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#921 - Dominick Cruz

2017-02-23 | 🔗
Dominick Cruz is a mixed martial artist and former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion. He also is a UFC Color Commentator & Analyst on FOX.
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deep conversation today. I really, I knew he's a really smart dude and I knew we would get to some crazy places and we really did he's very forthcoming and very honest and very vulnerable and just a smart motherfucker. I really enjoy his time. Please give it up for Dominick Cruz. The Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan Podcast my name all day, damn yeah Dominick Cruz sitting here was looking at this thing, called green belly meal meal to go the guy who this is like this long distance hiker like he does. Those like do you know the trail was called the appalachian trail. That goes from a lot of it. You know of it yeah. It was a go from like Georgia to Maine or something crazy like that in these walk it it takes like six months yeah, it's I'm in the stuff like that. That's like a whole different party, your life, I
feel like you get to when you do stuff like that. Well, you gotta have a real commitment because you're not doing anything but that for six months yeah it's a different lifestyle change yeah! It's like a different type of your life. I feel when you do something like that: yeah, like being a fighter, do you feel like, like you're, pretty limited as to what you can do outside of fighting as far like you're, always recovering from training, you're always involved in something related to either promotion or preparation. Yeah agreed it's I mean, I'm not telling you anything, you don't know how many of these things have you done with not a lot. I don't allow you know, you know that it's all or nothing because everybody's so good- that if you don't invest every ounce of yourself into something there's somebody else that is, in my opinion. So it's like you have to do that or you get past yeah, and you also feel like there's. You have to be super objective to about
where you stand and where your skills are out, because orders you're always you're, either at a point of constant improvement or you're at some sort of stagnation or decline. Yes, I think so, but then that question always comes to mind according to win and loss ratio which doesn't always tell the truth, because it's not always the fact it could just be a bad night and good match up and they had a game plan or you lost and now you're going to sit and go to the drawing board and say that everything was off because of one loss really makes sense to me. So it's kind of a mixture you gotta, find the happy medium. It comes down to trust in the people around you not having nothing but yes, men around you and I feel like as long as you have a good, solid base of people to give that the truth to you, then you don't have to think with your motion. You can think with logic, and then I think it's important have those people around you see. Don't stare off the course, because, even if you I mean, even if you do I have a las. It's not saying
everything is off, but certainly something wasn't adequate in in that in that particular match. Yeah right. These are you just getting off of the second loss ever of your in mixed martial arts career, the first phone you're caught by your ride with the guillotine and the second one, this Cody no love fight and what what are your thoughts on it now haven't time to reflect and look back and well my thoughts. Are it a I pretty much laid it all out right away, because I wanted to just do that at which was at the press conference of the the Post Fight press conference. I pretty much just wanted to, like. I literally laid every ounce of every thought I had at that moment out there for ready to hear in a point where I'm very vulnerable, and I did that on purpose to show that we're? Not all you know the same. Some people don't want to vulnerability,
some people want to just be seen as only perfect, only tough, only strong and really the truth So what makes the strongest people in the world is their vulnerability early until they learn how to be tough- and you know losing- is part of that lesson. Unfortunately, for everybody, and being unsuccessful as part of that lesson for people just is much is losing so it's like you do what you can with it and that's. How I feel now is like I do what I can with it, and the only way to make the best of it, is to accept it right. The second it happens. Understand that that's just the way. It is that's that's the way that this has been slated for this portion of my life and smooth forward and as long as you embrace it don't make excuses for it, and then you can actually look at what you did wrong and take it in the second. You make an excuse to second, you say: well, I was little off here a little off right because of this this, and this is a second you allow your mind to go into a path of well. It was
it wasn't in my control, which means you're not really like dealing with the problems at hand. I don't think I think you're kind of bypassing the problems and when you do that and then you can grow from the experience. So what's the point of a lot, if you're not going to grow from it and get the most out of it now it's just useless. If, if you don't accept it, yeah, there's a real instinct that many fighters show like almost immediately after a loss, to go right into what was wrong with the camper. It was wrong with an injury what they could have done differently personal problems and that the you really can wreck havoc. With your mind, correct, I agree, I think I think, more than wreaking havoc with your mind, I think it just shows how long it's going to take for them to get over the LOS, I mean that's the thing, the second you just say it lay it all out there and everybody knows including yourself longer stagnant and sitting in feeling the loss and trying, except that I've already accepted it. I accepted it the second I
I shook his hand in that octagon and they raised his hand, is the winter. Like I mean, am I really going to sit here and make excuses because it let's say on the judges scorecards, I had some mindset it's like, oh, I shouldn't have lost the decision, or maybe this maybe at its site. What's the point of that, because in the end it's already been chopped it already there it's written down whatever, regardless of what anybody says, it's not that's not leaving that piece of paper. What's the point of really saying all this stuff, letting people argue that well, you could have one here, you could what is where is argue, many more where's the logic and then what's the point, in all that and I'm just sick and tired of excuses. I've fought so many years, winning so many years hearing so many excuses about why I beat people and I wanted to set up parameter perimeter right off the bat that I'm not that person
now you're getting really well known as an mma analysts and I think, you're doing amazing job on Fox. I think you wanted the best guys in the world that you really really good at it, but one of the things that people are gay a chance to see. Because of that is how your mind works and how much thought you put into not just fighting itself but the whole process the whole process of preparation, an mindset while the comp mission is, is going on an that's, also being reflect right now, in the way you express how you get over a los like where Where did you learn to think like this? My mom is a big reason for that. I would say early on. She just always forced me to deal with the things I didn't want to deal with and not just deal with, but look at him in the eye and talk about it. But what kind of stuff anything I like you still packet of gum from the storing you walk out with it and your,
seven years old and you get home and you're eating a piece to calm your mind as well. I don't buy that for you. Would you get that gun and we drive back with the gun in my mouth put in the rapper, so the person at the front- and that's not enough, because I embarrassed the cash register, so I got in apologize to them and then I got to go to the owner of the store. The manager and apologize to them and then might have to go paint. Wall Forum to make up for the piece of gum that I mean it goes all the way down to that, like my mom It's been that way that can remember to where there's just she would never ever. Let me make an excuse for anything I ever did ever and I used to get so frustrated with her 'cause. She would also never really get mad. She would never really like crazy voice. She would never really show a whole lot of emotion at what she would literally say: I'm not going to yell not going to scream I'm not going to get angry, I'm not going to give you that power, but that's one, and then I was getting one wopping when I got home when I did something wrong, and so now
had to sit and think about that for the next five hours until we get home and then she makes me into a room, and she sits me down with no anger. Everything is uh stone she says, do you know why we're here- and she explained to me over here and why? I'm being why I'm in trouble? Why I'm getting smacked on the ass with this breadboard an she just? There was never any escaping anything ever so. It's like it put me in this weird mine sat where I just I don't make excuses, and anybody who makes excuses. I calling out on it because it's old, it's annoying, it's it's flawed. In my opinion, it's just weak the. That's a great lesson that that's a great way to be raised to your momma? Spell perfect, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I do this every time. It's just something! That's like made me that you asked I got that in my mind and it just it wired me a little different, my grandma's, a pretty pretty crazy on that too. So
between my grandmother and my mom, who helped raise me 'cause, my dad wasn't around so much. Those two molding me into this weird being: do you think they could have got through it without beating you without the paddled no yeah. We now you think that was a part of it was me my brother right, it's too much little mutants! You know what, in the trailer park like we'd, be we'd, be fighting my mom's at work where, in the trailer MIKE, we lived in a trailer across the street from my grandmother and it was like four hundred dollars a month. You know to live in this trailer is one bedroom single wide. She would come when We would fight we'd, hear the door open and my Gramma be at the door. I mean, because you could hear slamming into the floor 'cause its echoes from the bottom of the trailer right and so she'd run across the street. And on no, we knew we were in trouble and Gramma came over. It was bad news so it's just a weird upbringing kind of two and extending everybody got raised by their family, but on my mom and my grandmother it just it put a different
Audio to me, and my grandma is: very tough. Individuals have been through a lot now, when you started fighting, how did they approach it? yeah. That's another odd thing is my mom was just all support. She, even I was going to college when I started when I start just started. I was coaching a local high school and one of the kids that I was coaching straight. I was nineteen years old at this point and I just graduated high school started coaching, a local high school team because I work in compete, wrestling correct and I didn't get into college like I wanted to wrestle and didn't do all these things. I just needed to compete, so I got in the room and started coaching these kids. Well there, my age, I'm there, eighteen, I'm nineteen, I just graduated, so we become friends. One of these guys invites me to Jimmy goes to a jump in there and start training right. So during this time, My mom are I'm going to school, so I'm working three jobs. You know I work at Sherwin Williams, I'm a janitor at the gym and then I'm coaching this this high school wrestling,
team and then I'm going to school at night and I'm training in between that. So these are This is what I'm doing in Tucson and air. And this time my I told my mom, you know I'm just so tired of school. I go tonight Squadra my three jobs. I go three jobs and then I go to night school, eight hundred pm and I'm just wore out I'm sitting in spanish class one day trying to learn like what I've been learning in high school in spanish class, only Why am I paying for this school when I just did this class in high school now paying for it? to get an associates degree to go to another four years in college and I'm going to be in debt for like what am I doing. I don't want to be here. I wasn't happy in school after all my days at work, so I said you know the only time I felt free and happy was in the gym this. The only time I could talk and laugh and smile and be myself hurting other people punching things kicking things yelling at things telling people how I felt and then, if they had a problem we can fight about it. I was at peace there, so I just stopped going to school. Instead, mom I'm going to start
I'm going to start training to become a fighter. I said they got the ultimate fighter going on it's a big thing. It's growing! Now is the time. If I'm going to do it, I need to go all in she said. Ok, you don't need to go to school, to be sick, that's why you don't need to go to college. Follow your and you will be successful, it's a guarantee and she was right. Wow, that's that's! My mom has a weird spiritual, emotional way of talking explaining an getting through to me that that can't be explained until you meet somebody like that Also it's not I mean there's. No one is ever going to be able to recreate that 'cause. She made you yeah, it's a little better I mean I think everybody's mom everybody believes her mom has their own. I mean mamzer special. You know. We all know that, but every Every person has their own way that they were braised and brought up and then they they pass that on to their child. My mom had a hard life. You know
so I think she just so wise that she passed a lot of a lot of wisdom off to me young, because she just grow. Bring up in raising us broke like she did by herself. I think just taught her. How much that she didn't want us to have to live any kind of struggle life like that, so she made us learn the hard way with her. Instead of her taking everything and not teaching us anything, we lived it with her in grew in the experience with her, and then that got added to my life and what I wanted to do moving forward. Now, you developed a really unusual fighting style. I mean, I think I've said about you. One of the more on cool things about your style is that I could watch you like as a silhouette, someone could show me a silhouette. Have you moving around? I go out. That's Dominick Cruz, there's very few people that could say that about like where you would instantaneously recognize their movements, like your movements, are very unusual, very difficult to pattern
and they're, not really indicative of like a style like you know, there's the thai style people have that light front leg. There's a karate style like you know, wonder what Wonderboy Thompson there's a bunch of styles. Where you go, I see what this guy's doing. You style is very uniquely yours. What what? What sort of is because that, where that come from it's an extra things, as I mean I've, been fighting since as long as the d as brothers, I started when I was nineteen years old back in two thousand and it's five. And I've been doing it since then, so that's part of it is the just years and years of fighting and facing different people and seeing what the issues were, but more nat. It was built around the fact that I knew whether I, whether whether I like new, always ahead or not my mind, set set-
and I have to fight- do something different, because this is a new sport with new rules and new different equipment that is ever been seen in the history of this world. So that means there's four ounce gloves or using kicks knees, elbows and hands everything right, all all eight lips. So I said I need to make sure that I'm not taking damage long as I'm not taking damage. I should win. I gotta be hard to hit on my defense needs to be flawless. These size gloves is not going to be the same as boxing. I can't just sit here and cover like this, because my gloves are one slash, four, the size things Pekin and I learned that real, quick, and so I say right so I need to move non stop. I can't sit still like. I do in boxing or kickboxing, because you're going to get taken down as well, so That's that's where my mind started. Changing is with the takedown. That's where I knew I really had to do something different is in no, striking sport on earth. Is there a takedown involved. So that means that I need to attack on a different plane,
and that means I need to not be down the centerline as long as I fight not down the centerline, it takes away. As long as don't fight on the center line all the time. It takes away more almost all weapons from all styles boxing, is probably the one style that flows most off the center line, but we're talking about multi or we're talking about wrestling or talking about judo or we're talking about almost every other martial art. They attack down a straight line, and so I knew I could take away most of their weapons just by changing the plane that I thought on. If I fought on a different plane been them, then they would not have answers for the plane that I'm fighting on 'cause everything they do is on that line, so, instead of fighting them in their style, I fought the lines that they're fighting on and then that kind of change things mixed with the defense well. I've always enjoyed watching fight, and I've always enjoyed explaining how you fight to people that have never seen martial arts don't understand it because for people in the
outside. Maybe someone who's, not a fan ever do any martial arts training they they look at it like just violence. You know they see guys just beat the out of each other and what what I do the way I try to describe it to a friend once I said think about it. This way, it's it's a lot like a con versation and the more words you have at your disposal. The more verbal memory you have, the more used to stringing together sentence is you are the more fluently the conversation it's going to come out of your mouth, the more it's going to flow right and when we're watching and then I'll show someone like you when you trying to have you know a called trying to have a conversation with Dominick Cruz inside the octagon. You don't know where the fuck going like you you're setting up so many weird angles and so much weird movements, so many false entries and there's so much going on that you are in a lot of ways: you're overloading a person's reactions
your overloading their mind. Well, that is partially what I'm trying to do. Yes, I agree now you you're starting to see that over time, there's an answer for every style. There's an answer for everything. Yeah and that's the find this thing is it's not always stagnates, not always the same, and there there is an answer to everything. That's and then you gotta just right. So that's what I'm built on his adjustments. My whole game is built on it just so it can always changing always look different because every round I come out with a different adjustment for what you did to me and now you're fighting a different guy every round. You just don't know it, but that comes from fakes and seeing what they want on you and that comes from their game plan. It's a whole mixture reads in there and that that's a that's something that you either have you don't have you know something like Anderson Silva can make reads extremely quickly right and that's what made it so successful. Dimitrius Johnson reads: extremely quickly makes some sense for the best in the world at Josh
and the best for me. The best in the world aren't the ones who just win it's the ones who win stay on top for a long period of time, because now you don't just have a style to win a fight, you have a style stay winning, which means that your style hits so many different avenues that you can compete with all these different styles, no matter what they match you up against. Until now my style, I built it so that no matter which style you try to throw at me, it was going to give it a problem, and that was the basis that I wanted to create. When I fought every single time, I thought somebody it was it doesn't matter what your gift is. The planes that I'm going to fight you make it impossible for your gifts to be your gifts anymore. Now I've seen you practice and I've seen your footwork drills and I've seen. You know a lot of your steps and the different varies entries. You have the techniques. Are these
moves that you've learned from somewhere. Have you acquired them from other martial arts of you sort of adjusted them at adapted them? Or did you figure them out your own? It's been a mixture of working with Eric Telfair was a huge step. 'cause. I had a lot of matches, one of the best coaches in the sport and one of the most underappreciated guys doesn't blow his own horn. That's why I love them. I, like the coaches, that don't need the paths in the back for themselves right about the athlete Eric is about every athlete he's ever coached he's not about himself? He has great corner man too. When he starts just talking in the corner, you don't know it is a feeling he's been in this sport twenty plus years in the bigger thing that Eric doesn't get credit, for it is his understanding of the psychology that goes into preparing somebody to win a fight. You can have all the tools around person that could be the best human being on earth, but if their mind is not piece together, the psychological pieces are
not there you're not going to be able to trigger them and get them in the fight when you need to Jeremy Stevens. A great example of somebody like that, sometimes you gotta like get crazy with that doing the corner in like even like slapping around a little bit, maybe and he's just goes and he'll he'll kill somebody it's like there's a psychological thing. Certain athletes that you have to be able to touch on the same with Greg Jackson is another guy. Who can do that and that's what makes a good coach on that night, a good corner man on that night, not just what you did for eight weeks, holding pads and padding the guy in the back and wiping the sweat off their shoulders and you know doing interviews in looking famous with them like what are you doing to make sure this person wins on that night? Not what do you doing to make sure you look good in this person's corner. While he wins right now, something that I've run into a lot with people, people's people. A lot want associate themselves with you when you're winning and not actually be there for you, but be there. So they look good in your corner. While you win and those are the people you gotta cut out those of the yes men,
those are those are the ones you got to be careful with Eric. Is the opposite of that and he's somebody? That's why I stick with me. Someday can trust he understands my psychology. He understands my emotional rollercoaster of outside at life, personal life fight life. Everything makes together we've gone through this together and then he's in he's a trustworthy person there not a lot of people. You can trust in this in this industry these days or in fighting in general boxing or mma So it's hard, he knows his stuff and he is underrated and I think the fact that doesn't toot his own horn. He doesn't get on these interviews. It does hurt him a little, but. That was what was hurting me early in my career, two, where a lot of like- and I had I had say if I'm going to make a living. If I'm going to really do this fight thing, I better start stepping this media thing up. I better start stepping up this poor. Mission that we're doing right here and get figure out a way to make it because this is part of the sports you no longer was fighting who deserves who's. The best in the world
Now, fighting in this era, the best superstar, not just the best athletes right, and so you got to be happy next year. We could figure that out. You start piecing your crew to get the you look at their Delfierro hasn't figured that out. You don't want to. We don't care about it, and so you do no bottom here you should too, he doesn't match the best people know about it, but no about him. Rather now it's an interesting thing you put that up to because it seems, like I mean, does just seem like it is fighters in general and trainers almost all at one point time we're fighters or Lee's martial artist. A lot of them are broken people looking to rebuild and that's what martial arts done does for them. That's what riding and competing does for them. It gives him an identity. It gives him a sense of purpose and a sense of a sense of worth and that those types of people, often time get very selfish and it's very difficult.
To find someone that you trust enough to let them all in and then once they do their intensely connected correct. You know The bonds that you have with people that you train with and people we spar with on a regular basis or people that you've competed with and gone to places with. I don't think people that, don't don't think people that have never experienced such an intense competition will ever truly understand that kind of a bomb that people share. I agree, and ironically, just by chance pretty much every one of the closest friends in my life. I have thought almost to a bloody death and that's what's so crazy, that's what you know them. I know them. Then you can't lie to me. There is nothing you're going to lie to me about, because if you lie to me, I'm going to see you on Monday Idiot and we're going to see what you're made well. You'll know, anyway, I mean without even saying what they're made of you'll know their mind, but it's different when you fight some, you literally know what they're made of when you see the look in their eye and they
say what they say and they do what they do and then they go and they fight, and they don't say what they say, and they don't do it. They do yeah and that's just fighting and that's what's so refreshing about it to yeah. Well, the psychological aspect of it. I mean you know who who that said. This fight is ninety percent mental and the uh ten percent in your head. I forget I said that I remember either, but I've heard it's a great quote. I would I remember who said what it means? I believe it with all my heart there's so many people out there there's so incredibly physically talented and how many Jim Assassin's: do you know that for whatever may discount, they just can't put it together, I need to count when the referee says a fighter, you ready finally ready go, they just aren't a free, action of who they really are just really break down and think about what happens to the ones that do make it and then have to deal with the
yet and opinions, and I really feel like athletes. The the biggest hurdle is the fact that we're willing to actually just get up there and say we might win. We might lose right and just put that out there and say are you willing to? put yourself out there like that? Are you willing to embarrass yourself if you do lose? Are you willing to deal with the media? If you win for ten years straight, and then lose and then now you're, the worst guy. That's ever been seen in the sport or the worst female. That's ever been seen the sport, you don't even belong there. Are you able to deal with that? That's the question: that's what being an athlete is not lesbian fighter, yeah big difference between losing a basketball game. It's true, you lose a basketball game and people might think you're a fucking loser scrub, but it's nothing like the shit that I see fighters face online. Now I mean just look at I. I gotta bring Rhonda Rowsey up because it's heart
looking for me as an athlete. I know what she's feeling I know what she's going through and as a FEMA. Well, it's even on another level. I can't really imagine that just it's a different level of scrutiny, I would imagine, but. It's just. It shows how hard it is to deal with this man. I know that the ups and downs, because the downs hit hard just as hard as the out yeah, you got to be ready, a it and there can't be any separation in who you are with a win and a loss, because if there is going to show yeah- and you got to be- who you are and not be solely connected to fighting as your whole being otherwise year over when you when it when it ends right? That was something about the Ronda Rousey promos that I always felt like. I did I just if I didn't like hearing it like she's like I gotta get back to fighting, because it's the most important thing as a thing that I can be best in the world, and I was like I actually like hearing
that's do you I do and the reason is it such a lesson if you really listening in between the lines to the issue of the world, and that's just my opinion, we're all putting so much into this one thing, and we think that that is our everything when really if she sounds cheesy but if you put all that energy Thord loving yourself and not the fight career, the fight career will still be. You're, just as heavy as it is right, you know, so what I mean is she's using the fighting as her identity with that championship belt. She is Rhonda Rowsey, the Rhonda Rowsey. Without the championship belt, we don't know who she is. She won't come out so who are you unless you're winning? We don't know? Do you know your key running on that belt to know who you are now and that's. That was my biggest point. That was a hurdle I ran into when I lost my belt. I didn't know who I was anymore and that's how I renew this. That's how I figured out with my issues were is
all right dumb you getting ready. Five brow, you ready. Yes, I'm ready screw it. Let's do it these these. These needs cast on these entries got blue blood. Now you're out of that fight, now we're taking your belt so they don't know what we're going to about to be talking about. You had one of the most horrific injury streaks in the sport in your prime. You know, you were considered to be one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world, and then you had a series of catastrophic injuries and surgeries. So for this is for A lot of people in his pocket isn't really hardcore anime yeah. So you like talk us through it, because you, when, through like one of the most difficult trials in terms of Rick, free from injury, any no, the most difficult I've ever seen. Anybody go through in the entire history of my time of Colin fights well for fighting. I definitely agree in the for the final four I have heard of yeah order. Then it fell out of because I researched him. Okay, these guys who went through three acl reconstruction came
that can compete in one of them was just competing. They almost made it to the super bowl and he, We had three ACL reconstructions in the game of football came back, it was still playing and he was like over there over thirty and people like that, need to be around this world shore. Just to let you know that it's impossible to know that it can be done and now and now it's kind of what I, what gate that mind set right there when you may make it bigger than yourself is the only way you get the power to get through stuff like that, and that's what got me through his understanding that I go through this, these knee surgeries- I I I become it becomes bigger than me when I come back and succeed. It's not just about me. Come back in about already had belts already knew what it felt like to be a five time world champion by that point. At the age of twenty six of I blew my knee out. I was on top of everything I had everything that I thought I needed and wanted blew. My knee out, get my belt stripped, go through three ACL the constructions. You soon find out that you, I actually have no idea who you are. What
was the initial injury ACL Mcl? What would happen, though? I was train while I was getting ready on the ultimate fighter back in two thousand and two well over eleven for Faber fight, we're getting ready to compete at the end of the show, and I was training with a guy, and it was just a hard week. I mean where were the first show that ever went live and was training for the fight, at the same time, being tough, where the uh only first and only live show that they did so that meant that, while we coached, we were also going to compete at the same time. So, like I had to do my fight camp while I trained the ultimate fighter guys simultaneously, so I was doing for practices a day two with the tough guys and two with myself, and that workload is just insane that was a hard hard training camp ended up. Breaking me down, hurt my knee just
spiring, who is aspiring day. Guy, went for a graphic transition and sag my hip, we're Dan just blew my knee out a crappy takedown where they sag. Instead of actually get the takedown and it just blew, my knee out when I blew my acl mcl I was I was like it's alright, you'll be fine. I thought it. I almost literally fought the injury like you're too tough you're too strong you're too young can do this. Let's go fuck the injury, meaning not get surgery and try to re hanging. You just heard what I just said like it didn't mentale like did the surgery. I did that wasn't the problem, though that's my point. The problem is, if you're doing all the things right to get better, it's understood ending that it was understanding that I didn't need to fight to be better giving up on. It was when I finally got better understanding. I didn't need fighting to be who when you say get better, you mean get better emotionally, psychologically, physically, even physically,
so you think is it Lee? I didn't. I did not get better until I gave up on fighting the injury and what I mean by finding the injury saying it's you'll be fine. You'll, come back just keep training, keep trying, keep trying, keep training, and I and I trained, but in that live in that the logic that I was given with my with what I'm allowed to do. According to my physical therapist Gavin Mcmillan, he would say you can do this this and this don't push it. I wouldn't push it. I would do the things allowed but I'm telling you like that, wasn't the issue the issue was surrendering. The issue is knowing that fighting was the only way I was going to be happy. Then it was being able to compete was the only way I could find peace being able to prove that was as good as I always was even after the, series became everything that I was trying to do. It was just a nonstop fight to just get healthy and.
I get through my second ACL reconstruction on the same knee then I blow my quad out before I was supposed to right. How did you blow out the second one? You had the injury, how to reconstruct it and then how do you blow up the second one. It's the same knee and I was training on Christmas, how many months after the initial surgery six. So it's real reason. It's probably not one hundred percent healed. Yet it's not one hundred percent healed. Yet nine months is supposed to be full full strength, but that six month is why you get to start pushing it to get ready to so now, you're, like six months to six months, you're not allowed to do any kind of cutting. Cutting meaning science, lateral movements just right down the line, not nothing risky, keep your brace on when you train,
there are six month mark there like take the brace off you gotta start getting the stabilizer strong. You can start testing it more. You can start doing things, but you still gotta wear your brace when you do live scenarios, but you can drill without it. You can see what I'm saying so you actually pretty strong. But now it's supposed to be strong enough that it's not going to tear, but that's when I had a cadaver ACL so it wasn't as strong as it should have been at that at that six month. Point because it was cadaver tissue. My body did not adapt to that issue as well as it could. So, what do they do? An mri to see where it's at or did they just kind base it on how it feels they base it? On the end point in the stability of we when they manipulated when they manipulated at the six month mark you're, going in every two to three weeks for six months to double check with the dog. I've had to have a two reconstruction. While I was doing that at Kerlan and Jobe, then they were good doctors and they try to stay on me. You know so
You've had two, so you know- and you know at the six month mark it's like you- can push it, but you don't want overkill. It gives you tear it so the sex one. I wasn't over killing it, but I was doing what I was allowed in my brace and I made it. I made a cut like a turn and it just popped it just like it wasn't anything like uh, should have been doing, that it was kind of like you know. I was boxing in my brace. I had it taped I warmed up. I should try and I was doing drills boxing drills, drills, yeah boxing, but you just pay that wrong pops and then you know, like I remember, sitting there and I just the pains very specific and then it goes away too quick. That's when you know it's there, real, real, real, real hard pain, and then it goes away in like two minutes was a ligament second or so now you don't paint anymore and I'm like. Oh no, so I sit down and I go alright, my knees torn and that
it was when I hit like a real bad rock bottom on that one that was like that one night Oh my gosh, when I went to the MRI and got home I literally, like called my friend, and I told him to come over, and I just I mean I pretty much just drink as much of a bottle as I could, because I was in pretty good shape at that point. So it put me out, I passed out of my head. Was I woke up in my with my head on the grill in the morning just a mess. It was not pretty, but I didn't care excels out for nine months right right. So every really hits these lows. Would you would you doing financially back then yeah? That's where it gets rough? Frank, that's another part of it. I mean S, athletes we all know on. You know we only make money when we we fight for the prize, you know and thank God you know Lorenzo and in the UFC they gave me a decent chunk of money for a good part of time. While I had the belt and then once they took the bell, I stop getting that chunk
money. Even when I was hurt, so they were paying me a little bit a stypin while I was hurt and that helped me and then, when I lock when they strip the belt and gave it to browse they stopped with that. You know: 'cause, I'm not the champ anymore and then it was kind of like that's when that's what I mean, that's when it kind of went, got turned reality like you're, not the champ on paper anymore. He didn't really lose it, but that's it. So what are you going to do? What is this set? You know how you make money. How are you going to do this? How you going to do that and I panicked, but I knew that I was going- still come back and fight 'cause. I was still young and, as I hadn't given up on fighting yet still only my second ACL surgery, so I'm still not full be admitting that I'm not, then I'm a mess right I kind of not really like admitting it to myself yet and it screw what you're saying everybody else. So I'm trying to say it's what you believed yourself is all that matters period and I was like I'll be fine. This isn't that bad. I can do this gone through worse, so in do
sing it. I still haven't really just given up yet and that's so I'm still, I'm still competing in my mind, which is the problem and that's when you just you're overworking, not just doing things you're not supposed to on your knee, but just in general in life, I'm just over working, I'm doing my fox stuff now to make money, and then I'm trying to do my rehab five days a week, because I have to come back and fight for the belt. When I come back in that's another thing, people don't equate as I was. The chips are going to come back and fight for the belt. When I come back out this injury? I don't just get to come back and fight somebody three rounds. I gotta come back and fight five rounds, never been done, but or I had nobody to bounce this thought off of. I just had to wing it man, and so I was and that caused. I think, a lot of problems with me 'cause. I didn't have the mental capacity to deal with it at that point, with the things that I was doing so I just kept grinding and then I finally get back to health
the second ACL sixty six nine months goes by alright, let's take this Peral fight psalm ready I'm training camp about a month, and I have like a weird pinch in my groin. It turns out to be the exact same injury, Daniel Cormier, just pulled out of the fight for it's the extensor tendon, in your notes that I forget name of the there's a tenant in your groin area that pulls and then you gotta just rest it. I tore the mind is a little bit worse. I tore a muscle, the quad muscle off the bone, so it like separated for bone, but it wasn't all the way it was just enough that it was. I could still like think I was okay, but it would just fail on me occasionally, so I could tape it some days and it would be alright shoot a bunch of torrent which is for anybody who's curie,
it's a natural, it's legal, anti, inflammatory lot of football players. Take it toward all toward all. It's a yeah. I think that's yeah. I think it's it's called, but anyways. It's it's a natural urge to anti inflammatory, unnatural one, but it's like Ibuprofen but stronger, and I would take that not helped, but it just it was right. I remember I was sparring one day and I went to throw right hand in my leg. Just gave out and I fell on the floor and I wasn't kicking wasn't shooting I just threw a right hand and the feeling that of falling, because I threw right hand made me know like something wasn't connected like it. Just didn't, feel right, 'cause. They just fail told me it wasn't. It wasn't like it hurt and I stopped it just literally. There was no pain in it. Just failed, and I was like some things way mechanically wrong with me. I can't fight mechanically wrong like this and now about four weeks out of the fight three four weeks out of the fight why'd.
We've done a month count with this injury, trying to tough it out. So my camp was rough. It was a hard camp and I didn't want to pull out obviously Natur So I end up calling Dana and- and this one of the few who calls I've ever had a data. Unfortunately, in this prime one of the times remembers telling him I'm sorry, I gotta pull out, but I remember not wanting to have my manager column. This goes back to what my mom, how my mom put something in my head. Where you deal with this face to face art talk in psychology said. Look. I don't want to do this, but I got pull plot of fight. I need some talk. I need. If you got any doctor, you can have an MRI mean whatever you want, but I'm telling you something's wrong with my leg, so he's like. Ok I'll, do it. I got. I got guys on it. We can have you pull out now. I'm sure you're, fine check it out, get the doctors check it yeah, your quads torn you can't fight. So the UFC pulls me. You know Dana now actually pissed, but then that slow, God's favor in their favor gets the shot with brow ends up getting knocked out in that match up, but I pull out of that fight.
That's when they strip my belt, and that was the beginning of me, giving up on fighting tune. Extent, and what I mean by that is it's different than you think. It sounds negative right when you say that I'm giving up on fighting, but it is actually the building point in my life, where I finally let go of control. I always had this thing up to that point where I wanted to control everything, it's just something that I I always I had to give to being able to do this last one after the two ACL reconstructive surgeries coming back and then tearing my car. But after that I said, like I don't know what else you want me to do. I've gotten through two ACL reconstructions, my higher powers got Sombra at this point saying I don't know what you want me to do so you're talking gods, yeah like what we're going do what I gotta do you want I'm in this. For reasons bigger than myself. I want to come back and show people. This can be done,
I'm, not the only one that can do this. Anybody can do this right, I'm here for you doing bidding your will God. This is my talking and no answer is no nothing, and I said, maybe that's the answer. I remember thinking, maybe that's the answer is just you might not we're fighting in. Are you ok with that, and now is something that might never allowed my brain to even go to ever until all all these injuries hit me and I wouldn't ever been able to unless I went through all that that was literally all this stuff, because I'm so so stubborn and so just tough that I had to go through all that just to mentally, say. Ok, you might never do this again. It could have been after the first one. I could have done that, but I didn't when I did that my health sky rocketed immediately.
I started I just went to therapy every day, knowing I was trying to get better, but I don't care if I fight again or not. I focused all my energy and fox and coaching the guys at Alliance training center to make them better and try to make the team better so that when and and feed off the thirst and hunger that those guys had to be the champion that I still wanted to be, and I and I've I've decided that if I focused on Fox folk just on the positive energie of these guys at the gym kept training, I kept my mind in this sport. My body will be there because my age is compliant with my body. Still I'm still young enough that I'll be ok, so I just need to get my mind wrapped around the sport staying immensely but understand. But if I never have it again, that's ok, too, and when I did that it took away so much importance off of needing to fight
as have the title as my as the person that I was that it allowed me to open up and say, if you never fight again, you're still great person, you still did great things. You still laid the tracks for bantamweight division in a lot of ways. He did this that you do. You have a great career down like it's okay. If this is it and I kept that mindset kept, focusing on the things that I could control instead of the things that I couldn't like, the fact that I wasn't competing at and as I did, that I got healthier and healthier came back from his okay. That set me up to five Mizrachi then destroyed Mizugaki when your best performances ever right. I mean on great first round destruction that was the most at peace out fell in a long time walking I remember interviewing you after the fight and you were like. I don't even remember what happened you just went like you went into a trance. It was weird. It was one of the weirdest performances in my whole career easily, because the walkout was different.
Just I was so. I had no no connection. I was I had connection to the winner, the loss at that point. There was nothing. It was just I was just there to enjoy being there again after three one slash two years and all these injuries like. I can't believe I made it here. I'm not injured, and I remember thinking like just you're in front of these people enjoy the limelight. Man enjoy this ride, This is incredible. There's people that would pay millions and trillions of dollars to get this walk, you're about to get and go fight. Somebody in this octagon just enjoy it. Don't work, don't connect and by letting go man by letting go of the injuries by letting go of the wind by letting go of the loss by letting go of either mattered. I was in, I was in my zone and it allowed me to just be free and I was the best performance and MIKE,
but more than anything, it showed me a mental thing that I'd never opened up before and it was letting all the things that you can't control will give you actually more peace because it disconnects you from. What happens so you feel like that piece was a significant factor in your body, recovering 'cause, the pressure and then stress and the things I ittai. All of that was playing it was. It was wrecking not just your mental state, but also your physical state, one hundred percent, every piece of it. It's really interesting, every piece of it and that's the biggest thing I learned is that is like it wasn't. My physical body was my my I'm doing it to my physical body, so was initially a physical injury, and then it was the cascade of cycle, logical issues that came with the single issue that led to more physical issues. It was the cascade of
trying to figure out why I was so sad with all these things that I earned around me. I already had everything that I thought like when you grow up in a really like I did and go to winning a gtr that car you wanted. Since you were a kid and a prize fight and having a home that you bought, with your own money that you never thought you'd be able to own a home in California 'cause. You live in a damn tree in the park in Tucson AZ. It kind of like makes you feel like like that's it. You know, like you, done crazy, great things and you've. Those were all just dreams to me and they happen so quick like at twenty. You know I mean get my house to later, but when I got those things it's like, I really. Why are you so
So I was still sad is my point was still I had my depression that that was hitting me and, and that's so many people in this world are dealing with depression like it's, a huge catastrophic problem across the planet and- I definitely it's in my to my bloodline on both sides of my family. It is something that everybody, and not just myself, deals with on a daily basis. I think and in certain people's lives and not hit me very hard, and I didn't understand why hit me so much harder now after I stopped competing like. Why am I? Why is it so much worse now? Well, the reason is my body was used to the active. The activity just go, go go and I what I realized, as I turned off all my emotional spiritual and mental issues, with exercise to where I never ever ever dealt with them ever? I only physically work to them out. So my physical was perfection. I was a I'm a World Champ
teen monster killer, whatever you want to call me in your own respective mind, right, but emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was a cricket and I never understood that until I was hurt trapped in my own body, like a prison cell, couldn't train couldn't run, couldn't walk, couldn't bend my leg laying on the couch eating pain pills, realizing man unless you train, unless you compete, you hate yourself. You hate yourself, you're a piece of shit in your own mind without those things, without the beautiful girlfriend, without the beautiful house, without the nice cars, without them big money to show p but you hate yourself. So what am I really doing? Why am I doing this. I lost sight that the whole reason we're fighting is: is it's a sp virtual emotional physical, mental battle that helps you grow as an in individual and as a human. Being, it's not just to have these things that you think will make you happy. You have
learn those things through the process and I didn't know that until I was trapped in my own body, I literally felt like I was in a prison cell, and I knew that wasn't right. We shouldn't be in our own body alone, without people around us to keep us company and on a couch feeling like we're in a prison cell. Should we no definitely not, No, we shouldn't, but I did for three years. So how did you get yourself out of it by just accepting it and you there must have been some sort of a mechanism that used. I have people that I talk to professionals obvious. Like sports psychologists or Wall Sports psychologist, and then you got to get a psychologist in general to deal with depression whatever, when you hit your love, is like it's okay to to get. You know if your bench pressing three hundred fifty pounds, it's okay, to have a little touch, it's okay to have a little spot here in there you know, and then after you get a couple spots
now, after a while, you can do it yourself, you don't need to spot anymore. That's how I look at psychiatric help to an extent for some people, especially if they're battling depression. Sometimes you just need a floaty immediate and then you can take. The phone is off after a year, you see what I'm saying it's a mental, it's a mental floaty and it's ok 'cause! We all hit low part low points in our life, it's unbearable and you either allow it to continue to be unbearable and just deny it or you deal with the task. Hand and say I'm a little low right now. I need the floaties. It's ok I'll get through this and then, when you take the float If you realize I only needed him for a little bit of time, and now I'm ok, I'm here and that's kind of what it felt like. It's like. I just needed a little bit of a push need to get through this and learn some things about my own, my own mind and understand my own emotions under that. I didn't need all these things that I was thinking where it real. It was me not being in control of my own imo.
Your own emotions are your choice and I chose to feel trapped. I chose to be sad. I chose to feel like I was Jack shit. I chose all these things and it's like You don't need fighting to be these things you need to. You need to let go of, writing to learn that you are something without it, and that was actually a gift. It became a gift. Because I learned so much in life now bigger than fighting. I look at the things that I went through as a gift, because I have gotten a gift of feeling retired during Mycareer. Who else gets that say? People retire for five years, lose their frickin mind end up in the bar and come back and try to fight again, ten years later, with a week and body, a mass from abuse. Why? Why, though Hiwire they'd? that they're not doing it 'cause they're physically, capable that doing it 'cause they never dealt with their life away from fighting
thing was there like fighting is who they are fighting? Is there persona so take away fighting? What are they there in the bar drinking away? What they're, not instead of drinking putting the booze down in knowing what you are without fighting being happy with that chapter, your life and being able live. Who you are I've gotten? It feel that, and now I can fight with the peace of mind, knowing how good I and without fighting and how great I am with it too, and that's that's what this thing about all these rates are these me attacking those challenges coming back and winning and getting my belt back. That could only happen because I let go of control the things that couldn't control, so you come back. You fight me rocky you put on the performance of your career, just destroy him. It was just a whirlwind: wild crazy, first round stoppage. Then what happens well, that was
that was a big deal for me because he's never been stopped like that before Mizrachi at this point. At this point he was on a five fight win streak he hadn't lost since the whole time I had been hurt and he was he was beating the top guys so to beat him was going to tell me you're good enough. Let's go for the title and I beat him- and I said ok here. I am let's go for that title and at this point, if you remember it was brow, was the next coming of Christ and then TJ beat the brakes off of them, and now TJ is the next coming of. Christ is a better version of me's. This is that, and so I said yeah I can beat him. I knew I could I've been watching him on film and for fox and breaking down his fights, and I knew I could beat Baral. I knew both those guys couldn't beat me at that point. But didn't matter what I thought I had to prove it and nobody's going to believe you after four injuries way. I had him, so I just had to go. Do it? I blew
my knee out training one month after I fought to CHI Mizugaki now this is what's interesting about the story. As I did research later, I'm now, basically a doctor to figure all this stuff rocks. All the injuries have been through. But three weeks before I fought Mizugaki, I had a staph infection of my right thumb that popped up, so I took up on antibiotic caught Cipro s. I think it's with a c. I p p r o now me trust in the doctors in me. Not it's my own fault, not the doctor's fault. I should read what was the hazards of the antibiotic but kind of trust, the doctors and assume. Why would you give me something bad right will Cipro has, after effect, for six months after you ingest it, that it weakens your tendons, so make some soft like real party, and so I took it three we
before the fight that made it about two months after I ingested the Cipro, I was throwing a left high. Kick I'd, never had a right, a problem with my writing. My entire life ever and it just popped, throwing a right high. Kick I pivot on my right leg to throw the left one up. And it just popped, and I knew right away, obviously 'cause I've done to done it twice that I blew it out. And I remember literally blowing it out sit on the floor of the guy that I was drilling with is like. What's up- and I was like my knee- I just blew my knee out and he's like what you nothing happen like it was crazy. It was it was. It was a weird feeling and what was even weirder was the piece I had sitting there, not even Terry. I literally was just: are
I'm blowing it out and sitting on the ring, like I told her, I said Eric come here and I told him to come over and I was like he ready for another nine month, ACL reconstructive surgery and he's like what like? What are you talking about? Your needs find you need, I'm like, not blue. I blew it out right now, he's like no, you didn't. I say yes, I did and does it, and so I start again. Wow start again, so I started the rehab new same style of instruction this times better, because I had the first two practice tries. And now I had the secret link: what's the secret link that I didn't know for the first three injuries that I had was letting go of control? This was this was my diamond. This was now. I had a way to prove that I was on to something in my own mind and I did it and I was on to something- and I know it now and nobody can ever tell me anything different. It was. It was just
I stopped right then, and there the day I blew my knee. I didn't train again for nine months other than physical therapy. I didn't I didn't shadow box, I didn't do a push up. I didn't do a sit up. I didn't do a squaw I didn't. I went in the gym occasionally, but because I had learned to let go of fighting from the first two injuries I didn't go in there. Panicking trying to keep training design need it for my health anymore. I already learned that the way I find health is to not train. Let my body completely healed. Don't do anything and focus on in mind, so I spent another nine months folk sing on nothing but my mind and my tactic was your boy is not working right now, so you got to switch it over to the next weapon that you have, which is your mind your find is the only other weapon you use besides your body on fight night. So if your body I can switch it over. So I just focused on my mind, by focusing on my mind, I'm talking I started looking up guys like Wayne Dyer. I started
talking to a guy named MIKE Michael Lard in Michael T, Larten Doctor Mark Michael to learn. I started putting in place specific go to people. For my for my to talk to that, I looked up to power people. I guess you put him right, I'm sure you have some two and I focused on nothing but my mind. I didn't train at all and I remember I got a call. I was out at the lake in Arizona. I literally hit the nine month mark on this weekend. I got a call from Shelby the nine month mark they knew my name is going to be healthy. He goes you're healthy, right and uh, like well. I've done nothing but rehab. It's been nine months, so technically I'm cleared by the doctor. They know cleared by the doctor, because the UFC talks with the doctors, twenty four slash, seven, where they admitted or not so like. Even if the doctor shouldn't tell you, have see their tone and everything so they know exactly where I'm at in rehab, exactly where I'm at in therapy to the t and that's
They know when to call me and put the heat on me. So I'm out on the boat drinking some beers trying to join my life, and I got a call we can get. We want to give you a title fight with Tj Dillashaw in the beginning of the year. Whatever at that point, I had twelve week. When they called me to get ready for the fight so three months, but zero training for nine months, correct wow after the news it got you fight. That's that's insane just be to get yourself in a five round. Crack performance, correct, correct now, and- and this is I mean you're here in the store right now, I haven't told anybody, because I don't sit down to talk for two hours to anybody about this stuff. So it's like who would I, who am I gonna, go on interview with and talk about this stuff, pretty much you're, the only guy who gets into this weird stuff. So here we are and all it comes down to to that lake yeah. I was on zero and I
said again because of what I learned with the Mizugaki thing letting go. I just kept exercising that because, what's going to happen is going to happen, it's out of my control card, God's plan planned for me. He took me this far. In my mind, that's my high their power and remember, if you're, listening and higher powers, not God it can be whatever you want it to be, for your higher power That is an hour of his letters and the latter just letting go and understanding that there's there's something in a fact. That's bigger than you here in the universe and as soon as you can do that you're going to be who you're going to be and then when you, when you are who you are because you're not worried about all these other things connected to it. You get your your fullest self and, in being that, it allowed me to get ready for TJ, because I wasn't thinking about he's been fighting you have it he's been. If you haven't that,
None of that matter. It was irrelevant 'cause. I was fighting him, no matter what so I just let go and said getting a tip top shape. You can with the tools you have and let's go fight him. You know you have this skill set. You know you have the knowledge in the movement and you're young enough and your body is working. You just proved that with Mizugaki, so you just gotta, get in shape and you're fine, and that was literally my mindset. Well, at the eight week mark, so it so at twelve weeks I start training so that twelve weeks out twelve weeks out, I start I stopped just physical therapy, which I was doing three times a week. Only and I go to flight training. I start my my job,
my regiment, when I do for each camp in doing that, going from off the couch doing nothing straight into a five round title fight, I let that's what that actually sparked when I had now have which is plantar fascia tendonitis in my both my feet, and so it's because going from resting for a year whatever three years and then going full bore on your feet, a tall, the fashion on the bottom of my feet, because they weren't ready for the brunt of force. I was putting on an when my footwork and my movement in my sparring in my kickboxing and all that it wasn't ready. So I tore all the fashion the bottom of my feet, so I started feeling something weird on the bottom of my left foot in that camp simultaneously at the ah the eight week mark after I'd been training for twelve four weeks. I've been training for it to TJ, Dillashaw camp. I broke my rib so
it kicked in my rib. My body is just soft. I hadn't been getting kicked or punched in over for three one slash two years now, because if you think about it, Mizugaki flight doesn't even count right so fast and he didn't even hit you eat in hit me hit me one time and it was just under a minute, long fight and so the only wear and tear and in Callas, for lack of a better term. I have, in my body, is from the training camp before Mizugaki, which was only a three round camp So I don't know where in tear in my body no toughness he kicked in my rib breaks. My rib eye lose right then, and there. I can't wrestle anymore, and I can't spar anymore so now, I'm at eight weeks out of the flight, and they take away my sparring and they take away my wrestling because I can't go live so I'm drilling Kickboxing now pad work with coach Eric. Farrah Miguel Rayos and grappling drill.
So you taping up your review. Now I get this big thing: the cause of the top. It's like this weird protector and aware that is it a protector against impact or protect Does it actually like a cast that holds your ribs in place or no? It was like. I had to look it up online myself or something makeshift thing that would work in this thing work the best. I forget what it's called. I can text you when I figure it out, but it's like picture like what right what the what the coaches, when they were, that body plane and punch in the body- and it goes all the way up to Here- gene yeah sure it's like one of those, but it's a little smaller and it just goes here and then you put it on like a shirt and it like cross it and that cables crocs crossed in the back and then the whole front is kind of like squishy, but protecting you from squeezing and blunt force, but I wasn't taking any anyways. I was just wearing that, for when I would drill, I wasn't going to live yet right. So then, I finally start panicking. When I kiss
I can't spar or wrestle live after four weeks with the busted rib I was like: oh it'll, go away, just wasn't going away it just killing me I couldn't even breathe and that I couldn't sneeze I couldn't cough, it was horrible, so I just I got shoe cortisone to see. If that helps so I go in see the doctor, they shoot a cortisone. Thank God. It works in numbness within three days. Moving again, I'm good. So the reason I didn't shoot it right away is because you want to give it as much time as you can to heal before you shoot it to see. If you can minimize the damage that you do with the court is own, That makes sense. That's why I didn't do it does damage it breaks down tissue like muscle and tendon tissue. If you over do it, you can do within three and one injected area, but you don't want to do more in three in one area depending on where you're at this is my first one in this particular rib. I mean I've had him all over my body, but this in this rib.
When that kicks in I'm like sweet, I can spar and I can wrestle now. I just gotta wear that thing so the whole camp, I'm wearing this thing, and I can't do any core workout. Can't do any strength and conditioning at all, because we had to ditch those two things in order to focus on cardio and skill. We had to get my cardio and skill back in my timing, in my reads back more than I needed strength and conditioning so because I'm coming back from so much that you actually have to just cut out, what's not needed in the camps that you've had in the past, take what you can use. So what are you doing for cardio sis on makeshift? I have a sprint routine that I run that sold in mind that I got from a guy named, drew Fickett way back in the day I know drew oh yeah, you, as my first mma coach, tattooed, he's a nasty, crazy, dirty, filthy son of a gun, I'll just leave it at that.
Heaven Don Frye. I started out without it that way. Those are my two of them. It first envy coaches. Just to give you an idea of when I, let's all started, and they weren't even my coach Because if you know them, they don't coach anybody, they just yell at you slurs and then maybe put you to sleep a couple times and Don Frye throws headkicks when you're only supposed to be boxing, so it's like they're, not real coaches, they're, just showing you how to be a maniac right, but any he shows me the sprint routine. We I still used to this day so drew fits the man so but you're still dealing with planter fasciitis now. Well, then, it starts kicking in because of this printing 'cause of this printing footwork. Everything else coming. From nothing, but it's only in my left foot. So I think I kicked in elbow. I don't know I have it yet. So I don't go, get an MRI. I don't check anything. I just ignore it. 'cause I'm fighting either way. I don't want to know it's. Sometimes it's just better, not knowing you know, especially going to fight whether it's hard or not. So I just said screw
I didn't shoot it up with cortisone or nothing. I just ignored it, kept running super painful if you've ever had it plantar fasciitis, it's debilitating to an extent, but you know thank God, it was only in one foot and then I go into that fight with about. I had about a good solid for week, camp of spa Bing in wrestling thing, God of live stuff, but other than that. The first twelve weeks is basically just getting into shape. So my whole camp was comprised. Mostly sprints pad word in about a month of spa. I lost almost all rounds coming back 'cause. I was just so off from the year and then not doing anything in my body not being strong and trying to get back in shape, and it was tough. It was by far that camp was the worst put together, most off and horrible camp of had, in my whole, twenty four fights by far you want
and I yeah something thank the good Lord above I want that title. That's how I did really makes sense, but it happened and we I didn't know that you had planter fasciitis, so when you kept getting hit by leg, kicks in your leg was giving out. I was Thinking that your leg was giving out from the impact- and I don't take- it's hard is especially I do it with you color now it's hard man, this thing's hard somebody's gonna, get mad, no matter what you do, no matter what you say eventually- and it's like. How are you supposed to know my foots blown out, but or I get in there. Well now I saw you in the Iria Faber Fight, which happened after that, and then I notice your foot was taped up both. Yes, it went into so I went to the other foot as well and then the Cody fight it multiplied by two in both feet. So instead of just having it in one for TJ I get through, then I have it in both.
It just started in my other foot for favor and then by the by the Cody fight. It was just it's been added control. I've done three camp they've done a year a year of nonstop work after that after that year off, What can you tell us is I want to go ahead and make this this point right now, there's no excuses for that. I did pretty good at wrapping it. I shot Botox in the bottom of both my feet. Botox it was the worst thing ever gone. What is botox? What does that? Do the the ideal with Botox? Is it? Was it was off the wall method because there's no cure for planter fast tennis, so you just in provide this. Yes 'cause, I was well. I heard it from other doctors. It's an underground method. It's like I was just willing to do anything Joe, like wasn't so much pain, dude. I couldn't. I would wake up in the morning and I'd have to go in my. Hands and knees to the bathtub. So I wouldn't put weight on my feet. I'm not kidding so
during fight camp yeah, so I wouldn't put weight on my feet because they're too cold. So it's I needles, you know, so you have to warm up for so that so that the fasciitis doesn't get worse, so I fill up a tub with hot water in Epsom salt and then I feel that I I had to fill it up by going on my hands and knees. 'cause, you don't want to put weight on it early. This is a method I heard from a runner that he used in order to heal his, and so I try but it for about a month I was going. I would fill it up and then soak my feet every morning then after I sell, I have a tape routine that I have on both my feet. I tape of my feet, like you, would picture, taping your hands and then I wear my shoes and I warm up my feet before I get there at the gym and then I go, but that was for all three the fights this last year. I've had to deal with that and I actually did a really good job, minimizing the pain and the Botox first, I shot cortisone in him and that didn't
open Numb did a little bit, but it didn't help. I shot it after. I thought TJ and I was getting kicked in the leg like you say, and I was that was my foot. Being tour like to fish actually completely tore off the healing that flight. That hurt that I felt. I never felt anything really in a fight that I felt when it popped and that's how I knew I was like I said I was like. I think my foot store now for something because it just I felt it when it when it popped open in that fifth round, and I had about four left around. I remember like oh shit, you better now, you better, figure something out and then you could tell well stay in a little bit more stationary. I think and that's why the kick started to land, but So it goes. Men were in the fight business. All of us going there with injuries, are not making excuses, but people want to know you know injuries. We all go in there in July. I'm not like. Almost all of us do with something and a lot of high level Meyer.
Define runners deal with this foot problem that I have, and they run marathons with this, so it can be done, but it's just an extra hindrance. It's very difficult and going barefoot with it is, is the hardest part That's true right, because we at least marathon runners can wear shoes and that helps 'cause. I have orthotics in their support. You can put that keep the support, but I have a high arch So what that means is the arch there's, a fashion that holds everything in place and the arts starts to fail and that's what that needle feeling is it's like it's the fashion, the bottom of your foot, because I'm always on my toes it just it wasn't ready for the brunt. From zero to hero when it kind of a bunch of lesions in it? And now? How do you heal those now? Can you tape it with an orthotic underneath no 'cause, I mean, then you have orthotics stuck to the bottom of your feet: hopping around you basically just training tonight. Why, where my wrestling shoes and take my feet- my feet and wear wrestling shoes with my with my sports in there and what what
methods of healing can they sort of users in any. This is why I use both stem cells, obvious she thinking of get some stem cells put in my elbows in my shoulders and my knees coming up, but for my feet Prp and stem cell has ologist it's all just zoologist Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't anything you look at if you Google plant, if they have no cure for it. It's a worldwide problem that there's no cure for and where are you going to get the stem cell stuff done? hum. Well, I've only talked to people about it, but I'd be more than happy to get with you and I'm sure you have some hookups 'cause. I need the best in the world out, there's a guy in Vegas Doctor Roddy Mcgee. He of he's worked with a lot of Daniel tells me he's worked with people before Cormier Cormier's guide as well. There's a bunch of different ways: do it cormiers guy went into his hip and they pull bone marrow out of his hip, and it's super painful, and then they
get your own stem cells from that the way the guy in Vegas. Does it they're they're taking the stem cells? When a woman has a cesarean section when she gives birth through caesarean section, they take away the placenta, they usually throw it out, but they can take that placenta track stem cells from it. I'd rather have that than some of DC's boat. That's for sure you don't want them digging you, but it's super painful on your hip to yeah. He was talking about how he was limping for a couple weeks. He's big boned though yeah he's a big fella, but he sees you know it's interesting. Like somebody said to me once a d, she should be fighting middle weight in my ghost down next to him and say that his it is like this. There is a tank he's, a big deer. He only five hundred and ten well, they say that 'cause he's a little chubby, but he's stronger than anybody can imagine you don't pick up Dan. How call Josh Barnett who's fighting heavyweight in Strikeforce. He picked up Josh Barnett like he was a pillow and slammed him on the ground mean like the guy like blow
this is my mind how good he is and phenomenal enough credit, I know, DC on training level. When I watch him train on a personal level, I mean he's Dcs crazy, he's always talking out of his butt not an extent it's hilarious, but he's beast man, you gotta respect that yeah. I love that guy me too, he's a great guy he's just he's in pair of Jon Jones. You know and he lost to John in his first fight and he's also dealing with the fact that John, although I love on two Johns, a fuck up, you know, and so he's got a sort of be there while John keeps fucking up and then a lot of it comes back to him, but that's where I look at DC and why I try to give him all the respect in the world. I can because I don't feel that people give enough respect to DC for the fact that he's not fucking right now he's like how come you know? How does that? get overlooked? Well, I think a lot of it has to do with people can connect to fuck up yeah too
Because you know I mean and John Jones- is that good? The other thing I see is literally that good he's not good, he could beat you after he did Coke three weeks ago. I don't know if sable thing about John Good enough to wait after three surgeries So, let's see, if we can, we can test the waters on both. Let's see who does what I'll do? A line of coke next time and try to jump in there and see how I do and let's blow his knees out three times and then we'll see who's better. Well, that's a different animal. You know I mean it's, it's interesting that sometimes people are just supremely talented physically and they don't have to deal with as many trials tribulations in that regard. You know he's very gifted. Like John, it's it's interesting. I've always said this like. There is a way that John gets ahold of people that you know you could almost tell when he gets ahold of 'em. They've really have never felt anything like that before and you saw it DC, you know DC. He who is a supremely talented wrestler. I mean one of the best wrestlers to ever compete in MMA John
things got ahold of 'em and you could see. Dc was like oh shit like this. Guy is no joke. I agree. I mean. Just start yeah he's fucking, staggered he's not good. But so does the CRTC could still be him. I really believe that it's it's to entirely possible. If I had a live very close by, I would probably, if I had to choose on paper you you take Jones depending on how healthy he is, Moody's who So if you recently didn't fight in the open St Pru fight, because he's like I would have beat that, challenge 'cause, I commentary without findings. I wanna beat that Jon Jones and here's an Other thing on that: ok, 'cause how's! That might not be true either because that Jon Jones would a trained differently Are you the joint for J Dot crew and who know, and he open St Peru is a very late replacement? I get this though I mean how much does he hate DC
oh yeah, oh yeah, it's a different level of training, your doing for different people, where your emotions are with that human being, that's a really good point. It is, and don't you think that was a big factor in the first fight as well, because DC was very emotionally wrapped up in finding John, it was very intense 'cause. He had never had anybody disrespect him like that. They had that fist fight. At the uptown sound into it. Sure, of course, that has to do with every fight has do with my fights has to do with all of them. You happening out. It had to do with Conor Mcgregor fight going under Rowsey's fight, so Anderson Silvas fights when he's showboating everything I mean you can go, the list goes on to the mental prob. Is that a lot of these athletes have had an usually at the mental, isn't there they lose yeah. It comes down to that and you're also going to go back to the way you Daniel Cormier Hand, rumble he's the only guy that's been able to eat, rumble shots absorb and come back and break him. You know that was mean. I hate that right hand and hit his head on the floor, woke back up and then went after it.
And that's you know, that's respectable to that, that I don't think fans anybody can really understand what it takes to get slightly knocked out, stand back up and want to keep going. It's a different level of understanding of this sport, like as an athlete when I watch a fighter, go through that and keep their composure move around and deal with that problem and then, even if they lose but stay in the fight and go the distance and tough it out, like Diego Sanchez, a great example of that. So how do you not respect and have a a real logical understanding of that human being is from something different, yeah yeah, that's insane! He just there spiders that come back and his fighters that almost never come back. It's really interesting like we, talking about like Bj Penn, one of the all time greats. I can't remember if I Bj was losing where he came back and won Frankie EDGAR. On the other hand, you can never count that mother out every Frankie
EDGAR in the gray Maynard fights is to those two chaotic fights was so close to being stopped in the first round, where Gray Maynard is put it on him and Frankie's going down and down again and stumbling around the octagon it and gray catch keeps catching him and Frankie goes on to stop him. I mean that was insane. Those two fights were insane and he should go down as one of the best average. For that you know. I mean it's like stuff like that for those fights the one where they want to a draw and then the other one when he beat him and it's true, you gotta it's hard, though 'cause there's so many crazy fights that you can get credit to everybody, and it's like how do you? How do you really dictate who gets wet Yeah yeah, they're, all were all put in her life out there on the line too. So every single one of these is just as serious as the next and every single one of us is sacrificed just as much as the next. So at what point do you really start drawing the line as to who is the best and who was it? I think it has to
come down to who stays the best the longest yeah. No, I agree with. How else do you really that's why I put fade over Kane as the Bay best heavyweight of all time, although I still think I'm maintain the cane when he was at his best. It was far like what I see him, what we, what he was able to do to guys and what I see for. Is performance inside the octagon, especially his cardio as a heavyweight is clean technique, is wrestling the pace he puts on guys his chin. I don't think there was, Never anybody like Kane, I think, came when he was at his prime- was the best I've ever seen. I never get to see fade or fight live, but I say if you have to give an all time great to have you wait, I kind of lean towards fate or because he stayed on top longer, beat more guys longer are usually be compared to Cain Nogara in his prime CRO cop in his prime, you know, flotsam freaks, like Semi Shelt took come down. Now, is in the early days yeah, where at
when, like it was still very limited, knowledge was wild rules as far as supplements go pop up I'll, take whatever you want. Mother fucker. Let's get this party going to see if we can get you bigger and Joe Rogan. However much bigger bigger than me man, I'm tiny compared to croquet for you to Renzel India to Lorenzo's gorilla, note crow cups, one, the rising Grand Prix. I mean he's a shell of himself in the UFC under Usada testing. They send him off Japan and and the super supercroc up again looks sensational. I didn't see that all you look fantastic, that one kickboxing fantastic. Well, he went and did some kickboxing looks really good in kickboxing again and fought and rising and won their heavyweight Grand Prix. You mean he looked extraordinary. He looked like the Crow chi of old. He really did. He really turned back tonight to watch it and he decided I'm good. I'm done I. I ended my career with an amazing high note to awesome and very rarely people come back and do that yeah. You know you will help
a little help from Dr Mexican Subway well leave it letter is and what it Ricky Bobby said it best when he said he, Mancini ain't trying. Is that what he said? I thought if you ain't first you're last, maybe it's both or maybe I still have from a different movie and you ain't cheating and try and that's like really old right. Maybe that was somebody else. Maybe it's just I don't know. Yeah some guy yelling at me mean there's that, but that you always have to have that asterisk next pride that there was no drug test thing I've had entered in. You here in a couple of times where answer was talking about it there in the car Amtrak said in capital letters we will not test twenty four steroids. An answer was laughing about he's like what the fuck like. Is this what I'm fighting, but they were just selling you like. We want to have some fun yeah, but I remember even 'cause. I was part of this sport in the air and I'm so glad I really I'm so glad. I was part of the sport during that time and I was just coming up and I was like- maybe two three know at this point.
I can specifically remember it I'm having to make a decision at twenty one years old. Do I want to be an Ifl? Do I want to go, try out for the ultimate fighter, or do I just keep working? My three jobs, coaching wrestling doing what I'm doing here in Tucson as a janitor stay with my money and just be patient, keep winning fights until I get there, and I was twenty years old. Were offering me two thousand dollars a month to to fight in the Ifl with the sabres which was on this? Was it you know forever ago, in two thousand dollars a month for me what it changed? My life, I'm twenty years old, I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I'm doing all these jobs. I can quit all my jobs and focus on training. Twenty four slash: seven! That's my mindset with two thousand dollars a month, heck yeah! It can do that. That's the way to go, but wait a sack, There is no one hundred and thirty five pound weight class there's one hundred and forty five dot zero weight class. It's only one hundred and fifty five and up
so I'm already eating as much as I can trying to put weight on to get into the weight class to fight at one hundred and fifty five pounds. What do you walk around that then right now, now I'm walking around five thousand five hundred and sixty. But then at twenty years old. Forty two, you know hundred forty two pounds trying to eat everything. I can incite an between that and five thousand one hundred and fifty. So I said you're too so well, for that I felt if they lock you into that contract for two grand a month, they're going to throw but they're going to lose twice they're going to cut you and then you didn't get any money and you lost now two losses on your record, because these guys are monsters and how do you come back from that? So I said alright say no to that. I fell going to trial for the ultimate fighter tried out for the old song fighter didn't get in last. That opportunity. So then I just kept training and that's when I got my first fight at six and now I was five and oh gotta off
where on two days notice to go fight in total, combat which is now my coach Eric Del Ferrules promotion back then he was a promoter and I took the fight thought it and then I met Eric. And that was the beginning of that wow. So you were living in Arizona at the time and that's how you move down to San Diego to San two sides. Out I was raised there from two years until I was twenty until I moved to San Diego and fought Faber Faber fight in two thousand and seven, the first camp fire head had coach, never added coach. Before that point never been to Vegas I just legally able to go there, there's a lot of things that never gotten to do that. There was incredible We get to do that back then. First fight ever on television in the WEC was WC. I I to fight in front of chocolate. Tito Ortiz in the audience, wow weird things
like that? That I remember that was like what am I doing here to what am I doing here? I made it yeah now and the game just to be part of the game with point. Diego Sanchez is the man at one hundred and eighty five pounds like get to train. Ultimate fighter season one when we run the ultimate fighter. Those are the guys I'm watching saying I'm going to do this wow so When you tried out for the ultimate fighter, what season was it? I think it was like two or three times wow, so you were trying to fifty five, then, I was wow and I have three fights at fifty five. I have three fights at forty five, if I remember right also wow so at the time when this was going on, two thousand and five when you started out, was right when Stephan Bonner in Forrest Griffin had that epic fight in the final, the ultimate fighter season one and it launched MMA and that's what made me decide and that's when I'm going
to school. You see so I'm like alright. This thing is this is the time if you're going to do it get in now and just see what you can do with it go all in down like you might make it or keep going to school go. Which I wanted to Bmt firefighter. That was a goal and it was like. You know what do I do do I have so much disability. I got three jobs. I got money coming in and counter so I'm going to school, I'm doing the picture perfect. Two thousand and nineteen year old vision for a kid who wants to be something right going to school, working through it all away and just said screw it and it was nerve wracking but like I said, I didn't do it until I asked my mom, my mom didn't even defy like that? She didn't even like think about it, like I didn't think about it. Wow I didn't even think about I just quit. My job is packed all my shit up in an eclipse. My car couldn't make it to California, so I had to have my friends truck to it. On a two
trailer, what everything I owned in the car and then we drove in the truck, so my truck basically became shed for everything I own or my car did. My car became is set for everything I own. You know wow move out there, but so many stories like that come on. I mean how many mma fighters have that story, a ton well so. What is interesting to go back to your style, you're, very unique style is that you really did come along when the sport was in its, I wouldn't say: infancy, but it was like a teenager at the time. The support the sport was really only one thousand two hundred and thirteen years old and I'm so glad. I got anything because that exact fact huge as mentioned is why I knew I could do something different. That's why because was growing and it was so much route to new yeah. I could do things nobody ever seen. It wasn't wrong anymore, because this is new right,
and if you say I'm wrong, I say fuck, you I'm going to do it my way, because this is new right there wasn't an established orthodox. Like you know, bear was then style. There was, though, and I got ridiculed my whole career was there like in the house. What would you say in your not supposed to do that? Your boxing you're not supposed to do that your kickboxing you're not supposed to do that you're right, but I'm not doing any of those things, I'm doing them all mixed together right. So how are you telling me I'm doing something wrong right now, one of things he said about you as I it's I've said if you watch Dominick Cruz for but I would tell you don't fight like that, but look out god good. He is at it, so you can't say: don't fight like that, because he's not just like the May, you throw punches the way you move and throw punches and throw punches from odd angles. You you tell someone: if someone, you are very traditional technical coach, I would say that is the wrong way to throw punches. I would say no because look
it's fucking, landing them yeah and they're hurting the guy and he uses them. A lot is very effectively. It will always be my argument with every conventional coach, and this is why I break what makes them relevant. Well, it's not necessarily break would make some relevant. You figure out a way to make your style work, in a way that confounds the expert. Well, what I mean by that is when they talk to me so like maybe not to. Twenty million other people- they are that shit right. But when you try to tell me that and I've had, I can't tell you how many cow Miss World champion. Kickboxing coaches go only! You can do that you're awesome keep joining. I couldn't disagree more
well, anybody can do it if they mimic. Your movements in your movements are like Cirque de Soleil movements, and you have to be like physically gifted nor to pull off for coming towards them for a hundred years. Yeah, I'm not gonna, say or break it down, but there are more obviously movements that are yelling and they can be read. It took thirty rounds to figure out with the same camp for ten years, but they figured it out right. You know, I think, can they can imitate. You ever see, Justin Buckholtz. Do you she's pretty well! You know what they're doing, but who else has fought somebody as much as they fought me? I mean right, but it benavidez twice: favor twice: Tj Dillashaw, Charlie Valencia, his fought with them: Scott Jorgensen train with them before I fight him in the train with them for a tiny bit of time before I fire, essentially every single person. I've ever fought for the past ten years has at some point been friends with favor trained with that camp, as they were the little guy camp. Well, I said why join him. If you can beat him-
and I just did it my own way and let them all hate me and train together, and it was ok with me. You know I needed to do things my way in order to build something different in a game that hadn't really caught up to the things that I was thinking about, that, in my opinion it didn't make me the only one that was right in these things is just how I used the things that I used. They had there's two but my whole mindset was like I said. If I fight like them, I'm going to be like them and they're going to adjust to me like they just everybody else now going back to the early days when you sort of learn this time we kind of got off this, but I really wanted to touch back on it when you said that your style known, had your style before. No one could tell you that it, you know, was the wrong way to do it because you're being very effective with it. But did you take take it from anywhere. Did you look at boxing footage? Did you look at kicked? boxing or moitie like where did you get all your footwork from well there's a mixture things one
it all started with me fighting at one hundred and fifty five pounds weighing one hundred and forty two pounds. That's where this whole mindset started. So it was there already twice as big as you in on fight day there going to be three times as big as you, so you better not get touched that you better not get grabbed and you better not get hit at all. Don't let him touch it because they're too big they Take you down your energies going to be zapped by the time you do get up if you get out and if they hit you, they're, big and strong and they're? Probably gonna put you out, so you have to use all that strength, all that size against them and make it there weakness instead of their strength, and that's how I started because I was so little that I said I had to focus on defense. Obviously I gotta hurt him too, but after they do what they're trying to do with their big strength and be stronger and be more powerful and be more athletic they're going to wear them, so that and then now we're even round middle around two. All those th is that they had early we're even now, and now I can just out thinking and pick him apart and beat him and I'll
just had that mentality rather than fight fire with fire it just in makes sense to me when my body was on the line. I wanted the path of least resistance, and so it started with that until I got to about five hundred and oh fought in total combat, I took that fight on two days now, This went out there with no coaches, no corner men and women myself and they just paid cornermen random corn and put 'em in out there. That night was why Eric like me, because he saw you know I took it short notice, one it. It was that uh fight, but I had no criminal came solo on a flight, just went and so he's like. Ok, I can work with this. You know this guy wants to do it, so he pick me up, but then that's really when the progression started meeting or like, and that's because I'd never had. I mean I had pads help for me here and there in Tucson, but only if guys were getting sixty five bucks to do it or something for it, because there's not a lot of money fight game, so there all is hungry, as I am the trainers, and
I wasn't really like some star pupil that everybody wanted to get on board and make a world champion. At this point. I was just a guy right, so I wasn't getting pad work. I was getting one on one training. I lined up my own coaching. I'd have guys that what they were doing being pro boxers pro high level, wrestlers high level blue belts at this time and roll, and wrestle and make my own team in my own coaches with them, people that I had available, but I do we have ahead and when I found Eric at I won that fight found Eric and he said I'll coach, you did you manage and all get all this figured out for you, that's what was really looking for? That's why I went to California and got out of two sons 'cause. I knew I wasn't finding that into San when I went there and got that it was like a gift this is what I'm talking about. I knew if I went there in one with no one in my corner. Somebody would want to pick me up and they did Eric did and we stayed together ever since. So what
is your style, something that you worked on with Eric like learning those footwork drills like when you came to him you're essentially were a smaller guy who was fighting bigger, guys and had to be a little trickier in your movement. Where are you getting that stuff right? Well now, when I meet Eric, I'm no longer the smaller guy fighting, bigger guys because well a little bit, but forty five in three thousand and forty five is now allowed now. One hundred and forty five pounds is just getting into these small shows, not just the WEC so by the time I meet Eric at six, I know I'm. I take that fight on two days notice at one hundred and forty five pounds, but I was getting rid gunfight at one hundred and fifty five in Colorado for a world title, but the whole show got can't that's why I was in shape to take the fight on two days notice. So when I met Eric the forty five pound weight class, is there fifty five was the one that was bad. So that's that was how I got into the UFC. But your question exactly was what was
wanted to devise your movement? How did you divisor footwork? Did you study other stuff? Did you learn it with Eric? Did you guys put it together? Uh honestly, like I had a couple things that I did naturally and then Eric and Eric has a skill set where he, if you have a natural movement. He doesn't tell you to fix it. He let you do it and then turns it in has you add a weapon to it? That, is gift, and I had a lot of those little weird, odd things that I did. And those weird odd things you would just devise to learn how to make some bigger people yeah. It is a mixture of wrestling stance with punching and kicking. I kind of have do, you watch wrestling, there's no set stance. There's no set! You know what I mean if you watch college high school like the highest level wrestlers. It's all fluid motion in both stances, so I made fighting that because I started out wrestling and then I added the punches and kicks to that move.
To that motion. Instead of trying to change what I already did with my wrestling and try to make it this way. He just let me do what I did up to five, I know with my wrestling in whatever I taught myself, and then he just tightened it up and made it into pro level. Look to an extent, speed timing range, these type of things. And now what do you have it now, as a system? Do you have it organized? I have it written down. Now I have a system, but I'm a visual learner. So you could you could literally just do movement in front of me and I'll. Learn it really quick. But if you right it or I have to read it I'll, never get it. It's I'm all visual. So I just there, certain things that I was running into when I would spar early on, starting that I came up with habits to deal with because of my wrestling in my end and not having coach that instead of the coach say no do this, I just adjusted found my own answers and
keep a training log of all these lessons that you learned not, I known just on your mind, yeah. I know I know I know very well one hundred percent, confident that you keep that stuff in your memory. You don't need to write it down. No, I don't need to write it down 'cause. I drill it right. Once I have a memory, I don't just write it. I do it. I drill it pad, show Eric and I'll say. What do you think about this and he'll be like ok will do this this and this to make it a little better and keep you done it on. Ok, then we use it, but I mean I'm using I'm not using the craziest moves in the world. You know John Jones use crazy moves. A certain people, like God Stevens Stephen Thompson, throws as crazy moves, you know what I mean, I'm actually using crazy movements to stay defensive and offensive simultaneously. That's that's the idea to do both at the same time and to be very hard to read what
hard to read if you're being offensive and defensive at the same time. Yet so it's hard to read because you don't know if I'm being offensive or defensive, it's one or the other or both I can do both, because where I put myself on d offensively in a generally speaking when I, when I've been doing very well in my match up, I put myself in the in the in the gray area, where, even if you do hit I mean it's limited power and I'm still a I hate you more and you're able to hit me. Basically that's the idea. Now here. You are you're coming off of the toughest LOS for your career. You decoding, no love in a very, very tough fight against our super, talented guy. How did you? How do you feel about that fight? And how do you feel right now I feel good. I just wanna Hill out my my body a little bit that that year doing the three camps coming back after the couch, nine it just it was a. It was a hard. It was
hard year. It was a good year. It was a warrant condition when you went when I first started, but that also affected my style like if you look at the the last three fights this year in my fights before the injuries I threw me lean more kicks? Well, you looked outstanding against your RIAA. You looked like your body, didn't look as good with TJ. You looked like that was a little hurt right. That was the one where you can tell the tale. Only by looking yeah and by the Faber fight I had felt I did strength, training camp for that whole camp. That's the difference of having a straight turning and not having string. You can tell by the way you looked right, but my cardio is through the roof, because I implemented prince instead of strength in trade street right, whereas for the Faber FI, I could do strength training, because I had enough time and my sprints down. So I could double up on the work load to make my body stronger, mores, fast, morph and, more than anything, tougher to take better to take damage better.
Cora toughening up anymore, everything kicks taking punches, feels night and day different. Now, even for the Cody Fight, I felt great. I do look at that. Fine, I think, maybe I could have waited, but I knew so. I wouldn't overwork myself in that year with the with the training and stuff, because it's one thing to take three fights in here and it's another thing to take three title fights in a year. Anybody can say whatever they want. I thought six times a seer yeah, but you didn't fight three didn't go through three title fight camps and then fight these guys were the best in the world. That's a different thing! So much more work lights go into five round yeah and it's a lot of work load, but the camp is really where the damage is done not to fight. The camps are just painful for five rounds just the way it is but um with after getting through that fight with Cody. I feel like I just want to face the winner, those two you know. I think that he had a good night they had like. I said I thought that camp, how many times men, how
legitimately? If you had to breakdown, I mean if you went back and looked at tape, you could probably breakdown thirty rounds with me in that camp That means they have all those reads on me through the years encodes to get out watching me in junior high high school and then the way I look at it is he's the one guy who could implement it, because he looked up to the guys that she wanted to beat me as they are the shit. So at took down the ego from him and allowed him to learn from the best guys that I thought and really taking that information and use it. Where you give a guy like favor or TJ information, and I guarantee you it's in linear out the other. They already know everything you don't teach think TJ's learn a lot from Duane. He is now, but I'm talking about then in that camp, and I think that Cody was just like a sponge for these guys 'cause he was young, and so he came up in that camp. A youngster and nothing. Those guys could say to him would be wrong and so
that, made him very effective with what he's doing today and then he's built his style to be the champion, which is me, I think, a big factor in Cody's ability is also. He came two mma from boxing with very good hands. Yes, his hands are outstanding yeah, but we expected that right. You did. I'm saying that's a big factor in his success in MMA period is that his Boxing was earlier of really high level before he entered into me. We had a lot of even more than has having boxing at a high level. It's just the rounds. Yes, it's the rounds, it's the it's the experience in the fights more than even being good or not like. He was good, obviously, but he had not rounds. So he wasn't coming in green here, he's coming in as a tendon as an amateur and then having ten pro fights, and so that's twenty in Basically, we were you know. Nadine are ten and Ella's a pro. He lost some. Fights as an amateur, but even then he goes through his losses as an image.
They don't affect him on his record So, like he's learning those things, even though your brain is in the damage he still learning things that are going to be added to his pro career. They gave him experience in in the matter That's what damage your system, you know and amateur system is going to create a different level of up and comers now because they're not coming in as their record they're coming in as tour. Three times a record? If you count yeah, that's always the thing that drives me crazy about people that jump right into the UFC like you not to pick on cm punk, but the idea that cm punk no competition experience whatsoever is going to fight professionally in the biggest organization. In the world, it's a little offensive, really yeah. Why? Because here's a guy that has no competition, experience whatsoever and he's going to fight someone who legitimately Mickey gall is a brown belt in Jiu, Jitsu, very good underground, good stand up. Top kid has fought: amateur has fought professional, has a wealth of martial arts extreme!
It's contrary to everything anyone has ever learned about learning and teaching and getting better at martial arts. You don't just jump into the deep end of the pool when you're, not some physical freak like Brock, Lesnar or something like that. You're talking about a guy was in a good athlete mean CM. Punk is but there's nothing unbelievable about him he's not some freak of nature So I would think that if this guy really did want to do this and do it the right way get him to go through at the I lay like everybody else would get him to start at small organizations, get him to learn martial art out and no one deals fall. Yes, no! No, I don't think so, whose is I don't agree? Whose is it I think the cm punk is a genius for saying I can make a million dollars on this and go fight. Somebody only made could have could have fifty thousand. We never fought in his life. I paid five
dollars to fight right. This is okay point. This is exactly the point I'm getting too right. He was already famous that's what the fight was for him, but do you think that it should be approached that way? No, not, but I believe it's going to keep happening. That's what that's! What the UFC to an extent is promoting right, because it promoting promotion, not big who desserts and not good. You are. If you really look what cells data five thousand an Freaking Kimbo slice had record sales on these weird things, and it's like what sense does that make? Is that fair? Is that right? No, is it selling? Yes, why are people buying it 'cause? They understand it, but wouldn't you think once you're already wealthy, like cm punk is he's already a millionaire. Wouldn't you want to do it correctly, rather than go for the big cash grab. That's going to wind up getting your face punched in like if you is your friend. Let's put it this way, he was my friend. I know exactly what I tell him. You gotta learn how to fight
you gotta learn how to fight the right way. You gotta learn how to fight like everybody else. Does slowly and surely you gotta train with the best people in the world and learn from your ability up. Don't don't pretend you're already there don't jump right into the we see with a mean face on that fuck, I'm crazy, you're going to get smash and I respect you 'cause. You said that to Brandon Shop, and well Sean, who was also an issue of him being a very good friend of mine and also means no friend did you say to a few guys you tell the friend the truth. You don't just yes, man and I knew how many times you've been knocked down when you how many times have been knocked on football. I knew how many times I've been. He had been knocked out in the gym, and I knew he was having issues and I knew he wasn't able to take a punch like he used to anymore, and I also knew that he was also also had a way out with podcast thing is being really successful in it and then he had to put out the door he already had a foot out the door yeah and that nets you be
a good friend. So all I'm saying is it's proof that you would say that that's always there you're selling through it to let you know when that that's rare, but I would never stop cm punk from competing. What I will say is: hey man, have a JU, Jitsu, match. Have an amateur submission grappling match have Anama for kickboxing. So why do you think he did it off 'cause? He got a fuck load of money and because he thought he could do it because he's a strong man he's got a strong mind. He's one of those straight edge, guys that thinks he could just get a hardware it pays off. You know and just went out there and he's huge celebrity and he felt like he was going to ride that to a new career in the UFC, and I'm like that's like saying you're just going to jump into NASCAR and you've never raced a car before you going to wind up dead. That being said, then the logic, the only logical thing has to be the money in that decision. For him, one hundred percent money, money and delusion delusional thinking. What's the delusion thing and he's going to be the guy like Mickey Gall delusional, he you think he really thought
that more. That can be done it. Yes, one hundred percent hundred percent. I think he thought he could beat him. I think he thought he could look who's training, training, it wasn't raining the lose. It wasn't training to be one hundred percent defensive. He stepped forward in through a wild right hand, he did dance around the outside and try to avoid him. He tried to win he step chords, any got taken down immediately and then got mauled you know. I mean you see it's like you know what it's like, when a guy has very little ground experience, how long it takes before they actually need to watch that fights. I already knew that was going to happen course. New is going to happen soon as soon as he went to the ground. You know exact was going to play out right, but you said it's almost offensive. I remember you saying that, and it's like how who who, who is it more offensive to us as the fighters or is it or is it like? I don't know if I should be more mad at Mickey Gall for thinking he can do it because that's in every single one of us did not make it go something. I'm sorry not example, simple, sorry is it up to it his fault that he believed that he could do it too.
Recent does that make him that delusional that every man on earth thinks that they can go in there and fight and win or is it the US see that says yeah we'll give you this much money and give you a pay per view and put you at the top of it and see how much then you can generate what's great move for the UFC Right, because the UFC is like look hey. We got this huge superstar and we're going to send him in with this fresh faced young whippersnapper, who is a good fighter? Who's got a really good mouth graded, talking and he's going to. Lock him up for sure like this is great. What do they do? They made? They made a hero out of Mickey Golf, then what is making gold cause he's a Steve Sage Northcutt. I think you fucking corn, makes another and then takes him out too and choke Jim out in his next fight. I know- and I love God, damn genius. What he's done is beautiful. So, in a way the UFC's done a beautiful thing. 'cause they go, oh, you think invite NEO see come on in have a something to drink, hey.
Come on, and that being said for me, it's not offensive that cm punk went in there did it. It's offensive like I guess how Depending on who, you are it's like, it's not offensive, but it's crazy how you start to realize in those scenarios that it doesn't matter how much time, skill or purpose you put into this craft. It matters how famous you are, or else you do get paid in a way: yeah, you're right and when you're right. This is my issue. It's not it's not who's wrong, who's right! It's you don't need to train and be the best anymore. In fact, it has a two tiny, incy, Wincy tiny little bit of how you make money. I see, I don't think that's true. I think that is a factor in that factor is Comp sounded if you're great shit, talker the point being Gregor Conor Mcgregor,
is not just a fantastic shit. Talker. He a world class fighter, fighting bad motherfucker, an he's capable knocking people out with one shot. I mean that is something people they are so excited to see him they're, paying money to see he's the he's different we're talking about somebody on a different level in Cnp, well, Rhonda, when she was in her prime Rhonda Wench who is beating all these women and when she was just flipping people in their head and arm. Barring am you people were saying to see not just this spectac that figure, but also this person who really knew how to fight right and it was it- was a mixture of that and decent matchups too or well also in this sport waiting, really Honda, the female mma being it's gone through in just a few years. This fantastic metamorphosis where you see in women like Valentina Shevchenko, that is just overall, well rounded world class mixed martial arts. Now girls, like rose number Eunice, were coming up these. These mm
save fighters that are coming up that are like super talented now, and everyone is getting better. The young people coming into the game that have this really comprehensive MMA game, whereas before she was fighting people no disrespect to their opponents, but they were limited. They were very mid their striking, maybe wasn't so good. They were awkward. They weren't that good athletically. They weren't that strong only couldn't last as long. They couldn't touch her on the ground and she show she shined in those match uh. I guess it's just odd how you can look at somebody like Paige Vanzant in the champ, our young J check then the same way right, yes, yep, fifty and fifty yes, yeah sorry makes most of that. If you really look at the breakdown of of the weight class, Van Vanzant and the champ are almost equal of equal value. If you fight them to an extent because of views and who wants to see who fight one was on dancing with the stars became a big house for dancing with the stars. He got dancing with the stars because of before dancing with the stars. She was all
be on dancing she's like a fucking, beautiful cheerleader. It's just. That is the appeal. That's making money is my point not jet, and she can fight she absolute she's, beating some great girls in the division. But if we're talking about yongjae check, who can fight fight fight, put herb blood, sweat, tears. Like you see it in her everything about it and then page bands, Who is a good athlete and can fight it's crazy. The money levels that come to the same, because one is just that famous and that camera perfect compared to the other one. Who is just that good at fighting? Not that she's, not but she's not as good on the cameras, the other one, so it levels everything out and that's is blowing my mind is watching that happen, even though the skill set isn't even close to the same they're going to make the same money. Well, the really scary thing is when there's matchup married might make more money, maybe yeah, and it's crazy that trippy, it is kind of trippy,
but it kind of makes sense, because it's entertainment as well as fighting it's not just a sport. It's not just who's the best sprinter and that's where I go to it, doesn't offend me with well. It doesn't have send me in that sense. What offended me is that he didn't offend me. He thought it because I felt like someone should have told him and it didn't offend. It is coaches prepared him for his coach is a good friend of mine to Griffis. Yes, and you you would you got to do the guy comes to want to learn how to fight in the home and then he got thrown in there. Yeah it it it just h, it should happen the way it happened, because it's good for everybody to see it shouldn't happen. The way it happened, because that's all we were going to see you know, I'm saying it wasn't. It's lance is a mauling looking over those MIKE Tyson fights where he would fight guys in you would just go. Don't blink is. This is not gonna last it's kind of like that. It's like! Yes, it's a competent, but God damn it. It's not really. You know, like Paige Vanzant,
go back to her again who's, a very talented, a tall girl. I I've got nothing but respect already, I'm with you. It scared the out of me when she was getting close to you wanna when she was click when she was winning fights and then she fought rose, number Eunice and rose. I'm yours is like right. There right rose, I'm Eunice lost to Caroline. It can fall cabbage with a very close fight. Caroline, a went on to have a very close fight with you, wanna write, so rose beats Paige, Vanzant decidedly right. She beat her down. It was a huge performance for her, but that meant that page was literally two steps away from a murderer. I mean do you wanna look what she did to Jessica, Penne? Look, how is Carlos AIR? That's my home girl, like she, trains with us at alliance in Jessica's, no slouch, know slow and she's tough
other things. She not just like. I mean she took it. Yeah she's, a tough girl and all these girls are tough. But when you I don't know, I was a little off when the girls came in the JV, especially at alliance. We never had women in the gym ever in my whole career. It wasn't like it was just like. It was just like no women were fighting like you know like for years yeah. When did women start coming? There spin been with us like two three years now. I want to say, maybe, if that, with our camp with Eric, but when they first came out, is a little off put, but the longer there around the more they like they just there. So in the sport there, just there, like their eyes, are just like like sponges. That's the best way, I could put it in there just so hungry to here and there not just listening their hearing, you that's the biggest difference. I notice with the women compared to trying to work with men is
men? Don't they listen but they're, not hearing you? They already have their own vision of cm punk. You go out there and hit him with the right hand, and that's going to be he had that vision and no matter. What You told CM punk. That it wasn't going to go that way, because you are a fifty time world champion and you know what's going to happen, he had Vision- and that was at women- you can tell them how it's going to happen and they trust and they listen and they are open and their willing and when you have that and you're teaching somebody something that's when you can watch watch this thing grow, and that is a huge thing with the women that I really have learned being around him. Is there just so humble in knowing where they're going to fight here I need to listen, things could go away Whereas men, it's like, I was built to do this- this is me. This is how I did I'm a man, I'm the man I could kill anybody on earth were called wired. That way, ego
is that in some ways connected to your learning to let go one hundred percent biggest battle and I didn't mention it because I'm still learning so much about it that I don't know sound too off with my scription 'cause, I'm not I'm not. I haven't completely well visit yeah and I haven't mast. It's such a hard thing to master, but when you and let go of the ego. The ego is just such a horrible thing for us I mean it, it ruin so many things that we could be free from. My ego. Allow me to to make me think that I'm above you and that you should have two espressos here for me because I'm me and I should have my water at eighty degrees and somebody should be giving me a massage and then we get outta here. I should have my own car pick me up and if I don't have my own car pick picking me up, then you know some. Somebody should be, but that's only because I put my say above things and the only reason I put myself about things 'cause, my ego, the only reason I make you
excuses, is because my eagle forces me to hide what I am rather than what happened. Ego this demolishes everything, especially in the sport of fighting when you can set. Your ego aside, you hear it all the time, leave your ego at the door and then come that doesn't happen. Very rarely. People leave their ego at the door, they're keeping track of every submission that happens. Every takedown every punch there fixing their sing guards in the middle of the practice because they're getting tired and they don't want that one big kick to land or that one big take down the line when they're tired and then it hurts their brain because there so Ecology needs to stop all takedowns in order for their ego not to be hurt that it go on and on and on and on and ego is the biggest thing that I notice is the difference with men and women. Now women have it too, but it's just a different feel when we got women in the room and men in the room and how they, the energies is just interesting. Do you think that women and are better at taking instruction from men and
maybe not as good as taking it from women. Do you think what's going on is that the women are seating that these men are bigger and stronger and more experience, and so it's easier for them to do it, but maybe they still have that ego against other women. Yes, I mean you pretty much. I really believe that pretty much exactly I mean there is now. It doesn't always this way, but there is a natural flow in the way we're built as human beings right to wear in the past, where You know the man is leader of the household dotted out at I like. That was the old way of thinking and now we're getting contemporary, and it's like everybody is equal and as that's come to pass. We've seen women be the biggest hit in the world for fighting right now, like their main carding everything and their running stuff, and I think that that has become so many years in the past, where you're like all right, men are the household, they run everything the women had to put their ego aside for so long that they learn how to do it. They had no ego walking into things they just
already assumed the worse, but then it made them. Much more open that yeah they take instruction. I swear they just it's just different with not all of them, but it's just odd. There's you have, be in it to really feel it that women just take instruction differently in a fight scenario and that's not with everybody. I think that if you're dating the fighter someth when you try to help them design statement could ever happen. I've seen that. So it goes both ways. I've seen it, but I have rarely do I see two lovers, coach together and train together can do fine right. The only odd one that I that I've seen work is Misha me. One who smiley he just you that always smiling on the back of his head.
The red head, smiling SAM Alex in LV, who would it is girls in his corner? Will every time you know, I didn't know that yeah and it and his girl they got. He was talking into the last fight with his kids with him in his girl and he's kissing. Your well he's laughing it and it just it blows my mind. 'cause everybody has their own system. You know and now he's a happy guy. He seems like he's having a grand old time who knows, and I don't get it but Well, it's him! You know, that's the weird thing about people right everyone's got a whole different formula, yeah, it's just the whole thing. All these topics are interesting, so we're pretty much running out of time. 'cause you gotta head back to San Diego, but I wanted to get back to where you're at now as far as like recovery and what your thoughts are about resting. In getting getting back to camp, and when do you think your feet are going to be rare, go again, yeah! That's pretty much that year, just put a good, a good brunch on my body. So I'm just right now, I'm just
healing and then those two are going to fight. I think July. I don't know. I think it's alleged by fourth card. Is that what is the July weekend? I think it's, the seventh of the outer really know, but I don't really exactly that's the big weekend. That July four this weekend is always a huge weekend for the UFC and I think those tool fight on that card, and then I'd like to winter that I'd like to come back and fight fight for the belt and put another good show I mean regardless. That show was great and you know just to touch and that fight one more time what was going through my head that chain these things. You know, I hear a lot about what people all he was Even look the same, he did see that and it's like there's some things that I want to clarify that unless you're a professional fighter and you're in that zone, you don't really understand, and that was that the way that I approached the fight was low. Different in this one. Then you've seen in the past for the first two rounds. It was, it was pretty good. It was back and forth me and Cody was it was like it was a competitive match up
coming into. Third, I get cut. And when you get, what did he hit you with a kick? It was a kick or ahead, but and then I don't know, but it the matter we're going to say it was a kid who cares head butt kick got me cut me right here in my eyebrow. And I remember I got cut and I remember it started bleeding and it wasn't uh blood that bothered me as much as known as the doctor. That's when, if you're me and you and I think about everything It's going on in I'm adjusting it's like alright, the doctors in here this cut is bad. I mean the way they were talking. You, okay, how's. It look like shit they're, going to stop this fight like this, and when I heard cat crowd reaction, food like when they saw when they showed it was like crap. They might stop this fight. So this is the third round I got to go after it for the full in the fourth. Thank God there no other. It's not it's, no longer fighting smart, it's no longer fighting smart after I got cut the thing
around his last. For me right when you get cut, that's it chances of me winning that or I have to drop him or take him down and hold him and then maybe I can win but the the cut. Is it deciding factor is an athlete. You have to make a choice and my all in or I'm going to play safe and I was all in once. I got cut because I already lost in the scorecards in my mind. Once you get cut your down on the bleeding in the damage they're going to see that and that's it so now, They cut him or put him out or keep him down on the mat. That was the goal from them. After that cut it was no longer stick move. Go to the weak side, go to the strong side time this time that it's you gotta, kill Studer Alice, you're gonna lose decision, that's it down and that's why you saw different me in the fourth and that's what that's where the big mistake- It was me getting put down on my butt a couple times in one round and getting a ten eight round and then, but at that point with the cut say I take it safe. Let's say I get caught an I play
safe, like I've been doing the chances that the doctor would stop. It were high. He could. I'll play it safe. So he doesn't cut my open worse right. Stick move just stay safe, no, it's like go for it like I'm all in I'm in the fight. That's what I was feeling at that time and that's what can't be read on the outside of a fight is what a fighter's feeling what I'm feeling is. They might stop this fight, because this cut, so you either got to take him out, take him down or to cut him back, and so that was the focus and when that happened, I went all in and then that created the things that he needed to be successful in his game plan, and that was so fifth round. I knew I had take him out. I mean I won the fifth round, who wins a fifth round after losing after getting you know put on there, a couple times, not very many people, so it's a matter of that fight can go different. I have the tools, the skill set, the cardio everything it takes a little bit of health, some adjustments,
and everything is fine, this game of inches. So that's how I feel about I'm, not I'm not there, courage by that as much as I feel like I'm growing for I can grow from it's also a massive challenge now that you know that you face to guide that can be you like that, and now that massive challenge will certainly burn a fire inside of you, you don't you shouldn't need that to burn fire inside of you, don't think it gives you more. I don't more motivation if losing makes you for me losing changes to how you approach something. Then it weighs more than winning who's. That mean that the ok, I see what you're saying and I think that they should. I don't it you gotta, be who you are winning and losing you can't let that decide now, if I, Now I have to drive to go win a world title without winning or losing, then what am I doing right? So that's not the right way. To this is a big part of your new mindset now this is life right, but this is part of a new mindset news. I've always had this. I mean it's gotten better,
excepting it yes with losing control of things that I can control yes, but I've always thought that way. You how do I make it so winning and losing equal 'cause. I don't want it to change me. Even if I lose. I need to still be the person I tell everybody. I am winning and losing you have to be what you are you can't change because it didn't go your way right. So I don't think I need that last to be driven. I was drew even thought. I was going to win that fight as much as ever before that fight. I'm is driven and as good as I always was now after the LAS. It's it's just a matter of making adjustments, not burning desire. Just another challenge, not burning desire, burning desire. If you don't have that in all times and get out, could you get hurt so how much time so we were talking with them fighting in July. We're talking right now. It is now February. So if they
in July then you're likely looking at somewhere around December somewhere, like that yeah I mean the house yeah depending on. I do one fight this year, okay, and go back and win my title: okay and then defended another three times in one year. Okay, if I could you know, I mean these guys are going to fight there's going to be a winner. People want to see me fight them. I really believe that one of these guys so what am I in a rush for other than getting healthy and healing and putting on a good, show and fight these guys? They want invite me I'll tell you that both of them- torso. What's what's the rush other than being perfectly healthy, so I can put that show on. I fought three times I dear Cody sat on the outside Fatah, three round fight came in and fought me. I fought three titles pop for three time is against the best guys in the world. I would like to see how he can do, let's see if he can keep a wind ST going, let's see if he keep the bell at all against the guy that I already thought and let's see, if TJ what TJ can do with the with this opportunity. This is the thing I don't mind
seeing what these gentlemen can do with it, because I thought in both- and I know what it takes to be- the best for a very long time, not just for one fight and I'm not sure if they have what it takes yet, but I'm here and I like the challenge to find out- and I like to challenge them again to Dominick Cruz, been a pleasure man. I really appreciate you coming down. That was awesome and I'm really looking forward to seeing you back in there again. I'm really looking forward to you and me doing commentary on March. Fourth note I assumed thank you. Everybody will be back tomorrow with a Phillip Defranco, see you then alright, folks, thank you. How much for tuned in uh. I'm glad you guys appreciate the podcasts. I hope you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this one ivory. I enjoy talking to people at Dominick Cruz, a peak performer, You know a guy who is just been at the top of the world and getting to see what this mindset is like in overcoming all the difficulties that he had with his injuries and now and lose his title and trying to work his way back to
contention again and to compete for the title one more time, just amazing stuff and just really interesting and to me it's going to really enhance my appreciation of his next fight. Knowing, where is mine, is that and knowing how much I know about his thought process and how much growth he's gone through over his injuries? It's really going to enhance. For me the experience of watching him compete again. This one was a real treat for me, and so I hope you guys enjoyed it too. Thanks to Caveman coffee, the caveman, coffee, co, dot com and use the code word Rogan to save ten percent off of any of their awesome products. Thank you too, on it go to own in an it use. The code word Rogan Save ten percent off any all supplements. Thank you to cw hemp. Go to seed new Hamp com, use the pro code, Joe over Logan, seventeen to say ten percent, that Cw Hemp com and use the promo code.
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