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#920 - Gavin McInnes

2017-02-22 | 🔗
Gavin McInnes is a writer, creative director, actor, comedian, and co-founder of Vice Media. He also hosts his own show "The Gavin McInnes Show" available here - https://www.compoundmedia.com/show/the-gavin-mcinnes-show/
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on a dot com use the code where rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements my guest today is gavin mcguinness cabin is a fine a fellow he is a libertarian he is an outrage peddler he's very smart and fungi to hang out and talk to and i really enjoyed our conversation and this is like he has lumped in with that whole all right group and now he's got some interest beliefs in some of em i agree with some of the money i don't but i think is a very reasonable guy and i think he's entertaining i like talking to him and when i have too many people on that are right people star thinking you you're you're in the right man you're you're going right on your go and all right now
like having different people on with different opinions and sometimes a schedule to many right people in a row but this is how it works just scheduling it's on purpose is that's how worked out their availed they're in town whatever why wouldn't i make an excuses he's a great guy i enjoy dogtown give it up for governments will gain experience ass my sweet baby jesus we have gathered mcguinness first beer already cracked dressed up like michael d listen falling down shown the briefcase shown the briefest exact briefcase he had of those same glasses you basically rebound am i gonna normally sector would not whereupon protector cracked doyle onwards and many more whatever in the movie has one yeah whenever you want to have
geek in a movie i answer signed character science character has to have a park protector well got all this on ebay if you have some pre planning you can get a costume for like ten bucks so this is a dollar fifty were taken me months to find this industry yeah how do you find a pocket protect ebay ebay ebay ebay and the thai assume as yours shirt at your shirt is by nature a great example of documents i had to find this in new york took me like two hours i gotta uniform supplies your huge pan the ass i could go on ebay or amazon for two seconds you that weird kind of shirt right a button up sure would shortly where were with tie that's an odd look it's like i'm formal but i'm not because i need my forms free yes la everyone and that movie has one nl a business i t guy back then back and now no one worrisome anymore now it's like like like a hoodie that's like an idea
guys like a weird t shirt and a hoodie like jamie be dress exactly jamie like that's it already that's what i d guide address leading in our view they all work and apparel sweatshirt exactly know that's his own that's a jamie vernon special says poland shut up and you get that at young jamie back on what is i mean all that shit i always tell em whenever there's something going on the news or we're talking about not know what the answer is a good is that polish jamie he'll find it up on you too speaking to pull their shut up i like this i like your your profile because i think you get lumped in two like a lotta like really fucked up crazy people because you ve got some controversial ideas but unlike what you did i like this pro west pro gun rolled life pro gay pro easily israel pro tromp anti nazi an unknown antiphon as i see it all the time i'm sure you can explain to us aunties
censorship anti feminists anti islamic he sees you leave your heart sleeve at all it's really handy to do that i just did that about a week ago but in this day they were a weird euro words like a philosophy age role romans all of a sudden like socrates sitting here philosophizing and you're gonna have to make everyone know exactly where you stand on this spectrum because if you're so the right of centre you're all right and you are now go know those guys hate me but i hate these guys so i'm here bright your pro gay yeah i think the razor just you're born gay and the idea did you know i know i've lived in the citizens as eighteen so a booby neuron gaze for a quarter century and i think it these guys i know it have been together for ten years and i go so let me get this straight this these too are gonna break up current eu and evangelical person and then just going make out with some chick with blonde hair and eat her out
and like fog or have a boner and pray to god come on you know that won't i i wonder how much of homosexual behaviour could be induced by molestation early age though because that's the million dollar question that seems to be a real factor it's not and this is not the people born gay but i think there's a spectrum and i think is most certainly some gay acts that are committed on young people and horrific lee those people ten to honour a pretty frequent basis do the same thing to other young kids you up it's really weird in terms of like the victims becoming the victim miser yeah i know where you're going with this we're walking into the elephant in the room all kind of not even i'm just as talking about i was listening to the george to kind of you to take as are trying to pull up everybody now that the milo thing is out there pulling up
everybody who in any way as condoned sex but under age people and george the guy was talk about his own experiences in camp and it was on stern show and he was just talking about what what he did he was describing it as a positive experience with who was in his late teens i think you said it was nineteen and he was like thirteen somewhere that age and yachts apps lately child molestation resolutely illegal but the way here describing it he was pretty much describing it as a positive experience like which when it's your experience i'm it's illegal the guy did something that was against the law but boy it's a weird area because it's his sperience if he was talking about yeah well here the d on this is a mistake milo made you have to ignore is that what you're talking about is fucked been horrible and wrong but
you just so happen to have not had a bad experience within those parameters right like say you were raped as a woman and you came right which by the way happens for some strange okay so if you're one of those women you're about to say that you have to understand that we're going into a very dangerous place right now and you can't say look some rapes rapidly fabulous and women have come from them you have to say this is fucking about rape is evil but i buy some weird freak of nature actually likes it or not i'm sure this times when you murdered a guy and he ended up he was a mass murderer and it was a good murder right kid i'm describing a murder item not condoning murder but in this weird case it worked he and miles mistake was he said it for me and then he implied that it could work for a ton of other gaze to be funded third while he that drunken peasants podcast and his take on it from the drunken peasants was different and his tail from mine and on mine
i cast it seemed more like he was trying to make light of something that most likely deftly did happened to him father michael man so there's too there is a vote michael thing and i i don't know if i believe that i think that's what i've heard him say that joke a few times whereas i never would have given such good head if it wasn't for further michael right so you think that might be something like that he's constructed i don't believe it i don't know why this is my gut and then the other thing was condoning sexual relationships were thirteen or any said especially in the gay world now i know of straight guys who were a strict anything in particular who was molested it camp and it was by an older gay camp cancer this guy so that guy everyday falls upon linked in hoping you'll die wants to murder and so the problem with milo said is you up normalizing s behaviour and say so cave in the gay world sing you know some older gay whose a camp goes well this is probably a fag that i'm blowing run this is ok
yeah so what i say to these gazing thirteen year old days ago i would be ok with fucking a twenty nine i go well i'm sorry we're not normalizing that because the vast the majority of times it doesn't turn out well so no yet a very good way of putting it you know and it's it's really do the bottom the mild thing is so odd because first of all i think he's got this act and was caught and act because part of it has gotta be and he's got a wide spectrum of his personality dear so on bill mar he can be a raging liberace queen with pearls get dressed like a woman means undergo a mere camp more than any woman i now hear and then for the apology he's the conservative with the court bottle glasses yeah it certainly when a jamaican goes back to jamaica and they start speaking in patois like their grandma not necessarily lying a wide range of views yeah
he plays it up and that there is definitely a performance peace to a lot of what he does what's really interesting is he's very good at rising people up is obviously very good at getting people upset and in doing so he's create these sort of false narratives about em that he's a nazi that he's promotes genocide i mean there are so many people outside the berkeley thing that were screaming calling him a nazi and saying he's a fascist when they in fact will be having in very sorry terry and fascist ways that's anti five by the way you said i don't know what antifreeze that's those guys anti fascist is out anti first dance for but you're right there terrorists and they use terror they use violence to achieve political gains which is terrorism and these people it's not like milo ever set our trump even ever said anything that is remotely close to genocide but those guys just go anyone
they want to enforce immigration laws is vulgar nazi so i need violence i'm trying to stop hitler i'm around the first stages of hitler so going back in time and strangle him in his crib can right right but the problem is the way the reacting to it is the absolute wrong way to react to someone who saying something that you don't agree with oh yeah that the right way is to say something that you feel opposes what they're saying it makes more sense to debate them that's the beauty of free speech like it has no limits if you get out there and deny the holocaust you wanna get it there sexual ized toddlers i'll go to talk i wanna hear and then in the queue day i'll shoot you down we're not gonna do it even should just be a q and i mean i think it should be a clear other there should be someone and eight should just rely in the audience to come up with some sort of response i think of you
i have someone as controversial as milo and you are so opposed to it that you willing to throw bricks through starbucks windows and light cop cars on fire theirs be someone that can speak for your side court and then you should organise some sort of a talk but this is setting it up the wrong way because you got it's like someone said to me once may you like we're talkin martial arts files blog but i felt the kicker but as you know you wouldn't know you what for you wouldn't because you'd have discipline and need real as a consequence it there but second of all you when you just kick someone's ass they don't they don't just take it like they come back with a bad or a gun or their brother you start a fanatic they want to get it back and it goes back and forth and back and forth and all conflict pretty much goes that way you have conflict and then someone response that conflict and it escalates so if you have thing we start throwing bricks your windows and lighting cop cars on foreign stopping people from talking and hitting people that have make bitcoin grew
again hats jesse that girl got yes in the face but you know what happens eventuality people show up with guns that's what happens this is what happened when you keep escalating violence you become of them you become the other you become the enemy and you create this polarizing atmosphere that so intense that no doubt mars gonna fix it now because you're the enemy we could talk about the nor first of the south you're you're talking about you know that protestants versus the catholics you you'd create this horrific environment where almost it's almost impossible to avoid violence well so i'm done avoiding it i'm taking the low rode on putting them in the face to that are you doing with this outfit yes that is really what i'm i did talk it anyway you they pepper sprayed me did you mom is this this was a couple weeks ago what it was a talk about anything
the plant knows they know me as pro tromp or something and they they i'm a nazi because of that nation do they want to give a platform to free speech that's the irony of all this is they pretend that it's gotten so far it's beyond debate now in their world we are recruiting fascists for some sort of imminent genocide so we're like signing up the branch it's with form at our talks and you go say that was possible how does that work click we sign you up then what you're part of the club than you come with us on the next genocide the fuck are you talking about you haven't played it through in your mind because these peoples a religion that's why they don't want to debate its born again he does want to debate about the existence of god is already on that side so what as your plan when you went there what did what did you want to talk i was going to say this not see that that you made milo and i ought to be who wants genocide and anew sees non whites
in human bomb why homophobic sexist whatever for us i should be allowed to talk if he existed but he doesn't exist your monster is a mythical beast raw and you ve gone college or sixty grindin dead already to fight this mythical beast who doesn't fuckin exam one terms a mile deftly doesn't exist miles not a nazi is definitely he's not promoting genocide in those are two things that just get trumpeted about left and right exactly who is but milo has said some very inflammatory things about any very generalizing way about women and about the wage gap in about all sorts of things at he he designs his words and his phrases to be inflammatory so he gets them response and it's been incredibly profitable made up into harbour collins pull this book delia two and fifty thousand dollar book advance his book was number one on amazon just surely through controversy yep i mean through
pre sales and controversy so it's strata and a lot of ways and it's also a response to this really hard stance that the far left is taking this and i anti free speech that's right but always with these cases you got what exactly did you say i would say this to people who budget rapporteur i go what sentence in what book is factually incorrect what specifically say and what the smile thing he said that often sexual relations with thirteen year olds can be an official for gaze he has since retracted that an apologized but that's not enough and that's about as is reduces it gets the other stuff that he says we all say that joking way and then that becomes pure evil and you advocate for this right so they left is wilfully ignorant of humor when it comes to mind and with trump too like the grabbed the pussy thing which they had a whole fucking parade about
and they still where these dumb warheads to look like a pussy which is a joke he sat on a bus you hearing a dumb joke on your head they know that he doesn't want to have a new policy called the pussy grabbing statute but they are wilfully hiding there the humor so they can take things literally and go off on a tyrant well i think they're shocked that what we ve been fed our entire life power politics since that speak in a statesman lay like way of hurry predetermine planned out way where they have pauses in their speech like obama when he speaks he has some very non normal patterns to his behavior you like those those things that people do the showmanship of being present that its designed to comfort you and have you think that this person is clearly
evan than anyone you know they talk different they have better speak spread and beaches they have better speaks they there they their statesmen like you know they these big in these poor planned out sentences that articulate and and and cleanly worded and that's will you get with tromp and that disturbs the shit out of people it yesterday i saw so many people going off the other day about his tongue about uranium and hillary clinton selling uranium you know how it things and you it's four things very bad things like he's running on a word just note the words are you know that necessarily mean anything but people pointing to it i guess is horrible moment where this president we all he did was run out of words it just fucking guys probably working sixteen hours a day probably exhausted i mean the old well meaning stress of the job for any one of them is almost immediately apparent once they get into office and you see it would tromp as well you see like like that hinged press conference that he made care
to you some of that has to do with the fact that guy is worn the fuck out you know is a seventeen year old man i'm almost fifty and i'm fuckin tired all the time has this guy whose twenty years older than me get a deal with the stress of running the biggest economy the biggest military that that is the most insane country the world has ever known yummy so the united states is yet they say manufacture slept for hours and eight four hours a night repeatedly source chip away you're psyche earlier but the thing i would say about trump when they see is not presidential is i tried that tried it with romney you got me his binder comment i try with crews the constitutional superman good debate anyone and was area died and and presidential and you now he's ugly soil ok i'm bringing in writing dangerfield from caddy shack and he's just gonna be wrecking ball and when having too
oh says were putting trump in the entertainment sections of the new section romney and crews wouldn't have beset anything tromp says and i quote to point this out in your book in trump we trust jump goes area huffington didn't your husband leave you for a man you i think he made the right choice i think mistress and i go that's you you brought this on yourself you made me have to get him well what she's doing you know what that culture is doing is very similar to what miles doing you mean there their merchants of outrage and that's what they're doing disagree i think they're speaking in a hyperbolic tone there flamboyant but that's what it's what are yet there is definitely some truth especially with milo that some of the things he says but all truth what what like i'm saying it right now what what did he say is factually incorrect more in a joke not not factually incorrect but extremely offensive to people like the thirteen year old boy comment like the thing about
sort of normalizing relationships between grown men and thirteen year old boys right you know i think a big part why even says that is because he's in many ways like a natural contrition and in many ways a guy who wants to get a rise out of people by saying that he didn't feel like there's any consequences to being outrage in that regard right but i think we both agree weather its factual in his case it's a fucked up thing to say fucked up say was negligent which is why i apologise but i think the grain of truth to that and with other statements is a lot more than a green but the gratitude to what he was saying is gaze have less chastity then straits and if a woman is known as a slut she's less likely to be picked up and i've been sued calling woman a slight where you really young who showed you it was a long time go back and vice dazles inducing don't and the way the law is kind of antiquated but it's like oh you called a slight now she won't have
and see in the market of marriage well she's no a whore so we're going to punish you punitive lee for this sin did you have to settle ya got janet we also want a slut there's no chauvelin word for a man no a cat that's that's hilarious a cat is hilarious or the fact that there's no income from an shows you that there's a different standard and then we gaze is different to like thirteen year old in an older person right if it's a girl and a forty year old teacher i wanna take him the parking lot and beat him till he has a weird he walks weird do you if it's a woman and a boy i dont murder her grow stout thirteen especially fourteen little better and then with gaze with a mccormick sixty miles made right now don't ever do it but if a gaze known as a slut in the future like saying nineteen year old fox two hundred people as a woman
no one wants to go near as a gay you ve been around the block yeah but that is not the same consequences for sure and i had a bit of my act about on only a few member this commercial but the commercial adjust for men commercial where there was a baby that was driving a porsche a baby with a beard and a grown woman next to the baby and the baby s tuxedo on and it's like you ve always wanted the biggest bad as beer and the baby goes the night club and about looks at em winks adam legally this commercial see the rabies so the baby what saint just for man i mean what the fuck just for man if you don't know it is some stuff the guy's put in their backyard when they're getting old so this babies got a bottle he goes out to dance for this all these girls with these tiny little skirts dancing around him and he's like he's like a pimp and he's with that hot woman and it isn't my mind bit was this is proof positive proof positive there's no sexual equality when it comes to charm lasting because if you eat
wrote that down with the sexes reversed view wrote down you're fuckin going to jail ok there's a little baby girl and she goes your rightful guys who are wearing tarzan skirts and they're all swinging dicks around her she's got a bottle and there are fighting for her attention kiss it or on the cheek you'd go to fuck in jail but that was a commercial that aired on mainstream television no one cared about that commercial air for years is probably still on now and that commercial is proof positive that we have a completely different attitude towards a grown woman whose hot as fuck and a little maybe yeah or even i was watching big with the kids the other day tom axes what that movie i now and then
that woman seduces eminent ass he fucks very good hanner like you're raping a child exactly why are we watching when she's hot she's he looks like a man so let it right allow knew we were up if that movie was reversed and it was a young girl that all son was in sexual women's lobby and the guy was fuckin or second to know where we will be doing this you would be horrified you'd be absolutely horrified i've been arguing about milo thing when arguing but all this in a lot and i've been getting from is an guys are those kids that are young this whole thing about how they keep things come on don't lie you deaf we want to fuck a thirteen year old girl issues hot go i don't know where this became a normal sentence i fucked seventy neurons when i was seventeen it
the worst sex remember there won't be on top of our list out i didn't you know what it was in no way do what was going on the outside they go yeah fuck it ah they didn't like it till they were like twenty six i want pendulous breasts i want to divorce say with a neck pendulous like worn out just for pencils hang hang and haggard love for i want to i want to underline cox when she's on and i want to see them ass actually i don't see them swing as our com if i look at come on i'm not talking about like us orange and a sock i mean like it's got meet there but they droop right you like one they like you're reminded go in giving spaniel articles yes i experienced one ironically tennis with a toddler you're gonna play tests for someone who can return serve yes good point yeah i i don't know that yeah come on you're been attracted to a fifteen year old girl in a really don't get that by now i will
as molested by a woman when i was thirteen years old oh shit when i was thirteen years old there was a woman that we used to play softball with honour block and punish did it's a lot of boys and she took me up to her play me some really good music she introduced me too a lotta led zepplin she introduce me to comfortably numb floyd this day one think about this i think i'll make an hour twenty one and i was thirteen you just little boy you know if she caught me like a year to later i factor but that at that stage i was baffled because i had like zero caught me like a year to later poet factor but that at that stage i was bad because i had like zero sexual experience in all sudden a woman a twenty one year old woman with texts of smoke cigarettes and she's making with me and taken the up to a room is really weird and shed a boyfriend and our boy from was a construction work and use
man i remember seeing on like on the job he assured often it harry channels like what the fuck and that was her boyfriend but she was just a wild woman she apparently like taking young boys it did know they're doing and taken him up to a room here this is why we have judges khazars different cultures different genders different circumstances everytime i talked to a black guy about their first sexual experiences my hair is widened why it's always like ice but my cousin when chris cotton was talking about fucking is causing serious gun comedian guy ok dark is a political fact cousin sherrod small of his babysitter when he was like eleven or twelve days before i've heard the babysitter story before
words like you know you're thirteen cheese eighteen and next to you now you're making now whether our age it's horrible but should she go to jail for fifteen years well that's a big there's a big difference between eight year old eighteen year old boy rather an an eighteen year old girl and a thirteen year old girl a thirteen year old boy there is it just a big idea differently to phase out overgrown woman and a thirteen oh boy like here's the thing here here's a big one and this is like this is this is one of things it came up in the milo conversation to where he was saying it's not that big deal if a man grabs the ones tat and she doesn't want to i might well that sexual assault if a woman grabs my dick and i don't want her to that might be sexual saw but i'm not endanger you don't say exact she's not going to fuck me up she's got a rate me and that's where it gets dear not scared like a woman came over grab my ass like that shouldn't do that but i'm not scared of you you know sir but if a man does that to woman and he's willie
to violate space like that a woman has a real fear there is a possibility what the so the door might be opened at this guy could raper right and this all comes down to the myth of equality and this is why the right is more the more benevolent society then the left the and i've noticed this girls i've always said you can hit a woman if she had to twelve times that includes punches in the face to sit there and one to three twelve and lemon twelve and then one equally i can't even one if they hit me twelve after the arm drag her take about a joker choke a crazy woman is trying to kill you but you can't punch twelve i would only do it if i thought there are hurting someone in my family well when i talk to menace and levels with a single twelve one and they go white you know we're stronger than you write didn't want want meet that they would have admit that an editor same with gazed at it seem like i was ready what you that documentary dogfight data eugenia and i'm looking at that
was kimball slices and then and i'm i'm dyin dollar five thousand dollar five thousand and i'm looking to going you for murdering each other on the streets you figure out a way to solve with fights backyard fighting use and have the same enforcement as rich white kids doing it in the suburbs or at least that's what your instincts are when you see that now that doesn't make sense the laws should be equitable across the board but you go the different situation there in a shitty situation there murdering each other these backyard quite sure someone loses an eye but they're not murdering each other anymore it's an improvement and you go i dont know how to infer where's this i don't know how it's done but you feel like there should be different you didn't people when you say we're all exactly the same while the next thing you know women are getting punched one on one and two not as strong as men so they're getting far can be or you're telling women their invincible they're going out and getting shit face like will you and i do and you
no use your lamborghini you can't get wasted your delicate i'm a fucking cheap old fifty seven heavy beat me up rhine rhone right well there's there's a narrative weather people bore that but there is something that is actually being thrown around as being a viable narrative and that is there's no biological difference between men and women is no biological difference between the sexes and it when you people say it it's i saw there is a debate that jordan petersen had one of the purpose of people to use it bathing was a professor from the university of toronto and it was a gender equality the professor sometimes some bizarre discipline and i think it was transgender man like you born a woman entries choose a man or maybe yeah
a pretty shorts i'm not sure but it seems like anyway it's a very feminine man whatever it is it seems like a woman that became a man and it she he whichever however z the z whatever z and literally arguing knowing that this is going to be broadcast knowing this is gonna be on television and the internet sang there is no difference there's no biologic go basis that's insane there's there's no different between man and when it is absolutely insane it's absolutely insane there are no women who come anywhere near what me and power lifter can do they don't anywhere near they might be stronger than you are i though they might be might cause they're doing it for a long time and it taken steroids but even the women take steroids there are nowhere near as strong as the men it's not even
there's no women who are in the nfl there's no women heavyweight boxing champions they'd there never gonna beat the man there's there absolutely a biological basis and sex i have trained extensively with women and martial arts extensively there is a enormous difference in how hard they hit there's an enormous difference in how strongly i feel like i could beat them there's a lot of fuck you i'm sorry i couldn't be a brand arousing but i think i could beat up the base no further muslim what fuck you but it's just a technique thing you know if if you had trained as long as them they would be in trouble it's just there's a lot factors are you gonna jaw unrestrained didn't yes y got shit for saying it because there was man who transition to a woman after thirty years of being a woman after following a child being in the military the whole deal go on living life as a man became a woman for two years and then started having mme fights with women and not telling them that
was a woman for thirty years she was a woman for thirty years now became or am i that's fucking crazy and that the structure of the bodies differently hips are different the jaws different than the size the hands is different the this is an enormous difference when i really how that a man can generate when i see that training pounding the living shit out of a woman like domestic violence disturbing guy i've i sit on the tv to go there you go those there's your utopia what do you think and that's the problem with their utopia it keep making things worse and worse and worse for them yes like even abortion and immature vision canada another their pouring all these indians in like pancake batter and indians prefer to have boys and girls and they're starting to have gender based abortions where they go i don't want to have a boy i mean a girl hanging around here i'm good let's keep aborting till derby get a boy and you go liberals is our he levels huge
its most immigrants but you know it's a beginning of ethnic genocide and ego hey feminist your what choice is getting you fuckin killed that wasn't do they become the next retards tat wasn t the reason why they wanted in the first place this is one of the right to choose they want someone to tell them in particular most extreme cases like a woman's raped a raped and she gets pregnant she should not have to keep their baby there taking praying these actions but that is the free consent that i'm sick of freak exceptions defining policies ok but it out but would you be it would you be fine with those freak exceptions being law like if you aren't you your pro life person right that's your stance sure ok would you be put choice of a woman was raped i'm not doing that anymore now know what you mean i'm not playing a game anymore what trying to play it can only do i i know others russia that is the your daughter they always enough
billy especially with journalists are we talking about sexism viable by another what if your daughter was brought about and i go you're trying me irrational but i mean i'm just not accusing you of this but it's like these liberals have these tricks we're like what if a girl was raped by her father and she got pregnant and i looked it up i could only find one case one case in america of a father craig a daughter and i thought this freak occurrence keeps defining the whole debate we had kermit gauze no killing forty thousand babies that were in their third trimester yet this one valuing their manners whose he was a guy's bees ease was arrested for performing late term more sherman portions and they discovered that it was a sorry forty thousand is my personal estimate of the whole country but i think he did hundreds and hundreds now i understand what you're saying that you don't want to get robed into any
crazy sort of a hypothetical scenario where he say what if it was your daughter and she was raped by some convict you just gotta you know i'm saying you know you i want to get into that but in it certain circumstances i really think there's a there's there is a difference between someone who's pregnant for three weeks and someone is pregnant for five months there is a big difference yeah with your permission i just want to get it get get it away from seventeen weeks i like i want to get it down i want to get the whole argument down to eight weeks eight months my goal ok so my friends in new york city wherever does to think outside the box and they're all i gets murder and i'm for it jim god says that all the time d anthony coming says that its murder and i think it's awesome lots because you know and want to be responsible and eat he fucks alot of crazy girls
tat problem i mean i've been to super fortunate that the person that i had babies with i'd love well your account if i mean come here is gonna take are to blame for the fact that in real only we ought also to get the fuck away from her running kept walking back indeed the flies fun and i see him with her and it was like a fuckin rape victims being with their rapers like i go or what is that doing here you have five high stockings use time if i can get you a five year oh no no no no no no fun he i have a friend my friend tony zira from columbus ohio good body mine whose a guy but it is also a wise man and he has had this theory about psychotic erotic almost to basically almo yeah that's true interchangeable that they serve rotate on each other's access and that when you get like
we ve all had gauss from the past i would just like well you know you'll leave their apartment eagle holy shit i'm gonna take a shower i got to cool down jasmine then they start you know call you later come over and thought my mouth like what jesus christ like the crazy ones the ones you to take a teaspoon and scoop the come off their face yeah they can get like this is only going to happen once in my life but in those exist and so of em are really fun when you're a guy and you're used to girls they're alive no don't come in my mouth no don't touch me there now and in others like some some people are so reserved and so restricted and so so can find and then you date some crazy girl and she's just while just like put him ass i woe we go on with anthony she was that end then some and already was like framing little
kids who at the house like i think she got one of em gum parker ottoman or she put sparkles and his hair something in the mother goes what the hell's going on with your hair you that's that's can take forever to get up and she goes it was her and blame some in your old evil evils dark shit she had done but that being said so that's going too far but i do agree wholeheartedly and when my friends tell me they dump some bitch she's crazy i get mad at them because i go you crazy bitch the best secular having you like if she's not calling the cops then a fucking ahead but well you're hypocritical that cause that's it that's the guy with the balance deadly the point with all the concept should be right before that you should see the judge in the room floating above your hair with the gavel like see no he wants to say that and that there is a reality and here's another reality super uncomfortable reality and
this is a i want to just get real clear about this this is in no way condoning any form of rape or any form sexual saw or any form of doing anything to anyone male or female against their will that said there are women undeniably have rape fantasies yes so what's that margaret outwood talks about that and she says yes but in our rape fantasies is not a guy with a ski masks jumps out of a bush right fat an ugly its mr clean and he's cleaning our house and then he says i want to make i loved you and you're going no no levelled yeah billion that's her thou some some women it's a guy comes in with a gun and makes her son his dick there's there's i've i've had a friend and who that was her thing we ve all everyone lucy kate as a bit about that we ve all heard women were there like no no no and then used and they go you find it the next day nano you responded
oh yeah yeah louie had a thing like i'm not gonna take a chance to find out if it's your thing i got an email tied with his automatic an email from a girl that said thank you for raping me last night but that might be let's ride out daily to that while you girls i always like that and though they might be joking around oh yes of course she was but that was her way of saying you got right to the line but i noticed when i moved to new york to i was with the college in the nineties when it was about permission in feminism so i tried that i would like to you is this case is that you are a feminist and wants to be clear about that you are feminists at one point your life would you d over the feminist i still want in many ways i see them as me magical sentient beings are wizards they can make a fucking person come out of their content and to stay there dude just said is to triple a it's like saying to clark kent just be a journalist
this focus on your journalism and clerk hence a shitty journalist you're a shitty manzi have one store that he has never about in a story ever he's iron time backwards that's right bodies never broken a story but keep telling women not an oh come to our meetings come to our tough muddle relay and and walk through electrical wires and goethe underneath so now so good at that by the way you tough mutter people that fucking are you would never drink you would never drink potter water right right yeah of course you wouldn't well guess what fuck they you get that water in your mouth crawling around that same shit you get your intestinal tract you getting your mouth and you're gonna get sick as fuck okay so big goddamned careful when you do in those things cienega word beef that's what i know bypassing tough mutter people the puddles or way too
areas but i gotta be really careful about drinking pottle water like you i know guys i've gotten georgia i ve gotten like some serious intestinal disorders from drinking water global you're out in the mountains you go out in the mountains and like they don't bring water with them or their they the water filter breaks or they put these iodine tablets the water but didn't wait long enough then they drink it and you're getting these lives bacteria in your body in a wreck havoc with your system put you for months ok ok i won't drink puddle place so anyway you fucking x and through trial and error thursday time you're on twenty four and you girl from behind and you go you like that and you go on they tried dad thing and then you go whose you did you like daddy's buck and then all of a sudden pussy juice galore coming indigo ok i'm gonna mining this vein right then i'd like your father by alibis to sanction like that and then you start
and then you come to new york and jewish girls in new york there like choke me kill me i'm a fucking whore what's all round slap me and you like like bad no harder you fuckin pussy see those though those girls never made their way to me oh really yeah you fuck girls in new york now why did but i think i don't know maybe i don't know maybe i just shied away from them are something that i had some domestic violence in my house knows grownups any oil shit like that like four that's kind of what i'm saying we dont naturally go there were sweeties i had one girl elected choked oh but it always weirded me out we dont we're not that enthusiasm if they wanted to address like clowns i would read on the little nose yeah it is being then do it after a while you realise its awesome but i don't want to get choked by someone who knows how to choke
show by somebody's ineffectively sloppy choke where you could still breathe well i remember us fucking this jewish girl and she was it she said kill me wow cheese and obviously i didn't do that and this is a time fuckin whore it is alarming honours like i'm your dirty or woe and then she's having a cigarette after and she goes about your horrible and there's like and i thought the liberals are now a ruling that whole role playing fine game play at sexism nebulous it's like religion it's personal private it's weird area where you do weird things you say but shit i want a lick your cock yeah you're thinking i want to use my cock and our liquor pussy rational cornea bring us yet one a liquor balls when are you with my balls sorry yeah dirty target so awkward i began to work and stupid i u can do like so good luck
wit heaven yeah those but it's also it's like when you intimate with someone it's like port year you're sharing that extremely vulnerable moment i mean it's like is vulnerable nature because you don't ever closer in orange you feel weird we always have a closer and we don't have a close out is his odd you know and then looked funny nude yeah you're funny he looked funny and aroused and it feels good and you you want the other person i feel good you feel good to each other and it's just you look in each other's eyes you like that close it's so very strange and there's other this is also the issue that people become very addicted to each other i think human being he's especially having sex with each other it's just like a drug addiction i mean remember the theory that is in a lot of ways i think it is i think there's a lot of there's a
out of endorphins that are being exchange and there's a lot of arousal chemicals that are excreted when you with that person that are extremely potent and the persons not there there's this deep need to get to that person again just like a drug just like a you know someone who's got hooked on paying pills and you just have to get the pills we gotta get the pills and i but when i was in what are they eighteen my girlfriend god i mean i just graduated from high school i was really lost and confused and when she brought give me i was dead stated i couldn't believe it had to be without her and it was very much like withdrawal from drug whose party the worst break up for me ever because it was the first one you know it like i can't believe this i think is crazy and then i just was amazed like how potent it was system fuck with my psyche in my mind i felt like a loser i felt this growth and want me i must be a fool i must be a failure for that
we ve all had that yeah that's where you learn never be vulnerable again in line to be a man sort of but you also learn to me i've always been fascinated by psychology and fascinated by the inner workings of the mind and the tricks the mine plays on you because all throughout high school from age fifty mean on i was competing and martial arts tournaments and they were terrifying you know and as i was always scared i would go from i mean i'd like to say that i was bad mother fucker was scared shit shithouse get a fucking everything that that's why i was good cause i was terrified and i was always training super hard i wouldn't drank i wouldn't do doing it i wouldn't i smoke part maybe a couple of times because it was fucking scared of getting killed a scared getting my ass kicked so when this house and in this girl broke up with me it was sowed doug just devastating to my two to my confidence and i remember thinking like cod
why do i feel like such a fuckin loser and then breaking down and trying to figure out how was i a winner just like a few months ago and now a loser like in my mind i feel like a fucking loser and i can't get laid girls smell desperation me they run for me like like an eighteen year old girls when you're desperate they fuck is this you stink like a sewer they run from you why couldn't get laid for like six months it could even get close its nature you you played yourself you are vulnerable you learn to never do that again and i think adult men especially married men have to understand that your constantly in high school when you're married it's not deal aching when i was eight years old he said dude when you're married you can escape to your wife and let me see monsieur tits though she has to show europe has right there and i thought i cannot fuckin way i never seen my face in her vagina and is go but you can't that if i went to my wife and said show me tat she'd say fuck up so you can
actually wooing in them accordingly when i had a buddy you got divorced recently he said i just found myself how to draw a line in the sand and make these parameters around how it can be treated and how it can be spoken to because i've never had to do that i shall have to do that nickel do that's what marriages you're constantly data on a day when my wife last night we got hotel in the city where my kids are staying with their grant were here on vacation in malaga and i was are they going right i wanted her to have a good night she wants to get tacos but also i have to draw them i can say no actually we're going here we're going the comedy store we're gonna meet don berossus go upstairs and by were so is giving or some democracy but also taking the reins and it's a push in paul there we ve been married we know each other since two thousand one but its constantly like this first day trying to get your pants but with a cause that's part of what's going on in a relationship is that wooing is also i kind of that wooing courting and an aim in being nice to each other it's very important
if you are you have a very strange relationship and you probably not can be satisfied with because that's part of what's going on in a relationship is that wooing is also i kind of that wooing courting and and and being nice to each other it's very important till i get how the whole thing work yes it's what attracts like we were very close eureka those stupid sands of it's that are one engine sofa goes out were dying and the turbulence was insane and so she's gripping me i'm like it's ok just a bus were in a bus in the sky i am shitting my pain my heart is pending through my cousin i'm holding her ration explore to her what is going on and then i'm looking at to integrate leaflike we're gonna fuck and i'm gonna fuck and i who we should and i still married to four years we got kids i have to convey this man in order to keep her pussy wet i have the same sons particularly but kids in general but so much dad is being a prison warden even after bedtime your wife
can down the hallways to see of lights or on the other day i go into my son's my middle sons room i touch the light bulb is reading line i can feel it's warm like it's going on in here we're u reading is a care little bit bedtime is bedtime back with my little it was one thousand and thirty at night he's reading mad magazine we're being when i was a kid cops adam member was like it was a leather like paddle with low in people with it s really shitty weapon because it only hurts yeah good you ask someone out of you hit him on the job or the back of your head but if you're covering up in someone's whacking you with that black jack i'll take shot with a black jack yes try to get a hold of but like a club like a club or a baton that's going really fuckin heard a black jack is weird so weird weapon a kind of went away again
isn't the best thing we can all live now then you get one of those areas sort of in all these are dangerous those cops tell me i'm not lada that you can have a leather man you by those you have it to have it on you leather man and pepper spray anna mag light flashlight you can have way minute you so you concealed carry meaning walking around you're not allowed to have one of those be allowed to have a knife you can have a knife with its utility knife and its small the palm of your hand sometime or new york rules right and then at my u s going to their talk i got pepper sprayed perfectly legal if they can argue that was happar sprayed you and did you see the person doing you know they are they all the same there are middle class kids of proof answers they all live at home they all look exactly the same they looked british heavily british i don't know they have like these angular features in these roaming
houses and glasses they are exactly the same nothing italian about them now what was it that they pepper sprayed you about what you actually i was going to do in talk is going to buy the collateral ivorians i started this gang called the proud boys and our boys the proud boys what is that was proud boys about we have chapters all over the world we'll meet our early on chapters we we get drunk and just sick the alps lodge ok like masons or whatever celebrating man at vienna woman allowed while guess how you women workers under meetings and we have different degrees like the knights of columbus first degree you declare yourself abroad boy second degree we beat the shit out of you until you can him five breakfast cereals and yet the masturbating and a third degree you start to give up masturbating but you have to get a tattoo and enforced degree you get arrested or in a serious violent fight for the really yes get arrested in a city
violent fights you're promontories some sort of major altercation you shouldn't that arose that part while we don't we don't encourage it but if you're defending like that at the burglary thing with milo we just that my guys just fourteen and just walked in on the hub of two hundred people just together strive said i thought you guys were tough know they were doing it just for fun and these people it's not a pepper spray and clubs they can't fight like at the end why you think my guys were beating them up and he goes this one guy we call friar tuck cuz he's just a monster because i started feeling bad and i started feeling bad after a while cuz i was just i could tell these kids have never been in a fight and i was just going through them their terrible fighters little torrent is inviting like this is what confuses why are they getting so angry that their hitting people and sprang that girl in the fate that girl was really disturbing she was talking to someone she wasn't offering any
threat and she she had a hat that looked like a make amerika great again hat but it said make bitcoin grid again they walk up to her the guy hits or with us stick that's holding a sign so hitter the head with a piece of wood and she's like what the fuck and someone sprays or in the face with pepper spray means like how in any way how could you or in any other scenario justify beating a woman publicly for doing nothing but representing what you think offensive and you're even wrong about which is representing here is the problem what you're doing and i did this too much to your enter actual rising a fashion movement this is them and the rockers in brighton beach in ninety sixty one just fine each other because one likes elvis and the other likes the who and if you are sit down with this modern this rocker and say we have a debate they wouldn't say anything they have nothing to say it's leather versus park as its vespers worth versus triumph motorbikes there's no count
they're so this guy is on this team and she's on the other team and that their tool is pepper spray and that's what they're doing there's no that's what they pretend want to give you a platform no they don't want to give you any think as they don't have anything to say in fact at the end while you talk i after a wash the pepper spirit i went and did the talk there all screaming whose it's our camp zoos and i walk for the mob with a microphone and i have to come up come on up i was a radioactive cock i was handing him like you just when it was a monkey shrivelled up because he wanted to be a part of the big grew right and didn't gonna be an individual with an opinion and did exactly know why he was there in the first place exactly know what he was protesting that's why milo would kill to debate any these people he's been scrounge of all your problem is that they're not debating that's the real problem i feel like this could be really productive if people could sit down and milo by the way will debate you i mean
might say outrageous things he might say offensive things but he will debate he will sit in front of podium you always time and anyone else will do that their time and they will be able to take questions from the audience and this can be very productive and you can kind of figure out what you and i are not far left and we're not far you know neither one of us are we're worse in some sort of a weird way i think i'm more maybe more left than you are but i'm not as left is a lot of people i know and there's a lot people out there and i think this left white right paradigm is really kind of fuckin foolish at this point and we should kind of figure out like what's what's what's what kind of opinions are ok to have because they don't interfere with anybody else's life in this is that your philosophy and the way you look at the world you should be able to express their opinion and express those ideas in front of someone else was an opposing idea and they tell you why they disagree and you should be able to consider why they disagree and see if there's any merit in that the problem here
we're with what you're saying is you're implying that these are all inform people right and left and they need to have good ideas no these people on the right are intelligent p who have looked it up and wanted to beg you wanna see light debate socket pat buchanan versus sean hannity or p your brim hello versus some open borders libertarian like that one sure something or someone from the wall street journal all inner right fights are fascinating to me these people are religious fanatics they they it for them at sports its adele cowboys as their team and they want to fuck up your they don't want to be lectured diamond who did guns germs and steal tons of flaws without book steve sailor was begging him for debate you wouldn't answer jim jared taylor john derbyshire all these rick even radiant spencer all these far right guys have made it clear they love to argue with anyone on the other side and they side knows that they will lose because there
foundation is in truth or information their foundation is just emotion we're a nation of immigrants so everything's raises though gaze b we'll do and you like you think think gazer fuckin people what is your point only understand your side of things right well you i'm sorry that woman issues medical teacher who was a part of the protest at berkeley yea ass she was on carson tucker karlsson show an was talking about fascism and she said that milo homophobic even those fucking ganglia he's a racist homophobia sucks black car it's so hilarious and she was also saying that he promotes genocide you can't just throw those labels out and that that that means it's a clear example what we're talking because those labels allow her to do everything necessary to get you out remix right and that's fascism that is fascist that's authoritative that's authoritative thinking you authoritarian
thinking it in a way that eliminating some one else from expressing themselves because you have deem them unworthy of express themselves thereof this is a racist this is a homophobic this is someone it promotes genocide we will shut them down like you that's that's nonsense and you can see from her too working on that show that she'd she talks over him he doesn't express herself well she doesn't have clearly thought out reasons for why she saying no he does he think she doesn't have quotas she's relying on shouldn't say why it so dangerous that he has these controversial opinions she says he's a nazi he's racist he's a homophobia he promotes genocide we're going to shut him down what you can't just say that you can just label people can someone could do that to you too and they will ill well that's the problem got any michel give balances malware or name is rightly recalled by any means necessary but
i want a game only play with these people is play it through they do that at a they go you're gonna be ok i have a beer than you can have another beer than you gonna get coke and the hair and bottom up play thrive and i always say these people plates so he wants genocide trump once genocide ok so you are secure what blacks and mexican so there's a van there eyes to this house in new orleans and picks up these people than they were they go to a gas chamber how does this work went up as their property as i did up as a state on that nelega you talking about to cuba evolution the irony is by the way whenever you start describing their universe you end up describing venezuela cuba socialist countries or you end up describing the middle east always gotta what throw gaze off buildings he's gonna start stoning women to death through a rape victims you have your villains right there but your purposely ignoring them and the other thing that's going on your which is still a theory i'm working on but there seems to be addressed durban peek at what our matriarch you would be like
and i'm seeing a of women in these movements who are sort of vindictive and and cool and like this woman we're talking about you watching videos any here like em up dead i'm datum these women voices from behind the crowd and i call them shit like that woman from the university missouri can i get some muscle over here yeah member her yeah yeah yeah she wants me to fight on her behalf and iron man as that blue thing in his chest think women are evil i like our women are like iron man their magic right but by ripping out that blue thing you're ripping out about ability to have children and be mothers in everything and then you put in a piece of shit into iron man's chess that's what feminist like this woman are their shit chests i'm their mouth functioning robots and kill em milo want genocide killed sodium out their imitating what they think are patriarchal societies there doing their version of it and that's what they're doing with this too
matriarchal posturing yeah it's a clerk can't i want to run an article i'm writing no you're not letting you go clerk simmer down dude you right europe i'm doing my no crunches oh there's a whole lot of matriarchal societies in the animal world hyenas attract there's a few of them the few the females are larger than the males few bugs especially but hyenas in particular the female hyenas are much larger than the males even a fake dicks rail a foe penis big large tube fake dick that hangs down actually give birth out of it climb on top of the males in they fucked him in this escalation mothers lot speculation as to why the females are bigger but one of them is that they think that she has to be bigger those as a so goddamn ruthlessly their babies ah said the female ass you go get the fuck away from the baby girl up when she gets on top of books
that is my baby there's no more you know no pun intended dog eat dog world than a fuckin hyena world now those fighting for scraps with lions yeah well i actually have described anti find these people as hyenas because that thing i was talking to berkeley where our guys when it said i thought you guys we're like tougher something was his exact words and they won't get him get em fuck em up and then the guys or to give up cuz normal to fight them they start walking away and then someone runs up behind him knox amount with out flagpole as this deeming these italian slogans by the wailing norfolk star anti once you from the nineteen twenty there havin fun may not yet have an come out and then as soon as he's out that the hyenas come out then they start kicking is unconscious body and these are arriving there really really really little yet online you can find out where little
please savagery scary thing man you're gonna invite right wing people to do the same thing and you're gonna get some some veterans and you need some fighters and we do and it's gonna it's gotta be horrific man it's gotta horrific and again you start taking their ass and then they get to come back with weapons and people can shop with guns it always leads to someone showing up with guns maybe and if this keeps going in these these protests especially the things like the milo protest me maybe now that milo has been humility aid aid and at least temporarily side tracked or put down for a bit well yes to reboot maybe someone can come along and have reasonable log and do some sort of a campus bialik wisely doing these things i campuses first but i don't think he gets paid for most of them what my theory with my oh is that i think is i so it's getting worse is glasses are getting thicker and baker any sort of going there is my moment to make an impact
so it's just everything's going blind i think so why didn't you just theorizing this year it finally twenty eight yeah you look enemies reading blacker and saying really yeah and they're getting thicker maybe stress stressing his eyes worse i don't know i'm not i give that you would be good but i he's trying to make maximum impact in a short amount of time because you think he doesn't how much time i have that such a weak seemed healthy belgium asylum it'll only regulate in fact when we were in orlando we made out at the sight of the uk made out milo to offend muslims well so i said for a big speech about freedom and funny cases america delicious strawberries while easy freshens breath out before him no days just tastes better i said fuck islam and then we made out at the sight of the orlando shooting to annoy muslims but we had armed
the self i said all right i want to make sure these guys are scoping out the rules and shit yes and he goes i don't care if i die happily die for this as well you can actually have got three kids what what is it it needs a summer nihilism i will say it wrong i would say nihilism nihilism that nihilistic sort of insight did he has he has a burn it all down instinct and i think he has that with his life as well and i think a lot of that plan sums areas bro psychologist here some arms here psychology from someone totally unqualified but you ve got a tribute that too at least in some ways being molested as a child i would imagine that his experiences that he's calling positive experiences when he's young in many ways though could have potentially damaged him and also being young and being homosexual and being rejected all of those things wreck havoc and you you develop this
fuck you i want to burn down and this is one of the strategies that he sort of adopted that strategy too be this guy who is very difficult for it like he's he's gay he's an english gay guy who's a right winger it's it's so baffling to them they they don't know what to do i hated because they see blacks and gaze as their little pets and they putting them on the front lines in going liquid who were helping and among them defects to the other side they become particularly outrage but very few defect at the level that he's defect right i mean he turned around and started attacking direct i who bankrupted buzzfeed with the whole cog in a lawsuit peter feel that your name dial yet teal tat the silicon valley billion he's on trumps sort of board right is he he's one of the people that tromp was appointed to help him with technology or something i think so the summons with some sort of saving a farm with its polished should obtain these
sort of a position that he has my he's an interesting one cause he's a gay man and he hugely six as for entrepreneur billionaire character so he's or he's a weird went to these guys that get that their supposed i give your gay you should be on a laughed if your you know of your transgender you should be left like when bruce jenner became ungenerous seti still against gay marriage are but it was like what the fuck what in the hell he's a trump supporter and he's against gay marriage but now commie caitlin and though this is my favorite part was in they asked him like like ellen like really sort of grilled him on it he was well more or traditional washed oggie deafening aren't you fuck well that makes sense to me because if you see women as so special that it's me sure thing to go over there then you must have a nineteen fifties view of a lady there's a door stay girl with a poodle skirt doing vacuuming liberals and and college students just go you and i are chicks
i don't see it as a long jump but bruce jenner sees it as its massive poverty peters theo yes or peter theo teal adds allies to trump transition so it says starting to make his mark and trumps transition team teal a billionaire investor and facebook board member join the transition team days after the election and gradually bringing in other members of a circle all teal class silicon valley during the campaign by endorsing trump early this group may be the strongest or only bridge between the tec industry and the president elect how this is to me gabions paying this is to me the most vile little time that ever remember the most vulnerable i fell like arc country is like as a nation like as a structure as a traditional structure like
as an end and vice president congress and senate now that evans return i was saying that i think this is the most vulnerable i've ever felt like this country is in terms of get structure yeah i just see it as a result i clean up i feel you yeah why it's a clean up and in what way tromp hiring people as heads of departments that hate that department i hate the government i want it reduced to almost thing right so when you have someone in that department education that likes charter schools and hates public schools i go get in there just dismantling the union's the teachers unions start tearing into shreds make it possible to fire teacher let's get the free market it is wonderful that is a huge issue i have a friend whose daughter is going to the school and he is absolutely furious cause the teacher is ten year you literally can't fire the most they commit some sort of a felony and this when doesn't give a fuck about her class says and he was describing
how negligent she is as a teacher and how careless and how a little effort she puts into it because she has the class its hers it's like a free paycheck and she's not the type of person that's committed to our work and she can't be fine and he's so furious and so frustrated with the public school system and how it works it he's gonna pull his daughter and put her in a private school now here i had to do that too i gotta call it the forty thousand posts wanna get opposed to know my daughter's homelike said your awesome while you are no way peter public school she also got no markers because my daughter used markers our homework emmy r k no markers this is a teacher yeah why what you don't have that squiggly redline underneath your text is very difficult to tell it like it just said what's wrong with that doesnt bought visits something by the eu with the tax returns known other above me a lot
yes because i want to know how much money makes from russia he's got significant business ties with russia apparently were you concerned about hilary style with russia now look look mom i'm no hilary porter by any stretch of the imagination i think she's impossibly corrupt i think she represents this system where people get to a place of influence and they use that influence to make massive amounts of money by giving speeches to bankers and finding ways to profit and look there there shutting down the clinton foundation right you wear that require a great is mean this is this does the whole thing a big vicinity doesn't have any power g how weird at this whole thing is shutting down it's a paid a place and that's really what it's been the entire time and everyone knows that but it's one things were the left in one talk about it because it weakens our position strengthens the right but by not talking about it makes them extremely vulnerable as well so i'm no supporter of
anything that she stand for or bill stands for especially now but he makes me nervous their skin their spending more money on travel and he complained how much a bomb is spent on travel over the trouble of more money on travel in the first seven months then obama the entire eight years using the white house because he's fine back and forth tomorrow logo back and forth to manhattan he's doing whatever the he wants is find his kids when his kids have to fly to do business forum on their opening up casinos that's all good service everything has been done with taxpayers money it's he is the most very spoon consistently threatened president in history i mean that the daily mail printed this so the daily news in new york printed list of how many people would have to be killed to get to a democrat and they go we're just drawn this out there just so you can see would have to be this person and then as president and that secretary than toastmaster journal blah blah blah blah blah and you know why you publishing hit lists i would they do that
because a beautiful dream and i've seen it all over the place people read carriers are talking about a two like allegest take him out we gotta be taken out comedians more said something strange could happen but these are some crazy said something like that too that was sarah silberman to share this thing to issues advocating she saying that once the military steps in the mad king will no longer dare you why you do not want the fuck military to run the country ever do you understand what that means if they can kill the president that can kill you to do you you have to be slowly out of your fucking mind to want them military to step in and run the country you are advocating a military dictatorship because by the way that's what happens in a military comes over when they they take over you don't get a vote there's no fucking vote now i've got the people the guns are now running things and they do whatever the fuck they want it's variant convenient for them to have to sit down listen to people go to largo on tuesday night too
sarah silverman speak like this very inconvenient for them to take your opinion due consideration and they're not only too well the implication there too is that she's running like nor brigadier judge appetito is calling the commands got general patent laws while i just don't think about it hangs they haven't thought of three never think it because it's just religion it's all platitudes it's all modern rockers made up shit what's also there's a lot of people during online when you're making these statements online you're doing it too just because you have something to say which i believe there's something there but also because you want love we want people to to like what you're saying you want people to retreat it while people to say hey that guy is really on the ball that girl is really on top of politics yeah you go girl you know you're saying the right things yeah fuck can we gotta get but they're they're not that do not thinking this thing out had a contest there's a fucking contest the
you that you had go against the person that you were you didn't want to win sacked so person who won one the fucking contest you can't just men and say now the military ass to take over because i don't agree with the results of the contest here we have a country the country thrilled with three hundred and fifty million people a nerve with your shitty electoral college system decided that this guy should win the contest he won he one fuckin fair and square whether not there actions were involved and hacking the dnc take that aside look at it for what it is because what the russians exposed was fuckin corrupt and i dont they are obsessed with these emails and i go you know that i would for there is no real smoking gun there was there what's your name donnie coming with questions for cnn there was just upper looking dirty and there they wouldn't jake tapir look dirty from his it looked like he was getting questions talking points from the dnc
although there was shut up the there was there was also the very clear collusion where they were making sure that bernie sanders did not win the primaries right that was where it was most disturbing to me because of the way that leads through email yes i guess yeah i mean there's she did something corrupt yet shades autocrat and they're saying well republicans didn't didn't get exposed involving the application is the russians have something on there but there is a deal but how do you know that's the case they might not have done anything illegal that's also possible it's possible its past that if you look at the very minimal amount of things that we're done by the dnc there's just a few incidents none of them landed anybody in jail right so i think we can kind of gray and whether or not their corrupt their fairly minimal even though you are fucking with democracy i mean that's what you're doing when you're rigging the primary you're fucking with democracy known went to jail so worst case scenario that there were a tribute that was attributed to them with
still not enough to warrant a criminal investigation or jail time then you have the side you're supposed to assume that their sight was more egregious or was it equal just not exposed like what i look all this that was exposed look at all look at that billy bush interview you told me there are worse than anything that was exposing the other side as far as public opinion it seem to resonate more i dont know why was dumb joke but it seemed to be that's what they're march was it was pussy joke march let's on because a transgender bathroom he won because the aggrievement industry he won because liberal media spinning stories he won because we're all sick of governor obamacare obama cares alot of factors there was so much animosity built up against the establishment that when running dangerfield showed up in tartan pants and today although what someone stepped on a duck we all went that fuckin guy i want him to come in and just below it all up and let's start from scratch wasn't leak fluttered the butter ties to the russians that doesn't bother you all know the factory one
leases taxes that doesn't bother you don't know that bothers me because we should know where money comes from but look at what they do look at this obsession with real framing things like milos sentence has been considered two to mean he wants thirteen year old to have sex all the time with adults every time they get a like what culture said our blacks are better than their blacks she meant conservative blacks tend to be more well we see because they get a hammering it thanksgiving from their family and they're not conforming the majority of their race so they tend to be heartened that gets construed into an culture thinks we still have slaves and lacks so can just see the way these tax return especially in an era where we seem to hate entrepreneurs and we seem to hate wealth and we i've heard so many people criticise trumpeting he's a billion air or the
betsy divorce cause she's a billion air and you go since when is that a fuckin insult that's the only thing everyone on earth wants to be well ok i mean the uk set up a bit of a straw man with that because i don't think that's just what people are challenging people are upset about with tromp with there is it that he might be influenced by foreign governments but he can profit valid concern but it's not proven yet and if it is proven will drag him out of the white house by his heel right but don't you you're ever gonna really prove that is by seeing here whether or not he will be influenced by that financial tie by financial ties and whether or not that that will influence way that the policy the decree in this country whether or not he allows things to happen that we don't this should happen just so that he can profit valid concern but it's not proven yet and if it
the is proven will drag him out of the white house by his heel right but don't you think that the only way you ever going to really prove that is by seeing his taxes you have to be honest i don't understand how business works will that's why i bring up the century anti entrepreneurial age like with the bankruptcy laws in the nineties everyone must take advantage of bankruptcy laws because the government was so bad at its job so they trump had to go for the same with his manufacture he's ties in china i've tried to make things in america like toy dolls it they were going to be so nineteen times the price if we can make them in china so wasn't like they would be a challenge it just wasn't possible once that system is like that you have to adhere to that says if you're going to eventually change it and i think we're going to see these tax returns they don't know what the fuck they're doing and they're going to go out proof that he's in bed with these people but most some people are gonna be able to analyze and come up with accurate assessments of where where he's been influence and where he makes money in why that could be a problem like be a conflict of interest but we should be
how that information every single president before him has been forthcoming that information here every day we are only financial lose her maybe but he said he was gonna release it up until the moment where he got in and then he said now why should i guess i don't know it's the only way it should force him to these two types of directly to me like these these people that they are the word but foreign influence we had ill showing us her for it's no lieutenant radium right we showed her selling the presidency bill clinton do a talk about that doesn't exonerate tromp right now but where were you then you you're right you're right you know what i'm talking to them right we're talking to me and i m not a left wing hilary supporter and in any way shape or form i just think that if work have a president we have to have some pretty universal rules that we follow and one of them should be the president should be beyond influenced by foreign governments and destroys there's really not a whole lot of ways to tell what's
for once in you other than tax returns so youth yours implying that in these tax returns usc massive checks from rush i'm not saying that i'm saying we should find out i mean you should absolutely bet you're you're the president you shouldn't t it's it's very eroding they arose the public confidence if you hide that if you conseil that if you don't tell us where you have your money stored he don't tell us are you sure you're making money where you have bank accounts where you wear it on this there's a lot of fun actors involved in a guy like tromp was running a massive global empire and if if we don't know like where he's being influenced through financial connections i feel i feel like that problematic and i think it's it's it's a real dangerous thing to deny it because it's always been of its always respond the president's do and we ve always said it was a good thing and i always thought it was law i thought it was me
the tory i never knew that there was always a round under their under rotting in under audit there was over he says it still in its been going since the seventies or something like that and other evil area so you just has to keep the ongoing than doesn't have to tell me ass i mean i understand your logic i just the bigger picture here as i think that people don't understand that he took a major hit and becoming president financially and i think that was part of the appeal since when holy shit you're putting it on the line for us but he's not losing time and money on a running the business i gather that union operate a job to do an took up huge hit you had not only how so busy residences the golf courses while the morrow logo the attendance is up and they raise the admission fee to two hundred thousand dollars a year that's how much it costs to join aerial up my understanding is that brand with his residencies and his golf clubs and everything else took your head and i understand that because it's like if you're in new york and you say we're metz mattress company well it doesn't matter
the people are aunt i met but now yankees friends don't want your matters so z think political when you're a brand like that is to lose you fifty percent of your phone where's and he went on lemon if you lost the election he still it had the brain damage without any the benefits and one you know some put everything on blackening when i pressed you risking that has been proven that his brand has been damaged like there's been a studies of like the attendance or residencies dropping that shit up day it wasn't the people there owned condos in one of the trump buildings tried to change the name in new york they literally ripped the word trump off of their building they did do that ramp had constraints in reserve and pulled that own condos in that banning right now it's it's a place where you by the pull the new york so weird like tat you by your apartment so strange but they pulled the trump name down whose ideas on how to get away ord all agreed that democratic
decision and they said we don't want to solidify madonna be targeted too because i was there right after the election i just happen to be there because the you have see was there in mass square garden right after the election so i walked to the jam and when i came back it was power in the jam the the riots the parade the march started and so we walk back right in thick of it and they are parked out in front of the trunk our just fuckin scream and a bunch of fucking losers our job k k k races sexes antigay has guy just where did that even come from the they didn't know thing where they they first of all they dance of freedom and that of my pencil house it's not even there like he gives a fuck you never said gaze can't dance i'm just gonna work they start making out with each other for the trumpet like he's gonna go oh stop it stop it i mean i can't i'm gonna go out from this smurfs i aid that well it's
thing we're talkin bout earlier with labeling milo and not see and fascist and homophobic and promoting genocide if you just say those words and define someone you immediately put them in a nice box that you can attack ripens by someone this guy was right next to me fuckin screaming it down chop care raises sexist antigay this was lairs he saw a black eye common you start your black lives matter ass bad ass like you son of a bitch you u flatly they come up with this concept that the president is pro hate so then they go hey trump i'm against tate and he goes that's nice the builders straw man and then their attacking him and letting him on fire and the rest of us are going i dont care that you're lighting a scarecrow on fire you look fucking ridiculous votes it's not empowering their cause to be exaggerating about
his stances on things like gay rights or any of these things is not empowering so you say he's kkk when you say anti gay when he says racist without like real provide you could say that he has said some very racist things about some mexicans can't say that no you can't we could say that use talk about the rapists in the matters that are aiming oversight leaders who cross the border the women get raped there the point now with these women just take contraception as part of the deal it that it is also tsar how it feels about people bright but it is chess like sometimes eat talks like an idiot they're doing bad things and then you realize four days later holy shit that was really mexico as it on programme where they send their criminals over the border he did a good job of expressing that's what people really wanted to say and i think he could have been more measured and he could have done it in a
but he's coyotes only crap and then another example this in being four steps ahead is when he says he's trying to do this travel ban right muslims are a threat to america and ever goes that's crazy and then he says the press isn't reporting on the following two four days later holy shit i was brilliant so with the mexicans thing these mexicans or rape as you go what and then you look it up and go holy shit percent these women get raped crossing the border buddies coyotes these holy crap and then another example this in being four steps ahead is when he says he started this travel ban right muslims are a threat to america and ever goes that's correct and then he says the press in reporting on the following terrorism cases this this is this he lists about twenty so then the munich us that's not true we will put it on this report on that we put in the london bombings we report on benghazi reported on this and then he duped them into talking about terrorism for three days straight all of a sudden is travel ban looks pretty reasonable that's interesting so he's off
often setting a trap for people that they come bounding into but whether or not is doing on purpose or whether not just by finding things that he can say that back up his point here darting that conversation off in a way that they would nor narrowly start it it might have been would have my sweet in regos look with sweden last night on a particularly dead night in sweden now you could say look here blacks died in gang warfare today in chicago it might be none today right but the average is yours too you get up and go holy shit seven hundred eighty people died in chicago this year is today the twenty second knows a signal an event on the twenty first in sweden massive like yeah yeah now look sweden has got problems europe has problems deftly do in whenever you have people from one culture that image into another culture and disenfranchised and poor and they have a really not nuts i'm just gonna keep going
but they also have a really restrictive fucked up culture that they're coming from and they want to pose that culture on the people that live in germany or wherever they want women start wearing long dresses and that they treat them like their horrors of they now that's i'll fuck real dangers there from a different parts of the world and its a part of the world that hasn't changed in a long time and that part of the world i mean you could call culture didn't call religious tradition but whenever you're dealing with a part of the world that still has honour killings and female genital mutilation you dont let women drive and women aren't allowed to vote and you have this incredibly restrictive world that you are here existing em and then you bring that world somewhere else you gotta have a culture clash and you're seeing that and this is this is the euro if if you want people to be free
we want people to have the ability to integrate into a more free culture like america as you also have to be honest about what the consequences are and you have to be honest about what kind of sure they are coming from and assume you talk about that you labelled in islamophobia since you got to talk about this incredibly stricter massage monistic culture that's based on an ancient ancient series of ritual and beliefs you become a system a big it by talking about a reality they're not a race you're talking about culture it's hard to make this distinction is a western chauvinist that i think the west is the best i don't care what race you are but i dont think that other cultures are different i think they're worse and islamist five hundred years behind as we were shitty we had which hans inquisition we had the inquisition they're doing there not caught up to as yet there are the best and i think to big problems with them as far as programme progress goes is the koran is an exceptionally violent book it doesn't have it
who point all the way christians do and no one ever talks with this but they have a major problem within reading they are met the first cousins again and again and again and that makes your evolution burke works is this true where you get enough i never manage eighty i think it's go mohammed said it's ok to marry first cousin for real and you do that once or twice its pretty bad and you do it for forty generations and now you're going back in time look at our ran in nineteen sixty five many skirts woman doing chemistry with test tubes driving around high you wanna go to the google hop later and now just garbage eggs gregorian chance everywhere they ve gone backwards in time and i blame obviously the courage and the culture religion but also i think inbreeding enables them to get hijacked
these radicals i mean we ve got you think they can beat snake bites by an american intervention i'm taking over christianity do you think well that there are people in america right that they do that two areas but they're not taking over america the way they took over the middle east you think is the sander their equivalent as far as her yet shut mangi and the trouble there's lamb she says a weird group of west arby's just hijacked their religion and sent it into the dark ages and i go yeah but how are worthy vulnerable to hijacking christianity couldn't be hijacked by the snake guys so why and i think a part of it was reading this is around theory no no no look i went online asean breeding major major problem never this especially with immigrants in britain like the pakistanis in london they'll have arc kinds of serious inbreeding problems because that's an in smaller sample size you're dealing with ha every time i bring this up people you're worried about what
people hillbillies they were inbreeding royalty their inbreeding indigo here anyway real bad it was a bad move the hard way we saw deliverance of others most of her but put up i'm sure i'm sure you not lie you find anything sustenance noakes pop ups snobs snoop miscarriage snobs is once i found out about the origins of slopes and whose run snobs guy unmarried price two leftist wife and didn't know the whole deal that guy's party and he married some woman who is an escort ever seen a story on set ups the guy who ran snobs ran it with his wife left his wife for profit she soon hand because all the money spent on prostitutes and are now mary the prostitute and she's not a anymore now she worked for snopes
and while i knows asthma enlightenment and that's how they met yea now while they there was a husband and wife team now it's a husband with the new wife and then their suing each other the ex wife and a husband or soon each other over who gets the money some big crazy story but he just got big fuckin some let us face it is hanging out this girl used to be an escort and i'll ida distasteful unless it's richer gear and julia roberts deserve gorgeous and then i like it well i think it's like the best looking guy but the prostitute at one point the dow who worked doesn't ask russia ceremony disrespectful i did it and ask where one digit holler while she was escorting no post post she was molested as a kid who so much for sex for her we had to go super intense like look humiliation show me a slap or in a grocery store and stuff how jesus because intimate he had been ruined by dad so that we at un level for that and get right into means tat man was in great but that brings
back to what you're saying earlier let's just spit ball here ok molestation gaze here's my theory first of all i think one percent of people are gay i for one percent and what is that iran theory like this we ten all the titans craze that's fucking nuts go north korean people that's not me remember you're classrooms and have three classes there is that one fair guy war lacrosse there's a few cost there's a few i mean it might be his eyes five but was deafening unless you're in some place with maybe some sort of a gas leak well that's it we're getting a nature nurture so out so there these are gaze these are lesbians i think a higher proportion of lesbians are that wave forgetting from getting arrested and it's easy to go with a woman cause they're not as grosses cock right so i'm an immortal injuring in there also been sexual ass bar culture right
nicosia billboard selling fangs in right now and thence girls kid girls hot you know you could just get a strap on their economic owed and i don't think that i'm just totally spit boeing making it up monsieur third of laws beans were molested right that's all i'm going to say within the percentage of gays less than that i must say a fifth of fifth this is talking to my ass here a fifth of gay so it's possible that milo was away lena dunham sister lena brags about molesting your sister she's a lesbian now cheers so maybe you get molested it could be by anyone and sex you know but as you bad feeling the thing when children experience sex when they're not sexual like when they're not their hormones having kicked and they have a reach puberty and they exceed sex at a very early age they become hyper sexual and they say that that's one thing but to women are molested and they they speculate that could also be one of things that happened to me
when they experience molestation by another man at an early age and there's an imprinting that happens christopher i and the author of sex it dawns talked about this that there's imprinting than happens during the formative years and i forget what those years are i think he said between ten and like fourteen but things can happen during those years they light there a log in and death where fuel device fetish is they develop also too weird sort of like kinky sort of things that they connect to sex and it's because of the fact your body and mind are developing your hormones are making makes sense while it's it's it's a disturbed in trade and your job as apparent and as a society is to keep kids as pure for his life this possible you want santa to go as long is humanly possible he won the easter bunny i don't i even nine eleven kids are no and i levin is i'm keeping that race to racism
they just want them to know that guy has dark skin right i don't want them to know any those are the things and we're living in culture where we're normally so much decadence that war or destroying our own innocence and pursued strap yourself and for this seventy four and of all pakistanis our inbred and in turkey the amount is between twenty five to thirty percent more stillbirths among immigrants a rough estimate reveals it close to half of everybody living in the arab world is inbred alarm the percentage of the parents of this is blow my my large percentage the parents at our blood where's is coming from what is this website i live posted it before i came here media but these are all the sources that went to assist the sources reproductive health journal dot com this is a bbc investigation went to its citizens the bbc investigation in britain several years ago revealed that at least fifty five percent of the pakistani community in britain was married to a first cousin the time
of india affirm that in quotes this is thought to be linked to probability to the probability that a british pakistani family british pact standing family is at least thirteen times more likely than the general popular listen to have children with the recess of genetic disorders hole shit baby sees research also discovered that while british pakistanis account for just three point forty four percent of all birth in britain they accounted for thirty percent of all british origin with recessive disorders and a higher rate of infant mortality what the fuck labour party mp has called for a ban on first cousin marriage medical evidence shows that one of the negative consequences of inbreeding is a one hundred percent increase in the risk of stillbirths one study compare the norwegians and pakistani showed the risk of child of the child during labour increases by fifty percent while
as i say i also read somewhere that's a lot of the symptoms of inbred people our irrational rage but the fanaticism and they end up describing isis look at what it says here that would they the iq points it says findings an intelligence research shows that if one parents are cousins if once parents are cousins talents goes down ten to sixteen iq points the risk of having an iq lower than seventy criterion for being retarded in quotes they use that word who is a word to use it like that a nurse you use like that avoids any i don't think it's a mess well distinction this is a real website the following rita retardation did they say you know it's a retarded says retorted in closing let us their legal that is the medical definition increases four hundred percent among children
from cousin marriages let me say that again the risk of having an iq lower than seventy increases four hundred percent children from cousin marriages and academic paper published in the indian national science academy found that the onset various social profiles like visual fixation social smile and sound seizures oral expression in hand grasping are significantly delayed among them new born inbred babies one far can name for band newborn inbred babies as a poker ban of ever heard one wow jesus christ then why do we know this because i don't like the truth is amr phobia they called islamophobia raven discussing it like we're gonna be called islamophobia free for bringing this i know and i'm glad you read that from a reputable site so it's not
general going out mckinnis call muslims retarded this is p j media i dont know what that is but let's find out if there's other corroborating or dissenting sources like pajama media is well established network of germans site are what you wear when you want to be serious about problems with it isn't anyway you're funny pajamas he can tell the basics people are scattered genetics ducas gets into eugenics and they they get comfortable but my racism to racism but i am i from a shitty glass region family my uncle's where drugs maybe it coming from a shitty group you you develop this immunity to fear of your group sucking earlier fibre of somebody stallion mostly italian one quarter irish and fuck and i came from a line of savages there there's a people you know the good per of my ancestors and readily that i know that are fucking ape people and i could see
because i know them and i come from them and i have a people instincts that i fight off every goddamn dear and the first time i came here you are trying to separate your spinal cord cause you were crushed it from choking people out while i'm not trying to separate them trying to relax but to tell from a babe see if if a baby is gonna have some foundling yonder z s really try to start but i've where did i worked at its great now my backwards one extra my philosophy is i don't care the truth is no such thing as hate facts to me right let's hear and i was like you're the facts as they might be uncomfortable for you say our fact is the truth and the rest for everyone and i was tired of this surgeon recently and i east is china crew a dna database that would just sort of like going into the singularity would be like becoming god and you would be able to tell from a babe a sea of if a baby is gonna have a propensity for lung cancer you know right out of the gate and heat scared of this concept because he's worried it will affect insurance pie
mrs doyle demand is here a smear some your spit and i go fuck this we're not ensuring you you forty percent chance of prostate cancer fifty percent chance of this and i don't like that one of insurance gazette insurance gets real we're it's on a gamble anymore it's like you could see the cards like let me see your cards not gambling area now just a bank account there's no kind of one insurances rights like i look you gave them let me take your blood pressure well yeah cough ok when he i'd hate your knee with this little woman rubber mallet everything seems ok how you sleep and sleep in pretty good why can i give you a positive check up in your brain to the insurance company you look everything checks out you gonna charmingly like i will take a chance but it has taken a chance do you smoke you smoke laying out like my odds there do drink my as well as we smarter were turning into those does checks in the hut
turban minority report and sir harry images i can't until you you're dying on the way home today i got a fine let's get it out there the free market will figure out insurance for the doomed some sort of catastrophic policy but they'll be more money over here to even it out information to come out we need information but i think it explains the hijacking of of similar gino hasidic juice have the same problem but they because are aware of this and the truth is out they have all kinds of elaborate d a test they do on each other not everyone takes it but but rob this will encourage this for us to check you make sure you not related and encourage this marriage does it makes the most genetic sense i had no idea you you blew my mind with that information i'm hoping that jamie's gonna pull up something shows that's right wing hate grouped its infiltrated the statistics and that are dear to those whom it come on a lotta right websites from trying to find work
sources but i can't find another source just try to find other sources will can t talk about other genetic things have you are you aware of crisper you know we're here yeah that's some crazy shit and they ve been given the green light to go ahead and start working on human fetuses i actually is crazy theory in church the other day where i thought is it possible that were in heaven like you know how the concept to heaven is unfathomable right it's something it's totally different from where we are now and it's this infinite universe thing that our brains can handle and then i was thinkin wait a minute this sounds like a sperm trying to figure out what earth is right maybe the sperm was as being born was dying now were alive here on heaven and worse slowly getting closer and closer to perfection i mean lifespans mean getting better the quality it has been getting better we're gonna die soon but in like fifty general actions with crisper and all this incredible genetic information soon we may be able just be
reality we have cured your liver can so what's gonna get really weird because they're gonna be able to integrate the human beings who are here today with not just communication not just visual information but sums computer language jamie we're just talking about this yesterday we were it about emerges and and this is something that has been brought up before that emerges are in many ways a lot like hieroglyphs and that they use say something with emojis translate what you're thinking without an actual language and we're saying we're gonna get down said the boy words you say are like yes and no again and no like nods affirmations and confirmations and the the language that we speak could be some sort of a weird you reversal and based language that just express
from mine to mind through some neural implants are some fuckin snapchat glasses we wear me we're not too far away from zero really bizarre a paradigm shift in like devil i remember when downloading your brain was just science fiction movies and you know you talk to people our age about their dead grandfather and they go i have this black in my photo and i have letter he wrote the newspaper in eighteen ninety six that's all i got my life my kids will never be able to read all the articles i've written or watch all the videos i've done there they'll never get through them all they can watch for a hundred hours if their board but though there's ways more of my brain permanently out there in the cosmos than they could ever want oh yeah cinctures and everything the next generation you're dead isn't really gonna die industries i wear them whenever you want but i'm sure you
ray kurzweil you know curs wiles thing is that he wants to somehow another recreate is father put his father died when he was young and he the has some information about his father and he has some dna that obviously is his and he has no photographs and memories and he wants figure out a way to literally recreate his father and have a conversation with them that i know you you're an atheist right no i'm not this is i feel like that you know the beginning of prometheus where he drinks that thing and then he deteriorates ngos and that's what i think the big bang was it was this beautiful microchip that just started the first domino and everything else is going to this place like the singularity is near this incredible perfection that we're headed to an ever there's all these checks downstairs along the way like us reading what audrey hepburn the other day and she
with super skinny right breakfast activities chick she grew up in i think of holland during the war and did nazis cut off holland from all supply so they were forced to eat tulips and their lot on hundreds of thousands of them starve to death and audrey hepburn was from that world and she was guinea check who didn't need a lot of food and then of her ancestors kids became obese big giant fat pigs and they said it could have been genetic memory where they their bodies when holy shit you found doritos a hold on to this cause you're never gonna find one again when you i'm notices this in a way with all these mexican they seek everywhere they seem more obese than the general populace and i think they have genetic memory from a generation or two ago where food was scarce and they their bodies hold on to it more
thirdly we see this with american indians all of our major diabetes problems and its ethnic memory where these are the checks and balances you use at the fact that a cell can remember this our generation like never sell memory yeah where did you get it transplant and all of a sudden you're seeing the guy that killed that guy i've heard the stores and enough its ever been p i don't know it's still in their gotta look it up department mazarin people getting organ transplants as well where they ask hungers like that hunger hunger pangs for something that they never craved before right it's it's not it's not known as big fetch it in our own is as i think it was on sixty minutes but i know genetic memory is a real thing and i just see all of this is part of the bigger picture as with you no check and balance ourselves in constantly improving the left seems to always deny that
that there's this forty five to real and even in the stock market if you invested right before the great depression and you had the patience to wait ten years you still would have been up so all the dip we ve had it's always been improving improving improving improving yeah well there's definitely some memories that are passed on between parents and children in there trying to figure out exactly what's the mechanism but they dont know what they do know is that they ve done these studies with mice and it's really fascinating they take mice and they put in this case that has a floor that they can give an electric shock to it and then they release a sitter smell the mice smell assiduous mountain they zap em so these at their feet so then these mice have children the children have never had this experience before the children are big wrote a full size and then they spray the citrus smell and they fuckin panic no way they ve never been sat before but they fucking panic they have an immediate reaction to see when i hear that i go how can people not leaving his want of a god
i think it's a learned reaction to genetics that passed on from parent to child that is the reason for instincts reason why we have evidence irrational really is magic is kind of man what is that magic i mean what is it what is the universe itself and what is the magic that makes you see me whereas the magic bullet is god so weird limited expression too to sort of makes some sense out of something as beyond our feeble mind and imagination at this point on another has necessarily there was an article go around about a month ago where they said we may all be in the matrix this could all be some sort of giant experiment i go waited to have discovered god that's what it is it's the matrix it's the first domino it's the
the middle jean during our god you're not talking about a guy who lives in the clouds with a heart as trying to get a grip on it right that's as drawing a face on the guy like let you think it's a good neilsen and cast away you just putting a face on a baseball go awry volleyball do you think it's a guy and what do we say guy sure guy i don't know you buddy he's janni have got is a really fat german guy with a dish harassed and he's got a deep voice any each lipstick he's got lipstick all risky the man hands he's gotta twit journals like that all the times we get chip nail polish and toes and disgusting feed their shoved into some high issues the do what do you think it's a physical entity do you think it's an energetic likeable i've been our meagre robotic vine i thought of this whole sperm to human thing because the only really
kinship i can see in front of me that mimics this is a pilot his human being where the pilot judges ratio if you said to a sperm so what is this earth and like god as you were a tie the sperm just got they therefore why design those words but it seems to me that like when you say something is god or you but you say you believe in god but yours you're defining something we are you and you don't even know what you're defining gratitude you go to church and is just about reverence and thank god that i'm here and i really appreciate attitudes you just latin yoda latin mass and it's just like you something ups to new street you're saying but i'm in this incredible building right that's that's blow i was stuck in a mile about it once when he was less in new york and i know it is and of unusual how good these churches are like how beautiful there do you feel like when it though the guide the contractors making them like the stained glass there it was like
after all and they had to say divine intervention that got holy fuck i'm really good today it felt like everyone well this carvings turning out of you been jesus christ you ve been a rome yeah did you go the vatican yeah i think we went up to the war i came here if we went internet card man you got you want to talk about something that a blow your mind as far as like the religious undertones and the majestic magnificence of its construction saint peters basilica i mean that the whole vatican's credible the artwork is just amazing i mean we're there for hours and hours wandering around with is really cool professor we hired as a guide was amazing told us all the history of everything but when you get to say it is bizarre canoes explaining how many hundreds of years it took to build in their building this shit with no
actually city no machines no nothing everything's massive imperfect and beautiful it's like you're looking at such incredible work of art that's does to inspire awe and reverence since the motivate behind building something like this fuckin hundreds of years ago it's it's really i think it's good attitude and you see this with my wife's american indian and at all those ceremonies its we give thanks to the north yeah give thanks to the west we give thanks to the east and that's what churches is just like i don't know the details thank you for that while my hands work thank you so much for this but pray for other people i think debts rate way to live life is living life with gratitude i try to be thankful all the time i'm a very lucky person and have always been very lucky and moist very thankful to inject i try to be very generous and try to be very thankful to be friendly as much as i can and all those things i think sort to build on to it but to have it and define it in but it didn like religion that's where things
can get arises thing they can get screwy when you're sort of defining things by his ancient said rules that sort of established before we really understood science before released stood the laws of thermodynamics the the universe is formed what we know now about the cosmos sister so many variables that have to be taken into account when you are looking at an entire system we try to define what what god in what religion is and then you look at how restrictive religion has been in the past and how many of suffered because the discoveries that day didn't jive with the ancient texts emil galileo in short list of surrender orton i guess i mean the catholic church was is very pro science and has been ro for a long time so as the islamic church for the long time islam was like the foundation of science and the foundation of literature like before there before
english com came riding into iraq and fucked up baghdad and turn the river red with blood and black with ink as a they said like there there were some of the best cars in the world it was like some of the best mathematics some other than the asked writing it come out of the islamic world and they had been conquered and destroyed and so much of that was lost in the ebb and flow of these cultures to us seems like such a long time to go from twelve hundred to two thousand seventeen but in the course of humanity it sets a blip it's nothing maybe gaze should be thrown off buildings scientifically proved it maybe a lot easier victims are bitches that it should have stone threaten jobs kidding internet you can't kid and certain things i can't cared about gavin you know you're not allowed thinking about the whole catholics versus protestant things goes back to the ultimate core of all arguments which is nature versus nurture and they
catholics say some people are better than others some people were special the protestant say we're all the same that guy the guy up there how to isn't better and i vacillate myself like you for example are you special are you magic are you blessed you're on that show your career has been so weird it seems every time you get thrown out of a plain we come a few days later and you gotta cocoanut stand and you're wearing a rescue i come on in these are everyone sets further we're cocoanut juice and maybe you're kind of the jews judy some seems to say that you're a chosen one that there are some people who are picked by god like that divinity good thing with tom hanks where some people are just way better like it i was having dinner with john lennon but you gotta get him on the shoulder your time almost interesting gather about my life but he this is a mason
singular masons an address one of his do hickey arbiters of my meetings but there are these like hits love no two guys there are looking through like a word thing and they invited him to the heavy shit one that's like in a golden is through a book where you go upside down and you have to swim there can you come out a phantom you're a cloak and your hoard like a dog i'm sorry do something hot is making an array of zaire super fancy what i got in doing this now me feeling doing that i'm going to go to the fancy what i wanna be with my voice and i i was thinkin later me you are that who earns arose divinity called kites while this is my take on it i think there is definitely nature and there's deftly nurture i think both are factors and go nature verses nurture to me seem simple simple it seems too simplistic seems too silly because its to me like you're you're trying to pick a side were clearly ball
have massive amounts available comes out of percentages and i think they discovered the frontal lobe where it everything matters is eighty nature twenty nurture and we see this the identical twins separated birth one group rich in paris either was poor in detroit similar dogs husbands look the same same car wonders credit critiques the other makes movies she's align producer they are the same person well there's definitely gifts some people are intellectually gifted we know people that are just really fuckin small they're just born gaily fuckin smarter smarter than me i talk to my go jesus yeah and then there's other people that are athletics gifted like michael jordan like you can't like there's not there's not a chance in hell they got jonah hill jonah hill work every day day for the rest of his fucking life he's never gonna play basketball michael jordan it is impossible if michael jordan never worked out ever like never like
early just kind of did normal stuff like everybody else does like may want to the gym took a spin class he could probably jump way fuckin higher than jonah hill he could probably run way faster than jonah hell and probably be better at anything he applied himself to athlete equally because he's got a gift he's got clearly genetically gifted you know think the same can be said of cromwell on same could be said of mike tyson the same could be set up a bunch of great athletes the same can be said of brok listener they did no matter what you do you can live weight all your fuckin life you're never gonna a strong as that guy was the mountain thorn will name can be orson fuckers names that gigantic mountain guy from game thrones that's a gift man that guy's gifted one hundred and i'm glad you u sports is an analogy because the turn on the shannon is there's this sort of line it's a grey area and there's a guy who control softball fastball at ten thousand our twenty miles an hour and it goes up to a hundred and then there's a guy
who can do ninety nine ninety eight but i dont think it works like that with baseball i think there's like the forty miles an hour people and then there's floating bubble of hundred mile on our pitchers and these eyes our magic there very special there the divinity code children of jesus well in fight in fighting in striking in particular there is a will there it exists in grappling as well the strengthened grappling that's like there's some people have just freak strength but i believe that could be nurtured more than striking strength peel and people good hitters strikers like guys or power hunters empower crackers there's only so much you can teach someone negative someone proper technique but power is something given to you by the great beyond and no one understands and no one knows why you could take two guys one of em looks exactly like the other one there built the same they both have big muscles they both have big as and one of them can punch a hole through the fuckin universe and the other one can barely make the bag move
doesn't make any sense and no one knows why you could take someone bar so everyone can get in we have these retarded classes this class it and when you called twenty something no one knows why well no i don't believe transfer that hard truth to intellect yes was the this meant that we only to be educated we ought to go to college when my dad was young and britain you did you're all levels thirteen dad had a high q is brothers didn't so they sifted through just like a pink floyd video and they did him over to a scholarship and private school they started his brothers over to work in a printing press and they all did fine they had good jobs and they were they were taking place of their skills and then we with this idea where everyone to go to college and now to lower the bar so everyone can get in we have these retarded classes there's a class it and when you called twenty something which is about being twenty something everyone there everyone there's twentysomething
you go now you just wasting your time by not admitting that some people are special and that's what i was getting an earlier with the western culture thing some cultures are better summer work advanced there might be a satellite pull that are just magical jimmy kimmel he kept having his career shad on when he wasn't ports radio we had this woman above him was to sabotage him here similarly the shit yeah who was never the story was out about ask him about some horrible hunted torture them every day and reduce sometime yeah he so talented but that's why i sex what i'm saying like you michael j new thrown in africa and there'll be there we like you have to meet this man who is in the congo he can jump a million miles his name is giorgio jordan and he has like a letter a basketball and i dont know what it is i am so good at these would be long over like jeremy lin or whatever and i think jimmy camel and you are the same that they just they get fucked i've done it a million times a throne my career down the toilet
and then i just keep find through the sewers and pop come out of another manhole while you figured out a way now particular with your show too let your personality shine through like to like your unique way of looking at things very thorough examination of the world around you and an honest take on that also be humorous but i did that with advertising i got involved in our agenda here that's details up an agency sold it for millions then we got fired because i said shitty stuff about trainees pointed out their mentally ill gaze well what you pointed out was that there's a lot of regret in that was where people are getting really uncomfortable and there's there is a website i think it's called trends gender regret dog yes and their use cannot tell me that any sort of major surgery does carry some sort of regret when i was my twenties i had here transplants i've a big scar on the back oh yeah that's because they take a piece of meat
back your head with hair on my hair was fallen out and i was on tv and i was like fuck my look skull i'm gonna be poor again i'm fucked m losing this hands radio yeah yeah and so why we're on hiatus i had a hare transplants and take a piece of meat back here will take hair and they move it all up in here and the words around it doesn't work because eventually the other here falls outlines left with this mess but yeah regretted it still is a stupid thing to do and people irrational choices that can become permanent and if you don't think that some people who does i did they would be happier as a woman and then become a woman and then are miserable because first rather hormonal profiles change they don't have a penis anymore than on other testicles anymore they wish they could go back to where they were you don't think that's possible that those people have major surgery could also possibly have major regret that is dead is dishonest it's just genuine and you are you're a hearing to an ideology rather
then looking at something in a completely objective and in an open and honest way you're you're using these people as pawns for your own virtues signalling and its murder it's like when you see it or is it just like it that woman's mercedes toddlers thing with my pussy grabs back and you live in a three year old and you going jesus christ child abuse and i feel like the these those are doing training abuse by normal using such a drastic decision and the it inevitably i noticed the guy you're talking what is right for the federalist all the time and he goes what happens with these because they have all these problems clearly you're not if you think you're a woman but they bipolar this gets a frank and mac depression and of the things they go if i just give it a mike i can be a woman it would be fine than they do that for they're happy then they realize wait the bipolar still here i'm still depressed what the fuck am i done holy this isn't a cure all solution not only there there is also this there's a real
problem in that you're not allowed to bring that up like we know when you look at the average per whether a gay or straight the average people men and women out there in the world there is a certain amount that are gonna be schizophrenia there's a certain amount that are gonna have all sorts of mental illnesses depression etc is a certain amount when you start talking our transgender people you are no longer allowed to take that into consideration and you must every transgender person if there are one hundred percent mentally healthy jeez insanely rare in regular people people that are not and gender sis gendered if you were lungs out you look citizens under that's what i set him that article the guidelines should i go let's cut the shit here ok ok you're looking at once name and transparent jeremy whatever his name is the actor sorry when those that what is more the graham is generally tangible cambodia and useful to look at them and go that's an interesting struggle you're going through its mrs doubt fire right i can't not laugh when i look at you it's comical
everyone just has this wilful ignorance like ice oliver cox on some dumb day today show type thing at the hotel earlier and he's sitting there with his legs cross going you're so remote bill i was so nervous i didn't even sites star suck my stomach and end you're like are we pretending that you're not a dude who is a whose laverne clause on that show oranges the new black i never watched me neither but he's a federal janet mark there's laverne cox there all the top ones in general and whenever you see them you go your attitude but sure i'll sit here and clapping go it yes your gorgeous thou my god that is a problem it's this is that's a guy yeah that's a huge guy is that you must giant really yeah and not a guy anymore how long the she'd been a girl you never get the straight answer from these pushes guide looking after them pussy out of of chopping their dick thinks about caitlin did right i don't think so no oh yeah caitlin
i mean did pussy out of it yeah did not yet done there you go you go girl that's it do it if there if there comes a time where through crisper some other new fangled genetic manipulation you can turn a man to a woman and then back and forth and you really can be gender fluid ideas isn't instagram page about gender fluidity and one of the things it's like i'm not a man and not of sometimes i'm a man sometimes i'm a woman about em all as a human like ok ok i am not aware that won't be here that another thing about another homophobia mahomet board you fuck like when you make out in front of my building have a nice french session in giving you made it with ilo and you see tat i see that's another black and white couples in new york toby in the chain holding hands and looking indignant hi were in love got a problem with that ok
regulations you're fucking someone you are attracted to root out there all mines your second your boyfriends dick i'm stunned and i think that's why they get so mad too as i go you're not a snowflake you're not trend gender and you're just a fuckin dude well when time moves on and once you really do eliminate all the things that trouble ass when it comes down to homophobia or racism all these issues that there really still do exist you're gonna be left with the actual human beings themselves so when no one is transphobia when no one's homophobic and no one's racist they can judge you for who you are were there and but you'd but not in a lot of ways because people get free passes if they are trends
gender if their gay like a guy like caitlin jenner saying that is it doesnt support gay marriage like that you gonna fuckin free pass you're getting a free pass you but here's the best free passage caitlin jenner got fuckin killed a person she slander car into some lady could she wasn't paying attention slander fuckin escalate and pushed turn it on coming traffic and the lady died and no one brings it up that's the freest free pass of all year took a life by completely negligent and that's the problem this big achieve low expectations you put these people on a pedestal until they can do no wrong and they end up doing wrong i mean that i'm a mile or two he had a ghetto jeffrey you can say what everyone in the next thing you know he goes too far on the devil's advocacy with a thirteen year old sexual relationships and you go come on guys let's just style it in here we are all the same racism is over homophobia is
over let's not sexism is all over your is over i don't think it's over i think there's plenty a racist people here's the deal with racism ok i'm hiring i'm checking out your razumihin oh you're an account and all you want you want like eighty grand here you saved your previous company a hundred and fifty running your well that's a great proffer mimics seventy grandiose hiring you i'm gonna look like a chant my job will be more secure the company will make more money i think we're yeah i know your black you're gonna leave where a negro freezer year only talking about hiring can't you are you sit there and you like i got my bt you didn't toes the bread it's like socks you just a sock on a tomato and some are now one touch it forms in the shape my fingers like a tempurpedic mattress some black eyes like a fucking eight when they do the who as a sandwich does not toasted and by the way that i sucked this year and
feel the same way about toes the same about the giants and you go yeah i'm going to deny myself this interesting conversation cause you're a negro were you you're being rational like you're talking about rational sizes pioneers all areas people around i themselves money that that they don't deny things that owing to make the money and people are selfish don't deny themselves cool interesting friends i think there's plenty of people today amongst us that are very racist what is racist races prejudging someone based on the color of their skin or their ethnic origin so there the guy like other stuff you like but you refer to see him as an exception i didn't i tell you guys you like because if you're looking at hand and at the bar or that's at one guy you're scenario yeah you know what you are you paying some very simplistic scenarios that deal with a really complex issue people prejudging people on people not liking people or people identify with other people that look like them like you and me being too
and to do your attacks on it but what does that mean they want to have their their laptop and other books they want to carry on racism it's like this thin veneer oily slick in the bathtub when you have brought cream and you take a bath all you gotta do to go surely just go bid so the second that guy says i hate the giants this year that guy's racism just goes book i mean i have so much more prejudice four people were flip flops men who have those utility backpacks when they wear suit with our marriage stay at home dad's mandarins i dont think i be a facility backpacks anywhere a pseudo issued on but their backpack is all mountain climbers with the ergonomic things bothers you chose me not pluralism the issue of reef case if you have a suit but why you mountain climbing into do you're attacks on it but what is that
that means they want to have their their laptop and all their books they want to carry out its easy to carry things in your brass i'll find a canvas back back if you must but what's the matter with care and i don't know how can people of rolling luggage we all having loves you know you can't carry twenty pounds you pussy rowing it is easy to raw yes so is wearing your pages on the plane it's disgusting to do but this is is this acceptable despair yeah that's right because you have a t shirt on ok you're you're back bag is actually more normal than your clothing that's fine am i not i'm not measuring matching up correctly you are mere matching up just fine but it young jamie with his i t tax slash comedians outfit if he was wearing that any he had maybe like a certain type of backpack what what what be allowed what's he got that seem that's nice perfect my problem with you jamie you shouldn't have anything on your t shirt after thirty but that's a fighter and the kid promote my friends
ok that's what i'm doing my friends is my friend john dudley hey you're doing an ad but people when you're and gives rounds on your shirt when you're forty or no one hears what bans you like it that age while anyway my general point is we all have our little corks you general point is very specific and what you allow people to do and not do as you heard eyes i saw a guy we're jamaica vacation in there was all you can eat thing and he he had his play and he just must have an irish he piled on three huge spoonful of mashed potatoes it took up most of his plate and i'm looking and going we're in fucking jamaica this jerk chicken all this fancy shit and you're using up your whole meal on mashed potatoes you that bothers you make and i hated them for the rest of the trip i think i need someone to hate on the trip so i would see emily just be like eating rice component just go wow major direct
nice that's your own personal issue has a scottish thing zoos we were at war afraid hundred years with the english hussy look in a broader once you dont like confrontation are extinct doktor drew says this he goes the reason that scots are drugs is they like they like conflict subtle put it war in their body so there the growing of those working is hard as giving myself a handicap so when we like struggle we like pain that fascinating even in fucking i've never told we enjoying animals like last longer thank heavens based on the fact that none of the alphabet of accuracy yeah what do you think of what what do you think of kevin space or dude it's you think of kind of sanctions are you going to call me tomorrow go thank you so much for my wife can't walk to the you imagine kevin spaces head floating over the bed i'll get not like this members and believe like his face doing nothing just
two staring just staring at you and why are you two and a half minutes do you imagine him as cars associated frank underwood better i'm not we have strong feelings about em like i've never seen that house ally's show or a car show ok so ratio i don't know why i'm in a season three right now all against our values in it and no no no no into it i talked to i who was gay and he goes on with common space and i go can you tell him back on that i use him and all my friends do not say that that's really i mean i'm not gonna had never occurred to me that you don't want to be known as the guy who can make you not come nobody wants that but anyway even fucking i'm stressed out even when trump one we had a big party we're wearing hawaiian shirts and when i saw donald trump president the big screen in the bar we are cheering my body arms is pouring rearing its head and i went yak when a bomb other guys out but my brain hadn't process that yet and i couldn't thoroughly enjoyed than i ever pick me up their care
me around the bar yeah do you have any problems with him being the president you cause you seem pretty pretty aware and pray rational and the way you make people dress and where backpacks but did have any problems with it being president raising disturbed you about it i'm totally open like research fucking with the first amendment i've been a dreamer thereby seals i'm not excited but this son in law getting a job that sounds like nepotism to me what a coincidence your son in law as the most qualified person for the job is times when they we can be petty i don't know why we're talkin arnold schwarzenegger's ratings an unknown not excited about the travel budget although he is doing a lot of shit but as far as what we ve come out with him and the amount of fuckin left wing back back padding that we ve been going through for the past eight years i am fucking ecstatic what's the back patting the you talk about were so wonderful and obama is so great and you know you didn't you come to el
and you realize that everyone in this fuckin city thinks obama did an awesome job and they also think that bill mar is christopher kitchens like heated and intellectual demigod in town go mars everytime i talk to someone they go you should talk to i'd love to see you in a room with bill mar i'm like that's your intellectual heavyweight that's your main guy i think he would probably agree with you on a lot of things which really be confusing them cause he agreed with milo on a lot of things a lot of you are mad at him because of that you know he said that he remarked milo reminded him of a young christopher hitch in accepting a gay and far patient so much other things well yeah but he's like no you just gotta got abandon some of what you're doing some of what he's doing is fighting the good fight against iraq national feminism that denies the biological differences between men and women and lies about the gender wage gap in all these different things and he does accurately point out which people parent all the fucking time and drives me nuts
i've talked about away too many times in the show but that goddamn gender gap in the guardian yesterday no and when obama said if they go do you know you're full of shit oh no it is not true you know you have researchers do ask him are you knowingly repeating this myth because most people not yes votes most people don't not smart bold that i know who have not looked a newer haven't had debates about it with other people don't understand what the jet the pay gap really is simply a matter of law king less hours in choosing different jobs it's not too people one man one woman working side by side doing the same job where the women make significantly less and that's it we're being to believe and that that is a real sticking point with feminism there being dishonest in their portrayal of the issues of the work that we end up isn't going you guys are making me think women are done so i got woman's march i go you guys are what you're to prove here that you're pussy has teeth you're making women are dumb even the aboard one thing i have fifty percent of what a pro life so why are you make
this a gender issue it's it's an ethics thing it's like a asia but it does nothing to it with men and women are you ok abortion up to a certain age no not at all so a week after conception what's a bundle of cells assize your finger now no do not kill them while no heart beat of a viable slots you are a little resells beer followed resell sittin there you suck it out with one s tiny cocktail strong really drink out of but they don't do they they ve suck it out they watch its flat against the flexi glad i swallowed rip down the side turns out good for your skin look if we get down a morning after pills and i'm gonna stuff i would love the debate to go there but right now it's it's way too far down and you know what speaking to build more doesn't have kids angela merkel you have kids there's this lack of connection that these childless people have in our media and in our political system and theirs eighty kid culture
you're going on that is s no masochism combined with laziness and it really is our death now in many ways like it when i mean williamsburg with my fucking stupid dog that i will happily kill right now i am sure we will kill you die feel nothing no my daughter's dog it's a little harmonies puppy i don't forget it it's a puppy you'd kill the puppy while if it off had been one of the kids i could take a meekly to its head and i would be on the phone as i did it like like preparing a chicken for dinner i feel now jesus and one that dog all these spinsters oh what's his name is a boy and girl who fuckin cares negative where dress but when you were a kid my kid let you talk like sought my youngest my foiled is of securities a freak like it sees the elephant man acuteness he does he looks away from people because they freak out its he's gara she said cute but they see them with disdain and i've is that not just in hipster williamsburg but you know fox news i would get that from people who didn't have kids are sitting a fox news and you're looking on the table and you like we're sitting here time of
emily values and the future of amerika and i am the only person entire panel with kids and i can't help but think that angela merkel suicidal policy of bringing the refugees in fact our country up is somehow lig linked to her childless it be it certainly linked to her desire did not come off as racist or homophobic earth me islamic phobic yeah do you like your life is parties and dinner parties you want things to be weird but when you have one skin in the game you go i don't fucking care if you hate me i gotta make sure that things are kosher for the boys dana dana lash she was a family raver with big fuckin jingo genes in car region and chain wallet and then she saw what i'm an ism was doing a young boys and making them ashamed of being men and she had boys schuman war while we created a monster here and pivoted became all about saying masculinity is eight k fuck these firms
as we were wrong we're times man shrilly weird we were trying to find themselves now just fuckin breed some asshole at the bar last nineties repeating what he saw in oliver stone movie and unlike them movies been debug michael maoist no sorry like over michael moynihan they want to world war two how stalin was under veto under appreciated and we have to understand that we shouldn't again in a world where too we shouldn't a fuck with them i don't know about movies is talking about the untold history the wealth not right now it's red michael moynihan take down of it you didn't tell goddamn and also is a sound good policies while he was it's made out stolen to be a fuckin monster in it oh i thought you didn't he didn't do it off i that's down came a real nice really here did you it's the same thing i saw did you watch it yes well longo when did it cannot four years ago long in that thing but a law
ass time ago but i was really interested in media moynihan they told me to oliver stone to respond more at stake but to read those too what it would have an impact on one hand michael mainhall enhance whose patrick one way or another forget but i know their names you but i'm listening this fuck face this thirty four year old descend look this is what this report with the someone for five years and she's twenty nine and i just said to him to stop repeating a duck dementia you saw last night and go fuck and propose you pussy did you not know him before now i shit i was shit faced my word i had where my feet i left the kids in the end malibu me came to her we want a parting got a hotel room got laid awesome nightly sing i don't know how these childless people are not fucking twenty four hours a day they probably are that's but they don't want that and they want to fund parked in guyana be wrapped up together and then contemplating
worse if you're out there right now and you're in relation with the girl you guys lived together i don't know why she is allowed to wear clothes in the house the second watching the front door nude will draw the blinds she should be needed all tied on gonna want to work closely with teeth close off no if i was if i didn't have kids my wife which there would there be a basket by the front door for close that just take off when she comes you make her new lady rules high heels getting where energy is thinking about leather underwear i would wear letter pants oversized baseball repeat comes out about a flood flat brim yeah i heard about a guitar player plastic guitar not having ukulele ukulele do and plunges clown yes those that doesn't come back actually know what's part of it for a man to wear in bed is a white teacher in black socks just hold on such an ugly pig man spaghetti stains i just like big got hang in the bottom of the teacher like my buddy the ngos
smell and women's ass is a poor man's my because europe grow step by how much you like it like a fucking pig and in a way i am poor measure by yourself you like also larry like this you with a flash nose like ass you sticking your nose anyway you know out from behind judea calls that doing the pigeon piggish and on that note to erupt yards rapporteur are guaranteed demands fun always fun talk do we appreciate times and tell her body where they could see your show and less to watch it my show is it compound media dot com so do a video series on the rebel dot media and i have
regular written column story come out tomorrow about mila at tacky mag tee a k i techie mag that can and compound media's all anthony komio stuff that is correct so we change the name because that stupid bench that's why i'm not a nation rise these second day and goods now you know is still going on i thought it was over it is but comedians are such policies these days that they don't want to fuck up their future you know i hang out which having can wait show and on that note will be back tomorrow with former you have seen back champion dominate crews syria by you everybody for tuning in mother fucker was thanks to cave coffee gotta caveman coffee c o dot com use the code word rogan in your safe ten percent of any other awesome pro thank you too
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