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#878 - Aubrey Marcus

2016-11-29 | 🔗
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Check out his new documentary called "AYAHUASCA" available at http://drinkthejungle.com
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psychedelic person he's psychedelic based CEO, which is really crazy, and legitimately I mean this is what he is about he's all about. Going through the hard work of these intense psychedelic experiences and then applying that in the real world and just being a good dude he's just an awesome guy. I love him. I hope you to if not tough shit, finance pike, s listen, do bats, listen without a doubt one of my favorite people on a planet give it up for my brother, Mr Aubrey, Marcus Logan. Experience of your block, which do What's going on you sure what does that get a lot going on over a penguin with sharp teeth? My homage to Hoffman in the creation
de while, in short form a wow, that's Hoffman file, Jesus Christ and then use these crazy animal parts for squares and full garden blowing out of his head. Did you know that a road runner can eat a fuckin rattlesnake? I didn't That's gangster. Does a video of its somebody tweeted its media. There might there's no way to Israel, but it's a hundred percent real road runner hunts and kills a fuckin rattlesnake in and eat it eaten this thing like it's way bigger than it, and it's just you swallow like you ve. No, yeah how gangster road runner identifies a tear. Ductile maybe does check this out watch this. First of all, when you really get a good, me. Look at him from a distance. I you're little bird, your little not worried about you when you look at em I close up like this in high resolution. Photography you real I like how fuckin predatory these birds are like looked at that. Snake takes a lunch. Atoms ignore bitch, not today snap get some right on top of the fuckin head,
and look, how does a man he smashes his head against the rocks man, Europe when people discovered the dinosaurs were probably birds, that's even mortar fine I'll hundred percent. Believe it I've told you this story about my chickens right, with the feeding the mice dude, it's really the hall things really bizarre, because it just shows you how, like people, have these attachments A certain species for no reason I got Stephen now talks about it with bears. And charismatic mega fauna there's something about sixty so eloquent. You know what he's he's. There's he's right, no there's like something about bears. That makes some very different in our eyes and any other animal and birds they have these hierarchies. So this hawk. Flew into my fence. I've, a glass Vance Hog, didn't what the fuck is going on, but K owed jacked my daughter's rescue, the bird and then they go to pets,
or and by little pinkies, which these little tiny mice and they feed to the hawk. So they feed little tiny mouse who decide the mouse is not as important as the hawk the still I thought lies so they say the baby, my to the hawk often, but one Madonna want to keep it as he can keep its gonna die in need, you know, and these have milk I'll, just feed it chickens so there's, a lot of eminent Hano outcry and everyone says the mouse. Stay alive after just fed thirty of fuckin dinosaur that dinosaurs, the majestic hawk its flying MR and so, bring it into the chicken coop, and I mean I put that thing on the ground for not even one half of one second, and they were tearing apart run around with it. It was, did them monsters that Rona thing just confirmed and I've two hundred percent new respect for birds. Now I think it's very interesting how people it, but it's you think about, bears right
people of love bears since way way back. You know or like Teddy bears before there was the internet and these different things there's just certain animals that you have this kinship towards and certain like sacred animals when you're down in the jungle and different places that always seem inspire something of thin mankind yeah. I don't know why it is, but I think I just sort of accept it now, like I don't feel the same way about bears. I do about dear, I think, here, are wild in and I love that they exist, but much more predatory feeling around them than I do around bears bears like this weird thing: they all you can eat them too, you know it's just it doesn't have the same feeling and as an animal theirs is insane reality of what they are, Are these enormous, like wild dog thing that can kill you
Some of them are just giants just gigantic wild dog thing that can kill you and we'd love em. I remember sitting in the obviously we're out there with the bears sitting there in the woods and watch and screw around its it's something different nature, as least in, especially to and they're kind of. Looking at you like the connection of look the bear and the bear looking at you as Nigeria friend Yes very and when a deer looks at you dear looks at you like what about what the buggy done in In the bare looks at you, like, hey man, yeah tat was William, that's what's the difference is like a different whole thought cycle. I sometimes think of that. Like the small wheel in the big wheel, it's almost like bears, or just on that slightly bigger wheels. I got so you know that's what it is right. That's got to be a big part of what it is like we almost in We recognise that they have a level of understanding. That's above the undulates do something about those omnivores. Does a level, especially them there's a level of understanding but attention.
Day like if you see how they behave like this. A thing of especially by Grizzly, bears that I got out a grisly man movie they're, so almost robotic in their predatory drive in their their drive to survive. Survival drive did you just moving around looking for stuff to eat all the time, yeah, there's so big, you have to eat so much when you're that big, but the advantages, instead of hiding all of the food that you need for the winter like a squirrel, UE's eat and eat and eat, and nobody's going to take the food from you cuz. It's just on your body like the only way to That fat is to fight the bear and nobody wants to fight the bare. So they can survive the winner whole different way: she's a cool waiter to approach it, but a bizarre way so fascinating. When you see all the different methods that natures figured out disorder overcome the obstacles that the environment can throw out, you, SAM that can survive in the ocean recently were snorkeling
looking around all these turtles noise vision, and why did they live here? They fuckin live. I mean I can't We stick my head under there for a few seconds I come up. I gotta spray water at the top of the nozzle they fuck it there's a living thing. Surviving in their like life, has found a bunch of weird Ways to get along and a bear is one of the weirdest ones skip fat is fought. They get big round and jelly. Those taken ass fuck this winter brow. What am I a moose lock out there to freeze to death like an asshole skill, you sleep like this decision, Atta GI involved in there is so much deeper than the strategy of all the other animals. The other animals. That's a big one of the big things with I guess, dear this fuckin freeze, Ass man, that's only one of dying won t wonder as that. Like evolves that whole hibernation pattern they're just like taken little nap,
first, when the fell to have and then ever then one better like sleet two weeks and all the other bears like what the fuck bows. Aha, some just sleep a little bit longer all the time how the fuck does it take place, some others really dumb. Like pick that people who don't believe in evolution order are arguments. Javier tellin me you're tellin me does not by design commanded, because somebody who's posted a video, some guy posted a video can animated, give file of the flags of flatter of God, and it was just earth like five flat playing there. It wasn't even high resolution. Cycle low resolution, it was flat. Anyways like show me again the curvature, my oh, my god, dude This is people are fucking crazy. Why? I think the whole People just want to get a leg up and everything you do and you just trying to edge someone out. So if you can believe
flatter than it actually is flatter. You got a little bit a leg on everybody. I rise at the globe, so they are willing to take Gambit, there will in a place that place that battle man I'm going in unflattering because if I'm right ray, I could say fuck you to everybody else, just a little bit eye on that of the ego. That is the ego. I've just watch couple Youtube videos. You begin Vince, if you don't do anything else other than that, I got a thing: it's like Jordan, Peters and dying about how we could all become a Nazi guard like making them all believe in flat hurt if we just our mind a little bit and then a little bit more Yeah me. Maybe all is the wrong word for Nazi Guard or flat earth, but I think they could get a lot of us get a lot of us. I've told you the story about those fuckin rod, things that were real there was rods. You ve hurt her Roswell rods does alone, Witherspoon be insects at a few.
Flying through the sky. So fast. You can't see him the only way to pick him up with his video cameras and would actually write them, so they would find them on these videos, like, oh, my god, would even notices of time and they decide that there was. These gigantic thing selected big. You know who knows how many feet long jellyfish they fly through the air like fuckin light speed first deal with it turns out what it was just an artifact when you film things, the only film things with shitty old cameras and when they have new cameras. He that's the rod, see that thing looks like a twig, that's what they look like and some over me like way up in the sky. Summum it just above. Its flying so fast that the camera can pick it up right, camera makes it look like that, like that last one, Jamie yeah you that so looks like it's almost like a jellyfish. We ve been through the air it system.
It yard. Ragged bat, with a vapor trail aggravate. Does that not one yeah examines in front of the tree, but sometimes you seem in the skies. You now have a outside of reference. You know, you know have like the ones in think of it in front of the tree like the trees, just only in a few yards away can tell, and if that rod Right from the tree and getting a guest to men on how big it as but alive the videos of em they had of in the sky. Flying in the skies like sixty feet, long line, speed of light. I wasn't Sedona just having lunch and, as was into down the place where the of course, it and then there's a lotta wacky new aid shit there and listening to this guy, just talk about orbs, right like these arms, and he was able to capture of, saw, knows on film and and I've had orbs in photos and stuff. All it is. It's like the it's. The lens flare effect that can create like
like super into the signs are. But I know that I can reproduce it. If I create a lens flaring thing, there's gonna be an orb someone picture right right so, but the way they were describing is like this one. If you go out it at the right time, at dawn in the special place, there'll be orbs on the ground like where they gather. Unlike now budgets, the come every time a grades? The lens learn, your camera. You know it's. If it was that, though, why such a party pooper One of the amazing, if, like you, could find balls of light, do you're wrong. Do that little like organisms or life forms and like if you are more loving this around you do, need just have to take a picture people and tell whether not on my guard stew, docile seeds from Asia to sky. Millions neurologist floating around yeah behaviour. Using. I will deal with that I would say it was a camera right there
italian time at Bravo. Had one picture ones, those Eddie. Bravo, the bunch of orbs around them in his hands open my fist, the biggest or was in his hands ass, a damn matters if we're all just imagine. If we're I'll just Super skeptical and we're ignoring second rate just a camera fact, its reproducible go back. I sure. Well, that's a mean it's kind of like once you ve done enough I'll ask done of DM tee thou. Then you open yourself up to the possibility that there are things potentially outside of our ability to perceive them. That's anyway, I glow, is like he's holding it like. You got high enough to see it as girlfriend spit on the camera, trying to get some more herbs. Go! It's like a kid. You re create orbs spit, but like if you were gonna, believe and orbs. That would be a mean shit out
they'll, be the one that I go with holder. Seven, in his hand, could see clearly balancing centre his love it would be the shit if Israel, like all these things, would be the shit if you're a real. I disagree. Videos of Turkey and I sought only then click click on that's how blase have gotten about the UFO, or I don't believe you anymore, I'm not clicking on it. I would love it if it was real. That's the weird thing about real right. You know it's like when you go see something with such a vivid imagination, especially in like the psychedelic space. You see something and then there's that debate like. Is that real right? And then, if enough people like, if enough people have seen internet people believe in it like dragons, for example like? Are they real or not? What the clearly not in three d space? But everybody knows
and has emotional reactions to this one being that come to you and vision, and so what is that as a dragon real? What what what you definition of real you know like? Is it The collection of an idea in your brain, all of the lights gathering around that you can share and reproduce, and then that thing comes through like an archetype in your brain, I could see that really dragons. Anything to archetypes, I mean are so many of my there's, the Chinese dragging the japanese dragon D, the gothic dragon in others. The many oh look dragon how many different ones either young arrogance, video, infinite dragons slightly slight variations on the dragons. That's that's the thing it's like its. It is an archetypal I've seen them, they ve come many many times always and at sea. To be there, the being of ultimate power like of being of Supreme Power, and that's the archetype that red and there's no animal and animal a hierarchy. The trumps the drag
Friday shows up. Everybody shut the fuck up exactly he comes flying in with fire coming out of his face. Everybody just settle down at a giant flying lizard that can blow fire, so it represents that kind of power. My tattoo artist actually had a cool things like I never tattoo, a dragon snarling because no dragon, whatever knee snarl like there's nothing. He would point, there's nothing a dragon, whatever roar at my door, a snarl because is that being a fuckin, some pretty brown, it's a strange There are so many different cultures that of serve captured. That you gonna wonder how many different things, and we missing from the fossil record. You know, and we know of birds exist who knows how many things existed, that we just haven't found. Yet it's entirely past well that some weird fuckin lizard existed at some parts of the world and people
say it. You know some weird snake thing that walked and then the law and spread of that people saw a bunch of different giant lives like if you saw commodo Dragon have you were just want the jungle and you saw Forsyth Commodo Dragon had its mouth open. You would for sure. Thank you in the presence of a deal if you ran away from that right, no cameras right, no cameras that take things from your imagination, drawing for people. What are you going to draw a god? Damn, demon, hissing giant lizard with saliva coded in botulism. Those are horrible monsters. Man those are fuckin, ruthless, ruthless, predatory, lizards, giant, lizards and you would draw them they would be. There would be with their have wings. Me. If you're, just a primitive person, you ran into one of those things. If you run into a nice crocodile Jesus Christ, I put a video a one jack and I faltered, see that shit does vulture fucked up and got to close. It is late.
Jack everyone separating them too. The crocodiles, Jack and happier now her. Basically, the cleaning or stay stay clean. Look how get some willingness just bone bitch just out of nowhere kit forget Jack, o Gimme, that chicken Tis jumps right back in there with them all right out of the water would have been a creepy animal lives. In this place where you can't see it at all: round water fucking brown water and they can hide in three feet of that. Shit for, like ours, didn't have to come up and they just hear the vibrations I you are, and they just jump up and chat. You move, I think, so much of the way that we developed was to try and avoid that such a in fact, our soft bodies in all of this brain activity that we have so much of it, you, after credit towards avoiding that exact fucking monster, yeah
Well, then, still like the stereotypes that the stronger the person dumber the person you know like. If you you have time to make all that muscle, bitching got tired books you're, not really. I that soft do there is going to save us. Tat is over. There do in physics it yet during to figure out how to make swords event. Press will not help the asteroid, click bang, one that was creepy his pack ass. We did last week Fisher, grim, Hancock, Randal, Karlsson, freaked me fuck out again to Is it not think it's too easy does not think about the variables who is it not pay attention to? The fact that we really are just a species has clinging to a spaceship without a roof. There were just clinging to the circular.
Orb as it spends a thousand miles an hour and hurled through infinity. We would just hang out on it and we know what we think about its due Gracie yeah. That's the depressing part of that whole cataclysmic, particularly, is where we had all these fuckin nuclear reactors everywhere. So like one goes off and then those things get all disrupted and then the nuclear radiation is the big issue that you have to worry about right to see what they did to Chernobyl. They created dome, that's too football fields, long its gigantic in getting case the entire enclosure. Ass, the realm of lead on yeah. That's what it looks like it's huge, its creates a crazy engineering undertaking. Few of you look at. Why, like you, just have to imagine like what kind of resources and how many brains were involved. Look at this thing, they're, gonna, lift this fuckin thing
over the dorm is enormous. They have these designs, for they show the fully competed thing fully completed. What does it say? Their thirty countries are involved in us, while yeah yeah, I think I mean the key. Is we gotta elevate consciousness to appoint, were actually looking at these situations and be enabled than you think? That's the point that Graham and random make- and I could not agree more like people have to be at that level where we can actually do something about that and look at inviting with each other? Yet your hundred percent rightly that image as worried. I look like this can drop that down with a sigh Jesus Christ, it's big and so big, that's it so crazy or big. It is look out thick. It is that's insane. We worked with the factors that way in the part of it. Just feels meat is not fully gonna. Work. Pudding like putting I get
upper? Where are you going to get the whole far in the cap aware to have it? I think the parts out there Smith went down there and he, in Chernobyl, and they were they were hunting. These wolves there is radioactive wolves. What are you doing now is like what are you talking about All these animals it liver on that area, the all radioactive like, oh my god, it's just hawks out and turned green while they probably are experiencing some mutations, there's some advice, Oh video that was gonna run the internet to saying that these are fish that lived near. Chernobyl showed aegis, enormous crazy fish sloshing around this little river, and there are those the vile but fairly as full shit proudly, the just giant catfish might that they just do exist in some spot cannot radioactive. That is deepen our psyche, though, that idea that radioactive,
matter is going to turn something into some amorphous new thing: yeah. It's always it's always bad and seven comic books. If you're a dude Do it always works? How well it has become spider, ran or the hall or you know you just gotta pick the Will you go into that radioactive soup with that's true, Turkey? Yeah yeah you gotta get good deal at a stretch, a guy who's, the guy in the adventures, not defenders, the fantastic foreign stretching that's a shit vacancy we're power that'll shit. Oh you get to bend we get to stretch out like taffy, go. Where do I sign up? You gotta go in with it runner Fisher, but he's got a guy next to fire turns into the fuck. I guess I just can disliking turn into fire flies the fucking all I can do stretch that is the most poles shit. Superpower of all tat he could stretch, He makes his arms go into circles. He could turn them into a figure.
Like Wyatt. I fought with Dawson in ST fighter and history. The ability was definitely helpful. Does he have stretching ability is really fire. He could get push both his arms out like that and they re in front in the leg, just straight double dick punch and then he's got them. The foot like that like along ass front kit, are you coming out of Skyshroud to say I can't name any of the characters in street fighter. Nor can I tell you what they do. I don't know about the play that a couple of times or sectors is falling, then hit me right in the sweet spot, and I couldn't I couldn't it, nor just at that age. You know what I am all the testosterone brewing, but the frustration can little and you couldn't be anybody out rashly just play something videogame. Then you'll be everybody up. If you that avatar, I wonder how many fights been started from street fight like if there was like a running town. Deny me, like Mcdonald's, has how many burger sold. How many likes fights start by a game of St Fighter, less than Madden for sure
Dr Zira, it lay in it often ends invites yeah. There should be a home you to channel man in St Vice, but they come with some glove. Dude love, therefore bomb They look. I listen a bill. Burs podcast, Santiago, again, our just talking about football, nay, they fuckin told we couldn't do it takes a disk, so they who told you Us, as the US is the right thing to do that again, like the identity playing this trick, that that lust for tribalism that we I have like we want to be part of a tribe of that team. Is our tried yeah your fight, for it feel shitty about, and you feel a lady. About it, makes the games interesting, but it also opens up to a weird spectrum of emotion. Yeah. You did you protect pride for your name, heard for your town, free state, all that gets weird till
you get to America, that's weird cross the fucking line, boy, America. You better be proud that we tried it from here to Donald Trump says: he's going to put people in jail for a year if they burn the flag. Here's it's hilarious. Hillary Clinton proposed this in two thousand and five. I didn't know that somebody tweeted that to me I think, they're having an affair, depriving bang it out. The whole time either way we win. That's what I'm going out to all those little shity little catty remarks and yep. That's wood lover say to each other. That's exactly right. When I get nasty to each other make out related em, you fucking deplorable deplorable, a basket, but a bucket deplorable. What was it? People was people just jumped on it. They ve been the worst at like creating like means and stuff and, like the word, first at common up, there were the worst of coming up like campaign
thoughts. You know, there's this tomb too many things go, that election, where it was just like. While you guys are not not that good at this, like this with her, don't say: I'm with her, don't say: that's Jesus Christ however, as we make in it, there were just voting for a check, a cow eyes. Well, it's more than that, it's more than men is everything, is, is gettin squarely and I think one of the most brilliant parts of Jordan, Peterson's Pike Ass yesterday was that he has done a fine and in his mind, and I tend to agree with them one of the reasons why things are getting so squarely as we remove the metaphysical underpinnings behind our understandings of everything yeah you now and so, like all of this social justice and on these pronouns. I think a lot of that is that we removed the metaphysical understanding of self
you know I'm. So if you really don't understand who yourself is, then you really can't have self love self worth self confidence cuz, it's all built on something else in that surrogate for self that they create his identity of who you are what pronoun. You are what you know, what you identify dunno, I with what you do, what you're races and then all of these parts of identity, which really have absolutely nothing to do with self in the metaphysical sense, become the thing that you defend you defend. That thing is if it is yourself, but it's not, and I think that's in one of the the pass it I've taken is to understand those metaphysical underpinnings. I understand what the self is, rather than just trying to work on self worth and self confidence and self love We got a fucking first understand the self. He was a deep dude Ben. Did the stuff that Hussein about religion about the need for
This understanding of good and evil, then how it plays out and to stay on that balance of good and evil entered to live, you know what it was. Talking about a true life really fast any because there was one things were he's is thinking at an extremely high level, and so you, when you found you have to be sure you I my following him, my damn, I'm really getting when he saying here. You know she's talking about being someone who hates ideologies but he's a very religious man. I think really the most confusing part of what he was saying was. The use of the word. Religion, because a little bit like Daniela in his book, create Joan religion, he's clearly created here, variation of religion that allows them to use that word, you know, but for most people the colloquial understanding of religion is much much different. I think it was confused. Anarchy would probably benefit from. Maybe
I'm. Looking at that word and see if it's conveying what he actually mean, I think you're right, but I think I understood what he was saying. I think he definitely understood what you're saying that I missed you don't, but he's he's looking at it in terms of that, these archetypal stories or integral to being human on a person being a part of our life for so long that these recent jettisoning there Society is taken away from it in a week, some sort launched ourselves away and become more and more cynical about our roots and our understanding of who we are this world and like what is important. What is bullshit, you know, and that's all great. I think that super important and that's That'S- what human beings are here for we're here to be curious, but
one thing that I think people really do really well with its structure and when people don't have a structure like a reason to behave in an ethical unkind way, or you know a better to strive for they struggle without a structure is in a minute truth is the bedrock like Andrews forms the bedrock, and I think that's what he really meant about these religious truth is compared to scientific truth. These these true understanding that form the bedrock that you can build. Everything else off of like again going back to self like what is the self? What, when you look deeper and deeper? It's it's none, nothing, but you know
consciousness near the consciousness within us, and then, when you understand that your consciousness, then you can ditch all of these other things that you're trying to pile on top of and make it so important like all of these identity things. But you have to get to at least where my metaphysical understanding is that the self is consciousness embodied in this awesome meet vehicle we get to play around with an experience, life and interact with each other and taste. Things and fight things. In fact, things like it's amazing but ultimately hears. You know we're just that that spark of consciousness yeah, who the fuck knows yeah but wouldn't, but he was saying, was cool because what what you say and it was then Peterson talking about it. It was an honest, different level of understanding. I think any so incredibly. Well read No doubt I really like what you say to about you know how and why
one of the metaphysical understanding that I have I mean I think you arrive at it from different ways, and religion can obviously be a great vehicle to help you arrive at that. You can do it through philosophy, you can do it through experience and I've content gone mostly through that experience route with different plant medicines and things in your arrive it at these different truths and that idea that you reconcile the darkness within you that thing inside yourself, that is inherently, has all the capacity for evil that was brought to me and in like a psychedelic experience where I was going in, and I realise that I myself was all the darkness and all the light. I was good in bad arrayed on a spectrum and was capable of doing every good thing and every bad thing, and it was the most horrifying experience. I've ever had like recognising that I all of those things, but the only thing that made it that decide
do I was with choice and then that choice was enough, but you had a first reconcile the capability of being everything before you can layer on that element of our? I am everything, but I choose to be this. I choose truth. I choose love. I choose to have faith against the fear and that's that's ultimately there and who you are but going down into those subterranean deaths in realising that we all have fucked up thoughts in overall little bit off here there, and then they get super important to reconcile just like watching that in road runner, Jack, that snake, where animals were living organisms and we're living organisms that are aware of his crew. The sea of genes that we live in. See a fuckin cells competing for survival and weird forms with these weird rules and wherein that, but what we're, as far as we know, were the only ones
that are aware that were in it unless dolphins or where they could be aware. You ve heard some call the false killer whale dude. I was in Hawaii this week. We deal efficient with kids had a great time and we're on this boat and costume. He was on the boat me. I was one of the guys work on the boat told me that they are a run in with these false, were Wales where they were Poland in these fifty pound tunas and this fucking gigantic. Twenty four long thing that thing you ve seen where those now what the fuck how do I do not know that that existed. Is crazy, lookin, weird whale thing with giant. Teeth and they com false killer, whales, I guess, it's like some sort of a dolphin sub species is something so this, but which it till a well as to their old cousins. Yes, but this this snacked this Fuckin fifty pound tuna right off the hook us ripped off in front of a Molly's
on it in and so they set out Jesus Christ. These things are going to find it let's get out of here, we'll go somewhere else. They went five miles away this fucking things followed them five miles in June. Two more fish while wild wild world out there. This weekend I had a porpoise steal, a tuna from me: we're tick catch initial, Amber Jack Tunas did not that big, like a big one, is like twenty pounds like as big as they get the most likely in pounds but they're really tasty anyway, we're catching these things and I'm pulling them in and he's going crazy. This thing's going crazy and the the skipper says: there's probably a porpoise chasing it. I'm like no, and why is again they do it all the time they grow up going around this. This is one area where these these tunas live. Skipjack says we cannot Amber Jack, skipjack tuna. And is one area where they populate these fuckin dolphins have grow.
Up to know that they can hang around those boats and they wait until someone catches one and then, when they fight needed, can't move very quick. So this whim up to it. Well, it's on the line and they just jack on any jacked. It right in front of me. Rainfall like no fuckin way, and I see this dark shadow underneath the war, come near. This flashing fish are crazy, tug and underlying goes web thanks. My easy for this purpose just check that tuna rainforest seals do that with the should examine out and British Columbia yeah, they pull your salmon alkaline. Their smartened mean they figured out that if your line is taught the fish ain't move in anywhere in fighting is triangle. This way the dry, the real! That's like easy one again and you never hook those animal tumors there too smart for
said he looked him before a really hooked him before. I did know that they, the accidentally snagged one before alike body, snag like fire out it has got. It got body snow like a dolphin the dolphin. What each of fish to see people, though, get caught nets that just can't see him, but you don't see him your kindness hooks, they never get. There was one of my bet that you, if people have no, Are you catch him all day like is the difference between dolphins and people? It's like, they eat fish, but we don't catch them. When you a fishing like it's kind of crazy. But the I'm, the guy said that they had to pull one in some. I forget what the circumstances were, but a foul hooked, metropolitan and release the hook taken by really care for that they're gone. Do what you are saying about the self being this I collection of cells. I think that's really kind of interesting, because The self is so many different cells that are kind, extending sending competing signals to the brain. All of em China, almost via
for their own survival and then the brain puts out like a prime directive, of what the things that are best for that. But now there were launched, having so much of our gut biome and how much that contributes to the self. It contributes neurotransmitter production, immune cell production, but every time we shit, we drop a bunch of that got by them into the toilet. I mean it's it's going to feed on the on the feces and then we drop it in there. So it's like our self is changing. You know every time we take a dump like that collection of things, that we call self Witcher some pathogenic organism, some helpful organisms, some skin cells, all of its contributing to self all of its contributing messages to the brain, and it's changing and all the time- and I think that's why people go looking for the self, it's so squirrely cuz. What is the self? I mean? It changes every single day, you're a different self when you're, angry or happy or mad or in love, as when you're in hired or after work out you're different self than when you start where justice I'll go nation, but it's almost
ideology of self to call it one thing in the cause of this is me: there really were justice, a lot more nebulous than that, and that's why people get confused and they went to cling to something concrete and ideology are self. Here I am, I am when you got a very vague, dear who you are like you, can know, You know a neighborhood Benda this road, I know this role, but you know you go down a bad road one day you know, go down the someone hold your car. They weren't supposed to road God even others do this theirs. Is weird parts of you to come out and weird altercations are weird moments of vulnerability need a wild, even that person was in there there like it, just looking at the even as much as I think about it. I still get stuck in weird self like this past Saturday are no well what it was the thanksgiving from like now to seven p m on Saturday. I was a can't worse. I
the worst I may. I don't even want to hang out with myself like and then I just at some point. It like around seven o clock, like oh, my god, but what is going on? We you did you eat too much shitty food- maybe I don't know as I want to make excuses. I just the nose the my mail menstrual cycle, moonless, it wasn't lay where you'd, like short with people, were you just like every did want to be around everything was like such a big deal. You know like whatever. Whatever little thing came up was like a life, ending life shattering thing, and it is This weird it's weird understanding and then it lifted like a fog like just like when the clouds move in the sun piercing through, and I was like what the hell was that looks so that self is a slightly different self, then the other, the self that came after the self. That's here now to self on a cup of coffee vs that until I think you know it just
try to that. When really were so much more than what we are in, there aren't boundaries. This idea that you can contain everything this is me is not me, I think, really doesn't make a lot of sense, but We did a lot of some techniques, Dick making yourself more positive all the time. I don't think that's one of the things about the whim. Half Reading- that I really like is that when you, when you do in any kind of breathing exercise, I think any given the beginning of peak Romeo, go when you do that crazy breeding. When you bid then neck goes back. I think what would tat really makes you dues concentrate on the moment. Releases, excess tension to the point. We have a better ability to be yourself. You now thoroughly, There's a lot of burdens that we don't recognize to cling to us and we can all around We don't realize it until we get him free eyes. I knew the go run in I do. Sometimes you just guides needs a lift.
I need to do some now. Nothing is bothering me, like this same world exists, but forty five minutes a rigorous, exercising don't give a fuck about an hour and Distingue. There was this: overwhelming moment your life, like it's all a matter of perspective and the best perspective that I find is when I can tap into that consciousness element when you can call it. Your people call your higher self, whatever there's billion names for it, but it's the asked version of yourself down like who you are at your very very best when you're filled with the most love and the most peace and the most like energy contentment and satisfaction like your best self and then, when you can act, find ways to access that. I think absolutely right, yoga breathing flotation. Nature flow state. Em. All of these ways are ways to tap into that best self, which is usually anchored in the present moment. In is you at your very best and from that vantage point, you see the option
those laid out in front of you, and maybe they don't go away, but maybe you can look at them as you should like an advantage. Opportunity to grow stronger, yeah just perspective, I think they're, but I think all those things, including marijuana and allow other psychedelic compounds their perspective and answers. I think that's what they're here for wages. We equate them with the negative aspects. We know that some drugs have on people, so we know that you know. Sometimes they can be bad but I feel that same way about religion the same way about government, I've. Usa, we a lot of things just because certain aspects of it are fucked. It doesn't mean it doesn't some massive benefits for us. Like even look, you could caught like religion. Waterways like bill caused me. Ok, this bill cars. We did some, horrible shit, some horrible shit most likely right, but he made a lot of fuckin people. Laugh rights
so how a lot of people? If you look at the number of victims versus the number of people that benefited from it, go wow what a complex situation is, as you have this monster, who also was doing amazing work. There are huge, you, people so happy everywhere and he's enforcing this I'd really positive way of behaving in thinking for people like you it. Never majesty, of swearing around bill. Cosby you know, uses up standing hd guy. I think a lot of ways. That's the same way about religion like if it wasn't for religion and I'm not an advocate of religion. Currently what to use it currently, in the same form that everybody is using it. But I'm just saying if you looked at like humankind as a whole, if it wasn't for believing We have these crazy rules than we had to do good. Otherwise, the deity we com and strike is tat if it wasn't like the fear, literally literal fear of God, the cap people from just rate
and pillaging and do whatever the fuck they wanted to. Who knows how much longer undertaken us to get to the place where you can fight over gender pronouns yeah? It's almost like a system that may at some point have been necessary. Yeah, we don't know the people we weren't around people three thousand years ago. We don't know what they would have done without the threat and that fear of God, because there was no dna evidence. There was no, you know inspectors in detective, so maybe it was necessary, but clearly now the dogma that surrounding it is an impediment to our happiness, an impediment to the better truths that are going to hopefully make this world. You know a more positive place for everybody, while they became Cute nailed it when you said like a programme, because I think that's really what it is. It's almost like a program that human beings sort of manifested to travel to the next stage of development.
Look we're just knock and again here too thing clotting work boys work for it's okay, you know, but we still behave like monster, has just figure things to worship things, to love things, to cherish things to believe in and the new pass. These things down as like this higher daddy, this higher daddy thing that's what it is man? The problem the couple people got it saw that Jack, Ditch ACT and then manipulated it for their own power and loaded Donald around here exactly I mean that whole move of are you. You can't talk to God to talk to God, you gotta come see me and you got a bill a big house, and you pay me every year and then I'll translate that message to the divine on your behalf. Thank you, much. My favorite version as Europe see the dude who took pictures of himself in Heaven now awesome forget He went to Heaven pastor. He came back, he had a suit on and a white background a bit white background and he said he was in Heaven he took any put him up on his two rounds
that's good would sell on the photos. You sell the photos of him in Heaven. Mountain I think that in order for that to work for people yet to break the brain early- and I think you break them- rain by saying something, like fear, got things amazing. I thought it aw white man wise and have like a rainbow here too. It is at the same photo that's weird. I could have sworn. Maybe another person not the same guy. Please I'm gonna same photo, but the image Love yes, hidden and then energy it was, it was white and some images Why think somebody added something to that photo? I think they put like that. The sun Rays and shit, that's the one, the ones the one above and what the suit not thou and right there that kept on to the second row, sacrament yeah there you on that one. That was the image
It was this him with a white background. They said yeah, I'm in Heaven, dog large scale. Jesus loves you telling you man. And he was selling these photos. Slick dollar the like suit. What's up ruffle shirt? Was it what he saw will burn your heart. What. Although it is our burying your heart, our heartburn, but they have during your heart, he's got the waiters imagine there was a haven't. They we're just talking shit. Imagine like one day space shuttle takes the wrong turn and saw its way up in orbit and its pops through this the whole night, oh shit, where it have a damn heaven of my and they get out, take their headgear off, they can breathe. His angels hanging around up there. It's like in, I think it's just people
that wrong turn like Jordan Petersen was saying of taking these things is literal when they should be metaphysical like we all have the ability to cry Heaven and hell in our life, which has appointed alarmingly maiden then when we are pure consciousness, what I've experienced, at least from from all these psychedelic experiences when you, when the body disappears and becomes less prominent and you're thinking, you are what seemingly just pure consciousness. You know there's also that opportunity there for Heaven to embrace all of the love, and then there is also the opportunity to look back on your life like what the FUCK I'm really. I made these choices that hurt these people and that is this almost hell. You know so so Alan Heaven is again. You know, as above so below its just a mental state. You know, and that could be the same very same mental state that we go across, but instead we tried to make it concrete. We tried to you, know Salvador Bosch. You know. I tried to create all of these horrible things of,
things biting you and burning. You invigorating your genitals and prying you apart, when all of It is really a metaphor for what's happening in your mind. You know not an actual place. Yeah like the mind of Dick Cheney, I caught his Dick Cheney, go to sleep without pills and what can work? dreams Zack, I have my own roof and what happens when he's liberated from Mina from all other, rationalizations you know like when when All of those things is be like, like you know you get in the float tat. Can you see all these things that have allowed you to think a certain way? And then you go floating and then all of those structures go part. And then you look at that thing. You did and go with. That was that duty because it but he's never at that moment he's never stop the hamster wheel, long enough to get still to be able to look his life from his higher self and billing? Well, what am I doing? Look at all this momentum. Look at all the software viruses that my open, open source conch
MRS picked up along the way. These different fears is different. Greeds, these lust for power. These different things have created this thing. That's never seen in the momentum, never gotten quiet enough for them to really analyze it today kept our guy alive with somebody else. Heart date they caught him open and put another do tart inside him. That is fuckin crazy. To think that human beings can do that, but we could fix. They could take out your lungs man. They can replace your lungs with someone else's lungs. I think that's all helpful to thinking about it, because the more we lose that attachment to this body is being like anything but the machine. The machine that's going to allow us to experience consciousness in the physical form. When we really look at that, then that's going to be a helpful kind of metaphysical underpinnings. So we're not so you know caught up in these in these elements that are causing us so much discomfort and stuff
right we're trapped in this idea. What we are here, but like isn't it inevitable that if they come up with bionic eyes you stare at the sun, gigawatts watch Netflix autumn and there way better the regular eyes and they give to people lose their eyes first, and then people sergeant scoop these four, can riches reaches out? Gimme someone, I'm good eyes and you get them good eyes. And he started mean everybody has a good eyes. Is walk around look at each other, a wink. You know you know I got the good I've gotta go against each other. Could fuckin red sport scores fly the sky. The hardware upgrade yeah another great again to have been to a vision you can decide to zoom in on things far off into the distance. Why wouldn't you do that? Would you like See now you shit, you're fucked. Bloodshot eyes, Bitch ass ice great the hardware and then we're gonna make sure that were upgrading the software and
eliminating the virus is running those system checks to get all of these bad programs out of our head, get the better metaphysical truth. Programs like like the platinum rule, like you know you everybody is you living a different life? Freedom is such you know like get some of these other software programs running discard the old ones, then upgrade the hardware. All you want and both have to kind of common conjunction, otherwise will do what we did with technology. Elevating faster than consciousness technology elevates fastened the consciousness we just fuck each other up, better deputy that I think also technologies, just it's trying to get us more and more and to it. I was thinking of this the other day and ass fine back from Hawaii US thinking of how people. I see stare at a phone at the airport at the Falcon more at a restaurant, my self upstairs and we need them.
Let me do it well staring at fucking phones and I'm like if I was a pilgrim. If you took took you ever, at a time machine grabbed a pilgrim and drag dumped. Two thousand sixteen and so what do you say? We live I caught the thereof this too. The looking glass he'd been captured. Like do you think it's like the runners spell thunder spell they stare at a fucking glass, green first thing in the morning. They checked there either to go to work. They stared screen. They look at their navigation system, whether fuckin dry in the work to get home they watch tv before they go to bed the check your email again. They just staring in screens their living their lives through screens, think looking glass cat evaded that I would think they were under the spell of glass there's something about something but they're not moving the the sitting there for this fuckin thing all day there. Almost almost no movement, almost all the time front of a screen. You just sitting there
If you saw that- and you have no idea what the FUCK television was or phone you're just a person from another time period- and he said we things going on like this fuckin people in her spell, The clearly under spell like its give them something here, but that's what a spell is immune to fucking when they hypnotic dancer dances in front of you and they also need even know where you are anymore. It's because you're, looking at something cool to Strip club exactly where they go nowhere to create added the joy he gave me there was Miss label on purpose. You this What you're, seeing your ear, seeing something amazing and Amazing thing is making you want more of it, so you you're spending more money to get a better computer to make better explosion. On the bigger screen. Better sound and it keeps going deeper, deeper and every fuckin new phone as some new way to get excited and keep your son.
At the newest and best screen, and just locked into this, this sort of hypnotic trance of tat Knowledge is owed allowable, allows you to boot tooth with your navigation, so steward sinks up to your car and you're, still staring at a fuckin screen and not doing anything doesn't matter what's putting the same effect is taking place you staring at a screen. I think woods what's interesting to me, as I think we're in intermediary in an intermediary stage, where it were watching this rapid advancement, things are getting more and more interesting. But I think there's gonna be a tipping point. Where technique, energy is so ubiquitous that will actually it that kind of settled into our lives in a better way. Maybe some people get completely lost, but I think a lot of are already reaching that point where it's almost too much and its forcing us to make our own boundaries put our phone down. You know this, put your phone away on this. Retreat is no phones. You were starting to develop,
the counter reactions to it, but it has to get to the point of ridiculous. In order for us to do, you know have this kind of counter reactions. I think that's why it's gone. I think that's like using them. Headphones, don't breaks on a formula. One car lack we're going for our foreign away for a whole, our kids just sitting there in your bag tat just ass, a crisis. The only the only hope that I have that philosophy I was espousing is like a learned. I thought of something a burning. And a brow sheer burning man, the there was it's so much shit like you have! No, I can't even fathom how many lit up amazingly beautiful fire breathing our creations dancing people half naked people fully naked people orgy tents, this.
Crazy amalgamation. I mean I was in this like thunder dome. They rebuilt the thunder dome basically, and they had people on bungee cords and two topless checks were smashing into each other on Bundy cords, beating each other with foam sabres as like house music played buying and a fuckin fire breathing. Dragon car, like rode by breathing fire like that is ridiculous, announced awesome its radically. This we're after you ve been there for a while. You realize The time that you enjoy the most are getting with your home is in the army. You know that's the absolute best time you have a burning man in those like just laugh in and hanging drinking a beer in the RV think this enhanced, though by the chaotic environment and a guarantee of this crazy. Why we're here we're here for cigarettes kind of what goes on in a place like that right so why our here yeah all they can. Beats by abbot, then just realizing like we can do that
our key moment anywhere lay. I don't need to be in burning manner. That is the Most special shit, like the most special shit, is the simple shit, so you can take this technology does all this awesome stuff, but it's never going to be like that high. At that time, you hang in playing with your kids. Are that time you Fishing in that time. It's never gonna beat that right. You know, sir, and you start to realise that when it gets to the ridiculous is just when it's on this kind of intermediary level. That is hard for us to figure out a thing yet. Well, I think the only way true, the appreciate the natural world, the truly shade. The wonders of natural world is too to be engaged in it separate of electronic world like if you on some crazy hike, but you're also staring your phone, the iter, time. You walking, just not gonna get the whole feet like you. If you're hiking in Yosemite Summers and Crime all views, investors and new travel around.
Amazing nature, so you're not going to really take that in if you're looking at your phone the time for thinking about what picture you gonna take yeah, I got a bunch of selfies yeah you're inherent there's nothing about the phone that is in the present moment something is immediately popping up bright fry like it's all about the past. How I look you know of the future. How? What am I gonna posed? What's going to come, so it takes you The present moment at the present moment is really the only pleasurable state that we have on the planet is when you present, some fuckin screens calling. You would have thousand feet and your ego is disappearing. Looks like thousand likes for my ass up at five thousand likes, but filters on shit. Get that angle. Perfect, it's so seductive, though, even before even for there is no these phones and selfies. There is paintings in there
just your appearance in general, so people get seduced by them their reflection in the mirror and looking pretty you know, and then all the way back me before there was mirrors there is that time in the brook, and that's where you get that the myth of Narcissus who just couldn't stop looking in Israel action in in the waters of the stream lean on that was like original point of you start looking at yourself, not adsense separating yourself from self you'll never be in the present moment. You'll always be looking at yourself. Judging yourself and that's a game, you can never fucking win in Ireland our message: what how much you think it cost back in the day to get your portrait painted, I give you got your portrait painted back in the planned this house, you are a bad mother, Fucker Ray you at some cash man. You you sat there and looked rigour with your best clothes, while some dude just painted you how long? How long will it take? Will they would pose for marble busts back even before, then
You go back to their home and great time. That's insane how long that digs Riddick get carved in marble. No, that's insane anybody move, but the ours is a seductive. You know you want that. You want a perch. Pray that image and if the problem is it's just always so vulnerable, I could never feels confident, no matter how wealthy you are, how good looking you are, it's always on shaky ground, because it's all nonsense. You know your consciousness that's enough, like you, don't need to be all of these things, but you do, though, if you that guy We took the view that guided sits there for the bust That's one of the things I was thinking when I was in Rome and I was going through the Vatican we're looking all these different sculptures like that, There's no way everyone was jacked like everyone's jacked, everyone what everyone had a six back, everyone I! Finally, so polite how they made everybody with a small Dixon, nobody felt, like you know that, so no
If I go now nanos, interestingly interesting enough, I I asked course and the guy told me that in the roman age it was considered barbaric if you had a big peanuts Like you, you weren't a person of culture or thought if you had a big peanuts and whether he is correct or not, I'm not sure Jamie Le Therapies, but that's it. That's interesting at like these little dick do did say. Listen this big dick thing. It's up fad hey, don't get attached to it. There are brutes and assholes. That's why we're in this mess in the first place to those big dick ass, an you want a salad a solid roman catholic government. You need a little dignity issued with a six back, just jacked the TED six. GS pay with a leaf over there the leaves were a lot of leaves or put over the decks later.
And a lot of leaves the like style of the leaf over the deck oppose Constantine yeah. It happened later after some religious period. They just society, stop looking at decks like what what this has been front of us the whole time. Oh, my goodness, that's I mean it's really like that. Classic example of let's make something that we're not yeah. Now, let's make that bad in that thing, his bad, so we don't have a big deck, but I mean I think there are also the honest inclination deck I've got a hog and half a dozen devil, he's a devil yeah. The demons always had giant dicks. You don't want that girl that big, Dick Demon monster Eric S got a hog put away Jamie title economic- it it's just, it's weird to think that they were struggling between, like, I guess, a big dick.
Presented virility which represented conquest, which represented war, which represents strife. I got those big dick. Do just come on over the mountains, folk and big shaggy beard swing and swords and shed Brenna Zella gall we're gonna stop deciding himself and yelling, and his bear skins on mushrooms is looking at a line of impenetrable shield that guy that guy, you don't want that guy's giant deck. Look up ahead. Aha garage urges hair braided around with it reads as late as how was I mean if a girl try to suckers Dixon, literally starting on one of those cat posts, his his hairy, Dick Harry, like I like you, would you imagine a buffalo dick would be like all uses, a random hairs. Half of the shaft of his dick just read lost far, Baron Dick, probably conjure up right white,
bright, wider toothpaste, parties, the moonlight and glow She tat looks like bones liquid bones and one of his dick. You could. You can't have a guy around is no decade little deeds with six backs that look like they could go gave any moment as they did ever of ready to cock, inconveniently, the decks for small nobody gag that's what was going on to their dicks Aachen, both as a grand laid as just a friendly little dick endeavours, Barbarian, DEC, no wonder when they realize you shouldn't fuck do all the time when, when they realise, whenever she sits like because people, who essentially word even gay we're fuckin do try not possessing rob being gay, let's get get that are the way, I'm not judging in any way homosexuality, but I'm saying that it's it's less likely. Then, being straight
but back then that was on the case. Gay acts, whether your and actual gay personal, not that's the question where they gay people there more gay people, whether more bisexual people or was already greedy I think it's a combination. I think we're naturally a lot more bisexual than we act on because of where everybody's also, naturally quite a bit homophobic and that's that's part of it, but I also think they were kids back then, and they thought everything there was like the momentum of fuckin, kids, a union kid and you get fucked by dude like I'd, think there's gotta be a correlation there between you know having the desired. It is the same thing. Just like you, your dad beats you, then you wanna be a beat when your dad it's this the same kind of em ingrained thing, I think they just got this momentum of kid. Fucking and then that probably contributed along with this, the open, mindedness and not being homophobic. Actually they they said times, are homophobic, gets the people who had received the dick, but the people who are supplying the deck was like pray
in Conakry. Lazy, like the whole society was present because of your everywhere. The pitcher you're, not really know it's gonna norm. Everybody's a pitcher age are the charger loads. You know that was like one thing and if you look at some of the graffiti, when Caesar was taking over power, like some of the group for graffiti was calling him like the catcher. Like Caesar you catcher, on or whatever, but our word for that. You know because that was still a slight like you were supposed to at the most virile. If your head of the roman legions, you know, you're gonna, be the pitcher when I was in high school, my friend Jimmy lawless two friends with today, lover dude but Jimmu. Ours, was what a great name by the way That's right up there with Eddie. Bravo, But here we are Dude was bisexual, we're kind of weird acts were you know. I think I was Nineteen, generous eighteen with fuck, I good either
what does that mean like degenerate? You know, Ngos. I don't know if I believe bisexuals, I think, to just greedy we started laugh at what is our lavatory disease have serious, but I think they just greedy I'll, never forget it! So when it it's like so burned. My had as a seventeen year that laughed at everything at a seventeen year old, ridiculously stupid sense of humour, and to this day if someone says bisexual, distinct at him, Gandhi, discreetly words, it is, and we humans have put their dick and everything anything anything another who zis couches for cheap, flashlight people, men, women, whatever tat we met, while We should clarify the Green I met when he worked for the flesh out, if you didn't know be worth company there of fake vagina, you'd, have sexual gelatinous, fake
which it was like Mass Amira, Gelatin Assembly, food source, gelatin can't go divulged family secrets its that's, how we met people love to discover to come. It makes you feel better and I think we gotta just remove all of the fuckin stigma about it like it's just that it's the come release mechanism for the pleasure monkey, and that was actually like that without where it was something came to me. Actually my Ayahuasca trip, but that's what fuck- and I were pleasure. Monkey like we're here to soak in as much pleasure laughter feel all the things that you can fuckin feel to your body hit all of the pleasure buttons like. Why would you have a pleasure but
not push it doesn't make any sense like push all of your pleasure buttons. That's feel what that feels like, let's go through in and finish this existence in the material form sand like man there. What like you don't have that button year, like manner that button is awesome, barge, never pushed it. Those afraid and religion said this thing. This Bob I like fuckin, pushed the pleasure buttons like the foolish. It now recognise that that's what we're here for stop, stop stressing so much alike the idea that you should be guilty for your pleasure, like you, don't deserve it like you. Do. We still have the echoes of the Puritans that landed here and sudden tried to reestablish no mean what what what's really similar to a lot of other crazy They decide views on sex like really rigid, restrictive sex practices. You know, and with that stuff, stock, it's hard to shake that should off it's hard to be grown. Adults like you are with your friends. You know like yours, your friends, you talk about sex in sex, it's it's would be
we'll? Do it it feels you don't say: oh, she want sex that dirty dirty redeem, possessed woman. Google, ya, later hot, but you want to dick all day hot girls like that's pro what's going on you look at Lopez's ass, like that's, that's the ass of a woman is probably enjoys a dick right. You go. New jobs are causing us like. There is some system there right, it attracts them, probably likes them. It's like a flower and the bees land on it in the flower once the beer, exactly it's a majority, the more fragrant the flower, the more it just decide, mutually beneficial relationship, but somewhere along on people, decide to restrict it and they really clamp down, and I think it was during the hard times and I think, this is so much that this summer, to the restriction on sex. That I think also has to do with are worrying about people not being able to handle hard times. They come again, but just a lot of people in this world, with the preppers where people are, it is concerned about the future of the world?
really worried that people are losing, and ironically it's it's funny, because the people that would be more restrictive and come to Saxo, usually the right wingers, but the right wingers. At least concerned about environmental damage, the more concerned about fiscal profits like currently, and then the left wing would be much more concerned with environmental, but much less restrictive when it comes to sexuality, like the the idea that you could just run round having sex with who have you want just experiencing pleasure and not committing the people and having a good time and spoke in a little part and drink it in and saying and just enjoying life. That's not good for commerce right! That's not good! For business, that's not good, and so, if you want people, to embrace the same sort of level of materialism that you going to need to make your bottom line go up every year you got to stop these fucking hippies and their goddamn fucking dance out in the desert, say: burning gonna, bullshit out there comes back on profits,
You got to look at that motivation. You've also got to look at the motivation of have just control. You know, like you, take some. That someone is going to think about all the fucking time all and then make him guilty, that and make it a sin and make you the one who can absolve them of that since you got em fucking walked like every single human on planet earth is going to sin and they're going to need you to rescue them from hellfire boom, it's like the ultimate Fuckin rear, nay, it choke on the human psyche, Rikers, no one's going to be able to stop themselves from having sexual urges and thoughts, and if your thoughts, and you're the only one who can take it away from its fucking. The world's greatest con. The world's greatest com might be making prostitution illegal for ape like how did they? out of it, you can fuck anybody want for free, like this It's not like it's illegal fuck, Melick murder, you know, like you just can't go around here,
p bonica how much you pay. You can't go, kill people, that's not what we do. Ok, we're civilized, but you can just go. Get some coke go too far. Start doing shots of people, and I see no, you bang it people you both pebble, even know them right if you're, some fuckin wild person, You could just if your girl, especially God, damn you could travel praised, place to place and give it away and and get dick ever anywhere you want right. Will that is? Ok, but if you go there and you actually exchange pieces of paper coins, that's not good or bitcoins. Why the fuck like how is that possible? Bitcoin prostitute! That's high level, I'm more interested in high level! I can pay for Mary. I love him pay for my sex act with a bitcoin, really smart girl to the show up that they just see things differently, I just think as saying that you could pay people from massages. You could pay people TED, do your nails
petty cures manic yours and you can t, have people do all sorts of stuffy wax you and don't massage dick. It's it's crazy and I honestly I think it's it's this special distinction that that religion is given in the other, some consequences, this access potential pregnancy, but we ve mostly eradicated that if you really try you're trying you can eradicate that that you and there are some there's some diseases, so there's some consequences. I get it. I get us a little different than a massage, where you are less likely to get anything of where condoms, filthy ammo, exact, almost zero, buddies problem, but the amount of the mound of difference that people given that to like you, imagine your girl getting massage from Adieu Nyc, ok, but then he massages Herbert Oh man, the stomachs does comic and you want to. Can you want to fight him and you want to stab em in the throat throat for touching a girl's vagina help, and she privacy can have naughty. This was
very leak and down the side of her legs. How all my gosh by came immediately soon as he is, just gently. Rubbed begins her assholes, your toes spread out or feed cramped up Jesus and everybody felt so naivety already now not terrible person. Above wool breaker violate, of the trust. It's a crazy man. We just gotta, we just gotta all, look at each other and be like we're all just fuckin pleasure, monkeys, it's cool away. You get your pleasure, I'm not your pleasure dealer, you know, let's love each other and just be cool yeah it's gonna take all while they are also there the sixties for a while. You know me think about the difference between the fifties and Sixtys. Think about like the people in the fifties. Relic lockdown watch
Why five? Oh shit, but actually those pro the sixties dragnet! That's what I'm trying to think of Gypsy, that dragnet thing where dragnet guy Joe Friday was talking to some Fuckin hippy, some goddamn happy and is explained to the hippy, how easy they have it and how lucky they should they feel living in a man today, when other people have sacrificed so much to allow them to dress like silly people and it's so aware, as it sounds like a person to this- is it like? Listen to this fact will selfish and you're the first generation to come along and felt the satisfying they all have. You know about different things, and most of them didn't have the same opportunity and freedoms that you do. Let's talk, poverty most places in the world is not a problem, is a way of life and rights. They are able to give you a blank stay here, because they may not know what you're talking about the fact that more people are living better right here than anywhere else ever before in history. So don't expect us to roll over in place
when you say you're to satisfy its, not perfect, but it's a great deal better than when we grew up a hundred men standing student threateningly impeccably only recently Joe Fridays, in a permanent ceasefire and strictly business suit, or during the truth, talking down to look like there. The deeds in the ass, the Jimmy Hendricks Ban that nobody can tell you there name, I mean there's Jimi Hendrix in the dual use with it. I'm sure you're, fuckin, heavy duty, musicality. Madam you right now. I understand, but don't know this but joy. Jimi Hendrix, then obviously job who does Sparky toward worth. I dunno who those duties were, why people when they see other people having fun and they don't feel like they can get their they want to shit on it. Yeah! Let me know like that's like these got. Look it up to having all the sex getting. I they look happy as shit. That's going to cause it's that resistant towards towards joining it, that it's actually just relaxed and it did it they probably
They can't somehow they feel like they can they shouldn't they won't so the real action is to remove that thing, squash that thing to make it more like them, so that it feels that they don't have that. You know those eyes there are looking over their single, maybe that life better. What's wrong with me, I my can't do that so people shit on. I think the lie you're being blurred, though, between like really like her core. No nonsense: people like Joe Friday type character and the happy those lines are getting like. There's a lot of people like go in weird slots like how that guy get in that all he's in a word spot. I can cut both of those There's a lot of those people. Now that you can ah come down again say this is a right wing person or left wing person is known, Nonsense discipline get to work person, and this is a pot head and as the guy do mushrooms, and this is a guy gets up in the morning and runs they might be the same dude now like there's a lot a cross over between people who, like very dear
blend hard workers, but also experience pleasure and also understand that this is. We are temporary life form hurling through infinity, wake the fuck up. And just have fun and enjoy this is this is madness and it could very well be over at the blink of an eye, a fuckin giant rock the size of Pittsburgh. Can come flying in the north and no one catches it until it's too late. Slams into the fuckin polarized cab and we're dignity, dignity done we're done, that's it! It's a rap is like. Fifty of us left we each other we turned the mice. The only think, the only thing that word. That's keeping us from engaging in all of these other forms we want to. Is this clinging to identity in these protein? These fear programmes we, like we, ditch all that then then you just get wide open. Everything else, and it's not a new idea like the idea of the warrior poet, the idea back then of someone.
You could go to battle, unlike massaging who could be the best swordsmen also be the best calligraphy and also a writer and also meditate, and also you know, have affairs and also do whatever like passionate love affair, although the things like at a certain point, people realize, like oh yeah, all the things is best and then in point now, and arts culture at least adding to hear it was like. You have to identify with this one thing and that's your thing and then you defend that thing. In naw man truck and enjoy all of it or what realize from the saucy when I was, I think how is it my teens when I read the book five rings, the first what a realises he was explain, this concept that was totally alien to me at the time as like an insecure teenager, he was
when is concept of to be balanced, add anything to be leg at your best at anything. You have to have no loose ends, you have to be loving, you have to be kind, you have to be an artist, you have to be creative, but you also have to be ruthless with your sword technique and you have to be ruthless with your psychology in how you engage with your enemy, and you mean he was a fascinating fasting guy. He aboard fighting he would sword so study started using oars from boat to starve havoc and people up with ores. He's I'm just tired of fuckin he's bitches up swords. He killed sixty two p people and one on one combat with weapons wow and along the way he developed this really in tents, very rigid, sort, a guideline
Maintaining the ultimate warrior spirit- and it was a balanced perspective- was really weird cuz. I remember reading about that at the time, and I thought you just had to be a killer man. I thought you had to be. You know you had a Roberto Doran when he was young yet to be just a savagely thousand a be good fighter. It'd be a savage ITALY to someone just came in just guns. Blazoned didn't give a fuck like MIKE Tyson the early days. There is the only way to be Yes, well, that's what I thought and he was saying, is no. You have to be a master of yourself, the master of all aspects of herself and There's no there's no more terrifying form of combat than one on one with a fuckin sort mean hidden He was the master. He was the guy that figured it out in very strong time and japanese history, when he was a Ronan, is travelling around fucking killing people yeah. I think I think some of these tat when you look back
some of the philosophies that developed or are even more advanced than ours, because when you have a strong external pressure, lady to protect the likelihood of a sword battle to the death that form this point of resistance, where you gonna cut out a lot of the bullshit, all the books you really have to look at the world different way, and even when there is the threat of of fight somebody at any point. You know that chain is how you are as a man like that change. That's an external point of resistance that causes you to understand certain things about about the nature of life in the nature of your manhood. Whereas now we Have so little external pressure like most of us can go through life and never get in a fight. You know, that's not something that is in a lot of people live still in some people's lives for sure, but, like you remove from these different things in and sports offer that in kind of a very controlled way but you take away all of these external pressures and then you get real gets really squarely because you have nothing
to define yourself against you. Don't have any resistance you're like lifting weights on the moon and no matter you try to do you can't get a fuckin squat right. Is it no gravity, you know I mean like, and so you have to you- have to go out and I think actively put yourself in situations that are going to challenge you going to test you in it doesn't have to be physical, That is one way in find yourself in challenging mental situations, find yourself and challenging emotional situations motion in challenging physical situate there are some people in crazy relationships. Do they start fights, rightly put they build up challenging emotional situations, so they can escape They make their own obstacle course get through life. Now you totally right man, I think we're
just experiencing and like the safest time ever. You know when we're sort of trying to find demons don't exist instead of concentrating on the ones that do and that's the me I think I mentioned a couple times to do. You know if you're interested want to tell that story, but about the time and did I watch go because these plant medicines are that form of resistance. It is a bit of a trial by fire. You know it's going to be front yourself with you know some of the darkest deepest fears and concerns that you have an that's that's the process by which it makes you better. It's not you know, magic potion is just like here's resistance. How you going to respond and when you respond through that and you get you just get better from it, you feel better. I wonder with with California What is so latest recreational marijuana. Marijuana law passed. I wonder how long it will be before someone tries to
some sort of a psychedelic clank, whether it sir addiction opiates, like a buggy Boca, I begin clinic or the. If this cradle stuff, you notice. This should give. What do you think about this, because I need one with Thereupon Castle, Chris Value Neutron explained to me and to me and mild. Those is a crime or as a creative, hydrant credo Macadam. I'm not I'm not sure I am it in mild doses. It seems to be like, like a bit of an energy air, energy Buzz and then in in heavier doses. It seems to be more like painkiller, like it's almost like slightly euphoric. Numbed sensations, really interesting plant? Clearly, I don't think there's any reason for it to be illegal. I haven't found personally a ton of value from it. I find value and some other things, but jointly I found disturbing said I was getting a bunch text messages from people or tweets rather
from people that were tellin me the day had some addictive experiences with it that it was very addicted to them. An addictive to them, sought that's true or not I also don't know where you get net in. What's in it, you know, I don't on exactly know how pure this stuff is mean this stuff is to see this is like a retail version of it, the guy who sells it came with Chris. I trust that, but if you're buying it from a dealer which is like a centrally what a lot of people have to do for a long time like Woody, I'm not exactly sure what you're get her. You know: nets and from Indonesia wherever it from. I like to see some real test done now, because, To me, I tried it out like this. Like a mile stimulant, iconic confreres, ok, but he doesn't feel bad in its interesting once you open the doors to that site. Like some rapid with these plants, you can find the amazing results, and I think that we're seeing in this in this revolution of understanding psychedelic like I just read and entreated about a study on both sides, side an empty may. For
social, axed and social anxiety. You know what you're one of the things that you think of the classics. Shooter syndrome. You know it's this feeling of being excluded from your tribe, excluded from the social education in the act and anxiety in all of the medications that are prescribed for these different feelings of feeling, like you're, not part of the group, while they wanted to test with both empty a may and with Sir Simon, and they found that there was affected with both but differently, so they created his game called cyber ball right where they had what seemed like just random other test subjects all in a circle with ball, and but really was researchers and then one test subject, and so too creates shall anxiety. They would play this game of catch and did not pass the ball hardly ever to the test subjects. So each feel eventually like man, what the fuck. What are these people pass in me? The ball like, what's wrong with me, they tapped into some and then they would test that baseline is placebo. Right that the answer in the kind of concern of like me
what's wrong with me why these people not want to give bar and then they tested a baseline for placebo, gave him the whatever placebo they were using and then they tested it with so assignment and what they found so aside, and was that it dramatic glee reduced their amount of anxiety, their acts, their stress about not giving, father there. Looking out, unlike man like these people, don't passing the buck. Come off. It did so, but they get accurately tell now embryos. Also reduce the social anxiety, but in a different way. The people, Andy may thought they were good. The boy like they had. No idea that I won't go man, I got as do other diamonds, amazing money they just will love and other people catch. The ball
before you man he caught, I throw you. Gotta am happy for you do yeah that I've interesting emptier make. It beats dreamily beneficial to anybody elite. One trip I just found Deutscher than I did I was I was like this is really he can learn something from this. What's also like mescal in which comes in both what you mean the San Pedro Cactus parity is also a certain urgent kind of psychedelic. So the abbot have a lot more to empty amazing, where similar ya mean
MDMA is, you know like a more pharmaceutical approach to elevating serotonin in that feeling that this associated with salad, serotonin in your body, where is the end of the mescaline drive psychedelics, do that in a similar way, but with the little bit more of a visionary component. So, but both have you know once one is just a more direct application and I think that's great for situation like maps is testing with PTSD and certain other kind of situation cuz. It's very reproducible, it's very like clinical reaction of what's going to happen in the brain where it says we'd, like what you my gives you, this overwhelming experience, but its woven in with all kinds of other different things, and I think the problem really wholly resides in the fact that these drugs are illegal, because if they are born, if they weren't illegally, would look at them as a glass. This might be solutions for people suffering from PTSD from this that social anxiety, social anxiety and also cannot gives you your brain
and to almost deter illegal lens detached from the camera, get along worn at your whole life. You realize it's bullshit until you take something that may still exists is also ridiculous. India Bay has like from the sum of the nonsense. If carried around with you, but close though you know you ve just morn at your whole life. You know realize it's bullshit until you take something that may villages is also ridiculous idea. What what what I think you know talking to the psychologists and psychiatry of white so beneficial is we all carry a lot of trauma? We all carry these things from our past. That are these stories, and I think that was another thing. Keep talking about the Jordan Petersen Pike S, but he talked about that self Authoring programme, which is re. Writing these stories we use talking about. Actually writing it but what MDMA is doing for people with PTSD in with anybody? Is it's going back and looking at all of these traumatic things in our history and our past, and which is also one of the things that
the studies that their showing they have a psychologist psychiatrist whose guiding people back to these potential traumatic events. But when you're flooded with Sarah tone- and you see things in a totally different perspective- you see things from the venture Van point of love, and it's all good. So, no matter what in a situation came about, you see that kind of higher perspective rather than that fear response that kind of cringing that creates more fear more trauma. You look at it near able to relax, see it and say man that was pretty horrible, but you know what it's ok like, I'm still. Ok, I still have these bright things and you re pattern the they pattern that traumatic experience. So when you go to draw that back up from your past, your drawing up a different re, categorize, Parents, like you, re writing that the software- that's always right! ridable like those re, ridable, floppy dis, you take that thing out. You re right it with a whole different hue of your neuro chemicals in the feelings surrounding it,
and then, when you access it again or when it's just carrying around in here in your memory, then it doesn't have the same. Sting doesn't have the same trauma and that's one of the mechanisms of action of of empty a may and also what they're looking at with Iowa Sky Alaska going back, not flooding you necessarily with, but showing you that of these events in a slightly different perspective, showing you well hey, that's actually what made you so ambitious and so strong, and this dramatic thing that you thought was so horrible actually brought out all these other benefits and whose actually you know, if you really see from the person who the perpetrators reflective. You know, look at all the sadness that created that look at where he was come for so you pattern that dramatic event and then it's not carrying that sign. A same dramatic, terrible weight that lifeless body that you're trying to carry around has just been rewritten. This a microscopic shifted. The dial like. If you had a safe in your, could quickly click. It might be like one click click like after psychedelic experience and then you might have another psychedelic.
You have some mine blowing experience, which is why the psychedelic experiences you're gonna change, you're gonna, be a. From person I mean it might be a marked a microscopic shifted. I like, if you had a safe in your cookies, quickly, click and my Billig one click click like after psychedelic. And then you might have another psychedelic plans. You might get a double. Click click, ok, it's very small movements right, but ultimately you're a different person, so in the event of a small movement that new experience has given you ass, a sort of mock the things that were threatening you just momentarily told us just as just a few moments ago, just four hours ago before he took the mushrooms The I are worried about. That is nothing like it gives you that opportunity, because you're literally indifferent person now you ve had this experience. The fucking problem is their illegal if they weren't you you'd be able to accept the big fear right. How do you know what I'm taken? Of course? How do you know what you're taken you don't fucking know you don't know, because big daddy farmer has paid off the fuckin big daddy gun
meant to keep it out your greasy little hands. So I can't trip balls and live in the woods like fuckin pixie. The the beautiful thing is common consignments open as soon as they open the doors to clinical research, its undeniable force like you cannot deny the evidence. That's coming back from the maps in a phase to clinical trials. You cannot deny the evidence. Coming out of, you know, Johns Hopkins, and these are the research institutes about suicide and they are helping people with conditions, and you just follow the scientific method all the way through and all the plants are gonna arrive like They get em all home, we gotta get Trump on drugs. We gotta get the new president to do the empty. If we got him to do the empty, it would change so much artists to how little dulcet mushrooms, brow you're, going to get crazy, Take a grandmother, have just agreement I wrote a reset. Just a little research is little little sit back a little wouldn't what do we do?
What are we doing here exactly? What are we doing here? I just think this is a unique and special time and as long as we can be aware in his Wait. Wait we verbal eyes that we say at all times, is a unique and special time. Let's capitalize on this unique and special time Let's use this unique and special time to a state. Bush a new understanding for this generation and to set things up way better for the next generation did my parents, I'm older than you, my parents, were essentially raised by barbarians. They can over on a fucking boat. They had no idea what was over here. You know they're. There instead it really let my grandparents parents did it the came over from ITALY and from Ireland. They were savages man, there are hardly different from the people came over on the boats during the pilgrim days. There are barbarians, it has had a little bit more culture, a little bit more language. Little more, this they
the shit. Otherwise they were always drug. There are monsters lot of em they're, just crazy people scratching incline their understanding of life during the Ed Sullivan, show their understanding of it. World was really all about, is so far removed from the average twenty year old, with a An internet account go on Youtube sustain. If not flatter videos he's gonna have real good understanding of how this mother fucker works and way better understanding than any grown adult with children did in the nineteen fiftys. When my parents were kids, no fucking way these can't compete. So I think that we have this unique opportunity to set up the future society were all of this. Lena. So we still have to deal with like the Wikileaks email it came out about. Hillary Clinton is so that she opposes marijuana, quote in every sense, of the word can't do that anymore. You can't do that anymore. Like that to me, people are still want to support that like this, this is
better than him. He grabs pussies. Is it? Are you sure it's better? Is I don't know if it's better? I think the whole thing's a mess. You can't have people stopping by Oh it's all about the pot with you, it's all about freedom and Anybody that wants to stop hot. They can stop sex. They can stop whatever the fuck you wanted that they decide that can profit off of you not doing, and you think they can't stop sex. Look what religion did the sex shore right, look, how many people were burned for their sexual practices. At the stake, literally, like you can ban? Absolutely everything is laws on the books that are throwing people in. Oh for homosexuality, that a flare I'll still now like a cat. Indifferent This is a world with no kill people for sex. So it's not today hasn't even been tried like the abyss. Is the monstrous nature of humans to be able to impose restrictions on people of the sovereignty of their consciousness in their own body, you can only ejaculate there where you can only expand your car,
this. In these manners, layman can't drive to dress like Jeannie's cover themselves, like Algeria, Genie Dance, while Don't don't! But it's like we got it. Discard all that shit and this idea that you know these these pastor. Have more knowledge than someone who just spent in a few days out in the woods. Do and mushrooms like are you sure You no matter what you do, they taught a photo from Heaven he's got a lock is he's, he's got smaller, theirs store that without a couple days ago about some woman in Indonesia, they received a hundred lashes further. Being around a man being too close to a man is a bunch of other work, publicly flogged for sex crimes, but there are Ex crimes. A similar alike is as as innocuous as a woman was too to a man like the gaelic ninety land
just some create all the little boulders and find out a fuckin robes was on the people who are lashing. The way ahead in student gets a hundred lashes for sex outside marriage and Indonesia. So you get a hundred lashes. There was another one about a one that dude looks just like the male dude in that fuckin sex speediest him dungeon porn from San Francisco, where they took that our president may I'll fuckin dress like that block and people up it's the same. Dude either gets to do it in public. Oh, it's even extra kinky, Agatha whip people in fucking public. She was flogged with a Ratan candy. Save retained We say it chain at least in times for being too close and in close proximity to a man, so they beat her Cain. Seven times are being in close proximity to a man, the thirty two old male who is whither was also flog, seven times whom it's interesting, that little sailor liquor sentences structured. The thirty foiled one was log where the rat and can only seven times been in close proximity to a man, ass, the heart, the thirty year old mail,
was where there was also flag. Seven, that's it's now, The man, the women, were both flag, flog. Seventy each it's like the woman har upon hard this beautiful young woman was flawed because she had sex with the man who is close to amend the due to fly to, but fucking You know and the warning it hurt so bad. The woman said she cited F, P, raising her arms the air. What about the dude did David? Ask him then even ass, the dude fuck him is it do that fuckin Sis gendered asshole with his mail privilege, his white mist, pry white Indonesia the priority. Given him a hundred, yeah man, it I went to a dungeon of the inquisition and ITALY and that's that change my hope perspective on everything put demagogue listening one, but go back to where we were arrogantly this unknown up Jamie does now do the internet
gave a man found guilty of sex outside the marriage was also flogged at least twenty two times by the purse. In delivering the punishment who is dead, in long robes and a hood his partner, whose two months pregnant is still waiting for her fate to be decided. Wow, she's, pregnant and they're gonna decide her fate. In such situations, officials in the province, We order the flogging of the woman after they give birth holy shit. Holy shit, that's indonesian archives thousand. Sixteen that is holy shit that scary. That is just what happens when people decide what the rules are. You can't let people decide rules and vast and loo, and have false metaphysical underpinnings. Have that underpinning that that someone who deserves that kind of parliament you know have that ino. You who's. The idea that fundamental things! That's me living
different life. What I want to do that to me, like you, understand the actual truth of the urges that person had and the truth of any use turn and everything on its head, and then you get these crazy rules and a bit these like and its Just Indonesia like I went to the dungeon of the inquisition in ITALY and it was so much fucking darker than a cane. I may feel it when you're in the reverse order. It was. It was nauseating, especially when you start seeing that sixty percent he's fucking things have to do with your genitals, like burning rods, their shoving and dick holes and assholes, and what it's all about? What exactly for Jesus like the absolute antithesis of the Jesus message when you really look at it, mystically Riker fact from the from that. What the metaphysical true, of what is espousing and then somehow they go from that to that, and I think it's again it's like that incremental creep towards a little bit harsher punishments, a little bit more sedition
you know it and then you get more and more and more, and you get that you start feeding that urge for sadism that urge to not only in a punish somebody, but do it in the most horrifying way and that's part of human nature, but I know about the Stamford prison expense That's right, exact idea! If you, if you haven't heard about that folks, look it up. Really interesting story. They there? They students and these students at last after they put him through this experiment where some of them were guards and some of them were prisoners and the guards almost immediately stern. Abusing the prisoners thing fuckin dazzling, they had again so that a stop at short its, and I think you know that problem is that we all try. Do we all try to bury these these thoughts, these darker thoughts that we have you know like all of us.
Inside of a if you look at times of war and in a whole armies that would go part of why they would go in these contrasts was for rape. You know, like we all think of ourselves like as as men now, man o Neil would be capable of doing anything, hurting anybody else, but inside our genetics inside the things that was passed along, our lineage were warrior. Cultures that probably produced are fucking ancestors through rape. Like that's part of every individual. These dark thoughts this. It feels somehow good to hurt someone else and the fact that we deny those entirely. They become monsters. Who knows where, if you just acknowledge night, look at them and say man, I'm all the bad stuff, I'm all the good stuff, it's all good. What am I going to choose to do? What do I want to put out in the world? I think that's a really important important facet to recognise that you know we're all we're all fucked up. You know, but it's our choice that decides who we really are and what we want to bring into the world. Are we going to make this a maid
in video game a better place, a better game. Are we gonna make it miserable? everybody we encounter. I've always wondered about mom rules like I've always wanted to the mob Entelechy like what is that where's that come from this outcome? Is that like going to acceptance of war I wonder, if that some sort of a survival mechanism or you're, able to do horrific share as long as everybody around he's doing horrific shit so sudden that the collective mindset shifts and new rules apply like if people are coming over the fence and your axes and you're coming out of you doing things. You never do on a daily basis, your hat off arms intact and people and wants it's real it's real right once the first guy gets an arrow through the fuckin head and you see the ship. And down like you swing it and it's all go and gray, and everyone around he's doing the same thing. No one! No one could go guys guy seriously. What do we do it lets? Let's stop here, and that's real as we can all get along, is plenty of vegetables for everybody. Let's stop the rape and get to know these girls like they did cut your fuckin head off and, like you,
else on fired stab your mom. They would go crazy. Man, that's what they did. Blood lust. It is something a thing is there's something that happens. There's a thing that happens to be When you have that mob mentality? You could probably look like Steve someone like Stephen COM There can probably tell you more about the knitting dreadful in narrow chemical responds. That's creating this verse of yourself that six supercharged charge and the certain things so you're empathy, you know you but the ratings go way down like he likes you lookin at the West World Control Board Right- and I am the ratings way down. Aggression weigh up like all of these different neuro chemicals. It changing, like literally changing yourself into something that is much more favourable for those actions right in a big creates. A collective mindset like the individual, because I wanted things you here all the time about war is than the really noble, heroic warriors, who sacrificed themselves to say
others, like some other the main themes that we love hearing about, like the guy, dives on the grenade, save his people to save the guys were around him That is something that happens in that crazy, that crazy environment of that that's intensity of life, So what we are two things about a man is how many people who go through that saves the best how their life and they love to go back while presents man. I really think that any time your presence everytime you present you're it's some of the best time, and I now at Christmas present yes now like when you just present like when you are you in flow state when you're in war, because part of it is that intense threat? You know, like you, don't have time to think batch email that incessant in a voice from your phone The Czech Instagram is not in your fucking head, your war, you know, and that's it some girls been like them in New York, we will meet up tonight, regime
they probably a certain level of like TIM Kennedy. He might have those thoughts like it's just so conifer fuck Watson, the massaging the exactly this. Probably why yes, She started having to fight with oars, because at a certain point with a sword, he probably wasn't even getting the same feeling any more. We didn't even feel like a sword battle. Those like a like aspiring when you know you're going twenty percent and you're all relaxed and shit rather than word when you just know. Unlike I'd, these people are coming for me, it's a different kind of mental state that you get in Maybe you know the or things like I'm just not feeling, and I'm too good, but he actually realise too that or had a much longer reach so whose we can do in the head from the outside? So there actually a good strategic element to the or, unless pretty sure he whittled or down like tat, and he would shops Relate noses the data so tired. They is free, Goma, I'm gonna die night in particular, for hours finally shows up, but back then mean work.
They had fuckin sandals and the have even what oil definite get away with a lot more loans wiggle room for fucking dawn. What's Don t you wrote mid day to is day, Risibles divine, nay, Jesus high noon. What does that mean? Less Europe. A Sunday, and even that seems I could be hard to get that right, the other than the rest I was only for which there is vulgar sun, dial, Larry for the first do with a watch to carry around what are pumped back. I must have been what time it mother Fucker opens up like a coffin flavour, slaves, eyes hanging from his neck, like when its wishes. Guess when was the first pocket, created, I'm gonna, say sixteen hundred that
ambitions. I say seventeen twelve whew Jamie Civic, very specific prices right right, a very first pocket watch. If you have a populist stay by the way, you're an asshole, its hanging from your less than a string need drinkin handmade beer. You piece of shit, stop using mustn't, asked wax, stop, stop, dress and, like you live in a different timezone letter, those those brothers, those brothers that used to everyone drank ETA Mason jars in all the world was raw. Other commercials like there aren't spats. Tina for why our way smarter than give credit, while we're both off by our one hundred years to wear rough forty hours that good enough dude. Why so picky forty hours a whole week, you have needed for the week for working legally, where small enough to be worn around the neck or carried in the bag or pocket interesting. Do they have a vote
One of those is someone one of those still exist today see if it still exists. Your gangster cuz, you get a statue made out of you. If you can bet the pocket. Are you a dope, motherfuker cuz? He didn't know what that was. What led to the apple watch. He didn't know at the time it's going to be you can never get away is how it looks like Did you just slap that thing out on the table if you're trying to girl foxier giant giant go a car little. Though they embark, he's, never stay in the pocket Reagan as they always wear. Like a ring, the sudden around your finger, I look at the mechanism in that thing. Holy shit man, that's cordials, ass, a thing that people super dork out about matters handmade watches. I then I had no idea my friend Mark Dellagrotte day. You know marked over Markdale grabbed his watch so is indeed your dad what it would have fuckin coincidence to guineas.
Two shiny guineas We watch nuts, but take it he was told me that there is evidence that guy was directed all my except one of my calmly specials. I love that duty directs. You see too. He told me that these watches over half a million bucks licensing for watch. No just as little railway washes like looks like It was really rare. They know it's very accurate The mechanism is super complex. All handmade takes six months to make one like white takes six months to watch you Oh you get outta this one. Two hundred nineteen thousand- oh my god. What is that? What is oclock? That's it! That's that We might also transformer. Could I also cobra It's probably loading still see how spinning up on the right. The top knowledge is not coming up with this.
Wow, though wholly shed. Click on the image. Just click on the images tat are the link. What the fuck man to hunt nineteen thousand dollars for the ugliest watch. You ve ever warned, but but he's gonna, know it's two thousand dollars and that's the rub: son. I q blood, it's funny, so my buddy buddy was sponsored by them and he got a bunch of watches and he doesn't care about watches, so they were just like in the drawer would like the regular other stuff, and I finally convinced him to flat to give one and it sweet. But it's not like a big deal. I can't things disgusting. That thing is ridiculous. Does so hateful delicate said they would sell, best buy in the line before you leave where they have the candy and got that design from image for sure driver. I meant that is so ugly that is such a week Look stupid, watch, look at that guy, so
I learned about widespread. Looking, I'm rich man, look at his yellow eyes. Do come soon, a city these comrades back so happy he's gonna jump. As for our and take it to his private jet and gives dicks heart all the way to Monaco probably happened, only those fucking ugly watches manner so gross either one or the other guys risks in the upper right hand, corner Jamie up area like look how big that's stupid thing is. Therefore, an issue that has created looks like an alien. Locked out that deeds wrist like some alien bug like the running men fucking neck, the neck peace, there would expire if you like, I watch might just clamp down and remove your hand blow your hand, squirt square, where it yeah fuck that watch tuner. Nineteen thousand thousand so stupid. It's ugly,
the Swatch Cross like largest another waited none This solution on people, it's all aired man's, show your show your status, your identity. Involve abides? You know it's these. These games, the games that we like to play to to push our students to what Jordan was saying that create that temporary inequality, create that appearance of inequality, I'm better than everybody, because I have this giant. Fucking safe fault. On my my hand,. The outer conversation with his dude about watches and eyes, and Croatia, it- was one of those envy empty, watches, sponsor the park ass. Because of a hundred fifty bucks and they don't they're nice. They really there really nice lookin watches and is a guy. I thought it was a nice watch. I go, but he thought it was. A nice watch be daughter. Was a nice guy but now it's done knows why? Because you know it's only a hundred device, Bilbil is still the same. Watch it tell time. Look at it sit. Tells time said what is this? How much this piece of shit five million my card?
a company few bolt so human offers, whatever they think how to find the retards figured out how to lock, amend this one on his twenty five Oh my cheeses, for what is that this is the logical like a stellar nursery? That's what it is. That's how many million twenty five, if you're a check You can get a guide by you that your pussies gold must have that super pussy, that that snap and putting the richer price talk about an old records. Yeah, it's the that extends into them solitary once thirty million is a pocket watch, the pocket watches thirty million. So you're an asshole any spent thirty million dogs animal in the pocket. Watson Airhole. What is that thing? Let it says it was started, work on in seventeen. Eighty two, as finish in eighteen, twenty seven by the guy's son, although that is die, that's different, dad's, deaf
and TAT is wicked so that that was a long garage hundred. You make that what measure get drunk and left out the bar Hagen. Super sorry. Did you see a priceless watch where the couple houses towards more than a couple- thirty million Turks, were the Fuckin mansion jet in the Hamptons deliver the hamptons off a watch Maginnis goodbye, at all easy to say: hey, gonna, pay, maybe we'll watch what magic going back to like going back to like a primitive, more tribal culture, and like explaining how much value you could get for something. Silly like that. You know like like there was this watch and I could buy houses and have control vast lands and get unlimited food and and make people of all varieties do all the things I wanted just from this one little token maybe like what does it do not ignore Does nothing but its valuable. You know they would like what the fuck you talk.
My legs not a better arrow, it's not a better. They know it's useless. It's one of these things that comes up when you get a society of of luxury likely have yeah yeah. That's the status purchase status purchase since then living good. That's a lot of them are not good by God. I've never bought rolex for myself, but the you have see balmy Rolex long time ago. Our it's beautiful watch, right beautiful, but it was always run in fast, like five It's fast, so I brought it in and I'm like this at an ordered. What, after a month like five minutes fast, the angles? Oh yeah yeah, they always do that, so just gonna bring it back and reset and every month what, the Chinese the time every month this this watch. How much it costs or your member, but I don't have to change it. It's always right! It's right! It runs it's gotta courts. Movement is a guy you're courts. Movies is gonna, be more accurate than this wise. Let wait a minute, so these are just bad
to suck it tell the time this they're fucking sober at a time like five seconds fat or five minutes fast after like there's a couple of months, so you just get accept that that's it is accepted, doesn't really each time it sourdough keeps the status that is bracelet. That happens to keep time. How we're does that I do not get it. You have to check. I could see up not lodges off you want just gets off what you rely on the actual real clocks, like this fucking piece of shit, that we would be valid for bucks on this That things right all the time, never you wine that bitch up to four o clock. And when its five I'll show you it's five, it's fuckin right. It's always right! Didn't costs anything! Yeah, that's where large pitch doesn't satisfy the ego. The same way. Doesn't get fired up? Doesn't let's get to feel better about yourself? So that you know
when you really don't know when again go back, no the self you want to feel better by his about yourself by making use of better than somebody else, because you have no other reference point of what it is. So I, if I'm, than these other people. We know whether something you have or something you are inherently here. Melanin in your skin or whatever the fuck. You want to say. If that makes you better than someone. Then you can, then you can feel better about well. I don't know who I am antonov from good or bad, but listen better than these blocks. You know, and then that makes you feel better. But it's all it's all this fuckin bullshit game that we try to tell ourselves. It comes from the fundamental lack of knowing who we are and knowing that whoever we are is enough, and it's all good Where are the same? say that but Boris the guy with that fucking transformer on his wrist is getting his dick sucked right now, while drinking vodka flying his private jet over the Atlantic. He disagrees with you that girl, That's two hundred fifty million dollar watch where the fuck is where and its northern volund
Could you, on its private jet, covered with fair there's Boris got us all decked out, like an eagle the way actually flat. Somehow it makes the flying worse. Paypal have just with effect, and that's when you start when the Eagle wings flap wise, looking at What's he looked at his watch at the girl in and out the window in that order? It s the best moment It is like, and then he shoot himself now has within those it'll, never be any better. Everything has been building to that issue to couple calls on the plane so that fuckin crashes then shoot and tough. The above eager wings on the minute you activated eagerly most plane is fuckin Degen and taken a nosedive noise. Captain Sully. No one
gone out on top right. No one's ever had like the ultimate life like that, and then he said ass is, I think it doesn't anyone. This was just what we're good Boeing, now I was watching the Loma Genco Walter's fight the other night to see their fight them oxamide, God, damn facility yet think you see Vasil foresee a lemon Genco Vassili of her Vassili but low. Much Anko is a masterful boxer mean here box that share the students do is undefeated and just footwork does unbelievable footwork an ability to predict where his, where the punch is coming from Poland, where he's gonna have openings and images lighten is due to the last round and at the and the last round the do just quit. It is quit Quintus seventh round to said than done, like you didn't get knocked down. He didn't get likes. We got staggered in the six Rome or in the seventh Vonnegut staggered, but
Wasn't the point we thought they would end the fight cuz. He ended the round on his feet. Went back to his corner, walked, sat down as like fuck. This sits over and then you know in his post fight speech is basically saying: let's go, me too much as I saw the writing on the wall check. Please yeah that smart. Actually, I think we should do it just want to see him for your own for you desire you want to see him go out on their shield. Like that's the noble way to do it. You know I'm knock you out. You know why Pat barriers check Congo nomination, the EU is never know, never know how very verse check. Congo was one of the crazy as one round slobber knockers ever Pat barrier had checked Congo all irons are hurt. Him staggered and Pat Super
rats. If he's turn in on us, mash in Czech Congo and at an nowhere, Congo on corks are bomb I mean pad is got check. Congo, all kinds are hurt. You rock somewhat that overhand right cut costs gets up he's tag and I'm in it looks like he's almost out as feed he's getting hit by bombs. Here, he's all kinds are hurt per barrel sprawl and it keeps a fight standing in Congo tries taken down his with another right here, rocks him again boom. Another couple punches in me, Pat, bury, looks fucking unstoppable. Here. Look at this again, but now, as it closes in bomb, we could put that right handed in an old who punches later, I dunno what crazy. That is. Closer, someone's, come to the brink of disaster and come back instantaneously. Instantaneous in one by Knocker, wasn't didn't Chris leaving do that two to somebody down. You had to get Mandalay, he didn't grandly starched, randomly Van
they came out and blasted when the right hand had him hurt, but he fell into the trap. Cuz Lee punches. Oh fuck in heart, and he always an iron chin, and it is on walked one on Mandalay, vendor inhabitants weaken right. Did you watch the by was DARE Brunson fought, ass well, similar in a way but more calculated, dared Bronson, discard crazy and I Robert Whittaker, who won the ultimate fighter, Australia, the smashes edition was it Australia versus England. So it was no. I forgot what it was. What is the what will who was competing on anyway Whitaker one Whitaker since moving up to one hundred and eighty five is so much better than what it wants. Seventy and Derek Brunson just came after Derek Brunson, the same guy who he had just knocked out. Your right hall, it. Cod, with a beautiful left, took an item and images, crazy fight and then
came back from that sort, employ the same strategy against Whittaker, but what a good kept together kept together? he ate a lot of shots. Kept moving now kept his hands up, kept composure and then finally found an opening dropped one on Bronson and had brunson crazier than moved in autumn. An awesome It was an awesome exhibition for Whittaker. Show that Whittaker can overcome the storm of like a super coffin. Really dangerous. Guy hit fucking heart, whose had a lot of confidence because of his most and success doing that mean. Bronson came after him. Really really came after I'm. Super aggressive may be too aggressive for sure in now. In hindsight, you say that, but a lot of people other than Whitaker Power wilted to that storm, was really stern test for Whitaker and showed you. How strong is was one of the one of the beautiful aspects of watching these different this chest play out with the whole body being you
you never gonna beat it for excitement level. Now you have to realise, while you watch that, like life, nobody gets out for free life. I mean it's almost a microcosm of life, crazy struggle, and you know it does those end your way, this is what would competition is in MID March or, the most extreme version of problem solving we have outside a war Simone. Extreme with dire physical consequences? You get brain like we saw Paprica Kayo there. You know idomene, that's the consequences of this game, but the the the reality or that they take. Is nobody gets out anyway alive, like you, you can, if you choose to experience Does this extremely high level very short burst, understand how much resource
Is your burning off understand what you're doing and you proceed wisely and when I talk to fighters who you know sometimes question like man, what am I doing myself from just being people and that's what I do and to remind like remind them that what really is happening is two people are coming to an agreement to provide a form of resistance for each other, like at the highest level of what this is like. You're gonna come face to face with someone who's, also training, and also striving to do everything that you're trying to do, which is what's gonna push you up against that former resistance and give you an opportunity not only to overcome physically but overcome emotionally, spiritually, so quickly, everything you know, you'll have to bring everything to bear against that former resistance, whether it's the way Carter, the opponent or the training or everything and there's something to be said for that
Obviously, the only issue for a lot of people is that you end up paying that price, not only then, but later at the brain damage you know and that's that's the only bummer of it and something that ought to be considered but ass if it wasn't for that man, what a fuckin beautiful way to do it like to get everything everything altogether unified in one and provide that ultimate former resistance that unbeatable it's definitely the most difficult it will challenge that we know because you're competing especially the highest level you competing with someone. The same size as you has a commensurate level of expertise as you and is as motivated as you are, to win. And you're in this crazy competition together. Will you literally playing a game of press the button, then? Who now, who's who can shut off, whose central nervous system quicker. Why fucking crazy
you you, you never gonna duplicated the excitement of that with any other sport. You come close, like I guess footballs proudly, pretty close for people boxing's, probably right up there in moments, you know like when one men, mom mom, I'm serious, One man well Mark has knocked out patio. He added with a beautiful, clean straight, Pontius flat and pack yeah. That was about a dramatic moment. You get any sort of combat Borgia superhero like patchy, I'll get levelled with one shot. I woe, but that woe is just so much more prevalent in mixed martial arts. Woe happened so much more often It's a totally different thing and I think the the more rules that you put in in put in front of that kind of primal conflict in them a little bit more it it kind of separates and makes it a sport. You know that when you see boxers- kind grab and each other and do nothing about it. You know that's
in that moment of like oh yeah. This is a sport rank, whereas in Emma may there's fewer those moments where you go like oh yeah, there's a sport, the religious feels like people fighting to the death yeah data. The only moments we go to sports IP can grab the fence or I am constables or poverty. I time out area the others moments in boxing where you go well. This is kind of silly how come you just hang on like this? I can like. I can trip you and take you down how come you can't kick your legs right. You know it's really hard for me to watch boxing, sometimes and not think about kicking someone's legs like one kicking someone's legs. Well, not that I'm run round man I mean I receive the way their standing them again. Well, there's a little tat may have made. This is effective zones, kicking your legs we now, but if you're you're fighting same fight, beer, United, finding someone like Joe shelling, can we fuck? taking a shit, your legs, the odds, totally different experience and he's a long dude scene. We stand away on the outside and if you don't know,
how to deal with that. Europe can be able absorb a few of those before you useless our you think of like butter hurries like leaping overhand right, commits everything all of his childhood pain. Handed that right hand right. You can't do that all time and ever someone just cut countries in double egg. But he's never had worry about that. So still still is one of the most exciting motherfuckers ever any fighting and soon he's fighting. We go home and that will be in December tenth. Yet so crazy night, there's a gang of fights that night same night, Bernard HOT Bernard happens is the seventeenth he's making his final fight, but that same night is the you have from Toronto. Its glory and something else going on that night to there's some sort of a boxing fight that night as well as it. But it's a crazy night. That's a that's, a weird fight man for Hooven and bought her Hari Mata Hari scary dude.
There are literally many savage many many ways. So fine a watch is one my favorites ever she's, so you can, like you said it commits commencing, is extremely violent, and sometimes it gets carried out on a shield? You know sometimes he knows I really can't shut that off, like once. He gets that thing going to me. You want to stomp, is born after their down and is a fact. Savage yeah he's. Definitely, I would love to see their laundry list of mexican supplements.
What kind of cocktail yes run in here? He definitely has hair braided around Dick, like princess lets you so big. Now. Have you seen him in the most recent photos of butter pulled the reason photos of butter? Aren't you put some photos on Instagram of him training and near to picture him would assured often like what Jesus Christ he sees about two fifty now so my that, and is a big giant, do join them things I do but he's like super sober muscled out now the shit, it's funny is fucking jacked, there's some other photos or maybe a little bit clear. If you got there, Read there that one of the mental for why enough fuck? gone on their that do gigantic. Now we hear that is terrifying. That's gigantic! he's so much bigger than he was when I first started when he first started. Kickboxing here
this is long tall thin guy. Could he started like some of his early finds that I've seen during the came one days even who is in a way skinnier like back in the day? in take balikh. Put you want to see someone put bought. Her heart reverses, Stefan Lego, and that was just put type in, let the other it Stefan This is bought her hard. Look at like what he looked like backed an upper left upper left image. That's butter higher, then look at the difference. Crazy, He hit Stefan Lego a spinning backing to the face and flat number there for previously and Lego stopped him with spinning backed the body so in the room ass he had and with one face crazy, but look very picture tat beautiful. You could see. That's fine, a video fund, video potter, Hard Kayo stuff on Lego, nearness. You gotta think that this these dudes probably put online
fifty pounds or something is this is this is like. Oh, this is due by two thousand fourteen, I think this is the other one. This is that was yeah. That's it. You just had a right there. This is Erica here he throws one in MRS, but look ass. Guinea is here, man told different guy. Different self. Yeah here goes watch you set it up, sets an upper the job he faked it's about. The bomb goes up top down flat, learn nothing quite liquor like that Barbosa! Kick That was almost a different one though he did it. Aside kicked the face it was he didn't do it is like a wheel if you watch it again like once a little bit. He shouted as a straight kick rewind it. He. He threw it as you see how he's trying to terry through to the body? That's a spinning side kick or turning sidekick he's not doing as a back kick. If you did the toes be down but see how you went up there, that was just turning side kick to the face
It's kind of half way between both half way between a we'll take a spinning, bacchic or turning psychic, but was fuckin beautiful boom must monitor we'll take when I look at their but Jesus Christ, perfect the right on the blacklist and Stefan Lego, who was a user great fight or to manage Gaia. He nodded I'll. Do that song knockout Peter Earth in Vegas. One k one was to start to come up. They were, there are deep put on some shows in Vegas this before the sea was big. They thought that K one was. Would I think we still think it could have it was promoted properly, could have like gotten a grip and North America well yeah glories pushing their bolder, now glories a good example and sows lion fight. I prefer the rules of Lyon. Fight, though, because line fight is full, my tie death elbows, we went to one of those Vegas! Yeah! That's what a few things I go to see life. I still like to go. See live fuck me!
high level more die in America. It's like the level of the fight is very high. Just people born just didn't totally, not aware of it, yet they need to be, though it's crazy, exciting you, it's just. And there's so much talent. It's not like this is an exciting thing, but only five guys are good good at it. It's an exciting thing where he is. Firstly, the lighter wait like Thailand full of fucking killers they had a ton of em in Europe. They got him all over the globe to so many good. My tie fighters out there they just for whatever reason we haven't got on yet that's why I think, when I think about this time, I think it's the best time ever, because we get it. See all of these incredible contest, still extremely physical, like we're still at the rising peak of our physical prowess, but we're also at the peak of our technological prowess, in the peak of our ability to access all of the best foods and access the best ideas in the all of the different things that can shape us like as pessimistic as people get it is
for sure the best of times right now you know for the majority of people now, obviously their health on the planet still there's hell's, that we can put ourselves in theirs suffering, but overall, on macro level, it's a fucking, it's the golden age for sure anybody argue with that. Asshole now to go back to the time we had to speak with grunts and even in the future. Like can't imagine that the maybe maybe we would like. Maybe we ve just seen too many grey aliens. You know where the body kind of becomes less and less important and everything is focused on the consciousness. I feel like You get to that level and you fuckin miss this, this certain in our evolution and epoch for the pleasure monkey, where we had all of that physical access to strive in train and feel all the physical things as well. As you know, reach incredible heights in consciousness, meditation in community in these these great things- and I think you know, I
really, no matter what stage before after, I think will look back at this one like this was a special fucking time. It's definitely special time blessing, every time a special type, because every time, no matter where you are and the timescale, if you're in moment, you're in the most present time here in the most current time. And I guarantee you at every step of the way war longing with an established for the past, a bachelor goddamn who is to rape is run across the village chop hands off his shit good old days. Brow good ties for this are right. In things down on paper, It is probably a lot of people that they missed. Mr shoot narrows is launched in the air and where was over there for their nets? They did. They made rain arrows from the sky, and like fifty years after that was over some Viking king had a slogan. Let Denmark, rape,
again ever, but it also decided that Denmark, rape again Barletta killings, begin anew. But there was a big problem of Japan's if they didn't want embraced the gun. Now you pussies Campi fuckin, shooting people with guns that such a bitch way to go. You gotta, you swords, come on, come on I'll, be a bitch, but they they they ve held onto long lead and embraced gun they need to get on right away. Now they had the japanese engineering that you see today Lexus they replied that two guns back in the day had same knowhow and discipline that the best guns did have the best guns, but you? U dedicate yourself, become masters in the world at swordsmanship and then the gun comes along. Fuck you fuck this jobs, all of my years of work, but, in our and they made it easy. I mean it's sort of like a supermarket. Did fervour verses being a substance living
off the land type person. You know if you watch their shows from Alaska, where the people are all living. Things grow their own vegetables and shit and catch fish in the river there's something romantic about right, something that drags. I love. Those shows man. I was chosen with any of you know you, like you, know your purpose every day and they would people know their purpose. My purpose is to survive, give food stay warm and make babies like it's really comforting to know what your purposes oh yeah, and especially you don't have any internet for that on television. I wonder how much access to internet even had up there, why Just one firm that, apparently you know that that the singer jewel do you know, denote, is she has that one snaggletooth, but she's, very beautiful and people like the fact that she doesn't fix her teeth. Cuz, she's, imperfect, yet perfect, she's, apparently from this one family that has this. Oh God, Dammit Alaska, the final frontier that an invalid
but anyway it's her relatives. The I think I feel close relatives that live up there. In this crazy way, it's in a real, simple, like some of em farm, and they re cattle and they have to like move their cattle, a cry this area to take him to where they graze and they drop em off, and you have to move back at the end of the year? It's not and so on Up there doing this grizzly bear it's just a ribbon, they're fucking counterparts, and now they have to go and deal with these. No eleven foot tall giant dog things that need food constantly to consume and on one hand you can't blame like these fat, stupid cows just wandered by the grass. How they have to do is go by the grass there's fuckin, hundreds of them. Where else are they gonna find hundreds of things that make any nowhere group just put out about they found the Grizzly bear and you're mad at their eating. Bear supermarkets. Are they He had a hunt them down. It's crazy watching this guy because
though it is reality tv and you do not know how much the shows bullshit, because clearly some of its bullshit, is clear some set up. I saw one scene where they had a full. Laid salmon and the bear was Rosalie, getting fish from the river and was coming to close them. While they are fishing, but you never saw the tombs aim frame and then you see the bear. And the bear has a sound, that's flayed, meaning like someone that salmon through the water and gave it to the fucking bear which is like come on, stupid. You know, so you guys the only people year, but yet the bear you and caught officiate, but the bearers of fish that is fully removed off of it shut the fuck up man, I'm not stupid. That's that's the tv but it does give you like a little window into the wild ways it all of us humans live. It gives them. I know which is cool like when I got to theirs, is book before
they pass away taught you gave up. Maybe that puts a maze. It's amazing photos with any you start reading about these different cultures like actually had the the photographer on my part, CAS News tell what's his name. What is his name? It's called before they pot Jimmy Nelson Jimmy Jimmy Nelson, so meanwhile Susanna Park ass. He was talking about the, but people which have these amazing photos are like a really tall tribe and am, I believe, is the timber, and he was telling me about their custom. They live in just such a dramatically different way. So there there like a pastoral, shepherding gonna tribes that they have all of their cows. There is very little grass, so the men have to take the cows and these long walks to feed him like four weeks away right. But what they do is they leave one man behind in the in the village and it's his job. The sexually satisfy all the women were all the manner got and that position rotates right so that everybody gets their turn.
The one dude the gets. The sexually satisfy the entire village, one of girls get past of, saw this motherfucker turn. Aid is dirty, dig, watches little tiny, dirty dagger, their certain guys that there never never on vacation for that guy's turn around some girls. Why not hold out the leggum good? I'm getting go fuck, my friends, we wait till egoist her eager slayings that good DEC No. I wouldn't want that. I only want her pleasure to come from my penis, my penis, I heard of the massage man They touch terrain outcome, so hard tat with all my being. Day. Our move him from this life with a sword so funny that's. One who you love, someone else makes that person who you love gives them
pleasure, especially there ass, a fascist, scatter ass up in the air she's back up into his tongue, no no, no, no, no! No! No! That's the thing that makes you vomit as a man because its it triggers these these things, but it can. Be worked through, like you can push through the other side and that's all you could shoot yourself. Are you good, I think, play that we play that country song, where it's like, I'm flash my headlights that are window and that all fucking crazy in your head about it just be like. Oh, the pleasure monkeys getting pleasure great Well, men who freak out about other like girl, their girl, like another guy like man, you can when that one, you gotta, let it go because here's the thing when someone like someone they fuckin like someone and you're gonna, except here, believe its focus don't go for a walk naked. It dont do it. You're gonna, freeze, dead, folk tat. I like walk and naked.
Do you like walking, may give you can't walk and naked going to fuck it frees death is reality going outside when sturdy below zero right. Ok, what does the same reality applies when someone doesn't like. You have a It is now one of sexually which want to fuck. The rock does now a lot you could say about it: ok, she's, not you! You will You know the world doesn't over the way. I look so lovely for over an eternity and it's not even like the bodies like the saw now. It's gonna work, she's together, rocketed giants a moment dig just for a minute home. That's what she wants. Ok you got to, except that and you're gonna have to in. Roy another aspect of life, others We sexes, one person is now having sexual Iraq or be happy for you. Like man, that's fucking awesome. Does something happens? You know just exactly that is that when he's holding one of the he's he slings, those fuckin bigfoot brow, does primal bells that we have slings. A thing around its nuthin
that's an enormous human dude. It's it's possible to make that move. Man! I've been working on working, my own life, it's fuckin possible! It's hard, hearted fuck, but you know you can you can transcend these things? Where and just you stand that deeper metaphysical truth pleasure for someone. I love makes that person my friend, not my enemy, of course. In theory, I believe you, but for the sake of humor, I'm going to keep talking shit about the rock banging your sister there is he's got a gorilla. There can't believe use two hands were bitch after that rhyme, with one the rock it's a strong human man- and you know what just not just strong like physically but straw is- personality, we projects himself like he's a perfect example of someone who projects like this very positive vibe man he's like this very energetic, positive happy via its very infectious, like I see that guy talking does like you, two groups are instagram clips, rather little videos you makes in his his positive.
Pity and genuine enthusiasm and happiness is so infectious. I'm a fuckin fan boy of Rob. I said it fuck, it said it. I don't care who knows get a great bit Andrew Santini, I don't I'm not gonna give out a word of it, not a war. I cannot. I cannot even, but if you get a chance Andrew Santini, has a fucking hilarious bit about the rock God. Damn it's good. It's really funny, but that kind of person. Man like those are fuels. Does it that's human fuel guys. I got a light so like come to look at ourselves like like a software operating system that can constantly get rewritten the little bit by even by the peoples of Europe around in a whether it's going to look from the point of like mirror neurons, you actually experiencing the same emotional state that the person you around and or if it's just ideas are thoughts. Whatever you wanna, however, you want to look at it. It's like adding a little bit a code to our code base and sometimes it's helpful and sometimes
the virus, but the more you surround yourself with people with that kind of positive vibe. It's like bees, building on the software in a positive way around these in a more negative people, their implanting different little bugs invite. Viruses that you're gonna have to scan and remove later, who essentially all open source exactly along on ratings, are open source. But you know mine, your firewall totally totally be careful put yourself in situations where your adding to that positive, based on your reading the things you're listening to you and be careful of the things on tv. Few that are adding to the in creating where the viruses reads like supporting the negative thought patterns is these limiting beliefs, things that are not helpful for the command. Don't so committed to do these things that you have in your idea. In your mind, like don't be so sat in your ideas can understand that people have to be just as set in their ideas on aren't all lash someone for being in proximity with a man or tools
someone who had sex with a woman in those those people have a saint there or two to a woman whose pregnant gives birth before you give her a beating with a stick because she had sex. That's that those people believe what they believe- justice, firmly and a lot of the notion that we have that we think they're rigid rules. There are not rigid rules except due to man bonds. Let it go Let it go! Stop twisted! you're mustache in a circle, no more man, bun, more pocket, watch, fuck you how about that says the man with the family On, but you know, I'm yeah man by not necessary what you doing Stevens. Disney. Where I want anymore, you gave it up. I got some man bun friends, This point I know they are trying are trying hard to wear that best. Those weird shoes,
wooden souls, everybody just jeopardy. Just looking love and looking to judge themselves as a good person. You know I'm in that's, that's those are two things that you can get yourself you know you can understand that your worthy love and supply that and you can understand that you're a good person just being a person like You don't have to be better than somebody. You don't have to shit on somebody. You don't have to have this identity, not everybody can just relax and I think, all of lot of his striving in conflict and suffering this fuckin falls away like this worthy of earlier. It so easy to say like gets. A beautiful concepts are worthy of love, but I think people have to experience a certain amount of difficulty in their life just to exercise their system. I think our system is put him nice, have a certain amount of obstacles to overcome and when we don't have any where, when it's like really, simple stuff. That's fucking boring! You know, I think, but people have real problems with that, and then we have real problems with our minds: real problems physically with our entire unit.
I think we absolutely need a certain amount of exertion in our I mean in might not even be physical, like friend, Gerard drawn or no one too Colorado with em? Did a gig out there just got into chess just madman, but just now phone constantly moving things around like Wanna play, might fuck that I'm not getting turn that goddamn rabbit or I see him there. The plane, can wait, play chess since we're orphans, I'll fuckin with his phone shit. That's that is another discipline, mean they're all discipline through all these different things that you try to seek truth through mean chess is a form of common, You know it's just not painful, but is most certainly as a form of combat it. It's absolutely a form its contest. Now, if you treated as a war mean that is essentially you're doing like you're breaking it down.
To a variant knock, very safe, but very obvious. What's going on, I'm testing my intellect against your intellect and we're gonna. Do it do so rule. Every establish series of movements of these things are allowed to participate in. We have an established playing field. You know the rules, I know the real rules. I think smarter than you go and you have a little clock things those due to have those do they fuck? They fuck with usually move a quick and indeed that fuckin clock, and you want to have a quick to you when I say fuck you bitch another. Could click click, click cracking you see them given up pieces and moving fast at some mental war their plan, a mental as some sort of a strategic conquest, game yeah and that's no, that's one in life He said that discipline and there's so many ways up the mountain, but you need a mountain eat. Something need a mountain it damn it doesn't. It's not mutually exclusive to you know the self love
You can still find your mountain. You know without taking your piece of shit when you stumble, because every by fucking stumbles during your piece of shit doesn't mean, should hatred Does it mean that you should isolate yourself from the love of the work, as you feel you're not worthy of it, and this create these negative patterns? Like yes, go out, can find your mountain. But when you stumble, like everybody, fucking does understand that that's just life like we're all gonna stumble. You just get up and keep going. Maybe you bitch From that standpoint, I got this year in a row. Doing love tightrope walk in the house. Are rope set up around the house tightrope walk into the kitchen figures. Somebody could do it. I saw this thing. Stew lives the mountains just type robes to work. You mean someone tight ropes right across his diet, spaces. What? What? What, stop people from just do not all time from creating like a civilization high up in the sky. If you fall down, you're fucked, so don't fall and just tightrope because people have to drink. That's what that's problem I gotta get that psychedelic honey
Tyrell better tightrope over the psychedelic honeycomb Snapchat, whether you got to stay calm while they're staying in the fuck out of you and you still in beehive stuff, you ever tried you ever gone skiing on You tell me how awesome and I need to try. It is about skiing to me is a weird thing: it's like I can do it better like the consequences of this like little bit of fun, is really not worth it like. I do it because my family likes to do it, but part of me is like don't fall down. Bitch, don't fall down; bitch, don't fall down! Bitch! Ok! Here we go again. Don't fall down very tough I mean it's fun, I get it and if I was better added, probably even more fun but psych dude. I know to me people that fact their bodies upskilling, I mean fucked up. Blown or kneecap up to the side of their help in their fuckin legs, broken seven places there. Next never move,
the left ever again like what what happened. I hit a tree, I'm one of the lucky ones because gets people. That's why like skiing in even why people in writing. A motorcycle like the stakes are high. When the stakes are high, you have to focus on what are you doing in your present again, someone get better at it. That's what is coming up. Bitch ass, excuse, but it is what easier snowboarding, skiing skiing. I think really like this, for at least for me, when I try to nobody, the false or way now earlier thank you very much for an you catch. Like you oh edge, like use land back. I've got. I I hit my head so hard coming from a steep mountain down into a flat and cutting edge on this icy part. I hit the back of my head so hard at the front of my goggle lenses popped off the air like a fuckin pop out of a toaster, and I was blocked
like I could easily Oda thou woke up. People are like helpfully Europe like terrified health, we like you, ok and so that by when habit of your skin can but it's less likely, because the way that you catch that edge and just like hook up the hook up the boy and slingshot adjusts lambs your head back down, giving you like usually sketch out or tumble where I am one of those things so yeah. I think the caught. I mean, that's what makes it harder to learn. Khazars he's fucking fatal crashes. You do Billboard Jansky two men is sometimes to some people. Get too close to you. That's another problem. I do not know how to control themselves very good and their Kyler. Out of control, and so you have to Ganem like a just quickly to get away from them. Shit like this. Lady was coming down like she was going to go down hard, the cheap she got by me. I'm like oh shit. I got a duck this lady, and so I had to take a hard left, but then the trees, their Microsoft, I'm gonna take a hard line up any organ.
When I started, but as I was fine but like a boy exactly wrong you're in the wrong spot when that happens like there's a tree there, and you cannot get away from that tree like You gotta be real fucking, carefully zigzag I'll. Take that bitch out next time. We were tree. Sorry, lady, we're both go now together, open on four kids, go to say: don't work for the dear yeah spoke just hit. The gas right now. This wasn't I'd. Do anything? Was his letter hit your car, but that's ridiculous at six and dont blinkered some punches right becoming dears. Dig it to hit before you realise not they hit the gas takes, it would be like have you a seen a picture Floyd may, whether in a job like he's, Kentna positivism his eyes wide open these punching back
because he's so conditioned to being punchy so used to it that he can keep his eyes open, as the punches are coming in and encounter perfectly you're not going to have that kind of resolved with a deer. You know you ain't, that break giant, fucking meat, cleaver bumpers have people living Wyoming shit. They have those road warrior, bumper, yet a trucks it just makes different stakes get caught and ip bone like extrude id like played up here. You have to let go someplace, you can't just throw it in the back your truck either. You have to kind of call somebody and prove that you had it that way, because they want to discourage poaching, makes sense man, but fuck man, dear Jump, front of your car. What are the odds that you going to go? Okay, you can't hit those brakes. Remember they said just don't swerve just hit the deer. I think some people are bad.
That super com moment of like decision making in crisis like I've been around people in certain situations that, like you, can't prepare for and then there's some people who just freeze like straight fuckin for as somebody who act- and I think, like all like of police officers, military. They train yourself pass the freeze, but it's funny like I was in Australia, and this dude was drinking Thunderbird over prove rum and he was used to doing this trick with regular bundle, prove rum, which is Bunderby rum, red lights and on fire and paused in his mouth, and it goes out when it gets his mouth, but he was doing it instead with Olaf true from right. Was he never done before? What the thing with overproof rum is that motherfucker doesn't go out ever like the wind is not going to get out so he's pouring. Flaming shot and it doesn't go out and so is based catches, fire, oh Jesus, full. Full on Hell, razor face catches, fires in the kitchen and the house Running Jan, like em,
nobody is just looking at him he's clawing in his face. Not working. I have is that he doesn't know what to do and then I'm look adam- and I don't know what the fuck to do in everybody's staying there. So I go to the false it. I'm like trying to get water in that spread out over the thought. Not the right thing like a tower run over his head. You know, but you just don't think you're not haired at that moment, right now and then and there Eventually he fucking roles around on the ground and gets in get fitted. Aren't you can bear, but is more like the socialists, I took the took them first lair off when he had like a nice laser peel flower? Could someone goes? Does that mean? Does this ain't skirted that you just visit the site like area be in fibre? I've been around, other people like another it was like a home stripper Paul Right- and I was there with I there with Roger where the right as a house you should never by Taiwan, haunted house. We have your own powers alongside we're, gonna go and it was is tied to the wall.
This girl gets on there and she's swinging she's a little bit bigger owner all around rock kind of laughing and very close I'll, just laughing and and- and the pole goes like on hinges from she's going timber from like ten feet. Up, inverted gonna, be really bad and literally. Everybody around the circle, just look asked at here. That is up to our easy going for Bob Luxuriant football player. We like immediately moves over and I grabs the poor girl. That's. When I realized that's a different: do that do that when that totally random thing happens, he has the ability to act instead of just look around like all of us. Dummies like damn. That's gonna, hurt good point That's all areas will Rogers Same gathered, knocked out that fuckin due to punch that girl in Austria does die easy football for Bob Football player is when Roger was fighting the you see and he was fighting an hundred. Fifty five pounds, not a big guy
and this football player, who knows what the story was walked up to? Someone punch in the face, and I dont know in the back of the head yeah. What's so they were coming out of a club men. It was actually club who used to go to a lot. I just happen to me out of town that we again, but they were coming out of the club and this girl, like he gets. The guy, gets enough like a fight with one of her boyfriend's or whatever? And she was out of the whole thing because he punches a girl in the hatch I think from the beginning? But now you gotta so little been read there they got here comes both ok, watches punch the right in the back of the head boom and his flattens are and then walks away in a is like what the fuck yeah and disguise huge and look at Roger, Roger walks up to he's literally a hundred pounds, lighted them kidding. Registers Talkin, Who says that point you can do that mass you can't do that man, while and so Roger walks up and decides, okay, I'm my shirt off. Makes his shirt off, because it has a lot to do to people,
ram assure like he's thinking strategically like, which is like way. Once Tibet is not like gonna physically intimidate, the sky, the guy's giant and so Roger stand and fathers guy and the deeds big and looks like somebody else. Try to jump and to somebody else, try to jump on both sides and stop him from fighting the guy that guy runs and then Roger Corners corners and by the track? What you can't see, going on right now, Corazon and by the truck, the guy swings Roger somehow gets a minute more muay clench inside me in the head and knees him in the head, and then it gets my husband and stop some and rolls old pride rules thou and it is our habit. Thou fifteen twenty seconds, maybe not even it was really quick again. The whole video is only two minutes and twenty eight seconds long and it became his viral gigantic kit. Whatever happened, that do, did you get in trouble for that?
I don't know. I don't think so. I know that the police new, obviously it Roger, hit him and they just basically shook his hand and were like a we understand. But I dont think anything ever happening that do, but that was fuckin, brutal and marginal went for food Oh ran right at the back of chicks, head yeah. You know what that he's just that type. What do you say somebody from drowning on the beach resident. Yeah like finds himself in situations and he acts. You know, whereas other people, you know, might freeze or mine, Well, he hurried rudely upbringing. You know- and I think sometimes people that have overcome brutality when their younger they develop disability. To understand like been here before. I know it is all about he's gonna. Chaos is there's only one way out of this thing yet meet it head on Someone is coddle, do grows up and could and room everything. Everything's dolls, no sharp edges that that person, when confronted with some horrific situation,
giant steroid it up. Football player punches a girl in the back of the head, and you got to act like I was a hundred pounds bigger than you and broad. Takes shirt off right, just like that can have grabbed me. That's a video of awkward emotional. Did I really wish that that he didn't have that falling out? You have see people forget the Roger where it was God ever be on the cover of sports, illustrated for Emma may have been the Fuckin cover sports illustrated he was being groomed as one of the top guys, but there is some swords dispute between him and the EU have see who knows which sides correct. Who knows what happened, but we want to believe in the EU say it's one. Last night, the updating of the ASEAN one now z, fighting one sees, gets we'll tell it man, you know they got Ben Aspirin over there, but it's crazy. You- don't get to real town renown. Belcour waterway division Douglas Lemme just now out course cough
the guy who are fucked up without his name, but he's beaten. If you guys music course cough. Goddamnit, what am I thinking of who give me his crush Cobbs? Last few, I know you felt Benson, Henderson and Henderson up on Benson came over to Bellator and fought as well try for the first time and then Benson just fought. You got it Oh, who winner was their data stream at twice diversely was the opponent who's this course cough? Are we lost Douglas limit twice? I won first, when money is only one, the first one could court Lemme had a fucked up knee, that's right and then he beat Benson and then leave it just crashed in the rematch which fight him. I think it a man, Ghana Campbell. I can't believe I can remember
find it was, but the Benson Henderson One was a big one. Even those that decision You could tell the difference in size pretty Agnes, but then, when Lemme fought course carve, you could see Lemme looked way bigger than Kharkoff, so then and they ve got Paul daily. Ok, That's what it S. So let me just I'm: I'm gettin all confuse lemme beat Paul Daily, whose super legit He beat him by decision and then just knocked out course golf for some reason I thought lemme are thought daily had fought course Gulf. I fucked it up, but dailies super legit me dailies, scary, fuckin, striker, sure, soap, Lima, to beat him and to be Benson. Anderson is relatively undersized division and then to knock out course cough. Like that mean Thou stunt. Shit, I think he's world class and meanwhile that I was right. A doll by Ben Aspirin, who's. The one I've seen Champ rag doll, both of a more course glove and Lemme bolt rag dog by Askern, aspens, mother, Fucker, dude, eliminating them.
Level, who, when did you lose wended, did Douglas Lima, lose two Askren put up lemurs record again caused huge died, fuck fucked up back in April Two thousand twelve yeah see lemurs had some more some serious injuries he's serious need surgery, but that was quite a few years ago, but then, aspirin. Did that to him. He did that the course carve. He he's that's a lot of deeds. He gets a whole those guys in just they look like world beaters until he gets hold of a means. Drags Lyman. Good did Lyman good to same thing gets all of em the ground pizza, gotta run they can't get up. This is crazy he's so relax. Really. I some do that. Somebody he's like riding I'm like a ball like wave into the crowd. People are bowing, he doesn't care finally does create. I one of my most perplexing puzzles anime, but he fought
when he fought in Bela tore when J Huron went over their J. Hurrah gave him a hell of a fight and J her who is a very good fighter who didn't do so good in the USA, but was really talented and then went over and had this fight with Askern and Belcour mean J. Her was you know of good wrestler, with a little bit better crisper, striking than aspirin a magic keep it on the feline and asking a real problem with that. So that was one of those things. Girls like me, and I want to see him against world class fighters- know how to stuff that take down against a real good, wrestler nose out of stuff to take down who's his size, but Michael Chandler just beat Benson Henderson too, but they've got real talent over there. Now but it's still one of those things where nobody wants. Is it like? You look at the ratings, it's like they're, lucky to get a few hundred thousand. What's the human, it's the human drama,
people love, you know, they're in the bigger that personality, the more it's a celebrity, the more interested you are in the fight. You know, like you, get to understand this character. That Conor Mcgregor is and is part of the compelling nature of watching in fight like The personality people want to identify with it. It's like some things: the difference between a good epic movie and a shitty epic movie like a good epic movie. You fall in love with the characters before the fucked up stuff happens that propels on our heroes journey yeah. You know you can't just go straight out of the gate and show that that whole backstory happen and then he's all the sudden kick ass. Like you wanna be emotionally invested and then every time their swinging in us, in a sword or every time, you're watching and punch and take down your way more em but invested boxing did that with twenty four seven. You have seized on that with all their embedded and think that's just something there they do better than anybody else. They get you emotionally invested into the fighter and then, when you there, you know that's when that's when you
really want to watch this. Also those epic personalities as mega personnel as the come are all around every two generations or wants a generation or a couple times generation exposure, the Thyssen's or the sugary leonards who the people the people are just so compelled to watch and corners one of those people, if he was in boxing and having the same sort of success, he'll be just as big he'd, be gigantic. Triple he had his personality. Oh my god. Oh my god. I mean Jesus Christ, but triple jeez, not doing things the way Connor's doing things like costs, because Conor has little loves on- and you know it's fine Nemo may here, he's land in these one shot like that, just Stun guys, never rocked unease, put no wailings get lead in his hands sort of a different thing like you see here, fight with Josie, although that you ve Rarely see that happen, thirteen actions in a world champion a boxing match, or some connects with one shot flatland. Somebody
That's in the realm of Emma may almost exclusively in early fights like that, it's so rare than championship fight someone someone dead in thirteen seconds by the USA can happen. All the time manages. Fuckin have. Hence there is a lot less armor on their button, on the lights out. Button yeah less padding in their lot hearted defend to its easier defend with those big gloves. There's so much going on with big gloves are so small gloves, see guys it have devoted their whole life to big love defence and then come in and the small gloves. This don't offer the same sort of protection, even look at Nicky, Hoskins main defense. He gets in that kind of turtle. Yes, where a pretty much as covering everything that super important, benign his head with his gloves and for arms, and Europe can do that with low. Above now, you can't but see that's one of the cool things by watching.
I like Hoskins that he can do that. Like we have big gloves, look look we can do here, you can it. I got what he d overseas Vie with Raymond Daniels to fights walks him down and speech the legs out walks down sort b, fuck out of em to absorb, so shots keeps Topshop Choppin away his about Motherfucker dude, there's a bunch of those guys. Now I just. I just hope that it gets the attention it deserves, cause he's geyser. The really risking their health and such a dramatic way well, Whitneys Workin for glory. Now I saw Allah Jenna Mister Jenks. I saw no Judd utterly go into Germany. We wherein wherein here and Joe Shilling and Eve Edwards, and I did a glorified, compassionate and look out and if you motherfuckers, shall I get the she likes it it some. I you know
For some reason I don't know what the reason is, but for some reason it's just never completely like took root in America, but it's not because the talent, I think it's again at you got to tell those stories. You know that's why, people want peace, you need to have invest way more in the in the pre fight in a video crude. Putting out these videos or get a reality tv show. So I think it's a genius thing with UFC ditches, you're, exposing people to the personality of these characters and then, when you watch him fight you care, but I know that's the fucking missing piece. It's not think they're always looking at. How can we improve the actual sport you got to improve? You know the people's access inside these convey and I think that's the that's the key. You don't know the thing it doesn't seem like there's a number I got Van knew that is thank you for a mostly like the venues it used it
this just like ten years ago, the first like putting a fight on Showtime are putting a fight on HBO, putting a fight on NBC seems like ten. Twenty years ago, you could put my tie, NBC, at nine o clock at crazy more time night and people get hurt like wow? This is nuts, but Now it seems like there's some the options for entertainment. It's really difficult to like lock in a substantial group of people just by putting something on a certain time, and I have so many choice This is almost too many choices. We're almost like overrun with possibilities to stare into the looking glass he get enchanted. You know it's true. But I think ultimately, that's our salvation. Now you get off of the choices and then then you can really decide what you want. You know, I think we're gonna be robots, lives right. I really did robots where that anyways, I think that's the guy part about West world. Is it showing that, like wires, robot, whereas consciousness at what level and then we're just a more complicated version. In that
yeah. I don't spoil alert, have seen last absurd last ones. Next week, the less ok, I've seen all them up till now caught up, but a lot of people listening art yeah. I think before that, ever friends before there's a place where you can go and interact with robots, you're gonna be one. I think it's gonna be way more likely that you gonna take people that have been injured, like soldiers have lost a limit of war, the irreplaceable better limbs and the first persons gonna offering their limbs cut off. It's probably be some the disease where their limbs don't work so well, they get caught often they won the Olympics start jumped over buildings and shit. Next. I see no reason why these regular legs and then one day it's gonna, get to a point where you can take your whole brain. Take that brain stick in Falcon the body, I think it's not necessarily the brain and they gets whatever that that thing that we call consciousness, maybe that needs from the brain. Maybe it's something something separate, but the transfer of consciousness. That's that's one of those archetypal stories like a religious story, the
the shape shifter IKEA Finance, so many cultures, someone who can transfer their consciousness to another vehicle. I think that's definitely going to happen like we're gonna be able to transfer our consciousness into other things that can hold that level of complex. City, you know like, as long as it can hold that level. Complexity like trying to transfer our consciousness into a stink bug would be really challenging. I see the brain and how at work to its putting something it's too big and some too little, but for if something is of similar complexity, I think we could transfer our consciousness into their. He's gotta figure out what consciousness is? How you know how we measure it somewhere in between the spaces of quantum physics or maybe that's the frontier? Maybe it's somewhere, but how we transfer that, I think, will ultimately figure out, and I think we know it and I think that's why it's in all these stories thing in our the other gonna, have conversations the people they say. Hey man don't worry about it. We made a copy, your brains of doesnt work, which put you back your own body I'll call, you made a copy yeah, it's copies.
On November twenty first, two thousand. Sixteen do not worry everything from here back you going to remember anything from today, but it's no big deal meeting room was a couple days of shit. Go on you catch up going to twitter or on training. Jet objects just rides and it goes out a body for a little while stays current and then just dropped back in. When I talk greater weight to the next level. Spilling we're gonna come to a point where we figure out how to express ourselves outside of language. Does what I believe, I believe that the intention, like pure intention, we're gonna, be all of broadcast that through some form of third party software hardware solution. Whenever it is I've, they'll be able to figure out what the act Your intention of thought is and transmit that So, instead of a sentence, it'll be a series of thoughts. They you can transfer the intent or you know it without language, you don't have to have a comprehension of german Tbilisi,
and with a person from Germany, because you'll be able to see whatever their thinking in pure intent or feel it or no it or whatever the fuck. It is and that so much closer to truth and language, is always just an approximation right. It's the symbol for an idea. Where is if you could express in pure intent, you know like just the feeling of it and I think that's also what you experience sometimes in in the psychedelic state. You feel what you would think is God, and you can't fucking describe it all of the words fail nothing that makes sense when you're actually talking about it, but you feel it and the intent of that thing is there and then you just approximated an approximate until it's almost gets ridiculous and it is they give us, because you can't put that into words, but you feel that in the air and the only way you really have a references of your experience. It is well like you're saying this and I am listening to you say this and I agree with you and then I'm like me
and how would I describe it any differently to somebody and I'm like well with side. Let's see what we got here for tools, they don't exist, there's no tools in the toolbox that allow you to explain. A really heavy duty breakthrough de empty trapped, it did on exist like you can try opera I mean it, but you saying it. I register it, but it's because I have what I believe to be a similar experience to what you have experienced, and even that is guesswork. I'm assuming you're explained explaining to me what went down when you had it, and am I put that sounds a lot like how I would club so we try to explain my experiencing, but we don't know any town now don't know and that's why we should go and look for yourself. You know feel these thing see these these experiences things. When you see a burning manner, when you gotta play Bernie man, you see it's possible, may obviously I haven't been, but you ve been a few times when you see possible, when these fuckin freaks I'll get together and rewrite the rules and go crazy. It gives you a lot of hope.
He does, because it makes you realize, like these- are a lot of people with normal people around us and yet their choosing this one moment to behave in this stark contrast to every a culture in society, but there's no litter people are free only with each other that, given away food like they're, only for short bursts. You know they're doing it for a week. At a time once a year, but they're doing it they're still doing, and they didn't do it thirty years ago. It didn't do a fifty years ago. The doing now and then doing it in one spot, but we're talking about it and people are starting to get together and then go with us. We could do this more often like we could do something similar to this. More often that proves the concept of the changes, your view of of how an interaction with a stranger could be it not. Somebody was trying to take something from you and fuck. You fuck up your energy, whatever like you're all in it together in some weird way. Now he's had to bring him into, but you get the overwhelming consensus that you're all in it together.
And it's it's a cool cool feeling just transcends these kind of very solemn cystic of mounting for myself. These are my things. This is my fortress that I build and AEGIS collapse, all that and and surrender to a much much happier state that's part of the MAGIC million that one of the more genuine problems with any sort of egalitarian or our Mord altruistic vision. Is it people not reciprocate like if you could find a like minded group of people where, instead of the mob mentality, gonna fuck raising, grab and swords and chopping up each other there's the mob mentality of peace, love where I'll, just sort of nobody around the use, or does it adopted this thing in a really radical way there weren't fuckin guy, goals, Rhine, bikes, everywhere and everything's lit up us or power, and you like woe is me: we're gone deep with us, like everybody's in bed
is this so they're. So all in every fuckin chip is on the table when you're out there that it reinforces this different and very peculiar sort of mob mentality. That's psychedelic, driven and happy in that that's possible to like, while we're watching mass rape in India here, but these horrible instances where these men, rape, women on trains like what the fuck is going on over the while that's happening, Ernie Man's habit yeah. It's like there's another is another sort, a mob consciousness. It can erupt when it's considered carefully applied ethic. Glee? Morally sensing, Lee with an open heart that can be done to like there's a bunch of different states. You you apply to you know a human goes into an environment with love and radical acceptance. True in it in the truest sense, you're gonna, or adapt that, whereas you get in these systems of fear and control in Europe,
adapt to that, and I think anybody that encounter. We have that choice of what we're gonna, give back to him and turn the tide, and maybe it won't be reciprocated, but it can also stop the it can. Stop that trends of someone really. You know if they do something fucked up, meaning you aunt prevent it and we have to accept it and move on, except that would love show that person, love and not. This desire for justice in revenge and you'll start to switch the pattern. Yo Yo it's the only thing that ends the cycle. The only thing that ends the cycle ultimately is love like violence. You know you get something. Violent to you than you do something about them than you do something about you and it continues to go into one person just holds like man? I see your pain, I see where you're coming from. I see you as me, you know, I'm sorry, you ve been given that stay, I'm in love, you no matter what all the sudden persons like what the fuck and then they can end. That cycle. I think that's what we gotta do in in society that's what we gotta do the right and the left instead of continue.
The shooting these barbs at each other. At some point, the conscious people have to say, like whatever you say, I hear you. I don't necessarily agree. Here's my point of view, but I love you. I'm in love You as if you were me, and then that ultimately ends it, but as long as we're just lobbying fuckin hand grenades at each other. What folk, a bunch of heavy bullshit. The trumps gonna make illegal. That's what I'm second thick in history. People in jail for burn the flag were taken an old school again folks old school. You know the fig tree, did he uses is from my he takes a native amiss can graves takes the soil. That's what they use for the fig tat is the only way to get it that per perfect q, making it to close your eyes. Hence the raccoon looks What are the powers it gives you a nerd like such a great super villain move. He just needs it moved Trump tower. Do it active volcano, to an indian burial site, put a trump tower up right. Where the
Could a pipeline is being built, one trump tower and just fellow workers just show Redskins games. We're in a red hat may Amerika great again what the fuck man strange time strange times, but beautiful times the best terms they are and the more we realise that the best times the more we're gonna be. Ok right now, yet it is entirely possible. We might get hit by an asteroid size of China, It is entirely possible. They're out there, there's giant chunks over and weaken the and the world, rather was at one point time hit with another planet, that's established! That's what they believe They believe the moon was created when the earth literally color- I did with another fucking planet that its legally happening right now, so right now just be nice to each other and have some fuckin phone totally. Let's go champ
yeah man. If we can always figure out shit to worry about, we can figure out all of these things that stress us out. It's our job. It's our relationship, it's the fucking meteor. If he's on You enjoy the now you're, not going to regret it. If I go back and talk to my younger self, like hey young Aubrey, if I can tell you one fucking thing, it's to stress less, like yeah, I think about the possibilities, but then let it go like enjoyed time is all there is. Is the enjoyment of time all of these you have there all false summits like enjoy the whole process. All the way through enjoy to the last moment where the fucking chinese size droid smashes into enjoy up to that last minute and anyone have any regrets get if you can prevent do that. But if you can't do anything, don't fuckin stress, relax and then even realize it like goals. They actually help. He be happy is weird. Is seems like achieving goals and going after things and showing yourself that through discipline and focus can achieve these weird creative ventures. Take things new places debts,
going for the deal better, it's the going for the gold, the best part, and it's not the actual achievement of that goal, makes you feel suddenly difference that you're striving for me King Progress, and then you hid it in there that, of course that satisfaction. But then you said it the goal Yang on said another go, and you know that you're constantly be setting goals. So if at no point you're ever happy unless achieving the goal? You're only very happy fractional part of time, unless you know the lorries with that transformer watch, given his dick sucked over the Atlantic, Doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo He probably has those cheesy limo lie. Inside of his jet, where they change collars all times. I purple Green red yellow, and these now there with our story, activate an eagle feather super via growing gorge. Dick words gets How much bagginess system is ears are ringing. He has breathe knows a day's breathe uses cooked but up his nose
breathed out of his nose was deck as hard as titanium anything else now- and this is me, you wanna talk about your I ll ask experience are hello that eight I mean that's, it's a good fifteen minutes story. Fuck it man people drive and right now that I keep going keep going San slits with set this up last our target You have to have an eye was to experience you really dude. I think I'm done yeah a thing. I'm done like out anchor good, maybe small dm t trips here and there, but I think I'm done and then next thing I know hereafter the Falcon jungle again this Your exactly? That's how Jan Backward? What happened were one of the things that enjoys taken people who have an x for in going there with them going you like, there's. No, better right of passage, bonding experience. So this time I just brought all my home, like everybody in my interest,
circle that I love that wanted to go. You know we all went and so for me it's a lot about that kind of rite of passage. France is still really like and appreciate the plants, and I learned a ton, and I have sometimes underestimate how much more I have to learn from the plants for sure. I think the combination of that I'm singing set up this trip, everybody. I know we're going to do. I ll ask over Meetin Don Howard, whose we ve done to documentaries with him now latest I'll. Ask a documentary is, is with him as well awesome guys again off the white wizards or setting up, but I knew this one was gonna get interesting because a month like about a month before some time in August, I wake up in the middle the night we're going in September. I wake up in the middle of the night and from a dream and in this dream look over and to my left side, I see this demon head and this gnarly lookin demon, Head NOS four, ought to looking thing and he's just looking away in my dream. He looks at me.
Stares at me, dead in the eye, Ngos. I'm gonna kill you on September, twenty third, oh shit like super fucking, specific right, so I wake up and hello freaked out as like. Damn no specifics, I go to my and I knew my brooch trip was over that time I go to the calendar of events got temporary and that night is the night were drinking. I asked for the first acts were doing what you may afterwards so September. Twenty was the night we're doing. I ask starting any mimus fuckin with you like for sure, like decision you said yourself far I don't play to others scenarios right and I try to like what was there? Maybe this metaphor, maybe hopefully wasn't for real Felina, but an inner Maybe I am. I might have known that date in my head, some not trying to think this a supernatural, it's all kind of metaphor, but is very specific. So by the time we get out there, I knew that I had this feeling like man, some shits gonna come up here cause. I was like something in my psyche. That's incredibly swiftly
about this, so we're going into ceremony in one thing I could do to prepare for ceremony and to do this, for the whole group is a dual meditation, where anchors them to their consciousness, and I put that consciousness in their heart rights, because the head can get really squarely and you can get lost in belief in different ideas and thoughts, and if you identify yourself as consciousness, which I I tell them to symbolise is a brilliant piece of white light in your heart. You symbolized that you imagine that that there is an anchor. That's like your anchor, that's your anchored at home, and then you know I. I talked him how, when you imagine that their than you can imagine it actually showing up atomic we like and in the rules of quantum physics, the observer effect. You observe it. Then it's connected to yourself. All yourselves connected all things and space connected to the euro to the one source.
A consciousness? Do you know the collective consciousness that thing and it just kind of anchors you and keeps you in this feeling safe? So whatever squirrely thing is happening in your mind, you do that, but this is important for the story that I'm that I'm setting up cuz you know, so I do that situation in that's where I go into these psychedelic experiences, anchored to my heart, connected to the cosmos connected to the infinite, through that in a very kind of comforting, comforting meditation to do so, I'm going through, and I take the medicine and right off the bat it's like super. You know it's super chill like I'm seeing beautiful scenes like flowers, these flowers of light- and I get this message like a man is this: is this one's going to be easy and as ok cool word in is like we're? Just gonna fix a few things, so I felt like what feels like all these little doctors of light, the doktor seat, those you know these little
light beings going through my body and start fixing little different areas, fixing little parts in my head and fixing little parts here and meanwhile my mind is being distracted with flowers and butterflies and super chill. The only measure Your vision I had was a go to this shrine in this jungle, and I see this giant monkey human Hybrid that super happy and its they're butterflies and everything going around and then in scripted in stone, says we are the pleasure monkeys and that's what I've been using today and this like really cool thing like oh yeah. We are pleasure. Monkeys were here enjoy all the best then we can start thinking about the foods in the people. When they become robbery and everything around me super positive. Meanwhile, the lights going through my body in fixing it and then, as this really Dylan Thing and I think, read an hour and a half and I'm like fuckin we're good, like whatever the demon was not gonna, worry about as fine and then right to my left. I see
this gnarly looking column, Lord of the rings, lookin slackened, my precious knows, fraud to demon guy, and he looks at me and- and I, like you know, one of the practices that I have is anchoring to that point. In my heart I mean it, I encourage I the feeling of invincibility like it can't be harmed. You know this is your consciousness. Is peace in Europe? It can't can't be. I see the demon and looks at me and then it jumps jumps towards me and start buying my neck. Well in my vision right, so it's gnarly, looking demon is biting. My my I know it's all like it's all in this, like a movie of me being played out right nobody's going with emotion and video ratcheted up right. So at this point no it's eating in my you know. In that vision, its eating through neck, and I see what its aim is in its aiming to eat through my neck and eat that thing in my heart
the white light in my heart that I've been meditating about like that's what at once. So in what I thought was this like heroic, active invincibility. I was like go here. Man you want that thing. Go ahead. You all the way through me. Get that thing as far enough, instead of because I've learned A lot of these practices, the more you resist these things, the more aggressive they become in the hard you just get in this this day and so is more you surrender generally, the better off you are so like you and eat that thing go for it so goes through each through my neck through my chest and a grabs, a hold of that piece of white light and my heart snatches it and right. At that moment, I've never felt more for you, I feel, like I got shot with a bullet like I felt like I went dead completely dead and fear just shot through my entire body as like, oh fuck. I just gave this deal
my consciousness. I just gave this team in my soul and I let him have it. It's like all the fuckin vampire movies like they can't come in and lets you given permission. They given permission and all these fuckin thoughts are going to my hat. Meanwhile, I felt completely dead like hollow from the inside fear. Was that like a thousand percent and then the eco rows of the Sharm and start getting more intense and unlike holy shit, I'm fucked, so I start negotiating with this nose. Ratu demon guy, as like man, I'd really like To get my piece back, like you mind, giving it back like you know, it's all good. I understand you have your place. You know for polarity to exist or needs to be. The dark needs to be the light it's all good man wrong same team. Ultimately, rock continents in the cosmos he's having none of it right and then finally see locking too he's the eye is sometimes talking back and sometimes just kind of like mocking me really like kind of laughing, and then he goes here. You go
and gives me something, and I greedily like a like a hungry like a hungry child grab. It and I stuff it in my heart- and it was a dead piece of rock like a dead stone and it's just a list images laughing at me hahaha. Have your heart and watch where I'm going and he goes and he takes it. Following him in your through this kind of like wormhole thing, and he takes it and I see who is giving it to and then I go all fuck because he's giving it to the demon of all demons. This is very archetypal and I'm not religious, but these archetypes are coming through in this kind of in a demon, demon, keyboard, Tiber sense, but anyways this demon than give. Two, I can only call the world crusher, because literally he's of this size were I'm seeing him hold planets and crushing them into dust in his hands. Just moving the cosmos. These giant horns made of this deep dark black and red smoke and just laughing in the ecstasy
construction is it takes galaxies and he rips them apart, like the ultimate black hole of destruction and evil, and I go fuck like that. Guy's got my heart piece now, like the little demon gave it to that thing. Something like what the fuck do? I do. I can't even communicate with his demon world crusher like there's, no way is no way I can even talk to me is too big, so I try to let go. Maybe I can blow myself up. You know what maybe I can get bigger thinking like video game style like that's going to work like maybe if I fucking get bigger than we can talk, negotiate I'll be on his level totally doesn't work. I can't get an even near the size of him in my vision, so I'm like what the fuck do. I do like one of my have fucking do here and I get the idea I was like man. I can't fight this thing, there's no way, but you know understanding that at again that the consciousness in in the cosmos needs dark and light. I understand
the value of the polarity of that something that dark. You know. I understand that that's necessary! It's man, I gotta send this thing love, so I go and I imagine floating up to its head and right between its eyes. I kissed him on for that. I know it sounds with, and for a moment I see his eyes go googly eyes, like them emerging heart thing were hearts, appear, pressures, eyes, animals, kind of cartoony, and for that moment he relinquishes he's like you know, I can give this back to you, but we never took it. No one could take that piece of your heart. It's yours, it's impossible to steal unless you believe it can steal, and it's just like beautiful wisdom- and I was like all my God, thank God, but I still like shaken up by you know I still kinda fucked up, but that move worked and then that moment, where his eyes are all googly heart she's, like man, we can't take that from you that you're. So I had this renewed sense of confidence, and so I started kind of going. This kind of more peaceful than negroes seem to be following my trip.
Thy down. I'm going through about all the relations in my life in the different in a kind of doing the general rule you do, and I was gonna, get to a member, My family is really suffering from some mental illness. That is really dark, like a dark mental illness, and I think that now maybe the world Crusher has my friend. So I get the feeling the world Crusher has know that element of darkness is in him. So I think in my imagination, and kind of call back on that on that being an immediately comes up, but in a different shape, like a giant fuckin sea serpent in its wrapping, these technical, around my body like a leviathan, from the deep and and and unlike whoa, I was like we you think about- maybe letting you know this- this family member, think about letting him go and he's like you want his soul, I'll make a trade, your soul for his and as I fuck fuck, that fact that right, so
at TAT, point man and then, as I I don't think I can make their trade is like cowards. You wouldn't do that for someone, you loved your a coward. I thought you said you were invincible. Sites gimme. Clearly not my homey. By clearly take the world. Crusher takes his job seriously. So eventually I have to go like you know what that's between union. I can't step in their like there's nothing. I can do for you, so I just had to let it go, and I let him go not making that proverbial deal and again I think this is like really happening. This could just be archetype right, but anyways from there. I was like fuck man. This is turn super dark. Like can I get some help? I can sense the archetype humans. Like can I get a Jesus in here, something like some kind of light and nothing light would come, although I did get a cool vision like Jesus meeting the world crusher as like this, gonna be square like showdown. You have see ultimate Jesus versus the world Crusher and immediately they turned super gay and they making out with each other and having sex
It was in the world, crusher started like having sex with each other and who has is the while this vision, because it was this like the ultimate love affair, like the two polarities of the cosmos, like all of the love and forgiveness and all of the power who's. The instruction in the darkness was the top does baggage easily Jews would turn he was man, woman. It was like super, he could be what every wanted, but they were dancing in this like passionate love affair, which was like all creation, so she became man and woman. Jesus launch demand, woman who was just it was just like love, verses, power and darkness destruction. Creation versus struggled like to the two polarities dancing, but expressed as the world Crusher, this devil like creature and then Jesus. You know which started is kind of you to see and then went into woman and then, when it a man whatever it was ITALY's, gave me a chuckle and was like a moment of like
relief from this really fucking heavy trip, but I still wasn't getting any personal interaction from anything on the light side you know, and so on, Still, I kind of a little shaken up, especially after the world. Crusher call me a coward and I couldn't help young person, my family, in sick fuck. So then I see this. I keep trying to reach out to like the helpers like something from the light, and I get this very faint message you know. Sometimes the visions are super clear. It sometimes they're faint feels like you're you're kind of reaching for it, but I'll go with it. I'll use my imagination as a bridge, so I kind of go with it psych. Here we have this thing for you and put it in your heart. It'll give you extra and you know, it'll be what you're looking for in this is brilliant ruby, like Redstone, brilliant Ruby stone. I was like oh wow, that's beautiful, like always imagined the thing of my heart being white, but red aren't school. I put it in my chest and then instantly. I could feel my
of getting this like hunger for power well and fuelling like the world crusher like I wanted to destroy and manipulate, and I was like, oh shit, that's not the thing. You know, that's not that wasn't a real gift that was getting tricked again. So I pull this thing out of my heart and for sure like, I can just feel the evil emanating from it right, and I can hear the distant laughter the world Crusher, like ha ha ha fooled. You again, you accepted the stone, and so I have this Ruby stone in my vision, MIKE what the fuck am I going to do this, So I have this place that have developed in my meditations. Like a little happens, like my happy place right place, I go and imagined. Imagine it my mind, set my happy places. I got more put my stone. Am I happy place to leave it there in my in my vision? Why put it there in the happy plate in it turns to fucking like swamp in bog
everything all the trees or withering like you see in one of those fantasy movies, where the darkness anchors into a place in all the life dies around as Ike FUCK man, I can't put it there is going to destroy this this world I created so like I bring it back and, as I can hear this voice, such as putting your heart, you can hold in your strong. Enough to hold its like. Ok, yeah, maybe my heart's. The only play second put. It's the only way it's safe put it back in their battle. Obviously I was another trick, but I'm really getting shaken here, because I keep getting fuckin tricked. I keep not knowing What my mind is telling me that's helpful or whether it's coming from something else so eventually like move it out of my body and I'm looking at us like the only way that I can get rid of this is to dissolve it evenly across the entire spectrum of creation right, take this and dissolve it into the all, so that the entire game, all of good. All of that everything can hold this amount of evil. It's too concentrated for any
one thing to hold. I gotta dissolve it and I tried that move in my imagination and worked boom in the redstone dissolves in all of creation holds that darkness net power and I'm sitting There- and I just at this point just fuckin surrender like I've, just been totally getting my asking for the majority of this trip and especially just having been tricked and am just kind of like in a state of surrender, and at that point I feel like kind like iron man style. I feel this like breastplate like come slap onto my chest and has is really beautiful. Fire Opel Stone and this thing is helmet, come on we'll drink and his helmet come then has other brilliant white light and I feel wings shoot out from my back right and have seats I'll, ask us
it's crazy and and I'm flying in the air and there's a bunch of like eagles and other birds, and it's all like peaceful and all good, and it was like all the allies, like all the good guys, all the good team kind of came through, there are flying over this world that was dark and fires in pollution chaos, and they were just bringing this like fresh air of like white light, and I was just cruising and so for the last thirty minutes of the trip I was just literally like flapping. My wings in the vision is kind of crews in over the world. With all my ego, armies and, and it was fuckin one of the gnarly is obviously experiences. I've ever had. No doubt that's, why is illegal Your speech is gonna, be used in the Senate. They're gonna get together with Congress. They play the speech back. This is successful guy folks, but would you do go down goddamn jungle fighting world.
Ushers and Jesus is gay, do you want oh geez woman Jesus can be and it could be a woman, is gender fluid while intent and again it's. I think that lessons nests it's really just about that- was the type of resistance that could summon the very best out of me know the move to move to show the world Crusher love the move to you know all of the moves that I had to make. I was only able to learn about myself from the extreme pressure of that vision and that's one of the beautiful parts of the Ayahuasca vision at ten to give you like just enough that if you show up with your best and you and you choose, you know, choose love and you choose the the things that are going to bring out the best outcome. You'll make it through, but it. But it brings you to that very fucking, where it feels like man they now the stakes are really really high. Since thanks. I think stories like that and experiences like yours,
you gotta go somewhere to experience and legally, though, stories are what people are gonna rely. That's like almost like a road map of the potential experiences of people going to come back with Ngos to do look pretty saying about this to us Do you want to go there? If you want to go to how do we get there we're going to go over the mountain over the mountain meets world pressure Hawkman. He doubling came back here, he's back. Man is an asset and sang out like the one day. All this he's going to be legal and one day, also sort psychedelic experiences, whether its mescal fuckin, firms whenever there are going to be really commonplace. Is commonplace, is gonna get a massage Roscommon commonplaces? You know taking a yoga class just right now we're in a weird place where someone like you tell him. That story seems. Are you crazy person? You know even talking to me whose experience a bunch of shit in our lives. Spreads budget shit with you I mean I know, you're not mean you're, not crazy, you're just
relying this very odd thing that very few people ever gonna be able to relate to right now, but one day when they are to be real common. I think it's more com. Now think we you, you say this now way more common. Do you talk about asking people understand what you're saying than just ten fifteen years ago. There. No, no doubt because people have had similar experiences reference. I mean, I think, the way that a lot of people experiences in archetypes, that you learn about and there's a different character in this. You which something you can learn from like the Harry Potter movies like like Jordan, was talking about. You know you can learn from those archetypes, but it's different. When you know you get a chance to play is the main character laying is the main character. Gives you a whole different series of lessons. Like none these themes that came up in our original themes. These are all deep archetypes
even fuckin. The Lord of the rings, like the stone, was a stone of such evil. How does it be destroyed, destroyed in the fire from whence it came right? All of creation created in constant, and there was dissolved in that and think about it, then, but I could see the analogies. You see the the deal with the devil. You know that that all trade, my soul for this one, you see these archetype of themes, but I can watch as many Faust places. I want. I'm never feel what that feels like right until I have the devil mocking me for being a coward for not being to make that deal. You know and then You understand these certain me certain things in a much much deeper way in an that's. That's, I think the value it just puts you up in this situation. Where years you have stake in the game, and you have choices to make and that's where you at the real value of Roger, where to put that well crushing cycling Slabs Reign was stupid. Phase
that's part of some of the commons. That's their move right. There constantly trying to get mastery and dominion over all of these things. I just find the more you try and fight with them, the more they just love it, the alike, Whatever thing you're trying to fight whatever darkness you're trying to fight the more you fight with em they're, just like fuck yeah bring on this. What I do your and my house now bitch, you know like your trial, wrestle with Ben Askern, like they got the drop on you, but the minute you change the game and recognise them as an important part in sent him love. That's when the conflict ends. One dailies german, you who will be able to go to your local I'll, ask a centre and partake needs already been approved, by the Supreme Court for a couple different churches to different charges that believe right. In a letter sent to demand you dv yeah, and they are legally allowed to serve super. At I asked the rex went over there and did it with him. He said it was incredible through our
unlike gall shirts away and why not to sit up sit down. I did think that its come in a weathers religious or whether its medical or whether it's a think the plants are gonna, show up when humans need to help the most. I think that's that's a spot wherein and I ask it's not for everybody liked, don't everybody rush out and do it like do it? If that's was really call for you. If you want to learn more, I just released a documentary. It's free just go to drink the jungle, dotcom! That's your I'll drink! The jungle check it out and get it indeed, if that's for you, but there are so many ways and you don't need to do plants. You can do it with your fuckin breath. You can do it with the ogre you can do with floating. You can do it with. Legal we'd in other, so many ways the climb, the mountain, but finding those those ways to bring out the best party yourself, essential, drink the jungle, pensions score to drink up his cat jungle spicy. When United send this right, that's perfect: drink the jungle,
come to set by everybody, love you. I love, you love all you guys you Gives you Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. You motherfucker thank you to cave coffee as always fuelling us through this beautiful experience, Caveman coffee C, o d can't go their use. A code word Brogan Save ten percent of eight awesome stuff and try their new nitrogen, aided hibiscus tee. I gotta bring some forty Jamie spoken Vandam. And zero sugar zero caffeine. The aboard just drinking water like I do you do too, were babies What little babies wonders. May members feel good enough? Neither Diet coke try when it is better for you delicious and the best in coffee or fine caveman, coffee c, o dog com use the code word: Rogan save yourself cash.
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so. Why am I allowed to see if I had a producer? That was like our he'll produce, I gotta get some person, it would go, kill. Let's try that again, no, no, not trying to shit again. That's that's what it as it is what it is stumbles and all Stephen I be here tomorrow, mediator the show which he is a host of is now available on Netflix. Is unprecedented. There's never been hunting show on Netflix, but it's more than just a hunting share. Some of the best episode of Steve. Cornelis show have been in episodes where he was unsuccessful. There was one of em, where he was by himself hunting for dear and he sorted dedicated the shelter or at least a good chunk of it. To discussing his. Nation shipping was grown up with his father and how much you would love to take his father to this beautiful and sort of isolated country and have him experience as it's a fucking, intense dude,
I just really smart and really well read and really articulate and in my mind, the best advocate out there for hunting and explaining it from an intelligent, really with a really deep understanding of history and intelligent point of view with a great perspective on the consequences of not having it and what its been able to achieve, and what hunters, what they ve been able to do to contribute. To saving public lands and I'm talking too much again. Look anyway, he's awesome, Stephen now you'll be here tomorrow. I see
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