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#913 - Christopher Ryan

2017-02-07 | 🔗
Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn" and he also hosts a podcast called "Tangentially Speaking" available on iTunes & Stitcher.
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the joe rogan experience trying my gauge or rogan podcast by night all day fake gun the fingers so we're live chris ryan how are you brother from live it's good to be live joe you haven't got any this in two dimensional child molester we'd yet i've been probed i don't know who's doing it but somebody was probing me into dimensionally i'll tell you that are just about to talk about getting out of stone high on the podcast before we start i said save it you got to say well see i'm not that tune in who he is i i just hear you know occasionally alex jones is this right wing conspiracy guy i never listen to him so i so i use on your show and i was working at home doing some around the house so i put it on youtube as i could actually see him right in this taken as things are headphones on and off in the home i got a and i'd like for the first hour hour and a half i was like this guy about
half of what he says actually kind of makes sense to me and he's obviously really smart high iq off the fucking charts no doubt but then he would just veer off occasionally in the more weed and whiskey got involved the more it was just like this is performance art this is just nuts well beyond that once you start right right before the podcast circle man i wanna get a drink when there and he he he had some with you did have some whiskey before i got here live in right as you got right as i got so i was already here and he's about before we get started let me get dressed real quick and he went back and i had a drink with them like listen i'm not going to let him drink alone we're going to do this right but it the dangerous proposition is eddie bravo was here and eddie bravo is next skin and joey diaz says that mexicans are basically the native americans he's right you know so there's there's mexicans that were native
dragons that bread with the spanish you would know more about this having lived in spain and so that's why i go it was so and read with mexican and you can spend your whole grain with anyone will not tenet breeding i've gone through the most but you know they look like some of them look like people from spain and some of them look like native american it's kind of interesting letter in mexico is a kind of re really diverse sort of genetic line but but so you all the old stereotype about native americans that you get drunk in the indian goes fucking crazy well eddie bravo who mexican joey diaz is always saying you get him drunk that fuckin' indian comes out and that is exactly what happened so we got eddie drunk and he just went off the fucking rails with he thinks the even sprain shift in the sky and he's been saying it forever so so much so that he's constantly delis confirmation bias thing where he's const i'm looking to confirm so he just like had this uh
that he had to talk to alex jones even after he talked about interdimensional child molesters right in obama's mother base ca sex work so crazy he's awesome but i think people got a chance to see what i see in him because like everybody's like how could you be friends with alex jones my telling you he's a great guy is it great guy he's a lot of fun and he's right about a lot of shit the thing alright somebody emailed me this morning in there like you know because i had said i tweet it like this guy is actually making sense and they were like dude he like he denies the sandy hook massacre is that true i don't know is that true that's hard ouch that's it i mean that's the kind of thing that for me it's like if he's denying that then fuck that guy he say and you know obama's mother was a ci six order that's just funny but
yeah i don't know there's no one i think this is my take on him and i like i said i love this guy dearly uhm i feel like he's a high power for corvette engine yeah but some of the spark plugs nine wiring you're not totally connected yeah so like the obamas wife is a c i a you know that that mom is mama was a ci a sex slave and sandy hook and we've got the documents there's a few of those things that get through where maybe if he had someone next to him don't let's look at this objectively right he isn't it possible that this could be the case or is it possible that that could be the case and it's the opposite what he's got as millions of people saying you have to give us more that you know people love conspiracy theories still love them they love them and you know he see this is where i was i was surprise to be agreeing with him because because we do
you live in a conspiracy it is a conspiracy modern civilization is a fucking lie so i agree read that you know where he saying like you know we're being he was talking about sort of i think he gets into lizard people and that kind of thing he does he doesn't get into lizard people right like david icke oh ok i get into super organisms like i think we're embedded in a superorganism you know i've talked about this before i think and that's why we as a species are doing things that are detrimental to our own interests as individual human beings because we are embedded in the super organism just like our bacteria is embedded in us and you know usually looking to super organism in the earth itself like what do you mean no i think it's it's technology me too yeah yeah yeah it's so i mean you and i and duncan talked about this yeah and we're doing the shrimp parade thing right now like because i saw
i see it as the end of humanity and that is a negative thing 'cause i kind of like i like the way lived for two hundred thousand years embedded in the environment like other animals and pretty fucking happy and living in the moment and all that you know yeah where thanks it's great that we're spreading out into the universe and you know even if we stop being humans to do that which is yeah it's it's a fascinating conversation so any yeah i'm crazy too is my point right so i think there's a certain amount of craziness that's certainly called for i don't think you're crazy i think you're looking at like you're extrapolating you just looking at what's going on and it's really clear what you're saying is absolutely correct or not operating in the best interest of the species right if can you see this new crack in the fucking in antarctica holyshit yeah it's grown over the last couple of months by look up my little things like the size of delaware or something enormously and if it breaks off foxville just
again tick floating iceberg like the size of a state that might just you know had to hawaii infecting crash into it like this shocking animation reveals how massive how a mass an arctic crack has grown seventeen miles in the last two months hold on scroll back it's inevitable back an ex and say it's now inevitable that it will create one of the biggest icebergs ever seen holyshit inevitable the size of jamaica oh my god oh my god look at it oh jesus christ yeah so scary it would be so scary to see like a floating state in the ocean fukushima the radiation is worse than ever ever and they don't know what to do i have no idea how to contain it not all problems are solvable no yeah well that fukushima scares the shit out of me because they don't really know how to shut off a lot of those ancient power plants the ones they first correct
they just have to keep running let yeah whoever the let them do that is so crazy they don't know how to shut him off we'll see so much a technology is based on this idea that you know when we need when we face the problem will have an answer to it you know like you dis disposal of nuclear waste right where i will figure that i will shoot in the space or will be on the kind of have that kind of figure out a way to turn nuclear waste in the batteries they turn into the diamonds that last for like the embedded in diamonds and it can last was it the technology the batteries can last thousands of years really oh it's amazing and let's get on that well there was a which podcast was it that we're doing where someone's talking about a young scientist do you member who was who they were talking about a young scientist that has these incredible ideas and talk about it yeah i was there i met him that was the one i did in twenty twelve or eleven he as this little reactor in the backyard who sent him into many podcast
but it was it was fairly recently just go over the fairly recent podcast and vice the thing on him that's it was shane smith there you go damn perfect it is yeah shane smith from vice yeah so maybe he's right or maybe people are right that we will come up with technology that's going to be able to figure out a way to solve these problems well but it doesn't see that's the thing here we are fukushima at we don't have the technology we don't know how to solve it you know now is when we need it yeah you know or a year ago for it you know and don't but we did it on radio i later when i'm in the batteries making good use of nuclear waste so they're gonna have these diamond batteries that last for thousands of years 'cause what shane smith was saying is essentially we have enough nuclear waste to power the earth for thousands of years in power civilization like we can literally stop we can stop all
production of batteries and all the different things that we're doing cold here's where we get into conspiracy should again they won't let us do it they'll shut that shit down 'cause when will lose jobs right like right now they're trying to open coal mines again for fucksake you know who's day cold hunters coal mine unions and coal mine presidents and the guy you know x on that guy exxon who's going to be secretary of state tillerson wonderful that's the guy said what's the point of saving the earth if humans have to suffer nobody said you smart guy ridiculous isn't there anyway so well i don't want to drag is no no no no no we're not this is not depressing i'm out yeah i see we're right though that what you're saying about tech knology in about were serving technology mean i've been
as for a long time and i essentially think that what we're doing is giving birth yeah were were out a lot of a phone yeah yeah we're like some sort of a butterfly that's gonna you know a merge or you know we will be a butterfly where caterpillar right now yeah creating iphones and i'm a caterpillar going god damn it i i like this color stage but you don't want to lose it do you think those single celled organisms like guys what we doing we're branching out we're joining to get with other cells fuct that man i like being by myself like being essentially immortal immortal single celled squid it could be but you know something when you're advancing stage requires the destruction of your entire environment and all the other species as well that's kind of fucked it is fucked well i don't know if it's all the species i think rats will be fine if you watch that netflix documentary on rats yeah i saw you posted some shit now is like me i don't want to see that jesus
is amazing it is no rats will be fine keith richards will be fine yeah cockroaches but i mean five percent of the species have gone extinct in the last generation something like that well that always happens though see this is not not not at this rate no i mean this is a mass extinction event but there's always been mass extinction events there's been a ton of am and there's twenty percent of everything that's ever lived is dead that would leave the organism but that's obscuring the the reality right the the rate of extinction right now due to human interventions is higher than it's been in probably hundreds of millions of years young jamie can look the last case the last major extinction event was you know two million two years ago i think it was sixty five million years ago things that dinosaurs i think was the the what what killed off the dinosaurs and it was also a major extinction event in north america the coincide with the end of the ice age about
alright which they attributed to humans no no they don't need more yeah well some people do but what they're thinking now due to a lot of geological data is asteroidal impacts over randall carson is he on that yeah i never bought that human thing i think this whole man the hunter bullship 'cause like didn't even have bows and arrow they have right which cool cool cool invention good luck i don't know i can savor to tiger with that exact and the last one yeah they're like five left in your going to hunt them down and kill them i don't think so it just wasn't enough people here to do that right and it's much more likely considering the fact they found these essentially like graveyards filled with woolly mammoths at died instantaneously the asteroid impact theory also a lot of you know the big game died the giant carnivores
big giraffes and i'll let you there was here but also a lot of shellfish went extinct at the same time and snails and things like that here we go extinctions during human error worse than thought the gravity of the world current extinction rate becomes becomes clear appan knowing what it was before people came along a new estimate finds a species die off as much as one thousand times more frequently nowadays in the used to that's ten times worse than the old estimate of one hundred times who oh that's not good and that's three years ago there is a three year old article in that funny like three years ago people she told bro september bro isn't it funny like anything we're moving at such a fast rate that our minds are kind of tuned into that and when everybody is someone shows you something that's from a year ago you like bro you're quoting a year old stuff tell me i'm trying to write a book like
talk about an ancient technology you know it's like i'm trying not to refer to papers that were published ten years ago but you know how can you not i mean there's crazy ten years ago is nothing yeah yeah and darwin was a long fucking time ago what we're looking at is weird accelerated existence it's happening right in front of it and we've sort of acknowledged it but we're not recognizing it we've acknowledged it well we can't already handed now like we're living in a world we can't comprehend which again gets back to this whole hunter gatherer thing like you lived in a world they understood you know this whole like we assume the generational misunderstandings are sort of common human behavior human experience but if you're gather your parents and grandparents lived in the same world you live it and they do now i mean you see some that recently uncontacted tribe like recently contacted tribe in brazil yeah it's incredible they they're they're they're they're they're a they're a time capsule living
when people lived two thousand years ago yeah it's amazing it's really cool it's really the pictures are amazing see these people pointing bows and arrows and helicopters or what have you ever heard there's a great book called at play in the fields of the lord by peter matheson i've heard of it i've never ran it's a beautiful book man it's a really good film to daryl hannah john lithgow kathy bates amazing cast but it's about it's a novel but it's about this these two guys oh tom waits is one of the actors that he played pilots there like smuggler's whatever and they get hired to when in bomb this uncontacted tribe before the missionaries make contact with him because once they are contacted then all their land get set aside as a reserve and this corrupt wants to log it in mine and you know the so he hired these two ne'er do wells to go in and bomb them and i mean i'm not ruining the story this is like the first twenty pages you get this setup ann
what happens is they they uh they go out and they sort of fly over the first day and they see they see the clearing in the jungle and all the indians run into the jungle and then there's sort of flying low there may be one thousand feet up this one warrior runs into the clearing and fire is an arrow at the airplane and there laughing like this fucking guy thinks he's going to shoot an airplane with an arrow you know and they go back to the village in one of the pilots it's tom waits and forget the other but he plays a navajo and they're like vietnam vets bumming around s america with airplane right and there back in the village and they get shipped taste and then the tom waits character goes to bed and the other guys still hanging out in this little bar and somebody some some ayawaska and so he's already drunk he drinks this ayawaska heats like starts hallucinating goes out gets in the airplane flies off in the air in the middle of the night flies out to this spot in the jungle where they saw where they're supposed to bomb them that day instead he
it's on a parachute ditch the plane jumps out lands in the jungle takes off all his clothes and his pistol buries it in the junk and then walks and make it into the village dude spoiler alert no no that's the inning doesn't will beginning hello yeah i'm writing this down at play here is the okay and how young is he and exhibits liam yeah there was this the film nine thousand one hundred and ninety one thanking the day's sun i was fresh air there is john lithgow yeah yeah anyway that's that's begins peter matheson's a great writer he he was a hard hardcore dude real bad guy but anyway it starts so this guy literally goes back in time right 'cause he's a navajo and when he saw that guy shoot the arrow he sort of had this vision of how his people
it had lost their dignity and their culture been destroyed and if only they had known what they were facing and these people in jungle had no idea what's coming for them right and so his mission is i'm going to go back and save them because i can tell them what's coming i can you know through worlds i can move back in time and it's fucking wild what a great plot jesus christ get high right now so la man i'm secondly what happened i thought you were going to be an expat you're going to get out of here before the big one landed yet i'm still i'm watching i'm watching very closely before they before they close the door i'm gonna i gotta way out what's it like coming back right at the time when donald trump becomes president synod ensure huh it's strange i feel like so i guess the other day i feel like that like you know how the solar system is moving the whole galaxy is moving so they're all these zones i had to be
you should learn talking about don't be scared to be careful there's no need to be careful think about tom waits is it tom waits the name of the actor now that's the singer weights and tom berenger singer same got the same guy acted out of the okay and then talk behringer who was in saving private ryan right or platoon platoon he was the bad guy in platoon with the scar on his face i think so yeah it's great speaking of meteors did you guys see this in lake mi hit the other day yeah i didn't yeah a giant fuckin' hookah metal from the sky slammed into a or something from the sky slammed into lake michigan look at that that might have actually burned out before i hit the ground so you see it like kind of fizzle and tours the end it's amazing what the atmosphere does just things coming through the atmosphere like remember when the space shuttle lost some tiles and then now in the atmosphere
it's just amazing that our air just travel through the air at a high rate of speed destroys things as rip i'm a partner in him burns i'm up yeah yeah well the threat of the impact of it's in space is ever looming and always ignored i mean we rarely think about it until something like this happens and i think it's just so scary that there's a part of our brain that just puts it off we just go yeah and then move on to the next thing nothing you can do about it it's definitely going happen it's happened before you look up at the moon there's an amazing video that neil grass tyson posted on his instagram page other day and it's a guy camera he has some incredible lands on it resuming the midway and a half yeah i saw this man and you you but do you mean he's got a really good camera and you get really
by the way that might not be neil degrasse tyson's actual page i think it might be like a fan page because it links up to twitch and the twitter is neil degrasse tyson fan so it might not be as real instagram page well whatever it's an awesome video and it gets too but really close up when it gets really close up the thing you see is just craters yeah everywhere well there's no atmosphere to protect the moon exactly yeah but then you just dropped charges dropped and then you start thinking about how much it is healthy like that thing is just covered it's just covered with well also said time think about how long it's been out there to you know the one i'm worried about is the solar flare oh yeah you know 'cause that is it like one thousand eight hundred and eighty or something there's a big one in north america and it melted out the transmission cables for the most of the click click morse code guys the telegraph
so when that hits like all our computers not just their computers are grid yeah the transformers are out so they do something like that does happen and you can never predict if or when it would take months to get power back up and people living like phoenix in august there fucked yeah i mean 'cause you luna coldplay's italy woodburn would i mean people did that for a long time they figured out fire there's actually an article recently about natal's to figure out when there's like still a debate as to whether or not they actually knew how to make fire or whether they knew how to keep it lit or once they found it right that they would find it would be like the sacred fire and they would keep it lit but they weren't quite smart enough to actually make it but now thinking that might not be the case they might have but there's a lot of debate on that yeah you studied a lot of like ancient civilizations how much how much debate
is there like whenever i hear someone say people definitely did this they definitely did that you know like when they're looking back at evidence like as far as far as like who could handle fire like who was the first people in when did they figured out how they put all that chat together well i mean it depends on the specific case right with in the case of fire they're looking at is that and also because it's so there's such a scarcity of evidence things change really quickly right like for time we thought people crossed over the first n first americans are about ten thousand years ago and now there oh at least fourteen and now they're finding places in chile with appear to be forty thousand and now they're thinking they came over and boats and there were several different groups i'm in different ways so there's uh a lot of change in that because there's so little evidence that when a new piece comes in it really radically transform things but with fire they're looking at is
evidence of fire concurrent with invitation so you with carbon dating you can figure out the age of the coals the stuff that's that's left in the the ash and then you'd look at pieces the bone or something that they were cooking and if you get the same area then you can figure ok they were this was in a fire ten thousand years after somebody ate a rat here or something right there in cooking it especially if the bones show charring as well then there cooking the food but that just in the last fifty twenty years the estimate of human so fire has gone from like five one thousand years to one million is not crazy this cheap backdating things yeah yeah so fascinating do you see those mounds they found in the amazon the fairly recently they used drones and they were getting these photographs
drones are satellites organs images from space from from a but rather the chili grades and fan of the show all these these structures usually never recognize didn't notice yeah some of them look like stonehenge in the setting on the same sort of shape apparently there's like irrigation canals and stuff yeah yeah i have no idea who's this what's this yes i have this idea i have a lot of i need like a bunch of graduate students 'cause i have ideas for books but i get around to writing that story of my life should be like i need a stack yeah you should be like a guy who tells people we need to work on this if you're curious but you're not disciplined yeah yeah you don't have that i got it yeah i got all ideas but in between junior podcast writing your book and living your life how much time do you have left the living my life takes up a lot of time like that about you i appreciate that about you i really do i appreciate that you you have
very very it's an intelligent but it's an honest way of looking at time you know you don't have like this overwhelming ambition and you don't have this overwhelming desire to be recognized or anything like that but you do have an overwhelming desire to have fun and be comfortable in say sam a lazy hippies wears a sign saying that you're you're having a good time i think you might be ready at all the people that i know that are super smart you like the least dressed super smart dude i know of thank you i appreciate that he could you know that that on my next book you but you are man i mean considering you're always like around you is enjoy in different parts of the world you're always coming back these crazy stories and interesting perspectives you gathered up you you don't seem stressed and also so many people that i know that look in your intellectual realm are fucking freaking not all the time
i mean if i'm stressed it's i get stressed by my lack of stress that's my biggest problem really i think you're built for podcasts i really do i think your mind and your curiosity it's like you're trapped in this medium i mean it's not that i don't think you book is great i thought exactly dom is amazing why i keep coughing he said the weed text don was amazing but you're really well suited for podcasts you really well suited for free format conversations you could tell you enjoy it yeah and again not very stressful no i did one last night i occasionally do what i call a ranting out my episode and it's where it's just maine guessed right so last night i did when i'm drinking beer i'm like reading letters people and yeah going off on whatever the fuck i'm going off on and it charging me later like that you know i'm not
with the kind of numbers you're dealing with but you know i've gotta stadium of fucking people listening to me yeah fucking stadium right but i am more relaxed than if i were talking to a friend on the phone because i don't see anybody i'm just alone drinking a beer talking into this microphone and i don't feel will the presence of anyone listening so i'm totale fuckin' relaxed sometimes to my detriment i probably say things i shouldn't say and share share that i meant to keep private or whatever but it is a weird thing i mean like i was jamie and i talking about this earlier like when you said hey chris it's been awhile come this is like yeah i'm going to go hang out with my buddy joe yeah but there fuckin' million people hovering around here listening to us you know it's really weird like ninety percent of my friendship with you has taken place here i know right
it's so in its duncans the same you know ari's the same moshe casher i've got all these friends who i only see when we're on a fucking mind you know it's really interesting we're dunkin and i we were having a really hard time spending time together because he's always busy we never really hard time with only a few times we got together and just hung out as friends over the last couple of years but did so many podcasts together it's better for that and we have these conversations like and that's unique about this form is that you have these conversations that are like so isolated from a distraction and i don't think that exists anywhere else anymore just two people looking at it that's why i don't like when people look at their phones i don't like when people like bring a laptop or something like that it's like man i try to is mine now i used to not i used to look at it it's not smart like this the smart thing to do is just put it down and this form
conversation the collective kind of cut like i would encourage people to have podcast have their own part does not even if they want to rip the only only have to release it but by doing but just the act of doing it you're having these conversations these extended conversations with people and i think it exercise is your thought process in a way and the engagement process that focuses your mind people used to say some famous writers that i write to see what i think you know yeah podcasting sort of the same way you describing it it's true it's it's in place where we turn off all the distractions and just focus yeah yeah my plan now is to get a van i want to get a sprinter van and put a bed in it and you know little kids around the country travel the country doing podcasts wood idea and i have this other idea because because i see you've got enough weight that people come to you but i don't want to do on skype and phone and i am either yeah yeah it feels weird right yeah there
delays in now can over each other and you can't see the body language you don't know if they're disengaging from what you're talking about are you there get uncomfortable maybe you're getting too personal you know i really like being in a room with somebody yeah also the kind of people that i have on my podcast or be like you the people you want to know their interesting fuckin' people you know so i want like hang out and meet their friends and meet the the husband or the wife and the kids and do you know sit in the drive way in my van for a few days and get to know the crowd and i was thinking i'd love to meet what's his name am his beer by the the call center yeah i don't get up i'd love to it doesn't and bimbo bingo bingo yeah love them my buddy jake go ahead and send you know him comedian or love jake jake's great guy so i was at his house and we were talking about how comics think differently 'cause i was
i love hanging with you guys 'cause nobody gets offended about anything you can just say whatever the fuck comes out of your head out of your mind right and he was like sorry about podcasts and i said something about stanhope and he's like dude you gotta listen to the cliffhanger episodes have you heard those no all we do know my god no there was like three years ago i went back in narcos in archives and found them he had it was this thing where he has this couple living in the house in the backyard and they met by chance and then it turned out that he had the woman fifteen years earlier after a gig in reno or something and so now she's their boyfriend in their living in the backyard and they call buddies in the four of them are all the two couples i guess had a sexual thing and it was all cool and it was just
beautiful and they're talking about how they met in the history of the relationship and all that the boyfriends there the girl is not there it turns out the girlfriends in the hospital about to have open heart surgery that was the cliffhanger holyshit so at the end of this like hour and a half two hour conversation where they're talking about this you know the relationship it turns out like he's going to have open heart surgery she might be dead folks tune in next week to find out if she's dead and there laughing but there laughing and in this was jake's point their processing grief through laughter yeah and there is nothing and they're not denying how intents and sad and scared they are right but there are still laughing isn't it finally grief over death is one of the few
things where we demand you behave a certain way well there irish wakes right where everybody gets drunk and laughs yeah but intel's crazy body stories about the dead guy that's how you celebrate the life it's a good way yeah it's very this imposed sadness this sort of siri this i think is very sort of protestant yeah there's there's a little bit of that but there's also i think we want to know who feels bad you know because if you don't feel bad like tribal e i think that's very dangerous person to have around like say if you die it's like a psychopath filter or something yeah i really think there might be something to that like we might enforce it and there might be like this urge an instinct to enforce extreme grief because we feel like people who don't feel or either not on my team really didn't care about the person that i cared about or might be a psycho right right interestingly some cultures have professional mourners
like greece you how japan you know you pay him to come to the funeral no and then well and scream and cry and then express the emotion so the other people can just sort of chill and wow you know go to the buffet did you see after kim jong moon no ill kim jong il died in north korea that people were being punished because they didn't mourn hard enough they got six once gl short sentences because they didn't mourn hard enough and they were just the worst fake acting like all throughout the streets near filming it for their propaganda films but it's like you pull it up it's kind of hilarious it's it's a pearson terrifying n korea teraph izmi and what other things that terrify is me the most about it is that it is in our face everyday direct evidence that things could terribly wrong at any point in time with human beings and we got so fucking lucky that
we're born wherever you are that you can listen to this and not have to worry about being locked up for possessing it whether it's in england or norway or canada or wherever you listening to this we got so lucky you could have easily been born in north korea any of us can be born in a prison in north korea where you're born as a prisoner you'll die as a prisoner and that's going on right now in two thousand and seventeen there is a fucking military dictatorship and they're killing people and imprisoning people and the lights are off it night when you fly over it they take satellite footage of it you the lights are all off like these people wailing on the street i mean it is fucking uber bizarre there fall on their knees wailing but not a god dammit here to be seen there just throwing there i mean there probably scared that they're going to be and if they don't well hard enough so they're scared of that well that'll make you curse is the emotion but this is
this is it is unbelievable that human beings no different than us there's no diff since between them and us they're just there yeah that guy could be your neighbor like one of those people wailing could be now francis your neighbor and he could be this awesome guy like dude what's up man how are you it's good you know blah blah blah same guy could be the same guy just got born a better better spot these are all women oddly enough this is all women wailing other cement but other than that separate so they don't fuk weather crying no one needs fight fucking monkey business way screaming guys crying it's so strange it's fuckin' so strange but this is happening today so i understand this is a different part of the world but you got it we have to all recognize that it's just dumb luck that were born here 'cause there's these systems that
exist whenever you have gigantic groups of people that are at least fairly isolated and systems is operating systems they they they get enforced and it doesn't matter where they are once they get enforced there super difficult to break like those surrey women who cut their lip and stick those plates women stretch their lips out and like that's a part of a system that there exists in that area and that system is likely there's the women are trying to get away from it now and a lot of women like i don't want to slobber all the time i don't knock my teeth out to put some fucking stupid played in i heard of the tribe where women laser the hair off their pussies oh i about that one sometimes they wax it right listen to shave it except the host egyptian and there where the the news with like a big sign on the back so they can't walk yeah double the things people will do in the women wear these like really short skirts i just
like megan kelly's outfit in my bit there's a bit i'm working on right now that i talk about which is wearing basically a vagina curtain yeah i saw your vet the other night i think yeah literally it's what it is just these beautiful women on tv on the news and they're wearing something that just there's you know here is lift that up and fuck her with it that's part of that's part of the quota skirt is point of it that's why no traction scene with susan was in and out susan sharon channel yeah that's why i was so impactful because we've all imagined that a million times you know yeah yeah yeah you know she did leave that kept duck duck dodge it's just it's plateau if she didn't have that clipboard there blocking the light the glorious light look at this crazy man crazy outfit that is sexy outfit and i'd like her i think she
very smart very interesting woman and i'm curious to see what happens to her now that she's at nbc maybe she'll come on the joe rogan experience i don't want it would be across from help stammer stammer you can do it from a remote location we have to do that one by skype call me and i'll guess so i can handle it i can do it i have a thing for ice princesses as long as i don't get high tea like the ice princess something about me that i think that i like are very powerful articulate woman like that it's very very exciting that's it you're the opposite of me you're saying i'm like the stress free kind of got your all about the challenge i'm not like i'm not trying to fuck or anything like that that kind of thing i mean i am generally native but you came here from working out yeah you know and then like you 'cause it's funny you talked about my life being like this sort of carefree easygoing thing i think of you you're like you like them
martha stewart of men or something like you do everything how do you do your living like i dropped you occasionally the podcast yeah and like his go away i thought he was the ufc guy yeah yeah that too but wait isn't he but you have nine lives in your living 'em all have a fun do you do that i don't know you like mister eficiency you never sleep plus you're pretty clear your husband i do all that stuff i did i think it's it's an illusion that it takes more time than it does with all the stuff that do you have a job job shilvock yeah really when i watched like documentaries and ship but see that's not children that's watching doctor miller light can't chill chill chill you don't just like getting your hammock and put my hands behind your head and go do do do do do do that my brain doesn't work like that but my brain is like half my day rather do something come on for mister shower i love showers
you take longer this is like a nice ten minute hot shower so that's your pleasure and showers do you have like a good shift in the shower and that's your chill time i went to alaska two prince of wales no yeah yeah prince of wales island and it is this unbelievably wet spot in it rains there more i think anywhere else in north america it's let me just constantly drenched with rain southeast i don't know no i don't know where it is geographically i flew in for this tv show meat eater with for every now and my friend brian callen and jan is put allison we went to this island was amazing it was amazing experience so beautiful and so remote and so crazy and it wasn't even a successful hunting trip but it was amazing to experience is amazing but one of the most amazing things about it was that i was wet and uncomfortable in this weird sort of environment where you never really get dry 'cause it's constantly raining for five or six days and then when i got home
i was so happy i was so happy i was happy in a way that i've never been before and away during a regular day just driving down the street to the studio and coming in and hanging out with jamie and doing a podcast and i just felt so good i felt so good so good to be back or just that it wasn't i feel good to be back it was i feel good i feel really good and i think that especially for california the weather here is so god dammed good that we have a few days where it rains and people literally start to complain and why do you know how crazy it is that you're complaining that it rains maybe ten days a year at three hundred and sixty five in the fucking light is so beautiful after the raising cleared it's amazing the there's no bugs ok i mean this place is so easy to get by with there's very little wildlife that were ever concerned with
we just live this idyllic can idyllic what's the word delicate delicate sounds wrong doesn't work simple it's not idle it's an ideal we live a fairy tale life yeah you know for anywhere anyone else anywhere in the world and i think is coming here from the rain soaked island because i was driving around i was i realized realize like at least for me i have to go through some intense struggle to preach normal existence there is oh yang without jen yin that's it for me for sure and there's no
for without discomfort so for me like for me to be happy in common like sit here and talk to you i can i got beat the out of there headed back for an hour see i wish around way on that thing i wish i had that hunger i need i've got friends like i can't i can't relax if i don't run three miles a day like i wish i had that i can re i can get out of bed and go right to the hammock i'm fine i don't need to do in the fall good it's good that you can do
well but it isn't it isn't see that's i don't get shit done i need more of that because uh i'd get more shit done but then it's like why gets it done you know like what am i trying to get to if i'm already there it's that's why i think podcasts here ship yeah because podcasts effortless just turn it on and do it and maybe like the way you're doing it with that ranting the roma one yeah that's a great idea bill burr does that and it's incredibly entertaining bill burr's podcast when the best podcast you'll ever listen to and it's always just him always watch when he's on your show you guys have a good thing i love him he's amazing and his new comedy netflix special rather is out now it's called walk your way out so right now i haven't seen it yet but i saw him do all that material so i'm sure it's going to be fucking amazing he's great yeah he's you know he's a hard worker so with that guy he works on f is for family he's got his own animated show works on that works
stand up does podcast twice a week by himself he just had a kid recently started very very intense family thing going on yeah lot going on great guy is a great guy it is funny i mean jamie we were talking about this earlier how like la i've been here a couple months now right so i'm sort of getting my head back into it everything is the opposite here like even to the where people think like oh you're living in eleh their picture in hollywood where you live in where i live it's fucking owls and coyotes and it's like yeah it doesn't look like so you live where you live is like one of the most awesome spots around love it particularly it's like montana or something crazy yeah beautiful so loud hippies though a lot peas but you don't see him they smell dude i was sick i was walking but there's a lot of fresh air so you know it's there outdoors looks like a dirty dog it doesn't offend you don't get that close to exactly
i was a i was hiking up in the hills into pangaea couple weeks ago and i'm sitting there on this trail and taking a note taking in the view and i hear these two guys coming up the trail and they can't see me 'cause there's you know the curve they're talking in the one guy says so you feeling anything yet in the other guy like well my legs feel a little funny but you know either he took viagra and they're going to go to the woods to fuc but i didn't even occur in a video i don't know i don't know why it occured to you already do this or what bro feel anything yet he loosening up but that is dubai edibles whereas like the first thing you could ever hear someone say after it taken out of all is i don't feel shit i'm going to take another one i've done through that it's always the case so people just feel it not really wanna go one more bucket and then an hour and a half later you're in terror just a deep deep state of terror yeah i was
called in to consult on a case in spain with a guy that was in a mental hospital and the psychiatrist who treating him was a friend of mine and knew that i took a lot of drugs this guy didn't hadn't taken any a drug so he's like could you just come in and like talk to this guy and see what you think you know so i mean the guy i don't like so what's your story man he's like well look i was in amsterdam and i ate a brownie i wasn't feeling anything and so then i took these mushrooms and next thing i know i woke up i was in the a jail cell naked i started walking down this apparently they tell me i was screaming and singing it i think so but are you alright man he's like yeah i'm fine but everyone thinks i'm crazy 'cause stay and it's just like i keep telling him it's no big deal it's like it's like the guy from the tom berenger movies yeah exactly just like
so i told him i said i would like you guys flying the guys not crazy just like eight two if i can brownies in amsterdam it happens to everybody but yeah if you eat brownies like too many brownies and mushrooms together that's not good but they work together that's one of the interesting things about marijuana and psilocybin they're very complementary like that was what mckenna used to do when he would take a mushroom trip he would eat the mushroom and they would wait for kick in and while he was waiting for it to kick in he would roll joints you just roll a shitload of joints and then just start smashing the joints and then the marijuana would sort of like reach out and grab the psilocybin and embrace it and just create this tornado of awesome yeah and that's how we used to trip and he used to do find self mckenna's thing about silent darkness really concerned with experiencing the cycle state in a very
undisturbed disturbed manner like to him the idea of take motions going to muezzin park was insane yeah it does he had no desire to do anything like that he just wanted to figure out and i think what is the the quote each time he would try to see how much more he could stand you know do that for a while maybe was describing another guy when he's talking about that now that i think about it but he was like a proponent of five dried grams he would he called it huh book dose yeah that fuckin' heroic dose got me in trouble i was reading mckenna and i got this acid from a friend of mine that i can talk about where it came from but it was like one of these sources where it's like holyshit like really from that source ok right from albert hoffman's slab pretty my that kind of thing yeah so because like i'm
to be very embedded in that world of like scientists who were doing hallucinogenic research and stuff anyway so i can't little story but i decided to take a heroic dose because it was i'm not going to do a lot more acid in my life might as well let go out with a bang and i took this stuff and how much intake well there was liquid funnily enough what happened was uh this psychiatrist who is a friend of mine he hadn't done any drugs since the 60s in the days when you could order acid from sandos and they'd send it to you see this christ right how long so that last that lasted till it was made illegal in sixty four or something like that i thought it was all what didn't lsd go down with that sweeping psychedelics acts of nineteen seventy or it could have been laid or was that maybe lsd went down before that and psilocybin went out afterwards i don't know there was a
from that were made illegal and seventy even ones that aren't even side under nixon yeah yeah yeah yeah well in any case the you know it was marketed lsd was marketed to doctors and to psychiatrists and psychologists who would take it in order to experience psychosis so they could better treat their patients he was psychotomimetic so could just order it and take it and like oh this is what it's like to be psychotic and i understand better but you think think about i mean from a medical perspective think about the nobility of that like what a cool doctor and what an interesting time where it was like hey we all need experience nine hours of insanity so that be better psychiatrist that's a pretty fucking cool thing that is very cool very cool way of looking at it right yeah it's a lifeguard who jumps into the water and not
if he stands on the beach and throws you a pill you know if you talk to a psychiatrist in the psychiatrist doesn't have any psychedelic experiences you you can understand it 'cause you know if you're in academic you want to be respected psychedelic experiences for the most part are illegal and you know people weird about it and i can understand wanting to keep it under wraps but if we're not really interested in it at all how much are you studying the mind eggs and you're not experience so evidence is invalid i mean come on it's very valid we know that there's some extreme fx that happen with some very potent psychedelics like was it sage what is what is it called what they call a salvia salvia salvia divinorum is essentially say try yeah that's that's stuff will be no your fucking mind and that she was available in head shops
just a few years ago it is one of the most potent psychedelics known a man i think it ari had he did it any he had a life he lived a whole life like three years he felt like he lived a life he had friends had girlfriends he broke up with lumia jobs at the whole deal the matrix and then he came back and he was only gone for like ten minutes on this couch on a salvia trip do we isolate down a clip is that what you're looking for yeah there's a clip of him doing it and then he talked about happened later i think it was with you yeah i don't want to duncans podcast so here's the clip of him doing it yeah yeah it says naughty show sam tripoli podcast on brian's death squad network and so he
he's so he's gone there and they're all laughing and talking he he ha ha well this guys trip in his butt off like he's in another dimension i'm the man find out enough these are tell take a month to live through it about dot i'm not sure if that's true it well are you fine buddy are you okay buddy they need to just get away from him leave me alone god he was terrible so hard are you alright do you think you like i don't know i'm going through it yeah
during the podcast explained suffering there but what happened thing is they just probably talking too much and you probably snapped if it was in the middle of this haze of reality an illusion i think doing something like like you got to be around people are going to be quiet you know when you do it you know they're quite and they do it you're quiet notice it there yeah i did after i are you sorry about a year ago i think i went from here to mexico i went to that ibogaine clinic in tijuana oh you did huh yeah i was i didn't do the experience just want to see what it was like yeah i was doing a podcast with the doctor who works there and i met some people down there who had five me o dmt the painter or the code and i did that that was that was really intense i've never done dmt before i done but never smoked
five me o is the really weird stuff 'cause it's very empty you you go away like you go you go to the center of the universe you become everything i guess yeah how strong i mean how much of a a does did you get did i last off i blasted off yeah yeah did you feel like that like you were gone the first few minutes or who knows how many minutes are time whatever but the first period yeah there was that sort of or dissolution where it's not me having this experience it's just fuckin' experience now it's just what it is just colors and shapes and wow holy phuc right but then my case and this just reminded me of it watching are either in my case what happened was i got overwhelmed by sadness like i've 'cause people some people close to or going through really heavy shift in the last couple of years and you know you sort of you
real compassion and you do check in with them and you can compassion literally means to feel together right and so you feel bullet with them but on another level it's like i'm not the one who ms you know i'm not the one who's got chronic pain and suffering on the ship so there's a separation but what i experience with that was of the absence of separation and i i was just immersed in the sadness of people i love and you know seeing them suffering and not being able to help them and it was overwhelming man i mean i cried like a baby literally wow and and then i started coming out of it and the was quiet it was candlelight and all this and the person who was sort of overseeing it was really nice and you know just sort of ok you're starting to feel better now and here's a tissue and whatever and then this may it came on and my first thought my first conscious thought was
remember when i write the yelp review of this experience to mention that the music should be different wow because the music sucked it was bullshit new age schitt music and i was like if you're play music play some fuckin' bach or something don't play some yanni or whatever the fuck this is yeah but my friend 'cause you know not that use yelp a lot but just sort of like you know remember to mention this this could improve the experience for other people you know who what a weird way of thinking that's a very weird way of thinking so i had like this super profound experience encased in the most trivial bullshit imaginable i guess stanhope did that five meo dmt back when you could buy it online yeah he did at my place we did it together but had never done it before i had done it a few times when he and i did it and he did it
i've never seen anybody getting hit by it harder like he literally he was like slumped on my couch and he was he's growing like it was it was disturbing it was it was so it was so extreme that i was wondering like i knew that this is like something that the human body makes i knew that's one of the most transient drugs ever observed in the body your mind brings it back baseline really quickly but not at that dosage but i don't know how much what he didn't take that much and take anymore than i took but it hit him like a god dam mack truck and he came out of it and he just kept saying life life just becomes life and then eats life and becomes life and life just becomes life just goes on it just goes on it goes on there's no denying that is just looking at me like wow i go you tripped
balls yeah but i was worried i was like i can't kill my friend i was literally worried for a few minutes i was like would have his body just can't handle it like because doug is world famous for abusing himself cigarette blues and this is fucking he's got hernias you could stick out he could like flex his stomach and things will pop up does god i'm not bullshiting cellarius you know he's a maniac that's of game man is not he's not playing an act it's doug that he is who he is and i would think maybe this is like slapping for that engine into a nineteen sixty nine dodge dart that's got to learn nine thousand miles and just share we are on the back of the rates and it just seems like whoa what have i done a shot of two because that the went when i did it it felt i got shot through a canon it was like like the
the experience of the launch like it came on slow like it came on like it took a few seconds and then once it hit it is it's almost like you're pulling back against a catapult band rubber band or slingshot and just yeah it was just flying to know me like where i flew too there is no me there is no difference between me and air that's in front of me and the wood that makes this table in the floor beneath and all the different molecules and atoms i could broke down the exist i have everything to some strange geometric level and it was really intense and totally colorless it's like a big white thing it would bring you to really weird geometric white thing whereas dmt is like nn dimethyltryptamine is five methoxy dimethyltryptamine five five o and it's just a
visual experience than nn dimethyltryptamine which is the one that brings you these intense visions of gm metric patterns and dancing like the last time is there dancing jokers they were giving me the finger fidgets giving the finger and i was like oh yeah i deserve that like i felt it like glad they were doing that like you like you and i was realizing like oh someone needs to send it to me like i'm being a silly person like by even trying to control this trip like by even like thinking that like i'm just going to go into this i've been doing i've been a good boy but doing logan eating healthy and this should be a good trip fuckyou is like funk you got no control out of this you better relax which makes it a heroic dose you gotta let go well all dm is a heroic dose once you past that three hit threshold goodbye see you are gone there's no ghosting know you're gone you're gone you're gone you're just gone
yeah that heroic dose i took i ended up i mean the story was a lot of weird shit happen never got done explaining how much you actually take four hits oh jesus yeah 'cause i gave this old psychiatrist three hits an i saw him a couple weeks later he's like oh that was good clean stuff you know problem is and i thought well that guy is in his sixth these could take three i'll take four i meant this new to montana recently very nice guys names jeff work with us on this mediator show and he's told us that he took twenty five hits of acid one night see alright i went back in the day i did five or six or whatever but i felt like there's a plateau like i couldn't any harder than i tripped so i don't know that twenty would be yeah he just went with it he said forget how he described it we just went
that i just last night i watched this documentary called the sunshine makers about the guys alves levy and and the two guys were making orange sunshine together the famous asset of the sixties yeah and one so the case was like it's all sandos right that's all sandoz lamps no that was the legal shittin switzerland this is the guys in california and colorado briefly who were making the illegal style who are sunshine i forget there's two guys one guy was goes jamies got another documentary yeah nicholas kelly tim scully unlikely do at the heart of the 1960s american drug counterculture wow yeah it's quite good so weird that that was so incredibly recent but within like a few decades said basically erased all evidence of it from culture except for a few fringe people you know yeah
and we talk about old research there were thousands 10s of thousands of scientific papers published on how hallucinogens affect the brain in fact the sarah turn ergic system the whole understanding of neurotransmitters really was by trying to understand how so little lsd could make you so high that's what that's got people into looking at neuro transmitters in the effects on consciousness in the late 50s anyway i mean we could ever about how hallucinogen change culture but what the hell was i saying oh so you took for in the movie this guy says yeah but the movie this guy says uhm he's in about how they're like doing the vats and he's a chemist and he's like once in awhile you know like touch something and it's hot and you go and you put your thumb in your mouth in like oh i just took two hundred micrograms of lsd go well they were high all the time while they were working yeah actually twenty it's roughly two thousand mw
now isn't there like a number like someone told me this is maybe one of the urban myths like you have to register your hands as lethal weapons once you get your black belt that was urban with but isn't there an urban myth it like if you do a certain amount of acid your considered legally insane yeah i heard that i don't know i don't know if that's true i hope it is because then i'm like free and clear let me see it jamie is it real thanks for i've heard that my whole life is well do you remember hearing that it's bullshit like seven hits and make you insane you're gone bro well a legally so anything you do afterwards if you can prove you tripped at least what seven times people that have done big doses of acid and some of them have had a really hard time grasping regular reality and wonder if there's a correlation and one of his connection between like some have like really distorted perceptions of what's going on right now in terms of like like experience will happen and they'll have a version of the experience and you'll relate your version of that experience and they didn't remember that at all and you're like man i don't know
i got this right his memory is kind of a slippery thing but i don't remember him saying that to you ma'am i don't remember someone doing that to you i don't remember that going down like people of these we're perceived interactions that maybe like a little skewed and i always wonder like is it the thirty nine hits of acid you took one night is it i mean did you blow a fuse can you blow a few and isn't it like you know somebody who works out and mess up their back and you say well you could blame it on working out or you could blame it on working out wrong or you could blame it on the fact that you probably already had a structural issue in your back this just uncovered so i think a lot of people who have bad experiences or end up fucked from hallucinogens anyway there are psychotic breaks you know like this kid that i talked about earlier in amsterdam he had a psychotic break but generally you can never from that and you'll be fine unless there's some underlying structural issue in your personality
you know so i don't know i think it's it's multi factor like everything is ultimately i think you're totally right that totally makes sense and it's one of the things that you've got to think about when you talk about food or alcohol or anything the people one of getting addicted to right right the people come blow their brains out on a variety of different substances that are readily available right they don't really mean we're always looking for the reason for the facts but normally it's a main reasons for an effect but it's no consolation if your son goes crazy from taking acid you know it's one of those things of acid became legal yeah and your son walked into a cvs and and bought acid and did too much or with friends and never came back and you take care of him he's fifty no no consolation but you know a lot of people a psychotic breaks when their girlfriend breaks up with ms true times true so what are we gonna blame women french psychosis you know it's it's hard to describe or to really recognize like what is a psychotic break what is like real mental illness and when are you just being a bitch
a professional should be able to recognize i would hope so at least at least when you're just being is there an edge during edge to like mental illness and just being a bench well like all it's a frank and we're talking about psychosis right right so neurosurgeon called one more time dude don't call or i've got a caller no you don't you don't call of the universe is telling me to call or i have to talk to right now she'll understand what or there is a restraining order stop do you want to go to jail i'm just going to knock on window don't do it there's people that get obsessed with people when it comes to relationships and you just go what it people get addicted to each other they get as addicted to each other as they get addicted to sugar easily harder for people to break up with people that is from the kick sugar people can kick sugar they decide they want to lose weight a lot of people do it when people break up the emotional toll that you take is so devastating and i think
part of the reason why the emotional toll so devastating and less being with the person was completely negative it was completely negative then like finally i'm fucking free i've got a few of those in my life and i'm sure love to but there's other ones we like god this feels terrible you know it's like it's like a or emotional flu yeah it doesn't want to go away and i think it's because we get addicted to each other in the same way that we bonded to create these communal tribes of fifty people back in the day those instincts still remain and i think one of the reward systems and you would know better than i of connecting everybody together with this is gotta be this deep affection an this addiction that we did towards each other yeah well we need to be loved we need to be touched and a lot of times if you don't have a partner nobody's touching you you know as an adult and yeah i mean i love is a funny thing i i talk about this a lot on the podcast
i guess i'm people think i'm some sort of relationship expert which is hilarious but i told this i don't know if i've told this story in your podcast but my dad has this golden retriever and he's had like they all look the same i don't know this one this is the last name brandy ok so fourth of july they had the dog out in the backyard and they went to watch some fourth of july thing some party somewhere and apparently the fireworks scared the dog and the dog jumped the fence and took off and so that my dad and my sister were all freaked out and they're putting up store signs all over the neighborhood in collin and in the shelters and all that dare to later they get a call from shelter a we've got your dog come down the aisle there she is a move it was so what take the dog home there in the backyard through run the ball with the dog an my sisters boyfriend comes home and he looks out the window and he says to my mom who's dog they playing with she said well that's brandy and he said that's not brandy
and then a few minutes later the phone rings it's a neighbor hey we've got brandy og this wrong dog right so what do they do back to the it you imposter i need that you try to protect your brand new year not branding under brandy fraud but my point yeah another dog was like you know what did i do wrong i chased your ball you know i mean they sound like a great dog owner they should have just kept it just brought it back they showed up exactly that's what i did now it's like you adopt a kid and then yeah i'm going to send you back if somebody comes looking for that dog then call me so then that dog lives here should have been you can't bring it back the power would have fucking drag for the dog i know but my point is there in the backyard with the dog what are they feeling dad's feeling incredible relief right brandies back love he loves brandy a brandy
it doesn't matter 'cause he still feeling love i think we we do that in our relationships we project our need to love on whoever the will take it i mean what's a beatles song i need somebody to love yeah and then in the back you were listed in the back they see can it be anybody and then he says i just want someone to love i don't give a fuck who it is i just dog care i want to girlfriend i'll take whatever what do you know that's a thing with a lot of people that don't have relationships they have a bunch of pets because they need someone or something to love love yeah anytime you know if you're single person you come home your dogs were so see in get your pets in yeah dogs are like emotional band aids for a lot of people even cats on you have cats i love cats and they don't give a fox don't give a fuckery there or not but they'll sit in your lap when you adam yeah they'll accept your love which is nice sometimes
that's enough better obviously believe you can get dogs versus cats shows looks sorry i forget there they are the million i'm listening i'm it is a jack need debate dogs versus cats a million to aardvarks bro aardvark yeah i watched a video online of a wild pig that had eaten through a cat als body and got stuck farmer found the cow and his wife big is like coming out through a hole in its stomach had eaten through the cow and got stuck like jim carrey in pet detective when he comes out of that zebras out this yeah there it is you watch a lot of growth ship this is not that gross so look at it stuck can't get out of body that's the skin the skin of the cow at eight through it but then it can't get fat body through got its head through but he can't fit the rest of it through how could it not back out
doesn't know what do it stupid dumb fucking wild pig i have a friend who has a pig a pet pig a pot belly pig exactly it apparently deposits like really smart in expection it yeah yeah it's a bummer if there's bacon's a bummer if you think about it is it is i keep trying to find cruelty free bacon and it's it's just not they're not real i can't find it get a shoe to pick get bacon and a certain amount cruelty involved in that delicious taber here a pig or see a pink dye i've killed piggy scope yeah they don't die happy well the one i killed that real quick shot it with a three hundred win mag and it died instantly in the hidden nodes in the body body cavity like blue it's hard out but it died in three hundred win mag so that's what i round i drove a three hundred the scope into my forehead and that was nice got a lot of kick yeah
good round because anything it hits dies very humanely very quickly if you hit it right obviously but wild pigs are a huge problem and i know that people have a problem with people eating animals and i get that but there always going to be an issue even if need any animals if you don't want all of your vegetables eaten up by wild pigs somebody asked population because there's no way to control them they they breed at a staggering rate yeah they breed three or four i mean they'll have these litters they can have litters two three times a year they start having litters when they're six months old when they're six months old they start shipping out pigs and there's a ton of 'em there's a brown cinema county up down in the in san jose they're eating people's lawns and residential neighborhood is there not to be with i don't go i want to get out here pig they'll tell you don't
to the fuck your dog up slice him up and he'll eat him too once he's dead did their tusks like especially the big boars their enormous animals to you talking about like some of them were they shot headed to hone ranch they think is about three hundred and fifty pounds last week three hundred and fifty pounds yeah for in this is old why old snorting rival rific beast yeah it's not it's not a fat pig while lying around their family in the grass of the fast aggressive and ferocious yeah i have a what's called a a shield plate all around their front body like where their faces it's like from their jawline back they have this in credibly thick sick like leather and it's to protect from going to war with other male boars in those giant tusks so they fucking suck i see each other up and so these things are just their tanks they're super durable tank who are born at a ridiculous rate if there's mill he ends up roaming through the country there was an article posted on twitter
a few days ago where the scientists were saying it's just enter time before every county in every state has a wild pig problem it's just they're not stopping the eating and not stopping the growth and they're just going to slowly spread out like kyle it's in the meats good right it's really good so i mean it's the perfect situation because you're killing something that needs to be killed you know it cougars were killing them and whatever other predators were keeping them in check not their invasive species they weren't native to american now there brought over here from russia and brought over here from asia they brought over here from different parts of the world or some ferocious russian ones that are in the northern california coast that are connected to
i think it was william randolph hearst hearst castle up there i think william randolph hearst had boards up there as well i think everything came from they were predators you know well the siberian yeah they you know they probably lived in incredibly harsh environments since one anyway thrive here yeah and the point is there's no predator now they're living free they're not they're not like pigs that are turned into bacon or fuckin' cages where they can turn around and all that see that's the thing it's me i eat meat and i have no problem eating meat because as ducks hum said life becomes life you know life eats life that's what it does there's no getting around that there's a book called the vegetarian myth you've heard that up yes is a woman who is a vegan for twenty years and then she's like i'm going to grow my own food and as soon as she started growing their own food she realized there's no way to even grow food without killing stuff you gotta put like this stuff down to
check the garden from the slugs that kills the slugs the fertilizers made out of bone and blood meal where is that come from right it's like there's no way to not kill things in order to eat even if you're eating vegetables you're still killing things to them well that's the connection to the actual food itself rate right from the source and give you this understanding of it but still you can mitigate the amount of suffering that's what i was going to say yeah i've got no problem eating something that lived a life write a free life like these wild boars what i have a problem with is the industrial process wild boars might be one of the few things that we we almost have enough for everybody can hunt them because i mean does not have dear there's not enough elk for people to to hunt in this like if everybody wanted to do what some people i do with it just trying to get all the meat from the wild rice does just not enough wild but there's enough
amount of people that are doing it for sure definitely it's very sustainable but it will also why it's like really difficult to get certain tags for animals in certain areas where they do monitor the population and they say well we have like a certain amount here this is this is a mouse that we have and this is the amount that we think would be healthy to remove from the population because of the competition for food and this and that and and you know these people compete for not compete then they put in there that at for like on the apply for attacks like a lottery yeah there might be a thousand people applied but only a hundred get tax and now those hot one hundred most the time it's it's not even fifty percent success rate so so the proposition of going out and just trying to get your own meets very sketchy we do not everybody could do it so it's not not really a viable alternative to feeding three hundred and fifty million people now but it could be viable for you and i feel like that's the thing about people
when it comes to impact we always we have this weird thing where go well everybody can't do that you're right everybody can do that we can't live in your house either right everybody doesn't want to do that everybody can't sleep in your bed everybody can't fuck your wife unless you guys are like that let's you freaks you know it's like there's a certain amount of shit you can think of for your own life like for your own life you want to feel better go shoot a wild pig that's where you get your food you'll feel better you'll feel weird you michael pollan wrote a very using a about him shooting a wild pig up in sonoma it seems i think it's included in the omnivores dilemma his big bestseller where he wanted to trace the origins of everything every element of a meal and so we built the book around that but he i remember reading that essay in the new yorker i think and uh it struck by how he he today's really powerfully the feeling of having killed something where there was this
jubilation followed by shame followed by like confusion and disgust and like all these things were like sort of waves passing through he was big hunter he just wanted to have this one experience right and yeah it's my buddy it's going to take me hunting he's been offering for a couple years now and i want to do it i'm not a big killer but i know how to guns and i feel responsibility to face the reality of meat you know i mean just face it you're killin shit you know just get someone's doing it for you in a factory cut it up and put it in plastic that doesn't mean you're not involved in that process would you be one of the people that would adopt lab created meat would you put that in your diet once that that actually happens 'cause they're pretty sure that they're going to be able to make that happen soon or would you look at it and say well i mean how would you look at it
i'd want to look at it scientifically and know what's the nutritional content 'cause i'm very suspicious of these things that come out of laboratory yeah but if it turned out it was did the same the nutritional content was as good as wild you know meet with fed omega three and all that kind of stuff and omega three omega six ratios were right yeah edit why not i eat a lot of weird shit and we all do where most of us you know definitely try it my mother had a bowl of cheese puffs the other day at the super bowl what the fuck is a cheese puff less whole fire something that comes out of a lab or marshmallows when do you know that they have banned trans fats in the united states but they allow people to put them in for the next couple years and two thousand and eight i mean it runs out so until then you could poison people until then you could keep throwing that stuff and whatever the baked goods
yeah tatoe creations what did we find out that and faster and it was in like microwave popcorn i think was on that screen see that stuff got damn delicious yeah i love microwave popcorn and what do you need to make popcorn it's not yeah i mean just make it normally little oil i know but will convene if you're a lazy fuck it's the stockpiles can you get it wrong you know the whole like sort of fertilizer and not for as a pesticide and insecticide in it you know farm spraying crops and all that that all started because at the end of world war two there were huge stockpiles of chemical weapons that weren't used while also so they're like what are we going to do with this shift we gotta sell this shit and they were like well you can dilute it in spray it and it'll kill aphids or whatever the phone and there really wasn't a big problem with pests in the american farming industry but they
at all the stock pile of stuff and rachel carson writes about this in silent spring classic book yeah crazy so it's like there's bacon and eggs we think that's like a natural breakfast thing that was invented by an advertising agent yeah we talked about this before anyway yeah we talked about this and we talked about how kellogg's created really bland serial key people from beating off see that's my right that's a beautiful stick though once people find out that's true you like watt just think of how bizarre graham crackers yeah most graham crackers again again it was cracked gram in kellogg where the two sort of anti masturbation guide he thought graham crackers keep you from beating off 'cause they're so bland that's hilarious yeah isn't it hilarious that they associated spicy food like latinos dancing
tacos yeah it's all about the tacos yeah so fucking hot sauce salsa music now they're getting crazy always associate salsa music with a woman with like a dress that's like slid off the side man weigh up to her hip see i wish if i were efficient like you i would have learned to salsa dance years ago i'm not that efficient i don't also didn't even i skate i don't like the connection somehow in your head there's salsa dancing and then right next to it on the shelf is ice well i see it seems to be something that a lot of people know how to do not a lot of mexicans that's true not a lot of african ice skaters right that's one plaque people haven't dominated hockey otherwise they would have taken over that ship to come in because i skating fuckin' never learned i can ice skating you really feel good now my kids can but
i can but like to me the sexiest women are the women who are salsa dancing you know sweaty land you know move the way they move and it's all like oh it's a party and i just love to be out there on the floor mister cool guy light colored suit you know yeah like miami vice yeah exactly that's what i'm picturing but there's no socks that's me man what you doing in my dreams let's main problem oversize they could really stink after a while you get your feet will sweat in there it's disgusting and there's not much yeah yeah i don't know i'm lucky in that respect or i'm just totally deluded but i think i think my body doesn't stink much i have but i may be wrong about that i may just have really friendly people around him well you know how olfactory senses work right uh work on change they don't work on you don't recognize like distinct smells that last like us
if you're living in an area that stinks you know i'll see you all used to the sound of the baby share all non not necessarily because baby she it's not in front of you all the time but things that are around you all the time like your own funk or how your house smell right you become immune to it and less there's like like if you have how's your out of cat piss in your house yeah fucking annoyed in bed do you like walking around like where the fuck is it and walking around like a got damn dog trying to find out where my cat piston specially when i used to have a carpet he grows 'cause you never knew where they pist and then you never really totally got it out of there and then they know you never get it out of there so they find that spot piano again wretched little creatures creatures so bad in college i'd moved into this shared apartment with this woman and the share this cat named mao who is beautiful cat big big sort whiskers and just a lovely beautiful communism
i think it is more like a meow meow fan but the cat would like get on the table he put his paws on your shoulders and just rub his face our financing you'd be like all what a great cat and then he would just every year just freak out she likes we have seen some scratch and run away like oh this cat fuct right probably got acid somebody thinking that at some acid i think because it was one of these hippie houses where you know people were moving through all the time anyway so i ended up hooking up this woman and i remember one time were in my bed and we're having sex in the cat walks in and he looks at me and he backs up to my book
often just shammari while holding a contact with me whoa that's disturbing i think he had a thing with this woman and i was out for sure had a thing with her yeah because he's probably few springs probably not fixed right it was and fix the character so you got to fix those cats because it would they walk in on you and they're going to get horni it freaks yeah specially male cats that don't don't get fixed they all spray all of 'em mean female cats they get in heat they start malan sticking their asses up in the air yeah i told the story about my sexual experience with yeah do you see the animation like i did in that no i did not did it which i don't remember his name but it's it's on youtube and it is so well done soon introduce it's an animator in in peru he wrote to me he's not peruvian but he's there but
read to me and he's like hey man would you mind if i did an animation of some star story you tell on your podcast is like yeah go ahead that's great like you don't need my permission right but he picked the one of me and you and duncan and i'm telling the story about this cat in the pencil and the cats open the pencil and all this stuff it's like did you pick the one story like i don't really want the world like the rogan audience will get it my audience will get it but i don't know that like twitter universe is going to get it so i feel bad because you put a lot of work into it but i haven't really like push to promote it much but it's really what you're saying but i think your fears around i think so yeah let's put that people don't you come across you're hilarious and with jamie if you could find this thing it's called it's on my youtube channel remember the story it's something about if you just google christopher ryan fox a cat with a pencil it'll probably come up and if it doesn't i'd love to see what else does
that is in heat before she got fixed we gotta fix like right when she got into heat but we would pet her and she like lift harass up in the air and he's like oh as soon as you give her any affectionately spanker they love to get spanked to jesus christ i had a cat who would like hold on to the sofa and i'd spank her pretty hard god and then i like fake spanker and she'd fall off 'cause she was already compensating for it certainly mark god so you were like beating her off by spanking her oh i like basically right i like to give animals pleasure and normally the way that expresses itself like in spain in our apartment in spain i built this whole cat world like i got this big piece of driftwood i wrapped climbing rope around it so they can climb straight up this thing and then there's a series of shelves along the ceiling so they jump around and they can go all around the room and chase each other and wow hang out up there when you're having a party there like up there just hanging out watching people and because they're yeah that's what
we want to be right and then on the terrorist i built this big tree thing that they go on and there's a hammock in it and the cats get in the hammock and swing and so i love like seeing animals happy right you know i mean maybe in a way my hold my the things i write are trying to make people happy because i what i'm trying to do is get people in their natural environment that's what i'm trying this one i'm writing about you know it's with that's the same way i want him to be i wonder i want to create a jungle for them and a world and it's so cool because get three cats an they once you build world for them they leave you alone they're not like people i think cats are like oh you know it's all pathetic it's you know i come home and mimi and it's a if you have three cats they have their own life in there happy to interact with you when you want to but when you don't want to their doing their thing you know is really really good
alright jamie had tried it they're interesting little animals man i love the relationships that people have with their cats it's very ok here we go what is that well don't don't watch the whole thing with this one's got like a laugh track on it hung up none of the laugh track he added that to that's because i was talking about doing this gig in hollywood okay so it's it's called a nine and a half lives with dr christopher ryan why is it not but you should see the image of you though you're sitting just like this let's hear some of it i'm eight years old it's the 70s and oz animations amazing each party at their friends place in it so there's no babysitter take a station wagon and yeah it's like you know i love american style the brady bunch those days yeah if anyone old enough to remember that anyway so i
unlike eight they put me in the basement in the family room and they say keep the door closed 'cause the cats in heat right so that means i think it means the cats heart so they've got the ac on keep the door closed i don't know so i go down i watching tv and this week in cat it's just like wow wow well over the place rubbing harass on my leg and just like look me and i'm really 'cause somebody scratched my itch you know an i looked at and there's this pencil on the table next to the and with the eraser down i just hold it there right and this cat blacks upon this series sorry no reach me out the inside of her apart with no metal casing no no but you know what male cat penises spines that come out on with it on withdrawal that does rip up the inside of the female blood has to mix with cat semen does a fertilized catch that's very scream like that name
i don't say angela wake me out and then the cat turns around and looks at me like yo what are you doing you know come on really like shocked and disappointed i was like well i don't know sorry put it back down again the cat backs up when it starts walking this pencil again and this time i hold on andrews have orgasm but yeah and she like rolls over and looks at me like interface and looks at me with love and first sexual experience and you didn't no no no i wasn't i was experiencing it as an idea i wasn't feeling it as a sexual thing right yeah yeah you or i could i could see probably i fucked every cat in the neighborhood you know did you know is that girl put a great today vanderson
add sausage dot co dot uk want to he's great the animations amazing yeah perfect i mean i've probably seen it twenty times and every time i see details yeah i mean if you you freeze that frame of the brady bunch yeah your love american style whatever was like everyone of those characters and i how accurate his tattoo is of your arm do you have it sure that says how dare you no i don't it's just a phrase you use it all the time i don't think the tattoos were accurate i didn't recognize him but whatever it was amazing you know the dunkin thing with little pyramid with a floating i above it sitting in front of him all the time he's wearing a sarape guys great yeah it definitely not correct but
the the other thing was the car the car was bouncing up and down the driving is got the wood siding add it's like he he got the seventies everyone's where and like leisure suit struck us that your answers they really will eddie vedder with the focus that we're talking about giving cats pleasure in making animals had a buddy of mine who's to zhirkov's rottweiler with his foot he said his foot uns rottweilers dick and he would like rub it back for the would come and i told my girlfriend times a long time ago and she was so mad she said it it like that it's fucking disgusting and i was like why is it disgusting the guys just beating office dog like the dog can't do it the dog he would do it himself so your friend doesn't like his brother doug and lick his own balls pretty easily uh yeah that's true but i don't think that's enough i think he needed more so my friend needs to beat him off of his foot his soup i think there's like a female sex toy
you can get for male dogs yeah there's like a thing that that makes sense like a fleshlight for dogs that makes sense keep it from helping your leg yeah right but i mean you want him to be happy there was this controversy not too long ago a woman wrote a book about you know john lilly can we just yeah are you talking about another look at this very hot doll the sex doll doll for dogs that is shaped like a dog you just got to get your horny dog and just back him up on that bitch wow that's hilarious will push him forward under that but yeah yeah back the bishop on to him yeah well why don't they just make like one of the real dolls for a dog give it her like the american werewolf in london out there something like that with a dog doesn't feel dirty like he's gotta fuxan machine 'cause they didn't put any any like what so ever in the aesthetics do you think the dogs care they might might feel better
for them they might get a little more excited flew a real dog he could give it like a sound track a little let's just not really looking over our shoulder use please don't use yeah yeah with the dog the woman who jerked off the dolphin yes yeah well the what's fascinating about that story is this woman was living with a young adolescent male dolphin in this adolescent male dolphin would they were trying to get the dolphin to talk in a flooded house yeah flooded house so she lived in a place where she would like waist high water everywhere she went to the dolphin could swim freely through the house and live with her but the dolphin was hornillo time and so he didn't want to do his studies so what she did was she beat him often when word got out that she beat off the dolphin they cancelled all the research is that how i thought did the research well they got
the entropy recently 'cause she talked about it recently when she wrote a book about that also she was working with john lily who went on to invent this sensory deprivation tank he i think he already invented it at the time he was on like one of the first iterations of it and he was also giving assets dolphins right so it might have been bad that was one of those things that led them pulling the plug on the research and see there she was jerking it off and they found out they were also i think the defense department was using his research to train dolphins to kill in vietnam and to plant bomb suicide bombers suicide bomb they would they were training on suicide bomb yeah which is crazy and they felt like that i guess look man when you're in war you already deciding that you're killing people so the idea of killing doll things to kill people it's like and they didn't think of dolphins the way we think of dolphins today either
that that might be something the military would still be interested in doing i don't know maybe they are doing it just telling us about a lot of wales with all their sonar testing yeah 'cause they do these hence sound waves in the underwater in the the whales have very sensitive phone reception organs so fucking blast them you know 'cause it gives like to nitis or someshit i don't know like a rock band it could be lead singer of acdc can't do shows anymore pete townsend via really that's the cashier anything yet the p towns almost deaf to iran yeah and for one yeah the lead singer of ac dc his ears are so up be kantor anymore yeah i can go to concerts man like i've been to a few concerts recently i mean never it's not a question of being old i hear that getting older noise bothers you more but i've always been annoyed by noise and special like where they're playing schitt so loud that it's distorting the speakers it's like that's
that doesn't sound good being louder isn't better but i don't know it's weird yeah but there's a thing that people like to do to know that they're really party and man that's it easily party internet up to eleven yeah you know and i think people that need to go to the fucking gym and heavy but yeah that's it see this is it this keys back into me being a lazy hippy i'd like moderate sound i don't need it all the way out to get something to beat up you fox and stop it out so i've been to the salton sea no i have not but i saw that you were there recently was there like a photo go yeah it should come out there man want it's an intense post apocalyptic scene out did you see the was john waters to the documentary on i believe no no there was a scene in into the wild where the kid is there
remember that he's hanging out with some hippies and like a desert that was in the sultan yeah he was in slab city which is in the salton sea yeah i've got my buddy tao does a this year is the second bomb bombay each be an biennale he's doing look at that yeah that guy salvation mountain that's guy that has been making this mountain yeah out of art and like painting it for years yeah he mixes jesus and love and yeah he mixes paint and straw and mud and he built this whole thing yeah it's crazy structure he's been working on for decades right yeah he died a couple years ago she's hot is that kristen stewart yeah yeah her dad that used to be the one of the the reduce your guys on fear factor he was like i don't know what
his official title was but he was like the guy who got everything together like got everybody in place and make sure everything was running like big job yeah he was like by on the street like while everything was going on really good dude fungi crazy man and that his daughter and i was always like dude shouldn't have your kid act she's so young seems crazy so will never make it yeah well see the twilight girl it seems like one of the most famous actresses and say hi but i never saw until saturday live a couple days ago i really yeah so sean silent we should only be hosted on okay in his last yeah just to throw out some new movie coming out or something i don't know which he was done i don't know what she was promoting if anything i didn't catch it i just watch because the that scene with kathy bates doing sean spicer do you see that no but i heard it was awesome i haven't meghan mccarthy
oh thank you i keep saying kathy bates it's only it's megan mccarthy it's melissa mccarthy correctly and jamie i think that that show saturday night live is all the evidence we need the donald trump needs do mushrooms yeah 'cause he keeps tweeting about alec baldwin doing that sketch about him and saying it's not funny like to why we laughing tell me what's going on why we laughing hitting on you look it doesn't feel good i know it doesn't feel good but it is funny you know and alec baldwin does do a fuckign amazing is his best work right it's right up there with that whole fuckin' closers get coffee eau claire surprise glen ross yeah it's been that rants that he did in that movie this insane fucking epic right i think this trump impressions right up there it's really good it's really good and it's getting better to the more he doesn't do better he looks more and more like him you know
could say their bad news for trump santa live in the midst of a ratings renaissance of course it is and that's one of the reasons why you the town i live is like a show that goes in cycles you know you have the cycles of greatness and then you know it's like to try to find themselves do not leave the new people struggle that is always something good but it's on like it's a really it's going to be insanely difficult to create a new show every week insane yeah you know
doggy dog environment yeah and even like you look if you go back and look at videos from the glory days you know the dan aykroyd days and in the john belushi and all that there are still a lot of filler in there for sure you know we remember the trial dramatic and you know the good the great moments a samurai john belushi says exactly if you couldn't do that anymore b cultural appropriation elevations and couldn't do you probably can do the the we're too well and crazy guys i don't know i mean they were yeah yeah right they were white but they were definitely form because you could you bar out today i don't know i mean borat was just a few years ago yeah but it might be different we tried it today credibly races yeah oh god he's like out he's like an orthodox jew that guy the comedian does bora is really yeah he's like a seriously religious you know honors this shabat and all that kind of stuff serious jewish practicing jew i forgot his real name
is ali g to me yeah me too sacha baron cohen he's haligi holy jesus best work when he would people and they didn't know he was allergy he can't do that anymore but when he interviewed like he interviewed buzz aldrin explain humor to him it was one of the greatest moments ever he's explaining humor while he's in the midst of a joke that he doesn't know is happening yeah polleras or bugs or bugs around yeah but you know my favorite uh the fewer he wasn't getting on was ralph nader oh you member that one yeah roughly just kind of went with them well happened was so allergies doing this whole thing where they're talking about the environment and global warming and he says well but you know isn't major cause of global warming the cow farts and so shouldn't we just you know put balloon on cows and it gets into whole thing right and ralph nader's looking at him and you can see when
the balloons on the cows asses thing comes out ralph nader's like i go wait a minute and so he just sort of went did you finish this talk and he says well you know scientists have been working on that but it's very hard to do flip a valve that perfectly fits a cow's asshole and then it cuts it just cuts and then next scene like after commercial whatever you see the g and ralph nader wrapping together a yeah it's really do one of those trump but trump walked out trump walk down let's play this very quickly in trouble but yeah but we get in trouble right now hold on we're doing whole i was going to do something why are we getting in trouble well we get our ship pulled from youtube all the time if it has content in from someone elses video oh really yeah you can't even play the audio no tell me ice cream ok everyone has it
what is the problem with ice cream what is ice cream it drips so me ip is what led to make a drip proof ice cream now people listening to this audio audio well but you two not so we're watching this i promise donald trump is getting upset at all eg people in this hearing silence then this is stupid to do it this way yeah some whenever someone's content gets played like anybody who owns this video we play their video we get pulled off of youtube this is one that would get it and then what do you do you have to go like cut it out cut it out put it back up yeah yeah it's uh i got it yeah i get it i want people but we always try to tell people to go to that video that's it you're sending traffic their way right but it's funny go find it go find it in here
that's funny i know senator brown calling was easy a practicing orthodox to believe so and for yeah it is it's interesting because you think of comics is i mean i think of cut you know other religious comics 'cause there's an irreverent and intellectual irreverence there are few there are a few um jim gaffigan's catholic oh yeah that's sort of his stick right i don't know if it's a stick i think he's actually a practicing catholic how much of that is legit now but i mean that's his sort of identity i don't mean it's not just i just mean like he's the family man he definitely is yeah what is this is this him ashburn says i wouldn't say i'm a religious man i'm proud of my jewish identity and there are and things i do an customs i keep trying to keep kosher and the
synagogue about twice a year tries to keep culture but he's not saying he's really wouldn't say he's a religious jew but he tries to keep couture alright yeah that sounds like he's halfway in ok one foot in one foot out i mean you gotta think about the movies he makes you can only be so religious and make those movies yeah yeah i don't know well think about comics thinking differently the saturday i was at jay chou since house he does this cajun cooking every christmas as there and there was a guy uh he comic senior alan haney pavey pavey yeah allan havey who i recognized from mad men and you know and then since i met him i've seen him everywhere he's on that the man in the high castle and all these show
anyway so were there and were talking and we were talking about this thing we're talking about the stanhope by the way i didn't finish that hanger thinking but if someone wants to listen to something go check those two so do you know the names of the upside cliffhangers yeah but it's very intense it's very intense anyway so we're talking what is in i said have you guys seen this movie the aristocrats 'cause it's about how comics think differently you know nothing is offensive and yeah yeah that's a great movie and that really gets to it and whatever the conversation continues so then i go home in a couple of days later i'm sitting there an i had a copy of the aristocrats i thought i haven't seen that since it came out i'm going to watch it so i watched the aristocrats they're both in the fucking movie and neither one of us says anything to me right so it's but it's this la thing where everything is the opposite of one i consider normal
onlai i thought about this a lot is it was so shocking to me that they we were just like oh yeah it's a great film and then i'm watching like and they are right how do you not say oh we're in that movie right how do you not say that it can we be there in la like name dropping is so uncool that cool becomes what you don't say yeah that that definitely could be it 'cause see famous people all the time in la so it's like you really only saw joe rogan in the supermarket people like yeah whatever man it could also be that some people don't like talking about their work some people some people avoid talking about especially talking about the work of stand up when they did not talking to a stand up yeah
i do that really yeah yeah so you would just you wouldn't mention that you were in the movie if i could get away with not mention it i might i might just skirt out there so any better 'cause i will see you i will still a small town boy 'cause to me it's like you're in a movie shitman certainly tell you that i was in that movie that you brought it up again my friend but i didn't know you in some weird way to party i gotta take a chance with i was talking about stand up to you yeah yeah it's good movie yeah hey look it over their chips cheese puffs my favorite inside get caught and sometimes i mean you've been cornered sometimes by people that just want to ask questions that you like they're interviewing yeah so what's going on with like like right now i get a million people that want to corner me nasty ufc questions if he just sold for some astronomical four billion dollar whatever is figure right and it so i would once talked with like with a new loans with whom a certain all gotta go gotta go yeah
come like someone that you're instead of having a conversation with people like you're interviewing you yeah and it's one on one it's not going out and tv are some that's not even that it's like i don't you know i don't necessarily want to talk about my work details right in issues like what's it like working with my new bosses yeah ok yeah who gives a shit man this is yeah apartmentalize a lot is there the ufc part of your life and there's the stand up part of your life and it has to be have seen it 'cause i don't swear i very very rarely like say shift or is that hard no no it's not that hard i just just i don't think it's necessary you know what i'm doing i mean to keep 'cause used to talking for yeah on the podcast is it i i don't mean does it no other you know i didn't think you meant that i mean even difficult no it's not difficult because it is a different a dead totally different mindset because right now i'm never trying to be funny
do you member when like dennis miller used to host monday night football yeah he did it little bit 'cause he's trying to be funny he was cracking jokes right intersection i remember remembering that yeah i didn't even watch it but i remember people like really pissed at dennis miller and i thought got it and i was like well i don't do that and i'm not going to do that and it's like he dennis is a joke writer he said he's got he's a joke teller i have i have bits it's kind different kind of comedy in the first place but then on top of that it's like that thing that's going on to main doesn't require much of me what requires me to explain things that's it right so it doesn't require personality or flare or sense of humor or unique points of two other than in less i recognize something like a pattern that's happening in a fight that allows the people at home enjoy it more it allows the person is fighting the two people that are fighting it represent
let's them in an honorable way so that's my that's all i'm trying to do when i'm there i'm just trying to do my best to give just as to what i'm saying and doing a great job with that i mean i don't even i'm not in the u of c i've started watching it since i've been hanging out with you you know i'm i've gotten to know some of the personalities and i've watched the whole rhonda rowsey thing in the you know this guy irish guy conor mcgregor yeah yeah pretty compelling i think you do a very good job of that your ego isn't in play at all now can be yeah i tried i tried possible reporting yeah i try as much possible stay outside of it i mean yeah i'm up i'm i'm thinking because i want to i mean i'm constantly trying to stay on the ball but my best i'm just doing it you know it's like i have to be just tuned and well rested well fed hyped up ready to go so because it's a six hour thing so i sit
for six hours and often times it's it's it's always at least ten fights is usually eleven or twelve you do all yeah all all of bring you in for the last few no actually like doing it that way because what happens is i get warmed up so i do like the first because like sometime fighting so crazy you have to go yeah okay there's a fight going on you know like it in i mean even though i've done it i've called it least one thousand fights probably closer to two thousand and four i don't have any actual fights have been in front of while doing comedy or commentary rather but it's at least one thousand let's say it's probably fifty or something but even though that's the case to this day when one starts ago okay this is the fight this is what's going on by the fifth fight of the night total in the groove and i'm just laser focused concentrating on the action trying to pick the right words trying to describe it in the gateway and trying to give
give that perspective to someone at home that might not be seen something that i might be seen yeah especially all the the wrestling grappling technique that's a part of it yeah that's a big part of it people are used to seeing boxing in the eye with an upper cut is organic or whatever but yeah when they get on the ground i have no idea what's going on in you're talking about the arm bar and this and that yeah that's the most difficult are you below the stage or yeah so you're looking at below it so you see what's going on the other side yeah well sometimes i don't see like the referee stands in front of me and then i have to look at models alongside two monitors or something that gives me two completely different angles you get splatter in sweating blood me before yeah i've got my mouth before one guy talking to maine his nose was broken and every time he's talking it sprayed and i felt someone call my lips like yikes in your like on live television you can't be like cut give me a fucking ride no i mean he was talking man blood was coming out of his mouth
jesus yeah i've gotten sprayed it's like that so easy part you know their job is was difficult like that's someones blood like that the guy getting hit and they're all tested oh yeah and hiv and all that you know everything everything everything everything and you know guys have been stopped from fighting because of certain things have come up in those tests diseases and all kinds of side okay yeah sure aventinus for sure some organizations of you know pulled guys off cards can be found what you should blood that's bad the end seven sections are real big deal to us people get staff from the fighter they're finding you find out the guy had a like a sore staffs or any wasn't alerting anybody to it that happens and a lot of an antibiotic resistant now yep yeah yeah yeah staff is scary stuff yeah it's one of those things that sort of rare it's discussed but uhm important to keep healthy skin flora i tell people
this is one of the most important aspects of it don't use anti bacterial soap yeah don't do you're going to ruin your skin floor or just your fucking agent orange in your whole skin yeah i don't do it people think they're going to be healthier i'm just going to anti bacterial that way i want to get into diseases you'll get like crazy war on your hands and shut like you gotta be real careful with that stuff now i don't want to kill that flood yeah you know the flora this is something i research for this book that is cesarion section is a big problem yeah because you don't get the vaginal bath skin floor and also intestinal they've actually were robbed of vaginal full what whatever that jazz is on baby yeah host birth at a street or given to certain on them if you don't it gets colonized by whatever is floating around in the air and you don't want what's floating in the air in the hospital but yeah no yeah it is uh
anything you know that there's a process and we don't we don't think there's some details of that process we can we can skirt around that one we don't have to blow the push you out no we're just gonna go through the roof pop up a sun roof on that and just right and i let it off on monday so this is when a stitch him up and she looks great in the vagina retains its one hundred percent lost city i mean we have to acknowledge were a couple of guys here never going to have our taints slow oh i get it i get it to begin at one hundred percent it's tough but i have a friend and his wife like specifically with saying a baby is not blowing my pussy out not going to happen yeah she's going the roof matter what if i can get it so it's such a primitive way to give birth yeah you're the weirdest one is a hyena
birth of that fake dick yeah big clips have massive clips a faux penises i mean it literally looks like a giant dick and they're bigger that's what's fuct up about them they have a baby out of that thing too and they ride the mail sort of fuckin' with their fake dick weird animal man i mean is that we're so lucky we don't have so i was in africa since i saw you would you do over there yes i was in mexico first then i was in thailand for six weeks and then i was in southern africa i did a ten day the safari wow maybe botswana yeah was that i wouldn't do the same thing again it was it was cool it was his wild dog safaris who do this sort of like low budget to get in the van and sleep in tents at night kind of thing right yeah i picked this like massive thousand
one thousand five hundred mile whatever like see all of southern africa which was dumb because you're just sitting in a van most of the time what kind of shots do you have to get any get any shots for that really yeah no there's no yellow fever there there's some malaria but i've been in lots of places with malaria and i just avoid mosquitoes how do you do that you don't have make sure you have a good net on your bed you wear long sleeve light colored clothing like color yeah like white or somewhere white because it really our track to the darker colors well yeah i i think it's because you don't see them you know if you're or if you have a white sleeve you'll see them landing and flying around oh i see you just constantly on the alert for disease carrying monsters here and also you know al occasionally you some of the ddt shed on my ankles in my neck and stuff but the things you eat a lot of raw garlic i have that's really it is well i mean that's i've been doing it for years when i was on the road back back in and you know places
google places i was eating raw garlic every day which is really good for your intestines by the way your intestinal flora and all that but skin smells like garlic yeah start sweating it out right away i smell like garlic all the time people complain i love the smell i like it too it's not good on your breath right agreed well what what you do is you chop it up right right throw in your mouth and drink it down with water you don't chew it by chewing it's what gives you the breath 'cause it gets in your teeth so take it like pills you'll get the garlic belch when you get there early skin but you don't get the garlic breath i would feel like i'm cheating because uh i'm kind of a glutton for those uncomfortable moments where you know you're doing something good i get shot turn down the garlic and you feel those juices hit your tongue annulate whoa you feel that your nose starts opening up i mix it with some fresh ginger i just throw it down man yeah i did anytime there's any feeling
and all of stomach diseases disease or if i feel bad i don't feel like i'm a little run down i just choked down a bunch of clothes a garlic the other day i i did it and it hit me so hard i had taken me also oh really like as it was going down i was like well i mean it could have stood up i want it it down for dramatic purposes like wow you're crazy the good lord garlic goodness garlic what are you doing to my insides i had horrendous stomach virus right around new year's i went through my new year's eve show convinced i was going to ship myself i was like this is going to be a point in this show where i'm just going to have to ship myself and i thought about it all day before the show i didn't eat anything any anything all day from the moment i woke up to the moment i wanted i mean i was having broken fire hydrant experiences in the toilet liquid yeah was just like where is all this coming from right you know like i
couldn't believe it as it was happening in wait by m in it it was blown out of me something inside of me was terrible like whatever it was was terrible i had these farts that or they smelled like fermented fruit and death like death mixed it is fermented sulfur like like the most rotten meat you could never cut like if you opened up like a frigerator in the power had gone off while you're on vacation you came back and there was some burger meat that was rotten it smelled like that and like like sulfur and like sweet like uh almost like fermented have a smell to it when you get in this altruism belches we getting sulfur in it was all going on inside my stomach 'cause i wasn't eating much and it was something that went around through my whole house my little daughter got i mean i didn't know what she was going through but she was just constantly complaining about her stomach being really awful for
a whole week we're skiing in aspen and that's when it when it kicked in and when get back i was like oh no like this is bad have you have you ever had an event on stage not like a wet fart or something really oh no i haven't but interesting enough there's a new law that just got well it might be proposed new rule got proposed for the unified rules of mixed martial arts where if you shoot yourself they stop the fight which is happened before shut themselves like divided over fight to loss of spanked control yeah man sometimes you gotta go like sounds this diarrhea sometimes it kick you in the fucking gotten just blasted out the back there was a guy named michael che essa who is a very good fighter and he was fighting benil daru sh i believe yes that's what this fight was so there was a big storm ember is a big victory for him 'cause he choked beniel dariush out which was a giant husband
beneil dariush like super respected jujitsu black belt and michael chesser as he got into the car looked over migos dude i might ship my pants because i might shoot my pants right while the fights going on like seriously i was like take my headphones off like seriously he's like yeah i'm going to ship my pants like ok i know and so like i'm holding this in the back of my head and my i've definitely shouldn't not been less becomes an issue because i don't want the public like dwell on that right i wanted to enjoy this great fight right and he got through that himself and then i you know i asked him after that off mike my did you almost eight years i was like dude because i came out here okay vince is going to shoot myself i used to get before i would go on a tv show or do a big public speaking thing where they're going to be a lot of people there i would like five hundred and ten minutes before i was supposed to go on stage i'd be like i need to take it right i need to do it right now i've taken a few dumps here sorry about that i'm more i'm more relaxed now that's what it's for but i
there's a it's like you know fight or flight thank you think animals get that it's like oh this is i gotta get my shit together literally get it out of maine so i'm like yeah i know there was well it's also your body does not want to waste any resources dealing with that it feels like there's like some catastrophe about to take place there's a video of these two bears these giant shares and it was in that movie grizzly man they're crazy to the songs yeah louis whatever movie these two bears are fighting and while they're fighting they start shooting yeah because bodies is like look what whatever this is get out get out going to war here when i'm president yeah no no thought whatsoever and no resources yeah drawn away from the muscles to process the food is never done that like eating a big meal and try to workout i never tried
but if you did on i know what you would you got nothing years now and gee you know energy it's a it's a fascinating because it's like like you it's almost like if you were a pie chart he could see there's a segment of that chart that is now missing you can can you do it you can kind of work out but you definitely can't run a marathon really crazy you can't i mean if you do you'll be hurting walking wim hof man unique happening show bunch of times i hung out with him for like a week in the pyrenees and went up to his place in holland and like sort of became friends i mean that's an example of what i'm talking about i want to know these people you know like when i reach out to them they were like yeah will set up a thing you can do a skype and i was like fact and i don't want to do a skype i want to meet this dude you know like tell me give me a day i'll fly to holland right in spain at the time so it wasn't a big flight but anyway i start going to him about it it's like he's running all these marathons in the fucking desert with no water and in the arctic and you know yeah but the dude
it'll workout now runs marathons it doesn't workout it doesn't run 'cause i hate running yeah like well how do you run a marathon if you don't train he's like oh it's just the mind yeah nobody is talking about find cameron i was ready to die i'd run up the fucking driveway i gotta breath and i don't run and i ran a five and i was like wow this is actually difficult i'm like i'm in great shape i'm like this is going to be able to do this i worked all the time my going runs runs going to start the thing i do they're not used to using those muscles in that way or was it was cardio pulmonary distress waffle covered with peanut butter and then covered with maple syrup i gave myself an excuse my grammar you're crazy to carb carb up but my body just not used to eating that nonsense so i think it had shut down production of a lot of key ingredients there was definitely that i feeling it like wow is running those i could feel
feel the waffles from waffle cut my throat i can taste it get in the peanut butter and syrup together how much sugar but it's all just you know if you don't use to running on it was on concrete in the whole thing is weird in the shocks on your knees and your ankles born to run no no but i do know the premise of it christmas fabric to go it's about the wade shoes running shoes are developed and yeah and how we're gonna bodies are designed to run on the balls of her feet and he goes down in the lives of the tarahumara indians in mexico and the thank there cobra where i was in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight so i was back there with those indians and they run into like really thin shoes or bare fare foot or they make the sandals out of talk tire yeah you know yeah just strapped on there for that thing yeah and they run for a
yeah well that's how the bodies men and i mean we're we're meant to use the foot is this amazing shock absorber you know you land on the ball the phrase it counts yes and that's what the f will cels for yeah and also the arch in there all these bones yeah yeah yes this is the one with short that's like the birth thing about all this thing yesterday the sock is it's the same thing i mean it's supposed to be replacing that barefoot feeling i suppose it's a really expensive so i think eighty bucks just a sock what kind of a it's made it shows up in the video shows with made up it's got some sort of sprayed polymer that's like fifteen times strong for the steel whoa so you can like do rock climbing tightrope walking running outside and it's just as s it feels like silk it feels a sock holy i'm interested in i don't know if i'll legit it is but let's get it yeah i were check out barefoot most of the time i workout barefoot when i kickboxing workout barefoot if i do jujitsu workout barefoot if i lift weights
i do almost everything barefoot occasionally i'll do like an elliptical machine or something when she was on but i feel like when you are barefoot like i do yoga barefoot obviously i feel like when you're barefoot you get steel your toes are like digging into the ground there all engaging in right now i feel like it makes a big diff it's in a lot of the nervous system terminates in the soul of the feet so there's in chinese medicine there's a lot of attention paid you know a reflexology is about how it's not real i don't know how real it is but it is real that the a lot of the nervous system terminates at the soles of the feet that's why foot massage feels so good and so the theory is with this barefoot shed is but by having that experience you describing where your toes are digging in and you're feeling your weight being you know shifting in different parts of your foot having that part of your body alive and active really good for your overall psychological health and erma's health
that makes sense does make sense yeah it just feels good to do and there's like yeah that's the thing and things feel good for a reason you know the were evolved to have them feel good 'cause it's good for us brings us back to beating off talking one of those dog things i turned it off a dog with i wonder if we should all that company and ask questions and they say like what kind of dog do you know i don't have a dog yeah this new fereos intentions i just like watch dogs robots it's just for yeah the wonder by yeah my friend joe when i was growing up joe spagnola he had a he had a dog that was like really ornery little dog and his dog we had a stuffed animal that it would fuck and it would just bite this stuffed animal and fuck the shit out of it and you come over his house josepa
we could go over his house and his dog would be fucking the shit out of this stuffed animal how do you clean it i don't know and you could even go near that thing that dog like he would get ferocious if you tried to get near his this little tiny as dog to remember what it was that's like your friend with restraining order man love love is love know there's no way around it but you gotta do but that dog obsessed like that was his world his world is like biting the stuff down one just plug into should yeah hey somebody asked me to raise an issue with you ok apparently you you're under the impression that everyone died at thirty and pretty history is that true i joke around
that all the time that i was fans were incredibly low a long time ago okay lived to be like thirty you know it's hyperbole for the most part okay i know people did leave love live longer right but the age of people died the average age was much lower than it is today just because lots of babies died sources at all it is yeah it's a mathematical average but not our species i designed by has evolved to live in our 60s and 70s and hunter others who get through the first few years where there's a lot of risk so it's uh you tending also it's all random math thing yeah that's interesting so i was going to the impression that you know people just got died of violence and a lot of diseases by the time they were in their 30s no most of it diseases that we suffer from are the result of agriculture so you look at all the major killers of humans you know i'm flew from pigs right chicken box from chickens obviously avian all the fluids come from domesticated guard jamie when he posted up their human
span nearly constant for two thousand years wo so like ultimate lifespan but when i talking about most of this disease and violence yeah the violence thing is over represented if you live in mongolia if you the yes was it seventy five i don't know so here goes through history is is not good ok life expectancy for men in one thousand nine hundred and seven was forty five years five hundred and forty five years by one thousand five hundred and fifty seven at rose to sixty six two thousand three hundred and seventy five i like most recent increase in life expectancy which is attributed largely to a decline in half of the leading causes of death including heart disease homicide in influenza the increase in life expectancy between one thousand nine hundred and seven in two thousand and seven would largely due to the degree sing decreasing infant twality rate which is like zero point nine nine percent that's interesting so but that is like is like the wage gap the gender wage gap issue right where uh
people say they they love to quote that thing they say that men make so much more money than women that women make sort of zero dollars and eighty cents to the dollar right but they're doing different jobs right so like you think about it go wow there's an injustice going on then you realize like well maybe there is some sexism but this is not what they're talking about when they're saying this we're talking about different jobs the men are at higher risk they die more often on the job men when they almost exclusively populate the community of miners and in a lumber accident like that where people get hit by trees right now take time off when they have kids and elsa work less hours they're less crazy you know some men will fuckin' work themselves to death were very few women will take it there certainly are plenty of samples of men and women doing exactly the same job in women are getting paid less i'm sure it must smell but it's not statistically significantly it's not what you're doing and you know what they attribute that from the women get less they think that one thing to be considered when you look at that is that women might not
is aggressive when they're negotiating a starting salary right and that men may be more confident in cock shore of their worth more cocky with how they who knows though i don't but one those things so i was under the impression that people did die people are under that impression i've i've had i've spoke you know given talks of medical schools and stuff and all these doctors think that everyone died at thirty five a thirty five year old was old and they're like and it works its way into medicine where they're like okay look the reason you have chronic back pain is that the human body was not involved to live beyond thirty five and so of course you have wear and tear and things like that's totally fall also the human bodies evolved to live into the 70s so that's a statistic cool thing it's like if bill gates moves into your neighborhood suddenly everyone's average annual salary is hundreds of millions of dollars right so if you out all these infants who died in prehistory men
given by the way died from infanticide like twins normally are not allowed to survive the weaker one is left in the woods to die watt any sort of deformed mouth formality just leaving the woods by themselves what a cruel way to handle it yeah oh darkman they would leave him wolves that's fuckedup yeah leave your baby in a basket and runaway yahoo yeah there's a lot of a lot of infanticide but you know in our world out of it huh yeah was just because of the times were harder than it was more accepted that you're going to have to do some terrible things that you didn't want to do well it's just that you know if the kids born basically truck in some way you're not going to you're not going to have the resources and that kids knocking at the person is not going to grow up to contribute to the group and so generally in and also there's a different sense of life and death right i think we're death
is much more a daily presence it's not that big a deal so we're all going to there i was reading about a tribe in the amazon i can't remember the name of the tribe but when someone gets too old to keep up with the group some one is chosen randomly like they have a lottery or pick the shortest straw or whatever it is their job is to come up behind this old person and hit him in the back of the head with a hatchet oh boy right and no one wants to do it it really sucks but everyone agrees it has to be done and it's the just cruel option that they've you gotta be real careful to do to keep signing up for that job could we go with that by joe you've killed nine old ladies this is gone over okay which letter leather yes
it's a weird gig so anyway no human being has ever been old at the age of four look at this heartbreaking pictures parents leaving their children in china's notorious baby hatches oh yeah what is that well that's probably girls the moment of despair is parents cling to their vision for one last time before abandoning them and china's so called baby hatches father kisses his child her face hidden in a blanket mother holds her hooded baby as their shadows are cast upon the last door they will pass through together another collapse just to the ground reaching out to touch her son for the last time what in the fuc oh my god maybe this is she says in quotes my baby cannot take care of itself when it grows up one woman cries explaining that her infant has down syndrome i just want baby just survived she tells the information times news based and i don't know how to say that guang yu xiao she had to come
being female friend leave bolton tears fuck man well this is been happening forever i mean we have safe baby drop off here every hospital has a sign that it's a safe baby drop off take that off the screen sir and in medieval europe it was so common that they had these little boxes that rotated and so you can leave your baby and just spend the box it enough to look at and no one would ever see you know nancy who was dropping it off it was an honor all my god very common there called the foundling hospitals and over ninety percent of the baby's life there died for in germany they had were they called angel makers uh this and this is through the beginning of the 20th century up to world war two it was in nanny that you hired with the understanding that your baby was going to die
like a babysitter who is going to kill your baby oh my god yeah so you would hire this man because your kid down syndrome or some sort of a disease or something like that or it was born like out of wedlock you know whatever the nanny would kill the baby yeah oh my god called them angel makers the idea that in fantasy that was the test eccle significant that it's significant in the death of the population that that was so common well i mean today we have abortion and i don't want to get into heavy ship but like now if a babies inconvenient or there's a disease that's detected or whatever you know cut off at the past you cut it off at the pass in those days there wasn't so it was sort of post natal abortion essentially i feel like a bore is one of those subjects were immediately upon breaching the subject there's a tension in the room i've just felt it ideology eyes for it you know i mean i know it is your right there's no way because the
thing is both sides are right right that's the problem you're one hundred percent right yeah that's one hundred percent the problem yeah and there are a lot of issues like that yeah it's one of those things where people screaming you and get crazy and then pick a side and it's death and it's this and it's that and it's it's uh woman's choice to choose and you're both right you're both right i got in an argument once with the comedian about it and he it was about richard dawkins was talking about a twitter that an embryo human embryo is like it's almost no different than a pig embryo like he making this like about you know six weeks of it would be a very very very early age not even that would need to be an embryo right would be it's still an embryo embryo cnn right ok so an embryo is the earliest stages and he was compare to pig and i was like well how crazy that is that's ridiculous thing to say because it's not going to be a pig but if you leave it's gonna be a person so you know it's gonna
going to be a person like it's that like staying that it's no different a pig is totally disingenuous right i mean anywhere arguing we started calling you a right winger like saying that i was there is right way i'm like i am not right wing but you are definitely killing a person that's about to be born i mean that's what you do you're cutting it off with you for three cells or three months it's the same thing it really is it's not it's not it becomes it becomes much more like a baby it looks more like a baby it's more it's more intensiva procedure but the process is started you've decided at very stage of the way that it becomes ok you know like late term portions of frowned upon by almost everybody right when you get into the fucking the last couple weeks of a babies life you can't really or before i give birth yeah nobody very few people are going to agree that you could just suck out the baby with the vacuum when it's nine months old that's a little right almost everybody agrees that's a little intense so that
is that we all have some sort of a reasonable cut off anybody who believes in abortion we have some the reason we cut off accept it when it's bundle of cells when it's when it looks like a fish like when is it okay when's it ok and that's all i'm saying i'm not saying you should or shouldn't be able to do it and it's definitely not my choice i don't have a body that makes babies and do you think it starts at conception or is jerking off killing millions of sperm no because jerking off doesn't ever make that connection there's not it's not a viable so it is conception process that started i don't know so we think life starts at conception i mean i literally have i mean if someone can prove like if you had a turkey test the pops up when you're pregnant like the moment bank osh it we got one and you can just push that sucker down that egg would shoot out that fertilized egg would shoot out of your pussy and then that would be a rap i got no problem with that right no problem with any of it i do i think intellectually i wouldn't say i have a problem with it 'cause again i submit that
i have a vagina ovaries i don't have a ivolume i'm not making babies i have an opinion and that's it there's no way i should be able to say yes or no when i see it as this weird sort of situation where we've figured out a way to terminate life inside the body where we can't see it yet it hasn't come out and said hi hi daddy it hasn't done that yet so we get a we're going to hit the brakes okay i want to i want to do it we figured it out i don't think that there's don't necessarily think it's wrong or right but it is a thing yeah it's a thing and people require that you speak of this thing in the way they speak of this thing and if you do they are fucking ready to duke you get on with you because the differentiation is the pro choice pro choice people are saying it's not a life right and the other people are saying you're killing a living playing around with a person i'm i'm in there where it's like you know you are killing some
thing but it's not a person not yet so i agree with both right you know but fundamentally i agree with what you just said which is it's really none of my in business it's not my body and it is no woman can tell me whether you get a vasectomy or not or prostate exam or whatever the fuck it is they just passed a law i don't know arkansas or somewhere that husbands need to be informed before woman abortion anna a husband can stop it even if she's been raped that's medieval oo that's ownership of another person yeah husband or a wife being able to tell the other one what they can or can't do with a medical procedure that's illegal if that becomes like an owner definitely becomes an ownership issue like if your wife told you couldn't get a vasectomy i will not allow it what
i will not allow you to eat meat either yeah i will not allow you to have ice cream fat fuckbook have like all the sudden like she decides what you're going to eat but will not allow you to keep that haircut purse ryan that way all the time oh i would never let my husband blah blah blah what is your husbands up pussey yeah well and your wife is you know under threat lord in in you know under ownership if she allows the same sort of situation like guy makes her do things yeah yeah known people that their husbands have made them get plastic surgery yeah yeah yeah talk him into it you know i want you to do this for me yeah get the big tits get the lips of those lower lips oh man do something but you know i don't like your nose you be prettier baby i'll show you off weird and then there are those people who like who like fatty
you know then that they feed the other person is part of their eroticism to feed you as much as possible so you get his fat 'cause i love you getting you know it's not it's not cool very strange people are fucking weird man i don't think hunter gatherers are kinky no no this is the thing i think kink is a response to a fuckedup environment so i think in russian yeah it's pretty this weird pressure in the conflict between the impulse and on what's allowed so it comes out in this weird distorted way i think that makes total sense so yeah hunter gatherers there's not as far as i know there's no evidence of kink it's hard to get latex let's face it you jungle although that's where it comes from originally if you ever met davis by the way now you should that fascinating i just had him on my podcast he's a ethno botanist live he lives vancouver
but he's an author i'm sure he comes down lay regularly but he this is the guy actually we're talking about five me o dmt he was he and andrew while isolated that the first time whoa as white people anyway he studied at harvard then he went to the amazon for a long time he worked lived with a lot of tribes there very didn't hallucinogens he's written a bunch his first book was about voodoo something about horsemen of the apocalypse or something like that he wrote will cut one river he's written red box is the national geographic explorer in residence he's the super badass dude i told one of his stories on your podcast along time ago about this eskimo dude old guy in the family said grandpa you know we gotta take away the keys to the snow machine 'cause you can't see so well and he's like you guys in that night he went out he was winter in the arctic somewhere he took a shit and he
fashion to blade from his shitshow member that story self out of the snow and well he killed the dogs and he made a harness out of the one dog skin anna little sled out of the dogs ribs and then he like thai in three or four other dogs and then he fucking took off across the tundra anyway that wade davis story he's like so we made a knife out of his own shed if he throws his night filled it but he he forms the blade and then he takes in some freezes and then he takes them spit an he rubs it along the edge and apparently that's what gives it the razor sharpness yeah and then he fucking kills dog with a shit knife that's right i remember that there's another straight wade davis how i bought poison in america poison in of award winning writer away national geographic explorer in residence ethnobotanist an park rangers super cool guys christ what a life that guys lived yeah yeah he's
again that's a guy like i want to meet these guy yeah you know i don't sense yeah so he's cool these up in vancouver listen man unfortunately i got a but yeah we can do this alone time though man your you're in the back this desk i am i got nothing to sell i am from doesn't matter man lazy happy lifestyle your podcast tangentially eking told larry s awesome podcast and you do it fairly recently every really often every week every week okay cool that's all and let's do this more often do you around here yeah yeah and it's that chris ryan now used to be chris ryan phd on twitter but duncan trussell fuckin' ruined all that him an brendan wall they stole my phd those fuckery they put phd next to their name is now phd doesn't mean anything anymore so that chris ryan thanks bro to see guys thanks
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like that whole song this land is mine there there's a lot of it that is actually your land it's public land and there are some people that think it would be a good idea to sell that off or give the ownership to the states which would allow the states to sell it off if they so choose and there was a proposal to do that to three million bakers and recently got squashed thanks in a small part to some of the efforts of some of the people like ryan callahan and canton caruth they'll be here tomorrow and will be interesting to talk to them and right awesome so see you people tomorrow thanks for everything appreciate the fuck out of you much love bye
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