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2017-03-15 | 🔗
TJ Kirk is a professional ranter, author, and the creator of the YouTube channel, The Amazing Atheist. He is also a co-host of The Drunken Peasants Podcast which is available for download via iTunes.
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dwayne bang ludwig system is there so bang my tie in austin texas holland a boy and dwayne is there i think april first doing summer with boss written a right that's it you fox let's move on to the show use the code word rogan you'll save ten percent of any and all supplements at on it dot com my guests is t j kirk a k a the amazing atheist on youtube he's a very funny guy who makes really good youtube videos in cipher cool cat we a good time hanging out its felt a little awkward at first but we're both in analysing the dude but once ever and we have to get loose but we got loose and then i think a fella towards the end the podcast really were hidden stride we're having a lot of fun together so i enjoyed it he's good food and his u to channel the amazing atheists is excellent as videos are fucking hilarious get some great rats
you will enjoy them and you i hope you enjoy montparnasse give it up for tee jaikark will gain experience we're alive you're from the valley with the artist formerly known as the amazing atheist hello that's my just started talking like that no explanation it is kept at gone for years and when one day is gonna drop it i am i can't have dropped at a little the amazing atheist right near may i say we still use it i asked i'm kind of trying to transition to just using my my real name was the last time you were you talked about that and that was i think two years ago so that it was low it was a year and three months ago that it really while it was january them twenty sixteen why do i feel like also my memory
i don't know you know what you know that dunbar's number thing we can only fit so many people in your brain yeah in this deftly that go on in my head and then too much data my hard drive is fucked we get an old laptop and it keeps telling you you have to delete vial cause you run out of space and that's my brain yeah i mean my brain is even worse because literally things like things i knew yesterday i don't know today anymore now lake my memory is dog shit and they were just hang you haven't spoke pot days not in days interesting day these days these and affordable how terrible ass mine i did the sub show my friend air my watkins has in its like make em up show they calls it stand upon the spot where the audience a yell out you know pride broccoli whatever needlessly have two rant on broccoli liquid what you thought or try to get some comedy out of it and occasionally they want
ten subjects you will it will actually yield a real bit that will come because i've been in your act it's really kind of amazing when you put on the pressure like that so i said what what a good time to test the deep end of the pool and find out what these speed we'd edibles are all about fucked up yeah my my brother had a like a panic attack on edibles just like a few days ago my friend brought over some like pop brownies and em he had one he's not really used edibles anyway i go to bed i'm goin down watch unlike star trek deep space nine or some shit i get a knock on the door like tv hey man you can i for a minute i'm like ok what the hell's this guy
there's something i feel like a man never heard tat you like did you privileges stamina panic attacks from too much we ok maybe this has never happened you as is happening on like this happened to me before calm down you know your hearts race and feel disorder had been and thought it was common him down i've put spent like thirty its talked him down but finally you know and you seem like he was like ok yeah i'm cool now cool now then the sudden like now i feel terrible you're gonna hospital last year the fucking hospital and i drove him over there and i sat down that fuckin hospital waiting room and they like this fuckin add four stanley steamer and there is this true terrible jingle and unlike so the worst jane
love ever heard it's not gonna get stuck in my head and now to this day call aid hundred's de stanley steamer years certified cleaner i'll be in bed night and that should be in my head just over and over and over and over and over a year they have wizards had come up with those things man even though suck they just get in there you know how we are to terrible one another gets out they gave him some fuckin add of an you know you you're next i'm just give him some coffee coffees like one best things running yeah there's something about caffeine apparently the counteracts effects marijuana when you're really high they said strengthen coffee ought to do that next time now that happens it is not true that is true at now hot shower think that's right everyone's got their own fuckin home remedy for the shared but here's the thing like once you ve done it few times you realize what well then what the panic attack is essentially your brain taking an audit of all things that are real and
every we are real worries that you have him in considering at all five what you're gonna die some day are you prepared i give it to me are you ready have you had a good life what are some close you dies you think it can be able to recover easy to start thinking like really crazy shit and just make you aware of those things and then once it wears off you know you reach that sort of neutral point again well he's hypochondriac to begin let's outlets how he can't you guys i e that we yeah no better or he's fine if he smokes it but if he eats it different things different different shit solely to everything so your podcast yeah was the big podcast that kind of sunk milo kind of a combination of nominees yours and i remember it was yours it was me watching him on your show that thus to ask about that because i saw on your shown it he was like god at the time because i know
at the time it was on our show i told paul one co host like paul this guy a no lightweight and he's got a huge army a sick of fans right now if you didn't bait with him if you lose your total bitch if you tie you lose if you win by a little you lose the only way you can actually beat him with his army sycophants at this time is it he's demolish him so don't even try europe turned about this like this is something you planned out in advance now i mean i wasn't relieve it wasn't really a plan i just wanted to bring it up because i saw him on your show saying that unlike that's very strange i can't new words coming from sure because i knew he had had experiences like sexual experiences when i was younger i was kind of i think you trying to trivialize them in turn humor i mean you know his way of dealing with it or whatever
you know say i own mean there is mutual between me and the priest i was molested by a priest but i was in new it's all was cool boys like i was the predator now thank you like he seduce the priests yeah it's kind of hard for me to imagine a thirteen year old boy no matter how flam buoyantly gay or sexually aggressive you know joe when the priest bones or somethin you know why i think it is a sort of gives you a better understanding of how this i came to be who is today and why he so relish is this role of being the contrary in being this this sort of very difficult to pigeon oh gay man whose very conservative but yet believes in man boy this is if you go back and you read old articles that he rode firm publications that he worked for in the past
there is a lot of stuff like we're gonna take on bullying on twitter and you know when you make a safe space for people on online this is milo and now yeah he's like the biggest troll right i mean we talked about milo last time i was on your show and you told me you gonna put the sea my brain like guys can alike fake and them i've looked into it the more i have to question whether or not that shit with the priest even happened to begin with because i just i don't know i don't really trust the shit that comes out of his mouth in terms of like face value right and i think a lot of times when milo tries to make a point he doesn't necessarily make it by directly saying it he tries to make it through like per foremans art like when you went on bill mar and and you know if he's he's doing this whole flamboyant gay conservative thing because he was
the liberal bill moroccans to be like blue blue cause like i'll look what hypocrites they say they accept gaze but the second you don't tell their line with obviously like is people who tell their line not gay people were i think that was a point to make about is funny how bill mar the next day after my little scandal broke was like took him down it was me was his hand there's like i took a black took him down do you compared it you said it was an ex kitchens when he was on your generally women he really said he to announce that i took him down now shook him down eyes a fool that such a foolish thing to think are you are you what i think is what milo does a lot of it is performance are yeah it's a lot of trolling and it's a lot of very calculated designed to sort of rile people up and get people active in get people to talk about a million that's a reason why he does
tour on colleges and lot wilds why not do it in the lions den if you want to get the roars mean he's doing like where he feels like this problem is the greatest all he wants a stir that part too because he knows if he just does it and some club downtown there there's nothing to be proud i don't give a shit here though still protests tomato but not like bringing it to their camp they won't be like what happened at berkeley yes would happen it broke loose fucking same with really insane as it was at the mayor of san francisco those applauding the protests like face there is a hundred thousand dollars or the property damage people throwing chairs or starbucks windows enlightened cobb cars on fire good there's been articles on like the having some i almost made of video about this article on having huffington post actually that was basically like violence is valid a reaction to trump is anything like wow you're literally just advocating for violence and you think you
so enlightened yet completely foolish it's like it goes and once things are going away it goes against everything there stood for before what about kindness what about compassion what about the treaty would love what facts well that's ok when their power exactly ok when they are in power but when someone else's empower then alike it ain't goes up a kind of goes by twice we are definitely not soon marijuana bomb was an office in there's people they were column of muslim in they were talking about taking them out i fucking a member i heard rednecks i was living in louisiana the tiny was elected i heard rednecks patiently man i can't wait for someone to assassinate this piece of shit there's like they're looking forward to it right now not only did they think it was inevitable he'd be assassinated but it was like yeah that's can be a good thing that can be a good day for america when obama's finally killed him when they say things like that new corner you go get will what what so bad about em what bought what drives i'm not he's a canyon he's a muslim and use it as a socialist and social
socialist months muslim canyon communist secret muslim i love it if someone pulled off socialism somewhere there i'm country india will look those guys are happy i mean those folks they if you look at socialism as like a gradient then there's plenty account is there that have like more or less socialist i don't think you're socialism is is a good idea anymore than like pure capitalism like oh just need laissez faire liberty like that the libertarian idea like the markets will take care of everything how many libertarians does it take to screw in a light bulb none the free market i'll take care of it yet people get a little goofy and you know that the most frustrating to me the anarchists the ones who are god no taxes no no cops nobody fixes the road or worse private police on the z more yes like private police like how does that work you mean never wondered if you if you have money just higher out your own
this i mean higher up thugs is that really seem like they would be objective and in pursuit of like just it seems like they would just be your armed thugs and you're gonna meet out whatever form of justice you think is appropriate they're both for sure if their work and for you that's been issue via the big boss and the boss once these laws enforced you and the big boss passes his laws on his property makes things did different real weird when you deal with three hundred fifty million people that's really part of the problem is did what what the style of civilization that works well for one person is not what's preferred by another person and all those things combined with the whole and it voting system the whole ridiculous total college system is it we're never gonna achieve he's my super delegates democratic power over the most ridiculous where women hold on your super delicate so you can
how does it work you can decide not to vote for the way the entire state voted yes that's right unbelievable and while its and leaving it up to them to make sure the trumpet stopgap you know like because they are the people power of always been afraid of the actual will of the people so anything they can do they want to safeguard like well if the people choose poorly we want to be able to stop that from happening here we have to those uninformed fools we can't leave them up to their own decisions in all fairness i've been around america there are alot of uninformed fools there's a few quite a few what is it is like half of us or uninformed fools i wouldn't be wanna throughout a number but a lot of people that are stupid amy it's hard to know because you know you eat you really almost dont know what someone really thinks until you sit down with them one by one arm in a one on one rather conversation and even then will you don't keep a real job right was less than we had a real job a job job
did i hop for two days about ten years that's more than ten years ago and what i ve been doing for the most part since then youtube yeah if you you may go live in doing something else in this day and age you you're you remove from the grid and have you if your mood from the employer employee grid you get to see things a different way go well this is all temporary and lot lino everyone's working towards a future that really never comes this is like the life that you're experiencing right now is life and most people spending that time doing shit they do what to do and it fills up all their time so then when it comes to government when it comes to like whose leading the country which directions a country go into too much time to people actually spend paying attention to it and actually spend really considering i mean i've had i been it people's houses where i'll try to bring up paul
or politics or some like that they get sick and people are just like we don't talk about that in his household who like why really i wanted to i mean like even like not even narrowly politics we're just news like add you hear about this thing that i don't news depresses me as a woman as is also a woman's why yeah yeah you said i was oil and this is this is there was a woman voice not in my house woman not in my house we don't we don't put with that shit around here we have is that we allow you to communicate inside these bordered by the way did lose my i hopped job by dumping pancakes on somebody did yeah who was it fat fuck you know but i want to do the job and i was like our i look i'm not go with people don't put me anywhere near front house ambient kitchen i'm going do dogmas when in alabama the time i was like eighteen i had a thirty two year old girl friend how shall i was like in her mature yeah and em and she's like
i was lazy around the house everyday while she when worked and eventually she's like you need to get a job and unlike our reasonable i guess you're being a thirty two euros should win site yeah well i was at first but then she said get a job as like but i did right on then try to make this work whence i have and that like a huge work the back ok cool work the back i'll do still do dishes i'll just turn my brain often wash dishes and you know i learned to do the grill or whatever the fuck else that second day i was there they're like we're short staffed we're gonna need you to take care of a few tables i'm like it's not a good idea another with the public trail you how to do it when they now shortstop now sent you out there there's like you i mean they get they told me like age you know down their orders yet go out right out you know we know you know be great at whatever but go do it where short staff we need you everyone else the kitchen is more vital than you are as they ve all been here a long time so
i went out and i took that way like three or four tables and then it was as one fat fuck who maybe like it's been a while the splits place was not well run the fact that they sent me out to fuckin wait tables is evidence of that so like fifteen minutes and you haven't got his fuckin pancakes and breakfast and shit and he's like where my pancakes and like all go check you better you bet you better much rang in my head you know like the same that jingle you better you better you better you better like i recall you son in my fuckin paychecks so i just went up to him with the pain kate train i just dump it in his lap and like there you go bitch while i walked out that's all cause you bet you know what i fuckin i was i was out there in the parking lot for about seven hours because i didn't have a cell phone
i didn't have a ride wasn't seven hours more like four or five but i just wandering around in a parking lot i couldn't stay in the hyde park unlock as i didn't want anyone from there to come in but i just wander around the parking lot of the shopping center for four hours waiting for my girlfriend show up when she finally did as is like yeah i quit didn't tell the story just told her i quit we broke up shortly after that i would imagine that we work out it didn't work out while you're eighteen year i was the answer i was young and stupid you react down all stupid you were and i slightly force and luxuries shakes times i'm extremely anti social general are you yes still does day but that's interesting because you do youtube videos and you talk the out any talk of people on a pod gas which is pretty social yeah again better at it but i did i'm i'm still i'm sorry controller and strangers and shit you you get uncomfortable when you do park ass like this
does this medium oh yeah you know like a lot of people when when i guess they figured out i was coming on here again i read a threat on the drunken peasants sublet it where people talking about yeah you know you can beyond on joe rogan again and then you have you were like a like last time but i hope is not so nervous this time against because he's let em like oh shit why i was nervous last time like last i did your show i came in here talk to you and then i laughed and i like i no idea what the count the conversation i just had was i don't remember regarding member i'd like a word you already begged at your mind when i got here that's true to those i remember much we'll talk about either but it was good you're back jamming i am i enjoyed it i've never able to watch it though you gonna watch i can't watch
oh i'm usually i will watch everything that i'm in just i'm in love with a sound my voice and obsessive and in all that shit by like this this i couldn't watch just because i can't stand like i can't watch my cnn appearance either would you do cnn about i went seeing them because they were doing there was a new pull out that showed that le faith was on the decline in america they had me on their but unfortunately i swung around thirty minutes but unfortunately it was the day that fuckin ratzinger result so that's it got a pre empted for that shit on for about four minutes and i had a like an argument with william lean craig about status dixon in around waiting lane craig is a christian knowledge is profoundly at one he's horrible he's just wretched you can watch him
date higgins and i think now never debated dawkins we can watch him debate agents terrible stuff yeah that sounds like now not so good just the name william lame craig like to settle down body here yeah why not just william craig why you got to that lane in there unless you're married to someone whose last name is lane that's always a desert her hyphenated marriages the adage it just seemed like someone's like the either an oil wrestling match and sums gonna lose you guys gonna lose it's not gonna work too much to struggle for power there that's true hyphenated possible do if you have what it would mean that it will what happens compounds you know like the kid their born they take the hyphenated name exactly and then what if they meet and fall but with someone else who has a heifer needed named they then have like for last names with three hundred and then you know it's like silver
is it just compound overtime like until eventually everyone has every single last name just hyphenated that's true everybody was so greedy and wanted to be special the way those assholes do we would all have hyphenated names they have a real problem maybe just get rid of the fuckin name change shit and just argue about what the kids are gonna be named on how do you feel about people to change their names like good if you just decided like i want to change my home name i most and last might want to become a new person my dad changes name did he did have occurred your last name hard to pronounce no it wasn't that my grandfather thomas james kirk the third but i'm the first part no my family to have that name so yeah what happened was my grandfather was named james varden kirk james kirk so in my dad was environment her junior star trek came out at some point and he's james kirk so
getting star trek jokes non all the time final he was in france and he ordered up some champagne in rome using pressing a young woman and other like oh it will we'll be much right up sir and he's like fuck this name why gotta get rid of this so and i was born thomas james kirk the third because he knew he was changing his named autonomous james her junior but he didn't actually officially change it till after i was born so even though i am the third i'm actually the first woe tense crazy no one would ever guess trivia test now you sneak out one right through that's i know i just there's no one probably today that's named rick james like anyone born after the chapelle show there's no fuckin way anyone saw the spell shows name their kid rick james views if you like name's james in agony
the boy wreck right i mean i don't maybe some people like damn right rick james james bitch that was of reach problem with chapels career patrick james which thing people yell it out it shows just constantly yell it out like white brows you know that another you know that i would yet he could see him now we're jays bids like drunk rick yeah and its people apparently just kept it shows was a real problem for now should unlike just be like schwarzenegger's embrace it you know shortening goes around he always is using your terminated and all this shit you know he just embraces it because he knows people just fucking get that shit in their head they want to hear it says like fuck it give it to him did it on the new apprentice writing to dominate yeah i never saw you see what he'd know nodded i don't watch the old one but
he'll fuckin go around like you he'll do all the lines i'll be back and all this shit you know he doesn't care no doesn't know there's a trademark that's his shit i'm not scared of it the fuckin there's a rally where someone through eggs at arnold schwarzenegger through examined through eggs again in his soon he's like what that's what great about america but they always some bacon announced like what's yours fuckin smooth arnold you should be president through exam yeah people just looking for a reason mad i'm pissed cause arnold he's the problem in america arnold fuckin schwarzenegger was he a good guy now the bad guy none i really was half ass mediocre governor do you think it's almost impossible to jump in later in life without go through the river of politics first housing hard staterooms ghana diet you're right but as i mean he's in but it means going to work you know i mean like
towards neighbour guidelines in the relationship the same now seem too sort of situation in doesn't mean it works enough to where he's president i'm in the work to that well and it has approval ratings are kind can't dog shit but always were when you say whether not arnold swartz nay was a good good governor now i dont know only know enough about out have to really look into it but yeah means that the big thing was that he he tried to pass sal these i laws is not really the word i'm looking for but argues use that you try to ass these like laws and they all failed at the ballot and people said he was done and he went out and like he went out and made a speech that almost gave you the impression like he'd been against them from the start like yes terrible laws they are gone like ok you're the one who push them but what
however he was really smooth that just operating with crowds and just what to say newly right attitude to strike but in terms of action governing it was just mediocre he didn't really get done legislatively but i didn't really only a disaster either yeah that's what i'm think i wonder how difficult it is to get things done like we don't be guessing i'm sitting here on the outside and that guy that you were talking to like obama's piece of shit like that kind of a guy like how much of it how much would you think you really grasps very little yeah i don't think anybody is not doing it grasps how come blacks that's as long as you know unite pry both know that the the more people you involved in any sort of endeavour project the more difficult it becomes because your managing all these different interests for sure so when you're you know president governor or something like you have so many people that you're supposed to be representing an ally
different ideas and there they all have their own there's other legislators have their agendas and shit so it's probably pretty difficult get much of anything done could you imagine the stress of that job just imagine what was that by a trump engulfing so many times just to travel stress yeah sure i mean like he criticised obama for golfing too much now trumps like a big avid golfer i can't even imagine i mean the guy seventy years old to why would you want to take this on all that money in all that you know our power already like why would you want to be the president just seems like such a fucking fallacious job unless you really feel that you can fix things
or he's really gonna make a ton of money from it i mean it's a guy who plasters is his fuckin name on on aliens and shit you know so i think it's really just a matter for him of like this is part of my legacy you know towards the end of my life i was president of the united states so weird it's so weird cause it's it's another version of what many people did with obama in this weird way in that way and a bomb got into office there was all these are really really irrational people that said all kinds of crazy shit and by what tromp was amongst them was a birth her yea one member for the longest time he was convinced so many vince them out an oak who convinced them of you really relinquish didn't realize he was wrong or if he still holds on the idea did he ever really believe i don't know you know i don't know but you know who started that whole birthing hillary clinton yes she did that's right that's something was forget it was during the campaign between her and
obama when they were trying to get the nomination in two thousand a year s sheep she had well she had one of her little org send out materials that you know showed obama unlike the like he was wearing like some africa muslim garb shit i went on a visit to some other kind you look at em you now he's muslim and you know and trumpet ran with that yeah or the water republicans did do casino why guess as just halley play politics they have some might they just run with it just so strange to say going out again and in barrack obama no eyes it's easy hussein hussein obama like barrack hussein obama hussein in that guided real ran a racket obama in a similar to the name of the guy that crash those planes and at the towers and somebody
a job really good while road joke member who was the might of though my fit but that i mean since this is almost a similar reaction i mean it's less is more rational or less rational what i mean is almost like the energy of the reaction like the energy of the birth authors and the guys who were conveyed that he was some sort of undercover muslim and then he is going against the white house and try to take america daphne inside like that feeling that the amount of energy that way is mirrored now on the left maybe even maria maybe an impasse i would say probably i might not be right because it might not be remembering it perfectly but i feel like the energy on the left of people getting matter tromp is more powerful or more there's more to it than that energy that i saw from people on the right the water obama opposite it might just be my memory i remember too there is a great and age gap there casino most people
we're talking they should about obama were were pretty old right and a lot of people now that are pester really young so they're more likely to take to the streets in yeah smash things and hold up signs act wild and share and mace people you know an amber programmable ambushed took office thou like when bush was was being margaret i murmured he was driving down to the to the white house during on inauguration day and there were you know with with trump protesters canna came the next day but we when bush was inaugurated the protesters raw there the day of and you know the bush could even do the little traditional walk down the last few blocks of the journey because there were so many protesters young people were just throwing things out or kaden shit sammy this is not unusual but that was towards the end no that was the very beginning what am i
which one might think it was no one towards the very end though i think we're thinking of different ones ok i think i'm my memories fucked up but i think there was one towards the end with it land on having him walk some long stretch out and they had to abandon it and get him in their cars at the seams hours yet it will i think that was both times i think was the first but the even during his first time like when used first be inaugurated president in two thousand so right after clan like my dad inauguration was bad is it was almost the saint yeah was terrible it was almost the same as what you see now because people had had this democratic power for eight years and they thought yeah and they thought gore's issue in has clinton's popular saying like hell aris issue in cars obama's popular raw butts you know republican ended up take air taking it and and they just freak out and it seems like that always just happens i mean like you did this kind of like back
like it always is coming sold to us is like this is new this oh wow look what's going on now in this crazy what crazy times we live in but you tell em back at my memories of the past and it seems like this is pretty par for the course i think you're right now get about it's almost like we go through these like cycles yeah and if a president get past one cycle removed from his his tenure then people forgive him they forget and they change their opinion like reagan and when i was a kid reagan was a pariah like p the worst so upset about reagan there were upset and there was the contra verses nicaragua try that was on television with our north we are finding out on tv whether or not the government had sold arms
and lied about it and whether and then in a doll reagan thing with one not reagan sold arms to our ran the great jimmy tangle hilarious stanhope comedian boston as its bit about it because a with those when reagan sort of all tyres are when it claimed memory issues which turn to be true me really did memory issues inappropriate time but they asked him did you sell arms to iraq so that are known to me tangles like mr president if you ever sell arms to people hate us jotted down like make a note put it on the refrigerator today sold arms to people who hate me dear hymns anita it had to realise though like america's has always been a huge arms dealer men were constantly selling weapons i mean like if you if you didn't remember why he did it is probably because there is so many other transactions i don't think the president personally gets involved too much in that
staff by our problem in our country cells weapons all over the place and we continue to do that now my point was there eight years later he was the great ronald reagan eight years lionize he goes through the clinton administration everybody's down the clinton getting his dick sucked in the white house and all that craziness and and then as soon as that's over people start reminiscing terrain it's really interesting it's it's really interesting how we do it and so now bush went through this peer the bean hated and he out of our visit obama goes through his period being hated for eight years and now and even more unreasonable republicans in office people law to the bush day oh yeah likely you notice their trodden bush out and interviews unlike lay remember this war criminal now he's ok he's he's uncle bush bushehr bush goals set you on his knee day yum superimpose what is that protest
stir in the bush administration eyes and what does it say fuck bush book first a foolish a couple a europe of gore's man of course so you know this is this is also cyclic yeah just evans over and over again and people think its new and that you know for somebody adding a guy i guess it's that country just as a short memory to what a crazy show this what a crazy show were watching the battle to control the world at political theatre pageantry but you know like that it's just i mean like i don't want to get into like the usa had alex jones on the show done so i can't believe you know that level of territory but i mean i do it read that these parties are constantly just working together behind the scenes and ninety percent of the issues they agree on they just make a big spectacle of the little things they actually agree on you now destroyed just with a show new look
erica look look at us we're fightin refined how they stop paying attention okay now we may now would you the real deals who we are who you invade you know who sell weapons to whatever yeah probably definite some of that means there are working together to watch house currents do you watch current i watched the first season but when he started pushing people in front a trains and shit i like spoiler sorry though the beginning a season two in vain seeing that whatever some man i'm only on season three just got into been been what binge wage in it like i like heaven spaces performance but it just got a low over the top for me now aren't body will we all have different standards i guess i'm sorry i'm sorry i don't i'm not insult michel is met a funny thing though like if someone like something and you do don't like it it gets personal sometimes yeah like specially music music like you
listen to that shit this is really shit you listen to people get mad price i can get mad like if someone like you know our like beyond say or something you demand will you go in the car someone's plan like some blood electronic and act like that it i'd like a villain in some sort of a common brothers movie yap bab whiskey villain know though i was i was i was i was an issue where the other day where someone was planned like it sounded like fucking elevator music like it was like he was just listen in the shit you here in fucking elevators and it was like a forty five minute dr names like god i can't say anything it's his fuckin car this is dr be fuckin up the wall did you bring it up to me loudly bringing up i mean
i'm sure i'm allowed to ministers there's nothing can happen if i if i bring it up but i do so i don't want to have that discussion like hey can you change your music because it's horrible demand its grading on every last nerve right now you spoke to you get control of that music you know like eight minute about dealing with people with the app yet would do raptors about connects your spotify like disposed to offer the ox court when you get in the car you can control the music the driver i would imagine but you control really oh sir i've never to have never taken that right so you let them let him do it over with reality music i mean cause the end of the day they are the ones who have to drive around in this fuckin car all day and it s getting a ride so i feel like an asshole be unlike nominal pose my musical taste on you because i feel like it's their car whatever the its deftly their car it's also it's weird is wise
his exact to us and it's great to some people like what is that what is it about a song that you go it's fucking great song and someone else ago turn that off i don't like it the compromise we have some with food like you people have different food preferences should i was wonder like i'm eating a pay go and you know i like it other people hate pickles so we need a pickle does it tastes different to them than it does to me at the same taste but they just don't like that taste and i can't i wonder the same thing about the music thing of thing for sure i think it's its provisional thing to not not visual in terms of like taking account of space and mass but visual on account of like what what each individual it does for you like how it looks to yeah to overall feeling it gives you a needs different fair just has to be it has to be mean that what would it
else would account for all the different tastes the obvious different especially music but then this like tat that you very yourselves i never catch yourself in weird mix like you hit ipod shuffle or something like that and you catch some weird mix of songs that you lied to me like wow this is do not go together i used to order weird back to back down you're not going back to the food thing like another certain foods light like but maybe together there not so great oh yeah for sure and certain foods you would think would not be good together but are amazing like pineapple on anchovies see i don't like either those by themselves i'll do don pizza pineapple anchovy pizza owners pineapple on pizza people very rarely only with anchovies i'm not a hawaiian pizza guy i don't you think hawaiians are hawaiian pizza people whose whose again that hammond
i'm a big if its canadian bacon wise at a hawaiian pizza that's a real good question man that's a super good question why is it and how the fuck is that bacon it's not as at any rate you canada and say i want some bacon they don't bring you that shit some there what is that a single belgium waffle why did from belgium god is waffle now that the first thing is i went to belgium then i got it awful there s nothing like what they fuckin say as you know the we belgium i will hear their big round put it on a plate with syrup they give you like it's like street food there yet like a little tiny fork and there's like a small waffle its niven round and they put whatever the fuck you it's not just syrup they'll put like fresh rob and all kinds of shit on their noses there needed with as little tiny ridiculous fork and it's totally different than what was called belgian waffle in america so it's one of those you ve gotta one those creep stands there
send them all you know i can make a little crepes and waffles stuff and they put new telecom and asked if i would say it's probably closer to that yeah that's goddamned delicious that's way better than a belgian mafia but a belgium office easy to do to put in that mould now stamped soccer down level judge angel rogan talk about talk about important to talk about waffles waffle house when the best road foods ever you can guarantee you gonna get the same think pretty much everywhere one also carried out and no one else can do hash browns that i like damn good hash browns their crack in those fuckin hash browns tipped waffles ridiculous do you know and you see someone you see so much crazy should evolve allows us to remember i was at a waffle house and the service was terrible i was in there like an hour and a half but down the show was amazing because the cook and the one waitress at each other and were fighting the entire time
got to the point where she she runs out she's in the parking lot cryin and he's like give me free food dont report is now you got free food is as they are it thanks would you another waffle house and was not really a kid but lacking a teenager the guy that ran that waffle house in a fucking psycho the cook you just yell at you came over to my table one time he's like this waitresses are getting off soon i think you guys need to go you bill and go well like ok i mean this is over twenty four hours right like what no close it out she's gotta go i guess she wants the tipp before she leaves or whenever sal's weird one time a drunk came in their whole no leg up bottle of wine or somethin and he and he was just like now get out he does not allowed here get out well
like very intense all the time i thought you would like a reply you're a cop or something that was just didn't die don't odin didn't get his pension or some shit so he's an alarm laos his pension on the wall files to make a big i'm out that he wasn't the owner aegis the fuckin cook just a cook whose like contained risen angry and would yell at you and attack you weird food places man like weird food pussy traveller you for a brief period time entrant these peoples world and watch him interact with iron skillet went to warm this montana diners really small diner outside of billings montana with a few my friends and we we poland this diner and we just got done hunting for five days in the mountains word yes we were dirty and it was it was it was like we're tired we just been camp in this whole time we just got off a boat
and this guy had a like a big piece of cardboard like form by four like forty by forfeit cardboard photos of all these different marines that he had propped up on like an easy board and on it had all the different soldiers that had died under like obama's watching this one particular mission and he kept pointed out like these these are eleven of our boys they die because this president so call press the ways out my brother my brethren get to that we're shit and he was coming over to the table and talking to us while like while we're there eating i'll never forget that guy it was so so i category you it's terrible sterile we live like we're stuck while this guy hovered over us with his is lecture is powerpoint presentation how and media like photos
these guys up on this thing and one or two talked everybody about it like you how weird food experience in colorado driving i drove all the way from columbus to seattle when i was moving because we had like dogs and lizards and all kinds of shit so we just decided to drive it handouts we know to make kind of a road trip over we stopped off in colorado fur like a couple days to check that out has never been there we're at the hotel restaurant the waiter we had was fuckin like the most by paul you're fuckin dude and history cause order this you know fruit meat cheese tray or whatever meetings yes and no smother shed and nuts on it and so how it comes up my girlfriend has like not allergies and you know it they're not
severe there really mild and she just avoids it by not eating those knots you know if some touches on their fine but this guy he's over there like can you tell me she had not ouch and we're just gonna like this is not just not a joke this is a serious matter don't laugh we take this very soon obviously here i'm not saturating this fuckin guy either like this is like he's like are costing us about this shit he's you know if i should bring that out i don't even know if i should bring that out now i would like just just bring it out she just won't eat the nuts and you'd like you cannot have anything from the tray you understand nothing from the trade can she we're like and he kept asking like is it airborne is that not algae airborne some it have an ear we're not sure but she does and she told him that any persistently they wouldn't he'd like ask it but not wait for the answer and then you come back and he be totally pleasant
like so you guys on the data leave any com again and he declared he again lakes she held up her glass he's like refilling and her sk i far away so she like in o held it out he's like put back on the table put that back on the table so what you're fuckin site the whole city though was high strongly shit because i'm around a pot shop there and the guy at the pot shop he was like first of all you had i had to go to a waiting room which is weird and take a number and then i was called into another room when i thought i was kabila by we'd but instead it was just another waiting room and then i finally get to the fuckin little broom closet where they keep their meagre supply of fuckin weed and there's this guy behind the counter any no shit was like
what's it like police what and then he's we had for people with us he'd proceeds do it to everybody so four times in a row works unlike remove you like smoke we d like chill out in and relax and shit but serious like these it is bitching about how hard is job is there to a mac here wait till we get of work so we can get really i mean we're already work that guy gets it two and there was a was leaving that fuckin place there was like a syringe like on the floor of the fuckin we'd shot like this fuckin is colorado we'd should as a joke i think it's way better in washington and you just go into a fuckin store like any other store and by its why think there worried about more than anything is people robin them may
it's private make your three steps like step one undisturbed too near phased injured action there i mean also they can isolate you from the outside if you ve cameras the cameras monitoring you as planned she will less likely and try to attempt an hour robbery who knows maybe i'm robbed any fuckin place a measure now only does it sclusively we'd shaft ashore it's a scam everything what they're doing they're not allowing them to use credit cards so that these they have they keep large chunks cash around i think they're trying to resolve that they have yet but it was giants for a long time for they would have to hire these like mercenaries essentially guys were fully black water and stuff like that to those kind of to carry the money around or to guard the people that are carrying the money did you hear jeff sessions recently yeah saying that
marijuana is decided that eats so destructive fuckin drug that is almost as bad as heroin yeah so that it was in that area it was either today or yesterday that he said if i saw two areas that this guy is in charge of any only slightly less awful was his words only slightly less often the heroin someone is i doubt if that's what he's pressing someone's without a doubt influencing that there's there's more just his opinion here this is not these when these they have these meetings are discussing policy or that guessing how they proceed this isn't a simple as is one wacky dude opinion and they leave him alone with his opinion he has ultimate power there's no way there's a bunch of vested interests is a bunch people that have tremendous amount of money at stake and would lose money if marijuana was later
that is a hundred percent while guys to assure but emmi eight he's his personal opinion towards wheat is always been yeah i'm sure like easily was lie like that like that's just a fuckin lie we you don't have any data show that that's even remotely true heroin kills falk loads of people people their bodies or ravaged by pod doesn't it goddamn thing you did my make your little loony yeah just they mean linking oh it's not even comparable now and if you might be but what it what it what schizophrenia exams where they looked at all that the population and they said we know marijuana contributes schizophrenia they like would not actually know if you look at the number it's always one percent if those one smoking potter not smoking potted still the schizophrenia numbers have always been around one percent yeah it's already be exacerbated by marijuana i'm sure but it's not it doesnt cause it yeah i'm not a brain side
nor you i had it i've dealt with schizophrenia people you know them re up not a few it some i think it proper varies like any other kind of mental illness but what pisses me off them more than even like personal angle of like i'm a pot smoker and this affects me personally i mean that does get my go a little bit but what really pisses me off is that from his mr jobs yeah this industry the seven billion dollar rex national marijuana industry is employing a hundred a hundred fifty people part time and full time that our along some wrong of the ladder of like oh well you know either their working for the growers or they're doing the packaging are there helping with the shipping so this is like a huge job creator run is a huge moneymaker this is what trump ran on trumps like on the jobs president i'm going bring jobs back
if they go after this industry that's the exact opposite bringing jobs back that's shutting jobs down near what setting jobs down though with a kind of people that we don't really want around the first place man again can sort of people that people in pot shops are probably appropriate left wing pretty pretty quickly sure in say making also make more money for your opposition whereas a pharmaceutical companies they did their non partisan don't forget the alcohol in jail that's true both of em the prison unions prison guards unions that's really crazy finally prison guards unions of work keep marijuana legally like while i will you really saying is we want extract money by putting people in cages that's it you're really well that's what you get when you do a private prison industry i mean i've done videos about this fuckin private prison industries crazy and you know i am always surprised by just how tepid the responses we would like air
now whatever you know prisoners who gives a shit like you haven't what about the fact that plenty don't belong to be there what about the fact that these people who run these prison industries spot our legislation to put more people in jail in a country that already has the disproportionately highest prison population of any country on a planet while claiming to be the fuckin land of the free we put a fuck lotta people in jail tonnes i think what what is this statistic and some some bananas thing about the percentage of people for the united states puts in jail as opposed to the rest the world but the rest world tells people look further by the lark in europe is now not yet in some other countries they just take out the back and fuckin shoot your head so you know do that mass grave they just found now they found a mass grave and mexico really really bad one apparently they ve found is made to it
how many is two hundred and fifty body cartels or now see if you can find that jamie has a creepy story mad because some teachers found it they were looking for something else and they i think they just found some bones start dagon n and they ve done like an excavation of a certain percentage the land to that they're looking at and i like it might be as well so that could be i was like extensive mass graves throughout the entire area sure of that this existed here it is more than to an end if the human skulls found in mexico jesus mass brave containing more than two hundred fifty human skulls was uncovered and central mexico most likely the victim of drug cartels over the years jesus he had another one very prolific serial killer that's a guys really should done yet this is a terrifying man and it's really terrifying this this massive drug war is happening too
fuel the illegal drug market over here and it's happening with shit it's connected to us it's right there with religious massive issue going on right now and or why do you think that a wall rhetoric is so effective of course shore but it is even more but has that's like the least effective option now eight as this terrible insisted the best option would be to make it legal and regulate everything until that adult do whatever the fuck there what to do and if some asshole once take math let him take that's what i'm biomass taken by admiral already a lot of these people who are doing these crazy drugs there only doing it has better drugs aren't available they can't find him there too expensive like if you just legalise and regulate all these markets which we know for a fact or going to exist no matter what because people are just gonna do fuckin drugs whether it legal or not legal do you know no invariable the only thing that i really worry about though as opiates because i feel
give you made opiates legal if you made the more accessible i just know way too many people have lost their lives on them and the way to any people that have taken them and then they just the hall i think our real slippery and they just start can up at work and they do or autumn all the time and they got real foggy we look we live in a country full of obese people and you know i'm i'm pretty obese that's terrible for your health problem not quite as bad as severe opiate addiction now it's i'm close by you know like it it leads to a whole plethora of health problems and look i mean like we live in its either we we believe that people have the freedom to make their own choices bathroom bodies or we don't run and to me you know even if there is negative repercussions like there's negative repercussions to being pro second amendment you know we do have more gun violence because of that i still believe the second amendment i do believe in private regulation for it but do you just fucked up right there
son and open up the gates opened the gate as hell you're smarter than the founding fathers you fuckin where you go to update the circuit a moment we already have waffle house waiter we already updated plenty of asked so the constitution not officially but like the privacy clause such as fuckin gone yeah so the fourth amendment you know it's it's basically no one voice at this point i don't want anybody do in heroin but i dont think it should be illegal i just i think that stuff i bet in certain circumstances under severe pain certain opiates specially like natural opiates probably feel wonderful like a severe back pain he can't rusty takes up like that you get the real problem as those bach pills get in people's dna man they they get attached to you in some terrifying way and they pay we'll get into the more than normal
anything i've ever seen an azure like the gateway drug things kind of marked because its attributed away when those pills usually our gateway to you know begin injecting known and jack i mean they'll objective it if it works just as good and thus feeling within get it and that's what happened with a lot of people in massachusetts was one of those those of anthony bourdain show he was out like near i forget what area massachusetts but it was all how many people have been devastated by heroin addiction and heroin we're doses and a lot of it came out of the oxy contradictions yeah they got the pills really easily and then when it became less than they start cramp clamping down the regulations and made it harder for people to get prescriptions then people turned heroin because they were addicted to opiates right isn't it was in that it was just a part of what they were that point and you know that the whole right now i mean like because if there's a big opiate crisis in other try night
doctors are not writing is made these opiate prescriptions and are trying to make it harder to get so a lot more people are turning a heroine so now we just have a heroine crisis young people don't know how much take their overdosing and dying it so spooky and have it if it was regulated unity these people who are already addicted to it were already and seek out are already gonna find it first of all no stigma so they can actually go seek fuck and treatment for it right it's pretty it's pretty difficult to admit you're a heroine attic win your skin that you might go to fuckin jail just for what you do well do not use the best stuff to get people off drugs anyway supposedly the most effective in this is not for my personal experience for the most effective drugged get people of drugs is that i began stuff i which is from the obligatory and apparently it has a massive impact on people that are addicted to heroin and pills and alcohol some things along those lines early that stuff just fuckin now
the red at your system interesting and the young and like really excellent rate of people staying off of it excellent percentage of people stay off of it permanently as well to allow the other methods is hard for people to change their ways you know the people get into these little patterns and they get into these habits and if if one of those it's also physically addicting as well like heroin is or like pills are now it's really hard for people to kick that shit it's ten fine to me madam i understand that kind of because i you smoke thursday smoke you know that the worst was pray like two packs today do that's a law and you know now its prey on half a packet day that's better i've been down though to as low as like three or four cigarettes a day was just like limit yourself the sunlight that cause only way i can actually do it is to get my girlfriend or my brother or somebody to dole them out to make as i don't have the
no power to just say i'm gonna do it what a few again in an already puts a lot of stress on them to have regulated at me fuckin bother and i'll fuckin devious he just like sneak out go the gas station having another pack so i'm smoke in those four but am also secretly smokin like another four or five off somewhere else that's ridiculous jam on terrible the others absolutely awful do you have a problem with that kept type of behaviour well we accepted now i realize what i'm doing it like while my total piece of shit for doing this you know it is it the moment feel so good to suck on that cigarette feel really not because it's fuckin horrible everytime i smoke a cigarette mike why am i doing this but what have and is theirs that moment before or more than a moment like the lead up to smoking a cigar like god damn pet cigarette when i get it's coming so fuckin good really don't make me feel just fine and alice and i said
smoking in like this spoken socks and i but in all smoke it or smoke half of it and put it out or whatever and then you know next thing i knew thirty minutes to an hour later it's like man that next singer had i smoke can be so fuck it nice ok so it's the feeling before the cigarette that you the anticipation and the immediate reward is what the meat a reward is like disappointments really it's like this sucks this is this doesn't taste good this isn't relieve changing brain chemistry and a significant enough way looks cooler you know why rebel the visual elements is nice i like see in the smoke just fuckin climb and shit yeah that big fuckin though emma smoke in it curls around and gets bigger and does others fuckin little weird acrobatics and shit but it does put
into a certain mindset if you're acknowledging that you doing something absolutely ridiculous this detrimental to your head down no it as their general is no debate our vision is terrible for you like as they were give a fuck though i'm just anders talking stupid it's light while i'm just a fuckin drone for this shit it's a little bit of their of i want this cigarette in my body right now you more than i wanna be healthy later yeah exactly that's true cause euro healthy enough to smoke it instant gratification instant you just given a little piece yourself to death to peace has taken we take it will be a death yeah you want to give you a little bit of my life force you just take that and in exchange all puff on this stupid that's what this is stock of leaves how much she put in how much you take out when you spoke a terrace your greedy who take a lot of your account
in your account or sudden you know you go to the shop like jack and i get this on credit like doing you're out of credit oh it's over the heavy fucked up your lung son he burnt them off the through economy it is right i agree i don't have any argument with that analogy one say stop doing so if you don't feel it i went to my fuckin the doctor recently and they had they gave me a book and i haven't read it yet but supposedly it's going to help saint cigarettes mike lacy who owns calmly a magic club his wife works with people that have terminal lung cancer yeah and he was explaining how they die yeah he's explain that you're centrally drowning on your own fluid and that your gear to your gasping for air as you leave this life the arrows and people are in sheer horror and terror
so this is not something you ever wanted to make sure that the fuckin the smoker war or some shit man maybe should thing is when they go bad they go about away from us to go bad there in those hospital somewhere light up in a room and the nurses get to see when they'll tell you the nurses or the one you want to talk to if you want to find out how horrible it is to us someone die from lung cancer by the way my place he was explained to brian red ban meanwhile were right in right out there and fell ground yeah you know that could have been hit by a bus tomorrow's when i live forever and who are just too much too much desire to get that that feel it's also this like a rebellious attitude that goes with it i don't give a fuck about my health i don't give a fuck about anything yeah i mean i i do have problems finding like things
passionate about or care about but i guess in some ways i've tried to cultivate that because you know like george carlin in shit yeah like i loved that idea of yeah i'm just i'm an observer here like i'm not gonna be part of this i'm just gonna look at it from the outside and be detached from it and of trying of canada to cultivate that in myself but have also noticed like it's gonna hard term draw upon my own passions the more i do that so i don't have any defined a beer medium or what but that's interesting so in your analysis of a subject like when you're doing this youtube videos you all like an outsider looking in and you you feel it does like there's like a strategy to that maybe you're a good i think it's a creative enshrining i try to make it i guess it's i try to use it is like a thing to bolster objectivity like wanna be just saying what the crowd wants to hear right wanna be just
things because i think like this is to be the most entertaining or whatever like i want it to be like here's what i really fuckin think about this ran rend i think you have have like some kind of a wall of detachment because you know people are always react well to it and shit too that's a really good point you almost have to be in a sort of anti social place because you you're too social what these people you want judge them correctly at me like that people are very worried about especially lately about like advertising and shit influencing what people its do and say yeah but like people dont really realise that its really just as much of a danger to become beholden to the audience or of the mob and to go along with you just what we really want to hear from you for sure and it's like well may i might be what you want to hear but does now i'm gonna fuckin say hey teacher what you stick to this the exact logic to go by
dear lane what's your lane brow yeah i'm sure you sound like my experience this is well prepared well back there lots of people out there in this world and if you want to go opinions from every single one of em and consider them individually without meeting any those people to me that's shitty data ok that's good data if i know you have talked to you if you tell me something in your smart guy i'll considerable ok y know t j t j saying that he wouldn't be saying if you didn't believe it i have to think about what he said and i have to go through my head find out whether or not i agree with that might have the objective we look at it let me talk to a million insane people you really do no way you get in visually react to each way but you can get a sense of other people you're upset it you're not oh sure can get a sense within not logical people make sense like that makes sense feel if you could
align look i've noticed really weird shifting zeit guys in the last like years or so and it it's kind of started with this whole fake news thing you know the left with an trump gotten because a fake news and then trump saying o the all the attacks against me or fake news and i've seen on youtube like weeds do this case abe stuff our showcase ape like wrestling talk for like you know fake unit that the pageantry of it we're just pretending drama should we all time on my show the drunken peasants podcast suddenly people turned on it then i wouldn't want this anymore and it still you know and i got i got shit because i did this sponsored add for this app called candid and people like oh you everything you say is bullshit as you did this sponsored spot for canned in your fuckin a shill so weak and because everyone's on this big fuckin authenticity kick but
they're not really actually skeptical though there they're just they just want a demagogic spew like here what you already think is true i am here to validate all of your feelings and all of your opinions and a lot of these people seem to want me to be that but i'm not that the day they're gonna work uniform to whatever their opinion of you is a view deviate from that there's gonna be certain amount of people that are gonna be upset but it's up to you to figure out like what the worst thing i think for any any performer or artist is to get boxed intellect kind of a fake thing like maybe after that you do or some along those lines and then you can get out of it rick james bitch will nigeria like bobcat goldwyn had is time cause you out of the character that it do screaming and yell and bobcat character and then he wanted just eventually be bob gold weighed and people are not fuck that man where's the bobcat thing
it took him years get away from that love is financed by the way funds are great did see the big foot movie now willow creek its everybody they harm movie it's really good is it is it he did it like a blair witch project type thing of these people up there sat squash hunting and i don't want any more but i'm pretty sure i'm like a big sceptic i don't believe in a lot of stuff but i'm really fascinated by things like big foot and aliens in the loch ness monster in the flatter from the hollow worth and all this stuff don't believe in any in fact i think most of its like totally fuckin ridiculous but i find it really fascinating because i kind of you it is like an almost like modern mythology you know you can see the genesis of how people talk you know please taiwan like saki best is common in the night you know stealing their essence in and shit and seducing them now
and you can see like the modern versions of that is like the alien that takes you open a ship in shoves probe up your ass or whatever yeah well i think alien the alien thing absolutely on the do with dreaming contribution is giant percentage of these abduction events occur when someone's either napping or when some sleeping it's it's there always are just now not only paralysis yeah well it's not even just that it's probably psychedelic compound compounds that are released in the brain dern rem sleep the reason why i have this whack you fuckin dreams when you have dreamed that are so insane they like a psychedelic trip leggum imagination has control of the psychedelic chemicals of power your brain and runs you on it your honor i had i don't really suffer from a too bad anymore but like in in my wait teens and early twenties i had really bad sleep paralysis woe and
also coming that was ivory if it's called hidden a popup hallucinations or hip neglect hallucinations bites i can tell you right you know like i'll be lying in bed or i would be at the time and i would kind of wake up but i say wouldn't be able to move my body and then you know and an aside from that you feel the overwhelming sense of like there's another presence here and it's ominous and you fuckin if you have the hypnotist considerations of hidden a populist nations there but one is when you be hallucinate as you're going to sleep one is when you loosening as are coming out the memory hallucination are coming out of sleep so i would wake up and private first my have nos eleven and i saw this robed figure like why across my my bedroom and then when i was
fifteen what did it look like a real thing oh yeah like it look totally real didn't look like it was transparent or no no no i just these are dealing with a it didn't work i do business like four feet tall oliver nome yeah i mean i assumed it was like my uncle's a big you have our guys i like i saw an alien and at the time i was convinced of that later i became more sceptical and when i was like fifteen i woke up and i saw this fuckin figure standing in for my bed intimately dark city yes it did that sleep dark city eyes like ok and i went back to sleep holy shit i woke up the next morning unlike if that happens again i'm in a fuckin tackle this thing you sure there wasn't just a dream i'm pretty sure i was awake because the follow the follow two weeks later i sought again and i did like us
nor do i fucking job when i try to tackle it it just kind disappeared my arms when i got to it too and i was like ok well that was ok i'm i'm relieved doesn't like it was obviously a hallucination and i look up and it's fuckin head is floating there and it just then his head vanishes woe but these are just hallucinations i mean maybe maybe if they're not houses are not errand emotional being how do you know cause a sound so confident i've read pretext this is about it is like one that should happen to you you want to know like going on here so when that had a vague and they can induce that state am you know like they can put you sleep paralysis and you'll feel the presence and you'll experience seeing things and ride off they could put you in that mindsets a matter of electric stimulating certain areas of the scalp right yeah which is really ass isn't it that they can actually target areas of the scout and induce feelings and certain thoughts now we can
it was a delved into this last time we took year consciousness in the afterlife at one of nature i won thou like what would cause you to recall like an image from a really fuckin cool movie like that and have it be like what weird combination things would cause you don't when i was running causes a hallucination to take a certain yeah like what is it is it yours insecurity and fear is you're you're you're nightmare vision where does the same thing that leads you to have certain visions and dreams and things like it's part of your memory in psychology just marijuana magnesia ass well yeah yeah i got it a guy i was reading about his experiences and he he would see the guy from the front of the exorcist poster sharing is rummaged see that that silhouette hold in the brief since shit and learn of at the build the building do when i was a kid that movie was fucking terrifying i get you could watch it today
never fully impact what it did to people like me what year is a i want like seventy six that makes sense which means i was like nine years old find out what what year the exercise this was what years errors in the twenty fifth anniversary seventy three sites many three i was younger than that who the fuck let me watch that that's ridiculous mom mom how dare you but we're being scared out of my fucking mind at this movie the others that there is the image of the movie fucked with my head for years and i started thinking about demons and the idea of being possessed and what what can happen again he watched sale after us oh yeah how besides it's real i was watching i was watching that movie at my uncle's house and my mom came in the roman she she's like really easily frightened and stuff and she just thousand areas the ashes is wireless
it's funny but a day stand but like if you go watch it in the context of like watch horror movies the came around around the same time and before it and it's like ok you can see why this blue people's minds at the time but when it happen when that movie came out there never been anything like on that level were a little cute little girl had becomes a demon and start ramming across into her pussy down just fact my father fact my father's slam in which saint fuck me jesus which this issue is a saint fuck me merriweather hugely fuck me jesus christ i like like your mother sauce cox in hell awful moment cinematic history i couldn't believe that that was actually in a movie that they so that in a movie at me like you have trouble getting away with that fuckin now listening in the age of the actress are they be allowed to it would be illegal now it would it would be illegal i mean i don't know i didn't i didn't like show anything but the other it would prefer
be controversial even if it was made just making a little kid act like that yeah look at those pictures of her when she was screaming yelling first of all the little kid was fucking terrifyingly good oh as you know the they they she was they didn't like much well i care for her well being anything either disliking let's see where she spasm in flop and up and down they were doing that with wires and that fucked her back up for life really i'll slang total regard for fur her safety are well being at fucked her back up for life and she was a little kid me on his movie yet while what did it do to her back to you no specific on i just gave her back back issues out of there were severe or what but she said i got polder some guy of alignment on when you saw how violently they had a lot of unknown at bed yeah that's not good you know that the standards were different i guess at the time of but i think most people should realise don't don't
permanently injure a child just to get an effect you want a movie my kids why and tv show take an old this new show called good luck charlie charlie's a little baby it's a baby baby it's acutest baby but it's a baby yeah i got like maybe a year old or maybe two at the maoist like a tiny little thing and that's the being character like imagine like not only do you i get to choose whether or not you ought to be famous want to be an actor cause you're fuckin bay became talk here your radio tv but the whole shows about you so you can't quit i was gonna like it when i'm watching movies like you see babies like cryin and staff in alike tat they make that baby cry they buy them seem ethical doesn't leasing articles deftly not at the gold fucked up man
that is why when people like me from that american sniper movie for use in that little shitty plastic baby is obviously fake unlike whatever it's better than fuckin haven't some real kid in getting to cry and stuff and whenever i blame clint eastwood on that like you should have frame that better today frame away from a solid better yeah you you can t get a film that an indifferent what he films things allowed huntin a very sort of traditional way the music great directorate is like but how the hell do you not see that rubber baby though over here he's pretty all gonna give him a little i guess materials away there with them and the editing room goin home sprucewood rubber baby pretty who's gonna who's gonna tell dirty harry that the scene doesn't work did i get it number one movie was very that was a weird time that movie that was a movie where you had to say you liked it you didn't say i did you risk violence i just i just as such i didn't see it
i've seen it as since then but at the time i didn't watch it it does wasn't a very good movie now a lot of you love the movie and to them it was really good to me it was it was there was like so much and this is probably my personal bias of i'd be out here and being in hollywood and knowing how writers work and how you know like they they structure these things and how this what kind of a federalist the eu wants to have in the audience for big mainstream movie you can feel like the heavy hand of of hollywood all over it feel like the way there were the work the things that he said and just all the whole thing was like so affected i'm not getting a good sense of what this guy's real life his propaganda and then you know and then you find out about the jesse van torah thing were jazz even tourists pseudo because he made up may start or i aunt up and palliative
a few other stories that weren't true as while that were in that book that fought dead jesse venture is career apple still does he was just i'm sorry about it it cost him over a million dollars and legal fees and he's been doing it what does he know years got a judgment this favor but then they they did shift leave took it away somehow i forget they asked on appeal yes good the whole things not good because he's a hero well it's it's really it's enow truth is and you can just make stuff up about people and in a man we should have the lawsuit when the guide died maybe i would have been better for everybody but does this his decision i felt he was wrong and he felt he was going after the publishers when the legend truth print the legend yeah but it's just i think also you're dealing with the pressures of war being so alien to most people
the woman you and i who have not been the war sit sit around talky in debating about what it's like to be like those decorated sniper ever or a guy who spirits that much action and sees that much death and really try to rationalize what goes in and out of their mind unlike what their group asked by reality is like and then there's so the opportunity that this guy has a view even the military writing a book why not just make a bunch crazy shit up and make it even better some more fuckin books you know i mean it's very possible that some would take that attitude like look i'm not gonna tell you most the truth anyway because it's not your business and its some it might be classified someone might be illegal from dark about but maybe a mega much crazy shit thousand bucks now my sellen me stage my life i'm empathy look he was probably always doing that to some extent you now because you don't you know you become the the topic
reckon sniper unless you already have a preconceived notions of yourself is like on this bad ass and on this great warrior in anything you can say to add to that you're gonna you're gonna say why i think maybe board maybe you just be a bad ass sniper right could you just be some do who just excels while member you look at his character and this is the sort of stories these made up and shit it's obvious that you know it while he did have actual skills he was also fond of embellishing the skills he did have to make himself even more legendary yeah and wise the question because there are people that think that the horrors of war like we talked about ben the mind and ben per cent and then the way you look at reality and in some people more severe ways and other people sure it's out they die the quiet the request or the v the the task that we give young people where they go off to war at fuck eighteen years of age and we ship them off get gonna shoot people
come back and integrate and try to be i'm part of society and then with almost no education must know assistance no help no no care in them along no you know you may be looking at them talking of very carefully vast and do a crazy thing yet mean especially if you d like a teen is around the time when i was just willing to dump like and cakes on sundays lap cosy fuckin you know said across thing to me so exactly to take people at that age and mine said you haven't even really i'm in august kind of reach the of reason and stuff in the eyes of society but you know they're they're not like fully formed adult minds yeah to fling a year europe much still a kidney waterways overseas and kill some other people's fuckin kids could see what happens
moreover there are low some rains out o you blew out more brains anyone else your euro your great we're we're looking at it but that's that's what as you know what you're asking someone to do something before there are certain age like yours i have a certain amount of authority over a seventeen year old or an eighteen year old when you give him a gun and tell him that they're supposed to do it they believe it's supposed to do it cuz you're older nutella they're supposed to do it so reason why forty years old guys don't sign up for the army has won a guy's for might have family was on might have alive resize anyway why fuck we're going over there what are these has done us hold on hold on when we charging a dawn what's the plan like you didn't ask questions that i just trust you have these values and ass no good terrible will you want when you want soldiers you want someone just lessons who you and until though i got will who're you
listen to and why you listen to that guy and what how'd you get into the situation they don't think about that they're fucking eighteen just asking people to go from that to regular life at such a bizarre require get my step to try to get me to join the air the military when i was younger cause he's like he saw me and like your life has no direction you know what you need military i thought about doing i didn't really given much thought i went to the recruiting office in london gimme a sales pitch by yeah i'll see went there far i never went to recruit recruiting office thank god go to our test and there like you could be you know the terry intelligence like but i heard a lot of times they sucker you without like you're gonna be military intelligence but have you don't cut it they're like well you didn't cut at your grant now yeah i have heard that i've heard that recruiters will bullshit you and i'll tell you they're going some cool job and animal turn then once you get in there to give your fuck the job they but they are given in the first place you know they don't it's out of college where you
you know they get to choose your major and all this year that they build in many ways like it's sort of communist annoy you get paid very really work very hard everything is for company out kind of weird no america has a strange relationship with that sort of collectivism when you think about it that way like it has to prove be that way in order to fund together a soldier's yeah i mean i don't think you i don't think you really want a unit where everyone is constantly questioning orders and you don't like no i mean as much as we weave we've kind of place value on that like you know it's good to think for yourself and it's good to question things if you're trying an effective military it's it's that's not what's good what's good is you do your fuckin told exactly fry why'd they use eighteen year olds begin with but the problem is it you know nor can i accept the reality that that's how it has to be there has to be more oversight about where are we gonna send these people
what reasons have to be in place for us to send these people and you know we're we're still it now we're still in iraq were soon afghanistan obama during as presidency bombed seven countries with drone strikes by the way out on a few were seen the report that like ninety percent of drone strikes didn't kill their intended targets the ninety percent civilian casualties yeah you know so terribly actual like why our country is like spreading bad will across the world especially in the middle east which is like a hotbed of fuckin crazy fox anyway just do that way in general robots flying from the sky like you got em you gotta make sure those things work like if you can't be that off where europe looking at me was is and the high eighty percent wasn't it last time we checked the the civilian t rate was unintended casualties for drawn strikes
anna like if you have any weapon that has like ten percent effectiveness of killing its target in that's not good weapon that's a piece of shit we're like yeah but listen this way we don't have to send soldiers and we just fly it in and we just shoot them i can see the appeal of that but make sure the technology is there in a way it might be like zima yeah that's what it usually is like so dehumanized we're not even willing to risk at risk our own lives to kill you we're just gonna kill you from afar and we were not as concerned about killing civilians because no one's they're doing it because all the wind of otto with a fuckin xbox controller and everyone working and just saw some brown muslim people the it's perspective i would like to see what it looks like like a drone launched some do if you are on the ground he saw drawn launch something in the distance area just yeah that's what it usually is like so
we we we saw in the yemen raid that plenty of those victims were kids is there footage of a drone like watching a drone shoot down something is there looks like a video walk it from the drones due to you to do people seeing the usual from the perspective to see what it looks like like a drone launched some do if you are on the ground he saw drawn launch something in the distance area just yeah that's what yet usually you like i'm trying to get away and collateral murder yeah whatever you out and get to see like how they are reacting to gunning reasonable down the street and find out the wrong people yeah god you imagine that swapping down the street duty to do both your dead fuckin fiery fire what's yak wow and that this got out and it shouldn't have gotten out
incinerated off the face of the fucking earth well that wikileaks won the first one yeah do you see i'm trying to get away and share collateral murder member the collar collateral murder w out and yet to see look how they are reacting to gunning these people down the street and find out the wrong people yeah fuck like whoops yannick wow and that this got out and it shouldn't have gotten out now that's the there was the big wikileaks right the shooting of release that we should know yeah we shouldn't know when our tax dollars funds the murder of civilians the accidental unintended murder of a guy with a camera that you thought was a gun yet not button when you when you see this statistic that ninety percent of these strikes are killing the wrong people i'm in you know i mean like it it's happening all the time but
a crazy how shit there optics are they can't tell the difference between a rifle and a camera a distance here and it's not even just the objects to adjust bits is bad intelligence like you bilbil just because they don't actually risk any troops someone says like yeah i think he's at this house ok bumble mom you're that's true if they were on the ground they wouldn't treated that way if there on the ground and we saw people on the ground there were walking down the street they saw the photographer with the with the camera probably wouldn't treatin does know whether it is open fire and gun everybody down since they saw the people so you just you just done everybody down that you run into on your way to the bad guys get infected bad guys but when it when it's when you have that level of detachment whereas i always like a fuckin videogame hopes i killed some i kill some civilians ok will the ducks and points from the scoreboard yet because if you are on the ground in this thing happened wouldn't you be judged differently like if you are on the ground and you were moving down the street and you saw a bunch of people in front of you and one guy had a camera and you did
gun them all down the women everybody in front of us now and you like well you know pay they shouldn't get out here with the kids and it entails kara well that's essentially is that exact with guy said from helga bright yeah but it's different take us there's a level of detachment there's that wall of separation that wall separations kind of fucked oh it's terrible it's scary ninety percent ninety so let's just keep doing it that way than for short all we're going to is not working you about it look this is what i want i want i want when i talk about going to talk about the right about the collusion between the democrats and republicans this is the condition talking about this doesn't stop military stuff like this doesn't seem to stop further point d you are right this military this american empire they were trying to maintain across the globe that keeps admin that's actually very good point because that's
is consistent and then the battle over transgender bathrooms take front page the news and then the but the war aspect of it stays consistent drone aspects days consistent if it doesnt ramp up and it looks like it's ramping up a little there with trump right maybe it remains to be seen how does obama's been pretty around about was pretty bad about it i mean for short and was extremely violent drone strikes priest under him none of that just because the technology improved well there's a lot of is about him their word so confusing the drone strikes is just one of em about the attacks on whistleblowers like whatever happened to what you said in your shit that hope and change website like the whole thing was going off protection to whistle blowers will you like when the pace whistle i was in the history of the world the idea transparency to ours big thing he the transparency transparency but though you prosecute so blowers revealed the illegal activities of the government s language tromp was like he wired
have shrunk tower unlike so what he wiretapped america the essay was right there still is liking just gathering every when's text messages everyone's phone calls archiving that shit in a big server somewhere so hasn't hasn't he walked out back to his knees now that it doesn't think that was a wire tab that it was like something out the asher but i mean losing the point is that all the all the phones are funny tat the so what does it matter information is already there and you know that the crazy thing is that not only is therefore those agencies but it's there for anyone who can hack into those agencies to get and you know if the sea i e the the inner say developed it the cia we now know has its own version of it i want many private companies have their own version of this fuckin server you have we found of the sea i as our own version i would obviously what what's them too
done tat will bury them worse than the usa so how do you know why and i guess i can't i guess i can't say with certainty their worse but the usa never been involved as far as i know in toppling the democratically elected leaders of other countries and installing puppets that are good for american business interests so the sea i asked yes numerous times yeah thee the idea of them all being able to listen to anybody's telephone calls telephone calls were regardless of whether not you're a terrorist regardless of whether or not europe felon garlic whether not even the nicest person well timed i kept let me just check your pistol the nosegay of all time their use for their media such as being used for terrorism there even if this through their drug war as well yeah while its drug wars gonna have to wrap up this marijuana legalization keys taken in taking that figure some other way to arrest people they have to keep the same
you mean they have a lot of jobs they can have will justify sessions could come to the pot shop like where i live and i guess it's potshots round here too and they could fuckin read them shut him down the other could legally gathered there the because still illegal under federal law obama chose not to do that it shows respect the will of states but the trump administration is at least signalling that it's not going to because of sessions you think because our planet they just because a sessions i think sessions is where he is partially because they want to do this cracked that's interesting you might be right what find out about that but crackdowns not gonna go well it's a terrible idea you at the genie out the bottle he gave you will their freedom that will be the that'll be the death of of the power of the trump administration of actually go through as something so stupid it would be stupid economic
equally as well i wish it would show i mean you wanna talk about transparency it will show really clearly who your loyalty is too that's not to the will of the people that is to these common is that are benefiting from keeping marijuana illegal period that's it and then we d you're out of marijuana coalition to figure out a way like their fuck in a hundred million of us i guarantee you in this country a hundred million people it spoke pot that's a lot of fucking people and that numbers gonna grow alerted the country its gas a the more things are people blue room really believe me you forget it you falcon ways pauper nude there's a lot of what can be bombarded made a number of i fuckin i mean i believe it i believe it's probably these close because even when i was eleven down south and i was hanging out with conservatives who love trump
model will additional can we not a little we their smoking weed like crazy fund twenty get i saw the wrong with the way things wrong with it is a fact that has been button down into our brain deepen our memory through propaganda that is bad for you that's it now if you looked at the act effects it has on you like we're talking about schizophrenia and blaming marijuana the french but it still seems across the board to be one percent is the same thing dummies and lazy people when dummies and lazy people find out about part it ruins the idea of it further period i will look associated with his loud mouth dummy his loud mouth the person ever gets anything done is always broke so's ask for that's about it but i don't get it done i'll be about it and then you get that in your hand years run with well there's plenty of electing a win win others bonaparte has that are really industrious hard work it is a lot of em you can't a true mute something that was always part of someone's personality and say well marijuana cause that exactly it doesn't totally change the nature of a person it's not that powerful of
fuckin drug nor does coffee now nor does alcohol nor normally cigarettes for that matter exactly well i'll go can change some people s rose by example canada's justice system is crumbling as cannabis raids continue so there been there and bus in all these fuckin pot places i thought you guys had your social justice warrior president and but it was gonna get the picture on gender pronouns and now you're rating pop places kill you this sixty in five hundred cases in provincial court could be soon dropped due to delays including thirty eight for homicide or attempted murder one tat bouquets last year a man named kenneth williamson was convicted of raping a minor over a hundred times but because of lengthy delay aids and taking his trot is case to trial his conviction was returned weight is that so they could prosecute more marijuana this is just saying that they are there there there system is in such crisis and
marijuana case where there arresting all these people from marijuana it's insane because they're just the system is already in the crisis so it says consent in the justice system crisis cannabis should obviously be the lowest priority for police and the courts it's not not only or police launching more rage against dispensaries than ever before but ridiculous charges for small scale cannabis crimes are concerned continuing for coastal coast so they they have a justice system that so broken that they can't even convicts peep who raped minors a hundred times a cat taken the trial i mean there there's there there but it's that broken but there still trying to fuckin catch people first as smoking weed and and distant rating dispensaries and shall i added what always two fuckin time if i had a gas i would say some sort of compartmentalization and that like those rug people aren't didn't go after the other crimes and i have to do it as a legal system is backed up but to put more people in the legal system just big
you have to somehow or another justified the position that you're in a cup of about de cop whatever there'd be called up there that's fucking crazy at a broken system you have your your preying on well you're locking people yet i mean if you if you want to impress us than convict that fuckin rapist donor don't fuckin prosecute people who are smoking we for sure and by the way what you're doing right now seems like crime you your locking people up in a cage for a plant that everybody on the planet knows is not bad for you so if you just decide that because of some fuckin bullshit thing it's written on paper the should be able to go against all the science it's available today all that common sense and the will of the people and you should be able to go into people's houses going to people's bids his arrest them take all their money take other part that's a crime that sounds are equal it sounds like you're using your position and using it to just mark one up on the scoreboard you what we got
it's really good solid once bunch adulterers caught us a bunch of donors handle a dead crazed pedophile go but we got all the dough it is no powers the other yell skirt i've just two hundred kids but you know what i didn't i didn't fuck them over by giving a pot yeah firstly one smoking know we'd insult it's going to remember what he did to them it's gonna damage their memory i bent i remember it they remembered explicitly jesus christ it's just i can't believe it in this day and age that shit is still going on it just seems like and canada i thought this trudeau guy was gonna be more progressive than ever which canadians complain about it like crazy and in i've jordan petersen on the pod gas and he hates going on now at this push towards being like as open minded as possible with all these accepting of that under pronouns and that you're gonna have to start putting
he bore you gonna have to start processing cases through the human rights council because if you dont use a person's proper gender pronoun literally be considered a cry like i think all that stuff and left when it goes way for it gets really crazy probably a good thing to balance out the stuff on the right and people think you're out some sort of comfortable media they he's not being that at all he's not if you pay news allowing this to go on he's not being in this progressive president you're just not these only going to be progressive towards trend gender pronouns in whatever other ridiculous laws that their swamped with this is suggested a terrible precedent set allowing them to lock people up for pot in two thousand seventeen is a fucking criminal waste of resources a criminal waste of man credit a criminal intrusion on the freedom of those people that you're locking up
criminal under disruption that you're putting into their lives the money that you're taking away from them for the future we in the european economy as well as in fucking autonomy and these people trading in something that is very valuable to the community and to the human beings that consumer am i consider myself probably more liberal i am conservative but when i see the priorities of liberal being identity olitic shit gender pronouns and staff and then some of the real issues like just get ignored like this now that makes me hesitant even say like i'm a liberal or i'm more left wing than right wing or whatever because i'm just like your priorities are totally fought their totally out of order apparently in canada you're fighting all these fuckin politically correct identity politics battles but they can't deal with the pot issue they're gonna
police raids against part dispensaries are actually up and they are trying to charge people with petty fuckin we'd smoking crimes and this is a thing to people who go on about like it's because its part seems like it's not a big issue so that we get bigger fish to fry yet wouldn t j ok i don't have to pay attention to stop margaret did you want war in afghanistan to jack you're ok we got problem real problems this fuckin pot thing you goddamn potheads if it's all for your pa all what do i do other than that it's not that this is what people have to realise its about personal freedom it's about a person telling you what you can do and enforcing it to the point of pudding you and a fuckin cage and that thing which had in an accepted part of civilization thousands of years and is today accepted its an accepted parseval asian civilization right now but there's just these people that don't gauged the don't understand it and that feel like they
have the right to go and lock people up for now when the trump administration started signalling that they're gonna take on wheat or that there are thinking about it at least that it was on the table life stupid at that point i was i made a video where i was eyes basically it was like making all the cases why this is terrible this is a bad idea you know i made the economics argument of the personal freedom argument i may i point out that tremendous amount of revenue this is generating for the states that have legalised it yeah and huge part of the response was yes like yeah we are of course he he goes after trump when trump those after his precious we you that's where he cares that's the only thing they gotta cares like forty times funky i made fuckin so many cogent are it means that hold water about the economic and and personal liberty ramifications of something like this and all you want
focus on my personal usage of this fuckin substance it's bullshit you bet it's a good thing to talk about cause it'll get you talkin about it like right now sure it'll get ya coca they now because they know that people like you and i really do enjoy marijuana and when you try to take where the part we really do get upset i mean it was what kind of the like i was kind of like on the give trumpet chance bandwagon until they started signalling the stuff that's right really why i got shit it's a very very foolish thing to try to step in and thousand seventeen with all the science and all the information and the public opinion and to say it marijuana is something they can get you locked up get you locked up that it's almost as bad as heroin for fuck's age so stupid it's but we may have a guy needs a pot brownie more than anything in this life you just needs a just a quarter gimme a quarter let em their loan think about grandchildren and let him think about fishing and think about it
mapping in the sun and going to meet the good lord a few years you're not much time left mother fucker you want to ruin for patterns barely alive your hair is why you're postures bad and you stand there lying you're lying on television about heroin in part being like really close that's occur easy person it doesn't know what part does you're talkin about party obviously have no idea what it's like it's like a purse color blind describing some sort of kaleidoscope you'd i know what you're even talking about like it for a guy like him if you want to have a person who is talking about individual experiences they should have had i give you talkin about one is talking about the effects of a cat go on whether or not it should be legal they should have had some sort of experience with that chemical they should know it's doing they should understand especially with safe something like marijuana so if you to talk about it and they have ridiculous you you can't you cannon one evening in a safe environs
they'll do it in a laboratory or hospital somewhere pat of the rooms and give you a pod cookie and then put put pink floods the wall on someone someone tell this fuckin guy what it really is because you just talking out of his ass i am none of this is just a pocketful or if there is an actual story but i member there being something about him saying that he thought the k k k were good guys until he found out they smoke we all that was i think that was wrongly attributed to him and that not only that there has been evidence that he's done many things for civil rights i read that you too but i think that it might be the case people being overzealous and trying to paint a d me you could find things i'm sure that you ve said or that i thought we had taken completely out of contacts you could paint a very different opinion definitely fuckin very hard did form an opinion of someone ideology
an opinion of some without actually know them but what you can to have an opinion it's all that hardly regardless aid that parties is nearly as dangerous as heroin gazette that you did that person is that why you're just like this person's either delusional or is wilfully deceptive right animal the important part about it is not just a person it's a person with extreme amount of power to person a very dangerous position of enforcing laws and legal cable will you think that that's crazy that's not true that's not true i just drives me nuts i think it helps people leader i really do i really do think it's probably one of the best elements in terms of a happy healthy society state grounded and being like little more kind i guess i think it gives you a certain percentage more of kindness i mean i've definitely scene it make people more empathetic more tolerant towards one another i've seen people who have anxiety that it helps
i've seen people having society that it exacerbates their anxiety to the edibles dash or like but a story hold on my brother's begin to show but for the food they buy large i know a lot of people with like that anxiety who smoke weed and makes them feel better makes filmore cultural and social situations you know what i done to brought makes you fuckin talk about we'd yeah how come you guys can talking about weed i get it you like we'd enough already brow i can read that now read it in the comments there is already there for some type and stop talking about it we had a moment to get to know teach i read these mother fucker i'm gonna get em don't talk about this talk about this instead get the although burn you mother fucker well if you don't understand what we then tell jeff sessions stop signal he's going after it jeff sessions get high mushrooms to get that guy in a nice room velvet velvet curtains gentle jefferson airplane from the nineteenth sixties real low can
light put some black light posters on the wall beyond me that you a black how i want just sit there and stare at a poster and watch it change shapes and colours a bunch of times and like well yeah you know we do do black like posters areas but only only it's hard to imagine that fucker on showrooms no it's not i see him like an african garb like some sort of macro may beads round his neck and shit but all all the posters in the water all that bruce lee poster from and to the dragon with blood across stitch hat that's the grace velvet poster of all time is the ultimate trailer park kung fu master poster have that motherfucker poem watch out watch all the things it turns into poor old guy there is great without trying mushrooms it's gonna go to his grave can we just as bad as heroin maybe maybe took mushrooms and that was the revelation he had
marijuana is almost as bad as heroin is so stupid because it doesn't kill you and it's actually better for a lot of people for pain that even heroin is specially edible part at all parties was we really good for people chronic pain stuff massive reduce of information but you can function on it like it is especially physiologically can function i give you do something you already know how to do and you're your high on pot specially pot animals doesn't have any like performance like decreasing elements to it doesn't doesn't decrease your performance in fact lotta people do it right before the dude you just because they think it increases their performance i've i've zone were i've not people who get high before they go work out because her like yeah you know it's not even more focused and her eyes save your smoking like a strong settees strain it might give him a little energy burst they feel it man feel like the fight where's of your muscles it's great for yoga oh yeah
i don't really do a lot of like physical activities that much but like if i'm gonna do like stretching or something it's nice to be high and decide how ya considered asked your muscles are way more relaxed and staff you're able to get you you have like accessibility you'd only have if you hold sober attention is still there and it feels really good when you're stretching your high feels like all you're supposed to be doing this you should do more often dude like you just said better accounting of or what the signals your body sending you because i think when you when you're sober you know you can china think about all you're different areas in tune into the body in all of the various points of contact with it elbows meet the forearm and think about all the muscle tissue but you have to like really go through it likes step by step and we really conscious what you're doing when you smoke pottage is there i really enjoyed watching you fight with stephen crowd about this by the way isis billy boy when it comes to pot
he's a silly way over all i get some dealings with him the odd thing is interesting though guida you didn't want even debate it like when we're pulling up information thought i was being bullied we're pulling up things it showed a contrary what he was saying about car since i've since looked into it and the american automobile association has some statistics were they think that its increasing an increasing number of people that have marijuana and their system but though when they have the car accidents but the problem with that is there might be just much of an increase in those people smoking marijuana area it might not be related to the accident just because it's connected the acts doesn't mean a cog in economic and car accident argument to like you know you gotta realise alcohol is causing way more traffic accidents than than we'd is what that was what we were talking about this in these places is a lot of the places where people are smoking potter's a decrease a decrease in do you i fatalities does a decrease in violent crimes is quite a few differences
cease to look at the colorado seems to be signed as a decrease in these car accident and in deed i related incidents stephen outer wanted to see me to what he was here he wanted to see me and we were on the same network for awhile on youtube and it was called polly pop and the guy that was my assigned i forgot the positions called of the fuckin facilitator or whatever the fuck he had to say one as i did he told me you know that video you made about stephen prouder and that that shit is he gonna with some union guy on footage unease like i was attacked by this union thug lunchtime i looked at the footage unlike wait a minute this guy gets up from the ground his face and away from you look like someone pushed him for behind it video yeah when the beginning with the guy through a punch while the guy was on the fuckin ground
one point yeah like but he's here you don't really see what happens with them ways here i throw punched him first very familiar with the video i don't know i don't know i looked at it i dont guys in his face community we maybe see the guys in his face the guy comes close to him they get into some sort of grappling situation with a guy like physically manhandled them i hope on this is on crowded channel i want to see the there's like an and on our edited version and welcome where but it's you could see the full of education when it does have a stable even on crowded channel illegal scroll ahead a little bit i wanted to tee with that's the guy that's the guy it's got hit some await the guys down the back door cops they puts his hand and others that the guy that fights and right there though guy with a mustache which guy the mustache do enough this guy see that like we dont theirs they go up missing piece of footage there but in the footage i saw the you don't see that guy attack him first you see that guy get up from being on the ground
on his sterling i see what you're saying so something so when i was thinking is through the guy stephen crowd or push this guy i dont know cause you don't it there's no there's no footage on their bright eye surmised based on when i looked at and footage that this guy was maybe pushed and got up and then started wailing on crowd interesting i put that out there and here's the interesting thing he said he was soon me for what i said about it he then later went to court and a judge looked at footage and conduct a saint and i did and said i don't think that this down the way you're saying based on the footage i see he lost that court case and then he had to drop any sort of do you have a lawsuit against me because a judge and jury ruled that the tape was bullshit dimly show what he thought it shed this is also instances where i challenge you to debates back in the day not recently but he you would never acknowledged me i'm at one time he did send his like little brother after me his brother i got out of his younger brothers older brother i think it is little brother was like europe
can faggot her whatever unlike what will your brother debate me cause we are the time on the same network users any sent him after physically now just on twitter ok you got it's best far sorry i'm finally like today to look at each other outside about who didn't come he didn't come and try to flock and fuck me up or anything you just working should wish waters are tortured on twitter that stevens brother it was ok yeah i was stevens brother but but stephen himself has never talk i made several videos about it may not several like three but he's never confronted me with it ali pop tried to get us to do a debate at the time he wouldn't do it it seems and it's weird because like he's mr like i'm gonna go like he just the genk you the other day you know as i've others funny his impression of junk huger is fuckin phone it is pretty spot the one that he did what he played anna and genk back and forth i didn't see that fuck it pull up hill at us use it look i like stephen crowded i do i really do i think he's a good guy i just like he's alive
the heavy on the right wing it's a little silly the equity doesn't funny shit like this and when it crashed jenks thing with this the saddest thing was how jenkins responding to it like he he didn't have any sense of humour about it i will change it takes us are very seriously for some new research that's absolutely correct to analyse the geo yes you genk so much is absolutely right when you therefore knew no drills ivo there so we have a bunch of people anyway you could see it online and at one point is point baden greece does mouth i just is funny i is profound it's it's look did i resign and be able to make funding yourself i recently sat down we did this spat we winton watched a bunch of young turks videos so we could put out the special drunken peasants versus the young turks video we wish
about five hours of us watching young turks videos and just tearing apart and one things i noticed is what jangle do and and watch for this if you ever watching his shit here of his panel say something that's like super crazy he left wing someone will say it like anna will say it or one of the stevens or whatever we who got on then make a wish whatever they'll say some that's real far left wing and then it will cut to genk genk will have more of like a moderate left wing opinion and then it'll go back to them and now immediately capitulated genk like oh yeah genk you're you're you're what you're saying is way more sensible than what i said a second ago and you just saw that pattern recurring over and over and over again so i don't know that's by design or if they're just they feel like the need to capitulate to him because there may be scared of em are something or of or what is definite alot of emotions going on there too so
a motion in the way they describe thanks in some people i think least initially connected to that but then they see where problematic view dealing with any like really serious issue and you want to debate just a fax like an average ducks in a row the wall the wall over my eyes was the harris debate exists like most people that was like that the first like me your cheek and the junk armor your never not approach first i'm so when he said that wales thank you you can't think is planning genk chink in the jail you think in genk area i think he's a good guy i like talk in him to i just think people handle certain types of confrontation and disagreements and they don't hand on the best way they could and then those things escalate and they compound and then it becomes who you are and then you defending really are and then you're always trying to argue with people about who you are what you ve done and like does when you're gone yeah it's when you over the top is like we ve
waved them we ve done as we have done that like hey you're talking bout shit that's happening in the world that's all you're doing at all any of us are doing anybody's doing if unless you're out there dig in wales and the congo with just and ran you're doing is you're talking about shit yes if you get a bunch of people listen do you talk about shit it's just talking about shit the end of the day don't get any extra points because more he bore listening or more people are watching your point more valid your point still to stand up in the market place of ideas here than yours is just as valid as his is just as valid as mine it just if the delivery system a bigger delivery system it doesn't mean that like everybody has to stop i take you into it because you had more success in this market yeah that's it that's crazy we're looking at shit sure and when him and hour jones battle back and forth between who gets the most viewers and who as well as should this is ridiculous like what
when did you see and alex went onto this yeah sorry myself west is odor was someplace else must i think so last year so larry us oh yeah that was that was when the greatest trolling of all time but it got so mad obscure even ayala dom that little they oppose saudi arabia little weasel jimmy door spitting on that's on four vulcan alex jones did you know it's unfortunate that guy jimmy door does some good stuff seen some a host of two of the bizarre really put some really good videos up he's done some really good work yeah i parliament really care for him but but but you recognise some stuff really good right i've never seen the stuff is good maybe maybe that maybe it's out there i have seen it i've seen it makes a good points very good points he when he was covering all milo thing he played a very deceptive
version of the milo clip any credit at us basically as a pod caston well let's talk about us is like we're doing this podcast rob basement somewhere or somethin meanwhile isn't funny that upon gas like yours which gets hundreds of thousands of dollars on shore right like you eat it if it was more than that he would have to say the name of the broadcast rightly visit he was on the atom corolla show he would say the on croatia should cause it's yours even though he knows what it's like i can give these can now and you know a lot of the media did that to us i was i was there is like transcript of the milo episode where was like and then unknown host said this you got it a bunker what's you guys can't just look it up when she spoke to me like journalists can't you figure out what the fuck the pod cast was and i saw ones that attributed stuff to me but then had stuff of yours
they didn't even i didn't know you guys had em on i thought that all the shit was coming from my part gas because i got it message from my friend chris maguire informing me of all of it and so i went and i suppose my part cast and then i really like oh he was on your part gas to and they they combined different i even saw people say like he was on joe romans drunken peasants pod like while people are supposed to trust you for fucking information you're supposed to be a fuckin credible source you can't even get this bay six shit right so the media as a fucking joke well the media now is its total fuck is like a few places we can still trust like what i'm hoping you around the answer because you know it people come to me all the time and there like t j what news media outlets do you trust i'm like none of them i don't
the single goddamn fucking thing any of these institutions have the same wherever melancolia say i'm listening a man may again you're right about everything that's where i work with ice princesses deanna why i mean like a man i mean smart really unlike but i'm fascinated by people who must people were perfect structure perfect bone structure steely blue eyes and impeccably dressed talking about guns in the war and crime and poverty and pot prison we'll be right back you know the fucking bitch i really hated back in the day was nancy grace the work is hideous stella worst she's horrible like that that moral indignation that she has over everything like everything as i was like you my god i can't not believe you know i hate that i hope at cons
and i'm indignant about everything in the world and on this great moral judge here too fuckin tell people what's really what another dead baby and full law at all she's a monster merriment you enough those duke lacrosse kids yet the fake rape case and then never apologized now why would she she's perfect in fact she spry still thinks those kids did it matter that lives imagine being those kissing on what the fuck we didn't do that oh nancy grace shut up anti grace had not the truth those boys are tear a ball she's made an entire career of leg explore reading the worst human beings and their work case scenarios and then putting it on tv and getting a re outraged doubt my machine hot mom she was the one who was chasing lady down a killer
gazing at the outcome of that that was that was our big bloodhound moment antsy grace were renewed her criticism of taught ma am who the fuck is mom renewing she's outlay that killed her kid it's crazy i'm crazy anthony i didn't have never heard i'll taught mom warrior that's who she calls her tat ma i try to avoid experiencing nancy grace on any level degeneracy her debate with two chains now they debated about pot two chains and nancy grazer debating about parliament if it was the most ridiculous should ever you haven't changed i'm not have actually seen that now that you mention it why yet this why they lead to change do it cause she probably thought it was a soft target that should just wrote steamroller did you have you can do that with our you'd need to be in the room to you can be in that split screen they talk bobby you could barely here than this delay its confusing they know the fuck they're doing though split screen things are weird
you have something in your ear and their talk and do you not see them you're staring right at a camera do yet when i was looking at how when i was on cnn like not only that but like i was in a huge gigantic room the camera was like thirty feet away somewhat this camera that's like in the distance like talking and nothing it there's a fuckin ear peace in my ear that keeps fallen out its design no way man it's designed my first vault for convenience them for the people at a foaming yeah but also like the best way to get a good reaction out of the gas is put the guests under pressure put a minute experiment in some weird situation have some smooth talkin cocker tucker carson type character outdo tucker tucker tat are really the and stick with the boat i i was holbein i am too but you know what he's ceiling is ratings are better some of the boat i earlier was this fuckin about but like i murmured like i love out
every fuckin answer any one gives to amount to show he always does this like yeah yeah yeah i was as a snipe perplexedly yeah he's an interesting i he sort taken as middle man republic in approach sort of the middle you know a more reasonable more more towards the middle of it can understand your position like let me let me go over your position one more time please like he's he's is sort of semi marking clearly on the right oh yeah and that the great thing to is that he's gonna brought that that internet stream of conservatism over the fox news because like you know bill o reilly and sean hannity they're not tapped into that shit right right billing soccer is beyond its clear right right these he's he's basically appealing to probably a younger conservative demographic i would imagine then than hannity and end reilly get he's appealing to the
people that have seen one too many alex jones videos what i've got that one point like i can't do it anymore i can't do it anymore overtook her like a key so what was the workers are you're so what was it like having him having him on here by the way alex jones it was a dream come true like sitting face to face and and it was on this new talk i've been friends of those rules right on that guy since nineteen nine be nine i think it was fun it was fun for me but it was also something like for the longest time people thought avoiding having amount for some reason and he kept saying we're trying to get old jerome you never mind tom mentality blows me off he was always texan the wrong number he's always like you didn't get we'd get hold me that day i liked it already have a pike schedule i can't do it today where are we soon when i'm on by all figured out we'll figure it out and then we're gonna show jerome has been avoiding me i've been trying to get in there to give out this information very important maybe
yeah maybe it's been threatened the government's threaten them he won't open up about big foot i believe joe world did experience bigfoot he saw he was there in the woods says really believe in big fergus who knows what he's got out of it already rise we believe he seems believin demons these days oh yeah they are demons glare they're out there all demons from hell off their damned their damned i'm sorry and if you red then why does you apologize had early the apology compilation excuse me it's amazing i stop your head and student i gotta christian family like whites the christian apart i just such a fucking awesome guy to me he's awesome he's he's like a boundless source of entertainment and if you knew him man like if you me and him went out to bar we had a couple drinks we'll have a great fuckin time i'm telling you know really nice guy he's a real nice guy and he was
i'm telling you well barium they ve been puttin barium in the water and you are quite you another beer like it's it's i'm tellin you he's a great guy i understand that people are upset that he has the president's ear and maybe the present like me me the presence thinks he's awesome libraries historic consciously bear him in the water sounds great honour dimensional child molesters are coming in through the cigarettes cigarettes on the five honour nine on chemicals are designed to let the gates of hail come loose international child molesters gonna end he just will go on and i love the inner dimensional child molesters thing because it's like they have inner dimensional travel capabilities and there like immediate thing like what we use this for i know what's builded will rape kids and other dimensions like what
well there is that really the best application of that fuckin technology there is that like the archetypes of like when you get it really hard core conspiracy theories to heart the archetypes are always like very say tanning dark types are always like eugenic i do want to kill off a massive amount of the population engineering master race that others are like keeping all all the medicine and the resources for the elites killing if everyone else preparing to get off this planet they know it's doomed nabiscos come and it's all this like apocalyptic shit it's really fascinating cause it's like so much javert revolves around these these like and then they sell supplements and survival kits without either nobody thousand whether jim beggary seldom his furniture video has he seldom toilet stewed have you seen himself like you know after he says after the bonus bucket his empty you can use it is a toilet
like when you're out there in the woods yeah you know only one thousand in alternation actually modern plumbing after the apocalypse people don't even how bad shit smells most tommy don't really smell you smell watered down plop logs when you meet shit in the woods that's when you really go oh jesus christ and at least then you're outside with all that air and a nice stiff breeze but if you take it in a room in a bucket is gus smell so honourable you will start gagging and throw it up you'll be so scots did not dimension you'd have to actually eat their supposedly fuckin five years worth of disk lasting macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes actually get the bucket empty enough to shit in it that's true though i like look at that as jim beggars and look there aren't any of these fuckin old fox gonna live long enough to even there
who cares if they survive the apocalypse their pluck and prominent aiming at a survive this demo from long saying what you don't know as we are all button and down the hatches and wait for jesus is return ok this that was in the bucket and slap they're putting their mouths is not the same thing there is different it does not look the same there's like a rice putting maybe it'll take a fine result oh it's a result only those poor people in the audience forget about being so can stupid that you watch it on tv because just on but imagine so fuckin like you i didn't i really think aside a sermon today and buzz into the town to go and see the audience in this in the past you do i think they offer free food they tell me tat you get a free meal if you come in here that's all they need a free meal there are all sweet free food or they pay excited to be on television as well that zero books books open packed in a book but don't have like books in their hands probably same book
you see on the state budget pass them out get him a shot a fuckin by this bonus bucket shit hillock garlic notes people taken note this is important stuff what support we're ok avow ye one played dad resort o day me underground for fifty years about willpower why sure don't look he's fucking people they're taking notes like this is like really important stuff that jim bakers talking about i just love this guy keeps on keep an eye on oh yeah he's like the energize or bunny did known sock images gone these days ok who cares about anymore look at him he looked smooth fuck together sleek white hair cute little beard cute his thin hotel passionate he's got the drive he's got the energy it's got this hollow piece ass behind when the green shirt get her it's fun i if you watch this shit sometimes you'll see them like openly argue
on the show but like it'll be like very like restrained like number one time he was he was late talk about marijuana or somethin he's like use smoke marijuana your college days didn't change is like our air and then you know this picture smoke upon taken deck chair oh yeah i may i should she does have that i've done she for sure on strong ashore trophy wife vibe going on behalf of someone that guy's age what we found majestic hollandaise that do was a party relate to party that's a steel he wasted ted talk but the lord and maybe even believes it but after that she has done let's parties down to fuck yes christianity is all about forgiveness ya sometimes it forgiven the next day it's beautiful deng's gotta good market scattered locked in a jaw austen guy's name yeah joel saying that guy he does arenas man although i did the same place where we do you see he was coming to
next day or the next week or so that's crazy he feels the fucking arena said prosperity dialogue jail look at those people in their own business yeah i thought but before i'm like man how much laughter nobody's is talk about one stage not a whole lot i was thinking like like a fucking spanish learn about like i used to be this youtube atheists dude you should totally do now deemed and and i say this in your way out i'll do it i'll nice and conservative and shit and arbela yeah found jesus term my life around i was depressed stop right there celebrate their noticeably we change your fuckin acts into a mocking southern act globally and obviously you can't do that view but let's let's just run through i would have you do if we're gonna reinvent you like as you say that company in the country rather moves so far into conservatism that is dangerous being an atheist dangerous being a liberal and you ve gotta
a certain amount of financial requirements now you got a mortgage now maybe get a car payment for fuck man and either get this money come in i know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna reinvent myself and will be a performance are yes i do for a few years or become a conservative come a conservative christian give my life over to jesus slew would be the event that we would need to talk about like we'd have to describe that that motivated you did make the big chain shit me some that i could i could figure is right but seem incredible unbelievable like maybe a little baby heart attack it's true overweight yeah yeah guess polite i had my heart attack and i gave an fuckin spend some kind of like near death your or some shit yeah yeah wiki blacked out like something
and yet illegal little minor hardtack leg stop working blacked out and i saw was in a tunnel and i saw the light sir and i felt like a presence in energy mom love that i'd never experienced before wooded wooded what was the initial reaction to this love and this experience i think she was issuing lord shall we go the hell route should go like i saw you i was cast out of this place and i went to hell nor is that too over the top his might take on things tat this is what i believe i believe you're allowed to talk about god all day long but as soon as you talk about the devil only a select group of people are gonna hear you fear of you talk about yours has more people believe in god and believe fuck you not only that its culturally acceptable to describe a bleak in in a higher power if you dont even say god you get away with it for ninety percent of people it's true have to do is say i'm spiritual non denominational but i'm spiritual and ultimately
believe in a higher power i just think it's very possible that sometime leave the option error like the seven planets fuckin thing like what they say it's like our it's like a reincarnation trope where you like you go through seven stages of of life were like for a first year you hadn't humans are like second or third on the list but of usually like in your seventh life you become like a being of the law is not necessarily or seventh does your ear triggered they repeatedly attempting so you become like an enlightened being gal i give you if you're you if you're a shitty human being you might get sent back or you might just be a human being again but eventually you get incarnates is like an immortal being of of pure enlightenment interested one where the cosmos and all that shaggy dalai lama tat you could do like a like a gig energy put people at new aid shit right because they buy
accepted unlike seven different planets to like you go from one planet to the next as progress up the ladder rose by lawyers this all of us but what is this what religions this one i don't know it some crazy shit i heard one time but i could roll with that so planets of seven times to reinvent yourself and i told you i'm totally my shit together now five hundred years all but i'm totally together finally i can say i'm whole no then you ascend then you say you send to enlighten to the seventh planet where you live out the rest of your existence so in pure love and joy if we just had you talking on cnn again and they would go well what what inspired you make this decision after all your years of atheists youtube videos to become christian and now that you are a christian are you going to take those videos down now and leave them up so people can see that
i really was this atheist i really did give credence to these atheists beliefs but now i've i've just i've i've rejected that all and in fact i'm to go through all my old videos and robust them and show where i was wrong and explain why was wrong so stay tuned for that genius a love it you know you can also say it's really ironic as i did joe organs podcast and we joked around about this happening and then it did happen show greater use you just about this whole plan out that's all public no no no it's not because its can hear your belief in the lord so powerful yet despite the fact he talked about faking it you're going to die in the exact same way because it actually did happen it's almost like god was like think you're so smart dj or i'll show you i show you and i have the exact same scenario play itself out and i will show myself to you and i will touch her heart that lord did he touched my heart to just a few can't few years later how much my heart how much thing
joel olsteen clears in one day look in his net vow worth really scary it's gotta be yeah supposed wordsworth thirty six it wasn't a ten million good little good little and he's got go and probably more ag ball in hashtag ball in fiji jesus that's incredible now how does one just if i that we have this guy on wilma castle who runs this organization called effective altruism he donate all of his income above thirty five thousand dollars so he gets to thirty five thousand hours keeps that everything elsie donates gap that's like a real holy man yeah waterways me just living while after all seen fifty six million jobs ten mile rouses come solomons gold underwear well look he's gonna smart because he's peas built prosperity into these doctrine is what he petals is like if you give your
good and god loves you got wants you to be successful in prosperous right now there's no in christian doctrine actually backed up by christians are persecuted and god does not and may give them an easy life they get crucified upside down and they get persecuted by authorities and all sorts of stuff but he's some way to spend it like if you love god god loves you than god wants to be successful so basically his they all his money in his houses in his prosperity that's all that's god gave that to me that's part of my faith you have you asked for it bitch yes for money the people paid they paid to hear the word of god near and through you garden involved at any point what happens if somebody really charismatic whose really smart decides to play that is a scam i mean it when a bunch time start history but like someone is a really good act or cadenza washington denzil washington becomes a religious icon to teach you imagine if denzil washington at an nowhere had some a religious epiphany or faked it
and then decided to go on television and in an had like a very powerful message for people and then started making youtube videos and then start preaching arenas people of homer you would leave that your life would be changed denzil wash denzil washed and from like training day like the kind of fuckin power that guy can deliver if you could deliver sermon like that georgia with just jump off a building washstand growth a fuck business i enjoy all state would be like his opening active in zoos bill of ngos opening band that no one cares about have you got like a real actor real powerful actor to go up there and do it in a real i mean there's like like garlic leonardo dicaprio like leonarda dicaprio it's a problem with leo he's too handsome he gets too much pussy you're not gonna take seriously you just not ziggurat much money he's always ball the world is on yachts with models to
money i'm sorry but if we can get passed down if somehow are another we could get passed out like that guy settled down he had a wife and he had a kid and then he had some religious epiphany and then he really got close to the lord and he was really gathering up the scripture and then he started fucking preaching you really want this to happen to you want i can sense it in you like i am pleased to be noted what action politics is for people to suck at showbiz yeah it's for ugly people there could show us enough essentially what religion is minutes i could for another form show business so mean you're doing is by doing it that way down where you do it that way is you have to put on a performance if you stand for all those people about what the law does too maybe i give litter your passion for it or not that is an orchestrated performance it's an art form is that your rising people sensibilities up and yeah stimulating their minds fucking weird
it's a fucking weird way to worship in its very weird a bunch of money to get nor arena and so con man screams and yells about the lord and pretend that he can re people's minds and heal the sick those motherfuckers a touch people nea wiggle are you all your death while will my finger in your ear and now you can hear it's a miracle accurate and rushed off real quick you know like by deaf person or formerly deaf person what's really creepy when the mafia which one which guy got busted with the ear peace over the preacher they they exposed james randi that fuckin set up that that operation where you could hear his wife talking to him and allow keyhole elena alice healer guises benny hen type do and i didn't destroys career either he kept going why don't you are reading just keep going peter pop off was yet peter pop off peter papa i didn't know that guy was to someone
now just its i guess it's away they make eleven now a nice little racket big i go and we were talking about doing it for you i think you could what are you gonna get now are you could do it any of us could do it really do it i can really do it because i got the whole atheist angle i can play like i used to be this way but now i've seen the light former amazing atheist now it amazing christian thing i could see the title now to get some like teeth whitening do did you call my harold that your hair short refined cut the herald shorter vice oftenest christian gal us up in nice day hot christian pussy that's what took you top oh yeah you need is targeting the tell tale not like look i just notice that the christian policies just way higher caliber cell is way better they their freaks draw suppressed when you finally get him alone jesus and looking yeah
and that's why i decided to convert imagine if like it took a few years ago you'd better look amongst can be real if you are converted because christian pussy is the best pussy it's like it's i'm close you come on mom you gotta believe in jesus when you just know i mean you know you fuck an atheist pussy or a pagan pussy or whatever kneeling our i guess this is ok but you get back this new policy and you just feel the might of god touching your cock somewhat like jesus himself has given you a hand job came out and if there was a belief system that change the way a pussy felt i give if if you knew the girl didn't believe jesus when you had sex with our wishy washy down there have no structure structure like we're talking about this the other day about wild pigs that when wild pigs get loose so you take a domestic pig when they get lose their body morphs
snout grows the hare gets thicker their tusks role grow longer imagine if like when a woman really believed in jesus if she really believed in god her pussy would just tighten down like a just now realize it when you when you were functional while the lord is inside over the zebra should come inside of the gaza should may be he's with her because the lord is in her report is with you killed howard resides within this can't marry could maybe you'd tell them and the guys would cry my nobility grow bleeding lord clever girl believe ever grab we believe the lord out tsars words like stake my dick in a bucket adela there was nothing there then there is no hey there's no hope there's no future sky holden's wise handling of death grip cheese this christian smile in her eyes nor pussies a vice grip of vice ball milkin vice grip industrial
suction power clamp down imagine i think there are a lot more christians the ass you know that wouldn't you say thou be something that would i would definitely people on the side of christianity that's one the weird things about islam disorder more radical sex of it no more than the deeper the people get into it when they want to cover up the entire woman would cover everything came to see her cancer when she goes out cover it up and they ideas like if you dont cover up than young men are just gonna be like totally rape crazy like oh my god i must do is really to fuck yeah i mean owners
they they you know like that they i don't know how how true statistically it is but you know they say that like there the rape is a big problem when they go to these western countries these refugees and share the protein i used to seeing owes short or long god it's like a fuckin buffeted pussy around here don't you think that need country that has been around for his long like any part of the world really were civilization has existed in is for a long long long time it's very difficult to get those people off their old ways you know and when you are dealing with a place like the middle east iraq is the oldest whether the they think that like sue mare which is where iraq is far as we know it the oldest civilization were currently totally aware of right six thousand years ago there was we believe in and then they had mathematics that agriculture is really advanced civilization for the time and thus the people that are there here today in a lie
a ways means people have come in and people of laugh but a lot of the fuckin energy in the ideas and culture are still in some way connected to this six thousand year old culture we're still kind of fuck in this country because were connected to the puritans or connected the pilgrims landed i mean these people that came over here see he religious freedom and they were super religious and super puritanic on their beliefs and i remember it wasn't just the puritans received it was it was kind of like the puritans were sent you didn't kill the puritans came here to escape religious persecution and then a lot of the dregs of their society were sent here like get the fuck out of here go there go colonise the new world form a new life for yourself there that's my family you know this from sand like but if you really look at it s like the flips even can't even look at america today and still see like oh here's the pure here's where the puritan element comes in here's where the degenerate scum fuck element comes in and then without america right right yeah it's a book anytime
we start afresh country it's a goddamn gamble on a bunch people can come over here and you're not gonna get the best of luck australia australia started as a prison colony where my favorite places to visit the people are fantastic never been there man you'd love it fuckin melbourne is amazing it's amazing the best cities are winter people are so cool delegates cool san francisco type vibe with a weird acts and not wear them yes i fuckin nice his people the world nor so few of them they have its much better over there because there's as many as there is in the allay area in their entire fuckin country now what would i do that's a lot of people you just like we're like i just because i'm thinking about that like our jeers we over happily we does the secondary land and allay like you go there's a weird vibe instantly like
feel like way more guarded here and stuff cause there's like a sense of like like a faint whiff of like violence that's always in the air here like you can just feel the tensions that exist right and i know people are like a lot we weren't here super apologetic all the time for like the slightest thing i think it's just because they all feel like there's like kind of a powder keg here it just explode at any time or maybe they're just polite know they're not like what are people super apologizing about what looks like i was when i went first they happened when i walked out the airport was this guy he's a suitcase any hits my foot with it and he says he's sorry oh i'm so sorry but it keeps pulling it like you know so he's not really changing what he's doing he's just give him an apology for it so i won't get mad about it basically i say so i didn't stop what he's doing and readjust and trotted not hate your foot yeah i mean i just got out of the way that point but but you know it's it's like
people around here they they almost they try to like if you put a sorry over things to defuse any possible like well if i say sorry than young people will be as peasant era this kind of stephen in each other's towser disease so crowded there so many fuckin people there so from culture is trying to coexist in one place like even in a word theo from seattle and shed like the area live in is got like a big lotta asians there and stuff but like you don't really in that sense of like the clash going on right or like there's tensions between these different groups because the attitude is that they have like in the north west of release the parts of it i live in a just cause like people i don't give a shit about each other and the show like an air of like detached like yeah you know i'll be some friendly and shit but we're not all gonna fuckin we were not exchange all these niceties and shit is very like brusque attitude and people must be attached to the entire area yes you use spokesperson i am there spokesperson them in seattle to be very friendly while i don't live exam
we in seattle and so maybe you're in the area where people go to scare the friendliness of seattle maybe so maybe i am well i mean there's a lot i guess it is la asians there they tend to be brusque racism here comes oh yeah she against asma i don't fucking put out without any which shit you i'd like pacific northwest it's a year this unique unique connection with nature when you get reigned on all time and everything's green is fuck oh yeah i guess i'm a better connection when nature i got some friends it live empowered and we went to worm there's a park over there you know not they have kids at her my kids age we well into the park and were hanging out there and we are like cod everything is so green is are you guys not just used to this like this like normal for you right now and will end and it was a rare day wars like super sunny and warm and was like ok if this was like this all the time do you know this place with he be self fucking crowded like your relationship that you have with nature is what keeps people away it also enhances
in my opinion the way the people that live there look at things i think they're more grounded like i am really one who like focuses alot unlike the physical beauty of an area but like i love dry in through like over bridge or something in the seattle area just seeing all the i can hills and all the areas and all the water in everything just looks really like serene and picturesque and beautiful even though you know there's a shit on people there there like there's a giant like an hour but like an allay it's like there's that the sun everything but you just it just like a fuckin when you fly in annihilated like a big grid of fuckin lights shit there's not much of a nature left for you to be like ah well this is a flat patch of death yeah they slapped all these stupid buildings are banned if it wasn't for this would be like shit barrel and fuckin tumbleweed aids and dirt but what did she
it also has as you guys you have the ocean and the mountains all just jammed up on top italia hugging it amount rainier from seattle and what is it like seventy minutes like that you might be a little longer but may i now have two hours of the mollusk because we were we were up there big foot squadron were scratch and me in duck trestle and we drove down from there from mount rainier to a hotel in and the mainland regular area we close enough there like within two hours whatever was we could be in the middle of this incredible rain forest now and then go right back down i know you're looking at the ocean right there too it is so fuckin vibrant i look it's it's like where i live i make feel like i'm in the middle of the fuckin woods but i can try
five minutes and be in india downtown area right just crazy as grows and you can't really get that in an ally now and you have a good amount of people up there to acquit seattle population of five million or something of the entire metropolitan area some why wouldn't know off hand but if i know what it is young jimmy i'm i guess it's like five million which thank you put a cap on told anybody moved and i will die did like even when i move their less than five million how many citys is it's only six for evaluating the elegant though the seattle metropolitan area there that's a good number six hundred fifty thousand that's beautiful but even when i moved there like when i told people in seventeen point secondary points reported that shit that's beautiful you know but like even when i moved there like people are already can alike i could sense like people be like more people people always do that though man yet like now we're good it's like said you know like strata
try to stop anyone knew from common greedy farmers like fuck you you got a great spot what if you want to go more happy though you go portland no now i do not really been apartment sweet spot i'm actually planning on going to portland to see europe concert you down there are now you're twenty men don't buy twentieth april even buy tickets issue i don't know look it up yeah i got a lot of people common ok i've able six or seven i can make to happen i call but i'm that is portland to me is there's a few a handful places that i would live outside ella digression seattle ashore portland for sure denver austin texas and then we get where the hell are you aware that everything else would you like me maybe i could do it but out
denver bolder than when i say denver i'm really mean colorado a guy you live in aspen to oliver i love when i was trying to escape ohio like we all sat down we will turn all come to a consensus about where to move to an end like a lot of places were considered like we we're rental austin it also run away we are taught i'll portland and we're just around seattle so it's kind of pretty similar yet places where we would live those going places not happy living in columbus ohio yeah well listen re people in colombia sure but that winter could suck my dick yeah that's we were done with it fuck you giant mountains fuckin snow just pile and on us a man i mean doug trestle i'm taxing them every day for new york city is another blizzard just hit mike fuck you fuck nukes duncan just moved there like why'd you leave me let leave you left me in what a stupid bob its nose and the miller their march deep were deepen a march right what is it like the sixteenth or somethin fifteenth fuck out of here pamby snowing
that's that's too late is no more snow we're not up it's not allowed to snow anymore fuck this jammed and therefore couple days but even that this i think york is a weird combination of the weather an extreme population i think when you get there whether there could ok there's good things like what seattle has is like a good amount of weather like it gets rain but it only snow was like a couple of days a year if tat could only gets below we had actually a pretty weird lee heavy seas storm this yes father but that was very unusual for the area yeah like during the winter it's more like just constant cold dreary rainy but i'm ok with that like i walk out in the sun in allay here and i'm like fuck this shit i'm look how why i am look at this i mean i don't want that well
the overcast guys i love the rain do have reasons to be depressed i mean i don't i don't need a reason to be depressed i'll be depressed about are where the fuck i am my surroundings might as well at least reflect it you get used to the weather out here yet used the sun but i'll tell you one time i lived iceland palmdale digest icon and i can understand the climate latticed that's that plays a bit mouthy yeah palm delegate's bit methane gas did messi an in and out e is a lot of in n outs out there seems like a main food source has the in and out and then quite messy i remember the northern other seem like but i was just like we want to live near allay but yeah you now we want a pale prices so exactly nail and they just have to commute everyday for an hour which if you see it in the morning i drove up there once real early in the morning i was driving up towards bakersfield and it was like boy i want to say like before dawn so is about
five thirty in the morning and the amount of people coming towards allay from way past bakersfield was fuckin stunning likes dunning i really had no idea and its people afford housing and allay and so they commute they commute and they have to really early in the morning to do it because at five thirty in the fuckin morning it's bompard a bumper traffic on the five it's knott's man like again never seen anything like it when you you you ve got all my die like this is something that i didn't realize was an issue all those people who can afford to live in a way and they drive down and a lot of fucking well that live out there and drive down here for work a lot they should just build this pudding high speed rail and spoken with it by doing more affordable housing along the way added for people who just establishing these artificial communities but there's a lot of resistance to that people that live in area dont want those areas developed who fuck knows now
developers note i wonder charlie's involving we talked about and which about jesus we talk about bosnia we talk about waffles does i think we should have our land development something we should take back what we said today i thought i'd feel better i feel i feel pretty good i feel pretty good about it i'm not i don't really does anything that was said that needs to be like oh wait we'd better revoke that with our people take it the wrong way or sleep it off we are going to fuck em there's nothing you can do about that no but it is what it is people want to see or youtube videos you channel is still the amazing atheists that's right or they can check out my podcast drunken peasants and that is the podcast no matter what bill mar says you're podcast is should the podcast sunk mile that is mine i mean well milo sunk milo my more than anyone else did but thanks dude blisters half an hour i thank you by everybody sayer you every body
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