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2016-10-13 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Check out his newest podcast called "What Brian Redban Do" at http://deathsquad.tv & on iTunes
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love their food they have some excellent choices in some interesting dishes that you can cook and you will enjoy it you fucks so go to blueapron dot com slash rogan and get your first three meals for free that's blueapron dot com slash rogan i feel like those too long so that was three right i do three so let's just get do it ladies and gentlemen this guy you might know him if you listen this podcast special early days he's my friend brian redban he is a professional silly man and this is a fun podcast we had a good time we got we got silly and we've got loose and got at the beginning of the podcast we like they sound a little too high we definitely were i definitely was i went maybe four hits in which is not good too who's right number twos right now i'm occasionally you could do four occasionally you just feel like you could do for you feel like i don't give a fuck give me another head
one more hit i just want to be going down the side of that black diamond hill i want to be just die urgent reason cutting a path wow i don't even worried about crashing that's about i was on this one about an hour in i think we recognized it and settled back down you know what helps caffeine caveman coffee see how dot com ohmygod i slept in another one use the code dunkin save ten percent you brian redban the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day and will i live are you writing notes yes what you write notes about just things that will be cool if we talk about would you i just know you don't like me looking at my computer so well trying to analog yeah i think both of us would be better off in these things
if we just so easy to just start reading computers when you special in your readership that's on the internet just get get one person is talking to start thinking about the next thing you're going to read about instead of just talking you know there's just too much too much when alice it's like upset i like to obsessively like fact check though and i make sure i'm saying the right thing so you won't get trumped yeah you you have to do with this stuff but it i mean don't you think it's like harder to form an opinion now than it's ever been before oh yeah it's insane i mean looking back at old videos i'm like oh that's a different day you know i i should probably delete this now if you you know like the amount the mounted data that you take in today as opposed to just twenty years go like when i when i see something anything that's happened and i reduced about something i gotta throw it through like ten filters i kind of like is this real
this is bullshit 'cuz who's making this what is this then you have to trust you know like you time someone send you some article is what articles on that's what i always do with eddie bravo every eddie bravo me up some crazy shit i go ok what before you get too excited whoa website was this world truther organization w you know like there's some nutty fucking articles that are written that aren't real it's hard to figure out what the fuck is really going on with some things yeah there's so tricky now too like obi like nbcnews dot com yeah dot com like2 dot com yeah it's like there's fucking weird ones man like i saw one the other day that i think was a scam it was for some some fucking brain pill and it led you to some nbc looking website and i was like why is this that's what i'm talking about followed this rabbit hole of ok what happens when you click that what's going on over here yeah it's like a fake cnn
where it just like it has like a like a article about this brain pill and you're reading it as if cnn wrote this article it there's a lot of those brain pill things in the soil you know the soylent it like that all like a full meal yeah and they they release these bars the other day recently and all these people are going to the hospital and like that they they send it to the lab trying to figure out what it is a fact check thing yeah this is true and so they just recalled all these protein bars like the whole thing and it's like this one guy couldn't stop throwing up and had to go to the er just from these pills are these food bars oh my god what's in these fucking thing i don't know but it the old swing that is people thing i you do you think they would change john hardline into science fiction movie movie and now so i
that green is people that's what they said right wasn't it with the line was in the movie speaking of movies but not really this is not happening are fear show premieres tonight midnight ladies and gentlemen i know he's got a lot of funny fucking people on this season is a great show if you haven't seen it before it's really the best shows on television because it's it's really funny people like joey diaz and i mean he's had stanhope on i know rollins is on the season henry rollins notice i said rollins it's like when people just pretend the new eddie murphy just comedy you know mean eddie were tight we just type mean at it you know just fucking hang out together you don't you don't wanna say his last name like eddie who murphy bro murphy i'm trying to think is there anyone that used ones i mean if you really were hanging out with him like like sharing a pizza
or you know would you call him by his last name rollins no definitely not that would be so here all inside like you someone like hey rogan a building hamann yeah that's but actually now that's not bad it depends on the length of the name right like if your name and you have a long crazy name like fade or emelianenko if you like a emelianenko like my name's fate or pitch just call me fade or right when you get a nickname real quick yeah you have to get a nickname just like seinfeld you have privacy mister seinfeld right or why would say mister seinfeld i said mister ventura when i met jesse ventura i called him sir i owe try to show especially to like older guys that i like i was trying to show him a lot of respect yeah if i met seinfeld for sure had called mister seinfeld these cherry fuckin sign but if you were sharing a pizza hut like watching a movie mister
let me ask you this i don't think it'll be weird it's weird yeah it's weird let me tell me like some young kid who seen you online for all these years hasn't done that to you when friends called me redban it's gross stop what the fuck my name is brian people introduce me as red man it's gross you're like a rapper you have a name did you know say this did you know red man the rapper has a group called death death squad def squad like simulation theory shit i had no idea like parallel universe yeah no idea fucking weird and so bizarre there is bizarre and totally independent of each other and just think think of like how many diff variables there are in between is there red baron
def squad red man red man death squad is hilarious dude always get erick sermon from epmd dude he's like one of the best rappers of all time and he's got like a weird speech this thing going on right i don't know him epmd dude i still love he pm d you don't know epmd i def another name but that's generation just above my nude old school hip hop what's their main song i know the songs apart just don't i have in this is their in a long time i used to be a giant fan strictly business yes there we go what i would go to go to like a an album strictly business is gray but you got to chill was great
they still gotta my space how about silly profile here's something people forget big daddy kane remember all the leader yeah dude was that hurt being rock him eric b and rock kim was follow the leader big daddy kane god damn big daddy can a bunch of giant hits i met him when i was a kid my cousin loved him and he went to out his show in florida let's see what his what with the big daddy kane hits where i know how staff and operate i get the job done yeah he had a lot of great shit taste the chocolate album he had a great style to like a great smooth quick style of rapping i wish we could play some of that i know i hate it yanked mother fucking due to it's too bad but educate yourself folks
go get it get ahold of some big daddy kane go listen kool moe dee i go to work you got to think back then rap was only a few years old that's what's even cooler about it like if you listen to kool moe dee i go to work let me take a yes 'cause i listen to that when i was a kid vita gas a song from the 80s right yeah i would say that one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine so i went to school i went to middle school in jamaica plain ma when i was thirteen years old and i remember that's when that hip hop hibbett it hippity hip hop that's when that was going on that's when the sugar hill gang had just come out with like the first rap music ever that i had ever heard rather i mean there i've been some before but that was the first mainstream rap that i was exposed to as a kid
so that was one thousand nine hundred and eighty i think come outside this is share yeah come on man kool moe dee look at the glasses that great now how does not get us kicked off youtube ok let's let's hope kool moe dee doesn't fuck us which was true i give you props dude when ll cool j you know don't call it a comeback came out i had a ford taurus and i had like the best bass ever but that time period of music was exciting 'cause dude lol cool j is a bad motherfuker but people don't like to give ll cool j too much props cuz he's too good looking at these two yolks yeah he's always eating ice cream like he's jacked these bill
the superhero is a beautiful man had some reform in the summer in columbus he was at he headlined a big festival and there's a ton of the ladies that were just wrapping all his old songs like getting excited for the night like just walk collapsing in the phenomenon and did he did he play the old stuff yeah got it at one point like stopped at show is like what you guys want some new you want the hold shit crazy wow mama said knock you out i mean come on dude come on song doesn't jackie but when you're on the elliptical machine yeah go to combat sound great fucking song and it's so loud and going back to cali to cali come on man he's got some great songs great songs her bikini small heels tall she said
she likes the ocean chick cheats i need to re listen to that i haven't heard that so fucking song rules and again i mean think ll cool j when when was that was going back to cali there's probably 90s and 80s same time period right eighty nine i was just plain is an eighty seven what about i go to work but yeah we so that's eighty nine right so what what about going back to cali like create eighty nine right i was middle school nine that's insane that's insane yeah i was just about to graduate high school now i graduated high school eight thousand five hundred and eighty nine was that sell weird my brain works i think of graduating high school eighty eight actually says recorded a7 release january twenty
one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight eighty eight i think of graduating high school and the day i started comedy i superimpose though sometimes like literally i think of these are the two milestones of my youth for sure graduating high school one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and then bring comedy one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight those are the big milestone so sometimes i confabulate them is that the word now family might not be the right stepped out of my lane again hello to those word of the day i like calendars everyday you you look at it now no i just try to find a good word that fits my friend has one of those in every day she she tries to use a new word i'm just like i it's the word isn't it and what is this okay in psychiatry psychiatry confabulation is a disturbance of memory define
and as the production of fabricated distorted or misinterpret memories about oneself or the world without conscious intention to deceive never is that right please direct i think so how do i use again wherever you missed you switch the dates of your startup right that i confabulate them but i know that i'm wrong once i say i to deceive so it's a disturbance of memory yeah so it's right confabulation yeah yeah i i think about it man think about those did that like the date you graduate high school did you ever have like nightmares that you had to go back but you tests i slept through most of high school like the whole the whole school i was sleeping so it was all a dream to me i actually probably slap honestly forty percent of high school why because i only liked art class and that's all i
like i hated everything else except english i like to english class 'cause i liked us like stories and writing crazy shit i have to bring this because i brought it up on the podcast before there was a guy i think i told you that when i the high school that i had an art teacher that was just to do bag he just was not nice and he was like really negative and they must have been depressed and the guy was just wasn't a happy guy and he made me stop doing art 'cause i didn't want to be in this class i was like she was just i liked like frank frazetta illustrations and i like comic book illustrations that's what i was really into learning how to do and this guy was just like pissing on dreams you know just saying like you'll know will be able to do that you're going to have to be able to do advertisements for magazines that's most likely where you're going to work wow he was super negative but there
is one guy in the class that was the most talented guy by far is named john devore and i talked about in the pod and john reached out to me fuck john gotti called me and he told me that he fucking quit that guys class that guy failed him and like in the i was insanely talented he was like like i was always like pretty good but there's always is another guy in our class was better than me to his name is kevin he was a football player who's a big's saki fucking dude his brother was on the football team got damn i wish i could remember his last name but those two guys i was like three those are two guys but there were there and it was uh we all did the same style of like was all a comic book illustration type shit and devore could draw like he was the most versatile he could draw like things like he could draw beautiful but you draw a rose draw monster i can only draw monsters how to draw a look like shit but i would draw a fucked up you know
werewolf werewolf or something like that so that was into that kind of stuff and all three of us were going to like that sort of comic book style art and this fucking teach you're just she i mean he rather got the most talented guy in the class and gave him an f yeah when he told me that i want what i think he said give him enough that's why and that teacher went and exist in today's world because you would have phil until you have put on youtube it would become a news story you know it would have been like checking that teachers is like another big thing where it is but it's when a teacher is tenure it can be really difficult certain schools you know i know they have that problem with that in certain universities teacher have tenure like you really can't fire him and once they know they can't be fired like if they could be like really really radical and have some crazy fucking ideas and teach your kids some get the you don't agree with that no one agrees with and if
get into a university a university get into the system and your and winds up in their class maybe some really crazy teachers out there and there's this i in toronto who is a professor and there demanding that he take sensitivity courses and all kinds of crazy shit and their call same transphobic 'cause he won't use the twenty eight different gender pronouns that are available today is like third gender pronouns fucking him they're calling him transphobic and gender bionaire the gender believer ann this guy is a lashing out instead of backing off he's decided to make more and more educational youtube videos about what's wrong with this guy of censorship because he was he saying is in i i agree with this if you look at a lot like what's going on with like maybe what people would call a soul
will justice warrior are people want to shut people down from being able to say something it's going on it's like there just need to control and there's there's like a need to control other people and to put wish your idea on other people whether or not they agree with you or not mirrors the same thing that happens with religions it's like you you might be right or you might not be right there might be an argument against what you're saying that you might have to consider like in that when people an idea one way in their head they do don't want to consider any other possibilities and when you these kids rallying against this one professor it's never been more evident 'cause this professor there is brilliant what he's saying is non emotional and he's talking about the problems with these things are defined and one of the things is he brought up this dvd that one of the teachers of this course was making about
how to how to make sure that you're not subconsciously biased or so consciously prejudiced and the tv dvd like seven hundred dollars or something like that for a dv d series yeah on this guy outlines all this in his in his video in this you too video and he's like this is craziness like this is and that this doesn't make sense it's never been proven to work like in your the idea that there's subconscious biases that your accusing someone of being guilty before you're ever even talking about something like you don't even know ascena subconscious biases a very strange thing like boy how do you know if you have that it's subconscious like you can't even like you're you're you're making people think they're guilty even if not like if you say you have a subconscious bias that's one of the things that people do when there
super super liberal in order to prevent from other people think a subconscious bias they go get out of their way to show no bias whatsoever and even favor something that people would be biased against like there soon free gay marriage i love seeing gay couples it's amazing do you love seeing hetero sex couples to like or do you just freak out over gay people like what's going on you know see if people in love too but i mean don't you like seeing all of 'em i like seeing the whole batch it's nice it's fair exhausting nowadays like people in love just everything like how you're supposed to act what you're supposed to say it's ridiculous there was at last night i was at this bar and this i was sitting next to a taller woman and then she looked out she looked over and it was obviously a post you know like a transformation
and i mean a trans gender woman you fuck you have to say the right word with your mouth so you have to say the right word she transformed anyways so but then the whole time she she kept on looking at me as if that person was way taller and so if it was a guy it would be a big giant right there's staring at me so either way i feel i felt like freaked out you know this so i might not allowed to be freaked out because of because the woman now that some guys stay woman yeah well anyone scaring you you're allowed to get freaked out over anyone staring at you i mean if a little kid was staring at you like mad dog new news ten like oh my god i might have to fuck this ten year old up you know any what is staring at you is not good i don't know how to act yes it was weird to stand your ground you growl can you get your back up get you
it's weird if you don't want to vote for like hillary this election people kind of think that you hate women essentially i don't know that it's no not necessarily just fools just fools there's people that overall it's a it's an obvious target right you don't vote for busy hate women you just you don't understand what milestone this is man you don't care 'cause you don't fucking care you know what worried about men you worried about going to the gym and being a bro ok so once you do that let's just go to be a bro and leave the fucking voting to people who care you know those little super like aggro progressive type people i remember i was in a bar wants in new york and i was in a conversation with this this girl who is a waitress and the bartender got no aggro bro on me and it was it was about the it was oj simpson case where
like oj simpson had been accused of domestic violence before like before the murder it was something like that something along those lines and i remember all i asked was i said that's interesting i said he was a coup used to being but he was acquitted and and the guy just totally ego brode me he goes listen man when a woman says that something happened it fucking happened ok a and to you know better it happened mike but didn't you just say he was acquitted like i think he probably murdered his ex wife and that dude but didn't you say that he was acquitted but you can't like you can't you can't attack that in there if he was acquitted we don't really know what happened unless you were there we know that a court of law found that he wasn't guilty this out 'cause he had a lot of money is it did it did he never go to try
ioffer that was it just something that somebody accused him of dropping and then drop the charges what was it but he didn't want to hear none of that dude he wanted to come strong with aiko bro he did stop i didn't even respond to him i remember look at this silly fuck this is ridiculous he get so angry with me did you watch that make made in america by espn thirty for thirty on the trial yet no it's available on demand on the prior leave it up there for a while it's still as far as iris i looked it up it's the only place you can find the show the actual photos from the crime scene and photos of i don't know if it's autopsy photo but i've i've have nicole with like us to slash her throat and you can see ron goldman too they don't show when they re aired on tv so if you're watching it you can try to catch it there 'cause i tried to show it to my friend that the other day i was like wait wait right here it's going to come up and then it didn't take
set it out to literally only on on demand if you want to see it wow there's nothing you can even find him online and i don't know how they kept it off the web but it's amazing how some things can be kept the web pretty easy nowadays like like i forget what it was recently where they did just the best job to those photos of the l girl and those were just gone like every link dead like there was not one place to find it was really well done and but it's weird out like did you hear sam's closing is there going bankrupt cost money to run four chan yeah allow the servers mostly they must get mad mad crazy traffic right now it's weird all our websites are dying and going to member style project and i used to that dude on the phone j style
dig i don't think i've been to dig in so long i don't even know if that still there takes there yeah yeah i go today all the time yeah you get these stories dig is like one of the one stop shops of getting like interesting shit online for me i'm like what the fuck is going on world i'll go to dig and dig will be about some new science adventure next to you know some new fucking paleo logical fine next to some new technological discovery neck two new cell phones new cars like it's all kinds of crazy stories come out now it seems like when kevin left i kind of just stopped going i started using credit more farc all those are great but to it's a super easy one stop what's the weird shit you know and always like weird interesting things if they'll build you know it's the aggregate the stories from all these other different websites stuff to it's a it's like easy to go to someone who's already done the collecting for you you know like i
even supporting collectors 'cause i don't have the time to do that you're going out finding all these cool stories about space and you put him up in one spot the it's very valuable because it's like a dj there like a dj for stories because they're not just covering any fuck story because if they covered any fucking story it would be boring as shit you know there's a law stories that are going on that are just like that's not that good but they figured out what's the juiciest shit like what's the more interesting shit what's this what's the data and they shuffle it all in together and you always can get something fascinating out of it it's very addictive man like looking on the internet for those stories like a weird crazy fucking scientific discoveries and it's it's very addictive i went deep
so yeah i just like when you get deep in a subject and then you start watching videos and start learning more and then if anyone asked happens to ask you that question you like oh i know everything like i i went deep on toaster ovens so if you need any information with toaster ovens i know all the recent news on toaster service but i went so di i just laid in bed for two hours watching review is a toaster ovens and years ago to toaster oven guy tell everybody have a toaster out it's great so great i've never had one you know what they're really good form an english muffins like tuna fish on him and little cheese by that bitch in their damn we just made it face like he's disgusted how dare you yeah you put chicken but you know you don't believe in a tuna melt with the english muffin know you would need tuna melts and got a stench
that i can't i can't the someone doesn't need posted on those in need when you're like when you have what is the fresh my my my my here yes yeah so like that and i know it's different from like but its starkest in a little pouch or whatever right obviously way different tuna but to me the when the it's out in the open and someone just cooked it it's it fills up the room with a fuckin stench that's why you mix it with mustard and mayo i don't know how to describe it smells like the ocean so weird yeah that doesn't bother me you gotta yup a weird weird though you gotta bunch of weird shit with your food bravo is going to onion thing if he gets onions something he'll fucking throw up really yeah hates onions hate some why stepfather was a dick and his stepfather used to make him eat sevice and still to this day and sees onions he wants to fucking throw up who wants being made to eat ceviche ceviche is great
hey man i wasn't there i don't know what went down but that is my boy yeah this can he can't eat any onions he like he gets into fucking puke to is she is korean so she eats all this fucked up kimchi should do the couch she eats eyeballs she loves eating fish eyeballs should just go up to a fish and pull out the eyeball and eat it like what do you born good and she had this like her mom sick so i see we want to go is it your mom and so she opens up this thing she got she like mom got you everything and it was like everything that you don't want to eat like pig ear pig feet like our noses like it was just like smorgasbord there was more not one thing that i would eat in this whole tray and it was like a delicatessen to them where do the balloon that's philippines
they love that stuff we still serve that on fear factor as a like a hard thing to do and my phillip no friends 'cause in pool like a lot of the best pool players in the world are filipino so i played pool a lot it was always around filipino guys and why was doing fear factor played a lot of pool this fucking dudes they were like i'll eat that shit tomorrow like bring some of it you got any leftover they wanted to eat it we made people eat that stuff as if you don't know what we're talking about it's a fetus is a duck fetus that's in it's like it's cooked in the yolk it's really kind of fucked up it's kind of gruesome and it looks like a duck like that picture i remember look like a baby duck that you just eat a baby duck yeah i didn't know until i was like fucking thirty nine years old or something i mean i don't know how old i was when i found out that chick in egg doesn't become a chick in like i never thought of it i never even thought of it like of course it can't become a chick
and just like i thought he had his grab him quick for the chicken came out if you could eat 'em don't get in an expired if you got him early but if you sat on him then you have to take care of that god damn chicken 'cause it chicks going to be born and that's what i thought i thought you like you had to eat the eggs quick because they were just going to become chica 'cause in my mind this is adobe child i felt like one something's out of the body well it's obviously it's just that's how they do it they lay their eggs in the the things come out of the eggs it's out of the body it must have given birth like in my mind has to be at an egg it's in shell it gave so i didn't understand that no it has to be a fertilized egg so what happens then within all that that's in the egg all that shit becomes a little a little bird but birds are such hose there so god damn prolific that they do buy eggs everyday i'm i have birds it i have chickens drop an egg every day that means every day they want to be shit
now baby is your cholesterol or anything gone up since you got these chickens gigantic myth dietary cholesterol according to the most recent science according to people that way smarter than me and i know there's some disputes on this amongst people that are plant based people that believe that you can get the thing that you need from vegetables but i think dietary cholesterol is less significant than sedentary lifestyle less they like genetics are huge factor in having high cholesterol and it is also i've come to learn about ldl cholesterol and hdl cholesterol and that having higher levels of each other can balance each other out and it's not
necessarily the level cholesterol there concerned with it's the type of cholesterol so it's it's not food it's not like dietary cholesterol is actually important for developing hormones it's actually an important factor in in just you your your body having the the proper nutrients to rebuild itself like dietary cholesterol is actually good for you we've been we've been fucked we've been fucked by these food industries there was an article today from ares technica and how do you say that ars technica where they were talking about the sugar industry the soda industry paying off people want to lie about the negative health effects of sugar yeah of sugar in their sodas we forget that sodas were created as a desert you're not supposed drink it as a beverage really yeah it was supposed to be like oh after dinner we can a coca cola big soda
spying off health orgs to keep profits in americans fat top producers back ninety six national organizations defeated twenty nine proposed regulations whoa now i switched to arnold palmer's a few years ago an iced teas and restaurant arnold palmer but i don't know if that's better though 'cause the sugar of the lemonade probably not its profit glass well it depends on how much how many grams really you would there's some there's a new soda that they sweeten with stevia and wonder if it's any good i saw somebody was drinking at this very health conscious the other day i looked at them drinking it i tried what is it the trader joe's or the whole foods stevia colas and it tastes like rc remember rc cola and it was nate diaz nate diaz is drinking it nate had it on his i think that is it this is it called zevia
nate had it on his instagram page that's look i like stevie and coffee i like it it's different than soda different than sugar at least i know it's not fucking you know starbucks finally got stevia an almond milk within the last month their egos zevia yeah and you know if you know nate nate is super health conscious he eats real clean they are once a day really got deep intellect triathlons and stuff like that that's when they really like nick was the first one he really made a bunch of people that eight really clean all these racers and and then you realize like o okay like organic foods way better for you of all this okay you know tony pastas and breads and and then they think he cut out everything except for fish i think it was like no land animals he was doing for awhile but he might even be full vegan now and his brothers gone back and forth sometimes they take in fish
and i know that they were eating eggs jake shields eat eggs you know like a lot of those guys hang out together and they have real similar dia but they those guys if they're eating drinking something like that like that zevia shit it's not bad for you stevie is just not bad for you right like i've never seen any negative effects of steve i thought there was remember i was really big in this tv and then there was an article that came out about something that was like yeah i'm just going back to sugar i'm just sick of this my only sugar that i really take now is like i get some sugar in my ice coffee instead of pudding sweeteners in there just put it in see get it unsweetened sweden yeni dump it and yes a little bit but i how bad that is and i've cut down starbucks now i'm they used to do it every day like one of these every day now i did like twice a week think they're saying more and more that it's just not good and less it's in the food naturally like
sugar and when it's connected to all the fiber and all the simmons and nutrients in like a like an orange i think that like you know there's some juicy oranges that you get that are probably better than any dessert you ever have but isn't there like a factor in desserts that you know you're not supposed to be eating that shit you know yeah the thing i think i've missed the most and it's hard to get out here in california or at least i at least you could do like a like a market or like a out for this is a peach or a nectarine or a plum that's actually nice and where in ohio would just it is humongous speeches and just melt in your mouth out here they're like hard as a rock and then you might you just have to kind of wait for them to get like mushy one day and go ok now it's mushy mushy it's not the same as think you got
catchment season yeah an i think it's dry as fuck out here i bet a lot of like fruit trees and shit i mean we're good for drawing were good for allmans man this is california is good for almanzo here's some shit i found ok when i was at the to hone ranch the to hone ranch they have pistachio trees but they graft the pistachio leaves and branches on another sturdier tree like an avocado cool and so you've got like a pistachio tree growing out of an avocado tree that's awesome and the you just tell me i was like what they can do that did you know they can do that i think they they do a lot things like that in farming nowadays that like how did i not know that i mean i knew about grafting limbs under other plants but i i would his it was the same plant like you would graph your tomato br and john to another tomato what the
now how do they do that it i don't know again i it would be a i would say they probably like what is this jamie a hand drawn diagram it looks like that it says right here like for but you know what this looks like whenever dudes get up and uh did by aliens and then they come back what was it like well let me draw it for you this is the first one the first one i come to come on the table this second one the table said stop sometimes out go back go back what you doing the second one stable starts to vibrate and then the alien comes in from overhead and now all i could see was his head and the lights in the ceiling and then in examining the machine came down see the arrow down into exactly it looks like in the two and then i became one with the galaxy see there's the alien and then the galaxy he reaches next level the next level of the and that's what i see i say dick in a butt hole is getting probed on that last one
i don't see a dick if you dick looks like that go to a doctor quite sure with dick so it looks like a nail that e cut ot cut on a stem and then there in planning this is a but gets implanted in our wound and the but grows and out of them wow that's crazy so they the implant the button there and then they cut it is that what they're saying this is cutting the bud yeah yeah another pictures or you could kind of see that like this is a lit more of a bizarre is that man they make a tree grow inside another tree i did not know that they can franken tree but i should have done right it makes sense the date today i'd that talk talk about the drought and like how pistachios are supposedly going to double in price in their next year because we had to such throughout this year and i guess pistachios are just about to go crazy sky high so by now i know
that's a really good point and i know it's important for agriculture in california but i want to go when will you please touch you is going to cause more all you fucking babies what if you buy a bag of day that's like dude it's two dollars more a day in pistachios i'm fucked good how one of how much what percentage of your budget goes to the sash yes air ever in your life like if you had a leg to to the even consume a moment of your time thinking about this is a possibility like what about stacio prices going up i love what's your favorite three things that by well if i gave you an opportunity to give up pistachios for the rest of your life you think you would struggle don't need no issue go mad walnut jp no issues until after brazil nut i'm interesting other complex flavors yeah i mean no problem udp nuts you build cashews i'm down with cashews i don't need or you
more nights like four walnuts were trying to buy like walnuts not like chopped up walnuts like i'm talking i was in the shower you crack on with this stupid cracker it's good question i guess the supermarket right i looked have walnuts maybe walnuts nobody gives a fuck about walnuts anymore people realize like you have like mixed nuts oh god bitch ass walnuts give me that amen brother fucker wants to crack that especially yeah like how many people buy nutcrackers these days if you're not if you're not cracking claws like lobster claws or crab claws right you're not buying a fuck nutcracker was for kraken nuts have a nutcracker collection at home this other things just leave in ohio just like the dance
yeah like the one where you have to handle those are real yeah that's that people don't know if the nutcracker at when i was a kid i was like why they call it the nutcracker when it's just a bunch of wooden toys like why is that the nutcracker and realize oh those are actual nutcrackers allows a bullet with crackdown ut we didn't just go and buy him all shelled and packaged by mexicans i so had a box of wooden docks memo and that was a popular thing where you have like it has to do with people well when we were kids click here of a wooden duck dumps you to stupid to play with anything that moves you piece of shit just take this fucking wouldn't pretend it's real yeah have duck right so i don't give a shit i'm over here starving to death and they would duck or something that was all too realistic like that the green head and everything the ones that were just all brown that weren't painted and stuff i have like twenty of am i don't know why that's hilarious did you get wooden ducks
no other role or one that fell easy's duties it's not a baby do you know what i'm talking about though like that was at a thing or is that just an are like a like a stupid redneck fingers something i'm sure there's like wouldn't stupid wooden toys that i remember when i was a boy is he is the argument though is the argue that it gave it's more room for creativity when we were kids because we're play this stupid toys that really do and do much so we had to do it all in our own head instead of being like overwhelmed by a video game you know i'm saying that that's a decoy bro it's actually like a a well done decoy i what that is is they use those when they hunt ducks they put that shit in the water well this had like a well maybe they did but this had like feathers and yeah that you put it on your fireplace will swell that's because people use decker for deck what is that no no no some of them are beautiful what they stop
did not see when you called a decoy it's just because it's the exact same shape as a decoy might not ever see the water but what those were originally is people trying to make ducks that looked exactly like a duck so you could float it on the pond and the ducks would fly overall these ducks are just hanging out here this is a cool spot and they land and you blast am i mean that's a duck dynasty is all about that is a show in an empire built on duck slaughter trickery an fuckery that's what they should rename duck dynasty trickery and fuckery 'cause they're tricking dioxin is blown amount of sky but because people got really good at it they started doing his art like some of them are just art like people like grandma type people have metal piece and i love this i love this i love what i repres
beautiful yeah i got a lot of no i'm not i'm not into that there is fighting with my mom is like the brian you don't want i want to throw away all this shit and i said mom you have a basement it's like why they're throwing it away it's not you don't need more room you know like you barely even go in your basement and she's like it's telling me all the shit that i have there that completely forgot like i have brandy laserdisc player back home i have laser yeah these are discussing a funny that some things get to a certain point like if you hang on to that laserdisc maybe it'll be one day like that tuba with a needle on it that you drop down on the records because that shit is dope now if you had one of those if you had one of those old school like one thousand nine hundred and three tuba things you know what i mean like it was non mechanical all right not electrical you turn to handle i think so right that the record player with the the the speaker show now yeah there was the
there's like a the needle was attached to like a thing that looks like a musical instrument graph yeah phonograph it's called the photograph yeah is there a video of that thing for sure that pull up a video the thing i examining the thought of that thing and do you watch antique roadshow no just those things were real at one point in time is like one of those things that you go back to like the history of stuff and you go oh yeah this is even showing i try to tell you about this before this is what they use before records to edison cylinder right that's right you did tell me about this and this is just a metal like yeah it's like a kids toy nowadays yeah god i'd be so valuable if you that in your house like if you had that in your mom's house and you use that one day like holy shit it's at edison on it will dude that
laser disk recorder is goofy as it seems now there's going to come a morris not goofy anymore right now it's i may come back and let it be like watching one i'm going to make a comeback but it's going to be interesting right it's going to be like whoa look at this fucking thing from nineteen ninety nine where they had these silver discs hello there this year are alive last we see i got made wow right until they start making again because someone's going to realize that can make a load of money but how weird but i'm about five years ago i bought a vcr just because i was like you know what this is not this is on its way out and i have tons of vhs tape so i'm just going to buy that are twenty nine dollars on amazon so i bought one and it's so light nowadays like the technology is so basic it's like you could just put it on like one finger easily you know yeah it's ridiculous how light it is it feels cheap the only one amazon now costs one hundred and eighty dollars fuck you there's a dvd player you gotta get one that's both well maybe it's telling you is that the other one
dvr now just yes definitely like what is a good price what is a good price for like a vhs player that used to be like five thousand and sixty days they got like twenty nine to thirty nine dollars but look at these but that may commit like who and have you heard of that so did you hear about that thing that they were doing i'm i'm been paying more attention this now i'm trying to figure out what a lot of this was did you see there was a story that eddie bravo actually told me about it first where the pentagon i was making fake al qaeda videos and faked like isis videos and there was a stock entry about this not documentary but this video online about the company that was involved in making these things crazy dude its crew easy story coming from eating like how with a canvas eat ok okay
with the job you go in iraq they fucking ship this craft it's really interesting like this guy talking about being recruited to create these propaganda films for the us government and they were was seat everybody goes oh my god the us government's lying to us yeah definitely not good to have these videos that we think are al qaeda butter action the cia that are or whoever it is that's doing these things this propaganda firm but what's interesting is what they did with it so there's a there was a thing called real player remember real player yeah they only streamed it through real players people would go to it stream and they would get their ip and they would know where they were and so they would know where people who were all grew bring up in these like radical factions and his radical groups and they would be able to isolate them to a certain extent because of that or at least isolate their location
also what it which is really interesting right it's really interesting because there's another thing that someone was telling me in this i had never considered this forget who fucking said this i want to say it's on the message board but they were talking about all the different factions that were sort of put together to become isis and the then they weren't even really necessarily against or together with each other you know who is boko haraam there's the taliban there's al qaeda there's ice is there's all these different people but they just sort of lump all these groups in together like we're fighting those fuckers everybody an we think of as an organized group like they got together said you know what we got to get together organize a group and put together our powers and not the dental is basically on each other sites like the whole the whole thing is like a just a giant group of people that don't like us foreign policy and we sort of column what
if we want to call them some of them are isis is some of them are al qaeda and some of them are taliban and some of them are what they to be the muja jadine it's crazy right yeah did you watch the debates the funniest thing on twitter is that hashtag muslims reporting whatever trump says like the muslims need to report things so there's a hashtag i've just muslims reporting things like but it's it's shit like like i fired in a little poop came out wasn't supporting you know they exist god it's hilarious or so they just took over hashtag yeah they actually made it 'cause it is pretty ridiculous you know that's when he said that so now they taking advantage of it to make it funny and it's it's to rio muslims grocery weird stuff hashtag so it it doesn't even seem real it really doesn't i'm watching
debate and i was like this is so strange to watch that this is their choice this is our choice of who gets to be president how what happened here i got really freaked when he was hovering over like i don't know what triggered something about to get get get get away from a little talking like powerful man yeah he's a big looming powerful successful rich man scares off everybody in now i kim hovering over in that debate which is the whole thing was bizarre it's really bizarre talking to people that watch the same program as you with completely different like like i'm in fights with family members over an like did you not watch what i watched i've been tuned the fox news
use non stop that's all been watching it's so interesting to see how people just fucking form teams man they just form teams they go right or they go left but they form a team and then they write shit that doesn't necessarily make sense but it it's within the narrative of their team winning and they duke it out back and forth to each others a bunch of people that were talking with big smiles about how great trump came away from that debate he had one good line can you be in jail oh yeah that was a good line yeah 'cause you'd be in gerald that was a good line he got her there i mean it was a fucking nice quick one got it got out boom knockout blow but the debate itself man and then he kept on saying like
hey you know she's she did her time interrupting while interrupting he interrupted more and took more time like to answer questions and was like what road is is he living in a strange guy politics i hate both of them but it's very interesting seeing how gross i feel bad for billy bush like i think i think a lot is going to come out on him now that he's under the microscope will let me ask you this why does there have to be moderate are's wouldn't be bad where to watch the two of them sit down and talk this is what i think get hillary clinton an donald tr sit them in a room together across a nice table like this put a camera on the both of them and let let them have a conversation let's find out what they're really all about you know 'cause eh everyone is doing their broadcasting to you everyone's bra broadcasting to you including me right now which is very ironic but everyone that's what they're doing their broadcasting but don't you think donald trump would like over
however hurt so she can't even talk i see it snow will learn a lot about him if he does that we will learn a lot about him if he does that i bet she'll be able to manipulate that make him look really bad look at i think you get it together the moderat yrs asking him to answer questions and telling her the time is up and all these different jazz that's an app did element why am i not talking to her okay i'm not i can't well i'm not there okay well why doesn't talk to her let's find out what they think about each other let's let let them why why are you going to do it better than maine tell me you know why does it have to be fucking bitter do higher enemies every time two people are running for the
position kid they recognize that without competition you know you this is allegedly not the best we can do right with you i think most people think my would probably can find a few scientists our doctors or whatever they might do a better job than those two around the country but whatever just put that aside it's is it is the best do you think is the best there's no way right no way don't just doesn't seem real and even discussing and i like lose my train of thought because i can't believe we're actually sitting here talking about this but whatever people do man they get on a team and they fuckin wave that flag and it's the team of the right at that email left is a few people that sort of dangling between the middles so like if you had big giant piles of ants and then there's like a little trail in between those piles of ants that was like thinned out and and the then the
file would be on the left hand side in the pile would be on the right hand side there's a few people that are in the middle is a few people that are walking back and forth in the middle they don't know which way to go but the vast majority they can't fucking pile and we decide fucking second amendment or they you know they decide whatever it is whatever they decide you know fourth amendment you know freedom of speech whatever it is they ride with yep it's like apple pc samsung you know it's like that nothing to transgender rights what do you think the chances this happens again in twenty twenty are the same i don't know she wins no it's big connie versus trump in twenty twenty is going to be worse this is not getting better kaneki when he could win i can't take it he could win i can imagine having years of connie like trump who is trump eight years in a row i would throw my tv
they could have a new election every area keep winning just so people could say president kanye hey man is it that bad i mean what we what are we getting into right now this is bananas doesn't seem real i mean i really i'm feeling more and more everyday like we're living in a simulation the simulation is revealing itself to us huh percent by name wiener can stop showing his dick really how obvious is this god damn script under whose writing this the you know it's eddie bravo this is like a 1990s sitcom any problem isn't controlling this corey feldman back on that show horses did dressed all in gold needed another crazy performance he's talking about america and they threw accidentally threw a flag on the
corey feldman loses his damn mind again with another today performance will hey man that's how he staying relevant he ban me off twitter after i talked about in last time we talked about him on here actually even blocked me did you block you i don't know check check corey feldman's twitter page ever ever but i'm sure he's a good guy i don't and this one i'm giving him out here so what i'm saying saying he's just being be super outrageous in order to get attention it's smart 'cause otherwise they're not pay attention it's fucking hard for guy that's and in movies and had a lot of shit going on then it all kind of goes away and he's just going to do it himself is trying to figure out some way some yeah staying entertainer i get it nothing wrong with it it's weird is doing weird stuff but i get i mean look we're talking about him 'cause he's doing weird stuff he does questionable things you think that it's on purpose weird or think he's just a weird dude that's kind of art he likes to make i mean yeah the whole
feldman angel group thing really is gross and creepy and awful so i think he's just untalan anything seeds talented like he's that in denial huh could be a grand andy kaufman ask performance could be but if you watch any ethic magnitude album cover for double disc that he's releasing and jelly to the core he rock on corey feldman hating on you dude hey tonya they're ray your tool around with some fun crop that's what he likes man is it a party he he he sells like twenty dollars videos or something like that if you pay in paypal and twenty be like he'll read something for you does it in characters like when he was in lost boys who has the same jacket on and stuff like that so larra forget which comic there's one of our buddies just spend
like twenty bucks a week just get a new video well that's that's probably a smart way to make money i bet he can turn out and dozens of those an hour right yeah we just doing that that's just reminded me of the story been hearing recently you know like all the comic con conventions others not just one now there multiple they're all over the country right i have old tv stars come in to to be on them they're making i'm for i heard hundreds of thousands of dollars per convention leaving with cash and iraq's because there it's twenty bucks that it's at least twenty bucks a a photo if not forty or fifty or eighty if you're signing up mmhm and it's deal they're making with the photographer that's taken a photo in the convention and then the person who's who the actual stars gets the
of it and they're making a lot of money like really old people make it i forget well i can give you well i i have said this before on the podcast when now i saw daisy duke the girl the play daisy duke at a comic convention she was just sitting there and catherine bach yeah she's just sitting there by yourself and no one knew who she was just sitting there and then i'm like oh we should teach it looks just sitting there and so i came up with like can i get it picture and she's like sure it's gonna be twenty dollars and so like she was just making money like i had to use my own camera but she was charge twenty bucks is for me to take a picture with her yeah so i was pretty sad i just saw that it's fucking weird man that's a weird practice right it is gross the guy played thor is going to whatever in a little over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a weekend robert downey junior would make about one dot five million for his appearance at comic con and then like it goes down to say how much like a autograph from john q stack was like seventy dollars but
he's probably not there so wait a minute they so these guys go there and take pictures of people for money ralph maggio cost forty bucks for a photo op his costar susan were the ones that you were saying in the millions is it rob downey junior robert downey junior takes pictures of people from mildly not doing that but that's for him to show up at just at the event oh this is price so just to get him to show up and be in in the main hall to say like hey here's the new avengers trailer oh my goodness that's insane how ballers that guy that's insane it's a lot of money man god damn just to show up he do just come to my thing and i'll give you a million looks that's awesome ok but i'm only talking a couple lines ok good good good it's cool just smile like two hundred dollars for a ticket for the weekend just to go to the now with everyone it's pretty much about paris hilton does nowadays she just makes appearances
think it's shit loads of cash buys nude puppies for ten thousand dollars yeah appearances are big right it's like the way people who don't have an act perform to show up i'm here like just being there is your performance should now do and now she's a dj she literally just presses play and just wave your arms around for like an hour and that's it it's good it's probably have someone else do it for like someone else can cox the music or did she cocked her own music she just gets a cd and she presses play and turns knobs here and there to make it look like he's doing some typical dj stuff nowadays russell peters will get angry he doesn't call that dj and i are now you know they're also gets furious i've heard some of the bigger djs that are making money in vegas they have two fees for an event like that they have a press play fee and then they have actually i'll perform mix songs fee oh that makes sense both really expense that makes sense like data comedy show have one fever
just stand there in front of a tape recorder and i go like this well my ipaws i do my whole act like that they are another fever actually do the stand up at school so rude have you ever ate one of the hottest peppers in the world like any other pampers would you ever eat one of those peppers i probably try it just to see what the fuss is all about i'm at had some had there was to be a place in encino chili my soul and it was it's like super awesome fuck and chili place that had like the most legit chili like they had mild chili where it didn't fuck with you at all but then at the top end of the scale they had like some himalayan death shit they had so chili that you couldn't even fucking believe a person can eat it and i never even tried ten they have a ten apparently they had a ten but i did try and nine once and they
give you this is how strong a chilly as they give it to you in like a symbol and i'm not fucking joking it's like a little tiny cup that you would get catch up at at a shitty diner those little tiny ones that's what they give you the and i put it in my mouth and immediately start hiccuping like my body is like freak sing out tears are pouring down my face must not porn pouring out of my nose and that was tiny little bite of this stuff i was like what the fuck my whole tongue was numb well the youtube videos of ghost peppers i highly recommend just sitting there and watching is one of my it shows is called hot ones i want it's like i wanted to do this show so bad i don't know if you've seen it where this guy answers ten questions each one you start off at like like and it gets hotter each chicken wings so each one you take a bite of a chicken wing and then he will ask you a question and it starts off to see how
if you could get all the way to the end in the end is like the hottest one it's really interesting to see who can do it who can't anna genetic no like tommy chong did it and he did i think there's some shenanigans the first three he was like even that happened here when he goes all orders as high in he's like whatever but then he gets the and he wasn't breaking a sweat where other people are like gagging about acts on the nose japanese whatever you on couldn't handle the hot he will get her first and like almost are he ate the hot one furs and then he touched his dick with it and said holler in which you got burke chrysler did one of my favorite episodes shout out to hot ones so then we just pulled this up while we're talking this guy the bong rip with the carolina reaper carolina jeepers apparently the top of the food chain when it comes to the hot peppers one of them yeah that's they say is the hottest is it i thought it was that other one but i think i read recently yeah i thought i think
i read recently the carolina reaper is the hottest ci want to know him with that really do anything though you're burning you know i don't know if that would actually this might be a fucking bullshit until what is it doing exactly what happens to me at the second after he tested it it's like three minutes of him coughing it's not search flying out of his nose and oh let's watch shit i didn't have something better to do i i don't think this is so full screen please don't anybody see it so the guys got the carol here's if you want to watch online ted barry this bong rips the carolina reaper and then
an asterick puke warning original video here we go this guy just telling you to fucking take carolina reaper oh jesus and then a bong rip ten my goodness i think i would do anything but i'm really trying to find out the profession it comes to bong rips i'm a bud tender so don't say that again long red bud tender come on but is that what they're calling him now that's like burberry stat starbucks i have issues with that it's like the guy at the restaurant and once you get really fancy with the wines and explain to you the sommelier that once get really crazy and tell you what part of the world is growing in why the grapes are so important there i'm a budtender will okay this is going to give you that stony high the most thing here is no more than three heads
you trust me i know you like to go deep trust me three hits and you will be beautiful would be a mellow and they just this is more like earthy nutty sort of like the girls are like i always smoke this i start cleaning my whole house it makes me so energetic make cleaning your own ass liar there is definitely some weed i've had that makes me feel like cleaning my house what you just look around you why am i doing with my fucking life yeah edibles do that to maine edibles freak me out man i had a bad edible the other day everybody does if you take edibles are going to help but the good side of those is almost every time i've had a bad one i come out of it ann and i realize like whatever was bothering me like what or issues or whatever paranoia whatever weirdness i look at it from a different way getting a better way oh here he is so even though
see i don't believe this that's not real bad acting i was going to keep digging have you ever hit some really harsh weed that just immediately taste terribly yeah well is this thing man we don't know that this uh oils from the pepper or transmitted in the air and i really don't know and that looks like over acting from a hillbilly maybe a little bit maybe knows what he's doing with that but it's still like now man he might be seriously experiencing the oils i mean need the oils from the pepper that's where the heat is you think and carrying the smoke must be right something if it can transmit just for music into your dick right of course that's a good that's a good point yeah this guys fucked this is real dude maybe yeah i think this guys foxville don't seem like a good idea either yeah anyway watch this video support it give you folks
dugout smoking carolina dumb assets this one guy that does it at vegas he like walks around on the streets and i guess you guys hey you know what we you eat one of these peppers is the highest peppers when you get yeah i'll give you twenty bucks and it's just destroy in people's lives here like families like dad would i'll do it for torn your books i'd like a little hot spicy pep you know but they're eating like those peppers and just like puking and crying like toxic it's not it's could probably get sued for now but i mean is it toxic to the person i mean as a person eating a carolina reaper is that toxic this is the guy what is it what does it say there paying people to eat world host this guys a complete asshole too like well i think you have to be if you're
having people eat the world's hottest pepper he had his holding this guys at the end of this video he acts like such a dick to this chick that made me hate this guy what he's like a prick i think i've seen another video of his there's a couple of he's a prankster that does stiff on the street another strip and vague he might be getting away with actually can't you do you do things in vegas yeah that's why was the the comedy central show ok i want to see people throw up anymore yeah crank yankers yeah they do that in vegas 'cause you could just call people up yeah so that's the problem with tv and nowadays is half these shows are like that but they're all like there's a show i don't want to say what it is i don't know what network is on 'cause people hate me so much when i would talk shit on this network but this show is a prank show where they pay all the people in it so that all the people that are getting cranked another
prank but they sell it as a real show and it drives me quite how do you know they know the getting prank before the prank i know something that that that did it mrs say he got paid to be a okay so we're going to come in here we're going to make a fart sound in going you're you to like really yeah and it's on a channel that's huh i just hate that shit that's why i say get away with that they say it's a screw did show they say written by i don't know probably or do you think they just hope that well is it like here's the question right is that different then like see that's a prank a prank is like almost like a sketch right so i have a set up sketch like that that's uh tigger deception then the reality show were you already know what you're going to do during that day right right like is it like a reality show like oh we're going to go to the football game you know
my sons playing football today's big day and all the camera the yeager go making every cheers like like they know that they were going to do that but it is at least technically like a real thing you can do it's a real thing meaning like they were going to do it with if the cameras are there not exactly but they know the cameras are there so i i consider that like the we know the cameras are there i've accepted this but it's like really like the one my favorite is the prophet yeah but it that lie though all of it the lie it's different than the other thing is the other thing is like they're going to the game yeah yeah which here in were aware of the cameras were acting weird because it the other one you're pretty pending that you didn't know that that fart sound was planned because like it's now i really acting like you're being deceptive this is deceptive right like it's not you guys are doing a sketch about a prank show you're doing an actual prank show is only one reason to watch an actual prank show is to cp
legitimately get what what do you mean what is that speak like people come up to people and how do people acting weird ways you had someone talk to you and you don't know who they are and they touch you and they got their hands on you like woah woah woah who are you what's this what's going on so people get weird defensive like that's a real prank show that's why ali g in his prime in allergy character some of the all time best prank interviews ever i mean some of his shit was fucking hilarious now could you imagine if you found out that those people on the other side were in on it like now he didn't you doing with ron paul he did one with buzz aldrin yeah how do you tell if the moon is made out of cheese he had a bunch of like ridiculous interviews with people where they just they couldn't they had
no idea they thought he was a guy from an mtv show that had come to do interviews with them check it you know he was the best who is the best if you found out those were all fraudulent would you be bad yeah and that's what i'm saying that's why pisses me so off like that's one of the things that prize me crazy about this network 'cause they have a lot of these shows just like that where they're selling it things that but is that ok if it's good it's not good when you know it's though you can tell it's take a lot of the actors are such bad actors that you don't even need to know somebody that's working on you just watching oh god the convey they at least got good actors you know like it's that bad my name is tv i hate garbage team but maybe when a maybe in a way it's good
if you're really that stone i guess it's good yeah maybe in a way it's good because it's so stupid like there's a show that i like have you seen impractical jokers not having not but i've heard it's really good standard bikes very funny and what if they keep doing it the bad what i'm saying is like if it sucks i don't know it sucks 'cause i haven't seen it but if it sucks as hard as you say it sucks some things that suck become awesome they suck and then you go to see him later or you see when you're high or you go to see him knowing that they suck like showgirls remember showgirls god damn dude one of my all time favorite ridiculous movies that's totally different that right so you know i'm saying awesome troll two yeah ever made everyone loves it i saw that is like a documentary yeah it's so stupid dude it's so stupid is awesome you know but they have to be they have to be shitty an accident
like water world like a movie or worse way worse the post man and you gotta even credit 'cause you know kevin costner's the man and he did wyatt earp which i really liked he did dances with wolves dance waterworld never going to have a few fuckups in there bro just didn't workout but will it happen in my parents in costner in awhile if you still in a bunch of things doing some new thing for hbo i believe to it can't be on purpose you can't make something bad yeah so you can't make something bad on purpose my point being like a move like show girls and is this a few other ones you could go back to roadhouse in a lot of ways i fucking love roadhouse but it's so dumb it's so dumb when you watch it it's awesome it becomes really good it goes away from being like just a statement at like just a badass action movie and it becomes a comedy i get
he does morph especially overtime because what it's like is like something you had a plant and it had to grow and as culture grew around roadhouse roadhouse is in a lot of ways it's a time capsule 'cause it captures how fucking ridiculous people in the in was made where you will let you you can see like what people accepted back then you can see will lame the script is how ridiculous the die log is how preposterous the fucking plot is is a bad guy i've been screwing this town overnight keep screwing him over like you you can threw up this tower for too long and i keep screwing him over to its so so bad that it becomes awesome that are you worried about the potential new when they're going to make the thought behind it might be they're going to try to make
thing badly awesome again but sharknado it bad intentions here's what i think i think do you piggyback like in this is coming from a guy did the man show to version version two mean stanhope but i think you piggyback on when you when you're you're confined to the ideal piggyback on the love that the original roadhouse had right 'cause it's a classic movie you piggy back on that love you already in a deficit it's like the ghostbusters thing which by the way wasn't a good movie it was a good movie for a little bit though there's some funny get in ghostbusters but then it got monotonous and i didn't enjoy the end but i thought you told me you loved it i love some parts of it i buy but based on your recommendation i did not say i love that got my tv i love it it just wasn't a good show at the end of it i was like wow this is like it seems like too many people fucked with it one of those things where sometimes you look at a moving you go
how much going on here so much special effects like the special effects were so monumental the one at the end that used to be the not guy or the pillsbury dough boy in the original ghostbusters that fucking thing is taken is crazy no cgi level whether going to spoiler alert going into other dimensions retreiving their friends and it's fucking craziness fucking craziness but there are some funny moments in the beginning of that movie where i laughed pretty hard i was like this is funny fucking movie depend just lost its way i felt but it's hard to make a movie man i bought that godzilla movie that came out like two years ago that was dog shit you why can i thought it was ok that guy from breaking bad in it and so he was great he's great and everything but i was like god so corny another moving another one right disciplines being made by i think it's being made in japan so it's like
the way they originally made here's my problem with it i shouldn't say it's corny 'cause i love monster movies and it definitely don't want to discourage monster movies and i will absolutely see it next time it comes out the problem is there's a dude in this movie spoiler alert the original godzilla not the original but the most recent one the one with the guy from breaking bad this dude that keeps fucking surviving this guy i mean he falls off buildings he's in earthquakes they dig him out of the bottom of the fucking earth he's dust himself if i'm going to fight godzilla his fucking families wait back form is it's just a it's a tornado of cliches that literally like makes you travel back in time to the 1960s it's uh so corny like look at each other in the eye itself but so called yeah well it's also big green monster i think you could do that big green monster with like the kind of people that right game of thrones or the kind of people that are right in this westworld show hope
holy shit it world is good fuckin harris is playing the brenner character from the movie westworld from nineteen seventy three and now they made a series of it on hp and it's amazing people would really amazing fucking you fucking terrible taste in shows actually it's fucking good this is a really good show it's complex it's weird there's all these pat turns out you don't expect there's a lot of good going on it's a it's a strange kind of violence because it's like a robot violence well by yeah do this hold this movie is it trip or this show rather is a trip cool and it just keeps getting better don't even like twenty five million dollars the hot kids anthony hopkins is in it ed harris
this is fucking fantastic in this show he freaks me out at home i'm at home and i on my couch and like please don't let that boogeyman come get main ed harris you forget what a bad mother soccer he isn't he watched his show wow this looks really interesting i thought it was just a cowboy show no no no no it's about westworld the movie westworld was all about a place where you would go where you have these shoot'em up's with robots and the role that's eventually smarten up and rebel and that's what this show is about it's fucking there's ed harris dude i'm telling you i kind of forgot how if an actor ed harris is you watch him in moving like this guys one of the most untalked about best actors ever he's so creepy in this fucking show i'm watching this tonight dude he say oh good it freaks me out like i really believe him
you know i really believe he's a psychotic madman that can't be killed it's fucking awesome man it's real i'm good i recommend mister robot but everybody said that to it yeah i don't have that time enough time for that nonsense you too love it right up your alley i prime for one robot it's crazy thing is like this is the problem with movies like godzilla no disrespect godzilla again i love a good monster movie i watched the fucking wolf men with benizio del toro like five times i don't even like it i thought it was corny but i watch like five times just 'cause i love a fucking werewolf movie it's fun it's cool when you would you do movies like godzilla and you have these kind of really cookie cutter cliche see pbs drama type you know what i mean like it's like the act like a show it's not a bad show but like a tv show
so it's kind of obvious would happen in total the rapid up nice and tight at the end and you have to compete against game of thrones game of thrones which goes season it's like a movie every week they go season after season of chaos and awesomeness and amazing writing but you can't just have that dude living over and over again getting true people buy godzilla i'm fine i'm just fucking this fuck dinosaur up this to just keep skin is asking he's falling out of helicopters into the ocean swim to soren fuck up godzilla he just keep surviving is driving me nuts he doesn't even have a coma no concussion broken bones yeah fucked up my neck and a shower once dude ok i turned around to try to grab some shampoo and i pops up my neck and i had to drive to vegas that day and i drove to vegas like this this fucking dudes getting launched off the top of buildings and dinosaur
the chasing them and in the end he sticks around to watch the fight out between gods that you how bad you be shitting your fucking pants if you're going to off the coast of seattle and six hundred pound lizard was duking it out with another six hundred lizard and their fucking going to war with fire breath and one of 'em opens up the other ones had an blows fire into it spoiler you would not be sitting there going yeah godzilla cool girl that things gonna fuck you up to stupid it's going to fuck up every i think it's not going to care about these ants in these buildings you wouldn't be watching that you can't say out you can't see those people wouldn't be screwed beaming ankur and and so spasm ing its not pouring down their nose and terrified because there i must be deceiving them they're watching a six hundred foot lizard that
lives in the ocean and blows fire out of its fucking mouth and it's knocking over buildings like their little cardboard boxes what you just sitting the coast watching this you'd be shitting your pants there's not enough cool in the world they just sit there and watch that it would be like fuck how far is australia fuck fuck fuck you just get to a plane or to a boat you get in a traffic jam people would die they would run over each other and not care that would trample each other like a fire in a building all throughout the land to get the fuck away a six hundred foot fire breathing lizard so until you show that in the movie yeah you have a failed us in this you have failed us in this this trail well yes i would actually i just came out yesterday what
what's in the movie i was not with us the fake well that's the yeah that's one of the arguments is like a nostalgia you guys are wearing suits yeah but it's still good good it's it's it's a different kind it's the original godzilla good i would like to see that it's kind of cool it actually got good reviews and it actually looks really cool look the movie godzilla and the idea of godzilla is very fun the ocean is fucking huge folks and there's whales in it right okay so we know that there's something as big as a godzilla sort of not really like once a big whale how many hundreds of feet is a big whale there's the size comparison of the godzillas of all of 'em yeah they all get bigger we we need bigger we need to double doubles in big gulps we need big gulps are godzilla's what i just answer jamming away although the site yeah how big is the
biggest whale that's the sperm is it a sperm wear a blue whale blue whale how much one hundred and thirty meters ninety eight feet ok wow wow ok so that's still quite a bit smaller than godzilla but if a whale can be real in a whale is ninety three feet long and you are five eight ok so we know one thing can be way bigger right 'cause i'm fifty eight but my daughter is a hamster and that little fucker fits in my hand so let's start thinking here what is stop something from getting godzilla sized for so far we have really seen anything other than the dinosaurs but they never really got godzilla sized either but it does i mean that it couldn't have someone probably has like an argument against like the gravity of
act on something that large like how much mass you'd have to be moving around how big your muscles and bones would have to be they say that it happens to certain animals at a certain besides it just becomes impractical due to the environment of earth and that the things that they thought was a reason why the dinosaurs are so huge was that the atmosphere might have been different than and then it might have been a different kind of atmosphere that allowed them to move more easily which is really fascinating right more oxygen maybe well i think it was way warmer right was not in it was real tropical i think they think during the dinosaur days obviously not everywhere there's i'm sure they would have probably a polar ice caps even back then but i think that that temperature in the jurassic and the other here we go here dinosaur era five times today c two there you go huh wow listen to that folks
ok so they had they new world the dime control the earth two hundred and fifty million years ago new a world with five times more carbon dioxide than present on earth today we searchers say an new techniques for estimating the amount of carbon dioxide on prehistoric earth may help scientists predict how earth climate may change in the future fuck doing have dinosaurs we fucked up we fucked up get coal power plants and we're going to make dinosaurs those lizards just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and all the liberals are going to go we have to anthem alive give their input in part of our ecosystem and they are are scaly friends ok there and then the alligator just keep getting bigger and alligators get to be like thirty feet long people hey um what's going on while the alligators so big like they're getting big are you guys no no no no this is just unusual examples these are outliers these are outliers of our scaly friends and
you know i don't size shame as a human with animals and big alligators don't know we know alligators or three hundred feet long and they just smashing through buildings eating your kids jurassic park was technically real well what if alligators keep growing my story that i'm talking about right now you come too far off of that like with would you go visited it come on jesus jamie i don't know man i'm just saying that at one point in time is alligators keep getting bigger they're going to have to say ok youtube we got kill yeah they have am wandering around if there are fifty feet long and they just want to kill people we can't do that right so my point is that alligators up to a certain size like right now alligators like that alligator on the golf course video which got like millions of millions of hits that al gore is like fifteen feet long like that alligators like on the border like let that thing live like you don't let this fifteen
foot long monster just roam around and everybody's like hey we always have before ok ok ok we're cool cool but if he's thirty feet long you're not going to be out there right if he's ninety feet long like a fucking whale you're not going to be out there no i'm going to be out there and you're not going to be safe that's a giant carnivore so my point was what when do we shoot that thing we don't know would you shoot it or would you capture it s the i world record states stokes that stocks are steaks the ohsas stokes stokes alligator with the stokes alligator the type out here now or fifteen feet nine inches long holy shit god that said sci you know what that means that safari club international that's like it might be make sure that i'm correct there but that's like
that's one of those organizations that measures the largest animals of each species that were killed hunting so that's that might be what that is see if that's right is that the sci what is the stokes what was it keeps saying it's not like all the other day there name mandy stokes told the website now okay you know them yeah they killed it they killed that thank here goes so that she went through a range of emotions as they first stock the animal before baiting it or battling it and killing it fine really struggling to take it and finally struggling to take it back to shore how weird alligator meat is supposed to be super good for you which is really kind of crazy right you look at that thing like how could you eat that fucking thing but apparently their tails are delicious
you just have to prepare it properly and you get it like right off the alligator then the present those things in that place we used always go to in texas have like gator soup oh yeah yeah always favorite place papa doughs it was a papa doughs but in the hotel is right next door right right right there more than one those there's there's like a papa doughs and it was like that seafood one and the cajun one right there's a steak out they have like a change to change yeah yeah i think if you alligator you gotta get it from someone who shot the alligator like i think or get it from a chef that knows how to get it like when it's really fresh it's supposed to be amazing it's it's a really uncomfortable subject for people at what point in time are we in danger
and what point in time do we step in like grizzly bears just start wandering the streets and eating people are we going to have the same feeling that we have about them in the woods no we're not going to so we're going to have to do something then right yeah ok i just checking i just want to check i just want what team you're on i'm not saying need to go to the woods and clean out the grizzly bears i just want to know if the grey sleepy errors come to burbank ok we can stop that right we could shoot him right if the grizzly bears starting people in burbank your auntie people write ok no i'm not i'm not saying we should kill him in yellowstone hey live and let live let those big giant monsters go wander through the woods have a good time each hiker occasional occasional hiker to stay the fuck of san francisco right grizzly started wandering through san francisco fuck that dude
i was in this town near bakersfield called lebec and it's named after a dude named peter lebeck who is purportedly the last man in california to get killed by a grill bear so i went to the website to read about this dude and were reading it i'm even though his feet were bitten off this is not funny i know it's not funny she's his feet were bitten off one of his hands was gone this bear just fucked him up and they name the town after him after the guide like in his honor the name this town after the last guy to get killed by a grizzly bear so like people that go who you know they've ruined california the the bear is sixteen from california listen to me listen to me let montana have the fucking grizzly you don't want him here just trust me i know they seem so romantic
they seem so lovely when you're on television that's great and there's a spot for them on earth that's great too but this idea of bringing them back do you want to be one of those pioneers it scared to get to your fucking recyclable bin in the middle of the night you're terrified 'cause your neighborhood is filled bears and lions and shit the fuck outta here that's ridiculous thirty foot crocodiles wandering down your neighborhood no no going to shoot those things god damn it they found the story of him because it was in the script was written into a tree did you read that what say what say what i'm looking up the story about i keep talking about this inscription written on a tree that was found when people are passing through and one thousand eight hundred and fifty whoa do you think if we didn't have teddy bears as kids we would not be so attached to bears though for sure well that's right there was a story written on the tree and then they dug him up and his bones were
you know that way torn apart wow yeah that's exactly what it was now they fresh my memory i'd forgotten it was written somewhere i didn't know it was on a tree i thought it was a note that's insane fuck bears dude seriously fuck them and then i'm not for eradicating bears ladies and gentlemen i just want to be clear i love him i'm glad they exist there cool just like lions cool i don't want lions in burbank you know i just a whole cecil the lion thing let's not get carried away folks let's not don't bring him over here don't get crazy is a guy who also bring him over to england do you the guy who is the um when wolves created rivers guy the guy who wolves change rivers he made this really cool documentary or a video that shows what it's been criticized i don't know who's right but to me it's interesting and it makes a lot of really cool points and one of the things was that these wool so they reintroduced into yellowstone they stay
you're killing the elk and killing the deer and that allow but a lot of the plants to grow better which allowed a lot of the rivers change the course of the rivers to the root system got stronger and all these other animals survived and thrived they all did better because they weren't the prey of the wolf but they were benefiting from the elk in the deer not being around anymore and so like it's be cool to see like how when they introduce predator into an area it's almost like your way watching a mathematical program like you introduce this is a really controversial subject 'cause a lot of elk hunters in particular really mad when they brought these walls in 'cause they killed half the elk population they chop them down to fifty percent but some people think that is probably overall healthy for the actual animals themselves it's like a more honest life it's not really honest for these wild cow wasn't undulates to not have any predators have never had that all throughout history so are idea that we're going to eliminate all the predators and they're just going to
run wild that's crazy like that's why you get like michigan where people fucking him with cars to the tune of a million a year some wasn't no one one dot five million in the whole country for a year right two hundred people dead from colliding with deer you know so like wolves wolves are important bears are important they're interesting they're fucking fascinating man i'm so glad there around but do get crazy don't get the coyotes in my neighborhood is getting out of hand in the profile crows and coyotes out of control i love coyotes man i do their fucking cool i mean i remember the first time i saw one i was staying at the what is the furnished apartments that oak woods you know the oakwood nobody gets you first moved to hollywood
now staying at one of those things man i was driving to the apartment and i saw these fucking dogs running down the street like little german shepherds and it's the first time i've ever seen a coyote and i realized holy shit these are coyotes how weird is this he's a little wild predators just small enough that we let him stay just small enough if they were hyenas we would be gone in them down from the top of buses right of high knees or roman down the street tearing apart dogs and shit would be terrified behind is just dickey enough to slip under the radar like they eat a cat every now and then don't leave your cat out bro get your fucking cat wheel tolerate that this little predator will eat your dog make your snatch your dog right out of year and hop over the fence with them you have to deal with that i saw one kill me chicken son saw that fucker hop over the fence with my chick in in its mouth but i still loved i'd love them 'cause they're like the leg
will criminals like skirt in the system jess scary enough that you don't want you is to be around them but you're not scared of them dell skittish they probably fuck you up if they wanted to advice coyote really came after you probably have a real problem you probably have a real problem it's like a dog right it's not teeth yeah but they're more travel oriented they would be scared if you put up a good fight like if you booted a coyote in the head if you got a good roundhouse kick you know if you like a chocolate dell like of a coyote tries to fuck with chuck liddell and chuck adult kicks that fucking thing in the head that that i was going to run he's going to go what was that fuck this that's never happened to me before and then just take off even if he does not come on conscious still just run and get the fuck away but they'll kill you if you're small sure little kid crowd will kill you well they don't they don't have any morals like why would they not uh
anything they look is there people around can i get away with this i'm going to do it as they do they don't new rules are god damn wild animals remember that nineteen year old singer was killed in canada a few years back so folk singer just killed by coyotes really dude is ugly 'cause they found her she was still alive god but here's the thing about coyotes do they start eating you ask first that's right i remember that do you have any idea how horrific it must be for a coyote to pull your guts out through your asshole you're screaming and no one can hear you and you're in the woods there is a demon it's just a demon that only attacks occasionally coyotes were a real thing and it was a murder where a demon from hell it came out of the ground and ate a nineteen year old aspiring folksinger through her asshole ate her rip your guts out tore apart and then the demon just disappeared and went into space and we knew
that he was going to come back in thirty years that town would live in terror live in terror of the possibility of something that could commit the kind of an act would return like it would be looming over us we prepare we have armor and shit be waiting for the thirty years to come meanwhile outside checking out your mail they're sniffing around you garbage cans think either nails quickly quickly quickly my security camera it's an once in awhile corsetry p course it does man yeah they're everywhere they're everywhere i'm having a guy come on soon that is a wildlife biologist that studying we're trying to coordinate date he studying coyotes that live in the city an surprisingly like healthy populations of coyotes that live in the city that's crazy yeah there's a lot
a man they just they find places where they can sleep they find places where no one's going to fuck with them and then that's their spot and then they venture out at night or venture out at dusk or there and they've just figure out a way in a fucking avoid people bothering them but they live in cities man it's weird if everybody just gets out of their car are they getting their house getting your car drive off to work you go down here you go down there how often you check in that weird alleyway behind your apartment building how often you check in that place is anybody checking that place you know he's like trees back there for no reason behind that there's a fence you ever go look in there so coyotes live mother fucker if don't go there for a certain amount of time they find that spot they sniff around like these dumb fucks don't come here anymore and they'll just use that and they find he spots all around the city apparently it's pretty cool to think like a weird
animal that's just small enough that will let it hunt near us i wish i was there was fox is more fun boxes around the boxes are pretty dope that you see that video with the fox laughing like this guy i guess has a fox pet fox and the guy just be like ha ha in that fox just goes like it's so weird such a weird video yeah there's like that the fox oh it's a pet yeah it's got a collar on and everything that's a fox yeah and look at it oh my god he's laughing whoa that's a huh larious sound it rolls over at fox price so happy he's inside a house getting free food just have to go out there and earn do you ever see the video of the fox with the grizzly man when grizzly man was up in the woods and the fox
then became buddies yeah it's really beautiful footage i think honestly like i know i make fun of that movie a lot 'cause that guy was out of his fucking mind and that's another unintentional comedy is another perfect example of something that's not supposed to be funny but it's god damned hilarious an no disrespect to this guy who got eaten by the bear no disrespect 'cause i think he really did do a lot of great stuff i think he was a little delusional with his idea that he was saving these bears but what what he did do he's got amazing incredible up close footage of grizzly bears involved in all sorts of crazy shit like he he captured grizzly bull there wars at like really close range and he did a great job and he did phillip friendships with these animals like this little fox right here this fox just comes right up to him man is hanging out with him at one point it's t this hat and playfully runs off with it and he's
ok give me that hat back in the fucking the fox isn't scared of a man the fox just thinks it's funny like why would the fox take the hat he just rolling around in a biting on it it's really adorable and the grizzly man gets mad so he is chasing after the fox an it was it's like weird moment of camaraderie between two life forms that it just hanging out in the woods together like that thing accepted him into its community man it's really interesting another interesting thing is the wolves killed one of those foxes while he was there they got ahold at fox tore apart they don't want any competing predators same with coyotes coyotes coyotes coyote same with coyotes they don't want competing predators that's a and the main reason why they kill cats they don't even kill him to eat him as much as
kill him because they don't want any predators that are competing for the same things there competing for so he got this amazing footage of him like running after this fox hanging out with this fox who's like buddies with this little fox and then when the fox kid got eaten by the wolf he found like a paw you like whoa this world is gangster like these little crazy animals make friends with this nutty guys camped out in a tent and while he's camp down that tent well the night there wolves come into town and tear one of those foxes apart and he's crying he said i heard the screams i heard the howells i heard the wolves i'm like what in the fuck you live in through dude like there you have in monster wars in your yard neither watch a movie i don't written so good so memory these parts are men so good box a little bit i've seen way too many times
in a movie fifteen times i watch it on planes and i'm bored did again did you see that report that there's like one thousand three hundred chinese old ladies old people go missing every day like this like both thing where old people just are missing like daily one thousand three hundred chinese this is recent yeah in an own now they're saying it's up to five hundred thousand old women go miss our old people get go missing every year in china why and so there's all these theories like that they become food oh no government takes them because it cost so much money no that's a lot i know five hundred there merck and old people five hundred one thousand ok how many how many people go missing in america every year from the old people go missing in america every year there's a difference but i think
five hundred thousand seems like a lot but china has a billion in china it's eighty percent eighty percent of what people missing people eighty percent of missing people rolled over seventy five watt oh my god the killing all people that's why i'm saying oh my god they kill babies and old people oh my god that's so insane average in the usa there only ninety thousand missing persons at any given time ok ninety thousand missing persons but in their defense china has probably three plus times more people than we do so wouldn't shouldn't still under three hundred thousand if that was but that's close that's close and you consider the fact that they live in a really rural place in a lot of the errors are very rural do they have predators they have
there's right china some bears what else they have what kind of credit with what google what kind of shit eats people in china and they'll say china these people chinese it's just the infinity sign yeah just a few cannibals it's very rare but we got a few guys without being weird thing to find out how people in america heating people right now and if a mare has ninety thousand missing people how purse that is old people probably like small amount and what do you what do you google here buddy i go over exactly what
what kind of weird shit meets people in china meat make him feel we should i don't really mean shit i know i was trying i was being silly she actually go google that's hilarious predators of humans in china sorry i had to be more specific ladies and gentlemen just want to announce right now we were way too high to start this podcast when we did so thanks for hanging in there we've come back around everybody's ok now i was too hot do they have predators is there may thing the old ladies get scooped up by pterodactyls or some shit nice retired act would you shoot them out of the sky you can't be an alligator that could fly right agreed yeah you could crawl around in a golf course my god let that slide as soon as they can fly fuck you i just landed my yard you piece of shit and then what
can fly away and i can't fly fuck you is there anything that flies right now that attacks people see that's the thing about eagles eagles got smart they never got big enough fuck with us so we said all right we'll let you be our national bird eagles eagles got really close they got scary i mean if see an eagle and you see those talents and shit don't freak out i get attacked by birds a lot recently i think i just must be near nest yeah don't be doing that like to cite and sit in my backyard what do you what do you got here james just this wildlife with china on wikipedia mammal does is say predators of humans didn't have little predators of segments over they have giant tiger's they do well that's it the old people get me my tires there you go selena it what if we china tigers in soylent join chinese divorce so we just figured oh my god like we told you it was in the fucking piece of shit made in china
oh my god they have siberian tigers or they have a bunch of other cats to what is that population of bangle tigers what are those those other cats at the top leopards all leopards are terrifying so this is what i say think since they have a bunch of shit that we don't have that can kill you my estimation is that poor communication a lack of resources very rural neighborhoods connected to tigers and cats are causing the extra two hundred thousand that would account for them having the exact same amount of all people go missing as we do said twenty five percent of those old people have dementia there you go you wander off you get eaten by tiger i forget what am i not supposed to get eaten by tree no did you see that v if the chinese person eating the other on subway like cannibalism
add maybe a yeah this is the asian and maybe not let's not showing for sure well you can't really see anything you just see a guy hunched over another guy he just coming out it so it taxi guy yet is not real it's happened a few times it's happened like there's more than one real yeah there's more than once a video tacking he's attacking some other guy oh my god is that all blood yes what do you i come with ease with his mouth he's eating him all my god and this is our this there's more than one of us in this guy i know and there's more than one of these videos you would let that go on i'm not let it get on but i mean like god i don't know i mean you have how many people are in there i would i would faint oh i kill the fuck out of that guy if i could you'd have to work but he's going to go after you next or your kid or your friend or your mom bites you're fucked and that's subway in china by the way and there's more than one of these cannibalism videos like there's a china on subways there's i don't know what
happens but there's a lot of this happening there's a bunch of videos of people randomly attacking people on subways or something well here's a when you some about being contained in a subway where you're in this thing where you know like it's a container and you know we can get away there's so weird instinct that people have where like if someone is like a predator already i bet they would be that thing and would like excite their predator desires you know somebody just was so cool lazy person they wanted to go on a subway beat the shit out of somebody like if there we all know there's people like that in the world right they just want to go and hurt somebody for whatever reason that's the place to do it right and trapped you want to eat some bud subway is the move and i think a lot of schizophrenics in and people don't like pcp freaks more and more and more in they're like they can't just like they get they feel
in a confined space they out you know freak out they attack i guess that cop that shot or remember the guy that recently got shot i guess like i had pcp in his system so says says says so says who alex jones did you see alex jones let's stay on one subject at a time you fucking oc dadd fuck this guy had pcp in his system the other one want the girl cop that shot magically fake that they didn't have any pc the system right like who's checking that shit where where that happened wasn't like north carolina or some shit text now where was that huh tulsa oklahoma what does p maybe in oklahoma they rigged mean maybe maybe did maybe that makes sense like even if he wasn't threatening that makes sense why wasn't listening why walk back to his car and
listen to his door like maybe he was fucked up on pcp totally makes sense yeah well she shot him apparently what i have understood by people that are around law enforcement and tactical situations when people don't have triggered the plan and they haven't been in a fire fight before any kind of situation where your adrenalin is jacked and you really scared for your life and she might have been in some before which maybe even could exact exacerbate that and jack it up but her adrenaline was jacks you shitting their pants dude wasn't listening and then they tased the guy and the my friend justin said to me what most likely happened is when they taste the got she freaked out and pulled the trigger absolutely is it's it is a loud popping noise you know when you tell somebody i think what he saying is that she didn't even mean to shoot this guy and that what happened with her was
she's didn't have good trigger discipline and she freaked out because you know manaphy never been in a life or death situation with a giant dude who might be on pcp or might be on something he's not listening to be scary and there's many videos you can watch guy on pcp at mcdonald's battling cops and stuff like that i mean it's gets tazed a million times and nothing happens dude you gotta be careful pcp people they feel pain different this cop in texas the other day just taste somebody on a highway and almost got hit by a truck which chasing this guy and this guy starts running through this highway and so they cop taze here's on the guy falls and just misses like a truck by like an inch cars like who i would take somebody while running on the highway while cars 'cause you don't give a fuck stop running bitch it depends on what they do did what they did was raping kids true perfect tays writes all legit it depends on like if the guy was growing weed that's ridiculous right we need to find out what his crime was collectors
so a helicopter on you so maybe let the guy cross the road will get you on the other side what if we don't get him what do we don't get him and he's out there fucking kids what if it's like spiderman if you don't get him this is craziness i mean peter parker member he his dad go or a that his uncle he let the guy passes uncle and the guy wound up and we see how they do this bam oh shit and then just like go on there like stockcars oh my god taste them in the middle of the lane on the highway and if you go back thirty seconds when he first jumped on the highway he almost gets hit like three times so they gets ridiculous you know it done did you know that you could you could taste someone for that far away look how far he does this it's the ones that shoot out those three clause that's pretty good that's accurate hit damn that's under pressure is good true discipline and control act your season check i found it
these are in my car recently and it's scary to turn on see here's the thing then even if that dude was on pcp she shouldn't have shot him by doesn't make it in just sort of explains his weird behavior she made a mistake but it's it's a mistake that somebody their life but it's also like the whole thing is kind of fucked up man having a girl in that kind of a situation i don't know what kind of training she had or how long she had been on the job do you know five five years expect some shit up in five decades it was fifty two and fifty of those years were on the force i just think it's fucking terribly hard to do and we don't get mad if somebody fucks up your fries you know if you go
mcdonald's and you got burnt fries like e guys fucked the fries up this is the equivalent in her job of fucking up the fries somebody dies she made a mistake she screwed up somebody got shot and killed like that it's so much different than any other job it's so crazy i i i i believe that it probably is exactly the sound of the taser in her name being a high stress that makes complete sense to me i mean i think you're you just react by hearing the sound and my body just definitely no because he's he's down with all those tactical guys and military guys and he's a he's a gun nut he's constantly around those dudes so that's what they're saying it's most likely would happen it's probably what she related private or what they've figured out or who knows but and fuck fuck that job imagine just chasing people that are committing crimes all day holy shit how stressful with happy man she was a five year veteran yes
mic drop yeah it's just it's just weird man it's just weird that we need them and it's weird that they become what they are you know they become this death dealer or life saver you know someone is coming after you and the cops break in the lifesaver they're going to like what a crazy position for someone to take you know fucking stressful i would never do that fuck that specially nowadays it's even worse i mean i'm probably was cooler back things you got away with so much you know did you see the seven thousand five hundred and seventy five the documents two hundred and seventy five now ho lee shit ok an i who we had mike dowd
from the from the movie come in and explain to us like what it was like back then should great guy by that he's been on joeys podcast too how do you spell's name dowd does the way it sounds he's awesome yeah i didn't want to fuck it up but i think it's just the real mike doubt on twitter what is the on twitter great guy but holy shit was here really oh my god they were the cops the seventy fifth precinct he found out from like the for its it amazing documentary and he found out from like the very first week on the job like in that range that the good the
apps are all corrupt and that you never turned on one of your own and you know you just fucking the rules that they would skirt around and he got deeply deeper and deeper ingrained in this world of crime while you're a police officer drug dealing while your police officer intimidation while you're please protection while you're police officer and he's driving a corvette and living like a baller and they're going on trips they're driving a bow and then a bunch of crazy shit happens and one guy rats the other guy now it's madness is fucking great dude it's a great documentary and uh also he's like super honest about the whole thing super honest about everything 'cause he went to jail did his time and then got out and then they made the documentary 'cause it's all about like it's like the 1980s is fucking amazing dude it's a great documentary
nick depalo told me about it my school do you still get it i mean it's on like i think it's on itunes i think it's on everything fucking good dude you look at the the video yet of the pigeons in the bread factory in russia no i would like that it's disturb there's this mill filled with grain and these pigeons are eating from the top of it so stupid that they just get so into the the grain but jesus and chopped up into their bread so like if you've had bread in russia lately alot of his certainly a lot of pitches shares radium two down oh my god three down soup oh jesus christ one of them falls and lands in it and just get sucked in this is insane this is fucking insane won the most disturbing jamie immediately make me a video of this send it to my phone so i can instagram this the world needs to know more yeah
it's fucked that's harsh it's very s and scary and sad how just a harsh life some dumber pigeon still well look a little their heads are made of your head was that little yeah i guess but yeah so i mean zika babies grow up to be pretty smart no we haven't had any that's true actually hasn't secret based on up i really don't think so i mean not that i've ever heard of i just made that up i think there's actually zeca baby's father i think so because i was thinking of it by about making music to hats for easy to people is that makes it look like their heads are bigger i want to start a conspiracy but i read recently that this because been around for a long time yes like and then i just look it up now says like since nineteen for
is is when it was first discovered yes there's actually sick adults and if they look like zebra baby's background out yeah google that google zeke adults there's some pictures of like really really old pictures of people with weird deformities that you'll think of like carnival pictures and like that i wonder how many of those with that kind of a thing serve like relate now i know it's a big deal just aren't known and i don't know yeah maybe yeah who knows is some i mean the little errors in the scripts that make a person now what are those errors but is this oh my god so you can virus michael microcephalus c suffers cefalo pathy he seems narrow cefalo pathy suffers campaign wow
how many people though that's crazy how many people are zika but they just have hats and you never know there zika see is that a thing hold on go back to the other picture that's crazy there's a fucking bug that makes your head smaller just just stop and think about how insane that is we need eradicate that bug there's a bug that makes your babies head smaller ok i don't give a fuck what is going on in russia we need to kill all these god damn bugs stop worrying about stupid shit is people there going to be born with little tiny heads well there but it's gonna be's in a lot of cities there spraying for the zika's misgivings arby's yeah it's all fucked up too from top to bottom it's fucked up birth defects woo scary terrifying it's just terrifying to think that there's bugs that can just all this i mean when you hear about things like the spanish plague that like one flew with the spanish flu one flew and like the eighteen
one hundred year was 1800s in 1900s was spanish flu most of the 1800s eighteen 90s you know i know they set my grass with history ready because in interview with a vampire the dude that plays brad pitt had the sp and it flew and he was a soldier and he was dying in nineteen
eighteen they go yeah he was so old timy basically folks the other dude who played brad pitt's character or brad pitt's character dude black brad pitt played it's hard to say he died with the flu and a stat gave him the vampire gene got real issues after that bro didn't really like didn't really like being a vampire didn't really like choking on peoples blood drink his own daughters blah is kind of dark and we were talking about westworld earlier reminded me of something thought i had on here a couple of people mentioned some things about i think dimensions maybe it might have to do a string theory but i had to go at the store i think i showed you this story before this came out earlier this year but the some
scientists have found out that the human brain the size of it at least of what it can store might be way more than they thought previously based on the way the brain codes what it's calling bits they need to stop this study right now and examine red band my only point on this is that there is like twenty six up to twenty six neural pathways are discovering the brain which allows for more maybe thought storage then then then they knew about but when the person came on to mention dimensions in the past couple months ago i'd never heard that there is up to twenty six dimensions possibly i'd always heard it was eleven yeah and this is the first time i heard twenty six which made me go back to like something i had i had just huh about what had twenty six to do with it in the brain and it was this ok so it says according to superstring theory there are at least ten dimensions in the universe m theory actually suggest there are eleven dimensions to space time and then
in bosonic string theory suggests twenty six dimensions what is bosonic string theory i had never heard that some either but i was just going to ask asking in a strange way like do you think that those could be related in anyway dude when you see that stuff they're writing down those yellow legal pads and those strength chris are going off and they're doing computations like you just gotta take their word for it like you kitty would try to rationally understand how the fuck some dude is looking at a notebook and figuring out how many dimensions there are potentially in the universe what is the original version of string theory now they're on superstring theory or supersymmetric string theory you know there's a push back about this stuff from people and i don't know if the people though push back or smart enough to actually be hanging in there with these dudes and their ideas i don't know who's right it's too it's way way a way over my head i see them talking about this stuff i don't i don't have a fucking clue the the stuff that fascinates me i mean that fascinates me for
sure but it's so what's the word ethereal it's so it's so misty it doesn't seem like you can grab it but quantum physics the guys are actually studying things like the guys looking at subatomic things that fascinates me like where they can actually look the like things being in a state of movement and then being still you know they've they've cover that in subatomic particles it's called the super state there's moving and still at the same time like what does that mean they don't know but they were observing it there observing particles blink in and out of existence and so i'm sure they have some mathematical computations to go along with that but the bottom line is there actually observing this stuff this is in something that you know the getting down on notebooks and you can't get it and you know i do i don't know that language so i don't know what the fuck they're getting at these are these are p will observing subatomic particles blinking in and
out of existence they don't know where they're going this is real this is where scientists are going holy shit at the smallest visible matter in earth in the world in the universe the smallest the smallest measurable matter subatomic particles it's magic so when you get to the very bottom to get to the smallest thing that we can currently observe you're looking at things that perform magic they go in and out of existence there their and they're gone they're still in there moving there like a god they lie make a crazy magician there like a psychedelic trip the smallest measurable amount of reality the universe behaves like a magic trick that's fucking amazing it's mostly
nothing like an atom is mostly nothing probably still there it probably does a trick to the eye of not being able to see it we could be but i don't think that they're using and i to measure it they using some pretty sophisticated equipment they're pretty sure this thing somehow or another disappears and reappears and they don't know how and you might be right they might be able to come up with better and better equipment and ten years from now they go that's not what we were saying we were seeing this totally possible but there are all saying it right now and if there right if i mean this is not like a debated thing like the fact that subatomic particles blink in and out of existence i think all those super smart dudes except that shit that's magic dude they're going away and coming back like where the fuck are they going what's happening in there the thing moving and still well just is what you mean what are you looking at as a discovery by the large charge on kalau jesus christ or on the fifth
discover what's new theory large hadron collider set to discover discover fifth dimension and doorway to other universes jesus christ this is not good this is a movie they open that fucking doorway in those grey is going to be waiting on the other side you can take your eggs e do many eggs if you have eggs going to take you myla night speaking of eggs did you hear that that this is one of those places that it's like sperm and eggs and it made a person with three people's dna know when i hear about that what's that they combined the dna of three people and through in vitro fertilization made a baby so the baby was born so there's a baby born with the dna of three people not to people but three people have they mix it like gar going they just i don't know
i just did we just put it on this in the bitches mouth and try to gargle and spit in his cup don't use that word bitch in this show just so rude rich hey where'd that take place that baby was born in like russia his book and it came up on the i just googled it there's a actual fa q on webmd about it so it's so really what are they saying baby definitely or no wow going to be a gladiator it's going to be the most handsome about the technique is safe on wo three person babies ivf techniques safe ok if you say so dude awesome i gotta take your word for it i don't know what that means that safe we don't know i mean how many people been born do we have a real good study group said five hundred eggs from sixty four donor women found that the new procedure did not adversely embryo develop that's what you say now when that baby grows up to read your fucking mind you gotta problem imagine if they put chips in these kids when they were little i killed
tips were just like we don't know how that's going to workout just in case his dude goes on a murderous rampage we want to be able to have a button that we compress that just shuts him off 'cause if you have a designer baby mere baby could be like a super athlete super genius but we don't know long term consequences so if you agree to this will put the chip in your baby and we'll give you a kill switch so if your baby goes on a rampage if it all goes wrong will give a kill switch but the parents of the babies super baby is going to be pissed how come these fucking regular babies don't have a kill switch you think about all the god damn murderers that have ever existed all throughout time none of 'em are super babies so you're blaming my kids you're blaming my super kids for all the shit you regular kids do you want my kid to have a fucking chip you can tell him everybody's gotta have a chip we can kill him so we also in agreement 'cause we want to keep the people safe from the super baby so everybody signs an agreement that everybody has a chip in the back of their head and we all wear chips regular
maybe super babies and everybody just say so polite 'cause you're terrified you terrify that the government is going to come along and kill switch your chip that's that's the key to a healthy happy society everyone is terrified of getting your kill switch hit that's the future that we have to look forward to hackers are close to that how i remember the movie gattaca with ethan hawke and they have switch back it wasn't kill switch but when you're born you're either valid or not invalid i think is what it was in our in real life to like the the the thai society and invalids do all the rest of the work whoa he like tricks myself to become a valid someone that's how the it was all about he tricks his code yeah yeah he gets a fake fingerprint photo fake eyes and all this shit and all this the sensors system early 90s or late 90s i feel like for if somebody creates a synthetic person you telling me this synthetic
this is not going to have a kill switch like if you don't know if you don't know what that guys capable of like if someone says well there is one option like what if they try to pass through congress congress like fuck you and then someone says okay there's a solution what if every synthetic kid is born with a kill switch and then they go ok well this reasonable it's reasonable and then everybody by two thousand and seventy were all born with a kill switch is no more crime every now and then someone freaks out and they just zap drop him chop them up feed to the garden remember that other move that justin timberlake movie where he's got time in time and everyone is twenty five and then they all die you watch too many movies mother fucker like movie future move you know you made a movie with the kimberly was little few movies timberlake a bunch of movies he's actually actually a good actor alpha dog something else
who is in something else too it's good actor i think tim really the movie in time it was a really cool concept once you at twenty five you stop aging and then your your your whatever a year of life starts going but that's all the currency to you work for time you can trade time you spend time and then once your times up you're done if people have thousands of centuries of years built up on their little clock right so like a sultan of brunei or some super rich dude would have could live forever huh listen man all this we're talking about when it comes to the future about what could happen like these silly science fiction movies they probably pale in comparison to how crazy it's actually going to be playing vr you've got to play the duncans vr how awesome was that on gary is it a scary awesome
scary awesome an awesome in a way where you go well it's not right now i knew i had goggles on i knew i was playing a video game where you castle and these little cartoons or bouncing you bows and arrows on if you play that one yet and i know yeah i haven't played it but i know what you're talking about is really fun so party was like well this is so cool but there's another party that goes you know why is going right where this is going in this is not that far of a time you got gotta think when we were watching that phonograph ones that photograph from jamie yeah ok so let's let's give it one thousand eight hundred and eighty let's say one thousand eight hundred and eighty think of one thousand eight hundred and eighty to two thousand and sixteen that's not not very fucking long so we've gone from a phonograph to a fake world in watt couple one hundred years a one thousand years exactly where in it right now
that's why this election is happening yeah that's why this thing is so ridiculous it could be that it and right now the place asian just released their virtual reality today or last night and so now that's going to be it's for the first time it's a price point that hit the masses right so you're going to set a lot more people are going to have it this was a huge day yesterday and there's one of the games that come comes with that i believe is you're underwater and it's not play a game you just hanging out in a shark comes close to you and you get attacked by a shark but i guess it's so scary like your like and that's just the hari two thousand six hundred v are you know what is going to happen and it's going to be insane if it hasn't already i mean we both remember pong yeah amazing right when it first came out you were amazed you can actually interact with something that's on the tv it was insane that was
so good was so crazy it wasn't that big you look how little it is we apply it and stick in their good cartoon there was awesome and compare that to this new doom you know i mean what we're seeing now in just a short amount of time is insane i mean we've got a giant jump of progress in two hundred years so what the fuck is it going to be in less than two hundred years right just 1880s i mean that's what did you see what bmw is announced i don't know if they just did it yesterday or this week but it's a it's a long this vr stuff i did see this reminder cycle yeah tune that's insane because you won't get in a wreck and you won't need a home at last it balances itself did on about won't get iraq but you basically can't as what they're trying to say select how could not wreck explain that it doesn't make any sense nothing can reckon something can still reckon do you probably but but you can't fall
over in it that sort of saying if you could fall off it yeah maybe yeah fun yeah you're going to fall off it is the force that it's going to need to require to correct you you're going to look at the hello my god we were that's what it looks like yes trying to find the the helmet because they try it is it right go to the thing is the head now show us a video bitch is there all from these aren't real oh my god wait where you going stay there open that up oh my god that's real that's tried it i don't know that it's yes but i don't sense that we have visors the visor gives information including speed and cornering hints to help riders got a rear view like it's a it's a screen it's a are which is what a lot of companies are making a big on v r a r augmented reality right yeah so this is an a r visor that's going to it's that they're your rear view mirror is going to be in that your speed updated info on cars pry head of you are going to be in a specific stark
do that's the batman thing right in the upper right hand corner that dark knight batman think how close is that pretty close i would sue like bitch that's my even try god damn that link so it's basically they looked it looks like the wheels are a little bit wider than a typical mode cycle is there a different profile view we could see how why the tires are ok now not much wider like a little bit though right a little bit the regular motorcycle they have a car that goes along with this i think is what i was hearing but the car the car they showed seems like it's completely computer generated were living in the fucking future is this really start eating healthy so i can have this in someday dude look at this this is insane this girl is on this thing and she's flying around in there space age motorcycle all my god and looking at the the view through these goggles that are showing where everything is oh my god
this is amazing do we live in awesome times and that's the navigation system is that what she's looking at her goggles yeah yeah here like that's what's going on oh man this is amazing it a lumen it's the road in front of you is that was that was supposed to show what was that acid kicked in was this call jamie notice video next next i don't know if they would sure of motorcycling the bmw motor were rad was the same model i'm not a you tube for this for this is from the daily mail website motorrad vision next one hundred sexy it's pretty dope but you know but still like someone could still a red light you can't say that you're not going to get t boned is it the car looks like they have a car that does the same thing check this shit out 'cause the way that this you're going to say this is super fake
whoa oh my god this is crazy use it inside of it you press a button and a steering we're pops out the dashboard oh watt is this real now now this is this is pretty cgi but like a cd i this is what they're saying they are making and whether or not they're going to actually get there oh my god this is dope so it it shows you where debris is on the road ahead and like highlights it did it it says there's a biker right there yeah i see it biker how's it see that though saw it before i don't know it's using wow different kinds of technology like bike radar impulses and it's using big brother bro i don't know where you live bro what about the no i want an actual steering wheel bitch don't give me this stupid joystick drive it 'cause it's going to be self driving so
is it really self driving one hundred percent here god you trust that i do not trust now and i haven't done the test so some people don't even change their oil you know you think you you're going to have this thing maintained properly right i mean how many who are out there you get stuck in a lot of traffic and someone in front of you is just below and pollution out of the back of their pipe and you coughing and did some fucked up system or something did you see that self driving car that ran out great zone like one of its own engineers like he was trying to make it trying to show like how the id card detects people walking phone no it's it will slam on the brakes and so i think it's volkswagen or something and the guy just goes now watch the car will start and it just runs him over no really yeah oh poor bastard yeah i don't think it got hurt too bad like but it didn't stop well
probably get it down eventually but you want to be like super sure is no please don't tell me that this is going to oh no no the questions he said oh my god and they did that for a demonstration the guy had a sued on his hands in his pocket they the yeah how much is put pluto hardware cut out right ok what do we playing games here folks are real doll yeah exactly you don't need to do that but the crash test dummies this guys just disappeared exactly why don't they have crash test dummies is then there fucking idiots don't stand it yourself do you have a life get hit by a car bro that guys probably broken by every part of his body is broken i mean if you're not if you don't think they're going to get bumped by that car like that you could easily have broken hip broken legs fuck that dude i'm very passionate
we're losing our autonomous nature we're going to eventually we're going to we're going to be controlled buy everything that we have in our life you're not going to have any freedom any freedom to move around you to get your car it's going to take you on a has to work going to punch in the data should be allowed to have your own car but nobody could drive anymore well once we stopped letting people drive their own or i mean it was just first of all road rage death stopped that's one thing and it was worth it alone to lose that freedom you know why you road rage right do you know why you road rage you road rage because you're scared when you get the car and you're going fast your senses are heightened you know your senses are heightened everything is dangerous you don't feel it because you feel like i'm just chill and go on the road but you're so super aware that you're going fast you super aware
people around you there also in these metal boxes you gotta trust these idiots to stay in your lane you already on level eight so if someone gets in front of you even if it's like nothing that's why people don't get road rage when they're walking like if you walking in the mall and it's kind of a lot of people and someone gets in front of you don't give a fuck i don't give a fuck at all do you ever give a fuck if somebody walks past you and get some friday with the mall they're just walking down the hallway no one gives a shit right but there's some think about being in the car that your senses are super heightened up because you're worried about the consequences of someone crashed into you so you like what the fuck dude fuck you fuck you that's for all that shit comes from then you pull over bitch pull over bitch i could have gone that's why that should come you think your life's on the line when it's really a minor fender bender or a minor traffic infraction or minor ru
ignis where someone cut you off when they didn't have to maybe they could have waited a little bit and got behind you but it makes sense that just happened to me when i left the other night after the fight companions like two hundred o'clock in the morning i was almost home in hollywood some cars were in front of a bars there is little you couldn't some cars were blocking the two lanes of road so everyone was merging over i merged over the guy behind me apparently thought i cut him off so we started getting up on my ass i could tell like the guy behind his pissed i was getting up i'm so i started slowing down to just let him go pass me let him it is in a hurry go for it he just pulls up next to me and stops starts like fucking cuss me out middle finger all this and that i just thumbs up man i'm not in a hurry i don't know where you're going on no why bad but i started thinking my gosh she's going to follow me around the corner and it's going to have to get serious but he just went away some people are just nuts and some people are angry at everything right there angry at their wife their anger at the job there angry at their friend their angry at their fucking neighborhood
softball league that won't let him pitch you know people are nuts you run into someone that's why i like getting in like the kind of exchanges like over nothing over cars get in front of you i state this check choose hilarious she's very smart like super small but she also would do occasionally should do die hum reckless shit and one thing should do if someone cut her off she's like fuck you but you can for the car cut them up it was totally contrary to her regular personality her regular person so it's like super fun loving and choose always smiling but there was something in her head about like someone cut her off she's like falk that and she would get in front of him and you know she cut this dude off and she had a convertible two little white convertible bmw it's like what are you doing what you doing like you and just go around doing that like you've gotten lucky
you do that someone's going to do something terrible to you like you don't need all like this is a part of like the news road rage murder so there was at one point time la had a streak of 'em where became trendy and there was people were just shoot each other on the freeway during traffic like that seen from la story they made fun of it resizes has a gun and they all have to do is based on when i was a kid and i had her and we would hear the news about road raid deaths there were always in california and there was people just shooting people like fucking crazy z in california do you just gotta be careful you can't cut off the wrong person you can't you like you can fuck up in those situations an you accidentally get killed like you accidentally people kill people in road rage incidents all the time and i bet the guy who kills the other guy probably regret it for the rest of his life ninety nine point nine percent of the time but you do running the wrong person at the wrong time
you stand your ground they stand their ground and next thing you know there is violence unnecessary stupid or senseless violence there's too many gangsters in la especially like people that have way too much money and gang violence and so you don't even know who your fucking with like a prince war that is a billionaire and he'll just like kill you and just be like fuck it i'll just go back to la has most road rage related incidents in the us study finds wow of course i'm not surprised the numbers though strange study and auto insurance center analyze sixty five thousand posts on instagram tag road rage that's ridiculous fucking reporting ever well our detailed analysis of the situation by going to hashtag road rage i wrote this article five and that's before i posted it and fucking california is a lot you know what that means people just bitch in cal
morning oh my god fucking road rage it does say there is more than one thousand five hundred people have been killed or injured in road rage incidents in the us over the last five but what about california the california road rage statistics for two thousand and sixteen i mean police chases multiple times a day i mean i'm watching him nonstop all day after the greatest don't you think that what's going on with us so is that it's just so overpopulated is a real frustration that people have and that's also a part of the road rage so if you try to drive orange county at four hundred o'clock in the afternoon if you leave in downtown la and you try to make it until like redondo beach good luck many hours is going to take at four hundred if you leave at four hundred and thirty well you fucked up dude what time do you leave at five hundred and two no how long does it take you to get home three hours i got three hours in the car that's normal that happens
that can happen do you wanna go to newport beach you live in newport beach work in downtown la is still many of us 'cause i had to go to was it culver city wherever sony studios is and although it's at culver city i had to go there the other day at like two in the afternoon now on paper it's like seven miles from my house or something like that it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get there the other day it's literally like seven to ten hours from seven to ten mile for my house yeah it's you could almost walk there yeah as quick yeah yeah i mean if you walked how many miles an hour do you walk five i think if i were on it basically you could have got half the time i bet yeah for sure a bike sure if you didn't get killed by someone with road rage that's in a fucking fuck
with some other guy fuck you cutting each other off and you just get clip link you go flying through the air people are angry many of us but meanwhile you getting a plane you fly over the country like little space when we all huddled up while we fucking huddled up so much 'cause the ocean we needed you go out a way to get the fucking salt out of the ocean and big pipes pump it to the middle where everything is dry and let's fix this we do have a lot of d salinization plants if look it up yeah it's a super expensive i was low do not that efficient very difficult process is very expensive it's not worth it you know and even not worth it with water as jesse ventura was saying on for water being more expensive than oil it's still not worth it takes salt on the water that's that's how hard the processes it's kind of ironic right next to the water we had a water problem
larious really stop and think about it but the like when you're flying over and you look down at like some of the like big or i spots on the way to vegas like jesus can't you boil the water out right no kind of going to try it what am i thinking that bought not boil when you get boil spring water or pond water or lake water and you kill most of this shit that's in there this shit that can survive that though they have all these water filters that people take when they're like hardcore backpackers you could shit in it and drink it while talking about this recently i got really into like these hardcore backpackers 'cause i was listening this one podcast but they were talking about the appalachian trail you heard of that appalachian trails a trail that goes from georgia all the way to maine and they walk it it takes five months that's crazy yeah
and they wear the same clothes the entire time they live off their backpack i mean i was listening to talk about him like that is nuts man has a nutty way to live like that's a crazy accomplishment mean people think they're bad ass by doing a marathon due to rent twenty six miles took me four hours but i've perseverance now people are walking to maine and it's one of those things once you start something like that like you're kind of committed to it you kind of committed to this stupid thing that's going to take five months i just did not the whole thing but he was just there for a part of it for five days like last weekend i think he was a marine but they just went and camped he's put up facebook message like i'm in a hammock but it's thirty seven degrees it's raining and we're fucked but the point was they don't know where they're getting their water from so a lot of him bring filters and they have these things that they hang there there's a bunch of different kinds of filter some of them actually are straws and you can take it and you actually do
been to a pawn and suck it through this straw and you can drink it and i have other ones were there gravity filters and they have these like buckets and all this shit it's filtered out of the water and then it comes down it comes out clear really interesting them because these people you are using like the best state of the art survival technology like that kind of shit and just drinking out of ponds and stuff yeah yeah i saw the p one where the guy that like the co guys now watch this is year in and year out makes and transit yeah we could drink this pisses into a sub and i now it's nothing the track brown possible time is a video of you drink and pass on the internet yeah me and said dude no name yeah because some of the two told me that drinking your own piss was like really good advice meds and minerals in it was in itself that came out of your body yeah fighter guy this about a bunch of a bunch of people leota machida did it he was like kind of famous for
bring your own pits and so what the fuck is this about and i drink it a couple of times and i was thinking after i drank it i can't believe i just drank my piss like what the fuck is wrong with maine yeah yeah me and that dude so we both just whipped it out and peed in a cup and then we'd regularly that's the dude incidentally that's no name that dude who introduced me to nutro pics believe it or not how ironic appropriate we're about to do something really stupid like the cops because we peed in here it sounds like please 'cause we feed near we clicked it i just downed it but you know what man i've been working on fear factor for so long and he
do it man he was hurling yeah old school old school i don't know why point was about drinking piss so it's not that big a deal it's all in your head it's like eating roaches same thing it's all in your head like this bugs that we serve people on fear factor they didn't taste bad at all they barely taste like anything like spiders bunch of spiders we ate you know spiders are cousins of crabs lobsters and shit you know oyster dante's bad oysters
it is amazing that we eat oysters like ads pulling him out of the ocean you just open a mop and dislikes suck down this like slimy it is calling about in other words but as far as they did a whole lobster switch from being like like balance poor peoples food but i thought yeah it was it was yeah i have to change well it all happened when lobsters used to be like a bar food they to go to east river in the turn of the century i think it was like in the the 1800s and early 1900s and they would cast out for lobsters and catch a and feed him to people that were like hungry of bars and it was thought to we like garbage food somewhere along the line probably disapplied dwindled 'cause they overfished him who knows i don't know who you know i was reading this thing about diamonds the other day and how they managed to keep i'm in super valuable when they're not really rare anymore it was fascinating that they recognize it coming and the diamond production up until
the time they discover these mines in south africa i think it was diamond production was very smallest few pounds here and then all of a sudden they just hit the mother lode they it sounds so many diamonds they realize oh my god diamonds are just weird like they're not valuable so they form this giant group the debeers group and they said which is horrid all these fucking diamonds contr all the diamond mining we decide that they are still valuable so they don't release him but they keep mining and so they have way more die and they sell like the amount of diamonds diamonds they sell and then die these are worth a fuck load of money so they're rare right this but they sell 'em all the time but they sell 'em as if they are rare couldn't be rare if they were that rare you wouldn't be selling so many of 'em a comedy have they essentially have an unlimited supply of diamonds but they're making it out like diamonds are so rare it's so rare that we found this time in like bitch you got a lot of him you got warehouses full of 'em it's kind of like
the sunglasses and glasses industry are all owned like all then known like ray bans oakley's they're all owned by one company said they'd so like glasses shouldn't be that expensive or sunglass should be the expert is a lot of sunglass companies too and they are all owned by the same company if you sure if you look it up there's a company do that how many how many different it's got to be competitive same thing you are yeah i was on a tv show like i liked that they were a whole big break down big video of the whole thing a look at but i and what's weird is that like companies held out like oakley was like now who you know we're not going to add you know we're gonna at our would have what happened is like the store was like no we don't want to carry this brand because they won't they're not a part of our company and then they just ended up buying oakley and then raising the price like ray bands used to be cheap glasses and then when they bought ray ban they pumped it up to like now no you can't buy arabian and like two hundred dollars you know yeah and what are they used to be there used to be just like
cheap glasses you know like like a ten dollars glasses or something like that turns out a single company control several of the outlets where you buy eyeglasses okay so they control the outlets but they own the yes and the other on the copy so they also own lens crafters they also own sunglass hut or any of the sunglass stores they own everything that's pretty slick right because how many people by the sun glasses unlike those sunglass huts swear a lot do you apply them write a statement to snow dot com the company said its sales account for only ten percent of the frame sold worldwide sshouldntsnopes dot com did however conclude that regardless of the actual figure much of adams ruins everything's assessment of luck sada is market dominance was accurate this that adam ruins everything show interesting show i love that guy yeah it's an interesting show it's
of the stuff that he gets on it is really really it's uh well measured take that some people disagree with but there was one that steven crowder just was mocking one and he had some really good points car dealership is my favorite episodes i had no idea about car dealerships it was about illegal immigration and he's talking about how the fence wouldn't help and the fence wouldn't because only i think it was like a certain percentage of the people that got into the country came into the country by foot there's something like only like six thousand and sixty percent came in by foot so the idea was like wait a minute see if you could find it this is interesting statistics because this means a lot of people came in by foot like yeah fence would definitely stop that like it
stop everything but by the own the definition the own show explored it would stop a large number of people you see it but it just change people video trying to find the numbers that sixty percent i don't know what the numbers are you go if you go to louder with crowder as website explains it in the the not just in the video but in the actual like description of the video it has the numbers so yeah wouldn't that sixty percent though like if there was a wall just fly got well i guess we have to fly now it's not that easy to fly though it's super hard fly the ideas is that it's really easy to walk across the idea that affair this would help but here's something even weirder pete dominic you know the pete dominic from the stand up with pete dominick i think radio show on sirius i think that's was is shows called forgive me if i'm wrong he he was saying the actual amount of mexicans that immigrate to the united states like the net amount another go back and forth who goes here was there it's zero it's like it's even i
the same amount go over there as come over here yeah but how do they know that yeah in place are all those people just killed like are people that go down there to smarter depends on where they're going right when you got there jamie he doesn't have anything he just has a three paragraphs of like his opinion of what the just talking about does it have anything with numbers has no numbers at all he explains it in if you like play the beginning of the clip it explains it in the clip it gets to it pretty quickly it's kind of interesting why don't you just play it it's kind of interesting 'cause it gets to the weird numbers of it pretty quick can play it's only brian and i can hear sorry fuckers already attacked what he says ok answers but generally speaking it's it's
would you do this is gonna beginning please come yeah thirty six okay they are is estimated that between twenty seven and forty percent of all undocumented immigrants in america here on the plains okay sir one eight of forty forty percent came here on a plane on planes goes on to say okay you got it that's all i wanted to hear so that's twenty seven to forty percent of the people came here on planes that means that between sixty and seventy three percent came here walking like how would you say the defense is not going to stop there in a car yes which will which even if we had a wall we mexicans still allowed to come to united states to go on vacation aren't sure and that's all they're going to do it's like they have one shot especially if i don't know how it works like how you can get a visa or how you don't get a visa to visit
there are some some countries are hard about mexico that united states say that hard but going to like philippines i can try to get a fifth pack i tried a member when i try to rescue a philippine won't woman but was killed by that tsunami to get her visa and it was like oh no you have to wait in line to get like six months you won't get approved that yeah they're not coming back to the philippines that's a lot of people from a lot of parts of the world if you're in a really really super poor part of the world and you get a shot at trying to just check it out here in the united states like fuck it i'll take a chance you get established if over here over long periods of time man yeah i guess you could just come over and visit pretty eazy i mean there's a road there they have to find a reason why you can't come over and visit video i saw recently these two kids people climbing the fence in it and then they they kind of stocks they notice they're caught on camera so they run and climb back over well they got backpacks on they look over at the camera
i kind of think i get a cell phone years here as a similar drug runners but i don't know that that's necessarily true because they have those backpacks so they climbed back over again it was that easy skip skip ahead but holy border patrol submit a board patrol season there so they're hanging out for a minute wow so then the united states right now they got walkie talkies dude all they see that don't know grab in no grub and yeah they're talking then the covering their face wow they go back wow it's so easy to climb that well yeah why fairies either click clock telling you how fast it takes like ten seconds there over holy shit those dudes are like they're like little acrobats to be able to have that kind of hand strength to pin down those things and climate like that that's pretty fucking impressive
so they just hold on to those things right wow that's interesting is that the newscaster catching them look at that pretty god oh she's she's very angry they are on the wrong side of the dirt wow yeah imagine here if you're on the wrong side of the dirt and looking at those nice people hanging around corpus christi partying it up you down here dodging bullets going fucking bull fights and shit it's fucking weird that we just decide that people are born in the wrong patch of dirt drives me crazy especially at the max i just love all my mexican friends and everything like that and the fact that like you know like trump just pisses me when it comes to that he's a strange man this thing is very strange i just have the crazy feeling that this is like the last gasps of this silly system it's going to take a few more election cycles
for completely impul implodes some disasters occurrences take place for someone comes up with an alternative method that people embrace it's gotta be something like it's not it's is not gonna keep going like this it can't you know this is why we're down to these two nobody wants that gig is going to be so how long until it's a computer program it's probably not the worst idea twenty years yeah you have a series that's just it is common sense eight eight eight looks up facts and figures and i tell you what the best answer is that that situation well not only that may be instead of you just sitting down and making one impulsive choices to who's going to be the leader of the free world maybe if you want to participate in choosing the next leader you have to interface with the system and then asked to talk to you about your wants and your needs and desires and they try find a solution that's mutually compatible with ethics and the desires of all the people that are attached to the system
so they run the desires of all the people that are attached to the system through some sort of ethics program where they try to think about what's important and what's an important and where people were just being bitches and where people are being lazy and where people are being too trolling and we're and just figure out you're out a way that you can concoct a system of government where nobody is profiting from being in charge and soon as people say they won't do that 'cause there's too many people that profit from being in charge and gigantic ways so it's too valuable to be in charge it's not something you get off on doing just 'cause you did a great job something you get off on doing 'cause you used it in a personal way to enrich your own bank account you've get out a way to use these weird laws that you set up to suck a bunch of money out of the system that's what we're getting over and over and over again that's just all that's that's that's the reason why they're doing in the first place nobody else wants that gig you have to be like
crazy person with uh an amazing view of yourself or i just gotta grab by the pussy gram box grab grab by the book ok where magically wins matches we have a president that talks about grabbing chicks by the pussy i just so sick of him i just keep on it though it's kind of if this is a simulation manner ended it good well it's coming down nice out of love see somebody i'd rather have connie than trump yeah he's going to win next year going to jesse ventura versus kanye they might team up together to connie smart and make jesse's running mate 'cause this is like spend a lot of time mexico make some sort of a joint agreement president kanye takes care of the heavy lifting and then vice president ventura he just wears his fanny pack and hangs around mexico and case needs me ask him on the phone 'cause he doesn't ever
phone we should try to get somebody elected like one of our friends like joey diaz or something like next next from that's not gonna work but it's almost coming down to that i mean the reason why kanye west really could be president is because this is kind of almost coming down to a popularity contest so it's it's almost coming down it doesn't necessarily have to be the person who could do the job best is the person who the people love the most who they convince themselves can do a good enough job or who the person can convince them that they'll do a good enough job it's not necessarily the best person for the job of popular person like if a guy kanye west and kanye and drake ran together for the children it might be they might win man kanye and jay z ran okay with nas run runs for isn't nazan jay z it's a joint ticket hey man i might fucking vote for them i might do that too now
is a smart dude jay z's a smart dude maybe they would come up with something that makes sense but then jay z did have that streaming music service that wasn't really good idea he still does definitely still do that people buy that stuff now title work didn't work trying to figure out how to get bought by somebody else probably right yeah i mean it's just trying to make a buck gotta take a chance but anyway at the end of the day there is a lot of fucking smart people that are super dealers my point if you can get really really popular like george clooney you tell me with george clooney and run for president couldn't win george clooney can be the president of this fucking country without a doubt ronald reagan even if exampled when now the doors open alec baldwin ok because after all that grab the pussy stuff all that crazy shit that alec baldwin did screaming people caught him faggots and shit no one is going to
then we're going to remember that anymore the daughter selfie staring at the daughter that was terrible but you know what he could say was drunk he apologized they have a great relationship now people forgive you you don't have to be perfect i think if we look for a person who is perfect to be president we're not going to have a president because there are no per for people but everybody's been lying so we have to readjust our curve are curves all fucked up because we've been dealing with bunch of politicians have been pretending to be someone who are they not been lying about everything they do they've been find out who's paying them to do this and who they're supporting where the money is coming from and why they do it an unspoken in arrangements that they had with certain people to pam large sums of money then i have to say i want you to do this it's understood that you're going to do things to support their interest because they data shit load of money to help you out and to pay you to come do these fucking speeches of these ridiculous plate nobody wants us nobody wants to see it fucking bill clinton speech who pan who's paying for that who's poo so excited about that who is going to pay enough money to justify a two hundred and fifty
one thousand dollars hillary clinton speech who is paying that who's paying that a crazy person you have to be we do this is going to be the shit we have tickets to kiss were going see kiss they have a reunion tour i know it's not the relates freely and it's not the real peter criss but the fucking show is awesome dude it's amazing and then right after that to top it off hill three claims in a speak now that's not something that she can be a very effective politician but to pay someone that much money to speak but you just make it an obvious you that's not what a normal super famous person gets they don't get two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to speak at a luncheon some comedians not that much close we've sell out madison square garden you know there's a difference like that's ticket sales like if bill purcells out madison square garden he's going to get a giant chunk of money going with that number is but it's probably a giant chunk of money right i'm sure we could ask dane cook
dane cook sold out madison square garden four times ok that's a giant chunk of money he must have made but he made it because people paid money to see like they want to see him entertain them are the bankers really doing that or they fucking psyched they have lighters up while she's talk i can like fuck yeah talk about deregulation woo fuck yeah hillary she's up there with a bite suit sound like a german shepherd's going to jump out of the back of a patty wagon and bite her legs and try to take her down so we're not boxy bite suit the fuck outta here this whole thing is ridiculous so it's so obvious these people are just there is run in this thing the way they've always been running this thing we're just getting to see it now we're getting to see it like really super clear we are real weird real weird to watch some scramble and re adjust and change and shift in mood
but if you want to be successful in the world that those people run in you got to be one of those people like that's why bernie sanders is shunned is bernie sanders with you agree with his politics or you disagree with his politics i agree with a lot of things he says he's an outsider they don't want that guy that guy's not going to play ball that guy is going to talk to people he's going to be reasonable he might be you know anti capitalist too extent to some people but ultimately what he does represent is something that's different than the way things are running now that they're not having that fuck that but he got close and anybody like him he's ever gotten ever so i think four more years of chaos whoever the fuck gets in you might want to go to canada for a little bit just hang out just go to vancouver and yeah who knows what the fuck
going to happen man i mean people are up in arms actually i've been watching exclusively fox news 'cause those are the people that think the least like me so i've been exclusively watching and occasionally i agree with them on many things but those are the people that i agree with the lease so it is fascinating watching them first of all the trump debate i thought is too i thought he's oh and two i thought hillary whooped him in the first one and i thought she we clearly outboxed him and out moved him in a second one he did la a devastating blow that you'd be in jail 'cause being jealous devastating that was like a total two point round has a nate round for sure he dropped or she got rocked referee saved her saved by the bell there but other than that i think she won i think she's just she's just better at that she's got better economy of words unlike me rambling she got she just says her senses more concisely
she's more measured in her approach she's more disciplined in her preparation in to say that she didn't win is it's not fair it's not true so i'm watching these people just like yeah well obviously donald trump was the winner of that debate i think all there can be no doubt there would be no doubt or you really serious is that where you guys are arguing it blows my fucking mind though like like how are you watching the same thing as at me and everything like that that was in the room with me agreed with me you know like how if you were in the room would we both sitting there like fighting there's terms that he uses that use only use very sparingly because they indicate that you're scrambling and one of those is and i'm going to be honest with you and i'll be honest with you yeah this is a shame i find this to be a shame like the that to me says he's in the moment he's in the moment but he's free ball in a little bit he's free ball and she's not doing that
she saying the america that we see in front of us is not perfect but it is the best that we can find in the world today and i'm proud to be an american and she says this stuff with the right inflection and weather not that i know if those mirrors the vocal crook and she's going to ruin this country i understand that but that's not what the debate is what the debate is some sort of a contest of words it's a battle of words it's a battle of ideas it's about of concepts about of words and personalities shortly he did everything wrong in that respect he's looming over her and it wasn't effective you know she she didn't take the bait she didn't she laughed and smiled when he said ridiculous shit even when he said be in jail she walked off and just stood there as if nothing had and like she had she had a great reaction to him so it's it's not whether or not she'd be a better president but if you want to judge a debate like a game of tac or checkers or you know or some such
thing that you're scoring you're scoring this thing i mean the people it's like a team you watch it on online sixty seven percent think mrs secretary of state clinton won the debate now that supporters feel differently and you go to these people and they're like i felt he was strong i felt like what he said in that one thing you go to so that really rang with me that we made sense a million you see all these people that i chose in that are kind of interesting or controversial or stupid or that one guy with the crazy sweater they had that poor bastard some poor faster with a giant red sweater and he stood out there and he said his name and so his name became like a meme that sweater became a meme that sweater sold out everywhere all over the world like instantly people going to be that guy for how long now yeah he's everywhere yeah these are really selling shirts good for him good for him and his whole but that's the seeds it's a fuckin it's a game and it's an entertaining show that's what these debates are
and it's a giant hustle and this is i'm i'm not saying is a conspiracy theory sort of away 'cause i think we're hustling ourselves we want this hustle this is a house so we all want to say we all want to pretend that he's gonna fix it but well over ten that she's gonna be amazing how we all want to pretend it's a it's of weird weird show it's a weird show and we're watching these people improvise right in front of us alex jones is response to it was very upsetting to me it was wonderful now jones it literally literally she's a demon from hell literally we've seen flies land on her head ladies and gentlemen we seen flies talked people who are on the safe he's fucking beat red sky purple red face thursday demons demons he was crying it's wonderful i love that guy the best i agree that that was the last horse up second he's taking it to the right place i think you just gone full parity just go i just did sir so crazy i think it's perfect that's part yeah just give people
just a little more than they can swallow whom choking back that he liked the iron meaning the crazy is making even like the serious conspiracy theories reconsider their position which i think is good which is also the best argument that he psyops and he's actually cia nsa undercover to discredit the entire truth or movement don't you understand i went down to row girls last night to tower seven rabbit holes i went down explanation tower seven rabbit hole which i found to be very plausible and then i went down the other rabbit hole which is actual scientists that are saying that nine hundred and eleven was absolutely a controlled demolition and it's really weird man is one of 'em the scientist guys who's giving this lecture if we get the gentleman's name he's a professor emeritus of some university which means he was a professor and then he retire
but they allow him to keep his title and keep his office in this dude's office rocker if he does these two hours speeches about tower seven you know about free call speed and thermite and all these different chemicals that were found in the wreckage and he just obsessed with idea echo apparently he's not the only one there's thousands of different at least i think it's like one thousand five hundred or something architects and engineers in that nine hundred and eleven truth thing that think that nine hundred and eleven either was an inside job or tower seven controlled demolition or both you know every day is a spectrum of belief systems that's involved in the nine eleven truth movement now some people think that the there's a lot of nuts the thing that planes didn't even really hit the towers that there were explosions and then that there's other people to think that towers were rigged and that they rigged these things like years
in advance and they remember seeing these maintenance people and they were like these nefarious maintenance people are setting up thermite bombs all throughout the beams of then there's this other video that shows how easily things we can under fire shows above this should collapsing under fire including a bridge it was more a bridge collapsed because of a fire underneath the bridge the steel and the bridge heated up too much and just couldn't support the weight and apparently what is explaining is that people think that steel melts at a certain temperature which is very true but it's significantly weekends way lower at a way lower temperature that melts so they were showing all these different things that that collapsed just fall down to just up just like that power seven did but it's fun to think that there is an evil genius that lives in a mountain that rigged all that shit and now he's laughing in a pile of money 'cause he got away with it fifty
years ago you know they open a walmart in burbank thank god and and i was excited and i decided i decided i hate mom and pop businesses and it just 'cause it's see people working for the cheap you know it's just nice but you go there thinking it's in burbank one of the suburban nicer areas of los angeles no way it's going to be the same people go to walmart in burbank then you know you see on the internet or no whatever it is it's like uh like flies on poop it was just filled with tits hanging out this womans bruises all over like kids with no shoes on like it was just where are all these people from they find it and that the conspiracies and all that crap it to me just it's that half the people on my facebook i just look at him like dude i should need we need to get chinese
assassin's of old people to come over here and make walmart big flytrap walmart and he just you know just say hey you tired to white people being pushed down yes i am will come on in this room we're organizing sing a bunch of different like social honey traps where people just fall in blow up all the walmart on black friday and then trump loses could you imagine if we got to a point where we had to start some people off like they just way too many people and there's no other way around in china we gotta call people the same way they want to call wolves and the greater you stone ecosystem what the fuck man is that possible is it possible we keep being right where at seven billion they project i think they project eight billion by two thousand and fifty i think that's what they said see if that's true there's a lot of middle states though
yeah we got a lot of room we just got it but we don't have the water right that we talked about this to d salinization it can't fill up those areas but don't you think that there's going to come a time if we survive save there no super volcanoes no asteroid impacts no plague no nuclear war if we avoid all that shit another water is going to rise we're going to move in we find the coast just be in a different spot it's not that big of a deal i mean it's a big deal obviously but it's not it's not a kill off the population big deal so if it keeps going and we keep the technology keeps getting better but we just keep keep making p bull we just keep doing it we keep the numbers keep rising and rising and right and then we get to be like thirty billion forty billion fifty billion we have real problems where we don't have enough food we don't have enough air we know enough space what are we going to do make food that's already a thing what about your stupid people stupid people
sure they can't say that 'cause that's what hitler wanted he had had some good ideas and some bad ideas no i mean there definitely a like like that but look this chinese thing that makes complete sense if they're killing off i think they're doing that yes there's too many people in china they can not have that many people so if they get rid of you know a certain age of people especially if they have mental issues like homeless people yeah but we we figured out that the united states has almost one hundred thousand right was it ninety something thousand to any given day dad said about ninety thousand any given year any given day let me give me one thousand sing not overall i see i see this is elderly no it's just people so this is different coding kids so that's way different are they talking about five hundred thousand elderly five in a thousand five hundred thousand elderly the only other killing them for sure right right for sure okay i know i mean they kill kids or they used to but the you know
yeah that's kind of what i'm saying right about populations if they get too high people aren't valuable anymore five hundred thousand elderly people go missing in china every year but that is eighty percent eighty percent of the missing people are i believe too dirty percent telling people do you think that's real do you think they're killing people or do you think people just get lost really i look at its eighty percent of eighty percent literally so yes i believe they're killing him or there's seventy two percent suffered some sort of memory impairment yeah but it might be a mental health issue but they might just not treat mentally ill but look at the numbers in that chart jamie scroll back up there look at that shit look at the difference between what is the earliest part of the chart one thousand nine hundred and sixty five population of people over sixty five yeah but one thousand nine hundred and sixty five to two thousand page thing jamie the bottom one thousand nine hundred and sixty five to twenty fifteen if you look at
the way runs up to twenty fifteen that's a spike man or at least a steep ramp and then they're saying that killing all people i know they're saying that out of those groups that are missing a large amount of 'em have been diagnosed already with like it illness like alzheimer's or something like that so they are already on the way out there saying so so they just play some they get rid of soil it yeah because it's costing them more money who and population it's taking up space imagine if we find out that there is a murder racket in china that kills five hundred thousand old sick people a year but imagine i mean right now we're just looking at a number but if we found out that is at absolutely what was going on i think by two thousand and thirty they're going to have more than four hundred million people over sixty there wow
jesus and they last longer the asians 'cause they eat so nice that's so so fat as a meme is going to be like a racist mean people are going to beat your ass isn't that funny but you said nothing but a good thing now he said good things but it's racial and so when it's racial people automatically get recreationally upset recrea outrage kicks in and i will call you a racist for saying that asian people last longer 'cause they eat well but you just said nice nice does a better way to say what the the my girlfriend is asian she's the most racist chinese people of all time and most asians hate chinese and you're like why you so racist against chinese people she's like other stupid and then you do then you research it and you're like maybe did you let her say these things in there my ex girlfriend the one that died in the train crash but
but but then you read all these things like like about this you're like holy shit what's going on in china it's picked up over there around maury will tell you what's going on are he's been there i know quite a few people that have been in china somebody just to take dates in china right now yeah he's doing some crossfit shit over there he's doing some stuff with the guy owns crossfit yeah china is a trip man apparently though there's something like fifteen new billionaires are created every day in china something insane like that here tate told me i should probably know these things before i say them out loud but you know it is folks how many new billionaires are created every day in china what do you say bryant fifty sure what does it say business insider says china gets a new billionaire every five days so not five
two day it's one every five days well that sounds more likely so that's a twenty month no one one every five days six month wait a minute when every five days there's seven days in a week there's four weeks in a month thirty about thirty days every month thirty thirty six so every so six six five hundred and thirty so every month they get a billion except for like february it's short months sixty every year how crazy is that so sixty year essentially five thousand and sixty year instead of five thousand and sixty a day that was only off by a factor of three hundred and sixty five let me see what dates maybe take lied to maine motherfucker it is a strange place though when we think about like that language can develop in two different places in completely different ways like you've got your leg wish that we have over here with our very specific sounds that sound like
english and then they get a little weirder when they go to in places like if you go to you know like germany or like those places that they have different sounds and they have that parts of the world where they have like different sort of sounds like that and then you got china which is got it so own kind of weird thing and then on top that ok here he says they have made hear each year forty nine millionaires made their each day of the year that's more impressive that's what it was set four hundred and nine millionaires made their each day an fifty million people living in shanghai that's the forty that's the fifty that's where i got confused fachman but their language like when you look at it written down like this is alien this is like alien language like we did the chinese was chinese you pass by chinatown you go they have uh yeah chinese language on the wall if you went into space
i found the chin on a rock in a cave somewhere you like oh my god it's alien language it's so much more sophisticated than ours look at the characters have can be deciphered we be looking at it like what is that these little characters strange characters and they all they have way more characters and we have letters way more 'cause each character is like a word like waterfalls exactly was it supposed to be on your arm are for chinese are for my last name when there's no such thing as an r in chinese you still there why waterfall yeah well wasn't a age in person that did it though right so why can i was white girl horse eighteen writing a bitch made up some shit on you
he drew on you and made up some shit she had a book that actually said like i said a and they showed the symbol b but it was just bullshit i guess so that made that book there laughing while they pushed it out the door me chinese me play joke i had a tattoo book it's racist racist do a chinese accent but you can do an english accent all day yeah strange right isn't it odd he can go hello and how bryan reichel and nobody fucking racist you racist piece of shit but if you call malka tao if you do that you're racist right that sounds racist you are being the way chinese people soundly evan unusual sound like you hear them talk it's like a very weird kind of fascinating i think it sounds cool but it's a strange sound in comparison into the english that were used to is it racist though i mean like i've told you
so how old mister brian well yeah puppy day if i just like i told you about this will make my girlfriend has to speak korean so i try to speak korean like i just try to make the noise is not anything races like i just try to make the noises and in like every couple you know like ten second like you just said said you know grasshopper you just said taco an it's weird and then like is this fake noises that sound like michael if you selected is doing that with her and you learn the language is to a condo i always is created data based on your head you can do it dude i have faith in you i've learned i've learned a few words i used to teach taekwondo in korean really count in korean no way do you still know yeah i think so i'll probably fuck it up it was like hana dual set net dot
snap fucked it up right it dose go do i'm not saying it very good either my instructor had a very strong accent it was hard sometimes to understand exactly how to say the words but like kicks would be in in in taekwondo kicks would be say i'm in korean like up chuggy i think up chucky was front kick doyle buggy is roundhouse kick is like a bunch of different yeah i don't remember all of them though i forgot a lot of a man i forgot a lot of it i learned how to say like i guess it means like gay or something like that but you say i did but you say it as like like like like that or something so like anne's hot right now no crean so so i okay so i embarrass my girlfriend like a bee in public and have no where i just turned me like he he just cracks good i guess it's like
really embarrassing nicky nicky yeah like like that the biscuits yeah i did all for the next week nikki so they went to seed limp biscuit they would start laugh and oh my god i can't believe is saying this is that yeah probably there is a weird i'm where like it's a very strange where a word from some other language means nothing over here like we say words and it means like something really fucked up over there i do certain words like ok here's a perfect example fannypack fannie mean vagina in england i have that app her fuck that happens simulation theory or fax for cigarettes they call cigarette a fag or a faggots you know like a bundle of know what that is man here's the thing there
there's a misconception about that the entomology i think that's the word of that word the word get is even miss miss spoke on the louis ck show they said that it was originally that the reason why they use that term for gay people is because it's a bundle of sticks and they would like the bundle of sticks on fire and so the reason why they call someone a faggot and the reason why it was so offensive is because that means that the to be lit on fire that's not true no that's not true and it would have taken long to research this the actual origin what it means is a bundle of would like burdensome woman a faggot is very difficult to carry because it's a bundle of wood in your it's very difficult to balance abundance it's cumbersome so a br turn some woman became a faggot so a guy who act like a woman burn some woman became a faggot it had nothing to do
with lighting anyone on fire and there's no evidence mean other than isolated hate cram crimes there's no evidence of a practice of lighting people on fire other war you know some horrible things that people have done with it conquered cities they've entire villages on fire and shit along those lines but for the most part open the salem witch trials like most people think that they let those people on fire most when were drowned that's what they did with most of 'em they were burning witches at the stake really but i did drowning fucking people but they didn't they didn't they they've done throughout history but it's not been something that they practiced on gay people to the point where that became the nickname because it was a bundle we're going to light him on fire but people love to reiterate that without looking to it and it's still it's still a roast word when you're applying it to homosexual person to sort of d hume guys them it's still gross term but that's not why
originally meant it meant of burdensome woman yeah i've never heard the fire but but i've always heard the wood and like if you talk to your gay friends it's it's okay if ok if they they backed it fourth you know be careful you do it around other dudes that are going to punch you gay dudes are dudes man hey make sure that i'm correct on i'm ninety nine percent sure am but the etymology of the word faget in pertains to a burdensome woman as it pertains that's those things it just gets sort of repeated as an urban myth or is a you know it's it's weird it's weird how many different fucking slurs there are for people you know it almost in some ways be better if there's just one and we use it universally but would yours be i like for every
like it's too it's too hard to call morons like moron is always good i talked to say here jimmy no make that a little bigger the word faggot has been used in english since the late 16th century and is abusive term for women particularly old women in in reference to homosexuality may derive from this a female as email terms are often used with reference to homosexual effeminate men to turn it down what does it say the application of a term to woman is possibly shortening the term faggot gatherer applied 19th century people i'm going to milo that from now on especially older women who made a meager living by gathering and selling firewood interesting also the sense of something awkward to be carried okay that's where it is so
compared to the use of the word baggage ok that makes sense as a bit sort of turn for old people in general so awkward to carry ok yeah so that's essentially yet so that's where it came from that camp caring men to women not comparing men to something that they light on fire so when people say that it's just not true doesn't excuse people for slurs but we shouldn't i you know and that's the problem with something sounds so good you want to repeat it over and over again but it's not true like yeah it's terrible to slur people yes you're right but we should be honest about the origin of word you know that's not honest but it's something is repeated a lot and people don't look into it at all they just want to say it 'cause it sounds awesome and when you say it well the reason why it's so offensive it because at one point in time that's what they used to describe a bundle of wood so when you jizz in your friends you think you're funny you think you're casually calling each other faggots ok call each other the other f word
how long before faggot becomes the other f word is it already happened yeah yeah is only happened i think so right riders on the storm don't get him too do anything you want to add for you rap this bitch up be with you press ontario october twenty powerful anti real improv that's a fun place man good that's a good spot we're super lucky in california that we have i heard the oxnard one is the yeah me too it's a new one but like i think in the end just the improv chan alone you've got oxnard you've got brea you've got irvine you've got on terrio all those back badass places to work all within a couple hours drive i mean if you're like a southern california comic the improv are the shit i love it we're lucky we're fucking super again we didn't even mention hollywood yeah i mean there's the big and hollywood which is one of the oldest and best clubs in the world i mean how would a strong chain you know
that's uh i work those fucking clubs all the time man i'm always there the it's a it's amazing when you stop and think about it like what are the fucking city has that many major clubs that close like that dude we're so lucky yeah but ontario is awesome george perez is awesome too i love working with george he's fucking hilarious and he's such a good person so great dude man i love that guy and we have fun we have fun shows because they like you know you get this like cool good death squad mix with mexican audience and is it just works eight like great it's a great good time live batman he's fun and he's fun i should do some shows you guys yeah i love it and have fun which do some some i want to get some his crowd see what that's like yeah it's a party it's a party he's a fun guy he was a fun guy to do a podcast with man so smart dude alright um that's it you fuckers will be back tomorrow an inch
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