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#856 - Tony Hinchcliffe & Young Jamie

2016-10-05 | 🔗
Joe sits down to do a late-night podcast from a hotel room in Ohio with Tony Hinchcliffe & Young Jamie.
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reid and receive that months crate and when the cut off happens that's it it's over so make sure you head over to loot crate dot com forward slash rogan and enter the code word row again to save three dollars off any new subscription today and then it says boo boo this episode took place in a hotel that explain that the last one i did this episode took place in a hotel this episode was not planned out we're just like we were having a good time we're talking a lot of shit and we just decided you know what let's just do a fucking podcast so we just did a fucking podcast hope you enjoy it if not don't get mad at me man just told you barely we got most the stuff wrong but we said some funny shit are some good times and
you will note that in this podcast was the birth of a tony hinchcliffe bit cuz tony hinchcliffe wind up doing that bit on stage the next night in columbus and it fucking kill so if you hear him say something like tony's doing his act in the podcast all contraire in fact he's created a joke spur of moment while we're all just hanging out stuff with meat we we we went to a we went to meet coma that's why so slow and don't eat big fucking slabs of meat before you talk for sure anyway please welcome young jamie and tony has
going by cash check it out to tell logan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day live hey everybody we're doing a podcast tomorrow from westside barbell with louie simmons so we decided to check our setup you have to move in i will take care of while touching touching the table we so we decided to do a practice run here young tony hinchcliffe is here surprise it's me hello it's tony and of course young jamie vernon an i'm old joe rogan columbus oh just got done having a nice meal and talked a bunch of shit and so we said hey we should go do a fucking podcast so here we are now
silent we thought happened very much we talked ourselves out we were talking about this woman we didn't talk about too much but we should this woman who was the woman that hillary clinton brought up during the trump debate because she was saying that donald trump humiliated this woman 'cause he shamed her and humiliated her because she gained weight while she was a miss olympia i missed this i was in the bathroom when you guys had this she got up to one hundred and seventy pounds according to trump she went up from like one hundred and twenty to one hundred and seventy according to him probably not right start getting like thirty pounds but apparently she really did gain a fuckload away and ann
hillary clinton made his big deal about like how awful it was he did that to her and then they have these commercials already planned for the next day so they launched these commercials the next day and the commercials they show this woman she speaking in spanish talking about donald trump is terrible what he did to me he made me feel bad he made he was scared so then
after that comes out people start researching her they find out she drove the getaway car in a murder issue threatened and judge because the judge who's going after her boyfriend to town as she drove away the get away car she threaten the judge said that she's going to kill the judge she had an equally illegitimate baby with a mexican king panned drug dealer all of the mexican drug cartel king pins came to the baby's christening then she went on big brother okay a big brother she was engaged to some baseball player went on big brother and fox some other guy on the shelf well the cameras were on her and she was yelling out and spanish city as a magnificent the same lady that there are used in our commercials so then they have a rousing in and my god so anderson cooper interviews on cnn anderson cooper says what some people are saying that you threaten to judge and that you drove the getaway car like this was a everybody have a pass okay i'm not angel but they're trying to take away from what he did what he did was wrong okay what i did was twenty years our goal what he did was twenty years ago do always it was gone but in his defense which probably was shot fat to these pictures over she deftly got fat but you know
ordinarily that's a very rude thing to do but when your job is to be a professional hot check it's like if you just decide say like if you're a model for like shaving cream might give you
like your whole thing is about your legs showing their legs like i touch the mic sorry but your things about sleek smooth legs and you like you want fuck it i'm like these bitches grow and everyone hate you you can't your job is to have sleek smooth legs you're known for your nice lakes but she's known for being a professional attractive woman he shouldn't objectify women that is the whole point of being miss olympia so hillary paid her to dobie osli if she's in an anti trump commercial then that means hillary paid her right might not be money it might just be attention because it gave her the opportunity to get back in the limelight apparently she's a giant attention whore gotcha i saw some class here or something i think she wrote a book thanks so
donald we're looking the seventy on have a pass we we won't have a past okay it's really funny you should say it one thing i noticed the other day was this commercial anti trump heller its approach this message approved by haley clan commercial where it's the compile of all the worst things the trump said over the past year whatever and in the end it literally his voice in the clip of him doing all these things and you know mexicans are rapists and murderers all the little sound bites and the commercial goes and there's that it goes back to little kids back and forth like pictures of little kids and then it goes is this what you want your kids to see and i was watching this commercial and it was like the middle of the day and i'm thinking to myself you paid to put putting that stuff out that's your commercial yeah
i played once you just put that out there for the kids to see and we're number yeah right but in the whole commercial it's like is this what you want your kids to see it's like you just spend thirty million bucks on the commercial right but in her defense you know this is what you kids just want to see as the leader as like their role model as the leader of the free world trump is fighting is tom we all know it once he drops that blow job card the whole world explodes he sent non it like are closer like once the car now they're telling him not to do it apparently they're trying to talk to him to say do not bring up the monica lewinsky stuff because he in the post press conference thing he was saying how you know i i'm i'm very proud of myself that i did i didn't bring up bill clinton and his his dalliances yeah
i don't even think yes the mention the oakland i don't a i don't even know if he had even said those exact words like i think he's just like let's just say there's a lot of things that i'm not talking about that i could me bringing up i could bring up it wouldn't be good for her i don't need to say what they are you know what they are i have winning temperament one thing about me i have a winning temper everyone knows this these debates are whole areas what's really funny is the ball socks so hard that all this dirt the comes out about them it's like no big deal can we do a fight companion for the next yes now we're talking if i'm in town if i'm not working during the next one we're gonna we're gonna look something up or see more so two more we're gonna need to bring someone legitimate and to like candy stop once come and my and my friend former navy seal can't stop helping a pro come into and maybe we bring in
someone out that like nose polyps i'll drop some hot puns in that one yes you're good for that but who knows politics like really well mike fitzsimmons does he probably get that right oh yeah who did you see some of that there's a conspiracy talk i was like this is going on during the debate first was like she was has she had on your pc yeah that stuff when i saw last night was that she got caught scratching her face like this six times there are signals to lester holt to like hit me hit with the singer now i think we all
and then next would be like something like a pre pre disposed talking point for her to get out and will trump was saying that the lester holt guy the nereo twizy the announcer which means that the moderate are was against him he's like it was a bad deal was a bad deal rig dealer finances mike was fucked up that's ridiculous i heard him loud and clear at home but he caught him on some real shit like the fact that trump supported the iraq war and even if you only set it on howard stern which is apparently where he said he only said heard and break that down i guess where he said it in a passing kind of statement like yeah sure right what i was hurt someone so i didn't hear much yeah you gotta be careful about things like that because if you do one day plan on running for president you can't just say yeah sure i support your back war and then say i never supported that war
it's an interesting thing or a it almost seemed it's everything backwards helps them every time he messes up it sort of helps them i don't think this time it did he look bad i thought he actually and i'm not picking fights here i'm just totally judging the debate i think that the fact that people are even wondering who won or who did good means that's a huge victory for trial i don't think people wondering i think the polls really pretty overwhelmingly on her side i think it was like seventy percent of the people polled or sixty eight percent of people polled thought she won i thought she wants but in his defense i didn't see the beginning apparently he did really well in the beginning and she did really well yeah yeah one things she said or thought was really crazy like she was going on about this thing about him calling women pigs and all these different things and that he said something about women being pregnant and working i forget i forget what that quote was the one of the weird one was he said that women should only get paid as much as men if they earn it which
yeah yeah that's what i said i you and i had that playing ready to do kill tony in the belly room and i and we trust martin had his phone plugged into the overall speakers in the room so like the whole room with it's empty it's just me and josh just setting up and stuff and you're playing and i literally said out loud you're damn right or whatever it was i remember that part exactly will mention just said the opposite yeah men should only get paid as much as well and if they are in it and everybody would go yeah one of sense yeah but the idea that women should somehow to get paid as much as men if they don't earn it
usually like find the exact quote here we find the exact size i think he gets taken out of context a lot not a good speaker even though he speaks a lot in public i just think he's not good at articulating the things he actually means or what to say and i think when the media does take him out of context and bends what he says a little bit all notice that and then when he does say some crazy stuff i think that that only helps him when that happened yes yeah because it's like all your they go again but and then trying to even though it's going to happen to us is not complaining untimely if he is down in the third debate you know he's given it time now is playing a strategy but if he loses the second debate nick it's down about third debate he's going to drop that bill clinton blow job out and nobody cares anymore do you about the stuff you know it's interesting i immediately the first hits when it's what with hillary and tromp on women salon dot com right away here's why it's wrong here's why it's terrible i mean if you just said if trump said the words in succession like the only reason you ever became secretary of state was because your husband got a blow job in office you know what i mean like if he went for it i mean do you think you can ever do that though can you really go for like that
can you see this is this election is different than everything that we've ever seen before so i think the ground rules are just getting made an i think he'll do anything to get the maximum amount of press out of this course my computer just froze that's what happens when you start talking shit about your computer saying you new one fucking thing just locked right up here that's but that's what happens when you talk shit about hillary it's also what happens when you go to salon dot com all your emails are deleting themselves right now talking about hillary too much that was the other thing that's kind of crazy is like how many emails she's deleted and she's like why won't you release your tax returns excuse bitch you deleted thirty three thousand fucking yeah how about you really should god damn emails now is that how you release the transcripts of those conversations that you got paid two hundred and fifty thousand dollars an hour to speak in front of those bankers how about you when you do that yeah what are you talking about me maybe we may release its
very bizarre it's very bizarre that email things crazy shows like a hotmail account or something yeah it was very strange round it all of it's very strange no one else is very strange well there's a whole bunch of things that are very strange about it all but the the email stuff is like you didn't know that you were deleting all those emails or you just did it like how is that like you're not allowed to do that like that's illegal that's highly illegal there always had mike baker the former cia guy on the podcast is like all i know is if i did that i would go to jail so i would be in jail if i did that i remember were discussed in this part of it but is there anyway that with the nothing i quit she's in her 70s right or close to it yeah does she just not i guess competent might be the word she doesn't understand what's going on with email
like is there anyway it was in compound like it said no she looks at it weird or like how people look at them like old people look at their funding i don't even know how this is the kind of lady that's probably at three blackberries for the last twenty years yeah i mean it is no way she didn't know but also not only that the guy who was in charge of her email server was on reddit couple years ago yeah ask him how to get rid of stuff for a vip early exactly that we wanted to make everything disappear and never p who then i guess i guess it could be adding that to when i was just asking anyway she didn't even know what was going on or she had so if there's no if she didn't know every way someone was doing it thinking this is what would be a great move a better just do this
am i gave me a good raise or might give me a good position later down down the line they found out like i took some initiative here i just went ahead and deleted them all then he becomes the new head of the nsa or some shit man i don't know i'm just curious just mean maybe i mean when a guide thinks that she's gonna well and become the president and he wants the gig and i mean all those that's part of what we're seeing here is like all these people were all connected and sort of a weird like sneaky fucking way where they do a bunch of sneaky shit for each other without even saying anything about it's like like it's all i complied and we also has the cards now too after seeing that we definitely are all like oh we think we get it because it seems so true i bet that's going on and i feel like yeah i mean that's that's crazy it's all real now the house of cards stuffs coming alive alright is the storyline is crazier than anything it's like
it's like they realize that jeep and his winning emmys every year and house of cards started changing the game of the i mean it's because that was the first thing from netflix to really start all of a sudden there was a new network at the emmys which was like an old i mean that's them crashing an old party it was just nbc and cbs and abc and remember at the end of the bush presidency that they were there is tv shows made about how goofy he was a president yeah comedy central head was like pharaoh made a whole he was him for a thing like somebody was obama talking about like how goofy obama's presidency is now with that would that work like no wouldn't wouldn't even be the thing with a trump presidency happened again they could definitely make a whole new nightly this is what trump did today well snl they just announced they just signed alec baldwin to be true
to be trump for the next year which is crazy here that they made it like a special deal that they don't normally do we're paying him like a butt ton of money to do the strong family that's all very funny man it's all very funny it's just like it just proves my point that i've been talking about for a while that nobody who's smart wants that job i mean hillary wants a job 'cause it's like sort of the cap of this long karere and sort of you know it's a historic moment if she wins she becomes the first female president but she centered two criminal investigations and there are also saying that if she doesn't win it's very possible to the fbi might in tighter for a bunch of shed there's the benghazi stuff there's the email stuff there's there's a lot going on here it's just it's so disturbing that this is the best we can do
i think trump is going to pull it out because i think people are going to want to shake this shit up i think that people talk a lot of smack now and they want to seem like this and that but i think once they're in the booth and it's just you and two boxes and one says trump and the other says clinton and you think you know what let's
take these next four years a little more interested come why i think people are going to check it that's what they did with that breaks at thing no i don't i think brexit totally different situation 'cause brexit i have a friend my friend steve hilton members to you from the podcast steve hill was a very smart guy and used to be david cameron's right hand man he's pro brexit he's like it's much more complicated than people think is like this idea that anyone from any part of europe can immigrate to the uk is disastrous he knows it's not racist it's like the uk has a lot to offer an if it does in his mind is my paraphrasing him but i believe what he's saying is that if the uk does let everybody come in from all over europe and immigrate to the uk that what's going to happen is there's other parts of europe's aren't doing so well those people are going to go to the place is doing great and it's going to fucking balance everything out eventually but europe is going
where you came rather is gonna suffer wall wall this is happening i don't know nearly enough to comment on it but it's a complicated issue but it's also one of those issues were like super lefties really progressive liberal people immediately once a racist you don't want people to immigrate to this country racist you know you don't but that's what we're saying here you can't just immigrate here from canada man if you want to just move from canada to the united states and we start working i've had a bunch of fronts come over here from canada it's a long process madden easy that's like pretty white p from canada that looked just like you were talking about like mexicans who look different we're talking about people who look like white european people have an incredibly hard time getting a green card lot of amari my friend married some guy she married some guy just to the carriers and yeah she was canadian wow death i know another dude she's russian
to use popular but he married are just so she could become a citizen i see com you have to like go to all these meetings have to make sure you really are husband and wife loans your finger yes sir show me that do you think if trump won it actually build a wall i think if trump won he would hire a bunch of people to do the job they would start a new reality tv show like him on his underwear yeah so they fireside chats live from the white house probably something like that'd be the host you you make of what donald trump channel where you figure out a way to make it also yeah he's with stunning to me is the illusion that he some good speaker his the economy of words terrable he makes a point that it repeats that point and then he repeats that point again yes i said that yes i did yes i did like the mexican wall thing like when you said
i told him the wall just got ten foot tire now if he was a real master speaker he would go from that right into something else goes yes i did that's what i said like he rambles on too much it's getting too much unp
hair like speeches yeah like and that's what we saw in the debate like it's in contrast to her but she was very well prepared like she's and she nailed a lot of like very important points she said i'm a pretty good one strategy that i noticed that she applied which i think is really smart which she kept her answers extremely short an extremely to the points she did not ramble at all yeah because she knew that he was going to do that and she knew that he she could get him to make himself look like a fool if she just plays that absolutely cool zero extra words because he does that he over uses everything repeats everything we're going to i said it once i'll say it again we're gonna build a wall it's going to be great it's going to be a great wall it's going to be a great big wall people love it i love
you're gonna love it america's going to love it's going to be great we're going to make america great again one thing about me i have a winning temperament have a winning temperament like that was so embarrassing it really was there certain points where he throws a punch that mrs so hard that you know it's like oh that it's a huge dent he he did it to himself that one moment where he said a bunch of stupid shit and then they went ahead she went well i actually like laughed and smiled like she handled that so smooth yeah this is so embarrassing that first of all why doesn't al gore run i don't understand that yeah almost became president like why wouldn't you run again i give he ran he would get the nomination like first what everybody fucking loves he's trying to save the world he wanted to be the president at one point in time maybe it's just like hard on you it's too exhausting maybe he maybe
he just doesn't want it maybe he knows how bad the whole thing is maybe he knows something we don't know he probably does also he has made a fuck ton of money since he's been in the white house someone said that he is going to be the first what was it with a cough call i forget what they call it green billionaire are there they were talking climate change billionaire is going to be the first climate change advocate slash billionaire apparently just made a ton of money on speaking fees and all kinds of other shit and he's just doing really well telling everybody by the sky falling he's come a long way since manbearpig peg manbearpig and so scarface couple seasons were in the he was chasing a man their patience is like they're an allergy to you global warming thirteen this is net worth is grossed more two hundred million dollars since he lost the presidential
two thousand so like ten years or so game two hundred the president has so much money being a politician the list of that thing with the the full story lines of producers like there's so much money and making a failing yeah that product yeah they tried to make a shape should he play what if now is donald saw that is i got to do it i didn't get so close to winning now win
i would say that was on is the one when he doesn't want to i think that people believe that i think they might be right i just don't think she expected to do this well i think you expected to get to a certain point get knocked down just talk about everybody wins and i'll talk about marco rubio ted cruz by the way i'd prefer donald trump to ted cruz yeah this is really crazy like donald trump is preferable ted cruz is crazy increase so we hear from ages five and fan atic man he's on now you guys got all sorts of problems with gay people and you start he's he he to me appeals to like the dumbest of like religious ideologues like that the dumbest of really fanatical religious people yeah and the way he like the way to see when he kissed his daughter about one time video so gross when they show the out takes and the one where he punched and elbowed his wife i it's right after you on sculptor interface activists being congressman right now center yeah it's always back to doing i just this question back into the life you had before and i we know those weird about him how's that work yeah it has happened i guess what's weird is you can run for president and keep that job if that's the case i have for you all of the time to do your job right how to use run for president and also hold a job in public office really they were saying bernie was going back he was taking hits on the campaign trail because he was going back for all the things he had to do a washington like you're flying back every other day or weekly as he had to go for a voter some instead of campaigning and painting because he didn't have to be in those votes so why is he doing her job as secretary of state we're so lucky ernie got through all the hippies before can there be gone through street screamin chairing well i think in the hole i think it would be more one sided than it is even though hillary supposedly be bernie hi thing bernie is weird is that is maybe i'm wrong but it seems like in the battle of styles citing bernie would be
housing trump right now well he would do clearly like him at twenty ninety ten more in there than even this you know whatever it seems to be that was one of the most disturbing things about all this stuff is the democratic national committee the the the dnc leaks that show that they were conspiring against bernie sanders like that is the bad news you you're you're literally bringing democracy like your
party is supposed to be the democratic party right i mean you're supposed to like try to find let's find the best represented one of the people want you guys are reading it right yeah you read of your ever existed fan what they did but i think one might say that what they did i think this is just a thought they were trying to stop someone who wasn't a democrat from just coming in and taking over their party scene of democrat as far as i have for you just an independent right which is why he's can take over now if she got sick so like they're presenting some
wild card like donald trump i guess some guys just became super famous and just being like oh i'm going to fucking ruin everything has been playing on for last ten years how does i work he's not can you just go back and forth from being a democrat and independent see i thought he was a democrat and she was super people that actually know about politics right now you fucking moron anything i think bernie had a lot of positive qualities first of all when he was in that debate with hillary and he was talking about you know why won't you release the transcripts for most beaches and he goes you could read my transcripts 'cause they don't exist 'cause i would not accept money from banks or it was interesting he just he i think he's what he's done is let people know that there's a market for that there's a market for the outsider that
you know lives a frugal life and doesn't really make a ton of money but his one if anybody has ever been running for president and represents the average person and i'm really ethical average person it's bernie but a lot of people's on the other side a lot of people think that this whole democratic socialist thing it sort of supports people don't have a good work ethic and supports people who are lazy you people want government handouts and what he's trying to do with know we're a jacking up taxes and some of the crazy shipley said is just like take from the poor the rich and give to the poor and he's is a big part of this platform was wealth inequality which is a big issue with a lot of people's understandable makes sense but i don't
take anybody has solved the riddle of how to overcome wealth inequality sweden seems to have a real knack for it free hospitals free college when we were there the streets were beautiful everything is clean free public transportation free hospital st college was the other thing something else with those things pretty much everything's free and they pay what was it i think thirty or forty percent tax i don't know the exact at all number but they pay a very high sales tax on everything you pay it on everything new pair of shoes you pay me a new teacher it's a beautiful twenty fifteen ten that some world superpower with the army that can rightfully sitting at a time that's a good point the number of people's good point to like it when you get to like three hundred million people when you start talking about like universal basic income
you know that which is an interesting conversation keeps getting brought up you know that was what eddie wong brought up on the podcast we started talking about it and i thought it was crazy initially but i've read some of the things that some economists have said in some some people believe that if you just gave people a certain amount of money where there's twelve thousand dollars a year more or whatever it is that it would alleviate the stress of paying bills people would have like a certain amount of income and it would be far less crime and then the government would need to spend far less money because it before those issues which i think is fasting i don't know if it's true i don't know if it's right but i like yeah it's very out of the box and when the country's as up as we are we have these ghettos like i would michael was talking about baltimore where there's just a systemic races
the systemic ghettos where they've made it so like black people cannot buy houses any place over in these areas and that these areas outside of that are only for white people like when you have like something like that that existed until i think you said the 1960s is bring those laws were still in that in in effect right i think i don't know at least that i would say at least that so that's
my lifetime i was born in sixty seven so during my lifetime these laws were being enforced which is just crazy like you you when you have a system of that not like you got a fifty out of a radical plan to fix there was a neighborhood outside of baltimore that was only white people you could not buy a house there few black we will not sell you have the the address to this i thought you were in the front and one girlfriend isn't anything just kidding guys just kidding the i think by girls do have warmer china than white girls how much warmer i think it's just a few degrees warmer like if you took a light to shine and put it in the microwave for like and how many black because you had sex with them i noticed there was only only two and it was one summer about three years ago and but i noticed it with both of them and it wasn't even at the same time it's just the same summer i was not a setting for my friend in the hollywood hills and maybe it just felt warm because you were so excited yeah black check the deck was going pretty much was either that or they had fevers and they just pull up i was a little area with a coughing or they wear when my it's so silly if you ever do you ever hook up with a black woman did you ever notice anything different with their darker than me i noticed that one time one of the bosses you know it was like the winter was rude is really yeah
pales like this like cloudy and and i was pale you know i didn't have very much time to go out in the sun and uh i hooked over this black girl i met in pittsfield ma which is way out in the middle of nowhere and she wasn't black like beyonc black she was black like check congo black dark dark and we had sex in my hotel room by the light of the television so the tv is on and i'm having sex with her and she's dark like colon i'm white paper and we're going at it and i've never thinking about it 'cause we were doing it doggy style remember look down into incredible body oh my god girl to this day is like one of the best bodies i've ever seen in my life was like cartoonish or body was incredible but i remember to this day thinking like wow this is so crazy that like
she's so much darker than me i'm so white and i'm not even that white i'm italian you know mostly but i mean just the contrast was so interesting but the girls that i have had sex with just maybe it's coincidence maybe some but all black shoes that sex with work freaks like they were so much more enthusiastic yeah so much more vocal so much more aggressive yeah you know i could do in kenya older to me a good day whoa jesus plus whatever the the comic most of like that's having like oh my god i remember this one is a bit near select a bit out of it because it seems so phrases just even see how dark she wasn't a white i was i was like how do i say this without sounding i mean it's just it's such a racially charged thing yeah even if you're if it's not the jokes not racist or the discussion of the subject is not racist it's so racially charged you better off sleeping alone plus one things i've noticed i
i had a conversation this girl that i was dating at the time for and you should deal like you know it's one of those zero six would like a hearing yeah maybe you're a sex or black girl yeah couple how many you know those kind of conversations doc this girl was so she was getting upset so she is dark but i mean thank you i asked her you know it can help will help black ones is gone a couple of blocks you know the congo black like dropped out of the a dongle black like where we talking here he had the skin of a goodyear tire drummed plan
for whatever it is she got upset that i was i had fuck this black girl in the past because the shade that offended or the most though she's racist staten island to tango from staten island racist move to more night fucking black girl offensive one day but here's the thing here's what's fucked you know like someone said to me once one day everyone's going to be like mix because like right now the only reason why race existed in such specific like distinctive way it's like chinese people african people like really distinctive differences is because those people very rarely met each other
but now everybody goes everywhere in a place like the united states which is essentially just a melting pot of immigrants his only only people that were here originally for the indigenous people but the even the indigenous people came over from asia bill came on the bering strait i mean all the the people that live here than we think of as native americans they've done like these dna tests on them will take the call from fork in siberia right you know you know it is really funny know who did the dna test to find that out so really rich dude who's a mormon who want to prove one of joseph smith's statements was that american indians were in fact the lost tribes of israel any thought that he could prove that improve the the the the mormon doctrine the book of mormon was correct and so he spent all this money to get the dna test done turned out there from side speaking from the heart who did it and i think you would think right i don't think you can i don't think scientists let you hide maybe some actually get out of the yeah a real lab that
doing those kind of dna test i would imagine that would be like an important finding and they would want to release it out again oh yes yeah scientists could cover up data than we wouldn't know that mushrooms can cure chronic depression from studies that was a carnegie harkins john hopkins university there's been a few studies now but are showing that yeah i don't know man everybody has come was going to say is everybody has come to united states from somewhere else right and that one day conceivably if people keep fucking that we're all going to be like one kind of thing one shade were all be like this sort of tan that but the problem with that is it's kinda cool you know when you walk in the street
and you see this dude who's black like coal he's got a little chinese girlfriend like ho boy i wanna watch those to do it but it's kinda exciting i mean it's kind of fun that people are different but we can handle that fun some people can't handle it without being racist and not only that because of racists we can't make racial jokes like even talk about like pretty
obvious differences in the races without being labeled a racist like things that are always so obvious and lest you making fun of white people you can make fun of white people to the cows come home nobody gives a because white people the majority white people are thought of as the oppressors white people owned slaves knocks at our xterra she can shed on white people all day long nobody ever gives you a hard time for sharing all white people yeah right yeah there is that the it's it's and it's no fun to make fun of white people either that's you know it's just sort of like yeah so it's no fun to make fun of someone who well when someone is in charge or someone is on the someone has power does the people you support this with because you're supposed to punch up right he shows punch up in comedy tony yeah those punch up which is not necessarily true because sometimes the people like might kurt my classic example of why punching opposite always funny is the sentences but about starving people in africa one the grace bits of all time is literally talk about starving children is hilarious but you know i think that like when when someone is in a position of power though it's open season on them as opposed to someone cultural marginalized group like we even if it's something funny or there's something from march last group and it's a really funny thing if you talk about it you can get in trouble yeah do you have you ever gotten in
well for anything racial like i mean doing stand up like jabba cross the line or crowd work wise or anything no no i never got in trouble but i've never i've never been like of racial comic right it's not really my russell like we were talking about the other day like russell peters russell half his act is about race but he can get away with it 'cause he's indian 'cause he's brown 'cause he's indian she's the chosen one he's a brown guy from canada that works in america like he's got it all yeah he could make fun of everything and be like what do you want some brown brown from asia it's a whole thing wrapped up yeah just got this thing on lock
india is asia right yeah i had to ask i was sure what i said it and after i said i was like yeah right yeah right yeah right but so is russia right that's weird yeah russia is part of asia wow yeah just the most people that live in russia not live in the asian part you've in the european part it's like egypt eg africa everything's of egypt is the middle east well what county is but it's also africa yeah my mind is blown right now yeah egypt is a part of africa you know it's fucked up when i went to italy egypt's like right there you fucking swim to it not really but i mean the the distance between egypt and italy is like it's fucking hop skip and a jump that's how the moors invaded sicily there
right there they got of raft they went over after his rape everybody it's real close man that's how people started getting browner italians if every race already aren't the differences in race in some situations based off of geography choice so that's why i was just trying to think i was thinking that thought through that everyone will end up looking the same color but that's if everyone lived in the same place right sort of people lived in the equator they end up being darker gonna be well live further away from it gas good point but how come everybody in arizona still fucking white in there people in chicago or dark now
some science now reflection go to southside chicago and they go to scotts dale and you like what the fuck is going on here yeah i mean the origins of those people for sure if you lived in a continent like africa or the sun's beating down on you all the time you need more melanin to protect you from the sun if you lived in a place that's always like norway or something like that was very little son norway have very little son i would imagine right iceland all fucking white people i we were talking i forget someone on the podcast this week and the tower babel came up yeah and giants and us yes it was i wrote something down when i came up so i had a thought that i'm not sure i could've looked it up i guess
i wrote down like internet english could be those my phone could be that tyra babble sing sing your language i guess what my internet english is that like aren't most websites coded an english because i think the internet started in like over here the w where you are speak english so you mean like html yeah like wouldn't chinese website has to be recoded in html and they could have some program that's translating their stuff so it's easier for them to do it i just was getting into my head like that's almost in some ways in like fifteen or thirty years that most of the internet which is worldwide will be communicating with a similar language i said that to my friend that's kind of brought it up and he asked if i ever heard of esperanto you if this language called esperanto yeah i have but i don't remember what i lived in eighteen eighty seven by some guy that was literally trying to create one language and it's
if you look it up now you can find out that it's not dead and there's one of the fastest growing languages apparently for people learning to speak something different yeah i heard of it up for this week how i mean it's one of the fastest growing language is is like what dallas is out there like you like english spanish chinese esperado it's right below russian is weird start to learn russian or safari or sipping were weird language i just like i just learned how to speak times new roman anyway you know what i've been into lately is did you watch yes well
love it when it started doing more research after that 'cause i was like jonesing for more narcos and they're done for now no season two did you go through just watched all of season so i'm only four episodes of god is it good and it leaves you just wanting so much more in the end and it's great it's great in a good way it leaves you wanting more and so i started watching more and more documentaries and holy shit what what is going well what goes on down there might be one of the most amazing things and all of the world which ones you want something temporary looks like it's got a spanish title and it's in spanish with english subtitles and it's got all the videos and all the pictures of pablo escobar all of it all of it videos of him getting dragged off the roof dead the visit the when he's young when he's spoiler alert
no no he said turning everybody that's like hitler spoiler alert stand well it's funny it's funny you mention that because i started a documentary yesterday about how on netflix about how hitler might still be alive and living in the andes and it was the dumbest documentary what i so badly wanted it to get my attention at all and it was just it at nothing half an hour and i had to shut it off history channel show call fighting hitler go searching for hitler because i thought that maybe hitler escape to south america that be great if he's in argentina or something well you know that was where a lot of nazis went a lot of nazis escape germany and went to south america
it be great if of people that went out looking for hitler ended up finding bigfoot and the people and the people that went out looking for bigfoot like in a forest and just hitler walks by and i still about your business where they found the bones with little mustache my friend adam greentree who's on the other day was telling we bought aborigines he came over house last night we had dinner an some stuff that are really wish he brought up on the podcast 'cause it's fucking crazy to abathur aborigines not in australia not only do they not have like most of them don't have a written language but they could live someone could live here and then you can live ten miles away and then be a totally different language and they they call their tribes mobs they called they call my mom this sexy you have one mom and then you have another mob that's like fifteen
twenty kilometers away with a totally different language and i will how many of 'em are there like how many different languages he's like oh fuck thousands like thousands he was i not only that when they die like nobody knows their language only knows their history it's all gone and there was this one cave like literally a fucking cave where these people were living in an they will were apparently when you know they settled this area like the aborigines obviously were there first and then when the white people came and settled when they raising cattle the aborigines were stealing their cattle to them they didn't think about stealing they thought it was a whole here's some food i'm gonna eat it so they ate the cows and the ranchers get pissed so they brought them food and poison them and there's this cave that he found that he took all these photographs adam did office site you probably find it green adam green trees page photography image and it is filled with bones
the bones of these thirty people that live there were part of this mob 'cause they live in these really small tribes and they poisoned them so they brought them food and they put he said we found like babies little tiny ribs like little three inch long ribs from the baby that got poisoned and he's people the entire tribe just dead and their bones which is there which is laying inside this cave and he's got photographs of this cave it's really crazy like he go inside the caves all this weird artwork of all these weird animals including some animals that like
don't even exist there are brontosaurus is depicted on the wall with a long nap or places us or something but the idea that these people live there for so long had all these different dialects and like someone twenty miles away would speak way different than people here and none of it was written down another history was right now like all of it was just like stories and they told over the campfire whatever thank you and i go into the of the excellent australia thing else after they have it talk about there if you watch finding bigfoot they say they have one okay what if he didn't get out much get on the ship they grew up there hager of sir hello yeah they have their own they have their own houses for rules or something mothers an animal and i think it's vietnam the call the orang pendek contents from vietnam somewhere around maybe maybe somewhere else indonesian babies in asia but the orang pendek because i got a sort of small hairy monkey man this like but i think it's a little i guess one like four feet tall or something like that and they stated that saying
police alleged that thing is probably similar to that hobbit man a mole floor yes for yes justice for yes this thing that's the same thing that saves from the island of flores they found these hobbit people legitimately more or a different species of human like this really weird looking three foot tall little hobbit person creepy i am in the league fairly recently but i think they found bones that were as recent as fourteen thousand years ago chase yeah so fourteen thousand years ago little hobbit people we're around not only that they think that they had like real problems of people at the interactive each other fought with each other maybe preyed on each other yeah they like the hobbits why would they treat hobbits in lord of the rings they were like through magical for some something now or don't no that they were
spectre right yeah they they some yeah i mean they were cool yeah maybe got fucked with they were little is just trying to remember 'cause i feel they didn't wear shoes did they were like their hairy feet number big hairy feet that's a little creepy can you you know when dominic monaghan was on the podcast i literally almost forgot that he was a hobbit yeah i thought of him as the guy from los charlie charlie from lost and round yeah he said charlie back he's alive were yeah he's great so yes i've been getting more into these pablo escobar documentaries just live in that kind of lifestyle you know what i mean just live in our life from smoking joints watching pablo escobar's let him join so yeah i like going to war
grandpa sweaters and shit he quit the worst clothes he had like bad running shoes pretty sure the card again i warn my special he's with some point and i'm just hearing that some people think that i'll chapo might have more money and more now reach then ask about it did but not more power or at not more power within the country is right well definitely not now yeah it's just different time here too but he's far he broke his leg trying get away jumped in there i think the reason got broad discuss this lawyer currently complaining that he's being tortured in prison and has been tortured he was in prison for a long time before though right he's in prison for a long time the escaped and the guy
come again they escaped again skip four times i think he's a freak is a big time freak how crazy that is sean penn went to meet him went to meet him and did an article for rolling stone shaking his hand i mean it's unbelievable what was he thinking you're a movie star dude why do you want to go meet pablo or not pablo escobar but el chapo did he give engineered i'm given and they're like dead tell someone where you met him
i don't know why stick like freedom i don't remember but i do remember that there was a girl that he knew that was an actress the folks at all yeah she bang them like a i hope so that's that's what i like about marcos the reporter check the bank's every now and then yeah king news but that life's cooper easy to think about that and a look at how they ran that and just hearing people and to be able to fight your own government and lock yourself in an escape and the people for you but with you and it's scary but let's look at it this way is it scary in the people that sell oxycontin the kill thousands of people every year and nobody does a thing about it they do a completely legal in everybody's paid off that might be scarier because yeah they don't have to use violence and she people mystery and threaten people scare people and people live under this blanket of fear that they lived under during the pablo escobar days but just me people are dying and and just much money is being made maybe more people are dying you are right and i mean about the fear thing like granted it's tough to compare the two but if you compare all the pop people that have been afraid of getting caught with marijuana over the past decades because that i feel like has mostly been brought on yes captain place by big medicine then and all of that stuff that stemmed from marijuana and like selling marijuana and having a gun for marijuana and this and that and all that stuff then and you put all that together it's a much bigger imprint than it seems you know it's been in print but here's the route the weirdest one now
in twenty sixteen for the first time more people are using pain pills than tobacco in the united states including cigars to cigarettes the whole thing everything more people using prescription pain pills then using tobacco which is not because you go down a street and see people smoking cigarettes everywhere you go away i love to read so i think you try to have a look at how many prescriptions with like are out for our off and the u s and has also look it up i don't think that that's like public info like they would want that out there with it well sometimes that stuff gets out and some sort of a one you know no second i had a hard time finding it i just have like rough guesstimation's different things they thought was happening based off or whatever but there's some people who was in florida you could go get ten oxycontin things like this that you just opened on things like those aren't being tracked
well that's not the same anymore they used to be like that but it's way different now back then when they were doing that the oxycontin express days there was more people that are getting oxycontin prescriptions in florida than the red the country combined damn that's the florida florida so crazy mister strongest painkiller that just makes you basically
my heroine is that in this most strongest painkiller the strongest painkillers that stuff how do you say at faneuil at all phenomonal fentanyl and fentanyl is spending a shit load of money to try to keep marijuana illegal in arizona they spent five hundred thousand dollars to try to stop the legalization of recreational marijuana in arizona is that not a red flag that they do that recreational thing on the ballot for in california yahoo i wouldn't add being discussed very much like it should be talked about lot it should be talked about a lot it's pretty much a
stab most in most people's eyes is gonna pass yeah i mean once they see how much money colorado's raking in plus jerry brown's our governor often hate being asked how you want to try to show a little money to us and our it goes in ring up recently on a podcast but i forget how much david it's it's as much as colorado if not more and it is so some reason cholera strike sixty six million dollars they're gonna yeah bully at like advocacy or something like that like they have that much of a sir plus how how did how do you stop bullying with money what do you do programs and stuff i think i don't know that they will tell you what you do you is the bullies of money that's how you do it you get the bullies the money all of a sudden guess whose lunch money they're not taken dweeby little sons how 'bout that solve the epidemic right where it starts to really to solve it would be to teach them how to fight teaching martial arts they wouldn't be beating each other up baby
competing or they look like pussies when i was in like middle school they try this thing with my grade school 'cause we were known as like the ghetto school of the like six or seven little catholic schools in our area cause we have black kids at our school that's why you know the gals who think so we were we were in the ghetto or anything like that and was a private catholic school it's not like it's not it wasn't free public school what was that all about it we want to get that to remain the black girls not most most middle school number nine anyway anyway so at the dances we would never like this is a nineteen nine in mid 90s like ninety six with a rap music was still like gangsta rap is getting big so some of all black it's like when they put it on or a dance then start we jump around and everyone get little kids at a party with thirteen either way all the parents or the kids at those schools didn't like it so we got complained to or against and for the next two years we had what they called conflict resolution as an app
so a class instead of my art for some for like a year where we had to like workshops and worksheets about how to be acting with other kids in situations like it was no one took it seriously at all but they told us that's what it was for is because we weren't acting like we got banned from the dances at those schools that we couldn't go there we had to have our own did you feel like a rebel just if is dumb we don't understand why it was done when why did this happen for being picked on which you guys clearly it came from i remember an incident where there's like a song came on and a bunch of kids from my school specifically gotten a song we're like jumping around like that their hands up like member that i've been slammed bionics all the white guy would this is why i think happen i'm pretty sure did like all the white kids were like freaking out like what the fucks going on or might have been teachers that were watching over well like what are all these kids doing from the that's cool
right oh school over there on the side do we can't be having that with our kids fuck that and i think they complained and so they segregate like two years later once all those troubled kids were up in high school there some new kids and aren't act enough will try to dance and see how it goes and then finally went away hey i got a dumb question that earpiece you worm has a microphone on it that microphone is not picking up man so they segregated the dances who wants to go to the all white people dance you know they mean why people don't want to be around black people well i'm in black people have the best dances i'll tell you that right now but if you're in a line dancing though
what if you're like super into like white white dance dance and at least not around here i was in i was in a country western bar once and they all started line dancing to some fucking song they knew the song and they all start doing this like dance thing together and we look at each other like what in the fuck is going on like they all knew the song and they were all dancing together that i do the dance like the electric slide but not electric but like a fucking can't dance yeah year was you ever seen a big group of black people do like one of those dance flash mob things yes and it was awesome wasn't it
i thought i thought one hundred and thirty three or four summers ago in san diego i remember it's when kanye and jay z got together and they made an album and they made a song called n words in paris and its told this summer and it was just one of those songs where you're hearing it all summer and it had a big beaten everything we were in an outdoor bar in san diego and all of a sudden it came on and it was like a hot saturday night middle of the summer and all of a sudden it came around the corner like doing it was almost like you were in the music video thriller and an i'm looking at them and then i take a moment 'cause i'm sort of like creepily aware you know what i mean to look around and see what the white people are doing at this like outdoor bar and everybody was just mesmerized it was like that
now like cirque du soleil mix that do is just a bunch of cool black people dance and walking down the street at the same time in synchronization with each other yes somebody video tapes from flash mob in the middle in new york city the other day like yeah they had something where everybody agreed to meet at a certain place at a certain time and then when the clock strikes midnight everybody fucking jump santa gets crazy and dances around i love she like that because that's organized by company that's not like some marketing campaign from some cell phone provider that's an organic things that people just decided to get crazy yeah when the intentions urge us to be silly yes they are fun and that's what makes it worth it yeah i kind of have to worry sir francis because you're the the mac
i walk to the top of fremont street that's what the winding one in the meeting of the naked bike bike ride was up there and it was just got it was all guys lombard st parts are not very much of the naked bike riders medical guys over forty
a lot of shape but they were all but naked on advice in the middle like noon mills huffy on their huffy it was not the right flash mod to be walking into worse watch function naked tits on bicycles flashing flash mobs in that interesting man that close or mandatory have you take your clothes off to throw you a fucking jail cops there weren't doing anything san francisco i was thinking about that the other day 'cause i was driving back from sacramento middle of the day on sunday and i literally went to the drive through they gave me a burger i didn't they didn't put napkins in the bag and i'm like i'm eating on the road i want to make it back to la
follow line our later i'm finishing my coffee just state that burger no napkins in the car finished my nerd no i didn't and the anyway and i start to have to and i mean like badly and i mean like it's an immediate emergency and i'm look and it's one of those stretches in northern california where it's like an extra stereo forty three miles and i'm looking at some driving on the freeway i'm looking to see like what kind of bush's there are and stuff and there's like nothing and i mean not that it's just cal pastors for ever and i'm like and behind that can't shut behind them you know you're just driving down look and they're squeezing them and i'm squeezing i'm squeezing so hard that for the first time in my life i was like standing up while driving like i was i was i was up on my left foot because it felt like my cheeks could get tighter if i like was in a standing position rather than setting and i mean i'm doing everything i'm literally praying to god for the first time in like five or six i mean like i'm like whatever if anything is controlling any of the universe right now because by the way they were also i was wearing these like gray shorts bill like cloth shorts i mean it would have been so terrible so terrible and what the we just saw you know sure about not having clothes on i realized right then like i'm like i'm i'm gonna have to pull over on the side of the street and without a bush i'm gonna have to ship one of my book then people are going to drive by and i'm thinking to myself powell legal that is because i think he can't even pull your pants down and get away with it and i'm thinking that's crazy being make it's crazy but we all poop and pee all of us yeah one hundred percent of all people don't find a public bathroom like this you can't just knock on someone's door middle of free went public it is i'm kind of yes it is well i mean you're not allowed to ship outside they give u p outside here's what it's really interesting yeah if you pee outside you get caught the arrests as a sex offender it's happened before actually if you were in view of a school do you go from a brown alert to an amber alert real quick okay yeah did you resolve it well what ended up happening was in my prayers to the universe ended up working because like you know how every once in awhile i mean i don't know how close you been your pants lately but like in my pants it bubbles up in your life and then sometimes it'll just be like all right let him you know let it go for a little bit and it'll just be everything will be okay for like two minutes yeah oh my god the past like hurricanes like when you hear people storm are put into minutes later there are and i ended up making it and what's crazy that i do remember where i made it to the first gas station that was forty one miles i mean i was just sweating i don't know how to describe forty miles yeah my question could emergency yeah your bought off the chair the whole time my left leg was sore my whole line get a job the master so it's crazy is that because like they there's actually another piece to this amazing puzzle is that
after you've been holding it for forty one miles or whatever and you know even do all this shit and once you make it to the closest restroom that first gas station off that first exit and you go to the men's room and there's only one stall there that is the stall of
demolition my friend i mean then that once i was in and i was i mean you just notice there's just graffiti everywhere there's toilet paper every every thing you've ever seen is everywhere because that is the stall of anybody who's almost that paint every man coming southbound from northern california that had the in this forty mile span last four live through that stalled or doesn't it is the stall so that's crazy is that like yeah there was a few other gas stations on an exit but i'm like i remember literally like i was in that final read like because you want to see the weird thing your body does to write is once you see the gas station you see the restroom that's what it's like you know it's like faces but just like can't take it anymore it's like there it is really bizarre that you're not allowed to be naked yeah like that your body comes like out of the box with no clothes we require you to purchase clothes for make them i mean if you i guess you could have a bunch of leaves glued together no one to stop you as long as nobody can see generals and then even then we have our rules for that like a girl can wear a thong so literally she can have a string that goes over her and then just a a little rico covers our class and where i good we're good do you have some band aids for example zones your dirty stinky brown skin right brown nipple skin you dirty thank you see all the the voluptuous ness of the outside it's very weird we're really weird with clothes it is like you could have like beaches where people get nude but you have to have an agreement like this is the is the beach where everybody's love to not work clothes for the most part the house door close
it was interested here for we're moving a camera take a picture like a geyser winning a camel or canoeing down the thing they stopped there was like going to bring everything like that everyone take a picture i was like let's get the fuck outta here like now let's take a picture and i was like alright take a fucking picture so it was moving the camera so we did and literally like two minutes later out of the woods middle of nowhere a sheriff comes walking down like hey guys hey black one that's going on is hey why don't you come over here on like off fuck what we do and also half of us are underage like some like twenty twenty one twenty one twenty one twenty two there two underage people i think and you're not supposed to be drinking while your canoeing too so we were kind of fucked but he makes all walk over to him and he's like hey just so you guys know what you just did is absolutely illegal and we're thinking about he's like we were thinking about taking all in right now for indecent exposure and we're all
like what the fuck are you talking about he's like who's we first place i go we've been up there watching you all five of us going up without killers we've been here for washer class twenty five minutes like i who should have definitely left we should have so left and he pulls the two underage people up next to him my girlfriend that i'm in this other kid he makes his dump out all of our liquor like one girl that kept by hit a ball a jack daniels and any files like alright you know we're going to move in less you guys ago but get the fuck i could fuck out here and nothing ended up happening but he also meant he said there like it's ok for all you grows to take pictures with your tops off but no classes that's illegal really huh and like i guess i'm from then i've always like thought or less i think when i learned that like girls are allowed to walk around the tops off in star stable knisley i think in some states they were in ohio now yeah in new york you can do it
there was like a thing that they fought for because men can walk around with no shirts on in new york but you know up until like the beginning of the turn of the 20th century it was illegal from end to walk around bear shirt and there was like a big yeah there's like a big movement where i think i want to say like the early 1900s of teens they uh they duked it out like they you know they they fought to have decency thing too well men fought to have the right to walk around shirtless his fucking hot out sometimes but women couldn't for like a long time i want to say until fairly recently and we x obviously like look i understand that a woman's breast is more titillating no pun intended but you can't say like men can walk around with their
it's hanging out but when we can show their vaginas let's just crazy it is beside that are there nipples have to be covered in our nipples are just like who the fuck model useless slammed my nipple in a fucking bank fault i wouldn't feel it numb they don't literally don't feel like anything they don't do anything i had a girl stuck on once i was like you could just stop sucking my although the same thing it is my elbow might be more sensitive so true it's weird because women's nipples get erect they get excited they perk up milk sheets out sometime you all excited no yeah they really really like it i think that for a long time i always thought that boobs for girls wear the same like for guys and it was like not that much feeling so i sort of like always ignored them quite a bit this vagina thing is the most important
then i learned a little bit later on the like girls like that it's so different than ours yeah i like last week a couple weeks ago yeah that's interesting it's interesting that the difference is what we're allowed to get away with what we're not allowed to get away with you know like imagine of men wore skirts to meetings man should have like skirts yeah kinda do but that's like this does does address i think goes down you knees yeah and it's got like a big belt buckle and stuff to make it cool thank you thinking of pilgrims sometimes they handle satchel thing did take a fanny pack i mean like i'm sorry but it had i pooped off that side of that road and just been like poop coming out of my butt and like a police officer comes an rest me for that i would make
no pun intended but i would make a really big stink about that because i mean it's like supposed to shit your pants in your car and just deal with it ask the question right what do you do and by the way it was a rental car i knew there was one more thing i was forgetting a rental car with a gray interior great cloth interior
answer well you should take that cop from that coffee just right in that coffin thing was is that it was a fan all seem like i'm already you should it and then he squeezed shut talk about the weather back in everything should work comes out like a volcano love the water i feel like all my god this is above ground i could literally so much it is rising above the water the toilet a little too small for me well usually a lot to show for fellow water and there's a lot of me does it ever i'm all the way up you would get that actually smelling like yes when the smell becomes three d literally going water change well not mean non entirely but obviously walking a bass reg so much old so we ask for the music that they try to log in there yeah what's with all matches is out of burning the gas in there because i was supposed to be all about just out i think it the fire sucks oxygen so myself to be something some other gases with that but
i think i think it's just the the sulfur and the things or then you just know that someone and they're still better than small should yeah you know it's good in your broader tom in those tasting it right just smelling ship molecules yeah if you could smell it in the air it's everywhere the gas molecules what a weird design every animal has you things in your by is i would take all these useful stuff got a lot of garbage just get rid of that stuff it comes out like there's no way he did is no way you can eat just the right amount of food where you don't ever shit or you don't yes just goes through your system over here i've heard of recent story again and all member why this came up i like regal rectal and what's it called the fecal implant fecal implant right so i was sick and he had to have his friendship with him or something like that and it made him better
that's disgusting and really weird how that works he does work family also ship put in there is something wrong and so you go somewhere else should put in a minute fixes the stomach some yeah well i have a gut flora is one of the most important aspects of health the it is only really being understood over the last few decades people really didn't know that the bacteria inside your gut has not not only does it just affect your stomach but it infection personalities in iran yeah some facts your mood if you will not that it's just the there's some sort of a symbiotic relationship that we have with our gut flora and when your floor as bad as all sorts of negative consequences on your means system
i'm big in the probiotics over the last few years i've been eating a lot of kimchi i drink what is that stuff called kiefer is a cafferky ferry kiefer about i never really say it i read it kombucha lot of different probiotics i take those on it total gut health packets i gotta stack with me i travel on the road within their own coin anyway without it but acid duffless like all that kind of stuff like having healthy gut flora and makes a giant difference on whether you get sick how long your sickness lasts you can't his earth can you take too much of that were by to square root of it if it doesn't want to do question i would imagine well it's healthy i don't know if it's i don't think it's like uh like certain vitamins are fat soluble and if you take too many of 'em it can fuck with you and you really want to make sure you get the right amount i don't i think that's the same with with with healthy bacteria
it's really it's like almost like troops thank you bring in healthy troops to fight off bad bad bacteria like for people to just soon name is listen this it does you get two super important you take probiotics it's very very important and never wash yourself with antibiotics soap ever because when you wash yourself the antibiotic so be strip your body of the fall got floor or overall skin for all the good stuff to you what you want to do is use stuff like defense soap
that is healthy oils that only promotes healthy flora and but it doesn't kill the the good stuff it promotes healthy flora and just protects you from the bad from getting like ring worm yeah but it's not an anti by bacteria so like anti back tears of mine i had a friend of mine who's a g two guys who had a ring worm started bomb washing himself with antibacterial soap any got ringworm everywhere because his body couldn't fight it off like a legal now or something or so his or something or a certain kind of certain chemical most of them
well we don't have jamie to check facts she changed her thrown around the fucking questions itself i started thinking about things i remember and i would have to put it already yeah you would it if we were doing the regular podcasts at the studio ghibli would have the answers up on the screen but now james like throwing the questions yeah yeah fda issues final rule stages and effectiveness of anti bacterial soaps bands reckless and eighteen other chemicals from soaps that reckless and is something that was found in lots of things like from toothpaste suv antibacterial soap brangus it's no it's no bueno what's the deal with floor i'd like what's the real deal with florida 'cause fluorides fucking poison but i've heard people say that fluoride is good for like for for healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay then i've heard that's total bullshit another thing that's helping your tooth decay is that you're not
but you know you're cleaning your teeth and that's that's healthy but it's not the floor i'd
the water supply in peoplesoft that's poisoning yeah it's like designed to make you stupid this is a she yeah new search suggest the know about that yeah this is a terrible research podcast this one well let's see here it says this you should be aware of well i think guys all the average questions no we're gonna have a a companion podcast of this where we actually check everything out a little over we were wrong about everything as usual it's kind of funny though that we do have this whole ecosystem thing going on our body this not just your body you have to protect your body from invading bacteria know your body's filled with back here it's like the whole thing's bacteria right it's like you're like a little planet yeah it's weird i mean we were we made we are made from like com being in like a hot even crazy now were made from stars exploding first yeah star head explode in order to create the very building blocks for life what not flock did mushrooms last week and and lot of stars out there joshua yeah yeah really felt like nothing amazing yeah so great i need to get out to joshua tree it's so beautiful up there we would win is are you do that stream for us is july september this year yeah it rotates either in july august or september it all depends on the supermoon he only does during this room yeah the weekends superman around like the week of we can you go outside yeah and the
brightwood but this is interesting this one was a different one 'cause this wasn't officially shrimp fest we just went 'cause we all missed well i miss shroom fast which was a couple months ago or whatever but and this one didn't have the moon out right away so it was actually my first time and for five years without the moon crazy as that is but it was there in a few hours but it wasn't the first few hours in the stars out there i mean there's just no way to describe it there just fucking everywhere you can't look at a specific place and not see a huge clump of them and you can't look at the sky for thirty seconds to two minutes in a row without seeing another shooting star it's impossible if you're not seeing one then you're looking down there isn't it created those are rocks from space and probably came from millions of miles
now when i was out there i was thinking about how that was the natural how that had to be like the first form of entertainment like what else would you watch yeah there was no falling asleep to netflix it was i sell the stars last night and that was it and you hear twig snap behind you hey boo
when you're out there wandering around on mushrooms you worry bout spiders or anything like that yeah i was afraid of a little we had a little little mouse that kept running around our campsite at one point i was like wait too afraid of was it about tiniest little mouse little cute emails yeah it was freaking me out just getting too close it seemed like it was on mushrooms with us and i'm like get outta here dude maybe like new you guys are vulnerable it felt like it goes in on ya yeah animals definitely know the difference between dark and a i think it really bold at night as opposed to during the day like during the day they keep the fuck away from like deer at night they're not nearly as worried about people that's like almost like they know all these fuck heads they can't see that good like
look bears it's really disturbing like bears at nine times it didn't look very very like confident they're not nervous about people at all if you ever around bears at night has starts getting dark they start closing in on you and looking at you differently to bears have good night time visit oh yeah lot were very nocturnal all animals are almost all animals can see way better and then we don't we have nothing because we have no evolution there but we have night vision goggles and guns and cars like biological evolution but we still got still got there we have a machine gun not the sunroof who played panama from led zeppelin or from van halen rather we blow away panama got him down fuck you revolution about that fuck your night vision we could see a bitch i'm trying to eat me
yeah bugs snakes all those things out and josh are trailer fucking creeping coyotes i haven't seen any of those things we've heard coyotes out there and that's creepy when that happens but you know they're like in the distance you just hear oooo you know that's cool right yeah super cool and it adds a real like your own so was that a human being fucking with us but do you know carrots are wolves i don't know are there wolves is there a small wolf there all in the same family they that's how they they make those coywolves they interbreed with each other back and forth there they make viable offspring too they know they don't make like like some animals make a hybrid in the hybrid can't give birth or can't get preg make another animal pregnant not coyotes guys to fuck dogs too so can false will can fuck dogs it's really interesting but
what coyote is like when first first discovered coyotes in uh the you know the settlers arrived they call the prairie wolves that was the first name for them for the coyotes yeah it's a lot cuter name coyote yeah but but then the aztecs called them coyote and then in the spanish called toyota and then that like that the spanish pronunciation the aztec name for coyotes great dog and go for the same thing now that's a prairie dog a prairie dog is is different than a gopher
go first different dogs a groundhog and as owners i guess who is this still questions over smaller probably right like yeah usually five of like gardens and then we'll go first i'll go first in my house a little bit thicker financial mounds of dirt and little fockers got through my lawn looks like it's like somebody just left a pile of dirt but it's really just go for pop through those prairie dogs though man they shoot the shit out of those things it's really crazy because they there a real nuisance on cattle ranches because they did these holes and then cows and they snap their legs and it becomes a real problem so they shoot him like crazy so people will set up on these fields but these call rifles with scopes i'm just waiting for his little fuckers
hope your head up and boom that sounds like fun there's video of brock lesnar shooting a prairie dog with like some ungodly gallagher fifty caliber gun they system that's the kind of hunting i can get into i could go out and be like prairie dog guy that's your new thing yeah prairie dog guy prairie dog prairie dog the bounty hunter i could see you going to sing with like a bandanna on a cruiser god lead singer poison for michael yeah i can see you like a prairie dog and and i went up with like daycare you put on like a wig fake longer hair yeah yeah what you said a prairie dog out there that's rail and then just get to go out
supposed to meet people out there they get they get out there a little early and you know expecting your out there a dead prairie dog hey hey hey what we want to let me know a row the whole we every prairie does yeah if you shoot nuisance animals is not interesting like those you know what's interesting is i was in prairie dog and then i'll try to figure out a work prairie dog and then it takes somebody out and try to find somewhere for the shit on public never show yeah prairie dogging it would that's why god prairie dog in it there is a is an animal called ground squirrel is very different than a tree squirrel and ground squirrels you can't eat them tree squirrels apparently are very good they taste good i've actually eating am i shouldn't say apparently have actually they taste good it's a weird little animal but
thanks squirrels each so common in some places like to hone ranch two hundred and seventy thousand acres huge ranch in california it has cows it has bears mountain lion deer elk turkey there is more bio mass in prairie dogs and all those other animals
there's so many fat not paradox ground squirrels there's more so many fucking ground squirrels so when the guy was telling it i was like what are you if you weighed all of the ground squirrels on his property it would weigh as much as everything else combined like how is that possible then we're driving down the road it's like just pay attention and watch them all and so as we're driving down the road you see them like as they hear the car coming they jump out of their holes and scatter and run to another whole gentleman scatter and you're seeing them all over the place like twenty thirty forty and in your immediate vision just pop it out of holes or running there take little holes the ground into him creepy
so they go out there and try to kill them but you only see them for half a second like you barely can get a shot off a good day you kill like two or three of 'em but this fucking thousands of am just running around doing little holes doing anything there's nothing underground well they spread diseases according this guy like certain mites mites become a real issue apparently mites or relaxed out about mites when i was in nevada you're telling me you can't handle a jack rabbit like if you shoot a jackrabbit and handle it and you of gloves on you can get these mites on you and they can give you a serious bacterial infection that you're going to need antibiotics for like a seriously dangerous and people have died from it people gotten that bacterial infection not get it treated and died might that's great
more of useless facts useless facts about no diseases on any animals that and then us yeah i don't know someone that's why this is face control got brains dog over there okay sense yeah australia so yeah try to ruin the party over there damn piece of shit that's a funny show do you watch that on netflix at australian border security yeah great
show are tsa is boring as fuck and we don't film stuff like for some reason our government doesn't care to make money like that you know what i mean like make a production out of it right but australia is like fuck it and pretty much they just get all these people coming in from america china canada your plane lands you're going through tsa they just start fucking like check out this guy right here he's acting a little suspicious right and then they come through and they're like why are you suspicious and there's like nothing suspicious what's going on like it's just like you know then they end up finding that you know they show you the suitcase x ray and they're like this seems to be a little something here and then maybe you want to tell us what's in your suitcase is there anything else i think they're always like now and then you know they find cocaine or something like that and it's like their smuggling it in from wherever and there
austin they show you right at the end lying he got sentenced to twenty years in australian prism like he just landed there and then it's been good by a hello welcome and goodbye done when you go to a place like that do you give up your rights to the film i because i work and the like i really don't think you want to raise your and our country is not really sick you know and i really different roles i really don't think they give a fuck i think they wrote their rolls around like hey if you don't want to get caught bringing drugs in then follow the rules well they're really rough on immigrants if you come there illegally you don't get a chance like settle down and the case they put you in a fucking boat they send you to an island number jobs apps was talking about it he's like it's really kind of fucked up like what they do but they have a very strict anti immigration policy like illegal immigrants do not get treated with any respect like what
trump is talking about pales in comparison to what they do on a daily basis in australia in australia which seems to be like the play it's really killing it right now i'm doing really good they're doing really well their economies super strong there's only twenty million of 'em in a country the size of the united states how many we have here we have thirty million in california we have three hundred and thirty million in the country so we have three hundred and ten million more people than they have and the same size country half as many people not show you this in ohio but then to put in perspective i think we need to nuke ourselves so i know he put it in perspective india i think india is a third the size the united united states
two billion people yeah this is a small you know they make a selling you look at a map they make a lot of kids but it's on a thing on it too sorry more questions for us the result was is gave strong the size the results from on the map yes way bigger than she'd like africa oh yeah afternoon way bowling for soup still itself is also way bigger than it looks like on that how big is india in compares would you guess i'm guessing a third i'd say slight no bigger than like texas plus a couple surrounding states so it's close really i think it's like half his big i don't think it is let's so how big is india in comparison
when she has talked indians have a lot of kids but i never see a indian porn you know look for i mean i've seen it a couple indian porn stars media i know me actually she's she's error brampton she does like like ice is born she puts on like that he said had jeep his job something like that and gets down yeah she does slightly more than one slash three of the us nailed it hedge fund that so i don't know i just typed in india compared to us oh yeah things come up right there i just got it yeah hopefully crazy amazing and a billion people so compared to australia you know me australia is three times larger than india
in india for can billion people in it oh those are perceived that's what's crazy is in india i'm pretty sure you can go anywhere and pull down your pants and take an emergency shed any where people do it well already said he saw people do in china wow who's pullover and start shit the size of brazil compared to the us and some of the same size wow that's real close was indiana topping thirty show brazil wow that's crazy well africa is the naughtiest one when you see africa in comparison to united states you know wow like you could fit everything in there you could fit america confit china you fit asia you could fit europe mean africa is fucking big man
woah woah exactly right wow it's bigger and blacker and everything started there that's what's bizarre it's all from their chris rock special rain bigger and blacker wasn't no that was uh i'm not thinking bigger and blacker i'm thinking the one we went to africa and did stand up when you had that once is that one black me out we skip changing clothes like i didn't understand why that was a good idea like this definitely cutting edge at the time but i don't know if it benefited i don't think it was i just think it was just a bunch of shows particular showing off that you are in a bunch of different places but it also releases the veil it pulled aside the veil in the same thing they doing the same setup punchline every night like that's like the hidden sort of subtext to it you're letting everyone know like this is like he doesn't the exact same way it's sort of it suppose is a little bit of the magic of what he's doing it
free comic like chris rock is so smooth on stage you get caught up in this like you not thinking that this is a well prepared well written well rehearsed bit you're just laughing at the idea but when you see him perform the set up in one place that punchline the other then you're force to sort of internalize oh he does the exact same way everywhere he goes he said it one hundred four it's almost like seeing it twice in some sort of way when you see someone is really funny and then you see them again to the same bit it's not as good is like even if you really love them it's a little less good you know and so he kind of had that in a special kind of built in still great you know but not in my line not as good but that's one of those things where you just keep trying to do something weird you know yeah keep trying to mix it up i
like if you did your whole special like from the beginning to the end with one camera but you showed up at from the whole thing will come some genius idea one shot on netflix tony hinchcliffe go see it now are you doing another one in october or we decided i'm not i'm not going when do you want to do your national i don't know i'm going to wait to see when somebody comes at me with an idea or something like that and i don't know we'll see then again if nobody comes out me soon maybe i'll just make another one at some point who made yours and then you sold it to netflix which is i feel like what i did with the ice house i can pretty much pitch that to anybody and i think they'd be down you know pretty cool deal so what's also sean is with the way you did it it's like you really get the sense of the intimacy of a comedy club which i think still is the best venue for a special you know cuz you're like
you know you're in you're watching television at home you're in your living room you're sitting on the couch just like that usually so like stand up show to be in a small room in know club so cool when i did the icehouse with you last week sean sullivan the gm there came up to me and we were talking a little bit about it and he goes man there's people that come to the spot right next to the parking spot here and they even they check with the employees on us they got isn't that the spot for tony stark's and then he goes in and then he comes back there yeah the the sort of like his like opened up there sir you know it's sort of like a a cool spot like i guess like we see that bullet hole in the back of the belly room sign like kennison slayer yeah it's like there's like a little bit of a language they never fix that sign they try
i fixed too many things they're trying to fix the patio floor now just see that word dibacco but nets not shiny now it was shining it installs want to slip and then they sanded it down it looks like it's bad man while they fix the bullet all of sam kinison put in that's our that's the other one the one that they the whole hope so i hope they didn't throw it out it makes zero sense to fix that still has the bullet hole in the back oh doesn't have a through the glass the plastic part was lit up how i didn't know that was the thing yeah he shot right thing really what a crazy girl came asal is there a good question back on the side some plan of their data got another was one year tune probably i mean if he shot a thirty eight at close ranges are believe that's what everybody said it was it would definitely go through that an into the wall bye
the way the photo for the cover of one shot shot by jamie burnett young jamie simi burning accidentally got cut out of the credit though she was literally in there and then he literally wasn't after that who cut it out it's just complete technical layer from the person who was my first non credit it won't be my life these mother fuckers in their non credits god damn it i'm done talking i'm the king of the non credit we can we continue this tomorrow at the show the can just we can add it on this to make a part two addendum maybe uh yeah this is your stuff like that would do something like that yeah why not fuck it yeah i'll just put it on the green room talk some shit yeah so
this podcast for now is over but uhm so we did a couple hours right now are in one slash two an hour forty could play and so we're doing westside barbell tomorrow we're going to be meeting up with louie simmons who's the famous powerlifter and strength coach of westside barbell you want to tell me who give you some fucking pointers i get jacked powerlifting and me we really don't see eye to eye bigger butt i'm just into the bag right now whatever dude i've been lifting or am i already looked pretty much better than you it's been like three months i don't i think he's all bigger than you alright
well jamie does that lessen tomorrow's podcast we're going to share it with he gets down there hey yeah we're gonna let the audience to see tomorrow night life it's just how the cancellous this is generous those who can all our in the long let's have a contest wrap this thing up so good night bye you thanks everybody for tune into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thanks stamps dot com go to stamps dot com before you do anything else click on the microphone at the top of the home page and tie j r e that stamps dot com and enter j r e and thank you to loot crate go to loot crate dot com forward slash row logan and enter the code word rogan to save three dollars off any new subscription thanks also to
caveman coffee go to caveman coffee co dot com use the code word rogan and save ten percent off of any of their awesome coffee products and seen ha thanks for tuning in i am gone for most of the week on busy some serious shit but when i come back i've got a lot of cool podcast scheduled for next week week including dan bilzerian jesse ventura a and powerful russell peters sh i got a lot of good podcast coming up folks and maybe this weekend for the eighth for off to with we may do a fight companion but that's up in the air so i'll let you know
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