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#896 - CES Review with Young Jamie

2017-01-10 | 🔗
Joe chats with Young Jamie about his recent trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see what's coming out this year.
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dot com use. The code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements boo. This episode what is a rap up a review. Do as it were, of Ces, which is the computer electron This consumer, rather electronics, show and uh, it's just me and young Jamie and a young Jamie, went down to Ces in Vegas and he's sick, now, because you just doing blow and banging hookers at punching people know he didn't do any of those things he went and explored all the different stuff that we have that they have rather available and all the different new innovations in new product that are coming out, and we talked about him and some other shit too. So without any further ado, young Jamie and the Ces RAP Wrap up the Joe Rogan
experience trying my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day, Yee HAW Alex gentlemen. It's the Ces rap up with young Jamie, hey, hey! So You decided to go to the consumer. Electronics, show this big gigantic expo that they have in Vegas every year. It's like the show for new computer. Gadgetry everything like anything, you'd see it like a fries or best buy from all the way down to anything. They would be in a car anything in a kitchen, anything in a bedroom. Anything can summer, electronics, basically, so the show is essentially everything. That's coming out, all the if it's on its way out things that have just been a noun I think, and then I think, most of the stuff that supposed to be coming out for sale. This year ok, so some of it is we were just about to get into it, but we, like God, you gotta, save for the podcast. You were saying
but some of it, you think, they're kind of bullshitting. I saw a lot of things that I just say they might not be ready or their prototypes, and just I gotta car show two. There are some things are just showing you like. This is what we can do right now. This isn't even what's going to be available. This is what we can do. Maybe if there's a lot of interest will make it. For instance, there is this a really cool laptop that has three screens on it now. So it's a gaming laptop that you can get some sort of crazy, but they were just prototypes. So into him. Just got stolen last night or two days ago after the event, so they're trying to get at them, take him back, so they still pro sometimes I don't know how that could have even happened. Oh how gross, how gross to think that some nerds are thieves right. Would you like to think that like whoever you like, whoever you have to be to be an innovator in technology and electronics. You would have to be some super fucking smart,
You would think you just leave every room open with people like that. What do you like to think that I would let you know for sure you'd like to, but it's accounting world come through, but that's fucking doing I'm balls deep into her house of cards right now. First season pair, I didn't know, there's so many seasons. It started in twenty twelve yeah. There's three. Three seasons, I think, that's it I think so yeah, so they take a long time to make a season yeah. For sure I mean I think they completed it and then they shot the whole thing. Then wrote it again. So there's a little cock, it's good God. Damn show dude almost boiler, largely anything. Don't you dare you, son of 'em, how many episodes are there? I think probably eleven or twelve in each one. So thirty, five ish thirty sad damn it's a good show.
That Kevin Spacey is mother Fucker who upset about it, hoping that you, don't you tell him, nothing is the dumbest shit ever is discussing a show. You know like today. In this day and age, it's not like you talk about loss 'cause. It was just on the air and we watching last? That's how recent this dvr thing in this streaming thing has begun we watch lossed. That was long ago, man and everybody waited until it came on the next week and you could dvr it, but you didn't didn't, didn't watch wasn't there even that they even did things weird where they would show like three episodes and then take a four week break and then to show two more and then take another break. Remember how that would work, and then I think the writers strike happen in the middle of it too. So there was a longer there's a little. I think I came in the lost. I think I got the dvd of like the SEC.
Like when the second season was out of the first season. I think that's how I got it. Actually, I kind of trying to remember now I really enjoyed it up until the end, but I'll know If we get this one moment, there was just one moment where they were all standing around this pond and it was. Sump on that. Like brings you back to life or some shit like that, and they were like. I don't remember what the scene was, but it was something insane and they're sitting there with their arms crossed like waiting for their turn to talk. With the scene, was so flat and fake was like wait a minute. You guys in front of a magical lake right now, you're, not freaking, out like this This is how you respond. You just standing there with your arms crossed, like you just do their magic Luke, whatever the fuck. It was I was like. I can't do this anymore. I can't do it anymore, plus they killed Charlie once they killed Charlie. It was to not penny's boat such a sad
yeah such I was really impressed by the best episode of the whole show that whole they tide everything together. That was really good, great show that was up and at the end, then those like he's, like ok, we're good just happens with shows right. It's like relationship, sometimes just ok. It was great. They were getting enough now, fucking zombies enough this enough, ogre's enough. That It's kind of how I am with game of thrones no offense to those. How do I know well enough of the dragons? Don't shut your mouth, that's the one I have lost any enthusiasm for, but I, how tell you you world was so good. I got sucked in so quick and the possibilities are so fascinating, 'cause their their timeline. Jumping and it's just it's really interesting to me. It's kind of they didn't
they weren't up for many golden globes on that. But HBO didn't win anything, and I only remember seeing one or two Westworld people even up for anything. It's kind of shitty, hot. Maybe they missed the nomination date. How could you not nominate that shows awesome fuck that shows good that's crazy, wow! Well, it just shows you. If that is the case, maybe it's there's a lot of other shows that are even more awesome that we're just not aware of yet. This seems like the golden age for tv shows really does she have a show that one I hadn't heard is called the night manager at one Hugh Laurie, who used to be house. He won an award for that and the other Guy Tom Heddles. Another word somebody was just tell me about that. It was short, six, seven episodes. I think it's a Netflix thing right. I don't I might be on Netflix now, but I think it was on something else. The originally see this is amazing time for television. Think about all the great shows I haven't seen the eh yet, but I keep hearing that's amazing for that's good too it's supposed
be with. I don't want. You want to say what it's supposed to be: you're, not you're, not even supposed to know too much about before you watch it. That's like the best way to do these for sure good way to go. Like stranger things I didn't know shit about stranger things till I jumped in didn't know it god. Damn thing I still haven't hit play on it. Yet fuck, it's good dude, yeah! It's good! It's good! Don't don't want red band stero! it's like something so see. You just see a tweet. Sometimes it just slips in your head. I don't know what it is about the day you see it or the timing, just like fuck that show sometimes just like I've, never seen it. I don't care. I would have been awesome if you, if you hit play but something somebody says just as the first thing you heard about it and now you're fucked, yeah and they're like well. Sometimes you watch it and you're surprised yeah. I don't even know how often that happens when you're sick, I've done something! You see it's so hard to tell because people's tastes very so how much it's almost like they're watching something different than you. When
would who you are like as a person, your life experiences and what that show means to you when you're watching it. It's so different for all of us like for each one of us is different. That's what's weird about televisions. What's weird about books and muse, can comedy pretty much everything? It's he's got one universal awesome thing. There's some shit that, like everybody, goes God damn it's good, no matter what you like, like Michael Jackson in his prime, you know I remember there was this radio station in Boston. It was, I think, I'm pretty sure it was Wbcn. It was either B, B, C N, a w c, O Z, those elected to rock station coc was a little harder. If you were nosy person, you were like little bit more into, but Alec a little little heart ceos. He and
Bcn, I'm pretty sure is Bcn. They played a Michael Jackson, Song Ann's back in D, Js could just play music. You know there is a different world. They could just play whatever they wanted to. They could just because of you, for dj right now and get a bunch of records and you had an internet radio station. If they let you do it, I don't think you can, but if they did, let you do it. You just play those records, I'm whatever the fuck you want that doesn't exist anymore. It doesn't exist, so this dude. I wish I could remember who it was just started playing this Michael Jackson, Song, because I don't care what you like. This is great music. You remember, the song noticed sure was Billie Jean I'm pretty sure it was Billie Jean ' That wasn't at all off a thriller was Billie Jean on thriller, too talk a lot of local, quick, it's hard.
I think for people today, because there's so many superstars there's so many do different venues mean these people that are superstars. Just from the internet yeah I was on thriller yeah it's hard for people. I think today I think, there's a much much larger number of celebrities in super celebrities. You know of Beyonce's and Jay Z's and Connie W there's so many of those. Now that it it can, I know of we we don't. I don't think we can appreciate today what it was like when Michael Jackson was in his heyday 'cause, there was like there was one. It was one guy. It was one god they just boom. There was no one like Michael Jackson, one guy had so much impact on the culture. People were wearing those stupid, jackets everywhere and
dancing. That way I mean Corey Feldman, remember Corey, Feldman and Corey Haim. The two of them would go out and they were buddies, Michael Jackson, so they would dress like him. It was a serious trend. Man people wanted to was that trend, and there was another one. With the hat smooth criminal. There was a little bit of that. Did people wear one glove? Was that a truck and they did yeah it's hard? I think it's hard for us to appreciate how crazy that was with no internet, just television stations in radio stations, Ann much less people on the planet, it's even weirder. What do we have like one hundred million more people than when I was a kid like it was. What was the find out what the population was in nineteen? Eighty in the United States '
'cause that would have been when I was like thirteen. 'cause. I was in high school in eighty one to two hundred and twenty six dot: five million dude there's one hundred million more people here now one hundred million more p. Here then, when I was a kid, that's fucking bananas, wow. How to insane number I mean that's really hard to imagine it's really hard to imagine you stop and think about what that means for another, thirty or forty years. If it's going to go up another hundred million. Where are we going to put all these fucking people? I mean they say that it peaks off, though, when city he's in countries start doing better, because then they
start having less children 'cause they there anomic situation turns up and then uh out of women get careers and they're more reluctant to give up those careers to have children, and they have less children when they do have children, and so they think that if you looked at like the Tord's urbanisation. There could potentially be a time in the future. We worried about a decline in population like a natural decline, but that sounds like horseshit I've heard that too, I feel like design horseshit. I feel like I've heard it that it's happening now, that it's not that we've almost not peaked, but it's it's on a decline in some places for sure I think grid. I think people are just moving out of those spots and come in here. I think it's a crazy, It's obvious! There's more people now than ever. It's a trend, it's a hundred million trend in the and the last whatever it was third
plus years. I wish I was trying to pull up right now. I just saw an article yesterday, maybe about how many houses are needed, in LOS Angeles, to keep up with the housing required and stick one hundred thousand houses a year watt. Yeah, they have to build one hundred thousand houses a year yeah and that's like that's silly. Oh my god. That's insane 'cause, there's no room we did this thing before my Showtime special in two thousand and five. Where was comparing rivers to what you see when you see a city how it looks like a growth and it's like a lot of other growth like even if you burn it like you, gotta burn it all off. Otherwise it just comes back and it gets bigger and stronger. And if you could look at it is something if you are outside of,
our understandings and our knowledge of what cities are in people and languages and communities and cultures. And if you could look past all that you'd look at these things that are growing on this planet. He'd. Look at this concrete, weird, fucking growth, an when you break it out? If that's a real number, if we need one hundred thousand houses a year, I saw this picture. This is on Reddit yesterday or the other day. This is a sixty square foot flat. It says in Hong Kong. I believe. Oh, my god yeah it's it's basically people! I don't know how many this is two people living in here. It looks like it
two! This is like a closet and every time that clauses everything's in the tiny little refrigerator, tiny little sank. This is crazy, yeah, the sleeping on bunk beds yeah. This is this- is not good for people yeah. Why? Why would people choose to do like if you, if you warn a person in your look at this, if you like, why don't they spread out one of the spread out? Were they doing themselves? Do like it like this. You have to be a family that keeps them there in the city or if I can keep moving I've. Never been a Hong Kong, so we can only speculate, but I think the population, Hong Kong is bananas. Sure right there's just too many people. I I don't know. Man is weird me out when you, when you look at people like a mathematical thing,. Don't just look at him, like you know, hey, that's my friend Jamie, you know, hey that's this guy and I know that guy all that guys
instead of that them just looking at like math, let's just look at the sheer volume and then and watch it as it multiplies and continues to multiply and that one supplies and keeps going and going, and then the people move here and multiplying. It's all multiplication like what who were not planning this out at all. Where is CTE backing up Fucking House is waiving it's going to get to a point where there's nothing else but houses. If we keep going, I don't understand why people think that that's totally sustainable by the way is coming from someone three kids, so I should probably shut the fuck up. Did you have you gotten further in the black mirror? Yet now just two episodes I did too, I will go, I will watch more, but I really enjoyed the memory one. It was the one you kept telling me you're, saying they're, all they're all really good.
Well, they had an awesome. Take on it to the spoiler alert anybody, but they they were able to record their memories. And that's what we've been talking about that for years? That I think you know. I think a lot of people have been talking about that Because it's it's pretty obvious transition between being able to record memories with your phone, which is essentially that's what phone does you know when you're taking photos and videos and stuff from your phone, your recording memories, Anne, how long before it's somewhere, where you can play it on your brain, you could see it in your head and you know we. We think that. I watch I would. I would love to see if there is a way that they can even take photos that way. So I know they can transfer images. They could transfer like
an image into someones. Mind now like internet, like very, like simple Vega triangle. You see a triangle, isn't that the latest sort of I mean it's still the I know you're talking about yeah. There was one where they were able to transmit a word through the internet. Right, that's close is like more like a one and zero thing. It was like a on or off like. Are you feeling alright you're, not kind of thing? That's what I think I thought it was an actual word to word is spelled that they might spelled out the word. I don't. Think it was a spelled out thing. I will check to remember the explanation that gave for it, but I think it was like what that word represents. You know like so the intent of that word and
like so the person on the other side like new the word like no or new, the word not or whatever the word was. It says they were able to send the words Ola and Chow from India to France and subjects of messages of flashes of light in the peripheral vision, the results described as remarkable step in human communication woo. That is, fucking crazy. There sending messages through the internet. We were able to send the words scroll up a little bit back where they were they were able to send the words oh Lanchou, from a location in India to location in France transmitted signals directly wow. If this is nuts. It's just hard to imagine how far that could go. You know they can do that now what I've been thinking.
This sounds like total bananas, but I've really been thinking a lot about it. Lately is that you know the internet kind of allows everybody to communicate together, you can have your twitter account and your facebook and all that jazz. I feel I mean like what's going to happen with this kind of technology in this sort of hivemind technology is if they can transmit signals from one person to another person through the brain with with this technology. This is real similar to like when they first started, putting things on message, boards and the internet and bulletin boards and like someone would put it up and then you have to check it, and that was like the only method of communication. Like my friend Andrew's talk to me about that a lot he was
on in the really early days of the internet and those. So these bulletin boards were like really primitive, and this is like one of the first things that people had devised to communicate with online. But now here we are twenty years later and his fucking, your streaming live on Instagram and you're doing Facebook live, and you know people are taking pictures instantaneous, the uploading them and they're gonna they're going to be able to sum why somewhere another allow us to interface with our brains, the same maybe interface, using these phones and using computers. I was just if that happens. Would I mean I don't know how this work? This obviously was the two way communication there both
are wanting it to happen in this scenario, you're bringing up like what, if you sent me a message, I didn't want I. What are I didn't want to have right? Then I didn't want right now, I'm busy I'm doing something else yeah. We just blasting me with this message: okay, hey hey! When you wake up and become the sleeper who knows, what's going on? First, I'm getting ten messages from all our I'm getting spam messages from outside to because they're gonna be a way to turn it off, well, I I mean turn on. We were probably going to be able to opt out of it, but how many people can opt out of it again, even if you do get, maybe you could turn it off like airplane mode. You know, just like you do with your phone at night. If you watch on tv show or something, I think that, if you're, if you really going to keep going with this- and it seems like there gonna I mean, if they're doing things like this, it's not going to stop right there, it's not going well, we did it. That's awesome. Let's just leave it there.
Now, they have these new batteries. Have you seen these new fucking batteries that other powering with nuclear waste yeah the last for like five thousand years, I didn't see that Tesla's factory got turned on and it started making batteries? Oh really yeah. There was something about batteries being made with nuclear waste. Uh diamond battery made from nuclear waste could last more than five thousand years. Oh yeah put that myself. I want to put it right next to your dick. It shouldn't hurt it at all because radioactive sources in case safely within the diamond the hardest known substance. It would be safe to use, say the researchers fuck, those guys they're, going to open up a portal to Hell. Those are those guys from half life. Fuck fuck, you, man, fuck you you're going to put what
You know the chicks are going to God. Damn nuclear diamond. You know the you really super fucking high maintenance, chicks, they're, all going. Nuclear diamonds like regular time is not going to be good enough. That's going to be the next top level. Shit is a diamond with nuclear waste. Inside of it did you see this cremation diamonds? being cremated and turned into diamonds. Wonderful, so do those two things possibly related it cremations we're waste. Nuclear were probably fucking over nature being cremated, we really are were probably fucking overnight here also with from aldehyde you, No, I mean there's like that's, probably one of the disconnects that we have with nature like we don't absorb into it anymore. We don't No, we don't just bury our dead and then let the body do its natural decompose. In process and then become a part of the natural ecosystem. Now we've complete.
We removed ourselves from it. We take the body we drain all the shit out of it. We fill it up with chemicals we spray painted. Is weird man. Have you seen a body like that's about to be buried not for awhile but yeah? My grandpa freaked me out 'cause. I was like wow he's. Not there like. This is weird it didn't. It was There was nothing good about it. There's nothing good about being there like that it was. I don't want to use the words grow task, but there is there somethin severely damaged about the idea behind it. It was like a I felt like I was watching some crazy, ritualistic shit. You know that
agree enacted from the primitive days of early man. I mean looking down at this spray painted shell of a human. It's just it's bizarre man. You could tell that's not he's not really there. What is this? Is there a different funerals? What does it say? Puerto rican gangster Puerto Rico, gangster propped up playing domino's at his funeral? Oh God is dressed up as a superhero. Oh my god, this guys in a car Jesus Christ. This is crazy. I've seen they've had like different disguise. Here's a boxer- oh my god, he's a boxer, so they put him in his warm up suit and they put him in the corner of a ring. Jesus.
Crisis is crazy. He's got sunglasses on. I would have sunglasses and you're right about the fight. When is your crazy fucking picture that guy Joseph Smith, Junior, who just knocked out Bernard Hopkins First day on the job sin he won the world title and he's got a photo of themselves. His right jet, Joe Smith, Junior in he's, got to he's, got to Instagram's. Maybe shop had a yeah there. It is look at that Joe Smith's first in the job since it won. I mean this guy, just Doctor Bernard Hopkins, any as a construction worker job. It's crazy. It's insane
That's insane he did quit a job as a do you think at this point you need to do that. I don't know how much you get paid yeah. You know, I might just be a have another fight lined up for yeah. I mean. I think everyone would just assume that if someone's world champion that they're rich- but it's not really the case- you have to be a famous world champion The real the money I mean it's the moneys in promotion, the money is, in God, like Oscar de La Hoya in his prime. He was, like a teen idol and also an amazing box or olympic gold. Medalist, like that kind of guy sold tickets, Floyd Mayweather sells tickets, Manny Pacquiao sells tickets
Now, Joe Smith, Junior, his next fight will probably make a lot of money. You know this was an opportunity for him and he capitalized on it and he knocked out one of the greatest of all time, but it was it's just weird to see him working yeah. You know that fight was fucked, though, and now what round did that happen in like the fourth or the fifth? I don't remember, but he had been getting to Bernard Hopkins and it looked like one of those classic fights where the old veteran. Just as losses step. You know he was getting to Bernard Hopkins. He tagged with some big shots and then, when he got him in the corner and just unloaded those shots on him and then Bernard fell back on his head. I was like God this is just so fucked up. This is such a fucked up way to end an amazing career done is just what that sport does. Does what that sport does? There's no getting around that.
A view of fifty one year, old man and you're trying to fight the best young lions in the game. Especially, is not on Pe Ds or anything he's not on any. I don't I mean, I don't think he is he might be. I doubt it seems like just a super discipline guy and his body sort of reflects that it doesn't quite have the same body that he had when he was younger, but he still looks very fit like when he was younger. He was a savage I mean when he beat like Felix Trinidad. Nobody gave him a chance. Everybody thought he was done. They thought he was old. Felix Trinidad was going to fuck him up and he went on to fight for, like thirteen more years yeah man, he fucked up Kelly Pavlik. They thought he was old. Then he went to fight Kelly. Pavlik never
oh there's going to be a bad fight for Bernard Hopkins. You know he's you know. I think you is like thirty nine or something like that. I forget how old he was remember that might have been a little younger than that anyway. He fucked up Kelly Pavlik know he was in his 40s, find out how old Bernard Hopkins was when he fought Kelly Public after public had already become the champ right yeah. I wanted to say he Pavlik had beaten, Jermaine Taylor right and I think Mann Hopkins might have been forty years old at the time. 'cause. It's just you stop and think about boxers. In the past there was a few guy
like Archie Moore's, George Foreman. He was forty three and hi look was twenty six, that's crazy and almost ten years later he's trying to still do that. With these murderous white men select is Kelly. Pavlik was a murderous white dude to murderous puncher, and then this Joe Smith Junior's at ferocious puncher or he's just a killer. Bernard Hopkins. Like you got it one thing you, give. The guy is amazing, as his careers Ben, even at very last fight. He takes the toughest fighting in fine or one of the toughest ones, just a real young, dangerous kid, but it just
even though, like we've seen it happen with Sugar Ray Leonard, we saw it. I mean room, sugary Leonard, got beat up by Hector Camacho and just stayed in too long and Hector Camacho is beat the shit out of him and it's like wow. This is weird to watch and had Billy blanks in his corner. Billy blanks teaching him Tibo dead had Billy blanks. Billy blanks is a karate champion till use a yoke dude and knows a lot about fitness, but apparently sugar add something fucked up with its calf. Like you pulled a muscle in his calf, then you gotta get a cortisone shot before the right. He had a little bit of a limp. I remember but Hector Camacho fucked him up, but the really scary one was Terry Norris when Terry Norris beat up Sugar Ray Leonard. Remember that Terry Norris Junior.
Does Terry Norris he put a beating on a lot of dudes? He was a scary kid when he was at his best. Terry Norris is like lightning. Yeah this is when Terry Norris was, you know world class and he was just a step faster than sugar ray, and you could see his get into him. Terry Norris. He had been knocked out a few times himself to man. He he gotten wars, one of them,
Citing things about Norris was that he would would get hit. He would get in front of guys and he would you know, really take some risks and one of the reasons why he was so fun to watch but yeah. This is just. I don't even remember exactly how this fight ends, but I'm pretty sure Terry stopped him just shut the whole around. This is just round seven. I thought it was a highlighter. Oh, no! No, oh yeah! There sure I got knocked down yeah see when you see shit like not like whoa seemed get up. Staggered we've seen this so many times it shouldn't. It shouldn't be weird at all. What a good time for the internet? Freeze, it shouldn't be confusing to us, but it's just something
story that repeats itself over and over and over again it doesn't seem like anybody ever learns their lesson. There's a few guys that get out on top. Like over. I really do hope. Floyd Mayweather says fuck you to everybody and just takes all that money. I re We do hope he does that. I would love to see a guy get through the whole thing without ever getting fucked up. Once I mean, if you think, about what he's done made it stupid amounts of money and got through the whole thing might have gotten hurt three or four times in his whole career might have gotten tagged. Never got beat up, never got knocked out just get tagged a few times over the course of how many fights I mean, that's beautiful. Someone can do that. That's like retiring is a bmx rider with no broken bones. Is that possible to do.
I don't think that now yes see what what he's done, if Floyd Mayweather retires, he's done the the thing that nobody ever does. He went out on top undefeated with all the money after having fought all challengers mean the modify Pacquiao late, but you can't deny that he fought all challengers who is. Do you know what the I mean? The fifty thing seems to be a an issue or not an issue for my yeah to fifty. You know whether or not he wants to break the record. I mean how much of that, as is the ego that's going to last, for I mean he's still pretty young right yeah I mean he's for it. I think, is thirty, six, the fire gas, but he's in really good shape. I mean he takes care of himself really well he's like notoriously disciplined about it, work, outs and even go out at night
good when I could drink water in the work at two o'clock in the morning because he has his own jam is own thing and you know he he works hard. You need you, you don't get that good, I'm just talent, you know you get that good on talent and discipline and hard work. There's just no way around it and Smart got to be smart to you'll be sneaky, got to be clever you see a who is training right now for a fight trained soldier boy, Soulja boy is really going to fight Chris Brown. Is that real? I mean it doesn't seem like it, but it's been talked about for a few days now. Apparently it's going to be on paper view um in fighting over a girl, I'm going to tell you right now. Chris Brown is going to fuck him up, probably
yeah. That's an angry dude, but see that dude on the left with the red. That's a real angry dude, the other dude. I just do not think he is angry, but who knows men I've never seen either in person not on maybe one of 'em, maybe soldier boys been hide some sick boxing skills and just pretending this whole time, not doubt it, see. I feel like Chris Brown is probably punched a lot more people. You know, don't you think I don't know all you know, wife, beating girl, beating jokes aside. He's definitely seems like a dude who is much more likely to punch people- maybe maybe more likely to, but I couldn't really see neither either of them getting in like a street fight or anything they've been pretty famous for most of their life and pretended to interesting since they're in their teens um.
Two guys should happen so I mean they might have thrown some turn down once or twice. Oh boy. Here's another thing here is another reason why I say Chris Brown, Chris Brown's are real fucking dancer. He will see that guy moved yeah. He could do. I'm crazy shit is really good in basketball. Yeah, really good basketball. Listen! This is going to be a bloodbath. I may be wrong, would you buy it? Yes, yeah I'll fucking buy it and if a soldier boy, fucks him up I'll apologize, have a. I was trying to think about this. Hasn't there been other things I mean. I know you were supposedly supposed to fight Wesley Snipes, but like wasn't there, other things like this ever happened, but you still have a whole celebrity boxing show remember that happened a couple times: yeah yeah, Danny Bonaduce. She fought screech. He fucked up a couple of people. I remember when I was younger. There was supposed to be a big event where Shaquille O'Neal was supposed to go one on one on paper view with this other big player, name, Nicki Mullage, one doing box not box, they were
we play basketball, one on one for one million dollars, but it never ended up happening. I don't know why I don't know why it went away, but I was just kind of wondering my head, like I feel like this is how I've heard things like this. Coming up and happy like or at least been announced, but that this kind of fizzle out, who knows man I mean people have done crazy shit. This just seems like a really really naughty one and they're fighting over a girl. I just I haven't seen any evidence of Soulja Boy's athleticism somebody put up video of him working out. There's a compilatie of him working out it's, but it's hard to tell if it's just being silly. You know, like he's, he's like shadow boxing and he's riding elliptical
machine. He seems like a really young guy. How old is he man in this twenty still to he's in his twenties yeah? Since our thing? Well, there's there's a a bunch of this late complication there this, so the dude, whoever they do. That was narrating. It was like. Oh man, it goes working out with your socks on this is not the same compilation but
it's pretty funny- is like only real savages work out the socks off. I don't know man, it's just what yeah they want to do this, John too. I don't know they need a hug it out. Anyway, when you were talking about the black mirror episode, I forgot. That's the one that you saw. One of the things actually got and and was seeing shown at this CS event- was that guy I should to the other night that go pro gamble. I got called the karma grip lets you hold on to see if you want, but this is some of video I shot with it, and so the idea is that it balances itself out. Yeah put the campaign, the cameras on you, so you just kind of hold it and it keeps itself stables like, as you can jiggle it around a little bit and it stays pretty simple, and this was me walking around. I have it at double speed here, but this was connected to my shoulder basis.
And I was walking around so you taped to shoulder. I had a velcro strap. Okay, insert around my neck. Like this, I had a brown, my backpack and so just kind of like walking on the event. Here's one of the here's one of the cool things I did see at the event to separate after that's projecting on it's yeah. That's that's the stabilization! Actually it made it roll like that when I, when I stay up well, but this this projector right here is projecting onto a curtain which I kind of ran past it pretty fast. I wasn't really shooting my video for that purpose, but
let's take a shower curtain with a pattern on it yeah, but it's showing a solid image on that, exactly it's going to hockey, game and you're, not seeing the ripples, so you don't need a flat screen for this project. Are you can project it on anything and country? Exactly, ideally, you would want something a little smoother than that, but yeah. You could still have a flat image on that. Well, so that was pretty neat, but some of this video is pretty cool in the stabilization and then I went over to the Samsung Booth and they have what they're kind of showing here is this stuff flat flat hanging tv, which different only way is different from the things now is like when you hang a tv up on a wall, it's kind of hanging off about four to six inches. This is literally flat. I don't know if you can see right there. Yeah
it's like. I couldn't get very close pay stuff yeah, but you can't really. I don't know if you could decide anything over. There says it's a no gap wall Mount and then there's really no cords hanging off. Are there either it's just one chord, no HDM. I don't even know if power was coming off of it either. Well, how does it work then? There's one optical cord. So it's like using light optical cables used light waves, so the one cord is powering it and providing the data, and I see it says invisible connection right there on top, it's showing some of the data. Well, it kind of makes sense what they can do now with these doesn't power. I shouldn't set up power that I didn't, but it does do all the 4K data does the HDMI in every place is all of that, but these new iphones with that what is like an exciting and it? Let me connect that that connector, you use it for sound like what your plugs. Your, your, your buds, you, You use it for an external microphone. You can use it for the charges it
split it off, so it charges it at the same time, you're also listening to music. So both things can go through at the same time. Another interesting thing that was being shown is uh some transparent lcd screens. So I'm trash this one little bit this one right here in the middle discuss trying to show you this screen right here is actually a full lcd screen, while pointing at in the corner, but there's an art display shown over top of it like a neat ink art display. So when you're not using it when you're, not using the tv It looks like a piece of art hanging on your wall with the rest of the art wow. So it's a screensaver, basically a screensaver. That's
same. There were a couple of other companies showing some see through lcd screens. That idea quite these are also haven't, come to market yet, but this is some of the stuff that they're, showing it's so beautiful to those beautiful artwork and if you can do it with that kind of resolution here I just I looked at some three of the curved curved monitors This is like the most curved monitor ever, I'm still not super sold on these. I don't really understand why everyone or why they're selling him so hard. I don't really have interest in buying when I've tried a few times to look at it, but it's very gimmicky. If it seems to me like remember when those 3D Tv's Anon everyone's trying to convince everybody, need to get it yeah, all three tv's come in and watch it for a couple of minutes with the glasses on was like this is not going to work. This is not here yet yeah. This is too grew from that's gone, pretty much yeah, it's gone. I think. That's the same with these thing,
I think people are you're going to use them for awhile, then you're going to go, but this is. Why is it? Why am I doing this? Why my curve in the fucking screen? It seems like it's only for one viewer, two 'cause. If your curve and it's for the other people, then they can't it's fucked it up for everybody else. It makes it for one person, but I would say, the majority of people's use of computers is probably one person right right, yeah for sure at least one person at a time. So in this video you can also see kind of how crowded this whole event was. This is, I walked twenty five miles I think, might fit my fitbit tracked twenty five miles in two days, wow, and that was only six to seven hours per time. So I was dead tired after that yeah dude, you gotta workout for sure now scan around a backpack twenty pounds of gear in it
but here's an interesting new laptop coming out. You can't really get a good view on it. I kind of picked it up. It's literally, I think it weighs less than a pound or right around a pound well, and it felt like a kids toy. That's how like the plasticky, it did, I want to say it felt cheap, but it felt like a toy it felt like you could just throw it like a frisbee, but it was a full laptop made by Samsung it had. Lcd screen, I had a full keyboard how to mouse pad and they had a little. I think it was a scale next to each thing to just prove to you how much it weighed, but Are you that much of a pussy that you can carry around in one pound on laptop? Don't get it yes and no, but I mean they say if you want to take one hunting and you need to you need all your oz, like, oh yeah, well, frequented. Take definitely shouldn't take a laptop all hunting, but if you did yeah, you would definitely want to do that. Yeah guys cut their toothbrushes in half, there's a lot of like drastic weight reduction when it comes to those things, but
I just feel like for laptops. It's not that hard to carry one around an. Now you put on your back and to me like features and hard drive, space and speed, and that's the most important shit like it's, not that hard to carry a pound or two pounds or whatever the fuck. It is three pounds she's, not something hard. Damn it gotten that that crazy, I guess there are getting all lighter means laptop. Doesn't that much those retina displays are very light and it's beautiful you know, and then they have the errors and those are featherlight. You have anything lighter than a God. Damn MAC Book air sure that I mean, there's nothing, there's gotta be a reason. There's got to be a small market; it also probably is way cheaper than MAC Book AIR. I have to say: well you remember when people want it smaller and smaller phones, we bias phone list that big I saw phone once that, like it was so small that, like there was a dial for trying to remember how the fucking number
these were pressed there's some novel way of like they barely could fit a number pad like to dial phone numbers, so they had some weird dial thing to it. Trying to remember, I might be making this up Iphone prototype. They should an Iphone prototype. I don't know how it came out today or not today, but this week someone made a showed video of how one of the ways an Iphone was supposed to originally work, and it was using that scroll wheel that to be on an eye on the old ipods to member that yeah, so someone kinda hacked it together. I think, on a current Iphone, to show you how this works. This operating system worked, but it seems, like the opt, obviously worse way, ever to be controlling a phone.
'cause, even I think you would have to input numbers that way by scrolling to them two hundred and thirty four seems so bad. It was that really considered. I mean it's work, it's a working prototype, so I'd have to say someone at least thought I have been a good idea. Well, it has to be m that they went through a bunch of different ideas, for they came up with the yeah. I mean I heard they're going to ten different phones right now to try to figure out what the next Iphone they're going to go with this or ten different testing models. Do you think that they've hit up of critical mass, where it's like in less something really huge comes along like a hologram, projectors or something really bananas. You've got everything. Now you got amazing cameras. You got massive hard drive space you've got so much you've got,
you have all these apps that you can use. You got all those usability like. What are you going to do? That's going to make people want like a next generation x generation x generation like there has to be some sort of a leap 'cause. It seems like for all the technology we have today. People are almost like over computer and over phone right. Definitely for sure I mean I was trying to what when I was walking around that of, then I was looking for like either the big crowds to see what everyone was like stuck around looking at, because this event was so huge just to stop and spend five minutes at a at a five particular. I don't know pod or product or even just let someone talk to you to take your time, for that five minutes is insane because it's just so much to look at from, but the same time there's no kind of lost what I was doing there, but I just kind of looked over this thing. I want to show you, which was:
this thing called Verta Fied, which is this 3d virtual reality program who they showed this guy over here doing a demo for it. I don't want to wait in line. I really didn't want to wait in any lines there, 'cause there's so many people and I didn't feel very good to stand somewhere for thirty minutes. Sweat, young Jamie got the same stomach flu that I had. But what this goes right here is this. I think I'm pretty sure that this thing on top here's the camera that records the event now what they were showing disk. I was getting a demo of it, which I wasn't seeing on this screen, but they did show and you can kind of see him pinching his hand up there on top on this, video that show you watching with a VR headset will see a concert and then you can decide to grab the lead singer and move them into your living room. So the performance is now. Is like? Not? I don't know it was really weird how it showed it, and I don't have it on this actual video. I went back and watched another
and so he's wearing of a some fairly small goggles is not not a lot to what he's wearing yeah. That's one of the one there's about four five big things going on there. There's VR headsets different new multiple companies sharing VR headsets, this augmented or was it virtual reality because that I believe is virtual reality, but he reached up and grab someone who interested in, but have them yet. But I would have to be a little augmented because you're sitting in your living room, you have to also see the living room yeah. If you go back to the video of the alright you've been air like see like when you see his actual goggles itself like watch as he passed by actually see a little bit on the. Can you see it see, that's the lead, singer moved on to the couch,
Bringing the artist into our home, how bizarre, which would I kind of like pulled into the comedy world? You could bring the comedian into your living room and just having perform in your front in your living room instead of at the comedy venue that they were at, which would be interesting yeah. How odd. Drones with a big big thing. There, Marshall drones tons of drones. Mens tune, our area, tiny ones, there's a selfie drone which didn't seem like a work very well. It kept flying up flying down different sides, I'm not quite sure how you're supposed to control go. Go through this for a couple more seconds to see that guys, goggles 'cause, I think he gets see through them, so you look how he Looking yeah, ok, see how you look. You see his eyes. I mean that's what it seems like you might have, that Microsoft surface
and on not sure and there's a behind. It too is a wireless VR headset. So there are, like I said to there, are a lot of head sets and there are lots of things and, let's let me just throw a number and said: did five tech demos out of those five, two or three didn't work? They didn't go well or they didn't work perfectly at all. So that's where I kind of like. I don't know that a lot of this stuff wasn't maybe not ready or maybe it was supposed to be. Going that way in your. This is like this is our only demo product we have, for you guys to see were exposed to work all the time and usually does, but we've done so many demos today kind of fucked up a little bit that could have been happening to a little bit, but there is a lot of things going on here where they're just trying to show you show you an idea and hope someone with a lot of money walks bios like wow, that looks like it. The idea here, some money kid go, make it that kind of thing like some 1930s carnival barker and it works out for that come. Does that happened there like guys who troll around this place and look for a
saw product, so I just walked by the Intel booth and randomly saw a guy walked up to one of the working today, like I have some patents on baseball, WI, FI technology. Who do I talk to that kind of thing? So that's all there's tons of different meetings, things sort of happening. By the way in case anybody misinterprets? What I'm saying troll around I don't mean like fuck with people on the internet. Troll I mean like fishing troll drag a line behind. You go look for things to catch. Do you think that this This was like the big thing in this ces, though, as far as like emerging technologies, with all this virtual reality stuff at every here, it is. Apparently it's focused on something different like this year, though, wasn't very much cell phone. Anything really and you in the past years, like there's, been this big announcements of cell phones from different companies. I think I only even saw maybe one and it was this company called highway. I believe that's how you say it 'cause. They had paired with this really well, and now
camera company called like a and have a twenty mega pixel camera. We would like to make the binoculars and stuff to buy tested that out to see how good it was, and I wasn't sure if I was holding the actual correct model, which was the one that had all the best features in So I had a couple different models out there again, there's just so much going on there. It was really hard to get a grasp of what you were. It's really interesting. You bring this up, but it's making me think like when you get to a certain level of this virtual Audi stuff you're going to want to look through like the best lens available. You know you're going to want, like one of those high end binocular companies to come along and craft, something yeah yeah, try and remember. Right now, I want to say it's Gopro. I have to google it for I kind of say something off, but do you know have you heard the company called Hasselblad? yes, I believe good camera company them. They were the p.
All that I had the cameras that they put on the moon DJ. I think it's dj. I Hasselblad, allegedly, allegedly they were on the move. Yes, a dj, I is arguably the best drum maker right now, the biggest company. It's a company come out of China. They make D phantom, which was the biggest consumer drone.
And right now they just put out the thing called the Mavic, which is so they acquired hassle bad. Apparently they had a minor stake in the company and they just took a major stick, so they just took over the stockholding. What's the correct pronunciation is Hasselblad, I believe so yeah. So DJ is this. They made this thing called the magic which I got to hold at the event I didn't get to buy one there, not there on back order. Still right now, they've been back, ordered for a little while folded up 'cause each of these legs folds together, it's a little bit smaller a little bit bigger than this than my Iphone 7S, and it's obvious little bit thicker. You can see that sticker, but the actual size you can like hold it and it's about same size is the palm of your hand, holy shit and it shoots 4k video it goes up to. I want to say football four miles away from you: Watt yeah seed, obviously going to lose side of it, and it goes to, I think, twenty three thousand and forty miles an hour or something like that, something crazy
This is a bite sized and it is it a vote avoid things here at the White House, obstacle avoidance, that's what these cameras on the front for there's some on the back or the bottom two. So they have another version, which is the phantom Four pro I believe, which is a bigger version than this. They have an inspired, which is the way bigger version, and they have like the full film like that. A film company would use which has got like eight big, crazy props on it. What
remember when they film that movie the Twilight Zone and they didn't have drones back, then they had a helicopter, an actual real helicopter behind him doing a stunt which do remember that there was a horrible accident. Oh man, it was a horrible accident. Where is actor in this little girl were killed? Oh wait, the helicopter came crashing down on them. You said that there was two people I think I did hear about the diamonds show me this dude only wanna watch that shit make sure. I didn't see
Something something about seeing people die for a movie to it's like particularly gruesome. It's like why. How did you think the just fly that helicopter right next to people in well I'd say with all this drone stuff I mean we can. I ask you this question because I don't know if it's an actual trend I see happening or if it's just something they're forcing or what, but there's just seems to be a lot of camera equipment being made available for the individual to use to make really high and stuff yeah, and I don't know if it is the trend that people are just gonna start making all this content, they're gonna sister shooting everything they're doing. Are they
just making his technology allowing that to happen for us like well, it seems like there's only so much you could do with it. I feel like what what they have to do, though, is have the best shit. So if someone has 4k have four k? Hang you know someone has you know virtual capability, you go to upload, it digitally tech, fitness trackers, really big there. I still I I've left all member who it was it came in here. Thing was the first time Burke came in with one try to ask him I was like I could. I had one too for
couple weeks, but I took it back and they got recalled because, like what are you doing with that rebuild the one I had at the time got recalled it was for what it was causing a rash on people 'cause the battery connector wasn't right, I don't know they fixed it. Apparently now, but I haven't bought another one since then 'cause I found out that the Fitbit app on my Iphone works. Just about the same and there's also the built in Apple Iphone, now to the do the health stuff. But what what? What is everyone doing with all that data? Or are they doing anything with it, mostly at all? Besides, really ex really really into fitness? People like for personal trainers, Well, I think there's some technologies that, even though they keep getting better and better their kind of ignore it after awhile, like here's, one of the most bizarre ones is voice sound quality. No, because a fuck by anybody's voice sounds like a phone. It's like it almost never gets discussed, isn't that one of the most important things about a phone you should be able to listen to someone on a phone and it should sound like they're talking to you. It should be like right here,
Sup Jamie, oh hey, what's up dude, it never sounds that good ever, but they have the ability to make it sound good or why haven't they made it sound that good people barely fucking? Your phone is the phone anymore. The phone part is totally stagnant. Like the signal get a little bit better, you can catch a signal somewhere else, but still sounds just as shitty as it ever did. It doesn't sound perfect priority doesn't sound. Like you talking to me in the same room, you tell me you can't do that. Of course they can do that if they could get you, listen better now, with a better sound now than then the rotary phones, the 1960s they could improve. On the say, sound quality, but there's no demand for because people hardly talk on the phone anymore, so it becomes one of things where it just hits a certain point. Nobody gives a fuck about it and then the market goes where people give a fuck that people give a fuck about cameras. You gotta get a juicy camera. I want to fifteen
Eighteen, whatever a mega pixel is sounds awesome. Get me one of those. Oh, it's Giga pixel have gigapixels. I need to give your pixel. You know how many people are just. Just buying. The latest shit me included because it's the latest shit 'cause. It sounds awesome. You know 'cause, you want that one of the S as the image stabilization that will never use yeah there's so much of that shit out there, but it seemed so compelling you know If apple had an Iphone eight, you and me would be in line like a couple of fucking door. I still keep talking myself. Sometimes I think about this, for the 7S I have it's like. I it's. I I have it I like it. The cameras on it is really good, but it's so big. I kind of dislike it. How dare you I, like the I like the smaller phone, I like the success. Well the six or the seven you you can get a regular size, one two, but the the stats on the phone are are down. It's not it's not as good as of a phone as the 7S is
7S plus some sort, where seven plus, as far as the hard drive and as far as battery life, it's got dual cameras, but the other ones don't have the battery on. This is actually really good. It's very good! I'm super surprised at how good the battery is on this phone yeah, especially if you don't keep WI, FI and Bluetooth on all the time. You can last two days almost just way surprising. 'cause the screen is way bigger, butt. I don't like it's it when the next one comes out in a couple of what a couple of months are going to announce it, probably and my march or may, and will be out by the fall like do. We need it again and then the answer is like why 'cause we're shooting it has 4k video on it and say yeah I know, has 4k video, but I've barely done anything with the 4K video and the 4K video I do have like with his gopro. I just got the new Gopro five. You have to
uh convert, all the footage, so that you can actually edit it, which is like a big gigantic step. They have to convert it before you add it. It yeah. You can do a little bit of editing in their program but to take it in a final cut or to do what I did just to show you more than thirty seconds. At a time I had to spend whatever twelve minutes per eight minute, video converting all of it. That's only because that might the capabilities of my computer, if I'd a faster one, maybe have been faster, but they're slower, computers too, and it's just like what need a 4k video, then I couldn't even show the 4K video out 'cause. I can't broadcast how big are these files were talking about huge for a nine minute. Video is like forty gigs, oh my god,
That's, a fucking giant, hard drive back in the day. I think my first hard drive was four gigs forty gig for one file that crazy. For what I mean. That's just so, I could have two hours of Gopro footage in walking around ces to whittle that down, and it's like what is the normal person going to do with all that if they want to shoot their kids, it's like they're gonna have to have some hard drives, are going to become digital orders for sure yeah yeah you're talking about actual physical space now now, what is the benefit of that?
like a more standard, hd format other than the fact that just looks a little bit better. I mean, and really it is just a little bit like you're you're, really struggling between H d and this four K. It's like I Chad, slow, it's better. It's better to SH manage to smudge better. There are some a K tv's at C S, K, yeah those mother couple cameras issued a K. Now right, we saw your say for four k now, what's gonna be eighty gigs for the same video for at least that that's crazy. Well and that's the that's kind of where we're getting it's like. There's, no doubt the distribution of this content now be is because becomes the next step and the next hurdle you have to get past. I was looking around a lot of three sixty camera because I just got that three. Sixty camera and did the test footage with the the way in that we did last week in the
But I didn't personally just like how the footage look, there's a there's, a smudge on the screen which transferred over and it doesn't look very good and it wasn't at eye level, and I wish I believe I was shooting that in 4k and it looks a little grainy and messy, and so I was looking around that whole event to just try to find 'cause. There were multiple three hundred and sixty cameras and multiple. There was 4k streaming three hundred and sixty cameras and you need they all have their own proprietary software to run it off of, but I did find one really good one which does three d three hundred and sixty video boots, which was really really cool. But I'm also wondering too, if I saw something one really good edited video, they made to show it off or if I was actually seeing. This is basically exactly what the camera
this like pretty much straight off of it, because it was really cool. It's called the Vuse camera and I contacted you can and that's when you getting into really bizarre stuff right. We talk about like eight k, video and then you talking about three hundred in sixty degree 3D, because it seems like, if going to enter into a real virtual realm anytime in the near future. All this ramping up of the specs or you know going from 4k to 8k, and then you know, 32K is just around the corner. They're just going to keep getting better at this shit and when you're talking about something through like a high end glass like a really high end like a binocular type class and then having insanely high definition, video and then having this exponential jump in this virtual tech. Nology, where they figure out a way to really lock you into something that is not it invasive to the point where it's not like. Fucking, with your experience by you feeling,
your head, it's very light. You know 'cause. Sometimes you put those bulky, Headset synagogue, you know it's over your eyes, like that's, going to shrink up to So that's going to shrink up to almost nothing and with with all these, like big jumps that they're making. How far away are we from some fully immersive avatar world. Forgot to be getting close to that going to be bananas, do you know, what's going to be like an avatar world you can go go for a journey in I mean imagine if movies, if what they become beak. You know think about how these serial shows like sopranos and then ultimately you know game of thrones and a lot of these other great shows they. They can it's you and a rope you and they bring you into a world, and then you follow
that world episode after episode and you get sucked into it, it's very different than a regular movie. What did they start doing these serial? I mean, I think, of like game of thrones, a serial movie right, there's one hundred parts to this movie, but it's a big giant, ass movie, it's, it's it's so much better than a regular television show in terms of like its special effects and grandness of it all if they can fit you're out how to film something like that, but let you participate in it. I mean. I'll, let you strap on to some 3d treadmill type thing. And move around in this fucking weird world and follow these people on their journeys be right there when the orcs slaughter the people ago, like the Splatter in front of you and you're watching them get chopped up and then you're going to
over the mountain to where the castle is, you have to actually walk over the mountain, but as you walk over the mountain whore this is right beside you, you get to see them. I mean we're real close to something like that. I feel like that Only a few years away have avatar world coming out soon like in Disney at Disney Disney World What are you gonna do? How is that going to work? One of the showing some things like this is. I think this is just Imagineering idea, but this is going to be able to take a boat ride through the middle of the navi for us. Ok. Well, that looks like it's a small world with, so I'm going to be a little bit like that, but they're going to have some VR stuff you're going to be able to float through, and go on the Weo, here's how they look in Disney world. Now, while so they're they're building it right now, you know it's not going to walk on that when this is going to take place. I think it opens this later this year, his
if not next year, but what you're saying what if they just took the extension of that and just instead of like making the avatar movie, they just went, look avatar five is avatar world and if you want to come, live it out, you gotta come to Disney World and pay fifty dollars or one hundred dollars, or one hundred and fifty dollars or three hundred dollars something crazy to do now. You're talkin! That would be awesome. What you do you construct that world and then once you're in that world, then you put on the VR goggles and it turns everything into fluorescent neon on greens and blues and like the avatar world, you could see everything and then you actually watch the movie play out in there. That would be Nerd Gasm. I feel like their way closer to something like that. Then we are everyone being able to do with this set home. Probably
well. The thing about that goes: it's going to require so much resources and land and money, and it's just. I feel like a 3d treadmill and where you can you don't physically, go anywhere, you're, not going to be able to go up hills and you're going to you're not going to feel a sensation of walking climbing things, that's the only difference, but you'll be able to be like right in front of it, but it won't feel like grass, you don't mean like if they can figure out a way to do virtual world where somehow or another you could change the textiles on the ground or change the way it feels that act sensation of what you're stepping on. If you can make it feel like water, if you can make it feel like grass or dirt, if they could start doing shit like that,
that doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility. Just seems like something way too smart for a dummy like me to figure out so there's one technology at CS. There's a couple of things there I didn't get a chance to even see what does it make it would you say, wants to let you feel fabric through your touchscreen whoa yeah. I canvas couldn't find it there there's a lot of places. I think I was trying to find that I couldn't even actually just find you know, dude we're going to use that for just going to rub girls panties in porn films, and it's going to be the only application for it. It's right here, touch. The idea of it sounds pretty interesting. Now, yeah I mean you can you can have a like a a bump to it? So is it working on an Ipad or something with the yeah? It uses a little bit of like the haptic feedback. Yeah, that's already built into some of these things, but it uses a different
so that was what was kind of cool about the HTC vibe. Is that haptic feedback 'cause when you're doing the bow and arrow thing it really does kind of feel like you're drawn the arrow back, gives you a little bit of vibration as if the arrow is pulling across the arrow rest? It's rubbing on it, it's really cool, so they just made some announcements to they. Don't they're not going to make a new Vive yet, but they showed a new headset attachment that makes the Vive Fit on your head a little bit more comfortably and they showed what they're calling the tracker, which is essentially the end
of the controller which can be attached to they said anything. So it depends with the developer, makes it work with, but one of the things they showed is on the end of a gun told to like play different gun games. They put on the end of a baseball, bat and baseball bat. Then you could you could see the bat and the Vive game that you are playing or the baseball simulation you're playing, but they could pull in real major league baseball pitches, actual data because they have a mall from the last. I don't know five to ten years, any pit from any picture you want to see. You can have now come at you and you can go ahead and try to hit it. Oh, my God problem Then put you theoretically in any park you want or wherever the hell you want to be swinging baseball bats. How many days are going to be blowing their shoulders apart? Well, going to be there with this thing. Hopefully all that you're not like bashing your house up too, but that idea can
expounded on now. Would you I would think that if you were going to do something like that, you would want to do it with a bat. That's like the same weight as a real bad you'd you'd probably want the exit they had an actual wooden base. While back they just screwed the thing on the bottom. So that's crazy, so you could do it with that. You could probably have a sword. You could probably have oh shit. Yeah! If you not a sword, do you know kind of a fucking awesome workout, you would get my arms were so tired at Duncan's place. Just for playing is archery thing and I'm not even pulling anything back. Is holding my arm up like there's. No there's no actual resistance, pulling the boat back, but just hold Your arm straight in front of you and doing this over and over again my arms were killing me man I was like this is amazing, like this actually has some physical benefit to it and the boxing game, the boxing game, has real benefit to it. The box in game. I think you could. You could learn how a person moves and how it feels like to spar with them. You see punch
come out. You can learn how to slip punches. You can learn the counter with things you don't feel will hitting anything. That's the only and it's missing, you don't feel them hitting you, but at least when they hit you, you see like sparks so one of the I'll try to find out a little bit. It's not worth me pull up the video, but there was a haptic feedback. Essentia Lee a backpack, slash testing you put on for VR. That would give you some sort of shocks or you feel something I don't know how hard it would feel. Should Jill the shit out of you. So there is another uh in the video I watched show in the data trackers that they were adding on two different devices to put it on a fire hose and they also put a jacket on you that had heaters in it so you're putting out a fire and it's given you feed, of the hose. It's also getting warmer and you're getting hot. So like there's different, that's not really a game as more of it is a simulation or it is a training training tool for actual
fire company. Well, it's also to let you know like what's the potential for like a doom game, two thousand for twenty four- and maybe not even maybe two years from now. Hopefully we'll see what happens at E3 this year with what these companies are going to announce the new Xbox supposed to supposed to have a vr as soon as someone comes up with a haptic feedback suit. You know that's a will get hot and cold and vibrate and jolt, and even give you little bit of pain yeah. You need something need a little bit of pain, a little fucker You know where you're really feeling it remember that was at a I don't know which James Bond movie it was where they were holding on to the there's some sort of like stick their hold on to and like the loser. It just gets more painful and like there like a man versus man contest, but there's a bunch of at a cocktail party. I don't remember that one. I I have waited a lot of those James Bond movies, Eddie. Bravo,
he said something to me along time ago and it fucked me up. We were talking about it, wasn't a good spear, so they were talking about like action movies and he's like the problem is action movies. Is you always know who's going to live the being guys always going to live. Like you never know, yeah he's going to hanging by fucking thread, yeah he's going to make it he's. Gonna live. You know, he's going to live and MIKE you mother FUCK, sure. I knew do that. Of course, I knew that you go to the terminator or you go to see a predator? You don't think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to get killed by the alien at the end. No, you think that's actually really bad for us. Isn't it it's really. Bad to have the good guy win in all of 'em. That's why I think, like no country for old men is probably important support, to know that sometimes the guy who he's going to live gets shot in the last couple of minutes of the movie and the other guy? is wanders off spoiler alert and that's the end
moving you like what the fuck kind of movies this. Well, that's a movie. It's more like a real live story. Arnold can't beat that alien. You know it. I know it that things going to fuck him up while we pretending this is stupid. Is not a world where I can imagine that predator losing to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't see Arnold going at the Donald either today, No, I didn't, but I can't believe the Donald Winning Arnold he's, the God. Damn president servers were down causally. Well, he see compare into his first season, you know and then all the fifteen seasons he did afterwards. They fired him from that show for talking about Mexicans. Did you know that that's when they fired him? They fired him from that show and he still the executive producer, so he's talking shit about a show that he's still the executive producer of how is he allowed to video the executive producer fucking president, but I thought but, like I don't know all the rules about that, but I thought there were rules about that, like the
and probably a step down now that he's president, I don't know he said he's going to do about step down from a bunch of shit. Now that he's president dude, it's going to be weird fucking for sure it's going, weird and he's going to be weird during the weirdest era. Ever it's next Friday, right, yep 20th soon as he gets into place, things that happen that day to paint the White House Black Hells, going to open right in front is going to be like a river of lava. Is that the actual another world yeah the mines only off by four or five years. They were off by a little. What do they think? Seven hundred and twenty first two thousand and twelve, so they were off. They were off a little for years in a month, yeah, not that bad, not that bad They missed it a little bit. They did one thousand years ago, man for you, fucking guessing for thousands of years ago, I wonder if there really is like a cycle where
civilizations just they get to a point where. All the monkey shit that led them to scratch and scrape and dominate and procreate and get to a point where they have a city and finally get a little bit of safety. All of that bites it in the ass 'cause, all those, even though you've gotten past the monkey existence all is monkey DNA, human reward systems, they're all still in place, and they still will make you want to chase the same shit that people chased one thousand is of years ago, conquest and you know, and domination and control the food supply, and now that I'm president I'll have all the gold ah that need for competition. That's going to be one of the things that I think analogy is probably going to neutralize. First. I think that when you get
when you get a hive, mind type scenario, which is a hive mind, or virtual virtual world scenario where it's literally preferable to this world like. Why would you want to hang around and just go the West Hills and get lunch at some shitty place and wait in this thing and then go to the movie. Why would you to do that when you get all your food through an ivy and you get a live in the avatar world for a couple weeks, lot of people do it did damp food? Probably the only problem like food and taking a well actors on the black mirror episode you just like all right saying they have another one. It's happen from time to time like you just are going on a concept. It's like that's at the black hair salon, honoring yeah. In a sense. It was just an idea. You can go live in a in another place. It's gonna turn around time. What's the name of What episode I want to watch San Junipero, I think, is that one,
going to happen man just a matter of time and when it does happen, it might be a complete mental experience. Like you might get out of this, and you might be like those poor guys who come back after a space walks, you know those guys that are up there like Hatfield, Commander Hadfield, I had him on the podcast and he was describing. After being, I think he was up for six months. I think so yeah it was a long fucking time and when he came back down like his bodies, brittle takes like a year for your bone density to come back you're you're a mess, you can't stand, you throw a up all over the place, your home ready, so baffled 'cause. You been up in space for six months, like those guys make tremendous sacrifice so that we can understand like what happens to people's bodies in zero gravity like all the
people that are signing up to go to Mars and want to go on all these journeys into space. Like settle the fuck down. Ok, we might be able to go to bed spots. We just stay right here. We need to put a roof on this thing. We got rocks flying in need, put a god. Damn roof on the planet, build that first big ass, thick roof with lcd screens, so at the bar, some of it it just shows nothing but beautiful skies everywhere you go it's going to. We like the Truman, show and there's going to a big scoop that catches all the rain. The rain is gonna fall on the outside gonna give funneled through, but we need like a four foot wall now it would even matter the the the the kind of asteroids it killed the dinosaurs. I think they said something crazy, like it was five miles deep into the earth within the first half a second yeah might have made those numbers
but it's in that range where it's so preposterous. Remember hearing this guy speak about it and you know talking about just the impact that the earth rang a million years porn, ranging from the impact from million years ouch. What the fuck is that so we can't really have a. We need something better than a roof. That's what I'm trying to say work on that first, then, you got damn virtual reality then think about going to Mars. I was listener. Richard Dawkins talked to SAM Harris today on this podcast very interesting, but one of the things they were
to most people going to Mars and if they did colonize Mars, the jeans on Mars would not be in contact with the jeans back here on earth, and would human beings go off and different directions and then, on top of that genetic manipulation, once genetic manipulation gets perfected and they start really fucking with peoples, dna and really changing what people look like and what how they can perform and how their brains work. What is going to be like in comparison like the guys that are doing that on earth versus the people that are doing it on Mars?. Yeah, that's weird and the atmosphere is obviously different in general 'cause. So the way yeah it's really sells would grow would just be different. He can't breathe You have to somehow another they're going to have to terraform, create an atmosphere
or they're. Gonna have to put some kind of bowl like domes up and live inside the domes, which is terrifying. What sat Conrad feel like? Was it an antler interstellar? Were they made? We didn't like, we call it within colonize planets, but we've made life floating. Terror form Salem and we lived on those. Is that what that was? I didn't watch the whole movie. I got to most went mostly at that moving. I fell asleep on a plaintiff if you didn't see the end, seeing that movie at the chinese theater which, where I saw it done in Hollywood when he goes, they go into the black hole, and I remember we even reading. That's where Christopher Nolan was ten. Watching that movie. It was so loud so big. It made that such an awesome experience now. The chinese theater had love. I love makes bad movies good yeah. I saw pulp fiction
holy Shit, that was when pulp fiction first came out. It was like ninety four or something yeah man I didn't see that movie, but that Matt Damon Movie, the Martian, was all about terraforming and trying to survive on Mars. Did you watch the arrival yet? I must watch that? No, no, I haven't seen the idea. There is really good, though it looks really good, but that kind of came and went huh I mean kinda, that's not just how goes now too fast. Things are too good too much too much want to watch him at home. Now, yeah that too they're going start allowing that bankers trust how to get through the well. Maybe they have get through the Apple tv and download it have that. I don't like to steal from that. I don't think so You don't like to steal from that. So I just ask, I was saying you mean steal from yeah. I don't think so. I don't know I think anybody would be able to do that. Maybe they have but like when you're streaming
like your streaming. I guess, if you're streaming to a computer, there might be a way to do it. Screen capture and some sort of war may be made. Now I don't know because they have it built into that now. I guess it's streaming a lot of the HDMI cables. Now, if you're, when you have your xbox here, another system hooked up to something they're trying to game capturing on to like broadcast on twitter, something if you bring up a video or like your tv, turns on it goes black, because it knows that that signal is bad. It's not supposed to be broadcast. It's not the game signal at the tv signal, and you'll, probably people trying to show tv online and knows that they're trying to whatever they put this put that stop in there right. That's also like that could be removed right. Maybe maybe, but I feel like there's got to be a way to take apple like when you're using your computer. You can use a regular computer and watch things on Itunes, correct, yes,
So if you were using a regular computer Anuar streaming, a movie like there's gotta be a way say that you would be able to screen capture that with your computer, oh yeah, for sure, but just open up a program. You mean record you just record it yeah, yeah and he would have just some big ass file that would be like the Hobbit or whatever the hell. Your screen there's probably way they can put in some sort of digital right management thing that it will put the camera cord to that or it will put of big watermark on. If you try to do that, or maybe not enough, someone will hack away to against it and that's like a that'll, probably going onto the battle that will go on forever right, yeah and that will just make a new form file format, and then videos will be in that file format for the next five years, till like attacked and keep playing cat and mouse. I think it's really interesting we're looking at that video or the article rather about the people that were transmitting.
Law and chow back and forth through the internet and then think about this kind of stuff that you're talking about like real Lee high level, digital management, you pudding out 4k the imagery streaming movies and people are trying to steal it, and you know think about all the bittorrent's and all the different file how's it available online when it comes to all these movies. At Hollywood, studios pen, spend million the dollars to make and then boom a screeners online like moments before it's released in like this constant battle of technologies. It's really crazy 'cause. We could just sit here and like just show up at this ces we not to participate at all, show up every Here we got now ok, see in a year, where you now can you? Can you read my mind yet no well see in a year what about now? Well, we can't read your mind, but we can send you images I'll see year. Can you read my mind yet he just yet
going back like you, don't have to do any work like no one gets mad at us. It's not like the people in the village that had to go. Get the water like you drink, every day you fuck, you never go and get water and they never you get. What are you just gotta give him money and they'll just keep doing it. Just show up and they never go. What do I have here? What do you have for me? What do you have for If you want to see my mind reading machine, I got money, not good enough. No here says that you know like you half dead either? You literally don't have to participate in it to enjoy the benefits of it. It's a rare thing. Yeah I was trying to think of I get the at one of the car companies outside was shown some stuff, but it was soon it was like they call it a statute, but it was supposed to
be an actual model of the car. The call the car statute jelly is a dead, never drive train in it. There were people sitting in it. It was supposed to look like whatever future thing was, but the girl that cap she was telling me what was going on in explaining things to you. She kept calling the she kept referring to the car as a statue, I thought that was a weird because I think I've tried to show it to you before we were like this. Is that real does that were legalese yeah? That doesn't work then that when you call something a statue. You could say that it's a prototype like this is what we hope it looks like in the future, but based on what do you know with the images. Do you have? Can you pull it up? Member? What I want to say, because is. It seems like if you just call it a statue, you could just totally bullshit people. It doesn't dev any basis in you know
real engineering or anything, you just say it's a statue and he could just have like a design concept to it. Was it a concept as far as like a crazy technological vehicle? I think that's what they were trying to show off the inside yeah. Have you seen like uh what new cars are doing now, we're all their dashboards? Are all Lc Ds? That's what I was trying, but that's what they were trying to show. I think a little bit was like this is what the new dashboard and everything is going to look like go ahead and sit in there. It's crazy. Whenever one of the Bmw, I think it was an I8, they had it inside the event. There was a long line for this, so one hundred percent wasn't waiting, but you put on, though I think it Microsoft surface with it. I don't know why you would have this on while you're driving, but maybe in the future, will be doing that and you're getting all sorts of extra information. At least mine is just so just a prototype, so I don't know when you weren't driving down the street, so I don't know what they were showing too they're just blasting stuff in your face on what it might look like, wow and uh,
but you will be wanting to see, though also would just seems like whatever you know, whatever possibilities they have now, it's you just try to excel. Happily try to add up the steps she now in five to ten years from now it's going to be really weird. Did you see the DARPA one of the DARPA announcements were talking about all the different? Well, it was an announcement. They were so an interview they did with one of the guys. I act. We did it so you could find on my twitter timeline, but they're essentially saying the new inventions over the next twelve months or just going to blow peoples minds. So apparently there working on some really heavy duty stuff when it comes to neural implants. Things along those lines, I think he was mentioning MRS Darpa's Biotech chief says two thousand and seventeen will blow our minds air quotes the panel
pentagons Research and development division create force behind the internet and GPS retooled itself three years ago to create a new office dedicated to unwrap avoiding biologies engineering secrets, the new biological, technology's office, has a may and to harness the power of biological systems and design new defense technology they're going to make terminators right. Over the past year, with a budget of about two hundred and ninety six million dollars. It has been in boring challenges, including memory improvement, human machine symbiosis and speeding up disease detection and response. Fuck dude. Listen to what that says. He human machine symbiosis there making up fucking terminator they're gonna, make a terminator huh Ten percent is someone comes along, and one of the first piece have artificial intelligence. Is a soldier
a machine soldier that makes no mistakes, feels no emotion. Does everything it's told can send back data in 4K INR real time and you watch on screen through its eyes and tell what to do in its invincible. What, of course, I'm going to build that? Why would we just send those to Mars? We would probably, but people want to go to Mars 'cause. They want to be the first you'll hear we're doing yoga on Mars. We were all amazing, like I saw a couple of those in it that they're not brand new but like a robot assistance, essentially where it's like ask a laptop or an Ipad screen that's attached to a droid or a little robot, and there's someone on there talking to answer questions or whatever, and they can control it. Moving around the room, you ever seen those no. I walked. I kind of just walked by and I thought it was funny 'cause there's three of am people were talking too and there's just one guy. No one was until you just look bored like moving around like someone talking to someone talk to me, what was the most and
price of thing for you at the event, man, honestly, that I'd have to probably just because I was looking for it, but that camera that 3d stereoscopic camera three hundred and sixty camera. But again, I'm not sure if what I was seeing was the rendered video. Is that specifically what I kept asking to see when I would walk up to one of these guys I didn't want to? I don't want to be pitched. I just want to see what your rendered video looks like. What is the output most of what I was seeing? Wasn't great or didn't look better than what's currently on the market, except for that and then a couple didn't even do audio or you couldn't mix audio into it and for our purpose, which is, I was looking for it to help here in the future. I was trying to knock that out. There were a couple of car things, mostly just the Bmw. Seven hundred and fifty to cool
list, one they were showing those off their their also during test drives of like m6 is, and I think, some of the self driving cars. Maybe I think the seven hundred and fifty drives itself too. I think that's the big one that does, but I believe it makes you put your hand on the wheel, but it will drive which is even freakier. Like imagines driving for you, but the idea is like I fucks up like what am I doing, then. Why is my hands here? I didn't see it. I didn't take it on a test, drive myself, but they had one sitting out that you could like get in and just kind of like sitting and what not, with all the extra screens everywhere, but the back seat, which it probably is probably didn't know this. It's basically like a first class luxury, see you could lift your feet up. Stick it on the back of the sea. There was a place for him. They have massages yeah. It was insane yeah. They give you a back rub bring of massage. I don't know if it's new hot technology right now or if some companies are very smart. Knowing people are walking around this event, tired
need a massage, but the lines for massage chairs at ces were insane will think about is Jimmy. You run all the time yeah I mean how many miles a week. Do you run now? Not? I haven't been doing it very often, but at my height price, thirty, but maybe ten a week now what's not going on with you now. I just kind of weight training instead of running again Yot Young Jamie, getting Swol yeah. My point: is you very fit guy and you exercise on a regular basis. So for you to walk twenty five miles, if that Sustr sing for you. Imagine what for a bunch of these fatties? No offense, no need to fat! Shame! You know we are no big deal. You know I mean it's. It's gotta be really fucking hard. If you're really poorly fed, you know you're eating a bunch of shitty food and you're out of shape and you're overweight, and you walking around Ces geeked out of your mind on caffeine yeah. It's probably good start for the new year, so just keep going walk ten miles a day, everyday healed up,
it will peel off you find a hill unless you live in Iowa or you know some flat spot. Finally, fucking he'll walk up hills. Hardest thing just got one right in front of my house: it's amazing, two hundred yards uphill, take a backpack, throw some fucking sandbags in the backpack, walk up the hill and then get off the trail like get off the trail and just walk up the hill Hill. Like walk up the grass and the so it slides. You have to correct yourself. It's one of the best workouts you can do. I was in pretty fucking good shape. First time I ever went hiking with us Stephen along when hunting and just following him walking up hills, do we die it's the second time? It's happened. What's the the video store recording, but the stream is to putting so If do you think it's some the machine or is it the connection with you too? We don't know. Did you find was speaking to which did you find any new streaming solutions so right now for people
I don't know we use in a tricaster setup and it's ok, it's really good for the most part, but it is fucked us in the ass at least three or four times pretty hard there. There wasn't a lot of stuff because it's again that was consumer show. So there's not consumers aren't really out here. Streaming follow four or five different devices at once and all that, but I did find a couple of things that were close, that I don't know they were upgrades of stuff. We used to use couple of years ago? Well, if you think about how many episodes we have, what do we? Unlike eight hundred and eight- the episodes. Ninety six, ok, there you go, how tall, plus on the app. I can change that eight hundred and ninety six so think about that eight hundred and ninety six fucking episodes and it's shit out how many times uh email saying knock down to that surprised at four hundred or so on here and it brush it out four or five times. That's not good one! One percent! That's now!
good now is not very good. It shouldn't at all. That's that's way too often I mean Beware! Fucked up! Maybe we did something wrong. Maybe I don't know, maybe our machine just got a weird bug to it. Yeah I don't know I mean I reset it multiple times and they have problems. I do the protocol of update! Do you think it's just because it's long time we were doing these for hours and hours at a time and heats up. We do stressed the hell out of it yeah. Well, look what we do in combat. You know what my friend on Justin. I know what he's doing the actual report same thing right yeah. He was streaming for six hours at a time I couldn't yeah. I think every time. I think that I find another comparison. It's like well to do just about as long Justin. I don't remember having any problems with his system may be going to wax system dude, it could have been. We want lemons happen with cars from time to time. There could have just been some component in here. That was bad, that we've gotten around working with,
Now it's just not going to work anymore. Cars are another interesting thing along the same lines were talking about earlier about technology. Is that it's reaching this point where like is way too much car for like what you need like there pudding, now these cars right right out of GM like they have new Camaro. Have you seen the Camaro Z, L, one it it it's insane. I think it as far I don't know how many horse part has finally works for us sickening and fifty six. Fifty Jesus Christ. And it's got a corvette, Z, six engine in it with a supercharger wow it an unbelievable car like this. It is a zero to sixty Sub four seconds zero to sixty car map, massive all that stuff in the front. That's all
trying to like keep the body down all those aerodynamic, little flares and stuff does designed for downforce, so that this thing can go fucking screaming up to like two hundred miles an hour. It's crazy you just buy that in a store and you could go to the Chevy dealership and buy one of the most competent sports cars ever created like that car. Remember Ferraris from a few years ago, like three sixty Modena, or you know the one after that, four hundred and fifty eight those beautiful for ours that fucking car will bury one of those things I mean into the dirt goodbye I suck my dick kiss, my ass America fuck gas screaming the entire time. Okay, and it's sixty five, dollar seventy thousand dollars yeah. That car is am american muscle at its finest plus technology '
'cause. You know real american muscles kind of loosen crazy, really like if you get like, if you bought a real for one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine Mustang Mach one. I mean there. Or just car. I mean it is a stunning piece of art, but if you had to drive it today, you would would be terrified We think in the entire time, like oh, my god, I'm driving a death machine like there's so bad in comparison to a brand new Mustang if you bought a brand new Mustang GT, which I think you can get for thirty five, one thousand dollars. I think but I think a new Mustang GT is between thirty five and thirty nine thousand dollars, and they are way he faster handle way better than anything. Top of the line from the 1970s yeah. How much is this crossed under thirty five? That's crazy!
To stunning car that car is four hundred and twenty something horsepower four hundred and thirty five, four thirty five crazy! That's a beast of a car for thirty Five grand sixteen miles down twenty five on the highway. You see like what they've done by continuing to ramp up the sp. Ramp up the regular car that you buy from a dealership is equivalent to like one of the best cars ever just ten years ago or twenty years ago. So the technology is so ahead of its time that you go back to ninety seven and you look at the cars that were like the top of the food chain back in ninety seven, like they don't even compare, there's just nothing like these things and they're going to keep doing it. The only thing that, like you, there was some cars from ninety seven that Have some attributes of people like like those. Old land cruisers. If you bought a land cruiser
from Toyota in Like ninety seven, you essentially gotten off road v cool. They had two solid axles, solid front axle, solid, rear axle. You could take those things and drive up the side of a fucking mountain in it with the right tires. They were crazy, beefy like right out of the bat and so people to this day they take those cars and they jack him up and put bigger, tires and wheels on it and they put corvette engines in am just because the configuration is so durable, like they don't really make too many minutes a few companies that will make like a real car that you could actually take right now and code right. Like a jeep jeeps are perfect example, you could take a jeep kinda like right off the fact. For an drive to most places that most cars can't get too or at least drive to places that most cars can't get too. But when you want to get further and further into it, they start doing all
is crazy modifications to these things and make them so they could literally just drive through the woods what you looking up there fella. I just remembered this badass super car that I saw at Ces. It was 3d printed, oh Jesus, it's called the divergent. I think the company that makes it's called divergent read. This is called the blade. Do you sit in the middle like a total badass yeah? Oh, that needs to happen. I think the whole entire thing is 3d printing chop it down to the tires, but that is just Such a that's like the ale in from John Carpenter Movie, not John Carpenter, really Scott Ridley Scott's Alien, it's like if he drove a car
like it was on his planet? Look at that thing. One seat probably sit behind it to trying to find the specs to see you. I don't know how weird I wasn't sure to either, though, if it like, was it a car that can drive if it's or, if they're, just also adding concept of showing like look, we can put these pieces out in 3d printing best all 3d metal company, so I'll come in as prince does metal, looks like it works, though these cars today man, it's it's it's interesting because they're backed into this weird corner, where how much better can they keep getting and how long before they're all automated 'cause, it seems
just a matter of time. It seems like just a few years from now. They're all gonna be automated. That's everyone! That's what a lot of companies were showing off their automation like Mercedes at thing, Nissan Toyota, you know Nvidia, they, the video game card company, was showing off. So I don't know exactly the software. I think. Are there hardware that was being put into cars to show you like how things are being read like this is car? This is a light. This is a person yeah. Just like how it's being recognized and whatnot I mean it's going to go to them. Mercedes is showing it and I think, b- M W gotten to a car act, but I don't think it was there. ' Autonomous car look at that fucking Parekh, look at that God, damn car and then Faraday. Looking at the Camaro Zl1 folks, who are just listening these images of it online, you go look at it. No, I had the Faraday foot us so what's a faraday,
'cause didn't Fisker have a new car to. They came back right, the Fisker Karma, but I don't know if they were showing this at. The event, so this is an electronic car with an electronic car that was being shown off there. They had a little issue with like their reverse, while they were doing their demo. So, like again, one of the problems that doesn't always that nothing goes perfect. I think they tried to announce this last year. Some bigger issues than ever seen Volvo AD, where the is in the company, stands right in front of all sent ahead. Some send them flying. It's like this as technology to avoid contact with humans and it just fuck runs a mo over. He went flyin that guy probably broke his hip on that. It's happened a few times that I've tried to do things. People stand in front of it. Trying to show his bone is working for this company. How dare I here's the car, though, who. So they're going. I don't. Why would enough they're going to direct locator that go up on
screen the background. Well, this is going to be like a big competitor to or touch car like a Tesla yeah. I think they're going to be on the market this year. If not already, I think you can pre order him now, not very good. Looking kind of super sexy looking Call born very sexy yeah, that's problem. I like how they have the gangster doors, though they have suicide doors in the back yeah. A lot of them were doing suicide doors. Volkswagen had a suicide door at the doors, went up. Look how the door shuts itself to how about you, save fucking battery power and let me shut the door. What is that everybody wants to be like a spaceman Door shut show shutting shutting Dave. How could shut the door that doesn't look good. You guys had all this time. The design this thing spend all this money and you made a fucking Lexus mom car,
I wanted to like sort of ask you that I think that was one question so, like you want to do a car show the show, let's say they're, going to do one this year, the show car for two thousand and twenty, and it's going to look super high concept by the time it comes out? It won't look that way, sometimes sometimes here too yeah. Well, they they smooth out edges and make things cheaper to build and there's a lot of cars that start out in concept form and then, when they get ultimately delivered their disappointing. You know come out with a bunch of different th. Is that they add to them that just turned out to be too expensive. Is that what it is they're just try is the same kind of idea there. Trying something or friends entirely in the car company to like Toyota likes If someone comes up with a Toyota has the most expensive car, they sells the land cruiser that big four wheeler. Five drive suv as their most expensive car. It's pretty expensive, it's like You get one they're all loaded, the only getting one way and they're like ninety, something like ninety thousand
so, if you're building something that's going to get more upscale than that, then it Beco there's a bit of an issue right. Does that make sense accidentally, I was looking for a Toyota Super cars, as this came up in the toy Supra might be coming out again. Yeah. That's the one question like will look like this. When it comes right perfect example, like that's a concept car. I think it'll probably look a lot like that. 'cause that looks awesome and with I want to make some money, but, like then, all those angles and all that stuff like is it more expensive? Is it less expensive what you know? What do we do about that wing house? It deploys at mechanical. How much does that cost? You know what kind of brakes are using, which it really get into this weird area when it comes to these cars, but they also have to be stunning in terms of their ability be cars. Today are off the charts, what you could, from a Subaru wrx, it's one of those little Subaru's
that is an insane little car. You know and I don't think those are very expensive either. I think that's in, like Mustang GT range right or it's like in the 30s. I think it's around thirty, two to thirty five. I guess take that to nineteen seventy and you will destroy any car on the road. There's. Nothing comes close to it, you would, they would think you were from another fucking planet. If you took that on a race car race, car track he's blown people away. They be like what in the fuck our company is. There are a lot of the newer cars getting hard to fix to where they have to be fixed at a d at by the dealer, and they all have to be very but dealer. Everything is computer program. Now they have minds. You know that programmer the program programmer that's running. The car runs a traction control system, the lane change system. You know a accident avoidance system, some of them hit the brakes for you, some of 'em. Alarms go off when you get close, so they've got sensors, they got cameras so get your car fixed at a local by Alok
Guy somewhere and going to happen anymore. Yeah, that's going to be phased out, it's going to be all dealerships. It's going to be like getting your computer fixed He is really going to be like a super high tech computer with rubber and metal and all this jazz that connects it to the ground that Mk Market Marques Brownlee Mark. I don't know how you say his name actually about Mk the h d on Youtube. He got out. I've only been here. One yeah yeah Mark had only a full lemon, but his he had a Tesla issues. He just got a new Tesla and is like drive tray. It was locking up oh yeah fixed, and then he got it back and it got it locked up again wrong who the fuck over a shitty car, he should fuck tested that one first, that cost you some money right yeah. That guy gives really good reviews to his. His online reviews of technology or one of my favorites him him and Lewis from Unbox therapy or my to my favorites yeah man,
those things are not perfect, but nothing electronic is. Is you know? What are you going to do? Somebody fuck? oops, I mean put it together wrong or some issues in the wiring. Who knows that's part of why? I'm not always super convinced when someone goes full like this is going to be. This is how it's going to be in the future, because we still- even today with all this quote the coolest shit we have, there are still major major problems that haven't been fixed. I don't, I don't see full fixes for them, like which ones do you think they fix Tesla's like if they're going to be able to fix that, don't think so one hundred percent to stop and think about how clunky computers were just a few years ago. You know just when one thousand nine hundred and ninety five windows. Ninety five came along think about how clunky the operating system was the blue screen of death. You know computers are crap. This still happens all the time right, but not nearly as much as it did then think about how many
computers operate, how many things all throughout your life and how rarely they crash if they crash one set a time like the You know the track after we get pissed, which we work spoiled little babies back Then, when you add windows, ninety five yeah backup things every twenty minutes. He could fucking crash at any moment. You're sticking info copy drives and backing up files and stuff. True, it's better. It's better now going to be better soon and whatever the issues that they have with teh. So the cars or maybe it's just one tesla- that just somebody fucked up. Maybe somebody just put a wire in that had a scratch and who knows the fuck knows, I don't know anything stuff. Like I don't know, maybe it's a sinus is synetic view of it. I've had. Let me tell you this, though. I've had two of those Lexus, those big Toyota land.
The trucks, though, for the Lexus F, F of five seven. Fifty am I Lex five, seven, fifty no five! Seventy lx five. Seventy that's! Where is the big gas truck? They never break like nothing was wrong with them. Ever I mean ever. Nothing goes wrong. They just every morning started drive, it oh needs boil, brings the place, they put the oil and they check everything. Everything is great, see ya, bye, no problems. I'll try. My range rovers is a brand new range rover. It's got one headlight on fucking smoke coming out of the hood like what happened like Watt. What is the difference between a car? That's like a super reliable car company like Toyota and a car company. You know like I give you get a Maserati, you get a Maserati 'cause, it's beautiful get a Maserati 'cause, you plan on driving to the Fucking Moon and he needed to play together. It's not going to, but it sounds awesome. He start
rap for more lovable blah, but if you get that car you getting because it's sexy you're not getting it 'cause, it's well designed K yeah. I guess I don't know, I want everything to be awesome, No, I think I just it should have already happened. Sometimes like those kids in that Lego movie, everything is awesome. I didn't see everything is awesome. Do it so cute movie, I said so with my kids, my kids love the Lego movies, but I enjoyed it. It genuinely enjoyed it. The Lego movie was good. I just saw commercial for the newer one. I think it's got back man all the warning right yeah, it looks, ok, do their fucking. Ok, there really well written there. Fun mean you gotta. You can I'm waiting for things to be deep, I'm tired of deep Jamie, really really tired of it unless deep every year for real, like I there's something that RON White said when he was on the podcast keep lying
day drunk like I'm. Paraphrasing stayed Drunky keep lying. I mean in some ways the the the the best way to handle things is not go deep. Yeah. I could double date the deeper you go. I feel like we're clinging to simplicity with the last of our fingernails. That's what I think and I think just sit on your fucking back porch smoking guard drinking a glass of lemonade, I think that's a in the past in just a few decades. I think we're enter into some super bizarre world. That's like DARPA's talking about symbiosis human. Computer symbiosis, mean people complain. Now the kids don't go outside there sitting at home, everyday playing Xbox. Just imagine what it's going to be like when we These really intense, augment
in virtual reality spaces. I scared! No! I was sorry. I let's get, I think, of that stuff about kids all the time I don't have one. So I can't I don't. I don't see the day to day their interactions and other different to mine, but I just compare that my generation around- I just turned thirty four, but I just I feel like I've just missed out on so many things. The year after I left high school, they all gonna got like tablet. Pc's for everyone, it's like little. The year after I left an like, you were the last yeah. It's good to talk about you. Maybe one day, if you have kids here, my dad grew up. They didn't even have the tablet pc's in the class the year after he got out. That's when they came in WO But I would I don't know how things would have been different had we had them 'cause whatever we know we allowed people with look back like if I could go back to high school now with everything I know, yeah DOM
kill everything. You know what you would do wouldn't be nervous. That's why he would dominate true, but if some kid decide to kick your ass, you still kick your ass. That would disturbing, but I didn't mean it like. On the whole, the whole thing like that, I'm just going on specifically like a technology run like if you had, if I just took all my computer knowledge I have now and had an Ipad when I was in high school and we could communicate with everyone throughout the whole high school all day at anytime I wanted to wear as like. We had to write and we were writing notes. I still have I found a note from a girl in high school and not too long ago, and I know how to box like it's a little note, dear Jamie yeah, dumb shit, how I miss your touch, stupid questions of like this is with you do you like me. Yes or you know so check here, like that they
right right now, it's still today. That might still be a thing. It probably is. I want to be that we have, but like the purpose of it, isn't there anymore yeah? It's way more text messages, the notes yeah. So, there's that and then. His timing, people we couldn't that wasn't even a possibility we had to let her know if I wanted to call like if I, if, if I was in school with your kids and be calling your house like hey, is so and so home can I talk to them. They go get them and then we get to talk for twenty or thirty minutes. Maybe yeah what was the first year or Skype came out when people started skyping, probably within the last ten years. There is light video communication, check them, but it was tearable. Well, that's one of the things that Apple has nailed, having facetime in its operating system it just automatically automatically works? You have to download anything. You have to go get
skype like if you have an Android phone, you have to download Skype, or does it come with your phone? I don't know, but I think that they have a thing too. They have an Android thing too, that just like it, but what's fucked up is it doesn't communicate with the apple thing like you have get it like everybody's gotta come to the new apps. To I mean you can do it through. You could do it through Facebook. Now there's a new one. That's blowing up right now called House party which you can have like eight people on and everyone can be having a v go chat. You know so yeah, but that's an app that you have to download like should be just like. A phone call should be like phone to phone. It should be phone communication with Android to apple. It seemed silly to me that they go proprietary on that apple's going to be a really sneaky ways to keep you around man that I'm message is one of them. Time is another the what is, but when they airdrop Airdrop's another one for images, no compression, send it through Bluetooth, so
using for videos and pictures and stuff to say that the problem isn't the right word, but that they are like the only record label. Basically, writer record distribution play state control. Do a lot of it, kind of crazy too. It is well it's interesting too that a lot of musicians complain about that. They, like apple, is the biggest music company in the world. Now there's no string of every transaction. Do they really, I'm pretty sure? Well, they win. So like they definitely went. Everyone wanted an answer. There is an answer and it's like well now you're not necessarily happy with the answer, but you got one so very weird company in that regard, because it's also like the loyalist the Apple loyalists are so extreme, like people who worship at the cult of MAC and Apple like
information that was sincerely bummed out that I started using a Windows computer, it's like so sad. He was really sad like come on dude to fucking computer, just a computer just relax, you know I do it. I typed words. I type words and I look at porn. I read dig I read a few things: it's not a lot of processing power going on here, I'm not making videos not in on it, and I just understand why everybody would, it's so attached to a company. You know brand loyal, spangard, swearword print plant brown loyalties. Really weird. This chevy country view listen quietly, Lear Fords Ruston
so many dorks like that, like they have Calvin and Hobbes, like he's standing on the Chevy logo, pissing on the Ford Logo, MAGIC porn on your car, magic being that fucking stew, if you're listening to this, and you have that on your car, don't change stay or self! Then it's alright change! If you want to, but don't worry about me, what else did you see there anything else worth the discussing see how long we there for one day got there Friday and Saturday, and when did you feel the stomach flu coming on Wednesday night dude, fuck man, but power? I was also kind of like wonder I could have just been with twenty four hour things rather like I feel like shit now I could feel great tomorrow, so I just went ahead and went was your stomach rumbling the whole do not not the whole thing I just as big of a cough and just felt weak in worn down kind of thing, yeah man that makes you appreciate feeling health. It doesn't it like when you
Are you feeling a little shitty right now right, yeah for sure it's not one hundred percent back yeah, but you know that feeling we like man when I get healthy, I'm drinking fucking vegetable juice, everyday, I'm not fucking around and more I'm limit myself to one glass of wine. No sugar, no there's! No, that I'm going to take my probiotics, I'm doing yoga twice a week. He start thinking of. All the different ways you can keep yourself healthy and being in Vegas. Isn't the best place to think about that to you, like the worst so worse, for your soul, to like your souls tugged gambling camping chance, I wonder what they'll do there is. Could smoking is smoking weed passed right? So how do you think they might handle that there in the future? Well, they're going to have to handle the extreme paranoia bunch of stoners going in there like dude, I don't wanna lose all my money, ha they're going to go in those casinos and they're going to well. I think if I was running occasi you know I would try to figure out a way to capitalize on the stoners, the big MA Do they make? Apparently, is those fucking huge disco places like Hakkasan when they get those DJ
to come in yeah somebody was to who the fuck was telling us about this? How much they get paid is it Russell made? Russell might have been Russell. The other night 'cause, you know Russell hates those electron dj's season to like old school hip, hop dj, and he the dj, but when you, when you hear how much money people pay to get into those things like some dudes, are paying like five hundred dollars each to get into those things more than that more than that yeah, how much more than a a for like a table of your table, but that I'm it is going to buy the bottle for come yeah and then paper had to get in yeah. I mean girls get in for free, but guys deaf, well, they were saying at a certain point time: even girls had to pay one hundred and fifty dollars. If you go a late, probably that's crazy money, I mean that is just swarming money and then there's all the alcohol money. On top of that, those are probably the biggest generators of income. Other crazy gambling, guys the disco
and blow their whole, their whole wad, so one hundred dollars to buy ticket right now for this weekend? If you want to get in It's pretty head, though, but yeah that's ahead of time. One hundred dollars container laws you're allowed to walk around all over Vegas drinking. You can buy it anywhere. You want. You can walk around drink right in front of a cop. Here's an interesting thing to it's sort of an unspoken thing, but those Hakkasan places all those places, there's booze Philly one for sure, but there's also pills a lot. Those people on MDMA how many of those people what percent is like? If you could light people up, have a little thought, light bulb popped, upon their head. When you look down the dance floor at all the different people that are on MDMA, what is it like? Thirty, if you had to guess man
thirty percent is being very reasonable. Now I was gonna go with at least fifty, but I feel like that's even low yeah it literally, might be like sixty percent of the people on ecstasy like do you roll your role in wow crazy? Why are you here at at amp plants? So it's. If you casino, okay- and you know that all these people on ecstasy, you start counting all the twenty bucks spells. Start countdown, we're missing out on one hundred fifty thousand dollars and nine ecstasy sales. Who selling the ecstasy who's the guy? Where is all that coming from how's it getting in? Who's where this either have to know do have to, nor does it all come from outside. Maybe it's all Compl we detached. Maybe they don't want to know. Maybe they know that they need the ecstasy in order to keep the business running 'cause like
I don't know it see, here's the thing these rooms, where people just get together and dance with a guy on it, turntable, that's just sort of pressing play and Isles electronic music in lights, This is a recent human phenomena. Didn't exist, three thousand and forty years ago, people would it was Saturday night fever still a stand alive. I mean there, disco balls. That was like the best light show you got. Oh my god, it goes off the ball. It's crazy! Now they have laser shows music is insane. You know, confetti is getting shot through the air. These people of stage shows the the strobes look. Look at this. Where is this? Just click on a random bay This party do this is insane I mean that just a visual splendor of it all the Ellie D Show or lcd well actually, lie to me. In diode displays, it's crazy mean it's
beautiful to look at, and all these people have glow sticks like that. When you see glow sticks, those people are on ecstasy. Those people are fucked up a lot of 'em like a good, percentage. Look at the size of that place. A big concert that do in the summer called electronic Daisy carnival Jesus Christ. This is also in the middle of the summer when it's, fifty degrees out there. How many people are just dropping dead, sweat in their dicks off, just cart him off and throwing up, in the desert, and this is this. Whole wall is like in big led show. While so I guess I don't know, if you're not what we are enjoying on there for not, MDMA or you still enjoy it. We we are high we would enjoy the shit out of that. You go in a bunch of weed and go and stand there. Do you think people would pay the same prices they pay for alcohol? They pay for those for weed if they could smoke him
and there you kind of the problem with smoking in there is assholes with light people on fire. You know, I don't know if they would do it at this place, Rarely would you you can, even in a group, full of peace minded hippies you're, going to find one or two Dick WAD that once the lights one's hair on fire, you know dumping ashes on their hair, or something like that. So you can't really do it in that kind of environment when people are closed in together, like smoking, is fucking dangerous. Now, that dangerous. You know you like you thinking about burns to your face or at me you been burned by people yeah. We all accidentally there cherry drops on you like put the fuckin like your hands on fire, you don't know why it's got some drunk hovering over you with their cigarette. Whether talking to just drops on you that happens. I mean that's a minor thing meet
we get a giant group of people together like that, though you run risks if they could give away pot. The problem is selling it, even if you're selling it is you're going to be responsible for all these people having heart attacks. If you give him edibles like give him that God damn spray that joke DSS prompted his mouth like it's nothing. This stuff is so powerful. It's so powerful, like it's like a it's very it's very much like acid in a lot of ways when you high dose of the the thc sprays, and so if you were doing this experience on that mean if you could keep it yeah, that would be wonderful, but a lot of people going super paranoid freak out and have panic attacks and so you're going to want to sell them. Edibles it's like it's too strong for most folks. You know especially people who don't really dabble in it. They won't know how much to take it's not like booze like. If someone gives you a shot. You because I like holy shit, like you, feel it pretty quick right. Some
gives you a couple shots, Lego geez, I gotta stop, I gotta settle down or you go crazy, but you know what a shot does like a couple. Sprays of this with the fuck knows. What's going to happen, you don't know you're taking a chance. Hey Keith is cookie. Ok, you don't know. You're taking a chance. A cookie might be like a shot or it might be. Like a whole bottle of vodka, so it might be so much of a hit you paralyzed and you just want to lay in a fetal position on the ground. So anytime, you get. A giant group of people like this. Alcohol is like the safest bet. If you want to sell it to them, everybody knows how to deal with alcohol well they deal with it poorly or not. You kind of know the numbers you know. Oh, I had five beers. Do don't drive your fucked up, you know, oh, I had one shot. Well, you have three hundred and fifty pounds. You probably barely feel it. You know I mean like we all know what the tolerances are. It's pretty. It's pretty universally acknowledged. I loved in a place like this exist, though man, these kids, can get together and just go fucking
bananas 'cause. You could make some life decisions in these kind of rooms. You could decide where you going to how you're going to live your life for real, because if I work everyday, like Joe Smith on that fucking construction site and you show, but even with your gold WBC belt and every day, his hammer and nails and picking up wooden thinking of the time you have off some. Sometimes you can go to a place like this. Anuja sticks brings joy and laughter anf on and partying, and you start to think about your job, job, you're, real job and you start to dread it. You start to really dread You start to really get sick and you start to think about all these people that are putting on these electronic carnivals. Why can't I do that or you think about something once you do it. I gotta make a living making furniture. I love making furniture. I have fucking love designing it. I've got to figure out a way to open up a shop and then maybe something like this just these moments when you're away from the grind and
just in this fantasy land, and you hear dirty tt. Twenty two thousand two hundred and twenty two and everyone's on ecstasy and people are walking by touching everybody's chest and everybody is laughing and you just realize like this is. This is all temporary. This whole experience is temporary and I'm wasting so much of my temporary time doing bullshit that I don't want to do. Everybody tells Well, I want you to take over the family plumbing business. I don't want a plum but I want to clean out anybody's broken shitter. I want to make those Eli D lights. That turned into floating mushrooms. I want to make those somebody has to make that that's a job. I have to figure out how to get the a job that would be the shit me all these people that we have to rely on that. We keep the go to CVS every year, all those people you have to rely on, like all those people pretty much had to take a chance all of them.
Pretty much everybody that's doing any of those things where they're putting out these new technologies and showing all this new inventions all how to be like disenfranchise or disenchanted with something and just going to take a chance. This way I do and then this is what I'm going to pursue. What else did you find there heading out? 'cause we gotta drop the subject. I think that was honestly. I didn't see tons of stuff that was blowing my mind this year I saw a couple of cool things: what was the phone all the phone yeah, so the interesting thing about it I'll try to even had a little bit of my who may do at highway white way, yeah. What's why way,
what's Android phone yeah, it does run Android thing. This is right there on my way, who makes WHI way. That's the company. The phone was called like a mate mate nine. I think it's the model of their phone. I was asking this guy question about it because it what it does is. It has a really good lens on it or two lenses. Actually, so it's doing this thing called aperture and I think it is actually calling out. So I'm hitting this button We are trying to see what was going on, so I was trying to figure out if it's actually doing lens blur, which is why a lot of people are always after when they're taking pictures. They want a really good blur makes your photo look good, which is what that portrait mode in the new Iphone is kind of all about right. So it keeps the foreground
found in focus in the background becomes blurry like a real camera, so I was just asking if it was actually doing it or if it was simulating it using software and what he say, I'm pretty sure he was telling me that it was simulating using software. That's why I was hitting that button, like I put my hand in front of it kind of like see, was going on so the cool thing about the Iphone isn't uses hardware doing that right, yeah it's using a took as far as I know, and then again it could be doing some other stuff. It's not the same as me grabbing my DSLR camera and having a really good lens and fronting the focus point, and all that I think it's not the exact same as that. So, if you did that with the camera, you would be able to tell the difference in the quality of the image. That's sort of what I was going like, I kind of would be able to tell I feel like just by looking at it. If it's real or not it didn't look real to me. It could have just been a trick and I might not have been. I might have just been looking at something I didn't think I was seeing
but uh one of these kids playing here, which is 3d glasses e sports. So this is the Intel booth they're doing a little bit of this is what an e sports game situation might look like in the future 'cause. This is going like. There's a tbs broadcasting, a lot e board system, companies investing a lot in it. How come they don't play those games on ergonomic chairs? Well, these are go depot chairs. These are those ergonomic sort of there there like race, car chairs right. The reason our chairs. You sit back see when you playing a game. You lean four, just like you use a computer. Some people do most, people are obviously are leading for, but they also have extra pads and I'm so you can kind of like have your back in certain spots, but what's going on here is on the screen above them, this is their gameplay is being rendered above their head so that you can be viewing this in three space. So if you had a VR headset onto you'll be viewing these situations all differently in the few
Just going to school is like a concept, I'm pretty sure they were showing do these chairs we use are so good. I look at everybody, sit in other chairs and Mikey poor Bitch, these these ergonomic Capisco chair, do those still have haptic feedback or sound to come out of them that another shares don't really or anything. Will do that window thing where they have the window on the side of the computer. We look in that one I was trying to show here. Has some e ink display going on which you can't you could see it moving a little bit? Oh, oh, that's dope! So it just looks. Cool yeah just looks cool, yeah well they've. By having all these different companies making p CS, they open themselves up so much weird innovation. This is one really cool thing and again this is one of those things, I'm not sure. If this is real or not, this is called the tiny most camera. What they're saying this camera? Does it's made specif clear for shooting outdoor astronomy photos? It's got. Google, the Google STAR Maps built into it and the reason I
Well, I'm not sure on this, because I've tried personally to take photos of stars in the moon and different things in the sky at night. It's a really hard to do an like for one, if you're trying to take picture of what they have done here, which would be like the galaxy where you can see the different gases and whatnot. You have to leave your aperture open for a long time couple seconds and let the light get in there opposite of that. If you're trying to take a picture of the moon and get detailed picture, the moon, you gotta, go really quick, 'cause, there's so much light coming off of it. You have to get a snap second, we're going to have to have really good lens and whatnot. This camera is good for both and it's about the same size as a.
Point and shoot camera, and it says that they're allowing you to take- and I don't know exactly how could I couldn't take this outside myself and play with it? What do they say when you ask them to describe how it works? I didn't ask. I heard this guy giving a description to somebody else. They didn't really give a great. This is all the data, and this is how everything is this, how it actually works. They have some software which said it is like a patent pending on some noise reduction. Filters which it would be reducing noise on your photo and sort of post after the fact which I don't know, if that's if it's tricking it or if it's just removing some of the data from your picture to make it look like a better picture. But it was being advertised on lots of different outlets, as this is maybe they actually got hands on and I didn't and they got to see that it was Will it be really interesting if it was true if you could just point a camera up and take a picture of the galaxy? That would be this shit, but you would have to have no light pollution. Correct,
It's not no way would see through that you have to go somewhere right. Oh my god. What is this thing? So this is another like VR this guys flying around in this. Space. This is insane. You were looking at this guy leaning forward he's got his forearms arms in his hands. Connected to this. These two handles in the front in the back. His feet are still into this thing, so he's kind of planking the whole time it doesn't. If is anything on its stomach, is that correct? Or is there something on stomach? I don't thanks so that's hard to do man, it doesn't look. It didn't look like the most comfortable thing, yes, he's leaning on his forearms and he's, his steering himself with his own body weight. Well, that would be a fucking this workout man, but when you're flying, I don't think he'd be laying on something really. Unless you were flying on like a car, better or you know I mean well you still like it's really. His body is not subject to gravity, but his stomach is spot is being pulled down, so you'd have to like really
develop your. I bet. A lot of people got hurt their back on that 'cause like going to do it. Yourself into that thing and you're going to get to a point where you're too exhausted to keep planking what it says up here in the corner underneath their little banner. It says it's good, exercise your core in your upper body and all that oh dude people are going to be bulletproof. They keep doing that like that. That's going to be one of those dance, dance revolution, type things where people start when they they get in shape because of it. 'cause like this it's really hard to do you and then we had on the podcast that we reviewed that frog remember the frog. Brent, I believe, Schaub was telling us about it. It's a weight thing that you do when you move your body forward and backward yes, it's like a do. You know I'm talking about you actually move forward and backward with it. I think it's called the frog, but it
looks remarkably similar to that thing. So imagine if you have a game put virtual reality headsets on, and you who do that frog? Workout thing you can't find it give it a try typed in frog, and it just give me pictures of who's lifting weights and stuff. What about frog weight, lifting equipment, the frog the bullfrog know send, What it is folks is. You know that the way of frog looks when it's moving across water. When it has those kicks with its back legs and its four legs and they come together and then they go apart. Frog, fitness there. It is- and this thing Is this weird: it's got wheels in the front and wheels on the back and you connect your feet to the base of it and your upper body to the front of it scooch ahead. So we can see these guys doing this. So you look. I got a football
but it's a serious piece of workout see here. You see this guy moving with this thing back and forth and back and forth, and I think you can change the resistance in those cables. You can make it more difficult to do and apparently gets you in sick shape. I've heard a lot. People talking about this thing saying it's a tremendous piece of strength, conditioning equipment by open yet, thirty. I will bring in one hundred motts that'll be podcast too, but imagine doing this with like handles virtual reality and you're doing a game. I mean he's. These are crawling along with this thing map but if you're doing this, but you think you're flying in a spaceship, you know your shoe shit. We can just need to get virtual reality in a bigger space is so we can be moving around and be playing with each other. I think that's a big big gap. We need to still to be fixed
Yeah football fields virtual reality on football fields. We also want to. We need not bike if we both have on headsets. I want to bump into you. Yes that thing to figure that interesting stuff. Young Jamie part will be right back with Hunter months. Thank you every ready for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our Sp Bonser's. Thank you. Two stamps dot com go to stamps dot; com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage type. In JRE. For this special offer four week trial, plus one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, including postage in a digital scale that stamps dot com. Click on the microphone use the code jre. Thank you all go to Legalzoom, go to Legalzoom dot com use. The code word Rogan at checkout and save yourself, some cashlegalzoom dot com code word Rogan! Thank you to
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