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#867 - Joey Diaz

2016-10-31 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now” -- https://www.youtube.com/madflavorsworld
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Friends, hi December 30th, I be with the great Joey Diaz and Tony mother foreigners groove, and we will be at the or theater in downtown LOS Angeles welcoming the year two one thousand and seventeen damn that's crazy. There was just a few years ago we thought it was going to be over we December 21st, two thousand and twelve, and it might have been folks. This might be a whole error. We might be sit around cocky thinking. We made it whose bullshit nothing happened. Maybe some did happen. Folks, sparking a project right now, phone orders- maybe some happen. We SAM realized happen maybe like when his story
things look back on December, 21st, two thousand and twelve logo. This is where it all started to ramp. Somewhere around two thousand and thirteen as we started getting crazy, and that makes sense right God. Damn is river. That makes sense 'cause December 21st, pretty close to December third first ten fucking days. Maybe something happened, maybe we just been aware of it yet folks, but I got gotta tell you thing as we're moving into two thousand and seventeen were working on some shit Jamie and I put in some shit together. Jamie's been fucking around virtual reality. We're going to wind up, doing virtual reality, podcasts for sure right for sure it's one hundred percent one day that technology is going to be there. Is it there yet
Not quite is not people, we might do a supplemental podcast one day as a goof, Somebody done one already. Has anyone. The virtual reality podcast in Duncan. Do it and do it last week, yeah is it still available. Can you streaming online anywhere? You can watch it. You can watch it on his Youtube channel, I think, or on the alt space Youtube Channel. Maybe it's available to see, but then it's not right. You're, not you can't rewatch it in VR. I don't want that's why I was asking want immediately? When I got my list, I wanna watch Duncans thing: oh, that's kinda wack, but one day they will be able to huh it's going to happen folks anyway. Until then,. We move onward this episode gas and all of them are brought to you by on it, that's onniti in could
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So you this. So the theme is magic and you have until the 19th at nine PM, Pacific to Pacific to subscribe for November's crate and when it's over it's over no more crates after the 19th to go to lootcrate dot com forward. Slash Rogan and enter my name rogaine to save three dollars off, so go to loot, crate dot com forward, Slash Rogan and enter the code Rogan to save three dollars off any new subscription today got down to talk too much, so it starts for Podcast Joey Diaz is here folks enough said my favorite all time comedian, one of my favorite all time people he's made me laugh harder than just pretty much. I have a lot of really funny friends and then there's Joey give it up for Joey Diaz the Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day.
Yeah. It makes me sad. It makes me sad if you tell me that you hear: people saying anything bad about Gabriel. I keys the he's that guy, like that, when I think about people like there's a few comics, that everybody loves RON White's one of them, if you say bad, about RON when I get points in them up. I can't talk to you even agents like love RON White, like he changed their lives. If you start talking shit about RON White, I mean to say to you like: there's no way, there's no way it less. He was like really draw, I can see runway fun. Wife told his story to pee and Anthony was like fucking fifty seven years old. He got in a fist fight some, some bar, because some woman was taking a picture with him and the boyfriend didn't like it. So the boyfriend was drunk came over to on one punch him in the face. He now has to have like us to bring cop with him everywhere. He goes that's right. He got, he brings it couple of the track. He told me he brings it competent he's. Gotta hire cops, make sure he doesn't punch people or
Don't punch him he's the best guy with a good dude, picking up this coffin comedy central to come down and showcase at the Irvine Improv, and I had to be spotless clean for ten minutes and I got down and I really worked on it, and I just all the way, some stuff, and then they called me this again, not in it and I ok, they go. You make the cut next year, so I call Gabriel and thank them eagles. What are you talking about? You're? Not in it, give me five minutes and he calls because you're doing it it tape it ok, so the whole time I'm, I'm thinking. I'm doing this seven minute tv set the day of the taping. He pulled me home and he goes listen. You can't crazy tonight I go, but I've been working on this material because I don't give a fuck because I we go crazy, 'cause I'm going to pay for the show, because I'm paying for out of my pocket if it makes cut. It makes the kind of not is for me because I just wanted to make he paid for the episode that gets shot dad. They only got picked up for six, they shot seven because he wanted me to go off wow
so at the end the whole day, I'm thinking I'm going down that sad. That get down he's like not on. Are you doing fucking dirty shit? and because I planned it this way, because I don't give a fuck what they tell you he does. I want you to work this way for a reason. I brought it down here for a reason. He goes. This case is that you make the dvd You follow me like he was, I thought, like he fought for me to yeah work dirty and they've got me on comedy central while, since the feeling I always get from him to see the this seems like a real good guy, you know I I've never heard anybody say a bad word about Gabriel ever well. Listen to comics that know this, and you know this the more you help out younger comics, the better it is for you. You learn you. Younger guys, and you learn little things short. I go to the Columbia store. I see a younger comics seats up on stage or Because of that reason, like I say
what are you doing next Tuesday, you wanted the ice house and whatever just because something they do. You know, but it's also good for you. You did it for us. You helped us out it made you strong. Iconic. You know anybody knows that helping other as along way, is great, Gabriel Ride. Six deep. You think you need to six deep six, deep go see Gabriel Saint guys spanish songs and mexican band, because he'll put you up yeah, he doesn't care you gotta to make a living come on down. That's beautiful, there's, no, a whole lot of guys like that. No maybe they'd be suspect that you're funnier than them we're going to try this none other yeah come on down. What do you want to eat? You know can't worry not that worries worried about that you can. The fun is then working with the best guys, the fun the fun is in in, and also seeing all these different stages like
take a young guy on the road with you or when you see a young guy, do a really good set of the store. You recognize like those moments where, when you were young- and you would just starting figure, your material out you just starting to figure out like how to really get to the heart of the matter quicker or what? What's actually funny about this, like? What's clouding my judgment, where I can figure out how to get this funny, but occasionally the spark shine through and you have a killer bit and like everybody knows like a young guy who, in the early months we have like one bit when you see that bit ago, this mother fucker is funny like he's saying some shit like you might not have it right now with this mother funny and when you see someone who's got. That makes you like really aware of that whole process. You know the whole process of just getting your legs under you as a comic and doing it, and you know, and when you're around people who are also doing that like it feeds off of it, like you,
stay hungry like deep into your career, just biking, to create material and continuing to be around guys who are hungry and when you're doing that, like one is going on in our little group. That is that, so it's so dynamic is it. Everybody is hustling. Everybody is on a podcast everybody's, doing their stand up, everybody's recording, specials everybody's, doing tours everybody doing shit, there's a lot going on and it's all new stuff. You know, like ARI, the new one is doing in Austin if you're in Austin Texas next weekend, yep. If he's doing his special at CAP City Comedy Club in Austin, which is one of the best clubs on the planet, and I don't think it's sold. I think there's a little bit of tickets left, but I'll be gone soon, but his new shit he's on fire. This is this. Is the time to see him in are is never been better. He's never been better he's crazy.
He's crazy- that vision. Fucking, that's beautiful! That's why I love him. 'cause he's great. I can't judge him. I just sit there. Listen to the conversation. I always ask me walking around New York with us you know it, I got to go. Free is he genuinely doesn't give a fuck? I don't give a fuck. He he became like the don't, give a fuck scale He became like the new metric of like not giving a fuck like these to build except there's levels of giving a fuck, you know like you and I can't claim that we don't give a fuck the way he does 'cause we have families. Arisha fear is free. If arts, if just got a discectomy he would give. Even less of a that would be like the last straw of fuck that he has left in his body. He's a barbarian. You know what show killed me love it. You know what show like fucked with me when I did Tony Hinchcliffe show on Monday nights, the really good punk as
Is it the slower, the one where he till Tony yet killed Johnny? Oh when you watching the one minute people go, I went down at one night and I didn't it wasn't about the material. It was about anything with a look at their eyes yeah. I remembered that look in your eye pro when you don't have dinner in yeah yeah and your cars got honey and your job so books, and here you are swinging. I left there. I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I went back to. Ninety four, when I used to go back to my room and cry and write one clubs out of the performance someday I'll be good to be at the punchline Did he write that down there, I'm gonna be there yeah. We get that San Francisco newspaper just the last and at the end, the just for laughs, the last three pages they had a comedy guide from Alaska or all the way to Wyoming of all the comedy club listings. Whether there will one night is not. I just sit there and shark alumina notebook and do a line of coke and cause trouble someday I'll, be at the fucking Rusty Crowe. You know, but that's why,
I went to Tony Hinchcliffe show that there was. You know whenever my email was that movie, what rocky movie they take back to the train and three when they walked in all the black dudes, had veins in their eyes and shit like that year. What up? I couldn't give a fucking biscotti and he's like this man, all these guys rock to you to be you. Yes, this used to be you look at their eyes. Rob almost ten was a rocky three. Was it Jamie James on an already high? So too, he fights APOLLO again and three fights bust, all typing Clubber Lang, I'm sorry, woman You may not know hot, but you still there, a real man was, it bring your pretty little stuff on my apartment tonight and I'll show you a real man that was at a rocky take it anymore? I was a great fucking movie. Eighty two yeah t was one of the most terrifying fuckin villains ever in a boxing movie
grogan. Do you remember the doorman challenge that day how he became famous. No ok. Mr T yeah him and a bunch other dudes on NBC. There was a show by the doorman bounces and they did something and that's how he was noticed, something weird. There was a show about the toughest bouncer's for awhile six episodes, and he who is the main one bouncers doormen one thousand nine hundred and eighty it was like wild world of sports type thing. Hey go back to that for a second Jamie to that club blank footage. The training footage. How under the impression that, like I remember thinking that he really look good as a boxer, but I'm watch him shadow box there and I'm like what now will so this is my sister alone- has a gift of throwing like small patches, really looks good. Why you watching it? I love not. When Mickey was looking at the bubbles and he's getting mad
the the eight, if you like, let it go, keep going. It'll show him shadow boxing, which sometimes people. Don't look that good when a shadow boxing, because they're just trying to loosen the body up, there's a bunch of different like right there. That does not like that. Guy actually knows how to punch, but you know it looks like a lot of swinging. You know it's not. Those aren't punches. So, like a lot, our move, moments. We gotta mean haircut at that time. It's one thousand nine hundred and eighty to know what to expect is a thing with, but with shadow boxing, like some people think that shadow boxing should just be a loosening up thing: they just do it loose and they let their other shoulders go loose and they try to work on their snap and try to move around, but then there's some people that think you should treat it almost as if it's a fight like if you're simulating a fight like Jamie. Look, this up Joseph
vault, Alini, shadowboxing, he's glory. Kickboxing champ and he put out this video yo of how he shadow boxes and he she little boxes like he's in a fight. He doesn't. Get it, and it is time off for a warm up for something like that. What he does is he fights like a pretend opponent as per interesting, because a lot of guys of do it. That way like not not to this extent, like You know guys when you're sad boxing, a lot of it is just kind of loosing around you. Do it on your own pace, you're working on your own shit, but what he does. This is kind of more like he treats it like a different kind of a workout Justin Fortune, those down at the gym to the second look at it as like a calorie burner in the beginning. Really that just I mean, if you do it correctly, he says you should break a big, sweat or something yeah. If you do it correctly, which I don't know I'm just well, it's a lot of people think it's like visualization, they think might be as important as anything else like everything is important. You know it's important
in shape it's important to be strong in support of experience in supporting to have really good technique, but it's also important to visualize there's something about carving. Pathways in the brain and obviously, if you're a neuroscientist- and you listen to this- like- oh my god, this idiot does know what the fuck he's talking about, but there's something about carving pathways. This is now there's a there's, a different vin number or do you like comedy? He is a dream shadow boxing he's throwing kicks and punches and knees and backing up in. Do you ever feel this would stand that? Make you see yourself onstage killing. I tried and I can't do it like as the realization, no, I don't think it works with stand up. I think, would I think, what would stand up. The key is doing it. I gotta do agree. 'cause I tried. I talked Tarifa fucked me up and I couldn't come to focus like the visualizations yeah like I couldn't see myself on stage like walking out and seeing like people who I could see myself,
my god. I can't do that. Should here's just for me Firstly, here's. Why would try? I would try not to think like that, because, if I I visualize myself doing something doing it really. Well, I would, I would think of, I wouldn't think of the thing I was doing anymore now then I'm thinking of like the accolades or the position. It is or look you're on a big stage and look you know you're at this place, and Massey Hall in Toronto or something you know some historic venue like and then one day I was there like. That seems like you think more about about success, then what would success really is is like if you're doing something you try to do it, do it the best you can not the the reaction that it get it's so fun, concentrating on the reaction. Like I'm concentrating on going up there and killing. I would have to be realizing doing a show? So I have
a casual Ising people laughing. I can't I've tried, I can't do it. I've sat there like at the gym track the cool. Often said. Well, maybe I've seen myself killing for special or whatever I didn't see. Any of that shit doesn't make sense, though, that if you think of yourself is killing your thinking of other people laughing yeah, I couldn't do about your suit being up thinking about yourself. Then right see if you're visualizing, skiing, you're thinking about skiing, right, you're, thinking about talking or singing doing your moves and the correct way you get them Mount speed in the most amount of controls. You headed down this hill right you're, not thinking about other people, not thinking about other people's response to each one of those things you do like. If every time you did a curve- and you didn't get a laugh and he built with the fuck- I thought I was skiing good. You know if you tell a joke. Well, you get a laugh right, but you don't want to think about that. Laugh don't want to visualize a laugh. You want to pretend that people are laughing at you and I actually find out what's funny and have other people tell you for you, but you kind of know,
but you don't really know until you do in front of them right so to visualize. That is really weird. 'cause you're visualizing two different mindsets, so you're not in this zone, actually being there you're visualizing artificial laughter mean I guess you could visualize this state that you feel in when you're killing, when you really relaxed on stage and you're having a good time and everything is fun, I could visualize that state. That makes sense. I can't do that either, but I think even that state you could only like visualize isn't showing I shouldn't say only. Maybe I could only do it in chunks. I think I just I think it's better to just concentrate is doing it. Yeah never never worked for me. So I wonder if you ever did or anything now stand by, but that I just I also think would stand up like he could do a lot of sets and stuff. But I don't know if you should concentrate on it
as much as concentrating on just life itself and finding things that you think are funny and interesting. You know, because sometimes you concentrate just and stand up too much. He almost like narrows your focus, so you think it's so much about stand up. You're! Not thinking about to talk about on stage because you're, not really thinking about it, you you're you're, you know obsessed with some tour day. Details are some do you know some thing that might be an offer? That's on the table. What do you think I should do it? You know like instead of thinking about that kind of shit you just like I only have a certain amount of resources that your brain has available and it's when you can stop thinking about like if you can just push any career ideas completely out of your head and just
just as a person and then go and do stuff, if you can figure out how to shut that off and go and do stuff. For me, at least it gives me like more ideas. I get more ideas that way, and I guess I feed my curiosity too, but you didn't feel, like I feed my curiosity in an honest way. Instead of thinking about which is reading things that I would think would be funny on stage or reading stuff that, I think, would be fun to talk about in a podcast. Just look at it. It's interesting. You know damn where I make sense on a one to ten right now, cooking up there I got stoned this morning. I stopped at the weed store on the way up in a little half readable to get the party started. My sis, inside we're about a month away from legal weed. That's it, but I have to go down for people like me, because the edible count is going on ten milligrams. I already got the warnings before the size of
that there goes, there will be meetings that guy goes for you to nine hundred milligrams. Again, you'll have to even be slow did. You will be fucking stuffed with Gelatin ten milligrams of stock yeah. No, no there's some shit going around. I am so doing that Cbd B did a one to one. That's good, Oh, not bad! At night, this God, damn Jambo breath spray. This this whatever milligram this medison from God, this one's one thousand a what a spray the whole bottles of one thousand taste it. If you fucked face to take the top off the listen. Should ship is really no one has been opened this summer I take the c b d off from a company and then the external, it's a thousand milligrams C B deal when you get back, it's you it right. Doesn't this is the one that just by bite when you get outta shower you like what happened?
the who has so it's just Cbd. Oil is the you know they make it with marijuana. Yes, no islands, dermal Lee well that goes back that goes in the system, will be better that one that one that I'm taking this for children put on thc in it, but this would have such a high concert trade of Cbd, oil yeah, but the other thing they make it with something else that he goes put that under your tongue. One or two drops your big guy right when you get home from Jujitsu and then take a shower not too bad Joe Rogan. Let's try this stuff here, stuff of it, some of its that taste like Dick, some of it taste like fucking, guava juice. Does these people do with guava juice Jesus cry? not meant badminton, my committee. It is actually a nice little breath spray. Another two shots picked and did too many sprays. One of these once before, a SAM Harris, Podcast and SAM was talking crazy shit about
someone intelligence and all this other. You know every time I talk to that. Liza Neuroscientists, very, very subtle. Yeah, you know is right and yeah I was. I was barbecued when I was talking to on like bar I'd totally overestimate our underestimated. The sprays I had no idea, like I thought, like little couple pumps, is like probably a pot lollipop, you know. No, I'm not I'm it must've been hundreds, a milligram seed day under your fucking tongue, like that yeah a goes quick sixty seconds you're on a and mixing the planes. Welcome making weird noises that light, on fire. Now was androids a hit them it's going to change the world when it becomes legal folks, and it's not going to change the world for the worst. It's going to change it for the better. It's going to make people paranoid as fuck it's going to make people nicer really. Is that paranoid as fuck thing? That's good! You say dick. I do that's how I live. I don't say Dick. I don't know nobody. I don't there's some days, I don't even fucking shave I'll.
The house, in that they don't know It's tremendous to live that way. I'll say nothing! I don't bother nobody I'm going to Starbucks! I don't hear nothing. I don't know nothing time for reflection, yeah. That's it that's all it is I don't get high when I got a digit, so I still can't work that up yet that's too real Funcall Joey toes that's too real! For me. Somebody gets me a deep after some fucking history I used to get high before never really know how to fuck. You guys do that. I candy and I used to take giant. Bong hits giant bomb hits and then we would roll yeah. I have a panic at that yeah. We would go into class and solution it's on top, you stuff like that, and he would teach like that. He would teach like that. Blitzkrieg seats like a Jedi yeah, he teach tremendous master you your dude unconscious, well for him for his style of the key he's like you know, Eddie,
he's got a very interesting style notch just of Jujitsu Jitsu, but of explaining his Jiu Jitsu. You know it explaining all the moves in all the different positions and his like. Oh there's, uh presentation that he's doing it's like art form K. Somebody Broadway, you come about comedian friends, he's doing something completely fucking different on the this side, because every place you show up to do comedy as one fucking deal with that. So at least crisis at least he's got little solely with any of these three four people 'cause even the little towns they get. The video I'm going to Matt and they do all that shit by themselves watching a fucking videos they've. Only when I went to Omaha people came in like from Idaho MA, there's a tenth planet in Omaha, that's great, but people who don't want to make the people were telling me they get like cow, which is in Jujitsu on our couches matches, nuts, like their fucking crazy. So if little town doesn't have it any spread and now like his students, are winning fucking tournaments
Ebi is an Ebi's game. The best thing to ever have went to submission grappling 'cause, it made it excitingly. Finally about rules and let you know that, but when I'm reading Jujitsu magazine and they're saying that fucking they're going to take there gonna start using ebi rules and shit he eyes Eddie. Bravo X, yeah, yeah, that's he'll, tell Sun and did it and here's how beautiful areas, it is want money for them using it, I'm pretty sure he's like yeah. I just want those rules to be established as the best rules. Just give me credit called the e b. I rules and you can use them. Smart way to do it, he just want to spread Ju Jitsu in the right way and you know I don't think, there's anything wrong with having a non api rules of any either. You know like if somebody wants to do like what Metamoris is doing and have these long bouts and if they go to draw the n they go to draw the end. You know not on the podcast, I'm gonna break everything down. I just I just ibbf and
well, this anybody could essentially anybody could essentially start their own rules like Abu Dhabi. Where Eddie choked out oiler, they had a very interesting rules where the first period of the fight there was no points and encourage you to go for it right. So you try to submit someone within the first first half of the fight or take it real conservative, which is another approach, and you played super defense for the first half of the fight. Then in the second half of the fight could score points to score points for take down score points. For you know, guard passes Tom near submissions. Things like that, so I think their their logic was that if they just have no points in the beginning, it doesn't matter food mounts. You doesn't matter for. Guy takes your back. If you defend, if you trying to attack him and go after him, sometimes you'd worried. If I do get this guy might be so far behind a point, I'll, never catch up I'll give you just go for it, you fuck up and you bring up in a bad position. Then you defend that position and then you get back to your feet and then maybe the guy takes you
that's a sequence of events. If you're, counting takedowns and Your submissions, things like that can put you in his giant deficit. If the guys that good that you could do that, maybe you underestimated them and you'll never catch up to him. But I could find out if you just go for it. If you both go forward, you don't worry about points, so that was their idea. I think think, to promote more excitement, so people just go for in the beginning and then the idea, but the second half, is that once you're establishing who's, the better grappler when two guys roll and they're trying to kill each other, you you learn pretty quick, who's better and so then if no ones better, if it's just by a very, very, very slight edge. So, if you've gotten to the second half of the fight, you you both you're, both in a neutral position, but you both attack, both defended and no one had any sort of an upper hand. Those last few minutes is what's really going to count. 'cause, that's the few minutes where your determination in training camp showed up your ability to adjust your
We need to overcome, like all those things really do determine who's best. So Having that towards the end of the fight, that makes sense, how long is Abu Dhabi? If I go the whole MAC, that's a good question. He's a two hundred and fifteen Zizza, two 10s, I'm I don't remember I'm thinking it's two 10s, but that's like a long time. Maybe it was less than that. Abu Dhabi submission grappling time limits 'cause. Is Eddie doing with Tbi. He does the first, how many minutes, I'm not sure I think it's like the first nine minutes or something like that. They just go at it and no points and if, if they make it into the final or they make it pass at time limit, then they go through the series of bad positions like one guy, starts on the other, guys back and he has over under and he already go and you start from there. So one guy's got your back and you have to defend it and if you can tap
him then he has an opportunity to try the same position and if you can tap you, I think it goes to who got who first, I think it like it's in the the amount of time it took to tap them solve, like that's. That's where the car petition would be tell it five minutes overtime. So qualifying rounds six minutes three minutes overtime for draw finals, eight minutes, four minutes overtime. If there's a draw with no advantage, so what it probably is is like four minutes in they start scoring the point yeah there. It is right there at the first four minutes without positive points, but negative points start from the beginning of the fight until the I think negative points are like when you draw guard when you pull guard. I think that was a negative point. I don't know if it still is, but I think, that's silly, because some guys, if they pull you into their guard, you're fucked like this like Vinny Lace or like
She Naoki that guys, this nasty fucking guard, if you're in his gardner in a terrible place. The church sponsored Vinny, Magalhaes de Magalys is ATB. Add my lover. His jujitsu is so fucking high level man. You know he he spent a lot of time fighting in MMA and because of the, fighting in the mma. I think a lot of people slept on his Jiu Jitsu. They forget what FINA me as he flying armbar barred, paid, Pano who's like this multiple time, brazilians go to world champion of Vinny Magalhaes hit about a flying armbar. Do you know what that's that is like pulling your deck out and slow? operate across the world champions face include literally how how powerful that movement when you say flying that's where I'll end check this out, look to see if you can find it lying in Maryland, he's huge too. He flew two hundred fucking thirty pounds and he hit some of the flying armbar and it's perfect. She's perfect, like this doe, there's no defending this guy that
This is this. Is Chris Weidman. He got Chris wide with it too yeah you can watch this to mean. Vinny did Chris Weidman with the same shit, Dude Vinnie's super world. Class. Now you gotta remember Chris Weidman two time time NCAA. All american wrestler like super fuckin grappler, and that's how good Vinny Megalex is. I mean Weidman and when he won the UFC. Let's see if you can find it in here, because this is a long match. Weidman, when he when he was The UFC Middle weight title from Anderson Silva was widely thought to be like one of the toughest best wrestlers best grapplers. It's ever fought in the middle weight. Division was a big strength of his is that he was just so nasty on the ground and so fucking strong
right God, exactly you see when a dude can do that to a Chris Weidman, that's what a bad mother Fucker Vinny Magalhaes! Is you just don't that doesn't happen so watch this again come on son. I mean he just took that at with this spectacular technique and he's a huge guy. And he looks like he's. At least you know what two or something like that to fifteen. I don't know in the UFC he fought Light Heavyweight right, cool five yeah if lost to Ryan Bader in the finals, member of the ultimate fighter, she's striking, you know he got better at striking, but that was what held him back. His Jiu Jitsu is off the fucking chain He did another state in the USA Right apple that got you caught in that guys guard you're fucked, like that's a bad position. I disagree with them like saying that pole,
and guard is a one point disadvantage so if he pulls God on new venom, Megala and how your and how you came here with nothing no might get out of it, but you're in danger. You're in severe danger, there's people their guard is more of a defensive position. Is people who the but the legs around you and what they're trying to do is just kind of hold on me too. I just breathe or yeah, maybe they're, taking their sweet time, they're going to breathe, are going to relax and then they're going to maybe try to explode back up to their feet or try Reverse you or try to stand up or something like that. But then there's guys like Vinnie they're trying to your arm and it's immediately was going to go to it's going to go to rubber guard, I mean Vinny has like really fucking ridiculous. It's when it comes to submissions meanies. Just super technical and a big guy like that, so a rare combination. I give you a call, not that guys guard you're. You know you're not favored, to get out of it.
Ash of you underestimated it. Like that's another thing about guards. If you train, with a guy who's like an Eddie, Bravo or his guards, his ultra dangerous. If you don't and with a guy like that, maybe the guys in your gym- they're, not scary from their back so you don't worry about it. Maybe you're a wrestler, maybe be good defense. You feel, like you know what I see that shit coming. Nobody gets me my gym and they probably don't have the same level of guard. There's some guys out there that have this ridiculously reform, find level of guard remember Paul Sass no cigar find the UFC. He won almost every fighter thing. You want one by he'll hook he he'll hook, Michael Johnson Who is going to be fighting? Never leave, never got off the Paul asked triangle the fuck out of everybody I mean, triangle the fuck out of everybody. Nobody could get away from his triangle. It was this crazy thing. If this kid would grab ahold, you eat pull guard. He would get
is creep his legs up over your shoulder and before you know it, you were choking yourself to sleep. Is it was incredible, he. I don't remember how many fights he won by triangle, but it was so ridiculous. 'cause everybody knew it and he would go out there and he would do it and everybody is like just stay the fuck away from his triangle? Just stay the fuck away from his triangle. Next thing, you know he's getting he's on his back: and you're, like it's a terror people position to be in an if a guy's legs are like really good at doing those movements your legs are so strong, there's so much stronger than your arms, though thing that we lack is not strength. Its dexterity Wilson, guys figure that dexterity thing out and when you have these highly cool guys, you see if you that was when we won by leg, lock here, but look how good he is dude like when he when he gets guys into a position where they think that they're, safe.
It's all. This is another leg lock to look at that. Oh this is nasty shit man, but this is my point. Is that There are guys that are super super dangerous off their back. It shouldn't be the negative point: Michael Asthma is not thrown. A punch has not thrown a punch, so even if you just mess with him yeah he got tore up. Here I mean this is a bad position, get rid of pulse they get the US economy thinks. So I don't remember I mean you didn't win all his fights he's a tough, tough guy but man, his submissions were awesome to watch and he fucked a lot of guys up off. His back another? This is an ma. Where is actually how damn that's nasty in the top right there and this is a MA where you can get punched, in Abu Dhabi. You can't even get punched, so you can get much deeper into position to not worry about worry about, being vulnerable to strikes so guys like Gary Tonon
like one of the best the world right now he's for known for his leg, locks any tax office back all the time. So to think that that guy gets negative point because he's attacking off his back to me. So, let's as Looney. If he gets a hold of you and your in his guard, your we're going to Uni ripped apart. It's guys at an e ripper. I mean for all the Donna her desk one, that's why they call themselves. John Donna, hi dude he's got like one hundred knee rippers over there. Just get super technical leg, lock guys. Where is the they're all doing it? You know primarily off their back. But in MMA Twin, more dangerous mma guys can punch. I don't sweet shit told you once I told you given makes me nervous, gives me anxiety. Are you well as guys shows up for Jujitsu class wrestling shoes on no there's, always a guy like that. No no! There is a guy in my place and you don't want to fuck with him off say something about his wrestling shoes. He don't speak the language,
like from Bulgaria. Oh yeah yeah one minute year in his garden. Next use your swinging around the and the others like a sambo guy yeah. I'm one hundred two hundred pounds heavier. Here's to those guys are terrified normal. Like the first day he came in to visit all your hair with Bubba boom yeah. He didn't really know like he just is a great guy yeah. He thought he was still in Fucking Kamala Reese over there. Well, he was fucked there are probably great guys hard training will guys. His buddies of Bluebell always takes the time to teach me some great guys. He didn't mean it, but he just has the strength of dead, fucking mules, skinny guys from Russia. Whatever has will little color bead neighborhoods Jimmy those mother fuckers been you know they don't pick up weights. They pick up trees and shit like that, and they know how to handle off balance and stuff yeah. It's a really beautiful thing to see. I want stayed one day after as I was getting dressed and he was teaching like the high about
like they were flying yeah sambo guys, especially there's you know, there's two types of combat sambo, which is like what fade or used to fight in you see that where they put head gear on and they have Judo Jack in MMA gloves and they beat the fuck out of each other dude. That's that's one ensemble. That's more of you know. It's it's kind of a hybrid, it's almost like the Juno jacket, we're fucking Juno Jack in shorts, on the The guys the world Series of fighting heavyweight champion, I forget his name, but he's a russian gentleman he's a guy who Ign of is that his name God damn it, but he's the first try to beat fade, or in a long time he beat him in combat sambo. Before fate. Or wind up losing in MMA, yeah, Ivanoff blog blood go a. I have a van off blood boil of on off is a tough, tough guy,
but he beat fade or in that combat sambo stuff where they had the Jew jacket on shit and I think it was before fade or was you know, went on that losing streak now combat is when obviously you show up with fucking swords and shit? No, they just they just It's just mma, it's mma with a judo jacket on now. What call each that's a good question what does Kris Herzog is big time, sambo that his guy comes over in the seminars in Rochester, and I would have to look at bat or the other. I don't know I don't know I mean I'm sure, there's a bunch of I mean I'm not I'm not that well versed in in sombo, but there's two and styles assembling a lot of times. People confuse it. Two of 'em, like one time, was watching a fight and they would talk about this guys sambo background and the car commentator was saying that he didn't think that in sambo there were strikes so probably won't be as comfortable with getting hit because he's a sambo guy, but he would
I didn't realize is he actually came from that combat sambol background, which is the fade or background, which is where they would have these fights? Have you ever seen? It see pull up com? about SAM, because it's kind of wild. It's weird looking like this high level mma, but they have judo jackets on and head gear, and there kicking the shit out of each other and punching the shit out of each other. I it is mma, but there's also gray going to in their aided by the the thing. Yeah, this is is weird looking right and they got a fucking jacket on and they're doing, MMA I doesn't totally make sense, no cage. You know look at that. Oh shit, son, oh my god! Those are three hundred and sixty yes yeah. So you know that's yeah, no cage! I like a lot. I've been saying this lately. I think this is stupid. I think cages are stupid. I think if we have a
floor, that's big enough to have a basketball game. You have a floor. That's big enough for to do to fight fuck, come on, you put down some mats, no more walls. This push each other up against the wall is stupid unless you're fighting some hallway while, but you go outside out in the woods, yeah crazy, kids, they did in Russia, man, they had a fucking mma fight in a football field goal with the fuck. Are you talking about in the way in today? You dropping some knowledge on me about in gym with how the fucking movie with the black dudes. What's that movie that, with the kid came on here, Billy Corben did oh dogfight yeah, then we turn on my dog fighting and you talk about some germ
so you save for a podcast. This is what I was telling you like. Do you know what happened with Conor, Mcgregor and Nate? Dee is with the bottle. They threw water bottles and plastic water bottles they gave more someone might have thrown a monster, energy can did someone throw can can if I'm hit you or someone you care about that would suck the water bottles are come on anyway. They got find one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and. You should definitely shouldn't fucking, throw water bottles right. So part of me is like well if they could just Courage throwing water balls that shit stupid right, but but did the altercation the altercations, probably good, for business. The altercation I mean I get excited, I see Nate. Economy Gregor screaming at each other. You know fuck, you fuck, you fuck, you like you get crazy with each other. It makes you excited and I think that generates payperview buys, I don't think Connor stupid. I don't think Nate stupid. I think they're smart,
I think they know what they're doing when it comes to that kind of stuff. So it's a part of the show. I mean: do you really who's going to hit him with that water bottle? You know fucking, Nate Diaz is hard to him with a punch. How the fuck are you going to hit him with a water bottle? That's coming from three hundred feet away, he's not going to see that he's not going to move out of the way of that water bottle. You know I mean what they decide to get upset about and what they don't decide to get upset about it. What's weird about athletic commissions, you know like one of the things they were talking about, whether or not they were going to test Nate for his vape pen. Then 'cause he had a Cbd, vape pen, which is dvd, not even not even psychoactive. It doesn't make you high, but it does alleviate need some information. It provides people that have like you know back pain or something like that or after a long fight. I do with a little relief. We what's crazy is.
The only reason why they would want you to not do it. Obviously, it's not performance enhancing you're not performing anymore, their performance is over. So are they protecting you from your cell, like. What are they doing? They don't want you to do it, because you're flaunting the fact that you're doing in front of everybody how they pay some after the c deal the staff to smoking that I think you've already done is post files saying I think you do that before you do the the press conference. I think I don't know, though good question good, not entirely sure, and they might do it differently differently in different places, but either way not concerned about him like what do you? What what's the issue like? What is the issue? It just looks bad. Does it look bad he's the dead vapors coming out a scare dragons, the Cbd, oil business so not the roof that I'm sure it did, and it should and it sure route and wait and wait till it becomes legal or a month away when it be
legal? That's really going to go nuts, it's going to be good for everybody, but anyway, so they get fucking pissed at him. For that, but the the Conor, the fine was so high and like one hundred and fifty thousand dollars wow, we saw the Who made forty million next time change amount and they will fucking know that's true. One hundred, you know even the other kid made two three male half of that after taxes. One point: five one. Fifty don't really put a dent in your fucking thing. Next time you won't grow. Fucking bottles that is a given less. They would bowling unless they both went to Dana's Elizabeth. This jacked up that things will look to see at one of the set up. Ufc pick up the tab for the three hundred because it came out of your and for the pay per views at something there's always one. Fifty is not that bad they walked. Away when it under loot, it's good, pose, got to be some type of repercussion, one hundred and fifty
and they could fight again in November right. Listen, I got caught without a license. One thousand and fifteen years ago, in la first time ever was talking on the phone. I got pulled out guns with your license. It didn't work that day I went down to La County. I stood in front of a judge by pop pop. The guy look me straight in the face soon as you could pay two hundred and come back with. Your license will give me five hundred and fifty. I don't want to see you again. What do you think I did? I gave you two hundred game, five or game five hundred and fifty and in time I got my now with a grant in my head. Yeah. Sometimes you pay a little extra, then let you fight November Ernotte earn next time, and now you could mac up that one. Fifty you're earning at least they're not suspended for fucking a year yeah. That's true here is my thought, but I don't think a hundred Fifty is bad. If you got a good charity for it, the same
the charity yeah instead of their joint to an athletic department, and what I mean, I'm sure you have nice partments department somewhere, maybe a girl, soccer team, or something like that for that there you go. That's like a good thing, but kind of one thousand into their pocket is what pisses you off. Well, it's they decide to go, get mad at and what they don't decide to get mad at 'cause. This is a thing that I found. Do you know did you watch when Floyd Mayweather was doing? I believe it was for Showtime. They were, doing one of those behind the scenes things at his gym and he has what he calls doghouse fights and Let me just say that this kind of thing has been going on in gyms forever, right, they've always, Jim Wars and people have even set up, and this was a thing that I'm pretty became illegal in California fairly recently within the last decade. They stop allow people to have what they call smokers and would have
poker is they have organized fights, but there's not really like a lot of medical on hand. They really gets paid, nobody gets paid, but it gives people. Valuable experience? They used to have a lot of them and move it. I like I go to them. Cool. They would set up like these little plastic lawn chairs. You pay a small amount of money. You know, like thirty bucks or something like that, and you go and you Watch all these amateur fights and a lot of times. Kids are pretty fucking, talented and it's fun to watch but so they've always had organized gym fights so uh. Actually what Floyd Mayweather did was have his own like in how how's Jim fights amateur fights like they didn't even disguise the fact that it was a competition like they weren't trying to they weren't true in this bar, like these guys, are having fights. And he's talking about how it's to the death, it's really crazy, then he has these guys. One guy gets beat up and he's hot.
Jaseem Rock bonds, brother or son. Seem Rockmont son, I believe see if you, if you can google who the gentleman was comments, are saying it was his brother, but I was just a car, okay, his brother, maybe it's his brother. That makes more sense because Hasim Rock mine is not that old. To have a kid. That's that you know like that developed cuz. He looks like he's like in his twenties. Maybe s anyway, point being so. This english guy beats up Hasim rock bonds, one brother and then the mom comes back with the bigger brother and the english guy fights him to all. In the same day and they're fighting like these thirty minute rounds. This could crazy. Is there a winner and a loser? They put it on tv, yeah dude, there's. Definitely whatever losers their that money. Sorry, the question was: is that greatest?
I don't think there is. I mean they might be. I mean Floyd might reward them or something like that. But I mean it's: it's crazy shit and I in one way yeah this will develop, develop character and I don't VOA a problem with people doing whatever they decide to do so. We want to fight a thirty minute fight. I don't have a problem you know, jurors, you know you can you should be able to do if you want to they've been doing this since she's left Chicago The thing is some Boston when you were brown bone. Clearly with your buddies, you did this, but but the thing is I'm not a promoter in LAS Vegas right, that's a big difference. It's a big difference and I'm not a professional fighter on television. I'm not so you know, I'm not and I'm not necessarily saying, there's anything wrong with what he did, because it is a part of gym. Culture is a part of what's made, champions. I mean this kind of stuff these this he these heated battles is a very uncomfortable reality that elite fighters, like Floyd Mayweather face like to be that good. You have
to be that real and for I like him to show like these kind of crazy thirty minute, no time limit fights in the gym and put it on tv. It's pretty wild. Is in, and I see both sides of it. I totally see Floyd made with a side of it. Look at a meeting feeds off that, but guess what that meant AL She is why that mother Fucker was forty nine in oh right that mother Fucker is arguably the best boxer ever who who got hurt less than Floyd Mayweather who box peoples face off that everybody thought was. And kill him better than Floyd Mayweather Memo he Maidana my Donna and he found the first time and my donik caught him in one of the exchanges like right before the Bell rang we like whoa and then they but again the second time, and he just put a clinic on my Donna just put a clinic on him. Is like all the sudden my donna was fighting a totally different guy like Floyd had fish about my Dona style or decided not to fuck
around this fight and decided. You know to really take him seriously. I'm really focus on him and he just beat his ass. Right. If genius, alot thanks, hung, agree with a lot of this shitty dozen. You know but Listen man soccer motion, games off the church off the charts, his promotion games, the greatest of all time he's, probably more monies made me laugh at night. Sometimes I watch this show he's made me laugh and it's that show you watch, because you don't really like the dude, but you and I mean you know so I said I would love him. I bet you love. I would love he's a psycho and I want to slightly three times on my you know what the proof is in the mother, fucking pudding, exact. That's it exactly was in the sing. Let him do whatever the fuck. You want you, don't you don't get a guy like that. Unless he's a guy like that, you don't get that forty nine and unless he's that kind of dude, but I think he handles it as good as any fucking human being that could be in that position handles it. It's a crazy mission to begin to be a young guy be worth that much money and you're no
means money. Mayweather I mean who the fuck names himself money. I mean he's hilarious, hang on nothing wrong with you. If you talk shit and back it, do you have anymore at this point, my life? You know what I'm reading right now buddy of mine, give with me Hollywood Henderson. Are you old enough for that Hollywood? Have his number Dallas cowboy? That was the real deal. You understand me then don't even make them like that. No more showed up rookie day I'll, give you the article with three it's acid, a gram of blow right here, the thousand oaks the The offseason would rent the hotel and hang out with prior at the comedy store, while and the sun was the lab with pointer sisters, this was before Rick James and before they played the Denver Broncos is claim to fame. He went on national tv and took an orange crush with the Denver Broncos drink. Then so then he fucking crushed it with the juice in it with one hand and super bowl. He intercepted the score is aligned back and then he just
and blew up the ball with big fucking. You know he talk, shit, people Hayden they them. He talk, shit, yeah, ugh, game day he showed up and they threw because he put fucking two fingers up during a game, the owner of the cowboys. So I'm at that time two fingers! You can't do two fingers illusion on Tv Nash, tv in Hollywood, Henderson, the camera came over and watch watching he advertised the towel. Good show. If you need these towels and they would like to receive his company. The next Hey Tom Landry find Hollywood Henderson and after that it was all over. He was fucking crack and bazookas, but
he won the lottery in Texas. He won. The lottery became a born again Christian, oh my goodness. Oh there's, nothing would ever say was my mother, Fucker dog wow, that's a fun story yeah, I mean I just want to be clear, but all that stuff that I was saying about the Floyd Mayweather thing. I just think that athletic commissions you know like when they find people and when they get mad at people for stuff. It's sometimes they do it in a very heavy handed way, and I think it's kind of obscene like what with Vanderlei Silva, I think, is obscene. You know that story. They banned vandalay for life, he he ran away from a test which he definitely shouldn't have done. Definitely shouldn't have done. But if he was on something they shouldn't have been on, suspend if you caught him for that, something like suspend
for maybe an extra six months, 'cause he's a day because he ran away from you, but you can same for life. You cannot take away in there to do. You know what was it wasn't that isolated incident. Only vandalay was the only isolated incident. Yeah vandalay wasn't as positive before now no vandalay is never tested positive before ever now. There I mean it's not saying he hasn't done anything like in in pride. You know ensign anyway, when he's on here he was talking about his broad can't guide. Active. He said it was an Eve Edwards. At the same thing, it said in capital letters we do not test for steroids. They give you a syringe on the house and shit yeah, so I mean it's not saying that he didn't do him ever, but he never Vanderlei, never tested positive. Has no soul. He had no reason to suspect him. Then you know if you they fall the sniff test. You know, but
You got no easy, there's no proof, I mean again, that's the only argument. Weatherproof are not proof right, it's not whether or not you think he was guilty outside of something. I thought I had like good stories about hiding from probation offices and shit. This is this, is this is actual ensigns, that's contract a bomb there. Here's is performance. Enhancing stimulants of steroid based family are specifically excluded from the scope of the test. They just right have at it boys and gals to share. Awesome. I had everybody's one probation over some bold used to fuck with me, so I had to hide from him from time to time. But I've heard some stories years after about some of the brazilian fighters and shit. What they've done with us Douglas down there, whatever the fuck it is then Jose. I will stop him at the airport in some happened where they got their fucking visas.
Return the something like that, the brazilians of notorious for fucking. With these people fucking with them Yeah support all their got, There was somebody else who had a problem: well, the guy came to all those Jim and didn't know who the guy was, and they did trust and you you got also. I mean also suspicions aside that people always have. When someone comes to you and says they're going to test you for steroids, and then you don't want to take that test. There's always going to be suspicion, but that's because you're guilty, but you have to take into consideration the posse Ellery that it was not communicated very well that you might be talking about two different languages and although those speaks a little bit of English, but not that much all the sudden he's meeting these people and he's in Brazil and he's very famous, so he doesn't know if he's being fucked with he didn't know. This is real if it's random, if they just show up, nobody warns you. So it's not like the UFC calls you up and says joes
how are you man, it's MIKE from the UFC? I just want to. Let you know that this guy was testing you right now for steroids is totally legit. Now they just show up dude they. Just well. They don't even want to present you with information. They don't want to present you with id jail. Sonnen was telling the story about how, when they tested him and how bizarre it was, did he say they pulled him into a bathroom or something like that to test him. Yeah like uh, like a janitors closet or something they tested him in the janitors closet and he's like what the fuck your draw on my blood and he's like in turned out actually be Usada. He goes, but it could easily been just some fucking crazy person who just one of my blood in my piss. You know I mean you, don't know it's not what happen with TIM Kennedy would have with him that they went over to his house. Listen, he came home from the gym, so yeah and the guy made him take. Now I don't know, I didn't read the whole thing they couldn't do the test for like an hour. For some reason. I don't know: I remember what the reason was.
Maybe the guy had to get the test brought over or something, and I went in the shower. So these guys I have to keep an irony, goes, a really will listen. He goes I'm going to take a shower. I just got done training and there's. Actually, if you especially you Would you jitsu? It's actually really important that you jump in the shower. You could you get scratches and those scratches on your body? You can get staff on those and staff lives in your nose and it lives in saliva lives in like when you're, when you're doing jitsu you're just awash in bacteria hold you shot a rep at gunpoint. What is this shit up in his driveway? When is this? Is in August? Oh, my god! demands to know who he is the little story on home holy shit. There is not the fuckers. Are coming over, like the Cubans t, If you ever drive down TIM Kennedy's block make sure he knows who the hell you are
oh my god, kill upon you can't do that shit. You can't pull up on my way to slowly pulling up to Kennedy's driveway and parking is Carly. Sada collected was greeted at the wrong end of a barrel. Whoa, oh, he demanded know. He was looks like Kennedy is cleaning up the streets as Usada tries to clean a professional mixed martial arts, wow. Wow, this is crazy, saying that he thought that you saw the rep might be a terrorist disguises, a urine collector wow, that's funny, yeah, that's a dangerous guy to sneak up on you, gotta be real, careful. That's not a guy, you wanna fucking he's you gotta be a little. I I don't Diaz, didn't let him in well, don't you know sleep in a lot of people. Don't like the idea of just being stopped like you have to always worry about that. That's again added element, the s.
Think of that you have to be stopped in the middle of your sleep. Someone can wake you seven hundred and thirty in the morning, Ding Dong and you have to give them blood and piss right there you have to. Deal so you've lost Lunam and I think so I think I think at the very These are tasty testing blood. I know Nevada I was doing urine to well still doing urine. But the more stringent tests, apparently are all blood based it. You know you have to give me a schedule where time is raining. All we got in trouble stuff that stop cowboy got in trouble. 'cause, they said were at your ranch. She goes well, I'm at the UFC and he's like you, to. Let us know where you go and it goes well done in the UFC. Tell you I'm going to be here. He's like this is I'm going like I'm promoting the UFC I'm here for the UFC. I got a fight coming up. That's why I'm there I did
tell you is, was going to be there, and so they have to like warn him and give him like you you're, a bad boy. ' 'cause we didn't know when were will send someone here. Mother, you know where is now yeah, but right yeah. He apparently he had to like give them his schedule, like no matter where you, where you're going I'm going to go fishing going to be on this river okay, we're going to show up come down. The river on a mountain bike and try to collect your password. Your blood, when you have no idea what life is when they get tracked. Second, the second like that, oh it must be hard to fuckin nightmare. What is this Jamie leave an app now so that they can check in you? In fact, it like really are easy. Oh my god, yes and phone? Oh, my, that's so crazy! That's so crazy, that's how far we we have to go to keep people from doing steroids can track track like a drug following with a drone with a
came to my house. I was a criminal had given up my right. That's it's so bizarre and they show up this one dude had it out for me, because I told you I put the the the Fuking Alka Seltzer with the pistol one time and I fuck them up, Now, there's little southern guy would come to me. He'd show up at my job show up, fucking everywhere, like twice, I gave him pissed. At least I got to talk to him. He said he wasn't a bad guy. He wasn't like not a heavy at all the one time I just wouldn't let him in and he filed me for a probation by but prove that wasn't that was at the airport yeah, it's when someone, I can't do it no more. I could check with someone that would put you in a weird position with that person.
Now! You have no idea this people who come out of prison. They put him in that situation and they failed to go right back to prison and I'll tell you. I never want to be in a halfway house situation again, yeah, because it's too you for it. You know it's not really, freedom, it's not really freedom! You know at that level of Jennifer weaning you off of freedom. That's why it's a halfway house rights! Ok, okay, I'm at the gym! I leave work. I got call call to say I'm heading over to ten planet apes, you! What's the address six hundred and two one and as I'm leaving there, let's say you go. Ok, we're going to go over across the street to get a protein shake and when you go over their place is closed. So you go next door or something like that. They can violate you for that hum yeah! It's stuffed! You know nobody!
it's working, but it's working and it makes you accountable yeah. It makes it the most important thing and you're definitely going to eliminate ninety something percent of the people. That would be willing to take a chance and take a steroid, but then there's always the possibility. The that there's people that are ahead of the curve you know like. We can't think that you know all those times when they had that clear stuff. When a Kante was using that stuff on his athletes that was undetectable, they would call to clear, and then they figure with a clear, was and now now you can test for it, but back then nobody had a test for it, but once once find tests for whatever the fuck people are using now the skirting around ten. So we're going to go all we thought those guys were clean is it going to be a certain percentage, what it was that percentage where it's ten percent there's always going eighty percent, that's trying something, there's always going to be a percent. That's willing,
try! Something is just out of all the people that we know are clean. If there's a hundred people, is it one guy that takes a chance and does something weird and then gets caught a few years later, when they figure out a test, for it might be very thick on Thi was taking. Is it differently I was gummy bears in the sixth inning yeah come yeah, They would be at your systems, in the sixth inning, no me as your question, I know you yeah, I'm not going to say yeah. I know James GO watch it lately. Jamie tell me the truth, as PETE rose being killed it lately. Tell me the truth. Jackie rosewood mean he been killing on national tv people baseball player. What's he doing he's doing like this out analyzing, but they got him. Alex Rodriguez, all my god. They killed, Joe Rogan you got. This is two thousand and sixteen p rose with a bow tie is PETE Rose, no matter. I've never been mad. Ipiros member PETE rose is one of my heroes. Dot yeah PETE rose with my heroes. I've never gotten mad at PETE rose Hume.
But in a way how they treat him, but he was a junkie and he was a piece of shit for awhile like him the gambling junkie. You know he was a piece of shit for awhile, but enough he's fucking PETE rose dog right, I'm telling you. I watched a show one night and I was dying. How funny is, It's like how crazy is and they're going to keep him around Fox. I hope they fucking do. Did you ever watch and Joe anything? that's classic how old is PETE rose now, 50s or 60s sixties. I just feel bad add that you know there was all all the speculation that he had done. Seventy five wow yeah there was all that speculation that he had gambled on his own team, but I don't think that
never show not listen. You have to assume. I went gambling, you do me a favor Jamie. Can you put up for Joe Rogan? Can you put up? Pete rose against RON Boone and the all star game This is when you had to show people at a bar. One that I got you youngsters never know. Pete rose is not. Let me just show you. A PETE Rose is Pieros tackles RON boom, but the beauty of this it's a no You never saw his German now Look at you you're beside yourself. Oh no, because I'm having allergies are shitty afternoon. Oboe. Look look at this look at this. Is this guy? How he played like this guy was an am chicken savage show right now he's a barbarian Charlie. So this is crazy. This is still the look at it. Oh my god, he just took him out and he tells him don't ever blah that fucking bass again cock sucker. Oh look at this shit.
Like he was the last of the real fucking Americans he fucked up, yet he bat I'ma Tampa is he wrecked that dude. He literally tackled him. Oh my god. Full clip shoulder down. Now he is, if you put on yelled at am. Let me tell you something: one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. I was ten years old and I went to see them at against the Cincinnati Reds. I was in my fucking haven, it was the fucking all star game, it was the National League Eastern Conference and he beat up but Harrells in his second. I left Look at this. I left there so fucking happy. I went there with my mom my step dad sitting behind Tony Perez's family. PETE Rose is beating up on Bud house and I left there with my fucking dick hard and that and I had the chickenpox I had the chickenpox. I went to that game with the fucking chicken pox. So here's my in t. Okay, how come
this can happen today? Okay, how I'm the guy can't run into the guy at home base. Today I would be. I spoke spanish three months. For that you will use the suspension was nothing right, not that- and that was one of the greatest look at that team right there. That's playing. That's a The greatest you'll never see anything like that going after it yeah that's New York City. This is fucking trim, oh, my goodness, is awesome water fight. Oh, why they cut it off what a terrible time to edit that was just. It was just getting good. Yeah Pieros gotten a bunch of his fights right. Fist fights he used to tackle you at second, but you know you played, the swap right. He played you know Cincinnati somebody would get hurt on Cincinnati, reds and bench would automatically go to first and plumber would play like a plumber was like fucking God, and he sat by you know is just a a minimal mean Goldberg get together. We talk, but the Cincinnati Reds 'cause. I grew up on, but at this point I think I don't
I thought about the Hall of Fame for PETE rose. I know he gambled on his own team, but if you know any, if you know any history, of gambling and professional sports. Guess what Joe Rogan there all loses. They all lose. A ton of money. Tons of money from arch leads. To fucking pee rose. There was another one that used to better. You know the arch leads that didn't get caught betting on himself, but he, he's known to fucking lose everything on professional gammon. These guys all called hi from downstairs only think they're, the only ones who did it is that what you're trying to tell me I have a br mother who is a fucking moron, but he's married to my sister and I know he's a dumb fuck and lose a gamble. I can't call him and say to him: listen Fucking Lakeshore, his ankles hurting tonight bet against them. You know whatever I can. Young Zion, I mean a lot of fucking people. Do it PETE rose as they hate him. He used to tell me fuck you when you play like that. What do you think you don't think your rest?
The life is telling people go fuck themselves. Who does that nineteen? Seventy three in an all star game doesn't mean anything. So the players didn't like him like that he he was against the fucking custom license day one then he went, he became a player so when he was Gammy himself, he was a player. Manage, is supposedly what's uh a player manager, but me and my gambling my mind. He been gambling the whole time. It name not say that he just he just started gambling on Monday evening and when the whole time, because in the 70s was little less frowned upon who you like, but I got this horse in the third Ravens and yeah, and one day that basketball Baton, that football bet becomes a baseball bat where people had bookies were really common common everybody had a book it's less common today yesterday, because everything done on computers and people could do stuff like that? But thirty?
years ago August the skinny guy would look at the bar. You went that's the book; they is. What do you wanna do you gave him cash after three or four five fucking see how weak seeks touch letting you bet on credit. What do you think worried about why they keep gambling like that illegal? Do you think they're worried we're just going to go crazy, just gamble all the money away, What are they worried about like? Why is it why why would you protect someone from gambling what you per trying to keep people prosperous by removing the threat the can't do it so because they can't do it a lot of people who fall into gambling won't because we're going to protect them from themselves, so that doesn't seem to make any sense. I think some states look upon it like when I was a kid. The reason why pirates did numbers in the city is because they gave me a ticket in the city in a family in Jersey. So wait a second Joey Woodall,
Those degenerate mother fuckers in the tristate area. What you're telling me is, if you got arrested for gambling in New York City in the 70s and 80s, you got a ticket. The cop said: what are we going I got a thousand of these mothers yeah pop in apartment buildings all over the place. If you want the Harlem in that seven. These are is all little bodegas and everybody took action whether it was numbers than X, the Brooklyn Numb, the Roosevelt number members five numbers that come out fuck in New York. Very, play. My grandmother got arrested. Yes, yes, one of the numbers you run numbers is something that you do in the neighborhood you, but I'm a part of you get except okay for years. Okay, everybody. Why? did I don't know about you once a month, let's bomb, even if I over exaggerate once a month. Somebody would pull me aside and go ahead. Man. You know anybody who wants sneakers. What do you got? Yeah? I got Congress. Ok, they usually go for twenty, for you are going to you for seven
You don't even ask you just know this stolen Using I'm not gonna embarrass you right! You come to my house, you, my friend, right show you come to my house, show I don't know. How you don't I. This is kind of embarrassing. My cousin, he under Lord, is having a sale on tv's. I know it's six hundred o'clock, it's a little late, but trinitrons there, four hundred brand new. I need one hundred there in a box of the warranty Christmas is coming. You have to ask him that stolen. That's a regular fucking day for a guy in Pitts Burg Connecticut. Is that more of an east coast thing where people come to with open van? open van, I'm talking, not people not strangers. I'm talking about Jamie. You know Jamie three. Four years and Jamies got a cut. Let's watch is right: he gets the best watch the world my lap, fifty two thousand dollars but Jamie, get into twenty two cash.
Twenty two thousand and twenty goes to the guy and Jamie gets two of the. Are you going to torture Jane? embarrassing. To get this? I'm not going to rest it? No, given that to grant and move on with your fucking life right is bad karma, no try stone goods. No, because my token car gets the insurance back from us and they get an even higher they get. They get the retail back, don't even get the wholesale. Certainly makes out now, if you take it off somebody's watching, put a gun to his head. Then you gotta bump into something bad right, the physical act of taking from persons to offer no matter which office involved, but you don't have nothing Somebody shows up at your doorstep, it's two weeks away from Christmas. What a surprise you have the Nintendo my son wants, or the Ps3 or the PS how much of those things brand new, how much three hundred your When I show up at your house for a buck and a quarter with three of them going to take all three of. Am I no thought he was a stereo but he's actually buying bricks. He got one of those.
Stereo, but a fucking half a moment, we stopped at the street I'm a guy named Jamal? I had a guy, I was buying pet food. I pulled into this parking spot. I got out and this dude literally open the van like he was going to take me in and fuck me like. I was like some little kid who's about to scoop up out of the woods it like. It was a molester and I'm like what what do you got these like stereos, one by stereo? I was like this is the weirdest he opened up the door like as people, park. The car and like was literally Lego, hey man. You want some of this like why you ask him for Would you do business one of those guys? This is most obvious shit ever you know just ran only trying to sell a stereo to the back of the van right. Now. What are these things that they do in whatever like people go when they have one of them called junkets? Here when I was a chunk, it's no! No I'm sorry the thing off the Fucking five, the yo we see in the movies and all the fucking, Friday. They all go to a place and they they they buy
stereos and raider hats. Swap meet want me, oh yeah. Well, in there navigate to swap meet in Jersey, they called they called market something right, yeah. That was a kid I used to go to where they used to do the bicycle whenever the street car races and next door to what they had whatever was called and you go. Yeah and they had pretty much shit that was stolen. It was just the festival They tried to table free because everything was fifty percent off, even the sneakers. I remember, and then we found out that the guy would go to fucking factory and jump over the fence and take over the sneakers. Our mistakes.
All right so the regulars they would take those and just sell him at those for Squale Market Swap meets, and then we found out we cut into his action. I sweated up. We cut into that action and the benaka action, but not those tubes are blocked best prank. They would throw thousands of amount with the little things like the chemical was off. You start blinking too much like the chemical build. Then it was better spray like real pepper spray, like people would spray it, and you see what happened. It's not regular benaka. What is that to you guys? It was like the tickets, spanish kid that was after Todd and we make him jump the fence and we have thousands of tubes and we'd song for zero dollars and fifty cents apiece on Monday, in the six in the seventh grade hilarious. But there was always three kids that complained that his little like the chemical imbalance result
yeah, there's like more shenanigans in the EAST coast seems like, but no you know cut into that sneak a business who Ross Ross as for last show all those companies that you go in the genes of twenty percent off, because there's a regular states. Now they became the died junkets for those. You know how you you have a friend that has a bit and then that bit is always connected to that, places like Ross dress for less is Sebastian. Why every time you go to sometimes I'll even go to Ross 'cause, I think it's a mean. That's like I can't see Ross dress for less Ross dress for less it doesn't matter. What is this mountain? The? When is off the shelf and fucking throws it down the aisle. That's a funny, but is one of those it just so hence in your head, if you think about Ross dress for less, I one of the there's got to be other bits like that. Right, like okay,
roller derbies or roller skating rinks. I take my daughter to a roller skating things little Party at a roller skating, rink every skates around. You know, I think about Bret Ernst. It. Is crazy roller skater bit over that bit about old dude? That was really good, that we go to the skating, rink and skate backwards. It's fuck solarium mean something new years in EAST coast. Did you ever go roller skating at one of those places on Sunday were Guidolin Cozen V, No, I missed a lot of stuff because Once I got into martial arts, I didn't want to do anything that would hurt me outside of martial arts 'cause. I don't want to get hurt, so I didn't ski they want to ride motorcycles. Didn't I didn't want to skate in roller skate. I didn't do it, I didn't I skate, I don't know how to ice skate. Fuck you I bowled. I
a bowling ball at this point in the game that wasn't, but I've got to the Bronx and bowl. I roll a skate. If I want like three times in the seventh grade, in my God: Paramus Paramus NJ and like a roller rink, and it was the one that bread has his talking, not really staying alive and yeah. He was looking up first, I was afraid I was petrified. He Brett would do this bit and he would do but with music and like it would flash the lights and shit and he would I don't want to give it away. I don't think it does it anymore, but if you haven't seen it go, find it if it's online somewhere, it's a larious I use to go to one and pronounced I took me were older than I was and for me it was due to skate around for them. It was to pick up checks, you follow me and they would get all dressed up and shit and they would roll around in a few, went up to a girl and asking to roller skate. That was the beginning of the relationship that type of shit. They please
disco music. I went like three times it wasn't for me, but the best thing a guy had a wig leaf now in the wake file like everybody's around them, and that was my highlight of the Fucking Roller skating rink, and then we went back to the rollers game. Well, when is you know that you just did you have a point in your life where you knew that you were going to be a comic? Did you ever? Did you ever like look back at moments like that? Whether by falls down his wig falls off and it's a fucking, your favorite part of the day? No, that's! That was the whole thing like you laugh your ass off. I love laughing yeah. I know you do I love laughing at the fucking most absurd, like when I saw a guy, get hit a snowball in New York City. I got a bus like when people throw snowballs at each other and I was in the back of the bus and this guy sat in the area where people get hit with snowballs and the window was open, and my does this for I was going to go ahead and never forget this. It was like beige of wolves
and also I'm sitting in the back of the bus, and this guys happy he's talking in italian well, but my mom on a he was like a fart or tourist. He is a tourist italian and it was just day after the storm in the EAST Coast it's sunny and that snows melting but kids are. I don't have school that promotional ball snowballs on Kennedy Boulevard and this guy gets on the bus doesn't close the window. Rule number one says you get this Kelly of Buzz. You close the fucking window, Jack 'cause, there's an area that it becomes Apocalypse now them when they to spears when they were on the lake and Austin and got really fucked up. They start getting hit with spears. That's how I would get hit with snowball, and I saw a gyro in the guy sitting down laughing and also you can hear them, and I hit him right. The fucking face and knocked them off the chair. He was, the aisle and he went to the middle. He got up. He kept saying stop by the bus, stop on the bus. And I'm fucking and with my little buddies in the back, you know she might
that you can write like like as a child, of the things you saw like the time I went to went, haunted House house. They take you to like code to bring in teen castle, haunted house me and a bunch of little white. Italian kids were crazy, but with nice people, but like three of us thought were bad and bad we didn't know is that my EAST Orange was coming along those black neighborhoods and they got off the bus and my walking behind like toy is I seen one of the kids just that way. On Dracula, got beat my dragon when you're one thousand three hundred and twelve, and you think, you're a bad mother fucker, but some dude beaten Dracul up in the brigantine castle. You can't write that shit like that will stay with me forever see that what the house till this day, I'm going to want to the houses, because some of these kids beat up Dracula and they will pull in the amount show road in thank checking to make sure it and the other goals are trying to help him this only happens in Jersey. You can't describe these animal experiences,
we're just talking about what happened at a raiders game yeah before we were. You were talking about this before the podcast, I'm glad you brought that up, but about the rate is coming to Vegas and you target. What happened recently, the Raiders Game Jamie with some guy, got beaten into a coma incredible. Well, this was in earlier this month October. I think it was in critical condition, after after a Ravens raiders game, thirty percent chance to survive and two guys got arrested, yeah this? Beat him up yeah. Do we know what the story was at? The time of this was written said those unclear why the altercation started. They just started fighting on their way out the game well, who knows then, who knows what happened that's case, but is too one but mean who even knows what happened. Who knows we're talking about the
inside these game from Vera. She came here with over. There was. This is at a pre season as a RAM Sam across to him just fans pearly fighting it's happened all all all the time and, like any stadiums, pick a stadium it can be fights there. Basically, oh my god. This is crazy. I just drag this guy that this other guy was beaten up. He dragged the guy over the top of the stairs and then he started beating him up. Oh my god, this is Chris. This is insane and there's no security where the fuck is security? Well, the preseason game with the rams there was no. This happened in something else happen, so I guess the rams didn't want to pay up and the city didn't want to pay up, but I guess the rams ended up having to pay up to put security at these games. Now a raiders games particularly violent, or is it all sports games? Well at this point who the fuck really right like there's a bunch of special couple Dodger Games and then I violent at all. It is completely Vincennes shit
Philly in the old days. I don't know about this new stadium now with all that in the old days that was get out of hell if he would have to fucking court downstairs, but over the last couple years, it's like they fuck people up you just not get into a push. Fighting two cops come in between it. It's like three guys beating up on yet these fucking events. You go in there with your for children to watch a football game do you know a guy. Try to two men get prison for Dodger Stadium Giants Fan, attacked Jesus Christ, pretty sure after I fight after baseball game, oh man, God it well. This guy was the one that they had a blood clot and they could find the killers. So they went to the tape. I mean they. Now it all the way down to the tickets for a stupid, fucking game. Listen, I can go to a they have a good time and yell and scream and get three beers, and also like oh yeah, I, like the giants, are like I'd cowboys and that's it yeah. But now it's like people come up to him punch in the fucking head. If you like somebody,
also your walk around the stadium that team lost and you have that shirt on. But if it this certain do certain teams have like a fan mentality. You know what to certain teams. Other sports with a doesn't Manchester United Jamie know some about soccer right. Don't they have like certain like rabid fan? Personnel are like that. Hooligans is that this man, you, I think it's a lot each team over there. There all have their like little sect. The club- and I just kinda Bob Brawl, I don't know, Does this happen in college football? Also at the stadiums. I never hear anything. They don't do it they just just this year. I think allow drinking in some stadiums in college about it up until maybe like a year or two ago, you weren't even allowed. I just went to game at Ohio Stadium. They should definitely not allow them to drink. You're only allowed to get like beer, maybe and so like there's no liquor and but that's just their yeah, but you still have the tale, games or roll yeah. That's where the damage is done for sure
but don't allow to keep the party rolling while they're up in the stands on it's not proper like half time yeah yeah yeah, it's not going to third quarter in some places years ago. I know it would giant stadium stop in the third quarter, art disk. And this morning was about their building the stadium right across from the Mandalay Bay like when they thinking ability- and I'm, like you, know, man a fucking Sunday to get outta here now. Let me ask you this: is there, a benefit to keeping like they say if they bought a team. That's for sale like the raiders, let's say the raiders. Is there a benefit keeping the name or is there a benefit? it's a start and it's going to be in LAS Vegas or benefit to changing. The name will be going to call him the LAS Vegas Raiders, but because of what people call today branding it's. The raiders they're going to keep the rain, no keep the black and silver in the hole. I mean Y chain
This whole mentality. Now there and fucking right now are there in Vegas. That's so crazy that they're going to be in Vegas and this is their stadium. Las Vegas Committee sends Raiders Stadium plan to governor. It looks insane I'll. Tell you what man I've never been to a live football game, not a big ass, crazy NFL game, but I could only imagine the energycap must be insane. It must be insane when you get one hundred thousand people screaming at the top of their lungs. When some shit goes down, it makes you wonder man what it would've been like to see. The car I'll, see him in Rome mean imagine what that must be like and with real blood. Realtor had gotten chopped swords and Shit Russell Crowe, Staten motherfuckas. It's like That is the same. We're looking at essentially the same progression from like PETE to today's baseball versus like gladiators till like some crazy football game. It's like it's just, there's just there's! No way. We want to slide back that sword. Fighting.
Again, this is no way why that would be the one thing like yeah. You can't do that one thing I noticed the last couple weeks: 'cause, you know during the Seattle, really sit and watch baseball. It's around the world series that I watch a game, some the other in the green room watching it now they even have like draw pieces. Zoppi staff tons of protection now I sure do you're a batter if you get hit with a ball. Yes, so if your batter your right hand, the batter your your helmet now comes down to here, so all you could see is the ball. That's weird soft, bought. Yes, somebody's jaw, Mister got broken so mad that I mean that they're looking to protect your PETE rose. Game. He was a fucking gladiator. Well I was a kid. I remember. That's when that guy Tony Tony Conigliaro is that his name, the guy, got hit with the ball who's going to get hit with a ball He was a big player in the Boston Red Sox. You got
get with the ball and was never the same again and say it wasn't a fucking. I was a baseball fan until I started martial arts so till I was like fourteen or fifteen an. I forget the story, but I remember thinking man. I did not know a baseball. Could fuck you up that bad. This guy was essentially net. Tony Kahn. We are oh yeah, that's it so he got hit with his baseball and he was just never the same again and he was a star player before he got hit and sort of never recovered was all fucked up afterwards, but I don't remember when he died, but I believe he died. Young nine, the miles an hour eight years an hour even faster, I mean some as of Roger Clemens, would throw his prime in the eight. Maybe one hundred you know this, the 70s right now so the eighties they still weren't. You know they were still throwing eighty
I mean might have been a little wrong. You know steroids, they want a lot of steroids, so at so you have to just still yeah still yeah you had to what we're going to say. Guy had closes for the cubs that pitches last night Chapman he's throwing like a hundred and two miles an hour. Basketball's, almost done that it was so fast. It breaks, bats and shit. That's hate. Your meat it should knee cap. That's the fact that it's your knee cap at that one it just it the is it what a crazy ability You know I mean you have ability to take a baseball, bat and Bassara baseball rather and just basically pelt something in the head. You could throw it like that guy could throw a base. Bought a dog and KO it like. If you wanted to. That kind of accuracy and speed
well. I think that might have been one of the reasons why human beings evolved like that our brains evolved. That was one of the considerations so they're trying to figure out like which what causes the brain to double our brain doubled over a period of two million years. Apparently it's it's just giant mystery and they don't know why there's a bunch of thoughts as to. Why did it people Eating more meat is started cooking their meat, they get it get the more accents to nutrients. But another weird one is the I think it might have something to do with the throwing arm. Then, when people figured out that they could pick stuff up and throw it at something that they started getting clever and that's when they started like devising new solutions to problems, and it gave him more access to food 'cause, they could kill animals better, so they were throwing rocks. Like squirrels and shit and eating them. So you mean to tell me it's on it's on. Our brain has doubled in size. Over a period of two million years, the human brain doubled, which you still take along minnows long time ago, yeah, but there's more information, yeah
yoga rocks back? Then it was during the time the human brain doubled. We were basically going from these. You know more primitive hominids to becoming a human being, and then there was a sort of a period where things move along at a fairly slow pace, but then all sudden something explodes over what seems like a long time, but two million years is not that long. In evolutionary terms, so some happened when we were some sort of monkey creature and during that time there was a change where we mutated in our brain, doubled in size, and we became way more sophisticated. Now. The fun shit is to think that that was aliens, the fun shit, think that aliens came down, and you know, put sperm in monkey or did some tests with you know, took one of the early primates and added in dna to it and dropped it back off and that's why the brain got so big, so quick, but we figure push it out. Man and the people that didn't figure it out. They didn't live. You know with
we figured out hi hi spaces. Keep you away from cats. You gotta climb up high. You gotta figure how to invent weapons. You get it like soft, like we, we didn't. We didn't get the fangs, we didn't the clause, but we got the crazy brain and we the crazy brain option over two million years, somehow or another, for whatever reason it grew. It's pretty. Nuts I mean think about it is every other animal on this fucking planet is basically like the there's some and animals like chimps and dolphins and some other advanced animals. You know that I think a real smart, like Octopus, when we're not exactly sure how their little brains work, but when it comes to doing the kind of shit that we can do to the planet which we fly, we change the temperature buildings. We project video. You know we we can film things in real time and then show them seconds later on this little tiny thing that slips right in your pocket, I mean we are.
We are on some weird complete different level than everything that existed in terms of, if maybe not are not our actual overall intelligence or ability to change our environment. The chain space around us there's nothing like us, man, that's who knows what the because that they don't know Transcanada thinks it's much. Games, things think says, it's called the stoned ape theory. He thinks he's ancient monkeys. Found some mushrooms, Adam and then wolves got in tune with the mother, Joey Diaz Todd. Trampling Kelly me to fuck along he's dead because of fuck is dead. Fucked. I'm talking about two One thousand and seven thing is one lesson: template acid anyway, we're talking about doubling of the human brain, how the fuck did we even get on to that who the fuck knows you just came out of it, I'm doing these
What the fuck! You can't scare me like this shit yeah. I do like eighteen sprays in a fucking two hundred and fifty milligram brownie and you gonna help me with these stories about the Marcus we're talking about pictures because TMZ, that's what happened more people want to the TMZ and they need fucking more space like when you got your computer after a month. You realize what the fuck I need more space I got porn. I got, UFC. I got you know pictures of the family You know we wanna hard drive space with these true brace very to pour you out of the cells. You know we'll get stronger, will get the bigger look at these kids and football, not a huge these kids at these animals, kids yeah. How may we will we're talking about the difference in baseball pitches quit the race? All players back then, were thrown, but was like a super fast Nolan Ryan, known, probably the Fuckin's, in the knees destroying heat since day, one that fucking.
And how fast you throw at the same time. Maybe ninety, but you figure you take a guy that pictures, Eighty five were good control. Ok! Well, I'm talking my good controllers. I can hit any other. Nine Elvis is every time I pitch right, not moving away is like six thousand and sixty feet. Sixty point six inches. Ok, so you take one of those guys on through what we have today. You know you put him with: what's the guy that we would think really highly of rich yeah MAR brand of it's? Ok, you put him like I'm running, which goddess strengthen those fucking, all those MA tools that they haven't figured out before. You know that that that quick, how long do those guys last Jamie Cool few years, but no one Ryan new acid along asked here, but he had to cut his focus, they had to take their surgeries and the whole never watch surgeries. I showed to have that type of you know, because it
not just your arm break hey, let's put it's not. It starts when you pick that fucking leg up when you pick that leg up the Energi that way. You know when your own time, not tonight, next time you smoke a joint late night. You know in some just look at and put up the ten best pictures and look the front front like in and how that front leg. Also foot controls that time. There's a picture now that pitches for Chicago that you sweat sitting there and you waiting for the boy The foxy don't what the fox he took, throw it already you're fucked angle, it's the leg angle. It still out. He drops elbow. It's that whole Basel technology in there. So there's a guy. I know there's dude with glasses, and I right not going. I got the training for this guy. Right or wrong yeah. Just you know the major league right now doesn't give a fuck about strengthening your arm on it. How can we take my guy from ninety eight to one hundred and four.
And have them be able to throw at one hundred and four twenty pictures. The most- and I just put him in every three games to just kill mother do. You understand me in the seventh inning: when you get momentum, incomes is gotta, throws won all four and he's throw it's not The pitch is he's gonna, throw twelve pictures and you're out because member the faster the ball comes in the faster the ball. Those out always remember that too, or if you live by the fucking sword, you die by that mother. Fucking saw it. And somebody hits a deep home run it's because he popped in a ninety eight, mother Fucker. That made a mistake and put it into low for this gorilla 'cause. That's all it determined it's just it's like a game of Engin. He just dropped it. It just dropped a little bit too much All of these fucking bank. Now, on the other side, you gotTa Marin
if it's that comes in and takes that guy. That batch two hundred and ninety keeps him healthy. Give some conditioning stuff out of sued the shoulder. What's the recovery, because the recovery in that game is the whole game, JO right. The recovery is the whole thing in this fucking, all those guys, two three years later, that's too much on that all those kinds of surgery. Well, the shoulders. A lot of muscles combined had to throw that particular look. How many muscles I have involved, especially if he come looking at yeah, try this on your own, and I had no flexibility. It's gotta, so at least or all the way, the fuck back nasan. As that leg drops look with. That arm has to come in perfect, perfect over the top and then down across and now the follow through is the most important yeah. It's gotta come in, it's a thing for it lit. If you throw a ball like a girl- and I don't mean like a girl- knows how through
a ball, but you don't talk about you. Throw a ball! Xpath! Stick like you as yeah people will never respect you, it's a real issue like you you could suck at a lot of stuff. You could suck at basketball how about this? You could suck at like throwing a free. Free throw and people laugh, ha ha ha ha. But if you throw the first pitch. And you throw that, like some uncoordinated spaz, if you just fuck it first pitch dark it off the ground, you're a loser like there's a there's, a harshness like people get it's like some schoolyard shit. You just said free, throw your mind me to set my I haven't heard anybody bring this up yet someone made Stevie, wonder, shoot a free throw and they have it on video to the nail it. No, he missed it well, obviously terribly, but I don't know why this movie- and you know I had to let him know we miss that they could all just played along- and this is I made it so much of the cost of the other guys to drop the ball right to the net
to give another shot. It's just says it over and over again, but oh, why don't they just let him figure it out where it is? If he keeps throwing it, how long do you think it would take before you figured out where it is? I don't know how he wouldn't even know. That's a fucking insult, it's terrible that they even did this as well. If there was no one in the room and you get let him use like echolocation location, we yelled hello with a beautiful voice- hello, maybe we figure out, you know, cuz Deaf, guys apparent your blind guys rather apparently can do that to a certain extent
They hear sound bounce off things. They know how far away things are, but how do you know where the net is? If I, if you put my waist right in front of it, if you go, the thing is fifteen feet right exactly from less right now, Stevie I'll be under the net. You just keep doing it to your head and fucking headed success. What's the concept of fifteen feet to a guy who is blind and Dion to think he lost ten feet in the air right ten feet near me? Yeah, that's yeah! How's it going! that out I just never throw anything before either, but that's not embarrassing mean especially is Stevie, wonder blind, but even if it was a regular guy that sucked at basketball and through a free throw it would be funny, be stupid but funny. But if you fucking Miss that first pitch, if they ask you hey. Joey. How he's going to be in town. You want to throw out the first pitch for the game. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I used to play a lot of baseball when I was a kid I'm fucking do that.
You go out there, I'll full of piss and vinegar You won't, even I wouldn't make sixty in feet right now, there's no way! Oh yeah, Gary Della Bhate from the stern show here he goes yeah! There's no way. I wouldn't make sixty feet right now here it goes, let's see what he does. Oh they're gonna they're, all talking about like it's an event, may be one of the worst ones over here, yeah yeah yeah. He throws it and they don't show you the actual here goes through it. Oh, my god. It didn't go anywhere near him. Yeah he completely missed to make it worse than it is, though 'cause it went all the way to the catcher right, but it's like this is a feet to the right. Yeah, it's pretty sure, practiced a little bit of yeah. You should think so. Yeah you get made fun of for sure, they've been making fun of him this week. There's a whole piece about this. But do you think
You said this is what happens when you get made fun of this is what happens when you throw like that and Adams until right? Oh for sure, you get made fun of yeah yeah. I thought you were saying that he missed because he gets made fun of like they've destroyed his confidence to the point where he can throw a baseball. I get it. It's a good point, though, to something about throwing out see they have the worst fit. First pitches ever yeah I'd be in that I'd been there for sure I can meet. You can throw a ball. I tried to the football couple of months ago. Horrific horrific horrific It's gone all this guys don't ever had in my shoulders is gone. I'm living on fucking smoke in my shoulders. There's nothing in there. I don't know how they're not hurting me there's nothing in there. Really. I don't think so. Did you get an MRI now? Let him know waste their fucking time. What can you not do with it? Can you put your arms overhead flexibility? You know my flexibile
is half way that I can't do flies anymore, that type of shit. You know the thing that helps me a lot now is the bat, the weighted bats You know when you taking in that guys, kettlebell classes the judges who school you go to Jojo, JO yeah yeah, to compensate kettle jitsu level jet yeah bad yeah. I've seen his instagram videos do. I went in there the other day, and I wanted to add a little early. They have class at twelve. I wasn't doing anything I want and eleven there's, usually some guys that I was messing around with some guy and my professor Alvarado was. Let me teach you something Joey, that's perfect for you and you stay with me for thirty minutes and we just work. This half guard, sweet. That was just tremendous Joe Rogan's, a simple shit for a fat dude, I'm saying when they teach that old man jujitsu, which is less movement and get the job done effectively, is a great do it, but he
we worked in off of at first. He goes joy, you're, going to have a problem with this. Let's get a cuttlebone work. It off a turkish cat it'll be a lot easier for you to develop the movement. It was basically boom, get the Underhook Randy ARM and just flip over. That was right, but he turns it very he's, a good man. So when you do Turkish get ups doesn't bother shoulder. I could do a Turkish get up to a point like for. I can't I can't get to a point where you can. You can get to the fifth part here the okay, okay, so you don't ever stand up all the way. Okay, see just hip up have have the a little from my hip. I do and still managed to be on the street. The show the address, with the little weighted. Bat is tremendous, but let me ask you this: is it the reason why you don't get up? Is it because of the weight or your shoulders? It's my weight and awaits the weight on the shoulders combined. Well, you know you do the model you know know know I could do the leg thing
and go from there? No, no, I'm good that! That's one thing, I'm good, but what I'm saying is with especially with the Turkish get up like people underestimate the benefit of doing it, with even no wait like you just doing it as a posture lying on your back straight in your I mop and is going through all the motions propping up on your elbow. You know going up on the hip, you know who's seen your hip hop lifting that one leg getting underneath you standing up straight and then fully standing straight with your extended. If you just go through that series of motions wedding cake, it would have been carrying a kettlebell. That is a professor of Ronald woman. He does, I would know, know, know Kettle bell. That's that's good that is a warm up. A warmup weight know mean people don't realize if you don't move your body around a lot like that, it's hard to move your body around, like you know, start doing recently that I haven't done it forever. Jumping rope, we're shopping, fucking, love it. Where have you gone far too yeah, it's hot five minutes is twenty minutes of jogging dude it's hard to do three min
it's a around. Like you know in, like I said, the boxing timer and I do three minutes- is fucking hard. It's hard! Wow! You like this ain't shit. You feel pretty good and then about thirty seconds and you like, oh, I got fucking concentrate here. I got make this and I'm feeling it in my feet started her and I'm like. Oh, this is one of those things. If you don't do it, you think it's easy and then once you do it you, Are you going to get in shape for this to like everything else, your body is not used to jumping around like that point doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing thing, but if you can do it, I would have to be tremendous for your footwork and you for your agility and your foot, strength and all the strength in in all those acting ligaments, because essentially, what you're doing is little tiny plyometrics. You know you jumping you're, not you're, not getting full. Standard explosion movements but you're getting these little jumping bounces, where you know you're you're with me, I'm one hundred and ninety six,
some within a hundred ninety six pound going going going going going on my feet, that's great for you, you know the the it it develops real strength in your feet. I got sore in weird places for like three weeks when I first are trying to ankle yeah. My ankle my calves got super tight. Like was really fucking up my kickboxing 'cause. I would try to kick and I'd be worried that, like my cat, was gonna lock up like it was like real sore like I, in a way that I thought I was hitting with like those hindu squats that I like to do. I think I thought that was hitting my camp setup. I guess not, there's no substitution for that. Little bouncing. You know where I got it from him. Lance Armstrong's, podcast, listen to Lance Armstrong's podcast, he talking about his son being as with that he's friends with Brett Farr Brett Farb came to his house in son plays football, so he asked his son. He goes hey. Do you skip rope like this? The first thing he asked him and he talked to some other guy who
also some big time football player, big time football coach rather and he's like the skip rope and the kids, and he said no, so you gotta skip rope and the same thing. Brett Farve said you gotta skip rope. Like there's something around jumping rope that for like footwork and movement, and so I said, aren't sir doing that and right away, I realize I dammit how come I haven't been doing this forever. I should have been doing this for ever since the road and everything I got a one was ever last one house, my daughter, I do a little baby ones and she left it out there. One then I go. Let me try this old school. I did like thirty two seconds. I thought I was gonna die. Did you rip your feet apart? No That's one thing: I got Caitlin Feet Dog. I got those cuban desert that african feet. They don't fuck around Jack,
listen level that is coming up. When I was a kid everybody, you talk to tell you how to jump rope. I used to jump rope at night with no weights, basketball, work hours, two thousand and thirty minutes of jumping rope, and then I would sit on the wall just sit to condition my thighs at two thousand and thirty minutes that was it yeah that Wall sit thing That was always big and crowded school yeah. I thought I was a big loss in the spine to the Wall Hatton straight ahead. If you could do it, you know EAST little by then they did horses and you did horses in class for SAM's club, because that would sit there and go twenty minutes. What I think it's probably better, run stairs, I'm a I'm on the run stairs. Are you really yeah welcome to? No, I. I have hills. You know near my house, you know those killed in my house, I I do some sprints up does on occasion fairly rare, but though the thing that I like about that, though, is
that's. Like your exploding, your body forward. I think, like that static hold of like there's benefits of that for sure, but I just don't think you can fuck with plyometric. Essentially, what you're running a hell, your you're essentially doing one leg plyometrics you just exploding exploding exploding for work at workout that you do when the diet you do. They say that you have to recommend running once a week sprints that primal diet. They say absolutely one thousand and forty yard sprints to get for you I'm a forty year? I believe I just I don't need a heart attack at this point, my life, you know for a while. I was going crazy when I couldn't find that and figure out the cardio I wasn't breathing. I would go to that. Fucking North Hollywood park walk around with the farmers kettle Bell and then I would like to do ten sets of swing and then I'm going to try some fucking sprints and I would do it realize like what the fuck I doing doing. I can pull something here that can end everything. This
this, just a fucking. You know like when you you know you're not warmed up properly, for that right. Remember going to track as a kid, because they tried to tell me during the offseason basketball players with high jump to stay in shape, and we had this guy Ayra, Wolf and Ayra. Wolf was one of your sisters at the Fucking Olympics, great guy, and you know he was into Ben Squad It's that was his big fucking squad, but it wants to get the fuck yeah. You go down on the squad in the center, but it's a jumping rope and those fucking spreads. We used to run hills in North Bergen 'cause, it's the second hilliest fucking. You know that's a nightmare type shit, I'm good! No, brown hills hard, but you know it's hard to run and sand dunes and sand dunes stark death. Just legs? Have nothing they're going through that sand and you're barely making progress with my flight with Shane Carwin got cancelled? Ok, I don't need the room, no fucking, loons, alright, which
paint car when going Shane Carwin's going to rise in ok yeah, he couldn't take a number on. The silence is like- I guess he wants to have some fun. Well, still Shane Carwin. I salute that. He could still head haunted Fuck, hey did. Did you see that Jason Ellis fight. Crazy. Jason else did Jason Ellis, fought, shame Darwin with one hand, tide up, Shane, Carwin, his right hand, tide up to his body and so Jason it's like you don't realize how big Shane Carwin is like Jason Alice is not the tiniest guy he's proud. About two hundred pounds who in east and it's a shame car when it is almost comical holiday. This look. How big car when is he's a giant he's a fucking giant is got one arm tied up, look at this and he looks good dude like physically. He looks jacked like he hasn't fought in awhile, but obviously he's been working out. I mean he looks better than he did the last time I saw
the last time I saw him. He was recovering from some injuries and he was still in the UFC. So apparently he's free agent and I think you know he's fighting. Verizon, I'm pretty sure I mean I know he put it on his instagram page, but he k o'd amount. He is really kind of wrong like. Oh, that was one that was one punch that he hit him with that wasn't even the punch that that K Odom. Is it now that That was like the end of around. I think see. This is where it k Odom right here. So that was the Second, one mean that one really Khaled I'm like you could see when he was down. He was like fuck and that guy is so God Damn big Car Windsor gigantic.
Newman, so they were talking about setting him up with fade or like Phaidor over his car. When I don't know, if that's going to happen, but that does I'm in I'm in I'm paying to see that That's a dangerous fight for fatal now was rising sun for dangerous foes Rajappan, it's essentially the same guy. Who is a charge of pride for awhile yeah, and I believe so, and so if he goes over and fights if car one goes over and fights in Japan, he fights fade or as a giant fight. He was last time. Tradeoff fought, fought, Fabio, Maldonado and barely squawk by a fight. A lot of people thought that he should have lost. You got hurt problem. Maldonado tagged him and There's no shame in that file. Be amount of Fabio. Maldonado is a very good boxer. He Rock Glover to Shera before Glover finished him off and uh it's just tough. It shit is a tough tough guy. They always call that poor guy in, like they always
yeah Fabio's life who were going to get home fight him, who will be there fucking wacky the fight on short notice, Fabio mom do you remember how he saved that fight in Austin somewhere in Brazil? Some way five steep day at heavyweight weight, steep pay check when Steve Bays, just fucking tearing through the ranks Right Steve Days, trying to get it the title. He fights. Five. Call Denado, I just I mean Steve Ages, ran through and was horrific. Steve a scary guy as a heavyweight and five now the just was not the same size just what did not belong in there with them. You know just too big too strong too fast. It's too hard. It was a scary fight, but when you think about Fabio Rock and fade or and hurt name in his last fight. You think good Lord would be gets hit by car when a car Carling takes. Great shot, any hits harder than anybody in the division. He's he's probably he's, probably one
of the scariest. Have you a puncher's ever, but literally ever we fought mere memory tied near up in the clinch and just ripped upper cuts to his chances for ace and put him down and beat him down on the ground like car. One could fall an paunch scary, puncher man. So, if he's healthy, like the looks like in that video looks fucking healthy to me, he looks huge he says wigwam well over two hundred and sixty yeah. I don't know failure. I don't know if that's the kind of fight want at this stage of his life, you know after you fought Maldonado, he might be looking at it's smaller heavyweights, he might be looking to fight bigger names. Well, actually see cars, pretty good and big name. As far as the free market But who knows, what's going to happen man? You know with one of the crazy things with all these new organizations, whether it's one FC, whether it's you know, fill in the blank Bella to or rise in all these other, like
one is scrambling to pick up anybody who leaves the UFC, so peoples contracts are up and like they're starting to do, and they say Bolton over and go into these other different organizations, stuff can be crazy. Things can heat up and you might see, look another pride UFC type rivalry, which I think would be great for everybody. I give rise and really does take off like a Verizon puts on Phaidor versus Shane Carwin, and then they come up. A bunch of other crazy fights for the undercard. You know just there's just not right now the same level of talent available outside the UFC, not right now, but man it's been close a few times and it used to be. You know. Obviously it used to be with pride, but it's true it's hard making something like that happen. You know I feel with like a Shane Carwin, for example. Shank on was a great fire that he hasn't thrown a punch in how many years
he hasn't fought MMA. Since I want to say it's two years ago, two three years in my world- I don't know- I don't know, I'm not the professional here, but I think the UFC marketing would know they could do something with a shame cloud they passed on him. Maybe there's something they could do the heavyweight division. His path- I don't know- I don't know the parameters of this yeah. I feel like one of either hasn't for more than a year or two or maybe even three. I think about comedy Joe Rogan. I think about it. I just didn't do any comedy for three years. What would I be ready for? What would you you didn't do any county for three is what would you honestly book yourself or and fucking December? It's October 31st
What would you book yourself? One December, the guard. You know you do like the laughing Scone Lana, a nice cool, intimate little role, very quiet, yeah. Ninety nine cedar, you know what scene might not have a lot of money and rise and might have offered him a big channel. I understand all these parameters, but I'm saying to you is you know it's like the GSP thing that was going on. Maybe they were what they were, and I think, even as a fighter two three years shit is fucking chain, yes, yes enough to change yes and no here's, the no dipen and if you still training, see if you decide to take some time off, because you have nagging injuries or some fighters like that, Joseph all telling you guys were talking about earlier. He stepped back because of concussion syndrome. 'cause he's getting. You know he had too many hits to the head, and so you recognize it was having some real symptoms and he said no after resign. He he gave up his belt and
taking two or three years off if you're having any sort of real problem. Maybe if you got a re occuring back injury, which I know Shane had some changes, but he even had surgery. Yes, so maybe taking that time off, so's junior dos Santos was his last LOS and that was UFC, one hundred and thirty one and wow two thousand and eleven. So that's five fucking years you almost five one slash two years ago, guys the heavyweight division is common gone in five years That's all all he wants to come back now to one hundred and seventy, the one hundred and seventy has come and gone. Tyron Woodley is the champion. And when the boys number one, these kids weren't even around one g S, P falcons dropped off, Tyrone Willie was will not Stephan admits hold of Bach and fresh at it come into. It is I think, when Michael Bisping was doing pretty smart, trying to get GS, beautify meant to Russia's still it man walk yeah, that's right! I don't know if Joe George wants to fight at one hundred and eighty five. I think George is even said that he can make one hundred and fifty five. You know the
difference between the size of guys today versus the way they were. Then you know guys are way more. Kid about weight, cutting and I don't think George this is much weights anymore. I don't think this is big is used to being who the fuck knows. Man, you know, I don't. I think the guy wants to compete. The game moves. Moves very fast. Mamma may has moved so much in two three years that you know they got a lot of these people that are watching UFC. They don't even really know who Shane Carwin is We've got a whole new batch audience, that's come, and that is true. The same team works with G S p, I'm a fan of G s p. I love to see him fight again, but I have Ask myself questions as right. Web, like I don't want wanna learn like Watchin shark tank. I'm saying you want to learn. Well, I think with the UFC's argument. As far as what I had heard- and this is all that I read online- I don't I don't talk to the UFC Right, Illinois United. She said we read different dumb, but they there or
but I'd read online, was that they were not in agreement with how much money was going to cost to promote a fight with them and then the people that watch the fight today that are is a Ronda Rousey and the fans a con Conor Mcgregor and all these current UFC fighters that maybe these fans that only been fans for a couple years. They kind of forgot. This is what I was thinking just some way on making three and point years. Rhonda right you, don't think that it would take one one. Can promotional special one thing they do on fox or people for Amber just watch some of the fuckin epic fights with John Fitch would Bj Bj Penn. You know watch him submit Matt Hughes when Matthews at the top of the world watch him beat down. That's her after Matt Serra stopped him and won the title. You watch some of those fights and then you hear him talk and see what a gentleman he is come on. Now I was golden. I love him to his golden here in the four names you mentioned, that fucking dinosaurs
I agree, you know what I think a guy like GSP has to do is going to do a tune up fight. I really, see that I think that would help everybody. I think that's but what you would do in boxing the only one who never did, that is sugar Ray sugary, Leonard, went out of retirement, to Marvin Hagler, right right in there just jumped right into Marvin, Fucking Hagar and everybody was like you're crazy. You need a tune up fight and apparently he had some gym fight, so they set up some smokers in the gym. Just sort of we were talking about earlier than they do with them until they beat Marvin Hagler? Eventually, him beat him by decision very controversial fight, though some people think that Marvin should've won. I would say it's probably one of those fights. Where was almost five thousand and fifty amongst my friends. It was at least amongst a lot of people. I knew a lot of people thought that Marvin it did more damage, it landed part of shots and with sugar. I was doing just throwing Pitty pat punches and it wasn't good enough. Marvin was chasing down. I don't know it's
To watch it again as an adult who understands fighting better but whatever it was, he didn't get destroyed and that's better than you could say for a lot of that fought Hagler when Hagrid was fucking Hagler the the to that cross. John, the beast will Gabi that yeah, that's the Marvin Hagler that beat the fuck out of Tommy Hearns. I mean Marvin Hag there was a monster when I was a kid they had this fuckin TV show that they showed where Haggar was training from a stopping show and he was running on the beach in the cape in the winter he's run on the sand in Cape COD scream in war. Just run it scream war, What are they guy who's, just sure or shredded I mean Marvin Hagler in his prime had one I like the best physiques ever for a, boxer and he was in supreme condition
and he was known for, maybe not being like the slickest most technical boxer like, maybe sugar Ray was or Roberto. Duran was but overwhelming discipline and drive and ferocity it would just break dudes down. You know he did with the Tommy. Hearns fight was like the purest expression of Marvin Hagler. Just giving these guys are fighting, for the fucking weight championship of the world. It's a giant fight between two superstars and what do they do they just throw caution to the wind and meet in the center of the ring and start throwing bombs. There was no boxing in that fight. That was a war there was a crazy war, throw that show not only Marvin Hagler versus Tommy Hearns Foot 'cause. That was talking to me, put out mother a massive risk taking endeavor to stay step in there those two guys as big as they were in their prime. Those dudes were Jai Jan twenty rounds discography
was two rounds. I think came out in the second yeah, at the most it was the third, but I'm pretty sure it's fuck is wrong. With Jamie does its own bomb? Were you looking for which version of fire? I was going to pull up, but does it say what I started? I'm pretty sure he knocked him out in the second round. If I remember correctly, but I might be wrong, it might be the third but either way it was just chaos not to think about it. Think it was. The third tell us that too. For I put the video, do you got a video just another video on we'll figure it out when he gets knocked out. But I mean we had talked about Tommy Hearns, the other day with Tommy Hearns knocked out, Roberto Duran. That was one of the most spectacular knockouts ever look at this look at Tommy Hearns was awesome. Had a big, crazy ass fro he had a back that was so wide it looked like he was a flying squirrel like you could jump off of
it's sort of safety. I mean he was so unusually built and he was shredded too. Who is? He was built scary in a different way and then Hagler he was the ultimate throwback I mean in your talk in the 1980s. He was a throwback, they thought of him as a throw back in the 80s like you, thought of him the same way. So he was thirty, then which is kind of crazy, because this is like tail end of the Hagler career. I think hag. Only fought to is like thirty five and then he retire. After Sherilyn a fight, but this, Is Hagler you know when your agler? This is prime thirty years old you. This is good as it fucking gets. Five foot nine one hundred and sixty pounds and just a fuck and dynamo.
And you know the weirdest thing, one of the weirder things about Hagar, godly, still love watching that fight. He had Natural, like headgear, he had really thick, but look at that move right hand. These kind mean these guys are winging it at each other. Oh my god. This is crazy. The thing about Hagar is he also could take a tremendous punch like a tremendous punch, even if that exchange, he was very smart right. Yeah well is very composed, but he had natural, thick muscle all above his ears like his Temple area was almost protected by like thick muscle, and I don't You know what that's from whether it's like from some biting exercises that he had done. 'cause there was a bunch of guys who did have some devices to strengthen your jaw and Gerry Cooney used one before he fought, George Foreman. I remember seeing it's like this thing you put in his mouth and it
is like he would bite down on it and lift weights with it. So he's like pulling a cord and lifting weights with jaw. I don't know if uh haggers was just natural just born with it, but whatever it was, you can kind of see in the shape of his head. She is writing this hitman's right how he pops are right at him. He steps to his left and his arm just goes up like a short distance amaze yeah Tommy Hearns broke his hand somewhere in the in the round and those fucking bombs. Strong muscle head sure, going to break something like this. Well, you throw full power bomb. Then hit somebody at the top of the head. Something's gotta go that top of the head doesn't move very much. That's where a lot of guys will break their hands is hitting guys in the forehead. This is it's just a crazy fight down, Marvin Hagler, just absorbing it, and then he starts put in the pressure on Hurns, so we're Two minutes into the round now and Hurns is starting to throw weaker and weaker punches,
Now, hackers muscle and I'm up against the corner just beat them down. That's one of the big things about Hagler was his in as pace and just the will that he had like that. The will to fight a fight like this, where you just stand right in front of a guy like Tommy Hearns and said You are not going to knock me out. You cannot mean you don't understand now. You think you could knock me out, but I'm going to stay right here, like nobody Tommy Hearns, like that everybody want to stay. The fuck away from these punches with hadler could absorb punches, like almost like no one else. He got knocked down once in his whole career and it was a bullshit knock down the referee called it a knockdown. But if you look at it doesn't look legit most people agree that it wasn't a good knock down. I don't remember the fighter, he fought too, I think was one Roldan, I'm pretty sure.
But it was more of like he like kind of shoved him down the knocked him down. You know when you watch like like Tommy Hearns and some other boxes like Roberto, Duran or something you could tell that they were raw talent and walked into a gym and they worked with somebody really. Good and they learn how to box. Will I see Marvin Hagler and I see like the guy- you were talking about the four that's forty, nine at home, Floyd Mayweather Floyd with Mayweather. When I watched him box. I think that that's this is as good as it gets. When I watch Floyd Mayweather. What I just watched this fucking animal do was stand in front of them, but as intelligent as box again because we all know if I throw some. That means I'm open right. He was in throw a in front of them. He's Something hit man he's doing something yeah which, and this is what I don't- I see this now as an adult. You don't see this when you twenty fucking. Do you just see? Stupidity?
but this is where I see his smarts he's. Smart man well he's also force and Tommy to drag based on some of the war of will is something that I don't know, I'm not a boxer, but I could see he's got a plan. He's not like you know he's not doing a vandal a right in front of you. You know these he's very smart fucking amazing when you watch this type of shit, what you learn. Such a pleasing boxer to watch the way move to all that Bob, and- leaving in head movement, and you know Marvin. I just that, like Ach you down style to like you, knew he was coming for, like Marvin Hagler, wasn't doing any fancy footwork or doing the Ali shuffle he was move even towards you looking to break you always Mugabe's you mentioned and those other guys they were fucking. Killers killers said. Would kill is Gabi was a killer Wayne Boxing in those days is kinda and today compare it to its no khampa.
But look at this in writing with the left, and this is he starts coming on strong. So I think we're in the second round right yeah. I think he stops him here. I think, if I remember, the third boom bowling. He stops in the third or this is the third ok. So this is where it starts. Hurting him. Damn But he's got his number ready because he's got his number and he's not even going in like a savage either again very composed, watch, hilltop him again for this round is over and each one of those taps is just cutting up the fucking. Well, he's not giving him any air either. You know boom those the guys don't give you any breaks those guys the scariest, because you can never recover so for Garlic, Tommy, Hearns unloads his best on you and then breaks his hand. So he's got one hand I don't know which I believe he hurt his right hand. So he's got a left hand is right. Hand is all fucked up. Can't really knock you out with it anymore. He's fucked so now he's trying
going to try to hit you with big left hooks an Marvin. Never let some stop. Never let some that breath always keep. Some movement always keeps up pressure on him and he's just wilting what eh second of every round he's wilting and in Exchanges were takes a break. You hit him with some hard shots and you just keep pilot on keep piling it on wasn't exciting, exciting error of boxing. You could wear his box all the way up to your knees, yet athletic socks with stripes on him for these view of as I used to go to the Meadowlands yeah, you go to the Meadowlands Racetrack and then would inclusive in the price of the fucking track. That night, you gamble, watch the fight, I forget who I saw Marvin Hagler Fight, how many times an actual fight Tommy here just once hi Tommy Hearns. In one no more of this who did find a couple times, sugar ray that's, who I saw on the left to a phone right hand, bone left hook right hand, God damn
Tommy Hearns survive. This see now Marvin, it's pouring it on look at this cheap, as Christ, look at his hands Joe Rogan to buy. So he has a move. This look beautiful, just beautiful, beautiful boxing and. Look same pace that he had in the first round I mean Marv is beating down on him, just put it on him God. This is a great fight, such a great fight So yeah Tommy makes it out of the second round, see my that's one of those things. Man in your brain. You have it a memory and it's like a false memory. Sometimes you have to watch the fight to see it. This is the case with everything though there's, so many memories that you have first a few years So you wonder, like man that really go down. Let me watch it again. What was that movie really like yeah? Let me watch that fight again. The human memory is really weird. That's a things about these boxers too, when
get older and older and more fucked up is you know? The memory is one of the big ones. It goes well, that's one of the one things that I've heard you talk about. Like let's say somebody has a fight on a Saturday and they have a close decision. You will watch it again Sunday when you get home, then you won't watch it for a few days, let to eat the world and then watch it again and you'll see. The true if you know how to count points in the bullshit yeah, you know the problem with picking a true winner, though some times make subjective decisions in my own head that go back and forth like I'm, not always convinced that I'm right like you, if look at a guy who lands harder shots, but less of them like here's, a good example Dan Henderson versus Michael Bisping, now Michael Bisping, thinks he won, and the judges think you want in a lot of people think he won because he landed more shots, controlled, more moments of the fight Dan
Anderson thinks he won, because you hurt Michael Bisping. A couple of occasions beat him up. His face was really battered and in the first round in particular, he came way closer to stopping the fight. Then then bitch, ever did to him. So I could see that argument as well that those moments where you had Bisping incredibly damage should be worth a lot of point. I see those arguments, man, I don't. I don't know who's right who's wrong. Quite honestly, I could see both arguments. I see Bisping's arguing. Makes a ton of sense to me. He put in more work. He land more shots. He came back from you know, getting really badly hurt, which showed amazing, heart and car YO. I see that argument too. So it's like deciding who wins and loses a fight, isn't always very clear. There's different philosophy's, like you, talked to a wrestler he's way more impressive, the guy who takes a guy down a bunch
times the guy who land some brutal leg kicks in the third round. But if you talk to me, hi guy who go yeah well what happened in those first two rounds yeah it took me down, but he did do anything once you had me down. So the only thing is he's laying on me: I'm not getting hurt, but in that third round I fucked him up. And you listen to what he said. He know how that is a good point. Cuz I got damaged like you damage just like yeah there's the KO show that again, so they your barrage, wow. This is eighty five watch, this God, damn man I was in high school dude. This is when I was a senior in high school. This was the fight. I'm
we're watching this with my jaw just hanging down like wow 'cause. I thought it was gonna, be a crazy fight and it was a crazy fight, but I never thought it was going to be this. This was so crazy and Marvin Hagler just mauled him. I mean he kind of shut everybody up. Man, 'cause, there's a lot of people that thought timing is going to knock him out. I thought that he had never been hit. Also, you went a little bit too back is where they checked is cut and they checked his cut. They were you know, Tommy, Hearns and nail them a couple of times and Hagler is probably worried about them. Stopping the fight. I don't want this time was just life. I mean why. God knows what the fuck I was doing. I was in Jersey and Hayden are some shit and eighty five Tommy Hearns had such a good job. Snap it out at you and with those long arms used to keep his hand like below his trunks. You know below
the waistband of his trunks and just pop it right in your face like see how he did it there. Oh she had boom Is it boom that last write in and then that left wow? That was one of the greatest boxing fights in boxing finishes of all time of all time, especially liked it's hard today, to understand what it was like when I was in high school when this was going on, because this was it was just. There was no internet right, so this was This is just word of mouth and Radio, you know you, hear about it. On the radio he'd seen the newspaper you'd look in the box in the sports section view fuck yeah. It was paper view or you didn't see dick you had to go somewhere. I gotta go somewhere that you had to go somewhere and you have to watch it at theater. We would pay call closed circuit, closed they didn't call it paper view back. Then you say: oh well, how do we see the fight? All it's close circuit, so you would go.
Aaron you'd pay a ticket and then you go sit in a movie theater, a bunch of other savages, and you guys would all watch the boxing match together. That's how I saw sugar Ray and Hagler Closed circuit. I think I. So, like I said, I saw the Hagler Sugar Ray at the track and there was another one that I went and it wasn't more like seats. It was like general admission, yeah yeah, you walked in there like it, wasn't like I saw a Tyson fight like that standing room only and they put on this big screen was outside they put on a big screen and they played the commentary to the crowds. Are crazy was like a g client like almost like a drive in movie theater, but they had speakers instead, that was in Vegas and fought Frank Bruno and they were fighting in Vegas, but I didn't have the money for the fucking tickets tickets. Stupid, expensive, one thousand Tyson was Tyson, says Prime and Frank Bruno might have been the best built guy to ever Bach.
Heavy weight ever your c Frank Bruno delivering for item number. Four is Jesus Christ. Last fight I watched Tyson Fight was may be like when he knocked out spanks, oh yeah, lanic City, my friend had a party, you know, I know some fucking first round the pizzas even get that I think Bruno was actually before Spanx. Maybe I'm wrong. I think I'm wrong. I think I'm wrong. I think banks was first and Bruno was later, but I don't know but Frank Bruno so just pull up a picture of him. So you could see him, but you can see here for the fight. The dude was yoked, but some pictures of Frank Bruno just rude he's just jacked. I and he was an argument that a lot of boxing trainer Used to use that you can't be that muscular and be in heavyweight boxer because he was so that's right Jones on your racist Jamie. How dare you who is a school
it? How dare you? Those was Roy Jones, but. But that's him now, though, that look how fat Ricky Hatton got holy Shit, Damn Ricky! There is a good picture of him to do. It was just jacked and that's him obviously he's not even waiting. There is, like you see without him, even flexing like not like at full muscle flu He still super jacked. And he paid a lot of guys up, but Tyson marked, but Again, I was on Tyson was Tyson dude. This is tight Bruno one. I didn't know they fought twice: oh yeah. I think he stopped him twice. Let me ask you: what year was this just said it? Eighty nine?
It was the testing in those days does not does during there was no g tester. Now that's why these guys showed up fucking, like KEN Norton, when I was a kid KEN Norton was the biggest mother fuck I ever saw in my life was eg bone at those times in the 70s. Do you think they did that in the 70s and it was there wasn't a lot of options. I think his steroids. I like to check what were the options? Maybe the Germans Adam. They definitely had him to Germans had, it was definitely see. He just looks like an athlete, make an athlete that, but there was one fight that KEN did look like little yoked. Well, he was a big guy. When he fought Mohammed Ali Ahmed broke his jaw, I mean he was a serious athlete and he was a former pro football player right. Wasn't he says marine Marine? toughness I'm, but I believe KEN Norton played professional football so definitely did a Sunday Sunday. Is that what it is? I don't think I laughed, and I just know that this Sunday, that must be what I'm thinking of, but KEN Norton was
bad mother, Fucker dude. He actually got he's pretty badly banged up now, but not from boxing gonna car accident and apparently got really hurt in that car accident. You see this over the weekend that happened and uh yeah. I did one man, One well Lopez. He take you Wilfredo Velasquez Junior and then went after his trainer punches trainer in the face, so dude went down then he goes up to the, as trainer, and I don't know what the fuck the trainer said, but he goes right out to do they're, throwing bombs at each other hilarious and that is pointing at him why you boring Adam. He started it is that we were saying God. Craziness people are nuts, but that's and uh. Sport. You know like what we were talking about earlier with that a Floyd Floyd Mayweather thing like that kind of sport, of going to have things
that you going to have people that want to have thirty minute fights in the gym like thirty minute rounds. It's pretty it's ridiculous, but it makes sense when you think of the sport. You know what the sport really kind of represents is like the extreme nature of those guys who compete in it. It's just it's crazy that the Athletic Commission got pissed at people, throwing water bottles, but didn't get pissed at him for doing that. Two, it's you know I get it, I get it if you're Floyd Mayweather, I get it, I mean, that's how you that's, how you become that guy? In the first place, I can get brought up fate or there's talk of him fighting Matt Mitrione closely, according to Someone that I know that is not true. How about that all right! Well, that's, but they may be. Who knows? People might be trolling that be a good fight, though Fadel and meet Mitrione own.
Your car, when I like better. In rise in in Japan, Jody as. Tell me about Chicago last time I saw fucking fail oh, I love it to death. You know I caught the tail end the fade, or you know I quite like the two fights before he got on board right buy a boy got armbarred first, and you saw the fights at the one before that yeah, like two fights you Roger two hundred am and then Brett Rogers and then uh, I think, the next fight after Brett riders, all pretty sure, was for doom. I didn't catch fade or in his heydays went right. So the last couple times I went it was like how people, so they want to work with the with the white checks. At the end, the guy well excited went down so and then he got submitted by for doom video in which you and I discussed it. This could fucking be doing for him. He's got a nasty god. There's another guy were talking about yeah nasty guard.
So then I saw a couple pieces of the the last fight that was fucking, embarrassing. That was found him on to them by Bobby. I love I. I love his fucking jaw that he takes the fight at short notice and then he thought that indian gentleman before that yeah so but hello I mean I usually exploit the guy and that's how people get hurt, don't be afraid all wants to fight. If he were here for fucking years naked was killing people all of a sudden. It in five for one may want to make a comeback. I don't know his brother got a jail. The brother just got out of jail. Is that true, yeah? Okay? I did read that right to fight Yes, it do enough of a push. Ups, yeah and working out in jail come out. Jacked new tattoos, I like he wants to fight. I want to be able right. Just like I wanted him to be able to fight. When was twenty, I want to deal with. Only forty. If he wants to why not mean he knows that it's not good for you. He knows that the damage that have
can take he's been beat up, he's been stopped Dan Henderson knocked about Bigfoot knocked him for doom submitted him a triangle I mean he's had some God Damn war. And so for that reason he was solid as fuck. Not only was he saw it as fuck. He was solid as fuck in a division where people are very rarely solid, as fuck like heavyweight is traditionally like a division at least in the UFC, where the title changes real, quick. It's just it's too hard to maintain for whatever reason or you know up until now, it's been but fatal. Or he didn't. I don't think he lost anybody for more than ten years Ten years is an he fought very good fighters over there. He fought very good fighters and he fought Crowe COP and croak up his crow cop. You know in crook, up was streaking and he he said Lee out, Kickbox Prokop. You know I mean that's what he did in that pride fight. There was a lot of striking involved in that fight and uh, eight or one. He won that fight like pretty.
Early in the game that was when Crow Cobb was in his prime and croak up at plants This is stand with them and he couldn't he couldn't get the deal closed so there was that fight. That was a big fight. Submitting Mark Coleman when Mark Coleman was a fucking beast. That was a big there. Big yeah, there's a few fights that were really big deals, but then there was a fight, it didn't happen. Here's the the biggest one, all the men, Taro fight when Minotaur was in his prime and fade or beat him down. That is probably his most impressive because minute back then was fucking scary. He was really good. I mean the minute taro that trying Mark Coleman, the minotaur. Oh, that was just anybody got a hold your neck. Like you were getting choked out. You know he was. He was bringing in Ju Jitsu, at a super high level to the heavyweight division and think thing minotaur was he could take a shot. He could take a shot, especially in his prime, like nobody was like he
second vulnerable, like oh, you didn't feel pain. You crack him. He would take shots. They need finish you. You know crow copy the shit out of minute oral for one round, I mean beat the shit out of him, and then he had kicked him at the end of the first round, like boom an minute oral thought. They stopped the fight, but it was actually end of the round. He thought they stop. The fight the referee said I was like no, no, like you're not going to stop this, and there was no, no just the end of their eyes. Like ok, good second round starts shoots in takes Crowe cop down arm bars. Am he's so tough fade are beat him down man fate or beat him down. It was a scary beat down like he had been a Toro in the corner and he was ground and pounding him with these ferocious. Those casting punches that fade or throws he's not punching like this, like straight he's, throwing these crazy, like circular hammers, that
going around your gloves, like you're, holding your gloves up in front of yourself, trying to defend yourself and he's throwing these whipping punch, is that are going behind the gloves and smashing minute Tara's faces. It was one of the worst beat downs saw ground and pound in pride like trapped in a corner because he just he just worked a Manhattan with some ferocious. Which is not a lot of people to be able to take. You broke his cheekbone bone him with some bombs man, but that was when if a was spayed or so. If you look at that fight with Minotauro, you look at that fight with CRO cop, like some of his best performances. There's no doubt he's. If he's not the greatest, it's in him and Cain Velasquez, in my opinion, as far as the two greatest heavyweights of all time and then on consideration to breezy over doom like Fabrizio June, despite getting Kayode with one punch by steep imia check, still submitted
Cain, Velasquez submitted minute tomorrow and submitted fade, or he submitted three all time greats. So those are the three that I think you have to take into. Consideration is the greatest of all time. The only thing you would you would look- and you say, Well, more people like how many people beat each guy. You know how many people beat Minotaur RO versus how many people beat Phaidor versus how many people be Kanan can count all that up. Who knows it's? You know it's hard. It doesn't really make sense like trying to figure out who is the greatest of all time? Ok, so fucked, but if it is tomorrow, new guy comes along and we've been wasting time for twenty minutes. The thing about fate or those that he did it for so long No, he did it for a long ass, fucking time when I I tapped into
like I said towards the end and when the full lost the got the armbar from bridge doom was like. I wasn't surprised you can see the Terry ation they were trying to exploit them at that time. What do you ever see that we're asking for money? They know what they want to do and it was like they knew some. You follow me. It's like when that team calls you up when I try to give you the home run champion as eight years miraculously on a Tuesday in the line like. Why do I deserve this button? Call they knew something and he started losing a couple of fights and he retired. So shortly after when he lost three in a row which is really crazy, which is crazy and the first one you know he loses by submission,
but it was a mistake he followed for doom to the ground. He hit me advert, doing hurt the Saudi I'm heard for doing just set a trap, lock them up tight, gone with the nasty guard, but the second one was bad. Second, one, five big foot and I was born big foot- was big foot spend big who was on that testosterone to they? That's when they allow them to do it, because you know, put out a Patua Terry gland tumor, so we had like legitimate gigantism's and he's a guy who actually needed testosterone who really did need it and was Jack and he got a buffet door and just wool boom boom boom. Stop them, and you know people forget that Bigfoot, despite the factory is an enormous guy or not just despite rather, but as well as being enormous guy he's. Also brazilian Jujitsu black belt, like legit. That guy mounts you you're. So
three hundred pound giant person mounted you with black belt skills and he's dropping these fucking tops on your head boom boom boom, yeah fuck, that so that was a bad beating and then Henderson K Odom in the Henderson One was, you know, Henderson's of one hundred and eighty five pounder, which is even crazier. So we went from a three hundred pound man Kom two hundred and eighty five pounds. And and by the way, Henderson, not a big one hundred and eighty five. Henderson's, not as big as some guys in a far a one hundred and seventy that's how crazy fucking punches. Her listens to Riley. I wouldn't say that to the space: no, no, no, not not used. Tiny, tiny, tiny? But he's listen man? You know you watch pro football right. You look at those defensive backs and all So you see him after the game. You like that night that fucking big to the ways you know he's lighting people up, please five, nine one, eighty five, the momentums right, that's a perfect size for all that she,
How big is Ochocinco check it out you be a shot yeah. You were just saying that I look him up as a fish, but I guess six, one one, eighty five that seems like to be at your fastest seems like that's uh, good weight for those guys right, nineteen, the five to two hundred and five one. Eighty five, you know if you're a good defensive back you one hundred and eighty five you're banging up against me eighty eight! So what do you think, like the lightest guy that plays in NFL ways? What's a soup, like I one hundred and seventy five of the db Really, let's check and I gotta listen. This can days can receive. Is that will pick you up and throw you the stadium visit? They got tight ends fuckin, six hundred and twenty six, the five and they you know, what's that, what's the if they say that people like you know when they break up bowl? One hundred and fifty five look at this guy. Oh my god. What is that
Well, he's got one hundred and nineteen. What's that that back up a little there back up, so we could see better. It was from another story. We didn't have the whole thing. Oh I see I see, huh, but he's a receiver, so one guys One guy one hundred and fifty five pounds was that recent or is that back in the day it was a current player that guys But let me tell you something about that. One hundred and fifty five one hundred and fifty five is running Fuking right back, probably like a bet, my life, that they let him play at one hundred and fifty five because either he's gonna come in one player game and just do A4 fucking forty three there you go. How do I have to tell you nothing? It's all the same shit that guy has to come in, but if he gets head he again there you don't really get caught from behind if anything like grab his leg, the guys going to dive like. Rose grab his leg that you ain't gotta hit him. Is this him doing?
Trill Sammy. What are you doing? I want to see it. Let's say a guy running, so lots of President Bill's are there. I think there something lost in a video of a guy running. You know what is it like ever see a guy like workout live. And you know you super impressed but see you in a video. You, like not a big deal, hard to determine the ball back yeah, that's what they look up, five guys! That's why I told my God: that's allowing him for that. Holy, let them forty Kumar lightning, fifty six, pretty fast, so old, shit wow. Well, hey! That's that initiative in one hundred sixty pass. Why you got him this one, this guy, they said one hundred and sixty five, so they said Jamie's is different guy one, fifty five
This is just looking at to him. They've tried to leg my so fast, look at that! That's hilarious! holy shit is like a ghost like to dive in front of him. Look at this look at this shit oh, my god, best running back in college football right now. It's about his size he's a little bit bigger than one hundred and fifty five, but he's fifty seven, maybe like one hundred and seventy five and he's got no, he can't be stopped. Just stop because they can't see him what happened that white dude right there backed out just a couple seconds ago. I mean, obviously I'm not a fucking commentate little bit for before that. Before that watch this guy washes white dude That's waiting down there watch this he's like. Oh, I don't do anything with the country, as you can take, about if you're the punter he's about So was he doing shopping? There could be some point. This don't give a fuck jack. They had a couple of tales before the game will throw that shoulder in that. But that's all going to get out of them is a good shoulder that guy stood there.
Show that again the guy used to the in front of them in like fake them out, watch like he's running, trying to steer him out of bounds, but he can't tackle he doesn't practice test. You can tag not allowed see just like faked him out. Well, I don't have pads on don't hit me. Does the puncher, the same pads not usually 'cause, they have to kick their leg up higher and they have different stuff on they have a smaller helmet to LOS protect. Wow. You really can't hear you can't kick. You can't touch the punt, it's a violation, so he's not going to be padded up to gives ills right. I get it, but he could still trip to mother fuck I mean you, can he's allowed to get in three hundred gs? Are you gotta do something to something? Just kick the ball into his hand. He ran it back if he runs back to you, you fucked up yeah fuck. That means you fucked up somewhere, you put it in his reign. Shipham see the punter. What you want to do is: let's go to the fucking video tape.
This- is the scoreboard right here right, Joe Rogan. This is the field. If I'm a punter, the my job is used that six yard line is watches the punter at a point two hundred and fifty pounds. That's the part that, just at this check I did nine nine. What that other guy get mad at him, elbowing him other excited there. Thank you. It's funny, like you like with my daughters, would think, is an aggressive. You know like don't hit me with guys after they plan football. That's a good thing, um c watch this other guy runs your watch is jail. Motherfucker, like he's excited double, poms among his chest, but that's it like because he likes them. Show Joe Rogan. He wants to have the board here right when I'm paying you. I don't want to bore Landed here, yeah he's on the momentum from here right. I won in Borderlands, always from the six that line right here
This is where I want the ball on the Andes territory. Right 'cause. I got more support. I could get him from. Inside this, Motherfucker kicked in here, he's fucking, doing a fight he's five foot, eight one hundred and eighty pound weight things going to write. You kick a ball too. Guy right there you put it right there from he should be shot long. You should at least recover and tackle Emma by them and do something you already fucked up with the punt. Already he fucked up, you want to put that ball. Where he's going to have the most out, let me ask, When we talking about baseball and all the Pietro's stuff, you can't run into dudes anymore, and you know you're, seeing like the softening of society, how How are they going to soften up football? They have you can't be a helmet no more like and you go on. It's still pretty fucking little right, the raiders.
Remember because at this time you were a kid and people talked about the Rangers had a reputation as bad mother. Fuckers I mean one of the guys crippled a dude on Monday Night Football Jack Tatum Fucking crippled a guy with a heck helmet. First, you know into the spine that he do it on purpose. I don't think so, but that's the reputation you have already is that reputation is grown. You know with all the Mutu Zach's and all those crazy mother fuckers, hit themselves in the head with helmets annoys shit. Does it sell tickets to tickets? I mean now with all the softening. I don't know where it takes away. I don't need to see a guy and his back bro with his parents at home on their feet, watching this on tv to hang up his body shaking because he just jolted his neck yeah. I think about
shit. Well, I have a friend who went to high school game recently and he said I think he said five five kids got laid out in a high school game. He said they just cracked into each other, and you know the scene is kids lying on the ground with their bell Rung City such five different times, the vice. It's six Mount, I'm trying to remember, but he was shot. Oh my god, those two guys all my god. They double smash into this. Do look at this. He gets the ball boom boom. Our guys are going home for a couple weeks, O'Malley's guys home. It went back like that that yeah, that's horrible, is that him to know the guy. It's like the top ten highlight thing. I just put it up. I guess talk. I thought the show him smiling afterwards like we're. Okay, everything's, fine. As John I play yeah you, you bought a mansion. You have a home because back that are looking,
we'll see, there's a potential. There is a fine. Is that a violation JANET is going to find a lead with his elbow and knocked him out of oh shit on the replay he's the guy that dove into 'em 'cause, when the quarterback slides, like that Joe, that are not allowed to him at all they're, giving up their body so not allowed to be touched. Basically, all you gotta, let him just hit the ground and he's already flying in and hitting with the elbow which also hit him in the head. So probably he probably got five twenty five. Thirty thousand dollars. This wait a minute hold on do that again. Let me see this again, but SIRI is since the sliding feet. First, you got your not even touch him you're suppose just let up yeah, but he's he's already in a position where you can't stop too too bad. You gotta have better control, that's what they say. You have better control. What do you think I am this and it didn't look intentional to me. I mean I mean you could definitely argue that it's not intentional. I mean it seems like the guy is so fighting, and he on top of them already he's? What kind of role that do you think
nude lose him in the face. Now when we were just literally just talking about that specific one he's, you can see him throughout his elbow. So it looks like he's doing a little bit extra with the elbow, but then they also get into arbitration things like they also do with some of them and they think they'll have a lawyers. Argue some of this stuff out. So what happen with that Tom Brady Scituate, in a drug out for two years and they finally just took his four game suspension see, I don't know man it's hard to say now the problem we're having his Joe Rogan. He said. Ok, I go back and I look at my high school. I look at the kids. I grew up for those four years. I knew how they practiced. I knew how they worked out and I knew how they hit each other and then some of them went out. There college and did what the fuck they had to do. Are they any of them fucked up today, oh yeah, how her dad that dude had they had killed that guy. You know why five kids went out of your friends high school game. You know why why? Oh Jesus, our bread and butter shut
one again that used to get it were bread and butter, and what do you mean will put it out to the head, so he would have practice with just going like this. Now we're just going like this, it's like when you and I go to a karate competition and it's Jesus Christ. Oh my god, this is horrible. This one is horrible boom. Look out like his body goes backwards is unconscious. Oh my god. Boom is had all when the helmet goes off. You know your father. I had a that's visions. That's japanese people, the night, so you here in the middle of a cow, a cow, look at him, an alcohol. We need to be a parent and watching this on tv in any level. No that's e snoring out cold. That is look at this Kadoom, oh, my god, he took it to the
Temple sideways head to head now that It is that on purpose said that even yeah that was that's kind of what you're so just part of the consequences of baltic tank, turning arouses shoulders than him, I thought it was a look at his waist showroom. Look at his back! Look! How everything twisted not just ahead contact. It's that spine contact, that's what makes mall together. You just see a fucking ball to lightning and shit. Look at that spine cut his whole thing twisted! That's why he put his arms. Is that the guy that got knocked out those in there with the dreadlocks another shitty editing this video they've me twice, I was gonna say, is next. This is what they're at the alternative to this is right now is there's some tackle non, tackle non pad leaks, and so this is seven on seven us there's less guys run around. I don't know them by wants to pay to watch. This dose is the other problem,
Well, the idea used to be that haven't pads was good for you and have it help us is good for you. But now they're thinking it's not in that you're going to do things like that, where you wouldn't do those kind of things in general, we're going back to your fucking br in an argument, the brain doubled if the brain doubled, in two million years or whatever the fucking thing. Our strength also doubled the things that were able to do with our bodies also double, ok and even though you're well conditioned football paying you prepared for hits like this. You not prepared for me if I'm fucking dead, lift in seven hundred and fifty and I'm doing certain exercises to me my hits even better 'cause there's some guy, like the guys. We talk about like the train as we talk about the working on specific movements that they work on specific movements, MMA
we're talking about like joy out around a works on the the the Turkish get up. One is people that one football that have said you know what I've been watching: football for twenty years- and this is the work on I'm implying- and this makes a guy like you at twenty fucking twenty two years as strong as you, never been twenty four year out of college, your bench pressing three, five thousand three hundred and fifty, even if you're fucking twenty five, your bench press are now in high school three hundred and twenty five, it's not what it used to be. Two hundred and eighty five, the national average of this go ahead. Look results of these combines twenty years ago thirty years ago, and what these kids are doing now speed wise strength, wise flex. Ability wise so there the guy that has broken down GDC ology of a football hit, okay right and then maybe put in the work. I'm hitting you double them. When I used to hit you or nine the thirty pound squat by a Texas High School junior. This is what I'm talking about thanks
junior in high school they've improved form, they've, improved, seven foot, four hundred forty plus okay, you know Zane, we've grown so big and okay. Fifty years ago, was seven foot guy couldn't walk around ok, now he's playing basketball, he's agile for years a seven foot guy couldn't put weight on there that fucking kid look at this. The biggest football player we've ever seen. Wow is in high school he's gonna get by bringing them cars already which is that bringing up women in a car with a trump prepared already, you guys are gonna, shoot him and put him in the trunk and say will see him bring him. Young decker has to be the
mountain for Halloween right know. Why would you be anything else? I would have fucking armor just different different outfits that the mountain wears not just like the brain is grown. We've gotten stronger, we've gotten way stronger. Our our workouts, for particular things have gotten. Focus, and that was that was more pinpoint for what you're doing. But what exercise? Well, they understand what's beneficial and it's just so. They also understand when you're recovering it not average yeah and guess what, in twenty years we're going to be hitting even harder when you're going to see Joyce flying right off the fucking face it in some. I'm a fight you're, going to see a Georgist snap open in a hole in the side of somebody's head zombies gonna be hitting that much fucking hard. You know thirty years ago. Look at this! You know that in the seventies, but. What's interesting to me is when you start talking about the brain, getting bigger and bodies get faster. Who was it kill him that do was a killer. I do is account straight up.
What's interesting to me about these athletes getting better and faster turn stronger and brains. Getting bigger is a wonder what is going to be like you know. They talk about the human brain over two million years. Why would we assume that that stopped? You know maybe just a long long long process of brain Bing, bigger people getting bigger people getting stronger people getting faster like what's the perform of a person in a look like if it's increased that much since the 1960s have we reached like this a bottle neck like a physical bottleneck and will be able to fix that with uh, genetic engineering will not that got thrown now we're just going now we're pointing on being even stronger faster though I know, but do like this is where you saw that like that, that all you saw that thing. It's really interesting. You know. And there are doing a noble pursuit right. They trying to clean up game, stop all the cheaters people getting popped left and right.
I go on the underground, the underground new section and mixed martial arts dot com and, like every couple days, some new persons flag to find out this guy got flagged back. I got flagged so they catching people for sure, but what did they going to do they going to do when, when science start stepping in and improving people, you know I mean it seems to me like it's pretty fucking inevitable. I mean right now in and mixed martial arts, let's just take the USC, for example, if I was a manager, I tell my client listen, I don't give a fuck what you thinking, please don't embarrass The catch yeah, the fighters- don't want to be honest about that kind of. I know, but you know what as a man to man and I catch you might be on this time yeah. I know a lot of mother fuckers with them, but they're gonna catch it yeah and they're gonna catch with the time when you know what's interesting, they don't know how to spot human growth hormone very well, it's like speculative, whether or not they could catch people doing that
It might be one of the reasons why they're holding pests and blood for so long they hold your sample for like nine years. They freeze it. So test, get better and better and better. They pull things back and then the you know if you're still competing itself, I could find you. And spend you five six years from now. That is the king. Give shit. You gotta hold my piss for nine fucking years. What type of freaky mother fucker you within a pop in there They already got rid of two Olympic Gold Medalist from Russia, two wrestlers in two thousand and eight. They both pissed positive for something where they tested negative. Then they held out there apple and now the screen is much better and they just caught they've. They remove their gold medal to olympic Medalists Gold medal have no phone, no studs to you. Look at me like house like on steroids. She just assumed these Russians man. They have a different. Thing going on over there at state sponsored no one's trying to
over that up the like big beer, it's just. That is that's what they do like that's, when the reasons why they came back close to getting kicked out of the Olympics in Rio, like they were talking about, kicking the entire russian team out of the Olympics as like you, people have state sponsored doping and I think it their eyes like everybody's doing it it. Let's just do it the right way: they just grow you into it's. Like you, don't know certain age you get to a certain age, your body, but not say you could get to a certain age in your wrestler at a certain age. They just make you go somewhere, it's like, I think that's, probably something that make you go some none of this figure something not going on. They made you go somewhere and the doctors check you out and they give you shots. They take their vitamins, not tell you everything that you fucking What's this guy is another one. This is one of is one of them
get stripped of a bronze medal. Another guy got stripped of table if it's state run they'll eh. All units russian, they don't even level which, which date, what date is this when this article come out. Jerry is a recent. A lot anyway point is in two thousand twelve yeah, there's two guys that they just did it to from the two thousand eight Olympics, and there are bill, I'm pretty sure they were both gold. Medalists but you know it's like we were talking about with you saw earlier. So it's it's a weird businessman, weird business, be no fighting is a weird business. That's why you know you look at that. Floyd Mayweather gym fee thing like no one other sport would they make. You have like a basketball game to the death like no time moments, no scoring points. He just just rack it up. Just keep going just keep going, and now this
period, like everybody, plays by the rules, not boxing like it's a compelling thing to have a thirty minute round, you could die doing kind of shit like that is how people, that's all that shit, gets exposed for real easily imagine a test of comedians. Oh, my God, drug tested comedians, like a certain chains like the improv. Well, the points lines like chains and have like five clubs said. Listen. We got a drug test you a week before you come in to our club. Make sure that you know you mentioned that the dental, if it ever got to any level so like this, I'm not even worried by Ma'Am. Just saying you know just the general. I mean I'm worried about you real, you not worry about me, fuck know if they
or does it for drugs. I'm not worried about you, I'm terrified for you to smoke reefer, that's it yeah, but that's a drug. It was a! U p s! What, if, like honestly, you know what could have happened? Okay, you know what could have happened. They all they would have to do is say something like like. Maybe someone was really high and they were on stage and they said something really ridiculous in the club got suit and So let's say we now have a no marijuana policy, because the guy was on that fucking devils cabbage and he said some ridiculous shit in our club got sued. That's all it would take for like one big. Chain, like maybe yucky ox or the improv, or something like that. They just decided. We do not care what you do in your own time, but we require when you work for us that you have a marijuana metabolite level of less than whatever the fuck it is so all right. They would test you when you got the town or did
have after test you beforehand. So we'll just show up at your just like you Sada a week before you got to the gate they show up at your house like you saw them and then once you get there, have it on test you again or do I have the whole weekend together. There's one there to test you again at the end of the week to determine whether or not you have deposited their laws. Those tests are expensive is. Are they the other pot ones like from quest diagnostics? That's like one thousand dollars which one is the one over the counter at the phone. Oh, you go to quest diagnostics completely different, that's, but that's what one thousand FC uses drug test just guessing you're, going to cost two grand just to come into my fucking clubs to make sure the improv does, get sued. Sir, you send some months. You said you said some very defamatory things in the past about Mother Teresa and every year in piss test, one hundred thousand a year cost your comp
you're, very controversial man, chilly d in the business that were in here at the improv is providing with families, families with laughter. Okay, some of things that you said you know quite honestly, why I believe in freedom of speech, but I find it offensive now. Okay, so now. We got nowhere to run but to go to the rock clubs and do well, when you go to the rock club, then it's cool, because your site, folder Japan, let's like Daniel, did yes like fight the Japan, fucking I'll fight, Japan, fuck, you, mother, fuckers, hey you coming in on this some election night thing that Stanhope and are doing. I don't know you said so clear days like alive part, we're just going to hang out where I left hand, room yeah in the main room. We're going to do is we're going to look at the results were going to have like a laptop or something and streams are results and we're going to just talk some shit while the elections going on most,
likely it will have nothing to do with the fucking election. Just build this type of thing dog. Yes, please. You know him a criminal. Yes, you can route, it happened, so I can vote, but that Hillary's are criminal, dog, wow well. They did reopen the investigation into email services about that stuff. She's been a criminal for fucking, twenty trumping know better or in a bad position. Again I got no dough in this fight this is from, and who do you prefer out of those two now I really wanted Bernie Sanders to come back. I don't know I don't know. Bernie was the best, choice, but if we could keep around for three issue them and let them up with her fucking good present, like somebody pops up, get I'm saying like we shoot Bernie Sanders and they Bernie Sanders. Who would be yeah? I just I just heard. I read some New York Times thing about a week ago about arms the Clinton Foundation sold. Well, it's not it's not that direct. It's a it's. A very complicated is p.
People who were donors to the Clinton Foundation received deals. Did my man, Ollie N, get trouble for like this. No Ollie North got in trouble, for they were. That was when the Sandinistas were the Contras and they were shipping arms illegally to those people they're providing arms emails about arms right. I don't know what the emails are talking about, kicking butt There's a lot of 'em thirty thousand emails that got deleted after a subpoena. You know the crazy thing is people talk Weird thing is going on with the selection. Is everybody loves that a woman like looking at the bright side of things right trying to with the bright side. I think it's going to be a little fucking fair, and this being a little fucking to say no chicks with guitars and bare feet. Which bag is one hundred and eighty alright she's going straight to the clutches of how the understand me straight to
Watch is in the house: yeah hi, good husband, the night she gets into the White House. The lights wall turned read all my God, you'll hear like satanic music playing and Charlie will shatter, jumping, though by the, but you also gotta. Remember one thing about this: fucking moron, ok, 'cause. I've been thinking about it from an objective point of view. I'm not fucking. Vibrator cap he's not a politician bro. He was never really a politician and he should not even be encouraged to do something like this. So the shit he's talking about you know grabbing peoples, pussies that that pissed me the more the most about that shit. The only times I've seen a woman with a big fuckin, sixty pound monkey walking at me when I'm outside, and I said to myself, I would grab that much soccer right now,
Well, when I was a sophomore in high school, I had this italian girl, my class that will clogs. She was little on the heavy side, but she was beautiful. This grow could stop a fucking clocks, you're, so beautiful, but a little monkey wait like seventy pounds. She was a sophomore as she sat behind me and I just went to school with. Look at a monkey. I don't give a fuck about the rest of the day and even hardly even seen a vagina this time, but through her fucking yes, you have to see this fucking monster by she. Walk past you. When here we go like me, my buddy marine decorations and senses. When you're close to you, my bunny stinky, would collaborate? Did you see yeah yeah? I saw all right. That means when a pussy look like like right through jeans? It was just a mountain. It was just a fucking mountain wow and I remember walking by me going. What would it take for me to have the balls to just fucking? Grab it and just hold
until that savage for a minute 'cause. It was beautiful, but the difference then grab how old were you there? same goal eleven. He was sixty. Oh ok, I get it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you know Billy BAR was on. I was actually on his podcast the other day and we were talking about it, and you know is that we are saying. Like we've heard worse, we've heard
from friends that are trying to make each other laugh and use ain't shit. That's not true, and I said Joey Diaz would say something way worse than that and Willie B, crying laughing. Oh, my god doesn't mean that you're out actually grabbing girls pussies, but you would say the feet. Look like mine! Oh fuck! It's dabba, like you would say something like you know, yeah. That was someone I told save on that same trip, Lee Lee Guy, Steve someone who you see that girl. How old are you now? Forty eight, whenever I'm fifty three, you never gonna, see that ever again. Well, you seem like a nice looking couple now he's twenty six and she's twenty two and that bold, beautiful she perky little tits she's banging I was so legs are suntan and you think it is of this little young savage must be going home tearing that pussy. I mean you think back to your little twenty six year old in the afternoons. We could take him home and rub him down and give me a good stabbing. You come like three times the whole fucking thing that never happens. No more like at this says you look at that and go I don't know
you would think of that. Oh yeah yeah now all these guys look at that young girl look at look at it. That'll never happen again in my world ever. I will ever see a woman naked like that. Ever again, let me tell you story about my friend Jay. My NJ has a friend who's, a Texas oil millionaire, like he bottle a ranch. He bought a hunting ranch like to go, hunt deer on it. So does guys sixty two, guys, never had a kid okay and I think he's been married and divorced. Maybe never married, maybe never married, never had a kid doesn't give a fuck, like literally, doesn't give a fuck Ann every couple years. You know, however long it takes he's got some new twenty four year old, perfect girlfriend, and
he just buys bunch much shit take some places and eventually, like I can't do this anymore. He's like well y'all take care and he just goes get some another one and he's like we meet the new one, but this guy is the quintessential to sensual, crazy, Texas. Oilman says guy goes to Africa and Migo's goes. Would you do over now for goes on? She we went hunting he go. Would you shoot eagles, Noah's Ark, two of everything, so this shows up. He stayed over in Africa for a month, just shooting things. With this twenty four year old girl he was banging. How old is he sixty? Two, you imagine he had. He had a bunch of from bypasses till he's had more than one by heart bypass, pass he's like easy here. Ain't got much time left this guy his party in on.
Boo, I think if I saw pussy younger than thirty, I would have a bypass or I write them. My heart would split open. I don't want to see it. I don't like I don't I'm done, I'm going. Where would you have the energy to keep up with? Not like? Are you twenty two year olds? They want to fuck. Like rabbits, you know ages. You know I mean I have to do is be awake when you show up for work. So that's your responsibility when twenty two, unless you fucked up horribly and got yourself some some real serious position of responsibility, but most of us at twenty two, you know They barely show up for work if you got fired you're trying to get another job anyway. Already thinking about quitting. So when you're home in your home with some girls, also, twenty two- you got just to buzz saws, just chewing up a piece of wood. Chaos, shopping through your own young angst, trying to get rid of come
it's crazy, never happen again. She never happen again. Well, it might. But it's not gonna happen in this life. No, it might happen all over. Again. I don't like. I said I only want to see a vagina fits under than forty anymore. We give me a heart attack. I don't need that. My life, you know I've been thinking about a lot lately. Why so many cultures think about reincarnation. Why some In cultures believe you do this over and over and over again, why so many people think you come back, so you know the the the idea that we live and we die? That's what that's, what it someone who's an atheist once you believe you're born and you die and they might be right. I don't know who's right and who's wrong, but it is kind of fucking, weird that so many different cultures. Have this idea that you live again? What, if you just keep doing this, would that freak you out. Like I'm enjoying life right, but why is? Why is the prospect?
Of doing this over and over again forever like what, if you had to live your childhood, like your childhood Joey, was a very tumultuous and crazy fucking childhood, but made you you. If you knew that you had to start all over again and you going you're going to close your eyes for the last time and you get away drop in that hospital room N Berg New Jersey or in Cuba, and you can do the whole thing again, the same way same way: oh my god. He couldn't get. Right you doing it with variations. Some variation come back like as a bird this time. That's what they do. They fuck with you for a couple times then bring it back as an alligator you get run over in Florida, then they bring. You back is like a fucking bird like a parakeet and the cat gets you and then you come back as a human
and then you start all over again. Then this times in your life, for you, think I've been here before I've seen this before like I've, something and that's what I feel about reincarnation out, no, I don't know he had better places and I've got I've been here before. But then again you have to think about what scientists believe that life is just an illusion that the patterns that we see or just created in our mind who the fuck knows, I'm having a good time. The reefer calms me down yeah, I'm saying what else we doing comedy we're healthy, we're having fun still fucking here. Picking up the vine like you guys have come and fuck and gun you know oh yeah, so how lucky am I sit here and think How going to monitor the line, I'm not sure is that his name, the line, the line months as my dog to we've known each other for almost twenty years. Twenty years has been twenty might be to
This China made around ninety seguintes this January. How for twenty, which means I met you March of next year, I became. I got, I landed in La January 20th and you know it was a regular at the store February 19th, my birthday. That was my only ever claim to fame in this town. I was here, Stanhope referred me. I did seven, she told me come back next week and she made me a regular. It was like written in a movie. I showed up at the comedy store up Monday night at one thousand one hundred and thirty. One thousand one hundred and twenty five any Griffith said you might. If I do ten minutes in front of you, and that was my comedy store, debut and shit- how much time did he do? He went right through one hundred and fifty he would do like three hours, three fucking hours, but still that was that's. What kept me here was that stupid fucking comedy store brother. How great is that that I just walked in there Stanhope
I kept. I'm introduced myself to Scott Day. Why and said to me it's a six week minimal weight. I called in. I had three people calling for me. I think, and he was one of one they believe Stanhope the most and they and me on a Friday, though I said you going up in front of Mitzi Sunday at nine. Whatever have three minutes ready and I was like what the I thought I had to wait till April: Miley. No, that was an opening on the list. Go down there. It we a a lot of guys, come and go. You ever go down one of the cool things about the comedy store, one of the coolest things is that the walls are like a museum like literally a comedy museum. There is no comedy museum so for us, the comedy museums of the walls of places like the punchline. You know like when you go an older club Nashville Zanies Zanies in Nashville. The best example pictures that make your jaw drop yep.
People that aren't even alive anymore people, not the people that were really big and they just stopped. Tom arms. As a one night, around Iowa like when you go to rooms in Wyoming Herbal runs, which are one nighters, that's different than a stationary calmly club of people at home. That means at a bar with a certain town. Just does calmly, on Tuesday nights every night I went to a place in Riverton Wyoming and they have pictures of Roseanne and Tom Arnold Roseanne and Tom Arnold together when they first of going on the road together like he I've been in the business for a long time. That's when they were out of Denver out of Denver, yeah Minneapolis. I thought she was married to somebody else and then the voice was she left them. I think she went to Minneapolis for awhile and toured with him haha panned out, while You know that's one of the sad things about Wanna Comedy club closes down. You lose that museum like they used to be The last stop in river oaks had pictures of Stanhope any bad long, luxurious, hair,
Stanhope, had like Fabio hair. Stanhope used to wear an overcoat, and he has long hair- and I remember, like I think, I heard that he didn't even have a place to live. Just, let me let others raw car got broken into hard and the finals of the San Francisco comedy competition over ailing that he went and bought like a second hand suit, and he went back then smoked everybody with soon yeah. That's where Dane cooks manager, tried to psych him out before he went on stage. What do you say to something Dickey, you know something Dickey like you know you never going to beat him or something like that like something really shitty Stanhope, lineup, winning and crushed it. I is set at that time
time was fucking amazing, gyro, he's amazing. Now I said at that time he had. He had connected the bridge from me. That's what put me on the right path, the bridge of when I watched what he was doing and a half hour. Then, when he was headlining his first half hour, then just the way he was delivering it his presentation and he was young at the audience, and they walked. It was all a fucking thing of genius. It hit me so hard that I didn't do comedy for about four days to gather up like what am I going to do with my life 'cause? If I'm not that good, it's not worth doing this shit. You know at that time he was doing the the bucket of vaginas junk that some lady come up to him and ask him if he wants a buyer bucking the roses at a bar. I don't need roses. I need a bucket of vaginas. And the lady would walk out, but I'd never forget that he said that's. What I need is a bucket of cunts,
she walks out, and some lady in the audience actually gets up and walks out and he's like late I'm sorry. I should say conscious of this one on all night people would walk and then he'd say things to them as they were walking out, but it was so brilliant that people couldn't take it. No, you know. I was a comic I loved what he was doing on stage he was talking about going to a bar with the g string was stuck in the girls fucking saying it was there somewhere, I'm not doing any justice this right, so it didn't matter what he was doing on stage. Nobody was really doing at that time and then he came to LA and there were hating on him at that improv. They were trying to make that fucking. You know squeak squeaky clean and he went in and then I was in the night when he insulted the burn victim, benefit. He went up there, the guy had the head on and he goes with the fucking people depressed this guy hasn't the smile and now you know I mean he didn't stop for awhile and he started walking the improv. You know, Michael
was nights were all the professionals in the Eagles today and I'm saying they would put him on. They would panic and Mitzi Shore made a mistake and she's not importing that mother fucker on at eight hundred and forty five before Betsy's alkaline taxonomist make the sound mistake. Missy Missy was she had a method, their madness dog she enjoyed watching that shit yeah, but once you watched it at that time, you know, I tell you how it is. The show opens up at what time at the comedy store on Saturdays, eight hundred and thirty and those days, okay, she would put Doug Stanhope on third and then he would be. He would hit so hard in the original they they would see who for it's a political guy, then they would have about a buff of, and then she didn't really know who staying home wise. She had forgotten as she put him up in a corner. Fucking nine. You know the third guy
list on a Saturday. They would not ready for him. I remember one particular sad. They was want about lesbians with Dick pumps. Sinus softball game we all had. I mean he was just going off and original room didn't even know where he was going like nobody knew where he was going. You're, a fucking lesbian, softball player, you probably in the fucking thing with Dick pump, I don't fuck, then even made a cover. He's got an album cover of a dick pump. That was that bit. You know they wanna fucking dog sitting back this stone to the gills confused. They were out of it, but the sad understand Joe Rogan. Honestly, it wasn't the God of followed him. It was the two people that follows Stanhope in those days were in a lurch, because the second guy that followed Stanhope was all fucked up. He just put bad under general, like you know, bombs in those days, Hollywood wasn't ready for staying. I saw it. I
I saw that people don't think dirty coal approach to stand up Hollywood approaches stand. I was changed. I you to be, you know they were. They were all they had to. Let us in words: well, they had a lettuce and that's what happened with the let it sit coms. You know they will yet because people funny yeah we can name a lot of. We could sit here for two fucking hours. We name a lot of people that came to this town, who would genuinely funny, and then some fucking Sue got to him and said: listen, you have to write your sitcom for these people and talk about it on your stage persona, and then they went up there and change their whole stay end up, and you know what that's funny in a way, but it's not really who the fuck. You are right and that's what happened. People got away from that for a few years are years. Ninety six to two thousand and four people got away from that. People still want you to build this come on stage, but when that fuck and idea went awry, the had they had to let fucking people with a little crazy in there
seems like the podcast Sarah, and then people got to understand how much entertainment there is and just people being themselves just crazy people, people like you or people. ARI or people like Duncan started people. So recognizing that when you let a guy just be himself or a girl just be themselves you're going to get the real I think you're going to find out what's actually funny well, it really makes you realize is how much media does control what you watch and see whether it's music? It's committee so. Let's pretend that, where there's no venue for stand up like that, except for HBO, let's pretend that right now podcast would not have come up in this in the last ten years. You would know me, you would know standard know, you would know, stand up, you would know ARI. You wouldn't know Duncan. You would know a half a fucking decent comics that are floating around, because the people who are controlling comedy are controlling comet.
Do the certain criteria's youth age and it all has to mix up yeah. It all has to mix up if it doesn't mix up and I'm not crying Fucking Wolfe. I I I'm happy what the fuck I'm doing. I've done great compared to what I thought I was going to fucking do so I'm talking to how to sometimes our cause. I mean I know you're too old. For this thing we're going to think about what you know: people who watch What what can a guy like you do? You can do one of two things you need to do an HBO special or you can do nothing. You don't have one sensor radio back, then they even until series came along an exam. You don't even have the venue on the radio, so you had nothing in that nothing to be you and your stories and all your craziness where you're free like this, and so it wasn't a product to sell. There was no there's no market. So unless you, Kennison or a dice clay or some who got an HBO special or got on Rodney Dangerfield's HBO Special with the world got introduced to you being dirty. No one's really going to buy it. There was no work,
so we got on Joe Rogan's podcast mother, fucker you're the new, FUCK in russian us? We have now comedians to these people that would never even dream. About going to watch hello, I'm in the when we when we this fucking Cobbs the dude Mean that shit mister bother me, because that was how we review them. Well, they didn't, they didn't respect, you guys know, but they thought, because you guys didn't, have tv credits and because you were dirty that you know. I was making a bad choice by bringing you with me. I'm like what are you talking about? These guys are whole area. That stuff is fucking tremendous. I got amazing fucked up, I'm not dumb this mother fucker from but it out. I know some people probably say enjoy your quietly. I blacked out for awhile went deep is a lot in that I took ten minutes so that fucking thing you did a podcast with SAM Harris ten. Then spray TAN one. I took two before I got here too, but I think those are kind of worn off and I decided just see what we know what's good about this. You know you don't go deep for eight hours now, the other
I'm going to connect! I like this little spray I just went through for will it there was a little fucked up buying online you. I would say doubles. I thought about taking a nap. Easy in easy out right because, like it's not digesting your stomach, it's going through your bloodstream because you're doing it you know transdermal was it. What is what is it called when you looked for in your sub dermal right? I was just as good there for a moment because I'm gonna bought before I came in you did that to What are you why not? Why yeah? Why not when I win it addresses only going on in counseling will. Thank you, sir. I got to dress up like a cowboy jack looks I don't know what my wife is going to be. The stronger the baby, don't be an indian people get mad at you, cultural appropriation, didn't now what the your name have to apologize. Hilary Duff didn't she apologize for hollowing costume, it was cultural appropriation. What was your costume? She was a program and I think the issue is what they're going
So you can't be an indian, no more, no more Indians, no more cowboys and Indians Cowboys versus cowboys, and if you do encounter in Indian, you better be an actual fucking indian, not some culturally. Appropriating Cisgendered white piece of shit Hillary Jeff is so sorry about her offensive, Halloween costume, oh my, my god, so the man you see people haven't gotten the full message yet from the social Justice warriors, They haven't gotten the full message, yet they are not allowed to wear that indian social Justice warriors filming on this social. Justice worries or people that want to control the way people behave. They want everyone to be very progressive and very pieces of web page and no known to just a group and we're going to enforce culture. Appropriation, no white, guys with dreadlocks. Stop it stop at No, you can't have Taco Tuesday piece of shit, culture, appropriation, they get mad of white, guys cook chinese food. It's like there's so much going on for get matter. White guys continues. Flannel idea. I want to chinese guy cooking chinese food that that's what's wrong. With fucking death
true. You know what else I demand for the most part I like mexican food from mexican people, there's a guy that was get in trouble for cultural appropriation 'cause. He was got here an hour. Mexican restaurant he's a white guy from Oklahoma. It was a huge sting Carew and apparently this guy is a huge fan of mexican cooking and is a real like master chef and goes to Mexico and studies under the great mexican chefs and opens up mexican restaurants in America just because he loves mexican cooking and they're like fuck, you you're, not mexican, you can't do it cultural appropriation, fuck are we doing
we're apologizing for indian costume. Before I go right now, 'cause, I wanna turn under yes I'll tell you. What's the best show I've seen since sopranos about last, like fucking, whatever you gonna hate it people going to hate it, it's a show called Selia, Selia Selia, it's about Selia Cruz, the Cuban sing his belt Celia. What's it on its on? There somebody called me and said: Joey you, cuban no disrespect. You should watch that show. I will I knew so your cruise, like one my mom, had to borrow bar and then in that early seventies? My mom was tighter with selya, but I was going to catholic school. I wish she came by. I wasn't there. I would see at the bar, and I had seen her a few times, but I didn't know my I like, like three other songs and Cuba she's like a folklore like this fucking light, be people love ring.
What is she like Jesus and waste? I watch this fucking show and I'm up to episode, thirty, okay and they taped it like a spanish Nova right which again nobody really like it unless you grew up on spanish novellas, but it fills you win on what was going on like she goat like right now, Castro just look up, fucking house. So when you say she take they take like a spanish novella. You mean like our Telemundo novelas, but they made this into a tv show. Eighty fucking episodes I'm up to thirty. Three Katie episode maybe fucking episodes the first season. I don't know what it is. I just find somebody called me and turn me on to it, but it's not the interest, like the singing is cool, and I remember, is growing up and listening to some of those songs and my mom's bar. What's going on as they breakdown that gay thing in Cuba, what I told you that you should take him shark hunting and throw him off the boat
like this fucking kid was saying my father left the house because I was gay like it was so yeah, but if you would dark skinned like if you were any dark skin at all in Cuba, they would hate you Joe Rogan so when Castro got in there made it easy Batista was robbing people Batista was just a piece of shit, I mean, but it was such a piece of that twenty. This after he was gone. They will hunting down his soldiers in the United States like Fucking nazi soldiers like they were getting hunted down. These groups of Cubans will hunt him down and fucking beat them in the shooting of his shit. That's how much because it had become like it, but towards the last five years of Cuba. It become like, if I pulled you over. I just beach in a fucked up, took your car and that was it, but for
He is cuban Fidel Satin, those mountains. It's like taking over la and setting up a fucking San Francisco for eight years waiting for the opportunity and it breaks it down along the way how they it was easy for them to take over. It was like stealing Fidel. They will wait for fidelity take over the revolution It is pretty crazy. Still in control, it's fucking crazy. I mean this really. You know- and I knew this anybody like that out there now besides him that took a country by force and still has troll of it all these years later he just wanted to peoples, houses and said it's mine. You know this show doesn't touch on the casinos, but he just walked into the casinos and said church good call, a mafia.
It's mine, you know you show them, they show the Cubans. Take him, the all the american Embassy people, what they do then just took him on the arm and walked into the airport. Have a nice life suitcase. You know they nationalized all the businesses. It was just something that you don't think about. I don't think about it. You know I'm americanize whatever the fuck, but it is the acting sensation. I just little too much music, where you at subtitles, it's all spanish when she said that she was huge in Cuba like while she was huge worldwide worldwide like compared to weather today, like what would you compare to fifty six, you had a first gold out holy shit, a million right, yeah
now: go is gold, five hundred thousand and platters a million and the people, the owner of the company, had a quality fucking wreck bandleader over ago. We can have this check, though she's a darkie barkis, don't sell records in Cuba, not gonna, do it and he guaranteed them, because you never talk like that. Again, I'm not going to fuck out, but if it goes gold you pay for the studio sessions. If it doesn't go, go let PAM guarantee. If she became biggest actresses in the five? Not actress is not the best looking monster out there. I mean that was her argument. Also she's haitian. She was cuban was she. She was haitian. I don't know geometry population blood would have the fuck it is, but she was fucking Cuban, but you know they said she wouldn't sell records 'cause. She was ugly, she wouldn't sell records 'cause. She was
dark skinned like a which is her actual music in the show yeah yeah and her singing this shits pretty fucking intense, but it showed like three star goals for her, like she wasn't going to make it as a fuckin dark singer. You know they show like what Cuba was going to like when Fidel fucking goes into a house, and now the last episode I watched you supposed to perform at the Tropicana for the Commandante. You know and she like he took my house and I was make up a form from fuck him, I'm not going on it, but she's Donna he's down there with Chekavar
uh huh. You know and all that shit. So that's the last episode I watched that was it, but we check that out the episodes that scares the shit out of me now, Joe Rosato, my job, that kind of time you'll watch two episodes in bail. It's just it's kind of different, it's different. Even for me it was a little different at first. I stuck with it because I grew up in it and I kind of miss that right now I don't have my package, so I kind of miss that it's constantly in Spanish. It's really good cuban actors. There's a couple of Mexicans is a couple of fuckin. You know, like light skin. Mexicans really know that MAX against talked about cuban the 50s. What Cuba wasn't? A 50s are you like in narcos, I liked it. I liked seasons, pretty good, just liked it. Ah it was great. I love that fucking show. Did you wanna get enough that so much did you watch both seasons? I haven't finished second season, yet I'm halfway did. You watch yeah, I loved love. The first reason I'm halfway to the second season, but then I found stranger things and I went off on a
engine. I had to watch that I had a ride that motherfucker right to the end of love. That show is a lot good shows a lot of good shows out there. Westworld I would like for you to wait for his shit. Every Hopkins, Ed Harris is a bad mother fell. Harris is always believable, Father fuck, but this is. Is a p still easy sauce. This is the one this is the role were you know, you're gonna see him a lot, because you know it's many, many many episodes. So it's like a move that the beautiful thing about game of thrones is at it's a giant movie. It's the movie that last many many many many seasons and once you get used to that, a regular movies like it's not enough time to tell story. Ninety minutes, not enough time, tell story and you're, seeing that with shows like Westworld two, it's like they're figuring out a totally new thing, and it totally new thing being there's been shown before, like LOS, then a bunch of other shows where there was a story line they had to follow through the entire. You know all seasons and they all kind of connected, but not sort of the way. They're doing it now. The way they do.
Now is with nudity and swearing and violence, and so sexuality- and it's just it's all know- hold barred mean game of thrones is change the whole fucking game and now best world is changing the game too. There's a bunch of these shows like that that are just HBO and Netflix and you know all these companies that have the budget to put together Essentia Lee a movie a week and they get these bangin actors and I'm telling you Ed Harris knocks it out of the park, he's so creepy he's so creepy. You believe a man you believe is the boogeyman. I keep is if you were living in those wild West days and Ed Harris rides up in a fucking horse outside your town with that creepy fucking smile of his, and you can't even kill him big guns. Don't work on him, fuck man, it's awesome, such a good show. I love. I love joy ideas,
any good show, so we did. I heard you had a good show in Chicago, and I hope we get here we're going to be able to see that shit on Seeso December eight bitch, oh shit, we're at zanies right. The one in rose, my Rosemont, that's a great club, that's a fun place. Eddie. Bravo said he saw you down there. He said he had a great fucking time for anything that we had a good time and then, sadly the
the show is little lumpy, but the second show I just got out of my you know I was trying to. I was trying to be Jerry Seinfeld and they had a script really for the first show yeah. I was on the stick. That's just because it's taping was the first time I had the opportunity. I was gonna try to work a little cleaner. I didn't want them to. I didn't want them to look at me and say this guy. You know I tell you why I'm a fan mma when I see growth, I love when I watch an mma fight when Conor Mcgregor for Nick Diaz the second time I was so happy that I finally somebody's doing what I'm talking about you go back. You look at your mistakes and you go back to incorrect. I'm at the same time you show up with a new weapon. Don't keep telling me that you are the hardest hitter in the UFC Lightweight Division. I don't have that because it's not about the harder. I don't want to hear that. No more so I thought about my special from that perspective and I go if I watch my special. If I do come on the foot joke they gonna know he never grew from they. Never really. So I really wanted to try it. You know I'm saying like but see: that's they fuck with your head.
Because those come in the foot. Jokes are great. No, no! I don't like them. I just don't to kill time and 'cause. I'm lazy. Butt I just want to do something that was me, but not so. I worked at that way. The first ride trying to be Jerry Seinfeld and it kind of worked a little bit that the technique was there, but the old fears wasn't then I thought about that and I said fuck this I'm going to change this all out go this mother, fucked Acapella for school. Deep It's you Mendez surgery. I I've their there management or no order? No, nothing. I capello whatever the. Jokes. I don't want to use old jokes, not like that it was all fresh stuff and it worked out man, I'm happy. I did twenty five years. It's done, you know we should do next is going to take another one. You know we should do now we should do like Ronnie Dangerfield special type thing with all of us would like are and you and Dunkin and put it together and you know
and do the same. The way that Ronnie still where they have like four or five comics go on and do like fifteen minutes. You know you little bit. Sometimes I get stuck with comedy and I go back to those in my way There was a great kenison on there based on their bill. Hicks taught me an education, because Fucking Andrew went up there and level the room level LE I would have run out of that. Andrew Dice Clay and Bill Hicks went up there with the composure, slowed him down, but up a cigarette smooth as a cucumber are cool cold cucumber right. Cucumbers got sucked him into a web of fucking whore and it turned into something else. Sha boys Schimmel, destroy sorry that DOM Irrera, DOM Irara Lori Clark. Many Clark, Droid crusts, always been my go to when I'm up with stand up and
Seinfeld Seinfeld fucked it up. There was a couple great people that who Robert Townsend Roseanne Barr yeah yeah. Barry Sobel Barry Sobel, that's right, so who want to be in punchline yeah. We really should do that Joey. Why don't we do that That should be our next thing. Yeah, we could do it. You know Alex yeah and do it that way? We could do another special quick, like you do this special, then we do another one in like seven or eight. Months or something like that. We don't have twenty. Minutes in seven or eight months we could throw another show. This is tremendous. Edibles fuck You know why two, because, even if it don't get you high, you Brent this fucking minty fresh after that it feels good in my mouth taste great mine too. So it's on c, so it isn't there something we can sign up for free yeah. I got a cold day. I listen to the podcast and I give up the c so called to get two free months, I'll give it to you in November, 25th
You got until January and you get the special fucking free Giovanni as hope is on their house right there doing some discussions to web design that all they shoot a ton of shit. They gotta be the official comedy they wanna go for it. Want to go for it. They want what you know what I think these all these new networks are going to open up like the same way that Netflix is done. It's going to we a very good model and they're realizing that now that's going to be the future this these network. Of like CBS, NBC and ABC boy. They're gonna have a hard time in a few years. Stand float, won't, let's think about. What's not flicks how much a month nine bucks yeah Denmark, three, nine thousand nine hundred and fifty. So there's going to be a sports one. That's going to be like two dollars pretty soon you're going to be spending twenty one dollars and you don't get programming from fucking Mars What is he so have? What's on it, they have set office. It's on NBC thing right it. Okay, so they've got
everything NBC even all forty years, Saturn it live side that live and see all. But I I guess they were there starting yeah. I guess they went after a lot comedian. Specials is already doing his thing. I see so I'm not sure they have like a regional, networking on that. Like original programming, networking, not the fucking talking about that's awesome, it's tremendous! Well, I think that's the future! The few Here's what I mean like Netflix didn't become Netflix overnight. There was something I was watching online with this. Guy was talking about big companies and companies to look for- and you know these companies like Google and apple and big technology companies, and he thinks that Netflix is going to be one of the next big technology companies. You look at the growth and look at what it's worth now and what is projected to be worth like in, like two thousand and twenty is just keeps growing and growing, and as more and more people abandon cable like less and less people, getting cable, more more people getting their tv shows just from Netflix, and you know the thing is the idea of watching something you have to be home.
At eight hundred o'clock and going to be sitting there waiting. It seems archaic. It seems archaic to wait for a show and what Netflix also does to get you and turn you into a junkie is they could just binge? You just sit there and watch all the narcos episodes to sit there. I come home and I've been doing stand up this online dating a watch, an episode of articles that we ask you to. We need to block yeah. I like that. But so it's seven. That's always that's been my my favorite episodes of television, the last Twenty years episode, seven LA is Banada, I don't know which goes when he kills the two guys and put them in the oven first season. The two boots were driving for the steal from him and Carter, those dark when he did that episode. That's my new we ran into some fucked in his acting is fucking second to none right now that do 'cause out act. Mother, fuckers, he's a skinny dude that walks fat. I've never seen where he put on a lot of weight for that role, just him just for that wrong. I've never seen that shit yeah, you buy it! You
by he, you know he's pretending to be a good fucking shell, there's a lot of stuff out there these days, but Joe. TD's en ce, so December, eighth, mother fuckers. What's it called when you call it sociably, unacceptable, sociably, unacceptable, Socially or sociably, I have no fucking at the question just gotta to see soul December eight. I change the title by that time. So have you edited it all yeah? I got a couple edits. It looks tremendous beauty and so when they put it up to you to stream, it live right. So in this area awesome and then again, if you want to get on to get on it now, because Doug Stanhope is already on c, so you can check out his thing. Two choices: December eight I'll definitely have Jan. Before then, will let everybody know four pops up an we're doing new year's eve, mother, one field up home movie B with Tony
golden pony, Hinchcliffe, almost sold out. There was very, I think, there's less than a hundred tickets left as of this week. So don't sleep! You know I came up here to promote something, but what is in the way up here? They were like Joe there's only Suse ticket slip. I I didn't know I thought that what is it the Wilbur when you doing the Wilbur November, oh shit. Well, let him know if you're in Boston, that's fucking. Theater is one of the best deal does stand up because it's three tiers it's stacked right in front of you. So it's a big ass crowd, but it feels like a small crowd because each it's like there's three small crowds. That's what it's like! It's like three three one hundred C comedy club stacked on top of each other at places offering at foxwoods and even that night were selling tickets. I was like that, let's just bail on it, because it's UFC two hundred and five everybody's going to watch Ufc12 five, so like no we're selling tickets. Ok,
well, if people could stay off their fucking phones and just hit that dvr and just Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa not listen to the radio, they drive home, blah blah blah blah blah and then get in front of the tv watch it, because if it was a live events, they could see you and then go watch the fights this fuckers. Alright! Folks, that's it! That's the end! and for this week I'm going out of town. I got to go, kill some dears of bows and arrows see a deer. No s I'll be back soon. Bye, love! You guys, love! Let shit out! Yeah Joey Fucking Diaz very excited that you're going to see him December a thanks to our sponsors, thanks to caveman coffee, go to caveman dot com and enjoy some of that single source, single origin, single family, yummy, coffee thing. You too, on it go to onnit use the code word rogue, in and save ten percent off any and all supplements, and if you're in Aust
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create go to lootcrate, dot com, Slash Rogan, and you is the code word Rogan to save three dollars off any new subscription today, ok, Jesus Christ. Why did it seem like I talk so much in that one Skype, Tampon God, damn pots, God Damn marijuana. That's it for the show that said, they'll be one more podcast this week, I'm going to do one with my friend John Dudley, and that's it see you guys soon. Next week I got a lot of cool shit cooking. I got some very interesting guests that I'm very excited about I'm have Dave Rubin on the day before election day, Pa Bruins awesome that should be fun. Then we're going to Do the Doug Stanhope experience at the comedy store we're going to do it live at the comedy, store, we're going to record
for sure we're trying to figure out exactly what the logistics are, but mostly it's going to be, is we're going to all be just talking while the elections go on, how long we're going do it. This is all dogs idea. They want to do like four hour stretches. Hope it'll be fun. I I'm assuming it'll, be fine. If it's not I absolutely tell you beforehand, do not download this fucking piece of shit podcasts unless you're a glutton for punishment we got drunk, it was alleged. Prices on that week to be a lot of fun. Okay, and then a week after that, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson return. I got a lot of good shit coming on Scott Adams going to be here. I got so I'll talk to you soon. Bye, love, ya, big, kiss.
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