i was your age so she's whereas what especially my eight year old who is you know she's the dumb middle child but she's on you know she's she's very
curious and very very interested in progress like we talk about things like getting smarter or what you wanna things i always say as i go your way smarter than i was when i was eight when i was eight i was really dumb and i just lost you thanks but also as a boy and a things a little more reckless and impulsive and will crazier but i guess so eighteen you ve done like if you dont tell the truth about something or if you blame something else for something that you did i did it all did all those things so i'm out you i got it are actually work out for me i'm here i'm alive and healthy have you so it's gonna be ok no one's gonna not love you if you make a mistake totally apart of being a person there's no way to know we need this life without making mistakes so by having those kind of conversations with them i think i ll the eight at least some of the anxiety because kids are always worried about how you feel about what they ve done i don't want you to be upset at them and i want you to be and i always like go even if you do something bad luck i still love you scared sizes heart of life yet a fuck up
still as adult as a forty nine year old man make stupid fuck in this day and in the end it doesn't matter does a man doesn't matter she can get past its allowed yeah so good chill out people exactly and puts hearted well you know what that's another thing that being in the wood and being in the wild like when you see fucking eleven foot tall grizzly bear sleeping on a l carcass in your by yourself boy dislike in it's about a third of our heads of get mad each other rather himself i get stupidly look at this day these things could eat me funny in his funny don't you mean again like you were saying about how being in the woods and then coming back here like the haka just hit a switch and i can't i think you know having that that perspective in being out in the wild does its and one more thing that gives you this sort of great picture of how bizarre
are any amazing life really job this sign no use kronos built milk yeah yeah we have that i think we invented it i think he has borrowed it i think we invented love wifi stress events wifi game either one guys programme american expert point went over their claimed australia we hide in those cases where like i just leave a guy that's no is crying over bilbil likeness sons happen like if there's even some stressful yeah it's done now let's just deal with it because done now there's no use carrying on about it right it doesn't make anything better now rather than just like just let us deal with the situation let's just get beyond but so common be upset about it and everybody else does it and it becomes a pattern you see it and you know i mean i'm guilty of it myself i've gotten upset about stupid shit for two but sometimes it's just a perspective thing it also sometimes it's a busy thing sometimes you become die mommy i'm guilty of this year the opportunity gangs and in doing to anything
sometimes i get my stress level too high like my base stress levels like this too many things are managing all once and then i could be irritable stuff that i shouldn't be irritable about kim's as i'm kim's got a little business pray little party her and she gets so busy she'll get caught alpha that she'll get to the point she luck fuck i just gotta slide down i'm gonna do less i've gotta do less so i can actually feeling more things but more things that i enjoy and down but a lay she's got that outlook lay she gets that point and she's like yeah i can get too busy unama actually lose and quality time with whatever in life that she enjoys and dumb eyes to be decided the business god put in these crazy ass with the business abroad by practically built the business so it could support itself and i can walk away and go bionic and but to get to that point i put in a few years of just i'd be up about until one
work in the morning dawned things for the business and trying to keep the ground and then how big deal one because the more shit you have in life it business all those sorts of things the less time you actually have in life things that you want right so i got to the point like well i don't really want the business of any bigger than it is now unless i get in some other manages and things like that and is just fine and that point i can stop because you ve they're not enjoying life anymore united lichness roll back a little bit yeah i've done out more this year i used to do all the you have see paper views and ice do the fox events to and i cut it back to only north american paper used no more fire a cut in half steichen bye honey you found that hardly any problem here on a motive about hundreds bar the problem i was i was telling you on the way over here that i really think i need to do a beau hunting tv show to have an excuse
furthermore this honey i'm gonna go to work can get naked are you going to come in hunting with me you can only see it yeah i can only see it online in china but it's going to be huge i don't know man this is definitely of a line you cross between not doing enough and then doing the right amount and in doing too much and knowing how to pull back it's hard to put things back though most people day they feel like if they're not moving for their moving backwards for not doing more they're doing less yeah that's it human condition isn't it not to be sought and i want to do i can be doom housework of it on the house or don't certainly were doesn't even had to be certain that i actually want to do but if i'm not doing some for an hour i am bored shitless did all have an era home if it doesn't have to be sought and i want to do i can be doom housework of it on the house or don't certainly were doesn't even had to be not that i actually want to do but if i'm not doing something
now i am bored shitless did like hide the noise and cut my risk board board shitless like i need to be done certain unlock as it does need to be certain i want to do but i have to have something to do what things i realize how to do or learn how to do over the last few years it's go on an actual vacation where i go and i can just sit on the beach and drink marguerite is and put my feet is it hiring my kids now i can't go now well we were those organizing a trip recently to hawaii and i was a good one i can have access they hope i signed the problem is on the up at six cockney i won't see my name right there at all yes it's on a vacation vacation but fishing is like fishing is an easy and they lay out my kids like on bringing bringing kids who has tried to take out a mad
network australia's a strange place man and this is one of the range of order that six they now flawed who i added to what its also strange place in that the like what they ve on in america with reintroducing wolves way what they ve done in australia where would i think is really bizarre is feral cats and foxes too deal with some of the damage it never works brought rabbits hair rather trade one of the early colonies we finish dry because that was for the people of for the people the high you that's why i brought him in it's all for all the animals in australia particularly museum and all the game animals all of them have been introduced from somewhere else that's that's my sowed the databases earl gifts from royalty along the way
and and then you've got our species that won't give it all we just brought a minx before it was going to benefit us try but most of them if not all of them done the complete opposite side road in the fox to look out the rabbit well this sign on top of shit that the fox would just prefer to eat that's easier than catching a rabbit i just hate that bases that lot lives in austria like it's not like all its aught else you want to get rid of now it's not knows we wanted the cape because i it is not a ground seeing birds you name it and then you spend enough time out in the woods and you'll see just that the craziest things and with saint pharaoh cats now cause the bird sightedness
an add on likes onto our trees are grown in alike that besides there ought not the faro cats was swimming across the lake at not actually saying this on the lots women across the like it not climb in these birds at a nest in the trees out on the lake and snatching the cheeks and and the bird and just devastating to to airport population of i've never heard of all feral cat swimming in a rage he did so figured out how to do it is figure do it mainly by they will bomb and you know that's that's the that's there's the point right there done the right thing to do he's getting in and calos cats here when it's too that to that that sort of it was what i was going to bring out because when i was in australia you gave me some of your bow honey magazines and this fucking
pictures that we are holding with cans they ve got a dead can now that's a proud moment for not because of how devastating now i understand it the same way coyoats are here in the lab gotta catch i'm not lying in the novel nothin about shoot me gotta i'm that's different the cat that's gotta colorado that's gotta bail on and it stays at here but is now bizarre like you love the cab i and other cat yoshida rarely dogs you ve got dingoes in europe pharaoh dogs and fairer dog suggests that suggested domestic dulled that's gone wild and there the sign now feel kill that that their devastating to population of wildlife warm bats take good here in our kidneys we'll get arrest you ve seen a kidnap kidnap kidney what is it it's like a porcupine but hey cool oh
i wanted less hate cool and you'll how dare you have wolves you don't even have wolves says as being our data will fall ah how dare you got so not true hub exerting a knot of bigger the wolf i fuck is echoing work some bullshit it's crazy as regards so scared accommodate destroy you could snakes in sport is an arm in the bush here for one day and is a giant friggin grizzly bear like at my ten and unlike i'll take the spoils of snakes please do david grizzly bear scary than a crock crocs crossed it gets cold cold hearted kill alike thou adjust it saves if you when the water near any crocodile it come and have a crack at you if you need any barrack and about fifty percent of a forty percent of a mud attack it might even be less than that where it just says like crocodile so stock in the jurassic period that anything that comes to that waters just gonna get chump
i take a little story zalm in on land last year ottomans like northern territories autumn last autumn land item item this balance has i am heights a page pages ice age hate height but what does it there was a choice i hate charge you guys but an alien probably not ass guys just make that they agree on our home arm on him on hum already on the land ok is a vast wilderness area then say or is god's landmark beautiful ok us so you and are in paradise for an outdoorsman his ale as the hell for any cities liquor it is out there mosquitoes unified low kind of pictures amazing yet it is a spectacular applies and virtually on time
so that's that's a crazy thing about australia's the population that you guys have essentially the population of law sandra lives in a place as big as the continental united states thank cross for that yeah that's nice said is not even one we went to like you got a nice city like melbourne god it's beautiful that's like little country champion it is at times like bolder colorado manuela guinness attitude is too much traffic so why you're in aren't on land what happened on land and a shady massey big ball pig and runs down to a shot i just ran diana was just on the edge of the water and its fighting locket seconds away from dying and i walk over there and other walk over they are so to sit down just give the animal its pace you not i wanna go
adrenaline rush or anything like that cuz it could take long for it to die so i'll just sit down quietly and snap matthew big saltwater crocodile just lunges out of the water and grab these pig and start swimming are they out across the however i was seconds away from walking down there and essentially dragon that pig back up the bank would be inside your photos that crock was sitting out there like within seconds at crocodile was sitting on the edge of the bank or just under water where it could grab that pig that's how quick it can happen people down guy i'll just be quick undisguised wash my fight really quick always hot there so the most appealing thing in the haiti's like you say war and suck on water go down there and discuss possible war i may face amounts will be real quick gone and they go for anything framing or have they don't have a reluctance to kill people in avonlea not and then there's oh jesus sky often by the nose that's not astride is but
often they yeah that's a mile crock niggers your pyro timing iraq now under the same animal is a difference between the crocodiles an australian those fucker savona those workers are in florida now assholes and florida fly what overrun with assholes now everybody i was not allowed on day if you live in florida and your nice person i appreciate deva legend the crop miles in the nile crocodiles have been in introduced to florida assholes of jesus life into the everglades knows that they have a shoot announce now and they saw a kind of spirits they ever issued on site order lsd and now crocodiles we held on side because there would not have thought avenge developing a society annabelle population is the crocodiles they have the native crocodiles and floored our small but the very aggressive the way more aggressive than alligators but the smaller
but now they have these fuckin neo crocs wishes absolute savage and just swallow person hall and you talking about everglades which is overrun with things for them so that there is a high likelihood of them achieving a large size waist i get that from their assholes people have em as pets the same thing as python you know the python situation for people have had an atom as pets and then placed them in the world yet i had i got the two big new full clear my own account hey you little cry aloud enjoyed while and they think they're doing the right thing by releasing this thing into the fuckin swamps and then hellish where they are breathing population now they were breeding population of neo crocodiles and fucking floored setback to the astray and introduce basis like didn't stop it foxes they kept manganese mistake you know the kind tides we have a lot of trouble with the kind herds now came to gain time what's a cane to allotted virtually overtaken austria they can have their own businesses and run for
what i d like a big time you're making they regard opening your handwriting pizza shrink into not a page all my guide the kind tat well that thinks you gotta body rather they got those glands on their back and it's got a poisonous toxin in alaska and so our bird wildlife ass nice and i hate snakes but it's nice a protected industry by the way you can't just gown kills night when you want and they still but they place a hundred since nice about their place in destroying the snakes eightam and these poisonous toxins will kill snakes thou killer bird life just that they're just horrific jesus chromium sizes things so why growing toads dying quite me but i'm pretty sure they brought him into fought off a cane badal that was eight now kind cross and theirs many other bugs and that of the kind i would have liked to say what i want let us do bad thing can't we learn well people are very very
vantyle with the perspective and the ecosystem idea the idea that you could use how will you got a little problem here i am with his little opening i'll stick up slot in there just shovel predator in there and i feel that opening like didn't i do you consider all the other animals and thing would eat if they want to do certain what they should do instead advantages and shit like this it is check your load for a cane to check your luggage days came towards her white doorways and can be easily transported in your goods and luggage when you are packing up to leave from an area where king toads are present is important a thoroughly check you are now accidently carrying your keen dude were there not a good thing tasmanian tiger the test my entire like extinct near but they got the dna from one thing other rangers son let's do it they re introduce one there from thy wife but they should not their money introduce that they wanted to
the dna from our tasman entire reintroduce it when they have to have something that was like a similar animal in in reintroduce it possibly i don't know how or what i think i got that from jurassic park probably in particular i think that's how they do it well then didn't know what they said they were going to do with the woolly mammoth like theirs is russian scientists that we're thinking about reintroducing the bully man and they were to use the dna from a woolly mammoth from some fossil something or another and they were going to combine it with the dna from our railway elephant i think that the interests not that i think in some cases like that i'm not trying to be god or anything but that should happen it's a good thing right nine tiger i think owed its any extinct because of human interactions ran so i don't know either but ninety percent of everything extinct ninety percent everything has ever lived as they were you draw the line we bring night answers you no one
we draw the line that we good huh who triggering back bigfoot momentum which directs there's enough it is good magellanicus alligator tastes good idea of you when you john dudley small time he eats and there he the slayer his solar he said it taylor like alligator tailor the meat from them is apparently like more rich in protein than like elk or moose really that's crazy way pakistan in the debate countries possibly like really good for ya super lean quick sera seared alligator sign our crocodiles back home are protected as well now cheese there's no tiger and meaningful you can't kill crocodiles zangwill crocodile what they re like item outside the video kill something over here please this that city in the northern territory which is all part of on line there is is darwin city
the river runs right into the city and this crocodiles rawdon there so guys will go up club and all you know drinkin and get drunk and think it's a good i did a jump in the river swim in yahoo and palm value snatched so they calculate crocodiles and i release him like miles and miles away and these things come straight back into the signs but no luck they swam hearing about these bozrah there by catch these problem bears and by relay somewhere near on hunting unfortunately but actually problem bears and thou relay some miles why and then awake they show back up to the same destination crazy they know how to get back some sort of internal compass why things about saltwater crocodiles so terrifying is am i was telling me that there are some sort of a boat and they were like god deep out into the open miles out and they saw southwark run swimmin out there and i went why
how far easier as i think you should do something like three to five miles away from shore and his fuckin crocodiles yourself there swimming by its rising probably can probably got a great while others have ass yet it's a goddamn dinosaurs look at that thing that's crazy ways when came came out and we're up in autumn landon tell him about old dangerous she in a locker crocodile tears close in any bit of water here you want even though i know big crocodile in there and help out for a child during scrubbles charger and i told him about all the poisonous bushes and everything and at the end of one day we got we got back with like coffee a lot and cuz didn't pack any food in what we had to catch fish every day or tron shoots shoot some night sir
about half an hour early one afternoon will i will go for a quick fish what we're gonna catch some fish never gonna get some some food into us and we walked out and stinkin ha is like fifty six degrees celsius they likes witness buddhas out i confirm heads like one term that's probably even to be higher well yeah it's hot and i like how we might be out a swimming one of the rock pulls you dont want a swimming in the ocean was one of them croxley wanted to write a fifty i wanted we too that's fifty six oh my god jack about baby fifty out it is one thing to walk in the park two hundred and thirty two degrees tempt followed rincon buffalo peace because you had to cape hydrated or die what does it feel to be out in a hundred and thirty two degree temperature you get used to it i'm fucked you used to them at looking it's like that my oh my gaza workmen
looking at temperature all summer you could slow i cook at him at a hundred fifty teresa could those birds diner agnes relay there's little video where i've got like might be a from aero 20a now and it's just that hot that it's just it's on the granites it's a out you know because it hasn't had always leave it high pitched e oil and that died and i saw a gone out and as iraq poem like well besides this women that rocco and the thought of going about big ties likes him made a touch of their coming in at every day and the target in and when had gone out and left a bunch of box jellyfish in that little then the ocean itself where or fishermen it wouldn't be a deeply hand in the water beckoned stung by box jelly embark surface of till you dead did thousand thousand four and a half hour chopper fly out to get there because we did in the wet season you can drive and the roads am i to hire helicopter to get us out there so it would have been four and a half hours for a hell of a cosmetic
call me in an in four and one slash two hours back to the hospital you didn't that time you didn't the first they are like it's ya you go to have your wits about you and that's what country so box jellyfish what are they look like a nation on the newly clear they were ever look at us shit and then i'll kill you instantly and that's the one that intel came about and we get out to the rocks and all the crazy shit that i've told you did that's what would a killed us if we jumped in the water like i was just jumping for a quick did why is that mad boss does that crazy fuck river rosters analogy that one that got that guy's leg go go back to that leg picture jamie go full screen on the man
then that's sick tat now i think you keep it alive proud that lot emerson just get close enough to the never ending the water again is it like an anti venom outside a baby goddamn one year old who am i that will smith was in a movie and member and he's gonna deny these organs at ended a movie and he's gonna that's how he skipped commit suicide he's gonna jump in a bar with box jellyfish we're fuck my eyes i am legend scary shit and i am legend is kind i mean there are so many monsters that exist seven pounds seven pounds then and believe that what has happened with up to some of the kid the kid is not always poor likely becomes a successful firstly is the scene was say that shit
i'll get that fucking thing away from me oh this is actually doesn't kill myself so we actually does any tips a box jellyfish in the wall of human you get out of here and i want to see the shit get all day you commoner did the fuck that's a movie dies with box jellyfish does targeted north i'll get the fuck outta not even that big energy marijuana saddened ouch and when you come out i went taken either why are there so many things had killed the figure in the ocean and the funding are why so many things achillea because they were both live in austria strew that's why i think about work with a sigh friggin hot at so desolate that islam it just wasn't design for paypal is positive now that's why i think while people live then so did in bounds it out at some of the oldest earth on earth worked national actions are people who live there western dummies you and i and people i definitely in the indigenous people that live that idea
now i live on the mainland and dumb does actually actually some really interesting areas they called the damp ya archipelago in the pillory region of western australia and theirs i was seventy thousand rock in the air they still another significance of it but seventy thousand rockets in that area kangaroos sea turtles crate that will be done even exist anymore when you look at the pitchy luck was that a rule animal thou drawer and what i just like this guy fucker so they don't even know whether or not it was a real thing because it doesn't exist anymore doesn't exist anymore why well the kangaroos we are talking about that before the podcast we say we're gonna show this video i did not know
the kangaroos were protected laying can't just shoot kangaroos over there all of our native animals he caught on any of their native animals in austria everythink weaken hunton is twenty seven or twenty eight species are all introduced there an invasive species like a feral pest that's why i led the honey it's not like the american system where your hunting and i is your lucky what tile and open everything like that and that's why i have a tag season or we don't have any any any citizens at all new south wales if just introduces the season in the last couple years and there's one species of de in victoria the lower part of austria where you need to tag for that it all those of us bases you don't need a tag for and there's no sees what species holly mighty new attack for those does not bunch of em they try to manage them it's really good what they do and they do a good job so the king losing i had no idea
the numbers of kangaroos were as high as they are so you were tell me about this looks like a kangaroo plague and in janey pull pulled the video up in this is fucking insane just go will kangaroo plague australia you see is something from a fuckin horror movie it looks like thoust and kangaroos i and we have no idea how many there they're just running across his field like ants a bet you that antlers they wouldn't cheese i mean it norman up completely insane when you look at their video i have no idea yes craig logo sign the same people that a lucky car karla kangaroos united car hunt kangaroos you can't shoot the kangaroos what tango whose our dear species right i don't think so think they're like marsupial early their cousin of a near i can i thank things even tastes like dear thy ties good thoroughly rich red mate supersaver lane lotta the love love the body builders and stuff like that
love kangaroo wended kangaroo sergeant joke yoked up what will the railways had big muscles they ve always had big muscle we didn't see that american teresa india rolling over the last few years a showed us big choking each other issues that china has added dont lights and shit in public so it looks like a giant the video this too kangaroos fightin one kangaroo chokes lithuania anxiously that kangaroo normal a common that's incredible at will recycling rosita outside there so that others can be read kangaroo welcome the red ones are the biggest ones around yet yet the huge my when any gift was in australia he does is done about stand about that and he was out there was some australians and i forget what the startling fact that is even look real man that does not a real bit you an arm wrestle fuck that man so does what would have what eddie
he got out of the car for some reason and he saw this kangaroo and he thought it was a statue cause it was so big his eye was a thought it wasn't really settings like seven feet tall is no fuckin way is a real kangaroo he'd we literally dotted statute was sitting there and his friends start screaming get back fucking car anything turns around looks adam and then he realised that this giant thing in front of him was an actual kangaroo and apparently there very aggressive i've been calling that i feel for it no doubt kick your stomach out because what i do is i latch on to you if they clause have actually got a real big club they got clothes like that don't elaborate aria yet and then thy balance herself on their title in the case of both legs and they got like a single tonal that's like that thing that is my legs and that does not look real sorry about that way on their backs tales incredible our balance in their back thousand i'll kick with both their legs and then
look i always like balancing himself that so strange ass it your salary arrange animal god that is what is our flaxen camel night kandian two hundred pound ripped kangaroo crushes metal oh my god he's he's bending cans arms this motherfucker how strange they are cool animal other word at the farm when you come to withdraw yossi usa kangaroo thoughts i do it all die we too should have each other they always love each other out is not some new shadowy learning i do for you come on i'll spinning back there you want to judge piss i wonder if we could take a leg kick i think if i was gonna fuck with it andrew outages arm drag him and take his back about meetings back i know what to do and i take it back are now will test we'll tested out
i need some like fish clothing kevlar senator working cut your guts out you know but i won't even go for your face right prego for got i got for you got in the gods have you can protect that if you can figure out a way to move in on jukam come i'm get him to move get all the one in pause dragon i'm gonna feel unfilled preserve its heavy awesome the other news my arriving tries to take on a kangaroo sudan gets his stomach kicked out this is how i die by it there's a bunch of these videos of these kangaroos choking each other out never seen him target over others video these two kangaroos are fighting in like a suburban neighbourhood and there in a street and one a kangaroo camera he gets like like out what will your colleague vise grip clamp in jiu jitsu you would use or wrestling you'd like clamp like you scoops at the back a summons like this with one arm and earlier on comes down and clamp down like this as it and he fucked
chokes into sleep there's gotta be camera perceiving it fight this thing out at boys again it is sir taking shows ass north but therein a regular neighbourhood fuckin each other up but i see you oh please but you can't hide this action it's all the standard moves is very there are some solemn robots like other snap reaches heads back to ticket box illegally go for the guts oh that move though i like her balance on their tail is really crazy see if you can fine kangaroo chokes out other kangaroo because he put some too soon like literally get off and clamp down on it turns his neck like data is another thing we invented industry took out again in refusing to learn from kangaroos maybe maybe maybe they saw and skill to the neighbour about people didn't know that you could show people out and they saw someone do yeah it is so he did
they start going at it and why kangaroo is you find out where it does it see i'll get it gets a front headlong so that one kangaroos can be in it yeah fine you hairdressers gets he's gotta clamp see clout he had to hold the neck and he's been in his neck in a really funny way any traps the head up against chastity like a japanese necktie right here and any grabs the clap and down inside like you pay attention is like looking for girls ladys nobody's gonna shit learning i wonder if he's done up i've got a baby so he a down on a holds in place and the camera
for a little while the bam passes out let us on his excellent work which is why the edge bizarre bodied animal is nothing like them wake up its voice i used to say in these animals that that same way to us but when i think about unlike they things are on two legs yeah what else is on two legs not have you ever seen a platypus with a kind of going too far like like live there when it is walking along but have you ever seen a plot of course not in real life blood was just crazy to look waiting for me and i'll grind out with platypus i used to be in the crates in the rivers around time they they just saw a weird look at the echidna when i start thinking about spaces like the one that the one that's just cry you they dig daryl of the farm you'll see them everywhere when you come out by just dig these massey big halls and they just there the crises creature you ve ever seen so like the big big
fat stumpy rat i know the name was banned but honestly i couldn't pick one out of a line up i only know it looks a little out of let's get to that kitsch what is it a kitchener what is it is it a kidnap kidnap didna i want you to kidnap first with out better than a pool he pondered come on you should check again they got these crazy bake only one year again jerry it's got a crazy beak it's gotta crazy big sniff sat like ants in an end ain't mount an altogether ants he'll go oh dear aunt logs sniffs amount and just look that did however a man that's a kidnap yet made the kids were just dumb there was one on the right the beak yes got up that's beak yet that then i told definitely better than a hedgehog what's i think give it a bit
while like dry hard bird it's gonna be like a bird pot sick some animal of libya that fucking bazaar was i there's one on the right digging nodded i love a month now have been wife asylum and may indicate when every i am on the right will move them off the road and the kids got out and and you can actually hold arthur icebox a super shop but you can actually touch him because of taking up so much room on your hand like you know there's a hundred bucks and a chain you can actually touch him and we we made this thing off the road and you and i and the kids raven normal about it thou guy a cool kidnap he and i could say a hundred times more like anyone that wasn't from austria though thou saying this for the first time this animal with a bake when i start thinking about it and they turned back clause looked at close turned back like that sport digging
were crazy as animal in the world when you think about it in that sense i viewed never ever seen one before you come across it for the first time block wow look at this saying these things crazy gets a porcupine fucked it doc does a kind of like has never beak that's not a boiling i platypus to their that's a day later eggs but there are ma am yeah and they got like the big duck they credit late but the laying of the eggs so strange what is that they got a poisonous spock as well they do you wear it on the nathan like maybe like it i know spock was unlike the interests are not naso polly wouldn't want playroom yeah don't but an excess of the wide variety of animal life has very weird yeah it's very well we think about how many different things and then again will you talk
what about the introduction of foxes in and cats are they all fit into a system like look at that thing that is apply lawyer so does like this funky like kind of furry beaver look entail it has tiny little dhabi eyes web defeat what every eden beaver na had beaver with ramallah it's really good i had delicious manatees like beef and unlike the sand i know i would neither i wouldn't have normally even thought that you can eat it but he he killed one and then praised it and then slow cooked it and it was like a pot roast with like potatoes carrots it was delicious think out albanian bear camp i could never ate a beta because members dead babies bear camp years it it's the thought now really
yeah i couldn't do it good less are slightly hungry adieu slightly tell if stephen ella could do a ball of this beaver pot rose to whatever the fuck it as the aid was amazing was really good good was like a like a strange beef i put an like me but you strange beef now again autonomy off again you're like a beef from like i like ours is be from nicaragua interested laboratory five years ago it's just it's like its reminiscent of beef like a cousin of beef that's what it is like a cousin of its very weird it's kind of fatty kind of like tender stay will have told me i'm telling you you'd be shocked somewhere along the line they made it illegal to hunt them for food though their fur bearing animals as they have to have a fur traders licence erika eat them but there's people to turn this
you were vanilla is amazing in his knowledge of the history of animals in america and history of hunting in america but apparently many many many years ago beaver trapping and beaver pal we were so valuable that the richest man in the world in my country that early eighteen hundred made all of his money from beaver pelts really wish to bring that back in algiers and david i think ass it was before felt and once they came up with fair lt like four hats and stuff like that is that gentlemen war felt tat they i didn't need beaver as much more beaver kind of fell out of out of favor and people stopped stop doing rwanda have bigger numbers the beta population dropped at all now gigantic that that day already behind animals you know women got that value on them in this justin slaughter is what seems to drive a lot of things to extinction well that's one of the
interesting things about america like if you buy elk or venison in a manner most of it is from new zealand which is really strange at dinner time reason as you can't like market hunting so it was like a giant factor in the slaughter of countless amounts of buffalo of elk of deer even antelope might they killed everything back in the day and it was a lot of men returning from the war at the turn of the century that went on these trips and that was that's where they can make money the weak big money is go go hunting for meat that's that rather more than marketing year mean the i think the idea of these animals being like precious and preserved wild life the way we think of it they did have these thoughts and the 1800's they just it was a resource and they disabused nature
meanwhile siena photos of stacks of buffalo definitely a lot of their just for the hides where we are today is definitely i think a lot of people think that still happening today like hunters is still that sort of person where's hunted the ultimate conservationists now in the system that america's gotten place is the best system anywhere in the world where there's a tag there's a season they they manage and regulate the population so so let's just say elk the numbers were down the following year will that be less tags available it's a simple as that that was such a good system in austria we don't have that that system implies but in a sense its puss pushed all the responsibility back on hunters lock up until now you restrain hunted to some of the best hunger in the world because they ve got a conserve and they ve got too many
they re sources yourself there's nothing in places i well we're on a given five hundred tags away for that area this year because numbers a damn hannah's as much as we are conservation conservationists not going to go ahead and just slow to the numbers you know that they are there any just spacey's into australia bad to the environment if the numbers are too big and hannah's treat him like that we we're not going to go out and wipe out the whole population so hon as a very good at united zani twenty bucks in this area at the moment and this could they should be a certain back to derive ratio is any twenty bucks in his hair area at the moment when i'm gonna kill non eight of them this month bach left you know we're gonna kill aloud back in that area the zani twenty they will let's just kill out back in that area that's a good population its sustainable they're not
damaging the environment and that number and i think there is a big difference there between the american an austrian hunter in that sense that you got to do the same thing don't get me wrong if there was an attack in place or season in place today's society would do the same thing could have learnt from the pa some some would but there's one before they wouldn't yeah now there's a majority thy yeah majority i think there's quite a few that wouldn't yeah that's that's mean that
as one of the main stereotypes of the hunters like beer drinking shooting everything that moves s and ice fields that i did it couldn't be further from the truth it seems like there's more of their responsible hunter the one that's gotta good job lorries or good business or whatever it is that goes out and get your being a perfect example of that i want to thank you enough has come on the show that the law that your shine on hunting is is how hunters are today the majority hunters are tat i were just not they savage kilometres aims at just like a kill it you know what we're very conservative in a sense you know which was not just about gown out and get in a shot off if you are there so the hunter i believe you're in it for all the wrong reasons it's about the experience the connection with the with the outdoors that that made that precious mate you know that you get
eighty eight one of those animals also the money that we spend on gear the money that we spend on outfitters ensures that money and tags in particular all goes to conservation preserving the habitat of these animals and a lot these animals like specially white tailed dear there's more white tailed you're here in amerika today than their war when columbus king here and some of their incomes or some other small and rely on raw yes strange is is very hunting and sign that our voice push because its frowned upon it dryer in and a big why because it's not the typical thing to do hunting sound it's not gonna not or not as and is not accepted like it is here in amerika how did you get into it i got myself into which was really really weird hoy ask me the same thing they like ass i did your dad hunt unlike now you know like i come from a bargain family i seen a bow up in a store and all like what's happening for those lacking
combine unlike wasn't i think he's like to buy and signed up boy in the bow and when i bought the bow he gave me like i was just a black and white magazine locales any seventy not run around with like a fiberglass paul we festering been on it before you the big mountain areas like robin hood stuff you know but never had anything like that in the magazine guide me was a guy with a massey be water buffalo on the front cover and unlike you can kill things that this you not like the majority people have never hunted they like it like certain killer one hour but if you gonna shoot a buffer must like take twenty hours ran sounds like avatar like he must show like twenty times the sunlight at the kill it no rabbits got the pair lungs above let's get a pair long soup and half revitalize lungs at things dead in the same amount of time well now shot a bunch of buffalo united just like that's the craziest thing isn't it
just like the god a magazine with a buffalo dead and i like you can kill things with that and now i'm like this full blown hunter you noticed how did what was the process though so you got a bow and they did lessons did you guys lessons just taught myself we have the year is this will all seven aim on twenty four twenty eight i wish i was twenty twenty nine tomorrow and to hear it's my birthday frustrated i some thirty thirty six solace at the time so would a vain ninety seven sorts almost twenty years alone you you're dealing with very little internet back down right now internet no one and yet so leave now invented wife i wish you d never australia we ve byways it out like that of port but you're not my point is you i'm getting any from a lesser teaching learn only i mistakes that's all i actually was a big part of a bow honey
foreign minister i for many years and i just liked if i had that when i was coming up rebalancing the time energy money that all would have saved by by just get in the wrong information straight off the internet like bay now to do research or or even asked down to a club and as you know those twenty other guys at the club that you can at least get information out of i never had any of that but shit still got killed yeah that's all right side of paper you know you made the best of everything if your budget can only afford you you know some recurve bow and some cheap hours i guarantee you still going to be successful with that that gif you put in the time that did not doubt about it so i just had this shape hours probably didn't even
camouflage at the time and just went out and their doors and just work that myself in this himself free range finders pray range fires so how did you decide like where the aim it was a guess it was oh you know what you use in your own knowledge you raise in your own skills that's what sucks where some of today's technology and that cause you lose out you use and arrange funnier relying on the rangefinder i still got at the rhinestone so i'll just go around shooting i'm a grass whatever we'd know range fauna guess the distance have a shot than ranger just just say you get to learn distances in thy distances pretty good at spikes thirty yards now at a time when our relief sides do right you do your fingers when the james using a really said model now at year was but ten years in jail
ten years in where you are making your own arrows whose magnetic like minor as our team errors like it is timbers big tube labour or dead in timber is that we sang timber timberland would yeah ok yeah so would arrows he making your own would arrows gadget cutting your own dowells nor do some guys did he had biologists by you know like twelve douze already spine that all respond tested society pay and then you'd glee abroad at on your chop and the front up you'd glee abroad it on you glued it on equally broaden on her now inserts does and then feathers hideous five inch feathers on everything and just things on a string free figures on the string no saw its or anything like that was just opened
it is very instinctive shooting right or some guys would use the error on line up down the earlier than they are at their animal but on lot of the time we're effective at fifty sixty seventy made as if you did not practice you're still effective at those rights it is but it took a lot more time did you way or arrows in way or brought her way address embroidered so tunnel kept him a certain range yeah you capable identical you'd spin test them all wench once put you brought it home did you could get spawn test is back in those days in its bond test them and you turn your shot to get to the closed respond wouldn't be perfect on each one with organ timber here and you get his spine pretty accurate on a twanged gloody abroad at all in that sense and you and you you knock as well so so thou everyone was spine the sign up and down while two years the oda goddamned pioneer simple out now they like a mountain man trappers chemo beavis in kenya
it certainly has in practice a lot so i can get out of my up the height defiantly and outside that boeing and yard out to shoot once awake or whatever you know if i can shoot daily i will buck with traditional gay you had to shoot daily you had to have about fifty or a hundred hours every single i just get to keep the skill level up and it was signed shooting a bar that was on from saw its you know i saw it or anything like that in fingers you had to constantly shoot today to be accurate so it's almost like throwing a rock in that you got kind of have a sense of how that far it's gonna go with the amount of effort and actually like frown iraq iran where to pick it up so that you like if you know it's a certain distance away you yeah you kind of in your head no the arc of the arrow yeah i wouldn't get a new by every year because i would want if you got a new body had to start all over again right whereas on
the cost of that bar you know and i were an arrow fell on our narrow shot flat to hear but loggerheads the hunting you're used to kill just as much back then as i do that with today's technology burger to spend less time with today's technology will you also in australia which is very different is your way you're saying i see hano ye round you can hano you around you can shoot things every day you can shoot has many animals is you want as actually so you could go on one day and killed twelve dear and that's fine you just come and give him your friends your wooden if you wouldn't you just calling because the numbers of unbridled badge latina could you could get out they go again at bay now about an eye and then you just have a lot of friends and it gets given the meat like afghanistan actually do you do you wind up have given a lot of meat away heaps heaps apes yet
a luxury in a day what a fat so before i go into iraq because i go in iraq fat and i come out looking like a greyhound digest but they just lost i much condition silent shoot a couple a day before the rot and dumb they ve also got a lot of fat on him at that point which is really good for mike and sausages alike man sausages i'll feel the phrase of that and then i've just got a list of just family gluck put friends a sort of just got a list of family that will take the made off me which is really good cause especially the deal a lot of the demon gets all used some of that big mountain boars and things like that i'm am a big fan of aden and big rank boys you know it's just supersaver gaming but still isn't gonna wise its dog major goes back in the mother nighter out there and then have you ever brine them like brenna bore the try my body antonia does or less what a staff any mike so zalm like it like big cranks he's sausages logger cured sausage man delicious
orson yeah apparently like if you cook them well those old bores are really delicious jav to know how to like brine nome and cook him while the year to love em said i got out professional like pig on his back home that hunt for human consumption that make us humans and consumption and the majority of a get sent i've essays liked i love it and i piping dollars for other how do they consume it like above sausage or anything i suppose i think to halt the whole animal yet she right but i wonder what they how they mainly eat it denies the right is a crazy thing man most people are unaware but dear and elk and i guess stags alot of those other animals they'll have sex once a year or so all your daddy but what a crazy design nature has it set up so mostly here they're not even horn here then
on time a year they lose their fucking mind just crazy i nate dietary that's anything on them on just go ballistic all day long sometimes or not long i've never hunted dear in the run up only oh dear no in was confidence ease in and in montana we hunted dear and they weren't in the right but a when they're in the right they loser marbles but i've seen elk in the right and it's the most bizarre thing carving all the time that more account there dick is flop and up and down a scream early they have a rod go on all the time given all over their chest this screaming at the top of their long it it's a red stags i put their head between their legs like they're in the wrong that put the head between them legs thy peace in their mouth hold it all in them out
then i go as i tried alongside all the spray guys all over their body wide suck imagine doing that before six like you i just gotta get is done by the separate alacrity fear i gotta get ready baby you know how i feel about you have my money that when that happens like a prisoner and look on king shit that's all about what kind of evolutionary advantage is there a pissing in your own mouth and sprang into the regular we have done that and it is not you know we're not gonna wrought disobedient biscuits just at around regrettably that nato is no benefit you get yellowtail yeah you just lie in your shoulders and when your ass ebony just repents hold on the back of your uneasy at a school pump pool it's hard but it's all in the same no i gotta see if you can find that is it a red deer year a day i think our roots today might do it to day super media they're the ones roar like a guy ryan yet what are we
the noise that is people at a lot it would seem realises dear in austria the six bases in austria and i got cabin and now he that and they and their lack of this be cat in austria you know like possess like a bit of a mere fiend i liked his big cats in austria and right up makes a lot of people think of it you know they're like we scared shittless we couldn't sleep last night on my way it was it where is the spot i want to know where the spot is cuz i know it's a d here that there was a rumour for like years and years and years people have talked about spotting big cats in the uk and then i found out that there was a fucking sanctuary that released yes they just admitted then in the nineties i think ladies nineties they had released like a couple of pumas in the eu a countryside earnest yes so unanimous puma pianist now like sneaker puma like welcomed him
i hear is he's pissing yellow these pissing in his fucking mouth what in the hell loves it we try to knock it give it a gun his personal over himself he doesn't look like riding down of the fun of it the other using the right not as another stagnation we beat the shit out of ways a little one now data stags big he probably gotta be rural casually functional another dude are they penned aid not doing a raw gay should be like pearson run his mouth open google well that's a thing in new zealand right new zealand allow the stags or their high fence i hate it alone a piss off some hunters at doable closed ranges like against everything that i'm about because it's a fight currency for what hunting is you get these massey big red stag just crazy inches on top of inches now whenever rights this is the close range staggered i shot new zealand
no one ever i'd say that just like are gonna big red staggering above an answer many hunters that that on educated in that sense i haven't stabbed him not me educated i shouldn't have to be in that sense i look that down all that's what you can expect when you got in zealand or austria not trigger not depend animals i need them high protein thy laid him high protein food there there being genetically bread it's just all that crazy shit that's the fight currency of a red stag industry or in new zealand free range red stagnant like that you should have free range red stag like that in austria or new zealand that's gonna be the record that's gonna be absolute record that's not the true that's not the example of what you can expect if you come to australia or new zealand and hunt free range is another disaster prince between free range and fair chase and these high fence operations in its varied it's a very content this argument because a lot of people
all these white tailed dear in america and there again there introducing this crazy food their dire and their their growing is ridiculous racks donovan liquid rack save she knows a deliberate bushes grandfather had and they look so fake out i think their ugly they are ugly joy look and i don't enjoy looking at with looks weird it's like some sort strange weird bread dog somethin like when you see there antlers and the other two and ninety inch white tales like what is it should it because hunting should be so natural dns so far from being natural especially when as wide love not talking about walkin around a stick and string that you carved out of a tree yourself on talking about just a natural environment ryan landscape and animal wild animals that are living in the wild no international people other than when the arctic especially what you're dealing with because you're dealing with very few hunters and like expansive areas were very few people even go into yet another mockery
i say your and they go on like that there's no luck what tat did my have food his pocket there never fade there and what the goal another big issue in america where they have these feeders and these people there a blind outside of a feeder and then the feeder goes off at a certain time and then we will see the blind and wait for the feeder graph is it near programme to come towards a feeder when it's gone always wakeham yeah i'm not interested in that myself but i will arrive frown upon it like they call abiding well it what it is like me acquisition is not really hunting i may is probably better fanny anna man they put the effort in the set that operate in riyadh animal sets a little bit like black asset is not lost all hunting but that is deferred range thing really gets me out i want to go on about a cause i'm gonna set too many pale but i know you say but what you were saying earlier about your experience montana you're u no eleven days
in twelve miles into the woods by yourself that's the real deal that is as real as it gets but there's a thing hunting where you know people that are really into ball hunting looked down on people to chew with a rifle and that are really into willingness hunting and fair chase looked down on people that hunt high fans and ike ike you know i get the arguments even get the arguments for some high fence like friend if i went to this high hence operation in taxes and i was like man that seems kind of crazy animals are opened and he's like it's ten thousand acres he's like the fence circles ten thousand acres whom they put thereon the genetic already boiler their axes dear and all sorts of like neil guy and all sorts of weird yeah foreign species again they have been put there bun there their wild like the roman while the my man that's a weird argument that because i get it i mean look
told you look if i needed to hunt for me too good way to do it right even if its life two hundred acres you know the animals are there you go find them and get him for meat but his ten thousand acres i get what rain is it really wild is it wild at fifty thousand acres is required at a hunt wild at a hundred thousand acres like if it's fenced in if this offends anywhere from a it's just got to be on events periods when i went to africa i got up pretty stitched up when i went to africa and its causes just like an operation is just an income formula stitched up women whether stitched up fucked over oh yeah yeah by the outfielder there like he was just is economist bicycling but arm i wanna go into too much detail but saw aspire to go straight in zimbabwe and hunt buffalo kate buffalo
and there is a danger here before i got very took me to his they call em branches or whatever they earnest and all that remains is high fence operation in the south africa on the stand pot south africa because a has bred animals that are on the brink of extinction and then it's good form because they there now but it's just not for me that close range hunting everything's close range unites us isley hide it you know cause i just want an animal that's that's that's their naturally or as not being genetically bread or brought in or anything like that and before i got there these guys like what size buffalo do you wanna shoe and unlock well we'll just say what big for the area like so you can do you can i shoot the big animal for the air if you're after an old animal or trophy enemy can shoot was big for that area so useless spend the first half of the trip on the stand
what's a big animal or an old animal for the area then you hung up for the other half of the trip they lock what size buffalo do you want to shoot well what is it what's big for the area on i will just bring running on track before you get hit you just tell us what sir you want will bring in release it what the fuck if i'm gonna do that i'm gonna go to a farm and secondly by that cow and cut it out for mate site sites so that's a little bit on on laced that operation south africa on the sign they're all like there s a lot of them like that there is a lot i like that and then i end up a pie and extract was unlike now if i've gotta hunt free range zani wound and hunt and and that's what i was coming forward to hunt a free rein to kite buffalo then we end up in mozambique in another place where we didn't say a bull for ten days that outfit had never been to that place or he'd never taken i have a hunt to say or anything like that and i got there and and the hall
meals like in on you know this is a robot area you'll tag ass right away you say hundred the buffalo everyday and lock us at ten days later we had noons annabelle so as its it's it's a horrible industry over there in that sense it's it's and it can often be a blame as well i should have done more research on the outfielder but i but i won that hunt for charity auction wasn't the sort of thing that i was like you know research in four weeks and weeks trying to find a good outfielder two together and show the cape eliza that those but unfortunately it is an amazing documentary on from lui through whose wildlife documentarian from the uk great guy who he's been on the podcast couple times and talked about it the first time but it's all about these african high fence hunting trips when he was over there for a long time and got the guy that can explain exactly what's going on over there but it was just really bizarre
see people you know there they have these lions and they had them like right there i mean there were there was two cents offenses one fans in the fence right behind it and they took a dead calf and they throw it over the fence and watch a lion tear it apart but you look at the lion to look into people you can go on those lines adjust lehne one lose and i take it out it's all high fence but their explaining that these animals are on the verge of extinction just a few decades ago and because these high fence operations neither thriving bought the thriving in these bizarre conditions are there fenced in and out i can put a man the warden linen fry back there in our lives off area you know and then there's the poaching thing could poaching is weird word or it because a lot of those people his hunting for food actually our people the villages that i went through cause we'd fine snares and in that way down and it wasn't it wasn't the commercial sought approaching i wasn't like thou collecting
they antlers are ivy or whatever and selling and gettin massive man's adults days a paypal that was snaring to try and catch animals to eight if i'm going broke to my family's hungry i'm going to the first one the fucking step over fence and kill something so i can tell you right now cuz i know i'm doing the right thing there's a funny law nowhere where there's a couple of different types of poaching you know in this one that's commercial and they d slaughter and everything elephants lionel water thus rada horns which friggin horrible then there's the villager ledges colon locals because i live there should be there for people zactly they just trying to feed their family life man i'll come on there's no heightened that now there's no hate that and those people are shot they shoot that i mean it's arusha you mean a part that is dead and south africa but god damn right
tourism is still real strong and a lot of areas there and those people that are just poor black people that live there that's the thing that a height of about a hunted there thou man the paypal it out with friggin rice like i come back from that trip and told him the came about and housing lock chalked up i started crying i can't believe what those people left over there and then and now the people that will help me on the hunt thou small and now thou a happy the whole time and hazy paypal zion hey would kill his own mother for the scraps from the table unlike had how can you friggin side had day you say that you don't know that person that's hell out that's what thou lost deeply ingrained jan arrived at luncheon i loved the local people but i hated the outfit that those with wow that's disturbing yeah it's a sad that i mean how do you ever fix that and you know what's really crazy is for a lot of people that's their dream to go to africa and hunt the big seven or the
five years is it is this movement of people requiring all these trophies going four grand shooting all these different animals and that's the way they do with the gold is outfitters that can guarantee they can get from these animals yet i think you just just gotta do your research on the outfitters run a scumbag one day out of the industry do your research on the the outfit i talked of a hunter that being the lock and not just one talk this six other hunters that obtain that operation demand for the numbers of a mouse for who they paused clients and go there schreyer doesn't have that strike has built a hunting industry which is tawny it's like have you ever heard about hunting in austria luck all come to and shoot up whatever spaces a day you dont because it is not that big is not like new zealand or it's not like africa where they built a big industry on it how to new zealand gets a wig another must have the right people or government push
some people are always try is not new zealand known for neutral country awesome bottom astray is industry is built on having excellent access to excellent numbers of game so severe book a hunt in austria it's not like someone's gone you know there's a big industry here so let's just make up a business austrian hunton safaris and let's just get people in which i have gained but they're gonna come anyway because we're known for hunting yearbook a hunt in austria guarantee a gun away at apply slows you do a little bit of research but but practically everywhere has big game numbers and that's why they started the business on a hunting outfit because i got some game and their local this is this could work at really good for hunters is a ton of game he come along so it's it's it's not like that in africa you know a lot of those places of really got nothing you know it's it's it's arid lands and
you fit all these bulshit that i had things going to be on real and it's and it's not that always which is what i experienced now when how many people are willing to do something like what you did in montana or what you and camden australia's probably even crazier cuz you didn't even bring anything with you and then you go to survive doktor when i'm here how many days before i can i just want a fierce another bet that the helicopter pilot said you ve got a cape you're gay basically to a backpack hunt because that the chopper couldn't carry a lot of white some side then i was like well i can't pack a lot of food i'm already on a white limit cams already at ease white limit the islands already are gonna be at his white limit so i simply couldn't really pack food i couldn't pat fresh water or anything like that cause the chopper actually struggle to get off the ground once it was field and inside that's about it yet but those fox won't tell you that part of the story
they like all we couldn't take food because the chopper good care they always like out and then bring any food law responsible although we can describe it was like you guys it just made this conscious decision to try to rough it sounds good better that's the latter out a pretty girl did causes like oh be part of the experience will have to catch buffalo have to kill we're gonna kill come on and and we did know but that the buffalo that were killed was so tough thing a modern cans first bullet he killed was so tough that egypt tubemate the mate you got the liquid out of it and then you had to take the may add math could you couldn't break it down as i was an old bull is giant all bull he told me that he was practising with his bow with this a piece of meat in his mouth for thirty minutes hands era and what about the liver make beneath the liver we could of you'd want to check it iver most of austrians stray spaces in game disease very like this one
it is in a strike you can cut the rule made of any animal in austria and just ate it you won't get sick if you do get sick not blame me about you you shouldn't get speak that says that you sure you don't get her drink a buggy opis exactly yeah just decide tat but you didn't eat the the berlin i wouldn t have we should have now that you said that i love liver lighter yeah too can don't touch it doesn't mean you need you only liveries oppose these are your he'll run like two hundred miles but why campaigns for seventy eight hours earlier bolivia that's not impressive doesn't like it s got a new sure did they only if ever i just stand i think it's delicious but it's also really good for you and it's just i think there's some sort of an obligation to eat as much of the animals here how do i definitely i'll do especially majestic things occur there the indigenous population
lotta lloyd i had ever a hunt the because that that that is free and a half days for days draw from my house take together to go hunting that's hard take made that far home you know where your the vehicle if you're in a vehicle already packed up and if you did the chopper thing you wouldn't be taken any out you'd have to donated old to the indigenous so when we got hans i love it could wishing bulls and cut not maiden how do they cook it no different than any of us was the fact that the two through a thing if if they're out on numb if they're out of unity which is like a lion are stationed there on the land in other they're they're out on the land most indigenous coke just bought put in the main street in a fire i've still very traditional why that just put the mate young artists nigeria alone the ashes i'd like if i killed a quality or kangaroo thy they they would got it they wouldn't skin or anything that fraud straight in the fire like that in the skins like what would we rat made it like awful
what's that unlike doesn't look into fire like that the skin just act like that and it gives the made a lot of flavour and everything like that how wishes why do we have to complicate things so much this puts a male fool around and this puts us boys is in there and stuff like that the tastes better we want it tastes better because we saw used to do in that many you'd never done that if we'd never ever done that maybe just ties good just how is implying being or maybe they figured out is better with salt and pepper networks are definitely right so there's like some spies cut me that's gonna go through indigenous astray and given a more spots instead of that that i get used to it that i gallop yes or no
throw it on the fire without cutting it at all and then do they eat the guts i think they got just a mate never think grand ha that probably the organs and think same of fish that destroys fished right on the five than that plenty tonnes that's good good ain't like that and so white be scaled and the scales act is like the protective barriers between ashes and everything into the good mate and cook in the fish better seals enola the flavour and ties in the juices once the fishes cooked then you just sort of what the skies often beautiful clean cleaned flesh wrought their ha abner whom that's interesting have never cooked anything on ashes like flat on ashley will for oda you're gonna like a month in austria a month with a month a month a new animal around i will bear gave like i don't know when he's like what's a dane i don't know
how's that eighty seven six things for you guys that you have an interesting where saying words yeah it's its proper english i think it is its australia and other english yeah it's we're because you get it for if you didn't know australians you guys sound like a kind of english shrilling yeah but there's like south african library collage rebellion while we're close here we have a few words they are different in us like a boat i a every send out going to go to around about las vegas at airports so good data motorway people ever canadian historians the reply to the canadians alike it for north america further the fuckin kings the kings of politeness but i m so back to this crazy hunt that you did we champion
if you couldn't eat above all how the fuck did you guys i mean you kind of aid area just showed up and you'd find a softer soft spot he has lived here that in burundi for the whole it adds a bare monday's ice real good fish like probably the best fish in the world a really how to guess that louis we took little fishing rods in we took a couple is it a freshwater saltwater fish they both get nowhere where'd you go catch them will all can't drawn on the coast has those horrible in a sense it was good but those horrible is not because you get a window not about those horrible could you need a lot of water and a rhythm mouth and the mosquitoes like soon as a start again doc mosquitoes be implied precautions like your arms would go black cavity misguided as if you didn't put some non well i guess i wear the guy lazzarini had one tiny little chub of luck an insect repel that's mosquitoes brutal that you'd put that unites dioxin for like two minutes
and didn't even having that so i would slip i had a hammock and i'd sleep in the hammock and i had a net over me but my back would just get smashed by data come back she line against the net mattress or anything i wake more than just agonizing wantonness scratch and an came was assignment i hate no not at all allow dispassionate he's a nice guy yet how do you ve swell shot and had an eye so we can cover up with modern anything you could if you went to that effort as i want to die there you are donna fund fuzzy like it is out with a year you know it's not even part of the thought process in a sense when you're on a hunt like that because it's just you just want to be a part of the hunt you down that's a part of the han it's a miserable part of a hot burst just a part of the hunt even like a fly buzzing around my head when a practising in my back yard really flies twa
those babe grading in the corner of my eye and hold a conversation and pay what we look i can't talk to you anymore i like what gets up unanimously he's like there's a fuckin fly fuckin in the corner and finish what now oh yeah yeah how my days you guys do that must vein i i think those items and now when you decided to climb into that water to cool off he didn't consider the possibility that there is not yet in there the water was muddy and it's hard to tell if its money because his big salt water crocodile staring at us or because a bath like our wallow in every bit of water there is right so we walk the edge and you look for crocodile slides crocs lots doesn't mean there's no crocs here does not crocs lives but we walk the edge and knows no cross live now and islands local he's a teacher up in the indigenous communities
he knows the ward is pretty well you caught it's hard to tell if crocs moved in their over the seasonal or anything like that but we walk the edge and you just sat desperate they get wet like came was even to the point where he's like can we just die actually prefer to cool off and then die let's do it and then when the other side am i get desperate gets out hot that you just desperate in a sense since i think it was essential to get in the water at that point to get free hard drive as you know i just freaking intake and the water was the same temperature is outside like you'd go in the water and you couldn't feel that you'll go down into liquid cuz the waters at hot as well as just a boiling in the sun but the lie in there and chill out in the modern every now and then you that's muddy bottom every now and then you'd sort of stu marianna relay some cool the warders hadn't been coopers ivy la that's it i made you you really have to go through that shit to appreciate
and one of those things that i just appreciated in life was pushing for the mud and getting a little bit cool of water and i was like this is paradise meant to say i can buy you a comfortable as shit you know the fact that people live that way and struggled those kind of environments knows can't temperatures untold years gap for they were figure ice ah i afraid operator come on air conditioning not ask me as i believe they will i hate baby hate yeah that's another stream of your seem when people up there and go hunting and like new novak here go hunting for getting big harry things with a big harry things up yeah moscow has got things were dead a star wars and yet does it doesn't look real the got time for controlling it yeah i mean i've seen those things and you just go or that ok so people live up there and they have those things they live down where you
and they call they are cool mother those buffalo that we hunt obeyed like you think i got not gonna be anything out any way to die stinkin hot everything will be in the shade under a tree or tucked under a river bank or suddenly that those buffalo as black as i would be stand out in the open complete son disguise and nothing even bother born in them now most people listen this have nor do a scrub bore is utterly they hear the term scrub folded i know what it means by who married a domestic domestic care it's that allowed over many many centuries in austria they ve all lena bread and butter gear they pretty crazy looking scrub oak little cool that thing that might have brahman nasa he's he's a bit of a breed bull looking back on that what a strange hump anne and all that is is that both they live in a country where a lot of different novice grumbles having come for his eyes still fully while bull but not scrubber
a scrap eyes that one right next to a jamie with the crazy and here a big boy wow that's scrub bill to let's man that's in amerika look at it praise in the back because our maritime draws his at it says amateur no canada what is that same thing right now they can you come over here adam and let us all here over there if you get a drunk driving innovation so deaf scrub bulls in canada that's why i've never seen that before i thought that was an australian thing wasn't one down there his people just fuckin shooting their cows yeah it weighs gravel well well well browning located that's a buffalo that's scrabble yet ass a reward above one crazy thing is so that is sunday from asia to harass yet from asia we're gonna that that's water buffalo just it's called a watermark yet so as kate buffalo that it from africa
what is that one not the lower left corner but the one right next to a jamie yeah but is that what the fuck scrabble sailing how the collars vary in that cause they rule in a bread animal you know it's why bread with other variety of cattle the maid values not as good a liberating values not as good because their visitors there bitterly in their bid that their bit of everything is like a dog you know you by pure bred dull you buy a mongrel which as you know a couple of different species in one what has the big value is the pure bred raw and assign these cattle so that that the big issue with the the cattle industry especially in these northern parts of austria is these days squabbles these pharaoh cattle that have any respect for offences i'll just walk straight for a fence into a farmer's prize cattle and stopped
braden with his prize cattle and then all those calves that he gets the pure bred cattle anymore so it's really bad industry so they knocked the fence down now some composting that's pretty much his and on sunday because it what would happen in america those cows that i saw wandering around if they were allowed to have balls and ran for day out there that eventually come to that like that that that's right so they just unchecked unchecked species of animal in austria the scrabble and they just to come and go wherever they once i saw a lot of farmers really pushed her to shoot em out or get em cause old or random awful off they property i'd say unbelievably aggressive tat super aggressive grasses buffalo yet why why how did i get pissed off clearing a bread really get it
they just a crank animal we ve also got balls are pretty fuckin a grass ya mean obviously the bulls i'm talking like bull cows that we have an american that's what people write a merely get eight seconds of their lucky yeah they trying to be like that i don't know i just natural i dont know naturally paste it's a good question because like when you see like bull fighters are those bulls train to try to fuck up the matador i mean i don't know ask rebels just did that she'd off there back up until now there that's really aggressive we ve got bang tangles is i've heard of those cattle what is ali cattle what's a bang tangles work jamie bring on up my daddy's it thanking spell season they i an j t a angie bang tat i believe then why do you not one word one would get banking so back home
it is that ninety lands annually extinct babby back home every back home ok asia in indonesia there almost extinct by america or rather australia there they run wild and they lack of velvet scheme cattle yet i run wild velvet skin scant man desire a beautiful creature weird looking can now there is such a good creature vietnam good hand out back experience that's on embodies the gods for anyone interest and he's got access to these bang tang on some of the most beautiful country that you ve ever seen like in northern destroyer yeah bring up son from cows de la needed extra bank he's an all once it s gown across the head it looks like their skin swayed yet and they will charge on movement will allow i'll bulls if thy say movement at thou prefer to come out
then turn away because as a risk and turn their back to arrive you get with innocent certain distance and dom there's call they with yet he had on hey arm i shot one last year or the year before we call and it comes straight at us and childcare and begun lavish the bow and cow lifted up the garden he shot this bang tang as is charging literally drop known fate from cow like it just looked straight at him and just hammond straight at him all got a second shot off as those runnin actually progress leg which might stumble and then it just comes i back up and get come in the colony pulled the galloping showest right between the eyes is amazing shot you dont that without saying oh by the way that man they will tell you up there scary critter why weird outlaw just cause you fuckin china with a bone out area very upset with credit would probably mean
this is a great idea she wanted or things by herself delegations have to have a rifle backup yeah but the case why height with a bow have a rifle backups bundling of i did with buffalo was with a gun the very first i went what other good move now either by nobody had begun yet anybody iron gray is a really good shot to yourselves luck hype when a car industry may be good you can chew on but in that case like why not just how are the rifle because not gonna kill you bullock work yet it's gonna might you can you can't ninety five percent of the time you can buy five per cent of mother fucker so i shot three balls on that trip i've got three complete postures mare another story balls at dodd rotten view i didn't have a single issue you know but what the rifle done he's got you to go to places that usually wouldn't like that bulls out in the open and if you didn't have a rifle back behind you polly proceed out there and they lock there's no trees around the con i'm gonna shoot
bull but when you got a rifle emaciated gamma like you know of him a body iron's on haitians whitefish the guy south and he's gonna pull a gun off and give it one that didn't happen or me out a trip since i've never hundred with for back up but you ve gotta know you you ve gotta you boundaries you know like there's big my bully out there there's no trades he's right in the eye if you take a shot of them eats the first thing you look he looks at he's going to clean you up and i do it you know that that's that thing happened so fuck that that's how you dig out that your comments do no no no no no no you love it when there are eleven that doesn't what what's the least likely to kill you if you shoot a buffalo go butler on really now held not least i gotta kill you a friggin rabbit gravity good erratic currently there is on a rabbit will you have to go
out of nigeria there organically it openly skewer em up many want it's a funny thing as big as the animal is united and may sign now you boundaries if you do that i shot on that animal that's the first thing you know you ve got to make sure that shots right angles right you know your confident with you by you put that shot and so the rice bought then there's no risk because that that the animals dead before it gets to science he laughed at a shot you know like a sale not the person the shoot son go yes yes a shorter not love not like that i think it's a little bit disrespectful even but it's also it's also dangerous in its own peaceful for animal because you do that gives the animal no those animals adrenaline those man that's that's a hell reckoning you know tat follow beer buffalo you know that will carry him it might make it might make their death longer because you know they fill with dread
one stuff like that you shouldn't animal and you be quiet you put the shot in the rod spot so peaceful i've actually shot things in their brain la paz that put the head then start fade in again and toppled over what a fading i don't even know they hit that's that's one of the beauties about boning it's that peaceful in that why you don't carry on like a friggin jerk want to shoot someone you quiet nice and humble animal does peacefully that's what area honey should drive yeah it's all so you would have to have the proper equipment right if you're going to penetrate the side of a buffalo you have to have a very strong bow and heavy arrows yeah i like that cuz can't tell if you gonna hit a ribbon the way in all the way out and with my set out like i mostly shoot seventy pounds on a shoot an idea them and i have ero in a solid one piece it's just a solid piece of steel two blade broadhead those peeps i brought a chain door and shoots him as well buck vantage point archery it's one hundred and fifty grains that's a heavy bronto
gotta dasent insert behind like night grinding sir and then at nice heavy shaft and then let us talk about i demand by which the eighty pounds i can find it given the way on the buffalo and fond of ribbon the way out in the areas still just gonna bust strike for you for further now i have used the arrow throughout die right well depends on i'm shooting but with the eighty panama shouldn't sit six hundred and seventy grinds lao yet and with the seventy tambos not much difference about six hundred and twenty grinds six hundred seventy grains is really but that makes a quiet bone makes a punch when it hits animals how many feet per second week anyone get into that technical shit do you do that tapes or do you do it by by eye and then right it on tape not got site types so how you calculate aside tapes
if you don't well i've got the tribes tiger option archery now and it's the option five or option sick so it it's gotten the justice pin right all you ve got all you fix pins at you flip implies news that want to shoot my twenty and actually shoot all my pins in at the fifty and then i'm match up with this the site type and then i stick that on the bar at the 28th of march so then when i pull the multiple pin out of the why i've just got the single pane that one's up and down it in my house i'll just shoot it and check it which i have and it's spot on it's perfect i'll do anything arches advance do it through no future calculation i it's interesting i just luck shootin at all myself it's so how will move h pin for that shots out i'll shoot in vienna zero to twenty first pin and then i will affect the thirteen i'll shoot now just to cape cape certain and adjust in that you know in tiny little increments if i have to do have arranged at your house that you do not do it all up in the farm you know you are saying
fight an anomaly cabinet i build that's amazing cabins etc but i just got a crazy i can choose fires alike were limited we're we're almost done here preliminary to people about europe photography took you take some crack move photography when you're out and what where you have this like a book that you made of your photography that i got a chance to look yeah right to bring that along it let's go barely somewhere there can be brought to bear camp but also you sent me to website to another chance to look at some of the photos you have up yet he did you take i'm amazing i love it that's the thing that i'll carry me pack and people people freak because it's the canon fought days of not three slash eight next dental flashbay battery that weighs a ton or are they how much does it weigh not a time but twenty pounds have today is out that was a camera and i hold it i've done it then add a flash like a big full size external flashed to that and that this will have a lot in the as i like it's probably ten pounds the injuries
to that is that hey get those those crazy phone why do you care a tripod as well yeah carry little tripod now these years the same try but while others that although that photography and people can actually get a first main image which is never instagram account that i've got gotta pictures incredible and as a heap of pitches like that on this picture is from how that's all right just the other day today one day ago now how do you do this vote i like the way you see all those stars is just setting the aperture correctly at set an aperture correctly the law when's that i use it's a it's a sigma art lens is two hundred and twenty ml lens and the f stop on that land is on one point four like that's super super liar what does that mean i don't know shit about photography like your eye being closed up and then you nice eyesight sinai fora i really closed up and if one point four would be like that
but imagine how much more light never i could get it that's probably basic way of explaining and then i will tell us that the camera is gonna be on a tripod because that's like i know he's got explain pay i got eyes were f number wikipedia ex exponentially larger every time increment gets exponentially larger as you go higher enough stops it'll get small ok vega self taught is all like yourself top torture are not really in the lingo but they got around the same thing is with both yourself tat with target for what happens when you live out the jungle african bang bang is that like wild snakes and right beside that that's obviously set up on a tripod and it's about fifteen second exposure so you know that it's open for fifteen seconds and gave him a lot more law god damn that's montana is beautiful
play days ago that from jerry six days that's nice you're tenders what a amazing asia this your tent and your tent looks like did you have like headlamp inside the tenor summed alleviated tiny little headlamp now you if that on left that on and then the camera the star hours man so that's what you're seeing every night what you camp it up there yet every night until the moon coming man that's fine in prison i loved moonless not just just for that mary was an area the badger his nothin like that that view of them key ways jane hey if you can join if you go back a little bit and your face you see some dead buffalo pictures and i ran out time i was taking some star shots when i was in autumn land and cuz it's not allowed official this no no lie i pollution anywhere the stars
like it i like the the the aperture in everything can come back so much further on those not because this just even with the human eye she's crazy why yes she's leader like you could actually walk ran in the dock just lit if the milky why not no moon you could walker in the dark out there just because as so many more stasi say it's crazy in your eyes to it abolishing paypal or they are those done even getting the bounding just go cabin and that those now you might have to go a little bit that pretty cool one of the factors hand that i had go up or down our older critical one oh my god you're in a spaceship gap when i really is like aspasia yet
if anyone's if any listeners into on their doors and not necessarily kill him obviously adam greentree bohnings boundings got a lot of them harvest killed on if you just into photography just gotta first me image and first man image has image adam oh again i am i gonna do not have any pay we didn't get that worried me like that is our latest you didn't get it first man image on what on internet instagram grandma dispel some so weird australian way first dot man dot homage bizarre what is i think so it's adam dot mean tree dot bow hunter if you're interested in looking at dead animals and stars and if you just want targets we first met first dot man dot image and your pussy vienna the air you first done and i am a damn you take some pretty pictures dude amazing that yourself taught
think about it lately that i need to get into photography at least somewhat yap to just take pictures and with tat i found i just it that's the best when you do so much as the best way to catch her memory because i can look back on the file has now got that's right how cools idle whatever sometimes i do so much and i get carried away don't say much hunting that islam if i didn't take a photo it actually forget that moment the rise so much happiness sir and i just love shown it to my kids and friends and people are interested in you know it's a really the promotion for this boy i used to think gum do conning sport a dying i hate that word wages used it i unarmed it's a common were the major me too i feel like sounds word for it like natural life lotta disallow idle automail discipline discipline disciplines a better word for i hear the sport like you know welcome to the sport glad you get involved in sport and like oh so late or we can call it a pastime of quota
on the limited pastime doesnt seem significant enough it doesn't it seems like it's not not respect me shooting elk is at a pastime way more tat slack yeah a life experience who i am and then some right yeah so united with you gettin in the dispute see if you get in the bow hunting again guarantee wish you found that twenty years ago both running when it this you know what i'm happy i finally one i found you of course so dizzy eyes the height the eye dear someone's gonna go for life and never find this connection and that's the big push made to promote by warning of written for the austrian outdoor magazines for twelve years now and again
a lot of people think is like a self promotion la hard and chaotic i don't care if i didn't have any view is at all as long as people were getting that exposure or put another way out there for people who go on i should try this look cool they stood really enjoying this he's the benefits in it and gown and donna could draw me not just think in that someone should have that connection i just dont know it yet because a lot of the gods especially the oda guise of introduced to bow hunting have always been like man would have never known about this before and i ve just got now i can't imagine as anything else but hunters cause i just thrive on that march and has done so much for their lives or just the outdoors some guys get get into trouble milk is not neighbour i really love camp and in vain out there in the wilderness and even archery yet after us a target for me is like a format therapy
then moment yeah there's so much concentration going on that cleansers your mind and if i can shoot both for an hour every day managers it's it's alleviate stress in some sort of a strange like out for lack of our words and y yeah yeah what might be the best word for it actually what you're talking about earlier not going out to the wilderness no technology or anything like that what it does the mind is a phrase the mind like it's like it re me me so like hitler reset button at all could tell fresh now you know it's just gives a time to think yeah and even people that are aren't into hunting i totally understand that like i said i'm not been really pay attention a lot to people who do these long term hikes and also over landing people that just go on these crazy adventures like they'd get off me path in a developed these vehicles that are capable of driving over adverse condition and they just figure out a way to live now
the desert around there the mountains its fascinating to me because there's a longing i think that people have to get away from the concrete to get away from the electricity into just just feel the stillness of the actual world uninhibited annette bird and and and just on compressed by by civilization and buildings and language and when you are their man i've never done what you ve done but when you're out there for eleven days you talked anybody for eleven days this side this trip date had internet service at the top of reception and i kept dylan they saw insisted as you know the adders were great by the way are you watch and that was all i wish she saved them now that's the story disappear absolute saki not hoyt need to do if you listen in next year's send a photographer out or
film didn't will fill the whole thing arrogance induce can we talk in europe not only not art as the rules he can't talk he's gotta we saw and she tells jumping if a bears jonathan money increases brown but i'm so that sock but i've had trips wade i talked to paypal foot dies and dies on end and just the fact of coming back into civil as i and open your mouth feels we'd felucca fills absolutely weed but even when you're talking up there you not talk and that he will not neither trot i mean you're talking to the phone you i came up here i told myself every now and then you days he seriously every now and then you'll be like any other edith in anything like what i said in atlanta as you have an interactive anyone for so long i wanna be sought unlike our fellow view friggin dummy unite which happened a few times what the devil
break a leg up they're not you'd be screwed during satellite phone yeah i had a satellite fun yet citation goes bad yeah it's got a nest where's barton build into an you neither that that i've incite the came away i like you don't say that side of things but i do actually take precautions taken that finance it and now as dead there's this management within within it but but you just don't say it listen do this very small a handful of people even in the hunting world that are doing what you're doing that had taken those kind of crazy adventures and end just dive into it its awesome house i was really
blown away by those instagram stories and fallen you every day i finally several times they are going to be and we actually got lost something that's good now to say logging in shit haivy closure probably like things more look at em i am i needed hit that little heart by people of you when you hit at harper issues around you don't even know me to give you that allow you need today one of the trip yesterday i'm tellin you your shrink and for on amended interesting i don't get you would get lover i dont mind i would like to go and do a deep backpacks europe a solo i know about all that i know why they finding my sneakers san fight sorted out to reside marks all over it don't be so our and by the wolves that i love so much yes that's that's funny like that labour
i very much doing us whose law that we share its always go out with you that we have just do this autumn and again adam dot green tree dot bow hunter instagram and anywhere else war where else could be bulgaria first dot man the image on instagram or you can find both for those on facebook is well and you have a website now i saw no one here no website no wait i thank you know where our folks degree much see soon by adam green tree lays gentlemen come on thank you turn into the pot gas and thank you to respond it thanks to jack threads gotta jack threads dotcom enter the cat the word rogan when you submit you try out for twenty percent off anything you keep that's jack threads dot com nicole word rogan save twenty percent on anything you keep never buy before you try we are also brought to you
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and thank you too on good oh and an i t used code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements my fur and thank you so much we'll be back on friday with the great louis simmons louis humans is a power lifting legit and we're gonna meet with him at his shop it's a rare on site podcast we're gonna be doing in columbus ohio brookside excited about that because he is a fascinating guide really he's he's really responsible for a lot of my back rehab because he created the reverse hyper as machine wreathed and ran about many times on this podcast if you ve never seen one before and you have disk issues go look up just google reverse hyper explains this machine in depth on some youtube video
so that's it we'll see him soon and we'll see where we won't see you soon but you'll you'll hear us hopefully if not i enjoyed having you listen so far this is the last one you're supposed to like fucking i'm done with you dude hey man i can't do any that takes worse than our right here fox see you soon much loved by everybody
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