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#855 - Tom Segura & Christina Pazsitzky

2016-10-03 | 🔗
Tom Segura & Christina Pazsitzky are stand-up comedians, and together host their own podcast called "Your Mom's House" https://www.youtube.com/YourMomsHousePodcast http://www.yourmomshousepodcast.com
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i try past episode is with the the mommy's if you don't know what that your mom's house is their park ass it's fuckin awesome pike ass they do it together i think they do to a weak and there the best i love these guys so please give it up for christina possess key and tom cigarettes logan experience has taught me what a drawn a range of fiscal measures oh yeah from a year ago depot that's me out of me ergo depot dot com ergo depot is a company that provides us with these i fuckin love these chairs are making paid with a sad says an imminent add has tell me with if you have back issues get a really good ergonomic chair and makes a fuckin giant difference cares for me
sit in this thing why do podcast for three hours in a setting and my back doesn't bother me when i would use are regular office chair i would sit in it for an hour and i'd start get as yet in not adopt on the pike ass was over to grab a ball rub my back down now these and i think it's better for my back i think it acts it forces have to sit in a good posture i think it's like an exercise for your bag still anymore you do it like a super conscious of it now young seventies super bad posture i used a slump in then lean my head for two terrible galileo and now i that during our shall you bet i lay down so bad at it looks terrible tail you know it doesn't do when i would write to and it would bind up my backs up i'd right for a few hours of billig ah ever since i got these things man he's really good ball just while those blow up balls and those who sit on those the others
work on board you find that it carries over to like when you sit somewhere else now you have better partially told it s really again as i said now i try to at least seven for whatever reason i don't enjoy television like this the slouch watch it shows you how i gathered feed are gonna be kicked by love it isn't similar to show good god it's so good there are rumours about the next three or four but how am i gonna do that because some supposedly as you would say their spouse do the rumour was the they're gonna go do a miami season because now the cartel battle am i ran like griselda blancos me for a man and then season four or five would be how the mexican cartels took over a guy like chapel of course my uncle billy carbon my friend has been
pike ass for the girl you know area cooking hours one and two if you haven't seen them to stop what you do and turns amazing you ass a document are ye go what the fuck fortunately the miami graduate but he's a nice nice chasm as its florida rivalry horse we got you of course you want times a jet yeah he's looking there they're good this year now doing when i'm ways at the whim of griselda and her suitor yes there are a lot of my story is called jamie cosby or something like that his name was cause we really yeah that's the guy that that ends up like falling whatever seeing her while she locked up in cooking have was too is that it has caused me i remember that out there right he was the guy that was like her boyfriend and i'm gonna he was bang another chat room harassed and when he started seeing her he was light ass one make money and try move way
and she's i what do you want an he's like kilo and she like has one drop off like five kilos the start off he was i oh my god and then were do was really trafficking to river start viewed of ghana and heard there is grew miles recycling or lack of charles cosby that's good how much work how much to bang griselda but you must listen for that guy that's the goddamn law yeah i was it was you get hard for you figure out a way this is up viagra to enter do not out their good for her yeah griselda was so fuckin crazy let me add that i never heard that worry until the so many sir until cooking cowboys i never heard in the never heard it either so good such a guy documentary she got killed just a couple years afterward she got out
going back to colombia and she went back and they had pictures of her out on the street that's perfect rail is gonna player the other issue its exact logger why jello has a perfect face yes surely no wonder why she's so needy yes he's scared around the willy walk a golden ticket you better listen better legal advice leaders ass scatter crazy like to have that much power that girl has like she's got she's a hypnotist yeah if she's there's a me and my wife are actually do so come on man yeah she's been for a minute to she's like fifty years all now jack she's gotta forties gotta be a dime piece you remember about
saw their from their documentary is that she named her son michael corleone that's euralia that's a really good name it i can't think of naming our necks child carl's junior yeah they became a good i don't know if this is true of resist a rumour but the rumour was the jailers boyfriend whose is twenty right you're twenty eight year old handsome dancer fellow he wants to go to the u s c and she told him that he to come with heard some charity thing and in new york in these non bona fides which broke up with a well she tells you today for a girl you gonna go at her yes of course you have to go with her special rules yellow dance that's that's her low you know yeah exactly lapdog backed out background dancer hearing me look good and you come to charity of thy city of those those relationships get super weird in the sixties like once you get to result as age yeah that's when those relationships get real woman
when a woman no longer as high yeah i think your life falls apart it that's all you ve banked on your life you don't in algeria if someone's twenty thirty years younger than your parts not just that right i mean if you entire thing is based on what you look like that's all you ve really paid attention to and that's what you really rock is just not your purse now that is not europe europe in time of life and our your poppies rethink that not only does it too is taken away from me but you ve had your whole life so you're a custom to people approaching you and communicating you with extreme like niceness and behind the us and the iron managers tripping over themselves to beauty like you have a magic potion report we that go away but you become repulsive right the as it all started weird an if you if you can't buy into it if you want to extend your ears then you start it in your they cut up yeah he's target weird shit done stuck in your life
damn you have a mouth that goes ear to ear keep polar face back into their mouths keeps growing yeah yeah i think there is a certain sum surrendering their age radiologists scottish surrendered of far better alternative to be the dignified older woman has never faced fucked hand an older woman yeah that's what i'll be absolute sums it's it's just the thing that we haven't it like even if you ve been the august they probably doing surgery on people's faces for twenty years thirty years right on how i'm going to think they started having properly in the between thirty and forty i want to ask me that's your still an early adopter oh yeah we see like now the move is if you're gonna do that it's the mild right it is the type of the face laughter the knows where you go somewhat different but you can't tell that that you're primo job here when you see some
jesus crimea that's oh my god look at this syria and egypt three thousand beseech you close your years with nearly seventy i don't like the talks and shit i know they're like it's fine you can inject botulism a new phase with no repercussions hygienist don't it's not it can't if i can't it's gotta be talks it's gonna melcher face or forget a bunch of women with melted faces a few years old eyes right now there are matters because we don't know what we're talking about car but i got em i gotta assume just assume that if your paralyzing your fucking face that shows we're too you talk to people who can't do that you know i'm a little too shiny area something happens there legacy to shine had so shake it doesn't move in its shining us in others time in a season to be the hot check like i love ilo pamela anderson we we all did do bright like i know are those attacks
where she didn't surrender like you're the hot check for and then you you're just not it's gotta be tough to giving out it's gotta be tough nea was not ideologically but that rush you get from all that attention oh yeah as that you don't get that feeling anymore that's gotta be really hard to deal with you know how i can only imagine me how could you i don't think he's probably very few things in life that are like that we just don't get you know is price similar to an aging rocker will you play out are you your plane stadiums and people like you the admiration of everyone come into your shows and it's like maybe don't you don't move the tickets anymore you just stop talking like there's gonna be an adjustment notches stadiums ter ok i just don't do they more because this too much of a rush yeah for sure
pick up heroin but see some agent rock stars for some reason or another they still put off like like mick jagger can still pull it off but i think that this not just that he can't like he first while goes out still does it puts on the great show but i think the reason that he does is because you don't want to give up that that rush that feeling and laying the stadiums probably and its also probably fun right and it really fine print how two thousand not fund to be mick jagger boss apparently works out like twice a day really apparently he's a freaky super disciplined he does yoga push ops set up and kind of greenish runs while upon we hear seventy seven is always fuck there is apparently super dedicated to exercise does keith has the same work our regiment one hundred percent up yes is probably not doing heroin nay anymore
probably not live there along the noble rain maybe there you saying good heroin unerring here is doing syrups were apparently like look at house is dancing we worked for a seven year old can dance like the other men look at him and now there's also like a flexibility to his spine that you rarely see like how old is mick jagger let's guess let's get some guessing seventy four i'm just seventy three sixty eight sixty age so yeah yeah seventy three who did something beautiful by you used my guests what had were how many seventy three year olds move like that now my nanda come on man when you're seventy three that shit is done he's like he's like slinky like he's gotta
like a little thing to james brown will move in we'll crazy like ours from drugs that away but he was released now i know somebody twenty five capital of half of this shit you know what he was a freak yeas a freak any privileges did a part towards hips apart it was started prevented her so tat he was when i was doing hotels are moving around stealing all the time will prince will you still at crazy dance stuff where it's been around do the splits is this come out james browed gives you dancing as you are you playing this guy i've always wanted to cry he saw what he had some crazy moves too but this is a different style of dance that existed in like nineteen sixty is black i'm aragon and he was done man you ever see him in africa where
he played the concert in zaire before mohammed ali fought joe foreman george george dude do really yeah it's him in zaire change browser on the bad motherfucker that malta with her just a freak of freaks out of his mind people who are just bay we you know all saw army artists are just trying to do a version of what he did for these nobody before him like that like you you have to put it into context you know when he would come out those keeps on and shit like yeah this is as i said earlier this year the same sex on it because i assume when i look at the size was ass i didn't know you had such an ass what does it say areas because we hardly seventy six how will you think he was back then is probably forty he was a bad one we'll get a mustache it is geared to his hair everything that they have all areas at the rock and roll hall of fame her a base
luckily the same effort he has on there but the dazzled work just sex and he's the one is this something says says stomach inadequacies g f o s here what is asked me what is it is it george foreman superman arrangement or something really originals probably the first one like you know like a lot of black eyes love acronyms like that yeah it's a flag i've heard like people do like that are like really intellect positive thinking they do i like fame you know right heredity if anyone mentioning ever gonna sell these like some ridiculous alone as gm followers does any of so i now saw fears force it's all here in a real right
that's always weirdos instagram personally inspirational nomination morasses pushing me out important day positive from the train into the rapid that last i say the sentiment but it s corner you know is really funny bit about does crystal clear here really funny bit about about about those hash motivation people on a rare it's a good bit man i see it i was in it's funny but its predecessor a double edged sword is on one hand i appreciate people that are exercising take care of themselves appreciate people that are more very by is fuckin still cheesy deal
really i had this lady one time come to show that i did in cleveland ass she was in a wheelchair and she started to oh she bought i was soon like cities is like seven years ago and she'd like lemme get ten you want and like all right i sold him to her and then the next day she comes as she buys ten more and i got art i can't i can't let you keep buying that like others given to you now want to support you and then she would start to write like she did that to open up the like email exchange and then started the email me like ask me questions and and then download about just everything that was bob her and things that are bad in her life and they must have this procedure done always have to remember that and i was like i'll be like i already know how to communicate with her and then i go back she comes again to the first show and i go well you know i just
i'm glad that you look like you're all right and the other thing i like about you you're not in all those like inspirational quotes i just hope that and she goes i love inspirational quotes why did you bring that i don't know i think because i hate it i hate it just think about like she doesn't do like keep your head stuff like that rules do that i you your positive without having to remind everybody about it and she's like now i love that stuff on our side was that it now she was like i'm getting my leg removed next week jesus and then she's i got one of my kidneys already took out and my son is in afghanistan he got shot in like i don't know what to tell you like
you want to see the time to do this weekend who is a doctor you his who is telling us about a surgery that they had to perform on this woman she had to get her leg removed so they they had cut through bone in meat and hack this woman's lag off for some medical reasons the reason was so there in the middle of doing this procedure they remove her leg and he turns around and the doktor that is with has the leg over his like this way some crazy caveman in an m opera my way just remove this ladys land we got over he's gonna eaters up they like it's fucking it's hilarious buddy super disturbed supersaver but i guess i mean you're just over at when you do it enough
look at him he's not going around has not got a meagre leg loud not grow by now these are even in the streets witness surgery you are going and observe surgery someone on why smiles urging really might yeah my knee dartmouth my first the operation i wanted the watch it so that a gaming girl and watched it will you think interest now
it was interesting to look at your body like like like the joints they leave they seem like when when you're getting operated on their fixing something the joint seem like garlic hinge instead of a party or body like you see it as in oecd went with it what a joint actually is when you see the tissue in there because it was a complicated procedure is collar patel attend and graph they open up your knee like a fish and then they take a chunk of your patel attending which is your big thick this one that's an affront a hard it's pretty thick and you don't need all that so they take a third of it and then they open you up and then they screwed into the bone top and scrutiny bone the bottom and then they stick it all up and it was so weird watch them do so much better after that surgery or that it was fucked before the third area it was too it was wabi wait a minute so there
you're watching and their cutting into and no feelings undiscovered wireless birthing our son there she's like do you want a mirror to see his head like now now so i mean i'm that's pretty maize that you were able to look at i wanted to see it i thought i was hoping i was never gonna do this again unlike what for me to do this i want to watch it i observed the full day of surgery i don't like an entire day like i saw eight operations when i was a freshman in high school i had the illusion that i would be a doctor doctor what kind uncle was a doktor he set me up at the mayo clinic and jacksonville and so i made this guy and i was pretty big kids there like what college you got two like none they're like ok you re seeing is like my files will more and the first one we see is a woman who spread eagle she's eighty
and they were moving assist from her vagina here's the thing he goes so he comes over cause it he comes over me and i'm with my dad he goes hey don't make any like jokes while you're here i go what you talkin about because she's awake if you like their old buzzy like posing thou but the best they go in gnarly they fuckin open desist is the size of a soft law eyes like this is the biggest we ve ever seen has the has another nurse go get a camera like this is gonna be in a journal nasty this is incredible then they erupt shooting where have you ever gone to doktor pimple popper dotcom now headphones on financial do
purple my instagram and assess whether page she's got like millions of followers to good relations does this issue or youtube videos and are inscribed videos are all just her popping cysts roy usually strange now so she knocked sandra lee hello sandra me tens of millions of views on instagram millions of views on youtube no not yet wait wait till you see it you're not going to barf yet so right now she's cutting into this woman's back who has what looks like lego small frog growing her back like cutting their top cutting a chunk of them be really good at cutting it yet right this is a big issue
to remove it in a one chunk like sometimes she'll get em actions open right now with these scissors this is not the most satisfying this right now we're just gonna surgery you ok do you like it why is of real because it just says she snipping awake i be so nasty joe i have seen so many people get caught and knocked unconscious and beat i'm not averse to looking at a cyst know what kind of nasty this is when she starts court and here we go here we go come on oh god what that's wrong enemy lebanon vomit no more that's a back zero backs ist what does that say tell what is better than what is assistance just nasty known
nasty shit i don't know what that was its debts going to read about one these recently there was watching but why don't you just google it i can't we'll find out how we did some speculation who did a pike has as we get what hath without gb on the computer and we're asking questions and no one ever answered the questions we does it it was like a hundred percent information and i heard this would want to look on hygiene and they were all good we're gonna ice get to the end of israeli some of them are fucking guys push on now that's like trash rash in your body five minutes left on this ominous throw really yeah just do a damn you just had a baby i yeah should be like durable now i am like the whole far crazier big done holes that's a goddamn
aiming whole see that is fine i don't like this stuff coming out that's than early purloiner why she had to do it that obviously doctor not criticizing technique but i wonder why you have to take a chunk out of the skin less instead of like making like a little hatch we remember some like old school and so escape to yes that's a small fish yeah forethought mommy get that last part out that sack that are holding in and then what's left over i heard that they don't actually know what causes somehow comforting there are no more just drawn a golf ball size burger pass on your nobody no willingness from that we don't have a people grow and weird spots too didn't even know why go weird spots and top your head shit just cells rightly day over ro and they're not cancelled finally i was a member membrane near membrane us
membrane remembering marinus membranous in the body membranous sack or cab cavity of abnormal character containing fluid tough protective capsule in closing the larva personal worm so i guess it's a cavity containing fluid and they use the word flu would super loosely here like peace as an ally now pass fluid it's like a whipped cream like pussy nasty yeah that's a good one on your vagina too that's i imagine ladies as i still remember it they would wear my ear on her vat on the outer part so everybody could see or inside it was inside but then they they had her in some way where they could push back and you could see it coming out of the site
coming like on the wall in iran are why calendar specula like they opened are now wondering if it really had fluid though i do remember that it wasn't like right it really was like a star coming i hate to be disrespectful but the thing it made her pussy tighter so it seems that you would really good question yeah yeah you had it in your mouth be sure enough to swallow if you got your box it would i think that's how they should now get up there discovered it because our how those eyes i share ebby that that that that that that eighty five percent i do you guys remember one gene frowned when on a shooting spree because someone uses toilet someone took a shit his personal bathroom remember this he had issued out the cops he he drove off with a shot gun he threw
and someone with a gun in the office for sharing this together and then he got in a car is high we changed the cause a cop shot is tire dr really much kept with his last enough how many times i think there s a few times his last my life and my new member let's face it might apps has the job over the year after that the year that that happen mike s put out especially here james ballad like a fund a cat that's the best because he did he had like the straight and he had that ridiculous smile and i remember remember the james round super coconut in our view it ass i was just thinking about that one wears an interview it was on cnn zone this looks like
the police are uneasy periods as do easy here is all yet as i do remember this together crazy for some volume jerry his jaws gone crazy i miss pcb over the sea and living wrong long at all you are not in any difficulty but you're out on both non wrong the charges and drew out a lot of love you out out which is it you mean now can you and your wife and had a problem on the television veil to work this out and about the music happened well let's talk about your tour when are you leaving where there is more where are you going really real there are sound
your fan will have got all about this james aren't you concerned about that to get a move on and john when i in brandenburg can we intend to stay right we talk about a little bit of it you listen you see it's crazy what are you gonna be doing our mister i'm gonna be nor involving got a brand new bag limit our method of working and above all that this is why i am giving you the radio shoes would call someone up and the way you ve got to work going more oh yeah i guess now he tells us that smells good and he makes no
now when you get out there what do you think that is what i love you when you get out there violated well i'm asking you you look good and you saying good and make love well now we will have to ask anybody else we got back from this magazine asked me marry me but a grasp of the audiovisual you're the best where to go radovan advisers will do an event as a job as second coming pages on this week out there we are the pope i believe though that we please lilies lit he looks like
michael jackson we turn into a werewolf in thriller eyes you nailed it look at those glass loose i did you ever see the short movie that short film i made a few years ago about him now you made a film about james brow i made a film with ryan secular a comedian about a real story about him that it's called nine inches and summer you two page and what it's about is that there is a real story about two guys shot each other in an army and over james browns height wise yet so we made a short about it this is all about name's brown had i not know about what is happening alabama and our heritage nato is pulled it out but by based a real story two guys
an argument about how tall he is and basically one guy was like you know no bounds firefighter whatever and i decided expiate mother fucker and i got you got they got so heated they shot each other over his height that's why it's called five and nine because of the describe ray and larry data but it's a real story that that these guys we're friends like good friends people get mad about nothin oh yeah meal people get mad about shared it doesn't make any sense killing each other because now we want to back down the escalation in the european right yeah i'm our concern about pc p where did it go his memory a lot of cool stuff in the eightys it happened because an angel dust was rising with private cars and i wonder what they hope where where its pcb my old and coach had his finger bitten off our peace really now
words that we should have a spaniard off on pc beanie how to replace was toe yet it his not as big toby next too big tell you put in crime lies right my leaving the normal harbours and serious joe lake right outta my boxing when i was a kid he had his finger permanently bent so you throw right hooks whose south park in a very good i heard you didn't want to give it up so when you shake his hand show you like that he has a little like a baby finger gear its constantly to that was a toe there was a toe it's a tobin announces index finger but he had his toe tat night offices one yes yes foot only as foretold as a toe big then three handlers you don't know somebody embedded off if i owe that remain
saying that reminds me so much that i was with ideas for three days yes and wider whenever the i'll tell you why because this is so perfect so i'm with the as relieving the shoreline amphitheatre we did the adults who so early sure i empathy ear he just he mass occurred it in i was like close at ten thousand people we get in the shuttle cause there's intermission and jelly and i were before intermission tell the driver wanna go back the hotel the still another half of show to go so just joey myself and the driver get in the car there's no music on were just talking and it is hit one of those moments you know when you're on a highway at night and you kind of hit that thing where it's like you are one stop talking for a minute and you're looking out the window and you can feel eight to them and just kind of stare and off no one's talking and then after like fifteen seconds a silence joy egos
there were tat by the time i saw got cut open at the tenderloin in eighteen seventy nine stomachs but why don't i was like can i just see the drivers and i've liked widen and i was like now he was yes blood was brown cuz he's bleeding for so long people just stepped over them and i saw two guys stab each other in the fucking street one thousand nine hundred and eighty over nothing they just stab each other i didn't almost shit my pants but then i got used to it you see the drivers this crazy i got used to it just look over like who's this guy said next which is all you saw from like though he was such a rocket ship personality that you get used to like all the people on this towards i did all the dates and then they you cuz you should see like the first night he came out i see that like the eyeball staff like like what the fuck is going on
he just so out in that field you know he can prepare for it needs to cite he's got not a fork in his tank zira does nothing to lose just cause people cocksucker like the audience companies was i've got suckers early who a thousand people last i saw grows up you fuckin cocksucker its endearing yazzi of live even act here has like some reference to a he knew he could you he would throw people off right you can tell that some people they like oh my god and he goes yes some fucked up shit and then he goes burma uncle joe you know there was gonna uncle joy like me a little uncomfortable at first like a fool when your ass and the ladys like laughing again right away he gets how he hits people in a year he some as you know i've never been anybody i came for so force of nature think of a rare occurrence really owns his
parts and public by arguments round he dropped he was just like your mouth at a bar like so loud and its smooth so our goes way to hit that might well points at the guy yeah i mean he's crazy man crazies mary play party once on a plane that was so bad that i wish i had headphones on and i smell those in the middle of writing and i smelled it and i just don't i start to make this face and then i go and i put sure i know the terror and then it hits the woman behind with the headphones i'm listen the music i hear all we are now preparing brown programme now
my god gave his hands rested here the mix credit for it too late i do and on planes but i keep it private take credit and no one assumes i would so i like the plus the sounded so much on the plain that you can far you can just let a rib no one's gonna hear it equality he also says things that don't add up for that like you i keep my come on you know me dog like it's like my favorite thing about his periscopes his periscopes he'll smoke you know crazy man we'd he's a six clock in the morning a voice like world to joint smote him
you don't want your life and i might go you're implying that that's the economy like i'm doing something what are you doing he's always i got i would i have to do shit early in the morning i was calm zero is awake is always awake here he's he's maniac you tell me that for thirty some legs sometimes is like you i just hit me i thought i just get up worth thirty june i to get up germs yeah see not a sleeper really it's crazy about you think that you just be passed out no give up about needlessly if i get up to pee it's like four o clock in the morning when the problem is sometimes i have an idea i have an idea i've gone back to sleep but like our member it and i never memory you so now if i have any kind of an idea or think like it it might be an idea i have set out and then i have to write a mountain never in my phone the outcome i follow their destroyed capture it around down that's key if i dont want
you don't get any sleep because then i'll be sinner thinking cause you're just gonna it's always that thing where you go you could be like when you're about to fall asleep or about to wake up and you go i got that though that'll come to you know when i find a guy i had to do this thing for espn today so i had to get up early enough to drive on the highway and traffic and all that shit but when i was i got up early and i woke up had a cup of coffee i'm out the door in the hustle and bustle and there's something about like getting up early forcing yourself to get up and then having to come carving gonna do some gives legal you look a little momentum going i come up early linked to something going early an iron i used really resent people that would brag about it like well i've been up since in our five thirteen both lahti down magua good for you it's a gradual tory thank you i agree i agree look look look how disk
linda i am but now when i go to bed late worley we're underlined but now the kids up it in all the crackdown so we gotta be up to now i'm used to it now one those people you're just sending you may say and you like it more actually do like it more i drive it doesn't make any sense but i feel like when i forced myself to wake up in the morning i get a better feeling about the day yes ma am starting off in a good way like our right we're up yes he's gonna get him i can't just yawn what i got here eleven
we're just jerk off yan wake up at twelve thirty jim by three be fine one thing i don't know i don't like morning workers now i like afternoon work out i was worked out first thing you do yeah yeah i like to do something with no food when do one worked out in the morning like something check ups body weight squat sunlight that is sometimes had the bag no food elected you that several times a week but i always feel stronger and i have more energy if i work out late in the afternoon and after you do do you over eat though after you work out on an empty stomach the word no no i mean i'm going be hungry but i'm that's all i don't eat like much more i see what you eat on instagram i put my food on this lots meets one thousand knowing annoying fox i have allowed me years want to meet
ok give some out so i could get a super good for you dear to me because you a lot of virtues and meat i notice no arbs i very little carbs now lot of avocado since gave a lot coconut london that when are you going to do not fat low carb here you know when you get a hold of dude get ahold of some marcie tones we have em here oh shit there somebody if you're on a key to genetic diadem strive few internally it's called key genetics is the stuff and i use but is made by this guide dom the augustine o whose these research scientists from some university in florida by the way he's in florida and he's one of the foremost specialists key to diet that
the fits of key to genetic diet and reading a lot about it he super scientific done the best resource view and listen to this is the tim fair show tim first paragraph three different podcast with dom de augustine now and no one was one things it got me super excited about trying to work on a fat based diet yeah just listen all the benefits the sky was talking about like all the like there's a whole series of benefits that an enormous intermittent fasting i getting your body into a state or its is burning fat tat the big one now the real thing one though is the hunger thing is too big ones like one i know i have energy i'll throw the data are not people now listen this going on my guys talking about a congenital jesus fucking christ they talk about too much really but just for just for you guys you you don't have as much hunger again between meals you don't have that allowing i'm a month into it and really yeah i'm down almost eighteen pounds as incorrect
i basically have have felt that way where i am not just like feeling that satisfaction more i'm also eating overall less food i mean like i'm used to eat just more higher volume of food right you know like every meal was much bigger than it was because that fat satisfies you yeah much quicker you know would definitely satisfies longer to yet and it just like the craving for carbs like i got off of it when i went on this trip i went on a trip and i was with these guys camping for six days
just wasn't there's no way i mean it was just so much food that wasn't key to genetic that's all we had was that food should say i got off it in the first thing i notices like how hungry i get in between meals the sugar spikes yoyo gaelic goddammit i gotta eat and i realize while i dont get tat went among the fat based i listened again on the families died again and went away my set universe my second day of cutting the ship and stuff was we did that lie podcast snap and everybody oh yeah you're so grumpy how did you gillig heroin like i mean i realized much sugar i was consuming regularly but the first forty eight to seventy two hours with the i was about to be on the first
forty eight like i was i was really snap leah i'll there was just i couldn't control it also had a really hard time focusing you know for those first couple is yeah they they called the kido flew really i feel guilty flew out of body mine my friend brennan tried it not brenda job another britain and when he tried to reside he semi attacks messages like do you feel shitty like do you feel like tired when you're when you first doing us like some people it hits like really has really irritable really are your jones and they are not bad men up so bad you forget all the other thing that still stuff that has sugar in that's everything everything tat i actually the cool other cool part about it besides the health benefits me
from what i've read a lot of people's alert cholesterol goes down all this goes down it's a good exercise in discipline and in being focused in mind for something that's the cool part if you're not like i'm not a super discipline person about a lot of things i'm discipline about work but like i don't find myself to be superfluous blind and also and you're going all right i have to look at what's in this pain that you're starting to catch things it makes you more focused over all cuz you're focused on trying to do this one pike i want to eliminate sugar which yeah secretly and everything you know lot of addictions they they they're all it's almost the same thing it's the same pattern and that pattern is you just doing something you can believe you doing why do i bet now on black like it whether its
ambling or whether it sacks or whether its drugs or whether its need people are addicted to a bunch of different weird shit yeah and food is a big one it's a pay one man it's kind of saint thing that is caught up in it can i have your dialogue what fuck that i do what do you want before i had a baby i had so much free time and i didn't realize how much that time i just spent eating i'm just snacking on shit that i did not and now is the time to you now you lose the baby wait gradually it wasn't an effort because it's fuckin time i used a great out of boredom or depression or on a row or whatever and then you know you don't need you'd have to shit on any did have the should i was eating it's it's simple mouth pleasure he asked will you gotta look at its desire to two different things go at the same time wanders this simple mouth pleasure that it like when you eat lazard your stuff like that like costs as well
that i couldn't even do unless we estimate carbs i felt like it was so heavily on this pass that's good you know what i mean when i broke on for a day and i just how little bit i love like a really like properly made way rice like i go right that's me you know not a quick rice but like boiled and yeah i saw a makes rice perfect our glower nanny did it yeah and i had a job i had to i was like i got to have a cheesesteak so now get your life housing where's the girl you gonna get my plug a thing is gems jim jim jim stake gaps good montoni found like the place of the most authentic review that for my own surround them crooked in front of you come on son they put cheese was on it which in retrospect was a mistake
real should go approval on global alone and the guy was like one try with what is that a cheese was really use that's how you are so that's how it is in the middle of gmos here i thought that was disgusting like process cheese amarillo trash though i like all add stuff a shaky it just doesn't tasters good privileged to his better way better shouted i'm u onions oh yeah covers everything must learn how to convene a hunter new like guide jif over skippy i like that no sugar peanut butter that yardstick the knife and a man you can't get a stern oil you yourself i like that if we had go did you had to go skip you jeff s kind of a battle for you go be honest okay skipping whenever bonus ready ngos get behind which is more pino dear yes each is jim
he is like a little bit more sugary but chief is more pino day member got those arrests but skippy does taste more process but i like the taste does takes more private ready i yes yet you have jesus maria yes that's right tonight you cracking yourself i got it so you think i can't still would greatly india because it's like candy amelia had he found i know i'm not relieving peanut butter i mean pierre like peanut butter cup the best like raised now ever like many years we never knew would basically that that's not really working tastes like yours like having it and you like this is candy peanut butter is candies the clouds manta you get it as a kid and your lunch and it was just sugar layer in a sugar layer of generally what
you might read i mean my parents may meet my parents were hippies kid me maybe healthy and so we am i stepped out was a total hippy again hair done was asked and my mom was a happy too we lived in san francisco the whole deal we wheat bread with that fuckin nasty peanut the industry the knife mail and away a little kid yourself on white bread whether the jelly goes and read and like it turns like it's like ever see like a nice smoked meat work is that layer on the outside darkness and it's like a ring like a smoke wing right at a paper and jelly sandwich unlike wonder bread to jelly starts to leak into the bread you shall find rights there about those melt in your mouth you we have peanut butter jelly sandwich on jif wheeled will deserve on thus with wonder bread
brother with a glass of milk me ass the air was she had like cold war lunch and tell them what you had to resign my son my perished yeah my parents blair ella with my dad for a few years and like he would make me lunch was caught piece of bread off of like a loathsome eastern european rye with no sea and then butter and then salami on butter just just greece on greek my stomach what her kids go to love you just said have these cold like this this fat army with butter with minor is so one more generally butter his daily does not need the way he's here he's like he looks great strength he has called boss again a bizarre sought super fatty sausage and then like he's air onions beer where's he get his bread these loaves of bread wires
aaron woodland hell's it's called german cold cuts onto pangaea canyon i groped going there it's a tiny little german place and is right with no seeds lose another one of those limber rank is another german slash hungarian they got all the treats and my dad is he like we have cockroach dna like we're eastern blockers my i have relatives one guy drive the cab eighty years old never exercise drinks a leader of vodka emily gay smells like it just our family i do that yours cash you never get sick now no man i'll get like a violent and flew to the hospital is like like slaves for a couple of days abated your mental survive strongly bull those iliad think about like eastern bloc people now
the heartiest people using like hearty white system those hinders the swedish and the most accurate that's the thing i don't like though is that my parents are just so cold like my stepmom used to get offended when waiters come to the table at a restaurant and be like what's up folks what this forks fuck you folks like they think that its weakness to be friendly and see how are you they just think you're dumb while the with which many wars young ass people went to too much care too much to miss trot how to be hard lot of lace lion cold stairs near my step my ex that mom you didn't lanka let me ask you this you think that's why do you think russians admire putin because do you think they admire him because they're scared more you think they myra because they re actually admire that hard ass did so called out a little fucker it's a cultural thing he'd be seen as a pussy if he were to be
you know like our obama earlier like that stand is considered like what are you a courier are scared you think so yeah come on what he like china now he just disguise it or billionaires like he'd takes over the companies and that puts him in jail there is reason to be scared yeah it's not like that they ve been scared for so many years later i mean like they ve been through communism did you guys see years i can remember siege universities assassination attempt on him recently now no oh my god it's crazy in summary did a suicide assassination attempt on putin and the way they did it is they were dropped on the opposite side of the highway and they drove head on and is are why he's on one side there are the heirs hiding and they added a medium and this guy drives in the center of the median like before the pollutants car comes only sees putin's card turned right into it so he knew it was that car
and putin was in the car but his trial is driver wasn't as drivers killed allow yeah it is video those who s watch videos from couple different angles race has dashboard camera they have over the known on this street camera see the cars you can see the car and they see them slam at each other in a guy like eighty miles an hour but outside and is putin's emily adele but it does is it vehicle like lead and trailed by s core you know by security or no that's good question i don't know because putin wasn't in the car right maybe they thought it was in the car maybe that maybe they had a heads up they knew something was going on i mean who the fuck knows i don't know maybe they put him in a bunch different you know how much different cars being senior could back and watch this boom doug i did that on purpose rollback again jamie wise i think he shut off
some wrong with a collector boom see though my dad crazy so there's a couple differ angles of it but the guy leg literally just drove right into the other lane zalzal now for sure that was that we not using the target that while new for sure targeted and new for sure he was gonna die watches bow wow they're both dead i'm pretty sure i mean the also adjust the precision of knowing jesus christ and timing really get your timing they know i mean there must have been other people involved or myself scary he's a fascinating figure it's that when those people exist in this day an age like kim jong on me like one that guy exist in two thousand sixteen and eighteen
really stop and think like while he's a dictator of a whole country after all terrified of do you see when north korea accidentally let all of its websites of become available over time they have twenty eight websites does only eight websites in the internet in north korea yeah so the people who live in north korea they think does the internet it's gotta be there i'll stay run websites yeah yeah yeah there there's a list of them but they made a list of the websites that are they like king summers handsome that super fast right i thought you meant that it became free for a minute and i was like all i wonder how much porn was downloaded linked lay within what could you imagine the same thing was they just fucked up and let the rest the world
got it wow they i saw that documentary where fine it like this big thing is that these south koreans will put films on flash drives films yeah movie on a flash drive out ok and then sneak flash drives are over austria and so that they can see like other you know others countries like landscapes movies like just and it just blow their minds i want to see what the websites where did you find what the website were a great lesson here was announced websites to find a better yeah they yum they have twenty eight websites when that's bananas it is all came those there was a cooking one year showed up and then korean films it's really struck him young uns super long decked out come rudimentary
why demand tree web design skills that are a hallmark of north korea's online presents yeah fact mainly websites appeared to have stopped functioning at all by wednesday morning what an insane world i wish i was today eleven that really then let it so sad when you think about that that's some was whole existence live there what did you see when kim jong il died and crazy that as they would go to jail you'd be sent to jail if you don't cry enough for a felt like you weren't cry enough they would throw in jail so it was i see that you find in the morning it's insane falling down the streets what is so amazing about north korea is how they contain it like that is my father grew up and communism in hungary but they could still here like the beatles and shit
they still had a penis weigh in this is so crazy watching all these people lined up crying and then they have to cry for like long periods of time like you stop i too early will put you in jail people were arrested at these events for not crying enough god dammit man it's gonna get arrest in the end there for crime but in an hour now yet because boys known for show a little emotion to my eyes there was an exemplary dislike of pentecostal guy has in turn bottom up oh my god you know north korea has allegedly this my the u s propaganda now they allegedly have these prison camps where people are born when president their born into it this one guy got free and gave his testimony exe
waned like what it was like in those camps ninety he turned his own mother in or something he had done and they show like how different jobs are given to different people depending on what level of decrepid nest there is an order to credit prevalent cryptic corporate decrepid redwood ness molly taken lead on our fucked up agnes netherward there how much you ve no decayed yeah mean they're like not starving people out in a new freedoms dogs like my this guy was like showing the levels like he drew pictures of like what people have died when they would do certain jobs and once you could do physical labour anymore they're just fuckin feeding animals it's really they also do this thing where like if you fuck up or less say you escape you are north korean citizen you escape they would go round up your family
adam in jail and they have a two generation policy there so that your kids and their kids will live in the labour camps jesus role during communism my dad said that they would encourage the children at school to read out their parents if they heard if even if you are your parents say anything against the government you're supposed to write your parents out and then his would end up doing her and then they come near doorn drinking i feel like a figure that things colleague escape camp nineteen or escape from camp fourteen the donkey marrying and we see that in the new i got free and then he was still living as though he was in north korea he preferred sleeping on the floor above them the floor for like twenty five years and you know he couldn't adapt could escape from gas or time something came out about him later that here
made up some things not that whole story was made up but it he fabricated something i want to imagine that if you lived in a prison camp your whole life you have some serious mental illness yeah the idea that we could think this guy's gonna be saying that we hold them up to some sort of standard well you can invite sir dinas law are essential raise such a thing is that you notice that its biggest she wasn't that might mean well like that's what he would dream about going to get a stake among their two thousand sixteen they still do not people right now yeah well you know i had george peres on you know george pressed down ikea george did some time jail it is a long time ago here a few years back early two thousands for fight at a basketball game while with some street basketball game beaten
up many years later he was on mtv dude sovereignty we heard a ban and that's how he got rested you ask how you arrested they do it at present i did three years shit he's fucking hilarious by the way and stories are hilarity just a funny funny dude but when he was talking about prison it got me thinking like he was talked about how much people make and who's talking like thirty eight since in our some point values and i wonder what things that he said something ridiculously low and then and then unlike ok how is that not slavery like how would you like not always you are you putting someone in jail where they can't go anywhere now but you are forcing them to work at this insanely low rate that no one ever worked for trial like when you look at the definition of slavery if you say well slavery ended in eighteen sixty five how slavery done in eighteen sixty five when you of men literally in chain gangs breaking raw
we wrote it down on paper so lena or will this guy robbed a purse like or what reason you put those people in the mean either killed them or you know like you can't you can't like for someone to break rocks you can't force him to work for three and a half an hour when around you that still and places someplace as i think that the left one unalaska is it still or i don't know if they're still there wasn't louisiana what's that louisiana prison that's really famous dad chain gang they made the inmates we're paying can stuff knots in arizona not as taiwan joe are pio right guys crazier national debts were mike tyson at ago he went there my thyssen unaware pink caught with the cocaine was a co yeah he wore pink day were bank how to do a couple of days but it was you know one of those prove point type things that you might i suggest where the pink
now this is stupid but their commissaries cheaper right like maybe it's all adjust for prisoners relations that are really worried about that america's only now what chain gang the women who pull weeds and bury unclaimed bodies and at what bury unclaimed bodies because that's never to pull we number one very unclaimed bodies number two number three pickup cans so back in arizona gesture to avoid twenty three hours of lockdown in countries toughest jail while change day here just be got a wonder like it what at what point is slavery i wonder which when these girls are being my prison girlfriend leaning tom bodies burn i claim body it is probably the glasses i hooked up with that that checks this is probably people that are border crossing them lineups right
de i am dying out her that's gonna be so brutal omega three arizona in summer you ever go to phoenix in summer ok don't worry i d graze hundred forty la like the middle east to one hundred and forty degrees in their working outside the hacking wheeze holy shit natural life do you think you can get some black can you what's that you think in jail like some people at viewer in irish guy was red hair i mean i'm really view our burn it gives me give it would catch you talk in spanish down there go fuck gosh knows how your time there's a mine figures you speak fluid spanish i've seen people talk shit in spanish around tommy i now tom he'll say somethin spanish to them and i ll go all the white guy knows best
i'm doing a spanish talk show on monday i'm doing not just go but the neither on monday at sea that many sorts aerial spanish spanish like others which it's been scarier little rights law alarming is this is a clown you know him like a guy in full cloudmaker go on as your rapporteur i don't know i thought about it i thought about our noses wrappers name again dj dad mouth when seen it folks dj dad math is how tom gets everybody does one thing that everybody hates everybody i m not arise most comics do not like do morning tv shows yeah there their pro we the most watered down it's like pretending that a glass it's one quarter loaf milk at three quarters water tastes good that's a good really again really drink it is i can give any pain is good and join at the worst iron targets have actual scope there you are in need of wonder now i just can't what is i mean talk on both a need two nights with rights the plantations words
his name for the needs of their little banana nights with but little banana why don't you to go on sabah no domingo that show be no no so he that's my dear some of those giant saturday on fur legs like already users and leave shelby latin shown we were in florida ones in miami in a hotel room he was sick and we were watching just hours of capital tat i think it ended i think it is paternity tat guys duck as well comedy sketches their paternity testing they have just every sluts thereby putting on you just sludge how dare you you just lie logic is not find it that's a real expression that answer shaming incited shame yes i on his side
and pronoun jamming what's your pronoun joe i prefer lazy legacy age into ease that's my opponent you saw a are his majesty thing right beside you within this yes so university of michigan like a lady universities is now doing this you know like you sign up for class professor sends out an email to the entire class professor joe rogan my preferred pronouns are in and then this one kid was able to can you can buy terry jews your pronoun he's like mine is his magic of it i like what a good kid word as yet his old thing was to appoint the absurdity of it but then people like you're fuckin ask
there are mad at him now his name is grants trouble chairman of the young americans foundations use the new policy to update is preferred pronoun to his majesty how can they be mad at him that is that is now more ridiculous than h are of course where there's like eighteen different gender pronouns now well debt if i'd and we also know there's astral gendered if you're feeling like your part the cause mouse you polly i'm pollyanna by patient you put it on your part in putting on his part gasp areas twitter page like there was like by awareness day and then and then some some guy a real professor was tweeting yeah and he retreated it wants that was so close to parity what the fuck did you say he was just like it was the wording other was too absurd to even recall that it was like remember when you're the
today on by awareness day you gender in europe to be by not to be gender specific but use specific of your gender can also dictate what your sexuality might be what like something like that something confusing yeah and then it was like happy by awareness you know i finally used in all gender restroom in portland and it was gay are and i got like i didn't enjoy and it's not as if the whole pronoun think it's cuz you ve got like dude taking gnarly shits next you shoot it i don't need it yeah i don't need it zenza roses i'm pauline by and am also fluid gender my favorite thing is to be flew agenda because you go how are you feeling in a moment but you have tat people have to know what to call you so you have to get out of my way around nouns constantly does that we
what we saw this video this guy who is like he's a unique really respect people's pronouns which which i like ok then it goes and if you see somebody and you're not sure just ask me like a what you're pronoun through which i say no you fuckin don't like you not knock images see somebody like i am just wondering the donors should be on the person he has seen went louder stephen crowded has a fucking hilarious video we actually does this can really yea goes out and out people what their preferred gender pronouns are and they this the looks they give maybe you're still a groan adults india goes up to demonstrate and talks them and wonders swifter prefer ginger how and on its nobody knows the fuck you're talking about repast i can't wait for the back where we were years will you what's that video that guy deston dakota dakota river showed your allowing the code is amazing they answer you the thing at the code is incredibly i see this this zooms
zooms zooms or say oh for the different gender prone why is it so hard it's why don't you just do what they ask my pronouns or not preferred see in things like i feel i can there's enough people going ok really that it's kind of a legitimate thing to not be higher prices i'm bored with us you know because i feel a little like all my on the rights of history has gone out are not preferred asked gender terrorist areas oh no anyhow i ask terrorist playlists on my we allowed to play this without caves play it well we're not shown in on you too are we have it like picture take it off i don't it's this deeds to do whatever it is you have got a beard not an out it has never prefer gender pronoun well that's what your network
they get to so that's the thing now right you can kind of me whatever you want to be here which is fine i guess think it's funny that some people are saying that you should see this visual and lead with my kids i will take its rude for you to assume is absurd that you're gonna its rude to assume like if you if you're gonna dictate a different problem i think that should be on you it should be ana like a status that you should to show people or some people have these all stickers they put on my preferred gender pronoun is that's cool while his radio lab in the is one of my all time pharaoh ones there's a rail lab pod ghastly tickets who seriously because its radio lamp and there's a guy on it whose clearly out of his fuckin mind and he goes back
fourth between male and female he during without gas switches boys talk me own like this i just switched i just switched i'm the man like what when do you get to be a dragon do you to really minds when they tell the future then we're both respect this you have to because its it has to do with gender so if this guy i was telling you about its past lives you know as a roman gladiator or if he was telling you about the future when the starships land you would think that he's a crazy person right but i think you're right now but we talk about gender as soon as you start talking about gender you you really you're supposed to give people the benefit of all doubt even if you think you're switching gender back and forth as you're talking like the idea that your your gender like some sort of a sea saw your on the present and you can just left right left right and it is you decided ass you decide stand chow but here's the thing are we different
a lot of the time yeah why a reference be expressed engender like you the other day when you're cranky gives you didn't you sugar yeah right there like what let me emphasise that i'd be the you have a different personality trade he fell into his bitchy so like but doesn't like that that feeling there you're going to sexist engineer defarge jeddah about phobic well looking forward i am looking forward to ignoring so many emails that are gonna come into my inbox about this conversation but but people get mad oh i know they're gonna get some at my point is like we talked about this like if you're feeling particularly lovey duffy right ear loop kittens in europe you putting your daughter's heron pony tales mitya it's more feminine feeling so did you switch gender at that moment knowing still specifically this guy wanted to go back and forth to be recognizes a man in a
many other commerce and then as he goes back and forth he becomes a totally different person i guess like he's not gonna our any bullshit i fusing in the military tools like there's a lot of weirdness to the story under the care of a psychiatrist nothing i've noticed outward wandering around getting government grants and great and i have no idea of no idea what is doing but i just at the you never go likes if someone goes back and forth in pretends to be hunger by hungarian now know now for ireland is relying on but i feel to them now hungarian again i'm identifying that we may i that's fine like yours a thing if you want to identify throughout the day sometimes i am more masculine when i'm at the comedy store performing i am very alpha male i'm very its macho but i we have to demand that people know what to call me at every given moment that's a little unrealistic was a new thing
really i mean it's so presumptuous in narcissistic that you should know what to call me does this opportunity at least say like right now addressed me as her but my yahoo as my shoe different names he looks net legislation depending i who am i might be miss tendering or not putting on how he here or she hears in at the moment when you get points if you're in relation with that person yeah you would you like you feel like that's a respect like something that you re like aka hours like your wishes but i'm not sure enjoying your gender you gotta pick one of you say girl of girl with that i don't have any problem with that but you can go back and forth ok or i can't talk to you yes you are work at that point i think that's the whole thing it's too much fuckin work and if you're an adult it's got a full life how the fuck are you yeah room in your head for disease every cent
can changing would not only that that somebody else's issue right about yourself no i don't have any only room to communicate with you because we hear you come drawing on yourself so much you want people to change how they address you just can you just change how you feel occasionally in and not have a new fuckin name science right or even on the afternoon now i'm bob why we have to label at every moment of every well for self indulgent thing and that's what you're getting out of this that's what like the people that are you know they're being labelled as insensitive like that's kyar point the point is like you're supposed to be insensitive of nonsense yeah this deserves a fair amount carry them out afraid tail in part because we're gonna get shamed on twitter people are going to call us phobic of this and that even if you say something remotely gentlemen on politically correct or ever look there's a bunch people out there that are just not
happy and they might not be happy with their gender they might not be happy with the way they look they might not be happy with how old they are they might not be happy the bunch of different things but we have like rules as far as like what you can change and what you can't change and were allowing people now zaga really reason thing to just just to change your gender which doesn't affect me i want people to have freedom now doesn't bother me but what it does is theirs as an addendum to the radio lab story she made them edit out deed references to her actually changing her identity i guess she stopped she's got switching word after all this no eyes egerton she no longer flips interesting arians woman she now remains comfortable as a queer trans woman what what does that mean go where queries not gay though it's
no i thought it meant the queer is like weird like you can do both right isn't it was queer and then let no time otherwise will gain us no gaze gay queer is not gay queers like now defined okay so i'm unknown define train on line tom's domain time you explain this year i mean basically unwrast please will you go you found the binary spectra says gendered privily at the highway strange should a queer feeling noblesse on it a homosexual no now see they're using a different now see it used to be homosexual but it's not just to homosexual anymore ok terms definitions l b g t right there click on that one algae bt q now now there's an eye in a in there to look at that see look at that script
make that large those near my curiosity i ask you read it bisexual and transgender is better delegate butler above above go love to top loot l g algae teach you what is be algae queer a sex or a sexual or your questioning and sexual but there's inner sexual to theirs i some people choose i what i want is now let's get to queue queer intersects as jamie an umbrella term used by elegy b t to a people to revert to the entire algae b t community and all turn that some people used to clear the idea that labels in categories such as lesbian gay bisexual etc similar to the concept of queer of gender queer oh ok gender queers different what's wrong
your queer neither be like me like non binary were i don't fall under the spectrum of male or female gender queers a term which refers to individuals or groups who are queer or problem ties what they make it a fake words germanic notions of sex gender and desire in a given society gender queer people possess identities which fall outside of the widely except did sexual by an area in your number you don't under queerer yeah her queer jangle mirror may also refer to people who identifies both train gendered an queer i individuals is this a lot of work man out of words this when she talked this is what you get when you don't trotted firewood you can easily get water two eyes wandered through easy just say we have to invent all these things now what's happening
the vienna summit why has already have to be defined i dont know why do we have to check each other to make sure that everyone's on the same fuckin agenda you know how much dreading my son our sun sorry going do school you know there are schools they dont have grades first grade second gray third grade so that the kids don't bad there's no hierarchy group one group to group three shit like that soft people are trying to eliminate all forms of competition and scrutiny in their calling any criticism at all bullying thing you all in its own right this there's a lot of i levey we leagues with no no score crazy we're that is really weird it's weird thing losses really help you as a kid i think you loss anxiety fear those are my primary motivations as a young woman carry me very far not a fuckin loser in italy because of these things i'm sure like the people the do it that they do
mean shit or say mean shit to kids they realize after they do it i'll shitty it feels right like it's a learning experience even for them like they should absolutely be corrected you're right but this idea somehow another you gonna wipe all that stuff out part of being a person right it's a weird part of being too personally people like the fact that they can affect people by saying shit you know the absolutely you have the idea that we're gonna sanitize out everything so that your kids will never have to feel a bad feeling ever again no one everything's gonna be pro and right to make a whole new bathroom the whole and a social bathroom to some people just do not sure what some people people are disgusted sitting outside was gonna now wait for what is this one half of forms and supposed now my guys is that that's a college that's what you're tax dollars are going it's a high school somewhere high come on man how many people this help given issue is this you know
i there's people that have all sorts of very strange identity disorders yeah yeah there's guy in england that thinks he's a six year old girl many identify the six year old girl anywheres pigtails sets down with his kids in his own past kids ass kids they identify a six year old girl hey we z change gender there s family zombies you change gender really cool with it meet the fifty two year old father easy if he thought he was thirteen tried fuckin thirteen year old too in our eye is i will well everybody now you're out of your mind did she is gorgeous look at this he's living as a six year old girl abandoned wife and kid good let's bethink owing salmon kids he has said but you shall have it do you want as a kid you want her to be a daddy well it's too late now they already a daddy better those kids are better kids honour jesus
he was living as an adult has now a family the whole deal and they just decides that he's not just a woman but he's a small a young six year old girl the andersson mask again psychiatrist involved must give us only i want to show jamie theories and as well am i a boy or girl decide to go so public with your i paid a pretty heavy price for transition and at a certain point that i get a normal i've already lost everything and everything's happened i'm gonna be me and i'm sure their people that's ok be and she looks like most middle aged women was calm and liberated
my friends moms when i was a kid that wouldn't like in milwaukee they all looked like that are all transgendered six euro i'm talking here about was i don't give a shit if you want to be a woman right i just can't i can't visit there's a line that's being pushed by these fux they keep it keep going further and further and they keep taking advantage of your acceptance and they want nonsense to get through this is fucking nonsense this is a person who just wants a nonsense the world didn't work out for them the regular world of having a short haircut and wearing t shirts where little girls dresses i'm gonna be a six year old have had i'll call you
fuck you man well enough now here's the thing though you relay is not letting the years ago maybe even less is the answer to like ass not ever billion taken over fuck you're stock is already shouted and are all alike and there are other gang and up and attacking universities attacking anybody you see anything any differently this is not accepting this works exceptions is a hundred percent fine you should be able to do whatever you want but you want to pretend that not crazy right we got a problem of fifty two year old man you pay and be a six year old boy you're out of work and my guess what if your fifty two year old man you wanna be a six year old girl you're still out of your fucking mind here you ve been alive for fifty two years was to pretend figure life experiences is nothing new records you enjoy that stage of correct your given so much credibility to this i d i feel this is because
the general s where she honours hunt research shed light is here and wait especially if you're like me if you're a man and a meat head like any right where you early josh's asshole as sensitive as this is nonsense record i'm a woman and i think this is complete horseshit till twenty percent were an inner and also there is something good about the conformity of the nineteen fifties and before i feel like i'm wrong half that of course not telling you that's you know there was a time when you couldn't you he's gonna fuckin seven kids propelling tell him how you think that out ways your duty to your family outweighs your need to be a six year old devil it's your draw you i'm i'm drawn to it to the people that are really act like niyazov like dance hannah you i like you harry attitudes the business coach of the fifty billion
dollar man i love this guy only as good as a joy de la like then not answer if you do if you look up dan panier this is why your poor miguel jesus and scroll slackened scroll to amendment forty that guy yes he just fucking guy he's erect in itself it so funny he doesn't give a shit though he had witnessed almost dead well yeah right donald trump sky rocked a plant he's a trump supporting eyes out of his mind except but their friends i think he knows him go too i think we have placed avatar ginsu jamie can you dont use audio here i don't think so now he i highly doubt hill at your place stuff that he'll be anxious of one whom we match yeah they gonna find you think so maritime i don't know i just think this is his property like his his lectures and all his stuff says we're fair
use argument because the eu play a fair use argument is not it's it's a weird argument we play should all the time and talk about it and it gets jacked whom did you see the guide today the guy got attacked by grizzly bear lee share anti elk no i wasn't even hunting incurring scouting scouting for an upcoming client and he came across a mama bear her cubs yeah and even sprayed it would bear spray he said dead on when he five yards yeah like unloaded the bare just ran right through right through us she had a baby sap as well mamma come there does you don't i mean you don't you don't know what you're gonna do until they do it that way spray might work sometimes yeah but didn't work this time why do i always go fuck yeah yeah look it's hard to tell
here but his skin is hanging off of his head above his ear here and the bear bit through his arm i do is named todd or when he's lucky he got on my face protected the back my neck how my god i had good what's under my hat knocker my arm his arms broken that asshole just twitched u turn jane shoulder a fucking bear female grizzly bear protecting her cubs we all tough disguise or backed up irregular back it up listen to this legs are good internal organs are good eyes are good just walked out three mile now you're the hospital so yeah but he started to make a video of listen to that pragmatic way of looking at your legs are good again the internal organs or give it like tat is the fear like jack i just came
am in contact with a real live monster of fuck grizzly bear twice twice a day a real live answer after that three mile hike gotten his truck and drove twenty miles to a hospital polynesia cries bobby so happy just he's alive did you see that photos this are my gathering voters that headscarf yeah it's really really big yeah i wonder if that was a claw is probably a claw now sorry he's he scouting alex or this is like a public what is it a vibrant nor were rewarded people hunt some kind of a hunting yeah that on could be on private land but most likely on public land and you know they have they all out believe money and as a grizzly bear season they do have grizzly bears
please came on a red right was now just walked over and then i think you please you hunt grizzly bears north america as alaska i think i think there's grizzly bears in alaska and then i don't think you even hunt grizzly bears in canada you imagine diary oh no you do i'm in canada they hunt him enough british columbia when my talk him up we argue about eighty arches of bare see eye to eye on how god and then you just you got a sprig he know if your ram bail you can't look at you roger you supposed to do any sprayed if we know that it does one photo of his arm but check out the other monster has nodded his head polemics laguna facebook ok to see where you find it outside of but yeah poor guy soil of my body out of green tree whose on podcast last week he's a bow hunter there it is look at his head the village
and scar that goes from his temple although it first of all if you wanted to scotland back your does the spot like a decent doesn't rip his ear off doesn't is it s a night line on his head but it seems like at all stitch backed gather songs you doesn't have an infection from the bare bite fella named guys a good story to for a while now one by my farm went through to the bone and i heard a cries you think you're dead ray you like this is it skies really good about social media like everyone else i gotta tell you very early that a couple of days magnesia will this guy's a hunting guide do you know how like in tune with the wilderness of this kind must be maintained or open a man montana is the way to that's all woodsman yeah i mean it's beautiful but i mean it is a wild state they lotta grizzly bears airmen lot of at lahti
like free roaming animals everywhere i equally whether in us our own what bozeman we drove on this road and we we pulled up we saw a hundred elk to sitting in this field went on the side of the road like this is crazy why are you get the car and look at them he just so be it hunting trip with my family you do did the yellowstone thing which is looking i'm looking at all these animals like one hundred and apparently but we talk grizzly they are but we saw him at a grizzly sanctuary but apparently people just running them all the time yeah you could fuck up like this guy just accidentally be in being the wrong place at the wrong time and the female has her cubs and there going there once in having their the guide tells you have run into a bare and like do these things in the whole time your brains like we just gotta die now cover your ear but like play lived on five bagged all round my lad and this guy
did it was the crazy part yet he at any rate dead on that second winning said yeah he just went live it's the only way you imagine going limp other things by new ha ha jesus scared there so big such a terrifying it's crazy that it's a real thing that there's a real animal that's eleven feet tall and always a thousand pounds so my friend adam he went on an egg by himself in montana he was in montana shot and elk and he has to pack it off the mountain these like fourteen miles in so he's got a pact one thousand pound animal do it in you know hundred fifty two hundred pound chunks so he's going to in each one of them is going to take a day so he's doing it essentially four days i just packing out meat so that first day when it goes back a grisly was sleeping on the carcass a giant grizzly bear eleven foot grizzly bears sleeping on the dead elk
in tat case it off and scare and now has to yell at it try getting there is a pistol with em what i'm self out altogether taken their route by himself he had noticed nuts now you can have the hell do you have the barrel really well the approach you would have done without knowing this reveal a lock man i don't know i mean it i guess your hosts to do that really you're supposed to yell wanted to leave but you might wanna just give it to me yeah get the fuck out there just get the fuck out of its not your elk and one morning he doesn't he didn't want to do that because he he worked hard for that shining right it's a tough fight that's i wouldn't want to be the one to make it no course not see as one hand he would say well look the bad news is i don't get me the good news is a really big it seeks really live there teddy there when i was a kid that's my remains that's one and he killed last week is he lay guy that also does those crazy marathon run ran two hundred miles this summer in a day
seventy eight hours a day set three hours in three days how do you how does your system keep going like you have to build up to it he was running a half a marathon a day every day was run through ten miles that's insane and then he ran a hundred miles in like june to prepare for the three to two hundred and five miles in august same person say i there's the mental part which is its own thing and then physically doesn't that just laylocks tired there tired he didn't just do it he's car crazy i mean he's a good friend of mine i love him to death but crazy and this is what it want things he did he he lost a ton of weight he went from one hundred and eighty lbs down to below one hundred and sixty just by starving himself so that he had his body itself so blue and cause he was already lean hidden arafat to lose the only way for him to lose ways burn three thousand calories eat two thousand so he did that four months
till his body like shrivelled away down two like i think you are you're a hundred and sixty four so that he can do this and i get a day put a picture on his instagram we wait a hundred four fifty eight when i met him he weighed one eighty enemies built like you list weights he did one of these at a hundred and eighty and it was too hard yes i decide the to lose the weights that's how you like discipline you have to just make your body itself it only found no even at sub one sixty to run that that much to your knees joints are cubby brutal right is not good will that's what he said it's really like it's you could do performance enhancing drugs but it's really not necessarily gonna help you yeah really how its they're gonna help you not feel pain or be i would be tough gets a lot of issues being tough gaze tough some yashmak you like this
frank you guys romania get other issues but is also like one of the most successful bow hunters ever he hasn't bonita harnessing the world to do when it comes to the acquisition of me like there's no harder way to what state does he live in oregon does know a way to get an animal than with a boner i'll get within a certain distance you have to practice every day if any hasn't had an unsuccessful bow hunt since two thousand and nine and it goes every year to kills like multiple elk every year that's like unheard of nobody does like everybody has done that trips and like you go and carry out you don't see the right animals you daunting he he's just they mean this what is designed for three years and he just excels at a man who doesn't finally just like runs a hundred miles the next but i've had it with them in the fingers crazies how he doesn't get tired like i'm a pretty good shape this follow him up the hills and like falk so people are wired like his system maria's a similar level of lunacy
do marathons like she's unlike try out half triumph lawns and she cheated five point eight miles a day before she gave birth while the latter cannot not only that around their yeah like and her uterus was falling out of her vagina from doing all that and the doktor said you gotta stop doktor setting new nicest in that i am slightly lit up unless sizar sizes nice wilson dynamics years will let you know that is always like we why did she really she was in the navy and she beat out all the guys doing pushups rain she did the whole yeah they were pretty test now she be all the women and all but one guy growth is just like a brother
we're gonna like your brother did she do those tough mutters those are the work was done in his aunt maud people get sick as fighting at heart is this i dont know if tom monitors these crazy races where you have to go through your literally running a lot of it reminds us that arming through things get out of their totally covered with mud but the problem that is modest water and still water is super biassed yeah it'll get that money in their mouth and they get the pathogens short and they just get a broken fire hydrant for an asshole bodies like jazz we're getting rid of listen it's all machinery out it's late spring cleaning with a carpet cleaner he it does look fun like that i think the running and you know i mean leah this is the mud lay all these people as fucking idea now but he told them this diary well they learn their own i mean something
just really into an they keep your mouth shut and they do it or keep their mouth keep their they don't do not breathe it in but one day when you see them brought and threw it it's like like they have all would you is it just people waiting dude but yeah this is an actual this is people walking theirs there somewhere you see them running and do another set of this is just might be walk through a swamp get your life but if you do that crawling sometimes you have to crawl under stuff too i guess that's when you get in your mouth yeah sorry don't have that kind of things people do when it so easy get food downloads up gotta framework as his name exact thing is disease or he and you heard him half eighteen gender pronoun are not doing this in somalia warranty theirs racist gender forward this area the crossing allowed access yes you fucking maniac
wound and how far are most of these dinner genome question a tough cover mile is like some of them about biometrics in these obstacles that sex x seven miles six seven miles you they're literally they made mud for them to play and liked area three right shower bath but this is a set up make rice right this is so goofy sorry folks if you listening rose i want to talk about one try pussy maybe i me i don't want fuckin pathogens of georgia and they didn't taken must my mouth is real settled but a real hate mail cannot we eyes really hate gender staff this time you know what a real gender stuff now now know now fake stuff no not the legitimacy they're like dude i'm a man trapped in a woman's by that is that i do but obviously my butt
yourself your way should the rascal shit successor has exactly merchant good time telling you the nineteen fifty is not all bad nobody we're going to keep on their transgender people poor the turn of the century and turn the twentyth century whereas lot photos of transgender people from back then it's always been a thing i used to see we mourn in hollywood my live there are fifteen years ago i just don't buy the going back and forth sorry i don't i don't think most people do when kids and attention seeking some some someone else is going on there i think not all your feeling should be acknowledged i think it's important idea that's important you like this guy wants to be the sexual i mean they heavily specials on em an east fifty years i can't i don't care that they don't have specials on him because extraordinary story they have special on him because you know it's ridiculous in you watch it that's funny yes we are you you can't go back in time
aren't you lived a long time you have to be responsible to have a special on him the same reason they have a special the lady doesn't cut her toenails you know it's like so true is yours and i can't get a job right and they never get a job but that i know these people are employment that is the one common denominator what would you do for a living not anyway and that's discrimination by the what you're discriminating against her guys yeah why i've heard people discussed the merits of the sacred argument were you're not allowed to cut your hair because of your religion turn my poor listen at the end of the day it's your fuckin hair and if your religion is bout cutting your hair or not cutting you're here i'm sorry but it might be bullshit idea you can't so if you can't uk like to say hey mahars gettin the worms gonna cut it out who says that who's this
can i know you're talking about you you're the swami eyes yes you can do it is a written somewhere what's happening we're just cut you handle the same guy now sacred gods gonna pay you eat meat honour i order you get more absurd the leg religious you know custom in an economic asset for the others to have all the particulars of the meeting that meet eating and you know right eyewash stuff over here we have a coastal region rental house he brought out a couple of two it all they thought i liked the kosher kitchen its finds when he's lying support fully that if you dont want to ever caught here again you should be able and not cut your hair again if you want to go you hair crazy long grow your beard crazy on mine problem is if you think a deity wants you to do that
think that there is a misnomer guy if you to say you know what to do i just like getting crazy crazy is the asshole hair i just like being here and now that we have the feeling ok it's not a girls it nobody fucks with regret in writing i have trail regrouping just larynx go let's go here a top all fucked up the beer i fucked up rolls royce does it mean is that anything is to raise their you look and then you have a good look i can zone car skies rat and these ants and fell on each all that shit his decides that dances look tis fuck full raising here you're not so far i feel like you're almost there you can let them go here you see a firm i think though is a comic you're better off without that kind of like i think so then you're married to that look right well what's that guy's name he's at the store though sometimes he has quite a lucky i'm talking about is like he was a cab driver he holds his
over is over his arm or has now and he's got all the know em tripoli jailer that's a look j though i know that it is what i'm saying monsieur rick reuben regrouping rolls royce but i've seen so well yeah now is this funding funny about a guy looks like a homeless guy crazy elm street guy that's really favoured and they're just gazillion errors and you never know it yet in the inner lay anybody that walks into a store restaurant that looks fuckin homeless year could be right at the beginning of five hundred million by i think ledge seeks seeks are allowed to gather the right by hearsay remarkably cool people yeah i've met a lot of especially in turn until those of their seek population down doktor something nice is cause people but they just have that thing they were ass yet so human genetics he gets
well yeah i mean that he believes that a deity wants him to do but another thing you would say well maybe it identifies you with this group of people and you feel like outsiders and you feel you grow your hair and where wrapped up like that like you feel like you we are now with your group since i may i grew up and now i was a bunch of sea kids we just made one of them just call them on your hands or whatever it was fucked up for them is what i'm saying is that you get singled out and fucked with by your i'm sorry dad doesn't want you and i'll get teased relentless does your point i want you to be bullied leather modern god the white in jewish men that run rap that's there the one major record companies yeah while care he's dress like like a due to our knowledge asiatic randy what's what's in his hand looks like a madman and what its criteria
so that is wired breath that's a very weird look those prayer beads in front of a private jet with jesse right cases go twenty five thousand pursued on cyber who is that all you would do well funny should ask key member he sang recently in public for the first time in like a million years and it was really bad oh no i was the first time in a million yet not once again is now having risen the first million layers zillion years now we just saying he sang in the superbowl pre game show that wasn't no rivers but he's he's been heeded in areas like when he left name not regain he's what he's banging what's her name the clause not a horse or forced labour come on now all your facts on this not right all the guy
about celebrities comment but i was a terrible performance do you know i a certain songs or certain musicians like bring you back to a time life with seals first time ever bought a stereo my first area had a buy it now stating this girl who is really in the music and she told me you have to get the seal out my agreement yeah had it set out my about an actual stereo for the first line and i had a one big speaker to the lower guide speakers that run stands that got off the air or the letting how does a gray i didn't even have a couch yet and i had this this stereo down a really good to see day etc myself i put the wires and right holes and pinched him down and then i played that cd inwardly havoc one big speak over here one out there and he could hear the sound like moving around and i really appreciated like what he was doing i never heard it before anything but like shitty car stereos we like blown speakers
yeah now did you tell to do for her well and when we were talking about seal earlier you made a good point about that song whenever ghana is that like dad's like that everyone likes that song and dance and what their fat got golf course or nine you wanna pretend that are stored and yet i'm going to get a little crazy you craig did martin luther ball on my can just go to this point just switch that switch those around even know you wake me up after it's over i guess i'm free and i feel like my dad definitely probably just had that on a loop you know well yeah of course your dad like to my dad liked prodigy allied like you get ripped and just play that through the house like all my files
daughter so horrible oh yeah i hated it as you know now down drank too much crazy song that was like a big one to that everybody would crank in their car was a seal one no no no no humble preparatory no no no just like an actual dad's on you now is like have effected a girl tat sign remember our dad's gonna plasma and earlier sarajevo on coming out those pressure has a girl i maybe silo c c low before the ecstasy charge good sign that's nice brierley see fuck you the narrows barkley with with dangerous it's a sea low is getting out he's in it i thought and oswald was a dude is a universally loved song to you
on the already beloved to think and raising unjust crazy the andrea the andre three thousand what's happened what was that all hey hey that's a joke logically dad can get into it you know just over the kid s truth like outcast that for the kids but that song tat can listen to real dad's only it's like ass near ass he asked kate i like i could use a days the listening to you i was listening to this wraps on where they were targeted i was trying to romances groves talking about playing chess with her and eating organic food and listening to jazz in the song air wraps on trying to romances girl organic be in you know i saw tat i was listening i was
watching an episode of glee awhile know i now i'm becoming horribly lame and they had they played that song the thong song let's right she had dumps like a truck track guys like or whether she took dams like it what does that mean arms like a truck like her ass i got a dump drug much agreeable had done like attract being i know that her down saw her the earth is trying to make things rhyme more you look into it the fuck you up cisco says it that's what it is now we can't go there's the thong song cisco how long ago was this made got it his brow was a baby cisco had a gang of boston why now you will soon be somewhere you data gathered i'm here look at these ghali's buses is as five buses pull up they say cisco on em i want em thing wait that long to them downtown
reboot again go do you still ergo mission we can we see me yeah well timed tommy you fucking got me on a gucci main you son of a bitch idea day serve a bed i was listening gucci mange some new gucci main thing the other night i'm like he wrote that five minutes ago he wrote that on costs zero five minutes strain the fair met for that feds you got a new out new out there exotic song jane he lost a lot of weight and pray you know that the i gotta six back now i mean you re ursula he has a ice cream cone on his face bird has burned with a lightning both ha ha that's a larry she don't play my young thug and gucci main protegee young thug he's a little bit of our not wooden com flew agenda romagna designer phraseology gender fluid urine
how can a more general sense gender idea on my shell genes where a little whack you are standing out let's not lie shanghai you know what my denham gino estonia would like though from from gosh you before before i go back to the lemonade zone over that's are you again that's a catchy size you get there and they dad can listen to it they sign up how can we had as a go we're being invaded oh sure has a girls i spent real courage is him yes perch i've terrorists my how does that sound go singing lemonade something is i'm a name yellow yellow yellow yellow bird yellow
as my yellow yellow yellow that's good that's how it starts out i think maybe he makes sense in london the independent and you get a negative i'll play for somebody like that people always catch actually i'm the minority here yeah it's curtain enough to observe me won't so people can hear the sum yeah yeah yeah like all right they're like my alive money for a while yeah ok is the melody rights against the sounds good it seems that he's having a baby is there definitely had more by fat yet produced pushups in the house and ragged focus i wrote some good shit prieta do to you
a few then but not on the phenomenon of alien he's got my favorite all time saying no judge now mr mayer you guilty you bitch i my that's right you know these add no really no he said i thought that was nothing that finding gucci main did not think i mean it's hoax yeah i did you ruin it form that damn dude i'm sorry no jamie keeping the dark team the dark huntings there too good which i might bees prince or anything ever say that just gender fucker so you just some privileged jamie also privileged how do you guilty bitch i might be yes come on doing the greatest things and we could say ever yeah yeah yeah disrespect guys nineteen fifties either great videos by the way if you're aboard
if you were looked upon youtube judges handling p wiping out align like sentencing thing it's incredible have you seen the one where the girl here is like she said something in spanish today cuban judge in miami he's that has a really heavy accent i've never seen it now it's unbelievable does it that's all right there it's unbelievable men flips she flips the bird to the judge she'd and there she says something in spanish like to be cheeky to him right and then he's like come back here what did you say and as i said like one of the earth and he gives there like an extra thirty is an issues like gives afflicts him off work is that come back again and it gives you like an extra ninety days work thanks you die yoga she's pretty sure she hersey thank she two key issues like laughing and think again
he flung now russia's her isn't not interesting that it's the judges discretion yeah yeah how where does that the cherry the case yo looking at me like you punishing her because she's been disrespectful to you or to the court itself to both i think the other respect the court did you what they did to that alabama judge no heat there isn't here yours is a hidell would get yanked yogi we hear what is said or it has no sound really i was very like the courtroom camera saying in comeback camel didn't come back here she's having and smiling then down isn't funny how people when they are in a position like tat we ve caught like hearing court they have all the power you want to protect you don't give a fuck i'd give a lot of
if our front of a be very very respectful and scared public law she is flipped mafia jeffrey now his anger oh yeah that's amazing that he hinges do that here it's kind of amazing because that's almost too much power again understand that you are violating the court but should really be up to the judge to our tralee decide to give you thirty more days or ninety days or whatever they give you really be up to him i mean maybe there's a rule like if you say the f word or gives one the finger you get an automatic like whatever other than these amiable peg rule i don't know maybe sees it is maybe you think less contempt of corn isn't that guy's i went to school for two weeks with sweden were encamped of court too to be disrespectful right yeah sure you knots posted flip off addressed
you must address certain what i mean i was in the jump soothing as its own thing but luxurious both respect the court the judge was she had a worthy jumpsuit right rashly era but do you do you think the judged unjust aside how many days he gives you it's gotta be a limit to rag you can't be set lighted the fork and tat was shit right look that curses judge gets like a year schedule three hundred and sixty four days in jail for contempt voice domestic violence asshole yet i just don't know what the rules are like what a judge can do and here are that sentences is scenting sings a weird thing they have minimums were certain things like murderer and armed robbery and le crimes there's probably there's gotta be premise for that's why they're that's why you there was like all this judge particularly is lenient on this in that matter like you you must one choose your judge new choose your jurors the attorneys do based
okay so i didn't really go to law school for two weeks and we did learn about jury selection and the key is you do you want to get in this is horrible but usually like the dumbest like you wanted people that are really you now easily persuaded to whatever your cause but clearly the right bandage shoe that is favourable to liberal if their whatever right you can guess based on their there the presidency man it at its very fluid she's time she's doing i mean for example a train i think we shall address groundwater now you down that's the first time you cracked it open what he gets fighting why do we allow more than he does is this an issue it's not close you jake more than of course and absolutely not i've been hiding this whole time interesting nobody has a drink to that
thank you mrs ursula migration much more one smaller away like a fraction of what he waits for ensuring tiny and petty oh geez look at my monica dad mouth but little damn the water chapman is i would you healthy for the third time clearly the water championed mean decided this i've got to do i got to do a full new show la times you know the yo you do like eight minutes right i did the entire braga did they're in everything always dj dad of what city with this in mind really have you were there they are deciding what are you doing doin i was i was there i did two knights to set the funnybone is fun yet at a really time really did you come up with this dj dad mouth and just like it was at a specific like like a plan or did you do it like fun for fun telephones
one day again and that we just now what happened was tell you the whole story well was eight months pregnant and he's like i'm gonna buy lay attire dj equipment wait what are you doing here i m by ten dollars a shit in our house and i was like our decision i clearly nooses his last her as a free person so i'd facts given too much static and then sure enough always dj stuff shows not and grand outlets you got dax in fact enlightened lasers arrival now that's what i said on peters do he's gotta he's he's a real deja he doesn't like because the clubs which when we die major event he'd shifts was ever going to face because i was like i'll get good enough at this to do after parties after my shows we have serious i was half serious because i was like you know what a cause i you know
i love hip hop of always gonna i've always wanted to do it so i got the i gotta go entered the i'm not not ten that may even five out like money closer i just bought turntables and god ver jack s change now but come on that she was just silly to get if you are a dj today and you were trying to spin turn they'll do think you would be asking take selfies in the middle of it and they would fuck up your flow i was dj if you like to enact party people tried take selfies with you i sell the be up there alongside my facebook you prior right for sure they would yeah actually got your minority have to be honest who really gave me the idea idea where i like this is actually possible was hannibal because i was cleveland earlier this year
i saw it him him tweet that he was in cleveland doing a pop up show right he just tweeted up doing like a whatever like a rock club pop up show no advance notice as i come i'm over at polarities that great club in cleveland when is your show he said like nine in the mines 8u under the gas pot and it goes yet so then afterwards he had an after party at the end that's me basically geeking out on the decks sanitize we're so and then tony trim which it is the data travels with him was i order you can just get this and you can just by the stuff and and and that's what really got me to do it was growing up let's look at that like i dance move move you do i know you do you do a nurse ok yeah yeah true
just listening but saddler really gave me out what am i gonna name dj dad math came because he was becoming a father at the time and i was like you're like way lame brought me a dad then it kind of morphed into dj did that to do all that we are taking it onto morning news was like at one time guph funny that was like sophie now must all the time so when you went on as a one time guph did you plan or did you do not really what i did i would just like the fund thing was to go was when because either i hate the most we do the manila working bodies is expect this weekend there we say that our data i can show jokes were when you talk about yeah what's what's in your eye now tom yeah that's the set up tell what's goin on your life and they can use it in and then they go just do it everyone like to have fun with it so when they that i would just like snow resoundingly given
about comedy and then there were made about the after party you know imma here but just to do so on then why yes i'm fine because it was fund or have run me like right where are you the funnybone right am i mean for a minute at my only care about funnybone the funny won't soon right there often hammer like pudding panic but who cares like the best part at home he sets up like the really cheesy anchors to ask him stupid questions your leg you owe you had some under the bird is fat thing i had that was the best one you know if you ever at sometimes when you go hey you know asked me about farts or something right leg so they they know not too they they check themselves on ask something provocative runner or that's not a gonna percent fiji so now go but i go oh asking my bird so fat and illegal ok and so we
these are in the middle of this interview and she goes live births or fat now that's a good question my guy just rolled with it and then i grew and then a hot dog eating champion a guy that was mine sky and she placed any place yeah like one of those he was like a super competitive eater kobayashi do yeah this guy almost sky you play the audio and this incredible life changing stuff dropped about a hundred thousand once he drafted a hundred pounds my cheek day for the here but why prepping just this maize water which are two giant aspirations first my wife are at stake anniversary i wanna say hi to her and as a committee no love is a big giant fat guy just like me bert crisis tommy stairway bigger than i am and inspiring
people this funding would otherwise funny tom and bird had been doing these things for a fucking year now where tom will write the hashtag bird is fat and then bert we're right thomas fat and then they argue that make videos or their shirts off arguing whose fatter goes about its actually you know it down a lot but like the fact that that guy but edith it on his own due to production of you up yet i see has transport is family every talk about you and sweet about you asked i burned that took off that's a mean that we didn't like we talk about your mom has but we never thought we do all kinds of silly staff this one really resonated with the audience people why did that one really resonant you know what there is there is great theories about this and i am but i think it was this hang matt fulcrum pointed out to me the full charge said you gave the formula you gave audiences a joke formula here's a person it's a fat joke go go ahead
i think that was what was fun for people with a sale at shames to jump in something that it's all like the formulas there ask them pick aside that's the competitive ensure that yeah and they know that you guys really are good friends some did some did not i know it's a most most people that most people that some people get me oh yeah so beware like a really fuckin really harsh and really like fuck i've always fuckin hated berries pieces whoa like shit like that but there wasn't majority some people were like that same thing to make something up so they were like it's one of my fears about his trump thing i think people just pick a fuckin side by side represent the battle they don't have to make any sense ray you like whenever in fact you bring about exact level catholic want two things that i post something about hidden hilary like some i get so many people these gifts fucking upset it my look doesn't take away from
one guy was saying that on that the idea that it is a bunch different ones but there was one recently a wiki weeks one that came out tonight were wikileaks saying that she she said she asked about julian assange whether they could just drone this guy she's which is kind of fun i get it she says its dominance nose up in america can't we has drawn this guy who deals with surely said but the problem is if if somebody tweets it the people that support hilary don't go well that can interesting they go don't you fucking you think that you really ready now where's your where's your proof like work also defending their side defending that person like now so emotionally invested in her winning over tromp that instead of going well did she really say restless checked the story out or in as a human being just going what do you think she meant anything is a joke or zaire easier i do think this what they really do and then starts you start thinking about some things that have taken place like that fucking
kid who leaked the emails to the dnc wanna get shot at four o clock in the morning in the back in front of his house story right i don't know no no this is a kid you four o clock in the morning this is a guy who leaked the emails that showed that they collaborated to get hilary elected over bernie sanders nature that you got the nomination yet mean they literally distorted they distorted democracy like the democratic national campaign was working to try to get hilary elected over him cause bernie sanders not really a democrat he's like more of an independent he now and he doesn't play bike party line games they had decided pretty early on that they were going to support her so it's not like the democratic national committee is just just being completely objective and just doing their best
he was murdered assange hence murdered deasey staffer was email leaguer offers twenty thousand dollar reward for info can yet this is a crazy story the crazy story i mean if that is what happened and they decided have someone kill that care so that kid is the one that leak that exactly but here's the thing it worked it would not always it he's dead but no we'll talk about it anymore just one of those just kind of went away i don't know what happened to me he might just been killed in some random act of violence is used in a bad place at the wrong time or so we have such killed him that might happen to deliberate if he really did leak those emails like that is not scary movie is move it sure is and in this case cree crazy chaotic election don't have time for that too many other things have to be thinking of there's a million different things going on at the same time yet it really make sure that those pick inside
things to always makes you realize i think that that actions are never decided by either side it really is decided by that person can be swayed if such a smart weird thing you know you never gonna young aside it left the far left the forward who is all about the person is like but who is the undecided like are you really those are two polar in my opinion opposite people trumpet hilary it's more like how are you on the fence assertion i understand the way their thinking there so polar it's a joke yeah right took cartoon array suddenly bordering on they have mail and feminine nor the noise of all that the news stuff in the congo nations really gonna be like what's the policy on this and then i guess some people are actually caught up
they are the actual and then you're like the drama that all the hearts of our the drama right if you if you're one of those people it's actually going back and forth right you have just and we'll just eat neither or are ideal and anyone that pretends that either or are ideal is crazy you know so i get you want to stop trump because you think he represents everything's wrong world well to some people pillory represents everything this wrong politics right people have a problem with that right it's just the whole things it says it's weird sort of a social study as much as it is an election year what you're watching this team thing play out is very strange where yeah yeah i don't know either who do you think's gonna win does the thanks that's the thing i greetings gonna want new thinking i think people forget
pick a side they'll pick a side whether it's democrat or republican don't pick a side at some point in their life and they just start accepting stuff to stand the yeah right gone with stuff tat goes that where an you know mean there's like some ridiculous like super alter sensitive left me stuff that i think is preposterous and then there's some ridiculous right way a super conservative ultra religious stuff that i think is preposterous and you can only be one of the other behaviour of republican you have to believe in god and you have to be conservative and yet you know you have now the party with the party is now is totally different than what it was in the eighties when lincoln was ellen and everyone was happy the is when they courted the religious right that's how they may
the religion of the eighties does religious people are a big part of the reason why ring got elected in the first place they organise church people organised bright idea supported and yet as you know he was supporting christian values there is much more of a separation of church and state in earlier years of the government i feel i feel like this year's election is in our lifetime or my lifetime is the most liked that the votes are based on the the hatred of the other candidate more so than supporting the candidate in some ways but some people love trump they fucking love a man that did love the idea that this guy's going to come in and just shake it up shake it up shake it up with all kinds of stupid as the dumbest slackened guides that's absurd that debate the other night was insane i saw people that i like who said that he won the debate that so you dave ruins at its noble
reuben seti think that thinks it overall trump one like it's maybe the beginning was just brutal i miss the beginning you see the beginning now either now i saw the end when he was a stumbling said he has a winning temper and she is ground m she's cloud the winnings government thing with such a like a childish temper tantrum boats so weird because he turns it around like the question was did you say that hilary doesn't have the right look to be president nails the look stamina levelling am anxious never winnie temperament winning temperament eternity on himself because it's because he knows that knock so he's getting defensive and was that i was that was bait but that he couldn't ignore because the big knock had been one of the big knox was like what you don't have the temperament because he's he's very thin skinned rightly anybody tweet some
adam he fights you know he has all the insults this because his temperament that doesn't seem presidential but is winning temperament that's that spit out as it is at the expense of airport but it just shows how much he absorbed all that stuff and was defensive yeah yeah i know is very defensive see also be presidential yet he gets very like doesn't really get away but one of the things at his supporters ignore was how often you know he just goes wrong wrong that's not never that in its all stuff that he did say yeah and he just go like or who cares blockages and then there's some part of the task tax thing came out that he much money nine hundred and fifty something million dollar losses so they have to pay taxes for a long time they do yours a team there's no dice is really the lake they said that a basically its legal woody they're saying what might be the reason why he hasn't wanted to release his tax returns is that
level loss would allow him to not pay taxes on essentially fifty million an income no federal taxes for about twenty years here but better say you know that's why the reluctance to probably because once that's out there even though you didn't break the law that's a world also crushes delusion that he's a successful business of our horror source yeah that's it you don't lose nine hundred fifty million dollars or whatever it was here if you doing great the system factories file bankrupt mean that pressure legacy but a couple times few times but it was weird when he was talking on the debate and hilary brought that up and he goes it because i'm smart yes like i'm smart and obey toxic some smart you're running for certain people who have paid taxes or maybe forty grand you're not gonna wanna hear that right president camacho man we might
adam where again the prophecy him any accuracy ethnic now where do you think is going to happen next possesses woods fascinating to make so like once we get through him ok and whether or not he i think even when at this point but i've been wrong before people morneau trump france you do know it on your brain anyway you get yourself when you get back again this is the hate mail episode vienne yea out so let's see if he wins going very fascinating europe solely shared windfall yet which is gonna be matter you know it's gonna be like it's like you ve ever done like when i was live in new york there was an inside joke with comedians that like if you were all butscha starters you just started out and there is a black comic that plot that comic would always want to go on last like no man i was told us was the headline right my eyes but greater if it was up
lack i with two other black eyes he was one of our first writer i do other man is made by people since my trial the eyes a bunch a happy shortly when auction rum auction jokes if trump becomes president we will all be that happy urban who just you will be so much more years of bad news you what you want to go on stage early you're going after but it beats the trump material so true central hair stuff your hair j j will then see that all the crazy shit he's gonna say get all the dumb she's gonna do but you know i get the feeling that he doesn't really want to be president oh either he dislikes the attention is a bit of a megalomaniac he likes people talking about him but it's ok let's say he gets elected i really see him doing what's the motivation is gonna be in the headlines now and he was to be rapporteur es mr president i think that
possessed roger to answer these two things at once gideon though i mean once once he's in there maybe he's not gonna want to let it go though maybe he's gonna so we try to make a mark you know make do some stupid shit i feel like that his his favorite is perfect scenario i don't would ever want to give up running his businesses i think he'd loves it he loves his lifestyle i don't they what should to be tied to the white house i think his scenario is that this is a close race and he goes like i basically should one is pretty much and they should be another about count will you say that about the debate yeah either as a rigged the honor he said that about one of the one of those what's it called during one that when they were more candidates in the republican primaries he lost one state and like the day or two after he was like i think i won lastly i wish to use my thing i wanted it didn't wanna give it what's
gonna even do it what does he want just so amazing that he's this close it then he's the now it's so embarrassing republican embarrassing for all ages of columbus where this happened whereas we are leaving sweat ran janitor found all these black ballot boxes in a warehouse there are already filled out for a bunch of franklin county like different places and eloquence marked oliver wires this is really about yesterday and i was like now like i don't know what i'm saying it on a bunch news it's right now and being looked into right now what what what website this is yet another from hamley yellow dot com whose pamela geller have ninety i clicked on the one the first one i some of this is like that local nbc station was report emily s download trumps niece report as well as false but on a bunch your site
so my room run out why i do it before the elections damage origin cedar look this beware christian times newspaper article report intends it thousand its fake dude dairies now there are marked ballot box to listen ass you b clinton ballot boxes i know it's like it's not it not only that mine it's not if you look like some of them the way was looked like they were photoshop dounia there's not like right parallel with the box itself its care at his chances fake what its happen i'm sure dont before you now i'm sure someone has ever see hacking democracy no hacking democracies grey was an hbo documentary on those machines the diebold machines is the hang in chad now and i had a rigged the machine
since the machines were rigged so that they can have a third party entered data like notches you not the person accounts but a third person who enters data change change the vote like the machine means tat the machine machines were one hundred percent hackle link and they had designed them to be credible they designed them to have third party input and they showed on that and the hacking democracy the guy got into the thing and change the vote he like change a vote liked demonstrated to them and then they were sitting on what the fuck like why did it now that the guy who made those machines are the company who made those machines was a gigantic supporter of the republican ready and this is when during the bush administration yummy they change their name the company diebold they have as their switch their name they switch their name it they also make atm now just getting people acted debate was crazy
how many high ranking republicans like renounced their you know their cards and and announced tat they were on two lot oh here's what i forgot i want to bring up that guy has her i think that's his name who got convicted he was some big time judge who got convicted of child molestation old dennis yes dennis has her train was bosnia senator condolent what was a sentence to fit eighteen months that's it mike fifteen months that's all you get for that year usually pays a guy structural bank transactions grow back down please illegally structuring bank transactions enough to cover his sexual abuse of young members of a wrestling tyranny coach decades ago what the fuck are you only get fifteen months for that howdy do you view the bigger the guy you speaker the house right yeah yeah
how came back is the old oak for that my palace that might be applauded he saw all shoot em who was deadly airline larger whether those kids all line up should go back please visit will reduce here mr hazard seventy for who made an unlikely rise from beloved small town wrestling coach in illinois to speaker of the house and washed and sat slouched in a wheelchair and a federal court room here as judge announced that he would be rejecting pleas for probation he's gonna play at hard on mr hazard as well as the prosecutors endorsement of a shorter prison stay what news shorter than fifteen months crazy he said look at the judge said defended is a serial child molester while wow look at this some actions can obliterate a lifetime of good works nothing is more stunning then
being serial child molester and speaker of the house in the same sentence as a judge fifteen months is the is the full sentence for that any ordered him to pay two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fines even if you those kids a thousand bucks every time you talk to him do you think it's two hundred and fifty x know you got off cheap i now hear plan publishers a series of illnesses including a stroke bloodstream infection so he's sickly an old which is i bet wine are not giving you other what so what i think they should cut his balls off publicly he's a walker to rise to his feet but his cox did as you know recounted the days when he was young ressler as a high school ressler i looked up to coach hazard he was a key figure my life said mister cross now fifty three in a business man who works in the financial services in chicago area from a podium just feet from mister haswell wheelchair mr kross recall
abuse that occurred on a locker room training table way was seventeen i felt intense pies shame and guilt holy shit let a piece of shit sky got away with it for so long so long raping little kids wow this is amazing that that relations did he had as speaker the house allowed a million fifteen months range of life and by the way so many the judge receive so many letters about what an awesome guy and all the awesome things that he did he one in five alyosha everybody was you know i mean high ranking people were like that sees that amazing world them must mean that he know something right they must have helped him because he knows something they must have while those things look if i go to jail you're fucked you write a book in letter who else stand up ever every time we have had a job paternal right
ray and whole shit was going down sandusky even paternalism shit what the fuck everybody backed away from dusky nobody stood horse of course last or is breaking the right now i heard on the news is weakened is someone a doctor these to work for the usa elibank tiemann like the dimness yeah he's been accused of i want to i can tell you what they sexual abuse allegation digitally inserting girls lack of gloves on jesus is going in there pussy to correct their back that's what he was saying that if they work on trips no apparent surrounding what my god i learn that technique years ago but i didn't know that it was your wife a straight posture daedalus maybe the three digit technique it's called yeah just lying around with a pinky rightly up do you
shoulders back what the fuck man god do scary stuff who do you hear about king carnations and held up at endplates where's like tied up entire up and gagged terrible man that is terrible scared ships and the guys were dressed up as copyright is a really yeah well planned i now robbery thus terrifying now you know you hours and jury they had nine million georgiana jewelry that's incredible yeah yeah i heard that he was performing in a middle of a song cut is so we ran on large until the end so there was a family and took off you saved him you mean kenya west yes yet most people don't now easy compromise who i was talking about what the fuck visas asker there must be some four imaginary nine million die
george i knew tat he ever you flew internationally with yeah yeah dope house you yeah as a dope house and your floss in it in her way to go yeah yeah die million the amount of money they make the i read something about her her up the amount of money that she makes up its observes like fifty million dollars a month or something someone gravers yeah but the eighty million a year as i saw you i might have made up membership but that still outrageous my money incredible fer to play a game really i'm kim and by a person hours now she got raw rob different points a parasite paris seems like a dangerous falcons paw sure he's goin down perestroika keeps going down charlie abdo nightclub shooting day niece france like france itself needs france with the truck drove over is pdf violence rider k k robbed can change let her go up a kid today
this year is hearing how's yeah abroad a hundred million dollars since to launch doing what she went through his absolute terrifying that's gotta be really really horrible ninety percent do you want to predict what kind of guy angelina jolie hooks up with this is what i think i think long hair wouldn't beads for sure probably does yoga may be in the peace corps he's gay really poor and down in doesn't care about money and down he's like is more of an activist then and doesn't even act bright then going to double after wants to act as one of their together for while he's gonna get some offers to do some star yeah she's gonna want him to go to a basketball game has wanted to cut public appearances that is really spot on i think you're i think you're really right here someone not in the public eye the nome and just an unknown guy you i kind of like raw cotton sure will again
he saw the young clothing another know yeah misery but cutler did you know that there are people that called catalysts and they coddle you for money he's that guy you have heard of that but i don't like a newcomer do you put your heart what happens here to deal with their bomb liabilities just love tickling she does fluctuate though so before brad didn't wasn't she was billy bob thornton and should occur blood around a vile on her neck not crazy must be in both since she might go weird again brad seemed real normal bright like a weird again she could control that hot guy just seeing what you could control billy bob's feel like life is better he added the hot one look at the two you're here to pray i liked the sunglasses knowledge snyder anything but he does our ability for sure yeah interesting cheesy sees eaten button
for sure sure what the added yeah let us agree to their she got billy bind answered loran way ended activities gravitas right there in front of america garroway a whole lot of fun holati crazy yeah yeah next guy yogi yeah like priors flip flops lie yeah totally there's gotta have emerged whom this is going to excite now and i think she's gonna want to control the guy presses the kid there's like he's gotta be real and yes there daddy even if i were you i feel that seven kids furthermore how crazier move paid and never have relationship again to dedicate herself to children from now on said he could be the move that might be the move and then she goes jello styles kids a bunch of boys foxes kicked him out to walk out of my house perch
you know you're bad we also if i divorce tom i might do that get married again i know you can't he's a love of my life thus would be wham song never gonna dancing industry fear oh papa speculations always fun over the young now little pretty young things the pew idea be overall big black eyes that's where we re all our annually no i'm not into the black eyes you would be after tom you guys lead nowhere one thing you willing i heard that music for so many years i want to give it a try them and then i would like if i may walk me through the logic though gimme the backstory well times terrified of right to suggest a football player with a giant hog right here but i
you know i kind of fantasize about it that's the polly that's our failure i feel like i'm kind of in the room and unlike took it can kill men like em like what you want to be in the room like an invisible bubble where they couldn't hear you and you could use yell out in any way just jerk off freely and what did you want them to know you were there just kind of whimper a little bit i kind of animals and the ball about the invisible part be cool but also if i'm like yeah tray like by canada like i kind of behind them you know try aren't you shut up libel argued toxin shit number i say he's like does it make you suck his dick is sometimes they do not make the guy it'll be a mother fucking my dear i don't think you're back to fucking the girl but i want cac holding the analysing train coupled with a racial bias i want to do that i want
i want to walk up behind done i know he's like he shakes it argues that he's like i guess it's my turn and he's like now hold on and then he's like yoke and then like six guys committees that big i go first nemo but again what's the worst tagline you know how they need a funny line a wrap up the scene oh you where you are sure paintbrush having nothing that moves getting more popular university that's equivalent of robin and make it more now and then he is like an took your wife well he's gonna have the seal too that the button the scene the right now that they call me that pair does that what's a hologram how jackson pollock barbarossa jackson pollock together throws the paying all over the place that's been decimated our care and that he be like magic
then they all do it plot and some do of yellow color comes your mind what the fuck do you know you he drops in the put that in a giddy luxor nailed it nice allied a definite you put in lack my right from the time you know we saw the robert maple thorpe exhibit at the getty yes he pissed christ nobody i like the way mr president did definitive maple thorpe work will not rise i was eggs and or guys getting fist in assholes and cox none of that was on the walls and i was so upset near some some nice traits may be one dick i saw these if it when i was living in boston that's piss christ the idea crucifix dunked in a bucket of piss hurl echo jar legged yeah class his cradle of glass jar piss yannick
it became a huge thing in the any really eighty i will follow you as blasphemous in the religious super super upset because i i might be wrong but i like you might have gotten some public funding like for a post crisis is art i feel you might have gone grants or something furs aren't we on best before just say my parents have aneurysm wicked shown that see their heads surmounting implode understand this is pre internet yeah right i was when i went to exhibit might really eighty i want to say that eighty eighty eighty nine boston i once it might have been a really might have been eighty seven might have for did stand up while ok did look at that alma from the taxpayer funded national endowment for the arch recede fifteen thousand dollars for the work and five thousand i dunno six four piss christ is a different either remain elsewhere by the gate
this is surreal knows piss christ you get seraglio dude different one yet maple story pizarro guys really only plasma ones maybe it's surround us progress is is it maple syrup is christ is of the same guy not as uninvolved boils and cox i am i wrong you might who i i feel like those who made it was made whereas trashed rapists christ maybe i'm wrong maybe i can fly regulated did i did maple syrup have one two or did i make it up if you take a picture of it he could have made that it we'll find out where he was a fur tiger for yeah photographs yeah forty a brief history of pests christ there's maple syrup of doing anything with it it's in there
ok there's maple four issues that he was also granted money it looks like a punishment for its role in supporting the work of an artist any i saw its funding for the next year cut by forty five thousand dollars because that ok here goes funds at a given to surrender made prescribed by the way of any supported s e c c a fellowship in another thirty thousand dollars to atone for the sum given in support of a robert maple thorpe show at the philadelphia instead of contemporary art okay so he didn't something else less iran a sub maples off just all the their fists in potholes yeah yeah but they really was upsetting that they wouldn't show stuff like that's what you guys known for don't give me this it we're looking at patty psmith portraits double time but he did that too why why is it why why we have such a hard time with sex no that kind of stuff but not a hard time with violence and we're talking about
i can about narcos yes so violent crazy violent now but in its last section that show too but they were so ok like we don't we don't have nearly as much like i want to give away any spoil words but there is there's a scene where a kid gets shot i won't say what when it happens one when it evans so graphic that is so crazy they can show that kind of violence like violence and adult verse and against a kid but you could never show like actual sex member that vince gallo movie yeah yeah brown bunny were clearly civilian aids allows and that the seven seven yea is that they are moving in the right direction bonnie is around bunny shower is she blows comes our face yeah she said only really really fucked up her career shut
smart well what does he think area i guess he was making the same argument re use make any argument like why is it ok to have violence why is it ok to have all these aspects of people kissing and grabbing each ass we can of actual sex right here so just learn blowjob probably if he maybe the audience that way but then the irony too is on mainstream like television shows its altea nay you know like our care watch glee i told your netflix and that's really just i can't it's a bunch of high school girl cheerleader outfits you i'm a fox news rags with her do their legs
urgent sir i'll just looked up and shave down scissor in cross and allowing us yeah it's amazing imaginative men could read the news in a tank top of you could be nine trautmann bikini underwear just reading the news just read it shave down oiled up such a grey or less your lips done big fuckin pirate hoop earrings when people now you love their site you mean like tom watches these yes pen for our after football shows where they call you no second sport sash or what right and these guys working on these shows their fuckin bassett hounds man they're mostly older unattractive no way a woman will be to get away with looking like shit on tv the way these dudes do but their football exports right i mean ok but there's no attractive there is i mean let us have the news but even are you the shell anew
so the standards it is true that for fur men oh yeah way different some real fucking dog the women than its neither have we really old like barber walter's stats woman the yes but within thing is like the you have these like really you ridiculously hot women and read the news we didn't have to know shit about the news did you have to read over off teleprompter juries mother harrison with the football guises war because footballs when those things i don't know shit about football but there's some due to know everything about foot right and they can recall gain from the nineteen sixteen in the play that was known to win superbowl forty four and those fuckin guys that they thought they essentially to they do what you do in that they can look at a play they took seven seconds and tell you everything that happened the same way you can tell you know how a guy got beat like if you go out his arm drop their bag i saw an opportune
the mature got like you see that fast these guys go up there watch the plane ride away they go what would happen is that linebacker he got he got tricked into thinking he p b bit for the fake so he can map it opened up this guy to run across the middle like they do that in two seconds but they should look in on him the right they should be hot i'd like to be the thing is like sixty minutes that fucking that guy ugly dead as he knows how much they let him on tv morley safeguard clauses and andy ronnie therefore neither do they couldn't talk towards the end of his life and they're letting that guy on tv in their completing the barber walter's is too old we're talking about this guy can barely get through i consider that the true yeah me he was deadly old and like not review not camera regularly ethic like giants soria she's like she still hanging in their area yeah sort of yellow strong but that's like another states woman the other loners was established rights respected
smart she's not possible as long as she's at the age where she's unbuyable she was the just be hot beautiful likes it back in the day but she never did like making kelly stuff like rising melancholy from foxes and sexy photo shoots like initiative are issues that i think is it sawyer or one of lovely stall leslie stall sawyer shirts hanging over his shoulder rosecrans you less guide real ass out what are you doing you that's why could taught us that's it i'm gonna full body one aware of left left left romania authority cecily castor she's hot as their son that's what she's doing that as ever as i love again you loved her three please not even you mean one day she had a real fun front battled yeah but she gave in
she gave in digital yeah she had a meeting that we will be well that's not really lingerie ones not real isn't even click on him out yashiki she gave and sat down with them and was like they had like a friend a conversation and she was like really forgiving not just forgiving but like she backed off like she backed up and it was just mean i get it do job you know if you want to be the conservative party music conservative icon me using neck her now that's on her whose at sea or neptune who that might be another one of those there's a bunch of them megan vestiaire that now has another language unless it was her which are nice lady they might beer that might be her when she was younger yap might be daily boswell but yeah guys don't do that like what what fuckin fox
news anchors can have assured off shave down and like like laying back like sensual with his mouth open like a strawberry and his mouth you know anderson wants to the violation of sea and here is a thing and then you can say that and that makes sense but i'm supposed to be down with like the women's movement that says that that's an expression that's her expression of but leonard and it is yes but again if you're a professional news castor is that really what you want to be presenting was referring is why didn't exist yet what a hot news stern before away access yeah will they figured out they can get ratings they could get men to pay attention large words wise here's a rush the ratings to men that are really into politics are almost entirely unforgivable that's why they get really into politics usually married and there like i'm givin up and they just stay for around out and their fuckin changed drop in and they remember the good old days and they watched
and they see these costs are so hot traded their wives you ellen at them and shit his own and ice cleaner here on fox news is alone in an hour i have again they're all the same actually if we go to that image the bottom left there those of alban women that the news on unfair amazing the robot throw but it's like it's a real thou factory three yeah who brought yeah but i get it look it's a smart move makes total silence they crushed than the crush the ratings man i don't know if they do any more really as far as that of the cable news how little i think there are things they dominate like some nerve i just read recently that they weren't doing so well anymore really i don't think cable news is doing so well well maybe in the grand scheme of things but with in the cable news competition i think they they dominate they have under the hood dominates cable news cable ratings far
speed cnn an eminent assembly seek a high now so the high chink methane guys why i'll do it that should be wearing a laundry during around house one if that goes with it up or down depending on whose president like a wonder ryan you have a republican president cnn gets a bump right because you are past yeah they s pride that is probably outworks his people fox is thrives on every obama story for sure but to see an ngo deep to do they go with the scantily clad beautiful ladys as well now there there i watch cnn now they have pretty ladys they're pretty but it's not like that and they have more diverse applicable about her hands to the level of public duties or we will have to go over each one year but the young did say two things about it is that had never existed before and then they once they figure that formula we got this yeah yeah
we do now the ladys in football their reporting from ground or what exactly your high as of i would like to find out why don't you want to hear some really good ones there some really good reporters yeah female reporters area there is if i may to yeah your trailer your gamers great gender trainers try think there's a few really get was people they got the hot thing was winner between airlines is she got her they peeped her yet they peeped out fucking creeps they wanna fuck and our hotel from now on there and like recorded so fuckin grows at their early for cats i speak she knows our share of those now she knows or sport nationals whereby it is funny though because what were not football but if you think about politics why said the most people gather into politics run fuck about what i mean by that honestly what they're usually like guys who are married an affair
we have have their dads and they worry about their income they worry about whether money going it's not like i judge i and subject of the young single man until tromp came along yeah tromp was like one of the first ones we i noticed like a lot of like young single guys that were really into it yeah what the fuck is that what happened there maybe i grew up with him namely ignition he's on that reality show syria seize on tv that guy's area reality star i think it's just that he was so outside the the political speak he was like this is ridiculous am should it's happening falcon duessa decisive love to see him mark her falling down ass green it is pretty hilarious it is even insinuate that she pray wasn't faithful either yeah
yeah just he goes away when he dies lie where's why he's got the fan traveller imitates hillary clinton for stumbling at my own moral questions her loyalty to bill like yes it's so crazy the act but look at the people buying clapping actually holding up cameras that's a strange thing man the device age yeah room with a device in her hand and if you look back at like photos from the nineteen fifty or sixty years i watched the nixon debates with kennedy and you look to the islands we were stana see these people now have one as a device everyone's capturing in their own device i was there saw when he said that he said that outrageous than that but then you're going to back up that video you took on a hard drive right to preserve it for the rest of your life like knowing you're just gonna delete that none of italy and send it tennessee and then led to see this soon and to see video from the source but ever known
no no you never know you never know unlike some black labs batter people might rush to stage and tried take him out right member that happen bunch of people screaming element one of his rally i think on video spent so many altercations yeah that's why they're down and i asked to see if there are no annabelle look without holding sum up what the fuck do you think happens next that's what we're again an earlier like after these two years ago we got left deep and were in right now is the deepest deepen ever young after a right for sure doing for showing get out of it i'm not being patronising but the only good out of it honestly is we get to see a woman with president that's it she's like if she was a man should be thought of as like someone deeply entrenched in the system that's been proven before
it has been proven to be an option and corruption capitalizing on our position to make ridiculous amounts of money and to so much going on there everything that day you basically criticise about politicians she would fit the bill for that i know you guys the next it is going to be non binary me what do you think we should be alarming wake up black guy we had obama now what's the woman's turn did you see pants actual have you seen pants actually some women came out as pan sexual she was the first politicians kimonos pens actual see that's my point next is the pan sexual as it could be a gender thing pants what did we do you know what i am president i forget pay me there all right i'll sex fucks the whole house marigolds isles tat sticks texas state representative identifies his pen sexual new interview can we get a look at her wing it actually learn to urge you went with a gender binary hold out looking there are there so many
i described gonzalez orientation is bisexual pancake sexual don't believe in a gender binary enhance can be attracted to all gender identities of get a look at americans alice nope it's not now nope no pictures of pictures we should consider should call her she see i don't know we don't call they interest if we could get someone from the nineteen sixties and show them the world we live in today on the things that people are upset about and restroom issues i feel like i'm that person like i feel like i'm feeling component is hold and i d world is so different than the world i grew up in the nineteen eightys i filling i'm that all persons that's like i don't get it i don't get any of this would you know the differences in this age this is the first time were people who were sensitive and open minded and progressive are going what though
are you talking about yet its absurdity and it's gone so far people here honey percent programme merit hundred percent pro racial equality on two percent progenitor equality all the across the board check thanks to vanish you not hurt anybody i'm a hundred percent need doing whenever you want to do but its guns so far that like yours did just so much nonsense now ray meanwhile there's homelessness joblessness like all the real issues war asteroids cancer all this shit that's been around the human plagues and and that's not being resolved north korea's nukes right they'll guys we can only use the same after us some saw thou and it's really important posts and tried to they have nukes luke's just one right that get register those like an earthquake or call the fuckin detonated nuke they can do nukes homeboys got some slack
how long for the giant how they can sell your job that mentality doesn't does it exists over their rebellion that oh no it is not entirely somebody else does it but the question i kill you he'll kill you even a murmur oh yeah it was uncle killers go right away his uncle and his uncle sons yeah right so you killed his nephews like rises cousin cousins don't fuck around do how crazy that that's today i mean that he's got a whole country like that gripped but the thing about a guy like down if you kill them what happens next like how do you get those people like there so programme will that's the best part c we oh there and we open up an all of garden
and we show them coca cola mcdonald's and we get to rebuild north korea what do you think if we look at the south koreans figured out yet we just take one in two each house separate them from their family north korea men like a dog man evoked unlike like someone's train someone like you from an said whatever d programme like a cult train of luxembourg oh yeah yeah further you realize that you can be forty north korea come into a sneak into china or something and you don't know anything in the whole world like a forty year old infant luckily you dont know the rest the word anything now nothing but that was saying then why don't we colonizing like we did the middle east like our answer so vote weapons in a south korea that's like we really like south korea they make samson first
on cnn north korea may be planning october surprise why brazil that today oh jesus god where's october surprise like to fuck with our elections oh god i mean it's so strange and then you know what it whether it will also disturbs me so we're so calm about all the conflict in the rest the world there's not really thou much over here so we kind of minimal eyes and we concentrate on some other nonsense and we know fill our face with sugar and the rest well this embroiled in all these battles like india and pakistan are right next to each other they fucking hate each other and russia's invading the ukraine and there's all this crazy shit that's going on with them and in this putin's almost getting assassinated in here
i don't wanna latte china rang handling of broke up yet but it's gone where isolated geographically till the needless stroller mexico canada that iceland strives to move towards the right you get over her talk different domino saw the road that's really we are ready to fix feeling over as to colonise wages on that's i'd do it it is counter is there a reason for that i mean the logical reason that we don't see as americans like the metric system well they got it from england re england had it because england so fucking old that back in the day these two right here nurses and when you would be like riding you would want people that were opposing you on your right hand side seeking hack at them with your sword how the fuck did you know that i was really impressive sent them
you look i don't know and you can look at all right handed the right hand so you'd want to be on the left hand side so for the sword let's just get a good year makes sense makes over here we grew up we realize tat you could just shoot someone yeah yeah chop way with fuckin sword throwing back on the right there like pre arrows they figured out that's pretty nice these paid out arrows yet these had long sharp pangs yet haven't figured out they could throw things the area at crazy back in the jousting is about catapults us knee giant rock just pull back and launch it at people yes you know we watch some documentary on saudi arabia or a slow crucify people she not one on netflix woods it called genes is called sally where they get it is yes fucked up but they take camera and they show you what's up and people getting crew
so five year we today show you where you saw them if you saw the people increased hang a mob here you see they they they sensor stuff but a guy's about to get to capitan they blur truly guy with a sword chops fuckin head off its now it's whether we like their certain parts those images we don't want people seeks other to disturbing its ear gypsy those isis videos that they don't catch on youtube know they'll be up for a couple days for someone catches in ireland alone while men i don't like seeing it like seeing the real decapitations as fucking disturbing is shit to me why the i saw a few years didn't i out of god do with small knife disguise head of a small knife o o but that stays in your head and you know that's why i like it yeah that's why they want to do in the first but yeah just a strange strange thing we are
people drawing in quartering did you ever hear we now goes in and one that's kind of creepy to respond for the first it i mean it's where they they tie every your arms and your legs right they tie them to a horse air of one horse per limb and i dont they cut year intestines fixed cut your style next year intestines are then and then they send the horses off in all directions there it is and then you get ripped limb by and your intestines get cut out is not amazing is a guy in the middle with acts were sword cut you open water horses pull you wholly and this is how they would publicly in ample there there's this is a criminal so they're they're showing the masses this is going to happen to you if you steal some
this thing i was listening to the today about the inquisition it was fascinating man and it was talking about how everything had gotten so crazy that they would trot date the indicative but through any means they would try to elicit a confession out of you that you had done something that was blasphemous women on something against the lord and they could torture you in order to do that they get torch you in order to get that confession out of you and they just dark torture people does everybody was guilty and they were just killing people like crazy tis hinges listening to the accounts of like how it all went wrong and how they started doing us was while like you could see we want to think that in today's day and age that this can never happen like we're pass that in a wheel is too much we have too much information were to evolve were to our culture our civilization move far yet but their spots on earth where it hasn't like north korea or their spots on earth where it
and move past like me saudi arabia you now can about all this while we still punish people we still kill people we just do it behind closed doors in the united states we more dignified quite a dignified we're stared and if you ve rob somebody we make your slave your slave no ray it's just dignified possess it's in a building that's clean india we don't see it you don't have to see it so it doesn't exist right so horrific the savage we're just we like to think because we can send a video through the sky and arrives on your phone you know from fifty miles we would like to think that we're way more advanced really are so with were so close to goddamn oh so goddamn you when any on the on the verge of death all the time i had this girl writes me she works separately all these jobs around the country around the world to make money job to john she goes i work what is it yellowstone national park chagos yeah yesterday somebody fell into
geyser unjust disintegrated another person just fell off a cliff they died shook his life is fragile decoying i'm drunk down when a hundred yards off the trail slipped into those puddles and they there like do there ain't nothin left i fear lava boiling water like is blue happens tiggle our close they do is to dine today that the goal of the mare proof and people like we have to save the banks important around kiyomori maybe you should have been around the baron his baby my mama bear ex her babies is there a bat their problem with like a big if there is an issue with grizzly bears in the greater yellowstone ecosystem that a lot of people think that there are too many bears and they want them classified the environmentalist disagree and they say that the bears are brought to the brink of extinction and only through diligent work have they been brought back to the position where there are now a thriving the promises
super hard to accurately estimate how many bears are are its but you see a lot of them and the people that are out there all the time the hikers sportsmen meaning the hunters and fishermen they see a lot of in their seen more than ever before and their seeing actually less black bears and more grizzly bears which is used to be the opposite it some it's crazy animal man we have a mean brown bears are like the real mother right aren't they even bigger their super aggressive their super super super aggressive sometimes sometimes you fuck like there's this area they are really fascinating spot where there's this sum this river that runs through alaska and it's an incredibly commonplace to see grizzly bears the point where there's a video of it where there's like jimmy we bears were like fifteen bears his like fifteen grizzly bears one eric is so many salmon so much salmon and don t
people are standing around filming these grizzly bears because there's so much food for the bears the bears never kill people it's like one of the safest places to observe bears in alaska here they ve never had like a fatal incident derelict bears wander up to people is one video this bear this guy exceeding their launch here looking over at all these um yeah that's what it is the guy's looking up all these bears eating food actually sitting in a lawn chair and his fucking bear walks on him it is a tanker i mean it's gigantic and it just wanders up and it's so four and it has been eating salmon that it's not threat at all it doesn't want to hurt anything lays down do not like some animals will fuck you up just for fun yet some walls will fuck up like elk and things like that just for fun they call it that surplus killing or thrill killing look at this video kafkaesque this guy sitting here look at this thing the single walks uptown
i mean this is launch here dude i mean what to show you how close the guy is you'll see it because the baron towards him then he asked to start talking to it but this thing is huge i mean it's a thousand pounds its nor the size of its fucking head but watch when it gets close to him that's when you realize how big it actually is and the guy has actually talk to this thing to let him know yeah why as your country here and this is a river and that river right there is just overwhelm at the end of the video get to see was an immense video to bear so next guy but you can look up brooks falls this picture is its down and against have you ll go a little further on it gets up and the guy ass it tell there goes guys tell the fuck off because it gets too close to him so
looks at how has certainly that egg mother fucker while he says hey hey wanders off but now watch when he turn towards the river and look at this book it out i wish you were kept the enron look like you should try to pause and positive like when it goes a little bit further boom that's nice guy liza photographer issues here they're so this is this where everybody goes take picture these bears because there's so much salmon that's all they eat i guess when bears get into one kind of food like they say the boy these are also there safe to be around a lot of berries does it say arms eaten bearing by it they're not in the eu with a real omnivores like they are not necessarily carnivores they'll though they'll just snack on yummy food
and if you're the yummy food and that's your ass that that so they eat they plant sassanian weren't tot plants to sustain a thousand pound body feed everything falling molly there cleanup crew to the clean up the woods his errand have anything dies like this the fight of wolves like wolves a killer like an anchor something that in the barrel i get thanks dude of two states that shit is wander up the carcass and you start eating gas the turkish wulf the kid your goddamn burn courts not it's like a ten i emphasise wolf i mean it's really what would a bears like nothing can take down a bare right in nature now humans to king only humans mean when humans weren't they actually think there was a thing called the short faced bear that dominate the bearing straight so powerfully it was so it was such a dangerous animal they think it might have prevented people from emigrating to north america like by like thousands of years as this thing was so dominant that
is is shewed aggressive grizzly bear type creature that lived during the ice age and it was so dangerous that it kept people from mrs speculation but only the size the goddamn thing that's the short face bear like even bigger than a goddamn grisly soon creams likely that picture that fake one right there like that's what it would look like my god the death machine does a short face bear to is a bear that went extinct there was a way bigger than a grisly i mean it was so big it was like the hawk if the haug was a bear that that used to be a real thing in north america and they think tommo saying that they think that that thing look at it it was bigger than a buffalo hosting would take out buffaloes they think that they were fearsome predators and they may have prevented people from emigrating to north
mecca earlier what is that thing would die a song diadem diet on jesus christ you that for oh my god it's a real thing bloody hell was that diet dawn harem will teeth on that thing good lord but it's just i mean it's kind so torn on these conferences i think it's called a grizzly bears are alive yes coolly cm but not if you that do they get fucked up today or face oh my god you hundred a bare yeah blackberry like there's here is that like white along montana really eat brown bears or you can but most people don't because they need a lot of carcasses apparently they taste bad but blackberries don't backers his good day more more plants they
they still carcasses they still killed things they do a lot of cannibalism as the the big issue with black paris loggerhead blackness such animals there no i mean you know i don't mean that as a court judgment yet its males killing babe s living with a male elias don't eat out colombia the kill to keep him from growing up and becoming the male yeah competitors but i think the bears do that they think bears are doing it actually cause are hungry and also because they think it might be able to bring the women back into estrus that speculation by others there is now a measure their honour percent cannibals mike especially the males yeah there's i want zero ecosystem is basically shrinking right i mean hannah supposedly but you know what they say i mean it's hard to tell whose right because the wildlife biologists
and the people who measure bear numbers verses the people who are like animal conservationists an animal rights activists they disagree how many poor bears are and whether or not they are healthy populations because i've read that there's more polar bears today than ever really that doesn't make sense right doesn't it doesn't sound right now see if that's true jamie we're jamie demagogical his at that time right now because he ever i lose our nanny oh snap hands it for them to go on forever level right dude we covered lush we jammed we covered everything i learn some things i learned about the guy who is the financial guy doesn't give a damn panier we also wheeler we learn about our proper proud
and in how to use them nor did we learn about that guy who has all the secrets of fox kids did fifteen months rigour the house oh oh speaker dennis hasn't when we learned about bear tat i feel we have here a format hey dad mao jargon after the black i've spoken my wife right those important that was important as important where are you guys that puts the what's next tommy you gostar gorner tom i know killing i know you sold other trocadero three shows a moment we added and loyally area the fourth has amazing dude is amazing congratulations so awesome i'm excited i got an i just added do ontario thursday and we sold it ass we added a day another one their day and then i'm doing cobb's come on up and do you do it so many big theatres i got it i start my theme
tor in january but it has gone salient amazing man really excited about it so i got when i met you you know i've been doing commie only a few years right i met you no seven so i was five years in was it all seven was no six i think it was seven pretty sure it was during the the maxim light real men of comedy in vienna men at the holly liberty it at a later in the round fuck that was awesome there where is it so cool now to see your fuckin cabinet man its awesome thanks man does netflix specials man woof yeah really really give you a bump too but i just might also really funny christina we need to get one for you it's trust me it's in the making we'll see worldwide she's doing this the but the model i did basically like a year or two ago when she's gone out do in one nighters which i think is
yeah associated helium portland one night last week's sold out yet in seattle one night we apologise so fuck and funding are one of the best part just think ever thanks buddy it's so funded due to itself i'm in avoiding ones but was such a giggle firstly to come on we have i announced the studio about and we like it s about allowed interviews ruining always give credit to you because i remember you mean like large doing one hour no and when you saw her you got your life is legitimately funny think you ve asked just sit there in doing so i told her and then it now that's all we do is just the two of us now replace clubs retired what was going on in its grown so much in the few have we been doing in essence twenty the end of twenty ten is always started crazy why it's been six years men like six years of of that show ya man almost seven
i'll be seven in december i remember i remember watching or reading something and i realize i did one of your first and yeah i'm gonna be sat on a couch yeah my office now we should fear sold that couch really gave it already we certainly can never gave it somebody he bathing in money maybe maybe i just keep remember you tell me like set up on the mike sounds like that oh yeah what they were really ouch isn't my extent sexy eta like uncomfortably leaned forward on a couch tommy talkin like but we don t we had headphones back democratic do we didn't i thought you were bananas to do i refer like mushrooms hide cast what are you talking about how we'd better go advance legal yeah you guys i don't know what the fuck possess me to keep doing this wow we
one of the eastern bloc ass this is this later in the week twenty how my carriage hilarious man if i wouldn't worry me you and arrest that women like did do you do we want to see when we like i gotta do that it was a bunch of shit one i was doing open anthony show because open anthony show is just like a hang out right wasn't like for what they did have a formula to india didn't have a form necessarily you'd come in and a bunch of commerce to come in the algae start talking and it would be hilarious so be it a bunch of people that new everybody we all sit around and just joke around it was really fun it was a fun hang yeah than anthony komio so doing this thing called life from the compound we put up a green screen is basement had a whole look professional death in professional cameras and he's just a maniac and he would do carry oki holding a machine gun and he would have a background the background billig manhattan who d achieves a band of psychotherapy an amazing thing to have and so he was doing live from the compound he was doing it on one of those streaming services so then we started doing
the thing me in red ban on use dream just started one day when we started doing it on we do it in green rooms first it was even pre youtube or pre use dream like we did it in cobb's every didn't cause and joe yelled at us in turn tolls to shut off him marketing off language blueberries leave no phone back there the angels to shut her up and that's how it started we our doing it that way and then it was funds we start doing at every week and then somewhere along the line i just realized it was this way that i can have these crazy conversations with those interesting people like a guy them once they realise there was a certain number of people who were list anthea i could get people to come in and sit down and talk to me do you remember like early early first five what kind of pay emmy people listen to some like your show i never looked you never looked now put it up again i never pay taxes others like every now and then it look
where the live thing was twelve hundred people be watching live allow me to show sometimes was only five hundred to six hundred but yet but once i have like add like god anthony bore dana and in our had a bunch of people like those like i can talk to some fuckin cool people through this thing and then too slight man i want to know more about egypt let me get john anthony west on hey i want to know more about asteroids and get randal girls really become just enter interest in graham hancock gram hancock was a big one that was an early days and was doing it in my in my house and you know it came to my house and we talked like fuckin three o clock in the morning with long ass pod catholic your biggest get personally for the show that i don't know man good question i don't know it's no biggest anymore russell brand was pretty big
those pretty interesting yes he's a fungi yeah but so is already lang so's you i love haven't you want it's like it now it becomes like just fun you know now becomes like like joey bill bur or donkey there's stomach was cut open and from its something like what i got mega right it just becomes fun right mean feel like that just it's my favorite thing that we do it's the last do you like it more than stand up itself now seize may stand up always number one but the pike especially since we become parents it's the one thing it's the old world it's who we were before it still juvenile and it's the sealed hour and a half of just nonsense and then we can go back to being responsible adults it is through deliberating exit it is it's very juvenile and silly but that's where we have a good time is being silly on yeah that's that's the big take what
we're pike ass is how silly it is because just always looked at least serious thing ever there are know is constantly now of black or tom to yeah airlines do that again we the thing is about the move is that the studio is much bigger like actual space so we'll have i think some guess again because when i guess time will you could also eager to add a bunch elements to a two once you realize you have always room to do yet often new you have a right professional studio its exciting scanned the awesome here through carefully but when you guys doing down here be happy to do it that fun fun so for now he began see your pa gassed it's your mom's house it's on itunes he goes on stature
that your highness direction christina pee on twitter yes a thousand ranches still hasn't changed her name to the pure disrespect there hey can i applied feminist aids vodka yet so tomorrow night i'm in dallas hyenas and then over fifth houston at the secret groups warehouse warehouse such so our latest what's that does the group the susa secret group that's a group of promoters they actually have a venue i think called that in houston now and then but the single group per also promotes produces shout so let alone you could bring you so cigar group is going to have her at warehouse life that's that's the venue ok so it's not like i was wondering if you like it was the
put i show somewhere to seek out and i was shows me someone really go in rio unattainable yet to find out where you super annoying ria knowing only october twenty there in any and then the twenty fourth cincinnati tickets are eight thousand wretch thank you and how to people find it both website thousand ranch website like because anyone know what that means tickets are thousand rancher world where thousand had shall address don't tell joey don't i'll jovial ranch why ran sounds like fuckin feet nevertheless visa go for cheese and wings of go fuck your mother she's to our website topsecret outcome item on its room secretariat instagram thomson or on twitter that's right because yes your item i am
put on my area this remark thompson garonne instagram is a british cows nice kid so gate team give love on euro from given the money i can't get it around this yet powerful higher primate dot com fanny pack to the best right love it is nice nice turning round to the roots fanny backs evokes thanks prescience well you see and i thank you due to our sponsors thank you to cave man coffee gotta caveman coffee c o dog com and get yourself some natural that's why i'm drunk with caveman coffee nature of these little cans of two and seventy milligrams caffeine so from if it seems like due to similar your mouth is moving to follow your brains moving too fast your mouth that's for those i'm over to have a name our drugged up they have awesome profits delicious its single source single family single origin find out more on caveman coffee seo dot com and use the code word rogan to save ten percent
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i folks that's it the next podcast it will be doing is is a weird one than the next podcast that we're doing is from we didn't in columbus ohio and we did it just like a came home from a show a half tired and we were testing out podcast equipment no we didn't come home of russia we came from dinner thursday night went to dinner and it was young jamie tony hedge cliff and me and i mean it was a k it wasn't our best buy us right we're gonna half out of it we said a bunch of shit apply wasn't true we couldn't research it like that true such as we know one resurrected it but you're probably use thereby now and i hope you enjoy that and other than that i will be back me
maybe we're doing a fight companion this week maybe but i've got a bunch of shit i have to do during the week and i might not be back in time and when i come back i'll explain it all so until and thanks the fogarty people and hope everything is groovy world
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