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#948 - Brendan Schaub & Eddie Bravo

2017-04-18 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a podcaster, comedian, actor, a former professional football player, and a retired mixed martial artist. His new podcast Big Brown Breakdown is available now on iTunes & Stitcher. Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.
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Brandon Job and any Bravo and there's a lot of goods in this? We started off talking about mighty mouse John In being the greatest of all time, someone fucked up no fucked up. We got two, we went into the the rabbit hole of all rabbit halls with any Bravo and come to conspiracy theories. I want you to You ready, told me off air. You tell you ve, told me at the end of the pod gas, but we leave you wanna cliffhanger. We come back. Who will discuss? cliffhanger one day I am sure, but I to be really clear. Eddie Brow was my brother. I love that guy in these been one of my best friends ever if not the best friend, for going on twenty years he's awesome, I love that dude and he and I dont see eye to eye on a lot of shit when it comes to a conspiracy theories. Mostly does like most these a great guy
he's a very moral guy. The very ethical guy he's a good dude, his finest fuck, a loving and out with them so you see as arguing about stuff- and you say they hate each other. Now Joe Rogan mixed one flutter than any browser. Doesn't this there must be fighting now. Never I love that it and planet shop got stuck in the crossfire that and then young Jamie had me how to jump in young Jamie Our job is save you Jamie, had a represents science, crazy it started off. As you have seen fight recap me: that's what skills to be we're talking about, or Whittaker. Looking like a bad mother fucker this past week in what to do the title, and off the rails. It went to day when their day to day, please welcome any Bravo and bring chop.
the job experience ready job. You gotta say that he's the graceful now. We have a major role here will live our lives, mighty mouse grace of all time? I agree. I take the view that do you not find I agree with the man mighty mouse numb number one in my book now I've seen everybody except fade or live. I would the same fate or live like in his prime to really get to feel Mighty mouse is better than all of them Do on so many different levels, it's like Is it here's the here's, everybody his next level shit and here's my mouse so next level it doesn't matter if you, if you come in and you're the best striker on the planet. He stubborn, fuck you up here, still fuck you up standing I'll, take it down to my journey. Why don't you come in about world?
class wrestler comes enemies. The best wrestler in the world might must still go. Fuck em up and take him down is usually a guy. You guys guys just amazing jujitsu madame. still gonna fuck you up why? I still Wilson Haze, deter, wasn't always after he went out rather get knocked out. Yes, so did the moral idea, Brazilian diverge mighty miles striking insane has take downturns right. Refugees is insisting on the weakness caught confidences insane put his work at this Africans, cardio everything I said ass, the best, the best of all time to hurry, servicing the ratings loss of all time on Fox. He needs to go out on me. open your eyes poured out. You know that hog history records lakes. help raise is that we want to see. We need to see him go up and wait. I think that's the answer. I know it doesn't. Dana doesn't want that it's all here, but that those
we can imagine him against tea? They don't really hard man. It's really hard to sell an opponent against him. Other than someone going up, or someone or Coty going down Coty socked about going down these studies down says he can make. Well it's not that on common that someone just rules away class, so much that he goes up in way they do and boxing and let's downward upward generally step up. Let's see if I could take a bigger, do, that's it you, notably the coroner's on that level. He's like a fuck up to forty five hours, but I'm gonna come up to fifty five and for the challenge be J. Did it if you think of his room- and I would even text today about this this to you- have see to thirteen rumour? Have you heard this Jimmy? met no Macgregor in kind and tyrant, Woodley Gun. I saw the harbours bullshit. What is, I think, it's worth some from what I hear it's bullshit, I'm supposed to be utilised in my connection,
tat, I heard it all. She pretty sure I saw everything ever rumour section and remember part of the shop rumours within your magic. Rumours for that matter. Do you have the best rumours shoulder all time. animals. I dont aerial, shutting down but silent, embrasure cyborgs, frightened you see to thirteen Anaheim. She tweeted that out real, like, as I got somethin recently, we should tweeted out there are few of sea doesn't get to fight. Let her go. It doesnt work like that, like a loving fighters. Do that, but I gave you fight me soon, I'm fuckin out, if you don't know a bit contract you have to but remained to and you see here, which is in a day off, her fights like too and she was ready so delight. Dude, we tried
we'll figure Sum Albert jeez and now you want take off like give us a second in her defence, apparently didn't mean that the only way did that like Usanga, would grant her. There goes to our twin. I must first Yossi fight in the USA, so we think she fighters I just says she's fights the random me. She is fighting Turandot. What's a you know, it's cool down like crazy behind his Sunday July or- and this is u can do both oh shit, god damn and there's a big brown breakdown live in law. Doing jars, everybody's all girl, Ebay, I July owes you have see requested it. Then you will see is, can you do and all girl? You d, be I and I said,
I thought you'd- never ass, hell, yeah cyborg bright up in a bid. She's like a touching common interest, smash all your girls all at once. You have made of Saint someone PIG not have all them jump on, be sick, just fucked encouraging clung with anyway, you gone where we now it looks. Dope is a dope format for a while, when you, you know you let the twelve year old boy in your brain out, it's fun buffer, that's, really still bent down and see. What's this phase of John C Riley's in that movie, he's Larry Efron separately, as many is that Rapid ALF, really that guy in the movie is comic relief. Dizzy play tire health. He plays a deluded crash landed there, but does he play the guy from for your health? You ever watch that on timid Eric do John C Riley's humongous, he so huge, but he loved the timid Eric show synchronize. Why, on no not start as a start and then timid Eric is crazy. Bizarre obscure comedy show it's fucking nuts, it's like
key and peel on and ass it here and there it is again this. Does this big ass Andrew? Does this show any plays a character? He's like a new toes he's got a half. His name is still doctor. Steve per course. I can't believe I can think of a doctor's De Berulle. Again The fund is a project for free. Yes, you don't give. A shit is also really is one. The funniest garden Wall time like that that fuckin see, or him in him
fuckin veil, Pharaoh, end nonstop brothers, but Intel Dagonite getting us and shake Baith come. Nobody tells us when he takes over these girls painted face over here I do is I am mad. You're gonna hurt you know about. It, calls a mom and asked him how to use because folk would you want to watch Tv Wallace in the radio I liked parley, we ve Clodagh. Like the best timing of all time, I came and will further together, you can just have them. All you need is a just kitticut, a couple of funny guys to write some legal loose format for them, and this led go wild, go that's tired of David in funniest paths and never see you asleep, laid so serious, and that movie, I gangs in New York, murmurings right, he's a serious road nasty
There are ten Yoda, mostly so much fun. It hurt me in that movie hysteria shit, not new. I felt like it was Would you is really the butcher? They cities and ass allowance that using character maladies? Well, I'm in character Is this a bad mother, Fucker net movie? Damn movie gangs in New York is scary, underrated. Oh it's oh good. They scare because you imagine like what life was like if you were born into that environment dollar? Real? Whether or not that exactly happened want to know how much? I am sure that some sort of a dramatic flame that they added to the reality of that, but whatever the fuck it was there have been places on earth that have existed where people hacked each other up with axes and swords like that. It is when you, why send you realize Jesus TAT was only like you know. few hundred years ago. Not that far not find them Indians in shit I mean with they would
retaliate eunuch, as white man came to take their land, so the Indians, like fuck, you wanna willingness. We spot a wagon fuck you, you know that may serve zones is back and forth. You have to worry about not just fucking a bears and share, but you gotta worry about Indians, damn if the indian spot you and they want to fuck you you done son does allow cannibalism going on to the people. Dont know they probably love anyway. Back, especially the Nez purse ideas, Steve were never told me about all this shit when I was hanging with them in the woods when Callanan I went, hunting with AIDS are. There is no more his purse terrifying. Are there any stores them. There must be stories of slaves that escaped and
head out, would Indians you know, but I'm not others and stuff like that, but the pain on Andy's. Let you in that regard, I would understand. No, they want, or are you kidding now know the Indians would be Ike they understand for Indians are evil. They understand that they were sounds. Raisins guys are running for their lives. There had to be sound to be, they don't get to the ten illnesses, but also to store is merely mountain man. Meeting Indians and phone love didn't fall in love. These I've seen movies, you really have a land or you know what it would have to be: a white guy, helping the Indians out and and being on the indian side understanding began taking, whereas for you, dances
what we are really just a hundred percent. Did I've watched you want to see these resonated in my mind. It seems rather than anything I watch on the news dude we fuck them up, so we live so that just diseases we get like the flu gap in Niger, presided innate islands, clear language in August, Jab, imagined, doo, doo doo were escaping. find some Indians and live with them and fuck all the indian women to live. I imagine, or the women come even crazier, could you measure may as decks they shop with these gigantic tear gas company? My fucking lapses, shrivelling problems for sure I just don't. I think that if anybody came from like like this, native Americans that were we hear back in that day like today, they were competing with each other.
I mean it was a lot going on their way to say that I do not refer to each other. They were so there s other. Why people feel better. Child cannot accept because they reveal that each other. True, though, we were helping them, but you were there and you had a cold and use washed. Everybody die like you gave him a cold like you, Over and above you got sick and everybody died, ninety percent of people died in. It now know how crazy that that we are bodies, adapt, eggs and disease, where maybe they just said that maybe they just slaughter animals who do. Let's just say that there will be out of your guess what we got some bad news, the Navajo Indians are wiped out. disease and somewhere down the ladder, alert idea up there, they're gone now, that's, etc.
basically, no wonder what what part of history is real and Indians and the you'll see. I have therefore been Indian Commalena, Jim Thorpe, and you see some passengers from a reservation comes in a fox. Everybody will be like Indian versus why Tom them from ST photo. You never know when think so. There's gotta be some S. Indians out there like full blown Canada, bad ass, Indians. Remember that one native American, the boss route and fought member Dude he was clear: the cage far a lot of different fighters like a real good, mid level. Guy, big native american I dont, remember, fund. boss, ruins last Mme fight, father, Indian yeah yeah. always the guy's, a white guy by claiming one sixteenth, India and China the card, I think the guy was made of I'm pretty sure how people, say indian salary off. That's right. Reuben Hurricane Billowy. That's the last guy thought. That's
Mexican Reuben, sound, very India and find out. Nationality, Warpath yeah, dear me, looks indian. He does for sure big dude. Forty one: zero sulphur, salty racket in twenty eight losses. If this aim for you a man's route and doesn't even allow a lot about how to say their part, Indian right get that check right. You have two once extinct, get their journey that doing an M Amelia Wikipedia other. Well, either where either ways Indians, at least in my book years- part all he's fool a patio tournament, my, but that's so that's. one thing that I do know a whole lot about native Americans, but I note that the Sioux people they actually call themselves Lakota and the other end We call them as soon as it means enemy. So there was like us, It's crazy infighting get there. Le Codify gets first. You have, she went out there in that
look super native American down the right or left left the Catholics why the shit outta Jimmy Chin dealers, like Erasmus, Indiana right, he looks high, go straight white boy, crazier patch. I would ask you in smaller companies aright he looked straight out of fun. I'm I've seen this dude fight. So tough dude, really tough strongly. Does the worried up how we argue its native as flock native answers that did you think David, what you know what they look like? They look like people from Bulgaria, that's the origination of the native American. They they chased the g No back. They did this thing for rum when they were the Mormons are trying to prove that Jesus came from a native Americans like this warm words you trying to prove that the lost tribe of Israel was the native Americans is one of their books
good. That's a good one right that kind of turns out that the indians- but you know in history, we weep the amount to be savages while we're so lucky that is fuckin people that studied the shit and so that we know that we can sit here in Rome and just talk. Shit and Google, how the fuck did people get here from a We know how they walked across the bearing straight. We know that it's a fact and then what they did. The genome in the native American went up these people from Siberia, so people Siberia. If you look up data, fucked, strong features, style, shame, bones and shit who, like Rousillon products via the cough, provide Nicole. I see that he sailed providing use like piss in black times. I you know anything. I'm good he's one of speed sport, guys this guy you're just a working alone, he's afraid of chinese Nicaragua. Nackerson worked with them
he's. A man has been its more that's. What's up straight out the way that I fight, you can't do that for very long here, there's guys like Floyd may whether that can go an entire career and get rocked like maybe three four times, but where you get tagged a little and then guys. I provide the cottages but heads with everybody. They try to break everybody here back here like back to back fight with Algeria and then with Homeboy, the black feller, the beast, desert storm yet and bribed embraced him rally in him a chaos with him. You know TIM Bradley after fight had stutter for six months, his wife police, not fighting. He was sick for, like not Jesus Christ, months or problems of claims, the fight of the year to whose roundly chaos, chaos by was chaos. Those fights ban, so torn, because why I'm watching I'm enjoying the shit out of it into the part of me is going fuck. I know what these guys are doing themselves right here. It's it's. You almost like you haven't
extra burden like bump of information. That's too much but It is still makes like an hour to rural gaudy, Mickey Ward Fight, even more glorious, what's violently locked in a room is like Jesus Christ. Armand like honour, forget with John Jones when he fought Gustafson and I fought material. You know he had a war and MIKE Tony Jeffreys has never been a your seats, for she sees ever been too John Jones, one he's coming buying a stretcher because uses beat up many lives throughout this year, both eyes clogged any shaking When he went straight to the house, we shake injuries, hurrah slime eyes were our age, Grandam might not say what do body chap, and you put a thunder by probably the cunning, near likes Dewey eyes like shit in my coat, goes holy fuck. That's the winner One does not come about John John. I think it is I gotta theory. I got older brother theory and I feel I do too.
Of bad ass. Older brothers can fuck, take it like white men. wide Manhattan older brother in him in the older brother, apparently corner some his interviews they renounce older brother, beat him up a gentleman. Make tough like Matthews to twins Madame looking at yourself every day to travel it up, you shall rapid, and it's just I dare you talking just a war, Jim Miller Dan Miller dilemma used as my brothers to be, but I never not beat me up, adjust I can suck my shoulder like about far you saw me for I have to sit there now. Taken, I would never fight back was lacking in box and there's the Smith family, Liam Smith, other Psmith, there's four brothers three or what champions, calls the Miller MIKE Miller all to sport, yeah savages monsters. Man. Does it terms on whether you up the loaves, our brothers? They know their brothers. Nogueira brothers shit twins their right to
The bunch man do? Somebody might show gonna Ninja, oh here here, Sutton, that fuckin Brok, your world or not rocker world. but if John Jones wasn't such a fuck up for black about terms, he would it when I'm in a cabin. This conversation that mighty mouse is the best ever he'd be just gone based off his regular schedule now he be thirteen fourteen time world Champ, if no one beaten- and he probably find it have you have that built to go down his best ever while he stood out channel John John, only thirty years old, which crazy, because it means he's really about to jump into his prime. I say it like an athlete's prime for combat sports I feel like it somewhere around thirty to thirty two four heavyweight. I shall think everyone. I think the lighter way classes its earlier, but look at the work towards the two, the Champs her always around that age, except for G s p. I think you wanna title when he was is late. Twenties right when is when is tyrant. Would these what thirty three.
That's why I'm here ass in bad weather, related John John was wrought. Howard's Robbie, John Joneses. His suspension comes up in July, Genoa, daylight said today I takes two yeah they're gonna fight There was a knock em out all right, yeah, Brenner, Khumalo, interview, Dana. Why in for me a spin, he said that D C war. Fight John Jones, if if, but if John Jones is ready by things just the July card, will you join twenty ninth yeah, sorry by then then he's your fight Jimmy manner and then the fight down the road so no warm up for John Jones? If he does want one, then what do you think about what I do think that smart for John? What you think John Take a warm up. He should take a warm up. The Yossi should give them a warm up to Joe one as it ever worked when a guy takes us much time off and just throw him right to the heat is of jail sown in like there's a lot of guys and people go well. Dammit crew, stomachers them fight, Cody garbage today, Jill shaft time ratified up MRS Saki, whose a tough
but it's iraqi and then he went right into teach. I say your warm t J was now. The teacher was a big gap and the line oh but Lucy to eat it fight at first sight, backing being teach it right, but you know that he God injured after the midst Gawky frightened was another year plus Troy fought a girl in a he and he might be outlined here. Blunders outlawed he's not lie, but but he's not good in the first five. If you look at immunity, fight, and then you look at him and the second finally fight your eye. Favouring he's way better- and here I feel right- he's more leanings- fitter uneasy dealt with a lot of the problems that he has. His pursuers planter fashion lower back of your head that now authorities sucking nightmare to deal. Then you look at his. Let us out it's it's a debate like this fashion. In the bottom of your feet, tears you can't even like you can't get out of bed to warm up. It's a fucking movement, an impasse we eradicate cruises all footwork and what in this house ACL. He took a law long time off his feet, just warrant strong enough to keep up with his training
because this training is so full of men might hear that. I'm a doubt. It back up It should join, get a warm up, you're you're, in the grants Emma things. I understand we want these big pages. You want them the big rating, so tiresome DC judge of huge raider right. But if something happens, run rowdy loss weapons. We give Rhonda warm up to get paid on that you draw and then she fights huge draw. But when you just Possum ituri top it's a one done man, why doesn't make sense, they were worried. I guess you know with the sale. You know you buy some two point: four billion dollars. You wanna, you want to maximize profits. You know it's the issue, up with purists, which I think all of us are purists right. We consider like when you look at it like at the end, day. I want to see the number one can tender fight the champ I ride the fence, like I get the business side, from what they want to do and I get from appear fighter, stamping out just about say, but I'm a hypocrite, because I was happy
when Dan Henderson got that shot against Michael Bisbee on like that moves on to see or just be, it makes no sense. He cited busily well the problem of the GNP Bismarck Pfizer ties up the division and when you have a guy like Robert Whittaker, who just ices Jockers whole ice, that's the best, Gatt dad he's a killer workers, a killer straight illustrate killer, whose ease them in the top three I'd, like Chancellor, has anyone. Now you, our meroz freak,
Jeffrey. I wouldn't era that son. Maybe you your ear ANA percent right it it's a hell of a fight! I mean. Do you see your remaining jacket? Al you think you'll be jock. Re really get really give some of that fight to jock re like he wears a swift decision. He had at one moment Louis spawn Jocker without spinning backface through it upon queer, both gourmet jock re. Look like a fuckin. Am it s just fucking, hawk them down even out his back select the fuck out of here to vehicle, see I feel like whitakers better now than ever, and I think he's only twenty five. Twenty six twenty six six. Thank so he's no notion that he's a young buck and he's coming upstairs and he's another one that went from one, seventy two one, eighty five and improved tremendous susie, stop cutting the right, Mt await also do get vitality in power is not enough
It wants in height the bronze and five serious that was a big wake. Up call to people could run was put on them. Will Brunton rushed out of gin version has come. I can't houses. Gonna work out me covered up he's smart, impose than just ye to those austrian Fuckin shot. I'm a fan now and I thought he's groans- that fight that's my guy down, I'm down as the other crocodile Dundee means. Now those of a target Wilmington moment due from Australia Fighter do calls himself the alligator she it that's a great. that is not the right did, so I could have done this and I didn T live Let us, then, is the new hardness and divisions each hardness like the new blood. I love when there's new blighted like fun here. Yet only now will that a heavyweight and light heavyweight light heavyweight we're like yeah, I
as you know it did he see junkie, is vital area that we can boy. Did you think about rumble retarded when I went with ice? Here's what happened right? They read off the submission DC raises hand. I am going to interview DC and rumble and easier huggin and indecent. His hand, a rebel showed, does eat you go first, you go first as a bad idea. I think not if it was a man, things classy, you know D. This is what I think about DC. At the end of the day, Daniel COM It is a really good man, greater he's a real Good man he's homage hate. That is, I don't get it man mean he's competitive, and you know in before the fighting saying you know it's too bad, that Anthony jobs in my way, classics I'll, never be champion in always saying I'll, show you gonna say, but at the end of the day it's true he's he's on another level when it comes to ability not appear. Third level is another level, but in just two could take a fighter Dc. Looked at in the
shape we ve seen em. I thought if anything, johnsing beyond this can be a time. I think that at no going into an Johnson and want to fight or be in there, he had one if even time retiring you're fucked with a guy Do you see who's gonna branch out does not gonna work. Rumble Johnson was about four inches from ahead kit knock out. He caught him with a foot in the door Ace abilities knows if he caught him with his chin. If and what do we see where they kick landowner? You feel a God Damn toes Daniel before me. I can't fucking take it, he can fuck and take it cause eater. that shot right on the chin. He went back corner is noses clearly jacked we're looking only between rounds like valets, really broken, went out there like it didn't bother him at all see. I think that that allows a good turn up fight for Deasey. Do not that Anti Johnson, the tuna, but his game plan was crazy. Obsolete, didn't execute the game plan, so Ngos Giffords seek, as I think, if that DC fights John he's in trouble. I wonder what would happen of rumbled connected. My question is like a this: smack
he catches and right with its own us better. He bent down. So you think he's been here. His nose absorbs earlier than smallnose to Jesus Christ combination. We never really seem to me with a guy like that. Well, it obviously wasn't affecting em who, of his injured. You probably was always in gypsies always doing some she's got he's got a problem with his knee and he's had. It is that it worked on ourselves and it's gonna have thirty eight like that. Kick fully. Can good right took us. I will he went down with. I think you think, for a moment and, like you said with the church Shin where tremble do he looked a lot harder than I thought it worth wasn't. It was certainly the foot and the thing about feed is even Knockheelmann fuck out with a foot, no doubt about it, but a foot gives a little bit. Yeah sunset, have their lives a little stitched but genuine and shake hands or sun first. I never realized like how much of a benefit that was. I worked. I would Maurice Psmith Maurice This was shown me like the one when Morey Psmith faces a heavy bags. Really interesting. I give you three,
around House kick. The bag goes straight IP hits it like. You hitting straight on he's. Like step into the sign hitting straight on its almost easy now. The front kick in terms of how the bag moves away from him and in the type one down. Karate days, everybody went round eyes round kicks, Annie more like a slap and didn't have the same kind of penetration and when you silly Morey Smith, were Pedro his oh two Eddie do remember. When you and I went to we went to Beverly should way back in the day way back the day. You are purple about what. But in the end we watched Marco who ass kicked back. Oh no, no, not Pedro his own was draw his eye was taken aback Lotto, who ass was too but Pedro his oh. I know anybody in my life who had leg there were, a scary is Pedro his oh, I remember he kicked Rodriguez once when they fought and a thought The sidewalk and you looked at you in what you can't take those
there's no way, no one's taking those you can. We take so many those you even detours. I gather reviews on the show you just look at my late. That's from fuckin fucked up forever for her, like a huge debt like something about the same thing to random, and he would leave debts in you. Do you remember I remember watching the may remember that I think, there's someone here if we were to Beverly Hills, judges who you are there now I never been a beverage. I've been there once it wasn't all those that time for faulty memory. I don't want to see a man ain't, nobody gonna! Let it go. What are you? Are you a new man antonios we're too without fire safety goes. I move on to something else. Then. Is twitter background changes, less interest, Ramsay put past, ideally rooms and much all my friends are takes me, and now I judge him for thy Toby he's play for the rams with you, fucking more know, without paying for the right, you know he's not. fuckin suiting up for the rams. May I dont know if these being spent,
teams, coach or some shit like that, but he is not touching the field tat in football today that right now now he's got some sort of executive job correct. Is that what I've been here, and so this the Rams helmet? That's all you! Yes, It was a say anything. There was a say just Ellie, rammed hashtags does Hasta Grams, her Well, it's not as if the mask is nearly ram ass. It should be done. I think I will not entirely for that. a monument in plenary of snow you knucklehead plan for the rather you crazy, Larry. I love it may get William because it's you know this come from guy early or maybe what one to labor for him to be able to do that. The balls it takes especially you're talking about he's Tipp of the spare number to get me. Anyone not name Dc John Jones can be everybody else, any din for him, like I'm good man amount it takes
lot of courage and balls man. I congratulate amendment. I love that he just goes down says it Onawandah hit, get him any more onawandah wrestle with dues anymore. He's always been that way, and I think people are shocked by that when they hear in our inner fell guy, where they don't say when their plane, but that you find out later like do I fucking head plain bizarre Theo's, get at knows me grounds of money without being item he's always state like yeah. Don't we the train man I'd like to get shit. I, like you, know it's not my thing, I'm just I happen to have this fucking dog given power. Unreal, Good added on finite light, heavyweight now get fame money. Oh another opportunity, fuckin see yeah yeah, there's nothing wrong with that. Man is definitely more. People are surprisingly hip fish out, it's gonna, get only enjoy members really get out. You know a man on their forget live are appreciated aspects. I think that's what's its one guy talks about, that way. It's important like for everybody, liquor, Marilyn Matthews, get beaten by be Japan. And be J took the title from it
and I asked him about it in the interview he said honestly- have tell you to relief like the pressure being achieved been, is you know everybody come and have its lawlessly a relief here like a ball said that I have to say that in front of all these people that it's a really means being completely honest, it's cool man too, such as enough, especially for empty Johnson Guy, who he identifies being just a fire he's rumble for him to go. I'm good men number two in the world, Seer dang at its inspiring it. Should be inspiring people, it is, I think, is aspiring ends as also inspiring if he decides to take a year off NATO's fuck, this desk job I wanna kicks only that face. I need a break. you're right. It's our only honest way so enough to get the Bell killer can't be DC. Fools I mean is not an issue right, you're, not a mind. You know what I did my fight lower it be. He was smart with money, we're on the street does was an angel smiled. The money yeah, that's good, but even I d, like people
Johnson number two in the world has gotten. in power in his hands? you're realises, as a you'll, see Father Tipp of the spanish it just with sports. At he's not set its like our sea, a fuckin yeah in my em out. I can do what I want it he's not set. You never had a sum figure payday though we know If you know it doesn't. Work are one of those title fights with Ethiopia which identify it was time for anyone with DC and a second more dc, Maybe I don't know what you're paid speculate on them on the bill and you didn't get seven figures, and so how many legends and boxing retired and then later came back then needed money out. G browse crazy, that's it! Then, how do you remember making millions back in the eighties staffing and they all came about and that with sugar Ray come back came back? He was still rich bs. The US back for the money with our Hopkins is set somewhere. Jones might have some issues but he's with HBO, but our actions are they?
we are, they do it for the love of the gay, most guys are set by the largest market in Open Archibald, rising eighty nine civic casinos Gabriela com Bernard has a badly does the bananas all story about him drive and a badly in end some kid drive. The Bentley formerly could dent the Wheeler Scott Dave Octaves wheel up well for ever hear that have worked airlines world european Civic for you, Google agent live forever Lambro opposite now. Where did you get your story? You and you tell a word. You get your story about us why there was a story about him that he was doing like I was helping this kid that was terminally ill and had it is roles, get brought it. What was the car? The kid you can drive a car and the kid like us
curbed, one the wheels hounds like fake news language- and I did I from the library, do I look like talents friend dry, my Bentley and he fucked it up. I don't know he did. He doesn't driver to strike up a bike what's in New York last any goes we're doing this we're doing this bit and we're filming it, and this goes hey Mammal, told us Garfield, Lemme, you're off block when the Miller and he goes dude afflicted movement. Right down moon spot and I go- I don't know anyone dry, my guy very rarely them valley. I go. I trust the guy God near Sixty atrocities becomes comes all all good goodwill cool. I walked out there to the right down the street, and this guy comes out for the house's dude. I don't know who the fuck was dry. Car that car, but he had out of the curb, barely wheels, are tough Goma, I look out just like ah mother fucker, I get it fixed, but it was a nightmare. Did you bring it up to him? No, while interesting. So
it brings a pod. One calls name strategy by this. If I was younger, flipped out last, a semi colon, the car. Sorry, I didn't mean to man's life larger area. Where did you say you have a badly Yes, absolutely that way. Continental GDP, suitors superstore Dope task dog cart. You ever seen a hard like before you away like a being no, not a Porsche portion. Yeah. He had loved on Red nine eleven. You shall have it now and Euro Shobo M six with those I'm sick, You know it's like a round, I'm saying good sized Zaire's man part cruiser sporty still grantors Moselle, that's comfortable, yeah, comfortable, the bellies co authored the best kind of ever had and I'll always be little to lose Porsche. There was a
SK. I ever had that little car, I love Porsches man, I just let the quality the customer service is different. Bentley agitating to get my fuckin rents fix. I took them in I'm, they could give to fly you know the game is a rental mom Volvo cars like what the fuck is, their understated yeah they're like well character for a few days advertising. Only for a month, a friend of mine, a student of mind, had a lot of money and about leaders want to borrow it from other multilateral story like why couldn't drivers carnival areas like Andrea Dry, he couldn't drive it. Do member no. He went away yeah, but you remember like why he didn't want to drive it anymore because owned, a weed shop and the cops did not like when people
wanting that information a lot of money and we just got you're right, you're right, so you gotTA dodge charger, cause the cops like it when you would drive a car that they drive a kid a whole psychological approach. This he's gonna get a dodge charge and put some cool wheels because these students workers fuck it Smart Guy magazine or Coronado. He was right because he's like ill these guys don't want you drive in something they can ever forward. But if your dream having what their driving guys like cars dude. I'm telling you you're, not a cop. If you work, and you had a disease, These guys are injure makes sense, not let the cops or so called me. Are you pulled over all the time? Your big brown therefore going to get and now for real man. If you think he was right, don't I think when he said to me, I was like that only makes sense because year because they, like There's a fertilizer Cobb's like they told you they like it, the best you best chance.
Of them like treat me like one of them drive with Dr Travel Fucking charger Charlie, it's fucking baby spoiled driver charger, less or teach Contriver Healthcare. Archers I'll drive ridiculous. You drive that demon challenge a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. I want it so they know you may is my region card. The dodge has come out with the most preposterous car in all and it hurts my higher than eight hundred and fifty horsepower ago. Zero to sixty two point three seconds: it's called the Dodge demon. They took a dodgy challenge.
But this ridiculous hoods, goo body, but fender flares on wide now the wheels and dumped the most insane engine than anybody ever put in a production gets so goddamn american, its aim flooding it's it's eagles suck on them. Yes, it's an eagle, get their dicks, likewise holding a flat one in a hundred gone and the other with a statue of liberty. I must go further than eight hundred made horsepower seventeen pound faded torque that is fucking insane there's always a thousand fucking get where you can get one, never one gloomy clay and his items, but what does this giant fuckin hold up? set up again with a size tyres in the rear. Back it up a sort of bitter little bit further areas ok, so yeah forties in the rear. That's already why Production reform does not mean at least a hundred than others.
doctors are car. They keep calling in the production of biogas production guidance. It means it's not like you know, superadds, like does not like ten of them. Why they, little tiny wheels in the front. That's not the original. Doesn't the wheels of her coming with the car right. That's why hasn't oils it is trying to make him do Willie's. I think they put those little. tiny wheels in France because they try to make the car do Willie's, but I'm assuming cause it does Polar Willie is the first our ever drags on the ass. I don't need a wheelbarrow living one of the ways they get it to do. A Willie's they put little skinny tyres are comes, we comes of one seat, it only comes one sees say car. This is This is for you said you get the second seat for a doll. Oh that's it, but if it comes with one, that's kind of dope.
I want my friends jump and it just the biggest fucking car ever once you grow see that way that we have a good excuse not to bring the life out of cost less than a hundred thousand. Not doubt that's what they say. So, hey it's going be eighty thousand knowledge, but the dealers do the market demand so you're fucked up the markets, probably gonna, be a hundred percent. I dont get one right now. If I could just fucking crews the street shit non people, you know it's a letter ass. They had to serve the talking about the Ford. staying g t three, fifty the shall we decided clever, dope, car and they're talking about it, keep it at around two to two thousand eighteen, and I looked at the numbers like zero to sixty numbers and there really great areas like four point. One with the stick. Three point: nine, with the automatic and in others Hence speed automatic. Unlike what about car, then he compared dilated that thing just somebody drive my homepage sharing kindly car now
you shouldn't cars, and I really make shady cars anymore can get away with. It. Has too many look they're making new cars constantly? I just want the craziest things about cars. They need consistent. Innovation. Every year there is zero. He time gets better. Their Jeez G forced get better than my plan. A mile per gallon, get really miles for January thirty, it's been thirty, since I was twelve ok, but a poor twitter turbo gets thirty one, the fast cars I'm a player that car we'll drive all cars. Not really not. Really you don't drive like finding feeling bad are still each super colleague its twin. I know how these grand put a blow up: nine, nine one, nine eleven turbo Ma Miles per hour.
Lying wild card should be two hundred miles to the gallant. By now, it's like I smell conspiracy, theory, common energy use up my leg regarding its like. If you see him get rid of gold for the twist a raw he might give you a little tell see the sentinel I'm crazy. Almost with now crazy. He always went with it with the Italians revalued believe was evidently in the Indians were to lead in the slaves the Indians. What a lot of this place? That's that's! A key and pillar movie right, their black Indians. about how you doing here there have been some you fuck documented right, be millions in the tv they fuck Dublin
decent. Tb are no to be different, will be different. Now for girls like, I will, but I wonder how many I wonder, how common that wasn't. I wonder who or what, but whether was why people or whether it was a white Europeans are slaves who bread when and where they voices in town they escaped to the Indians, who does it twenty or so they gonna go at twenty seven highway? Twenty city, you have a super cards. Amazing. Now, don't get me wrong! Look that car might be the best car in the world. You think about the best. All round car hands down nine eleven turbo. You drive that thing. It's drives like a lingering their car? It feels great legged smooth over bombs and shed its the dampening system that they have all electronically controlled seems to be able to predict what the ground is like it just to like different bumps in the road like really well the best that was too than fifteen untie matters on eighty means they even better, thus
fifteen, since they tend to have met in, got out a few miles, we're gonna Yemen but those cars or does sixty two point. Five seconds specimen The road, a four wheel drive propound money for dear it's the best day. Just look man there's something about japanese engineering in german engineering that is hard to fuck with full to the Japanese they never branch diagnoses, they never break our Japanese because all the time that's like always access, yeah low of love, Lexus cause it's like.
You know when you get in that fuckin thing. Every time you press about starting now start Emory tire you every time you bought a fancy to Toil Oda. Gonna Tonker, I watch your mouth toiled and drag mother. I would turn out I'm just saying it's compared to German, not just children, the tundra bay, but here's the thing german theory on german cars that the best yeah mother engineering is so sporty too. Like the Japanese dont really make a car like on nine eleven Jijii three, they don't really make that they make these track cars that work really fast and attract like that. The niece GDR. That's like Super electronic when you get in that thing, it's ok spaceship do that thing is incredible thing like levels you out like when you gonna take turns you actually feel it flat body out with electronics. It turns like that. Like you're, you, you can make a hard turn and there's no
I mean it's. We what else in L, Aquila Insects, tat the new ones and say that new annexes insane to hybrid engines in front wheels first round Weapons grade now was a say there. What's the opt out, only twenty nine, while twenty or so of course, nine eleven methods, a beast car. Those are super reliable too for the most part so reliable, but The engineering has to get better and better every year, so their sharpening this razors edge developing, these cars. It like like this. There skid pad numbers, these to be ridiculous, like one g and skid pad, like God, would have to be like a ferrari afforded like that. You know now you get that shit out of a Bmw AM three like everything the g and pad knows Corvettes grants bore corvettes, they do Riddick. You see that paper, a sea are you just by a fucking six hundred and sixty horse power race, car from viper.
I find it saves online jobs out of the last two I went off about I've done it three nights a week from all three nights a week after the pull the trigger I've watched every fuckin, viper video. They have it's the most retorted american car ever literally, but Fox the demon because it is so we're not only is the German still looks like a challenger. I agree this thing's Saint Paul, but Viper ACR, two thousand Zippo laboriously enabled issues with you not fuck. You man come on that front. You do! What do you do when you do? You drive ass, inferiors, looking to wing on that fuckin thing. that is an insane car and its breakin records it. Every single race track all over the world. We heard it to its sound phasing, see that that right. There's a regular viper, which is still pretty dope, doesn't look for the viper S. Aren t AC. Are the s
eighty eighty hours, the crazy one, that's the one that they really it's just built for racing. There's a more goes on. I you fucking pressure. actually how they're, having a hard time seldom will make sense because people like enough terms we champion president, and this will you may, when the virus first came out his five on horseback. Finally, Panza talk in the show many crashes guy just don't deal, they go round the corners and just fuckin tat. Lady, never intellect breaks the old vipers had nothing. I rented and all viper its beat a fuck out. I know they're gonna wanna buy one just a fuck around. I didn't a viper Thursday Dodge ACT for a wild died. A shambles we considered like vanilla ice of car with it that see the areas with the extreme arrow path, is such a good looking for extreme arrow package. They literally have a giant race car wing in the back. They put it so ferocious need that, though I feel so excited. I know this is a car that girls get mad at you. If you buy
you live like printing. What the fuck that's like, buying like getting bigger, bigger tits you billing would cause I'm ok, we'll get asked operate there in red are usually don't like a red car back that bitch up. I love the way that thing looks red, that's that's up, Ass, fuckin guarding is so hard that is about as American is it gets me so more bad ass. Looking than Corvette away more a pretty bad ass, looking Corbett zone For me, I wonder you know at the end the day man, it's like we're still little boys for fuck Mr Duquesne, three times a little less than a catch I just by when it doesn't make limbs and makes no sense rigour that thing it's a beast. It's such a beast. It must be so fun fun, yeah the other day, it's fun.
It is a different kind of expecting gets about three, my negative three miles again with a really big to his while they have that their wide and they have a really long hood, it's it's! giant engine yeah, it's not like you. When you drop in a Porsche Wanna, we're things about is its rear engines. Will your front end? You got a really good clear view of the road get that annex it add any that had one dude. I love that, thanks to this day, a reminisce about our car should hung on again start every time, not a fuckin problem, never hurt you! a problem like I've! No, let out a Porsche that shit out, I'm no! With year nine eleven turble, two thousand to it did lot abroad. Turtles, nine. I long for a long time and I totally Bolivar Lodge and Super two. Ninety three: would you do it right now? I had toiled super turbo in nineteen. Eighty four really
I don't know, I'm not a fucking Israel's rip up. Just like you walked in the door. You care eggs, the other six I spent every goddamn time I had to get punch in the face on that thing and it was used very different approach. also reach, rather as what I had atheling, that's when the great scars of all time at a silver one they're worth a lot of money. Now too crazy, while they there there's some special man and lacking. Do those joyless jump on it? I know right come up with a new one. I think they are. I think they are a matter of fact, but it is you know, there's something establishing that porsches figured out how to capture were they
have a look that it looks like a nine eleven everybody is guys, do what they have to start from scratch. I click a new fucking time like Rica's. Remember back, then it was the toil of supra, though our x, seven, those were like the ones learning seven and then there was the Mitchell Vichy JD. Three thousand. I like that one looking hash go back that black on that's the same car. This is the new one holy shit back where I said this one's dope her. If they come, It actually come out with this- is to say its as F T1 Digital did that My point is that a real image or that a computer created every computer should, is it hard sell their so good at it? You know I mean damn o looks like it's real. The concept after one but as a concept, is that it's all bullshit. You can change the colors of weeks color to dollars. It grows just
people, I got my shit about the failure of the pain and the color makes no difference. It well at some cars so cautiously goofy. Certain colors like, if you see a yellow Ferrari like relax, buddy scream and have a small dick together. Europe firmly, I did I'd your single, you do spread hands a black ferrari. You might have. I got a crib in downtown allay incense burner before the walk in Dick in ample down dick and people down like while those warehouse apartment, the other side, we might philosopher cases or curtains, and you have a little wine fridge share your answer. Well, prior good dude, like one of them movies, Weller added is like a secret scientists who lives in a loft and he's got
couch in the middle, the law for like a carpet there, but everything else that polish cement doesn't have a tv done, have time watching tv for pussy. Only one might hear reading books and doing confirmed and fucking every hour, but you get a yellow green. No sir, you open the Hollywood Hills, pilot Herpes man, you can have. No, they want even let you in downtown bro, you gotta, be more war, darker and more mysterious anyway, it's weird There are certain things about certain color cars, but in this classics, leg of guy, nineteen. Seventy one read Porsche. Seventy one red It's a classic color of its red classic color, but like a brain, the red car, like it's gonna, be like that. Viper has recently viable, has certain costs and You know even Porsche does when I bought my pushes ready goes you lately,
it'll make allow these guys, like people, don't want red than what the attention you insurances higher. The cops look for you. We MIKE it's classic that people gone away from it. It is we're red is like of go fuck. You look when those Magnum P, I read Ferrars, are they classics now people bring in the Gmos it that was agreed on three fishery? Forty g T retorted, you set it to bring in those back the classics. Now right should be worth a lot of money. I want wonder by lorry and those Dorians, are they look? Do they come back? There must be no. Lions are back. Yes, here, steal your girl, I'm tired! I am no socks, all sling and dick. What an old school cop who god damn, is both shoes on just that fat, Dick in the front of Magna Pierre, does new care of his feet. Stinky willing, but listening to take with stinky choose who he was. I would drive, doesn't again as a conservative super could survive a guy that gun on Rosier Donal show
famously sort of attacked him for supporting the MRI and connecting came to shootings he's which one grace Americans. I understand which she was trying to do and I understand our sentiments I met rosier down. I did have shown that this is a nice person. I dont think that, like things like are ill advised. You know that p our real matter, man all spoken and our people due to view. If you talk Anti Second amendment, they com will force so fuckin come after you good in a year. Well, if they didn't would have lost the right a long time ago. This lotta people they would like take those rights of my boy, Tom Self went on. There was going to die in peace time. Our guns, Thomson didn't gonna, talk about quantity went on there to talk about something else, promoting something and she wanted to bring up the entire re anyhow. He was upset about it, but I think if you're talking about gun. Violence like there's a lot to lose. A lot of factors becomes a gun violence and you can get really crazy, but one of them is that it's all men about that
How are we to ban all men because all men are responsible for mass shootings, it's fuckin all men, it's never checks. So what we do We ban all men because without the men, the guns on even work, it's ok, we're not ban and all men. So We ban all guns, yellowish deadly, been organs. cable. If we're gonna banal guns, how come only a certain percentage of the guns get used these crimes? What about all those other people that are lawful law abiding Americans who are kind and peaceful and keep John for personal security for hunting. Do we take him away from them and who did gets decide? That's where the problem lies, problem, doesn't lay in the idea that she's stepping in because she's got this thing. Furthermore, and she sees its problems, what's talk what the problem? The problem is that the promised multi Ass, it it- and it's not just all men, the number of these men that our medicated on pharmaceutical drugs is fucking staggering and then these Correlation does not equal causation, so you can.
I assume that, just because someone's on pills that makes people shoot people, but damn it's close, the things around new, something in there for something going on there. You psychoactive drugs are responsible for, some changes in your behavior. That's a fact, its undeniable. How much is debatable and how much these dissociative sort of drugs, allow people to just like blank out and go and do lackey shit. Different people differ rain chemistry with a fuck knows it. Did you see the the Facebook killer here to commit suicide today, but he's gone around cook? Killing people do not live on Facebook and they were saying P Board upset at Facebook on what the fuck may allow him to do this. Gallagher changed from the rules on. My heart said that he didn't do that. It wasn't streaming upload uploaded later so they're like what you know will that more. But then I saw a cop as I can. she helps us like in and if you didn't commit suicide like those times were, there's one other crimes. What do they hear? It live or upload Facebook or they broadband?
imposts like could rich with Tash, and they actually helps the cops tracked him down so like I don't love should go away with it because it does not kill regardless now they're, just They can upload it one. You two were wherever we might take it down, but the right we should stop. It to help and a little bit yet again excuse to go in there and control the internet who knows that sounds like that could easily be a false flag, Zonia. Well, it's on a false flags. Deadly a dead guy is definitely go. Kill themselves signed with India, I think more often forgotten there being false flags is, is an event happened and people tried. Take advice that a very direct and they try to make it easier on themselves, specially law enforcement. My might try to make it easy. I'm cells and enforce laws, especially politicians, might take it as an opportunity to push their agenda at their constituents. We want there's a lot of factors when it comes into deal with any kind of gun violence, but it's a multi an issue, and you don't take it up with Tom Celtic, ok Magnum
comply is not the reason why the school shooter attack Mag, just because he has a lawful gun permanent and because he joined the and our aid, because he believes in the right too. Bear arms there. Problem is people that are willing to kill a bunch of other people. It's not the guns, it's not that their men, its neither one of those two incredibly common factors, guns and men. I was if we are over there's a shooter like with this facebook until no higher roads, I go. mental illness gal, I dont know if you'd just talked to mental illness, all the time, not alone as its medicated to myself. but in, and sometimes he just a fucking do, there's a lot of bad apples to master bad do like when he was on their own. Why watch also done a weird rabbit, horn, Easter, but when he he was on just talking. You know coherently. be like you not work at this job forever. People shit on me. My girl, just broke up with me. I'm fucking sick of this man I'm going to killing people cause I'm pissed off at the world. Fuck this be able
the problem is as someone who has at attitude lacks empathy, and they did not normal So the question is how to someone get to that stage, whether completely void of empathy. That's what scares the fuck out of people. What does get the fuck out of here was a people willing to killed, defend them, I'm wondering that shit? What bothers people's people had done of any empathy, people who want to go fuck the world, a fuck, you fuck everything they just hurt people and land but would he be that way if he didn't get whatever's coworkers repay Ganum, who knows is a mental illness because he's got picked on or what is it this is. This is his back last too, that bullying or his girl breaking up into small taken his fat slot factors, etiquette be a part of the same raw problem. I just be an apple man and just as I fuck this the world, this world socks man, it's possible. I think we just
but my mouth thing here is: I just think it we chalk up mental and too easily. Why think what you're talking about, though, is mental illness mean? What I'm saying is than anybody? That's willing to kill people like that is mentally ill and you could say like how to define it. Is it repeat talking or is it the flu? What, but I think the lack of empathy is in itself a disconnect from the human race can make you mentally ill, be good to classify somebody's mental ill. The promised anybody be mentally ill. If you get born the wrong situation, you get abused for Edra fucked up your brain is all hard wired to your son. just out all the time he all you people around Europe Fuckin, crazy and you're. Just your quarters. All levels are off the charts. We all. Have the potential to lose our fucking mind. All of us do, or do you know,
drug desensitize, where you see the struggles of LA shore like life, doesn't shit. You see your fresher and stuff like that. Like out this sucks men and we, I think its super important- that we have empathy for people like Dashaway, understand that that could have used. we been us people get by turn indefatigable terrible situations, any Bravo, We know there Cabra shot Brown, which that's one then Peter Bull bars was a delicious, though, is a good one. how then are ex bars three egg: whites, sporting, peanuts. Two dates no bs, that's all it's in there does a legit does the better our acts bar like the peanut butter myself, but I like. Dark Chicago and new ideas and animal welfare too much for you too much like a little too much. I like it. I like fucked up flavors, though I am convinced that what one person tastes I dont taste, I'm just fuckin, convinced
why, like real bitter stuff, like my coffee, I could like super strongly challenges. I do this tastes like cigarette ashes on delicate super like like real, better like coffee. I, like a strong coffee. Do I like a good a dark roast yet in that light rose, get them fuck that you be. I get to problem down some poor me and I see, though the coffee I can tell that awaits you through any till I got this play sucks, bitch colleague, ass, lemonade out of that tee, my God, damn car exactly four thousand lives. Like D, I can tell that only the fuck, you know I got where one of those you know those new spress, all things the others or capsules of Europe's man. I don't fuck with the present spress off I like em in Iraq, is you can make us press or like that? You can make us press or like that, like your other,
fuckin with spoon tap tap into this browser that this process here so late that, like you, I'm saying like legality register ass, like a goddamn gangster highlights, argues for a poor little arm in milk. I take three disperses from an expressive don't fuck, with due regard for the environment too great for my stomach baffling vomit birds year that got the guy. He created those correct things and then spread, so they can't recycling and nothing can do the music I fucked up. I wish I could stop it, but he gave the the formula to someone who ran with it often espresso fisheries- I got a great of order should and they did it in that's fucking people up. You know they could do that easily with almost everything that we make with hemp, but then Israel
is due to their one: what's happened right now, they don't have a full hold any just grab a microphone psychopath, spit knowledge society itself on its own, say, cotton, business, someone's conspiracy and have been one sentence. Psychology. You know what I was like our sitting here. Thinking damn this I'd kiss has so much power you gonna even bring back cause
as you know, how you get me into cars ring back cars, cars, never one anywhere there fucking here, cool for younger people. Do young people of cars, everybody loves cars. Everybody raises no guy, not only rich people, I'd cars. That is one thing that is true cause. I did ignore cars when I was broke out like that is really what we call my goddamn could cut that parliament and then want to start making money loosen the three zero tonnes to go back to what I do. When I was a kid. I had a bunch of muscle cars gang, a different kind of Moscow cars. I mean of broke people. They know everything about sports cars in the latest? She damn without was new right when I was,
kid. I knew all about muscle cars. I didn't know a lot about like Porsche a Ferrari. Those all seemed like way out arrange, but I know a lot about like sixty nine mustangs nineteen. Seventy Barracuda that kind of shit I le Havre, I didn't know about porsches, because my step dad was the best porch mechanic. New poor, be Dale step by step. Tell us the shit as the mechanic. We worked Newport Beach, and so he
I knew about porsches through her like any one and nine eleven wasn't. I was eight years old, nine, twenty eight nine forty four I was kind of hip to just because a him, those one got strip club these too sharp and others at nine. Twenty four, those are the cheap ones, he would switch. You may you put a language and he would drive this trip up until girls, yet a nine twenty eight, the girls are waiting and he said he had a nine forty four billion of the nine twenty four so that the lower level than I've made twenty was worth no more than nine. Forty four was like a rich. Where you can parliament, I'm fifty nine, you didn't. Did a dude circulated guy languidly man. I was now- and I don't know those and I used to do this. You don't work with our news. Radio who is a camera man
got a nine twenty four and would race, and he said it was the one of the best cars for racing is really well bout. It didn't have a lot of power, but you know a lot about raising cars in Moscow. Guys like you did they don't have a lot of power, but the thing is around racetracks. It's more about handling is about power to get those like crazy, Hyaena. Nine eleven turbo four wheel drive motherfuckers. That kind of share those things which is ridiculous, yielded the new nine eleven turbo the wheels turn the back wheels turn So when you go around a corner, yeah the back wheels lately, they I to make the corner shorter and and do they turned the opposite way in parking lots to make it. So you can view Poland spots easier I like your turning radioset off the charges that ridiculous engineering map, you guys gonna, get into helicopters and should not have how it is hard to milburgh about that shit helicopter with our money. Given country, Milborough Bilbil, yes, helicopters, Try ha ha
places he goes from he's. Gotta helicopter tat are just as he did a gig in San Diego and he flew a helicopter out of a delay in food. Santiago with with his instruct is it a million imply helicopter like the little mobile. What are we talking about like Fuckin Marine one should get a marine one for rental build my world. You makes good money, but it seems to me in the world. I know no Kevin artist, I'm saying as far as funny lies he's probably up there, it's him or boots, it's him or Chapelle or Louis UK. Those that's probably the launch of, and I watched him back to back the Conniston. I was just like not not its inspire him at his shit. I was laughing so hard man. Duties so fuck. It is some new shit that that I want to say the premise, but it's so good do. I was lessens the premises on which, of course meant that fuckin brilliant like you, I see it destroyed tonnes or what you said and I was baffled out
just idea, I'm new to us on how you went from you, three sets I'm falling along the three sets. Are you changed them like on the go while trying to you are the right way to do it. It's good, but its bag sometimes go the wrong way because I fuck around so much glad change my material so much. I change the approach try to change how it, how I set it up, a chart affair was the best way to do it. I feel it settling on one way home way, but I don't even know that's the right way, so I tried different, sometimes ways. Take me no, you know the right yeah, but that's what the stores for the story like what I'm doing is to try and shit out says when I see the doing set like at once. You do a special than the other months after the special sort, like somebody, material, fuckin shake you know, and it will eventually hammered again. but the night some night it's perfect and on some night you don't really have the approach correct, psychic come in for a land. I saw Chris Rock it out just like riff.
It literally users like were- and you could tell you just had not just gone- it's awfully brilliant still you ve always been? You know very few people have seen you live more than me very few people for years there. I saw you pretty much every time you you did a show, and you have your bits that are worked out and somebody you workin out by every night you went up and you mixed a totally different. Like a dj. There were the same that's an you were working on, but it was a different, mix arena. You never did shit in a row. There was nothing, it was all you just flowing. promise that, as we do to shows and you're on second child. What the fuck did I say done as one of the really show tat. The second showed you gotta be more rigid, shows a different makes you don't ever do the same shit twice its different mix.
I don't have you changed recently of August by choice, but every show I've never saw the same, show twice, never same bits, but always mix din and always a different sag way. Oh, it was, it was fun for you. I thought that was just deftly. That's part of it and want to keep it fresh, but you also about trying to figure out what the right way to do it is, and you know I gotta try eight wrong ways to get the right. Well, they. What else was crazy. Some remit jet uptown books, sick in the head and he thought they came I was going on same show and come in like it. I'm just gonna jump on before I like his job, The oh shit. He walked back at you I'll be that fucking dick sector, but we just talk our colleagues can be. I don't know anything about besides that Balkan as movies, and then sit? Is I got a pandemic? I don't research
super cool knows. I do your part and risk under the book aims. The nicest I ever man he's very very nice. He's super down earth easy talk to people rely like he wrote for arose and bar Tom on all night, Adam Sandler lackeys wrote for a ton of guys, which I find it. Think. As he's a stand up comic but you'd right for other people, that's just cause, he's not performer rather just right for them. If they do it yourself. Well, I think he just was real busy. I think when you producing movies and stuff do shit that he did. I don't time too go to the clubs. stand up right. You gotta go the clubs who get fucked around like like that other night than on talk them we were talking about rather risky we do know is different sets everybody does that If you see Louis the improv you'll see and later that night at the store. You know these guys are there hopping on in there they're trying to mix stuff up, and
it doesnt, doesn't Louis say that you use it to get really get stamp, should only be donor, so he said the other night. We'll talk any said. He don't paid been doing nothing but stand up for the last two years, new sand. You know what you could be good and do other stuff, but to really be best. If the only stand up, I think you're right think is right when it makes Would you be happy doing just ten of them? I would always do apart cast a thank you upon TAT House that, like I think you would have to just get rid of podcasting filling. It helps you they leave of sea would deaf or out of work over the city, and I think that's probably have a habit eventually, anyway, but D, the thing that you get from podcasting as you must go in education is of it's a pretty peripheral education. On terms, sir certain things people say to me: I'm listening to say it and it blows me. I haven't, I only retain a certain point. Unless I listen to the part like Lawrence crowd. is a theoretical first.
Sister, that on was trying to explained some theories tomatoes. My stupid brain was just not taken at an end, You know I had Dennis Mckenna on yesterday, whose you know psychedelic pioneer and he's what is: is it s no botanist and he's a faster and he's a fucking insanely, smart guy. So out of the lesson that two or three times he explained to me, the the reason why certain drugs work so well in particular, must mushrooms and he was explain- pull up like a molecule chart is explaining to us a difference between the molecules iter connected to suicide and versus the molecules they make de empty two tins really just one thing off off the charts deep. So but I m like those kind of conversations they make me they make me smarter the other issue more aware of Chechnya, just great for stand. It is better to stand up in this but to use a smart mother, Fucker change lanes here, but
I had a meeting with our remarking. I know I'll be elected as a friend and we can all be done. Some business schuyler, during this meeting and I doubtless autonomous welcomed our brain. you, take heed, came in a suicide in start spin on guard down, there's a reason. Why is our is? That means a smart. Do is very timely and I have seen anything is a stupid human being, but he was drop in some. fucking knowledge you gimme, whatever you're taking those worst marny. Also he knows time, especially from this business, about new green absorption. Yes, what yet like certain foods that you can eat, were you really only absorb surround? nutrients if it's connected the fat and things like he's, an expert on where men, his mom, was she a natural path or something like that? Was she s like that, but it is he's been pre, knowledgeable about that kind of stuff for a long time
it is a unique do us. A lot of you know we're really lucky. We know a lot of really unique people. Foe show silence, started more unity ever see those Kim Jong videos of people were shipping, I'm like a beat all you have to have you know. After did you see the one with its almost it's almost too ridiculous, like they are chasing him through the streets and soldiers acting like little girls made on the whole evil Are they really have to show? You did every North Korea's fascinating it's very fascinating. How that like it's too Her won't mind boggling, North Korea is it's amazing watch videos, people worshipping him and then you watch, there's documentaries of people going and they get inside and they and there
constantly being guided through North Korea. There are people were so that those face set your weight and most people think look they're, so communist they're putting on This is like a putting on a show its obvious that their good they're they're giving them toward the city, but there being guided them oh wait through. They got people autumn and they're not allowed or shit decisions, let saying when you what's North Korea for my nerves, so most report thinkin, man, they're show Communis or whatever, but our or that the diktat, The ship is so strong there that they won't. Even let people walk around freely seems like what the fuck is gone all out or no, I don't think, there's a conspiracy in the conspiracy, I think, maybe as a double negative. I think I can I double cross. Oh he's owe their testing missiles. Did you see that
Yet it does not really seem the parade show that the clip of the parade where they show them like the soldiers, most you're right and then their legs and in the neighbouring out the missiles they said. The forecasts show that and then they cut the gym home long, Jim Kim Jong boom with animals like there's, a cup of like like they're like I'm gonna watch in there and then cut back to the point it's the same clip back to kindred. I just I don't know if you're Well: here's which output, let me just with before you go any further. Let me just explain wicked distractions, these stock footage They have stories on these guys and they use it all the time where they dont have footage of guy currently, so they have a story about Kim Jong, whom they start talking about him, and then they show stock footage that stock footage could be him to happen. this was not career release. Its video understand. That's what it was.
This is what you are trying to move like that's out of her head. There is not a communist dictatorship. Big cities will thus China. China has more than turnover and North Korea does to ride out the border they like to entice this, the people of the south to come to North Korea, but they are probably about that. As I tell you, I think, North Korea really needs to be looked into this evening. I would have to go to war with North Korea, I'm not saying it's vague, say. I'm saying that its vague, obviously Kim Jong all could be hard. I think they're all bodies. I think at the very top, the top, a Russia that opting out of states the UK there just putting on a show and he's dead
ignited villain when we needed distract people from this or that fuck any Kim Jong IL killing people, testing, testing and missiles testing miss all these and other he's. Gonna he's gonna fire off one on, but I now and it's very possible that we ve changed our foreign policy and that we're getting more aggressive with them in this their response and that they also are very competent because there are terrified they do what they essentially the military dictatorship. There, terrified population, a limited, their science is shitty. Then I will go about getting all this from the lambs internet media so that we hand me the truth, but we're getting us from everywhere. I can't always astronomy everything for the mainstream media is not true, because here's the deal if something does happen, that's a real thing than into the mainstream media is always going cover. What is in his legs, but that has not been you stop and listen to me here exists important just because things in the mainstream media- and I know you distrust the mainstream media doesn't mean. That is not true, because you are
Have to realise that if something happens, sailor melting hellenes blows right, love I flow industry. Bunch people die, that's a real natural disaster that we all know happens. Fox news gonna cover that sea and Antonia and over that effort is getting cover that not everything in the recovery slain by represent only covers five. North Korea does try to launch a missile and it does fail. Everyone's gonna cover that just because CNN has Amano Fox NEWS has I'm on it doesn't mean that its fraeulein for sure I'm told you with your windows live, looks watch over here on the show look into North Korea, who is the good king of conspiracy theories I'll show outside Gc Hermes, like YO, obsolete. I'm just play the character map real busy. As a lawyer. There there that's about it. It's me do I do to save it. Even he was. I do love to see some shit to give it. Your gallons belongs to a country. Club Mister Jones is an outstanding citizen and he is essentially just stay really
really popular Phil Henry- is a animated used like unspent on performance monopoly that says performance artist. He says I believe that show willing and not a word for word, no directive. No, your item out, I'm just pointed character. I don't believe that shit. That's what I heard you work in a mad. I see what you doin here, can you say the saved conspiracy like its performance, I'm out Where are you insane adversary helpful on doing little We did a polity aggregation day. Looking apologetic, don't be it at Parliament has repeatedly to distribute like that: real, no, not order you ever soon have never gone after up. If you listen to him he's reading a statement like don't come after me that we're going after marathon shutting down that's what's goin on here. Only knows that your anywise he's leave is watching disaster coming after our seven anyway anyway,
all seven tower, Tal identity see gates, I get a catch meets again. I'm just saying have divined look into north, creates funding, hysterical to its stance. I think I think what must play in into a but eddied visitors like a durable here Pentagon to test a billion down nor free and missiles, videos, the next video player. Ok, biggest I'd dear, you doses, can overcome the girl, hoo hoo hoo, well, listen man! This is strange time. The fact that here's here's what strange the fact that these people are actually doing this, the fact that you can get but the goose step down the Middle Street and right attack and salute the king like this shit's, all real. They don't know any better right. If I find a video where they worship him, yeah, that's the greatest shit, but but listen this. What we're would look at our right here is actually happen, and this is not e g. I know this is either to levels of weird it's either one. level weird: will you have this
populist that so entranced by the the military dictatorship that they just act out. every day? Their lives like this and they can help themselves or to this oh bullshit, and these are all actors, so they ve got five million actors waving korean Fly haven't we finally and whatever the fuck. It is people who stepping those due to this a lot of people. There are now many thousand that, as but there's a lot of people that they put on, shows for people coming and you come in. They can put a show on for you, but now we wouldn't go right, you're putting so there's actors everywhere already. This is just a lot of them, but there are already understand actually deserves like tat of already act, these people goose, steppin and do I was think just the fact that there will do that save this is all fake but just glitches. Eventually saudi world. Let's go deep, deep, deep, deep, deep water,
the odds that you're gonna get that many actors who don't even have top billing to stay in line. What are the odds do? What are they are? They are ready that you're gonna get them to perform. My tat and drive tanks, and their mouths shut in this wise only on everyone's pigeon, in its way, more likely that these people are under the thumb of a military dictatorship will cause harm people right, because we ve had a fuck load of military dictatorships in history. But what we haven't had is a country filled with actors and whose plantings actors who has given them,
fuckin whose priority, once you re a crazy man, who's the guardian teacher and how they treat all of worthies dicing. Is it one big auditorium one episode of fame? We're gonna do step and do this is crazy? How many people there look, how they claim they turn their fuckin tops over whatever they do in the changes to the flag. Looks like a new year's eve. Braid look at these people, man. There are marching to just the fact that they get anybody to do it either either want levels in living either is regular businessman right side, because a few probably not just sing. It looks like in fishy, nor on the gas is rampant. It's all again. It would not be so you and I'm your certainly ask you this when miss out on us, and let me ask you this mysterious and what is more likely. Is it more?
likely that these people are fuckin terrified and, like many many many other civilizations in the past, have you ever seen a sort of patient like this? I M Right had ever existed, but I'm sure it has changed. I'm sure it has an ancient ancient Japan has been data elbowed out or know that autonomous. Yet we know for sure we know now against the money you don't know. The lattice DAS takes killed. Eighty thousand people after they cut built one of their parents. We need the he's. Probably ledges he's probably legit, but we ve been I do so monitoring I went like what's apply to all these people are actors they just live there draw out of love the stairs thinking how crazy that is. Will it be more likely that these poor people are just brainwashed, because we know we'll get brainwashed. one, you know very well you they re easiest when you
you taking into consideration all the line that we ve been told, the faked moon missions and all this shit, nothing I mean this is nothing. They put together a bunch of people and made a fuckin parade body fake the moon mission. Sixty I invite everybody believes that shit, but there are real events. The half an hour later in total right total. This is just a convenient, is too much of a distraction. Eddie this my gases, one are not going to war with Eddie. That's my greatest for suggestions this. We want a grace productions in history. The human race and biggest movie of predominantly a greater production in an environment in this is bigger than anything. Giving inaccurate and pay them does a couple thousand people. no one three thousand people that they have? No way to deal with innovation there, these are not the same people who think Dimona check find find the people, but not noticing how dont say it's legit. These people are these people that are stuck in North Korea. People have escaped
told horror story suppresses it's like a giant called, that's horrible. It's like he's a fucking. You know Ten million com- I'm not saying there, actors, undersigned, there's something fishy about the whole North Korea course. It's I'm saying that there could be anything, I'm just hang out or non thing. It's smells fishy! Something is not right about what they're telling us about North Korea, but I don't know their designs and models. Here is the real thing. That's most worked up about North Korea. Is it either if you free them from this guy, they ve been under the thumb of a com, this dictatorship for so long they wouldn't know what to do institutionalized. Yes, they really are it's like a guy's been duly elected, they get out outsiders, heads up man, you know how many people, would be so susceptible to some new form of dictatorship. Fuck me me, you literally have a whole country this they do that in these these countries, when aid they remove a dictator and then this power vacuum in a way more horrible person takes them boys what the fuck man than I think
where the Gaddafi announced just crazy ISIS, strong tails, Libya, apparently man too much about it, but there saying that it's a failed state, wild West wit with North Korea, though they can't even they like that. He controls their media tv like internet, the kit they cant log on certain fuckin sites. Someone get internet, no there's! No, I will you be? I've got any from a future. They still got flit phones and ship, the other their religion in a really weird country, a Hydra data flipped out- and I think the globalist like. I think we need villains and they probably help him out and find out what we gotta me. They, like the shit he's doing they they need a distraction. Anything happens with Osborne that testing missiles bomb for two weeks. We're gonna be all over North Korea couple months and then it's gonna be gone. Watch north is
that New Imola member there was a ball bala distraction, Distraction North Korea's perfected, distract that's what I'm materials weight limit. Clearly, that was a distraction. You don't think Ebola was a bunch of like really smart doctors, stopping some shit before got horrible, because you gotta hemorrhagic viruses escaping borrowers and was areas people really got it just because, when she had happens at the same time doesn't mean that one of those things that happened was designed to make sure you don't pay attention thing, just as they drop them Their of all bombs in Afghans You see that you're, like three people killed. Ninety ninety lies that book can think, while they have ninety in other, go through the ground
That's why you're! So what are these tunnels? That's? What's the story, they launched the biggest bomb every crazy. You know another drums, it's the heaviest most powerful bomb. Ever it's crazy when you watch it with HIV, seen a damning the blast racism, my looks like you drop, illustrate space ship and it killed adversary, killed forty people here, some of our crazy Matthew, brazilian raising forty women. Ninety Armada night deleted the falcon they had a drop. It parachute you of her powers on its sanctions. I mean it and apparently devastated his tongue system that they were having a hard time getting too, because they said that ices has us. Stronghold out there that I must go any one thousand pounds of video games. Then, yes, is the video from the health sector military video
like the one more out of it. To be honest, yeah some it's hard to tell what's going on because black and why they pay their bitch charger, warns. That birds know came from man why they put fuckin rate white racing stretch. It is crazy, little machine, the biggest but you're, not by an opportunity. Killed, might look like an explosion, because it's gonna blow it that's a Muslim still, but that's what I'm gonna do. I'm went off. That's all. I know it's the biggest bomb that ever has been dropped uncle in war, outside of a nuclear bomb, I believe, our nuclear about unbeliever. Why I'm massively is crazy. I am tell me I what I'm trying to figure out. What's the anger, why they shone ass, this, that's what think, and that's how crazy I'm fuckin show your gavel. Anything I've won. It becomes them when it comes to military shit, that's black
I stood on the history channel or CNN adequately. What's their angle, how don't buy? Let me ask you, didn't becomes reality. You may call crazy entity dinosaurs, I'm crazy dinosaurs, really not on trust that shit, passenger rights love that triceratops, because everybody loves wanna, try stereotypes, vital Tirana, source Rex, everybody's rooting for the try. So right, if you ruin for the Toronto source Rex and that a big battle loose back right, you re. So how do you like? But what about the woolly mammoth I would say yes, of course, you poor to fuck an fuckin alimony. Thailand rags is no, they heard I had they do and where they can bring you back. Your rights is a giant kangaroo. That's what it is. That's my guess. looks exactly the same. It's gotta tail hops run on two legs. Toronto. That's
They found a jar again rule when they figured it out the good dude it's a kangaroo than I was well. Listen it was a giant kangaroo, be just as impressive. The end up with doesnt hundred foot tall Kangaroo. Imagine clarify, however, that one Jack Kangaroo you someone jackhammer that lives in a park someone's. Judging he's up that, I say he's like the Kevin Ramble men of Kangaroos Yoshino Kangaroo, yes, ridiculous, I'm so they go fought like a euro yeah because it asks what is my thing is like a kangaroo was a hundred feet tall because depressive as a lizard, a hundred feet tall talk areas I would abandon triceratops. Isn't the fuckin looked like just a different kind of rain offers, like a giant already, it is ITALY. Come look Eliza like that DS body like the lad, went to bed. I'm not surprised the flashing look at home. I bet that Kangaroo fuck us up.
During the nineties. That's vetoes Bell for iraqi government has vain honest bicep. I test like more common in ninety five tat. Do you think the three of us can beat him up? No, we're gonna run we're gonna, go. At Samara, realistic it ass animal, destroy that fuckin thing so that's it scary, animal to big, fuckin, scary what they kill. You if I can get like seven feet, tall two fucking huge, Real gathers certain ones that that's a real kangaroo, rightly so Jack. Will there really do Different kinds is red, kangaroos and gray, kangaroos Rimmer, which ones they gonna think it's already kangaroo. The red sounds way more noise. A large google was the largest kangaroo young Jamie. I think it's thanks to a hundred pound, rip kangaroo crashes, my good Lord video so anyway. You you, don't think that, like T Rex is a real d really well.
When you look when you look into a dinosaur bonds of first discovered him, you know what I mean that wins. When you look into data when they look another time everything just like all dinosaurs rediscover, though the timeline lotta, there was a lot of fraudulent shit. There was due to look what I found a bit, such as the whalebone Bach you'd, ever again hey. There was at all had a broad going on in eighteen, hundreds when there were discovering back over what was I would have liked the way the earth, this is like the leaders in detail with wood certain time period from the leaves the strata, alliances or autonomy, carbon dating there's, a lotta science. It goes back and forth at getting shit or its real. Oh, it's not the same model of universally acknowledged carbon dating effective, get why not
after I'm looking into. I don't know how you do not know much about you don't take my word for I know, but I don't know. I guess I think she's crazy shit been crazy, chase utility shit. No, I'm not I'm having fun entertain. You really love it. He loves figuring out how we're being bullshit. It is very good that I'm I'm obsessive, that's where they both sitting, because I like that, like the eddies just going to eat people like this, my love- and I think this is crazy. I think we're being like two about folk and everything you kids get grubbed rings, skeptical Maroni, talent. I don't know I'm telling you don't trust anything you see on tv immortal, we don't want to Stephen. We let him much or little cartoons here here and there a Lotus Bob's corruptors, but I want to raise him not trusting tv I don't give a fuck about him. How do you can't you can't say that nobody, whatever disagree with it,
it is easy, is not good for kids. We will not get the kids. Why don't you have a show now exchange show what what is it green one fact I went Toto real tired on our full flatter than when you got no, no, I don't know most most most conspiracy, most conspiracy, to not be that the latter is the most retarded, targeting when joke very when Joe first brought it up like a body about a year and a half ago he said duty with China He was trying to We say how stupid people I dunno people still believe the earth is flat and the sun is three thousand miles away, and I remember sitting there thinking shit that living Amish or somethin like how Damn do have to be well understood Yos later. How does one now you ve got it all again, like maybe six months later, and I and I said and, I said, are on your progress. I said that's got at that. So done. That's gotta be
some kind of CIA sire, it's out of some countries with less and then I was in class and one of what we're we're time by conspiracy theories and my buddy Manny full blown conspiracy. Just because he does do you ever. Do you ever my jujitsu classes, we're talking about my? U to others. Conspiracy class go to school teachers. I teach rhino than I thought, like mushrooms classy only too well how to give the right or are better off itself, married turns and goes to the ever looking to flatter. This was like eight months ago, and I said one is that there are more than I ever looking to astronomy right when he said Diana did. You must fourth grade right when he said that Mary I dropped on your head
I may be my last month. I law. I can't believe anything that ever comes out of his mouth again. When I start like Jesus, I'm like you saw me, please don't ever bring this up again. You keep that shit to cut to do that. That was our sense to turn a nice guy comes, I'm telling you the story and then and then only comes out to mean Gus, hey man looking to flatter dues, Jesus God, Damn cries. Ok, I won't download any goes: hey man, I gotta masters and engineering, look into it and I just want, the guy I just went home and I was just going to have them. I know what fucking school that was, who tell people Phoenix online Shit, I'm so crazy nights. I so don't believe in London on males to do. Yeah, I I try to go to the bank it I was founded,
one cannot, with his divine there's a fuckin, japanese satellite that takes a photo from twenty two thousand those hours every ten cents. Kemal really happened last, though, even if the pixels I'm like those pictures it does. This assurance uninjured put us japanese answer from twenty two thousand miles away We believe that those pictures you remember when you out of the little fallen- and I can remember when you arrive, founded and you get a front facing cameras- were always dog shit, always on the back facing one privileges. old Yanza works in twenty two thousand miles away too hard to take that on seven June I have ever seen a picture of how the louder and say that the crazy I'm not saying it's flat, I've decision to look into it. I was saying we don't know what the fuck we're waiting Eddie, I'm sure we don't know this Japanese certainly hold on eighty Anthony Satellite that all these
hundreds of scientists worked on, for I say they think moonlight speedily. They moonlight picture every ten minutes and you can download it from the website. J, AI composite so constantly making seizure I and some sort of like some sort of a kind of banks and lower costs like they do and NASA that's what they do idea think they have the technology to make cgi. That looks that good. Why dont, how come now, as I was issued in my camera into space, was the pictures from NASA. How come they haven't? They don't have that space kind of technology. Now they just never go. There's little gentlefolk well proven its around I'll get a job in this picture. I've seen it but don't have shown. You show me a reproducing NASA minors, not have one of those satellites fake. Why do you think
Why does it look failures and looks like something you'd see in a movie? That's because when they do it in a move, they try to make it as we just one looks real. If that's real two men, she don't think it's real. They faked sex moon at least are saying that, because its irrelevant we're not talking about a little vague temerity. That's nineteen sixty now we're talking about two thousand. Seventy Alex figures. You think there's some gigantic conspiracy involving the japanese government, where they put up a fake picture of the earth from twenty two thousand miles up every tenant, hi hi resolutions down. So that is why, wouldn't it be give real, but why isn't it just as likely that the Japanese actually did launch that thing in a space why Would it be fake propaganda abundantly clear that it's not there? I photo of this flatter earth. no, I just said again, but there is, there is no there's no photo of the flatter earth from space there, no photo of the round earth, precisely those answers
sell those. Why do you say their fate that there's no look save their lives easier, but you're, not an expert in imagery looks to me one. I couldn't be lots of expert to know its banks when a lodging are sport ever sabotaged the movies. When you watch some ridiculous conference video being martial arts expert. If you're sitting next to someone who told you that their sense, a canker patent, you have sea because there too deadly wouldn't get pissed off. Because you're, an actual martial arts expert. That's just like you with science background whatsoever to can't raise logos, raise. Why link like that's, why I'm crazy, but why not indulge onscreen? Why not endorse form realm of possibilities in not cling to the conspiracy every single time? No, no! It's! It's NASA and good picture, they been, they ve been doing seated composite seizing his whole for market about stating what NASA does. Please answer my question: why do you
he's go towards a conspiracy, why you never considered the possibility? Many lies, but anyway in people. It's all the same. I ever body assignable thing ass. All despite European Space Agency lie there and on its global, thanks and I think all government ere, I think all governments most the globalist all working together to Turkey ro, there would have the advantage that the earlier I told you raise the advance not round then, if they control you Brody with keep you wanna, keep you on theirs. I don't know man, I don't know what it is. It makes sense to actually make. Why are you just control by science? You could find the sound of the real trouble. You is that you put him on a ball, because
I'm crazy. You put him on a bomb. I guess, if you're on a ball you're, nowhere don't try to go anywhere just state how to run a little data said. You know what we get a release of fake math. It shows you can demonstrate that the earth is round. We get em, there's no statutory earth from space. What is that we just looked at one? Eighty stop saying this fake. You don't know that it's fake, but you're, saying look it's a real problem and programmes, but don't say that I had up just stop and think because your ear Munich came to millions of people the joining something it doesn't make any sense it does make. So you don't know anything about imagery. You don't know anything about what you think about that. It looks like to me, you doesn't that gas pay you don't have commodity usually can then, with the naked eye. It looks real to everybody else in the room I ll get you there's someone. I made an confirmation by us, crazy right, I'll think nature is obvious, havin fun with it, but you
don't don't direct declination to always go towards a conspiracy that what is that it does not need a european body arms. It deserves as usual. We're like that's it, you think cool. My doesn't have it back you're getting angry about now, I'm not getting anywhere at all donors. Here, what are known as I might not only that shit, I'm not reason. My voice when trying to do is quartering your ideas are turning corner your ideas, because you're saying these things to your very influential, you see these millions of people, but I dont think you're thinking correct telling. I know that's why I stated many times that you're crazy, but there's this in mind when you use it when You think you start losing it. I think was. You know as soon as I found out when I was Having that everybody wasn't catholic, I was that's when I start losing my wait. A minute. I'm like everybody's knockout forgot that everybody was gathered, there's other religions, and how do we know we're right, there's a bunch of what to do
shit, there's more Jews and Catholics. How do we know we have the right religion? My ok, you start. Yes, that's when we start on credits so funny people to question already are usually looked at disgrace. Conspiracy, theory habit of Assisi, I'm calling the time because there's no sooner, do you visit. There is a problem in the way you approach these things because you approached them all knowing before you. start the dark and spears and telling you what I got an contradicted by I'm telling you I do when you lie so much you gotta proved to me. You lie so goddamn much! I'm never going to be saying that things that a defence but tiny website, I'm saying the thing I did not rise, accusing it turns out. That's what I'm saying, but it's not a good design analogy, because its course aquaculture, Lord, I feel with lies. The government is the word overman's on been accused of lying, I'm Sandy Lincoln line which other there there in court. But here are you saying that government does not the government or whoever? Whoever just
in general scientists, its government find that you think scientists, you think, there's these independent scientists come it's our government scientist. I tried it. Why? Which grants are what we gotta get that they control you don't you don't think the globalist are control haven't controlled science and information since day, one you think, then the glow bless afloat do not address, thereby gets flattened flow diagnosed, but these guys globalists none other global. Why do ass? You like edibles me if we just went and like a day together, I think you just turn on and is having fun. I like finally get frightened. I don't trust she I dont from the government. Well, does that make me greatly? No problem, yes to Europe. It has no right of. Is this idea of the government? The government consists of a bunch of any control science prohibitory agencies. Eddie pass on fighting.
the CIA, the F b I cordially reach other course that its there's, no one governance, alot of personal shit, going on between, of course, that it's not just personal shit, there's a bunch of different factions that you call the government I do. Idea that following the government cannot be trusted. I just say that cause, I'm not gonna. I mean it. You want to pick out some agencies NASA. I could pick out some suddenly a stack of, but doesn't in general in general its history, science, education, energy, everything, is always been controlled by the government, since day, one radio has been used as propaganda since the day it was invented. You think some independent dude and then a radio, and then he started broadcasting that, like his favorite music and shed and what his thoughts no, it was the gun comment from day one and radio. It was the government in all countries from day one and tv in the movies it was there was
radio, tv and the movies. You have always been about propaganda, always in every country. It's nothing new, its old school gangsters, our countries, the motions is happy with. What does this have to do with the world? Be? None of this is this is this is this is how gangster are our government is theirs? There was a war on drugs. You start a war on drugs, turns out we're bringing it and then there's a war on terrorism turns out. We created Al Qaeda, the you now I'm crazy. I'm crazy! Because of that shit like you could believe that shit you want to believe in the garage I do aegis. Apply this to everything. Basically anything autonomous and coming from the dinosaurs. Don't come from the government just there, so
fraud. When you look just like US government, a color scientists can do it look into it, but Eddie. I have looked into it. Looked at intervals of a kid that this is you. Can you can go over these different as ourselves out of the earth? Look here. We look at the next one. That comes ten minutes later. Maybe I don't think that once vaguer, while those kind of critics are fake, it doesnt fakes to me, it looks like what the fuck and earth probably looks like when you twenty two thousand miles away to your does not mean both witnesses. it's no big. We now agree to disagree about why think said. It does because why I think that I don't trust the government does make these fake pictures of the earth. Don't they that would mean that we would let any way you want to speculate. I mean I could shortly spectrum it's easier to control people when they bore I've been trying to tell people that ever had not like we're. Gonna live in a ball towards my wife is of easy to get the kids listen just slipped up all his all how mouse? I don't know what to believe. I don't know what to do that doesn't make any sense. Why
to be easier to get people to listen to there a ball rather than therefore plate, because If there's more land people gonna wanna work, there are actually more land shit, what he means more land and my who knows it few, but exactly that. What are you talking about understand what you're talking about like more you're saying if the world this flat and the flat earth model is true? What's the point of it? What's the point of saw, the math is vague. Like TAT, the earth is go in twenty four hours, in a circle zennor fake Spins travellers miles an hour. I don't When can do our congratulation airing governs whose there's, if you look into the experiments, if you look into it, experiments to prove that the earth is spinning. All of em failed look into. What do you know? I just don't know we ve been indoctrinated and only on truly for such work, I'm crazy! I get it. Which aim at getting us not just have the sides in my head to back it up here, but that's not true to say things like that. That's what Eric debases and he's not backing
Where is the evidence that find evidence, or are there s a very school right now that can show you the evidence with lower costs from you can't shortcoming: Pakistan not end class right now, I'm not I'm doing Jerry Work right now are totally doesn't happen. You're talkin about some, please remove buddy, you're saying this thing. I don't trust you saying something that people have been proving for hundreds and hundreds look into the Michalik Mickelson, morally experiments that that was announced and settled himself. I sign up to this day. Einstein said: I don't know about that, we're moving, do you, I just haven't been, do it? That's why I sent them to those that we have different she looking into an watch Youtube videos. Someone say: that's, ok, so one gaucho and also some guy channel. Ok, what? If it's true that? Albert Einstein said there is no evidence that the earth is spinning. Would it be says is that of what you say that not true, I saw it on you too, but would have we find out. Then it is true, then, what what if they find
leprechauns are really but for examining ass it. I know what I mean. Is that so you're saying? Oh? Do you really think you really look at maybe be forty seven. There wasn't much evidence of the spinning it in understand it. Yet we talkative something that happened more than half a century ago. Stein is look equal share. All the people that are, today, with its Lawrence Kraus Herb Stephen hawking. Most famous failed experiment, as the mcwatters whirl experiment was on the couldn't recreated in eighteen. Eighty I looked up and I was truly size so little nobody journals recruitment to the age old. You ready exactly. You keep using that look at the Mickelson whirl experiments. I did a rapid information on it. It's an experiment that was supposed to be able to be recreated. It was not able to be recreated so you that evidence is used by flatters supporting people,
like you just said, go look. It up go! Look at our yes, I was gonna repeatable. You can repair interesting. What you're saying are going to tell you that that their security army, they say the experiment showed the earth is not spinning. No one can reproduce that experiments. That's why it's not real. So this thing You keep repeating, is bullshit you keep it but don't know zero. Did you get this information jet Jamie where'd? You get it when I get this information. What does this coming from? This has come off exactly Mary. So what is happening in some information on bringing some and not if you go to the library clouds opinion slowly, stop! There's Ursus here! There's a book called the american journalist science and for that which is which is bought and paid for well. That is
its will on the part of those who think anybody, like the Washington policies. Why would anybody be paying money for people to lie about the world sends a very good question that everybody ass common and everybody, namely the group to have people, yet these we're gonna times in online betting? Not I already know he's not there not been huge annihilating, none down. That's why we just read this thing that you been citing, indeed even understandable, we're reading it. You are how internet, but that's how I read those here. We need to know what both reading offering internet we're both getting our information off the internet, authorize peer reviewed journals from sign from side American Journal offence, commodity, like any other tissues. Nin, that's Guy Eddie Stuff, like that economists, so you think it's more likely more likely that everyone is inadequate and lying. Didn't it one guy, doesn't know what the fuck is talking about? It makes a Youtube video and you get convinced and
attractive to you because it seems like it would be an amazing conspiracy to be ahead of, and you get trapped in the like a rabbit hole and you go down to flatter rational and you find yourself defending things with it spirits, even even understand, which means you just well isn't here: did he pulled up off the internet, and I know you do like all over. I know you don't understand. I understand why it doesn't matter, but I understood it and he had explained to twice you didn't understand you are no. If all this is the proof of it. Now I understand there was an experiment to prove that the earth was moving in what they believe they and then they proved it. But you know, but What I'm not gonna get they didn't prove it, but that doesn't mean that its spinning, Jamie, I'm shriek and find some evidence of the earth is spending any people of known
many forever. That's how you that's, how the season gravity, but that's how you see the sun we spent on that's. Why don't you claim that? This is why we need time zones. That's why you could put a piece of stick in the ground seen all the elections. It acts as a sunday you're saying the ship Eddie. There's a website is a fundamental problem with the way you approach these things problem. The problem is not what you do. It's not that I don't you know I don't trust havin fun. We adopt it as a matter as it doesn't matter. It is a flat around. It has now been done with all back. You keep saying that it's a bad fall back, because what we are saying is there are conspiracies. The problem is when you think everything is conspiracy, you act as a sigh up guy and you fuck people over that want to look at real, conspiracies figures. The real conceptualize lots of Gaza items. Again. That's what I thought talking like the Gulf at Tonkin, real real, like operation, northwards real things that really happened. When you look at those things and peoples
What are they go out of their really killed Kennedy? Are you sure, once you look at this look at this stuff, there's a lot of really crazy evidence when you start thinking the world is flat. The dinosaurs, our real all, this nutty shit, you believe- and you just jump into it with the problem. Is it discredits all these other things? You believe that might be real? because the other things have some validity to leader. Seventh into that I used to say the same about the idea that I was going to say: look, you know you think they're all wrong. That's so insane you haven't looked into. I have found my ground. how could I not have you think I have I'm watching you go down the rabbit or you don't think I try to pay attention what the fuck these people talk about. It does worse things, any these websites dedicated to debunking it is dedicated.
showing you the sign on the math. You can do anything, you check the internet its valid, but when I'm on the internet, it's not you not talking about the internet. You talkin about guys you to know geysers ally, guys, there's a lot of people but they're. Just you to hear science behind them attitude is not verified by pure. You journals the Science the Earth government sites that bought and paid for. Of course, talking about the latter in society. You just having to earn flat. I didn't say that I said I don't know. that's flat around when I see a picture of earth space what we're sitting on from space. When I see a real picture, then we have the proof. I'm just saying we want to have no we're looking at pictures while we're sitting here. Ok, you you're not even taken into consideration the fact that this is all a monitor, but you look, this. You know it's. You know you get like the high resolution. I mean they must be gigantic files that they get. You would never built to see him there.
actual resolution on a regular monitor in the first place you talk about a photo of the earth photo of the earth why two thousand miles away they take. Whenever looks engine anatomy, the United Vote, we, whether you might be a little jealous, looks e g. I to you, you have to how you're. So I could be wrong. It could be real too many things real, but David they can have so much. They look like all those other think. That's not a little I've seen so many think ones that NASA amidst the thirsty, Jai Composite there so many out there. So when we see this one like this is the same, want you ever seen so many wheedled innocent another composites is different. When you can t, I don't believe it Eddie, please when you take one of these photos these. What are those called we ve broken, do them about, and when you do that, you know that is that's a composite. You taken a bunch of photographs and they peace, Malta get. It makes one enormous photo when you see these photos from space of the earth from a closer. Sadly, not the NASA one, the Jamie just pulled up, which does show a full length. Full size image of the earth. What you're seeing is they take a photo they take.
The vote in a piece of all together. This no seems to sing and potted composite none other than accessing Gee. I already there just wouldn t other unknown. Only did it together, colors. Everything else is this. the question for it is this e? I because it's come, it was made in a computer and it fits the definition of computer generated image. because one this one could easily be. I made this one could be no, no, no I'm just saying, but this could be easily a real picture, but it Israel picture like us. Our picture where I would venture of earth from Spain too hard to picture where I physically was on the ground in New York City. It take that with the camera I was using, that building would not fit. In my lens, I wasn't far enough away But that's what they're saying they're doing there saying they take strips. That's what I'm saying they didn't know not their say, and I want to show you a video of the artist who actually did the latest one NASA. Here's the guy who took the latest twitter look at times with a look familiar, just put NASA artist
see gee I, with a picture of earth and you're gonna, hear talk of things as it did is Photoshop it is. It is Photoshop, but it has to be Photoshop. He says that we're Fort It also has a massive. I would ask you to clarify that. I'm trying to tell you that I literally had to do. I had to have been farther away to get the photo, and one of that giant building, but that's where I live. Normally that distance awaited use coloring what cd there were buildings in the way you seriously hollows. Yes, I put he's talking about he's gone through the video gone. I gotta get about sums up a green shades here and I kind I'm not an astronaut. I've never been space lab to come to use my imagination. There, too, black and the latest pigs. So honest, the latest lecture that NASA releases of earth- here's the latest one like this- that dead, it's a low exaggerated, the dark that dark in real life, the brides. Aren't that brightened your life's. Yes, I added color to it. I did some artist you too, but bullshit Sudan, one lonely, looks like
now find than this e g. I saw. Aren't you didn t believe anything library, shit, that for myself, like, I believe, the science in like a skyscraper. Why? Because I don't need a skyscraper, its standing there. That's true. I thought how my leaving now, what I have you looked into like the science of space travel, how much you elected to how much work was done to try to put satellites into orbit, so you think we went to the moon. The someone asked you How much did you do that we went to the moon Eddie answer my four hundred pounds of my class ridiculous figures circle you Talkin encircle. I am the ridiculous conversations. Everything is the government, the government, the government, the government's fear, pictures lodges ass. Well, you question punch up NASA see, gee I artists picture of earth. I don't see that up. There is so cruising anyhow, I wonder whether the second one right there
now this listen, don't talk. Ok, stealing has twenty thousand wilds going to more now guys, Japan. Today, I want to share with you this article that seems logical. We allowed to play this. Is the kind of scientists are real estate hammer the together? May the video you said you listen to the scientists. Will I forgot. It looked like the right video, but about a thing. I that is the artists, and he is this. Is the that's a picture of the video tanagraean similar talking about how he created the latest picture for NASA is so what their southern rating suggested Goddard it's from the Goddard web page. So he's doing, to recap of something as written on the garter webpage, so go to the guy Web Page fund that guy's page Robertson Photoshop there was. And we'll see what it actually saying. that guy looks so sceptical, always archer This is a most interesting, your role here Goddard. How do you help support?
out its mission. My role is to make imagery from Earth Scientists Sciences Data. I turn data pictures. I look for interesting events, analysis NASA satellites have seen or that are hidden in the latest data, to find anything interesting that shows off NASA's, unique capabilities. Finding things the fund part. I rely on engineers and scientists to produce the data, their release. I have a real time stream of one point. Seven terabytes of day holy shit is incredible. Terrible of this same as producing three thousand cds a day. We know where to look for the interesting stuff, because each instrument provides a very specialised type of information civility for some specific, I Look, for example. Recently there was about Anti corruption, the Red Sea. The only reliable imagery of this was from NASA satellites. We basically confirm the existence of a new island. Okay, so where's that let's get to some Photoshop get it. I'm the one worries talking and cable disguise talking about science here, like some of the cites, has three railroad Eddie dares to be some sound,
Take Directv directive is not very great I don't know, but you could do all that would landline stuff you don't need to go about anything from space. You could go on my mind. Why? Wouldn't you you just put it in space and adjust broadcast and shoot up there and shoot back? Why would I lie about that? Windy visit a ton of fuckin space jump I just time and they sat on it. You know pays for satellites pays for satellites the taxpayer. They get bills renewed telecom. occasion. Satellite we gotta go up. There are treated only thirty five million dollars now go yoke. I will sign it, they get the money to tax scam, of accelerator? Real? I don't think so, but Jesus Christ, I'm hoping for what's happening. what are those things up there. You can watch from the ground. Have you seen the space station fly overhead see it they can live in I've. I am thinking of the time that they told me I was an observer. Had I took a picture of it, I don't know I wasn't a high altitude plain was to do. Why would they do that? Why would they lie? Why
pretended to Spain owing Earthling. What to how? How high do airplanes got? Thirty thousand feet right, nothing to hire. Nobody, no note of diplomas, commercial. Our plan on average by soviet authorities. Thirty thirty, five right when you the ground. You can barely cylinder. Thirty thousand barely, but when you're in thirty thousand feet in you look down and you won't be able to see a goddamn true author fi? Now those satellites are supposed to be like hundred miles up, think about how you see that is there in space, and there are light there are very small pin of light that moves across the sky. He could see with optics, I'm doing, ok, be really. I've looked and deadly haven't looked with optics. If you look like a big spotting scope, these people get these telescopes look up and know exact words can be, can actually programme it into the telescope. Is things can download. We could find a coordinator which and each individual planet the way these really superpower telescopes use that amateur astronomers ideas he punch in the key numbers and it'll move spit. Difficult to spot and sky, where you can too
into the moon or tune into Saturn, or into very spit civic areas of the cosmos that change all the time, because the fact near the spinning were catching all it's a different shit ought also to different times, especially no matter where you are. If you're on the equator you're looking at a totally different image, You know one moment the sky than you are the next moment, so it can tell you exactly where space stations, gonna be where the moon is gonna, be we're Mars is going to be and they pussies coordinates into these little computers and they all move to this thing, nearly you believe the Marvel Mars Rover, Israel Manner, anything. I can do this anymore because its sights I don't see why. First balls, you sell any further nazi. What hold on a second, I dont see where the money is to have all these hoaxes, the deal tax can, with the rovers led the way to get it. They just got my NASA nineteen billion dollars for trot gave a nineteen billion dollars. What
tells me so tell me why, so that they can actually make a rover. Tell me why tell me what this Bay shuttle has done for humanity tell me all that money that was wasted on spatial men they distracted. They went up our how many times and then they just trash it tell me how you how those billions of dollars has helped humanity tell me. Well, I think, science, civic innovation, is very important to us. because in our minds we constantly want new, were bare better, more innovative technology to stop. To be in a person in the twenty first century, what everybody everybody wants: a new computer, everybody wants new things and a lot of this new stuff comes from NASA. Technology comes from all the science and innovations goes name your heart of me. right, but why do you say this when you don't look into it? tell me how I waste Yves DE, how does that we can really tyres? How can we can get ready but that the massive requirements that you you, on the gear when you Talkin about going to fuck in Spain
Did the insane stress of re entry. They figured out That's crazy shit speed which you land, they figured out a bunch. crazy. Shit enriched baby food mean portable, cordless vacuums. Freeze, dried technology. All this comes for. Space is a shitload of things. They figure heart, sing, solar energy there's a lot of innovation that comes from the development of either the space station or the shot, all's or a bunch of different things they ve invented, and they continue to innovate. These things, these new satellites, the shooting on the space, are way better than the Hubble. The key doing more and more better better and it's this constant rush to see who can get to the the defer this point of tat algae in whatever field therein. Where there's a field of rocketry what is the field of satellites, theirs massive amount of competition between the top scientists in the world and to think that that's all fake doesn't make any sense, because there are some things that are fake. So
Why assume that all these technologies fake? When you really could see the challenger, you saw the challenger exponents guy, if its vague, no one was there. The engineer, the shit that failed, who said that was very well any of it any travel sensational. You go up to it. So how did you know that innovation goes up and they use work on fuckin satellites? This makes the agency video that german space and Amy headed they did is unlawful, The problem is a lot of these things. They use automatically do take six moon missions do, of course I don't trust shows coming from now on how even if that was true, those people in nineteen sixty nine. Then the same humans us because they're, not the same human beings. That's just like sand that the people who made the movies in nineteen sixty nine say Will that made fast and furious? Eight is tat make the movies they're not the same people who are totally different human
It's like saying? The stand comedians from nineteen sixty nine were the same as the one that is now waiting to sixty nine. They fix six moon missions, my supposes Billy older people, how even how's true there's another say: people and Richard Richard Nixon, isn't alive, actually just right of all authority to software Gonna, throw everything I don't need the beloved ably need to believe in housing, and I don't believe it. But if it's true, I don't give a shit. Ok, it's true or that's true, ok, but you gotta prove to me. Otherwise The problem is, and I haven't around the problem is: there's no proven it and you want to always assume that its fate you dont have a this empty proved to me. I got not assuming either way you are assuming its fake every time they fix, exclaimed, mister, doesn't matter. These are not the same people living close to their different people. They want, then I can it at all and their large it. What the logic is just because someone fake something one point in time before you were alive doesn't mean that those same
when beings have managed to download their brains and everybody that ever did that job for the rest of time, because the same humans, but so that, even today, the generations later, whether its NASA or these japanese scientists or the Russians that Chinese, where the fuck is put satellites and rockets into space, did not the same people from in sixty nine. You can't look at em like in one at one blanket organization. I can't blame NASA. Nineteen sixty nine Vienna NASA a Warner VON Braun at Nazi. I can't blame today's NASA for all the lies from that your sound from the early? Seventy I'm sand. Do you believe that the space shuttles were real? No, I do believe the space. Why just that? Why did I saw plenty, a video of them, so handing initiators mandated that's everything else, bullshit no,
may the Saturn five Rockets and they launched I'm ok, so you don't know where they land orbit, not one Norman. I don't know how high people are going. I don't know, I'm not sure you got another goin I but I don't know high. So why would you assume that any of it is fake? They fake six Moon mission, Gipsy? No! But that's why you're? What would I want? Why are the same people Eddie, but that but it doesn't matter it's the same organization. The problem worse today turn them into day, as, as you say, they not yet. Let me ask you something to learn that. Let me ask you Brandon: do you see that their? How I can't trust NASA, because even though it was different people in nineteen sixty nine to nineteen. Seventy three, even though the pit massive today, aren't the ones that faked six munitions and stole billions of dollars from american taxpayer just because the guys from TAT somehow they got weeded out and then NASS. I don't know that they got weeded out at NASA became this.
Honest agency of the government of the outer know that I'm gonna soom go eminent soon. No, I think you're the years it still part of the Andes. That's what I want to tell you I'm going to write your good. Let's say those six missions, we're all bullshit and was faint you're goin off the exception. Not the general rule. So it's like me come on you're academy, some guys a data like all those tenth planet, geyser decks like you just lump all them in the same fucking that was pitch. There was unlike side project mass employees are road, and, MRS Lulling, I was, I don't understand you think the same thing you said he sand and just because dude, was closing the moon. Lessons were gigantic, and so global and the greatest achievement of mankind and they don't even have the wreck. Words anymore Joe. You know I'm talking over time about this earlier man you would the early. You know all that more dynamic your data may say? Yes, I ve had enough violating says he says yeah,
you don't have it it's missing, or maybe it stolen, but even if we did that America, even if we did have the tapes We don't have the machines to play him anymore, so it really doesn't matter come on man. Come on man. Damn as detective on the planet would would be suspicious. That's just only mission. We can't just lump all out all bullshit than knowing my you want to see some Brendan it'll make. You think this is the most suspicious thing, one of the weak, This things about the moon, landing is the post flight press conference. We are seeing, Really weird: it's real We're woman doesn't make sense if they exhibited a global conspiracy, Hippo sceptical her boys. What the fuck is gonna guys are open to remember this factor, because now you're gonna? U owing to the fact that may well, not that I may be, they did fake that. But you can't just lump sum Amazon saying they take the greatest achievement. Man time then it's only hanging out burger type is always of new people. Now
Will you time all how can happen? You see, I can't trust shit from ass. They use dignity until I think maybe they were they. They they mean all those bad people have died in their old and the new NASA there. The good NASA, all gonna believe that what is balance a better doors in gender or believe in a guy and Youtube is: has the world's flattened dinosaurs, our real? What's better themselves, monasteries like that, it's there's a lot of people saying about all those guys use a lot of people. Imagine that pollution is a lot of people in jail, sort of people at a charm, lesters theirs. On a rates is real. Has people girls? If you gave every racist person a video camera and put made them a Youtube video, you believe, or have you wise alpha with races, every washed history of flat earth? Bio diversity does not want. How long is it by now? Don't have an hour for that? We have looked into your asking from a job as their side. What what is it?
do battle one fourth grade, my diedre calling you know what you don't care and that's fine, I'm not gonna be mad at you for not carrying off course, don't be mad at me for king, you dont looking towards the mad, because you don't look into what scientists say: you'd use automatically, doesn't know, let alone the garage I didn't know. He shows history to say the reason why you care so much about Eddie believing the shit. You know Eddie going I'm crazy because he said he and influence as a lot of people. I want to find out for yourself look for the to look into it like I, like your investigating. It doesn't look into both eyes, there's a reason why its becoming Hugh there's a reason because people dont really go to school. I told you that I have learned that all learn astrophysics. They dont study. All these things it's hard to learn the, but the entry barriers fuckin huge. If you want to study physics, you want to fill yet I can barely pay attention to it. I was
these books on tape and have to go back over three four times just to understand a paragraph, two figure exactly what the fuck to quantify the talking about intense shit that thousands of people working on in conjunction they all feed off each other's innovation is so many people work on these things, Eddie. The idea They're all in on some sort of a giant global lie is insane Olympics Does note that mean it's not there's no Helen history of flat looking now to do why Regular James, what you wanna came. Looking also, that's why I don't want to do with the words came with no there's dry it. What do you want? I don't want to bring about better call some nope. What do you want what's real shit like first forty, eight years without a show, but if you want a thrones noses fake London approach of values that are turning its back, but you don't.
Andrews haven't found? What do you think you're a flat around? I don't know that's flat around until we see a picture from Spain snoozy event which could be square one around, it could be ways of a video camera with fish and fish. I don't you guys a full by the fish. I'd lends come on there's plenty of pages without the precise deadlines that you could find. This beside logical, given is increased by some basic ass regards Tunisia perspective. I don't know if you didn't have a fish islands, you looking at this tiny fraction, the surface, the reasonable deadlines, as I do from nineteen forty six. How do you know that's real
because it's a picture. I read a higher net. That's why you don't really get shot, and why do I feel like this in which you wish by Israel yoga? That's real tea ready? Would you be open to talk and I don't care if you believe, that's real answer, which would be a totally into talking to an actual astrophysicist? Yes, I would love to like movies. You have kneeled Grass Thyssen was here. While I would estimations same arguments, I would have some questions. Would you listen to look again told you some shit that actually made sense or would you think he's not totally off. I rounder society. I I think he's you know, there's people that they push to be there. The spokesman there's really brilliant people that are good at talking and their educators like him, and then they get on television and people love it? And so he comes back. he does a hit, show called Cosmos, reenact, Whitcross Egg and show, and everybody
that in more people understand science now than ever before. Does it breaks it's hard Eddie? You know it's hard to schools and I'm not mad, but look. I love you I love you, you know I just don't want to I want to. I want to be able to talk about flatter than have focus, but it's not fun for me, because I think that some sixteen year old, kids out there to listen in this new think it makes sense in the probability that what's wrong, who cares about because those importance as an enemy, am, I am I might just go and wasting time now. Let's have it your way, you're wasting time. Do you fucking come on commodity? Don't shit but do is to you would consider wasted time if you don't do it, but what if someone was all in a poor pooling was obsessed with poor, you would say you're wasting time when you re out of when I hit those ok. If we get away there are real the real I hit those balls they go into or take skill and concentration, and it gives me something to occupy my mind: it's a game, its amount, and game, and it's a body game.
When you're watching a fake video that guy made about you, think it's nuclear bombs on being real gets vague. Ok, ok, I mean I just like all the people that study it and all the universities have come to a conclusion. and then one guy makes a youtube. Video or twenty guys. There's an answer. Gate is a thousand Santos bona fide solid. Why would you listen to them vertical and credibility? Delay arab freakish innovations have two generations of studying the science behind it regretted it wasn't. A science allows repeatable alliance, it right, but you just told us This one test, pirated it out as some sort of a theory that we should look up and when we did it turns out it didn't even work. It wasn't repeal wherever Eddie, I love you, but I dont like the you approach these things, sometimes because I think it confuses the fuck out of people like I was when I was young. I was stupid,
elbow, I believed all kinds of stupid shit. I wasted a tunnel time neglect, specialist, successful guy, he's stuck goddamned www, a foe people, man, all those you of your first doors, are bought an I ever guy. Have you ever heard of the love perspective? Yes, an agenda in our real, it's, not a law when about its that's the definite they're, giving the definition of what prospect Well, you know at the lab respect. Them is trying to tell you that real quick there are laws of conservation of energy and in such an physics, their actual laws. That thing can be translated without even speaking language. There. It's math law perspective is not one of us. What is it tell me? It's It's a definition for sport. Is I'm asking you what do I know what it is and is not ready, made a well, maybe maybe so you're saying: there's no love Sanctions are not a la la. What is it like leads the way in it's a definition of the word perspective. Yes, that's not a law
Well, the laws of perspective are the hurrah. One of the law is not the horizon. Respect the horizon will always right aerial too high level. That's too, I love it s, not a memorial and always happens. It's always happen on a law, but it always happens. It's alive. It happens, that's not a law. That is where you don't understand by the laws of science. That's not a wall, that's a definite ok and then what is it? What is the definition deafness and now it's a person place thing or idea: that's not a law. This is the definition, you know you know you know what else is I used to call this double load. for years and years and years, and if that double Lotus its followed now all the right. but it's not it's not double out, as the law is not double loaded with what we are saying, you're talking about a different word:
for the same moves are moving, what he sang the roles of personalities, about nomes under the rules of course definition rather because the deaf, ok, the definition of respect for them to think back, has whatever you call it? U, God are you want? Well, when you look up the stuff online, I try to type in the law perspective I want to see what you, what you and Eric debate, believe that that is the only thing I ever fine with law perspective is the word Flattereth with it. or maybe those actually their urban dictionary has a has a dick Now I m ass is and what is the matter of its love, but it's like perspectives, dedicating matters as they can see that, but that, but if the horizon always rises, tat lie level. It's not a long answer that you called. Then then, how should I know a thing of perspective about eleven gravity either that, following a constant of nine point, two meters per second- that is a little that's a law of gravity.
gravity the theory I had not known and let you have a literary of work. It is density. That's another scientific word! You guessed it would. If it's more denser follows, but why does fall why wasn't follower of deserts heavier than why heavier do know? It because it's denser only ten reserve in the oxygen sort falls by really about them. A hearing about how about ass helium is a gas really have its lighter than the oxygen because of irony lighter its lighter. It's less dense, I'll, explain its lighter because we're in the atmosphere of isn't it less dense than if we were in space. There is no atmosphere. That's why everything floats gases- and us word dense too, but we would float in space, There are few deuce flames we got into space related. I've got out there so believer. Can we not go to space? I know how far we can go up. How do you know the space there luxury said? Aspasia went into orbit
I wondered what had already now, I don't know where whether you know it, I know it took off that ok and then I see it landing. You see that right, you not to know where I you know when we heard earlier plain right problem for sure. Are you not confused on what laws and of science are the do not see that? Ok, we'll call a definition minutes, but you? What are you? What are we call it, but that's not what Look what everyone inside it is normal that we don't call him definitions. Ensigns there are so light. Is so because, because so what is that? That law Thus the horizon always an idea tat. I love. What does that call? Bananas can all agree on some of those cases, its math, the law that the math than that it formulates equation can go to any country in its work. I don't need to speak English to the guy in Germany that to explain to them what I'm trying to get out of it. They can test it with the same things, the same variables and get the same thing out of it. That's why all these things are law,
does not definite categorically. Thank you for a clear and that a permanent does our do. You accept that are now totally exhausted. People uses verbose terminology because it makes them appear smarter than they really are trying to get. Some pointed us no Eddie in they trying to say it in a fancy or way because they really go to school for this shit, so they say a bunch Should this not real? Like the law perspective and it's not allotted belies the real problem, they don't have any vacation the stuff. Just talk another ass, he hasn't Smith, disrespectful to the fucking generations of people that have been studying at their whole lives that one day figure out all these different things. They dinosaurs, our real nuclear. Bombs are real. The earth is flat is ridiculous. It's ridiculous Lights are real, it's ridiculous. His one guy is
I wasn't guess: martyrs pursues a world without one's got one guy that your pals with love that stuff that guy's got videos on dinosaurs on the fucking during which he figured at all. If I had a moment, but guess how much money makes of ladders, I'd be interested to know that looks often audio video. Isn't everybody make money well, as a NASA making billions he's lessen. The bottom line is now set out. Nasa lied times. about the moon missions? I dont believe she's coming back from them. That said, but that's the route of it also don't be mad. That's why we should understand. That's that's! For now. Those actually has the most proper, asters idea available that every photo of the earth is vague and no Ethel tells you that no ass. It tells you that there is no make videos of composite. Have special video tat line, a problem that there's no photos of european flat, not
There's no photos of earth being rapidly in this planet. There's no national will tell those ass. It will tell you never see gee, I artifacts lateral thinking moment. I think we can get NASA can't even get a picture that doesn't mean that is, it means insert as usual, artists was never could always goes back to that. For me, would you you didn't say anything there, hello. I see g I'd that that article said he puts together data for he put together data because it has to be turbulent cause. You talk about one point: seventy ETA S, tragically, the video of him time to video you ve got any military. Now that was the wrong one hundred are tied to a bunch restock terabytes, like a thousand giggling, says a word for word. He goes it will it is thorough, shopped it support a shop. It has to be it's it's.
That is actually not meaning. That has to be said in that article, but he did, they did said, come out of his mouth and eyes. Gotta find nobody, but when you talk here of Loto shop doesn't mean that their distorting the image, it also can mean the connecting a bunch of different images intimate with what. But when you watch him talking about how we put together the official picture of earth from- yes he's talking about cartoon animation, type shit he's I can about his own imagination, will maybe because he's talking about this insane amount of data, one point: seven terabytes: may we don't understand how the fuck that gets interpreted into an image in the first place? I would even over it's possible to do it and you know like to have an in perspective, Will you look like a twelve and screen or twenty foreign screen where fuck your monitor would be, and you can take this one point: seven terror by image and shrink it down so fits in there. I don't
We stand than us with some share our seas. The finished product is, it admitted CIA ass e g. I composite its admitted it's not even by suddenly japanese real ones, the Japanese got real ones, but now I can't figure it out Kennedy. Eddied NASA does have one that's what the problem they Toussaint, they don't from nineteen. Seventy two, their thing down a real one. They have is from nineteen seventy two and was put up a separate now that there's picture from today that discover one. You said it was some pictures. I believe. you there's only one way call why didn't want it and just because they are six times or even a space shuttle beat. I believe anything else. That's where the nozzle reasons you say: shuttle goes up and flies around direct having no one. It does dinosaurs here. I suggest Alex Vegas thought April. Sixteen two dozen seventy
anything you guys concepts, and so I think that you know all the time I do the fake ones off you take one would accept it as real. It looks like you just like the ones they were admitted that we're fact would say. Without saying they look exactly like the ones they were admitted fakes. Will you they looked at each other off the oriental levels? Real. Can I send you to space of might would say with you? I just want to say something real man. Are you in this area? Is ass up? Ok, let's I struck a bunch of London. You show me now I got that looks like all the money I want. Placing ok, I don't believe it was trust. This land terms is a mother Fucker report, I worry about any. I really do you don't need to Madame Fucking Group. Better
ever know. You know I I worry about you goin down these rapid holes, or would it would put the big deal? Who cares if the earth is rounder flat its entertaining to me, I understand what would you do? They really think you wouldn't wheelchairs, if you have kids start looking into flatter good start questioning shit. If you look in doing you and you are proof that it is rather instead of going out, some scientists figured out somebody figures, somebody figured out, but you figure it out and try to figure it out. You know the one thing that we know that we don't need scientists to figure out. As we know a couple things a compass, a compass points to north. It isn't the battery and its leaders, as you know, was none I know limited makes is only now there's all we know it's pointing to the north theirs of its magnetic force in the north. That's all we know that sure already the scientists to confirm that. I know that there is a force in the north, some kind of magnetic force. What else do what else? Don't? I need a government scientists, confirmation from the north start right over the nordic, managing them. I've just finish them. It just finished the norm,
pull the North star Polaris is directly coincidental over the north pole, we're all the compasses are pointing all the company. Companies are point to the North pole. There is this a magnetic force in the North Pole and, coincidentally than Solaris, now understand. The polarity is directly over the North pole. I've been multiple nor stars. Is Polaris directly above the nose palmed. You know, there's been more than one Northstar over the history of the aruji. Get that information from from the internet. Exactly Do you not believe that any I don't know this political or star Israel as well. We will naturally norstar. Let me read this: please could you explain right now Rotation access happens to be pointing almost exactly at Palermo, but in the year three thousand b c, the North star was a star called through ban, also known as alpha your coneys and in about Ten thousand years from now the procession of the rotation access will mean that the bright star Vega will be the Northstar. That's according to NASA. That's important area
Does that studies it Eddie from? How did you know that? Because that's why Still, you know every. How do you know you? how'd, you stuff, you don't know every silent, I dont know less. There's no dispute about this. I read. I bet he Jamie could pull up a hundred different fucking things will show you the same thing on the internet. just on the internet. It's ok. If you get information on the internet, but it's not! Ok. If I get this information will put, it is it's you get your information, there's no information on both sides, but it's ok! You know, that's! Ok! When you look at it, but now when I look at it nor star changes over time, you know exactly what is missing is only ok you're, not going to happen.
Examples that doesn't make any that's not sign. Why does not make sense, and I said it doesn't make sense that the internet only works for you enough from no works. When you will you keep looking at it over and over and over again from all these multiple sources, when you just assume, you also know that, although you, you didn't say, you'd said over and over and over and over, and then he's anybody playing games like you're playing Tik Tok tell you not looking at the truth now in a little just giving you wanna believe NASA after doesn't know that faces us in its last as government psychic wise guy inside tell me, then why does that compass point towards the north? I don't know we, and we know we know it, but there's a magnetic force in the north in the magic in the North pole, and we know the polarity right over the North pole and the constellations rotate around Polaris pillars is affixed star and they all wrote the constellations rotate around that and its right over there not spent or go out riding how much time you. Actually, Sudan under these are not. You know why
explain what what did I say wrong. You haven't you linear, to be repeated over and over again like this guy doesn't change none. I didn't know what I said. I'd member said that I agree that what you said that our northern Dounia does report Iris STAR stay ahead of the nor over the North pole, yes, or no, and do the populations rotate around Polaris? Now, yes or nice, don't wrote it No? No, they spent around. When you look at time elapsed, photography of Polaris you could you go on time? The constellations Gore polarities, the fixed. That's why they do not Finally, we around just find the nor start. It doesn't move, explain that and if the earth is spinning like we know it is what's direct above the earth would stay the same, because the earth is spinning faster than spaces furthest. a thousand miles an hour in a circle. The cosmos, suspending the cosmos changes as well. There's a lot of things that change the sky looks dealers doesn't change. It says right over the North pole, but if you were spinning- and you talking a small window of time when it taken his time life time lapse. Photographs.
over a few hours. Yes, but you have to understand that if you are looking up over a few hours, and you have one like this directly overhead. The other ones are circulate the one like this, equally overhead over a few hours, not gonna move enough to register in the photograph the ones on the sides are when you look at any time lapse you looking. Time lapse over a few hours. If you were little at a time lapse over months or years. You would see that thinks. Binny two pillars with spilt still be in the same spot. no you'd have the procession. The Equinoxes changes, the rotation of the Earth Earth ACT. It wobbles on its axis living at first, but you can watch time elapsed. Photography on your on you too. I know you're not listening. Lunch time lapse, photography is over a few hours and then in it over a few hours, you can see the conning miles and see constellation circling around pillars. That's one motion right. You, you capture, one motion in that time, photography, but it is telling us that there's four motions going on there are there just much slower, you're talking
something that you looking at its very quick over a very short amount of time of year after year, decadent decade, polar look, the same spot. None of these stars are saying the same spot you gotta. and went to Palermo. Polarity Pacific won the first pillar were fine pillar similarly climate time lapse, which has not only does it rang and everything's going around Eddie Eddie? Would you can ever there when you see that time lapse photo? May I spinning right the earth in the sky is this guy, spinning or the earth's? What do you think? I think the sky spinning Jesus Christ, why would we will be lying about the thing I think I think those lines on does not look like other Solaris right. You know why cause is in the center ready executives. Always there. No third, not I can picture now you talking to something happens very low in other constellations, are really quick, Eddie, it's the ones direct we over, have a ball and spin on your finger, like Michael Jordan, the outside equator of the
all, is going to spin like fucking crazy, this big long wide loop, but the Tipp of the ball is going to say: in very short, tight circle right When you see the Harlem GO trotters, you can set yourself area Cameron, the same spot for three months straight, take a photo, maybe even I'm Talkin, about Polaris. I've done my politely. We just motivating people to testify yourself to show you that this distort the stars in the sky. Tat you see above your head, like you claim that go out look out every night, we'll be differ, three? No, no! No! No! No! Not they were. They won't be different. They're moving. There are rotating the hour rotating around Polaris same spot, because the rotating the are moving. They are moving, but you're always going to Polaris. Why would you think that this is a conspiracy? Why They lie about the earth. Spinning when it's really the universe spent not start trying to control. I don't know what are the add on up people Eleni? Is people looked down at a later Ellie Rambler Airlines, happy people, the souls? Third angels?
You told me my girl was flying unicorns brow, grandma's blind, you haven't even told you the crazy then do fatter spurs on. I haven't now crazy relationships, tat crazy, I've louder crazier than flat. Why save it at all I find the enemy of isolating making fun of me for flatter. I'm trying out just I just dont outage, don't trust and ass. I am still not official trust one here. Some crazy shit please, promising year end on their Ellison Hooker, not only lazy, crazy. She sure for next year, just don't make gyre now we'll go if you drop and now will never middle drama, that cut its six o clock. I know I shouldn't at six o clock. You will say that unless, unless, unless you want to hear now, I don't know should it's too crazy to crises
That's ok! It's! Never! Really! Christa! We'll talk off here. Little discussion, I had it so crazy old discredit, the flatter theory, my mind you have already everything. Is I love this one union gases? Everything is conspiracy, you may life was issued owners you'll make out Jones. Look like fuckin, like Gandhi. Fucking like Guide Dogs Jones is out shows like ninety seven conspiracy theories are well, that's all bullshit in you, but Eddie. Just these Folia you, you appreciate the hustle by Anita Pollack challenges like absolutely belch transparency. This you'd have the I can tell you, said that strategy and on that very much less robots are flocking about love, thanks everybody for turning into the podcast, and thank you to arson. Answers thanks to dirty lemon badge, gotta
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