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2016-12-27 | 🔗
Zach Leary is a blogger/writer, a futurist, spiritualist, digital branding specialist and self proclaimed social theorist. He also is the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast available on iTunes & at http://zachleary.com/
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the way the all time if not the most important there's like a mad rush more of psychedelic is albert hoffman john lily theirs amity leary and his terence wynn cannot in my mind as far as the people that have broadcast did and let the world know about in some other people that you could consider for the those positions as well for sure but timothy larry was a huge huge fictive figure in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies a huge part of psychedelic movement in this this young man i grew up with that guy as is dad interesting i called i give up exactly
the get experience by experience relies also thinks robin remains romania that is the this is gone many friend duncans a friend of mine likewise likewise this dude ok so i have to ask the question what the fuck is it like being the son of timothy bleary the opening question right has to be there has to be ok let's go yeah man you know and that the answer to the question kind of its changed a lot over the course of time obviously you know because when i was younger when i was a kid you're really up until my mid twenties even my late twenties overtake like i didn't know how to enter the question how could i just all i knew was to my life you not just my dad it's just how i grew up you know you would take me to little league make sure
did my homework or tend to my homework in my case but whatever it was you know enemy it just was life didn't have any objectivity to what i didn't have any distance from an i can be removed from it in i didn't know alike that it was perhaps really strange and then you know who died in ninety six you know it was twenty two and then kind of after that then i sort of you know i got some distance from it then i was like oh shit you know things are a little different at home you know they were will you has probably one of the most important if not the most important people ever of the psychedelic revolution he was i mean yeah my relationship with him in my relationship with russia with his work was yet mean of course the psychedelic part was a core pillar i understood that's what made him famous but i can heard him to be a key was a futurists really you know when
during my formative years i the second everything thing was always there but he was much more interested in like in technology and cyber culture in kind of like the progressive kind of technology arts and things like that and you know that ladys he called the peace the l of the eighties unions or was kind of really shifting and i kind of concern him by somebody who just had like the innate in belgrade constantly reinvent himself and of course the second alex were in a the core and it s probably is also play a big part of how we can reinvent themself right yeah yeah yeah i know that that that's it's true i mean well and considering you can relate with us i think to an inner he didn't do it first psychedelic until he was forty you're what thirty years from india cry so it's a similar like i'm your well into your adult life and you your well formed you haven't identity has jack horror story too
jack hair was the goldwater republican like deep into his again thing it was getting divorced amanda many young girl and she turned upon the weed nelson news like hey what the fuck up i've been missing still to this day is still the strongest we'd have proud jack kennedy trained and he was a cool man he was a call me out when he loved did good work so you're had probably would have had an amazing time with what's going on today in terms of to reality and the integration of cell phones and your life and an almost inescapable way yeah i mean it's fun like dvr thing we're just dream and i were just talking about it before we rolled taper ino we we're doing we are like yeah you know we re the nasa aims research centre people were like german linear and were like really am currently airs comes the godfather and he was bringing kind of set up store house in the early nineties an like right
early early can almost eight bit rudimentary v are but it was there so well what'd that's tough look like the kind of looks like i'm being an inside of a tory videogame surreal accelerated lighted a bit kind of clunky block like but with full three dimensionality stop it than did you ever loved duncans oculist the first yea and first version that he had which was kind of like that real car yale pixelate it was similar to that very similar to that young yet a duncan i we went on the show together single gunter universes via our chat show and you noticed his recent and you know it's still the are still kind of in that you know how does not work like the someone have vieira heads and on another location and then you guys both enter the same rooms here in the room together your ear what can actually were in the same room to get rang automatically fancy we happen to be but yeah then all of these people of different had tests on and that everyone has a different avatar and there on a room with you there alone
and we were very cool very good but i like him that one m i think the servers crashed twenty people how many people can support when we may me like a thousand thank you i like to get beyond that you need some preliminary advertising another pretty involve the pretty they may mean to this christian among for some documents like the psychedelic climb it was pretty cool began dino my download fear we were was he was right need loving they really call the i've always thought about him and mckenna mckenna obviously was a big futurists as well and completely fascinated by the though the possibilities and where technology was going out of loved seen those guys today just take this autumn you're amazing right like terence was writing about the connection between scylla simon in virtual reality right means the sub text of not food of the gods but of em
those nations now now was now and which one but it's called her mushrooms virtual reality and you know and he really saw the connection between you know others no accident that the godfather the true visionaries of the silicon valley movement were kind of remnants from the sixty yeah steve jobs are a revival zoning arcane revile that's it got he also terence also had this idea that you would be able to correct create the the empty world in to reality and you'd be able to experience what people see nor on the empty without actually taking the drug he believed that there was gonna come a time when technology was so good and the images that you could create would be so elaborate that you literally could create the dm two images i couldn't believe it
i'm kind of i'm kind of leaning there right now myself you know i mean we kind of again duncan you know what kind of others crackpot idea of taking i ve are into the flotation tank into the floating with this i have in mind that by dissociated the body and kind of get rid of like as you know what's the big deal empty thing is it suggests associate if you just leave joe you exact and you become rife whatever so bite making the vienna mask a headset into the tank maybe combining the two worlds i could i'm still beauchamp i think a good work i think tat is right it sounds like you possible i know crash from the full that he's me the float lab crash has set up where he is develop the screen that has like the lowest amount of light that could be admitted to the point where you dont see the edges of the screen i was literally why you're in the tank its floating above your head had suspended above your head
and you see the image as if it still i just the video just floating in the sky and what he believes that by separate your body from century input like so you not feeling your feet on the ground not feeling the weight of the world and shoulders allege as your floating heap he thinks you could taken data better and so his idea was to show documentaries and no instructional and things along those lines that you would learn quicker that way yea listing right because so much of your brain in like you're the function of the cerebral cortex is to integrate the body yes this movement standing upright you known to that muscular and moving around and get rid of that right and of opens up into can take more in the way i was describe it to people that they haven't used the tank us like a magic if you haven't a conversation but next to you people were screaming if it was an import conversation you'd want to get away for those people screaming because even though you think
is a distraction is just input is data that you have to consider rent in or will you also have to consider your but on this chair though the room the dimensions of your calculating as your move in your head around social cues language all these different things are all being kept related and they require resources or when you are in that tank there's none of that and so your brain feel supercharged feels like you of all these resources have been opened up to you yet i agree and i think you know all of those resources resources that your speaking of those that sort of the things that contribute to this idea of what we call the ego you know and the same thing with psychedelic seen on they formulate the ego and our body being separate oh my god joe your strong i met you know it's all these kind of different things that create this image of who we think we are second alex the tank meditation whatever method you want a pic he gets rid of that the end and purely gets into you know solar there's something else did you hear me john lily oh yeah spam on time
why not you did a lot of work a lot of research research air was in the day in day out a guy ma am he's there for people don't know we're talking about the guy who invented the sensory deprivation tank in you is a pioneer in inter species communication with dolphins fascinating fascinating guide and you know the less twenty years of his life in other ketamine aspect was such a huge part of what he was doing and didn't get to undo it the academy seems to be an addictive the substance look i'm in love john i data through his great he was a good friend my dads and and i certainly wouldn't anything to negative about him but you want over the line manhattan password chinese as time
cormick has a very funny story about you know tom mccormick is don't touch on the first guys get arrested in california for medical marijuana where he was arrested and like the early the late nineties early two thousands and he was one of the first we will find out that when you are late the growing marijuana in california because of the law the medical or the federal government's can still prosecute you and when they prosecute who you are in court you're not allowed to even bring up the term medical marijuana because that's not a real term federally so he had the house railroad here railroaded and went to jail but anyway point being here john lewis he actually still owns john lewis tank and he was with john lilly and john lilly invited him to get in the tank and also todd's about to go on a tank and he says do you wanna do ketamine his eye on stepping into the tank to ease like of of of course
just a little what am i gonna very right so he handsome with a blast of interim muscular ketamine die and then todd starts freaking out he's in the tagging is freaking out so john gets in another tank next to him blast stem cell with canada and imposing visits him god yeah yeah they ve found whatever same fuckin dimension in the ketamine world and it worked yes it work but it's i mean i don't know i've never done kedo means of you you have done it in the tank to work ok what is what happens in their well it's been a while since i've done it the tank and i'm not so sure but again and going to do it again but i m glad i did it god man you read that corruption of what terence writes about ketamine that it some i'm not sure many at exactly right but ketamine is sort of like you got
inside of an office building but its stark and there's nothing in the office yan somethin like that it's vacant tennis or heap it turns out that when you were experiencing like a heavy duty mushroom trip you're not just experiencing your trip but you are experiencing all the different people that has ever done mushrooms together describing that's right is why a lotta people when they take suicide and particularly they get a lot of aztec in and mine imagery that's your coat yet it is damning are every single indigenous culture in accepted eskimos because they couldn't gross but every single indigenous culture told very recently second legs were poor part of their of the methodology of of their tribal rituals you anyway skype acta is it enough enough there do you picked a bad spy bit about the public hearings which fish but you're kidding in the tank though i mean it is on its way
a journey i it's unites kind of like how the best way could explain it is if black if you could see colors within blackness through shade of black if that makes any sense like as its pitch in the tank right in your head is pitch black but somehow you getting sacred geometry and sort of cannon visions and kind of downloads that are in the color black that makes little sense at all yeah i've got me one day the great moments of my life actually wasn t always took ketamine inside the tank and done this tank was right outside my dad's kind of sliding glass window which went out into the lawn and his bedroom open up a hearing in the hollywood hills aunt em i went in or ketamine randall was visiting that day visiting my dad and does the law
some i ever saw each other he died ass my dad touches six month afterwards and i went side the tank the two of them were visiting right outside of the tank hatch you now have the hatch comes out and they didn't know i was inside and i was lost in the scale just completely factor like on my god what am i going to do in the only thing i knew how to do it's like you know get the fuck out the cairo for people nor talk about what people describe the canopy experience when you're just really kind of stock the i am stock lights cannot code red like a jack titty eject button you know so i popped open the hatch gotta and do you know my dad and an rammed assets coming as close as you and i right now are right now and you know i'm but self referential enough to know like a while this is crazy the two of them sitting here right now right it i mean i was stupid alleys naked any trevenna catalan contributing cabinet everyone in it at all complete
silent staring each other and rum dusters leans into me and goes who are you now well and it was kind of like a defining moment in my life journey my life man are you now what kind of my mantra first for life now for that just over twenty years ago why so did you feel like the time that so we did it in the tank glutton four point i did or one of the time after that as a what is it particularly about the k hole like when you when you go into what they call a k hole like i've heard it described by people who are like recreational users i would not i wouldn't call them psycho knots there more like in our people were raves and stuff it's dark man in stark and don't forget it i don't get the cat when in the public rave setting out on does it make sense to me but lit but dumb john love lily right he didn't loved it kedo mania
but why was that his thing like what is it what was his raves about it i mean he just i mean well to understand that relationship is also to understand john little bit in the sense that you know i mean he was a guy who said you know my body as my laboratory rat you know i mean he was one point in gave himself a booby plan you know many was way out there what do you use for the boom in plan i wondered standard ones away i am economy did you give him some one only one or two so he was there were some darkness a fair and did you try to make them look like women's breasts yeah yeah yeah for the patient has significant tibet are now i wanted to have breast implants i think it was my body is my elaborate no it's just that i mean it timing we now why that being gender fluid such a week
talk about that so many think that's really gender fluid ideas one of the things about breast implants it's like was a thief the day everyone knows what the fuck that is theirs is weird sort of suspension of disbelief forward looking at these water bags that are surgically stuffed on your skin and we're just pretending this is like he's your sexual organs plump and and ripe on the vine but it's not it's it's one of the weird things about like being a trip her and deciding to do that is like while you're you're violating lot of like bizarre paradigms yeah but he was also kind of but bending the paradigm in can bending the idea of like you know you can be anything this time around if i if i want to be half woman i could be at home and i can do that i'm a doctor and then we're living in this golden age of being able to morph yourself into whatever the fuck you can imagine kind of thing
i wonder numbers early to with a lot of those guys the trip so much it's like i think at least for practical purposes we would all like to think that you would like to have such a delegation ants and then come back down to earth and be able to make use of that in the real world like it can kind of benefit you in the real world at the idea of it that sort the idea in so why should we import those standards on anybody i mean you can do whatever you want but i think some guys like lily is probably a prime example of people use as a point of reference went so far because like where's the baseline now there's no baseline for how many more he was just so out there he was he was dumb yeah i mean i agree with you and also i mean you know
you use u s like i was a great model but you're a great poster child for psychedelic stir as my dad was he knows you know you well into your adult life and it changed her consciousness in your able to apply it to your work to what you do and you know it's become very fluid and very integrated you don't hide it you're you're public about you can you find a way to integrate it i mean that's the idea spiritual practices in its about integration and think is an important do not hide it and i think it is much more fear of repression actions than actual repercussions you know i think tents mckenna had a great saying he said too many people are doing the man's work for the man tat grace i did really care if you're out doing mushrooms that's not what they're trying to they're trying to stop large scale sales friend and distribution of the schedule on drugs and not trying to stop some dude from doing mushrooms and look what we're seeing with microsoft
valley i mean more and more people are kind of coming out of the closet and anon supposedly what the names that i can have attached to the rumour middle of whose doing my producing silicon valley its huge yeah i mean it's it's really really insane grant it is now and i think as marijuana and is now legal and stayed and it becomes legal and more and more states and hopefully one day it will be released from the schedule one which is so crazy that the de decided to they mean to go to the door this past summer they did and then they decided to pull wayne keep at it schedule one which means that no medical benefit which is a lie and that's especially for two nine hundred down obama for that as much as i parts of upon my room they do admire but that i think was an epic failure in considering you know he just pardoned what a hundred and fifty eight guy it's mostly on non violent drug offenders the two are synonymous yeah it's like
you treated the symptom man that's great i'm glad you release those guys from prison and good for you but treat the fucking disease and that you got and now whereas were stepping into this this dark age i mean i'm calling it a dark age humming mean that's tromp dark a trunk dark age you know it's not good for fruit for these things why don't if it isn't it isn't but what the problem is that when you know something like like if you and i know what the dangerous and what's not like math dangerous dangers marijuana dangerous when when you look at the facts and then you look at all the absolutely proven medical benefits and then you see that their denying the existence of these you're ok while the people that are control of locking be blocked and term in the jail their bunch liars because they're just ignoring science there at nor in the research and that the resources gone back to the nineteenth seventies nixon administration paid for and then ignored butter and now
i think that the bar was even raised right cbs has got thrown into that really recently which register really sneaky thank a c b d much like hemp has zero psychoactive properties it's not doing anything to alter your consciousness in terms of getting you high rent but it does amazing stuff for reducing inflammation for people that of our three it is it's a like oh lifesaver so you know the only thing i can have in this thread is kind of think about about is okay well what is it what's the reason behind this i mean if you kind of isolate big farmer and talk about that and then you know i know the cd industry that big farmers the enemy right but i also after just kind of say that big farmers main goal is to make money you know to create products that make
money doesn't matter what the product is if they told you that you know plastic is going to alleviate cancer they would make a plastic pill but sir what is who is the enemy within this that is making things like see medium like is this just can have left over from kind of baby paranoia kind of narrow consciousness that we can't possibly allow these substances to to fix us too us anymore what is that because there is tremendous profit potential says thing is an alignment i do i want to know where the deaths that products can be controlled like viagra like it's hot it's hard won i viagra organic if you and i wanted to go into the vague or business who would have to find out what the key ingredients are we have to set up a plant manufacturing but what are you going c b d business we just have to gross weed i guess harder all ok there's a big difference between extracting c b d or despair
shelly medical marijuana likening talks we if we talk about just th see right you know what cooking it down to andy former pill form snot harder all right but i would really like glaxo psmith lying conrad do you know but a billion dollars into making the bessie beady pill and putting it on the story of every right off the shelf over righted and kind of get the propaganda out there about you know what it can do propaganda being a good thing getting them getting out there about all of its benefits so what is stopping so they can't copyright the king control not patentable not patent holder its nature as it would be like trying to patent oranges really you can't do it it's not you started a work people are going to be able to grow oranges and when it comes to cd oil anyone in this room can control
marijuana and extract the sea we d from and it's not an incredibly difficult doesn't require massive resources like it would if you're gonna make certain types of alzheimer's medication that would be or parkinson's medication be competing with the sea beady earl those are very different to get and if you can lock down the doctors and make sure that they only prescribe these pharmaceutical drugs that you guys can profit from and you're the only one that can make it then you ve got that business locked to happen both are calculations about all of the different far a suitable drugs that would be useless or would be unnecessary say marijuana was legal and its pre staggering its alone less than its issued and the amount of profit that the people who make those pharmaceutical drugs would lose if marijuana became legal and people to start realizing i k in others and in the other benefits like there's no drugs that are like pharmaceutical drugs that also open you
make your nicer person and making more friendly and communal make me more contemplate of your existence sort of give you a different perspective it's almost on it annabelle without those pharmaceutical does not they didn't have those additional benefits that the pot does that's too bad which is often times whites referred to as a war unconsciousness lighted up it's gotta be me there's absolutely what it is because it's not about drugs because you're so many drugs that are legal emmy come on we cannot say there's or in drugs when we can go by a bottle of whisking at risk of prescription proxy come now but isn't things in siberia and every restaurant goodbye booze writing much every restaurant in and let me look with the ox accountant pedantic has done to america in its decimated its created a whole generation of attics oaths and you know and it's it's the teachers drugs so it's a little that's where unconsciousness yeah else then it's really a war for profit for controlling need
ability to profit offer people altering the caution ask as people than like you said other than people living frozen places where nothing grows even try said alter their consciousness forever a but do you believe i know what you're a conspiracy level kind of meter is but do you believe that lake with all of this said that is still kind of a secret kind of conspiracy government sanctioned funnel allows the illegal drug market to still flourish in some way in order to keep certain you know enforced milan oarsmen order you know maybe skimming off the top of piles of cocaine that are coming from bolivia we want whatever the case may be i mean i don't know what a case study is but you know there are still so many coming in its certainly some to be considered we who are you aware that cia drug plain that crashed the jet that it is it at guantanamo bay a couple of times it crashed in mexico with tons of
ok i never seen that james giving pull that up c i a plane crashes in mexico with tons of cocaine they overloaded their plane and so much talk in london that that day they had to refuel and they tried to land in mexico and mexico's like fuck you hear it is c i a jet crashes with four tons of cocaine on board like i mean where you were years as this is just last month governments against september's sixteenth how i'm as well this is a recent one but it's happened gang at times ok here it is eight years ago saying eight years ago ok the crashed in the middle of the jungle and mexico's yucatan kang four tons of cocoa in the event the aftermath change forever and official narrative of the war on drugs has for years been pushing the notion that there is no significant american involvement in the global drug trade and no american drug lords right well
you know that do you know the berry seal story only a little bit very seals who used to fly drugs in demeanor arkansas from south america it go down south america fly drugs and theirs photos with him with all the cia guys and he'd be party in with noriega down in panama panama and this guy was just bring in coke and the united states and then when he was scheduled testify day fascinated him in his car on the way to cork in it george bush number in his phone in his pocket from my god as he was executed so long as you like well storing over folks go back to sleep everybody you know of course that the rig rots documentary yeah i've bog till you have what it what a story amazing i worry mammy that guy you know a drug king pin and allay selling
drugs essentially to fund the war with the countries in the south and east s room and there are following the product down amazing he was you know making millions of dollars for the u s gun selling coke and you know michael rupert who is a good friend of mine too who killed himself a few just go with also been in the past couple times michael was the guy that exposed that he was a los angeles detective and he was a very thin this moment where michael rupert addressing the court and he he still up in the middle of this all this stuff and in says and exposes this whole deal is like i have personally witnessed the c i a selling drugs in in central los angeles in south central sandals i haven't you met not saving a violent james it's a fucking crazy video watch wide michael rupert
supposes cia selling drugs and courts or white again himself he was depressed had had some pretty soon different depression long time being on the bed police force in all the the the stuff that he had to do the work in trying to expose corruption but listen the desk as go full screening crank up the volume los angeles police narcotics they take it that the agency as a doctor throughout this country for along as these allegations of sea environment drug travellers on c span and this is completely unexpected so when he stood up in front of these people and said that to these yet pulled out and so i get to the top of the sea director john deutsche an now way i refer your play
man it's there what about why what's going on here when we now not about now that there are others who do want here what's going on in this room way tat guy she's ineffective don't you like to hear the agency on orations known as amadeus pegasus and watch tower i have watch tower documents heavily rejected by the agency i was can exposed the cia operations and recruited by cia personnel who attended to recruit me and the late seventys to become involved in protecting agency drunk operations in this country i have been true
get this after eighteen years and i have the evidence my question if he was very specific sir if in the course of the ideas investigations and prejudices work you come across evidence of severely criminal activity and its classified we use that classification to hide the criminal activity or will you tell the american people the truth yeah pretty intense he went through a lot with this and with many things and just decided at one point in time is suffering too much took his own that's it's really intense and in the i try not to the assent coming home in a pretty open minded you know and hopeful guy but with what and of moon again towards with the next administration i just mean about that one of the philippines with that drug yeah that crazy gun policy and what trump called him
you know what when he was president lacked yeah they did they spoke and eat to congratulate him for winning killing people have actually yes and i guess trumps settlement call like that he was gradual shame on this drug policy seems to be working on my guard against this assassinating people too yeah i'm going people his is taught pretty openly about it how is justice astern jesse coming to an end attics users there just killing drug attics that is the best something that happens when you have so many people in one area in the philippines is thousands of islands for people don't know and jammed up with people and think when you have a lot of crime and you have a lot of people you tend to low value those people less and it just becomes a special when you're a dictator when the that guy's a dictator yes yes i mean whether his electorate
is it isn't it what he's doing is barbaric fuckin assassinating people you have value people less just based on kind of economic plan for climate class struggle a class struggle and also just in the sheer volume of them there done then not as valuable growing up their system it's like norway or small population of people think it s just value the people more widely used norway's things now be able to know it to get at them in all scandinavian countries are good did you see the house we live in what is that documentary worn drugs documentary ninety also that yes it did was that about five years ago we are but for five years ago in some way those things i can't ember their so many of them now it's a real good one in a basically like a comes up that the final hypothesis is that the war on drugs it's a class war you know originally we thought it was a race war and it still partially true you know that and what's the guy i am
hu the first drugs are from the forty and fifty some forgetting its name addle sinner whatever but who you know who is he turned marijuana hysteria in the air a mexican hysteria that they were bringing it and this is in the thirties enforcing created refer madness thin heroin was kind of pushed into the ghetto and it on the requests harry answer yes again and then crack brunt the ghetto and stuff math sort of becomes the exception because math is primarily a white trailer park sort of trashy kind of thing you no how will you must have nine hours as though with a political group but i am true though it's true and in so we kind of what we do have a class struggle leaving them nasa class ass she was well gauges happens became and yet but i'd like poor people who we get into the math porky disenfranchised disenfranchise
ized unspoilt unheard of yeah now think this defiling and who could say that that the war on drugs is a class war it's all but it's also like where can extract the money workin they get the money while the d a hasta to have to keep people employed he now undermining he people employed to justify their jobs where the justify their job is to continue making arrests and show that you need to make a resident should have to have laws in place it is why you know that prison guards will will lobby to make sure that marijuana stays illegal and other drugs strictly enforced at the policies are strictly enforced so then continued keeping their jobs were right absolutely but when we still like what abandoning obama administration he did the he took the crack cocaine versus powder cocaine in other than discrepancies from twice to one and he got it down to whatever it is eight to wonders i think over decades the last thing you don't science young drug it's the same drought but its cue its purely based on parsimony cnn now and i met is jessica i mean that they mean
clearly now unite as we have seen it and as the rhetoric that's been going on the last year during the election cycle too much bigger problem than we thought it was i mean i always knew we always knew that this was a problem some class and stuff but now straight out on the table all the chips and blackened pino everybody's you know one of these i feel its troubling this election is that a lot of racists like my friend alonzo boden at a great quote he said not all trump supporters are racist but all racist or transporters that's it that's that the dome arkwright about republicans what he said not all republicans are racist belarus or other such true though racist democrats that's too bad in terrible quote about mean i mean maybe there was racist voted for hillary shore but it's true
about its more fun than it is real was a quote but its just it seems like they're out in the public now there the open i seen somebody videos of people that are trump supporters that are using the fact that trumps in office now like to say a bunch of real really gusting racist shit to go crazy and they come and got a whole pass you know that's wait that's a good will put the armenians like obviously i know people as you do who voted for trump sadly i do but whatever you know and not all trump supporters are uneducated racist sort of whatever yes i'm going abroad for economics some people do it for the economic thing but the fact that they gave those other people a whole pass take like that just to sway yeah troubling really trouble while it is
it's going to be interesting to see this jeff sessions guy what he decides to do cuz the attorney general act that god is coming in that we say about him attorney general act like a president went some so here is a staunch marijuana hater peas plugin dyed in the wool marijuana for bad people kind of guy he asked gotta get that guy high so we have to do now is partly eighty and it's not too late get em schema will hit don't fuck em up scheme a little and just a little too with you come on do but you'll be fine relax let's go see the grass look up time look different clouds you're willing to that way it's a thin layer of gas it separates us senate
what's your favorite music do you like pink floyd i think europe oddities headphones on do you like the beatles i'm sure you like to be alright rwanda might not merely one of those weird john ashcroft guys trillion gospel musicale argument that drawn after a song the eta flies when it let the girl saw both she's never sword before i think he was one of the scariest guys at ever attained any sort of officer had any sort of power to ashcroft you remember what what state was from missouri may be i think mr missouri i don't know he lost the elections for the governorship to a dead man sitting yes that's almost tripled in like that the dead guy beat him and then bush a pocket do you know what a unilateral put coverings over the naked stat jazz covered up the boobs and mad rotunda in us so disturbed by their naked so we survive that barely
me we're onto award still go on because that asshole and the other assholes or in that administration to mean that administration was a dark dark moment of despair alleged weapons of mass destruction than ever existed all of it now trumpet talking their car over again not to decay he's tardy had chinese fuckin put on darth vader mask again done the witnesses i won't say rest in peace carry fisher yeah tart down right to fuck man sixty she's only sixty two cheers drug problem did she have enough all problem not current estonia was it was a pill thing by poles and coke and but yes she was i think she was sober and as i understand the problem is the dash those goddamned thing don't they duty cardiovascular system
so devastating where she lived hard she lived hard and i think suffered a lot of physical problems as a result the cells stay on and george mitchell eichel fifty three thousand sadder but you guess that he went out no wave dicks tsunami of powers is exhausted orgies somehow philip he squeezed in a lot of life and fifty three years i think i think you did too i'm no pun intended hour by hour by more about it in exactly george you have it with guys like that i often wonder you know with being a songwriter or like i hit maker is it is it better i have had you one head or a few heads and then completely fade away not that he fitted wasted security maybe he's not a good example or not have it at all because i think george did kind of carry with him that like he
no longer current sort of thing yeah that's how we're thing were summoned to not famous anymore the kind of a joke whereas your regular persons are joke like here's any apple you remember when gary coleman was a security guard for he had no idea how to get a job and it was a real problem because gary coleman was just trying to do his job and just trying to get paid we can eat you know just trying to feed himself like all the rest of us and people would come up dimity pictures them a mock em and they would use him as a joke but don't use a regular security guards a joke if you see a railway security guard liquids our man i don't know i'm gonna go does building right here who see your idea cool everything's fine you don't say you're a fucking clarity guard look to grant but because he used to be something greater you know the nether so poor eric alma lose a security guard yet that's for travelling in it
a kind of early plays into the whole idea of fame and perversion and american the things that we hold dear the asset are valuable to us kind of the american that disillusion of american values here which i think that's the rise of trumped me its values thing i and a guy gimme a hard time once about not that fear fact of being cancelled and he was a fuckin a cash here at sea the yes he was working at sea yes he's i would have been to show and i said is cancelled no more shower like like all added in my dude shows go pair they do they glow i'm gonna get cancelled real issues like we had a good run me but he was like whose being aggressive about it it was like so weird like what are just bizarre tat from from real you working if see the dude give me a hard time of it being a sea vs guy but if i was the guy from fear factor and then i was a cbs
how bout you shit on me that i'm just come in as a guy violence and coughed drops that's right like what a weird thing that we have this this need to when someone attains a very high status and then falls off of that what we think we think they're down we one of attack it's like an animal but in your case passing the rapid d ya mean little he knew how proud i know that i had a stanhope career that i was doing the you have seen the huge just like all your forgiveness and know how was your show it's crazy accident all aggressive guy did dentists specific purpose so blatantly was confusing or maybe it parked yeah and in the idea of like in winning you got a wise man like with that but whatever from saying that right something that's then something that's really disturbing is that now that winning thank god wind gonna win and not this lack of pursuing he's mark and seventy man
a lot of time left brow if your super lucky you got twenty summers left if your soup lucky if everything goes great and he's not that out in the years fat fat his chin does has like every sloping lab of skin loosely attached to his neck that goes down those collarbone me doesn't look like hell seven year old i don't think so either sylvester stallone is older than him that's a good piece of work and i got an impulse power sean konrad on both of a math above than habit whole idea it's just that destruction of sort of like the things that we have instilled as being an important like you could have a winning temperament eminent america win again why is at the most important sort of attribute for someone to attain to what does even mean win and it's so attached like a financial thing right back what kind of value system is that like there are other ways to port unquote win in december to be tied to money but
problem is it becomes attractive you know see someone who has slipped back hair and a private jet and he takes a photo with his expensive shoes on as private jet and its honest instagram and then is that all stuff becomes very true then people aspire to that and then you know you get that gordon gecko greed is good yet gave you re greatest good but also like that level of aspiration first of all its pretty much not attainable i mean mozart annabelle yap one what to private jack rich i mean that as some people can do at the outset i want to present of the one percent of riots and i mean that level you like that who are following that though those people an integral and uninstall grandma you know what you're grounded dagenham ok grandpa fuckin fins and anti graham on that of a series of tubes gun right the facebook but me you're trying but put
you're gonna climb mountain you wanna climb everest if you want to be the gordon gecko guy you want private jet and slipped back here and there but never ends never never ends but that's what you know where and when you see the really really really rich guys who are still smashing and just everyday trying to attain new and we always assume they achieve enlightenment muslim idea that well he's got fifth billion dollars why doesn't he just retired they never fucking retire to read steve jobs last words of yours read that now i sent you might want to bring the logjam it's really really fucking cool it's like he's it's it's his last whatever me maybe not the last word he said to his wife or something but it's kind of his last cohesive thought was like lookin you know many people the world means completely successful in and i've achieved so much in business but you know my personal life and everything was lacking so he was just caught sort of common clean about the imbalance and what kind of coming clean about you know the levels of discontent in the path of the heart
the soul the path of the spirit guess he was essentially a spiritual dine with the matter haters practitioner resigned and enter in on him they bobbin all sorts of things but he got to so wrapped up in those vicious sort of cycle of having to produce product product product an apple essentially and in his words you know he made into it was a product company and that's how we defined not even an idea company was a product company him and products are based on having to have them does a version of the product over and over and over again and he just got wrapped up in lhasa soul is an interesting net like bill job bill gates and steve jobs like the two competitors that we always thought of a bill gates was thought to be the business guy who's the cold hard and he was
in a lot of ways shore back in the day but if you look at him in his older years he became very charitable involved in a bunch of humanitarian efforts and does a lot of amazing work and is using his substantial wealth fur a good and doesn't work anymore just is done that is all just doing humanitarian work in helping people which is kind of beautiful and he became you know that different guys he got older he became wiser and became much more involved in doing good and trying to help us in trying to use that immense amount of money that he acquired rights being a ruthless so business castor but doing it for good which is kind of really fascinating than he decides hamlet stepped back here i'm gonna set sat back and think well what i'm doing what what's really for me in this last stage of life that sir that's karma yoga come on you guys you know about that
you know the saga of the path of the saddam in india like traditionally the path of the saudi in a kind of historically entered recently at some you know the saudi grows up is born in india and is raised into education then become a householder how older meaning getting married and has kids works has career provides for the gods and men in the last third of his life becomes a saudi drops all of it walks away kids are grown up out of the house can leaves of his wife which is kind of it it's calmer for her burma for her button kind of a concept no shoes annoying menu
one of the few they want to leave any viruses and shared niece i know we have to meditate shopping online but then he takes off and it becomes a wandering mendicant in india and that's the path of this i do it's gonna broken into different phases i don't know that's the right way to do it either i don't know but it is fascinating is an interesting it's an interesting way of of of looking at it that ok you have achieved a lot you ve accumulated le and now i can go be of service while be innocent this is always a great idea the site is a really into hash right is not the big thing their children's you could smaller depends what what lineage you belong dr solve some of them in the naga lovers and in the common alone in a lab out of sight with a wild meat is amazing how when people discuss religion if this can discuss hindu his or the seeks or any any leave various strains of of of religions that are inexorably connected like adele
the second dogs are rarely discussed you know i mean you go and you read like the v minors or freedom any of the ancient hindu text so many references to so much so many references to what is obviously some sort of psychoactive substances but when people talk about like hinduism and it doesnt hardly ever comes up he talk about yo ease and yet it is hardly ever comes up in the modern sort of take on it because there have been other kind of a revival within hinduism kind of an orthodox version of it which as you know in toxic and free sort of that kind of a modern revival within the hinder tradition vienna so they have kind of poor set aside but yeah i mean you know a bang is the ets it's like a year the powdery pot thing that you just can if you know you swallow some of it yet how does it what is that
made with its you take like the leaves and young grind up the leaves until a fine powder then there's some kind of cooking process and then but within just a leaves the shake all the scraps is enough and you can extract that he hc in someone cooking process you make into a fine powder and just throw it down throw it down and it gets you pretty pretty toasty yeah yeah i know it there also into the crystals and they take the crystals and mash em up and sort of make like canada hash out of that the scrape flooded teach see crystals of thought is called an only talk here oh yeah about all that i'm sorry i don't know she sort of waxy type jazz they take that but i mean again back to the original threat of arc station is like every tradition yeah i'm kind of sacrifice on my in altering sacrament native textile all these different i mean they look them in the
had to be they they obviously we are aware of these substances have they found these substances there was no science back then there was no real understanding of what's going on the world no real understanding of your body but there was these this access to the stuff here she knows things are grown on a couch it if you take you will meet god right and then people did it and did meet god now i call you shut your telling the truth like there is like everybody want like if you think about religions if you think about stories that people tell the wise men and their eggs they experienced the burning bush and god gives them the ten commandments and all these different things that happen there all busy sort of beautiful stories but your everyday life experiences so flat and fuck boring and then you do take
if things go well this is just going to be just like everything else is flat and boring and bullshit you take take those mushrooms at you pluck off that oh shit knolls lunch nah it's exposed to you in some grand way and in your whole life because about worshipping nat mean that they cannot always argued that the all the ancient cattle worshipping religions and care worshipping civilizations ngos to talk tall he'll can these really old old cultures that that's what was all about that these people had found now that cows grow mushrooms on their shit and that they they were enabled rancho between the they thought it was coming the cows body the cow would shit i didn't understand spores so thought was ins the cow and it will grow in the shed and that was your your portal to god
be rarely here that disgust me always here discussing terms like an agricultural resource that's why they worship the car and you know that not just makes me think goes back to that and you know i'm someone of spam or very spiritual person and have a practice knowledge can stuff but like that just prince of the question to me sake did we invent god as a result of those experiences coming like to sicily good chris ryan things if he was here you know like him hunter gatherer kind of tribal you know when we just starting starting to learn to depict our experiences and talk about our experiences in creating like an oral history and sort of like the first kind of existential dilemmas and which many say came from second like awareness fear back in those days so is that what led to the creation of god and you know to me it doesn't make a difference being a believer gotta at i don't really care if it's real or myth or not does it works for me by
it does bank another suggestion mad it doesn't have a doesn't matter if it puts you to believe in that it benefits you people ask me that all the time like oh my god you we believe in flying monkeys and a blue guy applying a flu in the fields same flying monkeys people talk and shit i've seen joke you're giving me a finger their spinning and geometric patterns that were infinite i've seen a lot of shit that's way more ridiculous than a guy with a harp and only have you seen it and have i seen it but i can tell everybody listen i got to see tat they could see you can see it if you have the courage and the substance as you can see it s you can and it works on everybody except i think cd empty apparently doesn't work on everybody there's like one out of a thousand where it like literally doesn't do shit jamie doesn't get high office edibles this fuckin threeg over here
you give jamie like a super powerful edible barely does a goddamn thing to network like involve hundred milligrams before a concert and drove home to two months you ve got the edibles today in my he's a freak damn alien work in controls over there i mean for the first time in my life i feel like finally like an old hippy oh my god edibles when i was a kid i like that today and knowledge it's insane these virtually this jumbo spray i took ten heads of this reform maybe twelve of forget for sam harris podcast i was i was like i was stealing down hill straight with i wasn't ashen but i was figure i'd have barely stay up the entire conversation like what the fuck am i i was so high
this problem is highs i've ever been in my life was at the last summer's per annum is a perfect guy to be that baked with because our to do this wine them up and say thing and he's so eloquent than he could just continue to go on these amazing raisins bob with what he sang so you have a good question he is but i am that's all due respect to same and i do think you're smarter than me in terms of iq but i do think it uses had intelligence to kind of can a shock dr yellow about shrunken jive how so well i'm not like i mean he's so smart and articulate and brown obviously brilliant and i've mad respect for him but i just don't think is right about i'll stick islam for example mynors as so many things but i mean my islam in a sort of way
that is the right to sort of flake prepare for violence and kind of self defence i don't really agree with that philosophy and i just i don't agree with it because i think a you ages rights the consciousness into your head to where you are going to have to use it on jestingly up like the idea that self defence and preparing for something sets up the stage to me something happened different van say getting in there in the octagon and that may stuff and you know what that is near a competition conditions in le you think like maybe a guy walks around with like a guy a knife and i think it would prove ass i think it invites the consciousness into into into the atmosphere and encourage the energetic cycle of having to use that sam gonna throw out those statistics that well it's about the same on as having a car crashes as you are going to experience kind of act of violence in your life
where you will need to learn how to do something soft offenders and i just i don't maybe you can throughout that mass to me and i think it depends uncertain socioeconomic conditions but i just don't think that's true i just don't want that consciousness in my life and i don't think we should we needed dissolve that consciousness why certainly think you're free to not have those thoughts in your head and choose to take the path of love and acceptance and just passivity and move through this life but the reality of human beings is like i've been unfortunately watching some videos online i watch this video today of a guy taking some lady downstairs for no reason he was behind her and in their looking out for their trying to find him in the uk of photos of em but he just she was walk in front of them don't on the stairs new walked behind her and just just a random person kicker down this flight of stairs just horribly injured and i've seen a bunch
those and things do happen you can run into the wrong people yes they do they do have you not steven pinker nuttall dangerous toy around you know what are you so things happen and look around the world today and fell upon the news in its highly disturbing but we are living in the most what time amazing time of our of our existence you know if you were thirty year old man in the year fifteen hundred your most the highest cause of death was not disease or infection it was an act of violence right you were going risk raping and pillaging and you just had to defend your food supply for angola and we i've come to us some kind of understanding some kind of collective consciousness that has more itself together in the form of cooperation we have to shoot em they're so many of us now and it's getting more of us than it's getting smaller we have to cooperate i agree with but what do you do with those guys they kick women down flights of stairs i tat you i mean
i guess there is some sort of former fun you know i guess punish we do have a we live in a society where long order is may be a necessary evil and i aren't you know enough sure there's some kind of like incarceration but ultimately you know got to love them they got to come at compassion for them and you got to just teach them with compassion that they're action was wrong don't kick lately on this day here's what you should do that and i love you and it's gonna be ok people right now are up in arms you want a kick your ass that's cause a bearing a right now nebraska falconer be second timidly give our european policy is judged sea bass united in different you know it's a beautiful thought it is it's gone there is there some people that you can run into though unfortunately you're better off it's like that expression about having a gun you better
having it not needing it the needy at not having it i dont so i get it i get and i underline the argument to know about that guy who was listening numb i think minnesota is so run around stabbing people and then guy who was concealed carry permit holder pull those gun shot the guy and kill them and it was one of those things are people point you ok this guy was a competition shoot sealed carry per many save people's lives can this guy was killing you much people the up at those case studies compared to the case studies that goal i don't i what know what they are i dont have the metrics up but i bet there what ten to one twenty two one sure it's it's it's easier to get a gun just just to go and get a gun that it is to become a competitive shooter like who that guy was was the rarest of the rare so it is not this continent with a firearm but an expert level areas man who shot crossroads mall terraces u s p as a
competitor three gun shooter yes this guy ass bad ass gun carrier that's fine but that is the rarest x ray i'm positive of lebanon real right john silver the real can happen so he was right so his thought was one day if i am carrying a gun i'll be able to save people's lives that's that's that's fine and i am protect myself okay i get that but the hundreds of others that go along that are just somehow there's the showing rupaul's in the system of crazy people get guns and go to sandy hook and it's it's it's it is not worth and those are illegally acquired that's that's a gun there was acquired by a person who is mentally ill and parents didn't protect the guns yeah that's that's a different story but yeah you're right i just think that though sk versus reward is doesn't it's just far too unbalanced bullets definitely
the ability to shoot someone and kill someone by pulling that little tiny muslin your fingers kind of crazy what meaning that they ve been amount of power that you have in doing so it it's a glitch in the mail me i hate using matrix analogies but it is it's a glitch in the matrix man and adjust it plays in to kind of every fallacy if the human condition you know one of sites like why how did we let that happen how did we get so easy to take someone else's life so what d you say if i may exact leary to present a united states does the does zack harry say no more military desire clearly say whitman police officers can have guns we all need love our biggest their guns taken away reality how do you deal with everything yemen i mean it's not something that you can just do it yet you can just do overnight i'm i'm not you know naive enough for you know stone enough for meditate enough to think that that is they will she had hymen rethinking viper
different in there and there is already three hundred million guns in america i think there's more i think there are more guns in american there are human beings and here's was crazy it's not like we're like well we're good we'd fuckin megan guns like crazy the other what as we're sitting here the trunk drink junk junk by eight machines are the turn out then but yes if zactly rubik becomes president i knowed highly unpopular people get pissed at me but which we stop the sale of all and unless you have a very specific can you can style hunting exceptions do eat meat i do you do i for a while but i do again why'd you start again i got sick not from ninety to meet i just em at this terrible flew and it was this really really sank into slight you know not a cold minos like terrible flew and all i could think about with someone just how much worse off your priorities are as they are
and i felt better and i never back while eat everything burgers everything de i can do do you eat factory farms food by really really really really try not to but you do i do i mean and say that i don't know but i don't i mean in the most dire emergency i give you super hungry super hungry you know where his aren't you die you know i and after its can about a loosening the airport the god damn airport yemeni airport and i'm just like him whenever i let's get the airport way too early because i just like being in their prudently elected being that it's like a new so between there and here and does however olive hanging on the airport and they get there i'm hungry and endless i give in dies the fuck up the airport on time blueberry muffins chalk croissants those my shit
yeah i'm sucker for the agnes often does it get out badly those good they taste good outside the worst thing in the world for you quite honestly known itself the ham event factory farm he had sent working the wealthy but mcdonald's its yeah is the devil but what am i gonna do i did the best i can really do yeah it's a weird world well a lot of regions would disagree with that their say will you deftly not doing the best you can if you're out there a bag of extra assent the best cannot serve fair for enough god that means and i argue a lot but do that the area have against a argue about on the social media well the amendment and it's weird because china philosophically i'm on their site i'm with yours off if they belong in practice i just two
and feel i'm i'm not quite ready for that now have two main i'm just not i am i am i am but what i argue with him about ism in it's a good sick constant social media argument is that we are omnivores we are we definitely on the war we eat butts around us we always have this away you gonna cruelty free me but there's no other way there's not away where you could have cruelty free mass consumption that the real problem is cities you know you know you unless you have a co op where you guys grow in your own way going what was the second part sorry at an end and incentives so that you can eat cruelty free but you can't what am i gonna mask consumption like environment like seven million people living in manhattan well good luck getting cruelty free meat to all seven million people conspiracy inside that area you know it's just you have to bring it in what we ve done over the last hundred and five years is move completely away from agriculture in any sid
he's an and drive things in trucks have you ever seen some of the old models of what they were the way to win their planning cities like in the early eighteen hundreds when they were designing new york and a couple other cities they had set up air is for agriculture areas for you know livestock and they had them in cities and so then they did we have this notion that we have now that everything would be driven in and trucks today and one slash two trucks so when they had only had cities in the one thousand seven hundred and later there is no way to get all that food to millions and millions of peoples they literally how to grow stuff in cities yes which is way better way to do it yet and michael polynesia revenue for studies on the horse to libya is great is also getting into second alex now pretty cool that just recently yeah he's doing some really interesting was a wonderful person of popped him and major died on our parliamentary nature climb in touch with them and can airport gets with a more that's great figure it out but am
yeah i mean his whole kind of you know any on reinforced lemon some of those other books like the the biggest problem with our food supplies that we have lost our connection to how food got their up until a hundred hundred maybe hundred twin at the turn of the century the nineteenth and twentieth century every by he had a relationship with their food they knew you went to the protests per and it didn't come on the shelf in a box when you know you had you knew where it was sourced and you it was kind and if you ask me you saw the bloody and used to saw like even if you didn't kill and slaughter butcher it use you knew you know wasn't this repackage thing that comes from magic the bacon very you know right and that that's our parliament food comes michelle i think this is a giant disconnect wit and it's it's so many people the problem is like they used to that a few people are disconnected and most people are connected and now it's completely turned on its head and when you have twenty
people los angeles and what percentage of the twenty million people in los angeles acquire their own food for he's a growing plants are hunting there like no one's now almost like zero point one one one whatever it is crazy when you consider that its an essential part of being a person is consuming food but there's there's also in this beautiful feeling that you get and in the end this is guns have his feelings well when you grow your own food and grow up like food in a garden and you picked you're salad and mills greyhound up your cucumbers like this all came from the ground right out there but there was a really interesting article was written by a vague and that was essentially saying there are no vegetarians and the only way is like it is actually impossible to be a vegetarian not not meaning that it's impossible for you to live and eat vegetables but those very the bulls need dead animals in order to be alive
animals are consumed by plants and that is why fertilizers all about whether or not it's the fertilizer wishes to poop now now there's a lot of it is actual decaying matter and minorities be healthy in particular what we're doing most of them you know about fritz harbour denote the harbor method as donor in during world war one there is a german scientists named fritz harbour and came up with the harbor method of extracting nitrogen from the air most people think of the air is oxygen random airs seventy eight percent i think nitrogen and you can extract that niger and from the air and use it as fertilizer and so because of fritz harbour they i have been able to extract of nitrogen and use it to fertilize plants because before they use like i'm also five fish and in our dead fish was like a big one like dead fish and fish bones things like science because
that is when it decays and breaks down that is the food for these plants okay so what were the reason why the visions oppose this in the sense that land where opposing learner ok now just i think it's just what he wrote the guy who wrote it was a vacant but essentially we saying that there is a massive cycle life and even pointed to michael poems work because parliament has in about d merging science of sentient plant life in that he believes that what's going on with plants is very similar to what going on with like maybe our understanding of a lot of different things is like as our understanding expands we have to sort of reclassify what we think those things are like for the longest time they thought that fish couldn't feel pain
and there was an argument about fish can feel pain and now they're saying we pursue they can we will we have a different understanding of what pain is to them it might be a different sensation but there's very clearly some alarm that are going off shore is very clearly some sort of a reaction that that scene can we point out for plants mike plants not only do they have a reaction but plants when you play the sound of caterpillars chewing leaves certain plans like the acacia tree has the ability when he hears leaves me chewed it changes the taste of the leaves extract some sort of a chemical well and that that chemical does something to the taste the plants that makes them so inevitable that some animals have starved to death because up wind there
animals that were chewing plants that sound came down wind through either smell or some sort of a communication thing it's going on with them i ceiling and with the root structure and the plants down where had changed their taste and the animals would need them anymore they were starving wow that's fine man that just gonna makes me think like what's gonna be the next sort of like legal movement may be some kind of iowa oscars ceremony in the middle of like of a garden nor like an agricultural thing where we're just were listening for the and trying to make what's my he's because what we have to make peace with that everything need everything else in order to make it worse i think it's a us suffering and respect thing right in and then you we have to consider if play answer sentient lifeforms how fucked up is it to have these gigantic law
scale agricultural set ups where you are you are completely unnaturally changing the landscape in order to grow corn or in order to grow let us or strawberries like it is not normal like it's not normal to have seven thousand acres of corn like in corn all in a neat row that you could see from space amidst and is destroying the soil yeah it's completely just doing this but like with this idea having you said respect in pain can getting into that idea like do you think in my opinion is results may very intimate so sharp but if everybody had the data and saw the doubt about factory farming for instance that would change in thus act accordingly and not eat that shed any more deadly not nobody on people and give a final i think some people's don't fuck and those gordon gecko type due to the slick back here that i like fuck it i'm here to win jimmy
i jumped i mean i've thought about myself i mean i've seen every one of those movies everett every book in general i haven't i may muffin from time to time and with what is wrong with me like is something i my sociopath easily led because it's easy to do if if somebody said all your hungry why don't you shoot that pig in the head and of a leg and thrown on the smoker all men you would have a real issue billy gonna want to do that all cable once you pull those beats out of the ground but if you put on these headphones you can hear the beat screw parents my god mean i don't know i don't know i don't think anybody knows they there's something about plausible deniability that kind of hard wired into us in all aspects of our life not just food but war and politics and what a money greed and oil in everything that's what it takes to get oil to this i'm a country everything that goes on to fill up our car you know i mean my closet
in our abilities definite way to look at it the extreme ability to detach ourselves from the consequences of our actions because convenient in the moment attorney inconvenience the moment just by that quarter pound or cheese not think about it that its ground animal burger right out and united something it costs me too yeah and you get away from that which is kind of crazy mean it really is amazing if it wasn't connected to such horrific crimes against nature it's amazing mailing that you guess go somewhat incredible system they have developed an hour a food just what you know that the economic factors for how convenience equals pleasure equals like an economic value that is usually low how that has all sort of work together to kind of create this the system that we're living in now and we have this again is plausible dinah deniability cup
hardwired thing to ignore it at walmart the great example i mean you know that this would have just disenfranchising middle of the country you know when they did lose their jobs in that area of the other countries decimated they all shopper omar and that's that's that's part of what the part of what the problem is my ass cheap inconvenient you're still going and it's like well what's it going to be you know a horse with arduous things this is our really recent right now this is all from the industrial revolution on zalm this last couple hundred years of civilization where we sort of entered into this wage existence where people are living this way and buying this horrible fuckin factory produced an even more real and i mean yes it all can be traced back to post industrial pollution stuff but even just like the mass of hyper cons can consumerism that's only really take
off since the mid nineties yeah there's a cooler movie i'll call the minimalist i mean after awhile like a kind of uniting got it and i didn't finish the whole thing but the first hours fascinating about these guys they wrote a book the minimalist and about you know they were all can corporate ladder kind of american successful guys and just consuming consuming buying from buying sri lanka than oleson they just kind of had there can a big kind of cliched awakening like oh my god maybe i'll need all this shit but the data that they present from what's happened in the mid nineties on sort of as a result of of the internet boom with instant gratification one click shopping and dissociation of dress the accumulation of stuff and we live in we live in bigger house now than we ve ever lived square foot a trot wise they ve never been so big before
and yet you know they ve put all these heat maps on they did the study where they put heat maps on these homes to see where people are living in the homes hanging out and like the average family unlike their huge kind of mc mansion or something only is like forty percent of the house the am accents and also has a self storage unit to go with it somewhere outside unites us this with endless can relationship we have with its i watched orders here in europe diesel hardly were bought two houses next to his house because he had so much shit because he had to move the shit to other houses it was fucking crazy quarters is normally this is a weird horta because it was a guy lots of money but who else at the wasn't like a horror like some poor person that was going no yard sales and by use closed and putting them in bags in their house and stack up the ceiling with newspapers stuff the guy who had all these collectibles and he was a neurosurgeon
really interesting yes he lives in vegas in wanted to be known for his collapse me crazy stuff like he had their wits into he had a lot of space memorabilia like you a scale model of one of the challengers or though when a space shuttles rather we had one of the test nor modules that buzz aldrin and neil armstrong apparently had used in testing and in preparation apollo missions and hit a bunch of crazy shit all this house block three missus phillips stuff the courtyard and all around us poor state up with shit man said so in the ets as some members need to sort of like pacify our existence here i just as we can
evolve in kind of grow into the future too seems like so few people can truly be comfortable in their own skin and just be in being present and be comfortable in content contentedness were constantly inventing new ways to escape to dissociate to take get out of the moment what do you think that is what do you think is so compelling to us about the constant humiliation europe possessions and miss hold greed is good sort of mentality and moving up the club the latter without any sort of appreciation or acceptance in the fact that where these finite lifeforms clinging to a spinning orb hurling through infinity those inevitable and innocent bubble realities in the meanwhile we will look at them every day we look up in that it is undeniable that you are looking up my sleeve your house and get your car give infinity above your head and you don't look at it and then what what's going on with us i think gum
you were born does this thing that we can have created this constructive that we call society were autumn radically born into a bad hand and i think it's it's completely bogus your dealt a bad hand at birth it doesn't even matter if you're born into privilege i'm sure that's great if you're born into privilege versus the slums and one by does doing the ads definite i mean of course i'm not gonna be all in beverly hills a much way better than liberia the mean syria would only convertible did you dont way better than someone in zaire with no c mon no question but like you know your dealt this hand of lake you know being alive it was hard man you know you you're born you're gonna go into this building from ages what when you go to school it just for said about right something gotta preschool for gonna garden is five afraid sick from four
two hundred and eighteen you're going to go into this big cement building to be taught be certain subjects in this certain order and then you can leave at semental then go to another one that's even more expensive and then you're gonna leave that you're gonna get some kind of employment thing which exists pretty from ninety five for most people unless your fortune and are clever enough to kind of exist outside of that framework and create your own reality but most people gonna work some kind of structured life and i just i think it's hard i think it's hard to be alive it definitely well it's not harder than ever been it's easier that has ever been right in its it's more safe there has ever been c mon ma more access to information than ever before yes but you know i think it is in some aspects a tartar because well enough if that's true because back in olden times you don't have to i kind of compete against each other for survival
but i think it could be argued that its harder because this com stint sort of you now onslaught of media and comparing ourselves to each other and to feel in secure if you don't look like that if you dont want like this if you don't have that something's wrong with you if you can afford to buy that you're not doing well we're fucked man if you can afford to buy that if you don't look like that oh my god i'm sorry nobody's ever gonna wanna fuck you that's really sad i wanna fuck did i don't have the stuff that's awful it has the stuff you gotta have all stuff in a terrible thing to say to teach our children you know well so i think it's hard to be alive it is in a sense its rather tricky in its also i think we are being raised by babies i really do think very well i haven't children and i cannot i kind of get it now in the sense that before children need to think of people is being sort of static obviously i was younger and when you spoke
when you're real young when you're like twenty or something like that you don't really taken it generation that the people around you used to be your age kind of know it in abstract sort of a sense but once you actually have a baby and then like five years later the babies talking to you and you haven't conversations you like all your fucking learning shit now and in ten years later that babies in high school i called jesus christ you're almost a man and then you realize that all we are all babies who had babies man you raise those babies and then they become adults and have babies of their own but no duranno grownups it's bullshit it doesn't exist like when you are and you're san diego one day and will be a grown up and all gonna make sense but it never that they never comes you you get older but you're a baby still just an old baby an old baby with a car and fuckin credit card dead you have a baby and then that
it grows up warm part of my daddy's a fuckin idiot like my dad did no shade the internet so funny and you know i think that's and i'm not the first to say it but that's such a huge sang with trump he acts like a seven year old yeah what does a seven year old do like you get your monk rogan you know i regret the fact that third euralia birds is fuckin name one every these have i got it on its socks and is underwear on the band prices tromp my tromp underwear he received from hotel yes it in new york and you know that the toilet paper like the little sticker they manon trumpets sing but on the time toiler i what is called the trump hotel if you go the renaissance it says renaissance but it's much much more ironic the trouble is where you nor has it that guy's name whose alive now happens to be president were an end he said
it's about it's a symbol of quality around the world ever that you see that bernhard trump card but i think it's bullshit i think he's just a seven year old who likes to write it nay mama was shit while the evidence in is in how tweets to people you know and i get mad and tweets about shit in response to people and argues that people meet you treat item no now i not tweeted hardly tweeted anybody you don't get intervention are dell i don't want to i deftly don't get into like those cat tweet back also internet i should think i've got an older and had some good experiences and bad parents is online i realise that you can like you're talking about like you out in you seek bad things you have this in your mind that you're going to go out and eat you're going to be attacked so i'm going god i'm gonna have a knife from unaware bullet perverse in all these different things you can also see
negative interaction online you can go look for it when you find it you could react to it and that begets more of it and i think that you're far better off just choose people you interact with an actual real life and then when i look at things online i'm just observing very rarely interact if i do and sent a very friendly and limit myself almost entirely to friendly interactions and raising its negative adjust stairway worth it does nothing to be gained if you get an insult war with somebody and to make them feel bad like do would you get out of that unless it's funny would you get out of that unless it's and cheek and i was having a good were an and also you know you can do one hundred and forty characters is absolutely ridiculous relax it's insane yank get into a meaningful thoughtful debate and a hundred forty character now pino seek it out that they seek these debates and they asked you like what they think are hard hitting questions what growth
involved in this matter and forty character thing like it's i decide the reason why i asked me some done concerning the kind of tweet it between a trumpet little bennett study what does he say just kind of lacking shit like tweets at a monument to be that the minister of you know ever got whom we got we gotta find some of their they're kind of funding but because i think trump sometimes he does smart we re entering these leaning sweets every destroy doubt he gets in there i guarantee you get in there you see that the debate that he had back and forth with john stewart oh you of course those alcohol there and i'm gonna do is put it into his act now so funny tweets one thirty in the morning little john stewart as a pussy and would be hopeless ended
with me like india imagine let me kindly actually did that as the gathers the president now so so greatly about minutes has so much about the personality of someone i'm i'm i dont get toward a worthless at an early tweet on that much again facebook courts do you yeah of course i do i'm just a hardly impulsive about it horribly impulsive to a fall they go kind of stuff you again but you're saying you have issues with vague and then when you get into a emanistic there's some vague and stuff i'm law the politics of the election cycle and and i am you know little quick on the trigger too like because you know with online so in social media just push a button and quality morons rather does far too quickly for taking a breath stepping back ngo my mission call your more and that's probably not the best debate tactic but as you know benefit a net benefit if you make them feel bad that there are more on and you get your rocks off in some way and i've done it absolutely gap in the past but i try very hard not engage their kind thinking anymore because i don't think all it does not
it also when you get into conflict with people negative conflict create these centres of attention and those conflict become these centres of attention and ultimately nothing happens in them they just sort of distract you like little vortex bullshit and i think in as i've gone older and a start of analyze and my own life and and happiness and productivity and when my most creative is what i'm not engaging in any of that are you the least i am involved in the negativity in conflicts and debates in going back and forth trying to make people feel bad not stupid shit the people wrapped up in you fuckin idiot in all a costume stuff the hour least i do that the more it it frees up my resources freeze up my mind and i dont have this like i think the time is getting on flat account to conflict with someone it creates like this negative centre this like this this vortex it's like we
weird area in your mind in your consciousness or that conflict exists on a shelf just stinking up the joint i think the least amount of those that you have in your consciousness in your library of of memories the better off you are i attended i tend to agree with that and i tend to feel that light especially in its first some money let of and mike ah that's hyper hypocritical to unite somebody online over their political beliefs for sure being a spiritual person but at the same time like especially now within the last year this is a highly charged debate cycle and i was not convinced that you know how how possum how could a cognitive lee kind of a human being justify voting for donald trump like it doesn't make sense to me
but one evolve justify voting for hilary either i can make that kenya absolutely do we think that there is a lot of issues involved with hillary clinton for absolutely hilary said in the wikileaks documents that she was against marijuana legal essential legalization in every sense of the word i'm i'm not the protein around i shall i mean there's a lot of things you can bring up i'm not a clinton flag waving kind of guy but you know compare during the too you know and unlike the however you look like so to me hillary clinton was just status quo but isn't the status quo fuck and annually the status quo is better than negative right this is going to be negative progress and visit negative how certain that is going to be negative progress absolutely certainly mean the supreme court alone
i mean you know you'll get ginsburg may the fatal flaw if not retiring sooner so i mean she's a hundred eighty years old so our area is our he vacancy their little she honour violence man saying i'm not gonna make it and you know so trump one term could presumably have three appointees right and that is negative progress so you know that he was a democrat foremost i now but he's not now man i mean look steve ban in the ceo of acts on the ceo of carl's junior
ben carson and being the hut guy what is i mean it's it's just its absolute insanity yes i didn't make ben cards carson the attorney general or rather that certain surgeon general me why wouldn't have involved something medical him he began talented nero serious he was the african american guy who grew up in the projects man so he should run huh how that with the argument that that was it he knows more about medicine right die as a beg you to if i can put it collects per annum actually good at that yeah vulcan amazing news like one of the top neurosurgeons in the world right so you go from the project's african american guy grew up out of there so you must know about housing and urban development so it's it's a complete sanity to me and it is taking to three steps backwards only silver lining that you can we from it and it is not a good thing too it is that there is
is kind of a collective actions allegation of solidarity kind of like hey you know we need to rise up at her shit their figure out how to articulate the opposite version and perhaps defeat this later on down the line and that's cool people are waking up and there is great conversations happening why think there's and i've been flow that always exists in cultures in others a push laughed and push right and we try this freight years and then we go thou every eight years in some of its productive and some words very negative but even the negative ultimate lease it it it fosters resistance and that resistance is often times positive and in even in resistance there is alive of understanding the consequences of negativity that may be wasn't really appreciate in while you had like a progressive democratic office but then in others things at obama did that people are incredibly upset with in terms of whistle blowing in so blowers were supposed to be like cherish
and he was gonna help him knows are part of the hope and change website when he was running for president is was and then of course he's been one of the worst people in terms of freedom of press in terms of whistle lois been one of the worst administrations ever guantanamo never closed drones drone ladrone worse all this stuff that there's absolutely there's some there's no about it but you know with sort of either the ebb and flow of progress there's no progress you know and in this instance of miss context it's just how many people are gonna get hurt as a result of it that's like that's what i don't like that's why it's not the lack of perspective that i think we have collective is a culture the lack of mean what you were talking about about these people living there lies solely intent and acquiring matter real possessions and status and all the nonsense that goes with it how much of that
can be attributed to the relative lack of exposure to psychedelic collectively that we have of emu looked at if you looked at the entire there are three hundred million but you know they do that red mapping see how many people republicans and how to feed our democratic looks like looks like the whole hundred it looks like the one that avatar people getting but i'm not the sort of those like grant splattered but when you when you look at that if you had a similar map in terms of like how many people have had what i would consider it break through psychedelic experience i know some people have done mushrooms and they did a little bit and they felt good and no big deal i i had done quite a few things before my first real dm t trip in the first real real dm t trip was like ok everything else is bullshit like this autumn this is so awesome and so my going and just knowing that that's a real
ace than anyone can get to its relatively easy not only that this is not a i shall material this is immaterial that exists and thousands of different plants all over you everywhere you go like every book on the street you'll find a fuckin hundred different kinds of plants it of the indian so with the deity experience to me was i would say like i would really like to different people under the pre de empty person in the post the empty person like real similar talk the same but the the person the experiences there so vastly different than the i was exposed to a whole new infinity area of the spectrum that i didn't just it before i watch rented in this very small area i thought there was like birth and death and love and sex and beer and you know movies and what all things enjoyed i didn't even know that was real how many people
there are like that you deserve a million of us i mean as are even israel two million i mean how many people out of three hundred and whatever million people in the country have had breakthrough psychedelic experiences how many people that they say did lsd in the sixties too good question to change the culture i don't know what the members but the mean he doesn't arrive probably tell if it was prior responsible for forty or fifty percent right what was number it was in this is to me this is a fascinating case study for us to look at is you know sixties in the millions and millions of people dead some kind of psychedelic writer then into a second look at least they smoked grass and put on certain pepper at the very least and yeah great things were born out of that i mean an argument could be made that of the sixties didn't happen and flourish and become what it became that you and i wouldn't be some right now being able to talk about what we're talking about
i think that's a very good argument i think you're right but here we are today sixteen and donald trump was elected president so last time we had a global kind of consciousness shift that was massive and really shook us all up you know i don't know not enough happened so it's like what's gonna take next time ok so let's let's get you know let us say get ten percent of the country to turn on and for me i kind of i'm a little bit more elastic with it and i think that can also be you know meditation shore are our full attention and we need the lonely flotation tat not so her knowledge robotic breathing whatever the method isn't as important to me anymore but likes it get ten to twenty percent of the people to do that sick three six million people whatever it is you know then you know what what is it going to change or we can integrate and wheat or time of this couple hours ago saying the integration part i think perhaps that's what we lost in the sixties
we were so hung up on the veil getting pierced and in my dad's one of the best quotas in order to understand the sixties you must understand the fifties right what a change in the fifties which as you know very lock and step and white picket fence two point five children car you know soon tie how short there is no variation and we burst that bubble but even the integration level all just wasn't wasn't media enough you know still we elected richard nixon in nineteen sixty eight and granted robert kennedy was shot but still you know and here we are fifty years later and look what we're doing so you know it is great to turn on and i love people turning on and i think it's fantastic and it's a great thing to talk about it like you are in its you know you have a huge megaphone and getting people to do that what are they going to do different that's what i'm more concern they're going to consider their life in a different way and i think that yet out in many people
maybe maybe not all of us but in many people that change the direction of the path that you're on it changes the way communicate with people changes your understanding of each other your understanding of the connections that we have with each other yes i think there's a giant chunk of people that are what you'd call influencers in this country whether it sam politicians or ceos large corporations are gasters bombing i was gonna say people that haven't had this experience ok these these influences that live in those very flat plain of existence of acquiring material possessions get near dicks are doing a lot of coke driving dilemma all the different shit that a lot of people i look forward to like ultimately might not really be important were important in my feel important in the moment you know and as ego gratification sort of way but without that ego
bolivia rating experience to put it all into perspective you might not understand that that state of mine is even achievable the undeniable go shattering experience of like a severe mushroom trip or at the empty a trip in any aiding along those lines is so an official in that it gives you that momentary break from the ego and from this month the momentum of the race that you might not really want to be in mean there's a lot of people are doing things they fucking hate already long just in order to acquire share that didn't really neat yemen and that's what i was like the point was trying to make earlier is like this hand that your deltas bunk because europe like so many people are trapped in that thing of light doing something they hate by but do they have to be sounds like they think they have to be right they think they have to be that's what i'm talking about they think they have to be but no they don't they can break free they can first the veil they can go into the empty trapper gunnar flotation take and break free and going on
you have the choice even just by quitting some fuckin shitty job and doing something you love caper why dont more people do that they're scared is that what is two percent yet people are very to change fraid of the unknown they're afraid of uncertainty there afraid of failure for sure if you offer them some really convenient stupid job is absolutely gonna stay therefore them or hey man take a chance open the potter's i'm a go broke the more terrified of failure b i mean i think you're right but i also think there's a level of that that's also can like graduate school in the sense that maybe a lot of people are just addicted to being pacified that lawiya you know get my three hours of television that nine nine get mine just thirty even considering that notion of what you're talking about spit beyond the realm will you excuse me plugin uncle in other expression the comfort zone is beautiful that nothing grows there it's a great site that's nice through comfortable it's beautiful
relax but young get better at anything you'll get better life you don't you don't grow and were scared of uncertainty we we want to survive and want to starve to death we now want to be a failure we dont want to be guy that you know used to be tv analogies security guard you down and all those things that like the fear of not being successful man of stifling it it's so is just when you say that it is a medium just her good my in my own life and all the failures i've had the fuck ups fallen flat on my face in a many many many times but like the getting back up it's like that's where the workers that's where the network awakening is i mean it wasn't like herrings us going quickly in no wise and this is my life as rolling out the red carpet and i turned honour something happened and i ve known touched the face of enlightened
no it's because i fell in the dirt new techniques rex and shit happens and you and you the grist to the mill was round us would say and you know you have that pressed for the mill that makes it so much juice year in falling funding office is essential this essential you can apply that same sort of thinking to our higher civilization and i think right now we might skinned our knees who might have fallen on face who might again face down in the mud my god fuck i think i've got it get up and realise that we fucked it up went on we'll see how bad we fucked it up and who knows because with things about having an outsider in this what i think is an impossibly corrupt unfixed oh foundation filled with bull shit which is what i think are our societies built on which our special interest groups corporate greed or lobbyists
sir all the chaos private prisons and fuck and the war on drugs all the chaos that i think any rational person it's not acted too in any sort of awayward you're making profit offer woodwork agree i this isn't it same way for an enlightened society to behave and act it's broken right on fixable noticed just bull shit right that the awareness of that is more and more exposed to day but a online in conversations and more people are more aware of that than any time in human history but i feel like we're like a giant battleship takes a lot in turn that fucker a lot of a lot of thinking action it takes a long time for that they actually spin around here that's all that's right in the first reading of the first step in that is like the acknowledgement that risk inerneys or maybe fault fell flat face down into the monitor something in his acknowledgement that that is the case that solution
mario were in and which is why i'm always so frustrated in that like you know the general narrative for the general rhetoric is pushing politics is you know the wrong conversations always being had nobody is talking about the right shit we are treating the symptoms we never treat the disease where does treating the flu when you know blogger notes constantly and never ever acknowledging the disease you don't burn like us bernie sanders touched on acknowledging the disease he was the first guy what really in a long time to make it that far and acknowledge the disease we are at risk of becoming an oligarchy at the top one percent that is rolling the country he may be the first ever right i mean if you really something about it like you got that close to the democratic nomination mcgovern yeah but i mean i think and in all older older time strain on the nineteenth century there is kind of you know hence this that this could happen break
if people m insinuating ahead industrial revolution and carnegie these in the melons and rockefellers like watch out this rise could get dangerous eyes and our warned of the military industrial complex and he was republican and there was a creepy speech right there creepy speech but fascinating at the same time yes oh but bernie took it he did talk about the disease which was fantastic so it is out there that you know that we have these fundamental problems until you fix the fundamental problem nothing else is gonna get better which is essentially taking them out of the game yeah right well that's why do you think it's fast fixable i disagree with you in that but i do think the machines is fixed houses ex above their money on out that's on flexible as runs out of earning hang and take them have you read em republic lost the lawrence lesson book now got a real man fascinating where's our arms or watch stays twenty minute ted talk you can get the hoboken it was his solution get rid of lobbyists
that's easy or southern die no i know i know some of my tromp is actually working to do that were assembled like hilary is not like he's already good in a bunch of regulations to make sure that people cannot become lobbyists within a certain amount of time after leaving all after leaving office but he also has like you know the prison elect offices crawling at the same time it's crawling with lobbyists the owners i mean i'm not transporter but i'm not i'm not i'm not vince that having this complete outsider whose also guardsmen feeding this machine with money in making these massive political contribution so he understands the system and how it works not not completely i'm not completely denying the possibility that he might present some good thing is drawing up a job i do believe in the outsider thing i love that and that's great that's a great part of a major vernon would have been fastened it yeah it would have been found what it cost me a shitload of money but i would have been willing to take that would allow
to see it i want to see what the fuck what happened is that guy doesn't give a shit and he's not you can't buy him man you can't buy him you got gotta watch this this lawrence less attack it's a few years old now but it really just a kind of ripped apart and puts everything on on white boardman into a like a keynote presentation about even though you know most well intentioned politicians who are great mr smith goes to washington kind of shit just great people who go in there at the best of intentions you know some point you know than their end up spending twenty five percent of their time in sight of the fog bank the democratic the dmz fog bank begging people money brian i know they do that and its across the street from the capital so it's not too far and in a just in an escalates and it's a snowball disco more and rang and then just becomes even the best into a lot of money out of politics then you have only people with money who get into politics because they have so much money they don't need anybody else's my hence donald trump yeah
but i mean if you did it like you know the first of all if you did like the uk as short in the election season you know first we got that's a great first step you can't make it eighteen months it's insane and the amount of monterrey team sport its go on forever we get a route route raw i've got debates ones greater knowledge season yeah man and great television before their read in their fuckin blue and amerika great again answer but the amount of money that it takes to play that guy now running what was he making per day of hamas megawatt already i bet millions he's like a grand a day or selling something stupid as though bad as us do look it adds do they know it's only good design takes only made at the mall it also has a job to say bobby loves jesse finally allow me make a great again right had i'd ladders on the man on the floor can i go on working
and you know what that means you know i mean the energies whilst i donno mean america's never been greater in terms of like bit safer more access to medicine more access to information more access to education that's never been better now but like you know are the right our education rankings you know it's sort of in the world send him in a world where were used to play see now that they're your typical high school graduate graduate in the year like one thousand nine hundred and sixty you know it's like regions brand ranked number one and global maths science right lena vasquez arrest the worlds in the stone age and we were were the only civilization i think i think we were we judge darted civilization back then known knew about it yet and they are caught on we got fat off twinkies in the mall walmart poisoned us and then this shit from frank the definite got into the war i don't know man i think i'm a turn everyone i'm fine i'm fine with that
pessimism and some forms but i'm an optimist and others and when i am optimistic about is that people care and that this this world that we live in that this is a like whenever is crying after trumped got elected and party was like what is so preposterous likewise crying but the pardon me was like that is when things get done when you have outpouring of emotion and then people you like most people marching down wilshire and i'm just fuckin huge line of people like hundred thousand people that shut down walter and his people filming it withdrawals from overheads wow that's a crazy response this guy winning the presidency and the people were like hoping electors you know the electoral college people wooden elect down when they were they were on their fuck you it's not gonna happen like yeah you're playing a game he won the game and you can't you can't take it way from after we won the game like you didn't she won the game so this
the game and is now the game works who move about russia listen this is the game is how the game works i dig out wisest game place why do have this fucking goofy gave one of his representative government why do why do we continue this you know if we can slowly moved out battleship and towards a more rational plays yeah yeah and it does come from a consciousness if that's the first up always from a consciousness shift i think pot i think legal real gateway i really do a really do that it comes people down makes people nicer i think just that alone it's like the opposite of what alcohol does better listen it's definitely does increasingly aggression or sean finance it doesnt increase confidence at odds the opposite for me it makes me that's why don't smoke more vulnerable you don't smoke it like it like away something changed me i did when i was when i was a teenager like love
it now i'm a dead head and that was my life but you know i take it now it's just paranoia massive and also the confidence thing it does not bring out my best they will make me feel like if i would be smoked and we did this outcast did you break out looming on land peseta rogan sound like an idiot duncan told me i would be like that i just eight does not bring up my best to how long goes assess which when did it happen to you quite awhile i mean i'm forty three it means more than fifteen years so that's when you start smoking fifteen years i stopped yesterday i'm still three can now because of yesterday's but yeah yeah but about that so what do you do anything these days now
psychedelic need not really no i dont but i'm the i keep my place and in my heart for by psychedelic experience should arise again united between english muffin between like agri muffins you know yeah i mean i'm i'm open to that should the opportunity arise i'm i'm down for it i mean but the psychedelic thing i just dumb yeah i mean i am open to it i just i kind of did kind of hit the alan wants worn away like you know the unwatched thing about him you i got a phone call emanate learn to hang up the phone what is our one thing has our the quote goes something like um i got the phone call and then i kind of learned to hang up the phone i didn't need to stay on the phone relating to sexual i say and i say so you got the message he got the message to continually get the message over over and over and over again mckenna think was in that boat to before his death
so saying he talked a lot about it but he really wasn't doing anything anymore oh really i didn't know that smart alot apart though did smugglers because i always remembered terence you know the thing that struck people have as reputability for that reason but i mean tighter five thousand fuckin mushroom trips where jesus christ i mean i've done ass at what two hundred times or something you could probably in a legally in saying right i'll thing i think like is a certain amount of acid trips you do where these two if the eu is being legally in saying well maybe i do get a mile from the government brow much public fifty bucks the third if i'm gonna cheese you just ran around saying that i broke my brain and disabled i did you not out there system i use typhus that's really funding and i had on their minds me i used to have them pretty serious hard drug problem to which a hard drugs yet which i i've done which
once heroin and crack and am gotten through it the need or the smartest norton smoking smoking needles needles yes stayed away from that but you know made it through and i m m how'd you get on that i get on pain yet some injuries no pain no trial promotional panda emotional suffering pain lost aimless wandering the world aimless not knowing what to do analysis escape was there when somebody introduced me to it about that period in time and it just was like oh wow you know heroin has the great ability of fun and it's really seductive and really fucked up of making you think that europe if it's ok when you're in the gutter it has that sort of that that had just kind of but bubble it puts over you who can be literally living in an alley way high and heroin thinking you gotta go in on why
it's really weird and perverse like that what time in my life i'm young and my dad just died and you know when he died what with it what went with it was kind of my life up until i was twenty two up until that point like my life was in that bubble you know he was a larger than life he was famous girls came with that work came with that scene came with that friends came with that and when he died that just and when girl i want to ban you because you are of course hilary son garcia reeling ban and i worked out for well sweet ten you put on like a guru attitude like i've got it all going on ladies at times at that stage in my life now it was a disaster and i try to do that now that turkish overnight good story minces really funny night you're talking about soliciting the government from money for being an acid casualty which is a good idea but i
really high and crack once and just kind of on a bender does losing my mind and crack and i thought in the middle of the night and be a really good idea to join the cia and that they will want me me specifically being linked to mirrors kit they want me because i have access to shit that they want access to write like i can since i was a more an iron crack and i downloaded i felt that the forum on my guide i gotta do you got that deep i spent hours on its really long complex it out the whole clandestine oiling the cia printed out centred new sales entered in the mail and now you're in them is here and there with anderson cooper anywhere for sienna while here and there and never heard back but it was never never never laugh and bade us laughed and through the carpet but it was really funny it's kind of a great delusional i am drugs wow so what'd you think that you are going to do now operative
i do you fix it from the inside with crack something like that why something crazy you know just as what crackhead does it how did you get a crack in the heroin reactors recovery oh you want twelve stay up or narcotics in like most of work for me how does now is that why those things you have to continue we visit they have to constantly have meetings in south west you know i'm kind of no i'm kind of i know in a way as a card carrying members aware i'm coming up the best card carrying member of it and i break from tradition in a little bit in that like i don't know not a zealot short maybe yeah maybe you do but for me i just happen to like it i just
joy it whether or not i have to go in all my god i'm gonna die if i dont nominate a bag in the gutter if i don't i believe this law hysteria with that it's kind of like the party line which sometimes bothers me grandfathers alot of people yeah sort of disempower meant disempowered i don't believe that to any with any tradition are uneasy i call my god if you leave us shuts can hit the fan many something about a lot destructive things you live in your younger than you don't do now there while i don't need a twelve step programme to tell me not to do stupid shit yeah i just know it stupid shit inside on doing anymore but the idea you not learnt potentially fall into that is what they hold of you yeah but it's not that simple like oh my god i know heroin is can we count me some knows it and just can stop doing rights not that rational sadly i wish it was thus rationally difference was the disconnect disconnect is that in order to i'm done wilson was really a groundbreaking do
he was also an acid head which is really kind of crazy bill wilson being the guy who founded alcoholics an automated answered what five times it will in any also thought that ass it could be a viable treatment methods because people that are alcoholics greater more complete we ignore today his thoughts and ideas about that completely ignored while people in every because they think that known now you do don't get get clean by taking something out state yeah and i before him do you know that this sort of got popular before the documentaries came out and all that about exposing though wilson i used to blow we know a member's minds with that decide to do not you and yet correspondence with with my dad when it was at harvard sherry day that's really interesting these letters are fantastic them and done yet he called it the great ego sublimate her and thought it could be the solution for alcoholism and he did not changes sobriety did you know which is
highly controversial sobriety day propriety date like when he said he got sober he stole when he died he said he had whatever forty eight years sober but what is still do an acid why he had stopped doing acid by rhino typically you know in in a world if you do ass a better you start over each day one star day one but overladen hidden i looked at ass it has been completely differently then in toxic can't like i'll call it was a narrow psycho tropic therapeutic agent solely referred but i think that is what it is and i think this blanket statement drugs yeah i work drugs seconds the it applies to many things are due to many different things that's all it's like food doing now it's bad for you know no foods are bad for you well this foods bad for you ok it is but like salad good for you like that food too and that's the problem of drugs drugs the word drugs applies to things that are highly beneficial that's all
it just dinner in in a land i get why they mean to tell you that that company line but isn't i'm i do get it because again disempowering in a way is because its retreating everybody as if you are the weakest possible the oxen look man i'm not i'm not disagree with you at all but i'm just saying i d get it because it does work right that's i can say about a man don't disagree i'm kind of wishy washy about it but it works i have a hard line i have some people's lives who you just what you know that the doll drums that you know the disan for i mean left for dead get their life saved and have really great protective amazing lives today and it's a real they beautiful cool thing to see this outside you where we have to come to the relay that everyone's different biological yes that that's why that that's the point everybody's why differently there is no one size fits all thing and now what we say
with i begin treatment that map sister my gun so so cool really really promising and so i just encroach everybody to find their own diamond find our own path and kind of make what works for you you know there's no peace cried method for spiritual awakening learn lifesaving life changing you know you just have to balance so little yard what does your lifelike would you would you do with your time when i get my money to a few things in my life is can be split into two thing my have my packaged right that call again it's all happening it's all happened yet and it s so i do that i'm actually starting another pod just a moment be hosting the maps podcast aurelia other tools of some maps eastern and help him get off the ground hosted start that i saw it
i can do that i can speak festivals and can teach us some special staff and kind of do that right i've been working on the book but the other half my life i'm kind of before i add my own little spiritual awakening i was a technology consulting in the branding consultant then worked in digital marketing and at a lot of adage and see some stuff and move kind of a nine to five corporate life which i've ditched but i'm i supposed to keep some clients that's going to be do you think we're gonna fuck that's interesting so like what what what does entail any
thing that is if you know of a brand or an entity or a film or music client anybody wants to come to mean serve define their internet strategy how they want to behave online you know whether let's just something as mundane as having a new website to coming up with a complete communication message about how they want to market through their thing so i can't do that to play to divide my i'm sorry fifty fifty between my stuff in and other peoples in one as those maps broadcast live january on that's cool so you you'll buy just by having that name attached to it you really get pretty amazing guests male we'd love you do of course i'll do it remain yes to sign up to seven fast so yeah two thousand seventeen folks tat she had gone down i keep as a man like a very beautiful
man well let people know what's your twitter handle exact leering zack wearier go to my website secular outcome and the podcast called it's all happening is it available on itunes everywhere jog cats stuff here with thanks man commanding surrounded me my creative thank you very much that clearly lays german thank you everybody we'll be back tomorrow with the great gregg fits and also known as great fruit simmons ceja fucks you ever body for tunisia to the show thank you too caveman coffee gonna caveman coffee c o dot com use a code word rogan and you will save ten percent off any other awesome coffee not just coffee they have this new nitrogen aided hibiscus t it is fuckin awesome i drink that shit everyday its yummy good for
zero caffeine zero calories zero grams of sugar to taste good it's just a nice nice flavour to thank you donald duck i'm gonna go in and i to use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements see doesn't actors and see allegedly i never saw anybody say unreliable you jerk round about it say unseen does it matter to morrow to morrow tomorrow gregg fitzsimons what am i best friends are commonly one of my long as friends and tommy a guy that other bodies with since we were open microbes good bows love em the day and he had a drive around went home last night michael howard
drive home creates a good guy that's it so they'll be tomorrow should have a good time and were we gotta play some pool to maybe lives dream and if we can see if we could set that up in our new place when we set up a new place which fuck man hollywood is just shut down between thanksgiving in january first you'll get a fucking god damn thing done so what's you first rules around and all the other talking answer back an hour of cuba we will get to work on trying to move this machine to another more productive facility where we can get more shit done and in that a couple ideas and one of those ideas and want to set up thing workin bring people into play
cool with them and talk some shit while playing pool and broadcast it just for fun see if it's worth having should be fun if not fuck it going to keep doing it who gives a shit all right so that's it for today and i hope because enjoy the show and we'll be back tomorrow with the great and powerful and hilarious greg gregg by
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