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#858 - Jesse Ventura

2016-10-13 | 🔗
Jesse Ventura is a former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, actor, political commentator, author, and politician who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. His latest book, Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto, is available now.
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I have to keep the lights on north, forcing women just kidding when folk Route Bluebook, not known or not, or not. My guest today the great jes, even terror, were. I knew him from from the movie predator. Fuckin awesome from his wrestling career he's fucking awesome. He was a governor of Minnesota legit governor He was a governor of Minnesota, legit governor. He taught at Harvard and ever ask someone taught at Harvard and he's a good guy I really enjoy talk, I've seen him be like real combative with other people, and other shows, but I think he's why those guys you just Connachar, let him go. You know and I had a great time talk to him. I really enjoyed Anna gave him a fanny back fuckin pumped about that he's. A big proponent of Fanny Pack, folks he's got one in his hotel room and now he's got one of my whole. You owe you, ladies and gentlemen,
the mother, fucking man Jesse, Inter, will gain experience, train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. First of all, Mr Ventura I'm a big fan, but now that I know that your profanity pack, this is huge, I've a trying to bring back the fairly pack for years been were nothing but ridicule. The same I sent my way. I find that strange because I'm a huge, fair. I care I have one locked in my hotel right now in the safe you know you gave a little safes in the raw while I carry my passport in it. I carry the things that I need to travel. If I'm doing airline travel my schedules, I carry Tuesday,
of reading glasses. I carry my sunglasses. What could be better than a Fanny pack to carry all that? I don't have that sucker will ride on the train. I dont have the you know. I tend to wear my pants a little tight and I can't put things in the get things break when they get in the pocket? No, I am. I huge Fanny pack advocate I've. I've warn them now for egret twenty years. I've had me too. Now you have one of ours yup undertake. Thank you. Thank you down. I'm honored its superior our stuff, and I put it to use. Thank you well, and I also I stated this in Minnesota. I have logic Conseil and carry can carry a weapon right. Where do you think I carry any fanny back exaggerate, but they make Sven back specifically that velcro open instantaneously that they operate open the well
I'm not I'm not wearing my shoulder holster, it's in my vanity back. Do you mean? How does it work? Do? You are only allowed to conceal, carry in Minnesota and if you go, state is no. No many other states now are honouring the others. I say you gotta check, though, but general speaking if you have conceived pretty much across the country now for most part, if you have legitimate Conseil and carry in your home state the other stuff. It will likewise honour it, but you can't go the airport when it right of north You can't do anything like that with a view to have to be driving. That's why those subjects were in all much like the subject of your book. Marijuana manifesto, it's one of those its work as soon as you bring up that subject, concealed carry people just go well. It's interesting because it saw its. I help. Shepherd the law through when I was governor in Minnesota? Because- I was mayor of Brooklyn Park first and I went to my police chief to get Conseil and carry me denied me. I
the mayor. Can you deny is it because it was up to police chiefs, but why noses down he don't like it? Would you didn't like him in general, like it and so I sat back and about wait a minute. This is ridiculous, a police You shouldn't have that power, it should be, you know formally yeah shall issue if you're qualified it shouldn't be left up to cause like in Minnesota. If you if the northern Minnesota the world nor you could get it conceal, carry like nothing because the people chiefs up. There didn't care, but a few down in the cities ha you could get Conseil and carry if you're bribed m. That's interesting the state law Wasn't it wasn't? It was, but it was left up to now. I say that the police chiefs of you went out alive. I went and change that and made it universal across the state shall issue, but we,
required. You had to go through a an accredited gun training course. You had to go, what are the range and shoot a minimum of seventy? You have to have a complete ban. Round check done on you criminal background everything, and, in the case of like you, have point, oh eight alcohol with driving I Conseil and carry point zero, zero. Well, there's a girl and if you're carrying your weapon, you are not under the influence of any alcohol. None. That's all Those are all excellent idea match. We passed it now. If you qualify for all that, it shall issue you stand with that. In the end I raise been, they they push back I understand why they push back against any good,
regulation. Anything that comes up and a regulation in regards to background checks regards anything because they feel like ground lost is lost forever regarded as in it as it is where. I feel is: is that time the Eu Law, put it to you. This way life experiences, I was physically in the Philippines, philippine islands I was equally in the Philippines. The day Ferdinand Marcos became a dictator who I was there. Now I was in the? U S: military on the: U S military base, so it didn't really affect us, mean we go into town and all that, but those than you a soldier on every corner with the machine gun when he did it well, What I'm getting too he became a dictator and gave himself the power of the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court complete dictatorship, the fur first thing he did as a dictator. He gave the p.
Below the Philippines, a ten to twelve day grace period to turn all guns or was the death penalty. My question to the people who up Those gun rights are anti guns. Why would a dick Kader make his first thing of business, to disarm public. Why would make? That is number one priority once pretty he doesn't militia exactly and people fail to realise our second amendment is there for us to be will defend ourselves against our own government? then there's not exert not therefore, hunting and fishing when they roll the bill of rights. If you didn't hot and fish you didn't eat, that was irrelevant heroes. Their because british used to come and occupy our homes, Do you, our staff, showed
british caused? The second amendment two happened aware our forefathers says no we're going to allow the people to be able to defend themselves against oppressive government. So do you think that the opposition to it as a lack of foresight like the idea that you're living in this time were for the most part, things are very peaceful, it's probably the most safe time to be alive and that people are forgotten that it's entirely possible. That tyranny could erupt at any moment, maybe show, and they don't realize that. Maybe maybe we you know, you got two movements that happened this year you had the Bernie Sanders Movement and the Donald Trump Movement. Originally they want the same thing they could never get together those ones. The far far left the others the far far right right, but that what they wanted was a turnover in Washington. They were so give business as usual. Let's run these bombs outlets start fresh. That's what
There are two movements were about and the more we are seeing data day would mean. I think Hillary Clinton is obviously a more rational choice than Donald Trump she's. Obviously, a person who speaks better, a better representative of the people she's entail a genteel, measured unless where blobs constantly constantly but she's, obviously deeply deeply in bed with the banks and special interest groups in this most recent Wikileaks release of emails. It shows that she's been she's, been with talk back against with all her might and that's a disturbing thing too and that she has vowed to push back against with all her might and that's it storming thing to see in two thousand. Sixteen Cadeau Maya, you know, there's more people locked Opponent of people know this, but is more people locked up from marijuana in this country, then for all vi crimes combined, and that is terrifying. It's horrible
It's terrifying, it's horrible to when you get to like when I did this book and went into the history. Terrifies you there is that our history books are government written with the governments. You of history, of what they want you to know, because what astounded me in doing this book. To learn that marijuana. Was the economic backbone of this country for its first hundred and sixty years of existence that if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they'd be rated. The D a they'd be doing tender, twelve years in the federal penitentiary for being major drug dealers, because they both raised massive amounts of marijuana and sold it and and there was a time that England, when we were the colonies, forced us to grow, it began
they needed it for their sales on their ships in the rope and so that they, good colonized the world with their navy and they feel or start to grow it in here you You have a product and now all that. The reason that I personally have got none the bandwagon and I've made is a personal focus is because I have completely lost my quality of life. And marijuana, given it back. How so well, I won't because of privacy but someone extremely close to me, developed epileptics he's your disorder and were seizing three to four times a week, and I was taken care of these seizures three to four times a week, if you ve ever out with someone with a seizure disorder. It's a feeling of helplessness. It's a fee of pain. You can't even imagine what that person's going through this the person taking care of them
was put someone you love the other. This unbelievable and show the poor she was put on four different one after the other pharmaceutical medicines for seizures right now. November worked. They all hey allowable side effects the seizures continued for to overcome years, finally, in desperation, we won the Colorado, the person gotten. Medical marijuana, three drops under the tongue three times a day. Amazingly the seizure stopped. You have a good, and whose son has a swell shoe. Amazingly now the persons com, lately weaned off all pharmaceutical and now in pure form. The person takes appeal in the morning appeal at night and has been she's your free for two and a half year. Now they taken a pharmaceutical bays, pellet mariner they now taking really the other stuff, the o em, the other. Not there
he ate she, but the vision should be the person it's the seat. In fact, this person takes zero th, she all c b d- Southern, not as I it's not psychoactive. What's at all, which is really non point on now, not even if it were. Who cares exactly like my friend, Tommy Jong, told me, TAT me John said there should be no difference between medical marijuana and recreational. He said the entire plants medical vote. That are smoking it for the euphoric feeling are doing it for mental health. So are you get through this life? If you can smoke joint in the evening and make sure relax any what's the matter with that. What's the difference between that or a glass of wine
having anything else where we're just victims of the propaganda of the nineteen thirty out and whether people know it or not. It was all organised by William Randolph her and raising yellowish based and William Randolph hers too owned. Hearse publications also warned owned a bunch paper mills he owed these are the heirs of ours of timberland and they came with a machine called Decor Decatur, whether people now not, and quarter cater made. It economically easy to process hemp fibre, so they can with this in the nineteen thirties and the pot their science magazine the time had a cover that said, hemp, the new billion dollar crop. They are entirely on new invention, the dictator, because before that do you, slavery them in a cotton gin came around. They use con instead of hemp because it was easier to get all yours.
Joy above all, because I don't have to say all this must have the laughing it I'd. All you ve done now forever tries be fuckin, crazy. You, you ve, done your homework, it's wonderful because, usually I go on a show. I have to do the explanation that, but If you add on after you know it already well, Lamb brand of hers was a real piece of shit in Aqua. He really was young. He was in charge not just of these paper meals, but he was in charge of disseminating the news. I mean this guy ran hearse publication. Twenty six newspapers in all white run entry and showed a marijuana too, to race bait to blame, the devil we'd, that black smoke, dimensional, rape, your daughters and children, and this wives and all that and lazy, Mexicans. That's why they lay around and these brown skin people these Mexicans are all smokin bought. You live in Mexico, half the for months on them, work is less lazy than Mexicans.
Sickens illegal. They almost stem workers. I've ever met exactly. It is one of the dumbest stereotypes all time mexican gardeners got all I'll. Tell you this. I live off the grid I live where there's no electricity and our from pavement in an hour from electricity, a neighbor built a home down there and I had enough to do so. I'd go watch it every day. That's how I down there, and I watch these mexican workers bill will the whole modest cement from scratch. They never electronic cement mixers. They mixed every boy. That cement by hand and why day. I'm watching me nor the rebar two guys the bed rebar, by hand Jerkin and with a pipe to put it Forty five or maybe degree angle, whatever the code when all its the building where the point was I've started laughing, and I said you know if you
the american construction worker down here he'd quit my day They won't go away in a day where, because all they which deliver raw materials? And these mexican builders would build Sir Mad cows is out of nothing out of raw material without a bit of electricity yeah, I'm a big family I love it down there. I love the food. I love the people I ll. The life I led down their cause. Is the exact opposite of here? down there. I live off. The grid only pay attention to what I can see as nice. Called flushing. Your brain out. My family lived down there. My parents do They decided a chill out on Mexico. Jolly time I'll tell you what else is great to taxes, and we always laugh at the mexican government, all their corrupt there. This and that on property. Taxes, their way superior to us
style merit now here, at least in Minnesota, which is pretty much universal if you buy a home in Europe, good citizen and you fit the whole map and improve it? How did they reward you? You pay more. Your taxes go up. For being a good citizen. Show using their analogy. You should be the house. Let it become the shit hole on the black and they'll reward. Yo Yo pay less here's how works twenty Mexico Mexico, I taxes are due in March property taxes. If I them. In January early, they knock off twenty percent I pay them in February. They knock off ten percent. Down January, twenty eighth February is a short month show in thirty days I get twenty percent on my money legally tell me where I can do that. That's pretty beautiful twenty percent in thirty days now granted its
a couple hundred box because property taxes are cheap there anyway, but what that's a couple tanks, a gas from my pickup truck, do you feel weird living donor, not a beer, not at all. No, no, I don't even know the language, you don't know Spanish Why not? Because I've never taken time to bother I got you down there, you just better. We talked Honeywell between what they know of English and what I know of spanish and pan to mining. We figure it out while its go Kay. You gotta know to survive, and Mexico is one word, Just look Ella now, look, not Allah, that's high! I see I know a little bit now. No, no!
look at it mexican smile, Adam and say Cerveza and you'll get a smile back. Cerveza see you just can't hammered all time. Now you just say beer. Do me: love to drink beer, that'll, smooth out any situation, just smile and say Cerveza. Most people don't know also that almost all drugs are decriminalize to Mexico in in response to the drug laws in the drug war, starting to get there, the Supreme Court Rule gun for people, but only those four people can grow enough pot. It takes three more cases before it becomes the law yeah. I think it's legal, but its decriminalize, like mushrooms, decriminalize, get mare. President Fox, who was my friend, he came out and said he wants decriminalize. You said I am a ranch or farmer. I want to grow at your friends with the president. S pray dope. I knew both of em Foxier now who's before him. While member I was a governor
I went there in a trade mission and that talks are not abolished and I actually fox- and I actually see established a trade thing in Minnesota Visa Mexico because when I was down Mexico, they took me to the to the Corona Brewery, and when they took me there were. Alex of corn all from Minnesota yes, he I will send their corn from Minnesota to make Corona beer essay. I would assume that, like corona such a weak Barone assume its prey grown in America, knowledge, corn, but its United States Courts, Minnesota corn, that's going to free the corona gluten free like if you're gonna gluten free fucks, you can ever corona to want a few beers. I think kind of into some rice base. Beers think Budweiser actually live in it. Corona though they get all they get all their corn from Minnesota. So you just Surveys ended up back there. No, I don't mind if I don't get you don't drink. No, so Why do you say Cerveza for your friends focused stature?
means beer and Mexican. We re all the Mexicans love beer. Ah, I see That is why, if you just smile and say survey, sad you'll get a smiled Thrace, I say we are not asking for. We are not asking for why I thought you'd just yesterday, rarely guy don't drink so You do down there. I wake up in the morning with nothing to do, and when I go to bed at night, I'm half done Can you tell us that you can tell me to say that no I stole down from a friend bowed their. He said but one day- and I should can I use that when I do it, he said feel free. So I wake up in the morning would not an ado and by the time, I go to bed at night, I'm half done. Will you obviously wrote this book so you're doing something? Yeah, so why why do you? Proxies get born eyes. Oh, I write them if I motivated so you got motivated because of this epileptic Caesar. Yes, you don't love. You ve ever pay attention this, but the Navy seals had an issue with epileptic seizures as well from the re breeders,
Apparently, there is something to do with getting the budgets I found out about it because I started eating a kid genetic diet, getting my body to process fats? Is that a carbohydrates and one of the reasons that the seals are looking into? This is because it events seizures in people that use those three breeders as opposed to a in other ones. It don't make me Elsie I used him all the time the Emerson Re Ass, I told them. That was the majority of the thing I do when I was in there and I never had a seizure. Let's not, I never heard of any one having a seizure. Some people have apparently I never heard of it the entire six years I was in well, it's also epilepsy. In children they views kitty genetic diets to control epilepsy in children. But again, like you, I am ire. We want as another Bywater. I would think this. I would think if anyone had any type of seizure disorder that were disqualify him from the seals, yeah don't think it's a d order. I think it's a direct result of using the rebreathed size non chairman, but I
The guinea, one that had that result from a rebreathed would be washed out here. You'd think right like us. They that you couldn't take the risk that the person would have to do that job and could give a seizure while attempting to do it. Yeah, don't know when the seizures occur and other related. What I learned the first, this first I've heard of it doctor damned. Steam, who is one of the premier experts on knock heated, genetic diets and nutritional key tones. He's he's spoken about this and never had some other articles about as well, but we have not only with kids with epilepsy you gotta member, when I was in the teams, it was a whole different mindset, wasn't call the seals back then right, you recall the Zodiac seals too. We were underwater demolition teams and the shield both it. Will you don't you our duty to seal bunch budget bud, stands for base. Underwater demolition, slash she'll what up and was we were the frog man in nineteen sixty two John.
Kennedy had enough foresight to realise that wars would be fought by small units from now on. So he took them log men out of the water and he put them on the land with an executive order, because up until that, in time. The Navy could Gordon go past. The high water mark for map when it was the Marines it required, President Kennedy to sign an executive order that allow the navy to go past. The high water mark which he then created Kennedy came out of the navy. Shall we The navy frogman and put us on land, and they re weak named Stan seals which the acronyms seal stands for sea air, Lamb teams, which means we We come from the sea, we come from the air and we come. Took from the land any of the three. That's interesting! That's why? that's where it all came from. Kennedy form the sea or took the frog man out of the water and put him
The Marines were angry because they felt that that the land was theirs in the Navy shouldn't be there. That's always been. Where to me the rivalry between military units. You would think that the United States military one big team, no, nothing a few not in a common war than you get a fight each other is not bizarre. People fuckin crazy. Well, Are you crazy when you're in the military? It's just dear you're mindset, yeah what your mindset and you get bored Sophia I got an enemy to fight than you fight the other in the bars you fight the other services. We used to do it all the time we did trouble all the time, but does not seem state I mean as well as one big game wars stupid why so why? Why? Wouldn't that be stupidity along with war, dealing with people with major egos high testosterone rate in there and their warriors, you know,
You play that game. That's a game for real you don't many times. You don't come back and play again like football, do like any of these sporting events. It set its again of finality. Did it feel like a game when you're in a military, no was my job most well again as a pro athlete that your job to it feels like a job job. It's your job but it's also. Your life means it's your turn down a junior lube. But you ve fallen writer, of course, to go into the badge you have to volunteer frontier unit, you can volunteer and you can volunteer out. Whether you want to do the job or not, when It went down with Chris Kyle in when he said daddy punched? You in a bar young, you suit the family like nodded? Well, I didn't choose absolute him rather excuse. I shoot him and he,
died and then the shoot automatically goes to his estate. That's the way the legal works She was never in any jeopardy because in any right, contract, you have insurance from the publisher, so it's me they portrayed and I became The villain going after window in the catch, exactly that's a biggest, why it was a big insurance company. That's covering the whole thing. There are not a penny and they won't be Apparently you had explained and I'm sure over and over. No, I couldn't exterminated. Does the tie the trial got overturn because the insurance came out short ok to lie in port, but if the truth comes out and get a new trial, the insurance came out what is happening in court. You not allow to say that insurance is paying for everything, even though it's the truth, you're not allowed to say that in court. So what happens when said in court? while it came out and the judge allowed it to a limited degree, and then the appeals court ruled that the judge shouldn't did that because,
having the judge say that its ways, people well, they gave warning that apply to all against insurance company a cause insurance companies, a big even more, even though the other side is doing. What's called poor mouth like they're, getting up and saying it's taxing them financially and lying if, as insurance is paying for all of us, don't get up and lie about it. So the other side was saying this going to devastate our failure. Reality Dalia try to influence the end, and in this case let me state this How overwhelming much the evidence of ban for the jury to go against the grieving widow of the dead war. Veteran, yet must be pretty or while maintaining the evidence was overwhelmingly. The jury went from, they came for me. They said he was like this did not happen and we're awarding. Why do you think he did that did you know him eight No! No
I didn't know even army. One thing happen: we were there on the same night. We rat MC peas cause. I was there for a graduation of clay. Two. Fifty eight I'm class, fifty eight its traditions every hundred clashes. If you can, you come back to the graduation shall class, two fifty eight was graduating the next day. On Friday I came along with my teammates from class, fifty eight to attend that graduation, the next day. So why would I say bad things about the seals? If I'm there that's what he said, he punched me for, tat because I dont know what we're talking about is probably a lot of people. Listen to this. I have no idea what you're talking about. So let me just film and require the book American. Sniper. The movie with Bradley Cooper was its giant hit movie very patriotic movie about a guy was one and most successful snipers in? U S. History right very successful warrior
be seal war hero, everybody loved him, then he goes an open Anthony, show He says that he punched you out whether to chapter in his book. Yes, where he writes that he called me scruff face yeah Annie that I said seals deserve to die. That, in The word she accused me of treason, yes, I was out there for a seal graduation if I felt that way about my old unit. Why would I the attending so He wrote in the book to give you a nickname in the book scruff phase. Where I mean he might not have, even when he wrote it in the book, he might not have even thought that was gonna. Give that you mean who knows what going on my thought, what at the time. I was trying to get my head about why anybody would do this when thinking, but maybe he's just trying to generate as much controversy is possible to generate as much income as possible from his book and it just got out of hand. I dont
I was trying to put it together because it was a couple other fabrications right. There was a shooting at a gas station, never took play up any said that he during Katrina. He was on the nettle and shot people who were looting yeah. That was exactly murder and he also lied about his metals. The navy had to come out and correct. He said he had to shoulder stars and five bronze stars. One silver star in three bronze star. Shall we lied about three metals? That's it say said one in threes, impressive enough exactly exactly Mme, to give him an excuse saying, while he was confused, no you're, not when you get a medal like that. It's like graduating from college. They give you a certificate that puts on your wall. If you win, The bronze star, the Silver star, but as if as it seal yourself in
you throw me under the boss? What is I feel like to you because reason, but this is a real. Obviously, this is something it's very near and dear to your heart, who hugely he has made it to where I can't go to a reunion. Any more there were burden seventy shields are wanted. Me kicked out of a unity seal association over his lie. In the light of his buddies. You came up and tried to testify forum. So what are they? Ve got embarrassing his image while said that it actually happen. No, they couldn't say it, but they tried to say everything else to make. It seem like it did how they do that, while because they dance around the questions in the lawyer ring and well, you have to piece together. There wasn't one witness that saw me get hit and there wasn't one witness that heard me say anything see attributed to me and weren't you invisible the next day, the out we had no pious photographs that might there posing for pictures with me. If I
it said all this stuff. Why would they have take pictures? with me. What is it feel like when someone just fuckin lies horrible and why should not a terrible terrible in what's worse about it? Is the media jumps on it and convicts me of it because why they broke story. When I went off the GRID Mexico, where I couldn't even come back so they buy. The story, do you think they knew I you started in to leave but weren't what didn't happen been Anthony, show yeah, but don't think that was planned, because I know those guys they are but there but watch the whole about they all shoe. Did he did it that day on O Reilly later that afternoon? So he once he named you, he just certain name, you, oh yeah, then you better went viral It went viral and everyone convicted me because they said well, this Iraq war veteran would lie really I just
I watched? Well, let me tell you: it's destroyed my life. I can't get hired for a job it during I trial after it was over guess what happened Thirty, four major media conglomerates entered the debt, the trial with that. Amis amis- they call it or whatever of of influencing the court of appeals to overturn my verdict, and they did it. Thirty four media conglomerates, the New York Times the Washington Post Office, in other words, are put at what they had. What these judge. The court of Appeals to overturn my verdict, but why? Because I want on something called unjust enrichment, vague the ability to be able to defame you and profit from it, in other words, are put at what they had. What these judges accommodated them with theirs to be another trial. They ve ordered a new trial. So, gotta go through it again, but I'm glad because when it comes
two juries and to judges. Fine Kyle guilty who's not gonna believe it then, and but the point is they, They ve ordered a new trial they if they did they throughout the whole verdict of the jury, the federal I urge you wrote substantial evidence supporting the jury's verdict. They did all. That can be violated their own rules Seventy six year, rule here's what it states, because it happened during summation where weather I allowed idiom my attorney. It ended up for questions in and eleven day trial and a half a paid. Over twenty page summary, and it was returned a mat and they returned it because they felt that was undue influence on the jury that they found that insurance was paying for everything one factor while here's the deal, if the rules state that
If, in final argument, they say something you must object, you must object. Show the trial lawyer as a chance to rule during final argument. The jury, has a chance to hear the ruling they never objectives must end objective undue influence because of the fact that there was no I've been waiting. I never wait. They never objected the jury was dismissed at eleven fifty eight at twelve Or to say, then objected the ouch overrule them and we were done with it while these two, judges. Riley in Shepherd have now overturned the case on something that was never objective. Two in trial. They objected to it. So they overturned the jury and the federal judge there they also overturned my unjust enrichment claim, because the media didn't want it. What David now is the media can defame you and pride but from it and you can't get any of their profits
it no matter how they harm you, while batch the equivalent If you went out and rob the bank and they caught you and they should should a two years in prison for the bank robbery, but when you get out you get to keep all the money you took, so that's it. This effort to get online shopping at this particular, which will now be the standard ass they ruled that way. They now make it to where you can profit from wrong. Doing because of this came up. You see. This is such a touchy case because it so indicative of the complications of people, because people are not simple, it's really very tired. She he lied, he did lie, but then any harm to be with his lie. That, but that's not what I'm San what's complicated, is he's also the subject of this gigantic movie and this symbol of patriotism where so many people will say Chris Cow rest in peace, so many people would have I asked:
a cloud that was somewhat took a photo and the clown this on a cloud. That's crisp Chris Kyle illegally a sniper in the club illicit, it's Christmas. I'll guiding guarding the skies like it became a mean. I mean he became this thing where it was it. He was a representative of the brave military like the the patrol, but also the betrayal, that Bradley Cooper played in that movie. That movie was so simplistic, and so it was was like Joseph Campbell, yellow per heroes Journey, had I not goin to court that would abandon the movie? Really I had to stop it there have him punch you in the movie. Well, certainly in a book holy shit and I had to stop it hungers issue. When we, when we were in trial, you know what they tried to do to diminish my role, because when they knew they were then lose, Their lawyer got me on the stand and he said Mister Ventura, he said, would it
surprise you to know that the first raft of the movie? Doesn't have you in it? Try prove how insignificant my we call it the first draft of the movie. I don't mean shit while the first draft. I wish that you have a somewhat of a second draft. Has you in it, though? I set here's my response, I said no, that wouldn't surprised me at all, because I said we ve sent two letters to Warner brothers warning them that, if I am indeed and in this movie, they will be next to be sued. Shall we put one her brothers on notice that a fish actors, including your movie. You will it should next and you know people out here. They don't want to step into a lawsuit. That's only thing that kept me from punched out in that movie and portray me as a villain in that Reckon movie right is not just a villain way more than a villain. Yeah right me, TAT is insane it is insane because what
it's crazy to me in what complicated about this is that there are thousands and thousands of brave men and women who have risked their lives, sacrificed their lives and this guy becomes this. Swear your hair, whereas way he rises above including me, including you. Yes, very important, but he rises above all this and becomes this on. For yes, this iconic figure that you can't tarnish and then fruit is irrelevant and are willing to sacrifice people like you and the truth. Just for overall image of patriotism. It's crazy see what a crazy place that must have been for. You still is, in fact, do you know that this person that I told you about with the seizures the sea your disorder started right after this short and Mazarin diver moment. Doctors of said, seizures can be caused by stress.
I hold Chris Kyle directly responsible the seizure disorder? Also that I had to face that marijuana cured? Did you ever communicate with him face to face only once at the first, when we first and do not even know who he was there are many in June of twenty twelve after the book came out in January we had a settlement conference where he kept saying that if he met me in person we could work out show out this. Conference we agreed, I would meet him in a room, the judge in the corner and jesse- and I, like you and I are here- we down in the room- and I looked him right in the face- and I should I did you do this, you never punched me. He looked me back and said. Yes, I did. I turned to the George, I should there's no to go any farther, I said, if he's not going to admit it didn't happen, face to face one on one. Challenges courage because yeah I believe- and I am not a doctor, but I've
if to shoot all these people, but he done from have the courage. Your path. Truth Eddie what a bizarre moment that must have been sitting across from that guy and he looked at me? Should yes, I did what was the look in his face? I believe, and I am not a doctor, but I've done from studying. I think he was a sociopath show your past can lie and hold straight face and they lie to the point where they believe their own lie. How bizarre is it that this iconic, figure well and then look how he died now? Well, he I've, no training and post traumatic stress he's, not medical, and yet here taking this marine to a gun range who suffer from post traumatic stress what common sense tell you not to put it weapon in the hands of someone suffering from
post, traumatic stress. I think everyone I have you not tell them my hand. I stress what different wrong. What do they tell him? The man up? Why would you a weapon in somebody's hands who suffering from post traumatic stress when you have no medical training, how Squire qualified to treat this Why would assume will be based on his own post, traumatic stress, but he didn't have it. He didn't have it at all now he was never treated for it. He may have had it may That's why you did what he did. I dont know what a crazy place to be, but but for me, it's like I've been accused of something I didn't do I dont even know the guy. Never I may have met him that night. Briefly, where are we today? Some idea, I obviously didn't get, one one millionth of a percent of the amount of hate that you did but just three- I got red off up temporary eleventh of this year.
I was in New York doing this book tour and I got red off in a hotel lobby over this. What is it? red off a guy yelled in screamed at me, in front of the entire hotel lobby, cheese, that's what I'd live with now and I I've been damaged. My Reputation is damaged over something. I never did What I was going to say is, I obviously haven't you there is one one millionth of the hate that you have. But I read: we read this article on the air. We were trying to figure out what happened when your case was going on, and so we re this article that was not at all in the New York Times see if we can find the article that detailing all the various lies or that in order magazine, Yorker inaugurate Married, they didn't investigation of him, but it stunning and just reading that the fucking amount of hate tweets and face book tweets in you fuckin coward, and knew this new that, unlike hey, I didn't write it
Ok, I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. If someone put something like that in the new Yorker with verified claim, mean everything's verified like what they were saying that he said and what actually happened was all verified. Very, very, very confusing that somehow the disc through the cracks, and this just became their iconic figure again, not discounting along with you thousands and thousands of patriotic arrogance, it risked their lives and he is to no one. Denying. He wasn't it. Rate sniper nobody's denying you didn't do his job. I've for denied. That from him, oh said that about him. He be maybe the best I dont know I'll still put my money on Carlos half cocked, though the marine in the best neighbour and especially now, but die by die. He it is job and he did it well, but why Judy after taken old veteran. That would be like me, taking a world war, two guy and throwing him under the bus. Why the fuck? Would you choose you, because I
had fame. He, I think You got jealous that night. We read the bar because everyone crowded around and wanted their picture with me. I don't know he'll never be around answer it idle to know why he picked out me. I think, as I'm proud, but the most famous, maybe or I do help to be the most famous she'll other Dick Marcinko, the rogue warrior greenhouse gas his books values he's a friend of mine, Richard Motion go, we sat down and you're talking to this guy, how much time we actually the rumour them all couple minutes was all the minute the minute he look me in the eye and said, I sure did he had to I turned to the job. I urge said we got nothing more to talk about you didn't why? I would you guys are offered him. I said if you will walk out to be with the press and admit you, abrogated this story. I will forgive you in front of the press and we
Go on with our lives, he would not do it. He did not have the courage, courage to stand up and tell the truth. It takes a lot of courage to admit you lied about something that massive ministers in line about speeding right. This is a massive I'd: ask what about ruining my life, ruining my reputation, ruining my wife's life right I lost? My conspiracy theory show because of it realized. And get hired right. Now. I can't get a job my last job was on the internet, that or a tv because the owners Carlo Slim for Mexico from vat you know, I'm hired. You know I work for now the Russians russian TV outrage, the only people that will hire me because thirty four media conglomerates entered this case,
overturn me. You think that a higher me now explain that. Why do you think they did that? Do you think they did that, because if they overturn your case, if they can somehow or another because they don't want, is our bank check, but is that it or is that discrediting you in public? That was a giant the kid movie, but if they decide if they can discredit you it makes a movie still valuable, not only that it stops me from running for president bone and if they can discredit me, do you want to run for president, thought about it even live in Mexico. Well, I do from next would have had to have forsaken? That? That's why I didn't do it at the end of the year, the reason why you didn't run for president because you'd had forsaken live in Mexico. I was out, and I write how I might fuckin win. I know I think I could have one: no, the libertarians contacted me twice to come to their convention. They wanted denominate, Jesse Compact Homeric not come to an end.
Chose not to do it because I was up for the campaigning I was up to taking on taking on the damage and republic, but at this point middle aged sixty five. I wasn't up to do the job for four years, where I active in my lifestyle style and Mexico gives people realise when you take when you get one of them, jobs like president or governor your freedom leaves that day you dont have freedom, twenty four seven, your body guarded twenty four seven every day, have no freedom whatsoever couldn't go in a hundred percent on that, and I felt but if I try to go repression, and you have to be a hundred percent committed to do the job. If you. Not you cheating yourself and your cheating, all the people who voted for you. If you're, not a hundred percent committed, I could not reach hundred percent sure chose not to do so.
Because of your own personal feelings about living in Mexico and haven't freedom and relaxation in and then and enjoying the quality of life, and also, I knew what would happen to me. If I look like I was gonna win, I would politically assassinated, they would pull up. Everything they could on me. You know the things they missed, which I laugh about today when I ran for governor, they never fear. Pointed out Niver admitted it send so it'll show up now, but they ever found out cuz, I'm sure they would have tried to use it, even though its irrelevant Nevada gone for president. They would of That is my I used to be sergeant at arms of the Mongols Motorcycle Club really was I mean what sergeant arms just a guy can command. The Mongols earth. I watch some fuckin. One of those really terrible news should show
where they do reenactments of like, while the Mongols, our strong here in southern California, where the black and white were the ones that fought WAR Wilhelm. What's the black and white at our colours, ok, the angels are red and white, the Mongols, a black and white. Don't you guys have shootouts with the angels? Occasionally doubt do it you? Have one of those jackets worthy worthy yeah? I have that at home, No, I was an officer, so I was allowed to keep mine. So what is I mean like? What did you guys do at most nineteen, seventy three, I rode higher lease. Still in the Navy, I used to leave the base and put my college boy. Sergeant and arms. What does it mean yet carry guns, no sergeant and are you got the president of the chapter VI, suppression and third the sergeant at arms forth as the secretary swearing militarist and nobody wants to be the sector yeah you do that oil should you'd know, but you keep track of all the money and stuff, but what the fuck, the
you like to destroy our rights and party, but why do you need all that those rankings? And file because because there, because it's a club- it's not it's- it's lie God they ve Alex they of presidents of the Alps Club Ray of president. So, whatever other stuff there is, the ox club doesn't getting gang wars with the moose club. You never know, Now they might or no like a crater. A turf war could help right it only Navy in the army might do out the Ellison Moose Club and in my day, a lot of our law bikers were former military. Yes, that was a big, what the hell's aimlessly tissue can haul coming back, you oughta your camaraderie. You wanted a brother who- and I wanted dna felt disenfranchise right. I did it more for the adventure I was getting out of the seals I'd done to tours seventeen months in South EAST Asia. I was the transition into private life? I was writing a harley. My two bodies,
but I had ridden with a year earlier were now full patch mongols. When I came back from my second deployment, let me I'm who pretend to be a douche bag politician money against you hear the outlay. Are you really prepared to have a former sergeant of arms from the bomb goals motorcycle club running the United States of America? I don't think so. Ladies and gentlemen cholera that mistake oh buddy messes with the Mongols Nobody'Ll mesh with the? U S! Well, that's us keep it s at the Mongols out really, although they would have to help you notice now. Let's not do that other doubt they do. Most of them goes wrangle wars Sunday of those guys have don't they shoot it out and like Texas, steakhouses and shit, then they have. Makes an oil hours. Ours was here as night club and now bad one. While there was one, was that those back an all too, but there was a big one: a couple years ago, right now-
now with origin with the Mongols out with you tell us that you still with them her there like a marine, your marine for life. I think your card on your. What he's gonna plaudits got their Mongol card and I believe this would you got in there who's gonna, while it is gonna pull out amongst card. Let's right. Next is Disneyland Year Pass fear new in Europe I gotta find now because I took it away. No, I actually You have our Mungo card. I would think that you would need a tattoo. I would say if Carlos and If you really want to be down for life, we're gonna get me a tattoo parity of a tattoo of the Mongols. No What is it like? A unity at issue, as I have the trial, the Budweiser Trident, and now you try and find your Mungo card
Many of those cards you actually here's mine, then there's the card from G O. The Hollywood proud gave me his last time. I saw on ban motherfuckers legit tillage it to quit. That's hilarious that is hilarious largest, my name was We find it out there. You know go by your real name, Superman Superman Super why they Superman, because I was in such a physical specimen that when I was prospecting they make you do pushups and stuff, and I liked it. This is back in the jetty before the Jesse, the body of, Inter Alia, this is Dac when I was transitioning out of the shields into civilian life and in fact it there's a good transition. I can tell you about that shows how a book should do do diligence before they write something. There was a book. By William Queen and eighty F agent, who in ill treated the Mongols Sky
under and alone, and he infiltrated them and put like twenty five of them in prison, while in the book they roll that I was a former Mongol Governor Jesse Ventre, blah blah blah blah blah blah right right. You know what they did before the book. Was published, they sent me an entire copy of the book they should governor Please read this and if you have any problems, call us shall I read. Book? I didn't hide from the fact that I was in the Mongols I never do, but I did want them to change something, and they did when I could. But my said you stay the history of the Mongols that we started off like all white supremacy, and she said to me, will governor. How can you prove that ever join anything that was white supremacist. I said to me: Bikers lifestyle and the color of your skin has nothing to do with it, and I said and the Mongols were not white, supremacist and she's.
Read to me: will governor. How can you prove that I started laughing. I said I think I can prove it easily. She tell me the stay editor at Random House. I said What time did Mexicans become white supremacy cause? I said the Mongols or seventy five percent latino Mexican I was one of the few white guys who could run I didn t stay away and never be bothered because of my patch. So how can you call us what the Mongols started, because they weren't Mexicans warrant allowed males angels? see. I should like to show the Mongols work. The mexican bikers started their own by club because they were allowed to be angels, will allow white guys, but how did they? miss that in writing the book that seems stupid these laws. I owe you know any better, but that seems like
a giant error. It was like a guy. That's why I got history of I had them pull out white supremacist. I said, and she started laughing when I should, while I've never met a mexican white supremacist, have you should no, I haven't either. I shall we were seventy five percent Latino MAX again she goes really. I said yes and I where the history the mind started because the hell's angels wouldn't allow Mexicans. That's all area. That's all the Mongols got started in nineteen, seventy because there seventy five percent latino Mexican, but they didn't have the same. You could be white in When I was a minority in the Mongols. Now was their crime involved in the Mongols I dont know doing young, I told them. I will. Still in the Navy, and they used to protect me whenever we have church trash churches meeting the catholic Church whenever we too have church, if it
I'll, do anything that was at all illegal. My prayers would send me out to watch the bikes. That's fucking weird of a new knowledge. I knew I was in the military I didn't actually autos aren't you know, because I'd face double I'd, face military justice as well as civilian. A lot of these guys are old military. They did it to protect me. I appreciate that, but feel bizarre to you to be a part of a group that was probably doing some illegal shit. Now cuz. I thought at least I won't go to jail I'm not mad me, because I don't know nothin about it, that you didn't care. You love them the matter. Why loved right and you should see what I'd get pulled over. We get poured over by the sea, HP, California, highway patrol back then, and I pull out my active the military, Idee and aid. Look at me in what are you doing with these guys, I said they like derived bike. So do I can just right, by yourself no no
because cars have no respect for you, so you write biased, you're. Writing. If you're right look like you showed what thereupon the screen a little while ago, you think the cars are going to bother you getting away. That's interesting were right there while do you still put on our jackets and still get on the Harley, except in Harley Witty right now I write a custom chopper that I had built and it turned out. There's not one hourly thing on it. I SS one, twenty four engine, which is bigger than anything, Holly's Godfrey Twin, by assess out and Viola Wisconsin I have a national one, twenty four cubic inches biggest Harley, I think, is a hundred and two see you Travis Mexico, though I drive Minnesota, and now I shall, via its a rolling thunder frame Ireland Nesh front end in primary cover. Rev tech got trapped.
Shakespeare transmission, curiosity gears turned out when I built. Whole chopper. In the end, there was one thing Harley on it that good, I don't know saw a custom made outside. I put the all sissy by articles where, by Meda I mean custom bite you do in these things. The ape you do that got the payment. Is it amongst others? No minor, at high minor about right. Here. Right here seems logical yacht. That seems logical. These guys? This is no. I don't go out high. That's why I don't know, but I have an extended front end. Why do they do that, though, with up up high handlebars always go, be can't steer done matter? Does it does You have developed to allow amounting to an hour not to Us and threw us it's all about, your man must have interstellar. Nobody knows all about Ba KU. I get it but you're a bunch of things. Sissy bars you dont have today the guy's a built, a bite did even know what they were. What's sissy Barack Obama sticks up high in the back: ok wild.
On the other. They call it sure your slide off the sheet sissies says, but she to me I dont, like saddlebags, rational sissy, bars the replacement of bungee. Anything I need to take with me on the sissy bar, like the sleep bag and anything else. Your taken bunch, to the sissy bar for when you drive down the road design on big saddlebag, says you drive down the road of camp and somewhere no I wrote. Actually I rode when I got out of office. I rode all over Minnesota fly in my colours and no one even recognize me. You know why why I went to apply side, a full beard after I taught at Harvard and saw Johnny Depp had come out and in your captain Jack Sparrow. So I went
a place where the picture- and I sure can you make my beard. Look like that negotiation. They'd braided. My remember when you do inside all the bridge right, a definite talk me into letting me put dread locks. They saw them into my hair so and they died my hair jet black. I dread blocks to hear the thing like that. I rode One year after I was out of office, I drove all over Minnesota with dread lacks to my shoulders. The beard know how much because we don't have a helmet law and people locking their doors? I had my Mongol colors on any right in the governor S. Great, never recognised that is so never because I had dread lacks. They gave me all the way to the shoulders. Now why you ride around one no helmet on I could not have two in Minnesota uber. Why wouldn't want to protect your head? Like how much I dont think that
should be mandatory. I think something far more. You note. I laugh at what, when you see someone wearing a helmet and writing a bike with tennis shoes. It's far more important to have over the ankle boots as a biker, then How much lies at his feet the ground. What's the ports can a stable you if you start slide now your foot right, ok, don't want ten issues. You want an over. The ankle lay stop boot. Solidarity or something dump you'll be able to protect your head. I don't know, but I had a choice of freedom, what about when skullcap jammies going ahead? What am I one of my head start kitchen, Jesus Christ, scrapped no you're not gonna, run the helmet. That's why you she'll biker Robin is health ministers. Heads kitchen butchers look man. I wouldn't worry about an inch wait Alex
Yep tell much on motorcycles when they make people in convertibles that don't have role, buyers have to wear them. I have a overall bargain, you should have to wear helmet point, what a few role that car and you don't have a helmet on very good point. There you go, I think, of ourselves and shouted down it. You gotta have a role bar is the day I'll put ailment budding related. I can't wait to see these women in Beverly Hills with their convertible Mercedes having to put helmets on well. Those actually have rural bars built in they pop up when one we'll goes off the ground. For know about that. I don't know german engineering, Bulgaria, the right there on the ball. I own Porsche portion on what you mean portion is now. What year I gotta two thousand and two thousand three. What use you have a nine nine six, nor why? If I have a boxer AL, should I have the twin turbo? Ok! Well, that should have that built in
It should have it so when Mama hurdle her I'm a hard top, though I'm a club Baxter now that winterbourne hard top right. Ok, that does never all bar, but the beauty of oxter the boxer she'd have something it has something yeah because anything, I think anything pass the nineties. That's it. Veritable has some sort of a built in role bar some sort of red Moorish seen it. William flipped it, but the new ones and I'm gonna do it to both of them I'm buying Inroad Ashleigh. Oh you, crazy, Gordon Ashleigh, TEST Rover Tesla, unbelievable other amazing. Again. I want to feel young. It's a computer in car, no gas. That makes you feel young yeah, because I've grew up in the sixties, with all the muscle cars and I know a dream, there'd be electric cars that can beat any combustible engine out their off the line, because the Tesla can beat anything pretty much each year
A twin turble, professionally driven will do she order sixty in two nine, the Tesla does two six unproven, Finally, driven yet another report, give us all a ridiculously fowls yeah he's got. You they call it. It's called the ludicrous option to arouse baseball's yeah ludicrous. You guys get a sense of humour. He D. We got a ludicrous option beta I didn't see. I'm going do my house in Minnesota, totally solar and I'm gonna. Do towards a hundred and five percent show that I can also feel my car's up off the sun. So I We completely off any time. In my home or my cars will all be powered in Mexico and Minnesota by the sun. That's already my car's! That's awesome is large enough to go on a big road trip dumb already. They now have a ditch all computerized, where you can show where you can charge up again.
Getting three hundred miles now, do it charge- and you know it always is about the Tesla while depends on you drive yeah. You know what else is greatest warranty. Eight years where's, unlimited mileage in that eight year period, any em Movements made the car you get free, so upgrades like Digital Operate, LISA. That's amazing for a year show eight you could all potential for eight years and some doing an ad form he can Natasha for eight years. Car you own eight years from now be identical to whatever their selling Nu Yok. Of one off for a day, there's a what does that? Fuckin company called skirt gathers a company called skirt and they it's like Wilbur for rentals. They deliver rental, you drive for a day or one as long as you need it, and my she was it. The batter just ran away too quick for me for what I do. I just do to see for me of aid because I live in Minnesota and I never drive over a hundred miles in the day right off
we see that far right get it for me and my lad? Sixty five now I dont need to be well, I've loved. You know some MEL shock, you I've. No, were owned, a cell phone and I never will well. I was context you you can't. I don't have a cell phone I've. Now you do not have a cell phone for what am I talking to people? Are you kidding I was in New York. I was New York, doing this book torn. I forget I was that serious and we the green room and there were ten people in that Green room, nine, the chance shatter the whole time doing things with a phone where I was the only one who sat looked around the room and watch nine other people see rodion in on a screen which, if you can tv and that what spending sixteen hours a day. Now look at screens, I believe and evolution. What's that going to lead to
Kelly, do some strange times shores of a strange people too, but you wouldn't you ravages, have it and have the discipline, and I use a no. No. Furthermore one I never took typing. Sure I'm gonna send anything I'll. Take me too long, my thumbs when I taught easy, when I taught at Harvard They actually set my only email there to a student, because on email you almost nine another I send a couple but at their we taught me how to use the computer. While I was at teaching at Harvard in my office and I Actually, students would want to talk to me. So I'd have to line up a schedule, and I actually I at an email to student, where I told them. This is first e mail Jesse. Inter, as ever sent in his life do with it. As you see fit I'll. Betcha student still got it. Knowing I have the first EU male Jesse Ventre ever sent that prevent, and when I left Harvard they went the computer,
got it SAM. You have a computer, my wife does wow showed us all that I dont so that's probably one of the main reasons why this whole Chris counting flew up, and you have no idea about agenda two thousand metric a here in Mexico. You don't have any internet. No, I haven't not their yeah? That's how I love my son sent me an email telling me about what happened so highly now the iron I've Skype Shore at the end up get through that satellite? I had to get my attorney to file. The law should immediately to stop him from miss story body. They continued promoting it for another six months. In fact, you know how bad the book company It Harper Collins who's! This company that owns Fox NEWS there, all under the same umbrella heart Collins. If you would have to my name in on the internet, would have immediately sent you to the Chris Kyle story. They did that to sell more books,
she. The conspiracy that I went against and this deal now. I gotta go through it again. Not so long ago, it so crazy that it still going on in this is two thousand twelve right yet happened in two thousand and twelve, and it is now twenty. Sixteen it's over four years, toodles, credibly five years in January. How do you stay calm and others does it is it the distress lesson that our know? What are the consequences for you if you lose fight Naturally it cost me over a million dollars, Geez the wind, the plaintiff, no one page for me: it's ask me over a million dollars for years of attorney fees and the courts in every thing, that's gone with, it has cost me a million dollars declare my name. Now, if I had done this, why would I do that. Chick I'll, do well happen or person came up to me in a hotel lobby and read me off, and what do you say I say, but
They don't give me one after the family says that yeah they think I'm goin after the family which the family opinion sort, a shift towards your way and it has now shut my eyes to somewhat, but you still have these people who will cost me in hotels? It happened in Mexico. Do what happened or purse came up to me in a hotel lobby and read me off, and what do you say I say, but I didn't do it in all I'm doing is seeking the truth. You know what they had. Angular went after the family. Tat says that yeah. They think. I'm goin after the family, which the family isn't gonna, lose a nickel and it's a big insurance company that I'm fighting Everybody knows that the threat of written a book, because in your contract. It states. If any law, shoots come of this nature, Publisher will handle it right, the publisher handles it, but there is there any consequences to the family. Were they dont profit as much because of the fact there's a lawsuit, the lawsuit cuts back in the profits for the book in the movie now
because the insurance company or pay the whole lawsuit. It seems to show a way I may hire them before the books ever even written right errors and omissions, rank it. What yeah here and showed? No, it won't effect in anything in each. The law should itself worn effect, the popularity of the book and less and less they find out. He was a liar and don't choose to read his book because I've never read his book Why would I He rode a lie about me. How could I believe anything else in it, what a terrible position of being oh yeah, and especially when you're innocent, not not just innocent, but you are you alone, lousy, respected, celebrity in his sixties, and this happens. This is it's kind of a crazy feelin, special when you didn't do nothing. What else could you have done a mean? It's almost like you have to go to court over this I had to get such there was such a conic movie and such like, I think, have you ve talked abruptly Cooper. No,
I don't hold nothing against year, mean of course, not an actor doing a job. Now you but my friend directed at Clint Eastwood. He's randomize Christ. And what do you talk? Glint? No Jesus doubting so fucked up so crazy that use had across Europe table from this guy. He tells you did it. It does headed punch you. I know you didn't, and I know you didn't have the courage to face up to the truth or or mental capability of him would lead him. I don't know what someone's something wrong yeah, something wrong. Some fuse blondes, I don't know I don't know, but why would You take one of your own in Thrall under the Bush would be like me doing it to a war war to guy just fuckin crazy. You know: especially I'd like to tell people you know. Remember us, Vietnam, vat, fringe we weren't cheered. We got blame, for the war and which is a big part of it. Health angels was all about like trying to camaraderie in another group, but we got blamed
The politicians blamed us for the war ran in the public sphere. Demand here in that country. At that time we were bay. Be killers we were all these horrible, while you know guys spit on when they came home when it was the first time in history and the United States history, that veterans came back and which we do, that whereas every day I will tell you this, for ten years, I didn't even acknowledge. I was a Vietnam that, while being you didn't even acknowledge it. No one wanted to know you were nobody. Good welcome home to you, nobody, Thank you. These are guys, they get parades for them so interesting because it seems like in that sense they got that right. At least leases. Not like the way the Vietnam veterans retreated, but this this fuck story, just doesn't sit right with me. It's horrible, it's so uncomfortable it so uncomfortable because
How would you like to have lived it for five years like I am? I can imagine, but what some comfort about it. Is that I feel like the this. Intimate behind the movie and the public's per se. Option of the movie and the public's, the public's of and gratitude towards him and the rest. The military was to me I got an amazing moment in a lot of ways: it's like people, people wanted to limit drank people lemon. Let me give you a different perspective for a moment. I talked about this on my internet show whose more powerful god or government govern You want to know well, God said: something very simple. Things I shall not kill there's no ass groups by it. There's not, except for this reason, or that reason, it's simple thou shalt not kill, but yet you can
you'll at the behest of government and its ok, yet super complicated. Ok wait, wait elephant collude and if you kill a bunch of people at the behest of government make you a hero. Yet Odd, says, thou shalt not kill yet like you, a lot of people for the government, I'm a hero. How can that be? How can there you double standard like rat, that while it shows completely that governments more powerful than God, because government allows you to kill when says you can't and govern reward you for it, may gives you here, oh status, for it and God I can't do anything about. It is pretty complicated thinking when God a big part. The military I mean when nine eleven happen, when the nine eleven attacks happened and George Bush on television said that God is with troops
I mean the worst thing I ever heard him say when he was ramping up the Iraq war, I'll, never forget it I oppose the Iraq war before it even app. I should this ridiculous erected and have nothing do with nine eleven. Why are we invading Iraq? Well I'll? Never forget bushes press conference where he walked out and announced at DE was sending in. That Look terrible dinner attack Iraq. And he was getting ready to leave the stage. A final reporter asked him? Mr President, did you consult your father mean Bush Senior Bush senior had that key. Wait: a rat Happened during his watch and I'll, never did George Bush turning around to the press. And the american people smiling in going? No, I consent did a higher father. I was sitting in my chair at home and almost fell out of it. I should
sky wants me to believe that he talked to God and I told him to invade Iraq. Yes, you consulted a higher father, it's like going up to a rock in reality, the rock, what you should do, their life you're, not getting any answers bell. Excuse me, and then I said I been on the earth as long as this guy, I'm twice demand. George Bush's Engaddi never said a word to me in my entire existence. Yet sky wants me to believe God talks to him yeah they just like that say I was just on day. Let us live, we consulted God, he consulted a higher father. I'll, be right back, show another woman. He wisest to believe that he is invasion of Iraq, cab gods, blessing and all
people of this country accept that at one those convenient acknowledgements and judge, even Turk and say it cause- I've come out of the closet. You ve come out of the closet for what I'm an atheist. You're an atheist in that you don't believe. I dont believe me I'm out and not go well Ain't selling me on that the launch of the possibility of something happening when you die. No, you don't die? Just go. Dark I don't know yet wrap up. That's a rap Maybe there's no proof right than anything else happens, just every no proof roof. Just a belief to me, I dont believe it because, like I said I been on the planet sixty five years now in God's, never spoke to me now, if I'm wrong people. So what if you're wrong I'll say? Well, god made me with a brain. To think. Did me he's gonna?
condemn me because I used it. What religion, a census, pretty ridiculous. The idea that God came to people all long fuckin time when they urged outlooks told everybody about the world. Have you might want to Russia, but it is pass it dad. You know about horror ashore, while Horace was an egyptian God who actually identical same by always Jesus only dates, and by a couple hundred years so who's, the real one they did this. They were both or of a virgin they both walked on water? Allegedly, they both yield the sick. They both. We're crucified and buried rose again from the dead Jesus. Did it and shouted Horace what is a ton of parallels throughout his match? My point: that's why I'm not a believer one very nice thing that ancient people said about be communicating, with higher powers and passing down. Laws must be without a doubt, followed, and some of them are reduced,
does he can't wear the same type of two different types of cloth me? You can be put to death for wearing two different The cloth people know that there's a lot of really fuckin goofy ones without the story of who is the gentleman in the Bible where he was bald into children mocked him for his baldness. So God sent to bears to attack the kids in Malta and kill them? That's in the Bible its old testament gaff, make fun of a bald guy like you me and fuckin bear comes. It kills kids. What are you five rights Lydia find these bears I'd like a lawsuit persecutors, I'd better known as though I've been made fun of enough. Could I have a couple of attack, bears them the next time that make fun of us what it is like a ridiculous thing to say and to put that in the Bible, like the fact that the two kids can make fun of you being bald. So God punishes those kids by having a fuckin bear attack on about it? Doesn't
I'll leave you bald like what kind of a pussy are you total chaos taunting you how about the fact that they tell you that the world's only five thousand years old think it's ten ten over five ten, whatever Cambodia's, I don't keep track of it, but I mean how ridiculous that? Well, they ve done it very scientists. Cleaning counted up all the ages of all the people in the Bible so on, and I are arguing with their very accurate book, who it's it Larry's to the Dell Sable, that's old testament. You don't follow the old testament I'll see. You want to follow. Book there was written by Constantine and a bunch of fuckin bishops, not only that Constantine wasn't even a christian until he was on his death bed constant. Ten converted when he was a dying old man. Aggression through is entirely shoulders hope for Jesse hopeful. I'll just follow Constantine when I enter the dying bad. If I find out, there's god I'll
just ass? The light his head, you bet, there's, no, it's like a liquid dangles area would saves. You can lose in this bed because if you're wrong and there is no god like if you, if you get to the death bed and you convert to Christianity and you're wrong. There is, no God does matter anyway. It's all just darkness right, you just go blank kind of right? You know it's kind of like the Republicans and the Democrats, it's kind of like you file in Utah acts as January. Twenty Eightth noise slip in its like the couple days, the Republicans and the Democrats as well that the bay When you go to their conventions. The law, be sure ten both and they pay If both sides show it doesn't matter who wins the presidency. They ve already wise it be the equivalent of betting on the Superbowl. If your bedroom, of teams. You don't lose, do yeah. Well, that's
that's what the lobbyists do they bear on. Both teams show whether Hilary or Trump whims they got their base Verde, don't matter to them. They ve already paid him off The only thing they really changes with its right to left is the. They asked of society that are affected by the social changes, like Obama was much more lenient towards gay marriage towards lot of social issues, but he was much more strict on putting us under more. Surveillance which is a social issue. Yes, so it plays out the same way he made I've been lenient and certain social things and then more people are now in jail and look what you did to whistle blowers, resource outnumbering destroys them and now show everybody that sinks Obama is kinder to the people on Social, not really, it seems like it on the surface, when you look at his demeanor in the way
he's himself, but don't you logos, actual action residential? Yes, while he's a most presidential president, we ve had all knowing it I'll this she's, the most dynamic speakers and Jack Kennedy see I don't think he's that dynamical I more, I think, or am I think, he's gonna down by time, deputies, eight years in now, and you ve heard of long enough, but he is the most dynamic speaker such gap, but he's not the actions, don't back the word, so the water ass, like the words before he ran for when he's running for office. I was I wholly yet this is the guy gap. Is the guy Malaysia luncheon and the same is going to happen with Hilary all the women out there that think? Oh we're, gonna get our first female president. Yes, you're gonna get em, but it ain't gonna not indifferent Nergal get the same government completely, because Hilary is globalist. She support. All the global initiatives she's! Also for war. The finger,
troubles me when they attack Trump and I'm not a trump supported, but Hilary they claim Hilary actually experience wall. Let's look at when she was a senator the most. Important vote she took was to vote affirmative to invade Iraq. She now admits that was your biggest mistake scuse me Madame Clinton, that was the most important vote and you blew it now, you, You have your finger on the button. What happen If you make the same mistake that you may with the war on Iraq, which you now admit, was the worst vote, took as a senator approving the Iraq war, and yet she took. Didn't she. She voted to the affirmative. Let go to war with Iraq yards very troubling, momentum of influence of all these lobbyists and special interest groups and all the money that's behind or other bankers, although the different people that are paying her for these two,
fifty thousand dollar in our speeches at what point in time Do you gather up enough money where this doesn't make sense anymore? What we start thinking about your children and children's children in the future the world or do you think that she think she's doing the right thing you think she's doing the right thing. That's the system that that's it system to have it play, which is just as a system may have created. The Democrats and Republicans is assured- some based upon the concept of bribery now You do bribery and the private sector you go to prison, but in the public sector dear it's completely alive and well. That's why I don't trust. Any career politician because That means they are comfortable in a system of bribery, a corrupt system, an affair comfortable to work in that corrupt system. For all those years. That means they are corrupt too. You can win. You know you could be the president
I know you're one of the few independence unilaterally could win, especially now you see what's going on now with tromp and what I called grabbed the pussy gate. If grabbed the pussy date gate doesn't. He's fucking moved up in the polls. He's moved up since the first debate. What this madness and me we're we're dealing with a mad mad world right now. Well, we're dealing with what I see in the United States today, at least a faction of it. We we are going down the identical road of nineteen. Thirty is Germany? Look at what we do We're marginalizing one group of people, the Mexicans. They are responsible for everything, bad in the country right the Germans do they did that with the Jews. They got all the other people angry at the Jews, all the Germans, so that they could everything we're doing right now parallels, nineteen, thirty's, Germany to a t,
What you're, crazy waging wars throughout the world were invading countries? no, I don't know if you know this, but there was a pole taken three years ago by galloping and never got any publicity here, international Paul, three thousand people I think, and they pose, no Americans, nobody from the U S and they pose the question: if your country were to go to war today? Who do you? think it would likely be against One, two three percent answered the United States, a percent, answered China? Six percent said Pakistan She'll one out of four international people believe that if we go to war. The United states will be the adversary eyes at Turin. I hang my head in shame over that run. Jesse run too late.
Too late was to eight you I'll, wait or twenty twenty. Now it's too late to get Miss one. I had to go the libertarian thing. You got a ballot access. You have a twice a goddamn, Well, it will show trial. Seventy I willingly. Seventy will get down the jail I'll be almost will give us. I think I'm almost seventy and I never say never. You know, maybe, If Hilary wins and the women see, there's no difference having a woman as we learn, there's no difference having a black man in their it still business as usual maybe when they learn all that. If the revolution continues to happen, because you know here something interesting the burning. People and the original Trump people wanted the same thing. Yet they won. Could this Sunday couldn't come together because one is left ultra left, the others ultra right, the that that the staff irish cause now using that to survive, they're keeping
the revolutionary separated show that they can survive with business as usual? Well, there's two completely different factions, one that wants to dissolve the system because he thinks it's corrupt, but he uses certain aspects of the system to make very the amount of money. The other doesn't really care about money and Billy thinks that people should make more money for their women. There's a lot of things that I agree with both agreed a clean. How shall we gone? How is a mass exact and clear the how shout and start over both agreed that yeah? Well, that's one of the things that people support and trumpet they wish that he was the guy he is, and so they try to pretend that he someone other than who he is. I really believe- and I believe this, if I were- I ve gotten in the race and and An into the debates I gotta one hour, look at a one Euro way better speaker than even one of them is a very good the speaker, I don't have the I dont- have the baggage right then, and did you know
here are some interest. Disfigure aspect is a huge issue. I When I ran for governor, I only raise three hundred thousand dollars. That's it I made more money doing the job than what I spent to get it. That's it that's unprecedented and that's why real that's why they don't want to talk about men. That's why they're they want me gone I've, beaten him twice or you're. Also, an actual military, veteran yonder. Also a man is actually held office. Pretty our and your actually not a career politicians. The about you ve done the job. Now you have a very good inside on what it's all about. You help your also conspiracy dearest, which is scarce, shit out of them well, let us remember, they did a huge study in England and found that conspiracy theories are generally more intelligent. Now you got me to my friends they're more intelligent through a monkey recommended it s, because because they don't accept things, they do their own personal studies before they bring up an opinion.
But then there's some flatter earth people and countries only wacky shit that gets thrown into the mix there too. Dinosaurs aren't real yeah I'll. Tell you something as crazy as some of em sound Sometimes after a few years go by you start thinking. You know they might be right with you people in on the moon. I think we were there. Ok absolutely do designated footage is fake I'd like to not believe it is. I don't know I've never seen daddy it. I've never sat down and really stammered out. I was Ten years old, I just graduated with my school and allegedly walked on the moon. That's the only I was door locked. I was far more concerned at that time of Woodstock and now that that also happen that year. The real issue with conspiracy theories is the absolute proven ones like Gulf Tonkin, which got us into the Vietnam war. Young were part of like
operation northwards which was signed by the joint Chiefs of staff vetoed by Kennedy where they had planned attacks. One time obey they're, going to arm cuban friendlier to attack Guantanamo Bay blaming, the cubans- and let us go to war with you with we blow up a drone yet live or the risk of fire gentler blow? It up, blame it on Cuba there do all these different realities. Knowing all that, you also ought to include the murder of John Kennedy, yeah bars, I don't buy, I don't either at all at all, what they ve told us and let bring in nine eleven twelve, the murder of joy, Kennedy to me is the first one, There are so many aspects of it. The people liked conveniently ignore, like the magic bullet, not not just the path has bullets take care. He passed, I'm sure you know that bullets you can shoot someone? The fraud and the boy come out eyeballs, it does happen, gets it pits ricochet off bone. Weird shit happens, but
Well, it doesn't it buddy through bone and come out lookin like that. I'm not does not. Only that it can't be bigger than it originally was jacket is more particles inside the body than are missing from the bullet. It's exactly ass. I was a short actual. The bullet can't get bigger than what it originally was. Chapel at went through Kennedy, shattered bonds and connollys body and came out looking pristine. I live shot a lot of bullets I've. I know what happens when you hit animals with bullets when you hit bonds. I have these. Two copper bullets from EL got shot an arrow, fucked up well I'll we created and can I saw she. I couldn't make the shots and I'm an expert yeah and you couldn't. The finger was hard. You couldn't work that bolt quick not like this. They claim you got the shots, often like six seconds ridiculous. The fast as I could do it without even aiming, was shut.
In point eight and I was not even taking an aim. Why think? If the gun was loomed up well, if you practice really well, I don't have a problem with someone being able to do something extraordinarily quickly, Carlos Curtain, the sniper Nor shall I got they created the whole thing for him and he couldn't make the shots and ease the greatest sniper needlessly uneven, laughed about and said you tell me Oswald could out shoot me. Is possible. They got lucky amazing possible that he got lucky without wanting to shot now. And why, wouldn't you like an Oliver's movie? Why If you want it, why didn't you take him when he's common area, while he couldn't get into that position, if it really was the acting alone right there, ok, how's, coming right at the fort makes to turn without way. If you miss the next one's gonna be closer, the weird thing is
that they had to come up with a magic bullet theory to account for a bullet that hit the underpass and ricocheted off the curb and hit a guy, and because of that, that's why they have to account for one bullet Donald out every another interesting on I interviewed Mr Newman and Mr Newman's was the physical person closest to the fatal headshot he's. The guy you see she'll covers kids in all the movies that asked Newman and I asked him the chauffeur years ago. I doing the show. I met him, their native I said: where did you think that what came from me said old came from over my shoulder, which puts a right at the cricket. France, because he was right down Danone, should it came from overs right shoulder and he the he had his F B. I report their right one page and I, Add to Mr Newman. I should will Mr Newman when You stated it came over your shoulder, which put it at the grassy. No, I said how did the Warren Commission respond to this said to me
looked at me said I was never called in front of the Warren Commission. I want you. Either the closest living witness to the head shot and they Never even brought you win to ask you a question nope. Why? Because they saw, as initial report didn't fit with what they, we're gonna, put out yourself conveniently didn't call a man does also to different accounts from the autopsy. The the if, as Marilyn version versus the Dallas version of the entrance wound on the neck, call it an entrance wounds and that then De Maryland said it was tracheotomy ruined, meaning they changed it from a level hitting I'm an affront to a trick. Wound, watches name, also changed it dont Joe, the back. But he lifted up. Yeah now How do you do those things you and then The other interesting thing was killed. Eyes wrote about it new great books, whitewash Harold?
in ten years to get the minutes of the war. Commission. It came out that Houston newspaper stated: Oswald was a paid FBI informant at his number and the whole thing so the or commission had to hold an emergency meeting and it took Harold ten years to get the minutes because they will withheld them. Now you think they were meeting to to cover and find out about this right. The whole minutes to the meeting had nothing to do with that. The minutes to the meeting dealt with completely. How do we cover this up? Now, the guy who is harder, we cover their saw pretty ridiculous. You know the guy. Was the closest to play devils advocate when, when any sort of a chaotic event happens, your memories usually fucked up, because you do. With adrenaline specially say, is not used to being a sort of combat type situations. Human memory is one of the most faulty pieces of evidence. You could ever get people remember all kinds of shit that isn't real and if the store
we started getting out that there was people shooting from behind the grassy nor its entirely possible that someone can we're something in their own mind and not even be deceptive. May I maybe maybe, but I would think that if you were there and youth, you heard the shot and you felt it go over your shoulder. I think you have you told why Mr Movement was running around Jerry. I think I don't know Mister Newberry I'd, never quizzed him on that, but I thought he was, but there there were other others too, not just him, but you have to go a little too there's not a witness, as I said that they, and in fact there photo where you see smoke going across the plaza. From the grass in all in the air. Have you ever seen? Did you ever read David lifting book best evidence up to amazing book That was the book that got me on the conspiracy theory. Trips theory trail. But there is now also started. One you need to read is whitewash by Harold Winesburg I'll read this week, whitewash an umpteenth be fired
There is a crazy analysis of all the witnesses of the Kennedy assassination and how many of them died. Untimely death is fuckin terrifying up of you. If you if you haven't seen their foes Jim. You see if you could find that MRS Kennedy assassination died, untimely death mean, but they did a statistical analysis of the odds of all these people getting murdered and just isn't: grandeur, Loggia, random murders and fuckin bizarre suicides. That's insane! Well how about Dorothy kill gallon the great, Washington reporter she went, went out and got an interview with Jack Ruby. He came out of the interview stating I'm gonna break the Kennedy case wide Open got back to new. Nor can they found a dead. The next day, They asked Dorothy Gale Gallon, just one of the most famous reporters in New York. And she got an interview with Jack Ruby, and
he came out of the interview in all she'd quote- was I'm gonna break the Kennedy case wide open the imo? and then she was found dead within a week. What, since thing to. Is this idea that Lee Harvey Oswald either acted alone or The government is, however, that it would be a Juno of Judah, very Baker of one or another name or she was Oswald's girlfriend. Ok in New Orleans and she's written a book, called Leah me great book yeah, she talks Lisi. Lee was gonna divorces, wife and Hearn Judith. Would get together! That's what she says. Ah, I think that's what she saw rigour, but it about it adds jollies because they weren't living together in all that time, this is the all the different people that died untimely death. This is fucking crazy. It's all heart attack. Unknown, What do we got here? Drugs,
those like the one. That's really that bad one is the guy who is in the tower there at the train thing suicide suicide soon as they felt they found him dead? Minor accident minor accident dead, one car crash dead, hardtack hardtack, and these fuckers died. With this is what's interesting: they do. They all died within a very short amount of time gunshot We do you know a Judith was involved in an Oswald. They they were at the New Orleans attempting to create a fast moving cancer. That Lee was supposed to deliver to Mexico City, to try to kill Castro fast moving cancer and what killed Ruby affair, moving cancer. The again and you know, who's in charge of it all that guy, that's on all the New York or the New Orleans Shades football. Ah, ah who's, the fray stocks of the ash nor clinic- that's you Judy worked for the cancer expert that you give you cancer
no way they were attempting to create a fast moving cancer and we think they give that Jack Room No oh yeah because they were attempt, to kill all Castro with it now do you think that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved? I think Lee Harvey Oswald was an undercover operative of our? U S, intelligence agency. Yes, you think he was involved. These ass nation tat may be I or he was involved or thought he was stopping it. Oz, ward, loved Kennedy. Holdings is such a crazy Oswald liked Kennedy. He didn't dislike him. It's crazy, So why would he kill him and why would you use a weapon when you can get any weapon in Texas? Why would he use one that had a paper trail on it? Wouldn't you to move about the story to every way, though enough I cannot, but I just want one thing is it is: it show,
was how uncomfortable people are with embracing the possibility of corruption. To the extent we they would kill the president it. It shows me why Jesse Ventura at times is not popular. While you talk about southern third person, like Roger and because is a third person. Cassio the third person- yes even terrors. Now you know what who you that's my business. You're Superman right. There anyway, I know What is your wife Keyser manner? Jesse cause me honey! You that's why, after forty one years, we she's not swearing, have meagre and done some right anyway. You lost my train of sorry. I was ours. Head do forgot. Where was gone anyway, I remember anyone does matter. Do you taken marijuana yourself, all
in Colorado only in Colorado. What about California? Only in Colorado this right here, buddy, I'm, I might in California I must this is liquid- is a spray sprayed on your tongue? This liquid, too, was not powerful. This one foot put you on PLUTO you'll, be very careful. Asthma, I made some mistakes. I only I only partake words legal, this nuclear, nor a cherry medical. I get a doctor he'll be here in five minutes. Tell you until you do that. I don't I'm not legally file all the laws out online. I want my eggs yeah, you can do it alone. Now you do online air carriers. I've just got just I knew I could give you now. I will let you know how I could do it, how I'm a veteran I get dreams. Now I can't sleep at night we also have a hip replacement right up? Will they go? That's that's
I actually had the new technical called hip resurfacing and was so what are they do there? It was new at the time and oh wait. I learned it from a neighbour and Mexico's try athlete yeah and you should all the triumphal. Each wicked hip trouble get this the differences. They still cut you and they still dislocate your hip, but they don't cut the femur clean clean up the ball shock socket covered with carbon, detain him steel and put your back together just like we surfing the road layer of asphalt shore my my femur bones completely intact on it. So much better way, better less Elisha Way way better ensure I actually now I do over a marathon a week on the electric machine. That's incredible, does EDA many painted off once a week ago. I did forty one miles weak, that's amazing! Nobody noticed think of your movement? Nothing! Well, it turns out, I'm sure,
Still five. When I sit down in the chair, I tighten up and when I get up, it's like you didn't notice, and they lack feels good, and these these are rather really good collateral. Well for economic cheer. For me, it also was, I didn't learn till I got to Mexico with the physical therapist during my rustling career, I've actually knocked my Pell facade of alignment so that's what I'm giving you your back trouble. So he gave me a bunch of stretches to do where I got my pills. Back in alignment and between now make a plug here. Do you ever watch on tv, those teeter, hangers yeah. Therefore, in back all love, em they're, a God, shall yeah. I do it every day for ten. The twelve minutes. I hang upside down and I and I play off, I haven't been back to the Cairo in two years because of that yeah. They there, every day, every day At the end of my work out, I hang up and down like Dracula like a band,
you actually get so comfortable. You going the kind of limbo do you know where, you you're almost com this thing, your conscious, but you're, not hanging up I down your black out. Why not come out you just so relaxed yeah yeah, all like I'll tell people. This thing is a godsend if he can me? I do ads for him while it is a legitimate way to die, compressors ball without machines, its healthy can and people. Can I talk to a doctor once said you, your muscles are holding you in place. You're not unlike know, they're, not relax. My muscles are not relax. My muscles eminently, I know I know when my muscles are tents and when they're not can absolutely get some relief and decompression respond. When I get full upside down, then I empty legal, ok, relax your feet, yeah,
a tyrannical regime. I do I go through my whole body till I get all the way to the shoulders and the neck. I show you mention that I have back there now thou, then, why hang I'm totally relaxed and Sir times. You actually feel yourself slip right at him and then I had one for my gun out or to do you, I have one: it's like a harness straps to a door and I pull on it could quickly click and, unlike literally hanging by my neck, its spinal decompression device, that's no one them sexual dignan. Among a man half an hour, I had a bulging disk in my neck, ok and relieved at thy way submit a huge die. Like I said I, you know, I got the aches and pains over sixty five year or that have I've. Had my hip delay stopped running cause my orthopedics. Urgent says no one over forty should clearly the pounding France, forty nine, just ran to utter miles, Stone Belgium, Marathon, the pounding.
Did he can't do it, but he's gonna pay the price. The pounding of his body like that, like this doctor, Tuesday. I told me today with the technology they got. You can run without pounding right with elliptical machines around now. How many- and he said it's the pounding- it's not that you can't do it. Anyone can do it and train for what he said the where that that's gonna cause on your body after aged forty. I have to agree he's the predominant orthopedic surgeon of the male clinic waiting. There is also another issue in its creation of the running shoe cause the running shoe. Having that big wedge in the heel, that's not a normal gate, the normal gate ass. He spoke the land on the ball. Your feet, if you watch little kids wrong, that's how they run, but when they created a running shoe, they allowed people to run and have all their weight come down on their heel and an access sort of oil spring. That's our normal. Your body has a natural spring built into it. The design of the foot or or you couldn't do the natural way the seals do, how they did it You run in the sand. That's great here,
that is the best way of Paul get even worse when they take in the soft sand. Dunes ha saloon running his fucking maize. I, ah I there was an old chief there. We used to call him super man. He was Forty one years old, when I was in the teams, forty one and the same, after the SAM, the faster he got. Ah, we used to in the camel that was a nickname, We must achieve what we called him a camel, because when we hit the soft sand runnin normally in our team, he was probably in the top six and running when we at the shop Shandy was up first or second wiser. I don't know He could just run in the soft sand and it didn't slow down the other big wide flipper feeder some now he was actually a little. Why rebuilt guy? He also he he was able. We had this big rope. He could wear a pair a twin ninety tanks for diving and he pulled himself up to the top,
rope tissues in his hands. Now the pound, snows twin nineties. That's what is their families, those where I don't know, but their heavy? Why their heavy is hell they're, the old. Twin ninety scuba tanks to big old man old tanks they wear and he used to go up that rope using judges and that's a string. Why rebuilt not a big muscle guy, just why rebuilt We call you re caught him Superman man that was his nickname in the teams. He led pity every day you do p. Do you with him? It was. I can training unit every site, The pushups fifty every time you do pushups with the Emirates. Fifty fifty upon probably do at least ten to twelve sets that's good. For TAT. I showed you do at six hundred push Today then, do. A thousand flutter kicks. What's a flutter king, and your bad got kick. It sounds very good time who
that, along with running up sand dunes, that's a party running sand, enabling the other thing and training they don't account for what you after Rhonda run every time. You are moving and buds training. You have to be running gift, a run to run so you got you'd run out on the beach, but try to run to get there, and then you have to run to get back those don't count. You do at four mile beach run. It only counts on the beach. It doesn't count the run to get there in the run, to get back to run, to the Chow Hall the run day and everywhere you, when you're in buds training from the time you start in the morning till the cure you you have! to be running any time, you're moving out Jesus, the, but you do it They are shuffle. That's kind of that shuffle run where you know you're you're running but you're, not really runnin tie jargon. Yeah, it is hustling yeah, the airborne shuffle Gazette should do a jump school. What led
You to want to write this book. This honour want. I want this experience. I had with the seizures at that's what motivated me because I knew there's other People out there suffering our government should now be standing in the way of stopping people from using a plant that could help them it's time to end this ridiculous prohibition. My mother, who lived through the Pro vision of alcohol told me before she died. Should the war on drugs is identical to the prohibition of alcohol are all you're doing is making criminals rich and powerful and it's also there's an industry in keeping people in jail and as an industry, hatching people mocking the market, new rights losing your rights. If there is any people and when you find out that there's prison guards, unions that are lobbying to keep marijuana illegal, so they have more work. It's terrible, turrible, it's horrible,
don't think of it is horrible. That's a genius. Perceptual got the GPA who shelter, making money off, keeping it illegal, and you know what you do they're, doing it to fight for their jobs, but I've already had another position for the. What let in the war on drugs. Let's take the yea and let's make too the do put as much effort into sexual crimes like what kind of sexual crimes molesting children, just went to one in Minnesota, Jacob Wetter, Ling, where they finally cottage murderer, but he's not going go to prison for murdering cause. He plea bargained what happened, you know the famous Jacob Black wetter linkage. I don't really know where they had happened way back twenty some years ago, where he was him and his friends were gone to the video store and a guy took him at gunpoint. New disappeared the Minnesota,
vikings wars thing on their uniform and it was a whole national thing when you A better link was abducted while they just discovered his dead body a month ago, because they caught the guy. Who did it? but he wouldn't confess unless she got immunity, shall they have to give him immunity and then Them to the body should they could get closure over. Twenty some years ago. He got immunity that but easy getting prosecutor for something else getting prosecuted for child porn. That's it. Now I show you take the de ay and you put them out catching child molesters and sexual predators. We were. That would be a good job for them to do. It would be a good job for them do, but I would rather earlier tat people that model think children as our smoking pot well themselves. What I'd torrent? Where is the problem, be they might have to investigate the catholic church
be off limits would net well how about that deal on a good one hears a good one, of go once my car the Mongols we got busted, for the federal Rico laws right. How come don't apply, the federal Rico laws to the catholic Church to call come, they don't child Buller stations, a felony they covered it up they lied about it? They continue to do it. How come the church, hasn't been investigated under the federal Rico laws and charged the questionnaire the church, that's, why and you're not allowed to both its awesome why they hide him up in the Vatican cause the Vatican's its own country. I don't know I don't I'm not end all that. I'm just saying that how come Rico laws don't apply to the child. I station? That's think on as many very good point, the very good point when the, when Pope Benedict resigned. That was one of the things they were gone after. They wanted to prosecute him for crimes against humanity, because
the sky was shielding child molesters? He children, child molesters, that went on the rave, a hundred death kids, I mean what the fuck and his guide targeted deaf children. Could they couldn't talk about and now they they stick em in the vat again and once you in the Vatican, the Vatican is protected, its literally got its own situation where it's like your country, yeah well, mean I'd, still, don't think theres. Many people do in that, as there are selling and buying drugs. Maybe I would even not, but what has been of some other? What has the worse effect on a percent? I agree with you because I know people the war molested and never recovered from the retire lives have been altered. And it goes for generations because generally you find the molester was molested yeah, always no usually usually that's the situation, so I would
rather take our focus away from people doing consensual crime against themselves, because addiction shouldn't be treated criminally. Could be treated medically showing you can be addicted, I always like to use this for an example. It man tomorrow if they took away coffee and caffeine, yeah. We have right on the street. There you go and those are all attics people addicted to it. So we try Sohmer no available, Clearly there are directed to it while they each understand that, then how do, air them say you should take away a drug from some one else of core my they have their fix, How come there's legal? I also don't think that we have find jobs for people that are doing something that should be against the law should be against a lotta rest arrest. People from marijuana, wanna you'd, have to find jobs for people who are doing something that should be against the law arresting
before marijuana is a fuckin crime and I've. So this time time again, but if you block someone in a cage because they smoke plant, that makes them happy you're a fucking criminal, well, you! You are doing a crime against human beings and freedom, that's what you're participating ends, the whole idea is doing, is a crime. I think we have to find jobs for criminals. I think within a saving them from being labelled as a criminal is some shit. It's written down on paper by a bunch of people are profiting from keeping that same way: it's a crime, it's all crime and there's no, think zero zilch when it comes to that when you talk about the like side effects or the negative effects of cannabis, there's nothing. Zero. There's no evidence I agree, and if it was, they would paraded out their if they did pretty out there. What we're finding time Again. The most recent store that was in the New York Times about the sugar industry, paying of scientists to say that shivers ok for you, but it's saturated fat saturated.
Which is so important that it's the one, the main substrates for creating with sex hormones. It's one of the most important of human diet, that saturated, is bad and that's has given people heart attacks. Meanwhile, people getting fat is far from it, I love to talk about this. Which came to light to me. Ten years ago, I up in the fifties when they put fluoride in our water. One way than they put it in there for our teeth, while isn't your parents job to teach at a brush your teeth and gargoyle with floor dated mouthwash. Is there any benefit white floor? I wait. Why would you put a chemical in the water yeah? There's a benefit out, explain it? Who who do you It was the first people to put fluoride in water, the Nazis YAP. Now, what They do now. First of all, I question anything: the Nazis did right away. I say well G, they don't have really people in mine. Do they have a really good at making engines well that they were bought up, that? No, they did it.
Because floor. I'd is the major ingredient of prozac, so you think What are you getting makes daily? Your daily dose approach why why? Why would the Nazis do it? What would be the only reason do not know what to but did Do it in a large scale fashion, or they do it as an experiment, because he did a lot of fun experiment. Well know they put it in their water. Germany was the first country that put fluoride in the water under the Nazi rule and today and memories ended up what further tee. Thy gas does they didn't. I don't know, but does so what we saw our people? I remember- and I M here: did you see the movie Fargo? Yes, member, that Brainerd? Yes, well, bred. Nerd Minnesota about thirty years ago. I remember it they voted. They do not want fluoride in their water, they weren't, gonna but at the end, federal Gov,
when came in and made, and why I think they did that fluoride industry, paying them off. I dont know if they want to get a reply or why would the federal government come into a city their own water supply and force them to What fluoride in the water? Well, do you think they? It is because the floor at industry paid them all. I don't know they didn't want to lose profits. I don't make sense rail or or did they one example that you can have water without fluoride, it's possible, but if they really wanted to, but people from origin like Windsor, go after sugar, ores migrants, MC man, he fight heard me because I wouldn't relinquish my copyrighted name, so he could exploit it own? Didn't I refuse to give it up the copyright named Jesse James embody Ratura. I but before I worked for them and I copyrighted federally so that I would own it am. I
wouldn't release to him and natural ended up getting me fired in the end where I had to leave the W W F Because- he had to control all of the marketing. Does old school before W W oh yeah yeah. I don't know why fluoride in the water I've looked at it very. Peripheral, no reason for it. Really they tell you it's for your teeth, but shouldn't that yourself will not, my thinking is if they really were concerned about people's teeth and people's health, wouldn T look at all the different fuckin kinds of sugar that were consuming all the court's Europe. Died all the sugar and will then should tell you the floor for another reason. Another reason you so there's a large scale organised conspiracy. You two key people docile by putting flora and the water. I dont know if it's a large scale, conspiracy or if it was just done, and it's too difficult to and change it
Watch government gets establish doing something and it's done for decades, very hard to get them to change their position, and is it in some ways a lot like the d? A in that once fluoride is a business, is business and selling fluoride pudding flora and the water, this people that have jobs of doing that they live in a key in place? And what evidence is there? The Florida fishing. Is there any evidence, I don't know nobody, but why have you know about this? One. Are you looking to that, because I D drink florid, aided water, so it doesn't affair. Mexico doesn't have learnt during a well yeah and adding in all my home. She, I only learned this a decade ago, but I We all the homes I've lived in, have been cut the rural and I've had my own. Well all your life much other than when I grew up as a kid me. That's why so rebellious yachting get you dose of flora? Exactly that's why I asked questions stuff I haven't been. I haven't been
Prozac, aided I am not on the prozac. What didn't work with me? Zob drank a lot of fun. Or added water as maybe you're constitutions, but different than mine. I don't know, maybe I'm better. They say it. It calcified your pineal glad, but the people who say that they all smell there, smelling like natural deodorant and feet when all the fucker like I said it, you know that brain or tried to do and the federal government came in and just slapped him now it didn't matter. The people voted did matter, Nuthin federal gum came in and said you will have fluoride in your water on what year is us figures? I can about the eighties and wonderful would fly today because People today are so concerned with genetically modified foods and logic. They still do it today. As you still got a nobody's ever said, nothing like why don't we remove floor I'd from the water I don't I don't know I mean not. Nobody brings up
yeah. I don't even know flora is beneficial in toothpaste. There's a lot of people the dumbly floor. It should be an toothpaste. I think that with the cleaning of your teeth is really what gets the the plan of Jacques, who knows, but someone must have a major gotta media, Sadaijin Ingredient, Prozac Monaco. Looking into the dam and another radical whitewash, I gotta go down Prozac rabbit or prose fluoride, rabbit flora, just foot, but very when you think about it. Why would they put it for your teeth? You pay do that they teach you how to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Why would you put a chemical in the water to good point? Why would a chemical be introduced into clean drinking water? Will? Not only there's a lot of people that don't you and drink water from the faucet anymore alive, people use the fossil water for bathing and cooking and they drink bottled water here. Well, that's another scam. They pulled on the bottle Ostia completely. I didn't
spare. She theory we went up to Michigan were naturally as they they take water well what the law says. You cannot take water from the Great Lakes right in the great lakes region is twenty percent of the fresh water of the world so now sleep goes up there and builds a million square foot plant, the things huge bigger than dome stadium for the vikings they got huge plant up there and all they do is they Punch at a tributary show their technically not making it from the great lakes they're taking it before it gets there. The great lake, You now fall in their six inches lower than they used to be I was taken to a stream that used to have white water rafting. It now does it's dead water just because of Nestle you out there sucking it all out of the ground before it can get to the great lakes and they're, putting it in plastic bottles and selling it to you more expensive than gas
it is our bottled. Water cost more than gas and therefore can imagine if you ve got a company and you shall a product, its free and you and you D. We have to do nothing to it, but put it into a bottle and shit. What for more than gas, because they pursued did ass. It was the only way to consume water like when I the kid you'd go to schoolyard play football all day on the way home, you'd run, to somebody's hose? turn it on and everybody would drink out of the hose we die? Nobody, got sick, we serve, I yet all of a sudden here came bottled. Water had to be bottled. And it was a whole thing they did on people- the army pure clear water? You gonna, get comes from battle. Will it ain't their company the ground the same way as they pump anything else out of the ground there putting it into a bottle and Shelly if EU for more than gasoline you friend is interrupting here. What would you like
I gotta go. This is the reason why I dont let people in the studio Jesse job, but I do. I know you do have a heart out at one fifteen, your book, it's available now on a matter that allowed, I think, on the six and you're gonna be a Barnes, noble and Santa Monica. Today to seventy seven thirty people become meet you in and explain to you why, fluoride in the water they gonna go crazy, got where they can do all that stuff and where we can talk and visit to know We have a few stories in and like every piece of the only thing I worry about every book shining. I do I get please some people on why I'm not running mom pleading
please look. Somebody needs to run. That's not corrupt system. Well, think you're corrupted by the says, there's only me yeah. Well, I think there's probably a few issues that are thinking now, but they don't want this letter. I only raise three hundred thousand books to become the governor Minister right, but that's Minnesota. I mean, I think my dog, my builder, when going not really beakers Dumbson Repulse spent twelve million that year well We spent twelve million but you're Jesse Winter Eyes frame. I reentered thousand yeah, but I to go through the media of of them. Ah degrading me, How could a wrestler be a governor right, How could somebody from the private sector whose never come up through the key Rob system be expected to govern, but also I think it helps. You have an awesome, Minnesota accent
We have had a visual you deftly. Do I don't do that if my friend Randal Cross showed you don't know it? My friend ran like Alan from our ban. You know now that you don't have an accident or they alibi. Now they have to know my friend, Randal Karlsson sounds exactly like you and he's from Minnesota Ladys of your very clear Minnesota. Actually we have it and on board and raised there, but I dont know how to skate you dont have skate. I don't either did for you, I'm down why I'd? I did it because I, in the winter I swam we I'm common you and me. I was like Fanny packs. We both donor escape. We both like pot. Was a swimmer? I, it's swim I did it. I mean all winter and roused to bed now my claim to fame, I actually swam in the same pool once with mark spits. That's big was for me because as a swimmer, he was God of our era. Long came Phelps whenever thought could win another more metals, the mark, the another I who likes part now member
shamed. They belong You know what I would have did if I d been him and they did that to me, would you have done? I would have immediately move to Australia applied for strictly and citizenship and, I would add, came back and beat the United States if they D prosecuted me for the part, if they were a prosecuting and largely on allotted than they really yeah. She thought about prosecute it when others right was they like South Carolina known but act without doubt, but all I know is: if I d been Phelps, I would move to Australia applied for australian citizenship and I would come back and swam against the United States is a stick up your ass. That's very rude of you know what a gig, no it ain't very rude them the winning those metals. Don't you think he earned a joint? I do. I do
I'm not doing well. I went berserk, they wouldn't have said nothing to feed a guzzle, the bottle of beer. I want to find out where the fuck narc Dunham. We should make that public lower. That shithead is it took the picture of felt exactly examining arrested Michael Phelps case. What people were arrested that had passed They gave him pot Jesus Christ. Do you see a thing the woman in Western Massachusetts, near Amherst, she's an. Lady and she grew or on medical marijuana. Her son was in the house and us what team showed up: gun Blaze and for one plant one plant in this woman's backyard? That's how fuckin ridiculous he's lol I'll tell ya ridiculously. I when I was governor will finish with this when I was governor, We have three panel myself Catholic in black. She was head of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the iter in general, the three of us with a pardon board where we could, sponge records right and I was
glad they fought like me, because everybody that came to us that had a marijuana conviction of ten? Twenty years ago, cleaned it off and one of em all always remember Whaley. Here this story, Sky? When he's that down in front of us. The first thing I did I looked at my should how're you and your sister getting along smiled at me says we're ok, I settle gadget and a check. You not up into the sky. He was eighteen years old at home, his little sister was going to dare at the time. You know that dare class while they teach at dead, to turn every one in two rat everybody turn a man show this. Guy's got a bag of weakness, bedroom His little sister sees it calls the police, the police, come she's, air. The let man so they don't need a warrant and they go bust. Dear brother. She ends up
brother and her brother knowledge had their son is record twenty friction years, a marijuana bust His sister turned him over on because she was at dare and dare said your rat every body show the sister think she's doing the right thing, put your brother in jail for having egg, a weakness bedroom. So sad. And that's why I asked him. How are you and your sister getting allow? You said we're fine and I and weak leaned his record. We wiped it right offer their now, who I wouldn't do that for China molesters who came in I had a girl there who came to TAT. The fight against the sky, so we wouldn't do it. I called her up to me- and I said young lady- you don't have to come back here anymore, because, as long as I'm the governor of Minnesota, sky will never ever get his record cleaned.
You don't have to worry about that, go home with a clear conscience. You don't have to come back here. It's not gonna happen. All of them. Child molesters re offend! That's. Why We want the record cleaned off, show that they, get in a position to be in a predator again and real send again they bring in they bring in people the clergy, to testify for them and all they joined the church. Now they ve that they do. All of this stuff. They pull that's smoke on me. I terms a child molester, it's a does. They could never be cured, jazzy mentor, president, two thousand twenty make. It happened. Two thousand sixteen is a wash we're fucked, either way, hang in there, before you for years. Ass he's got for you to send shit through the that bad. I promise you, I will run into post office even to her for President meet him tonight, Santa Monica proponents and noble seven thirty. Thank you, sir. I had a great time
fun dimes. There was good right, yeah I didn't know what to expect before media, but he was a warm friendly guy. I really am I talk to him and I feel that of us legal predicament, although craziness hope you run for president no bullshit this cast was fuelled by cave man, coffee, good, caveman, coffee seo, dot com use the code word. Rogan save ten percent were also broadly by squares Bay your solution. If you need a website yeah, you can make yourself folks whether it's a beautiful gallery. Professional blog landing, page or non minds door. It's all included with your square space website start you're free trial. Today it square space, dot, com, Ford, Slash Joe and get ten percent off your first purchase. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to stamp stocks the best way for you to send shit through the male Stalin,
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I did do today. Never another podcast, coming right up with Brian Red Ban Self Tuna, and for that it was a fine one was one of our best ones. We approve, and then tomorrow, Russell Peters of here, that we get down to our fuckers.
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