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#898 - Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo

2017-01-11 | 🔗
Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo are the former announcing team for Pride FC, and can now be heard together on their podcast "Rutten & Ranallo" available on iTunes.
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Hey everybody. February seventeenth and Eighteenth Albion, Oxnard California, levity live it's a new club and Oxnard. It's supposed to be the ship. And am also Mandalay know MGM the coffee ITER Nam, GM, on March, was at the third focus things the third hopeless, yet more, Third car had Angie MGM in Vegas and then on for twenty. Actually, that's yeah, that's an actual for twenty the Portland Show, which is in the Arlene Schnitzer Schnitzel Concert Hall in Portland Oregon me in the Gulf, and pony to change curve. And I'll of announce who's gonna, be on those other shows soon. What's up, fuckers are
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from bodies, Dunlop commentary on some Floyd may weathers boxing matches and glory fights and just a ton of different combat where's, he just got a wealth of experience. In combat sports. Any now is also a commentator for the doubly Debbie the Dynamic do Try these gentlemen, given up for my friends, more Rinaldo and boss, ruin Logan, experience. You block ass, my opponent over there were live more were now and then pass route and the dynamic dual of pride fighting championships back in the day class EC fights, you guys are attached to some the greatest fights of all time we I will use this. Tell him everything I'll have the single fight to say, because at the time of six billion people I go hey understand too, in six Billy People just did the cover dating for this show,
because we love that shows great. I owe it all to this man, Mr Rogan boss, rooted in many ways saved my life skin doc. Earlier so we're. Gonna go down a happened. Road marble now wants immediately, go down on a bus routes and saved my life. No, no! No! That's positive, because my jaw worlds collided on my very first event in private double she'd on one October. Fifty thousand three, a pro ressler dose junior member, the guy in the matter and the actor that they have to actually cut out when bigger I've ever because he was going to fighting miracle croaker, and can you imagine a A commission in North Amerika would never allow that. And yet, we could also raising women. Both. Did you see the reform of Jerry Garcia, the rising scary, I just saw like repeating likely loop thing, but she fought and leaning yelled. I don't know
I don't know if she wants you to your Ruslan. Whatever she was, she was hobbled. She couldn't wanna watch. Her knees were totally wrapped up. She was limping from them, she got in there this carrying our seas towering over this old lady S head it. She does needs to Asia. Oliver, I noticed in art, dried sober to hear Dubai very Grand gets to catch. You Soongoora member big giants, silver. What I was going to die for it was hidden within what, at the end of the angle, get unapprized fighting championship event. Why do they do? It was again the the marriage of pro in and pride in many ways, the larger than life. Storylines and production could lead to two things like that, and we saw at first hand the fruitful if you were, I was it I mean it was in a part of the actual fight. The fight itself was there, but member Alister used to bring the athletic there were pro wrestling ask entrances which right
people love to boys is a part of his entrance. This was that writing somebody. This was after the fight would member to catch you cigarette giant silver ray. I remember, and it was like yeah the do by four detachment choreograph product corner. I think it was. It was maybe a part of the presentation and not something that like you say you wanted to assault someone. Would it offers a few flies or in the early days they will ok. That's a fix five right, there's a you owe you to elicit. Did you revenues the funniest thing ever communist fighting to cut out a year that we do have to be? Do you was gonna, get finishes six minutes by way of he'll look. Credit comes to me. Tell me: what do you think is going to happen in this fight? Is so it's easy to guns, gonna win six minutes he'll hook, everybody froze because this was before to fight, so they had to change their whole gimmick what they were going to do I would like to one and a half minute now. Just as important for you to plant pride result day
I plan to build up. You know everything with God. I would say what mild to come here now, Recital no data gotta came in our studio, training to Beverly Hills, Jujitsu club we had white and bluebells tapping and show it was. It was not like this guy was when he was just being time programme. That's why they wanted to again. That's you know you talk about our pride fighting championships. Genesis was that you don't bringing the biggest the so called tough as best pro ressler against takes in gray the the mythic wrangling too oh jujitsu, fighter viewers. He had a similar, but more rational approach to it recently, with Cm Empress making on a single level. Give the sea empress guy a kid with one fight, one out, you're fighting it. Well at least one amateur fight on fire. Three rosy shouts and promised choked guy out he's. Ok, you can get a tough kit, a tough kid, but you have to fight a real fighter, but you know you're, not gonna fight, Hickson Gracie.
You know, I mean in Egypt at that time were only nobody had jujitsu. I kicks knows just he was just so above and beyond everything yeah. I said it was four hundred to know now that definition Roadmap, while they always like gotta, wonder who threw out first, like they did everyone sitting deserted like three ninety eight right away or believe all that over four hundred. What's crazies, when you see these tie fighters, who literally do how do I get fights twenty years old? Why is it so? I invite began civilized its own penal moves, the likely champion Alan Gloria in factor many years ago in Canada. Doing my tie. Ts end the espionage equivalent up their same thing. When you, I didn't die fighters they, but they as you know, was Joe and there's a good documentary. Shameless punctual times can be showing documentary about fighting in Thailand, didn't in my time where these kids literally that's how they survive,
right? You started eight nine years old and yeah you're on your way to two, hopefully making enough to eat? Did you two new documentary that are doing right now date? There people in jail like murderous, they get a chair to fight themselves, for a pardon o, my son show is going to start a gonna, be documentary as well. Don't read devil. What's his name that should go with the horn, with horns cut off famous famous acting unanimously Tachycardia Hellboy, that actor he's also in that gang God. Dammit recently, as these do narrating it Jimmy. You know it is the duty of the star of Hellboy. I got that the document is called five rounds, freedom is not narrated. By pull out, will you pull up the pain, the page on whatever?
try to freedom run over on broad. Go, that's crazy! So what are their crimes that they gonna be? One gave a loud instead that he stabbed somebody in the naked eye. Gonna want a better climate goals. Ok, I can understand about it that criminal date sponsored rehabilitation. Pop programme, popular known as prison fight, is not reserved for petty criminals under the law, violent criminals and crew. Putting those convicted of murder. Although circuit pieces shows how little what are we talking local convicted murder and sexual assault have been freed and, in some cases, fully absolved of their crimes through their participation in prison fights will that sounds crazy. Errs on my birthday, that's even crazier those areas that anybody would allow this Well, you have to do with your violent criminal is proving more violent and the other violent criminals, and you get your freedom, that's fucking insane, I don't think, there's a lesson to be learned for them outside and one day right, yeah
and violent men redeem themselves through violent acts. That's ridiculous, of course, innovating! Probably a pleasant applause becomes a negative. Maybe they think that we have some guy, your sister, your daughter, your mom, and then they get out because we beat the fuck out of every one hundred percent. If ever you, if you see the trailer, that's what a woman says, he stabbed him get in the neck you get, and now it is guy's going to fight for his life to get out of their initiation, be. No should I be legally so back the forum now, most likely not number in anybody's case Saudi dismayed that, for you now propaganda purposes, they would have set over four hundred below four hundred Jesse but make it afore? I love that his son is super active now and I love the cronies, fighting really top guys. Now we know can ease
psychology arenas last by tough guy? That's it does show how Algeria I will always wondered. What happened? Crossly Gracie remember much thanking the strike. That's a thing. He seemed to be the first crazy to me to take it to the next level, become more well rounded and well versed in done. Well, how'd. You showed really great progress until King MO knocked about right was a big knock out. O king Mark and crack sums This power is a tremendous f, student striking while huge boxing van and never forget that ground pound Kayo that he has set peasants. King scary gauge out of a job that the thrilled with regard to side and drop that right hand on its work, Henderson Dignan. It's amazing automobile neurotic?
time. I'm you remember. I mean he just would ninja yeah. That was one shot and I told her due to everybody. He is the guy that when he has a you know when he has of faces great strike down just take him down, I mean I was. I saw him train them all away to modal down. I mean why aren't you a sprig, an animal like in training, my focused my hands would have heard after I would hold them and you stand on one leg and hit. I dont have no clue how we generate their kind of force, but so much power- and I said, do you just take him down- stop Psmith? Why? would you even go within the guys and right it just taken down like a and he didn't. Would you know every them at the end of the road you did it hidden In time it was always dazed by the bell went and once again, but the third Ruddy Laura compelling career for Scots myth to right hand and winning events on C B has major network exposure. Remember what we called the Christmas miracle when you came back and knocked out calmly and in a the guy who's, I think back working what veto had to steal back the fact renew its interesting
sport in such a short period of time. Of course we seen the explosion, but what could have been even eight an aid with double elite accede. We some whenever we Kimball, but it's just int rested for me now as we reminisce about stuff how how so many organizations had opportunities and yet by the wayside for for one reason or another, a lot of its self inflicted leader see was a really hard one to watch cause. It was bastardize in sport and you were seen they were standing people up like you, member law, now that fifteen second rule was crazy, but it was also their stand. People have and dominant positions like Roy, no Yeltsin and lastly, you. Yes, I incredible workin we're camorra and they stood a mafia wow. That's crazy, like you can understand why, though, with Kimball slice of taking what was necessary to bring it was the first organization to make it to two major network TB. Think there were some decent fighters along the way as well. We, U Akimbo, fan
all in terms, I know you're a pure martial arts and that's why I've respected Savior bowing down at the the altar of the urgent one. But did you like court can boast slice represented at the time fighting to most sites was a tough guy who is a fun gotta watch, but the reality of what he represented as a mixed martial arts fighter at that time was he was was fairly novice. Yes, he didn't really have a ground game and you ridden really couldn't stop a good rest or from taking them down, but he was a good puncher who was really good, those backyard browser like in those environments. You know like he was tougher than ninety nine percent of the guys out there and he would smash guys smashed a few guys in Emma Major and You know what I really respect about. King Gos had he went on the ultimate fighter. You don't gave a go of, it can mean here
leadership, making yeah in areas already a feud Youtube STAR at the time. So he went on we're all these other unknown unknown guys who wrestlers and football players and guys are growing Nelson handled it like a fuckin man being diagnosed, work, bail, target battery buddy memory, you out of hiding mobile to fight him. Everybody went fight him and the numbers with roof when he was on the real and he was agreed yeah, but he was always a super friendly, real real nice guy, always cool with everybody up in a bid to bite his here, answers you look like through the gold T, ITALY, a crazy beer and where we have so much for their good work and yet exactly that's. Why, though, it seems because I think, there's The argument continues even now in the sport right. What, with the rank in writing, show how come Davy admires not getting the neck shot at a time when what we welcome them, as you pointed out that fighting Woodley in wonder boy have to draw up what I agree, one hundred percent, but then I also think Dominic crews and and
The brand as much as one a masterpiece, but if you look at the background in what's happened with in the past, I think but a cruise also deserves. I bring that. I don't agree with that. Don't I don't agree with that, because I don't think that was that close, I think code. Clearly one that light green wandering coding represents what the body of work that he has done in the sure Yemeni Medea Adela drivers that he is an amazing fighter, but he too has been waiting for a long time, teaching barely lost. If I would dominate, it was a razor close decision that could have gone either way and then he goes on to be half our sun sow and I just feel it in his position now in any beat in outmoded the linen political fight terrorism raised quite a shut. Let it go down the road of disarming there's always out of sight. I guess what I'm saying in turn is our outcomes to to match making it putting together championship fights and what you market, the freak, the star, the dominant fight or not
I love the sport. While the certainly arguments you the way eminent, there's an interesting triangle between three those guys, you mean there's a lot. A good match up that could be made with those guys and then also there's Dodson, don't ever sleep on dies and dots in my last letter, but I think dots when he's on is one fat slowly, tausig guys in the division. Like is glued. Save you, the Math Dewitt YO sire jumps like a friggin. Spider almost doesn't slip it's really with, and if he catches you man that finished I mean he's our guide us in weight, double exactly lighter wielding, say the luckily. I can't pop well go to garb red dots. Others are showing even Dmitri since seems to have our get power for about one of the great right. One of my favorite orders I think he's becoming more. Not necessarily more aggressive, but there's there's a finnish now too
to his game. Where he's always been trying to show skies, but you know you fighting Geike Ali bag. Teen, yes, says a tough fucking guy to finish those we think about it. We finish the job Maranta Finnish, hard gucci with one second to go on these. Fuck and animals and maximum benefit as yet punched one piece of shit out a pseudo started on round. That's that's! Where really I would, while this awaits, but that's I'm hoping likely see with boxing that did you safe and makes fan base begins rally around these late away classes. Because to me that's that's mixed Marshall. Arts at its best. I always W C. That was my favorite show, because these guys have to full gas thanks now are nowadays, everybody has a, but at a time when needed, I twigs lightweight. So that's why I love that show and then, when you she bought it,
by creating more power. Do them actually very smart. I think colleague, Barbara has a real possibility becoming a huge mainstream start or what was a handsome guys are devastating punter, amen, vicious striker, he's charismatic he's confidante he's very he's, very moral and ethical. You knows relationship with a young boy, leukemia helped him through it, and I mean it's like intense intense shit. Man mean here, Special guy, and that was it wasn't leukemia as I would you earlier, you re She's got a large stops when I am like. I said we just mentioned the robot guest. It's like it was like he was holding back and these that's ok, I'm gonna pull it out. Ones are for fight what a title that you are really going to show what I can do, because you look like a completely different finer. He was always good.
When this was a whole, but if a wearily dominated dominant crews, national companies Bathsheba Li Mu Bai words appeared that he'd gotten cruiser gardeners get when you stormed out of the universe. But from the opening bell I can say that the taunting stuffing get aid to back it up and show whether it evolution or whether it was already there up masterful performance, He grew up and environments, and I think that what he said after the fire when asked about it like what's the taunting that about you know, I love that stuff, like I'm used to that. You know thousand if that worries comfortable and when he was also able to stay real com in that in a world championship. Spotlight. Cats varied aerial, withdrew, pussy If that around you know, he is shows crews that he doesn't want to go into this battle, almost like walking off mundane ones, the fight started, he started doing it to crews, and I think I got to curse YO pointing to grow, doing a little burdens moves are Democrats, credit crows for the way he handled defeat,
but now I realize, should like a man like a man. Now, I'm not as good as anybody TIM Kennedys, another one handlers good as anybody, yet some guy Gregor yes handled it, Macgregor handed as good as anybody. He beat me, that's it yeah! That's. That is an admirable. You know as putting out the the correct game plan and winning I mean, there's something incredibly admirable, but a guy who can take a loss like a man or woman. You know means anyone who can just except one. Happen, and that's just what it is. You know its aid, it's very unfortunate when you see someone, so saying some things. You don't really make sense like after a fight or blaming on other people, blaming it on their camp or blaming it on an injury, and it's just an idea I think you, but you did bring this up, and I agree with you in terms of when someone has been knocked out or some he's been in a very gruelling, tough fight
I don't know why we are forced to interview demagoguery had not there. I know it's like ordinary myself to at times when, like guts, it's not right remember. I've interviewed Croak up after the guns, Eiger fight when guns, AGA Head, kicked him, and he I was asking questions. He had no idea where yours he could tell was no one home mania has gone completely flatland and eyes. The man s eyes. I really don't think we should view people after knockouts again, but I dropped it. We never talk about it again and then after that want it. I was like that to make any sense or goes out cold ethos and, like you, set out a whole ream, obviously to where he added for whatever reason what he did. He thought again. He really did not really snow and ice. All of us a and that's two unfortunate that by and I don't see what did accomplices anyway.
I didn't made me feel bad too, and I give him the opportunity and then I had to give an opportunity again, because you couldn't see it for the first time we had a watch from another angle in the other angle reveal that it didn't happen. So was his custom and yeah yeah? That's not large thoughts, not neglected is also not fair. If someone tells you they had a guillotined, you gotta look war. What have you whenever you, of course is that we don't know? How can you re ever? I saw that he had the gates and we saw steep they do this. We want our case demonstrate about the bad. My introduction to pry by very first showed up Lucida one are first fight Chris Brennan Asia, which woke up and settling in getting ready. I'm really excited work with us and ITALY there is controversy. Brennan had met smoker in the hour by. We saw him tat and right away the referee. Norway way what's happening, they they actually restarted the fight and seconds later, Brennan summits with the camorra, so right off the bat, a double
bits in the Christian right right, Gomorrah Mass our me, I also got a lot of great sent out a green algae. Do I know that you I haven't talked to world? I saw him was out of you see a couple years back, he said high and I know whose teach it does I think on social media. Every so often I see- maybe I think, is very successful. Instruct right is very good. Jujitsu jerked on top of being a very good fighter yeah. I was now what's so many yeah memories. My son neurons, are rife Sakharov. All the way back. Also, do you see double a double tab: bar guesses era, right and Marilla? Mr Monti, member mandate, granted our good friend, Big John said that that was the biggest video he owned up to too. Without you know, the guy doesn't make many mistakes, but that one I know that he in the book regretted greatly. Obviously so much bigger so you say: Marilla Boost Dumont Yeah. You have see against God, damn it huh
a comment from team quest. Yes, Let middle element of stability that yeah yeah he got Matlin women are more and that will adapt said he didn't they resort again. Many gotta mitigating the next round. Exactly just tell you that, on top of the war, all men, while I was a great rivalry to back a bribe Bt D done, there should a box. It was to the point where they get or even walking, just like a gateway. What's goin on here. Let's was so intense, very intense rivalry which made for summer LEO, legendary match. Ups won't often last year it was giant mean you. Will you guys you guys represented like this? Wild West is yes, it was everything was crazy. You know that's the thing because, but there were also at the time that these more the best, the bank by your white, who was also the mix of the world where we already talked about, but
we were talking on the way here, Maurizio Chopin, who remember too, when you three years old, knows requesting rampage Jackson, Antonio Hoji area, no girl, one of the best fights and pride history and then in one night Alister for him Edward Porto Rota. To win that grant. You don't say what John Jobs did it. One in three God bless man. One of us, but Meridian children who are beast at that age, our yam, and there is a lot of guys in it's almost like. I would have loved, have seen what Nogueira in his prime would have been able to do in the EU at sea. I would love to see, would fade or in his pride because Essentially, we know Gara fought Phaedr. He was in his pride. Yes, I mean it was at prayer Post, Bob Sap that was after after five sapper nationals. The discharge report is a problem with that is anything post Bob Sap you have to take into consideration how much damage he took on Bob sense. He got beat Bob FUCK without ice draft on his head. I yelled at me: I'm not
due to gather data go here. We got this offers death. Right whereby all right well, it was them headfirst these three hundred fifty pounds. What about them, similar with the monster Plex right our dearly departed for cabin Randal men, when fresh off of upsetting you're culprit, yours and drops fade away to our lives every day and they get fatal because he'd make let you It would have been very good to see where we would have done in his prime, because even despite the propped on its head calmly. Coolly regrouped and then submit steer annulment with the camorra about around five minute and a half later be. I was amazing, yeah fate or his prime she's, its want One thing that was, I mean it's actually just in staying, it's cool to see those videos and wash old fights, but there's something about like epoch. Apps between great fighters like did the Opportunity of cane Velasquez in his prime versus
aid or in his prom. I would have liked to see that would avail of war are these injuries out of love to see the girl who didn't love when they get z, miracle in fate or which, at the time I mean that amazing anticipated heavy to fight. They never made history, one thousand most amazing about that fight as fate or beat him stand. That is actually what we did exactly. He had been used only that adapted and beat miracle what is most potent weapon. He really guided the he his strike It looks not technical right, but when he strikes it's perfect, you know there's no load up whatsoever. Also fish steal it from here book. It goes word you can't tell. When he shot is accurate, is the increasingly then are announced last within Tony Audrey, going to guarantee the final, though the tournament began the way he would enter the garden. I think that's! What for Greece over Dome did is here or because remember their doom almost bait, and what did he bade him when he went submitted, I think, we're doom one factor fight also write. What goes on?
a fourth fade or your room timer the remarks in pride right that he was strong these bombs and I'm doing the commentator. I say why he's really overcoming he should watch our Dudley. Doesn't following a triangle, Joe right and then they D brought that peace and it put it next to the peace when he fought for doom exactly what he will committing a railway. They slept on that go to your about Burma. Voices against handle was ridiculous right. The elbows was rings that there was a there was a a grievous error should not have been I don't remember that there was engaged with the other false got out. That's why should it should have been a victory? There are no elbows allowing the man when I think now the rule I just it seem like they would know what remains had. No ground and pound rats and they also again there was
came from older wearily, then how just rings you can hit the body on the grounds that I worked year was glue. They are filling. He couldn't hit the headlines round and weird rule on a promotion that introduce people to two people like fate or until What are you gonna, Gara Dan Henderson? I mean they are not above all who so Brown rings political language and it was I was, would have been nice to have her our friend George, for some of those. I should additionally made a trip over there just to watch. You know I was thinking of flying to see fate or fight against malaria. I don't you my man waited till. They had only them out in order not to live your life, but I just feel like that. One of the things that are probably should a saw was pride in its prime always helps you selling out ninety thousand seats. I remember Dana UK for first time when it was first row- and I remember when I look back when opening started, I back at with his mouth open. He looks around here. This is the great
experience life. Remember looking at him, I go there's this crazy. You know this ain't brought shock. You remember, I'm on a strawberry acquainted, rampage, Jackson, the but ok. Well, there you go to the did you see used to have the ramp under the elaborate engines is- and I know they wanted to separate from my other light of employment, W W and the wrestling aspect, but I dont Belcour does decent job when their entrances and stop do you think that that is something that help you have seen hours it or is it? Do you like the boxing entrance? It's pure. You know the sport aspect of it because I think fans. Why Bad man? I mean the production values were ridiculous zones going. I think it was added to the experience while it's definitely a different thing, whether or not it's better. I don't know man, I just This path
you see with Rhonda rousing demanded Nunez walk another tunnel, that's how like just watch on. Aren't you that's what I wondered, whether all those guys you don't give a fuck about fireworks, I'm not a little kids here got out. Why I want to see what someone's face looks like about to go to where you know. When I watch to you she most time. You know it's. It's recorded a term reform of, and that's where I go fast forward. You pick something up. What do you know how to go? They all mandate eligible under the single look at our diagnosis and a little bit of idea, but that's how show you how much I later in joy it yielded button the video footage that they deprive Heidi championship. Measured. The one would fade ordained going Coca crying while now this action tree was amazing, shrivel, like movie trailers, for the fight. They show you the tea that the movie trailer and they were not allowed to show it to you, make an audience for some reason. Dad this I note a wider waited. There were allowed to show the movie trailer part of a note that level
established Tokyo, TV or whoever at that contract Fuji Tv Tv, like five million bucks, a show who was always weird ass when your shows would either be like for clock in the morning. So we'd have I've guys around four o clock and more about it. We drink it. Readville tragedy, awake and pride would come on or you guys would have the fight and then it would guarantee a while later, like later, yeah I tried to bring. I was calling all the windows in euro to see would gambling. If we could now it has won the World Series and Ngos lifting let everybody knew the results you know because of other websites like so you just watch to see what happened in there. What is really language devoured I combat sports is the one forget: football baseball hockey, nothing else. I don't care. If I know the result, I will watch a fight yeah, No, the result I watch or fight to it's just that. I think it's the its but girl street. No, it's not as good as it still. I don't know, there's something
because it's more digestible size, but I just I find fighting to be something you know I will watch other than if I record a hockey game in another squirrel and screw at my watch Yemen D. I was reading some of the responses to Madame Merle Streak right just blasted, formerly exports. Ok, what do you mean you want how to what in what context? You my knee jerk reactions? I think I love me some middle street, but why do you have to I am a mayor, I'm wondering if she didn't. Even ever you know no one, its martial arts was someone gave the word with arts in it and she made the time, while it's not even arts, but a football harmful, doesn't say football arts of animals was soon after makes martial arts, because she said the word arts and then she rift it. You and she said which, by the way is not the arias. Like came what what? What arts? You know. It's, not the art of pretending, you're right, it's yard of execution under extreme circumstances, very difficult. Sir.
Stances highly trained opponent, trying to smash bones in your face incredibly difficult to do adventure well done right. Yes, artistic! You can't tell anyone. I understand Silva landed that front kick to veto Belpher its face, and that is not our legs. Given that our that's art, what about rail showed? An odd Anderson lies says, are hook right into the heel. I was incredible that was movie seen man. Brazilian jujitsu is art. Now have us brutal piece of art is like it. When quitting rampage, Jackson, Verona, We're Cardinal Rona Slam, my god he arches backward my two slamming I don't even know what else did someone actually collection possessions before it's coming, believing that cries Romeo hold onto the outlined in order not to let go of that fuckin thing, we're replay, don't you did see this? They did smash heads clearly as well, but your white. Why did he older he's probably gone anyway? You even if the young spanish area, the the imp,
was so brutal there arose was essentially never the same again. No, you know I never really thought well again after their fight. With so much potential way, we'll, let you but there you know, what's funny we're talk again, Pollo feel you another girl. He went crazy there did you do nothing, you seek, gardener sassy, the evolution of him. What he's now doing in the union has embraced right now he's at the door of the light hop guys in one eighty five I like I need say about a Rona, because I was interviewing erode only at a cup of tea, like japanese, green tea was standing here, as somebody they were so cool and he kept the school. So good pushed the thing love and he's sitting any does this too, and it comes up with a cup I don't get their school because I know it is by these gotta go. But just now look you go back then he brings
back up pretty sets down that guy then don't raise. You'd like it was a digital stood, as was Pollo failure, Pollyanna LEO's, one of those guys. You got you on the ground. Man who is of a fuckin pittrino, do remember what you just called a fight about Louisa Radio, Louise for meeting you enough bullshit! Oh, I want to say it was to me the earliest example for me and pride one of the best grappling. I had ever seen and Mme Arena, member Ricardo, Rona and De Lister in their remarks from the Abu Dhabi, and we were. Papa, what being the grandmother, but it wasn't a viable. Let me ask you guys about its global. It's not my mind chasm territories. Thinking about grappling matches. What did you think about a yogi? How are your keys to where those tights- and you know anyone to fight my? U S, they wouldn't let him where the tides Eddie. Bravo- and I have talked about this a million times like I don't see it,
problem with him, wherein the tides like. Why don't you go to sweat and so that it should have more treachery riots, languages of the other, but but you like Rash Guard top right. They cover their arms. Can girls cover their arms
I don't know? I don't know they should not be allowed to do that. I don't know why I wonder. What's he knows. I know a granddaughter. Why ok, so why do you think you should have been allowed or just sign, but yeah, I'm watching Oki fire? I was via your rap dudes output is crazy legs bright. How great moment, because we are honouring attacks on languages attacks. Man, Minerva, George, grew gels, ACL right. Yes, yes, although roll on your knees by Joachim Hansen, you wish you Manson when the walk off need to the minority, there's another guy, the. Why? I wonder why you never came to the? U Fc, whereas I I know I don't want you, that's why he apparently didn't want. Like you know in the EU of Sea bought pride, they had the contracts he apparently didn't want to come all right. He also has been a war or man, and you know he's. I think he just fine,
in writing. El. I thought that's what I did read or retired by boy was from Norway right maybe, but when community was powerful, man remember, it was another. Few kinds are actually virtue from back position. I shall one guy a russian one time who not somebody to mounted him really late on his back and a big big, excluding, He wins the fight next guy out, while the guy had mounted him even worse, said: Dwayne Ludwig Brokers, orbital bone when Dwayne was on his back. Dwayne swung up and cracked, even the eyeballs brokers, or little from the bottom is at which he did the coolest thing. What I always wanted to do when the leg
I therefore really Roberto. Guy piglets, embrace stance on one leg and an optional Johnson Linda had knocked him. I've gotta go. Do that telling my students is that you can do is never did it. Rats in our name was apart. He and train. Let go of me as well and actually had the great fight I see at the theatre like he's dead, so beautiful even was talented, told his further tonight and pride against. Stop your keys here, we talked about a split decision but buddy that job Joe to me maybe I'm pride, had somebody legendary cards as well, but everyone I was asked me who you know want to get into pride fighting championships. What I want to a lot, I always tongues What do you don't mind? The tournament where you had one where that five twelve, the fight with the Hudson end? We just talked about it. Words, but to hobble. Go me to fight it candidates, one night against Louisa Radio and touching you cover, jury, Dan, Henderson, Bono and Joan and tremendous night, a fight
oh yeah in those are some of the once a kind of get lost years is forgotten. Bout. We forget about oil pipelines making ends in any way. Oh, it's who imagine because ever funny story with dense and noted any. I bet you do not have any journalism, challenge engine till, let's say, let's rate, let's rewind then, shall we missed him? Our common and Kevin Randal men? We were in bosses, hotel room. This is after pride of aunt. We don't know which one and pride back then love to part We love to experiment load of good, humble innocent, canadian boy who had really got now much Joe empowerment when we say experiment we time like my can expect an answer. My boss is more of you ever taken of protest said. Unlike what unease, We have taken a purpose said five, of course, look at it up pink. How would I want to know where I'm not address come on? You're gonna? Try.
DE I said. Ok! Well, why not so he gives me you can meet. Report cassettes. Do not one three. So I take these things. Ok, fine does whatever com in random and walk in and all of a sudden. You know, I'm still, I'm not feeling you know me, I'm very impatient level what the hell does not work and is not working ran, whom he asked. Buzz goes. What do you give em in boss? Goes? I given three perquisite, you and then all of a sudden, almost don't do it. It hits me- and I end up instantly new way. Was there with us as well visiting and I entered for some reason going into my old rustling manager, he'll mode and going right up to ends and go hey. I think I can take you broke I'm doing. Ok, I'm really just kind of Needlewoman Hee, hee, hee, steed I d be nice. He knows. Ok, there's the english announcer cool whatever, but I on pushing it because I'm not backed by perquisite
by. But you are you thinking that you doing a performance know what that's that's. The thing I felt like I was I was I was I was limit. Value was out of my mind. One really thought and doesn't want to strange now that you and I wanted to be seen in you. I don't think I could do your job, but I examined them of my he finally had enough all my friends call me wrote my glasses nobody knows and, unlike while they are going to wear the badge of honor, and I took the picture with him and an ensign and unlike air, I don't think I'll, be doing perquisites anymore I'll. Stick to the italian challenge. Train killing asked us if the thanks of yes and never again, thanks to your luggage engines, a good guy here we are awaiting the ground. We're not gonna do remember what amounts in our modern twenty couture, yes, and he he was one of the first guys I ever saw through a really hard kicks two legs from his guard and their members.
Now, God look at this because he would prop himself up on its back army, whipped that leg into and he Randy would some hard kicks Martha was that oil money outbreak shamrock dominance in a new way, a lesson, and I was really does the rampage when his brother? What sense his brothers and even mean I mean like riding oh yeah there were there really was very high long. They became what, for I did it, brought about common and democracy.
Togo, Noah wouldn't who went to post, broke his arm and shoot a saint hammerheads, filberts, eventually, silver stepping Vill baronial pride was wild. Brow was amazing, guys head like real street back what they walk into the place high Engrais she decides out of the blue. I have no clue why can't fire alone, while this is before the whole shows like Tom, I buddy extinguisher fell like a colored extinguish cup. A screen all that is required so that eating, I rode retardant frightened when Europe is looking around released it. He leads to this guy. This show went on anyone. I dont use just walking at suddenly. He separated skilful the group, any
The man you don't want fight tat night, wouldst thou! It was neither was the night at the first. I wonder what the fuck me shoot. First time, five members of the Gracie family never competed under the same cartilage annual by marriage rights. Oh yeah, yeah heads of Carlos Newsy at Hansel, high and poetry, go Daniel. Who was the other one, I'm alone this respect, but the Danube thing is a weird way. Is that your last name or that you're? Why last what the fuck is going on? Here, sir, I went to a boxing Gmos. If I just could use the boxing did the ring you know to train and the guy comes to me and he says: if you want, I can teach you some groundwork. She'll immigration. Galicia, which is a meritocracy, we read your greatest varies and how strange nor any but it but
hi and took the MIKE after and went off. I mean using every exploitative known to man just snapped because of the aid, always Gracie controversy and Ohio was the craziest of what we have times at him good times. What I d, like you, say, a tortured soul, but at the time They re always a good one of the few, not view lot of guys, but he always win out of his way to me. Me, I'm your legend, but to make the the main allowing announcer feel good. He always came up moral the zeal and movements channels hints, and we often occasion we had met all the boat- was wrangle: mental, twenty dividing, very first new year's Eve we spent in Japan for shockwave. It was you
Randal Moon, high and great z coincided with laughter because he knew he didn't. I am sensible man, great you guys. The night no wonder made the most. Was this guy you're, the one that kept the peace clause, cabin was was losing is, might even high. Grizzy gets a moral, don't worry we'll be. Ok, I'm like why he goes just trust me. We're ok and I swear to God. I thought he might have had a good buddy, Buddy Buddy saying like when they know, and we would be. Ok, ok, so clean out three bucks a week from some about there and then- and I didn't look because you know it's- it's a felony there, so I just get it. We walk off a long walk off. We realize the big it out as oh. That is not enough. So I go back. The guy's. That's not an opening. Give me more because no, it's not gonna burn and he has this attitude. Ok, what let me do different, I'm gonna be I can tell MRS we're gonna be like in ten minutes and then it better be here. So we
look, you're out, do without you now, maybe we should look up at least tat. We re relax in this. We have what is it there's mailboxes like it's a hungry when we formulate complex and suddenly when we start jumping off and he I'm getting angry and its mailbox Ryan starts and outright contiguous Balkans guys down. I go. Did you catch relations? If you're my friend, I say to write and avoid go through to do like? Do you come on man? Are you really doing this right now and we get this whole fight goes on Macedonia. We gotta will stay with you, smoking weed we're going to go back. Everybody, Canada. We go back. These guys probably call somebody but bit o Donnell. First of all, these guys had ever big eyes and I work Russia, which are what we need right now it s how we need to wait because they're bringing it right now so right away already we looking back and sure enough, this
big guys coming also same clothes that they have, and you can see them very sturdy, walking up to us and as soon as they see us, they make a one hundred and eighty and it talked back into phone, goes from the guy and I go scalding you're right now telling you you gotta, give it up. I d go to Europe. Is there for the guy, says: ok, which, without any gave us a whole mounting apply, fighting, has the right of a movie man. It was a Larry's but hold out occasion when everything everybody start jump gets what coincide left. Yes, he's going to land in Venice the areas they are great times great times crazy times due to good. Yup how much of a presence was the whole? U coups, a thing! Why you guys? Were there a cow aware of you guys of it? Were you guys know? I know I was wearing a, but though nobody would notice
he is enhancing drugs. They don't do anything like that, but real data, as you saw people sitting down that. Ok, you goin. This looks like they were missing. Finger is entitled to do on remand, crazy. That was where Mazato we boxer was delicate workers there all Friday they everywhere this Strip club this guy sits there but long hair and it comes but to me, as doing like you re a little feminine, really weird, you have your biggest No you before we get this crazy guy here right that I have no clue what to think This is all your grave. Why do you want to know what I do, what he takes a short of an assault added up people's literally leaving to place there? I realize he's yoga Rachel we started talking. I was talking about it than tattooed at I wanted. Then discolour is evident. It is hard to find the time. People only wanted to use blacking, and he says that's no hard at all. Why don't you go to Morrow morning? I can do this for you,
next day he and I we go to this. Don't you like five stories ground track? It was the weirdest place. We opened the door there's a cage would have back. That must sign no use, train Audrey, eminently age indicated thing. It's like this human skulls everywhere as this pictures of books, killing people geike many start screaming and older people are getting to do it at that moment they all get up and they run the displays they locked the door, and I look more like you know, because this really weird situation, but no no you're able blue that do when he was.
The great work you know, but it was he started. Look we made it pictures. I still have two of you only have because I've skull with a bullet hole in their actual audio will as well, because there was a cage, we're Mazato used the term. That's when I hear the kick back yet the I say we came ones we suddenly I'd like you were trained in a cage in a basement, well stories below. Let me be kept going down. It was the craziest thing if you think about where they have. You know you go like this regulation with the documents in their regular trade on the job, but that's what I said was methodical. We may have even maybe had an interesting land. Mazato thought cool, Vince, Philips, Vince, Philips Events knows the monks Box, american Boxing Champion the box or any went over, and pharmaceutical mazato lit those legs shot. Animal time I mean even against the Dutch Jamie see you find this out over the fields is really interesting. Tat little legs up like a Christmas tree by you, don't you can actually have flight american boxer.
Against a kick boxer. You know, India, I'm relax. Two thousand three rigour yeah, but you know in It is a commentary Maravilla Philips in his defence he was beyond his privacy. Is Europe's body had started to fade while, but he lay their eggs? Kick it kicked across the legs or was it that drug? kick and got out of the ring re Mercer. Oh no remercie, Knockdown Mercer was what the capable when they ever a thing, but it was. The fighter went to Japan. The american boxer, and took one kick in stopped, got out already k, one right, yeah, yeah remorse and not more sense yeah, sorry, we able or yeah yeah blown guy look at Mazato was awesome. And apparently woodlands doesn't really help for the United States and Canada to Mozilla is going, a crisis that is going to cross the arms and across the back leg to rob, came in style. He did a lot of that and he just moved,
Just kick those legs like every time, a daisy, Philip Zuri starting aware down and besought there a good, ox or two men like you, couldn't denies hands me I've been same boxes. Evince Philips was at his prime. We all those leg, cakes it makes such a difference. Do member go me in poverty, shockwave. I thought but some of the best I made boxing boss would seem at that time were going with timing. Really guy right goes down, it is, can get up did you know about my legs? Little we're right goes well, they call me knocked him down up. What am I have thought of it? Well, Sergei return of early and pride showed good, examine oh yeah how's that debate an argument about boxing. How would they do them? We know it's two different sports, but when it comes to that aspect of Emma made the box,
Well, Sir, David decay, one right surgeon here there are quite a few k, one fight guilt and then recently got back in them and they re didn't. He hasn't done. We didn't really well, you knock, but he got clipped the Complehend yet guy who used to train buffeted- or I remember all the way back. There was one big group because I remember to split at that: I'm not sure what happened. Let me in a really great guy to eventually honey, a nice guy one eye scariest stoppage of ever saw was was. Against semi shalt. Do you remember when he mounted semi shells and got on to of a man like a mounted triangle and start smashes guarantor down onto zone, that's right now just punishment what everybody just punching, I'm in one eye over and over and young. I remember that there was a guess at me: Shit man, such you, just physical, didn't have Therefore, I ask if I didn't have the ground example with territorial right and character of just two
onto mean there was back would shut. Semi was beating. Everybody in came were without long frightened that crazy of genuine at a time like the first at my soul for change it. I d come updating this fight in the Ukraine, it was a while. I was really dug a hole trip was awhile trip. Ask your Charlie Angelo new note from from Vegas, but He poured an ape man tournament here
the light, is guys like only ninety large ornament, and he destroyed all these guys. I think the lightest guy he fought with simple violence. There, like this guy Eddie to other islands, we, like very thirty- I was saying I mean, do any just knocked everybody out and I go like this for Chechen guy is pretty good at last. I remember he fought on this big giant Matt once they did something it was almost like. They mounted up a basketball mats and he fought on it. It's an interesting thing, but I've been bringing this up a lot lately. I really think him and they would be better off with a larger service and no cage, just like a basketball court. Just like that site. Well, Forbes sidelines, definitely things you and take out what about what we came up against again, that's cool fighting surface for women
Well, I'm a meadow morsel elevated bright eye. You want do fallen order, but that kind of, like that to be a bad thing of big open space on the ground, just matted ground Yama, will give us a letter. Cato too had they adequately tends to day is therefore for cameras. He's not gonna work. It's gonna be very hopeful audience to see rash while because it's all one level, but that means that we will say no there's a lot of people. Oh court is look ass, our courts on one level, the annex to the alot of people say though, when they go get an event that they are watching the scream because of that right, but I think you could do basketball court, you just don't it but they still see here at a basketball boards. The people on the floor Megan at least see the cage, the bottom of the gauge, but allow me to sit around. They can see anything well appeared, seeding view tiered, like Stadium, Sal, seeding and then there's bilbil front row, and then to be some sort of dividing lines. You don't want to get run over a view in the front row of some delicate
Marilla I grant College Russell yeah well comes piloted through and slammed on. Your girlfriend breaks both legs or tribesmen, nor is in the front row. It could be problem can be an issue for our role. To be honest, the key people from bug pile and into the crowd, because if you can that you would be able to watch something happened with no cages. There's one thing. And I see look over and over again like it's a very gruelling aspect and the main guys are tied up against occasion that their clenching and its role needs the body in a throne elbows and time and is a gruelling sort. But it's us growing in an artificial way like its artificial, that their pressed up against something broken that that cage becomes a factor in the fight. What it doesn't have to be a factor, I think, the more factors you can remove, like extraneous fact,
outside of your opponent, the better to your wall is running his factory and you can use it to advantage. Be pressed people be taken down with it. There's a lot of things you can do to get back up from it, but I really feel like it, in its initial strain alone, an automatic break or that taking much going away for the fight. If you go against events occurred, stop stomata electricity on events now something I didn't write. Hydrogen issues really will hold a treaty that people were told savages. It would hold some other down in getting the fancy who could take paying most of both jolted years. We must do
I note that the different going from of former the ring two occasions already huge because there's no corner so I can only imagine that means you no more walking. No more evident tat, Bernard Hopkins knock out. Last week, you hired me holler about not last week last month that wasn't went through ring like that and fell down on his head. How do they not protect against this? We have decided to remember there was enough real cried by we approach whereby we flew undermining of rules but why do we not broken hurtled? There were already there what their numbers on their back. Nevertheless care there was, but that was always one of the problems about the bride ring regular acid rain lion. Fight too, I was watching Monica how and backs fights- and here he fell out. The rain smacked his knees on the edge of the apron Thea, as was fallen out. Amendments Orban, Eastman falling out of a ring of vague Hoover, almost certainly hurting himself as well before you got the goats for gender matters.
Why don't? They have like a netting in between the ropes keep prevent from people from falling through still serve the same purpose would think so right or more vertical rope. Just well in between. Do you remember the old Valley, Tudor fight between pay lay and chuckle Adele? They had a net nanda. First rope got a number of new military was shoved them in there and they were bare Napo. Fighting was punched him in the face. Bear knuckle could escape the most active in the text in there like a fish, FUCK beat thesis Christ, Gary Good Fringed, with Pedro awaiting squeeze the polluters, went right into his pants and grabbed a hold of his John crushed his balls MA's hand Betty had some great bad. I can tell you now. Surely I was at a hotel. One time are getting a massage While I'm getting the massage the girl, put a towel over your face Rachel. I don't know besides you me and suddenly
massage get stronger and stronger. A stronger as she starts, crushing might machines. You know like really. How do I throw it all? Go: hey it's a big good we are taking over. There must pass any whether my legs, so I know he has grip. Yeah wasn't crazy thing. That was a rule you, you are allowed to grab the balls and so what about that will never see, needs to the head right under the unified role they just implemented. Some more rules did they you. You wanted to get rid of the midnight to twelve. Six at issue is whether they have that right, it will vote. We should explain to be what it means in mixed, martial arts and not allow the drop in elbowed down from like vertical drop it from twelve to six on a clock
and the only reason why that was invented is back in the day when the commission's were approving Emma may big, John Mccarthy, how to meet with them, and they wouldn't. Let anybody do that because its people break bricks. Yes, p m by dropping elbows like that, no you're, someone could break a practical, chill person ready. They would like this. Before David, I mean it's probably one of the island. I wouldn't say it's the weak, it might be my weakest elbow movement, but it's one of the weaker elbows. You don't think it's nearly stronger than Kind Elam Plus. If you hit a skull. I can't tell it's still splintered for me when I feel adrenaline at ok. I was from three do whatever you want a nine. You know that horizontal elbows, but still you wanna, hear its little yeah. You can feel this little pieces from his cold from Kevin Eggs yeah. That's it just dumb rule. You know. That's the one blemish John Jones record when we found you aunt, Hannah Hamel drop in those are all year bless YO early legal yeah.
I don't know why they haven't put them back in what I thought. That's what they were going to do. Many of the hidden. I socket being made and I would be really damage, but then again you know get. I couldn't do that standing like someone could tomahawk you standing and if you go around here, I saw global soccer kicks and stops. Mr Rogan well see that's one of the things that we could have if we had a basketball court You know you'd have soccer takes on the ground like for sure you I get it. I think so
I think you're violet member punch somebody on the ground. You should be able to kick him, remember eventually, Coronel when it was first of all, I was stopping as I couldn't believe it to more arraigned declined, O Connell veterans. Somebody can go down there. I was actually cut via the Czech Republic, where I didn't do it tomorrow, why he dwelt, besides to box team, Maurice your show gun who luscious sought his uncle ivy. Did he he peddled kick this? Had never legislation ring Sakharov as face. Look like the elephant. Man too, that there were some voting one of the most violent. I think he's probably once when Sakharov afar Melvin Manhood, that was horrendous, Melvin was coming up in his prime Sakharov, was on the way down in Melvin was arguably one of the scariest, as of all types of just unbelievably violent just
violence to a totally different level knocked out market. With current, you don't has argued that I want to talk about. You know what I think he had a double market, a double look out and you gotta pull it up to see. If, if I'm right, I believe, if my serve me was knocked twice. You know he was knocked out and when he fell down, he hit the cup or for manoeuvre we had all of you will have the steel cups and he hits a tardy falls down boom under carbon. I think, maybe that's shield to deal right there. Yes, they will find that version of storing market do well. Now we Pablo Europe. What's he doing with the law, but again another guy, splain I'll, go see, he's gotta, see because the you have see day he saying that they knew Heerd, here's a fight, Well I'm going to go down that road right here. Charges ban
get full under any kids lump sum forward with our times on the way down to go Duke and Margaret, I assure you I, you see, I did feel right into the steel out man and it's like he was sprawling- almost wishes him forward He still has an animal murmur of the only guy that ever by the war, one of those steel cops was a mere run of already. He's too where women are still occur again. I'll be amount you with that Fuckin steel cup. He was the goddamn weapon precedent. Do the things are registered in a place? You start your stag We only want to argue the stag. No, no! That's not it still. This people around the study in have got. If I shouldn't have gotten somebody's, have God right and sit in it. I grab him bite ahead. I can literally Bout she's only into his face at legal move, Mme and
it's a really easy thing to do: imagined, niece right over here. I thrust my hip forward. His only we'll belgian space ass, big Joe Mccarthy, says: yeah, that's illegal move, sight all men I haven't seen anybody do that without limit knocking himself up but differ with tee pushing his head into his knee? No, I grab it had been for you know he cannot push me backwards and I drive my hip forward and its own need, because his leg is here. We only says here a cavity no face and he's going to stop my hip power, which is going to be very hard to do for him from for him and that's a supposition. Have you drill that in my class I teach you ha a guy's, pull it off Oh, it's really easy thing, it's very hard for you to stop me! That's interesting! We just went on my planet earth so using the like of show, do isn't funny when people learn things being while there is that right. You know, like you
for a long time guys would go and they would go and throw under hooks on like from the half guard, and then they would try to like snake up to your body and work their way in. But then people saw Darcy people Rice and then that under her became a real liability for those long arm. Dar skies just sort of had it how to change. You know it had a weed people have of tat. I was like that and we showed an early days with kickboxing type Ojo Ronald. I guess you know in a clean, pushing somebody a boom hiking went out, and then you see everybody starts doing it, that everybody knows it doesn't work anymore and then he did. He do away with locate. Can I go well I teach us a lot in my question because if I push you your of your bellows shift backward, show you dont flex. Your leg, then Loki doesn't need to be hard. Trust me because the muscle Israel actually go straight through so a little while you kick as a very good thing, But if you look at the expeditious evolution of it, when we go back remember doing voice over for some pancreas of fights for fight network in Toronto in and you know back, we got and you watch a spell
under what was Mme rules and well there's that there's that, but if we just didn't exist, to them at the time in their, though the mindset order they the drilling as you say, in its its. Resting when you look at now, people who that's they ve train. Didn't guys like well go to our bread, for instance, and all these kids did. Your knowledge are wary. Its spoke. I loved this growth. There's only assure pneumonia moves that you can do right, delay iron bars, everybody's only go to church its due weight towards those if you find a different way going to that certain bar. Then you,
the price, somebody that you see that happening a lot. Suddenly, this triangle choke new triangle, choke set up. Then everybody says doing it at its gone again, but it just about that move is there. But what else is every thought about a certain kicks right, we'll karate type, one thing there that you'd people that all that would never work of a sudden everyone's do not for, while the front kicked in the face and more united with you, seeing that with wonder boy, wonder who is proving sample of what I thought was gonna be the next stage of evolutionary sport karate, guys guys like Michael Venom, page up old, Yoda Raymond Daniel Milosevic, Laura Daniels End, would what these guys are doing, just showing that if you have all those other skills within those traditional martial arts techniques become very novel and people dont know what to do with them. Like with you're going to start stamina be or their front legs psychic and then throws out front like round kick people to do so and he's also, that's crazy style of league, leaning back and forth, like a snake popping back in its going very interesting? The rematch, though, because I think I think
even though it was a draw any. I guess. According the scorecard it would be a draw when you look at who did more damage its clearly Woodley Woodley. Did you away more damage in two rounds? He had. He had wandered buoyant some serious shit up and also for whatever inexplicable reason- and he doesn't even know why asked him about it after the fight he didn't take him down after the first round and like you, Now he was like. I, if you ask me, I have no idea. Why didn't ease? I got twenty years wrestling. You think I would use it and he had so much success in the various round taken him down Then again, he almost knocked amount in the fourth round to memory is standing in the fourth soda just shut his eyes. Bulgaria was, it was a pretty. It was initially five, because would you no wonder boy did regain some points are regains round, but he never really had Woodley in any real trouble, and I think that is always the ultimate point of fighting is Icu puts the other person in grave danger
clearly Woodley put wonder boy in grave danger. He hadn't stone, Vienna, vocs dopy, was beaten, amount, be cut em, he had been Eighteen with his head was gonna pop off. He had him in farming danger. He other kids, it was up, or else we re sprays escaped about. Wonderingly voices, I wonder how he holds his hands. You know cause there's some guy, first, it is it's a dithers different ways to hold your hand where you can really like accentuate the bone into the knack early. This a little my new details in gear teens you never know right, ass, the alpha male members of wicked ones. Yet and of course, Marcello Garcia he's probably got one of the best eighteens I've ever seen in his grappling competition. You now and then
Mackenzie that fucking crazy hotel hurried switched down the side of nets with John John there's together prey or re armoury him during pride days. Member here look here to tell you to veto Balfour right. Is it my class like a while ago? Does my old Jim been Workin out and I teach you my classes? Would you like to teach the guillotine due to the guys? You surely said he put me in a forest like a fool out is by you and forgetting eighty President, I go while one million dollars is scary. Why why why nobody knows she's like these long arm? Ok, you know anybody go around that. It's like the priorities, you no single jack, you're lucky I become a bloody of just crushing the windpipe he so Jack he's such a fucking giant due to with those long s, arms area. Should she employing like lifting cars and all that stuff hollow working. We'd like like a kind of
The key loves. You know. Seventy five kilos anyhow shooting a running with it. You don't like a shooting again. Another guy represents redemption in the sporting you you here. While we know now what's going on with Rhonda and everything, but even more current, like this, Mme I'm you know? I spent of yours now doing boxing we're one loss ruins career. It seems for whatever stupid reason, but in Emma made there are so many redemptor. Even overtime has been up down Digital, a bad narrative in boxing and fortune. Here that someone who loses a fight doesn't come back. I'm not me. I was going ahead, helped, I think, from abetted a data Mean Bernard guns at an olympic after losing his first fight. So it's I don't understand that their gable, and gable. Here we were interviewing many studies. Records like, but with radically to irregular unaware gets goes like this these are all observers, but we're talking to a guy who lost once in your life. You know so because
I didn't know that he was totally shocked by the many ways to in many ways to lose right. The way different people are thrown punches and kicks Nino in Chechnya, with knees when driving them down broke up was ago, told us in Japan that, if you don't know than ever may you really have in fact Matthew was trying to make the point of view. No, it's it's so tough. Ninety five guys always gonna happen. Now it's also evolving. It's a radical pay. You mean you you're, seeing all these new approaches constantly changing, so great a mindset yeah, that's what I like dummy virus, a hobby and I mean among the list- could go on, but that's what I'm gonna become now a bit more of a nerd, because you call somebody fights in you. You try to have a life as well, but I'm really now getting back into ok, let's catch up and see what these differently, shame on you yourselves or even eliciting this. It just always so cool to take here. Different perspectives and ok,
he wants to work towards that order? Super born for all of us, like, I think it's why beaches going to good? Really, I truly believe going it because he changed care by think. Tell it like Beijing in his training in Hawaii. You know he got it dictates whatever he wants to do. He so now entity, schools, people around and that's why, when you put people I get on a pressure, they get tired. Because they never experience that endeavour. Because you show way ahead above everybody also if they want to do extra three rounds with me for any doesn't want to do it nor do I think that a careful rhetoric, Gregg Winkle John, no, and there is got all these guys gunning for em, it's a legend. I mean I mean I can only imagine this part sessions they have go on. I think it's gonna do really well for him. Now its opponents drink, as is really good. Dare I say: ok, bye because you re off like a whole isley, I mean the for ease. All famer done everything we saw against Frankie EDGAR. What what is it? We talked about our pockets left when was mad use? Twenty ten do. Why do you think still fighting while he probably feel
like you, didn't do it right? He probably feels like the fights he took with Frank We had that really bizarre stand up and seek out slipped out of the way. It is think that those who have everything he decided that he was gonna fight that way because it is more efficient and that didn't use as much energy as like widening stance, and he, I think, a lot of his career. He was concerned with losing his energy and rank alot of his crews. Worried about gassing have so many well with Marbre innovates right so does is to camps with Marbre intervention. At least two. I was did Sean you're gonna think he did. Diego centres are no Diego Sanchez, because I know also that Steve Maxwell was training. Diego Sanchez got Sanchez in incredible shame, but that was be J his prime and when beach I wasn't tired when he was in shape and use joking around about it. I'm gonna have a six pack. It took it out. What was it? He wasn't just a different animal back then, but it was only sustainable relic. A few fights I think like would be J. It's over
for whatever reason it was hard for him to get totally motivated to get into that kind of shape again and when he described it sounded fallacious, like you, couldn't hold his daughter, litter, literally so tired after workin out that he couldn't even hold his kid and they have a very specific training philosophy to the moon. Which is in a lot of ways, some of the guys that I like in a curse on who trains under his philosophy and speed of sport in California. They want strain, and conditioning to be number one priority number one european. I love that and the ideas of european know how to find. So since you and I know how to fight you should just work on having the most incredible aerobic threshold back to Frank and planet or tease you got, but even frankly with. Why might is going to give more, is Smith within
their partners, show yeah, beginning, that's. What Frank was all about was the could be cardio, it is hardly was so nice under bus back, went Tito lost you frank. I was in the same buzz going back to the airport at Tito jump next to me start asking the question, but stamina, because I always said is the most in- you can never have enough. Stamina, rather motorboat choice, not asking drills and doing all these things and then became that crazy cycle. Cardiac audio right. You know any start beating everybody, so it may be that our answer that the candle grove and whirling trained under the ultimate fighter, they came out of that shown. That's what he told me like it's all cardio when everything is about cardio will end but again cardio. Also what about nerves, then, and how much panicking emotions drain like what I'm saying lays a factor in it, but but the actual real cold hard cardio plays a factor to write that are also plays a factor in your nerves. The out, because of you know, the other small glass tagging is starting to get a lit up. Yup
especially when you walk to the ring. Did I train hard enough? You know you know that you can really go after work. Don't do seven six minute round to the type at full blast. That's like forty two minutes but that was after work out, but I knew that nobody did that. So I was not going to run out against because we have our fights and in Japan, but it The only way to do it chanced to go hard around guys coming. Who could do to warm up in my class a twenty minute warm up is the boss really work, but the sprawls minutes. We bit, I feel em up with IDA pushups or with the kettlebells swings. So twenty minutes straight people come in who had a fight. Like two weeks in Japan, couldn't do it a man I said. Don't fight is already made us. It is the warm of Geneva start now and say they lost, because of cardio over there, but But how do you do, as I say, just baby steps it these to yourself to the point where you can get through that. That's our warm up, full clip and then Jane hired. You have just keep donut You think so best conditioned asked
right now I am a mere one like one or names that come to mind Velasquez right away. I would think right came as a free case. For now I mean there's a lot of really good who eyes danced, might be I've, retired, buddy and also so efficient. You can also see the same thing about Cody Annual Dominant yeah. I was an over war for twenty five minutes. Do no you're right, there's a lot more! Its becoming a bigger is opening its early days. It was only to W C guys because a lighter guys, but now everybody whether it was the right way to me the most guy comes human. No cardio for three rounds. I go you're serious, isn't bringing a half.
And or paint if you're a painter, do you do the door, heavy irons and only thing I have the same thing, but DS do right, adheres boys make it made a always mean when you think of wild detract ones. You know, then he swam back them Alcatraz five times five time here I sit on the black cats. Why me why billions of what in the forthcoming forty because you come back soon, he'll come back as immoral title VI, a bunch of my only area. Look, I thought, like you know crazy, would be of Conor fought Knick knacks now you say so whether there are any say in the corner that you know he shouldn't applause. Naked Nate was too big for him, but he made his of one day. If decipher man, that's a fight, that's good.
We need to happen again: Conor stays the one. I have three five pound champion member to happen again, oh, I wondered if I read you ever Diaz in daily. When one is going to monitor the way over the acts in there to announce calling up MIKE whites? He was knocked down to back. It stopped with three seconds left he's recoveries, always antagonistic stamina. What am I gonna go me and then I can t see. Why did they test for what we don't get it male July's zone about us. It athletic it s, not tat sentence forever use. It is understood all my friends there to Yoke saying now that they're gonna there thinking about coming down on that and then not not even the carrying of people test positive What is our hopes of, which would be a good thing, because that the way the level show in your skin the way it stays in your fat like if you got the night before a fine you're not going to feel it during the fight you just not slut,
ever tonight will no longer made merry yeah but you have to, really was locked up and overdue. Pride get noticing the ideas, but his pocket ass. Anybody, one of those gummy viruses like twelve hundred billygoat. I think he ate so in six, like writer from the Newark newspapers to Deborah, did peace and she ate a whole chalk by guess- was like different doses or how many different doses and talk wrote about her good, farewell. Yeah yeah, could be paranoia little flesh back on a planet. How am I going to a planet? Hurtling through infidelity should be nervous. Every girl rock could fly on sky, kill you. I wish I d, the cushion cookies. This is I knew his bag, I am a crank one because their heavy goodies, eating. A little crumble falls on the ground and I I see
dog right away running over and I want to stop it and I go down, but the little tiny right I'm eating it. I have to pick ups something from a friend of mine who is like twenty minutes way somewhere in the valley. I go pick it up. I'm begging the car and soon as amended, Karstadt driving and it hits me you know what I'm gonna hit and within two minutes ago local. For my wife, what did you do to dodge stance staring outside for like two and a half hours law? Not just look at her side the fund is they gave it was just like poor good Isaac poorly. But the lunar doesn't like men, but you re connections, Mario Spit of other intimate one. She doesn't like men for some reason she owes you go after you, wow kits and where women a cool but again
I also share the male man. Literally. Does the dog devil go a full motor tag? It is a little dogs. Fifteen pounds would recognise the scarce like a visual, brutal Larry. She is by how's your arm illicit. You do you're getting a lot of muscle back in your arm. You know at the top I'm getting it back, but you see below does still something to be done on here with us in the valley. This adopted already. Does this crazy injections also at its elite with its core to nurse court somewhere sown, and I feel that some of them are hot Katya soda impinged, yes or what they say is if you take a fire waterhouse, if you squeeze it less water comes out at the same with a nerve, less action comes out and that apparently they make special picture today only could do in Santa Monica they saw tat. It was blocked there and he can. Apparently he can inject me there and I will take the depression
and he believed that that's very possible. It will come back then, and yesterday yes, crazy because she stepped thing is still very hard disk, but for four years. Why leave establishing a so slowly but surely it works. Work out. The arm into shoulder shoulder comes back also little, but that's the thing that this about nerves right, that any kind of nerve damage takes a tremendous found time to to heal because nerves they grow very, very, very slow, very slow. You know it's people, they dont understand. I always say it's like taken the sparkling out of a slender. That's your nerve service broke it. They get out. It's gone and atrophy comes. You know, because people go like how can you don't be paralysed what what happens with people who break their back right near I say, no more nerves go into the lash can work anymore. It s the same thing, but I have right now only the nervous. Still there is just press I ran into some kid after show there the day and we were talking about neck injuries and you,
Jitsu news, ask me a question is like my arm. Doesn't work under here? Might try cept starting to fade away in my dude go to a doctor. Yesterday, you gotta get an MRI soon, as you start seeing atrophied soon. As you start feeling numbness you gotta get on it right away any infringement teenage girls, because there are some ways they can sort of relieve the pressure and spinal d, impression and a bunch of different platelet, rich plasma type injections, our agenda, keen and stuff, but you gotta do something Do some quick and I can't keep Roman all guys. I wanna keep gonna jujitsu even when there are their backs. Fucked up like that. Like ass, your role and you feel it feel like that twin engine, yes, shooting crowds dont real damaged yourself. Gotta be super careful with nor any kind of nerve injuries. I waited too long. That was a thing with me. I waited too long. I realize I saw my arms linking and then I go. I gotta go to the doktor, but I was already I shouldn't go faster as soon as the. Why didn't you go sooner? I dont know
I thought it was. It's gonna fix itself. I've been this indestructible guy from my life is going to do anything out of the way, those interim from regions that are not you'll. Never having you know I mean I feel from a roof. I fell on my face. I almighty state in its decorations, didn't tell them I fronty. They have something to how come out. I mean there was quite a photo. You fell on your face. Homer roof break your uh, you know those you call those letters. You know that the dvd pointed why aviary right very smart. Of course, its does like this I'm standing up and pushing something course. When I put the latest there's like this, I push myself away. Following real slow motion coming because one of the four one of those stance thinks I gonna.
I'm gonna followed and I realize I'm gonna fall guy slow motion. Choice did my object. I think I'm good, but it was longer than my artwork, our joint Christ. My face train on the thing I wasn't even dazed. I got out of a very gentle I went to my mouth. I go. Please be energy due to its very you say right, nobody kills. Eighty percent of the population who are you know loose to you? That's all hilarious man, that's hilarious. So in all the times, and you guys are working and pride had you see like when they were doing, though we ve given guys big bags cash. We can therefore only got those paid back further complicated razor. You know the letter but would like to talk about the first time what you wrote when you went automatic you know, do the first topic. I bade the first night, bullshit you're you Eddie
the debate is the zealots gonna go. We're gonna go because always just like you, but you go too vague, rob a bank right perfectly pact, you know Chris, notes I mean it looks like a monopoly money. You're there were one hundred dollar american bills. I was living in Canada. He was afraid to. Actually I quote, because when I brought brand new bills I may not be so they could tell it. Wasn't counterfeit but they'd always looking go where what is that literally every week, every show brand new one hundred dollars and was always have the beggar. Had you go like remember when your guns, people statement may go to fight as they will all working over each other? It's ok, let's let but yeah. So it's all good. What every fighter fun like they say. Ok from ten a m tomorrow morning, you come pick up your fight. There was only one room and everything
we'll find out what you gotta, even guys, like Merkel, Cuoco boy, no may like two million box or something, but it made a lot of money at the time you know, and it was only the hash even to mould eyes- gave everybody cash. I remember it gave him gas just well, and I always thought man but then again the echo has evolved? Maybe don't do that radio? You doesn't know a lot of things have granted member. They were telling family members, here's your stacks mark here I mean all everybody or our team at all ten thousand teeth anthology, because you can bring motive. Anthology took one bailiff, so who was less than that cries. Had the roles and repugnant tat is so crazy. That was well, but it looked like it looked go when you came back. You felt it good fellow so you're a criminal would of course, be criminal Merkel actually got two million dollars in cash from Heavyweight Grand Prix and then put them.
Suitcase and went back Croatia that one was gangster fucking things I've ever heard of my life I wish you'd have to I mean that's actually get one issue at the scene. In a movie, ever you you'd be beat the fuck out of everybody. Little tiny gave you win that sperm tournament member sperm posters. Oh you fuckin persons, awesome Twond postage. I feel bad. I got rid of. I had that post, do you share its height or pluck remember, upright or plus? What does that mean? I live. Nobody knew ass, he did so and what light set, there's no such thing as doing knows what I've been doing things as usual,
there's no such thing as doing things such as usual. That's a picture! I gotta get the answer that it covers. These nobody's gonna get a member the grand promoted with a woman breastfeeding the baby. What the heck is going ahead Eric I have a while led Ishmael T shirt from like nineteen. Ninety eight- and it says, don't be coward- don't run off the fight at that time wasn't guys tissue made. He showed me, and it was its operational- has translation for Brazil aboard forthright aboard for five four hundred light
there s a merry. You what're you gonna, do I shall argue we will take it. I had a doktor with me I'll give you do disarranged with the widest couch. You know so I stabbed in my eye and I start sucking the blood and I wrote you haven't that's. When I heard volleyed he told that storage egos course. Once I was the dressing room, because that I could do it, I couldn't do it before so. Needless to say, my eyes blew up, but I never closed, Almost she anything anymore. We all wanted to go out and go ahead of leads there and it doesn't matter you what're, you gonna, do I shall argument shake it had a doktor with me. I shall give you do disarranged with the widest couch. It also I stabbed in my eye and it's not something to blood, and I wrote you have my that's when I heard volleyed, he told storage egos and there is guy, still see me- the cells in the ice. The sucking you that he puts up
like the frequent terminator and he's just come on. Let's go put my ass, an all party, and I go and what I heard that I go now. Now, you see when you go back in time ago, yet I was maybe you will think about ass, though you stuck them in your eye, lives like where no, I don't need any done, and you know backwards here and I tried to find you you pull, does not coming out of a little further somebody get blood when you do blood you, she stood just start pulling then I did the other eye and I could see
today. Is that it so ridiculous. That is how many people have done that that's a super rare stick, a fuckin need only the bag, and here I sucked blood, as I say, you're in a very rare company, you don't try to try to state yourself up with with normal needles. I did that as well as putting their long term go my wife it a beginning, said: duds scope would already number that you would you daughter related yourself up my orders filming data. What is playing music or defence is now. Do you over my lag super annex? I guess it is this third far too fast. What was Cut from you know this people both won't believe it at the time I drank normal colleague beer and I walked outside that a grab, six beg of banks, no ethical would be our walk back and six pack breaks the bottles hit the ground
and it shoots against my leg and I inside I go men. This hurts right. This is worse than an. I walk a few staffing and this is crazy sharply weapons down. I saw that cut of this piece of glass, but still it it. Why not pull it out they do not go to the actual, ok because of my wife has in HOLLAND and the last time I did that I was I overheard. Reigned in the sun, for promotion for the body ecosystem and I had go to the hospital, because I was made three degrees. My body, I stuck, I couldn't hold anything anymore. Everything started cramping. It was the way distinct, so that this was like when you're film in that commercial. Kindly I know I did a workout video work out. I did a whole work out into at noon in the sun, jeez atop an ambush. I want to look good on the camera I was hitting. The thing is, how does I could and end by of of course I too call as you are tried every because I knew this was going to happen, but still eyes the ATA cramping crazy. So I went to the hospital they put like
to buy action made. Then it put in order to actually MIA de Empty and its, and we ve been there. A long time had my kids with me, because my wife is in HOLLAND there there with me and its four clock in the morning now and I still don't come back in its already like an hour and a half an hour been asking them, and I you know I get angry. I say you know what let's go gills. What you'd never should do is pulled out yourself. If you do that, you need to put pressure on their now. I know why that is because I sprang the whole room forward blood so go around here I saw so then my my daughter, I hold you figure of the Ottawa. Does I pulled it out and now we gotta run so are we run out of the hospital and escape the hospital escape to hospital? Because I was the hydrated so then my I was gonna get. This thing happens at your He didn't like it that something crazy, but the first time so I go. You know what I'm going to go to the hospital. I'm gonna, be there again become this big story. I'm just gonna. Stick it myself, so I asked
was to find a needle. I tried to first like they do but a broke, and I go now and then we found one more left and there really not sharp. You got gotta really push in and get it in. There about a work ever deeper the clean everything, a clean, the rope with alcohol swipes, almost everyone- and I start stitching it. Well, no! No! I don't. I don't like to just Grandma, I said, and she goes hoo who is Rambo daddy? Did he do it? Do I say I do, but who is she always looked at it? Oh, it was a movie. Tat was in the movie, so either do it for real? Maybe you should not do it? Yes, I'll be boosted themselves are neither of you get like first aid kit with needles, and now that had a needle, because if you have one of those needles, Yoda little round was the books. It's an easy thing in really first, but you slip off because its
no every day the hardest things to go, and so what you need to do it when you have the cut like France's if the one side dissident once here's to cut and here right, You have to put your finger on the need to make a finger on it, and then you have to step in their because otherwise everything what happens is this is slips of, doesn't go whence we ought to put my finger on, it is going out was easier, so once you from the inside going out that was easier to do, but to going in but there was hard because it gets slipping It was not really sharp. Meanwhile, That seems like a lot of work here, better go, did ass people for four hours, right, crazy, good, something, crazy political, oh my students and I gotta go. I did it acted very that give you mean, raising who really works better stay here. Signs your finger doesn't get stuck on the wound, as your applying who share somebody did that for fun with it
for them. His mouth is moving from she's handler lips, ripped apart ass, currently swells Ellipse, utilised, dumbest thing that I've ever seen, guy in HOLLAND. Data Tell him to put a pool ball into his mouth fuck so once it was in, he regretted it out that breaks data and I had an idea, he was always couldn't breathe with just a friggin. Ball was in this matter. The ritual to the next level cries someone's gonna, break his tears at the brakes data, my guy fuckin, retard city stiff, my guide,
you do it yet we fuck and three three year old boy, your mouth, probably without all you can do it or no worries. That is a problem and America Hall So what is going on with inside Mme just figure Stop loaded with her before the money is used for nine years did nine years. I did, I think, nine shows if I made that quota nine years and that under this society it meaning was one of the most like respected India. And an immense shows on tv, I love it. I know it was really guy. I would have loved to have a little bit more heads up, which you know where he went. What does a problem? China's lot sucked time? There was the thing at the end. He due to go: nine thirty Pacific time
that's right. You know, that's it use. Go she shot. Everything down was the most Dvr show days, which yeah Well, I'm sure, but people like to watch things when their current too, you know that's like they have it at like six p m on a week night. We ve been saying or sat alone now we're nights a week knights and where you want to be, you know to be on a Friday night like everyone. Here they go out shoulda man, it was, the fund show we had a good run, you know and we were back together. The ballet do audio version, of insight Emma? May I guess, although we talk or other combat sports as well Monday's, we drop the combat, supports carousel buzzy too. That's what it is TAT every one of us and then we do are rooted in Rinaldo, which is more us just ripping on pop culture. Event and try to add some positivity. Try to find some good news stories to share in this depleted bided world of ours, so yeah we just. We enjoy working
each other and it's been a blessing to be reunited with the man here. Europe is, he do man still doing boxing comedy eyes, size you and they only Debbie, Yok, saying Young Tupac, pan, glory, ass and well, maybe not so much a day. Longer of, although glory will always remain very near and dear to me, but Timing and that they were upset that I didn't go to Germany, because out of boxing event, that nine Showtime is first priority so we'll see, but yeah, I'm due to a championship double header on Saturday at Barclays, on showed time were unification, five, which I think this year and boxing, because not a great Europe, you for this sweet science and we're gonna try to fleecy, more the best fighting the best. Finally, and I think again, you know people can say what they one about him. It may everything else, but the one thing I've always liked about him and may eventually you will see those the best fight the bastion in boxing the the pilot x and the money cap that from
but in what I was. The old, though, is the thing they kept fate or out of you have said they wanted his organization. Now they want to U promotional Wednesday. I might help just drawing Fleming. I think everyone this is by now. That was the deal that broke the proverbial camel's back, would strike force in Showtime was the paid or after a lot the day you know was wanted recent fate or at that amount of money no time the boss of the time. Enlargement said you know we need the fate or or when I can agree, the deal in the store forces owners, the sharks at the time with Koker. They want out, so that kind of would set the ball in motion. I think, because I thought
I think that what has still been very healthy for the sport, I thought strike force and you have see man that was some the good chosen strike forces. We now look what the the alarm of done in the EU have see. Amazing organization meant yeah between strike force and Debbie, easy meaner, spin, quite a few champions and have come from both those we represent. Martin of abundant you have Zita, do they did a lot of exactly ass, a very smart move, but it there is so to be said for competition for sure you know, I'm I'm really. First of all, I am glad there's other combat sports that are getting more more popular lying belet or take boxing liked glory, while you're just going to glory is very, very prevalent. We know, but you you ve got all you helped put that needle is well my man and its I'm glad, because I think for me, but a call all these combat sports that we ve called. In this society in the twenty first century, kickboxing at the highest level? I pick it over everything
one of the most exciting sports in the world for sure. Without a doubt, and one of things about glory is that you know you you. This is even though its an organisation that may be a lot of people have not told it become aware of there's world class World championship, Lemme talent, the talent is not like at a low level at all, when you got guys like Nicky holds in Indiana, mean there's so much good saying, but its again comes. Ok when we go there is or yeah what. Why do you think it says we need american stars like with you. You know everything is that what what do you think glory is not making a bigger imprint right, known America, too, good question. I wish I had the answer July because there's only combat both already, I mean little use you at how many shows they got that just do you see? So if you look at all the other one point, I don't have. No, I understand that and I think that's also very value, but I mean to me: nothing drives me more insane than hearing Mme fans who and increase oh ground game, or to actually do so on saying, hey, there's that segment there is. This
called Gore Boxing Zanu FC five past do now. It's just. I I'm just a lot. Surprised and disappointed that it hasn't gonna no more traction, because these, deserve a man. It's weird. It's weird, I think, boss, now that there is too much to watch already well look. We do this for living and under no mere you're you're. You watch everything I can't keep up anymore when I'm on the road to a w w anything you have see when I watch. I have to take everything just so fast forward in, and I do so too Save time Joam it's you know, I can't don't dedicate six hours because
we got two or three: it is hard to follow and cover and yeah, and then, if you want to follow my tiger, luck would overlap with all that is well in this. Does too many much yeah you're right? My ties the hardest thing to watch in terms of like get it live on television. The ape review feminism world class fights into going on right now, there's no there's a lot of times. You know my way to get a society with the more type premier league. Remember that guy get the host was there all these they came, but boom still owe me money. They do. Of course they did somebody organisation we romantic, but that was a good organ together, a good event rather than together great event and what I think in bull cows, air memorial, pull them exactly. I think the world class my time World class kickboxing or the greatly greatly under appreciated by thing.
Bypass. I mean the SBA and deal. I think this helped a little bit in the course of being on five past. I hope it is also. I mean I when I was doing the shows in keeping track of social media you you know there is growth, It's not. I don't think stagnated by any stretch of the imagination. One again it's in Europe: it is. It is past You are very good ratings right, Netherlands and why not an ultimate fight, a kind of showing solidarity boxing? I only guinea, but it gives a fuck about those shows all the world where we see that as part of the problem- and I think I think people scene who much reality tv, I think the novelty of it all wore off. I think when Forest Griffin and you know that yeah Stephan Bonner went to war in in one s own, that all cast we're canning, Florian, Diego Sanchez, and it just it it was. It was. Some special, but then that was also before
like the real housewives and a million different phone? What isn't that tv in general, like a member who wants to be a millionaire window, was on one night, twenty five, thirty million, then ok, tonight's reunites, it's like everything else. We do in life when it's good or when it successful. Let's keep going keep going until they wandered into the ground? Yeah? and it's also their star, there's trends, people to get it. You know that excited about certain trends and they get bored of sir, your friends and I think reality shows in general. I think it's hard for me but to get excited about a new ones. Have you got a new one, just better much kick by, You gotta be something more than it would be something for I don't fight back or Netflix. You know why you can watch it at one time. I think Netflix is the way to go now, If you decide when honour the workmen show, this is not just Netflix Amazonia. Getting an onus on echelon network is well in its contacts with everything right like we're. We're then that's. Why to me, kick back
agreement, Mme you can go like on your phone right away. Here's! Ok! I got three minutes boom. What a fight great stuff! Ok, I'm done like it's! It's digestible, in those tiny morsel? But how do you monetizing audio builder, the answer. That's consistent. It well Similarly, in Bulgaria slow build here, it's not going to be like the: u have see which kind of exploded lowering the ultimate fighter. Most sports don't explode like that. They take a long time and several generations to build a young Emma may was so unusual in that it, the excitement level from watching a high level fight was irrefutable to the point where, when people would watch fight, on tv there be so crazy, so exciting that it was must I go undeniable. Yet you had watch is too many people watching your eyes over. That's the difference train, I think kickboxing it just
gloves are bigger. You know they bring to an end. What made you as missing have genuine points but doing cage, vitality, Irey up yeah. That's all about it. That's a good idea, but then you know you see it and occasionally go. I can dig him down always do I really do a flying on boss rugged data, this one? We can do a lot of things, I mean, I think the sport is still in its growing. I think, as far as a talent level you deadly seen what what's going on women's Emma may women's Emma Maize, changing pretty radically and quickly. Yet we really must have known reserve me. Look at tat water sin in page Venza variety. Recently again, that's in it It's weird our society, we're fixated on the good looking people who can fight are getting these huge. Where's. Where did it just be in this mortal you're a fighter, your talented fighter- and I know for some, but it just seems like
Erica, especially, is about the cosmetic tribal wooden disorder. But I noticed totally fairly with something I think what we have is we have a giant pool of hard core fan rain, who want to watch Would the verses wonder boy too they want a people want to watch is really good fights exactly. Does that end, but in order to make the really big money you gotta go outside of those folks and yeah, get that casual fan and all generate interest in one hundred percent of the hard core fans, because you some hard we're friends that quite on We will look at a fine, go you now, you fuck about their fight, for whatever reason that fights not my fight, and I want to watch it, and so that's a big paper view night for the you have seen the disease. Percentage of even a hard core fancy to say. You know what I feel save my sixty box and then I'll find out an hour later, who one anyway and unfortunately, most of the time before Group Macgregor came it's always the letter. Wake us right, yeah! That's a shame! Is there because I guess this is the rostrum to beg you think, for you have seen that
back like where you, because, even as like we say we cover this, we Harcourt like it. There's there's a lot of fighters. Go away. You know, ok, this guy to guide gotta fill out the cards. I'm just wondering forego. You covers a does. It works for the company, you think, there's the rosters, it's too big word or you're happy with the way it is now and I dont MIKE's fights by so if I said that I would really have to do research. We save the rosters to Bay, but if they don't fight for it in roster. The question then becomes: where do they fight because they they have to get fight somewhere Would it be better for somebody's lighter, not lighter? lighter inexperienced guys, like a Mickey, got your instance who right away. Now is fighting the of sea, beat Sage North cuts and holy shit. Now the kids, a star right, beats a vcr. Logically, the idea is a good case. Smart. You also but he's also only a couple fights into his creator. If you is manager and you cared about him a lot in you say, look
you're, really good. He got real potential, but you need to get some seasoning get some seasoning against commensurate talent. You know you want. You want to fight guys that offer a threat, but that you can beat and you build your way up to a guy like Damien Maya right, but if you fight Damien Maya today, you're probably gonna get fuckin smashed. The earth is gonna its neighbourhood and you might get smashed in a way that might destroy your confidence in your fucking years. But then are you there's you have, I guess, there's feeder leagues, re access tv. What has done a good job rna? All these other, I'm wondering you have see if they want to even investigator, invest in something like I made a tv show out of it now, looking for a fight showed their, I dont think they will do that, but I always thought that it should do an amateur division or you know what I'd do if the image of the vision, because you're my Mickey gall, I think, has potential superstar where you're already
already be safe, nor the already being takes note. There has only been saved North turn. Who's gonna find magyars gonna, maybe barn, barbary, nine yeah yeah right, even if he fights incomes winning like he's he's not too far out of a top twenty wrangling and ran right and also during the wolves dent. Maybe he's quota, maybe look John Jones did it the opposite, is happening pocket before John John, no Europe when you get that kind of talent like that's a John Jones is a real special town. That's really its undeniable! That's what I always say: it's gonna take down the hill Dan Henderson Gravelling Match nobody has mentioned here. He can do
thing? That's what I like you can submit. You can knock you out. It is just a really thinks about firing. Moldavia, that's Ireland. Under pressure, he's a fun on Jim under pressure. He just rise toy on Balfour. Drano right was up with wood Gmos. Did his arm of the high priest, ended the veto caught him in a beautiful arm bar perfect Arbour from the guard had fully locked out and looked like they lived. I was I was over, but don't panic and John wooden the wooden tat, let his elbow get fucked up and then went on to submit VIII. Yet it's crazy, Well, you know once once you're a fighter and you slip on something you think you gotta deep would I have only ever did and then you lose it. It does a little bit he's on fighters to their mental stage J D get depressed, and then, when you turn it up at the moment you want to start turning it up because then you destroyed. Finally, you can actually go for summation, so I think that happened there. Does you need fight too in the John Jones drop veto over the front like sidekick body like tat? Is
rate technique for him, because he show law, yeah you're, seeing the way wonder boy uses in some other folks use it and unsafe north cut as a really good ones. While, but you say probably gigs at you. I have a feeling. Somebody's gonna get hurt and they gonna take him out. You definitions, yeah! I got it looks so dangerous and especially a guy like Jones again, because you get so much power on top of it if by any chance just walk backwards in his leg is stretched at he gets hit at that moment over Land Maya, wormwood, silk was that there was a fight. I thought it would involve silver world war. I thought the same thing like this is gonna end in a serious knee injury. He would do from psychics the need new. Do you just hate? You mean why not joining on the news. He just write about right along the edges. Hyper sends you neo, it's weird because it's very effectively so how come you? How come you're allowed to round kick the outside of the knee, which everybody does why you like? To do that? We are not the Khyber extent. I mean if you're
they are when it happens, you dont get hit or use a unanimous one of those things. As I get is a very effective technique. Holly home uses it quite a bit. You know she use it on Rhonda, quite a bit their fight, the law alone, I call it- you know. Nano logging there under calf, I know who was no broke is similar. If I was out there, but we should like three months ago assembly somebody broke his fever. We because you get kicked in the calf and they stopped to fight nothing you gonna walk into a wasn't your sheep, other organisation, her yet mean deftly happens, what needs to the head of a grounded opponent, Joe you offend well or way, think it should be allowed, is what I think I mean I think that if someone is shooting for a take down hears, it is a question so safe again. Is in the process of a double leg an someone's need, touches the ground, the gosh.
For that double edged need, such as aground and as is needed on the ground. The opponents already launching into a knee a counter name, which is the perfect technique from that position right. What happens? There should be legal should shave, someone shoe to total power double on YO, an ant Nasser sliding in their knees hitting the growing you catch him with a knee and put him. Is that a needle grounded opponent mean? How does that we're all he slipped it? I would say that the same as I hit you, but you turn your head at the moment. I hit you and ate the beggar ahead by illegal writing, the guys who were gaming, the Sis member, when the guys who they ve I put that they have all rather Viejo, just like Google, but but it's also like yours. There is a controversial fight really recently with some olive areas and to mean TAT Means and Mark ran, We I asked him when I was a viable and he's on line and with more easily on one point that one point being one knee, I guess foot wasn't even on the ground like in his other foot, was up.
Some like. Is that legal? Are you really confusing amusing Ryan Mark Ratner said it should be legal, like ok worlds, one point is illegal and then Jamak cards had no. He said it's not point is like that that expression, that nobody uses three points. The three points I two hands and our two feet rather and handing it illegal to hear I person when they're down, but he says it's the bottom of your feet: any terms, not the bottom of your feet: you're grounded opponent. So even if you have one knee on the ground and no feet, I get you just answer only moving towards you're still a ground at a point where it says yeah, which is weird, that's weird ghip, I'm not sure. If I agree with then no, I don't either any need to the opponent on the ground. I always skyscraper. I think it's better than elbows nowadays, the not least this wish some knockouts with elbows. When there's a lot of cuts in Libya. Are you don't have that with the new and old? Well known,
yeah. That's what I said: it's it's an easy diverge once you know it's gonna becoming there. It's a bigger thing. You go just hold it. I mean, but it's I preferred over Alyosha ruined Coleman using pride neglect, but from random opposition as well know those two just I mean from sky high. It is right to the minutes of where a rest cars when a wrestler assess movie right, because a ressler they'll do you know if you're trying to shoot on them and they sprawl and there on top that say, have those needs right. There's a boom boom. It's a tremendous technique for Russia's head, but remember Coleman, male away the beginning to arms body, and we did it more isa. Moralize knows Smith, more common fight with one hand once we're. Allow people forget such wed, but that was you nuts, but is it? Is it so not working at, but like how come you can use your elbow where you can head, but
Jane, you had out of nine lives. What has ever died? I mean if you can cut someone with elbows re, our slashed across their faced with elbows. Why can't you head, but Is it a concussion thing, but it's up to you yet right I mean it seems like we were talking about the art of actual fighting sure we know that a head, but is a real martial arts technique you you know. I know why that is, and it was one of the reasons I would add, but somebody if there was a lot of audience, but I was fighting at the club I had defied almost never for there were you too, because I just talk my way I grant you know I will tell the people that does nothing going on, but if I did I use what purpose head, but because they live really insane Make sure that older people are watching that day would understand. At dinner, we get except the kind of behaviour that have hardened demo freak people out had. I truly believe that it's, for you know, for the spot, to make sport more correct.
Dignan her lungs out once a normal person watch is a fight like a Morocco must not have body somebody into oblivion. You know they gonna go is this a sport here I we bear those terrible soda Socrates, I was going to say just sounded, grounded for that matter lie botany and people how to our time, with people being on the ground and getting heritage and promote you aware tat, a member at their one. Jimmy Chin was scary. I mean I don't know why do afridun stop the new? I need it led him kick I mean it was obvious he was. He was outlet using lava land and he got hit with a horrible Sawyer. Taking his whole body went flying good and he was just dead out. Cold gonna kill them boning Roger
a guy that should have been a superstar man cover of sports. There's a girl ass. He has seen the US. I was trying to curse. He fell right into any loudest governors. We now we see, I use laying athletes. Hankers do people. Oh that's right body, how's, my girls, the next time. That's also what they said about the USA Game, copyright, that's right! The area where it gets on it that sensitive issues that really the proverb says Europe and later in the states that individuals and tease you appear in the cover sports illustrated magazine- will subsequently be jinx tat. But
Did he say anything in terms of actual you only get you see how many hearts look there's Tajikistan is there's really. This is folks. I can't even read this lives. This list is fuckin insane. It's like everybody. You gave it the. I believe me I'd, think before long before they vs yeah Conor Macgregor March two thousand and sixteen holy Shit NASA. He was scheduled to fight off elbows on just Nanda. Dos Santos fell apart with a broken foot. Does I'm just going up to me to a welter way right. That's interesting, very interesting! I love this video? If it feels good without cutting so much weight with big fella
I rather think everybody. Everybody would fight so much better. Why but then do ever. Does everyone do that? I think yeah fruit for a lot of reasons you should fight closer, do. Do you think that a solution do think, there's a way that they can make guys way their natural way like test them? The same way they test for like drugs testing, for migration. Like show our pay moral, we're gonna just put you on a scale today and find out what you actually were. Morally, if I want Thirty five! You weigh one eighty six with what's going on here, man lived gettin shape, gettin shape, and tell us when you're ready and what you actually way, and so then you find out that the guys in shaping did you actually you go you're you're few shape, you're you're ready. Ok, ok! Will it says here you weigh one. Seventy five there you go, ok. Now, I'm going to check your hydro levels. Will your dehydrated, the ok, we're gonna, get you to a normal high duration level. This is, are you now you healthy you one! Seventy nine! Ok, that's what you're way we one hundred eighty gunfighter, unlike justice, I'd rather not unifying, and
you do. This is what you fight at or if you want to weigh less, have to lose weight. Europe being prove that you actually way that inelegant loose the body fat get yourself to good position in ok. So what our? Yet now your wall, I've got my down to one. Seventy way, I'm ok, looks like you're, actually one seventy and look check your hydrogen, your healthy okay. So this is a real weight. You fight one! Seventy perfect mean how many guys why we, without it being not allow Holloway clatter, of course, do in those markets and that some fortunate, but for the but it was always. There was also dabbler stands up for the greater good. I like that you try to set it already to beginning to always they blame other people. Finally, you know if there's nobody to blame, they blame the fact that their opponents
was cutting more weight, so he was stronger and that's why I lost no. You lost because you lost rights. He did elude because you wait five pound sex. I look at the old days, man. Let's forget it by editor, who I'd Frankie, you everybody when using one forty five eight eating a goddamn out, one is eaten everybody, but that's that's the problem it again and they they shot for focusing on it and at least because they can give it the reason and then let's hope that the legal advice to review that are made of ants, we block, shows no use. Now. Why do I need cyclists? Justino? I mean
deserve wait. What is the only ones? Forty five most healthiest she's, her exact filtering so bunny? She is bigger than that. I agree with earlier, but I dont think if she, if it's down much of a struggle, she's almost diet outside lines to make one of forty one, forty five as a brush way with one fifty one, fifty fives a railway class go so well. Maybe it's not for, but you know I'm here and that she's even heavier than one seventy five minutes later, when she's way over one eighty she should, like God, walks around forty, carries a dinner friends. I mean I've. I wish there were more way classes for men and for women. You know I wish there was a ton away classes like an boxing movement. I think, but because he had one thing: the boxing has the people don't like they have so many chance. We would you, because you have too many way classes, but that's how you make things fair. You guys, like you can't
or one eighty five and a tool, far right. That jump its huge. My point, five to sixty four twenty states wanting pearls TAT, take twenty one outdoor sixteen tiburon stakes and stack them up and imaginative someone as that advantage over you force behind all of its in his belly. It's up to thirty five way. Glass. We need that. I think you're right or two twenty five, twenty five, maybe a to forty five than unlimited Mina. Who knows, but I think that heavyweight. Where there's a weight limit, you can't we more than to sixty five. That seems easy because european, what eighty today of the fight Gaza has cutting jobs. Then you're struggling you can you can go to tools flash? Would you like to twenty? they have a really hard garden. Then you face a guy who's. Do eighty five, although the early morning, so I guess, has been successful right the day of the now. It's nuns sign successful, radically unsuccessful
Ben seventeen different people missing weight so loud you all really earth like one or two and the same time, allowing more than once this wiser than just as they want to get the edge. The safety safety it gives people more time to re hydrate themselves, but the problem is given time to lose away right, sir. You starting off early in the morning like a year. If you answer at four o clock, you know you're not gonna, eat all day, you gonna lose weight all throughout the day. If your way answer at eight o clock in the morning, when you getting up, they gonna lose all that way of. You might in mine not lose enough weight, so people, Mr Ehler, Milady undulating. There is definitely a law on theirs. Fifthly, an issue: would people cutting too much weight is definitely an issue with people doing an unhealthy Sunday be putting donor penalized, even more though, like I just recently heard re orgasm thirty percent of his, where I know and that's why? Ok, that that's fine, even Calvin Gaston when they admit yeah, haven't really been looking after my died, what your professional athletes assigned to them, the big organization in the world.
It shouldn't have been part of the contracted in if you're fighting forest that you have to maintain you. Animals have those Instead of even a random broadcasts random. Where was obviously they made Kelvin, go up to one eighty five years. Next find him a little crazy, as you would funny looking to make Canada they liked insane and to Kennedy blew his entire was trying to taken down a beat him up and they earn you're the first round many He showed his size advantage. Strength advantage is a massive. Like he's a massive power algorithms, whose ground and powders Jujitsu but Kelly. And just stayed the course. We was defence and then eventually, when he got to his feet, man way too we have to know how many times is even worse. Now, three years, Mr Bond, but others he missed against tyrant, Woodley Entire and beat him and tyrant is a gentleman decided? Yes even take his mother, remember that which is very fucking ethical and moral move by the champ now the courier, so he lost there and meaning. There is more than one fight in the past year for that, but you wouldn't
you say. Ok again, I shall not loaded one July because he's a great fire, like you say, a very good one. Eighty five. So, let's hope, ok statement. If and only Missus way to want. Eighty five, why are you should take a year? You cannot? I don't know you don't put affair them and then do they really I think Calvin should fight at eighty five Jimmy. I think he could win win it. Seventy. I think he can make seventy, but he doesn't always makes and only you're right one. I think I've yeah me unless you want to lose a ton of body fat and then try fine and one. Seventy really clean diet up really go our the majority. Outworks Donny it does not seem like the same person was because of Thompson. Wrecking the way a lot worse. When I agree- because I heard you say as Well- even the brain like physically doesn't look physically this, and now he doesn't go. You works hard, it doesn't look like he is as motivated. He doesn't look is hungry his vaunted knock, power is gone a great I can aired it's weird.
I want to deal with a long time ago. A viable disclosure would tie his left hand to his body and it put him after every work out, you got three or four hours under back in using your right hand, can imagine if we develop the right hand. On top of that mean because it was, ninety percent was left here. You with that Oh, no, you open all new door. You know you know when it's on unfair the question someone whether or not they tested positive for anything if they re right should anything if you haven't tested positive, so he protested, positive frame thinks he can look at it that I don't think you did didn't know, maybe a diabetic or something maybe maybe find out of Johnny US ever tasted positive or something you did so You know, there's a lot of people thrown accusations about him and rose Saint Pierre was seen peers, but you know what it costs will be like one things he said about his last fighters. It worked out for four times a week, one one time. Four times a week is like you just was not focused on that fight. If that
The king was you gotta get it that's why he looks like that. Has nothing to do what you saw or anything else. He just doesn't have the hunger and that's it and that's that's where you you put yourself at great risk. Much, but also mentally going. You clarified. If you know that is not a guy trained ten times a week, you trained for what you gonna do before I shall we that is power went away. He asked me he's too make ice lie: crumble, mused the women we had John fiction went flying more encampment flying flying is again magic in his hands and then also had stopped so put the. Held a medium like a thing that we'll talk, may homes and really just ruined him fund, job fear and fucked him up any fucked him up with like Usenet Front Lakeside taken. The frontline round kiss that it would be a bad one to the body and then Johnny leg. What black nods said like you got me than slap the same on right up to the faint and that's. The thing would want
We want a boy, he makes his family and then suddenly a who gave it a question mark a get its every time. It's a different, kick yeah, I don't know. What's gonna go Miss Miller when a burger talk, shit about em all is spinning taxes, waste of energy, so it all for real, coincidentally, we'll take Ellen Berger and ahead twice. Here's your wasted time do right. It's always some fuckin super good. At this rate, like a kid greater to write, is using a lot, whereas the abdication. I came to power, ok rather more to measure, but can you know maybe opponent at bay and then suddenly his his hands, love with his left hand, less lay missile guy man is one of my favorite guys to watch also be outside of fighting they're gonna. He taught you never has the same, like we agree with the views of people ass. You know about your life, how it started. Well, it's
is the same story over and over again we're here. We can even make it every house ever these. One of those guys are constantly changes. Smart business man They said Martin smartest he's the best shit talker in the history of combat sport, before that it was a chill sun and Mohammed Ali, and now it's kind of a greater impetus and knows how to fuckin, say: Jeremy, Stephen start ongoing oak he's got it just a truly them. With one sentence I mean it's easy, finds the perfect shit added the way he looked back, an area in which eighty went in there and annihilated Eddie offers like what you just gotta go one man he's in that style of lighting out and sliding in it's a very unusual, almost karate, based on who you know what that with legs
sitting down on vicious punches on the end of it. But you know his stance and because he's a software, but I thought you know with the Aldo if I was coach. A year ago already, I would have said we do go to trace out for you because there's no way he can block those locusts, Leno gets Gump, there's no way he can block, because his stance is still white and his knees appointing inside to the digital again, one hundred percent damages the whole gauge the whole game and his left locate by the way also could kicked the fuck. Are you in either low gas and Mr Harbour hooray. While barbarously Asia, he made me think of Roma Eggers ya know that explosive man his level, they call the duchy left the body and then right leg take the land admin dazzles. I would once, though he throws it man, I think,
Although an max hallways, very interesting, fi level, I dare say it has two happening here and all this crazy shit like, although my go up and fight a b for the interim title, and am I gonna, do you gotta, have my own away fight. Why dont? Above there we go again right. The money wait, fights everyone already, even Dour Babylonia above I think it's a money instead of staying in their way of defending the title they all I mean it's obviously not is no. You fight is inviting nourishment off in Russia the right nor an huge, especially if they fight for fifty five pound title of never gonna fight in Russia. They might have to fuck and build a new soccer stadia. I don't think people understand a time
post, something on Instagram. I get two hundred and fifty Fuckin russian dude who write Habib time and dispose of the time of the credits. My fucking credits are over run with the other saying or not credit comments where Europe overrun with people say. Habib time are being targeted, fuckin just a safety when their building that thing make it underground tunnel any lose this zero voters. Can we go straight to? airport right corner. You know it's This thing about the counterfeit man lack Habib time Habib time seeing oh yeah fuck around us through, but like fights Connor, we Michael Johnson, cracked, him and rock. I went there to get angry. He didn't get angry, beat the fuck out of other, but the point is he got her got her and if Conor catches you like that you might be fuckin Duns ville. He I drop some hammers on you and now my same thing right
We seem caught her as well. At times it's just a while back in better beeps defend yeah, we saw Connor get rocked against name, you want, I'm losing that fight shortly thereafter, Habib got rocked Michael jotted, back, came back, stronger, yeah dominated amp so, it was the only time will mean it's. When you see a gas is dominant is a b. You start looking for weaknesses in his arms. He only time we ve seen any weakness. It all gab Macgregor too, in his defence. She was getting tired. Already there erotic that Galleron yuk, Yuk Yuk Georgia be doesn't get tired. Did you see the funny Videoed ever did narrating guy scarcely dropping out?
left invited to story about how people are always training it. Where you come from now on six years, I was already resolutely frickin beers and it's really funny it's it's on here. Right now, somewhere, do you know where the name of the union be be promo? Give put that on the Roma resting Man in the world? Typewriter begins its lately made, so I will pop up and up. I guess it's really funny
Those are, you seem wrestling a bear, a bear when he was like six years old and any starts talking about his father was already a really is, but that's the other going Judo guy may intranet towards the means. The use of social media, cool man will have less and less Deronda arousal out that my own Nunez Fight commons, many fuckin people know those mean lean mean why? Why are you? What do you think she's coming back? No, I don't think she is a meal. I don't think I dont think. If she does, she should come back. Calculated manner. I d just russian and fight the title as she did. I think that's crazy. Taken a year, I'm getting head kick knocked out. Where's your head out like an unwise sheikh a hundred percent commit.
To this. As far as like training for the entire time off, or did you just get a really good shape over the last few months and had she been training at all? Before that mean you have to ask her and answer those questions, but if she doesn't want to be fighting, she shouldn't be fighting you know, but you know admirable, shouted from the beginning that movement have more, which I assume they work will have moved. I just think depression awaken comes at an angle. We face an old shuts down and you know it's too much pressure a whole holly. Korea rights on it, I mean that's, not gonna happen. Now right I mean because body that rolling out, so we talked about no footwork. Now You know that, but there was nothing but that's what nerves can do to you. I would like to see a Rhonda with a smile on your face. Go to doing being relaxed and calm sender, away, go to a Dwayne Ludwig for a year and have some smokers because still legally do that and other clubs just striking you know to you just get in that moment to see where you have, I think in training, the problem that everybody has been
training. You always do good a lot of guys to good, but you know as well as I do that these Jim guys are really good and training that can do it on a pressure. So she's been boxing, I'm working on a striking she's been hitting people left or right and they got some good people coming it. I heard that she that watch out evil the extra boxing champions of these newly relic answers. But then again you know that that's a nice, safe environment, brow under pressure with all the crap she had on our shoulders it thus also Nunez is a very dangerous Poseidon strike force. Man right over kicks right away, her kicks or partridges. She kicks in punches, so fuckin oil and
long arms man and she put you on the end of these long punches in she'd, dinged Rhonda, very early in life, you could tell she was rock, shows right away into the home, find that out, I think her, but there is also leans old away overshoot hard to take it now. I know I run that should also it. I maybe she's doing I'm just saying what I don't see. You know maybe stub wrestling over ass. Well it s, because a girl like that with so much talent, she'll pick them up. So fast, but if she suddenly shoots for a single list, but you'd already been rock, so I think that could member she shut her off what clinches always upper body Yeltsin shoes reaches in the left arm. Idiotic this you know greystocks and I ve talked about it after the holy Home fight that they had said. Every single one of our finally, she comes out. You should get that left arm, extend, try to get a hold. The girls had left arm. Hipped awesome gets monogram arm barbarism and they just worse.
Prepare, isn't that was gonna say an interesting that home she lifted her. I M M from boxing demo made just trained for around aroused by quoting Carbine membership as a kick by watching boxing and boxing chant. But I'm saying in terms of room prep, the goal was run arouse you write and now with Corti garb rent he taught about an idle Dominic cruising. Thank you wonder, well that the laser focus right, the television, obviously you the work on everything, but if that's your target and you see what he did to cruise eyelids Well, there's a lot of fighters like that that attract greatness, like I think, Anderson Silver attracted greatness, and I think one of the reasons why wide men became as great as he was ass. He knew that Anderson Silver was at the top of the mountain. Don't you see that that yet without assassin you know, and why, been caught em like right at the right time and you know knocked him out and then the broken leg and the second find in it. I think When you have a dominant champion, like Anderson was for so many years, all those young,
it's coming out that today aspire to and raises the bar, like I'm, really curious to see what the fly waits look like in a few years because of how good, mighty mouse, as is his bar. He raised it. So I as wave of everybody else yeah, you know abacha, it'll, antisocial forgetting to coastal planning into freed next to each other. Having no four backward sight more letter will move would whatsoever. You can only lean as much backwards wife what had left him, what he received from, but will you know a functional when should widen, had a very clever move that alot of people mist and what he did he threw a right hand and then, behind the right hand through he threw back fist, and so there was a punch coming from the left and then move towards it and another punch come into his left, as was left hook. Anderson is doing is ah but and weaving stuff, but when a punch comes out and then back fist he's gotta go that way up. So then he's gotta go that way. So when he went right, that's when Chris widening cracked and without water, Latvia, that's the same punch that he used to knock out you're right. Aha, he said this is long like straight armed hook and its view
this evening. How much distancing cover with it? You, don't you yeah, but not a business positive straight Spock stray punches are better as well. I always you know, that's why I always like to use close lines. You know I mean you have more reach. If you connect with the left hook, your way to call the person, doesn't move your weight closed for a stray punched right now, but if you make it a palm strike, we have space that we can cover. What did you think of you all Romero Knockabout widely? Within the same, why Oh right, it white man even wanted to go. For that I mean he shed whole training camp. He said I dont after this. I have no clue. I did it because we we know we should not do that. And ass soon ass she lowered himself. It was, just delighted- and this is a perfect me because he was doing freakin ass. We did exactly what I said in the game plan. You go, go go decimate. If you keep em, don't take him down, get all those muscles working up. You're getting I'd, get tired. I was working for him until you're, well, decide a rustle with them and then
thrown wide and around that second regulation? That's when you realise House Joanna Wrestler, he is how good his wrestling is. As I see it in writing wrestling other highly. Oh you caliber calibre now to go that I as a dangerous, do that's. Why he's as various he's the freak of offering mainly understands next? All of this looks like and what the fuck they view in Cuba, but this thing with him. Can you imagine if you start focusing on the right side, a little bit more water super free disguise going to be here, because all these attacks are coming to left gig led left straight, pretty much. The only way, tat many uses right, locust to set up a stray punch, more cake or whatever and its role with power. You should counter that. That's right click that distorts I've lag or inside, like whatever statue out, but you should come to that instantly because otherwise, the began
combat. If you start developing a right and a right, kick you just do a thing so right near right hook, whatever he's out of my body, is he to muscular, and I know its language we're gave way, but nor that's what I'm saying, but it's like you look at. Because you saved physical specimen man, just so incredibly above and beyond, but yet ok, working form grandly signed a and yet so is definitely not not our problem to manage it in a lot of ways of seeing way. Tyrant Woodley uses his power keys, obviously much more muscular, much stronger than most guys in that division and showed the wonder boy fight. The Woodley knows how to manage it. I came out here waiting for five rounds and what's wrong important that he stunned wonder boy in the fourth so there in that. Average eyebrows your goddamn in her bad anatomy and deep, deep trouble. So I feel like with theirs so many benefits to being as powerful as Yellow Romero is theirs devilish. Downside that downside
if a guy like white men didn't shoot for that, and you know was, constantly wearing on constantly grinding autumn, inhabit a bit of trouble liked him Kennedy had of the second round. Then I will say what happened and how do you mean? Even in the Kennedy fight, he did devil cheated right. If we do not, every confers than any was tired, but he's not gonna power, still recovery and zeal clean back to FUCK Kennedy. Ominously, Jesus Christ he's such a monster he's, so he so much better of an athlete does anybody else and the division when he throws guys around he just that the sailing Why don't you try out? All these are big enough guys who I've always been impressed within a guy really mean. Do eventually we ve got knowledge. The striking to me yeah and he wouldn't find too, as you well fucked him of hidden with that. Spinning access in all all her.
I came back from that. Fine one good thoroughbreds me a lot of great fights, and let him know no yellow Romero one he wanted decision, but decision was overturned because of the drug so tat he had some sort of peptide right that found in the supplement the news taken, so they only gave him a nine month. Suspension was insane what s up. Jos took four understand: that's why they want to move us like that which guide aware, because he is none other than our own took now deftly knock at other. No, no! No! He had like sums growth hormone thing out of it. Where's Jones had Coma Thean combeferre. Is an estrogen suppressor that people used to kick start their testosterone production after steroids cycle extradition, estrogen rather suppress rheumatoid era was the first one who brought actually the product. He says this is what I can tighten and that you know that. That's what I know. I always said that what
the fight to say, but nobody if I would be the guy which it does what it to please test, is anyway that a tale are you a proponent, like a lot of people say why? What do supplements actually do for the athlete? If this is what's been happening with attained its well just? Where you get your supplements from there, the real issue with supplements is the sum of all F, only work. You know I mean how much should you be allowed to enhance your body with nutritional supplements because there's a lot of supplements a work crew it's in works. The last of the works so have to figure out like a cable. How much can it work? now it s a visa, can't work like interesting dying or all those hormone precursors that they ve all band. Ok, we'll can't work that good can work as good as in like there's always different. You know standards mean there's through certain protocol people, follow when turn comes of, it turns to of vitamin replacements and they do ivy vitamin drips in extreme concentration on nutrition and they have results like those results. They did
and to show that there are benefits limitation in his deftly benefits and clean diet and make sure the user nutritional balances psych at what level, Should it be illegal? You I mean you can't how you Father Father you getting so much be twelve Elinor nature. We have to take it in a pill and it gives you energy will what the fuck is, that you know, and you could take some caffeine jail, sunny city caffeine, pills to make sure that he got the exact amount. Caffeine disease, like you, don't know. If you get a Starbucks, you might get event Starbucks. They met a fuckin packed it in tight and choose the shit out of me not to get a cup of coffee. I won't let you so you might actually test over so in order to make sure that jail was in the lines, he would take pill,
cohesion is illegal and soda lives, legal or illegal, the right, if you get to a certain number of illegal. Ok, if you get past a certain amount of milligrams in the new system that are now they measure, that's the other things like that: testosterone, deputies, astronaut talk to medical professionals and everyone seeing men you produce. Post be around one to one. That's all the animals you some weird free gonna, be like one is why even okay, so forty one or six to one? How does that? No, that's always what about is working to anyone and an informer injury recovery, Joe and I know a lot of people fighters, that's what they say. While jeez I had a mortgage, I have to find a sports. A family is their way to monitor that, where even the ban steroids thing where you can our personal least, make a living without making it an enhancement,
Oh, it's gonna, be an enhancement. That's the problem right or not, always gonna be an enhancement, but if you take steroids while you're like say, if you ever need surgery, many take steroids and your lifting waits entire time. So you're gonna keep some of those Ganz yeah you're gonna keep a certain percentage of it, but on the flip side, and again systems can be fucked up, and it's gonna take you a while to get back to normal testosterone production. If you do testing and your do go back on. You sought an injury, so there's an argument. So there you are taking a risk. You do recover quicker, but it might better for your overall hormone system, right, you Know- I do. However, I was talking about it that we do not support cause. I don't I don't. Memorize have memories, but there was a test with astonishment what it did in the Olympics, re pre, steroids and after stairway, and they start really testing exploiting illogical passport and they say that it actually did not help deadened. Or people who didn't use. Better results than the people who were using an eye
The same thing, and may I add that face what you have to I was, but the all look it up. You know little at the Russians dawn. Whatever you do, I get it. I thought it state sponsored program. You know. United States is working hard, trotted cleaning up Amelia, who baseball players go and from Congress their rest people, people get locked up. Usanga, Jeff divinities crawled up everybody's as we're trying to find people that are still steerer using steroids and cheating in Russia like what I like. That's what can make it our to be faster. I got the stuff that I got from a horse taken outside your body and see if you become a horse like we did some crazy test and early days also we'd like making super soldiers slope, injecting people would like plutonium like like hers in this latest quantities, would have a dvd more like rigour. Walter is why so many comic book I mean date. They almost
the entire russian Olympic all young Lipperty Olympics in Brazil. They will ok what the fuck lacerated. They decided not to have even gone back. You know they use the old samples from two thousand eight and twelve, and they Verde kicked out A russian olympic gold medals and wrestling there on the shit there on the share that dishonest, undetectable shit or some shit they don't detect? Yet which coralline? When you see hours, I may lifting at global level that arise from use like that. Sport is an ever
to be clean. Let's wait. Cleaner now in the EU have see that its everyone before, but I think there's also I liked the fact and one half sees available for guys. Don't wanna be clean, risings available for guys, you don't wanna, be clean here. There's an argument either way is an argument for the pride way, which was everybody knew that everybody was on it. It s a programme for their don't appear tied up like a boss. What's this, why is this a vile just sitting here of it, but I do not think that I believe will take over the boss tour. I that was gone backstage with a camera showing everybody hey bandwidth up either this letter that has finally training and then I say: ok, we walk into room from the doctors say open the door? I look to the side and I shoulda PETE S. There a little sticks item, and I close it all right away to look at a camera. Taking me one moment a very busy. Let me walk and ask for permission, so I walk in and I grab a what? Scotland, I see green tea. I feel it up and put the same cup next to it Oh then, but I wouldn't even you,
Nobody I allowed to that b that courts, nobody so IBM, Cecily buckled eliminated everything. So more didn't say: he's had a doctor's here. I looked into sending away to be tests and would be great. If you can taste what fighter it is an iceberg. They look at me as I think it was my duty and I think that thing off you're gonna know, don't take articles airport, I say: go it's out of court,
Not really do you go. There is a clear illustration: Isley Serious, not Wada, we'll get a grim Hagen, you know, has been real open about it ends and talked about. Like they literally said enlargement. We do not attach to enforce their rights on the thing you today, I know a guy from there and he would say to me that in the morning he would take a huge range of testosterone because it made moodily and leave in the morning in a much more easily jacked up what far and Andy what about these guys. You will acknowledge pressing the day before you know all the little guy, so they got it, and you know that you're there. Why do they have these guys? Because it was because Mary, when you actually dressy ETA engineers, we're pride, would love to the freaks, my man and that's a lot of making. We saw remember Jameson Chambers, from up there. He went over to Japan, Africa, which organization was that they they want him to fight one eighty, five cases
We won seventy. Don't worry we'll get you understand. I wanted him to juice up and go to one eighty five years like what the fuck is, this problem. You know what people say here: they say they should just allow it, but then you force the guys who one is very clean right to use it s. While you shouldn't imaginatively, I mean the help. There are health risque risk, but I think not even health risks. I think it doesnt damage you're. When you do steroids, flood depends on how much you doing, but if you're, if you're gone like super hyper human levels, like I'm sure, allow those guys were yet for you and is one of the real clear indicators that a lot of guys we're on aware how they got off of it and came to the? U have c and look like mortals. You know they D looked like human pitfalls in oil right away, a lot of them alone, I mean this is it is what it is and its, unfortunately, the early
roots of Emma may were marred like it's almost all people that took steroids, I mean they're, so many camps. If you talk to the insiders, they will tell you Dammit back then everybody was why everybody was on you know, and we do have to name names and everybody who knows knows and it doesnt matter, but What does matter is that when you look at the early days the sport it was in set essentially contaminated. And now they have wiped out a giant percentage of an occasional guy still get caught with things and you know cyborg our car with some sort of adequate. So to outsource, baronial lactating is also a phd inhibitor, its die hard testosterone, which is a derivative of testosterone which makes your hair fall out and is to use that spur on octane stuff that she get caught with ice. To rub that shit in my head to keep my hair from falling Bosnia's emails, I feel like I'm studying under professor rocard re amazing, but no sooner had after notes also used by people who want to shield themselves from tests. It's also use.
I females that have taken male hormones and they want to reduce the effects of the extra engines. Yes, it has a lot of the latter actors wants is now grown, hair, none of them. Actually, I think I'm getting a stay all this matter. We would see guys made their just that these roll forwards, its tail right away. Bang checking you see werewolf back here. While they say it's gotta, be as big as a thumb right. That's what they say, though yours I have had a bad man might like is not. The girl is less like a thought up, sap, starting with the worst or ever some guy. I was not going to mention names and he said, and we will talk by that. Go. Oh man, it's gotta, be that's gonna, be really horribly shown away. When I didn't bodybuilder and she had like a big thing. I can do
what did you do it or Shutteth? Unless you do look at my only super isn't funny we're all good, but suck includes as long as a little, but I don't care if it feels good view of its. If I feel it a more than a half, an inch into my mouth is less on fire Women have majority scale vagina about
comes with the accompanying voice, not voice. The oil saw when you do. Mr made a network special or its ports put back here. I'm not die, I'm gonna get. You are going to be by far the fathers there's gotta be guys really into being dominated by super power for women, big klutz. I may get also footage every kind of people lily. Yet so guys are listening right now. Go! Oh yes, my stuff! So do you think that when you guys look at rise and right now, you think the rise and as the possibility of coming here put on some fuckin big shows knew they ve got some good fights. You know Croquant just ones that heavyweight turn a man. You know who shaken your hand over there on that wealthy David chance of success, its art. Today again, they gonna need after Sakharov stop bright bread which went to start going to which all shouted star- that's
the thing is I had all you have to know what the gay one that was the reason K one stop that certain there was no more japanese star and they need a good one. As if it is going to be for grace he's right now, that's something! That's that's a one and a lifetime deal what came a softer and lighter way, as was a super snarling max. Ok, one max bitumen, we'll get up to your guys man. Once you get it better hurry. Size is just not who the fuck is gonna, be there. Big, the review that fight and about a hurry recover who, in London, coordinated climactic but turn Brody's army, but still interesting. Finally, always going on, I'm excited about a remains so like an animal wanting to code monsieur as well, and We ask you to its, but again Sonia winning already raised these geyser, I just It wasn't menaces grow God. Input for the workers are fighting December, thirty first model. Was there his trainer when Jansky,
but he didn't say anything he. He said you know that we shall meant as the guy who membranes champions. He said, and he said Boneyard Ski buddy, don't say anything more Sanyo show us how to retire. Cause of the heart condition are those by the yards. If a guy like a broom like when he was who Bahrain and when it was winning K. One slaughter, invisible, sixty five super jacked. Then it goes to em away, but you know guy, a one grand Prix. Yet wonder. Like a guy, Goober aim at He came back as over him. I gather of its glory or ballot or whoever and whoever is got the stone and the cash to poem societies that listens fellow
have you done here? You cables would love to do it. The diadem offers me this is my friend he's from another country is a doktor. They comes to acting in man to man when he knocked down potter order with less completed what's wrong, I want to see him and that now I was so excited I broke down. That was a one time in all the fights and everything we ve seen. I'm ever do I was, there were no say Pelee, Landy, Johns against Brine Gas Wing, Canada, John Mccarthy, and I propose rocard, but for some reason sacking spawn. I'm broke down see because it for it
a visceral looming all of this or that everything that it took for him to come back and put an end to those crazy because tyrants, Bonn in him or both Supra high level, king ass, is in you. You only really saw that mostly in Emma man. Right really didn't see, it damages high level kickboxing and that's why we're we talk? There is now having met Emory this kid from Canada, whose now you're gonna be fighting LOS Angeles next week, there's Canada to war. Sport is banned in so many the provinces, but Joseph outlining how to retire because of the the concussion issues please next we give our dialogue here, nobility awesome users or kid my eyes. A great guy he's Althesa Hunter percent decided on his retirement, but he's leaning towards international either concussions nuts
something you wanna, you want to mess with, remember teach I grant you up out of logic or the title Sakhalin Benson had the title in lightweight division. That really has never came back and I'm concussion just popped up people. It was people who broke assertion. It was in the military gets right, that's right, daddy, rugged that that you're dead bone in the next two weeks. Now People are below wherever this yeah. It's interesting. Also that, like we know we're talking about kickboxing, really gaining ground in America. Palladour is really gain ground either, though you know it's, it reaches a certain point in some of the ratings really good, like when John Shamrock Oil spicy fractures. However, the scope of such a narrow strip of Scottish wrote the letter in Oregon revelry, whether we took up is a promoter always has been always will be, and I mean he there's that mix where I Bela tore, has to focus on because you have to see for the large part, ninety eight percent.
Thirty, nine percent of the best talent but Bela towards rhyme, but you're. Right and again, I think it's So because Joel we talk too much of everything every week something new evidence. Why do you see? Did it as well? First, together have to fighters and the need to fight vocalize. Having so many show she shut every hugger organizational right, I mean, but then you look at garden which lets you guys and belcour like lemme up who just knocked out course graph, which is fuckin recent days and all the leaders, world class, terrific fighter bar mother. I meet up world series of fighting this Marlon Morez grab the other guy chew. We talked about what
for me from. We know: you're losing engagingly gonna hit many lit up to that fight me one, but he got hit to meet as you really need to stay changes gave, but he knows you can take a punch, but he needs to much advantage of it and I don't think that's what one of the goals were spent like realistic like what would you say that, given belt tourism got traction, so how do they are? How did they continued with state? That's with its? It is it's hard because they ve been around for a long time now world series of fighting era for a long time now and the hard core hard core fancy. Then you break it down out of a regular hard right, hardcore, hardcore or watching those events and somewhat like we're spoiled too many of our small, it's weird to say, because how many here's did we fight? I look at as remain here now. It's like well to surmount we have well do you have sees been super wise with its promotion. They know how to stay on top and we know, but it just Edward
I do see a challenger emerge and like right now it doesn't others ballot or has guys like Michael Chandler. They ve got some guys at a real, exciting and really fund a watch and I think, could be genuine stars and, of course, Michael of Venom pay. I love of the moon for sure and sent Cyborg Underbelly I died. Knock out was the why the best Does the crushing never seen I've never seen before timely woods intended it is gone. It was a courageous. It was a crazy timing too, because you know Cyborg charged down in a kind of what we're talking about, but someone shootin for I will, but I think is what needs running around that tunnel, but he shot and Michael Venom page timed Murphy Goin on any member tackle Origami Health Gracie, no first Putney Boris going to define those half's last fire ass right now
yeah. Man me needs to a guy was trying to take you down there be so devastating have to commit to that Nate or commit to that take down, and then you get caught coming in, like that, lucky guess should with one hand in front of you, where's, the starry heart does probably the most horrific injury of a really. I am a man, I think so real afterwards. The pictures with all these little item and saying that anyone to fight again he's nobody's retiring he's not denounce ya, think he sat back after the fact, and we just really realise, like while the fuckin egg that contains my marinas Crimea, I'm somebody like it's amazing that he recovered the way you did as far as I could
after seeing the x rays and to have a share in saying that we do, you think, is almost skulls crushed like that they're dead. I'm waiting for you, you know ass this tat, something of the of the brain value. Something to you right is scary thing to think about and how much damage did his brain tat. While I mean that is never get em and even in his career, remember, you are fighting, never Lee and not leave the Jordan me in my guest him. One may think,
learn, who have to match going on wage crazy. How many of you save what to cede Nogueira is prime, and you have seen how many war did Audrey go. Anno jury go through about how many shots did they take like for paid or in the man don't be out, though shot you know how to create many fighters and pride broader. I guess what we talked about the stamps on their Gary Goodrich Rhinos, coming out with everything you know it. Is it so sad zero, because the guy was it was amazing. I just saw the world it was some offers one of those sports news magazine shows that what the NFL stop that they had not listen. I nine samples of former football players brains were dedicated. Exert are those almost two hundred percent showed
lines of city. They, I can't imagine, get away without it the main interest you colliding into each other. It's terrible, there's, no, there's no way around it. No you know and if you're, no Gary Goodridge, so that is really is K. One career, the determined I may find the gatekeeper there also european, but knocked out Bernardo, although in a beginner, Yo Yo Yo ass. I think what we were talking about deprive fighting to. Have you show twenty GM over? There is a powerful guy man, big member, which would dog fry than God hope for a speedy recovery to Dodge Maggie feeling, and I actually I don't stand extreme yesterday, member when he came back to pry pride, that new you ve shown could rids knocked about right away, tat the the rivalry but yet which was a beast back in the days when what happened hint he beat Gary Young you have seen was godly. I view of cigars and then in the private rematch was years later in pride on New year's eve, and it was like one kick
Gary now was a kick boxer behind it. We started to really get one of those already had they get it and that's right. I forgot about member, for I could talk about courses. The author has so much, and I did and lately forgot about fry to an ivory, did it to good whichever you started, what about once it into war chore. Look how many I mean. I'm amazed by two took her Many Charlotte's here there was a crazy find that was the one of the most chaotic fights I've ever watch and one of the most vivid the data wasn't going in my head correctly as how you getting hit with these. Hey, where the Cubs swans winging from downtown Cleveland curriculum Vitae, said really came from across the Atlantic. The hundred responses is like an old friend thing. Right, just stagger back in a cupboard crack, Mcgann, staggered back,
our marine room, everybody standing was saying there was a big bang out of more effective as the five either someone that's it. They remembered started with Lord conduits. What you're dude finance that was agreed in the Oda watchword Holloway. You know when you draw the line. Remember as I started singing lines Langen at each other, yet my favorite guys do men where we had a monopoly away. While yet is that's gonna Macgregor? Do these one hundred percent governess he's gonna get a title. You know he's one of these guys that does nobody goes under spending, but you know what we want to distance were kind of, but I'm gonna did gonna beat of Edam caught area alone, adios young, via its right towards later. Who said that he was also age. It max yeah yeah, I believe it
you don't max's real, mean he's an interim champion right now, but he's world championship caliber all you want to see how it goes against. All, though I want to see how he does against some of the best guys, but nearly finished cups wants and shall we get rid of interim titles through through taxing them a male the shit? I think the only way that interim titles make any sensitive. Someone is recovering from a catastrophic catastrophic injury. He likes on closer ACL out new okay. Well, the title is now going to be suspended for a whole year now, because it's gonna take six months before you can even start training and then my nine months biggest our training hard and then three months Forget your camp you need to do, is to give longer don't fucking make your way but or our do you simply say, listen details going too. Taken away from you, you know,
I'd! You know he decided he's gonna stay fifty five or they decide what, for? I don't think you can get for what? If what, if I was gonna, be hardly ever see, there's another way cut that you're right. I don't know we shall be at one for you. He doesn't look like it and when you see my one forty four there, though, to cut in ITALY and its terrible, you can only do that so many times, get away, and I mean I know if he wasn't gonna defended, but we know we me they they needed they again I think, that you have season, which I wonder, what it was in the hallway when they get away from contrary Underwood, because not even forming a tidal wave, business. Defending the tide of you guys get away from also another try to link of all those already the champion in the winter of Holloway, and what do they become the number one gender that problem as you up the titles. Nobody can you got a guy who's, the champion the champion
Blake, Connor, enchanted, forty five and fifty five. You gotta say you gotta vacate one because it's like to hold two of them. Subsequently, I wasn't gonna right then, and there he made history. Thank you very much years the one title led: I'm not going to defend our he's. Gotta decide. You know he decided is gonna stay fifty five or they decided along with four, but I don't think you can get for what? If what, if I was gonna, be hardly ever see, there's another way cut that you're right. I food dollar. We shall be at one point: it doesn't look like a man when you see my one forty five days to cut in land, it's terrible! You can only do that so many times much healthier one. Fifty five and is a bunch of wait for what and you know what you're talking about those neurons are met- are fighting turning Tonia Fergus Ankara's share delicatest One can picture in vandal looks like it looks like a man as much money child you right. So I think that you know if they were
I'll get about having, although an nor Mohamed, our fight for an interim one, fifty five title or Ferguson there what it was about. Forty five, I think that's what forty five is now Aldo. Although shall bright max, always interim champ. Those guys have faith should Felicia hundreds of one or two percent, but now All I mean I don't know if it's true, but in normal out so was bullshit. They were talk, but although fighting Superfly with their monumental Russia and of course twenty Ferguson like I was well in Ferguson, wanted more money than his contract stated and, unfortunately, for him he's in a weird position right now, because so many fine to be made a fifty five and the big one, of course is Connor sure anybody who Connor fights if economic off decides to fight Connor and they decide that's the big fight they put on rational but you're fucking law and other languages. Irish guys in the rushing you're writing automatic they do relates to how big is in Russia, navigable of giant he's a huge shoot star when you
He goes on stage to work when he stepped onto the platform and enters into the gaze. Fuckin crowd goes nuns. They know we. He it's one of those things where Russians are way ahead of the game in terms of knowing who he is and he's a giant star over there. But could you be a giant step your table, because kids, a fuckin mauler all people and a funny guy too, you know outside or finally got personality yeah like him he's um, you know he's a real wild card in that division. Cause he's undefeated mean we So one moment of of weakness, its it one more was in trouble. Any came back from that brilliantly cable. Ask us to get here. Fight again, but you know he's got some serious fundamental problems. He's got the notice spinal stenosis, which is they they have to clean out? Is you just said area where his spine is? Why would you fight again? Is that? Is
dream, Mizar, don't I'll die or download you'd say medically, like that of its better. You don't like. Apparently, the doctors are very convinced that they can open up that pathway a little bit and whatever pressing down on the bone, spurs or anything that present down the nerve they can remove those and alleviate as issues I don't know that's not a dog and also on poor guy greedy insider other. Surgery exactly before the resumed. Five thousand. Stay I was as they put me in a barbaric, and then about zero Yoda Commission, a terrible position, you're saying that you're probably do, and so then they ran, suggests Ottoman. I guess his doctor clear them, but the Nevada Data commissioner? Like look you, you have to have a cortisone shot, numb everything, and even though you like, you might have some, you know, you know, have really a problem as far as the structure of your MAC, you, you might be compromise, so they can do it go get. Surgery was that for
shove, heavyweight and Gunnar over by his arquebusier muslim figure. Had I hear he's your national nowhere or that they get a body above like while that guy is he's, terror monster, men and NGO can punch self fucking hard and kicks so hard to. Gets into the Arctic under certain. Do they walk in the art, gonna sound different, dislike fee before foam and if it is bigger man Gonzalvo is like us in Zagreb, step on the platform to weigh destroy cheeses me as a stone in just heavier. I love those elbows, your mobility, through so over the top and through the deeper on the ground when it was in the girl. Was boy sweet, revenge and Merkel came back and smashed him with elbows from the top down there? I rubia what it was crazy outside lazy that fight Ferko was saying that one of the things he doesn't like about the US versus pride was the that there's too much grappling and that
too many elbows on the ground. What one in the fight grappling, an emotional fuckin horizon. He was worry. There's zadig was just try to take him down early and it wasn't a stand with them, so he couldn't get his revenge from the head. Kick knockout body guard. While he takes Gonzalo now he's on top smashes him without its wrought believe learned learning game. Well, you realize that also, when you gotta guys that level striker like Margo is throwing elbows from the guard, you see how much force it can generate retired again after winning the rise and manage our good. What a great what right way to go out and on epic career lobby guy on the outside today is, of course, the whole the break you pull, but I mean that five paid, or just he was one of them for me, the guy right away. When you were around
was. I call me shit never thing at his stare down with vandals for their first first fight, someone's fern someone finally out stared Vandalia. Yet you know he was not afraid. No, not thinking lock in straight up. A killer can write in two years now, cut your heart over those fuckin butter night. There was no joke that thereby also said Emma, because Morocco didn't want it interview by anybody! You wanted me to interview him and noble Osgood interview him so that whole aspect of gay you never saw it put a whole meaning that Iceland has conferences hated. The media he hates me? I just because well there were member the translation. He I guess it was an interview right with our member. There wasn't in view where the programme, woodlands leading a wrong and came across these. I got you guys so far sighted, but yeah was very intimidated. My man and, as you know, you got me but here while, but it should
personality took as our time where it showed utilised. Anyway came he became you about right. Now we re. Actually I don't know what the fuck are you talking about. You played a prank on Mauro. Ok, while the dead did a prank was this, but he was facing miracle quote over facing IRAN Waterman now away. We set it up like two days before the fight we both to view a fighter. He brought interviews Waterman I interviewed cocoa butter. She never wanted to do anything with Cuoco. He was afraid of quota of thirty one. Only we interviewed by me. Ok, so I'm already before it is I'm thinking. Ok, I gotta do some. So I went to grow up and I say: listen, I'm gonna interview Waterman. And then it's like. Oh no, oh you know it's all no moment. You're gonna have to interview Merkel Quota by your That is a sure, so it because he thought it was funny so don't come Jane. I start interviewing him and sure enough when he left. I look at morrow, I go oh dude, I'm so sorry, and he goes what I say Yoda. What eventual I shall well, even if the interview
though it was no man, I do want interview Amerika, you know it is a miracle never wanted to go to these interviews. He wants to be interviewed on the day of the event in his dressing. We show, we go to the dressing room with him and he started, and a miracle is now only in on it and dismal and he's not only hey, you know what motorman Nay said. So, Think about a funeral, and miracle is thinking you save for combat cases, a funeral list when somebody passes away- and because I know what a funeral is. So it starts like that are slowly but surely Sunday miracle stops, and he says you know. I didn't feel like doing you accommodating on my fight less time and it wasn't commentators somebody else. So he does not know what I mean. I know it was you looked at his corner, the whole cortical. She had only wish you and is looking at me more or look at me like a little help me a little help and I'm just looking away. You know I'm not saying anything, and then you know I really didn't expect no, but I really wasn't doing it, but can we better go?
to the question, so he said, but no miracle start getting annoyed. You know, and he doesn't want to ask questions and motions. Do these guys like me, I don't guess, or he gets out there, we send them back. We say: no, no you're gonna have to ask him a few more questions. So now he's going back and he sits down again and starts going. We could be ever gets upset. You know what this is it any. You walked straight up to Morrow and marched up is that, of course you think God is over and more welcome. Gennaro. Ok, I don't know what to do that. We need one more question. We need to work a good question because no, no, I don't. I don't. You know like a few guys go. A miracle came out of the dressing room. The work straight up to Morrow Mars, you seem shrilling grows, do dissolved the June list is, I never use use of butter Merkel. Covenant he's gonna fuckin left kick my head, I use done I'm finished and then, He was in a buddy. You guys it was a terrifying.
Well, that was when he was ahead of the anti terrorist wigwam. Croatia, that's not a sign of the other,
How do I get somewhere? It's a little notches. Unto sir lifelike, not his knife idea is: there's been some real. She no you're right! You ever wanted to you. Never came to press conferences, showed up to fight and got the hell out of Dutch will use one of the first real high level kick boxers to enter into bride, and once he learned house bra, so enlightened p, like IVO Champion Member, that outfit oars brother dismantling vandalism oily than has been the output waits. Grand Prix Social scary did to gradually was heavy vanity was to eighteen hours to forty one, what a better regulated market without ready, couture, arbitrary there's, a small country, overs right, I got a job. I was right about the wage difference. There yeah he's crazy shit, we're gonna people that fight kind, o roon vandals, the ad hoc cracked him a couple of times and am stunned in that fight, and that was what I want.
Vandalized last fights into your crime, but he's another one. Man right come only just him and quit rampage Jackson. How about that for a dramatic Cato, Halloween pride, twenty eight when the Jackson, very well in the rematch and then eventually catches given that the recent of unease between the rope, I'm glad you ll call we cried. I was about knock out badly. Smashes knows what's going on with randomly now, vandal is gonna find rising. I heard, we're Yosemite pellets right by a miracle and in the right. And dignity, didn't even pull them out and then drive something. I don't always we're hanging over military another one man, I can't fight anymore man, cunning I'm not the one to say by any means, but what's the point actually can fight our like whether or not it is his health is good. I mean I thought in a long time now to think there's a long time off. I remember once he told us impropriety dog I go along Gill. Typical quarter much long. You want to do well radical, nor did it
We was forty eight some coming to do a deal, I'm fifty who already weak, I think about it. What happened? Vandalism, because with vandals they came to him. You sorry. To him, they try to test them, and these like Rome Amadeo you fuckin round good Did the same thing member and he thought Lubeck Doll and Europe was asset member. He was against mere. Was it what I was opposed to be where he was the same thing kind of got out of dodge when the reasoning was looking form but vandals same yeah? I didn't know about the algae Geigy. What was the first Alice first. They went the same thing, but are you but try to say why didn't know that you guys were ass away, I'm drunk ok! This is two thousand dwell. F gases are now as back when there was a real like real This is really rare. The you caught up the ass. He read the mere right there. Yeah, I mean there's, did its don't write it
don't go, I'm guilty say I get up here, but it just seems like to me the railroad Adam. I mean you can't just take the guy's career away you tested em and he was positive. That's whatever punishment he's right. If you runs away from a test to say positive and then he would been fighting again. You know what Instead, they did. This is a very very forever wherever for life, so he got that overturned. But now he still battle amount in court. Who knows how much it costs them and reward, but we will not solve any favours bowl. With this interview in oak bashing, you have said back. Everybody was worse than are making Youtube videos right, a mania for the care of your when I was gonna, share the prison. Forty four to scare crazy, was probably some really dark moments for Hell. I bet I mean where's make money now, just as Jim, I goes right back
Do you know why I'm success? You know it's a taught us a fighter for me, it's hard to not do it anymore, to and special train in waste these that you can't if these issues, when you can train you have that, but the feeling there's no feeling like to walk out and have you? No? Are you training at all any more? Nobody, just water exercise underwater and sometimes I do with wage training, might just my right arm pretty much worse. I don't work, if I verily and pride with dynamite show, that was officially I was- I was facing to fight him to ask me- you had fight, but I did a fight for a long time as listen. I've only been striking, shows this is a mixed between K, one and pride. Why don't we do a Kickboxing with the pride gloves, I will try to do that opened and by day they didn't go for eighty chosen other opponents in them so but there
I think that would aboard had been so Jane overdue because you know how much good money at the time Donovan a crazy fine. What's holding what's holding rising back from becoming like pride again superstar superstars, I stages need some big, japanese dude too, to come along. The stars, loungers some Sakharov, but I'm character to capture the public's, rising notion of Zagreb when he took his more why we remain resolute. We pass when he kept fought Enzo again, and the metamorphosis in colleague, Frank and I had a chance to visit, would, though my frank was very close to fighting Robin pride. They are moved a big contracts, same thing. They couldn't come to an agreement, but all this and we are ready to serve. You guys were Adieu, oh for some of the greatest fights of all time, and I enjoyed it deeply
I appreciate you guys on join this a lot and let everybody know about your podcast. You got two package on. We drop the one on Monday, combat sports carousel, where we cover Mme Boxing a little dove w and and kickboxing as well and boss breaks down like a boss and then on fridays Boston I ripping on but like things, a life movies, entertainment competence rooted in Ramallah, Rudin, Enron, L, a few men without all AMD would never never dot com. You can find almost like a cloud and the other one is combat sport. Lawyers like you, can find it or if you want your colleague there on the link, you be a sustainable Aurelio. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you buddy for and into the mouth fuckin power thanks to our sponsors thanks to cave man, coffee, gotta, Caveman, coffee, c, o dot com and enjoy Some of that
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