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#956 - Guy Ritchie

2017-05-05 | 🔗
Guy Ritchie is a writer, director and producer.  His latest film "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" releases on May 12, 2017.
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a is one of the baddest mother in the world making movies how much huge fan of this guys work it was so cool to sit down with them i was a lil weirded out at first when you meet someone you like i love this guy's work but you like fuck i love this guys work a joke and experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day boo yes boom with life what's up brother how are you man how are you you got a little pocket
hank you there the whole scale when i tell you so tell me why where pockets way please because if you don't wear pocket square you have the appearance that you've been squeezed in to a sports jacket or suit for conventional reasons that your mom put you in that role of the church or something we got to the office right soon as you put a pocket square and that you own the jacket if you arrived in on someone else's idea to do you think in several steps ahead i like it we're going to get into this only job we are going to get in this we're talking before the podcast about these press junkets in about how you entertain yourself by forcing
love to use certain words yeah the danger the the worst thing in the film business is press junkets and as he was saying that rather ineffective and that's my suspicion to but not that also inefficient and ineffective because you sit and chat someone comes in and they ask you a question why how how good an actor is david beckham is isn't on the pencil whatever it is and you answer it and some fast self fashion and on the fourth time he wants to answer that question you'll don to swat flies on there you start to go mad so what happens is you have to play games itself to get someone on the side to throw different was that you're not valid shoot an area and all three similitude and then that keep you occupied because you think
king when someone asked me about beckham in his underpants of somehow go stick in a very similar shoot i would say it's not easy and your aunts has become very creative well did did did ask someone to be sincere and ask the same questions over and over and over again to them like to have people keep filing in and new person comes in an asset so tell us about this film and how did this get started so whose idea was it and so on my short film jumble made excalibur about nineteen ninety and and i was an impressionable young man of ten and it was the first light
knights in shining armor film ever spoke to me i wasn't particularly interested in errol flynn or any incarnation that they did in the fifties in the genre that john bowman homes on the good is very aggressive and no one spoke to one another they all shouted at one another so it took some time before you realize that's why it was so intense is quite camp so it had the soft we eat juxtaposition of being camp yes some of tiny slit grass if and you know that a budget of twenty five dollars and the visual effects and lots of a shiny nineteenth century ana and it made a really
show me because it was it was a voice it was a creative voice so i made an impression on me and then somewhere in the attic of my mind are relegated to the point where i had enough creative ideas in my reserve want to bring it forward to make a film and someone gave me money more brothers wanted a mike and yada yada yada and then it was the challenge i suppose of trying to take a seat joan into this well the fantasy epic fantasy medievali lord of the rings the kind of a world and it's completely out of my wheelhouse so i find the challenge provocative and exciting as well that is a fascinating error like or genre you know that fat donating world of the fantasy night since swords and bows and arrows and that that realm for whatever reason has been like intoxicating to people for a long time he is an archetype so you're interested
farm and you're interested in nurses you're interested in the superheroes obviously i mean are arguably arthur was the first superhero because he's the guy that extracts the sword and its galloping can do all sorts of wondrous things this myth is one thousand two hundred years old one thousand four hundred years old and it's that somehow kids are the dress up as vaman please been soldiers or nights so we it's almost like we it it's like an outfit that we wore one thousand two hundred years ago so you feel familiar in it here
it's fascinating that one john wrote that one sort of archetype is just locked into the psyche of people yeah is this is there yeah the other thing about it which is quite fun he she can take these kind of mystical rides into meta full so you eat you can symbolize things with three hundred for elephants which you can't do in some version of a realistic world so it became you have brought poetic license to take liberties are you using cg i am smoking a lot of it yeah while without like com boring the creative history is bank this movie i'm used to make a movie that takes three months right three three years three is wow three months to write from beginning to end cinema snatches three
months six weeks to shoot two months to edit source naturals three months to do the whole thing or to write it to write it and to shoot it the whole thing in the beginning to the way of getting to the end of six months a while and then three months safe editing so you'll wrapped impact in nine months to months so this is a direct totally different kind of commitment if i really knew what i was getting into i would have asked for double bubble on the salary becaus you so i think it could be here in one slash two is not like when you play in a movie like there's a big epic movie do you have an actual schedule of when you think it's going to begin and when it's going to end or do you do but the terrain filmmaking has changed exponentially like everything a lot with technology so what was put in the last year is now open and this year to release dates
a real dog so we had a release date which is projected a couple years from when you stop maybe sick i brought his check might movie you'll coming out in it was blue speck about exactly erica but then what happens is if you're not a branded movie you get elbowed off that day his star wars or something will come along and then you don't have to compete with stumbles siegel move could you come compete so you are very crowded market with lots of brand
now this isn't something that we used to have suffered because everyone wall is equal going into the equation you give yourself the advantage of having a movie star or something but that is an existing what exists now is the brand is the big brother so he comes muscling in billy's his way into the weekend and that's what you count really get new films breaking through because there's occupied those weekends already occupied to try to break through is a real real struggle we had to wait a year for a day the date that we're coming out on his one weekend off the guardians i got his will be last hit and it's very dangerous being within the parameters of a of a big movie that's a really interesting thing that only movies have to go through these days right i mean that's one of the rare things where people are getting out and going to see something that's been made together in a group now that you're you're watching media like it's not alive for
it's it's something that's been created in its going to press play at eight hundred pm on friday night and everybody i go to see and you got to get as many of those people together as you can it's one of the rare things like that yeah and it's becoming more polarized so it means more now so you're opening weekend everything's about they know what you the mike by thursday evening right right you how many are supposed to be coming out on friday and everyone knows we're going to make by sunday night or thursday evening is enough clever people out there tapping into clever little boxes and computer says that they do there and there seldom wrong now that never used to be the case you should come out and fills will get discovered you little platform you start small go big that sort of nonsense now you just gotta come out bolt going in and if you don't come out ball swing and people get very upset and they think that this is a failure and hasn't lived up to expectations even if it's a creative success yeah but he likes it
it's well you know there's a bit of that you know there's there is an accepted server movies good movies burden movies find their own way usually in the end anyway but the financial aspect has become polar list it's too significant of a component in the equation because it should you know it's awful right in the end of the day said statement in an art form and somehow you want to unify bat so 'cause there especially different reconcile those put in a nice little package so you put in a pill with a sweet wrapper around it and then you got both and then you should be happy you should have the substance and you should have the flavor but the now the focus is on the flavor and all the substance and that's result orientated so you move
i was out like i put my rights not slow down sun what's the movie like the question first of all should be what the movie lot rather what they make and it's just it's become too competitive into comparative financially and all of a dollar bill and i like things that successful it has to be second rate was primary primary is what's it like crazy well a film like not not to on it but fast and furious all our heard about was how much money made that's all you hear it's like the big story the big fat the furious opening box office hundreds of millions of dollars all you see is it's going to make a billion dollars why do you give fuck why does anybody who's watching that give a fuck you're not going to get any of that money why is it so appealing at this may he's made a billion dollars because it's comparative competitive and it's alright two people in the audience
his voyeuristic voyeuristic yeah so you can it's like spectators bowl who's the winner right you don't need to really care about how they won each carry or like a floyd mayweather you want to find out how much money you made did win million dollars at five rule people get excited about it's an extra element yeah there is a soul of from vicarious life that people can have through sports stars celebrities and success if they feel somehow related to or they went on the opening weekend or they are invested in that if it's successful then somehow prolifer e arm successful yeah that gets weird right does get way it yeah it's the business of movies a very very strange business 'cause you're creative business but you're also a business enterprise i mean your financial business and when it when it's i like you like your movie
have a certain flavor you know like you start off with lock stock and two smoking barrels like that movie has a flavor to it and then your other films like people want to go to see that kind of flavor from your films you feel like pressure in that regard like to live up to those x asians order to conform to these ideas that people have of your movies yes and no yes and no k depends what mood you catch right i like what i do and i'm going to do it anyway i just like it very much when people pay me to do it and give me the money to go do it so i don't mind the financial aspect of it i don't mind films having to compete if there is a reconciliation and as i say the the primary component should be on the quality of the work that should be was primary but i don't begrudge films being successful and like them to be successful on like the competitive element but sometimes when you talking with executives
you realize might you'll priorities are on the wrong thing here in the end it is a creative medium and fat is what has to be primary do they get in the way of a guy like you though but i would imagine a guy like you they give you a certain amount of leeway they give you all the way that's beautiful yeah and i i my exposure studios it'll be very positive and they tried to encourage you'll i free what is your individual idiosyncrasies they want you to put your imprint upon the work and they've been nothing but encouraging and since but you know if people betray their agendas walls you know you're in light conversation well they betray their priorities so you want to trust a man because he's a man of substance and two degree independence so he's not looking to me to find him so
through me so you're not asking me to tell me you who you are i'm that's the ongoing battle of life rival asking other people to tell us who we all right and independence from that is a manic be trusted i don't want anything from you and thereby i can be kind to you because i don't need a minute teach you you're no longer a crutch right so it's going to be very difficult when you're in business with someone like that especially going executive some slick character in a fine suit to find out exactly what is the motives really are the never in fine suits never now they dress in a polling sites really yeah i mean business is never encourage find suits in the pocket squares occasionally you find token pocket square but you can tell their heart's not in it the wife stuck it in there 'cause she saw
someone on tv that adam in razzle dazzle about them and they were quite fancy my old man by anyone that would stick it the old mans been barris about entrust grease out the way suits are thing the death of the suit it was the death of the suit was the present a attitude toward on going alone malone went missing yeah it's on and i don't want to stick now that's how i feel but that's what's happened we been brain washed too just like gentlemen but i see it i like you and i say that's appealing like look how you dressed and you you're in a conservative suit this is a nice like i'm sure is there any suit you wanted but you chew those assert that has a certain look to it yeah i have then sometime asking around with this job but a bit the same reason that we spent our time
messing around with a pocket square it i remember thinking how much i found the suit repugnant and i became angry that the suit have been robbed from us so i had to create an alibi the way in i understand why is that i'd like a sick this was the magic of ralph lauren the magic of ralph lauren nice jewish boy from new york collections created a wasp bm hana this is a wonderful expression that he and i think it is trish british and ralph lauren created this great empire and resold the waspy world back to the waspy world you actually not so that would be workers in england there was a sort of resentment about travel row traditional tailoring because it been robbed from the
office is a come along the number crunchers it come along and there was no creativity in the suit a suit it needs to be creative the person that puts it on combi putting on because he's told to put it on he's going to want to put it on so what raft it is he fashioned up this sort of quasi new england world and soul he took on a trope he took on a cliche and he refashioned that cliche to give it a new sense of life and you sense of breath he put black people in the suits were true actually it was just a white man's suit he made it feel knew we gave it take so what he did is he tipped his hat the old world but also tipped his hat than you and it allowed wasps to find their way back into the world with an eloquent narrative is clever yeah i'm i'm getting fascinated by the way the brain works because for you it's important that the person want to wear the suit and i have a feeling that that sold that's symbolic of how
do you feel about life itself like the person has to want to be doing what they're doing they have to want to wear that suit it has to be an authentic gesture did you have book called extreme ownership written by couple of navy seals that's jocko willink right now so i think it is the charge was booked yeah yeah yeah let's talk on the show a bunch of times important book well i have been mine once before when we talk about a bunch of times right right and once but but on the whole outlook yes right now there's lots of books that i picked up on this thing but they were very eloquent about it if you don't own something you're not the boss you have to take full are you for everything that you do why be subservient you must be the master of your own kingdom i feel yeah makes a lot of sense you could own econ just walk into things with their eyes off i'm
you walk into things with your eyes fully open you gotta know what you're getting into you have to take possession of your life is a thought process have to constantly re affirms something exactly that it's exactly that you drift on this point and it is whatever form of meditation or mantra that you decide to a spouse the needs to be some in the a way you remember that there's a world out there trying to tell you who you are and as well in here this try to tell you who you are now which one of the lyrics because the world outside is very noisy and very tempting
and as all the razzmatazz as all that in sonoma glitter but that's because you don't think you're enough in the first place if you don't think you enough in the first place the whole idea of the world to sell your stuff is first of all they have to make you feel bad about yourself less than in some way and i don't resent their system by the way it is the system but mostly expression about them hate them hate they hate the game that night the game love the game because you're in it might so i'm in the game except the rules a move on into the rules so the world will trying to be who you are and you have to tell you of who you are and this is ongoing battle and somehow that they need to be a reconciliation between the two but in the end you've got apple the x annual basket
there's also an ongoing internal battle though isn't there there's the you that you want people to think you are and there's the you who you are and trying to figure out how do i how do i figure out who i am i do i have correct assumption of how the people are perceiving me and how i actually am objectively or am i bull in the world with this suit and pocket square yeah i would say that is exactly the scenario that we're talking about the there's essentially any two two wells is the in a world of energy in this thing out to world of energy this this to identities one's real months fulls the external world is i'm asking you to tell me who i am that's what we're all playing at the city's not played again we run into a cels trouble cooler the ego call it whatever you wanna call it but that's the dynamic that were written and somehow we have to give ourselves enough confidence to reassure ourselves
but we are enough however i enter the game because i gotta move on in the world crack on in the world and i know there's loads temptations that come along the way so will willin the suit under the soup on the line the suit now i don't mean by paying for it i mean by owning it it's now my suit it's my idea to put on the suit i have to personalize it in some way i have to understand a narrative that allow cause me to own that suit and thereby upon my suit of armor i come out into the world and guess what i'm in a good time because i'm owning the suit rock solid philosophy is this you've ever written down the essence of narrative arm storyteller the essence of narrative is only about this dine there is nothing else in a story other than this dynamic so go between other perceptions and your own wants and desires and who
truly are your your significant real that's it you tell me a story that didn't that we engaged in that famous that's not about this journey i'll give an example the prodigal son parable seems religious sense sure a bunch of lay it out and he said to them who won to spend their inheritance the younger says has made that i can spend it and the younger son takes all the dough and he runs off and sniffs coke off strippers tits for a number of you is until he realizes
pretty boring and i'm in a lot of trouble he ends up feeding throwing food pics that's his job and he can't even eat the food that you give to the pics at which point he says dad please take me back that thing goes to data mate this has somehow happens not through telephones it just happens at which point that goes to the fact accounts is kill the fatty cow this on his own that was going on i'll stay with you since the beginning helping loyalty and i hear the stories of my younger brother coming back he's been sniffing cocoa strips tips for the last time on those i mean he is and you'll prepare to kill the fatty come off what's the s pay that on one of the story is your thoughts on that one about you take
sign it's that little step to the side you would be with me yoga boy which point goes out to meet the prodigal son the wasteful some the whites will some returns he says you were awesome they found that's the end of the story it's quite hard to make sense of facts in a literal sense you get old and was a bit unfair and we should be in canciones son because he never ran off and they did a thing but the essence of the story is that you are the father you wanna enough your oldest son is your intellect says all done doing this don't do that is trying to reconcile make sense of a prosaic and material world the younger son being the wild
let's go out in the world and find out what it's all about and sense of adventure he finds that you can't escape himself so we have to return to himself and at which point he has to accept who he is which bought the intellect is left out equation pretty much is the older brother because he can't understand the significance of the journey of the wasteful brother in the end you have to leave your don't understand the value of yourself you have to lose stuff before you realize that all the stuff that you're losing is a femoral and transit trees not yours who is enough but you've gotta somehow prostitute yourself before you realize your own value that is the essence of all stories is that something you think about all the time or just i mean this is
cemented philosophy story just a man is a king has a son the son the father is runs into of the sun jumps into a little boat little skillet and he's not skillet that's what you cook your chops on isn't it schiff little skiff this gift that takes off down the river he gets found by prostitutes is brought up in a brothel you understand the ways of the street king on the street he works his way out the different light is and then he pulls a soul from stone at a certain point in his life set point evolution and then from there we can want to be the king there's a tussle along the way lots of wrestling matches in the end you fight standers demons and it becomes the king so what's the significance of this narrative every man in himself his aristocratic he takes to join into the material world has to climb up all the
different runs on the ladder and ultimately has to return to himself the significance of the extraction from the sword from the stone the stone is the material world well which seems will solid because it controls you marshall projecting your sense of identity upon it the extraction of the stone is taking back your own authority your own divinity on authoritie your own identity whatever it is that you gotta call it your own power you're no longer looking for a sense of self outside yourself and then you have to face the demons that you've created and your history by facing them and fighting them and owning them you put them in the face of who you are and that's a wrestling match you have to take away all these purchase and that's all that we struggle from in life is taken while crutches please tell me i am please give me a bit more money except the people think i'm clever when an anonymous get home people think i'm clever you gotta take away all these crashes and stan
the man that you are and you're liberated from your whole thing the fact is the story king arthur but it's not just the breaking officer story of all narrative do you think that most that are watching then we're going to get that though they're just going to get an entertaining story they're just going to see a bunch of cool stuff some drama play out but this is fascinating that you're operating so many levels underneath it he put his storytelling is that so if i'm in the business of store amazon understand story and do you need to understand a lot almost or if you do depends where you are in the latter we just got along i'm not spends time and good guy bad guy everything's literal there's nothing wrong with literalism it is what it is it's the game you can glean what you can clean when you're ready to glean what you're ready to claim are you joseph campbell found i images california yeah that i mean that's a recurring theme in his work the heroes gent yes the hero's journey these underlying sort of narrative that just
guides all all stories in all ancient tales and that there's something inherently human about them important about these stories they resonate with our our wants and needs and goals and an even also maybe the structure that we really truly need in our own life yeah i mean all stories from i have a period i'm sympathetic to this particular to judge the camels philosophy on this but he's not the only one right right eight the weird thing about religion is religion has done to this spiritual significance of narrative walk the businessman due to the suit he's literally lies that realize that putting on a suit is putting on a suit is on some thing that's rather spectacular and in our little mind we look at a narrative and
we see the narrative for what we believe it to be the exterior aspect of narrative so we completely we see the world upside down we don't we're not actually interested in the essence of the narrative because we're so busy pandering off to the approval of others so everything that we see every narrative that we listen to every film that you say you're not really interested in its seoul interested in its body because this will become a sponsor it's fascinating you're comparing it to the suits because it resonates like when you think of a guy showing up for work or getting ready for work and he doesn't want to go and he's putting on the suit and it's just dredging through it and put it on and or you think about a guy was crisply tucking in his collars and pudding on his cufflink tightening up his tie and he feels empowered by the whole process of it it's very it's very appealing there like if you see it
film tooth sorry this amanda purposely they did in main street sunday remember also is harvey keitel getting dressed to go up on a frank aching dressed to go on a friday night and effected a whole generation of people about the way they dress because he owned it yeah now i never really thought about that and to this conversation it's not because i died just i don't really wear suits occasionally like very very occasion but you been roped have been robbed we have been robbed there are so many aspects of life food for a long time got robbed from us and we've slowly managed to claw that bass true but clothes really europe forty five year old geezer and you're still dressing like an eighteen year old cusses a lot about well some people like to be comfortable though i get that by the way and they like that look come your seed companies comfortable poured into this completely deconstructed on the inside made by a chap called brunello knows what he's doing so
hand made handmade handmade tailored i bought this off the shelf and i had a really a couple of things tweaked but it's comfortable as a pair of pajamas really yeah see again you have to broker a deal you can't put on things uncomfortable because guess what happens in the morning you're looking through your soup to go on like that one order come to one so they all have to be comfortable well we're not going to play the game i yeah i have a thing about ties though go on it kills and with that i on sure you can kill some one hundred percent if i get it that dad joe is coming to go on for long times you're wearing a rope around your neck if someone just gets a deep grabbed what you thinking about twist i'm not going to have a fight with anyone on somewhere in a toy or not but it's i mean you would have to in a deep disagreement you'd have to wrestle that soccer loose and take it off to be safe
i'm not going to dallas this you should that's my own personal problem i just feel make some with a tie on all you have to do is grab that thing and that's a wrap like if you went yeah jujitsu match and you had a rope running jujitsu practitioner right i am yeah so don't you i'm sure you've been college hook then yeah yes on the 20th thing around your neck like really right away my game is i'm all about the guy i mean yeah i played a lot known key but i've come back to the guy and the reason i've come back to the guy is i can quite taste the gay son hasty contest at the gate all i can as a couple moves i'm not show it is quite tricky on the on your with the teacher i'm all about trying to manage gay which somehow elegantly segue
from the tie i mean i'm all about creating what i call the hangman's rope out of the bottom of your guy okay sending that into effect so you one of those guys a pull the bottom that kelly and wraps up i'm on that guy that and i would play this game for a long time which is the wrapping around the wrist or you know the fallen the x they get that little dinosaur flippy right there so your arms out of action but then i discovered selling job if you slip that guy in through there what he's doing for people just listing he's talking it like towards is on the inside inside crackle his elbow and once he comes in the inside you can't get that hand out again that's it basically the fonts over from the the fights over from there from then on you on that arm so we should look roll around at the end of this joke how long you been training now twenty years what bell twenty is black belt from enzo wow that's legit man that seriously
do you think most people know that to keep that on the dl a little bit also much not so much now well i think if you ask the average person the street this guy ritchie a black belt in jiu jitsu they go now but does the average man in the street anyway they do now more than ever it's yeah probably more now well that's why when i see a guy is experienced as you wearing a tie i go is super confident about no one being able to get to that talk show what's going on why more ridiculous person that's what's going on i mean you have your own ridiculous ideas about owning suits i have no idea ideas about getting choked to death wearing a tie like i said i'm not going to college it your fishing knot fishing i'm honestly i do i really do have an issue with ties but it looks wonderful on you thank you very much i mean for real it's very elegant appearance the whole thing from the top to the bottom when did you
start training now under who where would where were you first what the county for fifteen years the check on karate was obsessed with go second than that and then i see i went twice on the right leg and i was chuck can you remember check sure i watch chuck and that was it was a revelation because old man earlier earlier old man earlier was on the eighty four in that video i thought well i'm not getting any younger and if i'm going to take up a martial art i love fighting so i'm very happy to talk about filing for a long time ago a fancy the idea that i'll be 'cause i if i stayed with karate i realize i would not be on the mat at eighty four so and back then there was no jujitsu in london there was judo and they had what was called now was a which is the ground game and they're pretty tasty we got some good judo players so i went from crotty
did you double as any interest in the ground game and then roger gracie came to live in the u k about twenty years ago and roger gracie went on to become a world champion eight times and i side taking lessons with him and his dad mauricio then i ended up in new york for all i think we lived at lived in new york for a while my ex wife and in the hands of those gm when it was about the methadone clinic and i fell into the hands of an off and on which you jitsu and so zero this way and i became obsessed with it for a number of years hence i go more belts i mean i should've got black belt my i say i should've got black belt i was i became lazy to a degree so i got a black bear when i should've got a black belt and as you and i know there's some tasty blue belts out there can have a lot of fun with maine but
i saw it drifted a bit came in and out this is sustained a few injuries but if i was training hard that you train hard you get black button five years going here you gotta obsessed yeah but five years kids are you can i mean i was a brown belt for eight years so target on the person i know that on the same as you i was bringing up for eight years i th if you for real fanatic you could get it in five years but it's super rare like bj penn got him three almost unheard of there's a few people that have done that yeah there's some guys in our gym in london in rogers place that there there five days a week three hours a day they mean it and within six months there are proper pain in the ass yeah yeah well once you become obsessed with the movements and you start study in the various positions in the possibilities it becomes a part of your life becomes a part of your almost like your your operating system
and as you see these guys reinforced that operating system you see their game becoming more and more complex and be able to chain attack after attack and b able to anticipate the defenses of those attacks and planned two and three step ahead and you see all this play out it's enemy i really really enjoy watching someone go from being a beginning student to being a killer it's a fast getting process because you're literally watching someone develop their comp mention of a language of fighting and that lang which are fighting is analogous to life it helps them in every single aspect of their life because it's one of the most difficult things that a person will do in their day and you walk into a jiu jitsu school you park your car you live in this normal realm of normal people with no normal problems and bills and stresses and issues but once you go until that thing he put on a guy or no guy or whatever you're doing and you go into that class once you engage age in these sparring sessions he's sparring sessions with skilled practitioners
you're doing one of the most difficult things any person within one hundred mile radius of you that's not fair for their life is doing and i'm not on a regular basis and constant you reinforcing this language it in chances that all your possibilities in your potential possibilities as a person account couldn't agree with you more one of great things i found about jujitsu is whenever i came to a city we just tap into it do you know where the next jim was and we roll down there are usually i'm usually with two or three people alive and now there is also a black belt i've got chat that i was with called bob tits who was olympic judo player fucking you should see the chest on this gays are there is a beast that's why
the delegates six so a christian on the terrible but the tickets were used to hit the jams and everyone there's a cast ste complete substructure that again if you want to be looked after that give you a gaffe alive my as a gaming is the brotherhood opposes probably the same people go to church and i'm not there is blood brotherhood are found amongst fighters where everyone is like game and friendly come around the barbeque do what everyone's whole substructure there that everyone will look after everyone else and i've never in the twenty years of fighting different gyms have i lost my temper oh i had a reason to lose my temper is anyone ever been a bully if people have big clumsy got carried away but there's such a system of accountancy bright that you can't get away with because it was a bigger billion you know you're going to get found out and i like that aspect of it everyone gets found out yeah
especially overtime right i mean if your training consistently with really difficult training partners your carrot there's going to be tested there's just no way around it there's no way around it and sometimes i end up training quite a lot in at home right i've got fifty six mates to come around there it's not the same as going to a new gym with new players right and you've got to get out there i know a few rich guys that have got trainers and they're not bad players you know that rain is a good and the fires are good but because they don't get outside of their comfort zone go to a federal jim yeah jim on the street thank that is very hard for them to really involve right you go keep putting yourself in uncomfortable spots in uncomfortable gyms and like as you said when you do that though you do see the kind of the same thing over and over again the same type of human
you know you just see them in london or you see them in new york or in los angeles you see that same type of human is is is that is the great thing about a sport in general but let's be specific because it's something you and i can relate to is there are no barriers in jujitsu now was looking at u of europe or you black so why is completely irrelevant you come to the mat and if you get on with the geezer fight you get on with the guy that you're fighting yeah and there's a complete clarity of vision when you find some it's just you name in the write them on their ability of how they fight yeah and you carry that social hierarchy like with the with what's important in that school is that it is like who is proficient who's very good that is that is that that's the best currency yeah the ultimate currents yeah right yeah i had a name when i used to train out here or in new york that they used to call me hollywood
because i was not the only celebrity on a person that he's coming south ali would you find it rolled around this but that if you get a couple people initially when you think he's on them fat loss it'll say seconds right in there and then everything gets why you have no currency on the map other than your currency on the mat and there's a wonderful clarity in that yeah for i like you or any any big time celebrity that's probably one of the only few places where you really truly experience that like there is no no bullshit in that role like in someone's going after you and you're going after them it's one hundred it is what it is all the shit veil of societies been removed yeah i mean i'll money the water about now so harking back to what we were talking about previously i'm aware that you become less adventurous as your ego grows in jujitsu right particularly the guy that doesn't app
if you run it doesn't tap you don't ever want to be the guy that doesn't happen you hunker up and you become a boring fight hum and it's an issue you know those guys a couple of guys that i can think of one in particular but if you get the better of him and by and large is better fighter than me but all of a sudden realize is in trouble just before i'm about that happen because oh stop once i got if you just moved a little bit of his instruction those guys or ask for that's their out of life to get then losing face so what faces it they're losing products that they actually think that being a ju jitsu plaza has an identity in itself and it doesn't mean you
i don't use it as a crutch this the of all martial arts martial arts was about find yourself within that framework and be honest about it and you meet the opponent and is your man conor will talia you'll finding its bat you find you in the ring what your other palm the mind to the other bomb on that we talk about once essays about your reputation in the gym on what people think of you said again you're trying to find an identity from outside of yourself by not tapping and you know that feeling and by the way our suffering myself 'cause i don't like to tap either but it makes my game inhibits my game it starts being created yeah marcelo garcia is always been very adamant about that but you have to open up your game in the gym and it's the only way to really truly progress and don't worry about being don't have that ego and there's a great video of him tim and damian maia rolling
and they're rolling they have like there pudding putting almost no like kinetic strength no explosive energy nothing no nothing athletic they're just going sort of the movements and exchange the positions and they're tapping each other left and right and left and right with no ego it's really interesting to watch because you see like marcelo catch damian and they roll to a position and damian taps and then they go through other position in marcelo does it and it's just it's really fast because what they're doing they're truly flowing there's no like here you go right there you see them do it but like how to do it like as do there obviously using strengthen their countering with skill but everything is very smooth and controlled and your in a two of the very best black belts to ever do it you're looking at damian maia who right now is arguably the top contender in the ufc's welterweight division he's going to be fighting hor hey monster call next weekend actually which is a really intense fight cosmos with all the killer and
marcello garcia who's probab only one of the all time great strangulation experts ever walk the face of the planet mean he's we revolutionized a lot of aspects of the guillotine the rear naked choke and in brazil in sao paulo in two thousand and three when he burst onto the scene when he chew doubt shaolin and to see these two guys rolling together is really really interesting because this is really kind of how you have to do it you just do it you know there's there's no one is saying i can't tap i can't no i can't put self in a bad position they're exchanging positions reptile like right there when damian it's under hooks and these goes for the deep half marcel is rolling with it they're just flowing yeah but you need two to tango you can't have one with an ego and who's not to play the game and bunkers down and screws himself down it makes the whole thing very hard to do it's gotta be you both gotta be complicit yeah absolutely
it's very it's very interesting watching like to really really high level guys like this role or like you know roger gracie and braulio steam or something like that it does so much top level jiu jitsu over in england right now yeah it's got some good players yeah he used to be a time just a couple decades ago where if you want to train it was very difficult to find really proficient instruction and and grapes are also are twenty years ago yes apostle i remember because office for almost for first into it when we made snatch which is eighteen years ago and that's 101st came to town and before then it was just judo just now was a well and you can certainly get something out of that but it seems like the level of a timing there's some people that have just one rock solid attack like rhonda rowsey at that rock solid attack with the arm bar and she comes from judo background that's annoying ambo
so it's nasty her arm bar to this day i believe is one of the best arm bars i've ever seen in mma not just because she was successful with it but would you watch our transitions you watch out she's a to adjust and changing like the cat zingano fight is a perfect example that cats in ghana charges at her like a fucking bat out of hell and they had this mad scratch and rhonda realizes a position that she's a he doesn't even utilize but she's she under stands arm bars so well she knows why could just from a hip over this way and kick back here and i'll catch that arm this is this overall understanding of the position is so high level yeah when so
one has a movement i used to find a bit with hickson and acheson used that they wait oz's transponders something to write and you come to enter the the level of sophistication when it's not but he said to him so technical acheson that it was well why on the style and about jujitsu is really rather primitive but i'm aware i'm primitive i'm aware that my understanding of jujitsu is really quite primitive and then when you see something like that yeah comes sneaking out of nowhere or it's a it's a magnificent thing to behold is but yeah yeah that went in what you're saying is kind of interesting because of some listen of this and go what how is a black belt primitive like you not primitive you're an expert but i understand totally is i'm also primitive i know i know what i know
yeah i understand like there's what hicksons languages is a series of words that you've never heard before spoken perfectly in the right order with no pauses aurums or no filler and the way he flows with it it's just he's got a level proof didn't see that very few other than marcelo and damian maia can really appreciate the true beauty of it all as they don't i got i won't i won't see things common it will be there too complex as he is completely different yeah yeah but you know enough already could line some of the other say that someone had enough brains to know that they didn't have any brains i'm so no not the number that you're in tractor us and the board said yeah otherwise your average gazes stop starts running around with one of these good guys so you know he's alright but how those kids joel guy will be the same
i think the same color belt on it let's have a go with that yeah yeah you just get manhandled now you said you had your knee fixed you're blue would you blow an acl you see all done it twice yeah get cadaver basement or no hamstring and the patella hamstring first time patella second downstream blew out right yeah those things bordelon uh yeah eventually gave in i had the first one was about twenty one ok and the second one was about thirty one and out well together but the old needs a bit naked do you know about stem cell yeah how are you feeling about straight i was that close to shoulder surgery and i had some central stem cells shot into my shoulder and it's amazing and where did you have that done vague iss yeah there's a guy named doctor rodney mcgee is at the tip of the spear and comes to the technology that's involved what was the issue with the shoulder bunch of tears which is stuff just years and years of abuse at my cartledge is gone on the shoulder and now my college is gone knee
and i didn't mean only about stem cell about two weeks ago and now that's what i'm hearing about i have a podcast i'll send you and there was with me and doctor radha mcgee that we did about a month ago fabulous he's amazing and again he's he's well up to date with the latest technology and he's also very conservative in his approach to it but what he's saying is that they are able to regenerate cartledge an meniscus tissue and this is the first anything is ever come along that actually regenerate these tissue they've been able to trim it and do things to it the mitigate pain but now they can literally regenerate tissue there even injecting it into peoples disks now the disks in spine and showing that they can regrow disk tissue yeah but you just mailed my three issues disc issue cartilage all my issue is of course meniscus and cartilage and disc what do you got going on with your back but i've got something is the traditional issue with those three
see whatever man calls at the bottom of the bank i'm going to show you something else that you're going to need and you're going to get after we have this conversation i have a machine outback called the reverse hyper and it was created by this map genius named louie simmons and with the reverse piper is a machine that decompress is your back and also strengthens at the same time it d press is it on the downswing and then on the upswing it it strengthens all those muscles around it but it literally polls the back a part in a compressed disk switches bad posture load this generation you look up at the screen this is this guys fucking crazy he's one of the craziest people i've ever interviewed he was hilarious but he's a old time powerlifter has been doing it forever and he's got fake shoulders fake knees everything's blown out he has no bye sepsis biceps are completely severed off of his arm he but what was he saying like he was he had his friends are making a max out bench like five days after his shoulder replacement he's a fucking maniac but they were
trying to fuses disks and so he came up with this machine and you see is it swings down when she's swinging down it's pulling her back apart like go to the here you go when it's going down it's pulling the back and active decompression and as she swinging up she strength all those muscles in the spine in a really weird way where you really can't get at them and this is the issue because you can do the soup superficially i'm strong there but core underneath the superficial muscles yeah when i had the mri you could see all the fat in the the surrounding must muscle around the disks and you could see the fat in it and then you get the superficial you went oh that's fine there's nothing wrong with superficial so it's uh hi i need to weigh a lot this yeah just buy one of those man where you have to base through you'll superficial muscles to get to your core muscles well it's just it
it forces that area of the body to work like your sustaining a load and you can you lift it up and you hold in that position and then as you let it go it's it's decompressing and in the decompress cycle you i'm feeling your muscles relax and you could actually feel it pulling like you feel in the lower back in a weird way you feel it kind of pulling separating and then a couple of seconds later your strength in again and then you pulling separated and your strength even again and then i have a other thing out back that i i bend over from the waist on and it'll files my lower back to just completely relax and my upper body pulls down on my lower body and it separates and decompress is the lower spine i mean it's been tremendous huge huge asset but there's a the things they can do now if you heard are agenda kane do you know what that is not regina king is something that developed in germany that a lot of professional athletes kobe bryant rotten manning they went over there and it's a blood spinning prese
feature similar to platelet rich plasma but they take the blood they are spinning it they heated up and when they heat it up the blood has a reaction to the extreme heat like it like i think you have a fever so it's produces very intense anti info mature response obviously if you're a scientist or a doctor on butchery miss but they take this yellow serum which is this an anti inflammatory response and they inject it into all these areas that you have massive inflammation like bulging disks and it has incredible effect had incredible effect for peyton manning allowed him to get back to football again i had a bulging disk that was make my hands go numb totally went away through compression and through this kind of stuff yeah i heard this added ten years to kobe's career and my own thinking now that's what he thinks i didn't up until i'm forty eight how many jet forty nine almost fifty so i didn't think about any of these things until this year so i accepted
i am a c l as been a nuisance except to go above a creaky bank but the last month i went to something happened to money i went to the doctor he is a little x ray and it went well could operate for the tenth time of an operation on that night you brought down by an f plan for what to like if you knew i but i can now so he's talking about a replacement so you talking about replacement now he sends it just hold on right so you saying in fifty years from now or whatever it is but it all changed and then a month after i want to shoulder x ray and he looked at it operate that and i knew where we were going here you better fly into like every new one arm now that geezer where they're not talking about fixing the talking about giving
you what right now i hadn't so can often out there it knows exactly what you're talking about to me the word he wasn't a vessel to receive this information now in the last month i am ready to receive this information i will know what you talk about i immediately i'm going to connect you with doctor rodney gay as soon as we get off the phone or off the podcast here i'm going to connect you with him and he'll be able to keep you up best of all the stuff and it changes constantly like when i first went i first got a shot in july of last year and i was that close surgery i was trying to figure ok i was planning my time while saying ok if i get the surgery i assume we can't use this arm for at least a few weeks and it's going to be pretty weak for at least three months and i was really accepting that it will just give this a shot an within a couple of weeks of getting the shadows like god damn this thing feels better than it's ever felt before
and so through a series of exercises like a lot of rotator cuff strengthening exercises and bottom is kettlebells like bells you you have to stabilize the cattle those ones those are fantastic for stabilization muscles and then it also made me realize that if you're going to do something along the lines of jujitsu something it's very physically demanding you have to strengthen your machine i can't you can't just keep going to jail which is what i was doing for years yeah me too that was my exercise i don't think that's adequate i think you have to strengthen the machine and i think yoga is also really big impart important part of strengthening that machine because it's lengthening it decompressing the spine and it's making you strong in the static positions which is very similar to the load that's going to be pushed on those joints and on your back when you're doing jujitsu i try and go for a year i tried every day 'cause usually i can get into anything at some point or another just gotta keep throwing ours it the one thing i couldn't get into couldn't
good my my approach was wrong soonest dunga mike's wife and it was incredibly painful incredibly challenging but what i like about fine is batch element to it yes there's my enemy a kind of a rolled around my enemy this attack is a win is a loser for some reason that keeps me motivated the idea m i mean in in essence i imagine it's the one i was talking about in the end it's it's self against self yes we do yoga i just haven't made it that far to access the struggle and enjoy it i feel like i'm always running on fumes in the ogre yeah we're going to run on fubs but it's building a house one layer of paint at a time i mean it it's not a it's not the thing to do and i think that competitive element that you talking about is internal struggle and that internal struggle is you and your breath keeping your breath and calm
and check and focusing entirely on your breath while managing the positions and then slowly but surely developing more proficiency in those positions more range of motion more dexterity keep going over and over again and then one day you get to a point for me it was like maybe an a year and a half into doing it pretty regularly where i'm like ok now i can finally hold this position for thirty seconds whereas before i literally count to ten and just try to get to ten and then i'd fall down then i get back up and try again try to get to ten try to get content my feet would buckle my knee wouldn't be locked doubt and then i'd try again but once you develop a certain amount of proficiency then you can concentrate entirely on the breath and that's where the the struggle is and then keeping the find on track not thinking about their bullshit not think about just
the struggle of life and all the different variables that you have to deal with on a daily basis thinking only of the breath the posture in the breath very difficult to keep on track so that invariant that's the competitive struggle that is in your own mind see consistency with the theme of the theme is this plant that's all there is is the outside world and the noise and what comes with that and there's the internal self but everything is everything is subject to these rules and yoga in this sense is no difference jujitsu is no different narrative is no different it's being away there are what the dynamic is is being aware of what's actually going on that i think is fundamental yes yes and pattern recognition recognizing that is the same for yogurt is for the essence of a narrative absolutely yeah and those things become a vehicle for developing your human potential whether it's yoga or whether it's jujitsu and i think pat
recognition they take place in both things in yoga you go okay i've been before i know where this is i know i know what to do in you go right back into that thing of concentrating on controlling the breath these big long deep breaths and these big exhales and then the focus is entirely on the breath and those path turns they come up in jujitsu as well i mean that that ability to maintain breath mean i'm sure you recognize that in a person who just starts like one of the things you see bow someone who's just start even through athletic they don't know what they're doing they start hyperventilating they don't know what to do they start breathing weird and the breath is like the first thing that you lose control over in hixson from the movie choke i mean that was the big thing that separated hixson from all the other jujitsu players is yoga his yoga he made younger sexy yeah he did well he was the first guy to make it appealing at all to martial artists i mean that was with your wife did that's what your mom does it's like the housewives do it's not something that
amanda's especially not the top jujitsu kill ever it was a seminole it was a seminal documentary that yeah it changed a lot of peoples lives in itself turned hixson into a rockstar oh yeah yeah i've had him in here he's a he's an amazing guy to talk to i've had i've talked him several times but having him in here and sitting down with him and talking to him about you jitsu it's like it's like it's like sitting down with michelangelo and talking about art i mean you're talking about did there masters and then is the master of the masters and if you talk to any jujitsu master they all just go hixon is the number one thing there's no dispute which is amazing there's he's very few like there's sock for players that are just deleting there's basketball players that are elite but when it comes to like who's the best in jujitsu there was always this one guy and while he was competitive especially when he was young it was always hixson
which is to me amazing that he was able to maintain and i think one of the things about him was his physicality he and his mind and i think those two things in many ways we're enhanced by yoga i think he's got some disc choose now this isn't it has quite a few here is quite a few yeah i think he has eight bulging disks which is horrific you should send him to your man oh i'm going there one hundred percent i mean i've talked to him about a bunch of things hixson though is a bit reluctant for certain kinds of treatment you know i mean he's he's just going to eat mangoes and fucking meditating shit i don't know what he's what he's what he's tried or what he's willing to try but i would love to see him i mean i would love to see him rolling again it would be amazing if they could regenerate dis tissue to the point where he would be healthy i mean that's the fair the fear for the first time for me is that i've never found any version of h
the map that when people are starting to tell maine we're not going to fix it will wait until we give you a new one under this bite and when they're saying that about your knee was the issue is that a meniscus issue it is a meniscus issue but i've lost seventy five percent of the meniscus of the cartilage i get confused between the difference meniscus what is the different cartledge is what covers the outside of the bone meniscus is the padding ascension that's in between the two bones that keeps them from touching each other right okay so they have so it goes bone mini no bone cartilage cartlidge meniscus and the meniscus you can cut some of it out but when you did not have that done my left knee they did uh you know they go in arthur scopic lee and they trim some of the torn meniscus yeah it works but it's less stable there's less tissue in there it's more subject to inflammation and swelling it doesn't
and a load as well but i stem cell shot into there and i've never had a problem sense it's amaze i had a problem with it for me tore it for the first time more than twenty years ago and an operation i think in ninety five somewhere around there and then i had another operation on it in two thousand one two thousand and two and it was it's always been an issue since then it's just one of those things that he it's sore i just deal with it whether it's kickboxing or whether it's lifting weights or whether it's jujitsu it gets sore i just deal with it i you know take glucosamine ankhon droid and a lot of fish oil and anti inflammatories and changing my diet help quite a bit but there was always that thing until they shot the stem else in there and then literally within a few months it's nonexistent like i don't think i have this need the tax up anymore now have any that never acts up it just doesn't bother me anymore this is very exciting stuff it's v
very exciting stuff and tell me how thin on the wedge are we in terms of this being you well they've been doing it and experimenting with it for a couple of decades apparently according to doctor mcgee but the uh you're standing of the potentials in the possibilities and then the practical application is over the la ten years has really come to the forefront it's really become something very very viable it's not just the medical anymore now they're actually seeing people regenerating tissue they're seeing people where you have a tear and like your shoulder or something like that and then you probably have to get surgery now well then they shoot it in there and then next thing you know it a couple months late i mean i still got some floating tissue that like pops and crunches and stuff in my shoulder but when it comes to like the actual strength in my shoulder i don't worry about it at all like it don't bother me i mean there's occasionally some slight soreness but as far as like the funk
no strength of the shoulder it's like a hundred percent it's crazy so is this the thing into the waste and so is this going to this is other turn into one of those exponential it is for sure for sure we already generating they built this woman very exciting stuff citing this is exciting as yet the re generating tissue there regenerating body parts they built this woman of bladder they took skin cells stem cells from a skin and they with p in a petri dish they started this off and then built her ablish had bladder cancer and they built her a bladder and then put it everybody and it's functional it's amazing i mean this is all state of the for now and when we're looking like ten twenty thirty years from now when you're looking at we re generating all sorts of things re generating bone for people have bone cancer re generating lungs and liver and spleen and heart i mean they're going to be able to make body
they've created an artificial heart that beats like with themselves they've actually constructed a human heart this is a subject you know something about fascinated by it fascinated by it because what they are able to do now is just you know you're just looking into the future you get a window into this and it seems like it's exponentially exploding mean all over the world is people experimenting with this stuff and trying to figure out new ways to improve things which is the fact i'm having the invitation and this isn't the first conversation i've had in the last month about this yeah it's spot design let's now oh it is now people understanding it and people know people that have had issues with it you can't get it in america but in in may so i know people that go over there and get it done intravenously boss bas rutten we need a screen pass this big characters like it
like i had energee coming off my fingertips glasses it's a pretty significant problems he's got fused discs in his neck and he had major atrophy in his arm because his disk was you know compressed and it was pushing on the nerves and so the there's warrant getting it wasn't there weren't firing correctly so his right arm he calls baby arm's right arm is kind of shrunk and so he's experimented with a lot of these things he's kind of been ahead of the curve with this stuff get jason state them in there i would love to you look like you fill out the same so you have no do right yeah it's very similar please go a couple weeks here in the i met him he's a nice guy he had a bunch of stuff going on with his body to shores and a lot of ways in better condition now he we used to be an olympic diver i used to die for a england you know where the dog right com fabulous athlete and he takes care of himself i believe it
it's good nick but you know he's got two weeks go they'll need it just may have a point goes away and the thing he does is much and by the way you get him on diet and he's off to the races you can't shut him up he's gotta leave him there for three hours come back kind of color bears come back we still you known about it it's something that he cares about can tell ya nerve he you sitting there now it'll be a battle about say to who because you told over one another you she came in in a bloody relate to a banister no i'm sure do you want should i assure you a healthy eater notice i'd like to be come down i play oscillate with thirty pounds of extra nonsense at the time yeah i'm now i'm weighing one hundred and ninety now i should weigh about one hundred and ninety two actually today and i should be creeping around a good fight and weigh about one hundred and seventy eight
so what is it is it a blues thing that there's there's there's no the blues the blues isn't the issue in in terms of the calories itself the blues is the window to the calories itself the pizza a piece on the pizza man but i do love a pop up pop i deliver pomp and unlock a packet crisps yet we have back he called chips over here not quite the same thing tonight now kwan know an english and english krispies at heavyweight chip an and they were particularly well in pub so it's two parts of guinness and a couple packs crisps and you've built it in one thousand calories is complete nonsense in all about twenty two minutes right on the salt two is very appealing when you're drinking a cold day don't think just work hanses each other but it didn't take long before there's a heavy price tag that comes with that
the law i reckon i train weights three times a week and finding another three times a week a lot of training bottom kebab and it's trying to somehow reconcile that and every now and then i behave myself stay at the pub stay off the booze for three months and i can get myself down at one hundred and seventy eight however it's been five six years since i've been there now i just eight pounds the other day strictly restricted myself off the booze because i'm off the booze i don't look at food in the same way the thing is the whole purpose of booze to relax trouble is will also relaxes the rules reid
right right now when you're dealing with all these injuries how are you able to train throughout the stuff you gotta shoulder they're thinking one day might need to be replaced and knees that might need to be trained on crack on and i found that and i'm sure you've had the same through jiu jitsu whenever i get an injury i find if you start messing around with it and paint too much attention to it it can dog on for longer night not emily injuries i just trained through and there's almost a bluffing game that you have with the injury in charge a meal the injury and once the jury knows that you mean it it tends to moon walk out the door but they're more fundamental ones like the shelter in the navy the next time a and ashland well see the action that's been give me a bit of anger recently i so there are a few things you need to cross her second see you're on to this job i could see a focused on this yeah yeah i know a lot about the stuff yeah you invest it yes right and you need to be invested if you
i mean it is ownership again your investment is ownership well my good friend eddie bravo just had his disk replaced he had it replaced with titanium articulating lower back disc so he had some pretty significant decompression or compression issues in deterioration an it guy to the point where his lower back was just constantly inflamed you know eddie's world class black he's could no not you anymore why didn't you send him to your man wow it was before they were actually shooting it into the disk he had it done about a year ago right about the eighty nine months ago some other so this does make me wonder whether you just hang on yeah but i would i would stem cells with a lot of things hang on with some things you can hang on like a c l tears once the daycare once the the link it is removed uses nothing you could do you have to ever replace it terrible thing yeah the acl and it's such a common injury but you know what's interesting is once you get it replaced like for me i had a patella tendon graft on the left knee and then a cadaver
craft in the right knee right and they're not your steve at all sorts of things done i've done it all but one of them bother me at all anymore and they're stronger like the when they do a cadaver graph they use the achilles tendon which is one hundred and fifty plus percent stronger than you original acl so actually makes it a stronger joint yeah still stronger when patella tendon graft it is still strong in your patella tendon is a very huge tendon and you can like you can operate with a one slash three of it missing which is essentially what they cut out when they my right leg just had the two acl side notices sacrified in this very little i can do to be up that quad does probably because you're favoring your left side i am i am but then you know i isolated or beast that thing but i just kind of gay media can get flat leg like can on my left leg get it completely fly
you mean extended it so it bends so you can engage or your courts that's gotta get some stem cells in that bad boy it's very exciting so it's the real deal i mean it's something special years i've been living with this yeah they could fix you up they can fix you up but diet is huge and one of the things about diet is inflammation and i never really wrapped it in my head and see about three or four three years ago i had a pretty significant back injury and then just like i say in my hands were nam and it was because i was ignoring it because i would punch it in jujitsu and then i got i was gonna roll light i'll just go in there and roll light and then after a while it was getting bad to the point my back was locking up in my hand started going numb and i give this pretty significant elbow pain so i or did really researching all the options and what's really going on in one of the big ones that i've found was diet that when
i have too many inflammation causing foods in your diamond are eating too much sugar and bread and booze and all these different things that affect it effects how your body carries fat but it also effects where your body holds on to inflammation and joints in particular all the injury spots were way sore when i had a show he died so the evils layered hamilton causing the three white devils sugar what's the other one yeah why is the other month booze no just kind of way the foam on beer is white what is it you should know what the three white flour pasta sugar i don't know what is the other one dairy i guess married there yeah i like cheese though so do not drink alcohol yeah i do which try not to drink too much meaning
all things in moderation including moderation yeah i mean i'm not a big drinker like i'm not drinking every night but if i go well you know i have a drink or have a glass of wine with dinner or a couple of glasses i'm cool i think it's just a matter of just controlling or something yeah that's really the thing so the three white devils you do subscribe to that one doubles i occasionally will allow myself to to dance with the devil but the real three of them yeah now with a little bit of sugar a little bit like last night i had some linguine with clams i don't know i go on eight thousand and twenty which means eighty percent of my day it's very clean and then twenty percent i'll fuck off whether it's saturday or friday or whatever how do you feel about rule milk unpasteurized love i love rob look very exciting i'm opening a little i'm opening a little raw milk dairy are you really having i'm very interested in this more from a calorie
in view that i am from a nutritional point of view however isis i suspect that there's a sweet spot here i mean brewery allowed you're opening a brewery how many brewery yeah how much do you know about making beer yeah quite a lot actually have you been doing it on your own i've done a lot sort of asking around on the th the state is retained for years which is great fun i like any sort of form of caveman chemistry from his mom and you know frances mountains big fan of that sort of thing i'm a bit of a caveman when it comes to anything to do with food so i do like a nice day outside right i take my if i say so myself i'm good on a barbecue and i've been i've been doing not barbecuing for twenty years gonna slow cook take that all quite seriously but so yeah only brewery beer and then when i'm on it i'm opening up which is a bakers a candle stick maker's too it's kind of small hotel
place in in england hundred acres so we're going to farm to table the whole deal i'll make your own beer yeah raise your own animals serve them the whole thing into i mean gene's traditionally in english drink but i wasn't really into until i came to america and i found since i've been here in the last over the last week it's been quite a few gin and tonics going on and gina parent is the easiest of the sp where is the mic so my own little swing on that too i'm good friends with me keenan the lead singer of tool and he went essentially for years just went and of his own vineyard is arizona alright yeah and did not in a place in arizona that is known for growing wine so he had to manipulate the soil and amazing
every time he loves it yeah it's probably an expensive lovely time though but i'm sure he's making money with it now but he's he's it like a legitimate genius and he's one of those guys that live he cannot be stagnant it's not even an option mean his mind works a thousand miles an hour and you when you're talking to me just kind of kind of jump on the train and hang on there with them as long as you can jump off and go who but he's just a very very very intense guy and his his particular and of intellectual curiosity led him to start experimenting with one his wine is absolutely fantastic and he's a legit wine expert like you sit here and talk to the same way you and i can talk about buchecha or you know hydra i see your hand so he can talk to you about why he's also a purple belt in jujitsu too so you can talk to that as well he's intense guy i like the sound of this is the wine business i do find interesting there's something happening with
warcraft movement in general that's very exciting that we are going back to local stuff and people mp two degrees ownership again yes it's take ownership of your food to take ownership of everything to do with the comportment components of your life and ill got rob from us yeah you know what happened in the seventies in the kay is all these breweries bought up all the pubs and they brought up all these small breweries and you have all these brews with their own little crafty beer going on they homogenized it and then he sold it back to us and they gave it back to us without character and we just bought it 'cause we were stupid right yeah and then was how many years is we realized that character is important and local character is important and ownership is important so the cyst movement and two degree things like instagram
may have a light side is giving a voice to the cross movement yeah i like a man that makes his own knives and you followed any of that stuff yes order handmade knives all the time that's what i used to like cut my food like they feel good i like it's a completely different experience i have exactly the same thing we order am eight knives and when you're cutting your food with a handmade knife it's not what it used to be you realize a knife should be a thing and it rub from us do you know steve kramer's number of he's a guy who makes knives with meteorites yes i do know i've seen him i said there's a little thing in youtube on with anthony bordain yeah now see now said nothing of dynamic he takes a chunk of it came from space is fabulous yeah it's amazing yeah yeah actually i gotta feeling might have been the genesis of my interest in knives with anti bordain thing and
there's a guy mousie fire arts find that on instagram but he just made me this damascus steel cutting knife and a hunting knife to go with it and it's just i mean i cut with it but it's just stare at it for minutes before i cut with it look at the blade in the handles made out of one thousand year old bob would like would that was like preserve from a bog like bog maple it's a may using this is amazing but why is it so interesting with the fact that this is it is interesting like look at the hotter than the in the steel is damascus steel if you go to his instagram there's a picture of my knife in there you could see it hit this guy is i mean he that's it right there the far right far those so those are the two knives that he made for maine that sexy oh we fucking model dolls ancient bagh oak that's what it is was it was the book from is it in america bug i don't know i'll have to ask him i just took his word for it
look at that thing that's lovely that's why i used to cut up garlic also let's ask alabama we made at damascus scale amman really yeah i'm into a bad damascus so did you have a a fashion for your moving yeah wow so you had to specifically made for the movie yeah charlie hunnam who plays king arthur is if you want to receive this sort how much is a way i mean this mother how to get shape for that thing right yeah always and good you ever do those like shield cast with a steel club we realize how difficult it is to manipulate fifteen pound club yeah but hard work very hard click those guys like sword fighters must have had intense shoulder strength and stand core strength yeah but they take these guys up in the u k they every now and then they stumble across a body this a thousand five hundred years old and they realize the deformity in the shoulders from all of the
right whatever you call that when you pull a boba yeah and they used to be in english law that every englishman had to practice for eight hours a week to pull back a bow so you've got all these skeletons that are deformed from the enormous strength soldiers of these on the shoulder deformed how so like what is the issue with that it was the share why you no longer about this the main but the they had become deformed through the development of the muscle which in some way then change the the bone structure structure yeah why people like these massive great i don't know if you know the uk you know in this country you do this the finger is just the single finger in uk is two fingers right
why is that's for bows and arrows right it comes from the english rules and the french walls and the initial famous for that long bows famous battle fashion coal there was a couple hundred abbas in those ten thousand the dam and the level the they had crossbows but then we had this longbow the longbow was the machine gun in the bone marrow world and because the brits that's what they did with a as a week every englishman to do that that they pretty lethal with these things anyway they annihilated the entire french army there was kind of famous battle of the french have conveniently forgotten so the french did thereafter if after they ever call an was they chopped off turn his fingers ah but the bow so whenever history then made eloquent is it one of saw a frenchman
he is the way the two fingers up at him and then since then it's now just become yeah they'll you because as far golf sign have you seen the way the mongols did it girls they had these incredibly powerful recurve bows it would take one hundred and sixty to pull back and they use their thumb they would have a thumb ring made out of bone have you seen right now i haven't do lots of angola they third there's a fantastic audio documentary on the history of the mongols the wrath of the khans dan carlin here listen to that yeah it's amazing yeah ivan out there was a bit of a fan of yours that he keeps me up to date on different things that you're interested in because he's interested in the same things i didn't know about the knives and there's a couple of other things that i didn't know that you knew about but he's a big fan and he got me into this see those things we might not think he got on to this because you got him on top oh i'm sure but once you hear dan carlin i mean it is absolutely addictive but this
is the ring that they would put on their thumb and they would pull back like that and then they would wrap their index finger over the thing where the the thumb nail is and then pull it back that way and then release that's how they would release their arrows well it didn't get very far did it well it did for a long time until gangus khan died i mean they killed ten percent of population he killed so many people that changed the carbon footprint of earth there was a new york arms article about how many people died during genghis khans rain that it was so significant you could see it in the carbon data you're kidding no no i'm not kidding see you pull that article he killed between fifty and seventy million people during his lifetime were directly attributed to his army and his decisions fifty to seventy million people died the can's have estimated somewhere around thirty the libre
estimated somewhere around seventy nobody really knows what they think it's between did that mongo invasion in one thousand two hundred altered carbon dioxide levels fucking people officially change time earth there's probably only one million people kicking around on you i don't know how people there were i thought it was a lot more than a million b as muscle a million people in beijing china they killed they killed people in numbers that we can even in gen i think it was jen china they showed up and this is part of the dan oh and series the the but the quiz means shaw said and like and uh envoy like a party to go search this sit in china and as they pulled up they thought what they saw in the distance was a snow covered mountain as they got caught so they realize it was a stack of bones and the roads were so deteriorated from human bodies just
rotting human bodies they had abandoned the roads because they couldn't get their cars through their their wheels rather through because their wheels were getting bogged down there horse we're getting bogged down in the muck of deteriorating bodies at so many people the mongols killed i was it just the desire for empire cause the d humanization of the enemy i mean he the idea was that everybody who doesn't live in a tent anybody does live the way they do these fools that live in cities they weren't even human they were sheep like there a certain disconnect between them and the other which is imperative it's most important thing in war you have to decide that that person is not you write have decided there other whether it's the vietnamese the german the nazis the japanese like whatever it is you have to decide that they are less than you and they had
this thing about people that did not live like they did that they were pussies these these weak people that lived in these cities with their walls and so they would just find find these cities they'd stroll up and they would just figure out a way to start attacking him they would light body is on fire and launch them with catapults onto the roofs of these buildings but what was what was the motivation it was just conquering just conquering i mean they just wanted to expand their empire and take over mean it's not there's no noble pursuit in there is no rule which is pursued either i mean it's it was expansion yeah well they just wanted to own at all they felt like everyone they encountered was so to their rule and they had establish that very intense series now remember i remember i got into about five years ago and i remember the bone he opened the bone thing in king arthur i've got mountains about
oh nice but i do remember some of that money how things drift this is a legitimate samurai sword from the 1500s who really yeah that's a real one what is sharkskin going on up here i don't know i mean i think that the case is probably a modern case but that blade itself that is that is a blade from somewhere around one thousand five hundred and eleven they think how did you get your hands on this was a gift really who from my business associate aubrey markets good buddy of mine and we're in business at on it together and he gave me this that's quite a thing yeah it's quite a thing that's a real thing is not one of these blades at once you take out it's gotta draw blood is it no no no this is funny thing we got this military unit in the uk called the gurka that come from the pool there's been a tradition for a couple one hundred years and they have these fundamental lives were hooks on yeah there weird nice weight die
and once they draw them once there out the sheath that they're not allowed to put it back into this got blood on him so they have to themselves and others to anybody jesus christ like weird excuse to cut yourself i mean doesn't that that's like a the rigid requirement don't draw unless you gonna draw blood what kind of telling him being a so just tough stuff it is to have the guts now that's something about your your film i'm sure is you're dealing with a different time and that life back then although always precious the the finite aspect of life
this is more solidified its more obvious it's more it's something you're dealing with on a daily basis as opposed to the way we live yeah i think this will solicit vantage's to that we've you looking down the barrel of a gun nothing so be you up kuala looking down the barrel of the gun and we've managed to distract ourselves bonnie the comfortable liberal lives that we lead and that the price for that is that we don't really except the full accountancy of life so we do give us cells crutches we look down the barrel of a gun u crutches taken away mmhm so i suppose in different periods of time you didn't have to he didn't have the indulgence of being l to worry about what people thought of you be cause there were more important things to worry about yeah yeah there
more important things to worry about than social media have to worry bout arrows swords death constant the thing is though even come back to the mongols so what is designed for gain his desire for gain with the more people of pre getting respect me then the more be anything else that kills people other than that motivation not like that well not even like that i'm just talking about murder right whole genesis of murder is based on the principle that someone has more power to me so i have to take that power away all my comparative sense of self field minted if i can say that life away call pat at the same thing you're really asking someone to tell you paradoxically and ironically if you kill them that makes you more powerful than them although there can no longer bear witness or they did bear witness for a second but what does bear
and this is the story in your mind that somehow now you are now more powerful fucking hate them you don't want him around anymore but why do you hate him because they're threatening threatening to some way getting in some way somehow now they can diminish your idea of who you are or you find them repugnant their actions repugnant jurors to their society something then it's not murder than it right let's just eliminating an enemy right eliminating a threat yeah if you could go back i mean i've often thought about this is technology involves like will there be will come a point time where you could have a window to a certain era like will will time machines ever be a thing where there's a time you can actually go back and view the past like is there a period there period that you really quite a lot because of google
on one of those i like a good porn on google so where i live in will show the guy house and and this countrys on next stonehenge if you go on google earth yeah like stonehenge about five thousand years old all around that area in these plow fields you can see they still got merrill bounds and merit burial mounds and what not and the whole earth is lit it with pre historical works and burial sites no burial sites that you we have this thing called on the survey which registers i mean but you'll have the same think it was registers everything on the earth right so everything of any historical value there's a map and they tell you whether footpaths are and the roads are and everything but highly detailed how high the mount
things are in the roads and what not and i'm a bit of a you know the expression anna right now it's like a geek you know those guys that was true and planes and they usually wear those jackets called anorak so i'm a bit of an anorak history of topography so you go on google earth this was a bit of a wet dream as far as i was concerned 'cause i could spend hours and hours porn bing landscape the house you can find these all these burial sites that no one knows existed and his only son google earth exist in arm confident then still on the only person that those barrels these burial sites exist so how do you know their barrier sides like what are you seeing because you're gone you can build up a understanding of packet kind recognition again you can see and establish burial site which is seen as a pre historical better beryl site bronze age or whatever it is and then you can give us
a mile to the right and then you can find one under a plowed field where they've got rid of the sounds but you can still see the depressions which isn't exactly the same shape is the depressions a mile to the right and then you can build up a whole so you know this is the area where they get crop circles yeah so and then you can build up a whole picture which is a much bigger picture and then you can start to predict where one burial site is going to be and it's been like finding treasure and you get over two hundred yards that direction two hundred miles out it should be about a bang there it is you can see half of these depressions and then it runs to a wood or whatever it is but this stuff that exists and you wouldn't have known before google earth came along how much work is being done like trying to study those things but the thing is hancho quite a lot but the thing is is pretty historical so they're really the only thing that is there is arrowheads
im burial mountain every now and then they dig one up and then they find a boat buried with golden yeah and that happens every now and then but there isn't much evidence there was left behind so you know most of these things are just am converse with the bones in but it's kind of crazy because that's an area where people have been living for thousands of years it's not like people went away and then came back and now you're trying to like people insistently lived in that area and then did you see things like that horse that stone horse in the countryside yeah the choke horse yeah like the big to be willing to lose my actual because i've seen has been a choke you get the i didn't look him up is the man with the big what willie and all in that area that you have these different emblems of represented tribes or whatever so we now live in the uk which is the united kingdom but there is a legacy
there i mean you'll have the same here there's a legacy that that you can you can trace back step by step thousands of is and we get my not around the romans right it was a couple of one thousand years ago and the romans been kicking around the uk a couple of one thousand years and then they went and then kane the saxons and then off to the saxons than the french came in and then the french basically took over the u k in ten sixty six and then you have the culture that we have now but you can see you somehow you forget go that your culture goes on for thousands of years and you accept really what we see is history is the last six thousand years of five thousand years but when you can have a connection to it goes back further than that it's hard to get your not around the romans find the bronze age
what is that there's the guy with the big willie holy shit how old is that san andreas there's lots of that that goes on around imagine that guy running accio fully erect how strange and there's a much of these and they do they understand the origins of these things they know where they came from i don't know is the answer to that these these are later they look quite primitive verdantly yeah i think these are later but that whole area is littered in this sort of paraphernalia if you will and they don't necessarily know who did it or why now but what's exciting to someone like me is that you aren't going through any other conduit and i suppose it's what it is it's the mystery it's the mythology of all of this but it's your rd in
two it is an individual you know i can answer any history books right your seeing it and it's like discovering tricia you can access it on your own on google and you think it is anyone else doing this ryan why would they be doing it i started doing it because i wanted to see not remember some aspect on some power mylander before now look this barrels are they all have a little look at him before you know bread crumbs leader bakeries and you find yourself filling your boots with all the pastries in the world i'm anderson like sunny about that sir in reference to what was it you said that if i could go back to any time i'll come back for a minute i'm almost on a about five foot long see that the period that we're living in is the most exciting period to live on this planet and not not least soap because of what we've been talking about stem cells
is that could be the thing that allows you and i to age more gracefully and without so much pain that we can live a comfortable life if you decide if you choose to live a comfortable life we have medison that we never had before and this period in history it is that we are still complaining was still complaining but if we could just remember what we are comparatively where the issue me on history comparatively it's an end to all complaints yeah comparatively for sure is interesting too when you're talking about this the use of technology and how what you can do now with stem cells in comparison the passage it's really exciting emerging time but similar like the use google earth to discover these mounds and things we see what's going on in the amazon now they're discovering
the evidence of civilizations that were just rumors and myths like the gold city ancient gold city that there is that what is that movie there definitely is a lost city of z yes there fine being these established irrigation paths and city grids in the amazon jungle thousands and thousands of years old and they don't know the origins though don't know who was there they don't know why they're constructed what the culture was like this was all at one point in time just mythological and now they're realizing like no no no this is history and this is there been to golden passed down in these fables and now we stand is an actual concrete a physical grid rather that you can go and you could see i know these are real cities that did exist and jungle sort of engulf them it's taken over them amazing yeah it's a thing google f it's incredible i mean it's allowing and this is only step one i think google earth is
to give way to some sort of a magnetic resonance type thing where they're going to be able to look deep into the ground what we're seeing now is here you're going to be able to right now we're exploring the surface of the earth and we're finding all the characteristics that allow this is a body this is a a burial area this is a pathway that was probably irrigation but i think they're going to be able to come up technology that allows you to do the same thing but look deep into the ground and then i think you're going to be able to find all kinds of crazy shit the same way they can understand like the complete top ography of the bottom of the ocean now if you look at some of those maps that for the ocean and literally shows the depths at every stage here i think you're going to will do that deep into the surface of the ground they're going to be able to discover all kinds of crazy stuff someone keeps opening that door what he's saying we got to get going this why don't allow people to come to ruin a perfect god damn covers that simon i know i'm is great because you fan i'm i'm big fan him you got some other commitments i guess i do
yeah i'm selling a film i we're going to see you like fuck yeah i'm going to go see it i love all your movies man with big fan i was really excited to have you in here so when is it out this weekend not this weekend next weekend so so that is ivan do you want to stick your head back now i haven't he scared now you scared him off even if it's not this weekend this next weekend is that may the 12th it's the weekend after guardians of the galaxy is i believe that is made of twelve right yeah i love the film i like it or a tough out there there brother i bet it is tough you gotta crazy business when you decide then i'll just leave you with this when you decide like to commit do an idea i'm sure you have a gang of ideas bouncing around your head like what makes you just go all right this is the one let's run with it telling is changing and it changes by the year my name movie is aladdin oh really
that like the magic lamp that's the one really yeah in no small part because you know you get a weekend ah right so that plays a little bit of a factor in your motivation but it has to you don't spend three years on a movie and i wanna hear about it write a lot in so by you would be very fascinating lip so i'll find it you know i like the idea of a surgeon in dijon reside don't know anything about rio's it kind of excited you like doing this king arthur thing and in this fantasy genre and this is you've changed your expectations for possibly considering other yeah i mean i saw a date english gangster films and i feel that another sherlock holmes don't stop doing those though your english
no no not a member of the arms of the tv's will also that now because that's where it's gone that sort of interesting like netflix h b o yep stuff that sort of stuff and then man from uncle which is like a spa life thing in a job and jump to the spine genre so we go run okay i can go from the shore to that genre and that's a sonic and i've got five kids and wow which means i'm familiar with disney of course so yeah all that world looks very attractive in challenging awesome guy ritchie or bad motherfucker thank you i love having you in here thank you it's been a great pleasure enjoyed it enormously oh let's do it again next time you sound something come on in baby i can alright folks that's it for week will see you soon bye much love
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metalbunk dot com i can't believe we have to do this but we're going to go over all the problems with the flat earth theory and many other really dumb conspiracy theories were going to break these down mick w runs a website designed to debunk ridiculous id is with actual science in hard facts i know that so confusing to people and i know you wanna go here's a government shill the government he's not and smart guy hates retards and he when i say that i don't mean like a person disease i mean like you know what i mean you know what the fuck i mean sensitive world and sensitive people jordan peterson anmc w they'll be here next week and then next weekend i'll see you freaks in dallas very excited for the ufc that weekend heavyweight championship of the world junior dau csontos challenges steep ameo chick an you wanna
mj check one of the most down champions in the world today the ufc strawweight master she takes on jessica on dheeraj in an awesome fight that should be pretty bad ass and a lot of great great undercard fights as well including damien maia versus horhai masvidal yaya rodriguez versus frankie edgar holy shit i'm looking forward to that so and then the weekend after that or the week after that folks is when i have graham hancock will karlsson end michael shermer altogether and we're going to go deep about their their idea i mean michael shermer's are literally professional skeptic so should be fascinating he was quite sceptical of these ideas causing the end of the ice age and massive flooding all over the world but as time has gone on in
including an article that was published last week in a lot of these online news sources that was showing what they believe now how to be one of the etchings on go beckley tempe that it is depicting a comet impacting the earth which makes sense go beckley tempe was supposed somewhere around that error somewhere around twelve thousand years ago so i think that might be what what all this can fun stuff though really interesting and interesting to see these guys gear up to deal with skeptical michael shermer has been researching the subject pretty intensely and he's really excited about it as well and should be a good time and he's actually more open to the ideas based on science that he was for you know peripherally looked at all this stuff everlast to be back as well he's recovered from his illness kind of a lot of great shit happening folks i'm soo
we're pumped so i'll see you folks soon ok all right bye bye bitch kiss
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