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2016-12-28 | 🔗
Greg Fitzsimmons is a writer and stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast "FitzDog Radio" available on iTunes.
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the job will gain experience we are going to hold hands are no towns where you do i'll go with you i'm gonna go no cancer for animal gazes fitzsimons she can act man let's mind now i think you might not war with those things are really some weird way now you're any his head i just hate my voice i sound like a woman you doubling sound woman whenever i call for like tech support out though led me through the fur she steps and i'll be like our aid and then i had to leave now be like no mammal he do is and then it's like it's too far into it for me to correct them because it feels to i'm too embarrassed to correctly with that point so then i just can't just let him assume i'm alone for the rest they call it
we're because then you see would have liked to be treated like a woman like he talks e i find that they too down to you more like you but tech support forget i gotta go they treat you like you're a baby now is this screen blue jake you it allows why why is there a difference in like tech stuff like that your men more attractive to text of aren't aren't we more mathematical than women it's a weird thing say i mean is right unless i and a great all right i would say men are much more mathematical to women but i'm not mathematical even slightly so am i a woman you just said that king went abroad checked i read fucking chick lip my fuckin skirt
i wish i was a man they made right now women get it made her so well because you know there's this sort of like postmodern feminism coming back where you know with the sweet the lean in another why can a women really they really are going to start getting i think they're still make it like eighty cents on the dollar do know that's all bullshit i've heard you say that before i wanted to correct to out it's not true it's not sancho now you know what that means when they say women make eighty cents a door it means overall women may eighty cents compared to the dollar that men make but rather for the same jobs right when women and men are make making the same when the doing the same job that that the problem that statistic
is it leads you to believe that a man and woman are working alongside each other brian the exact same amount of work the same hours but the woman makes less south case in the same way as a lot of executives it's been did that have been found out to be but i know a couple that we'd better executives they were doing the same job leading the sales team in making less money perhaps perhaps a few exceptions but for the most part when talk about overall jobs i gets its preach statistically proven right at like lawyers doctors like whatever the fuck the job is when their work in side by side is very little disparity beer very little podcast thing women take time off for work time off work for maternity leave course gray their babies but though they tend to work long hours meant to be more ambitious more driven work more hours and they get paid more because of the mia that's what it is
why those weird ones where you're everybody says it even fuckin obama said though the wage gap the income gap like what what what you mean like the wise saying that they act as you're you're talking about about as if there's some sort of discrimination when in fact there is a natural tendency that a lot of women have to choose different jobs like stars like nursing like overwhelmingly with predominantly say if you take the total amount women make versus the total amount manmade that's where the aided sensibly but it's the job choices you're saying exactly job choices men are much more likely to die on the job many men are much more likely to take high paying high risk jobs like mining things on those lines here so that's what that is what does weird ones where you repeated a lot of people repeat it and they think it's right there the men and women working alongside each other making the same amount of money via the other thing about executives is
and this is something that no one wants to say because it sounds access but it might be that the men are earning more money i get my not just be that their me he more money might be their actual performance on executive is better isn't it tar entirely possible it is possible but i can also see like if i hired a man a woman i would hey the woman less just because you know manner did you better looking them around more women are gross how dare you periods who like literary fury why would i pay somebody who's bleeding on the job as it is a man of users i'm glad i never have i ever workforce
everybody again but he got one guy get it you got a few people work and for her yeah but their guys call guys sexy i've got your good looking guy james naballo can do you play sports would you play that high school by basque offer for years he asked me for three here you gotta lotta pussy i bet really when you lost your virginity seventeen slow slowly uptake there something choose wisely how old real sixty the eighteen like all sixteen maybe older woman i bet now i got molested by a girl when i was thirteen and she was twenty one yeah but nothing really happened it was one those weird ones lectures grandma dare clouds are confused i made out whether about our or how are you doing here no shit so confused idea had puberty yet i mean i guess i asked
thirteen wendy puberty added headed so i was eating after me i wasn't beating off at the time i actually had sex before off no share that that's an accomplishment well i was just i didn't once i've figured out beating off the oslo oh i'm a slave yeah i got a slave to getting rid of this com be up oh now and then i realized like once i beat off i was like why can do this myself and then i'm i'm not so fuckin needy and weird i remember the first time as dana's girl the first time i beat off and then like anyone collar here i got her like to know being he attic i realized like oh i wasn't so much that i was attracted to her was another wasn't a tractor wasn't that i enjoyed being around her i want to have sex with her and then once
sex is taken out once a point get where the load i was like i don't really want to be around her this is just some biological trick like my body tricking me into want to be nearer and hang around whether here we're because teenage boys and girls have solid little and calm and after all you care about is sports laughing now try to get fucked up will you really do that but like we did and then and girls at that age or just extremely social beings there very much about there social circle damn you know it's there publishing whose in the group issues like i'm just toby by my daughter is like this and i think that they're much more like in line with what schools telling you to do you know they tend to do better in school because there a little bit more linear and nay they there self motivated more than boys weird we just ridges distracted too much
think what boys also have a serious problem of authority to tee i'm telling you what to do you automatically don't want to do it this is a natural inclination and people right once was down get scared legal doubt can blow at my face as legal problem that totally i got a hold of second hand i the green room the communist era the other night huh we share that was like there was a cigar going joint going runway doesn't play people joint yesterday we killed a joint now joint pull out one of those very panzas big gigantic robot dick plants here like jesus raw that way it is illegal aliens we lord she's got a cigar dawn he brought it brings its own tequila keziah zone to kill accompanying nellie does it as he does so its number one two kilos tequila so he brings is bought to kill it's really good killer and then brings cups back their handed
shots is brings cups back their handed out shots of his tequila runway goddamn walk part he's a walking part i drove a home the other night because he doesn't drink you drive and if you wish i admire because the vague he goes you wanna just dry driving home in my truck and then taken over back in any of your car and drive home like yeah does not have any i got you want a ride home it s like a cigarette ali by ali my truck here as well so he gets in my prayers which immediately he gives me she had for the entire way you can barely fit in it and i and weak we get we have gone down sunset area go down this way some driver also we hit beverly glenn and unlike where's your ass he goes where are we gonna fuckin like air sounded and so like now go back we go back all the way to the comedy store and start from
i start from scratch take a right down there and then i'm going down fuckin can in or somethin uneasily i you went too far like how the i know i was going too far with far what was the spot i can't i can't make a lapse of those years make a left i'm late my wife is gonna be why don't ask me over ten thirty i'm like look i'm not going to fuck into the middle of beverly hills where you get ticketed for fuck in in your nose i'm not they can be legal areas like i'll make the left a member gonna fuckin left so i go faster double back and then i get yet to his place and his places of hotel yeah did you talk about design you show yeah what i went online is personal allow he deftly areas said the name of the hotel but he he had water problem and phase out about that right he d spent like i think more than two years building this house he tell me five years
yeah he's a lot it and then they have to get the plans approved and then the building yeah so it was a total process of about five years right so i did but i think it was to solid years than building this house right so he goes out of town and a water fawcett broke and the whole house from the top floor flooded all the way down to the bottom so the walls have fuckin fungus and mould in them and it's a complete area have you ever had that happened neighbours have oil fungus remould issue year we did and it wasn't lethal we got to test it was a mould and my wife very sensitive to its ass she was getting all kinds of like allergies from it and they came in and testing is fuckin expensive was just you know it's just a leaky pipe under the house and you notes of in venice so it's it's kind of moisture there and they just be an early date shaved it out that there were no big deal what if it's the wrong kind of mauled i mean it can cause fuckin like your brain
and go crazy remember that time like this guy member tom we ass we work very nice guy great guy tom i guess charge your dad says he's crazy was a whip mount wednesday that there is no denying that i had one open anthony headway about wednesday right i tom had flash friday and where a thriving ghana highway the road and you show your tipsy two eyes and they call in and then you know been anthony got mad because they thought tat tom like stole the idea am michaelis boys insists tat the more tits come out about it don't stop encouraging people's epic what are you doing every rainwater the country should have a day where women shared it adds a mean it should be just a part of what people do i was due living you know bubble lifespan draw down in their tap that dude his fucking out there as we know because his work
had sex with all co gonna lose a videotape over going around which he basically got a web it's a website to get shut down because her fucking phone did because of that law suit yeah from baba was it wait who did the lawsuit bubble hall cooked it halted so i go down above his place it's so weird because tampa is a fuckin eerie mystical place anyway and so they put me up to get a radio and were gone when down these like back roads through swamps and shit and we pass a girl scout the camp and i'm an all sudden bears this long driveway it's like a picture occupation like the arm and brothers must be making a new item at the end of this route is fuckin rat did shaq and you go back to any go in and though i guards is baba's place and there's a a midget on a couch in the waiting room any pissed he had passed the couch
got drunk on the show so drunk pity that he p this outcome studious they put a man on the oh my god and he was angry like use angry at me and i like dude i died i have no idea you situation i just god damn next and so i walk in and every these drinkin past blue ribbons like seven o clock in the morning every pabst have stood ribbons and aid they give me this joint to smoke with which i didn't expect it to be strong it i was i was wrong leaped out of my mind so i go into the studio and burma has it twelve gauge israeli hand gun which is fuckin monster but at shot gun hand gun some like that positive shoes to twelve gauge shot gun he said it was twelve gauge maybe i got it wrong but its huge oh gets huge paul's it out and he's like i found you started googling
how did you say hey siri in now it's doing an arm to put it out is acknowledged its cool like well then why did your entire staff just fuckin run out of the studio and i'm the only one in here and i'm stoned and seven o clock in the morning he's wave and it around and then he starts taken cos laws because he sent he sends his van out they called the hand job the hand job van and they put up to office buildings and they entice guys to get in the van with his hooker who gives them and jobs live on the radio are they go to work and that goes on and then a car comes from a guy who's rob a bank in michigan i guess the show syndicates to michigan and so he's talking this guy out of robbing a bank the guy was from for real oh my god and
and so in this all goes on i mean this went on for like two and a half hours and then all of a sudden edges and did i walked out i felt like i felt like what and in training day ethan hawk you know after he'd just trapped in been led through this god let of and i go back ever time i it i didn't wants whose fun here is good dude i they did though the morning radio thing that can deck and fucking get you here i was just thinking one was that guy i who was an athlete that shot his driver permanent stories radio guy now he was a professional athletes he pulled out a gun jason williams is that it is those name but he had like a limo driver and apparently he pulled out a gun he's like playing with a gun
and accidentally shot and killed his limo driver whose like whoa what the fuck jason williams he's a basket like pop fiction i mean a kind of stuff happens a massive you got shot by buffaloes bunch that's how it ends that's how you go the next stage of life you got accidentally shot by bubba here dude is williams i was a coward for covering up shooting of the limo driver i mean is he free new and twenty six months in prison starting in twenty ten so yeah maybe down alcoholism here's the thing grab he shouted with the twelve gauge shotgun fuck but here's the thing say you kill a guy by accident with a gun you then have a choice to cover it up or come
in say i did this holy shit now existential ii is it so wrong to cover it up i mean you're gonna feel bad for the rest of your life i really need to be punished saga chain i was family feels about it you say somebody i shot him that's a deep argument a deep argument about ethics is you're gonna you know you're gonna have fayza hail storm of hit of hate right no one's gonna believe you have you say was an accident people are gonna absolutely assume the murdered on pursuing that yeah but on the other hand you did fucking kill a guy i what if here's a more innocuous situation you driving down an alley late at night and homeless person walks out in front of your car and you hit him and he dies
you can either just drive away wash your car and no than a homeless guy is no more or you can go gift police and say i was speeding and i killed a man like that johnny cash song isn't it fascinating that when you say that story when you give that scenario that a homeless person in some way or another makes it like less fucked up i just in terms of law the family blaming you for lay nobody's gonna blame me for this but but even even so like it not as bad as scenario as hitting a nice person cut the shit together well it's like a few kill somebody and you get sued by the family depending on it like a view if you kill a child and you get sued their knock you you don't have to pay a lot of money but if you kill a guy
whose supporting his family they they'll take everything you got so that life in the eyes of the law is worth more strange is it that we put i monetary value on actual life itself while its to such a strange strange concept now see that guy accidently hit the most was car now holy shit jamie pull area i tweeted it skies driving down the road like somewhere near where they kicked you out that club that one it may be driving in the anvil you're nuts with striving woman s because of moose making you out gregg long ago it was supposed to be a clean gig he gets out there you start where they take to get them out they had its bags pact i totally gets aid to spend the night at the hotel amity do the gig and they fuckin file
that really is yeah fuck it crazy what are you guys lower down all the other people it slowed down every move around people had seen the moose and they were kind of second it out but look this guy fuckin hits it full and sent anything fly was like an olympic tumble he got a wonder like isn't moose dead now come surprise the car was in trash more do think that most is dead got up and walked away jesus so you that that is insane some flew off when he lost her for far greater giving it an animal no no not like dad of hit squirrels and rabbits herein over a raccoon was a big rack oh jesus would be made a big something noise under the car after i was grossed out for hours is look at that nothing goes flyin
that's a huge animal here their dangerous in that sense now i think most or dangerous in the wild they can be there one of them you dear species go after there probably the only one i mean maybe and elk would go after you maybe but it's it's pretty rare gift a fuck up get an out to attack you there but if you're too close to a mamma moose and she's gotta babies near so fuck you up here there was this kid that guy killed i want to say it was on campus somewhere in alaska and apparently someone had been throwing snowballs at the moose and they had agitate the moose and this guy just walked in wrong plays wrong time and the moves to start stop in the shit out of oh it's really hard to watch this guy to skip stopped and starved and stop by this
huge animal armies and she's rearing up trying to kill him and keeps stopping on appears horrific he just bang bang bang just getting pommelled by i mean this thing is a thousand pounds and it was because their theory snowballs item because somebody else apparently had been agitating the move for this guy got there don't fuck with wildlife mad that kind not gap that's a bad wonderful awkward you know you gotta think in their environment their fight not bears warms and shit is consular kickin at thanks yeah here have you ever been not attack where we had an animal like had you lined up in the crosshairs when your hunting or anything not that i know of a bear like come out about a bare i've had a bare like encounters of bears its reared they see them
also tonnages runaway yeah i got i saw a grizzly bear once there was a weird one because they they have a different way of looking at you as opposed to like a regular bear does like a brown bear is more grass of bare in terms of like it's more of a hunter or is black bears the decline of hunters but they're more think they tend to eat more berries and things along those lines but those big ass brown bears they have to be like really aggressive because they're so big feed a thousand pounds body or whatever the fuck today me oh yeah what he bears a lot of crazy shit man an elite legged beached whale they'll catch bout on a beach whale either fuckin thing for shared rotten and disgusting that's one of the best places that people find them if you want to go bear citing you wanna go looking for bears and spot those big cardiac bears they go to places where bears would finally get dead whale
as idea that almost a guard lover here gets rancid and disgusting there's still chew it up but they did they just have to eat a lie when you were you usually kill something for the winter to eat right usually now ways everything i got where nuclear and tried to it i got one already animal on your how you doing can set the when you were carrying when when you show me a picture of you fucking carrying an animal on your back then you had killed think there was a different one here you can't carried out on your way to pig and stock is like a thousand pounds so you cut it out in the wild yeah putting coolers didn't i did at the ranch and they have a boy you guys that work at the ranch that just drag into a pickup truck and then you take it too like this call storage area and the cold storage area that break it down
but what you what you do is you just cut the quarters off he cut the legs off and break it down just like a butcher shop does halfway very yeah we its view weird see man because it becomes me i get starts off an animal and then it becomes me opposed to just seeing me once its wanted down and its start breaking down its sober sober reminder of what meet actually as near one day they gonna have that lab too a test to meet that their work now you know that stuff again one day now that that's gonna be like fully fully available and there's gonna be no more the last night i was taught by the air the chef at the laugh factory betty comedy store you know that the cut back their gotta just fuckin smile
all the time if you want some good energy managed scope but go back their talk that guy for a little while and i like so would you would you for christmas would you make any goes addicted turkey i cut it out i put it in and there was a little bit of oil i flag in job it up but our sandwiches with some reticence i give it my gear up like you blend fuck him marguerite i am and i got what else you put in the blood it is just a little bit oil maybe it's good sounds like a good chicken salad type the insults good and eugene that would keep after that we have so much goddamn turkey mean our frederick turkey and am meat because we did a couple a different dinners doo doo thee deprived turkey now that's the way to get away to go you have a friar yeah you get out like you could buy them or you stick to turkey
like like like these prongs stick into it and then you just sort of lower it into this this vat filet twenty minutes right it's like theirs certain time per pound of bird rather big bird is but it's so good dude keziah cook it in penal oil and its eschew c and delicious crispy on the outside my all time favorite way to get a turkey via but man turkey's that's all that factory farms shit is as i get older freaking me out more and more i freaked me i like by chickens and store freaks me out because of the way you know they retreated a hundred percent yeah chickens for the that's the big one the freaks me out because there's somethin like chickens in pay cause you're something that we do with chickens where you would you can't really do the cow we stack them on top of each other just some wash em all into these places where they can't fucking move that is stuck there in and then they they were
till they get to a certain size and they kill him and so forth what could put buzz the media there like it's like human or not human a living organism that's that's a battery like a pillar as are doing a deep hopping them full of chemicals that make them give fatter is true i know i know they definitely have use chemicals on the birds i'm sure but i don't know if they use them on them all the time i think the thing it's gone out those birds genetic selection here where they ve genetically made certain birds breed with certain birds they ve established as jean de the sub genetic selection where they're just like super fuckin plump and like ridiculously big breasts and then they big those to do that in a very short period of time and then they kill him and they can't walk because their chests or so big
fall over forward there the words like what they did with bulldogs like how the fuck did they make a bulldog out of a wolf had it why they did it i can't fucking breathe pugs then you will be aware so sad that was a wolf well they made the face smaller because they wanted to be cuter acute q dogs having a fucking asthma attack is entire life to house ranges you have it the chickens i think the only criterion for the chicken pen is that the chicken has to be to turn around in it that's it that's how big it has to be that so raising and are getting shit on by all the chickens above it their whole life cheeses rights i know that really works how many they stand on top of each other twelve for real i don't know but a lot so hundreds the portuguese is a hundred floors and chicken
noise around that is placed yes but that's like taking an organism and using it as cells in a battery really is that you're taking like these chickens and you're you're literally compartmentalizing into a specific size like a cell and them no country of the cell is this chicken and have got her grids and hundreds of em stacked into this place near there lay these living organisms that you ve got locked into these clearly define spaces and your extracting energy from those chickens you're taking europe's extra food from them they just protein their protein bars yeah means is fuckin tsar it's a bizarre practice wow even when they're not in cages they have them so small together they can you fuckin move you it's not funny they're not having a good time it but it's not the only way to raise chickens that's the problem either schedules
out in the past while back really really interesting guy and he runs with things farms called polly face polly face for but he's into he's got these things that he does with these chickens were he puts them these giant like chicken houses on wheels and illegal roll them into an area and then he just let the bat and they run around the end of the day they go right back in because that's what they do they go into their nest again in your role em down a held to another place and any as he's pigs who takes pigs and it puts a fence around the pigs move offence and the pigs stay inside that france and eat whatever the fuck they want and then the next day move the fence and they keep doing it so he's got these animals like that those chickens like fuckin against the very i've they don't freak out when it comes near him and this guy is like the of the poor i'm example of what you would think of his own
intelligent and intelligent take on ethical farming practices because that don't think when purdue and a lot of these houses by from you you have to use their cages feed and there it's a franchise i'd mcdonald's like when you re when you raise livestock for a lot these you know agro these will we call it a big agro it stated specific they wanted down a certain way and if you don't they don't buy from you a very hard to be independent like that so this interesting so like of europe a poultry grower you like if you want to work for produce isla grow chickens for now you don't didn't you don't think they grow their own chickens across our now i think you get a contract with them and aid they committed by your stuff but it's all gotta be done as his entire contracts poultry farming read that up
gregory thyssen foods when the leading supporters of american agriculture paying more than fifteen billion annually to independent farmers who supply us with cattle hogs and chickens we depend on more than eleven thousand independent farmers across the country this includes more than four thousand poultry farmers who contact us to raise chickens now that's that's their website it's it's oh it's all down with a lotta leverage and you have to do things exactly the way they want you to i think i think of us was it food aid or something that did it doc memory about it i was watching the sum document are today that was on digg fell then it was about this guy was like this superpower ass sushi chef in japan the best sushi chef in tokyo right now i guess there's an end it's really interesting like watching this guy acquire the fashion how i talked about who we ages the fish i gotta know
did you know they were not ass tuna they'll often age em for five days shhh an end and the age em a lot of times at the fish market before he takes it or he takes it back in old age another five days more so they might you know they might keep shit for two weeks before you eat it to make it more ten he's doing that with tuna here i was watching this and i was like while this soon jamie now talking about a warlike how what are they going to do when they kill all the fish like how long does it take to grow a fucking tuna that big sky has his tune it right and there's sawing it with a giant ah bunyan saw em it's a fucking huge the videos are really cool and the people who were made a video like obvious like serious sushi torques cyrillic super apt up to be getting some sushi from this did but i could think of as like how many fish they're like how many days can we do like every day there yes soccer them out of the are the ocean every day every day
and there used to be areas where they they restricted how much fishing went on and now it's like it's a free for all well under donald trump we're gonna fix all this thank god i've i've been pull the trumps old kid just the concept of tromp i've always been really into like when i remember studying the constitution as a kid in thinking this is fucking bullshit we need a guy who's gets a balls whose you to come and get around all this fuckin liberal bull shit you're kidding i think of it park lives as a i think it's over i mean hasn't even taken office yet and he's already alienated china he thinks he's frenzy the best part is he thinks he's friends with russia that's like that's like hang out with the school bali and think in your safe until it one day say something the bully doesn't like any fucking cracks in the face and he realized just a broken child how much
you no way more about this than i do have spent the majority my dog life ignoring almost everything about how the system works you win but how much power does you really have a president power does really have in terms of decisions to be made for things like like sort of a military action what you ve already seen as but by taking a falco from taiwan as simple act that he didn't think twice about that opened up the floodgates to china saying that we are recognising taiwan is an independent state which has been there's been a one a one a policy going back to nixon which basically ensured that it puts it clamp down on the cold war and it said we're not gonna keep we're not gonna keep building up against it other and part of that is we're gonna live i certain doctrines like the ones a policy and when he takes a call from tie
on something as simple as that all sunshine is talking about a nuclear build up its that simple it's not out what laws he enacts it's about him as a spokesman for our country and what message is he sends out i mean it's like obama with israel i don't know why but in his i've dour he is soured relations with israel to the point where you know he even he's a lame duck president on his way out it's it's it's there was a destruct if thing he did i dont decide enough i disagree with it what did he do well the u and had a resolution i was saying that d israel has new developments in the boy in the west bank and which are legal according to you in previous eu un resolutions and so i don't know what they're calling it but it's illegal what they ve done and and the u s signed they signed on to it so they say
set up these settlements in palestine territories out it has all the disputed palestinian territory and they just decided start building there they ve been doing been building there for years and i put it there like six hundred homes but it but their planning are putting up five thousand and in an area that you know pieces to do this they did there is no peace over there but what's keeping it from being an all out war is that area that is that is supposed to be kept neutral for now org and another building on the way some want to build as other running out a land they can't build other places no they'd they don't recognize eyes the palestinians the nato they see that that's all their land still and so they d won't stop they will continue building and pushing out i mean a tie is turned on israel from what i can tell don't follow israel very closely at all except for when i hear people
telling about it at parties that i met because i've and that are like a hard core zionists and i've friends it are hard core scientists and their totally rational people and they can joke around about talking about fuck you mother and boola but as soon as israel comes up shit get real and they talk about you know i think the tide is turn there's a lot more people that are seeing israel as a terrorist state woe while they're very aggressive netanyahu is just a fuckin he's a ball what's the right result ocean what's the right resolution because what how much is in dispute like how much territory i dont know disuse
small place doesn't it seems a very small isn't israel like the size of connecticut or some shit like that like how big is i don't think it's very big but it's where its located so let's find out how big is israel just a hotly charged sub yet the air is it's one of the most charge subjects and all did you talk to holocaust survivors basically an you talking about people that are right now so each other with opposing ideologies and various reasons for being right or villain and i ran iran looking at israel erected that i sit arise that iran think it's iran idea i was saying they don't have a right to exist and that they are gonna throw a new their babo there did you see that the words
from pakistan who was a jamie that got duped by a fake news story teller masonic footnote not deca body oh yeah i did see that in the gun he got duped by fake news dory and in our said some inflammatory shit about causing a war i also as i won't you guys got get are up in arms about a fake story here what the fuck is going on how would you think was a first fake news story because you go back to you now think about what all fake news story was fake news stories have probably been around for a long time for the bible was a giant fake news dare you did their best did their best to remember the stories good map i think part of the problem arguing
over the maps i see i right right this is one night does it say like i just want to know like i'm so stupid to know what that is so why don't you legs ask ass girls i am prepared to its state i could i there was a there's a simple comparison i don't remember it is it's like get her son might that are made massachusetts size comparison map israel and usa anyway what we just time usa size comparison israel and baked knows ventures ok yeah so it's basically size in new jersey and major it is building a lotta harm it looks a little bit bigger than new jersey but i could not bear it fits in lake mission you can stick israel and lake michigan what the fuck how big is lake michigan haulage
good air and then saying i know a guy an ocean of water tat you could surf lake michigan what's the one this near chicago lake michigan that's like munchkin i stayed a girl and when she was a kid her you dated her when she was a kid no dude a story sheet old would she was dario wench i was a kid she was in a storm on lake michigan where they had to turn into the the waves like over and over and over again all night they they would not safe like their you're being caps the waves on a fucking lake amazing and i think we are stepped out of yet who whose steering the boat but was just racked by the end of the day like his arms were fallen off like he he barely could use his arms because you like headed keep turning the boat
all night long strap everyone down the boat on about a fuckin lake near on a lake not the ocean i don't care where you put a boat in new guy what you got whenever come in here is that lake michigan oh my god look at the waves seifert waves unlike machine it says twenty ways that's all crazy let's that wind comes in it's just that men's puddle here that used to be a fucking glacier glaciers are in some places highs two miles high and they became all that stuff it's nuts man have a body minor lives in wisconsin and drift lous areas like the area where the glaciers didn't hit to really kind of cool causes all
hills and crazy like a beautiful topography the rest of place like a razor came along just flatten that mother fucker out kissed from the weight of the they should ask him down on the land to grow devotion just pushing foreign crushing everything in its path literally like gods a razor and that's when the wind whips out because if nothing stop and that wind i mean i remembered drive and threw up i think was north dakota it was north dakota and i was driving from iowa or nebraska into north dakota do in college gig and a gig was that night and it was like a good for our drive and they told me look this is a single lane road the all it's the only way there and its flattish shit and its windy out so be careful some in my rent a car and i said snow snow starts as i'm driving and snow just going just vertically across the road and it starts to build up and so
to build up the snow on the road and all suddenly my halfway there and it's fucking white out conditions all i can he is the light the snow in and headlights ahead of me and for long term i was looking at that they look at the line on the road and following that line disappeared should an i fuckin freak out and so just pull what i think is to the side of the road cause i don't know where i'm dr and right and i wait and also they see headlights come from behind me fuckin eighteen wheeler marylin down hopefully hope and he sees me keep ass is me and i immediately get behind him and i rode out mother for two hours were to get to the school shaking fuckin shaken and i got to the gig and it was like these kids it was like fucking jesus christ
shut up in their town they relied on like this is our only at its aim at all year and so we did we did a shell and so many people came at the end of the second shell but have the kid stayed for the second shows who is definitely one of those years a terrier got told that nigeria rugged i guarantee you that you're is don gavin stays todd parkers of luck and rip in every geo gotta my ass i could think of other second assume they paid me devil larry i can i couldn't get out of there for two days afterwards we don't is yeah oh my god so much uncertainty in the winters in boston there was like you weren't certain if you were going to get home the air like i think right i think that's important understand don't live in a place like that i give you got hit with a big january snow storm and it
while you are at work if you ve got to work do you first of all there be warnings every if we want to cancel school before the first fuckin drop of snow fell i freaked out about like big blizzards but if a big one hit and you find drop in european attention you could get stuck where the fuck you are the highways just stopped for days up and take forever for then that you all that's no way and if it stays cold and boss me oh stay call for a long time we never those black pie ills of ice ice at it gotten road grime in exhaust on it but it was too called for to melt so just push that shit to decide it would narrow the fucking high air right he had a get out there with those there's trucks thrown assault and ran down and we now leave me out there before the snowy started there were laying down salts did that was why if you gotta old car you wanted to get a california car with it
didn't you sought on our roads i if you got an old car in boston the fucking fenders raw rotted out everything right now because of all that saw and constantly re up the ad highways oh yeah that's right adjust chouan through is no kind of the only way to ensure that shit's gonna melt you're gonna have to solve the yap salted and i think they sand a more than they salted now they probably i you know they get this they get the salt from like on these giant fuckin barges from south america sought wars like the old days is our right now but imagine they used to go to war for salt how you mean i way we're back salt it's amazing that we give it away for free because if you really think of what it was worth like five six hundred years ago was incredibly valley but right why is food was so bland note preserve food you never for duration
their meat if you cover the outside of it with salt the bacteria can eat meat and slows decaying process you can drive he's out and salt them is to preserve food again important way to preserve food i think you know i don't know how long you get to have a piece of meat and cover it with salt leave lane around at room temperature but i think it's a lot more than would if you didn't have the salt do and i think it's one of the reasons why it was one of valuable things in the world at one point in time which is crazy now now may think about it he had and everything you ate must have been solved shit people got mused didn t solve remember one nobody was thinking that sought causes high blood pressure and then when i was at one no it's a mineral amidst like yachts was have too much of it but like that's not what's wrong like what else is going on
there was this study that came out recently paper that came up recently that was pointing to the sugar industry accepting bribes or giving bribes scientists in the nineties the value of these two judea to push the blame away from sugar and honest saturated fat he meant heart disease that causes sugar is has become the new salt it's become the new cholesterol become the new everything to everybody's saying what is fear yet but his fear now why why how do salt and sugar prevent microbial spoiling which says it these sugar and salt anyway profound sugar two interesting well it would taste but our railway ok so says protection of foods from micro by all sport lead using saw usually sodium chloride or sugar usually sucrose has into routes and is often referred to as salt
salt curing corning or sugar curing pieces of rock saw for curing are sometimes called corn hence the name corn be why they call the corn beef no shit that's issues what it does fascinating ok there's a check or is this a workers several ways here ok those several ways in which sought sugar inhibit microbial growth molten most notable is simple ass moses or dehydration saw to sugar whether in solid or acquiesce form attempts to reach equally remember the salt or sugar content of the food product with which it is in contact this has the effect of drawing available water from within the food to the outside and inserting salt or sugar molecules into the food interior there is all is a reduction of the so called water activity measure
of unbound free water molecules in the food that is necessary for microbial survival and growth that is fuckin fastened is i never thought about has because i think that when i put malta my food it seems especially with seesaw without said that so big the particles that you don't just get like that it doesn't spread don't you eat the food like say putting your mashed potatoes rent it spread the really evenly throughout the mashed potatoes at a result chemical reactions going on between all the cells in the potatoes and assaulted sky its flowing back and forth the mean think about how difficult it must have been to get fresh food to a city in seventeen hundred throwing salt on everything packing things and salt and taken him down the road on the back of wagons being pulled by horses with miss
how to control mosquitos and flies on everything was for so long how people lived for so long open wagons there was no like air tight compartments no i mean up a bit kings sets of pre dope compartments here like a game of thrones there is like sitting there i just chill and how long is this ride the horse upon the wagon along the fan absolves and should have until it was like the real pimps i give you were a dude you could pick a chick up and integrity of the back of the carriage she black oh my god you have your own carriage a baby can encourage and you have a euro impetus is did they have hepatitis back their wares him the first vd came into play
syphilis pry the first one i mean you read about in the bible really yes syphilis was all over the place i think you know what they call it i think to call syphilis fairly midnight the clap thanked ethics symbolises the clap like how do you think do you think that happens in animals do think animals give each other herbert ever thought about tat my friends gotta herpes blister but a bus ad lay every couple months she d show me this morning a kind of a kiss who the size of a dime was an hour lip icy get those it's such a shame cause she's beautiful change or die while as have clytia right do you know four have what you why you say look at me like i'm gonna do it does it go this requires have you no more have it but it's like a thing i thought i heard like they spread
cities well looks this article it says koala committee other std threatening an australian icon didn't aids come from here is that it is a myth that man i wish i could remember were exactly how to answer this because i listen to a radio thou podcast called patient zero figure was there was all about this there were trying to figure out who is the first person that contract the hiv virus and they did have something to do with sir one who was ten day to me that he had killed a chimpanzee and may be perhaps had an open cut here that was one of the speculation which of course turned into somebody factor hunky that's it the american translation of facts it's the
natural one will people do in fact a monkey how do you get a nasty d from a month you gotta chapelle bit there oh my gosh replied one of the funniest bits of all do you know how hard he would be to fuck em things like that i never thought of that bad all right that you'd have to go you don't actually fuck a monkey and you just think it's a given like it i am and have some dry days other fuck a monkey do not so easy yeah i've i do a bit a mac that's true about my cat biting mean the hand and we get pissed adam i put the fuck dude and he's look i means ears are pulled back like that's a cat is that's a fuckin powerful little animal but it's nothing compared to a monkey monkeys throw them all the air oh yeah
anybody swings itself to their catches itself throws it sell to the elect vacant do ridiculous shit with their bodies you gotta think they get a hold of you that thing bite you phase get a hold your neck might look a little you now specifically champ like a little baby chance we had on the set of news radio and was a two year old chap and this think soul lapped me in my back like dude economic we let him climb on you too kind does what everyone cause he's a baby he wasn't trying to hurt me but it first of all he felt like he was made out of court it would just like like a wooden animal i kiss you might have been like this big kind of pick him up and carry him but he felt like nothing like a person nothing it would just solid muscle and he just just slap me on the back and all i can think of is like a big one of these
a full grown one of these things and they get a garage it around people when we down in we're in south africa in cape town or we are taking a walk down to the cape of good no cape of whatever at the tipp the very tipp of south africa and is a feel that you walk through the path and they d rangers came up to us and my son was about maybe about three years old and they said to us yeah you're you're gonna hold him the whole time i why they're like chancellor chips tiger though just come a gravel yet still you're kidding yeah that's real can you imagine that you go on a trip with your kid he come back with no kid you wash your kid get taken champ fuck fuck where's your son bones to do another animal or do the same thing here the go away no what i might be thinking about boons oh then i think it was better so makes more sense but you have been stores of chimps doing it too look man
who's the woman i gotta face bitten off by a change of bee but the one woman who was most recently her friend had this pet champ and she was getting xanax and wine and may be suck instead why these that activity if she's second is their elderly could you were being so fuckin crazy then i want you to entrepreneurship live with you when you give exotics do they she gave the zadig so that he be more pliable i think she was just bang in this monkey should live with this monkey choose bang in it i really think that because i should say monkeys champ whatever shoes bliss what this champ and bang in it and so on friend came over there was a chip drouet chimbleys to dress up and humour he was about eight thousand lady no way though his girlfriend man who do you think initiated the first time her
you think so she got a pet champ you raised it it's boy it's gotta deck she's like look my new bodyguard and she's got this chimp and chairs a couple ass red wine that ship lots of fuckers she's like who who's gonna show us that jim fucker couples arms and then he keeps sling and dick her way and that's a girl now in this lady came over and she entered it is fun time she was she was caught blackened and he didn t too kind so he did chimps shit to her ripped apart air tore face of the things have huge whose tuna yeah it's big overfed chimpanzee super ridiculous and ungodly strong no foreplay bubba bobo wanna fuck you got fact you get fucked you get out of the shower naked bobo's gonna fuck you have your period yet it gotta keep their chief puffy why you ve a police
officer who responded to see the attack shot and killed travis when he claude open the cops loser door and flashed is bloody teeth oh i got dude he opened the fucking door the complex shooting it as it was pulling the door open flashing its bloody tee looking to tear him a part two holy fuck a man if that was you and you didn't have a gun and you weren't a cop aegis hold up and he saw some chance tearing apart a lady like what the fuck and the champ just goes wrong and towards you and decides gonna open up your fucking door now these flash is bloody teeth after just ate some ladys face fuck malware was is love this investigators later speculated that a dose of xanax cause the champ to go berserk
that's what i looks like now oh my god are actually says that her face transplant was being rejected oh my surgery doesn't mean i'm going out to me guys and she's being rejected nor body regions face trance it's completely blogs wilbur absolutely made it offer regarded as our sun ok motion in fog it do you think a woman could get pregnant from a monkey i added that either you're serious know what they're doing it is totally plaza mom it's completely blogs wilbur absolutely made it out for regarded as our sun ok motion in fuck it do you think a woman could get pregnant from a monkey peasant woman and depends on them here some super smart monkey and really stupid person who knows now
there's some hybrids right that that wine are being viable that's alec news be she's get developed sometimes but also time it doesn't like a lighter they can't make babies they can you can make a baby liar tiger can breed and make a baby but that baby chemic babies so i wonder man like what we is it if you believe in evolution of course what was it history like what was it like when there was a bunch of different species of humans they think there's a bunch now they ve documented humiliated he meant to now because they keep finding new ones they found some new one in russia recently oh by the way all the people that that tweeted and sent me messages but i fucked up said vassili lomond genco is russian he's ash from the ukraine i apologize i'm a retarded american who anybody who is over there and that spot who talks like that i got up their russian do here but now
in writing lt i gotta view greener doesn't give you and out now he's out of body my grown up whose ukrainian he always regard himself as ukrainian ever thought of himself as russian so i get it i get it it's like if we word amerika like north america can in in mexico we're all just one thing all you from that's by yet not an item from america mother fucker area from the spot bitch was far caveman go you have a date it used to think that me under thought man and sapiens existed at the same time they ve like when you look a time line of cave men they may it seemed like one ended next one just fuckin started like in a year you know three thousand bc all suddenly just changed three says bc twenty thousand bc how i think it shows a lot more than that i think when there i can about people live alongside neanderthal i think they're talking about forty or fifty thousand years ago here so their way
like you said they coexisted and they say that the fights because neanderthal man was a fucking beasts totally different kind per totally differently sapient came along and see be in was smarter and as the only way he was there that survived over neanderthal would show me again they were even if they were allowed huntin out kill or we fuck them all and then we interbreeding with em they're probably what happened to the usa jamie's is a guy is trying to make a hybrid between a chimp nineteen twenty four woe may guess german a wild of thirteen female chimpanzees to bring back the primate research facility and suck saw female chimpanzees were repeatedly injected with human male sperm but not became and it was rumoured that event of use own sperm that of his son but few people believe on can we come down stairs for a minute or where else is going to get come
together with my hearty come you try to get female volunteers to get injected with male champion and how they did it is rumoured that it only happen once but apparently he got arrested and sent away to work in a veterinary station and can extend and ninety years later thinks a pregnancy actually happen but maybe he actually did do who knows the rumour was a pregnancy actually did happen did not and do not have levelled by rumour they did actually inject a woman with sperm this story the story of this is like the beginning of like some crazy superhero x men type yeah we'll of some some new and that a wolverine some man champ some hybrid i will reign looked like he's kind of a man champ hybrid area will reign like from the comic books whose carry look and half human looking person will the nazi did all kinds of shit like that taking head off one animal in china
damn on other animals but how many for at find this out jamie find out when did you beings and the under tools coexist how long ago was that all about this how long ago did need tal go extinct cassettes that's why would tell us a lot if you had a guess what you gonna guess gregg i'd say yes twenty three and sounds boundlessly for allows right neanderthals went extinct in europe about forty thousand years ago giving them millennia to coexist with modern humans culturally and sexually new finding suggest the research also suggests that modern humans did not cause neanderthals too rapidly go extinct as some researchers previously suggested thoughts they killed them yeah there's a lot of people are dead it was one guy that had a crazy fuck in theory that's probably absolutely not true but his theory was that they did
look like people his theory we do we don't know what their soft tissue looked like so his till he had is idea of a really intelligent apelike creature because he compared well would you remember that whole guy his whole thing made like an animated video of what it would look like his terrifying a gorilla looking thing like heavily sold because they were only like five two or five three there were like two hundred i pounds with giant like bolder sized bones in their body that way different bone structure than we do and irresponsibility freakish straw here i think they were sort of like on all fours and standing upright but then really be stood upright etc i think i know the difference in the way they moved that the sapiens were faster but they weren't is strong so if they got into any kind of a battle they were fuckin dead right that's interesting is that i read about oh no no sapiens
yet this is what they absolutely think that they looked like they neanderthals like but there was a guy had some crazy alternative theory there was prob we all share that i want to focus on probably totally vague but it was like his theories what if she would have now and a tall didn't look anything like us what if neanderthal like had guerrilla like skin and was distressed hulking scary lookin fanged up now jack too lloyd kind of ape here who knows man there is definitely like a bunch of different kinds of people though the keep finding more more and more evidence of like both on new teeth and should right but the evolution is so slow you like we think about things the way evolution happens for us today as technological so we see should happen from d gazed oh yeah yeah it's
with super pressure so in this video when you look at the he's got like black or look and scan of these big crazy eyes and is a terrifying looking beast as opposed to the way we always project em how it is he bases it on like the shape of their head and like what what a guerrillas had lingered ya minutes crazy like you we don't know their soft tissue looks like but if you give a gorilla knows instead of a human knows they look way fucking scary and his argument was like we have no idea whether knows looks like why we give them a human knows how i wonder if that flies and wonder of answer projects are you getting angry right now there is a vicious mother fact number that thing looked if that's what it looked like what the fuck are now he looks outbreak now i guess they were they were partly on all fours and upright i think they were upright
think i'm pretty sure neanderthals were completely up right or not yea air because though they were a type of human yeah they just weren't homo sapiens right here so i'm so stupid have these conversations i'm so stupid because i read and entire book about sapiens and his whole transformation and i just the problem is i i reed when i go to sleep and i don't i'm so tired i did all those through me then ecstatic can you find out why can't you find where i left off on the book is in reading it night like the best way to fuckin falsely diana she go to sleep so much easier there like something about reading i'm just like cock thereby wife winds up her book at an eye every night and she she does not get to the second page and she sitting upright and i can hear her breathing change and she's asleep while i can i take a sleeping pill do you every
i take a sleeping lou nasa and side effects i think a loss of memory oh i think that what it is i'm taken the sleep repellent i'm reading and nothing sticks but the wise i can't sleep my mother and brothers same way we cannot sleep we just are mine fuckin race and allay their free hours nothing happened side ha rather he'll groggy in the morning them than be exhausted and four have you tried any kind of meditation i think the calm your mind for you i started meditating but i've i only started meditating like two years ago and i had taken a sleeping pills are probably like for ass i should try to get offer them it's stupid but i think if you get off those things that's where gets harry really so she starts going crazy call me up i know i know i already exist to say to say hey i tried going off these fuckin sleeping perils might ok gotcha failure no i need you
my ten twenty spot of ill laugh factors when you get off those things like the sleeping pills over there are real bizarre reaction some people have to do things and wake up the middle doing them driving down i way in a shoot out the cops like that can ensure magala do you wake up in the middle of an act going what fuck a mighty saying why you're on sleeping what why you're on three s sleeping pills the ambient is crazy like i ran out i took friend zambian recently and i had the most insane dreams of heard i'm terrified of estonia i know a lot of people i love that i don't know why ambient is prescribed it's the same thing with hope you dislike why they still pissed driving the shit when it so addictive and so dangerous because people want to be make their own choices and if you could it was a doctor if you're informed correctly and you go to a doctor and a good look i don't give a fuck what they say i want
a fucking ambient i know it's not good for you i know it's back my sleep i don't give a fuck i need to go to sleep if you're a groan adult i feel you should have made a decision you can but how can we can make their decision and drink a fuckin bottle of of rum its tequila night if you so choose to gave zodangan ambient through is it what is it worse in ghent hammered everybody its hammered lobby began hammered what you seems like with all the options like i know with loon asked i don't have the side effects are really yeah me no it's there's no side facts balloon ass i am not a paid spokesman for loon asked by the way but i just found that i did take ambien and it was crazy was like tripping so lou nested does it for you learn ass the works joe loon ass the works for me have you ever done anything like melatonin realise have you tried illegal melatonin out works
yeah i want i want to just try that sentences are naturally has an irish and we like to get addicted you know i could now and what is this shit you gave a cave man coffee no man has got a nice little kick it's gotta however can help it's how you do it it is it's kind of manly because doesn't taste good right right was a black coffee yeah exactly it's what i say doesn't is that good i mean it doesn't tastes like a comma ok i know that that is good i would every slurp violators is delicious but its fellow sugar this tastes like we're talkin like again it's like the guinness of coffee this weird sort of acquired taste for business to and which is nice nitrogen aided unaware over works more more fucked up let's get to seventy milligrams caffeine yeah i'm a caffeine freak
a lot of caffeine you're battalions manageable don't caffeine ever really derails your judgement to manageable addiction gotta go a jet addiction caffeine about one year that's that's one kind of he escaped by thou on cigarettes is gonna get you that's the one it's gonna gayer cigarettes i'll be the worst thing you can be addicted to than heroin it seems like pill might be worse in cigarettes because you can they rational decisions when you're on cigarettes the problem is that the health consequences of cigarettes are almost capable we just made an irrational decision if your lighting a cigarette yeah so it's got a point of addiction where you are literally killing yourself slowly it's kind of amazing still round to mason really but again i am percent in favour of people doing over the fuck they want to do if you are informed and you gotta give us i wanna fuck and cigarette he shall do so by that hand if you
that would booze if you could do that when we i think freedom is best it's best to have people figure it out on their own it's best to decide for people what they can and cannot do as never good i think it's a say with raising a kid you know i tried to get my kids lot of freedom freedom you know i inform them rain the man i tried a shepherd them but i know ride them you know and i ended when they make mistakes i dont bottom overly punish i just trotted i tell them i'm disappointed and that means a lot to them but i think that you know this year your kids are they need to internalize flexibility and the earlier they do it the better because in the process internalizing responsibility should start as in whatever way you can parcelled out from a young age that's all you gotta do it caused by the time they move out you know it's like you're not gonna be there to make these decisions for them
the task of raising human is poor probably one of the most important things one of the most impossible to correct once you fucked it up and its put in the hands of everybody who is likely raised incorrectly themselves or the whole this is more therapy than there was today this more literature there's more studies and i do think we're more informed about what we do and i think they were more vigilant about it i think men the fact that i just said that to another man that wouldn't happen to us five years ago no guy would talk about parenting and any deep way to another man knows scanner almost yeah i was it was not and is not your role to do that and now pay parents it's a partnership of mother and the fog because the war this thing and they i'm gonna couple it's like this where there never on the same page and the kids are all fucked up and neither one of them is a bad parent they're just doing it in opposite
ways one that allows was he is very like you know checked out in some ways but like in the way he had not at that healthy way i describe hands off is caring and controlling recording his is a little but more a little bit more like i can handle this her is is she's super eighty personality and she he's trying to drive the kids to be you know the best their best protect which is good a little bit about is good and a little bit about he's doing is good but they're both polar opposites and not really handling their strategies well either but i really think that the main thing is that your kids can't feel like they're getting two to four messages the same time from mommy and daddy the canfield there be smothered either ran in oh it's one of the things about kids you find out real earliest viewed tell them not to do something that's what they want to do they don't want you tell them what to do because their little people even though they might
five or six there still little people and people don't like you tell them what to do gotta explained to them it's much better explained him why it's important that you do the thing that you don't want to do why it's a good thing to change the way you think about it don't think about like this chore think about it like this just a thing that i have to do right now and i'm so lucky in so many ways and that's how i should look at life and that just don't don't just get annoyed at things it you know you did i don't go to bed guy bed allison get sleep i know you don't want to go to bed i get it i feel the same way all the time but as a person who's in charge of your biology i know that you quite wise enough to make the decisions you wanna be healthy your little kids need to get like ten the twelve hours sleep i'm gonna tell them give them the association that they're making choices at their choices have ramifications you're going wake up to
sometimes it's hard for me to wake you up and it hurts in the morning when they won't be that way if you go to sleep now you'll wake up and you'll feel good yeah that's man that is the fucking biggest difference when when i had day jobs and in article five times i was like four years i had to sleep deprivation because i was getting up in the morning for delivering the newspapers and was trying go back to sleep but i would state of a night because those don't stand up and like for the longest like i was like really screwed up and then once i quit doing once i just started doing just stand up and i i started getting sleep i gotta go to bed after the clubs and i would get up at eleven wake up and i felt so could do was like oh my god like everything fills create like i don't feel like gum personally i lack feeling that you haven't you're tired all time we work too many hours you're going to sleep so fuckin fee
i like your always our lack there's always lego hole in your ear your biological game as it were and you sure i'm just you just trying to be left alone as it is but if you can get that solid eight to ten hours sleep there goes way the especially if you can get hen with you but if you only eight it's worth so much now yeah so fucking value for i throw a twenty minute meditation on top of that the next day granted thirty in the afternoon and your crash and out after lunch if you can do that that's a good move now if you can just sit down in the medication just did that the word meditation is so loaded in because it has the there's a sort of a lot of us i think have this idea about people who meditate is like you know he's just trying to find some spiritual peace and this is like some masturbatory weirdness and you stand in front of some fucking in science and pretend you're from a different culture
but i think that just being alone with your thoughts and just your thoughts and just concentrating on just thinking about as little as possible she's thinking maybe even just about breathing breathing in and breathing out just that alone is a form of meditation yet i may add cyclists it's it's a i did sleep they gave it is taking a nap eckart toll talks about you know with with meditation is just really it's reminding you do not think about the past to the future for a little while it's about just thinking about the breathing that's how many right now are the monster that's happening right now and when you come out of it you're not gonna day in that state all day but you will have brought yourself back to that point if only for twenty minutes and that will sort of that will guide you for the rest of the day yeah i think the momentum of most people's lives is is so strong ma included i'm sure yours included that often times you just get caught up
in how you're thinking or how you're behaving or what you're doing you just get caught up in it i guess just like it's like pushing you from behind you can just stop as often as possible and do nothing for an hour and breathe just do nothing but think and breathe you come out of it with a more balanced perspective we make decisions unanimously i too thank exactly you're not you not being pushed from behind by the momentum of everything you ve experienced over the last euro x amount of months you get a fresh restart to contemplate your existence well you know i can't do anything about the past but here's what we are right now and this is what we all okay now have decided that in our instead of concentrating on that americans tread on this and give yourself like a chance to almost give yourself a little personal seminar give yourself a little pearl equal to a happy about this like i give you were giving yourself advice he probably way different than what you actually do
we have always thought that funds given myself advice like how it do it how brutal what i view with myself how honest what to do with myself well that's waste bus set goals could goals are you sitting down in a cold calculating lancing where do i want to be in a year where the steps and i need to get to that and setting small goals to get you there because day day you're reacting to people are codependent their wives are their kids and reacting to that you're wondering if your fee he's gonna rang you're wondering what people are saying on social media this so they dynamics that have you beating around and not in your own space so that said for i love the beginning of the year i love sitting down and set up some new goals i mean you what i'd just talk couple nights ago about that lay down your goal is the sort of strata not get off social media more an audience your phone all day mind yes they off my phone from many many hours at a time that's the big one and i'm just thinking about the amount of time
that i spend just looking for something interesting loaded onto it feed looking on facebook or on interim just look at the summit mergers fluttering through fuckin pictures of shit look another car all that lion that's crazy have what i could get a chip envy attacking our without video that i showed you today that's how i found it difficult layer that hit out at or the guy that hit that most of the guy or girl who have a fuckin hit a moose but i'm inundated by that and people keep sent him in these fuckin videos these russian crazy like acrobats doing flips top of buildings it you see in our nastier devils these russian daredevil characters they gonna top of buildings like handstands and billina feet off the air you can't watch a man's life it's too fuckin scary minutes fuck and terrifying and some of them get up on top of with those hover boards as little willie boards and they go
to the area and i would add that that makes me uncomfortable you just describing in they spent around skyscraper like this this is in russia this i don't know where this one is what they do they do these all over the place i think this is due by this guy's on the fucking edge of a crazy skyscraper like what is at a hundred stories high whole doing a handstand and down back where are those terrifying i'd worry of my own what do you do ass likely ass her my elbow reacting to whack my phone it's hilarious this guy's gonna helmet on and his underwear and he's walking on a bar oh my god that is so crazy he's key
it's a fucking nuts man he jesus christ this guy's do in a balanced way over a it looks like a harbour i don't know how far down it is but he's way the fuck up on some than oil rail inland like my god shall yeah yeah gun i'm dying here are you crazy here my friend my hind legs on the fifth floor and apart building and is a picture of me when i was about fourteen hanging off balcony by my knees oh my god i will was into gymnastics i did gymnastics pretty hard for like six years so i would hang off anything i would do i would do flips off fucking anything anywhere yeah till i got swear hands just look at the details sweaty here don't show me this jamie god damn it back i jumped off the roof
into a pool i mean how they stores is six stories sixty offices of the shutters off i can't do this anymore hands are fuck sweaty member states soaking wet feel film cheese as minors or minor where two soaking wet taken i play data relating to some my big winter comedy tour coming up coming to your town tacoma washington february nor did i levers celebrity knows where to get a dog dot com tickets portland again february sixteen through eighteen oklahoma city one night february twenty first austin texas february twenty second to twenty fifth fort lauderdale in march bird in vermont in march houston in march check it all out at gregg fits show and fits dog radio
its yet that irvine improv the new irvine improvin fuckin awesome has done it dry giant i did it on sunday i just remember i didn't i didn't feel it i'll tell you that by no means that i feel it very big place yeah but i'm doing it then i've got to say patrick stay shows which you ve done i think the last three years you ve done my saint patrick staying at the hollywood improv i have to support the one quarter irish that's right get in there for the answer the fund show that isn't i've worked it out we get all irish comics on it throw blue die in there just to keep it keep the fuckin pc police off my back i'm getting edwards on there the fund show man here it scared show it as i did a one year and it was it was all cool comics and then joe ideas it was like zack alfin axis sarah silverman and candler and i went up many dated know who jody as was
and i had him go on like second just two fuckin just to raise the boy and everybody else woof and he went up there and he's doing this whole bit about gas in some chick piss in his mouth back of adam i get it like a soldier and and a place they don't know what to make of him at first it takes and it takes him like a good two minutes for them to just pick their jaws up off the table put the put the job back in their head and then start to laugh and then you just saw them convulsed and in the back sour and all undergoing like who is sky what what this goes fucking joe ideas they didn't know they do now when how long longer was us two years ago wow had they not only joy ideas is
because he doesn't work i don't think you works in improved as a comic nose comic nose like you hear about like a guy hear about so i heard about big jay oakerson before saw the angela yes he disguised verifying i think maybe is this supposed to splintered comedy whirl exact doesn't do a ton of stand up and i think you know sarah sir worst calmly source of the times of siena their view terms not as office she shed we judge will she needs years you need that you know i think some comics at work that work our go a lot and and i think if you and you can draw your own crowd but she's like a real comic she can play in a room store within all come to see her and she can fuckin prove some to people that may be don't know what a good comic she is yeah why i agree with you that i think the best comics lie the shore she she killed at the fucking commie store last commissar which was i want that's quite a while ago might have been a year ago the outer fact son
how now a year a she destroyed and i was laughing really hard to some funny shit in there but and since i was a guy money and she's hours the comfortable the she should do it over the fortune hunters i mean right wing there's guys like paul i've tomkins that dude i haven't seen him in a comedy club in ten years he does he show at largo i don't how often and he does who go to san francisco fuckin sell out cobb's the guy's got is circuit he's got his crowd i think it makes a very nice living and i think he does this a comedy he does which is a little bit more store telling so little slower a little more esoteric may not work in the other kinds of clubs oh yeah maybe it fosters his ability to go deeper into what he's doing by playing select clubs yeah me i guess it's on whether or not what you enjoy doing whether it fits in with clubs the biggest people are just doesn't some people did
enjoy just away being always go for the laugh always you know like like our style boston style i boss sounds like punchline set up punchline sent a budget and to try to build punch lines and some people have like they they want to tell you a story that happens to be humorous in i wanna be confined by this i do that it has to be set up punchline set a punch line so it is sort of stand up in a lot of ways and in london waterways it's not it's like you're you'd you'd be an orator a narrator you're telling stories which is cool too you know like there's a lot of people who like henry rounds as a good example you wouldn't say that necessarily what he does a stand up he would say it's a spoken word thing right but what is it who is telling stories i mean they're just when they have punchline have liked very clear set up in punchline saddam is obviously he knows where the funny parts are so it's kind of doing stand up
yeah he's doing it his flock and wailing if lobby really lie that is what my point is like and they don't we i go see him try to do fifteen minutes at the store change i find that if i go through a runner clubs that are bad like say florida it changes the way i'm doing stand because in florida you ve got it's just a skin side crowd you ve got rednecks mix in with old people mixed in with latinos mixed in with fuckin spring breakers or whatever it's never why crowd you have no fucking idea we are plain to see the europe there for an hour and you're just it's a drunken knife fight in the alley you're just gonna to fuck you keep your spent plates you trying to keep this guy happy this guy's ackland they're not not paying attention and i find that like it makes my act worse because i'm not given in the pocket and doing what i want to do pleasing because i'm trying to survive bra
run club like fuckin austin cap city in austin texas and holy shit man you just kick back and they come to you did madison wisconsin they came i ah masses are really cool down yet is really interesting super open minded liberal wisconsin town there what a great theatre there's a theatre there to what the hell's that theatre there the acme theatre no let me turn up now acme as in many app oh miss a comedy club in many hours or grey was the theatre in madison your fear had appointed fuckin lost orpheus there's an orphan maybe that's where one yeah it's a great little city its quality down that's where i went good food food is really only one block them yes our lot
psyche there's a block that goes with state house to the university and there's not much off it again well those places where people that are living in a place where it gets really really really fucking called its they often ass well ass those people are hardy i think we were taught evaluate this idea that you might not make it home tonight there's a goddamn blizzard you might get stuck inside the wrote me see flashing like us inside a relic someone's hazard lights they pulled over ike oh how attention for help cause them up per person might die like theirs difference between like me you see somebody on the four or five and there are pulled over do everyone's think for a fuckin second up over and helping them now but if you are driving snowy wrote in new hampshire and he says pull over the side of the road start thinking what if that's a mom whether kids would now is great totally fosters community when you live in a harsher whether you have a trust
and there's like a symbiotic relationship with your neighbors and you know i think that like you think about but live up in alaska and how they share supplies and fuckin in the spring outbreak el the barn and you know that that's community that's living i mean and allay our new it's so easily matt it is we don't have any fuckin our roof doesn't go bad is it rains three days a year and you know you can hagen over here and you can get a fuckin yelp review on the sushi play its all easy it all comes to you there's no sense of i don't need to help you i if i hang out with you because i want to hang out with you there you hang out with your neighbor because you fuckin surviving together we were all hanging around the bag recommit store last night and we were all stoned and world level gig learn joking around and i was thinking boy like what a great place this is to be like the sunset trip in hollywood in two thousand sixteen and then all i could think of because the pie probably was like what
have an asteroid just not even a big one but a pretty big one this land into downtown ella right now not enough to kill me but enough for me to just feel the impact see the thing flying through the sky and hear the people scream and run for the fuckin hills and realise at irene at that moment so high like how fragile is this existence that we i guess so concrete we think it so locked in permanent and secure and all it takes is one fuckin rock to controlling from the sky whom in downtown i lay killer half a million people in the rest of us beaches shit and our pants and terror one highway goes out now lay we're fireworks fucked is only two roads down tat is the ten and the four or five and if those either one of those go city shuts down to dinner
such a stupid place to live there was three earthquakes last night to yeah yeah three earthquakes a pretty big one on the nevada border five point seven it's pretty big one it's not unlike other one like the nineteen ninety whatever the fuck was one which was a lot higher those like more than seven but this was that's a significant earthquake five point seven is a pretty good shock that's right so weird about me talk about it being tenuous and all that is that that shit can fuck things up bad people were do but we do the elective an earthquake we chose a fuckin tragedy to happen and if you're a trump supporter go fuck yourself you fucked us can i
thanks for coming these liberals in hollywood that think they can talk down to you the good people of trump land area you just lie i am not on his side i do not support any of the statements and i think it's about time we showed a little respect for the office of commander in chief maybe he will rise to the job yes seek good maybe maybe we can get him some mushrooms maybe he have a revelation while he's in office that this as achieved as to achievement than any human being can ever attain that he has won the race and now and maybe he will change his entire cabinet appointment seti's made over the last year and like bill gates delegate the remaining years of his life to philanthropy work yes you know joe my attitude towards issue is supposed to be positive and you just saw an example of negativity come out any of ike i can't do it i can go negative on it i can be vigilant tagging keep an eye
what he does my wife has his app where every day she can call or write a congressmen or cause or place you can donate money so you feel like every day with the uncle dino now i'll find out i'll find out legitimately find it but it's a way of not feeling alienated and not feeling isolated and unlike you're doing something rather not it makes a difference maybe it does while if everybody react that way it makes a difference its debts really sheer numbers like we have used as an example to show before what you meant when the united states had that the present had conference where a bottle was saying that we're probably go to war with syria america's like fuck you raise a unanimous across the board right and left but when you say that you are a line in the sand about if they use chemical weapons we go to war yeah there was something along those lines yet there was a fucking bulletin rejection by the american people very obvious yes very very vocal and
no commentators dull right or left were sends a good idea like this is a terrible i'd want to go to another fucking unwinnable war this time in syria and so it stopped all the talks demean mean obviously it's a terrible fuckin place and you know that that its territories that are coming out of there every day is a society and disappear fuckin wiped out to saying it's insane i don't think i mean it hard for us to even imagine what are we like to be living there living over here and fuck in los angeles where everything is perfect imagine what it's like to be someone who just by a ro the dice you were born over there that parts of africa south sudan in congo and places where places where people are giving their lives in the street because there were voted discrepancies you know ideologically are go out
adding themselves be shot in public square is because their demonstrating that's intense that's incredible its i mean there's there's pockets of the world that are living a sophisticated version of the way people were living six seven hired that is the living a more sophisticated version using cell phones and technology but they have almost the same mindset is people who lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago for good and for bad they found on uncontacted tribes in the amazon i saw that saw the pictures oh shit we were truck with china figure out where like a man and if there was a way where you could infiltrate those people but they would you'd have to they would not do a really know how they lived would be to become one of them like you really cool figure out how they lived by you going in there is great fitzsimons because ga wage what the fuck is this you have close i do what i think on your wrist it tells the time why why
know what time it is i do will be it would be amazing but you would be to affected like you you would you would affect them rather whereas so you might kill them because very often people feasible anthropology try to go in there and study and they give them a disease and they wipe they ve there's been cases where they wiped out entire tribes here there's a guy dan flores whose he wrote a paper about the the bison and know a bison diplomacy bison ecology i think it's called and one of the things we talk about was the amount of native americans there were wiped out just because of diseases by settlers and it was some insane number like high eighty percent o down mexico that was i don't know where was but what what percentage of native americans google this what percentage of native americans were killed by diseases from european settlers
they are the spanish when they when they came into central america they fuckin so many people died young visas or he was equating into the boom in the buffalo heard size no she would say i was saying that when the native americans contact the europeans they got these horses from them ok what does it say ninety percent no shared when europeans arrive carrying germs which thrived on a dense semi urban populations the indigenous people of the americas were effectively doomed they had never exceed smallpox meals or flew before the viruses tore through the continent killing and estimated ninety percent of native americans sheds and and then we went to war against the remaining ten percent holy shit located them oppress them around holy
and we wonder why they drink while mean the same thing that i set about those that that tribe that live in the jungle i would have loved loved if there was a way we could somehow another be amongst them without them knowing so wicked we truly see how they behave even exist unaffected by a person like you or purse like me that obviously doesn't does it wasn't born there too is documented about this guy from the from greenwich village and he was a gay guy and he went down to this village might have been colombia and he lived with them on the river for twenty years and they were gay the tri was not the tribe wasn't gay but they didn't delineate between gay saxon straight sex was saw a kind of fluidly would happen and so he had this boyfriend basically
but the boy friend had a wife and kids but he slept with the guy for twenty years and he laughed and he was gone for like fifteen years i forget whiting go back i think heating go back as like they eventually attacked him and they're gonna kill he realized one oh no i know was one ninety realised that they were cannibals they went they attacked another they also one night it never have before in all the years he was there maybe it was only ten years they all what are paid and they went to the ex village and they killed and then they ate flesh and the guy i just went on i can add here where's my where's my return d get any lousy share and so he came back to the village and he wrote about any lectured about it and then he went back like like fifteen years later he goes back finds that dude and this is like i think that i think the movement of a car keep the river on your right he went back and sound found the dude and they like
we cannot therefore relation show my god it was incredible keep the river on your right i think so right now down i need to see what the fuck did you know that the incidences of cannibal some were so prevalent among native americans david occasionally do that like the nez purse apparently did occasionally catch people kill him in the autumn speaking to see that people did catch you later your brain right that your whole body here but probably brain do but think about it i mean it's very like symbolic you conquering you consume but it's it's the thing that freaks out the most the idea being just reduced to meet and by someone with a beggar ta mok sayer meaner dude to you before you get to him he's not like real serious weapons air
bows and arrows and spears and it's really a fight to exhaustion it's who last the longest fuck or they capture you if you're trying to get away from them but in their third case a major imagine if you people had lived in this one patch of land for ten thousand years that also these fuckin demons carrying death in their breath in the very touch i just getting in contact with a mix of your relatives wilt away who kills ninety percent of the people you know just ambient around not forget about the shit they killed with guns all the people it probably shot and killed emanating even death think about they round you up like fuckin cattle and they re pure women trees i mean enough can't be said people worry fuckin liberal worrying about the native americans is pretty bad well i didn't
how bad it was until i read a priests account of columbus's men interacting with native americans and it is horrific this religious guy went with them on one the voyages and wrote books about how they would hack off guys arms and they would tell them to bring them gold add to bring their weight in gold if they didn't do it they would hack off one of their arms they do it in front of everybody else to freak them out and it is first the natives were very friendly and once they realize that the natives are friendly and the natives were so weak they they started taking advantage of brutalizing and getting them to acquire golden they would smash babies on rocks like this praise yeah about out horrible horrible horrible shit tat his priest wrote about this a week when we think of christopher columbus we think of this noble sir gentlemen who came over and landed in a man
in a looked regal as he got off with fuckin rosy cheeks and walked amongst the people and declared this american on that bullshit and made friends of the indians but there were a horrible band of monster they also stopped in the caribbean on the way here and there literally committed genocide on entire fuckin island of people they worked them to death same thing like a lady people golden mean anything to them like it was something that they used as you know to decorate or whatever but there was no value the way there was in europe so they gave it to them yeah you want the gold fucking threat over their grabbed the gold and then when they and once they took all that then they made them start working for it and it seems like also at these tribes they encounter they don't these they don't have any concept of large scale slave labour like the europeans did the europeans want what you get you to work for us or will kill you like that i don't think that was i get
that native americans were known form and ass they probably their products are we what are we doing here why we keep digging for gold like what the fuck is going on here yeah they they had weird concepts in terms like what is possession i they didn't have the same sort of concepts of like this being yours like if you left something there he would disappear we just take it for they were there they well that's a thing that i want it's right there and i'm scared take that's not anybody's nobody owns it so it confused the shit out of them when they would get accused of stealing like you there was a whole different in in many of these ethnic encounters apparently there is a whole different like not just the language barrier but a culture bear like understanding what these fuckin crazy white assholes we're doing my whole concept that you still seen in a lot of like middle eastern countries which is the idea of giving too as a host do you know when you come when you come to somebody's home you give them your bad and you give them
food and it you'd need never asked them to leave us as they want to stay and it's all about generosity and whither the western integrity is more about coal acting in owning yeah so interesting and is in that also what we're talking about before that allow long time ago is a lot like living in a place that has unbelievably harsh winters a long time ago your faced with danger all the time and you had to make bonds there to be important so like if you came over my house i'd have to think hey gregg you know those to ship might go down one day in the ship goes down i'm here with you you're here with me we're gonna break bread linen sleep sleep whom i bet i gotcha you're here so like there was like this intense need to form these community bonds today nobody even those with their fuckin neighbour as you think they live like that a thousand years ago fuckin for ashore knew that guy was for sure knew that guy was and everybody would be
look out for some people we didn't know that might be sneaking over the top of the hill does not anymore it's gone so when you talk about gossip we know small towns for a long time ago people guy really was gossipy yeah you know there's an back as a rapist watch out for him hey this guy can vouch for he's a good guy best would gas supplies and you needed to know he knows a freak hawk was walking i don't work at whose jerking off and the girl she was the middle of the night and what did you find the girls right yeah the girls like yellow separated their own heart loose door said emily vague as to people like what we ve become right now now as people who are living here two thousand sixteen it's a weird process has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years and we are just at the end of it
obviously not the end end but were at the front of the line as far as all the history of it all pushing behind us it's hard for us to appreciate how weird it must have been to be our parents were to be our parents parents come here from another country or tits to be someone who existed back when dealing with thirty years old or new dive old age of hardtack at thirty or you get disease or some shit you an arrow that was like a giant prohibited brothers and sisters die from shit like smallpox her and they all skin in a boat and spain and head across the fucking ocean and land in the bahamas marauders those p i just think about landing even the even give you know layer like you know the beginning of the nineteenth century when people were or the twentyth century when people coming from europe you landed in you know manhattan you gotta burlap sir
what some clothes on it and an address of a fuckin second cousin out in brooklyn you don't have to get to brooklyn you don't speak the native language use italian italians are fuck and i hate it when you land your shit nobody wants to help you people realize that today cuz that's what kind of gun away my grandfather's talk about all the time he came over from italy and my grandmother came over from italy on my mom side and they would talk about it all the time how horrible was would call them guinea wops let me would be you'd be treated as like this at a lower level person you know because your italian but then suddenly went away its word jersey shore bright patio real housewives they're getting lops dig there they are the real housewives neuter anyhow we share it is forty because like that italians are in some way
as you know you think about the holy roman empire i mean you and i were both in rome this summer and is mine blowing that you know irrigation started there every major thing started there d well i guess to withdraw whose greek and roman and right that may have that first a who had who created democracy i think it is the greeks that's a greek word but tat is what would you get blown away by what details a cable of you see the craftsmanship of marble work in this country that that italians brought over annie though opera and and then you see jersey shore it such a fuckin we dichotomy of italians can be so fucking dumb and materialistic and yet they are the fucking high point of culture
civilization well in some ways but they were also fucking kids yeah right that's a big part of what they did to yeah they did that allow with make incredible art actually unbelievable aren't incredible buildings filled with statutes that are just beyond compare it is incredible artistic expression but rampant kid fuck right in any way both grew up catholic riah we knew cast our family was we're all catholic everyone around us a catholic we all knew a priest that try to fuckin kid or the arctic kid or you heard about oppressive factor kenya or mama my friend was he went away to some fuckin camp in this though the priest like climbed into bed with them and was trying to grab his hand shovel downs patsy was league literally fighting the guy often running away from home it was of course
easy stories like y hear the catholics i think there's a work ethic they come with it and a service of god thing in a christian soldier thing and then his eyes so all the repression in shame about sexuality that plays out the irish in the same way the irish have you know they saved the bible this book called how the irish save civilization and when the roman empire was being destroyed they were burning everything the bible in europe like they literally destroyed all the bibles in ireland there were the monks that were like no the the wood scrolls called in dublin the whatever their call but they were here and writing bibles by the fuckin thousands and that's with saved christianity why and so and then and then you get into the poets you know yeats in eugene o neill and and you think about
what the irish have offered to this place but the same thing massive kid fuckers had stood than the number of people throughout history that were kids occurs that's what was really weird is egg if you go through history and you know what a which got better ass these i would call it is up to technical word visit having sex with under age boys but it's really common like like throughout human history throughout wrong and the middle east anders so many fuckin instances of great men through in like it wasn't socrates a kid fucker now you mean like how many people quote socrates and then have that caveat but it also for kids
that doesn't it is even a pass on that little noise post fuck heads back then yes people lotta people pride fuck them to those probably sexual exchanges were like without much less rigid idea of what sexual exchanges were acceptable that's not that long ago it has that hundreds of years ago we were just fuckin i'd annually for i fuckin kid is lot animals i think though probably go too far i figure worse would probably fight back the legal i don't know about that i wouldn't fuck a horse they kick your dead that's trail they decide their done yeah i'm not gonna be cool about it then archipelago finish they're gonna do you offer you want to lazy animal yeah you dont want death by female horse or mail or severe in america should probably ed she seems pretty popular shall wear one that would definitely the one you know it's weird that its illegal to kill animals
when you are again do anything but edam like and italy it's illegal to fuck animals i can't fuck em but you can kill him yeah you can eat em but you can't fuck me ass he can't do a dual purpose she can't kill em fuck em then edam because then your fuckin dead animal nets gross i think there might be legal i think it's more legal fuckin dead animal than alive animal don't make because what are you doing then you really just masturbating cause there's not a living thing in your presence it can't be rape of its debt he knows how there's like stages of like how you feel about the dead animal does like one stage one is the live animal right if you fuckin alive annually crazy ass already subject than animal two year stage to you fuckin dead animal like what is wrong with you like why why do you want fuck you forget about whether you should be able to do it but if you kill it and then eat it right everybody's fun
that gives like what you're supposed to do but you can't fuck its body but what if you just jerked off with a chair in cutlet would you rather only deck and so came the road like what the fuck are you doing great like do until it sounds crazy but i feel so good and exclaimed it up then i ate it stay don't you get it takes a by what's this craves us dare now these same fucking chicken cutlet it's all i can think about because he slippery and pre its area of isaf without gmo chickens and wrap writer on your heart hell yeah and its breast get about it being your tip fuck it you know what you do you would take a bag what i'm that block storage bags ia chicken call it in the bag and then he'd up some water to about ninety nine degrees and then you done the chicken cut led in the water
heats up is but a body skin temperature and he just cover their bitch with cable yeah just lather it in there and then you put an oven mid on let wrapped around you shack and crimes against humanity never felt so good yeah you can use gun and you're gonna cut down because you ve tender eyes especially like you don't have to use in animal or you could jerk off for the nice our continent will or oil you you know of a kind of oil has a high flashpoint due to oil jerk off well yes then after dies you don't come near chicken no use of all out that's grow come on you're food but don't be late really green the multiple uses i love it but we can accept the fact that we we want pleasure you know that we want
pleasure from a flashlight as gross you wanna fuck that thing that's grows that we want as your from a chicken cutlets using an animal's flash as a master bayesian too will eat it will sink our teeth into it and swallow it belongs in a world animal will need a cows fuckin milk with israel so where's the rules according to section sixty nine of the sexual offences act two thousand three sixty nine commits a person commits an offence of intercourse with an animal if a he unintentionally prioritize intentionally sees me performs an actor penetration which his penis be what is penetrate is the vagina or anus of a living animal such a afraid so that's not in course with an animal and blowjobs afraid but notice how both of them are he yeah you know you ve been there i presume he doing
then i referred a chick fucking a horse a chick fucking a horse seems totally legal would there be a horse fucking a check them out to check for now that dirty bed she shows a horse with such backs up john keeps him stuck in that's dolly kept back up or go forwards tool against his will articles that has to do with david cameron and prime minister think of when the uk britain this just talking about if he could have gone troublesome happiness and allegations of something in some memoirs about something i'm not reading all of the article i was just reading about he quit his penis in a dead pig head he did that's what it says sorry that's the allegation where he was and university oh so but it was breaking down if what he did is actually a legal or not and you it has to be a day and a morris was a dead anyone this court in this case so for the live animal it sex with an animal
so it's dead animals tat they deal and then we're broke down than it would have mattered where it happened and if someone would have taken a picture of it there's no picture mine and that's all areas upload your also maybe ok dies fucking hilarious where does that we have rules and what we allow you to fuck by you can kill them and eat them but you can't just tell him you can only tell me if you going to eat them just shoot account had lived there wrought even though that's the natural processes and animal falls down ro start eating an rats eat the grass devours it it's you know it decays and goes into the ground but you can't do that the only legitimate floor unless you strap a bit in its mouth sit on it and around fuckin today we'll try you do that then it breaks has lagged any can kill them and had then that is fair and we weird rule rules with how we interact with animals not an
i'm not saying you should go out fucking animals i'm not saying you should be able to i'm not saying you should hope nobody interprets what we're saying is that i'm just saying it is is weird that we make rules about things like that like her was fucking these animals to the point where like we had a right this down i'm the prize is not more animal fucking just think about horny people are and you think about people it can't get laid yo and i just it seems incredible to me that that you don't hear all that maybe just does people find out maybe there's more fucking going on then we really are aware of how many million guileless alone with a fuckin giant dog like one of those big fuckin shit dogs it's weird then i would lessen their cause he's fuck in it greg that so not true sometimes i just have a nice pet dog and they love em
a kiss on the face and they throw the ball form is a wonderful companion but it lee a few guys are out there right now why i'm talking three hundred million people in this country plus mexicans was that number three fifty whatever it is when i even though the number has written and they say plus mexicans not try me is this your welcome here i say it's day that's it s fakir let him stay still fuck the animal but what i'm saying is at a three hundred plus people there is at least one person right now as his balls covered in whipped cream his dogs aw on his balls and he's jerome more than that near released one though like super confident if i had if they said mister redmain would you like to be ten thousand dollars on that being true yes yes it's good my wanderers right now for three hundred million has whipped cream eyes balls and he's jirga
five dogs like this now and then the map so spots in the map what's happening and it would be like those trump states just like you know when you like i can't believe you're all read it be like that's what a black like like the sky like a constellation an entire country would light up would be like three thousand people at the same time that's too much well as partner happening i say it says right here and that those he's the reality is legal in kentucky montana new jersey nevada of core ohio a higher jersey does permit civil unions you can marry an animal you can have a civil union with your animal fifty five percent of the states wherein beast reality is legal same sex marriage is not my god as long as that is insulting the states which do not
criminals beastie algae yet ban same sex marriages are kentucky montana new jersey nevada ohio texas virginia west virginia and wyoming hole lee shed they dont criminal physiology but they have a ban on doing marian dude system misdemeanor and must not other states too what if you you're gay for a male dog right has at work i think they can't do so if you're allowed to marry a dog you could fuck it for sure right now that's all problems of bees duality right or not where's jersey allows for us a civil union amongst people who are gay did allow for a civil union amongst you and your animal yeah how dare you turbid it that way but you know i mean how can how can you say that it's ok to fuck animals which gave you bulgaria marry that that is the way that fact that we let
that stay on the books like everyone needs sit down what are we doing business what is this thing it's ok it's ok to fuck you sheep dog but these two lesbians and gay marriage get our boys at insult and get out away but now its national gay marriage is legal in all states correct is it i think so mean it'll be challenged once troke comes in is illegal in all states federally i think it is right again there was a year ago i think it's federally legal bills states that have issues with that's interesting so it's like the opposite of the private marijuana marijuana being legal and allow states but federally illegal weird systems never get it set out with it it was a lady kentucky she wouldn't she wouldn't personally wouldn't it you the marriage license that's right you're right i mean you're right that was that the crazy lady for jesus jesus don't want now players circular each other off onto the power of my government and they brought in the convention
republican i know she will be here s your goddamn here i'll be around i would have you know and love is the trumps inauguration i see what he's got line for the talent so far mormon abernathy require choir and all of of the raw cats a budget do it i'm sure pretty well democrats i heard i don't is confirmed that the democrats are putting on a concert that same night and i've got spray steam lady gonna fuckin j c and beyond say like literary like fifteen of the biggest names in at him and trumpet such a star fucker this is kill it up how we're the democrats are doing something on the inauguration i like that why that maybe it's not that night but its around then maybe the trunk fuck with them oh yeah totally
well i think it's raising awareness that we have to stay vigilant that you know i don't think we should shut down government but i think that we should make sure that the constitution is being honoured that's a big question right now how how does a cargo from being a reality start being the president men it's almost beyond a match nation like the fact it's real and i keep go opening up cnn everyday gone oh yeah every day the dogs to see comical aware this is the guy oh yeah i won i bet you did about it last night about how we just wanted to move us down don't give my been aware organ suppose it was called the we're the people concept but i'm not seeing there's no tickets for sale right now we the people
four trump noticed that democratic miami is supposedly there's rumours that promoter was gonna book it is called a clock of cox class in vilnius is economic growth discipline arrows was gonna happen but cocksure anybody's ports hilary a cock is called again a guy who was means not just that's why is she our cook if you're white knight in your cock like its new all right speak no share it came other originally from the porn phrase cock hold and which like a guy your wife funny you your excellent ethical like watching it goes back in shakespeare but day they changed it but how is it that their more lining her for her husband cheating when europe has had three wives for women and its first whose whose they deemed right but not a big generalization
well they went after they bride they brought out all of clinton's accident stresses at their public and adventure while was that all p that he allegedly sexually assaulted this little stronger than just mistresses i think its prey accommodation the best of i think they are hours they were woman they were accusing them of rape weren't they were they all i think so but the or accusing it of sexual assault one that wasn't that what's the big deal was it wasn't just that he had affairs with these women near it was that where's like some allegations it's all think that's what it was but it is amazing how much that has again and again to enter list of sexual advances and things like that there's more conceptual advances is in my opinion very different sexual solitary groping dropping possessing
when you say sexual advances like it's always like what is i mean the talk to her cry like grabbing pussies how dare you how dare what is weird is that you know without permission and again defending trump on this one but the first move first move you can either go you we go hard or you can be many gentlemen you now not too many guys are saying may i kiss you you usually is going to try to kiss somebody wrote is what he did not only that can you go when a grab a woman's vagina as your first move can you cut to third can you steal for the second ago right to third who says you can well if it worked it would be a fuck and bold didn't you say they let you was one of you said yes and you get out and about crazy groupies i do i do found it because it's a way to do it like
here's a sitting like iron when i was a teenager there was a girl driving a car and i didn't know where that well but we were like sixteen or seventeen i wash who's driving i put my hand there were like three kids in the bow and everyone is getting high and i put my and on her knee and i kind of worked it i work down the thigh slowly slowly is it ok not santa but it's it's dark quiet and i got i got to her i got her vagina massaged it while she drove then we got to where we're gonna get out of the car i never saw her again oh was that in fact joe rogan immoral not my eyes girls like boys boys and girls thrash you might call a friends our again do check this out does do fingered me all the way home was awesome and i went home and finished maybe you know she finished what does it at home cuts the grab my pussy what he said
girls hot shit in the purple says bush now costs toasted embassies today show i got some take that's just in case i start kissing her trump says and when you're a star they let you do it trumps has gathered by the pussy trump says you can do anything he's been funny you know it's unfortunate that that's you know and people like making this this thing about it being locker room talk is inexcusable cancer locker room talking you can't expect some ones were words when it's two guys talking shit to each other like that to be transferred literally onto like like when you reading it you're reading it out do not take into account there too guy sitting next to each other on a bus talking shit being funny one of them is a fuckin renowned entertainer and his whole thing is about him being is like braggadocio winner and he's he's
obviously playing it up these playing it up to an audience of one not an audience of eighty million or however many people found out about it or more whatever the hell was that read that can you see that as a sort of an insight into his character in terms of showing women from power structure of him happy the power in them not and will not affect how he leads the country for sure that is absolutely away to look at it another way to look at it is he was used to groupies that wanted to do and a lot of them probably dead i think when europe falcon billionaire when you're powerful forget donati but he's also a multi billion as many billions of dollars the type of gold digging hosed muzzle launch themselves in his direction must be like they must have
fight them off here like like thought the hoard in lord of the rings for gonna try and he's worth a lot of fuckin money a gal could just sneak in and take a piece of that you think he's peel half a million here and there for women who heard em like it wouldn't hurt him they would take some nice gonna give you have any sensible sense if he does not and is not a marauder a business marauder because just because he likes money like he likes the whole thing is all of the above that's part of all the above of the massive success he can do whatever you want flies in his jessica billions of dollars got this super hot wife is like he's he's a present in the fucking i'd states now is doing what you mean that standard for his operational procedures does whatever the fuck he wants will it's kind of animal logistic because if you think about it you know that the report
creating is the most important thing and you get to do that as a male when you are the most powerful so indiana kingdom all that everything athletes into being able to fuck the female and so or a guy like that you know to be most powerful man in his own mind means this despoils prizewinner the goes the spoils posses heterosexual had boils down to heterosexual maria with a massive amount of money and power and you know it now is the president what the fuck we'll see what happens it's gonna be interesting they the interesting thing to me it is now there's a guy who has been literally paying off politicians for the longest time giving massive campaign contributions now he's the president himself what you going to do when he gets in there i mean he's even talked himself about how the electoral college is stupid and he's like yeah but we probably should go to the popular vote he goes that would be a different race though
and try to win the race like saying that she won the electoral toil vote or that she won t the popular vote but he won the electoral college rotten she won the popular vote by many hundreds of hours and three million was irrelevant aliens through third forms of s case like he was saying with that's a different race like you could do a popular vote was actually be an easier but it's a different race like if you want to win the electoral college gonna win those states says how goes anything it only did it and she even avoided those states to build clinton's fuckin anxious apparently he was furious at the substance that he threw a cell phone dahlias yelena you gotta go these places you gotta campaign is that she would like those are my people like to any liberals thought they had it in the bag to many liberal style everybody thinks too i think everybody i know thanks it's trapped in president there's people just all throughout those cornfields just so happy so happy when he got office is alot instagram posts that i follow instead
pages you gotta people's pages and it's all hashtag mega hashtag make american grant again ha pickup truck make america green out talk to every one of those mother in two years i wanna talk to all of you face to face and had account don't say that say that because then they gonna blame the liberals in your part of the liberal conspiracy the reason why trump wasn't successful because the liberal back congress try to anarchy the power structure levers no back congress he trap may i worked for wars dotcom fuckin tale you right now the republicans have the right idea if he is not successful he's got the centre and congress and the supreme court and the good guy the gubernatorial control he's got it all that's correct the agendas and go through he cannot blame liberals i hoping with great sincerity that we
slowly phase out the idea of having one individual president i think it's ridiculous i think it goes back to the ancient fuckin primates alpha male king of these vessels used are structured amals occupy that one thrown too many people to make bushes twenty clinton's to stop stop and would have doll trump and then in a few years down the road of song gets anywhere there the next empire and easily get up here you never know it's the idea was great when we first started the idea was great to have one person who is really exceptional have that one person lead but i think that this point time the collective strength of human beings has been demonstrated really clearly in this world the collective strength is far greater when everyone contributes well it's a collective group of mines thinking and communicating about things and people who owe you only do everything
what their way and we have to realise like what's the right way like there's too much debate back and forth about what's the laughed and what's the right and what's that healthy way what's the what's the correct way for like the society to be even and smooth and your kids go to war the school and morning without worrying about someone taking them in eating them like there's this fuckin guy jordan petersen that i have recently was talking about these posters they put up in russia in the nineteen thirty saying don't eat your children whose document marxism in communism and where where can go off or where a lot of these ridiculous posturing intellectuals that claimed to be marxist and understand the consequences the money and he does really really well and so in i talked about the gulags capellan reading about to hold a different thing
happen to people that become indoctrinated into these ideologies and then started carrying out these horrific crimes in the name of omens flock it's terrifying fun and all the people die because a communism like agree looked human history it just a bunch of you getting jacked we'll wait till you saying that there should be a strong leader of their shit his marxism is without a strong leader then why dont think there should be one person i think we should figure out who the top mines as far as people it on a contribute who the top minds are and vet them out have a whole goddamn panel of people like it i like what but superhero movies with ie go till i get a cab america a council of elders somehow right you know those have been always have much why man sitting around it would be glowing from behind like some thought type shit right literally what we need but the elders is the poor
because a law a lot at times these oligarchy become old people like like congress before before johnson men congress was literally seniority every committee in congress was based seniority the oldest mother fucker ran fangs smokers and it was crazy at it in a good totally backlogged any legislation than he came enemy he broke that up so alive the longest he knows the old way knows ways we will continue the old way put your powder wagon i will do it from the logos the powdered wig to our ears day whether like what the fuck are we do look we're unaware brow and our unflagging wig like what i should bring it back forget my hair fell out i'm gone powdered we're with you but the communist media you and me fannys wig luckier fair picture here do their answer
i wear might all its and my son gave me shit about it i don't guess what were six months later is like daddy's too that the family pack i wondered what is where those i'll get him one yet my higher primate were the right ones i give you one of those in ninety i wear it alternative s i'm saying all praise be to dies clay i already me about it yeah why always wore fanny packs everywhere fanny blacks forever but they were crappy dies clay came analyse what is this exceptional piece of hardware you have waste logo or europe does install oh yes it's from roots smells routes fanny back fuckin beautiful way clips together perfect size or shit my pockets transmitting ring lickety rang no phone is years when i take everything out of my pockets wherever i go and i lose shit roma shorts does not know my part man said i wore a fanny pact this morning i get a sports one because i ran good
i put it around my ways sports ones of other ways at my paths while running this morning do not hard just then it was a short cut up the hill i was in mile for had nothing left eye and i thought i the fort and just bad shouted my underwear i did that them a house diesel squirt and went up jesus christ till such a failure but i had some good farts before that have on pierre got motivated because out of you are you're on a role at some ramblers seasons and it was just be the cover from nowhere was pausing and leaning in them and then i just fuck catch a shower that's a shower but it was an interesting because it was soon as i got on board all of a sudden i had explosive diarrhoea unlike where
this year i guide had no idea that's of diarrhoea was looming writing as hardy aiding probably well reims ensure what also go off and dying sardine like imply an ice cream and not a cream yeah but a lot of bread i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich last night the ultimate failure because your job as a human is to provide your family and not shit your pants if you think about it all the time every time you fart you there's a little moment where you way and on it you feel it out failure passenger failure ain't as you make a judgement call and you let a rift what's interesting if you think how tuned in you are to the sensations you get from your inner colon because
times you know oh no i'm about to shit my pen theirs i got there is a certain alarm that goes i like working like oh no no we're consumers too hard here ok with me a boys we got a runner we're gonna sit we ran painterly cathy plaza yea again clamping down it's the same exact feel and that you get when you try to hold come in that domo shaped like an unreal barbaric clamping everything in like that i've always say one diameter tantrum i'm gonna learn how to live completely guy so that you can have like an internal orgasm you're you're contraction so long that you combat now come comes out you might just absorbs it and it makes you like supersize power near i've choke loan back while scattered grabbed the base right before him soon he's really it's gotta be long enough where it begins but that's along at it
i pushed it back in again but what if you cause an injury yeah that's the problem was he get crazy and you just really grab it so i've only done it a couple times the mochi broke your own dick but you grab it too hard god damn life would not be worth living can you imagine that not having your dick come any more for the rest of your life and knowing that what per cent of your life revolves around getting rid of come once a day ok but once a day so if it wants a david's eve forty five minutes of your time though the twenty three hours in fifteen minutes or bullshit you thinkin like this is what i can't i can't is that a balancing might do a lot of guys have to choose between being blind or haven't you dick break where you dick can never get it up again oh no question what would you say gimme the fucking stick in the dog
he immediately we wonder glasses barbaric very soon prestige and he's and laid after the shell man i was driving like night now listen to that song you know sometimes you go to your phone and you look at it i too like recently added like i forgot about this i listen to some what school stevie wonder analysis superstitious off i was until it three times in a row last night coming from the communist or say god damn that songs good air he made some of the gray i mean just any time somebody can take soul and funk and bring it together to me is like we are talking about alas i was talking to dean thou re about soul and fuckin earth winded higher and who died can t say sly and the family stone when you get there
pound in that fuckin base and yet little will fuckin fast guitar goin yeah man but while map by one up milsom amazing tire music unlike the sixtys and seventys i sometimes i want wonder if we have so much maisie that were constantly crank and now how many people go back and check somebody else how much great shit just got come miss miss without a bruno mars is bringing back that sound aloud he doesn't cool shit did i ask that sound he's got some great shit charge can view nor am i think i mentioned to you it's almost second a funk album now really people expecting a hip on mountain from cadets what he does usually but its falada like funk idyllic what it would be interesting to drive you liked it yeah it's really good we sober that's the concept of twelve
of edibles for but idle that got the city recently about my mom for christmas you understand what he just said twelve hundred milligrams of edibles he did how much my child labour twenty i like twitter i sure enough dark brown you that was a thousand colonialism could be a crazy cancer they did this treaty experience so i was gonna go in you have to fight at a point where we are waiting for it to hit never hit see his the jamie has some weird constitution or edible we doesn't work on him where ever hit out i don't think so he was always a little high that's the problem is like his his constitution is like a dude low doses edibles all the time so i think when you jamie a high dose of vegetables his body was unknown to do this and you i just cleared away interesting it doesnt work on him he's an alien her to do
we fought take more than joe ideas he has given me plenty and i've done it he gave me eight hundred during a show and he was on here and i however nothing happened you never like gets too hot air but here's the thing he gets high when he smokes it super kiev to smoke a lot to get high not necessarily know it's totally normal in that regard here like normal again we're all sit around pass in a joint he would the same allows anybody else and we just we will be looking into the room there's been many a park ass we ve done including the beginning of this one as starts airline whoa i don't even know if i should be talking right now barely holding the words of their coming out of my mouth in forming in the right way it's like their little fucking clay that are running out of my mouth and i'm gonna like formula for your had aunt shaw go up barbecued why you upside down no we'd it seems to be getting stronger this ellie speed we'd like a census big i want to know what's going on like since
legalization it feels like the weed went up a bump wiper maybe he asked furl less less than strongly like i wanted back and like whatever else get back in ohio like middle mid we will we commits us right back to the middle ages gimme some those like five vanished basic now that's not what i wanted i wanted why you should miley ethically yeah mild even have it now you use i take little baby hits but the problem everybody likes taken a couple here i got a funny thing i take a couple heads but like last night the common to our my way too far way too it says that i will you i never get i try not to get too high before the show i got ever it is high i got before they show before stand up so i like to be like right where i am now why was high couple hours ago and then go on stage but that's the way the best way to do it but afterwards everybody would just passing joints
system since its legal now everybody just goes out there are just pass enjoy tamenay wants moves faggot and wrong why with his contraptions at the fuckin pen he's got a joint he's got his own to kill anna cigar larry's who joe home i don't know somebody did no one apple last night but it was talking about how we left now slap my truck back here came back and got it some animal we need more people can flask weakens in our constitution my dad had a constitution you know did john in would be the last guy drunken then i'd be a drink whisky and he'd be the first i sat and he was on point for ever thing if you relate he was like what the fuck i got a body of mine whose firearms enthusiast in vegas budding injustice no justin just legit giant is like seven feet tall like three hundred pounds a gun not and he can put
booze away like nobody's business reservoir he's a legitimate hundred pounds bigger than making as i can't compete with i'm just liver wise just like volume why's he just wait bigger his body is burns through it compounded were drank and he just he's it just is way too big inexperienced he just put it away what is drank makers and coke always makers and coke always make as a cover you know what to get em you have asked areas where there and if he gets a meal does he have to while is usually giant he's this it is guy the world to super super good do so he's he's in four two entrees at a meal dude we feast in vegas you gotta place was a play he told me there brazilian place you took me our folded chow yes there we ve been to the text eyes we go to one there's a bunch of good steakhouses i got cry stake in strip steak
forms the m gm and one albums mandalay always forget which ones which crafts statism gm right that was dish it is wanted palm i then called nine who saw goodyear plays an amazing that place amazing pig you see this weekend dude tomorrow our yet of sea region nears eve now it's the day before new year's eve to not compete with nears it's the thirtieth so friday night which super super rare and it's the return of run rousing fishing fighting she's fighting the champion amanda nunez very intense match up run around in train like a fuckin demon man ass he has crazies cannot frightened so are you doing to show why you're out there no not this time out just gonna hang out with some friends in town i dont want always do shows like tomorrow i'm going to work out with marked dellagrotte a kickboxing trainer the real good buddy minor worsening of say he's gonna be there so
we'll do the wagons go get some knee and go to jim wax and paths round vice just relax take to weaken our can i come in to read the winds one day which this where usually it's friday but every thursday now and then the fighter on friday night and indeed you much perhaps you have to like review stats and stuff also the prep i do i just do naturally believe it or not because i'm just curious but the fights because another coming up so like we did a breakdown show on monday on monday we did a breakdown show we went over the key and i'll do more that on my own but a sally anybody asked me to do it and it's not like i'm do it because i want to do it i do i'm doing because it enhances my appreciation of the fight by little bit about each dude watch fumes old fights go alike does this look how she does that or disguised gotta get one good position let me get he gets indisposition finishes gas so it's fun to do it from that perspective like so then when i'm watching the fight
i've got a kind of an understanding of how the least how they used to move in a six months ago a year ago people get better quick to as gas either weird thing about this world there are many worlds changing so fast like the level of athletes is moving in such a fast direction these guys keep getting better and better and better and better and better and they're all get better so it's hard to tell but if you compare like a top level athlete of today verses atop of lovely of vienna too years ago that's when you see this dark gigantic differences in an eu of sea started in ninety three in comparison to two thousand sixteen stark crazy differences we can i can i see guys stay at the top is long think well some guys can or some girls can you know depending on how good they are some people have massive advantages that are very difficult to overcome like anderson so when he was in his prime heiresses had a massive advantage in timing and speed and creativity and striking whereas he defended on the ground it was difficult to take down
got him down is pretty good defensively with his guard but standing up he's a goddamn genius who was a virtuoso and he would just like move audio and do weird shit do and playing catch you with a front kicked the face or something and he would time you figure you out fine you distance and then land i'm crazy shit on your fuck you up and he did it to so many people so when a guy like those at the top he's so truly exceptional one particular aspect of the of the game a lot of time they can go on a good run you know so it's it's hard target really going to run like to meet you as mighty mouse johnson probably on like the longest run as a champion now i think it's the only this run the most windows champion figures are he might be like up there with anderson anymore wins and then maybe john jones and there too what weight is he he's a small sky he's one twenty five he's a fly way champ and police in my opinion he's the best pound for pound guy
if you look at like he's deadly small than the guys who can move differently because it's not so weighed down by gravity so it's a geek it's very difficult like look at his movements and say well each compare him took out for me she overdue miss turner forty pounds like for more hampered down by gravity liquors is body just has to push around so much more is no wake and move with the kind of fluidity garlic mighty mouse can and what's that guess guy that mighty moussa fight anderson silver ten fight when stricken demetrius johnson is at eight right below jor saint pierre which that night at nine i think this is as of july can also dmitri defenders title again so his tie with george saint pierre for second place so lets you know like a girl again a perfect example soup or tug john jones another one perfect example john jones is ridiculously talented athlete aside when you have these are really really town two guys like extreme outliers they'd they tend to be able on rules also because when you fight them it's terrifying
cause you know you're stepping in there with the alpha is doubly and therewith anderson sylvan is primary bows dealing like oh my god what the fuck am i got myself into the you pop yourself for it and get yourself thinking like down the fuckin man now but like when you actually across the street from the man and euro each other i die and you realize like that's anderson mother fuckin silver about this tap into the ring step into the octagon rather with the best ever he didn't have said on the edge of a tall buildings so tat for them to get over that it takes us for strong mind as to be able to fight at your best whether not your best as aid even good enough that's another aspect of the fight when it they're not your best is good enough is really secondary because you're not to be able to be at your best you can we so freaked out and so fuckin nervous your time he's gonna be off you dreadful and it's gonna be fuckin puppet through your veins you might get adrenaline dumps you might tyre out a second round a yellow energy resources yet a man
your anxiety and your face and a goddamned engines like a real live superhero character can he seeing all of those weaknesses emu he sees everything he sees it think too when you start moving around when you are move around with them he had move around with you and you see how you move whether you move slow like you would take us time who take his time then just open up on guys fascinating to watch him because he would dissect eyes he had seen sexting guys he bouncing around a move any changes footwork he would like throw a little fake your way and see how you react could hit you right there ok i see what's going on here and then you do some stuff in areas like not not today with that and you would see him doing calculations in his mind and setting up traps and then somewhere in the second round he would attack and when he was in his prime images dawning to behold areas right now i stand by this guy hands down
just barely moses had otherwise i just time adam is try figure than flap pops when the job and drop some you watch and all this in slow motion to unfortunately but this was what he thought you should know commie mean he was just an assassin back then he was so good that's when it was the midway champion and he wishes lighting people up in their man if you don't let me i realise that are on his feet i don't give a fuck did go to mrs over highlight real savings fauna he didn't he didn't give a fuck if you are on your feet like you're gonna get knocked out against him and his prime that's it was his out did he would stand with anybody mini stand up was so exceptional but he still fighting yeah i still fighting but he's forty forty or forty one now and that's the only fucking thing in the world is undefeated as father time and just check this shit out this is him when he was in his prime but slides either the way drops out do with a punch may just had
way of moving let's see deceived you have to highlight real not just this one fight us highlight tribute i say this is the same fight couple times in a row this guy had a real good chance to get some travis looter there's a bunch of people that he fought the showing that he was so goddamn good ass travis looter caught in a trial again elbow had he just was at that time in particular here the next level striking because we had never seen anybody who had like real world class striking hills in the middle way division like anderson did he just had special bg mme urges rounded his bow it is amazing while he was just with exceptional truly exceptional physically strong for sure but the big thing
in addition wasn't like how biggie was it was just how how technically was and how why how brilliant his ability to figure guys out was this is a guy who fought namely murray lee mary is a guy who put on the biggest bank robbery in the history of the great of great britain deck i stole hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly from a bank ends in jail i think in morocco now because of it but he was an assassin too and they they two men up and anderson silva let em on fire yeah just fucked him up to stood right from leg leg kicked shit out of beat his ass took his best shot he was so good so you friends with silver i know my see him he doesn't speak english tat good but i was given a hug zoom he's very nice guy near and again the greatest of all time if your phone sport my opinion like that guy when he was in his like whatever is like a few year period where someone can exist at the highest of our p and when he was in the highest of europeans the argument is really between him and
we state or million anko who fond pride i think fate or is a real possibility like i could stay deftly could see the argument that he was number one and said anderson but it's really icu fuck knows they find different organisations if a different people and i think the town levels probably little bit better in the sea but is arguable that it wasn't because you know he was frightened croak up in his pride i'm in no gara in his prime and fade or for some of the all time great at their best and beat him so it's it's arguable that he fought a tougher range of opponents so maybe it's arguing that favours accomplishments or more impressive because the opposition is far was bigger more dangerous in fact croak up when croak office just an assassin smashing people not can anybody dead and he walked down and out kickboxing mostly
it's mostly what the fight was about so when you get to know these guys like i'm sure you're more friendly with some than others do is that hearted effect here the way you call the fights in terms of being critical it can be i try not to make it though a try really hard to be as objective as possible about what i'm saying is sometimes we will get upset like that i'm friends with because i'm talking about things that they're doing wrong or things that are going wrong for them and so they'll think that brooding against them and it might look i'm not now say something you have conversation with mike dude i'm not running s like this is what i'm seeing i'm seeing this like i'm seeing you i know you were thinking that you're winning this part of the fight or you're thinking of being hypercritical but i have to say it if i'm seeing it try really hard to have a point i'm not a critical persons are like mocking someone for no reason or did dirt
talking in a negative way about their technique for no reason it's only because it's not it's happening i wonder buddy you know pointing out the momentum of the night and on us i want to know what's going on it's wrong like silk as year your job as a commentator is now just takes to say what's happening and talk about what's happening but in emma it's also to explain things like i have to explain certain things like that are critical in a fight like slick say if someone gets kicking the leg really hard a few times you seem start the limp and i have to point out that i see him limping now there's gonna be huge issue he tries to shoot in if you want to move away he's gonna hinders mobility it's very imports are then the people at home now they go ok well that make sense oh yeah look back is limping oh shit get hit nonsense but again now is on the ground again i gotta can get up like i see it now so you know you know
peer a story tat gets you also you're you're talking about a mathematical problem is essentially a problem is being duped out like this literally like force problem it's like this verses this do you trying to get their faster you trying to hit harder in the better positions the geometry of the human body it trying to accelerate towards the vulnerable areas and do it better so one of the best ways to do and then is a science and art behind doing it in the best way and it's my job to explain that science and art the best i can live in motion whilst all happening i can't be biased i try very hard to not be because it's really important i point out both sides and sometimes people accuse you of it and i swear to god if if you do feel that i'm doing it is absolutely not intentional i try very hard to try to be as balanced and
by us as i can walk explaining exactly what i see playing our meeting with my friends i see my friend getting fucked up and unlike his can't drop that right hand he's drama that right hand the guy step into the right and he's gonna catch him and then bull when they catch him like fuck but you see it happening sometimes before they can see it does that ever effect how close you yourself get to a fighter no no not respect them all very deeply in one eye and i don't really get friends with a lot of em an idea i want the best for all of them in that how's contradictory it sounds like impossible if someone who think like if they fight that burden and they that person and you like that person but you like them a euro you're a trader or something or like why how can you talk to that person you talk to him he's my mortal em but look man i hate the fact that you guys are enemies i don't know how much of his real how much but you do have a press but i'm not happy with it but i like the guy he's a good guy guy i can be friends
somebody that you're not friends with i give you have some guy that you don't like you would have to have a good reason you know like somebody fucked you over can be like uncompetitive reason like guys who fought nor bitter about it you i mean i give it was it like you too about some guy fucked you over and business dios i might add our fuck that you know what it's like i did something wrong just a competitor that fuckin guy i try to follow my arm in a bomb fuck here melody oh your dress here you know that's with a lot of fighters they develop these like very these deeply sort of conflicting relationships with it with fellow fighters can get to most of them because any gonna have to find out more yeah some guys don't give a fuck some guys become friends with guys than one fight them how yeah and it has were chasing stories that happening lotta guys loggers done their luggage i started out friends and because they had a fight each other like john jones and shot evans i was a big story i grew shot evans's like john jones bigger older brother and
real class and then now when john fought for the title he fought for the topics were shot was injured and john on the title john stepped in on short notice one the title and then it became possibility of one they were shod fighting john for the title and then they wound of getting wreck super bitter about it and not like each other and more generally really interesting to watch that's just one example there's a lot of guys who are close close guys close their bodies with each other they get and then they get the fuck out of each other their credit not get close it's like with comedian syria type were hanging out of the store and like i can't talk like so what you tell me about like he hates being called a legend who so that i might say oh zero version here don gavin now i mean and appoint was illegally well i don't want to get to know just tone it was wrong why and i
he is he's alleges lodge and could i think he got he got it intro of being a legend the other night no saying to me i fuckin hate that because you know i'm in here scrap and like everybody else you know these lineups are killed like the line up the other night was like it was delete you and ham and digest the americans need and decide on any given that you want to be called the legend because that just immediately puts you on a shelf instead of in the fight so anyway he said to mean a reason i want to say it is i can see may taken out of context and grow like oh you hate being all the ledge but if you like i can i've been called that by young comics and dislike don't call me a fucking and because i presided and earn a second of all like i'm still play the game i'm still on the roster here serve to be but i was just thinking like you can have that conversation with somebody who's not doing what we do because it's almost sound like like your full yourself
doing the fighters spry things it they can only talk to each other about that they could never talk to stray people about because they just have been their overshort hetty knock it closed other fighters are you might have deaf to fight one day firstly when there's a lot of guys in the same way in the same camp which is very beneficial because if you get a bunch like really good gallic team alpha males approve example that this law all these guys that around one hundred eighty five to one or fifty five pound way class blaylock really illegal and one twenty five even but a lot of you the guy's norway classes and i'll training other they never mind each other here then they had a big falling out can t j d russia on the title and he left team alpha man went the denver and now they don't like each other like this so much camaraderie and and and teams and and like this it's weird sort of tribal bonn that goes with teams and other teams pete against other teams that i like gangs
in a lot away a lot of ways but you know they're not they're not criminals that is a bunch of dudes that are bonded together and women too not a fuckin serious hard core women and sport now like theirs like amanda nunez the world champ and she's a first openly gay anime fighter champion rather first opened the gate emma may champion and she's the women's one hour thirty five pound fighter she's one's gonna fight run arousing where she from she's from brazil but she lives in florida trains and american top teams like the big camp wounds like there's a few big camps are throughout the world but my comes like italy level emma fighters like whose the biggest among them it's between jackson's and albuquerque new mexico and miami market opting pages have so many fuck elite for her to train with people if she's a good denial and many whose appear now sure but she fuckin fights with due to its agenda
spargo dude i'm sure that a lot of em do almost all women spar with toots lilies somewhat and that's the most the deuce at least in high level camps are very respectful like they're not you then i don't try to hurt a woman and a date that the best people in the best camp now realized the the damage that you taken sparring it's like a frequent conversation now as i too not spar hard dyke sparring should almost be like technical and playing unlike very light so you not damaging your body not taken unnecessary shown kick a leg will you kid little bit in the legs of bad weather promised ahead as the real problem and even taken up in the leg is no no reason to kick someone full blast you know you kicked back full blast you don't need to kick a person formalised and so these big teams the more talent you get in like one way class the more you get
bunch of shark circle in the same seal or whatever the fuck you whenever they analogy would want like yet better more competition better interaction as long as there's a good camaraderie between all the fighters but it so hard to maintain almost always wind up get mad each other so many fuckin hit somebody after practice is in some way some thing with a gun have to fight some days they they talk to each other and also i mean i'm sure you know a lot more about this than i do but the people that will be drawn to a sport like this might be contentious people they might be people that have pretty good size ego is an hour maybe a confrontational and so those p large necessarily always interact that well with others quite a few of them for sure but you be amazed as one of the more fastening things about mme you'd be amazing many college educated very reasonable rational people just view it as the ultimate extreme values whether it be out riding a fuckin snowboard off the top
the mountain dropped off and a helicopter and you go down the side of a clear for its visit those kind of people those kind of extreme athlete people that my got to be a max riding or might have gotten into a lot of things that we don't think ass being like violent aggressive but their ultra risk taking sports and the reward that comes from doing like a flip when it when you you know ex jumping in you flip through the air and land anyway that's all i'm cheating death thing and those same people i think a lot of like elite ones are getting there getting interested and possibly competing may and taking that risk and challenging themselves in that way solution lotta like very smart people man here it's and i think that at the highest level you have to be smart you talk to a girl of john and he might make some poor decisions with his legs parties align is kind of crazy but he's very smart we talk and you look in his eyes in whether or not he has access to the same vocabulary as christopher kitchens did now
maybe not but he's a fucking genius in fighting he knows that figure people out he knows how to fight under pressure is good as anybody alive and when you talk to him he's very engaging he's not in any way stupid he's a very smart gun he has his interests in his focus and if he is his focus in his interest we're in intellect she'll pursuits if if that was really what stimulated him and made him want to do not follow through on something like that who showed me we got an idea i think it's really easy for people to sort of discredit someone in someone's intellectual capacity just because i wasn't i went intellect i was just talking about in terms of alpha status that it is hard to put a bunch alpha people near each other without a little bit of ah he now bang thus yes but my point is that less than you would think it would be much more camaraderie and much more social like very reasonable interaction gentlemen interaction that you would imagine gas much more that but the promise
alexander macgregor comes long talks mad shit he liked the world on fire and everybody wants talk shit now and i get it i get it i mean it sells itself paper view good for this boy they wonder why money if they talk shit rude they just released this thing on someone did it on how much conor macgregor he sold more paper views a year then the entire roster combined you compare all the other fights of like forget how it was done with branded shop sent to me these aren't you jim now lies i saw finally what kind of money retired in about a career i don't know gets paid out unannounced i don't know how much he gets per paper view but look at this the entire ross who drew three point three to report to a three to three point two million in two thousand fourteen conor mcgregor drood double that on his own in twelve months while gnp hole
erected for the most paper view buys in total because yet how produce more than tat carcano hold holds basically every other paper view record gregor has drawn and insane six point eight five million buys and just fifteen months holy shit wow and twice as many buys in one year than the entire you have see roster in two thousand fourteen just his fights so where's run what's he make it why that's a good question gum you're saying recently that he wouldn't fight unless it's well actually need ideas was saying that he would fight rather who was his opponent in the last not this last fight which is eddie avez the fight before that there was a rematch with nay nay even the first five and then not is a real close fight the sacrifice conor wanted decision
dates and that he will fight lesson is twenty million box and lobby will say well that's too much he's not gonna u pay that i don't i don't know how much like how much he is there like slits leg of this work will be twenty million in purse or in endorsements or arbitrary purse but his paper you separate than purse right well though nano paper he's based on purse curse is based on paper but you get points or you get a piece of the action or you can get a guarantee rights over it's gonna be guaranteed save that's what he said obviously i'm not a mathematician we know this right so we said twenty million bucks that's as we want to fight for if paper views sixty hours hummers aghast let's say sixty and they say they sell a million paper views which is an excellent number sixty million dollars so sixty million dollars he wants a third of that right off the top and then you got to think what i was going to fight conor conor going to take one slash three of that to write at least he's going to he's going to take less than eight what's up
now and then go if so if he's got if i can cod is gonna take probably even more than that right so it's twenty and what twenty five whose others less for the eu of sea then those two guys who that's how in boxing that's how it is in like if you look like the purses for like a lot of boxing matches the way they have it described is like the biggest if i may well get alliance share the purse and everything else gets less included the promoters i got you didn't take it sales which surprises couple million they ticket sales are probably pretty substantial romania where it is to live at seventeen point seven million so they go seventeen point seven million a massive square garden right and then what about that giant vegas place that the t mobile arena in vegas that's a lot more people when that sells out what are you saying seventy million for one five one night ticket sales ass square garden holy shit yeah so there merchandise right but that's there's right causes but the seas than about the fighter the egg i don't think i mean maybe
it's the fighter sellen of asylum conor merchandising different story then they should definitely get a giant check it out and how much they get and then this is an including sponsorships well there's no sponsors right did you see has responses in the octagon mean atoms movie sponsors instead of as for the fighters is really no sponsors to carry into the octagon with them the only sponsors reebok people have a deal with monster energy drink again yes he gets put hats on after they win not always in the usa muslim in belgium or unless they have a monster energy drink deal she also has a deal with but it's it's it's velvet it's really for the longest time they did they had it all over their short they would wear that whatever they want they would wear tee shirts coming into the octagon based on but then they signed this deal with reebok and lobby burps out about it after where reebok stuff now ok it's caught point of shore a lot of money it is for a lot of fighters for lahti fighters it's like it was hundreds thousands of dollars so so
in terms of like how much money is left then i come much does it cost to run a global organization like that how much does it cost to keep the restructure live how much does it cost to upload everything to paper view how much is it higher all these people how much does it cost to put that production together ass old eyes right so if it's always sixty million bucks and then fifteen million bucks from obviously i don't know there's gotta be international shed took they sell it internationally all over the world i mean the seas everywhere so big fight like nate diaz encounter macgregor doesn't gis cell in the united states it sells everywhere i don't think that's all included i don't know how they work that shit out but my point is when someone says he wants twenty million dollars that might makes sense or that might might not make sense like i don't know the numbers are and also yet taxes i can you make it all that money if your brain and all that money you gonna pay taxes on them and who pay the taxes does you have to pay the tax first then pay the fighters eta what's left do they all act as private contractors that's a good question but i dont know
is far like how much money they making i think forgot economy gregor the correct answer would be a fuck load he's making fuck loads and i went to five it's a year he's fighting that often but he's is probably fought in the last twenty four months how many how many times you fight last way for months what are you crazy iran beat although he beat seaver although and then nay deified any alvarez twenty fifteen one two three times in time fifteen through time the twenty sixth yeah that's right that's a lot of five fifty million a year every four months like that is very high on your body very hard in your body hard to do some guys like cowboy cowboys ronnie he lives off that we love sick about if you break down the numbers though and granted and it fell
or nba has a lot more revenue coming in but you're also pan and the nfl you got what forty four guy as on the team is interested in these raiders all that fuckin shit you should look at the number was put up a number of revenue they the amount of revenue that bring in versus the of say it's hilarious identifies like three hundred seventy five billion the seas like to hear i mean really the differences fucking preposterous i'd like find out there's a chart like a graph that they can show you that somebody put together that shows you the ba the nfl major league baseball and emma as i below hockey and you know that poor and used to be all of them put together nba nfl all of it and cbs nbc and abc as land all the major movies all too either dwarfed by porn and now it's gone out all gone i mean the avian awards at its height i hope
did it when it was seven thousand people in the audience on shore time now it's like two hundred losers in a room with an open your hosting it yeah it's over woe i should say that i do want to disparage unless you say it smaller than it used to be i just thing to do an awesome craft work now now it's the unifil love of the art i think sounds different i mean i for me it's all about japanese hidden camera massage porn that's your shit here because it's real i gotta see shit it's real casting couch gas t than a lot that is real that's u art i like zeal nerve i want to see the girl little bit nervous lesson i want to see the transition in her eyes from i'm auditioning for a pajama commercial i'm too making it taking it hard on camera wanna see to people that are you know too into it
i want to see the odyssey somebody get taken for a ride somebody just gets hoodwinked yellow the massage thing there get the regular massage from a woman and it's a good massage you can tell the laser like practice misuses and then i'll suddenly just get there their there they're on their stomach and they they get up in that asked craig a little bit and they get down in the valley and you can see and they ve a camera on the woman's face and above and below and usually somewhere else and they keep it on the floor as you can see the eyes open and kind of look around and i'm telling you fuckin me a pharaoh whose a great actress jane fonda couldn't prick ray this dunaway face dunaway could not portray the subtle nuances coming around to being suddenly fingered by misis soothing thrill i defy anybody
i will i will send you clips that are undeniable i think you should take that and run with it just don't look to anything that points to the contrary right why what why would you what is lacking in power is perception so our reality empowering to think the death stage and you just being tracked by some odd enthusiasts you people that need the money now you want to it is a real massage absolutely round eyes finger in her and playlists lemons angering her dick will now at last us intervention because that seems raby raby but what if his land down the grudged start second deck nad yes from a girl i guess massage we're gross registered blown em well see you know a woman pleasure in another woman ok i suicides yeah like it taxes you are likely to see everyone out a good deck everybody out a good you know the misuse is getting paid handsomely she know she's on camera pasta lesbians i most women are they don't get a chance to explore it is much while strong words
some hidden cameras and they receive we're really happens i can't believe same i believe that all women had the propensity for ireland has lesbian isn't because it soft there being touched in a general way the way i do it i do my lesbian stuff lesbian bikers die here that's my style on a hardware wilkins woodstock fuck india employs amerigo lesbian biker monsieur unlike our lesbian fuck you if she was mad with a strap on she's man angry you were flirt with a guy a pizza thought such as falconer you did she the energy yeah she's got lagoon strap i would like little like a dog course with as little buttons silver snaps cops and place pierre big green dick i think she probably heated up in the water just like that
can cutler trick i told you i can't wait to get home we have found a great fitzsimons displacing pool do tell me where did you get your tickets one more time fits dot dot com also check out the podcast fits dog radio numbers have been shoot not the last six months have doubled my doubts i do not know what the fuck happened broadcasting is super power in a big man general due to come back gonna make you came always new year's day two thousand sixty out some let's do it soon bear a mom around for a while i love it soon epoch s awesome debts still on serious as well as i do on serious monday nights at five o clock p s tea and in today's are those shows ever available online yes there on the after the serious eyes up and also their letting me released the old serious episodes now on the pod cast so i got it i get brine wilson from the beach boys come up nor mcdonald budget
right so cool they do that's a very powerful move by serious gave them the congratulations serious account thank that's a great companies how it should be done that's a very cool thing they did have been there for eight years i've never gotten one note about do this downright no fuckin know right now outside of catalan great fitzsimons store night i'm not new year's eve cobb's manufacture just got me hawk yeah that's a goddamn as one of the great yeah that's where the baskets to fun when i thank brother expand by everybody see next week no ads today fuck it no ads before or after doc musical wardrobe and by
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