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#906 - Henry Rollins

2017-01-26 | 🔗
Henry Rollins is a musician, actor, writer, television and radio host. He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and is a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia.
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hey you folks what's goin on ladies and gentlemen when i say that i say with love you maybe hey there's a first however this podcast has the first thing you say hey you fox and could be rude hopefully our growing you this episode podcast comedy dates that's right get those march third car theatre at the m p m in las vegas nevada with the goal pony tony motherfucking hinge cliff ashby a great time that is march third in las vegas novel i got shit go onto right april that's right a brawl twentieth for twenty i'm in portland at the arlene lean schnitzel concert hall
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guy in such a unique i add i don't think i've ever met anybody like him really enjoyed talk to him and the conversation went all over the place this guy just has boundless energy he is a real freak i truly enjoyed it and i think you ought to so give it up for him don't you have to give it up stop saying it ladies and gentlemen henry rawlins milk and eggs periods be blocked by one and we love henry rawlins we're alive all right i'll get you the one ear off that norton approach you he likes you have always done it this way second year the room and hear me as well keep your eye on the door
yeah so listen man i heard you on our issue fears park ass ours well my best music it would give a good guy i love that he's funny he is very fine we're doing his thing that club bright we tell the story he s an end i saw yours and i think i you like the month after you so i saw years on on the internet and then i did one and he's the tonight's now i met him this is not happening yet as it did you guys meet somewhere i yeah last year in august at the fringe festival he was doing like thirty it's there and i was doing like five and so i guess the agent said hey do this thing with our want shirt and so he let me in the lobby where i was staying any bro gear and we just did it it was cool because there is at noise you could tell you love you tell your revellers outside amid the hope that hope
scotland is full of people for thirty days it's amazing what was amazing is the way you're living your life man it's really fascinating i'll take you know and this the conversation that you guys had it is really blew me away because you're really doing it you know them like drawing you're really doing it like you pick a spot on a map and he just fuckin go there yeah you don't know anybody there now you go by yourself and you just can hang out see what happens here that's usually like sailed otherwise like lombard tour mongolia for five days or what for two days you get a tour guide just we can get the history like this museum not that one this temple not those two because whatever and what i was trying to do in a place like that is get the tour guide and break them and i like ok so tell me about the corruption in your government well sir we don't have any ma am you one more time and
by the afternoon they finally submit unlike ok and like i was in in mongolia the way by the end of the individual said you know what i i i called this guy he's like this total like in sir just like rebel guy he wants to meet you at the translator guess your he and his guys are starting movements in this country to overthrow the guy from it and he really wants to meet you i really want to meet him because their rebelling against the government whose selling out that country for the titanic in the copper all the mining i think too some ivanhoe some canadian extractive firm anyway we go in our out of town to some like spy bar with his nobody knew walkin ever like you must be on the up and up and i say this table with this guy just because i was able to take the tour guided like tell me everything and i'll do that a couple of days and try and get a real understanding of where i am and then i just leave
hotel or the tent whatever i'm staying in with my camera my backpack with some water and i d start walking i go well here's a street look at that slum or that village that suke or that bizarre in i go and so farm all ten fingers your work and i've been knew about a hundred countries in all seven continents and the only time have almost been killed which has twice was was america by comparison the rest of the world has been very friendly where are the places we are almost killed in morocco in california couple a time nearly starved to death and a guy shot me and my friend and he killed my friend but didn't kill me and so that that was real close that's real the rest of the world by comparison raoul pin in pakistan bhutto was assassinated she was killed in rawalpindi out in islam about the future down the road and i was there a week because they are port shutdown
no one outside everyday and no one they just ass well lost if i needed help getting back the photos like a journalist or embassy and not just a traveler and this basically sorry have to see our country in the state and like neither i don't get to judge and so i i've had i will experience all over the world run met by amazing generosity and kindness in humility and informs kind of how i comport myself but that's why try and do i i tried to live in eventful life i work at it is not by chance like you gimme some weeks off right now unclear i just with them my high rest jif file of the map of the world and i pick one country and go ok then i'll disco east from their life china mongolia baton to bet vietnam back to allay i honestly
do that why you're back this but what happened with your friend that in california is this was same sort of thing we just wanted to check out of place are no no no we were robbed in the guy started shooting and day the guy killed my friend in or put dish me and dismissed me very closely with that that big turning point in my life i mean that changed everything from his twenty five years ago but is it changes everything that you think about everything amended its ever i think everyone goes through trauma like that in their own way because it taps into everything you ever done in your life beforehand but that was not to be crossed thousand game changer but the bigger topic of like a day you're the world is a dangerous place as you know but at the same time i don't think it's to be feared consent you'll get anything done
live in america live in america where the roughest room i've ever been in what we're acoustic most fillies flyer game here we blood and teeth on the ice something we are because freedom we're very free and people just walk up and yet a smack i've never been to a country is free as america i've been countries that were way more hectic like don't had caught outside at night like go downtown nero we'll be aerial parts of russia qana scary discuss there live in hard but as far as a place where things can happen america's like easily they hear his please i've ever been data day real baghdad was into schools in iraq for a few days but that wasn't real house there are you are so trip so you just kind of capping out in the green zone why in this created this crazy thirst for travel this wanderlust that you ve got something always the combination of things when i was young i was born and raised in washington dc
live down the road from the national geographic museum with big whale in the front and the smithsonian whenever there is a snow day my mom she worked for the government downtown she'd like i get on the bus with her go downtown i spent the whole day at the smithsonian dinosaur bones astronauts you all you know what kind of stuff fascinating and my mom would save up her meagre pay and she would save a four year she's like art not so we'd goes hit the museums in italy go to museums in france go to see all the islands in greece go to england see the national museum wicked shakespeare saucers handwriting and so by the tunnel little kid i buy eleventh seven years old like fit greater thereabouts i've been to greece in italy in england and in different countries inside color wanted more that and when you grow up with national geographic magazine you look at the pyramids you look at the sinks and you i want to see that that doesn't look real
and eventually i did go to all those places you student from the six more than once in the great period in gizzard bigger than you think it's like you cut is this it hit me as you stare at all day have even recently i haven't been for a few years i've been there like three times i wanna go but it's the sketchy things about egypt right yeah yeah it is sketchy always be sketchy goes their gdp as you showing up and going to the pyramid that's like lust vegas but pyramids like you can see all you can see your hotel from the pyramid they may highway that goes from the closure of hotels right is like the guy a highway because i would you want to see the pyramid and so they take you right they're like seven minutes you're standing in for the things and people are he also you stuff i would go without has patient you would never problem i need to go buddy mine has been on the pakistani john anthony western is created these incredible dvd series called magical egypt
oh please i'm egyptologist like one of the most we have a lot new idea comes you can send your whole life to studying one dynasty there's so much now and as the casual fan the abu ask plenary going with with unfortunately just unfortunately with stage for cancer a lotta you may not know about that if you do know in here but you can google it but i put a link up afford to try to help them and it is not good he's an older gentlemen and he's been haseman trying to educate people on egypt for a long time because he's he's us scholar when it comes to ancient egypt blake and he's one of those people that actively trying to kind of rewrite the history of egypt as far as like how far back it goes through i've got some pretty rock solid evidence to point to the idea that egypt is
a civilization that was probably very very advanced many many many thousands of years ago and then some sort of unnatural cataclysmic disaster probably asked royal impacts or something like tat around ten thousand years ago so to reset society in civilization and then they rebuilt from their with whatever was remain its interest maybe they benefit from having denial denial of the year the waters richard nutrients where agriculture is huge and people lived good luck says here denial is its massive its those parts of it that are like still like a lake and then when you see it like an arm in north uganda south sudan like right when you cross the border you go across this river like your category five white water roaring stats denial somehow has a lot of different faces to now this this wanderlust that you have this like crazy touring thing where you just pick out a spot and how long you been doing
did conventional new isoude you a lot of rock and roll and rock and roll get ye all over europe japan australia new zealand places like that but i won't get it too egypt morocco tunisia mongolia necessarily and so in the nineties yon like anyone else in this business you do every interview and that's a pretty traveled i always have to say will caveat i've never been to the for the continent one day i went well why not and soil did some research what're you gonna do you gotta go get a bunch of shots like a lot of a major sit for a whole day they put so many vaccines into and so you got the what are the travel doctor and you shown what countries you're going to their will and they d line up syringes and they got either side of me and just like just like charlie horsing mean that both arms and is it now you're now eurasia to go so i just one i'm gonna go to kenya a minute go to must say more on the tanzanian border procedure
since zebras and lions and all of that and the messiah way with all that was great on went from their due madagascar trade i disagree a gas guy you better go so success not one deals on a flight from milburn sidney to perth go across australian of wiping out the map on the airplane magazine as its affairs madagascar i did not know i'd better go in it was one of the better trips i ever did i was at my office one day near the end of ninety ninety seven i think and i know black sabbath is getting back together with the original line up to do too shows at the birmingham any see in england so called share and i was born i said she i got this great idea i fly out and hang out with black sabbath embrued down with a band and go to ban practice never really good time and you put me on the guest list for the show and i hang out for free and is like the best hum of ever had no one she'd hang up on the agenda we call them and ask him if that's ok i already knew ass you but i do know the rest the guy's as you call me their daisies at all they think it's fine here's the address
let us know when to expect use i booked it i booked around my trip to africa so when usa london bus up today those with your practicing maxie no no two armies assistant came and got me so i hung out with sabbath at ban practice me in the band or ban rehearsals the best watch the shows that you reunion shows by at the sound board and then the next day i flew to kenya and so it is a good deal now a a good chunk of travel end up in south africa after all that and said to myself ok i'm gonna to africa once a year and i just start picking out different chunks of it as this going and that was twenty years ago then there are like one either sometimes while here and you'd never don't learn here call it the big book it's were you learn about life in death then you can learn at anywhere but you see
stuff you see people who suffer people have now food or water security like you and i we talk about retirement life insurance and vacation that a lot of there's no words or even ideas in their lives like hanging over some acholi people once uganda a few years ago and i translators dink a guy who spoke i guess whatever a truly people speak as it can you if have any wars in their language for life insurance retired and were vacation and the others retirement you get to all your kids take care of you but are they creation they said you leave somewhere and you come back why would you want to leave your home we're all your friends are in your family and you why would you ever do that or like life insurance like what the hell are you talking about and used meeting people who theirs of time and space is i've got a ball the sum rice in its like today i got from our we'll see where you and
i think ok december me to do this and we really have a realistic expectation of being alive and breathing in december and in your life you ve no doubt thought of ok when i retire or whatever that means to you money some kind of security up the road those parts of the world believe their entire like thirty seven years and theirs they rather die that kind of security they got the t shirt a stick in some shade and i try and not as some voice you're i'm trying to understand the world and i can under by reading some books and seeing some documentaries but there's no thing like getting out into what mark twain called the territory a phrase i still from david lee roth when he said to me and david it was actually a real inspiration to do a lot of travelling at one time we're talking any just back from open sea kayaking in the pacific so i said so wise and henry is because don't get even today is a great thing to have on your to do list every once in a while i said damn that is profound
know what he was doing up until recently he moved to japan no you know anybody there and whose taken kendall lessons certainly had a sword fight japanese master here within no no you till you told me you call me one sunday a while ago i helped him of this autobiography so i worked with dave really closely for many many months i met him when i was in black flag thirty some years ago i walked violence art gallery i won't wait a minute anywhere black right like new ways the van helen guy we became but other bodies but he call me from from japan and said are usually learning japanese he's very smart and he is like learning japanese and start speaking japanese and he's just taking lessons you use of the sword guy was just like every day dislike you're stupid of me just like to break them down yeah i just got an apartment there he i mean there's nothin rockstar just gets like this normal apartment with his dog and you start taking kendall less there i didn't davis always had a greater appreciation of that kind of dis
plenum comes up do martial arts since he was a kid and i think is wilson's families into it but he's been that way you know that kind of diesel when you can see it on stage the guy's very physical but his coming from a real disciplined messing around kind of aggression and control and dave he loves japan you see you commies i'm living a small apartment i'm taken language lessons i'm taken my my martial arts stuff and he was doing sword stuff require a long time though yeah he's always been involved martial arts and even the way he sort of approach to hedonism always fella go sort of like in applied approach to hedonism like his rights star lifestyle thing when it was doing it's almost like not a lot of people get a chance to do this i wanna do it at one time we were working on his book he said he i go home pasadena now and then we born and raised in some is high school buddy seemingly well data must be nice
indefinitely roth any any said you know what regulation day from high school we all were on the same starting blocks you chose the bank job that's sure thing you're going to dine at cubicle i choose he said to sail the seas of consequence of like i love that yeah man that's daring and so he won t like he said pretty good right i reckon and and so in my own way i come from minimum wage work i'm nobody from nowhere and i got in the music via punk rock because the ban black flaccid hey you're crazy guy you want to try out to be our singer unlike what do i have to lose yeah and so i went for that and it everything else and ultimately why i'm here in this room with you today do you miss rock do you miss touring as a musician no no because i did it i didn't really hard until i had
nothing left to give to it and so now if i went back to it would thus be repetition and it might be fun repetition but it wouldn't be meaningful in that i wouldn't be putting anything new and for me the day i stop doing music was what i woke up one day and i just said is like a light went on i went while i'm at a lyrics wasn't like oh no my ok well give me my scroll i guess have graduated when was this two thousand and three years that i guess why because i got nothing new to add these woven discord music and he saw two percent of that approved these are ye know what year is why i think as i got nothing new to add these woven disgust do they hit some like man start with culture what a done that miles davis will die just can't i just want i repeat its not artistically brave to me and so i d much rather just try new things but thankfully
by that time i was already doing talking tours all over the world and they they do very well tons of act in voice over i had all this other stuff i was doing at the book company a record company music publishing host had all this other stuff and so i just let all of that stuff fill in put it this way i am busy now than ever and don't miss the music i see bans in the airport all the time but like the lamb in its in their road gear my gear roma young man rumble i had my fill well it's beautiful that you did it on your terms you decided to do it wasn't just wasn't like there's a lot of aging rock stars that have that sort of existence where they have to go out and do that no one was here new shit the problem here and so they have to do that weird circle the wagons thing i mean we're gonna play this album in its entirety go to some of those shows i meal through why money down and go see that ban do that album in its entirety it's cool but it's not for me
her the stone still put on an awesome show i think they're gonna cool things about it is that while mick jagger can still fuck and do it yet he still apparently works out twice a day here he's amaze osha and great shape there's some people and are the rare they actually it's not about money that's when i really start trusting those all rock stars i brought stuart does need a dime a guy can by four countries right now he's polypi tonight las vegas or somewhere else john they is really like doing the thing mick jagger and keep richards or be rocket or die on stage is not money solid hey we might get populist like men we really want to play brown sugar i don't but i meyer them i think it's worth saying is i think it's real now mom sure it is real yeah i'm sure israel with a lot of them but what i with you what we are saying is that you had already figured out all these other paths in life that you are enjoying put new creative energy is decided as i either it was summer nineteen eighty four
i was twenty three hours in black flag and we are touring we're staying out of california because the olympic we're coming we knew the cops would just be looking to smash down any suppose it near dwells so it stayed on toward the holier pretty much and i noticed all these great bans around me very talented people and everywhere all broke between tours we're like living like sharks we don't like tool we don't need and beat we endorse the guys in that ban they're all waiters and not put not dams are but the use it wasn't keeping you in rent for once a year nearly tells it has any of em so i said men of their those guys are struggling then what i gonna do i better get plans be cd f and g together and on those i deserve my little book publishing companies i'm gonna work harder on writing i mean to become much better start doing that i can show them to get much better at that allow me to start saying yes to things when they come along couple of years later hollywood sign
calling hey can you act and because well i can sing click but i started you're acting is crispin glover the actor one day he said to me said henry as a just peace he's consider acting just like just if you get not dishes don't necessarily say no just because you're the music guy like he said i think might really like it and you could probably do it as such ok and within a year i was doing film and then hey can you do a voice over my yeah i got a voice assault start saying yes to more stuff and that was the plan just have more things to do just fine i'm like sitting around anyway and then i honestly music ended up being very very good and all of that for me but i had plans other play aids and i've noticed a lot of all gazers around my era they didn't come up with some else and they just i why and they didn't make another plan and they get put into those weird tours where there you know you bring your kid
all of that and it is more than they gotta more than they wanna and i'd rather wake up wanting to do stuff not having to do stuff i think like you you're saying a while ago like less obligation jesse you clear the decks so you really do what you want is life is short mean last week was twenty unknown fifty six amigos by really fast it doesn't reviewing the cubicle or prison cell menu wake up one day you're a damn that was fast and so you might as well make it much as what you wanted to be as possible because all you get is older i don't understand why people don't fear that i wake every day but whether the groom reapers i've whistling by my ear going you better get up man and it's all the up i need i'll ever sleeping like if i ninety between of four and five or six
thus i don't like it i don't like it but don't like sleeping or you don't know a sleeping i just you know i i get up like a damn man i gotta do stuff but does not diminish your energy resource josie i have those woozy afternoons right i take the seven minute power naps in my in my chair at the office but just try and you know what i have found if you want to not have to sleep eight hours a day if you maintain a really good diet you can about an hour of sleep off you keep your proteins in your carbohydrates lean and stay away from food that's really funding eight new burgers french fries and all that which is live on that if i could but if you can keep your diet really together and you keep your word counts i have found that you wanna like not get tired the day work out at five in the morning and the rest the day you just got a buzzing rethinking face plant onto your desk sometimes one really hummin i'm up at four thirty i'm in the gym by four fifty five p m
and i'm just a young on the five amy each year fifty four they are funded and say a pm oh sorry up early in the morning figuring yellow by noon i'll just be like dead asleep man of wired and to go to sleep at night like last not as is us colonel wired so i doing i'm like people have drinking games i was playing a forty five on my record play so when i would everyone however i have to foot the forty five i would do a set of pushups and so i played a bite forty five last night so i did a bunch of push and by the time i don't forty five i felt like i've been caned by a pro in singapore i was so too man so i slept dream lawlessly last night looks like a dead man wrote a piece a long time ago that i really enjoyed about power lifting and i was something along the lines of the iron never lie he doesn't like i love that closing it was good
created was put that jim's olive says it was so you nailed it can do so honest and it was its is so high lighted what is so an official about forcing yourself to do hard work and the fact that you are going ok i don't i'd rather not but here we go yeah and its eye like only that muscle yet but here i got my yeah and an that's more important than any braun you're gonna have here it's it's for me the work it's all i go to the gym today my head right the benefit you you you in good shape but it like i just finished a bunch of show i did twenty seven shows in america is finished a bunch issues i did twenty seven on one day off twenty seven on two and a half hours stage a night no notes talking it at high rate of speed the only we got through that work really good diet and three days on one day off work out it was it was the work out said alleviated distress that made the sleep restorative
the muscle tissue absorbed into nutrients etc and made the show good and so for me work out since other fifteen that's been as much a part of my day is anything otherwise you get kind of mentally clogged they get depressed now you still do all those by so doing power they all hell no no no my body left the building on that years ago will you when beef some butthead made fun of one of your songs did remember that hell yeah i saw lacking greater made us celebrate sold it wasn't worth you never have a goddamn do your neck was this big is my waist you are young you is actually fatter than my ear i really must have deviated there's just as those muscle that just jump up you know if you do a lot of shrugs off and traps are like equal to that happier heather much loses this blow up where are those like the stern o mass toward must what are that big one is on the side of your neck i just everything i did see
the hit that muscle group the way i like pull up a dead lift or the way you hold it bar during squats that that neck muscles always doing something to support a lot of weight and we just got work and work and that's when the beavis but like he's got a big mac i like yeah but when did you stop doing up there is there a year yeah that's ninety four tat in the desert we shut that the mojave does when did you start doing the power that is in the in the early two thousands just because i i felt in my back and at noon i'm ready for squat day o my gill belt belt up unwrapping my knees i was like really going forward and like my frame i just can't support my attitude and so my it is like a lift the whole damn jim and my i was reminded my body when not really you're more of a swimmer runner type did you not trying to and so i was lifting a lot for
a guy my size and my brother my bone mass and so one point my back and shoulder stir hurting and like a different and of pay might you know that you should be doing us anymore and so the way guess i do now if i can't live to ten times i just don't i just pull the way down so i can so alive it's you know treadmill elliptical and stationery bike and a lot of pull polyps pushups and i get a lot of compound were lit such a pinch press stuff like that but mainly a lot of polyps tee rex the straps the guy when venom gave to me as a gift and the great you in your body and not that natural resistance i have found that makes a bit more limber and i don't know i don't need left everything in the german fifty six or eight i don't all i can do is i blow out that one day and never be able to raise my arm over my head again
the arrival or shoulder out so i don't get it do you fuck around with yogi at all but i admire because you see people who do yoga there so not only are they flux bobby can tell the really grounded in themselves like a really there their common within an energy that i don't have what does something too you the alleviation of tension the increasing arrange emotional flexibility it also does something to your mind yet noticing there grew there grew in classes like an hour and a half in a hot yoga room it also does something to your body that's probably related to sauna treatments like they ve shown at sauna treatments heat shock proteins do amazing things your body to reduce inflammation and and and adjust the gruelling physical and mental grind of getting through a class referred to hurt you his brutal brutal people i've met so many people as you do and girls
said yo you think you work out hard you should come nearer yoga class your cross you won't even make it like a train challenge me i'm like i actually got scared of cop at this did you want to work up you ought to be able to pick up your car keys at the end of it well i'm sure you can pick up your car keys but it is really brutal while you're doing afterwards you don't feel the same way you feel like if you live weight to hard you know that feeling are you you became movie about it you don't really get that but you do get just fuckin to the point we look the clock and you realize just twenty minutes ago you like i don't know if i can find re silly twenty hours your head is hot you're u bodies pouring water loud now you can lose five six pounds in a class easily forget about the spin classes to people lose too much weight they have to stop like though s days a week yeah makes sense because you are also on the momentum of the energy the room if the instructors really good get type darby asked are pushing to high i've never been in a class like that and not the biggest people person
why are we not when i when i was in high school feel the ball straight so the june was always empty sides wherein there but i've never new like hey class i've never done that while the good thing about yoga no one talks so you re you're around those people there's no interaction is right if you can feel each other and it's gonna call because you push each other a little bit without communicating but i'm a big fan of man think as far as like increasing your longevity of your body the use of your body it seems to me that what it does is kind of forge all the connections between your joints in your body in your core and just makes everything better road are gonna have as much nearly as much back pain i used to more flexible than i have been in years i've been like a year and a half maybe almost two years have been bree while it and how many days a week you go i try to do three i usually wine as a lot one are usually one one or two but i try for three one get three and i do it but between that and all the other different kinds of work out selected the really well
to do as i like to wake up and decide what i want to do when i wake up days i'm like i wanna go kick box i wanna go to julia to i want to live weight i wanna go to you that's cool just like we're talking about before the pike s started what i'm trying to do with my life and at this point am almost fifty and forty nine and fifty nine it is to have as a few obligations as possible and as much passion and interest as possible and just sort of pursue the things i'm really enjoying that gives you age less i just met so many people by twenty three they're kind of retired or then you meet some seventy five year old guy who does run rings around you is all in your head the choices you make and i ve seen both ends of the spectrum of the old guys like younger than you'll ever be and the guys just like so pouring into so here turned into his dad or something i damn men who got to you what why take fuel from is you like them like your podcast with ari
because i was listening to talk about the the adventures either the travel in the way you go about it and i got fired man i will close listening to you that i was like i love this i love that you know i'm telling you to do this this isn't an african cubicle job how notice details i starting in deciding to do that realising the good most credit thing in my life can this is coming up with an idea goes from the cerebral to the physical like i'm gonna write this book ok three years from now i'm still gonna be working on this thing so long journey so here we go or i'm gonna get to this country or i'm gonna get back this country in coming through when you make these plans and then months later boom there you are like ours thailand making a documentary years ago reading in the herald tribune at breakfast one morning i was in sharing my that following years can be the twentieth anniversary of the bhopal disaster in bhopal india when you need by india limited the methyl i
before i so cyanide tank exploded killed a bunch of people as it i'm going i'm gonna be there for the twenty fifth anniversary i took out an entire year and researched and i was there for the twenty fifth anniversary i was in the march i snuck to the the in carbide india limited site i found the exact panel were tanks extend blew up i found that the switch i went all the way to our standing in front of it with a tag on things as am i see metal i so sign it i think that's it allows the guests hit the water and wind blew up to make it bugs brighter and so on all the way to like here is where the guy floating the switch going oh no oh no the the gas scrubbers the neutralizes aren't working ice and i was seeking like armed guards and i can assure you but i'll tell you will kick you off then so i just me these decisions and then italy your booking the tickets your booking the hotel and then one day you are crawl through the weeds avoiding secure you guys on theirs motors scooters with your camera
making another buildings getting your shots i mean i love to take them things from like sitting in a coffee place going all too i guess here i am in louse in including at the plain of jars as a place of always wanted to go to i sought in a documentary and then two years later i'm at the plain of jars and you writing about oh yeah right so that this is a thing you're taking the photographs in you riding for some blog entries yeah right for the only weekly once a week i write for rolling stone australia once a month and then i've read about twenty seven books and there in translation crockett here i saw a why on the companies wisely but the owner every night and a lot of my books or travel i do a two years of journal at a time in the middle sections photographs i'm working on my second photo my first one came out
and the second was can be pretty cool is all my north korea shots that'll be crazy out while you went to north korea to when we used to get that these a few years ago so sad was soon kim jong il was still alive it was kim jong il yeah the late last days of kim jong il before kim jong boon yeah yeah and it was a stir you know what when i was in iran dislike day they point you at what use was to look after look over here it's a propaganda too much time to spend north korea about a week pyongyang and the areas around pyongyang and then i went there via beijing and then from there mongolia than over to boot low is north korea i just said the eldest poor people who scared of their government and my tour guys since what there alone they were very specious of meat leisure i put two tour spies on me the nice want to talk to me in the mean dispelled and took notes and every day the
i would ask me basically the same questions like when a detective his turn appeal the layers of onions skin off so you said you were a business man like yeah i guess so what do you do i feel i added books which is true mine is really one of the books about i say well you know often they're not that good work in it and some you're all putting one hotel you and the dutch tourists and the everyone's in the window tell across the bridge that's with men with rifles you're not going anywhere and so every day go on their buses and i get in the car and the australians recognize me the brits racket nice mean and they all want photos walking to the whatever that that room is the young the room north and south meat whether they come in through that the rather than toward the southern doors had blue room on the ds j r r come up at the joint the jew say the joint security area something like that
pull the australians to the site as it can you please call your friends off me because my tour spy is starting to ask me really weird questions about why people want their photo with me and if i'm cool being in movies writing books rock and roll i'm going downtown for meeting that i might not get out of it so he cool out all his australian friends but then there's a one british guy who does kept getting in my face with a camera cause you're getting taken to the same places and i'll never forget this my tour guide who the previous three days was like his english was from school how henry he went from that too how does this guy know you and also his english is as good as mine and like oh no and on that good line says that i met him in the breakfast room i don't know maybe it's hot for me i have no other way and i just had to come to go i don't know and i had to try and avoid the sky and i
i was getting really nervous the last ales there when they finally took me back to the airport in beijing on my dear madam i really getting on this plain and when the plane took off man i just like ok i did that i wouldn't you just say i'm a musician i'm going to let you inform i went on a tourist visa and if you claim any of that you're gonna get tons of scrutiny and they're not gonna let you where they won't let you in a few and artist absolutely alzheimer not because it is they fear it they fear what you'll go back to the mainland with something because your public person they now but suddenly led the basketball player with foreign robin yet how can you tell the party line in this old you just call your pal kim sure that'll work accurate and something when i was in was i went to tehran via do by and the guy who let me at the airport after the airport people i've done grilling me he said look your visa i who you are i'm not your tour guide he's a government guy don't tell him
you do for a living will never get you out of here so the last year and is crooked yet the last time in that country i'm eating dinner with this guy and is amazing whiter both like rocket scientists and the air they get i with a website that gets thesis done so cousin her car in a new shut the woman her cousin all heard says you're henry's on tv and med dropped his foot and said we ve gotta go we have to get you to europe your hotel you gotta pack up right now we just go to the airport checking check your luggage find a corner put your face in it and wait for the flight and i got to the beer for like four hours early because you said you just get you gotta go and so i just sat there in the airport with my face down and then eventually got unlike you know that the three a m to do by an all out in their holy shit what would happen
and if you get caught questions which leads to more questions and you just don't know it turns into like well he's been in here again for the last three months and we don't know and since i am not a hot looking girl present he's not coming to rescue made and so those the two countries been too where dont tell them you do was what i was instructed before i left wow as anywhere else you just go in short now ever do you go to every with all these points that you go to do pig places where there's like high populations of people would you ever go to like really nomadic places i tend to choose places weathers spinner an election or there's gonna be an election or they're just was a war where there conflict where you see signs of with the wrath globalization the wrath of global climate change places that are politically hot these are of great interest to me during the boy administration he said don't go
this country this country this country i went to all of them went to every access country they had and now you won't have the ones that miss condalisa rice told me not to go to i went there too i you personally no no no you don't go to belarus belarus and of and so i train i try to go to all of those places in and i i'm fine i came back in one piece in the last few years i started doing more eco travel to learn about yelp coded bio diversity codependent ecosystems so too years ago summer sixty is fifteen i had time off there was tour and so i went to easter island via i was in echo or for a while on the napo river which is a tributary of the amazon and i went on a science boat and i just that was scientists botanist bird people and learned about how the jungle interconnection how this paris
it kills that tree which fertilizers that tree and it's really integrated amazing they're losing their force because of timber and oil the other big money and cattle production to that i did i did not know about but when i in the interior and it's all about hard work an oil those are the romani people the interior tribes are getting discovered and any other their land is kitten cleared out and there the governments making a ton of money off cannibalize in their own land and in no number of twenty fifteen i was would antarctica and the most substantive trip i've ever made that was the most mine blowing ship i've ever done where you here you see either you go on deception island and you look down on those bits of broken glass in from the whale killers there they use that island to process and render whale so it's like chips of whalebone and all the crap he's
people left chin shacks theirs transmission in the sand from some vehicle and you see what unregulated slaughter looks like with his eye hey let's make a bunch of money screw the animals will grow back and they nearly down the seals and whilst those particular species to extinction and so i did a government full of scientists and you take lectures every day and you walk around amongst the agenda when the chin strap in new delhi penguins and you learn a lot in you it's hard to take as its almost destructing front of you and it's sad and it's beautiful it's like being on the moon i mean you didn't want to sleep just for looking out the window or walking around some penguin war king by with soil and hopefully know them of this year will have time so i made friends of the science on the ship and they said obviously really into this you should come back because have a longer trip we do the starts in the south georgian islands i went on there some
see if i if i'm not working in november i don't have my schedule yet if i'm free i'm gone and you go is you go down through argentina and you really from their out whilst it starts in article you work through argentina how long will you go down in the first half of one time i went i went to the point the site is down to issue i which the southernmost city in the world and that we pick up the ship and you go through the drake passage and by day for finally you start seeing ice and then look after like while those are penguins and there you are but it takes days to get there yeah and they did their days to get back so there's like three days on either end with this kind of nothing to do but take she's in the lounge about history and in all of that which i did with my no pad out and questioned the lectures afterwards and got a ton of information i keep a dutch of them actually wanna fuck in bizarre and exciting lice you live in a time of it knowing i was gonna be meeting you and i must say you know this you have a lot of fans and i wish
a dollar a few years so many people been writing me sing like you should be unjust romans podcast like or have you done yet my missed it unlike in finally this was like i knew you were so was like whose is joe rogan guy like enough eddie that man people like you i used to you remember that show you see primetime yeah i was the voice i was i did that voice so i dont know a lot about sports but i learned a lot about emma may just because i'm these people these five has become relevant to make some seeing their names over and over time watching the footage i met be japan i interviewed on once for the innovative functional were no for a participant media think it was anyway i saw be more aware of these fighters and all this stuff and then that's when i i saw you and i how about you the other day knowing all is going to meet you thinking like here
sky with his very interesting life can i seen the stand up on and on tv and various in the middle of the octagon without you know some guy just got finished knocking at the other guy that's a very eclectic like you got you you are doing i'm sure you didn't grow up anything like the rest of your family and all the kids you went to high school with you in a different way right yeah i mean so when did you decide it's not you can it be a real turn your faces and you'll be on the bus bench well zero work ethic towards any that i didn't enjoy but anything that i did enjoy with i've become obsessed with me end just it would occupy all my thoughts and i couldn't wait to do it twenty four hours a day and when i got out a high school took a year off before winter
the only reason why i went colleges because i didn't want people think and i was a loser i was tired of people tell people that i wasn't doing anything so i went to college went to boston umass bar the only reason why i went because i didn't want people think and i was a loser and i knew that i could not exist in a regular job i just didn't have it when i was a thing you know when you know you don't have it is scary like oh no i'm not gonna have a straight life oh no one am i going to do is like it was radioactive like i would take instruction jobs and was like those being poisoned and i was like it was like literally like i was getting radiated you feel good dying your ear young and euro waking like i'm dying this is killing me i thought was given for those jobs i want out of high school i went once semester american university in washington dc twenty five college i like learning just didn't like you know i had school so another four years on a student alone like one semester it took me so many used to earn my way out of that debt and
no i just kind of went into the working world going this is this is gonna be rough i mean this hurt so swollen feet a top roman noodles and no sleep in my crap apartment but this is my life and i felt someone was strangling me can i do where i was gonna go or what i should be doing but i knew that this wasn't it yeah this gonna kill me my think there's a lot of people out there like that and for some awful and they never find whatever it is deck and break them free they never catch arrived on that river out here you know and i got lucky i found stand of comedy and i'd artery i think i love her by a lot of it had come from martial arts to add fought a lot and competing allowed martial arts tournaments and i think that that i realized that like these unconventional paths they brought me something that i wasn't getting from regular life it brought me self esteem and gave him feeling and it wasn't a loose the only thing that i had ever done my whole life where i have said
maybe i'm not a loser kind of thought it was an outcast and a loser and then also no successful at something only because i was obsessed with it but then i knew there is no way i was ever gonna be able to hold a regular job and then i got lucky those twenty one i found stand up and so from then on i kind of like locked into this thing world i'm just going to do what i like in fact what everybody says is already give me a device to do this and advice to do that and and never see to be what i want to do and their advice is coming from a different world you and they meanwhile but they're coming from the whole other value system a whole other expectation of your own lives what your life should be an all of that and in all of it is it's not poison but is this kind of anathema to every breath you're taking and is ultimately useless because in their always gonna told that line that's what they ve got like you ve got what you ve got so when you here's how i do other like you're crazy man and then you look at them a job and you like you're the crazy one amongst us because i could
handle where that tie every day and taken from that dude in some just like the corporate world i just i got lucky and i found a bunch of shit that i like and if you had said to me you have you asked me i was a you know outside of my life and if i may didn't know that i existed and said you think it's possible be a cage fighting commentator slashed end of communion i'd like no right now together when you travel and they said that they say occupation what do you write that's a good question what do i do if i'm going somewhere for the u have see i always right you have seen commentator ok the easiest thing to do because they go away i know you and then they let me alone it's easy you know how to get your passport stamped but most atomic right comic stanhope me ok yeah that's if i had a like one thing that i definitely do it's that everything else like a kind of quiet bright and even now to get going to quit you know i'm in conakry everything yeah and sometimes maybe it's a very good idea
clear the das citizen of the world the outside professional citizen of the world and also i think there's a bravery that one takes when one embraces the straight world that i simply don't have this level of guts real well i don't really like this job but i love my family i'm gonna do the right thing and i don't have a families i dont really i'm not tethered to that value i admire it and if i was a dad i'd be standing up but there is a kind of god or you get on the bus everyday idea man i dont like this job and you grim we hold onto your sack lunch and you just go do it i think like my mom and my dad no them that well but they were very hard working people and i'm not sure how much they ever really loved their jobs like way to go to the office these kind of it dealt in this is what you do and they kind of put put themselves that grinder and turn the until themselves they do not think a lot of people
all over the world is kind grimly set your jaw though i'm an adult and they go out into it and you look at a guy like piggy pop i could never have a straight job it would just be that they would fall over iraq as he's an artist to ease the real thing and its innovation but it's an intolerance is for me just a lack of courage to it told that lie like man i just don't have it i don't have the stamina to go into that building ever for twenty eight years like my dad went to one building for his whole life with one when corporation he worked for then he stopped i don't know he's alive or dead but he was that guy in that building every damn day like hours and hours there is a dance that when you discuss these things like you don't want to disparage anybody that it genuinely has shown courage and grinding it out because further does take courage i just don't have it i'm saying consider them people
in the real world and in my life i dont think i really live in the real world that much in myself invented henry world right and i saw this video lady gaga much about her music but she did this long intro the eighty million dollar thing and she said seals like reality i reality has like i've there you go can't handle a lot of it i dont shy away from it i go into situations that are hyper real but that kind of flat land and existence that a lot of we adults engage in i think that would have destroyed me i would have found alcohol or something really destructive as a droning resonating existences bar and some people go hey suck it up the annual get get in there and is not that bad cheer up and it is not that bad i just don't want it
i don't want it and malleable that some people can get through it they have they they just have a differ mind but if you were like if you had a friend that was doing that but you know that friend really wanted to be a novelist we're just fucking go to but but you know white a broken you should airtime but get out of it but the thing is you ve said that to him or her before ran like these people write me hey man my band is pretty good am i to use into college i quit collagen taken a ban on the road and the truth is if that person we had the thing they wouldn't be writing me they would just be telling me when they were playing yeah i'd ever for advice i never i d that either i'm in a play this music or i'm gonna die trying i'd never occurred to me that there is the advice about what and so i knew we had any fear i ran at it and i didn't
if there's a wall there or the cops i just ran but surely you must have at heroes they did it also before you so you felt like they're like i do have no no not deadly not like you did it but a lot of rock stars lot and a lot of musicians lot of artists they approach into their goals they went out and chase things will you that it was a path that the ones i admit before i was doing music full time world broke like i met some punk rock sounds like from england here like whoever again you're broke do there's just crazy people and identified with that but sometimes it is if you ever been done in a show will you meet that that act sure who has had like eighty years of acting class and all they talk about are acting coach and after i get off the said to them and go back to my class and like all they do is take classes mad you all you gotta do is ever take classes you're never gonna the others never gonna hit the road is you're always in them
pause with the acting sundays you gotta go like doing this and why that's me and if it doesn't work may is really gonna hurt so here we go like with me i never like oh you to make it make what i'm just trying to do a good i never thought i would ever met many do a music i never thought i'd have revealed a pay my rent i just reconcile my life to a life of fighting bad taste food and so keeping you know next to the drummers snort all night in the back of the van hoping the base they did the baseball tumblr didn't drive us into a trick sweden have a driver is what it as independent music and use cross these tourism makes you pretty tough yucca junk yard dog but i know thought you were never change or to figure this is your life and eventually you know the guy she was something and you die in the hospital i just fatal assorted like this is it i never saw pass that and in the eighties see another band got bigger or whatever but i have always
one at things going well this is this is it or die i never thought there any wiggle rumour any cushion or much alternative i'm not that resourceful i'm just kind of here crazy enough to run at it by running a really hard i've gotten through it but it's like us smart or good looking at this because as it's your gear once said i've got nowhere else to go and that is really helped me where are we to get through this what's that got nothing else going on i'll stay in this and because i got nowhere else to go but be in this incredibly hard to in band and that's been very helpful to me like this this really hurts well that's better than the pain it they were the apron behind the counter does a different kind of pain yet but you ve managed to transcend that obviously you know you managed to find this very unique path in life where you're doing all these different things or not he no longer in a band anymore and now you're this worldwide traveller slash performance
artists were you doing these spoken word things are there funny is kind of like stand up and i will allow comedy i had bought a couple of your see these way back in the days like in the nineties and cause i thought it was music and eyes i saw that you were in a nice spoke unworldly with what is this i was so i is kind of like stand up but but in a free or for yet more total note didn't you did deduce when did you start doing that many many years ago nineteen eighty three there was a local promoter and hollywood and you take my twenty people give everyone five minutes and a b the singer in the gun club the guy from the minute man the guy from this band the girl from that band and our these shows does even was bad it was great levels cheering you know these people so if its suck you argue we applaud even harder blacks like space player would be on these gigs any carbon you re from his notebook is an amazing intellect and out go hang out with him in and one
the promoter said you got a big mouth let's get you up there next week i got what am i going to do is it like the old ten men it's ten bucks whatever was ass adele take that money than the next week up there and i read something that i have written and told the story about what had happened a bad practice the day before when a white supremacist try to an overall guitar player with his car and the other like go yet those tuesday in the life of black play well my time is up i gotta go ass i walked stage big applause and if one came up to me at once your neck show i said well i'm going on tour i thought the band they went unnoticed and actually talk about war i got this ten dollar bill that was it in the promoter said you really good at that your natural how about you open for two of my poets next week will give you fifteen minutes times around with that their those poseur opening for me which they didn't like i'm bob nineteen eighty five i done across country tour annual twelve to fifteen people a night and they called it sir
can work which i thought there's a way to starvation eyes i don't wanna go see oh goodness has spoken word of snore fest severely is called it a talking shop so would read things an anecdote between pages and then one day i distorted stopped bringing the things to read on stages look here's what happened when i was in holland and the thing and they are just tell stories and by the late eightys i was doing the entire continent of europe skin and india australia new zealand and or on one of those nice i did a comedy club on this last where there's a night a hundred and sixty five shows us i came back from last week why is it travel accommodation mean a microphone and but is more joe admission theatres but every once in a while i'll do like the milburn comedy vessel the sydney comedy festival or we know of comedy and i like doing an hour on one of those nice i did a comedy club on this list for there is a night off or doing a thing like the laugh bucket
one of those places and you know the peters the ps like bolted to the wall is no monitors if one light and me my big tore bus out front right next to the strip bar and i went in there and when ok all those little eight by ten frame photos on the walls i don't go to places like this below me this is not my world so the place out audience couldn't be nicer and the owner thanked me and i said man if i may we're back in this part of illinois i'll i'll do this then you again and he said will be here it was a really good time and so a lot of what i do kind of lends itself to carmody in that life plus time most of the time is funny and i comedy try and i dont right material really but we need two things that are i just physically report on that which is funny and many things occur to me either ultimately or eventually to be funny like almost any and obviously some things are never gonna be funny but
most things are like out or no which way your politics win that much but you can look at them administration geike i e where are you going the train or you can go mad this is the lowest hanging fruit this dude this jumped upon a table under the silver platter with his ass in the air and apple already his mouth like this is would be great like he's serving himself he's jumped into my lap this is great as others do of looking at all of this in comedians look at things differently i've met many of them i'm not one but there's a lot of comedy or lease humorous well misinform what i do on stage which allows me to go for a long time on stage that it had no she were in it he stole to finally boring fully info is a lot of ways when an administration is really fucked up comics do take joint because they know i like when the vote during the bush administration like there was eight years of
old when india tromp is that times five or ten you know it's it's this but it's also when you define that gold mine of humor it also wait on the other end to a disaster the time for the country and that's where it scary environmentally it's getting scary you know there's there is there is a proposal now to give it a public lands and to make public glands private and start tapping into tomb and sucking out the resources and and ruin all these places people go and hunt and fish and hike in it's been you know i think it's a really beautiful thing what they call the commons in this country we can go to the park and i don't know if you ever spent in parts of decency that you often find where like the family picks up the garbage you'll even see the little kid picking up the cup cause it's our park right and i'm not mr coup by are necessarily but i love that idea like don't screw the sub man it's yours and mine like what in war were here let's go
the crap and be really cool to each other and really appreciate these trees so agreeable washington dc and you ve been there it's small town dropped into a park everywhere you go you run into a deciduous tree and is rock creek part with the white house near it i mean it's just part part park and so but every day i'm outside looking at batson mining toads like outside of my apartment is a park i was outside all the time and and i really came to love that ethic of this is ours like me some ways in russia there's no garbage you they really take pride in their so they're beautiful and it's our subway dont litter and i think there's a rectitude and a moral decency that we american skew towards when we're in the place that we're all somewhat responsible for it that away when everything becomes me mine i drew the line you step over i kill you all that stuff it doesnt bring out the best in us i think those public
hands are really part of what keeps us from hidden going crazy and to see them to be because you know there's this people like trump who look at central park go what away from one always delay and i get put nine hotels for casinos and a theme park in their well teddy roosevelt and lot of the people that established the national park systems country many many years ago they had an incredible vision they realise that we have this amazing landscape and they decided to preserve it and put it in the trust of the public make it a public thing where anyone can go anyone can go and hike anyone can go and candidates and beautiful things amazing it it doesn't exist anywhere else it's a really really rare resource that we have here in amerika and right now during this administration were in danger of losing its very scary no it's not when he gets up every day with a hate list of people and i don't think donald
wakes up every day going how can i screw a bunch of people who i really don't think that's on his menu but i do think he's a business man whose looking to make deals that tell for me was when the press didn't said if vladimir putin agrees to help us in the fight against isis all consider lifting those sanctions it's not ill will good deal he does i don't do this will get that he gets out that's a deal he's a deal maker that's not really deal global affairs necessarily all the time certainly not with that guy on that particular issue think he's kind of tone deaf to some of the more nuanced things that takes to america in ever more interconnected world with ever more diminishing resources and to start privatizing america chopping up the parks and all that
it's real sad if that happens is really enjoy being able to go into a place like i can walk in year or even i grew up a shy kitty didn't play well with other saw i would go to the library all the time that library card i can take this book homeward yeah i gotta take care of it ok i read the book and take it back all those hitchcock you know stories for kids or whatever i read all that stuff in the library a big deal for makes i felt like a doll i have my card i can walk into this massive interesting smelling cool building and it's mine the whole thing is my i couldn't believe the freedom i had in their these aims seats in the place smelled of books and it was mine i never got my head it was ever not amazing to me to walk in the library like any day look i want i can walk into any section and know what's going on get out of here right and that's it you get in a part you know when you're new york there's a lot of that they like look it's our sidewalk it's our subway be cool man
there's an inherent lotta people fear new york if they never spent time there and there isn't it decency amongst new yorkers because you are so smash together you gotta make human decked right you're gonna bump into someone it is what it is you better bring some humor and a little bit of like hey it's ok and i see that new yorkers i d really great greatness and when you make a cheap and petty and we through to some twilight zone episode that is what i fear this country is us kind of cheating ourselves out of how we are when you don't scare them up out of us all the time the more i mean trumpet just such a polarizing figure i hope that unites us in a lot of ways whether we realise how good we have it and we realise what really is important and having this guy who so many people are opposed to and having these policies as so many people are opposed to even if you're not opposed to him
a lot of people that supported him that are now looking at some of these policies particularly public land policy in their kind of freaking out i a lot of those gonna unite folks and it's gonna make people understand what is important like that gigantic women's march two thousand thus if credibly impressed a mere who saw them coming out of nowhere me one one statement that he makes guph around with a gotta billy bush character on a bus essentially led to that movement otherwise why else to be a only a woman's march when he gets an office it was because he's got this perceived the about women and this is a rejection of that and i think he's getting used to being on the global stage were you every hiccup every cough shifts the world's more gets the mena and i think other presidents have rocked responsibility far more gracefully even presence i don't necessarily agree with they real
he understood the awesome weight of that job and they really kind of feared it and tried there best even presence i use policies i disagree with i think they really got the magnitude when you think about your life what do you know you have this wanderlust in this passion for exploring new environments and learning about new cultures and in you know and you we are also talking about jested though the fucking great pull of death because is there and it's always to be considered when you look at a guy like that whose older than aussies seventy seven years old right and that fucking life is a meat grinder that job is the greatest aging job he had ever seen a discourse people we ve seen people go in and they mean you see the bees were brought about a before and after tat gave us are to come now its current does so what's gonna happen to tromp meets a fucking old man already with bad diet and why like what is what when you have
four billion dollars whatever the fuck he has when you have your name on all these buildings all over the world like what is the motivation to continue that that that's what i've i've always wondered with like the cope others like the two angriest man in america and in the obama the tyranny of obama they'd always opine of allies dude you got thirty four billion dollars you can have me killed right now and all the pizza you want an what why are we so angry again where's where's the other tyranny in your life thirty four billion shut up and i think with some people get a movie many years ago were the first ones i was ever in with a very big movie star and someone told me how much he makes in a year then went that's wow and why does he what's up with that he's a well all his friends have a hundred million and so he wants to catch up as it but after the first fifty i'm going out in the rain while you're soaking wet going out it's raining like pal you already wet i what do you do with the other eighty
billion i like what what is it and i think with some people it's maybe coming from some gnawing insecurity and its net ever big enough but you ve been around famous people i've met an number of big actors or big rock stars and the big the bigger the rock star it is my experience the bigger the rock star the more humble cool they are the more they love music can the rector humble in front of it and they asked what you're doing and that some meat i've been lucky i met a lot of my rock heroes and there like just really hoping like by mid george carlin once i just on the beacon theater and he was about to go to one of his hbo specials there and he said did did people get the jokes i said what you mean i did did people understand you when you're on stage it you think it'll be ok i like you're asking me you're sure will be ok you george in parliament man are you kidding any deceit
that kind of not in secure with that kind of like a digital goal k i gotta go there next yikes like your charge car when you walk on water but the act that he was still wanting to be ok that he didn't think i've got this on george carlin as i damn he still open he still look knowing though sadly whenever stinking night while the cameras iran and he still fears having a bad show it mean so much to him and i think if you're in that mood you can greet the day better but when you look at things like lie don't have as much as he has or some guidance made a nasty tweet about me and i'm gonna get on to an answer bacco now and on the president nothing the point i am making is nothing satiate that thirst like that there's he's in there hop executive slot and still probably grumbling about something or just
wanted to win and now that he's got it when he did his except in speech i was in washington in the navy election on stage at the lincoln theater i watched the whole damn thing level five in the morning when he made his except in speech and the look on his face on mister space was i why i just saw off a big chunk meat for myself oh no i was joy was like now i gotta go all those meetings oh damn this big dog i just bought this is a lot a lot of a big deal and i i just i think one of the ways he'll kill escape the stress of it is i think you'll put it off on other people he'll delegate mike and so be it'll be president pence and deal the other guy just looking good for the cameras i think that's how he'll get through it it destroyed bush eight years of the presidency to push was very handsome man we walked into office he came out of their destroyed and it was far younger right how old was bush when using his fiftys when it gained office late forties i think a little older than
straw bonnet and in obama to care went grey he does skinnier somehow i mean just get so tired this is because you don't get those saying this on stage the other night the eat the president's don't get that three in the morning phone call mr president it means the cat that was in the tree the fire department got the cat down the cats fine bless you godless cynicism erica they get come down the situation room and look at the high resolution video footage of the girl intestines sailing through the air for the drone strike that went when it should act they get bad news got wrenching decisions were they like yet go we're going in and all those people are gonna die victors every present makes those decisions and is a job you'd have to age you didnt pay me enough it is i wouldn't want to day of it and i think you either have to be either a nut or truly think i've got this i'm neither and so i am not that kind of megalomaniac and i just don't everything i got it and
i dont know what trump is going to do with a job that has not you see the i stays of johnson and he didn't even serve to terms be it the vietnam war destroyed johnson s face was falling off his skull missiles shots of him a mcnamara the situation room with his it is in our hands on his cheek and his face falling down his chest is every one of those deaths i think really aggrieved the president he's interesting president more you read about him more interesting he becomes but i think it's a job that fair it destroys the only it didn't seem to really destroy was clinton i don't know why he seemed a kind of walk out of it like your hey but he looks like shit now well meaning is paid for and now here but i'm sort of the last few presidents it stem stressful being running this country and because we're so free you ve travel no country in the world enjoys our level of freedom and not our kind of freedom
like even germany england the western world is free not nearly as freezes and we're so free to try and tell us what to do you don't tell an american what to do and sadly the president is part of the federal from it and so the states already pissed off you and any power you get pocketed you went on vacation worlds christmas how dare you go on vacation i went to my mom is always your mom now if not figure president can do we have country doesn't get method and it will see how our new president takes it i want them to be successful i want every boat in america to be lifted by the tight i want good for people i disagree with people like i'm not that guy i want ya to one meal some say to go into the toilet because they don't read good something that is not how i want to run it why unlike the fact that his heart
about rebuilding infrastructure and putting people to work in that regard and rebuilding a manual america manufacturing i hoped that really does happen and people do get good jobs and the economy does rise up i worry it is all this corporate and greater mentality back by these people that think that he's is somehow or another looking out for the little guy like i just i just wonder wonder what is motivations aren't i wonder what houses all gonna play out but i guess everybody here but to me when someone says on his new prison what he's doing is unprecedented and make no america's of broken forty five we just keep repeating trickled down economics would more parts or less parts per million in that in the early days of slavery to be well landed gentry in america was great you bought land you bought the materials and you built your plantation you bought livestock human and animal when they bread you kept the offspring human off ring chickens of those yours and you got free labour
you were great until eighteen sixty five the thirteenth amendment the abolish slavery and so that mentality of like you had a good excited beat you that's your good day and here's your group and what i pay you your user groups get back to the field and have another day where i don't beat you that's a good day for you there was an and bothered road to a brutal utopia and what you have over the years as is speed bumps civil rights and that's you get institutionalized apartheid you get jim crow yet an expansion of the clan you get so irrigation laws at sat on the books into like brown the board education nineteen fifty four virginia verses what love yeah that's the message nation laws nineteen sixty seven o book aubert filled hodges marriage equality twenty fifteen and these are speed if your oppressive and you'll want to get pay this guy what you feel like giving him
minimum wage all this stuff is your enemy as you'd want these people at beale to stand up and when think what mr trumps it make amerika great again i hate to say i think you're talking about eighteen sixty one in the years before wind i paid you what i wanted to its my factory how dare the government me like what what to pay you like minimum wage time after that item is not yet what in london mean way like i want you haven't had life but look i have a great factor i'm giving you a great job here and i'm gonna pay rejoice a job was not enough to feed my family well you know being on the weekend cheer up and i don't i don't think he wakes up every day going i want to kill people i will murder americans and have never crap life i just think he thinks like will own staff and you'll be the beneficiaries as it false from my mouth in trickles down to you you'll be happy that i have so much money cause i'm a beneficent master now
your god it's really seen probably more of the world then the one tenth of one percent of the population of amerika we been the amazing only different place here now you think that because that you have a unique perspective on what is possible today because like in two thousand seventeen if you just live in america this is the only thing you ve known you think of the world a sort of this sort of state the we exist in but you haven't got a north korea having on the mongolia having got all these different place we see oppressive regimes you see very bizarre cultures where people are rigid in our ability to move around and rigid in their ability to bathe and express themselves and you see that the eu could have turned out like that here in open ended we have this unique sort of experiments self government and yet it it it's sort of her build along its tat patched up duct tape and guerrilla glue but is here we are a miracle the fact that there is not enough
can civil war more catastrophic than the first shows you how amazing the constitution is an even though we disagree allowed between us it's and all of that that we do ultimately get along we're all still united we argue a lot but we're still here and the two years of programming for the history channels talking to one professor and he gave me that that sent me like we are a miracle gives us think of all the people in this country you disagree with and yet here we are and what i found by travel is what human can still survive when suddenly going there is poverty in america sure there is but not part like you see in bangladesh not part like you see in the streets of cairo i mean there's there's poverty that no american will ever experience on in this country it'll never happened like no way there's there's a there's a stick a poverty stick this country will never work with that for other people in the world
millions of them that is their entire life i was on an abode years ago on my way to timbuctoo with this guy i travel would before a twig man mahmoud i've been omitted does it music festival twice to see all these african borders the desert music there was a festival that have it they had an molly in the in the sahara desert and now do dangerous other vessels no more but i went to go tonight i by all these records from molly and dance i want to go see them do it in the debt so i went two thousand eight nine or nine intense like them and i went overlap do dogan country one year and then the next year i hooked back up what is this guy marwood and we took the night the river on about chain smokes everyday life at mach wooed man you're freaking chimney like you would you trying to do and he laughed he said i'm like i'm thirty also we did two years ago because people in his tribe who get about twenty to thirty years is junta laughed and care smoking like ok and so what i
learn by travel is what humans can still how they still live in spite of what they were their circumstances are and what that means to me when i get back here is you have a to lose me get so much worse and you'll still get by consumers are so resume peaceful we're so tough but we shouldn't ever have to go near that goes were smarter than that and yeah me in this other guy might disagree and he might call me much a nasty needs on the internet but ultimately does he really want to kill me now if i wasn't burning car would try and pull me out probably if i had in which he was hungry when i give a math yeah like and i think to forget that aspect of since at least the bush administration with a polarisation in this country has been so extreme i think we have started to forget that we can be there for each other and i'm not saying we all need to have a big group hug but will we
having such vociferous disagreements about health care like we're talking about people being able to stay alive why we arguing right is it just making a system where the little lady doesn't have to be it in fear dying alone with heaters at dawn work or whatever like we have such a beautiful patch land because the i've all over the world are some poor people live your what are you people doing here like this this part of africa one you dead why are you here s where we live where america by here this is one long vacation we haven't america's farce climate it gets cold but you can always go down the road to miami and a greyhound bus in seven hours be on your shorts and we would get a good here in every possible way we certainly do we really do now nothing is very important we're talking about about people on the internet and the debt that sort of bizarre communication that we experienced it i d
you you remember pre internet me you're a grown man yet where the internet came around it didn't don't you think that this this exists does that we have right now we are sort of communicating without looking at each other without being it must be really cowardly without social cues without feeling emotions because of cruel statements about like can each other in the eye yet where i dont really feel like were designed to communicate like this and its is certainly goes against how i was raised its very strange very strange time in that regard here and it leads to lot of pettiness does really mean stuff or the issuer of that's that whatever that means email or whatever i wonder if they looked back at that a week later like a man who was i that afternoon pursuing their stuff you can read ricotta pills the in off your car i may i go on these chat room website is red and wherever postings are just read
when we had our last president there's things said about him and his family like just write that wars depressing like i read like free hours of one night and like a two thousand and something like a baboon man you really like you that is and like someone actually thinks that i don't know what's in here is when they get found out and some exposes whoever wrote that and then they focus on them publicly and you see the scrutiny of like thousands if not millions of become down those folks unheard within those unable turn into that they turn to us a monster right they have the green light to go out and in all the sudden like a twilight zone episode like now you got the stick you know why you hitting that guy is using a guy with a stick of guys and so i come any i'm sure you could agenda if i were this i come from the world of if you say something that guy comes the corners i would you say wham right he does broke your face and so i
never say anything about anyone not expecting to turn the coroner and be face to face with a person and so if i ever talk about a politician or you i had a lot of disagreements with judge scalia and people like that and i write about it nearly weekly i'll i'll i would have loved to have debated the fourteenth remember the engine is clearly said he didn't have any the traction that i think it does in any politician politicians puckered on including trump i do which i have one more teeth amendment again the for equal protection under the law eighteen sixty eight is theirs you're born and raised here you get all the same protection as the wealthy land dies basically slave protection is one that came after the thirteenth do was to shore up the keep them which most labour is my favorite a member of the constitution its five clauses that the two three four and five are basically governmental mechanics but this the first paragraph and its beauty
for our part are people born unnaturalized the united states are arising in the united states and of the state's wherein they reside etc set her up it's is a beautiful thing and i think that was put in to make sure racists understood the thirteenth amendment wasn't going anywhere and that's a guys like you people like while you're in ankara baby ass if the fourteenth amendment and scalia didn't he it is descent on aubert fell thee hodges he came down very hard on the fourteenth of men which is my personal favorite so but my rationale is if i talk about somebody i expect to see that guy within five minutes and have to sir for what i said so i am very keen full with what i say i take responsibility for what i say it's only mean about dick cheney yes i did he's right over
really college please let me talk to him you stare we turned to stone while you don't i mean i just i don't say anything that i'm not ready to cause i remain and culture no after you wrote that thing about yeah that thing area wrote about her and then there is a video you writing it yeah yeah really really enjoyed that very much i'd love to media and culture and just the spin and evening whether this figure out what the fuck is going on do you get so much self loathing how do you do that she's so odd i know one female comedian who i am sure you are very well aware of and she knows her while the other matter unlike gilmore something that's it what's she said the self moving is like just off the charts she's not a bad person you feel sorry for when you're in the green room with her till she does haters of an eye on it miss cultures here to defend herself but on that's what i've heard she's not a bad person sheets
stir you reads every tweet about herself and stay up at night all of that you know bill mars friends with her which have always found very odd like he talks about earlier as is frowsy has around and they they joke around their jovial together like well what the fuck is going on there like will who is she is she that issue it is a fact that this is a little bit of both is a little bit about jews have inherited red she knows that she says of this over the top and helps or sell books and gets her airtime recent one with the trump book she wrote me as the cover alone was like so bizarre but is its there to piss you off get you spired and eventually you can go to some market and by those books for five dollars honestly they don't sell and it also not really that's where you can buy them for five bucks i have a few overbooks i bought them at peace like cost co with a big stick or on em i've read like a couple of her books they go through fast i re i read on the bushes autobiography i got that
glasgow she wrote a bush autobahn already bush of georgia be bullshit biography yes a cruel occurring book for adults there's no footnote is no index but occur liking him after the book is over but i yak as he just doesn't the worst guy but i read em sarah palin last book america by heart i got that is of course no crayon no but it's like you eighty point type like five thousand word feature in a skinny book it is it's it's funny but i i read books i want to see sometimes where these people are coming from what does that fellow they that internet terrorist guy did go the long polly syllabic greek last name yeah yeah oh papa copper hapless he has that book he's he's on his spoken word tour right now the dangerous faggot tour owl milo mile you in upper yes of antimony couples ok
he's interesting to me he's a fucking weirdo very interesting he hasn't credibly our in march and i wrote neely weekly too the guy sedimentary this book i want to read nothing i'm gonna find consensus but i'm honestly interested in finding out where this guy gets off because he does for me it is kind of feel bad form what about why just because its that's a lotta egg rota too a drag around will you have the kind of invent all of that she's just say it pal you just manufacturing stuff there must be a will drag too i would like to see the two years talk together think they'll be kind of fascinating i actually enjoy milo i enjoyed company i enjoy talk to him he's our bad guy but a lot of stuff he says retarded what i think but he's trying to get somebody jump out of their seat thresher circulated who has a book coming out called dangerously it enables on his whole things the dangerous faggot too that's ok i can't have them the cover of a book so just things right but i saw
to amazon and in shown off it's coming out next in march i believe and so i going to read it i probably a bestseller mark be i i know he's smart but i would interested to see me i a big part of dick chinese autobiography is that like fascinating is it in latin like ancient latin but like you know the guys at eighty lives i mean he's a servant like five presidents or something i mean he's not boring guy it's been a very interesting like your nixon ford reagan ease and the oval office a lot he's been in that building what he knows where all the bodies are buried it i don't want to live with it people but as far as like seeing is really what they have to say i'm i'm curious in that way i wanted no what is on summons might i might not agree with all the time right now it's good waited a broader perspective
i've got an idea has ever harder but essentially yet everyone is essentially coming from the truth their version of it that's act class right you gotta be in that moment or whatever and when i see these tromp rallies these people really do hate hillary clinton they hate barack obama and they really we want to build that wall it's always reels me sitting here with you right now i might not agree but you had not say their sincere there burning analogue it is israel is anything you ve ever felt is real don't necessarily want to get into the inner mechanics of of that person i kind of already no words coming from a lot of xenophobia and half knowledge but you can't say that they're not legit and you just saw that they spoke quite loudly in mr trump one while not the popular vote but little colored certainly and so i want to know more about who i share a country with i can't spend all day with it by dude
i some bit of the data trying to figure this out otherwise how'd you get up the road if you dont know so don't want my enemies in amerika i don't want to i want enemies in my own country people i disagree with the air but ultimately i want to get up the road with them in order to do that i can't be i wanna get beat up by some guy get none of his pickup truck to drill freedom into my forehead with his fist kelly i'm just not by not bill for it and who is so i'm lookin for a higher way to get up the road not all that hopeful but i still tryin dissected that were forensically go through that that american id i travel through america would have been for thirty six years i meet more americans in any president the stories like user the stories henry my indeed in iraq in and he loved you and i hear that story might my friend killed himself last month and i'm really screwed
about it i want to tell you about it i hear i get a lot of input makes you like all these people like on the fat gig i knew tat no one likes me and my parents kicked me out of the house and i was eighteen years i'm cain and like the you you go on man we'll be that if anyone many years dressed like that all you want to do is like give medieval accordingly keep breathing don't don't sell harm and so the more stories i hear it makes me want to be more decent to my fellow americans understand us better one of the reasons i travel globally for the reasons i do a lot of shows in america and are doing of listening and i think that's what we don't do any more we listened but when you log on a patriot one eighty five and you give some liberal snowflake whatever they called these people grief on the internet you only listening to yourself you dislike disagreeing with people and piling on its very fret boy you while you d they can get anyone echo chamber and loose prospective and you'll get out yeah why
what you're saying is beautiful because it mean it is a good idea to have an open mind and try to find out why these people think in diametrically opposed with the way you think or we'll find out what is it what is them their motivation what what was their background what will cause them to reach this conclusion and ultimately how can we get going right because life is short and i what renewable energy in my time i want it to be feared i don't want solar panels to be gay i'm sick of this who says solar power of any nobody will just you know what i mean by that whole ideal i owe you a science guy www pussy like yeah right that's what scientists are you nuts one thing whenever you tweet something about global climate change one of the first things and happens is these trump assets jump on board and they start attacking or you're saying and then tweeting like i don't know research that are not but it's like immediate attitude of the people on the right seem to have were they
they immediately wanted dismiss anything that in industry anything about climate change anything put that us but protects the environment whether it's about this dakota pipe access thing it's just you know the trumpets just getting involved with you green let it sir that's intense you know what that was going on during the obama administration that something that people need recognised through there's not a single fuckin present it's really lookin out for you never has been one is not one that really enjoy every single one of them is doing some creepy shit and that whole thing where they were there cutting easily through private land they were resting people on their own fucking land they are saying that they have the right to drill through their land that was during the bio bomb at yesterday's session started during ministries and supported by his administration and they stopped at towards the end but it
almost like are gonna know that they stop did knowing the trump is going to start at right a fuck backup assumes you got an office i think the last few months have obama that's why he kicked the russians out just elect let proper back little trite let me the bad guy get that headline and he'll green like that pipeline i think obama heads some fun on the way out knowing that from israel first week is going to turn it all around and everyone gets to appoint the thing that's politics and that's why i don't love any politician and i've never do me one i wouldn't walk i come from washington dc see him all the time he got it etc never i wouldn't walked five to go meet one i'd like to me jimmy carter his polio really what i'd like to see him speak just as it i've never watched the president's speech i think be interesting but i just did i would my meeting jimmy carter but i just can't
no they're all kind of cut from the same bolt of cloth just different of puke on the cloth right so like it's raining outside and they're outside their wet because everyone is bushes it as if it also by the time we get to the executive office you ve been bought and sold these two dozen times wilfully how do you fix that by being person because there is so much of it you can't fix the only way to fix it is the local and like when trump became i just did eight shows it long ago it in a way and people kind of look when they start pushing against eligibility rights or a women's reproductive health rights and freedoms neutralize redoing benefits we're gonna like your plan paired with a seal you so poverty law centre any algae b t act of his group week we can get involved and start kind neutralizing this and slowing it down this is not a time to be dismayed this is this is punk rock times
joe stronger trade you for it is now time to go you're good person it means that means more now than ever because as a voter year its throw your penny throat and see that's all vote is is this like nothing like you don't and here it fall but you can you could be thunderous in your own life and being called the eight people around you and that you know it robs off this is resonate it really rests and so i work locally like right is for as my eyes can see i work there there was an orphanage in in los angeles i contributed money to four years they ve kind of morphine something else now but i work locally and if ever indeed everyone worked like a yard in front of them look a really good so you have to change the world you can change your street changing the world but a daunting task but hidden it happens with enough people change their street and so i as a loss
angels resident i'd be happy to work inside the county of allay doing good stuff whatever i can figure to do you don't have to you cause you you're not going to push congress around they seem to be late loving to sit sit still so you can work local and so going forward country it does when it gets better is when the electric gets betters with jefferson taught you a vigorous educated electorate who votes in votes in votes to keep american god government in democracy a transparent lens as transparent as possible and that you can do in this time like do you not going move to canada like the canadians are gonna have you but you can be your decency now means more is it it's a more into fruitful currents it just means war now to help that guy out it's it's a help your help basically i was village great things get done in times of crisis
absolutely we have something to push back against people organised like that woman's march in exactly you go wild decency is under threat i never thought about that let's go no sudden your life has some definition i like add the cereal relationships i'm not looking to get into an argument with you on the same like when i go tor sought me versus the audience it's me verse the stress in them the magnitude of the tour i've been off for myself and i get the fear of feed my audience i love that and i a battle that fear they go to the gym because you better put eight miles when the treadmill cause you gotta show tonight there's a sort of chemicals over your head do need the pizza eight that gives you gotta showed a night don't know what use up when you decide to do like eight miles and eternal how do you feel that benefits you when you do a show mental toughness like i'm tired of jet lag and i'm gonna be on station forty minutes i'm so damn tired and then
that training comes in you like menacing probably the best short ever done they sort laughing ma am really tired the sleepy awesome and you got there and crush it now when you do your shows do you write it out in a long form no but you have already writ yes i've already written on my journey because those journals become books i take tonnes you write long handy type both on my leisure days i like to hand right sire i dislike writing but mainly i don't have it times i got a type of lefty left level headed here and so i i've learned that you can't take too many notes you can't right enough like yesterday take eighty d sales of the last hour you forget it the next acres you're tired and so when i'm on stage i have no notes his the front of my brain pants off i'm in a court the constitution or quota president for years that the supreme court did whatever i just have to put it i member all of it and i just carry it around with me and be or go on stage too for myself i am i quote lincoln from burma
speech from the speech perpetuation of our governmental institutions i think it's called is the day speech of the young men lyceum it's been quoted here as first ever speak this is really young eighteen thirty eight i think i wasn't early january and its i just quote parts of it to myself and come and get ready to go out there and samson help you just ill minutes the rest of the day so it's like all i have in my life is a show i don't care about anything else my whole life is tonight and is it says i don't want anything else in the way i frankly was bureau bureau borg some elite tennis player he said read this and sports illustrated securities that i just basic concentrate to eliminate everything that's not the match was like that'll work then i was hyperactive it didn't it took me here's to be able to really embrace that but when i go stage after your show twenty
five and twenty five days when the only thing getting you through it is your love of being on stage my love of the audience i love them like just crazy obsessive end just the fact that thinking about how tired i am and how tie i'm gonna be i just there is though they go and go and i walk out there and i spent last hour eliminating the other parts of the day said you have an outline of what you gonna do about in my mind you open your mouth sometimes at the beginning of a tour does to kind of get back in that groove alright a page of nose i'll talk about this into that into that my look at it i gonna walk it through my mind and like ok you basically memorize where all the furniture is in the living room so you can run through with your eyes closed and not bump into anything and when i go on stage when things tend to go into the next and i
just all the sudden i'm a stopwatch i bring it on such and put it down for the audiences benefit not mine because if i dont know if i'm not careful shows will go well over two hours and i looked down like oh no these poor people i gotta certainly adding this this in any story tissue twenty minutes to get it intend to get out so like ok we're taxi i can see the runway and i let him go fifteen minutes i apologize i like i've kept here for two hours in twenty minutes i'm really sorry i swear i'll be done with you like ten more minutes but i would imagine they want you to another now do more but i just don't want to keep them there for three hours i do but i can't write on abuse worlds wanna leave them wanting more endlessly don't leave them going like that was really long i'm never coming back to his again a thousand having afford moulders being pulled because i was tell them i'm desperate for your attention in your approval i really need you to keep showing up you on the tree the falls in the forest unwitnessed and if you're not here
i got no i got nothing going on now when you do like save you do at twenty five showed tour if you go out for twenty five are you doing the exact same thing verbatim no no no no no no i'll have one or two big centrepiece stories like on the last tour many nights of the week i talked about the time i had lunch with david boy because he away last year and who is really really call me it is a fun store and i told them let me stories let me for motor headed died in the weeks before the tour started ass it well you know blemmyes gone and my fans are very let me in motor head and i have a lot of stores i hung out with let me a lot and is too therefore guy really amazing i saw i would tell some let me stories in those it could have fallen then fall out and then things will happen in the world and that would come into the mix i sometimes if something's really relevant i can connect to something like almost any country that falls down i've probably
been there and i go well ok what happened in syria today now when i was there i can pull my ass you know the elder media suke story out and so i have like i was on root repulse along time power miser one of my favorite human sister reel off yeah just amazing human being real smart funny his head to run more than once cause he's a big black dying away coming someone wants to beat him up any just one of the more extraordinary people i've ever met and i met him at best practice in the nineties e practice down the hall from us and we became pals and so i talked about the time ozone repulse drag raises a judge which was hilarious but i talked about that because i was just on his show rupaul dr reader eat puts a microphone on you go pro camera eddie around ella doing aaron's any interviews uni shops up into content so was able to tell my being a judge on groups
gregory story is like it said way into the day we and aaron's the normal places i go i live alone i'm very much a solitary type made this story about i walked into all these places and the time i've ever come in with someone else is the one time i walked and with a six and a half foot tall black eye and everyone who knows me in all these stores goes like all henry's we found someone there was a story about a perception because you'd the looks on their face like oh hey henry right i always thought so it's hilarious and rule report i would leave these places just laugh hysterically does i think we're an item and we have it we had lunch in west delay and we were recognised by everyone on the sidewalks immediately people taking photos and i said brew paul i think we ve become a power couple i believe to me is an anecdote i would tell on stage and it's funny but i'm not making up humor
i'm telling you of something that happened what's funny that's how i get the humor i basically stumble into it like website i've humour on my shoe and it was funny exactly email do you not going out with through paul and i would write back these really funny ambiguous email letters back like well as a new couple we don't want external factors to determine what this thing is and to be so right now we're just going with the flow and there's some kid in the mid west whose head just exploded because i wrote him back well you know we're just checking it out at leisure oh that wherever you want i don't give a damn and so that's what informs this shows as the tour rules out that story it will be in the ile like twain nights with that and then it falls away and it comes back
three weeks later i tore four months at a time of disk fiscal quarters go by and you haven't opening act you just go out on by russia by myself yes sometimes like in australia they have a rule where a feel for people in your band your american bending you are for australians have to play too and i like that and so a couple of times i've had a comedian really good guy he open for me on somebody bigger australian shows he didn't this last time but he his name is bruce and he'll go you like twenty minutes just so we can say we did that it i saw it i wasn't australian i bring american comedians dope reforming understand will these have this one to one thing the canadians have a two like if you're gonna play they want to local ban plain to see you usually have a canadian opener but i when i got a cannon to bring american comedians dumping from i've done tours were that they didn't make me have opener or who i've done towards what they did like i just was there last year in twenty sixteen but for a month of shows
no opener though is going be my buddy again and they said no no it's a jungle how my doing that but not last time it was explain to me and i didn't care that outside why they have that canadian content rule when comes to like television reigned in radio us well think canadians a certain amount of canadian content you have to have it on the radio and television or in canada usually i'm just on my own like the last hundred fifty six shows there is no openers do you ll only on the road like no i don't have that ship i used to get really what else again i got lonelier we'll get lonely when i was young you know yet girlfriend or something and now i'm kind of liquor a lizard here again this was it has had i wanted to rearing for eighty years still keys eating bugs yeah i i'm happy rose i still beating books i don't get lonely at all while i just don't have the though i have faulty wiring or something no not at all
dr rath super unusual do last year sure depression feelings of blankness i have and combat but that's one worries i go to the gym that current blows that away music helps lonely no i missed you blue or dead i miss dead people gives you can't talk to him any more let go my best friends mom died i miss her a lot but now otherwise i see people when i see him i have yet to remember a month basically philby fifty six in a couple of weeks ensuring since i was twenty ivan playing the away game as kind of what i know we're being off the road is difficult in a nice place it's cool lotta records i stereos got caught all i need but after three days home on board i missing the tour bus i wish i was back onto a man a lot of people like that and have that wanderlust thing anthony boarding has that same thing going on where he can't be home for a couple weeks zone for cup waste he's gotta get the fuck away here i feel it
i would like to leave and i dont want to run out of this building now but as someone said hey you wanna go to iceland to mama gap can be packed and give you twenty minutes man to keep the car on i'll be right out yeah and i'll go i'm hoping for are some good location work this year if they said you wanna go moved the check republic for a year and a half in mecca a to sit season the tv show i'd say you're before i asked what the port was really here you an offer now the czech republic right now bang on his keyboard will you i mean there's like these gigs you get really hate you mind going to live in this part of the world for six weeks to make a movie unlike i'll be there in two days oh yeah no i run stuff like that i'm told the opposite was different
the family here above average for you for not children wife already that that's stretch your home yet even if i didn't i just never really you before i had one i just never really enjoyed being out that much like going away and coming back he gets like being home for long stretches i feel i will have more productive at home ha here for me all the good writing the good thinking of the good work out it all comes from being on the road i just burn cleaner my mood elevates when em off the road i everyday wake up in my own bed i feel i'm kind of failing i'm wiping out real home your family and wiping out at home here why that you know what i put that on me i mustn't anyone els eyes i wouldn't dare doesn't get to tell people what to do but for me every day i'm not out in the world i might thinking i'm trying to dodge the ball is of like deflecting it are catching it are getting hit by a year other be out like of might the people
travel with might my road manager and our march guy we been traveling the world together for about a decade we all like while we're we're off this bus in two days i guess i'll start packing none of us want to go yeah i mean my road manager he has a family so is looking forward to being back with them of course but me in them guy man we're just you two solo act swinging from vine divine and this year i have any gigantic if you talking shows i mean a keynote this cannabis thing in a couple weeks in san francisco what is its a thing of fur cannabis entrepreneurs and since i don't smoke marijuana or any kind of his product but i'm pro legalization decriminalization they wanted it become that i'm in and so i ve got a couple of gigs but beyond that i've got nothing going on this year's on waiting for condition where a meeting and someone gives me a gig don't get any of that that i'm just going to pack my bags and find some jungle and some desert and go dig
now when you writing something about cannabis and you dont use it i mean you obviously had a long history with drugs before you got clean me oh no sir never not drunk like four times in my life i smoke marijuana wants such seven eleven hamilton street in trent new jersey nothing is after ban practices really boring and my band maize for smoking a joint as it can i try that and they said you want i'm so bored i'll try it i hated it saying verde everley had that at that time in your life for you no fucking around with drugs i did mary i think i tried we'd once i had a few experiences michelob and tenth grade i didn't like it right lsd a handful of times interesting but easy to lose your mind mushrooms a few times and when i did that thing the strip bar with the already show gas it was drunk sure isn't it said you have when i go yeah i'll talk about the time me and this girl were on acid driving her car and damn near got killed
and so he or she was crazy she's dead now but well that story about being on acid in latina spry where i got it from oh our stories today's society mile of my like six acid trips so wendell did you just decide to go completely clean whenever really good started in my career as a drug addict amendment even an amazon attic i'm saying someone uses it oh no no it never i am wired to such it in such a way that end stimulant is kind of a depressant like beer and times i was i drank i our forebears i've throw up on my shoes i wasn't good at it i didn't enjoy it i just do not want to hang out with the gang like my my dumb ass friends at school i didn't like it i didn't like that the dizziness it did make me happy just may be stupid the timer look marijuana i just sat there waiting for it to be over i sat trying to figure out how to pick up
a glass of water city unlike had i do that in all my might be amazing sperience stones they like you do tat henry thank you couldn't you stand picking up a glass of water when you went to deep lies at how how long is this last for they set about twenty thirty minutes as i said ok i just said stood at my watch ass it was interesting you like wow i could lose my mind so it is better to concentrate so it is run out of my skull mushroom refund you laugh your ass off for three hours and that was so bad but i just didn't see anything to pursue i try i did it was the same thing every time and that's kind of my entire history with drug use that it talks about happy new year but this i would drink like i'm that's a smoke of coffee this will last me believe it or not all day one cup i drink a cup a day i make a cup of coffee and i to sip it so
what i'm thinking is that i'm medicating with caffeine like an antidepressant and i use it as an ivy drip i never drink cups coffee and reaches one start off hot and by the end of the day it is cold yeah but i said that i think it's like just a trip ivy of caffeine and it must be i always have a cup of coffee with me and is always half full like on the weekends i don't on the weekends it if i'm off the road i go to coffee places to sit and write for hours and work on book manuscript at all by the small coffee like this one and three and a half hours later i'll leave anna just drop it in the trash cause is still by three quarters for slaughter drink a lot of coffee in the winter i'll drink a cup of tea in the morning and have a cup a part of a cup of coffee audrey goal of the tea what will it makes
what what fuels you to be so prolific you know you you say you write a one article a month for the only weeklies why towards a week thousand words week here which does not do that you write for rolling stone authored australia ones around and then i write a train right a thousand words today for myself and i have right now five different books in various states of completion of that's not some college basing my manuscript these are there done and i'm by day i at it i'm editing the next journal book travel book and and at night i'm writing another journal book working on one of two different music books i i do a series of music books call fanatic y know rare records and labels like music geeks and so i work on those at night and you also was to radio show and i have weekly radio show i just filled in out tomorrow in england bbc radio six i'm feeling in four eggs pop he took a vacant from his show so filled in for him last week and this week well i did though shows so
i'm always busy and so stimulants we'd get in my way what powers me it's not money it's not ambition its anger i am one of those people i wish there is a better way to say it but it's it's vengeance you left him high school man he said i was going to be anything really watch this like still pushing i hate to i hate to say it forty years later earlier all of it like you know my dad you is a big money guy i'm like ok you of money so much watch me out gross you in your whole damn family combined i don't even care about i dislike achieving it and it's one of the reasons why they agent goes ok five shows on one offer might anonymous no it's a day off you put a show in their like why because like screw that man watch me
what shows on that night will you think i can't i'm just like i said i set up every cereal relationships are not against you or anything i'm just saying i i have to ask need to push against like a schedule that this like the schedules godzilla like you can finish so it really matter serve you up and eat you every day like a steak and have to have that and some gettin getting back and sir i think of all the people those in bands with i have to crush him i grew up with i have to powder eyes of others such as well the motivation is it sucks its immaturity it's eleven year old sandbox wow aware of it yet at which makes even stranger because it's not something that you just operating under will you know you have it's it's controlling you and you don't understand i quite enjoy it into the embers it yeah like if i am not an actor but i go for acting parts
but basically going in there and winging it and i get you don't get to go for a really big parts a little bit of trepidation knowing i'm going in there but then i think like oh yeah sony whatever man blinded up and i was like run out of my car argue where you at man and i'm not trend president tough guy some not i just needed this needs to be trying to tell me i can and i it that informs the everything i you like instead of just dialing my radio show and i work on that sucker for like five hours it has to be hand picked know that saw not that when this one let me go free draughts of its intense for the reasons why i live alone is like i work all the time like hate come out on this week unarmed at seven p m on a frightened working like i'm not among us constant here not fund to hang out with your vacation ever we just you know i can't into
actually an ex essentially i can understand the idea of a vacation i make a joke god stages i want to come back ten pounds lighted with an internal parasite i want to come back with like a scar were the spear kind of grazed me and eight great stories and a deal where's insect in my bag i dont want to see on the beach and silken the rays i wanna get burned by being in the desert and i cannot figure at how the somewhat trying to kill me by noon that's the sahara and that's how i go about it so part of your motivation is actually the perception by other people of what you're doing like understanding that what you're doing is so undeniable the volume you're putting out and the intensity of the intensity so undeniable like i'll show you motherfucker he absolutely while we're even people who like me like a henry's here like yeah i'm here check it out purchaser here's a place you won't go and
it is not that i have any aggression towards these people i just i just how to burn brightly it's not about money not about i'm better than you i don't think i'm better than anybody i just one explode as much as possible and i think to my audience it's to their benefit is like that you're gonna go there will place i don't wanna go easy to come back with ten great photos and a story about how it really lost his foot it's great unlike put me in coach it's a game i wanna play that's what i go for an trend distracted leggy high school i was like you know that the wise ass kid who had awful grazes riddle and i mess ritalin in high school who has ritalin since like like right at a preschool you don't look at the early government doc adaptation on on riddle and this is not a job the disease big books my mom
adam this photos of me they tried riddle and out i was tat part of the test group how we would get little orange tablets and then we get little yellow tablets and we have triangular order tablets for a while am i went to a place called the national research centre and also hyperactive and they said here we're trying this stuff out my mom had me on ritalin from like pre school all the way to twelve grade home summer time summer vacation i wouldn't take it and within a day that of kicking yourself itself out of your system man your appetite comes back and in ninth or tenth creators are waiting fighting and i started like throwing the pills out because it's it's an appetite speed and so it suppresses your appetite and so i'm going through puberty my hormones are raging and i stopped using the tablet and all of a sudden i'm that guy at lunch reelected the line of milk on the outer edge of the tray column eating like you know tons of freedom
locust to go into the german i'm just getting really might registration is now being informed by a physicality that i'm getting by lifting waits so listen i'm putting muscle on and i'm angry at the world and i'm a spaz and so by two great i was kind of a maniac and then i got it pop rock and you know just got guts did that slugfest just gonna went into the world with just cut wildly swinging away who that's why they put you on ritalin at such a young because that is what they were doing in america with a lot of young people who talk too much her you know better skills well who had entered i had attention deficit in the couldn't concentrated num i got thrown out of the dc public school system for being you know he's yelling he's doing this and i actually read a couple of teacher report it's about me years later i said i had no memory as i did
at my mama yeah that's why they kicked you they kicked you out of school year and i got kicked out of a few schools until they put me in a prep school where the advertising as i go you your kid s problems with studying will cool amount and the first it is a school some kids spoke out a class and i watched as one teacher pick this one can up into can a toss him into a black when one right his class you shut up and so i will i and want to get your afresh by a teacher cells was really careful but having that difficult this sitting down i was fine with topics i liked i didn't groovy math or any of that but at lunchtime the library and certain memorizing the latin nomenclature of every north american snake i had to learn them all and by tenth grade i had and i have most if it still in my head but i am always very confused these medical distinctions whether it
adhd or hyperactive or a dvd whatever the fuck it is like is is that real or do people just did do something just have a different composition a different passion inside of them and they resist doing things they don't want to do and they don't want to be a part of any structured school curriculum i think all of it but in his out of disease or is that or do you just have more funds looking right now if you have any pills you not on anything and he gave us passion for life you have all this isn't it the same shit that you when you were six year just was undisciplined and unfocused tribute that does outside disease right i don't know i wouldn't call it a disease i think as us wiring right but why the fuck is it named wise eighty age to legalise it so they can sell you a pill i know but he's not crazy the more you look back in your own life the fact that you are on that shit for i mean what how many a lotta years
eight years now you're really screws of you because you can feel it when you take the tap the pill you can eat your basically europe propeller this spin so fast what it looks like they're like all spoke of a real advance we'll still has actually going really fast that's how it felt like the outside i'm like this pale skinny like but inside i'm like the last few minutes of aid in two thousand and one we can within the space time genuine everything is flying by that was like tent great for me right it's kind of held on my desk and fairly flu do classes like not being to retain much because speeding my brains out and then would wear off around dinner and all of a sudden you like eating to meals and then ex warning you take the pill and you don't eat again for hours that is fucking crazy it was it was
nuts as scares the shit out of me too because my parents didn't put me on anything like that but i know i would have no i would have been diagnosed i know i would have been put on something of i have parents year they they put me on my mom put beyond this stuff probably cause my doctors said deal hey iris this helps a lot of kids i was in these classes and i'll never forget what i m going to my mom's boxes is this big hockin hardcover book and i opened it up and i saw these like a contact sheet of me wait a minute that's it place and then i saw the camera angle and i realized there were these mirror on the wall there observation rooms never forget one day i'm looking at that mere and a door from the side and my mom walked out and they would we are being observed and camera angle was from that observation room and there's me playing with it
blocks and stuff like i remember that sweater oh man unlike for and that was part of that research group it may be good my mom was a government employ i don't know but i was i went to a place called it for two years called the national resource and i got thrown out of their work four wounding a kid which due to them through a bunch of powdered cement in his face now when you started lifting wait when your tour in twelve grade and you download more like neither tent neither tell their early to when you stop taking the pills did you feel like the exercise did for you what the pills were kind of support to do for you the weight lifting the i had it this is coach well he's mention in that article that you were talking about the iron i talked up wisdom peppermint any is he i was in his car well he's a vietnam vat and he once said to me
i have to quote he said your skinny little faggot she thank you sir and he said to me that you get a lift waits i said ok more attention than my dad gave me so i said i'll take it and so it taught me compound lifts at the sky jim so i bought a serious and robots and filled waits at which i couldn't dragged my mom station viii w fast back an event i did by three months wait some fairly throwing it across the room because you know you growing so fast your muscles are recover overnight its do the same work out every day don't you feel it so you're not allowed to look at yourself until christmas break after christmas exams and this was like in september so i didn't i did everything he told me to and then he dropped me off before the christmas break he said now today look at yourself in the mirror and i ran home i ran home and i tore me stupid school uniform off and i stood in the mirror and my body definition unlike well those are
accidents on i mean like i look like i was a guy lifted some weights and it was self validating like while i'm here i did that i'm looking at myself going i did that no one can lift those waits for you and the feeling of achievement it gave me that i accomplished that was a shot in the arm that i still feel to this day ma i mean it was so like wow you can do this that's possible every other time trying to meet girls at the school dance i had no guts to talk to the girl so they were only in creatures i didn't do well in schools can make fun of me i couldn't throw the ball straight so they were thrown at my head to watch me run and so i didn't then he traction anywhere and then when i had the weights on like wow unfilled out my t shirt man noticeable improvement hell yeah merit a last effort equals react and i couldn't
make my grades better so still use all of swahili to me the school has this obtuse too is probably too late i just yeah i'm not good sitting still but when i had the summer jobs that's when i kick das i never had an allowance i never my mouse you never said you twenty box like word henry go he's got three jobs over the weekend i died up in the morning go to the pet shop work all day their run home shower my clothes do the night shifted the movie theater take the bus out to the surface in the suburbs and repair skateboard whatever on sundays so i always had pocket money because i was i like having working cash register on my key chain in school i had the keys to stores bosses trusted me could never steel and i do so i would work like all twenty hours a week and go to school in high school and part of that was informed by the weightlifting and i like it out of the house in being responsible but instead
dear me much to me but showing up on time at the pet shop and clean now twenty cat pants man that was like i had to be there at eight eight o clock not eight one man cuz we got things to do i felt a real fealty and to this day like if i may run a film shoot like who's the guy was their early man that's me i'm i'm their memorize the whole damn script i'm so happy have a job amaze anyone cares and so all of that kiss me on the straight and narrow is i call myself a human frozen yogurt machinist output now i don't want the cause i don't like to build ships and i want to say let em and the best part about finishing this ship is its sails off to see and you can build another so i love finishing a book you get this thing off my desktop now i can start a new one like where can i go now and saw that's how i i
live to achieve and two output but it's not i don't ever look at i can have a thing on my computer is called the list and i keep a list of like every show every book i've written every move you have been in every album i've ever made and when you look at it its intense it's like you the list of every show you ve ever done or hell yeah of course why although europe continent where you re does that year and sometimes i write down the set length take a lot of notes why are we already moldova but i have this one thing called the list it is just like you every film every tv show every voice over every book every record on on and on and sometimes i look at it just collect the input like the newport comes out after i god of the thing in impotent i look at this list in my bones start aching that is a lot of the latest version not a crisis came a tidal wave
gotta go see what i've done i just gonna go i'm only interested in what i'm doing what i'm doing next so why do you recorded then why do you write a list of down i won't leaving a good trail of evidence and i'd like to able to when some will say i'm i saw you one thousand nine hundred and eighty five in champaign illinois mark know that would be one thousand nine hundred and eighty three or one thousand nine hundred and eighty six v10 blazer one thousand nine hundred and eighty five how do you know that well yeah you got a fucking list from nineteen eighty three i have every show since i was in washington dc with mice with my first band so are you are you ve written down every single show you ve done in your life you should publish that was its in deal my play gerald books of the years in black flag that came out of the book she is published that lest he should put it up online we just some people could look at it he i i have a lot of there's a lot of those kind of things are challenges so people could feel lazy just just to look at that what the fuck is something
you know something like that will change the way a person looks at the world to know this like henry rawlins is out there record every single show and he is right here's all like you get this feeling ok i'm getting this feeling when i'm talking to you and i want to go do something for real they get out of this now know now i love this interview i want to fuck and accomplished something like this is this is something that i like when i talk to people that are really motivated and really passionate if it gets me fired up and out some i'm listening you talk about the stuff and i want to go do something here that that's all get to do in life you get to do stuff and then you die here it's over it is over fast enough anyway so for me i don't i don't tell people what is a very compelling and attractive attitude you have though it's very very interesting case be going it never gets i never get to that point were i've been doing of places we have written enough books or have done enough radio shows or i i bought enough record
is never enough records there's never enough time to do everything and i like living with that kind of aspect of desperation we're always collect our come on let's go and i like that because it keeps the as i say keeps the blood thin and it keeps com place and see at the door i have my bad days i'm like anyone else some distant jabber your burnt the bad days are probably ridiculous bernie so hot i mean you're bad days are probably like an average ambitious persons we know quality time that means no man thirty intense but this one of the reasons why i pick the people i work with like today you met heidi who manage this not only me but all my companies and basically she's she and i've been working together for damn your twenty years she's amazing and she's air traffic control
as if i'm not i'm never careful i say yes to every damn thing she said you can't say yes to back is here to be over here on this day she likes up answer the phone i got this so she like she's wanted who knew all this with you right because i enough not ours go and do it but i'm not good at setting it up and so she locks in the coordinates and so i work with people who are used to a kind of my voila city like the road manager play i'm very easy on road manager award same day i wake up i go to the front of the bus and he's already written out the map for me to walk to a gym if i wake up i go right to jim and i was what the same thing i want to jim i want this wanna gig and then i want some sushi and i want to go to sleep and so but its intention is hardly any days off so he knows how to keep all of that going
and the phone is ringing because i work in different media all the time and so highly is always juggling a chain saws and so i'm around people who can allow me just to really run at it and go fasten as hard as i want to i call living at the speed of life it is kind of go you let your imagination in euro resolve dictate everything and to be able to do that and still keep the lights on i'm just a lucky bastard and so i tried be really cool about it so i with humility very contagious to its very nice it's very nice to hear that you have to our line of work everything about you but you know you and i do enough for the same stuff come on man we get in free stuff all the time doors open so that other people pay for they just give it of a magazine others like the fact that you came by and so the only way not to be a jerk with all of that is too
don't take it too seriously and to be grateful as possible and that's what were several cigarettes that i've met deal some big movie stars and rockstar types the bigger they are the more grateful they arc as they know they are just lucky bastards and all like the the easy daisies and black sabbath i've met the right the most humble he'll just so happy got a gig and scorn pre well and they must know that they beat the grind they obviously handsome to bear they had something that the world's as well about but they all at the same time no that they're not gonna take this caning that a lot of really good people who don't deserve that are going to take us bukovsky road bodies have made you gotta beat the grind because men this life will kill it'll just views you up and so i am not looking to escape any beatings but to have an idea and get to do it and turn it into something that can
pays me like i can go into the world have these crazy things happen come back with photographs in a story take it up stage i can talk on that and people show up damn man i should this be saying thank you every other breath and the dust when i try and maintain where you are you're obviously very prolific would do with all your money you see are you guys polly whereas those kind of clothes every day the time where i live in an apartment trying twenty of these military department now i gotta house give out here i have a lot of records so i need some room i i spend money on records plane tickets the occasional lens for a camera enough but by costa a lot i drive a mazda six what's here do do that on purpose
i live in l a man and you do fire conway you one of those mother fucker year i have over a million miles on united and i've been trying to upgrade you like no no no no no no i'll see no ice the middle i save him up for when i go on tour like last year olds in australia twice and so that's right use the miles by the light australia economy will not of course into business because i had already saved up the miles but usually i fly economy a why'd you do that because i will not justify be spending two thousand for more leg room for seven hours can you can buy like a truckload records of that money right majority have the two thousand dollars in the bank i need that two thousand dollars i was really broke ass in a band for many years and all the money i made it came with a lot of sweat and a lot of pain and i i must respect it and i'm not sing to put yourself in business class is being disrespectful to money what i'm saying is
can't justify it i simply cannot go that was worth it i can't do it i just can't how many records you think you have now slight triples mandate is keep showing up while last i listen to ten records five l peace in five single same when you sit down a listener records or is this a solitary pursuit is headphones on oh no no no i'm in front of a pair of wilson excel at sophia threes yeah what is that ex their exit he's an audio engineering to start type in the cities you type of men and laptops go also day i am there there it's a good system but it the one thing i miss when i'm on the road is my music just easy access to analogue and so on and off the road i have a virus on my computer cop i heard that and i write down every right i listened to in the order i listen to the exact pressing like last night listen to david boys singer
golden years can you hear me but it was the pressing from el salvador and i had to write that down because i'm that guy picture the girl sooner alexandria threes while my just so when you're sitting down and you're are enjoying this music just sitting down and join this music you not doing this while those about ass oh no no no no a few a few models up my friend i've got those two but those are those are so go to go to the outgoing alexandria there you go yeah they're so big tastes takes a while the buffer well he others two hundred and sixty pounds each what's here during your living room here shit here now what is the benefit of these they sound good heiress frequency is realised without even pushing the system he is system you don't play loud you just you can medium and its full
saturation of frequency what the fuck look at these goddamned minors silver guises website so shit zeiner arse enter answer as fast as fuck firstly we should leave and about the world leader probably some weirdos just i can pick because they're just met israel spilling and it takes a while look at those speakers that's insane stack so you have to stacks and you just face him towards union suddenly couch ear yeah and then looking at those and that is a maniacs stereo system yet yeah ok so you and so that's what i'm islam on the roads are those two and i i come home i play a lot cuts in so last night to listen to all that music it took about four hours or so to get through all that music and you're just sitting there taking in the song i'm writing you rightly i'm taking notes on things that i'm working writing in my journal and just
writing in listening i gotta get a cup of coffee and called cup of coffee every four i made it the night before actually and saw a drink in the lower the second half of this cold stale coffee amanda half a glass of perrier water i like that line bubbly water that's it that's my big kick ass night like this weekend a ban call sleep is opening for the ovens in their plane two nights at the fondness ongoing both nights can i love both bands and if there's a gig and tell them go and if their plane two nights ago both might so you still deeply invite in music and as far as your being a fan easier tracy's yeah a major dont have a desire to perform you now idle always i came in the music being a fan and i left i ll always be a fan it it's it's a drag when you meet a musician is not a fan of music
come on man like no one's like all these bans all sucker could really don't i feel the same way about comedians in our affairs stand up i love stand up still loves stand up and it states i think that's some the people lose somewhere along the line sometimes some of em doing through a sad when the air i gotta gigs all the time it's fun but has also said as a lot of times these bans right mix i plan on my radio show a member show me the echo next week we're going on one thousand one hundred and thirty am i gonna tuesday man i can't i can't go see i've been thirty at night wiser for this damn tired but damn i'm really my age does you sail and thirty on a tuesday to start a gig unlike i'm sorry daddy disk really tackled is that your sorry man you know i can't do that and be at my office the next day while i water it was a friday year or christmas break but our all i'll the fond of both nice as we can see in those bans so
say it is a friday sewing on weekends do you have again relax schedule on saturday and sunday you allow yourself some leisure i'll sleep as long as i want and i listened to different records during the week i listen i do protein listening which is wreckers i've heard yet so this year yet really concentrate on the weekend i do carbohydrate listening where's records that i'm familiar with that i dislike to listen to our so just like a sort of a light thing well just like songs he'll albums i've had for twenty five years that i still like to listen to the liking of chilean soup and bread and potatoes entering the weakest shimmy clap pushups what a strange life you have met yet it's very original italy that is different euro you now be weird live where dinner weird is where does i guess or you get involved the relationships are you getting a girlfriend or something like that and they realize i fail at their getting involved with the lack of cheese is christ
who is more what i'm getting involved with realize i can't hackett because here is that the awful thing about being dulled interrelationships seeking to be an adult in a relationship i have found when i was young and i was a boy not updating dating girls boys and girls and you she's in eighty urinating you do dumb things have when sheets and whatever then you hit a certain part of your life where she's a woman and you're a man and you have adult expectations and you can't be running around being an idiot with so many kind of wants you to be at the table because they are sincerely giving time of their adult life to this thing you are doing together and when you come in still thinking you're ninth grade and she's coming in like this is part of what life is being with you i have never been able to answer that in a mature enough way to where i would have been
able to maintain it cause like say next weekend if i had a girlfriend she might say it's friday what are we doing i'm like watching me right for four hours and so that's not the way to being you can't do that so i can't leave a good person other half cause i'm always the work has always attracted me more then coming home to someone wow a guy i can't stand the idea of some one of living with a person i can do it on the ask is this does the boat and work you now going down the road but i never would want to wake up and she's and i have no speciale works you right she's right well it's day here we are gather i'm just not wired that way i would be a dry like you have is look at me and twenty hours ha
i didn't notice and i'm just work oriented and so am i i'm not into interested in wasting anyone's time i'm not interested in being mean i'm really not into it and so i'm not the this woman was hitting on me a while ago i said ma am i mad the problem was very persistent and i said man i'm like a hunting dog i'm a dog does not the kind you pat i know i'm just not i'm just i'm sorry just you should stop studies imagining holding your had come into your spoken word shows gonna go to dinner with you and your day in them and you're like in front of your fuckin crazy speakers in your writing hoping the phone doesn't ring right i unplug it the weekends except on sunday my best friend since i was eleven twelve and he was eleven were still restaurants in ever them
for gaza yes ok we're in macao either he's my best friend we grew up together doing music and everything and we talk almost every sunday and so are we ve been best friends since sir the carter illustration and so evil call sunday will talk for awhile otherwise the phone doesn't ring if it doesn't like are not why why thought you likely me why are you calling and you like yeah if you like me wouldn't write me but meanwhile i'm i'm can undoubtedly this working away and so i am i'm good for a racehorse just watch me run around the track but dont done don't need to feed media like i got a trainer rigid in your behaviour patterns you mean you ve got it locked in you know what you enjoy you know it makes you content what gives you happy
ass an appreciation year at it's kind of a replica vulcan united doesn't humans play a large part in it like i don't need to go hang out with my friends on the weekend and hey menu call me what's going on it don't don't don't call but you do appreciate those humans it come to see your perform and you feel a deep obligation to them absolute yet and i serve them and i love i like servitude i like wanting to give them something good i'd make the best hash i possibly can and then i sling it with everything i've got i just don't want to hang around afterwards and talk about it has like to do it if i if i could just say thank you i walk out of the building into a moving vehicle and be ten blocks down the road before they get about them seats i would be fine aids is that i dont know what else there is to do except hid it and then quit it so it makes some interactions a little uncomfortable
i like these people write a lot they have no idea how much i just wanna just rock their world with a book or show but beyond that i hey come and hang out with a sigh i dont know how to do that but you do get appreciation from hang out with you believe me when you going you journeys sure you meet someone on the road like some guy in his village riser man how's your what's your day like here what are you eating ok we u water i'm sure that anymore you different she died because they're so unusual in their life is so as has seen its information extraction you're just you don't really know that person of their not they insisted different relationship you don't feel that connection is someone that you meet in real life in america irony i ate them and on polite is thus it some people i like a hang out and beer friend all the time just don't understand it
http would save expression she's there i just did not trying to be jerk i just doesn't compute and so instead of like hey we're go down to the park come with us like will have on august make you a really good book an all out of prison is cheaply as i can while i just let that be okay well habit this email you and say i hope you're having a good day and was just let it go and don't seem to have any problem with anything that you're doing like this not liked some things you're trying to resolve our work through like this is what you you found this thing he found a way to see my group for washington dc and i love that i love that city go there every once in a while to visit and some nice i visit will my good pal ie and of course but some nice i just want a ma my own and i were to all my old jobs and i walked by apartment building
lived in but i walked by people's houses who are people who grew up these amazing musicians they'll became big musicians and i other in their so i can even seem in the window i don't want to go in i just like walking by their place in knowing their in there literally i've walked i've seen someone i grew up with it on the street i got very goes ok or anyone you went up in tat mother shoulders a hey man no ice like the fact that i just walking it's only need there is weird in like that since i can read member any it's more like that of the older i get one that will make sense because as you get older you're more rigid in your ways in your ears rule is cut deeper and deeper here and a lot of stuff i do it takes a bloody long time to finish it you want to write a book then you better get ready for the long haul guess you'll be working on that sucker two years later and you
just never ends like editing revisions in all else but the whereas i go on to sound two weeks it's like it's like thirteen months i'll see you next year you do that and then you take time off right you will go the long stretch he'll take time away from the door here and the only reason as if i had my way beyond the road every year in year out have ours of new material and no one would ever get tired of me coming to their city once a year and i used to torrent for years i just out every year and people are like henry love you man but you gotta start coming here less often so little offensive keep going ok three again and so they are doing it every other year and then the mai promoter types who are happy to take the fifteen percent this henry we love you man but you got you can't you can keep coming so often people just getting a little up to here with it even every other year yeah and so but spoken word and so think that that would be enough time meter meet you was and so i did whatever
one told me to this time around cause i know these people are smarter than me and they said can you wait a little while longer and so the last big tour twenty twelve and i went out again in twenty sixteen hours for years basically from one presidential election to another and ticket sales spite everywhere was london was like fifteen hundred more too it's that i've ever done there i sold out unites the sydney opera house in sydney it was amazing i said what's that about as it you waited here if you gave people a time to defer get how long you talk form an end so it's sad to think that i have to wait until twenty twenty i can do little weakened or weaken there but i can't go do the lap i just did next year nowhere but you want to appear here
like being on stage are looking for those people i like giving i guess getting is the hard part like when people plot at the end of the show i just get nervous i want to run i stand there like one one thousand to one thousand three one thousand ok i'm out of here wow yeah makes me uncomfortable listen henry rounds your unique mother fucker out that you're ready by like well now i know i know not ever met anybody like you but i appreciate you appreciate what you do and i appreciate your attitude and is very contagious it's very exciting legacy infectious and thank you very much doing is really really appreciate it did henry rawlins ladies and gentlemen so that's what i'm gonna do anymore i say give it up for somebody that's my new shit let's see how i got away from say without further ado i did that so now monsieur
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and that's it we're done we will be back tomorrow with mike baker formerly of the cia michael bigger he's been on a couple times the past i enjoy talk to him he's great and that will round out the weak sort of we are not going to do a fight companion on saturday night we can't cause brian cowen is having a earth day and so what we mean brendan have to go to his king birthday party his wife sent me an email saying video about how you feel about broad did not happen and jesus will we in high school was this further office party the fuck out a brand but you woman on is what is wives a lovely woman just teasing for his party but we made an agreement this is what we decided because eddie bravoes out of town he's doing a seminar in
brennan sharp wondered do a fight companion a blow our prize party and i said does not cool man jesus so what we decided do instead is do a fight campaign on sunday so don't watch to fight on saturday this is what we are asking don't wash fight on saturday and instead watch with us on sunday we're gonna come in sunday night and we're not gonna pay attention to social media ominous day line i'm not going to look at shit we're gonna coup that bitch up on sunday at seven o clock so sevenpm pacific time on sunday we're gonna come in here and to it with no knowledge whatsoever brennan's probably going to already know he's a junkie for information he's gonna know who won the fight and is probably going to pretend that he's gonna predict shit and maybe tat will do the same either way let's be real malta time we wash the fights were barely paying attention and that's not going to change so
that'll be sunday night and then next week goddamn folks i got a lot of people coming in next week i got bill burs gonna be here next week leah remedy if you haven't seen leah romany show her show and scientology ho lee shit what a show gary vainer chuck placenta right so i said milburgh gary vainer chuck layer remedying dance floor as the guy that have been talking about forever about is coyote book hildy your next week alex pocket jones that's right we're the documents what an epic weak fought hard you thinking about you gotta go see gus tomorrow is like a baker c c by big business
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