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#918 - Frank Castillo

2017-02-17 | 🔗
Frank Castillo is a stand up comedian and Champion of the Roast Battle 2 on Comedy Central. He also co-hosts the "Verbal Violence" podcast available on iTunes.
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a aspiring, stand up comedian and just one roast battle on comedy central. It's a big deal, and we were really really proud of them- he's he's like family over there and he's a super cool guy and when he won it was a first of all roast battle. Jeff Ross put it together and Brian Moses awesome guys that made that com essential show it's amazing. It's really really fun show, but it's a joke. Writing sort of a showcase and to have a guy that works at comedy store that we see all the time that we consider a friend and family when that was just giant for us. So I want to have men and uh just welcome to the world of successful stand up. Comedy 'cause he's doing really well right. Now it's awesome so give it up for my pet.
Mister, Frank, the Joe Rogan experience, Frank Castillo, the Joe Rogan experience. That's how hard is raining here. All these pussies telling you don't don't don't mow your lawn, don't water, the lawn, don't feel the pool. We run water out of water here in California, not anymore, mother, Fucker, there evacuating call Jamie. Would it say in your phone evacuate, Sacramento's, fucked, The dam is blowing franca, steal the damn. I usually don't introduce guests, but this gentleman you crossed me here is I'm really proud of you? Thank you. You,
Frank Castillo. If you go to his instagram page, let me just tell everybody just one roast battle on comedy central, which, with stand up comedians, that's a huge deal. I mean that is that's a big deal that shows a big deal. It's a big deal for comedy, but it's a big deal you want, and if you go to your instagram page dude, it's so inspirational. You do. The shittiest fucking shows are out there doing bowling alleys you're out there doing like bars with three people in a man you doing 34a night you're, just always hammering it. I love it and then the you do that and to see were get the store like many other people before like dog, it's done like ARI's done like rent is he's he's done like so many people have gone from working at the store Bobby Lee thing works the store yeah, so many people gone from work in the store to make it as a comic to sort of see you go from working on this or grinding every night and
winning roast battle show these mother fuckers that trophy here dude, it's fucking heavy feeling it's legit as fuck to him. Now I get why they don't want people to hand those out like this. Second, I got it was like I get why they get it now. They shouldn't just hand these out. The kids is so powerful yeah you can just give a kid, a trophy for nothing. You got gotta win He had to win you gotta, do it and that this show roast battle is one of the reasons why I came back to the comedy store when I went to see our he was doing his special. And he had decided to film his first comedy central special at the store and I haven't been this store in seven years I hadn't even stepped foot inside the place, and I was like well there's no way, I'm missing this so I had a I had to bite. The bullet had to go in there, and I said, let me just go the night before and J, Ross asked me to be one of the judges at rose battle and so a sitting up there and I was going wow. This is crazy. This is a totally different thing like this was never here. Seven,
years ago. There was nothing anything like it was like really. Creative writing really. I like nasty jokes, but then everybody's hugging afterwards, you know like this one like one of the rules is like after you do it, you got to hug it out, it was fucking great and it was like creatively. This is so inspiring, and it's so there's so much life to it that and then already specialized fucking him back. It was it's a crazy thing. Man I mean it was just also just having you show up and just be a part of that I was once things are like everyone knew like all the younger comics of the of my girls could start as an open MIKE. So when we saw you come in every just like set, this is different. Like that's one, everyone can. I was like. Oh things are changing yeah man. Things have changed since then at the store, the a crazy place. Now it's insane I've been there. I started there in ninety four and it was kind of like there's something that before oh, my there like a bomb had gone off and
These are the survivors, it just moved back to the city. It was weird, it was like the age of tennis and it died. You know that in then there was really no one after him. So like I can in the early nineties and Kinison was like eighty like the early 80s to like eight thousand six hundred and eighty eight and then I believe he died in like what are you doing like one thousand nine hundred and ninety two or something like that. He's already left the store. And when I got there. It was all these weird road comics that relate like ax ax bowed out You know the boat act is someone? Does a cruise ship, no disrespect, anybody does cruise ships. I know, there's a lot of comics really do love doing cruise ships in the really funny. Comics is that's not what I mean, but what I mean is like there's there's certain people that didn't work anywhere else, but like really shitty gigs, and there was a lot of them at the store- and I was like this is so weird. I thought it was going to be like Richard Pryor, and
you know and Louie Anderson. I thought I was just going to be killer after killer after killer. It wasn't like that but it is now this is the time it is some of those line. Ups are the absolute craziest. It's ridiculous. It's crystal clear bill, Burr like what, over and over again this killer after killer to killer Moshe Kasher Jody is what the man Tosh was there. All this is going to yeah yeah yeah yeah and you sent Tino boom boom boom. It's like killer out. After killer young killers, older killers, it's crazy RON white. Is there now just walking around it's uh, it's absolutely insane with us in that back bar the elder statesman of stand up comedy. I remember when RON White came into casinos working, I was just before I moved LOS Angeles or anything. I was working in a bar and he was doing a show there, and I remember I was just like. Oh my god, I can't believe it's RON, White yeah man, I talked to him and then now it's just so crazy to be like at the calm restore sitting in the back smoking. A joint just talking about comedy do and you know what we started doing the factory again too. We did the factory
last week and we're gonna do it again next week, when I do the factory on Wednesday nights every other Wednesday. Now it's about a ten o'clock. Yeah man I'm the factory was struggling and we were like the laugh factory, a good club, it's just You know it had a lot of weirdness in the past. Yeah it was connected to it in the store was always that place to go to. So I think, It's important when we see these clubs that were really lucky to have that we support him all absolutely you keep going is 'cause. It's guys like you guys are coming up like you going to be in the same position that we're in someday, where your you know you're you're, capable of like organizing a night and filling up a room and pumps up the business. And guys like you get in. You know like when we did as House Wednesday night. You know what guys like you get in and then you'll be in that same position someday too it's cool to watch man, it's actually just insane to be a part of you know it's like doing
at the host when we're at the laugh factory that wednesday- and that was bananas, because it was just like meeting the and the manager and all these people and sick lineup yeah- and this is crazy. You yeah, I know you're getting in your like out the door, your it's. I remember those days, man, Bosnia and I was never in a position that you're in now, like your position is better than my position. When I was in no cure your stages of stand up, because you got into something to stand up, I get into something through a sit com yeah. The psicom is like it's. Okay was on the same like the the stand of route. Is the best route yeah really odd to because of like just how many people have seen the roast battle, like just the finals, like, I almost feel my eve. Because I didn't realize how many people were there like it was like winning the kambin of like the NFL Kambin, but for comedy it was do it was a big deal. It was a big deal with like guys at the store and girls
I shouldn't be sexist, guys, the girls and girls. The store were found it like a sports team like we're following it. Yeah like it, was crazy, who's in the league whose, when- and where is he at you know, yeah and just love. The vibe in the room was absolutely crazy. Just like hearing this is, it was like a sporting event. It was not to rush out of the store after you'd want. It was like what we super bowl champs. It was people were like crying like other, but also me winning was such a weird thing. 'cause. It was like especially the LA comedy community. I want to say like open mikres like it's a terrible term, but it's like I'm still an open mic are anything like. I still hit open mic. Some comic. That does these things, so it's like when I won. I had see all these guys that I would see at these open MIKE's and it was just like ' was like. We want the only right. It's like they see me at all the spots. They know me as the guy. It's always working at the store is always doing something, so it like a weird sense of pride was like your home team one now, but it's also. It shows you that you can do it.
Like there. You your them, you guys are all working together, you're all doing those open mic together. They know this does nothing like you did get some Willy Wonka Golden Ticket and somebody let you in no, you just hammered it out. Man, you kept doing it you're in grant pages that shit man. I really do draw inspiration from I'd love sing. I know you're funny too, which helps thank you certain people that I look at. I go with this guys, this guy or this girl. All they have to do is not fuck this up. The funny like you got it and it it's very important to tell those people that too, like some you 'cause. I remembers people saying that to me, and it was a huge like Mark Meron, give me a speech one day after. I did a show at the comedy connection in Boston, which is a little tiny room and said some cool shit to me. After my certain I was still raw open mic are like way roar. Even in you. I was like how long you been doing it now, starting with twenty one, so I'd say about two thousand seven hundred and six years, but like seriously for four, which is like the
yes, I've been doing it where I'm like, hitting my is trying to go and show some really taking its ears. Is it harder to get cracking in LA? Do you think, because there's so much comedy here, I don't think it's hard to get cracking. I think it's tougher definitely, but I think if you're willing to work hard, 'cause you're surrounded by this, is something my manager told me right before I moved 'cause. I supposed to get a job, and then I did it and I was really better an I wanted to move LOS Angeles and he said you could move now and find you're the shit and things are going to great or We could move now and find out you're, not the shit and then work really hard and then get really good and that's what this is a very good manager. That's good solid manager vice he was, I mean he was a. It was a restaurant manager, but I mean it was great advice: wow.
Is here now have anything to do with comedy. Now he was just a mall that do the start agency. That's why it was so logical. That's why what he said was so logical, yeah. You never hear that from folk and stand up comedy managers. They give people the worst advice, but never did I moved here and then it was like you know. People was like on there's no time in LOS Angeles, like no this time, if you're willing to make it like, I will do drive to a MIKE sign up dry, have another MIKE sign up drive back to that first, MIKE hit a spot text someone that's running a show or a host that I know is going to just toss me up at the end, so I know I could go to that like in two one, slash two hours, while I'm sing for this other MIKE yeah. So it's like it's just like How much are you willing to pay for gas? You know what I mean like it's really you're, investing in yourself, yeah well, you're, also you're, definitely investing in yourself, but you growing
in some weird way like when the more sets you do, your actions kind of grows, like sometimes I've done the hat trick at the store. We do the main room, the belly room and then the or or you know, whatever order by the time you get to that. Third. Show did your on fire! Just read you just read: it have fun yeah you just want to talk to and in the groove and that's where a lot of times new ideas come from 'cause you're, so comfortable onstage, like maybe working on a new bid and out of nowhere, this new angle comes up and it's the best angle, the bit. It's 'cause, it's just something you said you know like offhand. This also something super satisfying. It's about seeing someone work hard and become successful idly love seeing people succeed. I can seeing like someone work hard and then it actually working, and then you see this people that come up with excuses and they always fucking off they're, not they're, not traveling Well, if they're not doing enough set for not writing enough they're sticking with the same material for too long come on man,
and now it's different 'cause. It's like I'm in a weird position where it's like most people went something like that and then we'll turn off their hour or something it's like meat, I'm just now I'm a door guy, so I've got like fifteen, maybe twenty good minutes, but now the attorney. For me, like people, ask me to headline somewhere like some random couples, like I'm not gonna. Do that? What I'll do a twenty minute sets for the next year and a half Tom Bill that our yeah just want to be a good cop? Would you definitely have to get frantic now about creating new material and that's something about those really short sets like a lot of times open mikes? They give you three minutes. You know it would you get three, sometimes five, every sometimes for some people give me a little bit longer. Just 'cause, you know yeah, but it's it's hard to come out like that. For me, that's like this setup for a bit. Sometimes you know, like just getting your gear just getting the whole sort of lance they played out before you go into a bit, Kenison used to say that there was a big thing about cancer not liking to do late. Night shows this is like. I can't cooking in five minutes yeah. You know because he was used to doing those he would take the late spot
at the store. We would just go as long as you want it. He would have that last spot. The Kinison swam and that's what we call today called the Kenison spot. I've never done it. Maybe it done it like two or three times, but and I haven't done it in. Like recent years at all, I got to do one super late spot. It was the first time I worked a potluck and usually the rules of list once you first get hired, you don't get on friends and family list for a few months. It's something you have to earn! That's when I was working there, so it was like for the first four months. You didn't get any spots. You had to keep working there and then eventually atasi on potluck and then, if you're, good enough they'll put you on the name. Are you put your name on the list? So you have to get up, so it was my first night working potluck. It's one hundred and thirty in the morning in the host is about to finish the show and I talking to one of the guys, I'm like hey, I you know I just got married or haven't gotten up there still to people you there's no paid regulars. Can I just go up to the end? Do with like three five minutes? and the managers looking was like what never go ahead and then yeah I got to go up. Three minutes did like potluck
one hundred and thirty in the morning in front of two people, and that was like the most funnest. I've ever had let's you realizing like holy shit, I'm on stage at the comedy store yeah is that alone, I'm actually behind a mic in front of an audience at the comedy store where everyone else has been. That's been falling. These exact same footsteps, yeah no. This is a conversation I had the other day with another comedian. We were talking about how their their service for certain actors- it is specially, I think, actors who will treat people that are like what they call below the line like producers and people who are extras and people who are you know, they're, not cater. Things like that they're, not the prude they're, not they're, not the executives, yeah they're, not the big top people in the other actors, so they treat them one way and then the rest, the for it's at work on the set a different way like those people are not equal. There are like below the line, and we,
talking about how would stand up everybody at the store is pretty much like one You start working there once we are people like you and you're cool or all the same thing yeah like you get like weather, it's Daniel Tosh or you know Bill Burr Lickdale Talk. Do you, like everybody talks to you like everybody, is the same yeah 'cause. We all know that we are that person. Like everybody, everybody work. In the door that has dreams to become a stand up is like me, I was delivering newspapers or driving limos same thing, we're all the same thing. It's actually crazy too, because, like I mean working, Sorry I mean you put a great point like there's only a moment where headliner start taking you seriously and then treat you like up here and that is an awesome moment and just like it's interesting one of his remember like you, first started talking to me or like Jesse like Jeff Ross first, like gave attention just to like talk and like I could
hold their attention like we like it felt like we were peers and that's just insane failing to have as a young comic for the first time. Well, it's That's part of the scary thing about. I think it's probably any any endeavor, whether you're you want to become a an artist. There, a surgeon or whatever the fuck you want to come. If you have people that you see that are ahead of you that already doing it, it seems like the Barry. Between you and them is insurmountable, and sometimes just someone saying something to you to someone saying look, everybody starts out as a beginner, There's no instant experts, no you start out as a beginner, you don't know what the fuck you're doing and then eventually you figure it out. So everyone you see, that is up there. That is that's you. We're all the same thing: just people picked up in the people that have further ed! You kind of have an obligation to go hey if you like the art form. Love the art form I think, stand up comedies, like my still my favorite thing to watch over all these years of doing it, you want more p
to succeed. Oh yeah, you know. So this is, I think, there's a greed thing. That's some folks possess where they only want to shine in one the only person shines so they people coming up there like down, I mean I'm going. Keep these down just my boot motherfucker no there's there's some of that. You know where they trying to kick. Yes, you trying to climb up behind them. I have that a few times but I was my mom always told me and my dad to my mom always said it was one of the things was like you treat everyone. The way you want to be treated and also you also gotta, remember it's like, like you have to be nice to every, because you never know who's going to be who yeah well, just be nice because it feels good to yeah and it's also yeah. I was going to them feels good to you like when I go outside, I go my Xan and I always make sure to tag all the guys running the MIKE's always make sure to say
Thank you instead of because it's like you know, I'm not the only one and you always got to try to take care of the people, bring him up and that cool little network of social media. You know if tagging people's instagrams and you know letting people know liquidate the Han Tuesday nights great show like it all that stuff helps helps. Everybody helps the community helps people were coming fans like your comedy nerd Holy what a good town to live in absolutely crazy. You see, a lot of 'em. You seem like come to the store, and sometimes it's like unnerving 'cause. You know they have senior act and you're working on these new beds. Like hobbits already seen this bit, you feel like such a fraud. That's how I feel. Every time I go out with a roast battle, every Tuesday at the rose battle, and then before it was just like audiences, who kind of like have seen the rose to the fans of it. But now it's like this is the first week were people came to see me like they were just like. Oh, my god, we know you are and Moses, who runs the show in coach T both just there really like here,
Frank: it was like a black couple to their like black people. Like Frank, this is crazy when he was just nine and so, but now it's like there's a pressure every Tuesday. For me to do something new to write something yeah, you got to wrap it up yeah, but you still work in the store to you. I'm sorry, did you see that picture the sweeping up after a roast battle? It's a great feeling to I how to put in my two weeks, sort of like my almost two weeks heat up there. Haha yeah, had to put in my head to tell my boss was like listen. I was like I love working here, but I'm just getting too busy at nights like I can only work phones and then I was like I gotta go, do stand up stuff and they were super cool there, like that's great we're really happy for you and that just shows the systems working at the store is the only place that I know of that really has that system where the employees are all comics, they're. Also it's so weird. It's fun place to work because of that it's the best man I mean there's. No, I mean my picture to its was was like someone called me like: can you work phones and
yeah, I phone. So I worked phones and then I at the main room, because someone can make because someone was out of town, so it's at the shaft and then and then I had to help with a roast battle because they do that anyways, it's just part of my job, so Like did all these things and then I got to do is set, and then I got to judge heroes, battle and ties jokes out 'cause when I judge I mostly just write jokes, so I can just say funny things well and then they let everyone else do like the critiques and stuff it's also like. Who am I right, but I I know it's just not true for me to shine and make funny jokes at the people battling, but I mean it. It's all in today's work, so I'll just work. Well, that's the thing about that role. Battle. Show. That's really interesting. Is that it's really a joke writer showcase, because everything has to be new there's. No, you can't stock. Jokes- and you are your sense- the given an assignment yeah, you know, like hey Frank, is do this. Is you know Bob Smith, and you know you got to figure out. What's up about Bob Smith head went to
he said about that dude it will lose. It is for have Joes forehead, hard, foreheads, just your head looks like it added a second story on it, so it would be more room to think about. Dicks funny shit, you know because it did have a large forehead, but like that, something you have to think up yet about that person and if you make a regular forehead joke, it's not gonna, be like it's like. Okay, cool he's got a big four had what Hannah, but you make it and add layers, do it it's more fun yeah any really is a set up format. I mean it's it's really funny format, because it's blah blah blah is so blah blah blah. You know you can
there's no ranting. There's! No! You you really you only! You can't go on rants also because you really only supposed to be allowed one line yeah. I guess sometimes people cheat no throw like two and three in well. That's that's the cool thing about it's like it's almost like boxing. That's the beauty of the rose. Petal shows like it's. Not only writing. It's also performance and it's like the last, especially the finals you can see where, like I do some crazy shit and then it's also that's something I learned from MIKE Lawrence in the season, one where MIKE wants season one. He was one of the only guys to be to start the thank you blah blah and then go into the joke and then again so like it's. So it's fitting a rebuttal in your setup and then this season. I did something new where it was like. I knew that if people hit me with the looks like joke, they were going to stop and wait for the laughter and then do the rest of their joke. So in my mind I was like, if I hit them quick with a better looks like joke. It'll take the momentum out of that last joke and now it
depends on this joke to create the momentum right. So it's like you playing chess up there. It's like boxing, like those looks like jokes, are just quick, jabs and then your big day jokes are your haymakers yay yeah, there's some mean shit. That gets said to all my God, like some soul, searing shit like your survive, but you will be scarred some peep really prove but fucking hilarious areas. It's a weird art form. It's a totally different thing. You know this whole roast battle things, a totally different thing than regular stand up, but regular stand up is in it because you still have to like perform. That's why I like that last battle with me in Bouchard was so good, because shard is one of the these dudes, I know he's a great writer. Super cool dude and an amazing rose badly, but it's when you're in that situation and there's just so much pressure, 'cause, it's like you're, getting made fun of you have to memorize these jokes because they had us memorize the two guys we pot
the guy we're going against in the two possible winners of the other bracket. So you how much time did you have to write these bits? So it was think five days five days you had to write five jokes more jokes, the first guy one possible overtime and then the finals was five jokes, one possible overtime. So six jokes, so total you're, writing, 18th. Funny jokes, not including your looks like, or your quick rebuttals holy shit, that a lot of work and are you take in like these five out of a pile of like twenty or thirty, like how many jokes you actually writing before you narrow it down we'll. Usually if it's like a for the tv thing like it was that they but it's like. I had my cut man, which is like my boy, Dan Nolan. He helps you strategy. I yeah that's what they did season one two. Well, that's what they want to do! 'cause it's like in the finals. They wanted to be a great show, so for me, it wasn't like he was. Writing me jokes. It was like we both sat down and I wrote above, your premises and a bunch of angles and we talked strategy and then we went from there 'cause.
Like if I'm going to make fun of Joe, I can't just be making so many gay jokes going to get dinged for that, but it's like he That's such a big characteristic of how he is and how he walks and just like how he holds himself that it's like you can't not make jokes about that, so it was like. If I may jokes about it, I have to be cell Lee and it has to come from like a child, like ignorance you mean. So I can't like column like, like afraid, yeah or something like Superman or anything I just got it like, I could say, was like he loves butt stuff. You know what I mean like that's just funny and childlike yeah. Well. I should be saying that, like yeah, like there's a tone that you have to set were you, you can't be too mean: no, because while you're, even while you're saying really mean Chess ACT because you can lose the crowd yeah, but if you can gain their trust to the point where you said so many silly funny things that swear at the end, you can really earn saying something terrible, but as long as it's funny now, is it weird to be doing these roast battles where you're writing all this new stuff every week? But then, when
we're doing stand up, you're doing a lot of stuff we've already done before yeah. It is weird in the sense that it's like it, making me realize that the different like that I can just I can create new material especially in my high pressure situations, but it's like if I give. If I have a goal or a set, a set time like I can write new material and now what I'm realizing is like. I can just do that. I stand up if I can do that with rose battle. Where I sit down and write all these jokes, I can do that. With writing packets, I can do that. With my stand. And it's just getting up and just doing it you know yeah. Where is that book convert back here do DIS, Fuck is this shit after people getting mad at me now from for suggesting this book so much, but it's called the war of arts by this guy Steven Pressfield. It's essentially about over we're coming what he calls resistance. What most people call procrastination?
You know that overcoming this whatever it is that keeps you from actually putting in the work. Oh yeah, absolutely yeah, and he talks about it. And he sort of identifies it and then gives you tools to deal with it and explains how it affected him. He was essentially just not doing well at all in his life to lose about forty and that at four You kind of get his shit together and now he's just a award winning author and written about great movies in a bunch of great books is just very inspirational stuff, but that that's what I was kind of getting out. It's like. I think that now that you're in this new spot, where everybody knows you are you won the roast battle. You got all this heat on you. It's like super important now to take all that writing to the next level. Absolutely like I mean I thought it was busy now or before. Just grinding writing these jokes. Now, it's like like
walked in the levity and the manager know me, like everyone. Kinda knows who I am in a sense. You know yeah the only one famous on this. They just know that I did this thing. There's a there's, a window yeah. Yes, you got to jump through that window. You know because some people missed that window and it's weird you run the guys that were on last comic standing a long time ago, and he had a window where things were happening for them and then it go away and they never capitalized. They never jump through it and then some is like Ralphie May, who jump through it running you know. Ralphie may probably worked harder than anybody after that shows that he was cry. Thinking out DVD's tour in everywhere and he be capitalized fenomenale on his time in the show, but other people just did not they just never really, never really got it cooking. We, You are you know you're like in a great spot like right now, yeah and that's for me. It's like I don't,
turn on snapping like I want to do as many sets as I can I'll do it. I'll still do someones can see me at it for twenty dollars like I'll. Do you really? Oh yeah man get ready I'll do whatever man it's just. They have a fake in Sierra just to have you over getting for twenty Locksmith guy one roast battle, there's no Mexicans here. Yeah I mean, but it's just like I mean I just wanted to stand up. That's my favorite thing, especially like I do it does suck that I'm not going to be at the store is much working there 'cause. That was one of my favorite. Things were just sitting working the door and watching all the comics go up 'cause. I really believe the stores a comedy college yeah. No, definitely as but you graduate from high school and now you're moving on and university life shots and saying yeah, it's cool! It's really cool this to the store right now, I think, is a wonderful place for you to come back to when you do what other shows and then start doing, shows there as a paid regular. You know once you showcase and get through showcased once and I can.
No way to showcase again, but I think we were talking with this early is like a lot of people come up to me. Asking me like: are you going to be paid regular? It was these words like I want to, but I want it when it when I feel I've earned it and I deserve it. I want to get it just because of something yeah dude This is a funny that you wrote on rose battle. You could do that all day. You can do that all day about you. Just like pick subjects. You know a great roasts trump. You know you see that new thing that came out today that I mean not yesterday that crazy rant that he went on that press con for an hour and a half to people from people that are friends of mine that are conservatives are scared, like I some buddies of mine that were Like do this. Ain't good, like he seems unstable. Oh yeah he's going crazy. My face of the people that look at it and they're just like now, this toilet cool. No, it's totally fine. These people were out of there. There was a reporter. Who did you see that and reporter the jewish reporter when he tried to shut him down some sit down? No, no, the reporter that he
he was talking about what of a landslide. He won the electoral I was born. That is the this landslide ever and this guy was like absolutely not that he put out the staff yeah. I pulled out the stats. Everybody did better Obama, better George Herbert Walker did better George W did better, they all did better. I think it was the guy from CNN and then in the calm sea and then, as I got now, I got a new name for me. It's very fake news. Well, I don't know if it's that guy it's on Patent Oswald's twitter page, which he retweeted it that someone, said something about calling him out on his lives 'cause. He says what the run by the biggest landslide ever and then this other guy comes in like someone who is that overt with their ego like that's, never been a part of the White House before it's so strange to see, and I just think that seems like already that's wearing on them,
Oh yes, like a crazy person, you could see it. It's he's. Unraveling and it's also like the people he's got a random. You know it not helping him at all. Is that a blunt with like black on the outside you son of a bitch, I'm a big fan of blunts io. He started smoking. I only smoke these a couple times, but Charlie Murphy got me on this AMA, when a I grown up in San Jose my cousins, all they did was smoke weed and one. My cousins. It was like a thing with him whenever I'd roll, a blunt he'd get mad at me. If it, If it wasn't as was possible, you get mad yeah. He really do this to us rag into it, and then they would only get mad. But he'd like give me so like I had put tobacco inside toner, it's just the outside okay, but it's just if you don't roll it fat enough. I see we send the tobacco leaf on the outside now. Those what's really weird is those tobacco leaves '
are the that's the same! Leave this on cigars, but you don't inhale cigars, but you inhale, listen, see get so up from these things in a weird way. It's a little bit! Next to him I mean I, I there's a lot it's battling. It's like it's six to pity and, and and peace are battling together. I am love weed weeds, my fave I remember when I had to tell my mom that your weed, smoker she found weed in my. In my room, Frank, and then you told me she was like every year from yeah. She was like if I ever catch you smoking weed just like I'm going to beat the shit out of you, but then the set- and I turned eighteen she was just like and then it started to become legal. She was like the first person to try to get a card really yeah. My mom smokes tons of my mom's party areas. Why was she worried about you because she, when she was young, she did a lot of crazy stuff. She was going to ruin your life as usual on me to you, know, get crazy. Well,
people always resist the idea that the children become adults, it bothers and it bothers them. Children are going to face the same tests. You know when you you realize, like you, think, about all the stupid the barely survived yeah. I got right like what about my kids they're, going to have to make those same stupid mistakes, and then you know people want a helicopter parent nerve, the world, I'm good yeah, my momma, my mom loves me, so she she can images a care. She had me when, like nineteen, so when she was, I she just doesn't want me to turn out to be a bag, which I mean, I think I'm not gonna bit yeah dude you're a man, you don't exactly made it through. What is this yeah? Ok play the 'cause. This is the Trump saying something then the reporter correcting them. Listen us. Is it not going through
we have a little bit of a sound here, 'cause, bring it all the way back to the beginning. Six electoral college votes- I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan said today that you had the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan was three hundred four three hundred and six electoral votes. In fact, President Obama got three hundred and sixty five and still I'm still getting better because Obama, three hundred and thirty, two and George Hw Bush, four hundred and twenty six. When one as president, so why should Americans trust? Well? No, I was told I was given that information. I don't know I was just given. We had a very, very big margin, watch american funds for you when you accuse the information they receive in the face when you're providing information as well. I don't know I was given that information. I was give I've actually I've seen that in for nation around, but it was a very substantial victory. Do you agree with that?
Yes, this is craziness. This is crazy. It's like you saw him adjust, admit sent that's where he was like. I talking about Republicans and then it turns this guy hit him with the bomb. It's almost like he verbal boxed him like he set him up with that, because he had Herbert Walker in his pocket. He built up, you know he Obama and then it's easy is our talk about Republicans and then he feels like look at this George Herbert Walker Bush bitch Boom, which was like what is it four hundred and fifty five? He won by a landslide yeah, damn and then what it Ella. What trump did he just goes? Yeah, it's just weird that sort the information I was given like you want to something funny when they did the roast battle this great moment. Just for me, as a hispanic man, I told that banned Trump joke was I don't know, there's a joke. I did, and it was it was the lady got fired from SNL right. The joke I did was
Dan. Halen was the one who wrote it and he kept. He pushed me so hard to do it, and I was like I don't know. If I can do is like no man, you have to do this. One goes like fun. She, it was Anna could pass for a trial. She's got the body of melanija, the brains of Ivanka and a womb. Is she sure it's just a puts a play on words, the only Salario so, and it was just a good Joe Means and she's not better, and it's amazing, but it was it was just funny 'cause. It was like the next day. A conservative website wrote an article about it and the Nicole, was about how good the joke was because they were like this is how you don't write a Joe our this is swinging down against. You know the president's son. This is a great joke on plan. Words in this can get you to win and it was just so funny to see people low.
Let me like okay, this is a good joke. It was really weird that intelligent people thought it was okay to attack his kid yeah. You should I mean you should never just attack a person, especially a kid who doesn't mean. We hear it's weird, that people make these id. They just have these decisions. They make like that. Yeah a jury. It it's okay, because he's a kid of the enemy action. Now, just a little kid. I got a hold yourself to a higher standard. That's why I was like making that joke. I felt like it was. It was, I understand, but the, but that is good that you have that higher standard, because I think we all recognize that the base idea that base instinct axioms kid like that. The best part, though, was after that someone came up to me and they were just like. We don't want you to not make jokes. We just want you. If you could, please you know not mention Beren Trump anymore, that be great yeah like
Don't make a habit of yeah I was just like. I was like no, I mean I'm not gonna, but I was like thanks. I was like on its feels cool. They told me to not do something I was like. Oh that's, great dude, you a rebel, but it's a really good show because you said it's a play on words. It's not mean at all: it's not meet at all. Nor is it really a joke about him. It's just his name. That's a great joke! That's a pretty pretty flawless joke when to that. Subject. You know yeah that all your bases cocking right on the line- that's that's some people would just say you're crossed but I think that's up there wrong and I think that's a perfect point. 'cause. It's like you have to not make these find fine, but it's like as comedians. That's our job Brent. We had, not push the boundaries and, like say terrible things, but it's like you see a challenge. You see how we can more than one when you see a guy like Trump going through this? Whatever he's going to right now, do you think that that's just the way this is just total speculation? Do you think? That's the
weight of all these people that are upset at him. Do you think, that's the magnitude of the job? I think this is just who he is. I don't know if this is who he is uhm. I think he definitely, I think, from what we can see is he definitely stepped into a job. He thought he could do and now he's just like oh okay, cuz there's. Definitely sometimes where you watch him and you see him try to run it like a business or the way he talks to people it's just like. Oh that's, the way a boss would talk to someone he thinks is employed by him yeah. I think it's also go through the scrutiny of some of the smartest people in the world have ma'am, and I don't think he ever has been through that and I think he's gone through the scrutiny of the J Republican, entertainment, sense and and sort of cultural, icon sense in term of this billionaire flamboyant Karak puts his name all these fabulous buildings and runs casinos and all that stuff mean that's how we thought of them. He's like a bad ironman. Well, he's
no he's Donald Trump. I mean he's you don't get to be that successful out some crazy drive to win, and sometimes you know you get. This blinders, sort of almost Bullhead determination forward and guys, like that, conquered world you know, that's the real deal. Man I mean that's really what it is: mindset that it's not always correct, but it's somehow another almost always prosperous and they can get through they can get through, but I think the guy like that, it was so business savvy and so is good at making money and some would argue, maybe you're right. Maybe I'm wrong. You know that he just invested his dad's money, I've heard of them, but he still made a lot of fucking money yeah right. Maybe who knows how much. I don't know how much money he's got money, that's for sure, riches, fuck yeah and I feel like all throughout history those guys that have done that have been like conquerors,
he's just he's just getting to do it in business. Yes, you know now he's trying to do it on a global scale, but I think that that's almost like the mindset of those like super billionaire, I mean they have like conquerors, genetics or something. Oh yeah he's got like a little bit of Alexander in yeah, but I think there's just humans like that, but now those humans find themselves in business like these. Like super winner characters, you know fuck what you care about fuck, what you think you know this we're going to do it yeah sometimes I feel like I have that drive do you know what I mean where it's like now, especially where it's like I get that you know what I mean like that drivers like pocket deal. Let's just work hard and get this shit done yeah. Well, I don't know. If that's what he's got I mean it definitely think he's got some of that yeah I mean it's def only misplaced in an odd direction. Well, it's just under the scrutiny of all these insanely intelligent people. Now it's just really really fasting like that reporter, like that,
that kind of interaction is a new thing to him. Oh yeah, it's just the way he communicates, I don't think he's ever been in a situation where I think he's always been in a situation where he definitely feels and thinks he's like. I'm definitely the smartest person in the room right now but like when you put up, up against some of there are more intelligent and, like also have their shit ready in their facts. He he doesn't know how to like handle that and then he just like breaks down in a sense what you just saw. You know he liked changes words any like it's really interesting from a psychological perspective. You know, Howard Stern, had a really fascinating, take on it and his take on it was that Trump really wants. He loved and then some bad job for him. Because of that, oh yeah 'cause is the president. There's. No president, that's ever been universally loved. I feel you know every president like Either people love you or people hate you yeah, it's one of the other. It doesn't it
Never like. I can live with them. Yeah. You know like some people were like. I could live with them with George W after nine hundred and eleven Approval rating went through the roof. Remember that yeah I do 'cause. He made us feel better. He did now like we said: ok well, when some shit goes down. This is the kind of guy you want there. Some guy, who gives a real good speech right afterwards, has his strong military backing. Ok, this is what we need right now. And in a lot of ways you know that that was what you need after some sort of a global crisis like that, you need some, the elite are yeah, so that was probably like the one time that I can remember just and it wasn't that long before people giving up on him again. You know after mission accomplished, maybe that that was like. The beginning of the end, once they did that they had that add a warship with uh giant mission accomplished banner in the background and the war is, you know, goes on for like seven years right, so we wanna. When
did the war end there? How much later after that mission accomplished in the war actually end? favor is. There was a dude whose job it was to go. Get that printed up. Oh my god he's probably just staring at it. Like someone saying someone talked to him and they said Sir, it's over beautiful, perfect, put up the Let's do this. The mission accomplished. That seems like a scene in a movie. Doesn't it when you look at that photo? It's like. Is that real? Is that really what happened? Folks? As you get old- and you see this thing going on, you see these people, we see the presidents and you see the White House and Congress and you realize after awhile. Oh, these are all just people yeah. These are all just people, human beings- and there are I'm trapped in this system that they've constructed in order to dictate where they go, when they go, how much
they get and how they can live I mean that's really. What it is is a series of laws, the Jenna ideas there to protect you and your interest, but in a lot of ways not really now we just trust. It's just a system assist remote control that we all agree to yeah man. You know, I think, that's, funny 'cause, it's like the more stuff that happens with him and then just seeing everything the more and more I'm just like this isn't real. This is all just. This has to be a joke. Yeah, it feels doesn't feel real, but it never did. It feels less and less real with time. Now it does you. I mean you always make this job right, we're in a simulation, yeah and there's many a day were all just specially going on the road. If you're just being here just anywhere, I'm just like always This is a simulation. This is definitely the simulation I'd be playing yeah. It seems like this is a fun to play, it seem like there's a lot of game elements in. It seems like there's good decisions.
Bad decision for each yeah. It's a weird, weird third world that you live in when a popular person wins. The popularity contest for the first time like some who decides that they're going to run things like there's? Never been a guy like Trump who's run, a country like that it just became like a really popular person and then just took over the country fascinating absolutely inside. My David are just the people who follow. That's like I can't I love just watching them and talking them. Some people are happy that there's chaos yeah no mistake about that. There's people that are happy that he's in there, because they think that the system that is in place, was insanely corrupt and I think they're right there banking on him being the solution to that. You know because of his business savvy. I don't understand politics or finances enough to know if there right, I don't,
but I know that, like culturally, it's weird the whole thing is weird I feel, like you know the difference between right and wrong yeah. I would hope so you know it's not even it's not necessary. I think it's an impossible job. Oh yeah. I really do. I think it's. I think we should phase it out. I think we should figure out how to get a large group of people. You know I think, go as many as like a dozen and have these p work it out, like really smart people, all scientists now different different disciplines. I think you have to have people from the medical profession. You'd have to have people from the scientific communities, biology, astrophysics you'd have to have people that are predicting like what's going on with asteroids, we cool is everything cool, or should we just so we just fuck it do whatever we want, because we're going to get hit by a giant rock forty miles wide. So in ten years, so we just chill how we do yeah. I need
people, smarter than Maine, Edificant aside stuff, like that 'cause ones. Words like like I'm an idiot, but I'm also ' pretty kind of well versed on a lot of things yeah, but I mean I don't know anything about finances. I mean I like to think I know a little bit about politics, but I mean, if there's a group of scientists and people that are really designed design I'd. Much rather have that than one dude. Who is not a big, observe many people yeah, I'm exactly like that. I don't know shit about politics, but I do know talk about it, people we should talk about something, I'm not I'm, not even a study that crazy system? I think it's ridiculous. You can kiss my people out to give you money and then you do things that they want you to do. Yeah donate money to you and then you make decisions that benefit them and what we're for real there are
yeah. I don't need to be smart to know that that seems a little bit fucking weird, that systems crazy, it's just old as fuck and that's how they had to do in the 1700s two thousand and seventeen. We could come up with a better system this across the board. You know like ever and stripping about the immigration which there deporting illegals and stuff The really are huh yeah, that's. How is it more than they used to deport people with how much they used to deport their still deporting regular amounts of people from what I understand from what I've looked it, but the thing that I'm worried about- and that worries me is that it's like there's certain people that obviously are illegal here and are getting send back, not all of them, but just the fact that there's some that are getting sent back that are american concerns. Me you know and there's some that are really cool as fuck 'cause, I mean I have family members that are real fucking cool, fuck, yeah. There's there's a lot of really nice people. I make this joke now, where it's like, I joke about, losing my id and how
that's going to be a big problem for me now it's like if I get stopped, and then I have to convince this, do that I'm american! You know, I mean a lot of people that hear me The joker like. That's, not real, that's deal with. That's dumb fears like you can just talk to them and it's like yeah, maybe what, if that guy, is having a fucking bad day and also don't you think, like every other Mexican, that gets cotton. That is going to be trying to give the exact same speech. I am yeah one hundred percent man, it's just it's weird, because they're really only targeting Mexican, round California you're not going to deport Canadians hot blonde, ass, hot blonde girl from Vancouver and we're going to send her home. The fuck outta here is not only targeting Mexicans right now would assume why people are going crazy right now, dude, he doesn't know shit about immigration pen taking our jobs, it is my favorite it limousine liberal my face for two. Is that it's like you know. I talk about these things and stuff in a very joking manner, but these are real problem. Certain people are having an eye
went to a small show and it was in a house, and it was just a lot of like white chick white guys, which is fine. You know what I mean, but I just see some of them start to get uncomfortable at the things I was saying, but it's like you know what that's fine yeah build a wall. I just feel like one day: that's not going to be build the wall. Now I don't think there was going to be really. I don't think I don't think I don't think there's going to be, and I don't think this is a great idea like a new world order. Yeah, you know, like I do yeah like one government to rule the world, but I it would be really nice if people could go wherever the fuck they want. I just feel like the idea that you can like legally restrict people's movement based on patches of dirt, they were shit out onto, is pretty ridiculous. It just seems like that's going to go away go away a hundred years. Now it's going go away thousand years now is preposterous like. What's the point people I mean whenever I to people about the immigration thing, people always and I respect people
and I'll listen and I'm willing to learn and, like all was, and we have to say, and if it's terriblr I'll probably make fun of you a little bit. That's just how I deal with things, but it's like California used to be a part of Mexico if you look at the history of the buy it now, it was a week threw myself into white people, even though my parents are all immigrants our own Colonus, but it was. I mean, that's why. Many though I did people do do that. Like I said you know we we had a we, I cable, we kill off the Indians, that's zero direct connection to me and then the in the in death are absolutely, but you know they'll say we did it yeah. You know we came here. We pushed out the native Americans a week. Let's just wait and it's one of the c pushed out yeah I mean it's like now. It was pushed. It's not very nice term, so what we did to them. I said until yeah, but that,
The thing is supernatural supernatural: do it's super easy to get locked up in the little tribes? We just got to give it up yeah we got to give it up. It's stupid, it is right, golden dumb, it's so dumb, but I find for teams. Yes, you want to play sports. It's awesome. Cleveland's gonna tell you going to lose, we gotta fucking go there represent. We need a big asteroid. Fucking unify everybody. It would do that they would. I saw what nine hundred and eleven did to New Yorkers. I guarantee you if we had some sort of a mega disaster, the people that survive would be nicer to each other and they would realize how fortunate we are we've. Just we've been in a time of peace for so long yep. We can't in like. We can't like in a conscious sense, rap our head around the that at any moment there could be a forty five thousand mile an hour chunk of rock
that slams into us yeah. We don't happen at any time. We all think we're invincible. Do does a scary for the dog they're supposed to like nine hundred thousand near earth objects between us and and Jupiter yeah. It's crazy! This is not right. Do you see, there's a hope, I'm wrong about. But if it's something scary, that at some insane number Tyson, I am died, of the earth, the earth and disk space yeah. I think you should be real clear. I mean that's the only Tyson right now, I'm just getting just I'm sorry what it would be put up. I put a post, it was on his instagram. It was just a diagram of the solar system like rotating, but then it showed like because we're technically the universe and university. It shows just like just a group. I was just all. I realize that we're not stationary in the universe exploded.
Full it's. You realize like it's in a long time for it to make that motion. You know you're looking at over millions and billions of years, but that is what it's doing yeah I had to this. Is our world is spinning around a giant nuclear explosion? That's hurling toward something. What it looks like is. If someone launched some sort of a clear bullet and we're looking at it. In slow motion crazy, like a bug, gun, launched a son bullet, I mean that's okay, that it's just our version of time is so so brief that we can't appreciate that this thing is in motion, because it's motion requires billion of years to complete it's literally like a bullet getting shot through the can and all those things around it are particles there sort of connected to it like
fragments of it as it hurls through infinity without us we're just a speck in the history, so some members in class- and they did it- in the in the time of history, and the time is in the time of the universe, Humana is just a second yeah. It's not even that nothing, it's nothing which just a little tiny how many more near earth objects. Okay, fifteen I in six hundred and twenty nine near earth objects have been discovered. Some eight hundred and seventy six of those are Astro with a diameter of approximately one kilometer or larger one thousand, seven hundred God, potentially hazardous. Seventeen thousand one hundred and eighty five of these near earth objects have been classified as potentially hazardous, asteroids or Ph Aze Jesus Christ. You know when they have just three letters: it's serious they broke it down. Potentially, has
this asteroid one thousand seven hundred in eighty five, I was thinking of last just lost another thing. I was talking with my friend what, if one doesn't hit earth but crashes in the moon and just fast? Oh yeah, it's not good, it's all bad! It's all bad! There's most people who think the moon is a hologram. It's definitely not real. There was one that slammed into Jupiter that the explode created. This was so big. It was believed it was like almost the size of the earth itself. Oh, my God, apparently, is the reason why we alive because Jupiter so massive that it everything it's like our protector. It's like our guard dog. Look at this impact watch this impact it the craziest. Look at that boom. That's an asteroidal impact on Jupiter. It was the size It was the size of earth what the man why in the fuck,
size of the whole earth. This is the size of everything on this planet, get the out of we are so insane. That's one of those models that you can't even like. If that happened here on earth, he couldn't run from it. That's one of those moments where you look at it and you're like this is going to happen. You know that's what they say earth is that earth is earth two and that there was an earth one and earth one got hit by another planet and that's what created the moon yeah. That's like, I think that's the most current theory of how the the earth and the moon were formed, a weather so close to each other a diagram of an asteroid hitting earth. One is what they described as excited, and then it just shows like how we spin off and just a piece of it. Just so there's a good diagram of how that's a pretty great there now do is the moon that it's interesting, that the moon doesn't spin the way the earth spins right. It has a different spin. It's
turns around us, but it does it spin on its axis as well. Is that a stupid question? Probably right? I just don't understand gravity, so I should probably up the mood orbits earth every once every twenty seven point. Three hundred two days takes probably approximate. Twenty the days the moon to rotate on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observe from the earth to be almost perfectly still. Scientists call this synchronous rotation as in aiding wow cool, so we're both speak to it's just the way we spend in the way it spends appears to us that it's not spinning. Well, it's not. It's amazing. Do the moon is our fucking cry, easy thing, there's something one slash four the size of us: it's dead as fuck, and it's just
Floating in the sky, it's like having a dead body next to your house that you never talk about, but you just look at a canine he's, look at it on your way to school. There's some dude who's got skeleton on a bench. He just sitting That's what we could be. We could easily be that stupid. Fucking moon, floating into the universe, would not give a shit now. Universe doesn't care. The universe does not give a fuck. If there's water in Arizona, it doesn't care. My we're just seeing the moon during the day and you're, just like oh wow, that's trippy, but really fucking cool. It is so have people smarter than us out there. So we can find this out to match I had to figure out what was going on. Oh we'd, be fucking, dumb would be done. I just be making funny stuff. Are there showing how it works here. How is the moon spends? Every part of it is essentially the same part.
That's kind of fascinating, so the way the earth spins the way the moon spends. It did rotates at such a synchronous order that it looks like it's not. Spending social science is just such a fucking, incredible thing that someone could figure that out and they could tell you and then you don't have to figure it out on your own, like 'cause. That's this too much work involved yeah engine. If you were to figure out you know what is nuclear physics? You know what is what's an Adam with so on your own. No, it's the weirdest thing about people that we all act collectively, whether we know it or not. We all act collectively and without that I feel, like I have a booger in my nose doing. It was uh, embarrassing everybody right if you have a something's, probably wrong with your nose, but to have one or talk about it. That's like childhood, hey! I got a boogie yeah like you, catch your kids, picking their nose hey get out of there! Stop digging in there. Is that good feeling, very embarrassing, good feeling, picking out a bugger? It's so satisfying that dude ever
I seventy one traffic sure best, no ones looking you're just going at it. I had my nose fixed. I had the deviated septum and after I after I had my nose fixed. I was blowing out the most disgusting blood booger because it was all like scabs and I would blow it out and it would be giant food giant like the size of a thumb. Jesus was Cray, Eazy. I showed it to Thompson girl once we're at the airport and blew my nose intuitive Chicago dude. You gotta look at this and he looked. They draw I eat is like the appreciated, though right he really had a hard time. Looking at it right, that's my fave just gross and at your friends yeah, but that's one thing that fear factor killed dead in Maine. Oh grocery, that's one of 'em right now, wow yeah that came out of my nose, Son Jesus yeah. That was real. I feel you could name it. It was giant. I was like that
doesn't even make sense. I know I'm disgusting, I showed you a booger it. Some more London is a I used to serve and I was bad in it. So I would get knocked under water all the time they were the first time I ever went. I didn't realize that there's like when you were kansi serving you, get water shoved up your nose all the time. So like there's. Just a moment where you'll be out doing something and it will all just release 'cause the pressures gone swimming, was like animals like talking. My girlfriend is something I was just talking to someone and then just all of a sudden. It just released, and I'm just talking them and just salt water. All over my face world. Just discussing that is disgusting. Two asterisk free can mean fuck out. We shouldn't have brought that up, that's one. They could just change everything yeah and they happen all the time like we just missed one one one came between us and the moon. Didn't it was
the one that, like recently came between us and the moon and hear Trump's going to build a wall or it's about to see if you can find out what those, by the way, let's go champ. Everyone calls me that now, let's go Champ Champ is such a great feeling. It's stupid too, like I gotta open microchip, do you know who Shannon the Cannon Briggs is, the name sounds really yeah hilarious instagram. I had him on the podcast. Let's go champ yeah! That's him! Let's go champ! That's where that's where that comes from this is authentic. Let's go! Champ hat from the Source- oh my god, that's the best. They felt it appropriate to wear our placements. You are now the roast battle champ. What happened January? Ninth GEN you're, not Jesus Christ, those last month, people, that's insane. Oh that's so scary were in a got damn shooting zone want to the shooting gallery. Isn't it to Randall Carlson was saying: is that how he described it? We really are he's right,
there's a bunch of shit out there. One thing this is seven hundred and something or another that could tell us. Asteroid came within the half the distance from earth to the moon flying through cislunar space. What is cislunar is I, like. The assassin was born with yes yeah, because that's this is gender to cislunar. Is that connected to fucking Idiot, doing new at this sir prefixes? What is the sis? What is the sis prefix? What is that? I mean there's someone on line right now, just screaming at it. Could you fucking idiot shouldn't talk about space cislunar space this morning, scientists at the cat This guy survey discovered the asteroid, which is being called? asteroid, two thousand and seventeen AG thirteen on Saturday discovered it on Saturday. Jesus covered on Saturday. Is that what they're saying quick, I think so yeah Oh my god. Fifty two uh
one hundred and eleven feet across was moving at about ten miles per second, oh mine miles per second with the same size as the asteroid that hit Russia in twenty thirteen. Besides the asteroid, coupled with how fast it was moving, and how hello. It salbato bright Nis made it difficult to view through a telescope. That's fucking fast. That is it's dark and they can it's so fast. I couldn't see it. That's insane. Would you rather be on these the fuck out of me man? Would you ever be on the asteroid or on the earth? You want to be right under where it hits you don't want to survive. You don't want to be eating people, you know just I don't want that to go down. You don't want to get to that spot or you eating people 'cause! That's where it goes it where it's where it goes when it gets down to almost everyone's dead and there's all
almost no life and there's almost no food and there's just all you need is one or two aggressive mean assholes, next. You know you justify some shit and you not one episode of the walking dead, asteroid, buzzed earth and moon so in January 25th. What is it another? One is a different one: Jesus Christ terrified jail today, This is the January 25th one. So the other one was January, six that was seven seven and seventy three thanks, my god, there tripping about Walsman Leitrim, asteroids. Oh my god. I found this one on the 20th pass between earth and the moon late Tuesday night. According to the clocks of the Americas, the sort closest approach was eleven. Five eastern time on January 24th, two thousand and seventeen that came within I don't know what that means. Zero point. Sixty eight lunar distances whoops got damn pop up windows, zero point. Sixty eight lunar distances about six hundred and sixty two one thousand two hundred and fifty two miles.
Slew broadcast, to show about this asteroid last night, which you can see in the video above and what website isthisearthsky dot org. But most of this information is keeps coming from Slough, which is in Servitore, Thank God. Those guys are watching to see death coming with another God. Damn thing we do about it. I think they tell do you think they, if an asteroid, is going to hit earth. Do you think they tell Trump? No, I don't know what you do. What do you do? If you know everybody's dead yeah? Do you think he tells us like? If they but if you're not even to be trouble, do you think if you're the president, you find out the world's going to end because of an asteroid? Do you tell everybody? Well, no one wants to feel completely totally helpless yeah, but we absolutely are we've been hit by planets you fucks? We could get goodbye god damn planet. Well, I don't know if you guys know this, but they think they another fucking planet at the end of our solar system. Now
we don't know where it is, but they think it's six times bigger than the earth. I've actually heard that there's been long. It see it because of the shadows of assumption things crazy. This universe is crazy. There's rogue planets rogue planets go flying around and slam into other planets like billiard balls, then they find a planet that they think is literally just a diamond did. I was, I was high as fuck once and I went outside and it was foggy and the moon was full and it foggy, and so it was this crazy illusion, like there was a enormous moon flying in the sky in Orme Smooth like many many times larger than the moon itself, like it was uh like another planet like just hovering right over us because of the of the moon, and I remember looking at that man and thinking to myself that could that could be another reality like there could be, and uh
planet somewhere out there in the universe. That is looking up at this gigantic thing. That's like a out of another planet, just floating wrote right above you then there's three every where there everywhere they keep finding new ones which is just flying through this shoe huge storm of planets in nuclear explosions. Man, that's crazier than anything that we that we ever contemplate on this earth, while we're alive yeah the very nature of space itself. There's, I think, there's a diagram of like the biggest son, a star they found in the universe, and then they compare
to ours. Current son, Petit, ST and it's just it's unfathomable, a bag is insane one of the cool. I guess it's a demo. It's an at that location on the v r thing. I've got on the a c c five you can go into space and I'd like generate planets and send them in orbit and you're standing in the middle of it, and you can make that I like out this entire yeah, are and then watch what it looks like when you send the earth around and they explode into each other. You can you can just keep make them pop up in one of our hours. It looks super cool looking while, for God, Damn universe stand by my girlfriend super into science. Conspiracy, things of this little all we talk about. Well, I think that you're going to get to a point where virtual reality is gonna, be able to re created a journey through space like an h d, o yeah? If they can, if they can figure out a way to take really good
photo like some of the more recent photos. They've been able to take with those satellites at the launch into space, they're they're the incredible detail of all these different planets. I mean to be able to do that like to put on one of those HTC Vives and fly through space in ST just feel what it would be like to circle Jupiter in like look down at it. You know that's something you get lost in for oh, I would love to do just weed and mushrooms on that would be crazy. You might not even need it dude, you might go into a natural psychedelic state if you could get something or you could in a float tank on an htc Vive and go for real right and go flying through like the rings of Saturn, and to be like that close and to have like the correct well watch this incredible moment in Indian.
I could release is over one hundred satellites into space in a new world record. Why it see that's another thing: a space junk. Eighty eight of Amer Troy are gonna. Try to take up. Picture every single day also seems like they're trying to do exactly almost like you're trying to talk about right. There. Did you see? There's there was a some sort of a plan to collect space junk that failed. Did you hear about that. That in there, but what is a japanese yeah, yeah space Johnson, saying And that's where the part where we're at is where we got to build something to go collect all the space junk were crazy. We left shit floating the sky above our head, metal wheel, of metal in the sky above our head. Oh it failed. That's great! Japanese space junk remover experiment has failed in orbit. Would what happen
What is it saying? What does that mean that there's more junk mail in space? I don't know if that I don't know if they made it back and couldn't catch it. The system, hi by japanese space Agency and a fishing net company should have unfurled a seven hundred meter tether from space station rest resupply vehicle that was returning to earth. According to Jaxa scientist, however, the system appears to have faltered space junk. Is a growing problem in low earth orbit since the beginning of the space age debris as small as flex of paint wow in large as whole satellites in parts of rocket boosters have. Accumulating and is estimated that over one hundred million in the pieces of junk, while thousands of pieces that are over ten centimeters in size are whizzing around our planet from
that's like moving shrapnel. Oh my god we're so crazy people are so, Nanna said just keep launch new shit up there. They like look it's already. Let's launch one hundred more new ones: money didn't elom musk. They want to launch certain like crazy number of a space. Xbox is like one. A month later, It's true. They leaving debris in space. Two I don't know. I'm not sure. Is that breaking the thing back, so maybe not yeah right. If you can, get something that you can shoot up there and then bring back what you go to sleep, If you go in park you you wouldn't even just I mean if it was just like up top and then come right back down at hold joke about that. I go look up,
you were already in space, could going out there. It's like just go into a shittier neighborhood. You want to check out the shooting road. Now you getting planes all the time, but if it just went a little higher yeah exactly well, it doesn't that's why I get in place. Well, I think that's what's fucked, I think there's going to get to a point where the planes are going to get two places faster, they're, going to use the orbit and go up high and then come right back then or you smoke a joint go to Joshua Tree and lay on your back, and you realize you are already in space you're already here where in these were just in the best possible neighborhood. Let's just be thankful, just be super lucky that we're here we don't. We work out on the moon with there's, no air, that's true, yeah man, I mean you like extreme stuff. You wouldn't want to see what it was like fuck you. I don't like things that will definitely kill you. Ok and the like going to space can definitely kill you absolutely like. It goes wrong a lot. It goes wrong. A lot of those folks like I'm for the height, so I'll probably never go, but that move
the gravity, oh yeah, that would be freaked me the fuck out, oh yeah, I'm sitting there going Jesus get back down there I get down. Cortana that anxiety, so real is part of what the fuck out of there you're floating in space. You hear things crashed again, but they don't make any sound or you see them crash together, but there's no sound. That was a freaky part of that move. Where there's no sound in space because there's no oxygen, there's no air there's nothing to carry it. There's nothing! No atmosphere! You don't hear it. Some makes sense, though, but so too real quick on that jack. The ask for the hit Jupiter. It wasn't the size of earth. The explosion was the size of Erzuah, however difference that makes. But so you know the explosion was aside. Verse yeah. I think we said that pretty sure I'm just making sure yeah yeah, I don't think the Astros as if it was a big, would be like another flying around yeah. Well, that has happened, though. That's what we're saying I don't know
I mean. Who knows how often does happen, but they think that's how it will be same for the best see if you could find that earth one and earth two. I think that's what they're saying that that was the most recent theory of how the moon was created, that the moon is actually made out of the same shit that were made out of dead as fuck floating sky. Our brother dead brother floating overhead every day, but only like ten. A toddler bed. It's like the one that still attached us do it I mean it is when it's like right. Thank me us I could be so lucky, so I'm going to work hard with Picheny complain. Weird. Because it will all this information, like I'm sure, was probably around when my parents are my age, but in order to go get you have to do a lot of traveling. You had to read books to you. School yet, like you, could just google it
no everything so readily available. Now, tony things like for comics. This is like the best time ever. Reading material. Absolutely that's why it's like I mean I talk about Trump and all the time, but it's like I've never seen a president just given us so much stuff to work with a comma, said this to me: he like he was like I'm not going to dump truck. So it's like why not and he's like 'cause that dudes doing funnier shit than anything I'll ever be able to write. I feel I feel bad about it This fear. It just doesn't feel this is my feeling it doesn't feel like everybody's happy now everyone is not happy and well People aren't happy on both sides like this seems to be all this fucking yeah. It seems super tense right now, no one, I think we're done with this when no one's willing to listen and learn everyone's just willing to shout as loud as possible. Yeah people just going to be nice. That's why I like doing standup about it. 'cause it's like if I can make both so I'd laugh at this. This
good things, I'm saying when they're in a way agreeing with me and then on the way can hopefully learn a little bit different yeah. I think we're too much of a bunch of babies to have a left side right time? Yes, I think we're too much of babies were squawking too much. You know if we could figure out a way to get rid of that that whole whole inclination to want a left and a right. The whole inclination just seems to me that it's a so easy to pick a team and to get locked into that teams. Mindset locked in the team's goals locked in that teams. Ideology say this shit that other people in the I see so many people that right your tweets now and afterwards. They write sad since then it's hilarious. I mean it's kind of funny in an ironic way if they mean it. Ironically, it's weird, but it's it's
really funny when they don't mean it ironically, yeah they're, like mimicking the way trump tweets. Yeah I see it's it's so common. Now we had, we had a president, the tweets and now it's amazing hope you know. Bama did too. I know right shit, you know what the fuck they're talking about that was is what I could find contacts giant impact creates moon scientist theory on a giant impact model seeking to explain the moons creation. Experts believe that an object that crashed into earth led to debris that later formed the moon. New theory says that incident also created a smaller second moon wo, or that answer these two moons right here. It says they they collided to create what we see now. Oh Jesus Christ yeah. It was really hard finding stuff on this earth. One earth two step really brings up the stuff on DC wow. How would they figure these fucking people are so god damn smart. Look at this
Their theory also says the slow impact force most of the smaller moon too attached to the side of the moon as a thick new. Layer of the lunar cross. How the fuck did you figure that out there destined to collide, there's no way out yeah? You should freak out folks, everyone should freak out and then let's relax, nobody likes. This is, what's the most important thing to realize, no matter what were in space, no matter what you know, what you send the reality of what you're. Looking at what you're focusing on. If you look close to your Your neighborhood or your your city or your country. All of it is taking place in this ball hurling through in fit. Yes like that is it's all figured, we, we we're creating all these social constructs mother. There you got to deal with them. Yeah I mean you got to deal with the consequences of you know it things up over here. Yeah.
These Hitler felt fellows you get a Hitler really, but do you know he's not going to catch it huh in and out of 'em? No, no leading to get some page. Well, I'm not saying he's Hitler. I was actually talking about Hitler. I wasn't talking about like like what people call other people, it he's like Hitler. I never use that term and I don't think he is like Hitler know, know 'cause he's not killing people and also they help. There's a whole told different know: Hitler was Hitler yeah, solar, it's so stupid. I think Burr had a bit about it. He has on his new special, have you seen
You haven't seen I seriously special so great. I saw him do this Dana by need. I need to sit down and watch. It was my phone, my favorites, my favorites, watching him pop in the store and do it and I watched him do that. But it's such a funny bit 'cause he's got a great point yeah. He definitely does and I think it's a tired word. It is no one's going to bring that fucking mustache back though I'll do it. You think so I'll bring back. Now. Already did it once more on stage, people are so angry at him. He's a drama due, do it. I would you pass it's so funny it's a funny, the things that we find offensive yeah, it's a weird time. That yeah it is People are getting really upset upset at people. Talking about. You know pretty much any so jack that isn't about them as an individual and then, if you like, if you do a subject, if your way man, you should be writing entirely
about what a white man does period. That's it just about white men and even then you shouldn't be doing it 'cause. You should shut the fuck up now yeah. Now I want things like you could say whatever you can, I believe in freedom of speech more than anything, but I also believe that you have to deal with the consequences of what you say: fuck yeah, but it's all like we have to stop looking at each other's groups. Yeah, you know as men's groups as white women's groups with it's silly or just a bunch of fucking people were going to look in each other as these groups base. So what we look like or what part the country were in and that's eventually going to move to other countries is just going to time, is wonder, went you know, because the kind of relationship that we have with each other all piled in together in a city like this and living so after billion for the most part like relatively low crime, even in a place like LOS Angeles, and really consider it yeah that never existed in history. This the new thing, so people get better at life. They
get better at figuring, it out, I think, we're better now than ever before, even though we still fuck it up, but we're real close to one day recognizing other can she's just like states, just like you know, like you, could just pack up and move to Florida. No there's going to be situations like that where people just go all over the and go wherever they want. Yeah, it's going to be weird. It's going to! I mean it's also, just progress, someone said is like progress is measured, Jen we erred by tombstone by tombstone yeah, make sense. True, ok, I look at my grand father in like he's. I love him to death, and but he was an immigrant in this country and he felt certain way around other people and races, and those all those things were like I growing up growing up around that. I realize, like oh, that's, just kind of the way he thinks I don't have to think that way. I can try people nice and be cool with everybody, yeah yeah. It's. I think that more parent. Now than ever before. Yeah I think that's peep were more aware of
the similarities that we all share versus the difference is more than ever before, and people are more vocal. I think anytime in my life that I remember I'm sure that during the civil rights movement, people were very vocal about racial racial. Lights and you know when putting out or stopping out racial hatred I don't remember it being like as much in the public forum as it is during the last like say like maybe ten years or so it seems like the people have they're much more organized in their ability to protest, edge, gay people to plain things to show things that people might not have been aware of before. I think it's a lot just social media and just the inter and having all that just readily more available yeah. There's. Definitely that I think people like, I think people arguing having these conversations are super important, even if they do get
chaudi and stuff 'cause. That's, I think, that's how you learn as you have to have these awkward, hard conversations yeah and there it's really hard. It's hard to it's hard to think that every time you you buy anything anytime, you anytime you any kind of interacting with someone, your this, a lot of the stuff that you're getting is coming from places where people live, hard, lives, like really hard lies. Like the people argue. Well, hey we've talked about this recently there like well, hey you know, that's how countries grow and prosper you know they have to start out this way, and they have this, for you know, revolution, industrial revolution and all these people. These are manufacturing things a the status. Life goes up. The quality of life goes up your living much better than they ever lived before The only like us, yeah right is it is it's! Ok, I don't yeah. They went from mud, mud huts to straw
or whatever a better comparison. What we were talking about, those Foxconn works that work to make iphones phones, the jump off the roof and input ness yeah. Do those people stuck in terrible jobs. Tell me that when you read a history book a thousand years from now, and they talk about what kind of barbarians we are two thousand and seventeen, they will start to talk about the rise of the machine? I was talking about the cell phone and they would like the people coveted the cell so much that they found a way to compartmentalize their ideas about slave labor, to the point where these people work sixteen hours a day in a gigantic concrete structure, making their beloved phones and they hated that job so much and they jumped off the building so much they put nets around the building, but the people kept buying phones, but didn't they have enough phones already they did they did he didn't care. They wanted many new phones, hi, more jumpers,
more meat for the greys did not want the pyramids, maybe potentially created by slave labor and they were worshipped things for ideally like. I think you know they use to think thieves slave. Well, we don't know for sure but yeah, but I think they don't think that now now they think the most recent theory is that they were very skilled workers. He has us, through the day, God yeah, that they were almost like praise, because yeah right about Shin, they could do go back to the ancient Greece, ancient Rome and their giant in places of worship, their god and whatnot. I'm sure those c made by regular worker, your right, but here's the thing like those things were like really like art. I think we look at buildings a little bit different when we think about like some being forced to build something yeah, we think of the person who's being forced to build it as being like a low paid worker, where, in those those environments that person might have been a God, damn superstar like a guy who could build a marble, kiss Colosseum, you know guys
building those pillars, people figuring out how to stack these gigantic stones perfectly. On top of each other, make stone pillars in how the did they figure. That out is I mean a jail at that this mark. I was lifting and he was telling other the maybe yes, but maybe they were all together, but maybe more likely. You have a lot of smart people, and then you had a few like Leonardo Davinci's, who were fucking geniuses, who had figured out a bunch of crazy, shed and was designing things and drawing things, and these these people are just like these rare blips of like soup. Power creativity that exist all throughout history may propel us forward. Yeah like I think it will. Jobs then sure he's one of those kind of guys yeah made yeah the Vinci, a camera which artist was, but they had they would make a These ideas and they'd have like the understudies, are People were almost as skilled as them do these things and make them yeah yeah, I mean
that's what happened with the pyramids and stuff. They probably had these people that are playing, but you also still need skilled workers to build these yeah. I think well, particularly, but something like the pyramids. You there's a tremendous amount of math involved and there doing this somehow or another when they didn't even have steel, not they supposedly had copper tools and they figured out some way to grind these stones so perfectly they just sit on top of each other just completely flat level b. Really stick again card in the crease. When I was looking up the stuff on the Foxconn factories that I remember the report said the reason why or the least that was their argument- why they weren't in America's because they had upwards of a thirty thousand mechanical engineers and all chronicle engineers at the ready. So those would be your skilled workers, Rhonda Starr slave labor is underneath them.
Those are the extra people that maybe that's why it's not. That makes sense, because I guess with something like that, where the demand is so high in the quality the standard. So I like, I phones, I think it say what you want about. Iphones I've dropped this stupid thing, seven or eight times it works great. You know I I'm just saying death. They can take a beating man, it's crazy. They can take a fucking These things are weird. When these, things take over. I think it's going to be an apple robot that takes I'm resisting that watch, but it's looking tempting tells you your heart rate. I bought my girlfriend one and she loves it, and I just don't maybe I don't wanna phones are going to be great, the new Iphone is going to be cool and they announce it soon. God damn it stop. They can't stop. Get back on. Your word duty bring. The machine. People are having romances acted to each other. Looking at each other through glass, whether wearing goggles there making phones, it's the only socialize they get to do. Do you think we might have a bounce back moment where it rebounds a little bit,
and Mumford and Sons takeover non bike that but like there might be a day when we we like you know if, if you know the plane written as we can stop it but like we need to stop all of our jobs from being taken. We're fucked already this drinking out of Mason jars and wearing fucking suede boots that shit you just resisting the inevitable. Sorry, no, no need a fiddle in the woods you're on the porch for the fiddle with your friends non ironically, singing together in perfect tune. How dare you I'm stop the rock? this way that music by now going how many feet and fitted be figure out ten miles a second for Jesus, try. I can't even comprehend how fast that is that it makes my whole body hurt she's here, just hearing that my just like Gold Limburg, oh. I remember I was living in San Jose when I found out. I remember it was like I will add really great. So can seizure and
it blew my mind all the time, and I remember listening to him and he was talking about when you look at stars, you're actually looking in the past technically, because it's been lights just hitting us taking so long to travel. This is something happened a long time ago, yeah the when they look deeper and deeper yeah verse to literally looking into a time machine and soak San Ramon. Might look it's hard. It's hard for your stupid little head to figure out what these people figured out, how they all had to agree on it. Okay, I know it's is gonna sound crazy, but I'm thinking is when we're looking at those stars where looking back in time like that's, why I was going to say, but I did send it to crazy. Ok, are we right? Let's look at this next, get the pads out starting calculated. How can you go okay? Do we when we go public with us? I think we're gonna think we're locked in. We have discovered that the US is four point: seven billion years old,
it's like we're waking up in the middle of this trip. It's like we are literally on a spaceship in the spaceship. Is her going Tord somewhere and in the middle of the waking up. We have to learn how to speak. We have to learn how to remember to write things down the we've already figured out. We have to be able to save those things, send down to the next people, so don't have to figure it out on their own and then the neck even the next will everybody work together and while this is happening, you're waking up in the middle of a space ship and it's the flying, so I guess I find it is a Sci FI movie. Did it literally is what's happening? Think about how information has been lost throughout time, yeah right like the pyramids. That's a perfect example: the great pyramid of Giza. If you look at all those insane photographs when they do those 3ds DIS make go over it. You know with with a drone and film it you just look at you go this. That is an insane accomplishment like I can't imagine what it feels like to be there
in real life. It wish it wasn't such a sketchy part of the world right now I would like to go over there. I mean I'll, be fine. I want to be a little bit longer. Be quiet dude. You would slip right in have a nice one that allows the white hats with lingerie style. I wouldn't get back and but I would totally totally melted. Shelby tulip right in Bro no problem, man that that hair gets a little bit. Scraggly are in your beard, you're good. You know and just talk about a sore throat now that is one of the jokes that I'm doing now that I really had fun with, which is like the idea of me getting deported and going back to Mexico and having just to be quiet the whole time 'cause you can't So I can't speak Spanish and I can like let them know. Does that piss off some Mexicans. Somebody can Americans that you can speak Spanish in San Jose. It did a little bit grown up. Some older Mexicans 'cause. It's like they look at me and they're, just like, oh god, what have we done? You don't even look at what cost is our freedom and our dreams, but it's
well. I didn't learn because there was a moment for my god. And parents and my mom my dad where it was like. We don't want him to want people to know, he's his right 'cause. It was like almost looked down upon that he's. Like your speech in Spanish in right, you have to speak English, blah blah, but now it's the it works like it's much more of a benefit to learn multiple languages. Well, I would think, if you're, a guy who could speak Spanish, you could work in all sorts of different countries in South America till yeah. You know what the fuck. We just had a serious leak, ladies and gentlemen, ha hilarious, going yeah. We had a serious leak in our building, it's fucking raining cats and dogs out there, making this building wet. We in trouble what, if it hits electricity use, and so we get
fuck outta here I don't know holy shit. I told you, I'm not good with electricity once it example of whatever well whatever happened, it seems to me like water pulled up somewhere and then they released. It sounds like it's right above us on that. I don't know where, if there's electronic wires up there or whatnot or how it could came in or what probably look the drama could be a great credit just to die, do don't die this. We can avoid this disaster again. Is the sky is letting us know. Probably of that we have no control the future. The universe is like yes, yes, stop talking about asteroids close. This is like listen bitch. You got your own problems to worry about just fucking water from the sky. You need water, there's all are fucker. What are some Mexicans are MOLO more Mexicans are cooler than now when they meet me, 'cause they're, just like the proud it's a sense of pride like a lot of magazines. San Jose hit me up like a lot of young kids after I won like hit me up like yeah fuck in San Jose blah blah and there
like you, I wanted to stand up and they asked me for advice, and now it's talent, man, just do MIKE's and shit. Yeah, I know, are you're in a great position right now, as being a guy was successful and OJ Go. Look. You got you gloves now We got a serious situation here, ladies and gentlemen, she's right by a light. Ok, not good. What shut the light off? No! Don't do that Just see what happens. I feel good about this. I did to you know just a leak just with the water pouring down Yes, so there are with their vacuum waiting parts of Northern California correct. I think that was I got it, I think, was a notification in case there's road close by because we need some of the hills is case, you're, an area where your road to being close, it wow I'd where to go, be
be ready to leave in case you dude. I went down laurel and there was a house that fell off the side of the cliff. Driving driving and watching like looking at those houses. Just I get anxiety just watching those houses had a giant back porch and it just broke off and slid down the side of the hill. Imagine just being that guy that, like made so much money that you were like. Finally, I get to enjoy my porch. It's raining. I get to look well, the Hollywood hills have work. So hard and then it's just like that, life changing disaster between your house brakes and slides down the hill that will change your fucking life. There was a whole house, it slid down the hill. You hear it again Jamie it's coming down hard here outside. I don't hear I heard like another there's a couple of trips, but then they stop. What we're just talking I'm so big mudslide house to house on. Was it on Topanga know, it was on Laurel was on Laurel coming up over Laurel Canyon? I don't know if
we're here like four five years ago there was a high, is it slid off the side of the hill wow and you could drive by and you see the house like it wasn't like that much of a hill either I mean you know decent, but whatever was behind. It was the problem it like kind of pushed it forward like the ground broke loose above it and pushed it forward and there's like a big ass lawsuit and lasted forever, but I would always drive by looking at that place going. This is this is supposed to happen like this like the earth. It shifts constantly like our idea that we could just pitch a tent forever and be fine is fucking ridiculous earths. Crust. Not that deep right, not enough for my taste, exactly just laugh at the bottom of it. I think. I'm probably gonna say something really stupid, though it's like seven miles deep, but I feel like it's not that deep yeah. I don't think it's that much more. And that I know there was this mining operation. I'd like to find out what the exact number is. There was some mining operation that
They were doing this article about how many miles is it James? What's up Kress average yeah I've visited, I had the radius is about four thousand miles, but it's the radius. So it's averages about eighteen miles, slow under the continents, but it's only about three, my under the ocean whoa, that's only about three miles out of the ocean and then lava. That's how like Hawaii gets brought up. God, damn I don't think that's demon for me, that seems weird were like there's a ball alive under our feet. Jesus cry, yeah we're just the crust over the sun yeah man. That's not good!. There was some article was saying that I read about a mining operation where they were talking about how warm it got as you got lower and lower deeper and deeper into the earth that you could literally feel the heat of the fucking law,
of all these assholes are drilling next to how did you hit wrong wrong God? You hit wrong. I can't even speak. You hit one wrong vein. Yeah, that's terrifying! I wonder if they that down to a science. Obviously they do, but do they know exactly that they're never going to like drill a hole into the lava and which spew out through the top like as if there's gonna be mistakes have been made. I teach you imagine if that happened here, these guys were trying to get more diamonds like there's like more diamonds are, but here's a deal for the the diamonds as the center of the earth there. So don't drill team we're gonna have to wear space suits that will allow you to use your hands. Is every service these going to be done on the keypad? You have the Ipad strapped to you, and you have to program it like this. Will try to suck the last diamond out and then they'll see the bubble of red With that last diamond hole was and then that's the last thing they say. Is the explosion as that hot lava shoots past them like a broken fire, hydrant
boom and right out of the surface of the earth? Just sprays lava into the sky for years and years is probably one chick was just like. I want that time it. How big that diamond? That's the diamond, killed everybody, and I need it for you to show me. You love me. There's a person like Mount there. You know there are. Oh I've done kid. Mad people, sexual Dario types are disgusting. I'm looking at diamonds right now, actually not diamonds, but an emerald. Dude engagement ring brutality. Mom again, you know those God. Damn things aren't even worth anything yeah. There are definitely have a bias reason why people buy it. For so much is because they've stockpiled, always diamonds. They control the price yeah. Exactly it's amazing, it's so smart yeah. We got to give it up for the Jews, strong marketing strategy. What is. Are they the Jews that run the diamonds is not a bad thing to say, people would say that that's racin
I'll tell you it's not racist if it's a positive quality, they're awesome of business how's that that racist It was every so sensitive the you can't even say something. J and J asked about a person's positive attributes that people think racist. My the Jews are good about business. What that's a good thing, good thing to be good with business. To find my uncle. When I told him I had an agent, he was just like. I have one piece of advice to give you and he was like he was like wow. He was like what kind of manager who was like? Oh he's like it with this company, is like don't like what he's jewish and he's like good job. Good move, and I was like what what no no the business that was the yeah that was always said to me. I was like that's. The weirdest thing is so funny to me. It's a weird thing, the jewish folks, because especially european Jews as more Nobel Prize winning Europe European European Jews. But I think anybody, it's really weird. Like there's a there's, a pillar of,
science or alleges that a pillar of pillars on a good word, a collective, of incredible mines that have come out of European Jews for some strange reason feel like they're all hilarious european Jews. Really thank you name one what is what why I was just saying, you're so very hard I keep going, how you want to keep going. Ok, I love smoking weed. He don't the high and say this: is it I'm good now ride it out yeah? Were you big, so got a grown up known until I was thirty yeah
which is in a surgery. We talk about diamonds, have years in the people that dig for like diamond dust and gold dust in the streets of New York that, like I don't know exactly which street it is beyond that that area, the diamond area yeah like doing exchanges and whatnot aha, when they're looking at him in the car and what not does gets on their pants and little little flex fall off and they get into the street into the dust. Here's a guy! Here's, a video, there's a got me by more people to do it now, obviously, but like will dig through the dirt and dust mystery cracks and whatnot, and they can take it home when they can find hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of like Diamond Dustin goal, Dustin Diamond for Lex and I'm sure occasionally they fucked get like really lucky and find a whole one. What they're like it's just based off of that's where all of it is happening? I think that one block in New York there passing yeah. Let's go panning yeah that's insane there panning for gold in front of these done in stores they found there but
wow. I thought maybe you'd heard about no dude wine. I lived in Manhattan. I live in New Rochelle. I couldn't afford to live in Manhattan. That's amazing, though, I've always want to move New York Newton, New York's crazy. But when I was living there, I was PO and I couldn't afford the park. You, I would had about get a really shitty apartment. The part of your pretty should too, but I would have had to get a parking spot I will pay every month woah, I did not yeah, it could be a lot of money to like thousands of dollars. So that's insane! Yes, I mean that's heisig, you go. I wonder what like a good good monthly rate for parking in a parking structure in New York City is pretty heard comics talk about it's pretty ridiculous, so a lot of them don't keep cars, because now you just anyway. You want take cabs and go all over the city, but back in the day,
If you wanted to live there and you want to do road trips, you have a place to keep your car and it was like insurmountable. For me, it was just there's no way to something at my in my day, I group being like something like seven hundred dollars a month just to park your car wow and I was like even then there's just so much traffic in New York yeah- and this is when I was making like three hundred and fifty weak so ridiculous, it's probably less than that now, but there's different areas. It looks like it's anywhere from three hundred plus up three hundred and seventy five there's different garages. Interesting, and so so you can get it as low as three hundred bucks find some. That said, two hundred and fifty what's an expensive one. The ones that I saw that were cheaper. They stack you on top of each other and if you were seen that that's really nuts, I remember was seven hundred dollars. That means stacked on top of each other. They stick them into these machines and the machines lift up and then another car gets driven in. The machine continues to lift up, and so
the drive the cars out and then bring thing down and drive that car out and bring the thing down- and you might have to do that with like three or four cars like that look YO, that's fucking crazy. That sounds terrible. It is so crazy that they could do that. So this is the way they save space in stock cars and it actually does work but Jesus Christ. How weird is that they have your car up? I mean tell me one of these guys who works there, can't fuck up one day, just people Think about it and yeah there's gotta be an accident that happened, people fuck things up. You know a cars phone off that thing and landed on someone's head for sure. Right, that's had to have happened. Don't you think. I I've seen play drivers yeah. Well, maybe I was wrong about how much it costs. Maybe I had a very expensive one near me and maybe it's because they stack them. They could do it for three hundred dollars, but what the amount was. I don't remember what I didn't make any fucking money back then so there's no way it was work where you serving back? No
Then I was when I lived in newer, shows my my first attempt at living off stand up. That was my first actual attempt where, before I always had the jobs add day job In limos I had a day job delivering newspapers, and so then I went from there to to New York and when I went to your house just like almost making money doing stand up like almost all that some I made it this month. Next month, fuck, I have any gigs, and I was like almost being able to pull it off. So whatever the amount for parking and living in New York City plus the thing your city is near. It's amazing and it's there's a it's incredible. You can hop around a go from club to club the club, but it's was harder at the time at least to do long sets. So I want to do like sets that prepare. For headlining on the road I wanted to. Let you keep doing that set like even during the week day. So I just try,
get stronger and do it all as a whole. That was really only available on the road for guy. Like you know, I really gets kind of where I'm at now. It's like, I don't I can find list the First month I was ever able to pay like my bills and everything off his stand up and that's a great failing it you're at the Launchpad I mean it's got be smart about it, because I mean now that I have money. That's all just going to rent, so I can afford be on the road and a bill. That time to where I can feature regularly and then make that money, yeah man, it's all right for you right now, but right new shit. Yes, it I'm so excited. I don't saloon hole, saloon, hustlin, hustle and yeah. It's cool, it's uh, really interesting time for you, but that's the great feeling, though, when you for you too, I mean That moment, when you're able to just live off stand up scary, I didn't think I make a note bombing a lot to eat a lot of dick.
Every other show something to go wrong. Go down. I mean I got my girl with me, so it's real! It's yeah, it's a hot! When you girls he's a bomb, that's rough yeah! It is. She seen the bomb right from the ego She was cool, though, because she has that support system where she'd like she yeah. You need to work harder, but she knows I'm funny right now, it's finally paying off for her to could be a hard worker and not be funny yeah and that that's a that's a problem. You know it's when the the person is funny and as a hard worker you know that's like them did we do try to maintain. You have to maintain that balance, but wasn't to get either or and now, but that's the case with everything is driven hard here man. I keep hearing that behind me, I'm scared. Yeah, it's some! It's cool. Did you enjoy it? I'm loving a man, it's it's fun! I've! Never I mean do you feel, do you feel certain about? Everything
You feel anxious like how do you feel about like the future? You feel excited. Do you feel I feel really excited 'cause? I don't feel the only reason I feel anxious. If I knew that I couldn't do it now, it's like for me. It's like, I think of it like this. It's like I've worked so hard have worked, so many jobs have worked so many things to get this opportunity. So why would I squander it? You know I mean it's like if I've worked so hard now, why wouldn't I keep working harder now? It's perfect attitude, but also like I'm not going to be one of those guys. It's like you know. Oh I'm a headliner now 'cause, I'm not yeah. That's going to Matt stand up, but you know, like a little of that like Tony. His scripts got a lot of that in him, but it's also why twenty inch cliff so fucking funny. He rides it out and he does it the right way. Tony have funny mother Fucker Tony Mentor. I man I mean he was one of the first guys I talked to before when I had my first roast battle. Well, he's another: do the work and home
so exactly hustle sees always hustling that kid works hard, he's very impressive in that way. He's bad mother he is and he's always writing new, always constantly picture you posted of him. When I remember when I was. Younger and count if I'd worked here at the time, I think I had, I think, those with door guy uh and you had posted a picture of him and his right after you guys dinner set and they had posted a picture of on the plane. Writing new jokes already, and you were just like this guy- just didn't, sent Bob and he's already writing new jokes yeah he'll tony rights. Constantly then you have to you can't commit to a laptop, though is kind of stupid set. Where has an Ipad there's a little fake keyboard, just Oh finally, welcome to twenty seventeen.
I would say I don't even need a good. You can store anything on this piece of what are you doing here? You can put a file on your desktop tablet time. That's a computer, ha ha ha ha get it God, Damn computer weird rent people their ipads. He was a Doria yep, exactly yeah, I mean there's a the so he's one of the best examples of a recent graduate, be it wasn't a door guy that long ago, no no Tony's always had his fucking nose to the grindstone, really smart about it too really really good with like taking apart is act retrying things in a different order slip in new stuff. In there you know it's cool to like, as a guy like you, working as you're sort of getting everything going and working at a place like the common stories, you get to see a bunch of different ways: people do it yeah, which is really like that main room show on a Saturday night when you
getting to see. You know five hundred and sixty seven headliners in a row, and you get to see. What's the difference in how they handle things and how they set things up: the ninety Xbox nine hundred and fifteen nine thousand nine hundred and forty five you're getting like this is the education stand up yeah I mean I watch which people I mean it's cool 'cause. I've got to see the diff careers in passive people like watching Brian Moses, go from a door guy to post of his own show that he created a law with a lot of great people in the community and just to see him do that and to see where his career is going and also to see tony same thing, his career and just the and he's taking, and you know he also, you know, used to write for Jeff Ross and all these things- and you know I got to go straight to send jokes, and you know that was something he also Tom about was that he was just like you know what he was just like. There's nothing. You know he's like when you know or those roaster coming he's like you've already done the roast battle he's like just start pitching jokes, just ask you know what I mean and I did and that's I think what also get me on the radar yeah for sure
or yeah. That's. It is beautiful to see guy like Moses, get to host a show too he's such a good dude. He is one of the best dudes and I owe so much to that guy 'cause. He was the one that pushed for me getting a job. He was the one from that's really had, my back since day one I there was a few times where it just me, being a young guy in having a bitterness like Montreat when rose battle. First, one to Montreal I was like just young and bitter and 'cause. I was like. Oh I'm, not going why you know blah blah blah. I work on the show and I almost and then Moses was. If he wasn't big brother. He like took a person was just like nah man, stop fucking, being uh which you know he's like you can either get mad or work and get better, and I did I stayed and I just kept battling. I kept doing stand up and then the opportunity came in and knocked it out of the park. Yeah dude, you killed it and you killed it. The perfect, the launching path of crying
Cavs T o M, but it's funny song. I could have done it without all those guys. You know and sure you pushing me to well all of us to get you know. I really do honestly get inspiration from looking at your instagram page, for real, not bullshitting. All I see your instagram page like damn his kids hungry he's out there grinding you know constantly doing spots, those hard spots. Those you telling me that too, and also it was like just listen you talk about those lights, boss, also hearing you talk about having to go up after prior, especially such yeah hard time for him and like having to do those things. Animal death like five weeks, yeah man, that's crazy. Yeah. It was the sad era of Pryor went before he died. He was in real bad shape he still wanted to go on stage and he would go on stage and he was under medication. You know it's serious issues couldn't walk and they would carry him up there and they'd cranked up like it was
so loud. It was like hissing in the room and he you know he could barely talk and he would drink, and it was just really weird. You know is really weird he just he couldn't couldn't really do stand up anymore. I couldn't look form the sentence is with the punch lines, at least not in this sets that I saw everyone of them that I saw was hard to watch and I'm a giant Richard Pryor fan. I mean, I think, he's he's, probably the all time number one in my eyes. I think he's number one if I look back at all the comics, their influence on people and the honesty that he had on, I mean that you without Lenny Bruce there's no one right, but essentially in George Carlin plays a giant factor there too, there's a lot of guys to play a big factor, but I feel like Pryor was the guy to this day I'll go back and watch his stuff. When I go in nineteen, seventy, this was just genius. You look at everything was going on in one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. He came out as
Comicon was just you know. That was a thing like everybody loved prior every black people, white people, people the rich people that report, and that the thing that I like the most about it was like he could talk about these subjects in these jokes. Didn't matter what kind of background you came from. You could relate to one hundred percent, and he was he was you know. Essentially the God father of this style of standup, both you and I do. You know in a lot of ways like without him like what would it have been like back then, you know Who else was like even as remotely is controversial and is in sight full and the the way he he could perform the he he announce eated his words. I mean he had some fucking bits, their hot damn, which special is. I think it might have been the first one
like it shows him walking out on stage the lights are still out. People aren't fully sat down at their seats and he just walks and is there, are guys in just arts get them to come in you just like wow, you know, and he just Getty. It's like. I think I don't know if he gets right into it, but he just you know it's seamless dude, remember when he would joke about lighting himself on fire. So funny, right after the freebasing thing app, I mean come on. Who has the balls to joke about lighting themselves on fire from freebase and like when Peewee Herman came back out after that? Huge thing happened: he walk. I think it was like the first thing he was hosting right afterwards or something and presenting, and he comes out and it goes it's dead so some people are like just kind of looking at him and his right after he got caught and Stephanie goes and goes. He has here of any funny jokes. Lately, and it was right at the time that everyone is cracking all those on a p Herman jokes about ending the thing, and it was just some of the content, some of the
be serious and then still humanize himself in a way like that yeah, and I think that's why the rose petals so cool, because, like you're right, yeah yeah, I learned how to take quick right, not just dish it out, but take it yeah yeah pee, Wee Herman man. That was a really fast anyone, 'cause people kind of stood up for him like like leave the fucking guy alone, like angry at pee Wee Herman enough to arrest him at this shit course. He was beating off a bunch dudes fucking, sixteen it's green yeah. Would you think is going to happen. You should arrest all the guys that aren't beating up yeah, no shit right gag not each other fucking pounding each other on the screen and he's not supposed to beat off. What's he supposed to do right, yeah fuck leave him alone, who you save
you know the other dudes in there watching people yeah exactly they feel threatened. I would like to watch people art form I just some dude yeah, I'm here there's some guys like getting ready. He turns is like oh shit, oh man, I'm such a fan. Do you think the a crazy thing to do? You think that that would be almost like, like watching people have sex in another time in another culture in another way could must be like an art form almost be like art form like if people fucking on stage was like stand up and where people went to watch these two people want to see how good you fuck. That would be hilarious, sing moves like if sex wasn't super taboo yeah like it's entirely possible, would be fucking of each other like to show how you do it just like how people show Hey Dance and dance for me, dance by yourself, you fucking doing Breakdance
and spin it around. I just now I just imagine there's just smaller, open mic communities of, like other people, fucking in front of other people. It's like I'm working on this hot fuck move for like a minute, and I just feel like it's going to kill. Do this one fuck move. I kicked my one leg up and I catch it like I'm in standing, bow pose and I just bump bump behind kills the crowd. Every time could you imagine if there was professional fuck shows like people got cheered like Tong, PO and fucking? beat box for that. Walk out on everybody goes crazy. You see his in hot new hour he's here. He knows how to fuck just got a standing ovation. While this dude just finished yeah I mean sex is obviously it's pleasurable, but it's also there's motion involved and there's a lot of things that we watch with motion involved in other people. Do that's fascinating right, like gymnast thanks to mass six there's? No, it doesn't. I mean the only stakes are: don't fall on your head, yeah I've seen people do that, don't break your legs. We see people do that. Does stakes really hot but other than that like
You know why you really doing that you're doing it to show how you move. My favorite is like a special guys. This is exactly what you're describing. I think for real, oh, no way next festival in Europe? Oh, my God salon, erotic, Eau de Barcelona, Jesus Christ. I saw Sun article advice for the someone asked a bunch of people what they're taking the interviewed. People were taking photos at the thing and what they like to do with their photos and how They are not closely and all awesome, pretty check this. This quote out so for is the feeling of in quotes was there. I was inches away from it. I touched it that makes Looking at my own pictures, more exciting. Alright, that's all these guys taking photos of these people having sex, yeah super up close. I see he's a he's, got like a gopro. I love it and like the look at expense of that fascism came out on the, but he is Christ. That's what that the photos. Look like just super up close guys. My favorite is this dude right in the front with the kids? How weird or we
that's so strange. But I think we like people just get together and they know I just humans collectively as well. They just together. Watch people fuck. Look at this guys face his face, is the best or he's indulging their guys been he's been kept, without for so long just The look of joy on some of these guys, like I, don't think that guy on taking it seriously, I think this. The right is totally taking it. Every single one of them is just dying. Virtual sex to come out, they're just dying to just dying for that. That's going to change. The whole God ballgame Frank. They put those virtual DC vive goggles on and they watch sex acts this they go. There live they like sex office and just wait until I can't wait till my girlfriend catches me with one of those sex doll. No, no! Just like the r thing I got here come in yeah,
I'm sure there's plenty of guys that have done that and been called for sure, there's going to be yeah for sure guys are in jail. For that. I guarantee something went wrong. It all started off from them, jerking off the HTC five on that's how Larry hits him with something and they throw back at orange. He gets knocked out hi to my girlfriend I wanted to when I get so they send the prize money. But when I do I was like I want to just get it in cash and just throw it at her. So when she it's bruised. She can call the cops and they can be like what happened. Why did these brews come up? I'm just like as approximate Ten thousand dollars in damage the she left, but on yeah take internal. Why Hawaii he's good spot which island now it think now is awesome, they're all awesome, the big island, is crazy, because you could actually fly over the volcano you can get in among those
take you to the place where the volcano empties into the ocean it's like creating more island as you fly over in that's insane a sleep weird at night, with that knowledge yeah, they can just go to your on the side of an active volcano. Those people live. There harmony, though it's really interesting, I think that being that acted to nature the way they are because they have the ocean there and not to say that hawaiian people don't other problems like everybody has their problems, but hawaiian People have a more relaxed. You know what they'll call like island style way about them at. I think in some way is probably influenced by the humility that you just snatch. Get moving so connected to nature the ocean they're, the mountains right there, it's just like they're so so connected to it and they're, not they have. Never had city blinders on yeah, maybe a little bit in Honolulu people do but out there
on the big island. There's no city blinders man you're, looking at something like really insanely, intense, all the time, mountains and ocean that some you want a volcano son, it's beautiful and is a bunch of times in history where the towns have had to evacuate, said: love is coming over the hill and just wipe the whole town. Town doesn't even exist anymore. Then due put up these little shacks on where the lava is and they rope it off and that's like their land. Now like they go back to their land, is like like gps doubt and they like put steaks in and make like a little fence over the fucking lava, and then they put like a house. There we've seen that Jamie. See if you find some photos that it's it's so bizarre, I was almost born in one house, is on the big island took to a temporary the in the big island over lava fields, 'cause these people, they law, Everything and like well, this is the only thing I have is going to put a trailer up where my fucking House is suppose be imagine yeah. Imagine just watching that, go down where your house is burned and just lay
let's start over, I think in Hawaii what they should have his land set aside for people whose houses get fucked up by volcanoes. It happens all the time yeah it seems like it would. It happens enough where you should probably have like a back. Maybe they do. They have to have parents or something I think they probably have. Insurance is going to be long enough where they can relocate and have a house like their old. The guy eaten by the lava or is it enough to get a shitty apartment? You know I don't know, I don't know how much they get paid, but I would think that there's plenty of land. What am I saying? Why am I, just give away their fucking around give away the land to the people that we need to find temporary houses right. Is that yeah temporary houses on lava fields in Hawaii they staked? I forget who showed it to me, but they staked off their air. Getting like off with like a ribbon or something like that and like hey. This is my smile and Duncan don't come inside this lava pot patch, I own it Wolf, it just highlights. Are preposterous yeah. You know to live there, but
So awesome people just stay there, though they love it. I went fishing Last time I was there. I talk to this dude who I've been living there for long time decades. He started out EAST coast, and You know the way he was talking about it, man the way he was talking about just life, I was this guy's he's so much more in tune with with like just is the reality. I'm good dude, which the reality of life itself just the cycle of life to see seen it out there on a boat in Hawaii, pulling back into the dock living. In this volcano in the middle of nowhere mean you're living in a magical land people daydream about that place. Yeah yeah they go there once a year and they just just God, amazing- the guy lives there. He got there seems like fuck going back, yeah he's like oh this is, I could stay here, fuck January in New York like why my mom went there for her senior trip,
and I want her senior trip, ended. She just didn't get back on the plane, so yeah. Here we go quite not quite but similar, interesting. So this guy set it up on this lava fields got a little house is where my used to be yeah There was a whole piece on it and something that I was reading. Remember what it was, but it was just I get it and the guy didn't want to. That was the spot. He liked the spot and he could put up tempo. House there, but it's just to me it's so it's just showing how powerful, though the The will of nature is insane idea that you're going to somehow or another state claim circumvent pieces of a volcano look at that man or it just cutting through the landscape Jesus Christ. That, since saying that's a road, do it just swamped right through that place? That is it that picture go back to that picture again. Oh! Look at that. That's happening right there. You could, I see it happening
so slow to and can do about it right. No, they can't like push it back. Look at that photo without father, just cutting through oh no to the left of that guy with the red shirts, either it to the left of that. Yeah click on that. Why, in the fuck, that's crazy, looking at the actual lava itself using and when you look at it as a liquid rock, I got hot liquid rock you realize What it really is like that this is like sort of this, like the seeds of the actual islands themselves, there's people who go to those places and just get super close and study that that scares the shit enemy they study it real close, there's been a few scientists have died from them. I'm sure they only make sense. I think
uh, I think uh. There was actually a famous one that, like hello, like what is that won't go above. The one you were just your curse word to the right of that right to the right of that. What is that wo? Oh, my god! That's a river! That's a god! Damn river River of molten rock river of molten rock to cutting through the earth- oh my god! It starts way up there. Imagine that thing, lived in there like salmon, like evil demon, salmon, lava sand, and you have these fucking evil demon, there's a jump into the lava lake. How do you like to take the take a certain amount of lava for like certain longer and the roaring, because they're in pain and looking for a demon fish to eat is a ten meter high fountain of oh Jesus Christ? That's what the miners would create those greedy
gold miners, one of the! If that thing hits you got a medal of like just a blob of that hitting your shoulder block that, because even the suits at the scientist, where, when they go out that what like gifts of thing popped up and it hit them, yeah that'll eat right through God, damn. How is all right of them that you can do you have this a quick? Second, it's not like hot coals. Quite but it doesn't, it doesn't melt things as quick as it seems, Jesus Christ for digging into it. Now these guys are standing right next door. What the fuck are they doing? Oh, my god that terrify Xmin just shooting out folks were looking at stuff to shooting out and splattering. It's like the earth's coming. I would do that's gross about this cooking take this lava. Oh I've seen that that's pretty dope yeah. They pour it yeah. So they pour it through this thing and there's a grill underneath it and the just the heat of the lava pouring under the grill
looks like shit out the steaks. That's pretty bad ass! I bet that's a serious god. Damn steak bowl he does it damn. I was tossing love on top of it now he's pushing them. I've review as my cooking methods, Frank Castillo, who I used to cook with high temperature, and I just try it this last week with low temperature. Changing my game load temps words Where do you cook my girlfriend? Does I know how to look at it? Would you know, I know how to cook disconnects. Can ship now how to cook like steaks, pastas and stuff. My girlfriends probably watching this right now, like that's a fucking lie. He isn't shit. Do you like if you're alone, by yourself to cook yourself a meal. The time now are all try to my muscles and I'm the most unhealthy. As far as and I got up, and I got to get back into it, yeah yeah, you do do to help your brain too. Absolutely eating healthy, being healthy, definitely helps formulate your id.
And also alleviates you of a certain amount of tension that comes with your failing body yeah I used to wrestle and do Jujitsu for like two years at a high school, and that was the most fun I've ever had 'cause. I wouldn't compete or anything, but it was just like I could eat whatever I wanted, and I would still just say the same. I felt great about myself and it was just when I start doing it again, I'm gonna I'm going to look into it right after I will get intense cloud. Jewish Iets did you do with the year without a guy? I did it with a guy. Well, if you wanted to do that, there's John John Machados, that's close! I've been to Machadas, it's great place is probably somewhere near. Your neighborhood will talk about it off air, let's even closer, and probably just good. In California is like one of the best places in the world. If you wanna, learn Jujitsu, oh yeah, absolutely so many legit schools, it's like it's like there's too much It is really in this country. There's a bunch of really good schools everywhere in this country mean Jujitsu is really widespread, but the meccas is a mecca in New York for sure and there's a mecca in southern California, but there's like Chicago
strong mean. Is this strong inkjet, so everywhere, Phoenix AZ, strong, there's like a lot of places of Goodyear too, and I love going, on screen watching the tournaments and just the different people like buchecha, is probably my favorite ones. Do you ever follow viral Bjj, Instagram yeah? I would you like the picture of it and I started watching it too. I try not to follow them too often like to repost their stuff 'cause. I want people to go there parents of looking at mine? You know, and maybe people find out about other videos, but they have the best collection of the stick. Moves just sick, like move we have to move way like. Oh and you can. These are real moves that, like I've, been doing jujitsu for along time and I haven't seen before you know: I'm not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to Jujitsu, but I know enough about it that when I see some completely new choke variation, I've never seen before and everybody is doing I'm like ok that wasn't around like this guy. This guys come up with some new thing and people come up with a new thing. It's pretty regular yeah! That's my fave
about watching. Just as you can just see people just the games, always changing. That's the best part. You know what it is like man, it's like the same thing with striking when you see it its highest level of expression. It's when it's only striking striking at its highest level. Expression for me is either professional boxing or professional kickboxing or more time. That's where you see, I think to me really. I like multi the best, because it seems like they're doing everything. So if you're going to agree to just stand up like I feel like you, should be able to do whatever you want to do when you're standing up in terms of elbow those knees, it doesn't make any sense to limit clinching. So I think that if the number one stand up thing as far as like what I want to say, but the only way get to see like the highest level of expression is if there's no takedowns yeah. This is no submissions. 'cause, then 'cause as soon as they take down to lose their submissions guys have a totally different way as soon as ground and pound guys have a totally different way of of of competing in moving you can. I see the same.
As high a level of expression and just true striking and the same as what you do like you see a lot of crazy moves and did so that me might not see if you had soccer kicks or stomps you. Probably I wouldn't for a lot of those things. 'cause, there's a lot of stuff that people could do to mitigate your movement, that they're agreeing not to do not that you're just totally controlling them, but to get the highest level of grappling to watch it you kind of have to have only grappling yeah 'cause. Then it's like these are we're going to and then from there you can really start to learn how to bend the rules. That's amazing man! It's like it really like. We were talking about with verbal boxing. It's like that and in many ways like this strategy, based approaches to things that that that happens with Ju Jitsu. It happens with striking in its that's. What's re really interesting about martial arts more than you know, like people look at it in terms of like this,
you know exciting violent thing. This raw raw macho thing, which is definitely certainly is that's, definitely certainly a part of the appeal of MMA, but also what the appeal is is that it's insanely difficult to do and you have to be insanely brave, to choose to do it for a living and then and it's it's insanely dangerous, because you're you might get Shinde in the face you can make it flying knee knockout like there's uh, a recent fight between Chris Weidman Yoel Romero. Did you see that fine yeah? I saw a clued Weidman doing really well in that fight too, and Yoel Romero launched this flying need it hit him dead in the head. Just boom and just crushed him and I remember watching that going and that's Chris Weidman yeah, that's not! your regular dude, that's former UFC champion Chris Weidman, one of the baddest mother, fuckers on planet, earth and Yoel Romero. Just did that to him. That does that is a spy.
That is like no other any given Sunday, man what you gonna say: Jamie George Saint Pierre signs to return to the UFC yeah. I I heard I was to talking to my friend Stephy Crooklyn from Twitter, Stephanie Hayes the writer and she was telling me about this. She actually was the one to break the news to me. So George Saint Pierre, is going to fight again good for him and took some time off chilled out feels good, still still training that something about George never got out of shape at all, constantly meaning constantly learning. I bet he's better than ever. Somebody comes back and people think that he's going to have lost a step. I bet he's better than ever. He wouldn't be coming back. He wasn't yeah and I've been hearing crazy shit about grappling. I've been hearing his grappling just off the chain. It is just better than ever that underestimating someone is a huge advantage in a tool with
actually got a chore. Xander and George St Pierre did not become George same here. Bye, you know and not knowing what's up yeah, he knows what he's doing if he's coming back, it's because he knows he's healed up, be probably better than over, is going to be really interesting to watch him return because he's different in the way he approaches fighting, I think, than almost any bye before him any influence. So many people after him in that he's, like almost, has no ego when it comes to like listening to coaches and like absorbing information and uh, you know being taught need you see him rolling and training and drilling with people and I've had. Opportunity to drill with him and do some kick moves with him. Go over some stuff. That is just so open minded and so fucking smart that guys The really interesting dude 'cause he's not a mean guy at all. He's like you would never. I think if you met him, that he was this world champion like one of the greatest, if not
The greatest I would say the greatest welterweight of all time. You know. Does that mean that he would be Damien Maya, a hundred percent of the time? Does that mean he would be Tyrone Woodley? Might not? I don't know, but you look at his accomplishments. He it was, in my opinion, the greatest welterweight of all time and super nice guy yeah smart. Makes two languages fluent English and fluent French really fascinating diamond. So, if he's he's coming back after this amount of time off, he knows what the fuck he's doing he's going to come strong He's going to he's going to look awesome or you know, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking. Also today we during opened up for Mcgregor Mayweather, How can you do that? If it hasn't really been sacked, it has to take place before May 31st, two thousand and eighteen so like. If it doesn't happen, the bed just go away. That kind of happened from time to time like the card has to happen before your fight for your bed to actually be legit.
But she would Teddy ATLAS said about it. I'm sorry go ahead. I say he opened up as a minus twenty five thousand one hundred and twenty five to one with Burt. Oh, he opened up at minus four thousand. So I don't know if that's saying that Mcgregor's got a better chance to win, but usually it's set twenty five to one is not so hot yeah, plus one thousand one hundred yeah conventional wisdom is that Floyd boxes of shit out of them, but yeah. It was said something very interesting to say he thinks that Floyd is not recognize. The fact that Connor just decide get disqualified qualified that like, if, if it starts getting crazy like if they're in the middle of fight- and he decides like he can't beat him, he might decide to just flip him on his huh Alice Mcgregor. What she'd against Mayweather then proclaimed himself as king of the ring? That's interesting. It's well here's the thing, if Mcgregor decided to start kicking Floyd and then take him down. Floyd is a dead man. He's one hundred percent dead, there's not a thing in
she. Catches Connor coming in with haymaker to end all haymakers. It can take that iris assassin out with one punch card is going to grab him. He grab. Some he's going to rag down to the ground, he's going to do whatever the fuck he wants to do once he's there, and if he doesn't do that, it kicked him from the outside. He can hit him from Floyd. Can't even touch him. Just saw kick, the shit out of his legs. Stay on outside moving around Connor's a fast man is not slow in the first round, in particular in the first round. If you decide to start kicking Floyd's legs, are you vague, read on that, like some sort of a no key verses Ali Match ever see that in It is a nineteen sixties. Muhammad Ali had a match against it. No key who's. This famous guy was a pro wrestler. This Antonio Inoki is at AC is first his first name. I think that's Antonio Inoki, sorry for people who are big fans of his he's awesome. I
forgot his name, so he fought Ali and what he did was he laid on his back and kicked Ali in the legs. See Hollywood come near him and like he was going to, and in no key would look like he was gonna didn't have any gloves on either. It was weird because I don't know if it like what the rules of the fight or he was it seemed like Ali I should have known that this dude could kick his legs so boom see he would kick his legs. He doing it over and over again. Look at kicking him and holding on to the ropes like now. They can hold the ropes, but you can kick the legs, but you can't hold the ropes like what like this was. I guess when Ali was probably looking is kicking the inside, his legs. This is probably when Ali was banned. Does that make sense when they did? It was in seventy six? It's all it's way past that that that's crazy. So this must been. He just needed the money or they offered him a load of money. But this is,
he was the heavyweight champ. Then right is that the case was Ali. The champ at the time oh koozies kicking the fuck out of his legs. Could just butt scooting kicking his legs and looking to look into getting a leg? Lock, it's just weird. He was allowed to kick the legs. I think we've talked about this. They might have might have had some sort of an agreement that is ok to kick the legs. Who is the reigning heavyweight champion wow? How nuts is that. Six million he was offered six million dollars for the fight whoa, our man Is that enough? yeah? Well, I don't know if you want to do when they do get. That's the thing about box. All the rules and countless Sanskrit man Senior was involved too. That's a live. Yes senior Mean Vince Mcmahon's, dad Asal tickets to a closed circuit, telecast at Shea Stadium, No shit? Thirty three thousand people showed up for wow course
of course everyone is going to want to see him box. So what does it say? about the rules like was allowed to kick the legs. What does it say? There are varying ruler varying claims over the years over. What the rules actually were says: no limitations on kicking or grappling and all types of kicking throwing an grappling were allowed in. The bell is the referees. Gene Labelle was the referee. Of course he was the Jingle Bell Sheila Bells, a legendary judo character. Awesome he's been on the podcast he's a legendary guy in the world of martial arts. I got this last quote to from professional breast Bret. Harte was working for an okie at the time and he claimed in an autobiography that the black Muslims who are backing Ali made it clear that if an okie little finger on their champ, they would kill him. That's why I know if you lay on his back for fifteen rounds, kicking Ali in the Shin so not to use his hands
woah woah whoa, that's so he didn't have any gloves on. He was a lot of punch with no gloves, I just said well, I mean was allowed to maybe, but he didn't, but Other forces outside told them that if they only made by Bret Hart, but you know what man bread, It's an entertainer is, you know like entertainers, make entertaining stories. True, who knows that could be one of them. One of them- plotlines uhm- you know- I mean whenever you merge into the world of pro wrestling another pro wrestler tells you well. I know what happened man, the Illuminati came down and gave him an ultimatum, lose the match the undertaker, or we will take your house. You know who knows man, it's all plot lines, those where are you big wrestling fan na in high so I was talking about you now. My cousins were huge wrestling fans and I was the smallest one that would always get suplex to
the daily suplex you on the couch yeah most of the time, yeah Tony Hinchcliffe. Still to this day loves. Were no. I took a job. He almost took a job with WWE as a writer. They wanted him to move to New York, though I guess it's like Connecticut, that's where their studio is things like. Damn he loves it? He goes to those matches and shit and goes nuts cheers he's so silly have a they have a they have a podcast. That's called the four horsemen Tony in a few other guys just talk about wrestling. It's the best day. Man people, love it I'll. Tell you, people never got more mad at me. Then me giving Tony a hard time for like in wrestling. Oh yeah, right. There's wrestling fans of diary were so mad at me. There was so mean. I mean it's great though I had a friend in high school male tell you that I had a friend in high school who was training to become a wrestler
and I remember people would give him shit about it all the time and then he was like nah man, wrestling training, types, no joke, and then he came in. He took his shirt off and he had just bruises 'cause. I guess when they would pray fact is they would hit each other as hard as possible. So they know Actually how hard it is that they're going to get hit. You I mean so they can. Judge that played like poms yeah, and they would just practice that over and over and they practice, you know the falls and stuff and like how to get it right and stuff, but yeah if they fuck up they just they really can hurt themselves yeah yeah. They definitely can mean wrestling. Uh involves a lot of contact is so brutal on the body, all those wrestlers at some point in time wine. Getting badly injured like Dan Gable, is like one of the greatest have not the greatest of all time. He's got like all kinds of replacements: seasonal shit, all that kind of crazy shit. He just had this indomitable will that sort of outran his own joints he loved, entertaining the people yeah. He was an animal man that goes phenomenal.
The movie the wrestler is one of my dad's favorite movies are watching that with me and my dad love to go. Watch movies. That kind of thing, so we bond No. I never saw that those the Mickey Rourke yeah I saw like a scene from it, and that was that I just never. I always wanted to. I never sat down and watched it. I've if I left so funny, is like I just watched a grown man cry like I watch my dad just yeah me. Might my dad. Can I mean a lot of that? The best two to death, but when we like Father son movies. Anything like that, it's always a tear jerker from me, too. I'm the same way. That's awesome, it's a lair, I couldn't watch pursuit of happiness which ones that was will Smith in the kid all and it becomes homeless fuck that yeah. I was like no, no, no you're not going to do that. To me I'll tell you I would. I want I'll, give away a giant, spoiler alert if I say this, but I tried to watch that movie that we were talking about the arrive full or arrival whatever it is. I try to. I got through the first time I fuck you shut it off, not interested anymore, not going to play my hearts.
Things. Oh yeah, spoiler alert. You fuck couldn't figure out the moonduck right during Armageddon. Just the asteroid and nope nope knew it was fake. Didn't get me at all but the other one was fake. Too deep impact was fake as fuck to do. You think the people from deep impact meet people that are fans of arm again Then they go? Oh, my god. I love you from that Bruce Willis. Moving like fuck, you bitch, I was in the other one. It came a few months ago, but we came out first, we were at first Armageddon's bullshit why I thought that Armageddon. They had the idea. First, no, no! That's the propaganda. Let's fake news, fake news, Bruce Willis man yeah. He just said: I'm good yeah stop just chill, probably go surfing and shit was he do now. He still acting yeah. He was, what do you say, you're going to say,
spoiler alert, yeah yeah keep trap shut, you want to ruin it for everybody. Yeah he's always been like that. There's like Some dudes get attached. It's really kind of fascinating. When you think about how many people there are and think how many dudes get attached to that action movie genre I Bruce like boom, die hard. You know like he was the guy actually movie snarky action star who figured out how to save everybody. Yeah the first die hard man. What was the one the bit of of the one, the football one with Damon Wayans right about there? There were there the last boy. There was another one he did and he's always it's like troubled cap blue, and pizza up with milk for breakfast. You know that guy's look at his cigarette. Well, I guess we're just going to have to find out
yeah, he was the same data. Sixteen dollars, two additional a gang movies like that. The same duty in the pulp fiction right, the boxer dude. He was great Hudson, HAWK man, Bruce Willis, has been in good fucking movies. Yeah, yes, was the one with the kid who is the kid? No, the one with the truck used in a movie called the kid where these ago, mercury right on six hundred and ten six cents, yeah he's got a lot of move with kids. That movie was fucked up. That was what movie is like whoa. What is this? I think M nights coming back, uh I don't know about all that dude that v, village movie may be done with him. I clean my fucking hands. Now I get it he's. Someone put it. This way is like em nights like the girlfriend. You know better than should come back to you know better fuck, her man. I actually like that elevator movie in parts I enjoy with the right did, I didn't think
who is the most satisfying way to end it? It is hard. How do you end in movie about evil elevator? No, I'm saying yeah, they did their best photo booth, kept my attention for a movie being in just the whole time it's about a photo, but was that the about phone booth? So is that the Robin Williams One knows the crazy guy? Who is the photo guy. That was a good one. I was talking. I misspoken statements, a phone booth, Colin Farrell and Farrell. That was on the other day. I saw it and I took my friend to see it and they were mad at me was buried with. Ryan Reynolds Bronson is buried in a coffin the whole movie. Oh yeah. I never saw it hard to watch. It's really claustrophobic fuck that not interested? I don't need to? The evil shit to make me feel bad. Show me some shit, that's not real! You know I know like when we
talking about avatar like Steven Crowder get upset about avatar avatar was like a propaganda as we would do. Awesome movie about blue aliens. The movie was awesome. They flew dragons, I loved it. It was in 3D. I got to see it in Imax. That shit was awesome. My mom is my mom. There are two all time should watch like she watch is the matrix and she'll read into it too much. That's about China and America going to war was an anti capitalism movie. I can't be here for this. This is propaganda. No, it's a movie about big blue people that fly dragons. You fuck. This is a wonderful movie movies. Fun people get so caught up in that, though yeah didn't want to support those God. Damn lefties this crazy ideas about blue people. The blue people deserve to live giant blue people that ride dragons, chew, bows and arrows. The movie was that she had. It was so good. So good. The only thing I'm bummed out about
is there going to do part two is going to be underwater, so that means no bows and arrows. That's bullshit lot of harpoons, like bows and arrows better man That was a bad. Now was a great movie. I just don't SAM people who couldn't appreciate that I feel like it's. One seems like people just stick and gotten to this point where they're like mom now was a my opinion matter so much what is like? No can just enjoy something anymore. Ever is a server either. I should opinion on it or like a really really not so should well, I yeah. I see people use all sorts of different things to sort of make their point, and I see if you're, trying to make your point about some anti corporate movie yeah. You would see like this, and so, but I that's. What I see is like dynamics that make a good storyline, we're invested in the plot, and I'm not looking at it as a propaganda film, because it's in fuck in Spain and they have floating islands, and none of the real dragons aren't real either it's real that marine
guys, not a real person like when people freaked out over the STAR Wars movie. So amazing, it's not real. What do you care you fucks people getting mad that they're trying to force die. Mercy in the star wars movies? No, let me guess you gotta, have the girl running things you the My guy was a fucking storm trooper. I see what you do Hollywood to. Do you try to with what we like take away our glory glory of white people, many science fiction movies has any he dominated any genre. More than white people dominated science fiction movies items here. So true, I come to you with a dead since your question. He wanted to talk about a lack of diversity. Black guy,
as in science fiction movies, have zero chance of survival they get. It is like zero Eaton first right that fucking dude in a alien that really cool black dude got sweaty all the time, favorite one he got Jack, pretty quick. He didn't make it very deep dating who got heating your kilt. First though yeah second did you get second super normal. I think of like all the big time science fiction movies dim will doom is doing then you getting weird, though, because that's the rock know that Dune dune Dune, yeah yeah, those are all white people. That's a good one: that's perfect great one's a good one when they did Palmer. We have a great joke about this, he's to joke about Levar Burton on STAR wars, about they. Finally, one on tv, they make him blind, I'm totally take it out of you, know, 'cause. He used a lot of n bombs, but it was hilarious, so fucking funny
true, it's true, ten hora she's. Basically a secretary Varidesk Ho Caps works out here, saving the day. You know, I mean that's really what it was she yeah she take. The call sir stale yens are on the other line She was the one doing all the but yeah right. You know she wasn't Captain Kirk's, equal, ok, is that Klingon, there's Levar Burton was goggles in the Klingon claim not Klingon. A super questionable is of black guy. That has a terrible alien thing going on me: are we looking at diversity and did they bounce off that guy in the far right make him wider to sort of balance it out? Is that guys white as fuck. You must be a robot. Tell me we make an android looks exactly the person, but you can't make his face not white. It's fucked, that's ridiculous. His god! Damn hands are normal colour. How come you idiots only painted his face, so he paid his fucking hands
nice and pink. It's also like rise, the White guy, so logical, and you know the other guys just so he comes from a race of like aggressive one of the larger addresses super logical to, though, hang yeah yeah Levar Burton super smart on that show yeah science fiction and black people What a what else? Alien the movie alien, no black people, Ender's game, actually had a great Eileen's. Rather It was interesting, Ender's game. It was if you read the book as the author is a lot of, skepticism. This lyzeum, but they would say that towards her. I know I made it they say that him references a lot in talks a lot about like Vietnam WAR in the in the Ender's game book, like they say that the certain races that he's talking about he's concerned that I them being like the Vietnamese. I think I could be making all this up, probably what it there's games are really good movie, but at the end of it's all about like this alien race, it's eventually coming to attack and they have these kids,
this game, but the whole time spoiler, alert there. The fighting and they're controlling the ships from that gives about last demand. It's an amazing book in a decent movie. I actually haven't seen them for white people, but that was that other guy, the indian fella. What's that guys name yeah, that is an Indian displayed Gandhi yeah. He just planting. No, that's what he is Bro come on brother, so he talks he's in English and then right visiting at things what is of indian descent? Someone here's that one movie, there was any played this badass gangster. It's a really good movie. Yeah he's played a lot of really bad ass. He played this really mean gangster. Does it say here factor just English, so I'm Can things up employed Gandhi, though? No no look at it looks indian born Christian up on yeah. Okay is India. Jesus Christ on life of course I'm, but what was that movie? Go to that see find that movie that he played in ways born in Kenya. Sorry good is movies
find that there's one movie that he played is really obscur. Movie was really good movie. We played a gangster, he plays. Drink hit man, I think in one moving by those his movies. So this he wanted words for Jesus. Price. Okay, I won a lot of awards. Do he's the best? Go the filmography right there, forty six movies Jesus Christ E. Yeah, isn't shutter island yeah, keep going, keep going and see. If I could find movie sexy beast, that's it to your left there right. There bam it's in two thousand, great fucking movie plays a Psycopath and you would go that guy. That guy seems like so peaceful. He fucking knocks it out of the park. He's awesome so really really crazy. Movie man. He played a fucking complete nut. It was grey right now. I like an actor that can play a villain. That's plays it so well that I'll still hate the actor afterwards yeah. I know I know what you mean: yeah yeah. Well, that's the weird thing about watching an actor right. So you're agreeing you know that that's Tom
but you're agreeing that he's on a spaceship and he's targeting this. You know you can like the day after Mars! That would but isn't the tomorrow movie has a aftermarket to change the name to it day after tomorrow, music, a weird subtitle on it too, with is, in my opinion, like one of the most overlooked science fiction movies ever is a brilliant, edge of tomorrow, that's right tomorrow, which one we have to Mars. I guess would be that one world yeah that was the ice with the Quaid Fella with the queen- fell yeah yeah. The liquid does a superb that movie that end of the world movie. That was so bad. I love bad movies too 'cause, then you'll laugh at all the day after tomorrow. Right, that's what it was called live die repeat: oh yeah, yeah. Ok, that's agree in science fiction movie now, and it is white as fuck he's, oblivious of white people, the chalk follow white people, oblivion think arise, elisium, sorry, yeah, yeah Tom Cruise did
that movie edge of tomorrow, and then he also did oblivion. I think, like within months of each other wow oh yeah, they probably were confusing as fuck right there. Both science fix movies, yeah, that's right. That was a good movie to gamma and there's been some good ones, but with a like Tom Cruise like when you watch it, you know it's Tom cruise mean that it's a weird thing that we do yeah. You know, that's Morgan Freeman! There is Morgan Freeman. I know it's Morgan Freeman, but I'ma pretend that he's this do. Who runs this planet and he wants to talk to Tom Cruise. Alright man, I gotta wrap this bitch up. I gotta get the fuck outta here,
we're supposed to end earlier. I had a meeting that I blew off on our way, so I did make some adjustments now I didn't realize we were talking so long. I thought it was one thousand two hundred and thirty, and it was one hundred and thirty I didn't mean to Crowder unit was option any good times. Congratulations! Thank you! So much. It's always awesome having you at the store and always awesome glad we're doing these shows it's going to be with me this weekend tonight and tomorrow in OX nard, so find people of ox nard tonight and tomorrow Ian Edwards, Frank and me, and Be there alright, see you later bye, see you guys, alright folks that'll, be that. Thank you. Everybody for tune, the podcast will be back on Sunday with fight companion. That should be fun. That's for the Sunday night fights Derrick Lewis versus Travis Browne and Johnny Hendricks versus Hector, Lombard, holy Shit, WU and some other fights in the under. So that will be six hundred Pm Pacific time on Sunday. Looking forward to that, thank you
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