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#857 - Dan Bilzerian

2016-10-12 | 🔗
Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality and professional poker player. http://www.instagram.com/danbilzerian
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the heavy beard that has guns and bunch chicks hanging around him he goes jets keen old time that's the motherfucker got surprisingly deep renews salient points in times and he told them hilarious ridiculous stories crazy game wing stories but especially at the end got surprisingly deep not surprised we may but i bet its present you not you you you talk you you over there who yeah you man god whatever their bills railways gentlemen the job will gain experience so outraged people in the world is not well received eleven like you so first while avoiding it started i salute you sir if i was a sixteen year old kid and i won the lottery of relative at exactly the way you live like if you ask me
sixteen year old kid aim of five hundred million bucks what would you do do i just have i just have better round me all the time i'd be jet skis be drive around ferrar ease and private jets you'll live like a life that doesn't even seem real it's does seem real to you now it seems normal as crazy as that sounds doing it for a while but that's actually kind of exactly what i did i was think it's started and if you'd like two thousand and eleven twelve side a girlfriend for about two or three years the fresh play made sure like a hundred thousand followers and she was gonna moved away to become famous in this in that and we have to break up and i shall end up in a place a sandy ago than a go getting a place in san diego then i got a place in la and i started playing this you know real big poker and i'm gonna be one guy for fifty four million and then be another guy tat serves like guinea freezes rise
yeah you know investors like there are some pretty big you know wins there and i was single and i was just like you know what fucking i'm just kind of kind of like you bucket list shit like whatever i want to do and i was again i'm just gonna fuckin deal i did and i posted bout it and it was like a part of the posting was because i knew it billy get me some pussy alec actually speaking girls which was get better like another piece of where gallagher fuck you to her but it was like never like really to become famous you know i mean i was just kind of like you know i was doing my thing and you know we're getting pictures here and there and then a kind of i mean sockets dream i say of the status of anything like a we here like a reach a hunter seven five million people on just jos insane you sent me ass some some measurement of all the different people that are looking at your stuff allow riddick it's inside
anna analytics yeah it doesn't make sense these its hundreds of millions of people here we'll see here and sixty one million three hundred four thousand nine hundred and forty one impressions this week that's insane and those just answered you know like these i hope that in another and and it's really under represented because first while embryos by another followers and likes and other shit right so is as really inflated and also i got actually colleague the opposite we got a lot of people are looking to my shit they carefully bc look at my shit like there's like some big resources name like every time i post a girl like that get up in the dns like a big big like like you know like fuckin down like hundred million dollar movies and shit
and he's like hit them all up you know so there's like a lot of these dudes are just stock real exist call marciano this fucking guys like everytime i close a chick she's got to guess campaign now you know stuff like i thought it was great for them too then why what up that's what i'm saying is like they're not actually like officially followed me right click that button i share their stock in years i've hard so they hit that search buttoning near the top of the list always there always search on you that's funny things look so how long has this been going on when did you start making all these easy posts and when this gambling ramp aids start why i mean i've been a gamble for in time but i think canada craziness i'd say started in two thousand twelve probably but it's just figure member i one like eleven million bucks in a night in my body who have just give him two thousand dollars to made me a million off it because he got second the world's her the programme
there are twelve may not a week's like fog it would take this do down below port of arthur with a bunch of children were now find you know now colleague dallas thousand one of the big ass she night i'm sorry i take that back broken up my girlfriend and it was a body my neck ass a very issue is you know he's pretty big did like the notebook and blow and you know it big director whatever and i play poker with him a lot and i just wrote my girl and i was go down to cabo i'm going to bring some chicks and i was supposed to we have one of the guy and the guy and a balance but he like committed see paper as part of the trips with me nick and think like wanna say seventeen eggs arrived sex nine times and one day i was so proud of myself ready by the end of his life goes like dust was coming out you have is like it it s body how do you want to have sex the night time but others gallagher like a matter principles of a billion but
cleaners walk down the street and he sees a hundred dollar bill he's is always gonna pick it in early right out me out in good order pussy whereas you hugger says like that you want to fuck me where i didn't care rwanda barriers is like our obligations seventeen girls now d pay these girls to curl that's ok so does the big i can say on addressing that on my ashley yeah i got asked coming out and i'm just going to baystate but you know i'll give you forget i say i am not opposed to adversary you know what i mean i have in the past of enough for tat the girl so it's like you know and i pay for maybe like ten or twenty seven like that and a stock as i have any in a moral dilemma about it and it's not because i think it's wrong in fact i think like safe from one
is one of the most like pure interaction so the guy gets what he wants the girl gets what she wants there's no bulshit i think like this whole like sugar daddy sugar baby thing is the biggest fucked up part because then the guys like pretending to like the girl he's pretending he's not fucking other girls the girl for ten in a like him it's like all convoluted bullshit is prostitution is as at the end the daily get is paying for sex right but they're not coming out and sang it it's not like hey i want acts and i'll give you my why like the guy from the clippers with doll sterling and that girl come on man they're all to hold their native land rather they all have like these five girlfriends supporting them than the girls have other boyfriend they don't tell in itself a good thing billions but for me like us it is not a moral thing saddam army for me it's a monetary thing i ve said much preferred just give a girl money fucker and be done but for me if the guy not enemy than underside come out into the sex that's the hang out for me but not i like that's actually healthy
yeah i mean from it it is i mean piano make these big judgment there they're gonna make me ginger it's on you first of all because you doing some staff that just like so far to the right end of the spectrum it doesn't make sense like how the fuck is he all in all this off it it's like it seems an attack nepal so they can it make wally's this guy's wrong in these would never do that this ain't a bunch of crazy shit because the the well you're living is just so bizarre but that's the thing people just like can't rap their hands around the fact that like you know they then could somebody geyser pan right now people chicken often record numbers like because instagram and all the seventy access that people have like taking off mean paying for us our came for sex in like record numbers like it's let me first of all it should be legal just like the message should be legal nobody wants a rubber feet nobody wants to suck my dick but paypal is the oldest profession like says the history of time it is
it is well known that the big talk chimpanzees the value of currency they gave chimpanzees coins and they gave them coins and then every time the chimps would give the coins to back to the people that given candy you know the chimps did the first fuckin thing they did they gave the coins a female champion they fucked up where is the first thing they did researchers like jesus that is number one the first thing they did so there s a little bit about it it's it's nothing does nothing wrong with it and the like making pleasure a crime is ridiculous there's no victim no one's getting her think of all a shitty jobs that you can get paid to do in get paid a clean toilets and get paid to fuckin sleet attics there's a lot of what terrible jobs you can get paid the mob up come on a fuckin on the floors these like you don't jerk causes other ways or whatever it is it's like attitude that i've no issue
he's with it i don't want you think it should be illegal it's a victim was crime yeah i just like for like i said for me it's it's the it's the mental thing and i just i got me and i couldn't fuck all the girls you know if i had five dicks that's what do you know what i'd like brian i got used to and as you know is kicking the real deal you know it's a guide as i said is no comes i kissed her is some there's victims of some prostitution right there's people that are abducted and is there a certain people entered like sex traffic like sex slaves that's real we're not talking about that year but we're talking about that exactly you said that that sex slavery that really like a girl same hair one extra water that's her say hey you gotta do this i again your ass beak yonder there's a big way big difference we big difference between that a lot of what you see no way as these girls
they want to wear the nice purses and have nice shoes they don't really want to jobs and they want to live in a nice apartment but they don't were kind of my work this embargo again back to your last thing if it was legal there wouldn't be the pimps and hey you're gonna do this really your ass be all we regulate it just like drug dealers and also than than the beginning you know tested and they're just be like a whole regulated system exactly minutes much as i hate pain pills and as much of a lost friends to pain pills and oxides and all its different shit there is no fuckin war is being fought over there's not bluntness rates of war as mexico overpaying pills in all that shit is over drugs that are illegal soon as those drugs become legal i think probably less people use them and viewed get tax dollars from in the least there would be some sort of a solution in terms of light treatment and responsibility and you'd be able to look at it a little bit differently yeah just think there's too much money and kickbacks for that to happen
i totally agree i mean i think alcohol is far worse for you than many drugs and again you know i mean how many times have you seen people get and you know fights or shoot people or you know wreck their cars because their high on our home we do know never happens you never have on alcohol you no more be ordained from you know alcohol related deaths in their farms that they want to ban the guns you yeah it's it there's a there's a lot of real problems with that for sure and you know there's also these companies like the company makes vent and all that those fan sentinel super strong pain pill painkiller that's ten times at least more powerful than oxy cons believed us with the numbers they are spent in five thousand dollars just to keep marijuana illegal in arizona because there you know they ve got it on the ballot to make it record surely legal in the state of arizona so their put not all these ads and they have the sole campaign to try to sway people but they just do it for business
has nothing to do with public safety or health she a fuckin thing about hillary clinton while the wikileaks things that hillary clinton she that wiki truly some paper where she was in communication with bankers when the emails and she was saying that she was gonna stop weed and choose gonna make sure that we was not legal when she was gonna do her best and stand our ground and all this nonsense leant reveals went and promise bankers to stand against marijuana legalization like what the fuck hilary she's very brutal just what the fuck i know you're bought and sold but you have enough money lady much money you need not gambling with and those areas where the fuck so your money go and i read it carefully because what are they pay these president's like twitter for decay year four hundred thousand nausea and they're all worth hunted all millions or go you there is a saying donnelly like she was trying to say that once bill gotta the office he was dead broke will you not dedbroke now too
did you make all their money that they're worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars it's off from speaking arrangements and paid a play and weird fuckin shady deals they have with banks in their duty speeches and nobody wants a fuckin here and they pay em quarter million bucks an hour i'll preposterous yeah the more money you have in the more you gonna rub shows that these people you gonna get a look behind the curtain and see that unites us is politics if you look at the definition of politics i mean it bullshitting right if you feel that is part of political right is not being yourself exit which is the opposite of what you're doing me you and we can answer a politician and a lot of ways but but what i want i want to get out though is do you get here because you're you're so wealthy do you get hit up by people that are in the political spectrum that use your influence in your me you have me fuckin flowers you have to nineteen point something on an ceramic tenant
million on facebook and twitter but i mean that's insane there are more than the whole you have see either reaches create two point two million followers that's crazy and it's all just pictures you grab intent like this one right here this is what this solaris is like someone told you that you shouldn't you should pose something more oh my team as a year to clean up you know like in others burma bunny team faculty for like this all his money up there you know you knows this is the wrong your pay seventy million bucks sooner for though i give you make all this money it will do this just drive a truck the envisaged by the truck it does afforded commercial seventeen million spry worth it i m the rise like sixty seven million from insane ship it he's a guy movie star you know you're a zoo takes pictures for checks that's a big like i feel like i gotta be maybe like the most
this guy that never had like a tv show like a real talent hundred percent does not eat no one even call i was gonna relatively like everyone else that's gonna go you the number one dollar but that from america where the number one power i'm i'm i'm giving you the crown now broken ground i put it on you agitators worries about some guys i didn't know you didn't when nobody knew today are yet public ball yeah ok fisher mailer got it's kind of putting out there because as you know most guys yet they had a job in a wife the family you know whatever i just caused said fuck all that they can accept me or not done this can do it how old you thirty five do you think that
he's gonna come a day when this is going to be tired anything if it does come a day do you think you're ever gonna go the marriage route is that possible at this point so look you know i mean i'm a gambler bed half minute worth unrelated forever but united that not to say that i wouldn't you now have a girlfriend or are you not capable of being monogamous just for me it is more about ops it's really like a daily comes down to moscow as earn relationships i feel it because it's either hey i'm in a jerk off on saturday night or are going to put up with her shit and i get laid you know it's like in a lot of its out laziness lot of assad lack options would have the case may be but is not correct leg for me i think are correct relationship as guy that could be fuckin you know five or ten girls and he chooses to hang out with this one girl because he likes her legs hanging with her and she hangs out with him cuz she enjoys his company
regardless of what the reason as you know a lot of people are like all other girls gold digger they want a hate autumn but you know at the end of the day if guy has made his money from a successful business and nuno being smart and and he has in fact off like it he's a doctor whatever that to me is more of a part of who that guy is then a girl that just born hot so far guided like a girl just because she's hot i figures like the most superficial thing of all time well i mean just be nice skip hopefully she does but i've seen a lot of guys are with a girl just because she has hot and they don't get as much shit as a girl that's with a guy because his successful it is yes money is true it is true it is true like the guy who earn that money it's his character and his willpower and is discipline that's allowed him he's smart is loud him to earn money orders got lucky spock
probably some lucky ones when but you know you also have to hold on to it once you get money i mean you got every ass former mother with her hand now in front of the scam you and miss easy to unify offered genome make bad investments sir in whatever the case may be yet is that it is a funny little situation there is and it because like it's also the way women are allowed address even like a like a respectable woman is allowed to have her tits pressed together and pushed up and should not have a skirt that's just like a little a little light vagina kurt you know that's really out as more panties and needs and smooth legs and high heels when the whole thing is sex what below cost selling lustreless ira bathing suits the fact that every bathing suit now is it basically thong and the fact that like a banks it shows more than like the most
revealing underwear back in the day ever used to rome but it's like completely socially acceptable than on halloween they can where even less than that it painted it ok yeah it's like literally but naked saint went deflected pay become close we feel pain on deck and went out you get arrested right welcome a girl more penetrated speaking then you deck i want to know i want to know the double standard it is a double standard nobody wants you dead painted lot that's why the specialists like market flag or something or if you want to see it is where there are we are double standards but it's also people don't want open mouth because they don't want first of all they don't want anybody to think that the wider women do is what are you complain in poor guy you don't wanna hear that but it's also when men and complain about the double standard in like marriage like what he said as far as it being a gamble it's a terrible gamble for a wealthy man it's terrible
because like it's it's essentially a financial agreement love agreement will now you're asking government permission to be with a girl and if you decide that you don't want to be with them now you have to go asked the government and the need to get more involve and it's this whole process and in my eyes it makes both parties field will not both parties cuz usually you know it's kind of a magnet like one is push a little bit further than the other and if you know so there's one kind of like always chastened or whatever so for me it just makes the party that's a little bit less invested just feel trapped and when you're in a relationship and you feel trapped the first thing we'll do is run right so you got this one and you know that probably and up feeling trapped and the other person in connor gets lazier complacent i feel it could just snowballs in others like a lot of momentum things right so if relations just start
gotta go on down hill and your trap in it because you are legally bound i just feel like as is getting worse and worse and the girls gonna stop giving the blow job and the guy's gonna resent it then maybe cheats in areas like this whole cycle that just wouldn't happen if you're hanging out cuz you wanted to hang out because let's face it if you're if you're hanging out with a chick and you like her she's cool and then she decides to just completely let herself oh and she turns into a fat ass ensure she just like stopped one of saxony you're just gonna fuck other girls you're not gonna hang out with a right but if you're married your you don't really have a choice and we now your colleague yet asked the government permission in us and yet you go yet where's involved you live in the same place you gotta takes forever you have to agree on terms and you have to pay for her lawyer our rules that you like little like trapped in the same house with the birth dislike yak seeking crazy ingrid crazy i've seen it easy i'm sure you have two when people get divorced mean it is that one of the most dreadful things a person go through in their life
and when you working you're working all day and if she's not king that's what's really crazy out of body was going through a divorce his wife never worked and he was working you know ten twelve day expulsions ass constantly as own business and she would be fuckin off and doing what she wanted during the day he had to pay for all that on top of paying for her lawyer and her lawyer was trying to fuck him and then he had pay for his lawyer to battle her lawyer and they all just dragged the whole thing out took over a year and a half for him to get divorced is of a year and a half his poor bastard just mean free now but god but try to get a merry now you're fucking shoot you in the face of even bring up that worried sick he went through it i mean they have therefore gambling its negative free role where you can basically only lose you have no upside you know a killer friends is a negative role is like if i to tell you a in a finger bench press reenter pounds i'll give you ten thousand dollars will i just can't win
anything you know you can't do it then i know getting so it's cow like a miser eyes the situation where you can just lose its colleagues buddy you got no relation he just like delving like super hard core really fast and i i told them i should look like i just fill you dont have a lot of upside by doing magaziner you get hurt and if you just take it slow like worst case scenario you know you just weren't quite close for a month but i said you know if it doesn't work out there now you invested in all this time in this effort and dislike and i felt because has he went so hard core for those girl economy like you know sometimes makes them run away a little back they know you the enough people did just nature one would they can't have rights if you just give it them immediately than its collar till i look at this bitch yeah colleague losers back for a little bit it can happen or can be perfect in irate relationships just have to be organic that's what it really has to be
in its initial involve legal contracts this non organic came exactly like once it once i feel it wants a fourth be forced and then than whilst when there's no prenuptial too that's when things get really screwy you know when you find out how much people are actually have to pay i have talked about in my pockets for but have another body whose painters ex wife the rest of your life they are married for twelve years his two pair forever forever new boyfriend he's married he's got kids now with another haven't the most brutal parties when they they gave the boy friend and now you're like support in this dared to bang your wife not without a dude lives in his house and every time they send a lawyer over to check the deputy guy packs up stuff it's a joke he throws it in you hall he drives around the corner wait for the inspector leave all the way around and brings the shit back it's fuckin insanity because you know he's got this ball or house in the palisades is living with this girl and the only way to get screwed up if she marries guy but he's got no any money so she's never gonna marry this guy i mean she would she would have to
bank on marin is guy would be worth i think my pony pays or somewhere on a half million dollars a year forever forever for alive so they they were married for twelve years they ve been divorced for sweet pea so he's been painter longer than they were married just to swim can jump off a bridge over that zena like us have negative rural eyes i dont see the upside right what's so rare that it works out the other way it's so rare that a woman must pay a man ass one things were it's it's like men victimized left and right by this and we talk to people by those a guy you will you fucked up will you shouldn't we should get a pre nubbly well ok maybe maybe could say other things yes maybe was a mistake was obviously mistake under the the the whole spell of love and to have this be
financial entanglement that can trap you and i'm talking about my friend doesn't even every kid you didn't every kids this lady so it's it's insanity it's just just a robbery it's just a legalise robbery and ass heaven is coming with a buddy mine who is married is like were in look at it that way i go look at it this way then the business of divorce and it is a bit whenever this money involved in something there's a bunch of people who try to figure out how to extract that money and the law the only money is in taking money from the rich guy that's where the money comes from this work only way you get the money you don't get the money if the the girl doesn't make much money and everybody wins if the rich guy gets fact so if the if the legal battle for the divorce last two years as opposed to two minutes everybody gets paid the both lawyers on both sides make a substantial amount of money the woman gets a substantial amount of money the guy gets fuckin drain like a vampire and that's what happens predominantly
yeah she's usually the outcome of you know a lot of times when a rich guy gets involved anything is ye gets drained and that's kind of goes back to my previous one of why i feel like women that are dragged guys at a successful you know it makes sense because there are so many people trying to take that motherfucker down again when you are at the top of the hill like you know everybody has to get up there in bringing down well it's just nature i mean it's it's like just like a moose havin a fuckin giant set of antlers all the other moves like those antlers and it is it's a thing that exists in all different species mean there's no there's no denying that when a guy pulls up in a rolls royce and flies in his own i've agenda does a bunch of things it nobody else can do that people just go and women automatically genetically get attracted to that guy for some strange reason days you your buddy ball and border control
did you get all your money originally so that's another common misconception and i didn't really i really talk about at her sanity about it just because it help me out so much in poker but every his thought that i was in our research funded at parents gaming ointment i saw that actually allowed me to get into a lot of these power games because it are you a fish yeah sickle weird it's not just that but in poker of note that if a guide loses money to another guy and he knows that monies gonna help that other guy out or his quality lives can be improved by that money it really it irritates wrangling i'm guilty of a two if i lose five million hours to a billionaire it doesn't let me nearly as much as if i lose maybe a couple hundred thousand some guy that's like pretty broke and now he goes
buys a new fucking card my money and others like this fuckin guy you don't like that's where i don't know why in it at its kind o connor intuitive you know but another thing about is like if you lose money to a guy that has a bunch like you always think that you know there's a chance you could win it back to so there's that piece of it lose money to a guy doesn't really have much and he goes unspent wall like you're never gonna back again yeah that exists in poor like a lot of guys don't want again with guys only have one barrel jack i'll play a game pool for a hundred bucks but he's got a hundred bucks
might have ten thousand exactly see look you're upside if they go get best case scenario walk away from this is this guy last hour but which to meet some guys get off on that to me earlier or break a guy right but then you look at it the downswing you that is like ok i could like guinea spend ten thousand trying to chase my initial hundred bucks i lost so you have to take that there's just a lot of things and gambling they have taken account you know that with the money management psychological things yeah so how did you make money no point poker you made it all play poker yeah while that is insane isn't wouldn't you for eleven before you play poker and because of the military for years and when i got out got honourable discharge i you know i was getting some disability money from the aid is because i got a lot andrews and was gone there buds and then and just at another and just interests all medical checks they do that is document all things that are wrong with you so you get a percentage for all those thing legal culture was wrong my age
first time bilateral stress fractures so i was you know what went into buds broken legs and so i was going to eat about your motor and it burned hole in my stomach at acid reflux they end up getting so bad they're actually going to kick me out of the name so you're gone through buds with broken legs first our nanny i never knew that yeah languages or when i get medically drop the first so i mean scandal long starboard is i'll try and give it the cliff notes so went to boot and the set ever ran was like two miles and illustrate eyes globally are thrown jail my senior highschool setting graduating you didn t kids you only degree slender play poker oil is that so by the military got together brook camp in a squaws in austria a ramp up from like vacuum grown children area for a start run and so
start run and i got over use in return in distress fracture they basically put me on medical hold and my detail i said look you can stay on this medical hold to your legs are healed and then i'm going to send you to a shift for two years and then you can apply or else you can get cleared and go straight to seal training so i was like okay cleared when still trying to drop in the first day i had to request talk to captain and finally the captain's like okay you know i'll let you i'll let you a business had looked gimme a shot amartya here like let me just train what's a worth having we're gonna die again in a break the leg worse so said if i make it through how just given medical rosa gash work had got so the guy let me train does i should first bet i made my doctor who is whose ago vietnam ceilings like you so fucking pissed so that the seat co allowed me to train so he's like i'll bet you a hundred bucks you don't make it through hell week is a hundred bucks or twenty bucks you forgot but i bet the guy and i won the fuckin money and three weeks after i was just like i mean i could barely why
you know so i saw getting rolled and they kicked me out and so i went to my ship open the ship was like the the captain the ship wanted to take me out to see even though it's supposed to be on crutches so it's like this motherfucker so after after going through the hardest thing and then getting dropped now on a boat and i'm supposed to be a heel and up the sky was taken out to sea so okinawa and i requested to going to see my wisdom teeth and then when i was there i was like hey you know check my legs like okay will do a nuclear bone scan so when i was supposed to go on for they said you come back in two hours i went for a two hour run and in just like my fuckin naughty like my fatigues was like a work uniform as a button down assure her to our run take a shower came back i looked at my legs i like your legs are fucking destroyed lay i can't believe you can walk and legalities motherfuckers hook and so they're going to kill me
navy side it like that the algerian medically discharged from the navy and took em so long that actually request to go back i just on their forget because i went in to talk to the ceo of my is like a limited duty security detail or whatever and he goes let me get this straight because you're about to be medically retired from the military he goes for broken legs and you want me to request your approval request for you to go he'll training because how fuckin stupid are you and dislike i would really go to say sir you know this is like easily get the fuck out of my office and i also think about us like i am like he'll vendor steroids i feel great talking to work it out like it's been like eight months right like i feel like i can go do this again so i had to pull some strings and and face i just had to get cleared and then i had to pray that i got
and the bugs because if not to go to a ship and then i do it was just like it'll be the biggest disaster while time so that was one of my biggest campbell's was doing that i'd like for a free ride for the rest of my life medically retired like in madeira will the veteran like in all this great shit and i call it gave it up to go back and yeah when it is obvious and he goes yes he does you might be the stupidest mother fucker of ever seeing he does he gets up because you just better hope that you don't have to back this commanding seek as yet equated fuck drugs and take it discharge so now sir
so how would they of discharge how they have paid you for life from broken legs mean don't the legs he'll up alone you're ok that's the thing is like it just it had been basically since it was documented because when i got a book amadeus guy had em and had em all through buds whereas a broken bilateral trivial stress rasher sohmer to us and then that's the one right the fabulous smaller one year if he goes on the that our media which but i think it is the very one and is author buds and then on the boat so it was very like a broken leg like a year and a half per year in several dozen saint is basically like they're like ok well this guy's legs are just never gonna fuckin he'll right like those kind of like the military's take on it was like ok well he's been unlimited duty like this analogy his legs should have he'll by now and made his art so what are we going to do with them so blind wasn't healing i'm still confused
there's still training that kind of factors them up fertile bet and then in oz on the boat and i was allowed to use crutches and then i think i visited i'll straw is probably me fuck and gone on to our run a purpose for yet another purvis why but what was the goal of where the fuck off the shit you know this cabinet with such a dickhead like bright went through all the fuckin panties going to like i went through you ceiling if i let my legs yo you fuckin the guy like gallic wanted me to extend watches on the book is a colleague spaces like a fucking him so you crushed your own legs to get off the bow and then try to get into seal training yeah i'm so long journeys alone process me out of the military and that they had healed and says like laugh wow that's hilarious so just from those broken legs you could have been set up where you got a pension
yeah and all of that but like if you're at like a disabled veteran you get like that you're eligible for like a lot of shit you know if you like medically retired scandal i can you in the military try to you know in their forever like you just got andrew energies are they like make a lot of allowances for people like that like having to give you like your first learn your house for free if at all bunch of shit her mothers i looked into it when i gave it off so then what happens then so then i went back into buds or she'll turning wherever and i made it two days for graduation and rolled although it back beginning and then i did the whole fuckin thing again watching it rolled all the back to the beginning sir when i went the second time china had attitude of dislike fuck have already done this shit and i just also
i don't know i mean i was just in great shape and i just i wasn't worried about anything so my attitude was like okay well worst case scenario i'm just going to get beat and i don't really care so i just would i just figured if i ass everything and i like performed well and i didn't quit like they couldn't kick me out i kind of didn't really like kiss ass or anything i was just like whatever like you know and if i fuck that it's okay i'll get beat like you know by pretty hard dude i've been training you know like two years had already been through how we can now like doing it without broken legs like john through vote broken legs now my keel unlike fuck you know like nothing giving now since their worth what's going to happen when we get hypothermia i'm going to do some push ups like whatever and so i just didn't really have a good attitude i wasn't too worried about like the other guys in the clash i figured you wouldn't lose most i mean start off with two
thirty nine guys and we came through how weak with like thirty for my first class who started with a hundred and nineteen and we came through so days a year like you lose most guys that enjoy a man i was a majority but i just want to graduate so sobered had they kick you back then why cited i got one safety violation forward the instructor gave wrong order were on the range and were facing downrange gave about face and drop so half the class just did would work we did the about phase we drop in our like pointing down range right so half the class got a safety violation for that and then the second one was we were doing i add like these live fire drills and one slash two classes behind the burn the other half was doing it and then we switched and i was behind the and my off my firm italy a big mound dirt ok
and my the officer in charge of my class you didn't like me so you had me watch every single night and he put me on the middle watch show out on the island you get six hours of sleep max if you like fall asleep when you get off and then you wake up the second and you don't clean any of your gifts so he put me on us on a watch in the middle so i got maybe like an hour in the beginning in the night is wake up for two hours for the watchman maybe if i could go on better get like an hour maybe joyously run an unreal asleep and so i was behind it fell asleep wasn't a big deal a big deal most guys boat but my book remitted didn't wake me up like me so now technically sleeping during alive fire drugs they did a class muster obligates laban as sound again to go off in your sleep and yet in all the other guys that syria we were just like we're sit america's it you know like forty as for some they're doing their shared and where does land there were none
doing it we're not supposed to be involved in a way they could only have half a glass and arrange to have as a sitting there and then the other half is doing it and fire like i do during hell week i fell asleep standing up you know so i was like yeah you get tired enough you fall asleep like no matter what so he came out of that so yes role or back so cerveza they get up for me try to think and i like what you got to safety violations whatever and i was just like you know i didn't really even explain even really like at the time so brainwash these guys like gods you don't really want to argue with em desire instructors it's like you can't even like havoc our satiable these guys you base your question that grants alike who yeah you don't yes or no it's like a so so so yourself a condition did not like argue that ain't really like defend what happened you eunuchs about it i walk in there and like defended legs are looked like half the cloud
this given the explanation but in mortal role like argue these instructors does your dislike so brainwash was some does look in i don't care of go do the whole fuckin thing again oh yeah has again how the whole fucking course again so they rode me although back with the whole flock they again and in this instructor that didn't like me he just eat couldn't find excuses the third time you just admin drop me i didn't know that was a good thing i didn't know you could get admin drop but yeah i just got animated all the way through any admin drop you haven't you think he's stocks your instagram page right now i don't know but did you remember zoo problem probably probably yeah i mean he's probably heard of me now i mean this is definitely you know it's love or hate you know the guy that no more easily in getting saying the guy's a doubt usually all talk shit but so you d get out and then what happens as such the pay of ideas risen yeah it knows it was far too great amr god
i went to college when do you have ended for years there my profoundly military to it did for years a pay ideas i tourism yeah it knows it was fun at a great time gouge my brother taught me how to play poker like the first year just get all this money from the vienna the july bill and i got grant as eligible for everything right sir that's we learn how to play poker yama brother shot me and then as planning com finally some online serve out a couple of turning rosa real into it and they taught me little been some home games and now has the hats style our broke my sophomore year so just like it was a wild ride to sell some guns and went and played on the gambling boat for like a week and turn like this i saw three guns seven hundred and fifty bucks played on this gambling boat for a week turned in ten
went to vegas and then turn that into one hundred and eighty seven thousand at bellagio two point four three weeks straight never forget it while so that was the launching point hundred eighty seven thousand at the biological three weeks collage created dan bulgarian essential they started so there you go and you just become this crazy bawler poker player there will be no this slow rise wasn't hell i do think how the inner thou is now as those two thousand five you know i i got really lucky i came into poker the time when really not play this fuckin guy chris moneymaker you know each other
twenty five dollars into like a two or three million are win any was human that great so like the new gold rush like everyone to play poker rounders had just come out yeah that's what it was yet a lock and movie i remember that it was that in a celebrity started plan is a slight goes one of the things were and there wasn't really any like training tools at the game hadn't been solved like even the pros warrant that good then so really yeah me there was it was this candlelight giving back in the day you like the old prose the way they want they just cheated really yeah i mean there is how they cheat there's more cards is called back there's a million ways that you have never play poker a man might played once in high school or something like that an airplane my friend ari are you sure fear he you when he was struggling in hollywood when he's a static communion and when he wasn't we just start now he would make his money play poker gotta problem amendments and new made way more money play poker than he ever did do and stand up yeah
we are told us very high drop our guard cut piss room again oarsmen one's job radios drank a bunch of ice put up down bulgarian and i were the same pants both wearing camel pass a thinking deserves a more than me though he went to how weak i've just hidden from animals three times but my parents are their fake i mean as bottom on amazon did not like then i like real camel either someone coup your first lighter what a fucking character though her those crazy share it like a lot of people hate on that dude ever met him a couple and as one reason why i want to do some is simply a super nice guy but every time of talk to people bottom does for their good work the foot the good hate a lot this class of course i mean he's like all i mean the fact is that paying those girls
i find that suspicious defined a suspicious you dont know really i mean why they there than they can get there i should do their jobs their hot tiree loans of money let us leave some cash round could be the landowner they're getting good gigs out of it i'm sure they're getting good gigs out of it i mean look what the fuck's archives named corey feldman he's got feldman's angels who would have thought that is right you have had this house have checks yeah like chauffeur will they he had to pay those girls we i there are plain to see was that i was saddened me does more sad to me whether they have anything like i could teach i want a bang you hands guy thick beard built no military man got a lot of guns tat makes sense to have two things always like ours for girls that i've daughters now it's i would think about some
poor girl bang and you have learned is gone if it is not just him it's kind of like all these fashion guys fashion don't you like me this poem or siano amity bangs every chickens in gas earlier serbia's cannot even if they set it up right like runnin away my whole it's kind of like life setup right so you like set up your life to where you don't really have to work for what you want you know exo in a pussy for instance like if you set it up correctly like i mean if you buy a big brand or modeling agency or whatever it is and you're providing these girls with a career like frances us you ever so if you become a playmate you're guaranteed twenty five thousand dollars you now yours i mean this is back in the day right right is like in ten years play was hotter and earn twenty whatever what so now there get in a thousand dollars for appearance before there again whatever but now they won't you came show up for lesson around
guaranteed more money there may have a title as far modeling you like you're just in a book higher and jobs theirs in others that the playboy events since colleague you know it's like you fuck this i become play maiden now you like have a career i get it it makes sense it makes sense but there the factor that missing is a fact that you were talking about before like you're not in a fucking girls and earn into you you know that completely out of the dense out of the question we are a skeleton you oh yeah yeah when you're scared you evidently of borneo skeleton like what're you gonna do colonies take molly and fuckin down those lag or as you get it restart gives a shit for that money i can spend it when you dad would have seventy i'm probably gonna realistic you know sir how you have for sure but i mean i like i said it's
yeah i mean it's you go for a hot fifty year old who knows some of those girls might be because he's you know he's iconic and you know it's like a celebrity thing that celebrity is another crazy thing i mean certainly my body unlike money may brings five or ten acts girls like in our view if you use a momentum it using the centre just pay no sound like set up your lived where iraq given nice life there's kosher gone parties whatever and then the fame i think i think it's a hundred acts i think it's like a hundred times well for you it's very interesting because you're a guy that has come into this just a few years ago four years ago now so you are already a man in his thirties and all this happened and then booming become famous hey you ve got a good perspective on it you know i think for people looking at on the outside like i dont think any of us could understand what would be like to be drake you know i've heard that drake
as they as part of this house i know doodlish near draken complains about the fucking parties and the poor parties are so crazy that the neighbour complains drake bought his house drinks like fucking despite your house man he has girls they they meet at one place and they get in a bus and then comes to drakes house now he's here's a cat yeah he's never has at another level a somber bow and pressure born you know me i'm fucking settled down a married a good kids get daughters to do i see how the stuff i have the watchword foreigners while look at this action without its craziness happening like this one life does it completely different kind of life but too well to be a guy like you it's very interesting because not only or you're famous you're famous in like a really confusing way you're famous just being a bawler like a hundred percent like this category write a book
not anymore he's not sixty songs you not tell jokes you just out of control your ball and so hard that you become famous we more famous to me i mean you see when we israel followed you got what is it for nineteen nineteen overtones like thirty five one of one point five one instagram iver to one on twitter i've been on tv for twenty five years it's funny man it's interesting kind of faint it's a very different kind of aid yeah i mean i just remember but remember when it kind of hit me because as you in can and english and there and i also like were there and this you know this is this is france will always be english eyes was and i mean i think was a fuck sixteen girls and twelve days arrogance but the girl without talking to her and now is one i know you are now yak shooting
the english and their and i also like i just kind of like one of them like just see if i could do it you know i just like want to see if i can actually have sex with a girl without speaking to her at all those kind of because like there are times when i want to say something or like there was a question asked or whatever like it or is it in the middle of saxony roma go save the fog dirty what some but i made a point to be a fuckin right and i actually like pull it off and i was like wow like this shit is real you know how in the time that i really saw it was it was it was i mean i was in cannabis before that the no talking thing i was at some trot and wrought ron problems manager came over to me and one programme the actor yeah yeah with the internet and sounds vatican yeah yeah hellboy idea how sensible share your nose like a real did so you come over and he's telling this new movie that he wants to do and there's like there's a dad and theirs
grandfather's son and dad and they're all in and they're all in the military different war than he was going to talk to me about maybe playing the sun and we're haven't in our i interested in it i dunno over acting up until then in this is like a neutron check it out i remember it was like every thirty seconds a minute somebody come up and ask for picture and after like the twentieth person somebody came up i was like oh wrong like you know of a picture with you now forget it nevertheless my life he stood up and ngos oh you wanna bet me like who the fuck am i issued artificers this guy and he was kidding i was just like as well this is so fuckin crazy now hear the guy this like a shoe were successful actors been like you know big like tv series and like all these people are asking zack a picture of me ass is likewise like this is so far like
put it was realises like while this like a real thing this isn't just like you know numbers on the internet this is like gum in a foreign country and i got all these fuckin people coming up you know like as i was kind of like us dumbfounded have you ever read that ro quote most men live lives of quiet desperation gash accorded than a one of my pictures rate the mass of men or something along one of them the mass of manly lives are quite clear something along those lines that quote fuckin died loved i quote does get alot of gray ones he's a brilliant brilliant guy but tat quote is one of the reasons why i think your instagram everything so popular is because there's a lot of people out there that are stuck in cubicles other stuck in jobs that they don't want to be there wanna be done what they're doing to look at their resources there is so small that tired all the time they get done from work that i am in any
i urge you to do anything else there saddled down with some relationship is probably not optimal beginning yelled at the second it's not well it's not go and what was that a lot of joy and they go in your instagram your fuckin jet skis and late me in its other leaned out shooting guns on your underwear disliked it's so look so fun you now and yeah i mean i turned the authentic you know another one of his clothes you now rather than love rather than fame rather than money gimme truth and i think you have all those though look you got it all routes a family is there anyone that's where we know very well it is it is rare because it's difficult to pull off as most people are not really trouble with who they are so instead of announced of fixing it's kind of pretend you now and like look that's what paul take says that's what businesses when you put that fuckin stupid tie on and he got those every shoes with the tassels item pretend
that you really talk like that when you talk about dividends and make an animal they we can make this work and which touch base on monday and re great to talk to you unlike shut the fuck up it's all political correctness the fuckin in a pleasant trees that just the bullshit they don't i wanted this coming get rid of a conversation with someone about you know people that have lot of money and bowers in and someone goes that seems like such an empty life of we're talking about you specifically but you're like a perfect example of it mike what language but he's a friend you i'm like what's empty about it it's easy and fun like what's so great about show up to an insurance company every day and putting in your work like you look it's very admirable to provide for your family it's very admirable to put in hardware when you dont want to and get it done but there's nothing wrong with figure out a way to not do that either just because you got stuck in some sort of a weird situation where you have
fucking grind it out at some lumberyard everyday doesn't mean that a guy like you whose just got some crazy life that he's live and where he figured out a way to make a bunch of money gamblin poker playing cards games like that's not necessarily bad thing like i look at you shit i don't see any victims i don't see anything wrong i see you haven't a bunch of fun and i see a bunch girls laughin they seem to be having a bunch of fun you fly in italy you do not crazy shit i don't see anything wrong but yet people get mad and people hate and why have conversations with people like what is shallow about all these experiences what is what is so awful yeah me in a lot of girls of really benefit of like bills from careers like you know lindsey palace when i start date in her she had a hundred thousand dollars you bought up the one point six million in three weeks and now this
make an four five hundred thousand dollars a year posting pictures on its ram snapshot me you just think about that for a second she's megan four times as much as a doctor or a lawyer when they get out of college will end and forget about other debt that they have you know this here they come out a card with no dead she still making five times more money than them at four years younger isn't but also the amount of fucking time they have to spend if you're a damn doctor or a lawyer not just going through medical school not just going to u residency but working cancelling working that she's got oppose a couple pictures set out for us if you pick this is our fingers my tea ass up in the air i beautiful world the world of social media is a fascinating world man because like speaking for me personally as a comedian for social media ice after do so much work ice
have to get up early in the morning and do radio shows before gay exist after due morning tv it have to do in our views with i do an interview with some newspaper reports that i did not want to fuck it talked mean give a shit about me and i try to have fun within maybe he would try to have fun with it but for the most part was nonsense you have doing then social aid is its access as its is pure yellow access in its it's actually fucked it up on us for a lot of these girls now because they don't want to go to the club hubs like they don't need to go to parties to meet celebrities anymore they could is dmm like and then you have all these in a rich guys that are just having their you know their pussy coordinator you know messi i'll deliver ordinar who is a core issue is a pussy court so crazy bro you have no idea like now these girls again book down again paid you know five thousand dollars thousand hours had just gone a vacation solemn don't even have to sleep with any other guys i mean it's like
that seems like you'd never get anything done yeah everywhere and from these girls point of eu carefully blame units like five hours when these girls and i could travel the world on private jet deal this other you know crazy shit for free and its is i wouldn't blame at all imre songs you know one southern offals happening i noticed guy we combat man buddy myerst orchestra club whose dj to strip club and there's a guy that apparently invented bell bottoms disagrees door and he had lung cancer smoke cigarettes like packs impact and no arizona and his doctor stoneham listen man you're gonna fuckin die if you don't stop smoking cigarettes you're gonna fuckin die and he's like i'm just addicted to smoking kills exe joints is like there they ve shown studies that some
looking marijuana is not nearly as bad for you and actually might act as an expect during my help clean your lungs out even though it sounds contrary to the logical thinking just give it a try so this guy start smoking weed like he would smoke sector she's just role in joint smokin he would smoke like fifteen twenty joint today and he would when you pull up sister club he would give these guys like his roaches cause roaches like half don zeb smoking with smoke cigarettes the guy changes is entirely gets so high and is so high all the time these like i know when i do any these things and i'm doing anymore because one what do i want to play guitar and i want to bang checks that's all that's when it decides that do he realizes he's like sixty years old and he's worth some shit time money and this is like right around when viagra was invented so this guy goes on ram page and he's but he's mean he's like really nasty and he did what you call a mad dog in these checks so bring him back to his house
and he would say nasty shit doom and hit and piss on i'm in all kinds of crazy shit apparently i don't know the full details of it but his house was for sale he had his ball bawler house in the hollywood hills and for a while i was thinking cuz i go to the comedy store all the time i'm like maybe i should buy his fucking house text close to the comedy store but i'm like this five million dollar house it's right on the street it's right there like you could you like the sidewalk and then here's this door but you just touch his door and like someone's gonna fuckin breaking this guy's house and so the real too like now listen there's the state of the art security system in this place it's got all these care yeah you know that care is gonna get it's gonna get a picture of a do with a scheme ask robbing your fuckin house do understand that like what is it what is it i'm going to do like housing at two weeks after i said that dude
a shot in the neck in the fuckin house he brought these to bring hookers to his house he's to bring him to his house and he brought one to his house and she brought a boyfriend they shot on the net is let us set up so yeah yeah but so they see that's a ban i got there was a guy doing bad shit i don't see anything wrong with anything you're doing i see i see happiness i look you're instagram i see a bunch of people laugh and i like the music your plan looking good sides and i will listen to it looks like in party leather wrong here there yeah these relax now in holland sir dunes and wished filming now do you have like do you have a like a plan charted out for this existence are you just wing in it like this coming up were it's going to be kind of similar to like what world star does weaken you know users can upload you know their bad ass videos right so
anything can alike in a similar the up that i oppose her you know fights or whatever crazy cool videos that they want they can post on there and nor does share the best ones on my in a facebook or and surrendered ever so there they post cool shit on their their guarantee to get you know of you on a shy yeah that's why they post on world star unesco they want you know people to see it so how am i to do that i got this fantasy bearing out that i got it sir it's like somewhere to draft he's a fancy sports up around just haven't focused more on do not doing some stuff like that of cottages done everything i wanted to do you know and as you know as far as like the party in shit in oh yes well that's why i was asking them like we're how much more can you do i mean i've checked most the boxes man so now i can i just wanna
people platform to how much money we may play poker no i mean uh yeah guess in the neighborhood ok i know it i just another big figures i mean that you're not be one guy fifty four million i mean i won ten and one slash two in another night i'll be another guy for ten and then you know i don't know what the total is on the you know other cash games but i mean i don't know a lot but do you have enough stashed away where does neurologist in six months or a year you know so it's like that you know i don't know chunk and put it away and say okay this is my break glass in case of apocalypse fund of water goal then and i got on my cell phone or plan one house in my car than cash on the back burner yeah but i mean this link
this is first of all that's crazy right it's crazy that you went from being a navy sealed being a college student newsletter i play guards who should be now prepare you're trying to attempt to be a navy seal going to cause we're play cards to a guy's goes on fuckin jet got mean in all from gambling man that's that bizarre in and of itself but do you ever think like there's a time where i'm i gonna want to do this anymore yeah in canada point like i said well done most stuff that i want to do so now i'm kind of winging it up and doing more active stuff i've been doing like some wakesurfing and we just went out to lake powell and in a winter's coming up doing some snowboarding trip snowmobile in just more fun you just have a like more active stuff less party in myself the girls around but
and i got that i did a cartoon its butter release them digging have to heart attacks like one nine or something is actually one of the cartoonist who had to fly cavern how did you have to hard your arthur garter you have a cartoon watch it through the cartoon harry how do we get to tell jim we get here and i am sure you drop into jamie do you have it on your phone is what it is now on uganda my phone can eat teeny airdrop adieu jamie doesn't work i can't airdrop a breath of air play it if he can an apple tv i we have an apple but we can't play online the us watching it and here we can at or anything i shall again put her on that became but i don't have that that's not the current system here it's not built into display let me see we fix that we make that happen is that we can in the future we need a different set up or someone and its maximum plenty i'll get it will do no time going to call me
guy ensuing get your link can go on i'm gonna call yoga gambles area will be right back ladies and gentlemen he's gonna call his guy not to be confused with his pussy coordinator he doesn't have one of those you're looking for a pussy coordinator i knows and boots were crazy life bizarre right i just you know people people tell you that's gonna get tired what so is being married to a lot of people not to me jamie
so is working in a regular job that's gotta be tired to i love the fact that this is a real thing that all the sudden because a social media some guy can gather up fifty fuckin million follows also because now i don't know how to word this right but i cannot people start calling the michael jordan you be the michael jordan of this because you're the greatest of whatever he starting to become people calling so and so the dan bulgarian of of acts oh yeah well that it becomes so there's that that italian guy yea giovanni of archie the old guys my age is that sad sad every now and then i wake up and i got some new pain and i just think this pain like forever is this going to heel i hear this hip things going on lately anna it's not bad legged kickboxing today in no problem no pain while working out but every now and then it like irritates me and instead of it like
when i was young if i had something irritated me i would say some fuckin nothing i'll get over that but that's also why developed a bunch chronic injuries from jujitsu because i would go and train even though i had something fucked up but also because she is really fun but i dont think like that anymore man now i think is this like broken like exists to a mega need a hip replacement like i know guys at my age that if the fuckin i know guys younger than me then have head hip replacement i start thinking like this shit broken forever you got your guy i talked at least tell me i can't i can't he can't show is through the fuck is that guy's got a guy that tells you do know weighs heavily sandy car your team dude i'm available i work for free a pretty much farther fire allowed elicited from all i haven't seen to analysing them either nobody listened teams from your own earlier
may i you d know shit about poker and nothing about your business i'm not a gambler but i can advise you the fire every by doing exactly what you're doing this and immediate i'm telling them right of no experience in your business i'm totally unqualified but i will give you some sound advice yeah you know that italian guy people keep compared to you go dancing around a lot of zero yeah some health issue what's really getting i thought sober those last at her i didn't hear that virtue or something like that why i became aware hand because as a whole areas video of him and his girlfriend dancing oh yes i really gonna guides rife fucking great fun but this thing is it man everybody's like that i saw this thing like something about sugar daddy and like she's young and harmonies get gray hair motherfuckers my age like that's how old i am do forty nine the end
near the end is near jamie various now look here is our great january you want just there i mean it had black hair he would look look younger eye out for sure i mean he just has premium i have a buddy months thirty's hairs almost all white meat just some some do a premature hair and he's gotta paying in girlfriend these got one calm down bulgarian of italy it is obviously a bawler is living in his balin he's got one girl i mean i'm sure he's happy he looks happy she was very happy everybody likes happy event he's got a lot of stuff for israel or he's posted a lot and again that damn bulgarian let i beg you advise you that with levels million how very a giant jump he's the wisest of any post as i've done in the last five years and he's done it and i think like six months here very quickly so he's so i will not only there
his shit became really popular right really recently i want to say when i saw became aware amelia two million followers but if you louis stuff those colleagues like you know it's like a lot of photo shoots exactly how looks like a lotta stage yet look i've found a goat yeah look it's me with the goat yeah yeah he's he's got a lot of money that come on site that doesn't is act that i have now you don't just actually get photographed on a horse would know shirt on white and with prison tattoos what sort of the prison tattoo scowling about your writing on his chest was also do we noticed how to say there must be a good website dedicated to his chest how to look he's there with people look areas commodities so happy now vehicle cat like we do his beard though the thing that he puts at the bottom of his beard he twisted up and puts like a little rubber band around and get the fuck out of here i will pull that thing off
rather that thing that's goddamn handle and don't understand that he's easy fun cat though is videos are really no they're fucking guy that adds up to a mandate which put a ceiling find that one video of him with the girl the first when they did on the boat in a b really famous i want to say that was only four or five months ago really aliens in the last like five months is really like he's gone hard like that but but there's some so i mean it's like he set up a dinner time before i saw a pretty set up a dinner table underwater where he could like retelling is eating a water and then he did like a whole like a whole skit where he was like underwater doing all the stuff i'm like fuck man that must take if you like a fucking phone these were the suit ways guy different approach instead of the bawler approach like shootin guns in his underwear what still has he's got like this one beautiful girlfriends
have a good time all over the world seems it's it's a different approach but a like that data be sadly is that's it not also i mean this motherfucker can dance now you can again kathryn and it looks like he's having a good time now hundreds of the votes that that that that let that's called me they're like the other stuff is like it seems a lot ever put in it is not and i quote but that that's dope amelia chasing all about i dance bottom like this and if you got that kind of money why would you be dancing ashby dancin as also should be partying falkiner any is i dont understand tattoos i'm confused about the ankle one what's going on down there maybe like his ex wife name like folk you bitch it isn't gazeta yes fact rising ragged shaven for four nine year old that's my age goddammit i'm fucked one thousand and forty nine the end is near i don't know you're in the right time time for a mile today
they got the stem cell we got that already at a gang of it all how the knives oh yeah man stem cells fix my fuckin shoulder loud he retired now about on the spot gallows was that reject a kind of assets and ass i had rejected kind on my shoulder to the house today much i had some pretty significant tearing slap tear had a tear of thee the labour room a tear the boss obtained in the terror the rotating cuff how did the wrote erika busy ike i couldn't even live my arm like three inches did the rejection in three weeks later as boxing well they reject rejection did wonders for my back it just was enough for my shoulder but again i'm an idiot are not given enough time off but allows i mean i literally from like this three weeks later of boxing yeah that's it isn't dress a ride out again and above all the doctors or mandated surgery the same thing to me not to have had said to be twice i need surgery on my neck and i've heard
surgery on my shoulder i avoided both of em and do everything now but one of things shoulder injuries that i found from my steve maxwell is a pretty famous s strengthened addition coach spit on this podcast lunchtime is hanging hanging from china bars this is so important to do it's so good for your shoulders to straight now your shoulders sire and say bad fuck is a lot of that's not really good for you there video about it with his doctor who was a shoulder surgery doktor scott doing shoulder surgery on most of his patience and started them on this this hanging therapy because when you see most human in human beings essentially were primates in most primates swing from trees mean that is what they do they grab a hold the things they swing and it stretches out your arm and you develop impinge mits from gravity from a lack of use or from too much use or over use and this guy has you hang from china bar just
there's a bunch of them what did you google so people a lot of things that are popping up yeah there's a gang of but its super effective it super effective fora anybody who is listening to this that has any sort of shoulder weirdness or some shit that fucks with them just try this i know it sounds crazy color fuckers hanging by your shoulders gonna help you and this is one doktor the this is not the doctor that invented the precise your buddy basically explains it really well there's a bunch of them what did you google so people can shoulder pain hanging from bar and a lot of things are popping up yet a gang of but its super effective it super effective for a lot of people i mean if you have like significant tarrying where you're gonna need surgery of a failure of your joint or something like that you know that's one thing but for a lot of people this offers them a great deal of relief really helps may i do every day so when the first i do in the morning i hang in there
do a scan pillar raises for archery knows i hang do like two minutes of hanging and then once i've done two minutes then i just by contract my son i believe and i hope that in place for as long as i can so it's like my hands now my forms are given out and then i for my scap ulitsa carry all the way and are you daily routine dismayed as why do i brush my teeth i do that just have to do it so force myself i was here paint zero point my shoulders but the stem cells was a big factors in our union remain fusion are you getting the in like how are you getting really items here yeah well date what they do is take it from a woman a young woman is had assyrian section when they give birth sicilian section they take the placenta and then they use that first themselves in that apparently is the most powerful version of stem cell therapy there's a bunch a different kind of the use in this country that a lot of people
like a lot of people like it when they take your fat out they take your fat out they confer dead stem cells nobody to the above daniel formulae they went into his hip the goddess marrow biogas health what am i gonna nineteen year old bone marrow from someone else yeah ok i'm dead comedy when in his own hip and pulled it out but i've heard great results from a lot of different views of stem cells but i know from me personally when they shot the the stuff from placenta into my shoulder it was like within a couple of weeks it was better than it had been in a year then a few months after that i was like no pain was it's amazing how quick its healed and also did a lot of shoulder exercises with rubber band and stuff a lot of different things that i concentrate on all the time now to strengthen up the area and keep a tight does egypt but you haven't done me the idea now you did i've done that twice boss written did that he told me that it was like he was he was like
the power was carrying out of my hands row its really crazy i mean i basically the weather first i did it seem like i had a lot more profound effect on the second but the first time so i went down i showed you can't you at the u s so down their got like ninety million nineteen year old bone marrow urban auction deprive whatever and eliminate injected in you the next day i went to get some dental work dining at a route canal whatever was but they injected twenty five vials of like i'd kinda nova can whatever it is and they said that my viruses cycling it through like instantaneously right side all this downward on next year's completely healed from all the dental work which is pretty crazy why it's here and they said i ve never given anyway that much light again ever eve and they're like you know the guy asked me if i do coke
right now like i haven't done that sucks twenty five is a guys like normally like nobody can you know needs this much i must have some kind of a thing and i'm like actually normally really drug sensitive i also found that to do hiv and i found that when i did the shots a guy it was like a lots of global listen it's hormone replacement therapy yeah and basically i found that it just cycled all these drugs fast or through my systems i'd get a stronger effect but then be out and then i went to the gym and said your asses workout for three days or whatever went the gym i think it was like four or five days later and i was like twenty i think twenty percent stronger and i'm another train over twenty seven years of then everything so to get like twenty percent strength in greece is fucking rating dude i'm going echo has shown with moscow where exactly irony
ass to what you want you want so danger neither it was like a car you had had like armoured cars i then give me a machine like galilee there live like a machine oh you want your machine now change delegation goes down you know what these guys you catch up nicely before while last man basin have gone out on our guide in tijuana seems to me like yachts the wild west but they don't want to fuck it up because these are the monies made alter tourism somebody get gun down a kidnap nobody wants to go to to you wanna see rarely here about anything going down in t want to accept those drug murders i was just the last ones with those beheadings which were and i was like a decade averting early shit i mean i just know that didn't want me to fly and point out there i did anyways but there like a should probably shorter and now spoke dr money drive that long
last summer i wish i hadn't been down there since the military but some of the border crossing going back just took forever tonight and now they want you to i mean i don't know is this it back in the day it was easy we should walk across dr videos online do they make it a passport things canada to yeah yeah you will canada's brand like that but mexico i think you use and not be or movie here today out unannounced licence when asia montreal oyster now you're you're right you're actually used to go yet so i had an iphone longer was but they definitely definite changed a lot since you know do don't get these georgian you should have no reason to have arisen site for community didn't woods nodded twice i did want year but the second time at his fellow i just love i actually went likes her from burning down there and i am
seventy and i guess i did a fast before and i kind of like and i guess i kind of got sick emanate took some antibiotics a serious mistake antibiotics i don't know maybe i fucked it up i'm not really sure by just remember the first time was a distinctly us like super strong fact yeah will buy bleed boss route and went to south america i think you are wasting wench amy peru we say peru yeah my buddy doesn't can't hear another german and germany yeah i think this'll door if you know that's all it's just basely anywhere does not the u s i think yeah well we got fucked during administration when they did this sweet the ban on stem cells because the religious rites anyone at all your play god and well isn't just that it's like they were concerned stem cells were connected to fetal tissue and
there's this whole idea that people gonna get abortions on purpose just to get the fetal tissue and cell the sum yeah and they probably would mean someone probably worship pry wouldn't be a lot of people but it be enough that it would be an issue with some folks so because that all the european countries especially germany got way ahead of the curve when it comes to stem cell research and and and applications in the medical industry and no more see and now we know where you are obviously no rejected seems invented in germany that i found out about forget it i can rely on it on his knee like ngos twenty years ago some crazy you know make iraq have met him twice thomas out sire calmed down do you see daddy's handsomely good just calm down every don't under their chests related but what if like an act that the rescuers like one i've ever movies of other publications village man me go back to some is old shit angel heart too bad mother fucker let's get out of there
this seems offending out unknowns just like them well is perfect for him at the time to because he was an older guy and you know and he was kind of fucked up he learns onward the part he was perfect for now he's a fucking maisie actor and people forget that cause he's kind of a freak now but if you if you go back to his earlier stuff and you see like how good he was diner in i mean he's a fucking use amazing it was amazing but whatever is done don't do that anymore but i know peyton manning went down there to germany and so not let me it is thus have banned in professional sports wrench regeneration no no no no no not that another healing stuff entire my just like stem cell infusions no no not yet awhile but could be soon really i don't know how you owe me yet another task for them in the psychic is that they
i've been told is you cannot tell the demonstrate regular like a stem cells from yours stem cells are mere whatever that's been scrubbin thin your system in its like us they said to me a sense of sums up well i pay very close attention to the latest cutting edge research from doping cause the you have seen and because i'm friends with jeff innovate ski who's the guy busted lance armstrong was of course the guy works for the sea now and he and i talk all the time and its really fuckin interesting how these people who are trying to get ahead erlich way the way ahead of the but it is trying to detect it so i now their developing testosterone from animals which is interesting because seeing people are taken testosterone its exaggerates testosterone but they used to be
they were getting it from wild yams so what do we do the carbon isotope test and they would be able to detect at the testosterone side of your body is not from a biological cell from an animal the testosterone is actually coming from a yam is a mexican the actual interesting but now that their figure out a way to extracted from animals at least theoretically some of its keys levinsky says it like it hasn't been proven yeah but a prick sure so what they're doing now is there taken people's piss in blood and then they freeze it and they hold onto it for eight years so the eye the idea is that eight years from now they're gonna find out like new detection methods and their use nosey olympics now which is why to russian olympic gold medals and wrestling got their metals taken away from two thousand and eight yeah and they have an him got two thousand twelve yet so there's two thousand twelve thousand sixteen minutes there's these guys gonna fuck door for sure but russia has extensive state sponsor
anti doping to see yet they also pretty big advocate i mean there are the one who started o k valued allows journeyings julia will they started but also with interesting is the scientist at were involved the programme they all got whacked they're killing these motherfuckers left and right all the people that not one one one guy blew the whistle one of the russian anti doping guys blew the whistle apparently they started asian these motherfuckers tv polar up jamie like how many russian anti doping scientists have been murdered then i'll fuck around over therein they don't fuck around like an and for what like britain's i'd really under the sports teams are we eyes to fighting loves vader eighty million anko whatever happened i go mother fucker time motherfucker time gotta and jesus got em got super into jesus
he he chain is body changed our knowledge and dignity of his training methods you never really had mushroom bodyguard always where we learn about your dad yes as aid it so soon to be when you see guys like him or associate guys like country nelson and following this guy trade the story is that how you could train all the diamond look like legacy like so crazy to your eye like i know it well they re right that's a big country as i can see why he wears a bag badger courage too i think roy if he just enjoy got soup disciplined and lost a ton away he'll be fighting and a hundred eighty five pounds newbie knock and mother fucker the moon it been evince a more with that like a generous gasping hit and correct eighty like a big eyes maghreb out of fog logos rally unfortunately his chin started fail him in recent years you mean a couple in market knocked him out
yeah well that's the kind of like time right but understand like in genetic really blessed with legs freakish chin of all time crazy rights as they are but i just i never understood how you could train that much is i'm obviously genetics but i just remember you know when i was in the military are going through and i'll eat like pizzas out butter and i was trying to gain fagus a fuckin call them as water rallies do it the grand world pride training more hours but like a fact i do not mean a lot of these in a year because i know they train six hours dams yeah no know what but it's not good is its most likely a lotta carbs most likely surge taken in allow shudder alot of carbs in his body is know what to do with it he must have a slow metabolism i don't know me is certainly trains hard he's got endurance mean roy doesn't gas out mean he gets tired like everybody else does but it's not like a fatigue issue channels which could
geez i knew roy way back in the day and roy was known as being a really good grapple he was a brazilian jujitsu competitor i knew him before i ever did anime and when did emma may my thought was oh you gonna see some high level grappling from this guys guys like a start on the mat nope bon everybody out aground hardly ever will the one time we really see his jujitsu was in the andrea or lost you five minutes fighting a leader etsy took our alaska down have inside control but a lead it not let see was they were really corrupt and they had this weird thing where you are the ground from was daddy seconds is daniel so he's on the ground inside control with a double list double risk locked on four camorra on our latchkey and they stand up anyone again stopped by olaf superpowers but that was that they were making kimball slice there there poster boy and there it was like a gary shaw was promoting and he was a boxing guy and he has on ideas about how to promote it and if they weren't emma may friendly useless they want
statement didn't really want to promote like in a pure sense of the sport also also was the whole things can afford there are numerous camboss animals and so on as fides wherever they had lay some alternate galley coming off the couch in this got knocked about way set patches o n seconds yeah grows those bad fight they should never taken that fight and south petros l is very good and when i saw that i'd noon kimball zest tough guy who is a really good guy too unfortunately he pathway recently scanner fucked up cause he had a bad heart and he was scheduled for fight there were figure out what it was or hard hard at all heart defect affect you know mean i don't know if it was genetic on and off of something that happened along the way i don't know but he was a really good guy like a pretty much universally loved really good guys story so crazily ire the galley basically almost walk on the football team deck yes yeah living those streets like yeah i mean just a tough tough
i knew how to punch and you know what what when i found out about him i found out about like everybody else did through these youtube video did you ever see when he fought sean gannon again i was a cop oh yes why guy right i've taught us all bigwig i see if you find that enough sean ghana versus kimball size data dodo war and he was a cop in massachusetts and he got in trouble for beaten up kimball and like you got suspended i think from the least force that areas right there does is a crazy fight man yes this this brawl in the middle of this dough joe i think kenny florian was there and people are posted this is a mixed martial arts dot com which is the greatest martial arts website on the internet back in the day we all watch this shit live i remember we have to pay for it was streaming on some website it's not like that
the rain that'll help there now this i'd never unlike foggy scoggin fuck it throws hodges will we get tested right yeah this is woke john gannon is half mother fucker i mean tough is how long time real martial artist had a bunch of profiles and it was like all these discrepancies about the rules could get him in a standing key teen they're they're trying to break it up and is all it get you got away go on all these different shit so here let's go and then it wants to go into the ground like there was it was all stacked against gannon because you know that didn't want to submit in everyone legend an inner ghana's gonna hold this gayety doesn't want to let it go and then kimball wines of getting them down the grounds then kindles ground in pounds see like this this is possibly illegal to you not to do this but gannon had a fucking head like a fire hydrant it just super game and great endurance and so
both use it taken these guys out and he couldn't take in and out again and eventually beat him down and they had some crazy nonsense like a thirty out like when it goes down you count the thirty before you get back up i'm not kidding beat it once he beat it wants and again and got em knocked him down again but it like you see kimball starting attired in those the big thing but so he goes from this and then start fighting in a leader see and has some great fights man some really good fights the james thomson fire it was kind of controversy those well but i knew him as like a pretty tough and we really tough but as far as like professional skill set you know it wasn't like at the elite level and so many fought petros areas like alma guy he's going you fucked up like this is terrible fight for petrol alleys like world class fighter that happen real quick arose front row
so tell me about your hard tax if you can show me the video here so basically i asked you see a twenty five hours on a scale europe my return brothers were parks city utah that yet city and out than part in our i met this chicken alive line and up get her number and it went to the bar and i got like everybody shit faced was like three hundred bucks right cut the whole bar drunk we were you know we're having fun we go back to her house or bank until like seven in the morning or a six in the morning and then i got a call like i'd just showered as i just started sleep nobody's decades last blackened daily were gone like let's ride ass light pocket ard sure so take a shot at drink coffee gonna shit on when i would just out of booze dash out here
christ lousy fuck you know what i mean if you dont if you keep dragging the keep drinking on all rights so went wrote all day and then that night i don't know how it stomach flew a web browser pew again and i dislike valid shit and i couldn't get down are repaid like the hotel guy like a hundred bucks for eu budget gator executive ugly my room so nash they go to the airport i knew that if i got an iv i feel better cuz i've liked has him you know you know when you get dehydrated that's usually like the root of moisture problem so i just like end up buying and ivy from this medic as the guys like while fuck this up to you you know you're not build a fly and asks you like in the game but a bullshit ask fuckin medic from the military and in this manner we call by the data data and who is guy if i could sell me the bag that you know basic gave it to me i hooked it up myself on the plane you done this before
yeah we get a couple times where buds like if we were not drinking or whatever and we had to train the next day and is a commercial finer private fly commercial so a product commercial fly you hook up an ivy bag year in the bathroom like before i got on their rights are the bathroom i hope this thing you know yeah yeah yeah i got to wait like an hour right sandwich what else and it is i fucking you hook this thing up start feeling better go to vegas how long did you let it drip in for me prague twenty minutes as lady just lock that has again the bathroom and as yet as i hooked it happens secondary only by the door i do know that turkey should i now for pressure was in the airport is spam like fucking eleven twelve years but yes i think so wasn't were on the plane ozone in the airport at the ok from airport and so in artists in our ancestors reggie certain super schedule ovaries our calls at a
yes i get to make it sound like film over better i'm just like i'm such a sick out like want to go gamble right like i should have gone in like get a checked in to check into my room i should have gone to sleep food now i like go gamble play poker all fucking on my galileo polar stressful and is now a buddy comes visa gale you know get these strip early was going to strip club get ecstasy and all this drugs and sick fox our advice they went and above all electronic sure so its target fucked up the strict and ass the ass the first girl i came over seagal johansson lab nazism like now slide from a few days ago i just want to get my dicks fibre box recycling i know i can i go fuck you and ask now like in eyes like i don't really want to fuck you i just want to get the flow job and she slabs
like us because basis as they offer to fuck me for free and i said knows issues there is a slap in the face rather damp as like and then this amendment extra comes up and where did the same thing all the hailing argued found or by certain renege on my generally want latvians issues like while seeking in order to hang out you know and you know i can get off while the salvation army to bang i'm like an honest slapped again ok i gotta get your shit let's get adios graduating so talk a body and like a guarantee that you no need of agro some kind of dick pillar some you know i'd never taken virus i don't really know the dosing or whatever so give me the hunter milligram one which italy for fucking united new virus rug geriatrics right stig business thing i take the whole thing i know it's a miracle buying them like the fuckin thing isn't working well cooked up i think they did a ceiling is better in our eyes gazing
enough to give me the fucking given other pill and no says ignoble you can give it a fuckin thing so give me another is only take half don't you know don't take this in so many areas take another half wait like five minutes these are more blow my gama dicks not hardly the girls i even around like i've no exceptional seem as though you reason radically our like in my mind like over figure which makes it worse so like pockets take the other half an hour my two hundred milligrams into this fog of agro just like you know double the absolute max from what you have just some guys have to get their dick dream yeah we'll get to that so i go where do i hotel like fog in bed the shit out of this girl like you i when i got like veins coming out of my head i'm sweating profusely and i'm like to add fucked her for like maybe like forty five slash fifty mit like it was not pleasurable at all this was like work just like and i d like things like that
two minutes i just like i dislike quit i was just like i did and i just knew that was just your chance of me coming and i'd like punished enough and i'm just like i did like like i got tired of when the bathroom to cold shower my dick i wouldn't go down like i said i'd like order some room service anna like talking up into my ways and there is no going down this fuckin thing right the room service i think i owe then i'll i actually end up taken a volume went to sleep your game woke went and aids in food as a betting on the sports game and i started get like this pain on my shoulder i know what it was like a communist volga like an ache surges of pusher that didn't make it feel any better and i was like stretching my arm out of it trying to sleep but i couldn't even like laying on that side i'm just sick with the fugly heart attack
even entered into the realm of possibility of shit that could be wrong ripe factor if i were you shoulda apparently while in i had no idea that have in your heart so called mom target the family dodge on the phone she calls it stood up and unlike gettin my kind of shorter brass unlike fox i just hang up the phone and i find out the hospital like ten minutes while some like so i'll get a cab be faster i should have a name but i got a cab you know no to self always get amulets vienna ship as i got the cab as in the way or fly fifty minutes i pull thou ten grand on our part and i told lady isabel gimme tang round me talk the fuckin dodger like sums romeo know what's wrong but i know sondra anyway she take the ten grand fuck now let me sit in the fuckin waiting room and like thirty forty minutes go by finding assumed by doctors and holy shit like you're having a full blown hardtack all this stuff giving the nitroglycerine
and i call my dad and my mom was again at all along we i'm thinking i'm volume done right had been gone for warm like our debris then unlike in pain and so they given that nitroglycerine right now sir feeling better they do it and grandma wherever they check out the hard so there is no damage parents come out the next have another one and i'm like and i a doctor on my doctors comrade murray too by the way which is michael jackson doktor gotta smoked him and crazy southward talk in the spooky is thing about the whole deal was my grandfather had the same doctor in the same motherfucking hospital exactly one year prior and died so decide i get out of this is not looking good for the home team this is before he killed michael jackson's ass to write sound like you know in the hospitals i call my data like i'm having another hard dare tell the the nurse and there like no like your thing looks fine i call my dad
like your some raw medallic comes out hospital and sure enough we're going out on a second like minor hard times what the fuck so lady a bunch of tat same hour it's fine and then they asked for like the list zayigo and given the lives and my ex girlfriend there my mom's there my dad there and employee started off like our well you know the smoke the parties like you know like you better tell us like what you ve been doing like its import mean figure out what's going on with you did you know i did some in an ecstasy of cocaine like my dad like look so rather you'll hagthorpe a flock of super square hu i saw them and then i began to think it takes them by agro my girlfriends like fuckin rioting now he's like how margin would sooner milgram wider public i'll fuckin vows agus theatres i gotta get viruses days that's like it insane amount like anyway so i i can't stand off reflex
four days i should fuck my girlfriend in the hospital with all these the cords and crazy shell gm smoke to join in the hospital thing a factor like a body a broken leg why incurs and chinese food i think the worst patient of all time right somehow it so they give me all these fuckin pills i gotta take or tell me like a take these pills for us my life terrestrial line after they said and as i after like three days like they fuck my girlfriend eight the chinese food as a go down my back to be an invincible cannot shithole why is a heart attack exactly i've heard that that phrase but what is the exact medical thing that's going on you know forgot has had to i should know i think it's just like basie when your hearts not getting enough oxygen or some i is not functioning operating early usually there's like yeah there's a block artery there's like something and and i think like coal gas is a
oh constrictor emerson maybe like constrictor my veins there wasn't like advising the laggards evasive dial later scottish about it out i think i don't know you don't owe me and i don't know i don't really know the science behind it but i know that like children lag ronald think you're supposed to make some wow i know that a lot of both i canceled out but i guess it didn't pay their bodies like so confused as godzilla director just like fuck you to shut down i don't know but yeah wow that's fucking terrifying twenty five years old and have a heart attack four grazer what you're hot your heart obviously works great now mean needed you did that vegas on the other side is a crazy bike which was fucking hilarious because you and i talking about it and then lands armstrong gets hold me is this hey man i want to help their area that year like would you unless occasionally guy forget what did he do bear shadow it is
i believe it was funny gives you i came out and has like an expression okay let you know what kind of drugs we need to do a great deal of doped up like a lot of talk about it in georgia which has disappointed he didn't want to taiwan drug shone like i thought this scout alex everywhere i go formula right as a great to get our hooked up but i shall vegas and so it because red blood cells or transport the auction said less action is actually the one they told me nothing sleep bosnia makes it so that you really that you can have a really high red blood saga is actually have liked the equivalent of like the guys that are doing the epa doping i've sleep out there a ghastly bosnia helps in some sort of oil well because you're you're your basely at night you're das me really i gasped rare in your lacking oxygen said conall it goes back the whole like sleeping oxygen tat right so we have the residual risk is you don't have enough oxygen because you don't
your body simulator red blood cell in account and silly because red blood cells or transport the auctions had less auction you have the more your body produces that will if it gets to a certain point than your blood content than the fuckin syrup rights this is amazingly the surprising link between sea badly in red blood cell count cord to sleep review magazine elevated red blood cell count or a high america is an indicator of a lack of oxygen to persons body that's amazing so sleep avenue i can actually give you more and urgent so well you know that i support the other problem is you don't really recovers i actually get actually because of him action of getting a mouth larger think help i have a really good one and i know i know a really good doctor i don't know if yours is the same as what i will talk about that let him out with like fifty bucks yes well nigh isn't a guide close to hear its it actually pushes down in your tongue the issues you well
the latter guys minors out of mine was they put my job like it can move my back job forward a little bit can only gives me an under bites us was open airway but that's the best one there's a better one than for me it's it's a life changer change my fuckin lie in its guys a work out a lot in particular have a big neck muscles and that can constrict the airhole and your tongue can fall back on that a special budget line you're back violent my back to that sound it itself harbour sounds like choking and it's just terrific the m in the same boat yeah so so what did he have you do lancer whence so i mean i i did it and i did a good ride with him we did like some vehicle drafting which was actually like surprise they really fucking hard because you have stay close enough to the vehicle to wear your like in that draft but then if you get caught by across when in plus if you're if your draft
vehicle you can't see like what's in the road and if you had any shit naroda there's a pinocchio on my race i blew out front tired only thirty something down hill and almost crash and i was like on the highway doing this too so i like you know they have those things wake you up when you're sleeping and others to make up for a visa to try hitting that fucking bicycle with little skinny tyres only thirty miles an hour like that should not be so like sent me into the fuckin how it i'm gettin pass by track record there's like seventy eighty my ninety miles an hour which if you think about it a card at least ways five thousand pounds in kampala car one of those who got a bike to earn her pounds plus fuckin dead and by women explained the bet what would it well the bear so it actually originally weren't poker game and bill parkins hee hee you know he just makes crazy beth autopsies rural rich guy and he likes a despotic and make it will do crazy shit as colleagues as the poet world too so the first bat was he better
brother that he couldn't go three days that saying the word i think it was like a hundred thousand of the like that and then i think you visited one is shut my rather liked fuck you so words or yet a buying out z rise of our brothers is later just stubborn ass ladys awoke wasn't gonna talk for three days is married with kids does it have to go out and get any pussy and like you can buy his likes it home with his fucking visible dogs and just like not talk or three days it's collect underground buying out of that but the honor system right me i'll yea all dishonor system i mean that's the thing about the poor communities like you lie one fuckin time or you don't pay that bag is done like w fuck with you so you you know we your word ass
good which is gal i gonna what am i think what you know irritates me like when people said at a mouth and it is i do a great pride and like you know been fuckin a hundred percent us about everything in us an aspirin like drill then through thirteen fourteen years again that's a big one those you're married because while billig listen it's me with me doesn't count ok i have to say that you know you my brother what what it all them and so you know we're just discussing crazy shit because in the bug world i've done crises double going i bet another guy five thousand one german a shark tank of land as another guy back there what was it i mean i bet fire before two thousand and drag race and annual rate a car before and then there is there is another there's been some
many crazy on the restructuring of the highly real boy there was one really get on anyway so he and a i'll think it up against another was later but he and bedding of wanting to bed rickshaw and then he couldn't ride from l a too vague survey ella or whatever on a bicycle in forty eight hours and rick like call one of his body that has likes set some guinness book world records things and ask him in the guys i look like it's not gonna fuckin haven't buddy you can't do this as a region up turn down the bed and noses like really intriguing to me because i'm always up for further will task you know like during during you know how weak you step for its five and five days in those sleep and iraq a hundred and forty four miles like boats and telephone poles and you get hypothermia in you're doing all this like crazy shit you don't sleep for violent desert is gone entire time right solve like put
i sell through some weeks did two of those right so i put myself through like real serious like physical task and one of them you learn there is that year bodies is capable of way more than what you think or anybody else thinks is capable of doing bought one other thing you learn a gambling is the hat like there are certain things that sounds like a good bet that just aren't just like like drink a gala milk in and out like that sounds pretty fuckin easy right but like theirs though the lactose which like most people just physically can't do without puke reich hazardous like some weird thing but like could a good guess that are like salting crackers and you and you don't owe me my dress like these weird little things like sound super easy but you just can't do anything a gallon milk would be totally doable here right but it's like it's a flag a thing i mean it i remember i like better virginia brother any unappealing like i bet em before his
mid term in his mid german vomiting on a girl out of his projectile vomit like a gala milk girl in his mid term pretty bugger brutal way it's funny mitchell so as i actually have taken my vitamins one morning with the aid of thing engage be and it looks just like water right o nights i d taken like us like as full swallowed i had all these horse pills i took a full swing ass like whole leaf as a new like as a guide but twenty thirty minutes for a turn into a fuckin wild animal right inside i gotta my car and i drove dried down i call my body the chaos together take this final be fuckin lights out thirty minutes yet got come pick me up but i gotta like finish as much as i can and rise i go in there and i got like half way through the task and i was just like you end up like carrying me out aid is black out many hours of fog is not as they call it it's a date rape drug it will i think that's rohypnol
but it would be as well they views down on people to yeah yeah well yet we are real and ass all of you that because if he makes j p o thou calling kill somebody i know people have done at the yea and pretty hard for put you digress kill on a girl the fucker but haven't you ever seen for speaking to the throwing up from drinking milk too much melted oversee the opium anthony sketch with the baby bird josie baby word no that is now may be the most disgusting start than anyone ever dinah radio they had an agnostic drinking contest o guy and this dude he drank seven two shots of ignoring zone it was some like that but then projectile vomited in the we're trying to figure out what to do here before you play this pauses for a second gsm explain it he knew you throw up so they had is in turn a pat duffy this interns fuckin car is he and day from from knock you know who the other guy pat patrimony aki is the guy who throws up in and pat duffy
is the guy who is laying down there and he we were trying to figure out what to do with the throw up like you say gum throw up and so this link i've had to end or like wolves internees asia fuck and animal serious crimes and whether or not and i was in front of previous a man would do anything will finally waiting for is just for the story just for the gag so we say ok here's the eye as you know i was hosting fear factor it's time i go here's here's the idea you mean your head over the edge of the over the edge of this garbage pale and he throws up your mouth is do it and we're like no fuckin way and i think billboards want to name did he named the baby bird and so just watch because the sheer volume united not believe that this is really airlines always i'm a cop are we can look there's the plug so pat had won this before obviously a giant dude and he was unlike number like
seventy two in this other kid pat duffy sitting there with his head leaning he's sitting in a chair leaning back with his head over this barrel and it is day i mean they ve got tarps all over the ground who else is there irish fear was air think red band was there this day maybe one of the best moments my life because it was so completely fuck a ridiculous yeah here comes he's like here we go he takes one last chalk and he's like i'm gonna throw our budgets ah my fiancee nothin yet see nothing he throws it his face now keeps going this is nothing when you think it's over it keeps go and know what you think it's over you think it's over like there's no way as more and now he's got way more inside of looking like over his seat
that has gone up is public knowledge let's keep watch you keep watching from these anyway he's anyone done how is it possible for sheer how is it possible god bows like berkshire chicken a major hang on hang on monitoring and this is not fake i was there and we were there we all desire is live i think he has one more inside of you get one more off not be said that that is done oh my god i go the graves out so fuckin dead what a great things of our shame my life bulgaria back to this by creating story ladies and gentlemen in a moment ridiculous i'm remembering that i don't think it was on it might have been alerted the jack s nor is it a tv show dams uncle is crazy uncle drink like seventy shots of
peach snobs seventy so that's right schiller was bam bear margaret was again don viewed the big idea seventy seven the sharing of arming all i think it was set as a lot i was way weren't twenty kind who died from that there's a woman in san jose sacramento one of those places where she was doing a radio contest and there was like how much water can drink and she died from drinking water i give you drink too much water you could die debate to discredit sick from this vomit stuff in order that the kid had now the kids bulletproof doesn't it six that guy eight cat shit he brushed his teeth with cat shit he also eight fruit loops in the puke like he took a bowl of fruit loops and
mixed with the puke and ate the fruit loops yeah there's people out there that different than you and i jamie these people they can do things we can do do why just now i just feel stories up to now we're talking about a million i'm saying like we're we're talking about him so its work it's one of those things like that's why did it we're still talking about us is world pre you really right i don't remember when it was it says two thousand eight but i don't think that's correct i feel it was earlier than that a failure was like two thousand three or four sunlight that there was a long time ago he's insane right forward so while i was i think good guy college so similar to that so back to work on the bed so warm so the bet is that you
right a bike from elevates the starting point oh yeah so basically was too is gonna this guy he like looked into it like now like not possible i was hanging out like fuckers are doing research on it and i looked it up and i like girls like in a hurry fair for three hundred mile by cried in a month unlike then came a became up like how to prefer prepare for a hunter mile in like three months it sounds like that's not a good sign but just like i don't know something about which thought it was possible for the time being they're trying to get more time i talked to like somebody's recyclist like look at their like if you had time to like trained for this like you could do it like that there's fucking no way like just off the key you could do it like how long you know do need there like minimum three months sometimes
bill and our colleagues want the bed but i'm just gonna know how much money i really want to risk and so hand up soon and that he would give me cause because the initial bat was like you just had to go to it tomorrow right and as i can no fuckin way like you know then he is like he goes while giving a month and i go give me those like until acts date like little under six weeks of again i'll do it and is a common you wanna bet ass like ass six hundred grand glad i wonder but enough to warlike i would do it but i want a bit too much warlike nowadays like fuckin break my ass but like you know just lose it shitload says like six hundred see my goes it good number so made the bat and i start as a resource i go down to the bike shop my god i don't need a bike like i'm doing a triple century ride in the guys like oh like hot homage bike and ass a god like i have a bike
ever really did for mountain bike zoonotic nigeria the guy like lie responds italy laughed at me i'm like now i really like i gotta do it i got like five weeks unease is like it just look at me like as a complete fuckin retard acknowledge geiger i've got a bat like i'm gonna do it and then the guy's leg ok like what kind of baghdad i'm like i don't know like you're the bike shall i felt like i didn't know fucking idea right she doesn't like this race bike super bargaining groundwater cycle and arrived this thing in a row like i don't know for like forty five minutes and my ass was just like fuckin in so much pain around like i am fuck like i think i made it like eleven miles in algiers like this is gonna be really brutal answer fine and like a bike we're like you could sit down a little more than like a recombinant wherever the royal low rider bicycle right so that i can we be a little bit like the ass issue
gimme a slightly different like paddling position so i got that and i felt a little better about the bat and then i talk to written a little bit but like nothing over like tat your thirty miles an hour like you know collar gone hard and then i talk to you you and i talked lands and less like off use a fuck and any other bike road bike like i'm not fuck him you know i can agree to do this like why i don't look this psycho flagging out appearest yet this is a bike our arab fucking now sounded like all listen buddy i'm betting big money on this on we're gonna do whatever the fuck i gotta do two fuckin make it there on a bicycle right so anyways then
bet rickshaw men rick rick thought i was gonna die as like the route that i chose like on the freeway and i didn't have a police s court at the time so he's like this guy's him you drive on the freeway night like driven me trucks pass and like is he's got a decent chanted died so and he's like in the heart attack bang maxi went you into the hospital cuz i was so my shoulder pain again and it felt very similar to the last things so rich like you know he that's why you're training you haven't shoulder paint yeah like after i had done like a long ride one of the knights like i allegations of hospitals are kind of words and so rich is like saying that another war he was better i'll bet you i don't die and africa i'll give you odds because for me i'm like if i can't take it with me if i do die like pocket inelegant you and then owed like up thanks for me without really like too much risk mythology
i was like i'll bet you whatever the fuck you want i'll bet you my plane and and i was like i'll give you things like ten to one or twenty one i think i was like i gave mike i think i initially offered on my twenty two one odds and then we settled it like i don't know it's been we're here he would lose two thousand and i'll give em like my plane pause my pilots for in he got my our planet and i'd pay the pilots for a year we like as only lead to die yet die but if i didn't if i didn't complete the rays then it was like a wash for me i'm just like fuck is like a directed me i could do it period rights or so he didn't make there is a possibility that i could do it and many other disenchanted again that i could die super hammy thought he was kind of free rolling and for me out for iran because like i die walk out on need the full complaining and take me now good so i made in us i made it with himself and then i bet
little bit on the side with somebody else i've is at a million bucks on it when i finally end up doing it and i caught police escort like through vegas was so funny cuz i had like one thousand one hundred squad karthik blocking off all the intersection and here comes the sun build on a bicycle like riding right through it like have all like your expect oligopoly can a presidential motorcade com or like an assembly like every they look into sea like what you does bucket eleven squad cars block off every intersection and here's this spot mass on a bicycle hook and a lot of you know that you're gonna do it they didn't know when you were gonna do you didn't announced when i did wonder now to go anywhere people to fuck with me you know i don't like anyone fans like come out in our people that hate of eradicating right i wondered does a bad enough as it was to be in the fuckin highway so i'm leaving from vegas and and i did it
thirty two hours was the low and what was the bet there s forty eight jesus christ so i just remember there's like confused give me some shit about cuz i was the draft but he was saying at the van that i had at the doors open like because he had to leave the doors are because it guys i want to talk to my coach and they were like filming at the staff so we had the doors open so he was like bitch of i was bitching about that which was kind of soup for rick talbot about cuz that was like what made it to the least safe of all was you know dropping off a car cuz you got to be like six just from this car and you can't see like shit and the road so they have a slap on the break your fuckin in the car your crash unlike in it we had we had times when like there was a yet there was a time when there is we're on a fuckin one layin road right and there was there is one way and in this land their language in this way and we
a car come too ass us as another car was coming and miss like our van by like inches and there were doing like fifty sixty miles an hour like cross if they were to crash leg and dead for sure like it was bucket bad answer like a pretty gnarly some spots i blurred tired roommate thirty five miles an hour downhill i mean ike whose rested all wage earners yeah i slept for like an hour or two maybe an hour and a half and then i like stopped to eat but it was mostly gis just struck the whole materials insisted on this like grip recumbent style like the whole time now i did half that on that half on a road bike in and the second half of it i didn't i just i didn't know drafting unto sir by when the draft and parliament's draft he was rich and about it and i just as is like fog it i'll need it like it is
it's about a while you were riding yeah you know someone how is he the oh yeah he was followed is i'm haven't like arguments with us like it was helpful it only helped on lake flapped we like it so it doesn't help at all on uphill right so no uphill it helps and on the down hill i didn't need it because you're gone so fuckin fass that but you don't really want to be gone more than like thirty forty miles an hour and down hills cuz like if you hit you in the road like you're and you crash like you're fucked me like if i crash and i couldn't finish the thing so there's that in their shit in the road and along the side of a highway there's like tyres and nails in areas like so you don't really want to be gone like in and i couldn't go on how eggs i couldn't get the police s court for the actual high where the siege p do the highway portion of it so would you which such as those like the most dangerous part so i was in the
break down lane said alike actually being in like while lands others dislike does the shit and the regulators you knows like fuckin nails and what our any doing yeah there's it was like pitch black sometimes we had fucking like high winds and migo's gnarly cut down to like thirty four degrees at one point plus with the wins and jacket off and so i can we think of what the fuck am i doing yeah i mean i've had a lot of those moments in my life but i was more like thinking like i just didn't know do what i just said melick physically because i just never only biking i didn't know what my life we're just gonna like not be able to go anyway i know like real experience and it so i real concern was just like i do new mentally like ours is never gonna quit i just didn't want to get in or like just physically not be capable of thousands
i too concerns is a video you doing it s watch this look at least two cars they that was a thousand one fuckin lane they dispatch each other and i was very close follow the thirty eight hours no thirty or thirty two hours forty eight hours of the bet in theory to how this was it when you one casual jerry can't be to give a who online is he's he is for sure what this is your house now my out or not logan parallels overhung the plight of bureaucratic downloads it grants the neck dale green you said the most you want is fifty one million those don't you have any for fifty but not one sitting bows over course of nine months and that was as you go out with his wondered order any spain one on one when you do shit like that our memory
there is one point i should nerve into grenoble these gentlemen what the fuck is that so i don't know what it's been a while so there one point when at eighteen million bucks in front of him and we have been covered he's at all an celebrating mailbox oh my god he billionaire inga fought eighteen million on a hand going one hour what's mostly around on one hand and the girls i fourteen million for iraq now we see how to build up this mike what at any point in time will you gambling these ridiculous sums of money i mean this is not that long since you are broke i mean this is like you gone from college do you do in this world talking about a decade or so we out that's fucking crazy
there is better than none limb and of play would like almost my entire network on the table players do they're kind of shit i don't that's crazy i've had my hair far before blame just because you're freaking out should stop ass man like giving their just so many things that go into it like europe you you're not only thing about like what that person has but like what are they like what do they think that you think that they have a mean the basics is what do you think that they think that you have and then like the range of hands that they could have why why why would he be bearing this why would he be calling here what type a hands could he have like what are the probabilities it is bluffing like what is his mental state i mean like is trying to pick up and tell just so many things that go into the yard yourself bogus and so much money and any less
mistaken you make magazine costing millions of dollars so it's like that that is like a lot and you're playing for some time sixteen seventeen hours like you're just like delirious i'm not want anything while you plan d take legato vigil or an outer or anything but took out or on really fucked me abiola just like try to win every hand maybe like the too aggressive and i just like just by plane crash in the mountains durable so try back i'll drive no good try weed and focus terrible i recall his bluff and allow parents so i you now and then some other taken like volume to serve fuckin relaxing irksome dislike strung out than that makes you cannot give a fuck and see the stupid shit as aid is almost gotta be sober but about beta blockers
ah i never try them and our try to me there but i will as i saw this thing on concert performers like a penis serbs actually some people are playing an orchestra they were talking about lee took beta blockers and made a massive impact they were super nervously for me and i was taught abundance like man that's a guess just stops you from getting nervous i would be really carry see what that feels like yeah yeah now there be interesting here however we heard about i think i think it's a big thing for actors and suchlike thou stage fright or would i m sure i don't know how long a last leah set him in these are you know you shall i ate in our sessions and assist like and also you don't want to fuck with your like mental acuity yeah so you study the game duly do like study strategy in red red poker books and i did i did and i did back in the day but valiant day wasn't quarters advance now they have so much stuff online where you can basically watch these prose play
they are given example back when i was playing i would play in college point ten tables at a time and you'd online yeah and you ll see about a hundred hands an hour let's say displayed retain our session sellers you playing ten table simultaneously how do you do that ten windows open area while there you're gone click click live are becoming all of some of your model monitor set up and so basically in that pure if you extrapolate that out that's you know you see in ten thousand hands were in the ten hours of sessions goes a hundred hands in an hour per table times you no rights and as a hundred so if you planning to see now you're saying about twenty hands an hour and you're obviously only playing one table so that translates the two hundred hands for that day
of one plus one day playing online have seen ten thousand hands one plant one day playing why was seen to hundreds even imagine one day playing online of seymour hands than a guy this played in a casino his entire life so just think about those you know numbers and so the thing is like when you play and a casino you yeah eggs this picture whose dude algae what's his name l key ok why that's his whole name oh i don't know who he is i think is a swedish geier like that and so you just he's got four giant monitors going on that many other with more tables a guy on the guy's got twelve each side while so that i'm in this is what its evolve to you now is like one of the pioneers of the staffing this guy fuckin six monitor yeah so when when you you can't do this in america anymore
act i need you to be again on line is stopped and black writer was in two thousand and nine was it that's fucked to wine me why not y yeah like photo bullshit i mean it's a game of scale clearly him and they allow the fantasy because it's a game of skill and things nonsense i dont really care good i wouldn't replying online remarks are can compete with these kids they just put too much time everything is now there's so much software that does much for them like for instance it i'll tell you how how many hands each person plays pre flop how many hot what percentage of the time they bear the flop what person are the time they blocked and they can just figure that out based on mike how often they're going to have a hand and how often they bluff so that should give you their bluff percentages on each street on the flop to turn the room
and it will tell you like come out many times there is like calling bad they get on just give you all these stats as well more turned into like a mathematical computer game whereas i like the more pure form of just like i'm lookin the guy in the fuckin i'm you know trying to figure out what he's god and you know you nail also plain the player when you're playing live like united for me i can calculate much money a guy has very fast i can figure out like is comfort level with bluffing i can figure out the type a guy he is whether not is aggressive whether not he's the type a guy that winning winning is going to want to lock it up but i forgot it when he's when he's going to gamble more the type of guy that when he's losing his in a kind of play a lot more hands and try and you know get even or the type of guy that's going to just like trying to wait for a big hand it's gonna be just calling his money chasing trying to get lucky that carriers pushing me action embedding a lot like there's a so many things that go into it that you know i like to just you know
play live and alex talk to people and i like that you know have that human interaction is a lot of these guys are really good behind a computer if you put them in front of another guy can't look a man in the eye and just fucking you know block you just like crumpled you know siri click that button and say all andy these crazy bluff but in other just physically can't like pushes chips and and keep a straight face on a table so you know there's something going on when you when you looking at them there's like there's a certain amount of reeks i guess i've never play poker so there there is a certain amount of intuition an instant yeah i definitely is it's not like in the movies words like earlier picked up a tell on this guy and every time he bluff see twitches or yearning likes like that's that's a very rare thing it's more it's more dislike understanding the person it's like you forgot what kind of job this guy does a college money makes a year like how much this money means your mamma she cares about the money how much he wants a gamble how much he's playing for fun how much he wants a win some these guys
they did they actually want to lose their dislike self sabotage or as you know that go in there and like some i'll see him and they want to lose because though want everybody the table the like them and that's gonna like you know the pit police forces us in scotland how do you take that like how do you do take that guy wants to lose he'll be you know he'll be just like one unduly friends of everybody in hell do shit to show offered a like you know make because i mean look at the end of the daily people want people play bad rightly you wanna player to play like shit you anywhere to give his money where you want to play it out you know you know do crazy son so these guys will in other put on a show for people who want to be the popular guy maybe they weren't coon highschool maybe they want people like em who knows what the reason is maybe they feel it deserve the money i play with a lot of guys that you know solemn ended up alzheimer frauds and were cheats on these guys you know how much money they feel they don't deserve subconsciously so i just want to give it away that's interest and you see a lot of guys use lose everything up
and before yassin guys go completely broke it's time because in gambling you can just keep going up but you can't really go down it's like france's if you go and you play black jack and new bad whatever arbiter number five and at all the hand right than your plan violent or larger handed you know your level of excitement when you win is at a seven and keep and whatever and then now you go play a thousand bucks when in a little better even losing or whatever and now if you try and go back to five hundred or two fifty it's legged you know it if you're losing its just like it's a mental flock because really hard to get even bedding smaller and if you've been winning you don't really care about the small money right like you want to earn more uniform saying if they are those things were like once you go up it's really hard to go the other direction so a lot of a lot of problems that professional poker players have called bankroll management where they keep going up
open up and then when they start losing weight they are completely unable to drop down and stakes and then play good you know if they loss let's say a hundred thousand dollars disease round numbers add in this game then for them to go to play a game its half that size and try to win that hundred thousand maggots take them twice as much time in earnest to highlight one of those things were the games gun bigger and bigger and bigger so somebody goes on run like and pokers their profession is not like you know that's it that's another people understand if like people like all your winning like you shoot you should take the money and rod it's like no like when you play poker for living like it never ends like there is yeah they're maybe session a session but like you're always gonna be playing pokers i think like if that's a good spot you just play until the game's over like even if you want it's alike blackjack reach is lock up a win like napoleon stay there
the more your winning the more other people are losing and among other people losing the worst they're gonna play says cow i wanna things reaches out this way long accession it never ends you know how piss people get when they lose falk tonnes amount if the right issues with that people get the island or people angry definitely angry and it's funny because and i'm a victim of this too like i've found sometimes but not far more angry at losing twenty thousand then i have at losing five hundred thousand dollars strangers that may sound just because get out of the way i lost it or if i played shity or if i lost it to a guy didn't like or it was just like i lost lost lost lost in just like a steady progression of losses or if i was up a ton of money and then it's the sale of a million dollars and losing twenty thousand like i'd be fucking me terrible even i only lost twenty grand but
let's say i was down a million dollars and i end up losing twenty thousand i'd be ecstatic now look at the end result what one night i one twenty grand and i was miserable and the other night a lost twenty grandma's happy right because i start up million and the loss of the animal being twenty thousand are winner like it seemed like a million i lost him because at one point that game i was up a million bucks ride rights are mentally you know i can't like in my might have lost a million dollars and then in the other game i was down a million then only reason twenty thousand almost broke even sell my ecstatic you know what also we were just talking about that i think is really interesting as a kind of parallels martial arts and fighting in a lot of ways is that you don't want to lose to someone i hate now that's a big factor in fact in its white collar macgregor does so well is it heat fox with your heads
so bad that the amount of pressure that's on you is so exacerbated when you actually get into the cage of them i give guys like josie although whose seasoned worlds you'd never lost in the you a conner it's mine fuck them and he can punch mean its ball thinks he's got skill and he's really good at handling pressure and he's the mind fuck master but you see it with guys when guys get in these emotional situations with fires only see when they with someone who respects them and to shake hands the winds and they could fight up to their full potential that that is a big factor i guess poker as well yeah definitely i mean there's of scene tons of times when somebody really hates another player and in fact like has just played far worse against that guy given that guy so much money because they they they were kept going after him you no later than they really want to blossom the like fuck this mother bugger i'm not gonna let this guy
block me and then then we just like paying them off and paying them off and paint them up i actually found that in poker because there were times when our befriend really bad players and then that player would not play hard against me you know because and actually in the board cost me about your money and then there's other jobs when our just like talk shit about player and they really come after me a minute smokin em in us colonel art its top did you do the bad players are cool as guys cuz they're just like the rich guys that are having fun and they got a good attitude and this and that but sometimes you know you got to fuck with a little bit you know cuz otherwise you're not going to be able to gamble with him really so you want that like you want that kind of like optimally want that competitive but some are friendly relations because you want them it is totally hate you gonna need like fuck this mother bugger i'm not plan if he's there and then your kind of like out of the game is he's a big soccer and eating call the shots
what's he seems like such a psychological management thing with with poker players has the law man as it is a really seems on the service like an easy thing to do now doesn't but i know a lot of you will they look out there just like all you gamble for living like he got luckier he's just like good with numbers you know they were break it down so simplistically they don't realize like how difficult it is but is not the case with everything i means people say that about nascar i go turn left like your mahomet maskers outcome i think that the closest comparison is with the stock bark like stockbroker stun mortar stuff you know because they're really gambling and media at the other day that that is gonna gambling in vienna and they're gonna have losses that they the parallel there that you can go into work you can fuckin do a good job bustier ass to everything right and then just get fucked because a bad luck that can have no doctor really right you know them saying like that can happen with most professions like even
fighting like given the loser gets paid right you don't go into a fight and lose money if you lose right like poker in the stock market or some the few things like it's kind of hard to we have a good bankroll management because you can go and do everything right buster ass an work for an entire month and lose money but that is where the thrill eyes to the common man they the average person it plays it safe and takes it easing it's for a one k and doesn't doesn't do anything risky that's where the thrill eyes in that lifestyle like talking to you in here and you talk about this shit that's where people that it and palms sweaty right now and the drive and work and they listen to this and thinking could i do that could i do that could i do that most people came through cannot its main task its
it is one of the hardest things i've done a lot of hard things just because for median doing physically hard things actually isn't like as challenging is mentally tough things if that makes any sense because the physically stuffed the physically tough stuff you just can't alike spoken by italian grit and fucking take and take the paintings power through like it's going got to be one of the benefits of going through buds twice yeah we put that right back to induce you know you ve been through way more a fallacious physical test than most people get ever endure i mean i think a lot of it comes down to you know a lot of people like like must be a super tough motherfucker and all those other shit and i think it comes down more to just look how bad you want it again lifelike if you just want something so fucking bad
like i just remembered like when i was doing the fitting meter underwater some is really hard for me i had never been able to do it outside of seal training and the only two times did it was when i like how to do it i just remember arouses like warm discuss swim until i fuckin reach the waller black out like their dues wasn't another option the gaza's i got it was gonna quit just gonna want it so bad so that actually helps you remember there's one got it that went into buds and he was you're like a million our business that gives the ethical together like own van dutch or something maybe ursa had somewhat filiation with an eye to remedy went into buds after that i just remember he showed up and he had like a hot check or too hot checks in sports car and fry flock exactly the same do you know like like and then shut up a bug like quit unlike straight away and i was like but it didn't surprise me because i'm like thinking you know if if
if i don't make it i'm gonna ship but fuckin miserable like i don't want that like this guy's thinkin like if i quit i can go like fuck a bunch of girls and my dr nice cars and i got money you don't zeller him it was like i actually think is harder you know like because you look like you know what you're alternatives are you know like you like enough if you put a fuckin guy up again the wan he's got no choice than he's just gonna like do it he's gotta do like differences if i told you you had to go crawl you know de miles or i'm going to put a bullet in your head like your problem going to go crawl at fifty miles have i told you hey like i'm going to give you our two thousand dollars you know if the ngo co these fifty miles but you know you got money and you don't really need it probably not gonna crawford insane right scholar gonna things the alternative is what determines the difficulty that's a great seen an officer gentleman member which a gear up with deeds
we're roads the oh yeah yeah dear over that knows it acquiesce i got nowhere else to go that's one thing i tell people when other thinking about fighting i say is it all you want to do is it your whole life is it absorb you does indeed do want that more than anything you can imagine is not like well fighting does work out i'm gonna be an author because if that's that's the case and you want to do it for the experience at school but if you you actually think you're gonna be champion if you have all these other escape routes and you it's not gonna happen that's why i shooting is harder for gaza conor macgregor or gaza may whether because now they have money and they have that lifestyle and is like that i should roger was getting you're fucked up just because she likes you you know she was gonna hollywood major donor she's top she's fucking great whatever but you know she was like is doing the movies and she's doing this and it's like i just i know lifestyle and i know the addictive nature of the money in the fame and all that other stuff and now it's like these people that have been fuckin means living in a one bedroom apartment are now energy
so all this money and all this fame and people and is it so distracting as opposed to the guys like you know fuckin waken up every day and going to the german fuckin boston his ass and is trying to make ends meet that's all you got and he's got no fuckin nowhere else to go like you said you know and for that guy i feel like it's far easier to stay course for gal economy dragonize got all this money in this and that you know she's either he doesn't have to fight any more like coming here illegally that's a continuous lifestyle he does right now is like it up is expenses in his image in all the seventies used all the stuff now yes like make acts to maintain his current situation so his yellow but a pressure on them in that sense but he's not he's not struggling he's not hungry anymore you know me he's got the depends on who you warned me everybody has a differ motivation some peopled it's it's not even like they changed the goalposts instead of becoming rich it's become the greatest of all
yeah it's like you look at all these other guys internet your heels and you decide now mother fuckers i am the man at the top of the mountain and i'm gonna stay at the top of the mountains i was my body hangs in their again it's like that has to be something that you want to do and you could see the shift i see the shifting guys where they all said they do it for money and they are doing it for a living you see that shit then it's an ugly shift because they they just don't have the same nasty did i guess he had a lot like nfl and stuff like that i'm sure you'll probably guitar to get you fuckin bell rang to man he attacked clash in heads p oh and run in any each other two while that she gets tired you remember there's a bigger basketball player and he would play poker and was funny because he would go on these benders and you play for like twenty four hours straight or so knows what i just remember we just always bet against him and he was a big big like bathrobe where like using the star in the
moreover we just like always bed again like whatever team is playing if he had been planned programme for twenty four forty outwards bet against the team were right like almost every damn lucky this like always play like shit but he had lasted for gathering mentally exhausting he's not sleep n you don't eat is slaves was hard in your body here you you the cortisone or whatever cortisol levels we gotta go up a minute dislike it's it's tough amid such balancing act i think everything in life but especially in risky things whether its play poker or five racing along those lines something really difficult to do there's this weird balancing act and you you have to achieve this this perfect balance of motivation reward intensity folk is discipline but still pleasure you can be measured will forever like use gas be a time will you have fun to its high i mean like i said i think it is comes down like you just gotta wanted yes gonna fuckin just want really bad
but there were some study recently that i was reading about where they were talking about how you can't be happy all the time and you dont want to be happy all the time lag you want to achieve the same levels of happiness all the time if your not miserable like you you don't ever those highs unless you hit those laws like you ever been around what is manic data chick is manic nausea the sweet is never as sweet as the we without the bitter and then i found that i should have outlook on that because i bought pleasure for so long by happiness you buy pleasure there are people say like our money is happiness while money can buy a boat and above all make me forget abbe that kind of thing right so example i like to give is what one sixteen like my dream car was a mustang ober rights of i gotta mustang cobra out about ten right but
in a ferrari would also bring me no time anybody can a higher than a ten right so necessary i got you know in other far when i was sixteen and now we ve for a graduate college and my dad give me let's say gives me a bmw five if i had the fraud now i'm gonna be carl i probably at seven right from stepping down in a car but if the mustang cobra now want an m five imma back at a ten what it's the same car for the same person near the same spot in life the only difference is your perspective because your previous experience you know it's kind of like when you know people ass like why rich people aren't is happy and i just think it's because they ve up the bar so far that only the you know best things satisfy them like a guy off the street if i took it like when i was at when i got out of boot camp but he's at his example i go to outback steakhouse two hundred and ten right now
if i go to the best restaurant the fuckin world amino might i'm the six or seven reflexes bodyguard three shafts negate the best food all the time in earnings like that doesn't make me happy anymore i give if summit bought me a lamborghini a bit whatever we have had a muddle care like it but if you gave me no give it oh god the street it be at a ten so i can't buy happiness anymore you know you and i bought every fuckin thing than i ever want right there's not really anything that i want so i can't buy any like pleasure and also if you gave me like a regular car of irregular hotel i would actually be like below the normal level whereas a normal person would be like happy to be on a vacation you know i'm saying so like i think that has some correlation like its colleagues guy that that wins a lotta like a year later he is legs like statistically less happy than a guy that got his leg fuckin amputated a year prior this that's
that's interesting it's also i think what are you trying to do like d people are trying to get rich because i think that once they get rich they'll be happy they think that that's gonna give them this thing they ve always been missing and so i ve been working hard bus there ass and they look at all these other people like we're talking about you know you you land you private jet you drive you're you're bentley to the club and airbus i caused you wanna be that guy right but once you that guy it's like that doesn't mean anything anymore and then for a lot of people there's an emptiness there's nothing left to chase there's nothing else to do and your life is just about possessions and upping the ante and now i got to get a yacht and now i have to get the biggest now i got to buy an island to find something to fill that void because you sort of set your life up to chase these material goals instead of to try to find out what actually does make you happy yet you have tat golden you have to stop at like you know you gotta be climb the mountain
then the daylight climb the mountain is far more satisfying and being at the top amount in that way no that's not what we were taught what's counter intuitive because moliere don't like get their wages no that like ok like you know my dad toby i guess but give them receive and also go here as part of our universe give me shit and all receive it and i'll be how to be under an observer but you don't have it if you don't have it yeah then that makes your executive and like you know just people i mean it's this experience like i mean like from the time your little kid you get something you're happy like you you know you get about your happy like if i have this bike on behalf in its true and works yerevan but there is a point i almost after like get really rich too understand that you really have to do is by all that shit rise ok like i got it it's cool that made me happy but its temporary enough that's what that that's kind of where i differentiate the happiness and the pleasure you know you can buy the pleasure of the pleasures somewhat short lived
you had a conversation would someone about this recently where i was saying that material possessions wants you have enough might require basically everything you want they don't mean anything anymore so they don't mean anything you can enjoy them when you have the mode if you lose them to another big deal you know like you we get an escalating fuckin mediator escalating rather out get another escalate there's a bunch of us there is no big deal but if that was all you had any street save and scrape up your money that escalating kept clean then it got hit by a meteor you be devastated up once you have it this level of success where material possessions don't mean anything anymore then you can kind likes it ok will what do i enjoy camaraderie friendship creativity like what what is it that i'm actually chasing because i remember talking this buddhist monk added to do this thing once where went to all these different religions i was for this tv show and i interviewed all these different people and ask them like what
what is it about your religion as the basic say if going to join your religion it try some your yes who and the buddhist sky was saying that sex in all these matters possessions days they possess you and that to be completely free you have to be abstinent you have to be free of material possessions i simple why i go what if you wish eve a level of success where you dont worry about those things anymore and they don't they don't they dont contain you they don't hold you there the union prisoner of them because you really not worried about them like if all you had was this one thing in that one thing was taken from you that would be devastating and that's what this is based on but what if you had limited resources if you if you're richard branson are someone like you or whatever when near it's not an issue then those material possessions no longer possess you but this guiding want to look at it that way i kid in one thing that was ever possibly an option and like not option because you don't think it's possible to achieve that level of material possession
material success yeah that's kind of the thing i feel you have two you have to get to that place to understand you know it's kind of like when i tell him that anybody listening to this ninety nine point nine percent of people listening to this never going to make a fraction of the amount of money that you ve earned yet but you know in some ways that is a blessing because they're gonna have a lifetime of being able to buy that pleasure to because of that you now because it is start here on this low wrong then all those little purchases up that you're still like you can join should gradually usa that their baseline just lower right they get a new fishing rather fuckin palm exactly you know when that whereas off than they're gonna you know get a new real and you know when that wears off they're gonna buy new debt find out what you learn ozanna think it's the little ship that little shit if it makes them happy than that's that's ok but but should it be
listen to this right now there they think ok we're equating material possessions in the acquisition these material possessions as being the thing that makes you perhaps now is this because you ve got fifteen bitches and near flying around on the u no private jets in and you're you're lacking like real death to gear smart guy you're not a dumb die so i don't i don't think that that's the case i think you're having a lot of fun and near you know you're doing a lot of wild crazy shit but i don't think you're lacking in depth yes i am is trying to fully sperience everything i wanted to experience and there is also a pie amid that's u no can do in some wish fulfilment some pardon me that's over compensating for lack of things you know that i childhood wise or when i was growing up with that are wanted or whatever what visitors like catholic whatever i want it when i was younger whatever place emphasis on icon a leg just over
jack written and beat it into the fuckin dirtier than now i can move on and do something else like my life you know i have i have eighty diesel for me it's like hyper zaire real i think i think it is and i think i think a lot of successful people have and i think what it allows you to do is when you are focused on something and when you have that like pinpoint focus you can be extremely successful but we you don't you just scattered all over the fuckin map and you can accomplish anything familiar dislike and i think alike kids have nowadays because of the stimulus i think thank you so much stimulus at your fingertips nowadays that these kids if they're not but i guess i guess what i'm trying to say is that voters over simulated and and because they have at their fingertips all the time like but what are the killer we used to dislike have to entertain ourselves you said it is like god and play in own dislike figure out should do and so we need massive amounts of similar nowadays if kids don't have a fucking
video game in a movie playing at the same time their board and three other friends to talk to unicef for their hang around the costly checking their phone in any way i can asia they know a yard and convict of two usa as like it's crazy you'll be in european social setting in there be five six people at a table not all beyond their phones and it's like it's kind of sad that tat we ve been reduced to that level of interaction words his leg electra i like this is all like traumatic and people like me what people call people nowadays a slight wait what the fuck like why are you call him he looked back when we were kids like licked there wasn't even eggs thing you know like flipper lake now it's like a somebody call you say wait what the fuck again i have one friend joey de as we never tax each other ever i've made a tax me once i think what the fuck is going on all we do is call because i don't like that
act because i like to call when i hear your voice summit secure i want to know you love me like you you want to talk to you on the phone i think that's yeah the wormwood deftly missing something we deafening missing something by the others electronic shit but it's also like a new style of living and i'm sure humans will adjust eventually will figure out how to manage it or or change accordingly the one positive thing i think it's just that you you're so connected you know everybody i feel like everybody's more connect now like back you know when we were kids like a guy and i too hope is never gonna fuckin you know feel any connection whatsoever with somebody that's known california but now like that i can what a youtube video everybody around the world can see it in and people are just you know dating wise social media wise like whatever they're just there is more connection i mean i feel like it's it's not quite as real and it's not as tangible but and people i think are also losing
losing their ability to colic interact like my other friends i will sit around will tell stories and it's like we'll have fun and it's the generation when you watch them interact it's almost like comical it's like these people they ex socially awkward they get on people over how to like approach girls anymore this like in the whole things when like reduce the like online dating as is it it's in your world for sure i've been on it is a new world but what i found really fascinating is cause i travel to and stand up is that there is no dumb places any more like you and go to you now fill in the blanks place in the middle the midwest boise idle or whatever and ill do a show there in the fuckin people on the ball they know what the fuck's go in there there's so much more informed when i used to try on the road in the nineties rice do stand of the nineties and you know it you fly oh hi our sar jamie flight someplace in the middle
country is fuckin people apes we didn't know anything there are like what's it like to be on an airplane death i know anything no one but now it's like you run in the same kind of people in a way that you can run and do in you know filling the blank in phoenix or whatever where the fuck it s there's no dumb cities anymore is used find some dumb people but i think overall the awareness level of people has changed and i think that's a lot due to the internet how does that acts of em you well the kid i wanna know solar moms like ok look up none cyclopaedia britannica unlike but that is a fact go to do that and we literally would have like hundreds of libias around the thing and like you know we thought that is great but now if you want to know something you google at any this instantly no it like you know is enough to press it you just talking you're fine you know tat you know the ages serious like google old fusion put shows you
spontaneous limit it's so freaky that they don't even think about instead track or star wars none those places have the internet knows visions of science fiction in the future had the internet it is it so i think it's gonna be when when histories all said and done people look back in this era of it's going to be one of the biggest changes in the human race ever in we're in the middle of it it's a storm and we're just caught up in it and like your talk about when you were saying how you're so wealthy units is normal which it becomes normal due to have all this money and someone gives you lamborghini its normal will this wealth of information is normal do it just seems normal you know and you know kids are young there grown up with the internet their whole life they ve never experienced anything but the internet so it's to them i'm going to know how weird it was to run into bullshit artists the people just lied about stuff like you couldn't google you know you could just like if you want to know about somebody google ominously ok this guy's a scam artists you know the checks a hooker
their life stories like bam like wikipedia we what yeah it's kind of crazy before we did the pot we start talking about psychedelics and you start talking about some psychedelic experience that you had then i saw like shave it shave it cuz i wanted to talk to you about on there so tell me what what has happened i mean you asher the term yonder at the damn was it the first i tried other bernie man and i smoked a small amount of it and it it dressing owes i mean owes its failures pretty lightning speed hence i try to do so back in time we had this we shall small mountain how many hits just one just wants eyes in ours
like deep in her and he's got a doorway took a look inside yeah i just i don't i felt like a little but a sense of peace and clarity and out but those all i really got from the second time i did not have a good experience i have this shown monk come over and he priests are what every com and i don't know if we did too much but i just didn't really get too much out of actually get more out of it after but during these whereas it was like i was just too much i didn't really get anything like moses it's almost like overwhelming yes is overwhelming were like know them we are obviously a video game kind of is the best way to describe it were i dislike color almost seem like everything was gonna like separating apart but generally get too much
there is the third time at a similar experience but thou is that was just a smoking i haven't done i washed or anything like that i did mushrooms three times spun ad i had a couple for the first time to mushrooms if it goes in high school and i just never forget because it was like one hundred and thirty in the morning or whatever and i just want to call my friend how how great was it have conversation we can pick up the phone like deed is one thirty four clocked up but is that our target areas as having a good time a man did an amsterdam got sick and owes funny because i she did a four times there are some did it we're in amsterdam and were walk and now this long alleyway and we're problem about seventy five yards zombie alleyway a body of mine is like oh gimme a second and we kept walking
they were like the mushrooms and here we just ate like you know five then we whatever you known it hadn't hit walker and it was probably a two hundred yard alley where's this guy was fucking ben johnson he couldn't have made it was like a long long i would like theirs if he was in a dead sprint is a fast car in the world he could have made it in and there was no like no land no nothing or dislike what the fuck happened this dude were just like a no we can and we haven't really like started tribune but were like the we'd like thought this do got a duck by aliens there's like no explanation right with a turnaround we're just like we all look each other like what the fuck happened and we knew these mushrooms are going ahead since over just like but we didn't feel we're like the mushrooms in here we just ate like you know five then we whatever you know hadn't had walked around the corner and there is a plea station we're like oh shit like i guess we should ask them like we went in there and we're like we know we don't know what happened to her friend like you don't know if you got abducted or whatever looks like this ads
is long alleyway right and this motherfucker her chose the one spot piss were apparently there is like a secret door that open inward into the police station and there was a camera basing down and he was pissing on the door the police station they grabbed amid piss stick still out into the hut and police station and thrown in jail added so we get this information were like oh fuck like what are we gonna do like we're gonna pay this guy we're like this never done mushrooms before his spurs experience is gonna be in jail in amsterdam this guy's my gonna fuckin lose mind we gotta get em out we need a pan these people that alike i forget we gonna pamela i was in college river is like a significant amount of money for us bail them out and then i remember i remember offered like the chicken carousing i'll give you a hundred bucks if your mail is to his parents or the video of prison and generosity matters get the fuck out
so that our three the fourth time i did arouse in it was that trip that i took two point of order what is it my body that won the or he got second the world's here's a poker and i shall never forget it cause i was i was downstairs with this this is big villain on edge live and i remember not wanting have sex and ours is like this is the greatest thing for the first time like my dick doesn't control me like this is so so nice to just be able like relax and not like us all these chicks run around other bang on the whole weekend i was like to just not even like have to like think about it cuz i've no desire to have sex right now i remember having that thought and be like wow this is great and i'm so fucked that i like took that as a personal challenge to like see if i could have sex fuckin this girl for like forty myth
on monday on mushroom of ill the craziest blackened experience our i really really enjoy it that much but i just remember at the end of it as a while ago this opportunity were like you were i consumed with like one about sex and put the fuckin ruined his eyes first time i had a mushroom trip i was i was with my friend and we were near a mountain it was like a very high hill we were below it and work land down the grass does laughing giggling and don't you ever like if you ve ever been like lying down looking up at a mountain range and you see the sky and the clouds go overhead it was the this time i think in my life that i really took in the concept of an atmosphere of the shape of the earth being round and that
behind that atmosphere look it up his blue skies beautiful but i didn't see it loose guy anymore i saw it i knew it was there but realize that it's just this layer and beyond that is the vast infinity of space and i remember looking at it and thinking for the first time because of this hill i could see like i'm my alma we're like in a convertible spaceship this whole thing is aspasia but this is an illusion we're we're standing here like we're on ground were laying down on the grass looking up at the sky but this does not this not sky is a thin layer of atmosphere that's protecting you from space and then above that is does no end to it fuckin stuck in my head that idea like for the very first time and its something about being below a mountain and lying down and looking up and seeing them out and seeing the air and sea in the car let's go we're just set into my mind like well that's an atmosphere this is
just the sky this is of this is like so i from that moment on i can look up at a mountain now and i get this like weird almost like half trippy feeling that's that's what they meant of heard actually about a lot of psychedelic says that it is not like it doesn't work rewire you but it just makes you think about certain things differently and i think that they they blinded there's like some chemical thing my colleague almost like resets you too like where you can have a new perspective on certain things that's one of these i ragouts considering doing ass at a burning man this last year from a lot of people at its like it it's more like a queen form of the mushrooms and they kind of like got more out of it now that i have a ten people tell me it was like the best experience or life and that's like a pretty strong statement of ten people tell you that yeah i did it this year for the first time it set
sound wouldn't say it's like i could its powerful mean they're all amazing they all have their own little thing that goes on with them but the the changing of perspective is really beneficial that people have addictions apparently people smoke cigarettes like though have a powerful mushroom trip and they don't have any desire to smoke cigarettes anymore it's really common experience drug addicts and you know even but probably have other weird addictions a gambling addiction or sex addictions like yeah i said i think ahead of us a small experience like that with the sex lying on the mushrooms like pretty liberating yummy i think for a lot of people they get trapped in the momentum of the life that therein it whatever it is and sometimes psychedelic trips you know sometimes for people just a near death experiencing almost drown you dont drown you get out of here you like holy shit out of me my whole life atheist just changes who you are like the reset yeah i mean
i now preaches for a long time i think just so much of your life is just perspective i'm in a really is you know what have they have these these crazy partisan by disabled veterans out a reverend drawn shown it and so one time i had this one guy who got both his life blown off in afghanistan and super cool do like really humble nice guy and there is a slight super hot chick how is at the at the party now really one fucker blows ass you i was like a anna by peter a fuckin tunnel myerst conflict she left like them as guy at us as for banana pass an out of regret about the next day were or send their breakfast and as is like a sofa and miserable and i look over this dude almost like a like what
fucker you so have you easy smilingly this shit you now hung over like what the fuck are you so happy tat you know like shit me anything i feel great i do not however is a guy's gonna give shit though and ours i did not ask you man i'm like he had yet the fuck invest area like since you benny earlier you always been fuckin positive laguna then over like in a geographical moments where you're dislike fuckin depressed about you know the fuckin amputation and that's that exact fuk with you i like how do you like how do you maintain such a good adjectives and i think it's amazing is it what are you talkin about is like losing my life is the best thing that ever happened to me and i'm just never forget it because that state was this like so like different from what i ever expect this guy to say right and he followed up with you have that never happened me i got to be over in fucking some sand pit in afghanistan i'll just be another number nobody give a shit about me cuz no one i came home he's like i just be you no fucking
military guy and everybody in my town wouldn't care and his now he's like i go and i motivate people when i give the speeches he goes and people look up to me and i'm sparring people as i can i get to see cool shit i just got fuck and brandy rival rifle the other week for free is a minute harry spam egos unflagging party here with you fucked a super huh there are however other guys guess it was just like funny because like his whole thought us about it was so great and i could just see how another guy if that happens we could easily like getting like the woe is me in the whole like in a fuck this in our depressing you know think about all the time lag argued this again but this guy is like accepted it fuck and charge with it and i was he viewed as like up huge positive and i thought those great out of you ever seen em like others youtube things like this the chinese farmer your seeing that no were
so he loses his horse and everybody in the town comes over and they say oh that's that's terrible he's like gum and though i go that's terrible now imminent and he's like maybe the next day seven while the horses come back and they all come over and they say oh that's great and he says well maybe the next hey kid is taken out one of the wild horses and breaks his leg and whole town come low in the cell that's terrible mountain it he says maybe the next day the conscription off there's come over and their taken people on the military to go fight and they pass by his son because got a broken leg and whole town comes over and they say they say oh that's great now in any says maybe and the poor
it is that you you never really know if something is bad or good because you don't know how that skinner a fact the rest your lifelike back you know when i you know fuck up two days for graduates silt round on five hundred and ten days it up put my fucking heart and soul into this fuckin thing and i get kicked out cuz i'm fucking guy doesn't like me and you know it's kind of hard to look at that in any way other than lol that's fucking terrible but as i'm their and our experience a lot i can look at that and we like well have my class died right and combat so i fuckin died i would have became a navy seal then that might just like what i hung my hat on you know and i was just like for the rest of my life i didn't feel like i really needed to fucking prove anything or salad any because i've done this thing that every views is great and you know no if i would have been is motivated and so there just like a lot of things like that in your life that emission
short term you look at them as being extreme negatives or in us you in views positive that unites is hard to say until you know it's colleague run its course and you see what effects that has later on down one who can end up with a deep shit and bulgarian i knew i get some deep shit out of you i know was in their god dammit thanks very much really appreciate as a lot of fun really appreciate it obviously instagram danville zairian twitter the same right thank brother on guitars can either very well we ve tomorrow jesse winter a holy shit you mother fucker thanks everybody for tuna the thanked caveman coffee gotta caveman coffee c o dot com and get yourself cabin with single origins single family single source deliciousness use the code word rogue
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