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#900 - Joseph Valtellini

2017-01-18 | 🔗
Joseph "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini is a former world kickboxing champion, who currently can be heard doing color commentary for Glory Kickboxing.
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rogan tata done my guest to is former glory world kickboxing champion joseph vault fellini he is the commentator for glory now very cool dude very think guy very smart guy and he is doing cometary this weekend in los angeles for the big glory bowed that's gonna be on you have sea fight pass a very exciting to see that and go check that out as many of you know i'm a big fan of kickboxing and we got a chance to talk about all kinds of different training modalities and his philosophy about training in life and all sorts of good shit so without further ado give it up for joseph following
the job experience relied what's up joe goes a pump severe like a little kid here right now tumor smiling around in love in a warm excited there's a big glory event this friday in los angeles i'll be there in dumb it's got to world tiles right yeah too is it to world lotos you have real onus is ill israel edison yeah that's a wicked fire kid fight in you're looking at that met embryo and other canadian kid against that dutch beast i've been very small it oh yeah that's right that's right you have to fight that yes i'm so site that you see and you have to fight passes recent glory it sites if super exciting for me
so it was that the huge collision card in germany you had rico versus barter and you have see ran that paper view for us ultimately no kidding i was the first time that you have sea has run anything other than you have see why unlike that's for us is a big accomplishment for kickboxing well we know we ve talked about this part ass we were just talking about a couple minutes ago i think kickboxing especially high level boxing like glory is one of the most exciting sports in the world and it perplexes me and many other people why not more exciting crazy because it's not hard to understand what's going on like one of the things about anime that is very important to me is like when the fight go to the ground i have to explain step by step what's going on because otherwise people dont know ground fighting the they all sudden likewise it happened would you like you don't see exactly number when someone explained to you you see it what kickboxing is free as for the others cakes and punch his knees age so he groaned and smashed i don't know i don't get it sure you don't understand
dana white as a really good theory he thinks that peat a karate from like remember that the nineteen eighties when these to have those piquet karate matters as beyond when they were the karate pants and the big booties and their flounce it arrived there it was really to sloppy boxing with like some shit he kicks but that's where even american kick saying that i too have a kick rule so what happened they would throw eight kicks in the beginning of the round and then all of a sudden they box for the rest the round exactly exactly and for whatever reason above the waste as well yet which i think one of the things about kickboxing as opposed to the traditional martial arts or electronic window or crises as soon as you start adding lay kicks like it changes though whole game we totally different it changes everything and we were talking before this fight about your fight for this pact has rather more your fight with raymond daniels which is one of my favorite fights ever thank you because he is this traditional karate guy was a point fighting champion has wicked kicks he's just one
the most spectacular and dynamic guys in kickboxing but your leg eggs and your constant pressure and just rock solid my tie fundamentals you just chopped him down chop them down and then eventually had gave them the ads that those move fighters are very tricky and i think what made that fight super exciting was at all school you have seem integrity had two different arts in a battling to which one was better in raymond annals was undefeated he was just knocking people out was spinning hotcakes every time he was fighting so you know as far as smart intelligent fighter you gotta put pressure on member we had it conversation about in old guys like wonder boy thomson why isn't his appeal when is calling someone like me to do it but you had a good point it takes a special fighter really close this in pressure like that to be able to execute a game plan with heavy load kicks like that you have to really have a high level might i game to deal with a guy like wonder boy the same way because it will
the boys also real unusual in his use of the front leg key is that would that sideways stance kind up ends a little at the waist and throws all those wicked front lakeside cakes and round kicks and on top of that is a really good punter these good his impressive now it's it is the rematch is happening isn't it with little yeah yeah it's gotta be in march and various that's gonna be crazy it's a good remit it is a good rematch especially because woodley was dominated first round with his wrestling and really never took em down again cells like while this is raise like a wonder why he didn't take him down and i asked him after the fight was i have no idea why didn't take of delicate here it was just here just in the man love in it and in the moment loving they experience its exciting so you now have taken some time off from fighting because of concussions threat and about that so yeah it was actually i think you were at my last fight it was i thought mark to buy no rust in peace and we talked about
yet what happened tyrant did they find out what happened to him i don't know a lot of stuff is coming out is in dutch in dutch newspapers and i'm asking all the dutch community canada what's happening and they don't really know you hear different things and rumours but i do want to listen of rumours right i don't want to hear it from a concrete sources just went missing founded body than they basically found is why so who knows what he was a great scary road use amazing actual and excellent fighter you know and dot hues other guy boy you know you look at me look like a computer programmer thirteen enemy it's it's it's interesting how looks can be so deceiving super high level guy but now that was my last fighting and from there was actually really tough i never really open up about it to be honest with you and it was a very tough experience you know you got it think i'd just when the world title going home to canada which my concussion was pretty bad russian and have even gone on a plane home
next thing you know i'm at home and just that can cause she's got really bad had to be you know hospitalized for a few days and i was in a dark for three weeks then i couldn't get out of a dark room for three weeks i couldn't walk my something with a concussion started causing some neurons nor the nervous you know you damage dignan that could be made some of us there's a guy some nerve damage of acts i was in a bed i couldn't even look out at a little red light on my phone charge was too much really bad then red line on the phone charge would hurt your head i couldn't even look at a thing so was at that point it was like man it's like i just when this world tat it was a really tough time and this is actually the first summit really open up about it but it was a tough experience and being in that you know down stay where you basically in a dark room for three weeks doctors were just an old hand me over shit tunnels purkis sets an ox he's the kind of deal with the pain and it was this is a tough time
and it really i think what was the high this was what was happening mentally i'm sitting there be like man i just want to work i want to get back in there i wanna in oh do so much in this board and my goal was to be a legend in this sport and but now and then that's the point i saw my family and how much it was affecting my family and that's what i decided it you know what let's put this unrest further but so you win and after the fight is over was it immediately that you knew something was wrong it odyssey had some adrenalin russian i did the pole strike a press conference everything was fine just when i got back to the hotel to arouse throwing up and couldn't my room and i was sorry as that even got on an airplane home the doctors in canada the heads g on an airplane all so scarcity van and it took a lot of good mental strength to get out now i m actually in position where i'm super happy in love in it i got that whole color cometary role with glory which has been incredible that's great
where they found a way out of it but manhood i would imagine that when you in that dark room you couldn't even look at the light charger there must have been really really really uncomfortable deal what it was tat i another like it just the way how can accept he gets emotional sometimes you know it was a time where was like i finally achieve what i wanted and no one has really got into that law in the time that i did before i turn pry only had eleven amateur fights i only had eleven amateur fights and right away into the programmes only had fourteen professional fights so you got to thinking twenty five fights i was able to get in there become a professional when you're not the world title in the biggest kick marking organization all within twenty five amateur professional combined and how old were you when you wanna tell twenty eight still young i'm thirty one right now but think about that the amount of fighting not that many in comparison lot of these dutch guys have a hundred plus five other tie guys more
is it an anguish just bad luck sometimes and style was a style that was really a manual like any one of my fight and you're going to be entertained and i'm i understood the value of you know it's me than just a sport you gonna win you gotta dominate you gotta be exciting i think that's what i really did in my career and that's what i got such a shoe which following behind me and now lets us it was sought because i had more i wanted to show put it that way now when you see a guy like me whether who's gone through a career and is like forty nine and oh and is probably one of the best if not the best defensive fighters of time and then you see what you went through with your situation do you do look at a guy like me whether and say men maybe maybe i should take a day an approach or maybe i should have taken a more safety first approach i am torn between then because at one point it that's
i may whether an inner looking at a guy who makes malta millions of fight and he has that support around him and whether it's a boring fight and most people who watched the casual fancy watchful eye may whether think he's boring right right but really if you skilled fighter and you understand what he's doing you understand how incredible of an athlete he is but was just thrown in there with the wolves man it was kind of like hey you're fighting god you in your third glorified is hundreds professional fight that's my eight so what do i do i play the point games with someone has been in thy ring probably had a hundred amateur fights a hundred professional fight what do i do so again i have to go in there i gotta building for myself i think canada there's no professional fighting in ontario canada worm from so is no professional fighting no experience so my approach was i gotta bring the heat to disguise why i gotta bring the heat
gotta be exciting and i got a finnish does turn your browser's turn it in but again tat i would i brought you dare says people who say all your imbroglio aggressive magna i'm a technician and actually want i'm coming forward in stock anew you i'm waiting account kate and we wanted to use my low cakes and when in a candy so it's very calculated i wouldn't say brown yeah that's the problem at the right word but u turn him into very violent encounters always how now when you watch high level kickboxing like glory and then you see what's going on and emma may where i think the level of striking is certainly advancing you're getting better and better strikers but really not at the same level that you're saying unlike world champion kickboxing it's totally different and people gonna says a totally differ sport the way you would fight an kickboxing you're not gonna fight the same we in mma recommend there's take down there's a lot of very successful kick boxers
dont do well in mme around cause they they keep that traditional my tie stance where they stand very tall and their fighting very tall and of course arrest was gonna take you downright an example of on a good canadian strike is jane campbell shank amble one fighting the you have seen he's got an incredible background in my time but he stays truth sometimes a little too much to his my tie routes on striking you gotta keep your head back you gotta move it's it's a totally different game you got a four hour glove not an aids closer shit chain yeah it also affects your often too when you worried about take downs you're not all these different aspects of yak clinch the case age have you ever find a cage with debating a lot lately i talk way too much about a people getting annoyed because i think that they should do dude like a basketball court i really think fight should take placed on a large surface with no obstacles no nothing other than the fighters themselves did you like the pride ring over
after diner no i think rings are dangerous like eat you saw the bernard hopkins joe psmith junior amy area yeah i mean that's a good example why think rings are dangerous it's not often that that happens we're guys get knocked through the ropes but it does fuckin happen and in pride i think you know they did a good job of standing outside the ring like the pride organization was good where they had a bunch of guys waiting to catch people still we are that should come down to exactly exactly like get it for emma may but for like a kickboxing i can't really see it being an occasion i think you had a mind john wayne par yes he does caged might i will do what you thought on while he loves it you know he doesn't with emma may gloves to dangerous when you're putting good strikers on without a take down
as dangerous to different is totally different thing you know i mean it's a totally different thing with those little gloves to right have you done any fighting with little gloves now i was actually planning to fight of a few times because before glory there was nothing you gotta look there was originally was kay one case and only had a lightweight division and a heavyweight division so everyone in between china had the kind of pick away i actually fought in allay was against you have seen fighter many baghdad ok try fought many baghdad in allay and it was just i tried making for the first time one sixty was you're i big guy walk round my non fight walk around two hundred one was fighting one ninety one ninety five so your so loose thirty plus pounds was its pounds but i think i think that's the other thing mme guys know how to cut a little better than kick martyrs do you think that wrestling a growing up with that wrestling helps yeah but i thought
gets more dangerous with woods y know it's more dangerous with striking than it is with wrestling that's one of the problems with wrestling montgomery yeah you're crazy hydrated yeah but i see that the vantage and emma may of being bigger it's not the same as the advantage of being bigger and striking cause being bigger and striking is is important it's stephanie factor but it's so much more of a factor when you clinching alzheimer's moreover don't take eyes down you lose a little but a speed sometimes in that mobility yeah so when you worse when you thinkin about sparring with little gloves what what differences did you notice or if you think about fighting with little loves it was more about moving more and i which a lot of enemy guys and i got you to work in the eu have see i've got to corner twice in the usa which is pretty cool had miss daniel and i got to when i told your carvalho who was much writing when he fought he fought time to dig deep here young kid
i want to see was hawaiian maybe knocked him out i'd help train for he fought well well watson them over with a talk whose had other kid edifying but my last antonio if i was against derek darent elkins shows that was one of those fights where antonio got caught drop back up and evil and called that often goes and early stoppage but is protecting antonio so interesting than a guy like you who is very high level world champion kick boxer learning how to fight and move with a small anime gloves economy shows you that striking in particular i am striking still in a learning growing pressure because guys like you come in and you are like guys like duke rufus a former world jamming herself was really good training guys and jeanne guideline ludwig having a good job perfect example yeah and its there so many different
methods in so many different styles of people trying to incorporate i don't think it's fighting is i think people focused fighting the way i look at funding is not actually what you throw and i always get questioned what's a good for a coach verses a bad coach and a good coach is gonna teach you positioning distance can i tell you more of the philosophies and strategies around fighting where there are so many coaches and with emma being so popular there's everett every other corner has an end imagine and these guys are basically putting these fighters on pads and adjust getting them tired gm crops jack gradual gig more combination combination they get tired and they think tired equals good there's so much more to fighting where's your distance control how're you moving in what are your counters how're you countering what are your defence people think there's there's defence but there are different types of demons you go ahead movement you got shield defends you got footwork for your defence in
parry so there's so many different ways but it does take good coaching in my opinion to take these guys to that high professional level there's not enough yeah i agree and it so hard for a young fighter defined really solid coaching when you start out eager really kind of lucky if you walk into a great jemmy first time is so few bull especially the beginning really know how differentiate between a great jem and just a regular jammies or its very very difficult to tell attired in cyber back to the original question about mobility in my opinion i said i may need to know how to move a little bit better i think footwork is one of the most important things in fighting in and you gotta people to adapt if you're fighting pressure fighter you gotta be able to move and fight on angles if you're fighting it i who now like to move a lot you gotta be able to pressure fight so you have to have the coaching and knowledge to be able to adapt accordingly yet and think i think that a lot of people don't
see when you're watching kickboxing or you watch in my tie your seeing these as a standing close to each other and their thrown kicks and but it's like it's hard to tell eggs actually why they're doing what it's hard to tell exactly why one guys more effective but one to see it and once you practice it once you do it and it all starts opening up like a flower a one a guy like you is doing commentary it really helps because a guy who's been in their guys been a world champion and you get to explain what this guy's probably thinking what's going wrong it's sort of i've really like you're commentary man i'm a man it's don't read drowning thank you you do in real outcome but it your your explaining things in a way that opening up the game to people it opens up the sport where you got all can now i know what to look for now i know what what trends are happening so i'm trying to find the balance still i think that's a good i think that's what am i challenges if i come in there and i start talking
are you know his is left here is about two inches which is you know causing this to happen and he's distance control is often slip off like it's too much sometimes so my challenge has been trying to kind of bring it down a little bit and china overly china over educate yeah that's been my challenge the other challenges china is the same word all the time that letter left her good of a big laugh talk change words vanity to threats to our society and start a wretched down or something that i could tell you of failed on all those exact same desired talk too much talk too much say the same words to make times call people the explosive and then like some people got mad for calm explosive or athletic how can we only talk about black eyes call without letting me ok there's
likewise it or explosive an athletic you can't tell me that certain guys i'm fuckin explosive but within the uk with it now like i mean you probably it's been hard for me many people come out and they take all your words seriously go online if you friggin don't know shed in there talking crap and what they can see that anybody says you don't know shit here and you're gonna get there but i think they keep going utah's man do i think for the most part the majority of respectful fans and they might see something that maybe you don't know that you're doing that might be annoying and if its anew to them it's annoying in my judgment it might be only annoying to two percent of the people but it might there might the way we you could eliminate that aspect of your commentary and i know i've worked hard on the net i think it's good i think on line criticism as much as its uncomfortable like a lot of it fox alot of fighters heads up now kills people we have talked a lot guys coaches that we're like me
those trolls man they fucked with his head and i really like eyes always reading the comments and goin on farm yet can be dangerous for britain dangerous i mean cause you don't know who is making those things mean that could be a twelve year old kid is on an overall has taken his cat and here reading this guy's words exhibits gospel and you want to argue with omen get online you know shit about your mother would but my mind and then itself they hang about it all is harder than it i thought cometary was going an easier job than i thought but it's i think it's hard to them fighting right now because it still new to me i've only done ten glory shows and i don't think it's officially
but maybe i'll make it official here but the glory sign me full time next year now that's awesome glories at huge chosen to eighteen shows next year woe and at an overview of how much you know about my life but i am also a full time high school teacher you are no canning saw literally at my morning i teach visit i teach at a special education schools i work with kids with special needs behaviors autism so i teach visit to them so that's nine nine eight what time do start a fifty five to three thirty then from three i have an hour to eat my lunch hour my dinner a point that i have my own jim bazooka kickboxing ever me and say two classes after that i train and i teach class couple times we but we have a big broken unmannered nor gems huge bigots popular so is nonsense when the night i go home and i have to do commentary what a bunch of lucky kids to have a girl you as a coach that's that's amazing but i have a really got to reach my full potential and all the things i wanted to do with kickboxing but
his words happening glory having me full time allowed me to take a year leave from teaching and again it look at my instagram you can already see the difference and am i want to educate people want to get people hope to glory hoped to this sport so on posting any videos training tips i got chris commotion just died com on one of my god videos and i came and keep up the drilling i loved the drills i had john mc as he just private message me saying ok man good stuff i've been following you suggest getting that word out man that kick me is the sharing lorries words that yes terms is just a matter of like stay the course and continue to put our content and we ve played a bunch of stuff on unleaded huge you just posted something i just gotta get almost a thousand new program lakes and fall also thank you value of umbrella so now that you are in this position as glory commentator and you ve recovered from your concussion do you have any thought in your head of fighting it to me
honest there's more money doing commentary than there is in the ring and that's where kickboxing still there is still not enough finances to make it worth but it also comes that too is any money worse health at that point you can make ten million dollars fight but if you will remember that fight after a needle recover from brain injuries again woody i wasn't having this conversation with some guys this week that are not fighters and they were asking me about certain fights where people got knocked out and you know how come you know when they came back you know they warrant is good and and might take on it was you never know how someone's going to recover from a loss you dont know physically in your case is a perfect example we're talking about a fight you want were you won the world title we didn't get knocked out and made up down but not knocked and you still had this concussion issue and
when someone would look at you right now you talk great you look fine doesn't give is anything wrong with you people would be like all he's fine why can't you fight they know what man there's it takes and i want to be honest with this whole recovery period and it that it too a lot at eu it takes you really have to fly find something deep within sight of you you have to find that mental strength to be you know what because a lot of people understand with concussions comes depression and there's depression is a big side effect depression is a big side effective caution so a lot of these guys that you don't see it yeah they just get down and then the forgotten about those go home their depressed their brains mysteries all mixed up their brains out covering the same way so it's actually hard and these fighters are at home probably crying themselves to sleep there have headache every day but they just don't theirs
enough education on what these guys are going through and suffering with and i know you're really big on it but one of the big things that has helped me and we can go weaken branch off this is the use of c for brain injuries that's been incredible for my recovery c b d is non psychoactive compound that's in cannabis and it's a crazy thing that's going on here in the states our know how you guys treated up in canada but its essentially being turned into a schedule one drug now alas not psychoactive edits it well it's a honey send shenanigans by pharmaceutical companies it's a hundred percent influenced by these people that stand to lose money because c b d a helps a lotta people with inflammation alot of people with chronic arthritis my concern as a potential to cure cancer at another sign of studies but hey yeahs doing
it certainly helps treated it treats inflammation and information apparently if you talk to doctors i'll tell you it's a huge issue and one of the things issues when it comes to diseases discomfort and things like arthritis again and headaches like when you taken and non story to anti inflammatory for a headache like if you're taking an advocate when ibuprofen what while you're taking is something that really uses information when that's what it's four and cd oil does the same thing but its natural its healthy it's not bad for you doesn't get you hides someone's gonna fuck you up at work has been crazy because when i was goin in that dark room there for three weeks i literally doctors were giving like six to eight purkis sets a day they were given me to muscle relaxes from my back pain so when i was your back i don't know something with the other nerves from my brain cause it must have damaged some of the inflammation and it was causing like this back pain i couldn't even get out of bed with so they are giving me all of these things to cope with it when anne
all of a sudden i got my sisters and my family to do some research at that point men i would have taken anything you gotta give me oh caroline acid you name it i would have taken it to recover because pills there are messy me if i was going through like i was living in a cartoon world in that dark room i had no idea what was going on a trip out and then it got to the point whereas they listen i've been i got people teresa and they said eighty cds help my family did other search and then getting me some cd stuff and so how did you want form did you take it i got it as an oil or did you just take it on drops in your tongue the isolated underneath my tongue basically kind of thing in that i was able to cut out all those purkis as in everything just with see video in how long overtime right away right away right away i stopped because again with those concussions in brain injuries a lot of time to develop insomnia i wasn't sleeping i wasn't eating lunch what's what cds and canada is good for munchies lunches and so we have faith
so it was good for my recovery so as to help manage to get off all of those painkillers and now i am able to tell you know be althea in can all my brain headaches and stuff without having to take ibuprofen and advocates are used to getting headaches they come then there's still there if we get it i'm working three full time jobs and bright if you're not if you tell your brain his health in your work in three full time jobs you're probably gonna get a headache or to throw your day yeah but when you get a headache it's different experiences ever because you're also you know you're so aware of where can go scary so i haven't men and i know you have it's on my list to watch but that is so expensive again you gotta tell rogan about your experience with c b d in miami to watch that thing you wrote it was a two thousand seven you came out with the union that was no a documentary by my adam who had he lives up b c and
the whole area is essentially run by the marijuana industry even though marijuana illegal so they made this dock commander explaining how without marijuana you're in time economies fact like it is underground economy and they call it the union it was a really really gets on my list and then went on to make the culture high which is also an excellent document that he made after i watch both while its now we we ve been hoodwinked in this country unfortunately in all countries now because of the influence of america we ve been hoodwinked by the propaganda that they came up with in the nineteen thirty which wasn't even about pharmaceutical drugs back then it was really about the paper industry yeah it's william randolph hearst who was a real creepy guy and he was the reason why our orson welles made that movie citizen kane he was the eight he was the inspiration for that move but one guys dominating the world with its influence and william randolph hers did
just own newspaper companies he also on paper mills and he owned forests season miss forest where they would chop down trees make paper with them and in the end the authorities they came out with a product called a dictator and dictator the machine that allowed them to effectively process hemp fibre very easily hemp is a very unusual plant and that like this table that we have here this oak and oak is a very hard wood will hand camp is his heart is oak but its way lighter it's like a freaky alien plant i give you pick up a hemp stock i guess the that thereof this is it this is like a modern one i guess so you throw the the hemp fibers in there and grounds alone which by the way hemp is still federally illegal even though it's not psychoactive in this so much stupidity that's all attached as i want out it was amazing under so much ts has to be under one percent each year is that a myth is that
they make it you gotta seller something along those lines i don't know you can grow it in some states but the thing is federally federally still illegal but they're trying to change that at a slow and painful and again it's all the propaganda from the nineteen thirty's so what you meant offers to on newspapers they came out with this decree indicator and then popular science magazine had this cover signifier jimmy hemp the new billion dollar crop doesn't because of this sea they used to use hemp way back in the day like the drafts of the declaration of independence for written on hemp d the sales at the used for for boats were on me hemp all that stuff without a hip in fact canvas the word can this comes when word cannabis so the mona lisa painted unhappy so they came up with that then when eli whitney came up with a cotton jan cotton was more more effective to use so they were gonna use it for closing seat on the cover of popular science magazine who's on the cover
though jamie save you is popular mechanics zone it is anyway so they used to use it for parachutes they use it for all these different things but then when eli whitney came up the cotton gin it was easier for them to make clothes at a con because hemp evil requires a lot to break down the fibers is abandoned cloth a crazy plant and it makes us unbelievable paper like him papers so superior to this for that we all use like this people that we use a shit so easy hemp papers really i'll rip baker and when it weighs the same it looks the same it feels the same but it's just a better fibre instead of william randolph hers embracing this he would have millions of dollars zeb had of replant these forests and turn them into him he decided to go the other out and you start making again the against him so he said calling it marijuana seamen
wanna was never a name for cannabis marijuana was a wild mexican tobacco they took this name from his wild mexican debate just call that they started talking about this new drug that's making why women get raped i'm mexicans and black people slant wizards fight wartime drug partly that we need hemp lots of it for courage have means marijuana to contain just take the drug menace out of this useful plant hilarious so all this shit came from this one asshole one harry an slinger who is the guy in charge of wealth you know that they originally got a lot of people there were involved in the alcohol prohibition and once alcohol prohibition was done they needed something else to fight so who gets up my near which allow for we do more damage to your body then does he trusts me i was drunk fuck monday night in item on a black i might have in black out drunk people home for like three days for felicia today a little bit but so this this propaganda but there
still fighting this there are literally still fighting well that's kind of like its little different button why kickboxing enemies it was so hard to get into ontario stupid you know legislature in stuff from two years ago that the language ruined just ruins what was the language and it is something that was something about the bouts like we can't get kickboxing our or my tie in ontario canada because of belt north because of some language inside dyke legal document since its within that language it said something about you cannot perform kick sir that's i like that you have seen so much difficult time to get into toronto but it's in there now sir it is but i take it not yeah kickboxing non toronto above the waste only you can't do local can't do low kicking fights why or professional my tie ontario that's insane all old shoe from years ago that
the commissioner was following from long time ago and even ps fighters and i had a conversation with matt embryos fighting robin their roots wallet not even though why why we don't even know it's just it's been in ireland is in that legal document the way it's written that the terminology screwed us up but how's the case when you can still have you see fights and they're allowed a location and if it comes to money probably comes down everything else that's fucking crazy the third you gotta think to every topic but look at the canadian kickboxing champions that have come out of canada yet simon marcus you had down which again i know what's your favorite fights of the joe shilling god what a fight that was insane yeah and then went to the fourth round joe knocked him out meritocratic where that was raised by yet gabriel volga he had myself now matt emory robber thomas from canada we're producing all of these crazy ass
please and we don't even have a professional system and it's crazy because there hasn't been one u s glory champion one point in time before mme or before the you have see really got a foothold in brazil the canada market was the biggest market for emma made outside of the united states that the one shall we had at the rider senator thousand people was i can't take it out and whatever the fuck it wasn't was nuts was insane down and that was also a lot of it was good to georgia pierre and george being such a great representative of canada representative of the eu have seen a great champion like people flocked tomb it's one things about canada is how loyal canadian citizens are towards their fighter saw even if you are trying to blue jays toronto maple leafs malware passion offends that's why kickboxing ass to come there for an a bill that there is this talks about it so can glory make something happened here today is rules here the fao
ass administering a kick to the leg spinning back fist or illegal strike in the face with any part of the arm elbows are illegal chopping too back of the neck although they watch too much flintstones fuckin karate job striking a blow to the growing area ok budding with the head what's the top one jamie number one striking a blow with an elbow or i need you can't strike i needed a buying they don't get how it works at solaris but how the u have see i think it so it's gotta be i think you need a big chunk of money to cannot even get the the commissioner to look at you so you this professional boxing blows may be struck with both the fists and the feet that is weird this is the same laws that apply to boxing they use for kickboxing do you can only be kick with the feet now what if you kill someone with a head kicking you hit with a shin is it illegal don't even know that you shouldn't know anything you taking with feet that's hilarious sweeping above
ankle can you fucking you came sweep someone it's ridiculous above the ankle so you can't sweep right you can get sweep shitty view city by it's ok it's crazy intentionally use i dont really is often block you can't pull within the eu can blow the waste so i guess it doesn't help neath the bloc have you ended up a body kick you thrown block with a bodyguard i got intentionally evading contact or there are a lot of fuckin wacky rules striking a blow with an open like they say the commissioner who is kind of really stricter this is now out so do this want to change it using abusive language no nicky as fighting canada folks her disobeying the rest re going down intentionally intentionally using the needs a blot wow standing the legs for the purpose of preventing an opponent from kicking what
why not even one in their work is that we must stop how we it is that extending the leg for the pope purpose of preventing an opponent from kicking i'm in this was written in ninety ninety but that does who make any sense like you can't even use a tape then i give you one extend your leg like a teeth is to extend the leg me your front kicking a guy you're pushing him off you could say that that would like i've been to one am i am one of the guys i train is troy shared and he fought and above the weight kickboxing fight professionally actually fatah another all you have c4 jesse ransom he figures twice on the u have sea and for he got released jesse rancid who was oh yves theriault one of the best known canadian kickbacks yeah he was a bad mother fucker map of the ways of the waste kick boxer jew is that he was the man by day and he was one of the few guys that was
like really exciting it would not guy's dead i didn't get to watch a lot of it but i've i've done my research and watch the few of his fights after an that's great i forgot about him for long time it'll just as conversation will yet i think rufus do grew faces brother sure yeah rufus yeah rick rufus was one of them most popular i would say over sure will he was so flashy too he could do so many wild techniques inside the auction democracy that fight where he fought a tie fighter yes i did that low kicks man i was an exciting fight to warn alexander's around our that his thoughts goody posted one with the mine and marked by april nice of the way i set up that high cookies good he very good and its trusting because the arm what that fight essentially changed a lot of people's ideas about look it is even duke rufus like being interviewed roof as have the five things like nineteen and he's like well
take any talent just kick the lady i remember those crazy but he had a weird idea you ask about that we talk to about amendment as well as how is a huge loves linked to hold any became a world more champion loves is low kicks he like seeing his brother s at a young age for that opened up everyone's eyes the local out when the local people now i think it's underrated especially an enemy you're really old concept that was kind of forgotten about and then there's only few people that came in and structures that low kicks style nathan its underrated especially in enemy and i think it bring it up about em ever was again but to take downs of good low kick is based off timing if ever going to sit during a lead with a low kick against arrests are absolutely he's gonna take me down every time but i think it's a tie king of the local people need to understand if someone's exiting backwards that's your time for the local so if you put
especially mme where people can't really stand in the pocket they move in the exit as soon as they get outside of punch range that's perfect local time and you get so many free located on mme guys and their legs aren't strong and we may guys are used to that body damage at kick boxers are and i remember my coach coach scary goodridge and gary once told me he's like when he fought both kickboxing anime he back in cities like i knew i can go to the after party when i fought mme miracles and after a kickboxing fight is like and i get it out of my bed the you got it how much into shin kickboxing go through compared to an hemingway fight yeah how often dc lake checked in new of sea or theirs the treaty on better that's going by getting better but i you know nothing to people complain about me but i'm always calling for loki x and say i'd like to see more local election kick his legs more but i think you're right too
it takes some one who understands my time at a very high level to be able to pull that off and do it in combination will you see sometimes in emma may is you would see a lot during the jordanian pierre era we guys we're afraid kick george was so good timing explosive but again who was he fighting against he was in fighting against a guy who actually he's a robber yeah yeah we don't really see that many people like mean you have a few and those they all donations is a hose josie has a spectacular like kicks no doubt about any was killing guys yeah oh yeah i mean you look at the door i re very rough i was her renders i call that fight and afterwards yo yo riah posted all these two grand pictures spend a social about he hurried leg ass insane he had one leg twice the size and now i gotta there that's a memo my phone i keep sending a lot of times inspiring some smash my my guys legs i'll send in the pitcher be like tag someone who doesn't know how to block a low cake and just keep sending that picture out less around
everybody else brutal brutal now happens to you'd let others there's your eyes leg are you going to hyper barrack chamber to try to lessen the the injury try to heal the injury quicker for people to understand the damage they do as i hate it every time you punch i smash your leg you're not gonna want to punch me and that's the timing i use or as soon as someone jobs you take the leg because what someone punches they have to put their weight on the front leg and once you put your with your weight on the front page you can no longer block at that point so if you my fighter guys with good located usually time the local off the hands because or the state because every time you said you gotta be heavy on your on your front foot and that's the opportunity to hit that locate so you want to look for work free locates ones or they can block so as exiting up or as they are japan or you ve tried to find those free ones their planted on their legs and they can lift up there late jamie put up
see if you can find jos fight with raymond daniels because i like i said before this was one of my and i'm a big raymond dennis fanned by the way is not a knock on him and i think he's awesome and i think styles very important because it's very it's very important now that there is a guy who can do the kind of stuff that he can do incredible he does that jump sidekick spinning back it was in an i mean he does a lot of wild shit inside the octagon and so decide to me was really important fight for just martial arts strategy and technique two to see how guy you whose you know super high level guy deals with a guy who's completely unorthodox in terms of traditional kickboxing techniques you know he's got
a style that is impossible to emulate inside entire then again i fought karim god you over a hundred fights nicky hold skin over a hundred fights i fought guys were marked by an over a hundred fights was probably the fighter was more scared to fight because all this i'll show like man to the last thing i want to be as part of a knockout real of raymond down their spending and nor can we the frigate so i mean i was scared ban so at this point i even in round one it was just like what the heck is gonna do i had no idea what the heck this guy was gonna do why things are really loved by watching fight too is always a very high guard very high guard very good fundamentals and even when you're doing those training secrets is that you put on instagram everything you oh yeah your guard is high you're doing everything by the book solid basics pinky who's your original my researchers paul men ass and that was the one who train gary good through k one and pride by a poem
he's the one who really developed my locate style and i just knew was able to really put it together therein showcase his strategy of locating the way used to explain it is it people think a low kick is a low kick what is it's not you got a thing we're on the ships are you landing the racket right if you land more of the lower part of your shit that's more of a set up you might want to use your locate to set up your hands you might want to have it as a feeler just as a distraction if you start landing higher up on the chin those are more finnish low kicks the anger you throw it out the timing you throw it out so when we were one paul was training me he was kind of classify like nine different laws cakes based on where on the leg it sitting and where on your senior landing so there's so much more like a job does not just that there's up jack upstairs you know jack with your head off to the often angles there is low jabs hijabs each
as a as a different purpose and same thing with the locate ages little mama that like it can you saw that little limp that guy start doing when or yap sarah there like once you start landing these big shots to the legs you slow down considerably what did you do to prepare his movement and this front legs style because if he was thrown a lot of front legs psychics to your front leg it was just this fight what people don't see when you fight it's a lot of it is ring control you can't just chase raymond as you have to get him against the robes you got a corner and if you see when he blitz is i don't move back if you move back you give him an exit and an opportunity to escape where fuses see when he blitz as i stay right in his pocket and it opens up the locate and you forced them to move backwards as well as very tiring
most people get way more tired moving back than they do moving forward it seems like you're both fighting at the same pace what he's doing more work will this round was more of a field around and you gotta remember after this fight i fought nicky holds yeah so saying i is twenty minutes later fucking crazy twenty minutes later not a fan of that i really am i per i personally don't you gotta think your brain is still shook up from that first fight if not fully recovered and in my opinion the best it doesn't necessarily come out on top in turn of too many variables yeah well it's crazy it's fun to watch its its exciting when you're watching it because it builds up to one eventual champion and again to watch all these fights take place during the night but i think especially you're getting her and then you recovering a little bed and then going back in again you're still busted up in the first five i probably lost a good ten years of my life after that i by what he should do what they used to be man tournaments ape man turn images
three fights in one night did you find people who holds can twice just once just once just once in one night you see think i got one of the did of the year in this fight and i got the fight of the nicky i one fight of the year that year where we just sad and exchange combinations for three rounds was it was an awesome fight not though there you see like he started a lamp now did you bring anybody in that debt that kicks like this that throws those front like psychics hopping cakes hear what it was very tough i experimented with a type window guy and it just wasn't the same and the proper a lot of these karate guys they can't handle it constant pressure their use the guy standing keeping distance with them let them kick but i was too much of a bully for those guys right i was able to stand pocket they try to throw spinning kicks out just push them on the ground like they handle like that constant strong pressure star it's
definitely interesting to watch how for how it so much more either it is over and over again you seen em limping now and your noticing as you're fighting you're noticing that and you keep it that same spot now is moving he standing sound cloud care they can tell you he makes his it up a little bit me he dust switches stances but you could see he's really trying to protect that left leg now his keeping back now when you did you bring in those guys was there anything that they could show you about how to avoid those kids are more alike hey this is kind of the distance in the set of these are the kind of few things you need to look at but i really in my fighter which i kind of have a dick philosophy now now that i'm a coach a lot more and i'm looking at fighting a little bit differently but here i knew i was going to fight my fine he had to fight my way if not he was gonna be in trouble those three rowboat
bomb bomb just chop and chop and at that leg to me this is like the fight that i show people when i showed you but the difference between a really good my tie fighter who is fighting a guy who through a lot of flashy stuff but does really know the local gain any he throws them but there's not a lot of threat outside those spinning a taxi does have that explosive left hand but good defence you can shut that now really good while you he was a great karate point fighter but he's not is boxing has come a long way since this fight i think you know he learned a lot about a lot of things in this fight his his hands warrant the big threat that's one of the things it differentiates him from wonder boy also wonder boys obviously fighting with small gloves but wonder boy nasty hands so if under boy raymond dances were to fight and kickboxing who wins does the interesting question you know mean wonder boys undefeated kickboxing but he has answered the other things i don't know i'm like you hear about this
guys goya he's always undefeated as a kick parcels they were the same way if you're undefeated nearer so how can we never heard of each other each other they what happens like with a lot of these guys and an end with kick in their so many different organizations will see guys that come around and say i am a ten time world champion ok like where there's i think there should be that will there's one world champion that matters right now in its glory bright so any belt than that to me i don't think you're a world champion what about line fight what about my time in similar the difference a different class i would say more time kickboxing are very different what do you like better i love i'm coming we kickbacks embody logic box and better than mighta because i'd like to rely on pace more russian and more i'm a combination style fighter i liked him always makes up kicks in punches punches in case i fought to full rules more for and fights one of them was a french fighter who it was again sigma
sixth professional fighting like seventieth and he came any was just i'd be up on the outside but as soon as came closer clinched openly elbows elbows elbows and split my head open six weeks later i fought in its actually on youtube i fought many baghdad thou be a cool one for you to watch and i put it a clip on if we want to find it after this one it's literally like i've made it into a two minute clip and it's just beating the crap in any event to elbows and i got like third stitches at the end of that fight covered in belied i got like of three and gash in my head i had a five stitches my eyes he led to elbows to strikes basically the whole fight and those two strikes were the damaging ones which i ok it's cool i knew i wanted to be a kick boxers whenever focused on my elbows could i be a mighty champion absolutely but my focus was on kickboxing and at that point to get into the k one max brian
right i wanted to fight the diabetes i wanted to fight all of the other cows i wanted to fight those guys so my foot because was always on kickboxing from the day i started well that was that was the big organization k one was the big organization that kind of open up kickboxing to the world in japan in an amazing job that and then they had of course it show time and it show time and for a while that thing they became glory right here this part of it and so thousands of japan as it was a lot of problems happening in holland there's a lot of like illegal stuff happening illegal in the finnish right i this is your your battering ram now just mt old shots there that's it headgear consider the matter shots he took two legs now when you were saying that mme fighters they they don't have the toughness of the legs they're not used to taking the punishment the life what is the difference like how does how does your legs get tougher from getting capital they it's like
look at martial arts in your body your body has is your armor so you got your body as armor if you dont strength that armor you're only a strong is your armor can hold right so if you're not train in your body to get hit its it you can't really take as much damage so if you're constantly taking low cakes every day in training you build up that endurance in tolerance and strength to be able to take hard locates but allotted as if you're not used to that taking hard arm kicks when i first professional fight i left would like well it's on my for our my knees would be swollen i can get my shoe on after the fight is everything was just so swollen and g take so much damage on the body that eventually hardens and get stronger and i mean you gotta look at our shins and our kick boxes and more time shins we're goin through bats whatever you want we're just constantly kicking things where an enemy it is not as much focus on conditioning and hardening the body cause you don't needed as much but what does
condition the legs had take that kind of punishment is a fascinating loosened years of training or someone i constantly lightly at your legs build up the tolerance you gotta building a strong arm or to be able to withstand whatever damage what i'm used about those like what is the physical response that your body has to get an occasion logic clots y know the shin for example the redemption is like those micro fractures that then calcified then cause the shinto hardened and again even if the presbyterian my right and left in my right she is probably double the size of my left one because i used my right shin alot more really so i mean just constant years training your body to do it and what about that i like what about your quads and although i wonder what it is it nerves your nurse able to withstand the painter but is a big difference in it's weird because i've been doing it so long where i can usually stand in front of you give you
little lake tabs and i can kind of see how hard your body is if you can withstand locate can you just it's a feeling mechanism so you feel how their responding in reality it is how they put their weight or pressure on it you can tell you can imagine when you fight someone is weird because like you see some a hundred professional that just there is a lot to wear and tear but those guys a body armor that really takes a lot to try to damage in order for arms or those layer cake sword knows this year's of accumulated damage in the body hardens up is weird because like you see some of the ties that just blast each and your watch them locate each other and you never see him weapon you now mean that you see this fight the how raymond and you see like after you know a minute who in a fight when you you kept chop and there is one moment and find the first round a member watch live in you caught him with one location the first round of theirs as you seem a little dip ma am and you see the little depth at their body
gives like does not get any i think i've probably spired with thousand thousand different mme fighters and soon we start sparring i'll tat the leg once tap the leg twice three times in a light not and i can lay off the languages night ok i guess so just hit the other leg and all the other legal hit your body but i mean yeah it's like that it's a different type of body condition is there any way to do it other than just getting kicked there i mean does anybody know nothin i think it's just years of accumulation as your leg bottles on their shine on i have tried to find research on that i don't think so i don't think so i did it when i was young i ok look at me i'm putting a rolling pin over my shin but right i use a kind of takes up the nerve damage a little bit the nerve endings enshrining shudder numb them out of the oven it is interesting it's interesting because it's not it doesn't necessarily make sense like when it
so the muscle of those of the fire like it's gonna come down to nerve is not really bone that's getting stronger i would love to talk to her doctor who understands more tyre good did you know anybody there's a good doctor the train einstein find out you answer i find it yeah because it definitely seems like i mean especially like you said the ties these guys and have a hundred plus fights and you see them getting low kicked and it doesn't seem to affect them at all i mean is landing it's enough to strike but the day and showing the way would affect them versus the way to effect a person's never been locate before teaches them is the most underrated technique of martial arts i agree because until you ve been locate like once you get low kicked wants you go oh jesus it's usually it's those eyes usually at those parties in your dracula go those works thought her look don't hurt and then all of a sudden i just give a wine as i know while i was actually messing with someone once and i was like brutally
the one inch punch i'll give you one inch locate any won't walk for a month and believe it i'll i'll give you i'll give anyone if anyone listening wants to have a one inch look how do you set it up would you do all they got to do is put my literally my shin one inch away and just bang done so it's too hitting the right party gotta know where to hit so you would have like lay almost like you thrown a kick like a control taken stopping radio waves of our own ran on that part ellen but without any one inch locates started you judge you make a video of unwanted slow no one else logic challenge i bet you going to do it now what you were saying early and i want to go back to this that your thoughts on fighting have changed from being a fighter to being a coach house so they think right now i had when i was fighting i had to have a one dimensional approach what worked for me and now the culture someone asked me the question you like a noose
dude and whose very talented comes here jim he has he's not strong he's not really as athletic as you he doesn't have the training background as you how do you make that guy a world champion and i was at home as interesting i'm like he's not big he's not strong he's not gonna be a great pressure fight asking to be able to withstand a lot of damage so what happens so i to create a system of fighting that is kind of universal i don't really want to have i want to have a system in my fighting at bazooka kickboxing that you can go onto a street fight go into an mme fight you can kick box you gotta have them knowledge and the skill set to be able to fight everything and that my goal as a i now is to make a universal system that can handle anything so if you got a pressure fight versus move if you gotta keep distance if you need to jabberbox you box you gotta people to have it all agree anymore too much with a one dimensional approach but the one dimensional approach was good for you as a fighter because you found out where your skills
there were no erected you gotta look out i look at it as i was in exceptional cases sexual hath that was gifted with a strong body strong mine good dedication very motivated so it all worked in my favor but now i have a guy who's fighting amateur kickboxing how do i train that guy to be successful do you think that that helps you ask fighter because i know a lot of jujitsu guys they start coaching and one start coaching and teaching lessons their jet their game just jobs it was being a color commentator that helps music i gotta show you like after what i'll show you my notes on what i do and i'd be anxious to see your thoughts and to europe euro notes further for the events rotten notes as far as your fighter notes orgy are you now just experienced enough to know about the fighters it depends entirely on who the fires because many many times i'm watching i fight for the first time
i've never seen someone before what i like to do is to watch from youtube videos of to watch and fight i read what their background s eyes i do a lot of research have i say i do reese i i don't do any research because to do it anyway because like like like i'll do research for glory our for glory here we want as so like your fan yes so it's like save there's big fight coming up like that cares approve example does this sum holly home germane to random me going to fight for the you have seen sought after that and what interesting to me as germane randomize multiple time world my tie champion in whose had a hard time doing with the clenched doing what going down dealing with the other aspects of the damage is trying to find her groove but at a stroke yes dutch girl nasty strike a real time was it you see two hundred washington or brazil card with cyborg or something she liked vicious she's very
she's very rarely striker so what i'm curious it's very interesting because in our holly who looked like a fuckin dynamo when she fought rhonda hungers rhonda at the absolute worst kind of fight the fight with holly run right after you don't stop go out i'm gonna get you mean she wanted to bolster and you just can't in our holly so good at evasion so good that using angles and so good at stopping encountering great piety straight punching and that that weird oblique kick that they'd the level winkle john guys like to do that i do so kick at all so weird kick rape guys use that care comin view one you know there's theirs i'm guys that real we know how to turn to land that well and i'm sorry i see it i'm thinking man it's it's it's an interesting kick back the winkle john guys in particular a gown to holly is really good at that it's like the front kick twond anderson silver knocked out balfour
nevertheless i hope the frog keg weaken this amazing new weapon is probably the first kick ever too in traditional martial arts is just he made it so popular then all of a sudden you see it as a new trend where everyone started throwing francs to face it became like a new popular little trend there for a little that hey look front kicks work again just they were forgotten about that's what from the locate they were forgotten about and they come back yeah i think there's room for a lot of different checks in emma may that aren't there yet and why a moment were seen in some organizations is acts kicks and i saw some while there was that guy that was fighting an mma for a while of sea add lawn algarve whose oh i fight or man and he is no longer higher yossi i retired hasty fighting anime but he was a really talented man he knocked out was
t j wall berger i believe in the usa with an ax cake now he i forget we kicked went and punched him with two but he he had wicked kicks an incredible flexibility so he had this ability to you know utilise techniques that you don't necessarily think of as knockout techniques but he would you know smash guys with acts kicks in front kicks and round kicks and just for those the kickboxing fans listening and hook oh yeah yeah or ending hotcakes to the late there's a guy fighting on a lay on the show you at google innocent he fought tom he and you have see twice he fought and strike force once he has a kickboxing finish with a spinning he'll kick tyler yet his way
six or nasty man all always thought that other kid on the last you see ya years a very rodriguez you allow who had a while i was hard watch i was very tough the watch but the kids incredible three sixty round house to be japan face i don't know how big it and go down garbage iron chan man lorens larkin pull up lorens larkin verses who did it stop what is lorens lichens goddammit why cameras right now john howard now lorenzo larkin recent fights yo magnet jesus christ pull out by lorens larkin neo magnates so i want to show that a bleak kick to the body what am i a my guys out there that's the green or mine special he actually sent me the fight i have it was too busy with glory notes but he sent me that exact fight to watch lorens larkin motherfucker here he's really good
and his he does a lot of spinning wheel kicks the thigh too he doesn't want us shit why not i think any cake should be able to be thrown at different levels sure and that's what makes that kick more effective yeah you have your constantly going at one level it becomes easier to defend so you got a change levels that's why same thing a self pause guys don't kick enough from the south pole or if they do its constantly wonder is either inside lagged or not attack in the back legs the bodies the head you gotta change levels not enough self pa there are changing levels without left you do you experiment or use any traditional martial arts techniques i d ever throw sidekicks or spin on any links not anymore i've i've really take like i've really been taught to keep really tight honest yield but now my whole style has actually been trying to like add dimensions it was i've been boxing a lot more and even though yeah i've had the concussion doesn't mean i stopped being a marshall artists this is when
real martial arts training has evolved when i was fighting do all this stuff when i was fighting i don't have time to sit there like for example the last three months i fought southport i've been training self budget there is a new dimension to my game so now time i get to be a full time marshall artisan learn watch how he throws this oblique obliterated buy back up a little because this is the end of the fight setting it up with the local while he said set up with everything but it's interesting is the distance where he throws this bleak kick he throws it like right there throws it's crazy i've gotta get into own heal in tow out and he's so fast what you know i like that because if the elbows in gets the foot probably just outside of the elbow our inside a kind of follows the inside form nicely yeah the rents is the best of ever seen a throwing that kick and throwing it like right in their tried right there miss but he throws it from tight quarters and guys think he's gonna throw
ok so we miss it mixes up with that he's using low kick and then that's it up with you now with either the oblique kick or the low kick any kind silly varies them does that kick traditionally is meant to hit with a heel right yeah resetting with the heel but it's it's so weird look at cause you like oh you can do that too has set up is unreal to locate the yes yes set up his great and this was a great fight for him as in i knew lorenz with super talented before this but neo magnon was a highly rated guy and lorens just ran through him i mean the difference in the striking magnesia really good all around fighter he's really well rounded he's got incredible endurance but what lorenzo is able to do a void all this stuff avoid the ground game keep the fight in his wheel house which is in the stand up and just show how much more technical he is on his feet and how much quicker he is a clue
using the gap haiti's any staying long to right yeah he's fighting a tall guy to you if you think about it if larkin got the show arms wise going to sit there and want a box with a guy with longer arms you gotta change your distance in the low kicks perfect worked set up perfectly now back to us that's it back to my tie and elbows don't you think that elbow those are the lobbies a really effective now and elbows and when a clench needs from the clenched are obviously a really effective techniques why do you like rules that don't have those member this in your pockets had some one asked that think you're talking about how you feel my tie is like the purest art of stand up fighting i think it's a waste thence yeah i like all fighting i like anime obviously love it i think i'm amazed is my favorite thing to watch but what i like it
my time is when you're seeing that clench you're using all the potential weapons from inside that position whereas in kickboxing they will separate it from personally why i don't like the clash it slows the fight down nothing it's because too but you can be a crappy outside fighter but be so strong and dominant in the clinton when all your face in the clinch ran so i mean i think it's just a rule set and i mean each guys gonna be different from what you're good at are not good at minutes how you train with you have to change your style you have to change even if i were to fight we talked about kickboxing and in a may you have to change style but even if you fight between kickboxing and malta you have to change quite a bit you have to stay longer if your fighter like myself who doesn't want to get into the clinch you have to fight differently you have to use triangle stepping in your foot work you got it use more distance you gotta stay away i could maybe
they throw up to three hit combination before i have to exit and move again because i know we're going to try to grab me in clinch man you know slice me up with his elbows is there more if recalled transition like do you think that the transition between kickboxing and more ties more difficult or the transition between more time kickboxing cause we're seeing a lot of my time champ and are now entering into kickbacks i'm gonna say varied royalties from my tie more and more difficult is more difficult was because your in all these new weapons so you and all of a sudden now have these weapons that you're not used to wear with my tie your kind of take away so but you still have your other weapons that are effective and have this rotational a lot of my time fighters they were saying how you gonna look success of my typewriters and kick with boxing you have set sits on penal whose savage he's the current lightweight champion fighters like saenchai muay my tie legend came in and first kickboxing fight dominated this
ty kid that just came in and france pet panama room kept macao he came in and just left kicked one weapon shut down an aggressive punch to locate you're just one kick left kick left last gig and these guys have been fighting for so long its fighting to them fight at the end of the day is still fighting so these tie guys and do or following additional my tie are still being very successful in and kickboxing wanted a basin workout ugandan think i'd dominated yet archives a great example of a still around to santa is really staying he's she watches glorify ass i did he's found a watchman tricky slipping of having guy small does he wanted tat he put a whole social media campaign to fight conor macgregor in emma does he not a rustle allows form
all that was your thoughts i now corner and floyd that's a big thing right now not even happened i could make it happen void is i've again the best offensive fighter ever and you know i mean a straight boxing match you gotta give the advantage him how do you have in the traditional wisdom would say that he's gonna box counters face off that's you if you look at what has been able do but cars a fuckin freak man he's a weird guy he's got his mind is so fuckin strong on he eats pressure he just eat it and he stepped into that ring with josie although he looked like you didn't have a air in the world i mean that confidence in that belief manasses staggering and he had talked so much shit for so long
although was just fume you steaming at the guy you when you got in their eyes so emotionally invested in that fight it was almost like he had never been disrespected like that and to be disrespect for months i mean they had done this huge world tore work conor stole his belt at a press conference was yelena and it was managed and to have the fight and then car starches and with one punch thirteen second fight while here than that that stirred up a lot now so attention honestly floyd is not chosen aldo floyd is you know it's it would be a boxing match in emma maybe kind of fucking kill him for share a would kill him he kicked it surely would even votaries effort club flow would get close to him konrad kicked his fuckin legs out from under our everything would be it would be brutal but in a boxing match one thing they're gone farmers away bigger guy he's mean
we fought at one forty five but jesus christ you looked like a dead man we made forty five shoulders ride like he's he's around one seventy s somewhere around then and i don't think floyd as void is a smaller got that again what you were saying about with kickboxing i think the same holds true with boxing that there's fighters they're not cutting the kind of way that emanates fighters are cutting savona what they would way in that i would assume would probably like one fifty five somewhere around there and then once they got into the octagon or the ring rather be a boxing match floyd would probably have a dish advantage wait wise of somewhere around fifteen pounds here now i can't see it happening but if they did floyd look canelo had a big wait advantage over him in that fight to floyd shut that shit down he just so good at boxing man he just so he's outside of the more i follow and train and learn boxing i have something i wish i started a lot earlier on in my career its man it's like you only have to weapons
in all and you all of a sudden have to make this complex energy through in old creating openings and with kicks you have a whole other dimension elbows clinched but with box he may get too this you have to make land it's tough better get wise the sweet science now when you are training are you sparring rightly i do but i make sure i start with the right guys in that kind of thing but i see do spot and he worried at all about getting hit when you doing this is enough yes it is rather too much i love it then i guess i'm not stupid and that's that lastly you could ever call me i do everything very calculated very smart so if i know there is an issue i sleep down or if there is an aggressive guy but i still spar unless those are very controlled and i could pick it up if i want just why was the questions i don't need to get in there and have those sparring matches were i'm trying to take the guys had off it just doesn't make any sense while obviously the consequences for you
so much more obvious and intense no knowing what you ve been through i mean is that in the back your head at all why you doing it sometimes what's it what's your take on these fighters taking a new up roche on not sparring anymore dial ceremony is taken out approach and it seems really effective for him but i think part of what's doing well from obviously he has excellent timing obviously he's very experience as a fighter ready and he likes to stay active but his tail on it was that he was beating himself up too much in a jam than he was far too many hard rounds and it would go into these fights already damage to just couldn't take shots well that's a fella sophie and might die they don't really spar harden and island wreckers they fight very often to right but if you're not fighting very often would you need that sparring good question i think they're spot others stupid bearing and then there's quality spying
there are so many different ways disbar if you're constantly going in there and you're trying to sluggish out in getting sloppy that's not good sparring right so you can get it good guy that kind of really that's a shot up really good goes hard the body and locust spar my guys we're trying to take each other out with body shots and low cakes if i finished my training partner to the body i feel it king vienna walk around of this lay walking like i own the place matthew the body to the bar a low kegs those are ok but you'd only to finish guys to the head inspiring right that's the dutch were right there are one hundred percent the legs into the boss speaking to some of the dutch guys like jason wellness whose fighting yeah i his coach was telling me they do somewhere along the lines of fifty round aspiring a week jesus christ that's a lot i can't i don't know how and to answer that the type of shots but they rely a lot on sparring well wounds is fight with simon markets what a fight that was easy she's squire that was an amazing fight
simon marcus look so fuckin good in the beginning of our fire oh my god he was is exploding but it seems drain is gas tank got two cocky with that head movement there was out about like he at one point the fight like almost like invited him to punch images kind of moved his head a little bit then they gave him a cow for that too yeah and anyway i don't i wouldn't have called that when a car but the referee did a good start on that as well this was just unloading blow a definite stoppage but it seem like when the they gave my count maybe there every was seen some shit we weren't san it seemed like simon like free that point on started to wither those crimes because you look how good he looked at the beginning that fight was blast in those kicks in jesus and he was fuckin go in for it man which is when you look at simon he so shredded me loose specimen and here
style is so predicated on that is like robot reliant on that he's just pop i am i am you know yells in their rang like yeah yeah ted's but he just couldn't keep it up i can keep pace with this is why i like this fight with eta sonya heresy israel stuff the harm that under your eyes although they wicked he saw an old lie technical good distance control south park or the knock spin keg boxes he's good he's aligns paper that is the style to beat that dutch style street forward fighting for you want to fight on angles use distance use movement aware how you beat someone like style bender bra constant pressure you know head to head fighting low kicks so you're gonna see wilmas shadow use that head to head pressure fighting like we saw with me in raymond daniels verses
sign it trying to use that movement on the outside pic is shots fired on angle so on paper both of these guys have the style to be one another i think that's why that fights super exciting for me watch well style bender has been toying with idea fighting emma nato and i'm really is nine in one area but am morocco toying with the idea of finding you see i should say and i'm really interested to see like how he manages training and competing in both sports because was a giant issue with joe shelling joseph was trying to do both alive when you just decided that you know it's just not really smart and wasn't he wasn't able to fight to his best ability in emma may know timid limits yeah and you know how much time is in its thirty's come how much time is there in a day how much time is there in your life or if you want to be excellent at one thing so let that's why europe a real perfectionist am amazed tough yeah they didn't you you have to be ok with not being excellent
everything and that's a hard concept for a marshall artists and enact leave to be the leaking out your striking just gonna be ok but we gotta work on your ground so don't worry about your striking others only so much time in a day can do training that's really interesting thing that you just said you have to be right yeah ok at that because like you you just you gonna get strangled by black belts but you go well worth tick box fuck that do not exist and you have to have that in your head and then again you know if you're doing kickboxing with a guy like bull cow you know like what are you not as good as have kicked off i can take us out it out and can't keep gotta be ok with that was one of the things that george or so amazing at saint pierre was so amazing at being able to do whatever he wanted to dependent upon what you thought i was gonna tell he was deftly above average and everything yes but you put your saint pierre and kickboxing fight yeah he wouldn't be would it be the best there in his great at ease up phenomenal
nothing else well i think that's what made him so dominant he's above average on every year and also incredibly unpredictable increase if there was one of the bad adding let i pointed out at the let it guys i've seen in sport yeah he's a really interesting case too is george didn't really wrestle competitively in college or in high school he learned wrestling from bunch a russian nationals in montreal which could be good you lose a lot of those things that are needed now well georgia's also he's so humble i guess as often it is he was as a champion and is a dominant champion he so humble like you could teach george things and he would just completely absorbed he would never he wasn't a typo guy that would have a hard time learning new things he was very open to stock as i always follow him on social media and stuff and i hope that actually trying to get up try star was talking for ass a little bit i will have to go they're in train with their team and to save and on how we can you know connected
there will be an awesome connection would be awesome i think he's still gonna fight me still still see what i heard that that's what i hit ferocity ok man like shit call me a man let me let me help you guys like you had yet attack man i got to do some work with gm free when he did that kick boxer vengeance movie and it was cool because he came in his like i never met and my life at this point is like selene i'm a fan of yours i i watch i watch you firemen raymond danielle's like what for him because he's that comes from karate background so for him to you now say that he liked my style and use a phantom life from my raymond janos for us they brought raymond daniels end to prepare roy mcdonald zero and avoid then i think even gs he went to daniels fight bela turkic yeah yeah i did he did he at another good
thanks to the bellicose holding those really high level kickboxing about tuna kevin ross is over there has been doing in the gas on belong else is now going to fight you gonna fight him and a little later i saw that was actually talk into their coach there's like may we gotta get gas and in you he'd be good in the u s but if we get among gloria think he needs a good platform to really growing be concerned then when i think you'd be a perfect fit for glory me as far it's like coverage in its volume he gets at full time attention and who knows will see how goodies and emmett may is each a phenomenal striker trying to test himself in mme houses ground skills annoying russell i know it's a good wrestler but like add up fashion all wrestling level like ready to go kind of style target because what i'm here and is from disguise train with them and guys who trained emma with em they did their surprised at how good as wrestling it's like is it's a really strong athletic guy learns quick but his my eyes i would say very very good
very high elbows i see a spinning elbows entailing guys in line fight with fear but he be perfect for glory yeah now do you you follow all these other organizations you follow violate ordained boxing i followed i follow fighting as much as i can now when you watch like say if you watch lion fighter you watch belet or any of these other organizations do you like me no it's like oh i might see this guy over and glory i do i try to get it out and i try to help it out what is lorries plans i mean i know you said that they have eighteen eight any details you're amazing and they're gonna be split between we got some good dumb investors in glory from china so we're not actually try to get a few shows out in china where in south america and then the rest mix between the u s in europe that awesome
tv shows and this is the first time that glories come out and say listen there's eighteen shows in our december collision show got to announce glory allay we got that we're going go to chicago go next summer having that time to show everyone that hey man there's two three shows coming up here it's time to prepare and plan because when you have that funding all the time it's kind of hard to have those multiple events and have that time to build up the shoals problem and now that we have and i think the sport is gonna go crazy i hope saw a man a really do and i think its awesome i gotta have more than one month mean that's incredible we'll need consistency one month plus six more that's that's amazing i mean every other month gonna have to events done that's that's incredible that's really good and like as far as coverage i know you guys are on you have sea fight pass it's also sometimes on the s paean it's on yes ps3 and sometimes we get yes paean to live so it's all depending but
but we can get on that's a huge step as we started off at spike tv and then one which was great it was kay i was going well was great for me i can watch it but then what was happening is one which is the ambitious a whole different market now us if we want to hit those casual fans yes bans gonna be the place to do it yes yes for sure the espionage three though weird lay to get it and when we're on live onto it seems to do well so we just gotta keep it keep it going what are you gonna do with rico and butter because the rico verhagen butter if i was most most hyped up heavyweight fight of all our thousand people nuts was really like went by hurry is in the building people know he's a superstar yes he doesn't have to fighting is a super star in it was in our house in germany which is where borders holland so all the hall in fact a lot of the dutch moroccans came and when he came out crazy people are just going
not stronger rushing get amida superstar cell to it needs fights like tat it's kind of like that conover gregor he bills that energy around him that people just need to tune into and i think that's what body does so that rematch is gonna be craig yet i think recall is gonna go fight he s a mother fight said he has to fight this can t their tournaments that winner he so finally he has a fight with ishmael lot planned i think if you watch clue dinner's benjamin sedate was a big monster heavyweight yeah he's looking good you have gaza far wellness who are doing really well benjamin attic boy so there's so many lights for rico and i think father is going to be once he heals up and then maybe they'll do another one next year but nothing planned right now he has to happen but i mean how long does it take before body can be back and action he had a broken forms that what happened to our ligament
but one thing was a torn ligament ha and china ivory watch it a few times trying to see where the fight it happens is very tough to actually see where it happened but apparently he tore ligament in its form and she was working right tell he looked up mckenna did it look like when trying to find it there was no real time where the damage happen where you seen him do it and those weird think it is somewhere must have torn and just just take the pain anymore so weird it is interesting because body whose just a notorious psycho came the first round pretty controlled and measured in now and an approach the fight in two i urgently to said now wouldn't you three rounds and find a long time i want a firewall round fight on three round fight didn't care the title ere it wasn't for the world i think what he wanted to do was have this three rounder then let them meet again for the five rounds so if it's a toy
intending or ligament rather that is a much more invasive issue right that's a lie i really got at an update on trying to find out for usually ligaments take a long time to heal maybe even need surgery or something like that and if that's a case might be out a year unfortunately indeed i find the sap and then you can get more people we need to get more people on and that's what got everyone hyped yeah donna when excited about kickboxing young barter such personality you know and that's that what kind of use that word personality ever skip keep him out of jail between now and the next fight most fight interview he goes to recall and looked at him and he said you know what you did good you dig but next time a knock you fuck you ever was i call each like already that the next fights already high dove even after the loss or like this is what the sport needs let's get attention and i keep trying to say and i came out publicly a little while ago fighters
he too in the kickboxing need to do more to promote themselves they can't constantly rely on glory or other people to find a promote them they gotta go out there and really try to build themselves and the more they build themselves the more the sports gonna build yeah i complete the gray it's just so hard for fighters to figure out how to promote themselves it's hard enough to be a great fighter it's hard enough to train hard and getting shape and fight smart and did you know constant social media to and you see a lot of fails a at loggerheads without a fate like fig tree talking just comes out clunky and terrible but then as you know those guys like connor that do it you just go jesus he's so effortless with air but that's hale sun and yes but does a personality know it just happens naturally yeah sure everyone would love to be caught her eye the thought people care let me look he's got
we may whether saying it that's the only fight that he's interested and hygiene you what the hell's goin out that things do not answer that resetting itself again is it you tube controlling right now i don't know whether the tv like other enemies wagon oh i turn off and reset oda because i wanted to see that the other five year tell me about the highlight real of with many baghdad ass a wicked y yeah just and it's a little clip of just me throwing different combinations of big elbow on you too veldt selina verses many baghdad will put that up and we'll talk about that too so rich now you are a hundred percent commenting on glory you taken some time off my teaching of two of your high school teaching so what the days of life right now it's just me training again and i feel i want to get back into the fire
cyanide i want to try doing different things like my body needs to be stretched out or limit the years of damage on my joints i want to start doing more yoga try some yoga out i want to do i want to create a kickboxing professional kickboxing programme for other problems that come in and have daytime training and stuff like that those lines so this whole it was all about different and these good he's doing pretty well in that you see i think is unease figure now tough guy that's a gorgeous combination that left hook to the body in the low kick you know that our nest whose combination another one of my all time fair he's my is my favorite car so good there is one highlighted he has on literally watched probably a million times i see what does each year and in any case he couldn't take the low cakes any warsaw's is way of hype and it up
you'll see the elbow soon this one right here so that our watchword wow gash right aware is so slow said that's all you're really through was a down down an elbow while that is a fucking gap basically only hit me with that shot and thus was unlike that the fourth round while we worry about the fight against opt here added which probably shit stop that real progress but i mean i was ok as a fighter you're never gonna say stop the fight right but probably looking back and then right away i just come back and saying that leg was the blood going the eyes at this point that i remember this was in three d apparently that that they filled it we literally now ass i would love to have seen it as gash that's not even the big one though a big ones in my head and you can see on top right through the hairline that such a nasty combination man every basically with two elbows horrified
that's crazy to gashes every time you did well you can see a scar may get good plastic surgeon how's that the back stage doktor that's his face when he started cutting my statistician was making all these face and like that i want to know the doktor with me here is like i'm going to fuck and continuous it's crazy man so do you have any desire to compete again a short but do you they view dyke figured your path for years now glories been too good man had been love in this commentary gig it's an challenge it some its new so for me i have afford this first i mean no one i've won my world title i'd work during the day as a teacher eat my launches a droll to the german and i were train at night i want a world title working a full time job while because it just at tat point there wasn't enough i'm used to a certain type of living and i dont want to this fight
to survive and my whole thing was to use fighting to build it as a platform so now because ever a university education able to have a commentary job i'm able to run my own jim i'm able to have other things going on so i was very lucky to build a good platform that i didn't have to rely on fighting for my income so right now think or together more money on the sitting in a suit and no time be joe rogan so i mean it it's more money it's it's better on my health and so and i knew signed on adjoining unlimited that genuinely love in it what was your education and health and physical education that's interesting so when you look at training methods like some of the methods are being employed today some of them very strengthen conditioning methods what are you is there anything that you think that stands out while the main for me as guys in combat sports you're using cross fit as a form of weight training for fighting
i don't necessarily agree with that based on me things his you're you're doing and an unsafe exercise like a dead lift a clean and you're doing it over time where those movements are made to develop power hip strength you know they're not meant for endurance so a lot of guys are hurting themselves like i'm seeing i saw some crossfire guys in this terrible rounded back dead lives in there just trying to get the bar up in weight and their in themselves into doing too much but a sports specific properly tear a strange programme is very important but cross fitting is this killing guys their body the damage on the joints it was it made to be help you enhance hence different ways to do it in a safer way that helps protect your body too many people are yell cancelling fights with injuries over train their doing things that in all things i crossed we were there silly killing their bodies
same because some people think that in our fighters are over training and some people think now the problem as they just haven't built themselves up to the point where they can do this the way they more retaining than you think soldier over training now when you are fighting what did you do any kind strengthen conditioning i was huge on it now big on it i was very it's very its is very complex is very difficult to explain but in the short term it's like you have to its appearance isolation so right after my fight i would go into a hypertrophy phase where i tried to build mice because during your camp you're losing way you're trying to break down muscle because you're constantly training you're not eating as much so i would go through a hypertrophy phase which is building get biggest strong as i possibly can closer to fight time i build that muscle
two more explosive power so that's when i start doing and set a high volume wraps i'm starting to kind of lower my rep council do five sets a five on squat i'll do dead lives too far given its now translating that muscle in that size into power from there you gotta get the power phase turns into morven explosive phase so i turning that power into that explosive saw start doing they met both rose explosive jumping us a box lot instead of irregular squat and even when you're in that hypertrophy phase and when you're building muscling the whole point break your body down so you're sore everyone knows how sore and how she d they feel twenty four to forty eight hours after work out and that's good because our bodies bread it down and has to get stronger but when you have when your goal is to fight and be good at your sport you can have that sort is because it's gonna take away from your training so that's what
we really have to period eyes are training to make sure we can pick on fighting it a lot of talk in a may circles that strengthened fishing is the most important thing that once you're in camp that's what you should concentrate on his your cardio your endurance and that your fight skills actually come in secondary because you already know how to fight for some people to believe that what you need to do is work on your fight skills all the other time not be you abandon them but that they take second place and that the most important thing is having a phenomenal gas tank let her about i think fighting you have cause you're fighting so you haven't i thought you have to practise what you're doing do you think that is your mind to mind the mind is number one did you did you involve yourself in any sort of mental training do i guess i was naturally gifted with it i was
naturally have the ability to be able to block things i could have been my years of sports background but men come fight time i barely even thought of the fight i call your for your going to japan next week to fight to fight and when i leave yeah okay i'll deal with it when i have to get their kind of thing i put my work in the more stress about it the more release the court is on more that your body breaks itself down the more stress you get the less sleep you're gonna have all too terrible share when you're fighting in a few days ago my whole strategy was just to say i do my work in the problem what you said about over training and guys fight them already they eat like shit they constantly don't focus on fighting the k you're fighting in eight weeks then they go how should i gotta do a crash course and get him to shape and then they over chain a true i shall artist is it doesn't look at the fight on a fight basin it looks out along jeopardy looking at ok for this fight yeah
boxing might improve a little bit but i have to improve something else and there's constantly improvements in all areas so you cause soon as you're done your fight yet healthy to take a week or two off some guys three weeks depending on the damage you had but you gotta get working again you gotta get back to sharpening you tools your weapons your mind got to get back into it and constantly train you got learn twenty four seven i don't know with guys who think they can just train for camps now we have a real fighter real athlete a real martial arts is gonna train all year round here you have to get it also in terms of you're involved in one of the most dangerous pursuits athletic leaving someone can engage in and any time that you're getting better is going to take away some damage that you could possibly sustain it's gonna make you better it ministering damage scumbag you better just a matter staying the course and being discipline you half the work it now and i mean intensity
ages you're not going to be right after for you now can be training at that hard intensity that you are that you were before the fight but still in power to constantly train and constantly improve now when you say that you were kind of naturally good at mentally no one coach do and how to relax about you just kind of instinctively new does is it doesn't work i knew i had to do it i knew it to do you like for me especially i wasn't fighting guys with my level of experience like you're like hey my first fight with glory i fought a legend in sport murat directly and they were one glory sign we read after that fight we watches maybe baghdad i got in el from a random guy at this point i now friends with them but it's ok i can get you finally we have bullshit everybody can get me fights and then i sent him magyar here's my manager go off and then they like yeah we want to sign you to glory this like a few hours before that medibag that fights over the wicked cuz this is what i wanted write my dreams here so they can all your first fight is it
murat directly and turkey ok never live this murat directly that i think it is i looked over the years the same guy here like ninety fights was my seven in his home town you know i'm going press conferences with gokhan can psyche daniel guida i'm sitting there like i have six professional fights and all the turkish cameras are all around us and at an award was going on but i was confident and myself leave than myself i knew i had the skill to do it i looked at my coach and we can beat this kind you'll kill him i could stood at that point i just had that much confidence and belief in myself at nothing manner now when you when you go into a fight like that and you approach a fight like that and you're saying that these guys had so much more experience in you so you had almost approach the fight as a more expense its fighter and i did you my huh thing was i knew what i was really good at and i couldn't with someone
under five years so comfortable in there and if i play that role next fighting game with them it's not a good luck there are better at picking the shots probably i'd still problem beat not going to say that but looking before the fight i'm going to make them fight my fight if i fight their fight is a good chance or going to beat me so i went in and basically you have to fight this fight in order to meet me and this was my strength i was stronger than most of the guys i fought gazetted good strengthen conditioning programme maya actually whose outside caustic i don't was strengthened initiative the trial may police in canada so he knew a lodgings amazing so i was the strongest sky that i've ever i haven't seen any one who is really stronger than me in the ring so i went in there and i fought my fight good coaching paul men ass good coaching so everything was just on point for me now do you do any visualization did you do any changes that naturally nothing planet
just be driving my car and i'm thinking about how it feels to win and how i'm gonna win and it just happened naturally and then i blocked it off i didn't even think about it the last thing you want to do is go to your bed at night and think about a fight terrible you then you like ocean what if i get knocked out all men everyone's watching me whose watching this illegal yet scarcely you gotta learn to be able to block it off i think that's where my teaching job helped a little bit because when i was in my teaching job i really don't think of the fight deal with it after you get us a lush fighting is a lot of stress a lot of guys can handle it and there is a lot guys you see i'm paths that are incredible these guys could wit pads kicks punches one of the most beautiful display of technique on pads you put them in the ring they just don't have it until too much anxiety too much stress that can handle that pressure so that's one of the biggest parts having that confidence in yourself that mindset i want to go
two i wore talking about would strengthen conditioning or like i said there's a philosophy that many are taking and emma may that the strength existing is more important during fight camp than actual fight training itself this about emma may though do you think that maybe the physical requirements of fighting five minute rounds and in a lot of the grappling clinching which is just unbelievably gruelling on your body do you think that that's that there's different physical requirements that sport maybe then kickboxing unease is different it's a different that different if i were to turn role minute in jiu probably gasped out like i wrestle around some time just as a joke in and survive the father my niece nephews one of the pioneers in canada for presenting jiu jitsu i richard monkey nan coup and he just been around in my whole life my role for one minute i'm gasped in i can't do it but if i if they could boxes me for one minute can't handle it either at so as what you prepare for it
you're that marathon runner and you try to swim five lanes and the boy you're done totally different energy systems but i have to say i amazed different demands on the body it's a totally different demand on the body you need to be able to wrestle and stand up and be explosive which is really difficult to do do you were forced to yourself getting involved any more deeply and emma may i like you i would love to i just waiting for a guy that guy that's going to really go out there and this is georgia beer obviously but the hoping to one day obviously have a build a good in a group of guys were fighting in the eu of sea so i would love to have that that's the the ultimate goal to like be able to import your knowledge and some have enlargement up for sure and especially at the gym now i've been love in it then love i've a lot of those you have see guys our hopefully sing videos in his drills at imposing what i can have to offer and if you get there so many times
i watched you assume like if this guy had a little bit of you know me how'd you know and i'm sure they have great coaches but they just need that little extra and i think this is also such a cool time for fighters to be able to hear these words from guys like you and to be able to easily excess those videos at your pudding and all these striking breakdown the guys like lawrence kennedy and are putting up in all these other people it's amazing time in as far as like the amount of information that you get four fighters and people have to use it yeah and it's a lot of pride to write it's it's tough sometimes i even with a lot of the the fighters that are approaching i give tips to when you're at a higher level you think you know everything and that's kind of like you said we're just very humble that way where he can kind like allow and x knowledge ending that's important a lot of guys can they think they're just then and everything that's terrible mindset i think you're totally right and i think that
there's no way like you what you were saying about if you want to be a very good emma there is no way you're gonna be the best at everything it's impossible so when you a guy like george you know one of the few four things about him was that he was aware of where his limitations lie he was aware of where a strength were any he knew how to put it all together i always talk the fighting is if like it's a language because i think that you know a lot of people know how to use words alot of people know what the words are beginning string them together eloquently and that's the things that i see like when i'm watching that fight with many baghdad when you throw it combination left up to the body low kick it's like it's a beautiful following sentence and allow always your expressing yourself expressing yourself in that good way of putting thus i was talking to someone was matt emory today we did fighter interviews before i came so are there things they were saying fresh in my mind but he was saying it's like its human
your everyone knows what fighting is you can really watch two guys and now you can say who's winning who did more damn and you can see a like is it's like looking at the word on the page but once you know how to read it becomes a totally different game it's not just words on a page anymore now that's good way of putting it yeah it's some it a beautiful thing man it really is fighting is like nothing out it's so hard making when you see someone get devastated and smash like be japan did against your rodrigo but on the other hand so beautiful when you see what year was able to do to a legend like be j made such a fighting in all forms of their its boxing my tie kickboxing may it's to me one of the most engaging things for some one to one would you want to fight in the usa if you could now first farm oldest fuck but in your prime
if i was competing still when the you have see was around i probably would have done something but also when the euro first came around it was like one white class when i stop fighting was in nineteen eighty nine those alas kickboxing fight that i had and that was there was nothing and there was no money in it and i was getting headaches to just from sparring i did not spar smart i spotted meet had style and now i just i know a lot more today than i ever did then as far as i consequences in what's important and how to learn better you know what i think is how knowing how to be i was gonna be obsessed with things and really like just just focusing on constantly all the time it was more frantic and frenetic it wasn't like calculated intelligent cashing in and learning just being obsessed silly training all that all of them but i think that you know
the things that were going we were learning now is the right way to learn what you were saying that some of the fighters are over trained you now and that so many fighters spar too hard and they feel like you're saying people think that hearing the paths and getting tired is good work it's tough though because when you have a fighters meant you gotta think it's easy to be outside and i could say it because i've been in it but when someone on the outsides as all these guys you know then to train harder they need to do more and more and more and when you fighting you should i gotta fight in three weeks you never think you're conditioning is good enough you could train every day all day your best effort and you never gonna think you're conditioning good enough you're gonna be like the day before the fire you ve done thing possible in your training you're going to go on and you're gonna second guess your conditioning you're going to wonder if you did enough you're going to want to shit i should have trained now why didn't i my sunday rest i should have been training i should be getting better but really you have to get to that mindset that in no you don't
need more all the time and that's why guys you're getting injured they're putting their bodies are not letting themselves rather than they're getting sick i bet you if you go on in and when you see shows in you ask every fighter on that card whose sick i bet you fifty percent would be sick well some sort of cold or infection or scientists infection most of those guys probably sick because our immune system is crashed from not eating cause billy training stress not sleeping like bet you more than half are sick with something absolute i'm sure i was always sick before type one dollar an and scientists for me every five had a scientist infection and i was even smart about my training i still got scientists infections did you monitor your heart rate do did you wake up in the morning and child ever really did that swamp steve maxwell told me said was very important to find out where you rat because when you're in shape those fine
we are running high rate as measured in the morning and if you wake up in the morning it's five to ten beats over what it normally is take the day off your buys fightin something and you might pollyanna and think that you just got pushed through but when you push through in those extra work that's when you break herself down is that that balance between being intelligent and being tough being disciplined but also being calculated and that's where i think your team is import and you have to have someone like i had it in my camp but if you look at four for us and try so we use that doesn't have a he monitors everything so he probably look the georgian says you know george a little off today from the way george comes he probably knows already how is his mood is he is he angry right now is he cranky is he snappy with his words at what's he doing you know because you've been around the fighter so long that it's there like my coaches has kids time take the day off was not an amateur knows they take the day off and then i'll take a day off come back in a beating it in the jim the next day
where i would suggest continually beat down a body and never really recovered and got better rightly so like you would come any you'd feel kind of flat you black fuck desire to push through the air was sometimes is important to push through it but other times when you know you're at that level it's ok gotta pull yourself that seen us a crazy thing about fighting in training and learnt in votes with your mind yeah i mean it's it's such a lean you might be able to do it and pull it off and it might not be the right way but it might be successful until you do it that way every time may have own fighters tell me there's no such thing as over training in unlike well that's crazy does is deaf you're not training hardened folders definitely such a thing is over training layers lotta guys i've done it if your constantly steady with your training will you not training right you better be getting yourself to the point in your training everyone was asking i trained once a day and only once a day and ever and saturday's i would shrink twice but the morning was a strength strength training
then the night was kickboxing now when you say during training like worded dunbar while i would i would do might only depending on the day would do a push a pull down a lower body to lifting waits lifting way to strengthen was always was lifting ways and i used wait training so for example i would kick box like monday and tuesday just once a day but that our half session i left everything when i hit the bag i couldn't hit ten rounds of bag because after round three on gas than putting all my forest my energy i'm training for a nine minute fight and not training for a marathon so you need to train proper energy system in order to be the most successful and that's kind of that anaerobic system of constantly pushing yourself letting yourself we are pushing yourself letting yourself recover from constantly that's why i never ran a day in my career you never ran ever ran a day in my career wow i didn't not hit the road a day in my career why that's shocking to allow people mean led everyone
everyone who hears that you're not you're crazy i said why give me one good reason why i can everyone is if you need that time to reflect if you need that time to mentally prepare yourself but what does it do for you in the are you ever gonna run ten cayona in a fight its spread writer you see you see you know you know ports and in doing take ten k runs every morning he might were to loosen up and stay relax what there's other ways of doing it you ve mentioned it like a shadow boxing instead of going for a ten k run shadow box for twenty minutes you going to the ring and shadow box envision your opponent i'm fighting miss daniels i'm gonna pressure fight raymond daniels so i'm gonna shadow box for twenty minutes in the ring like i'm pressure fighting raymond daniels mentally focusing list i am using the right energy system because i can pick up my
intensity as much as i want if i'm if i just want to stay loose i just one point i might not even pandemic is used my foot work within the ring to kind of just set my mind set my feet but there's so much different ways you can skip you can you know sometimes i do light training on the bag i'll do some light rounds on different bags to warm up my hands in my body and in that but i never ran too much damage you're running shins planes the damage on your joints and it didn't hit the end gee system you hidden fighting so why do it that's right the interesting because you always had a very high out pit work output and your fight and you have very good endurance in your fights everyone thought there was a secret i said i trained hard in an hour a half i trained hard when i hit the bag i hit the ban i wasn't looking around at the time looking at how much time left on the clock i i hit the bag if i knew
i was doing if i was working something technicolor drilling it's different right but when it's time to work you gonna put the work and you got to be able to cut out all the distractions that you have and it doesn't matter or what you have to do after it doesn't matter what's going on in your day if your girlfriend her boyfriend broke up with you or whatever the frigate as you gotta be focused and you half an hour and a half to do it now when you see mme fighters that are due putting into a days are regular sometimes three what are you do you think of that i think it's ok for doing it right i mean you'd emma may there's more things happening right so if you do our role in the morning you know it kay but you're not gonna go the hardest rolling you have and then hit the hardest strengthen conditioning you have and then at night do your heart is kickboxing session there's no play the next day your act we putting a hundred percent more energy and no sessions so much we sometimes and if they're doing three says they might put sixty percent in each session
you're never really hitting that last forty percent which is probably the place you wanna be you want to be in that place where you're not comfortable you wanna be in that place where you're tired because that's what fighting is getting yourselves to that point you want to throw up after you know it is they say it's your your mind gives up before the body does so you're tired and you start to feel that lack to cast it in you shut down they say to your brain shutting down forcing you have some time to keep going so you gotta prepare your mind to be able to withstand that if you hitting bag for ten rounds in your looking around your fucking around like what are you doing you can't unless you're working on technique or warm up but you have everything has to have a purpose i don't believe in doing something that doesn't have a purpose what
i think that i really like about the way you drill and one things like about the way chatterbox is that you do everything like you're in a fight everything guard is high of two stance is perfect for work is perfect when you say that you lift waits like what kind of late weightlifting we doing once a week if it's the basics butter most effective so i would do i always squatted squatting is very important why things why so important lower body when you and everything in in athletic let movement comes from the lower body you have to have strong hips you know you're glutes gotta be firing at a level and you know when you punch when you kicked everything comes from your lower body and that's what people want that's all you squatting heavy we're going lightweight low a high wraps depends what phase i'm and if i was in high purchasing phase i was probably doing ten sets of ten on a lower wade as i was in power strength phase i was doing five sets of five as i was more the explosive phase i would do more of like five sets of three and then i'd maybe
superseded with an explosive john for standing long job aura in skaters style move but i'd always use it at sprint saunders one times are overdue in five heavy explosive squats and then what line up on the track right after my set and i would do like ten yards sprints just to work that explosive near so our whole point of getting strengthen to explosives so kind of running you believed it was just that little bright not but not jones i would really like once or twice in a cab otherwise i know my central nervous system was shut down no showed once or twice in a camp i would do a very often even that sled running all the government prowler pears and sleds if i did that i'd be at a commission for a week because my body would just take a beating and then i would i wouldn't be able to function and do what i really had to do which was kickboxing right so it had to have a purpose i would do it as mental test for myself i would do
as you know my waits not coming off right now holding a lot of water let's run the sleds use that as that more than just constantly you're running the proud everyday you're nervous systems taken a friggin beating right now what about nutrition like what what did you eat how did you are i was i wasn't super calculated as people are today with counting their macros and microbes and i that's too like it and i don't believe in over complicating things i love the basics i believe in the basics so i never over complicated things i knew what good carbs and bad carbs i knew good timing went to eat i knew things i should be eating when but i never the cow did how many calories i was eating in my day i just knew through experience it just came through experience practicing and playing around with my body there's no cookie cutter in our approach to it so like what would it a good meal be like for dinner it would always be
and we'll have a little bit of protein a little bit of carbs and some vegetable there's always has the three first what i was doing when first i do find a carbon make you fat carbs make you fat like everyone things that everyone wants to die the first thing they think they have to do is cut the carbs up but now there's all this new research about fats and how important is intermittent fasting and how important is tag to keep a high fats in your dazzled gotta guys are doing the avocados oaths and cocoa at is the kind of i get that fat but i just like the balanced meal i'd rather lower my protein have a good carbohydrate which is my first line of energy so i solidarity lot of sweet potatoes keen wise baked potato no sometimes did you say environments not much a mega threes usually that's about it i take an electrolyte after training that's about
nothing crazy now what about much do anything from god tells you say i but i wasn't the guy that if i knew how to fight i cut weight from eight weeks out it wasn't my k i'm gonna just eat like sharing no i'll deal with it not weeks out my diet started with my cat rise you try a really very fat i wouldn't want to lose two pounds a week anything more than two pounds a week's becomes unhealthy right so i'd get to about ten to twelve pounds the week before my fight that was at once i was there that last week was our water and did you do any lie gum deep tissue massage or ice bass or anything like that that yeah but not it wasn't a big focus i did a lot of rolling out stretching that kind of thing but i like absence all bad right i love that some people are obsessed with deep tissue though i know guys i get deep massage every day after training and you ve done that the cairo i said quieter while there that's it i like i love it you never done it
i haven't done it you i'll do it i'll do it was due to their dig you done are you love it here for job this little girl just generally of our call it is like how the fuck is this i wasn't going to try it i gotta try but never really tuna fisheries both europe and how are you can i minutes three minutes we'll do a man and a half they won't let you are more than a mile and a half for the first time what much of this agenda sam soft and allow for anyone just the rule the second time you'll do a dialogue you goin for three minutes i've done three forty songs have ever done those last thirty minutes was it three minutes if heller's at three minutes of its not fun it's james you done it was a legitimate describe it does not really claustrophobic using the word khazars was kind of you can get in that your your heads above and you can still talk of this kind is not like your hand and we too yeah you're in a year and a meat locker essentially word they the look would nitrogen calls the oxygen it's not you know that woman it
i'd in vegas you know that story will she ass she said to herself and apparently he was cut short and arm the her mouth was both lo the outer lip and so she was breathing in the liquid nitrogen and you can't that's like and choked out you have no oxygen so she just fell asleep and she frozen down and they found her the next day frozen silence you this is the kind i would say that heads yeah that's the kind of day that most p we'll do or your head is out and you're bodies freezing but so much fun she's having that she's having agreed haven't glassy than that she's doing and add the kind i do if you go to trial healthcare jamie though kai we do you have to wear a mask you were like surgeons mask over your face you wear earmuffs you are gloves and you where slippers you were socks and then you were like rubber crocs and you
you step in there and you're inside a chamber and save lives images tickets to see what it have we done that sensory deprivation stuff i've won my basement love it i do not all time now giant if you're claustrophobic bad somewhat so don't even think about it it's not the best thing for people were kloster phobic but cost her phobias psychological see that's already see these guys you that's other dressed and that your mouse in them them they face masks and so you go in that one chamber that's on the right that's where you take off the robe and then he stepped into the wall turn on the left and that one is the one we freeze your dick off so you'll do in a little bit when taking over there do about a minute and a half in there loved him and i just want to know about it could people he basket me it's great well doktor run patrick who actually on tomorrow whose a huge proponent of both sauna and cold shock therapy
and she believes that heat shock proteins and cold shock proteins like that you get from sauna and then you get from crile therapy they provide your body with some incredible anti inflammatory responses and your body thirdly when you go to assign your buys freak out by one the fuck it so hot if you do it in a controlled environment for a certain amount of time your body produces these he chalk proteins that are really beneficial for yahoo and so she believes in the sauna like she think there was a study that she was talking about where the sauna showed a fifty percent rob in mortality across the board from all things whether it's from cancer does these all these different things like the people who regular did sauna had such a healthy response to that sauna having those inflammatory markers reduced in the bud there
using the sort of forty seven times for weak associate with over forty percent forty percent lower all cause mortality that's crazy am i was really something that tim ferris is a book now called tools of the titans and he someone he i guess he he has his own pod ass to someone just very good for me and he basically talks to all top people are in their field and so he wrote a list of like all the tipps of that these paul suggested and a lot of them was on sign baths and never really got it too much of the science behind it but these in opium in this field resents the sauna three times a week as we want the best things you can do for yourself yet which he was writing their age as p that's what she's talking about he chalk proteins and i bet you could probably right produce that with a hot bath that's what hs p
side of keens to the eu to also what you're getting from crile therapy you're getting these these anti inflammatory responses and dumb i think you promise would you get it from hot yoga to cuz i ok you get so fucking hot lead love it i loaded it took a little break but i'm starting again it's amazing amazing for flexibility but did you with your class i was an hour and a half year long long sought the last fifty murder bullshit last already there sit out lay down or southern i sit up like i am dying its total you devilry get used to it though but in icy like girl they go to my place it'll take two classes and aroused i feel like such a pussy s ears are there for three hours i've seen in their struggle to find this old lady beside killilea i have these a little for block it down and ever was his laugh and you can see other mere student the mirrors make it work
then i feel the whole place there and i was rather than looking at you this fuckin muscular nexus sixty year old ladys get a foot above her head that's when i went with that when i was going to my ex girlfriend salon the lot of the old ladys would go up your boy for their so queue for trying wake i was dry my eyes because of an act we met him i'm not letting his old lady be able to do this shit i'm standing here struggling are you crazy what it's like you you talkin about before if you took a marathon run and then put him in a pool be dying million aptly manner going to trial hours even competitive garlic if sweating extra from trying so hard i was taught by love it and you know what i feel from you and especially from the last year will have been really consistent whether as an i feel like all the like this lots of things at a really good for your body i think lifting waits is good for you but if you do correctly if usher martial arts all sorts of training is good for your body but i feel like what you
oh god does for your balance and for all the things that can act like for your ass in your spine i've never done anything where i can feel my back pop loose likely like there's things you do were you in yoga where you were you bend down and you reach behind your heels and you talk your hands under your heels here and then he straightened your legs i hired thereby flattened to your pulling your body apart with your legs like you literally pony your spine apart you hear gulf thump dunk dumped amelia itself good for you and you leave like like my back is always like from all the years jujitsu this always like a pain is always like a softer than nagging as always but yoga eliminates almost all edge because even when i was doing it like i realized how much scar tissue and should have developed in my joints even if my arm like i can't fully straight in my left arm and there is the one we have the kind of put your pink
together and lay on your arms yeah really help stretches out and unlike other stuff not good and then i'm sitting on the couch at home and like i'm sitting in positions of others like my legs are cross dolphin mckinnon across my leg and here i am logan i got mine my gandhi here with my leg super folded and half although this is crazy and i loved it since then i will inconsistent with it but i said i'm gonna be a yoga practitioner for life beautiful yards great for mobility and for fear that just wanna be healthier it's it's this the ability to use and move your body it's amazing the problem arises that negative stereotypes who had so gay to do yoga do it now try it i know it's where that has stirred why it's so stupid credible i love in it it's one more under estimated things in terms of its difficulty factor in our just very underestimated dealing a fighter should be doing it
think what you were saying about you can only do so many things is very important which i think will be one of the reasons why you're philosophy about only working at one time a day no running i think i will obviously worked out great yet amazing successor the fighter and obviously you're endurance was spectacular your output was spectacular you were an aggressive press fight or so when you say that the sort of measured approach to training i think it's very interesting some of them i've got my ass kicked the most in jujitsu after took yoga yoga in the morning and i went to train at night sky of work and show they say you have to like give some time off for me i body is so lose the other thing as they say you don't wanna overstretched muscle could then you take it out of that ultimate arranged the fire i don't know if you really overstretched things i don't know if that's true i know what you're saying i know they say they say that it is a hurricane lotteries retrenching like so bore laura i don't think that's why i don't think that necessarily make sense i think where that where it
expenses you shouldn't stretch out before you do explosive things they used to think you should now they think you good warm up and get your body sweaty and loose but that an actual stretching while you re stretch something out you actually lessen the amount of power that nuclear energy of those muscles but i always feel like full mobility i mean outside of that i think that's where the argument has i think it's obviously correct as there's been research to back it up but i don't think there's any research that shows that like being able do a full split in any way will take away you're taking power right think about the amount of power that a lot of these guys can generate that are really flexible i think if there's any might be a trade off like maybe you makes you a little less powerful but a little more mobile and then you could generate more power and fillmore more power up and still keep that mobility thou be optimum but i think there's probably a middle round there that you need to re air what do you think of
i know george saint pierre came and made gymnastics block and then conor macgregor with that movement which are taken that movement i think footwork is critical and oh mamma i think it's really important to be able get out of the way and move in as fast as possible it's one thinks for connor spectacular at connor so good at sliding backsliding back back and is also there's also a totally different philosophy that some apart of striking with those little tiny gloves it's much more difficult to put yourself up in it well i mean the way you would fight was so fucking class are really not kiss your ass anymore this last time but i really loved how you were so solid rock solid with your defence fundamentals chin talked gloves a pie was very hard to get through that that doesn't necessarily work the same way and am america's guys can sneak punches through its little higher notches around but i still think you have to have that as a base i think you're right no matter what you're going to get in fight exchange and
guys are good at closing distance ministerial it's better to at least hey i'm gonna leave and exit with my hands are rather environment exiting the my hands on a percent so don't gridlock and again the way i throw it in i can still make work in emma may because one of the tricks that i teach my may guys is instead of keeping out front arm penned you keep it up here so if it covers the center to lifting your front of and high ranking it in this way your elbow now covers the centre line right now it's harder for straight punches man you gotta you gave me a straight pines and i put my elbow in front the block the centre line if you put your two knuckle on an economic level my elbow rather have jobs you can really manipulate that front elbow to be able to kind of use that defence and i'd have make make it work but again i still believe in movement there is another issue in him and made to his broken hat breaking hands lotta guys breakdowns those little gloves but when
you did all school martial arts how did you train well you know what then there's a lot of guys my friend john was not about this my friend john lee who is u s national type or no champion he used to punch bricks and he had one knuckle like his his two knuckles forged into this one giant callous knuckle seeing those old like so yama guys is as old school one dealing knuckle anymore but there but then i heard that that should super bad as you get older like guarantee i massive arthritis you can't your own name anymore so i'd i'd i played around with doing some i work with no loves i my wraps on sometimes mostly just and avoid the scraping the cutting but i'll hit the bags with with no gloves and i'll literally hit my hand on different angles for example sit there and i'll hit the side are backface that you need that that like i said
earlier in the park ass you need to strengthen every need to strengthen all those little parts and so i wanted my last instagram videos i said add waited just a one pound or to town pound dumbo to your share boxing because again you're you're you're working those little joints he might not necessarily work like if you have those done bells and you rotate your hands in a circle you're going to failure elbow work at different movements in from ways at help strengthen the joints along those lines minor things up at the end from shore you ever squeeze hand grippers ranking like that not really lotta geyser into that too and gotten more into that lately they this is that old school years company called captains of crush they make ones that are like a hundred ninety seven pounds to squeeze they make em up other things go even heavier than that but i have ones at home that are one forty one sixty i keep my car unjust can you know especially for
but if you're jujitsu though that develops naturally yes it does develop naturally but that's that accentuates duffel accentuated and hanging hang from your hands like from china bar you know what my judges got my jim loves it he's like man he's you got a hang ehrlichman get out of here he's literally hanging and those like he says what is done for his joints is then incredible yet i wasn't precision older jack that's what i'm sand that's another steve maxwell thing he brought up on this pod cast about being able to loosen the shoulders up and alleviate alot of the impinge means through hanging and people interested in this listening to have if you have a shoulder injury there's a bunch of videos of on line of a while they explain it another thing and i until recently was bottoms up kettlebells you know like this is a care about here and when you most tommy hold a kettle valued hold it like this guy well when you hold it the other way you hold it like this you really have to share your developing like real stability
in your shoulders that you dont ordinarily it's more like a stability as not link is hard to hold it up you know like it's out as though the weight itself not that hard to live like this iron man kettlebells with forty pounds was actually talking about those that eight oprah whitney miller yeah he's with glory now i guess you earlier usa issues honouring us of ashes telling me years and years friends i love these things but bought up kettlebells doesn't have to be an iron man any kind it waits of very weird it how hard it is to bounce in play its wirelessly yoda reality yeah some those poles when an you're on your ball your foot balancing on one leg yeah the strongest i tabled in the world not a chance warehouse act with his how my feet would hurt when it start getting any yoga montgomery feeder fucking currently like when you do standing bow pose my feet would be shaped like this it's so weird it's such a weird
weird little muscles that you don't think you're getting by god i've been kicking things for ever am i think have to be strong so back to that movement would you like i move is i do and i dont but his we are saying about yoga like i think you made a really good point like you can't do everything and probably wind up doing too much you want to but i think that there's something to the ability to move your body and it's one thing to eighty bravoes brought up many times what we we have seen over the last few years is break dancers gotten into mma or gotten to jiu rather and they're fucking phenomenal mean two of eddies best students ritual tina and geo martinez are if i can break dancers so these guys are ridiculously deck stare there there dexterity ridiculous so they can like stand on one hand and have the other hand up in the air the feeder up in a span they could spin on their head and raising unbelievable ability to move their bodies and
translates directly into grappling they learn so quick like i had heard about these guys they were just starting he's like dude these guys they ve been doing jujitsu for three they're fucking choking everybody might that's crazy like i'm telling you it's like just makes sense you you're taking move body in a way that you can't move your body and i think there's mobility and ability to arm to effectively manner billy your body in a way that alien to other people i think has significant advantages and i think that comes from what that eat open dull guys doing and i think that comes from yoga i think that comes from a lot of these break dancers but it's a matter of like how much time do you spend doing that and it is something that you start doing when you're twenty eight when you're ready professional fighter as a world champion or this thing you need to do when you're fifteen and you you're crazy kid fuckin around school and you get really good at it and then you translate that ability to global scale now you're used to standing on vague all the times for europe
thirty one year old i looked back when i say what i have done if i knew i was gonna end up as a professional fighter what what done from a young age in order for me to improve to where i was out here you're take on so what would you do as it get i'll give an example one i think i would have done gymnastics from a young age great great thing to say my otherwise dancing it's great thing to yeah that's great thing that's why think chris brownsville fuck ups eligible told you i think the ability to move your body in omen inability to move it really well i mean i notice that going from ticonderoga jujitsu and i had great balance transferable scale yeah you're used to standing on one leg all the time so your ability to maintain our position is much better than someone who is not and i does that even translating directly into yoga but i think it depends on what kind of fighting you're trying to do like if i wanted to get an anime one of things that i tell people is that wrestling is probably the most important skill
the ability to get the ability to take where the fight takes place that was gigantic key to the success of your saint pierre and success in many many fires and all so the success of many strikers is their defensive wrestling their ability keep the fight standing so if you have the ability to take a guy down and you have the ability to make sure he doesn't take you down then you can better dictate where the fight takes place so i think and i it's also a skill that's really that's that translates so incredibly well when you learn early in life but striking is the scariest shit and said writing is also something that i think there's a diminished effectiveness in learning when you get older there's something about i've seen people that didn't start doing jujitsu until their thirty hundred and thirty they do develop belt skills is very slow petersburg restless gray is a good answer judges is just starting aids
gee drinks do much if i saw that us and the many strain and we train visa he gets after many gets tired i love him i love that got a death but back to the question about try it depends on what you want to do so what do i care the usa striking i think i think footwork and movement the ability to get in and out in our like when you look at guys who are really good at not being there when there are their opponent attacks when you look at like other guys who have fantastic foot workin i think maybe you want to be a striker i think really just working i think what you're saying about your your training regimen that you would essentially use running into all these different things are you focusing entirely on what you will do in action
fight so maybe you didn't do anything wrong maybe did a perfect hats who knows when it works man i don't know i just think like you said people doing way too much and that's the problem and they're not things have to have a purpose like my strange training there's all these new tools and these new fun things like hey let's do this crazy exercise where i'm doing a deadline into a squat into some shoulder press wants you dead lift do it well and they want a jew squat do it well and they wanted to shoulder press and do it while in a safe proper manner theirs it doesn't have to be over complicated and then people trying to overcome look and that's what kind of takes away from their successes over complicated and when you also agree that it depends entirely upon the kind of body that a person was born with like something a little genetics is here he adds giant and its is sort of like the inescapable factor someone has genetic advantages in how they just they just wind
i gave in say power heading i don't know how you can teach someone they hit harder but there's just ills naturally guys who can just knock you out the day one yellow natural hitting ability can teach someone a hit like george foreman no it is it is what it is no matter how much you turn your shoulder any put your hip into a united isn't a crazy to that effect and tell by looking at someone just some people you would get them and they don't look like a big puncher but there murderous is he noted a lot of those tall guys they have that stiffness in that it's a stiff power that's really tough sometimes like a stiff power but it hurts what's a mechanical advance now that leverage which also translate test jujitsu giant advantage introduce you to have long limbs it stuff like it i like you back to long point from before but i became my best as a marshall otters with color commentary you have to know everything you have to be able to you have to watch a fight and
you have to be able to assess instantly what's going on how they're doing it you are on the fly you dont have time right so you have to be able to pick things up quick and now i'm at the point where i can look at as soon as they get into their stance ability ok you gotta do this this isn't this what to when you can tell like when a guy's gonna kick there comes a right kick you just see it you see that back he'll come up he seemed lean and a little bit or especially when the guy's got spin as the big either way i said i left him turn a little that's in insteps you see it you see it how do you think would you be a good coach if i was invested and if i would be the best coach that i could be for sure that's why regionalized unleashing a start reaching gonna start doing stanhope comedy because i wasn't being a very good teacher anymore just because even put the time and effort into it wasn't where my head was my head was now i was you know there was no i guess so there was no money in fighting when i was writing there is nothing and so in lhasa
you are a boxer you were going to make any money that was before fear factor yeah way before so there was a actually no way to have a career other than teaching and so when i we're getting into stand up comedy i realize like beggar talked into a magazine train with when i started doing i realize oh wow like i could make a living doing this this is actually there's a real path does but i know that make a living doing this what's fighting is broke or the slurring their words and i guys from the gym that would be in gym wars all the time and now they're all fucked up i don't want to know where they parked their car there's a lot of she was gonna the fuck out of me so when i started getting into comedy i quit teaching and i suffered by actually because of it but i would rather do that at the time my mind was i would rather suffer financially then give anybody half assed coaching job in so
coaching emma may i think is one of the most difficult things and all sports in our own eye but i'm sure coaching kickboxing i would for very similar in that regard and now you're so invested in your students there's so much yeah i'm in it and it's so you're you're either snuff then you can do you can train them as much as you can but you gotta let them go and they get into their rang again in into cage unlike you know and hope that are all comes together with the other problem i find with mme is a lot of cultures is too many coaches i find you have a lot of these guys have a boxing coach that's telling him to box a certain way then all of a sudden they're going k i got to do my time now so they have a moytie coach is now telling them to do more tie this way then all of a sudden hey we got to do spinning shit so let's do it was here so now all of a sudden you have three different coaches all telling you to do diff
things are now this poor fighters gonna go to the ring you might not know you might know everything from all of them but what are you they do you gonna get confused that's where again basics are important that's why i don't think you should over complicate shit so i know if a job i know i'm gonna do it i'm not i don't have time to sit and medical care i know i can perry i know i can slip i know i can time with the local you have to know and i think with too many too many coaches are complicating ship for these guys where they think they have to hit all of these things so they're going all these different cultures in its way over complicated these include you listen to you how do you listen to which way is the right way which one is the wrong way my box and gorgeous we need to turn my heel out my kickboxing coach is telling me to keep my front foot pointing forward which is the right way it good good point i think that's where guys like mad hume guys like for us a hobby that's why they're so our lives is their overall mme coaches and all
i think it's really important about guys like math and for us is that both those guys are highly accomplished marshall artists in all disciplines so they really know how to put it all together like ferocity blackmail jujitsu an outstanding strikers he knows how to combine all those things together there that's so critical jackson was of the same way the name i mean there's others maybe a dozen of them on the planet and that's problem if you're not near many of those and you start out with someone and then that coach becomes like a mentor figured you and then you realize all my coach is kind of limited in a lot of ways very difficult to separate yourself is hard to see that yes and it's got you can't be a fighter who you put all your trust into this man to help you than almost any like always lacking thing yeah like i remember with mitch kenya he came to many was like he had a guy working with them all the time and i was just the like i go to his friend who asked me to help him with his trifles a man
i don't know if i can help this guy just so bad technically at this point i'm like it's a lot of work i have the duty to kind of fixing clean things up and in that's my way but he was oh good at just being a beast and carrying that he was successful but when i showed him my way of putting things is like i wish i learned this earlier i wish i had this and then there was kind of something and you can kind of get angry about amendment no one of the ways like so many years with this guy with this the way it should have been done from the beginning yeah me obviously people are limited geographically as far as like having a good coach near them but i urge anybody listening to this to put the research and before you join a jam it so harder to unlearn something that is to learn it then so when you have like one of things that i would deal with and teaching taekwondo is guys who came from other martial arts that didn't know how to do certain things correctly like they had their knees
be down they didn't lift the knee above the hip they didn't get real power and anything they never worked with a kicking bag the network of the heavy baghdad's done stuff in the air and so didn't have any power and so to try to read teach them and like they did when they would get tired if the same thing foot need down everything else screwed screwed up like no no you to go even you're tired to get a stick to the proper technique and if you would fall into what you learn first it's tough yes tough and any you you always want to trust that person because you can't you have to and that a lot of the fighters confidence comes from their coach yeah so you have to but kind of hard it's very hard it's hard to find that balance and its also if ever relationship that coach will you like them that's that's hard to say word if haven't mme fight where would you go man is putting on a smart now but i think those guys you talk or our we're hierarchy mad hume
those two guys are in my opinion like cream the crock dupe route duke rufus in i think you would have to do it have someone also that sees what you do well and so this is obviously a primary base you're really good at this so its work on all these other aspects too but this wearing it i take this away from you and turn you nor ressler down any fight a railroad locked up its mean it's such a creative approach because you creating a fighter meat someone in your putting all the tools together new helping them helping bold them but then it's also up them to it's up to them to be improvisation inside the ring or the octagon into figure out how to put those things together everyone's get their own little styron their own approach you know a lot of the differ says like i mean just because i do something differently than someone else doesn't necessarily mean their way is the wrong right right of course i'm going
believe my system is the best system and the way but not to say it's the only way now there's no only way what i love by you have to be open to know that there's other ways and that's where i was i've been touching around on the have you read the book of five rings yes and he talks will you have to know your weakness is you have to know other arts in order to make your art in style the best that's massaging ass my the tattoo in writing it i am i had only read one page at a time because unlike you're gonna sit there gotta reflect on it and while he was a deep due to me he killed sixty people saw their one on one combat miyamoto lusatia you on the greatest our eyes ever and during a weird phase in history he was a ronan travelling around sword fights crazy and really doing calligraphy and art he opened my mind to this idea that you have to be balanced in order to be effective in combat you can have any holes in your mental game and one of the ways to not
of holes in the mental game was that he would approach everything as like art everything you do whether you at writing your name whether you are in our filling out a form driving you're caught one note no cars back than others but everything that you did you do with excellent now where's that motherfucker sure i'm loved it gets a deep grannie talk about and you look at it you can look at yourself sometimes you again and the modern day of some of the stories you does it i did that in a different way you know and i think that really cool for me to scenery yeah it translates you know this guy live that life and there's just a different time yeah and then sat down and tried to relay the information that you have accumulated over this life of fuckin people up what sort of a random question i dasso that fighting true or false was it real story that you wanted to fight wesley snipes
it wasn't my idea it was because i always wanted to know about their there was ever a story one of the original produces the yossi camel mclaren body mine i did a reality show where was it i did combat to submit i was a guest styles guess coach on it but there still doing that show there still having fights you know it's he still putting on finally schools as one of the guys that idea was like a guest kickboxing coach on the show now faced with glory daniel more alice yeah while that's awesome man s cool experience till he came to me with the idea is wisely snipes had tax problems that's what it was see our would have i was gonna yeah would have been a u have cease action now not interested who else and that's all i ask their lives they should i ask them or not but i got ass though he had a martial arts background i know he did a lot of rotting in our no he was a good kicker like he could tell agreed throw punches in kicks it he knew how to execute techniques but he never fought you know
had no jujitsu at all zero well good luck was he thinking about taking a user wherein we wish we had lawyers we sign contracts are we had negotiated contracts aren't you an unlawful character and the usa lockable lockable yeah yeah on lockable would that allows away right you can unlock the out character its aware that you have to do some weird fuckin thing to do it you have to do that was found their economic growth at the ethic of well known code you how did it get you on the game yeah you could do that you can unlock me do you fight as you know i don't want to operate in a way that they do have a problem with my brain i can't get involved in games i get this idea of an addictive personality i try to avoid all day things that are negative or way time that can be addictive you know it's crazy you have to know that it's crazy team
i've worked did so work with kids with special needs and i work allow with autism and i realize it like man these kids like just so sesar with certain things and routine and i sat looking at the people in my life and maybe we all have a little bit of that artistic traits in us in our like you have to be assessed for me to be a world champion i had to be obsessed with training you catches do it and beer hey look as these ought to know people living with autism they're just so obsessed with that one thing i have students who are so obsessed with like the train system and then all of us and they can't think of anything else but the trains is them you can try to and they'll tell you anywhere how to get in toronto they'll tell you which bus which way the most intelligent people you ve ever met but have you some a simple question they won't know it because they just don't care they're mine so focused on one thing in autism just beautiful and crazy at the same time i think it's beautiful to see
one so obsessed and not caring about other things and what their focus nine doesnt work in society obviously but there's sobs orbed in it i think back as i met a lot of us have these personalities to be but to be so obsessed and so routine they these guys these individuals without doesn't have to do everything in a particular way certain time a little bit of oecd in there i think to be successful things i have to have a little bit of personality yeah they can make incredible progress and that's one things that a lot of those people are recruited by silicon valley companies like specifically recruited because they know that they can achieve some incredible will provide great feats of success i must i like i have a student at my school are probably knows you have seen more than you right he's literally it's crazy whilst everything why replied or every name where there from what they do what their you name it he knows any wider any fighting in asking from one
a guy i'm me about this once in the argued that its potentially it's an evolutionary trade war watching is the next level of human intelligence were saying like real lips in leaps non reliance on emotion and that also he believes that this is that human beings are interacting more with computers than ever before and their interacting less with people and a lot of circumstances and he thinks that what you're saying is like this eventual transition between humans now and humans of the future things have changed stripping there's a fuckin pie galileo we gotta get out i gotta go take a freezing and i got a wrap this bitch up and go home but thanks rather precarious i'm so happy to be here find i'm happy if we finally get to lorry in los angeles this friday watch on you have sea fight pass to world title fides on it
israel at assign jason wellness not every robin very small and will be there i'll be there and if you haven't seen kickboxing this is your chance check it out again to you you'll become offence or and i want to talk to see our like i said without any further ado before even noticed and i said to myself say that timor one point time but i guess i've violated my own rules thank you nobody fortunate in hope you enjoy the podcast as much as i enjoyed talking to joseph thanks to caveman coffee gotta keep coffee seo dot com is the code were broken and save ten percent off of any other awesome coffee thanks to go to an end i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements saying to too many andy's my fate it under where you can get twenty percent off your first order and free shipping
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