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#912 - Pete Holmes

2017-02-06 | 🔗
Pete Holmes is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, podcaster, television host, and cartoonist. His podcast "You Made It Weird" is available on iTunes & his new show "Crashing" premieres on HBO February 19 at 10:30pm.
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hey you're fox how's everybody doing i hope you are our groovy view airy everything i got comedy wise in february is already sold out except the ice on the fifteenth i don't think i guess tickets are probably on sale what i'm doing is every two weeks i'm due when the ice house in power sabena and some of the funniest comics in the war old all live and allay incredibly fortunately so why you know like that last week was bill by tom cigar fitzsimons is on this week in edwards just all the bed stop buys weak it's all the best comics that live around here or there are visiting here and we do it every two weeks an ice houses and amazing club is the oldest comic club in the world we started in the early nineties sixties i think like sixty want or something like that
and the guy wants it bob fisher's just a fucking beautiful human being i love it so i love performing there and it's where we fuck around and come up with this shit and work on things very intimate show two hundred and ninety people and like i said every two weeks so february fifteenth and then march first in march 15th and so on and so forth next gig after that is march third the big one at that theatre at the m gm in las vegas with the great tony hinge cliff and more should be really fun at the day before the you have sea which is saturday the fourth so times and then after that the thing are god is that buffalo show which is in april april seventh i thought tickets we're gonna go on sale this pass wednesday but are they changed it and now it will go on sale this wednesday witches february eighth so this one
saying all put all that shit online but that's for april seventh at shea's performing arts center in buffalo and then portland for four hundred and twenty in the four hundred and twenty show is that is the big we'd celebrations that's at the arlene schnitzel concert hall and its two shots ferko soda around her her by the way i'm back on the apple tit value between me are you using windows you know what i had i how scare were i had a young identity theft issue and then use my apple laptop again wasn't a colleague the keyboard better on the lenovo but construction build operating system apples better about an apple and among the apples here with my fault i was going to give in and give in to other proprietary stuff how far can give up
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be kettlebells to fight off a zombie apocalypse o use the code rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements bob am i know more ass my guest today is pete homes pete arms is a hilarious stand up comedian he's really really good guy a new show coming out on hbo what's a showdown crashing it's coming out february fifteenth nineteenth february nineteen february nineteenth on hbo and dumb it is his he's done is made it with judd appetites of today unites fame all timeframe movies in jet appetites of a million movies frame just tell them any house give it up for pete homes
experience in try glycerine oil pete alms that's it we're talking about em city oil is what's ruddy everybody's been asking me why we ve never done one another's park has because we have an absurd amount of things in common are giving it ok i was watching some starlit like in the writers room the other this startling a star let i don't remember and i use that word i'm from the thirty i was just flipping a nickel industry land before i came here to do but we putting some starlit i'm letterman and he was just one of them great letterman clubs who is really just being a deck brian that stuff you don't see anymore and i loved it but he was making fun of the starlit cause she ate clay
all i was doing was googling edible clay gun that guy i'm a believer you don't even like i'm one of those guys are facts up medical studies and you know what i mean i think they gave me the policy but unlike that works for me my vision was sharp for four hours you know it is eating clay do for you you know you see that's the thing is if she had letterman was giving all the ship and she couldn't do it but i could defend it i was i give you a poison and you went to a regular western medical doctor that give you charcoal activated charcoal he has the same idea these earthy type of things draw out heavy metals and and poisons from your body that's not to say that i'm gonna go and eat clay but every morning in my smoothly there's a shit tunnel weakens where right yeah shit and worse provisional community guidelines on view do very little money television down the man the television or fact balls
a ship time i'm swearing about how much salon trail i put my money is the launch of parsley these do the same type of thing doesn't garlic didn't rhonda patrick talk about that everything is some sort of an effective pulling heavy metals or touches itself too heavy metals was her married some they believers you're putting activate or whatever it is co modality will always is healthy that now this is super simple good free rein via its medium chain try glycerine oil so it's that help these aspects of cooking oil fields good skits unhealthy fats in yeah i'd is are you do do cocoanut oil is well yeah i'm a big fan of cocoanut oil and those forks over knives guys have you seen them lately know how their off oil they look like there the blow away their dying and furthermore raises there there's so hard core now i like that movie but those guys we see that one i think it's about
china so many of you know the china studies been deepened did you know that i who trotted out it is getting higher bright or new step now that the trend is all ternata facts reverence for years unfortunately they didn't they did you some studies it these confirmation by these some studies that course only emigrant is that all that i'm right away our sat at the g8 scientists even vaguer scientists who have debunked aurelio lifted and said well here's the issue they didn't bring up this didn't bring up that yes there is couldn't perfect it was just a bunch of chinese as area until something up on it because it's there's been some pretty scientific analysis of it now ceases thy word ipod that sums up the wrong word analysis is like the play
a thesis is theses which rather too much like fear is one of those things are never say now that we're rest in peace china study reference it rather setting out over that is brilliant spare my pockets for two and he was a macro biodegrade entails is i make fun of chris kessler new nowhere half i'm just doing a general but you get started with our line but when there is what he gets fucked with his because he was a hard core vague and any was havin some pretty significant health issues and then slowly but surely switched over that's interesting he while it's it's one of those things like some people can eat that being diet in love great and be fine and healthy i makes me feel i'm i'm a fleeting well occasionally fish is great i occasionally get drunk and eat roscoe's chicken and levels of the thing is i don't wanna be military or stringent about anything actually kind of another thing that we have in common is conscious less and less use them and i don't like being rigid about meditating i don't like being
just about any sort of practice including the egotism so i tweeted awry instagram to photo made shake check who i made him that's had to drinks not vision and i look happy i'm like i might look like this i look like i'm meal you have a veto by guerrillas allowing a double shack burger it was unbelievable doubles the murder i you know it's really funny guy marked weakens all time at this whole bit about visa my act but you will catch me in a vague and restaurant at least four days a weary you know what you do i don't know of your aaron rodgers is not a friend of mine but a pile of mine all those hi guys you know that i'm going to tell you anything you don't know about athletes they're all eating plant based and meet like they clean euro tina made plant i just do the plan i don't like murder and i don't like the way it makes me feel frankly i like doing things in my body that are readily absorb and i said this i guess i want to anything but this i say
you can't even state for protein a very curious where you get to save up ok because i bet you go to school me i say you can you to stake for protein is kind of like drinking for water it's in there we are do a lot of digesting and grinding in extracting the get it as opposed to something that you might bland and getting to yourselves more readily well when you blend food for short gets in yourselves more readily could bland mistake you can see that but i mean if you believe like vegetables it's much easier for you bought it a process like a smooth ii yet like god damn i drink these chaos movies and they go through me like rock we mean it gives you missions or not really shots that's not the shit's doesn't let me die unless you drink too much city or that something i should bring up because it has a duty to much empty tea or is it all troll jobs you area i'd in your bodies like all that a huge cargo loads they holding onto your childhood like one of those logging both trips over very fast river well that's what i see i like
you brought it up is eight weeks to get high that's what i'm doing get high like if you eat e3 lively blue green algae gray s to ask you about the really important we do have veto out and that's something chris cross brings up twelve so four important you now exists it is it's very difficult to get with strict super doing for used to be a lender ease the dirt east would get in that way now and now i'd take e3 it gets you hurry you take that there's this product should have brought you some called high how like what like just feel good just i clean my greatest like a river like you're moving in a good answer anguish like you're placebo effect idea to that doing good meetings held the ok that i could sign a stage at birth but i've done it the other way i was not a vague and four thirty five thirty six years so i have the data both way is what are you doing it smart if you use and e3 live and everyone's unwell you'll delaying of jesus christ i need some second sushi
aids is she mere when would you be willing deed eggs from like a check in that you knew lived in like a yard lay out in its like healthy we know there's no suffering i can do that and i want to be so i have a pizza is that they they have his campaign he hasn't leaf with peter hafela veto with got real i do when i got out i like peter is actually retweeted my stuff a bunch of times because i'm really really against dolphin captivity and really against orca captivity myself i think it's slavery that we tolerate in two thousand seventeen o really do i don't think it's anything other than that i think that those things are ably as intelligent people they just can't communication we ran and they don't have hands that committee emulate objects and create art we ever hey i have a bit about this drawing wider we'd it's not about dolphins with us like why do we pigs but we don't need dogs my hooves the evil
feet i was a boy you're a dog with boobs now pics everyone applauding as i drop kick that monster onto a lit grill will like ben damon about you that anything with cloven hoof doesn't need its own toots could gain is though if you paid with pause as ground and if you saw a dolphin with hands or chicken that could talk no fucking way chickens are dinosaurs chickens are fuckin ruthless monsters either all you said my chickens mice before have twenty three check you do not yes i do i love it i get all my aid five excess mourning for it shit there like pets though like on the yard like pets to give you didn't have any attachment to them do you like your chicken yeah my chickens died in my favor wonder by coyote s awful run ran over this i saw a jumble that's absolutely i won his mouth joe rogan is after a kite
one man i've found at the cairo was a mother coyote that had babies near by and i fell bad i was gonna killer oh i set it up as the days of food behind sniper from the room you cited as our colleague life though well i just like she's doing which is gonna do the audience outside we finally i met with one of the women that like founded cafe gratitude obviously vigorous dialogue vague in restaurants its deeply under fire you know the whole story behind them i don't oh my god what's that eight disarm didn't meet again who did cafe gratitude the people oh really own a ranch and they started eating meat again and they start talking about it and he received death threats and people were testing and boycotting the restaurant yeah and their hair and that they were terrified see this is why you gotta be a flagrant as long as you don't stand anywhere to presbyterianism so they can't get was cut sagan seek india presbyterian means you a dairy cause i don't fuck with their pets
terry means dairy yeah pesky terry about pesky terrorism fish its vegetarian vegetarian and that that move you achieve an elite again so fish z again see they get none of these are catchy out to disable flee again which means you can't maybe he told me when i met with her as a nutritional is again i might be wrong on international list xenon a world it is a word nutritionist yes situational list and i think that man i apologize worrisome odo last night i need some help can you help me get me some day made somewhere else red smoking don't you want to help bring us i'm on four right now i'm jesus for i love for both take the liquid or do you do the i don't i don't know they had a leg fell china i well out i think what at the edge of thank you so much and cynthia the boxes into a really gets awesome please i swear by two hours ago
kevin you said she was like look if you're not gonna do it if you're a vague and but she was like the perfect thing to do is any three in the morning and one egg she's like you one egg everyday here and this is just for you clearly there stuff going on amino acid wise and arsenic cholesterol good classrooms important people did you did you see the study the came out that was in the new york times it was not a study rather but with a guy because i want to make fun of now it was an explosion in new york times about how the sugar industry paid off scientists in nineteen fifties too demonize saturated fats and take the blame off of sugar rice and for like a
we absurdly low amount of money like fifty thousand dollars we were saying i'm not even i'll kill you but for fifty thousand dollars these guys essentially changed the way with this bogus study the change the way people think about sugar yeah we shouldn't sugar should be goddamned terrifying ale hi why you did you watch food choices is a good one than theirs fed up there's that sugar fell on sugar found there's a lot of really get dice where huge psych our shared gary tops into ex go he's the author of the case against sugar cabinet tabs now given guy if i think of a joke it is a sign that again he wrote a great book called the case again sugar but a he's controversial too much people are mounted ample you can angelo mad at everybody these are big obviously this is not going after like cocaine and it certainly was not that those other scientists disagree with him other nutritional listed nutritionists
you're making a guys like you i'm sorry put pleasing words in my brain inducement dublin corset why wouldn't i it's sunday nature where they actually yesterday or the day off it hidden but why should i not how much the superbowl yeah i want with a suitable for the un to things done who am i didn't patriots one s record overtime whenever what do you mean like it with an eye for two twenty eight it was down they were down twenty eight to three in the third quarter holy shit temporary they say is the goat the greatest of all oh ok get our greatest honour i didn't know now sports fan i met tom radio doom give a shit and i'm friends with aaron rodgers feel weird and my random my dad is always texan me paid
our aim is to try to get inside your info hauser and real ended gay i got five grand market so where is larry doesn't give a shit that i had an hbo special or have a joke outages like how's your pal aaron please tell me what it is ones do it a little cash so let's go back to cabin gratitude cafe gratitude people they decided somewhere olonnois was it was a really weird cause they connected it jesus it was they they had this lady as they like other cheesy they dont get visas but they'll digits whether older you know if i'm gonna need a laugh for that the anti chases but they'll do jesus i'm not going i don't understand how he must have not heard like tony hinge cliff style human beings don't like jokes that computers would get out i agree like them i just tat was domino it didn't get me
i understand you look man it is what it is i like your honor might allow i like that you're out is another day i'm their jesus levels can see is i think this happens to a lot of people to get older they start thinking that it benefits them to have some sort of potential deity in the future you know they die you mean yeah i think they think of the future and they think of heaven anything of jesus not easy the numbers on that like the conversion people that become like serious catholics on their seven might not even be catholic they my good is anything all turn it into a sort of church her you know like just some sort of worship plays lazy the door and you'd like a friend on the other side right why but i think gratitude is incredibly important i think like appreciation is incredibly important and want to things it helps people feel gratitude precision is a sense that there's something out there bigger than you and you sort of some
to that end i think when people get older and their health starts slowly deteriorating and its inevitable i mean as much as i'm forty nine and as much as i exercise and try to take care of myself i definitely feel like it harder its harder to maintain a certain level fitness and health is you get older and eight can start only that i am an excuse and soft to union yemenis riga top gun on you ve had some of those super fed visions ritual yeah yeah demand for sure that did fit is the different gonna fitness run for long periods of time not really no expense now either no one's gonna kick your ass his lot millions being ministries dumb my point is that i think that folks as they get older and they feel their their health slipping and they feel there's a lot of people that their they really up their workload as they get older like i talk to
gold wait about that and henry rounds in the same way he's like he feels like death at the door and he feels like he's gotta be more productive gotta get things done before goes that's funny you could go the other way i know for sure you could go more of a buddhist threatened me like death is coming why was i so lost in this game yes the toes had every time i drink a green jeez i said this on my own i guess like two toasting go they won't savior can only mean something beautiful and a lot of people when they are nearing death around us what worries like most people do the most profound spiritual work of their lives in the last five minutes there on earth will because they get it you are surrounded by everybody stock and lost in the drama of this is important and jobs can he called me and ass han twitter or whatever it is and worse it we're suffocating and then their free people that just go like did it wishes to game it was a dance there was a delay is a dance in an experience but doesn't mean we can play it i think like creative
people for some reason feel towards the end that maybe they haven't done their best work yet in this fight this book just sitting here randomly but this book the war of art is title have you ever read it now please take it i've got a bunch of i'm gonna leave here tonight but a runner up on double there are still inky jamie journalism illegally lambs one of them a sign signed leave it sign up with that one gets ones were of art i bought stacks of em and are given to people in the press we ll go in the park yes that's where this one signs but it's all about distance and about how it's very difficult for people sometimes to just get things done because they put things often they crossing aid and they theirs is weird thing that artists do where times they have they half and it's almost like these that the pressure of creating something of expressing yourself of doing something that you really feel proud of really good
it just is overwhelming yadda people and i think for creative folks as they get older sometimes it these they feel like there's no time left yes time to get goin lives gilbert inner book big magic talks about how it's almost like there's a collective unconscious gums get in the tank joe it's getting and there's the ideas and we're almost like fishermen for ideas and something that i find motivating like i'm trying to write a book and trying to do other things is unlike i gotta real in that fish before someone else that's quieter tuned into that encourages gonna is gonna get to at first in item saying there's like an urgency that's interesting gideon recent on an idea then like five years later someone else has something very similar and an idea concept somewhere yeah kind of missed out honestly that sometime i dwell on that much do it everything you made me think of his turn tino before he wrote perfect it was like i can't die he's like i just gotta fearlessness
is like he was like a bumpy plain and he's like i'm not gonna die i haven't finished pop fiction and then he twenty finnish perfection finish like shit now he'll bill part became very very nervous that he had kind of like fulfilled his destiny why yes that's eagle mania gun y all but don't you think there is something do you we're getting manic states when you're writing or creating where you just kind of like burning clean white energy you just like oh my god it's just kind of coming through yeah well at the moment realizing it is the moment goes away isn't that right yeah you know what i was going to say to you that i bet you would like what i remember being very little and just being so much more interesting than my other little friends at what happens when you close your eyes and when you laying down at night feel like a lot of people are doing but a lot of people that i ask about it are doing the kind of work of like
what are you seeing what does it look like mechanic parents we cannot talk about our dreams they're probably far more interesting than we ever yet even realize your remembered right and if your closing their eyes as your falling asleep in your paying attention if you see something amazing like i remember one time i was feeling like the bottom of iraq it may just saw the exhausted this amazing rocket taking me in outer space knows perfect it was prestige and as soon as i tried to hold onto it it goes away just like the year that haven't so a lot of people when they experience lucid dreams yeah yeah that's it and lucid dreams like your europe wide awake in the dream in and you realize it but apparently and it's amazing i haven't done anything to try to cultivate this but apparently it can be called debated and there's a lot of people out there who do experience dreams and can manage their dream yoga i'm a big loser dream where are you in fact is one of the reasons i saw a video where you talked about our brain in helping with its lucid when i take it late at night i always have he's fucking trippy dreams like last night i took out a brain before worked out
i'm so it was a few hours before went to sleep but still i still had some really bizarre dreams as its mason s way through my system its wasted time i think there is apparel to be drawn we were talking about the drama of life when you have a lucid dream i think there's in very in the bob mark of enlightenment going on it's almost like a play version of enlightenment enlightenment wine i'll tell you because i have a dream that are i can highschool the classic dream and there's the test and its a bit now you're scared i'm scared and it's always like some history a math class and i'm going around very realistic i'm in my high school do the geography is correct the people are correct it's so realistic that i'm not just panicking am actually the dream is long enough that i'm asking what a bar or their notes so i can create and then what there's a lot of techniques you can do to cultivate lucid dreaming one of them i do all the time as i look at my hands anytime in waking life of something surreal happens you look at your hands
if you look at your hands in a dream they always look wrong it's it's a gift way that your dreaming decent look you dream they look in flayed they look like those sports fingers you notably mouse had gathered just ridiculous for some reason your subconscious can create a beautiful you know nasa rocket taking but your hands it can't do real it turns out you don't know the back your hand that while i am then this thing right here is actually kind of trip because this is what clocks look like in dreams because its left brain radio we're talking about this who makes ibm team one made its nixy tube yeah what is that the name studio i just thought it was a wrong clock now now this guy's amazing you does it all my hands and everybody aliens by uses as he does it by hand everything including the walnut tastes e teeth tv studios days when all you order only does car cuts the walnut and he uses them
things inside of them come from russia there very difficult to get what are they called nixy to what is initially to think you were right there you have the whole but but when you're in dreams any clock will look like that really cause it's the wrong side of your brain would you mean any clock would look like that's dialects amazing i might mix these up look wrong it'll do you like it'll be seventeen o clock you to be so seventeen the symbol for if it infinity and then i daily so that blocks will be fucked up too because the left side your brain i might get these left right confuse nonetheless your brain is what streaming and the right side your brain is what controls language and re outsourcing so another clues if you pick up and paper notes and it just looks like gibberish that's that you dreaming so whichever technique it is i'm having that horrible very real very important high school nightmare and then you remember that your dreaming and set you still there but you're liberated where you live they did so you go there's no test that's that's a little
taste of enlightenment i think as you go oh my god was lost i was in that dream so hard and then he went there's no tat and then let him alone may have sex with captain you know they mean you realize upton she's she's beautiful model a member her out she's the one of the really big breast childcare having people mad this is a strange left turned forget upton undervalued shoes also worm yeah that's it yeah you know why it's funny like whenever in my pocket form on my website whenever people would be bored with the subject that we start put not pictures of kate upton it became a meme or a theme she came to a show of ideological jed and she's right will you mary leslie men ran nervous great out or in the eye turned into a kind of like a door you're so version surprise tat amazing that through now oh nothing she did just
random genetic luck she has become like honor which her voice sounds like no damn thing about it but she's pretty much perfect is very pretty well you know like the world to be safe speaking of guaranteeing that there is a great line imperfection regos it's a shame that the things that are pleasing to the touch aren't pleasing to the eye like you're a hard man after i liked the world to be safe speaking here in ten others a great line in perfection way goes it's a shame that the things that are pleasing to the touch aren't pleasing to the eye like here a hard man i bet it's more funds hug me no offense please dont lunged like countrymen run too way better than i do so that's you for how you look you should feel like may it should be like war a temper poetic matter like those did you sleep on lab ardor bed i understand i sleep on it like pre dense bed so funny yeah you aren't sleep number is but one hundred because
it is man but whenever i sleep on a really soft bed owes gallagher cricket my neck or my back like a sink into much or somethin i understand i'm i dont have a timber i am a timber peter will you have a repeat of goods that are more dance i think think did they come in various tensed data there there's a firm one so anyway gate up anyway caleb chant and repeated by like highlighting bag i call them thicker thicker milkshakes i like no i won't take your milkshakes too but women there are military brings all the banks you like women are you attracted to women that are as good as you i like women take care of their body because i think that they have more of a body awareness i think they're sexier that's it they also you dry intellectual comparison you go you have apps therefore you know the cyanide even though they have arabs i think people who move their body a lot like people do yoga people do gymnastics or martial arts or something like that i think are more aware of their body because they're they're commute
caning without an entire the way they have a really oh yeah you do you oh god like all the time you are communicating with your body in a super intense way on a regular basis i think you'll just be less awkward me or causing more essential i can do they re added help yoga helps you breathe i remember when i did a lot of yoga the guy was like you'll notice it yogi is always breathe they say calmer as they know what it's like it's another safer if another death thing it's like meditation your asses supposed to hurt when you're meditating because you're trying to extricate you're consciousness from your body real it s this supposed to when you're sitting down what i'm saying is pain is part of it of yoga or meditating interview i noted is a vow yoga you're trying to say their pet there's pain rat and yoga
and i'm over here that is not the only reason i disagree with you my best meditation by far is in the sensory deprivation tank which none of another thing we haven't got no pain it feels amazing yeah i wouldn't call that do meditate millennium saved i mean in the air yeah how'd you launch a while i breathe adaptation is all concentrating on the breath its deep in through the nose through the mouth out these really long brass well breathing for like almost a minute breathed out for almost a menacing like i learned to do oxygenated your blood well i don't know if it's that or from controlling myself exercising my personal control because you want just bring you dont want to do what they want to be any air gonna try to take a long breath like i'm one minute breath in it tat it's a lot four yale for sure and to hold it and then breathed out slowly well that's kind of map and is monks
in the mountains or you in the tank or whatever it is people doing yoga there's something bad ass about it is because you doing something that looks like when i was a kid is that monks were relaxing dear others they couldn't take the world there too we tv channels they went up into the those duties ripping out and their denying the pain of their body just like i'm sure exactly what you do when you push through a work i had a friend monaco monk really yeah i was really did duncan now i don't i haven't communicate with them in a long time i'm sure he's not no i mean he my biggest completely off the grid now because he drove in hard core i was probably like seventeen eighteen years old and he together these two train with my type when no schools names joe joe psmith if you don't let us know if you don't want to tell us this dream what don't make government namely china remembers last name anyway he's a nice guy but interesting guy you know users like coal black dude and he he started meditating because
get real nervous before sparring allow sparring made a meal nervously started to figure out a way to maximize its physical ability and potential and figured control this might be the best way so he got of meditation and then he sought out lessons at this buddhist temple and he started meditating there and he got supercilious than quit fucking job moved out of his apartment and lived in the temple and just cleaned up for food and feed i'm a vegetarian very strict vegetarian he would each is vegetables and sets are lost the shit ton weight and actually stop training altogether stop fighting and competing in doing and just would meditate time giving up your life to gain the thicket jesus you know a gazelle cone like the sound of one hand clapping in order that the key meditate on that clear no answer to that i had a really weird one it was a really weird one something about a dog barked the other one that i know is how do you know your boots nature through the sound of a cricket and you and you're supposed to be like well
it is me and i'm a crack at their just like wrong it's an error in the corner but see that's pain to there's all this like we know in our life that suffering leads to growth and it leads to like a cleansing shore and all these things and and i think these turned on guys figure that they can manufacture a type of suffering instead of waiting for it from the world which is it's gonna come inevitably you can go and set on a hard ass floor or you can restrict your diet or you can breathe again for a fucking minute you're causing suffering because you know on the other side of it that's where bliss that's where wisdom is always good thing it's also the understanding that a lot of your the desperate need the breeze just your brain fucking with you and you're gonna be fine if you take this one the denial of the body when i have been free diving and there's a beautiful thing when you are low and you like shit you panic right and my friend who was teaching me he was like he calls it second breath where if you relax you realize it
brain fucking with me as your brain is like a woody allen character initiative we better get up right now you know what i mean i mean viscose shut up why drought and you realize you had way more oxygen in here and you relax and that that's methods i feel you know it gets reputation is being came like a soft or maybe even a feminine kind of meditation alienating yoga not so much now but it certainly my father doesn't think it's cool what has definitely feminine reputation or weak reputation which is insane because asean was difficult things i do yeah i live weight i do martial arts to all the different things and i swear to god yoga is as difficult if not more difficult than all them yet for sure and also you probably way i mean you look like you re a good amount guaranteeing a pound silent i wouldn't want to throw you if you're using two hundred pounds in your role as an that's your resistance is gonna be difficult throw me when you mean i you know i think i would hurt my back if i were true
to try to he molly like martial arts to have them all petre something i'm seeing like a friendly scenario we go please like keep me like a door of what we do from young people have been saying you weigh announced that i wouldn't want to throw you look at someone i like i throw you feel like a small fella this is whereas with big folks do as we look around and go who in in an order from one to ten who in this room what i toss first pharaoh furthest i withdraw jamie for but for me there's moments in your class where i swear i'm tested as much as anything ever my life right now are you you're holding oppose and it's you know you can keep holding it but you know you want to stop yeah and you're your whole by shaking and indeed i put you literacy the sweat pouring off your maize and going off your body the actually hot yoda yeah
all you gotta do is how yoga i'm i'm that's what a guy in the class oh no i literally mean if i do coolio guy i'm still the guy with the i gotta get out the special tells it looks like a dog by people do yoga on like hardwood shiny floors and what do you realize what a slip and all over the place tat just doesn't seem smart now that's dumb reverie dumb but yeah it doesn't get it it doesn't get the respected dessert but i think that you know it's also there's so much douche bag involved in it part of the problem was got is usually do you guys ruin everything they do this phrase i'd like to wear a bluetooth your piece it sometimes gave up on that i gave up on them when i saw how gross looks of people what it's interesting because you could be having a meeting on a phone or other conversation is lungs there's a cord that goes into your ear yeah i would be like oh
he's just haven't commerce s ok that's cool it's ok you're stand there talking and you move in your hands around you gotta earpiece like yeah douche bag yea and if you leave it on blinking during dinner you already have very little in italy i sum i am pleased black glue right which blue too i saw the guy is gather the airport i your buddy but they know and that our wireless the condition that technology we ve who is here the other day gary vena check this keep a why loves em i wonder if when the cordless phone came out anybody was like the that do she now for the courtroom vulcan cool somebody is a bit about that i wish i could remember words like the first person that is an umbrella there are you good to go where it withdrew i got an umbrella but the latest technology was an umbrella i'm sure i wish people are always looking to be upset cars it don't make any noise moved recurrent folk and you're gonna had occurred
oh do you use solar power instead of dead dinosaurs that as far as i could not for other fossil fuel isn't really dead dinosaurs just where it is mostly plants really clear plan based on well it's rotten you now but others are doing a book called black holes wrangle hold that i read it was so confusing like i was like at least fifteen years ago but the books the premise of the book was that what we ve been here winked and that the idea that oil is a and i recall is not true that it's actually a natural process of the earth itself legged ok making as a ripe heating process nettle wells that have been dry have rebounded when left alone yeah at another of its true though that we have looked into it again maybe i will we looked maybe we talked about it wants during a shovel we're probably high scatterbrain i had a great experience in a flow tank the other day
i've done it maybe for very urban you're you have one don't be harmonious basement awesome i went to a place called just float and the first one that i wanted to ask dena yeah that's you just the biggest place in the world they liked best company or even biggest more float tanks i think than anyone in the world was amazing because it is the first one that i was like others like a spot like the one in venice at some game flip lapse at my boy crap no way he can build my task is the best way to float lab i couldn't get over the fact that he was going to come get me the best no idea what you're in the tank highways like how long have i been in here that some guy whose name is a sound effect is gonna knock on the door and it's gonna scare the shit out of me it solely ruined it add just flow maybe crashes as now it plays music get like lulls you out of it we have a lot of guys like to do that is a good move and it's like a pizza them like it's like a door in the wall and crawl in again and i
a pretty i was trying to go like leave my body i ever talk about astro protection while now but i know you mean i was spending most of it being like you would be so trivial legislate when visited my girlfriend right now and i added i i remember i'm not saying i did it but i we didn't do it but i remember having this very clear that whereas like i've always wanted to try a century deprivation tank and i in it so is somewhere else completely unaware that i was in it and then eggs jilted back into just let you say my awareness i was lost in my mind so deep that forgot where i was i forgot who i was very relaxing it's amazing and is also something that the new england patriots use on a regular basis about that i really believe the falcons what used to they put the goat and there they use it for all their players they use it
a vision these for recovery la really great source of magnesium too because the epsom salted absorbed through your skin yeah did they change the water yes sedately do and they also filter it out like the float lab as a really intense filtration system which uses ozone the uses gigantic spar filled there's an ozone and like it to the point where it kills everything that might be in that water except you said come exception pressure be softened the warrant i had a friend they went in one there was a guy had appeared let go i wouldn't want to spend an hour in your own person then it will even isn't get or what is that the gratuity that's real ass home that's the thing the people fuckin terrified of those jobs and swimming pools but you see there we let their ruining the communal it's like when i was in high school isa is that of course law that leg was free i was such a hungry boy that i would love the coleslaw and you find out the jocks spitting in like that sort
that's where everyone s whole ruin everything genuine yo yo earpieces bluetooth organism i'll see that's why i don't wanna be two associated with it so one pull up the article that that restaurant in away wasn't roman catholic granted the grounds had earlier the article came out in may of last year the attic seven months ago they found out i came from a blog posts that they had posted in twain fifteen soon had gone unnoticed must year yeah and they would get yeah they made a blog post about what was their land chang in farming and that they sardine meet again so there really is a year the animals i get raised earlier when iran simply but denounce visions the hard core at least it's still murder you still killing these animals right you know are you joseph campbell fell yes love imperious returned return to meet by traffic gratitude owner spark vague and uproar uproar
really really scary share because they were getting death threats which is really yeah means doesn't seem it doesn't seem rather than life just but you get lot of the man you get a lot of people like what's goin on like you know that you see berkeley the milo ye annapolis protest that was going on a few days ago loescher i saw the sky there was a girl it was a trumps porter she was trying to there were filming or why but you know there's a lot of people out there that they sharply things they like they want to argue they wanted to make video and argue with people some guy hid her over the hill add without us of the wooden handle of a sign and she's swung the guy and another guy got in front of her amazed her in the face and there video this and you like well you guys you guys are that kind people they don't want
this man who you think is going to keep connemara nazi it's hilarious disease a gauge you milo you're not earlier and i really wish to talk about this higher doing it ok so she's wearing a make amerika great again hat and some i comes across this is the video that i saw i sought from a different angle but they take her she gets pepper spread other shown at the is there not a rich they might ok that looked right there she just get the proper spread like see see it towards the end that's crazy someone just pepper sprayed or just just because she's wearing that hat which is whether this look that's a fuckin man just walks door and pepper sprays or in the face it's crazy the idea that you think you could you that just because you don't agree with that person thoughts you right you can choose violence because you
don't agree with their persons thoughts instead of having a civil do that she's not wonders why threatening this was not physical she's not doing anything violent we're missing a mythic hero a lot of people i bernie sanders to be that guy but we don't have martin luther king bryant is telling us listen only love can drive like route hate only light can drive darkness but one so you end up with a lot of people they dont have a narrative or a story or or something in common and then he does have people kind of run however they see fit and some people are stupid and they're gonna pepper scrape is also this is her getting other angle of it front angle i rise so she's got this hat on in africa with respect in this i mean it's fucking insane man that someone could just walk right up to her and pepper spray her in the faces because she's we're in a hat it supports donald trump enough talk to someone you talk to him if you don't agree with that have a conversation with them but there's
narrative it's going around in its punch nazis right people keep saying that so well who the fuck is a nazi who do you determinism nazi you decide their nazi and then you punch i'm right do you have evidence persons and nancy do you mean to you you see them do they have a nazi flag on them they say seek heil do they have a copy of my comp rain no you just a sigh wearing the halloween costumes over here is how it goes here's a thought processes of you wanted a file like on flowcharts it's like decide someone's a nazi then you can punch and punch nazis find someone other nazi i say yes punch them and so there's this there's a bunch of people like respectable intelligent people that are just plain upset the trump is the president just pay and upset that in their eyes and i think rightly so there's a lot of assholes that support trump and this of assholes and now gloating and they know they like grow up would you lost we want does all this going on and their response to it is now those people are nazis go punch seize and these really impressionable people are
your punching lucy jake shields the former you have c4 and emma fighter is a good friend of mine he had to save some kid who was getting beat not by a whole group of people just because he was a trump supporter you didn't one evening he was just there at this thing and there's a few people that were you know tromp supporters are milo you'd annapolis supporters in the rest of them were people that were mad that milo was playing there it's it's so controversy and so fucked up in so wrong because the left is now becoming the right like you're becoming fascist by saying it's like an opt out like a weird twist movie yeah i the there's a cavalier quite where he says do we have to do with another person but never put them out of your heart and i think that's it we're waiting to remember with round us with duncan in hawaii and he said i hate donald trump here not hear a point
his head on his eyes are and then the thing that i love and this has been a mantra for me for ever since i've heard it so it's been about a year ray applicable now i think is that hate is alas imagination so when you see somebody wearing a hat and then you make all these assumptions but you're not taking the time to consider maybe this person was raised different from me maybe this person is scared of this this or this maybe they had ethical issues and i'm sorry this is great david foster wise thing we in that great graduation speech he gave called what is water we heard that no it's ok but he talks about when you see it s you ve on the highway and you just assume that there's some like piece of shit changing lanes back and burning gas taken up the work or like like a real analogous schwarzenegger doubt guy that's that's a dick and taking more than he deserves when you say that lack of imagination if you consider that maybe that's
other who is in a terrible car accident that was all but prescribed to drive us a big vehicle so she would feel safe again that's what i'm talking about when you see someone wearing a hat and you just go well that's a nazi and punch it you're not taking the time to not just have empathy but actually can ashen and realise that we're all in this together i remember after after trump one in the green we'll have a county show we i did a show the next day and some he was having like a full blown panic and and rage and talking about how the terrorists were gonna test him like the terrorists who can attest him again it they're gonna do business and really panicking and really kind of me a little bit of perspective on it i was i give hilary at one we not ask but other p but who are just like us would be somewhere else in some other comic club in some other green room complaining about how the terrorists are going to test hilary oh she's weak she's a woman they're gonna tester and it just made me realize she we're all in this together that's what i mean beyond empathy into compassion when i see someone in a red hat i go there's
my brother and my sister a different life a different path playing a different part but we're we're all part of one body and pepper sprang that body you just sprang yourself your i understand rage and and protest in autumn saying i don't agree with trump follow yours either here's the thing but violence as it were we're hurting ourselves i think you're right about a lack of creativity a lack of imagination and being able to look at that person and say well how to that person get to that point what went wrong in their life and why are they here where they you know are you know but whatever it is with pepper sprang somebody or protesting against something are you whenever you have a cause and you have two sides people going to jump on one side or another just natural people want to be tribe they want to be on a team and when you set up the narrative and really dangerous narrative that on the other side of fools people on their side of evil people notice how do you use of these two camps and these two completely
different sides and it becomes a black wait issue but comes a red state blue state issue this what you see here you see and fights these are the issues tribal because its it is us as soon as we come and ass they become a them back or had isn't even a trumpet it's as make make bitcoin great again it's a big one hat jesus christ what if i was suddenly ass a yeah user guide member state or any thought it was a make amerika great again had jesus fucking christ mike it just assholes you know and not only that most of them are wearing face masks undercover then there's a mob mentality that is a very real it's whatever condition would have causes it in the human psyche but something happened where is this diffusion of responsibility when people act and large groups that allows p to do really heinous things that's been studied in others been cycle studies drawn on it are done on it and it's it's really confusing but you know that
everybody if you ever been in a riot situation or in a group situation has a lot of people something goes wrong it it's really here delve a weird feeling that happens when a large group of people i was in the subway going downtown to the women's march and it was getting so pact that people were like stirring to panic kids threw up and seven i was taught you shit i forgot what it feels like to be with a lot of us when we start get scared but that's the beginning of imagination that's the beginning of coming up with some sort of game plan for compassion when we can sit down and have a discussion i'm not saying dont make signs and don't raise your voice but i am everything don't pepper spray somebody that's in this world with here trying to figure out the best they can you know i mean this don't signs don't raise your voice elect it's always a good thing to discuss things right but what's wrong with these discussions will
the mile you novelist thing is there trying to stop him from speaking if you want to get your point across schedule a debate should be more than happy to debate you and do it in a respectful manner we u can try to pick a part is points i've had my oh my progress i've picked a part is points i've had him on and we ve gone back and forth on like important shit like religion circumcision and that this you can have a conversation with the guy and what he's doing is he is getting a factor attention through the stress an effect you try to silence him pulling him out of these these things just were speaking you don't do anything wrong just speaking there university has allowed him to be there and then people gone crazy did you a hundred thousand dollars for the damage to the to the university the falcon mayor of san francisco congratulates people for speaking their mind he congratulates people for expressing themselves like there was a
okey riot man like you stay would happen a hundred thousand dollars were the damage of people getting beat up and a growing pepper spray for wearing a bitcoin had that's not good man i know you want to be progressive and i know you want to be liberal and i know you want to be the the mayor of the most progressive place but this is all the wrong message the correct message is calm dialogue people discussing things will keep calm and remain calm and area so this guy milo when you're fucking screaming gallant he wins when you stop him from doing what i think here any more but you are also making a bigger point i think which is when we become us and we let them become them and we lose sight of the fact we are all part of one body yeah i mean when we giant super organs you talk about wanting to belong to a clan we do we belong to a very special group it's a trap that you're here you are here at the same time i am here and we're here talking that's beautiful that's what i like lesson
to help me i thought you ve taken out ellis i'm already on it i wish i were i've each be going off even deeper but i'm just saying when you take psychedelic you do get that glimpse into your like you know when you give so if i give you a gift if you give me this book it's really just right hand giving something to the left hand it's all one thing so doesnt work to fight against ourselves and it's not good to call somebody them and to be devised so once also there's no communication going on we screaming and things on fire breaking windows at starbucks that's not communicating are you expressing your anger that this guy who says it feminine ms cancer talk to him try to figure out why you saying that and have a debate with em tv you disagree with them to find out what he sang that's not valid and have a counterpoint to it and that's how people get to choose your ideas express themselves and then the people
watching it to look at it and go well he had a point but then his points better and then the new eu figure and that's the marketplace of ideas nets are human beings communicate and as soon as you stop that as soon as you stop free speech you fuck the whole god i'm thing up because now you have decided that you're a fascist and you are saying that your ideas are more important than other people's idea you i'm not a good devils advocate person but don't you worry that some of the people that are making more base kind dismissive jenny allegations like feminism is bad and right and muslims or bad aren't necessarily listening to and intelligent dialogue therefore their sort of like a cause and effect of like this is some crazy shit we're going to do some crazy shit some that guy i dont endorse rioting and on an average break and some of them aren't listening but i think you always have to appeal to the higher side of human consciousness and you always have to express yourself in the most articulate way that you are capable of so you
should tried to your best to get your thoughts across ends not always easy it's oftentimes very difficult specimen emotions are involved special need you think this causes very important but i think its critical because you're doing something in a very public right because this is something that people are gonna talk about for months and months they'll be talking about you see berkeley riots for a long time it's very critical i think whenever you're dealing with something that is going to get massive exposure like that to do your very best to communicate your thoughts without this extra bullshit attached yeoman anger right screaming and yelling don't get lost and dont get lost in an and figure out a way to vocalize to articulate the the reason why you feel a certain way and what you have thought about it not not a knee jerk bullshit that's easy dismissed in a bad this is bad that's bad and feminism is prefer composes were it not that way now to x brass why you think
milo wrong express why you think he's right and that's the marketplace of ideas as you might disagree with that person that you're talking to but you gonna let him talk you gotta let him talk then you gotta figure out a way to counter what they're saying i again not a good devils advocate i think people worry when we let these people talk and i went to it when you say these people though milo is not someone who worry about he's not a guy who advocates violence is a really interesting gotta talk do he's kind of a troll re when his doings fucking with me and it's really accurate and it's really what he's doing is being very effective and he's is getting people to buy books getting people to come to his lectures getting people when he got banned from twitter that was problem the best thing that could have ever happened to me did like a hundred interviews afterwards it was on cnn even cnn they're doing cnn supposed to be news right so heat they have a photo of him
ridiculous photos werner fur coat sunglass stocks is so silly and it says milo ye monopolised is trying to go to college is to convince them that hate speeches cool like how the fuck an article on cnn how cnn saying that cause that's not what i'm saying he's saying that hate speeches cool i'll get it right there my i was trying to convince colleges that hate speeches school how the fuck is that the news it's not the news that is heavily editorializing that that's a ridiculous you to your team king a stance on his opinion that he would rapidly disagree with its it's all right and this as this is left versus right it's like seeing as the new fox news cnn is the skies falling the world is shared we're fucked and fox news is now let's see grasses green and about things rosy we're making american grading with bizarre
it's interesting you're trying to zoom out and i think that's one of the things it's very intricate to kind of getting through a time like this is zooming out looking at what's happening in a big way we're becoming what we do want to become were becoming militant were becoming violent were becoming fearful and i would i wish there were more opportunities to have i guess these these dialogues that could be done peaceably well i think there's an issue also in that people do not feel like donald trump represents what they think of as a leader in their mine and a lot of it was mine i know my mind barack obama was an amazing leader in the people a ten percent as a puppet but i'm saying party right is the mythological role i am the president i was smart he was people talk about he was and measured any always seemed like he wanted what was best for the country yet whether you agree or disagree with its policy he in my mind was very statesmen like i agree
wade would send when you're in when you're playing apart the president nothing the present as a puppet but i'm saying party right is the mythological role i am the president and that's why people talk about acting presidential because how much of it is that yeah how much of it is the way you handle yourself in the way that you treat other people in and the way that you tweet the way the twond about the apprentice sucking sad period it's it's a strange and she's even the vocabulary allowed the trolls using some of the same noticing sad they do that to those they sat at the end of their their sergio romans progress shoring up behind brazilian funny anyway said cook how did they what's he like be a cock have been well and because that's what one day i'm dead is the response we tried one way we didn't like it now we're trying the other way it is it's a classic example what human beings do we don't know that
that's zoomed out i like that why dont think that the idea of a president is the smartest idea to run a group of three hundred and fifty million people that are trying to integrating communicate with the other seven billion as an attack on democracy isn't the best form of government is just the safest that's good while they were like save as we have a patriarchy would be far more this is what they were like if you had a benevolent rule like a really good one right that would be more effective but too risky to do that way to risk it just a contrary to human nature the absolute power and crops absolutely does away with grave is easily grave he was ass kennedy he is i think he's alive this like weird hippy guy can like the comedian of the time we did all the psychedelic who laid ass a trip bus thing he had a funny joke where he was like you on its nominate nobody for president is that we should vote for nobody can say nobody can do it but they had all these funny slogans what was i nobody can solve our economic proust's problems noble
he cares about you who got these body being is like and more people for nobody than any other candidate combined we gotta get nobody in the office d soon neil degrasse thyssen posted he said there should be an option for now the above then then none of the above the aims we start the process all over again why why would i think a lot people would have done i think that's a great idea because two to make this artificial limitation like ok that he's really well it isn't photographs i wouldn't be surprised how many people would have lined up and gone now around every way they wouldn't definitely have tried devoted been like i'm voting that we together we need to go back to one for for president all the others to vote for and then for president vote none of the above i bet it i've been like seventy percent of the country around somewhere bet would have been something crazy you would have done it just for the novelty of had been like i was the first one devout none of the above we not enough i don't know why i thought you would have been most of the country the out because i think that even if you were opposed to tromp there's very
people with other hilary was the ideal candidate for issue is incredibly large we had deep deep ties to financial institutions she wouldn't released a transcription and people it's so mad when we talk about these into you're the reason why trombone grow you're a big part of it man ukip harp and all the problems that hilary how sad your scenes pills i do not know nor what's real and true we are obvious about a person if the other person has flaws well that's not how works yet just that's how you box yourself input blinders on that's not lifting up and looking at an objective re rare right though the reality is it insane job to put one person in power of all these people i think there should be a large group of people it should be chosen by a large group of people i think the voting should be far easier than it is i think registering to vote should be far easier than is should be something simple as you have a social security number punching use
security number all it shows here you're over eighteen yes you can vote should be that simple are you not a fella you oughta phelan ok great you can vote in road might even have a light buzz on shouldn't be like me be some sort of a just up just us a very light test to determine what what your understanding is these bills will your understanding is about the impact of these things it what your understanding is about what this entail i was in his eye is the immigrants that understand that's how because they have to go through a very rigorous process and then ask me what the bill of rights is an unlike babo care when i was a kid i start with our newspapers known i say kiddos driving in our house i sixteen and eighteen and when i was delivering newspapers there's this guy named anon unarmed and a and andy lisa indian gentlemen who used to work he was a farmer
medical expert in his country but when it to america he you know his degree didn't translate over here and so is becoming an american citizen so here it always used he was hilarious little dude he's a swell it i'm worried about a hundred pounds and the aid exactly i could easily from people like you don't know shit nobody knows fuckin shit nobody no shit in its work and country what you do in its working country who come here and you go and you go to sleep you don't no shit about your focus lies because he was trying to read all this stuff because he had become a citizens all these ass an he was he would do not ask me questions do you know you know what
fourteen amendment is do you know what the forty dementia and i believe that an honour these things a laugh if i got here go do you wrote yeah there's a real where their mates kids children exact you don't owe me we don't know the value of our two we don't have to and people tend to do what they have to do i think the way you become an immigrant this country we have to go through comprehensive task you have to understand the history the united states that task should pay
be what you have to go through devout it's funny we i cause i'm agreeing with you but where it what i'm agreeing with as we should simultaneously make it very very easy social security number and very very difficult and very easy to be registered to vote so it's not something lop you miss the deadline fuck you you vote doesn't count how quiet with the line beta vote would all be studying like if it like popped one random question and it was a fine frederick douglass like you'd have to add online and if you did it online to be able to achieve but even if you even if you are once more american than that but on working it up on google round but even then at least some of that it s going to get in your fuckin head right of yours are to be better than the understanding that most people have whether its historical the weather is just a comprehensive understanding of how our electoral process everything's eta because googling it doesn't stick that was a thousand times does
remember shit like i have to listen to things about three four times before it finally but dont think him it's because they don't have like an emotional connection to look at why you ass i had it's really not warrant yeah why it a bit about world where like the time between not knowing in knowing is so brief right there's no fee killing associated with knowing like don't get adrenalin adrenaline is late linked to memory like the drowned linked to memory oh yeah is this is right up your alley if you ever trying to memorize something college kids listening carefully studying for a test dip your arm ice water every thirty minutes you whatever you it'll become a traumatic experience and unhappy memorize this is why we have a hard time forgetting trauma so the very light trauma oh that's interesting you can make your light or travel just by just ice water which the out that dramatic at all they get a big old tank and duncan they they ve done controls these memorize better green idea well without seems to be like you could memorize things really good and a cry of tank the delay cryogenic
i've never done out of you i do not really do you feel it teach you can feel it fifty degrees below zero is then that unbearable yes you do for three minute for some reason ok three that it for some reason i was like they figured it out a way to make you called but you don't expect no you experienced the fucker what about infrared zone as i did one this morning rate i don't fuck around with that battles are that this road in this area too for i spent a day on investing for blemish mess mix blessing for memory stress in the brain brain connection to the limit system includes the heightened vehicle campus and there's only one james he just throws it up on the board and the migdol and other important brain structures that govern emotional responses behaviour and long term memory than the release of adrenalin creases levels of activity in these areas the brain has been associate with improve memory isn't it funny like the words that he googled are bold this aren't we
we're living in the few who are living in the future so amazing but the bed i had was that google's making i think it's one of the reasons i got to do a talk show after conan and i did these two conan sets and i think i pick good to reopen the first one was about how google's like a calculator that helps you cheat at everything i'm running so you don't know anything right and the example i give as there was a time like i've been
in bed and undertake where's tom petty from men i just look it up running and i was a real example of a vacuum a day if you don't know where tom parry was from you just go around and ask people rightly rely you'd feel you have the gaubert he was born in asia maybe they're always long here it looks like california maybe california then one day you meet a girl in a harp rigorous t shirt and to tell you florida endorphins and adrenalin and oldest grow these things with light up in your brain and you remember them over the rest of your life and that's how you may your wife he's one of the few awesome things from florida there's like leonard skinner yeah tom petty billy carbon who is your cowboys doesnt work disney lands and allay what's better disneyworld possibly bigger be i like i got epcot i'm thirty seven rather than the baby's maybe they without like alligators there's no i know there's cougars no tricks
fear live jobs i live i buy into disney i'm embarrassed i want to be like long hours in expectation of children now when you have children no i'm becomes a magical place it already is but it really is if you have children i want to make some children in the big off both in the big awful broke the i've gotta have but really young i have been to disney world i went to time i went to i did a corporate shove it doesnt work and it ended at ten o clock and they'll keep one part open till midnight maybe it's eleven and i went up but you could buy tickets until they stop selling tickets at eight so i went up to the guy i'm telling you the girl i'm trying to get into epcot and you know they're they're so trained to be good customer service religiously i'm so sorry sorry needed get me consider the town there from right come on daisy i know that
you better and grand rapids she's like i'm so sorry and people are walking by going like hey groucho like see islets and she was like i'm so sorry and then they opened the gate for a woman with a stroller and you stuck in i just went like i just put my hands up and i was a daisy i'm so sorry if anyone asks i'm gonna say that you tried to stop me but i'm going in which you do she was just please please i've gotta being dead what she was just like please please please and i was then you go over this bridge when you get an end as soon as i got over the bridge i felt like a refugee go back to town penalties which one of the best knights of my life one part closed we had some ok i was with this young lady there was organizing the event we had soccer these are air saki i say ok but i never heard him say saki but i think you're right but we drag it and everything
and had caught his unlocked so the park has closed its dark and we're waiting to get kicked out opening every door going into rides that have been shut down i was only my hands in the years since i think that a good turn it off it was gone now had ever loved that i jumped fences and swam and every pool i pass no you did it was one of the best knights and egypt fences little merges once you broke one law you fuck it i'm a rebel yet a little saki in europe and then you get there the feeling of entitlement to disney provides they make you feel so important to one of my theory is why think rich people are assholes is because of we stay like a four seasons reacting then if you say the four seasons and they love you your room is quite ready for years it might mean they discuss here s how hard right then you go i had this happened i say therefore seasons in
in hawaii and then the next week i was on the road in portland and i was staying at best well i was just like this is why rich people addicts for those in exile rooms not ready emotions like could you call me when its red they looked to me like i was insane their economic i call you ready go get it like an hundred grand bar and sit down nobody cares germany mulaney bar john malaria the best bet he did snl i tell the story like it's my own i even give a ship he was writing mick jagger on us and our really help me understand why rich people in slow these can be rude cause he's watching mick jagger like diet coke you know to me being an asshole but also not being like has a contract please gonna get a diet coke please i'll be so great i'm trying to write a new song it just goes diet coke and maloney was like i get it you're not a light to siri and when you're done famous everyone is siri checks mix shuffle the rolling so you know what i'm saying
do you know what syria's joe too because this is where you would see last setting and agree elder you're talking to somebody you know they're not siri but they become syria if you have five ok it's a very and kissing any to do acid if if you mushrooms you need to do something you are so finally i have said many times my fantasy people have like we had fantasies about getting trump out of their my ferrety is is turning upon oh you get among some deity let us right am i gonna just texted me a fake photo its trump with a beard it's our knees and says lsd saved my life i was like this is just a guy i just want one to take mushrooms and go like spray oh shit to stop i got it wrong actually recorded i have it on my phone if you want to play it recorded this thing i was listening around us in the car do you want me to play john with its a clip around us from doing so get into a wicked you do not
we better that like us are recorded just just now my carcass i was ignored what you got one them all iphones there's an auxiliary jack i likely reject guileless measure connachar annoyed why would they do that to me lightning jack now you're assuming i can upgrade my car but for my phone there isn't it that allows you to use an ox jack guy and theirs in the attitudes have make steve jobs roll over more efficiently in his grave using a whole i re above all idea is no adapters sticking out of your fucking phone like a second dick if you didn't a people and by it i like other option from adapter in fact this phone started sucking ass it's like crashing and shit and i will give you one they are fucking they are they all things in the next i value that's a true conspiracy to never sure i think whenever you get a new iphone when a new brother a new iphones released magically my old iphone start take up a
is that goddamn archers system gives up its true and they force you into ass you have tried to sink my phone to the computer and was that you got update your software i've been resistant you fuckin bit and i was like fuck your ass so anyway i was around us and this was record the eighties maybe early nineties any talks about donald trump and it's pretty far it's only a minute lie euro figure within that mythic structure it starts ironing i call your attention to donald trump hotel now you may snicker and not want him as a mythic hero figure but he is he is a hero figure in this culture and when i look at that it's a little like you know in those tribes where they take a maiden and they honour for a year and then they boiler north thrown off a cliff or something like that i mean i'm not the donald trump miss not donald trump he's just a portion of its caught in the he's been selected to plant the myth
and he gets the feeling of while i'm donald trump enjoy baby you can have it i mean donald trump mrs an obscenity because how must have person closed hard to keep so single minded on that while all around them have not and the people are falling by the wayside just because of the way he is living that's kind of it that's a weird argument because the way he is living because he is living on opulent life but if he wasn't living and opulent life the resources required to make him live in opulent life would only help us certain amount of people there would be a great now but people that would still be left in absolute poverty i don't like that argument interested i know i don't think that's what's going on i think there's a game going on i think he is completely and
i stood in the game and that game is acquiring money acquiring and fame and he's really good at that and that's his game mean he doesn't really produce anything else especially now that he's not the host of the apprentice upright meanest executive produce without him doing them in that arguably is producing i use this very loosely art because that's what it is you watching i programme what i like about what are you saying is he's just kind of stuck in the donald trump know somebody has to play that part the villain rabbit i don't think he's doing anything that's fucking anybody else over like really maybe he are you are you crazy eyes maybe is how many
cars do you need you know like one a holy man when you find out a holy man has fifteen mercedes benz like the guy owns be grim yoga bedrooms at yeah he owns like all these days we hate half of them but we see these other guys playing these other roles going like of course he has five helicopters is easy billion here deny guys deal it's really funny he was being true for tax evasion apparently and but he found all these he had all these ease and bentleys and shit and eat his claim was that he's was starting a school for children and how to repair automobile that's why he got these cars that's it that's a good alternative fats right there that's that's almost beautiful such occasions that polychrome guy because they didn't hbo real sports about him i want to see at all you have to say yes fucking insane i ain't that though he was too
talking about these women that economic aims of big rum from chad annoy chutney he changed his name too hard that's polychrome taught yoga assassinate rank he he was addressing these allegations of sexual assault and he said you know that women will give one million dollars for one drop of my sperm for he sang the out there will i note the woman was interviewed like white one drop of my sperm one million dollars and that's like that like oil we think maybe that does replenish he can really make a lot of money to imagine just a line of petrie dishes in him just grabbing is cock like a bent garden hose and is driven little arouse what one million and one million
i cleaned about a billion dollars on my stomach grew how do i stop guy that's right here and recycling of more than a sudden it's really so it's so interesting it so it kind of embodies woods bizarre about human beings causes guys responsible for so many people's personal growth and light by him bringing yoga and hot yoga to the united states and making it so popular being this force because perhaps because of his ego because of his desire to achieve fame and fortune all these different things that he has gotten he's also spread this thing it's been amazingly beneficial to paper which has in turn fuelled his self righteous indignation is actually kind of goes back to the rioting arrived the bad thing this guy being an asshole is a bad thing but it's a bad thing almost hoping to do a good thing maybe the hope and a bad thing that also does have you been
somebody that's a real piece of shit but they also do a lot of charity work and the solidarity work sort of masks the fact there piece of shit right that was one of the things about sandusky sandusky was like this things about him that he was molesting all these boys that he was held he ran this charity for boys fucking yes it's horrible here but it's something that people do they run they'll do something where they're doing something very charitable sort to mask how shitty there are or justify re who they are and there is some money in this kind of fucked up scenario that did just benefit i'm saying you're someone who just benefited from that and no end but an evil yeah underline two other strange paradoxes of life one of the weird things that we have to deal with human beings are capable of so many weird rationalizations in this is going back to the diffusion of responsible thing that happens in marble tallies you know whether all of us of x i felt it i've seen
before were people running around hidden people and when i was a kid i worked as a security guard at this place called great woods your massachusetts gotten member map mansfield mass grave would centre for them everywhere eastward i bob's eager would put on jovius i've i've been to buy i've been the great with i think we see saw dan fogel berg i saw roddy dangerfield their am tennyson there's a bill cosby there i saw bond jovi how big of a venue can you play before people start to go like rodney you do get a lot of respect like we all paid hundreds of dollars clearly makers back no respect this was in the wheel barrel of cash but my favorite roddy days rodney used to go on states naked with a bath robot wow
what he did towards the end he did he decided that he was going to perform with a bath robot also he and he lie like a fuck you you can't make us what i'm here i like doing yes what fellow dounia liked it like that feeling look i like and then his name is naked was it could you see this package will you could be guys we're working backstage saws hog cases like this i throw bizarre heating can we were trying to get you a no respect places i put on the super respect me now i just mentioned i really didn't give any fox zero and you must have known sixties and he would go on stage my dad that's my dad i believe my dad's dig more now than when i was a clear because he doesn't give a shit i jocular old how my dad isn't deaf he just doesn't listen lucky literally doesn't here because you didn't care one listen i told my dad to get a hearing aid and he goes what could you be saying
and then resumed watching jeopardy on a hundred is that that's a damn that's doubtless he said in a row bomb sherry was it a robe what had happened many way i was there and a riot broader but broke out i was working and i was in the the real yeah great great words has a law on the other for people it's an outside area so part of it is under like a roof and then there's is back on area and he'll young was playing and you know the fuckin stone errors and burn out where they are for neil young and they start fires they started like will these little camp fires lighting papers fire and we had to break it up and i had a hoodie that are brought with me because i always knew like that i'd seen a lot of fights there was a lot of alterations and so i saw once caretakers be too should have this guy because he stole one on the golf course they hit him over the head with a radio was like craziness i saw craziness at that place and i was always
this is not worth ten hours like it's a good job to have when you're nineteen dioxin hours like why i got some does good money but it was legitimately equally dangerous and i was working the bunch of other black belts it was all martial arts guys we're working there's a security people write and i was at the back area where the fires were and we were told to go put the fires out and were alike in others radios we're goin off like them people or fires gonna break up neat they cut they cancel the shall we start the show in the middle the concert because the fires and then fights are breaking out and i put the hoodie up a zipper put it over my security outfit and walk out that door i know a way this good for you because it had gotten to that weird place yeah we're like i saw my friend larry whose like the one the most peaceful friendly guys in the world told us gotta put down put it in our put down a fire you know get the fuck away from me and the guy goes fuck you anymore
just a guy in a punch in the stomach and dropped them and as soon as allowing punch con sail out here as was already on walked right the fuck out and quit see in life we need a larry you need a canary in the coal mine that you go if larry's thrown blows leaves like a swedish scaring the world get the fuck out of it was a train killer buddy was like a super sweet guise of him if he got to the point where you so on edge the punch this guy i like there's no way i'm fucking guy might have called him a nigger or something like that i too was there was so much chaos on cause he was black and the guy was why he he blast this kind of lorries
people this fuckin show's over a year and then you know we heard something over the loudspeaker about the show stopping and people going crazy we can no longer rock in the free world that there is this feeling was is feeling in the air of like terrible things can happen fisher through this feeling like dont get trampled diana subway that's our people screaming now people into our it's not you and one person s life is like me and the other person deploy came and relax we don't have far i'm gonna get out of here showed that good night that day when i got home i ordered like two month worth of earthquake food did you really i was like i don't like what we become when ship goes i always well we kind of deep sea one thing studies have shown that in natural disasters people come together on the other and supporting other and help each other its comments through true but legacy gets a new yes it helps it people help each other through really like some of the best aspects of human beings do come out what
scares me is not that what scares me is these unique moments or violence breaks out in these groups of people that's because i feel it there's a genetic memory that we have that's from war one on one hand to hand combat warfare because our ancestors for thousands of years fought like that fought these chaotic battles were you didn't know who the enemy was your swing in an axe right that is so ingrained in our genetic memory right that i think when these riot send its there and we need to get them when it when really we always need to be remembering it's all of us this is like instinct just start swinging at level that it is in our bones is i think it's a terrible thing to cultivate the odds of ferry and so in order like well when you are in your stabbing us versus them narratives i think you you
set an incredibly dangerous precedent because i think you tapie that's why this ancient genetic murmured that's all i'm saying say it's not us and now i know it sounds like hippy nonsense you right i put it is sent us yes added it must stay give the sixties was when the hippies we're like it's us and its there and we need to get them when when really we always need to be remembering it's all of us right which is why it's a real problem when you just want to when you simply put a label on something boom he's not such rightful these naturally not a nazi punch nazis ok what the fuck for well it's not a nazi you're wrong and second of all if he wasn't how the fuck does someone become a nazi right how to someone become now we should protest probably figure out what makes a person like that they are getting he's gonna fix him by punching and now you're gonna start goddamn war yeah i'm trying to get his name is christian i think i'm trying to get an ex white supremacist to come on we're just for what you're saying i think broadcasting and be powerful and we need to have people they can offer perspectives that you know aren't great
i'd like to talk to somebody that's reformed and that way while long form conversations do reveal certain aspects of people and you do you go we're snarling for where the it's very difficult to tap into you know if you do seven minutes on a late night show like corner sunlight and you see sometimes people did they sort of she's controversial issues and you like man boy you can't really do that service that's right in the next forty five seconds rewrite i also the biggest sometimes a joke has a two hour set up yeah those episode right roadside array holy shit like three tornadoes converging at the end and we didn't know you and i stand ups are from a world where you have to get a laugh they have three forty seconds or whenever i've had some food they are things ever happen to ours into a broadcast it wasn't even funny up until until the end yeah also you cutty when two hours into it with another person like
you know you and i haven't had long conversations before so we're having a long conversation i get to sort of explore how you think about things and you look at thing right you get to see how i do ray and we compare notes we compare ideas and then you know my ideas get enriched your ideas gettin rid exactly what sort of come together these fertilize each for sure and there i agree i can't go back to my google thing it's like boredom is good how i had so many i mapped out whole world in ideas ideal movie ideas as a kid because i was bored shit when i see the screens in the back of bad rests the suvs now get it i dont have kids and maybe that is something you just have to be like shut the fuck up and lunch smiling area army there are we there what do you want to watch frozen frozen on everybody cheers know what com what is loss there's something some people do well with boredom i went to a summer camp where there was nothing and that's all
i started doing emperor you know well one thing for those kind of things you could put on educational programmes routed the other government and they actually do enjoy like poor put on nature shows from a kids they enjoy it but you know i think you have to engineer like we say boredom engineer a certain amount of time in your life everything on your free from all that stuff put your phone away where there's a capital is a japanese word for it i'm forgetting but it's a value that they have caught the word means emptiness like time it's not meditating it's not contemplating it's just right for this our i'm just gonna be open and see what happens and i think that's a central we don't have that its outward damned diana and even when these are very real
here's the logs move that nothing more subtle jammed up when you have more obligations and you have a family and a job and you ve careers gown know you have a park as an you're also stand up and you're also how did you find out with a fair because i just got engaged in worthing about having kids and stuff that's one of the reasons i want to be married and how do you find it managing kiss you businesses you in your life in your thoughts near ideas i manage it you know but it requires thought and work effort in email it takes away from some things that i would want to do the more often and you have to sure but you know look you got a great quote about being dad once i thought was really cool can i read it after i had already sort of absorbed it then he and i read him sounds like ah he right said let it change you interested that's beautiful is railway great weight have it and not to resist i think there are no guys do resist and they want of getting divorced and want to being shitty dahlia and when one
being you no absolute even if it gets divorce del result can my wife left me that's what my age we owe shows about which first wife left my vote jump and right back and look at you almost ten it was it was ten here six must not thirty's when i got married when i was twenty two year without would work i would i wouldn't christian colleagues like a proper youth three major pressure and that's what this is about is about a religious guy whose wife leaves and then this is what happened in my real life i got kicked into the deep end of the comedy seem so people like t j miller necrology kroll like rescued me when i didn't have any where to go so on the show it's a fictional eyes version of that every episode on crashing on the couch of a different kind wow so you were twenty two year is hard core christian this girl she's hardcore christian too she along we married i was made
six years we data for about a year and a half is a true story i knew we were gonna get married when she went down on me because because i was like you don't do that with someone you not gonna marry it was wrong we're back it was i with our engagement blowjob while on bended knee so you were married and then what happened how it goes that's that's what's interesting is is talk about letting it change you i remember before i had variants any sort of suffering i had a pretty charmed life and then i experienced some pretty severe pain and and that's when i started to figure out who i was what i cared about and when i actually thought was funny so it turned out this this very unlikely thing made me into a much better comedian plus i had way more free time
i will finish your better convening if you could survive it like what does anything that's rough emotionally makes your better comic if you survive that's what already already lange is in the pilot needs in a couple of the other episodes is well he's amazing and he's like it's good your ear my wife left me funny usages be like kind acute observational staff he's like you're a man now she had happened and his eyes true i am i stabbed myself in the heart funny it's like a different thing did he hid his heart he started he stabbed himself in the chest have you thought you seem to be doing better i mean already has been on the package is amazing good do call his next book consummate professional because he showed up early e mail lines improvised and killed it he's a huge part why the show that's a phoney did very funny and he's a good guy he's a good guy has is crazy moments and all that chance but so
way he's got a good heart speaking of sobbing i mean really does have a good will in essence is sweetie so so leaves yeah yeah financial area while she was fucking another commissioner i was either do another teacher that she worked were found jack nimrod morocco this is all carbon analogy outrage rock it sounds like a bad place in fact a boxer name rocky and i actually know him he wasn't he wasn't a bad guy who used to like each other like we get along and stuff and then i was u barrier for before he found out well that's could we moved upstate i was there's a lot elements to destroy but we moved up stake ass she was a country mouse and i'm a city boy and then we're like alleges live in absolute greenacre pledges even sleepy hollow behind us cemetery was so terrifying just felt this distance between us but i thought it was because as you know should get home like four o clock and i believe at like five six o clock
get into the city in time to do at five minutes at some shit he opened my so how far where'd you live and we just one senior sleepy hollow is only about forty five minutes maybe if you do i lived in sleepy hollow now crying style yeah that's what is it these sleepy hollow where that its these lorries from here i believe there's a lot of sleepy hollow right that that author africa is it being everything every area remembering roma may and i live there i believe you is buried behind my house and i lived on gory brook road chairman all these things are happening that it seemed like a dream i literally would lay on the bed cause she's not there for me she's having an affair i dont know right because i was just like it was the law lasting on my mind brand i thought i was dead i thought i had died and go into some sort of weird purgatory
because you're in this new place in europe and i was in house mall town and she's distant from you and hurling ass up the steepest hill to come home from a fuckin metro north it took an hour and a half round trip to do five minutes it used to be one that had come home and she's asleep and i just like a dream i was so sad i thought i thought i was dying i thought if i guessed i'll tell you a story one time when she was having the fair i called her and she answered the phone she's acting really really weird and like looking back the dude was clear they're wrong who knows what they were they might have been mid boning at an array of correcting weird and then we had a security question like you you like and jason bourne you ask shit yeah that they know the answer to the if they answer it wrong you know dress writer so of all the questions i go what city did we get married
so now not only issue with the other guy ran she's answering trivia about our love she answered it correctly and i hung up years you know when we broke up she was like i just don't know i entered the phone that day but i i thought she was being burgled all right i guess a burglary before and of yeah that's how naive i was well and you just considerate kind i read try this maintain cuz it on the show crashing february nineteenth hbo on the show i'm playing that guy i'm trying and it's kind of nice i like going back to that time when i was i liked it i'm still a sweet person but people to think i was on access doubly sweet person why why would you think you're not i don't at your grown up now i've lost my temper courage now i would even say have an age but i mean i don't fuck around with some things like i sometimes like i'll get fight with my mother gaza's about you mom deserves nervous at vacuum union that would be of never said fuck him
a raise my voice my mom i haven't raise my voice but i get angry in a way that i never would have because you become a grown up at us now and as a bit of a bummer but you're like right shit like my mama is as about my dog right i have done and she we never had a dog honestly think my mom things i dont know how to raise a dog so talent or on the following should be like mom we're gonna go tshisekedi up you i'm just like all you know valentine gonna go get some lunch or whatever it is becoming what you can do the dog like and all i'm hearing is like you can't hear the ladder like it just feels like this attack and strike ma am i've told you a thousand times i try to make jokes on like one can achieve into an active volcano cut off his head so it doesn't have to suffer a while we're gonna and she doesn't like that until we but heads in a way that we never did that's interesting your mom was at her idea to raise you super religious yeah there's
there is definitely some laden resentment there too and i got married because my mom was like you should get married that's true we went to a chile's and burlington maybe even children in vermont burlington mass rape by them all know burlington coat factory there more than greatcoats we will now have the not show burger it's not show ordinary beggar my mom was like you should get married now ok that's how much of a mama's boy why because i was learning to i was moving chicago to do improv because our eye the story of chris farley he moves or medicine to chicago he gets us amount and that's what i wanted to do so chicago i'm not gonna break up with my wife you know my girlfriend at the time and i didn't know if we could even sin in autumn you might get enough i can make that move so she was just get married it's fine and i i get where she was coming from but i you think there's some latent like hey maybe
just live and send for a while see how that caused the it's hard for some people it's not an option you know some people get really religious in the lasting she would want to do is tell her friends that's what it urge its the it's the expectation of lake you can i have a son whose living with his grow like i was the golden boy i don't know how you are in your family but i was like hurt like it was so clear that she loved me the most like she's like obsessed with me and we still close but she she kind and guided me in that way but that's kind of a crashing is about as like these things that you would never ask for taking you to the place you were afraid to go so she leaves you did you find out she told me she took me to dinner hollow she gummy linguine with wales which was my favorite definitely time is it really a loving i still either that hardly ever do but when i do i know you mean treat i know you big trinity the pastor but when i hear it's almost
that letter yesterday usually it's worth it so we that and then it is a sad story she also took me to a liquor store by alcohol for that night i don't know what's going on unlike the puppy that's keeping driven to the vat to be brought down and then we went home and she had a less she had a script and she i love you i won't what's best for you and thanks and she is like you deserve to be with someone who really loves you gonna like i agree i'm glad not getting have ceased number three was i don't wanna be cheating life and i go so don't be powers response and then she was dead silence and then i was like is there someone else i set it as a joke like i felt like i was in a tv show and i was like is there someone else like as if that could be a thing her silence was deafening
and then i swear to god joe my next question was is it a comedian and she goes no and i go this later the conversation you're leaving me for a civilian see thy love believing as i love communities how could you day comedian hang out with my comedian friends and we go to show as a i love show business i love carmody how could you leave the best thing the best people wow that's i thought that's ridiculous oh you don't agree with me that let's do it the media in their fun bold i'm sure they're fund for some people i d idea that the only i mean i was at the time i dont think that maybe i don't know i thought at the time to streamlining we ate restaurant or when i was twenty eight i think when you really deepened loveless something it becomes the only world that you can imagine tat you know well that now with my current fiance in french for wife
i do not know enough to carmody bit to comedies yoke forbids love tat winter i will lunch you you'll kill me but i will let you get one good line i feel like any comedian is in the three way there's something where you there's other thing and it really helps if valerie likes to carmody as well and she d but i will she likes travelling she likes to do you like my friends she eggs it if she can give me a better or trial something together that's cool she actually can come up with some shit that's really fond watch you do it that's gonna be really far there's nothing better than doing the show and you know my margo monthly show largo and she sitting on the stage but behind the curtain and hearing her laugh and am referring she i never asked her to beg
they really making our love that much deeper she started writing down if i set a new i'm just email will have on male to me and i was i let's get married school we shall be married there's a weird thing that happens to a lotta comedians when they get in pause than a relationship like a first the girl thinks it's cool like some day this guy he's just he's a comedian these while he's a phenomenon such things and then it becomes gift to work every night that's why you have to work tonight which is home i stay home me i haven't i lost i've i've been relationships like that and this is an i'm glad this isn't one of them but i've also calm down i wonder if you have at a certain point happy to report to our species comedians that i think there is a level reach will you relax a little bed you ve you ve gone the fancy green room and he read me apple pie and you just go like ok
i've seen the strings of the puppet show we can keep playing the game but i'm not as spread or afraid as i used to be like it's a marathon there's upstairs down and there's a lot of other ship to life than comedy i don't do sets every night anyway that's kind of liquor the three times a week i i think three times a week is fine do it every night either but i think that discipline when your confidence in you discipline it can mitigate some of the negative aspects of obsession with guys like you know you're doing the work you're putting in the work that you don't feel bad taken a night off that's right now you know what somebody said that really change the game for me was live a life worth commenting on that's good can't just go out and and next thing you know you just doing that's about motels who knows how many ends and fagging airplanes i get that but if i just go to a concert or just go camping or just go on a trip and have now
and not even thinking like could i get a better out of this i didn't go to sensory desperation tank and not go what's the bit here laws salt or my asshole i'm not thinking that i'm just like this is life here and there what i think that's the way we should be we can there is this three way thing going on but i am not as starved anymore do you remember allowance is definite bounds but when started that's kind of one of the other things the show is about is that fervour that you have when you're starting where you're like it actually got caught but there was a scene we rode whereas i give your home in your girlfriend in one hand and harmony in the other sure am lorn laugh guess who plays my wife did this really funny raft is like you're holding me and you comedy over cliff which when you pull out the good son and i had to think about it i'm thinking about it she just goes xerxes bog and she's right that there's something i hope that people when they watched the show
stand that i understand why my wife me in real life and also why the character the kind of pretend wife on the show also i think that's the same with rock and roll i think it's probably the same with art i think it's it's probably the same with everything that you become obsessed with sometimes when people are involved in relationship especially when they're young it seems like your whole world to a person who doesn't have as other obsession like harmony excessive you have just a regular job you workin out insurance company or something like tat you boyfriends a comedian your girlfriend's comedian and you just want to get home and have dinner and sit down with them and they have to rush off to the city to do some fuckin set out be home till two o clock in the morning that great snug you it's not what you want it yet it has in rio if my wife i don't wanna be paid homes as wire and i was like i can't get it again like even at the time like the sex but i cant get it makes sense accents and then someone get might want to be there that's the thing it's no matter what there is about
your life it's about food someone who can appreciate whatever that is about your and help you preamble not typically something people say about kids but like seeing the world through their eyes like we go but the four seasons ok do a corporate gig and they put up the four seasons and you and i have done that before you bring the new person the excited person itself fun to surprise valerie with that itself fun to go to the show together i just did a corporate and was brutally at the back sweat dry mouth adjust their never great those things and she is there and we laugh about is that we share the adventure gs around thing she works for a charity called real girl which is a female empowerment programme feminism is a cancer whose but that's what she does but is flexible enough that we can we can go to new york and on the show and come delay and do shows in hawaii or whatever my doubts ass a man you you found some i think i have always made this analogy the people kind of like the fingers of two hands and if they fall
like the perfect fit ear year in here and a lot of times people get this thing go and we get those bottom two fingers yeah two things on the other hand is a lot of weight learn in fact amidst high five twenty the last person they did everley again the crashing is about stories are when you're starting in when it sucks i really think that's kind of the most interesting thing allotted that i love about comedians you're about comedians when their successful them that's fine that's great this is a show about these and when i was opening for bill bur and this is ten years ago i was peoria actually made a youtube video of copied homes bombing where kind of do commentary on it i don't i gotta say to you is like you wanted to like this but you were like this like the whole time writing you could try to be but you wanted to be like the hands intersect perfectly out but the finger tipps smashing into the air and he was absolutely right you don't you're bombing and it just feels like the word
it is getting sucked into a vacuum that there is no connection will you have no connection with it so the audience is never gonna have a connection with industry possible for you to have a connection with because you know your bombing and you're pretending to have a good time and here is the rub is my comedy typically comes from a positive place like em like to lean into my sweetness and my enthusiasm and wonder so if i like this happened i was it in irvine and i was on stage and i had this bit about lulu lemon this hoodie that i'm actually wearing his alumina just like lulu eminent second cared so i have a bit about it though like any grand so it's my opener sometimes i go this is a lulu i just don't want you wondering the whole show and then the set up of the next yoke is i think i think people like ladies like a guy in a lulu it says something about them and then this girl is in the first thirty second them at first first our girl big table goes you're gay you gay
this kind of white it out and was like it's two thousand sixteen wow you're fucking egg and like just gonna like what people were laughing but i was just leaned into her to try to merge back into my silly silly fun boy comedy the team i literally have allied in my act baghdad where i go i don't how to be angry its end that's you they like a big laugh they already seen may be very angry you got mad when she said you're gay because of illumine line yeah why don't you just assume that i've seems like that's what someone would say it maybe my laws for thirty five second when you left the gap right are you siding with this is crazy woman it's a haeckel obviously never side with hackler in the virus authorities second i'm doing this sat up and you go you're gay bazaar was a someone on before you have the two open so they were doing the asses lays pro lit up you get
she's been here people say shit that's marginally funding as they're not as funding is used the openers and she's like i think i'd give funding has i made a gay says you ve day haters electoral imagination i gathering it says something about me right that's so obvious yeah you're gay everybody would say that an ninety nine point nine percent of the time people have the decency to go he's probably going somewhat guard against the guard against out one tenth of one percent yeah with a better wake you know what i can counter argue don't do that should remain vulnerable honourable get heckled get some sleep that's ok can i dont like bulletproof comedians while you know we will you never bulletproof first ball and second of all prepare for someone saying you're gay cause it's coming again that joe right hundred percent i exit out have did you have a back up line uruguay and she said you gay if i had been and a better mood maybe i would have demoed but i dont know homophobia like i hate them
in fact i had but is a hammer phobic to say that it says you're gave is nothing wrong with being gay so there's nothing wrong the gang gay people oriented fashionable and someone says a lot about you yeah ok but i'm back that a little bit i do take offence at the idea that people two gentler or flow we yoga meditation things are therefore weaker and being we is like being gay and being gaze i being fruit through or like a fairy or whatever you want to save you make an offensive to a group of people don't make sense but you're making a giant leap by saying that someone is into lulu lemon which is really nice close a really good fitness close chair and that somehow another is weak i don't think it's week at all by called le lemon juice of a lemon sure but the point is that women assume that men who are really fashionable or in the fashion and and
standard i supposed fashion yap within an actual then can we talk about black people loving fried chicken and watermelon line in this same so that it can deliver because everybody loves fried chicken and large groups of people that aren't gay like looking fashionable right right why have you allowed to make it up then i discouraged that i agree with you but i am also saying i defend my right to discourage i agree with you but i think that if you are a stand up comedian working in a uniform and anyone that that sells alcohol i feel like this do being the top by them ass if that is true right i should have been like you're going to say will you left it open i go into ever our anyway spur of a sack actual long in the hollow running any thirty dollars coming to see me and you like ireland effect this guy she had not just now you gay it's me silicon natural wise ass thing to say by someone rising i personally am ready to do better i want us to
you bet i was doing i just correct i expect my audiences to be better i want the clubs to be better i want us to elevate the people who like to say do better you know it's another thing that people said it's really disturbing the worst is the one sided wars are being eaten asshole first by hyenas that's the worst meaning other now we really dialogue the worse that's really four people have to say that peat homes the worst the other guys do first he had a joke about homophobia he's the word reuse term so stupid i think sarcasm cutter term that people using today where they just throw it in all your the worse i'm gonna join you now i think people have stu development literally they staff ashore developing so in fifth grade you realize you could widen friends by keeping your shoes untied your bad boy and all being lately you did
the cook it with the untouchable no man never arrived and let's just high gain it outlined here confusing should i be jamie you in among us jane the kid who doesn't give a year's easy genuine just when it comes to shoot a wild eyed shoe thing for sure yes the kid who doesn't give a fine i'll do the new maybe maybe i'm mr that's true the kid you didn t his horse to the stable and that is the guy that you know he's a rebel brows horses wanders around with a great deal of love but forget the shoe tying and algae i'm with you it's a strategy but these guys that learned how to win friends by going miss johnson slacks rye right and then they just learn likes chasm can be so funny but he thinks so many people just misappropriating sarcasm by saying whatever it is sex for meeting brito in the bottom falls out they go there looks like a good boy ran like that's not funny you're just being a dick
their twitter bio you see like sarcasms just one of the many services i offer huge so as not to worry near chandler better with sarcasm right but they probably are trying and failing just like we try and failed jokes leonarda lulu lemon juice isn't i'm say enemy we all try and i like your heart bad you you hate is a lack of imagination and you are stepping into other people she is she probably lead she's probably try to before day she doesn't know it is able to try to make certain effort of someone trying to fuck things out for me to actually experience hate towards them it was big as of dead though this is a met you could get a look i can sometimes a bad mood of an older women with the line and i don't feel like you're in a friendly crowd it can happen that can happen and my opener whose gay bread sullivan kind i didn't do very well i was just coming you guys
you're giving me the wrong via not maybe it was a terrible moment but maybe but you know sometimes it's like you didn't established the moment properly and are sometimes like and i looked back some lines that i used to like but they won't they just didn't do that well and am i did i just get attached to this line that i stopped it did i have arrested in my stand up because i sort of got attached to saying something this wags i had been doing it like every six months or whatever and then you realize i call that's not a good way to set it up i need to just i'll actually till my babies that exclusion you kill you i've heard kill your darlings that kill kill your babies are good and in terms of creatively i'll go with you you have to kill some of the ideas but your attach them because their yours very painful yeah that's a lot of writing is for yes i'll go one worth to shit on my own experience when you craft and act for fans and i you know this field then you go to it bob worth what you know irvine i don't think the crowd was certainly there to see me remember you like oh shit yes sir
and that is more like boxing than i remember oh yeah because if you like if you watch my special it's all fans you get a standing ovation when you coming hours i love that i'm gonna quote sinbad together look i gotta go apparently is a very nice guy he was greatly to my progress on an inch of says is awesome while leaving your body astro projection sinbad does it he asked we projecting astro projects as you do he stopped doing what there's all these techniques as those books and stuff about it the long and short as you again to a trance can you imagine a world above them public pushed out out or what he did actually remember he was like i put something just out of my reach and then you try hang as your lying there with your eyes closed kind of editing trying to reach the thing and then he said he felt his hand grab around and that's how he knew he had left his body and he did it
months and months and months and months and then one day he said he was like him is weird places in the cave some like shadow creature came up hit him in the chest i know this is sinbad remember and he goes and it felt like someone age cracked me in the chest with a sledgehammer because i can ever did it again while and has a really gotta go back try and find my booby islanders something wednesdays italy's right though maybe he's ready be snatched up by the demons and stranger things it is ex dimension demon that lives in the war it is scary if you re journeys out of the body or far journeys robert monroe in the fifties like you we this book any so called black people negroes and entails an old old book but he's too that's how old suffers it's because way back he would stories about like seeing something fly by being very concerned that that thing was trying to get into his body but more needed so it's kind of a scheme every thing it's very why don't you the dreams and in a moods like like states of mine like the state of mind you have when you went on stage that time the state of my
that you have when you have a fucked up dream it's like the ability did your mind has to change stances and positions and that these dances impositions really greatly affect how you react the situation you're coming into something with so much baggage and so much good or bad like sometimes you come into something and you being the best mood ever got rear ended by this undone meant and worker and he's a guy's illegal in the country whose from mexico we didn't have insurance and is my favorite car i have this a porsche nine eleven g t three to race car is perry i had a two and a car to drive have had it for years i love it its assent greeley light car sound in the skype fuckin plowed the engines and the back right now ass thing in my car's fact but luckily he don't like any hit the breaks who was texting of course
romania and traffic was stopped and he ice looked up and saw him look up i saw him in the river mere size face i saw him slam on the brakes might discuss at me for sure and he had a yahoo and civic and car went under my car because you know when you break dive in your card allow so his car literally like rain in my car but kind of lifted up and accepting overriding yes he sent me flying brushed his car but it was a luckily that he had a light car and it did damage my car but they were they fix it pretty quickly but at that moment i got out of the car and i was in the best state of mind that day i have been doing a lot of yoga and it just said everything was going good i was feeling positive and generous and friendly and i dominoes like i go d ever licence is like now i got plenty drive when you have a license in new states honours he was gonna work man i'd ok
and i called remember what i called a tow truck or for called the police yes i remember what i did was you pull his car was fucked my car drawer to the comic store i drove that night but it's gonna get us information everything and i was gonna stick around for the cops and telecoms that you know this guy doesn't have a license in this now like factors like a man the night i just drove away i just drove away i love you i get so nervous that you're about to tell me a story where you like it then the cops came they were land so i signed autographs what they arrested this inviting gonna tell on whom i might see slicks twenty five year old kid from ex goes trying to make it true that you know turn makes money you do better demonstrated grace while i also i was in a good state of mind like i could have been a terrible state of mind could have been wrapped up i could have gotten in some altercation some dig it up because it is well fuck that guy and this guy hit me man what the fuck you know you
come into an already wrapped up that's right but that moment made me realize like you can go into a moment like and begin if you could be it the best state of mind you can do regardless of the circumstances s right well you know it's funny these that i could i have that kind of our does actually just had an argument with my mother and then we to dinner and i was in the best me before that i was meditating i just felt amazing and then i called my mom because i was feeling got eyes like i can i can handle call home ghana bad mood immediately thou and i were going to dinner and then at dinner and i'm i'm just kind of complaining about it and then she's like what if what if we changed your freak see a little back she i dont even though she is that where it but she's like what are we grateful for that like where you were you just bananas yoke instead we should start making a lest it wasn't like it wasn't huge big things it was just like i'm grateful that we have we have a car before we can come to those restaurant that we have
the money right now to eat this meal i grateful for this body and good for the help you were talking much earlier grand to man that's how to get you yourself into that plato born and did to exercise gratitude consciously all the time but threatens to be happy and thanks and generosity generosity is another thing really that'll change of frequency for share i think those those things and gratitude also shifts your perspective and gets you to understand right boy i could be in africa right now living in the congo malaria in i could be fuck there could be some worn torn par the world i'm trying to escape as you i think that's also one of the things that people find so disturbing about this trump ban on immigrants in another time there's not calling it a ban anymore but seth myers hilarious where they were saying that it's not a ban than he showed all these clips of pens and tromp and all these differ people calling it a ban a ban have banned the van and it hurts
people when you know that this is a country that was founded on immigrants mean that this is a country that every one in this country was near ridge only an eight thousand american mission native americans by the way where fuckin emigrants to because ten thousand years ago this entire country was covered by two miles of ice gave mean this this everyone came here from somewhere else is is is true in terms of recent humans recent being last twenty thousand years every one came from somewhere out when they do these genetic examinations of native americans want things they find is that they should common ancestors in siberia mozilla charing cross the bearing straight that when it was connected and this is just as is a price worth it become that's our idea of when you blocking these people litter in one of the worst places in the world syria you know and then there was like this list
of all these muslim countries where people are allowed to come into american idol travel tell there are so many fucking people there and so many different countries that are muslim women whether its power to stand or indonesia but then there's politics involved and i think somebody pointed out that a lot of like saudi arabia whenever these are places where there are trump hotels i don't know i don't know if that's true either but the real issue is syria is the hot topic and i don't necessarily think this guy has the time nor does of the inclination a deeply look into things with it with a greater perspective than what he currently ass you would think that you're howard stern had a very interesting thing but he said about dollar problem i would deferred him cause i think he knows donald trump personally and he said that he doesn't think that this is good for donald his mental health which authorities interesting caught howard was coming out like as a friend and he said essentially the donald
to be loved and he said that you know that's what he wants all these people love me like i don't think this is a good job for him i never his mine i know spoken crazy that's guys i remember one chapelle hosted s analogies i'm gonna give him a shot that's what we re entering our selves right those of us that weren't on board with him we were then we only have this one thing that's right now the disturbing saying right does not really a lot of other stuff there's this one that the ban on immigrants is really its initial because there's families that are coming over here and have children and you see them in their sad and desperate it's scary you're leaving your home you u seeking refuge in america you have a travel visa you can get in that scares the fuck out of people cause you think that could be me that could be my mom that could be my sister right that was me my mom fled world war two from lithuania beat dago so in command ass if in saying that is fuckin insane i mean
it scared the shit out of us when we think that we could be so zena forward that we can put this like this blanket statement but what's what you said earlier becomes them it's an irish but on the other side you dont want what's happening in germany you dont what was happening france you dont want we have these people that aren't integrating with the culture and creating a significant problems and you have you like the book we're cows dealing with right now in germany this culture clash and you haven't a lot of problems between people and these radical muslim elements and they did their isolating in creating their own neighbourhoods and in our people don't want to integrate they want to bring a piece of their country here and they are extremely different values mean whether you want to be critical of these people that live in the middle east or not the reality and we all know this when you look at the rights that women in saudi arabia are are denied the right to drive they have to wear certain clothing they do you have to look away when men are looking at them mean there's a lot
of shit that these women have to deal with that is a cultural stan third in there are the world that doesn't fly and if they bring that overdid germany then use these men that are from that part of the world that are in their thirties or whatever their other grown adults in whatever the age and that is their standards of behaviour another sing white women in germany the german women that are not behaving than not acting that standard and they feel like these women are harlots they feel like these women are slut and they can just do whatever they want with and you're finding i mean there's not how many of them incidents are there i don't know but there's enough words a significant issue there's enough that this is something that needs to be discussed like you have these this new element that you brought in and how do you mitigate that without being racist without being seen rail but how do you how do you how you somehow or another encourage these people to evolve their culture
that's a real issue it is very interesting it it did make me think of the we're both from boston and the irish you know said get in kept to themselves and they were irish name out it gets tricky something is culturally different for us they do have a right to have their neighbourhood be however they want shore but for some reason it could be racism it could be just as it is normal to us the way that behave with women are the main and they want women to behave double that's not racism that's a she is a huge issue i understand i dont want women to be supplemented and interesting is that you would think that that would be we totally in opposition of liberal values but though liberals are the ones that are like really concerned with these people but people not being islamophobia which is also a good thing thank but there has to be some rational and reasonable consideration for the cultural differences that are valid
sure and real and scary and also that there are incredibly restrictive on women incredibly rich and on homosexuals i mean you're seeing with isis thrown gay people off roof hobson in iraq and some horrible horrible shit that is the standard in that part of the world and when you are dealing with a culture that is just row gap programmed for so long to be oppressive towards homosexuals to be oppressive towards women like violently oppressive you know where they fit think you're allowed to beat women i watched one of the most horrible and i should have ever watched it but it was a man and his daughter and the daughter had been accused of adultery so he was gonna be the guide their stoning his daughter to death and he was the first gotta throw the stone
his daughter was begging for mercy and reaching out to touch his hand and he wouldn't touch her hand and he hid her with the rock and then they all through the rocks are and i was like fuck this is just a real pigeon just an ideology that forces people into this and if you take these people that are so deep in their ideology so deep in that brainwashing then you bring him over to a free country to a democratic country that has an open policy on religion and freedom of expression do whatever you want you're going to have you gonna have a big problem is that there is theirs going to be some sort of a gap that needs to be crossed i know how to do it i mean how do you how do you make those people of all their ideas and i just don't know scary i dont even it's crazy so when you think about we need someone country hand we were new at this and theirs be mistakes and there's gonna be things like that seem unsolvable problem there is the human
life element that we know that there is a basis of like people are dying and they need help yes and we go well people that we may not agree with her dying and need help brought you still go we don't need to take a less data go well still need to help people you don't agree what you're right it's that's not the issue and the vast majority must be really clear are never going to cause any problems vast majority are gonna into fine they're gonna have friends that are christians and baptists and mormons in whatever and this can be no issues the vast majority but there is going the there's gonna be a few issues and when those issues pop up then it always becomes highlighted its their release in its their ideology you know could be mental health issues we didn't ages overturned something here in amerika though that it was like it's no longer a federal or i don't know i don't have the legal speak but it's no longer as serious of an offence as it used to be to be your wife sooner that was actually in egypt know where was it was just
and i just got a law that went along here and it was just a law that which has passed where the fuck was that goddammit i tweeted about russia in road as russia was russia yeah crazy like domestic hans decriminalize in russia the dozen cause severe injury we also what i'm saying is we also have people here that are very back about women and gaze that we have plenty of them and their so here and i'm just you know i gotta non agreement devils advocate the saudis and allow the middle eastern countries take that shit to a whole new level i hear now you're allowed to arrive right i mean they have to have a male companion when they go out at night is there some believe regressive ideas there are just accepted because we don't want appear to be i'm a fallback orderly islamophobia and then there's bow i think is above jones
christian university where there's lou sidewise boys and pink for girls yeah so everybody's fact what i'm saying why should they not stoning people having a fight and see it as very urges you i mean you just scarred me emotional killing honour killing is a real thing i mean this is not not like an imaginary idea that's never enforce it's a real thing so as female genital mutilation there a talk to iron hersey i lay about it and she gets labelled in islamophobia because she too ox openly about the problems with the ideology and she's a woman who experience female genital mutilation and she was that was she had a flea her country and now she's here writing books and giving lectures and the hard core left the far left crazies are attacking her as being islamic you know it's interesting about these very very complicated at any just illuminated me in many ways issues is
things get really really complicated we do take comfort in but i call like the sling blade mentality remember sling layer so there's the drunk dad here i shall people gotta keyser blade bristling behaviour so that movie is like strangely pleasant in this weird way because the boy has the abuse of father and mother and there being held captive by this drunk asshole spoiler learn as from the nineties issues scene it by now right incomes a simple man who is graceful character a compassionate character and he kills that he had some in the head with a sling blade that's why the movies i think that kills the guy so it is this complicated thing the drunk dad is a person we could zoom out on him and be like ok why he drank what's going on how can we help him how can we rehabilitate this guy but there's something about me a human that occasionally on weak style you just want to to go in and shoot a bunch of a bunch of people to clean up
problem up in a simple way what i'm saying i push nazi that's what i'm saying there you go soak complicated issues somehow a tract overly simple respond suspicion people are lazy that sort of it's where racism comes here you go i'm afraid that some people are dangerous well these guys say black people are dangerous ah i feel a little bit more comfortable work as i look around the storing there's none of them when really there's a white guy little fuck you up just as bad as anybody right in that same store but we're looking for click moments where we just go john shot the guy go to bed and that's what i think and i am actually trying to stand trump supported i think there's swing blade thing going on withdrawn ways what are we going to do this we will want to come in nobody likes people dying but the people maybe there's this threat of this change in culture change when being bad that's where violence is way all this is not whether it is like a panic
answered rob dynamic you know to mean right i need appeals that was one of the things that i find too many people like me i don't agree with them but when i would watch the debates i would catch something in my brain going skies drive in the car you know to me like he was such a blow hard and he had solutions that if i was quiet enough i could recognize the part in my own psyche that went dad i'll protect yeah there's the here the strong man that's what i'm so strong confident man stands in front of oz and tells us he's got it but if we can admit that and i'm trying to admit that as much as i can then we d see my sister getting pepper spray right by my brother you know like we're all in it together that's what i will talk about good discourse we need to go like like john stewart was like these guys i'm afraid of muslims they're afraid of their health insurance premiums that was like such a great while using this plan fucking them they couldn't afford their insulin so
i'm comes enemies i don't worry about it i'm gonna get you i'm gonna get you there's i'm gonna get you that and some others that's some hateful stuff is coming along with it but they didn't have the luxury of of being like well gotta go with hilary they they couldn't i guess well implicit speak and on your good it's coming from some on the holes the highest of high offices in our country is very dangerous because if we simplify things and save them and sort of just a kind of a blue headed way it appeals to block a sort of football game we can't go out therein and will also have to think now because you're not thinking clia the leaders thinking like a blockhead that's why i can think like a blockade to wet obama became president and i loved obama i didn't follow to close its i'm kind of a d it is in that way but i loved the man that he wasn't he seemed to do a good job but he emily inspired a lot of young black people to be like oh i could this could happen for me i could be the present look at that example right now
you think there is a risk of being like well look at this guy who calls what's her name a fat ass in a pig and he began present right who you tell me not to bully this kid class i could be the president right i call them a homo i be the leader of the free world it's dangerous that becomes injurious when you have someone who's the spokesperson who speaks in like again these implant give rise right but when you look at what mama really did there's a bunch of issues where he didn't buck the system works did have the most drones strikes of any president ever where he did crackdown on whistle blowers great where he did the opposite of what he said in his hope and change website rwanda pulling that down because he had this hope segment in thereabout whistleblowers and protecting whistleblowers who are showing there is some sort of illegal activity on i'm well that's not the case at all because over everything that edward snowden did was show illegal activity
kind of exonerated chelsea manning also this is that time interesting that's why i u can't pick it up or it down you just have to look at it and allow that there's some bullshit runway because when i see obama some great vine of him meeting a basketball player and they do the sole shake and they sent me and ease the cool guy riley's articulate as he said in these intelligent any any looks cool and all that stuff back i also that morning had a meeting where they decided how many drones to row up shit will not only that the quota access pipeline all that shit went down when he was the president when they were making those those will there cutting through private property in arresting ranchers because he's answers did not want this fucking pipe go through their water system that was on his watch me to stop that he could he could have stepped up that's counter it gets overwhelming
then we go jeez everyone is corrupt everyone's bought and paid for and that's where you get people not voting and that's when you get people going let's let's light molotov cocktails and get somebody like trump in there that's what he's like the voting booth it was like status quo or break through the window rhine and people were it gets overwhelming and net there's nothing more simple than a break through the window where he's a thing another thing they were talking about early when you're saying about arrested development i do agree that i think we are in a sense in as a culture and human beings it's there is a great propensity propensity exhibit signs of arrested development i think one of the reasons for that is that we have to work i think working like doing a job that you just don't want to do that you have to do is you have to feed yourself is one of the most soul sucking and mine numbing activities that a person could be trapped in doing and when you look at how many kids in this country are graduating in great debt in massive debt
because a student loans and then they get into credit card debt that sort of balance out their student loans and in other deep their thirties and their fucked there in prison they're in prison and their working all day doing something they don't want to do and they have to behave in a way that's not natural because it's the only way to keep this fuckin stupid job they never get to express themselves in a really on it in true where and make no mistake it's not a hippie idea we're all here to create that's what the world the world is creation and we're here to take our inside them and bring wild certainly antonov we're here for that but it certainly feels better to do than i mean i wanted to look at the greater picture of organs life on this planet and like why are we here why don't i don't know i want to know i mean i don't think anybody knows of the union come up with all sorts of rationalizations for why we're here and why we're doing and what our purposes but is that purpose reeling we have a finite existence and will give birth to other things with fine existences and during the time of their alive the entire organism assume organism of human beings is going to innovate and constant
continue to innovative is exponential rate where we can be unrecognizable in the thousands who went into we know what the fuck the human race is gonna look like a thousand years from now so i dont know that's what we're here for but i certainly know that if you want to have a happy it feels a filling life being a a person or renewable energy beat by creative doesn't mean like you have to be musician you have to be in our country the way that you're apparent that can be created it's just finding a way to bring something to be a painter the world executive love making cookies like making tables or clocks like that the clock you have to rush in attica profiles will this far too to be a knife maker it feels really good took to be heard creation damage into it and our carpenter anything where you you're doing something feels good there's lots
if you are very interested in the idea of giving us everything that we think we want we want food we want entertainment and then you have people staying in their houses that become like prisons are few in number three of her that short idea it's like ok let's say it doesn't have to be the illuminati but let's say this world certainly runs better when we can keep the cattle like occupy right and ok so we try to put his many people in prison as we can if you see like documentaries like the thirteen and stop that's one way to keep this this massacre well how do we get these maso well let's infect them what the eye of consumerism so is never enough your happiness is always the next thing it's the next tv it's the next phone an ex computers the next meal whatever it might be cynics movie that you can see whatever be so you're always in a state of lack gonna keep you buying more money you need more money you need these things back in the day you know you read the newspaper for a drink a glass building now you have to have a netflix subscription you gotta have
amazon prime another ship so you're in debt chasing it and you never gonna get it and then at night you deserve it after you shall job to sit on the couch and zone out and that's how you keep us in line as well yeah but i don't think the anyway i'm one of those people much one hearing nothing i think that things are actual human inclination and i think it's also for so long by people that are trying to sell you the new lexus or you know do want you to buy these clothes or i do think wants can be income i think thing we see that another cultures where it's not as consumers stick consumer sick edward as ours is like we're certainly surrounded by advertising and i've worked happening culture when you have capitalism you have people they want to see the new apple laptop or the new android phone they're gonna advertise headphones to make an appealing because they wanted to sell well and if you have a really good advertising strategy can sell more stuff and so your your company becomes more successful but you're not outwardly
thinking or even inwardly thanking that you're gonna make more slaves they gonna make people that are forced into the review will assume artistic society while they ordered into this we're weird world where you're living every day just to buy new staff and just to get new stuff is sort of a symptom the wrong way of thinking and these traps and society set up for us but i'm thinking necessarily engineered in a whole yet so this is if this is a thing that people gravitate towards this idea this is cabal of super jesus that around the world who want to keep a stupid cheap i don't think that's true i think i think it's a self fulfilling thing and i think we create these walls we create this prison we put up these bars and then we put our
inside we lock on but this is what s interesting about mushrooms was something it's free and something that has there's no mushroom three point now you know how to get the new much it is illegal it is illegal because good citizens don't take psychedelic obedient citizens down there was no other sessions is talking about marijuana good people don't do use marijuana this vienna guy yea and but you take that and you get a glimpse of real life i know is very kind of you hydrated in and bizarre will you get us instead what we are and we are fundamentally can be very very interesting and worth exploring so to courage outside your point the people that make the let the laptop and make the ad campaign for the laptop i don't think you're trying to control the world but i do think they like us were also indoctrinated into a world we can justify the idea that i'm just giving them what they want because they too are scarce
duck and that had only ass admiral of like i need the next thing i need this job where i advertisers things so i can go on by these things will that's the case with television you know i had a conversation with a friend of mine it was like a super happy he was trying to tell me you know what my fucking statesmen their programming people these shows that did do hypnotizing you to watch these bullshit oh grams and you get locked into in its all by design i go here's what you wrong fuck face i work on those goddamn shows and i'll tell you the plethora of very once you start writing tv or like there's no scare there's nothing cabal of genuine and by the way the people that are running knee shows are hooked on other show right there into shows online rights in ghana thrones around her ida and they'll start telling you about all these fuckin shows a day why as much as i love a good conspiracy like mad reining in the in the masons and their these thy clues about nine eleven in the simpsons and stuff and that could be fun storytelling as one i started writing for tv shows i was i was just but not dummies but regular
folks like strange might be funny homer comes in and he's got blue pads united me like right strange marriage of art and commerce put it as creating something and you trying to sell it and now you're trying to sell it then they may gather they make those george rig stupors what they're doing or not do not try to sell cocoa gastronomic stupid now trying to get you'd think that fuckin polar bears your buddy like you know santa claus drinks their gratitude mobile cook s trying to sell more shits they can make more money than go golfing or whatever the fuck they want to do right and they don't realize falada renewing wanna do nothing and one in joy this experience as much as we can what we want to do i mean at our best right at our best were toasting were clinking glue ass is we're hug each other at our best were laughing with friends at our best were or just having a good time together that's i mean that my favorite moments or me and my bodies is laugh about something which is why is the gaiety in social fund with an that's why can't believe she left
for us for gaining broccoli pointing out a giant hog i got did ever vagina i have a big desolatingly ass they got child what long for this is that when its flashback stop couple of the air this is him cold pools it here comes what problem code nothing better than gaining perspective i think there's a vonnegut quota a way to get in get over a woman is to turn and fiction and there was something really cathartic distorted crash is fiction my way characters is completely different from my white the situations are different but it still really fun there's an episode parents and i'm writing them saying the annoying shit my parents say my dad's not less nay my mom is in love with me all these things i was like the talk zooming out you have like this weird dominion over it they call caught and it is you know that was just pretend then you're in
then it's pretend that it has ten years of therapy rock wrapped into a couple months that's amazing do still contact no it's not out of hate or anything i tend to be move on just move i don't i don't talk to one another access is a very dear friend of mine but the rest of em you just come like it's hot because your enemy with somebody in you know you have sex and yet you kiss in new york anywhere it takes level of maturity but due to have lunch with someone who's breasts if seen just be eiger you get my soup yeah are now and then but you know they tell you there in love they tell you they get married they haven't a kid unlike what oh yeah that's why i'm so glad my ex got marriage is coming to my wedding its end and my wife and my girlfriend is very very close with her so i love it when it x out i never thought i'd be all those people of it it's amazing what works
when it works out its great in the idea that it cannot work out as all silly to of course it can you know i've friends that like one of my bodies data this girl and then he broke over there and my other body wanna mariner nowhere that's in their letter friends that's my grave it does happen it can happen it totally can happen here it's just everybody's not right for everybody else the others certain people that will drive you fucking crazy but to someone out there it's a perfect personal that's a funny teacher it's like no matter how much you lever somebody somewhere is sick of her shit heavy seamounts ass an old or statement right it's too yeah valid i have lived together for two years now and it's just as has been the best that's awesome anchors you found that fang radio the fingers slide into the grooves near it works and it's like the idea that it's like that doesn't do it because someone's about person did no man daddy i can't say that
that's what somebody i try and say on you made it weird as much as possible as you don't have to hate someone to break up with them it's good point i used to think you had to be throwing plates and screaming at each other in someone's an alcoholic and someone cheats on somebody it's ok to say i do love you i may regret the sledges concede and be like but i'd like to go that's ok i just wanted to be sorry i was this girl who for me seemed re crazy i know that gets thrown around a lot but i was like i think those persons a borderline personality all these different things i had this list in phone in the notes file reason to break up and it was thirty five forty five things it was insane and any one of them would have been enough and i kept adding to it i go to my therapist doktor gary pen whose book is available now to joke i make em up i guess he's he's ip you don't need a list you don't need a list and that
same week i talk to a psychic i'm not like huge into that stuff even though i like it i know i told you i'm a believer and the psychic is like someone looking out for you in this regard in particular like their rooting for you what are not that's true i held under that i'm driving from therapy where my therapist like you don't need a list of reasons to break up with them like i bet you're right you're right but i get in the car and i think of another one i'm in the highway i take on my phone and i start writing down the forty seventh reason to break up this person phone crashes restart opens up everything the same that's that note was delayed isn't that crazy and weather that's actually mystical it just meant something to me as i fuckin a that's a coincidence who cares but a game the courage to be like i don't need a reason i want about right i'm going about but i love you i love you too i don't like this i attached and connected to you
i'm sorry we had a good run maybe let me the fuck out of here i know you should be able to like people that you don't have sex with anymore you're gonna be intimately attach with another thing about people like intimate attachments when you have intimated tat friends with someone like you have sex with them yet you share carnal pleasure boy there's some fuckin we're things have happened word is a model get angrier you know they get fuck and ate like the best thing you can do if you want to really have a fun relationship with someone and i've never done hold off on the sex as long as you can get to know the sea if you really like each other sea of you really like each other see if it's not just the thing we you'd why should have been a crucial year outside their body that's what we do but he would court the worst move the problem is that we have this fuckin desire for sex its overwhelming yeah you know it's like this this taking
time bomb inside your body then will convince yourself like judy's great to these great sure convinced someone has just fuck i got married in a bit we had sex before we got may but the again i know don't tell me well then we stopped because you wanted to be good christians kind of and then we knew we were getting married and then we're gonna make the wedding night specially held off for us if our guilt and fear probably couple months six months on this crisis you guys cuddle arriving thinks jobs are often no i don't mind it myself plenty i know that i got married i remember my father who wasn't very religious saying to me it's good to get married sex doesn't feel like you're getting away with something so there's no laden guilt sound like getting away with shit with parliament itself like like one of things about married sex opposed to single sex is like it
just dating someone you dont know whether or not you're gonna hook up here i can do no yea on our immediate how come back like my place yeah those are the moments i remember by the way my single time did i remember the sex but i also remember the mom where you put it out there and here alike you wanna get out here or like some sort of there a day let's go yeah hotels great let's go get room service or whatever it is and then arrive or when a girl says unto you kids can out here i'm home i remember one time i was in montreal the festival so i must have just gotten off stage because i just so confident felgrand there was this girl beautiful girl i wanted to hook up with him to like you want to get a drink and i was like yeah let's go look at it
room just immediately get crazy totally work no drugs chalk up around like that it's ok some people do some people right as other people they use that too and they ve been married over any now there's no way that was afterwards we laughed about like who are you i don't even know any rights as soon as i came out i don't know who that guy was they got you let's try on these weapons has now finally man the difference in the way the mind works when the cloud of confusion is lifted well that's why i'm interested in like werewolves and stamina stories are so compelling i'm late is sex so much sense when it makes sense then there's other times every comedian rights the sexes stupid that like every comedian that i watch coming up at some point will have the like what's that all about
will you dick and the person you google because it is stupid right but something like a transformation of a werewolf happens and for someone you can't even eat you just like i have to a very it's almost violating something takes over and you like i gonna fuck i gotta see jets now what's clearly dna is clearly the need to procreate right it's a biological trick what a betrayal the urgency you trying to read or create trying to read a book and it's like ass about its also enjoyable so it's like you gotta revel in the enjoyable aspects of innovative if procreation was simply this like weird sort of pragmatic choices you made while we're running out of people we definitely have to upgrade our plan accordingly and set up a ride nursery okay and what are we gonna do it's wonderful it's a fun game to be stuck in service game i remember that when i when i was a single and i would add on people or whatever i would sum them have to remind myself like you love sacks like i would have to
because you're going down you i don't want to go out and talk to the uk i like i could hear my id being like trust me i'm doing this for us i cannot really be happy once when it's actually exactly and then i'll be in the bathroom like he was right son of a bitch yeah but which is what this address thing when relationships deteriorate that sort of may and sex place when idiotic that's a lot of good buddy mine just got divorced and i was talking finding us just we add to this point or as is like maintenance ex like state night like us we should do it yeah it was its interested because there is i've heard people that swear that sort of thing even though it is completely dispassionate romantic at all but they're like you have to keep fucking even if it does seem routine because it keeps you can did like spirituality get it out of the way when you're fucking like and you a guy who was about to get worse and he was like please we just need to have sex like i know
i don't really like each other right now but just let let let's do it to see if it because you have sex with somebody i would have sexual many that i had just matt and after you have sex you just she's kind like awoke to potential of how great they might be you know you're just like how my card if you're so close definitely some strange in this communication and through sensuality right yeah there's like touching and kissing and licking and fun and all that stuff like can contributes to the appreciation of the person yes your bonding in some strange way which is why people so angry when you break up because it's like taking away like a piece of them live invested and they ve like they're there their roots of like candy did to you have you seen vanilla sky remember that movie i tore member though cameron deah though is driving a car and she's breaking tom cruise is breaking up with her real name you start writing really really fast and crashing into offer bridge and that's my asked away there
mask the whole moving anyway so she's mad at him for breaking up with her and she goes it such as a cycle the perfect horror movie moment she goes i swallowed your come and she is just like film version of exactly what you're talking about like there's a blind even if its casual there's something going on where it's kind of like hey fuck you man you in that magical place together you can act like that was nothing i don't think sex is nothing i've had casual sex i've enjoyed casual sex i think people should have casual sex but their can't i leave people when they like a man me than it did you male or female while there also this thing or people rejected were hurts it hurts right bad like being rejected hurts like one of things it i remember i had this friend and asked how being friends them cause he would get real upset when women would turn him down and he it was it was it was her
bidding him galaxy wasn't attractive guy and he was kind of awkward and would try to hit on girls and the it wasn't working and when it wasn't working we get angry and i saw him terrier eight psychologically over the years because i didn't have a girl he had one grove ranch fucked around and then he just didn't he does day for a while and then he became more and more bitter and what was going on as he was associating women with rejection and with that bad feeling of of being turned down and despised like you like that that ever stating feel is him was his connection with women i this is why we see a lot of degradation and straight up aggression in pornography
kind of the grown up version of not even trying to be funny i remember i was i was actually god in the elevator and i felt like a colleague baby like a teething baby do anything but if i had if i didn't have the self restraint i wouldn't i've would it be like when i just felt like how can you not me out right put all this you feel like you it's o you you like i did all those drinks and i was so charming and you feel like a kid they got yanked from love what is also that thing that we are talking about like when the werewolf kicks in and you want to fuck so bad and you know that it could possibly happen so there's this moment we like just a werewolf
it to come out that's right you do about that's right you know it also aware will you love the way like i need you that's another thing that happening insects right is someone saying i see your animal side and i celebrated that's the opposite of a none so can you with a guy like a bad boy for they want you to feel pleasure they want you to come out beers that's how at the moon together like you said colonel is colonel and it's beautiful inured there and if you had a three way the more the merry there's a witnesses there's like a notary you're fucking and there's someone else go like this amazing you know i'm say that's healing talk about the other day like i remember pornography i think guys and maybe women too high a certain shame associated with just the functionality your ex are like why do we love dick jokes we love them make he'll we don't talk about it so weird that our whole speech these runs off these fuckin little tubes
fill with blood and common jet out from your body like a diving board for a mouse and loo loo and when you're watching porn girls are just like so excited so into it at all and i am assuming but that's why it's like i read this book called porn defied they like men have a jaculation shame because anything anything comes out of your body it's kind of gross you just like share snob and you did sneezes this where's this theory come from jaculation shame i don't know i am sure was in the footnotes but i just remember that you mentioned and knows how like that seems to make sense to me and that's why you have girls i'm not even trying to be funny guzzling come drinking come face comes out come of it i think it's solving take away even if it just jaculation it's something going i know you're a wild animal and i accept you i welcome the opposite of gross datum turned down by by what but unanimous
oh yeah woman sat right yeah it's it's i wonder if it's the same if you i don't know i can't think of a female equivalent but like if you have if you don't care that girls on her period or whatever you love them not spy let you let them through that i think that also kind of in the ball park and leg do i get it we're stuck in these things these weird spacesuits that have these shit comes here and bled comes out here looking right let's dance but at the end of their something going on somewhere whether its between your eyes or somewhere where consciousness resides in that consciousness is also trapped in these these desires in these these biological needs yeah that's that's that's where round us really helps who is are you just try and watch it unfolding you you here the witness you know what it's like to step into the winners nor tanks or howard as you like when i i'm horny it's really there not going oh shit we're getting the horny signal
that was my brain but i'm like there's something watching the brain and interpreting it and the or i can be in that kind of the yoke is correct the unfair green candle like you keep your consciousness still even in the middle of a heated argument or in the middle of like some serious fucking you're still kind of in the back watching it like television economy shit like round off this great thing i think this is helpful helps me is if your anxious or depressed you go like whose noticing the depression any trains sit in there and you go there's depression holy shit i wonder if i'm gonna make it through this system i can hear me shit but if you're there but did you read the power now my comment on my list it on tape yep it's better on air he has a great point where he's depressed he's thinking about killing himself and he has a story goes i can't live with myself and he's like who is the
a written statement right i can't live with myself here who's the eye watching that myself and then he slipped into that dude becomes like i don't know if he's enlightened heard what but he's got some dough batshit to say he does no do you beat i didn't mean to go on a tear them right now on this thing now we just did three hours we did not at two o clock you can read this quarter double up on clocks clocks everyone's place back there i gotta say i'm so on it i'm a fan obviously two's fundamental i really appreciate i really enjoyed our conversation needs you we kept listening each other i also want to delete it this is the hemp oil that is a baby i told you about its culture that's web site it see beady without the tac oh great so it's not psychoactive man you know i know a lot of people that live off the stuff body i take it here's the great thing you can read on it you can do sets on it right on it's completely functional but there's just a whisper of like
i'm good like you a little bit glow your little cricket a laugh where the anti and full information properties of the anti inflammatory properties over them sure that affects just overall general well well monsieur while they made it for a girl named charlotte who is having seizures and the only thing that would help is is specialized cultural as well if you don't want this creepy goddamned deeds d dealing with this another travel tyrannical organization there trying to make this schedule one it's arable non cycle active doesn't hurt anybody but i gave my mom i cannot give a do there's teenagers area even at too great star and there like oh my anxiety is low working people find mr what if you want ten percent off if you don't mind me playing it is see that hemp that coms have you helped our coms lash weird slash weird which is like my pakistan is watch crashing february ninety eight february nineteenth on each be oh yes said you dvr spokes shouting may i say to my real pleasure and honour i folks will be back tomorrow
doktor chris ryan seal thanks everybody for tuna in pretty the fuck you thanks square space the most awesome way for you to create the most awesome website you can do it you fuck for free trial and ten percent off your first purchase could a square space dot com ford slash joe thank you so to envy empty watches movement get it they abbreviated it still waiting to be confused with envy empty movement for fifteen percent off with free shipping and free returns go to em the m t watches dot com ford slash rogan thank you also to cave man coffee for giving us the juice that's right
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