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#926 - Joey Diaz & Alberto Gallazzi

2017-03-06 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now” Alberto Gallazzi is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach.
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a book lately links message why had which one i will talk about the part cast a work of art the distance and so now i catch myself every time i want to do some might catch myself have been practicing for look at the resistance levels that comes up by different things neither do i want to see will excuse i get myself yeah yeah it's a normal thing right normal mistook let's see how i brother very nice to meet my pleasure company here man die here with fantastic things about from joey from other people so joey insisted dislike you gotta get this guy in the it is a fuckin wizard we from my shoulders every shoulders you know i've been gone a burden and i'm sorry delibero is the man in burbank for technical fitness
they do it in the morning is in the afternoon but the one can coach robert you know a rigid after class he would say joey woody under home with you i do this for a little while and at first the first two weeks the moving with difficult but then in a level one star man any age could do it if i could do it just lay on the back lifting your hips and spending all run your toes and doin it back and at first i couldn't look job i couldn't moved my elbows like that not on my shoulders my wrists and i kept staying for the thirty minute thing five exercises three minutes apiece that's it no drama you could be big heavy it's all stuff i could do picking up your leg put it on a lot you mr or body way so that i can handle if i can and my risk being three hundred pounds anybody can handle simple stop and one day i was getting caught and like the guy was pulling me into
this his guide magically may hips flew up and i just mysteriously gotten decide control and i a sudden made me look up alberto cranes george cranes jawdropping he that's from doing that stuff you couldn't do that when you walked in here but i kept going through these thirty minute things thirty minute five exercise three minutes you rather than one forty five so they say like you have like a system that you you bring to a bunch of different places nea affiliates man they will support us right up to our i spoke out for me we have just like i have a personal speak fantastic english for someone from italy writings believe in libya is a girl is i got a call mary to go then its peasant done will be careful trot might take out now for careful the already been up an economic europe begging europe yet so i'm representing disesteem right is being developed by the commission
else got science so that's like guts i my or to having glauber sixty meet each other a long time ago and ninety four and then am i was doing i ask you to have contrived to work that's what my line of business it is i'm always been involved and training martial arts and any kind of such a training and that you know or danger either got for competing and them norma we lived in i've been lost contact with him for a few years and then i saw in two thousand coming out with a club as club is really attract me was different tools sake i want i want to be the main content disguise ellen understand outcome that things can happen so i went back to him
i am a blue my mind blew my mind at the need to get back into the best ship my life and i feel now and for the seminary that can move but i do feel better than i used to do it when i was twenty saw i promise ain't gonna make these things happen in europe you you you're my coach you changed my fee my way to say fitness i do that so between my job insecurity was introducing this to my teams to maintain and then i see changing on people people be unable even to just to go moving easier in on it in trust for two what i really was our training and ghana wherever skiers stop edison was easier so i'd i'd start to believe
that's what he basically and i start doing i say again on a more people than i can in my line of duty in the army because i still have in different contexts consulted in the army becum has a physical trainer sometime also and to combat training and i said to introduce these things from belgrade because the season is right complex as there were joe was talking about his all the mobility mobility is a big is bad things so big factor because there's for so long people just been concentrating on getting stronger or getting in great shape but you know i know people that are in shape they can run forever with barely touch their total can you eat you develop these bodies that are severely limited in the amount of motion that you can actually get out of your body in certain motions you're really good you know you can you the explosive with a bench press you might you might have a great run but whatever you u else here do into your body your compromising all of your overall mobility chauvelin three years
a tremendous amount of concentration and effort by a bunch of different trainer kelly start he's he's done lie kelly's done a lot of our work and that is book are becoming a supper leopard excellent but on that kelly has a great instagram can follow tube and when he's done it he's gonna amazing job in highlighting mobility and how important mobility and just having a full range of motion which seem so simple but it's not so that most people really concentrate on multiple concentrating on getting stronger more dead left more bench more this more that but you're compromising all these different areas of your body absolutely do you that's that's frank is the right they asked the boy s ball there all right there is the it's one of those i think he calls it the wad super nova yeah superfluous i get that want to start asking since like nothing but when you roll around if on the spot where they stand showing your flash yeah i looked out on the ground and i do like bridges
i live on my back on it and i put all my weight on the ball for people we'll just listening it's over her ball that's like the size of a soft ball and it's really hard and it's got like this textured outer surface in kelly developed this too he also uses lacrosse balls and restart outward but that i think that's a little bit better than no across both die take when those where with me on the road we're gonna hotel room that goes in my bag period like there's no cause if i work out like a stiff i got somethin locked up i need that fucking there that's what to my back because all the trouble in flight viagra fronts on flight my dear it has been outdoorsman back my lower back have some problem yeah funded the sphinx fantastic you're like the usa to the water rob bodies were the things years ago take do you need my community i welcome the army or software that they say oh we're gonna mobility there could you like
do we really need that tough guy in other than be they all think about need something to get much myself stronger foster yeah but they don't get it didn't get a few don't allow yourself to regain the mobility yes they used to push to have i want boy you gonna be stuck you gonna be what are you gonna get injury em you gonna lose those guys in a field that was my point right and i think this system that this god created was smart enough to say you know what introduce this slowly and then it because they give you there's more that i worked would you want when you what you want on antecedent worked out oh gosh i give you my aunt s do about the statute i intestine but i a teacher to recover for their poor performance faster and then i introduce you to be of yoga so you're gonna feel better listen up when you live in and day by day those guiding this that understood and they started them you know what we like the workout but what we feel we need is to be able to move the show that again to be
go to not come back again and now everybody wanted to mobility more than bork out because you can kill yourself in a work out you don't need to turkey just for two days and decide i'll be a barbie over the beer push up and that only the really someone to new to drive you you have people are understanding now that it's it's a huge deal and yoga is huge for me one of the reasons why i mean i you still use that supernova ball but man yogurt had a tremendous effect on my back is that a tremendous effect on everything my overall flexibility is better than it's been a long time since i was a kid and i just feel better dispute like everything moves better you know you say yoga two people go don't dead lives needed to walk and ill sprints you know everybody do something that looks like tough guy stuff that looks awesome when you're instagram if we want to do dead labs fuck it for safety
but the reality is that if your body has any weak yoga will find those links you just show yeah show it right away i was shocked like what you know the big one for me was my feet something nick curse onset as well knit curse on who is really well respected strength conditioning coach speedily bored down and i think he's a heightened beach someone orange county he trains joe shilling half elbows on jobs for brief overdue bigtime mme fighters and and boxers and worship errant p goes top level wrestler and so just a long line of like real high level combat sports athletes i asked my god what do you think that the one thing that a lot of athletes have that is something they need to improve its feet strength nobody says that nobody says everybody we're venue cardio working you explosive next you gotta be although you know fuck and throw more kettlebells around he was like your feet link
think about it your motion like if you can't move out of the way or towards your opponent your useless right if you're foots broken in a fight you severely limited and one that i found out almost instantly want to start doing yoga and when i start skiing my fuckin feet would be killing me in the beginning skiing was because my my boots were too small because every wide feet so my feet would be smashed in there and its sucked i was like you know well fuck skiing i cant do my fear to widen and i got boots that are made for wider feed and they fit but my fee would still heard after wildly what the fuck is wrong with my goddamn feet maybe she's because my feet or flat i'm just gonna have to deal with that our now again scale that doesn't bother me at all sons and doing you were twice a week on foot problems are gone they're out the window because they balance its pretty funny because i was watching you flow video the night before because i didn't have i wanna be able to contribute in this conversation you guys
two level gene is so if you watch it slovenia the first thing he put on some shoes we told them they are talking about a feat that's what you do anything he felt a stretch on his feet it see playing with his toes not like you know i guess this is the i it is what he was saying i really serious but there's gotta be just port around four amount to me a great is the real thing out mina everything about you don't think about it because we stand in our feet so we think we connected to it we are not we just like its oppose these one the table but is not connected move around they does not control right rebuilding the capability to grow grubbing the ground understanding the stability of the food the mobility of the toys and ankara mobility is mandatory because you i'm gonna prosper power through my fitting is meant to the ground to my leg drive to my lips to enter my court so everything
from the hurt these sums make everybody look gay man has done what it feels the shoes i love them the very function but no sex it out of a window will never get mary those why always now the real weirdos when i catch amount at night and awareness of you can't you gotta get a barneys where those shoes that's a real where these people do where though is that your jim where which is my jamie as the jim that i didn't we working within europe as the that's my what can i say europe so it's my job so this is what we're looking at here what's the name of this video jamie filth its yeah low fat tactic flow fit alberto go out see vibrant five fingers example you sponsored by weimar yes ambassador for them
a very low profile one has a very small amount of trend at the bottom of it rides very thin there on that you yeah yeah because they are different different type difficult item of amr for trail running i little things i'd try to work with them to two to rely something specifically for full flow because some time when there some room on the side the specific flow especially if you want i fox on your knee understand the on my knee and apes work they get too much friction so you use that instead of a barefoot i go after made it like algeria automated if they want to really go freestyle move around you know i go for east i go from barefoot barefoot there's no traction but but is if i train like a deuce sometime in the concrete something really protect my variety and dirt and rocks rest a few years ago you told me what are you biggest visas was getting old and feeling week now and then
but i traveled a lot to get a lot of places where we gotta jujitsu places and we see that the digital guy the main guy aid be walking a little funny they're off will he be in that always took i stuck out my mind like you why love some so much if my sixties i'm gonna be limpet nor walking indifferent and i think this is maybe this will help that it will be up to you earlier i think that's one of the reasons why eddies guns only yoga to eddies don't you over three times a week now anyway zat after yet back surgery you know once you when people get older in particular you start realizing the limitations of some of the things you doing you're putting tremendous stress on your body in very specific areas especially jitsu attack in the joint alla time you tat in the joints you're taking your neck and almost everybody that no either as a back problem or some sort of a new problem or a neck problem it's just a constant issue when it comes to you did too and i feel like the old way to mitigate that is first of all roll with people that you know
people that you know they're good people that are going to try to hurt you but not crazy you know against on even their fault but young people in particular to get some young twenty year old kid is all awful fuckin just come some of the new animal they want to kill they wanted like a young guy when they role they roll fuckin full clip on you you we get a knee caught in a scramble and get ripped apart it's a super common seems to be real careful the cut kind of people work i will make sure that people can a yank on an arm bar knee bar you know he'll look or something like that that's big but also i think that improving your mobility like did you so many times i would go to class and i would be stiff before i walked in the door before i walk in the door my backup locked up the more up in the morning my back before so stiff and then get in there warm up but jujitsu so fond as soon as you get in there just doolittle
few movements that are quotas are coming to you you know it's an inflammatory so you read the go next thing you know you like a slap hands in fact going to war again and then you got a worse back then you got a worsening that's i've fucked up my back i didn't just fuck it up in one thing if i had that what why one incident it got injured and i could have eventually he'll it what i did i just kept deal in it even one still her i would keep god gathers go light underwent light go back in there and go hard against fox it up more it's i think that we have to be super aware that our body is a precious resource and you treat it almost scientifically instead of looking at it like guys like to do curls and bench presses medium i'm using that or you a guy with a meatball upper body will toothpick at the bottom that's hold them up with his legs were here
you guys are certain as you see the german eagle you poor bastard like what are you doing yourself you think everything looks good he's got these big buys big chest but you're lower body is virtually useless because they don't lift you live with their lower body don't do anything with it you don't you get a treat body like a big all science project i like did you have to look at it scientifically when people ask me what you think you know what i think what is the project i'm not gonna train you i'm frank he always the everybody of ass we know it is our fun day so if i ask you when you come to the gym what is your goal most of the especially young people they know i wanna be and always my phone be becoming faster stronger lena wherever he saint point b b yank the right way to point the air with no really know what is our point a we think we know what we do know within all what's going on inside with an hour i allowed our or my truck about
roger in to surround quotas or whatever we do exactly the fatah is me asked me set up put us regions if you don't think about that we never gonna reach point b or probably going to reach it but going exact instead to go straight line and we gotta face in what injury plateau back to the new enlargement imbalances that's why i thought if you go to something like yoke is very important to highlight those imbalances it seems like this kind of particular motion like your fellow like that up there that would also high those yet particular much i see i see floor like from the beginning over why because you go to your job mobility and they used to connect to exercise logically and connected to what challenger your britain should also your breeding will tell you exactly what you're pushing you into somebody moment you should be stopped to understand the investigative why do i forced through these range emotional problems emphasis stiff we might be my jointly my phytia whatever does allow me to flow through one
pointed out a moment because i'm working cease degree of unjust working like yoga math up and left the right and just destructive role jumper scott whatever is my body ships supposed to be doing and i look like like if no the magic ice pitcher for me the most i prefer the wonder you look and they use them back and lazy i picture i for me it's the body when i see you stand the dual couple a moment i can interpret that yourself to be but when you move freestyle now economic that's exactly what what's going on with you do you do obviously when you squatting do you know you don't do your feet is not connect the you cannot talk you know when you you can nor even understand the loading once i unilateral power not to allow the other so for mozilla information that's for me as a cordial k i start to plan what should be doing what can exercise what kind of strange training babies be needed for you more stable a more more yoga because until you're no ready i will not let you lit lifted well your body if your buddies no you were able to
what are your own weight ass a thing most people don't know what the bodies capable of doing like there's a lot of people to walk into any kind of a class start workin out and they might not even know what deficiencies that have because they ve been over compensating for there are competent and you might have liked something wrong with your hip and because that is putting extra pressures on your knee or one side might be overbalance it's one thing you see with a lot of people have done very specific sports dive strong on one side and then that those bodies weak and when you do that you you create these imbalances you can go some serious injuries because now and then we take it for granted a minute i'm you say again i wish my should this embayment when i when i train not i'm a good it's very the senior you training what you gonna do you gonna religious adrenalin and cortisol and it goes up thank you lead they are supposed to make you stronger in a fight in their freedom five situation that's what this dump diana ecosystem is doing to you but after your training you gave him worse than they need to understand that as a coach you should betray you know what we need to fix that
because he's not good that you start training working to the pain because you were gonna create more roma tita there's no need into your body and for me toward into but that doesn't way nothing today tomorrow but or the for one hour is becoming ever read so if we adopt this kind of similar and intentions of the level of the water in my bottom button day after day he's gonna kill me but people their own don't understand because you see i'm used to have used to does leave now are used to do done it enough i'm used to do to welcome this vain it's not gonna happen now what do you think is like that biggest injury that you deal with one you have clients are people that you're working out with what what's most common as its shoulder to shoulder and me and shoulders sure there's more calm on thursday is better because we were we come we all grow up in air that we all want to pack and shoulder amount president presses and i believe our should those accomplished joint bodies stronger out because we get well to go animals we are not like chimpanzees northern
three hundred and destructive is holding back the horse can hold the lot of power in the sugar the human be sure those just drop in on the wreckage so weak and then the simple question is how many of us can they must then just stand as standing on the wall with a fit to what some people can nor even all their weight given here and to do handstand reactors in the world just even simple that and how many people even with defeat in the world can do it and then press not that many and if you ask how many one of you ten out of ten out of ten got sugar injury probably neither see i gotta issues have been import export so so weak spectacle plus another ten ligaments winterbourne guides do you call create a lot of hanging think hanging is something that people been really concentrating on over the last four years your shoulder mobility alleviating infringements absolute behold ruskin this if you haven't even going on with his shoulders and telling you grab option at bar and hang from that thing just let let you
relax your shoulder it stretches out your joint and several actors that stop doing shoulder surgeries and alleviate pain they ve started doing hanging exercises and prescribing hang anxious eyes to mazes just grab at china bar star hanging from that sucker sooner he has the will when the clock struck twelve but i got a lemon it's not like a formula that class i go back to the jump robe and just to get oxygen palace alone pass out but our brutal come back there like a living fifteen gimme homework assignment and they're always did like some days its steel club sundays i'm just work on my hands and knees we cooperate i have for some days he put me on rings yet they got you rings a gauss rang like gymnastics rings what wall is gonna hold me he's got the whole thing he just taught me one thing too because my biggest weakness is my breathing
from the sleep at me like i even got hypnotized i'm gonna go to morrow get him i've gonna get hypnotize what's going on within the sleep at night you ever wake up your pants down not got so severe mindless such a bad case from my machine broke a couple weeks ago my wife how to go pick up the machine for me up and can again the guy was saint has joey doing you know and you know that till his day jolly came many as one of the worst cases ever like jolly was bad shave you remember what i was going to sleep on you staring we'll agenda that sleep at me like whenever my art gets going jujitsu like no other places my i could go on like that when i'm on the bottom and this first when i joined jujitsu overcame the panic attacks so i had just gone stood on the bottom like i'd force myself to get on the bottom i get like whatever you call it a bridge whenever they call a frame
even overcame my my fear but the other fear i had was when i get to wound up i can't control my breathing it's what i would get up from the sleep tat so i kept thinking about some you said about a couple podcast goebbels sports sports psychiatry son sports archives of some people will have it yet but i did some reading i said let me just go alleviate this last fit i mean if you know it i get the needle fear lest we got you i still get that thing in my ear she's duck a needle in my acupuncture to take the fluid up because my is not let my right my left ear the fluid i'll show you set up a little thing i fluids in there just from taking child was you know me i'm assess which i was putting upon us up in my ears i go on the shower when i go on it for an hour when you know when of what he had the drug i gonna the second one those concise pinch aus eyes
the joint gone there for an hour and a half i rachel oh yeah i ll take a large house in russia in its area really best material out you could even practice nobody is fluid stuck in my last week with acupuncture and stuck a needle in there and what you took it out it relieve the pressure joe i can feel the blood dripping down my face and i can hear it hitting the pillow and i didn't i saw it i want to get these fears i'll go way back to technical fitness the rings he has rings and the brutal taught me emotion that it's all about my breathing rye bluntly my ass on the floor so basic could pick up my hips as a hip escape and in the same vein i hold that bread but i put myself up i stay there and that i as i aviate my hip back is when i accept exile
i know that my arms were down on that when such a two point breathing thing dog i do three set the ten of i'm on fire after that yeah they believer in the fire and breathing is gigantic another thing that seem so simple rights another think you tell people i gotta do some breathing air people i'm not gonna shit up the bench and build up my pact brow right that's what people do they know it they don't think that breathing is difficult but breathing exercises ideas why tell people breathing for one minute breathed out for one minute tell me that's not hard just take a one minute street breath in look at o clock and say ready go and then breathe in ff one solid minute nice and slow and in brief for one minute nice and slow you we're fucked dead you're not gonna be able to deliver most people can hold their breath for a minute if you tell them to breathe in four one solid minute it's really hard to do and then you go the like yoga classy take you know yoga deeply
like proteome exercises the very difficult and want to things that when i first started doing yoga two years ago real start again and again that the yoda breeding extras after class when you like when you doing those breathing exercises it was like my stuff felt soft it felt like it was cut a week you would get tired do when those like why is my stuff like i'm just tired from yoga was my stomach getting tired from breathing out pushing era it's so simple like do you know sit ups and like lifts in all these different stuff like why is that difficult because it's a different kind of thing you breathing pushing air out with your ram abdominal muscles but now do a pretty good and but you get too like that hickson grace point i'm sure rising i absolutely instituted a hole in the muscles up in these we're ways makes him dance and it's so connecting a brain drain is connected to your breeding the horrid gratitude
written on this than always important to regain access to probably yeah even for people to think ok written from division noise to do all this time no pre bears good forever fees at each visualize you what you need to do it they know reset your own you can switch from your personal but it did through this simple idea allowed the wet parasympathetic yet never ceased having always like you if you breathe correctly speeches on the stress and the unitary gained access to your country present especially if you need to do something is more complex and you think about some people it just thinking ok on the under the the gas response she nor when my life five or phrases she finally like eyes here and swishes on gay i probably go to my gross motor skills yeah but some people like an advanced the operator need to go the access to rosemont skis and fine dust
think about i'm gonna run across the room to use microsoft is to run faster but and then what am i going to fund clover and maybe shooting back to a target for now you have five of them he's on andrews motor scarce and need to be able to get my pretty critical view because i can stay my tune so always ultimately did your english is its triple amiss i'm guessing what you're talking about his big motor skills like running and sprinting and then being able to shoot like a gun up similar like be very precise and very accurate yes this then the ins and outs interpret any worries the people is shooting at me from so yeah that's a complex were better public so do you guys do that you have guys like live weight and then go or do strenuous physical strenuous physical exercises then go immediately to arrange would do we do that but also see no in when we started with what is it then porthos all learn how to recover for us to ease and britain recovery breathing like that
britain somebody like you are talking about some than ever today is to do a lot for mean us forty set for second in order for sacco really for forsake all the very best way to learn how to get back from i intensities to above your remarks tool at sea eighty five say something that you can bring you back to accommodate present so you can make the right decision that so that what you tell me what to do take a for second enforce hacking outside like slow controlling other than that the beginning on the standing because when it be when are we going anyway i've studied goin to my nose and maybe they can oppose go out mine so the mai our rights would be into the nobel through the mouth that does seem to somehow another slow down your heart relying exact and that's that's when you slow europe is low down he's gonna give you see her back to your brain ok now we switch fees is under control can make the right decision a younger back to do the right a final decision
is needed right then that obviously with we are training soldiers has got to be one of the most important things to do to be able to operate under pressure and under elect physic rash and make the right choice yes yes gets this differently in this than not panicking rise this revive response with tat you do that the things that maybe it's more logical to save your life but sunday like ours is use this example we gonna cross the street right now you gotta rodger should i to call you gonna freeze and though you deciding jumped back for whatever you do respond to see don't get hit by the car right by men the debt to take like twelve milliseconds in if you've been training more two decades of lots alarm you gonna the car and you want to do before you in an hour you gonna look and see on the other side because maybe you see to call you jumped back you didn't see the coming from developer and you got cuba for the erika that take a response of three on the municipal saw it
that the sudanese i will tell you to do whatever is needed to get out and for the problem foster but there is a long way off your brain response if you been training you you become to the colonel alarm and shock situation you gonna make the right choice and fora and operate or for a fight that whatever its logical from the budgets of our chess game chess game even those guys to play chess not so under stress our brain is cooking and the guy's make a move and maybe maybe they're not plan just you know i see the move at sea i got movies like the other guys planning will take more time to plan what is going on because you started is that why you did them move so is neither logical for me i should be going their way and in trade regarding access to your bread into our right to your brain control is fundamental that's why i believe we need to be careful and on
an featly so important we can do a lot of things is not just change our the way they look we can up different people in different things that for some people is life changing you have the ability to be under pressure is something very few people have and they just don't they don't it's not something that they exercise they don't get to do it on a regular basis they don't get severely stressed so when they are in a severe stress situation and they have to make a critical decision or have these fine motor skills and a critic situation most people just completely incapable of handing that at that level emotional and physiological loader what is it about there's something interesting about breathing through your mouth that creates like a panic feeling when geyser has announced aliens a shallow breeding thing that happens yet it it to take too much at him i believe in the brace the problem they ve been embrace when they re lamp tat they called because that we call it like you're like a fourth breather eighth lead you to interfere reaction and so
for your brain why you brazen we you where you do know something fishy somebody you never spectin sofa brain might that the busy see he's been done before in your life you before is it for something and they would bring you back ok this is a fierce situation so you have but is simple this system is on and you start to do to lose control hit that panic might think it so simply nor any time you late you teach you lay screws and tat when you are distress when there is something you are to be using draw your maybe you u we fight we ever discussion very intense discussion and tat you lace so there's already shows you are wrong breathing in one of the things that you really learn that like during yoga class in very particular dress was situations it so hard to breathe smooth it's one of those one of the things that i have learned how to do is to try to concentrate only on my breath it actually makes the exercise easier doesn't seem to make any sense because before
be concentrating on the exercise of what i realize somewhere along the line is my breath is not very smooth and i'm not doing a good job of controlling myself so now when i'm in a situation like a really difficult extending bobo this implies that what i question on more than anything more even than the posture is just my breathing concentrate on slow deep depressed and i swear it makes it like ten percent easier concentrating on the breathing makes everything easier chrome gracie said that too when he was in here we are talking about our jujitsu these like its breath my breath is everything once you can control oh your breath when you understand how to control your breath it makes those bizarre sims better makes jujitsu easier makes everything better your breath control your breath juliet you say that i think you know what a lot we know how to brace between are talking for half an hour we never stop into rabbit
but we're not under stress that we are on this that what we want to stress is that the promised what people they don't know out to excel if taking a man put down to the water with the head right what the last things are going to do before die to britain so the body exactly know when it's time to email doesn't know too when you start to accept that's where we would dented force into it see people hyper ventilate like my sexual gets upset about things sometimes you hyper ventilate like she just can't get it out like she's upset like someone did this to me observed in our you gotta go ok you got a calm down almost to take some big depressed but it's hard to teach a six year old now what the fuck do we do want stage for breathing just talk i never thought about it like i started getting anxiety at the store for now when i woke up to the original room went on tuesdays when i did the wool turn i forced myself to breathe i thought of my nose but for years
excited to store the end the original slots i've been back i don't know how to follow morgan murphy let it i don't know i one day she was on stage and i don't know what his eye just getting anxiety in the original just a little bit just a little bit the watch and theater i walked out and i look that way and then i looked at the audience and it was i who a breed local my nose but what do we do want stage are we breathing through our nose or we breathing through our mouths we fuck talk shit for forty five one hour i looked at this i shall i shot him like where my breathing near how interesting that we got a wife that next time i thought that we drew up that yeah you not thinking just breathing will you just concentrated so much on what you trying to say that all this comes natural just like right now like bomb talk me right now there's a guy took a little breath right there
think about it i don't want any i want you to look at it air because international free namibia take me in a conference the first time and i are gonna be shaking and go around into my ward and their breath see that from people are given speeches do see that when the list of not become comfortable public speaking public speaking as one more stressful thanks for people for some people like number two or number one some people's world like a true tat had want one time a judge ass me it about the sentence me and thus do away with the saviours for yourself and i had a written down i had everything jerome i started to weaken the boy but au i couldn't talk will into a panic when this little man looked at my feet get nervous you know get nervous your adrenaline kicks when you're adrenaline kicks in everything titles
just you know physiological stress like yoga positions can kind of mimic that like when you in a position like when you got your hands over your head and you leading your whole body to the side it's very high stay smooth with you breathing when you're no spots like that's the number things are contrary not holding a body in that position is not nearly as hard as holding a body and breathing smoothly breathings thirdly the most difficult part of that that posture lot impostors and a certain change of breeding you start to change inside and the change in outside yeah i see a sheet is happening logging or was it reaction when you're on the stress tension station but fought for we will look back there what happened when you were in there and there is a priori history in greece to anything about it the cube pray which do you like any animal like a cat in the rule in the road sector pompous is how soon bigger right right that's what we're doing we
growing our shape so the breadth of my look about ass like all with two big i'm gonna take a simple simple bread which i too you know our i was keen that the toilet somebody like you win i suppose we air we don't have hair but we try to do the same mimi the citizens goosebumps are it's like your hair is permitted under a live here and the fear that sense staying and they face looking alchemists like down here good song that's a different thing is like as like it but they misinterpreted or they old thinking oh hell okay we go tactical training with ideas and we can controller fear action to have different things you can control well you're really under stress for debt invite the kind of situation saw our rate fears and other things effect on the eye tacitly work out you become a rat under fear you become imports so is different different physiological things going to you and your body so there
few people realise misunderstanding that doing some kind of under identity work how we can control also the fear rio here because we are fears and other things or one of the things you see with fighters is they perform better when they're more active when they fight more often suffer fighter fights like three times a year there used to fighting every few months and they get that that feeling of competition becomes a normal natural thing for them and its also something happens when you see a fighter lose fighter loosen they come back there very tense and they fight a lot of times they fight different because there now worried and concerned about the consequences of failure and you see that that fear that tension it's in their system and then they their whole their whole way mode of operating as as an athlete changes because of that tension is dear to cover for the shock from this situation they ve been through shore and that's all also one of the biggest factors when you talk about the difference
in the way someone performs in the gym versus the way someone performs in competition we ve all known these guys that were phenomenal in the gym for whatever reason they were unable to win in competition it so it is with some guys it's almost like like it's it's almost like there's a spell on them or something you'll see them in a junior like this guy's a world beater but they can't be anybody competition wise psychology no it's all psychological there they are imprisoned by their own fears and doubts they don't have the confidence to rise to the occasion they don't have the confidence to perform into pressure they dont have they can't just accept the potential failure they can they their so overwhelmed and imprisoned by their fear of failure that when they get out there they can't perform at their best
which crazy because it forces failure it's like a self fulfilling prophecy because they can't perform like they do in the gym they catch us react account flow like when you are fighting when you're out your best you sort of just in this empties yes you're not you not thinking about the moves as much as they're just happening and you relying on your training and youth almost daily the best thing you do stay calm as soon as you get emotional assumes you get aggressive you might we and being emotional aggressive you could catch i'm gonna knock them out but jobs might get knocked out yourself you might do something not smart like we're talking they are about playing chess martial arts is a lot of ways like very much like chess but way more complicated because your physical consequences are so severe so there's always fear it's not just about losing its about getting hit and that punishment of physics consequences is so significant it's so much different even then in june it's what you did to the physical consequences
tapping and losing in those are terrible but it's nothing like getting kicked in a phase or getting one those yo our marrow flying needs your head you know that kind of fear is that it's an overwhelming fear and for some people they d get beef ro up when they're in the locker room and they did panic me they get so scared they just can't perform under pressure you know a sum if transport is also too mother operate though you know day some of the braided it literally die when you say an operator you're talking to us but especially to get a lot of guys that the tough nobody does super guys right now i'm a man is by those guys know chapeau but we owe them they say you norman inducements ask my baby shit in my bath business
sufficient knowledge is physiological and they let you could guide that you keep it just keep on shit and i believe that the future logical reaction to dick of stress factor of your body won't get lighter to fight back foster runaway what can control you know it's nothing to be sham about it you see with animals as well as a famous video these two bears fighting and there's the bears a fighting through this shit over the place as are fighting to shedding i am i love watching movies like collateral assigned him when people then went to some place an issue the place up and people's reaction they run as now usually the case grow i've seen it people dropped in fucking floor people drop without even get shot i don't know what you just freeze near the sound of eu view being somewhere and being transferred to the south the gunfire is fuckin overwhelming and some people get it react to it and some people just tickets afforded
y yeah you know which really weird but i've seen people fuckin drop drop from fear something that i was a child i was two blocks away from just people dropping from fear you know it so i got em out i live in aspen abbot yes body guide academy in aspect linda i don't know but the guy suppose lee was in a room six by twelve when you kill twelve mexicans at my point with his bare hands so he opens up is yes i thing and if you know it's twenty jeez you know it the sum along graham and you learn how to adjust up a diet the and dry when the vase of driving and shooting than they have worse on maritime how to defend people out on the ocean and i stopped but
he asked a lot of those places like woody creek where you were his home to the bad is retired soldiers in the world and you don't they are you just think that do it over there with the american flag is more on the lawn that guy killed eighty with one hand and behave arises again endeavoured i know i've told you a lot always where they put them why because the mountains to keep away from civilization chinese music so i don't want that that great glass case a war and there was a guy that came in that was a marine that brought joke you know becomes inward stories i know one thing when i see it i believe the modified easily get picked up in aspen airport and now a cotton they serve like a helicopter with two guys job without four guys around them and he would just way but uncle joe i was nineteen he would tell me stories about you know that
green bahrain nor these guys were sitting around a thing cook in chile and they walked down only people they can oh they killed eighteen i killed twenty two meanwhile was staring stupid is big over the you don't say like that type of stories this guy i would tell you that we all fucked up in their head and i asked him what cycle should i got ready as i listen i'll go in there and smart more than my left because first the war you can't teach what you need line over there because four years of charlie the bush is a lot better than while we say you hang out with some white dude would suit shooting people targets in the matter not real it's nine sailors real consequence exocet that's why he said that this was don't you think though it's better than nothing i would think that it's better than nothing i would think that the best thing would be actually be
in both camp actually gonna buds actually being in some sort of situation we realise this is life this is real as if your if you are preparing like up in colorado and you just going through the courts right now you might have some things in your mind but that's want to things like people say to me like lecture i take a self defense class i will show you how to kick somebody in the night i got listen to me that shit is not gonna like nurses there's this guy on the fucking radio that was he was always talking about it was on open anthony show on the day in his eye was talking about is different to industry and martial arts martial arts tournaments does nor does rules and a street does no rules and i'm like i fucking hey when people say that gonna shit cause listen to me stuff that works on train killers is the real shit and if you think you gonna come in and you gonna throw some fuckin karate chop it someone's balls and you can somehow another be able to stop anderson silva from kicking you across the room your fucking mind you're out here
mind you first well you're not gonna cry job is balls he's not gonna let you get close enough to him and if he does that get close enough to him he's gonna strangle you and you're not going to do it damn thing about you gonna be a hundred percent helpless so this these is that there is a short cut an issue cut his like street defence is this a certain press appoints around your neck i can attack that and you will be held there's no no no you're not going to get my neck you follow me grab your freedom there was a guy to store used a pinch down on the literally that this is the biggest phony i've ever met in all my years of meeting phony martial arts guys he's to pinch down on your thumb nail he's just pressure pointing attire like mother fucker due to lie on me with their knee on my neck like they'll put all their weight on your neck to try to get you to give up the onboard give you are in a situation where you defending its ann arbor and a guy's on top you guys who put their fucking me a torrent thirty pounds male put me on your neck always trying to put all its weight on it and you
you're not happen from that you think i'm an attack from a thumb if it's funny i soap but try to get in today specialist gimme try to teach them supporters reply you realize this guy's wearing bulletproof jacket you know there's the allowed them to negotiate with access to the body great raise grace this so many stupid martial arts courses with so it's so fuckin dumb it's so dumb to so many these ridiculous ideas that you're gonna be able to defend yourself with some tricks the usa and the car people the people they loved these things you know like you gonna let you than i have six box the meanest rainy day in six weeks what our labour marshals another you only have fifteen minutes but fifteen minutes is to manage to much thirteen minutes it's all you need thirteen
all you need is thirteen minutes while that's what i've been waiting for our two be shredded greeted the beach thirteen minutes to flesh out here you ve had a civilization of just these don't you know big dick pills we judge just things that quick fix of you stay up past one it's it's all tracking men testosterone it is about people after one i'm entire all tired yes i was sleeping with those guys are a blatant neither just like half have all the system this is down to you have more sex drive a minute just sell you some fuckin awaiting whether it's too big dick pills wood of the six minutes work out then they keep beaten each other like my one minute we have the sick but we have the five minute worker and you know what man america buys internet alive erica buys and sat pills that's a sad day and was
if you want to go back to work just got before it's not about us when he know your breathing of comparable your consideration hours give this december who i believe i've been i don't know you guys but if this sunday you want you desire to date someone so badly and you get so excited when you get it and the first day that you go you feel like you can leave a movie now you panic and if you are going to have sex that day it doesn't work that way that you are you you pray these gonna work but after you the first shot with second detour is become better is exercising and breathing control these are the same you know you must get used to refuse comes comfortable its is that's a big thing with again what you're talkin about with fighting when i when i i had one time worked or muscle i didn't compete for like six months was like the longest time i've ever gone without competing because i had to the motto that connects the groin till i come thing it's called a sartorius muscle music at the top of the leg was rheumatic and throwing it makes it all i can do work out in the pool is pretty bad
and so when i was recovering from that when i got back in like what my first fight back i was like wow it's sums feel so off my timing feels off everything fills weird but then i thought again less than a month later and i felt great like less than a month everything was like i know this again this is this my thing i've been here before and then i felt normal again like when you were when you have a girlfriend the ever grow from four long time you don't get nervous about whether or not you gonna get it up in a panic like we shall hope she likes me she fucking likes you she's naked ashes nobody ever know she likes you so it's not it's not an issue but if you know if it is like you said curly but thinking about for the longest time and you're going to grow to schools world and then finally
yet where they like yanks site this panic and though the human penises such a fucking odd thing in that regard you know that's what a bizarre thing it's designed to make sure like look dude if you ain't com you're not gonna fuck ok because we don't want any weak ass nervous bitches out there make it babies so the system is built to make sure that your dick does not get hard if you fuckin panicking it's not like it's not like our rhino horn words of armed and ready at all times now it's illegal very specific physiological process has to be in place with the softest par eu body hard like a fuckin rock like that the process itself is crazy will you look at your dick when you go p and its soft little spongy thing and then you grab your dick when it set mast and it's like her the same thing crazy physiological process
only works if you're ready a rock a you you can't be facon it like you you body knows if your panicking right it is a book is a bigger and other non eu translated in english but there's a book of this planet so was so simple about those reaction of the body on the stress any say think about the zebra on the savanna that's exactly know when you oh someone's cheese new to hit you anyone you on the stress i stress your body steps stuff produce almost like testosterone why it all last thing you and i have a sex when some lines be idea so it's that is exactly what is going on is shutting down whatever is needed not everything on this thrashing out when you figure now you can perform before we are not relax our confidence eyes zebras are so bizarre because that you see the way their body looks like you're not camouflaged at all like their their white with black stripes on and for the law
this time they thought that the white with black stripes on would confuse and animals mind like there's a type of camel have you ever heard of a sat camel as a type of camouflage doesn't like trees or anything it's a bunch of black and more rally guidelines and those lines for animals as animals there my their eyes operate on edge detection great on a lot of them especially pray animals like dear things almost once there they do they see movement don't necessarily see things the way you see things anymore we just see movement and for the last time this will maybe when you're look like a lion is looking at a zebra the lie in seeing this zebras body and there's all the lines confuse it so i can't see it then they realized no no no what it actually is is you camp gout individual zebras so like event individual zebra like the looks different
from the other zebras that's the one they d get after like of one's he was bleeding and as blood on his body and it looks different from all those other white black lines that the binding target which is kind of fact and one always they found this they the tag a zebra they like an ear tag on a zebra and they sent you petersen was talking about this wrestlings video and they put it back into the heard in the lines immediately killed a zebra that's the one they right took it had something different this year is poor white and black lines than all this motherfuckers got an ear tag get em isn't this what right after that so it's it's real design like look we know we're get we're fucked were born fucked but stay together you know maybe we'd like look when you see there you see all those years together its super confusing while we will have this fucking tv fixed soon us where this this this tv cuts in and out that one day
so when you see these zebras and we see these lines would its design and to do is can use the lions so that they don't know which one to target which crazy but if those motherfuckers had an ear tag a big ol yellow town hanging off their ear the lions below there you are bitch i see you as cultural it's fine thanks i mean what what a terrible situation nature has given these poor ass the lions are camel the alarm about the lions look like the brown grasses and leopard or excuse me tigers apparently that whole stripe thing with it is also too did it make them blend in with all their surroundings of the trees and the stick finally live mostly in the jungle you are asking me before this about the fights yeah that's what would you think because whether our counter starker that's what what'd they keep the distance well and they know exactly what's this is what i think
a lot of people were like pissed off it was boring but i think that's because they just want to see people pete the fuck out of each other which i understand that's why you to indicate fighting but to me the way describe martial arts is its highly no problem solving with dire physical consequences you run in on tyrant woodley you got some die or physical consequences he's a fucking powerhouse and of worthy charges at thompson this dire physical consequences because he was gettin tag when he would indeed set it to me after the fight is like he caught me a few times as those charged towards them so woodley has a different style and thomson thompson as that wide stance that karate style is excellent and moving in moving out and almost like point fighter you jabbing you hitting you with these clean left hand sliding either way occasionally throwing kicks but mostly what he's doing is making you wonder what
do and when its common action and woodley had a pic is battles and figure out what he could launch himself adam so at any moment something could have happened but a lot of shit didn't happen the people watching unhomelike thousand what point fight over its because those moments are so critical those moments are so dangerous you can't just they would like it to be like frankie edgar graham in or just fuckin chaos punches throw and wild it's not gonna happen like that you can't do that with wonder boy you can't charge animal he will fucking counter you and you look you one of those people on his highlight real so tired really was very smart and then he nudity didn't charge adam and why the boy he's charges will either got an almost knocked the fuck out the first fight he almost got knocked the forgotten in the fifth round with the secondly to what these powerhouse many had so goddamn hard so everybody how to be on their toes the out both to be mine there peason queues in that translated for a boring fight
a lot of people but not to me to me i was like anything can happen at any moment the fifth round or almost did was there when would when whitley connected and thompsons knees went out i mean he slumped he was out man he was for at least two half a second or a moment you know there was a moment where his legs gave out his body went limp and they could have stopped the fight right there i'm glad they didn't a glad they kept gone i talked to a big job mccarthy in the cage after the final how closely stop and our values those i wasn't closest i've never got what you are looking radios and was looking i got you a little closer together are never admit it goes but it was evident was almost out riding us he was almost out might have been after half a second but he gave machine he did a great job he didn't amazing job i mean that's why big john clarity so important a guy with that kind of experience and if he thought everybody would be so mad at him but he did it perfect was perfect he has the most difficult job in sport other than the fighters
fighters have the most difficult job second most difficult job is the referee third most difficult job is a judge's italy so you think so yea everyday needs is gonna interpreted trauma the people what he has to be cast a look has to be the right angle they're moving around and their fast and they go to his left and he can be over here but something could be happening on their right and he doesn't even see it you know you don't know sometimes that sometimes guys don't see taps sometimes guys don't see certain i pokes are growing shots there's a lot of things can happen referees job is insane difficult and they only get praise when they fuck up they only rather get attention when they fuck up didn't get any praise and they do a great job and justice they need more in know they need more more people need to understand like how difficult that is so that moment were tyrants finally did connect on wonder boy nobody's i wouldn't do that earlier because it could it got knocked the fuck out of tat was worth
opening was woodley was so aggressive because he was down scorecard released in his corners eyes and in my eyes he was as well and he had a charge ford and he had to connect and he did but to make that happen a lot of things have to be in place to understand wonder boys timing he had been fighting him for food rounds already here getting a sense of what wonder boy couldn't couldn't do you also know the consequences he'd been tagged a couple of times so he knew like i can't just rush adam because wondered what i was trying to tell would that right hook he was sending the south position with his right leg for he throws that front like sidekick to the body is it really wealth because he he picks it from the ground like low and in its source scoops up so you don't see it coming into its too late in my i'll be the most powerful application of the front psychic but its varies it's very sneaky because slides in with that foot loan that it comes up and stabs you and you don't know that can i come up as sidekick orbits gonna go
but all the shoulders around kick you don't always doing he so snaky so tat and had to be very cautious and for a lot of people very boring because that but i didn't think i was born happening i was on the edge of my seat i was well there are moments it's gonna be moments when the shit starts flyin and in those moments that's where the fight becomes amazing but those guys are smart there's not dumb in does the belt so goddamn important when you have the belt you get to decide find all the best fighters you you you make the money you now you get up but to reach for the big money fighting to convert greater type fights those only happen if you have the belt view of the belgian only gives a fuck about it so for a guy like tyrant man that belt is everything for garlic woody a guy like i wondered why rather that belt is everything you don't have that built you make a fraction and of which you may like to think about that fight that fights insanely close was so close dominic crews words that that's basically the same fate as the first finite it's like you could call if you call it
we try to draw you could easily call this draw and i agree with him in so that means that wonder boy and woodley are essentially like so closely matched stylistic early that it's a wash right but meanwhile would lose the one who's that albion would lose the one who has the potential to fight conor macgregor woodley is the one who was tension to fight michael bis being well who elsie fights at whatever weighty fights at and that where the money is so he's the guy was gonna get the money where as well the boy who essentially how to draw with him prove that he was it used close enough on fight and just a hare under the second fight he's gonna make a fraction of what woodley mix likely xo those consequences have to be taken into consideration when you watch in these guys fight is that they know there's a wind bonus initial loss like you if you lose you get your show money you don't get a bonus if you win you get twice the money i gotta go
that whither contract a structured yeldo make acts if they win and they'll make exe plus backs if them experts ex if they win but if they lose the only make ex so they might have they might getting two thousand dollars for the fight but another two thousand hours if they win that's a giant swing that's a big deal they have to be really i can care for the no make mistakes like wind bonuses man i don't like it i think those guys are trying to win anyway to try to win i just i just think like special in particular in situations like that when fighter like that fucking close i could judge decide whether or not you make an extra two hundred grand or don't like that seems crazy demand the train yes i saw so much so box news yeah you a few weeks ago right yeah like to introduce you again to yeah yeah i was but i was what can i beg last night there about the cranes academy i was i came back from andorra was teaching a workshop on its hind leg
or something i don't want to lift weighed and i stood there they had the dodgers empty well airbags globe sisera let's go near core we'll heavy bagger thing everybody would do better to have you back in the garage just go out there and hit that thinks it feels good you don't even have to have great form just got there it is so good for your body does explode and just released tension and stress and for people of like joint issues daddy's water bags essentially a thick layer of on the outside like a thick layer of padding like a few inches of pad of foam and then inside it out as a water ladders filled with water so when you punches yarn goes into it but you get really dig in it hit hard but it doesn't have the same aim acts like your jars you don't feel so much in your elbows and his shoulders and stuff because we give to creating the dew was in sicily you have been equally yeah how's it first time last year i went to italy gloved it like what
man i want to rome went to the vat again saw the vat again we went to worm what is the mountain area donate dolomite no goddamn alpine we it was out near where the where the volcano kill everybody vesuvius sulky ok we went there and then we went to the amalfi amalfi on of course the amazon naples nasby if ya man is so beautiful the need to see a real seemed like you in front of a green screen you look out what you know you have to go this mountain roads crazy joy it's a road that be one lane should be one way but it's too and there's closeted fuck em classes and motorcycles assholes malta we ve been in and out of the car as people in italy drive like fuckin maniacs we all know italians are kind of crazy i'm also italian in your report you have left hamster wheel its regular like yeah that's all
in england south africa south africa we ve gotten the car will work already low australia's well australian fucking confusion you're working on other outside if he ever if you d never never stick dry the worst oh yeah you have the shell yeah but you you still love the clock just on the left hand side right in the vienna summit in rio the latter to just but it would be the opposite version yes this is sort of like any mafiosi so you're driving this this is what is like that's a two lane road is a fuckin bus common and you gotta figure out how to get a car pass that bus and we we're going like and i am not exaggerating a half of a mile in our trying to get past cars and buses takes for ever there it should take ten minutes that's the road it should take ten minutes takes ninety bacteria but once
get up to the top legality that picture we seeing the ocean jamie looks like up in the right hand corner upper right yeah like there that's what it looks like when you once you finally get up daylight why it's so pretty so pretty man italy's amazing foods the first girl world fuck your gluten all your gluten free bullshit they were led that go when you're in italy a lot of positive people here say now you gotta italy is not like that that's american eyes it's more fish stock there's a lotta will they definitely love not use today still use grave you like red sought it's as i myself right not so much you can get it though and i think one of the reasons why get his cause probably people come over then wanted it now remember that bacillus problems and the guy audit he's got one gravy and the one way to look at the other measures these he's closer tallies there is classed as at the germans he ordered spaghetti with gravity
that's not big of what you say gravy like people have what is attacking greatly give people think of light gray no rest gets yeah there's spaghetti sauce language is how it has always like yeah get bolognese over there but would it it's just the american that came over they developed a different sort of style of eating a lotta meatball i got further further like it rob and when you come here is an emigrant right like i gave him cuba like when you why kid you with that my daughter lives alfredo that she's gonna get caught of the manual mecca month about what the world really does that's a peep we now or like that's a protocol you like how reality you know now it's like a one month training thing even now little fucking job like that's how i was here when i was when i gave him q but i tasted italian my mom blew up
you know i was into all angles of it but the red sox was last afraid it would fuckin those thick noodle source alike to a fuckin horse but what it like anna maria thoughts with chicken abruptly rooms idea is a good one grow so am i this choice but i like you but it never about em cease using a move here when i move the ninety one ninety two ninety three nobody ask me do you life at the scene afraid i don't even know there's no italian sent for me the butler save a higher growth areas was gone somewhere in another country and you just you cheeseburgers on american what are the meals so you have borne edge of arabia eta is possible rule has been about it you know them they look
i recall in order out of real namely passive role but he added on call past of us left much area of brazil but then what's in the way we can get that stuff he encountered still gotta gooch government the the green stuff to stop the decline the idea was a blue until eight is nuclear that with what are you pose biopharmaceutical beans and that the greens it's not sophisticated pester ass the best now it's not spinach it's not what are you there it's too takes its she turned a multiple vegetable s got all we ask that shares girl gets you dicker haven't you which is getting harmlessly something for mass of mega tat she had not available you do i pass hazel every day for like forty days when i went to my legs out of work
one sixty to one ninety four just eat in passing as i say this as a regular army that they'll be they will have to wait upon a puzzle you get a job is like that can be bought just part of bees that has got all and that in the they would all that garlic and stuff you are often run it did have a lot of fish like amazed that drives the amal because they had amazing seafood but the past there was a very light sauce you know you get like if you go to a good place and got like linguine wrongly that give you gleamed with a very light olive oil and garlic saw us with the linguine in like that the kind of passing the very much more delicate pasta abc wanted you gonna take the fish coveted flail yeah yeah yeah that's why a future go to a real time restaurant you asked for cheese like great achieve
he's unlike linguine wrongly they look at you like your fuckin monster who are you and you're gonna put that she's on the double the fish gather say it's not recommend nor recommend it look at you do you like now not gone on everyone kevin james and i used to always get linguine clouds and he would get past if they didn't come over the cheese across the guy with a cheese gather graded cheese he would try to put it on it a good restaurant they'll get they get upset with you and i want you put cheese on it if you have leg like us but getting born yeas or something like that though the ask you the x ray ease men in sense they come near you wish to try to stay away from your side of the table if you got linguine would collapse they want to give it to you ever read why red why would the fish to get mad heading a man they get mad he was doing while i was really get that upset i don't drink my wine allied do while i drink barely butts
lies by their life for me yeah i mean i'll drink with white but i know order it leaves many points made glamour it's awful but if i have a choice it's always read like when i read to me it's like it's got it a flavor that's a compelling it's interesting it's like it's like its alignments white wine is like drink sakharov i drank of test my mom you still have a guy she at night we go home when i was really young lay for five in new york city my mom will have a little glass of red wine the wine with the fuckin the italian people work and if that is not a mere chance tat she said i was i was maybe maybe for maybe five and i would watch and one that i want to go to bed mrs fuck it took the box one i thought he drank the whole thing six hours later lay the good viable or the police are missing your drugs
and the closet shit pew had never drink wine can still get zig zag i remember tell me all the time you you'll never like wine because it so happened that time we call the cops we did everything they could provide about what's your martial arts background with them barton river buxton then i find that i was like eighty two big things that he was full counted correctly memo those big may be bed bondage add vantage anarchy is this guy down here man he's from ice a train his gemini first came here when i first came in california jedi blank right yeah did big was done the palisade believe this guy the yeah so
rigorous he was out years well he's been his brother in law that says that banana than what i came and they alone will die and found them that's why you my boys might be faint for that more type fuckin change everybody's i soon realise how hard it is to get technical aliens lags we light i was i was like everybody never try to first i want to say i was gonna be nuff indifferently nose like me around those taken the legs and they we remember you echoed the work for a couple of days and that finally love some light my ties that wait i yet karate style with a shin whether where the instep rather we kicking when i have but a foot everybody had this idea that was a way to do it and then the moment you get kicked with a shit even music art at sir and they got a lotta injury for kicking a day step oh yeah oh my uncle was yea the right of veto for only two recognition element
but let us discuss in the beginning i said since a shrinking change then do the boston offer for rescue destitute investing different styles different style the fiend the guy that changed my my weight sittings prosper the competition what to do to my line of duty was again guy has but did because he's been into for war three a man become like a single farther for me but he always did to me nor is the spirit adam the way you punch do a u kicker santiddio mindset is not on point it's not going to be that you know going to get ready to do something for real you know it's so that they can tell you we all do karate jujitsu the do that but if your mindset real things when you go to worry and do you know you need to apply this thing for years think he's right but is also not right because
think he's right in the sense that your mindset must be correct in order for you to apply any any sort of martial arts in slow the dish up but it's always important to have the right technique oh you're alone on emission maybe me same israel is working on uranium in never believe in due to cromer guys chinese rigour he say introduce digits alot introduce degenerates into due to be jane is due to buy a lot of boxing wait i seem to have the floor locked but though that and then of course if you go and today give yours training or their special forces that sugar says that you need to have the right guy for to do that some people are now ready to be a warrior right and trade like a warrior by now warrior yeah i can only imagine especially like krav maga in the united states there's a legit krav maga schools in the united states for sure this really good instruction is really good pete but there's also a lot of fucking horseshit just like with karate i guess there's a lot of small karate where you go
these places and they might be fine for little kids their learning little martial arts learning little discipline they d have goals i won get my orange belt and get it may get excited and is good for them it's good for their mind but it's it's it's really critical when you're learning a marsh or when the most important things a fine illegitimate instructor it's the most important because relearning things is so hard back when i was teaching i taught someone they didn't know if they didn't know anything they came to with no martial arts experience it was so much easier than if so and came to me with bad martial arts experience because of you i have a you took karate throw a few years from some bozo he did everything all wrong i would have to re teach you so when you would panic if you would get nervous you would go right back to that old way extremism put pressure on you you would go right back to the old shitty technique that's exactly what its by what is your the learning and the movement that a basin
your brain is the same position whatever you will achieve a u you put in the way is wrong on the stress is gonna be the same things that's where they everything man whereas if it for even for poor like their certain technique so people learn whether don't learn how to do pool correctly really play billiards you stand the wrong way and you get used to it and when you're in action is a lot on the line you go right back to the old ways even if you take lessons it so important that when you learn thing in life to learn them right the first time that's why when you'd growing up as a human being i think its a bit you're with me are these but an issue with you as well when you your childhood is kind of fuckin crazy like you develop these ways of thinking and acting as a child at a very difficult debate as you get older and eager as an adult it's like you have this foundation that's very faulty and you have to be cut recently aware where to be consciously aware of that this foundation is fucked up because i grew up with domestic violence
and i grew up with you now know dad and so i have to make sure that i don't fall into these patterns established in my head when i was eight nine and ten has grown opposite as an adult this is the way you're looking at life and then you have to kind of restructuring i'm sorry you're starting over but if you someone who has like a great father and a great mother and they grow up and they have like a great fundamental down what this those peoples always make me nervous when i was a kid because i was always like like this how did they don't even know anybody like that i got out there like i would feel like in full courier to them like when i was people that have like good childhood i would feel inferior i still do you sure i feel i feel we if i'd like i have i have friends
i think about them now and i go i want to really interview their parents like what did they do to get this kid to be such welcoming what was their recipe to get this child to be fatima soup i'm not talking about in julius areas father or fuckin gs peace datum problem up people you meet in life that are really fair that are really kind i look at those people are right and i wondered what their parents did with them like that to have the ability to want to help people go out of their way you know i always think about that should especially now as a parent you like what is the fuckin chemistry of love for them to understand you know we were talking on the way and when my mother died you know is the seventys and let's face it we were still specks and that new jersey neighbourhood no employers in those areas you hear things
but i remember those italian kids come into my mouth wake and they could make eye contact the same ones that with say spic away because i accepted it that i broke them because the number one word in italy is mamma that's it so when you return and everything is mom they would come that wake and i would short circuit them because they never could think of that situation happening to them and i'm still friends those people to that end i always wondered why you know who raised that their super great b and then you come here the place like california and you the people and they have nice parents or whatever but such is the biggest scumbags the fuckin world you found die that's what interests me in my life i always feel like those people the parents pie weren't around that much law might be really nice people but they didn't alluring around to really busy
stop the the right ideals and values and morals and their system may be there parents were of that fuckin swinger parties or some shit i always look at that with even the kids i grew up i have a friend that his death was little his mother was solid and when you is there was little you mean gang put a bullet you fuck em i bought my arrival at lunch i mean what i would hang out with people's parents come to mean though i wouldn't be goin over their value real see the article on his daddy psycho nano crazy and which is a shriek and today the kid is one of my best friends now had a prom never had a law problem never no record never ticket married children what you know these people to grow up with horrible environments and come out amazing than their brothers and sisters around jail it's weird how per
and makes choice natural allies and check that really establishes their entire life and a lot of that those choices man i hate to say but it could be luck made a lucky choice early on and that lucky choice led them a better road then some is made made a poor choice i kids get involved in the juvenile detention system when they're really young boy that's fucked them opposite the horrible the heart is a horror and a good friends good people around and can continue their i think even even if his heart telling you the truth and gunnar is sounds like us macrian but maybe open your eyes met you say you know what i'm about to change once you put a kid one of gladiator prisons the percentages is like we were just talking about that movie that came out sleepers yeah or form went away tool we came out to become west is the other two came out the be decent the percentages
it's fifty five percent yeah that's that's that's i'm a conservative side writing i hire you once you get that first tattoo and smoke that first all those things you're percentages go deeper and deeper yellow once you get the tattoo knuckles did say fuck you don't know you don't my thyssen than the face tat two forty everything had already all the bad stuff out of his life he had already come true but if my thyssen they came with a face tat too at eighteen you know so we like how i saw it i saw people in the back met today there are successful least wreckage don't matter or nothing matters yeah and i saw the people who were like sneaky people who now there in trouble for tax evasion you don't say only there's always yeah my mother was a baby from the usa mamma mamma has been born
to show a stormy give more megan they want to receive the double and then there was a big told me now like being straight no dawned on don't fuck around yourself so in other words people believed daffing yeah it also helps if you know people that work hard when i was a kid my my best friends had jobs they worked hard they were com workin you're always work at a young age yeah my friend jimmy until you jimmy law some still bugs williams is dead but we're in high school sport and has always worked in ice high school you were always worked always worked out construction jobs always worked i had construction jobs too because my dad was architect i stepped out always set me up with thumb please construction crews and stuff so did these job jobs at work and so they gave me the understanding that you like they give you
ever worked hard in you don't know what the fuck hard work is then also send your eighteen and then you're in college and then you got out of college then you have to get a job no real experience with actual difficult work i don't think you appreciate what it takes to get by growing up seeing people but had strong work ethic and realizing that wasn't something that i had but maybe something they consider as being very important skill very important trade liability like just actually get shit to get up in the morning when you're alarm clock goes off and go in your uncomfortable you want to stay in bed it's cold out you dont want to do it that that ability to just do it just get up and do it in other old nike fuckin slogan just do it all the best fuckin slogan of all time yemeni people actually went out and worked out just because that just do it we have been like the most effective add campaign in the history of ad campaigns when it came to actually getting
people do things that are uncomfortable and something that actually made sense just do it so fuckin so important it so important yes getting fuck and get things done and for so many people like you were talking about the beginning of the part gas joey that book the war of art or talks about resistance to so many people that just fuck off they fuck off and they they dont get things done they need to get done and that hans them we know it is comics we know so many guys it alright new material they just don't they just don't they don't work they don't work here why because when you have new material man sometimes it hasn't got well sometimes you bob sometimes you go up in its clunky it's not ready and when you do a special likely you just released bashful you know what it's like you didn't you materials dead now so now you have to write all new material any ever want to people who are coming to pay to see oh my god it's panicking in power and always good a panic every fuckin weak
three week when on the road and panic because i don't know that before fifty minutes it's no i got a couple of minutes and i'm trying out new should constantly constantly comes together slowly but surely together but it's just that anything else is sticking with right now i'm in a slump so what do you do as a baseball player jamie when you're in a do as a baseball player you quit now you keep fuck in it you keep strike out you keep working strike out and you keep it together you cannot lose a k a tony parades nineteen seventy six seventy five august a boss the red sox what all for seventeen in the series and engage seventy eight the single chains they won the world series really so he could have just said i don't want to do it i normally comedian slop will not anymore now december and january it was fucking heavy jack jack but you just gotta work yourself to it
yeah you do you know where you just how do we know where the work is no there's no other way you don't want me i galicia and say what we're gonna go stage of their stay open right for the next three months as i've got it wrong adds a jack that's not gonna work target and i gotta keep going for the well like right now the problem you know last year i have such a fool you're being on my back and jujitsu that it with fuckin made me i would not quit i will not quit because what happens if i move with joe one with my family went down i got kicked in the stomach and i'm on my back am i going to panic so i can not fucking quit so i kept going back to jiu jitsu but the weird thing was i was doing the wrong even though i was put in the matter i was economic breathing i thought tat by me going three times a week and doing what a fighter does stay in the in that fight
in three times a year that my breeding would come together it will come together but little not not good not good deliberately get em silently to time might put in for what i get back wasn't rewarding like i would thank god i use a different approach so and then i started doing those little things alberto when the back when i get there the breathing you know what man i'm a big boy are you have to tell me dick i know i guess some wrong with the back of my head with a few shit ended with the needles when i do it the needles does faint i faint walking into doctors office i could smell cotton i can smell shit i could smell tat i walk into a doctor smell that associated with dear yes tremendous my walk into a doctor's office my blood i should one ninety over one sixty though they look at me in darfur how are you walking i gotta height come back in ten minutes have once more
the country must talk economy and we talk about chicago would have been sandwiches what's this then it's wonderful overall i think i know i live soon i lived with its four it's all about for me when i travel boy i tried to say ok you doing and push up and if you come today eight that the number of aid and you see is that a struggle that they stop at large to do a bed now on a number nine because no number nine gonna be a bed push up show but form so what happened when you gonna be under stress you gonna be repeating right a bet form so for me as a cost i tried to my room are you like you say before when he was teaching remarking that whether you always try to achieve the best to let you say just do it what i say okay you need to repeat things into it you never do it wrong non do it right you never do wrong because do we write once you can come for likeness ran his election i want you to
learn how to do it right every single time that's when you guess that forward to an extra do you subscribe to that pavel tat selina you know he's got that strong first allow the ideology where you don't do you don't do to failure ever i do that those are my way i don't i don't live to failure ever like save the ten reps is something i do five and and i wait like tat minutes and undue another five and await ten minutes i'll do another five that only ten minutes i'll do another five and the idea being that is more important to do more work out in the week with low repetition than it is to do a high repetition work out like you know where that guy's come on spot me last one that's not good your body is not designed to do your body is not designed to be at failure ever so what you're supposed to do build yourself up so you doing these exercises and he says that you should think of them as a skill that strength as a skill
so each exercise you doing you don't want to be tired when you're doing a skill you don't to be completely exhausted when you trying to pull pull back a bow and arrow or shoot a pool game or shoot a ball in pool you want to do as you want to have that cemented in your mind when he calls greasing the groove like each time you do it you do it perfectly do it with perfect form does do low repetitions with heavy waits absolutely father ends first the but it is another amazes cool yes strengthened one of my coach of strengthening honeys from zaire yeah that's what i do for myself you didn't even because of those flights in all my jet lag machine ass much you know she's in majority yeah what when a train never maybe i every for weak i tried to do one or two wraps and ninety five percent are never try to do a personal rachel i always like to work like eighty five percent fewer wraps sure even psychologically i know that i can handle good for at eleven never going to and for people
interested in this girl go to possible has this lot of stuff online but i think some of the best off on line is him on the tim ferris broadcast really excellent stuff and you know he's got his own books out there and he's got books on tape he's got videos you could see a lot of his videos but his method is so good it's so sir it's so smart and it's made big differences of me first of all to cut my injuries down radically like radically because i would be doing these in our twelve fifteen repetition with heavy weight like barely get my thirteenth once and in the fourteenth and then for gets all fuckin sloppy your backs bending a weird way and terror before it would be terrible we ve been totally that just push now it no pain no gain that was shit now that's not i it's a dumb but now i'm lucky that i have waited homes of kettlebells at home so i can do it for days a week five days a week and i work out for an hour i'll just go in there its eight o clock in the morning i start lifted
done in an hour and i'm not even exhausted not only am i not exhausted i feel kind of popped up and caught charge but i'm not like a game work out sometimes like back in the day i would do lifts and by the time the lift was over my fault i was light headed my legs or shaken a barely walk you don't have an energy left to do things and arbitrary gonna jujitsu hilarious i'll just get mauled just couldn't do it you you you you cannot be fuckin wreck like two or three days so i'd be really nervous to lift in the morning and then do just do it nike so i would know that i was i was going to be operating at like fifty percent or sixty percent how you get my ass kicked but if you do kettlebells with low repetitions even with heavy way you could do a real good work out and then that night you could work jujitsu and you'd be a hundred percent analysis got close to have love pavel paddled tat soon oil pavel tattooing felt huts wetland actual leaning olive eve we also wanted like he does imply he wants you to finish the kettle
work out a giant he doesn't want you to finish it marked as yet like he doesn't want that laws are and that is also why i want you to finish there ready go take on the world and i tell you i was i call joe and i go joy authority i will you gave me the cattle bows i loved one cleans the winner swings but you know i tried to do tens sets a ten twelve sway in ten minutes and i will do that and i the chief my gone i'd be very happy but then i can get a digital for three days yeah so what the fuck that i'd do one fifty three what why you know and i but i would go i did it i got five such a clean with two thirty five and then strand and jump rob and then try to set up and then for three days i'm dog shit dog shit and i call them ugly those damn dog cut in half and then i said you know what i'm only gonna do
wait now on the road when i go to a hotel now every two weeks i work every other week i'll hit the dumb boughs and do the elliptical born i'm down i'll just do the tat i may be getting a little i d jitsu and allowed to attack with at the end and you know what man i don't want to walk around hunched one hundred and six i got a four year old i got to be around and be i like to make a touch my toes you know i like all this stuff but one thing i noticed about tacfit that there's a couple moves that they put in there i don't know if you did it or somebody did it get your friendly i like the movie moment now if you look at when if if you look even he is rolling wrong when his early stage you go through some inaudible ass they can transfer do usheen box wherever we can go into the rolling gars gotta talk about like myself so i guess it s e gets in more and more myself what we want my course that to do it that
analyze does moment and tried to get mechanical information about those moment yeah buddy they apply very well four the judges similar and that's another things that are better was was blowing mine say if get the guys to move better is gonna easy for me too the technique because they do of course bite were body or zero nobody tonight why things that any found desert guys we're break dancers yes excelled in jujitsu and there's a key to fight this past week and land over nada in a land of nano groovy lando fathers past weekend he fought david tamer crazy if i was a comin event lando has only been striking for six years and these phenomenal but would have was he started with a bmx background who's background whose opprobrium ex razor and like currently like a national champions be and that pumping pumping pike legs you know just be being able to look like
generate extreme speed after why he developed as explosive ability to use his legs so that like having cross training whether its through tat fit a weather to yell others too kettlebells or break dancing or anything else jocker fowl oh yeah sort of all those guys granting sprinting they do in other kicking they do in soccer learning how to move your body like look what's going what kind of macgregor right that either biota there these concentrating so much on movement and me movement is it just a huge factor in its success because his ability to dictate like where first was ability to move in and out is better than almost anybody's his ability get out of the way and his ability to move in close and move like a fuckin snake on the outside and boom is in an easy before you know it and these these complicated sort tricky moves to try to time and follow very very difficult
got a time and a lot of that comes from constant location of all this movement theory and movement training and caught like them or you can move your body anyway you want the more you're going to be able to your body anywhere you want to competition at the end of the day thank ye say at the beginning this you can go tat as if ye do as long the coach the court's using the good in charge you really smart a understand how to map you down yeah and he knew all about a curse on we're talking about what are you and to apply metrics man here barely has these guys lift and waits he's got guys jump over like hurdles and stuff and do not least leap leaping back and forth and back and forth back before he's all about movement in apply metric way an explosive way and that's what the reasons why he gets its great results out of its fighters is because they they develop this
strong ability to close the distance extraordinary ability to go the way the ability to move in and its stop what you're doing and encounter quickly you know all that as you so giant cross fit fitted to everything would discussing right now is witness studio still is the fucking capital grossmann you can't go anywhere his studio city what i've seen five guys my age running down the street with a fifty pound played over there and i'm sit mcgowan something's not right here what do you think i've done my what i think i think cross with beginning as brilliant idea it was bringing back a lot of things they were disappear like allenby would leave the image nastier stuff so we think it was good do you know ruin the things when the games case when this become a radio unofficial sport and people they just get crazy noise a competition so they just training with that god i need to be there up time money to be deaf things and then
the stand no this is gonna kill you the speed that that the timing it's gonna be too much while engines yet but it ten those legal means of mass only times to adopt and if you take our weightlifter spend an entire life to do there to learn that kind of woman perfectly never never for a moment and armenia actually does any competition one can't i can do that cannot athletic jeff movement so fast even if you would lose away because you can count or wanted to three wraps then you might be ass it up i was talking to michael large michael i was one of the most successful crossly coach species in southern california poor use two of them on the cross for jimmy by my eyes and ears tell me about in a more spears may of course costly there was his business tommy i believe that if you do
you do it when you are twenty as something that is into the thirty you you can speedily to be then if you as much i understand that then you need to slow down a few train crash without thinking cup time try to see all lie how much this guy did so i want to beat these guys just training motley you do your weightlifter your rings and win sky became it's gonna be but if you out of it just a guess this part just condition you for this part such as cross but you need conditioning for judges to try to do a cross fifth would with a cup time because like you say you gotta be destroyed keep seeing cup time what does that mean in our captain is like ok you're supposed to do these would and lets say would what do i do it audio did i work out of the work of the intermediate ugly face you supposed to finish inter dominus ready you maybe for me dick for defining no shit about iran do it with five minutes because i know that can control my mom
i'm not gonna go injury but most people they go online because now it want to see how much time and it was telling me is crazy they need to rebuild the side the website put more more my power because people they go wake up in the morning you gonna see ok what is the order of the day these die they went to go they go to to work they gonna go out again to see ok east coast directive probably did or that's there for a time are i saw on going by the term inefficient work the gore line again to see ok now is caused these data not now go to the gym i tried to do put my my time in the in the evening i go light to see if someone bid me so
going to these loop thing that they want to compete always rapid unless jumpy for time and now it's you gonna kill yourself or steve maxwell said that he believes that what you are doing is when you lifting and you doing these olympic lifts you should be doing a living left to get you stronger for another sport for competition he doesn't believe that it should be a sport in itself right and he also said that i don t see doesn't believe in olympic lives for high repetition he's like a huge just a recipe for injury that achieving cleans and presses he goes oh you watch olympic letters they do one unwrap work you are doing thirty times in a row and yet and it be done yes you know what else can happen you dropped wait in your head and die busybodies failing cause you you know you did fourteen rep everyone's gonna come on come on alberto one more like a arms just literally give out in that thing paralyzes you that has happened is that it has happened
but like you say nice it's a sport so if you want to do a comfort games or competition we need to train their way be granted well it can do it and they do it now there's does rich frowning guy that has the kneeling wins it every year there's guys can do and they do it but you the person is listening this the average human being you are we a better off following like a strong first method in our or like your method are you know what possible teaches where you you know you you lift the weights but you don't go to failure use great technique ups and if you want to get endurance run up a fuckin hill go do rounds on a heavy bag you want endurance do sprints and a heavy bag you know i do i have a timer and at it's that set it for three minutes every thirty seconds a buzzer goes off so it's there's a bell every thirty seconds is a buzzer and when those stories can i help you fuckin sprint so its thirty i guess about abu ala boom boom room just gonna fuckin crazy for thirty seconds and the next buzzer hits so then
thirty thousand so light the next series i'm just sort of going through the motions of kicking and punching that and i'm wait for that fucking buzzer and that buzzer goes off can i go off again they just do that if you wanted durrants that'll give you phenomenal endurance but strength i am of the opinion and this is just from the last few years of me operating this way that you should do less repetitions and he should do more often absolute that's what i do for me and i got bad august stronger than before and i i took my or my truck trucker stag took my quarters or level test and a lower and lower just do try lay back novia lower nostra corporate tile wraps nor of binding my how do you schedule your own personal work out do you have someone do it for you or do you decide based on how eu bodies feeling i do i do to myself and it myself and this dependable i have my schedule about
strive in only two core no specific time doing our travel have you allow talkin about that that's issue before at full length example just four january from some suggestion do you now i've been them australia i've been back to own in italy than i went back to brazil brazil back to italy italy panama panama mexico mixed courier then go back to it and then i go back to korea oh jesus and then i believe that this week i'm here next week on the menu nostradamus it's so grateful me that's where really very careful about what i'd do it i train and sleep about riyadh arrive activities sleep and all that travelling you know i like ghosts ten joy use another monotony of course and now you're gonna use force but in and to reduce court does allow on entitled and i tried to plan again than a landing displays the times
dear friend that and try to adjust my meals on the times army gnawed touched my training to the dead so i can set up a company for me to stay in a decent shape their environments with you gets again vitamin c analogue viewed by demean d and he alot dini and what about like as far as your diet like what you concentrate on deconstructed eating a lot of vegetable i you'd level but i actually try them super green i gave you should raise vertical greg's you take away rivals out it's easy for me it is a document that austria like greece
nice gray loves reasonable someplace someplace you goin crazy didn't you ask for values they are the fees they give you yeah it's not it's nafta salah those ass couple of beings that's easy for me to put my shaker what i walked around your vegetables so goddamn important so important for beef on so many people just they don't have it in their diet they mess up in your body just what does not those nutrients and it starts drawing the matter by takes it at your bones takes out your muscle and also you you just recovery correctly you not developing correctly where do you get you produced from a pm me that's the dumbest question it'll go tastily tomatoes nor more job well ask as though the tomatoes you get in the grocery stores are designed to last longer than design it tastes good but i got what you get out of my sight do as much as i want got up yesterday early went on a farm i tries much like i mean i can't i crave tomatoes
now don't get heirloom tomatoes joy they look ugly the taste amazing not i got on the only last like a few days a few bass approach because their real tomatoes they're not these fuckin i can tomatoes you hadn't gotten you get to me their hard their pale cut into them like what is this a tomato wars as an outer tasteless what the fuck is this is it's weird and denoted daily do it so that they could keep them on those trucks longer and drive around the country with them and keep model and the shelves in the eurozone do she area yet we ground vegetables tomatoes what we broke tomatoes we grow caille crow squash we grow cucumbers we girl out things i think if you can you should do it it's it's very satisfying to make a salad out of something that you grew yourself and just super healthy you know where came from now we by real healthy fertilizer good soil you know and i think good soil is really important to our friend who lived in brooklyn and he got a soil tested it turned out that
ground was contaminated with lead from my back these two have led gasoline men leaded gasoline like all that shit up in the air it all comes down as in your soil and those in its soil and is different power plants that you could plants that will draw out the soil or both the best solution i thank is if you have a yard just get potted plants to get those big wooden taxes and grow ass well ass the best where because then you can completely control what soil they grow and then you know it's a very contain environments that's how we do it we have these big potter's and i would grow watermelons auctions to put together second course costs that would be my wife that's it the become an old italian dad roll out of your past get a cigar get i'd love a joey i love it right now over right now think so green out here it's all may as beautiful amazing ratisbon
some are there is bearing a like crazy yeah we had a drought for five years and in this year to spin flooded they had a giant break of a dam in sacramento lawyers to assume i was i was doing i was in panama what happened you fuckin awesome awesome there's this thing all the glory hold morning glory hole up northern california is crazy hold its in this lake and it hadn't operated in ten years it hadn't been doing it because it's like this like a vortex like us were wounded collars spins like that when they wanted it out of sorts sucks this this whole somehow now than when the water level gets to sort certain point it develops as whole and this lake and it wasn't there for ten years now it's finally back again for the first time there is then that non disclosure yeah so
for ten years the water level wasn't a high enough for that actually to be happening now finally happening again people oxide it so it's pretty much over all of the dead drought issues that we had here in california are pretty much all tell his fucking guy i don't care what be they get this get rid of god we will wait on its other tv for solar tell him today say just get whatever the fuck you get by saturday because we have a fight companion on saturday we can have this happening but anyway you take brought in protein honestly know very well i really do think how protein if i have to like them running and i'm low on food i just i don't need nathan but a nominal work out i like him protein because i can take like a glass of hemp protein with cocoanut water and i can work out in thirty minutes like no problem
the digest so easier skills right in your system so easy it's a nice light it somewhat you know young idiotic sixteen grams proteins nothing too crazy but most my protein i get from meet me at risk that we are discussing in the car yeah you do if i'm on the plane and i didn't get a chance to get my foot and think of the blame me i got some broaden but otherwise a lawyer i like to get some food gelatin if i i was travelling and i couldn't get i bring a lot of bars with may bring these is a company called primal kitchen this guy marxists in indonesia he's yeah he makes these amazing bars because their very low sure it's five grand assurance yeah he's he's got a cash using cocoanuts he's got almonds and yet our chocolate is there some back there for more trauma he's gotta cocoa nut arrays africa can doggies got up another cocoanut meal replace oh yeah very mad me
drink this is seven in the morning may smoke and not it'll do not only to have to do so the only drink that protein pad for then mix some up i used to hemp i use that like if i have a long like today i drank the cocoa gonna be added it'll do rat you see me hungry you see me fidgety now it's terribly or flock envy he is low sugar that is the key to eliminate as much sugar and you're dying by the way folks that includes fruit juices if you think that you're drinking glass orange juice in the morning it's healthy and for work but it's so crazy we thought that was healthy for so long for so long without andrew didn't nice healthy aren't you look it can squeeze it let it get syria the may think you are we got two other needs carbohydrate gets jewish sugar the more sharing cut out your diet the better and sundays my cheek day yesterday had pizza i had a cuban sandwich
a cuban sandwich said was fuckin delicious these are cuba sandridge always it was in the movie right in their chief chef ass i m willing i didn't see chef but what a chef they had a cuban it wasn't around is bizarre movie yearly cooper will that three peoples out of arrows he makes it people realise that if we try to i love it when one with bradley cooper some mouse no one saw that he didn't see somebody put people that may they people that edited that movie fell asleep unique thing on my page showing i assure you they put this thing about a restaurant in new york city it's called i've been there are ways been there it's called lagarde that is the last cuban chinese restaurant and really nice these children chinese joe you gotta play they have one last cuban his name is antonio want and the guy
joe you gotta put the thing i believe so this is a chinese community shortly about huge the biggest chinatown before adele the town on the outside of china but the people that were born there started talking chinese in cuban so what was gone up a compound china which is the chinese bow fifty seventh hamburger line but the real deal what was the last one call my colleague that and yes somebody pulled my page yesterday and we will watch look this again but there so they have chinese equal banner grew yoyo equally all your means look at a war crime bananas boy ride rice this is in new york city to find the video jimmy put on my facebook page we need to go next time we're in new york we do agree you have our egos all the time when he was in the media that up until two but designed around our by the way you have vietnam in vienna the photos of
before i met a modern fuckin beach somewhere before he was entirely was a month ago he get in some sort of like an animal he's crazy is false till after he was supposed to be back a month ago but nobody knows where he is he's not coming back there may may may as when the shoot the show shoot zoe sat i come back to me i don't think i don't think we'll see until next month we will hear on maximum what a weirdo could you do that could you vanished for months and just not talk to anybody not if this is not talk native is best friends we were as best friends not talking us not talkin anybody maybe certainly wondered confidant one due to two calls up hey man my calling you gave regulations to what would you do a casual destroy what why to a wider chancellor i use looked at a hedge i myself ten years passed by done that's what he said
the imminent apple is airport is managed looked amuse her talk sense into employees but what did he say what works and what does tat process just working do much he worked he feeds three joint boxing classy joint sources classes really does want to live she swore select what then new mustang show that that's a bad mother work which one which wanted one that they made seventy seven of the shall be gdp three fifty or someone how many horse power it just to miser should you don't really need they only made seventy seven november so he's gonna go right he's fucking cars he's got a shitload of money goes on is that a shitload of cars so you want to do some with j and they drive cars way the people you know i've been thinking about this myself man because ufc contract is going to be up again i don't have i do a one year time now i used to sign these long ass contracts like five years but now i'm like
not doing anymore i'm goin year by year and after decide soon my contract's up again in august i don't know what to do but i do too many things to do too much at work too much you know and the family really ways i and we were talking about date now on fridays i got i got the bill laden sent that once they get the bill laden themselves that the act of we had the active two thousand seventeen that these diaz friday lies wives thought i will talk about you stand up mama gonna get hey i got a four year old drive me crazy so frightened eyes date nights it official you know a mail you and i ve been talking about this too that in town it's maybe sometimes even bested not go out the weekends and work because even though its good work and good let's get you stand up on the weekends everybody there see the big show right but for us especially now like for me it's only a couple months since my special and for you it's just a month and a half hour i wanted your special my three months ago december it yes from east
remains too so when when that happens or four months when that have your ship comes out and then you're in there scramble motorway trying to create and what i like will you do you guys poland was goes we're places show up and working material out in these joint you the storms of night friday night there's foreigner fuckin people's packed the gills and everybody's doing there best fifteen minutes over and over and over again and one thing that i notice when on what their resources a lot these guys it aren't doing specials it was a lot a young guys come on up in particular that they have done the specials they did not releasing any material so they're doing the same material every time i see them for fucking you years now for two years i've come in there are certain committees and they have been doing the same act every time i work with them so what they're doing is there they are tightening up this hard fifteen minutes and they're doing all time and you know how to do that fifteen minutes i don't think that's help me you and i
it's a lot of ways is not helping me they're like what would really helps as you do long sets on the road in our view ghosts warn you do in an hour and you do two shows on a friday two shows on a saturday that's what helps that's where tat it so we got the pod gas because just away my office building is i don't i can't go on there in the daytime and smoke upon the pot and played loud music right i just can't do it and i don't want to do it so i prefer when at night when i will have a gun to my head you know if i'm here at one o clock joe and we have the suitable for from three to four fidgety or how to control rise i'm thinkin about their falcon traffic rights as our way of thinking that i don't think if you got a spot onto my part cats because we might go on a tangent that's brilliant yeah and you gotta leave for us too don't do that monday then i tried to do me to three times week banal dublin up what are you
yeah i guess it's wednesday republic asked why because i was postponed was do want these times we'll figure it tommy one sided cancer where comedy i got one days you do it one days on wednesday we got tonight dogma doolittle how come because i did lastly i do to yesterday nice nicety undercover caught finally i was joe flocking to be close to a kill of eighteen months we spray sinai enough yes that's what he was doing used jason is guided the iceman right he was shamefully iceman so he had a medium and the the only reason why the ice my contact them was because he heard he could get different guns in italy was eightieth so the ice my contact on me one sinai so he can
same bring me the sinai and then he was not a solemn arms so afraid team months as guy contact with his god amendment mr medina he said he would hold his gun pointed rat adam when he would meet with him the table under the table but your flattish fit outside he always told us outside because you don't wanna be downwind wind up the sinai just in case he does he roast spreading your face you done so he was always wearing this guy's gonna item i some literally eisen lou and then he would kill you know the call me iceman for people don't know he would kill somebody and then throw me to a and freezer in his basement for like seven eight months so they disappear then he put him in this fuckin basement and then he would toss the body somewhere
so would confuse the fuck out of people there is no one the guy died with dial and then they will at once have frostbite item what the fuck is this guy's intestines afresh levies intestines was still for me while the guy had disappeared six months ago so they called me iceman kept he's fucking people in his basement you know how cold what'd you have to beat you're going to sleep in your basement you gotta bought did you do that in his basement have a warehouse warehouse warehouse in bergen new jersey one from right i'm looking at my dick south at that time by gabby right out there i saw gabby driving on caligula when i just stopped what do you need a riding on that gap can you suck my dick because getting kid he killed lighter is richard cook linsky right he had killed i lived on given that terrorists on charles court
there was a guy named mr softy an ice cream trapped and that was his partner until we killed him to kill laws what importance he kill all fuckin people and he killed a lot of people for the gambino family right wasn't a reward for but he was do we shit that just wasn't like they asked him one time a bible he bought a bow and arrow he bought a bow and arrow one of the ones that you have like a gun across from the guy says how do you know it's going to work you just go for a ride as a guide alight with a motorcycle helmet stake he shot right now and took up his works he was one of those i just didn't care and that with this guy was saying yes they got you really don't know that this egos one day my kid was halloween and he had the horns on at the house and i haven't found the kid to take a more because in reality i was sitting across from this guy every day this guy would talk about murder like the way you talk about lifting wait i shot him in
throw you didn't really dies like i look for shit that's ran like you gave me that book murder machine right remember that body avoid the jesus christ that's a fuckin scary book and it in details this guy was a mob boss was it the seventys the average in the seventies and this the details how he slowly started killing a bunch people like slow but surely and then they would cut him up in their fuckin bathtub and then they have this one apartment where they would take these people to that was above this bar that they would go to they take these people upstairs in fact count and they killed so many people but you know they were animals because it wasn't even for business now nobody in this relationship is like you i would just like to make my sister fat really you that a walk him upstairs they shoot em stuff hang on when they ve cook yeah made way for the body the dream
cut the neck and hang him and so the blogger our drain out only go away and chop up and put a morocco does this shit fuck in sleep at night i can see somebody calls your mother motherfuking you shoot them should happen to know oh you ten thousand dollars somebody hit is that what a car but they just there were just do wish to prove that they were animals that's bullshit think what happens as you get used to doing it just like we're talking about and the more you fight the more you can count with it i think there's something have as we want to kill people they get real comfortable with it and the more comfortable to get with it the easier it is and then they getting rush at doing it and this also this power to know that this is guy walkin around and you know his wife thinks he's coming home you like you know what you're not coming oh i want to stop this right now and that that that it's almost like this
they get a thrill out of my plane god and a lot of ways now user i read the first before i spoke to him he told me to read a different book i had read of different book on the ice met and tormented with different begun again this was what conversation earlier what book during it was it was a different author this was by anthony brutal called the iceman the one i had read before call up with my different off of something called up and they said he had it he had caught the iceman later we had become more exaggerated i killed kennedy cuz towards the enemy killed but he was david njoku crazy yeah he found out that he was getting people's decline so this guy wrote the early warnings really we always daggers beat the shit out of me beat the shit out of mother jersey city smell monster all you know there's no debutante jersey city in hobo newark same animals and he said that there was a kid
we call on polack he had a where the same closest who every day he had no money you know and i could quote he described this first murder in our how he got a stick and waited for the kid to come home he was forty you know you kill somebody afforded i thought i'd kill a guy in a bar with thirty kill the guy was no angle them that was the memory lit the one guy on fire like once but the first guy he got was his young guy and he wouldn't give his name he beat him up with the two by four he went upstairs and the next morning the cops are outside he thought he just rule beaten up he didn't know he killed so he was scared he kept puking he kept going to school and thinking people would now and after that that's at once you get away with secular what's to taste ac him and then
he had an argument guile the pool and he beat him and there was a poor you thirty five times and then he got into another beef where he shot a guy outside they let the car on fire with the body and you know the reason why there is so many unexplained that's was because his first couple years he was going as you know there was a time when i have for drinks and i go rob something you believe that just the drinks we'll get you are you feel louis like haven't rate until i have for drinks and i'd be war normally see a stone i kicked the door open for some fuckin reason while he would go out until give up and kill people at night like go somewhere unless aegis insulted him for the way the stag like i get out of the way he will waive the outside the shoot you saw that's how he developed his stance is that episode available now with one the one with the to put it up yet i wouldn't want to parliament this week eminent do a rap around the radicals the phone call back so i just take the
phone call with sunday and i'm a girl iran and it to the book he's a great guy i really had a great time and i gotta talk to every day is like seventy ways essex he went to the universe nebraska was a golden those champion went back became estate cop and he became a t f just a fucking great story there's two guys we're talkin what your pockets was fuckin hilarious to talk about lee lisa and they were like what joey has done that poor guy he's like anytime he sees them he's forcing them to eat mushrooms is got to take a said he's giving them pot he's giving them edibles he's lying to him about the dosage lee loves it lubs does these various did we did then liquid assets with ice cube jesus christ two weeks ago with the two nights in a row was hilarious on the shore
you did i am any call me there's things like that was fun i got i went to see the ass if for a moment if he wasn't like that before i met you but he's your great you turn that kid into a freak he's not a freak and i turn them into a functioning savage but i love him with all my heart cuz all my heart me laugh so much like ages in i'm fifty for its tone these are my age right you know i see life from this perspective villona much he's gonna get along together great it's like a great dynamic the two of you together the work truly why i love i don't see him too much during the week so keep the relationship fresh we talk all the time i pour meant them all the day called michael what the fuck is wrongly does what he felt my god it's got a letter from the state why is your fuckin phone tat tormentor them minutes about his farm boy why what bivalve way that i love you what for the cia
as you have all been take my ass you can report back to where you go away but most habiliments when the guy got me a liquid assets i called him i said listen i got liquid asked is i m you go i'm gettin anxiety on the phone because give a little bit and then he goes how we gonna do so we're get sugar cubes and put the acid on it but i call them did they lay that it had no ass it had motion the cubes i just made it up i got listen i've just put the ass on the cube sugarcubes i plumb the tupperware and i put a lid on it and i left them when i came back the little blown up so when it ass is gotta be really fuck and strong i go i put a little
all over it with holes so i can breathe now so the acid won't fucking go into all my god i had them go off at three weeks i go to cleveland guess what some guy comes up to me gives me a two masted this is the pharmaceutical grade shit just killed gaddafi i go home we pull drowned some each ice cube i need sure that you all my fucking god but see again that's why quit everything my tolerance is too hot back in a dagger the two drops i'd die for twelve hours seeing things euro coins i see some point two hours but you know what how strong it really was too and you didn't it from cleveland i'm gonna get it mike northern california or no no but then i was lost attention from a guy in england a guy going gave me some stuff pink floyd ass it is the same one that said berytus when he quit pink floyd so i took that i say that
now get the liquid assets able to pull on the blood from pink floyd we're gonna go deep i'm just save in that one for good guess why did i get who is right up so our borough how can people get a hold you it's albert olga lots e on twitter and on instagram instagram onto right yeah go out the two tools and joey obviously mad flavour and math labour on twitter and mad flavors world is like someone's run out for you re lead those old leaders area as i was the one by one part cascade does what he does the instagram computer these ok leaders until autumn or next week my main man job rallied john rallies where you that we are now in a global just three diets may in time to go talk to go with the following week before you will have a good time there are
the podcast is the church or what's happening now it's available on itunes fucking great park as he's doin seminars everyone is doing on it in austin beautiful when you're on the ottoman or nothin else that it would be in the middle man my area which is this month so love what's your schedule workin somebody go find it what's the website go to attack frida academy or tat for europe so they go was found me ok so let's google you name the aggregate my name arizona entitled towards a stuff on youtube reiterate beautiful thank you my appreciate really really fun talking about my job seekers tomorrow by thirty two fun times ladies gentlemen for times tomorrow the great powerful tom papa will be here again very excited about the love tom i've talked to him he's he's like when the conversationalist i've ever met just a smooth conversationalist where the podcast
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