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#899 - Bryan Callen

2017-01-12 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.
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talk to Joe Rogan experience train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day he Brian Kelly, hey somebody how much it's a rainy cozy Thursday! It's adorable. They say on rainy days that people are a little bit more devious. So if you have an honor jar where you gotta put like tips, if you take a bagel at the office and you supposed to put like a dollar in there on rainy days, some people tend to not do it there, like I'm, not going to give it's raining, I'm taking a break from being high list really. Well. I wonder why rain does that. I don't know huh White girls were always like. It is funny. Rain always reminds me of like past girlfriends, who would call up milk. Let's go fuck on a roof whoa, I'm always like. Now I got girls, you date so well. Good time could kinda car there aren't that stable
self esteem, Daddy Asia's gonna wanna fuck on a roof. I tell you that when I take girls when I would take women shopping on the day, I even happens with my wife. Now I get a little horny 'cause like I'm, the man, will you buy nothing? I love that shit you're, providing well with my wife when, before we got married, she of these shoes and they were fucking high, heeled sneakers right, I'm like some asshole named TED calls himself christian new beetle, and now I gotta pay a hundred dollars for a high heeled, sandals Stanley. I mean the amount of the letter that goes into a sandal and but they're at the two do. Women are saleswomen an I'm, the man and I'm the man I'm going to. I think I wasn't linen shirt and I had Blazer on El Linen Blazer. I spent too much money and I'm and I'm taking a girl on a little weekend in Santa Barbara Man in the man pine, I'm working at the time or whatever and she Trison. These lube it on or whatever Jimmy Choos, and she goes got this amazing and
woman brings out another pair and she bitch yep. That bitch is right and she goes I can't decide a saleswoman goes, get him both and she goes. Oh, my god. I've never do that, and I go. If you want to both and she goes and she this bitch God bless, are Jake my wife, she hides behind her own hand, and she goes you're going to ruin me for other men, and I was like get both fucking get both walking shoes. I want to eat meat for the month, but get them
you can buy up by address too. How may I help you travel in in in that chain? Well, basically, what you're doing Brian is just perpetuating these gender stereotypes that have been essential boxing people in attendance behavior patterns for years. It's not that they're natural, it's totally cultural, it's totally something that our society has constructed. It's a cultural contacts are a construct rather sorry for being a provider. No! No! No! No! No, I know you are is the patriarchy. You are patriots. You want to shatter the patriarchy. I want to just break all the glass ceilings. Brian rose Mcgowan, who I think is sexy as all get out, was on the cover of some terrible magazine and she's in uh a leather jacket. Dress like a man of course, is its thing. How, when you want to shatter the patriarch, see your dress? Yes, it pants. I think she had gloves with the fingers cut out. Maybe she did but in my mind she did
and she's hanging on to some she's hanging she's. Looking like that, maybe a cigarette I remote she's, not bad bitch it by the way head is shaved, she's not fucking. Around her head is shaved and the caption ISS he wants to shatter the patriot yeah, yes and I'm sorry, if I had a crack at that, I would I would be the turn into the big, fucking liberal in the world. I believe you are one hundred percent right and I'm doing it and if I could cook you some food right now just lose your shirt and arch. Your back and lick your lips after we're done a really hot girl back. There is to get you to do anything literally like I have. My joke is always like. If, if, if I don't care, if it's she is hot, as for which is so hot she's amazing cheap too crazy is. I wish stop working,
drive remind nothing. I would. I would imagine that she's probably I mean how she stopped working on my ignorant. That was a cold leader oh well, that she's fucked yeah yet I think, Justin on possibly hot she quit acting in Hollywood. Sexism, I'm running away now yeah! This is right about the time we're on our way to do with that information. Please Hollywood, sexism, you're! So hot your! I remember, meeting her after she done doom generation at ERR, one. My first year in LOS Angeles I was so into I would I would like I'm on the tv. I think the next thing I said anything to try to get her attention. She had no time for me at all, but you know she was so you enjoy village, you have your house and all that stuff, because you have a bone structure that Anna body that makes men sweat it's just my genetics yeah, I'm not trying to be an not
right profiting off of a fortunate rolled the dice, plus her, acting and and and also she says, I can't say women say smiled at me and all that that was a gross. It is close, but you, but how about this, how bout? Looking at this way, hey, sometimes were so flummoxed by your beauty and power that we want to say we'll just say anything most of the time even look at her then, when you want to get to where you just want to say anything just so. She looks at you and it's clumsy, but maybe that's you, but there's a lot of dick wads out. Then they go up to women and they go. Oh, hey want you smile, you look better for small yeah, but come on man. That's super common. I can see did the same thing as a guy who has a bad sense of humor right yeah. I have a friend you have friends right, but when you're a woman in a guys doing it to you, it has that feeling of danger attached to it. I know I mean when, when a guys pursuing a woman- and he saying things like that and he's kind of gross and clumsy we think of it as like, a dude being gross clumsy to us right, but a guy being gross
easy to you: doesn't you don't feel like you might get raped yeah? He just feel, like you feel little weird. I know but, like sleeping with remote. It's a different world. There fish Klay vulnerable yeah never been any different right. Well, it's never been any different, but they never had the ability to express them sounds like there's, never been the opportunity to do. You know, put up a post on Facebook about the way you feel out something and how people react to it. Yeah. I guess I I also think that there are some women that embrace it and turn it into an advantage. I think people get into anything men anything and everything they get into it. I mean to be defined. A defines them I'm into playing Waterpocket hockey area is water hockey. Wait, I'm a fighter, his train. No! Well, I was going to say water polo of them like that. Just to reduce water, pocky liking, water hockey is hockey underwater. I blame the weed-
I I don't know many people get into things and they might get in activism and they might get in the response they get from other people because they embrace activism, Dave that that's as much of an addiction as anything else, and sometimes those do actions lead to really great work, because people do get addicted to the adulation that they get from doing good things. So they continue to do good things and becomes their thing and letting everyone know about how much good thing they're doing. That's It's amazing, when you find out about someone who does things quietly like someone? donates money quietly or helps people quietly and is not trying to get any attention whatsoever for it. You know oh well, that's real. This is real, altruism, so on Truman said that Truman said something like a red quote. He said be amaze. Is that how much you can get accomplished if you're not worried about who gets the credit for it? Yeah, like you, did that that's an important thing. I I I think, that's how charity should be given I mean, if you put your name on the charity around the building, you know yeah.
Well I mean I guess it's as long as good charity gets done. Charity to me is always been a very strange thing because it It is super important. You know that people help people out, but when you find out how much of these organizations actually spend the money on the charity itself and how much of it goes to the structure of the organization pockets. Crazy, like what yeah and not- and they all lie about it- they all lie about how much money it actually 'cause they just they do fancy accounting well. The Clinton foundation is for example. They had something they don't know yet, but I was pretty astonishing at how much went to running the corporation and how much was it going to be really interesting to see how much the Clinton foundation can raise now that both of them have no political influence anymore? Well, they still have influence right, but they just don't have sortition not anymore. They don't. They have no influence in how to move american policy when she was Secretary State and her husband was
I think, she'll do something like run for senator again now. I don't think she'll ever run for office again, that's what that's! What her close his advisers say I could just wore out. I think so fuck you it had to have. I mean she didn't even want to go to these places to be seventy yeah and she's. Now a healthy seventy either. That was one of the other super annoying things about this election is that if you out of her healthy were sexist. I experienced that a couple of times people reacting like. Would you have like brought up the fact issues fainting, if she was a man like fucking, of course, whenever seventy year old person is just fainting, fainting is really fucking. Bad people die from faint. She almost died from fainting. She bang your fucking head off the around two thousand and twelve and Bill Clinton, and if you said she was fucked up for six months, wow yeah- I paraphrase he didn't, say it magically said it that way, though she said she was fucked up for six months of telling that bitch fell back outcome old crack your head off the color them
How do I tell you to picture sent them a dick on her mouth? I cried harmonicas tits for awhile poor, Monica what she got Maus scraping, shame offer she did at roundtable discussion, and it was all these n college students. It's really funny talking and she's kinda talk about their experience and some dude gets up and goes well. What's it like ' be an attention whore an have sex. You know for money if something like that, like really hard analysis is pawn she's like wow, I guess help myself up to this kind of thing and she handled it. Well, it wasn't that the HBO one. I think so. I think some member that I was like. Why is this on HBO? What are they doing like? What is this? She strikes me as a pretty that come by cool person. I don't think in those person sure and I think he's attractive people like those of our other people made so much monomer dare bowl to you. I don't mind a little. No man, it's just wow
anti bullying has her first thing on her twitter profile, wow. Ok, I tamales in school, bully across the social scale right, so they don't bully the nerds they bully each other. So if you're in there, if you're, if you're in a cool kids circle apparel, the bullies. Only bully is what I read: they bully each uh 'cause, they are truly definitely bully people on other social circles to you know where it's bullying each other yeah hey Liz bullying among groups, but they don't really there's not a whole lot of cross pollination, not really, but then again that damn thing that takes time fucking? Now I read an article. I don't go to schools and draw lines on that there, a lot of things that are hard to figure out right there. A lot of things were here like you can draw these broad
based conclusions like I want- I read one article in New York Times about how doctors are in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and the reps are cheerleaders and I got a fuckin email from this. Guy was a former green beret in front of TIM Kennedy's and he goes hey dude just so you know. I sell drugs to doctors, nothing, that's just not fuck in true, like I'm just telling you like the reality on the ground versus what you're reading from the New York Times is so diametrically opposed. It's ridiculous! Well in this circumstance, but he's one guy working for one pharmaceutical company and industry is gigantic. It's huge and it's practices vary widely, especially depending upon what drugs are selling. My wife's mom is nurse and she used to work with pharmaceutical companies. They would take them out to steak dinner and they would wood them and they would literally do everything they could to get you to be like super high on that company and it's what they do to gain influence without actual. Paying you to say shit to the patients. You know like say: if there's
company that you like, like this hat, I'm wearing vortex optics nice people they make good binoculars right. So if I meet them- and I know them- and I talk about them- and I talk about them to uh people, people perhaps will buy their stuff with the same kind of shit happens in the pharmaceutical world. They views influence, they become free. These nurses, they buy them nice dinners, they take him out for drinks to pick up the tab. Wow we had a nice dinner. I didn't have to pay anything, that's all get along now, I believe, is it yes? Now I think that there are lot of straw, heading laws, stringent laws, whatever against sort of influence peddling and yes, even in the form of any kind of a trip, any kind of dinner. A lot of that stuff is there's a wall now being what's the super good idea, but people are so open to suggestion that it should be absolutely illegal to advertise drugs. Warehouse
fact that pharmaceutical companies are bankrolling. You know scientists, food companies, bankroll scientist, to do research on you know on simple sugars and how your diet can be made of twenty five percent. Simple sugars. Court in our side is that it will happen also be on the Coca COLA Nestle Craft Payroll. We talking about the nineteen fifty studies that that I'll talk about now, I'm talking about recently, I'm talking about the fact that the food and board nutrition, the food industry keyboard, whatever the the bodies of government that set the nutritional standards for what mothers with dependent children eat with them. Militaries with our school programs, are take a look at what they are. Attritional guidelines are and take a look at the corporations, people that are actually providing the food who has a huge interesting that Nestle Kraft
these companies that may really millions of billions of dollars on feeding our school children in public schools right. Is there really a statement that says twenty five percent? Simple? Sugars? If you read forks over knives by T Colin Campbell, he talks about the food and boy. Nutrition he's. A scientist in me he's a very good and board nutrition and food and Nutrition Board. I think that's a call for the transport, but he I can't member, don't quote me exactly, but you know he does a very good job of tracing the genealogy here he's a vegan, so I don't really agree with him. But he's does an amazing job of kind of showing you just exactly how the big food companies are very influential. Do you know how much their products in the mouths in Belize of people who are relying on the government to feed them? The amish infuriates vegans? So he's a vegan, so I don't really agree with I would like one hundred he yeah he's a scientist. He does an amazing job, though, in that book of making the argument for
in healthier as a vegan. He talks about the China study. China study studies been widely debunked. The China study. Apparently they didn't do a good job of pull up. China study debunks. We can This totally accurate I think it's actually part of his book yeah. Well, so it was a lot of parts of a lot of the ways four manage it. Nutrition. He doesn't know he didn't. He never talked about things like insulin and he doesn't come from it's not that scientific, because you know insulin's. A big thing to talk like how food reacts. The kind of hormonal response food has in your body what dietary cholesterol really does the real combination, the real correct combination should be all healthy thing, orb rest in peace, China, ok. This is Chris Kresser who's actually been on the podcast uh,
Spell Bubba Bomb. The China study should be put the issue to rest. Please consider the information presented here. The methodology is impressive case, scroll down pop up up up a Campbell recommends a vegan diet, no animal based food at all. He claimed that population studies demonstrate that vegan populations do not suffer from the high incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer that we in the West do with our diets heavy on animal protein. He also draws a correlation between, if I remember correctly, milk and juvenile diabetes, I mean the all these correlations to even chronic illnesses that manifest themselves in children with me. This is Chris Masterjohn's take on. He says when I first started analyzing the original China Study Data. I had no intention of writing an actual critique of Campbell's much lauded book. I
I'm a data junkie numbers along with strawberries and Aubrey Hepburn films. Gay, make me very happy girl. Once girl. Ok mainly wanted to see myself see for myself how closely Campbells claims aligned with the date as he drew from if only define, my own curiosity, but after spending a solid month and a half of reading, graphing, sticky, noting and passing out at three hundred am from studious exhaust pinup, on my copy of the raw China State Study Data. I've decide that it's time to voice all my criticisms- and there are many- ah ok but pop up a cake. Conveniently fails to mention the county of two Toyota in China, the folks to see you a l, I eight forty fives and a dad is fat. A hundred and thirty four grams of animal protein each day twice as much the average American and rarely a bass was other plants plant plant foods a yet. According to and Saturday, they were extremely healthy, with low rates of cancer and heart disease
right there yeah he. This is the problem with the China Study is that they only put in stuff that backs up what they're saying and they, confirmation bias exactly so they didn't put in anything. That is contrary to that data, and there just plenty of that is playing out there. I really honestly believe that the two, the real problem is the ideology, because The vegans are absolutely not able to get over the idea that you should ever eat or kill. An animal should do no harm right one day we're going to have this factory made meat. It's on the way I mean there really close to being able to do that in mass and when they do that, if they get factory made meat and factory made fat and it if it turns out in any way to actually be like this. Same thing like you can eat it and it's healthy vegans should eat it. 'cause, it's better for you. Yes, it's more nutrition, I understand. If you would think that you can get off
your food from plants and you kind of can you kind of can, there's been some real good cyantific critiques of the problem with vegan diet. Yes, yes, they have and like Charles Polokwane said, he's been a strength coach forever and he was on TIM Ferriss Podcast, and he said that they said if you Sure like what about vegan diets. You been strength, training for thirty seven years and high levels of more gold medalists under his. You know to do whatever he results. Driven guy right right and that is so funny said. What do you think of because heats game meet? The basic needs gave me, nuts, berries and some vegetables and he said after thirty seven years he goes, I've never seen it. I've never seen it I've never seen. Anybody in a vegetable based diet actually be able to compete in strength, explosion. Those kinds of things to the level of others of vegan powerlifter in the Olympics, so that doesn't make any sense and then there's
there's other vegan, strong men. I know there's some guy who's, I'm sure I'm sure there I'm sure there are I'm just saying that you know according to Polyclinic, for the most his athletes. He thinks have to eat meat because it creates a more you know better for recovery, but if its strength better for all that stuff, I'm sure that is dependent entirely on the athlete 'cause. I think there's some vegans that will tell you that they do a vegan diet and they feel better. I know John Fitch did a vegan diet for awhile, but then he felt weak. We just got to a Point where you see this is one of the things that Chris Kresser talked about on the podcast as well, though there's some initial positive benefits from changing your diet to a nutrient rich, rich, dense nutrient, dense diet, like a vegan diet, post the standard american diet, the problem arises after years of living like this, where your body is just depleted itself of the things that are. Lacking in the diet. Now a smart v, he would tell you well that could be mitigated by better plan
of your meals and making sure that you get all these health things. That's true It is absolutely true, an ad things like uh, stuff from mom the green stuff from the ocean, Algi yeah. I which you get b12 from allergy, which is essentially sort of it's all life. Which is we're deciding what's stupid. If you really want to eat, you should eat clams. You know clams are dumbass, fuck, you so stupid things have a central nervous system of nothing. I mean you might as well be d, eight carat, it's like you can eat we have this weird thing about stuff that moves. We eat a Venus fly trap, or do you draw the line that I will well? Also don't animals talk to I mean plants talk to each other. Don't trees have conversations, and yes they do. I would love to have a Venus top fly. Trap. Salad, now that I'm thinking about it, I want to have Did I tell you what man I went to this? It's funny how some plants you know where there's shit
and like they say you can almost get anything in the ocean with scales and fins like whatever it is. You can eat shrimp, you can eat almost anything with those certain like when you go down. I was in Haiti, which is considered date, the safest ocean. This women right is yeah. There's nothing really poisons, have a rock fish and there any many see snakes. I don't believe there aren't big sharks. I mean it's like really really safe, but there are always these poisonous chorals. These little things I went. Scuba diving, and the woman with Maine just nicked her arm, like the back of her arm on on a piece of coral and man. Did that thing it just it didn't swell up like big, but she was just like this really hurts and all she did was just kind of brush by and the first thing the guy tell me is from from the eighty s number one rule he said he would look with your you touch with your eyes and you look with your fingers how's that sound well, don't touch anything. If I let you touch
that's fine, but otherwise, please stay away from it and it won't work down. There were down there and he starts clicking his fingers underwater. This is like eighty feels he's going like this on my always done, and I've done nothing happens and he's like doing it toward this coral thing, so I think something jump out. Then he takes a a piece of coral picks it up and he digs in the ground an outcomes of what I thought was a piece of rock. It was a rockfish wo which good luck step. On that see what happens. Tell me how things workout for you stick ahead step on a rock fish and the cover quills and shit. Yeah, try not to go into shock by the way yeah special eighty feet under that's not good time, yeah but the problem is that you walk and it looks exactly like a rock if you're walking around in, like you know kind of down there in the ocean- or you know you walk on that, you can get one of those foot info fuck all that yeah and they don't really have an anti venom for you. You gotta, let it work through your body up fucker
They met yet I don't know if that's a rockfish, but that will back art, fair, showing the other one. There's one that looks like exactly like a stone that was not the one who won that literally. Looks like that right there that bad! Well, that's wo, yeah that looks like a rock hung. His eyes are closed here. Here's the weird thing, man like what what the fuck information is being passed from an all the animal and from nature to animal that allow. So the simple animals like a fish to just change. Change its body shape overtime. It's evolution, it's exactly like you know you, train, train, a whale or you train a bear. So if you want to bear to get on a time legs. So what are they
and by the driven by food right? So every time a bear sits up, you give you click, you click a thing and you give me I'm not a bear trainer, but you you'll, be there Tracy I mean I was secretly I got some. I got some hidden skills right, okay, you are yeah I give to and then, when he gets up on its hind legs, maybe you go. You click the thing you give a treat and that's and- and you give me a signal for when you want that to happen pretty soon. You allow him to kind of make the choice to go up and he knows it. When I go up and my angkor's good things happened, I get out, I get a little treat right, say: train, you don't try to bear by going bad baron hitting him on the nose. Good luck, see what happens to your fucking face. Yeah, you do it. You know you work with the animals nature and I Evolution probably was the same way. The fish that looked a little bit more like a rock Lee a couple of those survive right, yeah like when I was in TD, I was in this survivors of mother right, indian head this incredible. It's where all the
sea turtles would lay their eggs and we would watch them hatch and all these adore a little babies were run down to the ocean, every like whoa and all of us would be sitting. I'm yeah in the kids are like little cute. They are and stuff like that, and as I'm watching them and there's so many of my daughter. So many any goes. There are an and daughters like is so cute. It's so good! You got to hold one before it went down there and he look man you guys one thousand survive or one in one thousand. That's just cheese, that's just food for the for the Bay right now, and he said I said: what do you mean? Is there just nothing but baby, sharks, groupers and even big crabs waiting for every single one of them and one in one thousand turtles ago,
and then I whispered that to my daughter. So she understands what fucking life is really about. Why you wizard in the creepy way or real Chris Mister Mami, think they're cute. It's got about one thousand and ten minutes to live till his that water. That is kind of fucked. It's like they make food they're like little food factory, so they would make one thousand of 'em. I mean how many did they make? How many days would probably one hundred eggs and then there's like one hundred of, the hunt in the ten x, ten nests and its crew. One survives so when you see a big turn off, you know and they're in when you total Super member, that out on the terrace Bro. Well, they do in Japan was in Hawaii and the the on the turtles just chill on the shore. Just just signs saying disturb them so yeah it was at a resort and people just walked by them. Everybody was being quoted the turtles, but it's just you're. Looking at this crazy life form you're so used to it that it just
seems normal. Oh there's a turtle, oh look it's a turtle, but then, if you take yourself out of that context of familiarity and you just just get a look at that life form is like nothing is a shield on its back yeah and it's it sucks its body, the into this hard case and it's swimming around in the ocean. It's living out there going under and then it comes up on the beach to it does whatever the fuck it wants. When we were done, scuba diving, we saw this pod a beautiful little dolphins, not bottlenose porpoise is but the kind of dolphins the little gray ones. You see that jump out of that you swim with and it was uh group of them and they swim with the boat they live. They know you're there and I'll swim with you and they swim at the boat and they jump out of the air and they flip their literally showing off their there's. No question about it and I said to the guy go. Which we've seen them wear scuba diving. I could have played with one, and he said you would never see them when your scuba diving I see what you mean there right there and he said they don't like the bubbles they wouldn't come now.
I have talked you freak me out anyway. By the way he was french and he said it in French, but I like being theatrical 'cause. He was really creepy and he's breathing on the back. My neck is breathing anything what the fuck is he doing behind me or not. I was drunk I drink too much. I know no, I just wanted to come clean, slates, Tahiti dude we were in Tahiti, it's not gay is Tahiti and it's not gay. If I'm not looking him in the face and Tahiti, we just get crazy, that's it, and he was like this more this more that don't It have you ever seen a crocodile eat. No, but I'd like to and the agreement after they just chew him up really like nothing, is to write to their horrific crocodiles. Are fucking horrific? They can they have. Acid in their stomach that can breakdown fucking anything anything license. Plates horn I'm going to eat. Look at this cell is this the
This is alligator. This isn't even a big one, but this is good enough. Didn't find one there's a there's, a good video of across! Well, they look at their their their their third down. Third down now the top down one there incredible Well guess what turtles, Foxville well now hold on. It doesn't seem like it's going to breakthrough that shell, though now this one? It seems like it's a little too small The one that I saw was a crocodile, and so it was a really big animal and it was right smashing this turtle, that's a waiting game. Yes, he's not strong enough to do it. He's too stupid to he said, run run run, run to run. It barely slaughters away. Look at it! Oh my god, what a creepy animal they just, let it gas reptile fuck him know he's going to swallow him whole na. No now is awash he's. Now
again, this definitely choke on that thing. Yeah he's not getting this one he's going to get so gear, trying yeah look at it. No brain that the brain of the alligator. You know when you hunt alligators, you know you have to do see that thing right behind their head. You dress up yeah, that's where you shoot it like. You see his his his eyeballs back up a little bit the plate behind his head. It's like right behind his eyeballs. I would go clam right there right that spot right there. That's where you want to check with Crocodile Dundee stab the fucker when it grabs girl on that fucking happened desert there, so Creepy I read that it ugh. I got bit by a crocodile, not a big one and you reach behind and stuck his hand up the things ass and pulled with you could out and the crocodile at golem what I'll say it again. Reach into its as he reached into its ass. Now I don't know if that's possible, let's, let's do the battle dot net. This is the world. Where crushes the shells
is that an alligator that looks like an alligator that looks like a crock yeah. This one believe they have the strongest bite the american alligator just smashing right through it. I hope that's, not the turtle. It is make that noise before no look at blood. That's the noise of turtles, making that noise 'cause it's killing. It hoe holy shit. This is it Actually, the video I was talking about: how are you not how you need the shell and everything look at it keep crushing. Why are monster this thing in cheese? Data birth turn come on Jimmy up yeah. I don't and here sounds of turtles being tortured, but look I don't, but I do look at how it just crushing its body. That's insane. And look at his eyes just stupid
fucking eating machine, a dinosaur. That's a straight up, dinosaur huh, I mean would say stupid, but you know there's obviously their kapi. City for being even interested in anything, the giant crocs, I guess lose their teeth by the time. They're like forty, I'm sure I'm sure that things going to lose his teeth to notice from title there. They fight other crocs, taken in giant mouth fights it's interesting women that thing serves its purpose. I mean it really is no need for books really is. It's not it's not excited by intellectual discourse. It's not Did you want him says the hunter would say it's not it's a movement of ideas here for any of that. It's here for up everything that he can eat. Yeah, that's what it's there for, and it's because people and things and turtles like to fuck and if they like to fuck they may many of them, so we have to have around crocodiles, yeah, alligators and lions, and everything else that
driven by one driven by certain things were so were so deep, cash for that world. I think, that's that's the function and the sort of the biggest difference between what it is to be human. There's a fundamental difference. You know the human beings who was thinking about how we create beauty for its own sake. What I, you know a lot of times, even at our own expense that have famous whether it's true or not, the legend of Michelangelo painting, the Sistine Chapel and going blind 'cause. The paint was in his eyes, inspired by something bigger than himself paint above him. He definitely I mean that's like the historical record is now part of that. You know, people that went blind blamed it on the paint. Well, he was on his back for a long time, but they said you know sometimes well. Human beings have. This need to be immortal right. We want to leave a mark, whether it's to our children or through our work, that's a very deep, deep drive, but I don't
like as I get older. I don't like just you know, breaking it down. This simple constructs like that. Maybe because I'm a Roman, Take I'd rather believe that we have something inherent in yes, that is just I don't know what it is. Maybe an inherent inspiration- and missed algic, create something that's much bigger than ourselves. That's that that moves. People to tears, bring them to their knees, drops their jaw and all that stuff, that's what I think is fascinating, like I was I was dumb right- well, zero, then back, then it was the only way to leave that mark too. You have to understand the context of the time. Yes, if you think about today you can write a book. You can make a movie. You can fucking. Do a comedy show you could do it there, so you could do with that use so many different avenues, but no, but I can also about I wonder if animals feel like, for example, when you listen, oh beautiful piece of music right driving down the road, and you have of you ever had that feeling where you like you go it's a feeling of
take inspiration right. So you kind of feel really sad, really happy. You want to love everybody. You know that feeling of wonder. I wonder if animals have anything that is no need for it. They don't have communication. So if you know of communication, they probably don't have these crazy, weird fluctuations of their intent and then they're they're they're, you know lusts and desires and their their their path is probably much much straighter and true yeah in a lot of ways. I don't know man Sheila lot of intellectual masturbation. I guess at the end of the day, but it just seems like The only things that have that capacity are human, and maybe dolphins and orcas and Wales we'll do it often targeted at whales yeah. They seem to have really strong bonds, jeep with their family, and they do communicate that Tillich As I say, his name, the one that died in San Diego, it was a guy or girl the, so yeah. There's a guy was a guy yeah that whale from black fish is dead. Now, thirty, five years old, they lived to be eighty
in the wild folks find that acceptable. That's uh, that's living thing that is probably as smart as your fucking neighbor, and it's locked swimming tank in San Diego and it's fucked, and now it's dead and that thing read in the wild. It made remember how many slave babies, but That's essentially what it made a bunch of slaves. It's fucked isn't Seaworld, no longer doing that. Now they should be in jail, should be arrested. You in slaving intelligent beings; they just can't, talk to you in a way that you should understand. You can understand so you're profiting off of in slaving Intellij. And beings and make him do flips. This is in nineteen fifty. We know what the fuck a dolphin as we know what in orchids you know if you if you were a person that is breeding those things in captivity, keeping them in swimming, pools it
crazy that it's legal what's funny is, I didn't know anything. I never thought about that. Didn't know that didn't think that would have told you. They were I very happy until black fish came out, which I didn't even see. 'cause, I don't want to see it but this kid filled Demers on my podcast a couple times now and he's from marine land. He got fired from marine land and he is gone like way of his way to expose it's in Canada to expose all all of these violations of animal welfare and animal safety, and all the fucking horrible practice is that this place now they're being brought up on charges. They were just recently brought up on more charges like he tweeted something about it. Just a couple of days ago, Marine lands brought up on more charges, but he was a wall restrainer, there's wall just named Smooshy, and he developed this like really close bond with this wall. Residues training, but he was like this is place, is fucked like they don't give a shit These things they don't give a shit, these animals and he's like and they were getting there.
Dolphins are orcas to getting them. From these russian ships. The broker get him from China. Yeah Marine then faces six new animal cruelty charges there fuck that place. Well, the one for me seeing how small the tank was for a killer whale to swim in the charges are related to the treatment of an elk, a red deer in a fallow deer. What the ears roam around them, whatever your seem less sympathetic to make the most smart, but the whole thing is just it's insane that it is legal to keep dolphins and orcas captive. It's insane and Wales too, but obviously what ability it's insane! It's there So fucking, smart man you've seen the image of a dolphins brain right next to it men's brain their brains are bigger than ours. Like we don't know, we have such a.
Clearly defined standard for what we accept his intelligence. Send me an email, where's, your house, you know you know how much you may hear what you do for a living if you're, not if you know of any of those things, you're barbarians, right, you're, so you're you're, not really a person likely that often so he went right, but it has hills different right, yeah, but it's it's not it's all within the confines of what we think of a civilization. All those things are meaningless to a dolphin. They don't have faith, they don't need them. They don't pick things up their move through 3d space in this warm water. They have free food everywhere. They don't have any need for money, there's no need for clothes. So where does the mind? Go then? Well, she gets the mind, goes to camaraderie or culture or songs those dolphins. Songs that we don't understand what the fuck they are. Who knows? Maybe that's where their thought goes, but What we do know is there's a lot of thinking going on. This is not a piece of celery yeah. You know this is not you that you're not sent analysts be kept in a in a
it's, not even like animals that we really like like a dog. Well, this is way smarter than this is an animal that is you just to jump through hoops literally and for fish and twirls and stuff, and be you to to pull you along as you ride them right or water ski on them, and the if you take take that out of the equation. That seems to me to be where see world makes a lot of their money. I've been to that show yeah right so and when I was watching that show, and my kids were all excited, I never thought in anyway. It was cruelty to the I didn't know: right well, it doesn't look like it right right and so, but I think we could do without we complied with they say it raises awareness and stuff like bullshit right. We would. I do without bullshit documentaries, raise awareness and that's why their businesses down by a massive massive amount. That's why they're hurt yeah, there's a stock didn't really suffer at first. Did you see that after
yeah. Their stocks stayed pretty strong for how long up for about a year there may be more, their stock was not it didn't take a hit, and I guess, as time went on people hear about it on the internet. They start exchanging information, start reading about things that they're doing their start reading about how long the animals live in the wild versus how long they live in captivity, and you see that the dorsal fin that flops, or because they never have to deal with waves, so at atrophy's really yeah. Now it has honestly other dorsal fin becomes like a limp dick, what is it for its firms for steering through the water for handling waves and correcting your pet, your path, so for the I'm outside in the wild. It's rigid in powerful, but in this pool where there's no waves, it never gets you so it flops over
now you have you ever seen that should show show an image of it. It's fucking gross! I didn't see that I couldn't watch the documentary. I was afraid it would make me it's like a guy doesn't is not allowed to use his arm. So is one arm just withers and the other arm is big and one allow them. This seems fuck sales door just flops see how one in the wild has like this big this size that rudder yeah. Well then read it. You know I mean they're dealing with waves. Imagine it's ugly, it's an ugly practice and as much as those things do jump up on that platform and do get catfish and do do the flips and make everybody happy it's fucked up and also, I feel like. If they really wanted to have a relationship with these orcas. The correct way to do it would be to you have some sort of a meeting ground where they meet these orcas and they get him to do things for fish. They get him to do tricks. Also. So, like a note
even though she can go wherever the fuck they want, but if they want to come back around and hang out that makes sense like. Maybe we'll get to do an orca show today, but maybe you want, but you know having them in captivity and lifting up a cajun they swim through and all that horseshit yeah. That's where it's fucked, everything in the ocean fear the orca yeah. They have to go even Christ yeah, they fuck great whites up. They eat him 'cause. They said that they played and Paul together who lost his arm in his hand in his leg to a bull shark in Sydney Bay, City Bay, doing routine stuff and see them as a carbon fiber arm right now, we've seen that guy and he's he's pretty Well, he squeezed my hand, hurt he can really squeeze it's a ninety thousand dollars fake hand yeah and he squeezed it. He was at australian Navy seal and you feel do the thing or somebody I don't know I can't write.
I don't know, maybe that guy who was my scuba instructor, tell ya. I mean it just seems like I guarantee I guarantee fucking t he's tried. I think that one yeah for sure is it looking guy and there is obviously girls like yeah. Let's give it a shot of course. What do you not going to play with a mechanical hand? How long before you think they have those Luke, Skywalker arms, everyone, Luke Skywalker, got that new arm and it was dope like pretty immediately. All I know is I've always been self conscious of my left arm. Why 'cause? I feel it's skinny, especially in using you right. My right is fucking ridiculous. Look at that shit. Why is it positive in my and it is. I have weird shit about my body. I have a weird about this side of my body, my left side, and I think there is. I swear to God. It is a star when I remember this so well Amber. This is no well. He could feel the the nerves yeah and they had to close it off. That's amazing yeah man. You know it's a big consulting on these movies, who Joseph Campbell,
really he's sense that makes sense for all the heroes journey. Look at that yeah, but that's what you're seeing right there yeah it's coming who, fifty years from now or eighty or so now, whatever it is, the real problem is going to be. When are we going to be like a spinal cord hooked up to all this stuff is just going to keep replacing shit but I know a lot of people that have fake things like fake knees and fake shoulders and fake hips, but we like to come back and a lot of ways to to the simplicity and the organic? You know like look at how the food movement you know. We like to eat on wooden is nothing is really ever replace the feel of wood or quarts or fur Yes, true, synthetic synthetics, have a limit. What was that thing about? They were talking about something fascinating about like. There is a point where robots oh yeah, the guy who created scuba dive with a guy. Who is
the owner of I robot right, so they make all the heat builds. Robots, went to mit and stuff like that, really smart guy and said and I said, talk to me about sexual robots and he said well. Of course I did 'cause I like to get right. He's is really smart guy. I don't know what about what about things that could. I know you got to vacuum, my for you got some, but my dick you got. You got some for my day, the Look tiny drones are cute yeah. In this case I come. I'm gonNA and I so what about you know it's coming. I said what about FUCK a robot and he said there's this there's this weird situation, where we call it the thing that the revulsion factor of the repulsive fact, so human beings? Yes, I really close and people will fuck it like you we have like just a pocket, pussy right, ugh I'll carry around just like a like a flesh.
Glad orajel, pussy and bang it in a bathroom in his office break right more while he watches porn on his phone, whatever it might be, but there's something about a robot when you try to get it really human. Apparently, from their research I'm not saying this guy comes up with is working on sexual robots, but, like you said that there's something about creating a robot but so human like, but they it's just something missing, like the expression in the eyes or what never an it gets to a point when you get it when you get it as real as possible, like as real as real as possible, it people will fuck fuck fuck and then, when get cereal, though it's not no you're trying to be too human hold on you're, trying to make eyes that, don't they, something's missing, something's weird here something and it apparently shuts people off right away. It makes sense. It just would freak you out
I mean you know it's not a person, but it's so close. It's so close yeah. Why? Why would you get hard for that? That would be too weird. Well, you I feel so strange if you fucked a robot can you feel at any moment that thing could kill. You know, but you have exactly quite a more importantly, are choking you part, but but more importantly, is that more importantly, you got fucking robot. The lady thinking about waiting for my life against this robot I'm trying to find out? Why do we get low when we start talking about dirty shit? I don't know why did cross talk like that when you want to be sexy, there's like things that don't work, but people do like we and you talk like this- it's scary now, it's not because I'm drunk- that's not scary, but like with got it in our head at that scary. But hey boys looking for company call one eight hundred hot,
I just like that you immediately before we got to the fact that was a girl when it's s like strawberries and what was I think of something else. K K. First thing I I I I would immediately yeah yeah there's like certain signals that gay guys will just throw up. You know like there. I'm. A huge share fan. Ok, go to Barbra Streisand Concert everywhere, yeah. Well, they have one of the things I guess about being gays. They have these female diva like idols, that they worship- you know, like shares a giant one in a billion wicked thoughts. They it's a really great, book written by to Nero scientist, or you tell me about that. Yeah and the average gay penises one slash two inches half inch longer than the average straight pennant penis, and also the gay. Brain apparently what so soak the gay brain. How dare you fix scientists? I know I know
I well I'm a first I'm not a face at this time. I have a real scientist and I think that you could take sides out of that better phrase, but but the and what they've so why? Why why why all these men who love Barbara Stry? Why are they mostly gay? Why why Anne there are there are, according to the reef, search that I've done in my backyard and from this book, which is a great book, and I got it from. I think it was GAD Saad. Maybe he was recommending are talking about it, but now it was Jordan Peterson. So I read it, but you know there are. There are fundamental differences with the way the man whose gaze brain reacts to certain things in listen to how the average straight brain works react. Certain things is kind of dicey situation in territory 'cause, we don't know all the facts, but Aqu and at the other research. Why is the gay penis one slash two inch longer a pair,
Apparently it may have to do with the androgens the presence of more androgens, I guess, or a type more testosterone, whatever it is in in the uterus at a certain point in time which maybe why some people are born gay? and other people 'cause. It is something you're born with, and some people are born straight and were draw, I'm being very binary. Do you think, though, that it is possible to be born straight? but somewhere along your along the lines of your life become attracted to this to the same sex and be gay. I don't know. Maybe I have no idea just trying to pretend he doesn't know, No, I've been trying to say I don't know a lot more ever since Trump one is uh. It's very I was like. Let me take another reason: he's not gonna win guys, because some people think that you can learn gay behavior, which is why I was so. Some people are really terrified of gay people. They think they're going to get turned gay people. Those people aren't day mine.
They might be. I could be around guys fucking all the times you, yes, you but you're, not an easily influenced guy in that regard, like there's some fucking people out there. You just know you could talk into sucking your dick. If you were gay, you just know they might not be gay like Brendan Schaub for so sorry, sir. How dare sorry he's not here to defend, I feel like there's, there's a so certain percentage of the population that could be shifted around they. Could Dell Dell adopt an english accent if they live in English or week? Sure, like this assert, percentage pressure yeah those suck a dick for peer turn gay to have better friends. So let me ask you this I believe, that's a cat that you can't see the better friend. I really believe. That's true and I don't think, there's anything wrong with it, necessarily because why is that any better than being worse, rather than being indoctrinated, a certain school of music like well, you know we only listen to. You must be part of a tribe right yeah. Why is it any different than a religion or anything else that people get super sucked into and then also
their behavior? I had one gay. I had one gate feeling like feeling: Ylang F, I'm really honest with myself like Flashdance, what a feeling how it was when I, when I believed in my heart that me and Tom Cruise were friends when I got to talk to him for about an hour and a half we're having a really gain deep discussion and had, of course met him before that, because I did a reading with them and we're having this great talk and I was even like teasing. I'm going what's it like to be the king, do you just give sue? I'm sure was there right now it was a good conversation wish. I was there, but I remember thinking to myself. If this guys gay is very cute, but he's got a little face and I thought to myself this guys Ok- and he really wanted to my friend and I can hang out with them and I was drunk enough. Do you think he take your whole hog in his mouth off? It's going to little face, hey, don't bring it down to. I don't talk about my dick here. I'm talking about my mouth bro. I don't even talk about dick sucking. I didn't say that his face, if it's a small face, if you're going to pick a guy to fuck you,
only want one that could blow you. Yes, I need a small, I got it. I need a small head, but I'm not a don't. Wanna sell it, but if it's a big head, then you can get your whole dick in his butt- and I like I like really shoehorned in that bad boy in there now. You have to snake this down yeah, I got unhinged jaw here. It's not going to be comfortable and scratching and hard surfaces. Man you want more soft surfaces are shoehorned into. I get some butter running around their stick and stuff into their lips and accentuating softap surface area. Trying to get you more excited about them. Put your dick in their mouth, I'm also a fan and that's what I'd make Tom do if we were dating and that's kind of backed by the way women are shooting their lips up again, it's getting more prep, see it all the time I don't get it. I don't like it it's crazy, and now they can do it, where it's not so hard. You know or before that, doing it and and the the lips to be hard and that kind of freak people out. I have a problem with our lives. Five years, I've kissed her lips before you've, just fake Libya, I don't like,
it's just a bizarre compromise, because the one of the sexiest things about kissing is like the feeling of someone's lips moving with your lips and their tongue moving with your tongue and also like you have this like third partner, there is implant and you feeling you're rubbing around in each others mouth, and it's like what is in your lip, but you know what lip and then there's like you Oreo lip by sum, Z, claim filling in this web there's like some going on in there, but they said that some people are driven by. So if you and I look at a woman right, we look at our lips big. So I love big lips red lips. Soft lips, you her breasts. And I think to myself what that would feel like right. I guess what true Here's me is the idea of what those lips would feel like to kiss org grab and becomes this primal thing. They say some people are more drawn driven by like visual stimulus. So some guys prefer fake tits. In fact they even like them. They look fake. They like big lips, some
guys will tell their girls to get big lips. They'll tell their girls to get. You know. Big fake, tits, 'cause, rather that even though they're hard there willing to compromise the feel for the visual and so it depending on what you're driven by that is, there's a book written about this, and I can't remember the book but so in a very small portion, people are are, and my auditory stimulus. So you, voice might be enough to get a girl gone. You could look like you know. Whatever somebody is not attracted by your voice is what gets so it all depends on what triggers people, what they overwhelming sort of what what the connection is to their senses. You know the probably the biggest one the biggest difference between men and women, is the desire for successful companion. Men don't give a fuck if a woman successful now they don't at all. I was going to ask you that what do you think it is 'cause? It's not just about He going back to that robot thing you updated. We've always had beautiful way,
in in my life, you know, but they always one. You fall on you're compatibles alot of women. You know I've, I've loved many women amount, but there's there's something: about some women that, let's you to shack up with him, well the same thing with friends who looks like what. Why do you? Why did you and I become instant best friends right away like I let you when we're on the set of mad tv and like within in twenty minutes, like you wanna me Steve, gathered, stick together, yeah we're gonna, be ok. Fine, I found were huh. I mean we've been best friends from that moment on, like literally, we were close immediately exact, but there's other people that you meet. You like fuck right and get outta here, and they might be fine, fine, someone might say. Oh my god have you met MIKE he's amazing, and you like him. I exclude guy yeah. I'm bored yeah you're bored bored- I don't want to do, and what is that is. That is that two personalities, yeah and you would you would drive some people crazy. Your wife loves it. You know it's who you are versus
Do they are like? Sometimes it goes like this. Years of the hand fit into the fingers of the other hand, and everything is great chemical in other times, it's just their clashing teeth and you never kiss somebody in clash teeth. What in the fuck are we doing here? Neither one of no, what the hell we're doing right. Click on my real: it's just perfect. Yes, you know in some people the sex is like that too. It's like it's rhythmic. It moves it flows in other people. It's just claw. You know and it's the same person. You are the same person, for whatever reason it was. It might not be them in might be you, it might be the two year together, you just fucking that I think that that's part of the mechanism that makes this weird world work, hehe human beings? The way I view them are a gigantic super organism working towards some sort of an unknown technological goal. I think how to do a one sends overview of the human race. That's what I would say, and I think
but somewhere along the line, our individual personalities, an our individual hobbies and obsessions and desires all of those, although they appear to be coming from us uniquely and us as an individual, and even though we relate to tribes who are also into you know, whatever jujitsu or kettle bells or ballet or whatever the fuck. It is ultimately, all these pieces fit into place as these portions of a superorganism that make things flow in a forward direction and weather you're obsessed with architecture or whether you're obsessed with achieving peak fitness or running one thousand miles in an hour. Whatever the fuck, it is All of those things are working together, collectively, in the entire super organism of the human race and they're working towards some sort of a technological goal. 'cause the technologic
world in the world of technological innovation it slowly but surely integrating it. So, even though our lives, if we looked at it objectively, would be like well, this is like a life form. That's asking to be boy porn from the husks of human civilization. Like it's going to go inside of us, and it's going to give birth like some sort of aquatic worm, it comes out of a fucking grasshopper talks into jump into a pond. Why did it is interesting that human beings are spending enough time creating virtual experiences? So eventually, if you look at the trajectory of this in the technology under play, you're going to be able to have experiences of what it's like to be someone else. You have a chance of, you can download and their brain or whatever were already. There are a good distance cut thing called the empty project having us and where you go to a room and they bring the syrian refugee crisis to you so that you put on a virtual these virtual goggles.
And you're inside the tent of a refugee family in a refugee camp kids are playing wow, that mom and dad are there cooking food and you can see it, you can hear it. You can feel it and they're all around you. It's three dimensional and It gives us a sense. What programs is it's a program to museum? It's a museum. There. You go selection virtual reality, experiences to help us see the world through the eyes of another. This is a beautiful idea, yeah what amazing idea yeah. So what happened on that set up backed up so I could read it because is it the sound back it up video? I can yeah, but you go back up the video. Now you can't we wanted it's. It's the video on the website, don't care, and it is not amazing. So now you can experience what it's like to be someone else, who's been through uh huh our time and realize in many ways that they are very Well, I have all these emotional triggers around Arabs and stuff 'cause. I grew up in the arab world and they are they're very much people to me right, the Middle EAST that this system, this strange place with all those fanatics that, when you grow up there the way I did
we lived there for eight years of your life. You have a very different point of view on. At least in Arabs. What what I think of when I think of Arabs. As I see a smiling face and a welcoming mat, I see somebody who's, making the tea and bringing them at me into their house and giving me food. I see, grew of them who are laughing their ass off and having a blast, and I see people hugging and holding hands. That's just how I grew up, so I have an emote journal trigger when I hear people stereotype Arabs in a certain way right. It's just an interesting thing. So I think that's 'cause. I had that virtual experience and I love this idea because as we are able to experience what it's like to be someone else, and really how similar they are to us. Despite all the cultural differences, hopefully it will make for at least a more You know what the problem with all this is yeah confirm or understanding world. Until I gotta compete for fucking water and my daughters thirsty now I'm going to have to offer, you will see much
things like this plenty of water. I think the biggest problem that we've got right now is that we've been going through a war with the Middle EAST for thirteen years and when you go through a war for thirteen years. What is the you know like say. If you do something like, if you're on heroin for six years, how long does it take, for that. The effects of your body to bounce back from on heroin for six years is not going to be a week right. Is it going to be a year? A couple years is going to be half the time is going to be three years whatever it is. You got to think of a war is being something like some, so You're horrible trauma to an organism takes generates generation at, like this car that has to heal over and it has to be worked on. I mean you,
you have many generations that are gonna, remember grandpa, getting blown up when he was in a wedding party because they thought that he was with talk the Jews about the genesis, sunny Non cost yeah the Armenian about the genocide in in you know, in my m fourteen or eighteen or was yeah they're still out a straight course right did a damned long ago. Was it Dan Carlin talks about how their son it's fresh memories, even if you say to a chinese person that you have a point of view on sort of the bench fits of Mongol expansion. Even well, that was how many one thousand two hundred and sixty or whatever it was you'll, get lot of chinese ire you'll get a lot of people. They'd still somehow fresh, it knows that that trauma lasts an is passed down through generation to generation. Yeah I mean, if you've ever been to Japan. One of the things that people always talk about is how the older japanese people do not like Americans and why fucking would day. You know we dropped two
nuclear bombs on their little tiny, ass country, yeah yeah. I think that it's super hard to erase the memory of horrific events in the thirteen years of war, no matter who who side you're on that is a horrific event. It's all in this one area. So let's that mean it's going to take a long time before we can look at Arabs the way you look at era, of course, being there of course, and that's unfortunate man and it's a it's unfortunate, because it's one of those self perpetuate ing things like if you're afraid of people? If you think people are out to get you, then they become out to get you you know like they realize that you're taking these big giant steps to keep them away from you, you're prejudice against them and they're going to be upset that your precious against them and then but out of Americans? Can Americans always go out of their way, not all Americans go out of their way to be like I don't care, there's this idea that all the Trump's borders are these finance Fedex in their anti this net? I guarantee
guarantee that the majority of people in all the states that red states would give any Syrian have guys Americans Herrera they Americans guarantee the creator would be hey there. He turn beings, I'm willing to I'm a chance if they're good people there good people, this idea that their terrorism and bugs and there I'm just an ignorant guy with a gun- I don't buy- that I don't buy that. I think definitely a lot of people like that. There are a lot of people like that, but on the individual basis I guarantee most p. People are intelligent enough to go I'll. Take as it comes, I treat individuals the way they are. I we are tribal, I think, we're everybody has their own racial prejudices and things like that, but I think it's way more layered nuanced and it was for a lot of people, but for a lot of people, people really fucking simple and their ideology says that Christianity is the only way in this ideology of the Muslims is dangerous and the prophet Mohammed was a dangerous person. These are dangerous people. We let him over here we're taking a big chance. America,
free home of the brave that maybe the collective dialogue I think that's the individual, for example. I think most of them are somebody was arabic and they an opportunity to leave their alleviate their suffering by bringing them into their house and giving him a meal. Other you watch too many Bruce Bulls move. I don't think so. I think I think the most them would do it. I really do well, I think, most of them if they knew the people for sure. I think overcoming prejudice is against cultures or religions. Raining are very difficult to do. It was once things are set in stone. It's like your body as a warning that is looking for a leg up these this pattern repeating itself we seen this before this is a religious fundamentalism. This is people that are crazy, they're gonna, blow themselves are all and and to an extent the you know. That's not that's not missed. Waste. So you know when I hear of a bomb going off for a guy driving a truck and running over eight thousand and eighty people in France, my first, my first guess- and I'm always right- is that is probably a young muslim male that does
Make me Anti Muslim. It doesn't make me anti air a bit just means I'm pretty. But not even have to be that good at pattern. Recognition. We also have to really take, in consideration the sheer numbers of human beings that we're dealing with a daily basis where you getting the news from getting the news from the events that happened to seven billion people, and that's just way too many for us to make rational discussions about it, because rationally. You should know about what the fuck is happening in France. You should know that some muslim guy drove a truck over all these people. You're. Not there right, there's nothing. You can do about it and you know how the other muslim men didn't run over somebody with a truck that day. So that's where it gets weird, because you don't even take those people into consideration when you're talking about muslim males you're only talking about those one mails. It's like gun owners like people of this did gun owners will gun owners are a bunch of fucking paranoid nuts with canned food in their basement there buying gold from Alex Jones. No, no, no,
occasionally one of those guys shoots up a school occasionally, but you know how people own guns more guns in this country than there are fucking people. So if we really had like this crazy gun problem, things should be going off way more than they do it's remarkably safe. Considering the amount of fucking firearms are available remarkably and cry probably like almost every day, if your life, you go through town and you don't hear a single gunshot, but that's also going back to what I was saying about you do. You know when, when somebody on the guy, they like rose accounts, as somebody says, smile, and she immediately says: I'm not I'm putting words in your mouth. But if this is says, it was said in the interview that that hi is being in one way or another, sexist or being in one way or another, somewhat a precedence about. So I'm sure she feels that what I'm saying is that for the for that guy he made be clumsily trying to say hi to some most beautiful creatures ever seen in his life, the same way with owners
gun owners, Alaska but hold on. Let me stop you there, because couldn't be both things. It could be both say it could be put him. It could be this one thing: it hurt like look if you're like really into raping girls, and it makes you feel awesome and you don't want them to feel like it's rape, but it is not one hundred percent that they're. Always there not equating those too, but I'm just saying that there could be two and things going on, his intention and the actual result. Yes, one hundred percent, I'm just saying when you draw these blanket statements like so when men own guns, right, if you hear the dialogue on the left a lot of times, it's like well, you know these gun nuts. Are these gun owners who are into all this other stuff, this macho stuff or or a lot of men. Own guns, lot immense. Can sound crazy, Lotterman own on guns like me, because It's the most effective way to protect my family. In case somebody comes in my house in the middle of the night that's? Actually, something I think about is something I'm ready for it, something I prepare for done for the past twenty years down a lot of men. Do them crazy, I'm just so,
and at the end of the giant, Bryant practices escape routes. It's got path for ambush is stuck pinch points in his house. This was at the fuck it up in swipe. Pinch point is: when you know people have to travel through a corridor, that's great yeah. So if like like, maybe three hundred movie one hundred the Persians that complicates Demopoulos yeah, exactly that's a pinch! but I need some hot gates. I need some good places set up a tree stand for hunting deer want to go through the pinch point if they have to make their way out into the field. I feel that I have to go through the woods. My house, my next house, is going to be just a fucking series of pinch points where we going to move to, somewhere, where there a lot of pinch points. Are you going to stay in California forever, probably probably No, let me see it. Let me put it this way. I want to want to stand it forever forever. Yeah, I'm never going to stop. Now. I remember when you weren't doing it at all. Well, I do it all the time and I've never stopped doing it in my favorite did stop once I don't know what I don't know. You're talking
round very differently? you guys. Ok, I'm acting like you dated my sister was discovered there bro, you might be bug. Would've been broke up with her bro but we don't we do. That, though, is something about standups. When you find out that somebody quit stand up you like, oh yeah, what happened right? What kind of life you have now? I just thought of that fuck! That's funny! You say that look out of life. Do you have now just thought of somebody that was like what happened that guy you want to stand up and you stopped like you and I had a great fucking time last night. The comments to go down there, it's sold out killer, show was so much fun. What a blast that waffle, SAM Tripoli, sit by the way a month nobody is allowed. Yes, how good is he's? Gonna kill you I brought, come with me on the road once in Edmonton, he put that place on fire. 'cause he's getting for, is CD, that he taped in Edmonton, hey tape to CD at that club there what's the club in Edmond,
when you coming comic Strip yeah, that's black Bronson yeah! We did the casino up there that they always in Edmonton, where they always have fights and fucking I know they are awesome plays dude. He lit it on fire, let their place on fire beast. I called the monster he can. He can destroy, got high on last night. Yes, you did. I went to Afghanistan with that guy, you got it done well, May Mf Davidoff and Steve burn any gay stuff happen. I'm not going to go into that may have met some soldiers out there. I was there traveling concubine in there and they should. They show me what a pinpoint is well yeah. This is a pitch one right here on the peel. This piece right here in south same guy same guys help me a scooter down on vacation yeah. It was pretty interesting, but but SAM
get up and he would open for us. We'd go out there. You just have a mic in a little box in his life. That's awkward with all these soldiers sitting around in a war zone that dude lit it up every fucking but one of the things about SAM is he'd like a lot of comic store. Comics has done that room when there was zero crowd control and he would get a lot of late spots, so you learn, not combat comedy style. Combat comes like he's, like probably more confident and comfortable when shit goes crazy. When people start yelling at him. Like a been here before here, we go, I know you ain't been here, but I've been here: let's roll buddy, yes, my favorite with sadness is always changing his face. His look, he's gotta go to you've got a mustache got a full beard, got no beer and I'm like shaved up because so except sometimes gotta switch it up like to switch it up. Sometimes, then, he grabbed my body goes how the fuck do you do it? How do you do it? You got the best body in comedy. I go to Rome is the best body a comedy, and then I walk away. I love him, he loves you. Gotta get him on the podcast is good. Do the fighter and the kid
not not not the Bryan County. We call it mixed mental arts. Now, that's what you call it. Nothing is better mixed mental arts, 'cause Hunter was like one hundred yeah, because uh mixed mental arts is better an we've been having these great conversations in Hunter was like, let's ta being so myopic. Let's just get all the ideas under one umbrella. Let's make ideas accessible, schiza bull there. This project, but he's like I want to make sure everybody knows that there's no such thing as being smart. We can all know these ideas and have a constructive conversation. Well he's gotta the attitude about it, and that really is the approach to that. It's, not outsmart, it's about information like I've, had conversations with people about something and I'll explain something to him. They go God feel so stupid like you're, not stupid, like I'm, not smart. I just know this and the reason why I know this is somebody figured it out and I bothered reading it. That's it that's it, but we like
all that over people's heads would like such extreme arrogance S, because so many people want to cling to almost anything as like a sign of superiority, yeah with its information that they have accomplishments, that they've done the money they have in the bank, whatever the it is like they always constantly one have this thing that separates them from you right. You know and that's one thing that people love to do with information. If you had known, if you had read this, then you would know that well, comma, you put this shit, and just tell me that tell me it and I'll have a, but it is also This thing that we all do and that you and I have worked very hard to stop doing over the last decade or so, which is to try to win conversation, because it's a fucking horrible impediment to learning anything like the best. We would have a conversation, is challenge ideas for sure. But just talk just talk like if someone telling you something- and you have a question- don't look at it like you're attacking it look at it like what
is this we're discussing? What is this actual thing like? You know that weird thing that people do in these shut they shut down and We know that they're not really discussing what you're saying they're just trying to find a way where they could win the conversation yeah because they're there point of view, makes them feel a certain way. If you start to break down those walls, they're afraid you're going to take away that feeling of security or whatever. That feeling is, when the confidence in being consistently right. That's right! That's a big yeah. So when someone's not right about something like I have a a good friend who's, animal rights activist, Guide, vegan guy, and he was saying we were talking about the precursors for hormone development and whether or not saturated, fat and cholesterol are the essential precursors to hormone development. Well, it's pretty much established fact like scientific fact so, and he didn't think it was 'cause he was reading. A lot of this, like ideological
old dogma on it. You know plant based dogma, so start sending him all the stuff and then he's like. Ok, I got it. All right and not Sso can now we can have a discussion about it will look at all Just look at all these studies. Look at all these things like we're, not saying you should go out and be an animal eater. No one saying that, but look at the evidence with their dad. I look at what it actually is and look there's. This is the actual problem of the China study. This is the actual problem with not getting enough b twelve. This is the act. Problem with. Not getting enough of this vitamin that data saturated fat that cholesterol all these fucking things that we were told as kids are bad for you right, which is a huge problem, because most people don't learn anything think about nutrition passed. What they learn in school mean that's pretty much it well. One of the biggest things for me is just having been around Hunter as much as I have, and we always talk about how and I've had a can front so much of this my own. In my own ways, I have a fast thinking brain. We all do right that fast thinking, brain that jumps at the trigger that things that you start talking about liberalism. If you start talking about big, govern,
And if you start talking about communism, Marxism I get I'll get. What happens? Is I'll get ready to defend my free mar? get America NEWS? Fox news show on Fox I'm defending my dad. That's what I'm doing right. I have an emotional attachment to that. And so I'll stop listening to you by about five seconds then- and I've already got my guns, I'm already load. My goes as you're talking, I'm going all out to get my gun, so much changed, yeah, I'm here, and I can't wait to blast away at your. Your call active ideology right and then I'll drop books like FA, Hayek's, road to serfdom and all the things I've read and olive to do is win, and so I've had to. We always talk about this. Like Hunter else me articles that will get me in aged in range and I'll freak out and I'll write. This thing and get me he'll go feel better Brian. Now, if you want to tranquilize that big, fast an elephant? Even you been riding and let's get some slow thinking involved and take a look at what how your feelings are driving to think it's very. It's a
free fun exercise because you get older, what happens is you're able to sit back and somebody says something and you were able so, instead of me load in my guns. Let me listen a little bit hard. Let me see if I can get take something from that Maybe there is a good argument, may be there in not being a marxist, but maybe there is some value to regulation. Maybe there is some value to the FDA or you know whatever ip I've been reading this, so do you, like you, have free market sort of images in that regard where you lean towards deregulation and lean towards a freer market, because more money gets made business What does better mean Tord freedom of choice? So I like the idea right, but but but environmental regulations where I draw the long it too. That's like me: that's a classic example of the fish and game wildlife. What is it the wild? the fishing game.
Inefficient excellent job yeah. I don't care what anybody says you and I know- and you know even more in the states as well. They all deserve recognition, because they've brought animals back from the brink of extinction to gigantic populations. Do is get drunk and they shoot the shit out of everything that moves that's well to do is actually market farming market farming. So it did in most of the animals in this country after the war, one of the things that happened, was there was a lot of soldiers app the civil war that jobs and one of the jobs that was available was market farming was, I mean it means he didn't, have refrigerators back then bunny. So, if you were, I did meet, you had to go out and get it and so other things they would do is they would high Where are these young men to take their rifles and go out and shoot every fucking Buffalo that moved they would shoot Buff I was just for their tongues, they would cut out the tongues of the buffaloes. They would shoot other ones just for their pelts. They would shot down everything insight down to antelope. It was harder to shoot, antelope and kill them off because their design,
and from the did, do you have things like sheet? Is chasing yes, smaller, they stick. You belong well, there will be an Sastre than anything that can catch them because they evolved. During that time, worksheet is lived in North America, big cats lived in North America. There were bigger than lines, an african lights. So when you know you're thinking about these times and these people that white doubt all the animals in this country. There was a host of factors, a bunch of different pressures on these animals, but a lot of it was market hunting, and so, when huh hunters came along like in the beginning of the 20th century, there was very few deer and define look up. Big deer with, like a giant rack super rare Elk had been. They had been extricated from a gigantic segment of the population or gigantic sub segment of the country and so if slowly re populated in these groups, like the Rocky Mountain Elk Federation, they've
it's planted, L down the well dear sunshine, everywhere else, yeah dear supply of also because the corn- and I know that a lot of the agricultural crops to be planted. That is true, and that's also why the white tailed, here have done so much better than mule deer, mule deer kind of you know in a much hair position they still have healthy populations. They still hunt them need, find them everywhere, but MU, oh dear. They don't live off crops like white tailed deers like Doug, Duren Farm Dog has so awesome place in Wisconsin, shout Doug, powerful doctor. He had essentially their farm animals but they're not their wild, these giant ass wild deer, but they only go around his far more farms in the area is corn fed every corn FED deer, but some of the best have ever had by the incredible like you only getting like they're eating that fucking Monsanto corn. Did you bring me Elk? I kind of fucking free
I need some for real. I eat razor fade game me. Ok, ok, don't let me leave without camera, eat game. We don't more and that's the other thing see you when the fuck were going to get balls deep. Like I'm tired of all the fucking talk about this and you went hunting with me once and then you did awesome Times Motherfucker, but you never got crazy with it. I got crazy with it. I'm really missing hunting. I sent it to my wife. Yes, I go and I miss the hang out. You don't care. We have great time. I sure thing I was. I did something wrong. Why and how much fun we had. We not whites and had a great time still laughed. We had a wonderful to check out the last time with her now when we go had a great time when we don't have to your your hiking with him, because he likes to suffer and I'll hike with no. No. No. You got to come with us, we got it, we gotta figure out a but we could go. We have a reasonable chance of success. 'cause. You always want the option. The possibility, rather failing and really do like,
you. Don't want to go hunting, you don't shoot fish in a barrel. Now I want to go. I like looking and even and what he does. It is the best way honestly I've I've hunted a bunch of different ways. The most fine way in the way that feels the best to me is public land. Now, because you get a tag, you know yeah over the counter tag, you go on public land behind enemy, kill you eat it. Everybody sits on over the fire and so one of the best moments in life- yes, yeah right now is a master. You know he really has a lot of the aspects of life worked out in you know in like, as far as like being a sports man, yes in the twenty first century and being a spokesperson for it right because he's so well, read any so smartly soar to kill it and reasoned MIKE when he makes discussions and has debates with people about it, his his approaches so intelligent, it's very rare that you find so one in that world. That's so good at expressing themselves he's amazing that yeah, so knowledgeable he's always got something to surprise you. So I've got something to say, but we gotta
we should go. I want to maybe go elk hunting or something. I know you want to borrow yeah yeah yeah and you won't have which will set you up with a new one x, one I gave you got what kind of a year and a half ago what was wrong with them that they have new ones there, but I'm not getting it the one. You care, I'm not trading by on use both my brand new. Well, you have a graphite dust on it still bust carbon yeah. You are been spider. It's a really good ball yeah. They may not be saying it's a carbon spyder, yes is. That is always a carbon spyder. It's called the carbon spyder. Yes, okay, I was gonna say, is made of carbon Spyder Caroline Y D e r. I don't know why, like they use that word spider if you're like a Porsche Boxster Spyder is P Y d e r. I don't know why, so it it's for like certain cars that are convertibles, but it's also for that bow. Maybe it's a trademark thing
and maybe the spider lobby, but it's a really good bow. The Hoyts are the best there's like there's like three for really good ball manufacturers, but it's generally their six year listeners like okay yeah, it's in the generally, the thought of that its whole wheat and Matthews, the top bows and that's the only buzz I'll shoot it lead and then there's bow tech, which is also really up there too, and it's really did depends on who you ask I'm a white guy yeah I mean like I did any better, there's nothing better than a Hoyt. It's Matthews the questions. If you talk to guys like John Dudley, he'll he'll say that hard to better. He said like that in his opinion, and he knows way more than me: he thinks it or to the best boss in the world. So I just listen to him and Cameron. Hanes has the same thing. So all those two guys would know nobody knows more about
for hunting now you only into bow hunting now. Are you not instant? No I'm in a scope from animals, so I will shoot like if I need meat and I'm running low on me. I'll hunt an animal with a rifle, but what I'm really into man is archery. I love art even if I never bow haunted again and even if I just ended with a rifle because it was too hard to bow Hunt which it's not, and I will both on again for sure, but archery is to me it's a it's like a meditation. It's arteries, a martial art in a lot of ways, but it's stillness martial art. It's a martial art where you're perfecting one move, this one move of having your uh, arm out in front of you. Your hand is like in a halt position like that's where it is and then the bow dozen Passover. The lifeline you wanted on this side of the life line, so it never goes deep in your grip, so you're not torquing your wrist, so it's basically is balanced up against your hand and then you're pulling back, and you
talking in your anchor point and you're looking through your peepsight and all your can't trading on is pulling back your scapula and releasing that arrow without moving at all. Now? What about whatever emotion? How bent is your? straight like straight what about? But last time I did a little bit last time. I did that. The court hit my fucking hand, because you're all out so badly you're supposed to be like this, like this very expressive passes right by I've hit my forearm before it hurts going to little bit yeah. But just don't you shouldn't ever hate you for him. If you if you're, shooting correctly, will be in a position where the big toe of your foot lines up with the ball of your rear foot. So your front foot, big toe and you football, and that gives you a slightly open stance very slightly. Not like martial arts. I love this stuff. I love. I love technique that when you gotta learn from Dudley, 'cause John Dudley from he's got a podcast that, if you want a super geek out about archery is podcast called knock on and the knock
on podcast is Johns Podcast, where he discusses, like intricate details about cam timing, an arrow weights and front of center uh how much how much kinetic energy arrow has based on what percentage of weight is in the front of the arrow? It's like, let's see what I love about. That is when you master something like Dudley. In a way, you learn everything like in a way you're learning so much about life? Maybe everything that's relevant about life in some ways. I know you're going to Orthodox in your thinking. Your brain patterns will be a certain way but like when you start talking that when he's thinking about like Grey, eight in and weight and aerodynamics- and we like yeah, it's a great discipline, the what what archery really is is a rabbit hole.
And you know you could some people go down that rabbit hole and they go fuck, this rabbit hole and they get like an old school recurve bow and just learn, instinctive shooting and they just get into just releasing the arrow on their own. An knowing it's almost like you throw a rock you thrower You know your arm feels like you, kinda know where that rocks going to go and then you get pretty create about throwing rocks. But if you want to really accurate, you gotta throw rocks every day and that's the same thing with recurve bows if you have the exact same weight arrow. So if you have a stack of these arrows- and you show do you know that if you bend it this way and you pull it back to here, it goes that far also, if the animals- here, then I gotta aim here and you just Phillip, this scale in your own mind where the arrows going to go, but it's not that accurate, it's like if you hi, an animal with a recurve. I have watched hunting shows where people hunt animals, reclines, warning of animal sizzles, a lot of sketchy shots yeah. Where is like, if you watch like John Dudley, puts out some videos of some of the hunt sees on their aug and
shot through the heart right, I'm like ninety nine percent of the animals like they don't even know what happened and then they're dead is interesting, though, like I was thinking about this 'cause I've been obsessing over boxing lately. I like the reason I liked. As far as I don't get you know, I'm not knocking. Off and stuff and like Brendan's, always I don't spar and stuff. But for me what I really love is this something I loved about Thai Kwando, which is that with boxing It seems so impossible when he first started and then, like two years twenty years later, if you actually sparring and moving around with people, you'll start it Bing patterns. If you have a good teacher and you want to learn how to get somebody think one thing right, so you jab you jablo, then you fake, dough and maybe fly into a hook or whatever and union protects you. You can start developing your own sort of similar patterns that aren't it's a different disk. Linden, archery, 'cause archery seems so kinetic and detailed. Boxing is more kinetic. It's more but
it is more options. Yeah, there's a lot of strategy, there's a lot of split second timing and there's a lot of getting Your opponent to you're, fooling him really you're, getting to think you're doing one thing and then capitalizing on sort of you're saying I thought I was doing this and I'm doing this. You know there's a different kind of thing, but what what about all of it is almost like. It's not even so much about the doing of it of itself. It's that's, always awesome, but I think and what I really get off on sometimes is the discovery is the morning baby how to control something that seems so out of control and of the discovery. The continual discovery of new things and maybe what it does to my brain, like maybe maybe that's what I like like. That did the mindset it puts me in and the is standing. It gives me and maybe even the fact that raw it takes away the some of the mystery
I was living under, which I felt was right. Learning one new thing now that one new thing is on earth now, stand a little bit better. I got a little bit more data and then now I'm not intimidated by anything like I mean somebody who what really smart and good at one thing, whether it's a surgeon or a brain surgeon or a scientist or a really good fighter? Well, a really good fighter. I've talked to Joe showing about this and todos running about this. You know I was look up patterns I'd come up without talking about this pattern at and he goes yeah and she was showing said so. We'd have so the difference I probably thirty of those patterns that I have deep in my memory. So I refer. Granted camera who's fighting him, but he came back and he said the fucking guy I can read my mind and is and, I think was trainer said he's not reading your mind. What is doing is that he knows those patterns so well, and he sees you about the set him up and he's in his beating you to it. You know I watched, Henner Gracie tie up, tie up
the likes of Brendan Schaub and LEO Machida and all kinds of guys in there, and I watched and just do whatever he wanted, starting those back and I was like I was like dude you're. You're anticipating their movements. You already see what their patterns are, because you're ahead of them Ann It takes a little bit you're, not going to be as reverential you're going to be you're going to love. The fact that life is the the way that the universe can be that way that if you practice something enough- and you get good enough at something it seem like what you do is magic almost right, but it's not it's just that. You have learned how to chunk large portion information and You will learn how to be ahead of somebody and, more importantly, when you play somebody at the same game, you we're going to see the tendencies they're going to make chances are going to beat them to those tendencies going to head him off. Why 'cause you've been there one thousand times, because you went through the same thing and that
difference between your practicing beginner mind and your mastery mind in that context is vastly different, and I can always tell somebody who's mastered something. There's somebody who's never taken the time to really get good at something. I can always tell the difference an I prefer to be around not always not always 'cause. I got some. More on friends that are so much fun but typically and to find more intimacy in conversation with people that have least continued to endeavour down the road to mast. Well, there's very few people that can talk to them. You know if you're going to talk to a real master about something you pull someone aside and talk to them about their craft about achieving incredibly high level at a very difficult discipline like a master chess player, for instance. How many people do you have to talk to save Gary Kasparov? is at a restaurant, and somebody wants to have a conversation with him about food stamps? Fucking orgy
gossip Hollywood gossip about Hollywood. Gossip right do whatever happened: Taylor Swift! If they're going to shit, he says something innocuous like. I can't believe with sounded like so he so I was walking down and he said I was going to grab this package and he in it or someone still thanks to him and SAM Harris and SAM Harris and Gary Kasparov had his deep, intense conversations like that that fills a void inside of their souls like right feels them up right yeah and it's really hard to find someone that can play ping pong with you like, intellectually at that level. Well, because it made It goes back to the same same thing: we're talking about they're, able to have a real discussion and they're not as attached to their prejudices right because they tend to be like SAM Harris is like. If you listen to SAM Harris talk about Trump, his critique is Sophie. There it's so it's so interesting like he's gay these great metaphors and stuff, but it's not driven by dogma. It's not good and by my team is right. Near team is wrong. He's able to be more object,
he's more humble, like Wayne Mcculloch who's, my trainer, my boxing trainer, like you, know world former world champion. He's been through when you're a world champion like that he's d most humble mother, Fucker on the planet. He said the whole mitts for everybody feels a relax. Your hands he's the greatest guy in the world and he doesn't get expect. Nobody knows what he accomplished as a boxer. It drives me fucking crazy, but that doesn't matter that fucking guy he'll. Give you a really level, headed God, amazing yeah. We really like white people on the planet. I loved but there is amazing boxer in his day God and a great teacher and a very we Geisel's lightly guys the ones of the real technical skill in for this movement. Yes yeah! Yes, so he teaches you boxing. Yes, pretty cool is my is my guide him and then he'll get. He speak even moves around with male put on gloves, and you know just it's funny how he may be small, like that, but good luck trying to hit him yeah. Well, good luck, yeah, when he when he catches you in the body and you make your fifteen mistake.
I love it though it's so humbling. Do you think you What did you do again? I am dying to it seems, like to me like that one you could kind of you could actually do it in a way where you're not going to hurt. That's the big difference between striking an wrestling grappling. I love grappling it's what I started with and I miss it and I love it. I like the way it makes my body feel and everything else and grappling Jiu Jitsu you can get really good an you. Can roll with top level guys when you box, and if you want to get good, you got a spark an every time I spar with you, I'm not spying, tough guys, I'm foreign pros, like my buddy Brandon Adams, who can do whatever he wants to me? He just moved probably in touch me. It's great. I learned you still get it still going to hit, you could still going to take a couple shots, and if you fight somebody who's. Like your level. Somebody is going to that's when you actually get hurt you know and I don't want to lose- you don't want to lose, even though I'm fifty and I'm an idiot for doing this, I'm still going to still trying to hold on to my fucking. You know, but
They will just move around until you catch me and then I'm going to try to catch it seems, and I would prefer not to it's nerve wracking who loves it Louis CK. He likes the box, yep no shit Jaya. Boxing fan too, is that all the big Fuzzy's bar Louie right, despite now yeah, he and I had a pre deep conversation about boxing. Like he's a fucking real boxing fan like we were talking about guys like Terence Crawford, like oh look at you yeah. He loves it. I just rewatched Tommy Hearns Hagler fight with sugar Ray holy Shit, man, Hearns fight with Durant. I do that's my thing. I go, I watch so you think you can dance it's the best of so you think you man's the voice. I cry my private little private guard and then I watch old boxing bouts Ann, my favorite thing and I watch interviews with them now interviews with Tom, turns and that Gabba his. I was amazing. Oh my God, Jessie's fight with Roberto Duran Shore Dead sure did it was like one
First guys flat line yeah a guy like Roberto Duran, is levers laid out. First round was that second round? I think it was a second and second round it's hard to remember, but it was right around to him like a pistol six one, one, forty five. This is ridiculous and he was wide. So why don't watch torque behind the punches? I watched Roger Mayweather fight in this prime black Mamba dude, and he had legs that were about as skinny as a toothpick. Well, they look like yeah Nynex cables. Just like these tiny I've never seen anything like it. Good luck, fighting him too yeah, there's is flat over Roberto Duran look at that picture. He was a giant four. Five yeah. He was, I think in this time, though, he was fifty four. I think he went up Fifty four that was Roberto, Duran eating Davie more, and I think that was it. Fifty four wasn't at sixty 'cause Roberto follow all the way up to Hagler he's my favorite Roberto Duran was my favorite fighter.
Just his attitude like the human Pitbull, the stair, how much he loved by burns is than him. Could Lord different different, literally different, looking human? Yeah, look at that picture of him, jabbing him right there and play David and Goliath right. There, fucking he's a large fella, Tommy Hearns, I know he ran love to fight yeah. He need to stay the fuck away from microphones too yeah. Well, perhaps that whole talking things over then I watch some Hagler and watch some marvelous Marvin Hagler or he's amazing teaching marvelous still to this day, maintain that have should've should won that fight with sugar, Ray Leonard said, I think sign up to win. Just touching, am I agree one hundred. How do you think the big questions are people ask these, but Kinetica Lufkin with Hag, we'll never know. But the real question is: what's Kinetica Lufkin going to do with Canelo Alvarez, Floyd may
the things can offer is gonna knock love can now. I think love can is bigger, taller longer He hits every bit as I think I think it's a little much for Canelo, I'm interested. I want to see what canal again, Andre Ward would see. The thing is: do you see the fight with Kell Brook's Kelbrook I had some serious moments. He did. He did not even off the human, but the problem was from what I understand getting also had a bad flu. So we did yes. Yes, he had a bad hello, election time, yeah and then, and then can I proceeded to break it. Do not cal's, I think overall, yeah, okay beat him up eventually, but they this thing is: have fucking hell of a fight hell of a fighter, but the thing Tell Brooks, is not Canelo canals a murderous one punch, knockout artist, you know it's it's a totally different experience like can flatline people. Yeah and he does it. He does it with bombs. So the question is like whether or not he'll ever be able to get one of those bombs off. Well, if you watch them,
he would keep Aamir Khan, the clone he jablo Jabba and come over right, jab log and it didn't work like eight times. And finally, Chad, love boom and just came out the top and just knock them out. That that's, That's one of his main go to shot. I don't know again at ease of different and totally different animal yeah. I mean here's a way better, Chin that he also. He also makes you pay for things you throw is his counters when you get hit yeah? My friends are heavy weighted box and burn David and he's to spar with him and where I could wear a body suit when he's bar with Kannadi for Small box and burn change, your name! Well, it's doing very well! No! No! It's doing about boxing gyms parents. Gootenberg mean seriously: it's like you have boxing mixed with
Jane, Fonda workouts. Do you feel the burn? Are real fighters in there and reliable site some serious actors to get real actors from real? Oh, my goodness, is that why you're there I'm not also real active worker love works with Wayne Mccullough. When I start my name, burning, that's my boys gym it's a great deal in my calves. There burning that all this, I can't don't do that feel the bird. That's not how we do it there. What are you doing skipping? So I've never seen behave that way. Your nipples! I can see your nipples through your shirt, I'm getting a little here. It's an amazing, Jim. It's an amazing gym so that when you go like this Mcafee yeah looks like the weights and have a heart breathing yeah right. You have a hard time breathing lifts weights in hyperventilating. If you had a gym called lift weights in hyper venoms. Really fine everybody likes to fuck on a name for a gym. Is this box
band red burning it repairing a sucking roof out. This bitch well you're, not you're, not going to be able to make money in a gym. If you just have boxing good luck, opening a gym, yet we just teach you how to fight. You have six people to show up that. We like to burn. We like to Bernie burn. We teach class is a good place for dudes to like the box and then smoke some weed and chill out afterwards box and burn workout? That makes sense. Do you ever get high before you workout? Never, never have. That seems odd. I was in a Box of Mormon Time and I was deadlifting one hundred and forty five for Try to wait to hold it over your head or. Well again, I was looking my third skinny, my my alarm arm iron man kettle bells in your life like this big. Well, I've been taking a weight lifting class we can get into. I like that. How much we talk about that on it. Ironman thing, but I'm do I'm deadlifting in.
TIM Tebo and Brendan Schaub, walking behind me. Oh boy, and I got embarrassed and I put it down, don't work out when I'm talking I certainly do hey you're sweating on your chancellor. I sweat Alot Bro Africa, lot of water very hydrated wallpaper talking. If I don't like what they're saying I'm just going to start lived, it's ok 'cause. I don't know 'cause, I'm just talking about deadlifting one of those guys at one hundred and forty five show that's impressive. So it's not really Have you tried to max out MAX out man? I think if you really had to what do you think you could bench I used to do what's three plates three hundred and five is a three hundred and five or three hundred and fifteen was two hundred and twenty five and ninety five thousand three hundred and five yeah. I could do three hundred and five for three or four three fifteen two plates yeah. Oh, is that what it is? That's a lot of weight? I can do that. Deadlift MAX, no, never no a max, but
but I would workout with four hundred and fifty. So what is that you workout you deadlift four hundred and fifty yeah? I did look for fifty, you workout with four hundred and fifty pounds. One hundred and fifty pounds fuckload await your deadlifting that what do you mean? It's not that much weight on the cross bar, but Sir, it's a great moral kind of bar those ones you stand inside. The yaks got bars on the side. Yes, that's, but that's a fucks little wait. What are you talking about strong as fuck bro yeah, but we do have been deadlifting for a long time. You know I star, about deadlifting, two hundred and twenty five and then I went up to three plates and now I G4 plates and a little bit more total of nine plates plus the bars by forty five yeah, while use twenty five, since that's how fucked little wait yeah, but I only do it for like two or three reps. What I want I believe, is that when you get to a certain proficient see at lifting right, then
only then should you lift heavy right you've built up like a good, solid base, then only lent, then, should you lift heavy, and I follow oh, my God, the Pa Valtat Stellini Protocol, where like safe, I can do ten reps or something I never do ten. I do five, so if I get to like, if I'm doing something heavy, I'm doing a nine the pound clean press squats where I'm holding ninety pounds over my head, I could probably do ten of those, but I only do four why it was so, you don't go to muscle atrophy, I don't go to failure. I don't believe in going to failure, but I think is the you're best off doing less less rep. Titian's more often. So, instead of going one day, will you blow your whole fuckin system out and you do? one more broke about one more. The next day, you could barely walk right. I think in the This is what Powell says- and this is what a lot of people like is a company called strong, first
They recommend this. Like there's a few people at the the front of the line, when it comes to what you would call well functional fitness of functional strength and they think that what public greasing the groove, which means do put more often, but do it not to failure. So, instead of having one workout every three days we blow your body out right, have one workout everyday and you don't blow your body and you get stronger course stimulate, don't annihilate, exactly there's no reason in Groove feature crew. We would go to failure yeah. Why would you go to fail? in nature you wouldn't so how to how to how to how to animals and people and farmers how to get strong farmers and get Riddick you'll, see fucking strong from going to failure every day they get rid. You'll, see strong from consistently taxing their body move Bing, bales of hay. Picking up heavy things, I mean you do that consistently make it strong and strong yeah yeah. So that's
mostly what I do so, if I dead, lift heavy, which I rarely do that's what I do. I do it for a few rap so funny, because I I did a scene with Matt Hughes on kingdom that show that our current and I kind of grabbed him so he's a corolla thanks. I just grab the my I would you know. Joe ground rests with the amount high school wrestler, I'm I'm. I got my elbows and I'm moving in on and he swatted the back of my head, and just kind of grab the back of my head's water when it like that. Oh my my god. Oh my I tried to keep. I tried to pull my neck up and I was like that's not going to work with not stronger than me. What a surprise you imagine if you tell him with like a heavyweight, then imagine when it's like getting the back your neck grab by Cain Valasquez, I wrestle with Brendan Schaub. Sometimes it becomes disaster, it's so it's so
that it's ridiculous. It is and then know that know this- that there's guys out there that would ragdoll him that it's so weird yeah, it's so fucking. Weird to get so crazy, there is a if you think equality exists in nature. I got news for. Do a sport come wrestle. I grab. I said that Brandon we're about to go, do a live show and speaking of which, speaking of which January eight, 18th 19th Vancouver twenty Seattle, twenty one Portland and then we then we got there. We got Sf February, ninth and tenth get your tickets, but we do a show live show and I go I look at him and I said he was just feeling he's just he had any. I started pinch. Anatomy start pinching at me. I'm like any stop pissing with giant fucking, poms and he's like he's jump around and I gotta do I gotta be honest with you. Don't fuck around because I box now a lot and he could.
I don't know all bullshit aside. I jam guys now when they when they, when they got going to get something else and I'll just Chandni when he goes home. What show me and I go well well to a bond if we're fighting and I get in you- and it goes like that and I'm in here, and he goes what if I do this and he hits me in the side- just he's just slaps my little tummy and this I'd like that, and then he came. Me in the leg just very lightly, and I went I go. Oh oh, I don't like this at all. He was what he was or what if I go like this, and he goes to do a doubling. He always do, is step forward and I'm such a bitch that that that little This little taps got me so on edge that I threw do my instead of sprawling. Naturally, I threw my body back words. I like the way the way you would do like when a girl, a rockstar. She doesn't like the stereotypical like in the movies in the 50s. I throw my body back and I hit my form so hard in the fucking door jam an. I gave myself a deep deep for arm bruise that I had to perform
for me. I was very funny bigger, smaller guy. The point is the point: is I know what it's like to wrestle with a gorilla yeah there's different size. People out there now imagine if you're, a girl and imagine That guy is a bunch of smile. I do it all the time, then you understand dude. How rose Mcgowan fields? Texas, peaceful circle mother, I brought all the way back around now you get it could do that to rose Magallon. Tell me could and if you let kicked her yeah I've, never wanted that, you could fuck rose Mcgowan up, probably could right, I probably ugly if Roseman I will try to kick your ass. If you're on a beach in your competing for coconut, she's deciding so you didn't, deserve a coconut. I be such a beta male. So let me find it would be like a clam that fucking trade for you right now how long You think you have to go before you have to yell at her if you're on an island. That's a very good question it's a very good question rose Mcgowan on an island. She probably be very, she probably be very the effective. Also, I think
she's. Probably one of the people's pride very focused she's got enough anger to driver through she would decide. The community on this island is incredibly sexist yeah, but then she just she's also really sexual and should be like. How old are you again? How can you have the squares in your stomach, and why do you move like a fucking cat? You think so. I was like well what about this and should be like that thing can't be real and then we'd be off to the races, manis optimistic. I'm just saying what would happen in my mind I'm feeling it would be like a lot of yelling and and she would realize she's the only vagina in known civilization and uh. She would just run your world. Well, listen! Then I let her on my own, then a boat would rope, pull up to shore and be a bunch of girls but we're on a yacht and they stood jumped away from this russian mobster, but then they get lost at sea and they landed It landed on this island and then all sudden she would change. Then she'd, be your car
haha. I should be holding hands with you or they're talking to you and everything would change just be one guy and knows how to get the coconut one guy. Who knows how to fish with a stick? That's right. He knows how to get in there with the fucking spear here, yeah yeah bring back fish all the time. No big deal a loincloth love the exercise plenty of food here for all of us. Yes, and then the girls are just a little bit cold in there. Ten quit coming to your attention and I don't know how to make a fire yet right. Maybe baby turtles, I'm like what we're going to eat him know their babies, that don't worry if we don't even the fish well anyway, and then we just fuckin munch on some roses starts blowing you just like, while you're talking to them just mine. This is God mine, get super mine, there's, there's a woman who was a couples therapist who recommends couples that are having problems. She there's a book, that's written and she wrote a book about. It is essentially the idea that then you feel one hundred percent secure in your relationship is a bad thing for a relationship. You should always feel like there's
a little danger of your spouse Strang, because it keeps you sexually competitive, especially competitive is important. It's fucking very important for rose. Those girls are her friend those girls who pull up on the island in their raft, but they were roses. Friends really she feels like their competitors, but they really did strengthen the relationship that you and rose house she needs to know. I would never cheat on it and I don't give a fuck What is russian checks? As Milton are now my? I may fall and stay on on a body part here, and there is the end of the day. Come here. Hey look at me. I would know why you're saying that a coconut falls off your head and kills you and then that's really fucked up, because then they're, just a bunch of lesbians on an island so and then they just be more coding. Do you think rows becomes the man? Then yes, and then she runs those russian bitches around fucking shaved, head yeah, but she's, an actress the russian horse.
They had a hard life that had a hard fucking life. They run stab. Somebody had to steal livers, they're emotionally. I guess remote may being from my experiment. We just really you know vulnerable Brian trying to make that right. I know how to talk to girls in the picture. There's there's a funny insta picture like when you see girls partying, but you don't. See the guys behind them, like was good. Girls are like Instagram. Girls are going off to all these far off exotic lands and then taken selfies. You don't see the guys that are paying for that fat disgusting. Dudes on yachts. Those guys are real. Of course, there I'll be one of those guys about ten years. Thanks keep going well, do think you'll ever get to that like
drive around a yacht with much prostitutes. No, because no and I've always had I've always wanted to a little bit, and I always come back to my set point, which is you got to be a man of substance and all I'm like that, and it's it's Why? I never dated super like Barbie Doll. Girls like I would always find a little embarrassing, maybe the same reason. I never really fast fancy car a disk, something about that listen, tacious kind of like I don't know what it is like. I like I don't know now, here's a better way of putting it. I want to get away from my appetites, and I want to be moving toward my appetite, but if you're almost dead, if you seventy five years old and he got his big fat fucking belly filled with carbs, just giant Buddha like belly and you're on. You know
one milligrams, Viagra. Your ears are ringin Jesus Christ. Dick is just a hard snake in your pants. You just drinking martinis an you have seven billion dollars in the bank. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Besides help the world blah blah blah? Do a lot of humanitarian things? That's all nice too, but I don't want to be somebody chases, a sensation are you chasing a sensation or are you just hitting the gas and headed straight for the rock? No? No! No because because in the gas and heading straight for the Ross has been done too many times. I've already felt that I've already done it. I want to move away from it there. It is that when you, okay girl, is a size, zero right, guys, member who owns the boat. He if you look at those guys the the girl well hey. I got news for some women find that attractive in a way while they find the fact that those guys going to buy him a bunch of shit, look in there sterling is had that girl, shacked up,
is by owner Ferraris and shit before she recorded him saying racist stuff. Now I think, chasing chasing something that is, you know ideas to get more away from that and try to yeah. No, I get it, I get it, but it's also. A sensation. I mean that's all. This is a fun sensation, but, but so is so is wanting to be like that valued by younger people. So when men go after you, women there's one which is you just young women, are delicious and beautiful, and you know their skin and all that. But I think this another psychological thing it plays, which is also the idea I'm sixty. She still got it. She still finds me attractive I still can get it up. I can still please her sexually. I can still hang with a twenty year old. I can still make her happy. It's a way of yourself. You still alive that you
still have vitality and all that shit and then there's the third thing which is look at whatever com. I can afford this shit. This is another toy along my car and my book, but it's all self affirmation and it's all at the end of the day, a manifestation of Prague, probably some shit- you haven't worked out, which is still a feeling of insecurity still a whole. You can't fill, or I hope I can move your fat savage with a martini in your hand, that giant hard dick and you pay thirty russian hookers, to hang out you for a month yeah, because your your doctor found a blemish on your tumor. Well, that's a different story going down and it's growing now it's starting to cut off the supply, your your blood, yeah, you get blood clots in your feet, go numb at night. I wonder why I would do it. Let me think about that good just take that I got how give me is how much time do I have not much
you wake up. Every morning you set the alarm clock for five hundred am with Creedence Clearwater Revival: bad moon, rising, yeah, Papa VI, Aggre start drinking, your guts enormous definitely definitely have cancer. You know you have cancer. There's probably some internal shit go on, but your dick still gets hard and you still got seven billion dollars to burn through your kids are calling you you look at the phone like fuck, you you're, not getting any of this. I started school tude. Ah yeah. Every day every day, the grilling steaks on board chef. I call ever grow mommy mommy. Everything is steak steak in the morning who gives a fuck, martinis and steak or far yeah martinis. Take Anna Fucking Mason jar filled with Viagra tits. Like I had one just down those fuckers off
Well, you can't hear a thing. Ears are closed up. Just a big old gray, gray, pubic mound! Your head is constantly aching from the Viagra flowing through your veins in the Hiwire Mites just twilight years. Ranger did this little fucking hammer, I guess I just I'm fucking. You got a giant fat belly with white hair. A lot just a big fat white in your dick smells like cheese. Like all. I'm not gonna happen to me. The girls all have those shoes with the red bottoms. You know the shoes of the asset both of Chris on the we don't yeah, that's the ones because it was but that's why I get a hard on when I buy girls love this, so those girls all have that you make them. Keep those shoes on an you fucked, miles where they're lying on their stomach, so that the shoes are up in the air. So they could see the bottom. Those shoes why you not in their mouth about this about this for about this way about this way and then your heart attacks, and then, when I come, I go you're welcome and
you die. They just throw you overboard. 'cause these bitches hate you now so, but he's dead he's finally, fucking dead and now will what's in the world with the target target anything and then enough I don't get off and they just dragged by his ankles and check him over the side. Wow, the sharks, anytime. They want me out so Folacin, so full of sin and just the shortcode sharks will eat a shoe while not I don't know not. Do you think they'd be turned off by your sin? You've. I think so I think so. I want to leave behind a very shredded corpse. I want people to know that that's a good can nine year old right order, there's so much viagra in the body. The shark gets a boner and the shark just run into the ocean with a raging hard on flying through the air. You know sharks fly through the air, they jump out of the water. This time is gonna jump out of water with his dick rock hard. Why do they bring to the water? They know why having fun, I would imagine they want to see what it's like just fucking up some seals yeah there having a good time. They do it when they're kill
things? Are they going to do with parasites out their skin art? That's why whales do it may be interesting? that makes sense for Wales, God would've bitch. That must be there. Just all those lamp reasons just stuck to you. Do you know how long the bowhead whale lives know about two hundred and fifty years do you know how long the Greenland shark lives, according to carbon dating on their eyelids? No, it's a huge shark to try about almost five hundred years holy shit bring that up for a second Granthi Greenland show they think the Greenland shark might have been what people were seeing in the Loch Ness. Does the Boston Mass at one point in history was connected to the ocean and they think that that might have been the animal that was in there that's interesting, because it would live five hundred years, although they live in very cold water, look at the size of that fucking thing now, that is, that will lift five hundred years four hundred year old, Greenland Shark is the oldest vertebrate animal alive whoa. What a freaky fucking Anna
that looks. Four hundred years old looks like a piece of stone, looks like a stone just think about that. Just think about that before the fucking United States was founded in one thousand seven hundred and seventy six. This cunt was one hundred years old that crazy fucking. Crazy, that's insane damn it's insane! Would've freaky looking animal too, but they keep fine and weirder and weirder animals to the bottom of the sea. They do right how it's so amazing tribe in the Amazon they just around uncontacted tribe, Yamama or they from well that's a whole six. I say on a mom: that's is not the tribe! The Renault went hunting with in Bolivia. Well, I I. I know that I know that they're the tribe that when they came back the end faults in the seventies and found that the ones that killed the most men in battle with the ones that sire the most children when they came back in the seventies and told the academic world that that a
Russian was inherent to and that it was rewarded by females. Well, you should have seen the poll in the correct. You should have seen what happened the seventies and that is rearing its head again today. The idea, aggression, wow, that's a crazy statement, man, so they they rejected it in in primitive people that not only that they attacked. There's a Steven Vickers Book, the blank say they attacked the the scientist and pauses it came back. They attacked them personally over it. Try to ruin the reputations look at how this guy's dry SIRI. Are you kidding me right now says two thousand and seventeen yeah no it's really amazingly in a crazy, indian Indians, why the fuck do they keep calling them Indians? I think the I think the aborigines like that comes from that and Brazil's. Well, it's indigenous in, could you say indigenous? Could you say indian because of indigenous I know, but that is so fascinating. Jamie Sub, strong, please go back up to where I was reading was saying there. The tree.
I've moved a number of times since that sighting scout expert in the region's indigenous groups. Marie tell me, or else was on last Sunday's flight, as well as previous missions in two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten that also yielded extraordinary images, these groups location every four years or so, they move around. But it's the same group. How fast is the Amazon? Amazon is amazing, but those fucking people that are but on the trees are closing in on it sure are the small guy look at that guy. You know. Look this crazy little hut living at that aerial view of the hut where those people live. Thatch hut, Bach, keep the jaguars out and look at him and what is what is? He got tattoos all over him. Jamie go larger on that image of him wow so they're getting pictures from the air he get some sort of really primitive knife. That's pictures from the air dude yeah, yep yep,
and over these Holy Shit photographer was looking for another area. He was going back for and stumbled across let Hut and then that Hutton gotten closer and then saw the people and start taking photos of these people are living like people live thousands of years ago, Samosa Nating, it's amazing So that looks like a modern knife to me now, I'm looking at a deeper because if you look below where he's holding on to it, there's a wooden handle lower machine yeah that looks like a machete. So how the uncontacted. If they have a machete machete, they got that from someone. If you look at this, the only thing that you see on them- that's modern though I mean he's, probably hold it up. Look up modern! I am mother, Fucker got a machete, they look fed and healthy pot pot, lots of corn, manioc and banana surround the cluster of communal. Let's begin, probably not as well
now they eat a lot of fish and frogs and monkeys. They did everything they live in the woods you look at this equally impressive for Morel Morel's was the large barrage of arrows that tribesmen fired at the helicopter, which he took the healthy side of resistance. While there messages you send those cause me and leave us in peace. Do not disturb now they mean trying to shoot you bitch. You know that leave us in. Piece, that's not a boy you breeding into it. Get get of here you flying demon on to prove are right for the illegal logging, crews, gold, prospector's and drug traffickers. Yeah yeah yeah. This people hire tribes in the past. I'm sure I mean how many of these people are. There go back up to the images, Jamie, look at the images of the hut, please, but you where do? I want to study how many people with that? I mean that's the if you assume that doorway is human sized. How many people live in that twenty?
It's fascinating! You can learn so much about human nature by studying them, but there not. There is no way to really study them, though that's what's really interesting, like would really the real way to study them will be, have a drone that they didn't know what drone fly it in there in like perched on a tree and watch and get as much data as you can just live with them yeah. But if you of them you'll be affecting them because then people they would know that you're there, like the only way to really study them. It would be this study them without them. Knowing you know Look where they are. Many stop go back. There go back my shit, don't change pictures go back to that picture. Look at that! Look at their little hot and then look at where they are man, FUCK League that Mercia Green massive amount of rain forest- and they just got this little clearing with this little hut- manis, that's insane If you had to live there, though, like you could do it, but we everything that we have in our brain about what is good in life is attached to civilization, and I
his house in a good neighborhood. I want to have cable, tv and fast internet in a microwave food. If you feel that I can get the immediately, even if you can get food there, if like they knew like they said they planted bananas, they planned it all this core and they knew where the food was. There's plenty, I'm sure, there's a ton living shit out there that you can eat right. So and if you can, hunt and gather all the food you need every single day of the week? Would you be happy would never performing stand up again, would you be happy? Never watching Netflix again, would you be happy with no cell phone? Would you be happy with no air flights? Man make sure you live forever me and my my my indian girlfriend Yahoo by the way smells like an african prison riot, How often does that check my rains a lot? It rains a lot and the rains cleanse the body like fucking, you show centric, mother partial gland probably also got second gland. They probably everyone probably smells like a school,
his father, so few of 'em. She smokes in said she presents and tribes were so small because they smelled so bad. They rarely fucked and then once people figured out soap, population just exploded, like you smell good enough to fuck. And text annotation in progress, I'm seriously smell good. Never really I mean that you have to be super horny to fuck one of these people. They took pictures from the air yeah yeah. They had to do that. Mind blowing. I know they probably have to use haircut and this the guy working is BO, but this is uh. I mean he had to something is shave, his head right, well, he's wearing body paint, obviously to protect from insects, probably yeah, maybe right, but the mall right there, but the hair appear. It's like he's got a razor. If he can do to his hair to look at or some sort of a knife, you know they shaved. I cannot believe this, I'm fascinated by this. It's incredible and the stone age look at that. The issue in beings in the raw-
that's human beings in the raw it haven't had haven't, come into can't with other ideas and other cultures and other people, and so they stayed that way. Well, that's the argument. Against keeping dolphins and whales in captivity that these people, who- and these are absolutely one hundred percent human beings right, we would give the same rights that you and I both enjoy. Those people live like they, of thousands of years ago, they have a very crude existence, it's not very far removed from orcas. This is not the only thing that's different is shelter. They've developed shell, which is totally unnecessary for a dolphin or a killer. Well, so other than that, you know with of the things all the metrics that we use to describe civilization, I mean they have some tools. So what tools. Monastics. I could teach a boy scout how to make a bow like that. Now there are differences, surely, but to us looking at that mean looking at an incredibly primitive form of human life? In terms of like what
think of is important like how much The difference is that then orcas. Thank you, yeah yeah! You me talk about that example. Yeah that that hasn't come in the card has had the benefit of the of of sort of sharing ideas. Ideas having sex, yes Hunter, says yeah, you're, right, crazing It's it's so amazing that it exists, though I don't know how they could study it, but God they have to. They have to I mean, there's gotta be a way to infiltrate in some sort of way and understand they didn't like that in influencing them pop on new guinea. They do a lot of that yeah again with a lot of influence, though yes, yes, yes, yeah, there's some horrible shit that came out of new guinea. Do you know about the the semen warriors? I sure do an and they did a study on how many of them actually become gay later on. It's only about five percent. It has nothing to do, but it's really interesting, but the boys to reach puberty have to suck the sperm out of the men in the drive they have to say,
or they have to take it in their ass. Usually it's sucking for about two years, two three years until they they reach puberty, yeah, you can just lost a lot of dicks suck allowed. They think you have to do that. To get bigger yeah, you got to become a man. Someone should just have the rock flying there. Look at me, boys never sucked a dick once yeah and then that would the whole thing would stop. That is how it would stop that's exactly how and stuff you need to make those fucking guys are really strong and they never talked. They must ingest the semen of their elders daily from the age of seven. Until he turned seventeen to achieve adult male status is not going to properly mature and grow strong. I read that it was a little older than seven. Actually, that's, not that's not altogether. True, so they'll be sure it's on Wikipedia without fuck. Do you know, I think that they may be because in the book of billion wicked thoughts, I think they start when they're they're going to reach puberty, like that, like thirteen when they start to show signs and then it helps you get into 'cause. I had
that same thing, though, that it was younger. I read that it was seven, I'm not going to take that guy that guy's cock smells like shit, good cock. Great. Look, though, will get him great look wow. That is a crazy look from a guy who you have to blow. I mean look at how human means they do create themselves. It's going to suck my cock seven and you have to suck a grown man's dick. It's another thing if he's dressed up like pokmon like what is that paint that he's got my face swell up, so I can see the logs in american horror story. Look at the paint on his face like what kind yeah, this crazy white nose, bright, yellow page Oliver's face with red stripes and he's not in your mouth yeah. That's have a fro it's hard to get over. I that's! That's some stick with you, those images are going to stick with you. Average lifespan in Papua New Guinea, for a lot of this trust is forty. Five. By the way sucking dicks all time I can't be good for heat and roots and shitty food in there getting infections yeah big myth about. You know in
in jungle there you can assimilate and you live it now. Not really, it happens. Like you get a cut, you guys in fact, exotic immediately and homicide is huge homicides. I think the leading cause of death among Hunter Gatherer Tribes in Papua New Guinea 'cause they, get in these fights with Jenn, because we want to get back at that. Do that made you suck his dick when you were seven, no he's in your tribe, sir. That's just part of it because you're getting your dick suck. Now you have to say you're part of the problem. Now just passed down generation to death, my child, molestation, correct. That's why really crazy. It's almost like child molestation built into the operating system of their culture. Yes, some PETA file said you know what guys I have you know. I saw a vision using just one exam first, but here's a two and here's the real question like throughout history? I mean, like literally from the beginning of time, p
have been molesting young boys like earned a grown man, would take young boys places and dialogues. It's in Socrates, in the it's in the dialogue yeah and the symposium yeah. How nuts is that like when you, whenever you consider Socrates, things have to considers a Socrates was a pedophile, he apparently was married and didn't partake, but certainly Aristotle and Summer play doh and his you know Students, companies didn't in any case and his contemporaries would talk about how we have nice boys. Let's go back and drink, some wine will go, will go eat and kiss some beautiful boys and will and then we'll talk some more Jesus. Christ just drink special combat return him he was never. He was always. He famously said, as philosopher, should treat their appetites, their body with a quiet, contempt.
Learn to let go of your body as you get older, not not hold onto it. 'cause you're going to let go of it so who is the opposite of the dude in the yacht withering years in the big fat white, haired, belly well and so much so that when he got poisoned by the hemlock and his students were crying, he said you guys. Were you crying for you crying over. My shell, I'm going on to something bigger and you're crying about this broken down machinery. That's going to breakdown anyway. If I taught you nothing, why did he get poison again because he wouldn't essentially he would not stop talking? He was considered to be a heretic in a way he was. He was speaking against Athens about against the elite against against the gods and he was a man of reason, not so much faith, but rather reason and so so he was somebody who was considered to be a threat to the power structure, a threat to the rule region, threat too, and so so equities was considered.
Usually an enemy. Is he had an opportunity? They don't want to kill him. The free government said, get you know, listen, hey you are condemning to death. I eat were looking the other way, get the fuck out of town just be an exile and Socrates, and now sorry, because that would be admitting fault if you guys want to sin against philosophy, kill me, but I'm not going to announce what I said and I not going to say sorry and I'm not and to leave, because I've lived under these rules and these laws forever and if that's the law of the land, then I will take my punishment you guys are wrong, which is no. This is on you not on me is very powerful. You know, there's the apology and there's the the dates in there that you should. Everybody should read it. It's fascinating, totally different story. If you talked in that creepy voice well happy with her voice. Rated me wanna come on come into city, how he said it. He said not slide. Milling font I've been living. I learned a great lover. Long time have you ever contemplated like what it would be, like I mean
I assume that this is going to be available in some sort of a simulated form in virtual reality within our lives, to be able to go and Expn here is what it would be like to be the inside of a building and watching people live as if people lived like in that rain, forest or watch people live as people lived in ancient Greece or ancient Roman just trying to experience what it would be like in our minds. This is normal life right. This is normal, live being in a building electricity all that set. I think it would be so fucking in lightning if we could just for a brief moment. Even even if it's just for a few minutes, you try to experience what life was like back and then try to put it into context. Well, I think the big factor would be that there was so much we didn't know, for example, germ theory.
But forget about medical stuff, just like when I'm talking about like the way people look at the world like, If you listen to Lenny Bruce today, it's hard to listen to Lenny Bruce today, because you already know a lot of things. You saying it's not really so groundbreaking anymore, but if you listen to it in nineteen, fifty nine nightclub you'd be holy shed. This blowing my mind. Imagine, being in front of Socrates. Imagine them being around all these people that had so little access to knowledge knew so little about how the world actually worked or did they. I don't know so sure they did in comparison of what we know today. One hundred percent yeah. But oh ok, I'm going to sing in the context of the civilization that existed at the time. What kind of away
world with that. I think the fundamental difference would be you'd, be much good. You have a much closer, an intimate relationship with life and death right right because because she always on Cialis, I mean you're gonna die, probably than it. You know, but it was his first aid and now so you die. Disease that would roll through and a plague would come and then there would be a war and all this stuff would happen. So I Do you have a more intimate relationship with death, but I think actually, that when you say we do have access to more information. We know more okay, as in we know more about the methodology. Like sort of how certain things work. We know that there's a shark that lives five hundred years I don't know. If thinking people back, then new less in terms of what it was to be essentially human
and the responsibility of a human being. So in other words, if you really get down to brass tacks, at the end of the day, you're left with yourself you're left with the things you can conquer within yourself, you're left with the things you can put in a context about yourself you're left with how much self knowledge at the end of the day when you die. How well did you get to know yourself? One of the big values of putting yourself in in a risky situations are putting yourself into a situation which is a learned. Something that takes a lot out of you if you learn about yourself, and I think the Greeks knew that and wrote about that as well as anybody ever
I think that they understood, like you, read Seneca, you eat, Socrates. Another didn't have the technological advantages we did. They didn't have the ability to get it close to the rest of the world as we did, they had deep, deep concepts and wrestled with the big ideas and questions that have never left us that still haunt us. The idea of what is the difference between good and evil. How should I really live my life? What is the right thing to do? when everybody is telling me to do this and it's way more convenient, but what's the answer? Am I really just my appetites, or am I more than that? And if my dignity and my my morality and ethics are compromised. What I have the courage to stand there and say I'm going to stay in Greece and not leave those big human questions are as Rella and today as they were then, and if you really what it means to be a human being, and if you get down the knowledge may
the they, maybe we don't know more than days well. This is his first of all, there's a huge problem with the word. We okay, big, is like who you talking about you talking about you talking about me or you talking about the greater human knowledge will for sure the greater human knowledge is far far vast. Far more vast fa more in depth. We know more about science, we know more about cells in the universe and the ocean, and everything there is to be observed. As far as apply hide knowledge like. Are we living in a wise way? Well, we don't really know I mean we don't know. In comparison to how they live, then, because we know we have tails that were written down in past generation generation are honest understanding the day to day existence in terms of like what it would be like to actually be there. It's very limited, it's very. It's also very speculative there's, a lot of like pudding the pieces together, and you know that
other things that history professors will do when they're teaching a class they'll paint a picture of what they believe. It was like back then, based on the facts. They they can definitely clean to. As far as experiencing it, what was it yeah? Well, I had a really great there's a there's, a great professor who which is this class in the training points in european history, which you can get that teaching company and he said something really awesome. He starts to lecture with this. He said I want you guys. It was the fall of Constantinople City that stood for one thousand years and walls that have stood for one thousand years and when the Turks came in with this one hundred foot gun and started blasting the balls Jesus Christ and then they sold mostly killed a sack. The city raped and killed most of the men and then sold about one hundred and fifty thousand in the slavery, which means they chain them up and march them back to one of their colonies and sold him on an open mar
and he said he said remember- this is a city had stood for one hundred years. It was when constant, noble then became Istanbul became the center of the Ottoman Empire. He said I want you to think for a second about what it sounded like to be inside that city or on that wall. When it was coming down- when you knew that walls that it stood for one thousand years we're finally giving way to this new technology, which was a giant cannon that it took them uh, Teledata drag, you know, and they did it for one hundred miles or something crazy said. I want you to think these ottomans are outside these dudes are going to take no mercy and they are going to do what they want when, and I want you to what did it smell like what it when they but it sound like and what was really going on, is you were waiting in your house and they and they came through the walls, for the first time in one thousand years years
city and everything you knew was going to be burned, raped, killed, sold in the slavery and changed th? Think about that shit for a second, and that was a reality for people and yeah, fascinating way to teach history, because it brings it down visceral level. Will you go these mother fuckers lived through that. So I think that the ECB Cyst initial possibility that you and everybody you know, like all OZ, the israeli writers, his mother, killed herself, and he said my my I killed herself because in Ukraine in when she was from Kiev, I think in Monday. Twenty five thousand Jews were killed by the Nazis in one day said in her town everybody she knew and every Maybe that new those people and everything she came from for Jenner,
Patient seven generations wiped away all killed and now she's in Sun baked Jerusalem are high far wherever it is think about what that was like for a human being where everything you know being like the same thing like being a native american everything. You know all the buffaloes killed, their bodies. The high lace restrict nine all the animals that are eating that are dying. So all your entire mythology, Joseph Campbell talks about that. All your whole mythology has been wiped away. The buffalo that is, the centerpiece of your mythology or God, and all the and everything else in your God obviously is not strong enough to stop this incredibly strong western God. What does that say?
not only your very existence, but the gods have been sacrificing and covers a lot of territory here, Bryan Callen, you just went through three entire different culture, fuckin like man, you actually what it's like to be an ancient, what it's like to be an ancient person, not good the fact that you could lose everything do what I was going to get to something. But my point was imagine that there's going to be a civilization one day that looks back on the primitive nature of us today. Is it with the same sort of like bizarre reflection that we look back at Socrates or we look back on the people that were on the Mayflower? It's just. Hard to imagine as well all trying to expand our consciousness and grow as a civilization, and we would hope that with every new president, we have like a better way of doing things and our government tightens up in our laws, get better. That's one of the things that people are so terrified about. With this administration that if everyone feels like it's slipping backwards, but one day you know the give and take the flow, the ebb and flow of information at five hundred years from now, when they look back the way we look at you,
Well, the the the uh of the Mongols on yeah, Jin China, Baghdad and in those places you look back at the destruction that took place just a few one hundred years ago and the kind of civilization that existed back then, and what would it be like to be in the felt tense of the Mongols as they were camped outside of the gates of this c? that they were going to hurl flaming bodies with catapults at that would set their rooms on fire with flaming human beings, In fact, if the fat burns really good, so they would light people on fire doused
I'm a kerosene light him on fire and then launch them through the Fucking air and they would land on buildings and light him on fire from the outside. Well, let me ask you this. So, let's jump ahead to one hundred years or whatever else you can live. You can live one hundred years longer than you are now. So we're going to be fucking that robot that looks creepy one hundred percent. I am one hundred percent. I have fat guy with a white belly on the my ears ringing. You have to be because that drugs and you'll be able to stay shredded right now, you'll be a teenager, the equivalent of a teenager. What would you do with another one hundred years try to get better at life? What do you mean try to get better at my management of life might into experience like what how much of it is positive, not just positive for me but positive for other people, that I interact with how much of it how how much better have I gotten at stand up at podcasting at creating things at writing things attics pressing myself you know, all those
all the things that I'm doing now. If I had to live five more years, what would I do in five more years to try to get better at what I'm doing at ninety five more years, other than that? Well I'll, definitely get better. If my body works I'd like to keep, and yet so I'd like to keep doing martial arts I like to keep working out. I like yoga fun, feels good we do not do it a lot yeah, I'm doing it three times a week. Now, God yeah man, it's, I think, more things you do the better you get doing things, and I the better you get it doing things, the more understanding you have of yourself and if you been totally honest, the more of understanding you have it yourself, the better. You are at managing life, so I just to get better at managing life like so defining life management life as in knowing to place your knowing replace your energy for sure, knowing a what what something actually means versus how it makes you feel Knowing why things make you feel certain way, while you can, they could feel totally different in a different day in a different circumstance like how how
you going into things neutral or you go things loaded up already with emotions and with negativity, and then you immediately react from this low, put up position instead of from neutral position where you can analyze it and decide the Nothing truly has any meaning other than the meaning that you give it. That's a book thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman huh yeah about about he wanted Nobel Prize in Economics really yeah, and he talks about that. He did all those experiments right, so just about getting to know how your body, how your fast thinking brain reacts and learning that sort of getting a handle on your mechanisms and how, even though you hold your body, so if you're smiling you're going to think something is actually funnier and then, if you're frowning, they had people hold a pen
when their teeth sideways like that and when they saw joke, they thought it was funnier than if they were holding a pencil look juice with the point out and they were in a frown. They thought it wasn't as funny right so or when they were told that take a test and make come up with sentence is out of the words gray and wrinkled and sunshine and bald they moved to the next test slower. Because those words made them think of old people. So how you the language, you use, how you hold your body, all those things affect how you are going to interact with data and stimulus that you're presented with so state that you are in is going to influence how you re back to something. I think we all are aware that, though right you're, aware that you know, like sometimes you're, not about my snapped up. If you're amped up, you don't want to be exposed to bad news, and then you be like what the fuck you notice compound. I mean we all know, people who are always ramped up and they're, always having bad things happen to them and it
be connected. Yeah, don't you like it, really right guard myself against negative shit, 'cause it'll, distract me from my work over right. Well, I mean if you wanted to, you could fill your your head up every day, horror stories, not helpful, not helpful, and in also unmanageable. Like again, we're talking about the seven billion people in the world that you're getting news from your getting all the events that happen to seven billion people and only the extraordinary ones, the fucked up ones and the ones that are interesting. The guy who takes that truck and runs it through the crowd. Those are the ones that are interesting, forget about all the people, handing out flowers and inviting people in their homes for TI all those thing they are taking place at the same time. Don't attract our attention? That's interesting, so it does become a real problem. If you want to look at the experiences of seven billion people, you and find a lot of horrific shit. But if you want to look at the experience of one person, you Bryan Callen, your interactions are almost entirely positive.
Today is almost entirely filled with laughter and friendship and fun and joking around and getting stage and performing and doing podcasts and little it down with your family and having a wonderful time. So you can see you can have a distorted view of the world by being too aware of the whole world and then p we'll tell you: well: hey man, you can't live your life in a fucking bubble, man that that's called life. Everybody is a bubble. You cunt! That's why Meryl Streep can go on tv and say that mixed martial arts is an art like why she saying that 'cause that's her bubble in her bubble. That makes sense. She could say that if she said that if we were all backstage in the UFC and she said that people like fuck what right the fact that you just say that is so really. Why would you say that? Why would you come here where people love and worship this and say that? Why would you come here when people find the importance in this sport in this art form? And what would you do great and what would you down play it that way sure what he did she's in a
bubble, everybody's in a bubble? Worse, there's! No way you could be good at anything you have to. You have to create a bubble. I would argue yeah because if I want to write, stand up and I'm walk king down, I start thinking about the drug cartels in Mexico and how they kill innocent people or whatever it might be going to get ram, stop and I'm going to what would I do in that situation? I get full of fear and I'm not going to think about what I got to thinking about, which is you know whatever or maybe I can use that in my my stuff, but I find I have to really guard against on helpful thing. You should you know, and that's one of the reasons why I refused to go down all these God, damn conspiracy, holes that everybody wants you to go down and read. This read like I don't want to. I don't want, maybe should know you no, but not know. I shouldn't know I shouldn't. I can't know about everything I fucking can't there's not enough. Time in the day. You know I don't know who killed Kennedy, but it was a long time ago and I'm done I'm done. I don't
look into it anymore, maybe one day I'll change my mind, but you can't say that someone has to go down these roads or you have to pay attention to this or you to pay attention much work to be too much. If you want to find out all the threats that ISIS poses to civilization, Jesus fucking Christ. How much do you have do you want to find out how Dane Who is Putin really is boy? How much fucking time do you have? How much time do you have? Do you want to find out all the different potential gender roles that people play and gender identity people claim to and all the different types sexuality that exists and perversion and how many people jerk off on feet and it? So I don't have any time. It's high tech procrastination. If you do think that way, it keeps you away from yourself, but there's certain things, a little scared, so scared we have more about them. Scared. Do we know
about whether he has any black now. Should I don't? I don't know? No, no! No. That came that whole story about him to face hiring. Yes, it's free! There you go and it came out of a post on what was it on was on fortune, and I felt yeah I just wanted to, but this is this: is the world we live in? You know this is this fake news is a real problem? Yes, it is, and it's it's even bigger problem, because what we consider to be legitimate news sources talk about it, as a rumor on this is the rumor, and so they don't even see unsubstantiated reports, you can't say that you can't even say that I know because the Wall Street Journal said this is not been substantiated brexit, but they play but today those fuck now like wait a minute. They are dying. Every the the entire system of mainstream media is slowly eroding to the internet. To win this is we need reliable source. We do we do, but we need someone. Who's gonna be reliably, do it on the internet and I don't think that's impossible. I think we find some it is truly absolutely one hundred percent ethical they're out there an objective and also some
who is not just going to go after fantastic stories because they make big ratings. But someone who goes after stories that are actually important because their significant events and issues and does it in an objective way. Everything is eh Victoria lies all these things, that both cruises yeah. I think it's fake the golden showers and all I thought it sounded like bullshit, sound, yeah obvious. He really likes to hire hookers to pee on the bed. That Obama slept on and get out of here, man that seems so cornea. But if, he did do it. I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if he was in Russia, and you know they he had some gorgeous women with them and they have video of it that I wouldn't be surprised by the way I don't care mean either I don't care, I don't care if he hired someone to pee on the bed. I don't care if he thinks it's funny to hire someone to pee on the bed. I don't think that makes him a bad person. I think he's a rich guy who does fucked up shit, sometimes because he's a rich guy, and I I mean I wouldn't even get the smoker drink. So, maybe that's why he gets his rocks off. You know,
coming out around a lot of talking, wrap this up so makes metal art. I like the new name now that right great starter, modern episode, two, oh seven, Hamas is fantastic to hear Thanks for turning me on to him and get me on the podcast, he was wonderful and fighter in the kid the fat kay dot com come see. You there guys doing live, shows you I'll be in I'll, be in a in Austin, and at cap cities February one thousand two hundred and thirty four, I love it. Shit get your ticket clubs capcities goddamnit February, one through four. I can write beautiful. Alright, everybody doing Aubrey's podcast there to fuck yeah. You will alright we're done for today see it kids all right folks, that's the end of that This episode of the podcast was brought you by Caveman coffee go to Caveman coffee, cavemancoffeeco dot com and get yourself. Some. D Licious, single source, single family, single origin, caffeinated, goodness, why?
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