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#957 - Cameron Hanes

2017-05-09 | 🔗
Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.”
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means he is a bow hunter he is an ultra marathon runner an endurance athlete he's going to do some fucking weed even talk about this but he's going to do something crazy run this summer where he runs through the where is it one of the some fucking he's going to run two hundred and thirty four miles this summer why 'cause he ran five miles last year and it's not enough so to run another twenty nine miles the baja something now that's mexico desert mojave said mojave set it moab moab that's it thank you what the hell cam anyway he just got back from an epic adventure bow hunting awesome in australia who is bow hunting asian water buffalo crazy shit but he's an awesome guy i love talking to him i love him there i said it in a non gay way give it up for my buddy mister
cameron hanes the joe rogan experience this is the first time we've ever been live while also in live on instagram live i don't even use it schitt dairy users i have i was for awhile and it was cool but it's it's one way to get a lot of new followers because if you go to top live which i'm sure you are so who's ever live it'll have top live people who are tuning in and so you're that's where you are right now so people who don't follow you will see you on top light we have seven thousand six hundred and seven thousand
hundred that's good seven thousand eight hundred it's getting talk and curry see and hear kaman hands fresh back from australian outback where he's out there wrestling crosses his reflexes for that was good it is drivable did even come close as years of ju jitsu years of trying to keep people from choking me down my my instincts although too jumpy that's the problem right too much quick movement down right on the opposite you need the opposite instead ebay yeah she's hunting is pretty much the opposite way of thinking then jiu jitsu jujitsu a yeah constantly get a constantly be protecting yourself and move in and trying to close the deal bow hunting is like steady yeah 'cause do out there wrestling wallabies i heard yeah something like that jamies ready to go jamies he was saying that he's like i want to wrestle a fuckin' wallaby i don't think you do be up we saw a dead one and it has claws
about that long do they really yeah i mean so you can imagine and their legs are just obvious the bouncing all the time their legs had just got to be jacked in those big claws i mean what i would related to is if have you ever tried to hold down a cat a house cat the does want to be high have man right so they have a little tiny because as many wallaby with those jack's legs a big because could do plus it's wild would be good i seventh of wild cat i had a feral cat is an endo but while the cute little fella yeah and well yeah that's not real is a real that's really his teeth jesus christ to look at the because of those things i don't know if it'll show because of her i can't believe have teeth like that see those front claws these will be eat i feel while he was like eating nuts and shipping i think babies so it looks like a little kangaroo yeah a kangaroo tail the whole deal they're just very similar to kangaroos without a real teeth though that wasn't photoshopped google google
wallabees teeth 'cause i just have a feeling that was bullshit i just looked like vampire there i feel like they're like the ugly stepchild of kangaroos 'cause can more hunched over like and we're losing viewers what crazy yeah we're top live they were losing viewers like crazy we're down to five thousand nine hundred dropping maybe i turn it towards me maybe that's the problem probably when it's turned towards cam yellow jumping back up you're up to six thousand five hundred it is your it is your page after all that that can't be real that's the one we're looking at right now is like vampire beat dear i've seen those things before those vampire dear that's a real thing right those deer with those crazy things i think so yeah it's real but like why do they have things like that like why does did not predators three strange did you see that they found for the first time ever a deer eating a human carcass ad
yeah the scientists if you pull that story up it was yesterday alright folks is very distracting go to joe rogan dot live and you can see this whole thing i would read this but thing about getting older folks you fucking eyes start to go cameron hanes eyes are still excellent though tell you this mother fucker gas can read that he can see anything conspiracy theory with the same age with the same age and his eyes i don't know why my suck but i'm just waiting on my dick is getting bigger i don't know what's going on with that either no imagine tip for tat people would trade in glasses for bigger dick for sure feet what is that people are so weird yeah hi now some of the the two people put it they put weird comments just to get you to read them and he got he got me this far right folks are going to shut this off and we're going to just have a podcast
can cannot live you can watch for streaming on youtube until we make this big deal with twitch so yeah n live video do i save it done nope and save it does you can save me as a little thing up in upper right hand corner but i didn't i saw it right as i was pressing and mid press sunlight what's the big deal you know don't know i don't know dude um so never before seeing deer spotted eating human bones makes sense though like they would just think it's like calcium with him yeah they don't know it's a bone it's not like they like fault these people it's all things like finally deers eating biebel now we've showed videos four of deer eating birds because they eat birds all the time l a do yeah yeah like literally actively going after birds
the following out a nasty really tears like follow and and the birds trying to chase the deer off the deer's like yeah whatever meat that bird look at this so this bird this deer is the other birds they're like get out of there get out it's a button bach he's got these little tiny nubs and he's trying to get this ground nesting bird he's going to go through that pass that tree and then that the guy filming it see see the bird hopping around the ground so it's a bird that fell out of a nest they don't have like the beginning that yeah one percent yeah it's kind of like he's chasing it mean he's going after a purpose what a predator is look the speed the speed that deer shows but it just shows you how opportunistic live animals are so yeah wild animals like some something in that deers body tells it to eat that thing hey there's no compassion out there for animals now
with animal on animal kingdom it oh my dark yeah that's goes yeah life eats life it's just weird to see a deer for some reason eat a bird and do it on purpose so he's all excited like oh yeah this is good right he's good there's a some sort of wildlife thing they they some sort of server in the capture these birds with a net they had this net set up in this area with these birds fly just so they could capture these particular birds but the deer kept eating the birds and they couldn't figure it out there like what is going on here and then they watched they had a video of these deer walking up and picking them off the net and eating these birds jesus i can't believe this is happening yeah getting eaten by deer you don't see that everyday now but surprised yeah i'm not rise either i've seen cows do it to this videos of cows doing it for the longest time people didn't think that they thought that you know those are just herbivore's yeah
they just nature's just set him up to be super slow but if something really delicious is in front of them i thought it was eddie bravo saying he came up with it hello it is that an eagle jack in a bunny rabbit oh is it a little deer eagles are so rude us look at that pain we do this all day for back from the real wild man like where you where the instagram stories so cameron hanes anar buddy adam greentree and a few other fellow i grew up there in the north country of australia and you guys took over the under armour hunt page and it was epic man the under armour hunt page like the little instagram stories yeah i don't like instagram stories you know why 'cause they're only fifteen seconds in little teases i want you guys to be like
live streaming from there it would nice when it was super cool where you guys were at was terrifying showing brown snakes these second most at least snake in the world yeah that's what i'm told yeah you sound like how many of 'em a4 or five yeah but it only takes one yeah and you're dead right pretty much dead well second most deadly yes doesn't sound good that's not good now and then there's you know big old spiders and crocodile als yeah you guys have crocodiles yeah you can even filmed crock yeah they were right where we were you know super it was i mean this is still not even their summer but still very warm where we were up hunting buffalo at the top and is what they call which is out of darwin who is ninety thousand two hundred degrees is this some film yeah of
now this is a fresh water crocodile we has not as big right not as big or as aggressive as a salt water crock but could still definitely do damage in this as you know a mere feet from where we were sleeping in this is the where we'd go and take baths and or just kind of cool down under the heat of the day that's where he was right there and how big is that guy oh i don't know six thousand eight hundred and seventy eight feet something like that i mean you know he wasn't huge but he definitely do some damage they don't hold you did you guys see any other saltwater once way there now now so you you tell me about this one pond that was near you guys where you saw that night you didn't know that was right i was that was it is right there so the first night we saw the one just that one right there we went over there and video of him and and check to out and then the next night adam went down there to the creek and it was only about maybe one thousand five hundred and twenty feet across to small just very shallow and
he looked down said there was like six sets of eyes right red eyes which is crocodile so that was you know they moved in so we're seeing a live saltwater one in the wild i think we did last time i one hundred there but i'm trying to remember or maybe use i think we were flying yeah who are flying we saw him because so you have to take a flight from where adam lives adam is near melbourne sydney live near the new south wales when mantle you for life four and a half hours where these water buffalo are yep and then with last we used a helicopter to get out a darwin to and that was four hours in the helicopter what and so this this time wed helicopters so we threw the country kind of look at it and and we saw some pretty big crocks from there
on the river system so how do you know like where to stop like when your buffalo hunting do you know where to go well i mean basically it's how we refer you can walk you know i mean you kind of but we were walking i don't know i want to say at least ten miles a day ten adam and his guys one time his camera guy walk eighteen miles one day so we were we were always ten one thousand two hundred and thirteen miles a day so just covering country jesus christ it was it was hard hunting up there right now because this is their wet season or the tail end of their wet season and so the forward was was really grown up really thick it is very hard to see the buffalo normally later when we went it's all burnt up because of summer and so there's no age anna you can see the
hello from miles basically but with this grass the grass is in some places eighty eight feet tall i mean you'd have to be fifty yards away to see a buffalo and their eighteen hundred one thousand eight hundred to two thousand pound so it makes it hard to find them and then it also makes it dangerous to trail him you know if you trailing on more if you're even if you just surprised one you know you surprise an animal that closed wild animal like that and who knows how they're going to react yeah that's uh huge animal yeah and with that grass it just you know as do you know adam and i did a and the guys we did podcast up there and we're kind of talking about the challenges of the hunt and a big part of it is due not being able to see very much country and so people never huh hello this time here year this is like people say why would you go you're not going to know nobody goes what time and when do they go
they go later in the year you know when that was not so much foliage so they go in their fall there yeah it would be you know what last time i want is december which is just before the west season starts this is the tail end of the wet season right now so weird thinking about when we want to take you up there would be around november october november 'cause you don't want to get stuck in that with the wet season hit because it's big rains but you want it and also it makes it easier find the animals because there's not water everywhere right now there's water everywhere so they don't have to be concentrated to get water but later in the year all those lot of the water sources is dried up so if you got a good water hole you know every every animals come in there well so these are people don't know this is an invasive species of water buffalo an enormous asian yeah what is a this is just called asian buffalo at what is the actual name and i think it yeah there might be
i think i just call him asian water buffalo that seems like there's a c in there somewhere asiatic or something i don't know jamie can look at me look it up but it's uh wild cool looking animal yeah yeah they're big they're big in my bowl here's a big old bowl on we called him in using like a woon did calf call oh wow so this is this is what it looks like a it's a female obviously asian water buffalo not yeah that's it that's what it looks like go to cams instagram page and there's a picture of the is there is no that's adams oh that's yeah and there's yours is in the upper right hand corner but you only see right cisco the only see the skull yeah and then that's a fucking dead people don't want to see that is he doing now it's they make cheeseburgers fine
there's only one way there's another picture of it i think when it's coming it's coming in right there right above that jamie right right now the one with the far left yeah right yeah right there that's him at full draw or without that's looking to the riser the bow yeah so that's that ball coming in an aggressive he was you can see is eyes he was just pissed off and that he was coming in that set under twenty yards and he's not stopping and so i shot him their frontal through the chess and uh had to is almost like self defense wow so these are animals that if hunters go up there and kill them they they actually hire people to go out there and kill them right there but yeah they i mean the sayings of has spread to these up there i mean there are a non native species and they anyway water source up there is ruined any natural habitat has been ruined because there's so many buffalo so they just want him killed basically they're like
it be like somewhere to cayots here you know what up two thousand pounds yeah yeah no predators either no there's nothing else to kill a man and maybe a crock could kill you know it's all one right but they just you know in coyotes down here in north america don't ruin water sources and ruin habitat like these things do these things are just wrecking machines and there's there's hundreds of thousands of them so they ruin waller's water sources for the native animals as well like all the things i think yeah because this and piss in the water yeah yeah yeah well it's australia is so strange and as his new zealand in that all these people imported animals there in the 1800s and i guess even before was it when did they stab lish australia in new zealand i'm not sure i forget one of these see if you can find out when this tablet we talked about this recently with josh zepps didn't we but they
they brought in all these animals with no game plan they just let him loose and then they're crowd jesus so in new zealand they have these beautiful stags these incredible animals and in some places they have to shoot him out of helicopters to control the population where it for people in america it's like unheard of like how could you do that like that's that's like an elk like image aztec animal you're going to shoot out of helicopters just leave him there to die it's way different it's you know up there just not enough hunters because in all of australia they say there's as many people are in la the la area here in the whole country and new zealand says it was ok the first europe being explored a site new zealand was able jan's soon went name jen zoon tasman on the 13th of december in one thousand six hundred and forty two but that's obviously just a european people been for a long fucking time oh yeah
australia was one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight and shortly thereafter then they start bring in all these animals the idea was that they were going to make it like a european hunting destination for rich did the rash what do facts so the best all these animals but with no predators right yep and so people come over from europe and they're going go to australian hunt the rich people and so i think they're they told me that it seemed like it was in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five they are going to wipe out all the buffalo and then add some money funded for it and they were going to try to get rid of them and they got halfway through and quit they kill half of them something like that yeah and then they quit and so now just as i was saying the whole country about the size of united states you were telling me this but i did know that the whole country has the same amount of people as
nla la here so there's just not that many hunters you know small percentage of 'em are hunters so there's nobody to control all these number of non native species and that's from water buffalo go to the fallow deer that i was hunting to stagger as many stags as fallow deer but all the species just there's no measure for control yeah and they brought in a bunch of other non native species to it's uh exercise in conservation gone totally wrong because they brought in cats to take care certain animals and they brought in fox and then the fox cats are out of control and they kill all the ground nesting birds and now it's kind of fuckedup to us here in america but people in australia hunt cats they found the way in they hold him up like look i got one and yeah it's a cat it's weird man it's like that's fluffy with the flock yeah no we saw a guy in
he had a rifle and he's walking on a road there just uh he lives there you know i mean that's his home his lived his whole life i think and he walking on the road i went down there i had my bottle and as you know i said hey what are you after he's like oh i'm after a big black cat and i'm like a like a regular cat he's like yeah i said like just a feral wildcat he's like yeah it's a black one though he goes and so there's a ten dollars bounty on it that the property owners around there had if anybody could kill this black cat is ten bucks but they don't think anything about it because there's this wildcats everywhere how yeah it is bounty on a kitty cat well people come that have researched it in america just in north america cat kill somewhere in the neighborhood of three billion bird oh right yeah yeah billion yeah that
when they found that out like apparently like scientists were shocked the biologists were shocked is between one point five and three point something billion and that's not even counting like mice and rabbits and all the other ship they killed squirrels i never forget i had a cat do used to want across street from this park and i had this one male cat and he was just a murderer and i'll never forget watching him walk across this park with a squirrel between his legs so biting down the squirrels neck yeah the scrolls dead and the squirrel his size practically and it in between his legs so he's straddling it and walking with it dragging it along so you could show it to me could kill he was super psyched that he's awesome he's like dude look what i got right that's the problem a large percentage of his weight right there he was it was probably no bullshit at least
quarters is the size of them it wasn't a big cat it was a fat fucking squirrel yeah that probably have been a nice battle it's just weird the adverse girl cats are the weirdest animals man they're cool with us but they're straight killers i know but the only story i remember about a cat i can't remember where i heard it or who told me but that oh he was one of my cop friends but anyway if a if a like an old it's a it's an elderly person that has a dog they die the dog is that people come and find the body the dogs lane there with them you know just like a loyal whatever an if a cat if they have a cat and they die the cat eats her eyelids and lips yeah right away if you stop feeding that count the cats like look i'm eating it looks like its owner yeah so that's really all you need to know about a cat they eat each other too crazy old people there's this one lady who is a hoarder and she had a bunch of dead cats she had so many
that's our house and cats i didn't say she wasn't feeding the cats cats were eating the dead cat oh yeah it's hard out there now it's hard cameron hanes let me go out beyond live this that's what we need we need to be able of live i that that tune if we in australia that was matt took showers the whole time he was sleeping bag and it must smell good let it hey that's just how it goes that's what people are supposed to smell like we never thought we were just used to it yeah so i've just for the viewers i mclean take a couple showers a day but you know when you're hunting that's just the way it goes yeah well you and now i was you know is oh right or more but like a thin layer of merino actually keep cool could use regular
really well yeah it was you know we're we're hunting deer in new south wales which is outside of sydney it was actually cold at night yeah so you guys are walking on like frozen grass yeah yeah yeah the rap rock covered with frost but i mean it night it was freezing you know it is like the two degrees that we were used to thought were going behind teen in nine thousand two hundred degree weather so yeah it didn't you know when you're laying in a sleeping bag that's only ready to forty degrees in his thirty two and sleeping on the ground it's that's rough rough as you were saying that those deer were like super turned onto right there were tuned in like yeah they were very scared edge they been hunted you know they don't have lions like we have here that which keep the deer on edge you know 'cause we have lions or just killers but uh uh they don't have a predator like that but man is it there anna specie an or it's
they can see so well and so fast reacting is just amazing this is a fallow deer right yeah what are they related to come for i just said right there but i'm not sure if once i set it on like are they so let me on that we would have to look that one up too but all i know is the reason why i said that is because they can see i mean at lopo notorious for having amazing vision you know ten times what humans have apparently and that's how these i mean i don't know if the deer antelope or whatever but they can see extremely well so they were seen you from like a long ways out you couldn't i mean i heard there's this one buck out of stock and i had a caravan with me in the the key for stocking animals is always stayed in the shade if if you stay in the shade and you got camel on is if they're in the sun you know how it is looking looking into if you're in the sun you try to look into a house
see right so it's the same thing with shadow so you always have been shallow well we're three one hundred yards away from this bach i was talking he was feeding his creek and we had small patch of sunlight to cross three hundred here's a way it's a long way away at hold the camera man on mike we just gotta get it last year just stay low and get no hustle hustle through there so we hunched over got got in seconds we're through there got to the shade looked over to buck he stand there staring
like are you kidding me how he's already so we're in the shade so then for sure we weren't moving i'm like don't move and he's just staring staring staring staring and i'm like to move he's like i'm not i don't don't move he's just looking anything is going to spook him he said not moving and he was crouched down on his knees and so finally the buck like took a few bites of grass and i'm like okay he's feeding next thing gone so all he did he took a couple bites of grass for the road he's like no i already know i'm out of here but i'm taking this with maine and he was gone that was it yeah there's that's long rifle range we had both and it's just a barely this soap and we have to get close with a bow and so you can imagine it just if that that one example tells you what it was like so we were talking about different boats
apps like you brought to brought both setups she brought one for deer and you bought one buffalo so for people that don't i understand there's two different ways that you were going to approach this the buffalo is a giant heavy boned animals have real heavy arrow which is going to go slower and those hours are just too slow for those dear the deer would actually move out of the way before the arrow got yeah yeah like matrix it were it was you know the thing with penetration with an arrow is wait did the arrow equates to more penetration with heavy bone and you know that we talked about the buffalo one thousand eight hundred to two thousand pounds so you need something that hits word well when you have a heavier arrow it's going to fly slower so those are flying at two hundred and forty five feet a second out of my high poundage bow and i thought well good enough i mean i didn't
this will be alright i was shooting it so well i'm so accurate in practice not to ninety yards all the time shouldn't really well so i thought you know what i know recipe for buffalo i'm just going to use it for dear so the first week there i tried it for deer and it was just like these deer were seemingly ten yards away but on the arrow got two minutes i'm not talking long shots and i'm like ok maybe there's just a fluke just so they would see it here it they would hear it and they would duck out of the way or just be gone i mean just like ten yards away so would move out of the way before technology out today yeah an so the final i thought well maybe it's just in his super com there so so quiet i don't my quiet a heavy arrow makes a bow even quieter you know it absorbs that sound and in the energy so your limbs are just like that there is more of but it still makes a noise on a super calm windless day specialist when it's cold
no i mean it's just that sounds going to get across her i thought well maybe just a fluke maybe the deer were pick something up pick up the movement so there is on me main this is whatever i'm not worried about it you know not used to missing i'm i'm used to be very disciplined on my shots and taking high percentage that's a relaxed animals if i do do my stock right my goal is always to shoot an animal that has no idea on there so it's relaxed ann so that wasn't happening here and i thought well maybe maybe it's just 'cause they're high strong and and they were on me so what the the the time where i decided okay these arrows are going to work was a wild rose out there big bore forty five yards ok this should be slam dunk money and this call camera over my shoulder he had no idea we were there drawback shoe
and he had he was facing his head to the left and he i was heading back to the right probably a few feet away by time the arrow got there i mean well i didn't even have to even i like shot and went oh my are you kidding me is that gone that fast spine and just gone and so that at that time i mike ok these this is not going to work it's so crazy because although there's no predators there the hunters that are there are out there all they have a season no there's no season sees animals are just tuned in their hundred everyday wow yeah and so it the rifle so i mean they're used to they see somebody that's like a danger because they've been shot out from hundreds of yards so just yeah it was it was challenging but so i changed from those two hundred and forty five
green neros i thought well i need to shoot my or not two hundred forty forty five two hundred and forty five feet per say in that six hundred eighty seven green arrow to a lighter err on i thought maybe this will do it and is it should not treat her feet per second at that time did you change products yep do you go to trocar now you step with the solids now hey she shot with the buffalo and actually it's funny actually what i ended up killing the deer with two was um what were the magna stingers and i also but they expand i had to have that expandable had your member that when they use on the bear yeah it was a grave digger grave digger yeah yeah that ruthless name that head in that that head flies so good how is money to use that as well yeah so they're out there man like so you're around sydney which is where people are there
there's those animals are hunted pretty regularly but then you're taking that flight for four half hours and then the helicopter and when you're in the area where the buffalo are there's nobody out there now it's remote that is a wild wild place yeah when you think about the size of australia the size of north america with the same amount of people as los angelus but the area where you're at it's like that is wild as it gets yeah i mean when you fly those four one slash two hours from sydney to darwin an most that they're looking down at country with nothing nothing no roads no nothing and that's that's a large majority of us he is like that image is overrun with buffalo yeah a lot of it is yep and was a crazy place yeah and that we we did find some some you know some drawings up there to come from the from yeah i mean
all the natives yeah yeah for the aborigines and did you did you know those were there before you went there to adam know that they were pilot new department now so we wanted to go see him i wanna yeah where the entertains like where they're on the for the not to get to him has to be on like the underside of a rock where we went we found under there's like you could imagine people get out of the rain there and they are huge boulders an they're getting is just uh spot to stay dry it's a that's if the rain was if they drew on a part the rock where the rain was hitting obviously was gone but in these there they were protected so the driver still there last time adam was here he talked about some of the aborigines there and explain some stuff but when we went back my house we had dinner and we sat around talking he told me some crazy stuff yeah
the the horrors of those people face now they've been wiped out like them and poison like he went to this one gave and he found bones all through this cave he's like this is crazy there's like human bones and he's like children's bones you find children's bones and then he had heard this story from one of the other aborigines that lived there that someone had brought food to all these people all the time regions there and just poison the food and just killed them all off yeah it's it's fucking dark but yeah it's dark now i don't know so they don't know that they don't know who made those hieroglyphs or date or the the cave drawings or whatever they were are when they did it either now now they say i put it up on instagram page and i saw some comments there and they're saying that the more lily coloured the older they are but i don't know i think i think the pilot mentioned ten thousand years old maybe i just guess some of
no i have no idea i think you just threw that out there yeah would you know i mean it's just somehow your somebody knows i mean studies that i'm sure this is probably a few people but it seems like when you think about the actual numbers of how much land you're talking about how few people live out there and how many of those things are probably there and also one of the things that adam was telling me that's crazy as you could have the way they refer to themselves like beverages they call themselves a mob it's a blob yeah and then like there could be one mob and he said there could be a mob he goes commoners wine they speak a totally different language all right yeah yeah yeah i go how many languages other useful hundreds yeah what yeah hundreds i also they can't talk to each other he goes no yeah no written language yeah they they have different expressions for things yeah yeah i heard that too
it's crazy i know what it i mean it's really it's like a tribal society right i mean that's just the way it goes well okay trouble tribal society but it's also like your your i mean right now there's culture and there's civilization that is linked to who knows how many hundreds if not thousands of years ago and it will go away because there won't be people that understand that there's not no not someone who's studying it yeah there's so many different versions of the way they communicate that it's just like you're you're literally watching history does all right in front of you yeah yeah and now it's a isn't it was amazing to be in that country walking hunting in the same that is that they have for you know however many years and what it may hunt back then because this is obviously before the buffalo came in before they brought the follow dear i don't just whatever the wallabies while rise in aid of thing kangaroos and yeah yeah wow yeah but it was it was
being under that rock n in invasion them being there too you know that long ago doing the same thing we were doing yeah that's that's that's a real mind blower man it's just so fascinating thinking about that that particular continent of australia that no europe used it as a prison colony in england brought a bunch people over there and go looking people are assholes stay here that was on there's an island off of australia right that they used that will they used australia for that i thought will was at island a note here on the island as well that they still do i think that's what they told immigrants right right yeah and they have to live there for a certain amount of time before they can come over yeah they i have some weird immigration laws in austria australia like if people that are complete thing about trump wants to build a wall listen they got their silent way worse and it's like a prison
if i understand you right it's like a prison and they have to stay there for like i said a certain amount of time before they are a citizen yeah find a jimmy josh zepps actually brought it up to us and he was explaining how brutal the immigration laws are over there they don't want anybody moving australia they understand they have good thing going on yeah i mean if you haven't been australia it is lovely yeah there are fan casting other straight friendly they're really nice and again there's not that many of them so it's expensive though yeah you know i mean there a a man he i think his this is like a two bedroom house and four five one hundred thousand dollars wow yeah yeah it makes install you gotta bring it over there right like they were saying the guy when i was in sydney i was driving us was telling us how much cars cost over there they cost so much more money especially people like classic
american muscle cars and i was talking about how much like a nineteen sixty eight mustang was worth yeah he's it's probably worth twice what it's worth in america lee yeah because they have to ship him over there what they have over there which is sweet was it toyota hilux diesel trucks those are pretty sweet what is it it's just to undress as a like a ton it's like a they call it a you that's a look up okay utility vehicle i don't know yeah i i just heard he's learn the lingo but it used as a pickup and is a toyota hilux diesel and is this what adam was driving around in no i can't remember his there it is right there huh yeah that's the okay so what said yeah i'm yeah sure without maybe adam has that i can't remember now one of the things i thought was weird when i was there is how many people have snorkels on their truck yeah yeah that one right there that's driving through water well it's not just water it's also
dust elderly find me the downloads up your air filter so i have those things way up high so that it when the engines getting the air like apparently it mitigates a lot of the dust because a lot of the dust is like headlight high yeah when you when you drive in and that gets you a little bit more clear air okay there well it's out of my wheelhouse i know bow him and well you know the name of it now i those our are cool every go to like africa or whenever you go someplace that's fucking brutal you see a lot of toyotas yeah what is know how they know how to make a car that lasts do they do that they are not i mean here it's just like you know for chevy i don't know 'cause we like stuff i guess yeah but still you still see a lot of like old land cruisers yeah gmail through there there where we were on in the outback driving around everybody has those yeah every person has a truck set up like that well
i guess you have to yeah if you realize after time like this is the only thing that makes it yeah because adam was saying when he drives from sing need to darwin and we took a four one slash two hour plane fly by is three days so you have to eight year rate has to be bernero yeah yeah basically yeah they have expression you a range rover into the bush but you need a land rover to get out of the bush is that right yeah ok yeah they just those toyotas it's just it's kind of crazy how well all day last when you really think about like the longest time america did a real job of making cars at last it a period in american cars from 1970s till i think till probably like the late nineties it two thousand finally got it right now we make very dependable cars as well for the next time we were making dogshite well i don't know about all that but
i do know we're going to go out and do that huh me you and adam and we're going to do a netflix special they don't netflix doesn't plan netflix doesn't know this yet why why netflix wouldn't you or should we do it's good move it's a good move i want to do something on the internet yeah i wanted to be like an hour long documentary style hunting film giving back killing buffalo taking the meat back to the community the natives yeah to aborigines yeah that's what i envisioned that sounds like a great idea uhm it could be certainly it could be done on netflix or it could be done and just put it online yeah that could be just as i mean netflix is awesome for sure but there's some people that don't have netflix addy as an online connection yeah my my my goal is to sort of use you because people i want to i want to i want
nineteen be shown in the light that i know it to be which is hard work respect country in the animals and giving back so with you involved more people care about it write an we want to have you involved 'cause we like hanging out with you anne like well i was playing this to adam to um when we did my pot cast up there in the bushes like i ever since i've hunted way back when roy moved to alaska and i was left hunting wilderness on my own i love just so much i kept wanting to and somebody who would love it as much as i so i could say look how awesome this is isn't this awesome and i kept taking people there i'm trying to convince him how awesome it was it wasn't awesome forum so like but you want to share something that impacts you so much with other people who appreciate it so that's why
that's what that's what i was saying when adam might i were talking is that you know you love bow hunting and so that's when you so interested invested in something has a passion for something there's nothing better when somebody when somebody else shares that passion right yeah so that was that was why there's a few different reasons why you rick could be involved thank you i'm excited about that but i i also think the difficulty factor is what turns people off i don't think they expect it to be so difficult to know we try to introduce bow hunting people first of all just bring a people think well let's see pull the string back you point at the spot you let it go good luck with all that it takes fucking years it takes years to get competent with a bow i remember when you first started showing main how to shoot when first not in my backyard and i immediately recognized i think like after first
you got a ninety pound bar which i definitely should have been pulling back in my shoulder is fucking killing me after the first hour like this takes you gotta build this guy down there but then i remember thinking like to be accurate with this i just went down rabbit hole yeah mike i just took my first step down a crazy rabbit hole and who knows where it leads because this is not easy now and i'm i have a very addictive personality and i need to figure out ways to channel that addiction in positive ways 'cause i can get lost doing things that are not good so both during an archery itself to me it seems like okay this is a discipline it's a worthy pursuit it's fascinating and i'm very very interested in it yeah but for a lot of people i think it's very daunting i don't think they realize it people think of hunting as like elmer fudd like you know you go out there or they see some
hunting scene in a movie where there's a bunch of rednecks and their fat and they're sitting in a tree stand or something like that and they think it's easy and i think it's a bunch of people just killing animals and they don't care and then when you actually go out and do it especially if you do it with a person like you you understand and what this thing really is and what it really is is is incredibly difficult pursuit that takes immense amounts of hard work and dedication and you gotta be in fuckin' shape for it yet and this is something that people are starting to realize now right over and i think you're a big part of this and over the last this few years and all the platforms that you've gone on to tell your story as a people understand that big game hunting in the west western style hunting elk and mule deer the type of stuff that you love to do is very very difficult it is a combination of athletics of extreme endurance of hiking
doors manship survival skills and then the knowledge of hunting and then you have to be a good shot on top of all that you have to know archery yeah then you have to be able to keep you know when that adrenaline hits yeah all of a sudden and that's what's hard as people have invest so much into it and they've been thinking about the the mom the crunch time for so long that when it happens it's too much so it's really hard when you could think about something for years play or at least all year you know that oh here's my chance here's my chance and then you get it in your not ready yet because it's just too much to it's so hard to stay calm well it's also something that you need to do a bunch of times until you understand it yeah it's like i try to explain to the about we were talking about fighting earlier we were talking about when if someone has never fought before and never competed before the scary thing is not really the
it's nerve wracking is not the actual fighting itself once the fighting starts you it kind of like just in the zone and you're just doing it i mean you might be intimidated especially finding out like mike tyson or anderson soul or something like that you're going to be shooting your pants but the real terrifying stuff is the build up the lead up and that's kind the same thing with hunting it's the moment before the shot it's adrenaline is pumping it's like if you had a shoot in eight ball across the table long shot and your life was on the line it's almost like that and you don't get any warm up shots there's no warm up shots just all of a sudden here's just one shot for all the marbles and you gotta stay calm oh in the animal might be moving yeah well fuck now as i was saying that on this last hunt it was you know we had me adam and remi warren and suppose visibly were supposed to be pretty good at the best of the best and
we were struggling to get something killed and i was just like imagine how frustrate this be for somebody a new hunter i mean yeah it's no wonder people try to blow hot and then just be like are you kidding me this is impossible and it's but it's it's that challenge anyway it's that whole journey which is why i want to do that special ann and i want i want to share all positive about hunting it to as many people you know and we are reaching new people these days you know i mean hunting it's it it's in the serbs in some aspects but we're also other people are getting 'cause i get i mean i i went to an archery shop up there been archery in sydney and we just had a few hours notice said hey adam adam and i are going to stop by swing by and quite a few people came i mean it was it was surprising how many people showed up but a lot of 'em
vegetarians you know six to go listen to your show a lot of people told me oh i found out about you from joe rogan or i didn't hunt all i didn't even eat meat in all these different stories all these different from all these different area so we are reaching new people now make sure our message the one of of respect and reverence in an appreciation for everything out there and for survival and for just you know outside life outside of the city i want that shown in a way that i know we would yeah so why i'm so officially want this to be a big thing just because i'm sick of hunting you know the more fud thing or i see i was watching a movie the other day and they showed a hunter and is like the girl was on there and she was what was that three girls that were kidnapped in one of 'em and hunter does as a younger girl
and so she was like do you know what movie that is anyway so she was had the upper hand she was tougher and choose more prepared because she had been a hunter and i'm like oh that's cool but then they so here is a little girl hunting and her perverted had molested her hunting drinking beer split yeah that's what it was so the hunter and there was child molester i'm like why is the misunderstood and misrepresented discipline i think that we have here in america it's so confusing to people because when we think of food we think of rest and with the supermarket yeah we don't think of wild animals and the connection that people feel like they don't have what their food is one thing that comes up all the time lately so people are console
i'm looking for these farm to table places yeah i've is a farm to table place out here called peddlers fork it's a really good place they have great eggs like you get the eggs that are like real dark yolk yeah yeah food is all grass fed beef from a farm that they have a connection to and they buy the meat from the farm and there's a lot of that these farm table places where they these rest lance have a great asian ship with the people that actually grow the food so everything is organic they know where it comes from and people are super connected to that they love the idea that because factory farming is kind of freaking people out yeah and for the longest time it was putting without us knowing you know i think during the 80s and the 90s it was all going on and no one no one is yeah so now people or becoming more aware because the internet because information and becoming more aware of where their food comes from and you're also seeing a higher number of people that their response to this factory farming thing is
well hey i'll go vegetarian all hey i'll go vegan in before i huh with grinnell odd that was my thought i was like i don't want to participate in factory farming yeah so what am i going to do i'm going to do one of two things i'm either go hunt i'm to hunt for my own food 'cause i knew there's something wrong yeah it's too easy just get a steak are i would always like pick up a stye can i go this is been animal so here i am at the supermarket now it's a style container did saran wrap like this is fucking weird yeah it's weird you could just do this so my thought was if i shoot an animal and i hate it like i didn't know how it's going feel and i wish i've fished yeah all my life yeah i never when i shot that dear and as i go can i get it i get it yeah i mean it extreme amount of respect it's on video i mean you can see it on mediator yeah anybody want to watch the watch it online the first time ever shot a deer is intense yeah you know and
and then cutting it up and eating at that night i was like this makes sense yeah this is uh and then when you actually find out that these animals the money that count gum from hunting tags and even from buying hunting gear this number centage of money that goes towards conservation and this is all very carefully thought out by people like you can buy these that that really respect and care for these animals yeah and you get deeper and deeper into this and you understand what it really is and then you see this whole come of these people like yourself and remi warren these hardcore hunters that are also like deeply connected to the land and conservation and deeply appreciate these animals and this is how they get all their meat yeah this is how they live like that was extremely appealing to me yeah it's i think even ella's done a great job making getting message out in a in a in a perfect way really i mean he's a great spokesman
and his show i used to watch his show before meteor now i can't remember what it is well within his daughter was yeah yeah ok an i remember he had just something about and then i'm like okay this is different i liked i was a hundred i've you know i've been a hunter myself my whole life but his his portrayal was different the what we'd seen before and so maybe the mean in some of the other please mentioned in an atom have just carry that on in and try to do a good job of educating people who don't know any better and i just you know it it's like i wish everybody could be out there i mean that last day we were up in the mountains there after killed my dear and we had uh backstrap so we're picking up camp get everything away but i had i had a awesome fallow deer backstrap which is like the prime for people who don't know the prime cut
anne i cut it all i cleaned it all off every piece of anything that was on it hair if there's any tree or anything that was on there is just a perfect clean piece of meat i sliced it all up got a green stick to put it on is skewered it on green would so if it's if it's dry would the would just gonna burn and so you you know you can't cook on that so it's got to be green and we put it over the fire there and it we seasoned it it was so good it was probably some of the s i've ever eaten and stand around the campfire just pulling that off that that stick that could it over the open flame was i wish everybody could know what that was like to know that that dear just previous to that was alive in the woods we harvested him which is ak killed him and then ate him and then
that circle of life or whatever you want to call it or just that moment that's i wish everybody could variance it because i just think they'd have a different take on on hunting and hunters an being self sustaining it's very different me is very different when you killed it yourself it's impossible to describe without experiencing it i mean i could try to give it my best shot but i'll fall short but eating that meat that we ate when i was in montana with vanilla the first hunt and uh so delicious were cooking over a campfire and steven brought this little grill not not grill not a grill like a great we sat down over the fire we slowed down here and and d e it's like like if you buy a stake in you cook it it's great taste good or call has good steak this is nice but there's no k
action there now none when you're eating an animal that you killed yourself and it's difficult to do when you you were hard hunting for many many days for yeah dear yeah so there's this intense respect and connection that i think we all i mean we harp on about it so many times that people listen to these podcasts like jesus christ you guys stop talking about how awesome hunting is it yeah because it's impacted both of us in a very very positive way in a very there's a primal genetic sort of ancestral thing that's happening when you hunt yeah there's there's a there's up some lights that go off the you didn't even know were there hi how are you know there's a switch over there yeah and like all this is a part of my brain is lit up but it was never lit up before and it's not it's not whatever he thinks that the negative aspects is not a barbaric thing it's not a cruelty thing it's a very respectful thing yeah
understand the people that have bad feelings about it understand the people that look at it like animal cruelty like you don't have to do that you can get food other ways you can eat beans and you don't need to do this yeah i understand how they're thinking but my thought process is very different in my thought process is what we are doing what i'm doing what all these people to do that hunt is you're entering into the wild and you are for us small window a week or whatever it is you'll be coming apart this crazy cycle of nature you're taking something out of that and leaving thing is well you're spending a ton of money that money whether it's the money for the outfitters the money for the tags the money for the gear all that stuff percentage of that goes to make sure that the habitat is maintained make sure that the animal populations maintain make sure that department fishing game is well staffed with biologists with people that are monitoring these animals because guess what if that doesn't get done it's
these animals are not going to be there anymore right they're not going to be taken care of and north america has the best wildlife management program or management system of anywhere and that's why almost species that we have here there's more now than there most ever has been in even with the shrinking habitat because we're encroach on where they live but we're still the number still flourish because hunters aren't just let's go kill wipe 'em all out i mean where is man which is fishing game is managed or funded by hunters and what we pay that with with the tags and license and so it's there's a into it but at the end of the day like there in australia we were getting up in the morning out of the sleeping bag grabbing arbo and taking off were hunters as it and that feels
and it it feels like i said i wish people could know what it feels like because i see people comment on my social media they say this is the nineteenth century anymore you don't have to be a neanderthal or whatever but it's just we we are hunters yeah well all those people have cheeseburgers on their instagram pages which is fucking hilarious there's so much of that this one chick she post something mean when i i posted a picture of some elk that i was cooking and i said hey honey you got call girls honey cuz it makes me feel like i'm a sexist you gotta you gotta fucking blt on okay sweetie and he's like well that was just from four months ago before i was enlightened oh my god he came in late and it's always the most adamant vegans like just became one of the most proselytizing route mostly aggressive ones i understand where they're coming from and i think that's very important for to get our message across is that like it when an animal haters this is not
and it's it's hard for people to understand that someone could love animals and love the of animals in love wildlife but still eat them yeah i was i climbed up in this tree there i found this place where the deer were coming into this field and like i said this area but one hundred but i figure nobody had ever one out of a tree there you know not like a white go back here you know in the in the eastern the south that get reset all the time so i'm like well i think i can get up in history these dear not in this area probably have a pretty good chance i was up there in the tree and does and fonts or out in the field and they were running around chasing each other plane i mean it was just like speeding all around in circles and bumping into each other and it was cool to see and then this a doe spike a young buck came right under my tree the spike was twenty four
or twenty five yards away basically a chip shot with a bow special had no yeah i was there and others a thought that we were getting low on meeting camp and i had killed a deer so i you know i had said before i'm like i'm kill anybody comes out i'm i'm i'm taking him and then i was watching him up there and i'm just like i just you know for me it's got to be the right animals not just like i'm i'm not some blood thirsty you know i still watch the deer i still appreciate the beauty and that they know their frolicking about or whatever you wanna call it and it still would my dad this young buck was down and i'd said i was going to get me for camp but i'm not some thirsty two guys so i just said well now i'm just going to watch him and you know enjoy it and he was there and then the buckeye the killing stepped out and you know an old bach you could see his hip bones 'cause he was so run down from the riding and he was getting older
tell he was an older mature deer and that's that's what i want to take i want to take an animal past its prime that has done his job for jeans for the health of the herd and was that's the animals we want to take out and so he was he was just a rundown old buck that's why i took yeah people do that's the problem is that people associate someone who wants to take an older big mature animal with trophy hunting i call you want to antlers you just want a big but they don't understand that that is actually the animal that you should take yeah and he still am still great me sure but i mean it is is that that's just you know for the health of the herd that's the one you want right you know if you're doing it right but you know young ones then we'll get a chance to fill his spot right and that would be the natural position if there was an
this is the natural position if there's predators the natural position is the really young ones like the font get taken out and then the really old ones are getting worn down they get taken out and then it the thing in the middle gets to breed yeah and then this guy who is eight years old or whatever he is he's had plenty of opportunity to shed spread his genetics and so his his offspring will be everywhere and they'll get a chance to and the thing is nobody makes it out no he makes a whole life there are you there all night everybody we're all dying yeah so i mean justice so if i woulda killed a suck it doesn't mean he's going to live forever i mean he's going to die one way or another it's not going to become a fairy the fact that he died i shot him and he was dead within seconds is guaranteed people are always talk shit about this is the very best way he could go yeah you don't want to starving to death yeah or do you know dying because his teeth don't work anymore and literally can't eat food yeah this is a move i've seen animals where you you look at their teeth
they're almost none left yeah you get a really old book this box teeth were flat activision we can eat they got a gun that they can govern us yeah i know i can't stop it down yeah so it's a you know in in adam also found two box that had fought in gas they're fighting an offense was in between and just a cattle fence they got stuck in the fence died yeah so it's just their life is i mean how many guys out here in the street you know fight and kill each other and get stuck together it doesn't have to know it's life in the wild is i mean in less you're out there and you witness things like that slim it's a it's not real i think the real problem is perspective you know i mean i think in less you're there unless you're you are experiencing the wilderness itself like i've talked about
my experience some prince of wales island that you know bryan callen and right now and i we were up there for say i guess having can camp there for six days and you do your your your idea of what like life is so based on what your perception is like what you're seeing on a daily basis well here you see in ventura blvd you seeing billboards in all new movies coming out and keeping up with the kardashians there's a new season look at new audi wow that's a sweet looking car hey i got the new my phone alright and this is life and then you're out there and you go oh well this is life to total quiet yeah like this no cell phone service rain animals yeah and then if you die no one's going to know now if you fall and break die right there something to eat you know to find you do not stats you're trying to stay warm you're trying to get food and
more looking for that yeah on this planet more spots like down on this planet then spots like los angeles yeah it's weird yeah i don't know it's just it's but that connection i don't know i i guess every there's no there's no way to see it and to and from your computer no it but i want to if we can film it right and share it right i think people will getting a little bit get more than what the right now so i mean that's goal with you know what we've been talking about and i mean we talked the difficulty i did remember i wanted to mention this um that huh 'cause i mean i've been a lot of hunts in a lot of places over the years and i the struggle like i had on the it was so difficult i was telling the guy back there i said i'm questioning my life right now what what am i doing with my life and it's
because i'm like it's not going to happen yeah i'm not going to get it done and the animals don't care about my goals that they don't care about that oh we're supposed to be making this great film and betray hunting there like now we're not has nothing they're to stay alive that was it so just like everything that i felt like i in order to do or achieve or it was just like not going to happen and it felt like caught have i lost it you know i mean i wish it was like this is hard but when it works and you do a write in that shot happens then it's just like okay i don't know it's just that doing something so diffi cult an being successful as i've said this before has made me who i am you know without without challenge like that
i don't know where i'd be right now so it's a i know some sometimes you cuss it and then man you just so appreciative of the journey you know those difficult moments are the only thing that makes success worthwhile success was easy if you up in the morning first day jan have a cup of coffee step five steps there's the biggest deer that's ever lived shoot one through art you wouldn't and feel it wouldn't it wouldn't be like i know and i don't people understand how difficult it is to because they watch these tv shows have you ever watched a hunting show there are half an hour long so you're watching twenty two minutes without commercials right and twenty two it's you know the usually build up for the first you know fifteen and so you know we came close to him but we could not get a shot and then finally get a shot what you don't see is that these it takes days days and days and days of one thousand and twelve hours high yeah up and down mountains up and down and up and down and when i've met
so the reason why i got in contact with you and the reason why i met you is because i was so confused as to why someone would need to run ultra marathons in order to get ready for hunting yeah i was like what the fuck is this guy doing like why is he lifting weights and doing all this ship for i didn't get it yet because i just i was just getting into it and i was trying to figure out like what was i would start to watch things on television now starting to read certain articles and read certain books and i was like well what is this whole fitness can action hunting like why do they need to be in shape and like i'm in pretty good a book what's the big deal why i went with her and when i went with right now one of the things i realize like boy i got pretty winded going up these fuckin' hills like hiking hiking tires yeah especially high altitude and then i see your your videos online it was like wanna fuck is this guy into and then as i go deeper and deeper into it i realized like oh this is like in stream pursuit this is not just like something just go out and do this is something
it's really hard to do and a lot of people there i've read this one article but there's one guy who is unsuccessful twelve years in a row elk hunting therefore he finally shot an elk yeah like twelve years like how many times did this guy go out how many days did he camp in the forest how many days he try to stock and get winded or snap on a twig at the last minute or you know the elk season and bolt it most people are unsuccessful yeah i mean nine out of ten every year unsuccessful i think it's more than that it will hunting with archery it's about it's about ten is it ten percent yeah so nine ten are unsuccessful so people who don't hunt who see you know dead all the time they think oh you just go out and kill an atom right no right most ninety percent don't it is really hard and it's just like until you're out there you got the ball in your hand and your close in on that animal and you're trying to do everything right from a z with
and there's so many variables during that whole path as society it seems impossible sometimes you know even even for me after thirty years and this is a very strange connection that you get with nature and forget about even the fact that you're pursuing these animals to hunt them and eat them but there's a very strange connection that you get when you're out there in that total quiet woods were they live you're in their world and you lock as with them and you meet them and you see them in your in this place with no cell phone reception with no people anywhere near you for miles and miles yeah it's a totally different feeling a life shows you another aspect of itself that you didn't know existed yeah yeah and it's out there every day yeah but we're just you know what eleven are muted we're very limited there's something about cities and and this existence i mean don't me wrong i will like it i like a lot
i like the fact you can go to a restaurant i like going to the movies i like the fact that if you know if your phone breaks have a commom get a new cell phone all that stuff's wonderful it's not not bad but the other stuff is fantastic too and we're disconnect to the giant percentage of our population lives in these environments that have a complete and total disconnect from the actual life on earth like life on earth is not just urban environments and life on earth has broad spectrum of different ways it manifests itself and to experience all these different ones to in alberta and see black bears in the wild to be you know in colorado c mule deer and being in the woods in the mountains and to be around these different animals it's a different it's a
an understanding of the actual existence that living things have here on earth that living things that share the air you breathe and the water you drink and the earth itself that was the that was the best part of that trip because we would split up at would go one way i would go another way in the morning i'd have mark womack with me he'd have jamison was his cameraman's name would go with him and the best part was at the end of the day hearing nobody saw not not what if you something 'cause we didn't everywhere there a long time it didn't kill very much but just nobody saw you know from the bucks being locked up that we're dead too one morning we were up and well something a commotion up ahead of us and marks mark says the bug rubbing his hours and i listened for sack i said no that's two dollars fighting so we took off up the hill and i got twenty five
yards away in these box we're just going at it just fighting pushing each other around and i couldn't get a clear shot didn't get up there in time to do that but that story and then adam would say well he called in three fox he did of arment colin three fox came right in or he saw this many wild boars or he was close to get inside a giant fallow bakken however didn't work out and then i would share story about what i saw you know about another brown snake or something like that and that was that was so i'm just getting together over the campfire not talking about what we killed but just what we saw on experience yeah and is i was flew flew home last night just got in this morning to la and i'm looking around the airport think about all the people i wonder how many actually would get me you know 'cause i feel
like an outsider a little bit especially coming back from a and i'm just looking everybody thinking i don't get and they probably don't get me but julie's understand what they're doing i think i i thank you know i mean when i was checking my luggage janet evans flew virgin kerr back from sydney to la and you know the lady or the check and she's like what's in that case and i said this about a weapon i go could be yeah yeah it's a bow and arrow what were you doing i said hunting she's and she goes what we had i don't tell me tell me she didn't want to hear it it sounds like we have leather shoes on i was like i was hunting buffalo she's like there's buffalo here i said well not here but yeah there's there's a lot flow in australia and she's like well i don't think you can with a bow and arrow now my i looked in no yeah you yeah you can i said it's just like
it's not even like a firearm weapon type thing it's just you just check it in just normal but anyway i was thinking i was like oh man how old is this lady she wasn't old she is my young the main probably i mean but thank you fly the bone yeah if i was you telling you that i don't know she never looked into that i say i go well i ended up you didn't have do anything she said you got to sign all this stuff because they're not allowed and i'm just like i said listen i fly with this over the world is a lady work there yeah average and no no so so she said are way more strict which maybe they are version is she said she said i said why just flew qantas to darwin and back and nobody said a word i said i've have you ever been in australia before with it i said yeah i said i've listened
everywhere is never an issue trust me i'm not trying to but i just trust me so anyway but yeah it's just it's just there's times that i'm just like god am i the outsider or or i don't know you it's like we were talking before this when we are on the way over here about a show that one come on talk about guns but there's going to be like large audience and is going to be a bunch on the panel and you talk for seven and then go to commercial break and i'm i'm not interest yeah i'm not interested in doing that because i think that it's a long conversation that you have to have with someone it takes a now for you to understand their point of view it takes a while for them to understand your point of view it take so while to establish the fact that you're very reasonable person and this is a very nuanced conversation much like when that guy in france ran for a bunch of people with his truck i don't think the truck should be outlawed
i think the real issue is human beings that are capable of doing horrible shit yz people right why are they capable of doing that let's get to the that and let's stop ignoring all the factors and just concentrating only on the weapon right that kind of conversation is a long conversation that takes hours and hours and you still might not get to the bottom of it that's how i feel about like you talking to someone about hunting yeah like if you came over it's almost like i don't even want to tell him like if someone says like that you have about like what's in the case i get to bow and arrow what do i practice archery yeah it's easier that way i like to shoot it the target shooting oh that's cool that's in the olympics yep that's in the olympics yeah except my it's they move and they have antlers yeah well tell him that it's right now so i think i'm just like takes too long yeah it does but i don't know i don't
i think i'm i just don't like hiding who i am basically so i'm always i just say hey this what do so yeah she tell me how much i was hunting buffalo i'm telling you i don't care during invasive species now they live there you're going to hear that you're going to hear what i was doing whether you like it or not once a year it's kind of like with my with my social media i like putting up stuff that so i can do the the people out right you know like clinton holding the buffalo head in the water this is going to weed out so that people who i really don't want her anyway right they're going to get mad at you for sure but they would get mad anyway yeah an there's a lot of people that listen to these conversations and they get a perspective that would have never had like there's a lot of people right now that are listening that are in their car that are on there you know and on the bus or whatever and they got headphones on and there about this in a way that they never thought about it before because in their mind they have because the
they live in these urban environments and they've never been exposed to hunting and they get all their meat from a store from a supermarket or from a restaurant they did just never heard anybody talk about it yeah and this is it's a weird part of our life it's a it's a dangerous disconnect i think with life and death the day here's disconnect of restaurants and supermarkets well here's here's one thing i think people just get tuned into what they're interested in and that's it i mean even graham does it so on that or page or whatever that is what comes up is what you look at yeah so turn on my page is like hunting and fitness you know that so it's all that well whatever you're looking at whether it's gay guys or cooking that's what's up that's what that's your were so that's sort of what our world is now is we only exposed to really what we want to be exposed to you know that's why i'm like
no i'm hunting buffalo that lady exposed to something different right right right so i don't know it's just com i don't know what my point is but let's eat it's the what you're saying makes a whole lot of sense that people do they find these communities of like minded people becomes an act chamber yeah yeah in the direction to the choir yeah that's it goes all the way back to like a million hours ago feels like since we've been talking about why that now flexing is so appealing to me and having you involved it's just because we reach so many new people and tina so is so in and to me i think i mean just the just people can understand what mode it's s and why it's important i just want that just not that shawn right you know shared right but there's definitely waited do it and i don't know where we should go i mean whether it's the buffalo place or somewhere else but i think it's a great idea to do note
stephen ellis show is on netflix now and it has one star yeah the people are so angry that they find it now if you shouldn't have to eat me yeah i think you want from salary people get i think it's super super aggro you know you want to make people really angry tell them tell them that there's a growing body of science it shows a plants are intelligent yeah yeah i plants they they feel that they screen and all that freak out like babies you don't even have to say that this just guys eating meat just put the now when i put that on twitter just the the data about that and people will fucking go crazy and attack me for hunting yeah but if you talk about all the animals that die when they're when their salads being made you know i mean so you know it says it's different whatever they put the kaiser put different importance on you know that
talked about that too that they feel like they're doing a good thing and they are in and many ways look if you're in if you're showing factory farm your boarding factory farming and eating more salads meaning for you know farm to table vegetables instead you are deaf only contributing to less death and suffering a hundred percent yeah but you can interpreting the some just are well grain if you eat grain you're contributing to a first of all what do you care about do you care about x like where do you draw the line yeah if you don't care about insects well then you're okay but if you do if you think that insects are life well there's pasta sides there fuqing there it's a holic every day out there fucking bugs yeah this brain those got damn things constantly i mean if you if you want to have a healthy crops there's a reason why they have these pesticides yes 'cause they want to kill these animals that are trying to eat the crops kill these little bugs and i don't know i just keep going back to this recent trip just 'cause i think about it it's just like
here's another example so those the brown snakes up there are second most deadly and we saw a number of brown snakes in the road while we're driving adam swerves around him you know try to not kill not kill him who wants him to stay alive well yeah big spider had crawling on his face i saw that thing while he left a finger on his face i don't know zero strolling does differ buried human but not killing it will on his instagram yeah it is somewhere so adam dot green tree dot bow hunting now he changed it to just adam greentree adam dot green tree why oh now the bow hunting plan i think it was two hundred museum yeah maybe i don't think he's worried about that at all i don't know great guy he's is but he is sensitive to i mean he's it's not
i'm saying it's not like we're just cold blooded killers there's one time we didn't have an argument but i didn't believe him about something and he was so upset he's like here's i'm brutally honest you know what he's like mad that i didn't believe him so it's not it's like he's warm hearted person he's not just a but not running over snakes kill robot no no and so people think that we're just sees these cold blooded is out their barbaric or whatever no no i feel like and judge people who are but i feel like we are just i understand the circle of life better yeah i don't know well you definitely more accustomed to being around yeah definitely exposed to yeah you i think like i said i
i have friends that are vegans i know a lot of vegans and people think that for some reason i hate vegans i mock alot of things i make things that are so their targets and sort of like the proselytizing nature of vegans in the angry self right this moral high ground stance that they take it's easy to mock yeah right there yeah it's it's easy and i think i think most of the people to do it they do it for good reasons with that you know trying the lifestyle and eating that way but it's also health problems with it you know and people don't like you saying that either i know a lot of people that have tried it and they give up after awhile because in a lot up my friend sophie from the comedy store she just started thanks again yeah for the longest time she was just trying to just go straight vegan she kept getting her blood work back and it
healthy or at our actually she was and she was the bloodwork sam harris was the blood work and he just went vegan for a while his blood work was all up as a start eating fish and eggs and yeah like there's people that but different bodies our more adaptable to different kinds of diets and some people just don't do well on all plant based diet and maybe they're not as discipline to some folks maybe they're not doing it right yeah i don't know it's hard to say everybody's everybody's different but i don't think there's anything wrong with going out and killing animals and eating them and i think that's why where we differ from a lot of people that think that you should not be allowed to do that you should not be allowed because it's barbaric i don't think it's barbaric i think it's spiritual and that's what what freaks out they get very angry if you say that yeah but they but they wouldn't get angry if you talked about native americans doing it's very interesting and in the thing is is like the big difference is i don't care
if they don't eat me i don't jump for not eating meat but they judge us for you know what i mean so it's pretty one sided as far as they want except being a hunter and being self sufficient well at any hunter i know isn't going on vegan pages and and shit you know what i mean i mean so it's just weird how they're so full and so one site you know up on their soapbox and i don't feel like we do that i know that you do it i know there's going to be people that say they're going to say first of can say how many times am i going to be on here many times the charm let's start other podcasts folks was a record of that most people on here yeah for the get most number of i don't know repeat guests somebody probably knows project ideas count fwrite push challenge yeah count
although the fight companions everything eddie bravo yeah that's true yeah and then they'll say talk more or in hunting shared that's fine i know you don't have to listen folks i thought i could do a lot of podcasts i got one later today with jordan peterson i guarantee you were not going to be talking about hunting let's who's that he's a professor at the university of toronto he might hunt he might i don't think it does he helps liberals but he one of things is about what we're talking about earlier that we were saying that people sort of fine their area and it becomes like an echo chamber yeah i think that's one of the issues with with it's veganism or even hunting is that i think that people they need to be had to have these dialogues with people that don't necessarily agree with that so they can find out how the other person thinks yeah and you know if you do if you are talking to person who is a hunter and you find out that they're actually just a cruel psychopath like
man i would want to hang out that guy yeah i mean i've i have experienced that but i know they must be out there yeah so probably if you were sitting across from having a freaks and everything and everything yeah make conversation with someone like that i mean it would be it would be disturbing but i think that most people that are especially people like yourself or a guy like remi warren or steve rinella very well logan who is also an advocate for conservation loves wildlife they sat down and had a long form conversation like this with someone who reasonable person who's a vegan for all the right reasons is a vegan because they care about life and 'cause they want to be cruel free and they want to live life with his little footprint as possible i think they'd be surprised at how much common ground yeah i mean if you if if anybody today in the wood with remy or atom they would be shot how much not
they know just how much they know about the environment in about about where their hunting about different species about the animals and tendencies and in full agent i mean you guys are amazing yeah i mean i think that almost like we were talking about like with the aborigines were kind of losing their culture we're losing out on understanding of how these people lived there's uh little bit that could be said about the the culture of hunting is that if it goes away and if it would there was a trend about ten maybe one thousand five hundred and twenty years ago where from what i've read it obviously i'm pretty new to i live in hunting for five years but that would they were consumed probably worried there they were really worried there was a real thought that the next few generate pens that hunting was going to dwindle down to such as such a low number that hunters would not have the same sort of impact in
in terms of politically where they could affect the retaining of public lands yeah and which is a huge issue with with them today in your scene of this trump administration we seen the erosion of the environmental protection agency and the erosion of of the status the protected status at some now little monuments have and perhaps public lands have people are super nervous and you had conversation a long conversation with jason shavitz this chaffetz tablets how do you save it save it who had a very controversial bill that he had out that was pulled back it was a bit all to sell off public land that was pulled back because of the active of hunters in the care yeah it was what they was what they were going to determine was disposable yeah three million acres yes supposed to land allow is as h r
twenty one and then there's hr six hundred and twenty two also said there's two of them kind of back to back different six hundred and twenty two just took away the law enforcement on public land which enter and they want to take it from the the federal government you can give it to the state which people think that's just the way where the states can say well we can't afford it so we're going have to sell this public land exactly because it's a resource and the states have to they'd have to balance our budget every year federal government doesn't so state has to balance its budget and it's not work penciling now and they can sell x amount of acres and that's going to help do that yeah there is to to it so yeah that is it's a wild fire protection oh yeah i mean it's a bunch of fighting wildfires so it's a federal issue but if it's private land in this it sells it all that shit's gone yeah there's no more federal protection
yeah and you look at it up no it's that's a big one and so sportsman's really stepped up and that was through social media how they now we have more of a voice and we've ever had you know before it was just as politicians making decisions and you know the little people didn't really have a say now we have a say i mean jason chafets you think well why would he care we look at his instagram page he might have i don't think he has one thousand whereas we have pretty big especially you so if you mentioned something about it he gets overwhelmed with hey are you for us or you doing the right thing by us we won't vote you in next time and so then it makes those guys think huh
she did you see his town hall meeting yeah i mean it's crazy yeah it's all sportsmen and sportswomen showed up at the al people that care about public lands and they went crazy yeah that i don't that was that i'd kind of a go i was i was yeah i always had makes demote mixed feelings on that because the yelling and stuff doesn't it it sends a very clear message or doesn't accomplish much as far as but yes it it send a message for sure yeah it's a danger and he's not going to be a politician anymore no i nuns resign and i don't know i'm not sure i haven't i see every once in awhile he like some of my stuff so it's like here's going into male prostitution that's what i heard is that true jamie can you google that i just made that up right now jason if you listening i'm a comedian and i'm sorry i don't see him he seems like a super nice guy but it's politician
and i told him i said listen was i go listen you're the first politician i've ever met in in he's like all you lived a charmed life puzzled by representing she average decision to quit congress going on at town hall now most people screaming up thinking what am i doing well he's you know like i said he seem nice but maybe that politicians have the personable that's how they get elected you know you watch house cards good show watch it yeah free to out if they're only like they should be scared was always cared so i'd like i'd like to learn more i haven't i haven't asked him you know what's going on or whatever but yeah i mean i was i like the fact that he took time out to talk about it you know instead of just i'm not sure why he did but i appreciated the fact that he did well its ease an interesting guy because he saves money for the people by sleeping in his office his a cotton
is office that he sleeps in the save money on hotel rooms for the people so it's like yeah it's not like he a total piece of shared now you know he didn't get that feeling but right now the very bad opinion of him based on his record with defending public land and ronald thinks that he not understand the significance of these decisions these decisions are they are a step in the wrong direction that will snowball out of control and it will eventually lead to privatizing public lands in the loss of the access to them by the american people that you know was all set aside by teddy roosevelt and all those people that had such great insight for site back in the day yeah and that's you know that was the worry with he he says well no i'm just taking a law enforcement away from these lands in not taking it away but giving it to the state and like i said with call budget saying so people are thinking that when they don't have enough money not just
for the law enforcement but for enforcing illegal timber harvest ann i've been trash and so when all that happens that that less is the value of the land so when the value of the land is less and then it's okay whatever this is a garbage dump any right so it may and makes it easier so they thought that was just a step in the transition of moving taking that away from public land and privatizing it so that's when his opinion maybe it was i don't know what he seem like jason seem like a very nice guy when you were interviewing him don't know enough about that particular issue but when you talk right now who is deeply invested in it very well read on it he is of the opinion on a percent that it's incredibly negative idea yeah hr six twenty one which is gone and six twenty two which he thinks is equally negative
he thinks it's essentially like a trojan horse right nuts and i told him i said i said to as i said you know sportsman don't support six hundred and twenty two either girls get mad when you called sportsman probably zero another word outdoors peep i had words people can't say sports people like what lacrosse players what i'm sick of that are you 'cause you're and your male privilege is showing us another pitch i thought was white privilege two oh you gotta have it all american privilege white privilege cisgender privilege peanut butter jelly races
there is always a racist to have only a pleasure that i i didn't even know what that was about all i saw was your post the headline is just like i did surprise me people think the pmr jelly is racist this is how deep the cats because white people eat peanut butter and jelly or as black people don't necessarily eat peanut butter and jelly so to have peanut butter and jelly as a food choice in school for kids is a racist because of their ethnic groups don't necessarily eat peanut butter and jelly what in a fuc well first of all who doesn't like peanut butter and jelly some communists i think maybe chinese folks child molesters yeah hunters probably don't yeah that guy from that movie that molested girl yahoo n koreans maybe maybe move the most evil ones maybe they don't like being burned in probably i don't know
six of us as delicious as choice at people is working to hard to be offended that you are exactly one hundred percent correct right there people are working too hard to be offended yeah yeah there's a the there's a lot of folks out there that just looking for something to get test ticked off at and saw too easy too easy to get by you know and i think that's also something that happens when life is too easy yeah those non of struggle yeah talking about kids and about putting your kids through difficult things so they understand accomplishing goals and they understand how things are easy you have to struggle through stuff and how it's hard today because you know you're doing well i'm doing well our kids are fine i have to worry about where food is coming from it's going to be there you open the fridge there's the food yeah
have to figure out like okay how do you get this kid to understand and appreciate the value of a difficult task overcoming that difficult task and feeling that good feeling that you have of building character and of knowing yeah i can push through something like you had to do during that tough hot very difficult question yourself then finally success he had a good feeling that feeling of success in of accomplishment in of realizing that you will fight those demons in your mind and the you will stay the course and key hammering as it were yeah get through on the other end with success yeah we've done it before and even though you've been doing it for decades those questions still yeah come to your mind that's that's in the for me personally that's why i work as hard as i do just because you get wake up calls dad you just like i got to be on my a game
well it's one of the reasons why i like doing really difficult things which leads me to what you've got me into is running they added running lately i run all time and now i'm out of one hills crazy i run hills i put a backpack on with we played on a walk kills i'm like what am i doing how often are you running several days a week really yeah depending on whether or not i'm home like the route that we did up yeah i do that route and i also do that steep hill near my house yeah i do that it does a couple to routes that i go how is it is it easier than easier but it still sucks fat dick so to say that's like this hey that could be a shirt running alexa fat dick but i it's it's it's definitely slightly easy yeah but don't you remember that fuckin' steep steep hill once you get to the bottom and then you go back up as awesome that is awesome but it is
was hard yeah it's never easy when i'm getting to the top of that thing but i can make it all the way up to the top now stop really oh that's good that's awesome it's fucking brutal yeah i made sure that i could get there fuck tard but you you did mention that it has helped your cardio and out of a good well that's one thing that i noticed like i didn't i didn't kick box for a couple of weeks because i've been too busy doing other stuff and i wanted to keep with the because i was getting some accomplishment getting some progress out of it i've seen progress and then i started going back in some of my other workouts it didn't affect my weight lifting and all my cut up kettlebell workouts at all but man kickboxing it really affected it yeah it affected it a real the way 'cause i'm doing all hills yeah basically sprinting a lot yeah and what rates jacked spike yeah yeah and so when i was i was doing the rounds in the back the other day i was like she is i got a lot of wind he has kind
crazy that's awesome yeah i was like deep into like the third and fourth round that i was still slamming the bag and i was like this is weird it's i've got like an extra gear here did have you dropped any weight yeah i've dropped a few pounds i probably like somewhere between one ninety four thousand one hundred and ninety six where i was hovering around two hundred but i've dropped down before just by my diet yeah got shitte again gosh again when i went to mexico i gained like eight pounds in a week in mexico beer and mexican food that's not that's not good for weight control where is definitely not taste good though yeah well i haven't been doing jujitsu very much but i do jiu to a lot fucking the weight just fly eyes off really need anything or anything i could eat a horse but it's digits is just so calorie intensive you know i mean yeah it's right it out he's fighting for your life well let's what you're running goal
i don't have a running goal i just i'm definitely going to keep doing it and keep getting a better shape and then if something if i decide okay i need some strive for here's my goal ok i want to do the keep hammerin 5k next year in fuqing kick ass add it there you go instead of this year when i did it when i was like oh jesus this is how well zero running how about this guy almost twenty five seconds short of the two hour marathon barrier so crazy he did break the world record though so in the world record two hours and twenty seconds twenty five seconds i believe it was so he was only twenty five second short of breaking what people think this unattainable record that's insane feel break it or someone like somebody radio somebody will yeah but it's so close
nikes apparently lady you will invest yeah i don't think so i'm not built like that guy there are built the same way i know they're all built like popsicle sticks superhuman when he was running this too is like seventy percent humidity which isn't i don't feel no that's high hot water that's high well that probably could in the twenty seconds well for sure maybe they could do that in seattle in the winter is mostly is running right in milan i guess there's an article i just read yesterday i think that's on techcrunch maybe or wired somebody like a writer for there was trying to break a half marathon and he wanted to see if he could break a ninety minute or half marathon this is first time running on that course and he broke it by two one slash two minutes i think there's something special about that course to look at mile and a half track i don't know why you'd be able to run faster necessarily there but yeah can those shoes they made two or what is it what's the deal with the shoes something cpas super special training i don't know exactly you can't buy am yet you can like only i'm off raffle maybe if you had under armor he with a one that's it
yeah that could keep hammering choose underarm keep hammering shoes that you could get it underarmour dot com can you get your key pair of shoes can you buy them anywhere i don't think so i thought fuck under armour get on the ball and you can't buy my three button shirt i always wear either yeah that's a rare thing shirt with buttons should keep that away from the public now but important we are i don't know when it's going to be released but that cameron hanes line is coming out at the cameron hanes under armour ua hunter line right yeah yeah so you're going to have a say in how we design yeah it's awesome it's the boots are amazing yeah yeah beautiful boots camo shorts pants base layer hoodie jacket killer and when this is all the stuff you don't know when it's coming out now i don't know it's been there in the in the development stage right now yeah i think they they tell
to me when i was in australia and said they have samples and for me it was awesome when you took over the ua hunt page on instagram going to do more of that now because i talked to brian off it we're going to brian going to get on board with this when i took it over the week that i took over there was so if you look at impressions on instagram it went up three million that seems like a good thing brian are you a low rating for response branch office here i'm in the camera right now it's a you look at him up there well it's up yeah so no out and when adam took it over when we're on that australia height it it went up like they went from or was it for one hundred and ninety three thousand to five hundred two thousand followers so pretty good jump yeah that's good jump yeah i posted it on instagram too yeah and it's just a matter of putting out interesting
content yeah well that's why i was saying like the instagram story was nice but i would have really loved it if you guys were street if there was a way to stream like more often like dad likes very perfect moments were streaming yeah and i think that as technology advances especially did you see what elon musk is trying to do is trying to fill the world with one gb internet but it's going to do is launch satellites into the air that's going to allow people to have one gb is looking insane fast yeah and if that happens can stream live from anywhere but say goodbye to privacy by the way it's going to be drones film people yeah read at the window it's going to get really crazy but live but it's going to be interesting as you can be in a place like where you were and you could you know call people from your phone and you could add on things you could stream live and all that stuff would be
available and you have real internet access in the in the bush and and that's what people people like that i mean they're already asking wins a film coming out right we we film this mark will mac with his company's sub seven film the for under armor and we're like we get turn this thing around fast and i saw under armour put out this can come out in the fall off like farmer bulshit listen let's get this out fuckin' may know if people can people like i mean chop chop people don't have patience anymore i don't have patience anymore i don't either i would like you to finish the sentence quicker please i saw mark lomax we got off the plane together in la here and i'm like hey you get that we've done or what he's going to play yeah he said he was working he had been edited so i'm like alright let's get that thing posted so i don't know i mean people are primed for right now they follow along in our super invested in it and it would be awesome to get up close and i'm your manager now so i'm going to make some calls
we very we're gonna make things happen quicker yeah you got me running you got me doing a lot of change it dude we do a lot of things that i didn't think i would be doing all that so so so i owe you look good it makes my you u2 for forgive maine this to talk about platforms i really do think that it's made a big impact and i think you and rinella and remi warren and adam and the people that have had on it and jim shockey and the n real representatives of the noble pursuit the the real hard hardcore or enthusia sts that truly have a deep love of nature and they given these people this this platform and even these people this this way to communicate these ideas i think the in the millions and millions of people that i've listened to you guys it's changed perception and i think that that perception is there's a ripple effect net perceptions gonna lead people to maybe read your book
look or you know read maybe right now as book mediator or maybe listen to some of these books on tape or maybe you know look into all the leopold or look into some of these people that have really been the huge figures in conservation an of the love of wildlife and hunting and they'll get a different understanding of it then people have had because of movies like that split movie with the hunters a purse yeah trade is a child molester it is like it right now you know that you said hunting was dying or do you know that one time that was the fear and now there's like and my instagram pages twenty year old guy you know that are into it in our buying bows in the bow rack back home is packed and you know shocking i will do appearances and we have a line that goes for hours you know young girls waiting for her 'cause she's a hunter you know her book coming out taking aim's about that lifestyle so i mean i feel like we're sort of
turning the corner maybe a little bit and so just keep that momentum going i think for sure it's turning the corner i mean as far as the what i see in the the communication that i get with people online and i mean the bow rack as they are they experiencing an up jump in sales yeah i mean the wind in half i mean when does your day like i can't even remember what day it was but he sold something like forty bows that day in a day that's crazy yeah it's like for folks i don't know that's like fifty thousand plus dollars and bows in a day impose our specialized thing it's not it's not something that people you know it's it's a very there's a steep learning curve to get involved you know we talking about it about if there was a hoyt academy yeah in california there's a place to go there's not a whole lot of places to go like when you scott eastwood you went to the place down river side yes riverside archery at what what you have is a few great places like that yeah
there's thirty million people here in i might be five of those spots yeah you know i would love it if we had a place where are you they had more than one place you know where people could go and you would get fitted there find what's your proper draw length you know what how you know what weight should you start out what you know arrows should you start at someone could teach you how what the proper form is how to release an arrow correctly yeah and really understand the just i mean even if this one never wants to hunt just understand the the meditative in beautiful for of just launching an arrow at a target and have it hit that x the witchery of archery which three yeah is that what you're that's a book our are the witchcraft of our army will or zen and the art of archery is great i think that's a book the witch craft of archery because the data mmhm i'm almost positive i read it really
jamie caught help me out leaving me hanging i thank the of archery is it no yes nope yes come on it's probably only one copy and i'm going to look at i wrote this so you don't believe him wow witchcraft of archery here we go which craft of archery witchcraft archery this is both not looking good jai which class pages pagan which splits in the which rose work on now mmhm not the witch of archers i something like that in interesting okay does can he added this part out nope just kidding three of archery yeah it's it's beautiful discipline i mean even if someone never choose and honestly if you really
want to get into hunting just straight up hunting you probably start with a rifle anyway it's far easier way to do it now now don't say that or where it plugs if you do it you don't want to here's a for sure not a problem that i'm running into is a lot of people have been hunting for a good portion portion of the light have bad hearing i don't my ears ring all the time from when i rifle hunted that's when i was just a kid 'cause i should go shoot my three hundred winchester magnum up at the rock pin thing was so loud i used to love shooting and i was like all your pussy if you were the war here hearing protection that crazy they just like nobody wore bike helmets either i mean right the same type of thing but now my ears ring so i was all the time the judge shows your taste in music that's why why that's why i listen to some of your instagram stories listen to music or listen to me jesus christ not always user ramen when bring in less i found better what
country or the the rapid to is good meat adam listen we drove drove to sydney for two hours i think we listen to drake lamar his new song like probably twenty times wow in a row yes did you i like seeing the words along like sourdough we still don't see the words to say the sing along with the n word or do you it's silent during that part it is kind of funny thing man with white people like what are we supposed to do what are we supposed to when it gets to that part of the song i know it's called be humble be the sun no that's a song bimbo and then be humble to win the n word comes up just that realize it's actually be humble bitch be humble yeah it's a it's a good one
message do you know that one jamie ask how they like that new album went down in australia with the kendrick lamar kendrick yeah i know about it until you brought up to him but now he made fun of me always put my insist my music on as a story that you might use rap a lot no i like a lot of rap though yeah and country that's kind of what i listen to but then he i had this song i'm like ok hey where the hell do you think you learned a song from for maine and what did he say i don't know i made something out yeah we play live are there any australian rappers i think there are not not that anybody knows but i i remember they had we had the radio on down there and there there was some rap on there that i had no idea what it was so has to be from there well there's so many rappers now though there's no way you could know all that stuff it's like we've reached a we're saturation point with music where there is no god i mean every year they're coming out with new music yeah i know but i mean you get
to the certain sound certain styles and this is like something i had never i've listened to a lot i was in brazil you in brazil with me yes but one time i was in brazil's listen to some rap music some brazilian ravel's like this is badass yeah i hope what they're saying isn't stupid because it's i don't understand why it is but it sounds bad at it's a great i would think would be great to work out to yeah you know it's not as distracting right out of there it's a corny yeah yeah i don't know i don't know but i think there is australian rap but it's not kendrick lamar be humble iggy azalea is the right now yes but she is ilya she's from that is from australia she's white white privilege to the only what black people over there they do right but many expats american expats sneak over there they'll it yeah i'm not
that's one of you place i would live outside america yeah i give a as nice there canada and australia those spots yeah it's cool i'm a city traffic is ridiculous wyo the phone driving the wrong the road they're confused yeah there over on the left like what are you doing over here over there over the switch to surround yeah that's probably why it's all messed up yeah like look the roads are in place everything the get roads in the right spot yeah travel the outside s simple fix yeah how fix sidney he'd so traffic filled me how many people live in sydney five million whoa that's crazy yeah five million that's crazy no it's okay think of the because there's thirty million people in all australia yeah right or is it less i think it's a little less probably less okay let's say it's twenty million so it's that would be like if there was
seventy five million in los angeles yeah no energy more than that yeah i'd be more blake eighty million eighty million people just in los angeles there's only like like a few big city i mean like mel or i probably said it wrong twenty three points oh yeah million in all of australian five or in sydney jesus christ that's crazy twenty five the entire population it's a beautiful city though i love it sin is really awesome yeah now it's great it's just we're going to go to the boat shop and i said you know i the book shops in sydney right he's like yeah so how long does it take to get there so we did it on the mapquest saying or whatever an hour that's why this like la this sucks hours in the same city i didn't expect well they're in eugene everything is fine you know it's a shut up there you got two lane roads there's no cars if you don't make it through one traffic light cycle you're like what the hell
what's going this is all she well you get used to a place like that man you know in life it's nice and calm and it feels different like life feels different in a small town it's like there's a i feel like this is some whoo whoo spiritual bullshit that i have no no science behind what ok i feel like people give off energy and i feel like cities whether or not something's happened or not the amount of humans in there there's a certain amount of energy that you feel when you're a smaller town you're calmer yeah i really believe that i feel like there's less and i don't think it's just the activity just this car i think it's the actual amount of humans in an area like there's some have a psychic energy they give off you're not my i don't know but maybe the witchery of archery ha maurice thompson i knew it i i that book
one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight wow see what is witchery set a real word i told you i was right you are right i've redeemed five out of five starz and barno noble it's a good book one so it's in barnes and noble yes can i get on a kindle fire if i can get in my kindle yeah which reeve archery speaking of a whole different i don't know what you just said but i'll be in my typical cubicle tomorrow why you got quit the job did today yeah just call right now let me call for you yeah you're my manager manager kendall nice five hundred and ninety nine i'm getting it thank you thank young jamie the white tree of archery and if my open kindle and i try to enter it in it's like nothing exists in like listen bich i've gone through this yeah it's so crazy that you keep a full time job it's just a understand how you do it and that's also
a lot of people that get involved in and the amount of time that it takes like people don't have the time i goes i was listening to jason carter on some podcasts talking pursuing one individual box for two weeks yeah and i was like well fun two weeks ago after one animal this is crazy who's got that kind of time only like a real like crazy for people no type character yeah yeah that's it takes time i mean it's just even just the dedication to regular practice takes time for archery but that's the next level there's no mean it really is it's is in terms of hunting it really is the ultimate pursuit the ultimate in difficulty but that's why at the compound thank people of your truck traditional archery yeah up on our settle down yeah the rock
what are you wearing shoes pussey i always wanted him wear shoes i always wanted her yeah i know i was wondering how anybody would kill with a recurve or i was hunting 'cause i said my two hundred and forty five feet per second boa slow right that would be super fast for a traditional bow oh yeah so i mean i could imagine what this dear they just i don't know i'd be very tough very tough directed through you probably could let troy know you were there yeah but it's like the air you were in there were very unnaturally hyped up unnaturally naturally wired because they've been hunted by so many people i think they're just normally wired but when people home is when they're writing it's a little distracted because there is a breeding season so this is post rut those box are not even with those at all and there you know just just tuned in yeah but during the ride it would it would be easier just be like honey l during the road as opposed to not or how you do to the club with a boner
people get distracted i've never hunted a due to the bone i'm glad i'm glad to hear that i was wondering have questions and sometimes general beat around the bush to get to the answer all i got i got your doing right there it this it's funny how these different animals have like different seasons that they come into it like the idea that only one time a year they breed like there are mammal it's like a dog like dogs wanna all the time yeah but like you dear one time a year yeah everything starts on top in nature says listen is how it works you one of a baby in the spring so way to do this yeah i do in the fall yeah okay in the fall you gotta get cracking and then she's got take some time to cook up that baby drop that bass this spring and i good but it's possible with there's actually some bucks that were they called croaking which is grunting because they weren't really the full run
but some does it didn't get bread the first season if if they don't get bread come back into heat so we come second cycle those they were coming into the box they'll do it whenever this got away for the female right so the bucs actually still sort of running a little bit we heard some croaking so that was just over a full lawn there's just a few does it hadn't been bred well that's the coolest things about elk hunting there's nothing like the rut when you hear l screaming like if the people have never experienced for even if you have no desire to hunt please go to a place where elk live during the rut just to hear because it is insane so wild here they're so loud and the sound sounds like something from the lord of the rings yeah doesn't even seem real and you're gonna beat utah this year over that time i'm very
excited yeah well we're definitely going to film some stuff there would definitely going to film stuff will do some instagram stories will definitely get some footage and were we got some footage from last year when you and i were in to hone ranch that bunny instagram some elk screaming we're pretty far away or couple one hundred yards away and it's wide open where is utah's a little bit more wooded and will try to get a little bit closer those balls will be coming close sign i can't wait either i can't wait to see you i can't wait yeah yeah thanks for introducing me to this man changed my life really has it's been it's been great to share with you and it's great to have you on to share with other people and just share not just that but your entire disciplined approach to this whole lifestyle that you have i think it's very inspiring to people i think it's very important and you're your shining beacon out there cameron hands
so keep keep hammering as it were an your podcast keep hammering we've got a new episode that you just gave to jamie so be up today jamie is going to post it today john james on the ball yes alright ladies and gentlemen will be back at one hundred and thirty pm with jordan peterson and i'm fixing to go check out the new studio we gotta sign a lease today folks such popping very excited i'm going to camp two will be back soon and uh so yeah that's it thanks tune into the podcast ladies and gentlemen thank you to caveman coffee for fueling through this extravaganza go to caveman coffee dot com use the code word rogan and you'll save ten percent thank you to on it go to and i use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you
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which we got a doubleheader today ladies and gentlemen and after this one is the great jordan peterson so we'll see you then bye
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