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#875 - Shannon Briggs

2016-11-21 | 🔗
Shannon Briggs is an American professional boxer. A twenty-year veteran of the sport, he held the lineal heavyweight title from 1997 to 1998, and the WBO heavyweight title from 2006 to 2007.
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that's it well my guest today is shannon the cannon briggs if you don't know who he is he's off or to time heavy which hamper the world who is going to be boxing for the one is it maybe a dummy bc we're gonna find out what title it is which wanted it he's a fucking hilarious dude online and i am really looking forward to this he calls everybody champ super positive and dies very very skilful box or just a really positive and a light fun guide follow on instagram he's got a gigantic following on social media just because of his attitude and is an infectious enthusiasm so please welcome cannon the cannon briggs let's dont trap logan experience you block ass my wife was torture let's go
if you said aiming ellen let's go champ is the first thing is that the programme will be a giant we had started all right said in a candid how did you get started doing this man dies them don't you you would think that that something like this simple as that go champ like that would encourage andrea how would i be so inspirational may i see your videos everyday pumped up thank you brother they are preserved brought away pledging leaving you finally you two men as well champ let's go cherub i appreciate this i'm here which through your videos on instagram get me fired up your positive the exciting their fun infectious railways rose in israel thrill me is me fanny yours as a boxer for a long time but but i'd love how you kind of reinvented yourself over the last few years
you don't owe me like that you like you reinvented yourself with social media as is something you ve always been doing privately been talking like this privately arduous your eyes you like this is the first time in my life i'm forty four will be forty five in december for that a few weeks this is the first time i like honestly that i am be a myself i'm not put on a show for anybody underscore my real personality which i'm silly i'm goofy i'm serious at times and political ties and a family man i'm diversion love hip hop but unlike listen listen to wrap lyric so useless and beat so this is who i am and with it you know what but thanks to social media unable to show it to the whirlwind and this is an alarming our guidelines which finally be him i am not china be a tough guy because boxer i'm boxer i'm just being i what man you know you could tell because there's no other forum where you
we just have a camera pointed out you eager to sing like mixes movie about organic blueberries and other health issue is its view exciting madame like you you do work a video just tell people to drink water like fuck man drink some water and seriously address the hydrated champion alarm alison's you as well and united you have a more sugar and i'm not i'm told if we know what because it destroys destroyed you every level mentally physically it just takes away from me so i tried a stable toby will right and change of my diet changed my life i was like finish i was like god i was fortunately pounds i was out a box and i was financially and ruin and the change in my new changed my diet is totally may my differ well love your story because i love a guy i love a success story but also more than a success story i love
success then fuck your life up and get it back together again story i like that because there is like a certain amount of enthusiasm that you have that you you know that you seen dark days but now you're back well that's part of like the fun of what you doing me thank you thank you the sugar is a fucked up thing isn't like totally most people don't know as the screw me up i told you i was like every day donald and this is after years of eating right just let myself go enough own of the story but are as follows to my deep depression i was just eating junk food all the time and chris betray you know won't you should just part of my diet and is making crazy mentally i wasn't suffer from depression i want off my cell phone over two years i was clearly suicide channels is why should a point i have a clue what to do in alarm although financially i was doing well had got out a box and i got a job in but i was just
i had seen you know so much darkness him alive from from a child and arm is it was of one because what i did was to all my life i was stored things it put him in a closet jean i was told very young national you gotta be demanded how she also on europe now get over it so you do and i will let me as o twelve years oh eight years oh that becomes your over over time i just you know it's snap and by too much pressure ecosystem expression than you are i'm a kid honestly find gaza joy form a linux louis with very little amateur experiences or happening facile it just became a point we no longer odor they hold on when you are young you were so hyped up you know you had this crazy look with dread locks and teddy atlas is behind you and all these big names never dislike shanna cannon briggs is the next big thing and no you had a lot of success but there was some people that felt like it live up to your full potential and then
you went away for a little bit and then you came back and you have better than ever was this as this is my third comeback maybe forth by the way my fourth combat so i'll get up i've always had like a fool blue box and but it was not really something that i was really dedicated to war the right to buy me was always something that was to get you to get me by to make a living and is finally come to the point now at forty four b a forty following three four years ago i got it places like you know what i know i'm good at this is something of this town and i've had because of how one foot in my friend i've done great they say you catchy box it i want we tabled twice in saying that i cheated i can but i never i never had a stability in a deep backing we're gonna help they hadn t mohammed jimmy raw financially but with the
our city will flood before i bet says whereas it was a marketing knock em i could bring in big money from investors and stuff like that nay it at that point i would like to wish him a bedroom but i wasn't given opportunity to have a real training your situation i was on an awful lot i really bynum own if you look at it s like ninety nine five when military atmosphere i basically been on all with different trainers and different promoters in really no management just or what i had dude middle when you look back on your career and you look back especially in the early days when there was so much hype behind you mean you or the next big thing brownsville you're the guy that everybody was lookin for to do that there's gonna be the next big heavyweight how is that too much pressure and in a sense in a lot of ways the almost like now is possible i just found people was it for me what was what was going on for you backed unlike what was it like to be that young up and coming what was what was going on for you back then like what was it like to be that young up and coming prospect with all those eyes on it now
it was a woman says whereas like and what wasn't ready at a very limited amateur robert was old woman says whereas light and what wasn't ready at a very limited amateur background they want i was put on a new tab level i'm you had to amplify sums on he was eighteen are fulfilled the votes were three hundred fight when i had eighteen amateur vital abc while water sports this was a little over one for me now i'm eighteen amplifies i'm fine a guy you know gold metal right but you know have so oghee i started our young knowing that you know what you're gonna be on a big screen you gonna be out there although you not prepared so you feel like you're always playing catch are always
until the last couple years why was homemaking videos i had time to get a shape unites us now to drinking over five years i started work on i was thirteen years old will you not voting is always drunken arm homeless from ours thirteenth about twenty is all living he and yet so i've been on out is basing serves a king and away so when i was put on it and on emma to tat level at have always in a situation where besides pair catch up i want to make i'm on a big tree and i'm not ready to do the best i can and i have always done it and that's what i try to tell me what do the best you can you let me do the best you can because you never know but that i'm not ready thing seems a bit
the other constant theme like that was always in the back your head right now is that without confidence that's will conferences if you go to any fight him on them already you already have defeated and i was so town that i could still overcome you now run for george form and with this we on i wasn't whatever we split another guy down and not a girlfriend demise now call us away and we trade for about a week and he i was you know battling george george format and got a close decision but here was that he did not doubt happy with that you know and i became the many added which had been outside while you know there was a light to beat george form i imagine this like there's a mount rushmore boxing comes the headway division for sure george foremans on grass greater gregg must trip to it's looking at on the other side of the ring again i wasn't ready but i was there
you know i wasn't ready yom confidence why should i just met the trainer we know got him he spoke no english to tell me jimmy a job say job a job wrote me he spoke no english the housework spoke very lou english and i speak very little spanish but understood work and we just world and i want the title while names now most campione vehicles can be so i gave my now you you split would tell the atlas tat was a big deal too because teddy ours is like a notorious hard ass now i mean these the heart is the hard mean even when you look out on that big scar across his face and in those talks brutally and he was caught it was like open publicly saying that it is didn't think that you are all in that that was that was really downplay my light were really felt like that was one the times where suicide definitely cabin came into play and i know it may sound crazy but the reason wisely
as you know when i would tell you i was like nineteen twenty years old and he was very overbearing and since whereas like you know i won't i wanted to make you know i was homeless i want to make and i was warmly do anything he said without with management said to make it because you either that or die in prison but that was in and at a time when he eventually died my mom was on drugs shoes on heroin crack so it was like ok i gotta it is now an opportunity to train of that area some stray my diving so i gave myself then and this is where i was i envy he says i'm adieu in doing so long i feel like where we split and he went publicly said anna balmy it hurt so bad some of them father figure because teddy spent many days i think you know carry me down so you control in your mama and i will call you know what have i knew how to come to him as a kid i keep him as an eighteen twenty or so
are we split he were publicly i was just set of doubt point everyone was was undefeated little for hbo hbo knighted heavyweights it was a big my talk about me and everything and here i was had shown i got knocked out by that wasn't it around we're teddy went out i was a slight we know why three days when it was like me and you can all be i was one of the three point five is almost hand it was so much mean to tell me that you know without me enough in him you don't have this you have within five tom you can do it so such a mental you know nothing open type of thing when we split i want to play the committed suicide was in my management basement had a shotgun i was like man you know what i mean i was just in a bad place and everyone turned it turned it back on me i mean the newspapers will be a party and terry's affluent kelly's influence with
either is in new york city cry with such such so strong he had built a great militia what i don't wanna put by ought to be a bill great wishes with her certainly it is in our biggest anyway assaulting the embassies craig was on board or shadow breaks i survived that so that was part of me sand is why tell people on the chance because i've never spoken about this publicly this my first time lisco channels you know but we do pray hit emotion of waste but but you know things like on that was there was this put a reason why call myself the champion i mean because although monopoly for many europeans oh you really laws in this matter and i want the title that wasn't winning was doing at will manage it now to my birthday you know that was to me why the champ pinocchio went out there with without a stable to build a stable trainer and i still form when twelve rounds that's why the jam then you know
those type a moment of my life is watching the chamberlain's hidell again with one second left one o clock with black hole which that's not why the chant no because i thought that i would asthma attack and i was born asthmatic meet the fact that i'm even box in his unreal i spent my childhood and hospital blood gotta how are we gonna education i dropped out of high school and i have great job so unanimous put my school these are going through does the come visit me a school because mass yummy for me to become alleyway championed of two times about to be three very so this is accomplished for not only myself of asthma and people who don't give up because i want to give up man tat he left me i want to give up chat or people know boxing maybe i don't know the legend of teddy atlas in them how he directly connects to customers on that the early hard day of the thyssen camp and teddy's it is like a famous motivator i would say in a lot of ways by think there's a
a certain amount of intoxication that cancer people telling you you're a great motivator and you start to believe it and by an indian yourself you may remember that ten bradley fight so isn t rallies condoms like we're fine man we fight yes i am ready to fight the fire i love tat listen illegal it's it's hard for me i do not have me talk by this now bright light this is before the famed for teddy right like when we met teddy at the huge work like a stone that should not sure no disrespect but united the fact and he wasn't all well financially in my mind roger was like no one spoke earlier about he was a garden gordon raise capital any this young kid from the same remains my thyssen i just one the national dumps gimme the u s went championships ninety two and maybe want my money too and he was able to go out and get gas him my god you know like myself you know risky will end
this famous trainer to train is all resource rounds teddy alice and i was so i submitted i was i hate when i was a had to write it was this'll jail at my lot said that was in prison must have that was imprisoned mama's industries and the manager was like taking a what silently i'll put your mama rehab and i was hell yeah ok he did everything you do and he tat he believed in turkey and i believe in turning and teddy process i watched him say he told me i would never be accommodated because he doesn't feel it is to talk about fighters what he told me he said he would never be a common ever but of course he is a common this was before he became so he decided yet come on right the allowed things a lot of these that was said basically we split and he went on television the one who said hey you know he had the senator i was idea what will all times that we will winning it was we when i stay once it was me
so you know i just does not exact science demotivating people right does not exact science a training and a lot of the relationship between a trainer and a fighter comes to like a perfect trainer for you might not be approved trainer for another guy insist you gotta have that bond together and weather you do you don't you don't find down till you're in there i am not looking back as a man now as an accomplished man and you look back on your days when you were nineteen twenty what do you think would indifferently what would you have done to motivate yourself or to talk to yourself differently back then you know what i'm goin out the eyes which you honestly tell you joe like what i'm doing right now be a free ride was not that type of fire you know he worked great forget certain people i'm not that tab guy look i'm a funny guy like you have formed a like a laugh like the bug out you know all alike i'm happy i'm happy guy teddy's not we different in that you insane and for more time look look for example ali
highly trained to archie moisture another training before you got the don t know how to train i leave let him do him and this is what i'm doing now people say not my guys who work with me jesse robinson states mckinley the great statesman going the grid jesse robinson these guys betray me now in although on reform of our forty five i'll have learned later on in life how did just be me before this is this works for shanna briggs windows withdraw it works which animals opposed to be someone else because someone else and i've done a lot of that in the end because was the syndrome whereas like you know i grew up at openness what a manager with trainer in an investor became like a process for me to go through it over and over and over again is like to the point where i you your man champ filling all these people are turning shape you and you are resisting eta you were confused by it go along with the program you know what but you know survival go well with the programme what the one the hardest thing for me and my life would be enormous
we're almost teenager and lose him home because it wasn't like something that i was used i came home from school one day i was gonna bishop black eyes when i came home we have it and i looked in people when i ll can i help no apartment was empty and i was i live all my life i was born a manner tat was you know self that was a turning point for me i i love her left the building a day a homeless t homeless kid and no more comic books what toys that i'd rob you know and it now you people what look at me monogram they seem approach now if you don't want to see the comic book thought of me to see the television sodomy whereas i lost my child that day when i went home and we were evicted that day became like i had to become a man that day i took the bus to my aunt's house and you know that night she took this out so my life was no longer had a color tv in my room and you know it was all about survival in oxford
in travelling lifted me too i am now wow i knew you were box in at the time to know when you start boxing i thought about allows like sixteen seventy so he started boxing as your homeless yeah why how are you doing now equerry sleeper from places sometimes arts hauser cousins hauser friends house you know sometimes shelter whereby to a champion and so was until you started haven't some success as a boxer they stopped being homeless you i gotta i made my my recipes junior pharaoh my eye savior found his jumpstart city when almost sixteen years old and on a subdued many nice to abstain jim and that's what kind of a cat is funny because boxing always julie back because you know how much i might get in trouble go to jail get arrested whatever as a team and someone get in trouble and have to go to get jimmy o tip hopefully sign for me for probation or something like that
and then not have to use the term as my are raised in his sleep in the germans freezing many nice boy is what i am doing so draw back to barter white him out so you know like fastings themselves it is my firm god ever look gimme some money was shelly thankful while the first guy was like seventeen resulting is oh he was looking for me to go on about germany jemmy said i kiss homeless and get back to me and i shall we think was looking for i can't believe it surely thankful was how shall we thank legendary boxing character and i never forget i swear to god i went to see him over the sea of joe adam he gave me five grand he was like you don't make it you want you know signal my team would i can believe and i leave is building i leave is built i go to plan what i'm in the train station job and i take out the might get a talking to someone had told them both and had to be like eighty nine ninety and a guy scene with the money i was homeless
seemed usually he'll talk i had to go on and hundreds he tried to rob me on the train he followed me a couple i've never seen five thousand let alone added to my party right now big this right so you try are you in tray broad be described by dr take the wrong do now when you when you went that law period a year a year life will you box inconsistent lee and then you stop for awhile what was going on annual holidays that for disagree how many are you here to use here three years i was now was a consistent i was just that man again back to confident you know she's never really have the confidence to really want to do it to just really feel like i had a foot of my foot my feet solid in the ground and i miss these last couple years gave me that game laboratory snow train ass thou must accord not gonna make
snuff lost heart but i called make enough for my style because i'm train in everyday not stopping i'll get my rest of course but of dedicated my last four years what made you decide i just clean everything up eat healthy drink in like what what was it like how did you make that decision to just stop and get it together i was suicidal i was like you so had adore him a baby girl have two sons chambermaids mob welcome with death let's go champ mighty my son katy brags whose ting as olaf to let your job and my baby girl coolly and she saw she was she changed every day she's for now and it was four years ago not everything always really of these four years for the four years come alive change and how she came and i'll do the spitting image of my mom and you know i'll just fight i wish i was in so when she came out to see my mom and her and it was like my mom reincarnated and i'm only child and you don't hear was i was back with my mother again i can see it
it was it was a ghost and allows fathoms depressant how the everyday i sat on account where every time for one year straight i city for days of kid you not at sight my wife would get a morning city were out i would just give it to my wife the press we held every day and then a journey city for days i was fellows a balloon i'd get up owing to delight fool you know my bid bowl of a box of syria can do not put the notion of fridge i put a whole box huge ball franco the anger bungle ball and that's the whole box you now and i would hope all day and finally one day ass it you know what browser you don't kill yourself and i couldn't imagine her in this world you have to do things to survive that some women have to do and i mean and look at how to love a god
and i started walking minnesota soundless old chap must go jack you know no entourage no more friends my money was gone the i had ants roger one point i thought that that though they got to show for me you know i have friends cause i allowed and i know that all disappeared and it was just me i'm a baby girl my family my wife along a shudder to my baby let's go chap and on you now wishes alot of her memories and anger and i was i can log out of a gonna feel this time you got puts an irreplaceable and out shut out the teddy alice no disrespect and another love because i learned a lot from him good and bad and i was a bad with the bad things at us evolve those things may be why entering that's why have a family as one able to be here which today at forty five years old become strong you fail me but one he told me some money
on a more tangible night united to he said whenever you feel lies with his anger love whatever using it may be for some people may say always warned because anger ponsonby missing yo o use positivity use what you gotta use you say do you i do to get we gotta get and it was a lot of her and anger from my pass from that situation from other such with other management an army a bit of so much no i was i've been heavily involved with some of the biggest deals in populous countries these countries here we did not love nation deal i was involved with the forty one of the first reality shows you the content would involve the top level of things you know disappear these things that happen aware was heavily involved in august shag thomas i damn you know what for years global killed you know what you did everything you ve done you did well in order to make more don't make me much money about it you are i'm around guys like what am i assume you like britain bowen holy
filled everyday guys would mean hundreds of miles dolls i'm lucky if i may four million dollars for me now inbox it and the money i made i've had it wasn't given to me europe's ambition i'm keeping roach measure so you know for me too jump at around you not i load the usual the fuel from my anger from didn't shag so many times rummage here you're not a business man you're a boxer every he was homeless everytime you down and out box and saved you you were back a boxer used business you made this made that but boxing getting pete having peace would that balancing act like the new native moments it you had your life not defining you and figuring out how to use them for fuel figuring out how to look back on those negative moments and and don't don't like wallow in but say that's never gonna happen again that is lap that's the great bouncing act of the successful fighter because he's not a single success for fodder it hasn't
from some kind of conflict producer is no other way but you know i think i we do this some of us do this and hopes there was a finnish the finish line as you want to retire with money you wanna hopefully leave a name for yourself in san what we would indeed brains you say so me i'm trying to leave my brains i'm china we will some money you're saying and finally what a name i'm using a few years my past my present because i gotta tell you the truth although there is some pass hurting you cry him when i told the buzzer things there some positivity there's so much great things is happening right now does surpassing the disappointing excuse me disappointments so much positive what is happening right now champ all around the world people say let's go chant yeah i could imagine a chap i was going to commit suicide and now i'm workin everywhere go people go to hush dude
touch every bloated when when we put on instagram that you were going on here i got text from everybody michael bisbee you have submitted which he knows i love that guy let's go to so many people love you made earlier you know you're a spreading so much fun and positive and those without real threw out the trembling to tanks there's the discipline mrs ahern and then there's the reality i right now i'm alive i survive bad food bob myself drinking champ as our joint listen i one point joe to have your deprecate sarah quill xanax i so love and pack so altered not together champ they put david semi nellis out and take out intended debacle circle examples i can watch him declares that stuff it's like tranquilizers cheese now that's how bout i will try and slow you they're gonna kill the champ neuroscience is big killer those land not survive that through that gee that's why homage
because i survived that is overcome neglect you know well those hundred sixty thousand damage your great look i gotta damn that's again my chair and you forty four forty five forty five in a week or two people ducking you crazy allows users to their way of hades david hey society was all in software and he was now i'm sorry i cars it's ok could persuade lenny david i was all in at one point the south such emails folks in alive you cited almost web him i went over england which i love with my uk had on went over there just fuck i am told that an apartment returned again ass the fill to feel like honestly i was down in our chamber listen so these days you know i was like man you know what i'm trying thing man and no give me a shot and am i can what man maybe i should get a job and you got your money now you know what then i woke up one day and guess what snoop dogg said let's go champ
really i swear i remember that smoking we fuck it would you let go check that was the night before brought the neighbour what was i give bro you really triage have you have fights man maybe it's not gonna happen for you know me i was a girl i woke up like four in a more suitable say let's go check it out that those beautiful what you ve done some crazy shit to your man like like especially with the clear goes saw is often the best use you ve had a lot of one form videos though shown up drinking water fuckin with them knocked him over when you were right in a policy with other powers are well well who was the paddle board incident round even know i have always tried to tom shambles like two years maybe but he just couldn't get a fight with him none i saw having this i'm a chaste includes glonass these dislike to die
the fire was was a fire like was the fighting for milk cities was afraid shannon briggs everything you have said the girl and he want of fighting i'll tell them brok whose from oh come on no one could i could understand where we had you know we lose track you what are you all right because so a lot of fans and raising all the time you have sex on bringing that's it you know you're the one who knew why does he always dangerous and that's what i'm going to write we could say what they want to buy me joe this they're all he's crazy disease but guess what i'm dangerous i've got tons of email i'm not a snitch without towards emails of guys with a manager san no not right now he's too dangerous i've got d anti wilder backed out of a fight me for two million that was he care forgot emails and everything less culture
i'm getting excited you do tat was once you start economy and sales champ went the deadline for economy has allowed the media's rather now where we talk about what i want to talk about fighting let's go let's go let's go check your role to learn though with a political one was particularly hilarious years he was on that powder boy this does nothing more humiliating get knocked over my people talk had shed any still one fight me he still one it is right here look at first of all we do not dare to morocco bored by himself is still in the middle of nowhere is almost like a set of mars line of business today does he
does anyone know where we're ok i got mine when i use it at the call to somewhere whereas those in miami therefore lord that's how he would chancellor the hollywood florida but his own in the world does he live down the years gonna live down it we all have down and so he would sit down the power board go out in the middle of the ocean and be patent is dying of our energy just be paddling around us is exercise but a weird exercise the way a strange way this that's out of beef started job creation chris morris the heavyweight factory who's whose the greatest on earth honestly like it was for him you not disguise put the fuel cash why me i was flat on my face this guy came was i can allow believe you i was fat the press he said you mean fresh market he was like you know outside you know he said i came back like seven aim months later a came those officer was that your channels so he was like tat he could
me and you're a week later will i get we should do some how will they must go chap and here we are today you now say i've been traveling world thinks his grandson i now have actually been ordered it doubly ba has ordered a fight between me and look his brow and hopefully we can make that happen now our scenes of the unused candidates it still not signed yet you disappointed in the very disappoint those look is brown trend avoided what's has not you know what you were joe honestly like i've been through so much last couple years wilder wickliffe school without delay with hay for a haze undercurrent i went over the english out to the uk i love it must get home was bid a big fuel injection eyebrow i'm all right now because i went over and i've never felt that i believe of anywhere in the world like for myself that go where nobody the same way which we speak their language and i'm just to have the law manage this incredible everywhere i go let's go champ you know it's amazing
man i don't really politely tumor what i'm doing right now but you decide to go over there and get an apartment but had to add some was flat on my ass chance and i was like global the movement of rank is give everybody call our aim in every bela areas are you able to cuba gave way to call but i don't want to get back in a game nobody believed me christmas poems i don't believe in you and ass i was i dunno what chris he said go you a little crazy asylum be diagnosed little crazy suffering ptsd this is true sir but of what we're up i'm exciting and i will make it happen leave with nothing to stop me chat roulette gimme nothing has started how can you give me whatever say they could beat me they lie in because when we put when the bell wing champ i'm a whole different process because uncharged look at me with a what i've been to look
don t do you can hear the emotional my voice the pain still leah chap man let's go check a man must go chair let's go chap why so hard to get you fight so this event ranges henriette me and i'm crazy have believed angie promoter here i don't care who fight did you say women are also not stupid i'm not gonna fight fights for meat for eyes for pennies that's meaningless thus will beat me up on forty four be forty five i guess but so must limit on its bottom ahead we afford george forementioned for voting we clinical chant for free by the way we'll talk about that allows it no no no money for france while both three mercer you feel me some big ponchas george for me so for me i'm not gonna go i'm a good fight every guy out there just try to burma so i'm a former teutonic which open world that alone she get me a title fight datum all that's how it used to be
as of tomorrow retirement from developing from a in days and came out knows no fight and got a title would drive me crazy you so marketable that's drives me so the budget you weren't you have seen no good i note the best ever there would be line and fight for left and right if you were in the eu have say listen chap i know and i know that that is not why not another store gonna self nineteen beef through your for me which is his name right barbarity so that you have see today right yeah who thousands in one corner right now he tell you always boyish briggs he was sitting on a couch will be waiting for my robert scam all the talk to try to get more to get to going with him with a u see why i still chair left old chap signal of totalitarian iraq axing is hard to give fights lined up because so many different conflicting perform promoters and differ i really want their peace the pie and then started get fires to agree to fight someone like you whose danger jumping germinal fast
upon china gotta chain so you know they only one thing that i run out of gas and i say this all the time champ areas of europe is ass there is hope and darwin dies you fuck you call this a moment where apologize boys and girls don't apologize stop student i apologize boys girls you messed up all of you relying on only one about gas that should be addressed did you go to fight so mad hope you wanna gas you already lost tramp you already laws now why they were worried that you were not a gas i know that you ve concentrate a lot on your cards and is one of the things you putting instagram you're always doing cardio you actually doing claudia i'm cardio devours bobo under the under under developed lungs i was born list and two pounds my mom was on heroin when i was born cheese yes i would i was i came out i came out the womb fighters go home for some eight now months before when i was born so look at me now that's why the champ joe
that's why i'm the chain because view can overcome you already chance you an underdeveloped ones and as yet all my life anybody i went to school i want the rhythm christ newton school and brownsville brooklyn for seven years and i with eyes with five no institution local high school dinner with george we gave where i got drug dropped out now causes asthma like would what exact people like me you don't have it you know it's bad but you don't know much about it what is it i no know but you know looking back like we like your mama lived in the towers by like no more my grandma lives on avenue east new you know looking back it was a bold abandon building them all on board from the city for like seven dollars and they can programmes should has best best is outside the shit you know looking back but are you not grow up man in her chair my group and of the poor in new york city eighty seven ease i remember everything the black out i was on a train by myself i was nine years old in our group
i dunno maybe so so when you get an asthma attack is it like without you had to say asthma is ready in the city in cities is what really comedies emissary cigar go allay the yorkshire let the soothing it might be related to environmental stubs jabez now what it what does it feel like when you get inasmuch as the worsening in world like nothing you can ever met because we take you read it because we take out jeff granted because this is here for us but you didn't go without food and what i said all the time for you no days two weeks you can't go without the oxygen for five minutes what it four minutes three minutes and that's what i guess what is like is this really you dying that's the bottom line you die a friend of mine described it as he said it's like trying to breathe through a straw took all the sudden all you gotta get little strongest does have you ever had that happen in a fight undertones we'll will was ivy league the worse slith thea panicking you start talking come here
with things and believe in don't do anything you can do in us while a lotta people religious you gotta different things for something outside of themselves that they can get a hold on to ask for help for you for me i'm worried and i know it's just me i've got to deal with these non tonight i'll to do what i gotta do to expand on it when i'm in a fight in that field incomes overcome so what let's go check now when you when you have an attack is it just take a while before it relaxes comes back with what is what is the feeling i mean i know that i know people take inhalers isn't here is dilate your lungs it's it's it's it's like what a champion drown almost i guess i'm saying you u panic and i guess you know your software on your china get that oxygen and but is something really thanks to you know things we now my diet of force and raw really you're like of overcoming so the diet
now the sugar really health low dairy no nothing that causes information note that made a big appellation is key information is qc be they shot yeah should see these management he's maison on aerial now from doing you you don't have any asthma attacks anymore no that's great i feel that man is still honestly do i feel like i've been abashing malaria have you ever done breathing exercises you ever and you know it is joel because i'm a family man you know kids in no excuse but and have a family take here provide for and have a career so that's why why grown stand like i've always juggle both you don't think him our family myself and a box and career and his men crazy but has been amazing raw chap and where am i right now let me tell you boy join wacko when did you wanted to render the social media thinking when or even a nephew craig
the credit brown let's go chair whenever you craig came about four years ago i had my first instagram account numbers able just photos then i would like to know what may lose its weight in sounds like according to a newsboy little blog from religious tomorrow you know you for myself and i put up had not following champ till i you know two thousand i mean if i ever get the five thousand there you know our ability and my pay for to follow is in line with this whole thing where they dropped we body with a full pay for follow isn't i wanna be like five thousand man ever get to ten thousand and then they came with a video and craig came the town of ukraine and work out every day i want you to film it and we open our s around monsieur goes in a just go just larry is how much is taken advice i when i when i tell people they were gonna beyond man i'm telling you like not like anybody else has ever been on to get
people get excited about our appreciate the gazelle level publicist champ and we do everything in our shame which has just me craig and went off my family do everything that we live in ya marketing behind us nothing we just brought in and fortunately are we but the shot now for the study be angry championship is an ordered the forest burning brought in attaining the lion sure you can drop out and timid about i'm russia was happening but i've been waiting for them to pull the trigger they said they would i get off i am fond of him when everything they stopped we talked about australia they talked about china whose the promoter well you know he has his management team is loyally unlikely i had one most of it but it didn't come what a deal champ basically i really feel like everybody scare me so i think it is dreaming about others want to fight critical to beyond which i want to pull to the world that he softening the biscuit does he really is afforded probable went off a twelve hour out one or for twelve
this happened in the first while joe vittorio by us in the first round here in the first round now we're bicep the tin them part they go to both sides decision first writes a tattered like i will put it to the head of garbage number was put out an unreal pushing ahead they left me for dead i didn't get pay for a fight now what happen there had you not replace listen started it started with emotional company call golden empire it was basically backdoor to change to the empire we fought the company felt as though certain things that were allotted to me i don't know they said that i had that i don't know this crazy but the time was produce the company that started basically was in my company moor house plump became a shares this company wind up going to try to china edith abc allegedly carnival to my introduction the guy crazy we're public the night before my fight the stock was up i had lost
she's a cinema sad enough in its y know i'm come gametes purse it was crazy chimneys without mothers precious why we're home after the fire was i doubt what what would happen if a foot i've taught my full the topic was over twelve roused asked molly we get pay tat cry and that was in court them for eight months before i set about online pity on a dollar because i had to family chat and missile drove me to pure depression then overcame that i'm here what you how much they fucking who knows who knows i made the fight and mr fox this factor they like they say in new york facts you fail me listen it was highest grossing and fight as far as tv courage in history either one or two in german industry should break versus metallic let's go he's a huge star and german i'm with you and i went over to you now bought action and the people was like the illicit this guy can sell we want to see despite the ratings will unreal it was like the highs reining in history chin
i ain't you one doubt but so crowd one valid change how can i hope i'm not followed depression but how could i not commodities i've faces they want that like the other fighting the breeze so that was the last big bad moment that was harsh i was on back a long way and i was actually came but you came a beautiful thing about you came out of it now at forty four forty five years old how much terry's december forth much of you had the leg alter your training i guess you you ve got an old you done wiser with exert members those someday larry homes talked about a lot when you get older he's like what i what he did that was smarter goes at all i'm not train seven days a week anymore six days a week goes out train four or five ngos do three hours i'll do an hour and a half an hour he just he still able to maintain a very high level by but understand
ending the limitations of his body shall outlier hygiene whose always not from a great advice eastern assassins man one of the greatest of all times if not the greatest invaders had on fourchan of being right mohammed i'll show you this people's didn't appreciated my love hundred percent but he could definitely give busy oh yeah i was a great box legally give me a vice has maybe some early night he told me recently said no stop fighting he told me don't stop fighting whatever you do don't stop he said keep fight i'll get what they tell you when loser joys i don't buy it i was i really gives i'm telling you don't fight it s what we do he said about good about it they stay have stayed steady i remember one large came back when mike tyson went to jail is like fuckin i'm comin back my thyssen like death back into our box re mercer annals like why look it larry managed to skill and i want that job he had like one most underrated jabs ever thus the bus
so when you are now a forty four years eight you your your healthier than ever before you take care you sell by them for you look fantastic any of you have you altered you training at all what have you done to make sure that everything is you know go and smooth first came back i was odeon of course i would like again trying to make up for lost time outside train every day every day not induce this company could only miller achilles this one that one out i'm just going to argue is going to hide in amending the bucket whole foods one day shut out the doktor but then he was like was doktor but he's a nice guy man he's are what is chinese doc how many more times medicine shocked and he gave me a great plan he was like an old chap you should try three days take a they all train today's take two days all train for days three days ago and i was like why you play trust me it would work for you use the body beach rest now started doing chairman is no more than from a great i feel better than of honestly i've never felt the strong i've just by the day before yesterday shut out the travel bride are becoming
anyway great work it was for him i am aware map thanks to him he's been training for the last four years i've been watching transpiring spot other day i'll get you tell me about away but i still creating another dollar champ i betrayed him at this point on the faces of other ben i'm stronger the bill i see everything you i'm in a hurry up when i was young me again i was battling with not supposed to be right now many like you're not supposed to be and not order that is it right in its a balancing act smart and trying to find that balance between those let's do i get it but it's all about getting yourself prepared for them moment we could perform an i think so many guys leave too much in the gem because they have this thing in their head that you can't do too much trade smaller not order without is it right it's a balancing act smarter not trying to find that bow
it's between though the correct like need you want to sell you are sure you don't want to not push hard enough to to reach a potential but how figure out like when when you're in when you're out honey filial philip how do you figure out how to reach that perfect potential because only you know in outward what a guy nine eleven shark billy back and billy bed told me he said you know what you gotta munson while push yourself to see are fighting golly signal run fifty miles but can you run twenty it also once in awhile do give my myself that do you know what what can you do i want to try to make our economy downstairs your hundred times yummy i'm due to best i can just once in a blue then i give it did i want my do that again in three months by too much norway i dunno your body to chant you got anything you have to be honest we do so because i wasn't always honest myself because asma i was having high anxiety when it came to money and they came to light push amongst because this is something i've been screaming all my life worth
i can't remember you finish school because i was always in hospital i grew up and say marries in brooklyn johns improvement kings county of brooklyn i grew up in a hospital i can tell you what the the children play rooms look like you don't say it omitted kids what so i grew up in these places so for me to become a box in have you so much breathing its amazed if are not china do myself a blow job but the truth right mammy is not nor i mean what are the heavyweights shape in history can honestly say they suffer from something undeveloped lungs indicates a championing him on a greater share hell no but could i be possibly because if i had the ones that some of these guys have who knows how good i might be a fast hit hard i'm crazy and whatever chair you don't say i'm up joe they haven't seen the best to be done as which they ve never seen the best known as an annex swan bad because what like i don't
leave this earth aware i'm goin to the next level makes dimension i don't wanna go see man i wish they had seen me because i'm nice joe those who really know me like i'm really good at this bought something like i'm self taught i watch mohammed ali and railway listen towards boniface as a kid and i can mimic them as a heavyweight you wanna bet folks to deliver it i shall address lamone me all day you go let's go back i gotta go around the gomes porters combat my brother year therefore deluge of aids stabbing left guy get on their reach around in their around snatching shot out by us you know you know black you with it when i shall pass on my own account i got there from him might when i was eighteen years old in prospect for awhile i remember when he knocked out donald curry a huge donald curry fan i get so depressed article runnin i did i shuddered
if you like and went right he hit him on the left up to the body and went upstairs with boom got knocked him i called and i'm gonna go run and i ran and i said to myself i'm never going depressing to somebody else has lost ever again i was a kid i was so bomb down now i was a huge donal curry fan parents what wrestling might taught me but i watch you guys nature i want the vessel might not i feel like for we have got a perfect never get you then you could call it goodnight and my you later might be cello format round next rival oh shit in their less data now would you follow strengthen conditioning programme be of a trainer that you work with perseverance and conditioning does i work with what can it should they do our turkish which you may
i've been doing for years i want to make you show days before it was popular was baby what who speaks or give me wrong but i was just on words of work will guide this not noted a chance we felt we will show stone was the first guy that really became prominent getting clear lacks sure what the great time short time shows the man would do man you know degree i know the name look rules i work would do rules out an walls he's the best in the world raw deal is i would everybody chip and issues there was a guy that pumped speaks up when you followers rice that's right bogdan up a little didn't slowing down head this why did you work with wholly feel too he were behold fields as well i gladly he was waning aim fine words will hopefully always the may hollywood everybody to holy was the real guy who bought this you know both edited the prominences voice yes to the commission and by not especially about it
but it was the first one the first guys were wait lifting became accepted because for the longest time boxing train is really the weightlifting slows down which canada does cause makes me sore and then you don't perform as well in the gem but once you recover then you're fast again so we feel was like one of the first guys to make that leap to understand like look he's gonna go from a cruise away to a heavy weight and he became a legit however it was not that one of the best ever my best ever i mean is performances against mike tyson rilke come on man i forgot all about duckling about them and though gas come on man hollyhocks voice was crazy seriously may move another day me holy grail got it still traced out there is something very daddy is justified and ninety fire he stopped now will you still got a chance i was moved to another day why are you still got it
why would almost all bobo do really me every day really every day there will be little florida is a great guys it's all children for whilst still trains all everyday agonies and finding more heed someone like you said enough enough each other good job while so when you work with us traffic finishing coach like what is like a week in the life of shannon briggs when it comes to train like say if this fight get sign and you you gonna get started how do you organize you what your weeks our started but what about what i'm doin is basically i'm using a strict conditionality boxing a running day with boxing rest day a sure thing condition they would be bought him a run day than another render you're fucked with yoga the best do you stay young christine is great so you got all kinds of flexibility going do everything i can do possibly arm cry or machine you name
about chamber i would like to do i'm looking for edged resembles that big they got a job on unbroken got money too so imagine what they got home scrambling to germany did you know me to get the next level i now now i see it i see it i see any man and i'm me like many other people route and for you that you can just its frustrating when i see you getting close to these fights with as like david hair and then follow a second what happened at me said he was going to fight you i went over to england champ and they showed me nothing but love racine the true character of who he really is and he ain't really a good dude and he's not eating business man but he's also like a you know he's a he's a visa will do you no mean yeah his hair was so we have got to be grateful gray fight will lose draw for either one of us and everything was said he i did everything they needed to end and he just that debt it he said looking for another deal and not through the matter is it's from inside that he was
it's too dangerous you know this is the bottom line is what they all please a fairly small heavyweight yeah smash and that was easy went from you i was late hours or the cattle montgomery smash able scandalous theme in his eyes from brownsville i got one smell when used when you the from say my boat is my thyssen really i i'm no one may escape i went up one of joe i look in his eyes are seen his lips he was trembling he was scared smell elbow oh my leg up chap easy one chance year what does he ways not it is not only a heavy i had i will check to see me to snatch in daylight we're gonna move we will begin to allow more way probably humbugging balls but i am as a whole is a strange animal you'll die like what how do you organize you die organic everything unum sand to china you know if you can but out at all towards a camp
they love you know me well you i'm saying you on his should be from me shut out the whole food on the three days a hundred fifty twenty dollars a day for five years every day every day for the last four years we ve been involved who handle things that are not true one fifty to two hundred every day of his bag and none of them are bragging i'm actually complaining because but that's what it took because no sugar i use cocaine i shall go you i'm sorry i just tried to do the best i tat consider our malnutrition is level my phone as you can tell him always potion i'm always looking for an recipes anew the next edge as you know the best i care for myself saw equally part i fairly well org make me so don't you pork amount i don't u shellfish
oh dairy yummy on his cuban as best i can do you get your bloodworth monitored or do you not china chemo levels will need to be do supplement detain flight and non around our none i now some c b d them up and you know and i was added he had it again with that to chairman and much on it you must have a blow job i i was suffering from depression chap and i was we need to have been a guy like ten different am arise and everything was robbed me i'm always depress i'm always feel like an old am i feel some anxiety overcome in me and i was given now and then i was to see vd far years ago four years ago in homage life changing variation coming but a mere champ we'll see be days it's interesting day because it's a part of marijuana but it's not psychoactive several lotta people late they they they hear about it they get worried about right they feel like its drugs but is nothing
do it that it's one of the beneficial parts of the plant eliminates inflammation and for people that have arthritis or all kinds injuries or just hard training like you're doing and i was drinking that was tat i was a kid at the end i had i had a family member that there was an amount to smoke in what color this person was abusive to me very basic physically and mentally so the smell with something was something it always reminded me of those times is a child growing up so i never was attracted to move to willie ever drinking with my team which was worse and i was drinking since i was a kid and it should i should have been in just let me know some dog days will you drink during training camps not really i was never that type of drinkable after fight you know celebration highness heineken hennessy was you know chasing and is being you know my kid yeah really really had not a cabinet idiot
how did you get off my daughter man you know that my daughter i was taken and i said i was taken on the french presidency gave these annexes wound my mom was here whenever i told you to crack and you know she died on my birthday of overdose and i said if i was ever hooked on drugs are really die you have saved your slave or somewhere else someone not taken his annex four cup with ease and just haven't like the jitters animals i go this is horrible happy not i went off like six months and i was blessed when i was introduced cd because my life change how it from not know what i was gonna do in fearful to calm down or from my past so many things happen to me as a kid only the hop warm but my child was but he was wrong and people will realise how much cave internalize and become adults of broadband broken kid is though is a worse adult reforms
fourchan and when i got money champ i was twenty years old emma jane you know moved me out to josie i was even worse that south aren't furs west orange big and you say always live in a nice house car it was bad what no money but i had the things that you say i wouldn't tell me i made a credit card get close to fight so if things on but i was really deal with the fact that my mom was on drugs adele was in jail unity morn at peace i wasn't nowhere near peace and no wood and that's why you always done for me yoga has done that for many people i see the craig sodomy like i'm like the dispute you're crazy war we naivete spiritual spirit just like the crazy warrior but i get scented when i have to analyse what i'm maria i never knew how to turn on the less go chant i tell everyone listen there was a chance with all of the peoples the hype how i go for that maternal champ let me turn in on chance because i didn't know how to do that
why salmon the best sheep ever because now accusation i was on the wheel the hitch him in a car demo nervous let me tell you why when fattened depression down him out i was watching you and i sat there i need to get my should together and they do one day i'll be winchell rogue shall not bullshit legacy whatever they want to say how soon gas which so the wheel vehicles man nervous i will cite a sculpture no need to be nervous jack you know one of the things i love about you too like you you push that positively on other people and you want them to be positive too is not just about you like you everybody champ everybody's a chance they are smile and you'll get your videos that's real that somehow because i'm having to be alive job one i want to kill myself so many kids commit suicide around the world sham i've got thou lucy emails and tax kid you lilac show you my full bows the email detection people around was a i was suffering from depression and i
tomaso but thanks for you watching videos on motorways and not a mite burma be essen thousands over fifteen thousand of people telling me chant thank you shame thank you so much for me is amazing no publishers no company behind me this is just mean craig that's how you it only but that's why you're good cheer up my damn if this was real organic i'll be ok we like you know but this is just real right is all your mark in my nature and this will only little windows adjoining gourbi no losing being one would be for once in my life with us
beautiful thing about social mean is it lets you be you one hundred percent does not directly go a little is known about it only shannon i see what you're saying now want i want something different from you i've gotta let's go chair i write or try downstairs i felt even we're comes up he was always bore in lean old you to save the odds almasy balmy damn might you know what is boys you you you watch it might come back later yeah come back when i tell people that about my podcast i'm tired of this new good take some time off my entire me till i gotta go jack changes shit is as it should be the anatomy abbe murmur administrators good may fulfil i needed a video as you can hear you know married event a little bit about the outer stating that guy you know me really noticed how these few i'm sure i mamma i watched him many days is a man like you know why
the bus like that and you know me her talk now ass a hard man he's a higher than i had a way i got a huge article comin out vs pierre by brand jonathan butler its unreal look for him do this peace he's a guy who's done like he's got some amazing pieces champ my thyssen two parties or some amazing pieces got a piece criminal does the interim one is rather unplugging him but i want you to know this is not the unreal beautiful it's gonna be on european yet the spear before how does giant but there's a lot of momentum inside it's just a matter of getting a fight signed to do you know that we division right now is pretty exciting does not suffice done to be devised an undersea full four brown or those people to tiktok to act like they had they were gonna grab the bull by the horns and maybe it become what a deal you know tat i think i have a couple days
so we got a post be like if that was the case that we should deal with the post but i'm waiting now perhaps i'm writing not one no more delays i want to play with this boy called a boy i wanna play with this man's young men for a family and i want to play with i want the best we could see my way through it but he's in my weight ryan is nothing like people want stay light up you can call me crazy but that's what that's ok look mamma and mamma and this is like already written there to me i was lotta shape i was down and now want to kill myself and not come back when with nothing behind me but the people the people show everywhere go he's in my way he's just like a toy nato common he's a raw material part he just see my way because i got a a pitcher champ all about i want to people around what ye all about joe i want people all around the world would be like yahoo my story i gotta have a great wreck it up now sixty seven one five six losses who knows
ups and downs of number considered a great but i forgot to tell you on a low may get busy excellent louis tell you guys who who know me or who basic acts quiz bird this ignored children then we d never really sees any day really seizure and i'm gonna summer dumped on people really never see me they go see me when this vital though they go see me to go see the real showing us while we know yet allow talent we didn't know let's go check this secrecy for will this is allowed to suffer in paying job i've had a lot of love to cause they're all around the world they seemed still shamefully feeble to positively and i said you know what we behind me two peoples that happened in a box and chance and that in that and that is another reason ass few when we the movie the boss you'll get a stable had with vision it was flat before me chap
i was doing nothing was taken up the vision for years grab whole grab whole watch em you two had which had been world disposed to be the biggest plazas supports this was to be added to anything my home and i ali you to stay around people around kids run worse was noted we had which had been world when i was out it trying to campaign and emitted a day you ask someone who's ahead which had been a world they don't even know nobody nobody knows now any was awake a year but ass a man who they don't even know nobody knows nobody no doubt you go around key people call me one thing chance they say when you find exact so does without that's what i'm talking about bringing back the image to the game licit people told all the time the people every day people you know rat you i see one uncommon rag me to you and it's not though and i appreciate your chair for you not hold me now listen and after listening to the people inside a bath it is one thing inside a context what is one thing but when you gotta pee
but you don't watch boxing it'll never watch box and say hey chap i watch chain the social media did social merely you fill me out of societies that this was done so that's my goal us about point the bats and people who not that i don't want them to know me i'm not alienate them its owner fuck them i'm saying that's cool i love you you don't like me i know a sucker senator but the outside people all around the world who don't watch box in the ladys the kid is the chair can i want i want that's what i have like now kids every we came out of a place other day and a key i'd know he wasn't a box of it he said hey chap i said while i feel good shape i feel good bro i was like i was like a weedy momentary away is normally a chap you know what i want me i want people to be excited about business but to save my life every time i left the game chance my life fell down
there was a long period of time or could there was a heavyweight champion would literally no one could tell you outside of real hard core boxing fans who they heavyweight champ america right and i was never the case you would ask people whose a heavyweight champion and they would at all it's my ties in its lennox lose its event wholly field whoever was but for long period no one care it was such a boring style hidden when i didn't want to mix it up it but a lot he was more concerned with his legs yeah i guess it supplant save and you know me i think his light look at rest linnell even my enemy you guys combat you guys find me loose ok you come back you fight again there's no schedule one with these guys were box it doesn't want to lose you may find guy they find what i call pies you know decoy pass just a stack of they reckoned rightly so they got great requisite we do you gotta pads is the game unfortunately the gay but if you're telling me look you can fight you can cyclical
and when will the gioia guarantee going to fight another fight for three million dollars fight this guy all the time happens when you lose then you go back to making five hundred dollars a fight five thousand dollars a fight so guys don't want to lose right just supported again in boxing the record the winning record is so much more important than a magazine eminences about be an exciting has some losses nobody gives a shit it's not what you re one right yeah again was ally can lay eggs have never again the worst of who'd you fight ouch outline maritime area the literature of yeah why kicked the shit out of me yeah i became the first ever to scream history did you train it all legs i played the idea and i am sure would love it
get the hell out of me james a big fella may a complete it felt like like a sunlight to back together we get me one more time ago now i can't take it working ok i guess i can't take a one way ticket yes that's what i said about a job her body booth he looked at me examined what a red you gotta be able to be within tints of a second milliseconds a box i read in his eyes tat wasn't that bad but he must have felt like it wasn't that from the police need a common he came in the punch at that point and when he came in a point as i live like this category
adam champ whatsapp what if i don't get excited because i know the feeling now after all these years i was playing with game now finally tapped into focus and concentrate on just one is that now i know how to put it there and know how this is my give this has been i've had a rough life but my give is that i have a telling me something that our vote he's gonna ran from family reasons but now i've got a cherished a childish k one thing come about male harmonica saito shut out the harm he arm you know me in a hustle me in a struggle china make some bread man i'm a businessman you're working man i've abysmal workingmen and as work in armenia if you know that we are fighting and you see i came the vaguest tribe dana put me up at dana pudding the poem of somewhere he put me up in a sweet whose togo if i was my boy named the bay why do
can a day's almost a bow two thousand and five six raincoat or no no tore away do jim sylvia eleven struve known what how highly ranked was the guy he was the one he became the chant ok me to fight they put me a fool me and put me a data nobody well one and tim sylvia himself was a thousand before him sylvia probably was a tall do will toll after other tim so tall i do you want to fight in terms if our re mercer knocked out one punch he fought ray ok that's him women ray mercer also far remercie be him somebody camboss lies in kimball getting them and then re mars have fought tim sylvia and it was supposed to be a boxing match but the
further commission wooden sanction for for match its tim soviet and emily boxing matches other pitcher of us here pitch of tall in scale now like lime law landscape was eager backdoor to kick eager box he s got shit though within him of his name i do could give this out in a fight he asked me to fight him we will look how are we to negotiate for me again he was a gala give us somebody yellow easier because they wanted me to fight on listening now more caught the blood brother was name over he was fine k one for while he for you have said to you have seats will carry goodridge arrogant rich daddy would they want a bit if i got rates tat up i've been again too so did you did you take any wrestling classes or do not listen did you ready for this yeah i'm ready for days some rather less old chap americans eighteen guy that's that's my boy there's mob
why does my boy man then is my home again he was there when they were in a store front and boca no jim storefront in i would then because they want immunity from high subsidies is up to each on boxing thousand one why am i saw it must have a dog and i was dorsal mom take one dough and i was doin familiar to just when all i did was kick my ass brown love a novice can strong i was a girl this may be a great type of thing the course with the box well i mean acquaint you genome says oh yeah the big difference in their clutches range man s wasperton spends appoint yeahs in point four boxes now in these days what happened how come you never want up to an mma fight besides i want to give my ass you know dresses hard on the body hot brutal brutal brutal joints the neck rack maybe like plan basque why can't rebel am i don't
black men in iraq but i would argue tat you football you know why so you just decided is not for you ok one experience me at age i was a man i just you know what's funny what i would like to total and i was showing was lying in bed and am i went to sleep and how little cub bruises and when i woke up my entire both legs were black and blue i was like appeared and i was an oath how it like i was i was i your harmonies get me out of here they pay me well china may lie in an open to hear them and i'm a good child the change over to our direst chase me they got i was there was for there was one it was forty was well let's go to so you decided one and done with k one be ok what was it a thing for me at home but i love i love watch do not think that training was tremendous for me i was in china there wasn't entitles bond asked the child
for real talents bonds burma the farmyard the mayor for realistic chap he says about me out with my kickboxing exacting definitely how about you he's in the border like he's been doing a lot of boxing matches and not exactly sure he's going back to kickboxing he'll find anybody anywhere any time now just waiting for the right contract whether its emma may be he would be very talented be very small due to is on the ball mamma we welcome him for this fight is well our beautiful so when window so you said earlier like very close to purse bids so happening one hundred percent whether this guy is in and give a gimmick give the gimme the bell and bought out i rather women in a ring right arm in arm first reading aloud each term umbrella frustrate i'm trying to be happy about you know message which can i am getting a fight but again the it takes a box in weighing up and these these these men the chosen a shift dna saying one thing and they tell him you're way out an unwise in holding me is like white way
what has happened me to so many times i live in fear that i'm like ok what with english shaggy would now has updated dead delaying so next you owe me i'm expecting something another happens all before yes but i'm ready gotta be a weird situation field is all good job on the chamonix were they gotta do to try to keep me down with it really division right now is exciting is now is a lot that that has a big part of it if it is allowed a good stuff happen and right there and what did you think about our teases fight the other night it was it was shocking than you wanted the distance right now not at all no not at all busy formerly scott who was a guy who's in tongue com shaped we'll get it into graham always trade and always training lot very very defensive it's very defensive would hardly be the guy down my neck out guy we don't want to get knocked out chat bright filmy guys they might get knocked down he got what he came back to give not that doesn't mean you fight back at miss you get knocked down that's what he did not know
it is what you know he did he did what he had to do this is this happens there was once instagram we are marking dante wilder's technique which like its legs coming up off the ground is punch in july killed by you know what the hell do i do for a while i have actually been hit you fight italian other he's dangerous amy body include myself he's a very his puncher he's a while he's going to those bones strong and all those mony do it you boy walk you let me so dangerous he get punch you know he kind of like you know yeah friend in me cuz i don't give a shit you're saying but he kind of took it like personal that i was coming out there but i wasn't your mama jokes to be like that for anybody else to take your lights bill i owe you down my german i that you're lama i'm not a do but i really am could be whatever you want me to because from the streets of sand but i was i don't do that because china
if i were to block a busybody touch me you make me if you put me to that point industry anyway i'm no none i want to be and that that type of programme but the fit the chance to make up to my baby a level you fill me so i got nobody ever heard the chair degeneracy their video dante wilder buxom internet trolls guys fuckin crazy i'm not the ottawa bow he argued damage of i'm a knockout look his brow economic i'm a like that the anti beyond say wilder beyond tat beyond day you know put up his bc bell and i'm menachem flat starch out starch rights alexey fight for sure let's go chair yet they had us out exactly how now when you're forty five years old in december that the summit realistically how much more time you think you be fighting have loud alarm hopefully i'll get the winner
let's go away and joshua ethnic joshua whose a tremendous talent at that go go go after whoever warehouse bout man i'm gonna keep light allow homestead does that areas mary told me don't stop he said key finest which do make money have fun do you live in whose have em follow me everywhere i go to people we also have you i did a motorway must does to meet for the first time in my life give me some parts of it they can money have been struggling to make money says i came home from school and have a place to live for once in my life for once in my life i'm doing something that's not involved why me using money from a fight the bar card look fancy than you know had now i'm just be myself i'm a bump champs obama gown calf closure was annulled but have refused because that was part of my doubtful you know in oh it wanting things running our material things so little funding finally in power in things like
to make myself feel good yemen holbein com and by china mamma had bodies expensive findley sweater not achieved or diminish the job dress like about this you have said because a map value in that anymore was made with i'm fine sore makes him is that everywhere what people say hey jammed thanks for the videos man we love you make to the pitcher kangaroo video that nothing can i do that's because i had of little bit of money never made a lot of money like those guys we're of dollars but i made a little bit of money for me to feel good saying but i never felt love my mom was industries china do not put a proof of i had another dad you know said another brother sister i was we all know you look at my personality you tell her what little television i grew up we'll come book a guy told so i never had love and they have what i feel is love from but who genuine don't know me and you see me as a mere thank you the emails does that more fulfilling the envy of ever felt you fail me i do failure
it's important man i think your message is important what you saying about about heaven although shit all the material possessions and counting on it a member chuck de talking about at once it was during the height of when people had wheels and fuckin cars on everything all an era enables used like i drive afford explore again they don't put any any power sure also sad that i was a slave to i thought so miserable when a man think about the days i spent money on what is cause jury bottles club tat was a lot of athletes go broke tourniquet under the joneses obey support of as part of our culture because we has she runs all you know now we light did you feeling because someone's mine you for anything the admiration is what you becomes intoxication users that provided for me was it is well enough i find him great gratitude things that you are
i was smart dogs i always wanted to keep a place roof of man and output thy would not as well but not of these tools for short off other people in that once i was able to pass that and that was possibly was cut my hair you haven't lacks with twenty seven years and people my amends the response from people with this amazing just the people look at my wow look at you you catch a here you finish you'll never get you know enough be about over for you why do you think you can cut your hair and make any sense at all it was the sickest thing it was like the most i opening thing people were literally like they were telling me but i can also see deepens what they were saying your family you'll never be it make another movie a fight you just like garbage a marketing tool that you we just sit here i will say no no i can really fight what have you got here they will i mean no one believed in me so that's
makes this thing even more powerful than the fact that i got really here and i'm still do much still a chance what a weird thing for people of focus on deadlocks marketing they look you like it was a market when it was back in the day that was a big part of you were than they always marketed your hair right the crazy red lara right right unstayed but i don't wanna stay because here if you know me you really know me that that's just enough now and again the hair was blackened me was blocked my via because i was i built this here he had his own personal pretty developers thou is really shannon and kindly here and see how people treated me i was like you know what is cool imma just i'm scooby me in our modern try to talk correct me if i'm sad my dick marty do not be what is lovely people turn oceana why don't you do more we wanted to do this german unless i will speak while she arrives
i'm all called devil if you want to go away by understand every word you say they do chap type if your majesty but a real have learnt what they shut out the prisoner its stated in your way you know as well as by saying that i have several times but it's true i learnt that stay a mummy enchant me no no you're really good was that you really good at being shannon lesson jobs are you gonna get really live lives and i know you give em what i mean i because that's what i well i didn't know who grew up overnight its understandable made takes a long time for everybody very things worked out perfectly release man everybody everybody every person's ever lived no one no one ever whenever forever you do you fool if you're you're like eighteen years old you got it all figured out get the fuck out of all the problem fifteen satellite
mama albert ramrods fifteen was like a wee wee i was we call it when you are living in the past squatting in advance by did i was like no my own all my life a friend of mine just rubbish said to me one day signal jet you bet we did make your own decision says she was a kid but how you understand yourself better i didn't know who the fuck i watched her right i didn't know who or what i just knew that i was living going through all the bad times i think is probably what is made your character so strong today now that everything's good you you understand the importance of keeping a good that's why this positive message that you keep pumping out that's why they let go chechnya like it's on once it away someone slip away way of fruit punch from that feeling good on what's roscoe's yesterday in all grateful as you know was low and ahead of us took us above the was a call
the lemonade sunrise on another report and shit thinking panels or may i feel terrible like so again say that you say i want to pay less agrippa but so is so crucial diet and point yeah one around is important you feel the same way as does the energy you fill me well so i know some negative shit i'm not only yes ought only to be around two percent only listen alike that much i was too the beat i don't even cuz i don't want to hear you dragging them smoke brian you want to screw this girl you just do that you got this you got this car i got the watch i don't need that yet i already went through that and i was a bad portion of my life the 90s and something i wished never happened i can remember the name isn't until four years ago philip i was alive why need
forgot was lively credits money autumn to my family my wife and kids many really helped me now i'm crazy tat are not the same lack gum really gap it to some shit has lived up to some a shit man you know what is other crazy music you play in the background videos witness the ashes beats trap shut out and allow lord oji taxis just beat ray uk all people man you know i'm saying courtney scott all but she's a female from l a mixed beat she's amazing i mean this these had to like do detox worry some things television you don't you fucking a channel what you got forty forty eight lock up negativity news i dont know how to do a detachment loosely watched anyone who's the presidential what like an honest should have gone crazy i don't want to be involved nor because i'm involved with something else racks and focus on lucas brown focus on trump and hilary agoraphobia foreshadowed and miss lucas lock and ass whenever we give date you fill me the actual i've wanted to put things
perspective channel missing for you ok internet and watched so much brutal mac videos at this girls doing that i don't need to be involved with the and that's a lot of people in the world and they love you followed me a kid and i see things tat because was i see the most damage it thing right now in america around roughly that around the world is that kid have guided me so uncle champ you feel me frank is thousands kiss in new york there to me me me does have a role model have nothing so they look them videos with days i want to make videos joe i get texture champ you okay yeah ok joe we have of renewing a couple days so i have a responsibility now to help others make them feel happy by we have sometimes will not only we feel happy why they want to
you say it is really important is you talkin about a mental diet as well as a physical two hundred percent and i think you really do have a mental diet and if you just taken nothing but negative things all day and around negative people and especially when you just expose yourself to seven billion peoples were the news man the only step that gets populars stuff fucked up my best he shit broke up what you had nasty army relief not future hake is physically get off feelin blow like i feel so crazy what this election of sailor physically i was like me at last when i was a know what that's it i came almost a decade no more subtle way was amazing so please do me a favor if you want to watch you still do me a favor this team of wit and watch when the champs on around because i care is really affect regular gotta worry about training rather they got out of them but i don't wanna be worried about what they would they do happens gonna happen you only have an effect because i've got a fact that will deal with that then but right now i gotta but before me unless we couldn't do jammed and oh i will blame anybody but if you ask the on prescription drugs i was taken all types of
and hale is all my life since our promise for early days case that stuff it's bad for you mentally chat is bad for you until the man was a do for all manner of things i e the jitters the brain the chemistry the what it does your brain me alters the champ all you gotta be here for my time taking medicine follow you doctor majority wants galicia dogs by me personally i had to go on a journey to fight now how to save me because i want to every dog they don't know anything about hormones in they said that they don't know i didn't know you don't want you'd how'd you won't say you want to find a bunch almost hormones finest a super o the doktor looks great that knows about this time she because when you feelin depress you're testosterone like eighty or twenty you fly killing a soldier you gotta do something
if you can't give you hang up a bunch of pills saves will make you feel better if you still gonna have low tears which for men is gonna make you feel like a bitch human language but it's just a fat so all these factors play a role and also again that what you say what you watch the mid to die if you watch and people and killed all day you won't a third way all should have gone into braving emitter stored for me and aids wonder why did you eat in sugar cookies and donors it fast food and chinese food i hope we will have a chance and that's what i'm telling people every day chair leave more is to tempt me everywhere you go you see fats will take take the former cook it yourself gotta try to bed is that the problem is is my cheek repeat affordable hopefuls everyday you don't say who can now i saw am struggling yeah who can afford everyday could i just figured out what it calls for a family a day every day ass she does i think what you
it is very important very very important about a mental and physical diet that has the same thing in that like like when you watch another violence on television all the negative news it's like sugar compelling take in another four tolerable had thus should address last night meda in greece abstained on was i am not used to write i was like i was feeling the levels are gill jail this is working drug in every dollar day i was that we had allow how was able to do it now i can't take a sip it's crazy are you body adjusts by eu body adapts to not haven't sugar and feel and healthy and then when you do have something it's unhealthy you you feel it like you really fear in your body and a move change you know me i could ash nancy either a cheeseburger milkshake man and it was like somebody hit me with a tranquilize terrible telling you browse crazy before i would ve done would be nothing praise but i think
what would you say and i think it is very important for people to take in you know and up having a person like you is experiencing great highs and lows and come out of it with his positive energy that is that that is so powerful for people in its northern motivational thing for other people that man nor the way as much as you help yourself and i know you're helping yourself you help in a lot of people man you really are we helping each other none are we helping each other miasmas nothing i said from the beginning that the same mind patented not tray mocked me rummy a trade mark the same and everyday trademark let's go chad to try to get out so many ups and downs and i tell you what i tell you know lab no braga nothing a large you about i was in was a major deals with some of them at the top in the beginning and in business and entertainment and challenging oconnor good good side so long a time a lot of time at the same time i am are stupid suddenly but you know just i still believe in galicia
charlie dirty business a dirty dirt you and it's been dirty for their authority what it always all businesses so that's what i'll martin oh come on out where i am now and you know why what did because i said you know what it was it was done like you know fizzle when i was i i was really passionate about it because it's something i will say it again nobody ramming unwise have friends with me all the time i'm trainer would have whatever they all left there was all we move towards so for me i wasn't no outward nobody to push me push myself so i started talking to myself some did unless a hold on historical material but why i refuse to talk to myself why did you tell me even if a book fuck you won't sell the poor man you let me know up links i don't even know who i am i myself every going ironic that are either come on out but no reason why because i'm uncle my mother's brother anthony part he was only brother he
went to the military what's the vietnam war as child united young eighteen is are we live highschool hidden after because it was all sisters and he wanted to be called one to go because i've won in the rental petersburg which chiefly jarrett virginia away from it how the young they will go and is our cousins and everybody so he went he came back disturbed back you no different than when me when he was actually missing for the timetable good they were going to declare him dead we showed up one day what a trench called on army boots in that it well in harley street of brooklyn so this led to him being mentally all my life he would talk to himself he lived whereas i slept a twin bed he and he slept in the bed there and he was you'll leave when alcohol we drank it became very violent you know he be my mama one time really bad close our eyes open i am talking to himself with something i grew up all my life watching
me crazy call amy amy ukraine uk told herself so and i got older with just refused even have a conversation myself are you crazy you and for you the glass would have accomplices what must i go away you go then i started let's go job and i was like now that i've my wife you think i'm crazy i know you're crazy you know somebody leftover images and it was my mantra it became a marginal my friend told me when his march as was to be made you gotta be the man when he was ties ryan mile eighteen to beat a man you gotta randy demand you gotta be to me how does it say terms and i would like to know why and i was hidden bag what data was tied almost foreign japan must catch him
ass much ass we know it is in the hedge and you know what i'm feelin pain you feel and pay feeling dough tell yourself less butcher let's go did i hear you when i work out sometime muzzle jaws russian push through a set of georgia's every body as the people's may the people the people gave meters universe game it is the people the people weakened and it's not mine is ours we just want to give each other positivity in love i mean people from every which i will not because i got every city a country and people say chair bomb in the lobby ominous tongue can i meet once they come over to the hotel and they come on we may call i mean you might have the staff that when you try to make a crazy out beyond the peoples of them here for to peep while man a strong wills if you can motivate yourselves i mean you motivate other people should definitely will motivate yourself as well i'm not trying army be honest with you on that i too like say i'm a google more related i'm just a do who is essential
when people that down and now i was flat on my face i want to kill myself and i guess i didn't you for the love of my family and down the love of the people that's that's saying let's go champ that believe in me i want to do it for nothing you need a reason you know you lit purpose got her shot at this guy he told me long time ago he said you know shanty i think the family the environment is just i deplore the conversation insinuation we by these yardstick the family the family planning huge part of our development ways it s got he says because gives you a reason to go home at night we all need a reason you i mean real and mafia it gives me reason and you gave me because when a snoop dogging reason a camera gave me reason every popular rap an unpopular wrapper and gaza these they gave a reason because chair may feel good man i will keep a real which a lot of these i feel go by when i machine you what's lou while cameron or reels or chance or anybody out there that i note i was
gave me a shot out or the pop that this to some one else i was like a game your reason in a reasoned became more morsel i felt like i was taken in from the people around the world every every tax every me every every dm after them give stronger because now the people behind i never had nothing shall i was on my own kay by myself and now got the world behind me so i mean gotta appeal but world trade i'm gonna go get fitted thanks to you is worrying and everybody will promote mean that those are my promoted by way to people from all me thanks you guys who just some thousand people under fifty six thousand people follow me right that to me and we are sorted out loud i remember when you talk about me any instrument because we are talking about you and how much i love you baby out and resolute love makes i to the end this is excitement fully because i've never had this i never had no momentum another had nobody behind me i got a weasel filet rocky sammy
fighting universal adrian you got a reason i got a reasoned another had arisen except to trial make some money to see myself in my family or to show off we get some shit you know miss some for each type of situation now i'm to care about the money of course and i have the money don't get me wrong and i want to be paid accordingly on bringing non box and fans to boston that deserve something that time when i for vitaly clinical did the highest ratings ever not because it its goal because a shared words he for many people why so many would me when for linux louis highest weightings when afford towards foremans george former high really i sell champ now i want to be a i wanna be pay for action is a job your mama mail me i did up everything good work do my job but i want to be paid haven't you pay when i forgets culture i want to make money i'm not stupid you feel me what does but i'm not yet primary motivation no my primary motivation is that people are behind me
i want to do something that never been done to bring all these not box affairs like mohammed ali did i wanna mohammed ardently moment not for me eagle have lacked the here we got a girl i read i got a wide variety of say key about cold i don't want to lose out on one key a no i don't want men i just want the people to say don't make me feel good job got to make me oh good men and it made me feel like you know what mamma looking me ass she could say more part of my boy you fill me he d may somebody nothing was homeless people turn it back on they will let us common plays mean if you sign on the train and many nights i didn't know when she was alive or dead you know and i was hoe it is and it was a man in our look at me ass a memo boy maybe you know me she said something what she does position when we lost everything
we say no sick she was like the big person my family for some other do southern israel in a book but she's got to be something and she got she came to new york ass she was living alive she makes making it got a job and she got put on shut up got on drugs she were from a beautiful woman a woman who lost everything but she had a son and she took me sickly in all stuck by my side so i said i'm a make it ass she still to me make a shanna regardless of what you have to make and when people nah backwards and we had no and joke she session it one day we will have something and it don't look at us you feel me and she said to me what she does make it but i made it do you that's what i'm doing this for she made the she day maybe she made a guy sought and she wouldn't want me to give up as may no excuse no amateur no excuse me promoter ain't no excuse make it i think i came i was so so so you need to get here on the social media and i'm making champ
a lot of people happy to man can do a lot of excitement think a lot of motivation and a lot of enthusiasm let me alone armenia corner corner magda du chambon thank you for being really marilla really shit i'm sorry cuts i've got now nothing i'm grateful contempt academia this has been on our appeal for me more importantly because i'm a little vague because no one's been able give me out let none spread moment this big is given the opportunity to talk to someone people and i wish i could have done is totally different now perfect modesty bogota this is perfect i started out a little you know trip enough but it's all good champion alarm this is for me alive because forget them i don't even remember slackened adds some type of damage suddenly victorian remember this at this moment right now is the moment man i'm in a moment man i'm in a moment and oppression because it means a lot to me man because i was flat
nobody wants to give me nothing nobody gave me a shock couldn't get a t shirt core everlasting madame guarantee showed us that no call back and talk i would say that i do not therefore nobody men i don't want nothing from nobody ever so all i want to do is be successful for my family when i'm gone you have sadly you'll have to suffer the way i did and i want people laugh and maybe we're fine it's basically believe my fight to save me he did them what to do it again that's another the implacable to say i want to fight a lot have you each championship fight three four or five times a year i believe in this fight two years he should fight every peace if i ever since my every six weeks that view which yes that's what should be happy and that's where we're gonna be active can't pay now do that's wildly they keep em busy before the year before we started on a cabinet but that's how you want to fight the game be busy bee busy have five bring more people to sport
walk away follow this matter instagram it'll make your life happier let's go give people they dress devalues get redress mamma s grandmother cannon underscore briggs less you ass my spare my facebook is what shit and briggs santa maria twitter is the canada can and breeds on twitter marry my website is let's go champ dotcom let's go channels by a t shirt man oh mamma all china russia job not be no use the money for nothing that's what you jack that's for you where in the shot out to my baby girl car we move that and he came into my wife come i love you baby set out to everybody that's your mommy give a shot actually goes out will shouted out like you would i sought out shouted cars lorries crews junior stacy me more everybody from brooklyn brownsville love ya around the world allay compton watts
everybody my man oh paolo out the jamal's maisie everybody who so many things but i really want to thank you because maybe i made it did i mean before but i made it again this and this is a sign that i'm back your back on that let's go let's go out dad you're very beautiful inter university five minutes a day thanks our body turn into the pot cast thank you too caveman coffee gotta caveman coffee c o dot com and enjoy some single source single family single origin goodness oh goodness used to code word rogan and you can see a ten percent off any their coffee thank you to me undies gotta meet on these dot com forts last rogan right now for twenty percent off your first order and remember if they aren't them
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my friends on dublin down today though so if you like a dam on my blog as i am a plot gas cannon chris bell from biggest faster and dumb proscription thugs documentary film maker and very cool guy he will be as well and we can talk about freedom which is a its plants that federal government is trying to make illegal for no real whatsoever and helps cure people with opiate addiction so we will be talking to chris bell next i hope you enjoy a bible for now
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