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2017-03-23 | 🔗
Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, health expert, and author of the New York Times bestselling The Paleo Solution. His new book Wired To Eat is available now.
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today is the great rob wolf he is one of the pioneer years of the paleo movement end of a wizard when it comes to the body and exercise and wellness and i'll call sorts groovy shed it was an awesome conversation and rob dropped a lot of what they call a truth jamie so they say he's woke hashtag work yoda from i've rob wulf the will gain experience rob wolves what's i'll you great man super healthy lakes you dont mill i know you don't want to get it but you look like leaner and they took the
pineal gland out of a small child nin implanted in zambia you need to do pretty much action if that was the case you people run around with like helmets on their kids could just anyone paints a legal area so yeah we're going to get it done i can't really to volts cool doubt wherever it was long wasn't america right right so why you're here your balls deepened jujitsu these days man trying to trying to yeah we could see that in you like you look different you really do you look like you do when i was on your last time i was at the end of a pretty big travel cycle like do and military gigs and stuff like that and i was pretty be down and we ve had to kid since i think i was on the pie gas and although that his beat me down this beat me down in a different way so i've just been at home and i can train dont travellers and so yeah links been pretty good i do this gymnastics bodies programming couple days a week little bit squatting low
the dead lifting pretty on point with food and in just getting the dog piss be doubted me at jets like ten forty sl yeah yeah what got you who is that oh man i've always interested martial arts like as a kid a brown belt and like the ed parker campo donald school year old old school elvis presley style yes and and you know like i knew that parker add some connections with light bruce lee and jake haiti and i was relic always really interested in that so went down the long beach california and ended up tracking down some folks at the innocent o academy and what inspired with a kid did it do in boxing for like six months and he was sixty pounds lighter than i was not particularly athletic and he beat the crap out of me i mean it was just like a man fight boy only i was bigger and stronger and faster and he just destroyed me so i would back home and burn my brown bell and i started studying some tie boxing and it wasn't long after this dead i encountered
so in georgia for the first time in a little bit of a high school wrestling background and i was still kept the california parliament champion soaks strong athletic kid and again like this guy like submitted me fifty times and light two minutes and i was kind of blown away but this was back in life ninety two and unless you were in a major metropolitan area you just couldn't find jiu jitsu so i did a couple of weeks of it then you know around like ninety two ninety three and i didn't have a second and you session until i two thousand three and again it was like a month or something because at that point the hopes it were usually running these schools like they could barely keep a mobile and they were at like nine o clock in the back of a karate school or something so it's only been defined couple years that have been able to be pretty consistent so you just found out a grape jam out where you were at yeah yeah it's kind of bounced around a little bit kelly farrell like conviction martial arts and then also the guerrilla jiu jitsu affiliate there
reno and then i get out to elcho to their guy's dead straight glass jim in echo under chris my report so what so you out and renew area yeah yeah yeah i didn't know what rina was like i went to reno this pass august and went of maybe it passed through once when i was younger right we went through reno into the mountains in the vodka fuckin b what of it is it is yet four seasons like the summer's gray winter was really cool the sheer good snowboarding and all that and it looks like a colorado up again think nevada think desert you think baron landscape not very pretty or or pretty in the sort of like a pay better bring war i understand that it wasn't i got it always gorgeous yeah yeah it's kind of funny when people do you know far from being interviewed or something like you live in reno really is that part of the parole violation or something i don't know we really like that the thing that is sad though is the casinos in reno their weird it's
it's a really weird mix because you have like tesla and all these tech companies that have moved into town and its really got a new vibe going on yeah like the big ten slug mega plant is out there kind of east of town so you kind of technology seen there's a whole startup row in downtown reno and then you have the casinos and that whole underbelly element to it and so these two things are like little you know you you change corners downtown and you're in either the lake super pressing you know like failed it casino deal or you go around the corner and there's a bunch guys with the technology start ups to technology startups will overwhelm the shitty casinos it's still you know tack in general this is maybe get off in the weeds by under so much stuff that she has been built on speculation and eyeballs and nothing real i'm still curious if like tech in general is gonna make it so i y yeah it's also equity in what were you note you know
with so much speculative money that went into that seen in there you know there's only a few entities like facebook and google and stuff that of really turned it into a money making venture and a lot of these technologies perhaps there was a lot of money going into him but it was just kind of predicated on growth or eyeballs i never really had a strategy towards profitability and so i'm just kind of curious how many of these things are really going to going to make the cut but it could be really good to like if we if that stuff tight up and people really start looking at it like a legitimate business and not just eyeballs and and bandwidth so it will be interesting yeah voice thought that was weird about twitter that twitter has so many users and has some there's so much activity to something going on their right but then they have to how do you generate money from right right yeah and then in the never work or not at my night it's worth a lot of my butt for no reason right i got everybody is using it what do you do it right now but i feel like some
he's gonna figure it out but i felt like that two years ago right now yeah how they stay open i have no idea i have no idea yeah i don't know i don't know i keep hearing the nominal shadow banned list we heard that i dont believe it lay torch it yet you did have jordan petersen on so that although we got you on some sort of a short list we launch leave along gavin mcguinness more green is probably in more ridiculous and stephen crowd her alex jones the big one for they are right to say the least like means what it means to be on that no not exactly i just get your tweets reviewed by a person before they make it out to your feeders get out here really the room that's what it said on offer real said well most my tweets and make it out there and the ones that don't thank you thank you forget those asks us some kind of oversight hammered at the communist or two o clock in the morning i want to rise from people out for no reason thank you protect me from myself
i'm kidding i'm not in any way advocating censorship and item i'm not necessarily sure i believe it either yasser that deviation or not at all not allow so i ve been following you instagram feed and you and your wife i've been doing some crazy blood sugar task the after foods postcard meals like beans and a bunch of other different high carb fanatic what are you doing they do there are you want to come oh diana wedding i own i generally run really well kido or pretty close to it fuelling jujitsu is a little rough without toy maybe do about seventy five two hundred grams carbs on harder training days and another days it's pretty low carb my wife though is kind of like wolverine like you just can't killer in this is some of this stuff did i've learned in the past couple of years personalized nutrition where there's a here variation from person to person and how they respond to carbohydrates foods and jim well but in particular carbohydrates there was a study done at the weitzman institute in israel
couple years ago and they basically put i can you glucometer on folks on folks boot disk that you that you pop on the back your arm they data folds ec screen on them a gut microbiology testing and they started feeding these folks different meals in the blood glucose risk answers were all over the place like one person would rice and they would have a barely perceptible blood glucose increase another person would be near diabetic from from eating rice and did they this is a genetic variability is its location like wherfe net ancestors ain't got microbiology seem drive it and so the girl is unhealthy then that seems to me blood sugar response worse and in conversely if you eat in a way that makes your blood glucose response look pretty good then the gutter grow biomes seems to shift towards what they consider to be a healthier profile ha so now is there anything you can do your gut biome to change the glucose profile yes why exactly what
who is pretty complex leg you know some people can have a condition old small intestinal bacterial over growth were the bacteria are basically growing too far north in the gut essentially in and when were you eat something with carbs in it it makes those bacteria grow in an inappropriate place in an appropriate way and it's kind of difficult to basically dark the bacteria in the four guy and then feed the bacteria we are in the hind got in there are some some yet crisscross around like he's one of the best people in the world probably in dealing with stuff like that but it some or put it like this in the land five years we learn more about the gut microbes on then we knew in the previous fifty years in like literally every month it goes by we will learn more and more and more but the clinical application of doing something to help somebody that sick is not easy it's a pretty complex process a lot of people will expire a lot of improvement from just kind of a low carb diet but it doesnt work forever
like they me a lot of people may need like some urban prevention like i'd garlic in indifferent anti microbial agents that help to knock that bacterial over growth back and it's it's a pretty challenging process particularly if the person is really sick does fasting have any effect on can and just like reduced meal frequency seems to improve the gut microbiology and in the overall got health so this is some stuff there i think is going on with intermittent fasting were instead of you like six or seven meals a day and just constantly kind of keeping the guy inflamed instead do and maybe one or to meals a day pretty broad spacing seems to have some great benefits for folks i've been doing thing where you only eat for ten hours a day yeah yeah i did a podcast with doc run a patrick yes she was explained to me and said let me give it a try and i've has really great results us a lot about if we are almost immediately start losing body fat from it but didn't lose any energy and don't feel great mean it
everything feels really good but it's been its chow jane because i come home from shows like later right i'd be hungry re an arm obsessed with drinking water or can i was forced to have anything that your body has two metabolize right yeah even coffee will kind of cause a little bit of a dream responds deliver kicks out some glucose and then it basically presses the reset but would not novelty i would think that that would problem lee be ok but i mean the folks it really know a lot about it like rhonda patrick voltaire longo the really pretty out with that in that fasting period like just wanted nothing but water yeah yeah what is delicious when you thirsty by not so good every time you like pouring ass water so i grabbed one of these loans we re that are really is zero for people are now is not a sponsors as we drink it in its devious flavoured soda so it's really like a gilt free so the right with ice crazy like soda that sweden with plants right and not not
sweden in a way that affect your blood glucose i've what all still you can reduce blood glucose so it in some people because the sweet taste actually release into in response to an early keeping amicable those and then a bullet thirsty but the the downside is that if you have somebody that has kind of an insolent roller coaster can actually make that problem more so the stevie is super good i think it's a lot better than most artificial sweeteners by their our folks that can kind of get themselves and into a bad spot with it that's interesting i did not know that's so is it is their alike are recommended daily allowance of steve you now again this is just a really individualistic thing you know when it's something date like if somebody is a health coach or a doctor health care provider and they see somebody that struggling with something and the like so how are you eating like i'm kind eating low carb ok so are you doing any artificial
wheat nurse or you know what have you and if they're doing something like this then it could be something that is kind of kicking them out of the you know that soon regulation that will work better for them now what do you think cologne exe the latter lated no about it because i feel like it was a thing for a while yet out of you we'll talk my cleaning out their intestinal tract and you know you gotta get water up flesh everything out any people would like literally why the two angola i know what you're eating unlike flat it always seemed i me like airy that seems the generally an exit only kind of process and so yeah yeah it s you trying to do certain drugs right right or drugs apparently are best when you stick em up
it is a girl named neuro soup she's on youtube anymore but she had this whole detailed story about a dm t trip that she did we should took dm t upper but and went on like some five hour journey into the nether world because it goes directly in your blood stream from their right gets at bay so got a non sitting all you like with your hand that base kind of an ass talking about you making their hands but i always wondered if it was good for you like i just feel like you should leave that ariel flooded water up there just doesn't seem like the smartest move yeah it seems like just skip and a meal here and there and just kind of letting it do its natural business seems like a pretty good thing the people that i encountered did clinics they seem to be a kind of a merry go round with it and they also were in some other really squarely stuff like it like healing killing in shock rose and a and it's just seem like they were
always moving towards something you never really getting there and so it it just seemed like heard there was never like a resolution to the situation and i am like having some in points move on and do something else i always get very curious something or very sore guess skeptical the right word but of something that doesn't have any research behind it rises so that's why i wanted to know how much researches there behind politics is i never hear about it never doug into it so i honestly don't know i do know that there have been some studies looking at the gap micro biome like when they do a a call and ask a b so the old thought a flashy out and will give you some stuff too to move everything out in the rain research it suggests that's not great for the got micro or further to lower got microbiology that there is actually pathological changes from that to going in and getting a coal and ask me in all of the lake strafed bombing
but they do move everything out may not be that great is a great way to put the attractive farming fighter for totally agent orange says that at that time that at that y know that people that have antibiotics that like people that are better battling staff infection have horrendous time sort of reconstructing the gut by right in rwanda patrick detailed that on one of the pod castigated she had a tremendous staff infection and it read it wouldn't go away she actually wound up one of the things that really helped it was topical application of garlic yeah yeah yeah she's real the interested yet garlic oregano there's lions traditional we'll reagan a whale like the megan oil and the garlic are really potent in general they can spare the healthy bacteria what we would call the more beneficial bacteria but even
that's not a universal story like eight can suppress some of the more beneficial bacteria in some situations so again this is where if you think you ve got going something going on it's probably smart to work with somebody that knows a little bit about what they're doing so that you ve got a protocol you contested see what the results are and then we can make some decisions based off that because you could really you know you're already in a compromise state and then you throw something like that in you can end up a worse now for but that are listening who would someone go to like say if you really want to get your gut biome checked out i mean someone like chris crasser there's a gal in austin amy myers there's a doctor who show up in the bay area crisscross roles has the questions to worry certifying healthcare practitioners these are the folks that you want to check out so the institute of functional medicine is a really good place most of the doctors and healthcare providers that go through that functional
this training are really well versed in looking at the this whole gut microbes on story but interestingly they can pull it back and they ve got this kind of evolutionary biology picture that they look at so there thinking about sleep and your food and stress levels social connectivity and they really put all that stuff yet there are many good way in their not chasing symptoms are really trying to figure out root cause and then try to address the root cause and move forward in the pretty they're pretty good at figuring out like you ve got eighteen things going on which which is the one thing we need to address first when will knock that out and go to the next one in the next one and now when they start applying say like probiotics are there are all probiotics created equal in terms of like foods not in terms of like supplement nation i know this like really intense probiotics supplements the act i they have to keep refrigerator written in right now i mean the again there's huge variability in that you have some people that when they add probiotics
like just like kim cheer sauerkraut yea improve immediately lecter clinical symptoms improve they feel better maybe depressed symptoms improve they get leaner and then you have other people that everything that have gone on get worse and these are the that you start wondering if they had some small intestinal bacterial over growth did they add some reactivity these things called fahd maps which are for mental carbohydrates that can you know make the gut microbe i'm kind of freedom there's another layer to this which is called small intestinal fungal over growth so there are people out they had some sort of a persistent fungal infection which doesn't get picked up on the general micro biome screening has are looking at bacteria not fungus so this is a whole other layer to the story that people may have had a years long decades long fungal infection and the guy that is then disordering everyday in causing inflammation and those really really difficult to deal with what
one do when they have a fungal over growth you can do some of the anti fungal liked i flew can and again some of the herbal preparations by this is another layer you know can appealing the onion dead there aren't that many practitioners that are even looking for that as an option in the treatment protocols not super well that it out so there's a lot of experimentation that happens there do they know is there a dietary cause i mean is always an influence on the diet but you know you could you know refined carbon rates makes all the stuff grow better and in disarray stood the normal gut flora it causes inflammation but you know oftentimes people will go on around of antibiotics the bacterial population gets pushed down and then the fungal poppy from which is always there but usually it's in some sort of a symbiotic balance with the other microbes then to the fund infection or fungal population can increase and this is where some people
will go on a round of antibiotics and then they end up with some sort of the legitimate fungal infection you know like they can see it on their skin and the doctor will prescribe some antifungals for that that you can also have this happening kind of a low grade sub you level where it's not bad enough for their getting rashes hives by it's bad enough that it's making them sake and not kind of optimized while it's so hard to figure what's going on with you unless you mean it seems like for the average person that has a full time job family that jazz it's probably incredibly difficult to get to the bottom of what your health who is it definitely can be you know the average time for diagnosis of auto immune condition or something like silly act as easy like twelve to fifteen years so people are safer suffering for a long time in its not the easiest thing in the world a pin down because this
items are so variable from person to person now if you go to a good doc particularly someone again kind of functional medicine training where they ve got little bit of this evolutionary biology perspective they usually ask a set of questions in more questions they can cannon narrow down what's going on but if you're kind do that can the box deal and you ve got five minutes with this person like they're just trying to figure out what's the script i'm gonna write so i can move this person out and get to the next person that's unfortunate and you're just knock and unless you get lucky you're not going to figure out what the issue is yet would seem the amount of time required to figure out what's wrong with the purse would also be very expensive and likely not covered by a whole lot of healthcare plans i mean it it's in forcing like some of these functional medicine docks do away with pretty little you know why but some of what they're doing is a time investment like they'll do a two hour history and if they can the information the lad
sk so you know what what is your in utero environment like like did your mommy well did they smoke when you were born was it imaginable birth or c section where you breastfed or not with your head the approximate age your first round of antibiotics did you ever go on tat recycling for extended period of time for acting so the builder really comprehensive early life history and then try to march this thing forward unalaska questions like did you ever travel out of country did you get some sort of a gun while doing that so there are some really important pieces by a well trained practitioner will rely a lie on the intake and in that will come and form where they go with testing and so the testing be a little bit expensive but you're not just casting around blindly like because of that really thorough intake and kind of understanding early life history and trained affair it out if there is ever been like a big event that could be linked back to this health crisis than they
really dialing the testing then depending on what they get from that they can make a treatment protocol try the treatment protocol we have successfully good to go with not and we start modifying from there when you say eating foods out of the country achieving some sort of a bacterial infection and not as one of the scariest things in the world to mix up watch that stupid show tomato right what are the enemy within or simply it's hard to think of your body as being leg not just an organism but a whole ecosystem right right and in stuff can come in and take up residence this is a new laser really want it yeah i add georgi twice a wailing it some it's bad it's bad you get that the first time i was snorkeling in mexico urges and so everybody in the main snorkeling group was kind about in the salt water and then there was nobody over in this other area and so i was out swim over here but apparently in there was
it was an estuary like there was a salt water freshwater interface and so i started swimming in the fresh water and then again you really not supposed swimming america's its water out of a sea know tee in leg sometimes what's it say no to the third underground dumb kind of fresh water springs that come out of a limestone sirens arms adrian i interrupt you when you say people incidents in our water water our boy yeah yeah you get the idea from beaver poop that is another point cs i dont know that there are beaver and yucatan but there's some other member in a prince of wales island once about a year and a half ago two years ago and die it's really high up and its above the line where beavers are and so you could take a water bottle and dip into the lake his drink rather the lake he feels it so dangerous feeling what other things leak in the leg on brighton diesel water and the like there's millions gowns wars like you
like whenever it is not going affecting unlike says says you what if i scope it right where the thing dropped off its diesel fuel but it just seems weird that you can do that many seems even weirder when you think about the fact you can't do that everywhere right like that most will even though we're a giant percent of us his water lilies i don't know but it just seems weird that you can do that and then it seems even weird when you think about the fact you can't do that everywhere right like that most would even though we're a giant percentage of us is water really can't drink most water jump off the peer dived down where was super deep early cold open up their water bottle fill it up when backup drink it you can't do it drink it you can't do it now because the lake has geography and it in a bunch of other weird thing what here dived down where was super deep really cold open up their water bottle fill it ups when backup drink it you can't do it now because the lake has georgi at it in a bunch of other weird thing would happen well for him nothing nobody
happened to the lake more people moving in just you know it's just kind of of a volume of pooh input at some point kind of but once the natural hoosac we fuck and ruin everything down people i mean most most indigenous cultures were savvy the idea that you didn't take a dump in your own water systems and they would they knew about parasites for sure me now is always a whole idea about not eating pigs other religious scares me the religious rules about not eating pay great was the big part of it was because pigs eat everything but everything is on the ground and they would eat something that has turkey analysis in it right able it really really sex meeting pigs laid sorted determined that pigs were evil right in shellfish similar good friend of mine john d right did a book called the paleo manifesto and he actually has a really and
sing background has kind of a pretty deep kind of religious studies background in he would talk about some of these food prohibitions indifferent legends and in what we know about it today and so things like shelf she ever once while we get something like red tied more you know the diet tom you know over growth in these filter feeders would pull the stuff in ending get loaded up with a toxin and it would kill you if you ate it and so these food prohibitions really add some pretty good wishes to them in general but then there is also some super goofy things but it pre commoner across all cultures like people would you know can build into their systems these prohibitions against different foods and oftentimes because this kind of back cereal or or parasitic deal i went away like the kosher ones for milk and meat milk and meat together can have militarist eight together under what that's about out
to ask him about that i have never heard anything about that and in its interesting in islam then there's not that prohibition so it in i don't know if that was just kind of like a fuck you too the judeo christian here yeah now what about eating fats with blacks carbohydrates fathoms sugars design effect your glucose levels like and how its absorbed by the body yes but again like from person to person it really varies a lot over some people you know if you did something like a white tito and you're gonna have a certain blood glucose response from it and you put a good whack butter olive oil or something in it for one group of people it would actually reduce or in spread out the toll glucose load so your blood sugar windows high your tone insulin load would be lesser as a consequence and then there are other groups a foe
state they will see an increase in blood glucose response and a really pronounced increase and insolent response and is the amount of fats that are in life the olive oil in the butter that's in the potatoes at uniform other measuring it very carefully studies have been done there quite uniform yeah like to get it into a pretty good job so there you know person eat x amount of carbohydrate they add x amount of fat there kind to standardize for body weight so that your deluding the glucose about the same amount from person to person and so did this asked understanding that i've seen out of this is just that there is a pretty good variability from person to person as to how they're going to respond to that so it's always a case where adding fat to decently dense carbon hydrates horse source is gonna buy you anything for some people it is an improvement and for other people actually more problem sued almost have to do like the kind of experience the experiment you're doing with your guy for you tat blood levels rep post what were you doing
time periods so you knew of it for the recommendation it it's called the seventy carb test you fifty grams carbs in that's the net carp saw the fibre subtracted out and so if you do something like black beans to huge pile of beans because they have a lot of protein and fibre so those things are hard to do something white right white rice or you know like gluten free bread or something would be a lot easier to do but you consume that you set timer for when you're done with the meal hours later you check your blood glucose in for my methods i'd like to see that to our mark probably under a hundred and fifty milligrams per deciliter for folks which is pretty cool serve it if by when we look it again some mud agricultural people they tend to add some really really nice blood glucose responses and again from this white in paper what we saw from that is if people controller blood glucose effectively over time to implement then or get micro biomed proves in so you you could have to people that have a varied
it responds to say like rice or potatoes or something and one per like my wife it's kind of crazy like she can just crush this stuff and in she does great and interestingly she can eat a key degenerate diet and do great like she just kinda she can switch whatever fuel she wants d and she does fine with that but if we keep that gut microbes on earth blood glucose response pretty consistently good then even someone like me they're kind of like pulled the genetic short card in the lottery like i don't i don't know exactly what is wrong with me but now handle that well if i e in way that my blood glucose response looks like my wife did my blood lipids look good my guy is held fear like everything else pulls into a good spot so even if you're not you know from that genetically talented side of things if you can make your blood glucose response look like that genetically talented person then you should get to the metabolic benefit you dont have as much latitude new data to eating but a means
you know not everybody can flat foot dunker basketball or something similar ask they have to take what you get yeah that's interesting so you just have to kind of figure out what it is that your body requires and the main goal is dang inside these parameters right right and you know it is thing for someone like me who you know like i love the diet i love that basic concept and i idle in general if you about the following you say most people should eat whole unprocessed food melodic tension there like right you know by when you get oh but granular with that whole on processed foods be beans copied potatoes could be sweet potatoes and for me it's interesting like lentils i do great with i can do a lot of lentils do a decent amount of carbohydrate from lentils my blood glucose responses great if i do right these white potatoes sweet potatoes are better but you know the rice and white potatoes like i look like a diabetic after eating that stuff so
even though that general recommendation of equal and processed foods is generally spot on their still allotted details and granularity in that you know you could be following a whole food diet and for you because of your genetics epigenetic like your guy or may be taking had antibiotics in the past you still may need to be really you know careful about the mountain types carbohydrates that you eat that's crazy taking antibiotics in the past can affected that far in the future to how much of an effect like timewise will so there's too levels to this in my opinion the one levels the got microbes on there's another level to it certain antibiotics the way that they work they interrupted transcription in in activity the ripe zones in bacteria but our mighty contrary are effectively a bacteria like they have bacterial dna in writing as ohms and even though
in general like means free medicine says the antibiotics don't affect mitochondrial function there's some pretty good papers it suggested antibiotics can disrupt in damage might account real function and when you're mitochondria get sick you die like this is so much of what rhonda patrick talks about with you know the benefits of fast being in having really good micro nutrient density and what night and you know it tim ferris ping me a question about why is disease gotten so much worse for people you no use to us kind of like catching a cold you know it lived in upstate new york everybody seemed get it it wasn't something that would cripple people over the long haul all and now you're seeing a lot of long term problems but my question was is it really the line disease or is it the damage to the mitochondria from being on antibiotics long term because the the lung disease quires had a really long treatment protocol with antibiotics that's fascinating but isn't it even worse for people to go miss dogma
and so they don't get on the antibiotics for a long time in the lung disease gets deep deep deep into their system yeah honestly i don't know much on that site i've been looking so much at this kind of mighty conned real dysfunction side i can't really comment much unlike the long term untreated line disease lime diseases a scary thing because there are so many topics that have it now i was talking to some people this weekend and there will again my mom's got at my dad's got it i got you know how many god and people are getting lit up by these texts and in chechnya frankie disease and where was it too thirty years ago now it's funny and pr just had a peace on this and it was some of the modern farming practices has killed off the predator that would normally knock the tick population down like what i forget
wait i literally just kind of scanned it but somebody that commented on their like oh yeah this is why we have free range chickens on her property to basically keep the tick population down out of wood where is suppressing that is that the the free rein chickens reading mice and stuff so the mice are a vector that allows the ticks two to grow in right populate so that you know you scan this thing but it was it was interesting but it was suggesting that the kind of mano cry being process of what we ve done with modern agriculture is created this gap where we now pass light mammalian slake mice and rules that are a vector for the tax and so just got more surface area more more real estate to take live on in solar population is grown that's a really important factor for people that dont like coyotes like a lot of people that are very angry the coyotes don quixote ate my dog i understand and it is terrible however the coyote also eat every rat right you can find
and that's what the reason why rats aren't everywhere right and if you go to york city you see very he cairo these enough followed around us it would you rather have i think i'd rather have a few cairo these every now and then the occasional loss cat and fuckin black plague running through your neighborhood in the suburbs it's true but they have eaten three of my cats in reno so i do smoke capital equipment spluttering petty gems our tree or with the suppressed rifle daughters it know that when you kill coyotes you actually increase the population it's not really it's like i refuse to tat often it he eyed i know but that's the reason why there's coyotes in every single state and we have a podcast coming up with a guy named dan flores who wrote a book called coyote america red it's fucking amazing but kind bodies when they yell out what they're doing like all that stuff is they're doing roll call to end
all chime in and when one is missing it triggers a response in the female to produce more cubs interesting so in health conditions when their not being pressure the female will produce like through a few hubs when their being pressure that produce like a dozen or more crazy lake now read out to the change their their area humans will be long gone and coyotes cockroaches will still be here they will inherit the earth yeah well that's it also amazing how any native american myths and stories evolved from about them oh right about how the coyotes was this sort of god it was kind of watching over everything and was ass possible for creation a lot of other things that really weird yeah pretty smart little animal are the wolf to by the way yet so why i'd read some stuff about coil wolf where the wolf populations have been really pushed back and so they started cross breeding with coyotes and so now we're kind
these were maybe about like twenty five thirty pounds now though be seventy or eighty pounds and they hunt in packs and set out these characteristics of wolves and coyotes and yes quite a few of them but the one of the things it's important is it coyotes when a coyote in a wolf breed their base the same animal so even though there is a variation in the way they behave them particularly in that kyoto can hunt alone and they do not in packs whereas wolf's almost exclusively huntin packs right the day share dna so that when they have babies their viable right so it's not like a hybrid right there are basically the same animal yet really weird yeah they're they're everywhere there apparently there have been a real issue with them in new york city yeah elements central park they have them in queens yeah the urban areas are some of the most vibrant locations for these coyotes yet i mean they just crush like population like your pets out at night like you're its russian roulette
with that it is even though the day man i have chickens and i had my chicken one which has got stolen yap i came in i watched him hop the fence with his mouth and why turn out her mouth turn out she was a female she had cubs awhile i figure out what to do i just kind of let it alone i was going to kill her going to figure out a way to kill her but then i thought if i kill her the part of it i don't want the baby's grow up and kill my chickens moreira but then the other thing is i don't want to stop a mother from feeding aiding their offspring right you fellow i fucked up like i didn't secure the are enough right is my fault and there's a game who played in the game stay alive and the chickens are playing a way easier version of stay alive and the coyotes so i thought how to give at that point rang are you got out one right aboard only my fucking dog i will i'll kill you all right that's that's worth cross the line like my appreciation love for my chickens is is why
thousands of my cat in writing rights is diva oh my wife convinced me to get a rhodesia ridge back others went wrong and he's a great dog he's about a hundred and five pounds and like two percent body fat and i wouldn't i'm getting mixed up in a pack of coyotes but i i think he could probably hold his own for a a good bit if if something went down sneaky though one of them will come out and they'll like tantum in a nutshell someone and the other ones ambush right area or like if the female lead that coyote is is fertile at that neither pumping out the pheromones and lower the dog away you didn't get any action and we're going to eat you hook this is a great story that this guide told me who worked at my pet food store and he also works as a nurse and veterinary office and port they brought this pit bullet was one those freak pitfalls that people breed and get it till it
hundred twenty pound right whoever she knows there's yeah there's a company called land of the giants i think they're in massachusetts and they make these pitfalls that look like bodybuilder right they don't even look real anyway this guy had a pit both like that and they brought that's office and it was just covered in massive cuts required something in the range of a thousand plus ditch while all over its body and they like what have because i don't know that dog how the yard and he's just discovered and kind of sad but you know they figured maybe was a dogfight or something that didn't know but there was just trail of blood that lead from his house up into the hill where he found nine dead coyote smokes yeah so they
laid a trap for him and he just flock them all up a huge mistake that you brought this freak is rock listener pitiable into our midst and he just more than all family is gone out to everyone that dead he killed them all tore them apart i can dig apparently they is kept fighting i don't i don't know what happened but he said it was spread out will you know that current interest spread out i have several yards but at this pit bulges what town people's herb part i mean they're just amazing animals i mean they are incredibly strong that jaw powers is just off the hook there really smart so yeah there that would be a handful especially it's like a hundred thirty pounds and jack to see the thing about the people is that it's not worried about dying the way cairo psychiatry is because no one feeding them their whole thing is stay alive survive you know attack and kill something but don't fight to the death right whereas a pitiful
essentially bread to fight to the death rate and the ones that didn't they were removed from the breeding population migration the horrible truth of pit bull fighting is like that my oh vic story where the ones that would quit or the ones that would turn that wouldn't wooden engage in a fight they would kill them and right and torturers harbour horrible horrible stuff but because of really nasty cruel vicious way of approaching the dog breeding what they get is this blood line of four well she's warriors their ages have no fear of death and when you get wanted to hunt and twenty pounds like i'll fuck man right right what a giant mistake offers hunt twenty pounds i might be making a number of
huge huge people i mean can you also spoke to run like sixty pounds i think at the upper end so when you start doubling that that's a lot of real fighter ones are thirty five pounds ok when they relate them their small rhetoric when people have this idea of a pit boner eyes they have this idea of a guard dog but it's not really the ones they fight there really were not that big right their physical mother muscles on tat day because really it's it's all about they have the endurance and having the gameless bright tack and killed pull up as well site land of the giants land of the giants pitfalls because like friend my sentence mammals like what the fuck is this like they have just figured out to do the same thing that the poultry industry is downright breed bigger and bigger chickens anti of this freak chicken i can barely walk right these guys have done that with pitfalls words dislike it looks like their breeding it would like something else but it's really just maybe data on the puppy chow or something
without work a wonderful day people have done that like like inject steroids geared tv somebody's done that sure writer people rules have an incredible bite but what's really crazy is that a wolf has a bite it's five times stronger than a pet really move has a bite that's i think it's twenty five hundred pounds per square inch versus five hundred for the for the pitiful libya that thing is inclined to similar desire pics le giants and the fact that his eyes at these things that is so dickie le that's along dogged such a ridiculous dog did you see that land of the giants website you find it i detected and jessica facebook page popped up a real and maybe they went under harms asking about em they might have one under what a gay rated don't have a nose it's it's
really crazy that all these dogs whether its chihuahua or an english bulldog often cameraman wolves yeah i've was my f four year old daughter asked me about that she's like tat outward all dogs from would signal my ganz like counters at work and i am trying to explain gina x and genetic variability in everything and it was its home if you can explore something new kid than you ve got a pretty good grasp on it but i think that kind of a kind of got the gist of it the way i tried to explain it to someone was the it's it's kind of like people because people you have a bridge damage it and then it gets colonial they're both people right but in one of my recited genetic disorder but you could sort of breed for that genetic rice order right and with a guy like kill any like means killing your and same species like how impossible right and i like it they look so different right and that sort of like dogs that we by
preference in breeding and you know and i guess geography is well that's a huge factors while bright but it is interesting like that the wolf coyote ease i guess like dingoes like there's a real uniformity there like major ended up pushing something's wrong you got this kind of snout in and they ve got good hearing good smell but not like a hound dog which has better smell you know it's it's interesting is also interesting genetic very abilities in terms of what kind of temperature there their body hudson be involved like for sir and mammals when they grow farther north they become much much larger right like white dear end like alberta can get to around three hundred pounds whereas in texas their only like a hundred pounds right maybe one fifties like a big dear in right it's fascinating that their body just decides that look the wet the boy swear to stay warm is to be enormous right get more
round in low shorter lambs shall asta forest like polar bears are some of the large spares or cardiac allow ga bears which like sort of a perfect example because income kyle in those brown bears have access to massive amounts of protein in salmon and beached whales and dear and re lawns and things like that because they're just such a genetic there such a virgin ethically powerful creature as is a brown bear but then lady of them all massive amounts of protein and incredible food and then on top of that it's freezing fuckin cold so right just become these enormous behemoths right right now that's a cabinet came out about
dinosaurs today you're just like mother dinosaurs our real browed didn't you must have focused on about that it's out that some some scientists did a bunch of research you did like three years a research on himself on his own he said he went in the museums and studying the bone fragments and he put all of his information into a computer program and after five minutes spit out something that said that like all of these are the two major like dinosaur family trees are different ha scientists about sums up here's what you thought as this is something like telling you that neither cats nor dogs are what you thought they were in some of the animals you call cats are actually dogs this is what we discovered that it would like that like it's ok so for a dummy like me that does know much about dinosaurs therapy pods the autumn the classic tree interesting so what is it what are they sang now what whether from might be defined this up this particular kind came from south america before now might have come from
away dinosaurs came from nor yet one of the things of saints like this is one guy and at this news hit the waves today it's like making big headlines all over by what is this information mean and i was just thinking as you guys were sent out about war was that like what if they find out next week that all dogs didn't come from all right from cancer some why why how strange super strange their diet several different dead some rural small ones had different kinds of teeth that of that there are of course not necessarily like carnivores herb of wars or whatever and that's a good lesson in like all science should have a sign hung on it this is good until further notice like turning into religious doctrine and assume that its one hundred percent factual you know we create more calls and hopefully those models help us can predict and me in all the world but you know what
yet better newer information you may have to scuttle that whole thing yet there was an article that i tweeted and then follow up article earlier today or last night rather about scientific knows about some scandals that our marine for scientific journals where the scientific journals or essentially operating on a paid to pay a basis re some of em they're public these things without really vetting the information it's inside the papers and cyst seems like any time money gets involved in stuff people become assholes sting operation reveal sciences insane fake news problem i love the term fake news right to such an anti intellectual so anti intellectual like big news its figures when donald trump says it you are fake news like how are you a lot that there should be a like a list of things that would disqualify you from being the president like as soon as you say that you are ok did you say yeah ok you got it yes that's right can't you can call cnn thing you are fake news know they are the news you might think
their biased you might think that you be able to point out some inaccuracies and make them you know make printer retraction but call on them fake news like that just that term they anyone can use and it's such a small mouth noise to make great news fake news he sacked next like wow buddy settle eugene you're fucking with the tire information process that the dish like because of your own power and the inconvenience of someone telling you challenging things you're fucking with the imf higher process of getting information to people write this this last election cycle was really interesting like it it's designed it man i don't know like it would be i think kind of cool to be fifty years down the road and look back at how all this plays out i don't know that it's going to be great living through it like i have these thoughts that there's going to be like the the great
american states at some point there the do you is like five different sub countries after some you know perfect thing goes down but it people are so in time and in the radiology in its just it virtually possible to get somebody on the opposite side of a to have a discussion about anything and any meaning of the mines and no it's forcing me i really think social media is kinda to sell it did this historical ye i'd lake print paper for you know maybe a couple a hundred years and people would have you know where community gatherings they would talk about different topics but that meat in person and the potential of pissing somebody off and having them like try to be you to death or vice versa there's a sore civility that occurs with that aim within social media you get those same deep held leaves but then you don't have the ramifications somebody wanted to kick the shit out of you if if you you know star helping the anti on something and so like to the discord
he's just crazy like there's just no discussion there's no middle ground there's no understanding in this let's selection cycle was really crazy and like a kind of broke me in some ways like i in way less inclined to invest in much of anything now before i would come to bleed alone for some social causes and trying to put some thought out about something bad it was you can like the pocket i just don't carry or whether a lot of people that invest tremendous amount of time a tremendous amount of time just engaging with people and fighting and argued insulting attacking people online and i ve gone to a bunch of different twitter pages where i i go how many hours this guy on you like check to see like one does he started tweets right and that users people we in two day right and it's all
i mean nasty attack shit like some mentally ill person has a computer and nothing's preventing them from just going after people trolling people in attacking people what disturbs me is not just that but also this natural human tendency that we seem to have where you have an idea in your head and then that idea is not just an idea but it's your idea and you have to defend that idea even if it's a preposterous ideally to earth is flat right and we find out is that these people form groups and other people we have also sort of adopted this preposterous idea and refuse to look at all at any evidence it pointed that's that's a silly idea instead they dig their heels in and get confirmation buyers from all these other people and then they form these social media groups facebook groups they go to websites get on web forums and they start interacting with each other and exclusively interact with each and then also inform in each other's beliefs and and great job man good jobs
attacking those shells ray now know like if you do know if you think the earth is round you are a globe tarred that's the newest jamie literally let cringed took him here i had i stepped back like his eyes yet your globe tarred that day whole thing is because these people some one said something that someone with people love defiant secrets they love like this dinosaur things cool because it seems to be real and somebody the gaubert said did all the fossils were basically people doing what kind of michelangelo deal and chiseling the matter rock because fossils came on iraq oh you got in she actually were chasing printing spooks do by slashing yeah yeah tired you live our lives and it was like i've got a platform now you get tits the it's real
good i mean so cheese basically like okay so these things come out of rocks so these anthropologists because there are millions of dollars and anthropology or archaeology there chiseling these bones out of wrong and here we go to what're you dont want play i was against dinosaurs away i we need to place on us about the composition composition what they end up being when everything is so far so she arduous fossil zander change about last all is actually a bomb that was once in the ground that has been filled with limestone calcium another kind of stone linked to pass
over the course of many many left arm of the pact glass like why she doing glass i push for can hear rock this back for us it was there is much faster than you hand the rock also gaily intelligence napoleon's colleges takes a mountain they chip away at some point think a man was something looking like a bomb problem hold on hold on this problem just pause the problem is fucking idiot like this gets to talk about a subject that she's educated in and no one is over her shoulder got that's not true does untrue and here's a thing to people that do you know that someone out there who buys you know a lot of stupid shit you mean to be an expert in something you know think about what you do for a living in know like think this here's a put perfect ambler if someone tried to tell me that like a lot of these
she touch martial arts guys are to deadly to fight me you have seen and if they make a video they make video about this and i'm not there while they're making video so i can't talk to them like and stop them and paused them i don't note that that's now that's not note does not nope no here's actually what happened when he had knocked out no it is not a fuckin achieve discretion or dispersion technique you're not really in corrupting the shockwaves frau now it's a fucking concussion stupid and we can measure concussions we know about although the different variables in the blood when you could prove it was actually there's some new test i wanna get into his well where they there's an institute now that's checking concussions and their check in their they're doing blood tests on people to find out about concussions that they had in the past and how those concussions have healed i've seen deviating from the path but the point is
i know a lot about martial arts so if someone wants to do a video about martial arts what i'm an actual martial arts expert and i can talk to you about what you're saying that's incorrect right i know but the history of it i know what what works and why it works i know about torque average in all these different variables but you can mega video with without me being there and you could ramble on or not even mean any martial arts expert good ramble on and if someone doesn't know they watch then they go wow package dropping some true bar right this is amazing if you saw this but matt thornton he's the street bastion yonder really brilliant guy and they put together this yet who was this kind of a philosophy department in they put together this kind of white she on using brazilian digital particular as a means of teaching critical thinking to student because there's this really testable verifiable process does it work or does not work and you can do
what working means verses this kind of like you know chee denmark death touch type type staff and so they ve actually developed this curriculum array when using this physical process of brazil india to and i think also makes martial arts in general but specifically jujitsu as a means of teaching critical thinking skills and said noodle a neutral on what lay candlelight does search terms for would be but it's really interesting in it some it's something that i think helps pull this stuff together because you ve got kinesthetic element of people being able to feel you know somebody gets mountain onto you can you get him off now well look at this pattern ten pound check she can dismount this person using these techniques of leverage imbalance and timing and all that stuff in so then can throw these things out about is this about viable process yes or no and is in so then use laying the foundation of being able to created a good critical thinking process
one thing that i really love about brazilian jujitsu in particular is that it seems to be a study invariable absolutes meaning there are so many variables involved in like two people engaging when it others say of two people are bluebells and the engage each other and one person dominates that person with superior technical knowledge and gets the tap over and over again you could take that's a person who dominate that person and then put him in there with a guy like jacques chirac and he would just man hand right and it would look like he knows virtually nothing about jujitsu because some one person's there the variables understanding of all the complexities of the techniques they have mastered them and they have also built their body to me stronger physical unit so all these are variables buddy absolute is getting the armed bar getting there joke putting someone to sleep with a joke like those things are
absolute like where you tap out in its view not just like a person gets elderly quicken quick and taps out for no reason which does happen but you d think about someone who has some experience when you're tapping you're essentially saying you ve got me into this salute position i am at the point of death a massive injury light and knees tearing apart arms breaking so in doing knows you in counter these variable absent it's in a way that is really kind of uncommon in our world outside of fuckin car acts and send someone hit me over the head with a baseball bat and you you you you encounter the consequences of actions and movements in a way that sort of makes you really appreciate or the other while variables of life and how important it is to take care of your health how poor it is to know what you're talking about you know if if fighting i was trying to talk about fighting is if it's a language and if one person like one worth the yell at you and they look really
gotta shut the fuck up like one expression i got my work with some people it's not going to work or someone has got a really good grasp of the english like oh i should shut the fuck up and why should i shut the fuck up because you would like that why would you like that cause you too stupid have conversation must not mean oh no he dogma and therefore is like really like drowning and which is the same way you'd feel of damien my was on top eternal choky right it's a lot like a language like you don't have enough variables spawned this particular thing and it is also the strength factor in those other factors i think it teaches you critical thinking in a way that is almost on a they'll outside of like war and like real physical trauma because of the beautiful thing about jiu jitsu is although you can get injured most of it is pretty safe right compared to boxing or can't boxing ass you ve got a much more forgivable kind a margin of error on yeah much our environment that it establishes that it creates and the way that affair
that it has on your mind or its forces you into these extreme problem situations in solving those problems than understanding where did that go wrong what can i do to my body to may be strengthened myself so that i can stop that from happening or may i understand the position so two steps ahead i recognize it if i go laughter run into that in a vague right around this what i need to do is be patient use my hips hip escape do this to that and those those variables and understanding those variables and having let that database in your mind and recognise that is also that's theirs there's analogies that you could make in all sorts of the avenues in life that were that would be right great greatly beneficial well it in again just another hat tip matt thornton like he's just made this point that these alive whether its wrestling or boxing or tie boxing jujitsu judo there's kind of an
authenticity with that because you really can't be shit it's kindly can you speak spanish okay well let's have a conversation in span rats redo spanish newspaper and tell me what was going on with it can you swim you know sam harris i think he wrote that that peace said you know jujitsu was like drowning less for another for a non swimmer looking at someone treading water looks inconsequential new thrown in the water and they're gonna die and so there is a real authenticity their date when you get in and do that compared to some of the fantasy martial arts where there is in this sumption that just going through some sort of paces is gonna get you somewhere and it doesn't necessarily mean that it dies you know and so there's this whole great feedback loop and cry she's really go and you have to really they grounded if you're gonna maintained through that process but it it has so much value with every other facet of your life you know it's fascinating yeah you can eat from being injured if you here and i think
one of the things that really helps to keep from being injured is i think it's very critical to strengthen the body and i think there's a lot of people that don't like to do that the site to train and i was guilty that for quite a while until i just mounted up a series of injuries that almost couldn't deny any more particular back injuries but strengthening the body and sort of strengthening the overall structure in which you engage in these sorts of things meaning not just strengthening the body or by lifting weights and doing squats but also by yoga also by doing the unusual exercise like kettlebells windmills and stuff like that i'd really puts a very bizarre load on the spine and weird ways and it's really strengthens the core and sobs actual manner that allows you to to deal with the pressure of certain positions without succumbing to another the attempt by your poet
right you know it it is an interesting topic as you have someone like marcello garcia that he's like i just raw clearly that were down those injured now it is easy answer now young ends he's definitely you can just rural right if we can do it in a few hours until you can't yeah engrossed technicals him he says we genetics like if you get in marseilles body his legs look like a man who is three hundred per i mean he has kinkel slap yeah yeah giant calves giant legs and that's what the reasons why so good a controlling the back right is he's using his legs and smashing you re usual eggs will let me you about that like i've been a big fan again of kind of this street last jim staff of you know like not attribute based training lake how do you break add up so like if your flexible or your explosive over or what have you how much do you rely on verses trying to develop this stuff where you ve got a game that you could do
whether you are forty years older eighty her told me how do you play back and forth with that ted too you know optimize at present visit question and i think a good study is roy jones junior and roy jones junior is prime was probably the most attribute based fighter of all time with substantial attributes his speed and his style though the movement in which he used inside the ring was really very difficult for people to handle but as soon as that went away his physical attribute sort of started deteriorate his career declined substantially he went being the best in the world two years later people wanted him to retire and he went from and there's a bunch of variables could have happened in that affect a think someone emulation of hormones would we not just backdating but i believe steroids probably and involved in him moving up from light heavyweight to heavyweight worried john ruiz for the heavenly title and was jacked tuna
shredded and then went down and for antonio tar over and looked listless and saw envy and didn't look as fast and i think a lot that was his body responding to the fact that he is hormone levels raw and i dont know if use checking that stuff and betty probably wasn't a betty just had lost too much weight dehydrate himself too much getting down to that one out of every five pound women again so tolerant the mountain and blend johnson knocked him out after the terrible find it was bad right i think that when braun was in his prime though he did something if that were so hard to handle so unconventional because of his ridiculous speed like very rarely did you throw the job and steady would throw led hook withdraw led her cannabis is fast the job but it would not people the fuck out right in our view just he would just just good weeping onion plot and you see
get hit and and boom the right hand would be behind it he was so fucking fast so when he was young he be bernard hopkins beat him pretty handily when he was older bernard hopkins beat him let him pretty handling and bernard kids was always older than him so when he was young bernard begins you had that very defensive based dial keeps his hands at very high very technical couldn't deal with the speed of roy johnston just was ridiculous but assumes roy losses step in speed then is dials not really best style the best style is that the most technical sty right and you can do that most technical style with extreme attribute right so i would agree with them that the best to learn is the proper way a learning all the techniques like learning good defensive posture good good hands up when you throwing strikes good movement in full
work and not just relying on freak athleticism he's in trouble the best way to trot attack it what do you think about the really grip dependent game siena like all the spider garden on something you see these guys doing really amazing stuff but it seemed like their hands are broken in it pretty young age enemy meted out something that you burn jested because you ve got a competitive career and then you ve got a kind of shift games but then you have someone like me who really he isn't it we're staying you know open guard game where it's a lot of color control and stuff like that in these not getting in doing like spider garden inversions and what not been you could argue is maybe not as successful as a lot of other people in that that really competitive circuit but he also seems to be motoring along pretty well reasonably injury free and still has a very you know powerful game by incredibly powerful game you also have to think while his dad is the greatest jitsu play of authors of the head of the play a fact although it
really train much with his dad which is a kind of unusual he doesn't have the he doesn't his dad and when i say the basics what i mean the basics out i mean like it's a simple game is games very complex but he doesn't do any weird sort adela heave of staff were weird spider guard stuff like his game is basically the same kind of jesuits who used to seeing ninety ninety four right when hickson was the king but it's not it just super to india in high level and razor sharp right like his one of his best emissions is getting another best emissions originated choke and if he gets you those positions your foxfire right now and it's it's really just that his technique is so fucking sharp and there's levels to that sharpness of technique now there's some guys that just have a technique that is so goddamn sharp it's impossible to avoid like on a
lower level but there's a guy named pulse ass he to compete in the sea whose two fucking try everybody he wants something like nine or ten matches by triangles ridiculous he just would pull hard and then you'd be fucked you just a figure out a way to wrap your neck and arm around his legs squeezes shit area next you know you tap into your blacked out right and people knew what he would do they knew that that was his game and it would still be caught in a triangle is like part of fact raise because his text he was so a razor sharp so i'd i think there's a lot people to get caught up in those grabbing games those grip depends games and maybe then you know they go on we tried on you fuck you up with it they maybe they would fuck me up with it but i honestly believe that the best jujitsu is judges that you can do with a key or without again and a lot of those guys were they get to emma may they don't have any handles to grab right so no gay jujitsu is much more like grew
go roman wrestling whereas eddie bravo and his tent planet jitsu system when he's dinosaurs incorporate much more no gee like wreck of roman law and you can do that like when i still road again but when i do gauge it too very rarely grab the gay rights everything i'm doing is like under hooks overlooks i'm getting gable grips and i'm using know ye techniques with a gay so right for me what i like about the geese defensively i can't fuck around right like i can't just yet kind of arm bars and shit like you're in there with a good guy he's got you in his garden news gather so much friction that you have to really be careful but i think all sensibly you have to be very careful to not use that key right but the good thing about love learning how to use the gears say if you get a fight with someone ever winter code on their fuckin dead right some guy wants some drunk wants a kick your ass he just get
hand inside his collar like all look at you you're a dead man you know you're dead city like if you get a guys i've got a good zeke you'll choker some like that rights a hold of you he's on top eu and he gets his cholera wrapped around chokes you to death with his own arms you know it's it's good stuff yeah there's just like judo player like if someone like you pedro gets a whole of your leather jacket ear fact man you're great he's gonna hit you what the word old essentially like when someone's throwing you on the ground like a real world class eudocia hitting you in the head with the world throw you on your heard you gonna go unconscious right have you had henriette can on no i haven't henry's amazing yeah sorry guys of blackmail and a hicks in jail and no henry very well is this you know hickson black belts there's there are certain there's like there's a few black boats like well you gonna handle gracie black about that fuckin let git right as a few of those like then hickson is one of the most legitimate those right yeah henry
just a great guy in his game is really interesting like the key in the no game are virtually identical i mean you do a little collars stuff you know for the collar jokes what not but otherwise it it's it's just completely unified from gaeta nokia and so it's it's interesting for me to being forty five and training through this stuff and i'm really not that right of a person it's like i need transferable job skills like i want to learn something once and need a million new wants is four things you know a dummies right now or listeners going you're not bright what am i my fucking champ shit he's not right fuck could be couldn't now what are you doing to regulate your hormones are checked your hormones or i check him about yearly and you know the main deal with that is just keeping a really good i on my sleep my nutrition my recovery i do to me harvey monitoring and like each avi the heart rate variability so you check that in the morning and basically
harvey was studied developed discovered by the eastern bloc countries and it was part of the space programme and its looking at the total what static loader the stress load on an individual so the heart it if you have sick he beats a minute doesn't necessarily mean that its beating once a second you may have three b that go really fast and in there may be a long pause and into beats and insiders very ability to in its basically ass mathematics describes stuff but if you are now under significant stress if your parasympathetic nervous system the rest in store part is kind of brought to the fore like blue the meditation yoga that sort of stuff you tend to have more heart rate very building that's a good thing when you get under stress than you tend to have less heart rate very building become more mature anaemic so i've found that if keep an eye on my heart rate very billowy in conjuncture
with my food my sleep and all the rest that stuff than the hormones tend to stay put good in line but if they start pushing anything if i start compromising sleep for me if i go to who low carb too long particularly with some really hard training then i was coming get a drink lized and i get all the signs in symptoms of testosterone kind of dropping down in and what not which is interest because i know you ve played around with that and seemed out some pretty get success it like kido fuelled rolling yeah what i had with fascinated me is i'm on testosterone replacement therapy and when i took my diet away from a high carbohydrate diet to a much more high fat diet and key degenerate diet my test a strong levels my way up forcing weigh up not just me but a bunch of my and were also on testosterone replacement therapy reported the same thing who were they said like my friend john is stuff doubled his his
levels doubled any couldn't find any other variability any of the thing was that just free testosterone or feeling in total ok question a doubly was free ok but it would what it is apparently is in please correct me if i'm wrong the precursors for testosterone are these saturated fats and draw in your body produces testosterone from them right when you have abundance of them and you're in a healthy balance like you but it's not like you or consume unhealthy foods when you get a healthy balance of those your body produces more testosterone naturally ok ok we'll any it's interesting in this is where the stuff gets really complex but usually when people are on a lower carb diet than this hormone called sex hormones binding protein or sex hormone binding globular daddy creases and what that can do it can reduce the level of free testosterone so your total tax ostro may look good free testosterone may look great that's not
common thing to happen on low carb diet but then the interesting side to that is that the receptors which are really way matters in this whole story the receptor site density for testosterone increases so you mean need as much to get the same effect you would otherwise have or if you have a little bit more testosterone then you're gonna getting even greater effect and sell receptor site density went what is causing that food aid fully no by when people are on a lower card diet it does appear that anabolic hormones have a more pronounced affect them what they would have during a higher carbon period and i don't really know the mechanism behind how that works but it definitely you seem to get you know if you have a hundred in its of testosterone arrest virgin in one person and they have a certain number of to reset sites and then another person same hormonal level but more receptor sites than they are
to get a more potent anabolic response yeah there's some the variables and then when you take into account what we discussed already about genetic variables the rice bit different people respond differently to carbohydrates and fats proteins it is so difficult people to find the thing that works best for them right right for it seems like cato or maybe a little bit more carbs and tito is awaited the right in a but when i do is one big things a deuce recently here i supple met with exactness kiehtan ok yet and that seems to have a big effect on me it indefinitely it's me into a static he you something called genetics but i believe that some other stuff on them on the market but don t i who is a professor and was it universally foreign and he he is one of the foremost experts on tito and he's coming on the pot guess who work on finding a date but in the meantime his interview with tim ferris is amazing these and twice maybe more to untie but they want
he discusses it you can understand like what the benefits of being on this high fat diet are and then you also realise what what the compromise is that your body has to make when you change it to a high carbohydrate sugar diet and one or two things it is a new study the doktor on japan rhonda patrick gum sent me recently was the dangers of saturated fats have been sort of overstated and written a lot of it because of that i'm sure you'll wear that new york times article right a sugar industry literally i been scientist right lie in the nineteen fifties and say that hard these being called caused by saturated fats and taking the blame off of sugar rice and they altered data really fucked with generations of people's ideas in a changed the information that we receive and right fuck with peoples has but there's recent studies show that
process sugar mix with saturated fat is actually not healthy at all right and it actually is perhaps could be more unhealthy process sugar alone right any it really makes sense because if we over consume carbohydrate in general them we we fill up the liver gleich agenda and in the liver starts converting this into which acid which is saturated fat and it said tends to make us insulin resistance in india mechanisms behind that like it is those good kind engineering there if were eating a little bit more of an ancestral type diet but when you throw a modern process es diet in sudden tourism and met messed up sir kay in rhythm you know not going to bed on time not get enough daylight son then the whole me since being really pro inflammatory and very much moving you towards this insulin resistance profile now what is it about
sugar where when you are not consuming and on a regular basis and then you too some time like i've got like really strategic for four or five months and then i'll go off and have a milkshake and fries and i can't fucking balls leave how bad i fear and i've gotta think that there's my body just doesn't know what to do with it anymore it doesn't during the state of vetoes is so you know and you say normal take normally the brain runs off glucose but what's really normal like it for me normal is trying to look this from this in sexual attempt you know and so for on humans every other organism on the planet didn't have consistent food and because our brain is no big in it so metabolic highly active even though i think it's like two percent our body weight but twenty percent of the energy use is really important we protect that and so the process of key tosses is a worker
round so that we don't have to break down protein to converted into glucose to feed the brain we can break down body fat the body fat gets turned in two kiehtan bodies which are water soluble and can go through the blubbering barrier and can fuel the brain and really effective way but when you do that what you are trying to do with spare glucose just for the brain just for the red blood cells the few tissue they have to run on glucose like they had no no other work red blood cells and in some parts of the brain like so some parts of the brain if your honor like really restricted sugar die they will suffer initially until you get wrapped up aid and indicate out some then you're fuelling more the brain in the numbers fairy i did so between seventy eighty percent of the brain can shift over fully to kiehtan body metabolism but the other twenty can't can't twenty two years
and we always even in key toasters we still have a blood glucose root level that's being meted out by the liver but wait what the body does is it creates what's called metabolic insulin resistance where the muscles become insulin resistance so that we don't use glue goes in the muscles were using free fatty acids and were using kiehtan bodies so there you go and you ve been key topic for while young fish logical insulin resistance to sport and maintain that key topic state that's totally fine but then your first meal out of that is like the milkshake you know fries you know two hundred their harbour carbohydrate and because you're fazio logically insulin resistance it takes a massive amount of insulin to be able to push that stuff into storage in will make you feel like death thy filter boy always need a nap i fear have headaches mike what kind of a pussy if i become like what's happened
because i used to use to be easy for me right and you know that there are some its interesting trade off because you could make an argument that we should be able to live like a cockroach in lake just you know you bounced back and i know you under ideal circumstances we would be resilient and we could be able to shift these fuels substrates and this is some of the argument for like intermittent fasting where you for your body to run off of fat and maybe you do carbohydrates couple of days or maybe earlier in the day and then later in the day it's just add fat in and protein and then you fast through part of it the next day so your forcing your body to run off fats produce some key tones maybe not at a level of a full nutritional key doses then also when you do drop in some carved your body can handle that in it doesn't put you into that kind of diabetic blood sugar levels in and it's all really speck
if i don't really know what like the right answer is with any of that stuff but it is interesting in it does come to call into question the oh how useful is chronic vetoes is relative to being able to cycle in and out of it and i don't have a good answer but i definitely feel best when i'm key topic you feel best when you're key topic but you tat to do a little bit higher carbohydrate yielded you give your budget so and that doesn't knock you out of a state to key tosses zones have been fairly consistent it does and i do so when i'm fully kido adapted the blood kiehtan levels or higher and also like if i needed to miss a meal you know if i just didn't get breakfast lunch dinner and i went to full day it would be in consequence like would be a little hungry but it really wouldn't affect me that's the biggest benefit yap in its huge and so when i do that seventy five hundred twenty grams carbs to feel that jiu jitsu i can't do that is easy lake
ten hours in twelve hours in of you know why so i sleep on sleep through the night not a twelve hour fast and i get up and if i try to go to six p m that day i'd be hungry run and be totally broken down dysfunctional like i was when i was you insulin resistance sugar burner but it's not the same as being kido adapt it now do mess at all with the exception of ski tones i do a little bit but the key to insult to give me the trots oh no as so those are kind of rough i do a lot of the cave me coffee and in their entirety or oil intellectually mixed up with peanut butter and then add either soy lecithin or some less think as a kind of a multi fibre all that stops all mixed up together and then i'll eat that ended i get a decent like a point five molecular blood kiehtan level that even all meeting some carbs with it that
interesting so now you're you're peanut butter on sugar free peanut butter national getting a better days penal young say butter people think i'll give form to see how the tab it and why you evil and then a totally lacking any knight sir arb legumes and so there's a bunch of late super hard core paleo folks that are freaking out and right now that a meaning peanut butter so now why why not paleo people like peanuts facts wrong with them so legumes do have some way what we call a mutagenic properties they can irritate the immune system and if you improperly prepare them then date they can be really set like if you if you cooked some black beans or or kidney beans or something you didn't kill him enough anyway i m it it can give you guessed right it's like where you're shitting blood essential it's pretty pertinacity stuff and these are the anti predation chemicals that are in grains in legumes june if you so come overnight you pull off the rents water may be sprout m per day and you don't even have to do that involve or if you
cook him in a medium that has a little bit of acid in it than it tends to break down these anti nutrients and are not nearly as a majestic but somebody as serious g problems in this circles back again to that that small intestinal bacterial over growth somebody who has see both somebody s mother g problems if they have an auto immune condition grains legumes may be something that you want to minimize because it is aiming to for a lot of people in this is the success that we ve seen with this autumn paleo approach so i think that that the unfortunate thing is on the one hand there are a lot of people who dismissed the power of limiting these foods in people that it would benefit their like there's no science to support it and they ve never invested a minute towards researching it so their ignorance about that then on the other side there's a whole group of people that maybe they have success with this otto immune paleo protocol they had all sort of politeness they had multiple sclerosis they had success for it now
they say that nobody can or should eat these foods and yeah i'm gonna throw myself under the boss i probably bending person gator longer you know by over the core the time just life it's that jujitsu thing again you know words like the truth will pound you in some wait you either get it or you just become the slight calcified old turn you can't learn or grow and over the course of time it just became obvious if your guts healthy if all those cylinders are firing too grain legumes is probably not going to be a negative problem for you but if you are a cop or a fire fighter in the military and you have historically been able to eat these foods and then you go to a shift work schedule and you're under a massive amount of stress because of an altered sleep wake cycle does foods that made ok may no longer now be ok and so that's another piece it people just we need to remain open did something that's workin for you today may not work for you tonight
and then you know something that worked for me may not work for this other person it's kind of common sense but people just did partly in the this health wellness nutrition realm they want black or white yes or no binary stuff this is good that's bad and as much as i would it would make my life way simpler that was the case by it is just not like there's all this very ability and there it are you familiar with the dunning krueger effect yes ok so yeah right dunning for more effectively if you do like the x y access to the exact this has gone out and this is time and why access is your perceive knowledge on a topic when when you don't have any time in a topic than you assume that you know everything about it they call it mount stupid and i spent at a time and melt stupid and as we are as we all have and then there's this light like low at the dark tea time of the soul you know where you ve been in it yet area and so as that stretches out then you get some hopefully some
grey of aptitude but the you learn more and more and more your confident about any given topic just starts going down more more and i met this point now i like i don't know anything about any topic and i guess that's kind of a good process ten years ago i was much more confident about a whole host of it is like there's a right answer and there are the wrong answer and today i just really dont know yeah there's a great expression that is the lake of knowledge increases the shore line of ignorance cronies well or daffing we can add it to take on too that as you increase the bonfire of knowledge it exposed the greater level of imf of ignorance right up the light does yeah it's a bit it said natural human tendency for some strange reason to want to know everything or to want to pretend you know everything preventive mechanism regime is definitely a defensive mechanism and it's just so appealing to work to basically put an offence
what your current knowledge stages and be like dirt is working really tough theology can a dangle on the breeze and hang that sign you no good until further notice and that's why today so we're because you can find other people that agree with you on that and they pump you up and right they give you that confirmation bias i support each other and they get together and make them everybody who is not in the nose right hashtag woke right yes and you know i had a lot of that like running across the type jim i recommend this low carb paleo type of approach and for people that were insulin resistance overweight it worked amazingly well and i started working with more n a maid orient folks and add across fitters they
it took a long time and breaking a lot of people to figure out ok these people need some more carbs you know like they may not need as much as what they ve historically dine but this fully kido fuel process is probably i can work with them and ate it broke some people including myself what's very hard for people to wrap their head around the idea that eating fruit is not a good idea like eating too much fruit could be bad for people like one that's right i can eat a banana strawberries in some grapes and an orange and i feel great insight people might but there's a lot of people that can get in the deep into the you know that blood sugar management story what yeah yeah yeah seems so counter intuitive to what we ve been told us kids like you have some fruit it's good for you taste good and good for you like our great good for you well in its interesting we have these
variety crab apples on my property owners and allow johnny apple see kennedy on that's what apples effectively used to be within narrow those at each other yeah yeah we make site or out of it and it turns out her pretty good for that but if you pull up like ed image of what an original banana looks like other dick is like us i will see you again its tiny and it's all seeds in there is hardly any edible structure to it so if you look at most of the fruit that was available kind of pre agriculture and that that selective breeding of fruit like it was much smaller wasn't is sweet and again it not to say that you shouldn't have any of that stuff but it it's just there was a interesting piece came out of the uk were it looking it feeding kids fruit there like let's let's recommended these kids fruit and kids already had a hyper caloric diet they were getting too much they were eating too many carbs and then they threw fruit on time but it like wow adding free
to this already shitty overeating programme made it worse see known it was like there was going to be some sort of magic they came about of adding some fruit to this this story whereas the their kids just needed did pull more junk out and get some sort of both caloric control and some carbohydrate control is there this really it is there any fruit that is in its region state like maybe pomegranate stay calm berries are pretty pretty you know blueberries back there s all sorts of things wild right yeah yeah yeah they're pretty similarly had will widen varies yeah yeah that's sweet not that sweet now at different different flavour ganum i've pick them like in the wild lacking in the basque country re like a brutal buried it just like whom it's not bad but it's not spectacular yet what you used to talk about oranges clearly they have been fucked with right apples like we we're on chip once and bought these apples
and they were literally like a sizeable softball right any bite into it is like the most delicious dessert you could ever have like this can't be a fuckin real regular operate suttons mingles chernobyl apple how much of our food and especially our fruit how much of it is genetically altered it's gotta be massive amounts and you know that that gene most story i'm in a spot where i usually piss everybody off about it because i am way less concerned about genetic modification of these things and more concerned about some of the business practices that happened like we ve been doing selective breeding four thousand of years and there has modified the genetics back to the worst turning into dogs story like that nato's everything and without mean that the classic thoughts of frank in food right meaning laboratory some sort of
injection into that's not what's going on selective breeding for the most part yet most of its selective breeding in the thing about gmo too is the apologists for it like when you look at the results that you get with the good gmos the genetic modification really unimpressive i mean it's not like drama a clear increase in yields as what it inevitably is doing is creating something that usually more resistant to round up than what the lasting was round are being that it has to live ass their yeah yeah which is legitimately some pretty nasty stuff and so doesn't really seem to be working any type of magic as far as like feeding the world or anything like that it is creating a funnel wherein all to grow this thing you need more chemical fertilized when put you need more pesticide employed and it just seems to be this feedforward mechanism on that and so i'm really from a health in point i'm not that freaked out about gmos just as a baseline boat from me
a really shady business practice i'm not a big fan from a actually moving the needle on food production it really impressive to me so i position on gmos usually just makes everybody mad because i'm not really jumping into either one of these these camps whole hog production in general when you look at these gigantic large scale farms that is that is one the most unnatural things you're ever gonna see in life right this giant cornfield right so unnatural right monochrome yeah anomaly that monochrome but those urge medically modified motto crops and you know and you want to kill off all the weeds re spraying your genetically modified mano crowds with some shit that kills off everything but your genetically modified motto crops and who knows what that guy sequences coincide on body well we so wide round up is now being suggested or has been suggested for a long time is a mighty conned real disruptor similar to that antibiotic story so this is working
oh you know the last questions about like well what about this gluten intolerance thing like people didn't have eight fifty years ago is it going on now we really dont know but maybe it's antibiotics may be changes in the gut micro biome but a lot of this duff seems to have a mitochondrial dysfunction peace to it parkinson all seiners type two diabetes they all seem to have mitochondrial dysfunction elements to them the mighty conner is not producing energy the way that it should and back again to that point about being flexible with our fuel systems people see becoming inflexible in their fuel systems and this key topic state may be the default that were able to go back to be able to maintain some degree of health and it also seem suppress the reset button in the mighty we get apple tosses and sell death in abnormal cells but the need for people to shift towards a lower cost diet maybe reflective of some changes in the environment where were being made sick by things like
life phosphate or maybe an over aggressive antibiotic use and then the thing that we need to default back to be but to be healthy you some sort of a low carbon kid you two key degenerate diet now and when you're talking about food it's an and foods people eat and breads and gluten deficiencies are gluten intolerance is what about sprouted breads what what are the difference between something like an asean bread and say like a wonder bread yet so within his equal bread they soak these greens pour off the water let them sprout and in that sprouting process that ends i am said are released tend to break up the gluten invalid and proteins in for a lot of people who are gluten intolerant with like a piece of wonder brighter you know it's standard french bread they could eat something like these equal bread not nobody can i can't let you do if i had a peace when i hit europe bathroom it would need a priest in an exorcism everything you would break it over as i do you have a million dollars you know i was
never we ve looked like is it's silly act as a gluten intolerance but if i get some sort of a wheat exposure in it it's too that agree that like if a stake is grilled on a grill in somebody grilled french post on the grilled the day before i'm gonna be sick from its own area like all my nodded socks it's amazing that fastening but does it have any bay it does it have any effect on nutrient absorption because of the like silly acts a big part of it is when you are exposed to that bread is not just that eager yet diarrhoea but they the neutral not getting in your system right because the intestinal permeability the way i got into all this stuff i was really really sick and had all sort of kaleidoscope and i'm about a hundred and seventy five pounds right now when they all the politest was at its worst i was a hundred and thirty pounds was i was forty pounds skinnier how old are you i'm forty five now but not how old are you then day at that point i was like twenty seven twenty eight hour y yeah yeah so look like tat
i i looked like concentration camp deal yeah and it would just mal absorption like i couldn't absorb anything i was shovelling food down and for me at that point it was at high a green and legume base kind of deegan diet which for me was just not working for them point my life living in seattle not having any son like that was a really really bad move for me but i will say this is is also on the heels of getting in resolving at least to some degree geography or so a parasitic infection in low vitamin d levels bad sleep bad circadian rhythm like all that stuff fed into it four combination their yeah you wanna get taken down at the kneecaps that was a good way to do it air to cure georgia what did they give you i turn it is all which is an anti microbial that they use for things like she already in and also somebody like archy baxter bacteria so so these kind of parasitic bacteria type things
does that have an effect on other countries while the same way that antibiotics do it i it's not the same way but it is a mighty conrad disruptor as well yeah noblest what is a pro mitochondria supplement is arising ban so lake raised trawl staying on key toasters those things all tend to flip sums which is in my country that make them healthier and more robust having heard the variable varying things rather on resveratrol being absorbed all its very difficult to absorb it yeah yeah what is the best usually some sort of them in a mole suffocation with fat and end you know life lies in so it's it's quite soluble so if you can get it mixed into a fatty matrix than it enhances the absorption but it does seem to an end most of this data is petri dish type data so we really dont know if its having great effect in the body
and then there's there's another layer to this a ton of these polly fanatics dont really enter the body or they dont enter the body as the original chemical they get modified by the gut bacteria and then either the gut bacteria manufacturer completely different chemical or some sort of down stream chemical is what the body or it may just interface with the got lining and then the guide sends out differ signalling molecules that dan affects the rest of the body while so depend upon the healthiness of your gut bacteria it it does a massive impact and has a massive impact on whether that was very true or other similar nutrients getting a ninjas pharmaceuticals and general like when you look at people go on a heart mad or you know indifferent things like two penny something that their understanding is not only do we have genetic differences but the differences in the gut micro by on may have a really profound influence in the way that people respond to supplement its pharmaceuticals yeah yeah it's just so much to take in
the person the average persons listening to this it wants to reminds the hell does so many of you did should be like it kind of amazing i guess it's a lot of us because this is a fairly new discipline in terms of the last few decades and guys like you were at the forefront of it of done some person chris crasser whose gone through his own deal he was a man probiotics inveigle right wing and now i tells you the liver and in and you should see pictures of he ended up getting really nasty gap on travelling in i think the philippines and down pictures of him before he was like jacked super thick legs like thick ty boxer and now pretty wavy and he's never really been able to put all the way back on and kind of get back to is as robust as what he was before that but it was another situation where maybe some irritation to the gut because of the diet and indefinitely this infectious agent whatever the bug was that he caught just rushed him
should be some sort of a place that you could go like string of places in a word in an open them up in major cities in metropolitan areas where someone can go and find out like what is the right stuff to do i went to this one they did some i work on the lady told me avocado just don't agree with you mike fuck off that is so does not god i've eight articles alternative their great she's trying to come up with some sort of ridiculous blood ass it shows of cosmic that's not real right that can't be real can it there's not much again that stuff gets really especially carter i asked him over cut it so if somebody has intestinal permeability of four whatever reason then you can become reactive unlike that i e g g anna body testing but it does but the problem is not the food supply
typically the problem is that you have got permeability so fix that got permeability then you're no longer really going to react to the food because the food doesn't get in your body then you break it down into the protein into the amino acids and fatty acids and in the the constituent arms and so the image properties had had four dont really matter cause it's in your guy when the contents are inside the get it outside the body is there any test that would leave they can do with your blood that would show that in any way and is there any way that our cardinals when the healthiest food known a man could possibly be something you should avoid it advocates those are not uncommon allergens so some people do develop allergies diver caught railroad third seed essentially with with that fruit around it so there are some emily janet pro
means to it but it would have a pretty obvious reaction then if you are alert in this is where the reaction would be grabbing other chap and debit and guacamole things that are zambia and usually at something like foggy headedness reggie i issue like joint creaking s or something like that you're freaking is like the joints actually physically make one when i use they just don't feel so that they feel over yeah what about should their causes that information because that is a big factor with people that have like injuries even if it's our injuries if they have a bus wait pain like me pains back pains i've had a conversation with people and i got it from a chiropractor she said i believe it or not like gluten insensitivity just reducing gluten and becoming gluten free will change the way injuries hurt
right back injuries and and i thought well that sounds like some hippy bullshit ray and so this was many years ago and i started getting into this idea of inflammatory foods affecting the way your body in your joint particular feel but she only took it to the point of gluten right and then it wasn't a shiver thing for her and then once i started looking ensuring like all these are all foods that cause information but what is happening like what cost is in what how does sugar or high sugar process sugar diet how does that cause inflammation so different mechanisms that can happen here we we definitely understand that the sugar can feed bacteria both good and bad bacteria if most of the bacterial master should be occurring in the colon like pretty far south and if we eat a diet that's really deficient in fibre high and refine carbohydrates all of car carbohydrates get absorbed early in so there's not actually any food for the bacteria that should be living in the colon so these back
we intend to move more more upward and the g i tracked and this is where we get small intestinal bacterial over growth see bo is upheld inflammatory process so that one way that we can get inflammation out of that another way is just when we get really wild swings in blood sugar that tends to be approached flammable process so just a up regulation of insulin particularly if it over a chronic process that can be a pro inflame it we experience in the are pieces you know if you start getting cortisol released in response to blood sugar crashes because you get hypo guy see making you trained a penguin further release more glucose that can be appropriately tori light is the info inflammation what's a physical reaction like what is happening when you say offline age so there's a bunch of different mediators there so you ve got different seidel kinds these chemicals lake interleukin one interleukin six dead or turning on typically immune cells and in other cells in the body or being affected as well
it usually some sort of immune cell response which then they in their process in doing what they do they tend to release chemicals sight of kinds and in similar chemicals that it can turn into a feedforward mechanism so you know it's ultimately michael messaging thick can turn on other inflamed processes in cells that are near by and also the immune cells themselves so that is causing these joints to be painful oh and then back to the joint so whenever we do anything any type of work out even exercise so this is important important point to make two inflammation in and of itself isn't necessarily bad it's the amount and type in placement nor that cyprus stuff so exercise is a pro inflammatory process it's what we call a whore medic stress so we get a little bit of distress ideally inappropriate dose and
he senses distress and then it makes us stronger so that we can cope with it a subsequent exposure to this but if our system is already pro inflamed from poor diet inadequate sleep gut me ability what have you then these little tears and bumps improves isn't adhesions that we get from physical activity they never really he'll be is our body is allocating resources to deal with the inflammation and the guy and are kind of over hyped up info tory response in it doesn't have the resources to deal with the inflammation and her our joint and or muslim let not interesting so what what are the best anti inflation tori supplements or foods that people can take because i d programme is something you should pretty clearly avoid now use in sparingly and this yes for people to people that are not listening either that or listening this are not aware
it's been shown over the last few years in particular that ibuprofen is exactly pretty dangerous and can cause a host heart attack gas it increases literally for example it strokes good for the mind cameron hands whose marathon runner and an ultra marathon run or used to take it everyday right hey any was always in paint right and what which fastening was i did a podcast with rhonda patrick where she talked about the dangers of it and talked about how horrible it is for you got bacteria right and that that could in fact be causing the actual information that you're trying to fight with the ibuprofen than right this tables cycle loop got him off of it joint pain went away right which is just insane ya think how did this happen how is this guy has jointly in our time he's taken i'd be programme for the joint pacing suggested a fact
of liable in the joint pain is an inflammatory process and he's taking an anti inflammatory what you think all this is probably a win but you know in the complexity is kind a kind of crazy but i'd in an interesting way it seems to be got bacteria media yeah now what like when a person i have some sort of an issue like a headache gore or some sort of a swollen joint or some some pain is there anything that you can that has anti inflammatory properties it doesn't have the negative health consequences you know and for me this is my my own all oh maybe give you some of my own trial with this stuff like i had no four or five disk injury about fifteen years ago doing cross fit at cross at each queue of all places and whose very pretty catastrophic but what was the disk ball which so the first work out was seventy five glued ham set ups which you know you're on like a clue him developer and you're doing is super long range of movement sit up and i ended up with abdo like basically my
stomach was inflamed areas and flame for like twelve days is about thirteen days later were bound to abduct abdomen sit around do like the rapto moralizes rob go my licences when you over train your body literally starts bread king down you might like to lose in setting up your kidneys die so i kind of compartmentalize syndrome with this it was just in the tabs but it was bad so my he's just overworked drabs massively overworked i mean there was no scale up no ramp up this the first time i've seen this movement nineteen seventy five tracks arrives ridiculous so twelve there ten days later we were supposed to pull max dad left my ab were still not healed and i'd like four sixty five on the bar i would just pass on my knees and my adds just failed and so i had to like flexion injury with a lotta load it a very precarious by and i know for or five disk injury at it it's bulging it's not ruptured but if i don't
mobilise if i sit to my chiefly if my hip flexures get tie it will get super crank so i will two spots like if i'm working a lot where i have to take some might be profound and all so you have this injury still to this body yet like it's way better in general but ever once while i can pass it off pretty good of you to use the rivers hyper yes yes it definitely help yeah definitely help i mean when i they stay on my mobility maintenance cycle i am good to go but when it gets poor baby when i'm travelling yo if i have to sleep in a weird bad or something like its tends to a cumulative thing adds up over like two weeks and then i can get kind of a back flirt for people who are someone just asked about this on twitter yesterday the reverse hyperdrive machine created by a guy named louis simmons who is a really famous power after and a completely insane person if you want to listen to the park as jamie and i did with him at his place westside barbel his is a fucking nut genius in
making this machine that allows active decamped some of the spine i'm a big fan of it do you who do any sort of spinal decompression exercises yet which is so both you know canada the inversion board and also just dumb hanging you some you know weightlifting so apps and go out on a pull up bar hands together hang for like three minutes at a shot so compression and then also all sorts nine river dependent right i read that
i deal with a grab a jack as i felt for jujitsu and for all the other things i need strong hands just kill two birds with one stone ass for the item on wanting such a training stimulus for loosening my thoracic girdle whenever they had its can it it's going to wipe out my grip my my group would fail way before i would get that kind of drastic opening the ever think maybe you should work your grip to barely i've already got grip but i mean we're talking about it's a fairly fat bar also thy and solemn just using that is a little bit of a bridge for that but i mean like israel benefit having fatter barbara in its asian get strength from here rather strange i think again like this variety you know like getting is much variety is possible i love wrote climbs like if i had one pulling movement i was going to use it would probably a rope climbing like an interesting idea this unilateral movement you are also like you you get pack involvement
lad surveyed is the whole thing in and as you pull it in attends to look lot like a lot of the petitions and strengthen in jiu jitsu and so you also is part of it you can work these off says as part of the transition so for me it just end up getting more development across my back my arms my shoulders in one movement and i can get from any other type of pulling activity that makes sense now as far as like lower back decompression dear we'll do that one will you're hanging from your waste only from the ways dan i love that that one seems to isolate the lower spine what is the name i think that we have in the back jamie the one that does that there is one spinal decompression machine that we put together back there the woman to be paying up saying no the hang up one but the other one the one that you cannot looks like like a roman sit up chair ok answer but it's just for decompression right
need a lean forward and adjust it seems to target directly the lower back much better than just the ankle ones right the once when the ankle i feel like my legs are holding a little too much stress right i'm hang on controlling it a little too much right or is this when i can completely let go on some of the third the gravity it's like they were finding that people are getting like laxity in their knees like the knees were given for really decompress the bad out makes sense that makes sense but also some of that laxity in these probably belize some knee pressure on some folks as well sort of like how shoulder hangs releases a lot of shoulder pain and some people right right yet totally totally yeah but you know back to your question about that any inflammatory like if i get a really spicy bachelor i will do eight hundred milligrams of he performed by i'll hit it once in good feel any adverse effects because you don't do it a lot do you feel like to take it
and feel any health consequences i i but i mean one of the primary health consequences is killing over from a heart attack struck so arise you know but it it's one of those things where i've played with it in once it gets in that you know i can i and i can do stem and all that stuff helps but it's just like me and if i can get one targeted bulus of of ibuprofen eight hundred milligrams i hate at once and it just drops it down and then you know why is it changes the whole thing from being a two day issue issued like twelve day issue because otherwise i'll just kind of drag on and and i've just got new a point where if i really get myself into a bad spot with my mobility or or just getting this thing pissed off than like ok i just gotta do this but in beyond that there's this from a new chapter called zeiss lament in it really really pretty slick as far as ex ante in amatory it pulls some ginger extract
her q they do away a super critical extract on it and that's tough is pretty logic and that that can for a lot of people like i haven't found it works as well on that pain inflammation reduction when my my back it's really spicy put it pretty darn good in everything that's in it you can make some arguments it would be pretty beneficial over the long haul like it sir these cox to pathways maude modifiers but they it does it in a different way than what the ip proof and does is it does dependent minnesota like point of diminishing returns where you get you know it eight hour milligrams like the magic number for you both and they say you shouldn't go over that right but is it something like that with the stuff i dont know i do like they have a recommended dose on it but i haven't really played around with that but i mean everything usually has some sort of a you know kinetic like dose
spawns curve words why would assume so yeah yeah so i was wondering mike what have you took our hyper doses i haven't tried that have not tried that cause it's all natural stuff right oh yeah humans not really dangerous and larger doses is it i don't know about the tax toxic ology on that you know like gum because its natural doesn't necessarily mean that its nontoxic clarity is strand nine arsenic yeah yeah so that's that interest seeing eye what that is interesting idea i haven't really thought about going beyond what the recommended is on the ode wonder though and wrap it up now other than that what about aspirin aspirin has some benefit aspirin some benefit but it's it's kind of an interesting mixed bag too late to take enough of it to get a really potan affect like you would like if somebody here a back spasm or something like that you're looking at the potential of joy
i believe you have a really potent blood thinning facts so i mean aspirin a little bit dodgy in in that regard that really cute deal that year you're trying to me which made it is ed possibly trusting side no aspirin like a baby aspirin day there's some studies that have suggested that women taking baby aspirin a day it could reduce breast cancer potentiality by like seventy percent well has it the anti and eugenic effects of the aspirin now i've read some things about can inject diet and cancer and that is very fascinates me about having these high fat low complex harbour how just slow simple carbohydrate diet can have a great benefit on reducing the fuel that cancer needing to stay alive it's i would at least two fold it's probably multi factory or thereabouts so on the one hand certain types of cancer tend to preferentially run on glucose and so if you can limit the glucose they don't
we do well with fats or proteins as if fuel source so you can limit that all cancers following this category though some cancers are super metabolic highly flexible and they can use just about anything as a fuel source so there's a benefit for potential breast colon prostate globally storm a couple of other they feel you'll derive cancers that just directly that reduction in glucose level may be really beneficial ears another layer to it though that that low ghosts environment net shift towards key toasters tends to set up this kind of stress response so we actually have a little bit of occident of stress occurring in the mitochondria enough we'll tissue do great with that but cancerous tissue does not so it's a little bit of an irritant and what doing right now what their studying is getting folks wrapped up on a key degenerate diet so did you get that hermetic stress response or limiting glucose and then they will have people fast immediate
before chemo or radiation so this is still doing some conventional therapies but that fasting state that while you also in couteau says it reduces your pool this substance concluded fund which is our normal antioxidant defence network so in we strongly may be counter intuitively to try and reduce your antioxidant pool and get it down a bare minimum them when they whack you and the cancer with the chemo mona radiation the cancer is more prone to die because it doesn't have any occident defence mechanisms to keep it going so it's it's in it listing thing because a lot of people in the kind of alternative cancer treatment senior noble start dosing people and super hyaena oxidants with the thought that some the ideology of cancer may be driven by free radicals bye bye occident of damage and there may be some truth to that but though it can like the two horses out of on this point like they're kind of tackling it the wrong way and even when their using high dose vitamin c they're using it
previously in even though vitamin c is tat it isn't any occident it can be a pro occident it high substances and so it high concentrations so maybe a situation where you get the glue defy on pool depleted you hit these people with those vitamin c and then they may be due hyper barrack oxygen where they go into ed pressure canister and aid they do pure oh two in that increases the ox date of stress and that may be another a juncture of treatment to this but that all of these different mechanisms that are kind of an out growth of the key to generate diet going on in the background while do you mess around with crowd therapy it or not time i mean i live on a little three acre farmin in
reno and so it's cold frequently and i have like a tub of water never once while when i sat up a clatter sit in it but it's so its upcoming water it you're not like you know her eyes and there is no will i mean there's usually for much of the ear there's a little layer of ice on the top of it and i'm gonna like chisel that out than any climate climate measure the temperature now i mean it it sir it somewhere slightly above freezing because you know it's got an inch or two of ice on on the top of it but after you at random patrick on here i kind of opted more for the hot sauna kennedy on doesn't like to touch on its way easier and it seems really my easier yeah in i've been doing at after jujitsu and on the days when i can pull that off my recovery it is amazing it's almost like i pressed a reset button they and although i got the benefit of jujitsu i didn't have any of the downside my own it is crazy and i didn't expect sat when i would do a cruel mercians after exercise like i felt better kind of you know in the
or maybe hour or two after a hard work out when doing the cold water emotions but then again or two later like i was still sore and joint creaky and all that stuff whereas with it the sauna you get and it's not an infrared sauna just like this hot his ball sana a hundred forty degrees plus and i would sitting there as long as i could define twenty minutes man when it when i finally break and i want out it's like if there was an old person in front me getting out of there i would push us not merely that getting out of here now is there french creation in your body between a steam shower and the sauna like when you into one of those hot steam showers and it's a hundred and thirty five degrees near that is good its heat response right it's really was going on he shot proteins yeah i dont did rhonda patrick we know that when i do not know it it seems like for me that air can be
hotter and in its interesting though because water gag can furs or or removes heat like thirty times faster than air does so like it you know so you could heater cool the body much faster with water than you came with air clearly and so i'm wondering you know what you need water that as high as the air to get the same type of like temperature elevation in your body or is just the skin being exposed exposed it air temperature lincoln of in is that is there something kind of cool without like i don't know that's a good question glasses for them deronda yeah up make what about other forms of recovery post work out a funny thing to be very beneficial or message around at all with like those hard balls like those wad cause i do some stuff like that like eight so i follow this gymnastics bodies programme really i wanna jack it's really good and they have so they have the strength work as part of the
whole thing pressing and pulling in all kind of trunk work and everything but each strength movement has a mobility movement paired with it so it's it's really interesting because as you get stronger doing this stuff theirs tendency to get tighter so they just kind of bake third the mobility movement into the cake with that but then they also have a three day a week stretching sequence ones the front splits ones the sides plates and then the other one is drastic mobility for like a back bent and i just kind punched the time clock on like each day i have some strength mobility work that i do with that three days a week i do the yom dedicated stretching sequence i tend to do with my daughter's there like three and five and so we just get in the floor i no it's just up show in there with them also but it's a ton of fine and war i'll hit that like three days a week in that's been really good meditation up like doing something brainwave like thereby neural beats
i'm so wound tight kind of taipei that if i can just like sit down go outside look at the trees to five minutes on that thing do some kind of sick breeding that's me only like tat is a really really good system reset for me heavy donnie isolation tank work i have done some isolation take away we you tried to get me to go out to torrents like i'm when i was here i couldn't make it happen done its and i have done that yeah so tell me what would have been done how often i dont do it often it's usually when i'm travelling there is a place and we know now like it's just kind of getting into reno saying they are all over the country it ass it amazing i had a guy approach me with a yard an idea for a pretty legit business model around this and we can look at it some people putting some money into it and then i heard that massaging the was going to open up you know the float tanks in are everywhere like there's ass i envy unlike every corner and so is likely black backed out of that because you didn't think that it would be profitable that way i thought it
be really easy to get outmaneuvered by add a multi offering can a man and you know brian animations yeah massage and flowed on location here and they saw we'd to their animal could have floating plus we'd is like the greatest thing in the world for relaxation right yeah yeah in reno now load nevada now it's my we're on our with that god nevada yeah lies time to vote was one of the strictest places in the world you if you get caught with a joint you went to jail write something seven years was right crazy it's interesting environment could you have like brothels around there you have the gambling but then there was this pretty liked or coney in approach to work like really minor drug offences that they should be offences all is was its preamble to us now have you messed around at all would see be de oil or c
which is non psychoactive but has tremendous beneficial properties for anti inflammation i have not in it's one of those things was laid out of on the way to do yeah yeah on that i don't think that would someone when i would ask you about anti information things like c b d apparently has profound effects you know what's interesting about c b d is everything that you would think is good about canada paleo key to genetic diet sleeping well exercising right see beady does it effectively it doesn't work the same in every single person and you need to kind of fight you know play around with that so there's some coffee odds with it by when you just look at the farm called he looked at the research on it in you you look at all this other cool stuff that's been dine you know by by diet interventions elsewhere in lifestyle interventions than the c oil hits all of those those pieces so yeah
kind of amazing that that plant was illegal for so long and still is in a lot of places and still is federally and is somebody better it's too it in non psychoactive benefits folks doesn't have anything to do with your mind you i owe you just we want an excuse to get vulcan loser that really doesn't get your eye sis ii don't do a damned thing it does appear only alleviate anxiety in some race right there i wouldn't know much of that is exactly is dependent or were caused by inflammation they just had some great studies that were looking at alterations and got micro biome and flame a tory status and depression and anxiety and it was based if they shifted thing such that the gap microbes on looked healthier the depression anxiety basically disappeared and then you know could shift the other way and its interests again where if you add something so not everybody's going to change her diet and in like i advocate for that implosion shove but the reality is like our world is sick
up in incentivize to not do that like the big junk food manufacturers they study how to make this stuff addictive like what's the lays potato chips line you can't just wine is like i'll take that thing to the bank all all day long so you can ridicule people chain do all the stuff but there's a reality that our modern world is set up to work exactly against our genetics so what do we do then well you could have something like see beady oil where you put it in a little bite a chocolate and the person has it one or two times a day or whatever the dosing regiment is and maybe it puts are also politeness and remission maybe they're depression is gone in a maybe we get a moving in a good direction they feel like shit then made we can say ok let's now get some diet changes in their let's get you going to bed earlier if you are going to stay up and work put on some blue blockers so it doesn't mess with your sleep patterns is much but it's a real he accessible inexpensive and no
proposition that could out some really huge benefits for people you i think that what you said to that this system is sort of set up to get people to eat these crappy foods and make them incredibly available and very difficult to pass up and once you start in the mucous human daily basis your body starts craving them we get right to them i was at the supermarket the other day and i was under the influence wandering through the aisles it was one of those weird moments where i went is always been like this i was just looking at these cans of food everything's can right and i think this is all food but it can last for ever and like foods that's supposed to last forever the whole idea is supposed to grow it you take it out a grand it's alive you eat it and then you healthy and then i was looking at this that was likes justs filled with preservatives in hand and these packages and plastic bags of it now
this is so it's so strange that this is the prevalent food because it so easy to store it's a lie to ship it so easy to have for sale you put i call on the package you good to go but that this is not really i mean it you can eat it its food kinda right it's not really food right food the real food is on the edges right the real food is whether the vegetables are where the meets arm of the eggs are that stuff in the middle and those isles were agencies bright curly cans there it is so weird was like a little kids toy store right because it was eyes wandered through the island and look at all these different colors woman is so weird i try draw me and with smiley faces on them caravans and on the plastic bags but its we less you're going to a really good natural food store you're probably inundated with that stuff if you go to them as a regular vans and his walk down the aisle man you're gonna get it
we re all much of this shit right in it some it it's interesting because the folks that make these would they study near physiology they study evolutionary biology they study how to make things addictive so it's it funny on the one hand we like the gatekeeper is the medical staff man a lot of the media if you talk about like this ancestral health template or what have you there there's still a bunch of like pissing matching contention around that whereas the people we're making these foods addictive they fully get it but there in using it in such a way that the like ok here's are poor election to eat more and move less here's how we're going that happened and we have these really interesting flavour combinations and different experiences and do you want to do you want to run that that video so here is a really interesting example is where you know you could get bored even a really tasty food but then you
figure out awaited bypass this whole process strategy works and i resumed light epic ice ok so why what's goin on theirs andrews zimmermann ergo adam rick many members as food he doesn't eating challenges when he's in this thing called the kitchen sink challenge than eight pounds ice sunday and i think anybody would would say that an ice cream son he's pretty tasty you know it's hyper how it will like it would make you want to eat it but what happens to me he gets completely bogged down in this process and can't go on until he there's a plate of extra salty extra crunchy french fries so he's actually gagging on the ice cream can't go on he's not gonna win this thing in the way that he gets out of this situation is by eating more food he would
not have finished the sunday were it not for eating the french rise and so this situation where we in our woven into our genetics is his process called palette fatigue were even if we have a really tasty food in front of us we will get bored of it and they move want something else and if you have that other thing that something else immediately available in its different enough from the thing that you just got bored with you can eat more in total and in its just so interesting like he would have failed eating this ice cream sunday were just the sunday not only did eat the sunday he probably about fifteen hundred calories of extra salty extra crunchy french how did he know the to explain it so if you go to professional eating websites like people who go do these things where they like eat hot dogs and in whatever oh yeah competitive eater there
parents so it's like ok so hot dogs you need something like gummy bears because the hot dogs are salty in media new mommy so he needs the kind of sweden fruity and light and so they're all these pairing that you do and so with ice cream because it's cold creamy sweet per fact compliment to it is a crunchy mommy that you get out of the the french right that's fascinating you know i have always found that if i've eating i'm eating something and it's really good like a steak or something and i am stuffed even if i don't want any more the stake if i've fries and i tasted salty fries starting more fries by granting no i'm full ran my stuff in my fat faced with these stupid fries it's it's that novelty and from an evolutionary biology perspective its great wiring it's great engineering because we didn't have guaranteed food all the time you know like you had eat when you can get it and then you know you might go a long period of time without having that food
now we're in a situation where you have infinite variety there's fifty thousand different food like items in its average supermarket ten or eleven thousand new food type items that are released each year the engineer to be hyper palatable to bypass the neuro regulation of appetite in it breezy to just go philip your pantry with a wide assortment of these things so then you and do why what he ended up doing here you can eat one meal you like man little sweet thing would be really good so you have that sweet thing and then gosh with salty crunchy would be nice and so you have the sultan crunchy and you can just keep ii being through this whole process in it it really makes most the standard like dietetic accommodation of you know eat less move more everything in moderation there's no moderation in that environment like it doesn't exist to hookers and cocaine experience i mean it it's like these things spin dopamine centres in the brain they they are addictive and end and if we are super
rise by that process at all or feel bad about it it's kind of cool easy like it is not your fault if you find yourself entrapped in this world of hyper palpable foods and i note suggest that people just wrong overrun exposure belly to the world let you know what the world have its way with you but i understand what what a wide so deep tat lake you should not feel guilt there shouldn't be drama there should be no morality around it like if we just understand this is your basic biological wiring if you understand that and it's not your fault but let's do it thing then we can at least d couple ourselves from the emotion anxiety in the drama the guilt that we ve had around this and we can start making some changes but so many times that the reason why i've heard from people that they he'll out of some sort of a new way of eating your lifestyle is it their motoring long they seem to be doing well in their like that they're just gone and then you talk to him like we just hard again is
but it wasn't just that it was hard to usually start getting some sort of internal dialogue where while i suck i must be weak i can't do it it's easier for that guy than it is for me so they bail on and when i when i started putting this kind of spanish this evolutionary biology in this new regulation of appetite into working with people particularly p or who had had difficulties with with eating over the long haul on maybe like them you know we're relationships of food or what have you there was like this light that went on there like ok so it's not my fault my comments your fault we still need to do something in it not necessarily going to be easy but we can do this and if you are beating yourself up about the fact that this thing is a difficult process them we're gonna be able to get a lot further down the road are there any food it's that when you do go off the rails like say if you have a cheat day never again made a whole pizza a bull spaghetti in some fuckin ice cream is there any foods
can counter balance the damaging effects or the addictive properties because the first thing you want to do is have achieved dangle fuck items can be a slob right now so you enjoy itchy day by the way you know its home don't you you know and i i am so set of calling it a cheat day i usually just say kick your heels up do whatever you want to do i've seen a little problem when people set it up and there like ok saturday's or my cheat date any sort gear and up toward saturday's like a heroine user who box out nay flip a ban and they're getting all their gear set up in that intensive pituitary process for most of these people is better than actually having nothing and then it this budgetary process is getting the dopamine you know go on in the brain and it just catch all wound up and do it so ideally you know let's say people eat three days three meals a day seven days a week twenty one meals
let's just say nineteen of those meals were pretty on point in two of them are kind of kick your heels up to whatever and do it whenever you want to do it the coffee that is are there things that are going to flip you out and you're not gonna come back from it you know that it depends it's it's really and individual thanks so let it be a heroine food out there the kit well it's my heroin food is cease in vinegar potato chips ha i love those yeah i will kind of healthy though is vinegar this petition potatoes are salts yes what's bad about em well when you eat like a five pound bag of on which i can do in the blink of an eye than how big is a five pound bank data journeys are pretty got them possibly seizures but that would be a big side back ok locally laissez let's say a sixteen ounce bag potato even sixteen out by will crumble slobber you that's crazy
tax love you know it so it you know where is my wife she led a little bit of potato chips but she's more of a sweets person whereas and i'll have a little bit a dark chocolate but literally a good break of dark chocolate will sit in the cabinet for a month and all chip away at a block your block thereby if we potato chips in the house i we all of them i'm a dark chocolate and peanut butter do doggie dip the dark get out here but because you know those you got your targeted my peanut butter remember those cameras yes and it is delicious guess what rhesus peanut butter cubs camp fuck than actual candy bar and peanut butter right that's way better right right fucked up but there are still surely good idea that we should not let they shouldn't have laid down that's why they stop doing that commercial those people said for racism school by talk a bar and a big ass tub peanut butter and have a party right right twitter is way better
but you know in that that's an interesting to like thinking about the palatability thing how much chocolate can you buy itself right how much peanut butter can eat by itself but together gather you can follow up yeah yeah like zero delhi's chocolate like one those big right thick chocolate bar is right and it s you know for me i'm not trying to moralize it or say this is writer that's wrong but just being aware that like stacking those flavour combinations like in general if you can make your meals enjoyable but not over the top to the to the point that you you're you're overdoing it and it's just different for everybody in oh they have that sounds like you saying joy but don't enjoy it too much this pretty much goddamn idea but what about someone who wants enjoy it what about someone to have that delicious taste of the sea salt and vinegar and the potato chips the what i recommend is generally you have that out of the house
and you don't having hanging out in your your pantry carried out of the woods like men who is to find porn we're front porno celebrated dictatorships in the woods even a dangerous environment costly looking over his shoulder for wolves and shit right that's a good strategy i was thinking more just gonna go to the many martin needed in your car but what really are real john extra and a bad neighborhood shootin up and a parking lot so for you it's just that's it that's seems like a good healthy heroin food though as far as like heroin foods medicine
two potato a route vegetable yeah but i mean you can really did i tracked my blood sugar on it when you meet a bag of you know like the sultan vinegar potato chips my bloodshed was like diabetic levels young adds y see if we're danes i would like to check it that's like new squared away with a cd em if you want to do that and continuous blood glucose monitor ok you put it on and it has done is done through through skin it it's a little tiny hair her size probed that goes through the skin and on it samples is the blood the interstitial fluid once a minute for the duration that you have this thing on usually where two or three weeks and end yeah i was using one of those kiehtan monitors we have to cut yourself in an but it doesn't make me bleed have to make thousands of ryan's so i'd stick it in the fingers my my finger tipps skin is
who thick price so i'd have to go to the side of my hand right it's fuckin gross yeah takes jab myself in the side of my fingers right they got annoyed by this is pretty mellow i was even able to roll with it i just took some rock tape and put over eight non allowance that small yeah it's like a fifty fifty cent piece kennedy ass low profile that one old with it on your body would assume put you like bicep crusher on that arm that would have sucked that would have sought so yeah but i would urge that about before gets to the idea that i mean that when did not come up during where he put it usually right there it's right here again no he's got that thing on and refer going to attack their doing so far for me man it's linguine with clams men's my heroin food i love linguine with clams is there any benefit to having glue free linguine verses regularly we definitely if your reactive
gluten then yeah it seems to me just it seems like my body processes at a little easier right but and seem a satisfying either through an inn been prepped pretty much the same way to site it's a little less substantial there's legal something about like real linguine from a good time restaurant and has a that al dente by right you re very highly yet that with gluten free pa i mean there's a there's a textual element to it there is clearly a flavor element to it gluten just really interesting like the type of protein that it is it this is why it makes pasta haste reason everything so unique like we dont make pastries out of corn rise it sucks as a medium like that sounds out for turkey is so bad for two years but you're not gonna make light press and which yeah so i mean you ve got those
flavour elements and then for some people they do get a little bit of an opiate response off of wheat so and you are setting out for you you have a tremendous intolerance two weeks you cannot fuck with that but for the average person it does have this tremendous intolerance is there a benefit to eating sprouted bread over regular bread i would say generally yes based not necessarily nutrient but potentially this inflammatory process yeah and and again the ends arms the enzyme straight down the gladdening so in impart it's just partially digested so it's easier to to digest and absorb the degree that there are some problems with light glad we german gluten in those proteins get broken down so i would that there's a lower likelihood of those foods being pro inflammatory so somebody like dude i want a sandwich and then doing the easy
your bread and in doing it on that and to me would be a pretty good wing compared to unlike wonder bread now is there any nutritional properties or benefits stating that brad is it that is there anything like you could say like i'm eating something good yet the fact that italy whole green and it hasn't been super denuded and process your get out more be vitamin chickened out more mineral so in general like if we were to way out equal you know say hundred grand i am of this on a grams of that there can be more vitamins minerals any accidents in the asean bread than in though the white bread even though the white bread gets enriched with iron in some be vitamins i would say that these equal bread is still probably a win i never banana richard wright range flower ryan rich in it what are you doing because i'm united without that they now super supersede yeah yeah that's crazies out why they enrich it yet because a renewed orient deficiency diseases like you know nineteen twenty nineteen thirty visas as we really
in just realising the food system in you know and others it's a good argument for changing wheat flour or to white flour when you remove that protein in fatty element that in the whole wheat flour it go rancid much faster so white flour is much more so stable at last a lot and also it has a different flavour profile and everything slow more mild but there's a good argument again but you know it's like that that shelf stability thing is is part of the hallmark of think that maybe not a great option other than cheech erroneous cheech could last a million years and still amazing better that the reserve exception to everything but you know it's there was economic an palette incentives for why you would want to make this white flour but at all
so people started getting more nutrient deficiencies because the amount to be vitamins and what not that usually common that whole grain were were gone damn accents they'd is equal bread is notoriously poor as far as like shelf life yet reacted at its mouldy almost immediately area really really fridge in all that that's one a few breads i always keep infringing but so it's not necessarily good for you though it's better for you then say a process wheat bread but it's not really good for you how many to take now i i don't know i mean that's a really good question i've never thought about it like that you know like is a blueberry good good for you as a piece of state good for you yeah they had now like it again so if we didn't nutrient density kind of story and we looked at that as a heel brag compared to good types of fruit vegetables squash i think that these equal bread would look pretty skinny like if you had a high
calories a based first as a hundred calories of these but again we looked at the vitamins minerals antioxidants at both of em had i don't think these equal bread would be a real rockstar but i bet it would be better than white rice it would problem lee be as good or on a par with something like lentils or something like that again as far as vitamins minerals antioxidants all that stuff so she's that's why two because i would think that lentils would be vitamin rich not huge not terrible either i mean it it's just all this kind of relative thing and you rhonda patrick is really good about it stuff she's really kicked out on what are the most nutrient dense foods out there in trying to really make an emphasis of of eating those and select sprout tend to be at the top of the list in an interesting lee things like organ meets are super high up on the list in and it starts kindest ratifying out herbs spices tend to be off the richter high in nutrient density but we tended not eat a tunnel
but you know like ginger and bays owing garlic and all those things are really really nutrient dense and they also seen medicinal qualities and anti microbial quality so there's some some interesting stuff there but you know what the the day you know you could peep do try to do it it's like every meal is can be blueberries and you know wild caught the deep water fish and you know a mountain of greens in and god love you for doing that i guess but you know every meal does not have to be that way to be pretty damn healthy in and you all that so that toward the is equal bread i think it's probably not like a terrible by no means is it a terrible option in the story so terrible option but not necessarily the most nutrient dense thing right right doing away orbs right right right right now
getting back to what asked earlier is there a food like tat you would recommend for a guy who did eat at one pound bagger pit potato chips is there anything or is it fasting maybe the best s as at assumption yet i mean something like that or just you know some period of of less intake and so you know but then that gets like i hear people screaming like in know disordered eating now yells know food you know what in disorder how does fasting consider needing disorder not eating needing disorder seems to me to be like maybe so many believe me start associating with loathing anorexia yeah bid and potentially the gleaming anorexic people dont fast that's building a really just don't he right right while the it's trusting again like the only thing so you can eat like a cockroach like
kid block into a work environment or you know like poster photos on instagram about eating haven't a big big open doughnuts and other fucked up stuff and most dietician won't really bad night they're my god you should be better by those they're not gonna say anything but if you post sums off about a low carb paleo kind of look and deal than you're a disorder dieter or if you eat gluten free they call disordered eating intermittent fasting is being called disordered eating but but whose being called it by generally like the diet headaches health care you no kind of mainstream like i get assailed by these people all the time and the intimate and fasting thing is really fascinating because again for just a very brief historical step back like have humans always had three meals a day and most people don't even eat just three meals a day they just eat all day long you now and in the end there some clear problems with that from a inflammation standpoint they done some studies where they are people eat a clerk restricted diet
should be anti inflammatory but the one group of color restricted folks eat consistently throughout the day and they don't get that anti inflammatory benefit because they're just cause we keep under their digestive system going and all that type of staff so you know there's some really really strong evidence and suggestion that sums the punctuated eating pattern would be really healthy by its it said it it's interesting on the one hand is being re the aggressively researched in the kind of cutting edge communities like launder patrick voltaire longo dom talks about this stuff a then when you get into a kind of this mainstream diabetics story there just freaked out by the stuff like that reacting rap there same people probably aren't even freaked out about those lap bands those right is discussed
thing bans that they put around people's stomachs what are they the calm lap answer it doesn't want yeah yeah i saw some guy arguing for a vague and die and then i found out that he was a surgeon that perform stomach shrinking operations yeah what the fuck ban are you trying to get people healthier you to try to make money right that's great in the world with some folks as the only option bull shit it's never the only option does your mouth work do your hands work can you put food in your mouth then sought the only option didn't end disempowered people are saying that is the only option for some folks to get them healthy that is insanity what you are calling them to the point of your your will to diminish their their overall physical struck of their digestive system essence you're doing rain rev read some horrendous things about the content
whence is of these stomach been motivation activities right or add a debit surgeries rather right so i really scary stuff you have to completely limit what you eat from now on your stomach is about the size my fist now is this little time we saying and you get full quicker so that's psychological mechanism behind you get full quicker yeah and if the rebate so the interesting thing is almost immediately when people undergo these procedures if they were like a type two diabetic like they come out of it and are no longer at type two diabetic almost immediately it really really interesting so there's that upside but and also the long term you know two year three years for years almost in notably they get themselves back into the situation they were in and part of what interesting is because they have such a small stomach they can't hard
we eat anything so there is a tendency towards eating more refined food because that that's you know they they just can't eat that much so it some i know a guy bro is out a really while he got a stomach shrunk gotta and operations big fat guy stomach continent broke out and how to go and get a second surgery it's warm i'm glad i didn't go into medicine specifically like that's just such a quagmire i would probably shoot me of being in its skin infuriated when someone says that as the only option for some people write out is not true that is just absolutely not true there are always options if you have willpower if you have a mind gives port system we have people it can code you if you're willing to listen if you're willing to understand a believe the consequences of your actions can change or died in your behavior you can and it doesn't matter if your six hundred pounds or sick
de pounds over we re six pounds over where you can make changes it it's interesting because insurance will reimburse for these like lap band gastric bypass surgeries and their thirty forty thousand dollars stood to pump people through it but it's really difficulty them to reimburse like a gym membership a health coach right you know that that type of stuff which which shone well it's gotta be some collusion between the health care providers and medical industry minister don't deciding to make sense or that people demand it so much they can't deny it from people right just very very frustrating for me when you tell people that they don't have any other options and what right that this is the best option is to cut you open and caught your stomach and stitches back to a smaller version of what it is will it indeed see that thing where they now have a stomach pump where you can they they basically
put a tube in there you can eat the food in pump the food out of the stomach and this thing is awaiting fda approval so they used it in roman times this is where like you know that the yard breton circus just keep me everybody entertained and all the whole thing collapses by these two have the raw materials were people would eat you know those sancho really not only is it not true vomit torme doesn't mean that really what material means it's the entrance and exit to an arena the valley yes this is something that i've got into in great detail and i went the colosseum in rome and they explain the vomit torreon just a middle you're you're crushing my whole shouldn't be saying this is crushing my whole like rome fell workin for these guys used to row up and now we're doing they may have done that they may have thrown up but it wasn't that obama tory vomit tourism is your pull up james agency would have vomit tourism is what a vomit
is is the actual structure of an arena where the people come out and go through this area and it has nothing to do with the word vomit ok how am going to tell my post apocalyptic story about rome got factly warhead auditors i'm a delirium that sort of amateur aramis ok but how do we tell this looked up should gould issued should endeavour we did you fucked up he tried to pass away some some bullshit so she greatly but is it bore because i read a lot of people tell me that an educated people yourself said that's not just not true that's would go back to that viruses tat this these i'm a torreons existence like every arena that's that's what they are the stare he's come down and then that opening at the bottom the stairway that has evolved torrent do it isn't origin of the word now they threw up they threw up a few of them did richard but they want to eat and keep irena threw up that but that's not what it is like go larger place so i could see that
a series of interesting are exit passages in ancient roman amphitheatre or theatre a place where which according to popular misconception the aims romans disposed to vomited during feast to make room for more food natural vega tat started man as importantly nobody i am properly chagrin fair it s one of those things that people repeat and then they never bother look it up but that pump though go back to that fuckin disgusting pump this is so nasty so this high i'm fat and my brain is stupid and i love to eat so i can eat now and you eat normal healthy meals the girl in the middle triggered tell a ghetto domestically pop through a fuckin hole in your belly button sucks out the food has nothing can go wrong look at energy for honey go outside go running stop look at me i put the food in my mouth and ate it
it sends a signal to my brain it's a simple procedure your low risk completely reversible tasters fifteen minutes about fuck you twice sedation back home in just a couple of hours that cartoon the cartoon people that girl needs it that cross hottest fuck she's skinny even cartoon hot this verdict you don't need a honey stop i think this is her afterwards that her this is all these people that have shrunk down from how it will go back to that go back to that here's the thing folks all you people that have benefited from it it could do another thing right you can just change diet and one of the most powerful benefits of the ketogenic diet is die is appetite suppression that appetites oppression is fantastic it's amazing even for a personal muse never really struggle with their weight i find that going without food is not always an easy but it's really in context
try is not an issue at all i can go without full five six hours in the rather me at all it some its super liberating and you know the targeted at powerful is it is it can also be where people get themselves in trouble a lot of the problems that are ascribed to just low carb i think is an outgrowth of being so satiating that you under eat so if you are hypo caloric far too often too long the napkins big problem our wishes that like a pig bright but i've definitely law wait by changing my diet to that key degenerate diet i've met so many people on the roads so many people on mountain about the corrupt mean they say thank you rather lost sixty pounds thank you have us eighty pounds thank i've changed my diet drink kills takes in the morning and now my body is just a completely different thing arises feels different works better so import
managed to support and take care of this meat vehicle that you're driving around its in some way people are falling prey to that supermarket line of cans with shining colors on them right labels and you get roped into this idea that because you put it in your mouth its food in your body is just sludge it's just slow down with others nonsense it ended reject diet it is interesting some people seem to never really be able to get anything to work it's possible they made some damage to the hypothalamus the energy regulating centres the brain is unclear what's going on but we we know that a key to genocide has really great benefits for neurological conditions in general like epilepsy these are some parkinson's alzheimer's research it's going i work conditions as ira conditions but it's possible that the
key tones maybe altering too busy ology of the hypothalamus in such a way that we get nor more energy regulation of metabolism an appetite more importantly cognitive benefits as well as nothing people don't have that lazy foggy feel right after meals right and that far you feeling is pre substantial and really important if you're someone who has to think for living mean with jets hopefully is what most animals will hopefully think it somewhere but you know you your brain running on key tones that that's the one of the things that people are scared about like mama you put your brain runs on sugar you need glucose to run your brain does not really true right right and again like seventy eighty percent of the brain tends to shift to just kiehtan body metabolism when you're fulla kido adapted there still some of the brain is gonna run on glucose there some red blood cells that are gonna run on but glucose but the the
forcing thing though is that you just how if you just look at blood glucose over time there's a pretty cool a guy went on a medically supervised fast for three hundred and eighty two days and you look at his blood glucose levels and is beta hydroxide beautifully how you how to do that he just drank water he drank water had us and the regulators day resented needy today how did you stay alive i don't even under his body fat what's that this guy that yeah it should have picture the guy when we when you track if he was four hundred pounds he went from over four hundred i think closed five hundred standing like other pounds i think it's finished like a hundred needed as guy did need for three and a day to day didn't poop for almost two months were oh he failed on he fasted for over a year and somehow live how far can you go without risking your health well deserved before now photos of this gentleman this is it
it was our if you go to this in just go do on the images then you'll probably see like echoed image is and the more have something with the beta hydroxyl not seen it ah that's incredible imagine if you knew this guy you didn't seem freer could you throw key toasts in there also amazed if you did not areas if one over that yeah right now that one right there yet so blood clue free fatty acids and t tone body levels during his fast so his blood glucose that second from the top line did triangles dropped him was just rock solid i'd roxy beauty rate which is that that the meat key to embody did they get uses a fuel substrate that goes up to a pretty high love
higher than what you would get under a nutritional key toasts typically because this is us our deal revalue acids elevate see acetate elevates see to last kind of inner converts what the beta hydroxide beauty rate but what's interesting to europe about the mental state if we're grafting someone's blood glucose over time for this period many days in there eating normal mix meals that thing would be see sighing all over the place on our said how he has any glucose because of glucose neo genesis in the liver so he's even eating a hunter like absolutely no carbohydrate at all there's a clear backbone of fat they can get converted into glucose and and also certain amino acids which are glucose neo can get converted in look out and so the body will use those because still need like just making dna the penthouse phosphate pathway we need
need some glucose to be able to do that dr cellular replication and what not but you can do that with effectively no carved so there dietary glucose the body converts fat to glucose some of the backbone affair the goose role pardon and also proteins yeah yeah with this guy it's anyone proteins losses bodies eating his meat which they polly did some degree press is part of the benefit of cato is that it really reduces the breakdown of lean body mass but if you think about it like there people who end up with on these huge you know folds in that need again surgically removed there's a pretty good argument had they used a fasting protocol instead of like a low fat higher protein protocol if that protein still being supplied in the diet then even notice goes away you still have the protein matrix of the skin in the interstitial connective tissue they
i'm going to go away but warmer in that fasted state or intimate and fasting or may be key to notice the body turning over that protein base and that's really important that's this apple process but you you could potentially have a scenario where people who are losing a lot of weight if they use these fasting protocols are can indeed that car medic surgery at the end of these sales of of skin is that possible it really possible here but as any done it i mean it's anecdotal at this point so lets someone charges if they ve done yes what are they happen this gentleman what this guy look totally normal that's the thing in total ignore you didn't have ridiculous loose fat right flying squirrel skin right where is like a lot of the people that you saw unlike the biggest loser yeah like day they had that stuff and they were using a higher carb moderate protein kind of so tell her deal start interrupted
your body have the ability to understand that the skin that's hang loose is not necessary yes yeah just the mechanic receptors despise you electric effective feedback of all that yeah what about people that have lost all the way in another fashion and now they ve gotten to them themselves into this really thin body with alice extra skin could they gonna fasting protocol then and would the body absorbed skin tissue first before it's our leading up the muscle tissue height sadly but it turns out the challenge with fat is it because they ve already decrease their fat mass like our link now leading this into an unhealthy stato work what if they decided army fattened up again like maybe though that the move would be to fatten up again and get yourself a he's again and then go on this mean you laughing but honestly would not be the move to get yourself fat again and then going on a fasting like this as monitoring met a medically monitored fasting and then
your body will absorb the fat again and the skin tissue maybe i wouldn't maybe it's interesting i would have never thought about doing that i wouldn't maybe think about like two or three days a week of fasting so some intermittent fasting and then you get into some normal eating and and even what you could do as you can go two or three days of fasting or a very low calorie intake and then at the end of that period you could just be very low protein and then maybe four the five days for out of seven days you're low protein and two or three of those days your super low calorie if you try that didn't work soda floppy skin then it socrates has rightly demand that i might have nailed yeah yeah fuck yo yo again folks don't get the surgeon just give it out again two people those hard to say because nobody wants to do that because
so hard to lose that gonna wait right when she lost i kind of what is so but when people do get that operation when they cut their skin it's really dangerous rights super dangerous it is a high risk of infection i bleeding yeah yeah i mean it's not losing verandas doesn't usually finish guy got attacked with a knife rightly you know right coloured in this day ass if so yeah yeah skorts asgard era yeah look out there s about wired to eat was about it's about the neuro regulation of appetite we don't i about a hundred yards so i mean a bunch of the stuff like the the ice cream deal like i talk about that stuff in the book it's you know steeped in this evolutionary medicine perspective but i'm really if i'm effect with this i'm really trying to decouple people are like unpack all the emotion malady that they ve got around food like if they ve challenges round changing their diet and lifestyle it shouldn't be
prize and it's not their fault but at the same time i dont want em to just roll over and give up like we we ve got is to move them through a process of discovering what works for them what doesn't work for them and we can motor or i would say like fifty sixty percent the people they end up failing in this process is kind of a most nor baggage type stuff and also there's this since so many people jujitsu in like manner the shit's really hard it's like yeah ok if want to keep doing it then do it but it's it's hard it's always hard and similarly doing diet and lifestyle changes frequently is pretty difficult and so if you can just under stand out and understand that that's normal and you're not beating yourself up about that process that we really stand a much better chance of turning that corner in making these effective longstanding changes are rights the books out right now right now rub off then get em anywhere books or shoulder yap or i do without you
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me pal justin ran the viking just in the viking wren who is now a contender inability or heavyweight division and perhaps more potent then i'm sure he would say more important in that he is a guy that is working very hard to provide fresh water for the pig meat in the congo's did lives in the congo six months only he's gotten malaria three fucking times just a beautiful selfless man hildy on tomorrow's well so until then love you fuckers analyses i'll big kiss
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